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Wed May 14 16:23:55 2014 +0000
c3bcd563e6ceTim Nguyen — Bug 983978 - download-glow.png should be blue on Windows and Linux. r=Gijs, a=sledru
c5f7b330dd3aMark Hammond — Bug 916497 - PageThumbs no longer expires thumbnails being tested to fix intermittent oranges. r=adw, a=test-only
3f803365277aLandry Breuil — Bug 981780 - Disable some dom/media webrtc tests if webrtc isnt enabled. r=drno, a=sledru
83f031a76d0aRandell Jesup — Bug 981780 - Fix --disable-webrtc. r=glandium, a=sledru
c3db2214834eMark Hammond — Bug 966579 - Tweaks to mutation observer usage for fix intermittent chat orange. r=mixedpuppy, a=test-only
41a1653a0199Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1009529 - Treat null features as '' features in calls. r=bz, a=sledru
542398357372Jonathan Kew — Bug 1001233 - Convert bullet frame's margin to the block frame's writing mode when positioning bullet. r=smontagu, a=lsblakk
b927870d378dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1008559 - setLocationAttributes, as called from buildArea, should remove anchor attribute if set. r=mconley, a=lsblakk
504c3281b663Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1000051 - Fix hidpi close icon size. r=dao, a=lsblakk
1c2c267a019fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1008610 - Convert right xlib surface into a SourceSurface. r=Bas, a=sledru
e9cfd7705824Chris Pearce — Bug 1008785 - Ensure the last video frame end time is correct on Android MP4 playback. r=kinetik, a=lsblakk
a713e6bd540dStephen Pohl — Bug 989769 - Allow for vertical scrolls to interrupt horizontal swipes on OSX. r=smichaud, a=lsblakk
aa9bc2b880a1Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1004814 - console.time/timeEnd work in workers. r=bz, a=sledru
ff4da156e917Bob Owen — Bug 973837 - Check that view-source is not allowed for <object>s. r=johns, a=lsblakk
acb6d71ba45dBob Owen — Bug 973837 - Don't allow view-source in <object>s. r=johns, a=lsblakk
e295406432ebAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1000947 - Console::Methods must not throw exceptions. r=bz, a=lsblakk
dcd4cf44e61bGiovanni Sferro — Bug 982189 - Fix Input type="number" immutability. r=jst, a=lsblakk