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Mon Aug 21 19:15:39 2017 +0000
6a21678800163e1bcbc70a6239cd62f3aefbbbe8Jan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 11: Fix a race between parent/child process. r=asuth, a=lizzard
a8582d18b511da750ab9b5b6ee2ba80089321d16Andrew Sutherland — Bug 1350637 - Part 10: Update LocalStorage e10s tests for change to PBackground. r=janv, a=lizzard
4a23be8a70898109206ba683aaaeec61d61b32feJan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 9: Move Local Storage event broadcasting from PContent to PBackground. r=asuth, a=lizzard
e78fed3a2212b824729b86b0ae917b745be98c81Jan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 8: Implement BackgroundParent::GetLiveActorArray. r=billm, a=lizzard
8267e1dbf9bc47c26b0f8bf382ab62f6e14b3790Jan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 7: Convert asynchronous StorageDBParent initialization to be synchronous and fix low disk space checking. r=asuth, a=lizzard
e77772fae3c20104120b483890df521c6a3e51ceJan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 6: Fix a deadlock when main process storage child actor triggers storage thread initialization. r=asuth, a=lizzard
9c97e6d93100df546293c587dd24505029aca383Jan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 5: Factor out the parent actor observer sink to work on the PBackground thread, fix the rest of observer handling to use IPC. r=asuth, a=lizzard
d06e37723df257098eae195357cf2c96ebbb9b58Jan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 4: Implement serialization for mozilla::OriginAttributesPattern, so we can use it on the receiver side of IPC without bouncing to the main thread. r=asuth, a=lizzard
b0bed209e7f79d31b4b99037432d8679c2fc837cJan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 3: Move mozilla::dom::Optional serialization helper to ipc/glue/IPCMessageUtils.h to make it available to other consumers. r=billm, a=lizzard
5b5c8f31b0a7dee674246143145f2b371b381cc8Jan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 2: Core changes for LocalStorage on PBackground. r=asuth, a=lizzard
37a05ddf9427ac9a2976640fddab25b02bca0d94Jan Varga — Bug 1350637 - Part 1: Move PStorage stubs from PContent to PBackground. r=asuth, r=billm, a=lizzard