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Mon Jan 07 21:25:26 2013 +0000
4baf45cdcf21f02e1c7512745da50184c3072deeAlex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
8f2c34e7cd4080c118d614ae840cfe2c5614a2aaAlex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
09dd216e6408b96c19faf366f767874e25fa6e40Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826384: Kill post-install notification doorhanger. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
fc44cc7dd21ed8c44f02546b68885229b7d6f055Ed Morley — Backout 19165f7c1d53 & a923d1c4ecab (bug 827274) for mochitest-chrome crashes
19165f7c1d5369532493b532bffcd52937b3db2fBen Turner — Bug 827274 - Fix bustage, r=mrbkap, a=bustage.
a923d1c4ecaba88c371f13e81e290548c7541099Ben Turner — Bug 827274 - 'crash in [@ anonymous namespace::CTypesActivityCallback(JSContext*, js::CTypesActivityType)], add ctypes closure support to new worker memory reporting mechanism. r=khuey+mrbkap, a=jlebar.
f705a043ad9cc17ca656cebfe9c69b2885445eeaAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 812012 - (Part 1) Add busybox arg to b2g reftest/mochitest harnesses, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
d7303f928f1562c4ec5b18273f2e58f9958a3880Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 825687 - Unregister camera control from the camera hardware. r=mikeh a=blocking-basecamp
d083267a188a740801958705e75db42456f1cb9aBrendan Dahl — Bug 822100 - Fix pdf.js first run migration for upgraded profiles. r=Mossop, a=akeybl
dfbaa07bbe1a63c1413b9888fcaa32f5d85ff061Jan de Mooij — Bug 824863 - Fix regalloc bug in JM ionCompileHelper. r=bhackett, a=akeybl
f2caa500afe5c54f661643329afafc2788fc9ea9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 816359 - Part 2: Make nsStyleDisplay::HasTransform take a frame parameter and check that the frame supports transforms. r=mats, a=bajaj
96c0c0c5d0b7f95adc076482c4fb0a5be5164cb4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 816359 - Part 1: When constructing inline frames, we should never treat transforms as making the inline an abs-pos containing block, since transforms don't apply to inlines. r=bz, a=bajaj
57af5246f2c064b1fa8736ee140572f9edb9d88dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 811026 - [Permissions] Grant a prompted permission for the duration of the session. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
0f0546851416f734196d3971c54ac8f3c3275573Hubert Figuière — Bug 826297 - Catch exceptions. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
b64de2171023e23553613c325913a58f0ce2c439Gina Yeh — Bug 826463 - After disconnect BT headset while in-call, audio rerouting takes too long. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
4e22278d6b333327fb4f08a577481720ddf9daf4Steven Lee — Bug 817919 - Remove FM radio implementations in hal_sandbox. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
74bccc5f5c04e44806848da3d4000ba616a6b9c2Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 5/5: Test cases. r=rwood, a=blocking-basecamp
96f80ba6deb53edcf9b1f17c46b3e7b14e15a29dVicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 4/5: Android backend. r=blassey, a=blocking-basecamp
4e8283d720c09bd6c0dfedc2dbfd32fef2543b19Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 3/5: B2G RIL backend. r=hsinyi, r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
65cdaf6f9c0877b50c0cc38ae5d1fec2128aa232Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 2/5: DOM, IPC changes. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
ff3f1eeeb0c6de09eb3da769cc8631a7de96a392Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 1/5: Interface changes. sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
c50e4924822cbd8bbf80fc4c6c746c62b55dbaa0Dave Hylands — Bug 821168 - Use hardlinks for backing up pre-update files. r=eshan, a=blocking-basecamp
23782346ddb8a29797347144fd0fee6603fa7bfdChris Jones — Bug 825976 - Only use the crash reporter actor if it was successfully created. r=ted, a=blocking-basecamp
4c19058bfc3bd17b4f37fb18bb58c644f8ef7dadRandy Lin — Bug 825635 - Volume control stops working in FM when headset is unplugged and plugged. r=baku, a=blocking-basecamp
217b18bf3b5a978019d92282f9303262a20d7adeAlexandre Poirot — Bug 824949 - Add support for FALLBACK appcache entries for pre-installed 3rd party apps. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
7d4ce445cbc210a3c3695f75cdc097c4a6db16b3Jonathan Griffin — Bug 813305 - Make Marionette's PROCESS-CRASH message the same as other harnesses. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
0b3d37abcb8fac1d840f734daaed159723de1b02Jonathan Griffin — Bug 826132 - Don't restart emulator on failure. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
e88a1b5f06ff64c66668a61b05879bd6fd033f69Marshall Culpepper — Bug 821412 - Part 4 - Initial automation frontend for B2G update smoketests. r=jgriffin, a=blocking-basecamp
5f029e9fe8fd34af6f6670c3c2ca35a96ee2c172Marshall Culpepper — Bug 821412 - Part 3 - Initial B2G update tests and smoketests. r=bbondy, a=blocking-basecamp
1649930d502f29be44a7935eb66662d033eb270cMarshall Culpepper — Bug 821412 - Part 2 - Initial Marionette frontend for B2G update tests. r=jgriffin, a=blocking-basecamp
b246aa8680e58342df938470782c054de9816473Marshall Culpepper — Bug 821412 - Part 1 - Marionette changes to support automated B2G update tests. r=jgriffin, a=blocking-basecamp
f757cf6d96c37e21d3a56d9089f5ba4daebe9cefJonathan Griffin — Bug 797913 - Make is() output use actual result. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
b07bf54151d1cecabc5cb9a273a921297a97e842Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 825692 - Avoid layerizing scrollframes that don't have scrollbar boxes. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
466606aace68d7bc1390c3fdac021de9a83b8df9Eric Chou — Bug 824895 - Check if mConnection is ready before running SetProperty(). r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
c3d33b89a6021e1d63a5117300ca9f1cf3e90a2dBenjamin Chen — Bug 804988 - Clear the DSTOffsetCache when timezone change is detected. r=Waldo, a=blocking-basecamp
419273e2722f39506c2b9b5390cabf5d5561d685Brian Nicholson — Bug 823679 - Use updater icon instead of launcher icon for announcements. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
845d526dc5390a5209436dae8146c9b3f04b4000James Lal — Bug 819598 - When opening keyboard, don't scrollIntoView() input elements that are already in view r=djf a=blocking-basecamp
f7efbe5afafe387088a8653c8f60403300d3daafTim Taubert — Bug 823645 - [B2G][Keyboard] Keyboard does not show for advanced HTML editors r=vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
f98ccdeee9d33c7ca57ccc3ae9dbd4ee2e56ac64Wes Johnston — Bug 826381 - Update sumo bookmark url. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
64d3999a9272308a95f200e5be9cbd5c8d922ce4Wes Johnston — Bug 817921 - Allow webapps to create sub activities. r=blassey a=bajaj
9c07ef512e290129cc5186967bc9dc1fa1bd22d6Chris Peterson — Gecko work for bug 823619: Dispatch spec-compliant mouse events when touch events are available. r=cjones,jlebar,schien,vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
4f22d215a52ec664d70ccd0dc9784c64bb62f1ccffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-632 - a=blocklist-update
39a162ff4025aff93030e9354daa5f93a56d718bJosh Matthews — Bug 823789 - Pass enableHighAccuracy geolocation changes to the chrome process. r=dougt a=bbajaj
f257035878ec6b6cf3bd800e2c5e024776064011Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 793105 - Add a "backgroundPerceivable" class for audio-channel-content. r=jlebar,roc a=blocking-basecamp
1aae9f7f0cf594400ba19ceaebd9ae32782f9aa8Chris Jones — Bug 823610: Make discarding GL contexts of foreground pages on memory pressure pref-able, and pref off for b2g. r=jgilbert,jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
0846fc48c969cea23c4e3639048d11f305232d01Mark Finkle — Bug 823550 - Ensure saving favicons to DB happens on the GeckoBackgroundThread r=kats a=akeybl
bde667161ff8de9d75fd27900178a666aae378d7Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 826628 - Release the texture after unbind it. r=jgilbert a=blocking-basecamp
1b110c7349370efa6f603b4bcf4093c0c9aec855Boris Zbarsky — Bug 825288. Handle SOWs correctly in MaybeWrapValue. r=peterv,a=akeybl
c74e05a0b45c181d23a59c6e669df4ea054572c6Chris Jones — Bug 808862: Lower context-menu hold delay to 750ms. r=vingtetun a=akeybl
54aa59f1a12dd6822f645805f5cfbf22b8d68785Honza Bambas — Bug 715809 - AppCache should accept manifests served with non-standard mime types, r=jonas, a=akeybl
d14b0128b5aead75abbba849fd64feaa9ca3d5c6Ben Turner — Bug 813867 - Fix build, a=bustage
a1d1e72afe821a332e61461cd795a448f1130bfcBen Turner — Bug 813867 - 'Report memory for web workers that use ctypes'. r=khuey+jorendorff, a=jlebar.
1e245932118f43b9a4870476104f491d79ba95ddArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 826675 - Update B2G panda snapshot to include mozbase in (bug 826372). DONTBUILD. r=jgriffin; a=NPOTB
8dde2d32f984da22c727a3feddfb1d0b5e788511Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 816114: Awesomebar tabs title color should change with the themes. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj] [needs-clobber]
f2e12c5b0ce614d6648f5320b1d57ccf5ba67580Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824132: Persona sends a Reset message on start. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
47cfe3f06afe17ba3a0fbe5f1fc08a5096828a57Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822422: Firefox wordmark should be in white for dark themes. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
5bd9a130677e121af5e752bdd04c9b94eac96115Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822421: Lightweight theme based text colors on about:home. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
9883439ebee8e97aa79bcb9cebe84f3c500552a4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 821453: Android 4.2.1 messes up BitmapDrawable. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
174fdb04facf3425bcf19777295b026851c0e714Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806937: Shadowed android ui for gecko to support light/dark themes. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
84efed665a291921b12e3cf42306d5cec729e9f3Mike Hommey — Bug 822584 - Enable elfhack workaround for breakpad on b2g/gonk. r=ted,a=akeybl
e017f3a26d1a536411010e32d6c2c3d0688ecf3bMike Hommey — Bug 822584 - Workaround in elfhack to accomodate for breakpad not handling the memory mapping induced by the elfhack/bionic linker combination. r=nfroyd,a=akeybl
db8498d0b1b4d840cca02cc1c6e9cc18c05586deMike Hommey — Bug 822584 - Run elfhack on packaged binaries instead of built binaries. r=ted,a=akeybl
d7f812ae0ab1c19550cc30d227b1caf9477ded70Mike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 4 - Add a -r option to elfhack that re-merges the split PT_LOADs. r=nfroyd,a=akeybl
0881ada9a7499aea3cee53a8a312c63ad301aca3Mike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 3 - Allocate Elf instance on stack in do_file(). r=nfroyd,a=akeybl
9f952d7c6bb1d74d4e7fbb03186a4b478d2d7cabMike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 2 - Move the PT_LOAD splitting logic in elfhack.cpp. r=nfroyd,a=akeybl
bad85e46f9d5b9e2d8183110b46c5e17d5d7ade5Mike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 1 - When inserting a section before or after another, also insert it in the segments containing that other. r=nfroyd,a=akeybl
32dba69af0fa8df5a0db7e35b9ee7ad331e33535Phil Ringnalda — Bug 826535 - Disable permaorange robocop testAddonManager, a=test
8c2c113e0d531eda2f062e3116d84a0929196e76Mats Palmgren — Bug 822053 - Nested balancing column sets restriction shouldn't affect non-balancing column sets. r=roc a=bbajaj
df31048b8060bac65d31c31d712beff02b92a269Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 3a75155ac44d (bug 823789)
0448e07099814f4fa5bb4bfa042634ffb4192768Jonathan Griffin — Bug 818569 - Stop B2G before updating gecko, r=ahal, a=test-only
3c1dad789ad8adeebf3e1c12a836742f49df29f5Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 825259 - No working SUT agent on the b2g panda images - Add Negatus back to the nightly branch and update negatus snapshot used for panda builds. DONTBUILD. a=NPOTB. r=jgriffin
9742066c4eb80460ca0d37794f5b1703b3880e03Chris Peterson — Bug 766066 - Part 1: Remove "ime-enabled-state-changed" observer. r=djf a=blocking-basecamp
0d24defc39b0f62f1cdce66d97d9295fcb8cdc5fChris Peterson — Bug 766066 - Part 0: Rename some B2G keyboard functions. r=djf a=blocking-basecamp
b339d18e22380e406a8882504867cbe4a6c411c9Patrick McManus — bug 819902 - system settings pac file failed redirect r=biesi a=bajaj
1313ee568d6049f5581b203178b7ee01b312c3cbL. David Baron — Backout changesets 8f240265df77 and 1ead7ec99cea (bug 734569) to fix bug 810586. approval-mozilla-aurora=bajaj
4a251b94509f54c59378358910fa1306a6a9f1b1Cameron McCormack — Bug 814530 - Make @supports automatically be disabled by default on Release and Beta. r=dbaron a=bbajaj
5652a8a40668d5eb10048688cfb5a2a251f30c0bDoug Turner — Backing out 31d464929f7c due to X orange. r=me a=me
679426677f68e21fd0bd9b959e902393cf0c98a0Josh Aas — Bug 822620: Disable Notification Center support for Firefox 19 and 20, it isn't ready. r=dougt a=bajaj
31d464929f7c4efbc4dca5e487f568a648b68aa9Doug Turner — Bug 813758 - Need additional security checks for the geolocation permission. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
783e1f5c652ce435277f123c64d14a5a00c4e9d4Benoit Jacob — Bug 802827 - report Stagefright feature in AppNotes - r=joedrew a=bbajaj
a4fe0a12fc2792bced3afa60f536f5eaebf82886Benoit Jacob — Bug 802827 - Android blacklisting: Use the Android version RELEASE string, instead of the SDK_INT number - r=joedrew a=bbajaj
3a75155ac44d92457f0d9a133efc21ef3d51193aJosh Matthews — Bug 823789 - Pass enableHighAccuracy geolocation changes to the chrome process. r=dougt a=bbajaj
4dd1bf0fef35552f5c6c6a14f5b61a154a1d4292Julien Wajsberg — Bug 825237 - Don't save etag if package doesn't pass error checks. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
d82cd241031e055a15505f4166ae428a1eb9734eJulien Wajsberg — Bug 824695 - Fix Etag handling when downloading app packages by making us bail if the app package is lacking an etag, rather than go into an inconsistent state. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
c044401043f55f4c7138c0b6e6820a1228ee9565Eric Chou — Bug 811683 - Increase speed of sending file. r=gyeh, a=bajaj
fb5bfb0c3d1d71ae611008a8e8ee14040854bf43Kyle Machulis — Bug 811683 - Change UnixSocketRawData to take variable sizes up to 64k. r=cjones, a=bajaj
3ca1c56e18f20b3732880f2608f6bf3b6e235cdfKyle Huey — Bug 696591 - Properly handle blocking databases from pages that are entering the bfcache. r=bent, r=bz, a=bajaj
0a7e9ef48589adef0b9067a06a1415d97f377e1fJames Willcox — Bug 808595 - Use separate Intent for prompted vs automatic updates on Android. r=blassey, a=bajaj
1c6db296e99b269cbb5ecbfa54867ce69c085645Vladan Djeric — Bug 824577 - about:telemetry addon section was not getting displayed. r=mak, a=bajaj
a55bc8cb8a8ecf54388d1e0aa859d2dae2181fd8Tobias Schneider — Bug 803124 - Rename mozIsPointInStroke to IsPointInStroke. r=jmuizelaar. a=bajaj
e936aed25c9a052188cad11c645948e3070b5440Timothy Nikkel — Bug 824868. Make AutoLayerManagerSetup save the layer manager it is using so we are sure to use the right oen when it goes out of scope to clean up. r=roc a=bajaj
837ee26af977bd780bcff4d789517700e1491704Timothy Nikkel — Bug 824634. Painting may run script so hold onto the layer manager and re-get the listener in case it changed. r=jimm a=bajaj
54034e3cc092284e816e3bb8a954c9167b9e9ff9Bobby Holley — Bug 824581 - RemoteOpenFileChild::AsyncRemoteFileOpen crashes on Windows/Mac r=jduell a=b2gbustage
ffa57091f9fa6e458b3a38d5148bad384ef09ff1Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 780549 - AutoEnterCompilation: Handle init error cases. r=bhackett a=bajaj
44667c6b3ff96113333b51ed8ec0a007ac1ff770Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 820617 - Add a hook to make NetworkManager not manage offline status and use it in Marionette for B2G CI. r=jgriffin, a=blocking-basecamp
cc061a528ad376f6caf3fb221f3f2d228dbe6b6fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 825070 - systemXHR loads should be subject to checkLoadURI checks. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
5eceeeb7d157c102a11b404abb416a0a93d78942Etienne Segonzac — Bug 823150 - The ondownloadavailable callback is not triggered on all the instances of the app. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
fd5dd176e0b2dbace1a31a0a6a6dea6789aa20dbKyle Huey — Bug 823953 - Improve sync queue handling. r=bent, a=bajaj
da93f5dda913c2364c39445c8467d073ff68b617Robert O'Callahan — Bug 808466. When invalidating a popup frame stop there because popup frames are display roots, don't look at the parent frame's needs paint bits as they are not relevant to the popup frame. r=tnikkel,a=bajaj
541d991f76c70d6cc1243ad39460211701826f72Boris Zbarsky — Bug 825025. MaybeWrapValue should work with all gcthings. r=peterv, a=bbajaj
aaaca8c41d6ff484237e4f83137826de29c05dc3Josh Aas — Bug 823837: Fix memory leak in nsHostRecord. r=sworkman a=bajaj
f46562ce9da71afbb7f1aa335d42959f91843b51David Flanagan — Bug 821514 - fix YoutubeProtocolHandler.js to report errors, and also parse titles properly. r=dale a=blocking-basecamp+
3dc2182a6b50868c5b4a10076726f78f486ad47cKai Engert — Bug 825022, pick up NSS roots module version 1.93. patch by bsmith/kaie. r=kaie/kwilson/bsmith. a=bbajaj
b2d7c39b98d3b6772f9e926525914ff71fa0d662Vivien Nicolas — Bug 823004 - B2G STK: STK Set-Up idle mode doesn't work properly. r=etienne, a=blocking-basecamp
b2296f9aaa555fa8abcad2920932ff08f858fd3aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 820704 - AudioChannelService must handle children quitting unexpectedly. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
0a687d4da87ad077383d5e3397026ad5f98d66f3Chris Jones — Bug 821192 - Ensure that content processes don't see an inconsistent app dir. r=bent, r=dhylands, a=blocking-basecamp
0687a40d2076b9f5bd29090fc5f39de4f7f6f8a8Chris Jones — Bug 824172 - Re-enable strict file:// security, because yes we have wifi and installed apps now. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
32f9669a3063649a0ac22d9fb79eb1090d47101bHubert Figuière — Bug 821498 - Make sure to always send the queued reports too. r=fabrice, r=margaret, a=blocking-basecamp
6d0533934f90be4fd0fca9e5c4e511ec488c973aJosh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell a=blocking-b2g
831232d1e065a63a646f45bde09be564f86e538fJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 46e707cbe7b3 (bug 782542) a=orange
46e707cbe7b3a45bb7ce00d15318c6f8de2836d3Josh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell a=blocking-b2g
e7a75395decc3dd6b49bd2005c7c2c26ac516aa2Chris Jones — Bug 824177: Opened windows of browsers inherit their containing app. r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
ed4db1f845ba77095650da8c2704cdcd50d94c76Jim Chen — Bug 819073 - Set InputConnection during each focus notification; r=cpeterson a=bbajaj
bd9f49492247ed602b84fbb73dad79d9911c0723Josh Matthews — Bug 818667 - Put HTTP cache into app jars. r=michal.novotny a=blocking-basecamp
1eecfd35a273dd7d45ff7b3c608417900f868bc2Josh Matthews — Bug 823962 - Make CSP reports part of the originating document's loadgroup. r=sstamm,sicking a=blocking-basecamp
bdca00e901f19e58c3f53d90f56247e05dcfbcb6George Wright — Bug 815795 - Fix an integer overflow by casting unit_x to int64_t. From upstream commit de60e2e0e3eb6084f8f14b63f25b3cbfb r=jrmuizel a=bajaj
9a3bc96ed082aaf08f63cf420201466143d75fbeMarshall Culpepper — Bug 821741 - Load update prefs more dynamically to support automation in B2G. r=fabrice, a=jst
7baa3ef5fe233d1e6c485db57a8c530fb39bb85fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 816730 - [Activities] Filters do not work anymore. r=mounir, sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
a638270bf69ddb4778bb36c79d18f912e0a9cebeBenjamin Chen — Bug 805746 - Send CustomScroll domevent to browser.js. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
2e27c6ee30ac0a47c773a471e2eac81570fde38dChuck Lee — Bug 820762 - 0003.Test if voicemailInfo is exposed. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
ade1fdec8d2b97d52818e54920ab36156948a3a9Chuck Lee — Bug 820762 - 0002.Access voicmail info with correct permission. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
7be7367725c42503a240620af4432c9a3ab11ff9Chuck Lee — Bug 820762 - 0001.Change IDL. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
5fc70f785540893fa364f57779411e07fd2cecaeEric Chou — Bug 820216 - Should use JS_NewUCStringCopyN to copy a Unicode string. r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
3111a0069387f623e00c09296df1d19a11bc7d16Hubert Figuière — Bug 806515 - Part 2: use the URL field for content crash. r=kairo, a=blocking-basecamp
29df7a6bc6304b296c8ed2a0b0797d8c6ea3dfcbHubert Figuière — Bug 806515 - Send app identifier for B2G content. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
86bda732d4f20253c6d3ab79fe93ab2b89e2791cDaniel Holbert — Bug 797411 - Disallow root-viewport scrolling in BrowserElementScrolling.js if <body> or <html> nodes are overflow:hidden. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
211bef449e278a4f954adb4c2a01fed8070283aeJan Beich — Bug 824460 - Unbreak build with clang/libc++ after bug 815523. r=jduell, a=bajaj
a07ba7a783ce10ef6e5cec0fc1efb83521f2712aJulien Wajsberg — Bug 824465 - Fix delivery state wrongly reset to 'sending' when delivered. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
a4a251e6ca664f222800e59428c9e270d7aba049Patrick Wang — Bug 824605 - Fix readLen in getSPDI. r=allstars.chh, a=blocking-basecamp
f61cbb4e348bd22cd34c9eca2d50e94c061f87fbJonathan Watt — Bug 806432 - When creating the offscreen surface into which group opacity, mask or non-trivial-clipPath are painted, use the non-transformed visual overflow rect. r=roc, a=bajaj
5bc5fbb72f331ef96e037ccd7fe3b64af64a8ccdBrian Smith — Bug 822682: Remove references to patches subsumed by the update to NSS 3.14.1, r=me, a=akeybl
3f42feb4a51b03b667bf9c5271f3803e8684c8b3Doug Turner — Bug 824160 - Assertion in SetMysteryBlobInfo. GetMozLastModifiedDate should return modification date even if it is presently unknown. r=bent a=blocking-basecamp
a54a353eab8a79b6c644cb5ae05d1460c7e2dbd0Jonathan Kew — Bug 823964 - Wrong bounds for scaled images. r=longsonr a=bbajaj
ee3ce57fb2f9c1996abbcf00b88886bbe0b77a83Robert Longson — Bug 791675 - Scaled shapes fail to draw sometimes r=jwatt a=bbajaj
e28578533faec48317b6fd7432dd4cea46b439e7Chris Jones — Bug 822398: Use PL_DHASH_REMOVE to remove an entry we're enumerating. r=kanru a=blocking-basecamp
df1494c26ab115a52a8a6b13804daaa1243a3d10Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 824558 - Always use a new Init thread. r=dougt a=dougt
4cb9aa663062670fcf204c145e59fb2683a0475dBrian Smith — Bug 822682: Update NSS to NSS 3.14.1 (NSS_3_14_1_RTM), r=me, a=akeybl
2b2ed492270b720c5f1920cf82c118b7787c5d03Nicholas Cameron — Bug 823124; speculative fix - null style rule from an animation; r=dbaron; a=blocking-basecamp
8b4e58dca9704262c624cdd0f1a3cf86cf1aeb38L. David Baron — Bug 823124: Add diagnostic (and otherwise good-to-have) assertion that non-root rule nodes must have a non-null rule (and vice-versa). r=bz; ; a=blocking-basecamp
fa89be38bac71b1e26b540c7b8d3cfc04f0ed33fEric Chou — Bug 824458 - Callback function set in DBus sometimes wouldn't get called. r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
86d252d055a28ef38608d2964a55fbee1d95a97cChris Jones — Bug 824230 - Handle UNKNOWN_ERROR in OmxDecoder. r=doublec, a=blocking-basecamp
28932b5006920b37c01ac00f97a251b57460147eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 820373 - Add a null check to TextEncoder.encode(). r=bz, a=akeybl
c02926efc5faa6fc42bf18933ff34f9d32585f67Mike Habicher — Bug 817141 - Call EndTrack()/Finish() from StopPreview() (as well) to prevent deadlock. r=kchen, a=blocking-basecamp
d6239ba4d40f984105916ae86ccc0ef719986c14Shelly Lin — Bug 816899 - Add keys of firmware revision and software info. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
0664f7d24fab16b699dc40dd6ee3e193052fdcfbMarshall Culpepper — Bug 804571 - Implement download cancel (pause) for B2G. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
fcfcf8f40472ee79cf6180766e9800a58a552c04Marshall Culpepper — Bug 809974 - Set the last update installed time for B2G. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
aa4db76ec6c9792756bca428d86576c211e8667dGina Yeh — Bug 814555 - After hanging up the phone, still ring tone from bluetooth. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
a41baaf884d01d7caa66d28f96649c3c74d9d668Jed Parsons (:jparsons) — Bug 823736 - include.js must stringify objects going to userland js. r=benadida, a=blocking-basecamp
e52fedf18088d6b61e3f795dc37eba3196c0065fMarco Chen — Bug 823203 - HalParent::ActorDestroy() needs to handle the UnregisterSwitchObserver() when content process is killed. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
89825de1af83dcbab48138ff83f1a2921fecc596Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 814252 - Should not process HandleDrag for touch event. r=smaug, a=blocking-basecamp
404509707b15730fe92f2af401c3396b428869dbKan-Ru Chen (???) — Bug 820683 - Restart the timeout timer if position is not better. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
e1436d4f4d2286dca4f527d9a9e2262e9bc0a8f1Mike Habicher — Bug 820139 - Ensure video recorder exists before trying to start recording. r=kchen, a=blocking-basecamp
61509dda97812ceb1ed94ade8019f19eb4e976aeMichael Wu — Bug 824090 - Fix gl config selection in boot animation. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
e364c2c3250109bd6a74bd110bbf66072ad5bf4aJason Duell — Bug 815523 - Fix syntax of skip-if to skip xpcshell test on windows. a=blocking-basecamp
453549de39da5bd476090691403957f9319ff7f5Jason Duell — Bug 815523 - Remote the app: and jar: protocols. r=fabrice, r=mwu, r=jdm, a=blocking-basecamp
99ce093a9bf7deb2fc026665edd1a3005f4aaa20Josh Matthews — Bug 815523 - Patches stolen from 782542 Parts 1,2,3: Necko IPC security pref, and disable for xpcshell tests. r=ted, r=jdm, a=blocking-basecamp
35dc57c3e1e5b3b2e29839cb575478b15bae4248Gregor Wagner — Bug 823258 - Asking for a PROMPT_ACTION for a privileged API in a privileged packaged app - remember my choice default is incorrect. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
e30288e7b9c147b4e25c99067fb4240f90429304Blake Kaplan — Bug 790054 - Allow WPA-EAP networks based on a gecko pref. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
f734cc8be18fcd736578be22179a669e663cb508Blake Kaplan — Bug 790054 - Don't offer to connect to WPA-EAP access points. Continue to allow connecting to already-configured access points. r=vchang, a=blocking-basecamp
9294ee8049a6c8601b6781ae9b25dbdaee9ea17aGregor Wagner — Bug 823411 - Permission Prompt Helper doesn't forward access field to prompt. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
b33fd3db8f0bb1511e225e03c0c27819d96099d4Fabrice Desré — Bug 820630 - Allow preinstalled packaged apps to specify the etag of the update manifest and package file. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
cd45b948227b596a745b81737ba6e120d701a744Fabrice Desré — Bug 818848 - We should keep a small space on storage during download/install. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
a6c09ec88d8f92c0e2320c0f1a05e568b5016e45Andrea Marchesini — Bug 823784 - B2G crash: nsHTMLMediaElement::UpdateAudioChannelPlayingState. r=smaug, a=blocking-basecamp
7c7b8b5f804a0190e0b55fe71dfea9090e5af5a4Josh Matthews — Bug 814247 - Add auth cache jars for separate apps. r=mayhemer, a=blocking-basecamp
ef2cf676e89d6c858510b93d451325c95486677bFernando Jiménez — Bug 823880 - B2G SMS: Add permissions for sms-sent system message. r=daleharvey, a=blocking-basecamp
140f73d9436e2fca9b6e3d527f447fb38446301eMs2ger — Bug 805939 - Followup: include Hal.h correctly. a=blocking-basecamp
e0460d69c0c5ccb3a027c6b8a5446c4ec7cbdaaaChiajung Hung — Bug 805939 - Wait for shadow trees to update orientation before recompositing. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
4ebf351f134ec48e8e6e5cabeb41d80345fc8da0Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 821181 - Setting call waiting status only when user manually sets the value. r=allstars.chh, a=blocking-basecamp
166e135b4b333e7689bf61f41ec75d541d97040dMarco Chen — Bug 819849 - One condition of judging playing state for AudioChannelAgent should be larger or equal to CURRENT not HAVE_FUTURE_DATA. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
f8a3aa985c037cd7ec093f790e7579b102ec7296Fabrice Desré — Bug 823040 - We should update the app's manifest during update (for hosted apps with appcache). r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
8d4dacd6805e014cba66c8df50b5ec9125d12549Chris Jones — Bug 822558 - Don't confuse subprocesses about ended touches. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
38c4ee091bfb72ce3d69506265051e615df7a754Gregor Wagner — Bug 814157 - Need additional security checks for the "desktop-notification" permission. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
144616d42bdcd8bea5b697c208a146e9b71444bdGregor Wagner — Bug 823397 - Installing a privileged app from marketplace dev - appStatus should be privileged, but ends up being web. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
01fae2cfcf4f6ad4198b468e408e6714c3694c10Justin Lebar — Bug 824395 - Report used stacks separately from unused stacks. r=njn, a=jlebar
a122b3c03b4c56f3d038f914675531c59137e013Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 9) - DMD: rename "groups" as "records". r+a=jlebar
29aeaf6123c7f7aa698efda16fddb98a691299e0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 8) - DMD: remove a friend declaration. r+a=jlebar
816dab8efe3a01e6856ae00293388935b3287e84Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 7) - DMD: use Percent() in a couple of appropriate places. r+a=jlebar
c5198dd197cbf8206c3b31a3558aa7778aa141f9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 6) - DMD: print block counts in the summary. r+a=jlebar
65c4314c96eca43548c9a2e739a6ed370bb7a6d3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 5) - DMD: avoid empty library names in stacks. r+a=jlebar
db866ade9535900c4f673356e89fa06091846159Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 4) - DMD: Capitalize class Thread's method names. r+a=jlebar
9611b4dfc844be4db0ef65ca01df0c1faf5b2b8fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 3) - DMD: Rename |LiveBlock| as |Block|. r+a=jlebar
d5e8db0134fd69c99b155c24091ec700d549977fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 2) - DMD: Treat twice-reported blocks more like other blocks. r+a=jlebar
54f3d41cb2be9135fc4d162b3d508aeb1a33c339Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 1) - DMD: remove reporter names from output because they're redundant. r+a=jlebar
3b42b943469390774cdaaa5385b59ab2ed8a1b71Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 822698 - Rename GroupSize to GetGroupSize to fix a gcc 4.6 compilation error on Android. r=njn, a=jlebar
7fba63d647d598b10ae0ac6dac8c9ced597f8b24Mike Habicher — Bug 818933 - Provide a hardware release API so that we don't have to rely on CC of CameraControl objects. r=kanru, a=blocking-basecamp
c6679926db377f13ab6109cf6cbfd51584c192bdChris Jones — Bug 822510 - Add specific privilege levels for camera and video, and enable that for video. r=jlebar, r=kang, a=blocking-basecamp
155651658843cada280d650dc5d8c8a2a79dbe5cGina Yeh — Bug 820157 - Bluetooth Hfp not sending status updates. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
f6e5cd97800c323164ab1c986916d5145190d8c5Gregor Wagner — Bug 822528 - PhonenumberJS: Start using previous MCC. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
80bb6b8d8359b09be61463f453fcd969d5378cb0Fabrice Desré — Bug 821211 - Information presented to the user from the mini-manifest is not verified to exactly match the information in the manifest within the JAR file. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
c3213cfcb816ddef600e25d64ea6e2efd1d368b1Jonathan Griffin — Bug 823106 - Bump marionette's version number. a=test-only
7c2364d6f803d0ed663a1ffd8d655d0668732c6bRandy Lin — Bug 819965 - Unable to silence or control FM radio volume. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
8e0337f05bbf6fcea2bebc956203f1001b66d25cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822700 - When DMD is disabled its SizeOf() function shouldn't try to measure non-existent structures. r+a=jlebar
22b738bec2fd12dcca952b48e60a5536639597d1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820128 - Use moz_malloc_size_of to measure "images-content-used-uncompressed". r+a=jlebar
f8b55879b2dec28cec0104887c6be2ea96293220Wes Johnston — Bug 818494 - Increase min swipe velocity to swipe close tabs. r=lucasr, a=akeybl
54e4ebef9f6b5d8cff5cde16f5ff731bf76408d5Jeff Gilbert — Bug 822114 - Save and restore bound tex unit in DeleteTexture. r=bjacob, a=bajaj
f29f629b3699f97478bf323569c6da99919f23e1Kannan Vijayan — Bug 819635 - Add explicit shape change check before generating setprop-add stub. r=dvander, a=bajaj
e665dd1df75dcb3d979768380f8fd4633467df98Kannan Vijayan — Bug 819635 - Dont add setprop-add stub when adding setprop-set stub in ion ICs. r=mjrosenb, a=bajaj
e6ff24f0b0efb79f2d9fe12b68e6d743d756a3b0Jonathan Kew — Bug 822048 - Use a /fonts/ subdir for any locally-added fonts stored in the profile. r=blassey, a=akeybl
47d8fc2c65f7a12717e06d3e95edb2a47cf4c2b8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 820496 - Put bounds in correct coordinate system when setting up the canvas background for a page. r=mattwoodrow, a=akeybl
e511f4bbab30313448a23859ee39023811a7b877Nicolas Silva — Bug 811730 - Take skip into account when copying video frames into shared memory. r=cpeterson, a=akeybl
45d2b0f59abb79fead1bf0378285d7ab2bf96279James Willcox — Bug 800838 - Remove unnecessary delay when unscheduling plugin timers. r=blassey, a=bajaj
db37840616639873d092e0dede1070843a2dfefcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 794426 - Don't call StopAudioThread from the main thread when we start capturing audio to a MediaStream. Instead, let the state machine thread call StopAudioThread. r=cpearce, a=akeybl
3b73a67f3df3e2cad30979b2c98ed93f11aac821Nicholas Cameron — Bug 823460; start throttled transitions with delays; r=dbaron; a=blocking-basecamp
150b5d0c940613e2c81a6fef55516374ef014631Landry Breuil — Bug 823240 - include sys/proc.h on OpenBSD to access P_TRACED flag, needed since r1.127 of sys/sysctl.h. r=cjones a=akeybl
527f3d23c13bf589ad62d592535540307cb6d53bffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-374 - a=blocklist-update
4fc4a3cda7d20430e4a964a65f1bb1c1fc94efedGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 823665 - Rename urlclassifier.confirm-age to max-complete-age. r=gcp a=akeybl
d3a280f6c0498d290de3c80e2187d1b7139ee103Cameron McCormack — Bug 820148 - Add RELEASE_BUILD macro available in pref js files. r=ted a=akeybl
ea2b37997426c4341cd5c9f9ebb61e03ffa7e111Nicholas Cameron — Bug 822231; use the maximum scale for animated scaling. r=roc; a=blocking-basecamp
319694b15e89d69e675f70e9e61cf3ad724631f3Nicholas Cameron — Bug 822231; fix end of animation behaviour. r=dbaron; a=blocking-basecamp
15286fbd15a7526767be4ca50af949bc4297e09fChris Jones — Back out bug 782542 for regressions. a=backout
94e2b7a2a5987882b02edce4edbafc59134ab59cBenoit Jacob — Bug 819248 - avoid adding null Layers into the output of SortLayersBy3DZOrder - r=mattwoodrow, a=akeybl
e0377059a5cd7c621cd15a76021cd207c2e8dbabMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 803713 - Skip the SP after finding it. r=biesi, a=akeybl
08d1135a7c9a9f21a26527fd25094a3324c51fa8James Willcox — Bug 821777 - Get some kind of version information into nsPluginTag for Flash on Android r=josh a=akeybl
75e00b38ba3e65166e862e51ee2b828e114d6bafArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 822444 - Update the B2G panda snapshot to include marionette on r=aki, a=akeybl
ab5c6fef3367ec0995e9160d193d03f5c5d885ccJonathan Griffin — Bug 820802 - Disable some telephony tests to try and fix the battery almost perma-oranges, a=test-only
60cca0a957d8c162b829bc4ecaa8f2a3c2af6eacFabrice Desré — Bug 820196 - Add caching to CSP policy checks to speed up CSP on B2G apps. r=sstamm a=sicking
941447ef0c00ad9459d927223d37398f97e76127Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 811238: Cache-color hint for ExpandableListView. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
d4777f15ba52182a5a8d255d6dc1aa1acb2de445Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 811238: Cache color hint in tabs-tray. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
1c99010d98a2ee1a57b39b119951a113cd55c39dSteven Michaud — Bug 821304 - Unbreak plugins that use subclasses of CALayer in CoreAnimation mode. r=bgirard a=akeybl
41afb957cc8dff6a14fe460e063bacd52f77058cDoug Turner — Bug 823191 - DeviceStorage enumerate doesn't see files with 0060 perms. r=bent a=blocking-basecamp
4287525881ec57d382d578e776c5356d508d086cRichard Newman — Bug 806024 - Enable Android product announcements client service. r=trivial, a=akeybl
e1d28c3dc1aac6932c24e66fe76a0c910dea26dbJosh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell a=blocking-b2g
66f742b26f324976dfaa0066dce4953f2cc66d73Gavin Sharp — Back out 9841e712dda6 (bug 820148) since it doesn't work, a=me
cb81bd72390d4964067cdf5e8f239a24814b59bcMarco Bonardo — Bug 791562 - crash in PlacesFolderConversion::AppendFolder.
0887d48568fc86dc9e730c6a60eb84730a0eb7f7Jim Mathies — Bug 814953 - Check for possible widget tear down before calling UpdateWindow in widget's Show. r=bbondy a=akeybl
eaccb5edc854a6a1756ba315810583eff90fca83Boris Zbarsky — Bug 823173 test. Make sure that navigator doesn't have any broken interfaces on it. r=jlebar
bd5fed24b6eed9ef0ed4c8b16fdfc8356065d08fRichard Newman — Bug 788894 - Pref off FHR for B2G. r=gps, a=akeybl
ec8afc7ac4da9906bfbeee4a3f5e7422050c804aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822340. Disable the Ion optimization for DOM method calls. r=jandem, a=bbajaj
dd847c48651956909b4bea36aa0c946ffbaa92dbRalph Giles — Bug 817179 - Fix an issue with Opus padding larger than 16 MB. r=derf a=bajaj
76f0542c5ee9537694816483fe4a6b6cc2b3507bRalph Giles — Bug 816994 - Skip Opus packets with invalid lengths. r=derf a=bajaj
ba92400c2bd6471015f389cb36a79b8552a7ac8ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 774621 - Follow-up: Rev UUIDs of changed interfaces. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
3adf6d8c5f6d375c934ccc1c32684362bbee1bd4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822133: Null check gone wrong in Personas. [r=bnicholson] [a=akeybl]
ed5232c2b4831cffcbb29d8e21b7504d67f472f5Mark Finkle — Bug 820868 - Lightweight theme previews do not work on Firefox for Android, breaking the preview/install flow r=sriram a=akeybl
b9f9b43eba4c0db3421be9825fd7e1af463a02deNils Maier — Bug 719180: Part 2 - Add jar channel unit tests r=taras, a=akeybl
1a33db7d375b67dbc731cc2090c824d8140f3233Nils Maier — Bug 719180: Part 1 - Correct jar channel stream ownership r=taras, a=akeybl
db9a8576a8fdbb8f7c6edddd0802644e4d7af351Nils Maier — Bug 812887: Fix nsUserFontSet not dropping the channel when nsIChannel::AsyncOpen fails r=bz, a=akeybl
7e152108b36c529c57ac6ae9d8f654187ba2b74eNils Maier — Bug 814470: Fix a leak when channel setup in AsyncFetchAndSetIconFromNetwork fails. r=mak, a=akeybl
85d4b438e27d0e34c77853572bcf2c5b24f4cc35Ryan VanderMeulen — Disable download panel test on Aurora. a=orange
9841e712dda639886b3654c5098a3ddfcb6a1978Cameron McCormack — Bug 820148 - Add a RELEASE_BUILD macro that can be used within pref js files. r=ted a=akeybl
79ad9e9928ed9ebb5bbc8ebaf9b8dd44c1ac1237Justin Lebar — Bug 815473 - Follow-up: Remove now-undefined methods from CanvasRenderingContext2D.h. r/a=me
6a56fc48ecfdfcdf8ee1f4a121ce6f52150c1a8eJustin Lebar — Bug 821440 - Allow the B2G homescreen to run in the background with a decreased oom_score_adj compared to vanilla background apps. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
d528a6d0d044bc47bf0c1b716affff70fe3eb723Mike Habicher — Bug 822531 - Fix regression of bug 783682 caused by bug 779139. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
53d60295131dba05a8db2c05bee19613f794606cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 819833 (part 3) - Fix r=ted, a=jlebar
9f16f87d783a27a715b1d9dcd0ae5693278efb57Fernando Jiménez — Bug 819974 - [Apps] Allow to cancel hosted app download. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
10b241489bb6c3c5119b362ac5040b297cbe969dFernando Jiménez — Bug 819971 - Expose nsOfflineCacheUpdate::Cancel() via nsIOfflineCacheUpdate.idl. Tests. r=honzab, a=blocking-basecamp
18637d4be2a11cd47e2459f8acdf77c8c4a074f0Fernando Jiménez — Bug 819971 - Expose nsOfflineCacheUpdate::Cancel() via nsIOfflineCacheUpdate.idl. r=honzab, a=blocking-basecamp
d421c07723318229e22ee71fda9def3e82ff4c71Martijn Wargers — Bug 815416 - Enable layout mochitests for b2g. r=jgriffin, a=test-only
e65cdbf38911e95af2554ca80ea264fd57c5d8fdOlli Pettay — Bug 806031 - Less surprising toString for XBL binding objects. r=bz, a=akeybl
8d77162e26134bb119c31d780d02e6b7ade572b8Mike Conley — Bug 815295 - Disable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 19. a=akeybl.
7de2ac1d8d3d3e6af140de0eccaadbd7ff05a269Patrick McManus — bug 822456 - workaround syn_stream id issue for backport with larger buffers r=honzab a=akeybl
5ce9870231003615970aaad2aeb9f91e15a35906Ben Turner — Bug 814026, r=mrbkap a=bajaj
b8be36705be32600c344fbb013759bb9dece20cdBlake Kaplan — Bug 820185 - Fix the copy constructor to not use uninitialized members. r=bent a=bajaj
255c60e3335029b412c5593652e1d06c88dafca4Malini Das — Bug 722596 - Get stack trace from errors in content frames, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB,test-only
4739a79d8ab5a7cb5779adfd9b22a9321cdf65b0Gabriele Svelto — Bug 814771 - Add a cancelable runnable and use it to cancel a pending memory minimization procedure when an application is brought to the foreground r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
e1070c719210d59759d5fb3e7d1a48c1c99623c9Antonio M. Amaya — Bug 812289 - PermissionSettings doesn't enforce any restriction on permissions operations - Tests. r+a=fabrice
b2a6e3a1308d49513eef6acb6c89848e87c6e26eAntonio M. Amaya — Bug 812289 - PermissionSettings doesn't enforce any restriction on permissions operations. r+a=sicking
443cf9f1bf3ba17f505290e58fc8956f61f3e540Dale Harvey — Bug 816101 - Send a system message when a call is complete. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
dfa3a86df2e79289a96705a6342ea8955357cc0cTing-Yuan Huang — Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed jpeg_nbits_table by constants. r=jlebar, a=akeybl
875a5bd397b43d1e02c76b8dd87f8a9363e8d7e9Ting-Yuan Huang — Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed sUnpremultiplyTable/sPremultiplyTable with constants. r=roc, a=akeybl
36934087350a19fb3fa488451e1b0a22a5102eadTing-Yuan Huang — Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed gUnicodeToGBKTable by constants. r=smontagu, a=akeybl
e6a59d034c9d9c7553883ea1e0c153b726e79d12Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e03d00782fb2 (bug 800838) for more bake time. a=backout
46ab2a290ac79623e61e61f58978b7197217eb5eRobert Strong — Bug 817723 - Only build the stub installer when building x86 and the update channel equals nightly, aurora, beta, and release. r=khuey, a=akeybl
93150917eff6f1121296789c6293b39601b71b49Chris Jones — Back out bug 814252. a=bustage
63d5c5092a908e472a05e3f192eacc7ab4d42aceGregor Wagner — Bug 821876 - Fix ParseNumber so that it accepts a null defaultRegion. r=gal, a=blocking-basecamp
bd0d69dd3fb7cda0dd502f7608b843b17ed6f758Blake Kaplan — Bug 821539 - Don't expose ad-hoc networks in the regular network list. r=vchang, a=blocking-basecamp
455c9556d42e6515387d161c73fbc29dc74d1ae5Marshall Culpepper — Bug 812584 - Part 2: Tweaks to update download retry prefs for B2G. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
a69345742f91be4b5f9a56bb0c33f469ba2f98a9Marshall Culpepper — Bug 812584 - Part 1: Always forward update download errors in B2G. r=bbondy, a=blocking-basecamp
ef029ee6e863e161b963256b18cd18d9f8750450Gene Lian — Bug 821633 - Alarm API - .getAll() need to wrap the objects respecting to the content window (part 2, Alarm API). r=vivien, a=blocking-basecamp
3e0daaa7f6523a28d9d74f76c72188ba026ab8eeGene Lian — Bug 821633 - Alarm API - .getAll() need to wrap the objects respecting to the content window (part 1, ObjectWrapper.jsm and Cu.createDateIn()). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
cb4021304583367c50b49a6020ccf0b88d22df78Gene Lian — Bug 821977 - ObjectWrapper.jsm needs to provide |type| property for the new blob. r+a=sicking
d69a0019cda150447e72f54f10683ceba3a03c67Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 819817 - DMD: cache calls to NS_DescribeCodeAddress for faster dumping. r+a=jlebar
0bb8216d88a76e633b870f53cf502a398a45021dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 819833 (part 2) - Remove because it's unused. r=ted, a=jlebar
07e60283a090056ada4e126db48045534b943d95Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 819833 (part 1) - DMD: Print PCs at the end of lines. r+a=jlebar
87986d0f5d053cded449f19e91f1fe0fd86f0f92Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 820875 - Reimplement DMD's MutexBase using critical sections. r=bbondy, a=jlebar
942c7448b0f46605ad9292ec1018a35d376907e7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 820875 - Implement MutexBase on Windows. r=bbondy, a=jlebar
9009b97e34c286706d0c2fa89cfd7ccf46c7ba9bJoe Drew — Bug 815648 - Correctly detect when we're going to use a shadow so we can measure the text's extents correctly. r=roc a=bajaj
a87c44ff3252032bb36261ad586f5c4b2082d4b2Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. Paint notification can flush (via WillPaint), so re-check if the listener still exists after on puppet widget backend. r=cjones a=bajaj
eedd02509207a86915a2cfacb41a148ea0d632d1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. WillPaint notification can flush, so re-get the listener after it on Windows widget backend. r=jimm a=bajaj
572fcc921c2e0eccdf7e4f79bd0eea420083ed8fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. WillPaint notification can flush, so re-get the listener after it on GTK2 widget backend. r=karlt a=bajaj
c987ef477b34e13c52227e63d5548f51bf071007Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. Re-get the view after calling PaintWindow because it can flush (via WillPaint). r=mattwoodrow a=bajaj
6268ef939d15800c7c5afd9b1c30daf6f3e399e3Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. Move the forced repaint from the Paint notification to the WillPaint notification. r=mattwoodrow a=bajaj
4f61e7b35cf0c29afbc743397a48434470617be7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817138: Re-create back/forward button in code. [r=mfinkle] [a=lsblakk]
bd82498519d9596819ead10cf488a9cff6bb3f74Robert Strong — Backout changesets 90c64bebd52d (Bug 817723) and fddab01e981f (Bug 818333)
63a5fb585e840c2bdf28ed1c1f06f8b48d750006Robert O'Callahan — Bug 818643 - Issue an NotifyRenderingChanged callback on nsDisplayItems when we invalidate anything to do with the display item. Make nsDisplayCanvasBackground override NotifyRenderingChanged to invalidate the cached background image. r=mattwoodrow, a=akeybl
e32b6c246cca5e84a9ad8558b0576ecc0580ea94Timothy Nikkel — Bug 813024 - Restore mTemporarilyUseBasicLayerManager to the previous value instead of setting it to false when using an AutoUseBasicLayerManager object. r=roc, a=bajaj
d82433e6a75d7ff200d6335766a72f16c58cab3aBas Schouten — Bug 814952 - Test: Add a reftest for non-scaled stroke. r=jrmuizel, a=bajaj
54367ea8db11e46e535224515379c9a69004555dBas Schouten — Bug 814952 - Further cleanup state management surrounding paths and pathbuilders. r=joedrew, a=bajaj
e03d00782fb269f522f380ab308174eec1cb2286James Willcox — Bug 800838 - Remove unnecessary delay when unscheduling plugin timers. r=blassey, a=bajaj
ebd0a5d75d45a3d7e0ff9dd8bf6b397158b6c3e2Matt Woodrow — Bug 820061 - Clamp layer scale factors to inverse powers of 2 as well. r=roc, a=bajaj
9c021b033da63caa9cb3a6521ddaf7aa029efbc0Matt Woodrow — Bug 819915 - Fix IsSingleFixedPositionImage to actually check if we only have a single image. r=roc, a=bajaj
1f02f40898ef0d42a7e563cf5d49b8f67003a931Rob Wood — Bug 819213 - Change filter tests to use international format and reenable on TBPL, also remove previous changes by gwagner. r=gwagner, a=NPOTB
7c1c3d33b3201430675f57c5809c0296610628aeWes Johnston — Bug 809401 - Allow scrolling subframes in webapps. r=kats a=akeybl
638ba4108a3be401ce9fdb7f4125bd0e7bce3f1dChris Jones — Bug 820560: Run unprivileged processes with different uids when possible. r=kang a=blocking-basecamp
c946b36439046522b58be58d929f452a5b6a36ecRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 809401, bug 808408) for robocop failures. a=backout
3d1343748fc7d10f2f5f748e855de86a7855798fMilan Sreckovic — Bug 814839 - Disable WebGL depth textures on Mac NVIDIA - r=jgilbert,bjacob, a=abillings
fddab01e981f8b722709de5af6f75e47b484aeebRobert Strong — Bug 818333 - Make for desktop the same across branches where possible. r=glandium, a=akeybl
90c64bebd52d1888d5c301983b2520fe80e21e30Robert Strong — Bug 817723 - Only build the stub installer when the update channel equals nightly, aurora, beta, and release. r=khuey, a=akeybl
7c1f9b76e2c9d9a82dd55d6f97d90612f722d730Jonathan Watt — Bug 813531 - Part 2: Stop reconstructing the entire SVG frame tree after the initial reflow of nsSVGOuterSVGFrame frames that have a viewBox. r=roc, a=bajaj.
1b7be2d2712fc1b87117ed7691139b790398e23fJonathan Watt — Bug 813531 - Part 1: Fix pre-existing bugs by making sure we update the overflow areas of nsSVGOuterSVGFrame children when reflowing after a previous reflow that occurred when the viewport was zero-sized. r=roc, a=bajaj.
4f44102ca641f3236f7e04c1ed92757bdad498ecWes Johnston — Bug 809401 - Allow scrolling subframes in webapps. r=kats a=akeybl
0bb84e1c8ad62973be9f03ed9ab17817f49dc2b7Wes Johnston — Bug 808408 - Fix tests to not assume keyboard is showing. r=gbrown, a=bajaj
5d9eae38d5eb1a97e1810c0c1456d658eef61be6Wes Johnston — Bug 808408 - Hide keyboard when switching awesome tabs. r=bnicholson, a=bajaj
3bfaad61fd5f3267815a45449edd4dca1b754972Jim Chen — Bug 810821 - Only change focus if awesomebar text field responded to key press; r=cpeterson a=akeybl
a874353b0b8a1028e81f04d1d8e6dec6a7b9a0afEhsan Akhgari — Bug 802966 - Mark two absolute positioning reftests fuzzy on Linux; r=dholbert a=test-only
7ed48052d27e1379aa2c43c9dc0aab1559e8c646Ed Morley — Bug 752243 - Disable test_service_wipeServer.js, test_service_createAccount.js, test_service_changePassword.js, test_aitc_server.js, test_aitc_client.js & test_hashcompleter.js on OS X & Linux for too many intermittent failures a=test-only
4eba50f86632b2dd28a0057786e51796bb162dcbEd Morley — Bug 817349 - Ensure topFrame is always defined; r=ted a=test-only
978b4f46db49bed5b4dea44b518af13a87aa6cc8Ed Morley — Bug 813650 - Part 2: checkForCrashes() should output the top frame of a crash in a TBPL-parsable format; r=ted a=test-only
4e7a71c31365f0c05dcfab27b34eb2094c7969c4Ed Morley — Bug 813650 - Part 1: Don't print minidump stackwalk output incrementally, so we can implement part 2 without changing log order; r=ted a=test-only
2d4b7c2b4c9cf56a56b9cd4f208c1e15752c6e14Ed Morley — Bug 765200 - Shorten errors of type: "an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - ..."; r=jmaher a=test-only
8f4f38d57907908c5c9c69e4585c7b6f200a02b5Patrick Wang — Bug 816452 - Don't fire mozbrowsererror when loading page is stopped. r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
7ca48e8d7a29b52d6fd3c1720de77dea53a3be45Robert Strong — Partial fix (all but test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js) for - Bug 762032 - Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js test_0203_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | WindowsError: [Error 13] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: '...helper.exe'. r=bbondy, a=test-only
a38353e81a6a9b3a8f19d231db162dd160ca3cb7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 821224 - Don't recycle a bitmap that may be the same object as one we are still using. r=sriram a=akeybl
9a03dbb0be384bde48ed50352214d759865aee43Robert O'Callahan — Bug 663776. Part 0.5: Mark layers that could have their transforms changed via off-main-thread animations or empty transactions, and treat all ThebesLayerOGL descendants of such layers as potentially resampled so that their buffers are put into the correct state and size. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
770ac28816efaee76ba6f6099190dea6764118d9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 663776. Part 1: When determining whether the scale factors hav changed, we need to use GetBaseTransform for the old scale factors, because that's what stores the old transform that we computed scale factors from. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
3daa224d61172702627a6c7dedc7a5d4d7909528Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 083ea967f797 (bug 820196) for build bustage. a=backout
68ae24dc739cfb9600f2bb6ff491ba82bd15d88eFabrice Desré — Bug 821925 - Update the appcache of non-removable hosted apps. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
19c3298b173c480484c0e304ab16d7a66642f1e9Eric Chou — Bug 820143 - Implement Calling Line Identification (CLI). r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
0adc3bb27f5ba7eab0a562dddc0731965c7bfef1Vicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 4/4: Correct xpcshell test cases. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
7cd948d04ace34d1e39a660974a790b644ee5881Vicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 3/4: Replace non-7bit-alphabet chars with '*' when strict7BitEncoding is enabled. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
88c7005b6a290e293d4601bdac6028f7948647d2Vicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 2/4: Refactor fragmentText, pass fragemented text to ril_worker instead. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
176672e2e40b0d67c9b2c53115ef4a9615418261Vicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 1/4: More entries in GSM_SMS_STRICT_7BIT_CHARMAP. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
796e971014dcdda37a0121b0bf687a55974d33feGina Yeh — Bug 820103 - Bluetooth Hfp memory dialing and Hfp supplied number not supported. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
c2281eb93c354e58bee35e535ae9eb9051162449Gina Yeh — Bug 821636 - No subscriber number information in Bluetooth Handsfree. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
bde2bb5f6cb2a0a332019dba699389a0285e8035Anthony Jones — Bug 820561 - Reduce unnecessary full screen painting. r=roc, a=akeybl
701a1a0016b32d96f4b5bc1a9103c2b0decb51e2Alexandre Poirot — Bug 820443 - Disable slow script modal in b2g. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
3bdca8193789bfeccb45eb5c1bcd17ff56c0e44bMarco Chen — Bug 819858 - Add AudioChannelAgent to AudioManager for telephony joining AudioChannelService. r=baku, a=blocking-basecamp
4694ea14a8f43a3a60b4d1d374ad056e6af26928Vincent Chang — Bug 813880 - Unable to disable network when user connects to wep network with incorrect password. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
2c8991f63c211d51cdcd285c42d1e6db7a80f8ceNicholas Nethercote — Bug 821577 - DMD: Fix hang at start-up on Mac. r+a=jlebar
c6671a6c79158215465ef41d23e71e1408e8b091Fernando Jiménez — Bug 820292 - [MMI/USSD] System message on incoming USSD. r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
083ea967f7979e897eb6081bc21a4fcbb6c1aa2fFabrice Desré — Bug 820196 - CSP slows down app startup by ~12%. r=sstamm, a=sicking
1009e22289f263cf81a21e5abd8ef34d2f8a50faEhsan Akhgari — Bug 821358 - Port the trace-malloc Windows TLS macros to DMD. r=njn, a=jlebar
070bb9a35fa97d5c72dd0e57bf1a847e0e18333dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 7) - DMD: Fix bug in strdup_. r+a=jlebar
dfe6d957629116beb1a6f6ba0c14ecfbf80848f0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 6) - DMD: Don't use LiveBlockKey in LiveBlock. r+a=jlebar
935851593ad461e22706b7b0350cfb6a6e9e806bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 5) - DMD: Store the block address in LiveBlock. r+a=jlebar
b33ca67de6137349ba6a815d905f79ed720f2a81Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 4) - DMD: Inline BlockSize into LiveBlock. r+a=jlebar
1c4ab9d6959d311b0898d28dd1d4ef38c77d851cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 3) - DMD: Distinguish BlockSize and GroupSize. r+a=jlebar
2720605c97eff82071c689772e8efc32033e0d1aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 2) - DMD: Embriefen the hash policy of LiveBlockGroup and DoubleReportBlockGroup. r+a=jlebar
f01dd528f357bc2ce95602c03704dc6feaf8acb5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 1) - DMD: Split BlockKey in two, and fix the ensuing fall-out. r+a=jlebar
f0dd7c6613c877fa95940e7a4e5fc95f4ee29e21Rob Wood — Bug 814761 - Part 2/2: Add test cases. r=rwood, r=yoshi, a=akeybl
fbaa506882901a25ba0af8eff19e6932ea024a63Vicamo Yang — Bug 814761 - Part 1/2: Fix ril worker exception due to buffer overwritten. r=yoshi, a=akeybl
69ef9c2b52b96ce3701df4898a3b503d39f0e1a3Rob Wood — Bug 811580 - Develop WebAPI tests for WebMobileConnection data, update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
3250d4c5dd8f02b80c6090212b72a3f301d54e6eWalter Chen — Bug 816514 - [B2G] Using marionette in Keyboard frame causes loss of focus. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
a30678eab6f3e6488a191fbce5bde5c8805458e5Rob Wood — Bug 811583 - Develop WebAPI tests for proximity sensor API, update manifest. r=davehunt, a=NPOTB
8fdb36d0b7eb80ddb386bffd0703ea517c008d08David Chan — Bug 816847 - Use AppService instead of Webapps.jsm for manifest lookup. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
b8d9a96105580a0efd50b4df4cc2286fe383eeaeRobert Strong — Bug 821343 - TestAUSHelper doesn't exist for b2g xpcshell_updater tests. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
3b04a1a388e7baa4e70e7b4a4c89e94824fc2ee0Gregor Wagner — Bug 818507 - Importing SIM contacts stays stuck on spinner. r=gal, a=blocking-basecamp
29e8214ad941b5c1a2fe56082de6fd8eae61db3fJonathan Griffin — Bug 821833 - Don't open extra socket when marionette.force-local is true. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
e35d87b45325c645b426d3ed319940fc2042e48fNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 800862 - Unwind bailouts exception with the interpreter. r=dvander, a=bajaj
f4c455dd56a1489993ab13a5a972b4d77c6b5219Boris Zbarsky — Bug 821760. Properly handle compartments in WebIDL static operation bindings. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
8d0c225354b196bec8e244b23e59d215a5a153c6Jonathan Watt — Bug 822378 - Update the overflow rects of the child frames when an nsSVGOuterSVGFrame's children-only transform changes. r=longsonr, a=bajaj.
a723f289a56daf031e497d10969a14091a6d4329Jonathan Watt — Bug 802628 - Part 2, Fix broken invalidation in ReflowSVG implementations. r=mattwoodrow, a=bajaj.
4fa6c51875558ab1d88b0b63cf042edcbae68bdcJonathan Watt — Bug 802628 - Part 1, Kill nsSVGUtils::InvalidateAndScheduleReflowSVG. r=mattwoodrow, a=bajaj.
b89fe21a96ec50c5156d2446c98bf5787d2dbcf8Steven Michaud — Bug 804606 - Stop Flash from crashing in CoreGraphics mode on accessing "our" CGContextRef outside of the call we use to pass it. r=bgirard a=bajaj
2bc7e0553fe674068ccf9f49feded08fba12f0f1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 123cde3d7364 and 1d1046452f13 (bug 719180) for possibly causing leaks. a=backout
ef6e99740705329c7215adc4cdec67fddaf12202Ed Morley — Backout aef21af0f7ae (bug 810821) for landing on a CLOSED TREE (treestatus was down) DONTBUILD
aef21af0f7ae80cbb5e07acd0d74fe2604d1f83cJim Chen — Bug 810821 - Only change focus if awesomebar text field responded to key press; r=cpeterson a=akeybl
1736e9ff15760a5306b3bfaf2fd2655d9b917432Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 817730 - Abort connect if rilproxy is not ready. r=kyle, a=blocking-basecamp
0c3461f4494e0f832ec338631664c7f2e0707122David Burns — Bug 819351 - Move import script file creation/deletion to marionette actor and have it deleted on session delete. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
c28d377a35af4c042ce4fb904a4942bb5f7f45c9Fabrice Desré — Bug 820456 - Installing a big packaged app could kill the homescreen and make the phone unresponsive. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
9eecd64f9b84278f5e4ab0b2d46cb7ed42a5406fGregor Wagner — Bug 821510 - Settings: remove debug statements. r=sicking, a=akeybl
c94da132e7033190cdc4bd0169b64276076e41b8Kyle Huey — Bug 820971 - Ignore the ref when checking to see if the image URI is the document URI. r=bz, a=sicking
a3f1771e71c9e7a5b4d11e9ec5f719cd7333a2d8Alexandre Lissy — Bug 819790 - Fix reading SPDI fail. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
908fb662b8abc7cad293e973771dd35c96915b97Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 818830 - B2G 3G: If we change APN name when data call is active, new data call cannot be established. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
2fad47a231072a13f1a01b14246fcbf610dce8f2Gregor Wagner — Bug 820713 - Assertion failure: cx->runtime->requestDepth || cx->runtime->isHeapBusy(), at js/src/jscntxt.cpp:1492. r=billm, a=blocking-basecamp
0047c670657bb73351fa1623d3f4e14b2da99df7Fabrice Desré — Bug 815173 - The interface feels sluggish when installing a big app. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
2af0ee41e9daf77de9530ff195567d05a152f236Eric Chou — Bug 814341 - Fix memory leak in Bluetooth. r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
5d10c266fa868749b43224f977edcf5dfdc7b006Gregor Wagner — Bug 819560 - RIL: remember the last mcc code. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
4dba9c208e9aa5f57b894708f0f562807bcdee38Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 798245 - Propagate the zoom from the tab child into the frame metrics. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
c999276c8c1855d088fd85a2d3ba5162262c4234Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 798245 - Postpone firstpaint while painting supressed. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
c64e8462a68ba5381495edc027107ba03cd203d4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 811157 - Use GetBaseTransform() instead of GetTransform(). r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
8baad7d3a599620f0c3c6884c40ffbc45b877a2dGregor Wagner — Bug 820135 - Preferences: We don't save prefs when we reboot. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
6a14a959278bdc6dd18ae20ec00f5e8838075855Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820682 - DMD: Tweak stress mode. r+a=jlebar
1c4fecb5edbb2a4948e6b1e3e0a3b922ff851350Justin Lebar — Bug 820540 - Build more things with -funwind-tables when DMD is enabled on ARM. r=glandium, a=jlebar
b7b17631f55de58cbd97047d36896e2c0c680409Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 819772 - Add a memory reporter for DMD's data. r+a=jlebar
6733372df4c10d02ac3f0cd6fc9aaccc9021fa02Justin Lebar — Bug 820401 - Default DMD to sample-below=4093. r=njn, a=jlebar
123cde3d73646c437772f4bd27ade0b9a7048d6fNils Maier — Bug 719180 - Part 2: Add jar channel unit tests. r=taras, a=akeybl
1d1046452f13d14794522b0c8075c0cd005a1f48Nils Maier — Bug 719180 - Part 1: Correct jar channel stream ownership. r=taras, a=akeybl
c5c2d204f056622510792b3a60eaa669c2b228adGavin Sharp — Bug 814793: fix flaky test, to try to get around bustage revealed by bug 802026, a=me
640b594b297f9693a9edc27e1b87d6b218cb6535Gavin Sharp — Followup to fix bustage from bug 802026, a=me
de3c29abed65a8c9bf16c3a6ed8171a70e55ca86Gavin Sharp — Bug 802026, r=dao, a=bbajaj
7e7e89070130d0adb86792e8f54aba700da2134bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 780831 - Guard against plugin code leaking refs in the JNI local ref table. r=snorp, a=akeybl
3e9449cd4df432b3e6b7c6b9ffb319486e76d509Josh Matthews — Bug 813489 - Update the HTTP connection's security callbacks from the socket thread. r=mayhemer, a=bajaj
75b6440abfed3194c41ab0a066005172b69fc606ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-619 - a=blocklist-update
baa0d68059af71053c31f43a24a1bf4221d8ce86Jonathan Griffin — Bug 821927 - Disable test_redundant_operations.js due to semi-permaorange, a=test-only
0946afe0c53f4d88425d537da9d83ad0f59d4eefNicholas Cameron — Bug 814921; don't flush styles if there are no active animations. r=dholbert; a=blocking-basecamp
afcbbf3a234ae7b1f3c9bef2ec60ad42f670fb26Nicholas Cameron — Bug 780692; throttle OMTA (rollup patch). r=dbaron,bz; a=blocking-basecamp
0f7f1074538906418a637f9419e1a9e02308f21dDavid Keeler — bug 820109 - click-to-play: open "Check for updates..." link in new tab (aurora) r=dao a=akeybl
d768f2dca0e28e90886e7acde981877bfacab315Joe Drew — Bug 804559 - Use correct rounding code instead of rolling our own. r=jrmuizel a=akeybl
568804ee53fddbfaaede78010c1ede9be4837d18Joe Drew — Bug 802390 - Gracefully handle shutting down a decoder that hasn't had a chance to do any work. r=jrmuizel a=akeybl
f990dabf951334235407496cb21b666d8719128cFabrice Desré — Bug 820160 - b2g desktop builds sometimes show black screen [r=gwagner,a=blocking-basecamp]
37fa83bbd0c854db15f173df9473b6bd590acd3eFabrice Desré — Bug 820677 - vkb doesn't work anymore in b2g [r=gwagner,a=blocking-basecamp]
dabb4fb1d10152bf72524b4291786eb1bdbffd38Brian Smith — Bug 772365, Part 4: Check JAR signature during packaged app installation, r=anygregor, a=blocking-basecamp
5ac24a96e7327e215530d25042928ed47b2684b9Brian Smith — Bug 772365, Part 3: Add B2G-specific customizations to NSS certificate trust database with tests, r=rrelyea, r=honzab, a=blocking-basecamp
b880626933c2c538d2aca4512a2cb6f381fa8560Blake Kaplan — Bug 821158 - Extract a number out of the size_t-containing object. r=jst, a=blocking-basecamp
39fc83f650375a4daa5adf84836844adacd8ff03Gregor Wagner — Bug 821101 - Contacts: Fix phonenumberJS error. r=bent, a=sicking
d0a8a8173ef1a10e1677d126803adf3a51af7cb7Eric Chou — Bug 815079 - Notify DeviceStorage when a file is received and saved. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
09eab2b9e96a0b7ea4f741b752503a583d3bab3dShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 814252 - Use touch event for scrolling if available. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
c73300a19695a7b3032e53fac2b85b987b0ecab2Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 815943 - Prevent drag detection while invoking preventDefault() on touch move event. r=smaug, a=blocking-basecamp
f21e3aaa9142f27f21e42f220e5a6594141be773Blake Kaplan — Bug 819164 - reply_len is only valid before we call readString because of UTF-8 interpretation so do our string fixup based on that. r=gal, a=blocking-basecamp
a649b71bf53109019e310cdacfa7ca8b7bca8488Gene Lian — Bug 811615 - Miss file name when passing file by Web Activity (part 2, ObjectWrapper.jsm). r=fabrice, a=akeybl
2bbaa47b999ea92827111c2bcb4b62cf144e23b4Kyle Huey — Bug 811615 - Enable chrome code to create a new File object by wrapping an existing Blob and provide a custom name/type. r=sicking, a=akeybl
c0ed4a465b7afd4dc251a53a64d850d4af486235James Lal — Bug 816957 - Fix some issues in the extensions manager when sharing compartments. r=khuey, a=sicking
4e00b7fbaa9062cd67632755c1ba8423858e220eFernando Jiménez — Bug 820366 - UNSUFFICIENT_STORAGE error is not triggered correctly at restart. r=fabrice
77b1dc0a13f8d89bebca2a6fb76ddc5a100e0d4fChris Jones — Bug 819714 - Take away the nice things from desktop b2g builds. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
62cff4190b80677f6b9b87b187fee9ed2a819967Eric Chou — Bug 818696 - Prevent "pairing failed" prompt from appearing after re-enabling Bluetooth. r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
e8123546a8b4333de5ca400dff39b3b0cfe8b9c1Vicamo Yang — Bug 820220 - Part 2/2: xpcshell test case. r=yoshi, a=blocking-basecamp
dda8dc6068782309515e13173609f9809320f9c1Vicamo Yang — Bug 820220 - Part 1/2: Fix extra octets sent in multipart UCS2 encoded messages. r=yoshi, a=blocking-basecamp
68390f6167ffa660a54a986a543f66f16e867011Patrick Wang — Bug 798000 - Part 2 - Test cases. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
a0c3f5ad1b62ea54e499582d3bbb24e5c186c783Patrick Wang — Bug 798000 - Part 1 - Read EF_OPL, EF_PNN files and update network name. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
4db8f6cdd89646af9f865fb32fb55a9f974c54cdVicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 5/5: Test cases. r=rwood, a=blocking-basecamp
6716f2e5e2c876db15032ccf8c4fbc025691c4b5Vicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 4/5: Android backend. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
148b38305445d4bbbe69e69fec83cfe70ce1d1acVicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 3/5: RIL implementation. r=anygregor, a=blocking-basecamp
ec2e5d5169e633d7f1d9416c697d6ccccb6c8affVicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 2/5: DOM implementation. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
f8f769859c195932bfa591b826e34b08f00beaa4Vicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 1/5: Add sending/failed delivery state. sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
ec9d0613daef99afbbf5e09cebe79e9b9c71f639Gina Yeh — Bug 819832 - Sending files to Mac fails at the end of the sending process. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
102c5a258e7d275b4f16e61d8c199a931627d221Fabrice Desré — Bug 819286 - Crash when browser tab closes while zooming. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
48ab9f9c0faa1f17785ecd3238a5c8e74a93e14cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 717853 (follow-up) - Remove the extra '.' char in the suffix of dumped files. r=me, a=jlebar
266c3b5c9f0fbfd11e6431a1c66e03810c84a8c7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 717853 - Add a native version of DMD. r=jlebar, r=glandium, a=jlebar
0a3bc21498fdbcf7c475a3a42bc0885e1bb8e2bbFabrice Desré — Bug 796198 - Use the right cookie jar when downloading package and minimanifest for packaged apps - Part 2 : use cookie jars. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
4e628b270773b5a48ab6dddb0ac0d7e34cab5318Fabrice Desré — Bug 796198 - Use the right cookie jar when downloading package and minimanifest for packaged apps - Part 1: move the xhr to Webapps.jsm. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
61dcf38605eb29acc48a68b9b6c564db93cf395cGregor Wagner — Bug 819218 - Permissions Installer - Fix desktop-notification permission. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
62178c1d1969d4f90b02a1736fcb7c63ec48bcc3Alexandre Poirot — Bug 819884 - Add new 'open-remote-window' app permission. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
2d9c598732407ee7bc9ced1a4f7691ccd854aebbChris AtLee — Bug 821131: Update unagi kernel. r=mwu DONTBUILD because NPOTB (nightlies only) a=lsblakk
62abf39117ccfcd5e01c50894deb511cf1cc8150Patrick McManus — bug 815783 - PAC reload check use configured string not normalized uri r=biesi a=akeybl
c1c3e6924008dcd552b410e84857cd2e80c74928Jonathan Griffin — Bug 821091 - Add a pref to Marionette to cause it use force-local: true. r=mdas, a=test-only
cda6f7d54674fe38b42bedff3d6188d8b4aabf67Anthony Jones — Bug 799401 - Fix flash of blur on viewport change. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
c8dcce69b350ad30a3883b00e14972d92aaf4793Anthony Jones — Bug 799401 - Throttle APZC paint requests. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
97b22dbac0d1eb33017c1f926b4545466ec56e35Gregor Wagner — Bug 818566 - Permissions Installer - Fix camera permission. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
dbf28a8565a5a8e49e379c1e8bb919a4465e4629Matthew Gregan — Bug 815569 - Pause (rather than mute) media elements interrupted by the audio channel service. r=roc a=blocking-basecamp
5ae606d1b31bae809e22d82af7747ab7259256f9Fabrice Desré — Bug 817982 - Add support for preinstalled packaged apps in webapps.jsm [r=ochameau] a=blocking-basecamp
e3819aecff294f26975bacc89fbe8dc3791ffaa7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820862. JSJitInfo should say what sort of function it is. r=jandem, a=akeybl
7d2decad5ef61189e67cca702d65ca877a0c6171James Willcox — Bug 820905 - backout ea1643fd4285 a=bajaj
900485806593639d9c63d2db367176c7b9c6961bEd Morley — Backout 3cdce9376da6 & 7ec301dff48c (bug 808408) for robocop failures; a=backout-stupid-hook
641402deeb30923153af9900cff0b060b668fc19Ed Morley — Bug 813242 - Disable browser_bug343515.js on Windows for too many intermittent failures; a=test-only
37af7c9b54f2dbc5bbfad6be4147e9dcf31f571eJared Wein — Bug 814404 - Hide blank SocialAPI menu item in non-browser windows on Mac. r=gavin a=gavin
2400337b24ee2ccf6e8aa968479cd33571e04322Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 821285 - Disable toolkit/devtools/debugger/tests/unit/test_dbsocket.js for B2G, r=bustage, a=NPOTB,test-only
051bca12fd697052086750b4088b0f8a6cde5f39Mike Hommey — Bug 804303 - Part 4: Set environment variables earlier on Android. r=blassey, r=wesj, a=jlebar
08b8b44a0813d483854f1210888da793cb04d006Mike Hommey — Bug 804303 - Part 3: Build jemalloc3 as a replace-malloc library when building with mozjemalloc. r=khuey, a=jlebar
e8e8d414a28b036a7f9cc015c5f76c9c199689f1Mike Hommey — Bug 804303 - Part2: Add ability to dynamically replace or supplement jemalloc implementation. r=jlebar, r=khuey, a=jlebar
84abf1e09fd44877fc398dd7cade99ba1ddfa612Mike Hommey — Bug 804303 - Part 1: Cleanup how the mozjemalloc/jemalloc3 glue is set up, attempting to make it clearer. r=jlebar, r=khuey, a=jlebar
ef6e09eaf6e180f00b329a0711677f57c0d4c64eDave Hunt — Bug 805452 - Write Marionette tests for battery charging status changes. r=rwood, a=NPOTB
6d7da67a7c829a3f37844d38113ada7efdeef001Kannan Vijayan — Bug 819611 - Test case. r=gkw, a=akeybl
cda5f407ec8421c487a9ff5d63e21e01ec9ecfeeKannan Vijayan — Bug 819611 - Dont attach scall-StrictPropertyOp-setter stubs for SetProps on non-writable properties. r=dvander, a=akeybl
1f63cd618dfeeb0bc42816a7ea6b131bada59ff1Mark Hammond — Bug 807997 - Allow chats to open in any suitable top-level window. r+a=gavin
8cceb0a1ec30859c3d89aa2e540f36f3ffda738bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 814900 - Test for various utf-16 files. r=hsivonen, a=akeybl
93ecec9fb54c3aa605d0d4fb1a2cc3626a677053Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 814900 - Temporarily assign utf-16 with sniffing decoder. r=hsivonen, a=akeybl
eaab25f5b98ecb16d95bdd17603fee67f8ba5942Gavin Sharp — Bug 819827 - Make fallback value for UpdateChannel.get() match the build's original update channel. r=rstrong, a=akeybl
711f9df3e7bb749dc0c86e9d367c0130a79870ffAnthony Jones — Bug 804808 - Fixed missing reset of zoom. r=cjones, a=sicking
326604b96f9643942fd4c3d6fd0eca9cf57f02dcAlexander Surkov — Bug 819242 - JAWS needs old IServiceProvider::QueryService. r=tbsaunde, a=akeybl
e04eec5f7c6d6618c173af048bfb0327f07cf1d1Mike Hommey — Bug 815071 - Update jemalloc3 to commit 6eb84fb. r+a=jlebar
9f4072d98ec5fb0bc6ea43f0923cffd56700195fMats Palmgren — Bug 814713. r=bz, a=bajaj
dd4585ceaafce5e68f2091d3af070f9a95f03672Jeff Walden — Bug 805121 - Be more careful checking math to avoid incorrect behaviors. r=terrence
3cdce9376da65cbe672cb80c72972b2ee5894b85Wes Johnston — Bug 808408 - Fix tests to not assume keyboard is showing. r=gbrown, a=akeybl
7ec301dff48c74f8343b21588e048ce7812dae9aWes Johnston — Bug 808408 - Hide keyboard when switching awesome tabs. r=bnicholson, a=akeybl
5b0d8f23de9fd717b518c2ae657634ec5bf1999aMihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 821018 - Fix XML output when tests have been skipped, r=jgriffin, a=test-only
4b61f0674d197bb7b747532d7ca5284dc1178d49Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 816035 - Add durations to xunit output, r=jgriffin, a=test-only
98c25377489ee6487a136f8fc2a8ca3ec11ba4a0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 816250 - Make it harder to break the JSScript size constraints. r=luke, a=bajaj.
bc95fbbbe35ccae429d93877b082b5cd25cffbc4Brian Nicholson — Bug 819070 - Don't restore session if Gecko is already running. r=mfinkle a=bajaj
7b0d10e56b60912086b6692890aa506dd7834041Brian Nicholson — Bug 735399- Only do session restore after a crash. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
0b62d54f320f8b42ad1c1832a10e886dfb9cd348Axel Hecht — bug 817197, add multiple locales to packaging, like android, r=glandium, a=bb+
91bb104beb36a62288a273ad91bad69e22a34cbdAxel Hecht — bug 796051, add chrome-% target to package b2g localized files, r=fabrice, a=bb+
ea923e42cde34726d64481ea9ca66445ccf27978Brian Nicholson — Bug 815937 - Give the search suggestion row its own view type. r=lucasr a=akeybl
784d7ca336b47df236b2fabf4bf76afbb98d0054Ben Hearsum — bug 819979: update gonk snapshot used by panda/otoro/unagi builds to include bug 818560. r=catlee, a=akeybl
09dd942b37811aa3cb58294707a4679bd2c989a9Ben Hearsum — bug 812833: Set up nightly multilocale B2G unagi builds for dev testing - aurora gecko l10n config. r=catlee, a=akeybl
0a2521581d24cf976a2e6fe48bacb05244d6b4daAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 817122 - Disable failing B2G xpcshell tests, enable debugger tests, r=mdas, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
3a41271d73641faa00f9f70950fb06b2613a7b8eMarty Rosenberg — Attempt to fix the issues by disabling IM when we run into a corner case, rev 3, looks good on try (bug 805299, r=dvander, a=lsblakk)
c335d671fc17e289e7e29b08d689e1707f24c1daAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 819399 - Add b2g to known_os list in config/, r=ted, a=test-only
d8bb1f84a4a501efb6e1395ae857d28efd82875fHubert Figuière — Bug 814086 - Limit the size of the pending queue of crash reports to 10. r=bsmedberg a=blocking-basecamp
cb34bd8957ec517c72d506f7c439e3af1950e38dJared Wein — Bug 819992 - Only open the click-to-play doorhanger once per window per session. Use the red blocked plugin icon and flash the icon to bring extra attention. r=dao a=bbajaj
3cd3e56dd69164153ac49217198f520cd867038cBenoit Jacob — Bug 805814 - turn on packing restrictions in WebGL shaders - r=jgilbert, a=bbajaj
d78cebd0fcd4d4bc6ddfac52b281cc299af68677Benoit Jacob — Bug 805814 - import ANGLE r1317 (only that revision) - r=jgilbert, a=bbajaj
8d000a5493877fade55beee7917f48fa6ddad400James Willcox — Bug 800838 - Remove unnecessary delay when unscheduling plugin timers on Android r=blassey a=bajaj
1257658fbc212c5df2d889b916f2f4b3e253251eKyle Huey — Bug 770844: Add a window.mozIndexedDB to work around this bug for now. r=sicking a=akeybl
07ade95669b7b1abe0d2e15a014b565bed795f7dRobert Strong — Bug 759639 - Intermittent test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked_svc.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), | pending-service == pending, | exception thrown from do_timeout callback: 2147500036. r=bbondy, a=test-only
b67e18aa6e447a27382b5214252f6313ca2691b5Benoit Jacob — Bug 818766 - forgot to actually flip the pref to false everywhere - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
7dd1f6f8248a4afe0fe88c7bab6c41630e5e327eBenoit Jacob — Bug 818766 - disable by default losing WebGL contexts on heap-minimize, add a pref for it - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
af5e3b7e35c86063210d0899bcbaf6ec7310ea37Benoit Jacob — Bug 816695 - Blocklist llvmpipe graphics driver - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
372cff5e5cffe3334904ca3d050affaba96676b5Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 814716 - Limit MaxCubeMapTextureSize for Nouveau to 2K - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
f537b3b6e9ef27cbd9650c3584de2bff8b943782Benoit Jacob — Bug 814407 - reattach textures when a texture image is replaced - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
847f5ddc94cd4e4f2b2289e352f674759f2ebad9Dão Gottwald — Bug 815961 - After dragging & dropping a tab the tabstrip scrolls to center the tab. r=felipe a=bbajaj
5a3041179998cd31182638aa48a00be33f26683aSteve Fink — Bug 811050 - Intialize stolen ArrayBuffer data. r=billm a=lsblakk
267d0c53fc6d17aa1c509a246a81c069f15b21d4Bill McCloskey — Bug 810169 - Extra marking for JSContext::global() (r=luke,a=akeybl)
c90d71618b984b02668cd481fea595cacc28cce8Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 817651 - Add --enable-updater to ics_armv7a_gecko config, r=catlee, a=test-only
ee3892a107096aa2772a9e2581bc053e6a4000caMarco Chen — Bug 819275 - [Audio] The Usage of nsRefPtr for AudioChannelService is Wrong. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
7918e1e0c7b51a6ddb30effb28826ccaa05dbb0cAndrew McCreight — Bug 814027 - Make domDoc into a COMPtr in Navigator::Vibrate. r=jlebar a=akeybl
b3e93b76c6bc51f960fba1bb1d63c329a592d4eeAndrew McCreight — Bug 812380 - optimize less aggressively in TraceWeakMapping. r=billm a=lsblakk
498ade1f521bb71bd7c8bd5ad7427a6406416c87Thomas Zimmermann — bug 809367: SUTAgent gets into state where it will not execute commands, requires reboot. r=ted, a=lsblakk
e0110b95aac9307ce25a924e23f10a4ffdc71e15Randy Lin — Bug 815452 - Don't unmute FM audio if the user increases the volume when FM audio is muted for channel policy reasons. r=sicking a=basecamp-blocker
267652713bbb8ac7cc42cdccc3fc429e3e351c1fGene Lian — Bug 819136 - Check application types when granting audio-* permissions (part 2). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
1e834b77370c3a2e28dc5470a07d64185d05647fMarco Chen — Bug 811649 - Mute other audio when video recording is started by using an AudioChannelAgent to integrate with AudioChannelService. r=mhabicher a=blocking-basecamp
632b753f08782f3f677e7d42617b99d5c150e4c9Randy Lin — Bug 815452: Hook up FM radio to the audio manager. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
c042ea08a2b4f49a55c33607a63c01ba56bc2603Chris Jones — Bug 819609: Don't try to send too-large videos to hardware video decoders. r=doublec a=blocking-basecamp
c4131283618fe6363d3423cc5475489a66a9ec52Chris Lord — Bug 819310 - Fix possible race when stopping checkerboard recording. r=kats a=lsblakk
2d1c8ffeeeaaac3d8dde007163af3f8531bd8a82Robert O'Callahan — Bug 816458. Instead of removing the MAY_BE_TRANSFORMED bit in certain frame classes, add an nsIFrame::SupportsCSSTransforms method and call it when necessary. r=mats,a=lsblakk
732e7813017c596acbfb774857afde9fdacd3bfeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 818276. Update margins and scrollbar settings for a child document whenever the corresponding IFRAME state changes, even if we do not recreate the presentation. r=matspal,a=lsblakk
255012656a11b57bfa44cc2e692d1cd384b48d6fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 785348. Part 1: Track when we've called into plugin code. While we're in plugin code, never run the refresh driver. r=mats,a=lsblakk
8cad916d8407a5e769dcd0be9020d1cfdc793f63David Keeler — bug 810082 - open popup when invisible click-to-play plugin is scripted (aurora) r=jaws a=lsblakk
17a8ba91f08013699c933f0a1885dec45789ec53John Schoenick — Bug 810082 - Part 0.5b - Avoid changing nsIObjectLoadingContent interface on branches r=joshmoz a=lsblakk
47681da6d0b21ee6eb9aa6a51f902790abe82756John Schoenick — Bug 810082 - Part 0.5 - Add script access event for CTP'd plugins r=joshmoz a=lsblakk
24c1eacce60e9224d2cb866594e4df385ebb2398Jonathan Griffin — Bug 800138 - Open a dummy socket before Marionette starts listening, r=past, a=test-only
44aee6e638298a1acae50256cabda6fda92877b4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 817669 test. r=bholley, a=TEST-ONLY
49b847acea2470e1a897e237a5f6d1b2a83fe271Gene Lian — Bug 819264 - Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control (Patch-0 follow-up). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
1ea7bf170749b93de671f93fa9f97a67c9d8a0dbBlake Kaplan — Bug 817983 - Disconnect first so that we force ourselves to actually try again. r=vchang, a=akeybl
83bb0072e233656867c4b4fdd95f9207e52920cdFabrice Desré — Bug 815522 - Start and stop the remote debugger without restarting b2g itself. r=past, a=akeybl
4e1ff094f22b11537bbcbfeb16d15fc50af7c447Dave Hylands — Bug 814549 - Fix OOP app segfault when exiting the app. r=cjones, a=gal
936fee75b9f2019bf0fb40ff7c6f9b6ecd4a79f7Jens Hatlak — Bug 818674 - "ReferenceError: manifest is not defined" in Webapps.jsm inline function readCSPs. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
c6ab750adda7850eb13eb43a0a64b9d51e3c7ffaMarco Chen — Bug 818824 - Fire an event when no audio channel is playing now. r=baku, a=blocking-basecamp
2fa91522134f6ef1cad191d45c8fbd584e0541e9Fabrice Desré — Bug 819103 - Twitter fails to install from Marketplace. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
31999ae758aef465caddcaffd5628493a12e56b9Gregor Wagner — Bug 819250 - PhoneNumber.js overwrites national number. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
d2434bf0398e7c749fad1653ef328996439342d5Fernando Jiménez — Bug 818627 - UNSUFFICIENT_STORAGE error is not triggered correctly. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
332922a0d40cc0238e36858ca4656c92208bf0aaGregor Wagner — Bug 818583 - Permissions Installer Tests. r=orange, a=blocking-basecamp
165fef5b307d2f78a54279c5fdb58a83cf68919cGregor Wagner — Bug 818583 - Permissions Installer - Fix access and permission: device-storage:apps. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
f487d279f070f745386e506602850e0b78c85902Hubert Figuière — Bug 814078 - Submit all the pending crash dumps. r=fabrice, r=bsmedberg, a=blocking-basecamp
ac958f6f2e2f75fcfe6afb2385ce2b074ec15233Gina Yeh — Bug 817930 - Support for receiving multiple files sequentially. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
1836c88ebe4d57da44f635c8ba01ce1268970002Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 816913 - B2G RIL: update phoneState when there's an incoming call. r=allstarschh, a=lsblakk
31a8f85db8c42f688450548b6728843e09fe2da0Matt Woodrow — Bug 812107 - Don't attempt to do scroll compensation in FrameLayerBuilder for transformed containers. r=roc, a=lsblakk
df3c6f22ecf931252e98351f86d41d2647963044Benoit Girard — Bug 802400 - Restore pan timer to 60 Hz because of trobopan regression. r=kats, a=lsblakk
1025cf210e7a90884f17d3774d9cf0eee2f23ebeJustin Lebar — Bug 819539 - Ignore _Unwind_Backtrace errors on ARM + Android. r=glandium, a=akeybl
d0ba3d9c94f4a5d5e40ad89701ad0bfb75db220aDavid Anderson — Bug 791214 - Turn PGO off for various functions. r=jandem, a=akeybl
c77a793b84495af1fa88088efc0b199bec203f30Alexander Surkov — Bug 815646 - Intermittent accessible/states/test_link.html. r=tbsaunde, a=test-only
ecb1b9236b54383c20cacf5f30fa50ed1e545fecAlexander Surkov — Bug 815646 - Enable logging for accessible/states/test_link.html. a=test-only
402b32231b79b1f5d4315781a360e0d2de7c58cdRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9b373459686a (bug 805121) for test failures. a=backout
2995c1d6718e4cea229f6403381a42bb2d92c2c9Olli Pettay — Bug 816480 - Crash in nsEventListenerManager::RemoveEventListener. r=jst, a=akeybl
94108d309f6a68280ea33aca305522b101c89c82Olli Pettay — Bug 814001 - Less surprising serializeToStream callback calls on content. r=bz, a=akeybl
27b10794134245c3f766cdb26205cfc09d46db73Brian Hackett — Bug 818481 - Tweak locations where compiled chunks begin/end. r=dvander, a=akeybl
a8694744c7637d203e34f2f49855221bd8e87a59Bobby Holley — Bug 813901 - Validate __exposedProps__. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
d990391711891b51200341cc3ee0602bce3f3637Bobby Holley — Bug 813901 - Throw COW exceptions in the wrapper's scope. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
9b373459686a399129d89ed5faa5f68d819cdb83Jeff Walden — Bug 805121 - Be more careful checking math to avoid incorrect behaviors. r=terrence, a=akeybl
376035760ee0c03c71d193e548b81b3f912e7333Paul Rouget — Bug 807274 - [markup view] Clicking on a node doesn't lock the highlighter - r=dcamp a=akeybl
a66f2999713a8095b649d7ffca613c154fe054b1Tim Taubert — Bug 808231 - Implement add/removeNextPaintListener() methods for mozbrowsers r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
a264305757b9604b92ad6c8daf07b96015516a14Mark Hammond — Bug 817790 - fix stretched social toolbar icons when opening new windows. r=jaws, a=gavin
93590c0181c407cca227a50b3d3e6f56da21167dNicholas Cameron — Bug 789933. test for writing text across Azure backends. r=Bas,a=lsblakk
78dfb6b50af09a8af806e319191a7cb452f53083Nicholas Cameron — Bug 789933: Support non-D2D targets for getting a Path off ScaledFontDWrite. r=nrc,a=lsblakk
d1da79f1bf3691befeb38b5314261eae68470452Felipe Gomes — Bug 811247 - Create only one instance of each social ambient panel instead of one per window. r=jaws,markh a=gavin
994fd11aab7a16422c4eeb7f258f72b0529af93aOlli Pettay — Bug 803853, make sure to not leak mRules, r=ehsan a=lsblakk
8c226d1055443e0386b786c58caeb81f3d499fe1ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-323 - a=blocklist-update
e8c2cb8c583f6a420ace3be26ed8de122b3faf4cGabriele Svelto — Bug 811740 - Reduce the amount of unused dirty pages kept by jemalloc to 1MiB in B2G. r=jlebar, r=glandium a=jlebar
7d6b38c98c1c6845338c762ffb1d198ecc7c14bbChris Jones — Bug 809259: Properly handle allocation failures. r=kanru a=blocking-basecamp
986a7163998010fb69ee9e7d8f77e07d2ffda047Boris Zbarsky — Bug 817284. When none of our code is associated with a window in an obvious way, assume that scripts should be allowed to execute for a WebIDL callback. r=bholley, a=lsblakk
9b2d24abeebec1b8b29b93bc60b168766bb4f23eVincent Chang — Bug 815070 - [Wifi Tethering] Wait driver ready before turning on Wifi tethering. r=mrbkap a=blocking-basecamp
0978db919b27a1bab3550b2cbd7a3b996f140c6dRandy Lin — Bug 814326 - Volume steps on the UI is 10 steps which cannot be mapped correctly to the underlying streams. r=sicking, r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
5f08a622c4daeccda37875d612b575b84ee425e2Gregor Wagner — Bug 819584 - [SMS] Don't perform an upgrade of existing sms yet. r=bent. a=blocking-basecamp
574dc701721fd53666d7501f6f4da2ca57265cbcDoug Turner — Bug 808262- Otoro/unagi sometimes start up in landscape and can't be switched to portrait. The working theory is that, for some reason, we can not access the fb. If that happens, just abort and try again later. r=dhylands a=blocking-basecamp
9418dbcb83366759e974ad387cfe020d0ba4b51fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 817531 - Fixup and enable the test on Android. a=lsblakk
09cd0914f35749088063e68ae72c2143f35c2a34Boris Zbarsky — Bug 817531 - Fix the referrer header for background image loads. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
e1fb7dbde5f698c8531470751e0043654dc4d24fFernando Jiménez — Bug 815769 - Only require an https payment provider if the dom setting says to. r=fabrice, a=lsblakk
69922f367556f61547888f8d3ad8939c4d327b09Mark Hammond — Bug 817782 - Unhide the social chatbar as new top-level windows are opened. r=gavin, a=lsblakk
bad0552d04426b47e2d7844246594824aa538c19Nicholas Cameron — Bug 814828 - DEST_OUT has no affect outside the source. r=bas, a=akeybl
a2e7e3bddf02395e2c75c85bd30a7b5a5d811a10Brian Nicholson — Bug 816902 - Prevent suggestion prompt buttons from being clicked multiple times. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
113a5e115abd73fabbe5ce8a51c19c730eb5545bNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 817475 - JM: Remove re-compilation loop. r=bhackett, a=lsblakk
b64693f63118b313b8e37eb17382c4e287848c7cMatt Woodrow — Bug 810302 - When flattening layers together to avoid component alpha, attempt to pick the 'best' active scrolled root to minimize invalidation during scrolling. r=roc, a=lsblakk
735426e182acb2d825085079cd3d2095823d57e5Matt Woodrow — Bug 810302 - Force playing videos to always get an active layers. r=roc, a=lsblakk
5a273aa9e1bf0b5d45ae46ae3db5bfa277e41ad8Matt Woodrow — Bug 810302 - Don't try to draw layers with a singular transform on BasicLayers. r=roc, a=lsblakk
defd5230b7c837dc991d27a4771fa9a4123ec157Steve Fink — Bug 770238 - Defer releasing an nsXBLDocumentInfo to avoid calling JS during finalization. r=smaug, a=akeybl
17c116a1aa94a28ea042152b7ea419db30002cfdGregor Wagner — Bug 814156 - Need additional security checks for the "permissions" permission. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
5e01b3def6e005dd7d17cee60804f92460019b77Gregor Wagner — Bug 818158 - mozContact.find() - contains lookup on the "tel" field failing. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
23fb9fbf0a8e32de9bc841d8aeb0ad9adc6c6a7cGregor Wagner — Bug 811538 - Fix marionette bustage. r=me, a=blocking-basecamp
2ea5ed291435bfdee033f0c7e5b1d95be72c12fcGregor Wagner — Bug 811538 - B2G SMS: Applying PhoneNumberJS to SMS DB. r=testonly, a=blocking-basecamp
51acfa2df426002a0f127ff044524163abfad5b7Gregor Wagner — Bug 811538 - B2G SMS: Applying PhoneNumberJS to SMS DB. Tests. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
b497b931947b524e81f9cd59adebc6d0aecde3b3Gregor Wagner — Bug 811538 - B2G SMS: Applying PhoneNumberJS to SMS DB. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
b3166db05250fcf9d437b68778e3ec8e4831e389Dave Hylands — Bug 818131 - Volume Manager should create fake volumes. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
0e7b801ff250d9c07352d3896ad67e25282d1486Yoshi Huang — Bug 814618 - Part 3: marionette test for Display Text with GSM 7 bit encoding. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
2831e3200fae6c66bdba310028573b30aa536e49Yoshi Huang — Bug 814618 - Part 2: xpcshell tests for Display Text. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
206dc6384dd5a8fdc24ece89a8a7f50308143c20Yoshi Huang — Bug 814618 - Part 1: Read GSM 7 bit packed string. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
1b0fec4979ae35024871f7d0e6dcaacd3473d06aVivien Nicolas — Bug 818148 - Use a system message when the application is closed. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
9cda25b6c0a7c41039807c0e1fd466fffb09c3fcFabrice Desré — Bug 813468 - Followup to fix filesystem permissions. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
56af6830834a3880f4aed53f36cc02abffc216c8Fernando Jiménez — Bug 813468 - [Apps] Unable to install packaged apps when running OOP. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
d8f2ec9872162092d101889433d8d94f3bf85507David Burns — Bug 754220 - Add cookie support for Marionette, desktop only. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
da9d0e35d176351efa51a7027af55e037d2d9d25Joel Maher — Bug 818156 - Improve test chunking. r=gbrown, a=NPOTB
8e9e51608cdd08d9947df3846d389f717cbd0d9cMike Hommey — Bug 817955 - Only install identity modules in modules/identity. r=benadida, r=jparsons, a=akeybl
c57456dea46834724058158b2d6aef803a385bafBlair McBride — Bug 806534 - Support regular expressions in extension id for blocklist entries. r=Mossop, a=akeybl
86af495d562c8456f438eb15754d7e8a722c3097Aki Sasaki — backing out d6fe64dac533 due to bustage. r+a=bustage
1402160a2a78e539ebb80bfd120446546d3fa64cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 817067 - Introduce a ThumbnailHelper to deal with thumbnailing of pages. r=cpeterson, gcp a=lsblakk
e4d85abbda8cab1620ea8bc0523995747eee7b32David Keeler — bug 818009 - canActivate: only click-to-play-type plugins are valid (aurora) r=jaws a=lsblakk
7b2b3268c4d0c55c80b818eb4b7d0fad8a873e6cStephen Pohl — 2 of 2 - Tests for Bug 813322 - Add ability to control time interval for restart prompt to apply update. r=bbondy, a=tests
4e6b6accd13aa838fdc700c4b8dca5557d9e4898Stephen Pohl — 1 of 2 - Main patch for Bug 813322 - Add ability to control time interval for restart prompt to apply update. r=bbondy, a=akeybl
cc2d5a097c017dd1a9282785bc94ec00dff06052Gregor Wagner — Bug 817989 - [CONTACTS] Is not possible to save a contact with a very long phone number. Tests. r=gal. a=blocking-basecamp
e6c8ca7e009e09e1eab51d58bfbc109a17894b4eGregor Wagner — Bug 817989 - [CONTACTS] Is not possible to save a contact with a very long phone number. r=gal. a=blocking-basecamp
d6fe64dac53333d78072ac09332af852cadecd61Aki Sasaki — bug 818264 - update b2g panda snapshot. r=aki a=akeybl
706b49b96b1e9904e3a481cd12e84cfb5c4b7c37Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816842. Clean up jsval return values in quickstubs a bit. r=bholley, a=lsblakk
308b1b0be4042862e361a30098556928d2dee79dAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 818638 - B2G xpcshell shouldn't abort entire test run on single test timeout, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
b89a1215566a2b2f82539ad688d15f58f5900bcdRichard Newman — Bug 817232 - Don't apply incoming deletions for special folders. r=gps, a=akeybl
fe20163490eca8d585406455e230ccb963cb1cd8Marco Chen — Bug 815069 - Part 3: Adapt audio channel agent to nsHTMLMediaElement and AudioChannelService. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
cc11426b1fda271ff1f206e15a4b63bd2ddc1f07Marco Chen — Bug 815069 - Part 2: AudioChannelAgent Implementation. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
18fd500e7ae678bdb9ec14815e00b147a97af2c0Marco Chen — Bug 815069 - Part 1: nsIAudioChannelAgent.idl r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
d2a1b9ecaf3c8e1c5feeafc701ac43b1b330eb6fMarco Chen — Bug 815322 - Phone rings on incoming call will pause audio. r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
dc032b65783695f506a6af07616435fb2e1cb135rlin — Bug 815445 - Hook up telephony audio to audio channels backend r=baku a=basecamp-blocking
5e82b22b9c6faab4e68ecaebb39c4d5158a79213Gregor Wagner — Bug 814293 - Remove unused permissions. r+a=sicking
e74a0f0e39da735848e3a45f2b37f88e578fed01Michael Wu — Bug 811178 - Send mousemove before mousedown and mouseup. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
b33ece56fc6b9936ddc3101c603e0c9d178e0684Justin Lebar — Bug 817071 - Unbreak B2G desktop builds failing with 'nsINavigatorAudioChannelManager.h' file not found. rs=gwagner, a=blocking-basecamp
c8075c1b8d5bdd39e2ec11491d3c25107cd684a6Steven Lee — Bug 809106 - [music] Unplugging headphones while playing music should pause it. Part2-AudioChannelManager implemenentation. r=jlebar, r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
e4b9c8d4e80c7989ef2dfb321f6ee86b0163f69aSteven Lee — Bug 809106 - [music] Unplugging headphones while playing music should pause it. Part1-interface. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
84feb55f2c4246e4905e6dad6b6584a6dcfc285dSteven Lee — Bug 809106 - RegisterSwitchObserver through hal::Sandbox. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
3a4d05774dd0512e8d79fef62cfae138cef31d78Shelly Lin — Bug 803039 - Correct the logic of finding user activity in IdleTimerCallback (fixes bug 811459). r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
cffbab57c0a5668efeac015b089c3971dfacbbd9Shelly Lin — Bug 803039 - Use TimeStamp instead of PRTime to store the idle time. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
ad0e460ed3561c12f082462d8cda530aa3a87b6dGene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 4). r=fabrice, r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
16e657d4d00353bf4beae490108fb5111dc73841Gene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 3). r=fabrice, r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
0ac2b512f6d4fd2467d24563caf09733d74120acGene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 2). r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
f8a027f57d11ecbd1f287e6f8b9286fa6934c691Gene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 1). r=fabrice, sr=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
1e0ca1b0c656d1cecd63740b4948be24c1bb8f72Bobby Holley — Bug 807102 - Rev the CID on nsPrincipal. r=bz a=akeybl
498329280c0cac95b439499e3d3707221c9eb67dBrian Hackett — Add type specialized paths for instanceof to Ion, bug 814861. r=pierron a=lsblakk
583a68cdaaa866914bf6f7b6303493ccfee76158Robert Longson — Bug 817439 r=dholbert a=akeybl
fb8d87f142926f89a846fa64240ef4ec4770b405Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 818615 - Release mozdevice 0.17 to aurora, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB,test-only
86302c66631a7c2542dafc63d2a370b651b2ad4dWilliam Lachance Bug 818080 - Release mozdevice 0.16 to aurora, r=ahal, a=NPOTB,test-only
aef9e2eb58da968991c6a990109f4542b389dd15Chris Lord — Bug 817575 - Merge low-precision tiles work from m-c. r=various, a=lsblakk
0955a6092028aec07c19e1c32cbdc0a38b4035f2Chris Jones — Bug 818730: Set sys.boot_completed to enable the ondemand CPU governor. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
f6ddbb034d4af3a55f8043b23ef961ca873fb832Vincent Chang — Bug 817901 - Wi-Fi hotspot (Open) cannot be turned on with empty password. r=gal a=blocking-basecamp
4dc82515e37db821453314ff13a03f16569c437fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 805333, Patch 5 - mozAudioChannel for MediaElement - IPC. r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
c07a72d3f2353228728fd278f40aec9e2984322cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 811222 - Enable system app to get currently used audio channel. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
6751e12f4f82dfa09b80b72c6feb22284bf9fbeaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 818220 - SetMutedInternal must be called at anytime. r=kinetik a=sicking
1ed75bdbc62c55a21bd0d98885c21a739036dfa3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 805333 part 3 - Disable audiochannel for desktop build. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
a3af243701ccdeb42e24e214cff3d41c4813da43Andrea Marchesini — Bug 805333 part 2 - MediaElement connected to AudioChannelService, r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
680aa1bc9be69d4daba05a1a2ee8e2d0c2e97413Andrea Marchesini — Bug 805333 part 1 - AudioChannelService, r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
6538a8f915f18321b1a2197ec87a2c739325cf7bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 817043 - mozaudiochanneltype attribute, r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
09f16c3f088d0bae70c5567f1289375ff3ebd134Marco Chen — Bug 805333 part 0 - Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
e5b55985b8884f7f480b42f5774b028b1e6aef31Fabrice Desré — Bug 809947 - Implement app.checkForUpdate for hosted apps. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
1ea6bf56eb876ca1a39e25656052d3aba9d54575Dale Harvey — Bug 816416 - Send system message on sms being sent. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
9a231e539ea39c13baa2366808ee0da792f2a9dcPatrick Wang — Bug 817529 - Set isDisplaySpnRequire = true when current PLMN is equal to HPLMN or one of PLMNs that are listed in EF_SPDI. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
f724e7d93865bc926a834b3e17dd905de068a120Mike Habicher — Bug 817496 - Notify DeviceStorage when a new video file is finished recording. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
70a785187d2de10a48257bc95e7abd6022c06527Vincent Chang — Bug 815461 - wifi hotspot is not found after reboot. r=gal, a=blocking-basecamp
c9e8611b83e0504ce72fbfbb6ca9fd2e9357dafcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 817476 - Really do WebIDL bindings for Screen. r=ms2ger, a=lsblakk
180a31b074f05cd514b2d9ac86ad5de5febae248Boris Zbarsky — Bug 814576 - Make XMLHttpRequest really set its progress events as trusted. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
d2508f90141e6040cd797d273f8b3b693f11e6ddChris AtLee — Bug 815781: Upload .zip for unagi/otoro builds. r=rail a=blocking-basecamp
aaa8c4b2af1444f11b1d12f9b41d06e492b390c5Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 816850 - Don't call nsGeolocation::Shutdown() when disabled via settings. r=dougt a=blocking-basecamp
f78e447e52f6a35b6454b5f0f55304f9552a4152Jim Blandy — Bug 756581 - Correctly handle out-of-memory in JS decompiler's PopOffPrec function. r=jorendorff, a=lsblakk
e1a5e0a809ff0fe7295326f7792f137374939d32Jim Blandy — Bug 756581 - Correctly track out-of-memory conditions in decompiler's Sprinter type. r=jorendorff, a=lsblakk
9a66d101d4ff99fddb5569f8360fbaaa44d78a6fKarl Tomlinson — Bug 813997 - Keep window max size to 16 bits. r=roc, a=lsblakk
5725b445e2c35a0e87740cb07c6b1a9b2640c956Trevor Saunders — Bug 816453 - Get rid of dead code in nsAccessibilityService::CreateHTMLObjectFrameAccessible(). r=bz, r=surkov, a=lsblakk
cfc0672e3ad0f893878eb89771b65d50f8067b63Robert O'Callahan — Bug 812897 - Limit WS_EX_COMPOSITED hack to pre-Windows-8. r=jmathies, a=akeybl
d84d3184ed078c464af81c5fb5e0cc4db0ca2464David Anderson — Bug 811058 - Add incremental barriers to addprop ICs. r=billm, a=lsblakk
f9e048ca23dc2d11663cac39c8728bea4b3bd482Georg Fritzsche — Bug 813906 - Resolve base URLs correctly for plugin streams. r=bz, a=lsblakk
16b6f2a69aa50857d60780b23f62c69428d7add7Olli Pettay — Bug 794158 - Remove over-complicated AutoWrapperChanger. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
044ad56e251f99382da106323d32f55190ef6654Dave Hunt — Bug 818324 - Bump marionette_client version to 0.5.10. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
4005d68e2d8334c498cd41197d8703decfb266c3Brian Smith — Bug 812531: fix bustage, a=bustage
70ce9517d91fe574fa579b08fcf5190bb4cbcdb2Brian Smith — Bug 812531: Make MOZ_TYPE_SPECIFIC_SCOPED_POINTER_TEMPLATE comply with two-phase template name lookup rules, as clang requires, r=khuey, a=blocking-basecamp
edcb32353d271f790f770a47165521b1177694adBrian Smith — Bug 813241: Update config/system-headers and make wrapping of NSPR & NSS headers more robust, r=glandium, a=blocking-basecamp
88424c956cfe0e0ef504a1bd19ee2c81854038b3Brian Smith — Bug 772365, Part 1: Implement JARSignatureVerification, r=honzab, parts r=ehsan, a=blocking-basecamp
36f6c5a2c0d5aad06e30112c0dd60b1d9d4eaa53Brian Smith — Bug 804663: Create a CryptoTask API to simplify the creation of correct async crypto operations and add more utilities to ScopedNSSTypes.h, r=honzab, a=blocking-basecamp
5684fa8e1b2d822c17e1941f6020943f2d8119baBrian Smith — Bug 818717: Backport fixes needed for B2G from NSS 3.14.1 BETA 1 (NSS_3_14_1_BETA1), r=rrelyea, r=wtc, a=blocking-basecamp
fa18bde3e25aa7fa008652482c099abeec86d451Richard Newman — Bug 817842 - Announcements: use previous Date header for next If-Modified-Since to avoid clock skew. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
73e91dd0d30851a7af105aedaca955e9de9bdf03Ben Hearsum — bug 817811: panda builds against gaia-central - add panda-gaia-central configs. r=ted/catlee, a=lsblakk NPOTB so DONTBUILD
3da7d46830acbd1fa687302b21aee7d426d09d5dBlair McBride — Bug 744355 - Add to the xpinstall whitelist. r=mossop, a=akeybl
2a02e9546ac746f0bd1ea2b439f1f567a50336d4Axel Hecht — bug 800595, add `an` and `ur` to the aurora localizations, a=lsblakk, DONTBUILD
d1e564584e076d979bacd15088ca911c7f4974a8Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 818259 - Fix undefined reference in remote/b2g xpcshell, r=mdas, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
15af27ede830688f8466c28b66b32ad7baf51956Masayuki Nakano — Bug 815383 Backout bug 786956 from Aurora due to the regresssion a=akeybl
317a6f1796c3dda35f37329254cede587bb8546fChris Jones — Bug 813372 - Test. r=mattwoodrow, a=blocking-basecamp
bebce27634dfb9e4727daaa9b495f245e6bc2461Chris Jones — Bug 813372 - Guard against TiledTextureImage with dimensions of 0. r=mattwoodrow, a=blocking-basecamp
89af02e96916297da63f05d32989cae210043abcGregor Wagner — Bug 814211 - Need additional security checks for the "fmradio" permission. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
28e91d5fec2cf2a0ce08120579ed3067aa8f2701Vicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 9/9: xpcshell test cases. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
66c5274e7de75512d77aa8e78d851dddac69f8a4Vicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 8/9: Support EFcbmi and EFcbmir. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
94c099d6c23ad3efc746c2005b81e5fb2cf3b5afVicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 7/9: Config via Settings API. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
26bc0d59089f95eea5605af7ab3391ea6121af54Vicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 6/9: Support GSM CBS message paging. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
0a48e8d683ba7775b7fa267e134405cc0070153fVicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 5/9: Support base GSM CBS message. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
af449eb5e700497a6a3773aaa030b5d79ee70d84Vicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 4/9: Support basic ETWS Primary Notification message. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
bf42790c63cf585ab5861b55fb2bd384da87362dVicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 3/9: Complete onreceived event handling. r=mounir, r=hsinyi, r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
171874faf4ef439de0748c99c5770eca3e617978Vicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 2/9: Add navigator.mozCellBroadcast. r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
401115ee472302d72be150f78666228be4215692Vicamo Yang — Bug 778093 - Part 1/9: IDL change. sr=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
bd6bde9a514f5268c607a760a30d7c8b600977d8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 812119 - [HOMESCREEN] Must reboot after deleting an app to see its icon disappear from homescreen. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
1429cead644b3c3c3e8e7cc2dd07e8a1dc423f6dChris Jones — Bug 813356 - Skip subtrees with null roots during resolution. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
9eae59ffecdd5db3baf1b16b53dd08434f8b8cbcStefan Arentz — Bug 807659 - Also configure HTTPS proxy from APN settings. r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
55e7b7ee8d30ff7decfbf1bd5d2849d9baa930ccMarco Castelluccio — Bug 741526 - Mozilla central mozapps implementation ignores Content-Type. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
21c9aecc314f171b9127499291e3e4845627baedFernando Jiménez — Bug 815148. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
92fdcff7bde4803b675e418de7719bfd5976d443Jonathan Griffin — Bug 779011 - Attach id's to all requests to prevent Marionette from getting out-of-sync, r=mdas, a=test-only
32bb1429c7c1c0c39954cced8793460fde9b4e3aAlexander Surkov — [PATCH] bug 768243 r=tbsaunde a=akeybl
5038ad88dabe72c422d1ef9919dbe35cdeebb2f6Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 814177 - Use a callVM for generic InstanceOf cases. r=dvander a=akeybl
0c2e87d109333c00fc700425019efedc514d76e5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 786982: Add the hiding of close tab, while swiping. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
bf1ceb185f0c86e5a2e1237c8578290ca0c79fafMatt Woodrow — Bug 810592 - Make nsSubDocumentFrames that are actively scrolling build their own layer. r=roc a=akeybl
041c56c240148c2cfa364bf6e1ce6abb268e41deMatt Woodrow — Bug 796847 - Make AdjustInvalidAreaForSVGEffects correctly adjust for the coordinate space of the input rect. r=dholbert a=akeybl
3897f5792c0bb85026e2e45f64a5c377df30a5c0Jason Duell — Bug 811669 - nsICachingChannel.cacheKey may not be set on http-on-modify-request anymore r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
317c31ddf1a5e3c9b0284763984c295e1c13561fMarco Bonardo — Bug 791447 - Move about:newTab data to preferences. r=gavin a=akeybl
269946c84e11fa6425c799365e5fd687dda226e7Benjamin Chen — Bug 804985 - [browser] don't try to zoom out wider than the page width r=cjones a=lsblakk
0c97e6c40f6c42e8320bc3d753318383e2925d42Benoit Jacob — Bug 816187 - Make WebIDL accept nullable dictionary retvals; let getContextAttributes's retval be nullable. r=bz, a=lsblakk
6952c37a602f5aec19a61288af9cbcc2c66ed1bcAdam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 814430 - Shutdown network on profile-change-net-teardown. r=mcmanus, a=lsblakk
c6df5983f54ad9ff68989a999509da4cc1a314bcMatt Woodrow — Bug 815593 - Remove unused variable. r=bustage, a=lsblakk
0d4beedf0c58b4d27610bbf22f215659d5485277Robert O'Callahan — Bug 815593 - Don't layerize images that exceed MaxTextureSize. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
ef562b6a621a9e1ea9acb842446f5abf23fa7c21Matt Woodrow — Bug 816603 - Set the correct canvas background color during print preview. r=tn, a=lsblakk
fb3ea5cfb1c45132ce5391719a55e9ba8bc460fdBill McCloskey — Bug 801195 - Delay changing generator state. r=luke, a=lsblakk
8eddfb7ae27d0573088e5ed1718b4f02d93d6e9dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 815030 - Invalidate cached background images in when a frame gets a visual style change. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
22925fa0b92b6cd2b26fa8165e0cc4ca15913ecdEric Wong — Bug 812682 - Updated eBay Logo for Desktop. r=gavin, a=lsblakk
77b26b6d19745d0e87ac084b2e4ff691f79188c0Fabrice Desré — Bug 816149 - When updating hosted apps with appcache, the update is automatically done. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
2efa0233605d203e72258bb6c4e3a3bda14f0facVivien Nicolas — Bug 814074 - Send a system message to the application when the application is not running anymore but waits for a notification. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
44d76bdf48e24a623e435e52f1fde7ee7b36b617Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 815156 - B2G RIL: Expose serviceClass to DOM via nsIDOMMozMobileCFInfo. r=ferjm, sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
52a5a90c6f26b87ba9bcdee2a5db0987234719b7Anthony Jones — Bug 798194 - Fix problem with resizing the composition bounds. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
c27a510368f58e431093ca6220470c2e57ab18a0Anthony Jones — Bug 798194 - Fix repaint request re-ordering bug. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
f34cc14adb9af28d3e766cdd2ac36ad077fb9260Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c25efb1b7480 (bug 813758) due to bug 817758. a=backout
d83774a94e264ad1054b49a029db54485ebe3c66Makoto Kato — Bug 816004 - Change password mask timer to 1.5s on Gonk. f=vingtetun r=mwu a=lsblakk
89a184e6ff241b0d02788ae6740c60e49b526681Josh Matthews — Bug 812794 - Make docshell STS usage use existing PB knowledge instead of digging in SSL internals. r=bz/bsmith a=lsblakk
f3c6c6bce22cf29e09c212c6bd612e8ae5e1e818Panos Astithas — Bug 815807 - Part 4: Let Marionette listen for non-local connections, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
f92aed39207387aa78c63270f0308b8f9f10ba21Jonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 3: Load marionette early in the B2G startup process if relevant pref is set, otherwise load it late, r=ahal, a=NPOTB
630047f6f009f575bfe8d1a8a5c9a20d8385a41aGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 813947 - Ensure pointer argument validity. r=bsmedberg a=lsblakk
06236ab191ecc6b9a74953d358acb5336c6265b7John Schoenick — Bug 813947 - Don't try to call OnStartRequest on failures in nsObjectLoadingContent::LoadObject. r=bsmedberg a=lsblakk
44107c5507f9e1ae3fcfc561db697caabed35432Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 817122 - Add initial B2G xpcshell manifest, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
c1e60736791cc2f0cbe053539e417cb7f6ebc4e7Joe Drew — Bug 812602 - Don't use the DecodeStyle enum namespace, since it doesn't actually exist. r=jrmuizel,a=akeybl
832f71d67907dfbd8bda390d247350d74c84fcd7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 809028 - Lightweight theme is not disabled in about:addons. r=mfinkle, a=akeybl
7fd04504400992d235fb42837584e023bab63569Panos Astithas — Bug 812869 - Breakpoint clients sometimes don't know how to remove themselves. r=vporof, a=akeybl
8be383c89522ad2417ae6f5c70aa0fb53914113eMark Hammond — Bug 813436 - Tweaks to ensure a consistent UI as social is enabled/disabled/active/inactive. r=jaws, a=akeybl
78fbf1d13fc8945ab7416239af5f452cb773d636Wes Johnston — Bug 813677 - Only send about:home telemetry pings when showing about:home. r=mfinkle, a=akeybl
7408b9bd9f10ce298b31cafd2703ff8a8c2ccc73Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 813851 - Clear path when creating a path builder. r=bas, r=ncameron, a=akeybl
9e255aaa583ce56af47119a3e3e419714f3d01e5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 813722 - Create layers for opacity:0 elements with animated opacity. r=mattwoodrow, a=akeybl
eceb6e65d038b34c9f2bc6bb46b0b74a39f086e5Mihai Sucan — Bug 811282 - Remote Console fails to close completely in the event of a connection error. r=rcampbell, a=akeybl
605f41ba80a38d931f75bb5e4402eec4f41ce77eJeff Gilbert — Bug 812121 - Allow drawArrays/Elements without vertex attrib arrays. r=bjacob, a=akeybl
e49deed923d8e7ea2421b86b124492c46d6dfb3bDale Harvey — Bug 814163 - Populate most-recent table with existing sms data. r=bent, a=akeybl
6bdd53a2301c970b9c49f9ff987d35200056b5d5Makoto Kato — Bug 813834 - Character corruption on Facebook messenger with Social API. r=jaws, a=akeybl
6ed3efcb84b04d32ea8b603add2755bca44d4433Mark Hammond — Bug 815000 - Fix social sizePanelToContent args in error conditions. r=felipe, a=akeybl
a22fef8e13ae2fb8add72c4f25de70eac735831eTim Taubert — Bug 811953 - [keyboard] Submitting a form from a text field with the keyboard up persists the keyboard. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
3597fdf5ce6029d38086d96c773cfa9e55326bbbMark Hammond — Bug 812108 - ensure that if 'try again' on a social error fails, we continue to display the error message. r=felipe a=akeybl
8e070b999a770002824b842e563750aa29229ac2Doug Turner — Bug 816335 - Remove Network Geolocation Provider from B2G. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
c25efb1b74808fd603912b920fa06a922320850fDoug Turner — Bug 813758 - Ensure permission for geolocation is tested in the parent process. r=bent a=blocking-basecamp
2b40d4ebe90ff7a810efd2a9534591986e2c6096Fabrice Desré — Bug 808326 - [Browser] Offline page mentions "B2G". r=pike, a=blocking-basecamp
607cb05af726ff3ec50fa57378856006961b0b03Gregor Wagner — Bug 815572 - Standardize the Bluetooth permissions name bluetooth. PermissonTable. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
89d29a551f80f3e5fa5389384b469205fb72274cMichael Wu — Bug 809665 - Boot animation support for B2G. r=cjones, r=joe, a=blocking-basecamp
d7dc900021c28bb3e54b5c47e63fec7e8721956dGregor Wagner — Bug 815974 - [System] Remember geolocation permission for an app is broken. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
5803a827afcbc95c547e860898c0670a070aa4d8Fernando Jiménez — Bug 816535 - [Apps] applyDownload() fails after restarting a canceled download. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
995a6c845b58ff43a54f46112fb9786ca25494cfGina Yeh — Bug 816859 - Failed to receive a file. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
e41b201143275fb3d600c6515e9444068b4361b2Gina Yeh — Bug 815325 - Turning bluetooth on and off multiple times causes restart. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
8e2be08d3faa0dca66ea2b6b142fb1185cef360dRandy Lin — Bug 812434 - Support FM volume control for implement AudioChannel API. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
fc1cb75a0e84a8cd0a3bb4fdfaecc2279595a871Michael Wu — Bug 774458 - Only send clicks on confirmed single taps. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
a5955eda8762194aa3054b25e14f8e8cc83cc1d3Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 815872 - Fix memory leak in install confirm/deny notification code. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
eefe52b408c4b5dab9c4311333332789760ecd4eAlexandre Poirot — Bug 797657 - Change default CSP to desired policy for certified apps. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
d265118050c85ae63527bc8d7fd85653a5ed0172Gene Lian — Bug 813994 - Alarm API - Need additional security checks for the "alarms" permission. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
26070fd9985b838b8348f09989856fa40fb11cdfGregor Wagner — Bug 815833 - Followup fix. r=bustage, a=blocking-basecamp
927dd0a37a657ae5c4447a000a98c107ee1dccfdGregor Wagner — Bug 815833 - [contacts] Add PhoneNumberJS to ContactsDB. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
5796235869f1a390d21aa94499cd1b5c94488e07Gregor Wagner — Bug 814153 - Need additional security checks for the "settings" permission. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
2ad6d5ca2fac054b3592c7f37bd4bfb0974450f0Dave Hylands — Bug 814783 - terminate_string16 is called twice, causing segfault when an app exits. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
4c2ca6b7c432f48402b572ba08a70999c522feb1Gina Yeh — Bug 812430 - First time connected by laptop would show empty pairing message. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
036243b85532236f801e3021109fe480af01f4d2David Burns — Bug 810259 - Add support for getting screenshot from Marionette. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
a63f586248174df16503deece65b68a5348ae476Rob Wood — Bug 794301 - Develop WebSMS test to verify marking message read/unread, update manifest. r=davehunt, a=NPOTB
7006d1290c28df0bc92d41e9c33081f2bb19301dffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-665 - a=blocklist-update
25aa6973bf76865ea1c2c83179e6d30f40549710Mike Habicher — Bug 809259 - fix for buffer exhaustion when cycling camera modes. r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
19c3aa22d0ea2c2b4268a2e33793817f5882ce26Mats Palmgren — Bug 812879. r=fantasai a=akeybl
573ea169953328802aa98d6658526a526dfeec58Mats Palmgren — Bug 815489 - Don't let Blur() swap mData since the buffer is also used by the image surface. r=roc a=akeybl
adf3fc9e7c16dff52e1fbf43b6706e7aea388694Mounir Lamouri — Bug 798446 - Attempt to fix startup crash in nsGlobalWindow ctor. r=bz a=akeybl
5f9c10200e2b84f7504babfdd83a7aa18d04a9b1Josh Matthews — Bug 815363 - Make the autocomplete inPrivateContext getter call a real method. r=mak a=akeybl
77a4e53cc82634a685979baa33dd01585a3fb528Jonathan Griffin — Backed out changeset c1f26b5ca7bd, Bug 815807, a=bustage
c1f26b5ca7bd40f6f96313a03d953687d225203dJonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 3: Load marionette early in the B2G startup process if relevant pref is set, otherwise load it late, r=ahal, a=NPOTB
55872da2553115fa88fcced1fc9fb2dc74d99ae8Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 816630 - B2G xpcshell tests use wrong binary directory, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
7345783228a3a09a1ae4b1129a7dc44af64ec5b6Malini Das — Bug 815757 - refactor script timeouts and rename variables, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
13fa37380b518cbe10fb06ff99c1e5d6f99a836cDoug Turner — Bug 813995 - Check device storage permissions in parent process. r=bent a=blocking-basecamp
977ff5b5a332efba52c9167f64ea07afef07a832Doug Turner — Bug 811815 - A href links are not underlined/showing as links in Browser. r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
257eac35be3ce42ce025d20a7b24bbf1418467f6Geoff Brown — Bug 809753 - Avoid python exception when maxTime is None; r=edmorley a=test-only DONTBUILD
dd7507d7423c82579a59bb5fab72bf0ba180da68Josh Matthews — Bug 801366 - Restrict GIF pixels to the range of the colormap. r=jrmuizel a=akeybl
e4c679d061f7ed599c47ea476684edbc4ab36fabMark Finkle — Bug 815076 - The default Twitter search engine does not work. r=bnicholson, a=akeybl
5e1bebbff5fbd1a8ce928a548af70f1ce9012c63Eric Chou — Bug 814376 - Improve the mechanism for setting file extension of a blob. r=sicking, a=akeybl
5000315b6331fbdcefb694f82e949eb317e4b5b0Marshall Culpepper — Bug 813778 - Don't attempt to retry when a FOTA update fails to apply in B2G. r=bbondy, a=blocking-basecamp
e8e4384f925ab7c995128c3e71e0ebac47835e4dFernando Jiménez — Bug 815547 - [Apps] Inconsistent app attribute status when download error. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
7a54aed85f4a059cfeccb2760437db40dd72a575Patrick Wang — Bug 793111 - Part 3 - Test case. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
9223e0870700392295aa3b334198d38cca2b517cPatrick Wang — Bug 793111 - Part 2 - getting PLMN list and deciding required carrier name component. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
87264fc62bfe29cd04f86d9db28cbe623a5d529ePatrick Wang — Bug 793111 - Part 1 - Add properties in nsIDOMMozMobileICCInfo to indicate if PLMN/SPN is required. sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
21165724c1d07351531de71012693b2d841bdcd7Fabrice Desré — Bug 808220 - [SMS API] Retrieve a 'sent' message show field 'sender' as 'undefined' STRING, not undefined. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
2d21b6d0731d43916dc5daafe4e48a8e62b46f1eFabrice Desré — Bug 778668 - Bubble the application name/origin/manifest in the desktop-notification mozChromeEvent. r=wchen, a=blocking-basecamp
fdd163ca531115aa48a7e047b6c27f783beeaf61Randy Lin — Bug 814349 - [gonk] Remove default value of master volume setting. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
d7a43a343314e661f8ccc094d3ebe2667b16ca02Cervantes Yu — Bug 806596 - Don't fire double tap if the delayed task to timeout the 1st tap fails to run in time. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
16c01b6ef387fb0b03e2579cb59cb060840dde93Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 805638 - Find parent node while the inner scrollable region reaches the end. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
87e8c81bcec48262fa861b861c3838977ba51ac2Gina Yeh — Bug 813817 - Canceling file transferring doesn't clear the notifications. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
306c951213c65132f5b93f6943ee3d153d5d2ad5Gregor Wagner — Bug 814294 - Don't prompt for missing permissions (UNKNOWN_ACTION). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
1fb4d36d2ca466a5b69b643c585c8cc7efcbb2d0Chris Jones — Bug 811315 - Use process-per-mozbrowser by default and make scrolling behavior selectable by content. r=jlebar, sr=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
f7d72ef613c081931878a6c9a03b41a6ae36e0bdRob Wood — Bug 810083 - Develop WebSMS test to verify receiving multipart SMS, update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
5a057c06e1724c77013b24dc2eeef481ecdfdd6fJonathan Griffin — Bug 813779 - Make Marionette's xunit output compatible with Jenkins. r=dhunt, a=NPOTB
36c874449af9fc586d7f2741349c60d2baf95c83Jonathan Griffin — Bug 815441 - Make errors pre-empt emulator callback warning. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
dc011fa9cc866dfdaeb7a5b4c81f2891a11bbab7Gregor Wagner — Bug 815572 - Standardize the Bluetooth permissions name to "bluetooth". r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
6d424e9221c6262cfb3d0e70ff658a27d3652241Matt Woodrow — Bug 814272 - Cache the bounds of nsDisplayBackgroundImage items. r=roc a=blocking-basecamp
ba6628781ca198bc1482928d48aa16ac5080fe17Jonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 1b: fix typo, a=test-only
7cbfbb0bcb89f103f101eb713ef9be8210f64e5dJonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 1a: temporarily enable some code until Part 2 lands, a=test-only
5b81398a1ea2bd4d0952767fd8def6fdd4d40535Jonathan Griffin — Bug 815807 - Part 1: add --load-early arg to Marionette, r=ahal, a=NPOTB
73f7d2c5fe4f48121bf4dd58505e9bee08589192Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 792373: XHDPI and XXHDPI icons for Fennec. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
2bf95c581cc6b9d4aa431d48c0b1b6f0bd3b1e9eBen Hearsum — bug 815189: b2g builds should clone r=catlee, a=akeybl
d85cbf41e9b684e3d569686a896e5cce81367395Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 790817 - Add ability to install busybox to marionette, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB,test-only
935abd776974c75ab06e1cd0f1ad24fc6c128757Marco Bonardo — Bug 814264 - Restore the ability to call openUILink without an event parameter.
f1c2a3d8d38ce9e9e40f743a143ac0733e7d3dbdChris Jones — Bug 814778: Disable font inflation for the b2g master process. r=dbaron a=blocking-basecamp
c515d6ec89851bacb460d45454aa51accc23aa5eVictor Porof — Bug 812814 - Add a way to edit or remove watch expressions while the debugger is paused, r=past, a=akeybl
d3ef0ee454779cbe94ca21ba0396fb896255949eVictor Porof — Bug 813587 - When performing global searches with very few characters the browser may become unresponsive, r=past, a=lsblakk
ee4104aba1cb4121af80ac49a98f09ec268c6033Victor Porof — Bug 805759 - Relax global search results auto-expand rules, r=past, a=akeybl
83fbb172185e02e5be3b9adb670bc956f95130faVictor Porof — Bug 813172 - Evaluating 'arguments' as a watch expression always yields an empty pseudo-array, r=rcampbell, a=lsblakk
0b8452d1366e90b039b83c4100b4716184126ca5Victor Porof — Bug 813471 - A breakpoint can be placed at the wrong line when using key shortcuts after opening the source editor's context menu, r=past, a=akeybl
e1cbbe140593ee9ae2281f014ff471eba03994f3Victor Porof — Bug 813199 - Closing a tab with the a conditional breakpoint panel open does not hide the panel, r=past, a=akeybl
d112badf7960deec2cb3dd5d325bb56b5ed1f28dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 813623. Fix Xrays to actually work correctly for static methods and properties. r=peterv, a=akeybl
a44a66bf9e2f0d36800513102c6d0ab5d2b9ac24Boris Zbarsky — Bug 812744 part 2. Use the document scope object, not the script global, to find the JSObject to use as a scope when creating event handlers. r=smaug, a=akeybl
9518eff35bc212b54b14b70f36e8cca7c9a052ceBoris Zbarsky — Bug 812744 part 1. Set XSLT result documents to be data documents when we plan to return them to script. r=sicking, a=akeybl
fedc6e02c2719bf22bcfc524df2f06766fee236eMark Hammond — Bug 815042 - leaving private browsing mode with social enabled now resets all social components. r=gavin, a=lsblakk
b4ea6db96e59ff6575b5b6a5deea401d0d4eb8feAlex Keybl — Bug 785652 - adding zh-TW and zh-CN to fennec r=aki a=akeybl
22e3305ba6d07e068cfdb218998bae245b542048Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 810253 - Correctly dump arguments. r=dvander a=akeybl
194aa91f39c31fb048a223bc4499f9e1ca4eb143Malini Das — Bug 815757 - refactor script timeouts for marionette, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
f248dd694210f8a6a83254d17782fc5ff9cdcbcaBrian Nicholson — Bug 813057 - Ensure suggestion view parameters are reset if view is removed during animation. r=lucasr a=akeybl
caaefcf4754b70bc41fbfcc81ec451b889fb4a1eJosh Matthews — Bug 788959 - Clear the listener associated with cancelled bullet frame image requests. r=bz a=akeybl
add4aedc517fb62be5481335213f68c129677f49Gavin Sharp — Bug 789037: back out bug 776928 since we need some extra time to sort out its addon compatibility impact, a=akeybl
609d111f9b9cb6c1810646f9136a90a8b028ed05Mounir Lamouri — Bug 814554 - Don't stop reading the permissions database when an invalid entry is found. r=sicking a=lsblakk
7a08de09fb058ab1232604ac80473c3617c5a130Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 816079 - Add --gecko-path and --logcat-dir options to b2g xpcshell harness, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
d420f55fd0fe40554899d87ffed349cde49115dbBrian Nicholson — Bug 813610 - Use separate upgrade method for new bookmarks and history tables. r=lucasr a=akeybl
1a365608dd7da1a8e766004c7248719f29c47e35Brian Nicholson — Bug 812805 - Pull favicon ID from history when adding bookmarks. r=lucasr a=akeybl
427fece16730ffc815398d6960daadf234b8b2a8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815359 - Use the correct contract ID to create nsISupportsPRUint32's in the icon decoder; r=bzbarsky a=lsblakk
7d3f8f33ae0c6930ade3fde9fce042133a8d4bfeMats Palmgren — Bug 812665 - Look for placeholders in continuations and special siblings too. r=roc a=akeybl
17fa80b258dd85c2092e8da653cb9e23565880e3Andrew McCreight — Bug 807713 - add warning comment for nsTObserverArray::ElementAt. r=sicking a=akeybl
af9c9bfa337046edf1e534e448208bd61e01d6ecJim Chen — Bug 814886 - Correctly check selection bounds on Android; r=cpeterson a=akeybl
73b4d37ab9cdcf1d9f667792adef3238a4256f92Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 797153 - Remote xpcshell tests shouldn't depend on running from within an objdir, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
60030e0525d333ed41402069def7a9f9259fac1fOlli Pettay — Bug 804811, propagate events even from disabled form controls to chrome. B2G-only hack, r=jst,a=bb+
92d08b4972f753b4c6f42693b10f5234df7eb782Josh Aas — Back out fix for bug 405407 due to regressions. a=akeybl
5b3d1aef7324553cad0e3161e0c2e1cecd4f3212Jonathan Kew — bug 799869 - [harfbuzz] improve heuristic for choosing between shapers for khmer fonts. r=behdad a=akeybl
7986dfeb907c3602d04bf426533b7b2be5252e66Tim Taubert — Bug 813277 - Unable to long-tap hold on the home-screen to invoke the wallpaper menu r=smaug a=akeybl
2767c038198b23cdc68084ecce3f21336309fde0Mike Hommey — Bug 799295 - Work around gcc 4.5 miscompilation of CanEncodeInfoInHeader by always inlining it. r=dvander,a=akeybl
82dcfd62c6893ba5d4dc45f07b06de651144ed3fKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 814822 - Notify wake lock change when content crashes. r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
dca3546b64377723457d1955b703d2b91ca1ed9dMark Finkle — Bug 762046 - Amazon search-plugin hard-coded for desktop site. r=bnicholson, a=akeybl
e08c004cd12c7a864b574f036d56ac0dcf6fe2f1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 809478 - Handle 90-degree rotations when snapping transformed gradients. r=jrmuizel, a=akeybl
e1bc674168e8c3fb3d6c2f71d139306fb4e9792aBobby Holley — Bug 812415 - Use wrapperSubsumes rather than isChrome in XPCNativeWrapper.unwrap. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
77ce88901a93c16f6f06456e1b688a34b6d367a8Jonathan Watt — Bug 802440 - Some elements are invalidated when other elements are scrolled off the screen. r=roc, a=akeybl
d75a9dd5b181546f10319762cbe79b72b9aae90cBlake Kaplan — Bug 812716 - Desktop Notifications: Race in nsDOMDesktopNotification constructor. r=dougt, a=akeybl
9b66f281999b801769bea9c8af13d6d73431b802Vivien Nicolas — Bug 811162 - After switching the language in the settings app, the entire gaia window is half as tall. r=kaze, a=blocking-basecamp
d9f1abbb38852a437e30eb98dde0efecc46f9c36Fabrice Desré — Bug 815145 - Remove the JS REPL from shell.js. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
3a6bc38541a7a56657ab609c9f0bd89d10773ec2Fabrice Desré — Bug 815198 - [Webapps] should call Webapps.applyDownload when installState is 'pending'. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
9d9e61a46b2deefb3a343782d4ba5ba85fbdffbcFabrice Desré — Bug 815561 - Limit Web Activities to the foreground application. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
b810579f95c91cec1d994afa3ccfde55329ca93fHubert Figuière — Bug 811778 - Only send crash reports on wifi. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
a563319a8d8288b9c80205e2b4cc2871f4f3ae4cEric Chou — Bug 811946 - Remove annoying compiler warnings and define a more structured interface for Bluetooth uuid. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
6753a211e0a6d9c350f8f3333c7123f6b90ea6fbEdwin Flores — Bug 812756 - Remove seeking hack from OMX decoder. r=cpearce, a=blocking-basecamp
c2df97608b7665d82e4e665e8bc1aa24edb6b3e7Fabrice Desré — Bug 813195 - [Apps] Cannot retry to download hosted apps with cache manifest. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
91cc2bda9c17eb164170ce2ce65de808926cdf74Gregor Wagner — Bug 815398 - Settings: set navigator.mozSettings to null if we don't have read or write permission. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
2ecb7ca81077a98293df5d462c3639b6d2f1676eJonathan Griffin — Bug 814139 - Send state vars to frame scripts after switching frames. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
c78f2ee337b024bc55e71a2912f0c6e12d75a40cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 812782 - Update pdf.js to version 0.6.143 to pick up string changes. r=bdahl, a=akeybl
6f0380e240caf0897fb867df68f5999c5b641f22Felipe Gomes — Bug 813316 - User details menuitem is blank on OSX menu. r=jaws a=akeybl
259765eb7f05bd3b1fec21a4e00886d67dceb956Robert Strong — Bug 812223 - Take 2 - negative download times in stub installer pings. r=bbondy, a=akeybl
b8c7f8010cca61b7d10e234f3c50dc0717a6484cJason Duell — Bug 800799 - http-on-modify-request now called after JS that started the load is no longer on the stack. r=bz, a=akeybl
db8d60352deb13f23dd926d62b2faa4c0c08d210Brian Nicholson — Bug 813346 - Add getBitmapFromDataURI() to BitmapUtils. r=wesj a=akeybl
b3fbd7b77b31c157c21f411616a1a4394cdb99e7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815001 - Pass in the privacy information for the view sourced document to the web browser persist service when using an external view source program; r=jdm a=akeybl
733911b204b1d05e28491315b59eabb545090de2Dão Gottwald — Bug 815743 - Part 2: Backed out bug 588909. a=lsblakk
a2d4840f1bfe0c05311ed2fc68029506a1b3730aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 815743 - Part 1: Remove all of the site specific user agent overrides as part of backing out bug 588909, a=lsblakk
82774195d578b9eebfa37db1a6371f9c74aa7db0Nicholas Cameron — Bug 812453; fix CopyInnerTo; r=bz,a=akeybl
a0a72eea60579fb8a11373b1b0c8ea6d45a39580Nicholas Cameron — Bug 814149. Fix GetCanvas. r=bz,a=akeybl
e52f368c8f6be06ebf5282c561f758fb85e2846cEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 815743) because of leaks; a=me
ac448724f14da0a3e12b9feaf7dcd4135512ff89Kyle Huey — Bug 811784: Account for subscripts when figuring out what object to stick properties on. r=mrbkap a=blocking-basecamp+
2923c817adf8cc6c01da08a0f04ba4ffd6e7f17eKyle Huey — Bug 814102: Make the 'this' object used when compartment sharing a FakeBackstagePass. r=mrbkap a=blocking-blocking-basecamp+
75937412d151f72aa33fb441feeb5c847170b36fKyle Huey — Bug 813762: Teach OS.File about compartment sharing. r=mrbkap
93a206aa70d3cead850dd78e537bbd0dd5d488b4Kyle Huey — Bug 813766: Set EXPORTED_SYMBOLS on this instead of the global. r=gps a=blocking-blocking-basecamp+
444a70f8836063ed396ae9f00da3386763a447dbKyle Huey — Bug 814104: Create the function in the right compartment. r=dcamp a=blocking-blocking-basecamp+
271ed0c9bc9638605f89b68d34f9e1f9251609bfMounir Lamouri — Bug 811193 - nsIUrlListManager.safeLookup() should take a nsIPrincipal. f=hector sr=sicking a=akeybl
e9a434a1167e3e2816c7774b93e81c7c20365613Chris AtLee — Bug 813826: gecko configs for otoro builds. r=nthomas, a=blocking-basecamp
7532ac3be0d871ae98b0408cac291ae83462c35aDão Gottwald — Bug 815743 - Part 2: Backed out bug 588909. a=lsblakk
aa39d72e59b0646f2c892e9defe5261b940f4b75Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815743 - Part 1: Remove all of the site specific user agent overrides as part of backing out bug 588909, a=lsblakk
1e197f8c89472b155773c809d86ad8ff799b13c4Nick Thomas — Bug 810994, update gonk-misc in snapshots for panda & unagi to get symbols (and no random-red), r=aki, a=akeybl
c552cb42f8829f9753e6b3059ebdf072d81dd7f9Chuck Lee — Bug 796277 - Save voicemail info in RIL. r=hsinyi, a=blocking-basecamp
817450e2d4d216fd584446428bdaae70064b65fbThinker K.F. Li — Bug 805711 - Check EOS against audio source for OmxDecoder. r=doublec, a=blocking-basecamp
b416c87a63dffe19d99aadc82c4c23c0beb09dc4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 812517. Part 2: Call ScrollToCSSPixelsApproximate when TabChild scrolls. r=mats, a=blocking-basecamp
643559cc0fcca2a7a5a859664827aeba54d6ed4aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 812517. Part 1: Add nsIScrollableFrame::ScrollToCSSPixelsApproximate. r=mats, a=blocking-basecamp
dbd0ccb6cdbd2343bc07468e65fb28ea0040e035Gavin Sharp — Bug 814793: disable perma-orange test on Aurora while I investigate locally, a=me for CLOSED TREE
99a78c71e6e42fec1e5b901647d4694edccfff7fBas Schouten — Bug 814101: Respect system-wide cleartype setting. r=jrmuizel,jfkthame a=akeybl landing on a CLOSED TREE with gavin/lsblakk's consent
89b21c061697f4824b377ba50c135f914d9dda47Ben Hearsum — bug 812836: Set up nightly multilocale B2G desktop builds for l10n testing - add gaia l10n info to gecko config for unagi. r=aki, a=akeybl. DONTBUILD on a CLOSED TREE.
4e0a8f234a6dc4981efa67ada3f038d3645de0e5Joe Drew — Bug 813124 - Make Cairo's image surface correctly handle having multiple clip paths set on the context. r=jrmuizel, r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
06329b9181848f7bb549482e5067433764b39321Vincent Chang — Bug 811833 - [System] When the device is woken from sleep, wifi does not automatically connect to the network. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
6d1876f4b34fb1b0ee3af93a77e4cb8c2c105a73Mike Habicher — Bug 809259 - Improve camera stability when switching between picture and video modes. r=kanru, a=blocking-basecamp
93d820463a5e95d35d5f644d3ae7a48e35804e0dAlex Keybl — Bug 814232 - Aurora nightly build is actually packaged central Nightly (blue icon) r=akeybl, a=akeybl
3cf0a53eb5312ce06822bc50bb1b477379cf1fe2Mark Hammond — Bug 808001 - Clicking a social notification link now opens the link in a new tab. r=gavin, a=gavin
824bf8ab30d1c6b3890393e73ebb67573fa0f2b0Marco Chen — Bug 813426 - Fail to assign mozAudioChannelType twice. r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
54256fb9dc206b5ce62a054fde06218459f79de5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 813462 - Activities with unknown properties in the payload should not be filtered-out by the handlers. r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
c075bb4665fb7bd653c1640e76ac61126809d905David Zbarsky — Bug 788409: When the compositor runs past the end of an animation, just fill forwards until the main thread catches up. r=dbaron a=blocking-basecamp
1edab0eaff90e37c7255bfb4cc2e053dbfd70b83Cameron McCormack — Bug 814310 - Force pref on for @supports reftests and skip mochitest if pref not set. r=bz a=test-only
0a53935f0343b27166aa0698d6a02a5e0b21fc6fThinker K.F. Li — Bug 810734 - Check EOF to avoid infinite looping when parsing MP4. r=doublec, a=blocking-basecamp
f0b165f78897dbee9fcdf44c229e1cad884be798Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 790463 - [B2G] several telephony tests often causes emulator to crash. r=jgriffin, a=blocking-basecamp
09cb2493bbb8894b8b308698fb8c52e8e9173353Blake Kaplan — Bug 812717 - Use the correct nsISupports pointer. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
871f22673ad885e9b0684bc93bfca4170526462fFabrice Desré — Bug 813828 - Allow chrome code to launch Web Activities. r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
a81094b387a28a1e0026e1afec66a926c5e67b6cFernando Jiménez — Bug 813575 - [Apps] When canceling the download of a packaged app, the attribute downloading is still set to true. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
3b394913c819aab15d5a08ddf0e1206d2f645eb1Eric Chou — Bug 812412 - Replace full path with leaf name only. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
dcb19dbfac72f0d85bd782b5773d148b78a63feaBenoit Jacob — Bug 813783 - Don't create a global context at all #ifdef ANDROID, including B2G. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
190fd00356fd1457647a23014ea9731978943a75Vincent Chang — Bug 810581 - Uninitialised value use in InitRndisAddress. r=jseward, a=blocking-basecamp
71c49c2616d357205ae34b0d063158ecd5850ef7Mike Habicher — Bug 813190 - Stop media streams from hanging onto the last played media frame indefinitely. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
6edad4e1f906524c3aaa28bd0f06c50fd69deeebJed Parsons — Bug 790141 - Native implementation of browserid get() and getVerifiedEmail(). r=benadida, a=blocking-basecamp
3e184d0a19844a9e0705d921d8815ac13f558c70Thinker K.F. Li — Bug 812848 - Fix a typo in the geolocation code. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
8e0eab3895ccf5e4b3a943b7d9a10689d000aeb0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 813278 - Overload JSAutoCompartment for TimeZoneSettingObserver. r=luke, a=blocking-basecamp
e6265a22c963e85915104eda45a0211fc72c6ae4Justin Lebar — Bug 812957 - Follow-up: Replace void\n* with void*\n. r=oops, a=blocking-basecamp
2337b9d21743bd4755ab7503226eaf62faffce42Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 812957 - Add memory reporter for Freetype. r=karlt, r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
fba069d27d6b09e64b8d860d826a998b273da7d0Gregor Wagner — Bug 812034 - Permissions: Connect access field for permission checks. r=ddahl, a=blocking-basecamp
4b58df3c408a6bde86ec3ab059fff5991b842a3aGregor Wagner — Bug 811923 - Device Storage: support "create" permission. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
6c776a1f9392758abcc23ecdcdf63e61f1b9c63bGregor Wagner — Bug 809944 - Require access fields in manifests. Tests. r=ddahl, a=blocking-basecamp
ac67728fb89b347dc29d47d72c333f442e5cece6Gregor Wagner — Bug 809944 - Require access fields in manifests. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
3bf830f79d496a4c20c6d52e647a77ad21246b2fGregor Wagner — Bug 811432 - Allow systemxhr permission for privileged apps (in addition to certified apps). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
b6e816f97d8edf32d10a0be4359169e6358dc375Rob Wood — Bug 794557 - Develop WebAPI test for SMS getMessages and update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
ea33ecb57a6e8e735e5a8c0d961c4cccf0cdb4c7Chris Jones — Bug 813451: Update-available notifications don't get lost anymore, so the code from bug 801987 is no longer needed. r=marshall_law a=blocking-basecamp
4aa8acd0d44cdde84961cababfdd4b2fba9910edChris Jones — Bug 799768: Only bother computing an invalid rect if it affects composition and enable omtc for X11 b2g builds. r=mattwoodrow a=blocking-basecamp
c7cf5632c57de0c192290c30cb1433ac64b18e06Richard Newman — Bug 718066 - Build-time disable FHR on all platforms apart from B2G. r=gps, a=akeybl
6a69654ab6be7aba006ad95cb13d63714b57c296Richard Newman — Bug 718066 - Pref off FHR on all platforms. r=gps, a=akeybl
b924abc35a00b4a82d2d7826a74f90e2c7700417Gregory Szorc — Bug 812377 - Health report provider for collecting system info. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
0897cbed601b254d75db3b72a77b6f9a4319e06cGregory Szorc — Bug 813226 - Add ability to bypass policy acceptance. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
06d2da2edb4cc10679542719f83ea4fec449461bGregory Szorc — Bug 811159 - Save last submitted health report to profile. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
40368dea73a29ce2720f8d2b2135b5f575bf0265Gregory Szorc — Bug 809644 - Health Report provider for application info. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
5d3cec2f1e95e0f2ca543db9c97bd6005175fb9dGregory Szorc — Bug 808219 - Firefox Health Reporter service. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
2e7cd0dfaa96c0a442dc6a3f507d3ff1c22abf51Gregory Szorc — Bug 810132 - Add remote deletion requests to policy. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
6f7e78d4e24d4aceb9d2d19a68a2b8c66dc3ac90Gregory Szorc — Bug 809954 - Handle unexpected future dates. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
bb265329b8fb48a85be1f8324db6850f449cef98Gregory Szorc — Bug 809930 - Make metrics provider collection API more robust. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
abf3b9980e1f747483e2323450d4fd6c37c3c7d4Gregory Szorc — Bug 810053 - Add explicit test for obsolete document deletion. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
93ad54264e513da475ab65f65ba54a6d16329811Gregory Szorc — Bug 802914 - Implement Bagheera client and server. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
0e862a22dc3e1b838e198c6b8bef62527263d237Gregory Szorc — Bug 804491 - Data submission policy and scheduling driver for Firefox Health Report. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
d4ace80a9bd3975cd72d1aac876d6670f41d0542Gregory Szorc — Bug 718067 - Part 3: Add MetricsCollector. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
5e70b77e821860603e60a8892682bbcf3177ed04Gregory Szorc — Bug 718067 - Part 2: Define types for representing metrics data. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
a6e79eec81512401fc473bb72bef8413b794f742Gregory Szorc — Bug 718067 - Part 1: Create skeletons for services/{metrics,healthreport}. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
2445b602fe377aa5375fa17c02449f2683bbe2d1Gregory Szorc — Bug 803377 - Add CommonUtils.convertString. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
2bd6b0e38842589dda7527e35fd7e20e2177c9c0Gregory Szorc — Bug 807231 - Add CommonUtils.{getDatePref,setDatePref}. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
e3f2f2c9f6adbff8d8a1ac9f990712601bd6e690Gregory Szorc — Bug 806591 - Add CommonUtils.generateUUID utility function. r=rnewman, a=akeybl
f719a9c96ea98a1ba4e6d83fc3d3ddd824c16cceAndrea Marchesini — Bug 805292 - Make a 'pick' activity without a type to work. r=mounir, a=akeybl
cf573f12023aa9156efe079b1e7636583dda5864John Schoenick — Bug 800018 - Part 4 - Fix plugin fallback tests for new events. r=josh, a=akeybl
8c83e26b3e0ac8971ccab72dfd3d1812c5677861David Keeler — Bug 800018 - Part 3 - Move plugin fallback events handling entirely to the front-end (Fennec). r=margaret, a=akeybl
dbb0b90ea546ddc109824c8f19f6ec2d3691d216John Schoenick — Bug 800018 - Part 2 - Move plugin fallback event handling entirely to the front end. r=jaws, a=akeybl
4238212c567c7ffd42aa6fbcf952abd96cf725f5John Schoenick — Bug 800018 - Part 1 - Remove binding events from nsObjectLoadingContent. r=josh, a=akeybl
fb467da6a9ccda47708420aa4a814ed908b076a1John Schoenick — Bug 548133 - Remove special handling for object 'pluginurl' param. r=dolske, r=josh, a=akeybl
f800cff693d61684baa477587372b5548105564dJohn Schoenick — Bug 810494 - Don't show plugin errors for types we recognize but are not loading for another reason. r=josh, a=akeybl
dab7ec84d88c55eaaf1d7ec328c95bbf9ded65a9Rob Wood — Bug 808106 - Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by date and update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
8eb5cd7c5c4219efa6fef39ff409d0b04e5d72d8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 810796 - Fix invalid CSS in forms.css. r=bz, a=akeybl
91d6bf883dfccda583553e5b7d18050c0fd5092dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 811596 - Shrink the IPC message buffer after each message is processed. r=cjones, a=akeybl
83a7eff492e97b2d39cb1af9ffe689d3c0dbcddeJustin Lebar — Bug 812880 - Remove some static RefPtrs which were causing deadlocks at shutdown. r=cjones, a=akeybl
e38abb2dab15b3c4f15fd66ab76cdd4e09aa8955Josh Matthews — Bug 813533 - Back out bug 795556 patch #2. a=akeybl
fe01134efd58dfabac1bcb606588fb0e6a1681c6Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset eb0aa4b2eabf (bug 813533) because it broke the build, a=me
ea1cdde162bfb15d864993d1892d474147f885e9Chris Jones — Bug 803908: Enable font inflation for async pan/zoomed browsers. r=dbaron approval-mozilla-aurora=lsblakk
eb0aa4b2eabff33009adb3971ed1415b20f723eeJosh Matthews — Bug 813533 - Back out bug 795556 patch #2; a=akeybl
5cc17a8167b0e2df78ddd979c74ec337d53c1d35Benjamin Peterson — Bug 795104 - Sources with a custom charset can't be lazily loaded. r=bz a=akeybl
1793670c21f1950cb9187a3cd555df51f63d24e5Benjamin Peterson — Bug 795104 - Load source if needed in JS_DecompileScript. r=jorendorff a=akeybl
913623f9e6c056beb54b741e18405b89edcf5646Benjamin Peterson — Bug 795104 - Don't abort compression, which isn't happening. r=jorendorff a=akeybl
fece169fcee8d0ba2fa160c8a4daf3fb4cfcfa6cBrian Nicholson — Bug 812559 - Use Long instead of long in updateFaviconIdsForUrl(). r=lucasr a=akeybl
221d912483141d2f03a702ff3089b3890fedde8aJonathan Griffin — Bug 812395 - Make emulator fail gracefully during errors for install_gecko, r=ahal, a=NPOTB,test-only
25369927b36453122892d1f00721e2b78c688f78Eitan Isaacson — Bug 812480 - [AccessFu] Fix accessibility announcements in Android 4.2, r=blassey, a=akeybl
2f801d18884d51008b7fcf72fa1f281004fd1ca0Paul Adenot — Bug 779997 - Disable build and linking of libsoundtouch as it is not used for now. r=glandium, a=akeybl
15d4ae634345d531b0a73ef41249338629349904Richard Newman — Bug 812809 - Replace 'static final' with 'static' for easier testing of Announcements. r=nalexander, a=akeybl
d9e2cd41c6499f055a7d754f830c36dac6747a32Blake Kaplan — Bug 813357 - Actually hand off our copy of the notification request to IPDL. r=gwagner a=blocking-basecamp
5fd2110fd5d6d571eb973fef36ba5f9ef2398f7dMike Conley — Bug 813207 - Malformed license-header comment-block causes panel to look odd on gnomestripe. r=mak, a=akeybl.
6cbf0193153f8797d7528a341aab317f91114babJosh Matthews — Bug 812828 - If there's no active window when opening targets in tabs, assume we don't want private browsing. r=mak a=akeybl
9cd5f1d1637ceab3628e9ef74642a10a60548845Josh Matthews — Bug 812627 - Use the proper db connection when retrieving the last insert ID for downloads. r=mak a=akeybl
ff8902787b3ca10e20a83009c4ea035951a6b0dcScott Johnson — Bug 813271: Increment the IID for nsIMarkupDocumentViewer because it failed to get updated in bug 780258 [rs=biesi][a=akeybl].
178ed954e8f542669c562a64239cb8fc1a443404Hubert Figuière — Bug 811341 - Make sure we submit if we are already online. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp,akeybl
d0c7324bc500755b03b3590868cac5c8d48841d3Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 812514 - Make b2g emulator unittests save logcat for easier debugging, r=jgriffin, a=test-only
5f19747d34104d3ea6285e22597662285883561ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 810705 - Disable test_MochiKit-DOM-Safari.html on Linux because of PGO non-profiling crashes; r=ehsan, a=test-only
3dc717511ef90d22f1ec873b09bb4e2be628028cPhil Ringnalda — No bug, update android-noion branding so tests can run, a=bustage
5b7a7ab98fcacc1ce89218f19e727dca6232389bDavid Keeler — bug 811375 - decouple nsIPluginTag::clicktoplay from click-to-play blocklisting r=joshmoz a=akeybl
b3950b0ad29a30a16a5dd448ddd866ce7d16126dAlex Keybl — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
df594813351851ed68fa0cc04c7f3bad2657acbbAlex Keybl — Disable profiling on Aurora NO BUG CLOSED TREE
82f1d32a81ef998a0e57be2be2f8d54838565726Alex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
868723c6a283683f02b91d606a4a5f76d7aa5875Alex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
cf8750abee06cde395c659f8ecd8ae019d7512e3Chris Jones — Bug 804852: Support for the hwc implementation of Composer2D. r=mattwoodrow,mwu,roc sr=roc FIREFOX_AURORA_19_BASE
c5fd901c5f95f07e29744decb259dc35d5873709Diego Wilson — Bug 804852: Implement Composer2D for hwc. r=cjones
258292c9c929ed3fff61a8c478305977a18ef627Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
52473aa84e9d089f4c1d48bf5f85904d589eae74Robert O'Callahan — Bug 812817. Ignore TYPE_ZERO nsDisplayItemData records constructed for the root layer. r=mattwoodrow
36fcf82a515b5a986c9ab37cf1ea9d28295b85caRobert O'Callahan — Bug 812776. Reset InlineBackgroundData whenever there are no display lists extant. Frame trees can't change while there are display lists extant. r=mattwoodrow
e61fdb713e409a063f69534715de164e83f07f9dJonathan Kew — bug 811312 - part 2 - fold CGFontEntry subclass into MacOSFontEntry. r=jdaggett
ca5d8c37113b6bf993a9ac26660f67efb40dd4bdJonathan Kew — bug 811312 - part 1 - remove the ATSFontEntry class (not needed on 10.6 and later). r=jdaggett
65751a16c0b6f7348f1a821a486a50eccb98ffd8Alexander Surkov — Bug 812846 - densify nsAccTreeWalker, r=tbsaunde
8c6194e9f55862889e2d6a07fbcde327bc0c27a3Victor Porof — Bug 812962 - Intermittent browser_dbg_bug740825_conditional-breakpoints-02.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - ReferenceError: console is not defined, r=past
314db04e1fa7958201ef58b8fa76042275efa565Gina Yeh — Bug 812391 - Patch 1: Support audio stream of bt_sco, r=echou
1e3d1096ab5ef1c98367f682a75f073a7130cd2fEKR — Bug 799419: Force NSS startup during PeerConnection Initialize r=bsmith,jesup
d224b191b8ca6d894675cb79fa7d25a724077ba2Randell Jesup — Bug 812886: Watch network (tear)down events and kill PeerConnections r=ekr,smaug,bsmith
3a057b8667fb479daf22abbd11ef7b636377ef45Matt Woodrow — Bug 811570 - Allow inactive scroll frames to become active when scrolled. r=roc
7c34912e0cbc6d5868d4b2f1b6421e6287db90b2Alexander Surkov — Bug 812041 - ARIA slider and spinbutton don't provide a value for name computation, r=tbsaunde
94669ff1101c25555624416da6212946a9ca110fRandell Jesup — Bug 802376: wallpaper permissions bug when selecting a camera+audio other than the first r=ekr
526896647e962da9af8704d3a96a75014d1657aeMatt Woodrow — Bug 811927 - Allow conversion of nsDisplayBackgroundImage into ImageLayers. r=roc
6fec70b5b5089325357d7c85a630ed96beace01aBobby Holley — Bug 765192 - Fix broken test. r=dolske
49edf1af4140876b30b3df535a09697f81ba11a6Randell Jesup — Bug 812641: Shut down SipCC instance when number of PeerConnections == 0 (reland) r=ehugg
94926b9916cba4b5c2f8eef9ddf2a105a2d32808Chris Jones — Bug 798694, part 3: Remove UA overrides from b2g product proper. r=fabrice
a5c51f86ef3d3ab33f94a2eafd52e2c514ed2e18Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 812823 - Update pdf.js to version 0.6.141. r=bdahl
77c8bc0e550a2a7696ee479a109525b025123d2dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 812935 - Fix undefined value error in memory reporter for web workers. r=khuey
3d6eb774184a64a83ca682a98f8d9cc2081ee86bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 812602. Don't decode jpegs progressively when we have all the data. r=joe
e10975ff4a070889dc8ed763de51f2f94ef6bbd5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 789398 - Rework the type inference memory reporters. r=bhackett.
be3a0b4edebdbf2cf4c3c089671f0189bc53c6c9Jonathan Kew — bug 801410 - update harfbuzz to release 0.9.6 plus recent commits (to upstream 977f1740..c2ec7c74). r=jdaggett,joe
4fddb9923ef08fbd94ed76c950f49eb6125ff9ecMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 744867 - Fire INSTALL_FROM_DENIED for app installation failure due to installs_allowed_from. original-patch=ianb r=fabrice
e72aeaefb691a9bb1cfb7f6143cdd7918f0a4630Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 812070 (part 2) - Speed up by adding a cache for previously queried addresses.
a702c73d82a6e537f8712ecb97500783729d228dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 812070 (part 1) - Merge %pipes and %address_adjustment in
0dc4a6299ba6f952e35e793966a537af6f0e7520Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ece6848a46a7a0cc661e1d4a68c9f0aa122a96e8Tom Schuster — Bug 802869 - IonMonkey: Fast path for the |in| operation with int32 and dense arrays. r=jandem
bb6407777f229860f3b551f99f61c4fe4dc74bc2Nicolas Silva — b=811115 - remove MOZ_EGL_XRENDER_COMPOSITE dead code. r=jgilbert
0ef0c9db3b2b0991a7d04a2cbf1e9d549bc17dd2Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 812847 - Validate Opus channel count, r=kinetik
174440fca7da0117c0bfd69e570a7fff0740f328Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b3b972e271a7b2635f80b73447ce0d1f9cd2d2d2Randell Jesup — Bug 812641: Shut down SipCC instance when number of PeerConnections==0 r=ehugg
9a33aa064e10f65547d01859bd10dae7a8d00eedJed Parsons — Bug 811014 - Ensure forceIssuer parameter is passed through. r=benadida
52544e3338996ff9085d0c4cd91041688269924eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
9698b66d6b3cb5313dd5cf6acf24134be71f0aaeTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 812781 - Rename pref_cookies in android_strings.dtd to reflect string change.r=mark.finkle
5cb2cc9be615d66b1eb96843a4c8c45b9b60e29dAlexander Surkov — Bug 812466 - namespacify Accessible classes, r=tbsaunde
571ae303c8dc7bb364dfc481b319752a22cd6a5fNicolas Silva — Bug 806428 - Do not abort when a ThebesLayer's size changes when previous size was (0,0). r=BenWa
940e9616ec59e34ab334440d753517aa2c1b6e22Nicolas Silva — Bug 806428 - Fix crash in omtc-linux caused by nsBaseWidget::SetLayersAcceleration, and rename xxxAcceleratedRendering into xxxLayersAcceleration for concistency. r=BenWa
131a7ee2362c4ae530cab9effc6143c9cfca4b00Jim Chen — Bug 808287 - Add test for IME focus/blur mismatch condition; r=masayuki
e4cd4714357d9adbc53a05eb02bcf1bac03d1114Jim Mathies — Bug 810810 - Fixup misc. directory issues with plugin tests. r=bsmedberg, glandium
ee74c1c99707cba7ef641e827d3b55f8be44d887Jim Mathies — Bug 810810 - Add support for 'APluginsDL' to the xpcshell directory service provider and return the GRE folder when queried. r=bsmedberg, glandium
be255a7ccfdfa30df35a4a59c13f388eb512c727Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3747d5a7e01edb452b85b71d7ecbc1313bf44b98Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 812572 follow-up - Remove the extra semi-colon
7ed2ebf2a2bda0e89a0715124e7c642237196727Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset a8832e8df0c8 (bug 811349) because of busted b2g debug builds
ccd3ecafff3ec64138a6c64e78780bd0498121d3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 812572 - Make MediaDecoderReader a non-runnable; r=cpearce
23db3dbf68a0dfe54f566fdb81555c9415351b2dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 812639 - Fix per-window private browsing builds after the landing of bug 723005; r=mak
84c3118523eb8566d496779110eb42f523625491Alexander Surkov — Bug 804461 - accessible tree walker should take a context accessible as argument, r=tbsaunde
a8832e8df0c84f10f609ac6c47989ded1fac97c9Brian Hackett — Show generated assembly in Ion PC count information, bug 811349. r=pierron
fc4e7e3a74074768888a7b98bf4b5811919e17edKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 806363 - Remove wake locks on content-shutdown. r=jlebar
278bf5deb265a8d50fef9f5df53a239ab6e2ded8Josh Matthews — Bug 803125 - Notify status tracker when image request is destroyed. r=joe
fd7927a8baf87cb1d8c0b223c42e8fd01bb5ed9dJosh Matthews — Bug 812203 - Ensure we don't try to set security callbacks on missing connections. r=mayhemer
9771925bee9e964f942fb439821a9f19579adb59Jed Parsons — Bug 811012 - Allow forceAuthentication parameter to request for whitelisted Marketplace. r=benadida
98c27827e0d9132e4151ef97d37bf62dd99694f7Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
d5f69614e2250b6b85c2a608eb028dcf32ce37bdJan de Mooij — Bug 812537 - Move GetDenseArrayShape to jsarray. r=bhackett
87703fb491e0669aaba04707ba5354a4d25d9415Victor Porof — Merge fx-team to m-c
e7956f398781df60f09a39e2a71c447a9cfd2bf6Hubert SABLONNIERE — Bug 795043 - [responsive mode] clicking Cancel after clicking on Add should cancel the creation of the preset, r=paul
8a4f312b964b88add55e0409cc9b7c3b31fe0288Victor Porof — Bug 727429 - The watch expressions separator label should preserve the leading whitespace character (followup), r=rcampbell
34a9d08a82c410259c14eb841f76c4a6ece2af77Victor Porof — Bug 727429 - Add support for watch expressions to the debugger, r=rcampbell
786f214f01eec53671a10408104fb9369fec8f62Matthew Wein Bug 722691 - Ability to increase/decrease values in rule view using arrow keys; r=harth
070bfb54827e1fbad4034c2216aa71f5d6c94c20Gary Kwong — Update suppression entry for bug 812421. DONTBUILD
b959971b8219fd61d6d344c6d279eabdc8102c90philringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice - CLOSED TREE - a=blocklist-update
4639da479a93dd49d928f16b8e879541fd1cd3faRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
d0ece9d955a4775d306cc330cd084c8c1626cf5fVictor Porof — No bug - Fix 'browser_dbg_bug740825_conditional-breakpoints-02.js' caused by 43303dfa12a5, r=past
a0c6d66368a35588849c5d4888fa2a64242da8ccPanos Astithas — Set breakpoints in all scripts with bytecode in the specified line (bug 793214), r=rcampbell
984b4d761ec8b1b7d0466968c1256bb57b89e215Victor Porof — No bug - Fix 'browser_dbg_bug740825_conditional-breakpoints-01.js' caused by 43303dfa12a5, r=past
43303dfa12a57bc2a3115c685e5a3fce53388505Victor Porof — Bug 740825 - Implement conditional breakpoints, r=past
9e7cd5519f3b43b782f7de571e3bffb1d061a253Mihai Sucan — Bug 725392 - Source Editor: add a method to convert mouse coordinates to character offsets, r=msucan
7b4d2dacf8334dc854793cb9df108d4bd2bdedb9Victor Porof — Bug 808372 - After bug 807222, the variables view feels sluggish when expanding some nodes, r=past
064a5de311684c2ffbe2c99fad31c95e013535efMihai Sucan — Bug 787981 - Use LongStringActor in the Web Console actors; r=past
5242359612d25cd6117a8a18ecea135a9d757992Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
b401cbf179c1e360866180befa76fbb2fe28ea2bAlexander Surkov — Bug 525909 - support ARIA role=rowgroup, r=tbsaunde
a13f376cb3da6cc306f3ba2ea03eee82e63bad08Fabrice Desré — Bug 809165 - Add a updatedTime field to the application object [r=philikon,sr=sicking]
7a37a54f83d490de782e2853b0c3b5911f38da1cAlexander Surkov — Bug 446469 - Missing busy state change event when downloading files, r=tbsaunde
5078cf4f60a31fa50745d8506a104908fe284524Jared Wein — Bug 798925 - Add back the Error Console menuitem by default (backout revision 42a7cb309ca1, bug 602006). r=dcamp
b11550b854e8a42046248d6301766e5dc5e8e703Zack Weinberg — Bug 229827: escape unprintable characters in CSS parser diagnostics. r=dbaron
1cb8097025bf59bf68f8860d7dbee2f1a30a8089Zack Weinberg — Bug 663291: Improve the SpecialPowers and SimpleTest APIs to make it easier to write mochitests that look at error console output. Update all tests that were using ad-hoc console inspection or the old SimpleTest console handler API. r=ted
a2d0f3ba09ebaa72581d5c98503817d645d7bab9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 811646 - New VC6 InetBgDL DLL with range request support. r=rstrong
d9c68e8e78be1234ae026f93b872b705e6b3d40fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 811646 - Redirect handling so each request goes direct to the final destination path and server. r=rstrong
4bcc96719688671545e37da9f99ea89246f1cea4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 811646 - Make stub use higher timeout values and increase stub version. r=rstrong
1ed5a733887f0b6b4b32152ca9777ea6306fd866Brian R. Bondy — Bug 811646 - Split big base installer download into multiple HTTP range requests. r=rstrong
d770dc9a50e8611330b78b25979a0c997e468337Jonathan Griffin — Backed out a94288026ea5 (Bug 811784) for turning all b2g emulator tests red
84b97c1c0bfa384a8aa238fb7f25970ca455e2cdRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b527670b6728 (bug 811118) for orange.
c6bc63aabeee5d48c0ba74f82484f3e645bc05f2Rob Wood — Bug 811442 - Fail out of WebTelephony tests if call(s) exist from previous test; r=jgriffin
c4fe713be5468c6f4b05f9e88a5246035289b1a8Mark Hammond — No bug - fix incorrect comment I previously checked in. r=me, DONTBUILD
34ab37b2c2cfa19d72450301aba41036310c61b9Nathan Froyd — Bug 810544 - don't include <iostream> in webrtc code where it's not necessary; r=jesup
4e314111b45a931efdf6e907eb1b1d2456797b55Boris Zbarsky — Bug 812086 part 4. Warn when consumers use the moz-prefixed versions of visibility API. r=smaug
8b68a81be38ad9d14b0310cd721e0db534eac0c6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 812086 part 3. Convert internal consumers of mozHidden and mozVisibilityState to the unprefixed versions. r=smaug
b29bb769336aa42a03189f8ad099fcf063a6da57Boris Zbarsky — Bug 812086 part 2. Convert internal consumers of mozvisibilitychange events to the unprefixed version. r=smaug
62ed3f6211059b11c8afbb1a54154539626f7e11Boris Zbarsky — Bug 812086 part 1. Add unprefixed version of page visibility API. r=smaug
76857b6b13e67d514525725cdcdf91f1b7c81a5fSrinath N — Bug 683959 - crash [@ nsFtpState::R_retr() ]. r=jduell
cfb675fa9fbdd8f1ea3b91db636e3c4d535658e2Felipe Gomes — Bug 811089. Remove workaround for bug 803255 now that it's fixed. r=markh
5672ca7c2551d30e4c33d32b9c99cf44e4c41b0dMark Hammond — Bug 809274. Avoid setting the sidebar visibility to the same value. r=felipe
d264d9a0566adac8af2955637c6aa0fa9ce28833David Anderson — Remove yarr/TypeTraits.h (bug 812678, r=luke).
8fa2bd41291aba8550cb321d5765c802f89b5ad8David Anderson — Ensure that frames are cleaned up if we run out of stack space. (bug 812341, r=jandem).
0e2924b9327684add1efc3d955b440056a4b60b0Benjamin Peterson — Bug 812688 - Remove dead code. r=bz
094819a5ee7a633353bc4faf60c7f5572a5b149fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 787818. Send activate and deactivate notifications to the correct window. r=enndeakin
85bf6ba633a2263d842643531c5c5178524a9047Benjamin Peterson — Bug 806192 - Fail instead of segfaulting when not passed nsIContent. r=bz
02eeaba348fb82b547bc4bfb48dcc399933e3055Eddy Bruel — Bug 811343 - proxy parent to cx->global() by default; r=bholley
b527670b672874f0a4f6f7f4822b2808c6671237Ethan Hugg — Bug 811118 build webrtc unittests by default r=jesup
410afbab72787bf6b22cf5077dd1a3122190d2f7Mike Conley — Bug 812343 - Empty Downloads Panel on Windows needs downloads richlistbox collapsed. r=mak.
66450aee9446ea1492c899769e0cf54c497b6ac8Mike Conley — Bug 812345 - Downloads indicator button still resizes sometimes on Windows for some remaining download times. r=mak.
136511a07b7261aafc04dd724fd0d3e19ee82631Mike Conley — Bug 811076 - progressmeter in downloads button needs native colours for winstripe and gnomestripe. r=mak.
a3019cbb094554ca00a8bcb5f47f3fd1486ddd4eMike Conley — Bug 808277 - Show the progress of downloads that are not visible in the Downloads Panel in a summary. r=mak.
7b766fb679bf3b76a847b2212541d74314a84cb0Randy Lin — Bug 811204 - [Dialer] Voice call can't switch between speaker and bt sco audio path. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
212ebdca04a8112c0c0328f5d0902f930d8c1cd1Rob Wood — Bug 808783 - Disable remaining WebTelephony tests due to emulator crash. r=ahal
f0b70eb5a351b8d14e715ee22d8e475eba726041Jed Parsons — Bug 804932 - Pass arbitrary options from RPs to BrowserID internal api methods. r=benadida
f5790e9dcb697f0d835cbc91dec832ab3e1aff77Marco Chen — Bug 795237 - Web API for setting audio stream type. Part 2. r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
76584699a51c245b5c6120d74ef475af7a3afe13Marco Chen — Bug 795237 - Web API for setting audio stream type. Part 1. r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
1b01cb2b0cd7c7eecfaa8e3a80200ca105062040Mark Straver — Bug 783338 - Correct widget height on VS2012 (subsystem >= 6). r=jimm
980bc25895063b73cf0e8367d092dbb1b8915731Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a1c6277222bbd904622c80a5be9ee6b355e46ab2Brad Lassey — bug 812594 - PushLocalFrame in AutoLocalJNIFrame::Push taking more than 100ms when called from AndroidGeckoLayerClient::ProgressiveUpdateCallback on a Samsung Galaxy Q r=kats
a94288026ea50c7e9d654e404f5c9a0bd40fa9d8Kyle Huey — Bug 811784: Account for subscripts when figuring out what object to stick properties on. r=mrbkap
ae2a55900702073ced2a10cd6809f45b671fc981Mark Hammond — Bug 809258 - the social chatbar now defaults to being hidden. r=felipe
9a6d708faf3f3a6fa0898fa65fed1bbdb9ef9f13Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
bf81463952c79f4793f217f8645c12491f0a42b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets c2ea3fb28c45 (bug 812343), 68e26307643e (bug 812345), 15eaadc2cd9a (bug 811076), and 5a98a1662e64 (bug 808277) for mochitest-1 failures.
20fcf80a5242a056503b6427f1e98d80c42f2132Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets b242651c3c1b (bug 229827), b36eaac9ecf8, and 40f38a8aa660 (bug 663291) for mochitest-3/4 failures.
84384977f87b5ae9427848ddaeb3cfe60b8832fdRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset fb3e2fb82000 (bug 802390) for mochitest bc orange.
eeda949e9f4a3ae44c5ecfc141b29bb538736fe2Morrison Cole — Bug 810278 - Improved background/toolbar visual cohesion. r=wjohnston
c2ea3fb28c45054902ca7d386cfcdcdf3f42cb8bMike Conley — Bug 812343 - Empty Downloads Panel on Windows needs downloads richlistbox collapsed. r=mak.
68e26307643e0dd086e6f720e41429e4a1a25da2Mike Conley — Bug 812345 - Downloads indicator button still resizes sometimes on Windows for some remaining download times. r=mak.
15eaadc2cd9abf4dbb2ce27c3e44d047309273aaMike Conley — Bug 811076 - progressmeter in downloads button needs native colours for winstripe and gnomestripe. r=mak.
5a98a1662e6494bcf4644efa6c00b406201fc936Mike Conley — Bug 808277 - Show the progress of downloads that are not visible in the Downloads Panel in a summary. r=mak.
d9ef44ab7ee3212714921d3826de14aba1b4818bJonathan Griffin — Bug 812579 - Fix typo in Marionette's, r=atrain
158f2345bf972e28f90bcae8e9e87fd8bfc35f7dTanvi Vyas — Bug 803225 - Test different protocols that are allowed in nsMixedContentBlocker.cpp (r=bz)
87e53d2e1e53231457c5308fa71d1cf263674370Tanvi Vyas — Bug 803225 - Mixed Content Blocker - Check for other secure schemes, in additon to https. (r=bz)
b242651c3c1bdd23318560331fd3ffb0e95a8a7aZack Weinberg — Bug 229827: escape unprintable characters in CSS parser diagnostics. r=dbaron
b36eaac9ecf8fe59c4e739b154c39777b0b9e4c5Zack Weinberg — Bug 663291 ride-along: reactivate the web worker error propagation tests (from bug 595394, disabled in bug 692605). r=ted
40f38a8aa66005c681d5e02bd4eb5d62804088e8Zack Weinberg — Bug 663291: Improve the SpecialPowers and SimpleTest APIs to make it easier to write mochitests that look at error console output. Update all tests that were using ad-hoc console inspection or the old SimpleTest console handler API. r=ted
123cb677c197c52616240f03b38746ecd0fb9a47C. Scott Ananian — Bug 805565 - Allow unlimited indexedDB and appcache for Android web apps. r=wjohnston
74d5007245199f8d285a36a4929411abec47ecd5Brian Hackett — Pass runtime instead of bogus compartment to MarkFromIon, bug 812235. r=dvander
d0562b40fc01ce09f4d602470b0bcf949427ff82Fernando Jiménez — Bug 809948 - [Webapps] Check for enough device storage before starting app download. Follow-up; r=fabrice
fb3e2fb82000e5fafbe4f4a240228b39cdd03fc6Joe Drew — Bug 802390 - Gracefully handle shutting down a decoder that hasn't had a chance to do any work. r=jrmuizel
b123de2b41090b03c6524c9e30639841907a4ce4Randell Jesup — Bug 806830: Enforce initializing strlib before using r=ehugg
b0c5a8d1bfa42b1b9c0e0096f71ea770ebbcf597Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 812564. Remove non-OMCT nsWindow code. r=blassey
2366a926ad3cc170b1a8c8d1caeaa69ff0d2ae0eSimon Montagu — Fix an error in the UTF-8 state machine table, and clean up the table generally. Bug 811363, r=jfkthame.
c5c9d7951b47b72155da3b0fc8b7af45c14b5898Simon Montagu — UTF-8 auto-detection tests. Bug 811363
25831c0daacd869302cba587596770eec0f62cd9Paul Adenot — Bug 790524 - Avoid overwriting the content-type by application/octet-stream in the sniffing logic. r=bz
d168b55e74ba9ed009125a9421472f26e48379efEd Morley — Backout 545cb0d6b5c6 (bug 811490), 4fd6fc029bbe (bug 722977) for xpcshell failures
5e48095515e340f6b8ec853f3c3b3c601c63ae83Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 812563 - Give nsHostObjectProtocolHandler a virtual destructor; r=bzbarsky
166eefa41f211184ad020494267f53e040dff352Bill McCloskey — Bug 812393 - Sweep strings and scripts incrementally (r=jonco)
349c0099e6a707cfee24f78f7e3e8e57ac0309fdJeff Muizelaar — Bug 795648. Add a commment describing why we need to call RequestDecode. r=mwoodrow
54ffff3e4e83c2309932a7843f7bec13fd815893Gavin Sharp — Back out ded200210541 (bug 693808) since it caused bug 809745
883c59cef464a19a84e1e5cc656f5135b78a6ebaBrian Nicholson — Bug 811445 - Part 1: Use history_with_favicons view for Add Search Engine. r=mfinkle
081ed10e1bac1ba7b901625ed9cfc36c7275a6bcBrian Hackett — Don't discard JM code after off thread Ion compilation until the Ion code can be entered, bug 785494. r=jandem
3d991794f122b7a765ae32a41197bae53e66b584Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 794957. Use imgLoader instead of imgILoader. r=joe
443d0b028e9728830a22cdd59c416846372b6c2eMihai Sucan — Bug 812362 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | correct line is selected - Got 6, expected 7, | correct line is selected - Got 7, expected 6; r=rcampbell
e98e3ed1a6715ea398bf7c70462142e421a79e27Gregor Wagner — Merge
5b72b916c65db9f3da1e270dd71bcc34890e5ffcGregor Wagner — Backout ed6074493479 Bug 803039
0490d36be8f0e892bf887f88c790233a3b9a59a7Brian Nicholson — Bug 812347 - Don't fail upgrade if favicon_urls.db cannot be read. r=lucasr
35ea96602c26906707ee4950bf3a75a6fb5b0735EKR — Bug 811183: Recursive GC In PeerConnection shutdown; r=jesup
aae9b913320f67be68c6adf3bb43549f59fd86d6Ed Morley — Backout 4bc502c08da4 (bug 811784) for xpcshell failures
545cb0d6b5c6b7f10efeb0cadce70dddba52c1d8Andres Hernandez — Bug 811490 - Convert services/sync/tests/tps/test_privbrw_tabs.js to PB per window mode; r=ehsan,rnewman
4fd6fc029bbe673b2bbd6ff88da07d7e861f5fe5Andres Hernandez — Bug 722977 - Tabs engine uses global Svc.Private to make decisions based on private browsing state; r=ehsan,gps,rnewman
a15be1ab7b3a057de7a0671d1e6594f10eb71444Matt Woodrow — Bug 795648 - Don't synchronously decode images during painting. r=joe
17c5efe9eab461ccd0300022a52872a64a2af255Robert Longson — Bug 812161 r=jwatt
e9bf324198961d40c04ca5faa7473b90dbca8407Robert Longson — Bug 805024 r=dholbert
46c4e91472daa6c3a40d9d890e8d623062ac8f4dEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
2d34880dfdef253e4877766bb3e1008a2668015aFabrice Desré — Bug 809998 - [Apps] app.ondownloaderror never gets called [r=ferjm]
54dcaf34c6ccb9374e38281129b512d022ada918Shu-yu Guo — Bug 808949 - Remove clearParent and clearType from {Clone,XDR}InterpretedFunction. (r=bhackett)
ef6530d96b63062a4d16ca0e8758fff868ff7142Brian Hackett — Add profiling of basic block hit counts for IonMonkey and expose to addons, bug 811349. r=pierron
d86aa72c7dbf6ff76bea32db9079de93de53cf8dJosh Matthews — Bug 722979 - Add privacy status argument to relevant nsIStrictTransportSecurityService methods. r=bsmith sr=biesi
4bc502c08da4fed2bd93d3a5cb2f315cd3364560Kyle Huey — Bug 811784: Account for subscripts when figuring out what object to stick properties on. r=mrbkap
c8b8756142f7059def2dc089163eb781a78fce20Jim Chen — Bug 808287 - Make sure focus and blur IME notifications always match; r=masayuki
1e4e1735a6470fc9f399c2bf78bb91c7f80e7796Jim Chen — Bug 808287 - Use counter instead of boolean to mask events after focus change; r=cpeterson
07e5d2b0d49c215c08ccb8c6d7d3603e5e152e73Josh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 4: Make plugins provide the channel of the owning document when manipulating cookies. r=bsmedberg
c68a517ff3db543b6bb44f549a948f2c862b461fJosh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 3: Check the private browsing status of channels when checking cookie permissions. r=mconnor
97d1006e5ba53c6f28bdfd83ff731b11ab36d83bJosh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 2: Query the private browsing status of channels used to manipulate cookies. r=mconnor
238384fdf0dfe7acea6cb48c9a7191aed9827708Josh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 1: Add missing privacy-bit-valid serialization for load contexts. r=jduell
1765daefd7ab171acc275d35e20ba6108f51809cLucas Rocha — Bug 802549 - Avoid showing dropdown while fading toolbar out (r=mfinkle)
a07eb0e0e4ab2467762a456b867c1f20ff32a7c7Mike Hommey — Bug 798233 - Don't search firefox executable in $exe/../../dist/bin. r=marco
cd88e0b232bade26476cfc5d61dea85d5f8bc99dGeoff Brown — Bug 812191 - Respect --noSetup in remote xpcshell tests with xpcw wrapper; r=jmaher, DONTBUILD
f3f379beb585237749040eb10db76770cbc878a7Ehsan Akhgari — empty test changeset, no bug, DONTBUILD
a7ed19f7d21ad62f58e2c3d74642008056f578a0Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a620669085ef854488c387d21c05324241e78c97Ed Morley — Backout e123e0173185, 326ed6f1dc9e & 7c2c9c988869 (bug 722979) for mochitest-a11y failures
e123e01731854db1aefd2b375e2385226c998babJosh Matthews — Bug 722979 - Update test in accordance with STS API changes.
3c670e3e298f8e0bc3bb3faac73a7d5682292073Joel Maher — Bug 812492 - deploy a new to disable warnings and datazilla output. r=armenzg
6f467d800beed0e378f7c6f5ddadcc7b789f8789Ed Morley — Backout 7a0fe388a24b, 2a9fbd15cad4, 320c1567e431 & d907ac7bf669 (bug 722850) for xpcshell & browser-chrome failures
4f37c3ad5cda18e5df5d79332c5498975b2c96adMarty Rosenberg — Rather than just infinite looping, or abort compilation on would-be iloops (bug 803470, r=dvander)
326ed6f1dc9e0495809b1007b2d8cad6dbc8df40Josh Matthews — Bug 722979 - Followup to rev an IID.
7c2c9c988869363cf5755a36360af41124ffbee9Josh Matthews — Bug 722979 - Add privacy status argument to relevant nsIStrictTransportSecurityService methods. r=bsmith sr=biesi
7a0fe388a24b7df6fb1d6efeab09ed3f1d1a102bJosh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 4: Make plugins provide the channel of the owning document when manipulating cookies. r=bsmedberg
2a9fbd15cad4fe21dee53ea0e7858c700d07de5bJosh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 3: Check the private browsing status of channels when checking cookie permissions. r=mconnor
320c1567e431f64c4be5bb5acfec2d7e68a543c3Josh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 2: Query the private browsing status of channels used to manipulate cookies. r=mconnor
d907ac7bf66917b1a8815bde505ede8bb416cd6bJosh Matthews — Bug 722850 - Part 1: Add missing privacy-bit-valid serialization for load contexts. r=jduell
4d3a1e4228ac694cf919c4bb1ae9d71bd3ba5600Jan de Mooij — Bug 812280 - Remove move32/movePtr overloads that take an Address. r=dvander
b72fbbbfc6713557b23c290d163ddc7b1d25bd0bJosh Matthews — Bug 722859 - Support concurrent private/public downloads in the download manager. r=paolo/mak sr=bz ui-r=shorlander
92d67fe470b452ddb6775eec9f10f44f91145205Gina Yeh — Bug 812404 - Patch 1: Crash when connect with a bluetooth headset right after pairing completed, r=echou
df662e61a31047e4c296cccfbc82c184418d1e91Ed Morley — Backout f077ad362ca3 (bug 722859) for bustage
f077ad362ca32faebd4438917c36dcef9f669e39Josh Matthews — Bug 722859 - Support concurrent private/public downloads in the download manager. r=paolo/mak sr=bz ui-r=shorlander
6ef7a00233aa539aa230ee1a18af99e7f85151dbAlexander Surkov — Bug 810260 - xul:deck hidden pages shouldn't be offscreen, r=tbsaunde
dad2675c03d1930fbf1b0bd8a025d7ebbc339fc8Ed Morley — Backout 00cc23d1f72b (bug 722859) for compilation failures
00cc23d1f72bbb2ea5d039d60e4236ff2b8ec8b4Josh Matthews — Bug 722859 - Support concurrent private/public downloads in the download manager. r=mak/paolo
549633930ef776f469e94092d6b32e58315d03daJosh Matthews — Bug 780533 - Add GUIDs to download manager entries, and a faux-async retrieval by GUID. r=paolo
789f897ecceeeb54fc72499b10303eba3dc5e596Ms2ger — Bug 812344 - Don't use a qualified enum in CSSParserImpl::ParseDeclaration; r=roc
b4bfe7e329280bab6258fbf10d927963228b2552Wes Johnston — backout 9f48d082d7d0 (Bug 808408) on suspicion of robocop failure
22f24157e6ea1a2012e6ef0178775e5ce92117c2Phil Ringnalda — Back out ed72449453b4 (bug 715075) for browser-chrome orange
2c17533a4c275d303bae48f6659623ae4983cf58Kannan Vijayan — Bug 803730 - Mochitest for bug.
1319ef8226c0456be0fbc43c1a72353d79f779f6Yoshi Huang — Bug 791934 - Part 3: xpcshell tests for STK_SET_PROFILE. r=vicamo
2811784164b7092d29ebc63fc9c5804df08448d4Yoshi Huang — Bug 791934 - Part 2: nit in test_ril_worker_icc.js. r=vicamo
b28da95a6959ac60648cf9f07f94b01bf63836a5Yoshi Huang — Bug 791934 - Part 1: Profile download. r=vicamo
2d3acb8280f143d5213316556ad48e28ca9fc491Wes Johnston — Bug 808663 - Use large favicons in awesomebar if they're provided. r=bnicholson
fb9a1e6e2710992df1523373b415c973be617dffWes Johnston — Bug 811906 - Don't use a background color on View Pager. r=bnicholson
9f48d082d7d079e51b444c3b863a2fc95c60cc64Wes Johnston — Bug 808408 - Hide virtual keyboard when interacting with awesomebar lists. r=bnicholson
acd75423cc39d30ba214d354241bd75d355db5dcWes Johnston — Bug 808663 - Use new favicon style for search providers. r=bnicholson
f3b9e6da96f25a3da2b88e3effe356ea09a5ab23Wes Johnston — Bug 808663 - Add background behind small favicons. r=bnicholson
6d4a9a61a335b928eec0cc38a0591a2e8c9e0808Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 5bdf8bbcd02f and df27137cb7d1 (bug 803225) for mochitest orange.
ef467dfbbc0d4d7dc738179c83c35dba2a6648baDavid Anderson — Don't allow sets to readonly properties (bug 810925, r=kannan).
c2e247f9d207ea850dba5cc7e15ca1b9956e2119Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 224fe2a12a04 (bug 779029) for Windows reftest failures.
514bf72036719a760c1b355d91f4a18ea1a01d6eDaniel Holbert — Bug 807457: For non-HTML documents, use the viewport size as the scrollable area, in TabChild::HandlePossibleViewportChange(). r=smaug r=drs
a0cd4bcb321795f59a9c05a934b6aa02cd9918b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cc2469a8b41a (bug 800557) for Windows build bustage.
a1683ba4319d76ba84ba4aead8052f074bf8305bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 812390 - Protect against NaN in AudioContext.createDelay; r=bzbarsky
b68af28e3ef213ffba364265325648023effddc4Daniel Holbert — Bug 812275: Remove trailing semicolon after macro in DataChannel.h to fix GCC pedantic warning. r=jesup
cc66f9bb15891a7218b3f2687ac0c059d33ed792Daniel Holbert — Bug 812278: Remove no-longer-necessary semicolons after MOZ_MTLOG_MODULE macro invocations, to fix GCC pedantic build warnings. r=jesup
90c362bfd15651c04d4fda407876ec83e943d6d0Yury — Bug 812039 - mozIsPointInPath leaks CGPath objects. r=jmuizelaar
3a7e4882559f65937f1423b7f297f6f3a7924461Monica Chew — Bug 811889 - Set download state to DOWNLOAD_POLICY_BLOCKED if the av scan fails. r=jimm
3b316bd0d32e39d75899060e51c041a762d5fc09Patrick Wang — Bug 811680 - Update permission names for accessing settings. r=gwagner
ab4286df7900eaa6d0d7437479b7ecb38dcc8697Ralph Giles — Bug 811544 - Build fixed-point opus on arm. r=ted
e57ef5cb5b18ac476af4fd3198dc797fa27649e3Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 811285 - Reorder checkbox list items in settings. r=mleibovic
c794e4ef27fc9ed4ba45aa9cc3a0d13afa582895Rob Wood — Bug 808783 - Disable randomorange crashing telephony test. r=ahal
7f785ec19024ddb5cbb760da3b5c602ab657ef76Surith Thekkiam — Bug 807423 - Support use of GNU libstdc++ on Android. r=ted
5bdf8bbcd02f481ea04fef10e255142b0c202ec1Tanvi Vyas — Bug 803225 - Test different protocols that are allowed in nsMixedContentBlocker.cpp. r=bz, r=smaug
df27137cb7d1a4cb060b72bffed8ffd35212ce0fTanvi Vyas — Bug 803225 - Mixed Content Blocker - Check for other secure schemes, in additon to https. r=bz
cc2469a8b41ad3d3472f3cd691e25c4d9f50558bMatej Cepl — Bug 800557 - Build shouldn't depend on simplejson. r=nfroyd
ed72449453b499ffeb66bf4053d6faed65406fe1Dario Bertero — Bug 715075 - Page Info reads image width and height synchronously after setting src, leads to 0px x 0px if the image isn't in your cache (e.g. after clearing cache). r=mak
b7c7be527638eb90e30e46f757582cb77924afbcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
19e0634007b3d299a4e44f35c98ceb3bd5c10727Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806701 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_windowtitle.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
09fa9bbbfb022192bf757ca92828773a7004ebddJonathan Kew — bug 811382 - update OTS library to r.95. r=jdaggett
1a53df18c076a7388496b9d78cceb855ce793735Marty Rosenberg — Add in support for running a cross-shell directly in qemu (bug 807936, r=ted)
224fe2a12a04c5edb6ec7a1b9d0cad1890f8e66fBas Schouten — Bug 779029: Try to respect EXTEND_NONE when masking. r=jrmuizel
2c2c6ddb6fe619c0748e425466e23c0f6d510154Fabrice Desré — Bug 810551 [r=myk]
31c2faaae4b64180b3926561dda571d5a8970595Malini Das — Bug 812226 - Package synthetic_gestures.js with the marionette_client, r=jgriffin
e8c599817e977fb4c6b7bc07f9a942518b38db5aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 9: Fix reftests. r=mattwoodrow
7a530abf45befb679a04767b50417ff4cb2bb025Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 8: Limit the BasicLayers background-caching optimization to cases where the destination context has an integer translation only, and snap the image rectangle. r=mattwoodrow
ea62a0ee450cd721989590973538dab950f98f4fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 7: Simplify TryOptimizeToImageLayer/IsSingleFixedPositionImage now that colors are not involved. r=mattwoodrow
699718f3235570f71d04e845df9715e30c4486c8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 6: Rename nsDisplayBackground to nsDisplayBackgroundImage. r=mattwoodrow
deda72e9eb11ab79a444a7daa1039bb1a1e5b353Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 5: Remove more unused code. r=mattwoodrow
12182f4817cf2c65f35d5820b759c83b15d9ee47Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 4: Make only background-attachment:fixed backgrounds that have propagated to the viewport use a dedicated layer, and refactor how we do that. r=mattwoodrow
85793c93543aabf86d2003139a6fb1b19eb1d8a4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 3: Remove code for invalidating background-attachment:fixed content when scrolling. r=mattwoodrow
76e6feedd0d6ab359ba04ccc94b8356ef646d22aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 2: Change nsDisplayBackground invalidation to store and compare the background positioning rect. r=mattwoodrow
a3ea6aa33de6c18651aca7633221dcf7373eb18bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 1: Cache nsStyleBackground pointer in nsDisplayBackground. r=mattwoodrow
5444aff38dfb15f91b2c343208418cdb7849fdb0Randell Jesup — Bug 802399: set capture index for audio input when device is Allocate()ed, plug VoEHw leak r=derf
244493403e8922b6fcf4e6abe7e0248d804939d2Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 810363 - Reject non-stereo, non-48 kHz Opus streams, r=ehugg
1f379e0e56741bf913c3ac04f94e8030f641053aTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 810353 - Offer Opus as stereo instead of mono, r=ehugg
b1b0fbcbdf3b01f8015b6c3d70706e450c37c1fbJared Wein — Bug 805217 - Remove duplicate menuitems when Tools is accessed using the keyboard. r=felipe
045367d6644efb8e12759d96bdc6ae0608a513e4Randell Jesup — Bug 811695: disable internal socket transports for getUserMedia Audio capture r=derf
dc61a415f3e907b85a562c47ce1bd985d6b44f23Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 811763 - Ensure crash reporter is invoked with the right android user serial number in Android 4.2 and above. r=blassey, snorp
2ed2255f26ada942ac7fd22608f804aacfb98bacMario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806695 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_protocolhandler.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
5935517adf4d8a866f8752787b46a9c1684589d5Jonathan Kew — bug 811201 - include Western fonts in Japanese font prefs, to avoid using ugly Latin letters from CJK fonts. r=blassey
b88cc468573471024fa4404004ace9a83613e7a0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 811018 - Avoid image double-counting false positive from DMD. r=jlebar.
38a94424d2234aba78e1ea04f2f33430fd50cb69Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset d129d66a6491 (bug 812281) because apparently it broke Android reftest/crashtest/jsreftest
8fc83f490e0c48f13e838b3ec0c2d990abec4175Robert Longson — Bug 811217 - EventNameType_SMIL is wrong. r=dholbert
51b3fd0d9b46f6604be299ba39d1fbdc60e70173Nathan Froyd — Bug 812156 - fix GCC 4.4 compile error with qualified enum values in CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp; r=Ms2ger
17bf1764ed303ff7013b6320323b63f3d00bf9c3Nathan Froyd — Bug 810332 - don't include <iostream> in ipc code where it's not necessary; r=cjones
0dc317eeeec4495ca191b744dfe70da37102afecAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 812286 - Work around name collision that causes deprecation warning in Marionette exceptions, r=jgriffin
a6c551f1c0bb349e9a0127daf7577123fca2b64aSeth Fowler — (no bug) Remove debugging cruft that snuck into the tree which prints 'httpserver XPI_NAME=' when we build. r=bsmedberg
d129d66a6491616aed3b09a0c918709b5866f98aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 812281 - Shut up the media volume when running tests; r=cpearce
52596d2fa339d948ea652d362b8e5d94f5764a09Fabrice Desré — Bug 802228 - Check for app updates when we check for system update [r=marshall]
495192ed8589fe54ce165998ec01104986b6ed43Mihai Sucan — Bug 808264 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | Timed out while waiting for: Wait for the source-editor to load
fdad0a320e7d96494ada3014df2824540871cfcdBrian Nicholson — Bug 812090 - Match imported favicons to multiple pages. r=lucasr
36cbc160b7488ce7eaf9ec327fca6f0d088a956dBrian Nicholson — Bug 808510 - Initialize AllPagesHandler in constructor. r=lucasr
b178e727b84d838c0f43f37e707aeb7691a225d1Chris AtLee — Bug 705807: Use MOZ_SIGN_CMD to sign jar files if set. r=ted
a50a77da3cf90fa73b3cf00ad78ba18de36f3e89Gary Kwong — Add suppression entries for bug 793533, bug 812421, bug 812422 and bug 812423. DONTBUILD
58ebb638a7ea6c3a4a19fa45c0bd8b9818c12542Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
bbf5d4a4e73e4a7e136f0a9a8c7fbcf88d0cd1afLandry Breuil — Bug 803955 followup - add missing defined(__FreeBSD__), forgotten in cf6c50786ee5. was r=bsmedberg
baf6f923340be01c78ce6f4232d22014ac5d42e0Bobby Holley — Bug 811152 - Decxify various DOM methods. r=me
1368272550daa6eec609468808e6d372136ad066Benoit Jacob — Bug 811926 - Fix a pair of TRAVERSE that were using NoteNativeChild on nsISupports* - simplify goop with helper CC macros - r=smaug
c231b310485e2df40314842e2320618d7237298eJonathan Watt — Testcase for Bug 780764 - "ASSERTION: null nsSVGPathGeometry frame" and crash.
fb65f083690fee1208300bb18dd71271d91aa907David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 807875 - Implement creationDate correctly for Mac OS X. r=froydnj
61232c5c748d06b3e905c31069a86ee873d27ebbMike Conley — Bug 758515 - Download button attention state is ugly. r=mak.
41484eecd91d7cc6e37bda02dd5424439749c6ffRobert Longson — Bug 811908 - remove svg inline-in-xul-basic-01.xul reftest as it has failed since landing. r=dholbert
d7cddf2126ca22eb52544f35fa3b7a8ccc2d85deMounir Lamouri — Bug 794407 - Web Activites should only be started by a user interaction. r=fabrice
bbd553b9d234abf13fd9fde9cca5353b9d7ba8c9Benoit Girard — Bug 799638 - Add startup timeline markers. r=taras,glandium
9c09ed66c0452ea20504fe95a02188e65c5101a6Henrik Skupin — Bug 801227 - Crashtest for WebRTC crash [@mozilla::MediaManager::GetUserMedia]. r=jesup
bbe72fef7e0fa9ef9e1c955fdc7ef916abfabfe4Bobby Holley — Bug 809674 - Fail at call time when invoking an XPCWrappedJS method with [implicit_jscontext] or [optional_argc]. r=mrbkap
577786665c5e839d030b2fa493c60ce7c3763ccaMyk Melez — bug 811944 - package MSVC dlls with B2G on Windows; r=glandium
3047a7551911b807dab9452263ddf8e93caba285Jonathan Watt — Testcase for Bug 780764 - "ASSERTION: null nsSVGPathGeometry frame" and crash.
7d95f9ee116592cc6b88910c64fbe268644d68aaJonathan Watt — Testcase for Bug 778492 - SVG element too far outside viewBox crashes Firefox.
48526386fbd98513392b42026116e629038134a3Jonathan Watt — Testcase for Bug 768087 - "ASSERTION: aFrame should be first continuation" in nsSVGEffects::GetFilterProperty.
4811930bb9654d3cc6418feb6ac6993c42a36907Adam Roach — Bug 803318: Improved handling of constraints and more tests. r=ekr
515d35527d4de87903df8bdbae3ca5583753aaf9Daniel Holbert — (no bug) fix typo in header comment for AsyncPanZoomController::CalculateIntrinsicScale(). DONTBUILD (comment-only)
5c0ce5518c74e413692247db44f556d4dd00d8aaAlexander Surkov — Bug 811729 - remove XForms a11y support, r=tbsaunde
0f01d41ab835d4c916f2b92f9db75b3d0ede92efZack Weinberg — Bug 455839: simplify the CSS error reporting API. r=dbaron
03b607d3bca6b680ae59d780e064c880752e2e5dZack Weinberg — Bug 516091: Split CSS error reporting to its own file and class. Allows CSS scanner to become a stack object. r=dbaron
84c7ef253748a99222f1bb071600b8cd059f4cf8Kai Engert — Bug 799304 - Document how to enable a CA root certificate for EV (extended validation, r=rrelyea, DONTBUILD
6e9e10baf0ddfd0cd73fd45e2066a72da7d8c6e1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 811394. Prevent recursion into nsXULWindow::Destroy. r=smaug
77972f22952a1e3c3ba57b5881491da6a350ddabPhil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 0e76d45e8c37 (bug 807936) for bustage
473d3748d994c2ddb6f1437e57dc3790fbcfbcf2Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Last ditch effort to fix stubborn orange when installing gecko into an emulator, r=mdas
0e76d45e8c3787c82ed0c421276e6d4c3445deddMarty Rosenberg — Add in support for running a cross-shell directly in qemu (bug 807936, r=ted)
e320680de4fc20e9af4be509e3cf3ee2ce52f8e9Malini Das — Bug 810376 - wait for readystate==complete in chrome when switching frames, r=jgriffin
bb8baf35a2733da29046d89e0f22b5c85cc00767Lucas Rocha — Bug 786454 - Protect isReadingListItem against null cursors (r=mfinkle)
a5974ecf93c01c4128606d9a183a9799d98c6e12Brian Hackett — Allow performing code generation off thread during compilation, bug 785762. r=dvander
d2e0669c3baa12b66b133f4d92bf5eea06863546Mounir Lamouri — Bug 796544 - Use x-inputmode instead of inputmode in B2G/Gaia. r=djf
8f10090ecc73c4e95f1e835d219a104a1b3d3b31David Bolter — Bug 811720 - Detach touch adapter when deactivating. r=eeejay
a37525d304d933d39836a1639b73da440a715602Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
dd93918f374fb96674371ca9e8c3f68d3faf8486Shu-yu Guo — Bug 784291 - Implement JSOP_INTRINSICNAME in IonMonkey. (r=nbp) DONTBUILD
cd90ea966f1813120aeedeae22377bd573cc9f2dShu-yu Guo — Bug 811562 - Decorate %_CallFunction arguments with JSOP_NOTEARG. (r=luke)
21a1ea0331401cb04f4fb2e7fd9dedde88eed4b7Ed Morley — Backout e6a99483698f (bug 784291), ec87a47d93ca (bug 811562) for turning Win debug mochitest-1 orange
b0d5e1a33e096a0670ee58b3293ba2cb404c3d80Marco Bonardo — Bug 773982 - Always show hidden entries when searching history.
8043c63226d0533170938582b0f427dcdcf1d3ddHao Gao — Bug 812055 - provide better naming for ETextEquivRule constants, r=surkov
cbe5fc3e1ce5dd9f2039fd1827bbdcc6885b2906Frank Wein — Bug 811693 - AppsUtils.jsm should use getSelectedLocale("global") instead of getSelectedLocale("browser"), r=fabrice
d95d4e953df5cec58abbf8116fe0b4be1f9acf60Fernando Jiménez — Bug 809948 - [Webapps] Check for enough device storage before starting app download; r=fabrice
c6188b322a68fc4e6bb3e8bd2ed0cecd3c6c1b7bBenoit Jacob — Bug 806279 - reverting this file to Unix line endings - no review, bustage
8aa04aa4da07915bbd3ec3d5360d59ecb6942561Mark Hammond — Bug 807531 - remove access keys from view->sidebar menu. r=dao
31fdd0d6bdd386c139e5f79d6599745e75862a09Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 811895 (Fix WN Xray special methods so they can take new DOM binding objects). r=bz.
92a92a0d4f9d29109b54a00ec29c85c0182904f2Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
a9500b386854cf11cf9ffed05dc1921386bdb61dKarl Tomlinson — b=808114 don't hide mContainer in toplevels, to keep a focus widget for grabs r=roc
b301f9b2e95636e700a2e9e1d65002142b66069eHenri Sivonen — Bug 796882 - Implement CSS charset handling according to CSS3 Syntax. r=bzbarsky.
c6b8170e901381bf352a4bf20b91c4ab6160210bBrian Nicholson — Bug 811559 - Fix form element loop for adding search engines. r=mfinkle
7468f7af19d54c209ec9b2d018d23657321e402eBenoit Jacob — Bug 806279 - fix bustage due to unusual CC macro usage in Telephony code, see bug 811926 - no review, bustage
dce37eb7b01a1992fb246e425677ce67cafd039bBenoit Jacob — Bug 807437 - Eliminate redundant Traverse/Unlink CC macros - part 2: handmade fixups - r=mccr8
6c9caeb3422baf2deb41953f9dce0c2acf2a06cdBenoit Jacob — Bug 807437 - Eliminate redundant Traverse/Unlink CC macros - part 1: automatic changes - r=mccr8
7a4b00ee35b78178e6a3a8a3fa4f6487d03ad770Benoit Jacob — Bug 811212 - Make most cycle collector assertions fatal - r=mccr8
ed94525f58234b0db23925bd7eeb952146c39a3fBenoit Jacob — Bug 806279 - CC macros refactoring: part 5: sample porting: content/canvas - r=mccr8,smaug
2d4b8369a198391ff3b4fdc36dd4eb1b9e024168Benoit Jacob — Bug 806279 - CC macros refactoring: part 4: update CC helper macros - r=mccr8,smaug
17f8e44632a6c3143372110608cc07c4fa011221Benoit Jacob — Bug 806279 - CC macros refactoring: part 3: fold the TRAVERSE_NATIVE and AMBIGUOUS cases - r=mccr8,smaug
3d02d563837372d1d00c16df920973b795e9d3dfBenoit Jacob — Bug 806279 - CC macros refactoring: part 2: generic BEGIN_ macros folding in the NATIVE case - r=mccr8,smaug
e11ac3ecc685341c62669f2724b228dbbac87380Benoit Jacob — Bug 806279 - CC macros refactoring: part 1: implement type-generic CC UNLINK/TRAVERSE macros - r=mccr8,smaug
e6a99483698fa284e1b865aed9e4532cbf1baea4Shu-yu Guo — Bug 784291 - Implement JSOP_INTRINSICNAME in IonMonkey. (r=nbp)
ec87a47d93ca487b77ef43c4671ff18780071b3bShu-yu Guo — Bug 811562 - Decorate %_CallFunction arguments with JSOP_NOTEARG. (r=luke)
34a4de5feafe590343d1346e51f969909fbf51d4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 811301. Part 3: Cleanup presshell code now that we don't do special state save/restore for the root scroll frame. r=mats
3493741d8e8df82bc46a6b074ff277003cf40d61Robert O'Callahan — Bug 811301. Part 2: Remove saved state IDs now that the root scroll frame state is captured normally. r=mats
58a64dbc9e83fdd33119784a617dfe7f8ffce4d8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 811301. Part 1: Save and restore state of root scroll frame when reframing the root element, and treat root scroll frame state like any other frame. r=mats
342ebbbb736b4f3bee35d2b9cc766df5f989cac8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 759993. Make nsIFrame::GetTransformMatrix robust for popup frames. r=tnikkel
cf1080d1f8b30df0a131e9b018066c37179fb2cbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 759993. Part 0: FrameLayerBuilder::GetThebesLayerScaleForFrame should not cross popup boundaries. r=mattwoodrow
1d53a3d253b3cd09a530025b8b7f889330b17779Nick Thomas — Bug 810994, Update gonk-misc in B2G snapshot (for symbols and to fix panda builds), r=catlee
44939c596b54c2e3facae55f99ed5b0dfbe9f68cMark Hammond — Bug 811143 - move recommend support to the worker api and avoid dangling port if not supported by the provider. r=jaws
8072a58a9e86b79ecd054b5e224b40966afd4235Mark Hammond — Bug 805537 - social chat callbacks should only be invoked once. r=jaws
216ad89546aba4254298e9ee231c2b79fed7b15eMark Hammond — Bug 804591 - opening an existing chat window should restore it if minimized. r=jaws
6ec27ac9edac53ec819ee8c92aab709af237c180Brian R. Bondy — Bug 792106. r=rstrong
0c386d6fadec759f5ed525c76ca110dea810757fRobert Strong — Bug 792106. r=bbondy
1c1981ecaba87af225b004cd517edf9c7400351fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 8 changesets (bug 810470) due OSX reftest failures.
33d68d68e2cfeaecfcb7fbceabcce04a93e02ef3David Zbarsky — Bug 810768 - Remove nsIDOMCaretPosition r=bz
bc613b53b9ef9e1d4b1407c08f5eec71a3da6dadDavid Zbarsky — No bug, fix struct/class mismatch warnings
2e5ead73fbbc36dbfb5093ed547fd74aa8a05724David Zbarsky — No bug, Fix virtual dtor warning, blanket r=bz
ae672aa46c289c9c66b70f85946106fff097add6Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 799185 part 1 - Rewrite ReconstructPCStack. r=jorendorff,gkw
208c1637560ba23c552a90d75354fd1b8c05c285Edgar Chen — Bug 811605 - B2G RIL: enable ril debugging output in run-time. r=vicamo
2ce122f1e050b94ab3a97cf1a4de36586a99ddeeTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 811284 - More logical ordering the item list of "Automatic updates" in settings. r=mleibovic
62fc36842e4417b2c999d40910bfdaf8e12410f7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 811127 - Text(De|En)coder("utf-16").encoding should return "utf-16le", not "utf-16". r=hsivonen
3d61038df8830adbcb892d8a9de3ab35f4637f84Patrick Wang — Bug 806625 - Check if TabParent is destroyed before sending IPC message. r=cjones
2ea5d36b35a15f440c86bf825b1c3737234f4e59Brendan Dahl — Bug 115199 - CSS2 @page rule style support. r=dbaron
31312fa1abdee6f8089c549f426602800ac73329Brendan Dahl — Bug 115199 - CSS2 @page rule rendering support. r=roc
638678d971c1bdb9573c77ecdc9279eee8e4243bEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
4a3980de9bf677f71d8004cb6efb3936c67b72b9Andres Hernandez — Bug 806700 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_urlbarfocus.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
b16f3d964ecf9446f2c95d54dfc4b00b1cbb3e96Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 8: Limit the BasicLayers background-caching optimization to cases where the destination context has an integer translation only, and snap the image rectangle. r=mattwoodrow
28c5c66f9e313717b73c3e9510034492d610a035Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 7: Simplify TryOptimizeToImageLayer/IsSingleFixedPositionImage now that colors are not involved. r=mattwoodrow
4900b1e47d617d2db848a41c3fb9418670ce577bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 6: Rename nsDisplayBackground to nsDisplayBackgroundImage. r=mattwoodrow
fa24ad7d7db3ed881b058f39a90bcf9065718580Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 5: Remove more unused code. r=mattwoodrow
16a02ec9904437c8c2aad174d3dae09e24812886Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 4: Make only background-attachment:fixed backgrounds that have propagated to the viewport use a dedicated layer, and refactor how we do that. r=mattwoodrow
99af9dcdfcd23cf3e1a4457104a03dde4e5e3855Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 3: Remove code for invalidating background-attachment:fixed content when scrolling. r=mattwoodrow
16f66221f72c5e9c08dbc1a3ffd4c4b31edf4241Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 2: Change nsDisplayBackground invalidation to store and compare the background positioning rect. r=mattwoodrow
bd132b2b28f93d5b7a7887203d4a70fab687f7ceRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 1: Cache nsStyleBackground pointer in nsDisplayBackground. r=mattwoodrow
b2043b1dd93d51ac1f7f2cd899edf1aed8521280Benoit Jacob — Bug 798033 - adapt dom/camera code to not relying on headers to do using namespace - r=mhabicher
6f2ea9461eecbc49ec58121a9ef5ca1f08367bcbMatt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from js headers - r=billm
bcb83b74c287576182add500193173b6ef1a038bMatt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from dom headers - r=khuey
f9303bafc623cd4bf7207ea5a41a13b6b0105f98Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 811919. Include the pattern transform when painting patterns in DrawTargetCG. r=benwa
c62f85640fc362de486ee3776d485cae8a6d4e9cBellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806691 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_openLocationLastURL.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
e9c9d1ff7a15dce5c271a4bd63c60a97dbd264afJared Wein — Bug 808501 - Focusing chat bar doesn't put focus back in the previously focused chat. r=markh
d3a58eacf6dfe4e939c78883871eaf0cd9704677Scott Johnson — Bug 809565: Skip onScale and onScaleEnd events if onScaleBegin returned false to make reflow-on-zoom assumptions on order of these events remain valid. [r=kats]
89346db799db81c25ccbb34ca0a33633c5b3b6f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 811864 - Remove PannerNode.coneGain/distanceGain; r=bzbarsky
335830f4471994a2589806d9f92acda85399c652Olli Pettay — Bug 656311 - Remove XML Events, r=bz
df2f15a17798a76a2dd7bb23f8d9379278e2492fOlli Pettay — Bug 749448 - Remove XTF, r=bz
4df2bf1d77e93eecfb7a0183bdd58641e691b20aMs2ger — Bug 802706 - Followup: remove a missed include in nsGnomeVFSProtocolHandler.cpp to fix SeaMonkey bustage; rs=Callek (DONTBUILD; NPODB)
a761bfc192b59dbd4c153349e31d69a8cfee5d07ojab — Bug 812092: Bump required NSPR version in to 4.9.4, r=bsmith
3692c11ce73ec275966a7ce0d15a1e96e61d54e5Nick Thomas — Bug 810994, Update gonk-misc in B2G snapshot (for symbols and to fix panda builds), r=catlee
7845cfa93e3f0d40bca85770506d0454c078bb23Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
baba249d52f8c577c5136a17afc34916178e805dDave Hunt — Bug 811330 - Fix a typo in XML generation, r=jgriffin
05ba5f7fa64733f2088c6df3b56b4188986b9320Matt Woodrow — Bug 811831 - Don't create layers for nsDisplayOpacity items that have an opacity of 0. r=roc
5d043a7bec236eeb5d19acebfd928fd070e92e5cHenrik Skupin — Bug 805054 - Bind the virtualenv version Marionetts uses in to a fixed release. r=jgriffin
152ec9ab4e9c77183668a3ac0911aa2a972973b2Rob Wood — Bug 808108 - Develop WebSMS tests to verify filtering SMS by phone numbers, update manifest; r=jgriffin
d391bed7d0fd2c52e3abfd27c24c850a1d46a750Isaac Aggrey — Bug 802706: Remove usage of NSPRFormatTime.h from tree; r=ehsan
ac584cdc2b14779f023e056464059639ed39b19aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 8. Get rid of nsGenericElement. r=peterv
87aa54d557dd5a5180066c6fefd09f8cbac18d82Boris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 7. Get rid of nsGenericElement in Element.cpp. r=peterv
45c37804c654162fec1d252e28877160e44d7edbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 6. Rename nsGenericElement.cpp to Element.cpp. r=peterv
c939d4f18cc444f0cd0dfac68706174b029e0e36Boris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 5. Drop no longer needed namespacing on arguments and return values of Element methods. r=peterv
01ba4b64e577b1d447860aa0071d3ece35063bfcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 4. Move the data members of Element to the end of the class. r=peterv
ea21cee0a1510f906bc9a3c997e6d85bb0e45a8aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 3. Eliminate nsGenericElement as a separate class.
ff05c0955ca82b31afde110a34883e8cd3ff67d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 2. Combine the forward-declares and includes in Element.h. r=peterv
b86df83428cc71255b0091132e6734c215677608Boris Zbarsky — Bug 811449 part 1. Move everything from nsGenericElement.h to Element.h. r=peterv
fa99f3622839fad8d434d8b365854156724df2f4David Burns — Bug 811053: Allow transforms to have negative values but not affect Marionettes visibility on the element; r=jgriffin
65a144464450409f1b482fd32b990b1ce900f3caGregor Wagner — Bug 811414 - nsISettingsServiceCallback shouldn't use [implicit_jscontext]. Followup. r=mrbkap
369fe18f5a45b95ce0b7f476527c346c2a2ff451Gregor Wagner — Bug 811414 - nsISettingsServiceCallback shouldn't use [implicit_jscontext]. r=bholley
606325d07fe1a9b3473dc01bcff50de0bf3c6f53Marty Rosenberg — fix up a bunch of macro-assembler blemishes, and fix a jittest failure (bug 811489, r=djvj)
0c22f08662e08ab8758b1ae7c640ff634beadc01Rob Wood — Bug 807783 - Develop test to verify filtering SMS messages by delivery, update manifest; r=jgriffin
9992b91433a36ac34bc61be551d789ed30198526Henrik Skupin — Bug 811185 - Implement Emulator class for screen orientation in Marionette. r=jgriffin
76515382c77f698b5c51f1aea079998e495baf77Matthew Gregan — Bug 806263 - Move {Get,Set}ValueItemText up to MediaElement. r=doublec
e84da482e8abf30c3bfec0e3d8f8d9211a602ebaEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset da25394a8b55 (bug 802706) for build bustage
b809cfffa5f77034f1ea911352a1815da79e37fdGregor Wagner — Backout Bug 811414 for breaking B2G
da25394a8b5524956813c8831cd1e75a893d78f1Isaac Aggrey — Bug 802706: Remove usage of NSPRFormatTime.h from tree; r=ehsan,wtc
d6f4b5d48c73c681a860f9bc4631c46ea1ace7c1Gregor Wagner — Bug 811414 - nsISettingsServiceCallback shouldn't use [implicit_jscontext]. r=bholley
4789d67c601738d05935747991ae157b2385d03eBas Schouten — Bug 811850: Fix gfx 2d recording to be 64-bit neutral. r=jrmuizel
a858e1fa0bcc5157ac7441db2e7b1b0fa96f354cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 811836. Fast path eCSSUnit_Color colors when parsing colors in canvas. r=dholbert
2fc346d2488a789a570596d0d818db9a50001104Joey Armstrong — bug 806558: add as a dependency for XPIDL_LINK ing
13061a0c2e7a066a19484abdefe31a513ec10d06Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 762179 - Re-enable the dynamic position change reftests on b2g and Android
564a68153de6dc527e18e174ccf3195a6997a1aeAndres Hernandez — Bug 722985 - nsSessionStore makes many decisions based on global Private Browsing state; r=ehsan,ttaubert
25551c06a3186eb61208f0a7dc6b05d89852063aRobert Strong — Bug 799902 - need pretty branding for stub installer (file naming). r=glandium
48e51e29422093bf09a58363751ccc34a94ae0c1Mats Palmgren — Bug 811827 - Make the @page margin 0.5in. r=bdahl
07eb21fd3442dcad70572442a5172c48cd0b635cMario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806694 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_popupblocker.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
da5761fc30b1261a99388fb6fc70a9093b2fd53fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 807075 (New DOM binding APIs for HTMLElement). r=bz.
8b1b5c74dc0a7be136bacc58bdcea7af74118ed4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 811555 - Make AudioContext.createDelay not accept arguments greater than or equal to 3; r=bzbarsky
f538d7df50f240424a23fa3fe5487c60c6845377Jonathan Griffin — Bug 811351 - Reset the current frame in deleteSession, r=mdas
05d444e54f69ab45a9476019b7005dfeca62543aGregor Wagner — Bug 809661 - Need a speedy way to construct a thread list for SMS messages. Followup. r=sicking
508ecb4a6cb3e37deb403947aa6b31467533fb9bBen Turner — Bug 809661 - Need a speedy way to construct a thread list for SMS messages. r=sicking
bc91ce9bde7684de9873f9e623c3ad5fac238c42Chris Pearce — Bug 811381 - Remove ns prefix from media code. r=roc
44bd881db94a5e84525f21cdff86c7dd7056b636Chris Pearce — Bug 811381 - Move media code into mozilla namespace. r=roc
2c50f4d2ce7c1ab3c8bca4594325b5560971ad59Chris Pearce — Bug 811381 - Move NextFrameStatus to MediaDecoderOwner, so that nsHTMLMediaElement doesn't need to include all of nsBuiltinDecoder. r=roc
591fe821c8cee68cff89557b5f1b76a9d250f1beChris Pearce — Bug 811381 - Flatten nsMediaDecoder and nsBuiltinDecoder into a single class. r=roc
8ab1bd092e972d56f1d1d22f1217f951f75970f4Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset f242101b1c00 (bug 810525) because of failed tests
97ca0c0f9aa04987d6c17f95373efb903143292eDaniel Glazman — Bug 811679 - Add nsIEditorObserver back; r=ehsan
617ca802fbc73e892a2c5a0809f4381ebae456e9John Schoenick — Bug 787778 - Add test. r=josh
16b8ffa027677bf4676c20265e4ba281b12c982dCameron McCormack — Bug 811581 - Add a base class for all *RuleProcessorData classes. r=bz
cf6c50786ee5cbbfead38a2765e0725626ae67e2Landry Breuil — Bug 803955: {Free,Open}BSD use alternative dirs for systemwide extensions/plugins. r=bsmedberg
764eee3ba0f1f52b37a6aa7fc24fd5c17e14c7aaMalini Das — Bug 810376 - make content wait for document ready when switching frames, r=jgriffin
f242101b1c0007959a9730c23686aa434853ebc1Brendan Eich — Bug 810525 - unregress DecompileValueGenerator change to handle object literal reference bases.
591bb888aa57ff3a862dfe9a7df1f382d9341beeMarco Zehe — Bug 811269 - [AccessFu] Improve list and list item speech output, r=eeejay
267b18a4f96978ff0b458d46a84839e4960555cbBobby Holley — Bug 569506 - Tearoff tests. r=mrbkap
7c24b8d92e1c25597ff7c8bf31a995a34f9fbb8fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 811663 part 2. Create a DocumentFragment.h header. r=smaug
6fd28026e07282311d547d05e8c648c40c8dc5e9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 811663 part 1. Rename nsDocumentFragment to mozilla::dom::DocumentFragment. r=smaug
f288b8d014e8b7ab26f261f46c12d8172fea33d8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 810876. Don't double-count the size of our placeholder when determining the overflow area for an image frame. r=mattwoodrow
5f0036778492a1d31e1c8331e4d48ab0e44f38e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 809765. Match the HTML spec in terms of which event handler attributes are compiled on which elements. r=smaug
f8620fc3f18fd2db2b5c844d639431571038fa0cBobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Remove the cx parameter and simplify various APIs. r=sfink,bz
850c0b306b6e64bd976e019a9e64cfc2a3f87fa1Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Reimplement PUNCTURE consumers in terms of isSafeToUnwrap() and remove PUNCTURE API. r=mrbkap
a9353f2e3d5061f04345e9d99a3be91719ef0291Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Add infrastructure to flag security wrappers as unsafe to unwrap. r=mrbkap
ca4fd0c6c3d5241f9af3eafaef05b1ff8749c0e4Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Clarify and refine the semantics of SecurityWrapper so that it is used if and only if unwrapping is unsafe. r=mrbkap
844b16d03724237771383b21ef728edb275485a2William Lachance — Bug 811388 - Update mozdevice to 0.15, update consumers;r=ahal
de3ede8ff84d2af71a9b0ed06a77bac4ef196c5dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 808875 - Fix unused variable warning in Assembler-arm.cpp. r=mjrosenb
70e8cf8dd277ce7690b74c4f79e8633cf6b3828fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 808875 - Fix unused variable warnings in nsAppRunner.cpp. r=bsmedberg
11b76ebcd3c280a5a7b10fd904988f64ba453a7aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 808875 - Fix unused variable warning in r=mwu
a6305a66f8c1b5efda5ba0bb19111040fdd40b5aEd Morley — Backout 54c4f2ff78e3 (bug 807075) for Windows compilation errors
f0a74ea50bc49875b2141a5bf54f3b316596c951Justin Lebar — Bug 807143 - Enable image locking on B2G. r=joe
e6e9cda2871a517d24b45944f5182c3f5c04c3f0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 810355 - Convert nsDidReflowStatus into an enum class; r=dholbert
1e854c407aaa21fb46200d9f57bf814ac124360cLucas Rocha — Bug 811654 - Make AllPagesTab's destroy() idempotent (r=mfinkle)
b9a7dc96bf7c24fd220d8963b6106bb04259885eJim Mathies — Bug 810609 - Fix for bad resource path in test_phonenumber.xul. r=anygregor
af7879e335176cbea4d440259139e2eb4b1cd02fJim Mathies — Bug 810704 - Fixup misc. toolkit resource path issues. r=mak77
8d211e5afa8bb38040ea6b6d9a0f18b1184f8c45Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
b7cdf3dbb4c9ace9f9219dd46c3df8a88251fc83Josh Matthews — Bug 723005 - Remove all checks for global privacy status in history-related code, and add them to callers when appropriate. r=mak sr=gavin
0d391f23c422f98c16a33c53fc42b3045552292aJosh Matthews — Bug 804655 - Part 2: Wrap up interface aggregator callbacks with a target thread on which they should be released. r=mayhemer
2bc1812f87c81309f02a14a6bebb566de420c21eJosh Matthews — Bug 804655 - Part 1: Make updating an nsHttpChannel's loadgroup/callbacks update those of its transaction and connection as well. r=mayhemer
54c4f2ff78e3d4c2c261ea70333d8527ee68e23fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 807075 (New DOM binding APIs for HTMLElement). r=bz.
414ca3fc8e99c75e369a1e6290123cc680bbf601Peter Van der Beken — Add testcase from bug 811226.
3c17914da5d653bf750cdc19df9efab12f1ed093Ted Mielczarek — bug 811370 - runcppunittests doesn't handle hangs gracefully. r=ahal
b18ea5417903bd83e641c3a17199b3a3e2d6ded4Ted Mielczarek — bug 809693 - fix minidump location for WebRTC C++ unit tests. r=ekr
2df964896b603e61b08546695e7e5f229d722bb4Joel Maher — Bug 811361 - Deploy new for a1594c017230. r=armenzg
6ba78023b36730c1140355ddb6df4c7f9981b8e7Brian Hackett — Eagerly generate a single copy of Ion stubs and wrappers, bug 786146. r=dvander
5a76abc509c7390370e091e04f5a2a5805f25e5fEKR — Bug 803885 - Set SCTP NO_LINGER in unit tests; r=jesup
c44db6486c0d64bcabaa679196838e86b85edcd2Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 804806: Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_4_BETA2.
ee43eefa90eaa4b5981ee1017864ffe4110cd5dfHonza Bambas — Bug 734062 - Followup: fixed unused varialble use, r=joedrew
ed7d7f513ce90db095941a1efbff993f33834d17Lucas Rocha — Bug 807280 - Use LruCache from Android's Support Library (r=mfinkle)
3486aec9181ebe01949721cbaed088456e17e7cdLucas Rocha — Bug 810246 - Protect against invalid images when setting favicons in toolbar (r=mfinkle)
22360b84eb87f57e07fca65eb75bd807ef85f189Yuan Xulei — Bug 796365 - Treat contenteditable as a special text field to bring up the keyboard. r=vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
9aa8cde94e2f724cbe193107db1f7173da8a5e5fGina Yeh — Bug 811196 - Patch 1: Cannot receive call status change from RIL, r=echou
3216284b25b5e386e40cd4af727455309123b353Josh Matthews — Bug 803121 - Avoid using virtual functions in imgRequestProxy's destructor. r=joe
7ebfa541fb866714553578fb02cb3b28d506d986Hannes Verschore — Bug 809485: Don't stop at resumepoints in edgecase analysis, r=dvander
1f5fb7e13136b304f9da6da7d63f721638e49946Jonathan Griffin — Bug 811931 - Bump Marionette version, a=test-only, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
df3421b24be8f9189faf82fb0ee59f94748c3126Gregory Szorc — Bug 797471 - Handle mochitest failures gracefully in mach; r=Ms2ger
7fe91eedc16c8eee0042b40551d1c997287a5f06Gregory Szorc — Bug 810435 - Convert unicode to str to work around Python 2.7.2 bug; r=jhammel
e1d32332985167be0b88b5ef938251c3e0be8a05Olli Pettay — Bug 800947, check the existence of widget only when the event is actually nsGUIEvent, r=bz
6ffdbb94c3ccb64b489d4fb5a5b91796d834cf5dOlli Pettay — Bug 810793 - nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorXML::GetDatasource should pass outer window to nsIXMLHttpRequest::Init, r=sicking
87928cd21b40906730b5472b14d80faaaf4735beEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
83d175cb799d6340b185939ca388848a1a3d1e8dEd Morley — Backout 992f2748681f (bug 811185) for breaking emulator tests
e73ee9780c4df2d8d1cdec06e758f72709d35bd5Alexander Surkov — Bug 810554 - intermittent failure accessible/states/test_link.html | Test timed out, r=tbsaunde
24b745c02ce7da5913c8703a85f4b406de4a8654Jan de Mooij — Bug 809021 - Fix FastInvoke arguments length. r=dvander
250576c9698edce6384ea9dc20a8ac7b5810a4caKartikaya Gupta — Bug 802510 - Reset position on the thumbnail data buffer to the beginning before reading out of it. r=blassey
6eeefc8b82c9f1528bcfc6a47d470cab6ddfa7b1Mike Hommey — Bug 811336 - Only pass --nsscmd to MOZ_SIGN_CMD when signing Windows builds. r=catlee
951697d19ced85b11e22e26ca5aa5ee0c0bd37c5Mike Hommey — Bug 811214 - Fix build failure in SpdySession3.cpp with clang 3.1. r=mcmanus
992f2748681f9e8bf202fcb47848965d379bc488Henrik Skupin — Bug 811185 - Implement Emulator class for screen orientation in Marionette. r=jgriffin
5a2f571e1f6d65c0200c049a59fc07c338714d7fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 3fd41b40e88f (bug 809274) and 22e38380a161 (Bug 804591) for Win7 browser-chrome timeouts
c61e84effb7b0223193e1af54f61c16a6c609312Ehsan Akhgari — Fix an initialization order warning in nsDocShell.cpp, no bug
fdc8ef449613b24890248afa43e3576c01f9987cJoey Blacksmith — Bug 801356 - LeafAccessible needs to override Append/InsertChild, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
51fa971d228095bb9d9402477be2966aa1cbc413Eric Chou — Bug 809781 - Fixed sending file failure, r=gyeh
24c0c55af0edc657b37310a440e23e109f5b1003Matt Woodrow — Bug 811570 - Make the root content scroll frame inactive initially if it is overflow hidden. r=roc
1cfa8c4279e51605d041272813886195b0ec6867Matt Woodrow — Bug 810186 - Don't unnecessarily nest inactive layers. r=roc
2e813df0aca119da2e9e2f9d61c3762e1599f3ccMatt Woodrow — Bug 808491 - Force 3d transformed layers to always be active. r=roc
2b66b88a0b0f77ea7c5b2c5b0d580ce515dca65cPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
f539adf0d8a9937c75c344e1faf76b8cdf4630c1Bas Schouten — Bug 811173. Part 1: Allow nsDisplayBackgroundColor::GetBounds to enable snapping. r=roc
99b4b950c2ce79370d2c55434616fb3af89f52dcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 811173. Part 2: Add other cases for nsDisplayItems that snap their bounds. r=mattwoodrow
ef15df8a2e6bdddca491c3e302a1b720bee431d9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 788322. Don't crash when we drawWindow on a page containing a remote <iframe>. r=mattwoodrow
12f5029c12a50a313d2f4d6e5c88f52a052dcdb5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804606. On Mac, call ApplyPluginGeometryUpdates immediately when we've computed geometry, instead of waiting until the paint event. r=smichaud
59106ef8d4e2cfd13525f70437aae7a82c264af4Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806690 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_openlocation.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
70859e1ddfe71a17fe92a78623e2fc8e53fb4f84Nicholas Cameron — Bug 800556; test for mozDashOffset errors; r=Ms2ger
f2efbff15c831ef1b6cae49e216714bb87825941Nicholas Cameron — Bug 800556; remove nsIDOMCanvasRenderingContext2D; r=Ms2ger,sr=bz
3fd41b40e88f930d9220171e43e261ce694d29c4Mark Hammond — Bug 809274 - avoid console errors if sidebar set invisible multiple times without ever becoming visible. r=felipe
22e38380a1615bb7f1179e8798a5576f618a2b94Mark Hammond — Bug 804591 - opening an existing chat window should restore it if minimized. r=jaws
d8d95ee60a9fd7098f49cd454ead29d70f305632Matthew Gregan — Bug 788005 - Work around Vista's higher latency requirements in WinMM. r=doublec
875aceabf236b75d5b6631d39d4a75d56d55a64dMatthew Gregan — Bug 779392 - Improve cubeb_alsa workaround for bug 761274. r=doublec
29c26199e717ab78a325ea51634c2ea34f5365bdEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
314b42bfc87c113347e6be257aff480dba388b7eRob Wood — Bug 807777 - Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by read/unread, update manifest; r=jgriffin
aa2f835b67a56ab7a3d529b810156670326cd03aAlex Vincent — Bug 810559 - Switch publicID and systemID to match IDL and SAX specification. r=smaug
3f605e71a350565efd61785d74a4b5f0d4cc103bKarl Tomlinson — b=798157 use ARGB visuals only for popups that will be translucent r=roc
3b2f5b980477052f5cf87b1ffb00cf18ed231629Todd Whiteman — b=809601 correct drag and drop event coords when over child windows r=karlt
615579ab42ff4f6520aee3a9163dc977e003a132Nathan Froyd — Bug 811419 - fix accumulation of the zero bucket in flag histograms; r=taras
0a7efaf3ac7a4865bdca036d50664d281d11ae7cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 0b6b3d2856a4 and 30776e402787 (bug 115199) for reftest failures.
193c590b54eff3227a78b8b2cf8bbabdb23751a7Bill McCloskey — Bug 811553 - Only count major page faults when possible (r=terrence)
5a1edbdb251f642466dd427dbd05dec957bfa03cBill McCloskey — Bug 811176 - Shrinking GCs should clean up everything (r=terrence)
6e56236dfd3f200f0fb691036029e279e8d6f5a1Bill McCloskey — Bug 811176 - Purge small exec pools on GC (r=njn)
f6511d0a33eb55793e08ca154423c7ec7cbacd3bRob Wood — Bug 808865 - Develop WebSMS test for getNumberOfMessagesForText, update manifest; r=jgriffin
5975bdf3a5afda6c5bb0d935642ae45abe96f715Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 811545 - Turn off reader mode logging. r=bnicholson
b70f1224a9e81e25b26f8c13a47b0b97f2fed826Paul Adenot — Bug 786331 - WebGL tests that use a video can loop indefinitely. r=bjacob
b04cea4ab159c4743f3af55a3d906c099e580228Mike Conley — Bug 746674 - Download icon progressbar hard to see for people with mono/dichromacy. r=mak.
f69e36294ed762b00c019741467044cfd2ff740fJeff Hammel — Bug 805633 - update mozhttpd on m-c;r=wlach ; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
f0ac91e2b9247ec305b4f0a2bccea0165b12c05cGregor Wagner — Bug 810427 - Device storage - Add access fields to permission checks. r=dougt
f82641cc61eb84937e84957f4e8c48bf68cee70cTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 810794 - Enable to config 'network.cookie.cookieBehavior'. r=mleibovic
424d4452324592f6eb1b39a33cc7aef208a2be68Chuck Lee — Bug 806307 - Queue target messages before listener ready and resend after ready. r=vicamo
2351a225d4db7e78c37febd6b5c146dff90681fbGabriele Svelto — Bug 805855 - Free dirty pages in response to all memory-pressure messages. r=jlebar
8bdc6ccc3705491adeaeb7d7d3cec439925dd058Gabriele Svelto — Bug 805855 - Add an extra function to jemalloc to free dirty unused pages. r=glandium
93a465ae3e4d054e05dd867e364c43930bde5f94David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 794091 - Reorganize OS.File importScripts to avoid talos hangs. r=froydnj
e9d18da148c5470c8b5a7db0d257a09f3ad5cc24David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 794091 - Write SessionStore with OS.File. r=ttaubert
0a7a2c6d72de3d278f399d6fe9b43d82cd6be67dNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 781602 - Permit multiple ion compilation modes. r=dvander
2a83ad99f062144780878e6058abcf235fb76965Abhishek Potnis — Bug 607280 - Remove the call to getShortcutOrURI in the contentAreaClick function. r=gavin
fd7a0ace6b0e5090c8874ddb0db2a85c032859d8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 562091 - Remove the EUC-KR conveter and rename x-windows-949 to EUC-KR. r=smontagu
0b6b3d2856a44d7ab71f6cfe1783fe77fd76141fBrendan Dahl — Bug 115199 - CSS2 @page rule style support. r=dbaron
30776e402787760e09265f5bf4d651ab5292aa28Brendan Dahl — Bug 115199 - CSS2 @page rule rendering support. r=roc
8ef6c38c0f2c25f3a91cafe76e2f7d0355490a5cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
dd9da01739493eddd64d2ecc99965a71342c7d8fGeoff Brown — Bug 808764 - Set XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK and other env vars in Android xpcshell tests; r=jmaher
612765a8351166f5e653f074b9ed78a1c7d1efe4Geoff Brown — Bug 808729 - Set _TESTING_MODULES_DIR for Android xpcshell tests; r=jmaher
8d3046ee2f00483b95e6d8a75b11515a55bf5339Geoff Brown — Bug 752126 - Shorten remote (android) xpcshell command line with script; r=jmaher
cc210f0643e120dff0c4d5a6f9e24a80d52c843aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 811467. Increase image decode chunk size. r=joe
6f434302bff32b1fb1bd7bb6d6e91e1d1749a3e8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 811461. Switch IMAGE_DECODE_LATENCY to microseconds. r=taras
2fd71029eaa2e5a402b22d3f7d8169594c5dd644Brad Lassey — bug 749352 - Firefox fails to connect when a proxy is used r=mfinkle,mossop
ff8ce0a158677b4e52aff6929d64741d2585bffdBrad Lassey — bug 739542 - Disable screen timeout when playing HTML5 <video> (webm, H.264) r=doublec
51ee7048088aeda6a56a9b648523d7456d98a0dcBrad Lassey — bug 684176 - Intermittent failure in test_bug454235.xul | offscreen browser is not visible r=smaug
9558170464c0854eb9e5ce5e2c2aa9793dbf57a4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 43e4b01c0150 (bug 810186) for reftest failures.
b6bd99bf0c1ffba4f030150c7837eed001c7516bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 805766 nsFocusManager should change IME state before dispatching focus event at activating different document r=enndeakin
876764fbf6dc4c2234a725146102c843f0f40ee5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 808287 nsTextStateManager shouldn't notify widget of selection changes and text changes after IME loses focus r=smaug
da23f50dc0a9d571f4934ca387622232ab1eb1deJim Chen — Bug 808287 - Follow-up to combine IME enums, etc; r=cpeterson
c38480ca4ee4932c0eada6bc5567e55a036c8cd8Jim Chen — Bug 808287 - Fix out-of-order IME events during focus change; r=cpeterson
cbff9c26a1b2c688ede1ff8eeb0405136754e1b1Jim Chen — Bug 810170 - Properly handle extracted text notification and selection notification; r=cpeterson
9707fdeafe857f02c6d70658656f2218bedb84bbJeff Muizelaar — Bug 801918. OpenGL: Avoid doing extra invalidation when unrotating a buffer. r=mwoodrow
9360711fad95dd3a73efd1bcc451602da2491ea3Doug Turner — Bug 809758 - Ensure sGeoInitPending is set to false prior to notifying ServiceReady. r=gwagner. a=blocking-basecamp
5db578a8dffa334a914bb175d4cca5c28380e3aaGregor Wagner — Backout f2c60518351d Bug 809661
43e4b01c0150a831f6635e7433b459052f3f1370Matt Woodrow — Bug 810186 - Don't unnecessarily nest inactive layers. r=roc
e5f393b13acdfdd5252df88bd47ff20358a33c4cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 650567 - Mark 267459-2.html as passing on Android
5d28022bc22a9af59bf99df5d1fe8e43a0b6987bRandell Jesup — Bug 801227: Patch v2 (unbitrotted) r=anant a=abillings
317ad9c88ace40fb2800c293f557e2e99b503b87Jim Blandy — No bug: Correct comment on type of argument to DebuggerTransport constructor. DONTBUILD r=dcamp on IRC
58cdbc0577dee980aedcc734f2471552b86ca83bJim Chen — Bug 761287 - Follow-up to fix TableTicker.cpp bustage; r=ehsan
9868019e2a39cb069cada9ad184a0199b2805771Jim Chen — Bug 810959 - Reset text and selection before focus notification; r=cpeterson
6014f0be818c8b33055e0becd8929fef64522781Brian R. Bondy — Bug 811120 - negative download times in stub installer pings. r=rstrong
f2c60518351dd556a1675e8fb8b2e80257af2fc2Ben Turner — Bug 809661 - Need a speedy way to construct a thread list for SMS messages. r=sicking
fc1684f4d3a9e7d26e5d0cf1de0aec71ea7c7d58Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
e902df61b34e9bb41bab78b8abed63de4ea4f952Panos Astithas — Bug 795969 - Promote list of pause actors at once; r=rcampbell f=jimb
dd68409d78108158a2b9d0f3d3cbba23cf709eccPhil Ringnalda — Back out 3da143341145 (bug 784294) and 862f9cd7eb0b (bug 791850) for breaking Jetpack
4e9567eeb09e41d1b8c71c2ba275c2d7ee2dcec2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 650567 - Mark 267459-2.html as passing on Android
6b999e7bdf0b5ed3c3ef66d4de5d3b76a3b0411dEhsan Akhgari — Fix the typo in the makefile, no bug
05a63d7e38c83c402d6eaa3556396abdef31e01aEhsan Akhgari — DONTBUILD this stuff in global Private Browsing builds, no bug
8d91465ec123a6f7752fc75014d123a3a1d20fb7Mario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806703 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_zoomrestore.js to the new per-window PB APIs
b8d6333847e46165ff6cc86f4880deaf52f9dc50Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
edc439669f6d3435a9cb339e3b8f7403f80993aaMark Finkle — Bug 785652 - adding zh-TW and zh-CN to fennec r=aki
e5324de8c39841c2775c3e950200d0ca0854bde9David Bolter — backout 94e3a41d532e (increased orange)
242334181a9d57a50b11e412d0ec7a7aa6eeb964Mike Conley — Bug 766654 - Allow pasting of a URL into the Downloads Panel to initiate a download. r=mak.
d78db2d4195f2b41cc3d466e1aa445bae875e8e6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 810171 - Add a test for VKB overlap input fields. r=cpeterson
4b63186ca9a5615d2b23e5dce5dfd5b0af2228bcNathan Froyd — Bug 809931 - make Static{Auto,Ref}Ptr have trivial constructors and destructors; r=jlebar
1ae169b471053aadfcc7b8eec2bea7ba890a538fEhsan Akhgari — Backout bug 646027 (and the mess caused by files copied elsewhere) in order to fix bug 653688
c53374968c7e860b21ea776afed6c5238b09de9cVladimir Vukicevic — no bug; sync dirs; CLOSED TREE bustage fix
4e4d69f5abf5b42ff841cf28fc1b719081f3e3b8Brian Nicholson — Bug 762155 - Open keyword URLs without a search term. r=mfinkle
a40e1319765636fcc29c0826b8029436b01380a5Brian Nicholson — Bug 811144 - Check if DB initialized when calling expireHistory(). r=wesj
419e74e5f2d729dd9ea29c3da39ea5f3a03fe7fcVladimir Vukicevic — b=810478; fix missing null termination of buffer that's used via str* functions later on; r=glandium
1c065e36b49d3c7150e13ca6d8df9c9b42daceafVladimir Vukicevic — no bug; fix message on Android to not be lies and give useful info; r=sparky
ff55fe9e1120f8f01ea2899ec39747eb053196c2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
aea9de89b9f10b81e831afea0c99de27f03d6361Kyle Huey — Bug 809666: Define ctypes and perf properties on the 'this' object, not the global, when sharing globals. r=mrbkap
d8489295c7d2d844b787537fe6813be1aa3c6c9cKyle Huey — Bug 810987: When sharing a global, don't import properties onto the global, import them onto the appropriate 'this' object. r=mrbkap
a6bec1f8ea6a5f0dcee1fbf22aebb134604368efEthan Hugg — Bug 811333 Signaling - Fix size of thread ID for Windows build r=jesup
94e3a41d532e1828e56cdc1d5a368fb2b9f2b72aDavid Bolter — Bug 811307 - [AccessFu] Add mochitest for enabling. r=eeejay
04390f095c58350dd7d427742cb88502bd8fa39cBrian Nicholson — Bug 784086 - Separate images table into favicon and thumbnail tables. r=lucasr,rnewman
8bd4369a1f36deb3be14e5df3a4f0a4db9dc3798Kyle Huey — Backout Bug 810987.
cd9d73a2e68c0332cba5d7b664fd034d09f6b633Kyle Huey — Backout bug 809666.
1c2410b1b428a19eecff27c7fd50573ae7e3d22aKyle Huey — Backed out changeset 62886fd1aaa4
62886fd1aaa4ce2f9bc97486c67d64a393b3d329Kyle Huey — Bug 810987: Followup bustage fix.
3da143341145b12a1a42b46b1d669731f096436fTill Schneidereit — Bug 784294 - Convert some array extras to self-hosted js implementations. r=Waldo
862f9cd7eb0bebf5fcc4e7a6a550bfbe0b1740dbTill Schneidereit — Bug 791850 - Lazily clone self-hosted methods installed via js_DefineFunction. r=luke
67fd0ece8d38020c1f9b82c14195953d682e7e7fRichard Newman — Bug 810988 - Part 2: separate pref broadcast announcement action for each Fennec version. r=kats
387a105a6e419cb262a71ef15480a27d4e59e78cRichard Newman — Bug 810988 - Part 1: announcements handler changes for broadcast split. r=nalexander
4be2fde5e9be68504d81e19b7c4e5c086af553e2Fabrice Desré — Bug 810209 - Initialize cookie service at startup [r=mconnor]
77b383566a574b3f789bb8326e4dd1fb6ad0cb9fAndrew McCreight — Bug 810103 - Make nsCSSStyleSheet::mRuleCollection into an nsRefPtr. r=bz
7fa5f6815e089ac6b013fd27f1d35851d15a16ffHannes Verschore — Bug 809390: Improve range analysis on bitand, r=mjrosenb
1f553fc1265e9f0045fade8b6c25e8703f11c7dcEd Morley — Backout a9541226ccd5 (bug 766886) to re-enable the test on debug builds, now the cause of the intermittent failure has been fixed
dc6df3b52a323e4a8e6975ec0e50a967b70f8f7dKyle Huey — Bug 809666: Define ctypes and perf properties on the 'this' object, not the global, when sharing globals. r=mrbkap
be70af79cb29a2b0001af246ce7c2ab9bf65e689Kyle Huey — Bug 810987: When sharing a global, don't import properties onto the global, import them onto the appropriate 'this' object. r=mrbkap
213b5afa306881c08a89c8b7c9dbc7ddf700cfccRandell Jesup — Bug 809554: if a device has no uniqueId, use the name r=derf
c3b7e68ef6a04d97994c219d9d59c42ad7df0545Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Fix typo from a38c6f05ba19, r=mdas
0f9f72352c1abd9154deb86fa04a6b0ffb0ef1cbPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 811069 (Make *Element.onerror return EventHandler instead of OnErrorEventHandler). r=bz.
8f95c78a932ec46c2954068512d1b325efa7f11dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 811081 - Switch the clang packages to the 3.2 release branch. r=rail.
e7e6e5b17b70da905086450a689b18fa045e0fb7Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 811081 - Switch the clang packages to the 3.2 release branch. r=rail.
a38c6f05ba19b931a77c06833ab908d36a01e13fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Fix B2G emulator unittest intermittent timeout, r=jgriffin
28677983e0d92fe00a5f3f55cc67c932aee0cfecEhsan Akhgari — DONTBUILD this stuff in global Private Browsing builds, no bug
b9e99f5e884778757424f88c4bed8ac2dc89c236Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806686 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_geoprompt.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
303a143077633076a571b674d9600b33fed57c10Tim Abraldes — bug 795832. Make sure MOUSEEVENTF_HWHEEL is defined. r=jimm
f934c574fd3fc3d501b879259b3ca3c8e09c0de8Ehsan Akhgari — DONTBUILD this stuff in global Private Browsing builds, no bug
b431265004e5f15338762b74975aad27ce8cf701Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806687 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_localStorage.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
400d7b156d2fa2b189dafce8dae9e00c9feba484Mario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806720 - Port browser_styleeditor_private.js to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=ehsan
45f947bf554ae2fabd1c4065e4c5358741a5a545Andres Hernandez — Bug 806685 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_downloadLastDir.js and its friends to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
0e14d8bd8aed42b63d3719323e7ef7f3bad7e4f7Blake Kaplan — Bug 811100 - Use the compartment's global for our global instead of always walking our parent chain. r=luke
d56d537a1843c0b5d8e112d1a2dc301e4728e054Ed Morley — Backout bcb591d32bd6 (bug 809674) on suspicion of breaking B2G marionette-webapi
246c565c9da975309db53bbf2aa3e67eb74d7366Masayuki Nakano — Bug 805767 part.3 Remove hack for bug 496360 r=roc
1f4c0a90aa2c39370dde7951d89f31b4eb63f5ecMasayuki Nakano — Bug 805767 part.2 Implement nsIWidget::GetIMEUpdatePreference() on Windows for TSF r=emk
cc77a4ed08bdb8e4c1753aeb62eeda3e501ada78Masayuki Nakano — Bug 805767 part.1 nsTextStateManager should use nsIWidget::GetIMEUpdatePreference() instead of the result of nsIWidget::OnIMEFocusChange() r=smaug
2543054f04d984b1ffb1afc1541e5a17cde14c86Ed Morley — Bug 798848 - Disable test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_event.xul on OS X for intermittent failures
631a985ea362f51a03cf54196872af795e79ccb1Ed Morley — Backout 55a71c654aac (bug 798848) since wrong platform
55a71c654aacfb0a2dc04c88eb3f968b78cf6ca8Ed Morley — Bug 798848 - Disable test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_event.xul on Linux for intermittent failures
0489f7174ead959aa047649d6c95aa156fb8bd90Ed Morley — Bug 728834 - Disable scrolling/fixed-text-1.html on Linux for intermittent failures
93461546766e6192b7ca11a77f421587bda284b2Hannes Verschore — Bug 806298: Follow-up fix to unregress kraken-dft, r=jandem
51533e35127de613651c32689220f0b354a2c347Jacek Caban — Bug 810262 - Updated libsoundtouch to r160 r=padenot
470acc9eaa36c312a0ac712243801d74ef7411e8Hannes Verschore — Bug 806298: Disable recompile check for constructing JM calls, r=dvander
92cb4a2c1ed4d51eb37d9ccf467fa7abacdd5772Boris Zbarsky — Bug 810618. Make sure we don't allow layout statics to go away while we're still trying to use them. r=khuey
2378c3dd095d6a27e5ae93a2f8bfbdabb8098045Boris Zbarsky — Bug 810520. Correctly handle static methods and attributes in the NativeProperties structs that Xrays use. r=peterv
a1e3296bcd218d8e284e800acbe71325eaeab0b1Gavin Sharp — Bug 811102: bustage fix #3 :(
d55265a9730401d794c02f029507b551c0109c67Mike Hommey — Bug 809806 - Make more importable. r=ted
6d47e2bedc07475b59f32cbc49dc30f70e0116f6Mike Hommey — Bug 809803 - Move strip flags in STRIP_FLAGS. r=khuey
2b31de6440468683e51c55314fd81ac34d1d6cb9Mike Hommey — Bug 809798 - Don't use BOTH_MANIFESTS. r=pike
a06a34a849551211c9352c79d09678f31faa1e06Gavin Sharp — Bug 811102 followup #2: add some clean up to tests from bug 804910 exposed by the fix for bug 811102, r=markh
a2cdd1e642672e54533648fabb01c2f4a20c4122Alexander Surkov — Bug 807911 - whittle mutation events processing, r=tbsaunde
34903538f4588b0f6174970bfb1d64a592ad30a7Chia-hung Tai — Bug 788441: Add alphanumeric parsing. r=vyang
24babe39cd7e49b531f003478eab98f9e29060bcPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
76509d0847ecdc30ccf1cbc9b8cabe8866a1efbbJonathan Griffin — Bug 810517 - Check for valid listenerWindow, r=mdas
cab9c764a898e00de2c7242ccafe537d41b49f5bGavin Sharp — Followup to bug 811102's followup
2e23d71714b4be422335257351615c7d4454396eGavin Sharp — Bug 811102 test followup: terminate worker to avoid leak, r=markh
359b234648375ba78bc4135ef18a314f1a65c310Mark Hammond — Bug 807935 - social chatbar should be hidden in full-screen mode. r=jaws
f60b494448f881a35c5a1d7806bdd2aabb8d436dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out de9fff3a523, c567df2244f5, 8e3d976d5dc5, and c7499faaec23 (bug 800915) for bustage.
cd854e9fe7c1261507c8c0de712bdddbdb1898f4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 810933 - Fix regression in bug 809199 caused by incorrect order of parameters. r=Cwiiis
039875aeaf2b4d6c7096a38eec630e5b6f2b74c5Jonathan Griffin — Bug 811175 - Don't install mozbase packages from github, r=whimboo
0e05ac6ac23d0d71ecdd304c3bb0300e13a3d734Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 809603. Simplify border radius drawing. r=roc
34e2424d10442b234b713f04b596c884160753d7John Schoenick — Backout e12e84a82fa3 (Bug 787778) for orange
85b3e7667edc32526740f1391709b730d63f6ba5Shane Caraveo — Bug 811102: fix two bugs with worker reloading, r=gavin/markh, tests by markh/gavin
0d124d4f28b0d3365ae7c4ec0ab4b2a99e399405Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 757593: update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_4_BETA1. Also includes the fixes for
de9fff3a523240b175c0aca822911011b926d64dBobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Remove the cx parameter and simplify various APIs. r=sfink,bz
c567df2244f59d53a71467afa461a12adad8ba7fBobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Reimplement PUNCTURE consumers in terms of isSafeToUnwrap() and remove PUNCTURE API. r=mrbkap
8e3d976d5dc5c0029cf810a83f7f5bcecf0aeac9Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Add infrastructure to flag security wrappers as unsafe to unwrap. r=mrbkap
c7499faaec23ae05c3031ae248f5f8a5d8d313a3Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Clarify and refine the semantics of SecurityWrapper so that it is used if and only if unwrapping is unsafe. r=mrbkap
8c5ad849146fdb57760cda69cf11bea0f8b92c33Makoto Kato — Bug 810661 - Turn off PGO of Ctypes.cpp. r=khuey
e997348bdeaa20335a2fbd1169166055a6f830abAndrew McCreight — Bug 792090 - Ignore unused result in CGProxy...PresenceChecker. r=bz
0c3592db8b447ac3a6a6dba2e0fa0f7434e5bb96Jed Parsons — Bug 811095 - (Re)enable identity modules. r=benadida
c958c734e3d3580033d33fb406db26e53c646c94Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e08357289bedc9c2ba253c7d5b3b82ac40402624Kannan Vijayan — Bug 803730 - Fix boxing of object input in instanceOf checks. r=sstangl,dvander
e12e84a82fa34d7da870b700c04ea7bc09a08c18John Schoenick — Bug 787778 - Add test. r=josh
3de447b1c39655778504203e2b3e8547b726d199Chris Peterson — Bug 785663 - Wait for keyboard to stop resizing before scrolling text input into view. r=djf a=blocking-basecamp+
bcb591d32bd65872c8ed7fe46fdbc4a3d6467f89Bobby Holley — Bug 809674 - Fail at call time when invoking an XPCWrappedJS method with [implicit_jscontext] or [optional_argc]. r=mrbkap
9d13fb8bd7f5187a0d76380d619e56e45d2e69e4Bobby Holley — Bug 810743 - First check for pending exceptions, _then_ examine the invoke result. r=mrbkap
2ee6655b6da14dc23eed51bb26f680a1b310dcd2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 811132 - Avoid some wasted space by making XPT arena chunks bigger. r=khuey.
26c2e6c1c22e157ec05625d42929bef364fb4204Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 810764 - Catch and handle various exceptions that can be thrown if the user pinches in a narrow window before Gecko is ready. r=jwir3
ae60a01fc2626590b5d01976f25ab22c58228ffcEitan Isaacson — Bug 810372 - don't add app urls to utterances. r=davidb
543413e0df7007b2b516f401cbfaef7d9589c7dfEitan Isaacson — Bug 810359 - Introduce haptic feedback. r=davidb
908a6c66f03dcb807889e19de3818368cd357ad5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 810364 - Use startX as current X in touch adapter. r=davidb
7c4212c1e583c7b154a6bcc4a4fa2ee1c9dc35adLuke Wagner — Bug 810192 - don't require a default constructor for Hash{Map,Set}; only construct objects for live elements (r=terrence)
866e9c7d656d7a95c564fbd24b40a6da0ef5d442Bill McCloskey — Bug 810560 - Followup (r=luke)
a10481c78d8e4d4a179b25f4aab47c3dec9c2a4cBill McCloskey — Bug 810560 - Fix scheduledForDestruction assertion (r=luke)
1b0226622e94b2c7aedc16ade4ac23e98f8e407ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 08fd9aa0d6e1 (bug 810102) for turning bug 728834 permaorange
7c8fa27e95be7dfa24a8123b0dfcc6a391446580Phil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
5ea36ae3e9f00aa0107e50e7e518ddc8bbf75376Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 810597 (crash in GetPrintCanvasElementsInFrame). r=bz
c7fa101f3e81cfbe01be8832259289f9adb60be1Jared Wein — Bug 807422 - Panels should open towards the center of the browser window. r=felipe
59c32eccc97d306ec2e38a5e69d9b6377bf3140dJohn Schoenick — Bug 766886 - Cleanup plugin streams earlier to avoid shutdown leak. r=bsmedberg
3d152765afe61cde82c3685270776718714d0cd1Vladan Djeric — Bug 811088 - about:telemetry causes startup info to be gathered multiple times
0640697d6781f034ff3f30e8812eb18e94432476Gregor Wagner — Bug 811090 - Wrong scope for NSGetFactory. r=khuey
9c109426c0e3061cdf759049e12f5d04ee041898William Lachance — Bug 805116 - Print more of the logcat in mobile tests;r=gbrown
79b202f6671e0b47396604981aeda6c2f2b5d95fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 810107 - Update pdf.js to version 0.6.123. r=dtownsend
2e0eb299471ceac645d5f54fffb8e565566acd45Georg Fritzsche — Bug 805330 - Cleanup and attempt to avoid intermittent orange from bug 751809. r=josh
b5978f028cf5fc7a97a21dd8c081b0b3b8e8c019Brendan Dahl — Bug 791466 - Fix direct write cairo scaled font. r=Bas
3b036060e831c9a6a1b1281aba9cedf82240da65Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 775949 - [OS.File] Test suite uses |info| instead of |ok|. r=Yoric
657980dc46fd2fbf97efdf0767037fb62377093dChuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Expose capabilities to DOM. r=mrbkap
b1501a0a129016d7e7d4ab8d4d663bc15c1c2b92Chuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Provide network connection status. r=mrbkap
94e8b43c6d235ce9e7754ce73ede35eec704732bChuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Change object key of configure network, and return array to gaia instead of object. r=mrbkap
32bbe2ea773ae85e8b4179e5285e8c655234fd2fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cd5b9d2728d0d68364cc6452369ea353d1e58fbaJeff Walden — Warning patrol: change the type of a variable to that of the value assigned to it, remove a set-but-never-used variable. No bug, r=sparky
769777308b198b158e3efae2659347d3305c3798Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add C++ core of Intl object and constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat. However, disable initialization of Intl object and its constructors while functionality is incomplete. r=jwalden
bd5af10962327f5d114dd30615945c7cc0d6a200Felipe Gomes — Bug 803255. Ensure previous document viewer is cleared when creating a new one to avoid leaking the old one. r=bz
30df269639f0d4e270657e1e614d5f984d5d69c6Mike Conley — Bug 810340 - Keep downloads button a consistent size on OSX, regardless of the remaining download time. r=mak.
fc53121e1685eb9dfd07197c12cd3c22be52c15dSeth Fowler — Test for Bug 796179 - Errors in files with large data URIs can cause the error console to consume gigabytes of memory and lock up the browser. r=rcampbell
a557ce61d622e955d3a0981661b3bd57859cd25aSeth Fowler — Bug 796179 - Don't store full source URI in an attribute in the error console, and display it in abbreviated form to the user. r=rcampbell r=Neil
d8fed46ba90d78fb9d27d2a45292f43b93fdc93bWes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Tests for swipe between screens. r=lucasr
0a14e7f19dbf609a670403c5bf2bc60413a95c86Wes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Add swipe between screens in awesomescreen. r=lucasr
82cb8e969e0c40855a6d7b0e3f2003799323e9deMatt Woodrow — Bug 805197 - Compute a region in LayerTreeInvalidation. r=roc
33d32f170ff2a32a599440473dbf661e12221b70Andrew McCreight — Bug 810094 - make nsXMLContentSink::mDocElement a COMptr. r=hsivonen
08fd9aa0d6e1d9e1493eed9013422bbcd3dcfb60Terrence Cole — Bug 810102 - Exactly root all BaseShape; r=sfink
b0384bf925aa3c0c34637f6cb7651aac1db9c4b3Wes Johnston — Bug 810048 - Show filename as title for downloads. r=mleibovic
4d4abb8e14190cd96cb06f63679c8281e514ca25Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 802274 - Part 2: Show about:privatebrowsing when starting Firefox with the -private flag in both global and per-window private browsing mode; r=jdm,gavin
891f2dc392f01037dcb48fc50d5d74d4a9c0e709Ethan Hugg — Bug 806407 Fix type in struct passed into msgsnd f=jesup
3052145ed25c9c0a7b8b58921a025937e5f35cfbRob Wood — Bug 808783 - Disable crashing telephony test, r=ahal, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB
4be7dbc93bba519ae15b9117cf4eeb06c00c8dbbMalini Das — Bug 809245 - add preliminary touch support to marionette, r=jgriffin
7493a7ad3f37280ca2d90952d7f6ed2593014d13Lucas Rocha — Bug 804600 - Fix crash when accessing about:reader with no arguments (r=mfinkle)
edc00669b8e13aada1969ab0d37ff26246bb1b43Lucas Rocha — Bug 808296 - Update top sites thumbnails from adapter, not from gridview (r=mfinkle)
27ba1cfc0b30ceddbbf1c9258ec042d88a03beb1Ed Morley — Bug 798220 - Disable test_xhr_timeout.html on Android for intermittent failures
a137fc5f83c59ca607e2866d89d54f67c9f6cd9cHenri Sivonen — Bug 808464 - Refresh the "special" list in the HTML parser and the check for that list in the <dd> case. r=smaug.
104e49ae05f4a4fe48b33dec1b86d1a96a7c480bGregory Szorc — Bug 809071 - Sleep after failure to delete profile directory; r=ted
56f2416266047524b1433fb651f5205662149924Victor Porof — Bug 810642 - Intermittent browser_dbg_panesize.js | Height preferences shouldn't have been updated yet, r=past
71274e4740604a00e916f9b28edd31e314c0b005Rudy Lu — Bug 810769 - [Browser] No keyboard available f=ttaubert r=kaze a=blocking-basecamp
f76ba3850b0a599eded03eea5f471db32e7f80efEd Morley — Backout 4fce20d0189f (bug 783913) since the later tests still failed
0a19ff77bee4434ca790c41635a82d2ef3459cc9Henri Sivonen — Bug 809956 - Deal with an odd number of ] characters before ]]> in a CDATA section in the HTML parser. r=smaug.
e960dece2a232b9a7d0c1f58486b69d93d85b726Joel Maher — Bug 737961 - add reftest manifest conditions for height width. r=dbaron
dbf9eb83be72e1daaa553fffa10e41d671c01eb2Jacek Caban — Bug 810240 - xpcom/ds/nsObserverService.cpp fails to link on mingw r=glandium
907883fa76f192b4e77d21c847823b00cbc278f0Doug Turner — Bug 810137 - Device Storage filter out video formats that we do not support. r=padenot
447ab08591afe523ebc9634de3dd8237044bf114Karl Tomlinson — b=810426 Flush() old surfaces before the plugin may redraw r=roc
da9fc6bdeae0983cd060490ded6fb1a028da9f89Karl Tomlinson — b=807728 use mozPaintCount instead of getPaintCount to keep track of when the browser gets updates rather than when the plugin provides them
322311084df9142028faca3de632a7ebb6b485a8Wes Kocher — No bug - Update revision of jetpack code used in Firefox's test suite to pick up a test fix. r=kwierso
1ac4c8b221729c0c31e02f3d0df6ed4e80abba31Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 810215 - Fix stupid defect causing the "explicit/atoms-table" reporter to always return 0. r=khuey.
dbc3eb4a6931a8a21670c005086f106eef06a92bDaniel Holbert — Bug 804089: Call DidReflow() after "measuring" reflow of flex item, to clear any intermediate state before our *real* ReflowChild() call. r=dbaron
b857905d82b45456853866330c98b372b14f20dbMs2ger — Bug 811068 - Copy ^headers^ file in; r=jhammel (DONTBUILD)
96e7580fb756584faa1e59644af537b85bb7c4b3Ms2ger — No bug - Add a step I forgot to dom/imptests/README. DONTBUILD
b2bdbfe06b10d57adfd6a4573d07b966c443d17cPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 804950 (New DOM binding APIs for Element). r=bz.
d785c6a18a3eef270b234dda56642d54ae6453acPaolo Amadini — Bug 775495 - Replace waitForClearHistory and waitForAsyncUpdates with versions that return promises, and remove waitForFrecency. r=mak
2886c065d702143d686eb1a0f7fcb5194487f522Brian R. Bondy — Bug 791829 - Tests for resuming a stopped/partial update. r=ehsan
5f17f8908bd480a56ca96f890cb5558c37728df5Brian R. Bondy — Bug 791829 - Add support for resuming a stopped/partial update. r=rstrong
073c95d208a8b54fec010bca2f9a052132043eb6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 479ac3187c81 (bug 810137) for test failures.
479ac3187c818a93f0045b2dab893bf5041a02baDoug Turner — Bug 810137 - Device Storage filter out video formats that we do not support. r=padenot
ae03089b3ad8514997a648fea299f525176c18ffNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 800064 - Fix the units of computation in the shell watchdog. r=terrence
ba4903cc7523da2c21a6ef6f749c0c457960f4f1Brian Smith — Bug 799009: Remove unneeded SSL-related security alerts, r=honzab, r=dao
b9a8253986f7ef00d9d92c9ed160bceef32df0f1Brian Smith — Bug 799007: Remove support for low/weak/null cipher suites, r=honzab, r=dao
782f9b92815c5596c7e7c0729f22a3403fdfa03eBrian Smith — backout cset b36d5c933092 due to orange
c80941a6582bfefb674b43a08a43906f104b0923Brian Smith — backout cset 30f8e29f9cd1 due to orange
0aa4bfb230636c9821fd43defda3455a8c901879Brian Smith — Bug 772365: Fix build bustage caused by cset 4ed8af50dc10, a=bustage
30f8e29f9cd1615352c28b69e10dc6446d7f92eeBrian Smith — Bug 799009: Remove unneeded SSL-related security alerts, r=honzab, r=dao
b36d5c933092c4f0b57ea58c58e5b7916e0f2088Brian Smith — Bug 799007: Remove support for low/weak/null cipher suites, r=honzab, r=dao
65359d53e0db2a44aa72cf80cfefb02ebc403fd6Brian Smith — Bug 802302: Remove obsolete OCSP responder override UI and API, r=honzab
4ed8af50dc10f98b29142c566b0abfdc40f46eddBrian Smith — Bug 772365, Part 0: remove nsNSSCertHeader.h, r=honzab
9b205ad49020a40053f4e3d304c35de2c139c0ebBrian Smith — Bug 804441: Put our NSPR and NSS header wrappers before OS_INCLUDES, r=ted
09c4b0d2158166af722863198ee2b598f7f64830Alexander Surkov — Bug 804040 - Selection event not fired when selection of ARIA tab changes, r=tbsaunde
77b4e5ec2e788a9f3b97ec2b0cdfb881255a109dRichard Newman — Bug 786926 - updateBookmark doesn't set DATE_MODIFIED. r=mfinkle
5c0965b86033386c025041f8981d180d54818265Frédéric Wang — Bug 487587 - In mathml formulas, the content of many <mo> elements is not highlighted when selected. r=roc
cf7575ceef5a7af40b72cc6f004f6d1d9b0ae1d6philringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice - a=blocklist-update
8dab31701ed1c3a6bf0661dcaa13ca1dff63915fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
0a49449890680cb3cc624f796d3349f60ae8805aVictor Porof — Bug 809392 - The remote and chrome debugger windows don't have a title, r=past
9e32f45ff7e73e5e46379ee831f7715ec2b21f40Victor Porof — Bug 809002 - Stick the variables view exported symbols on 'this', r=past
805eb52e8508480b7c5f2a3a0d17b0d5d3ce1617Victor Porof — Bug 808988 - The stackframes and breakpoints containers should have a min and max height, r=past
ab2c2caccaebf961ac673f024dd0364b4bd616a3Victor Porof — Bug 808980 - Clicking on the empty area of the stack list produces error message: item is null, r=past
1c6faa70f2ccbe3b13e2d340f7ee8e35b6c6eaf3Victor Porof — Bug 808786 - Add a pref to disable sorting the variables when adding them in the view, r=past
1f5b1a3d50d18fbb088617e316608f582ac04019Victor Porof — Bug 808691 - The remote and chrome debugger windows should remember their size across sessions, r=past
3a9b363596cfc9768990d57e042062c4d3ff1bb2Nicholas Cameron — Bug 782311; put back D3D10_RESOURCE_MISC_GDI_COMPATIBLE. r=Bas
8ed3ac815205e23aae4bfbce1a8f1daf1b10c2dcJustin Lebar — Bug 806168 - Remove extra indentation in webapp_clearBrowserData.js. r=bent
7bd8f1301fceada03cb796bf7de47ecbd663afc8Justin Lebar — Bug 806168 - Test for bugs 802366 and 806127. r=bent
9b762aa96799981407bfec57a09d84828c72bb7fJustin Lebar — Bug 806127 - Test that cookies from pages inside <iframe mozbrowser> are not considered third-party. r=bz
18abb3f6d91a3f1007654a8ba3a7227ebd1024fdJustin Lebar — Bug 806127 - ThirdPartyUtil should not consider in-process <iframe mozbrowser/mozapp> to be third-party. r=bz
5bdd08dcb8ad6c91c86675e54c27e061045e1f7cJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Epilogue: Remove workaround for bug 802366 in Webapps.jsm. r=sicking
b8616abaacf1f6276abee50175acc13004db7026Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Use TabContext to make IDB handling more correct in TabParent. r=bent
f69c066923580b9fbb4377d3a7bc8c1dad805e4dJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - The main event: Let a browser process inherit its app's id. r=bz,cjones
927c8e35b4d0d6b0ac23ffce60e45f5cab24ba17Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 5: Improve comments in nsIDocShellTreeItem.idl and nsILoadContext.idl. r=bz
5a06f3d7dc81a74c0525cd2bc1a664248fa7b7eeJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 4: Use and simplify nsScriptSecurityManager::GetDocShellCodebasePrincipal. r=bz
a93adbd3b6083bee4b39ee2995aedf69230d2abaJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 3: Make some methods on nsIPrincipal infallible, and improve documentation on other methods. r=bz
9b31589a15909cfbad6654eed62774575277e34aJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 2: Rename GetParentIgnoreBrowserFrame to GetSameTypeParentIgnoreBrowserAndAppBoundaries. r=bz
757ae1ab716a5a1724631ad2cfb8e54642ec65f7Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 1: Rename in-process-browser-frame-shown to in-process-browser-or-app-frame-shown. r=bz
d2458d28343cfca51aa8bb94584ce86a4585cc7bJim Chen — Bug 810248 - Fix GeckoEditable call on wrong object; r=cpeterson
2804a15008b29cf38426ef4da9a9070ee2b2a32eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b5c86318a3ee (bug 801918) for various regressions.
91480ec2061ea809098032da258ad1d7ab41d105Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5054c2552a30 (bug 798033) for b2g bustage.
a1418d7f96712951913e9176b13a2e0ce42e84b2Matt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from js headers - r=billm
5054c2552a308357e1ebcc58d5cf78a88576ff24Matt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from dom headers - r=khuey
823b82e784f5a5ca9aaa99b7959ea887a947446fPatrick McManus — bug 810152 - 0 len no fin spdy data frames r=honzab
ef2d01934baed3ea8726f0044a8e9de027917326Patrick McManus — bug 809913 spdy post hang with mod_spdy r=honzab
c28e2bf7d4901e103418c827c766a0c9303f1799Patrick McManus — bug 809909 - spdy/3 goaway frame missing status code bytes r=honzab
a81e93520c4938e0efaa80b22566c50ecb6c7947Trevor Saunders — bug 808229 - rm a11yGeneric.h r=surkov
90f23642624ff7a0c5e71df02504ab482b784060Trevor Saunders — bug 808229 - remove the pointless use of the one remaining macro r=surkov
77fa19b95a71004aaed3535030a9f2de8e6a61b6Trevor Saunders — bug 808229 - remove unused NS_ENSURE_ macro and associated success error code r=surkov
999673b552f41d841651dbf34e21816d1d8efebeTrevor Saunders — bug 808229 - inline the one use of the 2 arg runnable r=surkov
508f6cb9eaa82fc7996f42264df9cdf61552d4efTrevor Saunders — bug 808229 - remove unused runnable macros r=surkov
f00ea0cb7b505b299a763d2b8dd946b1cfcf95ccAlexander Surkov — Bug 809751 - presentational table related elements referred or having global ARIA attributes must be accessible, r=tbsaunde
4586e6f3c550879120ebbaaf5760eef520c73845Alexander Surkov — Bug 628649 - remove obsolette xlink support, r=tbsaunde
4da6f3bf0cc3045a1cf8e5f5e13243736fef8dc2Trevor Saunders — bug 810554 - add logging
f19782bd70a0feb3880bc2258e53ffae10e60d00Anant Narayanan — Bug 810164: Disable bfcache for pages with active PeerConnections; r=smaug,jesup
ea5c4c1b0edf6101acd445bb7e0e1c9511a237f7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 795887 - Close cache on suspend_process_notification observer notifiations. r=michal
479a7ef74ae040ad13d0d7bcbd8759c7e6ea9c15Brian R. Bondy — Bug 795887 - Mirror existing sleep notification handling with process suspend notification handling. r=bsmedberg
6e70f8b8b025672fac43d24efa38277ed023e867Brian R. Bondy — Bug 795887 - Document sleep and process suspend notifications. r=roc
98e22583895a02249604a89ab5120c092e7d4cd3Jesse Ruderman — Testcase for bug 806310.
60df5b3e71374047f4f627d8e7fb2d11ecef099aL. David Baron — Fix CheckFontCallback to match 'rem' unit changes. (Bug 806310) r=bzbarsky
999a815a4a6d647949b816cccfb093123a8b901eRobert Strong — Bug 810509 - stub installer ping does not happen if user cancels while it is downloading. r=bbondy
dbbc549daa9e276cfd34507f5bacd78c2f6691dcBen Turner — Bug 808743 - ' Better protection for PBrowser shutdown and database invalidation in multiprocess scenarios'. r=khuey+cjones.
ef97b2249b0ec3ffc585d307f7476c6d96876a57Nathan Froyd — Backout fe44be80d09f (bug 810332) for Windows build bustage
fe44be80d09f7d2c96fb2c9a25821ce19a3a96dbNathan Froyd — Bug 810332 - don't include <iostream> in ipc code where it's not necessary; r=cjones
d33f050f2f34db7976ca504b5c6c5c55037e86a3Benoit Jacob — Bug 800612 - actually increase WebGL element array test repetitions, patch didnt apply cleanly - r=jgilbert
bc88f16024687b689538c48e4b6941c1f80604efWes Johnston — Bug 810415 - Support miniApp mode on samsung devices. r=mfinkle
3b367d7be35f505c2cc9886582523db003e9045bMike Habicher — Bug 810440 - Add missing rotation parameter to SetupRecording function call, drop default parameter values. r=daleharvey
590963fb0a3dc2981f1f43c02d6789a2489e9535Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 809727 - Wait for the write transaction to finish so that the blobs are expired. r=janv
e9c6c3ac7a762d18e3b0947021915b2d5859e928Seth Fowler — Bug 802849 - Refactor nsPresContext::MediaFeatureValuesChanged so that it can handle rebuilding style data for all callers. r=dbaron
5dc1c0530b009ac3f893daa77d70bc9ce482074fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 12 changesets (bug 806127, bug 802366, bug 806168) for Windows build bustage.
5eb2472d835d834df4a3965a96a898494e56cf9eJustin Lebar — Bug 806168 - Remove extra indentation in webapp_clearBrowserData.js. r=bent
2c1151f4ad8bcfc3827f8c2f167ac46424095342Justin Lebar — Bug 806168 - Test for bugs 802366 and 806127. r=bent
df92dc67212e754647f22cf9ddbf89f36477f8afJustin Lebar — Bug 806127 - Test that cookies from pages inside <iframe mozbrowser> are not considered third-party. r=bz
69bbc60a4bad56107c3f04165e4e2cae68e49559Justin Lebar — Bug 806127 - ThirdPartyUtil should not consider in-process <iframe mozbrowser/mozapp> to be third-party. r=bz
5b7551ba16ba3f93b7e393cfb16d7e7bf16fe44dJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Epilogue: Remove workaround for bug 802366 in Webapps.jsm. r=sicking
065dde531bf9b7eded7797242185fb083be0b04bJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Use TabContext to make IDB handling more correct in TabParent. r=bent
f479bbbe4b36a5b61e9cefa1ed912925a712eb88Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - The main event: Let a browser process inherit its app's id. r=bz,cjones
d1ed361b48060662b4855ecdda75328917c8374dJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 5: Improve comments in nsIDocShellTreeItem.idl and nsILoadContext.idl. r=bz
7f0d506a10e9dc2f506dad5f775cfc2752192d7aJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 4: Use and simplify nsScriptSecurityManager::GetDocShellCodebasePrincipal. r=bz
69f25313dbb00274ba06cb2d24b7195838c4b09cJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 3: Make some methods on nsIPrincipal infallible, and improve documentation on other methods. r=bz
b5a1e7b624c17809539ace97321504a19ef0c8ffJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 2: Rename GetParentIgnoreBrowserFrame to GetSameTypeParentIgnoreBrowserAndAppBoundaries. r=bz
bd00833b94d1680d505e4b2a0e75e402afb009cdJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 1: Rename in-process-browser-frame-shown to in-process-browser-or-app-frame-shown. r=bz
ff655e6f934c5255f6a866825f25c838ba7f2986Bill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Add a new form of TRANSPLANT GC, with assertions for leaks (r=luke)
139f53c8e5d81961f213826f7e915e235a4d80f7Terrence Cole — Bug 805080 - Move more API users to CompileOptions; r=luke
34b4e47ebf6013ef2cb6434274b501e15ec7be56Jim Mathies — merge backout
4a30312c512090ce7b001974942438a7a6147eebJim Mathies — Backout Bug 810164 due to bustage. r=bustage
4214cae0c9bbed6aefd9ef2f2201bc910ac83e4cJared Wein — Bug 810419 followup - Update test description. DONTBUILD r=me
d8bc8bb4b00754e60fbfb6d53e1c8d9580549114Jared Wein — Bug 810419 - Duplicate ambient-menuitems in the Social API keyboard-access menu. r=felipe
6550240a3cb7a754777fbd68b5d67e80ed327b45Anant Narayanan — Bug 810164: Disable bfcache for pages with active PeerConnections; r=smaug,jesup
ecf947ebf44f0159f3c9def224c68553235a84e9Gregory Szorc — Bug 809677 - Refactor httpd.js to work when modules are functions; r=Waldo
a47525b9352836b35eca12470c9d1f29e2779894Benoit Jacob — Bug 806094 - Remove USE_ANGLE - r=jgilbert
28469cfc8eecaa9e3b5d19970a408012ff49fd53Benoit Jacob — Bug 806091 - Don't export WebGL headers - r=jgilbert
8f0f5a7da4bc17669dce4148a69e1777d1205a54Benoit Jacob — Bug 802778 - validate level parameter in copyTexImage2D - r=jgilbert
df73d3bca6e006051a08d15dd84347c59b288fb1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 808724 - Application with embed-apps permission can not use the mozpasspointerevents attribute. r=roc
a31d3b784446ca8eaf92c2f22dbed388297a47e1Benoit Jacob — Bug 800612 - 2/2 - Enable compiled code tests in content/canvas - r=ted
d7d0cb3b68e01bf60f5a4b635d3e775f4900b265Benoit Jacob — Bug 800612 - 1/2 - fix WebGLElementArrayCache bug and increase test repetitions to catch this bug - r=jgilbert
1a69f5c63aab3cd5b2c04bf29d2d84bbbb2251c7Richard Newman — No bug: kill trailing whitespace in android_strings.dtd. DONTBUILD r=trivial
b80ac0b99a8f3296ee9fb1fc035a1c3411dd259dMike Conley — Bug 810343 - Downloads button paused state looks bad on gnomestripe. r=mak.
0e0750c14c491abac564321317e4f268e76c573ePeter Van der Beken — Bustage fix (bug 804991 - Make FromContent expect a non-null pointer and add FromContentOrNull)
191155ed17b0989a8210ed4c07c163a6e851770bKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 809671 - Don't change wake lock state if visibility doesn't change. r=jlebar
e57d9d6a66aeda907c6db8d331f765b39244faf3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 804311 - Remove nsFilePicker from b2g r=fabrice
3e88fade2d0cf33adf055163e07a6dce00d81007Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Reintroduce x-windows-949 hack. r=hsivonen
1889ff1d55da9596e6ae946d627c16587e620ab8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Use FindEncodingForLabel from FileReaderSync. r=khuey, r=hsivonen
81cb145bd52b50940b4051ecf9165c7f30cf0fe1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 801437. Breakage fix for feof(). r=ehsan
ee3ee9e659bdb255b3db24633b64d6e54b58be4fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 804991 (Make FromContent expect a non-null pointer and add FromContentOrNull). r=bz.
5fd176fb2acaec963539d0a9ce513aec76b22169Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 807330 (Make xpc_qsUnwrapThis/xpc_qsUnwrapArg deal with new DOM bindings). r=jst.
843a3db9c0457acbdf91e257a927ac97ea4a7dc5Luke Wagner — Bug 807845 - provide a jsfriendapi to query the caller's outermost enclosing function (r=jimb)
7dbb863bed7ca9906af2df81569f0d42f15d2808Bill McCloskey — Backout 34791dac914c for assertion failure (bug 803376)
a9bcfba40259dda0ec814613d87ef54a219dd270Jonathan Griffin — Bug 810421 - Add --tree arg to Marionette, r=ahal
3510028ef83b04bc7a641fc1ed2c2d151f65385eWes Johnston — Bug 810398 - Update support library error message to be clearer. r=blassey
aa92753341730917b617685d794ffd19541d312aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 810041 - Add SPPrefService message listener to B2G mochitests, r=jgriffin
d6dd6d94c1a1af61896d34c02fc855fffc04f75cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 801437. Reimplement ensure_copy. r=ehsan
d6c8276fe88ecf228d07eab1a84f60b2f267803bL. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 5: Remove unneeded null-checks in nsIPresShell.h. r=roc
0be0f375cac84429ef1fe63e422db4c47761c64dL. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 4: Remove null-checks of NS_New*Frame callers in the frame constructor. r=bzbarsky
c6e38e3251581683df57b060ec0e07330bea693cL. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 3: Stop handling allocation failures in the style system that no longer need to be handled. r=bzbarsky
fc4edef8bbeda38540c29ea30006e3cf84618689Dave Hylands — Bug 783630 - Fix bustage on inbound.
e80cebf5468bff7953b224b4e9fdc8d8c16a3199Dave Hylands — Bug 783630 - Make OOP console logs only show up once in logcat. r=bzbarsky
6ef17696d13e807039973e4c551db3d4a39d53c6Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
c89140aad95adbacc7b52bddfd3693d70794cbeaAlexander Surkov — Bug 757774 - Fire state change event when link is traversed, r=tbsaunde
289d4cc0176779cc4303fe23c2c7e4d57b52c90fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 809260. Example codegen should include ErrorResult.h in the header. r=mccr8
171fb4e22243431a23eaca8f53a35cef96bcabf7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 808698. Set up example codegen for proxy bindings to work correctly. r=jst
5f887e05fc16daedd449b98711acf2bfdf80844eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 796983 followup to address peterv's comments. r=presumably-peterv
371c850cf154611bec6eea6ad1bee86ab130fe0dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 805310. Add some documentation for our object-wrapping helpers. r=peterv
2777bc29ce77760219f05fb7a7c9b0c497c80733Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807224 followup to address review comments. r=presumably-peterv
34791dac914ce1d9005448f7704b5676838d9c49Bill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Add a new form of TRANSPLANT GC, with assertions for leaks (r=luke)
83fe0193339b5ca1c16924b20d975763630536b5Bill McCloskey — Bug 809295 - Do a better job handling failure in JSCompartment::wrap (r=luke)
912a4721564f21245fbd1c2daf4266b92cd95f16Bill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Remove old TRANSPLANT GCs (r=luke)
31262478deb7c6efbb6806046d08d63bacefc27fBill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Add a special form of wrapper rooting (r=luke)
b2876ba6c0cd7ed54a95e2cb22371729c116e31bBill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Allow wrappers to be reused (r=bholley)
e8a05026a17549bdaf6d9d0874b6a974e2abc38eBill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Add JSObject::setCrossCompartmentSlot (r=terrence)
bd9729ca4de24b289ce2432a0444f8392eb7351dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 8. Remove the exceptions for EventHandler in WebIDL codegen. r=smaug
69eccdae84d72c6e70f62dbab84ef09f3faccf22Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 7. Move creation of our event handlers out to the relevant API methods. r=smaug
f9e7d57d435a2dc2711ed48ea1a0973326b72630Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 6. Centralize our IMPL_EVENT_HANDLER macro definitions in nsDOMEventTargetHelper. r=smaug
741e28cf55ee20db857424ef8320921b948f74dcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 5. Allow event handlers to have a null scope object if they don't have to compile from a string. r=smaug
f244d412e48500932c346c25de78ea2814cb1802Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 4. Allow event handlers to have a null nsIScriptContext if they won't have to compile from a string. r=smaug
f64f70e0649c0b233e5973e675f65383406a496bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 3. Change event handlers to call their WebIDL callbacks directly. r=smaug
0ee3b6d2415aa35ae487dea95458a6cebeaade1dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 2. Change event handlers to store WebIDL callback functions. r=smaug
e2727ec34a16a7a4d6b5afd4830eed0d17807e2eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 1. Make it easier to do special things with beforeunload and error events as needed. r=smaug
a1566a0fa1c8ef325c6adfa3d58893f1c7c48782Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 0.5. More undefs to stop Windows headers from messing with our GetClassName. r=peterv
99665db010391ee8d327d8e3b6d636461c2ce811Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807224. Implement native-to-JS conversion for WebIDL unions. r=peterv
5266596c96acec30310daecc832ac811bdffabccBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 followup. Add a comment that explains why the assert about exceptionCode being default when invalidEnumValueFatal is false is an ok thing to assert. r=peterv, DONTBUILD
983d136130c5e7b9a359cd6231844b7a06ec3370Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 10. Start using the new callback codegen in argument and return value conversion. r=peterv,smaug
ae3ec856b05e6e6f705ec130ef902f12ec828aeaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 9. Give JS-to-native conversion an object pointer to work with so it can convert callback objects. r=peterv
07b9c4137182677fa309bde16c4ba6cdb0ee44e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 8. Handling of arguments for callbacks. r=peterv
ed8298f468529961ec9122a6ae56f102bae003aaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 7. Make native-to-JS conversion support doing something other than "return false" on JS exceptions. r=peterv
e32756c083efba88404e04eff833e48aa76690b5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 6. Handling of return values for callbacks. r=peterv
f53d2f3833fcaee54cbc1b29828badd87682d663Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 5. Make js-to-native conversion support doing something other than "return false" on JS exceptions. r=peterv
fd824d059eb1f631658351fc042d5a1c44a875c1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 4. Implement basic codegen for callbacks, without handling of arguments or return values yet. r=peterv
e012fb02c5668ff215b81060f9dd256330beafe4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 3. Refactor the code we use for generating example declarations a bit so we can reuse it for callbacks. r=peterv
c348f36c317ba4e414f6de7d83aeacbf0b9d525dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 2. Rearrange how we do our includes and forward-declares to actually work with callbacks and dictionaries sanely. r=peterv
172241f160f1f4db55b4ea2705be6282e816273aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 1. Implement a parent class for C++ reflections of callback functions in WebIDL. r=bholley,smaug
61d0e897a9f7461ad9f8c16f2eea125c3ae21916Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 0.5. Don't require a JSContext argument for nsJSUtils::GetStaticScriptGlobal. r=bholley
9c42a7af7ac6bffc5f03c7142b79a77cba858972Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 809882 - Disallow non-positive arguments to AudioContext.createDelay; r=bzbarsky
2cca616a1ddb5ac8c80dffbbd63d31b7c62765a5Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
07eea74cea2bbcaa8958771c1250526f8db98b64Brian R. Bondy — Bug 797013 - CheckInterfaceSupport fails on some hardware in metrofx. Do not rely on it. r=bas
05b11a8d1aced63fc194e39aeec1415646fa5d51Gervase Markham — Bug 797147 - Update PSL for .UK. Temporary reversion of part of change until
dff0e2be349755e2acc92e29f4703c9622f06191Gervase Markham — Bug 791822 - Add .gt to IDN whitelist.
c95b9413e66ef360e1a111136280dd79793bb295Gervase Markham — Bug 770877 - Add .com, .net, .name to IDN TLD whitelist.
c39596b468638ecac8903847717b14200cf5ec9fEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last PGO green changeset from mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
1fdb059f5ae6ea6ce52d71ed50efba936c06ad36Mounir Lamouri — Bug 807613 - Add a pref to make the placeholder disappear when a text field is focused. r=bz
61bd7f8b54deaca3d571771ba8e18c5b97c44e2aMounir Lamouri — Bug 809585 - Remove nsITextControlFrame::GetTextLength. r=bz
9d46cc58dc1a0fec4779bcb0c8e2ceda03c15a0fMounir Lamouri — Bug 809584 - Move the placeholder visibility logic to nsTextEditorState. r=ehsan
f3faea7f51123dcb9e3545c9076d9d7caecd3629Mounir Lamouri — Bug 556145 - Use opacity instead of GrayText for ::-moz-placeholder UA's style. r=bz,davidb
b5dffbc5a1549fddfe0bea6f68f6ac2d08a5df31Mounir Lamouri — Bug 737786 - 5/5 - Add pointer-events: none; in ::-moz-placeholder styling and test it. r=bz
612d29c19d3c641dd1d400928e3088e598cdb3c4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 737786 - 4/5 - Add more tests for ::-moz-placeholder. r=bz
0f28fd24bdf3ec223c5dd6620270021e7bb800baMounir Lamouri — Bug 737786 - 3/5 - Restrictions for ::-moz-placeholder. r=bz
6b9ba4944378fd7eb5695c36a8530f330bea4ca2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 737786 - 2/5 - Use a pseudo-element instead of a pseudo-class for placeholder styling. r=bz
b3c3d66e557a2474d79f0e0537d90676a6a4cb22Mounir Lamouri — Bug 737786 - 1/5 - Show/hide placeholder based on display lists instead of CSS class. r=bz
eef85b6308178536cda3bc5fd5b4d7ac7be830c1Josh Aas — Bug 801601: Remove code specific to OS X 10.5 in Cocoa widgets. r=smichaud
83157913f81fbb9b71c361b2660e653ab41ab8a5Marco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 5 - Build B2G without Places
695612ed380919608cac6ffa42f4ac6a750db659Marco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 4 - Disable Places in Firefox for Android.
a7f1ae3b42252558ec6a6b56e0c8b66a3008414aMarco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 3 - Allow widget to be built without Places
3755cf189e57a38aafc490681851b315100ef772Marco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 2 - Allow docshell and content to build without Places
31844532f0e8253f00443ef8fc59cbbaae38cbe5Marco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 1 - Remove Android history from Places
9b84789d3b81711c633672138e81b34fc420a9eaJonathan Kew — bug 774560 pt 3 - testcase for all characters with a full-width mapping. r=smontagu
6ca78bd4d6da11575ac8a11a59e2762a88ef80c0Jonathan Kew — bug 774560 pt 2 - implement text-transform:full-width. r=smontagu
9153a503df438a586b0b8f222bfff8e71354806aJonathan Kew — bug 774560 pt 1 - add Unicode full-width character mapping data. r=smontagu
f2e49ecb67790ef7e9115e0db5385c0b7fd6cf98Henri Sivonen — Bug 809403 - Sync Gecko C++ version of the HTML parser with changes made for Rust. rs=smaug.
92701702794263c5fec380e48099eba7294c5fb7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 806996 part.6 Test if nsIWidget::OnIMEFocusChange() is called by nsTextStateManager properly r=smaug
73a92a915ce3597d7be08e7b748d32fb34f61825Masayuki Nakano — Bug 806996 part.5 nsEditor::PostCreate() should call nsIMEStateManager::UpdateIMEState() rather than nsIMEStateManager::OnChangeFocus() when it already has focus r=ehsan
c6e3a6eeb3c1d80fcc8faa4ca410e5bb3ac6c259Masayuki Nakano — Bug 806996 part.4 Make sure to recreate nsTextStateManager instance in OnFocusInEditor() and UpdateIMEState() if the focused editor isn't being managed r=smaug
e89844b9bd7c82d941548f9564f69a86dd7e8e70Masayuki Nakano — Bug 806996 part.3 Make sure to call nsIWidget::OnIMEFocusChange(false) at destroying nsTextStateManager instance only once per calling nsIWidget::OnIMEFocusChange(true) r=smaug
db12b505016faffb1056bcbd177886f0a778eed3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 806996 part.2 nsTextStateManager::IsManaging() should check if mRootContent is still in the mEditableNode r=smaug
9f66e17df8cf82f9f327038ae156d51792aa66deMasayuki Nakano — Bug 806996 part.1 Remove nsTextStateManager::mDestroying r=smaug
ed1c4f642584e18d5dc57d496d3fc33bb9e5714eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 805988. Add some asserts that new-binding objects are nsISupports if they claim to be or or can be safely reinterpret_cast to nsWrapperCache, if they have an nsWrapperCache at all, if they don't claim to be nsISupports. r=peterv
1c1fa8af5978ed6bf0b038839750228a63d40a70Boris Zbarsky — Bug 808991. Named getters should get called for indexed properties on objects that don't support indexed properties. r=peterv
f0ca8ef31bef6a53718c9b8f047de6d5e60d8916Matt Woodrow — Bug 799165 - Don't revoke a view manager flush on PresShell destruction if we don't own the refresh driver. r=roc
bc8bbf49b63acf5b1aa69a6dc8b299f88bb5d9ebEhsan Akhgari — Bug 810177 - Part 4: Make nsMediaDecoder not depend on nsHTMLMediaElement; r=cpearce
43ead32e1f4c6e4a00080bf5db69557ae69ccab2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 810177 - Part 3: Move the IsFormatEnabled methods from nsHTMLMediaElement to nsMediaDecoder; r=cpearce
145d08002c5a91eddf81f66fadc509bca0ae7ea0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 810177 - Part 2: Break MetadataTags out of nsHTMLMediaElements; r=cpearce
a61507b712ebc134da6dc2ff95229f111c869eacEhsan Akhgari — Bug 810177 - Part 1: Move NextFrameStatus to nsMediaDecoder; r=cpearce
495a42fcf46c02d272253d15d43f7e3019d966c7Doug Turner — Bug 809288 - nsGeolocationService GetInstance / GetGeolocationService inconsistencies. r=mrbkap a=blocking-basecamp
c98b2e425857d805e43cde8e220480017e4e7b1eDoug Turner — Bug 805965 - Geolocation fix jerks around. r=jdm/bz. a=blocking-basecamp
8351d466aec2201fd5d158e7e8e874e57867562cBas Schouten — Bug 809178: Don't let the inactive layer manager keep a gfxContext alive. r=mattwoodrow
92684bd694ed277774017fd612a652c247058633Dave Hylands — Backout e655c9d59704 Bug 809186 until we decide that we really want this.
efb2dca4496552a88f22d3cc0e5dbcbd651b6674Blake Kaplan — Bug 806965 - Initialize new child processes with the current offline state. r=jlebar
04fa7fd1c588db01e46325fe57848d86164e8963Phil Ringnalda — Back out 5ebd6549bf93 and 73287cb2dc6a (bug 794091) on suspicion of breaking Win64 PGO builds
16e931d21b6ff615475c1da5ed7224376b837628Randy Lin — Bug 805744 - Add Support for media control on Wired Headset Button. r=fabrice
244ced46ac1132d55bce9a0dd37e244059df7ad6Nathan Froyd — Bug 809950 - fix webrtc signaling Wrapper code to not introduce static initializers; r=jesup
5905e2a217b9ee8a8cb0feead3d19fc31361d7a6Nathan Froyd — Bug 809950 - fix mtransport logging macros to not introduce static initializers; r=jesup
3347658971cdec8587b3b5a4ab0594201ddffa1aEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
b1b3cbf7a8894ea0bd67743fc6dc2abfa0a7b8ddChris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Remove extraneous media includes from nsLayoutStatics.cpp. r=roc
1a9be77a429cb83cd984e42472efa9e1389cbdf9Chris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Remove virtual from media state machine methods, since they're not inherited. r=roc
dee39125618290b7348f5dd62aa99e9c7fe450f5Chris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Flatten nsBultinDecoderStateMachine and nsDecoderStateMachine into a single class. r=roc
325b40aaa768db062e479bc148edbde099ca930bChris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Un-templatify nsBuiltinDecoderReader::DecodeToFirstData() so that we don't need to know nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine's interface in nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h. This means that nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h doesn't need to include nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h when we move the state machine declaration from nsBuiltinDecoder.h to nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h (in a later patch). nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h needs to include nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h, so if nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h needed to include nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h we'd have an include cycle, which is bad. r=roc
0af82e65292b88caf318983dc408609069b27401Chris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Remove nsBuiltinDecoder::GetDecodeState(), so that nsBuiltinDecoder doesn't need to know about nsDecoderStateMachine::State. r=roc
f3fa8d88ab2df7171016a67c2bf815116c9ffb91Patrick McManus — bug 809984 HTTP Connections drain socket input before close to avoid TCP RST r=biesi
bb8f67c678117b0c3159a3ea6a2f9534546292cdNathan Froyd — Bug 809967 - include ostream instead of iostream in PathRecording.h to avoid static initializers; r=Bas
d4a84844aa40d866bcfaea2746ef7d43767551caJed Parsons — Bug 809265 - Update Identity js and jsm modules to use new global object. r=benadida
4be5aca0d6cf303e87aa5116ac9cf272bf3fa09fEric Promislow — Bug 809179 - Reinstate the js -w and -s command-line options. r=dvander
74d3d6a66e7d84b050a685929ebb4ea85354076cDaniel Holbert — Bug 806002: Convert nsDidReflowStatus into an enum. r=dbaron
fcdb39332b7cb836c165cb0695a65513d178bd89Daniel Holbert — Bug 806001: Make nsListControlFrame pass a nsDidReflowStatus instead of a nsReflowStatus in its DidReflow calls. r=dbaron
2a8a4b8ed382146975ea49b8a4357f88fc976df8Daniel Holbert — Bug 790903: Accept unitless 0 as 'flex-basis' component in 'flex' shorthand. r=dbaron
6ca763788eacc5b69c381d0174f7a4fdb7f7dfa4Fabrice Desré — Bug 809325 - change version number to reflect not production-ready state [r=vingtetun]
fb0c9673cc5c2a096f15dcdc40155e12f2556e27Fabrice Desré — Bug 804469 - [Marketplace] Installed app can't be removed immediately if it has been executed (need reboot) [r=vingtetun]
e72ab5e449c4a4ea259e1bff8473abb2771530adRobert Longson — Bug 809766 - libsoundtouch does not build. r=khuey
8b505b120c897877fee9b83e0e1911e11a3fc151Wes Johnston — Bug 786061 - Disable session restore in webapps. r=mfinkle
200969fd33136654201e59be10b640723c3fbadaWes Johnston — Bug 757208 - Don't move mousepoints for zero width and height elements. r=mfinkle
74a7026fff15825e41cea8673929cc50cd85e1ffNicholas Nethercote — Bug 807884 (part 2) - Add memory reporters for nsComponentManager and nsCategoryManager. r=bsmedberg.
47b21acef98eb75d0bde98bb91ff7c7b3322b7a9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 807884 (part 1) - Remove dead nsComponentManagerImpl::mLoaderData. r=bsmedberg.
dbdd3dac268ea7a0c8c616d3c56b565a55bebb2eJonathan Griffin — Bug 810025 - Remove noisy log messages, r=ahal
61936d1ce9db0e8856e6b556f0efea4030ebe416Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 809972 - settings.js: gracefully handle missing nsIAudioManager on desktop builds. r=fabrice
b15342a983c44376e630e7e1d0f6585b7e089269Gregor Wagner — Bug 809213 - Move PhoneNumber.js from Gaia to Gecko. r=gal
b5983eb572cbcc46c67d0fa9b9efc650461bd1edBobby Holley — Bug 807623 - Reimplement obj_toString and fun_toString traps on BaseProxyHandler. r=ejpbruel
960037a367586a8db7281908bc73e100801c362cRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 53d5080a6749 (bug 809437) for b2g mochitest orange.
a7d7319e532b735f70944a60149d2395fa1d3b1aFernando Jiménez — Bug 809218 - Expose atob and btoa functions in xpcshell; r=mrbkap
50c72bfce603dd53552f2cfc4d6d6f63c3cf51a1Jan Varga — Bug 809973 - Disable FileHandle in child processes. r=bent
976225b8f6093e70779bbf6e1a46240466891015David Burns — Bug 801733: Updating isElementDisplayed Atom to handle hiding elements via transforms; r=jgriffin
30899b1b279e3eef802c7af0bc6a64331eb5a16bDavid Burns — Bug 801733: Adding a whole bunch of visibility tests for Marionette; r=jgriffin
53d5080a674977c220d17322a7dc51324b1432f4Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Copy gecko files to /data/local prior to copying them to /system/b2g, r=jgriffin
c0713f3e03f676db0959fa823ba5a1677e7c9a58Vladan Djeric — Bug 661881: Add an about:telemetry page to Firefox. r=ttaubert
57460417b94d3daa658358761db53661f0bb9fa1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 806698 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_theming.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
241e44f78cff47a1d9da0424f6e21216d65c9db7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 806722 - Port indexedDB browser_privateBrowsing.js to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=jdm
463e747a00de8cafe9fd1d8ac87165733c96f131Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 806721 - Disable browser_webconsole_bug_618311_private_browsing.js in per-window PB builds; r=jdm
29329180fee554a896ec2671d0921776b60f814bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 806709 - Port browser_newtab_private_browsing.js to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=jdm
19a2117f74bae6fc21bfa315939ddeaef3fff886Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 807316 - Import PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm lazily on Android; r=bnicholson
f4f4eec3b452f470bd28bc97d160ee1aded2d05eSteve Fink — Bug 803276 - Disable ArrayBufferView.prototype.move on release channels. r=dmandelin
0346ce24bb4cf452d6025b549aeef291e1b264a9Seth Fowler — Bug 809181 - Test. r=dholbert
a7f2cbe6e16125e6e22265ef1587779019217b2aSeth Fowler — Bug 809181 - SVGDocumentWrapper::UpdateViewportBounds() should check if anything has changed instead of relying on callers. r=dholbert
6918909c907d27de7ab502878187685e87de8787Gabriele Svelto — Bug 808756 - Adjust all memory-pressure observers to cope with the new low-memory-no-forward events. r=jlebar
6f9dd07d9d64eba2b36f67b36613afa1b97e512bJed Parsons — Bug 809577 - ifdef around gonk-only audiomanager code. r=benadida
e74863cebc32dbdecdd763e95c12c97eaef86264Steven Lee — Bug 808983 - Don't call hal_sandbox::Vibrate when ipc is broken. r=jlebar
fd848865e898cac96273009eacd581ff329dc10dGabriele Svelto — Bug 808756 - Introduce a memory-pressure event that is not forwarded by the main process to its children. r=jlebar
006e5f86f6a8f5a1ee5e68002870abd289816464David Chan — Bug 808734 - Fix permissions expansion and add unit test. r=ddahl, r=gwagner
9f483818db4400794e00a34cbe9ad406bd74dd17Steven Lee — Bug 805478 - NetdClient and VolumeManager inherit MessageLoopForIO::LineWatcher. r=dhylands
2795b0a82775a150142336e09305f780cf4f9d73Steven Lee — Bug 805478 - Implement MessageLoopForIO::LineWatcher. r=dhylands
e56c5e24b0d1f2cd9e9bf5746204ccf119fcaabeBenjamin Chen — Bug 802564 - Can't set window.location in inline disposition web activity when its App frame is opened. r=fabrice
f3d9d7b86339cfb6d7eeda53f0811c55997f09bbAndrea Marchesini — Bug 796275 - Context menu fires on wrong target out of process. r=cjones
5ebd6549bf932f6ea378e46e82f84e0870a48070David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 794091 - Reorganize OS.File importScripts to avoid talos hangs. r=froydnj
73287cb2dc6ac548f9fd2c9ffb05ede5001e9af4David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 794091 - Write SessionStore with OS.File. r=ttaubert
1f0f7dbad44818c68a44cc02430cdcd73e8190e6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3ab953bd072990b9114880b07ba5d9abee91ad17Benoit Girard — Bug 809448 - Make ns(Int)Region ToString const. r=bas
1ef1038baaf1eb2a67f88dedbae009bf037d7f06Benoit Girard — Bug 794337 - Properly alias canvas image data when using Quartz compositing. r=jrmuizel
8e14e87e07c4c8297136d89fa68c2441b8998520Honza Bambas — Bug 734062 - stale image in the image cache when an updated version is fetched into HTML5 offline cache in background, r=joedrew
ef57a12da1feee9a759ffa0cc7e4b96bd34c4164Dave Hylands — Bug 794599 - Add a preference to disable logging. r=bzbarsky
e655c9d59704bae2945b19414a9c6d5f69f9629dDave Hylands — Bug 809186 - Recognize .aac file extensions, and the audio/aac-adts mimetype for b2g. r=doublec
d4577eb79466de51155343532456203b5e1b40aeEdwin Flores — Bug 809904 - Create gralloc images in ImageContainerChild::CreateImage r=nical
90cea19e27e224361a44f3f90e0b5994ef77bc86Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
5c608a70bfc4d5f1d95631a0a8b126d5db4aca61Paul Rouget — Bug 762571 - Intermittent browser_layoutview.js; r=past
fd245024ffad6aae808e3582d883173ab7d2fc75Johan Charlez — Bug 793031 - Open recent file fails if the file doesn't exists anymore. r=robcee
129bbff8b246c3554b8898eb87123303cc2d120eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 792106. r=rstrong
034b5a3db339731536eed0677b3074cf57eb17bbRobert Strong — Bug 792106. r=bbondy
27ae6c86237ffaf3d0d26952d74a8acbe2d1dc3eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f9fa565fbd35dc328dca742f7f0e26f1316671c9Nathan Froyd — Bug 806147 - fix reftests that use setTimeout but not reftest-wait to include reftest-wait; r=dholbert
ec3ad127d56794c1c7ae88ee4dc6b0b3ee3b8e96Jim Chen — Bug 761287 - Fix NDKr8 build by including Android sigcontext instead of using our own; r=ehsan
5272e198951cae87597c083dd1cafba8bbb7b2c4Bobby Holley — Bug 809290 - Tests. r=bz
9ec4fbe7040f986604cfc4b72e7a63c1a02ca6cbBobby Holley — Bug 809290 - Fix nsLocation::CheckURL. r=bz
8a726e2981716787f125b49be9c256cbf5b6d3feMarty Rosenberg — Ensure that we are using the same IonCompartment throughout the lifetime of an AFC(bug 792873, r=jandem)
3136d5ea2399514e8f3bc7adcbfb90dc7c44ec08Marty Rosenberg — Don't attempt to verify that the stack will be aligned, because it may not be. (bug 807156, r=djvj)
9fa862c22f51addfbd0285ddd63eb265a7b93a42Mike Conley — Bug 794752 - Downloads toolbar button changes size the first time it is clicked. r=mak.
ac1fdaa261f2d65fd700adc53fdc4dac00be6d90Mats Palmgren — Bug 798867 - Use the content offset that GetFrameForNodeOffset returns. r=roc
ea3dd343ee5e7c4349941bfc2daa04f55503a6c3Mats Palmgren — Bug 685012 - Implement page-break-inside:avoid in layout. r=fantasai,sr=roc
dbf63c3f34e9ec88209ab5f9ab517f4a4e116307Mats Palmgren — Bug 685012 - Implement page-break-inside:avoid in the style system. r=dbaron
f7aa71fa2cf0cf3b3c2a22a987fcd8372c93cdf9Nathan Froyd — Bug 803668 - convert string bundle caches to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=smontagu
9458ded5789ba4dce58764cd7af7c5f3cf0d00b7Nathan Froyd — Bug 803666 - convert nsDocLoader's outstanding status list to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=smaug
6a9e7aeb184ffe18113f0cded3874ee3eb382456Nathan Froyd — Bug 803665 - followup - dispense with nsGlobalWindow::{First,Last}Timeout and nsTimeout::{Next,Previous}; r=bz
00534980e99813ef97989d5478aa9885d52c7c38Nathan Froyd — Bug 803665 - convert nsGlobalWindow's timeout list to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=bz
7f38df5f2448685a1e9c0c1a229b3badd552ae9bNathan Froyd — Bug 803665 - part 0 - make nsTimeout properly initialize its fields; r=bz
fdcb6474f4b439026e87cc597e6ad84119f30c77Nathan Froyd — Bug 806618 - followup - remove PR_NewLogModule static initializer in nsNativeComponentLoader.cpp; r=ehsan
77378c09bbb526d7091d8f98c6c2f6a8901ecde5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 795930 - Hide ArchiveReader feature behind a pref (disabled by default), r=mounir
d7ad671341278d6084b1ffd736e56063b553fac5Mounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset 3566ba4296f7 because of wrong bug number.
5a98250eb00cadf4fb4fb6d6bf2cab95d86abd51Eddy Bruel — Bug 793160 - Add NULL check for proto; r=ejpbruel
3566ba4296f76f07755c5becf3ff1536c2832dd0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 809567 - Hide ArchiveReader feature behind a pref (disabled by default), r=mounir
258b1c1d0d20c851f5706d916e911812674e6b85Wes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Bring in Android compatibility libraries. r=blassey
e252b7ccec6ef5ef4c4563b2b12f8797a2187556Bobby Holley — Bug 809547 - Tests. r=bz
bfd200dfc8c360b8f13cb68204de97ad18891d76Vladimir Vukicevic — b=809123; disable broken browser_586068-reload.js test; r=ttaubert
f8989ca9a3c6ab5e161932e22f645e392964ab37Benoit Girard — Bug 809493 - Restore the blend equation state after drawing the underlay. r=joe
c1d783e19750d3ede754bcea409b71a933306b2eEhsan Akhgari — Add the missing file for the test in bug 809654
83e1f7986539dfef7c95c2eaa62c4acc882cb6c5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 809654 - Implement BiquadFilterNode; r=bzbarsky
2f116ae5e387eedb70e0cc2ffc86536da29294abBenjamin Peterson — Bug 809292 - Deal with all source data allocation in one function. r=njn
9f3a01124d8cbf78db44ddf7ffa9f354b67f73c9Hannes Verschore — Bug 809472: Add truncate analysis for MMul, r=mjrosenb
b4bc5389b4fffaa72f8340067a7f5e7e885f4490Robert O'Callahan — Bug 792675. Part 7: Add support for MediaStream URIs to media elements. r=cpearce
a8cb805b77fd414b12a1b89e31b5f322934160e4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 792675. Part 6: Extend createObjectURL to support MediaStreams. r=sicking
e3e5582e7636c92dd952b348d87758f3b4f280f0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 792675. Part 5: Extend nsHostObjectProtocolHandler with support for 'mediastream' scheme. r=sicking
efdb6f07fd05efb933a4eaed854fbe8f25129effRobert O'Callahan — Bug 792675. Part 4: Refactor nsBlobURI/nsBlobProtocolHandler to nsHostObjectURI/nsHostObjectProtocolHandler. r=sicking
fb9aee660b543fd0fdc2b5a5a1477678492c0064Robert O'Callahan — Bug 792675. Part 2: Change assertion to warning since Web content can trigger it (trying to create URIs relative to a blob URI). r=sicking
02a99623c5529ed02025385d67bf7e8aa800571bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 792675. Part 1: Make the URL interface use WebIDL. r=bz
78ee98d369d17d51feb1b4f9fcdffbf99a25eeb5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 792675. Part 0.6: Handle empty dictionary types in WebIDL bindings. r=bz
13ecf9881f03dfc28c2d2707d074f06b67a77f6fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 792765. Part 0.5: Fix WebIDL codegen to avoid emitting QueryInterface when there is no interface prototype object. r=bz
2556aa291476ceaf5245af11bfaee7596d195b49Joel Maher — Bug 809534 - add support to watcher to support version query. r=wlach DONTBUILD
e97f0b690380b0703715a6ac0b687e1618bdc838Joel Maher — Bug 809366 - watcher has high cpu usage on panda boards in racked environment. r=wlach DONTBUILD
84b0991ccd9781f8231179dbc623e9a1bffe48e0Joel Maher — Bug 809364 - sutagent zeroconf is causing jmdns thread to spike cpu on panda boards. r=wlach DONTBUILD
1437578c371fea3073f73d7b7ee2b6a65b26507bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 809459 - Disable SmsRequest on Android to fix a startup crash. r=dougt,bustage
e0d7b394462b18bea7f70c5f6aa297800371d666Ms2ger — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE.
82c59210f11fbad3621810e0787de8db6c026c83Ms2ger — Bug 809756 - Backout bug 803665, bug 803668, bug 803666 and bug 803669 on a CLOSED TREE.
bdd3bfd15630dca7e468e1b77081db88beb79a2aBill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Fix needsBarrier for GC (r=sstangl,jonco)
b5d536720f2c5964272b1ed4bf0cf223866e36cfEdwin Flores — Bug 798448 - Add YVU420SP to RGB565 conversion function r=gal
bae179e2b9568bba9a8dd6fd3fd525aee8f7f1d0Edwin Flores — Bug 798448 - Stop GonkNativeWindow::perform returning an error when the transform is set r=kanru
c0d1ffbe9a87102cbba20b533c6a3f8bc208efe4Edwin Flores — Bug 804906 - Plug leak in GonkIOSurfaceImage::GetAsSurface r=doublec
ea85f4e3fc2de25e94235875648923f562c7252fChris Jones — Bug 806029: Have remote content drop their buffers when they're hidden. r=mattwoodrow sr=roc
de95b48ab6e14d4d8d91ef14dfc3098fe5a352beMarshall Culpepper — Bug 809605: Add %PRODUCT_MODEL% token for update URLs in B2G. r=ehsan
1626c61ba11b788a7cf47520e8a00062aa46a612Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
b5c86318a3eea414659dd660afe06c373ad2d584Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 801918. OpenGL: Avoid doing extra invalidation when unrotating a buffer. r=mwoodrow
6cafbe512866905f9a9e33019901e193df1147faBrian Nicholson — Bug 722661 - Prevent animation of restored OOM tabs. r=mfinkle
1082da6b9dc2f88950918dd3432dc07889bd740dBenoit Jacob — Bug 809715 - Use MFBT's IsBaseOf to simplify QS_IS_NODE - r=ehsan
85867b1963cff8a319e6848b1492e6a18f72b127Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793192 - MMI Codes: support call forwarding. Part 3 - Tests; r=marshall_law
8ce4b53fb01505f20a9b4aef8b73e6a6597ca01aFernando Jiménez — Bug 793192 - MMI Codes: support call forwarding. Part 2 - RIL. Query CF; r=marshall_law
c1feb6d4a8b59ba3ad5a376b76f0f8ab43c110f4Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793192 - MMI Codes: support call forwarding. Part 1 - RIL; r=marshall_law sr=sicking
ed6ba763f45a78385198abc40462eea424019073Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 806689 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_opendir.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
e5f86ee616005e3e0ea0bed887038b7b62197382Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 806706 - Port browser_save_link.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
1ab2043a4669eda0a9088bc51b8a894bd312881cRyan VanderMeulen — Backout b9ec1725a5e2 (bug 809437) for frequent b2g bustage.
30366a70c015e35bf03c76de0295459ceda294a9Makoto Kato — Bug 797794 - need sync r=bustage
284ad66e8bda6b833ccc0795778e5b17c58ef90dJustin Lebar — Bug 809587 - Increment the JS malloc counter when doing canvas.toBlob(). r=khuey
a07d33c9771168cc8b40898e26d1bb1c69be119dEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 807701 - Remove unused sanitizeItems.label entity from sanitize.dtd. r=jaws
7c695905792eb8b3e6f9f5c18acb77243e2fb46cVincent Chang — Bug 807242 - [Wifi]: onconnected() function is not called when receiving CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED event. r=mrbkap
548983f0b7914ecf4ea4ca399b7ef11bd2ebbd6fAlexandre Poirot — Bug 796045 - Prepopulate apps cache for specific mozbrowser frames. r=fabrice
31078428cdbb522b96a5c58e67017e132e317344Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4bb2b6413a1fc441ec188581052a49164f679ce6Eric Chou — Bug 809538 - refactory and handle no sdcard situation, r=qdot
d88a4fb2e6c6ed72fa3a11f3953b8baafe101783Makoto Kato — Bug 807895 - Remove BSD/OS code. r=khuey
1b344f7a2e8175ca294fb089adbd34c2000ed7aaTaro Matsuzawa — Bug 797794 - -Fslashslash does'nt work. r=ted
7330be7e07a3ef72cd521b2ae8c1419274282e93Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
4525ca87c1427799059362af651e740c5eb8c6b7Jason Duell — Bug 806753 - e10s: Remove already broken support for child-side http-on-* observers r=bz
ff7dbd3e59fddd7b3dd24006c6188133e1fbc03dKannan Vijayan — Backing out 72078b2daa84 due to not fixing entire issue.
7062c8f550ea289558730ce3a2c462d302ac847fGregor Wagner — Bug 808327 - [settings] Re-enable security checks for settings. r=bent
f647e3c9a06c95a0e66bce15f72b44578c586b31Karl Tomlinson — disable test for bug 807728 due to win debug failure
d941ad65a09ed6300940f175892a7845f518ad0eMarshall Culpepper — Bug 805844: Support update interval configuration via settings in B2G. r=fabrice
b9ec1725a5e2b0e6f58b5081c681d77cad6b1815Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Stop b2g process before installing gecko into an emulator, r=jgriffin
222f4185ecb56970684e04adcb3237f0065b4b3cFernando Jiménez — Bug 800511 - Remove redundant validation from navigator.mozPay(); r=fabrice
b029a90619f5d7eab88e7e1b0aef3a9d7296a18fJames Kitchener — Bug 786566 - ARIA menuitem acting as submenu should have PARENT_MENUITEM role, r=tbsaunde
ed74314b44d5fcc1f86970237fd43250e6ebef13Gina Yeh — Bug 809515 - Patch 1: No response when failed to connect to a headset, r=qdot
9a6bbf2b1cfc505bdb7f09a2d6a209d106b694b7Bobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Filter setters. r=mrbkap
6f686b428e0e33aa49571da88b3ea266f66eadb3Bobby Holley — Bug 802557 - Mochitests. r=bz
a7e66e18850f5773892430401326a3721ce907fcBlake Kaplan — Bug 807148 - Rejigger the way that we turn on background scanning. a=gal/vchang
3267977b0f8ac1ec8f9b1627df2a0480e1adebaaOonishi Atsushi — Bug 808035 - Skip session history on loading initial <about:blank>. r=ttaubert
0ecd2a87b36b6a04316ff36f2a71dba1e0419fedOonishi Atsushi — Bug 808035 - Test. r=smaug
91879bfc7042f9f9728349b4e7e8c28f1f94b2bfOonishi Atsushi — Bug 808035 - Don't try to replace non-exist session history entry. r=smaug
eb7d1fd8a86863057863c4bd2c971a11e90fcdf0Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Use FindEncodingForLabel from HTML parser. r=hsivonen
c0af6d983c0ea12ba4d78a6c408cb75fe38282bbMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Use EncodingUtils::FindEncodingForLabel from DOM. r=sicking
b2a8c4a7945334effeb5f818176e19e7cb42e0e2Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Make EncodingUtil methods case sensitive. r=hsivonen
b4b9eb815efa11ae4a3a3aff7b3e4dfc4d8e78fcMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Use FindEncodingForLabel from XML parser. r=hsivonen
e85222a1e777ba1f814dc789ce2713dd942ad18aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Use FindEncodingForLabel from OS.File. r=sicking
931d42b011330696421fd1e996ed0044f34e1f0dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Use FindEncodingForLabel from XSLT. r=sicking
c25c93664add2f141ab81c04911b6d1aa13cf351Chuck Lee — Bug 786438 - Handle WEP authentication fail. r=mrbkap
539bb6ca633ab494d229dcc3c33ea88350bb8bbeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 775350 - Update the overflow areas of the lines containing floats based on the overflow areas of the floats in the containing block; r=dbaron
3b52d2f7382990ad6ec2545d099934e124edffb6Jared Wein — Bug 751444 - The About dialog's focus rings are barely visible in Nightly and Aurora builds. r=dao
86dcbe46c09737e8b0c0eb78c81c9685fa93cc61Jared Wein — Bug 808176 - should also show the Error Console menuitem. r=dcamp
a0df3314bee015ef9e4df22d53c0b8db72b609ceJosh Matthews — Bug 805013 - Paper over the browser-chrome crashes from certain circumstances that run ~RasterImage off the main thread. r=joe
4c24002a8b19abbc86b93693c331d0f5db7167f0Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
72078b2daa84e9cd418420fc9f5ecff8fa081dfdKannan Vijayan — Bug 803730 - Fix boxing of instanceOf inputs in ion. r=sstangl
0efae96f39814bfa5c75201f2a04d040caf1d7a6Bobby Holley — Bug 806751 - Pile more garbage into GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject. r=mrbkap
e9121f1e464913035a0f2e52e1f2dc627604f669Chris Peterson — Bug 806142 - Only hide password characters if the text editor is (still) a password editor. r=ehsan
d6e40b59345fd5457fcb809a6bfdc535c47edcb8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 809383 - replace PR_TRUE in AsyncFaviconHelpers.h
7de203873898f89579df20d04c233b5fc94b7832Andres Hernandez — Bug 806683 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_crh.js to the new per-window PB APIs r=jdm
c380c62e94f22ae5480b98dc96dc4a301005036cLuke Wagner — Bug 809532 - rm unused CloneFunctionObject overload (r=billm)
2628f57bdd4bb7409407aea52b3c3a936158e4d4Luke Wagner — Bug 807185 - IonMonkey: optimize the non-native test in visitCallGeneric (r=sstangl)
247fb06146151efbce3291faabd392c31b115423Luke Wagner — Bug 807228 - clean up the JSFUN_* flags situation (r=jorendorff)
ed5120ffd1184809a436b7b95dedd011ac11351aDaniel Holbert — Bug 794748: Add mochitest to check computed value of "min-width:auto" and "min-height:auto". r=dbaron
b96d1860a248dc063c29dc7f71241ed3e92a4f97Karl Tomlinson — test for bug 806583
e3c77661d40331e46f86512016cabba408e3a598Karl Tomlinson — test for bug 807728
f64ee963d915c465adcde555f04eaf73c2e31434Karl Tomlinson — b=807925 revert to calling GetImageContainer() before NotifyPaintWaiter() to check for null instance first r=roc
c0893be94207fd073d202015673b585ddea33b27Terrence Cole — Bug 798638 - Exactly root TryNoteIter; r=luke
13cf8566804c43365ae71b9e1a0f10350ccefad0Terrence Cole — Bug 807151 - Unexport |mozilla| from the |js| namespace; r=Waldo
2e6726f79a3b8de41d680715561c4db117df73cbGuillermo López — Bug 807276 - Make nsIWebSocketChannel.idl scriptable. r=jduell, sr=bz DONTBUILD
36e99ea02c052fd5b7278cd0c255bcaa37d6a899Brian R. Bondy — Bug 808270 - INetBgDL dll compiled with vc6 for smaller file size. r=jimm
423e9423d693a3379abf78726b6314be87a5ae36Brian R. Bondy — Bug 808270 - Stub installer pings not always sent. r=jimm
00cd00ba0ac2cb12e17decc9baa65098e8b29687Josh Matthews — Bug 805013 - Paper over the browser-chrome crashes from certain circumstances that run ~RasterImage off the main thread. r=joe
c652c39732f8461406ad56965b1a0dd6daede27bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
bc32dff943f6962ecf8c0b3e72677de5a2ef64c6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 809271 - Implement DynamicsCompressorNode; r=bzbarsky
e1c05c15787c41bb54f923cb25d2959deef79e42Nathan Froyd — Backout a9cfcf4b62d9 (bug 803730), a5e214d4f8b0 (bug 803730), for intermittent oranges in newly added tests
074e0ab07f0b6ac94d61b3985a9edd010e38bf2fL. David Baron — Bug 572200, part 3: Cache data that lives in the rule tree on every relevant rule node that has a style context directly pointing to it directly. r=bzbarsky
d5566569a5ce939e7ad9c85ee48d95f0a044542cL. David Baron — Bug 572200, part 2: Allow rule nodes to cache data owned by an ancestor rule node: don't destroy structs that we don't own. r=bzbarsky
bc2720708bc2e7efb72f7387644f79249d7b1ce8L. David Baron — Bug 572200, part 1: Make rule nodes know whether they're used directly by a style context. r=bzbarsky
cf16f2f84efc6926cffcb4a2bb4e4585cc0d47c0L. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 2: Don't null-check inside NS_New*Frame. r=roc
6e5f31366aab5eb7fe543ffc4e9fda496e64d6aeL. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 1: Make allocation in the frame arena and the display list arena infallible. r=roc
caca2267f82b29306563af1bc97984f01d96f90dTed Mielczarek — bug 774780 - Support reading a repo manifest.xml in for source info. r=catlee
69b34a83ee61d9aaa35f2d32b0b9db8511e0509eTed Mielczarek — bug 774780 - refactor VCS file mangling in r=catlee
5981ff9d3f45de802d956b2f8e064f49b74cb7a6Ted Mielczarek — bug 803654 - Import mock into virtualenv. r=jhammel
7e4fa834e25d05972689d3d7c7c7c34f647789e5Jason Duell — Backed out changeset f7753f215359
491c14bbbf3ea454d90303b46de53e831edb56a9Daniel Holbert — Bug 783415 part 2: Add mochitest to check the computed value of various specified "display" values on flex-container-children. r=dbaron
dea90afc3fe5d533c7cff0a81c324da2ec165e87Daniel Holbert — Bug 783415 part 1: Make "display" value of flex items compute to their blockified forms. r=dbaron
91ffd15f2b9b60a5c309ecadffaaf34d59819efcJim Mathies — Bug 809158 - Cleanup enable-metro sections and set the proper WINVER for js in metro builds. r=bbondy
f7753f21535902dc4b4efc68d860d80a98ed550fGuillermo López — Bug 807276. Make nsIWebSocketChannel.idl scriptable r=jduell, sr=bz DONTBUILD
dc13c881fdf5cbf2449436db3348827851a2f3d9Jacek Szpot — Bug 800106: Remove NS_ALWAYS_INLINE from; r=ehsan
3ad737ac36a41b657a2c403d994c1ce8a1271ac5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 800106 - Drop inline annotations in nsUTF8Utils.h; r=dbaron
7641c574455b086febcad48e6bda4f25e27541c9Randell Jesup — Bug 808002: add missing consts lost in main landing for unreliable data channels r=anant
7990748672869d0899fbbb2eec80e927d98fdf4aJosh Matthews — Bug 805013 - Diagnostic bandaid to ensure that all RasterImages are removed from the discard tracker. r=joe
76f6e27d3a71b33005d3ebb186500568a782da5aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 802274 - Part 1: Add support for temporary autostart private browsing mode to PrivateBrowsingUtils; r=jdm
d105eace108bca6866572ca5c368766423a2851fSteven Michaud — Bug 770626 - 'Back' swipe triggers several onbeforeunload popups, causes "hang". r=bgirard
e092cd2b3205a707ae7114c2632ff4f643aad431Terrence Cole — Bug 501265 - SpiderMonkey's shell |load()| should interpret chars as UTF-8; rs=Waldo
f520b6cc921f5630ab39a49dd8b2bdde2f011a64Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Ensure b2g process has fully stopped before restarting it when installing gecko into an emulator, r=jgriffin
3169efab0148170c69039d2ae592c40b4141a46eBas Schouten — Bug 509052: Add new, faster blurring code. r=derf
0825269eee60917b84f802e0cd648e67a020d217Yoshi Huang — Bug 807265 - B2G STK: implement RIL_REQUEST_REPORT_STK_SERVICE_IS_RUNNING. r=vicamo
63b7d971934c39ccb4504f0e19c032b870879669Gina Yeh — Bug 808879 - Patch 1: Expose connection status for system app, r=qdot, sr=mrbkap
236980577c868f7f6c59b35fb3f90ee7a7d0e457Mounir Lamouri — Bug 795715 - Remove B2G-specific stuff from nsIDOMWindow. r=khuey,fabrice sr=smaug
119b681073b4aebf6a3d95e5f323a04c11db1b1fChris Lord — Bug 807299 - Fix incorrect progressive update cancelling. r=bgirard
a9cfcf4b62d9b38aa4800379f2d890531afe99aaKannan Vijayan — Bug 803730 - Fix ion to box LHS operand when performing InstanceOf on an object. (r=sstangl)
a5e214d4f8b04248ac248bf7754818ac135be461Kannan Vijayan — Bug 803730 - Add mochitest for bug.
7dbd49fe775e0d3c16c962eb86bc125237fbc0aaJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 808994 - B2G SMS: Expose the strict7BitEncoding setting through the setting API. r=vicamo
810f9f2dd49db7f8e28aebc1a0872ba1d7d7e478Wes Johnston — Bug 808212 - Expire thumbnails that we don't need. r=rnewman
d6f15467b587e8ca44c910c9a3b3b3653e708fdaBobby Holley — Bug 809318 - Fix flakey tests. r=philor
fd836a1f49c9aa678a95cc3093548d3d3e572e7eRobert Longson — Bug 779971 - Make nsSVGTextPathProperty::DoUpdate trigger nsSVGTextFrame::NotifyGlyphMetricsChange() off an asynchronous change hint (to avoid calling nsLayoutUtils::FrameNeedsReflow synchronously under nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG or during frame teardown, and avoid infinite loops caused by using an event queue event). r=jwatt.
557e4cdad7c5e74442ed2602e11b8ce09362f673Mounir Lamouri — Bug 809425 - Fix GCC 4.7 warnings in nsDocumentViewer.cpp. r=bz
d6a48ba051bc50615b3f95ec2b6f1a0e7e5d3090Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Update offsetViewportBy to take dx/dy instead of PointF. r=Cwiiis
e21daa6b90b742943c1e6913780de2073b309f86Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Update setViewportSize to take width/height instead of a FloatSize. r=Cwiiis
a571a90b645b2959d0e472292f70836abb14d75fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - ViewportMetrics is dead. Long live ImmutableViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
548c33b6cc0823982fb71a88b1d03abaca9a4f74Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Update the getDisplayPort JNI-called function to take an ImmutableViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
1ba6780ecdb5b1430b9e41689e83e9be8595c854Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Switch mGeckoViewport to be an ImmutableViewportMetrics instead of a ViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
cfcde7d4bb32e23e76a13c4d99de8a6d57b8241eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Update createViewportEvent to take an ImmutableViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
d25bb9a159b9655ca51ba06e1ce687cc865bf172Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Eliminate use of ViewportMetrics from PanZoomController. r=Cwiiis
7ef3e0bf0fe6085138b3b4d13f9ec167102d44b9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Add an offsetViewportBy function to ImmutableViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
13d206cabd9aad7f9f04ee98792d00da9ec59cf4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Modify methods in PanZoomTarget to take ImmutableViewportMetrics instead of ViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
2dec880e1ca316fff9a5fbeecd87297cf1301502Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 809199 - Move the interpolate function from ViewportMetrics to ImmutableViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
eb636c95b1c0858336d2a9d5d6ba08113c62efdbNathan Froyd — Bug 803669 - convert nsScannerBufferList to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=mrbkap
35dd1e98890d1b4e992b00503f85b0041b78226fNathan Froyd — Bug 803666 - convert nsDocLoader's outstanding status list to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=smaug
9e3eeeeba147dfd963ca7e22bde78cb6455b2982Nathan Froyd — Bug 803668 - convert string bundle caches to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=smontagu
b3a6bc0d9df5a8269a575c9a3191d7456c07b4e9Nathan Froyd — Bug 803665 - followup - dispense with nsGlobalWindow::{First,Last}Timeout and nsTimeout::{Next,Previous}; r=bz
b6bd66fc89880920f0fce9a5d99c9b88a0cf3b85Nathan Froyd — Bug 803665 - convert nsGlobalWindow's timeout list to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=bz
e2e32c3c7c8915dfed81a1bdf1c902e53d7848a3Nathan Froyd — Bug 803665 - part 0 - make nsTimeout properly initialize its fields; r=bz
5c0e7cdc779b00b404681668cc67bbfd088a0eeeTim Taubert — Bug 802073 - Follow-up: check IME mode for text inputs only r=yxl a=blocking-basecamp
4891d463b2ac70b7fb6bfaae43bc06b5e8cdcc7dBobby Holley — Bug 808457 - Add Telemetry for Components.lookupMethod and Components.interfaces. r=mrbkap
292958cd0d42d9aa7dddd638cf48c0252dd89aa8Bobby Holley — Bug 808611 - Move valueOf to nsIDOMLocation. r=mrbkap
7585797ee8cfcca1c33e500452601258b4cfb395Anant Narayanan — Bug 803782: Reset found flag while enumerating audio devices; r=jesup
63bbaaa78888a8e6bb72cd1efe41bb9e27410aa2Anant Narayanan — Revert d2f77172baf2 due to incorrect crashtest
f4f0e94fa95784830e165b932ccb0b9e86542a39Lucas Rocha — Bug 803571 - Clear database before refreshing about:home (r=mfinkle)
e594a14532be0479adc1f8569d33358b32ab8c77Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 808003 - Follow-up for 4f5f601bc741; update the range on the FENNEC_TAB_ZOMBIFIED histogram as well. r=gcp
cbafefd68d1c5449ce25d74df95c43e6a6550f86Jonathan Watt — Bug 809328 - Stop using nsChangeHint_UpdateEffects in nsSVGRenderingObserver::DoUpdate overrides. r=roc.
4f5f601bc7413cbc20860e45cfc6bb79f1819871Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 808003 - Add a few telemetry probes to help tune tab zombification parameters. r=gcp, mfinkle
03393060a0704a5bfe95e4a45f4641dabd100943Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 808003 - Refactor the code to add telemetry probes in browser.js. r=gcp
d2f77172baf297445d2206498e1b7c87147ec18bAnant Narayanan — Bug 803782: Reset found flag before enumerating audio devices; r=jesup
8f02df2ec9980f99107ab5378592c1e31510b7d9Michael Kaply — Bug 800498 - Check for null context in MainWindowHook. r=jmathies
0fb51f488b03bbf1d5d6bc5e534523880189e4e6Ed Morley — Backout 99a2125bd365 (bug 779971) for reftest failures
871a4aa1f78b4f4d9af85261d0f94e8c6d9bcbddTim Taubert — Bug 802073 - Receive input event twice from input tag type:time and type:date r=vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
3a113808c1600be42d13b07eac7aed88031d504eEd Morley — Backout e89f1fce980d (bug 509052) for an assortment of timeouts and crashes
99a2125bd365815790d3c546051cbeaf623e11d7Robert Longson — Bug 779971 - Make nsSVGTextPathProperty::DoUpdate trigger nsSVGTextFrame::NotifyGlyphMetricsChange() off an asynchronous change hint (to avoid calling nsLayoutUtils::FrameNeedsReflow synchronously under nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG or during frame teardown, and avoid infinite loops caused by using an event queue event). r=jwatt.
2df5960779dbe49923bd834c40bee5c3092c2436Paul Adenot — Bug 779997 - Import SoundTouch Library in the tree. r=khuey,rstrong
a100edfd3ca0c246841a169504eca906509c0058Paul Adenot — Backed out changeset 98f9d1044e54 because r= bit is missing in commit message.
98f9d1044e54316352ba43e92f3c92b87745bf9cPaul Adenot — Bug 779997 - Import SoundTouch Library in the tree. r=
443de24c2268916b342792baf1cf16814720f188Dave Hylands — Bug 794599 - Backout 847cedab81ae due to debug orange
e89f1fce980d6371c06166cc5558fc63a735554bBas Schouten — Bug 509052: Add new, faster blurring code. r=derf
8606dc3554fe6e38ff9e37229aabd5787f84ef23Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 809006 - B2G Network Manager: Unable to set default route and DNS when required system properties not available. r=vicamo
72f0d6a7c1731b11b517c3108161983d5bda162cMatt Woodrow — Bug 805948 - Use the local perspective value instead of trying to retrieve it from the nsStyleDisplay again. r=cjones
8083f88251535741731f6485c77f895e09b5d78bMatt Woodrow — Bug 808469 - Use gfxQuartzSurface for OMTC drawing on mac. r=cjones
877f3c82d44a6337d3c1afff31c82c42c863776eMatt Woodrow — Bug 808469 - Make gfxSharedImageSurface take a template parameter for the base surface type. r=cjones
847cedab81aefaf6a48d7d6273564ef6e943d86eDave Hylands — Bug 794599 - Add a preference to disable logging. r=bzbarsky
182185d15e6bcd3730a46a58bc6d8ad28b886d5fCameron McCormack — Bug 809650 - Handle mach @CommandArguments in the right order. DONTBUILD (NPOTB) r=gps
bb4d68b03164eb7480c1a2b5a652d75c50084f18Gregory Szorc — Bug 809544 - mach now prints elapsed time as MM:SS; r=jhammel
abac7a34e15cc8d6d172acb3485f155332d51aees — Bug 808964 - AccessKeyLabel should be empty string for elements without the accesskey attribute,r=smaug
8776d96f00996dd3958d14f8e56beffff2ae33b1Mike Hommey — Fixup for dl_iterate_phdr after bug 808121. r=me
8671bfc8e9a8a2db56fc7fda7eda734e50f1ea25Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
029ea0fa93d11bc4a95faae2c414979ced8ee610Martijn Wargers — Bug 802312 - test_power_basics.html is failing on b2g mochitest, r=kchen
3985e437a262f0705acad140f4d79cc8f776fdacKarl Tomlinson — b=808873 restore null check on gFocusWindow accidentally dropped in dfe49308dc99 r=trivial
e40752d769157f3347136c558dc7eae9a8ee2055Wes Johnston — Bug 808663 - Use nearest neighbor scaling for favicons in awesomescreen. r=bnicholson
5697b0c7d3d5e2ab2099c99d7671cdfe3df783b5Mike Habicher — Bug 808099 - Write the correct rotational meta-data to the video stream. r=cjones
651dc9d52259884f7c3924334581530a85fa2dcbNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 807480 - Add Rooted<T> roots to PerThread state. r=luke
d4f04762dc07a725f33e51435b31333c7794c7c0Steven Lee — Bug 800263 - [FM Radio] Launch the FM Radio with headphone already plugged-in will cause screen freeze. r=cjones
dbe2b7e658995e17a9d64898e31e7f593383ceadRyan VanderMeulen — Backout c3933841e06e (bug 793013) for possible Win7 reftest failures.
83a5022755ce4235e737a419a888fd3278dc46f5Bobby Holley — Bug 808730 - Implement the 'IfFound' parent of ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=mrbkap
95bb2214c2bfd1b646e6d66aaafbfc154e2419b1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 808467 - Rewrite the cycle collector's memory reporter. r=mccr8.
4e8873d14ed3c7a7498cad6e109cbdd12b1e0444Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
59e5f407eb75ab1b50b8215f7ca9023401123289Mark Hammond — Bug 807571 - popup now resizes when sizeTo is called with the same height while open. r=enndeakin
70f7e6ce95b8f6de7a42da57f13c1cb1040e935aEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 5042f0a60460 (bug 805766) on the suspicion of causing bug 808287
bd15d6741bffda17af97d17fa9b1f41698068640Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 3f0e69962962, 84a1afc5b15e, c62f225d0dbb, 24870ebc9665, and dd7663e68657 (bug 799344) for mochitest-1 orange.
e3bec8c880a77dbd84e01eba49a289fd54468b80Felipe Gomes — Bug 808171. Follow-up. Check for and avoid setting the same value twice inside the _setEnabled function instead of the observer. r=markh
8cdc4d86fc398a846420103368e6194a2ea2dd30Shane Caraveo — Bug 807217 - Disable Social in private browsing mode. r=gavin,felipe
e3d534f9a6a3ca267c3f3bec1710243874924e50Mark Hammond — Bug 808171 - social.enabled preference observer checks if enabled state really needs to change. r=felipe
11ff92705a23da160c125f2b1e964b5e167dfa17Philip Chee — Bug 808278 - Unable to Build with VS2008SP1/VC9 since Bug 740015 (Update Yarr to WebKit rev 130234). r=dmandelin
69c7ee7683e00f3ccd997ae3d2295508db1e35e7Tobias Schneider — Bug 803124 - Implement mozIsPointInStroke. r=jmuizelaar
870d9bf8dc88fb9f4b0a49488053b0597e0eca66Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801487 - Fixup imported tests. r=sicking
39bf83f930d3dae362425ff66349d6572871bcc6Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801487 - Import the latest tests from, part 2. r=sicking
3788795c4a18c2e3fa2b4beec9ccd67b45665facMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 801487 - Import the latest tests from r=sicking
6c91d0bc259e203a2adb9fbe803d73b587eaaa67Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801487 - Remove encoding detection using BOM. r=sicking
4aeebb3cacfa9bd7093cd4580ea40037e58af7eaMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 801487 - Change some exceptions from EncodingError to TypeError. r=sicking
71c0fa0964c3a7a667357bb82d4a7d3f9986f807Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801487 - Implement ErrorResult::ThrowTypeError. r=bz
c083bb05e3fd3fed4cac5f6bd59418dd7ad66515Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801487 - Add a JSAPI to make a report with unicode arguments. r=Waldo
c3933841e06e9473f8e1f14adbd8097b45aa11d7Anthony Jones — Bug 793013 - Use EnumSet in gfxPlatform instead of 1 << n. r=ncameron
c394c477d2a898ad0c4abf35769b640a4c3b63c7Anthony Jones — Bug 793013 - Remove unnecessary whitespace.
40a702087f7d20d967aeff97c9e3de533b9063baAnthony Jones — Bug 793013 - Add EnumSet to replace 1 << n bit type bitfields. r=Waldo
098958fa76f3be74c293989a67ccc16b631e308bMarco Chen — Bug 791642 - nsIAudioManager: support voice volume. r=philikon
36a99706bcbec2f42833abd09c01c944ce734769Andrea Marchesini — Bug 781425 - Part 2: getFiles(). r=khuey, r=mounir
5bc6448929cbf262a088aaba89c268c71b94e8d9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 781425 - Part 1: Enconding and dictionary. r=mounir, sr=sicking
6d54c207490e13b406367dc25884b5c35f56cbfbJeff Gilbert — Bug 797120 - GLContext::CanUploadNonPowerOfTwo() should not call AddBoolVarCache() when off the main thread. r=bjacob
7e2d29d8f8257609b830269fe6e5f9e0b1888799Matt Woodrow — Bug 807408 - Cache the temporary surface used when drawing ThebesLayers with BasicLayers. r=jrmuizel
3f0e699629623280fc46d25f749be343299c9ad0Chris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Remove extraneous media includes from nsLayoutStatics.cpp. r=roc
84a1afc5b15eb9d562996b30bdaa64ae3348658fChris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Remove virtual from media state machine methods, since they're not inherited. r=roc
c62f225d0dbbd45566bfc810176b0e9f5e6e45dcChris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Flatten nsBultinDecoderStateMachine and nsDecoderStateMachine into a single class. r=roc
24870ebc966555225345bffd16af4239be8900c9Chris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Un-templatify nsBuiltinDecoderReader::DecodeToFirstData() so that we don't need to know nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine's interface in nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h. This means that nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h doesn't need to include nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h when we move the state machine declaration from nsBuiltinDecoder.h to nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h (in a later patch). nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h needs to include nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h, so if nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h needed to include nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine.h we'd have an include cycle, which is bad. r=roc
dd7663e686574e9277704bdac7d747983e07ae43Chris Pearce — Bug 799344 - Remove nsBuiltinDecoder::GetDecodeState(), so that nsBuiltinDecoder doesn't need to know about nsDecoderStateMachine::State. r=roc
70c55e9a3ef6259b0541cee399945befe6d35e19Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
7c6ae6d5cbface681df7be433a484af89b6f62ecVictor Porof — No bug - Fix 'browser_dbg_propertyview-data.js | Test timed out' after 62379ce61c84, r=dcamp
62379ce61c844a7ffcb88758cf68e3c6969d08f1Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
8b22e64ff99e902d051f1260fdfa582d6482a2f3Panos Astithas — Bug 808527 - selectedBrowser frames appear when debugging chrome; r=dcamp
774f5598732902a996343f9c5c6c6cc4bc8b1db8Panos Astithas — Bug 808498 - Chrome debugging broke B2G debugging; r=vporof,vingtetun
36e6c3ed3ca21dde7c7027d27fe7384492ce4fabVictor Porof — Bug 794823 - Refactor and move the debugger's PropertyView in shared, so that it can replace PropertyPanel.jsm soon, r=past, msucan
f516f7731d223a8c2befb79e2496828ec58034c2Victor Porof — Bug 793375 - Search operator for finding a variable in scope(s) while the debugger is paused, r=past
72a2dbd8fdd0095e8baf6c65621cdc36a68c6c85Victor Porof — Bug 798874 - The variables view should be filterable, r=past
e587aa26326e603d0b282e266d3737b9d37ad677Mike Hommey — Bug 808121 - Ensure the pointers we change in the r_debug data are writable, which they aren't with upcoming Android system linker. r=nfroyd
351a7925bc5d4b676e214726021e4a80a2cd89abRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
6156bdfbde2eff19397e18c7731cd19bdf8d7661Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
df80cc2e2aad014668daf086e59837855c4784ceBobby Holley — Bug 808612 - Wrapper cache and cycle collect nsLocation. r=smaug
bbdab9ec44a136e4c80a8087f6264036a7cbedb7Ed Morley — Bug 701060 - Disable test_bug401046.html & test_lang.xhtml for too many intermittent failures
4a5e292d6b0d60c3ce4ba77aece82f1592aed1d1Ed Morley — Bug 753225 - Disable browser_dbg_createRemote.js on platforms other than Windows too, until it's made to behave
057844e11446b687ebc992f1c01551c499328fd1Ed Morley — Bug 536603 - Disable test_css_cross_domain.html on Android for too many intermittent failures
dbcdfc0c1ab43c09a7610df2331daa6991829d96Ed Morley — Bug 696306 - Disable whatwg/test_bug500328.html for too many intermittent failures
47ae2d6ba2372dd641c57fb121b1b091d0f8be1dEd Morley — Bug 786539 - Disable test_timeupdate_small_files.html on Windows for too many intermittent timeouts
4fce20d0189faa75c45cf8882fb6fd2ad7488276Ed Morley — Bug 783913 - Disable test_add_put.html for too many intermittent timeouts
2ef0acd4ef0c15e64831117d2033f3c9a55afb44Ed Morley — Bug 707891 - Disable browser_styleeditor_reopen.js for too many intermittent failures
3c2e91d070dd275c70a12e0bdfddda3cca1b3392Ed Morley — Bug 788164 - Disable test_pointerlock-api.html on Linux for too many intermittent failures
72d12424677edbf649390c5cd7f1f1f253861dfeVicamo Yang — Bug 775997 follow-up: make sSmsRequests a static class member. r=dougt
9b3e98b9f918b640b04f0e65733316cc851e6529Marco Bonardo — Bug 809022 - The downloads button opens the panel even if it's disabled.
52399a038bbe60f0343534af39d5733a924d4015Marco Bonardo — Bug 803546 - Applying background theme causes Downloads button to jump around.
8d793eb6a281f4c79fd603e49f315560395ec8aaMatt Woodrow — Bug 798964 - Don't invalidate nsDisplayBackgroundColor if only the image changed. r=roc
d83559cf4387122e1e19e4c3e50f17afa0f4ffadMatt Woodrow — Bug 798964 - Make mLineContinuationPoint correct when we call Init() on a frame that isn't the first on the line. r=roc
72a4289d68a141770c653a5df8ec57e6a11ee951Matt Woodrow — Bug 798964 - Add nsDisplayBackground color and make the bounds of nsDisplayBackground match the image. r=roc
3523098f7911c4f2e48a007e9b46b3c4f475d33fKarl Tomlinson — b=806583 remove unnecessary extra space added for textfield/entry in 1556064f1c20 r=mattwoodrow
29a7fc6e3930dc9f3219406701ad163e3d813f80Karl Tomlinson — b=806583 don't draw the entry background outside its widget r=roc
dfe49308dc99ea6ba5cfc84c55e87377eecc6168Karl Tomlinson — b=808873 return toplevel GtkWidget for NS_NATIVE_SHELLWIDGET and use it r=roc
0f45d415a22112d690ecc7aa496c208f092e02a6Olivier Langlois — b=805529 wake up for Gecko events even in a nested event loop r=karlt
6a5f987ca72e41ca1601d891443984181ec9e67fVicamo Yang — Bug 775997 - Part 2/2: Android implementation. r=dougt
e06de89b4511fc6520311f2215f9e579e467a073Gregor Wagner — Bug 775997 - Message app crashes when run OOP. Part 1/2. r=bent
a09cb93f9d822ad46bb5d06716701108be4066a2Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 800102 - Retry adb push if it times out while installing gecko, r=jgriffin
34cd9abab64fe7a6ba515c571fb07a2ef2f567eeNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Use Handle<PropertyName*> instead of char* for getSelfHostedFunction argument. r=jwalden
47b45ff8ef0d65adfe16982ed88325b62e3633caEdwin Flores — Bug 788204 - Fix ifdef for inferring MP3 mimetype from filename r=dhylands
632404d4d00b037b2e11c050aa0a64ea29c69824David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 808428 - Testing that OS.File can be called from xpcshell. r=nfroyd
c3e4e35628021c41fe008289a302b4530a4013bcDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 808428 - RuntimeService now calls nsLayoutStatics::AddRef/Release. r=khuey
be390eb890c91e3d751fdedfa32bb4dbc9776c33Andrea Marchesini — Bug 793460 - Implement File.lastModifiedDate. r=khuey
87e7519b835d051b860a5165c6dca538c0eb161cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 720311 - Don't open formhistory.sqlite on shutdown in order to close it. r=mak
575a66ec14c77040b63fe886c07813ec60a2ec8cRobert Longson — Fix comment. r=jwatt. no bug. DONTBUILD.
3e84fd8b78aa4c046d1c33f8336714e32e4d497fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 786982: On closing last tab, open about:home in Fennec. [r=mfinkle]
2db705ff2ec3c408548692f49de048aab6205bf7Robert Longson — Fix comment. r=jwatt. no bug. DONTBUILD.
3ca190f830010fd2fba93914b4247582ecd49443Robert Longson — Move assertion up. r=jwatt. no bug. DONTBUILD.
c947316043439531cc63b866fdd770ddae0fcf88Jonathan Griffin — Bug 804366 - Include test names in failure messages v0.3, r=ahal
cee1e54815f2e94e9b34ce5aeba86b770c0ce62fMalini Das — Bug 801703 - enable switching to nested OOP frame, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
c22bf15ca07c771ace4caaee54666251996f408dAryeh Gregor — Bug 805287 - Block scripts in PrepareEditorEvent::Run; r=ehsan
5d6ef2feaa936465af08b0e15344db5bb7659190Landry Breuil — Bug 792085. Fix js build on ppc, broken since ionmonkey merge. r=dvander
174a09177632a15fed6f532ab0cbdc9d0ef551c6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 806682 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_cookieacceptdialog.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
7230ab2368a384551a5e3cb437f62859a0949e0aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 806681 - Port browser_privatebrowsing_certexceptionsui.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
235c7f72a92beeb4873e1919d8387a4848b30e11Jim Mathies — Bug 809001 - Fix bad resource path in browser.js for Safebrowsing.jsm. r=gavin
bd648e7c2656938a5e34b3412128302c8fc54f0eMike Conley — Bug 759397 - Remove per-item download rate clutter from Downloads Panel. r=mak.
358efbbf8c08bba01a859cdd577bf6717af04ae3Mike Conley — Bug 807709 - Downloads Panel does not always close when handing off operations to the OS. r=mak.
f8f01a75d762b65e2958c11ec02bc22264791ef0Randell Jesup — Bug 808915: Add EWOULDBLOCK to all the EAGAIN cases r=mcmanus
a1688a1c6fced9eb309d9196f026177bab1da3f7Jonathan Kew — bug 805760 - update graphite2 lib to commit 51e72e74b9a6. r=jdaggett
a22328aa11302d73df2bf178ceeae0d3d9b09833Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 808783 - Disable failing Mn tests, r=jgriffin
a3709787bfcabcd09cff4030216ac74d004b83eeTerrence Cole — Bug 805492 - Add some more exact script rooting; r=sfink
8d3c629e056a41cfc7e52bd65f05116cf0a8e3cbTerrence Cole — Bug 808834 - Fix length check when uninlining new dependent strings; rs=luke
0f11212f4869841e867e67ba4279a395feb59dbfTerrence Cole — Bug 808483: Fix dependent string assertion; r=luke
8bff3d974e9e3e3600fb0907fbd7e2bd70fc24f2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 808876 - Part 1: Implement PannerNode; r=bzbarsky
789fceea31b78597c7becef2470a73b9452f526dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 808876 - Part 0: Only allow the usage of enum classes in gcc 4.5 and newer; r=bzbarsky
07ee3508f53035f7645a62880d19de0dab9d2221Gavin Sharp — Bug 718088: offer to re-set keyword.URL if it has a non-default value, r=bz on the docshell parts, r=fryn on the rest, ui-r=limi.
8f01a8b3b9e585d7dd02c3c28e18dab4fbbc0ed6Jonathan Kew — bug 803383 - scale quartz surface properly to ensure full-resolution backing store is used when compositing xul:panels. r=smichaud
ce61b65cbf9bbd22383bd279aa595b8e69f07373Robert Longson — Bug 807919 - stop invalidating text bounds twice on updates. r=jwatt
479c07f51b061b9ddc564f338b2ef1e11ae06771Geoff Brown — Bug 808725 - Pass -m and -n to xpcshell when running xpcshell-tests-remote; r=jmaher
34a1715f5dd3fd92e0da593b61fdcc2b075e24a1Geoff Brown — Bug 808728 - Log remote environment vars correctly; r=jmaher
3d13288fd9778bebe7823906fa549987fcc7ba16Boris Zbarsky — Bug 804738 part 2. Fix codegen for indexed operations to be consistent about the naming of the index argument. r=peterv
02cff46d3ebd639e3b9d7d395c08f3898c909fe0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 804738 part 1. Fix codegen for named operations to be consistent about the naming of the string argument. r=peterv
856029ae9d2b18fa4b630e113c4958eb48f06ef3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 808772 - Adjust Android low-memory platform threshold to 512 MiB. r=blassey
d5adfb8bfc81e8f398eb1e4d72a6e8f31302f7ceGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 806422 - Modify and add tests for new Complete caching behavior in protocol 2.3. r=dcamp
31f1ffbffdb04db33f967d2b6322689e56da0c7fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 806422 - Do not cache Complete's across a SafeBrowsing update. r=dcamp
7c1dc22a0e39b1d95f33f8a0fa3773b454987c89Jonathan Watt — Crashtest for bug 782141 - (CVE-2012-3969) Heap-buffer-overflow in nsSVGFEMorphologyElement::Filter. r=me.
12288a8a5037d6389ac228d2972b1219102dfd7dHenri Sivonen — Bug 716579 - Let a BOM override HTTP-level charset in the HTML and XML parsers. r=smaug.
b0e7f060ac7a0593dad1c524e057bf3a9e69864dNicolas Silva — Bug 797893 - Fix trivial warning in ImageBridgeParent.cpp. r=dholbert
e57bd488af4c351016062e655b29415b993d7b13Gregory Szorc — Bug 807974 - Handle make errors more gracefully; r=jhammel
f561a4ffeeb9f523fb59c678b7ac901763e32911Gregory Szorc — Bug 808346 - Don't scan sys.path to discover mach commands; r=jhammel
4f96fdb5e4f9b9e101e2e3c5f535bff8e0fe8f6cGregory Szorc — Bug 808336 - Part 2: Discover mach settings providers via decorators; r=jhammel
e0e1220d2c5a1086a4911be8d69e2937b842d116Gregory Szorc — Bug 808336 - Part 1: Refactor mach command handler management; r=jhammel
bef9c0bcb62fdab7ca7895307117195f593570b0Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
7c861ef4f235093ddb40461e7597435e2a2422c2Richard Newman — Bug 808750 - More logging and safety in resource callbacks. r=gps
9092b49ef08be4318ee4ea9d5177bfba32835adfRichard Newman — Bug 693427 - More logging and fixes for filelog cleanup. r=gps
ed13d73c61bb94777565889a749e283a6d792fa1Doug Turner — Backed out changeset 30b340a71112. r=me
30b340a71112b48ee14205ddde096616b29cb5f4Doug Turner — Bug 805965 - Geolocation fix jerks around. r=jdm/bz. a=blocking-basecamp
8ba1125175f9e42f787dbb959c71625dcce4901aDoug Turner — Backed out changeset 9035907b68ec
9035907b68ec485ea55e6f6f7282df2c68c6fc7cDoug Turner — Bug 805965 - Geolocation fix jerks around. r=jdm/bz. a=blocking-basecamp
a7537715edf93d0eb1530ef93170168b1b80890fOlli Pettay — Bug 809003 - Don't dispatch load and error events on generated content images, r=bz
79b844b41d08945341ec6609ae131cf3b892f379Olli Pettay — Bug 808993, ASSERTION: must have binding parent when in native anonymous subtree with a parent node, r=bz
dbeaa765933e0356746ac16264bec81ebc432301Doug Turner — Bug 808866 - do not create location providers in child process. r=jdm/amarchesini a=blocking-basecamp
475a89bd44c3692733de01f35683f1bc1dc84d84Chris AtLee — Bug 800364: Install gaia deps into mock environment. r=rail
f4aeed115e54727e034b19815a286f475d9bcc3ePhil Ringnalda — No bug - Update revision of Jetpack code used in Firefox to fix two tests. r=kwierso
8f5204fb76c86b08a54aad5a6e1f423c5415de9fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 0d4e09ade336 (bug 808746) for Android reftest bustage
3c8992f602ddb4dd3e05a6325c1adb446f062d09Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 6. Fix getOwnPropertyNames to work correctly on Window. r=jst
d9110621e468a1e3263038898dd4e3e33d11dd23Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 5. Actually ship the xpts for camera api and devicestorage on Firefox for Android, like we do everywhere else. r=khuey
64a0ab78b261ab09381b8293b21a4f843ad2f398Phil Ringnalda — Back out 0b25e27d0a35 (bug 784759) and 5266d6af1b81 (bug 786061) for bustage
0d4e09ade3368bfa95e66c514bfe31271daafecbBenoit Girard — Bug 808746 - Properly calculate the tile's origin when avoiding SinglePaintBuffer. r=bjacob
0b25e27d0a354ddcafbd6fd248f92337dfa1ba7eWes Johnston — Bug 784759 - Move database creation out of startup on firstrun. r=mfinkle
5266d6af1b81810587e864a6a84c5c83a1c57375Wes Johnston — Bug 786061 - Disable session restore in webapps. r=mfinkle
13d927597146d0a099f8ceb5560d659780aa818cEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset ecf0c2a7cb9f (bug 808876) for build bustage
ecf0c2a7cb9f41240f167c902119054d56fd495eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 808876 - Implement PannerNode; r=bzbarsky
2e888de576a82f1e653599069e73234cbcfd2bfbEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
cecdb284a108dec4ef5a35846fdc11251a3d7442Alexander Surkov — Bug 733848 - stop logging accessible/name/test_markup.html
0aca350975177bef0f4404e7f5e22daeba214e53Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 57d9fa15f3e1 (bug 784759) for Android build bustage
7b61a5e983ba3b3b330a3d74f3475ecf1229e80eEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 801d11096998 (bug 786061) for Android build bustage
b4d4ccf671dd2a1b7a561c3984fe5ef385c20bc0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 808841 follow-up: Add ThreeDPoint.h
f54fd962cf8714c8a58c791cbba83bfc752abbb6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 808841 - Implement AudioContext.listener; r=bzbarsky
e5b6c62c62ad6cda5a3bb331bbfda3cfbc4858dcBobby Holley — Bug 807179 - Add a constructor for JSPropertyDescriptor. r=luke
0aa8d7cd5b8f3d697a0d334713e96a1bcf5a99bdNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 807047 - Fix test case. r=oops
60c4b0129f99426fee5c15774ade54e6fae60b4bBill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Back out again due to possible orange (r=orange)
38a111dc16e21b822c7a678a4b2b55f433d82611Bobby Holley — Bug 800864 - Add some more tests. r=bz
801d11096998395738377ce13beb394d4c102c78Wes Johnston — Bug 786061 - Disable session restore in webapps. r=mfinkle
57d9fa15f3e1891dad77036ea8fa3768deb4c4a2Wes Johnston — Bug 784759 - Move database creation out of startup on firstrun. r=mfinkle
5165ee49c7dbc6aa9740c9991496955b98db59a3Bobby Holley — Bug 793969 - Tests. r=mrbkap
b5d3c03ee2b8a364376b66bcb65c11746af7217aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 798580 - Run mochitests from within test-container app's oop iframe, r=jgriffin
197b182baf4fe99e2c6db0a43e73b3afdeb95921Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 807047 - Only use missing property cache on non-idempotent IC. r=jandem
8ccd10510d23fb200e8da068ca8887996bfc2125Jeff Walden — Add more thisDuringConstruction() use in LinkedList to silence warnings. No bug, r=lumpy
c66d2bc6e91bb7f8770ebac945095af3a515e7d0Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 685202 - Cleanup the update directory if canApplyUpdates is false; r=ehsan
49258354b9d027a533cedc7b17f8d19bf349b047Jason Duell — Bug 807555 - FTP handle case where server reply is missing directory. r=michal
475ae0fac54edc699ae90f9be2296341ba48bc9cTerrence Cole — Bug 772722 - Remove superfluous usage of Atomics in SpiderMonkey; r=luke
ea8d002c4d6db1f6fdafcc92b6a26beb73155a67Mats Palmgren — Bug 806483 - Explicitly remove the LayerManagerDataProperty() from a destroyed frame also when destroying the shell. r=roc
c697c428739d1014d81e7e8b0afe8b28f5a08642Mark Hammond — Bug 808243 - sidebar load event should be removed when sidebar not visible. r=felipe
613bfe02f0c1096027e73238a9fcc27ee480531eWilliam Lachance — Bug 808719 - Mirror over mozdevice 0.14;r=jmaher
4cee05d5b1ce84770ad35222f7962289c323304fTerrence Cole — Bug 808181: Do not allow implicit conversion of Return<T>; r=jorendorff
ed1c5d55d104a435e241fa825930ed4697073874Bill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Add test (r=sstangl)
ef966ef53b2330c4598c079a9a2f52c5a1f50c54Bill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Fix needsBarrier (r=sstangl,jonco)
6dcc0beba62ce3b7946be41d63e9a584163791a3Ed Morley — Backout f458467cc2cf & 5c5e4097dd20 (bug 808067) for make check failures
f458467cc2cf2eadd74f0ac2d2b6c61d9b4968f1Bill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Change the compartments we iterate over when ending GC (r=jonco)
5c5e4097dd20b5fc8b8dbcd6a0bdae83ee9142cdBill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Toggle Ion barriers when resetting incremental GC (r=sstangl)
5bd42ae5efd23bb82e6891055bbab7f74b5708eaJeff Walden — Bug 803439 - Add removeFrom() that takes a list and asserts the element is initially present in it. r=jlebar
dfe6972056d658a674394f4d28b81dc020447b1fVladan Djeric — Bug 808268 - Report % of dirty keys in a scope during a flush. r=taras
20ae9d34616397ef4b9ba385818e9b77c916ff22Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset efb52cbc71e5 (diagnostics for bug 8022011) because it is no longer needed
a0ecdce3d8ed94039d2cd1b81d5c2852de310722Steve Fink — Bug 807829 - SkipRoot no longer needed for StackIter script
8a88758ffc50dbb392c42a2e95d90e59268914aeSteve Fink — Bug 807829 - Unrooted scope variable accidentally used
be5f1f5c13c3f003b967b73696b76e944a2daa36Steve Fink — Bug 807829 - Handlify js_NativeSet and use rooted Shape* consistently
8fd8e9243788363cd60db34a050ff97069d78f66Steve Fink — Bug 807458 - Eliminate a SkipRoot from NewDenseCopiedArray. r=terrence
13a34f4d0d67d4acdc5f9ce52d80592412411d85Boris Zbarsky — Bug 806033. Finish getting rid of stray [Infallible] annotation bits. r=khuey
d56f12af4cd16521030bc708e1963cd531602c5eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804632. Allow certain reserved words as argument names in WebIDL. r=khuey
287f8cf1f1e163e07e6b0addbfa1e7258ceb8677Boris Zbarsky — Bug 804319. Implement parsing of the "stringifier;" shorthand. r=khuey
bc191fe62b436ff9b265110ba16d09af7bb9c863Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 808374 - Balance holding and dropping the JS object references for AudioBuffers initialized with 0 channels; r=mmcr8
c69822a9bd0fe015d1696be81c9e92a9203a477aJim Chen — Bug 808405 - Use system preference for TimePicker 12/24 hour format; r=wesj
f8cd6fa12a8bee4f601bea35b7f8be6e94969bceRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 805046 - Add a class to represent a set of stacks that share a object list. r=vdjeric.
0a6cb7947e07189eb4d4673c0b15bd584e79e2dbEd Morley — Bug 808545 - Tweak the exception message for profile cleanup failures; r=gps
0dea4f9a91330ce98542cb2d131e385e39d3c878Eitan Isaacson — Bug 807315 - Load AccessFu resources on-demand. r=davidb
c87fcf6ed0a77d0f532b41217b584a806879c5b9Nick Hurley — Bug 699951 - add a memory reporter for heap usage by the disk cache. r=michal
c999fc311c2859a4f35475a7745317bead62a2e7Blake Kaplan — Bug 806611 - Make wpa_supplicant noisy when debug is enabled for wifi. r=vchang
6706f42b153b6b6e7015dd55fa2f440476f9a402Blake Kaplan — Bug 806611 - Control wifi debug output based on a setting. r=vchang
1e3b0555498f98a1f6d7c69995335355958d3797Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 808647 - Disable failing sanity reftests for B2G, a=test-only
5511e214fed369b3373eefa6168b5076a8b69244Benoit Girard — Bug 679527 - Avoid float operation in qcms transforms. r=jrmuizel
017a34f07d4aec06bdd9078643e1f1b2fd3558c2Benoit Girard — Bug 679527 - Use floorf/ceilf in qcms transform function. r=jrmuizel
cf7582f6cde94b531148c75c933c4dcf91eebb95Benoit Girard — Bug 679527 - Prefer floorf over floor in qcms. r=jrmuizel
e4aa33c6ae53c602e1dc3df46a690a8b25456f7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804649. Create a CommentNode header. r=peterv
da96e260d2dd3565e871966b6c23ae9378eba58dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804635. Make codegen deal with Document not being an external interface but not available in workers even though XMLHttpRequest (which can return or accept Document) is available there. r=peterv
e7e0e49c7ee48d41a4e4422bf72adfda2368433fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 803129. Convert DOMStringMap to WebIDL. r=peterv
b356ecf4086ca17ad4ed6bbc515eac91b43aaacbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 803519. Require indexed/named getters if we have creators/deleters/setters. r=peterv
9bb44a0caae4c4d1db19cd7fabe541915e71d8a0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 772869. Make getOwnPropertyNames work correctly for WebIDL proxy bindings. r=peterv,ms2ger
af47a345a5be1d72bdb56c524ed98d446bd30864Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807548. Enumerating an Xray should not see the 'constructor' property on DOM prototypes unless we're told to include non-enumerable properties. r=peterv
b74aba46826fbc60b742065aa1983d10e7be809fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 743171. Fix the global's enumerate hook to correctly enumerate Proxy and WeakMap. r=jorendorff
6184b17f8abd6c1166d3e1c629900a4483638308Boris Zbarsky — Bug 803306. Calling a named creator should not define an expando. r=peterv
b67a1dba5690052f4c4c0785732321c6a3c05fa9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 788225. Implement WebIDL deleters. r=peterv
6f08c574fb7968845fb886de1e1726f6886c7b1dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 4. Generate slightly better code when we know we're null or undefined. r=khuey
5b2c87bfe082d0f3619a4fb2a775213af8b81680Boris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 3. Rejigger overload resolution a bit more so we can tell argument conversion that we know the argument is null or undefined. r=khuey
024d12cc40095f471f94c516055aa281129a6a08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 2. Simplify the code generated by overload resolution a bit when we have sequences or dates at our distinguishing index. r=khuey
0b02a816de33c0ddec3f4104a93904df6a8d567aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 1. Add support for failureCode for sequence unwrapping. r=khuey
004a0714ba52dad0c7e0d82fd4b8f1f77d375f76Boris Zbarsky — Back out rev 6d36471ab3ca (part 5 of bug 807222) because now Android is shipping busted stuff on the global.
9a13c51926cd2b73f6e98652b96b922330f30e7dJan de Mooij — Bug 808519 part 2 - Rename MaybeScriptFromCalleeToken and call it in GetTopIonJSScript. r=dvander
1cc2de645efdb3672bca63702742c54d91ca669cJan de Mooij — Bug 808519 part 1 - Rename IonFrame_JS to IonFrame_OptimizedJS. r=dvander
041c8232bdcbc829664cf92541eb2feaf73aa9f1Hannes Verschore — Bug 808294: Fix tracelogger builds, r=dvander
516370bc10b7e8ed685b00d115067935d27c9e8cHannes Verschore — Bug #807824: Don't restore register in oolcall when it is used as a return value, r=nbp
6f8cee47bcd3969144e7c1fd5557578f80775dbaEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6d36471ab3ca33030ca1f52ca03bd3ad6d885631Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 5. Fix getOwnPropertyNames to work correctly on Window. r=jst
54ab88e2fa341117e173a4dc1fd26c0a8e5fcf0bVictor Porof — Bug 807222 part 4. Fix timeout in debugger propertyview test due to larger number of properties on the global. r=past
0b9b3b2b89712b7f256dd76c5b55719a15dc0dd8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 3. Make sure we enter the right compartment before we try to define interface constants on a constructor. r=bholley
f8eab1766c2c398616795731b80ec212413ad9d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 2. Condition MozTimeManager classinfo so we don't stick it on the global in builds that don't ship the xpt for it. r=jlebar
dc1d29a3f2a7045f905a1b56f5de987028fb4061Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 1. Propertly condition MozActivity so we don't stick it on the global in builds that we don't ship the xpt for it in. r=fabrice
35ba50a6a97e3df90392394bc177fa6e2941ce90Nicolas Silva — Bug Bug 773440 - Remove unnecessary frame copies with async-video by stroring video frames in shared memory earlier in the pipeline. r=roc
f9c2c266e7aacd337d1bdda02af37481bc35170aEric Chou — Bug 808193 - return 'boolean' if PROP_DEVICE_CONNECTED_TYPE is not found, r=qdot
4e87d83555011362aac89a0943722a0287b2bd2bJonathan Griffin — Bug 804366 - Include test names in Marionette failure messages, r=ahal
358c9830d1661d523ae7f9e0bdf080a15218f2cfEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
60c78a559a84441c175506792d9f977a8f7a9113Ed Morley — Bug 808419 -'s waitForFinish() should print to the log when maxTime is reached; r=jmaher
267a4eb4b2368cc685847f7207ca9c843c84864dEd Morley — Bug 808417 - Make runTests() exception reporting consistent across test harnesses; r=jmaher
4222b4c6a3e93ade8ae84c966d85cc9d3e9ea612Ed Morley — Bug 808417 - should print the actual exception if one occurred runTests(); r=jmaher
a519a3f18f39e032b942e8eee1be8c6aedcb01caLucas Rocha — Bug 808027 - Change favicons handling to be Bitmap-based (r=mfinkle)
b91b1e93e3d406c587fe5af6bebea343780734d3Lucas Rocha — Bug 808029 - Build AllPagesTab's context menu from favicon cache (r=mfinkle)
31784b0d633427abbe92b8d8a8c79e6393d35eecJim Mathies — Bug 807593 - Land metro specific nsAppRunner bits on mc. r=bbondy
cc7db2e7e54cdc1e1225c5b2693cb9ea2f1dd38aJim Mathies — Bug 799121 - Update metro build's WINVER from 602 to 502 on mc. r=bbondy
71d1523adf8d200bf13c4fdef459284d8410b26eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 792351. Make GetRootFrameOffset handle the case where aContainerFrame is itself a reference frame. r=mattwoodrow
18da095f136a610fb23198c35304fdbb68023fafBrad Lassey — bug 805017 - Disable screen timeout when DOMFullscreen is enabled r=jst
e8f94aee02aa390f50a287acfd182a5eb34f3bf9Alan Huang — Bug 802029 - When PollSensors() found one of its event type is SENSOR_UNKNOWN, don't create a SensorRunnable. r=mwu
cecff590fcd642d57ecc77018457373bf2dd027bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
837ae727d237e061235d0fb891be68bc995bb847Mark Hammond — Bug 798083 - fix various social chat overflow and related issues. r=jaws
4a5c43e5b7e28073725891390d159f11cba042e7Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 804500 - B2G 3G: Connecting 2nd data call causes temporary state change of the 1st data call. r=philikon
72462368ac3a469a8f25a6cb69accf81ad4c60ebAlex Vincent — Bug 436728 - Support SAX's namespace-prefixes feature, r=smaug
f1760425256bf673f9c39ac9da4d7a6d5d423882Jonathan Griffin — Bug 808441 - Enable dom/base mochitests for B2G, a=test-only
92cdd367285d6e1633b33a37197bfcc3b2e43352Matt Woodrow — Bug 807563 - Update the overflow areas of all preserve-3d children when the transform changes. r=roc
5a5775d8c49887ea2ebfde1224e71298bab94754Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 807850 - Add a memory reporter for the nsScriptNameSpaceManager. r=jst.
52feef2d0c8e5c5dfb922b7d9e56aaa1a928762fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 807896 - Reduce the initial size of SPS's strings hashtable. r=acrichto.
50cd5f7339f6a11c3b6bea3d80919420979a9f27Olli Pettay — Bug 808389 - nsIProtocolHandler uses same values for different flags, r=bz, sr=biesi
0947e291578a1cf6d26b2a07a4d89b38ac1e6eccOlli Pettay — Bug 805749, validate the view parameter of initUIEvent, r=jst
2937fd8e35a164c4683f69ffc6f2e7bbe325ffefaceman — Bug 808379 - fix Assertion failure: isEmpty(), at ../../dist/include/mozilla/LinkedList.h:258 causing Thunderbird crash since landing of fix to bug 803688. r=jlebar
82795635cc76004e38c7698bed4eabd5e1b79badPatrick McManus — bug 779467 modify ClosePersistentConnections to accomodate sticky auth r=honzab
a370aa5720c424886b81747543a16004cabc49f5Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
b940cf5510198615c1f2fef347497de6d23774dcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 800193 - Print a warning when setting nsILoadContext.usePrivateBrowsing in per-window private browsing builds; r=bzbarsky
aca558fd4bfb19d70648e5ff7b54be348ffa097eBobby Holley — Bug 731471 - Crashtesty-mochitest. r=me
a72426c4eda10e18be8fd158d0d06fcd6d9a032fJim Mathies — Bug 807593 - toolkit/library/makefile widget_winrt lib changes from elm. r=bbondy
58b4bd7b50653682a44b67eac0a04667da30dbceJonathan Kew — bug 808288 - render missing glyphs as hexboxes in <canvas> text. r=bas
e5d4cfce296c4dcf2219970e08599c171b98d610Mats Palmgren — Bug 806755 - Don't call scroll methods on the pres shell after the Selection was disconnected. r=roc
affe99f69f834042f65de0d78ec23e6b5e3e9e78Oleg Romashin — Bug 808358 - nsWindow.cpp:388:5: error: expected unqualified-id before if
ab099c9e1a096183c64324116428b3c472509b13Ms2ger — Merge PGO-green chanageset from inbound to m-c.
38b97d2a1bc5fec1615bef02713fdfcecb9be5d7Seth Fowler — Bug 807556 - Remove imgIRequest::loadImage's aRequest argument. r=joe
520e70385f1146de7e2430f7fb4c0b2368737e91Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. DONTBUILD
53c6e565cfbe8156c08480c2706e1123f781539eAlexander Surkov — Bug 733848 - log accessible/name/test_markup.html on stack enabled builds, r=ehsan, tbsaunde
304735fd94b5991a3e2e59aaad0c5e4a2e8557ceReed Loden — Bug 808313 - changing location.protocol can break nsFtpState::Init r=jduell
c404ffcf0a38aee088eb5da591285d46d0e58912Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8baff4a80904 (bug 808313) to fix committer email
8baff4a80904f03e69e6c568f8ad4ffffe4f4c96Reed Loden Bug 808313 - changing location.protocol can break nsFtpState::Init r=jduell
a08d5817fe265e11624b715989f9ae1e7ecf591fEd Morley — Backout 5eec0a5b76ff, 64e143317082 & f356d9b2524c (bug 808288) for reftest failures
e9057cb5524e4bc6eee9b8b1ff96e53ee3d48c79Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. DONTBUILD
8b2c25cef597e15d75dc967025ac41c2a6fbfc14Brian R. Bondy — Bug 369108 - Win32's nsIFile::Create and nsIFile::CreateUnique ignore permissions argument. r=bsmedberg
5eec0a5b76ff2e180382fa0d84a202f3b433dbd1Jonathan Kew — bug 808288 - part 3 - draw missing-glyph hexboxes for <canvas> text, similar to missing glyphs in HTML text. r=bas
64e143317082732af96558fd2cbb34c354536acbJonathan Kew — bug 808288 - part 2 - render the font's .notdef glyph for missing glyphs in <canvas>. r=bas
f356d9b2524cf71b8aca6946837b968e2823b7c5Jonathan Kew — bug 808288 - part 1 - leave missing glyphs blank in <canvas> text, rather than rendering arbitrary (incorrect) glyphs. r=bas
e819b19ede3d505c3ae3c9847fa949286cdbb750Gregor Wagner — Bug 808259 - Don't kill a process because of missing permissions. r=cjones
8ee857e028611e4bf649b325f6d81aea96246bfeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 581508 - Implement nsIUserInfo on Win32. r=jimm
fe3ddc3ce8e6c92654f5468427f982c6f183d0e4Dão Gottwald — Bug 792054 - Use the legacy User Agent string (containing Gecko/20100101) for some possibly-broken online banking sites. r=gerv
17ce3efb563e88cb71813f71a0ea23e18a6e3f65Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Make set lastTestSeen so crashes are output with the test filename; r=jgriffin
b6486b476e08571e63070d5580b0919aa13937cbEd Morley — Bug 757838 - Misc cleanup; r=jgriffin
fedd51370d07f85b580d6dccc0644f5c65399e65Ms2ger — Bug 808036 - OfflineCacheUpdateChild initializers in the wrong order, r=dholbert
b97258fb92ba2e865a16cb7ce4927169a73ef344Honza Bambas — Bug 807501 - Add proper console logs when app cache manifest load failes, r=jduell
ccc2166686ba305931aec48797cebf94ab290363Julian Reschke — Bug 776339 - Remove support of Content-Disposition 'name' parameter. r=jduell, sr=biesi
836733b67ff37881c2746575e1a3b6a389b799b9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
698a4b89bfca0411405da2c1bc5ac9603deeff16Jonathan Kew — bug 804927 - fix text control frame and accessibility issues. r=ehsan,tbsaunde
9c58f4ae031eaff202314bf424a2dcc19e6704b4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 664695 Improve signature of nsIConsoleService::GetMessageArray r=bsmedberg r=msucan
5c6b71348e20c46089baa600a1b508d0326bdacdMs2ger — Bug 808305 - Pass a gfx::Rect instead of a gfxRect in InvalidateCanvasContent; r=Bas
cac8275e885b7fddee60e0545f4d34cbc52aefdaMs2ger — Bug 807465 - Less QIs in nsXULPopupManager::UpdateMenuItems; r=Enn
8e21cdfce89c43fd00429f35d81b238da2ca96c1Ms2ger — Bug 807410 - Part b: Pass the "GC on destruction" flag to the nsJSContext constructor; r=jst
40e08e6b0fdaaa40a65db1d6a3efb79b2f94e449Ms2ger — Bug 807410 - Part a: Pass the global object to the nsJSContext constructor; r=jst
aea5ae9d87629e5aaa53ad9e1b87b33155697aa9Ms2ger — Bug 709954 - Fix assertion failure "!cx->isExceptionPending()" with invalid regexp in <input pattern>; r=bz
fdb936f5d986694c84d9ce99ae1c17fa75ebd714Ms2ger — Bug 629876 - Throw when drawImage's sw/sh arguments are zero; r=bz
20965bd69e280f3b25e3b9a501744324b9f6370aMs2ger — Bug 804005 - Update dom/imptests python to be py3k-compatible; r=jhammel
8f56f3f96a79e8c87436ff178def1d821de9a2a6Ms2ger — Bug 803520 - Don't use JSCList for JSRuntime::contextList; r=Waldo
647f0ed44f2f57befe073141634f06a4d16e5911Ms2ger — Bug 801991 - Remove the ability to generate custom quickstubs; r=peterv
5571f8eb4c0a8c174e981249bc10d691d2689545Ms2ger — Bug 807926 - Don't handle outer windows in nsWindowSH::NewResolve; r=bholley
e9a9341e27ed48d6b9f8c7cc96e8fbeba4ee7d88philringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice
8709528b6e1f9fea336af878466863ee94222875Axel Hecht — bug 808289, fix l10n-base for repacks, regression from bug 797745, r=bustage, DONTBUILD
63643a0306fd80ee7d209fa85ad445ca013b17a2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
5042f0a60460a2e73b70289ef8f6b04517963f18Masayuki Nakano — Bug 805766 nsFocusManager should change IME state before dispatching focus event at activating different document r=enndeakin
7b2ba9e2d17f131165deb21d4dbb2ba2ec312d07Daniel Holbert — Bug 808146: Declare nsMainThreadPtrHolder as MOZ_FINAL, to fix -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor build-warning-spam. r=bholley
a07b751f25a0480d588b799c89c75e7f8c73b359Fabrice Desré — Bug 807575 - Only register activities when needed at startup [r=gene]
12e3879d1fb331809f7ad7a9d779ef36f7ff46d1Eric Chou — Bug 805724 - patch 5: sent correct file name to Gaia and removed received incomplete file, r=qdot
25bdd962839fc9c6e89b129d7a42d77731487097Eric Chou — Bug 805724 - patch 4: fire dom request events after calling OPP related functions, r=qdot
35e8f03df16f3fe5c4102bca2b11ff6d67513521Eric Chou — Bug 805724 - patch 3: let user be able to terminate receiving process by calling StopSendingFile(), r=qdot
4dee151d96910b2dd85a7ea640ac438e77505118Eric Chou — Bug 805724 - patch 2: cleanup (naming, check text width, decrease build warnings), r=qdot
9d5a243157a16aaa209f0e7f96babb7bcb3cce7bEric Chou — Bug 805724 - patch 1: made BluetoothOppManager listen again after disconnection, r=qdot
f0eed1436c8b1bf2c34e661cdf8706b119266163Bill McCloskey — Backout bug 778993 for kraken regression (r=regression)
75f67e18624911fd33dd8670b00208e11c9bf979Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 807478 - B2G: turn on jsloader.reuseGlobal. r=cjones
5d384060bc321cd8cbc7c3bc4b64cee4d362c0ebPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 807478 - Fix DebuggerProtocol and SpecialPowers imports for jsloader.reuseGlobal = true. r=past
5c3e819fda43be76fc1649a8826bde3ad198bdcbAndrew McCreight — Bug 807713 - add operator[] for nsTObserverArray. r=bsmedberg
90f71e3fc81b60a8e7f515e3c5580ab737df4cbaWes Johnston — Bug 807872 - Follow up to address description comment. r=gcp
55ba2ad75e7d74e9a08ab8752b3ba1a61d9a28cdBobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Rearchitect filtering policies so that check() doesn't throw on denial. r=mrbkap
c0e6ebdf37690e6981a591da390f95a3691d1463Bobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Make Components wrapper throw on denial. r=mrbkap
e659528b5e9a2e80609ec119188ba72ff61ba0edWes Johnston — Bug 807872 - Add telemetry probes for database seizes. r=gcp
050637630bb0d387573f790d018018dc4cc511ecRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
2773d9489aceac20aeaa477520886006eaf45933Jason Orendorff — Change some GC tests to only check the output of findReferences in builds that actually have it. Fixing orange introduced by dc4f417ef79a (bug 805003). No bug, no_r=me, pushing to a CLOSED TREE.
f55a7f84de7af6df23eb560852bf533a23a5b5f9Terrence Cole — Backed out changeset f0d7c7806a90
f0d7c7806a903eb469f3aa84eba5c26b5374da67Terrence Cole — Bug 808181: Do not allow implicit conversion of Return<T>; r=jorendorff
6d1337d2db17a75f64763266da4ccc100e1b8897Daniel Holbert — Bug 784061: add crashtest for this WORKSFORME bug. r=longsonr
d8711e947ce9f1d7fb7eac680aac319bb6a8b2bbDaniel Holbert — Bug 612736: add crashtests for this WORKSFORME bug. r=longsonr
63defe9bc7d5d7fb5a4596a5621871ec2b09f8eeBill McCloskey — Bug 778993 - Separate runtime's gcMallocBytes from compartment's gcMallocBytes (r=gwagner,till)
7c56dd925c253a2d8e255fe70f8c0e7548e8e39fJason Orendorff — Bug 787703. r=terrence.
47711ed9454d572acc9a210d341fc24358a384e5Jason Orendorff — Bug 807001 - Change Map and Set size() methods to accessor properties. r=Waldo.
dc4f417ef79ad54ad711b418cdbc0c0ae0093530Jason Orendorff — Bug 805003 - Implement Map and Set clear methods. r=luke.
2718739a1c835fe960dfee9b91d717c2c4e30f6fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 807852 - Position of real request is predictable in Completion requests. r=dcamp
a82389691227e07d67735eab8f9cfb33583d83ddGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 807822 - No noise added to completion request in some circumstances. r=dcamp
30bdcaf34723bf5a1057e6d217928f3214c9c06cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 807847 - Noise entries are erroneously entered into the misscache. r=dcamp
89e780d81ef0f1856cd8b60174257bf004fdec4fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 782106 - Disable the per-client randomization in the url-classifier. r=dcamp
6134edeea9028da59b3e8e0f9607d5ba6c8e5582Mike Habicher — Bug 808030 - Make camera default to smallest non-0x0 thumbnail size with reduced quality. r=cjones
20aa8606eca4f0179ae2a11ae5773046ec02e72fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 807056 - BrowserElement* purgeHistory(). r=jlebar
605db61115a470d3f3ae766645e8d08562b53e03Zach Carter — Bug 804143 - [Identity] Make id flow OOP. r=benadida
b4aae7165b67dbf31bb9f0af57b297b60eb558d6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
7bf38352bbc639235e18d63b5c7bc8b846e4272cGregor Wagner — Bug 807631 - Receiving multi-part SMS doesn't work. r=philikon.
b404d39773907ab0d109dbe6f8b80d5ba054f53fRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 06b998c1100d (bug 664695) due to mochitest-other orange.
a0e9fba17816226e46228d49ae631741ad4d3423Brian R. Bondy — Bug 701613 - Add Win7 as supported OS in updater.exe.manifest. r= rstrong
c65dde5a84b11790422c51f041a78eeacd9480bbKyle Machulis — Bug 791268: Make dylib symbol binding retry, let bluetooth firmware shutdown still work even on error; r=echou
0e791470927907305a37288d118a13bdb37bd265Jed Parsons — Bug 807078 - Clean up message listeners before closing window. r=benadida
ed7fb37591cfdfd8db6e281e42ad6cfa85be8df6Jan Beich — Bug 806139 - Add more supported h264 codecs, used by youtube for 1080p/720p and 240p. r=doublec
ed6074493479a15c95248277c3eff8543741b566Shelly Lin — Bug 803039 - Use TimeStamp instead of PRTime to store the idle time. r=jlebar
b9835e1e6be8eb7395106ad5e54dbe82e32861f7Mike Habicher — Bug 801693 - Plumb video recorder state-change (error, size/length limit) handling. r=jst
12a1b70b2a5a63bcb89fdb1ecb91db2d92c17f0bVincent Chang — Bug 799825 - [wifi] Unable to connect to WPA Network. r=mrbkap
5fb99507203104187976d486cb239a9ac04f6d39Vincent Chang — Bug 799825 - [wifi] Unable to connect to WPA Network. r=mrbkap
2b55937c8352cc19f259ca27e04b7edab5501463Andrea Marchesini — Bug 703612 - Make DBUS calls asynchronous to prevent slowness because of DBus daemon being overloaded in Battery API UPower backend. r=mounir
fb8e7b959173f9c90db8f4f01aae3feded542ebaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
06b998c1100dfe5a794d68e38728b653e2d3f7f4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 664695 Improve signature of nsIConsoleService::GetMessageArray r=bsmedberg
37018544448dcbc3b462432691a538cc18443688Neil Rashbrook — Bug 797988 Focus outlines for compact menulists on Linux r=enn
34137da41cbb0aa9bba8461ae4af13dc4fbe409bWes Johnston — Bug 790454 - Set touch target in touchstart. r=smaug
7f8be1085fdfe20d1f9453d5a9507ec813b7ab05Jim Chen — Bug 807994 - Get rid of IME code raw type usage to prevent javac 1.7 compile errors. r=cpeterson
911fd57f1db2142d4d0e10ecfce92fa6a5d60d1bPeter Van der Beken — Test for bug 798264.
131ff198d8c3a316c343fe3cb6f73a21885159bcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 797039: Update notification icon. [r=mfinkle]
4bb16dfa29b49a26326d6946679f94daf94e592eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 787065: Settings home button should go back home. [r=mifnkle]
bfd2ad69935376f7cd83ea4dcb967990bbf4f260Randell Jesup — Bug 807929: Make DataChannel refcounted r=mcmanus
ff560027a8bace2cf7b2cd872f1e380e6cb6b94cRandell Jesup — Bug 807647: proxy incoming DTLS data to SCTP via the STS thread to avoid locking issues r=ekr
41f7999d2a853fb1ec1400b8d3f4f15d4b8be4d0Bill McCloskey — Bug 739681 - Allow DumpHeapComplete to print unreachable objects (r=mccr8)
2fb08baa4f18f8c8d0705430c54064bf7217584eGeoff Brown — Bug 799863 - Fix paths so check-one-remote can find mozdevice; r=wlach
84a57cb5f5f5271edfa2b05e6d2b0c6f142f7e1cJustin Lebar — Bug 806243 - Fix blob memory reporter's SHA1s on 32-bit by passing a correct format string to nsPrintfCString. r=njn
415dc90118ab262430b62ded492eb043ce460402Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Make set lastTestSeen so Android crashes are output with the test filename; r=jmaher
10486f492c025568beead93413938b9e0f6519d5Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Misc cleanup; r=jmaher
51dc263099d4190537d806847243740e15383c66Gregory Szorc — Bug 805835 - Update virtualenv to fix lib64 path issues; r=glandium
1ef4d2e4a07ec04732d0e20be5cf590a0e5bebe3Gregory Szorc — Bug 807861 - Ensure state directory is present before running tests; r=rnewman
0574e555e545df03117c04077faf8effdff88d62Girish Sharma — Bug 800231 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | Test timed out, | Found a Tools:StyleEditor after previous test timed out; r=msucan
577a6ac727ae731777869c865069af6e192d3341Jonathan Griffin — Bug 807817 - Dump Marionette logs as well as writing to logfile, r=philikon
01f5586d220045283bc9e1d9093be9b93e29dc18Bug 804511 - Use WT_EXECUTEDEFAULT instead of WT_EXECUTEWAITINTHREAD to avoid deadlocks while debugging. r=bent
546e2b61da5779d3f2139426fc106f1725f00e86Bug 804592 - "CreatePipe from Chromium IPC requires Logon Session, fails otherwise" [r=jones.chris.g]
c9c99a2f189c98793b929facdca6aa6139870ec9Benoit Jacob — Bug 784309 - CheckedInt.h Intel C++ compilation issue - r=Ms2ger
49e7c88df1857809868981f0fe090cbc39ccdc0aJosh Matthews — Bug 807760 - Comment followup. DONTBUILD
12ac23e3c313d075d44b1b4da3404ed885e89c7cJosh Matthews — Bug 807760 - Disable OMTC in b2g builds on Windows. r=cjones
5981344041a1465d3d34f03317e4b11331fa5952Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 803575 - Enable preemptive tab zombification in low-memory conditions. r=mfinkle
b095fe02009e02b1798ee68da1ffe42c2c857056Jim Mathies — Bug 750901 - Revert change to nsClipboard and remove ancient crufty commented out code. r=bbondy
57eeca4191dd1d38f7d2351406565105d6fc8e9cEd Morley — Backout 23c9f61a243b & 6ca11f4b470c (bug 805807) for mochitest-1 orange in test_contextmenu.html
5c88f84c75d6d26253d2d9132a3228cb66857a3cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Only chrome display items that are leaves should be treated as especially opaque. r=mats
bdec21b0103cc83d3621502c3bd6164e2068e5a7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Part 1: Refactor nsDisplayList::GetList
954d162c91b69de33c77f341188e86dabdee42caRobert O'Callahan — Bug 796452. Add mozpasspointerevents attribute for IFRAMEs in chrome windows. r=mats
519848fd5eaa1575f0205556acbe4f4115ca4c26Robert O'Callahan — Bug 787831. Keep TrackIDs instead of Track pointers to guard against Tracks being deleted. r=jesup
38d7dcc623a5b1f6121cf1aed0ff106e3829e7cfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 807472. Pass WILL_SEND_DID_PAINT when calling PresShell::Paint with PAINT_COMPOSITE. r=mattwoodrow
e89f3933239117e7cadc2dc7618aaf4bb78f1b50Robert O'Callahan — Bug 807237. Add 'data' parameter to JS_StealArrayBufferContents. r=sfink
4d0cfc4fd49f0c7356cd34af8188002089a44957Robert O'Callahan — Bug 807212. Call TypedArray methods instead of accessing slots directly. r=sfink
95187d8e170c6df98ca83267a65667a9bff92118Robert O'Callahan — Bug 807223 - Implement JS_ArrayBufferViewBuffer. r=sfink
23c9f61a243b4bbb833b9ac139d425c1805a6660Bobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Rearchitect filtering policies so that check() doesn't throw on denial. r=mrbkap
6ca11f4b470cf2c0cb331100eec7189548dc926dBobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Make Components wrapper throw on denial. r=mrbkap
6ac4bb259db3be313d5128a6a96b20d86faf5dd3Jim Mathies — Bug 750901 - Elm to mc migration work - metro related changes to Windows widget src to support building metro winrt bits (nsWidgetFactory, nsWindowGfx, nsToolkit, WinUtils). Also landing nsIWinMetroUtils.idl. r=bbondy
b032c4cc9d7dc684bb112424e9d07dd4be8dd046Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 724513 - Part 3 - Add telemetry for the invalid disk cache situation. r=taras
6ec71de7ba2d66438d9ee4ee03628ada27999c3cGraeme McCutcheon — Bug 724513 - Part 2 - nsAppRunner shouldn't assume the deletion of invalid startup cache file succeeded. r=mwu
eb5c570b8a0bf064a26b46cb6e8274b52b75eaa0Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 724513 - Part 1 - Add StartupCache method for disregarding disk file. r=mwu
e692328bf6a33db14810fa19c51d7ba105db386aHannes Verschore — Bug #807380: Report to the compiler the function is constructing when entering at a branch, r=dvander
7af1c24612bb1ab7618f582f1c7fccdfd4871efbJonathan Kew — bug 803030 - convert display to device pixels before creating the popup child view. r=smichaud
772a4bb004ad52596004d4aaf3f0a7003041e4d5Chris Lord — Bug 797021 - Allow unsigned start parameter in NS_FOR_VISIBLE_BACKGROUND_LAYERS_BACK_TO_FRONT_WITH_RANGE. r=me
324d0fbac2fd588185ffdf37fcdddf92e47e7b3bChris Lord — Bug 797021 - Reftest for multiple background content/border box clipping. r=roc
da40e6f951472ad1aadd24da19dcf5dc425a9198Chris Lord — Bug 797021 - Fix border clipping with multiple background layers. r=roc
b92109c50c1c1b8ed754bc5a6e340da68f5c47e1Chris Jones — Bug 807142: Make containers for DisplayRemote behave like leaf layers when we're resolution-scaling. r=mattwoodrow
d74f2e8a34f260c15a4580f7d9a99b9146578d1cShu-yu Guo — Bug 807525 - Have append newlines when not present. (r=till)
8bf2f8cb5e73f166ee32153fd51820b27185c3b5David Anderson — Update Yarr to WebKit rev 130234 (bug 740015, r=dmandelin).
9b495a47e51d5de318b5ab9a841946434cb99259Luke Wagner — Bug 805294 - Don't use the RegExpShared cache to track all live RegExpShareds (r=billm)
728b0b12eb7fc32bbb32c8d017007e831a53a6c2Ben Turner — Bug 753981 - 'XHR in Web Workers bypasses Offline AppCache'. r=smaug.
1f3ee212a5f2ec4b98c231f3bcfc5168d24aa698Karl Tomlinson — b=807728 Finish() only Xlib old surfaces r=roc
9b5e96686b9b3d1aa5a76c0b9e2982b51a51915eAnthony Jones — Bug 802787 - Work around misreported stride. r=cpeterson
e17c3f1ca7e38478faac5ce5d75856d18c422cfeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
966f596586fd45f3be977e898f32a5977334710eAndrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 23: Replace LL_INIT and LL_UDIVMOD macros. r=ehsan
0829f3b5c51e6bd9e24bda412dc56665e1538cf1Mats Palmgren — Bug 805153 - Check with the focus manager if our *content* is already focused. r=roc
a718b68248eda3346c94c908634071467784f1ecMats Palmgren — Bug 806056 - Add a frame bit that says if a frame is allowed to have abs/fixed pos. children when the style so indicates (position/transform usually). Copy the bit to next-in-flows. Don't call MarkAsAbsoluteContainingBlock for style changes on an existing frame unless that bit is set (style changes that recreates the frame resets it of course). Assert in MarkAs[Not]AbsoluteContainingBlock() that the bit is set. r=bz
d15d35d7443b3b9e990dc87075d8a9b71245ba22Mats Palmgren — Bug 806056 - Make nsContainerFrame destroy abs/fixed pos. child frames unless a derived class already did so. Assert that there are no abs/fixed pos. child frames in nsFrame::DestroyFrom(). r=roc
2f8306353ae9c3f20f58272524f4b02d23003743Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 806283 - Split up and add native iterators to "object/misc" memory reports. r=jorendorff.
e43a2b8ee8400004348ce7efe61c9b6ae150944aSam Garrett — Bug 771554 - Removing autolog and having tps write-out results to JSON so that coversheet can handle them, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
505785fec80e701751bbf453a64357b50320f316Hannes Verschore — Bug 806793: disable hoisting shape guards after bailing because of a shape guard, r=jandem
8b5fa3dd0a07eb6cd77bfea064ba9ddd97899adfRyan VanderMeulen — Backout e35f252ca573 for mochitest-other orange.
54ef53ee4af9a9a56eee967c1943dd3f0ffed7f0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 807533 - Implement DelayNode; r=bzbarsky
a2351bf10a09e7be384064c94f806d9596af8509Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 807697 - Enable integer to float type coercion in the Web IDL parser; r=bzbarsky
745af560fd8025de4da99acbddcf5174b572f514Margaret Leibovic — Bug 807805 - Remove app.reportCrashes from b2g.js now that we have crash reporter settings in the UI. r=fabrice
7f272ec628b4303c88dff322b6cec53858d1c5f3Jim Chen — Bug 807544 - Add #ifdef to make XUL Fennec compile. r=gbrown
f3de00a4f93a300668b4a1b36664f4e2f7626be4Tobias Schneider — Bug 806780 - PathSkia::ContainsPoint should use SkPath::contains(x, y). r=jmuizelaar
724a3ec3ed48ee82246e17eaa20b8201df4f0794Jed Parsons — Bug 806605 - Replace loggedInEmail parameter with loggedInUser. r=benadida
7f8182a28d3fccbd1a6ed5d2e3071adf6998acbeAl Tsai — Bug 805539 - Prevent effect from default values and network geolocation provider. r=dougt
ded2002105413081671a27092d08682a8193c123Abhishek Rajput — Bug 693808 - Make number keywords in locationbar be searched as normal terms. r=jst
f818459666b292dbe2703e15009f5aef1bd89ffbOonishi Atsushi — Bug 282432 - XPCShell test. r=bz
b027df4ba1e8f2c1ade179f90bbb6cb70bf40861Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 282432 - Calling asyncOpen on a file channel should notify about file not found errors asynchronously instead of throwing from asyncOpen. r=bz
9268740945659fbd43cf25580c7baff9c8c9ecc2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
16772d0c770c53992f62a8790ce82ad5e03e1be8Matt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from toolkit headers - r=bsmedberg
bb9c03d12542a6922d91bd398210b74078acc26fMatt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from widget headers - r=roc
56d3db02148275732583b6c28a03914ce1c0191cJonathan Griffin — Bug 806138 - Disable permaorange, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
b00a773ece0a9ae40506a1c6c6d8b68a9c0dafe2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
c0b9df7f62305711e2a275e9ca9180d704d5a5e2Panos Astithas — Implement Debugger.removeAllDebuggees for efficient debugger shutdown (bug 740551); r=jimb,jorendorff
b2e408512fe2b0a34533cb568d96397ca6060763Victor Porof — Bug 774011 - Intermittent browser_dbg_createRemote.js | Should be paused after an interrupt request. - Got false, expected true | Should have one frame in the stack. - Got 0, expected 1, r=past
426b858da27f5c80c5a5569db9e5274f4bdedd15Panos Astithas — Bug 740551 - ThreadActor should automatically add appropriate debuggee globals - Patch v14; r=rcampbell
874b5b0f8a14572409b00867c595b40efb7af354Victor Porof — Bug 806748 - Intermittent browser_dbg_location-changes-blank.js | The source editor not have any text displayed. - Got 546, expected 0, r=rcampbell
d77dedee61fd26229ddd6c6b402ec8894a5e5c0bVictor Porof — Bug 783729 - Debugger: JS scripts can get HTML syntax highlighting, r=rcampbell
6337e18d00241896961d8e376fc55658699261d5Joe Walker — Bug 801387 - GCLI rollup bug fix for bugs 795324, 797016, 791085; r=dcamp
3d5f173967ee70b41fbc4e583976df6eddb3a053Joe Walker — Bug 800346 - Autocompletion hint text is not visible in the latest Nightly; r=dcamp
5a7982bf885b5ad2b3ff10a0066c1445f75753e3Joe Walker — Bug 798458 - changes to make minification of GCLI work; r=dcamp
027aa16b7853a54e099519b7e13111871e6340daGrant Gayed — Bug 806821 - GCLI should ensure that 'string' command return types are treated as plaintext; r=jwalker
d61718babf2050f2b8c42583246aa86f65bea64bMatthew Noorenberghe — Backed out changeset f33e99e56d52 because of xpcshell failures
f33e99e56d52a76e8584eaca29d738b463c2f151Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 720311 - Don't open formhistory.sqlite on shutdown in order to close it. r=mak
ec06d25faff3b6a0ae71536b3e00c16bc93e5bcaMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 804437 - Don't copy user.js section when it's hidden. r=Unfocused
575bec0f7a5ec01642e1df028063299e8ba1f0bdPanos Astithas — Bug 802081 - listTabs returns empty tab titles after startup; r=rcampbell
aeb34ce13c59fe293080f804bd60ab7497136241Panos Astithas — Bug 771655 - Debugger does not show up if any progress listener (e.g. NoScript) reads the WebProgress argument's DOMWindow property in onStateChange(); r=vporof
27db7a7e3e15f5a821ba27261e862a98ddcb828cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 808110 - No HTTP traffic was being sent for stub installer pings due to too many parameters. r=jimm
5a29e32cc48bfddfde95f29b983e5923fbfc05b8Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
98a4ecb5793849ef6f02cb052dba69dc371fa5e2Richard Newman — Bug 807546 - Specify Connection: close in announcements fetch requests. r=liuche
6e6472ed8d73015ff96cab308799b49620a6e14fRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.