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Thu Oct 25 01:45:01 2018 +0000
5de90324d8b18cc53df3272cadaa1a91644d0742Tom Prince — Bug 1501759: [tryselect/release] Update milestone to new version too. r=RyanVM, a=release
b290becd35fe07e08343f2a81a8f319131d12c15Tom Prince — Bug 1501759: [taskgraph] Add a beta-sim target. r=aki,RyanVM, a=release
3cc6c86d75e49b5696fa71d34f2495322d317693Tom Prince — Bug 1501759: [taskgraph] Simplify release branch on-push target tasks. r=aki, a=release
23358cafd7c38b27cad86c6accc8cc0180129bc2Tom Prince — Bug 1501759: [taskgraph] Remove `include_nightly` parameter. r=aki, a=release
9739a3c9c339a4cdf361ff91b26b7f569ab48b1aTom Prince — No bug: [tryselect] Add docs for `mach try again` to toc-tree. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
a74302e0bd3ffda5bb6085fe8958f33c2208aefeTom Prince — Bug 1497575 - [staging-release] Add some docs for `mach try release`. r=Callek, a=NPOTB