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Mon Dec 16 14:45:39 2013 +0000
79e2ad13871d646e5405e4f3dfe2bd1c6120f831Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 946799 part B - fix the blocklist annotation to use the correct size, r=dmajor a=lsblakk
591ed7a98ced45f98d0e944b7b809e97a3e26037Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 946799 part A - annotate the location and size of the breakpad memory reservation, r=ted a=lsblakk
a05c70a52b9b87cbdc03188e2a4f22d3458585d9Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 946877 - Don't PGO nsDebugImpl.cpp, to see if that aids stackwalking around NS_OOM_ABORT, r=ted a=lsblakk