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Wed Sep 27 17:37:56 2017 +0000
c89417bb5ce904ef935563aa0e7ab9fc93f20f6fSean Stangl — Bug 1394146 - Avoid overflow on backwards iteration of IC entries. r=jandem, a=sledru
6e817055ffedec971f3c82c583f1c8ec800a480bKaku Kuo — Bug 1401902 - We should use MediaDataDecoder's address as an ID instead of MFR::DecoderData's address. r=gerald, a=sledru
d2a6c60348a88fa912539f986f259ac63db5d806Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1401922 - P2. Only set error when non handled. r=alwu, a=sledru
7cd3c4b643b04c8f15e325fa9b08b390ad170e8cJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1401922 - P1. Ensure an error is returned when no decoder could be created. r=alwu, a=sledru
f9dc096f2d54e8f0ef860e9aa51a7ac3f4eb005fjason laster — Bug 1401573 - Fix PoE, Link, and linux issue. r=nchevobbe, a=sledru
eb405675a9619d230e97939c11f69b99c454e149Joel Maher — Bug 1374133 - Disable /html/browsers/windows/browsing-context-names/choose-_blank-003.html for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
b7b36850c2236c909902aec9a9c67816ca5dfcceJoel Maher — Bug 1389983 - Fix skip syntax for dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_getUserMedia_addtrack_removetrack_events.html. r=me, a=test-only
a0001600282a9bb9fa28f85276f1a4d3c8ddfa71Geoff Brown — Bug 1401035 - Avoid Android reftest restart after max run time exceeded. r=jmaher, a=test-only
25a300775dbe07086c68ecea576725e65d66985aJoel Maher — Bug 1401228 - Disable transforms/* on win7 non-e10s to prevent Assertion failure: [GFX1]: Failed to create DrawTarget, Type: 3 Size: Size(800,1000). r=gbrown, a=test-only
1c4aa3cce409bdcc911b4b9dc7f3d4c79b618d34Daosheng Mu — Bug 1398436 - Skip-if test_2_conformance__extensions__webgl-compressed-texture-size-limit.html in Win 7. r=jgilbert, a=test-only
977bae742f4f355d236d2157f6b9916525ab8001Julian Descottes — Bug 1354937 - Stop using mutations in browser_service_workers_status.js. r=ochameau, a=test-only
c5912bbb5405c263b428dae7fd51a4ebabe2882aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1372308 - Skip browser_restore_isAppTab.js on Windows debug for frequent failures. a=test-only