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Mon Nov 16 20:42:30 2015 +0000
c66289e84c50Nathan Froyd — Bug 1217047 - try harder in IsContractIDRegistered to return a reasonable answer; r=bsmedberg,f=yury a=lizzard
d35d09b0b24fRobert Longson — Bug 1222812 - add a null check in case there is no old style. r=dholbert a=lizzard
bc7eea62ab83Karl Tomlinson — Bug 726483 - keep an extra reference to the window. r=roc, a=lizzard
c134a04010a0Karl Tomlinson — Bug 726483 - avoid DispatchResized() during size-allocate. r=roc, a=lizzard
6ceeb10435a8Karl Tomlinson — Bug 726483 - remove unnecessary DispatchResized() parameters. r=roc, a=lizzard
f6fa2e5fb632Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1220033 - Don't use fuzz arithmetic for calculating internal buffered ranges. r=gerald, a=lizzard
51585d9e70ebAndrew Comminos — Bug 1218008 - Fix progress bar rendering on the Ambiance GTK3 theme. r=karlt a=lizzard
94c40ce2d93bBas Schouten — Bug 1216349: Upload the old valid region as well if our texture host changed. r=nical a=lizzard
807e612c17efJan Horak — Bug 1216582 - [gtk3] Scrollbar buttons not drawn correctly. r=karlt a=lizzard