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Tue Sep 05 22:40:57 2017 +0000
e0216397b51aea53aceb9da50dadadc0b2ffacbbMike Hommey — Bug 1396361 - Avoid crashing when some system library calls malloc_zone_free(zone, NULL). r=njn, a=gchang
1982424e5bea530697bbc0f468be8bf6f71072a1Mark Hammond — Bug 1391488 - Catch and ignore errors fetching the hostname from the DNS service. r=kitcambridge, a=gchang
edd07c36dc0dc87e587fbfc61aec8916d4226661Dan Minor — Bug 1395289 - Convert from points to pixels when invalidating rect for screensharing when building on OS X older than 10.8. r=jesup, a=lizzard
984bda56d03cebb368dd9340fa892bdd41b0b5d0Bob Owen — Bug 1392570 - On Windows 7 don't attempt to use a job object for the sandbox when it will fail. r=jimm, data-r=rweiss, a=gchang
d1940f3854236047ea6c6be07280caa312ecb41bLuke Chang — Bug 1392888 - [Form Autofill] Avoid using getElementsByTagName. r=MattN, a=gchang
201e7d5bef2937e9c7e6e50bb69458a62ac07da9Luke Chang — Bug 1387988 - [Form Autofill] Optimize "findLabelElements" function. r=MattN, a=gchang
e1a13a255fcf316653d2ab0e48505b389642dcafPaul Adenot — Bug 1335029 - Take into account SystemClockDrivers in fallback mode when dealing with AudioContext promises. r=jesup, a=gchang
a908673c1485e95e9d88cdf92d37b57ee859c1edOriol Brufau — Bug 1328008 - Stop collapsing TreeView nodes when clicking a value. r=Honza, a=gchang
9e3812ad55629e4532fa3ab8dfcee44ba2a91745Makoto Kato — Bug 1394661 - Use user locale instead of system locale for font fallback. r=gandalf, a=lizzard
f2654ea508ece686ba9503438d8729cadc0ec45bMichael Kelly — Bug 1392960 - Do not hide <preferences> elements for subcategories. r=jaws, a=gchang
c141e8fe733b1841f9fb1233eda37e01d9e88cb7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1387059 - When checking if nsDisplayPerspective participates in preserve-3d, check the underlying transformed frame. r=mstange, a=gchang
83a250a0a345c83cac9a46c27f7a8c9dd77e264aJon Coppeard — Bug 1366217 - Discard GC stats if timing inconsistencies are found. r=sfink, a=lizzard
d0fb17cf639bff43bde763ae81515bca8089047dJames Graham — Bug 1373444 - Look for NoSuchWindowException when waiting for manual browser close in wpt. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
ba89ef7040e03c1c6e92a4adeeac0903124d6c80James Graham — Bug 1373444 - Ignore exceptions during wpt test teardown. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
569cb400470af584fd505e82a005e7c411b0422fShane Caraveo — Bug 1393402 - Fix intermittent by removing early testing timeout. r=mixedpuppy, a=test-only
8bdd1bbd948f52e7b5f3ab2c1168fece0ee14377Makoto Kato — Bug 1363896 - Adjust fuzzy-if for Android's reftest. r=masayuki, a=test-only
1a0a1ec5c58f6c6aee9b4692810f314fe26b9cfbJW Wang — Bug 1348634 - Wait for the 'suspend' event to ensure resource cloning work as expected. r=cpearce, a=test-only
6dd7c570d4807f6b279e859c90dc033f68b1e2fdRob Wu — Bug 1317900 - Address intermittent failure in test_ext_unload_frame.html. r=aswan, a=test-only