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Mon Nov 27 10:55:23 2017 +0000
66c82ad8b8a95a90f09e969eadbe312ada5663f5Jan Henning — Bug 1417498 - Account for aRequest being null in onLocationChange. r=JanH a=gchang
1b83e2c69374e442636a7c79619b2a173ef9ad0dZibi Braniecki — Bug 1420255 - Fix a regression from bug 1410736. r=florian a=gchang
f24456236534520e2c381c765fcfd7a775fbc5cdTed Campbell — Bug 1418841 - Fix DeletePolicy of WasmInstanceScope::Data. r=jonco a=gchang
3480ca96e9cd95c0c889899a07d8b738c594c517Matt Woodrow — Bug 1417411 - Invalidate nsDisplayPerspective items when the inner transform frame changes. r=miko a=gchang
ad61044a4ba8ce0077c8ad6a415a0555fd8fac7cJames Teh — Bug 1417327 part 3: Accessible handler: Fix cache for IAccessible::accDefaultAction and use it for IAccessibleAction::name(0). r=MarcoZ a=gchang
5b467b5636efa46906af107b824ecfb4787cc971James Teh — Bug 1417327 part 2: Accessible handler: Cache IAccessibleTableCell row/column indexes/extents. r=MarcoZ a=gchang
403ec09d449e557972cf017f4f094e76e7009c95James Teh — Bug 1417327 part 1: Accessible handler: Cache IAccessibleAction::nActions. r=MarcoZ a=gchang
7ebf334c8ed4fd51c3dc738a2274ed7485f7e5fcJames Teh — Bug 1416986 part 4: AccessibleHandler: Don't fall through to the proxy for IAccessibleHyperlink. r=aklotz a=gchang
30014722ca5303b725978d66fb651273a0cbc85cJames Teh — Bug 1416986 part 3: AccessibleHandler: Avoid cross-process QI calls for interfaces which we know don't exist. r=aklotz a=gchang
9d771f65f35d6bcfcd7a412aff6f60061482cbe9James Teh — Bug 1416986 part 2: Include interfaces the client is likely to request in the accessible handler payload. r=aklotz a=gchang
ee921fb100b395920f8a5cdcb0c92f070d56aa33James Teh — Bug 1416986 part 1: Allow an mscom Handler to signal that it knows an interface is definitely not available. r=aklotz a=gchang