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Tue Sep 27 17:13:04 2011 +0000
2d1e082d176a40d2016b5670697f7fc0b39046d3Christian Legnitto — Backout bug 678588 due to the volume regression in bug 598774, a=LegNeato
8cb916f96ffd2943fb9763dee1753a97706c397fL. David Baron — Backout changeset c07445f34e92 (bug 611099, part 1) until bug 668163 is fixed. approval-mozilla-beta=clegnitto
e8378f974c3eb3d42ea9778a7374177d64ec1ffbL. David Baron — Backout changeset 58fe3ede72f8 (bug 611099, part 2) until bug 668163 is fixed. approval-mozilla-beta=clegnitto
8bea838693f302e581f176b34fb82ef6ccb001baL. David Baron — Backout changeset 3af9fed4e33a (bug 611099, part 3) until bug 668163 is fixed. approval-mozilla-beta=clegnitto
a43d1b4f8f0dfe08b7e39fdff78db38fcb536f47Boris Zbarsky — Version bump
fb7dcbe468ec24c633731d01a4e0d167b7934e03Axel Hecht — bug 670126, add vi to shipped-locales also on aurora and central, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
82893137d4b0630aad0e7d4a14ff6e6d41c5117dMike Hommey — Bug 667592 - Bump telemetry notification persistence to 6, a=LegNeato
8dcf982fed9334b2a3fc85dd53d433e6330745ddGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 688692 - Fennec is not sending crash reports. r=ted a=LegNeato
0ce62710d3177178cad8a16b0edad9df99d73357Taras Glek — Bug 668392: backout addon/person reporting until privacy optin is updated, a=LegNeato
9b32a50de8953671d64d3cfe69621dc014b53610Mark Finkle — Bug 686637 - Stop extracting hyphenation files from the APK [r=dougt a=cww]
c84ac4a98e0705db874566a9b7b0d79b81383691Patrick McManus — 687295 - disable websockets deprecated deflate-stream extension due to thin vnc interop problem r=bz a=johnath
fd8ec1055118da498cfa52e89a88c36f652d45a4Ben Turner — Bug 679551 - 'Workers: Deadlock in WorkerPrivate::BlockAndCollectRuntimeStats if worker is blocked (LastPass extension)'. r=mrbkap, a=johnathan
de96bbe8741922f98605cb6220608b0a054eadf9Honza Bambas — Bug 683316 - backing bug 662511 out due to DOMStorageImpl::GetKey performance regression, r=bz, a=jst
3d09765cc32fa53df1ad67d8ec20e5bbfec4a601Daniel Holbert — Bug 686044: Hold temporary reference to |this| inside DOMSVGPathSegList::InternalListWillChange whenever we're nonempty. r=jwatt, a=johnath.
2ef3028638186ca9265c6c4432b2049dad1ec7acTrevor Saunders — Bug 680929 - empty relations returned to atk, r=davidb, a=asa
223f39756a26bec67237d2c31be92a0aa92623e3Jonathan Kew — bug 675383 - add a tiny delta to x-coordinates to avoid erratic spacing of DWrite font using GDI rendering mode when a transform (e.g. synthetic italics) is in effect. r=bas a=johnath
6f21b34b00c6da47538e97a5e3d17fd6fafe3b9eRandell Jesup — Bug 682031: Add another old nsIURI IID to the hack in nsBinaryStream to fix sessionrestore r=dholbert r=bz a=johnath
3e508f45597cc98febe16a5f0f25f41d5a8c8407Justin Wood — aurora ver of Bug 680113 - Select Add-ons dialog lists distribution add-ons as installed by the user. r=Unfocused a=Asa
391c8ebfa0a640cd5d466a29fce0e2711b209663Bill McCloskey — Bug 679593 - Null out JSScript (r=dmandelin)
0b54cb43cec533cd2aba4136d386c32c53f34609Jim Chen — Bug 672787 - Use proper alignment for libpixman ARM assembly; r=siarhei.siamashka a=jst
c440edd84f8405705202af6b4e39fc9bbb8de04eKev Needham — Bug 671307: Add Twitter to default search plugins for en-US, r=gavin a=jpr
d4dc0b3c0eafba8ac534c89bc3757fdb9faf97c3Dão Gottwald — Bug 668019 - prepend http:// to URL copy selection if URL has been selected (but not loaded) from location bar. r=gavin a=jpr
9fb463342642cf9dc3ed823fdef7c95a422c0439Brian R. Bondy — Bug 655117 - Citrix ICA Client Version: (npicaN.dll) crashes other plugins. r=bsmedberg a=jpr
009c64b64cf3edcc66a5aae464dedcc94922194dBlake Kaplan — Fix bug 670319. r=jst r=johnath
f9c333d4a0957b978e9beb3dc23e1218626e47fbMatt Woodrow — Bug 676690 - Don't release DataSourceSurface pointers until we have finished accessing the pixels. r=Bas, a=clegnitto
63d1f8b24911e4e29b662aab35e75a529498c7beBenoit Jacob — Bug 680840 - Use infallible allocations in GrowAtomTable() - r=dveditz, a=clegnitto
b46adb8a09eb62a975667dd4ec550f21fea2a5b2Benoit Jacob — Bug 682335 - crash [@ WebGLContext::BufferSubData_array] - r=jrmuizel, a=clegnitto
b71f847ed6441baa453aad76785b91dc1ce50a16Fabien Cazenave — Fix for bug 680279 for Aurora: backout the offending patch from bug 674861; r=ehsan
b1d382004d3f7ef0eaca7622b5846894fc9866d1Mark Finkle — Bug 682326 - Disable method jit for chrome [r=mbrubeck a=clegnitto]
1b904630fdd7f9ca3ec8166f5d7147291d740bfeMark Finkle — Bug 684910 - [Aurora] - Remove 'Install as App' from site menu [r=fabrice a=clegnitto]
6be19f1139e0c6ab18f3611d1d53ee12b75669e1Mark Finkle — Bug 684152 - Don't even bother trying to unpackComponents if the APK hasn't changed [r=dougt a=clegnitto]
7d19319753d93b58bccd01d790997e044e108a3bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 663899 - Use the win temp file handling code in all platforms. r=smichaud. a=jst.
45016b4cbc882cf78e769761e12b170822ec640aChristian Legnitto — Bug 685727 - Remove What's New page from the Firefox Update Experience, r=gavin, a=LegNeato
f85ba2de57ec09505e578123363e617026443721arno renevier — bug 684467: backout bug #388427; r=ehsan a=LegNeato
78e1e12493c62b5affc6d9226a79df9174e8deecMats Palmgren — Bug 684661 - Backout bug 191864 from aurora branch. r=smaug a=clegnitto
554e9fe2eb14c2168097bcf1d61a5534cc2ef8b3Josh Matthews — Bug 684599 - Avoid null dereference when chacking if a window's in the background. r=smaug, a=johnath
abcf25487703eff9edd7d34b5b7db11e38e81999Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 685007 - Fix use of uninitialized data. r=wmccloskey a=clegnitto
e423c518c1587833f3acf8fd18c76c194291c95fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 660453 (Don't use txExecutionState if init fails). r=sicking, a=legneato
cb0f5868c9e0f63e7df2922f33f412871080bbe1Blair McBride — Bug 672485 - Ensure window watcher is defined. r=dtownsend,jst approval-mozilla-aurora=asa
647c4ef5a96f5b53b28ba48059cc6e490a57bb92Richard Newman — Bug 670082 - Make sure Weave.Service is accessed prior to accessing Engines in Sync setup wizard. r=philikon approval-mozilla-aurora=clegnitto
8fcbe854cf763e3169e615c4740d3fc3c229eddbMatt Brubeck — Bug 681621 - Displayport is wrong after MozScrolledAreaChanged event when page is scrolled to the right [r=stechz, a=LegNeato]
96c12e1c1c80c5705e4ac9c9930c449709114ffdDavid Mandelin — Bug 652054: tweak register allocation for 64-bit stores, r=njn, a=clegnitto
a5a5c583c381ba04318a368da5bdcb994153acacEhsan Akhgari — Bug 683449 - Really remove the exemptions; r=kaie over irc
d0763ce2460af96bb9f5497d2c10dadbc7c8a011Kai Engert — Bug 683261, fix landing, make sure both patches v3 and v4 are landed, and also, bring it in the right ordering. also sync it with the latest official release of the NSS CA roots module
3c1f0ce1d76f22aad3b8c0332278302606000cacGervase Markham — Bug 669792 - is not considered to be a public suffix; r=me a=LegNeato
011b7b8190200c1e842909d98f54c76764bd6721Kai Engert — Bug 683261 - Better coverage for DigiNotarGate in NSS; r=rrelyea
23e0b7ab56dc7508bf91cff7a18e5cdca01bf247Kai Engert — Bug 683883 - Improve DigitNotarGate handling in PSM; r=rrelyea
f020f92c79ca875428943746dfe525735aa1a3c0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 683449 - Remove the exemptions for the Staat der Nederlanden root; rs=LegNeato
95f04aa2a1c43cd3e5358a0bee665d47acb92e53Doug Turner — patch
03b0d42603f88ddaa55e43b67655773ab53658bfMatt Woodrow — Bug 677173 - Remove 3D transforms IDL properties because they are disabled. r=dbaron a=jpr
ba929aa0950310f82d069afe6186a7d6b0ce0d90Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 683449 - DigiNotar patch erroneously blocks one of the two Staat der Nederlanden roots; r=kaie
6604a5a31e338155d8936fd039c2ac020b42d8d2Blair McBride — Bug 678761 - Add-on selection UI footer may not always look good on non-aero themes. r=dao a=asa
716ae806a90f4be1ff5b7e7a058df6992ce420d6Wes Johnston — Bug 624570 - Check for master password in BadgeHandler. r=mfinkle, a=LegNeato
4668220148dce824fcb47a29095f075954e644c3Matt Brubeck — Bug 624552 - Disable Firefox Sync temporarily when master password entry fails. [r=mfinkle, a=LegNeato]
96d8e56860f0b6dde62246690e3bac784866f94fBen Turner — Bug 677273 - 'Crash in mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::RescheduleTimeoutTimer'. r=sicking.
8587a9c1b25b03275dbf82cc0fc958946b7db81eBrian Smith — Bug 682927 - Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate, part 3; r=kaie,dveditz a=me
73dd41230d4eb5146c13d34d04c9386238059847Kai Engert — Bug 682927 - Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate, part 2; r=bsmith
23a4e07cd1744c9a1649aa0d49766a7dde94dfa5Kai Engert — Bug 682927 - Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate, part 1; r=bsmith
977d2522dd8cd2bc2a12289f96852a7a2792ce12Jonas Sicking — Bug 681870: Properly ensure that only one window opens indexedDB prompts. r=bent, a=blizzard
c392c0bbee02ad5d4b7604edc92b9422c8dbb835Patrick McManus — bug 679783 - websockets oninputstreamready() crash. r=jduell, a=asa
a9c6435f143c15b7538a1592f0bd6e3f9dc1530fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 679090 - Disable IPv6 for backup connections to workaround problems about broken IPv6 connectivity; f=mcmanus r=biesi, a=asa
8ee4730f8a8a5dcdff02d2eb101206b48b29b683Neil Deakin — Bug 673301, crash using non-string data with text/plain drags, r=josh, a=asa
abb9bc5f79935de604ced907c78f4fd3c0f6d3c0Brian R. Bondy — Bug 605732 - test_taskbar_jumplistitems.js leaks jump list items. r=jmathies, a=jst
37d1ce72cc35d0f845a02bd20771e21dfa246fa5James Willcox — Bug 627019 - ignore IME changes from gecko when other changes are still pending r=jchen, a=mfinkle
b27ee056fe19330867bc95fcb0a057a4d0dea18cMark Finkle — Bug 682073 - AndroidBridge uses wrong method for calling setClipboardText [r=dougt, a=asa]
463cbb911c4396565631327594e42e06766b725dDave Townsend — Bug 679604: When an older version has persisted the last selected category the first view of the add-ons manager will fail to display any category. r=Unfocused, a=asa
2200774c8d4941edb3a09b3285ccb523e9fc3a9eMatt Brubeck — Bug 677044 - Back out b38381eb91b8 (crashtest for bug 609499, which was backed out). a=backout
a2533f29b2d686adc57afbc9103fe366a1a77159Brandon Sterne — Bug 679772 - Send cookies and HTTP auth with CSP report requests, r=dveditz, a=LegNeato
b747b6535a03e8927f77526fe716e66b33454a40Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 677044. Backout 67044ea27b53
2385df82b3ed8fc57d6879e34ad3ffa5e6cc41fcMarco Bonardo — Bug 675416 - Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache.
0f00ceef85a8080f49d9a1c282c7f1c05fdd4a47Mounir Lamouri — Bug 680747 - Set a min and pref width to nsProgressFrame. r=dbaron a=asa
3aba81100f4f02e9498aec76e4154c51691460cfSimon Montagu — Bug 601261 - nsXPCOMDetector::DoIt didn't call Reset resulting in crash [@ nsSJISProber::HandleData]. r=emk, a=asa
9546f9e05e7a755ec306d7749aecf44c7b177a6eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 666516. Stop casting things gotten by contract to concrete classes. r=kaie, a=blizzard
f78f9890fbc109f96ac6542f876c4b057ae25134Kyle Huey — Bug 678872: Test. a=Asa
fc27973f66b18a5cd3c5c6fc44f2c30ea1eb73b4Kyle Huey — Bug 680344: Properly fix up a pending history navigation in nsSHistory::RemoveDuplicate. r=smaug sr=bz a=Asa
82e79db5a5fc79e215d2a1964087f0d28c6a9d44Kyle Huey — Bug 680816: Test. a=blizzard
a233176c39101eed660b8bd26348c67eff29d292Kyle Huey — Bug 680816: XHR cannot be reused with responseType='arraybuffer'. r=sicking a=blizzard
7d122e5b3455cf39e925bd39467315efa3eee010Kyle Huey — Back out the bandaid for Bug 669049 as this was fixed through other means. a=me
f717ca3b24e7258b2d6072779bbb18e2b4c13543Doug Turner — Bug 678818: Ensure that the device motion is cancelled at ~nsGlobalWindow r=jst
2bdd9c852f548d40443e525c68b95b189f7ef11aKyle Huey — Bug 669049: Forgo an optimization to make responseType='blob' work on large files. r=sicking a=johnath
d6ce33ded6a1a8c9748d7fae961848191067bbd6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 680518 - Progress element should invalidate itself when the bar size changes. r=roc a=johnath
90b32d7c5cadf8e9e9a1a2eb5a7652e67035e6f6Blair McBride — Bug 680117 - Footer string in the new Add-on selection window should wrap to fit long localizations. r=dtownsend, a=blizzard
85de577ce6a430fa90c6e6c075f1d6e52835b32aDão Gottwald — Bug 673528 - Only add www and a domain suffix when the typed domain contains no dot, colon or space. r=gavin, ui-r=faaborg, a=johnath
9a243f42727941f92b9aa3aeb0229062a379d8b6Marty Rosenberg — Bug 678928: don't use fmem_imm_off in the macro assembler, use its wrapper: 'floatTransfer'. r=adrake a=johnath
636ee9539d54a51573294d30ac31847ec6acda26Justin Lebar — Bug 680257 - Always call nsDocShell::ScrollToAnchor on short-circuited loads, so as to make sure the target pseudo-class is updated correctly. r=bz, a=johnath
94acb6de0e1666350c752437dd40945185068c48Jonathan Kew — bug 680717 - use the correct loop index variable when parsing cmap VS subtable. r=jdaggett a=blizzard
33cabd0345631c859b9d5b8ee32cbe5c767de6f2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 668921. cairo: Fix fixup_unbounded_boxes() to work even if the box is smaller than the extents. r=ickle
852f698f184b2f34a9ac98005a6a9b866f489287Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 671428. cairo: Handle bad strides in acquire_source_surface. r=bas
2564751174a26c51b5134bf3942dfedc016a7446Olli Pettay — Bug 674276 - Backout bug 335998 from Aurora/FF8, a=asa
ebe4b5370436811b88a82e9775b619569c444acaMatt Brubeck — Backed out changeset e55d507e6a6b (bug 677173) because of test failures. a=backout
e55d507e6a6b2c0f221cb1f43e0c64e7a2dbf10aMatt Woodrow — Bug 677173 - Remove 3D transform IDL properties until it is enabled by default. r=dbaron a=jpr
9efe51ddbfb0b68070f2a1be3cb8b5cfd20f641fOleg Romashin — Bug 679149 - VKB jumping too much on maemo r=dougt, a=drivers
620e3bda721bf3fde4456288bac4ea548f7c5833L. David Baron — Fix nsLayoutUtils::ComputeSizeWithIntrinsicDimensions to produce correct results when one of the tentative height/width (i.e., the intrinsic height/width) is 0. (Bug 677091) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=asa
ebff1f7b2beecac6bc554588798f3b7521df1253Steven Michaud — Bug 668953 - Backout patch for bug 668953 from branches. r=bgirard a=jpr
a4be76dc396f9de450a2db93527b4fe19c838f66Luke Wagner — Backed out changeset 0cf822d12c64 (and dependent be91fb29d950 and 53dd7a930bae) due to intermittent crashes (a=legneato)
246acc814f724b5d26d1626532ee9243da1de7c2Jonas Sicking — Bug 667612: Make addEventListener not throw if passed a null listener. r=smaug a=jp
ef9d1c90dcbed9f2682f067136d681a516aab200Axel Hecht — no bug, add Swahili to Firefox Beta, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
c0fad07c8eadfb420873bfb55eef44bd36a449f2Axel Hecht — no bug, add Mongolian to Firefox Beta, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
eb3df83a7f14e9e9da815bf80209c4d7b6175736Axel Hecht — bug 668782, adding sw to the build, a=legneato, DONTBUILD
805e3325e374b2535701477ddd02694760e1a74fAxel Hecht — bug 668782, adding csb to the build, a=legneato, DONTBUILD
2f1100c032290d14ff605260e9e59fa00b383bc0Ehsan Akhgari — Switch the branding from nightly to aurora for the Aurora migration
4703c999a95baac23b1e5bfba1e2eaae810d7a12Ehsan Akhgari — Version bump
41b84b87c816403e1b74963d8094cff0406c989eTim Taubert — Bug 648683 - Expose tabs on-demand preference; r=dietrich+gavin, a=broken-merge AURORA_BASE_20110816
9967f28c64e183bd85ae5f761c3ab2d8cb5adbc3Luke Wagner — Bug 679251 - InlineReturn should advance the pc always (r=dvander)
e765c8f565c63da5550aa59bf5d6358a4392fee0Rob Campbell — merged m-c to fx-team, browser_595601-restore_hidden.js conflicted
b44e9053d17d40417911a7b0ac1f209117b1814eRob Campbell — Bug 678021 - browser/base and browser/devtools are racing to make jars; r=dolske
87995d2de00c5df79b33c20bbfab4b89414ae62aRob Campbell — Bug 678021 - browser/base and browser/devtools are racing to make jars; r=dolske; Backout to fix bug 679301; a=orange
e68b6ce72fc32ead1ff716e8c21cd46a86627ac2Tim Taubert — Bug 662812 - Panorama isn't aware of the current SSWindowState when being initialized; r=zpao
5ff103433c3b46a811b18e7043bc5f70f5af9c26Kailas — Bug 595888 - Show file size when attempting to download a file. r=sdwilsh, r=dolske, ui-r=faaborg
bdbc65fca5ff366c35841120c53128bde7a6a205Dão Gottwald — merge backout
a74d2e4c720ed178735ae2f03e0ca8c2501da06fDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 7715bba5cc3a
987d310dfcec75acfb9c58dc0223b783ac1d97bbDão Gottwald — merge backout
7a08fd89d10aefbe28fc9a03c643b06650f1b412Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 1608aa3ce9d3
a721c6686657930a4109e96691e116ccdcc59e05Margaret Leibovic — Bug 648668 - Update blank favicon to dotted outline instead of generic page. r=gavin
74e9c64e1c2437474a5534e636ccd14a3bc2718cMargaret Leibovic — merge mozilla-central into fx-team
7715bba5cc3ac721b5c259cc52f5c15e4a08b9ceMihai Sucan — Bug 566084 - Inspect gets disabled when navigating to new pages; f=rcampbell r=rcampbell,dolske ui-r=limi
36dc4ffaaaaee5533349d589a82032ca05f2f96bMihai Sucan — Bug 678763 - Intermittent browser_sourceeditor_initialization.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output; r=rcampbell
46cd0808d1c539b3068e871c88932f13fc21c552Rob Campbell — Bug 678021 - browser/base and browser/devtools are racing to make jars; r=dolske
85582dd3a1a4fc0c4d5c0dd613fb1a28f10fdf0eRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
6137de4b8036d0602f9dee98d889bb42c163b15dRaymond Lee — Bug 675481 - Space reserved for expand button should be determined at run-time r=tim
c762e01dd6dc27a90357a9d6388967d9412c2522Raymond Lee — Bug 591699 - Wrong clickable area for 'close tab group' button r=tim
1608aa3ce9d38ee758d4ac843e125fcdc14b804dTim Taubert — Bug 626455 - modal dialog in onbeforeunload: browser freeze after removing last tab group in panorama; r=dietrich
621138727ae41c530c3a9f812bbc93e1164263b8Tim Taubert — Bug 678474 - activate event is not dispatched when window is disabled; r=karlt
55c3a125c9bb94345ee529fc87cbbe20b22a7ddfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 678763 - Disable browser_sourceeditor_initialization.js because it is practically perma-orange; rs=msucan,robcee
2e4ddf7504157d05a356867e6418c8c0ea982276Dão Gottwald — Bug 648683 followup. Change restoreOnDemand.accesskey to L, since D was already taken
7027d3788076fb207f974f92554c033666bcb17eBrian Hackett — Fix GC hazard, bug 679094. r=jorendorff.
f8a0d02f12572dfbcdc578990deed6a98d1e8897Landry Breuil — Bug 650749: Fix xptcall for OpenBSD on ppc. r=bsmedberg
1248e3a8a8c8a21a4afbcb75634bfc6b1439452fKyle Huey — Bug 679191: Improve XPT arena allocation behavior when handling allocations larger than the block size. r=njn
35657230a209b1d8b709d7da1b2cc1f702332115Kyle Huey — Merge mozilla-inbound to m-c to catch the 8 train.
85b5d609a73cddbf7f09e4b708266975c24e7731Mike Hommey — Bug 672756 - Allow to populate startupcache on xulrunner applications built with the SDK. r=ted
32d45b1d060d51d1d7e9d9f33d98db849402274fPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 648683 - Expose tabs on-demand preference [r=dietrich, r=gavin, ui-r=boriss]
67142b6a15ab393573e477981a089ad6ea59057aBlair McBride — Bug 677646 - Install Add-on from file no longer works. r=dtownsend
f9a0435281d32ac2f76eb93c2ba30fa77f5fe342Alon Zakai — Bug 678623 - Increase script stack quota in web workers. r=bent
21fe1276adce5610a183e7ab1dc75f9aa19ea037Brian Smith — Bug 593077: Remove SSL 2.0 Support and Fortezza Cipher Suites, r=kaie
5979968b95984225d901c96fd5e61787695f6ea1Trevor Saunders — bug 678799 - a11y telemetry for accessibility initialization r=surkov, tglek
4e895b191eb29410bb522a90f9496b6c33f2c6ecDaniel Holbert — backout 7369baed29ef (Bug 674647) due to permaorange on OS X64 opt xpcshell tests
1ad8506a40d295eea16c52a0ec5ba65c3ba8bd28William Chen — Bug 664783 - Implement FileReaderSync for Workers. r=bent+sicking.
e5c1fbc8df7ed2ebea6a8763b47f73eb7d776112Daniel Holbert — merge m-c to m-i
91d90510179c2f59302d26bb7a45ba8df5bfa550Matt Woodrow — Bug 677878 - Round untransformed rects outwards. r=roc
4f62a0bb3a78df4d49e23d4195ba3d67ed19780cChris Pearce — Bug 665344 - Ensure minWriteSamples samples written before sleeping in AudioLoop drain. r=kinetik
2e887d0eb40aa4f1ca04f1ed9a42c684471f93edBas Schouten — Bug 676753: Support subpixel-AA for the Azure D2D backend. r=jrmuizel
0220740e0bea2a14429e37355a4c2e7080c6e3aeEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 83b6f03bb285 (bug 674770) because mochitest-3 orange on Windows
36b6ae568a9878a8c925e4e33855fe485d0e06cfPaul O’Shannessy — Review comments for bug 645428
2ca877908e8dab6e484a0a04269e44acbcee20afTim Taubert — Bug 645428 - "sessionstore-windows-restored" is not sent for empty sessions [r=zpao]
f19cab5d3f778122fbced9edef9156cbe89ff9c0Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 645608 - If FF Window is minimized and restarted, the window is minimized/maximized then restored [r=dietrich]
d06c39b4945328a2e75a35e268a12d45e32a39c9Daniel Holbert — Bug 678822: Skip call to nsSMILAnimationFunction::GetAccumulate() if we've had parse errors. r=birtles
26114d0e96091d3b142be393f98a53ec10ad7be9Daniel Holbert — Bug 473236, 2011 edition: remove executable bit from files that don't need it, in /layout. [test-only, file-permissions-only] DONTBUILD
213b48aa2c56a0dc6e570e60e76aa5afcdb31031Paolo Amadini — Bug 591289 - Save chosen download file name and other metadata in Places history [r=sdwilsh, ui-r=limi]
4c6dfeb5dc3ab1d9015f0b38441ed69251b3d345Mats Palmgren — Bug 191864 - Range and Selection broken with splitText() and normalize().
4d046f0cdcbd241bcdd4dc7d7cacee1e4fde7da9Mats Palmgren — Bug 191864 - Range and Selection broken with splitText() and normalize(). r=sicking
5b1e885539a5f17f1f4afb58fc459faf4c9e5dbaSteve Fink — Bug 673631 - Clean up probes and register (almost) all profiler control entry points in JS_DefineProfilingFunctions (r=luke,waldo,jst)
4d9fe0a94ba2460358cf7f65ffa0f0d517b35c6aDaniel Holbert — Bug 679091: Remove unused variable |size| from gfxASurface::FastMovePixels(). r=cjones
b02e49916a3e3a9e2afde0ae250414455e2e49e2Josh Matthews — Backing out bug 675669, due to its controversial landing.
01ce7e95d7b7dff50e519345295ffa383e595e67Dave Townsend — Bug 679157: browser_select_confirm.js tests fail on aurora. r=Unfocused
7f2895987cb7126473f1cf65154a0226b4bd479dDave Townsend — Bug 669541: Fix extensions.checkCompatibility.nightly to not disable compatibility in aurora builds. r=robstrong
36a5644e9d6fff8849c74616165bad2febf6a514Dave Townsend — Bug 476430: Backout redundant button styles.
83b6f03bb285260bc9a0e07b8973c51386c9f99cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 674770 - contenteditable breaks middle-click to open links when middlemouse.paste=true; r=roc
fbc41a899acbb5f7214607abb548fe00c90df14eMatt Brubeck — Merge the latest green changeset on mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
74bf2e6459e3c6b9cb92f91e59024309a56b901aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 669116 followup - Remove the extra semicolon to make gcc happy
0f43479bf2797f7caa4f572a59cb2413b2254a6fMatt Brubeck — Bug 678108 - Fix bookmark star icon in Gingerbread theme [r=wesj]
42c54c7cb4a3efdb2ea6a5e3150b76b53bd765edCameron McCormack — Bug 538189 - Tweak conditions for enabling Synaptics scrolling hack to help Thunderbird. r=jmathies
44f89f14c84a7dd624bc9fe4e0e82557c87afc35Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 669116 - Add memory reporter for the spell checker; r=njn,khuey
edead6fe5c9514e39cff0fc5b5bd9bef54406760Chris Leary — Bug 675269: shell arguments bound to global |arguments|. (r=dvander)
c36563ee6447afd04561b1ba9f30e740c43261b8Jeff Walden — Bug 678998 - Rename IsFunctionQName to GetLocalNameFromFunctionQName and make it infallible, now that QName's localName slot stores an atom and conversion to jsid can be infallible. r=luke
c6a3b64dcac076dbca8ad87ff165be85d6fd3da2Jeff Walden — Bug 678998 - Make the QName localName slot store a local name that's been atomized, for simplicity. r=luke
36ddaaab6e57b212a8dc21d184d592c61796e1fcDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Use C-style instead of C++-style comment in jsopcode.h. rs=mrbkap
a7911fd8e77950b092aceac887ec6bdd7de53de6Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678361 - Fix missing corner case from bug 655339. r=smichaud.
7369baed29efd8bd50c63e4d06b876813864e314Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Update OS X mozconfig snippets. r=ted.mielczarek.
630e28e90986596a4855f8f67cd8072f2c1bdf6bMs2ger — Merge some known-good changesets from m-i to m-c.
edd7aab15b8b902f77ef4a3910e9a1db5c512404Daniel Holbert — Bug 678845: Add "u" suffix to large integer literal values in testIndexToString.cpp, to fix GCC warning. r=Waldo
f9be98f4a042f3f6a6e8779d3f61ff314bb551e9Scott Johnson — Bug 673984 - Fix crash in nsImageLoader::DoRedraw by clearing image loaders even on ignore of frame destruction callbacks. [r=dbaron,dholbert]
485f0838da930c169ee790875405dfc0760b754eRobert Longson — Bug 678250 - Filter bounds rounded before scaling so small filters may be too large. r=roc
083551a45a833bb34e8d0ef68e7fcbd49dee6851Wes Johnston — Bug 675252 - Check for locale updates before updating Fennec. r=mfinkle
bc3e24e625c2975847932af2f475dbf3fe408dcaWes Johnston — Bug 668029 - Pull strings out of available locales list when using localePicker. r=mfinkle
9d083bbd47f5d202d69331cf073860f7d53f1b72Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678069 - Fix build with clang and c++0x. r=joshmoz.
675e826e2938fc9cd7c54fbf0881949b4f5f5115Dão Gottwald — Bug 580194 - use inverted tabbrowser icons on glass and dark personas. r=shorlander
2c01344b6929a10e9061b49d47ea67e5ceaac74cStephen Horlander — Bug 580194 - add inverted tabbrowser icons
2c026a7ff7304916b818b167a0f88bde9f596529Edgar Flores — Bug 624743 - Resource protocol shouldn't use nsDependentCString. r=bsmedberg
37dedb70a68adaf8d74fb2c2e58377ffb89e0449Daniel Holbert — Backing out f085bbca2ee9 (bug 609043) since it triggered perma-orange in Android b-c tests
51c50cf19742ffaf2c014f404739c407857f9ba2Daniel Holbert — Back out c51c5db7903f (bug 679194) since I'm backing out the cset that it stacks on top of
c86cbbb7d0bf14ae7af5be3ebb23af50554b98ecAlex Pakhotin — Bug 673969 - System preference for "visible passwords" not followed. r=blassey
2630af781762a734ee87c3fda701a471cde94546Alex Pakhotin — Bug 592772 - Fennec should offer to use master password. r=wesj
c51c5db7903fd0da25e1143c65a33a19c30cb7e8Fabrice Desré — Bug 679194 - Add a permission prompt for mozApps.mgmt.list and mozApps.mgmt.uninstall [r=mbrubeck]
f25e1ff21078385a19068c825c7c9d8949deace9Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; test-only
f48880d25772c657a4f5781fd87da3c49dfb85afNeil Rashbrook — Bug 660526 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatCString r=sayrer
a8e6a5bebe87cdea15237b872c84440c5b29a788Randell Jesup — Bug 677260: Add specIgnoringRef and hasRef for URIs. r=bz, sr=biesi
bd5215405aa91a51a9ca9987b9ab619c00dba57fWilliam Lachance — Bug 676412 - Skip process stress test on windows, to make test faster. r=bsmedberg, a=testonly
f597467fac5e2a1f455994b20625b5bb9e4f2eb3Ali Juma — Bug 591057 - List both GPUs in about:support and crash reports. - r=jrmuizel
7a92e6b3093ff71524aa9b3f165aafc9cc00aa08Benoit Jacob — Bug 673075 - import ANGLE r711 - r=upstream
ddf7263c56d7f77bdfd0ed3747052f269d007edfBenoit Jacob — Bug 676918 - import ANGLE r719 - r=upstream
3f2f6b0897bc854e343d5727f7c9ffd96f9a6527Benoit Jacob — Bug 669013 - Despite supporting OES_texture_float, getSupportedExtensions still returns no extensions - r=joe
f085bbca2ee95bf54b689fee1d6ee1b7027eab27Fabrice Desré — Bug 609043 - Add support for Open Web Apps [r=mfinkle]
180442fd64486339031ed83a956dcb35c2a16b61arno renevier — Bug 338427 followup - fix Get/SetCurrentDictionary signature; r=ehsan
e4a7c48aff3a2d4c0909066f01beb32d4dfeee11arno renevier — Bug 338427 followup - Do not override manually set dictionary; r=ehsan
0eacfa915a4df9dcf3c7e7a1fe1d24b068b9448bJonathan Kew — bug 678181 - backout changeset c433a1d53dd5 (bug 668813 pt 1) on suspicion of causing crashiness. r=backout
0120977c967689abfab756ce764831f39ee4863cMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
22af0a57b683f4be8a8f128107bb5ccb33db36f4Mike Hommey — Backed out changeset 884efa9dcbf9 due to OSX debug orange
884efa9dcbf9895c228e46bff9881dc428e124aaMike Hommey — Bug 672756 - Allow to populate startupcache on xulrunner applications built with the SDK. r=ted
a132017200d9622e55999b5ad9461717cc0945f3Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
2492a2704b6d134d2b11922d2b206480ab8767eeKyle Huey — Bug 669031: Wallpaper over the error by disabling PGO for crashinject. r=ted
2fed775753c7c731c1f0852358d4ac35cebba563Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 678475 - Make mozconfig-find always return an absolute path. Patch adapted from code by Hiroyuki Ikezoe <>. r=ted
e32b302039ca255f051f163629f234098c94f84bMs2ger — Merge last green changeset from m-i to m-c
e366da1a4f47992d1a727306d9f38ba8f0578501Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 678126 - Add "tjit-data/trace-monitor" memory reporter. r=dmandelin.
3ab9371af845f93d5f6fef08ed6176bbea035fc7Oleg Romashin — Bug 678431 - Compilation without MOZ_MEDIA defined is broken r=Olli.Pettay
24990ea9c59e4719c0e13529a76038cb1fd0b362Phil Ringnalda — Bug 678781 - warnings-as-errors - format '%p' expects type 'void*', but argument 4 has type 'JSScript*' in InvokeHelpers.cpp:880:80, r=billm
c0b90308926a9107a3a9732e696d7a0e554a6e9ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 590415 - Mark 368020-1.html as random on WinXP, since we've clearly made it so
c5550a4ff624136d7f765fe8875571eb7472fc8aBen Turner — Bug 678057 - 'Workers: overrideMimeType() removed from XHR, breaks web content, diverges from main-thread XHR'. r=sicking.
9bcd224e78566cbf782c732322a4ff0b60c8379eDaniel Holbert — Bug 678768: Fix out-of-order init list for nsFontFace constructor. r=jfkthame
adfa031a01291f5f51d678c93fb546d058851856Marco Castelluccio — Bug 612839 - Removed nsAHtml5FragmentParser. r=hsivonen
ec9e06287fc7748a6aa74446767e6298bab018eaEd Morley — Bug 665532 - Fix unused variable warnings in nsWifiMonitor.cpp by removing now unneeded LOG()s; r=dougt
f982f2186319139edc49b9ea360cce5f6a25998aL. David Baron — Remove the multiple-parameter versions of nsRenderingContext::SetFont. (Bug 678671, patch 5) r=roc
83291ec2e28e44e466a819422c9850af8320b48bL. David Baron — Remove nsPresContext::GetMetricsFor, which was always a bad idea since it uses the generally-incorrect language-from-charset. (Bug 678671, patch 4) r=roc
3a378e08192f9fcca5af00951674ee85898b0f90L. David Baron — Make nsRuleNode's use of font metrics for ch and ex units pass the correct language. (Bug 678671, patch 3) r=roc
f277fe9f70c39d760472ce223a60a78de64620a1L. David Baron — Replace all uses of nsLayoutUtils::SetFontFromStyle with GetFontMetricsForFrame or GetFontMetricsForStyleContext and remove SetFontFromStyle. (Bug 678671, patch 2) r=roc
dda49a4f9e4c548fb07128b0a5753358958dc3b4L. David Baron — Switch lots of callers to using nsLayoutUtils::GetFontMetricsForFrame and nsLayoutUtils::GetFontMetricsForStyleContext. (Bug 678671, patch 1) r=roc
32c088e2048c5f54b412caf4ad0c390faa866f01Ms2ger — Bug 675075 - Reinstate nsIDOMWindowInternal; r=smaug
8994b863880374b787d95beca4e6f038eac9cbf6Ms2ger — Backout bug 675075 for bustage
5b948d637979af2ddb723fddf57492ff31f0319eMs2ger — Bug 675075 - Followup: remove nsIDOMWindowInternal.h includes; r=bustage
7acef8f218acf93bbc306abafcc631e704137aaeMs2ger — Bug 675075 - Reinstate nsIDOMWindowInternal; r=smaug
e0634a052db43cb63d2b17d47b31622843653392Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 677529 - Remove manual jspubtd.h inclusions from IDL files. r=Ms2ger
2b7f988f5a6af6c50cd28da1dd8af791fa0e637fMs2ger — Bug 677529 - Check return values in pyidl's Method::needsJSTypes; f=Matheus r=khuey
145e0f391912973fe4ffe6974f22680fc810d51dMarco Castelluccio — Bug 612839 - Removed nsAHtml5FragmentParser. r=hsivonen
96fa4289361ec9b34bafc6680903866dddbcc9cdEd Morley — Bug 665532 - Fix unused variable warnings in nsWifiMonitor.cpp by removing now unneeded LOG()s; r=dougt
2de3cff973b2e4563bbf2d0abc4ee81e6eda587cGeoff Lankow — Bug 669390 - Update mobile settings to use type="menulist"; r=mfinkle
6ece2d6ece8ee562ed17dd829090011a62fcb147Geoff Lankow — Bug 669390 - Allow setting a preference value from the menulist inline preferences; r=Unfocused
d7d667d640b2fd103682d1a5c9a008bc15062fadGeoff Lankow — Bug 669345 - Add support for radio button elements for inline preferences; r=Unfocused
7e6ca29cfa7cb0532f68b2756e6963f7320dda52Jonathan Hage — Bug 669713 - Increment the scriptlevel of the over child in <munderover accent=true> when rendered as a supscript; r=karlt
40007fc40e9606bca9aa0e767a5d7d46b3244677Steffen Wilberg — Bug 678660: Hide about:newaddon from about:about, because it closes itself. r=rstrong
16107d1404233e9cea93ae542a6204a02b6baa8dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 676857 - Make it an error if interfaces have too many methods.
55d5d141c68df188cfd0a2b5d2acab6e5936e2e4Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
1fc015db1f6f9d77d2a2192f8cda244809a8ea5fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 664930 - Handle the case where an edge lies at the left most coordinate and initialize the rest of the data; r=bjacob
c974f3df9aceb27062c7ef519d089e40c5fbf2f7Mark Finkle — Bug 639794 - Opening a webpage from an external app should hide sidebars and panels [r=mbrubeck]
080fece621e42493e2cdaf17400e0486ef9df346Jason Orendorff — Merge jsdbg2 to mozilla-inbound. See bug 672829.
f9fc17cd224eaccbcca75d2be8d99bf9455ed928Jason Orendorff — Mark test regress-677589.js as shell-only, since it tests the shell-only clone() function. no_r=me.
40012d42600c4d6c6a39777f1319f5d1dee819b4Jason Orendorff — Fix GCC bogus opt-only warning in jsoptparse.cpp. no_r=me.
1da81e7e7c753aea1180dd14cef10ff2d2792bd9Jason Orendorff — Fix opt-only linker error due to missing #include (probably due to a bad merge). r=try_server_red.
3cc01fa9d8fb538e2ff0d0138391ffcde5ee333aRobert Sayre — Bug 678656 - fix some warnings in js/src/jsemit.cpp. r=dmandelin.
d25610a7d2607d79198254a16361422f71e7ff15Jason Orendorff — Merge from mozilla-central to jsdbg2.
afe34d24652c568e612e81295354603eecc302c6Jason Orendorff — Address review comment from bhackett (bug 672829 comment 84).
8944653199f1060ac0c6f4b9aae16ed0168dc868Jason Orendorff — Address review comments from bhackett (bug 672829 comment 82).
2e368c4a6b5c813c6bf71a4006589a4f3d46765bJason Orendorff — Remove a test that is redundant with Object-seal-01.js.
eec543e3c6448dddc5161d07f9b393884b47e790Jason Orendorff — Bug 678201 - Use CallArgs in Debugger.cpp. Part 6, add CallArgs to Object methods. r=luke.
7926c48bfe9798582a1560938fa06772c94e0511Jason Orendorff — Bug 678201 - Use CallArgs in Debugger.cpp. Part 5, add CallArgs to Frame methods. r=luke.
bf8fa2d516ecc9d3c8aa189fda6205631f9ac362Jason Orendorff — Bug 678201 - Use CallArgs in Debugger.cpp. Part 4, add CallArgs to Script methods. r=luke.
a1cb1e96252d16aecffcb34b10b68c79bf8b2435Jason Orendorff — Bug 678201 - Use CallArgs in Debugger.cpp. Part 3, add CallArgs to Debugger methods. r=luke.
ab52b131c8b44ee0c8a5add653679feb25687b84Jason Orendorff — Bug 678201 - Use CallArgs in Debugger.cpp. Part 2, move THIS_DEBUGGER just before its first use. r=luke.
0fbb475b0cba5ee9fb3362ffc5d05faf7f354a03Jason Orendorff — Bug 678201 - Use CallArgs in Debugger.cpp. Part 1, specialize THISOBJ macro to THIS_DEBUGGER. r=luke.
718fd6b1d535433e044d1a1d4f30964f24a4378eJason Orendorff — Address review comments from billm in bug 672829 comment 76.
e80ea91176e0f8f32969678ec274193e392d9069Jason Orendorff — Fix Frame.arguments bug noticed by luke in bug 672829 comment 69.
cd0e3abdaed55d30c9a42a5d4082735ca1a7c8c2Jason Orendorff — Address review comments from dmandelin (bug 672829 comment 68).
d714c406a71c6fee3dbde3ca8dd151702582a7c0Jason Orendorff — Fix error messages to address review comments from sfink (bug 672829 comment 66).
7cb52e5580ff1627e7ce118b220de3da4206ca2aJason Orendorff — Add passing test Object-isSealed-01.js. no_r=me.
746e5c170b3620298b438d7934e3fa8e4bef0fc2Jason Orendorff — Address review comments from billm (bug 672829 comment 65).
deb37693a3661ad3b3b55ee715a6255c22e92241Jason Orendorff — Trivial cleanups: do not export vm/Debugger.h; rename Debugger::mark to markAllIteratively, delete a stray space. No bug number, rs=jimb.
48e43edc8834bc40875b3d82844ecf719c8d5c9cJason Orendorff — Bug 677371 - [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: throwing, at jscntxt.h:1274. r=jimb
bc955352f821f3bb9553d5e955455ef6d027d5d4Jason Orendorff — Bug 677587 - [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: debuggees.has(global), at vm/Debugger.cpp:1564. r=jimb.
7333f40750638585d73db564444aa900bb3811aeJason Orendorff — Bug 677589 - [jsdbg2] Crash [@ JSObject::getClass] when cloning null. r=jimb.
cb0579abe3535dc7f66f536802fef7bbf9151b35Jason Orendorff — Bug 677593 - [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ../jsval.h:705. r=jimb.
f189dd6316ebcf2aa3dd6ef82e1489282f019309Jason Orendorff — Merge from mozilla-central to jsdbg2.
3a3b3f135185b91b8089d0b596c7e0609c02e0f8Jason Orendorff — Various test fixes. Some tests are changed so that they will still pass when native frames are added.
82545b1e4129e2b5fb970e036aeba492334b1a3dJason Orendorff — Address review comments from brendan (bug 672829 comment 42).
70955e4b30173a7998ad75621ee2577b79b46cecJason Orendorff — Merge from mozilla-central to jsdbg2.
3ff331490e736fd2ffd1a712181336e633c55777Jason Orendorff — Merge from mozilla-central to jsdbg2.
c533a2d26f53bdac8f8888b3ff6fb66aa7ff33ebJason Orendorff — Merge from mozilla-central to jsdbg2 branch.
4ebca9c44e56db78fddf6ada10d86a048ade8a99Jason Orendorff — Rename jsdbg.{h,cpp} to vm/Debugger.{h,cpp}. This addresses a review comment from brendan in bug 627829 comment 42.
8c3a259cccf38ff521ae78f2f044e00ec701db85Jason Orendorff — Address review comments from brendan (bug 627829 comment 35).
8998a25f3887f8038426aaa4a050368d75dd499bJason Orendorff — Address review comments from billm (bug 672829 comment 15).
46a7638aeb4d9132dc416bda95605347f0070857Jason Orendorff — Address review comments from Waldo (bug 672829 comment 26).
501052c6263ba6d4b020dbd205df08a41251b9c0Jason Orendorff — Address review comments from Waldo (bug 672829 comment 24).
1af365c2b3fc7341f23d43acbeee3f662ad41fb7Jason Orendorff — Address review comments from Waldo (bug 672829 comment 23).
6ff6297bebb6e4271a936bd92d7cbd53fc297d3aJason Orendorff — Address review comments from dvander (bug 672829 comment 17).
349dd52835b8254937cde9d68b86dc0d3d0e4c7eJason Orendorff — Revert some unnecessary and incompatible changes I made to JS_DumpHeap in rev 2560cd08c828.
fe677014cb6c8d1f89127f8ce589eb181ff8dd85Jason Orendorff — Change comments in jsdbg.cpp to conventional style.
f630b2a5add17e2b32d8186e17862c06fdeeb374Jason Orendorff — Cleanup for review. This undoes some changes made earlier to tests, fixes some formatting errors, deletes some dead code, and fixes a bug in JSPROP_NATIVE_ACCESSORS support.
cbfcc2cf513a219d13057f462af1efbab3974fd5Jason Orendorff — Use reserved slots rather than Debugger fields for hooks.
3d1006081f64240d8688dd7782f112fb3659496fJason Orendorff — In JSCompartment::sweepBreakpoints, enumerate the breakpoints safely instead of reading freed memory.
8a24918fd43848874391baa68f7245e52de03128Jason Orendorff — Merge mozilla-central to jsdbg2.
69611b724e6813a372d1b71aaafe5b45d65c62c6Jason Orendorff — Follow-up to previous changeset, just move a few things around.
7ab52ec1b9be8c3f52c8fbad730d8880629de33aJason Orendorff — True story: GCC likes function templates in debug builds, but not in release builds. Fix by ripping out the templates.
b5d52a4a5331e84e7a912474435dd5dc899f74a0Jason Orendorff — Make more functions static.
695f93acc095cfea6895a052af44d3c7fe510ac7Jason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Object.prototype.{seal,freeze,preventExtensions,isSealed,isFrozen,isExtensible}.
7eb52acbccef14c93fa6ea7f4220e9fdb2f382feJason Orendorff — Remove unneeded Vector::find methods now that there is a js::Find in jstl.h.
3b1b627d69cbea248f2c66edf47725e8749d6754Jason Orendorff — Get rid of Debugger.prototype.hooks, a major API change.
5ce020bd4b4afd1020fbcc7c08a7aac924f1ec59Jason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Object.prototype.deleteProperty.
9313c24179b74294defe0dbb7d27af55e3232f52Jason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Object.prototype.defineProperties and a few extra defineProperty tessts.
3b78b884c2c024586141c6f44f7fdb3c1e11e198Jason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Object.prototype.defineProperty.
87fcbd9379482902399c39438b759a49e12ae9ccJason Orendorff — Fix the regressions introduced by rev af9974df716c (bug 665214).
1d1952d5674ccf8516ee36d884a47bd3b9084043Jason Orendorff — Delete a test that hg backout failed to back out.
1584eac72bf076f552e787640dd2cf4d0fd4c843Jason Orendorff — Backout 40e989742b4d due to failing jstests.
4c35b0891705a21998c0d68b84d2e446ae6d2699Jason Orendorff — Backed out changeset 93533be00e3e due to failing jstests.
93533be00e3eafdd2423096ff78e2086e13c574dJason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Object.prototype.defineProperties and a few defineProperty tests.
40e989742b4d82cd4f57743899cf86f86fe3aefdJason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Object.prototype.defineProperty.
5e59a54938405c523d0a36b40a3e9b2f5e1442deJason Orendorff — Merge from mozilla-central to jsdbg2.
5230957a9741940f6d2316a6ae741706a694bb3cJason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Object.prototype.getOwnPropertyNames.
732f02ab150b54c18eef0fb6cce64a5d1ed5b703Jason Orendorff — Add an initial cut at Debugger.Object.prototype.getOwnPropertyDescriptor. This implementation does not ensure that the debuggee does not run.
af9974df716c168dc4e10bee03a4ad94ec8d9475Jason Orendorff — Bug 665214 - Provide a js::GetOwnPropertyDescriptor function that populates a PropertyDescriptor. r=Waldo.
896c1ada5a20a13e3f16e4d309bf84356492ec16Jim Blandy — Make Debugger::frame and Debugger::nonHeldScripts use RuntimeAllocPolicy, not SystemAllocPolicy.
90824c8852e69713dbbe1a409d4b4d9852cc86f7Jason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
7abfbaac06931b3c242934eafb0742646216382aBrian Hackett — Reland a37db4d95026
fd60ba97753ba9904c0f9344a8e212cf2384ab89Brian Hackett — Reland 104b182daf70
4873f63c9d51c9f33d7ecea33c92c4f8704aaeceBrian Hackett — Reland b5ebe47700ce
bfb3327952fd07aa05055444b2ed6ab75ba26945Brian Hackett — Reland rev 1013f4be025f
91d03c862602e73da95cff37fd17b3132f8b870fBrian Hackett — Revert to 6840fbf4dcdd
7161655b839feb610961a4adfd6a1bfb15015cddBrian Hackett — Restore per-compartment empty call shape, bug 670152. r=jorendorff
a37db4d95026c9cb5cdd59b5f4ed5c802dda9739Brendan Eich — Bug 621954 - common BindLocalVariable harder in jsparse.cpp (r=cdleary).
1d6b237397870a7a8b0233a6e5d3a9beda672897Brian Hackett — Measure type inference memory usage, bug 669958. r=njn
9863e9639d801e9abb7e77a65e44981bb1c29f5bMakoto Kato — backout bug 669564
d870a3d2a5ffd67a11d374dc0f26ae16886bbbe6Makoto Kato — Bug 669564 - XMM6 and XMM7 aren't scratch register on Win64 ABI. r=bhackett1024
104b182daf70ee2e5542803810a864a0cddc509aJim Blandy — Bug 668438: Let MakePlaceholder's callers put the placeholder in the lexdeps table, as that needs to be done differently in different cases. r=cdleary
b5ebe47700ce19a7ee2227a7c5a1134efa3fb17dChris Leary — Bug 613820: Regexp forwards ref in quantified parens test. (r=dmandelin)
1013f4be025f77ff1badf1ac121c56f232527b48Chris Leary — Bug 669786: JSCodeGenerator::upvarMap should be a js::Vector. (r=njn)
8570f783088c6797cdbdfc58870c20dad8e54abfBrian Hackett — Disable type inference on ARM, bug 669715.
462359e1347b569ac3f641580b9fcc5c4c2ec42aBrian Hackett — Fix memory leak.
49977d3bfd265bc33a8d563896a32a9b07360be6Brian Hackett — Fix warning.
583cb8819d6201e692dec1db62d593c82b8934fbBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
7083531ddbd4b9e67e30a668b5dcc5d5e544ab0cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build breaks with --disable-methodjit.
c5e43682922d87d6217b6abe363a242262e4959aBrian Hackett — [INFER] When pushing new frame don't repoint cx->regs until after checking there is space to push, bug 669304.
279a046a56cd4ef5fb087715ec140a28f52a3953Brian Hackett — [INFER] ContextStack::currentScript should only return scripts from the current compartment, bug 662841.
90768623f7ec6ed660b4d196e6b90c1b85c12540Brian Hackett — [INFER] Preserve invariant entry ordering when removing existing redundant entries, bug 668643.
ff54e5c320bacbb1df5a4dc109a0ce70add0cbbdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for non-closed local names aliased by XML QNAME opcodes, bug 665812.
ab061e5730cbeb014a06fd4c500f6c97c181b782Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid redundant TypeObject::markUnknown, bug 665289.
a24aa7a782bfb4e2da91367e3bd9a1f8cb160623Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build break.
670548b1f7ce841766f524cadbaf51aa408bcec9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botches.
0c5ed245a04fca6cbf57507eb42414df49d2e671Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
ffddf68888deb5a8775e9df35bfacd90b5f36a76Shu-yu Guo — [INFER] Fix colorized spew bug with ANSI reset codes. r=mrbkap
9ff00d53b5a53e17c529aebb81125c0425f26015Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing fixDoubleTypes for JSOP_IFEQ, JSOP_IFNE, bug 662082.
61cbf09e7fa4fbff86136f6e4f2fd633fee43b3eShu-yu Guo — [INFER] Colorize spew for constraints and typesets, bug 664583. r=bhackett
2993dfa0ce4d40f0faf22dca70f96d22c51b34a2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't mark or use return value in frames which are throwing, bug 664422.
7eec66369bfab7064f77866795b4432ff2d5cf35Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing monitor() call in stubs::Eval, bug 663910.
0767b119a1c8aa09216db8d347d06ae28cf87de8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Cleanup type info tracking object classes, track which type objects are definitely typed arrays, bug 663485.
152b2b6e6fb9007a6d4199200703a8dc68a85554Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reenable typed array ICs when inference is disabled, bug 643842.
f59a6cabfbd4aa07d23fd02320fa3348583556eaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Monitor scripted call results when returning into the interpoline, bug 663690.
38f2fbc8490da4389234ed4659b67d1aeb2a9195Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always use type barriers at NAME opcodes, tweak USES_BEFORE_COMPILE and CONTRIBUTION_LIMIT, bug 662383.
a2dbb9efcf9ea6125476948278b6a00ef6e3d2bdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Read barriers for call results, bug 663381.
a70672667195dbf3e998e30ac14545de6f6efe0dJan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix type handler for snarf, it can return a typed array. r=bhackett on irc
63ea200fee16e84560f4f79aaf4b68c97d988d2fBrian Hackett — Merge.
8816703032a6e7eff2ff9482b5cca7834624350eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Mark locals/args which are aliased by NAME opcodes as escaping, bug 651966.
94ae102189f061a9afb553363b7414c54351b845Brian Hackett — [INFER] Clone function first for SETMETHOD on non-shadowable shapes, bug 642894.
73d2e2357b5be8928900f363bf6c74631a0789c6Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix parseInt to return integers instead of doubles where possible, rewrite some setNumber calls, bug 662766. r=bhackett
a53db4f2d235f538b283d85bfba2163816e13e30Brian Hackett — [INFER] Never do a lookup on the current scope chain for GNAME opcodes, bug 647695.
afe33041f4819e18a263ce778ceafed1dd262644Brian Hackett — [INFER] Make sure to get the topmost scripted frame's pc in ContextStack::currentScript, bug 662562.
380d5080ea15e6d0b59919483c78b72fde20886fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for singleton function objects in js_AllocFlatClosure, bug 662338.
cbf05c26053e5ed38836f663ac67e293864af29fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix no-op propagation of deoptimization flags for array comprehensions, bug 660538.
877522d92ad4437de14804f21368b15ce3ca52dcBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't expand frames in contexts without a compartment, fix warnings, add type barrier comment.
58be28e45a2695b1872413bc404b750f27ef584aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botch, only warn once for each script accessing undefined properties in contexts with the strict option set, bug 662393.
09d3a39c186a098ab626e21c2c94abf5c037e673Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
1b5429edb553cab294f7648036cfb8981a6989d8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix quadratic behavior when repeatedly attempting to expand inline frames, bug 657412.
334428e1d5aac565a771d1bbb1a785797fd89f81Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bustage with inference disabled.
4f8b85723213489d3cf8699dddad477347ffc316Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
a4492fe5a236a99a606c9143d3e37a471b305feaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix busted jit-tests.
96342525ae1a282a24c18dd0707976490218c0faBrian Hackett — [INFER] Apply arguments and script review comments, bug 657412.
51de14efb83c7bd632071ffd7d6b19fc986a5f0fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Apply stack review comments, bug 657412.
6d423e5f2e488bfaa6466ba6be90b0c352f057f9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Completely fill in fp->nactual in mjit prologues for scripts which use their arguments, bug 662072.
2b6ec8bc086bc218512f1f3c96fd672110b81c5dBrian Hackett — [INFER] *correctly* mark VMFrames when patching native returns, bug 661859.
53649a1d6e4542f8a27fb40c57d7086117676325Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use tracers with empty callbacks to verify roots during compartment GCs.
2ebc9b25756bda2dbaeab77f4f2faa000feac3fdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Update shape number after rolling back properties in scripted 'new' correction, bug 662044.
994d2ceb427815a79246c25e91b8ecc0a77ae579Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark VMFrames when patching native returns, bug 661859.
a638ecbe6843a33ecb90ea6497a6a7c09005dcbaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Apply object review changes, bug 657412.
11714be336555d9a963a8019c0f891a26d2337c0Christian Holler — [INFER] Make type failures abort like assertions, bug 657881. r=bhackett
aa4d3d18621efe9282615ffb959922b121d4e014Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
b9679727505db2d932c2f1815a94a0a73a8723e8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Move inference methods out of JSContext, bug 657412.
cbd95be079612742815f98591394a58bac656960Makoto Kato — [INFER] Bug 661093 - Win64 port. r=bhackett
2fd70a4a2df02c9b243b026b256482f8c385ac63Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
8a0b550c10eb389db18d09ae33c75e38a2f9acddBrian Hackett — [INFER] Address array review comments, add back backedge table, bug 657412.
1ac2a4e0ebe20aaf60d11a62f525b4a7ba110593Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix comment, temporarily turn on -a in browser for tests.
750eb028fb0674774641a4345eaff3d999967ebeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Rewrite CompileFunction as an UncachedNew/UncachedCall wrapper, bug 660850.
0d8de54ff33232b0024937ecd7ee714c7613a951Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for rejoining from an arguments check in scripts which start with an incop, bug 660737.
d6857a2609d5b4c003ed1175f6dec31db5dbca91Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix broken test for integer properties in AnalyzeNewScriptProperties, bug 660597.
0cc71b0c30f4231241dee050b18cef2ca45d46b4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reduce inference changes to JSAPI, bug 657412.
68620d37fb23a0a5237e42842546f20143f3d824Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix jit-test regression, warnings.
56eeb8e6d7c2a62d733de7f15198ebd1503526ddBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botch.
96fae421af850f50749d0d5787d0d0cb90eef2fdBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
772f0b507d01585553608ba11de289945cb9ff41Brian Hackett — [INFER] Monitor CALLPROP calls whose callee is not statically known, bug 660204.
2330107aa0af248dd9f531836f9fc51c27716d56Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't get uses of untracked vars in trackUseChain, bug 660203.
e9b44ad197a54235d5fe3ec2d00a93ba4d9e6b2aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Follow values pushed by SETLOCAL in followEscapingArguments, bug 660173.
4a4c30126d126261e86b052721e5142687057646Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove type handler information for e4x, bug 660152.
e62ab4bbe727fd93839144fa65c2a3069c58776aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Uncopy non-object operands before forgetting in ops which expect objects, bug 660002.
0f02561d061c13d9de7f777c0539b951171b1271Brian Hackett — [INFER] Follow uses of phi node itself, not its components, when checking for escaping arguments, bug 660081.
1252c464553e3f838cf932a6fcb6092b270bc94bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Ignore bogus lazy arguments type in TypeConstraintTransformThis.
6ad7f6da94cb0531ec121193c07ffd8f264f516eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix computation of fp->actualArgs() on x64, bug 658638.
81997070017e97efc8a005dbe03c946fb6c26f8fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Optimize arguments accesses, bug 658638.
8bcb569c9bf9b7ec8dbc4b0d62e2a2c433716837Brian Hackett — [INFER] Disable generation of native stubs within inlined frames, bug 659639.
d5538f680ab43c4682d42d5ffe1b3cb7a6923dc4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow for the caller to be in an inlined frame in FixupArity, bug 659456.
159acd50eadcb4d3b9a6c5e10b5a5e8ff7059e3aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't hoist GETPROP on integer properties, bug 659452.
fb3171c03055ff63e1723a9c8b2d7e55adc16142Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing type barrier in stubs::SetName, bug 659448.
7ae647fe972fe7381939816de9c4305c1171c590Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't mark temporaries as copies of other entries when storing their copies to a variable, bug 659438.
0d3bcf8e0bb864b3799ec04276e971ef6b1ab221Brian Hackett — [INFER] Trap fixes when rejoining to interpreter, bug 659337.
79746474b25ad9a076ef3e3892b1cdca1d53311cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix trap handling around loop heads, bug 659043, bug 659233.
c3ed353baad4bfd19d83c699a379ab895e6d9d03Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert, bug 658950.
4c7ebbb5287674548725c5fee97cb97747c0b413Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle empty stack segments in AllFramesIter, bug 659473.
3b0ae9af71945ab312470ceb474ee6d4ec052d93Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always monitor argument types at FUNCALL/FUNAPPLY, always check arguments at script entry in DEBUG, bug 659439.
29f08848d96cc784ff8d1624c29936527ee94537Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove uses of DEBUG-only dis() from tests.
12b2b8e6d6d0b561c1e49cad4585dd28cbe748c7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Constant fold 'x ==/!= null' comparisons with a known result, bug 654705.
f8159830d8b7cc6ffbaacaaa6e9a5386983c7b17Brian Hackett — [INFER] Generate native and full call stubs at call ICs in inlined frames, bug 654705.
5113ddba6f6078ddc3b46c43eecd22ab1f89f649Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
7c4d5e4cd9cfe4c72b8cab4eed2b7c25e49b40f0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Record isOwnProperty dependencies on actual property types in jsop_getgname, bug 619433.
d37ec0c318d605cc6e86d6aaa72a91723f4e069aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Check bounds in shell trap() function, bug 658805.
9e085d869d9b2f1e5cc839cbd523465ec8298217Brian Hackett — [INFER] Check type->newScriptCleared before calling clearNewScript, bug 658803.
02e57161e17ebed7e0a5753bcaeb660b26f2a198Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for constant frame entries in jsop_callprop_dispatch, bug 658801.
51f64eb6313bbbd7b1a6b23310d6b9a6bdd8cad9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't rollback properties when clearing new scripts for objects which have finished initialization, bug 658777.
33f1ad45ccb8b4f95bd6d80e4bf8c72aca0f4690Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark the result of cross-global native calls as unknown, bug 658539.
29107a03d23d66d119aaf6a271b7e177a45e6bf5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't treat GETLOCAL as dead when followed by POP with incoming jumps, bug 658579.
b551fb14e88561012ca0c0bd47a2be82318abd46Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for rejoining at an INCOP after recompilation triggered by callee.prototype, bug 658561.
eb33123abf1777fa3c46f76499b36f1afbe58ed3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Restore frame pointer at exception block entry before invoking any trap, bug 658491.
07412de099f6559db55251af1477d43f8f1164d7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't analyze loop bodies with debug mode set, untrap in property constraints, bugs 658464, bug 658465.
0b58cbabd2cc9872b75f86b16321320d66f5cda1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Analysis and compiler improvements for polymorphic call sites, bug 653962.
f96d9ed26fc8eeb1fe18497175e52702d372ccc9Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Release GC lock after printing inference results to prevent deadlocks, bug 658623. r=bhackett
bdb2a82cfd16ed95b32838ec02e7375218b9d827Jacob Bramley — [INFER] Add missing storeDouble/loadDouble implementations to the ARM back-end. [bug 658239] [r=bhackett]
aec367836312404dc0c7a7dd43276a6b407ff4c6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Update possible types when generating IC for GETXPROP, bug 658240.
3a894ab530ae7ca66e05dcb1bf35eb82f994eb11Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing typeMonitor calls when stubbing GETELEM and CALLELEM, bug 658294.
bcc2fd5dec1fe3054ec5744af0e1e3e887612ce2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Restrict tracked loop test information to known integers, bug 658290.
b6cf7f39177f72dfdb84331309313f06b37941c6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Recompile inline parents of scripts when adding type barriers at new sites, bug 658211.
47e5a6ca466ed21caef377da15b49c6bf31bbec2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Leave analysis before possibly reentering the interpreter while finishing incops, bug 658209.
176ee6b37ad0de72cb84125ea0b8eb3538b0b8c2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Audit uses of PC in analysis and inference for UntrapOpcode, bug 657975, bug 657979, bug 657984.
00a1518d640a25d505c27dc121e341345394415fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Remove cx->newTypeObject, bug 657412.
4dff743ec04d8058507115006bb93a35c990fa1aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fixes for OOM handling, bug 657633.
9aeb58c8c43f71c13418f2e377e3a9e832e01153Brian Hackett — [INFER] Disable inference and infallibly discard jitcode on OOM, bug 637674.
29bd8523ead93a79c69a4ac5749df438c630a9d0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add WithType variation for nativeSetSlot, fix gaps in type barriers, bug 657901.
bcd868ff18d4e572c9fba427ee714af42046e327Brian Hackett — [INFER] Block repeated recursive EnterMethodJIT on the same stack frame from loop backedges, bug 657890.
0b30b3263f8d05a111b5f7192beeade8fcd0a713Brian Hackett — [INFER] Block recursion in AnalyzeNewScriptProperties, bug 657624.
d3e08103053ba7bc56e02c4dc577cf9be114135cBrian Hackett — [INFER] x64 fixes, bug 656920.
5d1cbc94bc420bd7b3aff889d8e36d40ba1a3336Brian Hackett — Read barriers for property accesses, bug 656920.
97f9e3274bd5a1e30641bcd93bc664aef4abc749Brian Hackett — [INFER] Update type information in DefineNativeProperty when defining method properties, bug 657586.
807a6cc25c34abd63a657a0394cc6e876b087378Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix jsop_relational_double to sync rhs correctly if lhs is not a number, bug 657120. r=bhackett
8aa5d9272628034ab1132ace847af61a9596c7e4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Cleanup for review, bug 657412.
f18e992f6ec82ab8385af0d27ec59c01ec6d6f1fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Move addTypeProperty barriers under obj->setProperty, obj->defineProperty, bug 619693.
0cd135eb71a34e04b7b13f648275d72b70b0c2aeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Restore known type of tracked vars at access points, not join points, bug 657304.
3cd8666e409f9ad0d898262fe85f23439cc2180fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Make sure Interpret finishes the frame when rejoining from the interpoline, bu 657288.
1b270bc6f9c1110d3436e6f863c296aed0bab05cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't run same-compartment assertions for GETLOCAL followed by POP, bug 657287.
fab81b1881e3db5857d3677d842d41929fcce6d8Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Revert 118fb707c569, just initialize varTypes to NULL in ActiveFrame constructor.
118fb707c569d6d60cdd0bf5bc66bd45f5c92f13Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Set varTypes to NULL with inference disabled to prevent crashes. r=orange
cd6b101733b3d5040e8600cd4fdf158b5950ffa6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix memory leaks.
88112acd30942e660cf4730f401624d451d54e22Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow for scripts with no reachable return statement when analyzing 'new' script properties, bug 657197.
efe5cf75d0337d15e95061dcba32e584cb29a8c9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Object.toLocaleString is not guaranteed to produce a string, bug 657225.
2649e0f0049f9f6a39541b19a00a88b4f97b318bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert in array_pop_dense, bug 657245.
6d27f6e4e07ad311b223627ee023ee88e5152a29Brian Hackett — [INFER] Match js_StringIsIndex in termination condition for MakeTypeId, bug 657247.
f9e1445a57f813f1491b8fdbd09b88fbb1f5d6f7Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
ea96c0f86648997d658ed7c464ec3d246284eb2fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Treat NEWOBJECT like NEWINIT in scripts marked as compileAndGo but with no associated global object, bug 619433.
693a36f402eef8b9ab13f3b353878fadc72c8fedBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botch.
a7b22d3523be8abec2f11a860846e633122961d3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use script->global instead of compileAndGo bit in Compiler, bug 619433.
55438ad5632e85be9f3c27023b9a8053c90a9d9fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Allow ValueRemat to contain FP registers, don't break doubles in setelem_dense and Array.push, bug 657220.
ef1ce31f66b9054c6c4a81ce7e0e49b705ef6ebeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Release reference on orphaned natives if the native throws an exception, bug 656753.
2ef9b9d500d43e6a2d83f6e1ca49dc0b66b09fceBrian Hackett — [INFER] Coerce locals/args inferred as doubles to doubles after all writes, not just SET ops, bug 656748.
9e0bab2c04b4b854763055555d5e2358649da289Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't learn types for dead entries at join points, bug 656591, learn argument types at script entry and mark monitored call ICs, bug 656920.
498ea6c749f4a50b3407b936676411dac57786b4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Check types->unknown() before inspecting other contents in testSingletonPropertyTypes, bug 656411.
22a0b177d821cb2935f5ab338376e49bf6c7a2eaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use initialized length instead of capacity in Array.join optimization, bug 655769.
ce07fe87b966bdba6ca8f2eb46117c0309b8f4b9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always ensure interpreted scripts have a type set array, bug 656920.
b92ac5a4ef47213a4a28e26bc3f5370f9f15652fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Allow read barriers at property accesses and call sites, bug 656920.
b38e4d16be978b6ec4afb09e7996adbdf1eade67Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle premature returns and uses of 'this' in conditional code when analyzing 'new' script properties, bug 656914.
8fbd8f8614654baaeaff228b47c06a545905cc2cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Improved robustness and tracking of 'new' object properties across scripts, bug 653962.
a9744127fee40095cf88d77d6feed9fabdff436eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't analyze types in compileAndGo scripts with a cleared global, bug 619433.
09461ee644367f357a0481492c4bdf1d2894d29aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Build and jit-tests fixes for Windows, bug 619433.
3f089c0d63f84d0e7602ce8a8772d4d8203d26b7Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Use AnyRegisterID::fromRaw in peekReg instead of casting to RegisterID, bug 655810. r=bhackett
5bcf457d942c631e7be0a1d95e93d2e413e16145Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
2178344055f561f77487bc01204e21359b9c44caBrian Hackett — [INFER] Only carry tracked slots in FP registers across branches, bug 656259.
20d04cc7ca8aff68df0a26682a79877bfa61c901Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't get type properties from Array.prototype having unknown properties, bug 656252.
ca4dfcc95371d7066f7ecac1074a14ab550df49fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Skip silly FrameEntry cases when inlining Array.{push,pop}, bug 656221.
8cf9c7a55d8dc40406d4fbbd6e69669f6ec26441Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Cast returnData to uint32 instead of uint64 to fix Linux orange, bug 655950. r=bhackett
725420281c328baad5b1e035363a9d892a6e747aJan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't use FPConversionTemp in ensureInteger, it does not work without SSE 4.1. r=bhackett
ef221c659ef0b323a9291ad5113f3c04b824f53dJacob Bramley — Add interpoline support to ARM. [bug 655260] [r=bhackett]
43c304c90149ec85a0916b025afd78f11e0b52aaJacob Bramley — Tweak pushSynced call to fix ARM build. [bug 655260] [r=bhackett]
5e9fa1b150aab88ef9e81502c133d0853bd17a66Jacob Bramley — Add absDouble to the MacroAssembler interface, and abstract the 'x & -x' trick away as it is an x86-specific optimization. [bug 655260] [r=bhackett]
07270a0cbc869c7de9a04e6ccbe10f5eb04b9630Jacob Bramley — Adjust VMFrame assertions to fix the ARM build. [bug 655260] [r=bhackett]
e96dad5f95fdbdc9ecbcd3ba63bcfefd77e788c4Jacob Bramley — Tweak register name calls on ARM to fix the build. [bug 655260] [r=pbiggar]
fd1abc43d698ff67eae944a26a4c2d3098d3f6a0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Inlined natives for Array.{push,pop}, object flag cleanup, bug 653962.
71e561e48de407b07b2c41ed29460939bcea88beBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't incorrectly mark compilation failure on loop bodies with large modsets, bug 656096.
5aadf6bc110b9b4d5a7690f24ed8e543354ee917Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't fold CALLPROP pushed value in SSA analysis, force out entries for popped values when returning from inlined calls, bug 653962.
0df33bc6cc381a34a55a8d9f1048e9343ce3ddc6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't make a local copy of cx->regs until ready to push a new frame, bug 655991.
64b33a6af9f8af6b8c64f4897647ead8a6d39031Brian Hackett — Merge.
83e786a7e348af56ab932fb8f14980f0690b5d16Brian Hackett — [INFER] Get object from right slot when handling overflowing INCPROP, bug 655998.
d834388eed47afde5d3bacb7dadb5056a057182eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't assign FP registers in allocation to entries which are currently doubles but not doubles at the target, bug 655990.
627d44418b261ffeca105b80c3a1b60c5e825062Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't inline scripts which use 'this' and could ever be called with a 'this' value needing wrapping, bug 655954.
d6a536a03af1ffe10a418fb6d4ebabd74d1ec27fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't try to immediately recompile scripts in cases of static overflow and compiler-triggered recompilation, bug 655940.
2b272d7fb2e5eacb99e1752ed84743fc6d4c439dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use type barrier for values produced by class getProperty hooks, bug 655938.
d1724a9944bd0454772837e72ed938fab739195eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix broken test for loop invariant slots, bug 655854.
2d4c3ee5f9f418914155c1703ce7c6ebd92ce2ebPaul Biggar — Bug 654668: Add test.
015bd3ff1be6e7cfc8d93fc3be7c90d6b5b82536Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Add JSOP_CALLGLOBAL rejoin to interpoline, bug 655949. r=bhackett
49c7baf9872c7ef3d25859f7aaa964f1930e63a3Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Add JSOP_NOTRACE to type inference switch, bug 655708. r=bhackett
32e8c937a40944a7c2666dd07839e304d9075eb2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reset use count when recompiling, bug 650163.
cb9c34a8b2b47b0c66f7431844eecc26aaf6d1cfJan de Mooij — [INFER] Mark type of JSOP_THIS with type null or undefined as unknown, bug 655711. r=bhackett
3d26d25a4f6368c12ff4265e6139bc160fd33fb6Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't call fixDoubleTypes twice for the same op, bug 655505. r=bhackett
18c270b4c0582fbd7fee7272e556b1830ad30adbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Perform an indirect jump at the end of native stubs on x64, bug 639967.
c14db8ce8f48e473868e56dc436ad79db7a7984dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use shell bindMethod function on non-compileAndGo scripts, bug 654710.
66f61893f67d5d6a384cee93f855c097902876e7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't mark type as synced after writing known-undefined values to locals, bug 655508.
16ae7aed77f3e55851fc9179c9fa674aee467bd6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Need to call ensureVarTypes before slotTypes, bug 653395.
a3fe07737e6c708a356de4bd4b49f0e1cf341a39Brian Hackett — [INFER] Maybe fix build breaks.
3f87f0e0954ee7e23824b8e8b959ce971bc1dcbcBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
24a2e5740ab8b1a018af6bee5fbc734bc5955f1aBrian Hackett — Merge.
c963b24694cd723f423c8024c8e3adfc96476a3cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Remove on stack recompilation, allow removed on stack JIT frames to rejoin into the interpreter, bug 650163.
e5d548c514276ca21245459b431a1c499a9dfe96Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow call inlining and LICM to work together, bug 653962.
325744fbf7f00567027fdc3af4b8a9a4f5d161e5Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix ensureInteger to forget allocated GP register, bug 655505. r=bhackett
e09e209d988edf62e39bab04fd2a590b425b2c5bJacob Bramley — Replace prtypes inclusion to make cross-builds work again. [bug 655042] [r=bhackett]
974e43d7adf8677ae80a25d24117cdd40f7e5219Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't call learnType when property type is unknown, bug 654393. r=bhackett
8436c7bca2e99176a4433d97607cf6387b5e79b4Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Use generated rejoin path for ic::NativeCall/ic::NativeNew, bug 654536. r=bhackett
4f15ed48c44e35f03a6d4de8f0a285e7191b91eeJan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix rejoin point for JSOP_DEFLOCALFUN* and JSOP_IN, bug 653397. r=bhackett
728a27bccb86ee836e2d475916be090db16120e4Paul Biggar — [INFER] Turn off check-ooms as part of |make check|, it doesn't work right.
d1f74025772788d92434027ed684d18e37c2e514Paul Biggar — [INFER] Remove calls to js_free, js_calloc, etc. Also stop checking for this until closer to merge time.
3147f81224c877e52064f36a4961b80324193c03Brian Hackett — [INFER] Workaround GCC miscompilation.
3062ff7fef8309febe7904d04a94c96193ed1f47Brian Hackett — [INFER] Clear f.scratch indicator value on all return paths from CompileFunction, bug 653980.
f85a663ce75a3f8130db399ca7ba9e6f80815800Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch out for Invoke called on dummy frames when deciding to use a new type for the result, bug 653262.
e0d5de48aafb473ab7106388e9a22305d1febf29Brian Hackett — [INFER] Assume double types for entries with empty type sets being merged into double phi nodes, bug 653249.
b081e391e533d0e34093da0019d9f94984c15a0fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Mark INCELEM opcodes accessing non-integer properties as producing unknown values, bug 653243.
acafcbe50b0122c2133a578efde3b67597f68ad2Brian Hackett — [INFER] LICM for accesses on definite properties, bug 653962.
9723b731e8286a622bfc7bed88a38fd7848e5f05Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add read barrier for shapes with non-standard getters, bug 653639.
f1f907de87651288538748a4ff5ed08a0542fe75Brian Hackett — [INFER] Increase number of fixed slots for objects with more properties accessed than direct accesses, bug 649376.
81926bb75b411a8ee47bc50a1d9c1a99de02b626Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark type objects as unknown when splicing in a prototype with unknown properties, bug 653639.
e0cb191ba87392ce670a053719c26865c1180269Brian Hackett — [INFER] Understand types of window objects, bug 653639.
02c4a0f752f34165ed948246e84d19fc71ba071dBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
c03780e2597b7bc122ecad6aff2d11f7877378c1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Analyses for eliminating integer overflow guards, bug 652520.
09cce9915b80ef98fab169e0a2d2ac2351af5b2fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use varTypes in compiler with inference disabled.
89d2095c7a87bb5dd924aa1ac92543e9ca5ce509Brian Hackett — [INFER] Only convert known ints when fixing doubles before branching, bug 652590.
b40247ae7dd53bd1c828ceafff037afdfbf15fb8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Rejoin from recompilations triggered by CompileFunction, bug 646267.
e5068d17c8e381b390938f6183d7d9ae1bd87b96Brian Hackett — [INFER] Propagate SSA stack eagerly to targets in switch and try blocks, bug 652646.
8f0c5e12eba9a6e0e3b95487c730c60ec2024889Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't track SSA values for locals in scripts containing 'with', bug 652422.
591e2ce8966865a4494c65850d85b031dca55530Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use untracked entries when converting doubles back to integers, bug 652305.
e6880baebb5d3a2099885d600910fe7f6e17eb2fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Root dense array elements during conversion to slow array, bug 649152.
f394ef228e619fe6610a669902e65bdc2ea5bb17Brian Hackett — [INFER] Restore fixed double types in fallthrough before next opcode, bug 652305.
460da05aa26f146bfe88815f788702aeda68329cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Allow empty SSA stack values for scripts with switch and try blocks, bug 652314.
e044a9a69132c1df76297e2d3cfef8c0c49cfd53Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix both double and integer types before branching, bug 652305.
a16bbfe4f0f406636ded6333f49807b079230966Brian Hackett — [INFER] Drop type information for GNAME ops in debug-mode compartments, bug 652142.
96b40c951d15e6b7046555e5ed1634e7ff2486b6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert, bug 651827.
90a7b141e0cf06506829bf47307c683541f206ecBrian Hackett — [INFER] Bytecode SSA analysis, bug 650715.
dc74f51aad04ff8762b6c70f664a08e9c654ba18Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't scan values above obj->getDenseArrayInitializedLength.
17cbc8fed5784d1d4d7c0e5ef79ad5299f2f0f5bBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
c8cf06975dcfab1256d833d2f23ea290bf7128d7Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't update initialized length when it's smaller than length, bug 651451
a1accb5f00f04491b544344706053cf65b0ee982Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Update initialized length in array_pop_dense, bug 651451. r=bhackett
eab484f82ca4c39bb57e8c72040eda48bd632eebJan de Mooij — [INFER] Push constant value in jsop_typeof, bug 643733. r=bhackett
03aa9eb2a8fc9deea9fed340ad8ad30926989c1bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Guard property's existence before calling clearTimeout, bug 647626.
e2ac5bec56fb81619893dd85021b0a12f8910a02Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't inline calls from heavyweight or eval scripts, bug 651209.
e5efb8c97426a6ebbed4db1bc1239f418b25802aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't LICM array lengths in scripts which have had bounds checks fail, bug 651155.
3538d4d61e0ec1de3c4228073f7aaf39f647881dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Handle copies of loop invariant temporaries in ImmutableSync, bug 651147.
44392a434cb1eda40ea0d17330a1ed2ea01da346Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reload from adjusted return address when rejoining from lowered call or apply, bug 651119.
fbcbc74151c16215a3a24d9377684e7b40a7e31aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Remove compound JSOP*PROP opcodes, bug 647626.
1fe03044bfebcccb5322c8719e9049c74b25dadcBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
d78eef12a329730d699e6ad76cab7722acc1d3a1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add loop tail lifetimes when variables are killed in the middle of loops, bug 643805.
0178e1b19f453728810bfbba6f27a96d53060d95Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always include rejoin points for GetProp stub calls in JSOP_LENGTH, bug 650658.
f60bb600974bf7925d9902f7cb9e63b99ea5ca4dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Transform primitive 'this' for type set pushed by compiler in intermediate GETTHISPROP entry, bug 650663.
cd01ef66dac7d92617759626fc557b2946596f06Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't optimize LENGTH and PROP accesses on known non-objects, bug 650662.
425b3fcdbe412156836a4a4eb360a9132a46e238Brian Hackett — [INFER] Preserve fixed slot and capacity information when trading object guts, bug 650912.
9d469a96c49613ec8fa26353582d353f72fc0786Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't call script() on a dummy frame, bug 650864. r=bhackett
ac0989a03bf1fd0c5157207f3288016de0a77d9cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix disabled hoisting on x.length checks.
f01b61fd6f49a216a0a748f25fa5a16f321b9b8dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Hoist bounds checks for variables in linear relationships with loop test, bug 650496.
244446b156b75d135113161e0ec4d0b8bf2d447eBrian Hackett — [INFER] LICM and bounds check hoisting for x.length, bug 649693.
50d7a9b2ecc5b373bf9bc25db6e8d3993b2d0302Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't optimize slot accesses for non-global scope objects.
cb06710a8eb7a21aba2453138c2497f4316bce24Brian Hackett — [INFER] Retest hoisted bounds checks after stub calls, bug 649693.
5838535af4c7e275c22f8d7f3ca62e626769ac63Brian Hackett — [INFER] Kludge for recompilation thrashing in sunspider-crypto-md5.
f3a11a539c790e7ad435132615e40a664c67cfb7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for global slots reallocation during compilation, bug 650076, always handle overflowing inclocal/arg/global regardless of pushed type, bug 650148.
1d02bc0921260e83f5f2daf737c4e077436e8c5bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Call stubcc.leave() on negative zero in JSOP_MOD, bug 649973.
dca50d9a5047bc9865bdb7390d8d39e24968a329Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid IC when fetching the length of a known array.
eee58bb8f36703548e7a170637f09b6eee0c15d1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't add undefined type to arrays which holes were read from.
f3acaebac193105d97236099082f8b6dac613851Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't hoist accesses that could underflow the array, bug 649775.
15c08e8910110be8341a8cf6586e5223df8d93cbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Mark unexpected result when RegExp returns its own argument, bug 649771.
affaa35f4a14cc23844d2d062099c9daa11f6364Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't try to fixup doubles on adjusted frame in call path, bug 649769.
a3eeee8f7803279669dbba47f6c5e57ea9995942Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't clobber address register in FrameState::storeTo, bug 649689. r=bhackett
ff1ae67e49860b6cf3348a9d31bec51965d71eefBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use ebx as a general purpose register on x86, bug 638506.
14d8f4d012962c7811fc084d186a4e35f694c9d3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix busted jstests.
1de60bd27adbb75c1184f3d2227774f1b4e310cdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Set standard class slots before updating type info, bug 649439.
9eafb9ecc76a1c45523df01baf51a43b142c56a2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't check newly pushed StackSegments in StackSpace::containingSegment, bug 649477.
9e455fe9aad13a0ee97fea314654006784dd0c70Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
2ad374159c492587ad0cbf7d52078dc9693b0aeeJan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix SetName stub call in jsop_setprop, bug 649593. r=bhackett
440e9b0a41afbc0dc486df51fba261c5b74538ddBrian Hackett — [INFER] Direct instance property accesses, bug 649376.
a4131835b866364816d60729d80f27c294180b1fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Add dependency on type of pushed value in JSOP_GETGNAME, bug 649261, mark properties redefined with getters/setters as configured, bug 649272.
c09134c989c8528d88f75221b61943904e923e16Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
23a746dac3706a1c0b41d9dbf2b675e93dc7b18cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't propagate type sets for 'new' type objects along prototype chain.
b442ad97a2fb596f12f0c919c73fc579ab79bba9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Direct global name accesses, bug 648994.
752402c11d02f3b2d83914783b6c2440af15d328Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always ensure XDR'd scripts have a shape, bug 649103.
265baede77e319379f562fcdebe18184a84e706cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Rejoin from FlatLambda, fix broken forgetMismatchedObject, bug 648992, bug 648999.
100ab867dda157e7cd2bb81d9780c0218526e083Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
b6d65a4eb2b3c538903262707e22f364c38a1794Brian Hackett — [INFER] Clear initialized length when changing clasp during array slowification, bug 648773.
5469f5d077acaea23fc7db181a38fe9a9bea7073Brian Hackett — [INFER] Make stubcall before adjusting stack in singleton CALLPROP, bug 648708.
dc855edb9bc5561183353bacdc1ec2f188f29b12Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add call site for scripted call made in call rejoin path, bug 648966.
74a8fb1bbec564ab45bbc12e516a595bfbdfe1d6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Coalesce rejoin sites for call ops, bug 648843.
3816e4abb15803e3d612a883ab6f423f45f59e44Brian Hackett — [INFER] Separate call sites from rejoin sites in JITScript, reconstruct doubles on each rejoin, bug 647991.
d3215d1e985a03eb795203c3a6de4bc86c0b246cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use both inline and dynamic slots for objects other than dense arrays, bug 648321.
bdacf8b9c9c4a342d7da79e89ce088bdd65cd189Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
a4355f02771640641de322b8bf0e0a24f428f974Brian Hackett — [INFER] Preserve VMFrame registers while tracer is running, bug 648586.
ef890e014ce1d48a0f539ccf765bbaa57a08492eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Patch unsynced local types when expanding inline frames, bug 648567.
68124edcaa4f8bf430240cfdc9d174cb933f0c36Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert, bug 648499.
4778158a32e60fece6537f38b1c9ed6884cc52e3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't inspect invalidated fe when converting to double, bug 648498.
a9f916668b2969ec6a074b5cac7cef2feae6a98fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't evict register from incomplete frame entry, bug 618692.
4dcb83428de7e35028a7d09c7a824c524585ef5eBrian Hackett — Merge.
9f0cb8d7da58032335ce12a1323c856b54b3026dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix cases where dense arrays have initialized length < capacity with disabled inference, bug 648357.
6228c71f399448689cb6d788c6377131b4c9c9a3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Loop invariant code motion for array slot pointers, bug 618692.
848de7bc8930c15615b5ba875f4b562c485c1af6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't try to inline known-unjittable scripts, use pushed type set instead of type tag when storing double result in JSOP_DIV, bug 648230.
5cc3893a84385ecc79b23fed5944195392facecdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix Kraken benchmark bustage.
6474999c14c6156188805afd8ad6ec398056b265Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always track active loop in liveness analysis, bug 643829.
b8b674ac06e71bd0bb3a0d050f8f7e5df9246c71Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't add stale unsynced entries to inline frame info, bug 647973.
dc3bb73615dd190131a934ea5fd5d66355953069Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't optimize calls to Array in non-compileAndGo scripts, bug 647657.
98d28777528bfcabf8c06f1a9f705ef1ad50ef78Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Avoid accessing CallProp IC after recompilation, bug 648004. r=bhackett
7928f2dc3d4def6522514ec90d0aaf7f17c9474eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Array bounds check hoisting, cleanup, bug 618690.
83c58db6e5902fc9e2ed0ffba4d5b7ab8104ff43Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't let known types influence whether jsop_not pushes a constant value, bug 647785. r=bhackett
013df702176d09a6206b1db08a4ab893ffccc667Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fixes for crashtest and jstestbrowser.
a58525f1f4bea5e544972ae39e4ba2ce14d20304Brian Hackett — [INFER] Maybe fix build breaks.
23faefaeb4a81eb8f7f2065440747db2de1b98d9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build break.
514f2a3478e4c497a91b8020f95629f5feae55acBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build break for uses of C++ constructs in jsarena.h
c6bed35e308d1a408582d3af463a8d221b2ad2b1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for recompilation triggered by ValueToObject, bug 647183.
11f4754d82828de1d5a3a7a45e7325aa63ff1104Brian Hackett — [INFER] Revert broken, pointless optimization to EnsureDenseArrayCapacity, bug 647524.
9c4d9a6d58e03d85834c0085793a81a279898a85Brian Hackett — [INFER] Check VMFrame return addresses against inlined call sites when expanding frames, bug 647199.
42f282c4922c8372834af52930a8665088d2e207Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't discard JIT code for the topmost frame while recompiling, bug 647424.
56c671323ba3868e8a48b9365894c78c819b72a0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert, bug 647428.
74201cda4ce3839d683bdc12a475ec2deb683ceeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Make sure the operands in bitops are not copies of one another, bug 647440.
17b68a623db15a36628980db468a4b0e75dda8bfBrian Hackett — [INFER] Define static functions after defining the class for Number, String, bug 647537.
8c6e7d8864d742f2dfe21e81409bbf02fb0bb469Brian Hackett — [INFER] Bail from GetProperty IC if js_FindProperty triggered recompilation, bug 647547.
df76ed3fb8750944f0c15d78b68b460bc1c891d5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix (again) use of CALLPROP ic after it may have been destroyed, bug 647559.
ecac9d9248324c4110498c2500facb52e3adb483Brian Hackett — [INFER] DefineConstructorAndPrototype should update types before adding global property, bug 647464.
1b6abbd8e1efaaf6d739632064c3d3fb49313672Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use defineProperty when initializing singleton arrays, bug 647463.
215b6027c77d252e73111b744035d83645f73b76Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always emit jsop_getprop stub calls for rejoining in JSOP_INSTANCEOF, bug 647532.
c340841f04651a570ba8ff7e957c729f34b069dbBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
baccdc943514c3cd483304476627009ae85f4196Brian Hackett — [INFER] More fixes for stock JM behavior, bug 647048.
0b1dd5e20bb95d0550d3002ab5f36599c21fba3aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Restore stock JM behavior with inference off, bug 647048.
bde17df8b4b60dc36c9410a4c2a479d85c3dfbc1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Make ReleaseScriptCode specify which JIT to destroy, fix inline code invariant logic, bug 619433.
bc0a254d5c681bab517856f7749ee917ea5807acBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix broken DefineConstructorAndPrototype logic, make jstype unsigned.
ca3aaca8c59083448afb82da0d10cbc41a6e4680Brian Hackett — [INFER] Move containingSegment to StackSpace, fix uninitialized field, bug 646660.
2c9b41f384eaf28a27e2c08c097ca80fc6a12818Brian Hackett — [INFER] Update the types of existing copies when updating the backing's type in storeTop, bug 646495.
4c4a64cb65824c01ab7cb7859841501336ae6171Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always mark overflows for slowpath incops, bug 646594.
cc8882cb4cd454bc319d95657ae662d7551eead7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Track currently compiled script on the TypeCompartment, 646587.
b0cd13380c364f8c97d69e0685448f25a29c3e3cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Disallow reentrant recompilation, inlining during recompilation from an active call IC, bug 646480.
d8c960080f06674b3f7bd544f66823f11b8bec43Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use a stub call in PROPINC on known non-objects, bug 646429.
df80ae4a87769a8c7f294585e27986128e6d96fbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't track type sets of values pushed by opcode fusions, bug 646411.
81ee9f8d4c343c7bbc3e3268cee652723f20c4e0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Cache standard class objects earlier to avoid reentrant class construction, bug 646393.
93bc88428f167e29e1060e972d199af4543c35cdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix fallout from bug 642307 commit.
842d95ddaec5049b3c4b917d4d76cdd72ce27ac5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow known integers to be copies of doubles, bug 645657.
e786040097a38690b8078491a907b3c96b0eff4eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't try to trigger lazy standard class initialization during inference, bug 642307.
56deeacefaefba0649bb17a5b3b21f9af156954cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Tolerate scripts whose JIT code has already been destroyed when recompiling, bug 646215.
d1599f5fc1fcb4866b9dd41cbd76327fd6668613Brian Hackett — [INFER] RegisterAllocation::synced should account for parentRegs, bug 646060.
453c2dcce09ef0ec9cd060ee3eb10783ef4b6a93Brian Hackett — [INFER] Bail out from IC code on any recompilation/expansion change in the compartment, bug 646006.
9575a4e04a4e9b2ab3599caf9f04929afdb36229Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reserve and check extra space when inlining frames, bug 646004.
2d030f5157e584940335880a3a5d99d05796d13fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Evict as necessary when restoring parent registers before branching, bug 646001.
cfeb40109a60c284b7c8471fb2363253c0b5c818Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add object test when statically walking the prototype chain for CALLPROP, bug 645985.
f6a77f725bbca8a3b25038a400c092cf9b2645faBrian Hackett — [INFER] Ensure that inlined scripts always have JIT code for expanding, bug 645666.
85c24589029cbf7d4bc4e1b6b40d006c23303e58Brian Hackett — [INFER] Check for heavyweight functions when deciding to inline, bug 645645.
6acd5754040b1919189d86de431058c91e3625f9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't notify constraints of new TypeResults on functions with unknown properties, bug 645632.
93b8d39804d7a1d32d811470d883d5aed6855559Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always monitor accesses on __proto__ and similar properties, bug 645044.
3b5b4dfda144c0fbe7108174a882e311512ce3e6Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Load atom pointer for CallProp stub call, bug 645629. r=bhackett
9980055fd19ca13749807ad087a47ceb4e834446Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix x64 build break.
a3632d306b1396e160098e5cf835f09b9c6bdfd2Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Refactor RegExp.exec -> RegExp.test optimization, use in both TM and JM.
60a4769fe844423e41f32e444af620b5522f252fJan de Mooij — [INFER] Handle jsop_binary overflow in inc/dec ops, bug 644970. r=bhackett
d1ba6ce55784f30c59914a58a708b4756087050fBrian Hackett — [INFER] More robust handling of pushed singletons in CALLPROP when the lhs could be null/undefined, bug 639099.
de52adfa3439f69593872332bab6e21c4ae1bd02Brian Hackett — [INFER] Inline callees at polymorphic call sites, bug 639099.
5d8a1a69f53af3a0b2be10c199cf86b84dab7787Brian Hackett — [INFER] Wait for code to get hot before inlining calls, bug 639099.
1cf3859b5f1e341840fc13f83d5ec8d2df7fca31Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix Linux build again.
b006107ffe9d5c367989951e58e2193731c6dc3aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix Linux build.
b3c72eb35d2c5544b4475969f00f234aa1598a52Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't clone functions with singleton types.
e2b96219a262097d8e008e23f46cddfa38280d92Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix x64 build, revert accidental changes, bug 639099.
2a6ecf5af25ce78f36bffd8c34bd4cb179cd92eeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Inline scripted calls, bug 639099.
3d71887519174eeea07dc5ad5aa5ba089f61f311Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't evict lhs register in jsop_relational_int and jsop_equality, bug 643829. r=bhackett
7bfbc13e500a03b1c72822b1c22291c061938531Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Merge JSOP_RSH with jsop_bitop, bug 643109. r=bhackett
87cbe5b2742ab5d66e86d0bf3ef1a7f2f2efa33bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't evict existing type register when allocating data register in storeTop, bug 643653.
23d22ab4808427f973ed40a1a8ed3db764e70563Paul Biggar — [INFER] Fix typos that were part of the build failure on ARM. (r=redness)
7e3f5b742abe900ef2a21351418c122b609a8d72Paul Biggar — Fix build redness due to warnings-as-errors from parentheses.
af6d3ea1e6e77e21d7f045eacb3edefb16dcf498Paul Biggar — Fix warnings-as-errors fallout from TM merge (r=redness)
ea1997ab6c32b50c133ac07af880315fd3642668Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
13323fd7e400633e813160f830f9fb34a6203fabBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't immediately evict data register when storing top frame entry, bug 643653.
496bd6239fb88a7d3cdc31874db3e799039aac92Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't store a integer result in a double slot in JSOP_NEG, bug 643913.
75906fcd8426c8c88aedcf9c6156aa6d7062b6ffBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't follow scripted caller across compartments, bug 643670.
06a0ec7e3debac4320a14c39d7eba747b3d8ad1aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Rejoin during CALLPROP if either compilation did a GETPROP for string accesses, bug 643669.
0e7d59dc92b63ed9b5731f143bdb150f9e29f1f8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use pic->atom after possibly triggering recompilation in CallProp, bug 643552.
87930727668318924e31591c9c57d8f53457ac43Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use type sets instead of known pushed types when looking for static overflows, bug 643376.
bda26823bd877f5ca404bf6fc01d14200d1da570Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix NULL deref in testSingletonPropertyTypes.
7a76d795f62cdfefb17b13548dc0437080b083a8Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't push a constant value in JSOP_TYPEOF, bug 643733. r=bhackett
133a01a817de620432a4c9671329e0064621c567Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle recompilations triggered in ICs by obj->lookupProperty, bug 643272.
17e44b678d36742576a3af602eb0300c441e786cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Disable typed array ICs, bug 643266.
99a3fe34ccc6570b911ba84c0ed5866d84476b3fBrian Hackett — [INFER] More robust handling of constant object frame entries.
0e427e383bfdc706d7c71c2f8211c33a7084a063Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Inline some native functions, bug 621961. r=bhackett
55f463c562d4fa3da5a8dd0ee426a8e24801324aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Ensure that TypeObject->unknownProperties implies hasSpecialEquality, bug 619433.
1396825bdbeee9f5567d9026a3e4ca712a872d16Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always store script->fun, bug 643299.
2326e700c7857d0cf88cbffd81adb1bd42f7d8ddBrian Hackett — [INFER] Mark generic scripted functions as having unknown properties / return type, bug 643285.
507c4273633ada1a092e62469b7d04f899f78108Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid constructing unnecessary FreezeObjectKind constraints, bug 643249.
a0052afaf27fe2c345ee2ee3228f67fce47f6b11Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix type handler for Object.valueOf, add testcase, bug 643244.
6ca659590941271ff5af4fb31a29360bff871e67Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't manage hasSpecialEquality if inference is disabled, bug 643241.
4a9cf0eee947e63343661566d82446adc9aa904cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Rejoin after recompiling from a cached GETPROP, bug 643182.
38bc7af66c0bfbaf4d5dcc3791a66d8d809627c6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't try to fully update the pushed types on uncacheable NAME ops, bug 643113.
c0ed46c39d15eec2af364643529ea1bddb2c125cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Sweep type objects in the TypeResults attached to JSScripts, bug 643284.
d7fa1607c33e15882452e09a231909bd497f5f8cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fold FrameState closed vars/args analysis into analyze::Script, bug 642569.
5ce2f7a9028647c9ab03a4fecf3255f358c22b32Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add monitoring for premature returns in JSOP_NAME, bug 642412.
526876bb3ff8368eb6f713041bff0f57b114c61bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fast path for object equality, track equality hooks in type objects, bug 619592.
39ec057f7b172cae8e6860a5d46c893ff76e4b25Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid (unreachable) integer overflow when setting holes in dense arrays, bug 642592.
695726698bfe464daee58637fa81df3e6a9c35b9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't check types with an uninitialized frame on the stack, bug 642985.
b6cae337d38dbc449bea261a0c43f917c9faffb8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid INT_TO_JSID overflow when deleting element in array_shift, bug 642979.
332d7b94dc35f7a5bfd4b0583c27a3a8942e1ed6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove bogus assert, bug 642758.
7154281e487bdec4825299b2ebee511c9aac51dfBrian Hackett — [INFER] Only patch ints->doubles in existing frames for slots the recompiler thinks are doubles, bug 642412.
9ee17aa5f93892227d777ab9c37ce6aef59a81b6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Monitor the possible values pushed by each JSOP_NAME/CALLNAME, bug 642412.
f1dff744b6c8f04c4f750a547209eac9c37da2b5Brian Hackett — [INFER] OOL path for truncating doubles slightly outside the int32 range, bug 643037.
b48f1d51c6f59dee7a0540b654f17b1106ae25e6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Speculate that all ELEM accesses are on integers, use monitoring for strings, bug 642412.
ac5f63354ab2d2f43f49dc96b5d675b29a02d4fdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Improve type handler precision for Array.{slic,pop,shift}, bug 642412.
bff02e9994e3927b164081d20d4eb8a74ee97724Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use the 'this' array type as the result in Array.concat, bug 642412.
a900619f0e0467f25e0d4a887645b384e8d959c1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Monitor calls to non-functions dynamically, bug 642412.
ad4909bdd6a7fe4ef93756ceec6ffec1f7ff4914Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Optimize JSOP_NEG on known integers, bug 640293. r=bhackett
897c257e54054c790995594c14a408ccfbfacc99Brian Hackett — [INFER] Infer arithmetic on objects as producing ints, bug 642412.
5f46e05ceecb252bb8967e855ba650b1bcd103acBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix corruption-inducing typo, bug 642159.
7085463508eeede7eaa016f28f27e2f584c5112bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't set script->isCachedEval until it is on the compartment's scriptsToGC, bug 642422.
e65266e60e1f9d7cdd8efb1296391b36a7074249Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add recompilation rejoin points for GETELEM/CALLELEM, bug 642405.
8b5eb3c09698e37b25071fd3820491e20ec0465eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid unnecessary cast, bug 642319.
b3c0144afa64c51dd7b7711c213232f29a9bfc9aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert when restoring analysis types, bug 642254.
ecae35e0821df602e346f81e6a9bad047ac9cae6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't infer array-ness of types from prototype JSObject, bug 642248.
57e9910e726836134d044a440500fa67bac2f945Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't bootstrap the __proto__ of the global or Function.prototype if their __proto__ has mutated, bug 642206.
54ba422e342996337749c2277a3ea8eee426ee95Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use different shapes for functions with different scripts/types, share types better for cloned functions, bug 641525.
84090709049e7593413f21a62e1d559d150e3a1fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Remove cruft for handling overflowing INCNAME/etc. ops, bug 642164.
61b3cd5aaee114210206fcf55ca50f87ad3b895bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Add recompilation rejoin points for SETELEM, bug 641535.
322235a26fd11a68f6cad704908df287f4def9b8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark unexpected undefined result for JSON.stringify, bug 642161.
64a9e21c196af53afa3d457923df7997d272f7c9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always ensure obj->numSlots() >= obj->slotSpan() after its scope has been initialized, bug 642326.
b52e42c624430bb7d5941e6de649e34a425eeaa6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use unique shapes when cloning objects, bug 619433.
404ae1c24c643441f81d054a5f58bac6270df659Brian Hackett — [INFER] Spot fix for shapes not being marked when a child is held by AutoShapeRooter, bug 642209.
0548f6d12aa6e2ef915066475567c033682c8f20Brian Hackett — [INFER] Sweep cloned type sets in call ICs before destroying the objects they reference, bug 641491.
80e899f002769abc1c43538cbe7d28e19ef10fb6Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix type handler for timeout function, bug 642247. r=bhackett
ba01e1b00f8cbf805e25de6a662612d274a5e0f8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Compute PC for interpreted frames which failed to compile, bug 641225.
deb49a09d553cf922be3a11511a085eae0c35d33Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't call syncData for known doubles, bug 642198. r=bhackett
6dc4e473aa06642c6e928416a0eab2d259fade9cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Clear native return address for interpreter frames, bug 641225.
4f98173f211aec7bc8a66f27c371635a4e75eb98Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Add overflow check for Math.pow(1, x), bug 642154. r=bhackett
55ea5951461ed392ada34c33b94e6e19e39c0914Brian Hackett — Merge.
cf686d29779c998fdef2c0fd7c56e113509f3d18Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix broken jstests, bug 620599.
0dc23b10fcf623558826fe50e37a3a029781acd9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix jsop_instanceof on known object, bug 642174.
af28561f44702b70f35783d336f2b7a37782ea8bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't share shapes between objects with different types, bug 620599.
9de854ef345f0646d5acc0aa0a9dc25161c3dbc4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle undefined values added by String.split, bug 620599.
763f423cce2c736d520a95bf14adc1279117482fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Track multiple types when monitoring SETPROP/SETNAME and calls, bug 641714.
969f5bd56be74a4aa0f957694d1ffd304c7cc8fdPaul Biggar — [INFER] Bug 642059 - Add -n flag to JITFLAGS, turning on type inference during jit-tests (r=bhackett)
4e94fdc3e8dd5ab4560e42d941ad65c881f55567Paul Biggar — [INFER] Bug 642062 - Add type annotations for jitstats object (r=bhackett)
eb9047c955c89949453aca74d8494722e2778fedBrian Hackett — [INFER] Add MIC for type checking this/arguments at JITScript invokeEntry, bug 641714.
4b52e3738d21ecdea8eecf7a0d1d9c2c53d89a7dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Factor TypeSet* out of FrameEntry, bug 641714.
484164b6d6ca4783d747056450e1545d038effc8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Make inference spew digestible by scripts, bug 641943.
4cdb8e6b4391273f2ea0ecc2a7943b3e820b9e2cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use new type objects when the result of 'new' is assigned to a .prototype, bug 641714.
ce31f0090eb00b73ba494b620ea2c0c3b9153b40Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
e1a60884a125591363d32a4cc80fb78fdae45033Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark values pushed by overflowing object inc opcodes as doubles, bug 641741.
1ce8efbb75cc6122286f9d4e33aba3592fb6a5fbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't try to infer 'new' objects for non-compileAndGo scripts, bug 641231.
f70363576e62beffec41a3296f305e970717c441Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle DEFAULTX and CASEX during inference, bug 641235.
2ac6e8d5509880ead3f09260148dafad518b3075Brian Hackett — [INFER] Only add result for markTypeCallerUnexpected when the caller is at a callsite, bug 641229.
f883ddc1ae95b5a77cf5e53ddb020868ceba6c47Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark all cross-compartment iterations as producing unknown values, bug 641224.
d8900f86b86eaad7d0b69aed94cd6924497e9945Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch out computing 'new' value for functions given a non-function type via setting __proto__, bug 640993.
479604222c8e8f5ddce3a57a7f4a0763db95a5edBrian Hackett — [INFER] Mark result of 'new Function.prototype' as unknown, bug 619338.
89a0db8a631717f63b4913a699b22a1b7119f997Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add recompilation rejoin calls in JSOP_GETELEM/JSOP_CALLELEM, bug 641269.
92ba109b97da03a0b61fc0a7142ce4d1913f8227Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix jit-test -mna failures, also call site rejoining at GETPROP, bug 639508.
dd21e37cff014c6d2c7c04a0b0fb03b042c9b6ceBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix call IC monitoring for speculated, bug 621942.
ce1accd11d7adff7b97884b542b21a703feb0de9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use ICs on monitored calls, reenable APPLY optimizations, bug 621942.
bcf148dbce2f3de31d37f393b4b0e5297f06c565Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use PICs on monitored SETNAME and SETPROP, bug 621937.
816e5118734b8c397a82d590d3bd37a31b2fd8f8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Update property types when defining properties through wrappers, bug 639529.
ed4cccfd3e390718b588b5826fb55c5c8c0f2e7fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fully sync stack when making stub and inline calls, bug 639882.
b19686c7fdd190e0c504b6d913169bcc8e6d9639Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't check marked bit for static strings, bug 639263.
e714f5547d020f639604203b7ee7d256f784b736Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build breaks, bug 639263.
80c5a1b0d8d612821165036b59130903fda11ac3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Compute types for singleton/JSON arrays and objects, bug 639263.
154ac7e67f8ba21472334a2e6b03f803023987b3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix uses of FrameEntrys from tracker >= sp, bug 640614.
af764018d6f7e354fb7bedc68cdc79909cdb00e7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Overhaul inference handling of new object computation, bug 619433.
9cbb9f9e8ac9cae4823b75e03ed93e97682c8bafBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix incorrect uses of getDenseArrayCapacity, bug 640203.
5844e16fdb1d917ed868d1d3385eba935516a853Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
719e89901c2919b25cf1afe0e3f9d1096656ffa1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix use of uninitialized VMFrame field, bug 640608.
e348689923e520ce8b2ac2a49e618326dcf13caaBrian Hackett — [INFER] FrameState::isEntryCopied shouldn't look at entries not on the stack, bug 640102.
8b03f06987426c0284464c906233de4e416a14f3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always allow rejoins from the interpreter to JM code at loop heads, bug 636598.
12eb2698dfdbd9a2480fa201c8e3f3f7e2ca9f78Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botch.
c288ca4152d11a5a2fce09073dc5ce36baca8be0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Introduce cutoff for total contribution of type objects to type sets, bug 619433.
ab1e10fb626f63ec2a41b593d81d53f8d634a835Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
db22345e7c04c22cf14b36766fbfe145931c32c3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove constant-double info from AnalyzeStateStack, bug 640098.
acd2e423b6e1e83b19d5af1d37a321a13aed515aJan de Mooij — [INFER] Monitor property type for JSOP_INITELEM in methodjit, bug 640098, r=bhackett
60670ecd2133e283987e4c96212df8a8ab509924Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle DEFAULT_NAMESPACE_ID in MakeTypeId, bug 640079.
e39b459497a98d378187a177a1a6938561c5307aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert, bug 640078.
03819499ac0278101208bcd4f5848e516794d399Brian Hackett — [INFER] Sync copied entries instead of preserving in fixDoubleTypes, bug 639808.
f2fdb87d75a358ad7902e841ba95dd4a0e92dc2aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't convert int32 entries to doubles during storeTop, bug 639808.
adc45b0a01c8c5b9f56e2fcc237ae101aaba27c0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Analyze JSOP_ENUMCONSTELEM, bug 639807.
738bc64ae77d0908ef4b009e39c4133ae324b4c4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Analyze SETCONST on unknown objects, bug 639797.
75d5794ab88aed10db068961350d160e6d4bb929Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix use of cx->compartment in DestroyScript, bug 639759.
6328ceab78deeeb61c41a93870415913a166853aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use js_malloc instead of cx->malloc for inference data made when condensing in GC, bug 619433.
c2e81b8264c513ada187154868a4961551a050f8Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix JSOP_MOD recompile bug, bug 639792, r=bhackett
c5cd2693106e6445f6ec42f4dc7130a09dd2f6bbJan de Mooij — [INFER] Fix regalloc bug in ensureInteger, bug 639478, r=bhackett
511f51584aad04478fbf1febe7b8fbbc17d7304fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix JSOP_NEG convert-to-double bug, bug 619433.
559b9da69fcb6f18265d928b0b067e31a7c4c31cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix uses of cx->getTypeEmpty during GC, bug 619433.
38c06cbd699335a5914f936dd946cd33804defaaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Handle GCs inside eval() statements, bug 639591.
0edb03210dacc201f7a6e5fecf1a0a9935fe22b6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix copies too in fixDoubleTypes, bug 639567.
9b576fe9baede54e1a1374c50b8cf9f772cf57b5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove hack for telling apart fastcalls and native calls when recompiling, bug 619433.
1dab51bde3f124d8503acf14c7b9320abf3bca8dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Make new type objects whenever associating functions with scripts, bug 619433.
82b01abdfd9270c46c463efd7047e964f760c202Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Allocate temp register for JSOP_DIV integer check, bug 639459, r=bhackett
37ab40cd90adc157137e4571cc7003696cef6519Brian Hackett — [INFER] Turn inference on by default, fold JS_DefinePropertyWithType into JS_DefineProperty, bug 619693.
76e248c0dfa7738833b41b9dd79b44642a533596Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix break in opt builds.
c9a80630151848598ad2c6be83a84f3e3f936ac5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Compile x === x on known doubles, bug 619433.
ada129dc08ad27c3c1d8db8549289fad37ac0045Brian Hackett — [INFER] Stronger type-correctness assertions when setting or getting properties, bug 619693.
ae418087b4da63bd311ce29400624f404ce4b7abBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix use-after-free error while sweeping type objects, bug 639311.
a0812f46f7ba52fbc3fbae46ab41762801cf6071Brian Hackett — [INFER] Compute fp->pc() for frames at the end of previous segments, bug 621526.
855c0198a515534a91ffda1084c015c8cd09f280Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't collect type objects with unknown properties for mutable __proto__, bug 639126.
89f6b05273e846ac63968037a1259c19ae29b712Brian Hackett — [INFER] Recheck script->types before forcing analysis with -a in typeSetThis, bug 639128.
2f248906118d82d3002e2246a9a3ab352ed39d87Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove isTypeCallerMonitored and rejoin from native calls triggering recompilation, bug 638977.
7411eaf29ba31ecae384add3a664653873ca97f9Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Use stderr instead of stdout for inference failures, bug 639176. r=bhackett
d63c711e8810c39a4278b3b4039e2177e2749610Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix uses of vanilla new/delete.
94bb767594271e1082ca5e5949e6b95aa10123ebBrian Hackett — [INFER] Mark properties of XML.prototype as unknown, bug 638982.
d3a9fdabeb2d6b667ef576476466710891a0bb66Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle repeated calls to js_InitFunctionAndObjectClasses, bug 638981.
8cc3079e099f77757baf15dcc841e25d1ae9ad8eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix behavior of analyze::Script::localEscapes to match FrameState::isClosedVar.
4f211b4f1b300e9b0a31e45e14dcebaec65cccdbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Recompile target script in InvokeSession as necessary, bug 621292.
ebe525bfcae8c7ea06fb3c4ae23109b4709ea49aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use the default emptyTypeObject for functions decoded by XDR.
3f4eaffd3999a21a5938e05f4bb74777ac40ad33Brian Hackett — [INFER] Restructure tracer disabling to avoid crash in contexts with NULL compartment.
86d909728bdd3d5ef9b8adfdaaa4a122ec2ccd7cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Always analyze executed scripts if -a is used, bug 621654.
228e319574f97c2c300f8c30d49b989bfe9f632dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Miscellaneous fixes to get inference passing jstests.
c1238550f4d17d37ae68348069779a53ae706efaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fixes from botched merge.
386e9cffdcd7fb0233611a3904d38b89c9517a1bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix OOM handling in type inference, convert inference to runtime option, bug 637674.
ae7853f805293ed47e9edc189105f9e6449d6f23Brian Hackett — [INFER] Restore code looking up lazily loaded global properties during inference, bug 613221.
5bbdcbbb05e063819dc99ce512799b587b4e1aa6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Condense type information during GC, bug 613221.
040641eb2a9788aef094b72d5662e9a361fb809cPaul Biggar — [INFER] Fix build (fix AnyRegister API change and remove duplicate function).
eb1eec3d6c2255f3647c7c3f2d90aa8f50cc6c50Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
001796fbcc2a9f1b79ab26feb006be513feac5dcPaul Biggar — [INFER] Support multiple filter argument in jsapi-tests.
cf9fbc4f660da876663703f420c4f8b2baed9f48Paul Biggar — [INFER] Fix invalid assertion about JSScript size.
ff050680d3153bc07a9def19dd92718da604a97dPaul Biggar — [INFER] Fix build on 64-bit Mac.
a5f3949c0db723a3aacfa419b22763f3eb19094fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Handle ic::Call return value after recompiling to an uncached call, bug 621328.
fbeecf1d1f4c61bfedd19bcc8d99a139ecaccdc9Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Testcase for bug 621655, r=bhackett
7480c25abc7f1a1b3e991fd5efe720c14b5957eeJan de Mooij — [INFER] Handle GETLOCALPROP in use-before-def analysis, bug 621522. r=bhackett
ef84d90968c93ae5bddd37258828db927d5ef40fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert and build break, bug 621487.
e34606b130418840f60cc6f301b63a2943dffbf5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Decouple type sets computed by inference from analysis information, store in new TypeScript struct, bug 621301.
f405f5f83fbe3b0a13bf74514758da7035536e40Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always add type for 'arguments' variables, even with local redefinitions, bug 621126.
4f133dc20ac717cd6e81539f24398fb148dab93bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Look up .prototype on right object when monitoring NEW, bug 621126.
32d51249b97cab20aafb2b66f7105492ff472b1dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Inherit shadowed properties correctly after splicePrototype, bug 621126.
6b5c2cb89388d73a1ac320a32b92ae410d5feb9bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Write barrier for sets to length on non-array objects in array natives, bug 619338.
b1a613d3b6e3c607fa20b46d87ab3b6fe02a7d51Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove guessing mechanism for unpacked arrays.
6ae854b6490f5c99555f1d9d811844b8949da8feBrian Hackett — [INFER] Always give scripts empty analysis info, bug 619338.
2d8ab0c4425517c16d66c70b892a768c9840f05fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Handle reparenting of non-compileAndGo scripts, bug 620599.
955c4fbfbd09cf1ab6458cbe24cd411c3f2ec5f3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Inference precision fixes for locals/args sharing the function/arguments name, monitored 'new'.
2d2bc8417871d24c3981e2142f41eeb9bfc8e518Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fixes for jstests, bug 620599, part 2.
a6438d91ca4d309bf5356eed2dc799608379f924Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build break.
513c680568de0a894f1275635733b9df19cf78a2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fixes for jstests, bug 620599, part 1.
fce4c50e6f4947a39ae99fcb73c645cce8cf0b11Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid bogus assert when compiling a binary op that must be recompiled, bug 619339.
29e706f5dede43ff158d81ca818644b263ee283bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Correct register loading on disabled trace ICs.
cc75bc35dfbae4fe1c68b075bce3a8a45001f237Brian Hackett — [INFER] Monitor writes of non-integer primitive properties, bug 620337.
37cb2df6927b870b6a9d4086e34d3329e40a30d9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use invalid ICs when compiling a callee triggers recompilation of the caller.
5b1c3bece05b9742d4ede73373d3c394903abd53Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fixes for botched merge.
f86f3107b697e3af8790df69553957f01bc0135bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix jsop_neg() when operand is integer and result is double, bug 618863.
3d1614793bd2cf058584ce9b45ea5e5800d30b39Brian Hackett — [INFER] Account for 'new' case in non-constructor type handlers, bug 618853.
626c8496435ce5776b0c527063af536edac8e7ccBrian Hackett — [INFER] Generalize conversion from FP entries to general purpose entries when branching, bug 618850.
221ad532f54f28577d57126bcdf767a3de80c04bBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
15b2220f3ea981c3ecabac354e1de6babc3a7245Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use correct prototype in js_InitClass, bug 619271.
0a97e6a40d5cc6fe5ba4592996068d43966d80dfBrian Hackett — [INFER] Unwind getProto() changes outside of JS, fix test failures, bug 619271.
2e3b66a758d3745ec0751014358edd6bc161891eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build break, functions get correct proto in CloneFunctionObject, bug 619271.
19c7bedfe2332d9d7a2c7b6d990059623f80b49fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix more build breaks, bug 619271.
400807801eb7c54ed72228f4ab904264e05dcd32Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix more build breaks, bug 619271.
f0eec3cc4f4541fcbd4425b48f5c32af393cfc78Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix more build breaks, bug 619271.
e79d7a4eaa2fa586877b804e2b33ab579d67546dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build breaks, bug 619271.
3abf17e28705b62d8df9edcf493627b3957c3d03Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing #includes for JSObject::getProto, bug 619271.
4d5cc9be4eea59a9f1ba1e5d737cc02094d8473bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Objects with same shape have same type, objects with same type have same prototype, bug 619271.
a2630fc3cd9001dcdb391077cc62b38a550ab7ffJan de Mooij — [INFER] Always infer int/int as producing an int, bug 619737. r=bhackett
6e0795e82953f4f462fc19dbfb3a2011341e01f2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fast path reads of holes from dense arrays, bug 619343.
8492590010d7d06670817d2c4cd6e5d9e62201daBrian Hackett — [INFER] Replace assert removed by rev 261101d210dc, bug 618849.
261101d210dc025392f919e020c97905b61432e4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert in ensureInteger, bug 618849.
c305092a1b33689ef387f3d443e0849628022808Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle property assignments inside 'with' statements, bug 617757.
e074599afab9b54ec9b8aff98dd03a2e114e70b6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle non-array arguments to Array.concat, bug 617750.
710a6281442a10b6d2de358b8672ca2234e5d243Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add another TMPSLOT for GLOBALINC/etc. opcodes, bug 617440.
eb1b0cc2360cc41ffc7d7a1166af67cf9c4c6532Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix incorrect uses of getDenseArrayCapacity in array_concat, CloneDensePrimitiveArray, and stubs::GetElem.
0462de4a8aa1fcc1addf410df4a305421539b2bdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix incorrect use of getDenseArrayCapacity, bug 617745.
43e322e70e68207fde0cbe4f1081f272a90ca0cfBrian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing spew for handling static overflows.
c247104a1499c8d980a1b8bbf2cf682c25d34df5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix handling of static overflows in Compiler, bug 617670.
fcc727676be6fce8c1fdf54818a728c7a693b538Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't allow doubles to be copies of synced entries, bug 617624.
9256ed2447649d9ab0b74d5c85c11a0e62483dc2Brian Hackett — [INFER] jsop_stricteq() should not let known types influence whether the pushed value is constant, bug 617592.
6f89a3ddb09e70af3a5f272abed889199c4e2d6bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't keep using garbage IC after a native triggers recompilation, bug 617589.
0b73d74d343d71fb48d0083719a1e9668feb2f88Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix for making dense array type objects when Array.prototype has unknown properties, bug 617558.
040fd88a48199bcafcafee8672e5f76752dd99acBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't allow integer copies of double frame entries, bug 617549.
4d0b24613dd84a2a47ccc99b739cb28873aa1309Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't clobber still-in-use FP registers during forgetKnownDouble, bug 617460.
b6cef988a4c04d9e0f8bdd1fc8896652730251d0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid assert when marking locals/args as definitely synced.
7218d92dd3d3eae87d1443b3b442080d76799cb2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix botched merge.
eee3770cab7feafe45d058f4c11b19726a0dec77Brian Hackett — [INFER] More robust handling when storing an unknown value to a known double, bug 617450.
acb93b3060d5226f8411fcd4dd380c83aee55c2dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Clean up handling of GLOBALINC ops, bug 617440.
645549ce095c93b8abe4c4921c1989ebb88b85a0Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
1ef66ceff8d5a81491e7bee3ae3b4df881e55c7fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix constant double RHS in >>>, bug 617433.
da4218029a5cdcc6b6d923108b04fdc05c651961Brian Hackett — [INFER] Workaround for GCC 4.2 bug.
136d6a93418ed9b3396d8e30eaf5972cde3f3516Brian Hackett — [INFER] Another liveness analysis bugfix, bug 609899.
662b71c3ff24ee360f02391922feec4a52b71266Brian Hackett — [INFER] Bugfix for liveness analysis, bug 609899.
9b8ceaa548c2a0e8df8be656bc914f676ec0555eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix overly aggressive assert, bug 609899.
ac0a42d57813a72d82e5c493b4ad1a06ad12386cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Bugfix for handling doubles at merge points in register allocation, bug 609899.
f585b76668b593674151e65ac6b30b66d51002a2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix Windows build break.
25d5598cbad90642e3e3ac07fb8285f940642f0dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Allocate registers across branches and joins, bug 609899.
dfce328c57ee8f0e6a1f23bfcf10656008f9e82eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix x64 build break.
b8b23a892c561a0a9c568b1880586e2090ff92dcBrian Hackett — Coalesce handling of RegisterID and FPRegisterID within FrameState, bug 609898.
ec29ba480113f18ddec86ab01b0805385899307bBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
7f6416de3937ca80d5df4d5fb95d82705fcdcba5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix broken jsop_this() in strict-mode code, bug 608750.
6a3dfe79bfa6ad124fb4992f2bc431a635c20d2aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Monitoring fix for GETELEM accessing non-integer primitive properties, bug 608746.
30ffdc01adf2fb3be916dd0b050593798ef65578Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix overly imprecise types on localinc/arginc, bug 608750.
e18996c2a36fa23ff2b3e4f27c2d04a55beec622Brian Hackett — Undo ADD operations in overflow path, bug 615279.
0581e178dcd8e7093ea6c4ace18d72b73eb0c9a5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Overhaul handling of prototypes in type inference, bug 557407.
d86864d9ebac9d88056963d0673a766349e69f8cBrian Hackett — Analysis and recompilation tuning for SS, bug 608746.
c6120a2f9a9b29e3cb598beafcb95db01f1d70ceBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
42b0294bf1e55637b6125573c00d5667880cac35Brian Hackett — [INFER] Cleanup inference logging, bug 557407.
f098b0cf0761728736441a7489ab9d32bda06b51Brian Hackett — [INFER] Trace IDs and objects which inference depends on, bug 613221.
633c888a78ca3fb094de04baef8d0626ef0c0d4eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Recompilation on dynamic type changes, bug 608746.
0d8f3cec719c2fedf067eee2e07116a22d3bcd47Brian Hackett — [INFER] Monitoring fixes for name opcodes, bug 608746.
ff2aa664dcf8ef01f13b9a10ca725ea241065c4eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix FrameState::uncopy on known FP entries, bug 609898.
41824ecd79e1e429c20e2a6c9d0a59cf19e11fd4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Monitoring fixes for non-name accesses, bug 608746.
ea441b7eac2af498feac5f0db728fed1ab5f980fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Remove accidentally committed debugging code.
89a22a6962e14aa6ef2e9e9d702d98ce9318360bBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM.
9d2dc0a6f234a0784387bd7a4b0638b1bbe33b29Brian Hackett — [INFER] Floating point register allocation, bug 609898.
317b940022189c70b3d2d272a69a2ead6064c08bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix Iterator assert.
7a17b490c9b530fa76cfd5a6126968e0a0420d59Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix ARM build break.
d20475f3dd6e9413d623366b8b0ec02deae87d63Brian Hackett — [INFER] Type inference fixes for generators, typed arrays, monitoring, ... bug 557407.
bff8be4223d31a6ae2f510e8b7a4925fb5f63b5bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Packed array bug fix for x64, bug 604045.
022de3c39539d4c4f76c0eb6ceec770bd96c2e04Brian Hackett — [INFER] Introduce packed arrays, bug 604045.
c8d33e4cb418d42901e136140ef56c94c8b409d3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bug in JSOP_MOD for negative zero case, bug 608750.
4744eea6dd30b7e3bb3f30c0670b780e4507e343Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix inference freeze interface to directly reflect type information used by the Compiler.
c27c97ee8d8124f3d3c7f04338e3e841f0a874cfBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use inferred types for locals, arg reads and some operations, bug 608750.
76403064329eb250a3c053204f1d71c8de2ea7a0Brian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
5cc1cd687ef9f35ffc30efafa5c49c40ee29d323Brian Hackett — [INFER] Tweak kludge so sunspider harness works, bug 608746.
d4258341de5ce74ac382429c6ee473d5657efbe7Brian Hackett — Fixup kludge, don't clone global object, bug 608746.
a2e6ee94f4bfa85ac6e30d7f9f828483bcb0bc14Brian Hackett — Kludge allowing JM to use type inference without needing recompilation, bug 608746.
1185c7f42e5d2a80796c69ace2faabace099f4e5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix another Windows build break.
53c04cf898f4eb6496b0e65fa3e812a748e13479Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix Windows build break.
0cd7e38f0b3922c944b5faa43d00624cf03ce9d2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Javascript type inference, bug 557407.
8ccce3eba5c1e3a64b264937dc15f9c0e1dcd73dBrian Hackett — Merge from tracemonkey.
2bb1ec3b12a46e520748c11478424757815c1b5cDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
66356ff98dc2d6a1d7a52049dd7125720460f13dDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset ac46097e312c
ac46097e312cf854d997e3bdc566c7c35583f940David Anderson — Optimize FrameState for large linear scripts (bug 591836, r=dmandelin).
f2383940c993d2fbb57d8fc54dda5ffd8742ed8eDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
2a468bed70df16134b80a942c3cc1fb2b30d4855David Anderson — Merge backout.
162e9030afa839386d7707a77ebf3982dbdd1f16David Anderson — Backed out changeset a2ccd2c8e545
9a01b9f873154db0cc3d1fdbdf30789de56a984eDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 9f5e1b0cb605
9f5e1b0cb605843fadf9358adcf9ea85c9ab1d7eDavid Anderson — Follow-up fixes to bug 592973.
a2ccd2c8e545299cbca6b55a8069253ee121cb2aDavid Anderson — Add local and argument closure information to JSScript (bug 592973, r=brendan+dmandelin).
c91290f1ee7eff6fa86f69228c2db39ec3b486bbDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
a5a255965167b428f4c45dd192187d32ca84269bDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
5eb565456a99fee3ed3bb89a8aec3cd5a3cfe081David Anderson — Backed out changeset 99e1b185792f
0f2870ac9b878376f638a45c3d2965782fe7951bDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 3754355930d5
3754355930d5047abd919605f738d07212d4fad2David Anderson — Follow-up fix to bug 592973.
99e1b185792f0fcd5b5361554a8f32a177c12b8bDavid Anderson — Add local and argument closure information to JSScript (bug 592973, r=brendan+dmandelin).
c76f61d9595b09e3fcc0d5813b42cc13bb5dca1aDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
27d130f005b7f3fae9281304ca98e5511295adb2David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
b32b9cc30f2c879f3184df91af9f73cdc5b79cdaDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
a83fbc03ece4734e58f25848563858bfc3aef202David Anderson — Backed out changeset 3d11e994ad09
8edeaeb96e5dca54120065ded4cc5db24102ef66David Anderson — Trigger a build.
3d11e994ad09447b115ea1f57f354f1bfa521f5cDavid Anderson — Add local and argument closure information to JSScript (bug 592973, r=brendan+dmandelin).
f33e6c62f1c3c0bcb75d3781019a403e895a667dDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
eab4befb94208e46f3aea7be48c9595b47f492c4David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
72c0c51ccb17e0becfe4811883303b9150bcd6c3David Anderson — Merge backout.
91744abb287f53d15884256626a6bbca00b0ed5bDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 38c0a9cb88fd
aa75db3b485055775edacddd08b96f45d9294b05David Anderson — Merge backout.
4295d519e02cbad64a5f66c6c8ba630e0fa7dae6David Anderson — Backed out changeset cc923f1f25bd
9ad4f966f92b1968afa7d08924c6a0d59e2ebb75David Mandelin — Minor tweak: need to cycle JM tinderboxes to collect data on random oranges
cc923f1f25bd9c710e1ef26c07205918be51b1bbDavid Mandelin — Disable PolyICs for getelem to see if it helps with the media player orange
5492e0774e89b6f960847d1c5307c99164141501Leon Sha — Bug 587962 - [JAEGER] JaegerMonkey build and check failed on Solaris x86 with Sun Studio 12. r=dvander.
ca32ed513371555a77ee4ecad6e4987310d10d1aDavid Anderson — Merge backout of FrameState changes.
dca27a8bc82fc871cd2c54f0c149408ca424dae7David Anderson — Merge backout.
307e6b88abc1034a8f85ec4c9b60732a78d60cf3David Anderson — Backed out changeset 65a5a3d552f6
0d06f0c22e437821c94a632967080f755e197211David Anderson — Merge backout.
2952314edcc83ac55c26d64c13665c5f4d9ecb34David Anderson — Backed out changeset 8703c9e17f69
495774a53ba64376fe40187684450bd076df09bfDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
d964486cd584b1b5871a56dab778651488ef8af6David Anderson — Backed out changeset 33772073ce07
c76ed2a6bb61e195e8d485879312bb8735869318David Anderson — Merge backout.
b77205f6927754293d6f8e8f5613261497abe19cDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset bd7928e24ad4
88a85a48414dd09191f1c528156fe7db546521c5David Anderson — Merge backout.
e0d3bfc8656525c53eb88eba878ab1d929d1f11dDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 6e24d99e29c0
b7c8e195de3b08d1b0553f99086d5d207f2e9760David Anderson — Merge backout.
a44d33974ac742efc9004dac355dcac140d74506David Anderson — Backed out changeset b364b2ffc970
801344c03110aeb8abd9b7b15171cd3c5c57c20dDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
b77f32d2d5c9283dc61cc7d91c75b5eee0f3c428David Anderson — Backed out changeset e8dc1103c1b7.
88ee72b88b7058131d2672bd5cf3ceb46c8895f1David Anderson — Merge backout.
ed10917e52e89152a48fef48069f00f41826aa5fDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 91389f18d45b
a813aec8cc75ae79fbb5c8e6c273cae5e3489795David Anderson — Trigger build.
b50ba811a91f60eabc80c8c313c371e117fda93fDavid Anderson — Hot-fix for case reported by Brian Hackett, and likely other mistakes.
64ff281e58d3319694ff1f8642e14e9be604c1d0David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
d556e6f60f4f34c4fecb997598906333658f3ab7David Anderson — Fixed build.
38c0a9cb88fd022fa86bd8c27226660fd44b9fafDavid Anderson — ICs for scripted calls (bug 587698, r=dmandelin).
96ddc3bc17b6df1ab5cac8485ba492af3f501dd6David Anderson — Merge backout.
68482f23e7cba578b7f53b3d51e6690a56e6790dDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 40fe2614ef8e
8a835a404d7094b0cba5e58f71544cbdb21c580cDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
a0d8de655f06531cd898dfd171cd574231b6e783David Anderson — Backed out changeset 210c7d2a0ddc
0548d99a060115c349be0109cca3c01713233234David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
a5f194447bea2b487d01638119eb6505edd59a0dSean Stangl — [JAEGER] Fix previous commit to build with MSVC.
23706a77784890da0d27b4380f097228920a49b1Jan de Mooij — [JAEGER] Fast path for >>>; b=589932, r=dvander.
210c7d2a0ddcd1bffdb133a94155ff31d65eb38eDavid Anderson — Fix Windows build.
40fe2614ef8e7a70f3f539cfa094bb4e4a39f1daDavid Anderson — ICs for scripted calls (bug 587698, r=dmandelin).
e9c0f9eb7d3ea08d510d456387bc375e225897acDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
621a97f3779660793dddaca4dff43d082ee70b1aDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
87f0a1f6bfb79bdf5dd687b0bc008d38820a921dDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 611224f6f8da
83c4ad328180299b89c5885f9673576afcf3a047David Anderson — Backed out changeset f27e073cf377
f27e073cf3775c7be626ccb9c2a60eff20012024David Anderson — Fixed out-of-range jump on x64.
a45412e2929e360e76038e58694913088c50b868David Anderson — Backed out changeset 1021c20f8d6b
1021c20f8d6bbf9e5c9911f5e50c846bafd5dcdaDavid Anderson — Memory leak fix, don't root funobjs in call ICs.
52da34bd765d913ed30dcd94dfbfddb771fcddfbDavid Anderson — Fix Windows build.
611224f6f8da143657e91ccb1e414b5245aa1169David Anderson — ICs for scripted calls (bug 587698, r=dmandelin).
0ac21aab54e146cd69802e69eb6b1829684b771eDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
126617ec380389e3801f12847a9a5a0a3b86d034David Anderson — Merge backout.
367debbf46bfadb40a62f57e3de6dee77c55cf33David Anderson — Backed out changeset 2a8c72408e36
0ce92e8280e679c2cf0c7cc94ddf798ab54c80afDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
2cef2575d8a0860e45bd84493a781093b78e572eDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 809288d17163
1939c7289f0c17888d9f39d6c4466285ca7976baDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
073cf20fe43920cd81dd292e5f4f56fb45788aecDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 5d60ada03594
1a3627a83d9d0ebe5f2c9154b5719be9fa8494f3David Anderson — Backed out changeset d124082d9de2
d124082d9de2c3e956920b123b10a6cef1e0e281David Anderson — Fixed callIC bug on x64 (unsigned argc underflow).
5d60ada03594e78290fe24b8a7c1ed57c9493413David Anderson — Another Windows build fix attempt.
809288d171630ab07bbec448281546302eb3ec8aDavid Anderson — Build fix for Windows.
2a8c72408e36d7ba2741e38b80a11be23beacdfcDavid Anderson — ICs for scripted calls (bug 587698, r=dmandelin).
91389f18d45b194728ad8212fe946c94a1b63fb3David Anderson — Optimize mutable FrameState syncing algorithm (bug 591836 part 8, r=dmandelin).
e8dc1103c1b76aec702e06c92358b7274bc237f0David Anderson — Optimize uncopy algorithm (bug 591836 part 7, r=dmandelin).
b364b2ffc970bd4f77e0f8f5f11f4202217bd294David Anderson — Optimize FrameState merging algorithm (bug 591836 part 6, r=dmandelin).
6e24d99e29c0f83a8575b78a102d90eabcde829dDavid Anderson — Optimize immutable FrameState syncing algorithm (bug 591836 part 5, r=dmandelin).
bd7928e24ad44eb882924eec09e6bb03979e4284David Anderson — Backing stores should precede copies in FrameState (bug 591836 part 4, r=dmandelin).
33772073ce075702e021d1df22f806f0de3c0ed6David Anderson — Remove FrameState::tosFe() (bug 591836 part 3, r=dmandelin).
8703c9e17f69803299caee68d2ef340fa0b8d5cdDavid Anderson — Improve register pinning invariants (bug 591836 part 2, r=dmandelin).
65a5a3d552f662487049c81b211c8217faa08ab9David Anderson — Remove FrameState::base (bug 591836 part 1, r=dmandelin).
3ff3eab2e220a588c7bee8aa8ec1b1afb733a85cJason Orendorff — Add partial support hooks.enterFrame. Currently the return value is ignored.
94d505fb0a67cad3d3023fb9f1881e86631270b0Jason Orendorff — Add Debugger.Script.prototype.{url,startLine,lineCount}.
2e006cccde9f5b6b2b42049bb4d2a01cfc832d84Jason Orendorff — Fix another bug with getChildScripts: the relevant bit on JSScript was being set after the newScript hook was called. Set it beforehand instead.
75ec0d2c2c1fcd1873ea998309b425d105a97cd9Jason Orendorff — Tighten an assertion in Debugger::onNewScript.
53d431ddc5ac1ea56d9221fa29a4154c13ab553bJason Orendorff — Fix bug in Debugger.Script.prototype.getChildScripts. It didn't know about JSScript::savedCallerFun.
93e47625c3ed8cc43095b86847512b516d5dceb5Jason Orendorff — Implement the newScript hook. Also, change the shell builtin clone() function to support cloning a function into a different compartment (for use by one of the tests).
d3b7501084d11b4d067596d6002694430b8b8a6bJason Orendorff — Rename eval scripts to non-held scripts and remove a bogus assertion in DebuggerFrame_getScript.
74a28915c87cd1e249ab0415a9269691f5b6b600Jason Orendorff — Add a passing test for
252709231d206c34f5d7b3e86981a9fa0772f179Jason Orendorff — Rename getYoungestFrame to getNewestFrame.
f413efa2723b906d713a5d6425aac0156b0d3287Jason Orendorff — Remove some nonsense from JS_DefineDebuggerObject.
67018148d71d7504446d509b8452dc0d4fd6b4feJason Orendorff — Rename Debug to Debugger.
821e5b01b1b1c5d5dddb8312f273679f67d0cbf3Jason Orendorff — Add Debug.Script.getChildScripts.
449a0ee1ad8cd70907849887598453ba1e90565aJason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
a4374705dd79c6ff959a3d4141a6fe313babde1cJason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
8fb3609398571bce63e8186109360e24c860859cJason Orendorff — Two changes: Try to make tests/debug/gc-06.js more reliable with conservative GC. And remove the new compartment assertions from jsdbgapi.h, to avoid disturbing jsdbgapi.h-using code other than JSD (such as the shell's trap() function).
ba9d8b33753c45c21443be2d78ef2348ffe58395Jason Orendorff — Adjust compartment assertions in the new implementations of jsdbgapi.h Trap entry points. Some are tightened up, but JS_ClearScriptTraps no longer asserts, as that caused a test to fail in debug builds.
63ee1fe5025c99e88e20847e1e533d2af9117cb8Jason Orendorff — Fix test jit-test/tests/debug/Debug-ctor-03.js: only expect new Debug(parent) to fail if parent really cannot be put into debug mode.
45f1cf2c59d200bc5e5db35001eed68d9a466a13Jason Orendorff — Add breakpoints.
2cc9d8a133bc33a0202ec8dcdcd1b85b3df5eb9dJason Orendorff — Revise comments on js::Debug::mark. Also inline Debug::sweepCompartment into Debug::sweepAll.
9ed67a5d4e917fab856aabd656129bed4ab81dbbJason Orendorff — Add Script.prototype.getAllOffsets and getLineOffsets.
9545334d35a31dff3abd1f8ec6c624daa18067feJason Orendorff — Quick follow-up for thinko in bug 667925: lists can be empty. r=orange.
13c14153bd63ae9421ebaeb8ca4c62cfc148acb6Jason Orendorff — Bug 667925 - Line number is bogus on JSOP_TRACE opcodes. r=brendan.
d165c2385ee06a63b34ac4a5507a98ea0e9ba645Jason Orendorff — Add Script.prototype.getOffsetLine.
026c7bc10466e0407b0cb65d11db1ccbe4e0eb91Jason Orendorff — Add Frame.prototype.offset.
0a728f8555057f892902873ee4be96abbcc58023Jim Blandy — Test that we get the same Debug.Script instance for different closures made from the same 'function' expression/declaration/statement.
7a78b176e018fee1a5899a5902b2c266925dd488Jim Blandy — Fix 'if' in DebugObject_trace: the scope of a declaration includes its initializer.
2d2654fc31b2eff7e5ac6ac2573969567c6c6c40Jason Orendorff — Support disabling debug mode in a compartment with scripts on the stack. Dump the debug-mode JIT code during a later GC.
2560cd08c8281ce1cec2fb37f7e9b7a60c8cc906Jason Orendorff — Change js::Debug::heldScripts to have pointers to debuggee-compartment objects as keys, rather than wrappers.
6fef8a7982caad773a5ae9b499d4374b26d55ef6Jason Orendorff — Change js::Debug::objects to have referents as keys, rather than cross-compartment wrappers of referents.
3a7a75064ce6b91d69ab70486a5df0cfd112eea3Jason Orendorff — Fix Debug-ctor-03.js (regression: the exception is being thrown in the wrong compartment since rev e05d3da5866a) and make removeDebuggee throw if it would disable debug mode in a compartment with scripts on the stack.
e05d3da5866a594138b9678d12bc122a81551946Jason Orendorff — GlobalObject::getOrCreateDebuggers must be called in the global object's compartment, since it may create an object.
ac45a3dbfe3304dca3b9c9b0de4464f1e102a0b3Jason Orendorff — Initial support for Debug.Script instances. r=jorendorff, push=jorendorff.
6885f4c66607709010eae5d47f39b6b22ee3f707Jason Orendorff — Merge.
feb8c7a919b366b7d8c5390007cddf9c828a81d0Jason Orendorff — Fix MSVC-only errors and a warning.
a95ab01cda09f6a4f344ed1898e4ff1bfd65a6d5Jason Orendorff — Automatically turn debug mode on/off when adding/removing debuggees.
700d8a05c7de53fbeb84e2b3b4ac4cb8ae7e82e4Jim Blandy — Define new macro, THIS_DEBUGOBJECT_OWNER_REFERENT, which also provides the owning Debug. r=jorendorff, push=jorendorff.
8164f83c3cf8d429424c36298d11b324333996b9Jim Blandy — Comment fixes, assertions, and cleanups to Debug GC-related code. r=jorendorff, push=jorendorff.
8247161274fbcb5d827c3e32ab6637a306520087Jim Blandy — Use WeakMap for the Debug::objects, the mapping from referents to Debug.Objects. r=jorendorff, push=jorendorff.
b5d3c424d66d01df04121bd502cdfe5efb685428Jason Orendorff — Merge from TM. Huge merge. Stack changes from bug 656462.
ed51e6c81d01ff76f0aa7ec6e0046b2bc1c2d0c1Jim Blandy — Cross stack segment boundaries when looking for the youngest frame. Correctly check that live stack frames are on the stack.
210f10efc3e47992e5e87010c1b948c9e3b14110Jim Blandy — Verify that accessing frame properties throws once the frame is dead.
8b978fbe8b9c3013e51e4a46b8cd7389550fccc9Jim Blandy — Merge from TM.
903f84bae52857b06082a6001f734c0b61243b6aJim Blandy — Backed out changeset d02083014f57; build problems in nsXPConnect.cpp
215d305502a77fcb2bd9772d692745bea7eeb71cJim Blandy — Backed out changeset 720b3fe3c84e; build problems in nsXPConnect.cpp.
720b3fe3c84efd6336c37451d7cc8e357a5931dbJason Orendorff — Fix getYoungestFrame to get the newest frame even if it is in another cx.
d02083014f57890a0e9977094ff51625e9ead9a6Jason Orendorff — Automatically turn debug mode on/off when adding/removing debuggees.
9ac0d2ba9ac020baddf21845a5af6cc7d7c802ccJason Orendorff — Fix bug in Debug::hasAnyLiveHooks.
e05e71b1bda14bda7ba0cc026fe811cac595dd42Jason Orendorff — Add jit-test tag to the new test in the previous check-in.
f5018c7fabf7114839195041a12dff380651b1e7Jason Orendorff — Add passing test.
f95a35c5010cb770791369c2a61714441f66e72aJason Orendorff — JS_SetDebugModeForCompartment: Instead of asserting that enabling debug mode is safe, check and throw if it is not. The change to AllFramesIter in Stack.cpp is by luke, r=me.
614e714d02981477663bdfd58f30bf5aa34a936bJason Orendorff — Add a few bits to frame.arguments tests.
d249478fbbe1828131c1d7388dfb361378e501feJason Orendorff — Add Debug.Frame.prototype.evalWithBindings.
a34a276b47c5c0bd6ecb1391c6500b201bc9134dJason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
a52fba05829489dcc15e77e1a7111639843d672fJim Blandy — There's no point in cleaning up a Debug::objects table that belongs to a dead Debug object.
2cd6aa0531124ee54cc4b1ac03a75338ebcdbf51Jason Orendorff — Two passing tests: Debug objects do not keep debuggee globals alive; and addDebuggee does not assert if the target compartment is not in debug mode.
9a616d98ca8b5f94552f15a18ca95d58abe94f27Jason Orendorff — Tabs to spaces in a few tests.
fd5ca689f2d6c2d4fd0f56b4aa105a1e0349e7b8Jason Orendorff — Add
a3369f2c2600822d9325bb767aa804eec7f1985aJim Blandy — Use form feeds above major section header comments, for easier navigation with Emacs.
2c50ea28d5b625728dd763e587d4a4fc57538fc9Jim Blandy — Don't mark objects from a Debug's ephemeral tables unless the Debug itself has been marked.
1d0b71fb4f677a64fb69fc365fd2598feee37a61Jason Orendorff — Make frame.arguments live.
26d722c9da86ceabb048c8b23bca9a8d5470d26aJason Orendorff — Fix to return undefined if the object is not a function or is a nameless function.
6a006a09da0ce0adceb1c7e62d733949d90de52fJim Blandy — Clarify comments on 'this' checks that forbid the each class's prototype object.
1fb7cb53a55514180b0b83e003cc611fd86b4d20Jim Blandy — Make check for valid resumption value a bit more legible.
2a6c013ce9e7573be3d8cbfc5991544a0bd97050Jim Blandy — jsdbg.cpp: Implement Debug.Object.prototype.parameterNames. Add tests. Also, change DebugObject_getName to follow return-on-error conventions.
6d94e6ad3858ed12244de433385faa4d593017d4Jim Blandy — jsdbg.cpp (Debug::getScriptFrame): check for null return from NewDenseAllocatedArray at the right time.
f99cf5ced5aa950e22b26de5a5452c8366a1c4ecJim Blandy — jsdbg.cpp (THIS_DEBUGOBJECT_REFERENT): Don't duplicate the assertion done immediately before in THIS_DEBUGOBJECT_CCW.
b46785b17311b579f7f7acd9a97835b4bff3b2f3Jason Orendorff — Fix non-debug-mode assertion in addDebuggee.
0c0dfc86796d2ea947f1caa8905fe0462deb0cd0Jason Orendorff — Add Debug.prototype.{add,remove,has}Debuggee and .getDebuggees.
ce60250dbf2941870b24c330e7bbb087867481e7Jason Orendorff — Rename add/removeDebuggee -> add/removeDebuggeeGlobal, ahead of landing Debug.prototype.add/removeDebuggee.
b68e8118939f6b2acbe410e038d9d14dada44b06Jason Orendorff — Add error reporting in Debug::addDebuggee. Oops.
020af8278a9fe792da04c161607db18473dcd69dJason Orendorff — Internal support for multiple debuggees. No API is exposed yet.
516fb38281b7ea816c8e05c0949fb1f28a72e296Jason Orendorff — Debuggees are globals, not compartments.
6b8f455e9a572b16aefebfd9441a6db1eb61de21Jason Orendorff — Require the CCW slot of a Debug.Object object to contain an actual cross-compartment wrapper. That way, per-compartment GC never collects referents, simplifying sweep phase.
330e7d5c11ea68a48665460caea2166ee7a407f4Jason Orendorff — Fix a few bugs in exception handling and the throw hook. Make Debug::parseResumptionValue and Debug::handleUncaughtException reliably call ac.leave().
ecbc721ff1b1732a86e6e4c0613618e594844074Jason Orendorff — Fix up treatment of Debug.Frame objects during GC. Frames were not being marked properly during Debug::trace and were being swept from the table during Debug::sweepCompartment.
be313ff2b7e5b739099be822dbe36ea2133baeedJason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
5c58addb72dc2906f1fe1101101a179ff877f6e7Jason Orendorff — Passing GC test. I almost landed some code that segfaults on this one.
4ab2a31a2b9d4edeb0017413630127744130699fJason Orendorff — Two little bugs: Destroy the C++ js::Debug object when the JS Debug object is finalized; and generate the right error message when not enough arguments are passed.
be12caeb033ae18a50ab90393e80e3eb25d29c96Jim Blandy — Implement Debug.Frame.prototype.constructing accessor.
aaec89b3971836d24f133a4073d9b690958584d5Jason Orendorff — Fix Debug.Frame.prototype.older to skip non-debuggee stack frames.
2a7cbe40d6284ede0a25eb1bddfb4c9e99696a9fJason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2. This merge reveals a bug in DebugFrame_getOlder, to be fixed separately.
cb456a20aeef907002c4e7a79e7f8bf4373d4727Jason Orendorff — Make the throw hook tests pass in the methodjit. Add a simpler version of one of the tests.
4efc9b37f30aac73f6092c231c322892074a12c7Jason Orendorff — Add Debug.prototype.getYoungestFrame.
8ef6dc591b933ffa08b4403bab0f5f311f7b8a7eJason Orendorff — Add a throw hook to jorendb.
5842d0285cdafaa4ae329214f0b46953d0c3d5e7Jason Orendorff — Add support for dbg.hooks.throw.
ddab2f5eb8df82b549b4c94c925569c9f3b57c0fJason Orendorff — Add Debug.Object.prototype.callable.
453701d5c7e7000b2f3ac3f58ce967ddbfe600d2Jason Orendorff — Passing test for null resumption.
b9a24ec22039f52e32c7c06a286b81cc39cfd258Jason Orendorff — Add js/examples/jorendb.js.
e7aa2aadefe09a6e86883c4da21e858072508db2Jason Orendorff — Rename Debug.Object.prototype.prototype to .proto.
a91b890f5781dd22eb33e49c67827ac5b0a1530dJason Orendorff — Change methods Debug.Object.prototype.getClass and getPrototype to accessor properties .class and .prototype.
903f198d10ee01f7de2a0451db1fbbc2dafae84dJason Orendorff — Add Debug.Frame.prototype.eval.
52446c5ddd225c2917b21f0898cc79b38241927eJason Orendorff — Add Debug.Object.prototype.getPrototype.
930f17ad5ff1800a545d307b0d5c611950f821a3Jason Orendorff — Passing tests for Debug.Object.prototype.getClass.
4af0f2c61f899e432eb9ddb5d05267a5c1dfe729Jason Orendorff — If a Debug.Object’s existence is somehow observable, keep it alive. This means it is alive if it has expandos or is a key of a live WeakMap. Since we have no way of telling when those things are true, simply mark as if each referent had a strong reference back to each corresponding Debug.Object.
18e81fe5abac6810c744012e1236b41a5b83dbbdJason Orendorff — Passing test: .apply works on function proxies.
012541acc62a95c78dcbd6549f91f52b3ea29db0Jason Orendorff — Merge Debug.Function and Debug.Object.
9914b62860dc96fc75448f78abd9ecd460beae57Jason Orendorff — Add Debug.Function.prototype.apply. Also, correctly handle bad resumption values by creating a TypeError and passing it to the uncaughtExceptionHook.
ee8bde5b1b7729ee7894d13eaf9bc1b5d155b93fJason Orendorff — Add passing test for {return:} resumption from a generator frame.
0fdf3584c6eb9d1f0b7aec8439423febec016dc6Jason Orendorff — Add Debug.Frame.prototype.older.
c0cd70139fec36901d399270b394d73c8e522252Jason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
5fd40e7a5fafe5a0692a4886c543f8e6a1580a06Jason Orendorff — Bug 654734 - TrampolineCompiler::generateForceReturn should emit a call to ScriptDebugEpilogue.
37b0503c5603ac038ff3f97b84639b161ae37b91Jason Orendorff — Support resumption values that throw or return objects.
9e7c8381171e82212c8b9931f74cad5073ea5ae4Jason Orendorff — Implement
28ddba113a88c554864c86471a7dd37a614da14eJason Orendorff — Add Debug.Function and hook it into wrapDebuggeeValue. Implement Debug.Frame.prototype.callee.
91bede82da8b277def96351adae811d3741e4519Jason Orendorff — Fix Debug.Frame.prototype.this for object this-values. Add Debug.Object.prototype.getClass. Make some stuff in jsdbg.cpp static.
1c8820681b80fd95a7979b5b14efcd78576369d5Jason Orendorff — Add Debug.Object, Frame.prototype.this, Frame.prototype.arguments.
d3b9adab89ecb9e83b3e2489f447703ffc7046a6Jason Orendorff — Rename Frame_* to DebugFrame_*. The next changeset will add DebugObject_*, and Object_* was way too confusing.
f88f637c1cf10d723c0a3b0258b7bedea5cf47f8Jason Orendorff — Grand renaming of the tests in js/src/jit-test/tests/debug.
49acedc64071d70a17704db6f9c707f25584d4d1Jason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
1443d370f7dca1461d9a8a8515803ab2fa3ec1bcJason Orendorff — Add
d806bd4f6a1ed852e8a151a297eff997cebc5f1dJason Orendorff — Very rudimentary support for creating Debug.Frame objects, passing them to hooks, and cleaning them up afterwards.
20a64f3083771eebde13e2cb1ffcf9d4b6e2beecJason Orendorff — New rule: a Debug object cannot be attached to a compartment that is not in debug mode. Includes a jsapi-test to check that we do not crash if you turn debug mode off while a Debug object is already attached. (This changeset moves all the Debug object tests under jit-tests because the jit-test runner lets tests ask for debug mode.)
3c24ff3d8904e534643a4cd139ddbf099343dd57Jason Orendorff — Fix behavior of debugger statement in methodjit. This was causing most of the debug-object- tests to fail under --args="-m -a", with or without -d.
fa18cc39138ff8d60562bf65486f8ca8022ba09fJason Orendorff — No-op merge to squelch the merge in rev edd7fb5c83a0, which was harmless enough but merged the wrong things. The other parent of this changeset, rev 2e77e2f5bc90, is the better merge.
2e77e2f5bc9057c4965a9462c4310befb2569f98Jason Orendorff — Merge from tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
edd7fb5c83a03f18cb3844d319e6752d57262d81Jason Orendorff — Merge tracemonkey to jsdbg2.
3b6fd34ed3e2c77614f580a3b7e0bfdd4394f3d3Jason Orendorff — Fix silly stack overflow due to a botched method renaming in the previous check-in.
3a24a9c046e5f6af5d28e2f3074aa4264151e6abJason Orendorff — Rearrange some stuff. This way more js::Debug methods can be private, without making anything new public; all the event dispatch code is in one place; and we avoid having JSCompartment methods in jsdbg.cpp.
e3fa5d15ace6022fa0da0ae2756e737895c370baJason Orendorff — Change Debug.prototype.uncaughtExceptionHook to require a function or null, and pass the Debug object to uncaughtExceptionHook as the this-value.
7818def1b65b4a23fcb496ce6354fbd9cbc6cc95Jason Orendorff — Add initial support for Debug.prototype.uncaughtExceptionHook.
92309cf1aca1be0775b411fe2bb91c0c0edacb89Jason Orendorff — Add Debug.prototype.enabled. This implementation is not ideal, since we want clearing .enabled to remove the debugger from every place where it might cause overhead. For now it just sets a flag.
184ce9343b3955d78636bccccfaee9afada6c3edJason Orendorff — Add rudimentary support for Debug.prototype.hooks.debuggerHandler. Note: A new constant JSPROP_NATIVE_ACCESSOR is added in jsapi.h, so that js_InitClass can create proper accessor properties.
1cfa5045533cd04be172df0f29604d8502d36ae6Jim Blandy — merge tm
ce3107de21106a48fd76d25dc190d33a5abda3acJim Blandy — merge tm
086e038cf0f48369822fc4ba3ac59b37c3009d27Jim Blandy — Write out initialization of array; c++0b seems to forbid narrowing
090fcf731131e25c5c73525869f852cad259f7f4Jason Orendorff — Make 'Debug(w)' and 'new Debug(w)' return a new Debug object. The argument w must be a cross-compartment wrapper.
2684c36f33e68b4cd938db38a4bef48a491490d1Jason Orendorff — Add an empty Debug constructor into the shell and a JS_DefineDebugObject function to jsdbgapi.h.
6f4b90a6c2928ce049070a204acbdd6096a6eeffBernd — bug 675490 - push nonplaced tfoots and mark them as nonrepeating r=bz
bddfa5c83a6ea7bb1b2a29937db78975772aa0c2Bernd — bug 678447 - prevent splitting of tables inside columnsets during printing r=roc
64b4ec7bfb4300b2ba6127fb22bc21a210db396fAndrew McCreight — Bug 677358 - change GC+CC button to a CC button in about:memory. r=njn
a3adb8c01a197a958e045a4a91ea7fef5deabab8Jonathan Hage — Bug 668204 - Merge nsMathMLmunderFrame and nsMathMLmoverFrame into nsMathMLmunderoverFrame. r=karlt
e99b737739888ad18dfd8be8b862bc97737f5704Markus Stange — Bug 678481 - Send a mouse move event after switiching into or out of drawintitlebar mode so that Gecko knows about the changed mouse position relative to the Gecko content area. r=josh
bcab3415d9ee64c259aa6666c479ad6de7e18be6Markus Stange — Bug 678002 / bug 678184 - Don't call +[NSGraphicsContext setCurrentContext:] when drawing window contents into the titlebar because it's unnecessary and results in erratic behavior for unknown reasons. r=josh
53bbf9d8a0e5833a72eb87c5981a11bb35fa85fbVidar Haarr — Bug 232691 - Replace nsString emptyString; with EmptyString() in nsHTMLEditRules; r=ehsan
19ab9ba1c62369998649c5c0192aeafc0b74a230Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i
d7ccb99a2f2d04e406e9f91ff0ecd7dd811a5ed2Phil Ringnalda — Back out c8f38fb18c6a (bug 673631) for breaking the Shark shell build
aea57f085401d68b3c6e9af301878021f95efabdPaul Biggar — No bug: Fix comment where "new_array" should be "array_new" (rs=sfink).
c8f38fb18c6a388a6ef4723fabcfd099ac51a78fSteve Fink — Bug 673631 - Clean up probes and register (almost) all profiler control entry points in JS_DefineProfilingFunctions (r=luke,waldo,jst)
3210abdedf8ae17174a28b3120f9f69224a43d5dIgor Bukanov — bug 673795 - part2, using lists of avaiulable chunks for faster chunk selection. r=wmccloskey
8c36a72adee981550afeca616c7403a9b4248b78Igor Bukanov — bug 673795 - part1, no empty chunk hashing. r=anygregor
1127ccbf8f4eebdd06023eb4097bee5c3d62f063Daniel Holbert — Bug 661297 followup: Update to remove reference to no-longer-existing Makefile. rs=ted
779fe0db869b89243d526deea3652b3636d08658Igor Bukanov — bug 678457 - remove assert about a pending exception in the scanner as OOM does not throw. r=luke
a68442b5ff5c5f9b12c4c95d77b5467e92a36c5ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 678588 - Drop singleDeviceInterval to 1 hour. r=mconnor
50bc416e57c4266c611d333c8e6191a12409c476Landry Breuil — Bug 545222: treat powerpc-*-openbsd* as powerpc-*-freebsd*, r=gal
f78e64bd6305586b270f8b1077e5a7f235960fcbMarkus Stange — Bug 678333 - Don't set a height on the zoom button. r=dao
44570a422531177f060906a66ccbad686429513fMarkus Stange — Bug 678039 - Limit the top titlebar line overdrawing workaround to Lion. It's not needed on Leopard / Snow Leopard. r=josh
437f3eb67c18a4f3605a7162f15b510ba4f24699Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 483651 - Trailing <br> node not removed when it should be; r=ehsan
137325e8319cc981438172cdd5bb89f9c7b0ceb8Jeff Walden — Bug 678074 - Implement js::PropertyName, a subclass of JSAtom which represents a string which does not contain an unsigned 32-bit index. This type will eventually be used internally (and possibly at some point externally) for all guaranteed-non-element property accesses. r=luke
37605826f6fb7b21edbf8665c799de8521029035Jeff Walden — Bug 677820 - String.prototype.match should define properties for matches on the returned array, not set them. r=pbiggar
f3f7872db0aef93fcd565ee96a25fb8c8f02179farno renevier — Bug 338427 - Spellchecker should respect the langi attribute; r=ehsan
5ca0d6677b2c94da15a7e65d8824f586898d485bJason Orendorff — Bug 672892 - CloneLeftHandSide should not also clone the right-hand side. Well sure it sounds obvious when you write it out like that. r=dvander.
27492e33ad0f4c1a1e070f7224dbe58e750c395eLucas Rocha — Bug 667438 - Choosing "Custom Page" option erases the text from the Start page button [r=mark.finkle]
56eaf58dc5fba57e88eb8991cafd1abb19ef17f3jeremias bosch — Bug 677201 - Make use of Harmattan Backup System r=romaxa
88e9970b7e8000344740bff062aa1d21074bae2eDaniel Holbert — Bug 677993 followup: Use uintptr_t instead of size_t for casting unsigned values to/from void*, in JSObject::getArrayLength & setArrayLength. rs=waldo
fcb383e5e61e14659c3b488cd7c171e2d4b9fdb0Steve Fink — Bug 574403 - Make --enable-dtrace work on all Linux and OSX builds
748a4c754183258350cff101f56700a73d403e22Luke Wagner — Back out rev 0bd518ded931 due to suspected Dromaeo(SunSpider) regression
431405059a6966e1d7089d3ee6ac1d2e43f15efeJason Orendorff — Bug 672804 - "Assertion failure: parent" with trap right after JSOP_ENTERBLOCK. r=billm.
bd9891ab14eb38ca79fb28789f4139c9d8f1fd9cLucas Rocha — Bug 644993 - Undo close tab doesn't refresh the content in a SSL Error page [r=mark.finkle]
c1eadd115562e155ec1ef3a0c24fb33fea4b2ca6Bill McCloskey — Bug 677773 - Allow JS crash diagnostics to be disabled; simplify them (r=dmandelin,ted)
9567cfee0f570e1ab54e5c2a1d7f3a063aa69afbMatt Brubeck — Back out cd7f694c9f2f (bug 677773) because of build failures
5a85aeba5c59be804ec961a9c78b4f5cca235d11Ali Juma — Bug 678207 - Fix interface of nsWindow::GetLayerManager on Android. r=cjones
af01921fc49352323e65e943ab4a3f46b0b3d59aMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
cd7f694c9f2f099a31158fb5d292a97a49d3cad4Bill McCloskey — Bug 677773 - Allow JS crash diagnostics to be disabled; simplify them (r=dmandelin,ted)
9e269bcacf43e00a3e7f9905f58dbf66afbdd236Mounir Lamouri — Bug 674771 - Add a "Paste & Go" entry in the URL bar context menu. r=mfinkle
6fd7a1b9ef64f8d358abb57f9b89b46832fda8c5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 660662. Eliminate NS_(ceil|floor). r=roc
d71ffe484d24f9e84d57e9df16cf779c7aa7470bJason Orendorff — Bug 678211 - Assertion failure: isScriptFrame(), at ../vm/Stack.h:538 with dummy frame. r=dvander.
78dea7cd0f4daaa29e5f8cc0e556d2ce1a990d1bJonathan Kew — bug 667166 - apply 'locl' feature early along with 'ccmp', before Arabic-specific shaping features. r=jdaggett
145c98d55ae16d6213fb952e8995da12b62e02a2Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
e5b31c27c70108e4cb517189cf60f3cfee63e9a7Robert Strong — Bug 677674 - absolute path is required to build test pilot. r=dtownsend
f85e000407f361eff390e7fe3bc415839677503bMihai Sucan — Bug 636727 - Add a source editor to Scratchpad; f=rcampbell r=ddahl,
9975c8487a09366aa21ba19555272cbe690ed6d7Mihai Sucan — Bug 660784 - Add the Orion source code editor to the browser; r=ehsan,rcampbell,
8e1dd6f8b903ccbb4fcdff817b606fda45d41311Jonathan Kew — bug 678181 - back out second part of bug 668813 (changeset 431a8297db1f) on suspicion of causing crashiness. r=backout
6de555980733e2838d081c6532e33b83925c25c2Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
31eddfef6549ba56a9f75248f50d671f934773e4Kyle Huey — Bug 673742: Allow postMessage()ing File and FileLists between same-origin windows. r=sicking
1152582647874054db5be23554d9986860bf0ac9Kyle Huey — Backout Bug 650494 for causing a startup assertion/crash.
c9f5c5c55694ac85e7ffc95a965d59e8e8aaaadbKyle Huey — Backed out changeset b021d1f9f57d
27023581b24ac987d8ccb789b169316addc5fd8aKyle Huey — Bug 678479: Add a makefile target in xpcom/ to regenerate the IDL parser. r=ted
b9854d39643ab27a9fdb938211411536083471beKyle Huey — Bug 678479: Add a --regen argument to and to regenerate the IDL parser. r=ted
b021d1f9f57de8db7ea9d27bcf96ed11de3c994aMarco Castelluccio — Bug 650494: Remove nsIXULPrototypeCache. r=smaug
653cedd09bfad705a9cac16579ea23760524dc8bffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave17
9698a1031317b3679f308d9a805f599daf3291e4Dave Townsend — Backout changeset d980e7a3aa49 from bug 677424 due to test failures.
73c4423aafee823978d0c0d898f49de3e5df651cDave Townsend — Bug 596343: Users should have exclusive control over selecting their add-ons. r=Unfocused
cec797d8552920aaa735c9433b99daabb22710ffDave Townsend — Backed out changeset 6d6e8fecaf37 from bug 596343 due to build failures
6d6e8fecaf373280225f4efed33d7befacf4f3d8Dave Townsend — Bug 596343: Users should have exclusive control over selecting their add-ons. r=Unfocused
eee41544cb847990fa7c3994eff1118c1402a7a8Dave Townsend — Bug 476430: Disable third-party add-ons by default and offer them to the user. r=Unfocused, r=robstrong
d980e7a3aa49389ecc55ef7066048fdeac7c7845Dave Townsend — Bug 677424: If a tab is closed between quit-application-requested and quit-application-granted then it is still restored when the application restarts. r=zpao
1dd81c324ac739060ab16ad9bf444beecd7e2406Mark Finkle — Bug 677999 - Make home screen bookmark icons pretty [r=wjohnston]
3e0b5ad76bca5eb18d2a59ae55f9d55e64abfbf9Mark Finkle — Bug 677975 - Exception [nsIShellService.createShortcut] @ BookmarkHelper.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 92 [r=wjohnston]
5c8b3f1db588e35673ef7c746aad7b00da558318Steven Michaud — Bug 678423 - Conditionally define 10.7 symbols for 10.6 SDK and lower. r=bgirard
76505e286fbac352319710ec40f7a9ec22ab461aMalini Das — Bug 367393 - Add a packed MochiKit that contains only SimpleTest dependencies- new tests. r=jmaher, a=test-only
1188456710819d4606e74396be333ead9fe63261Malini Das — Bug 367393 - Add a packed MochiKit that contains only SimpleTest dependencies- plain tests 2/2. r=jmaher, a=test-only
95496a360748609134a5c666d57c7f48aa23393eMalini Das — Bug 367393 - Add a packed MochiKit that contains only SimpleTest dependencies- plain 1/1. r=jmaher, a=test-only
f1c41350c548e5f64d206e7559a28d251ddaefffMalini Das — Bug 367393 - Add a packed MochiKit that contains only SimpleTest dependencies- update tests. r=jmaher, a=test-only
67f6f1908b0f4cb8c00d3de763787fdb8fe8eeebMalini Das — Bug 367393 - Add a packed MochiKit that contains only SimpleTest dependencies- chrome. r=jmaher, a=test-only
f1113713ce039ac0f0af397962d58d9b9674bb27Malini Das — Bug 367393 - Add a packed MochiKit that contains only SimpleTest dependencies- harness. r=jmaher, a=test-only
997256d4e070a07ea648ad5f554ae9302651ab01Randell Jesup — Bug 674384: jprof - better thread support, support e10s profiling and profile-by-capture-section. r=dbaron DONTBUILD
71c422d27ed4ea3c3951ae23b134318310c8682eRandell Jesup — Bug 664453: Stop jprof from crashing before a profile is selected on JP_START. r=dbaron DONTBUILD
3c8f87c6cbc69dc1f90cfac82b5ed1dd9c171558Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
5776ff214937fed05aeff81e42a0be3f1bf62941Marco Tulio Costa — Bug 611328 - Replace Utils.trace() calls with Utils.assert() [r=ttaubert]
708c7bee072e41d8ea600ae9930c3a7c32278e1bTim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
94f632be4b201c1425d8bcca25ba15c4393fa4e3Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
4d97114b4e602d5049a2f639a3087c88648be84ePavel Cvrcek — Bug 661289 - Scratchpad Save File prompts to overwrite existing files twice.; r=rcampbell
f803e527662ba9b22c45b767c6bd7e64ec00c70cRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
c14bbf65c00efb0e7e68dde2525ca8f6fbb1f6d6Blair McBride — Bug 658530 - Part 2: Update about:permissions style to use common inContentUI page styles. r=dao
fd84808b1eddbf3e09cba3c2f06999fc482ee278Blair McBride — Bug 658530 - Part 1: Move button-related shared styles into inContentUI. r=dao
c2213f8c76dd448da1fa9e646cf944eb38608d28Matt Brubeck — Merge the last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
415a7b342701d2f6ad7bda9b06a72acbbe06b073Makoto Kato — Bug 678438 - DLL bloclk list for Win64 is turned off by bug 552864. r=glandium
c7c13a66ad615d19d2dd91484fa4a3288868a772Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 678259 - Implement mozIVisitInfoCallback::handleResult to avoid exception. r=rnewman
77a0d9f09820956bce5c4e1818ed540762fd6c23Boris Zbarsky — Bug 670467. Correctly reresolve style on non-first continuations and non-first parts of {ib} splits even when we're restyling both an ancestor of the element and the element itself. r=dbaron
1f84f5eb5079bffc321c115f167db8402841de8eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 678422 - Avoid wasting half of nsPresArena's allocated memory due to clownshoes. r=roc.
febd4e26179c8780758a75c22e0fdbf30aa0f665Trevor Saunders — bug 678189 - add IsDefunct() check to accNavigate r=surkov, davidb
5f27c21fe7f036418e32379713a47d4772ce65aeRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678054 - Fix build with clang and c++0x. The first element in a NSPoint is a CGFloat, so in c++0x we need an explicit cast when using aX in an initializer list; r=josh
2a1b24abac0dc26aa732099b55e81271ba135623Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 677641 - Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang; r=ted
d6c7336a2e2905ccade446e982dc5deefe53d754Matt Brubeck — Bug 678223 - Use -moz-crisp-edges for favicon scaling [r=mfinkle]
6a9dabc3f3d144002acfe07bb8243d0318d08bdfMatt Brubeck — Bug 678261 - Back out f4acfd3b1ce8 (bug 610834) because of tp4m regression
ff8535faf76ee7118056619755ff8726240777a6Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678016 - Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang; r=josh
36fdf4f63d8ed10f97568c140cbd9cfb3e091cd7Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678024 - Fix build with c++0x and clang. geteuid returns an unsigned value, and in c++0x we need an explicit cast to int in an initializer list; r=roc
8a2432d7f8f3e47f86cb8af49b46ca75c29378a2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678222 - Fix build with clang and c++0x; r=roc
d63d5764397c1e0034856569c9272a54b8828f44Robert O'Callahan — Bug 657401. Ensure that when our double-buffering logic expects layers to clip to their visible regions, we actually do. r=tnikkel
7c0489e8acafddd99d12689d647ab7d6ae4c4a3eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 386444. Pass the correct current scroll position as the default value to GetCoordAttribute. r=dbaron
0e37f12a6641d24afa2d27c32b4aa78a28c56382Robert O'Callahan — Bug 677095. Compute reasonable destination alpha values with component-alpha blending in D3D10. r=bas
5812274f4afbbca6ac2d55e1fecb3521b315cc8dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678216 - Fix build with clang and c++0x; r=cjones
53dd7a930bae8c6366c22dfc6c8716a399172e5cLuke Wagner — Bug 650411 - assert in debug/release builds that JSRuntime is only used in a single-threaded manner (r=jorendorff,sr=dmandelin)
059713859dcc43dffa1e4f107de6d8830c971aaaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678060: Fix build with clang and c++0x. Need explicit cast from enums to ThemeMenuState in init list, since ThemeMenuState is typedefed to an int type. r=josh
252957ac3ace28d6e0fbffdc4c87d78c2609d7bcDaniel Holbert — Add static_cast<void*> to pointer arg for %p in format string, to to fix GCC warning. No Bug #, r=jorendorff
84a4857051734340369fb0da124d75023eaaaf7cDaniel Holbert — Bug 678256: Fix init list warning for nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine. r=cpearce
913cc99c6baec34a1e36be0eae1a20d7cebf98daJason Orendorff — Back out rev 28f58b7bc69e (bug 672804) due to likely Dromaeo regression.
5ed6a44da1a8cb2a8feaf342b60f6553bcd7b909L. David Baron — Media queries spec defines <resolution> values as allowing <number>, not just <integer>. (Bug 677642) r=bzbarsky
792eb2aff31526cd7b168441130d36da03ee4caeTaras Glek — Bug 678085: Telemetry: Poll memory memory before cycle collection, but no more than once per minute r=njn
fdffde7c3b14935e8d7701f15738ebf45bd8d7e2Taras Glek — Bug 668392 - Include enabled addons + persona in telemetry r=Mossop
4b4b359e77e48709bdd71a03cc6318b7d4fc232dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 678258. imglib: Record the number of chunks that we decode per trip through the event loop. r=jlebar
3274828eccfb7eda8b46063e752f36110c4fd296Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 678258. imglib: Record the time from starting a decode on draw and actually finishing it. r=jlebar
1d071e2fa07fdc856ef3471dc4c9e7c834f88efdMichael Wu — Follow up l10n bustage fix for android from bug 664907
b494957c7609c22328e34282ff82aaefe29d5a15Jason Orendorff — Fix SpiderMonkey GCC compiler warnings. No bug#, r=adrake.
6e0bd0a510ccf804513dc188d1278eb73bd12551Justin Lebar — Bug 678274 - Remove declaration of SetDocIdentifier() from nsSHEntryShared, since that method's implementation was removed. r=smaug
fbbf306c6cb57561152ab0a5feeda9a04ec96b5eDaniel Holbert — Bug 665354 followup: Revert s/0/NULL/ in jsgc.cpp to fix GCC warning. r=jorendorff
2012711170aa976cb48f2337f86b13060482f284Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 677644: Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang. (The process_id field is unsigned, so we need to cast it in c++0x.) r=ted
6cd84482066b74b14fa5bf956928eef5945d6dabRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678022: Fix build with clang and c++0x. In c++0x one cannot use -1 in a position in an initializer list that is unsigned. Use UINT_MAX instead. r=roc
5292dbb5f57598086378bb8ca92a31dc3e04b210Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678091: UnifiedGradientInfo is unused, remove it. r=mstange
129f83a789bebc39e9fedea8fe33fe9d6001400dDaniel Holbert — Bug 677993: Add a cast to fix 'cast to pointer from integer of different size' gcc warning in jsobjinlines.h r=bhackett
0324f71c6757d02ca6b7801b4689bebbed553d81Oleg Romashin — Bug 656114 - Clicking is broken in position:fixed elements in Fennec with MOZ_ENABLE_FIXED_POSITION_LAYERS enabled r=stechz
0f6ccf479e1016c81ab6b35593db7d6e864dfaf2Jason Orendorff — Bug 613452 - "Assertion failure: obj->isExtensible()" with Object.seal, sharps. r=Waldo.
223d4f4bd252fac3ed3591692b84d06f27f010e8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 463491 - Do not reduce the popup blocker abuse level when using command event. r=jst
5cc85a3730f87b719aa841a6041169747da5604fMounir Lamouri — Bug 678166 - Use the original CID for the mock object in mockObjects.js. r=ehsan
6a43079a1c0f17fbad026311cccf25caaa1455c5Jim Mathies — Bug 536256 - Use an async and cache-only channel for drag and drop operations on Windows. r=roc
c25eeb46c2a4eb7824316ca5d398580d4722b01eAlexander Surkov — Bug 467143 - mixed state change event is fired for focused accessible only, r=tbsaunde
73351129648ba23724ec373f010d5c5ccf8ea335Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound.
8628c51e497c4d483cc359e3b91be753faa42976Makoto Kato — Bug 616918 - Turn on ANGLE on Win64. r=bjacob
f262c389193eebbb714074f8c340bad268071646Benoit Jacob — Bug 676413 - fix the crossOrigin attribute test - r=smaug
b5189d4d6fa5638fc26d67477d65cef6a034db19Benoit Jacob — Bug 676413 - test crossOrigin without value - r=bz
c9bad43e7c282d3c8146ddb9807d3fb67e2e9e59Benoit Jacob — Bug 676413 - test that crossOrigin="" or invalid value has the behavior of "anonymous" - r=bz
16a79c640966f43de4eb5ebdae43b0c45ce2510fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 676413 - crossOrigin attribute invalid-value-default should be Anonymous - r=sicking
cffe69e9357ef154a41e7452bbf71feee7a3e49cBenoit Jacob — Bug 678053 - blacklist geforce <= 7 for WebGL on Mac - r=jrmuizel
ffb2a6be641a6adf0b462666925d65ff84420433Benoit Jacob — Back out Bug 591057 / cset 02d5f1c5d438 because of 4% Ts regression
420c7a55b4a084a6c132662de25265ed9013f949Steven Michaud — Bug 668953 - Support two-finger horizontal swipe on OS X Lion. r=bgirard
90719558b5e226593af33d47e65fa770df203bc2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 677648 - Change the type of the 'advance' variable in gfxTextRun::AdjustAdvancesForSyntheticBold, to allow using it to initialize the mAdvance field of DetailedGlyph using clang in c++0x mode; r=roc
51c7a6512631c77768c8cc8b67622f0f45712b86Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678036 - Fix the build with clang in c++0x mode. The first field of a nanojit::CallInfo is a uintptr_t, fix the cast. r=cdleary
0a8dcfddf43f3fa0a845103f69566175487d9ceaMs2ger — Bug 677340 - Return already_AddRefed instead of nsCOMPtr from various functions in editor/; r=ehsan
134ee27f55a7da73221d83be38660e765211a9daMs2ger — Bug 677101, part d - Remove some includes from nsHTMLInputElement.cpp; r=volkmar
eeec7694bf6af053701050e3e6d966a06df93792Ms2ger — Bug 677101, part c - Reduce nsIDOMText.h inclusions; r=volkmar
f4537a268e6f7cefdbbb8274ae17bfbb754f8ef7Ms2ger — Bug 677101, part b - Remove nsContentUtils.h includes from headers; r=volkmar
10915aa173656cfb998cb28e04df37938b81b498Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
ddf95830a967af2ba480da2cdc7926746fc05579Igor Bukanov — bug 665354 - page-independent free span. r=wmccloskey
48c58d9cc3f3569cc04cf4fe111e597d04435480Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 674158 - OOify aboutMemory.js. r=dolske.
dae43481a41baf907376a3a62a6a35b1f3a304fbMichael Ventnor — Bug 677495 - Image documents shouldn't have things other than the <img> in the <body> r=roc
b3692a33a7e98909382e3e49271e0af592972242Jeff Muizelaar — Revert 17fa5a741f84.
30bdc4e7267238005c6111ba4ae843ac74622e05Sander van Veen — Bug 673837 - Telemeterize js-compartment-count. r=nnethercote.
8eb72ae5ac5e1e6d2cd87261e71f24ce6b53a0a4Marty Rosenberg — Fix fnegd_r() JaegerSpew. (Bug 676577, r=sstangl)
66d6bdbdd200c36b08e01a6525035ead71faec3cMarty Rosenberg — Add GCC format attribute to JaegerSpew. (Bug 676577, r=sstangl)
17fa5a741f845f934cd51178974b6e453b4b3183Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 671428. cairo: Crash even earlier to try to figure out what went wrong with the image surface. r=bjacob
bf03e8391ff85f73b38112ff35fde07151cbd9a5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 673228. Use MOZ_ASSERT instead of NS_ASSERTION in TimeStamp.h. r=roc,cjones
238609d8e4555428fbc9fda731f0ecb397a892c9Fabien Cazenave — Bug 442186 - execCommand justify* fails on first line of contenteditable; r=ehsan
3d584b604e7abd31f18bcb17d8b698b35fd83c89Mounir Lamouri — Bug 677506 - Enable the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
96995a72c29db298a411e65306895ac917d0c522Mounir Lamouri — Bug 669904 - Add nsAttrValue size to the DOM Memory Reporter. f=bz r=jst
28f58b7bc69eef67978824faf29e5d38a95dac4bJason Orendorff — Bug 672804 - "Assertion failure: parent" with trap right after JSOP_ENTERBLOCK. r=billm.
7ae3174c57ffd91d161e0db2274f822b65525b54Jason Orendorff — Bug 677924 - JS shell: version(4096) asserts. r=cdleary.
0bd518ded931030776a6d68caa74c1ac99d27251Luke Wagner — Bug 676937 - Make entering a compartment and pushing a dummy frame an atomic stack operation (r=mrbkap)
ca4aed13d57de7e08448f27233fc41dbac5f39b3Brad Lassey — backing out changesets 1baddb020156, d9456378c12d, 187ac0d7b154, 40e392d958e0 and f2e8ee893fe4
1baddb020156e90b5441631832407c8405a09a53Brad Lassey — follow up patch to fix orange from mismatched r=orange
d9456378c12dfd57040e4d58710fa2c9f9274839Brad Lassey — bug 661282 - make xpcshell run on android, follow up to not requre --appomni r=bsmedberg
187ac0d7b1540c0b512564a2a79eb2936d6774a1Geoff Brown — Bug 668349 - changes to xpcshell.ini; r=jmaher
40e392d958e0c4146d3dcc28d954b5e50efcf5a1Geoff Brown — Bug 668349 - add or update script to run xpcshell tests on Android; r=jmaher
f2e8ee893fe4f4dc2b6870830fb1e22aa48691a3Geoff Brown — Bug 668351 - add make targets to run netwerk xpcshell tests on Android; r=jmaher
e69bb10026f312104873d0ec112dc552c92257d5Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 672662 - Provide a chrome registration flag for the platform version. r=Mossop
968dee8a144a3e7802a4ba551d912e44f3d3ded0Neil Deakin — Bug 672254, allow content inside an arrowpanel to be flexible, r=neil
b7d5fd20d40a5807ef342c458e8cf6bfd40f9115Mark Finkle — Bug 676780 - Fennec is unable to load webpages and close tabs (corrupt sessionstore) [r=mbrubeck]
23a7c8800e3fd358c1af5aa4371e6cbdbf55c846L. David Baron — Add reftest for bug 676538 (text-decoration offsets on block, child inline, and grandchild inline).
d7960f9e273c2ff3473a01849884867273940fb7Vitor Menezes — Bug 676538: Fix regression that caused text-decorations on inline *child* of block to draw at the offset for the block rather than the inline. r=dbaron
d618c3a26cd4e3053d798d75c723c0ed0c03dc95Bob Moss — bug 665716 - build breaks when building SUTAgent with sdk level 11, follow up for watcher service r=blassey
0e60623e36077a96a5f7e589baaf016f5b74c91aBenoit Girard — Bug 671916 - Fix windowless Flash Player painting crash; r=cjones
d856045de3bcf09033fcd7fde1a94beb795d73c4Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 615473 - Make ctypes.stdcall_abi and ctypes.winapi_abi aliases to the sole ABI on Win64. r=dwitte
be91fb29d950eb712abcb26929423872de68ca42Luke Wagner — Bug 674597 - abort if attempting to create an xpcom proxy for wrapped JS (r=bsmedberg)
0cf822d12c64a1bc22782330a961c72fd34219d0Luke Wagner — Bug 674571 - Remove xpcom/proxy use in security/manager/ssl (since this can lead to off-thread scripted QI) (r=kaie)
dd0630c44b2de23eb49b780c843de87b33ed1342Justin Lebar — Bug 677565 - Update mobile SHistory after changes from bug 646641 (rev dc162f9bce24, f9247cadf32b). r=mfinkle
609f37c36bd7be80b28c3ae0c2b7a262bf458e78Martijn Wargers — Bug 669409 - Fix unsafe QI @ content.js::receiveMessage; r=mbrubeck
4160fb4313232d4ada25ed7c75edf8efc15f64f8Justin Wood — m-c -> m-i merge
d8838be30903c53fa9497d8507ae3b5a06d5ee80Brian Hackett — Store base of data directly in typed arrays, bug 677743. r=mrbkap
1230a6e4551904d2a5ec0534c24a9403e29a0888Martijn Wargers Bug 666682 - "about:config extends to a much large width when starting 1st pan" [r=mark.finkle]
bfc055b710e6975a38d5428d4eb5499897608367Mounir Lamouri — Bug 673817 - Improve auto-discovering of Android platform directory. r=blassey
06d657efa4343749d7e9941631576ff2cff4e8e2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 673799 - Improve auto-discovering of Android toolchain directory. r=blassey
9c4561248f89d69f93a8f3f63af425539817af28Markus Stange — Bug 675208 - Use NSTrackingArea for mouse event targeting. r=josh
42f7ed136034ff21ace377575e79e8d504a5356fMike Hommey — Bug 677247 - Fix-up test and re-enable it. rs=khuey
86abf721b3fee31348afa11cf81aa5416151e4ecMike Hommey — Backout be17ceae8d60 (test for bug 677247) due to win debug perma-orange
7871abb0e291ea276fc701bcd7cd22854c83b63eJan Varga — Bug 677463 - <menuitem>.label should return .textContent if there's no label content attribute r=smaug
aa9f527a4928ed675a09eb28d30b0ed63a857575Blair McBride — Backout 84ce41f8cec7 due to leak.
be17ceae8d600dabc4eadc7c84c53d9dfe031bdfMike Hommey — Bug 677247 - Test hook unregistration. r=ehsan
3948d561f905727d10bb285b9420eb513f863629Mike Hommey — Bug 677247 - Unregister Dll hooks when WindowsDllInterceptor is destructed. r=ehsan
84ce41f8cec7abf76d97d9c6822da1e1dd83bbf2Blair McBride — Bug 672485 - Ensure window watcher is defined. r=dtownsend,jst
1221d45e7acad7a93d9eb3962b38dbe6315e8bdeL. David Baron — Backout changeset 89a9f4a88d5b (bug 676413) for causing content/html/content/test/test_bug664299.html failures.
686e5ad8fa96a092e0f620c060c3139d4a64e347L. David Baron — Backout changeset 289becc07558 (bug 676413) for causing content/html/content/test/test_bug664299.html failures.
a1b3ba6eabf8dcfaa17e8ee82d45065c9446fe5eL. David Baron — Backout changeset aac29f0bdd10 (bug 676413) for causing content/html/content/test/test_bug664299.html failures.
55b4a5e8b5a35b96f1754b9bcd60cf108fcd96a1Benoit Jacob — Bug 638549 - fix leak of WebGL about:memory reporters - r=jrmuizel
9c43ba0259fa1536a8caf18efeb1995a5555ff85Benoit Jacob — Bug 676315 - ANGLE build problem: d3dx9.h not found unless $DXSDK_DIR points to it - r=joe
02d5f1c5d43846db72e28cb1d59a809a514d2d6eAli Juma — Bug 591057 - Identify active GPU in about:support and crash reports - r=jrmuizel
aac29f0bdd1085e0bf51de92f9f188ee6e6d8c2bBenoit Jacob — Bug 676413 - test crossOrigin without value - r=bz
289becc07558db7c474ad760ffd7a1070f90b253Benoit Jacob — Bug 676413 - test that crossOrigin="" or invalid value has the behavior of "anonymous" - r=bz
89a9f4a88d5be96eea417062a77da95a0e8d5c77Boris Zbarsky — Bug 676413 - crossOrigin attribute invalid-value-default should be Anonymous - r=sicking
3bf55a9e34e8f6e86372c19b4881da49a88cd5bcOlli Pettay — Bug 677658, disable scriptloader when parsing in innerHTML/InsertAdjacentHTML, r=sicking
52c4a8829da3fa4452fba03ffc3e8233988324ddOlli Pettay — Bug 677847 - Crash [@ nsContentUtils::IsEventAttributeName ], r=jst
e44dad2d2745de578830cc3b326c821aa3f7407cWilliam Lachance — Bug 677964 - log test durations for xpcshell tests, r=ctalbert, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
ed019d1cd8ec87d6e20a81d64968a2d80bd86d13Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
4b6602f8fa7bb9c2c874a01080239bf1bd7a0327Kyle Huey — Bug 458936: Work around some bizarre pymake bug.
a858541b486f828904567f7822c175048ef9f07eKyle Huey — Finish yet another half done rename.
d5ecf10070d010fb875917e2b48da20856054cc6Kyle Huey — And fix a typo.
b8ed3bb885a7b1a807550c7c4cd949bb97b65ca9Kyle Huey — Bug 458936: Followup to complete renaming.
1a9b3ace8c68e0c53589900f34e0a60cb178d564Kyle Huey — Bug 458936: Replace xpidlc's typelib generation with a python equivalent. r=ted
4aa92c4a5f135cf1ebbc5f327d0a3e884482f896Joey Armstrong — Bug 661855 - quote regex dot chars in path. r=ted
63c1f6f5ee0352e646703e5316bcd34ee59134caKyle Huey — Bug 676314: Count RuleHash's mArena in about:memory. r=bz
e1bc7f08fa696189fc939cfef235d126373ae431Kyle Huey — Bug 676048: Followup to add more comments.
93328efd3d773156c283bc8f061344493297ee14Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the latest green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a6b5bc21de200dcd35c297422b4eb0ede65e331cJustin Wood — merge backout
ed2631aec9d425e8bc0c5517bcc5c8e7323eb828Justin Wood — Backout Bug 648134 due to bustage. (rather than back out the whole push)
b8ea31e6eeb4b32bf61346d8edf1c5818593d571Oleg Romashin — Bug 668698 - Fixed position layers has been broken in 637852 r=stechz
863ba598a27b169d5f26eb8887d4c2fb70fd33c4David Zbarsky — Bug 567013 - remove unused nsIBaseStream interface r=khuey
1c473f70373b390eed5095ed38238af536eadc9bPaul ADENOT — Bug 462892 - Add a mIsSynthetic member to nsIDocument r=roc
682ad2a5f003b837db3d3abd2eedea2010a35a51Walter Meinl — Bug 652517 - [OS/2] make package fails to generate r=glandium
b6dfc500248d10f830e418238a934d8f69e80820Walter Meinl — Bug 648134 - [OS/2] follow-up Stop building intermediate static libs with fakelibs. r=glandium
a7f8e93c6e22877df79d0d3d3432ac65afb9c7edRob Arnold — Bug 563462 - Remove Photon bits from the build-system. r=ted,vlad,jwalden
85e0a8801a46dd248b655e81ba8407e4d4ed80c8ABE Hiroki Bug 675519 - "build failed vc8/vc9 new-style jemalloc" [r=khuey]
f95d2c738d5254cfd16fae4b8115478b2138b0afABE Hiroki Bug 672980 - M4 macro name should be quoted in AC_DEFUN. r=ted
89bbee4ec270fadde04578b2b8765a588535e0fcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 677661 - Remove nsTPtrArray and add a SafeElementAt(index_type) API to nsTArray when it's instantiated with a pointer type; r=sicking
b391327ee19af7438cc6b4d70f3ad1c9a9d8e634Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 677466 - Add memory reporter for the atoms table. r=luke.
6835028a54e874f815c1a14615a9c115c3064019Josh Matthews — Bug 675669 - Ignore paint suppression for hit testing. r=ehsan
ad7544a6078bb8d9215766ce87f522545ece27e9Matt Brubeck — Bug 671555 - Add back a change that was accidentally left out of previous push ee51239376b5
f4acfd3b1ce8a94f2b2c21b89b6f21a7f1b48502James Willcox — bug 610834 - New windows opened don't get painted until resized r=fabrice
aa0058c5cebf26e6eb9eb469f0853a3bb1bd6dadJim Blandy — (No bug): Pass string to JS_ReportErrorNumber, as required by JSMSG_MORE_ARGS_NEEDED. r=jorendorff
1140e223915f248108fe5815d49495e8fb9b6d5eTrevor Saunders — bug 641838 - decomtaminate accessible relations r=surkov sr=neil
03dd6d99d17d069d0e9e99a43897398771ddecb1Pranay Choudhary — Bug 672577 - Crash [@ SelectionChangeEvent::Run] r=blassey
4750c8153a55fc41f325f0bc547f832ea8daaf53Aaron Train — Bug 677259 - Swap white with black font color for site identity panel under Gingerbread theme. r=mfinkle
a0f38e290e33320a7c447c7e1905959ff088481fBrad Lassey — bug 665716 - build breaks when building SUTAgent with sdk level 11 r=blassey
6e1f4b92757557a236b1df3a8622f63d770ef9f9Benoit Girard — Bug 677699 - TiledTextureImage::GetTileRect() computes the wrong offset; r=heeen
fc45c323637004066faedfa85592c97b5c44a679Paul Biggar — Bug 677433: Run valgrind jit-tests during |make check| (r=nnethercote)
01c6a894bd35f46f9438d043fc849d3e2c244afaEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset d9f175f9a2e4 (bug 429070) because of mochitest failures
2a9d13929af33f3895cc0ee504adcebf4b0496a4Jeff Walden — Add CSS test suite metadata to the vector background-size tests. r=metadata and please DONTBUILD
57b361988a3a8c2ddbfdd60b689fe2bcfe2af3b9Brad Lassey — bug 676856 - show package name in about:buildconfig on Android r=gavin
385b8dfae4c05ce2da09d70cf9b0599516b551efBrad Lassey — bug 676723 - change unofficial android package name based on user r=mbrubeck
386bc44b98ffb28fad9febb0df809dd0df044afdBrad Lassey — bug 669424 - get rid of shared ID in unofficial builds r=mbrubeck
646c9d3de3f0c269f591180152b3d7c3292ab88bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Add a file for setting the common settings used when building a non universal binary for 10.5. r=armenzg,ted
d9f175f9a2e4fd58a2634ee5f5917d3dfa4d1232arno renevier — Bug 429070 - do not expose Components.interfaces and Components.interfaceByID to content; r=mrbkap
ee51239376b5c41f7714415f74c398f76654b3d9Matt Brubeck — Bug 671555 - Set the correct extensions.checkCompatibility pref in mobile tester tools [r=mfinkle]
838b538e5b4a5ee97912957d2f1100dc785620b2jeremias bosch — Bug 673116: Fix file ownership in deb package on MeeGo. r=romaxa
10aece9bb796496183fdfe3e695a177f9bb9b6cfLucas Rocha — Bug 672483 - Find in Page toolbar scrolls down with the page when URL bar is displayed r=mfinkle
1679a3cf1e2b14baf79b4ea52d49b139f29c0a5dDaniel Holbert — Bug 549143 followup: fix C++-style comment in xpidl_header.c. rs=bsmedberg
dcd3d5a27f8a32ffbd7103776acb2659f10835c0Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part E: Hook d3d9 shadow layers up to new system. r=BenWa
787338296ce8fefc9d581f0d0b4765a7d4be98faChris Jones — Bug 648484, part D: Allow PuppetWidgets to create D3D10 layer managers (for the time being). r=roc
92d5c3fa405b4da8501f6d1bc149ffbd4cd794bfChris Jones — Bug 648484, part C: Forward a shadow-layer transaction after rendering in the D3D10 backend, if remote. r=joedrew
dcd012767e710216dfd79e429437024222f9a0f5Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part B: Implement shadowable layer goop for D3D10, just enough to allow sending a window buffer to the compositor. r=Bas
c83050561980052a41a24386124a30f014d7a776Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part A: Allow D3D10 layers to render directly to a share-able texture. r=Bas
5478c7ef7debd7a27657d2a2c1420c21e50f2cdcChris Jones — Bug 648484, part 9: Make LayerManagerD3D10 a shadow-layer manager and forwarder. r=Bas
26009612781b438135788a0f50a82b0ee74b52d3Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part 8: Implement a very basic shadow thebes layer for D3D10, only enough to support the upcoming WindowLayer. r=Bas
ea0cb7ad5364693a48bababa19a8dd163273b2fcChris Jones — Bug 648484, part 7: Implement a very basic shadow container layer for D3D10, only enough to support the upcoming WindowLayer. r=Bas
5a136975b5bcfbeeb76e4d8d11b484bc8a853b1bChris Jones — Bug 648484, part 6: Add code to share D3D10 textures across processes. r=Bas
9f8e7494989a229aa24582a27a2a33db2c2fb07eChris Jones — Bug 648484, part 5: Create our D3D10 device so as to allow cross-process resource sharing. r=Bas
d04af79b34ae49286c60bf6b35db0ada7daa07f4Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part 4: Log layers transactions in the d3d10 backend. r=Bas
8c6c251baaec5f0c01fe2221e0230c17032e290cChris Jones — Bug 648484, parts 3, 3.1, and 3.2: Allow passing a "backend hint" to GetLayerManager() to request a non-default layer manager backend. Deal with failure to hook up shadow layers. sr=roc
32c611f5507777b5af0e022145b2746ab6f09826Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part 2: Add various helpers, refactor ContainerLayer::SetSpecificAttributes. r=roc
95be22771436f0acf4f9f710a70386ae9f31bfd3Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part 1: Fix some warning spam. r=roc
d3b4f8486a729165265a66d8412a4a77a6a46cd2Chris Jones — Bug 648484, part 0: Fix test-ipcbrowser.
29e59859d41594775de44e8ade7f2c83e2d6a3edMatt Brubeck — Back out 77c924963f36, e1aae4baeaa4, ac20c581f617 (bug 643213, bug 586297, bug 669132) because of Android test failures.
2b469846b3ddb294e4c5d7877cf9b5a2f7a52f7cEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
77c924963f365ea7b9ee0843c009b5542d7cfa50Jacob Bramley — Bug 643213: Fix signed integer arithmetic used to construct ARM load instructions. [r=Marty]
e1aae4baeaa43a69cd1e1ad330d652aeb4505689Jacob Bramley — Bug 586297: Optimize away literal pool loads on ARM. [r=Marty]
ac20c581f617db48a067591c3ef457399b2a99d8Jacob Bramley — Bug 669132: Optimize VFP memory accesses on ARM. [r=cdleary,Marty]
aee7dcfde22319196ad1cab7e0ffe6a40b221756Florian Haenel — Bug 669602 - Fennec/OGL: Paint Artifacts on chrome pages background after scrolling. r=joe,roc
2c7e0e31fc0cb3e298d005cdef9139dfc91e20dbMats Palmgren — Bug 677105 - <noscript> content cannot be copied to clipboard. r=bzbarsky
e9f6607a3990d027d09dcdc3395fe76be4ef9e6bMats Palmgren — Bug 663375 - When text color is darkened, darken text-decoration color too. r=dbaron
3015d5cb3a9c493d3d53f828a2a42e1ea7d86419Jim Mathies — Bug 627084 - Add an app shell native event starvation timeout for cases where our native event pump messages get dropped by 3rd party code. r=roc
13d1b63d5a696dafaa9c92391316c4edf7f2858cMounir Lamouri — Bug 674112 - Make nsNavigator participate to the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
8d7c38e31bdc68f3ab8fa171512fc7962ffbf432Mounir Lamouri — Merge backout
d6e1fb56fc1a1549272e024fd1ee11ef5e5c2fd9Mounir Lamouri — Backout bug 563462, bug 675519, bug 674647, bug 341223 and bug 672980 to fix perma-orange.
d0c859f6ffce83cbed91c68ef5a526540e3104bcMike Hommey — Bug 651889 - Add support for dynamic symbol lookup in the Android dynamic linker. r=mwu
ca13b9114ce6f93aa74da351496d8a4752874195Markus Stange — Merge backout of changeset fee47b64b378.
6b943c8d7c5e9b4b82c71a35c6af97ad1977d4d7Markus Stange — Backed out changeset fee47b64b378 (bug 675208) to see whether it's responsible for the 60% Trace Malloc MaxHeap increase.
0adaae140642d5ea379185da71e9b2fd0a519176Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 672980 - M4 macro name should be quoted in AC_DEFUN. r=ted
2b05e85795d113d858534304bf324cde44b97254Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 341223 - Make $MOZCONFIG try $topsrcdir-local paths too
5b62f52daa1bf6e7c7f5902e5ff052fd460389c0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Add a file for setting the common settings used when building a non universal binary for 10.5. r=armenzg,ted
7b8bab56ab936509d6a25c274b49c0a894a86f1dABE Hiroki Bug 675519 - "build failed vc8/vc9 new-style jemalloc" [r=khuey]
5579c4b5623e47e94ceb88911bbf6d4c46536524Rob Arnold — Bug 563462 - Remove Photon bits from the build-system. r=ted,vlad,jwalden
cbd47dd5a6a164e8572184b7269d12f7386897f1Kai Engert — Bug 673382, Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.12.11 and NSPR 4.8.9, final releases. Only version number changes, no code changes. r=wtc
86b0d5ce1a6d6bf63844101d7b17075aa6c052a7Trevor Saunders — Backed out changeset a00864f6c1a7
a00864f6c1a7122f46d74a974d200eedcd8c30faTrevor Saunders — bug 641838 - decomtaminate accessible relations r=surkov sr=neil
04dfb49d3a3d3469be379c76405f18f3592ac48bMark Finkle — Bug 677630 - Extend 'Add to Home Screen' to Bookmark Popup [r=mbrubeck]
2805d0fc9d91f4548e563bf78d1a1023a773c9a6Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
248aed2b337d2c9a0012f21c055fddc1cd0f851aTim Taubert — Bug 673825 - Release space at group bottoms that was reserved for the new tab button; r=dietrich
7840c41b49432f4f454247f634edbb403ba73ffdTim Taubert — Bug 664379 - make callbacks for head.js functions optional where appropriate; r=dao
3a90c075243624a98d33e20b4ffc7e87c6c001e4Tim Taubert — Bug 677423 - Add togglePrivateBrowsing() to head.js; r=dao
42992432ed560519f3d1d93c6788458200daf85fIan Neal — Test for Bug 291780 - List outdent is not working properly r=ehsan
9c90e16fd6ad7cf5ee82f94622e786000cf1252bIan Neal — Test for Bug 290026 - Outdent of List does not work properly r=ehsan
db5a68bc2a0f12a74edd6220efc17de9bf45d1ebEhsan Akhgari — Merge the latest green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1cfc6b117e159e4ef04f2c8e4ff7c9f81d56e5dfFrédéric Wang — Bug 601436 - mtable 'align' attribute: negative rownumbers are wrongly interpreted. r=roc
439bd18e040a72ae39541acfe90e78e3f3475768Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 676450 - Fix printf format in nsGtkIMModule.cpp. r=masayuki
6a508e9802dbcae913238682177969421356ee9aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 672536 - Merge nsISelection2 into nsISelectionPrivate r=smaug
bd2459fe814c87290656db511217f83ccdf14475David Zbarsky — Bug 672536 - Merge nsISelection3 into nsISelection r=smaug
cee834f57d427629d61c8bf0d975a368e945309cJustin Wood — Merge from m-c
7b8aff23b029a05ff7a4c12645a9104bd0f97172Edgar Flores — Bug 624740 - Alerts service shouldn't use nsDependentString to convert an nsAString to an nsString. r=neil
e2fbc8276dbde2b3ac8ac5a2a5c8943a0926597ePaul ADENOT — Bug 462960 - Implement nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement::GetSeekable() + seeking algorithm part 7. r=cpearce
7dfce78849a9b138f345e35419324f30571cbaf2Walter Meinl — Bug 677068 - [OS/2] Use MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT=flat. r=khuey
62324307e24d85a9874d0c046467f55c464486c7Alexander Surkov — Bug 652802, followup 2, nit fix
eb23da886c9144c9b7b0b40625fe588d11bee14aAlexander Surkov — Bug 677467 - focusedChild crashes on application accessible, r=tbsaunde
431a8297db1fcd5f947b032664fb0fc956ce3a3bJonathan Kew — bug 668813 pt 2 - maintain a character coverage map for gfxFontFamily. r=jdaggett
c433a1d53dd565b9d07635f4698f971e19312461Jonathan Kew — bug 668813 pt 1 - check character coverage of other styles in the selected font family before falling back to other families. r=jdaggett
89842a2a40c66e1cdd92399950a3274b0c41a0b8Jonathan Kew — bug 665360 - hold reference to font family from loader. r=jdaggett
d39783167bb97a9d0b61ed728ce103fcfa9cfadfMike Hommey — Bug 677159 - Don't allow to include config/ twice. r=khuey
1b052a519dd9cb0dfb7f8916f6d6cb871667d98aMike Hommey — Bug 677370 - Fixup Android bits. r=blassey
3d20269baeeef329887625951d46872c15b4c861Mike Hommey — Bug 675618 - Compile pldhash as C++. r=bsmedberg
4c3bcc010d85f1ac063e76da0329d4df3ae6dadcMike Hommey — Bug 675867 - Enable Identical Code Folding when supported by the linker. r=ted
644b9b08cd3c7e5f5286b40019e0a6b871b2ba11Mike Hommey — Bug 675898 - Test what we can test of elfhack when cross-building. r=ted
51c305f11c13320c04d64afcbb30b77b76d2c7bbMike Hommey — Bug 676455 - Don't fail to build NSS's modutil on Android. r=ted
e47729ef75523159ed73b4c2e960229e393ed02dPatrick McManus — Bug 675983 - Websockets - fail connection on 1st fragment with a continuation op code
a0e3c589c8fad05ab6e67efe7cd4911469561dbfRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central prior to merge back.
3d020dccebbeb3dda8b51a0dc25e9e1df8217d1bRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
bc57027802ab05974762dfa8a1e030e18bf36fd2Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
7f68a26515829f1d63b934203acdf5e72a77fd46Richard Newman — Bug 676404 - command API migration. Fixes 845ed0ee7123. a=bustage
845ed0ee71234bde0cd39956031f60ad8521cd16Gregory Szorc — Bug 676404 - Migrate command APIs from Service to Clients engine. (relanded) r=rnewman
92df1f6de0c66327cb98c5c6322c102cd1377ee6Richard Newman — Backed out changeset 3c22aef81976 (Bug 676404) for introducing two TPS failures.
2167c608003e7432f764703b47ca52f09e395942Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 636603 - Part 2: mozIAsyncHistory: use new mozIVisitInfoCallback API from Sync. r=philikon
8b82acd299da4af07587956c84082445ee090763Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 636603 - Part 1: mozIAsyncHistory: only call mozIVisitInfoCallback on failure; API change. sr=rstrong, r=mak
3c22aef81976413404c4e068fb9abd637c72f4d1Gregory Szorc — Bug 676404 - Migrate command APIs from Service to Clients engine. r=rnewman
70994f9acb3a53636e70d1c3ebf109d9cf57ba98Jonathan Griffin — Bug 675123 - move config.json into virtualenv, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
8f9746b88447b8990ef45da38791ba5369cec945Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
f356bab9216412cdeafd040856fd8362e4a2e7faBlair McBride — Merge backout
51d7ece2bb10ca02b538ab7bb8b20a82b7d7f54eBlair McBride — Backout bug 669345 and bug 669390 for leaking
ec8abe32a3a5f53ae0481944e3889e15ba826172Robert Strong — Bug 654131 - Firefox 4 update/installer failed to scrub old java extensions. r=jmathies
10987bba3dd6f5bfb8a2b300682c23c58f474b4aGeoff Lankow — Bug 669390 - Part 2: Update mobile settings to use type="menulist". r=Unfocused,mfinkle
46ad396b43cba5f2106d9dc6b8695a3382d98d3eGeoff Lankow — Bug 669390 - Part 1: Allow setting a preference value from the menulist inline preferences. r=Unfocused
9230c6aa00ea360622e7a91575b20b013793914bGeoff Lankow — Bug 669345 - Add support for radio button elements for inline preferences. r=Unfocused
7532423401ea47fc344f5288294cfb56b1470d95Jared Wein — Bug 626448 - Ctrl+e will set focus to the web search input. r=gavin l10n=pike
b3dbcaf9316db3b36040e72cdf37a0fd34a36342Jared Wein — backing out changeset 45be6bf39c3b because I forgot to put the bug number in the commit message
45be6bf39c3bf697be62eefadb8f5dbb81308085Jared Wein — Ctrl+e focuses the web search input
9c3ea24a7bffc54d8169042c8a15090e602b4126Blair McBride — Bug 620138 - Toolbar corner not rounded when using in-content UI like Add-ons Manager. r=dao
7715c3c492ae754211b4881fedb0fe8a045e69ffRaymond Lee — Bug 586555 - groupItemStorageSanity: if it's a check, let's really check it! r=tim
fc0c60debaaea204df096d81668de3dac24ca070Lucas Rocha — Bug 640175 - Search criteria typed in URL Bar doesn't match with the history/Awesomelist content
08327218cb8bd31bd4b91993a63bde497a5f7842Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the latest green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f1a3fea305ffb0bbc9664ea5329a76988a5f5cd9Lucas Rocha — Bug 662520 - NewTab popup indicator 'arrow' is missing or is pointed to the right instead of left
10b15bde43e47f421dbe0cefc6a8b25725673c76Makoto Kato — Bug 667927 - Problem with deletions in IME when in composition mode on Honeycomb. r=jchen
d20e5ec041a4a0eb132984f610f1240141b3f24bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674446 - Add a bit of logging to nsGlueLinkingOSX.cpp; r=glandium
39c342b0c16d213afdf344e9c5f63a6c24261d01Mark Finkle — Bug 676293 - Add ability to make 'home screen shortcut' for Bookmarks [r=fabrice, r=blassey]
65a834be2590329718573fefd6c6d27ef64df48fBen Turner — Bug 676376 - 'prevent multi-threaded JSRuntime access in new web worker memory reporters'. r=luke+sicking.
0d36e53e837d13405e821d3a5ef4bda8e4636051Landry Breuil — Bug 676924 - Use JSUint64 instead of uint64. r=khuey
f25d125362a85d0b0f9f23be253dba53992d6869Jeff Walden — Bug 676936 - Rewrite InitStopIterationClass to be much clearer and simpler. r=luke
aade388e6c6223c34f1220135089c57795303075Jeff Walden — Bug 676936 - Rewrite InitGeneratorClass to be much clearer and simpler. r=luke
a399a694bfad3d1f15cc19c752d3bb7932c381d3Jeff Walden — Bug 676936 - Refactor js_InitIteratorClasses, and rewrite InitIteratorClass to be much clearer. r=luke
89c17ca55124eb32672e9aae0c130283097fb980Jeff Walden — Bug 609714 - Properly compute background image size for vector background images lacking intrinsic sizes or an intrinsic aspect ratio. r=dholbert, r=dbaron
5022587c841fa8a912100f28e89f816fde95c1f1Phil Ringnalda Bug 543535 - Remove ISO8601DateUtils.jsm, r=gal
c93ffc70dbcc5bd48cebac0f7856547da3de545fMatt Brubeck — Bug 651867 - Enable mobile feedback extension on nightly channel [r=mfinkle]
d7db60b35edc8044d7f9cfdf037a6705d940a498arno renevier — Bug 676842 - nsTextEditorState.h should include nsString.h; r=ehsan
f37a51e43d5a94d5945682e177812b35991169ccMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset on m-c to mozilla-inbound
6030c9f7b3ca6aee5b87507743e40ededb87849bJeff Walden — Bug 676738 - Change the index argument to JS_SetElement from jsint to uint32. r=dmandelin
2d818a0b3cd175aa8029155fd432fa12d2743223Jeff Walden — Bug 676738 - Change the index argument to JS_GetElement from jsint to uint32. r=dmandelin
30dd110a4ed627d50035a1d5621024ff2880622bJeff Walden — Bug 676708 - Remove split global stuff from the shell. r=mrbkap
77ea7ae6ce0809090f671e29fa0539cc368a22a7Jeff Walden — Bug 676738 - Change the index argument to JS_DeleteElement and JS_DeleteElement2 from jsint to uint32. r=dmandelin
cacc7fdcba7b6e3b64ea98ffb77f716596bf0005Jeff Walden — Bug 676738 - Change the index argument to JS_LookupElement from jsint to uint32. r=dmandelin
43dbc22aa5fa79b81c5f161e8fe1bfeac61dbde9Jeff Walden — Bug 676738 - Change the index argument to JS_HasElement from jsint to uint32. r=dmandelin
bcc124e8606835e494e3cc1390b5be0427d8e557Jeff Walden — Bug 676738 - Change the index argument to JS_AlreadyHasOwnElement from jsint to uint32. r=dmandelin
f2ff60137bb3025e757f2102fd919612a508949bJeff Walden — Bug 676738 - Change the index argument to JS_DefineElement from jsint to uint32. r=jst, r=dmandelin
10c2c74197fc6dbdd4a761104eec6ca841d42f0bMarkus Stange — Bug 667533 - Display application/json data as text. r=bzbarsky
e45e7a591956184c18ef55fa18e5a3044012a63aMarkus Stange — Bug 676387 - XUL elements with -moz-appearance should ignore clicks in their overflow. r=roc
845547a3c2813c425313aa29d81d5ec574ca8d85Jonas Sicking — Bug 661297 Part 2: Remove supporting code no longer needed once all event listeners are registered using a event name. r=smaug
c1c58c2bf9dfb09c74386e79ae50812bc57e5a2dJonas Sicking — Bug 661297 Part 1: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID API. r=smaug
196eadbe49de031f1eb67c1321fb7a57159ed79cJonas Sicking — Bug 665586 Part 2: Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID code from nsPluginDOMContextMenuListener. r=josh
ec15be691f62ae193e46bd31c8a187493baa8eb5Jonas Sicking — Bug 665586 Part 1: Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID code from nsPluginInstanceOwner. r=josh
6f2c0dbb88d338df44a624041f8808c9de0a9a9bLuke Wagner — Bug 674522 - Remove bad static assert; fix strict-aliasing warnings (rs=waldo)
e605ebcd59845fca46a52555eb1b18e70bb3a37dJason Orendorff — Bug 675581 - "Assertion failure: js_CheckForStringIndex(id) == id" with e4x. r=Waldo.
c878992c72dc6f8343616aa8f04c7433792c4f19Markus Stange — Bug 667480 - Use -moz-appearance: toolbarbutton throughout the Mac theme. r=dao
4c222348890af874fe2c0c680c61f71e1d593d32Markus Stange — Bug 672050 - Add Mac rendering for -moz-appearance: toolbarbutton. r=josh
630eb9e7583ba5ad077ccc664aa8f3de80144e92Markus Stange — Merge backout of changeset 0a6140e88a2d.
f93b95bbad77b894b5c1be2d6e43dd0ba6e2baf5Markus Stange — Backed out changeset 0a6140e88a2d (bug 672050) because it broke Windows builds.
9b2f37e7fb10af9bd7ced63bf1940b449b9d485eMarkus Stange — Merge backout of changeset 764a4259b9f7.
1af48b911444f9320b1b30b6b941b3042a89af0fMarkus Stange — Backed out changeset 764a4259b9f7 (bug 667480) because it depends on a changeset that's about to be backed out.
fee47b64b3783e70b69987ff828479531fc2fbf1Markus Stange — Bug 675208 - Use NSTrackingArea for mouse event targeting. r=josh
764a4259b9f75798f8ae3245a366babe43e47490Markus Stange — Bug 667480 - Use -moz-appearance: toolbarbutton throughout the Mac theme. r=dao
4fb70b8c389fb827c4084da8226a05787dc22061Markus Stange — Bug 672050 - Inherit the open attribute on toolbarbutton[type=menu-button] dropmarkers. r=dao
0a6140e88a2d3402706a64607142ead300d97265Markus Stange — Bug 672050 - Add Mac rendering for -moz-appearance: toolbarbutton. r=josh
1abd25fed7b221af88183a763343c03681ab75e6Markus Stange — Bug 667476 - Don't cover unified toolbar with a solid color in tabs-on-top mode. Also, in tabs-on-bottom mode, increase the overlap between toolbars to 2 pixels. r=dao
e16df4bfc6e7a54faee6857e652d54bbe594e901Markus Stange — Bug 667476 - Add Lion colors to nsNativeThemeColors.h. r=josh
93c6106409528963bf87dcbba66ddceeaafff6b2Markus Stange — Bug 668195 - Use CoreUI to draw window chrome and toolbars. r=josh
820ac76cec76798d483e2701ef970fc874358215Igor Bazarny — Bug 675615 - Fix web timing to support keep-alive connections, r=Olli.Pettay
9547e620e57184f0071001d40fd6d59f60a43737Schuyler Duveen — Bug 507361 - localStorage doesn't work in file:/// documents, r=honzab
e6ea47d9134e0186d6d872962e17c8b808001bc8Honza Bambas — Bug 675804, r=jduell
87e3ea12ed5d1dbf2dedc6c9a73ab25fac29ee47Masayuki Nakano — Bug 676361 Plugin hangs when content's script accesses plugin at mouse wheel event which wasn't consumed by the plugin r=jimm
a690d8fbcc48a4602a75caf1330ad635de3ecb2bMark Finkle — Bug 677356 - Cleanup some strings [r=mbrubeck]
c70a97a478fe40136d453d0721fe179d7408535cBenjamin Stover — Bug 671454 Implement telemtry ui on mobile r=mfinkle
ec441731c24657b0fa6d9a8a33044cdae7b61606Matt Brubeck — Bug 676419 - Fix undeclared variables in storage-mozStorage.js [r=zpao]
95feef73a8bac20dfd25cdc59e364d337e0ebb38Matt Brubeck — Bug 677035 - Use full classname for ClipboardManager to fix Android SDK 13
561821863607ac216fbf273475dfde8d57fa7f2dJan Varga — Bug 617528 Part 2 - Core implementation r=smaug
36989c74b287e7f7d132e3ecb80c02b54a88c6bdMs2ger — Bug 677101 - Move nsAutoLayoutPhase to its own header; r=tn
e0ae0b46f4f546b0041f962cff9076c46d6d0901Ms2ger — Bug 676649 - Include jspubtd.h automagically when necessary in IDL files; r=khuey
ac18ea6e0b37630c4e1ba0ceedae250e320dd639Ms2ger — Bug 677107 - Sprinkle IsHTML(nsIAtom*) pixie dust over select-option-optgroup code; r=bz
9c7ab0a15292530bd8b908f1433e87545c60ff82Kyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
1762d5d119fb6302a8197fb19bd665e421438562David Bienvenu — Bug 674352 - Precompile startup cache for Thunderbird; r=khuey
acadcaa1c7e65ed7085a1211bcb2c9c4b989820bAlexander Surkov — Bug 676213 - document load and busy events may be fired before subdocuments are ready, r=tbsaunde
163605e2e60af991313f7ba8342e2596a04eb1ffFrédéric Wang — b=557481 Change comments about TeX/Mathematica fonts to STIX/Asana fonts r=karlt
8d5e0f4187bd9b710fb72287be39049242662096Frédéric Wang — b=669932 munderover: do not add space above/below when the over/under script is empty r=karlt
5ea0f8810805e4071808ec5c1f6289e74331e35bFrédéric Wang — b=669932 Add a reftest to verify the equivalence between munderover with empty scripts and the corresponding mover/munder/mrow constructs. r=karlt
93bb936441c71f605f097af841359fe84afc577dFrédéric Wang — b=669932 take into account the base child vertical metrics for the computation of the munderover ascent/descent. r=karlt
a637f174ceab3cb2ec2ec7569409e431250c277fFrédéric Wang — b=669932 munderover: consider underscript vertical metrics during the underscript attachment phase instead of the overscript attachment phase. r=karlt
186d7066e1e0431f63c4b419df06d5e7f52e1597Karl Tomlinson — b=672103 revert removal of early return in bug 624329, to avoid unwanted rollup on spurious ConfigureNotify events from Cygwin/X r=roc
4ee36bb66230b5b7b0e6878c57a1bb497fb2eb9aKarl Tomlinson — work around bug 670053 to enable test_bug665540.html
d9d5fbe6e0f2a30cf6caf2c2d1a33991e3e7a9a9Brad Lassey — bug 677088 - [Java] NullPointerException in GeckoApp.onNewIntent() r=dougt
5f5c92568eb8bba09ad0a4bca20ee1ab7d806995Makoto Kato — Bug 675568 - SIMD of libjpeg turbo is disabled on Windows. r=khuey
840e9e5c5059b55d70e034d8024f0e493cc705f8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 675405 part 3. Expand the event list to contain more information than just the name and move all the information from the tables in nsContentUtils to it. r=smaug
28a12583603ba6b8d6dc65662b98c19f7201095cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 675405 part 2. Add some events that we implement that aren't in the spec to the event list, and convert the long lists of event stuff in classinfo to using the canonical event list. r=smaug
e2f2476215cd7b5780d66a74d93a57241300b9e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 675405 part 1. Create a header that defines the various event names in HTML5. r=smaug
9954f0235bc83ce3d0ea4c70e05f6998c8e892b4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 675121. Unregister animation frame callbacks from the refresh driver while we have event handling suppressed. r=smaug,roc
3b5da2d845387075947c25c91a554d01803b70e1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 645998. Improve the recursion detection in the CSS loader to detect mutual recursion scenarios. r=sicking
fd30726145d5db2f40e82e81c656402cc336ed81Boris Zbarsky — Bug 676174. Remove the unncessary RuleHash_CSMatchEntry and resulting complications from AtomSelector_CSOps. r=dbaron
1ca50e8b3d3780837065b31bae3fc75cc7ef3da5Benoit Girard — Bug 668953 - [10.7] Support new back/forward gestures in OSX Lion; r=smichaud
ac7e11df24ae296e60e619bce92ad52264ba14f8Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e60f96b64dfa
e60f96b64dfa5a573957e84c11300646942404f2Marco Castelluccio — Bug 612839 - Removed nsAHtml5FragmentParser. r=hsivonen
be8734f3c58fcf807e934aa64ee76859d952bd3dHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 674803 - Remove needless G_OBJECT. r=karlt
d28a4c15096cd38ffe12108b4866f6d4e75ebc30Jason Duell — bug 675784 - websockets early cancel part 2/2 r=mcmanus.
1586f2d51facb7509eaaa99d9c35904699209154Patrick McManus — bug 675784 - websockets early cancel part 1/2 r=jduell
f7dc94e1b75cb1a755a4872176602433bb33c2baMichael Wu — Bug 676465 - Replace PRBool with boolean in IDL files, r=bsmedberg
4c89811f38ce3fc1fe1f64c39ac9eedb29bb30f3Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
9df2094c115ff39d6033418c6facab48e1371d06Phil Ringnalda — Bug 668508 - Use xpcshell manifests instead of preprocessing to control which update tests run on which platforms, r=rs
9ab31534ef50c1698345bf4239b6667b68baab70Benoit Girard — Backout f182f03aaee9, f53ac674db57 due to tp5 regression
53af4a6b8965f42c3808ac2fabca165804f0f158Phil Ringnalda — Back out 66845f1a3aad (bug 672893) for debug startup crashes
66845f1a3aadc506b7b8d9a54d305b2e53db21c6Jason Orendorff — Bug 672893 - Don't #include jscompartment.h in xpconnect. r=cdleary.
f9247cadf32b85830207b6e292b63bdf7a24534dJustin Lebar — Bug 646641 - Part 2: Update SHistory so it understands that SHEntries may share content viewers. r=smaug
dc162f9bce24e3e82734a3756c6c85c29d13a83cJustin Lebar — Bug 646641 - Part 1: Create nsSHEntryShared, so SHEntries from the same document can share state. r=smaug
f182f03aaee972c3547888457ffa55a5c56beef5Benoit Girard — Bug 673440 - Fix casing of NPNVsupportsCompositingCoreAnimationPluginsBool; r=bustage
f53ac674db57caddc3e2e5d146df3ae0290ec580Benoit Girard — Bug 673440 - add support for NPNVSupportsCompositingCoreAnimationPluginsBool; r=josh
33b34c07f8fc033dc09e468230194b78bfa5c0edAlex Pakhotin — Bug 674646 - Do not kill child process when AndroidBridge is not available. r=blassey
9754cac0194cdd25979acae750cd3ca9ed32f734Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 675500 - Remove --disable-storage. r=khuey
b0d6e197c741da6c00f53b1a6ec99277f24f70e9Justin Lebar — Bug 675216 - Update about:memory's description of heap-committed. rs=njn
8e73650ecc3ec0b1482bd017ee2fd84e2e9dd6feMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 669040 part 2: Nuke mork and morkreader. r=mak
f2a50910befcf29eaa1a29dc088a8a33e64a609aMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 669040 part 1: Remove build-system and toolkit dependency on mork and morkreader. r=mak
9d51886d4462341d4ae04ff97a7abde203789c3aDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 5561bb7124db
5561bb7124db7b885ec958502d7115261b8f7a2fJustin Lebar — Bug 675216 - Update about:memory's description of heap-committed. rs=njn
ef7d25a5bb355e4caa78c0ca066de1c1b1fa9a23Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 674010 - Remove check for DLL-challenged libcs. r=ted
5de34e0967d52366f909a1d34f5c2859c8d4a51cEd Morley — Bug 669810 - IndexedDB: IDBDatabase has an unused field mOnBlockedListener; r=bent
c2a23df05c4c280a6936f1f5a875e502a5e15328Alexander Surkov — Bug 665335 - Don't trigger PresShellActivated when presshell is not activated, r=tbsaunde, roc
e8399b43ac17f29e3787367a91117da02b525df3Alexander Surkov — Bug 652802, followup, fix copy/paste error in relations/test_tabbrowser.xul, r=tbsaunde
f414db34c70b738ab80e275c80178feac888cea6Mark Finkle — Bug 677109 - Preferences window cut-off due to checkbox image size constraint failure [r=mbrubeck]
a62c4c474f2678b8186eb30a732701c37f18d8e4Phil Ringnalda — Bug 618714 - Switch feed parser to using Date object's support for ISO8601 dates, r=mak
eef25ec2d58e3f7d845438209ba2d95c44f0e441Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
4ec2052b0839249d086bdaffb34546cc58039906Joe Walker — Bug 676556 - GCLI requirejs tests log when they shouldn't; r=rcampbell
183aba2199bfae752d3f7c406e8627ddac0b68deMihai Sucan — Bug 672470 - Fix memory leaks in Web Console code; r=rcampbell,
8d226c3994b022d1312e214360069caf4c126aa8Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
b268f3e3b307bc11e9d12f8d57b9cdef4da82e9dRob Campbell — Bug 666650 - [highlighter] create a global toolbar for the highlighter; r=mihai.sucan,; a=nits
3f5229b206d5cf8439b9ee0070495a24755b149cRob Campbell — Bug 653140 - GCLI needs a commonjs require system; f=mihai.sucan r=dtownsend sr=dtownsend; a=orangefix
6daba4de8d1416e1546adfc4c6d643978ffcb69fTim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
71881e5b06ca0968dd72bf56dd28bef3fad1d3dfJoe Walker — Bug 653140 - GCLI needs a commonjs require system; f=mihai.sucan r=dtownsend sr=dtownsend
c9441d911d5830336f164f127b23823bfe82d4d9Dave Townsend — Bug 677005: Backout bad bocklist landing
ed772265d2bcf01dfb8331d2c7981014ff50c1b2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 675191 Don't write a cached dynamic overlay back to cache again r=Enn
9f943b1faf6e320214b449f681293707416c4507Phil Ringnalda — Bug 243453 - Fix a 10 year old comment typo to fix a 7 year old bug with a 6 year old review request, rs=jband's 7 year old comment 2 in the bug DONTBUILD
b422fd99fe0d740e9244e145eb25bc7d71c9f24eOlli Pettay — Backout Bug 677026
e6e47912000d35709d8b130138a685290b75f39bOlli Pettay — Bug 677026 - nsIDOMWindow should inherit nsIDOMEventTarget, r=sicking
ba21778fcc14908df6954e41074e1162c0cfd103Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
9c74f840758b8dca339d7b265e7c4f3ad40e8d3fMarco Bonardo — Backout changesets 57446cb82caa, 1c136ef5cac2 due to Tp5 regression on OSX.
2ea2772ce148a2a62a1b99eff4912bd9d150851dMark Finkle — Bug 584767 - webapps frontend (string tweak) [r=fabrice]
1e7cabf5103d84e70477d5a08ac3110ae663477dPaul Biggar — Bug 668936: Stringify String.prototype.replace's arguments in the right order (r=jwalden)
56b60d34085734d343994cbec17ac5156ab3351dMarty Rosenberg — Bug 649202 - Implement fast typed arrays for ARM (r=jbramley)
3e764c25c144f1984f22b979afbad6f0cfebe215Matt Brubeck — Bug 656329 - Use a Honeycomb-style action bar on tablets (preffed off by default) [r=mfinkle]
66ccc3cf04bc29c2b6f7681ee6ac61c1d95fb56dTom Schuster — Bug 653175 - An array index with a null character could wrongly be considered to be valid. r=jorendorff
9ef8e264cd4129ba2b6969496bc4ebc329cd2313Tom Schuster — Bug 675896 - Expand Unicode ranges to handle chinese identifiers. Add UnicodeData.txt version 6.0.0 r=waldo
5e542afdd814fab0341b1991a8334e32021dd7d2Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset 3985e7570ab6 (Bug 673301) due to permaorange in M1 (OSX).
672300c1bf65aede27bb2bc18479bcb4363ca7b2Luke Wagner — Bug 676486 - Only compare args in StackIter when the StackFrame hasArgs (r=waldo)
bae3e43a51730b52db124a810f117e1e24f7fb9fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 674003. Add reftest for transparent radial gradients. r=joe
39d0aea0cbcd316decfecf9a60020295ffe771f7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 673417. imglib: remove mLoadTime. r=joe
d5db87177940e051688f289f9f76807fc90d87d3Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 673417. imglib: remove more PRBools. r=joe
198491e83664a4b5d70822b9a4ff1b4d8ca69b1eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 676747. qcms: Fix a warning about using the wrong function type. r=bgirard
25d81f689bd278fda4003837917e96cbc950b096Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset a8bca81215ea (Bug 475045) due to m-oth permaorange.
ded3ea236715f012b364fe5be3e97faca4f018fdNeil Deakin — Bug 626563, disable part of the arrowpanels test that tends to fail
43615caacb4894fd3009956cc9730a261c7e0af8Dão Gottwald — Bug 673481 - Remove the border of the reload button in the location bar. r=shorlander
3985e7570ab65a24576bb8ead0286d5c810b0167Neil Deakin — Bug 673301, crash using non-string data with text/plain drags, r=josh
7fece42cb99a9c3637b0926e43aac9156dfe1976Neil Deakin — Bug 585069, support ratio scaling for xul images, r=dbaron
7eda7df522d1c276f41b580df7fd2d6bee756eccNeil Deakin — Bug 628238, arrow panels not positioned correctly when the page is zoomed, r=neil
d0f0427519407c624fd3eb6fe3f9bbdd0aba2b4aNeil Deakin — Bug 524545, popups with large margins appearing offscreen, r=roc
1c136ef5cac29d4c1f0d209ca547f6d479e217e1Benoit Girard — Bug 673440 - add support for NPNVSupportsCompositingCoreAnimationPluginsBool; r=josh
57446cb82caaa789542c3c90c767d8eb8f15bd4aBenoit Girard — Bug 668953 - [10.7] Support new back/forward gestures in OSX Lion; r=smichaud
4d2c4722547c32583819e3bf6caa78b2d0304bc7Jez Ng — Bug 632555 - Scale about:sessionrestore's treeview based on viewport height. r=zpao,dao DONTBUILD
fe6bd42cdc0dbd105682c1c9d7ea630324454736Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset 03f472cf0a5b to reland it with correct author.
a8bca81215eadf4691cd31c5d38799a0fcb5996eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 475045 - Can't drag unlinkified URL to bookmarks toolbar
bb71b8c9441d0163cbb2b16d687ca5acc356d357Mehdi Mulani — Bug 564900 - Add a Downloads view to the Library.
03f472cf0a5bd3bedda4bfb55fda62495c151b4cMarco Bonardo — Bug 632555 - Scale about:sessionrestore's treeview based on viewport height. r=zpao,dao
d68a492dcabe4a3e6d9bbdaebc0f64c795b1611bEdgar Flores — Bug 624742 - Places shouldn't use nsDependentString. r=mak
899a225fd580f3d05f1916df40cad91ea98af496Josh Matthews — Bug 676316 - Reverse the device motion listener removal early return logic. r=dougt
fc40a7ae42cae6fde58084882e62930b24ce8ed4Henri Sivonen — Tests for bug 613662 tweak - Comment out the part of the test that fail due to bug 676808. r=Olli.Pettay.
d900907a1038615ee66af66318fcceee4e5f5ab8Henri Sivonen — Tests for bug 613662 - Implement insertAdjacentHTML. r=bzbarsky.
3e9fb8cfe7fd559f32a67d70d5cf5f24ed4acc40Henri Sivonen — Bug 675621 - Reposition update batch to avoid an assertion about removal mutations when inserting a DOM fragment in insertAdjacentHTML. r=Olli.Pettay.
660e9d2e0adb7eb2f6619855c9ccadb81c028b98Mike Hommey — Bug 674883 - Remove temporary workarounds in mozilla-central for bugs in NSPR
d0c53c6ed070a3894fdce4b1bcb0a5bc0671196eKai Engert — Bug 673382, Upgrade to NSPR 4.8.9, landing beta 5, r=wtc
b4fb6f334a4fa92421afa8468f815e8fb8e1c759Kai Engert — Bug 673382, Upgrade to NSS 3.12.11, landing beta 3, r=wtc
e8fa46a9db70e6099a7b446c7ce1111a292eca9fJan Varga — Bug 676236 - Add support for the <menuitem> element to the HTML parser (not enabled by default) r=hsivonen
be090ee1747a378bef88e392164ad01548d912edJosh Matthews — Bug 676316 - Reverse the device motion listener removal early return logic. r=dougt
c7931e07dd4dcda4916d58753bfdb933372e8148Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound in the hope to reopen soon a CLOSED TREE
fff506a4889bb5df486975758acc5373dc32b86cAlexander Surkov — Bug 675861 - Crash [@ AccIterator::GetNext()], r=tbsaunde
6181622382cfe47637cac70bff1a09e80b6cc2cbLuke Wagner — Bug 676023 - Increment pc on error path out of JSOP_RETURN (r=dvander)
ba19e1cd3f918d684ad8d71551254631c8d23870Luke Wagner — Bug 670059 - Add some JS engine telemetry counters to measure occurrences of: E4X, __iterator__, mutable __proto__ (r=taras,waldo)
1d186a5f3a96e938a253726ac48ecaf00e80c712Luke Wagner — Bug 674522 - Fix jsval_layout on 64-bit big-endian platforms (r=waldo)
cd0106ceb8ce337636875ef7b1f0d143cb33b7a4Patrick McManus — bug 675919 - websockets fail connection on unknown control code. r=jduell
840fd3069d1fecb1a7aeed20544dd26411d2ffcbPatrick McManus — Bug 675961 - Websockets: error in removing processed control frame from buffered fragment sequence. r=jduell
6bcb177d3402b3def96bb7c46ca99c07a071dba1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 671428. cairo: try to crash earlier and record some stuff about the crash. r=joe.
062549aab2685b354dc0d90c82e9a9979fd1d58bMatt Woodrow — No Bug - Fix Maemo/Qt bustage by only referencing GLXPixmap on GTK2. r=roc
699b68990d54e6e7b657e4e4aff83d74e0a7709aJeff Walden — Bug 676700 - Slightly speed up js::IndexToId by converting directly to atom, not to string and then to atom. r=luke
6ef18ea1911aeaf29e0e4443d172a5772fb21806Jeff Walden — Bug 576034 - Remove aliased property implementation details. r=jorendorff
409145fb43463a517e36dc7374bce750d073821bJeff Walden — Bug 576034 - Remove aliased properties APIs. r=jorendorff
1edc576938dccbe441132bddf8afca8981fe86a6Matt Woodrow — Bug 675073 - Release OpenGL textures with the global context if the creating context has been destroyed. r=joe
83fe19966844facbc1efbf441a86402b334214c8Matt Woodrow — Bug 671259 - Disable OpenGL layers on linux when we don't have texture_from_pixmap. r=bjacob
c0adebd5c58d4ea18de1c9031345a56271ebef23Matt Woodrow — Bug 659560 - Block Mesa versions lower than 7.10.3. r=bjacob
86192af6031047f74255b89050193bea8cfdcc27Matt Woodrow — Bug 655017 - Let gfxXlibSurface track GLXPixmaps and use this for CanvasLayerOGL. r=karlt, roc
ace0285541c4ff85e3c4bf9ef004ad8c7cf87fa6Matt Brubeck — Bug 676727 - Fix Fennec urlbar styles in RTL locales [r=wesj]
e7987c08ae94ec5d23eafd2f72eb8a4e76ff461fKai Engert — Bug 673382, upgrading to NSS 3.12.11 beta 2, r=wtc
57d464afd5e7614c56f276ff29df4c4b87389901Matt Brubeck — Bug 656779 - Fix firstrun discovery animation for RTL locales on Gingerbread [r=wesj]
fafce4553fd584068f313e2d3dcd2d57a93b946cMatt Brubeck — Bug 676410 - Exception in isKeyboardOpened when called from local page [r=wesj]
e820bee09d57ba78d2033bcbdc182518879968f4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 662989 - Avoid crashing if a DB connection isn't asyncClose()d when it should be. r=mak.
706c47369f83952e91d010a0508e7bae6f27ad29Luke Wagner — Backout a22fad398472 and 373e6bd2705d because of burnage
086328df641d4ebc9d4a011faf2139ac633a4be7Dave Townsend — Bug 670033: Persist deferred session across a browser restart. r=zpao
a22fad398472a3a79d80a7aeb8e9ca5ad4c8ca73Luke Wagner — Bug 670059 - Add some JS engine telemetry counters to measure occurrences of: E4X, __iterator__, mutable __proto__ (r=taras,waldo)
373e6bd2705d1d1cf19fc60a87a2fc98609c6c78Luke Wagner — Bug 674522 - Fix jsval_layout on 64-bit big-endian platforms (r=waldo)
c69f76d027b2d4fadd19596830248face3611a0eJim Chen — Bug 674806 - b. Include ctype.h before referencing tolower. r=cjones
770498ac2b3ebedc312fa0ca4a1be80ba8135ec1Jim Chen — Bug 674806 - a. Include cast in compound literal expression. r=blassey
6827ee54c23f59d7108c720c320e438a7f85d943Jim Chen — Bug 674805 - Move WorkerPrivateParent instantiation inside namespace; r=bent
b9e9b5a4959a64ec2c15dff4e5464a9558fcc6efAlon Zakai — Bug 674800 - Print address of XPTCStub with nsXPCWrappedJS. r=mrbkap
5be600d6e85cdf317b2ec0fc2680787c27b576b1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672207. imglib: remove unnecessary scoping. r=joe
effa390ec9c588f42a9c3db28ce6fce489be2c78Justin Lebar — Bug 664659 - Fix about:memory image reporters. r=joe
edf0b97ff232e09f95b261d3bf8a10b81767f81bJeff Walden — Windows warning patrol. rs=luke
f824fbd4b94c0f17496e5d9c0af0c722b4d1c34bChris Pearce — Bug 675747 - Handle multiple bos pages in a single ogg bitstream. r=doublec
81c341716ad99a90e85469ba75393e249f8ed2b5Jeff Walden — Followup to bug 671630 for the Windows compiler, which actually might well be right in this case. r=bustage
cd6c34e9b28fc75da8a5a91831363734967c0d65Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672207. imglib-telemetry: record the full time it takes to decode images. r=jlebar,joe
99e317c11f2836220e25a45b7a3f3b6370b5ef51Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 676643 - Adjust the reftest annotation for selection reftests after bug 674820; r=blassey
0079dfa0cd2376900b52480cfb941e1eec084f0cJeff Walden — Bug 671630 - Make initializing the ArrayBuffer class non-generic. r=mrbkap
1e291b76d689b7d363243e4281e4f6011d3e6e43Jeff Walden — Bug 671630 - Make initializing the various typed arrays (but not ArrayBuffer) non-generic. r=mrbkap
64ca7770ab496d0c354c7704532fa54c335e5282Jeff Walden — Bug 671630 - Convert typed-array initialization code from being 'templatized' by a macro to being templatized by, well, a template. r=mrbkap
fbf02dd1803ea40e3529cf970282f838c63ce439Martijn Wargers — Bug 675711 - test_computed_style.html fails partly on Fennec because of lack of scrollbars. r=dbaron, a=test-only
3a754c19cacd985c422665be1e3f5ddd16c71fd2David Volgyes — Bug 676180 - Memory allocation / deallocation mismatch in toolkit/system/gnome/nsGIOService.cpp. r=karlt
025d0712bfce0882c7338e828dc98ebd67d866b0Nikhil Marathe — Bug 664249 - API fixes for inlined TypedArray properties. r=mrbkap
794fe3408d3aa4ff7d6644e813b8eb38b39319d1Nikhil Marathe — Bug 664249 - Inline TypedArray properties into slots. r=mrbkap
96f52c040d207bd82cd16cb6d40ffa48e1eca447Nikhil Marathe — Bug 667047 - Ensure proper __proto__ behaviour as a normal property after setting it to null once. r=mrbkap
675b822db977b20f863d830520604aeaabc02cd8Mark Finkle — Bug 676542 - telemetry components are not packaged for mobile [r=mbrubeck]
968d17e71c23fc64e8963ace027ea15002766eabJustin Lebar — Bug 673252 - Allow +++DOCSHELL and +++DOMWINDOW printfs to be silenced via MOZ_QUIET environment variable. r=bz
2112b458c8c7ebe956433681b537312da77e4738Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 674820 - input/textarea.selectionStart/selectionEnd/selectionDirection should not require the presence of a frame; r=bzbarsky
70416d5c538446cd5f1109b664221bef656d625bMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset 4c509d9b5b59 (Bug 666611) due to failure on Windows.
ecd7238895874364aa7fbaffef562ceb4ad094d9Alexander Surkov — Bug 652802 - intermittent failures in mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/relations/test_tabbrowser.xul | Can't get accessible for [object XULElement], r=marcoz
d201bfd052b397f6213dbc2266664e024aae5ba9Alexander Surkov — Bug 673836 - Intermittent failure in accessible/tree/test_tabbrowser.xul | Different amount of expected children of [ 'browser node' , role: internal frame] - got 0, expected 1, r=marcoz
dd38dafe931bf15332057edd46a96ad8c1b28602Alexander Surkov — Bug 676267 - expose stale state on accessibles unattached from tree, r=tbsaunde
7b917981c44dfa8cd6869fc42c54496dc54a8a3dMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
9c523b57329eff6306d2990710e3991a3047412aMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset d43b06e79794 (Bug 612839) due to build bustage.
9bf06b1df4759fbf16db930037c74e22e0571e7dJezreel Ng — Bug 239533 - Add URL parameter support to about:config. r=gavin
4c509d9b5b597ac141215041b912465ffcbe5ba7Jezreel Ng — Bug 666611 - Do not set chunksize if less than 100MiB of storage is available. r=mak
3a3e648530b2f10ae6340b5a49c7252833cdd655Ed Morley — Bug 653333 - Remove legacy splash screen code (nsSplashScreen, MOZ_SPLASHSCREEN, splash.bmp) now that no platforms use it; r=dtownsend,bsmedberg
49f8fb1d048fcc3b8dbbb7fca990b173b76e0af6Robert Sesek — Bug 448168 - Apply |s/entires/entries/g|; r=roc
0cff49ed75df6778f7b4777c1c96ecd8d91e377cJulian Reschke — Bug 230703 - only accept link header field target when it's first in the value. r=bz
d43b06e79794b2ecd34d8e66afbc77fbedf7f258Marco Castelluccio — Bug 612839 - Removed nsAHtml5FragmentParser. r=hsivonen
d8a5ef7806ec1d43faea099ce99cab96de8d8d7carno renevier — Bug 673390 - prevent crash in [@ nsNativeTheme::IsIndeterminateProgress]. r=roc
5684f06138f39e6c6b95cb076cdbe449875a1c2dMark Finkle — Bug 674791 - dragging the left text selection marker down selects to the bottom of the page [r=wjohnston]
c7ea065539d2f84a2d92c98aae474123a6c704f8Mark Banner — Bug 676499 - Mac 64 bit crash [@ fts3SegReaderNext] in Thunderbird's gloda tests following change to optimisation levels in sqlite - switch Mac back to -O2 optimisation for sqlite for now; r=glandium
410af9c91a7b9eac23b3870f4921b2d2d0efc9a7Jez Ng — Bug 440093 - Bookmarks opened via "Open All in Tabs" should not replace current tab. r=mak
44bf035962090b6be2cba47a636ff55821205addTim Taubert — back out 6458c6116c97 (pushed with the wrong bug number)
0fbdefb0a9b569eda4a8c932d7c9733fb54bc029Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
6f1affa4bb5edf56d0093238dd0e802769bb04b1Tim Taubert — Bug 666475 - Intermittent browser_tabview_privatebrowsing.js | Test timed out; r=ehsan
1a9f0823fdba3337a1581839076a69cc6ebec459Tim Taubert — Bug 651643 - Private browsing service executes transition even when no mode switch required; r=ehsan,zpao
dec70c8e139c15dae35b46a69e55b6e7c956ab7aJustin Dolske — Remove trailing whitespace from login manager and satchel. b=none
5c7fc05dc9e35c1f388ea956e79c4f04b75d0499Justin Dolske — Bug 669217 - Remove nsISecurityCheckedComponent from videocontrols. r=mrbkap
11c3b74e18e7ced94dd60a506fddbda65632d6aeTeddy Ni — Bug 653423 - Undo option is grayed out although action is applicable in Scratchpad; r=rcampbell,
522205a03a72c9b61f17c9c44659fb6b94b37f99Jez Ng — Bug 675359 - Follow-up fix for bug 588506: Remove unused code. r=zpao
6458c6116c973284fad801c6bc815bf5915adbccJez Ng — Bug 440098 - Bookmarks opened via "Open All in Tabs" should not replace current tab. r=mak
4ed43be4777c35d7bbc127ffa6fee59a2ea6244aJavi Rueda — Bug 625018 - Duplicated access key for search engines entry in update panel, r=gavin
7a907ffaa45b00566155f3853d585da3053e57cfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 670341 - about:permissions queries hosts for favicons, r=mak
b59ee1dfe62359fcd24b538e946df1ed12e69cbdJoshua M — Bug 673164 - Sync button in tab bar changes to Back button while syncing. r=dao
5d742d2e4304f8e5052cbd3defc222108ca3a3f1Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f0075fe638ee78c7c8507dae7cedd62cc4a7119aAlexander Surkov — Bug 676340 - Crash [@ nsAccessible::NativeState() ] (called by nsXULTextFieldAccessible::GetValue), r=tbsaunde
0e7f85aa8137ccc923824139ebde10a3c93d72b3Alexander Surkov — Bug 676240 - Crash [@ nsXULTreeAccessible::GetChildCount(), r=tbsaunde
75c8a2eb9f87a0a2a4e039f1311de7eba87ca95dAlexander Surkov — Bug 675515 - Crash [@ TextUpdater::DoUpdate] with long text node, r=tbsaunde, sr=neil
5edb33c72ec0c29ba4157ee85480458cfb1aff5ePatrick McManus — bug 674905 - implement ws extensions attribute r=biesi r=sicking sr=bz
65617cb216fa8ad8ce0a2e68a26d71c36321c54fJim Blandy — Bug 672736: Implement the 'findReferences' shell function. r=jorendorff
c048ca40dcd14c7338d5b5fce020143e1f26ab05Ali Juma — Bug 675210 - Postpone texture creation on Android to prevent internal format errors. r=mwoodrow
92fb925e1735de3f39450ac7f80851de0d2c34c2Matt Woodrow — Bug 675470 - Handle eCSSKeyword_interpolatematrix in AddTransformLists. r=dbaron
81dd021d45bde24d943f7e1d437611bc5e4301f9Michael Wu — Bug 675567 - Fix PRBool/JSBool mixups, r=mrbkap
bc72dc6b31ca1ff719b789e0833f13c624350055Michael Wu — Bug 675873 - Switch nsHttpConnectionMgr from nsHashtable to nsClassHashtable, r=bz
a73864715b24a901f2ce8b5535ca791bce847a60Jason Orendorff — Bug 673070 - Fix name lookups in let scopes a bit more ("Assertion failure: sharedBlock" with e4x after fixing bug 646968). r=brendan.
19b6ce39339e0d3eab66401623e6db0e95678659Patrick McManus — bug 676277 - websockets onmessage event.origin should be ws://* r=sicking
21dcb3293c2b78e1d062666c794de8645d8289f6Taras Glek — Bug 675737: Calculate time taken for by write/open/sync per db + main/other thread r=mak
088a2d2cdf33c808c4140eee596ecc0298695cddHonza Bambas — Bug 662511 - localStorage.key() gets out-of-sync when localStorage is updated in a separate window, r=jst
efb4b265e2684cd00744b6ca1dfe28f2e253e0faHonza Bambas — Bug 675617 - Fix browser_installssl.js to support keep-alive connections (add Connection: close ^headers^ files), r=dtownsend
95e5db0e979866cf8bb6b8bf256bf7c8ab4a16c7Honza Bambas — Bug 675616 - Change usage of localhost:8888 to mochi.test:8888 in test_css_cross_domain.html, r=zwol
ac99cb76fd8676c4ccc1c965eeb5dd51fde0ececHonza Bambas — Bug 675613 - Increase limit for thread number in ssltunnel, r=ted.mielczarek
4f64e4d6b56d29b3091fee6a7fdd94f918a82181Luke Wagner — Bug 675068 - change off-main-thread cycle collection not to use a (thread-local) safe JS context (r=mrbkap)
7046a39cf54d50d680ff3e5890c255597cb08853Luke Wagner — Bug 675068 - Remove unused XPCCallContext::GetSafeJSContext (r=mrbkap)
a232c0a78713c605d0a2cf685d1b6fe6f01f9a11Joe Drew — Bug 627015 - Hold on to a reference to the timer, so it doesn't get collected from under us. over-the-shoulder-r=jrmuizel,jdm
6f56ca77a9ba71e27be4cf87ed513a61b1b789aeSteven Michaud — Bug 655339 - Work around bug in Apple's egrep on OS X 10.7. r=ted
42921f676fd89b071a5e0c9919754cb9bb65e75eJeff Walden — Bug 671630 - Add an atom for 'BYTES_PER_ELEMENT' in anticipation of its use in future changes. r=mrbkap
9a24057c1f5d8dc09439c1c4a57eb6a8d15b3f2bJeff Walden — Bug 675745 - Don't specify JSCLASS_CONSTRUCT_PROTOTYPE for js_AttributeNameClass or js_AnyNameClass. The flag's only used in a code path that neither class will ever enter. r=igor
0e60d45bcb1c105f738b3773239214a58f52adc2Jeff Walden — Bug 675745 - Initialize the XML class by creating the prototype and constructor manually, and by initializing each according to its special needs. r=igor
97c6b5502d0513aee634800cef68b421b256932eJeff Walden — Bug 675745 - Initialize the QName class by creating the prototype and constructor manually, and by initializing each according to its special needs. r=igor
0f1422d3acc92325501cb67aec045a1f5282af2bJeff Walden — Bug 675745 - Initialize the Namespace class by creating the prototype and constructor manually, and by initializing each according to its special needs. r=igor
6d431206c4bb6941d577a88a50459a3b99905f4dJeff Walden — Bug 675797 - Warn in calls to nsIJSON.encode and nsIJSON.decode that the two methods are deprecated. r=jst
43395af71fdb9883eb34cace73cd7fd3b080e624Jeff Walden — Actually populate the dtoa cache correctly in js::IndexToString. r=luke over irl
c6912479afdd7c987d061c32a185f69e75a3c148L. David Baron — Followup to changeset c9dff8b867f0d74ef23396bcb896696cf9436b08 (bug 403524): test passes on Android now as well (bug 585684 / bug 586748).
3cca53b77c110c9c406c376e6be6ff2d9018fb07Patrick McManus — bug 675038 - websockets wss:// tests r=biesi
e054dec99f3e9559772ec78a46b6cf957754d4f2Patrick McManus — bug 674716 - websockets API close reason codes and messages r=sicking r=biesi sr=bz
a8045a08cbc9fb935d5039b928772717c9d577d0Patrick McManus — bug 662612 - speed up test_websocket.html execution r=bz
20c37bc3110294ca573bc938f4e4048a74334b3aJoe Drew — Bug 627015 - Add a crashtest for an image that takes a very long time to download the next frame, giving our animation timer a chance to fire. r=jrmuizel
6b5c54d65a8023e93c76a6f3d42ee3f62d3fda8fJoe Drew — Bug 627015 - Sometimes, images pause mid-frame when downloading. We handle this just fine, but unfortunately we assert that it's not the case. Since this assertion is just bogus, delete it. r=jrmuizel
b38381eb91b8cbedb4f0d13963399944f9b07bcfJoe Drew — Bug 609499 - Crashtest for GIFs that abruptly terminate their LZW data. r=jrmuizel
67044ea27b5380220a66893b1cb54ae89ea18dabJoe Drew — Bug 609499 - Some invalid GIF files don't terminate their LZW data with a 0-length block. Handle them better by handling them less specially. r=jrmuizel
cfb447e2f21f66a061e95645d143ebf3865a45eeMounir Lamouri — Bug 675396 - Follow-up, fix comment. r=glandium DONTBUILD
ad8831aa105f452e28be52979312b4ce5318ef78Sindre Dammann — Bug 578534. Make Navigator.cookieEnabled take per-site exceptions into account. r=bzbarsky
a430f8b1921ed584de62f2407414434ae5153dabBoris Zbarsky — Bug 506844. Remove kids in order, not in reverse order, when clearing textContent and innerHTML. r=sicking
bb97ea5737a4a950ff2574745c8bd521e8516790Boris Zbarsky — Bug 671635. Set chrome margins off a scriptrunner. r=smaug
330937aaaebad4de473a5225d19b967562439d92Boris Zbarsky — Bug 676057. Get rid of the malloc-happy AttributeSelectorEntry class. r=dbaron
4dd0c8239b2b02411ceea7e1d4b9f9190befb549Boris Zbarsky — Bug 653120. Switch sBlockedScriptRunners to be an nsTArray so removing from it is faster. r=sicking
1dcf967393a00e84a87f9b658021dc9926e40789Vitor Menezes — Bug 223764: Inlines inside inlines that draw text-decorations shouldn't alter the baseline. (r=dbaron)
c9dff8b867f0d74ef23396bcb896696cf9436b08Vitor Menezes — Bug 403524: Make textarea not inherit text decorations and correct the failing reftest (r=dbaron)
941c6bc7d7280719d25516f699130aa9d4f080a3Vitor Menezes — Bug 403524: Merging codepaths introduced some reftest failures; we need to fix them (r=dbaron)
83b2648ee44243cf158a9a98c5aad384e613dd7dVitor Menezes — Bug 403524: Remove the standards-mode text-decoration code and use the quirks-mode code in all modes. r=dbaron
db9466903986bcf2c3aa42a8b9112661a4e8be95Vitor Menezes — Bug 403524: Draw correct colors for text-decorations on default-color shadows in quirks mode. r=dbaron
d3d43eea28c85233baa65ec75a914b573181343dVitor Menezes — Bug 403524: Make quirks-mode text draw order comply with CSS 2.1
5e774f69980eb2706deacd5ad3d065dfca2472b9Vitor Menezes — Fix apparent rounding issues with new text decoration code. (Bug 403524) r=dbaron
88d8bfd7ef647fcdbac1fdf3d3f819d554599846Vitor Menezes — Only override font properties when in quirks mode. (Bug 403524) r=dbaron
225a79ce27bcb6d379b4cd82ee05273ab22bf974Vitor Menezes — Fix text-decoration positioning in quirks mode and set overflow areas to match. (Bug 403524) r=dbaron
144add433e72577f4f2824ede07b91f08d868382Mounir Lamouri — Bug 675396 - Fennec Desktop: "error while loading shared libraries:". r=glandium
36b1761da39dbd75e2fe83786e3ecf0a589af4d3Patrick McManus — Bug 676025 - Websockets - failure to connect should generate onerror r=sicking
ccbd9a4df280622fe5701b054a555264553e2170Patrick McManus — bug 674527 - websockets sub-protocol array implementation and tests r=sicking sr=bz
9d673a0033f925e7d44b819fa1a68bcbfff80e56Justin Lebar — Bug 673467 - Part 2. Fix tests. r=smaug
eee594b2f591ce53f65013bb9dbb238eb427039cJustin Lebar — Bug 673467 - Part 1. Don't create an extra SHEntry for dynamically-added iframes. r=bz
7ceb1468a8220d8d9ab9f1e944fb757a6d361040Jesse Ruderman — Bug 673770 - Also search overflow lines for aPrevSibling. r=test-only
04a12efc218cd07cceebc49051ed972e5787f828Mats Palmgren — Bug 673770 - Also search overflow lines for aPrevSibling. r=roc
1d1c771a3aba1dfafe8f8f66525af5c87d5820f5Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
5772d30e6894849ea459b637121f5f1c84206937Mike Hommey — Bug 674888 - Allow elfhack to move .interp sections. r=tglek
50a3378c5940af0a910242866973bf1de797ccb7Igor Bukanov — bug 674480 - add memory reporter for the number of empty GC chunks. r=njn
be4b064f11599a88f6c7a6ccaaa14abfe32eea5fTrevor Saunders — bug 671926 - dexpcom GetNumActions() r=surkov
c19fbc9ec6496dcee20d28dbb19abcec5451f273Trevor Saunders — bug 673389 - cleanup what is a conceptual parent in AccGroupInfo r=surkov
f12f16210f3043a9ca09395ca94fd3a166148049Benoit Jacob — Bug 673378 - Crash at nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext - r=roc
1dddaeb1366bd4ebe23ffdaf1ab5a1f6360af05aMyk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; test-only
61b2f8646c38e7079c4cf0cc206549658293d424Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset ef79a5b41697 (bug 663395)
101411c3ca1c8c0f4570501f1f12b5c40e44d610Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
02f613a5a407fc0034d926cef0a142cb4a09a992Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
d0d55ead551a2671618e752977950dd4699635cdTim Taubert — Bug 673196 - When creating a new TabGroup near the edge of the screen in Panorama, a part of it is invisible; r=dietrich
14849b85d14206e3cb5f31ac4ded9a723cfb02a5Tim Taubert — Bug 673729 - When a stacked group's expand button is clicked the group starts to zoom; r=dietrich
42e7710675b2b47b1f2dd1d888cabde84e2a4587Tim Taubert — Bug 625668 - Resizes for single groups don't stick correctly, returning them to their userSize values; r=dietrich
bf5d54a5717a0ee5833c3364728644d291462fb7Frank Yan — Bug 554717 - Prevent audio/video controls from inheriting list-style-image.
56a12277818e375fd1f2c800699f8e9671caad1aRob Campbell — Bug 666650 - [highlighter] create a global toolbar for the highlighter; r=mihai.sucan,; a=testfix
3d5ba47b14f2586fe86eab82582d6751988e6f0aRob Campbell — Bug 666650 - [highlighter] create a global toolbar for the highlighter; r=mihai.sucan,
6eee63caf1c62c71c73fcf7577c54d4fd6d010dbPaul Rouget — Bug 671689 - [highlighter] Nodes should be selectable from the HTML tree; r=rcampbell,
a8c39fc1b57b33f9d127a0afe06b96b54c907e14Panos Astithas — Bug 659907 - Expand console object with a dir method that displays an interactive listing of all the properties of an object.; f=rcampbell r=mihai.sucan,bzbarsky sr=bzbarsky
327bd5e0d8043aacfaccd177b142eb3306e8227bRob Campbell — Bug 674879 - Move Scratchpad to browser/devtools;,mihai.sucan
0d0395cb99ff140ae2e2386aaf0f4e0384096cbbPanos Astithas — Bug 653531 - Shared knowledge of selected node in highlighter and web console; r=rcampbell
c35c69e1ce99c824b8eb18695b599251d3996dbbMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
07a247973487eaaa904f96d8c5b9c751d76c1a50Mark Finkle — Bug 676052 - gingerbread theme for android 2.3.5 [r=mbrubeck]
b53395484bdfa2d77cd7230fc8af06c54d1c258aMounir Lamouri — Bug 670986 - Create nsLocation.h to declare nsLocation instead of doing that in nsGlobalWindow.h. r=jst
e8fe55848089a88bd026842e1fec0917ee95a16cChris Double — Bug 666132: Account for trailing data in the last frame of audio data in ogg backend debug code - r=cpearce
512bcdfdb77f186e8a038cfe32ff8cf60a322880Chris Double — Bug 675839 - Update playback position more frequently when writing in linux backend for libsydneyaudio - r=kinetik
166f4f247772f60a74f438277508211390333e6aMatt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 12b - Layout changes to use -moz-perspective-origin. r=roc
2d3b6382054d41f104cab872860644a59cb07ed2Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 12a - Implement -moz-perspective-origin style property. r=dbaron
ad334152010a5d6f8f602d38a398ac7c4ec0f0c2Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 11b - Layout changes to use a z component for -moz-transform-origin. r=roc
ea882f18d8ac5020db9af2bca4e7d252de2dc766Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 11a - Add nsCSSValueTriplet and optionally read a z component to -moz-transform-origin. r=dbaron
85cc7836c552230773782842fe5be67cc70a6298Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 10 - Implement the backface-visibility CSS property. r=dbaron
96941ed69aeb5d33faddea7d13d338f9ac87c49aMatt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 9 - Implement the perspective() transform function and the perspective CSS property. r=dbaron
08b756f93436c48e5c32a01a24dd3633ee2b0593Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 8c - Use ray tracing to untransform 2d points on a 3d plane. r=roc
74eac3a0904356bc20ce3613c715959c554d152cMatt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 8b - Add 3D Point support, and ray tracing to gfx3DMatrix. r=bjacob, sr=roc
a637d482b54041030356ac1517f2b57de4b88e59Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 8a - Add BasePoint3D and gfxPoint3D. r=roc
e7dc1c09ae248bc50ac98c2502ceba58d6c17fc9Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 7 - Layers support for 3d transforms. r=roc
ba5eb1cd42f3881788740a4e5464c3547944e818Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 6 - Implement the 3d -moz-transform functions. r=dbaron
29232fea6e191c93c10e17d838faf616146b1b8cMatt Brubeck — Back out 52702d275995 (bug 647391) because of xpcshell test failures
e966ad69a36403c9c3bd99eecb015f9033521e6cMatt Brubeck — Bug 669851 - Update reftest annotations for tests that no longer have Android-specific failures
52702d275995f508a0044f18b09f20f717afc23dJason Duell — Bug 647391 - Increase maximum size for objects stored in disk cache. r=michal
e337d0d2d7a92be8046b86a8587ff362db34285bPatrick McManus — bug 667853: Missing close() event if websocket::init fails. r=mcmanus, jdm
feda6619295c168a15f20a8d77f4e083297131f0Jason Duell — bug 674689: Delay Cache.trash delete to avoid startup I/O contention. r=michal
4bf9b8abb862aa94a962b9fe6c6a7d5ebb6b2630Daniel Holbert — Bug 675722: Reduce severity of "Expecting to be paused for pagehide before disconnect" SMIL assertion, and catch it earlier in ~nsDocument. r=bz
a5932b9082826bfa120da02bf904e1fecae35327Chris Lord — Bug 669851 - Use bilinear image scaling on all ARM devices, even without NEON [r=mbrubeck,jmuizelaar]
d722773c9c636a78828da3cb74cc7e2f6c4c32efFabrice Desré — Bug 676085 - cgroup filemane is incorrect [r=blassey]
c8f939f67ab5af6d3450601a844b140362e46b0fMarco Bonardo — Backout changesets e0aab5011b70, 0040f406ea6d (Bug 462959) due to intermittent crashes in its own test.
b0e4ea1084d1db0d2145119fcc444866956924abLuke Wagner — Bug 676023 - telemetry patch to catch invalid slots reads in StackIter (r=billm)
da90e2e9a56ea3e9d8c821cc38db075d3fc5e1e5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 673277 - Speeding up test_resize_move_windows.html. r=ehsan
d5ada3bd3ad523be240f3f82a8983f2a8a6bfa29Patrick McManus — bug 674890 - Update WebSocket API to latest draft - send() should return void r=sicking sr=bz
0b15ed31ebc21821222fe54c67917604476ac741Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 675976 - remove extensions/spellcheck/hunspell/tests/suggestiontest/Makefile.orig; rs=kheuy,Ms2ger DONTBUILD
94f56bd00f5454786dd87c27f482f07bbe990e87Daniel Holbert — Bug 482919 followup: Add newline at end of nsHtml5Speculation.h to fix build warning. [whitespace-only]
c1f5f3220d2f26826b2ad35b7e48d15cc3256108Daniel Holbert — Bug 675499 followup: Remove comma at end of enum list, to fix maemo build bustage.
6ea906365d1fb0a26b9fa82453e1f039b2a92b49Fabien Cazenave — Bug 674861 - contentEditable lists should not be splittable; r=ehsan
9dda487bc910f09a638dbc688fc49c03cceb4dc0Evan Shaw — Bug 631967 - Fix unsafe pointer dereference. r=mayhemer
0f4acd33ac43fee82acbd6ea83275c22e921c2a5Bill McCloskey — Bug 631998 - CALLPROP fix (r=dmandelin)
05ae3ad962924a29f412f7b1330585d0eeaff909James Willcox — Bug 676003 - Add browser.dom.window.dump.enabled preference for Fennec, disabled by default [r=mbrubeck]
8e4e181a9ce9650d3937d11c76e6bafbde651379Henri Sivonen — Bug 675499 - Transfer initially sniffed document charset through the speculative load queue to avoid race conditions. r=bzbarsky.
78efa76773a68ec89e026e1ad31296205f0e5520Henri Sivonen — Bug 675492 - Null-check base URI in nsScriptableUnescapeHTML::ParseFragment in the HTML case. r=bzbarsky.
987e42035f38c6df919f0884617ac085842695f9Henri Sivonen — Bug 675916 - Restart iteration over attributes in the sanitizer when URL check ends up removing an attribute. r=bzbarsky.
8a54bd8aa5c88f9aa6cdacaa088ea90193361c67Justin Lebar — Merge backout.
eaf57c6dab7ff335ccd3d2699b23e4a95c5a0a78Justin Lebar — Backing out cfea4859f458, 883e581e0849 due to permaorange on moth opt.
75cd7345fb19f5b182a48858607e242d51043e9cBill McCloskey — Bug 674441 - Fix bogus script owner assertion (r=dmandelin)
d976a3aed628a5ee7b9ac8b3781d117ece44db6eBill McCloskey — Bug 675802 - Instrument DestroyScript for more crash analysis (r=dmandelin)
0884753e359ccd40f0e4c54e8fe6e8d9251d9f16Luke Wagner — Bug 675132 - When flattening strings, round up after incrementing length (for null char) to avoid wasting memory when jemalloc rounds up the allocation size (r=njn)
8bff20b3f8dbce5db5998b623e8e7a6cdf71c4e2Luke Wagner — Bug 674843 - Censor pushed-but-not-active InvokeSessionGuard frames from the debugger's view (r=waldo)
54d6d13e664b0f75b6dd18fbd36140525ce315b2Scott Johnson — Bug 673535 - RasterImage::Anim::ensureAnimExists() should be cleaned up.
272a5a897bb6b892306c4f9b9106ffae2c8784c6Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — b=675008 r=ted.mielczarek Fix builds that use ac_add_options --with-macos-sdk=/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.7.sdk ac_add_options --enable-macos-target=10.5 Before we were checking for the deployment target to decide if the ppc headers were available, but they are not in the 10.7 sdk, even if we are targeting 10.5.
0040f406ea6d85fac4e773a2f44487175917b2d8Paul ADENOT — Bug 462959 - Tests for HTMLMediaElement.played; r=cpearce+kinetik
e0aab5011b705bc41e1307590c51320d5380cfe4Paul ADENOT — Bug 462959 - Implement HTMLMediaElement.played; r=kinetik
cfea4859f45809693f6d00080ba427c5750c191dJustin Lebar — Bug 646641 - Part 2: Update SHistory so it understands that SHEntries may share content viewers. r=smaug
883e581e0849aee53a3e7ed0b6a1a371e72ec856Justin Lebar — Bug 646641 - Part 1: SHEntries for the same document should share bfcache state. r=smaug
49f809c8038457c583657f27955552b4e3ad0ea3Alexander Slovesnik — Bug 673680 - Add support for koi8_r charset encoding. r=smontagu
0cdcf876dd05b21bf64b16f2c5323d4af591fabcSteven Michaud — Bug 671064 - Work around bug in Cairo 1.10 that causes Print Preview to crash. r=jmuizelaar
3735fb1cd5ef45a6b2f41388856aa85c769dd17fMark Finkle — Bug 675920 - Difficult to select text if you don't tap directly on text [r=wjohnston]
d32bc792fb5ed6842ed91935409c8679d7384b4cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 675865 backout new dragginf for selection handling code from Mozilla8 r=smaug (backed out patches are: bug 552707, bug 644621, bug 670058, bug 670508, bug 671319)
bd2c7e8f102e63cab65ff4adac5d7df0a8e304e1Michal Novotny — Bug 675420 - cache is now cleared on every startup
d6301744afa92dd3efbbbea7ae2856a682c380a2Benoit Jacob — Bug 675634 - import ANGLE r712 - r=upstream
7813728d68ff9c96278d6612c62268b9f0179671Benoit Jacob — Bug 675625 - limit GLSL identifiers to 250 characters to work around a NVIDIA bug - r=jrmuizel
f185f48d35dc966aff08536b6c599319731271a9Kyle Huey — Bug 676048: Report RuleCascadeData and substructures to about:memory. r=bz
aca5afbed1883d081218aeb1d99c6f6ef5cfa2baPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
822ae9ffa97eac490b409f9bb70caa645ad738e8Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
5b15978e85f7339e3a2028ec0b0f57137804731fGregory Szorc — Bug 666330 - unregister handlers on window unload. r=philikon
ced4ba4f15e9eb0ccd7fddb98d1e7b0fd48e3a1aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 675125 - Utils.notify should pass observers the exception as subject. r=rnewman
3773e471ce368ee13d891eafa24353ab026cd8d9Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
5a1e829db409e9a853470e27b9db387d92419155Jonathan Griffin — Bug 674097 - land TPS in core, r=philikon, a=test-only, DONTBUILD
9d927d1f2ac82facccd6165ca47a4fe11c7f1e42Richard Newman — Bug 674238 - Part 0: eliminate unnecessary OR REPLACE INTO from favicon insertion query. r=mak
cd4551dae0719dc695b2fc232ea878204316650eGregory Szorc — Bug 673288 - constant cleanup; r=philikon
2e613ba2590e424ee68f6a4c42903278b33e86beGregory Szorc — Bug 646539 - Track client name pref changes and bump score after change; r=philikon
f21f3fafab5b5224defa1b7e907b63be2135e1d7Josh Aas — Bug 675309: Get rid of unnecessary calls to nsNPAPIPluginInstance::Start(). r=jst
b1013d7d7cd8977db811b7f3a0ef374ca3c094fcKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
bd93ca20e1fd1cf2a98cabe1be1897e83a099f15Kyle Huey — Bug 674284: Add nsTArray::SizeOf. r=bsmedberg
fa54a739294bf6ae1df98ec15a1308d77ecafc2dKyle Huey — Bug 675627: Fix unrecognized directive error in nsIURIRefObject.idl and make this error fatal in the future. r=bsmedberg
94aa13f4a1a6a63e95640a7551be992b59d80457Kyle Huey — Bug 675641: Enumerate nsIStyleRuleProcessors in about:memory. r=bz
26a5993c1193bfc2e465114d8b59eb6536117026Kyle Huey — Bug 675624: Enumerate style sets in about:memory. r=bz
8fe19339d17e4377e1eee9d4ec1c65ae40443e21Randell Jesup — Bug 675710: Add tests for protocol-relative URIs (href=//site/foo) r=bz
a8bbb17fd043d21756fd3272f48040e5c85ee06dTim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
5f37764372988cd1d010c0c8846580c7caf668eeBlair McBride — Bug 670023 - Use ES5's strict mode in Add-ons Manager frontend and backend code. r=dtownsend
d5c5b7841f212233c720ed67a6ce79824ae6e045Frank Yan — Bug 675215 - Include page title in data transfer when ctrl/opt+dragging tab.
e9c579848ab6e09d1229d68fe0f60e00ed566d9cJez Ng — Bug 660785 - Respect startup prefs after closing in private browsing mode. [r=zpao]
d93bbef62f0b7a57e8cae609feecc1fb8f78c507Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 669196 - Patch 2: Handle more failures from shistory gracefully, so session restore keeps updating. [r=gavin]
968f8f50e4280a312f1130bf946470fc1b0f4ceaTim Taubert — Bug 670318 - Google+ home page creates multiple SHEntries, and if you go back to the first one, you can no longer go forward; r=smaug
5dcdaeb9e25318a82e0234d2c77404cfc3e6bd89Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
30e5fe8a62c2a9f31c334ccdf3faed7db19f636fGavin Sharp — Bug 675037: fullzoom callback needs to handle null currentURI, r=dolske
10927265c5558da7d729fa86fba3237f2eb2125cMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
1c2f8133da3c8036beb8cd628eab1cf5b7d660f8Marco Bonardo — Bug 675878 - intermittent failure in toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_telemetry.js
37373e42a69800034911d80607c01e6b97ab6212Michael Wu — Back out bug 667047 for possible orange
fa12cfe36f2019012da10953d580d605afc1ea55Michael Wu — Backed out changeset 617081e0fdf5 (bug 667047) for possible orange
18f4994c24cc29cda0768482028a6dcfdd93f235Michael Wu — Merging backout (bug 664249) for possible orange r=killer
9bf13a8e7d3e8aa79f44ff5d9f8ea451d486bba3Michael Wu — Backed out changeset 3b9852666565 (bug 664249) for possible orange r=killer
9134cf8f5f4aae07898266968bce6042cc3d5bf2Michael Wu — merge backout (bug 664249) for possible orange
8dfd5792d3cc02e3161a42dd1633a98df33a5f34Michael Wu — Backed out changeset f29ddae820bf (bug 664249) for possible orange r=killer
baa3a2a2cea43895296c1bc656056e6e2bda7b43Ben Turner — Bug 674721 - 'Add memory reporting for web worker data'. r=jst+njn.
b3a481c2e02aaa5b1ca5f07b0db9d6023086d613Matthew Gregan — Bug 675630 - Fix null dereference in media memory reporter. r=cpearce
f43cd1c730f899c4c79a57b4934f1b2c3d9760d1Brad Lassey — bug 672356 - plugin-container not set to background cgroup r=dougt
d11aaaf51059dc7cd2857b7067faa8c8a101c5f0Michael Wu — Bug 675485 - Fix PRBool misuses found in a debug build, r=bz,taras
74f0c17ba7b36c304bcb109d1a8285eeda44c065Michael Wu — Bug 675561 - Calls to GetMetric should pass a pointer to PRInt32, not PRBool, r=roc
4319081f6be52fcd00cece76a8cf0264b78bad3eMichael Wu — Bug 675556 - Switch from PRPackedBool to PRUint8 in nsILineBreaker, r=roc
e72269b36c6f0a9b55b7bf9ade4b7adacc516030Michael Wu — Bug 675483 - sLastModifierState should be a NSUInteger, not PRBool, r=smichaud
a4b682211c3a50e43fdc7e99c325557450c2b2e6Michael Wu — Bug 675482 - Misuse of PRBool found by use of ++ or -- operators, r=jst,roc
8f72d67f42a5df6d750e75ec6c2760e3090e8e25Fabrice Desré — Bug 675790 - The title of the android file chooser is not i18n ready
bcf8b4086274041c3c58357c8bd09c9555e5c2e7Jim Blandy — Bug 672728: Define MoveRef, an rvalue reference type; provide some support for move construction and assignment in js::Vector and js::HashTable. r=luke
f29ddae820bfdcf3df8fb4ce393e3c29d42c7dfcNikhil Marathe — Bug 664249 - API fixes for inlined TypedArray properties. r=mrbkap
3b9852666565460810853575b911052705ce2267Nikhil Marathe — Bug 664249 - Inline TypedArray properties into slots. r=mrbkap
617081e0fdf5c03310a77b6a7963d61083dcabfcNikhil Marathe — Bug 667047 - Ensure proper __proto__ behaviour as a normal property after setting it to null once. r=mrbkap
ac9bc4e2b2dd9dd41434876ed8c6fcc4c2da19c8Matt Brubeck — Bug 675750 - Back out 10cb6aeef385 (bug 672411) on suspicion of causing talos tp4m failures
ae35b244a09a141ccd4fcfe3b7832cccc9b5425cTom Schuster — Add tests for bug 497692 and bug bug 514808 r=Waldo over irc
8837999bdd8cf28e0e8845e278aefd0efed2f6c4Cameron McCormack — Bug 673815 - Fix Synaptics touchpad scrolling hack requirement detection. r=jmathies
2cda40256a544d62ed8c85f94b5f2cd8535e81a9Luke Wagner — Bug 673473 - Remove off-main-thread JSRuntime use in GetKeyPathValueFromStructuredData (r=bent)
14e1153b706c8f7f4278b1da016ccc7586b7f8b8Brendan Eich — Tweak to skip-if not fail-if for bug 588061's shell-only test.
06394cdd40ce4a41bdd79b4bafc1b589ac2cbe80Marco Bonardo — Bug 674486 - browser_410196_paste_into_tags.js leaks places.xul
638c7c0953da38c9ef5532efc8a50449da95b356Marco Bonardo — Bug 671001 - Use telemetry to collect common Places stats.
97cc7ab517e062d24211a3532b0a35717d27bea0Steve Fink — Bug 673612 - JS shell help was missing functions added through jsdbgapi (r=cdleary)
e50f838bea8395c579c95cb8938d1779c7700073Steve Fink — Bug 673627 - Make --enable-callgrind turn on --enable-profiling (r=dmandelin)
8f591ae20300bd573814afefecac3e2caf04f2cfSteve Fink — Bug 673616 - Fix build with --enable-shared-js and --enable-shark (r=khuey)
eb2a432bdf1a3eef1d72e05fa6419a59ef1dff53Steve Fink — Bug 671035 - Remove windows.h from jsprobes.h by moving ETW support into jsprobes.cpp (r=dmandelin)
8f6e07e4a02d87c21838f785b9ccfe45833fd525Taras Glek — Bug 674767: Use double conversion macros for jsvals, squash windows double r=glandium
445abd683ea40969351d33bb070d2894a7872506Ms2ger — Bug 675713 - Annotate crashtest
37e5ad24bc64a6908bf0ca9f1dabc219eb4280fdPaul ADENOT — Bug 619752 part 2 - Fix the front end to display infinite media duration. r=dolske
993507024dc6548dbffa2b9ef85fc69651c49888Paul ADENOT — Bug 619752 part 1 - Duration should be +Inf on infinite length video streams. Core changes and corresponding test fixes. r=cpearce
293ae1bcbc12325289eff8cd396466565e5d0689Rafael Espindola — b=674440, r=ted.mielczarek
c5e091d2dd3818c80adfddef95a376dca99494bbEd Morley — Bug 666984 - Remove/substitute NS_FloatIsFinite since it does the same thing as NS_finite; r=jwatt
158f91502fffc61a65cc2cff7ea477caaa502babBoris Zbarsky — Bug 675587. Change the location on hash changes even if we can't scroll right then. r=jlebar
c47fe225ea20c56bf53d52185da6dd7dc3054821Boris Zbarsky — Bug 675246. Make sure generated content that's being replicated doesn't end up with no primary frame. r=roc
908e0c6280830a09f666f4f4d862618379ee2d37Boris Zbarsky — Bug 669979. Don't do zoom or history actions for momentum scrolls, no matter what's going on with pixel scrolling. r=smaug,masayuki
98303320cbbee69baecfcf2958f1f581ca2c485cHenri Sivonen — Bug 675437 - Obtain the local name atom of attributes in a non-crashy way in nsTreeSanitizer. r=bzbarsky.
4bee2ba4ec8a4486f36f7ef93e60420d94e5e631Makoto Kato — Bug 675072 - can not enter text into comment textbox for online picasa web picture. r=smaug
cb495bdd4aeafd936358758ed41ac6f8ae0eab6bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 658194 Get rid of SendMessage() from mouse wheel event handling r=jimm
a43c3080f47246e3c8738e28bad417cc71054635Brad Lassey — backout bug 341223, changeset backout_4d794b0ef38d because it breaks some developer's builds
4338bea0bb71ccc732f00eee1aa73d667825948eMark Finkle — Bug 675236 - portrait view shifted on tablet awesomescreen [r=wjohnston]
25476054783591fdc0bbd82d36ffde55eb60f0eeMark Finkle — Bug 670222 - Accidental text selection and more [r=wjohnston]
345ba237404d2ae78f4a4629799f9fc47a65ee2cMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
da98022c50d02b92fb7b9824b3213c233f1849c1Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
ae208fa08058783eba4c377c8c4443c77918f132Henri Sivonen — Back out rev 7e84bd591246 due to mutation event behavior changes having invalidated the test.
c62853059671a3a0cf617a126e83127761270844Henri Sivonen — Back out rev 7e84bd591246 due to mutation event behavior changes having invalidated the test.
f0c42de49a10f6ea7a3c51109ae2a19709f92ea8Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset e931fb581aee (Bug 673473) due to trace malloc regression on OSX.
f4415470040ae76e50f83d55bd57e9cbe45e2fe8Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset 984e656becec (Bug 664659) due to regressions in Tp5 XRES and RSS.
86e9d6953e504d9a505e2cb68b36b5fa59e6ec79Mike Hommey — Bug 654049 - Use global optimization flags for jemalloc, cairo, pixman and sqlite. r=ted
7e84bd5912465711032677299676eeafce1ae607Henri Sivonen — Tests for bug 613662 - Implement insertAdjacentHTML. r=bzbarsky.
047bd50613abc3efa8f1da4955f3e8b030467effHenri Sivonen — Bug 613662 - Implement insertAdjacentHTML. r=bzbarsky.
79548c572c09f8475a14e147567ece3eebcc3930Henri Sivonen — Bug 563322 part 3 - Successfully prevent script execution in the XML fragment case. r=Olli.Pettay.
a228ff77a9f82df058eb760f47ceca9cbcb58d27Henri Sivonen — Bug 563322 part 2 - Avoid calling nsScriptLoader::SetEnabled in the innerHTML setter when using the XML parser. r=Olli.Pettay.
1e3cf346898c66ca0149f7ceedb88d85d27d95eeHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 563322 part 2 - Avoid calling nsScriptLoader::SetEnabled in the innerHTML setter when using the XML parser. r=Olli.Pettay.
ff515cbd864e1c8d7db9c9ffe6af27a92c9e607eHenri Sivonen — Bug 563322 part 1 - Avoid calling nsScriptLoader::SetEnabled in the innerHTML setter when using the HTML parser. r=Olli.Pettay.
449a9666fb5a368608771fc7793a82a8a6685b6fHenri Sivonen — Bug 596182 - Make fragment parsers global. Remove resulting dead code. r=Olli.Pettay, r=bzbarsky.
4d794b0ef38d851bf87d50e144fe5121d3e22c45Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 341223 - Make $MOZCONFIG try $topsrcdir-local paths too. r=ted
890a3fb12914d5c3f337f61083acd0665cdc6710arno renevier — Bug 673685 - remove unneeded null assignments. r=roc
2d6026252d03b26cf8598813935688cc1d6ece66Trevor Saunders — bug 671991 - decomtaminate GetFocusedChild() r=surkov
cc7357dfd1e2d9e0f72e84494c798eca9e9654dcTrevor Saunders — bug 666863 - a11y name space part 1 wrap states namespace in mozilla::a11y r=surkov
e9c2f5390408df5621d2ada992941d008e4f0bb6Chris Pearce — Bug 675045 - Abort DecodeToTarget() when we detect a poorly muxed file. r=kinetik
113ec09ac6a3429da425b3dcadc8394fd37da4abBrad Lassey — bug 636042 - All fonts are serif, follow up to fix build warning r=jdaggett
d19168e0fe631a339b80bb0bf6e90b1391a42b88Lucas Rocha — Bug 662978: Use black text (instead of white) on gray background to improve "Add a New Preference" readability in Fennec about:config. r=mfinkle
b4ef09ae57954bbc5be0cdfa3326a200fae2fed5Walter Meinl — Bug672951 [OS/2] follow-up for bug668758 r=dragtext
9d00d0e504771987b4bb8acd030b1071919afa18Walter Meinl — Bug672959 [OS/2] follow-up to bug467669 r=dragtext
cb4d291f2f9088cd5007d3a189794f783a5800a9David Zbarsky — Bug 583533 - Implement AccessKeyLabel attribute r=smaug, ui-review=faaborg
8e28c411fa29e0f6d516a37212049292ec2b52b8Dão Gottwald — merge backout
8a2a290dde536934584e9d7d40799f7ede269296Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 7ad075ec023b
6e1d2285060e7129396f8301911c45883af044f5Dão Gottwald — merge backout
a7f6b1a38cd354b3c15b8d9534fc50b6b9242014Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 2878f506066a
7b25f48cc21b96ac723ca5696cad4b19afee0da3Robert Longson — Bug 672519 - dominant-baseline applied multiple times for tspan. r=dholbert
2878f506066adb2dfd2e40d5198ab7b49e9f825bJustin Lebar — Bug 673467 - Part 2. Fix test. r=smaug
7ad075ec023b75870c64935cc9134664e016b167Justin Lebar — Bug 673467 - Part 1. Don't create an extra SHEntry for dynamically-added iframes. r=bz
b4165ae3685fe40eebc894ec68e2b86e7aa785cfGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 667075 - Use nsIRandomGenerator instead of querying SQLite. r=dcamp
d108ca6c87fd7705b8c2620a7c58890a4fa091caPaul ADENOT — Bug 577872 - Create WebM versions of Ogg reftests. r=kinetik
50895f8c1f509998f352d3b4b4ac29f2ee9dbedeJeff Walden — Bug 607371 - Throw an exception when an excessively large arguments array is passed to Function.prototype.apply, rather than silently passing only the maximum number of supported elements. Silently treating the array as smaller than it actually is is prone to silent errors; throwing an exception is immediate and obvious. r=luke
d348b8363534157bb0bd6866f607dcd850c91545Jeff Walden — Bug 568663 - Always append bytes to arrays using increments guaranteed to be substantially below the maximum function argument count. r=honzab
375dba36b8606ff4200f3d34295d621b3325f7c6Jeff Walden — Bug 674775 - Implement js::IndexToString to get a JSString corresponding to a uint32_t. r=luke
b48fab587b8454c9d75c065ae4abd6c7487d96f9Marty Rosenberg — Bug 674143 - Change jsval tag representation; change ARM mjit backend to test tags using a single comparison (r=dvander,luke)
e931fb581aeebf27ac80e5205641322d74f7cb15Luke Wagner — Bug 673473 - Remove off-main-thread JSRuntime use in GetKeyPathValueFromStructuredData (r=bent)
a59a63155ea83cc8bbd212b50e6b5ede26b4372dOleg Romashin — Bug 672697 - Use nsTextEvent for rendering text coming from QInputMethodEvent r=jeremias
9e084a7e9cee253106bbcfd31aea419ed464c8cfLandry Breuil — Bug 674324. Remove leftover references to HAVE_CPP_MEMBER_TEMPLATES/HAVE_CPP_NUMERIC_LIMITS
c5defc5009257db43b0f637da0af8902181fac5dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 675267. Remove some target arguments from nsEventListenerManager APIs, since we have a perfectly good mTarget. r=smaug
185e9d01a1ec3fcc33e9907629db418814a957e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 672014. Pass the crossorigin attribute through to image preloading code. r=joe,hsivonen
baeed07e6d01b3805e22f4a3d443d1c441f875bfBoris Zbarsky — Merge backout of rev f5aecf9010ef (bug 672014)
32e4025287391650ca1c252e43edf444c6684cd7Boris Zbarsky — Back out changeset f5aecf9010ef (bug 672014) due to build bustage.
ec66137aed052c35c4f4c34e38553e8666449cfaJared Wein — Bug 481082. Video controls listen for stalled event and change the UI accordingly. r=dolske
37dcfd002ab043d7bfd4e266db9e88809ce059fcjulian reschke — Fix bug 672079: single quotes are not delimiters inside the Link header field, r=bzbarsky
e11c69bb7f5f3827e0034f5707fa7d0a57834ec0Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 669863. Update libpng to version 1.4.8. r=joe
88329c72d50c0efb428bc8ea8b73451e71fd6599Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 624133. Followup to libpng 1.4.7 update to avoid generating some unnecessary code. r=joe
f5aecf9010ef87e171a66dbfc32a0450fd6ec3a1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 672014. Pass the crossorigin attribute through to image preloading code. r=joe,hsivonen
f7faf44371d165ded8cc8aad8eca37a8ab08a205Boris Zbarsky — Bug 671453. Fix use of [implicit_jscontext] with non-quickstubbed setters. r=mrbkap
3e1a241057399e2357a261b3c491cd8fd231fbc7Luke Wagner — Fix 22134b2abde4 for non-JS_THREADSAFE builds (r=burning)
7487eb60b55c21438aafe03878286e1752829d65Luke Wagner — Bug 672971 - Remove SetSafeJSContext (r=bz,bent)
22134b2abde43270575beddcb287f5037f74b62bLuke Wagner — Bug 669617 - Fix debug-only null-deref in JS_IsRunning (r=igor)
984e656becec82ca202aafa9361bbac74ed247adJustin Lebar — Bug 664659 - Fix about:memory image reporters. r=joe
32b8eb4569b7cebc359706ffc10a6925b1e6287fNick Fitzgerald — Bug 674283 - Add source map urls to JSScript. r=jorendorff.
10cb6aeef3859a6aac439039f3074b5b15c05dd5Matt Brubeck — Bug 672411 - Calculate the viewport height correctly for non-scalable pages [r=wesj]
691c76a1a4559b8acab01b8ec50ce206b3d2047fNigel Babu — Bug 672444 - Remove unused variable 'oldValue' in nsMathMLmpaddedFrame::UpdateValue; r=karlt
9517e7652dece18e35e0643ff93bc49c8540d40cKyle Huey — Backed out changeset 030c419226ed
030c419226ed013199d59b9049c7e2e09e933f04Kyle Huey — Bug 674284: Add nsTArray::SizeOf. r=bsmedberg
2cdff940a6c86f817688cfb2ceb0779400bd34ceKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
d0978a2e87fd099e51cc04df3fdb21d7647f2f2cRafael Ávila de Espíndola — bug 672501 - pass MOZ_OPTIMIZE_LDFLAGS when checking for __thread support. r=ted
3a7ad3683fbf476c7fc1dfae3bf4985402f04deeRafael Ávila de Espíndola — bug 673789 - Fix Breakpad compilation on OS X 10.7 SDK by #ifdefing out PPC support when targeting 10.7. r=ted
6953340878aaaab11a6c5a39d2852f31e284868eJeff Hammel — Bug 659881 - mismatch during build due to build/;r=ted
64b12627b7f4519d8527689049dd4e875abd76fbKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
fe8ed0ca8c2acffc9b3ef2d61f7158d1e2fc9fc9Kyle Huey — Sync in-tree and user-repo versions of
f92e021f1f44f0d15b109a47453a7fad5e449f08ABE Hiroki — Bug 673197 Followup to restore accidentally deleted single quotes r=Neil
da7801acfbdb5babfbcde6c5ef967ff5731f2d45Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
499ac3d7582b7ddca5fed1ea3148fad6ae293c21Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
e2e7b2275adedd033a0e2dd677002e402529994fRob Campbell — Bug 674229 - Repeat bubbles in Web Console are too close to the Source Link; r=dao,mihai.sucan,ddahl
7dfbf51f63c5091aa6753833148e2277dcce3a61ithinc — Bug 655550 - Persisted tab attribute gets lost after restart twice [r=zpao]
c43da82198f150c13fffd2629b98cf005d7826d0Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 626017 - Name functions in NetworkPrioritizer.jsm [r=gavin]
109894baf0c73c3ed0caf8d56b68354c879106dbAlastair Robertson — Bug 644998 - Session should not be restorable after clearing history, r=zpao/gavin
3efdbc58a094aad6137e5caf93d5cede268b8f40Neil Rashbrook — Bug 675179 nsJSContext::ExecuteScript failes to report pending exceptions r=bz
040446311029ece2ace17f12210364f400ee55a7Dão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - Declare variable in browser_bug586574.js in order to not leak the assigned DOM node
6845d4b46d7ac8d8ee8d9663ab460bd60c091486ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave19
e9be8677a7ae094706eb0fb598f7ca3bc3bb78f8Cameron McCormack — Bug 479352 - Hide mochitest results table if MOZ_HIDE_RESULTS_TABLE=1 is set. (v4) r=jmaher, a=testonly
60617a76c65c144d6fb251b152a28941343b5d49Oleg Romashin — Bug 672697 - Use nsTextEvent for rendering text coming from QInputMethodEvent r=jeremias
92891e9bb9c5a955edfde456bb36f042dbc49e70Jeremias Bosch — Bug 673397 - Paste Support of Fennec's Qt Port is broken due to Qt Update r=romaxa
c8a0de7179e0722f24eee8251f16944036971cd4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 671466 Prevent persistence of disabled state of 'Try Again' button on error pages r=bz
8fb752f5e1fa3fa01b206e435bc79835bcb78644Henri Sivonen — Bug 482909 part 2 - Implement an HTML/SVG/MathML sanitizer independently of parsers or serializers. r=bzbarsky.
6e4e476f00772e57fbdb453ef61e6e753fe982feMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
880d9e9ab428fd331658b14c2c1d05a6fe3a41d0Marco Bonardo — Bug 674578 - Support resizer[dir="bottomstart"].
f839abc8f1503c22dbe2183ee568fae277f05b9dMarco Bonardo — Bug 674862 - nsResizerFrame may deanchor panels.
acd21e50bd12c9a3260ad64848d80ed34ed25295Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 564667: Allow bootstrapped add-ons to have chrome URLs. r=dtownsend, sr=bsmedberg
c1a6e33244953b6ed858e59c36bc01363d4c2aeeBoris Zbarsky — Merge backout of changeset 489b47df5c6e (bug 666863)
c3927ccc3b7b3496075cd6a0f09f1cc95c5a20d5Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 489b47df5c6e (bug 666863) because it doesn't compile on Windows.
a7260d755392e526286d133345198721ece27ddcDavid Volgyes — Bug 673154 - Use nsAutoArrayPtr for SoundDataValue allocations to simplify ownership. r=cpearce
b5705468f96f474a06527e0f549b3c17ef91afdbMatthew Gregan — Bug 672755 - Add memory reporters for decoded video and audio queues. r=cpearce r=joe
799636ad8a0dabd78cb7e5070a09fe28739c29adTrevor Saunders — bug 428657 a11y shouldn't use winable.h r=davidb f=marcoz
489b47df5c6e91a8adec0afd421f154aac8e1ffeTrevor Saunders — bug 666863 - a11y name space part 1 wrap states name space in mozilla::a11y r=surkov
79bba9b9beb59387204000f3313fee44c88a415aTrevor Saunders — bug 673403 - check return of GetParent() and rename to Parent() r=surkov
f5f1e38225404126875f536c2875ca6a70150bcaMarco Bonardo — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
74a4b995cfe95fde5d2a842dbca5168ad265ec90L. David Baron — Make hypothetical box calculation consider types that are inline-outside rather than just inline. (Bug 505706) r=bzbarsky
eaf738a0e1b331e72aad1941425860af311c9824Luke Wagner — Bug 668915 - JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer shouldn't require a 'cx' (r=bent,jorendorff)
567a0c458ae00e8002368e0ea8eace49141924d6Tim Abraldes — Bug 581697 - During processing of NS_SIZEMODE events, skip the call to `::ShowWindow` if we're restoring a window that is already restored; r=jmathies
524a9852f99ff258b965a0bc29391dd32923629aDaniel Holbert — Merge last green mozilla-central changeset to mozilla-inbound
ac34cb0bb08561094a713ec75f23fa11b510b82fLuke Wagner — Backout 2e0fea2cbd9b for windows linker lameness
dbe9a61e0b2ce656e7721bb26c64109094c8997dJason Orendorff — Bug 674618 - Eliminate warnings on Mac introduced by rev ba2bdf497934 (././js-confdefs.h:110:1: warning: "__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS" redefined). r=jimb.
bc6e0d196a2471c6eff8fc34dacb0a46de55364darno renevier — Bug 674965: simplify .error selectors in viewsource.css r=mrbkap
ea96c36c83e1277d4b12c8d0e583dc756b38d5a9Ed Morley — Bug 674541 - Test for DOM Worker Threads XHR (in dom/src/foo/) is still generated when using --disable-tests; r=khuey
4f686c29a28e84a072f0a45460f3b9409fa09714Daniel Holbert — Bug 669412: Remove spammy 'before 438272, after 438272, break 057ff000' printf that clutters up fennec test logs. rs=bent
2e0fea2cbd9bb8e05e227828a63f5c0bb2d423e9Luke Wagner — Bug 668915 - JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer shouldn't require a 'cx' (r=bent,jorendorff)
d146b9c0f92eef4292dcae584557d98bac68c0bbJeff Muizelaar — Bug 674003. D2D: Fix premultiplying to only premultiply the color components. r=bjacob
6591070ab0162324eaf587eb64dfba5f1e2ed6d8Martin Rosenberg — Bug 673314: Enable generation of multiply instructions on ARM. r=adrake
35bd1513465d4e0d22a883ee72f6fcecc1950206Wes Johnston — Bug 673206 - Don't resize content windows whent he keyboard is shown. r=vingtetun
7cb0b8e0951fc3c017f2b982c3e7b6a8860fee1bWes Johnston — Bug 674275 - Implement AsyncPromptAuth for mobile. r=mfinkle
5a0b3bee1f8ae617beb5d23e8c69b6a233769dd6Wes Johnston — Bug 673037 - Allow selecting text in frames. r=mfinkle
e0c9fca2f500331658650baad2dc31dbaff5cfbaEhsan Akhgari — Bug 674558 - Implement the HTML5 selectionDirection property for text controls (input and textarea); r=bzbarsky
f0ba9194d7ba3802bdf30179095a818241de1db9Bob Clary — Bug 674952 - Remove Sisyphus from mozilla-central, a=npotb
02d8eaab6cd3c0dfe33720dfc5342b68a0cf20edJoel Maher — Bug 674315 - move test_clear_site_data.html to mochitest-chrome. r=dolske, a=test-only
aa9db005872678b9b7bb72e1927195e0b1f8aa69Joel Maher — Bug 674319 - move test_bug391728.html to mochitest-chrome. r=mossop, a=test-only
de3002d94566bc6a6e064781119d65b99fc922f7Joel Maher — Bug 674321 - port docshell_helpers.js to SpecialPowers, r=jgriffin, a=test-only
cef1817c3b13bcb5065b721a35dee94a2940e339Frank Yan — Bug 674732 - followup: remove unnecessary null check. r=dao
5fc7b3f0bae67ba77280328388d55a58bf96370cFrank Yan — Bug 674732 - Re-support tab duplication/bookmarking via ctrl/opt+drag. r=dao
5bd0acd3230871f83f199c555ee050d854ea9f32Frank Yan — Bug 674847 - Make tooltip suppression during tab drag not fragile. r=dao
bc1a1ecbb82e620f31e3e7dedd3b1d78bf951565Doug Turner — Bug 675126 - Logic error in AddWindowListener which prevents all window listeners from being added r=dougt
372138c61ddbe93281bc309939f80e01293940d3Alexander Surkov — Bug 674943 - treeupdate/test_doc.html fails to run, r=marcoz
17f46aef3c27b53f39d99907fbaef4c40f244384Alexander Surkov — Bug 674934 - treeupdated/test_contextmenu.xul fails to run, r=marcoz
610a87107911a8221bbb53c3c765624c741101dcAlexander Surkov — Bug 674930 - events/test_tree.xul fails to run, r=marcoz
3a78019c34e596348c52472a00bd17c68236c34fAlexander Surkov — Bug 672912 - Some accessibility tests scroll window, r=tbsaunde
dd7d71277a15b7f485c42499a1699d0ca41a5e78Michal Novotny — Bug 673808 - _CACHE_MAP_ is storing nsDiskCacheRecord structs with uninitialized data containing bits of Fx memory
6fd3e4c0082dd2e8eff2efa5a935ba3d1ccd9b99Benoit Jacob — Bug 674042 - WebGL: crash in getUniformLocation with too long uniform identifiers - r=jrmuizel
267ada59f86f2a956fb16756356035a9a3e9ccd0Jeffrey Gilbert — Bug 674731 - WebGL/ANGLE interop with D3D layers requests incorrect extension - r=bjacob
45caaf30e1feb0ade08eb50bea386e9f8098dfe5Olli Pettay — Bug 674658 - nsDOMEventTargetWrapperCache fails to unlink inherited fields, r=bent
83129d0d4abeb704dd1f8261f082273c4040c710Josh Aas — Bug 674240: Update NPAPI headers to npapi-sdk r12. r=bgirard
ac0fe0533586e0470dce181d2f3fd5d9ace50170Mike Hommey — Bug 674910 - Statically link against libstdc++ on Android. r=blassey
150b7109ac0108feeaf43a031c9ec556b49f8c2bGavin Sharp — merge m-c to fx-team
84a573a54dd7cdc3a7a93afd4425d7ba2a4fa309Tim Taubert — Bug 674929 - assignment to undeclared variable in browser_tabview_undo_group.js; r=ehsan DONTBUILD
27a921f53d73fbf22f2ddb3df81b118a0ce53e54Rob Campbell — Bug 674562 - Web Console windows don't close on osx; r=mihai.sucan
2bf2c0cc8d437005ded970ac5ddeb8445e659d2bTim Taubert — Backout bug 626455 (changeset 37d01a2d846c) for random timeouts
17dba83d4bda481f8904baae0d90d56b26c2253aJustin Dolske — Bug 674781 - Simplify adding new entries to Services.jsm. r=gavin
cb760f485af02006e96439c39d3eed9abcdbc76cRaymond Lee — Bug 671809 - Cmd+shift+F shortcut doesn't work while in Panorama r=tim
7083160f09ac7ce4bf0a8bac5fad4ed46520ca80Tim Taubert — Bug 673804 - followup: fix typo. r=me DONTBUILD
37d01a2d846c513790a2b403ac31c8a52902c215Tim Taubert — Bug 626455 - modal dialog in onbeforeunload: browser freeze after removing last tab group in panorama; r=dietrich
978b92a67b6f030efbfa80f3032223723b3adfa6Tim Taubert — Bug 673804 - Utils.trace() fails since Panorama uses ES5 strict mode; r=dao
bf28f53f87119440a748ef658986e4fdc1758ae9Justin Dolske — Bug 671078 - Add Telemetry to Services.jsm. r=mossop
a2690a2d62700382b5d5987cc28f3cbdcb8eb4dbRob Campbell — Bug 636538 - Remove xul: prefixes in createElementNS calls in HUDService.jsm; r=ddahl
fe060dc4ee3d4d795387616a2c72be9189eb9946Mike Ratcliffe — Bug 660606 - Highlighter should allow registration of developer tools; r=rcampbell,dolske
eee7a94c44e20510e8002af43fc3719d2154feb7Rob Campbell — Bug 579909 - Move WebConsole code to browser; f=nfitzgerald r=dtownsend,ddahl,
0ffeb8ce63f141c411738954f90cb6807c24e056Paul O’Shannessy — Followup to bug 670040 - update comment to reflect new usage. DONTBUILD
b7fef95c4eaf538fc21409a58da2efdf1afbf1daPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 668865 - Store _scheme & _host in _serializeHistoryEntry [r=dietrich]
2a797b4b48fdb9b2843d57772846e58d1940d8bcMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central on a CLOSED TREE to fix Android permaorange
f7c8248747d6aa876546628d2b8bac5896ac2d39Mike Hommey — Bug 674837 - Properly set android build options on NDK5+. r=ted
c2ab7a1d1350ee8161cb0913212d42e74f6749daJosh Matthews — Bug 674436 - Relax message listener restrictions to allow callable proxies. r=smaug
f5272524806b57bc5740419989e2f57a3855d596Jason Duell — Bug 670911: Skip reset of NTFS ACLs when renaming file w/o changing directory. r=bsmedberg, sr=neil
85efefa85d5f0446cfe006f44fb782f976081eb8Jason Duell — Bug 670911 Cache slow to clear after crash: rename to *.Trash in same directory to avoid NTFS ACL reset. r=michal
fe48bbfeff94149e79f1e126ae6dfeed42e88d65Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
979276ce6056d5019f1536ca561f849826450b58Henri Sivonen — Bug 672081 - Stop feeding chardet when seeing an actionable late charset <meta>. r=bzbarsky.
4c1c8236bac9c2d9dc91a38359bb3b129ec5c469Makoto Kato — Bug 606473 - Enable plugin hooks once WindowsDllInterceptor supports 64-bit. r=bsmedberg
b7dadbf1e90d9a9d1d91b683328ced8b05b42a71Dão Gottwald — merge backout
b63623583daf64c29701e3f09fd270752ed07a53Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 3d3f25a67e24
eb3104102c016823f9490ab010299dc847d43aaaMike Hommey — Bug 674467 - Keep around when elfhack test fails. r=ted
53d255c0cd348c21f6aa239e114bc62ba50d4a2bMike Hommey — Bug 673460 - Unbreak build for GNU/Hurd and GNU/kFreeBSD (since they don't have libossaudio). r=ted
895aeb0f1b4565a6da1fab639f76bab3bfd49c1bMike Hommey — Bug 671804 - Provide NS_APP_PREF_DEFAULTS_50_DIR and NS_APP_PREFS_DEFAULTS_DIR_LIST in xpcshell dir provider. r=bsmedberg
366a1e04921c7be323023463ec4763bc1b2e3b22Mike Hommey — Bug 671798 - Always load $gre/defaults/pref prefs. r=bsmedberg
b774154497e1836160006eecbc837409cb2b43dbMike Hommey — Bug 550659 - Resolve the xulrunner path when it is a symbolic link in the xulrunner stub. r=bsmedberg
f8cc3b22850294f2ab3f170defd8013524a65198Brad Lassey — bug 636042 - All fonts are serif, give preference to stock android fonts r=jdaggett
6298f984ef2cda23f3baa896c2e3e998a7a69abfGinn Chen — Bug 673862 - Fix compile of nsWifiScannerSolaris.cpp. r=jones.chris.g.
6e4459932781a74adc5a6bb7c11bc4c0fee3e64bGinn Chen — Bug 673865 - WebGLContextGL.cpp failed to compile with Solaris Studio. r=bjacob.
f28edbb721b8fe7ca252b8c218836290b4a0ae43Ginn Chen — Bug 674469 - Add -xarch=sse2 flag for *SSE2.cpp with Solaris Studio compiler. r=khuey.
d243ecaed4adec211af7f8fd2d309efa1bb48fcdGinn Chen — Bug 665509 - Firefox in dist/bin failed to load any webpage on Solaris after Bug 552864. r=mh+mozilla
1ae32abc30cd901354a19e8d5253e00e53386532Ginn Chen — Bug 673850 - Fix YARR with Solaris Studio compiler. r=dmandelin.
45750d4529d95b4c9ed92589cfc1b7aeb0536653Dão Gottwald — Bug 619930 - Change the back/forward buttons tooltips to inform users about the history menu. r=gavin ui-r=faaborg
7c43296e7545721e760bddc02c172b977ed752b0Jason Orendorff — Bug 637985 - Reimplement watchpoints using a JSObject bit. r=jimb.
cad13a541e30cf92a387dc584f08e5e4ea6d0f30Jason Orendorff — Bug 651940 - When hashing a jsid, assert that js_CheckForStringIndex(id) == id. r=Waldo.
967794e38c94e48460f6dffc679a383836be9475Jim Mathies — Bug 626975 - Trap Google Earth out-of-process messages destined for plugin instances. Prevents spurious incalls on the browser which violate our rpc rules. r=bent
7fe1746564a74c17935c466143ea32af66dc3e70Chris Pearce — Bug 622059 - Remove randomly video poster-14.html reftest. There's no way to reliably test this! r=kinetik
8d309b30299ae09724cf7d436a5bbb8922515776Benoit Girard — Bug 674230 - Rename qcms pref; r=jmuizelaar
3d3f25a67e2418d8989844870bbee849976e3f5aJosh Matthews — Bug 674436 - Relax message listener restrictions to allow callable proxies. r=smaug
26e80814276e521a4df7e70b50b9fb26605d1c5dBlake Kaplan — Bug 669228 - Don't use the dummy global as a real global. r=jorendorff
83535f44db38b2a5504a8b95fb1048b65659e1f8Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 674182. r=jst
efe0a1e0e936ba9cb8f0582080f186483627a2f6Blake Kaplan — Bug 673094 - Because " and > are weak LTR characters, we need to be more forceful in our attempts to have view-source be LTR. r=ehsan
2148365fbb7cf081d55dc61fcbdd4b5f448506c7Joe Drew — Bug 660090 - EGL: Track creation/allocation/valid status of textures; r=florian.haenel,romaxa
b5c330319eddbd8ccd017c145c57940d3be8f223Joe Drew — Bug 660090 - EGL: Allocate Texture in Constructor; r=florian.haenel,romaxa
86ff239e3948b71dc041981a2dfd5a97c05d12e0Benoit Girard — Bug 674230 - Add 'Add gfx.color_management.force_v4' pref; r=jmuizelaar
77305d8301519cde4f1b4f3a861d9cff41017e3eBenoit Girard — Bug 674230 - Merge from qcms github branch v4; r=jmuizelaar
467e3f707ca1cfea92f606aac44dd0fe9c34642bBill McCloskey — Bug 672687 - Fix rebasing mistake
dbefaf7244f1885b217e37e7f3716282b23b2ea8Bill McCloskey — Bug 672687 - Add more asserts for cross-compartment pointers in proxies (r=mrbkap)
ed434f4c233eee7090fb9b38229bdc1354f1555fBill McCloskey — Bug 673451 - Add getters and setters to make JS write barriers easier to implement (r=cdleary)
0737efca777e16746dd9435bad830164d3f2f5fdBill McCloskey — Bug 670205 - Preserve JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL in ContextHolder::ContextHolder (r=gal)
169712c5c68b0d32744e101c0fca0776e8650c4fLuke Wagner — Bug 667535 - Remove xpcom/proxy use in netwerk/wifi (since this can lead to off-thread scripted QI) (r=dougt)
4df55cccaff4f51644b422dc4f87d40637cfb217Neil Rashbrook — Bug 667962 Try to make jemalloc build with gmake as well as pymake r=khuey
7bc488fc53a3c20fdee16a0903ceec6da19f0685Neil Rashbrook — Bug 673197 Enable jemalloc on VC8/9 express r=khuey
ec7ad3a1de609ecb1f252660ecf3c5790e9bdb79Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 673382: Update NSPR to NSPR_4_8_9_BETA4, which includes the fixes for
425d3bbf99e6e31d19bb852207d02cc79c779dc2Ian Neal — Bug 674893 - Expung Makefiles that no longer exist from rs=build
fec9d1d409cfce9a31435f2717df03cfeb7abc37Frank Yan — Bug 455694 - followup: forgot to remove call to removed function. r=me
d066929dd830e4f101dc1ab0a60ef7c3c6652a56Frank Yan — Bug 455694 - followup: fix typo. r=me DONTBUILD
a627b24e684e36c19f2810e5b28cd140c6b62bbdMs2ger — Backout bug 673197, bug 667962 (changesets 83ef35b794ce and 370bcc140023) for winopt bustage
370bcc14002338d95adb1dd0b23b9d8b20a902e6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 667962 Try to make jemalloc build with gmake as well as pymake r=khuey
83ef35b794cef985974f9e74682d030547ace9a3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 673197 Enable jemalloc on VC8/9 express r=khuey
47a266e0a4bd479ff1310aeebe1035f901390b1dKai Engert — Bug 662557, OCSP validation errors are wrongly reported as SEC_ERROR_NO_MEMORY errors from CERT_PKIXVerifyCert, backout debug patch, r=bsmith
15be41bf71506b983139ddc0ed59e77222afc4b1Benoit Jacob — Bug 674074 - about:memory blank in presence of WebGL contexts - r=njn
533f49000a9ef6ab41bd806fea8c5f1ecdb02059Benoit Jacob — Bug 667222 - In texSubImage2D, check that the update format matches the existing texture - r=jrmuizel
c6332731227be3c2cb4cf7a482abbbda2b68a35aBenoit Jacob — Bug 668743 - ANGLE fails to load on WinXP after upgrade from r653 to r686 - r=jrmuizel
32c49de2fe07316a6a6e60da2ff9c26cddf3da87Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
da50621162f38bf00c3c0815e8e8346b12bf8908Tom Schuster — Bug 616744 - Add GetElement PIC for arguments objects r=dvander
6b7ac58e6e962e658305db2bdcbaad3b35d3fb46Andrei Kurushin — Bug 665315 - OOPP Contextmenu loses messages; r=jmathies
6c9c2e013decc70308333fae23caed5a8ead945fMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
69913a1505dfca87506c910636a98a749d294d90Paolo Amadini — Bug 653261 - Add a function to format the date and time displayed in the Download Manager. r=sdwilsh sr=mconnor
e6ce4fc82ffc96d742afcb7aa28869da98dd5b14Scott Ruff — Bug 649525 - WebGL layer compositing through the BasicCanvasLayer is very slow (desktop version). r=jmuizelaar
a774533fbbf132611743f93fd13c396e35b4c8c1Jeff Walden — Bug 674207 - Assertion attempting to convert the value of the 'it' property in the shell to a primitive. r=luke
54b8ca3b0c7ac0ab4c8c48909f5f9c9aeb28d488Tom Schuster — Bug 652771 - Update Unicode character support for space categorization, also somewhat for uppercase and lowercase (although these will only be fully fixed in followup bugs). r=jwalden. Further (lumped together to address interdependencies): Bug 672760 - Don't pass the EOF non-character to any of the Unicode character-categorization functions. r=jwalden
0d37af9e506f6eaa1a8e7c627ccb0335becc0d9aBrad Lassey — bug 674245 - App crashes when device switches its orientation from portrait to landscape and reversal for several times r=dougt
38e2e8f4b0b2792de83342d39af50436d7f8bbeaDoug Turner — Bug 673674 - Fennec freezes when viewing a non .txt file from disk. Mime handler was returning a valid type when it clearly didn't know. r=blassey
4d170faf61228cd902a53c6ba5719a70fef91639Michael Wu — Bug 671417 - Incorrect use of PRBool when other types are more appropriate or vice versa, r=bz,ehsan,dwitte,joe,vlad,luke,mak,roc
6eca6c29e2c044628640c2f978ef27d53d65461cMichael Wu — Bug 668133 - Add telemetry probes for font enumeration, r=jtd
35f95308fa08d107745783d58bd552c09daf8418Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 673382: Update NSS to NSS_3_12_11_BETA1, which includes the fixes for
e4c8a1e7b373742e7cafbf2d55b0e45a6ba60e26Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
685b3762558c91d19580dc295e54c43a7138f911Chris Pearce — Bug 664341 - Specify media decoder's thread stack size. r=kinetik
c56067ea79887064167c21a7110b2becefe5be45Chris Pearce — Bug 664341 - Provide API to specify thread stack size. r=bsmedberg
b6937b8ba51ba950a45c767cef0245f4bb8cfff1Jeff Walden — Bug 673647 - Explicitly identify which bits in JSObject::flags are available for new uses. r=dvander
14e7c0070059d9bfb0223f70708adaa9244424ffBlake Kaplan — Bug 673503 - Make sure the prototype here is in the right compartment. r=wmccloskey
4c4e8ff069b964746be865f0ebdaf159ecc31f30Han Chang — Bug 640629 - Move timer declaration instances to prevent premature garbage collection from occuring and wiping out the timer instances before they get a chance to fire. r=jdm,gavin
53401a5a9a304f8362385244f805f165f0964401Matt Brubeck — Back out f57324fe25c9 (Bug 673467) because of mochitest-1 failures
f312978b8b05bd75f105c138492577d94a781a3dFabien Cazenave — Bug 620319 - crash [@ nsHTMLEditor::GetInlinePropertyBase] if !aAttribute; r=ehsan
f6545ec92d4cd6c2bfd835cf6abd74676bfb19adFabien Cazenave — Bug 620283 - crash [@ nsHTMLEditor::RemoveStyleInside] if !aAttribute; r=ehsan
2c58da20a79a6cd0903653623e17641c21aaf707Taras Glek — Bug 673727: Report sqlite waiting on/off main thread via telemetry r=mak
a82beacfb5e32fbb8df121313e4cf8f1159e0d3eEd Morley — Bug 670338 - Add double overload to NSToIntRound to stop build warnings; r=roc
10601c08fc3010b61af16ddfbb3fdd0e50487da0Ed Morley — Bug 670111 - Add double overloads to NSToCoord(Round|Floor|Ceil|Clamped) to stop numerous build warnings; r=roc
d035ba160ce04d056864d14d9ada99bc16b58138Fabien Cazenave — Bug 460740 - [contentEditable] invalid results when pressing Enter in a bunch of different cases; r=ehsan
5ec41b0085be9afd358acfd9ff5ea0be37c4a067Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 672313 - class declared in one namespace and defined in another; r=bent,khuey
a7da303efe284ca2089876bcd63fd5d85dbe2abbstefanh — Bug 553992 - No focus rings for buttons in download manager, places window and the update dialog. r=dao.
ba2bdf49793445c53c80a0e0b3d77f3147b71462Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 673556 - Make sure that C limits macros are defined on over-zealous compilers; r=khuey
91aa25a681a5b9b1a22565bd1e6445d701d4dbc0Felipe Gomes — Bug 667077 - Add atob/btoa to frame scripts. r=smaug
862f7431e744bf4c418de9c85d8ea78100d947f0Igor Bukanov — bug 673760 - keep ArenaHeader::compartment until the GC finishes. r=anygregor
2429a81db4262271ee9759918e71995595a9df42Boris Zbarsky — Bug 667818. When computing cookie expiration times, watch out for division by unsigned PR_USEC_PER_SEC screwing things up. r=dwitte
e3ae6cf9af13300c7d79acad68b430645dfcfeacEhsan Akhgari — Backout bug 670205 and bug 673451 because of build bustage
cdad0b82ec9004da96252f41d972163caacaa7dbRob Arnold — Bug 656320: don't delete properties if the delProperty op says not to, r=jorendorff
a0d99d0ee00ea544ec36d61ca1ff65097e288901Bill McCloskey — Bug 673451 - Add getters and setters to make JS write barriers easier to implement (r=cdleary)
7df23b0d64d9f0dada97d6e5a68af37bf5e69aa4Bill McCloskey — Bug 670205 - Maintain JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL in ContextHolder::ContextHolder (r=gal)
15169b105052458355f2e66dbe8148b3f41d5c74Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
624d57aab356aa1395542c976f05d4a69c1a6e83Jonathan Kamens — Bug 489202 - selection moves to top when html containing meta, link, or style elements is pasted or inserted; r=ehsan
73c9ed9aa8f0289fbb4a7eff29a9a49314309e04Hannes Verschore — Bug 673066: Check for GOTOX in processing source notes, r=dvander
2e6cc100d034173b2745990b2e1d8a4f85eda95fMats Palmgren — Test text-overflow:ellipsis on table-cell. b=nobug r=test-only
e8c0816b6fe7d9fdb2255968aacb2dce0f162c47Mats Palmgren — Bug 672810 - ctrl+shift+arrow should extend selection in multiselectable listbox (HTML select). r=bzbarsky
2676a94cee76a00bab3dd92e4d4924d07d02a8aaBernd — Bug 642088 - Subtract the caption height and vertical margins from the available height before reflowing the inner table frame. r=bzbarsky
f57324fe25c98471f898dd76fa7d92d6b3e3443aJustin Lebar — Bug 673467 - Don't create an extra SHEntry for dynamically-added iframes. r=bz
80b410d518e642c3bb5ac4f107c3a9b287d61025malek — Bug 522796 - Implement NPN_SetException for remote plugins, r=bsmedberg
5381d0941c10609ca03e60a1da4a5e348e0dcc64Josh Matthews — Bug 673472 - Avoid adding multiple copies of device motion listeners. r=dougt
99759e926c5f52ba62df16c78d5e580f135c8784Josh Matthews — Bug 674069 - Add missing self reference. r=ted
735e1dc41b4464502ae741c7b1d0b18daf3b4176Brendan Eich — Oops, forgot the test for bug 588061.
42b1ad712868d18ff250815354692e549adf92d3Marc Wegner — Bug 526802 - Add about:crashes to the Troubleshooting Information page. r=dao ui-r=faaborg
acb5043ab50c075576a3aee819d3cc6d112679c9Asaf Romano — Bug 670463 - PlacesAggregatedTransaction arrays prevent chrome windows from being destroyed. r=mak
048afee8ae1e8008154b615c93693851531c057dFrank Yan — Bug 455694 - followup: forgot to remove unneeded selector. r=me
956bc17951c2f645c436a4100826e643482e465dFrank Yan — Bug 455694 - Animate tab reordering & detaching. r=dolske ui-r=limi
9d4e815ae581d4bb8d5042c3768a377b0766eb0aFrank Yan — Bug 455694 - Animate tab reordering & detaching: Places changes. r=mak
59aa79bfa11d35b6f090a8e1d0a78dd836001a48Daniel Holbert — Bug 670542 patch 3: Workaround to make session restore work with principals that were serialized before this bug's IID rev. r=jst
bf75a52ec0faa835f934189d330b7875cf19447fDaniel Holbert — Bug 670542 patch 2: Rev iids of nsIURI & descendants. r=jst
5a6baeef6e1693359e7c6205ea9be1557fc7bcd1Daniel Holbert — Bug 670542 patch 1: Shift .ref-related additions to end of nsIURI.idl. r=jst
548d1cc025f2b173a558bce734bc0837659425a7Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
8e93d54b6a127a169cb5ef37c4b5f46fe808bd67Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
6673a9f31ca5304443ffcfd2ba0eeaa9148919acChenxia Liu — Bug 673309 - Differentiate error and success logs in filename. r=philikon
9d2e6f14492c9832f305a1ef4bd156da5451345dRichard Newman — Bug 673179 - Log Sync User-Agent at the start of each sync. r=philikon DONTBUILD
7648521ecb5aca73b583cdd1a4727b68e35df173Marina Samuel — Bug 671378 - Sync interval doesn't adjust after error during initial Sync on additional device. r=philikon
e02f888137e5b1e91a129d076d77399c2b0c1477Marina Samuel — Bug 668622 - Move sync at startup logic (autoConnect, etc.) to SyncScheduler. r=philikon
6f062884563c79f2fa6e3783bbd79d5910d360fbRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
1b97a39d92c1fd77b6470f2cb4e3cf137da835e8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 669913 - Viewing Sync quota blocks the entire Options window. r=rnewman
b45ce23c70d0f68db6c79716804db73b551237c4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 669913 - Viewing Sync quota blocks the entire Options window. r=rnewman
ff3bad5f1dd2d652bcccc741f6913280eafff477Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 669913 - Viewing Sync quota blocks the entire Options window. r=rnewman
23d79d41a5936ac81c94222da3ab001be598fc78Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; test-only
0a936ddb70e99b60653d6a1d2245f84f694aebb1Jim Mathies — Bug 618683 - Quirk the full screen focus fix landed in bug 608013 to silverlight. r=bsmedberg
ee09d7de0640207bf001e81d44bad6e7c990d1f4Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
17835995c2d2582ff11fa63def2d57b4ac064b69Paul ADENOT — Bug 634997 - no synthetic bolding on Android. r=jdaggett
7d8c3263c8d72e639ac0f4ee895784807274b7ffEd Morley — Bug 665541 - Remove unused instances of variable iface_info from xptcstubs_*.cpp; r=bsmedberg
00dcd122f9a7193dedeef3730ee7521be1b73a18Alex Pakhotin — Bug 673199 - Gecko Alert " Protocol not found:" after getting an update notification that a build is available
55cb2f1160896f083abbf3c10b7a713099561cabBoris Zbarsky — Bug 667336. Make sure we don't overflow unsigned int on item(). r=peterv
7b8b6cc5f662122b9412b7a2b62b2febd89a15c6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 652301. Show focus outlines on all but a blacklist of focusable things in HTML, not just on a whitelist of them. r=dbaron
137316b6e618f42e6f8611fe7385284c19ced40ePatrick McManus — backport 659324 664692 - prefix websocket as mozwebsocket, based on nossralf. r=sicking
7454890376fc06f88c92278c1bef3424042b7c77Justin Lebar — Bug 672731 - Followup to fix botched merge. Update the comment for UNITS_COUNT in nsIMemoryReporter. r=njn
bb92a1746f596f4be197ac9dfa9bd24d36f3423bMarco Bonardo — Bug 658242 - Search in bookmarks doesn't find javascript: bookmarks.
8160165dfcb4eb737137782361cdbf99c4cc2617Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 14.2 - reftest for Finnish patterns. r=smontagu
36b0535d391aba409a1e47d7df2b1be29ca16b6bJonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 14.1 - hyphenation patterns for Finnish. rs=smontagu
42021866fd19da2b64d29cde6cf62c0e6c34e7a2Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 13.2 - reftest for Lithuanian patterns. r=smontagu
933395076f6aa44363a407861625bcdfc49136efJonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 13.1 - hyphenation patterns for Lithuanian. rs=smontagu
3d3dfdfea2637ce7ad384147b38af53d141c9f64Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 12.2 - reftests for Norwegian patterns. r=smontagu
5c3321b765f2dbf1e65911b940bf7d9aa8b32aaeJonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 12.1 - hyphenation patterns for Norwegian Bokmål & Nynorsk. rs=smontagu
2dd668d3df1b3da64c9463bba88dcc4df88a5ff5Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 11.2 - reftest for Russian patterns. r=smontagu
2a80f17ae701bbd35f5819151127a2fd36858e79Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 11.1 - hyphenation patterns for Russian. rs=smontagu
35e88d9ac22df68577fc39831e8228b7c4ad9c7aJonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 9.2 - reftest for French patterns. r=smontagu
fb1ca60ec60b167d7bee7b9972f89153f48f2338Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 9.1 - add hyphenation patterns for French. rs=smontagu
1ad3b39977f14742622aefa82c12d240cae2bd22Chris Jones — Bug 669823: SetStatusWithContext() is reached. Defer deeper discussion about status handling to bug 617804. r=bsmedberg
de99c5ffafd0a31cd962d506d847b5d2f6607b23Jacek Caban — Bug 670912 - nptest_windows.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64 r=benjamin
ee078de32bbae5b80b9a10053796ead673a48b03Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6f72420d9852c6693b526f5f300b944042b028e8Jonathan Kew — bug 671385 - restore the recursive application of ForEachFontInternal to font names from preferences, to avoid breaking Fontconfig generics. r=jdaggett
f83df39873c7929979f33a9c4e39e68f515781e4Jonathan Kew — bug 672955 - prefer harfbuzz to core text backend for Thai OT fonts on OS X. r=jdaggett
d55e21854a5b5336e2ebbc0ad72b6e02bdd92abfMike Hommey — Bug 673921 - Make build/unix/ properly handle objdump addresses output. r=ted
767b0b274561803d97ad3f2accb153da4a0544b0Mike Hommey — Bug 673681 - Properly support --enable-system-ffi with static js (original patch by ojab). r=ted
820b809453428f161fce5cdb737a896e6a619df6Josh Matthews — Bug 661035 - Print frame script errors to stdout. r=smaug
121904a67387ba9e39fde833ce6052dcfff0f153Olli Pettay — Bug 625302 - Add JS API to trigger cycle collection (without garbage collection), r=jst
85b0cc81a189e7459097e670db25d10f236189e8Benoit Jacob — Bug 646825 - import ANGLE r702 - r=upstream
029dd90bd20e0ec47f5a4e83129d1ac1dbc6b5c4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 667512 - Do not return a bogus visual frame if we don't have any visual frames in reality; r=smontagu
c53ee19aeffa1ed8c0526973272e25e267494af7Olli Pettay — bug 335998, strong parentNode, r=peterv
982a5835fba1bddf72e64775a5601132bef77181Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7a21ce9c4482b70b59b81f89641f3d586ca0e7a0Michael Wu — Bug 671185 - Incorrect return of NS_ERROR_* codes in functions returning PRBool, r=mak,ehsan,taras,biesi,pike,khuey,dholbert,josh,bjacob,bsmith
95eda84ea6babca4d7d43e65db1bc803252431d8Michael Wu — Bug 664907 - Use MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT=symlink for omnijar builds, r=ted,Mitch
dd550792ca90e22ebf0ae463af9426bfcae07b22Michael Wu — Bug 664907 - Don't link to self when dealing with files in the object directory, r=khuey
d6fe12d237b0a4983494159bb57a605e2c0c494cMichael Wu — Bug 664907 - Move *.properties comment stripping to staging, r=khuey
e385a9429c3ae9796a84c07c590c5d07acabd0ffBen Turner — Bug 672086 - 'Workers: Recycle threads to prevent churn and stack recursion problems'. r=sicking.
f631e1b0e296cea2e5ced2ce86df0385ca5477deBen Turner — Bug 649537 - 'Workers: Make one OS thread and JS runtime per worker, and lose XPConnect'. r=sicking+mrbkap.
1d3b050ee50a6840ecaebb8f4b33e0d6399e0adeJezreel Ng — Bug 670084 - Separate content from presentation in about:memory. r=nnethercote.
a840cf51978aea30bc9c61a0e3827e80270cbe89Bill McCloskey — Bug 673625 - Add more assertions to check JSScript validity (r=dmandelin)
22b20e5dcdce2d7f9366bec9020c74ad0890f493Marco Castelluccio — Bug 635643. Remove nsIRegion, because it is a useless wrapper class. r=tnikkel
cd6bf87809e96b24a783a24a72374f418f2c4a42Josh Matthews — Bug 671960 - Prevent calling cairo functions on invalid surfaces through gfxASurface. r=joe,dougt,jmuizelaar
0b9909535cc05b7b670da5502733ca55a2b8f852Josh Matthews — Bug 674048 - Check the correct condition when setting a header on an XHR. r=sicking
167f6642efd4bb40ad5d33756b850db3d429095eFabien Cazenave — Bug 688599 - do not expand selection for deletion outside of the active editing host; r=ehsan
4c3f6e99461ea622cdf4a3a0abf6c758828576bbLuke Wagner — Bug 673068 - Tweak HitStackQuota call to placate stack sanity assertions (r=dvander)
714d30924fc518b8edb3c87a62165157e550be79Luke Wagner — Bug 672436 - StackIter should LeaveTrace (r=dvander)
ac0a6692cd04631d3cbf64f03836fb00a83e1123Patrick McManus — bug 648941 - close persistent connections when transitioning in/out of private browsing r=bz
9cdf76433248ee128f0bf5b894fbdb5ab0107789Gregory Szorc — Bug 673209 - check result of egrep during mozilla-config.h generation and abort on failure r=khuey
f8768a3e3a9f9c034e5b3909de1d216a15831e4cKarthik Mohanarangam — Bug 555086 - Change PluginModuleChild::AnswerPPluginInstanceConstructor to report errors correctly. r=cjones, push=jorendorff.
cdffe4f87f4a8b6d0e7ef86b1f790061a2e0a311Brian Birtles — Bug 670313 - Check range of instance time values when they are passed in; r=dholbert
8d53e0e13b6c4a99318ee51ae638bedbf37afc36Brian Birtles — Bug 669225 part 7 - Mark stack classes as such; r=dholbert
6dffbe5e1b5f810d3382f807b39ba41fff3a82ffBrian Birtles — Bug 669225 part 6 - Break dependencies sooner on unlink; r=dholbert
18fe08f69978099205f926fcc5643dc654f013e5Brian Birtles — Bug 669225 part 5 - Make sure other removal functors don't remove instance times that should be preserved; r=dholbert
41bf0a2805ab91201390de50ded3788a851838e2Brian Birtles — Bug 669225 part 4 - Make sure filtering of instance times doesn't remove the previous interval's end time; r=dholbert
244bc2ab60750640094f34e200c66680c866702dBrian Birtles — Bug 669225 part 3 - Add assertion to catch potentially problematic instance time deletion; r=dholbert
679e1ac7d846cc4935be7687e615ff7ba1874d95Brian Birtles — Bug 669225 part 2 - Preserve instance times that belong to intervals; r=dholbert
db9bf80216f83638125a212c357731be06fa9bc3Brian Birtles — Bug 669225 part 1 - Crash tests; r=dholbert
b7b52f1a5b8737b7df2133b253afd5afec7b05e8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 673291 - Show the keyboard with a magnifying glass instead of GO when in a search field. r=blassey,smaug
4a2758e01ea1605dd0cbe484df48d132f1ecfe19Andrew McCreight — Bug 658672 - Reduce size of cycle collector node and edge blocks. r=peterv
ff3401bfbf5907b99765b534260915cfeedf9f27Justin Lebar — Bug 657917 - Update nsIClassInfoImpl docs. r=peterv
504a1a927d39614c1a4577d93c27f94594280df5Olli Pettay — Bug 673806, unlink animation controller, r=dholbert
58c04967ac5b17af5a5e213ae144dbf820fc57faKyle Huey — Bug 673859: Don't overwrite the event's trusted flag in nsGenericElement::DispatchClickEvent. r=smaug
157a6ba83e8faa7b74ed93664bb5c49355110d8bKyle Huey — Bug 673940: Don't accidentally overwrite the environment's PYTHONPATH. r=ted
b410077eaab7f6f851ebefa26fd9e1df938026bbRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
a6ae7b82861d5758900e5e2fa848251972938501Rob Campbell — Bug 662807 - Error bubbles for multiline messages in console look silly; r=dao
f79f1ea87e2c02fc644383a96a4208d303232e5dTim Taubert — Bug 673104 - Use ES5 strict mode for Panorama; r=dao
e0cfefb424fe5bb9c6005a06ee02a8b82458ca4cTim Taubert — merge m-c into fx-team
ccb986bb04e172bfa9155743247aa7343cf5b422Paul Rouget — Bug 669656 - [highlighter] Once a node is locked, the highlighter should give a visual feedback; r=rcampbell,dao
87645ab8ab276d153a36564e3990f52ef0dedb05Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
6c5f3085166c0aa24f452698a577b835b23326d6Walter Meinl — Bug 670230 - [OS/2] missing includes in nsPluginInstanceOwner. r=daveryeo
26ac09ecc7dd453122d8635d4b8e9e009e9673d6Matt Woodrow — Bug 670573 - Add glTex(Sub)Image2D wrappers that correctly handle stride and alignment. r=derf
9b1a8e3b99aa11ffe89fe3a66b726105c70d8032Justin Lebar — Bug 672731 - Add UNITS_COUNT_CUMULATIVE to nsIMemoryReporter. r=njn
26d3e82605eb97e831b54539ccefd078fd51e182Matt Woodrow — Backed out changeset 39fef2383893
39fef23838930b8ceda359fd618e686a9e53d521Matt Woodrow — Bug 670573 - Add glTex(Sub)Image2D wrappers that correctly handle stride and alignment. r=derf
2d63d7fd35a010e9c4e63762eee4fd9d51921a4eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 671150 - Add memory reporter for the JS PropertyTable. r=brendan.
5e57dacf6ff172a3c157a79b26788c34f9e0f69eEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
9c8b0c5a55911a86601d8d4b1b463a6239e124d7arno renevier — Bug 561042 - remove http headers size limit. r=bz
6632abc4dd0a87e3e60678dae549efc277f9b8a7Adam Rosenfield — Bug 646748 - Use Launch Services to check if a file is executable on Mac OS X before checking file permissions; r=smichaud
3252ee5456ffa9fba6617e5fe3d00fc81e1dd515Paul ADENOT — Bug 599205 - Controls can show incorrect buffered range after media download finishes. r=kinetik
a1468bab336bda1c2932418dee68faeb55dba514Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 21e652a43924
21e652a439244a9e055f94ba721ed0428168a470Jezreel Ng — Bug 666611 - Do not set chunksize if less than 100MiB of storage is available. r=mak
e9bed4a8f86e3ba5fdccceb7d8669f03012ff799Joel Maher — Bug 666660 - convert mochitest plugin harness code to specialpowers. r=ted, a=test-only
0400eef097a0ee2a907dae61e182bbd35c598c51Joel Maher — Bug 666654 - split eventutils.js functions that are chrome only into chromeutils.js. r=ted, a=test-only
0f58aa05f18d58afeb223d5e5f1cad933b9fdc40Julian Reschke — Bug 666562. fix quoted-string unescaping in HTTP link header fields, r=bzbarsky
d55a80aae5a8289635ee4a7f69b53ef7959dd71bRobert Longson — Bug 671892 - Simplify a common filter number conversion pattern. r=dholbert
7a9c173b0898279ab4c645a31a96d102d43d1038Robert Longson — Bug 672055 - Use nsCharSeparatedTokenizer to parse number-optional-number attributes. r=dholbert sr=jonas
95cc67ff29031db56d663b085656067658ff1d2dJeff Walden — Diagnostic additions for debugging bug 568663. r=itsatest
baab0b0dd3a8de5f95de2214cf0b7275c80daa5fMounir Lamouri — Bug 673584 - Call QueueAnimatedContentForRefresh with 30 instead of 60 for the progress element. r=jimm
99f8219d08d36ce0965bfee2c78cbfd4c3afd825Brendan Eich — Bug 588061 - bogus initial tokenizer position (r=cdleary).
0017163dc00339fa2ff769d7650398c55f22c6f6Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ed32cfcfd3f0 (bug 564667) because it breaks the build
0a532134fdd64153c01c94e654ef86ff2b66293bMatt Woodrow — Bug 673572 - Temporarily disable failing test for bug 568683 on mac. r=roc
89f90f9fac80b95c4140911d6aa9e8fb260f6341Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 5 - Use gfx3DMatrix in layout. r=roc
92bd75756f43687a8c3107dbb20d6a73ccfbd341Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 4 - Add a lot of new functionality to gfx3DMatrix. r=jrmuizel
7e16ec834b1516108a21fe28745e2f72bb2222aeMatt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 3 - Convert nsStyleTransformMatrix to be backed by a 4x4 matrix. r=dbaron
6c423d80fe27a611f66c0d9c449a67162a5b67ebLuke Wagner — Bug 672026 - JSObject::principals should return the compartment's principals if there is no object-principals-finder (r=mrbkap)
ed32cfcfd3f05aaf3af9079c368dd46826ad4b1dHernan Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 564667: Allow bootstrapped add-ons to have chrome URLs. r=dtownsend, sr=bsmedberg
d06068f0fe1bb9c79623deb56e57d8249c263273Evan Shaw — Bug 635658 - Add missing interface to ContentParent. r=jdm
6dca486181bda74ef3ad6bf2513874ff5269036dMatthew Gregan — Bug 645773 - Reorder a sensitive computation to avoid signed vs unsigned issues. Return a null range from SelectSeekRange when stream length is unknown. r=cpearce
47b309008c4e83022a06e65c40c1ce9bb3a6bfffMatt Brubeck — Back out 32ab46a3803b (bug 588061) for Linux debug jsreftest failures
df6aa347bc83d99208cf619a00aacd41e165e129Patrick McManus — bug 672384 - WebSocket connection drops on moderately-large fragmented messages r=biesi
2a4b2cd2c3cdf0d3b8d5805cdcbf9c3863d50da3Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
b9ad0b9119b76a3a4d2df635b38bbf6b061aece7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 629875/bug 669366. Switch back to our old behaviour for source rects larger than the source image for both Cairo and Azure canvas implementations. r=joe a=dveditz
d24c906511d1171a521e56c41c5445c37c5faec8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670965 - Make nsCommentNode, nsTextNode, nsXMLCDATASection and nsXMLProcessingInstruction participate in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
36b7d510acff6b0122b261b034617d2663dcfcbbMounir Lamouri — Bug 670964 - Add NS_FINAL_CLASS annotation to nsTextFragment. r=ehsan
0ea1783b5f6ef66e37fe219618cdc35c1b4a97d7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670962 - Make nsGenericDOMDataNode and nsTextFragment participate to the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
c62d7cde4bf22181e0610d5aea272d2b776a1b2eMounir Lamouri — Bug 669886 - Make nsMappedAttributeElement, nsStyledElement, nsStyledElementNotElementCSSInline, nsGenericHTMLElement, nsGenericHTMLFormElement and nsGenericHTMLFrameElement participate in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
a3b60c8ebad32670340a7442384114e3b3973fe3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 667887 - Implement nsMappedAttributes::SizeOf(). r=jst,bz
1ec9c2051c07effb0cb7e04dece7e56f6edf9306Mounir Lamouri — Bug 668013 - Add nsHTMLStyleSheet::SizeOf(). r=bz
0ef7a3e8d959b877b20fea69a731965c0b3c6a50Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665368 - Implement a native indeterminate progress bar rendering for Windows Classic. f=kliu r=jmathies
32ab46a3803b20e9f6313ff24f6610a64fdaf4e5Brendan Eich — Bug 588061 - bogus initial tokenizer position (r=cdleary).
188ec2f3c847342c4025c742a59aedd63cfce30cBlake Kaplan — Fix bug 653926. r=jst
f06039afefb918736ff552016ae80ee03ef0253eJim Chen — Bug 670315 - Add --enable-android-libstdcxx option for NDK5; r=khuey
be62b2ea0b333e5f0ecf93661713d258160aaf14Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 669196 - Handle failures from shistory gracefully, so session restore keeps updating. [r=dietrich]
c2c5b41d0a3c8e153a9de1d5fbd228340dd254a4Andrew McCreight — Bug 655297 - Mark XPC wrapped natives used as weak map keys. r=billm
cfa6b93e92fc25d9e3f8bac08529014389dc89faBill McCloskey — Bug 672112 - Remove PICTable optimization from tracejit (r=cdleary)
9ff13e309d9e6ed8f8e3e5ac7eae57bcdc46f1e8Patrick McManus — bug 628561 release http persistent connection on force reload r=bz
b3149b080c65e2fedddc3dffd48b4be542af64d8Dão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - Trigger additional GC+CC runs. r=gavin
4f38df646524ddcfa05f8b8b0dcf55093e660fb5Alexander Surkov — Bug 673757 - Do not process invalidation list while tree is created, r=tbsaunde
de43fbe04808c19e39f91d93daf070be754abe26Masayuki Nakano — Bug 673315 part.1 selection change reason must be MOUSEUP_REASON when dragging for selection finishes normally r=smaug
99644756e69e5fec1bc4e3a563df947146049df5Alexander Surkov — Bug 660461 - attributes/test_obj_group.xul random fail | Can't get accessible for menu_item2.1, An error occurred - acc is null, r=tbsaunde
ad1655c2e5b1e3d6120edadf2e8f2b2d7962a33dKyle Huey — Bug 673461: Don't automatically disable ANGLE if the DirectX SDK is not found. r=ted
bf7c3e1c6174630743f9f94808c4dd3a2edc0c6bAlexander Surkov — Bug 671808 - start windows emulation for multiprocess Firefox, round two, r=trevor
f8c8d93dc9c5202ec4ba2f9245c1a681d8546c77ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave19
452be6a8b6e454956d60a580719ce8f5eae6521dEd Morley — Bug 672046 - Valgrind suppression files are still generated in objdir even when building without --enable-valgrind; r=ted
2d7532f8196157a0cfe5c766c21098cf8c7522a1Ms2ger — Bug 672510 - Remove unused nsIAccessNode::ownerWindow; r=surkov
0f00661af740c47d12017a3fd355d55e771f73f8Ms2ger — Bug 666665 - Remove isindex content code; r=sicking+hsivonen
887fad3ebc0bed499c158c1824cd7e47c4779cc7Brandon Sterne — Bug 673588 - use correct location when resolving CSP sources and report-uris, r=dveditz
c7985dc6737f79e9ff48535ca23f874325ac033aEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e21430d2b2cb6b1c504dee447134d9efdcb6144eFabien Cazenave — Bug 449243 - contentEditable: insert <p> instead of <br>; r=ehsan
54438ea37d5351bb4a67cba3440f22a52723bb25Tom Schuster — Bug 635017 - /undefined/.match() should succeed. r=jorendorff.
037dee4ee39fe7248a802fcfee43f20a9011e5d8Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
b6514fd7c26de30db01db69603f2f2f265ee79ccMarco Bonardo — Backout changesets 79a36ed03e14, d17ac9b0254e due to suspect xpcshell permaorange on OSX opt
590784923cf77f97e32b592b04e45c812e65bf49Nils Maier — Bug 672063 - Complete nsIJSON implementation again. r=jwalden sr=dmandelin
9739557bf0d04727d0d4609f45d7535f7f24c995Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 671818 - Make libvpx's chroma plane rows 16-byte aligned, r=cpearce
2ebe327fac38d0dfed8f3650e2d4ccf41d811812Makoto Kato — Bug 669564 - XMM6 and XMM7 aren't scratch register on Win64 ABI. r=dvander
3223495dfc692692194ae505051fa2505c776498Mike Hommey — Bug 672758 - Fix missing endif
c3906fd66ba0ed354db7c8c81864d1f5dc5f2c44Mike Hommey — Bug 672758 - Properly set GENERATE_CACHE in all cases. r=ted
6fa75d9287a788c34e619e03fdfe88605cd15090Mike Hommey — Bug 671562 - Allow to pass an application directory to xpcshell tests. r=ted
631c9b13ec1dfb2d09a23594f9de13a484ed96a4Mike Hommey — Bug 670659 - Detect GNU ld bug with debugging symbols when using --gc-sections and don't use it then. r=ted
aad6deb0dd020e92b30e52a81fd52ebd86ce6c26Mike Hommey — Bug 551138 - Allow to build against system libffi. r=ted
a9e310db3ac071fb5db8c1a7b4f1c1a9efab846fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 672646. Mark the radial gradient test as failing on OS X.
57d55c25dbe49220423536899552b7586ccd3da2Makoto Kato — Bug 664364 - Entering newline after Japanese in a textarea doesn't change cursor position. r=jchen
eac851d9d505ddac717318dae44b1a15c5371a9dAlexander Surkov — Bug 671808 - start windows emulation for multiprocess Firefox, r=davidb
b2c429bb9f3f9f7b00e5e17a009bc3c137bd6f36Alexander Surkov — Bug 672092, follow up fix in nsXULMenuAccessible::KeyboardShortcut, r=tbsaunde
f1d496722775cb34a226bb171c1a258bedda0d5cAlexander Surkov — Bug 671550 - provide correct parent HWND for content process window, r=jones.chris.g, davidb
e9b6850cc32492bec659519833fb2f209b6b0f85Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 672732 - Don't report per-compartment measurements that have zero bytes. r=gal.
6d355f495e8da1b8cafa284dacf345531e1ee0e6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672646. D2D: Fix trasparent radial gradients. r=roc
31e6d1136b01444141f6ecac57170647fe28996cWes Johnston — Bug 670056 - Show dialogs below context menus. r=mfinkle
89c6076be0413051c936a9e15835d9f6392bff39Boris Zbarsky — Bug 670553. Don't try to read more than aCount bytes in nsUnicharStreamLoader::OnDataAvailable. r=zwol
7a9e1e25fe6a093c39428f80253f2bc6b8153816Wes Kocher — Bug 661690. Add preferences for gczeal frequency and whether the gczeal gc should be a per-compartment gc. r=wmccloskey
b0599f36be18f17b74fb8ae8334fd5e618f9434aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 672671. Do not call any glib function before XRE_main. r=trev.sauders
a1f8fda5108dee9bb7c179d24e4baa597c88d557Joel Maher — Bug 666649 - remove enablePrivilege from various places in the harness and chrome tests. r=ted, a=test-only
f1a42c14a26a01dcff0f47c91ed75b541f2509cdJoel Maher — Bug 666643 - convert snapshotWindow to SpecialPowers. r=ted, a=test-only
cc54506f3e7abb08ae62b6c7c7e414f3412479ccJonathan Kew — bug 672320 - part 8.2 - reftest for Serbo-Croatian hyphenation. r=smontagu
d68f636f38d07144b09865993db48e473be9ccfdJonathan Kew — bug 672320 - part 8.1 - hyphenation patterns for Serbian/Serbo-Croatian. rs=smontagu
c96155f7530a05d4d4057de91e3c302b326e58caJonathan Kew — bug 672320 - part 7.2 - reftest for Mongolian hyphenation. r=smontagu
6ea526498b6052a354a4253c26914a37f8e61d54Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 - part 7.1 - hyphenation patterns for Mongolian. rs=smontagu
ee093a1217ae211516fbcff884bb547d76540b0aJonathan Kew — bug 672320 - part 6.2 - reftests for German hyphenation. r=smontagu
7d6cbd39bbafdabf0a2a177b2e9cc56f52a22997Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 - part 6.1 - hyphenation patterns for German. rs=smontagu
e726a40ff414bbdd578c65b4d3175e61bd30bdeeJonathan Kew — bug 672320 - part 4a - add missing hyphenation alias entries. r=smontagu
ca526e2c233a657aaa214e33345a59170f3533c5Josh Matthews — Bug 672583 - Avoid calling NS_ARRAY_LENGTH on a pointer. r=josh
cb9b241dc50e86022b20a2cfa4e1b7ac7e7e62ccChris Leary — Bug 673052: Fix JS shell option parser argument leak. (r=dvander)
10625264d566fd64ed3aaddca47c898cd9c05d08Brad Lassey — bug 661282 - make xpcshell run on android r=bsmedberg
c27db897f0858bbbb471316bbf1f8c83a95b4de6Justin Lebar — Bug 672578 - Part 2. Stop decoding previously-discarded images when the containing tab loses focus. r=joe
dc14633c3bf130636d6d84c4b2f16ac6554d7e7aJustin Lebar — Bug 672578 - Part 1. Don't trigger a decode when FrameUpdated is called. r=joe
d34df472649c6475aefdd5ca6ef1d3b40ad35dd9Taras Glek — Bug 668378: Telemetry sqlite IO r=asuth
79a36ed03e143a4151c2a66c0fa9dbaef654a150Geoff Brown — Bug 648429: HTTP cache: compress all compressible files - new test for appending to compressed stream; r=michal.novotny
d17ac9b0254e79e0a0390c8309db0433fe8bfa46Geoff Brown — Bug 648429 - HTTP cache: compress compressible files; r=michal.novotny
780471850bcf374fd5ba827fb9a22c39524ca6afMounir Lamouri — Bug 670874 - Tests all attributes in test_textarea_attributes_reflection.html. r=Ms2ger
ada310f7036bba887ed1740f7f933685c0d69520Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670873 - Use 'todo' for non-implemented attributes reflection in test_input_attributes_reflection.html. r=Ms2ger
ed2b2c4b453a3787d03fad2e92f269576e3c30b8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 669580 - Add a reflectBool method to reflect.js. r=Ms2ger
a1487dacb9e783ffb3072c1f0a8910007951aeddPatrick McManus — Bug 641937 - Blacklist non-responding IP addresses in DNS r=bz
8670ac4f18b1679a49ca2b36c7b37f7bd5f99f92Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
b2db7864c8a882d58a7ba71c98e1a0145604dd11Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
a8d3614c62e2cdae6250cf38e68b02a67b952efcKyle Huey — Bug 585015: Invoke as a native command. r=glandium
a751aa806dbfe26b5bbce3bf5d9468656f945d6cKyle Huey — Bug 672938: Make work as a pymake native command. r=ted
bf397db9ccfcf608831e50f944e13c08fd397e88Kyle Huey — And add the new tests.
ec7c3f978997e1134a4a2828eb80c0ef3a083ee2Kyle Huey — Update pymake snapshot to r293.
aa5bfc851c357e5e059528dd2670ea79c37b74b1Evan Shaw — bug 673072 - remove deprecated curl header curl/types.h from Breakpad includes. r=ted
92c79828c98c9c346a9361a9a0a417a97482c5ffJeff Hammel — bug 673121 : Make manifestparser tests output something. r=ted
e5a6f94154c746e05dbd9404595a6746467e257bKyle Huey — Bug 578478: Followup to placate the copy-paste test.
85f7679fd5eb481ea62fa3a047136969c3660586Kyle Huey — Bug 578478: Switch to pyxpidl for header generation. Parts by bsmedberg, with r=jorendorff,khuey, and parts by me, with r=bsmedberg
398402eabdb09416fb7d9755f5cb06af15e73c1dKyle Huey — Bug 664254: Make DOM File objects implement nsIMutable so they can be immutabilized for sharing across threads. r=sicking
09b2569edec202c1fdb1e8885a784ce7c2b412fcKyle Huey — Bug 646157: Prevent 2^n growth in event dispatch in a chain of nested labels. r=smaug
8c2293dcca62ef4ad95d9f09e9da48f234c05112Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
981272eff3b7044d4c164b1de69621a8d11ce8f0Siddharth Agarwal — Bustage fix for bug 670249 -- remove PLSRCS
7ded8e06e44e0952b5eb95e86e6ac8a62c50240aSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 670249 - Get rid of NFSPWD, and r=glandium
aeb17d9bdc0d07cdac5dc00af4fe148b6e3b9787Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 668058 - Add a DIR_INSTALL nsinstall shortcut, and allow $(INSTALL) to support target-specific makefiles. r=ted
43af93422421f2a4d128c015915d015f196cfe98Mike Hommey — Backed out changeset 8b7150ba4450 because of win opt build failure
8b7150ba44505c5eb52eea460e031f73ddde2d11Mike Hommey — Bug 644608 - Implement full dependencies for expandlibs. r=ted
19348341366bf1015021834c92bd18504daf2b5dGavin Sharp — Back out 0f11ca4d1733 (bug 670023) due to xpcshell test failures
e7e32a922b12a33d22e9d681eb0ea70bb42faa41Gavin Sharp — merge m-c into fx-team
0f11ca4d1733acc887a5a8f05e015a16ec6c35c6Blair McBride — Bug 670023 - Use ES5's strict mode in Add-ons Manager frontend and backend code. r=dtownsend
23d62ec418d3ecb6f123d139f416ad41cce6a8f7Gavin Sharp — Bug 649480: Use different appmenu button styling, depending on the update channel, styles by Stephen Horlander <>, r=dao
e8c0e73885ee84bec309e71ad139693bb8d4d075Gavin Sharp — Bug 672128: don't copy wyciwyg:// URIs when entire URL is selected, r=dao
78e493f6f5a3420323ba098970ec4d85631d1890Margaret Leibovic — merge m-c into fx-team
7074c3bc6430faa56211c4d5f3a27c99c436772fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 672994 - Use fixed-width font in Scratchpad, r=robcee
7a1c228f8f85526f1bc80fd3c8dc8d4e81967ce4Luke Wagner — Backout out bug 672026 for causing mobile startup crashes
99d2fda674718b599212234fc1bed5af1f5d395bMatt Brubeck — Bug 673168 - Back out 32135b36a00e (bug 669424) because it breaks upgrades on Android
b57d4734ca5745ea25f5acc1e729f741c9c342a8Rafael Avila de Espindola — Bug 673227. Add missing const in GetCharacters. r=jrmuizel
d31ac54ee1826ac26d3f5d3bd36041217236e398Brandon Sterne — Bug 664983 - don't send request headers with CSP violation reports, r=dveditz
7b501cf8c0939d5569fc9561aa69c07f2b9db05fOleg Romashin — Bug 648250 - remove wrong assert r=Olli.Pettay
5d1799e16fe9991cf7c468a6dc35e0049fdb3543Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout
ce8ad064cdcb933a78b8b655bcc447118142ae70Mike Hommey — Backed out changeset 83098dfb4bce (bug 654049) because of Android talos regression
361f7bccf1c981668fc88d7ea07c24d53bb0433fEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
4ac34951ca4a8f0edfce7fd1da73da230f3fd37cMakoto Kato — Bug 666200 - fix typo
dd0343fffa4b13d51e683171ac168191cef59b02Makoto Kato — Bug 666200 - support select.add(element, long before). r=smaug
9cd73534478125f8bae5aefb98bc3ce9c94ee820Mike Hommey — Backed out changeset e2c917e0bc31 (bug 671804) because of xpcshell orange
e2c917e0bc31c7f04dccb6549f6881631ca633b7Mike Hommey — Bug 671804 - Provide NS_APP_PREF_DEFAULTS_50_DIR and NS_APP_PREFS_DEFAULTS_DIR_LIST in xpcshell dir provider. r=bsmedberg
3c1fd2ed31c967166acd4d0d773222fa10418a72Mike Hommey — Bug 671576 - Cleanup temporary files from test_libPrefs.js. r=bsmedberg
bed906ad2ed8695324314d84895f6f85d8c32442Mike Hommey — Bug 671570 - Cleanup temporary files from test_iniProcessor.js. r=bsmedberg
0d18ffe52cd7b94bae78717a75b3bf5989638077Mike Hommey — Bug 671564 - Initialize NS_XPCOM_LIBRARY_FILE from NS_GRE_DIR. r=bsmedberg
6738896ce429de3c96ff836513b44dcb1bfc1ea4Mike Hommey — Bug 670788 - When looking for the executable path on Unix, only use realpath() when we got a file path in the first place. r=bsmedberg
be89bbf96d54181dd445ff593ee1458b1dc13e46Mike Hommey — Bug 573958 - Extend LD_LIBRARY_PATH instead of replacing it during plugin-container initialization. r=bsmedberg
346f0894ce28aa31151f34efbf22ce2198569ffdDão Gottwald — remove trailing space. DONTBUILD
9bb30262e23056710d0e75f1e77a94d9b9036bc5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 672694 - Add memory reporters to count compartments. r=gal.
83098dfb4bcef8afd8f9a8b1df4540bf3feb4b9dMike Hommey — Bug 654049 - Use global optimization flags for jemalloc, cairo, pixman and sqlite. r=ted
6ffb760a41caedbf3480e394a4801ab71fb9a43aDão Gottwald — Bug 671553 - Remove the navigation toolbar's custom button appearance in small icons mode; invert icons on dark personas and glass. r=shorlander
ed75122f827cbd0842d648532775d7d4bd5c3823Stephen Horlander — Bug 671553 - add Toolbar-inverted.png
036c28e4e0f2d022ba79797f4296f68fc4f7e9f0Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
99d121a0f799fc29ef9aa1548c38d7d8e06280ebAlexander Surkov — Bug 671510 - make sure accessible tree is created for content processes, r=jones.chris.g, sr=Olli.Pettay, f=felipc
cd0b09b76016802fc06baf336772928ad5527a19Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 669611 - Add memory reporter for GC heap fragmentation. r=jlebar.
c7b8a75648c7efd7c7c212f7e655e2f4c58c78a2Dão Gottwald — merge backout
1361058621717286c028ae32dfb437d32b0e9f0cDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e25da7cc7c63
03e942f652c1944de37a6ceedde8d9ca6f7ff276Josh Matthews — Bug 548667 - Future-proof CrashSubmit against future argument additions. r=ted
5cabd0a023737e8c2e935b713daba6b19fb90af0Josh Matthews — Bug 548667 - Submit crash reports via FormData. r=ted
e25da7cc7c638799d715c94e2fd009679d786fdfBill McCloskey — Bug 672112 - Fix PICTable bug in tracer (r=dmandelin)
47c7c675129f98982948a7eb59a9e4903366bc8cTaras Glek — Bug 672651 - Track cache init times via telemetry r=jduell
579944e7e8f7ddf261b4886dba9def9790ae64d0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 672709 - Update the intrinsic state for elements in designMode documents correctly; r=bzbarsky
f46c32f62931869c8f6728ae3e23bcdf5f421be6Doug Turner — Bug 670880 - Remove Spatial Navigation. r=blassey
fa82e3fa46b978cd0fb8338a566680590a8dbfd2Justin Lebar — Bug 666352 - Back out image decode timing changes from bug 590260 to make the browser more responsive while decoding images. r=joe
7a1271950b9f27665b0863e5467727224fa6fc95Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672225. imglib: remove some PRBools that we're hurting my eyes. r=joe
b93040df9e2a96ce6118ab7bac3794797f2ef348Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672207. imglib: Time how long we spend in the decode loop. r=joe
bc74c08e8996f09b9cdc3d0a5546e0ec08a9a442Jeff Walden — Bug 672854 - Crash when a syntax error is encountered immediately after the |in| in a for-in loop header. NOT REVIEWED YET
ffc7c2391d3f6dee6efe0800492c813302388572Jeff Walden — Bug 520095 - Don't censor U+FFFE and U+FFFF, when decoded by decodeURI or decodeURIComponent, to U+FFFD: just return the character.
cdec5871f47be2cb41bf82e3371c4c5eeb3cfbd0Brad Lassey — bug 672939 - fennec package name repeats itself with NDKr5 and greater r=khuey
2b4cf59fa42cba0a4093b178050e228d3f7ef97fMatt Brubeck — Bug 672897 - Update compatibility info for mobile Feedback add-on automatically [r=mfinkle]
1e772f5fbc24b46e8c81e25bba9d0fbcd2c90380Mats Palmgren — Bug 424395 - Ignore invalidation if the view observer has been disconnected. r=roc
8d56702130fbfc2efaef57ecb24e8e6f8234271bMats Palmgren — Bug 672438 - Notify only if AppendChildTo succeeds. r=hsivonen
9e064c13693c85afce84e004d08e2aba4dd118c3Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
bedd0f79b82d19f5988e449dc7fad2a4582efb6aBrendan Eich — Bug 671947 - Unqualified function invocation uses the global object the property was gotten from as |this| (r=luke).
3f00b4a0f976cf72407da3917f224af6d7186f49Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout
ce710365ac96d1fb444427eabdda921c40fde720Ehsan Akhgari — Backout volkmar's push for breaking Windows builds
9984c3939bb478ee0b0eff6d44292297c35f46f9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 669310 - Fixes various includes and forward declarations. f=Ms2ger r=jst
4053fa47daacec8cc298550eb5434d61efdce39eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 539093. TimeStamp implementation for OS X using mach_absolute_time. r=cjones
d1792672080512abb07c968630b9c26c827b58c7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672207. Add toMicroseconds() for more precision. r=cjones
6fd16e7c196bd25b13f3cbfc6dc4a8b1be6eecf9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670986 - Create nsLocation.h to declare nsLocation instead of doing that in nsGlobalWindow.h. r=jst
54d9caf1302d1d55ebedc29ccb6e367e1c56de5aMounir Lamouri — Bug 670965 - Make nsCommentNode, nsTextNode, nsXMLCDATASection and nsXMLProcessingInstruction participate in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
1d35d254c9d7dabeec7c9725ddd9b7c1dab47947Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670964 - Add NS_FINAL_CLASS annotation to nsTextFragment. r=ehsan
2f2e969cc11d80b5b6f9680daa3e25254839186aMounir Lamouri — Bug 670962 - Make nsGenericDOMDataNode and nsTextFragment participate to the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
b04f9b7ab97cdcfeec67575d76f71ed046245d9cMounir Lamouri — Bug 669886 - Make nsMappedAttributeElement, nsStyledElement, nsStyledElementNotElementCSSInline, nsGenericHTMLElement, nsGenericHTMLFormElement and nsGenericHTMLFrameElement participate in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
281900cbb045bed4b5f7e57bfbd8ee73f209036bMounir Lamouri — Bug 667887 - Implement nsMappedAttributes::SizeOf(). r=jst,bz
2faa486ba8acc31040c7e43bf1dfd8ab7473a147Mounir Lamouri — Bug 668013 - Add nsHTMLStyleSheet::SizeOf(). r=bz
2996df7215caf063f664c784ffc5f9ed8b5af8b7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670874 - Tests all attributes in test_textarea_attributes_reflection.html. r=Ms2ger
34fbb290b2dbee71bd2435120835e460f2868208Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670873 - Use 'todo' for non-implemented attributes reflection in test_input_attributes_reflection.html. r=Ms2ger
b9b7bd239418df4585db7fc6174efc3572ee1b12Mounir Lamouri — Bug 669580 - Add a reflectBool method to reflect.js. r=Ms2ger
4c68066aae83f476bf1b95b2556febe62ebfc859Brad Lassey — bug 672809 - need to null check list of library files to be cleaned r=dougt
ff75a2a2e771fc456bc5d13a75b0f8d05243a551Geoff Brown — Bug 672538 - and reference dm_auto before initialized; r=jmaher
612b0115095fbf30bb2168d75bc243da085d31e7Chris Leary — Bug 613820: Regexp forwards ref in quantified parens test. (r=dmandelin)
1dc8ef6312eb90627f5228e3d6294b9d1c51e46fTim Taubert — merge m-c into fx-team
ef4ff782b84992851219d3d1ecaf3899d2f603c2Gavin Sharp — Bug 672813: clicking the Go button needs to focus the content area, r=dao
e1f0413f10c5f3720020be7d81516dc99f704ec7Gavin Sharp — merge m-c into fx-team
60d5816819c0c40e3d712420957842bff638c7cbTim Taubert — Backed out changeset a115d824218c (bug 670023)
a115d824218c0fe1be3a27e8a5b97125da475db3Blair McBride — Bug 670023 - Use ES5's strict mode in Add-ons Manager frontend and backend code. r=dtownsend
54ed6181b38cbe86e0627ff2ccdd85d5d566859fRaymond Lee — Bug 663613 - remove 'new tab' button from groups; r=ian, ui-r=limi
e34f6f9a5a0104fae9da5daf2b6ccc9194cb2f91Raymond Lee — Bug 663611 - display pointer cursor when hovering tab groups; r=ian, ui-r=limi
936e084e74b8e41628d7fba4069631c1e3500b69Tim Taubert — Bug 663612 - clicking a group should zoom into the group's active tab; r=sdwilsh, ui-r=limi
b54928aff7805dfa7267897fd7decc539175f1acTim Taubert — merge mozilla-central to fx-team
17eab1719a31b5d00bc4069f23547ec61662d899Tim Taubert — Bug 671460 - clean up browser_tabview_bug599626.js; r=ehsan
6df31af4cca62113ba9bf90877f71c59d3b5bd75arno renevier — Bug 669299 - Remove unneeded nsPrintfCString.h includes. r=bsmedberg
ef79a5b416978bd3d91e690acce722af9f4671b9Dão Gottwald — Bug 663395 - put tabs opened from pinned tabs at the end of the tab strip. r=gavin ui-r=faaborg
dd5648b2280220f97ff23fcb5c926ff3c8b44c99Masayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.13 Log TextInputHandler behavior r=smichaud
8cb9a61ef2510fbc708f3e03ecfc79d142d4fbcfMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.12 Move duplicated static methods in and to nsCocoaUtils r=smichaud
8f3c6449758fb67f3d3e8bc6aeb57400d96bda5bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.11 nsEvent.h should have forward declarations of classes and structs in nsGUIEvent.h r=roc
dd8c12b66e9fd2b5fecea06141045d23cef2b80cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.10 Move keyup and flagsChanged code to TextInputHandler r=smichaud
3fcccd893550fa0c7423d55039c3d3ab395f95baMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.9 Move plugin key event handling code to PluginTextInputHandler r=smichaud
c2766c695ca7c0005ac1d6b4d450aa086950489bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.8 Move keydown and insertText implementation to TextInputHandler r=smichaud
0eba68e1c6eac5ab6f350c7273cc88cb6e495b93Masayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.7 Move low level key event handling code from ChildView to TextInputHandler and TISInputSourceWrapper r=smichaud
be5295604fd05556a8f1f3be44e84246721cd7f8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 671319 Should abort drag for selection at resetting capture r=smaug
5c7a49dfa7f74e062f2b4fb4799a0d8e6fc467fbMalini Das — Bug 603517 Fix the fact that mochitest looping broke running a single chrome test r=ctalbert
6a97d5d47ef8da7990f7f448b184248e04379734Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
213e1df84fa4ec120c3be41e2a07ad9a46abf522Brendan Eich — Bug 621954 - common BindLocalVariable harder in jsparse.cpp (r=cdleary).
59ef5124dab878a181b6d6081ac6d1f0e40c33d7Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
86903332e6a40724433ca7bc69e69f73dff73c39Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 5 - more hyphenation locale reftests. r=smontagu
ef182a0608fb1b75d4c038d889eca86731ac938aJonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 4 - add hyphenation patterns for af,bg,ca,cy,da,eo,es,et,gl,hr,hsb,ia,is,kmr,la,nl,pt,sl,uk locales. rs=smontagu
337883870ff5fc57ca00e16aacb4aa46106a63c7Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 3 - reftest for Swedish hyphenation patterns. r=smontagu
b88768594e630076cdc7c48edaa3eb45cb74e5a4Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 2 - add hyphenation patterns for Swedish. fb=gerv rs=smontagu
59533328a665804be473c13eafc76581604e8cc4Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 1 - include all available hyphenation patterns in the build. r=smontagu
faa1737443dd084c2595fc7fd583ae1e602c365bJonathan Kew — bug 672472 - convert hyphenation-point offsets correctly from Unicode characters to UTF16 code units. r=smontagu
a80aa88ded4506e3df377576f9ebdca3a8ddca33Rail Aliev — bug 671474: Fennec release builders should use the same buildid. r=mark.finkle
c9cdc5df55f40291b3626413c3c9bd7c460a7476Kai Engert — Bug 670454 - Certificates usage in Certificate Viewer is always shown as "could not verify this certificate for unknown reasons", r=bsmith
ff199a2f3ab4e1c0c4c59fa5c547c56a5dfff7ecKai Engert — Bug 442150 - "Backup all" button not enabled after cert import, r=johnath/gavin
892099d1694ddf985b2adf941693235aae1a0fb7Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a9f847216e1f22297a3f263a6382f455914203bfMichael Wu — Bug 664898 - Cleanup startup cache api, r=taras
2c4ddbb3baf213155fbc9d80e725d691e53cadf3Michael Wu — Bug 672447 - Remove zip crc32 probe, r=taras
f28d57915fa739edc741d626ccb5f70fd8fd5a3dMichael Wu — Bug 672426 - Use GUARD_OBJECT macros in Telemetry::AutoTimer, r=taras
917334a5932d86ca377f1a0171d70ae0222f0188Michael Wu — Bug 665272 - Require unzip during configure, r=ted
b2e3241c7f046bd2c51b58662cb2280443686640Makoto Kato — Bug 672450 - C4233/C4267 warning for jsobj.h, vm/String.h and jsatom.h. r=luke
47d8748daa90059940c66cbff1dce20788c063f7Jonas Sicking — Bug 664061: Remove isindex code from layout. r=dbaron
1bee4ff7c91c5d0eb3af554b95c230a396cebe62Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 671159 - Mark entries in about:memory that come from multiple same-named memory reporters. r=jlebar.
877914fc95bb20f2e98b0d69ad9964af70f9ac83Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 672439 - Avoid duplicate names for system compartment reporters. r=gal.
adc8f12b54dfbd7287447bcaae3dd81c76a1f3a2Chris Leary — Bug 669776 - Genericize tagged pointer hasher. (r=Waldo)
b1923b866d6a7c44834a7d0863569827606788e9Chris Leary — Bug 668095 - Write a proper option parser for SpiderMonkey CLI. (r=dvander)
0ed1ea384ead893ea6de2fe5fb2f49b15011cf3aJustin Lebar — Backing out bug 664659 (rev 7b49a2857e18) due to Mac memory regressions.
44f0f4395d6aa694cafc81e80be1f01f7f33a43bBill McCloskey — Bug 671113 - Poison JSScripts when freed to get more crash data (r=dmandelin)
25e22336ce745f5dabea61438b6a781bab9cf580Ehsan Akhgari — Revert to changeset e0ce7821fce1 because the latest push broke all of the builds DONTBUILD
a2cff1e0ccf14fb69c05dd3b42ecb693e0588a25Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670986 - Create nsLocation.h to declare nsLocation instead of doing that in nsGlobalWindow.h. r=jst
6e257d93610235bb21e2c3b658ba9ba52a31531bMounir Lamouri — Bug 670965 - Make nsCommentNode, nsTextNode, nsXMLCDATASection and nsXMLProcessingInstruction participate in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
15e965e2502a0ce728d10e7b49c49294cd6e76cfMounir Lamouri — Bug 670964 - Add NS_FINAL_CLASS annotation to nsTextFragment. r=ehsan
0f0d1cee5c1534a45a9b43b45220ddf0cd35a8cfMounir Lamouri — Bug 670962 - Make nsGenericDOMDataNode and nsTextFragment participate to the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
db1133c75c96ec535c4a28fef61cd61fd24e40e8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 669886 - Make nsMappedAttributeElement, nsStyledElement, nsStyledElementNotElementCSSInline, nsGenericHTMLElement, nsGenericHTMLFormElement and nsGenericHTMLFrameElement participate in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
311b9fb493c9859caf5dd6b0c4556ee365cd9053Mounir Lamouri — Bug 667887 - Implement nsMappedAttributes::SizeOf(). r=jst,bz
ef503f8a49d8616a4604397d1634ceb5fa6a7947Mounir Lamouri — Bug 668013 - Add nsHTMLStyleSheet::SizeOf(). r=bz
808a541bd7494b2b0be47a067bd09b2794419ddfMounir Lamouri — Bug 669310 - Fixes various includes and forward declarations. f=Ms2ger r=jst
e30e9537ee6cf17fddebb59ff1718987a8aeb466Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670874 - Tests all attributes in test_textarea_attributes_reflection.html. r=Ms2ger
e005e68b03ab10f5a7ca4bf3b68433d1a7b16895Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670873 - Use 'todo' for non-implemented attributes reflection in test_input_attributes_reflection.html. r=Ms2ger
13d093b5ec317a33c20ae571994839620a7ef5bcMounir Lamouri — Bug 669580 - Add a reflectBool method to reflect.js. r=Ms2ger
e0ce7821fce165c130c1a98fe18595deefec1d9aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 646845 - Don't lose the plaintext editor value if it's set while the script blocker for a flush is in progress; r=bz
be29e3bcec23562d243fa361a58b277f6ddd6b7bEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
4b96a9cd9b15392934250a053199e5f843eaaab9Justin Lebar — Bug 672563 - Back out bug 663251 so we run the profiling step only once on Linux. Takes back to dc8d154f3710. r=ted
8bab1f796d82d25fb73b71d5ef94e60a4408c45aMounir Lamouri — Merge backout
37ea34fb43a38a65e4e46c379d52bd06029ea632Mounir Lamouri — Backed out bug 669310, bug 668013, bug 667887 and bug 669886 due to build bustage.
938c1a177114e4f15fd4e0edca5cb94fc1573798Jason Orendorff — Bug 648175 - Remove JSOP_FOR*. Second second landing, to coin a phrase. r=dvander.
89d1b1a6f7ab746f3756e775e5be80e86c0ce7a4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 669886 - Make nsMappedAttributeElement, nsStyledElement, nsStyledElementNotElementCSSInline, nsGenericHTMLElement, nsGenericHTMLFormElement and nsGenericHTMLFrameElement participate in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
d1d3b71919efbde62a44e018a5c0f3add7de6b12Mounir Lamouri — Bug 667887 - Implement nsMappedAttributes::SizeOf(). r=jst,bz
9411c8566cee88f3040d5013e2325a7a9e634263Mounir Lamouri — Bug 668013 - Add nsHTMLStyleSheet::SizeOf(). r=bz
34c368354fc858269552ef41c6c1a9bb4f0ec012Mounir Lamouri — Bug 669310 - Fixes various includes and forward declarations. f=Ms2ger r=jst
b8785cf106115dfff02ae16c6e11af53a4520f0bAndrew McCreight — Bug 666549 - Don't delete empty ObjectValueMaps in WeakMaps. r=igor
4c27fe0139bf4f56a46419df9bed7230d975307fBenoit Girard — Bug 672361 - Fix memory management of mIOSurface; r=smichaud
cedefaaaaceb477bfec52bb2bc272e36aabd7899Boris Zbarsky — Bug 664721. Treat a document load in a subframe as first-party if it's first-party with all _ancestors_ of the subframe, no matter what's loaded in the subframe itself. r=dwitte
3c155b728fe8f80aec5a875458051fc106da7884Yu-Hsun Lin — Bug 486081. Remove nsTime. r=roc
0798b3817dc90173b91ff6a57d51ba35383fdc0bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 672207. imglib: Switch away from nsTime in favour of TimeStamp/TimeDuration. r=joe
e3d1cabfaf4c2e945e2393883b1d6985674ac3f1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672280. qcms: Use C99-style flexible arrays. r=bgirard
7b49a2857e18220b0b576fb06865651abae0e6f3Justin Lebar — Bug 664659 - Fix about:memory image reporters. r=joe,njn
5ea415e7f9a6836bcfb67e2191593ce356ad3accJustin Lebar — Bug 671280 - Rename KIND_MAPPED to KIND_NONHEAP in nsIMemoryReporter. r=njn
a751b443f7947fb05e45a5a76d794f3d520c018fPatrick McManus — bug 662692 - mixed-content websockets should check more than https:// r=bz
8bbefe4ecb4b90a75d98c966a2715dee05ec98d0Dão Gottwald — Restore enablePrivilege hack for non-browser-chrome consumers in mockObjects.js
5f3f8c34d9e19cc1b133e719f4a255be83334feeDão Gottwald — Fix browser_save_video.js
4f5ea71d86f2a5f65bcdddaf8da54b34e9505969Dão Gottwald — Temporarily disable browser_save_video.js (times out when not run on its own)
392b605972505f57c72f1dcd9148bfa08869c890Dão Gottwald — Fix for undefined Ci/Cr/Cu in layout/forms/test/test_bug536567.html
e9f13d7b7d3b06c0f1b38427abeaf331a925b6e2Dão Gottwald — Fix for undefined Cc/Ci/Cr/Cu in test_bug500885.html, test_bug592802.html, test_bug61098.html and test_bug36619.html
f763a6f703696548202754b437bdc74d7155e486Marco Castelluccio — Bug 672172 - Remove nsIDOMWindowUtils_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH remnant from test-ipcbrowser-content.js. r=jdm
d503d2bc7714f6a4af43971e9d1a40151129915fJavi Rueda — Bug 625017 - Multiple access key usage for hardware acceleration entry in advanced pane. r=gavin
ae154f73fb2108a56b5ee8928264bfb3c2d64462Dão Gottwald — Bug 672090 - Remove toolkit/content/tests/browser/common/_loadAll.js, testRunner.js, toolkitFunctions.js. r=gavin
953f9620f3958f32c34076802478496c440dfd41Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; test-only
f649b717749526de2b831cb471906532689ed0e3Wes Johnston — Bug 582048 - Follow up to fix spelling of Wi-Fi. r=mfinkle
bf2b3e3186f665f38e8e8acd89c1d5e823c642efEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
709b7cc24365132aeb4bd4cb8de1f20177afbb75Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
101cf2df62d536f6b4e3a953cd19f6c3bce54e15Martijn Wargers — Bug 578977 - Don't mess with next-in-flows when the reflow status is INLINE_IS_BREAK_BEFORE. r=roc
29b042248bc42ad36656a0c309963909c38c6dd4Mats Palmgren — Bug 578977 - Don't mess with next-in-flows when the reflow status is INLINE_IS_BREAK_BEFORE. r=roc
be8e253130ff979e18865ada113e09d4a0b9959bMats Palmgren — Bug 665218 - Keep the printing surface until the next BeginPage to avoid null-ptr crash [MacOSX only]. r=roc
7da298066377bf278bab1c2a6c83ea17dd299e01Jesse Ruderman — Bug 671796 - "ASSERTION: unexpected block frame" with text-overflow, overflow, mathml. r=roc
42e4a85bcb2d5f14d4a7df5497516f5bd858d90dMats Palmgren — Bug 671796 - "ASSERTION: unexpected block frame" with text-overflow, overflow, mathml. r=roc
bb1f437d43351b78fe629f505c1645f1c79e5eecEd Morley — Bug 671282 - Replace nsDebugAutoBoolTrueSetter in docshell and AutoBoolSetter in SMIL with AutoRestore; r=bz
fceffb1b020b068df23c67ba4982637c32af9d68Ed Morley — Bug 665534 - Fix unused variable warnings in nsEmbedFunctions.cpp; r=Mossop
1ed3d5d62d91503d49639ebbf3dd01d46df0b571Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 617539 - Combine nsIRadioGroupContainer_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH; r=bz
0e48b4287ff21d6ffe056c8f14c3c0a76e6a78fbMatt Brubeck — Bug 672543 - Don't set accessibility.browsewithcaret when selecting text in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
aa2de73abc192789d9fd184c4d79826231f82d70Alexander Surkov — Bug 672092, follow up, crash nsAccessible::AccessKey() called on application accessible, r=fer
b0a58fd855e1649f51de025d2d98cd5e443a5f50Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1bf950fbf8a08506cf29188f1f99851e9efcb323Alexander Surkov — Bug 669263 - reorder event for document must be fired after document initial tree creation, r=tbsaunde
37617ddae62820e73e7fffa47d85290621379686Alexander Surkov — Bug 672092 - reorganize accesskey and keyboard shortcuts handling, r=tbsaunde, sr=neil, f=marcoz
29322269de1230269bf489af1ae48b8ca9b52452Alexander Surkov — Bug 671504 - get rid nsIPresShell::gAccessibilityIsActive, r=roc
3abbd2edc173e3be90c229ec9cd7d25c026bed56Mike Hommey — Backout ac97f18b88cb (bug 670659) because of android bustage
6f01f4a4b7e0eb6f0c3c02cf36f09a9d76efa06dMike Hommey — Bug 671631 - Don't hardcode en-US in test_update.js. r=Mossop
9175840869f2d7b7bf6fe96aa71464ce6ce285d1Mike Hommey — Bug 655678 - Move startupcache precompilation to the common packaging rules, and opt-in in browser and xulrunner. r=khuey
ac97f18b88cbc01d930319abc2ddfa4821faa1f3Mike Hommey — Bug 670659 - Detect GNU ld bug with debugging symbols when using --gc-sections and don't use it then. r=khuey
97e01c543d7099a8dce50d85104db6c0f67dbc8cMakoto Kato — Bug 633047 - fix condition for Win64 reftest. r=ehsan
e437a34e2d6bd8913f793ffde89e781c5dc5c839Joel Maher — Bug 668303 - convert mozillafilelogger to specialpowers. r=ctalbert, a=test-only
b31c7eeec41bde6ceea35cc2727eef12de0a5ee7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 669117 - Add a memory reporter for the Necko memory cache. r=khuey,jduell.
9d59a278cecee9e0daa23944c7c56e9e7e3ccbffLuke Wagner — Bug 672283 - eval cache should hit if both 'principals' and 'script->principals' are null (r=mrbkap)
1a41c02a26124fc0b45888dc2504fabcb4abcdf1Luke Wagner — Bug 672026 - Ensure that there is an object principals finder during early startup (r=mrbkap)
170b4f38fc9ecaaa699fdcc374473c7453ee7e00Brian Birtles — Bug 671749 - Rename incorrectly named SMIL crashtest 665335-1.svg to 665334-1.svg, r=dholbert
ea5865c2e9b7effbb6c7c71b193fbc207e9185b9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 274626 - Show tooltips for disabled elements. r=smaug
418854805df8183f5432410d42c3b2219254d7f3arno renevier — Bug 417418 - do not treat context click as double click anymore in editor; r=ehsan
7751e4f57ce6928a9691cdbb0ea8d665f759b3cfEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2c726694069d1fbbf322d151ff2d745c9b964fd1Brad Lassey — bug 671092 - Crash after failed attempt to extract libraries after update r=dougt
70341a11ed2127327960ace46c915588a4103544Jeff Walden — Various minor formatting tweaks, de-indentation, &c. to Utf8ToOneUcs4Char. No change to actual logic in the code. r=sparky
4a603d2703864cbfcc13705e378e1ef861dd7813Jeff Walden — Remove code for JS_HAS_ARRAY_EXTRAS, and make the extra methods ES5 added to Array.prototype always present. rs=luke
ada72f2e38df1d9cb32802aa43ff0bcd561eca1aJeff Walden — Bug 654170 - Make js_InitArrayClass non-generic. r=bhackett
81dfee58c47ff064e476523da7c41af021937907Chris Pearce — Bug 671438 - Make nsOggCodecState::PacketOutUntilGranulepos() return an error on failure. r=doublec
b3cfcf6f19286624b41e9d1adf1abf76ea24fa3eChris Pearce — Bug 671978 - Make nsRawReader build after changes added in bug 592833. r=doublec
52e36db1e8c7c8faba145c6ab78a1385c02f9523Paul Biggar — Bug 671029 (followup): Remove unused size parameter and uninitialized var warning (rs=jwalden)
102481f5e2b9d5d253c2bec545de05d6b4407d27Paul Biggar — Bug 671029: Ignore Byte-Order-Mark in UTF-8 files (r=jwalden)
4e34e92f1605cb0db5b6e8520f1bac4b5a320d35Patrick McManus — bug 670687 - ws origin handling bogus r=bz
6002cc2f9b2b1c0ef00001ecd52355af8022f4eaMatt Brubeck — Bug 672228 - Don't activate keyboard for pre-filled username/password prompts in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
00df362906e9286a547a522782954e1df4ccd34bMatt Brubeck — Bug 672316 - Try to always reset accessibility.browsewithcaret after selecting text in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
28935aa0b26aaa74d27ec1a26736fdf11137c467Matt Brubeck — Bug 643191 - Add a "Copy Link" command to the context menu in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
a9522b590813fbbb3fc5170e41eae3a07dc6616dEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 65e0d40a57b7 (bug 417418) because of unit test failure
08af9ad317a10a4312b0589113545dd9c8cc1bd1Luke Wagner — Bug 669044 - Undo changes to tracer assert (r=dvander)
16b9dfded11944d3b54055ac0faddd4a24dc9fcaLuke Wagner — Bug 669043 - Don't assert when the decompiler temporarily changes script->code (r=waldo)
777a3c916936d1f22639af8e82c15a359e34b252Luke Wagner — Bug 650618 - Make sure XML objects get a (rooted-at-global) parent (r=waldo)
55d37af25b3da5609c551d50219aea8c5ba5862aGervase Markham — Bug 531758 - add DynDNS domains to the PSL, as requested by Jeremy Hitchcock of DynDNS. Patch by him; r=gerv.
32135b36a00e195e1f5e2ec739b18c22b8f72f77Brad Lassey — Bug 669424 - get rid of shared ID. r=dougt
65e0d40a57b75f9af57995f4eb0650f93ef35a2aarno renevier — Bug 417418 - do not treat context click as double click anymore in editor; r=ehsan
cf0b3329da8c967d64290476f589388d9f261ef2Benjamin Stover — Bug 626792 Content view contentWidth/Height do not update immediately after scaling r=roc r=mbrubeck
35ed7537c90958c6f0faf0e5bf58819b81bfe3c8Benjamin Stover — Bug 668633 Elements with scrollable overflow are cut off when panning r=roc
bb0926cfe5f88fa3f95caceb47f53e294c600a1cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 671672 - Reduce a bunch of console spam in debug builds caused by the HTML editor; r=roc
99ba817fef419ffbc20440698a6d4456126f914dWes Johnston — Bug 671439 - Show OfflineApp notifications on the correct tab. r=mfinkle
82e5ddf9f788a1ff41a95b55dc87eb09805d6e8aWes Johnston — Bug 582048 - Make network error pages look nice on mobile. r=mfinkle
98729a47464a46d8a659acbacf4ed1d93af5d642Wes Johnston — Bug 671167 - History time ranges should be based on local timezone. r=mfinkle
df22b13ce797e4a75037490790e64e9a667fc95aAndrew McCreight — Bug 665995 - Memory reporter for cycle collector. r=bent
65881b66e992242773c2177077c2b79ac46a4e4cDão Gottwald — fix whitespace, DONTBUILD
bebc2764bed512fd55ddf73a44b97f8c5c47c771Marco Bonardo — Bug 668245 - r=bz
ce983b6e25c7ade8c58e3ae6a3f4df0415d3649eEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout of bug 649537
70ac1a0bc4abf142a57c2a6e6aa244bed51e08a4Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset fdddabd345b9 and changeset 3857a4309fc3 (bug 649537) because of three mochitest-3 intermittent failures which seem to be caused by this on Windows debug builds
a666b4f809f0342b6dd247ad106ee5fb62e0ab98Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
84024a32e8d1dabe5db2575c2cdfb6b06c4747f3Jonathan Kew — bug 670900 - reftest for handling 404 (not found) error on @font-face request. r=roc
f46a5cffdb668139f5a2ca45bab3a2c28c658ad1Fabrice Desré — Bug 671258 - Wrong site preferences listed in the site identity container in the pageaction-reset entry
37cb0a1bc2ce8012b0a03cca1dd3282ae7901c25Robert O'Callahan — Bug 629196. Fix intermittent failures by censoring irrelevant pixels in test for bug 579323.
5c4fe292a2404e2857acf1b7b9796d1d05790023Oleg Romashin — Bug 648250 - image based navigational bar is useless in remote Fennec (window.outerWidth throws js errors). r=Olli.Pettay
819a2ffc4f0e022d1660e8804f41a74c6548e04bOlli Pettay — Bug 671970 - Crash [@ nsPrintEngine::ReflowDocList, r=roc
a0372b031aac45663aca22d6201def313bae6ba4Doug Turner — Bug 632342 - mSensor should be deleted on startup failure. r=blassey
3857a4309fc3eb823ce7c167b253b7ed52252f93Ben Turner — Bug 649537 - 'Workers: Make one OS thread and JS runtime per worker, and lose XPConnect'. r=sicking+mrbkap. Add workaround for bug 666963.
fdddabd345b9358618cc7380d2c15314f1575214Ben Turner — Bug 649537 - 'Workers: Make one OS thread and JS runtime per worker, and lose XPConnect'. r=sicking+mrbkap.
756c914075a35cb1fe88fbea7dd0f041d7ccbb97Joe Drew — Merge m-c into m-i.
42e432ef2bc4d639d9886fd018ccde49468deadeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 644621 Drag selection scrolling does not work properly in fullscreen and maximized mode ui=faaborg, r=roc
86dd8454de0be274dc11a56c8c6cd9273d0cd8bcJoe Drew — Bug 664299 - Test that the crossOrigin attribute is probably reflected into JS. r=Ms2ger
c3cc5a259c041f80b09b7dde7c89bc5696b3f9c8Joe Drew — Bug 671906 - Test to make sure we always reload images validated using CORS if their principal has changed. r=bz
090b23c76bd2829aa46b5f1ba433b0708c30ffd0Joe Drew — Bug 671906 - Fix the logic for matching principals in imagelib CORS code. r=bz
b8025eb1ac191442b3e57e7a56f343e09abe5c0dJoe Drew — Bug 671906 - Rename crossOrigin atom to crossorigin, because attributes are lowercased before being mapped to atoms. r=bz
373710b8a998e6b02048ea525a726bef01a08833Brad Lassey — Bug 669883 - add a make reftest-remote target to the source tree, do not require IP address. r=jmaher, a=test-only
ac3b2bd0a5818ce179506e3f510cf668e754dbe5Joel Maher — Bug 669883 - add a make reftest-remote target to the source tree. r=blassey, a=test-only
1627d7efe03538f5cfc848f2cd62fad614d649afGeoff Brown — Bug 669549 - Some DeviceManagerADB functions do not work; r=jmaher, a=test-only
de00c2c0f208723a6d8ada6c3997159e93b974a9Ed Morley — Bug 649033 - Remove unused files in mobile/app/macbuild/ that originated from the desktop equivalent; r=mark.finkle
30b96322b425618f3ab42a3f5c529f6fe927f498Paul A. Adeyenuwo — Bug 660158 - Remove all references to head_ipc.js; r=jduell
8ec9937d4cb63d9c860c9a2ec50db318964ca49aMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 579571 - Remove --enable-timeline support. r=tglek
78dbd3c697f1fe8777faee0a65c43950020586d4Oleg Romashin — Bug 671986 - ImageLayerOGL does not apply offset/transform for layer r=jrmuizel
8e5f130a6640ce37dceb08f557129249a884ee35Ed Morley — Bug 672040 - Hunspell test suite is still generated when using --disable-tests; r=khuey
39c1eedd0d35481e3f7cfab40d1c2da947cc6da6Ms2ger — Backout 206148a18467 for windows M3 oranges
206148a18467e38aaa39f8656a877e7d2fa921efDoug Turner — Bug 632342 - mSensor should be deleted on startup failure. r=blassey
e91cb57c884d589538730fe0f857c05c08c0736fDoug Turner — Bug 632341 - Fix bogus assertion in the case where there is no sensor.dll. ASSERTION: Shutdown called when mLibrary is null. r=blassey
3c675415362d989df473103adfabfb823a91500fJustin Lebar — Bug 667085 - Modify descriptions in nsMemoryReporterManager.cpp. r=njn
e44996a92faaa14e8bd5fa8a3875a9a7e72f7fe5Joe Drew — Rebase mozilla-inbound to 569a960b4a64 and then re-merge with mozilla-central so we're in a known good state.
569a960b4a645e0d3b55fefa35e542873df808f8Jim Blandy — Bug 668438: Let MakePlaceholder's callers put the placeholder in the lexdeps table, as that needs to be done differently in different cases. r=cdleary
af960bd728631d6887c57b1a4dca142d8331f08bEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ed3036facfb2 (bug 670338) to see if it affects the frequency of bug 629196; rs=joe
2f5959074445fd93a59acf7e07910d2ac66c2089Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset e2139ab44181 (bug 670111) to see if it affects the frequency of bug 629196; rs=joe
bf955b263587172bfe1a0ce5c3f2df6473b1c20aSteve Fink — Bug 671632 - Fix shark builds broken by bug 588537 (r=waldo)
ff9c4941d4d5139167153fcfe6b99af115df7354Mike Hommey — Bug 667577 - Don't show the telemetry prompt unless the MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING variable is defined. r=khuey
373edcdacf30f274a3a35293460178a9e136910dMats Palmgren — Bug 576174 - "ASSERTION: Losing track of existing primary frame". r=bzbarsky
752646115b7e568bb31d52f027292081644da401Joe Drew — Bug 671464 - Mark bug 669767 crashtest as asserting 0-1 times, so we at least don't go orange over and over.
5dd42d33cba84feb065491081e1077e29dfba8c8Kyle Huey — Bug 671441: Use standard grep syntax instead of egrep syntax.
7099d3efac02af90d0366beaa806062408f5b61eTim Taubert — Backed out changeset f7599a2eb53a (bug 671460)
f7599a2eb53a5afd5c07b8781e405b90400dc7c6Tim Taubert — Bug 671460 - clean up browser_tabview_bug599626.js; r=ehsan
94e46b29825422fdacd39b18ffe510bb6844654aTim Taubert — merge mozilla-central to fx-team
6d45f8181b55f6cbc34e1c114d1cba3339ac051aTim Taubert — Bug 663714 - Subscribable API doesn't seem sane; r=dao
eb73d370834b40add8e6f4b4d678cad43201a1e1Tim Taubert — Bug 669694 - App tabs do not stay selected when toggling Panorama; r=dietrich
da362a07a5ee92dc1c9e954be60d23195b52f920Gavin Sharp — Back out 48dcb60519ac due to Mochitest1 failures on Linux64 debug
b93bda5c988c37cb29a5eb033c7f0052c92befdeKailas — Bug 564387 - Let "Save Video As..." respect the filename set in the Content-Disposition header. r=gavin
b670d14900b7594eb0b5da9440ff208c937544f2arno renevier — Bug 635630 - typo in nsWebHandlerApp.js: OPEN_DEFAULT_WINDOW instead of OPEN_DEFAULTWINDOW. r=gavin
48dcb60519ace3548452ae848fd45e42bd09d9d5Cameron McCormack — Bug 479352 - Hide mochitest results table if MOZ_HIDE_RESULTS_TABLE=1 is set. (v3) r=jmaher
0e09d21e28d06f62b03624ea6830e72b05bace64Oleg Romashin — Backed out changeset 31cbb80c705e, win burning
31cbb80c705e004b28ed59dcf4f97edeba78dd21Oleg Romashin — Bug 648250 - image based navigational bar is useless in remote Fennec (window.outerWidth throws js errors). r=Olli.Pettay
c145c08f802d9c3b1fad6073ab6b39c77fc0bbc4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 671441 Detect whether the crtdll.obj hack is necessary r=khuey
d3f9f34116128fd9bc6356672945e74ebc7cc620Chris Jones — Merge backout
36828a0ab01090ec93801f374df18f2bc37252aaChris Jones — Back out bug 648484
a65a4165c2363af01a0c0da1a2eca362497bb094Dave Townsend — Bug 670040: Make nsISessionStartup.state a jsval to save repeatedly stringifying/parsing the initial state. r=zpao
b497df3f79fcbf3923dbfe94596c76773e470a5dJonathan Kew — bug 671799 followup - mark crashtest assertions as being expected, r=orange
85b1015168a041ea87ee6acc7548d2a25d095bb6Jonathan Kew — bug 671799 - add tests for null URI in @font-face load-failure logging. r=bzbarsky
911439385a906680ad7c61234f6d9513d716bc84Jonathan Kew — bug 671799 - check whether mURI is null during @font-face console logging. r=jdaggett
eb3a8761eac6e7f6f320b48304b464ee82ab6129Jonathan Kew — bug 670072 - round font sizes to integers in the GDI backend. r=jdaggett
901d098a58c68672b8ba8cd712cf178725018dc1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 434998 - Enable the usage of the execCommand API for <xul:editor> elements; r=roc
7749420447fa3df5a5b4cb336dda9b9dfdbf9ff6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 414526 - Backspace at the beginning of a contenteditable element or delete at the end of one should not affect the rest of the contenteditable elements on the page; r=roc
9349ae9094f6d3e725e70a8020a1f017b9ceb1c8Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
b5c5e025368d2159cc46acd8140d37ccba2ced9cMike Hommey — Bug 671533 - Fix test_DownloadUtils.js with locales with a different decimal separator. r=edilee
49b5a71802b4d17a5c4989cd884d7ea47b3b4ddfMike Hommey — Bug 671500 - Remove remaining bits of /etc/gre.d. r=khuey
b86067d689a98c073be8a919c10b5605299b34d9Mike Hommey — Bug 670329 - Avoid bumping ARM target because of NEON code in gfx. r=jmuizelaar
c41f5c1ce4f161c077d28e29bfaff6e90ca82a8fMike Hommey — Bug 671188 - Don't fail on R_*_NONE relocations with an empty r_offset. r=tglek
6d85a68e820e3cab4f63c0425b9ccc812532d2ceCameron McCormack — Bug 670817 - Check that uncaught exceptions cause test failures. (v2) r=jmaher
a8224422f7c6f48be324d7ce2e0603a00519edc5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 669434 - Fix obscure bugs in CompileFileHelper. r=brendan.
e4a42cc36dc733793a6b6c2632b5e65c0528805fBrian Birtles — Bug 669234 - Use AutoRestore to manage depth recursion tracking in nsSMILTimedElement, r=dholbert
ecb74109d719ebd1ad27bb54b735f55685ee9097David Mandelin — Bug 605290: check for null globalObject before innerizing, r=luke
0d25dd1013375e6019f9fd6649dc069415bc8a58Brad Lassey — bug 671346 - build fails with android NDKr6 r=khuey
2f993221e1906d1adf6a498b087e5a48ce8741e7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 671482 - Use the trusted principal to identify the system principal. r=luke.
54af1e1bda1af69e25302bca1f67c504dc0e1491Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 671482 - Rename some identifiers to improve clarity. r=anygregor.
c5bddfd1bbe1605702379b3866e92eb04c94b8b9Bill McCloskey — Bug 661903 - Fix stupid build issue
9a325ccad497127d8a0379930b9429b4aafdd7d9Bill McCloskey — Bug 661903 - Move script filename table to compartment (r=igor)
90b7ea6f700a5d779ddd095f48be5cebc5ca5817Blake Kaplan — Merge backout.
0364084dec4d65ca568e948a3202f01623dd91c0Blake Kaplan — Backed out changeset 1e6392dd7c14 due to build bustage.
8025a4d8b7bbad6f7bbc19110d687308eb7d3b09Masayuki Nakano — Bug 658155 High resolution scrolling should be enabled even when scrolling speed is customized by prefs r=smaug+jimm
1e6392dd7c146865f686ccecb0aa23281b10eb51Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 653926. r=jst
dcdd255aedf31be161200e5faa3c8f1a6c178436Jeff Walden — Bug 671143 - Rename ValueToNumber to ToNumber, to be more like the spec nomenclature. r=cdleary
9672ad924796d0cbf3a96665dc99696546f6a996Matt Woodrow — Bug 670106 - Check the surface type before attempting to create a GLXPixmap. r=joe
7ce783faf48f2785d3aed6075554b78d568f9f89Rob Bradford — Bug 670645 - Lookup texture_from_pixmap symbols using glXGetProcAddress. r=mattwoodrow
12e6334e394f889f9b683056058b6446a71ed1bbWalter Meinl — Bug 670260 [OS/2] add WebGLExtension to WebGLContextNotSupported r=vlad
61f0230a4a2857d021c0fa58fdb125438809ec41Daniel Holbert — Bug 671341: Remove unused variable |start| from 'GetTokenEnd()' in nsSMILParserUtils.cpp. r=birtles
eb800178da45f18c0c7a16957a082afeefdb1b69Igor Bukanov — bug 667507 - r=gal
3cd0a17b27bf7176c3d7d720c84feaab3b17bfe7Chris Leary — Bug 670772 - JSCodeGenerator::upvarMap should use exactly as much space as it needs. (r=njn)
2bdcc80c8324ec330507c9a7dab619369299e128Chris Leary — Bug 669786: JSCodeGenerator::upvarMap should be a js::Vector. (r=njn)
4fc08ab607dba39c3dc07db634627c845ceeb0b7Bill McCloskey — Bug 671080 - Assert on unexpected cross-compartment pointers in opt builds (r=mrbkap)
451154c37cb34de3a9298e6b89d9e0e19d6c6770Joe Drew — Bug 641748 - Create a simulated GIF webcam, and test to make sure we actually get the second frame. r=jrmuizel
15af6861b21bf4434b030e45f6faaeda940a3c05Joe Drew — Bug 641748 - Remove RasterImage::AppendFrame in favour of RasterImage::EnsureFrame, because decoders get re-initialized when using multipart/x-mixed-replace, and this can lead to the frame count for RasterImages being different from the frame count for decoders. r=jrmuizel
d50618fed642458e81415f8a2f9811773f7d00feJoe Drew — Bug 641748 - Change imgFrame::mPaletteDepth from signed to unsigned. r=jrmuizel
255eaf3959f59efd1d4ee76064e6eb00ae235d94Benoit Jacob — Bug 664299 - Test loading cross-domain images validated with CORS in WebGL. r=bz
1d535d70b54d216cf2d3bd7f7b7b1ba0224bbdecJoe Drew — Bug 664299 - Relax the same-origin policy in WebGL for images that have been successfully validated with CORS. r=bz,jrmuizel
1dd4abff0da3af12b3309278079284d9c3fe66abBenoit Jacob — Bug 664299 - Add support for the crossorigin attribute on the html:img tag, and pass the appropriate CORS mode to imgILoader::loadImage when it's specified. r=bz
24b7b80bb3c3d2b97c6a119fecc75dc9966ad530Joe Drew — Bug 664299 - Support CORS in Imagelib by adding load flags for the various CORS modes. r=jrmuizel,bz
5977286eda3a28def9892c8803a3627b02432997Joe Drew — Bug 664299 - Pass the loading principal to imgILoader::loadImage so we can operate on it later. r=bz
d5ae5580508ff85a9fddfd8d47d9ccf72ddac4feHannes Verschore — Bug 670784 - Add src note to break statements of switches, r=dvander
caf2dc068c233798f49b39f1c4a98e6c7c0e4d89Taras Glek — Bug 670008. Fix measurement of the startup telemetry numbers. r=glandium
0ab660ee24ab2a9f0909d0a592a9000541f49995Adrian Johnson — Bug 624699. Fix some landscape printing bugs. r=roc
553625d7875d4b0e855cab739b64298a84003df1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 671160. Pass the outer window to DispatchTrustedEvent in nsGlobalWindow::DispatchCustomEvent. r=smaug
69dfa4008531b4ca2fb68d60a820ae639adbe292Jason Orendorff — Bug 646968 - Fix name lookups in let scopes. r=brendan.
037f02f89d5bc2ee302499b19ee87a4a95f9dd60Ms2ger — Bug 670746 - Modernize nsDocShellTreeOwner::Get{WebBrowserChrome,OwnerWin,OwnerRequestor}; r=bz
0c493e9d4819e1884ba809a8081443ad9a8860daMs2ger — Bug 670331 - Remove nsIDOMStorageWindow; r=sicking
b2ba5a0e5ddaa80448123e14c74bbfa5a18b3414Ms2ger — Bug 670235 - Remove nsIDOMWindowInternal; r=sicking
53d0d74e602e1ba9c3d24fd1f0b8df518294214dMs2ger — Bug 670499 - Make nsEditor::CreateEventListeners return void; r=ehsan
fe97ea8f631207d9538ff865d02b03a67a133ffbMs2ger — Bug 670500 - Make nsCellMap::Init return void; r=roc
e00f235a80e4f69b85261fef01df8cc15961390dMs2ger — Bug 666666 - Reflect HTMLMediaElement.preload like an enumerated attribute; r=bz
52617959b48ec07390eb47b200884f0513ea6212Malini Das — Bug 603517 - Enable mochitest to optionally run in loops without restarting the browser r=ctalbert
a4d88ea926ecbe79c74fd660f2ae09edd94358faKyle Huey — Bug 671053: Explicitly drop nsHttpConnection's ref to the callbacks at transaction close rather than waiting for connection reuse/expirati