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Fri Jul 26 18:46:16 2019 +0000
4d7e8d12749d7b99a7f2bd613193fa93b4eace49Edwin Gao — Bug 1555454 - disable permafailing tests on macosx1014, migrate mochitest-browser-chrome to macosx1014 r=jmaher a=testonly
5278fcb90ca1bbaf639c481e47a52a98fbc1adf5Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1558886: Don't expect exactly one ready stream once ICE is connected. r=mjf a=testonly
41d17f1283880b2ebd74f9c00b987d7394a65ba8Edwin Gao — Bug 1514751 - disable browser_aboutdebugging_addons_manifest_url.js for macosx1014 debug r=jmaher a=testonly
7f1c561e7389c0531b15519f4daa0ca76b6916e3Edwin Gao — Bug 1555454 - migrate gtest to macosx1014 r=jmaher a=testonly