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Fri Jul 13 21:13:56 2018 +0000
8c9f4cc4061bd70add1b5a9619f7eac0535c73bdMatt Woodrow — Bug 1474402 - Disable TryUpdateTransformOnly when we have RDL enabled since it can cause sorting issues. r=miko a=lizzard
9069ef47ae90d684e798dab701a79a26d3515912Johann Hofmann — Bug 1473685 - When a user "disables protection" on a site, and no trackers are detected, indicate that TP is turned off instead of on. r=nhnt11 a=lizzard
99a0a46fbae75d8d4acfaf3fcd3f327904e23898David Keeler — bug 1471932 - avoid deadlock when loading 3rd party roots r=franziskus a=lizzard
0861f4656f09d9a44a95b8d7e9f431c4c2b3d63cJames Willcox — Bug 1473713 - Fix GeckoSession.saveState() when accessibility is used r=droeh a=lizzard
2c0ec484c4eca7721900a7a0a5d8779f1d2bd46fJames Willcox — Bug 1468048 - Add tests for GeckoSession.saveState() and restoreState() r=droeh,jchen a=lizzard
867449d771f06b4b49fdfe21fae948874d656efaJames Willcox — Bug 1468048 - Make GeckoSession.saveState() return a GeckoResult r=droeh,esawin a=lizzard
8d742d7212bbb9e4b037734962b85c2c7b762f7cJames Willcox — Bug 1468048 - Add GeckoSessionTestRule.waitForResult() r=esawin,jchen a=lizzard
3cb6c770f9939b36c8904f114c5db42a5ee3d910James Willcox — Bug 1468048 - Introduce GeckoResult r=droeh,jchen a=lizzard
61a607f98731ece6c4ea3c24586a2c8bfc77a4d1James Willcox — Bug 1468048 - Factor out loopUntilIdle() from GeckoSessionTestRule into UiThreadUtils r=jchen a=lizzard
95d66abccf63483bcd778947778959e0cef6da95Michael Kaply — Bug 947838 - Don't reload distro prefs, just load at the same time as customizations. r=florian a=lizzard
be5e626019bed2a730dafd98bedd80bea045f616Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1469651 - For autofill, collapse all prefixes per host. r=mak a=lizzard
0deb6e00faa3e55cb1af1a8fddf3f3448eeb6227Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1467627 - Calculate origin frecency as the sum of all URL frecencies instead of the max. r=mak a=lizzard
7a488bdb5f3cf17217c6be505396b4120a68641aJames Willcox — Bug 1472832 - Use notifyAll() in GeckoBackgroundThread r=droeh a=lizzard
bcf9b7ad7a0ec6c77733aab726b4352cc38f6b54James Willcox — Bug 1471254 - Add Android package name to crash reports r=droeh a=lizzard
96525f9007cc6090a42710b57d83ba33313c335eJed Davis — Bug 1469691 - Fix intermittent launch failure caused by registering a Mach port too late. r=erahm a=lizzard