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Sat Jul 07 21:43:02 2018 +0000
0a939a1cd7f97ed6fab45e9c9d33d86fd5f01ea1Henrik Skupin — Bug 1469534 - Do not run Marionette tests for Android on release branches. r=dustin,tomprince a=test-only
bfdba69be345c05d7c92be211bffa0217ab0826dMark Striemer — Bug 1470684 - Flip undo close tab icon for RTL in all tabs menu r=dao a=lizzard
dfca0c7dd6d7cf5d3166b661151405cf51a0d103James Willcox — Bug 1467921 - Disable Web Push in GeckoView r=jchen a=lizzard
97d009f65f60e473a957ac5930589d8b2127a109Shane Caraveo — Bug 1470516 - remove or fix localized values in securityInfo, r=rpl a=lizzard
ab4de937c2d276d352627bbcb43eace6f3610c21Florian Qu├Ęze — Bug 1473142 - Set browser.startup.blankWindow to true on Windows (ie. backout bug 1465583), r=mconley a=lizzard
ad56b08003a84f5bc1783cf38b760c41d9b915daAndrew Osmond — Bug 1472520 - Fix a crash when generating image decoder telemetry. r=tnikkel a=lizzard
5db3df3d5a433545830b6199ba28d28c93ef5d34Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1472829. Add use counters for r=smaug a=lizzard
e5972354da953a684cda4885accf6539eb09eae6Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1472859 - Part 2: Add test for same colors and currentcolor. r=gl a=lizzard
79290fd284cfc2226df07b793287d9c2037f2f10Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1472859 - Part 1: Avoid crashing which is in case the all values of keyframes are same. r=gl a=lizzard
6ab86ccd136dbaa90824c81ce76469ba83b80c71Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1472684: Hide info bar and guides from highlighter. r=gl a=lizzard
5f79cf2a5110c661dd49bddf6dccdc9cccea9050David Parks — Bug 1449388 - Send NPNVaudioDeviceStateChanged to plugins when any Windows audio device changes state. r=jimm a=lizzard
83d54bf1905f4c71190b5438eeedb9fef3c55c4bErica Wright — Bug 1472216 - in content search is allowed on about:welcome. r=ursula a=lizzard