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Wed Aug 17 22:46:23 2016 +0000
c44faf03e1b4dd71a0a28fc83a907702e464b7e4Ian Stakenvicius — Bug 1282843 - Add ability to specify system paths to @old_configure_options. r=glandium, a=ritu
77f168d85c15ad2a483d11daa0187038ed7997ddJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1294648 - [MSE] Return early if mediasource isn't attached. r=gerald, a=lizzard
a351d258dae5090093eb5106f165be340d3050a2Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1292181 - Let each dispatch event sends data to the socket. r=mcmanus, a=lizzard
77701a10e980d59528381e9e7c49ed966163d2deJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1293646: [MSE] P2. Only reject a seek request with EOS if it's passed the explicit duration. r=gerald, a=ritu
202cbd5602d5c034d791b26e16a6090d01e19a43Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1293646: [MSE] P1. Reject seeking attempt with EOS when the mediasource is ended. r=gerald, a=ritu
a507b6cde54bf184a9ae36e76532e7e947967073Kris Maglione — Bug 1280128 - [webext] Use transparent backgrounds and correct border radii for popup browsers. r=bwinton ui-r=maritz a=lizzard
02a10b6c0a95f3b0a413e21e2345970e53949618Francois Marier — Bug 1291472 - Add more application reputation extensions. r=gcp, a=lizzard
ccb0adb99c96ed3a67c7a48c8a92c3259436c973Tobias Schneider — Bug 1275591 - Enable plugin content blocking by default. r=bsmedberg, a=lizzard
00cc1779c7d78eebf36c67516100b7d93b3a099eRandall Barker — Bug 1289322 - Link clicking is detected in the wrong location. r=kats, a=lizzard
1d80b9b0c4d971934232aafd061b0ba7a8d08a21Andrew McCreight — Bug 1286005 - Don't include the PID in the NS_DebugBreak crash annotation. r=froydnj, a=lizzard
2f0d41e6e82f7bb861e312310f75c5a628412f5bNeil Deakin — Bug 1291188 - Remove unneeded cpow part of test as it was causing failures on some machines. r=felipe, a=test-only
6cfff98fe1a07527db71b5e83a5ed79b8ee29de5Steve Fink — Bug 1288555 - Fix structured cloning. r=Waldo, a=ritu
50aa7f83a669ca388d0608857093d1eee6d35e4eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1273981 - Work around incorrect setting of --target on OSX cross-builds. r=ted, a=NPOTB