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Mon Nov 09 10:31:05 2015 +0000
be9dcc3b97b3Kyle Machulis — Bug 1218952 - Add support for object tags to youtube telemetry tracking; r=cpeterson, a=sylvestre
89e3c373b3a4Jed Davis — Bug 1207790 - Fix sandbox build for older Linux distributions. r=gdestuynder, a=sylvestre
90cae878a97eJim Chen — Bug 1213888 - Block LayerView descendants from interfering with focus. r=kats, a=ritu, a=sylvestre
ee8a828b4974Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1182918 - Tab Queue: Add telemetry for double tap action. r=mfinkle, a=sylvestre
c26f56bea5e9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1219501 - Limit total number of image decoding threads to 32 regardless of number asked for. r=seth, a=ritu
412a3f1e075fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1219501 - In imagelib, initialize the number of cores to at least 1 in case of error. r=seth, a=ritu
09bdeec1b65cAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1216417 - Add logging for audio and video output changes in MSG. r=roc, a=ritu, a=sylvestre
37d6cc360023Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1216417 - Make sure audio output streams are created after adding an audio output. r=baku, r=roc, a=ritu, a=sylvestre