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Mon Nov 27 10:33:36 2017 +0000
24ed530c9a036f8a706743b8f93f2b7f493256beCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset 023371c245a7 (bug 1226616) for not working as intended a=backout
780900bb90913f473e7722568dc62fa22e82d3aaAaron Klotz — Bug 1413287: Ensure that interceptors do not marshal a handler payload unless they are the outermost marshal request; r=Jamie a=gchang
99df250531e1b7aaa6d1cffa825a8beacb084e41Daosheng Mu — Bug 1409677 - Adjust kCommonAliasedLineWidthRangeMax to 1 in WebGL resistFingerprint mode; r=cfu,jgilbert a=gchang
a66f23b1940632778b6447d967469bb97c2e72abJohann Hofmann — Bug 1409133 - Avoid shrinking tabs through ::before elements when moving them. r=dao a=gchang
14022278b66d392fdf203cf4bc08fee82b47d286Matheus Longaray — Bug 1404176 - Remove aborted print preview browser before bailing out. r=mconley a=gchang
725b718e10c8374b5be64c41635581cf41866e6eRay Lin — Bug 1397173 - Apply dark overlay style when only error occurs in mobile video controls. r=jolin a=gchang