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Mon Jul 17 13:37:24 2017 +0000
e26b1f5d635e2b62ba99f5ec90a0c10509a6eee9Ian Bicking — Bug 1380817 - Export Screenshots 10.5.0 to Firefox. r=mossop, a=jcristau FENNEC_55_0b10_BUILD1 FENNEC_55_0b10_RELEASE FIREFOX_55_0b10_BUILD1 FIREFOX_55_0b10_RELEASE
b37c3164182342ef630f6ce58631eb5fe490361bJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1372509 - Fix eslint warnings in about:webrtc. r=jesup, a=jcristau
a7b3f2eb7ff490e787d35e7c10be53497e4d82f7David Parks — Bug 1377249 - Allow Flash to create Secure Socket connections. r=bobowen, a=jcristau
ea2563ac86db0b40ff8475c694088e15dbc0fa31Randall Barker — Bug 1379628 - Ensure pixels for Android dynamic toolbar snapshot get processed even if the toolbar is not visible so pending animations may run. r=kats, a=jcristau
c7cdbecbfc601e3b1d4f6f6f09f9e9ef335b3f9eJohann Hofmann — Backed out changeset 4488424e14ae for causing Bug 1377802. r=tnikkel, a=jcristau
f7250aab6183d6ad2ceadc4aa297cabe63c2c574Johann Hofmann — Bug 1377802 - Check if bookmarking UI is visible before anchoring bookmarking popup. r=mak, a=jcristau
fc07a77aa27cf650296f6d732ad9b1f559e2542cBrian Birtles — Bug 1379582 - Disable frames() timing function using a pref on release/beta channels. r=hiro, a=jcristau
a15ebd1c523ce2a59ff771800a196a3a59838417Bob Owen — Bug 1377555 - Part 3: Don't use restricting SIDs when running from a network drive. r=jimm, a=jcristau
4d917a319e6fe3e04fd98156bc776adfe64fb686Bob Owen — Bug 1377555 - Part 2: Add option to Windows chromium sandbox policy to not use restricting SIDs. r=jimm, a=jcristau
60fdd29667adb68cbe84c7a2dbe53dbfee63e7e6Bob Owen — Bug 1377555 - Part 1: Back out changesets 04edb03fb817 and d17ac655cc51. r=jimm, a=jcristau
589b643648db507f01d4c68f3234138567bdcb58Alastor Wu — Bug 1373887 - Catch exception to handle creating media session fail. r=sebastian, a=jcristau
dc00e73c06e10974b8e88e8ed1a7b918e256e2d0Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1377426 - Set CSP on freshly created nullprincipal when iframe is sandboxed. r=dveditz, a=jcristau
3cefc04b2b98d1aeb929df9526f4bca6d60e7c25Jon Coppeard — Bug 1377738 - Fix leak of nursery memory. r=jandem, a=jcristau
6075562b897b0ec87d7075da96cfec60cdf38bc2Bob Owen — Bug 1378061 - Only set user's SID in USER_LIMITED as deny only when not using restricting SIDs. r=jimm, a=jcristau
e2c2664908514254ce8e99ef21315eb19a84fca7Patrick McManus — Bug 1381340 - Disable H2 origin extension on Gecko 55. r=dragana, a=jcristau
e0998da30fb68d56dd51bdae2c058c5b999782e5Julien Cristau — Bug 1365791 - Bump security preload information expiration dates to 2017-11-14 for Firefox 55. r=keeler, a=release
2439a36dcdbc0c8c2420eb9030e3218c032711feRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1364329 - Skip browser_toolbarbutton_menu_context.js for frequent failures. a=test-only