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Wed Feb 01 00:38:35 2012 +0000
788ea1ef610b319e14c38b32e6eae46731229f09Ali Juma — Backout Bug 694964 as the suspected caused of Bug 720353. a=johnath
c907510fe31a93109adc7ee2612f634c8c2f5164Alex Keybl — Bug 700000 - Version bump
e499e965029b7c7acfb3fd0edf583b623ecfb387Alex Keybl — Source migration - branding changes - NO BUG, CLOSED TREE, DONTBUILD, r=migration, a=migration
4191ccc5f66cc32aed4ae45f5c9808af87a945e7Axel Hecht — update shipped-locales for fx11, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD BETA_BASE_20120131
43065851180aa3a7d237f6f210ff70ba0437549eBrad Lassey — bug 720712 - Crash on startup on Samsung SCH-i400 (Continuum), Android 2.1, Base64 API is API level 8 r=lucasr a=dougt
c1c8f93cea525cc13a969937f3751da6ffddee6fBrian Nicholson — Bug 719662 - Use nsIPrefLocalizedString for getComplexValue. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
221589f2050529fa178e6b6bbbf0505195255e89Brian Nicholson — Bug 719195 - about:Home displayed briefly before session restore. r=mfinkle a=blassey
6a67547df4203a3eac1c6dfead0eeb2a0fbea7b7Brad Lassey — bustage fix, r=me a=me
a26d9110e7f24f19a5c9e04357b368235040b613Matt Brubeck — Bug 720400 - Disable plugins in XUL Fennec [r=blassey, a=akeybl]
b6f4e30d7b9443ececcafbfaaaee9879f07c66faSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715213: Move "+" to left side on Tab menu. [r=mfinkle] a=blassey
765621b50a22feab8cfa0a6dbdaa944fd22a536cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 720698: ICS should use blue outline color for URL bar. [r=mfinkle] a=blassey
49da94a53d6f834bf7d1845c94b1d6d27a009622Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 717674: AutoCompletePopup list should be native to the device. [r=mfinkle] a=blassey
f50df17e470ee67ddbed04192dbb519c6e4cfb35Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712526: Restrict tabs menu to occupy only 2/3 of the screen. [r=mfinkle] a=blassey
b1070f76bf3c8731a334e04d1201bcb57c8dd78bLucas Rocha — Bug 722050 - Fix about:home checker-boarding (r=mfinkle, a=mfinkle)
d2a70e567f93efc995bca3521f71bbf5d41f8dabLucas Rocha — Bug 721765 - Fix typo in about:home's top sites string (r=mfinkle, a=mfinkle)
96275843d143dc6d8ff2d352d1b31b5bd640b28fAlex Pakhotin — Bug 717902 - Form autocomplete pop-up with the available suggestions is not displayed in landscape mode when HKB is used. r=blassey a=akeybl
1e9d420263f8f9024cd7e6bc0caf109d94dedcffMark Finkle — Bug 704415 - Style the Add-on Manager [r=wesj a=akeybl]
ac96d6f4bdf8fc61e1e443646b7878a89de2b0d0Benoit Girard — Bug 711564 - Disable ICA/CA Plug-in drawing model on 10.5 because of instability. r=smichaud a=akeybl
5bc8243d71ec6c060c2546f363188e932f3c85cdCedric Vivier — Bug 721350 - Style Editor auto-scroll to the selected style sheet is annoying. r=paul a=akeybl
b12e4fadbabe91e5705677b35b2adeb1c53812deCedric Vivier — Bug 721353 - Fix invisible outline regression introduced by bug 719022. r=paul a=akeybl
e1d6266b5a2c07d812ff6089423d8e7ec6854103Paul Rouget — Bug 720975 - Switch to vertical layout only when the window width < 550px. r=msucan a=akeybl
78d45f7defcdc7a9258530d8e6bb3d011fde443dPaul Rouget — Bug 719022 - Digits-only file names get .css prefixed in front of postfixed. r=jwalker a=akeybl
dc0eca03f981dcd1a83b111a4f5a2ce57c99d897Mike Hommey — Bug 720737 - Set MOZ_LINKER_CACHE instead of CACHE_PATH. r=blassey,a=akeybl
ccbae23f3d046fe58dcea15d4039b2aa051985b2Mike Hommey — Bug 713229 - Require NSPR 4.9 beta 4 or greater. r=ted,a=akeybl
0d888e276c9f789cbb334f87b4955d8f3ce9ccd6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 713402: Tabs not shown in awesomescreen in honeycomb. [r=mfinkle] a=dougt
306e0b45c2e7e2fa25079231d6a86b1705f6d359Brian Nicholson — Bug 716906 - Add "Firefox Sync" item to settings. r=dougt a=akeybl
d9d8daa10bc726955d7451321fb2d55c8fd40670Margaret Leibovic — Bug 720581 - Access static fields/methods in a static way. r=blassey a=akeybl
7a463122041a7cf98a532498ef0f7f3892d5fdd8Doug Turner — Bug 704467 - Crash in mozalloc_abort | __swrite | dexDataMapAlloc. Protect against a bad class cast. r=wesj a=akeybl
582f46b817a06624e8825b28400c2fb117e5b0d4Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Update about:home everytime it's shown (r=blassey) a=akeybl
4fa07287752ab20085e3bb2f0afc066b636d168cLucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Add API to AboutHomeContent to trigger updates (r=blassey) a=akeybl
972cd21a12f48f5500d8b548889031df9a38bd66Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Remove redundant runnable to load addons/tabs in about:home (r=blassey) a=akeybl
0902945f20d14e502b15cfb388c5ec9a47af4f35Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Factor out code to load top sites in AboutHomeContent (r=blassey) a=akeybl
e691991b6b25430cb29472ecb39dc17eb0bc5d39Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Remove onFinishInflate handling from AboutHomeContent (r=blassey) a=akeybl
c63bfe36d8b88c76538860a3260cc1886136be56Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Move view attributes to layout file (r=blassey) a=akeybl
8ba82b64addf6a1fec72b6e33c8f0996a50bab19Lucas Rocha — Bug 721354 - Remove unnecessary constructor arg from AboutHomeContent (r=blassey) a=akeybl
0895be30b9ba3cf51a60cd7c063ccac39ddafe3aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 721320 - Enable persistent SQLite journal on LocalBrowserDB. r=lucasr a=akeybl
ad6066f0d40e29f0c726e5b0d55a0947bbb77068Matt Brubeck — Bug 719557 - "Full Screen" add-on (window.fullScreen) has problems in native Fennec [r=blassey] a=akeybl
f1e16e533aea44271e9c5767d67a9e4ea7371f1eAlex Pakhotin — Bug 712972 - Can't type into awesome bar. r=blassey a=akeybl
673bb97ab111b40bbb225b2655a47bfbe20dd2d3Brian Nicholson — Bug 701824 - "Show character encoding" (Text encoding) preference should be hooked up. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
fa0ab73ef86fb7e4f31cbf652059bb85ce03b393Alex Pakhotin — Bug 711648 - Pre-commit underline is not shown for the composing text. r=blassey a=akeybl
38777175ae7746a077a8e0138927ab6d612b4744Richard Newman — Bug 717869 - fix BrowserProvider.generateGuid to not append trailing newlines. r=blassey, approval-mozilla-aurora=dougt
02093039f45420e96bdbe32bd54c52f87b350706Wes Johnston — Bug 711071 - Check for scrollable in velocity calculations. r=pcwalton a=blassey
152072bca69c3d7a13e12f2154fbb0460003e431Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720442 - Scroll input fields to bottom of viewport rather than top. r=blassey a=akeybl
b2fe3c48845be9ca29c5ee0cd79e87cff3680c3dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 712065 - Special treatment is needed to get the size of SVG documents. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
663b6a4cdc3e7c8da096b587ab5bd720e89c57a6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 718270 - When hiding the VKB on small pages, increase page size to prevent zoom-in. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
aae024495623458c82c8cb2fb8d1e500b40d2b0cBrad Lassey — bug 721308 - ConcurrentModificationException when closing a tab and reopening the tabstray quickly r=mfinkle a=akeybl
6eb8b265cdfabc2b239727652bff44d31df88061Brad Lassey — bug 721209 - tab screenshots unnecessarily big for background tabs r=mfinkle a=akeybl
1e3863b4cf0827426884b2814bcc547da7fcf577Brad Lassey — bug 711201 - instrument when the throbber ends for performance testing r=dougt a=akeybl
45b862358c3b170fe5ddb9cca31486f0d0547640Brad Lassey — bug 721208 - Tab screenshots can hose the gecko event loop r=mfinkle a=akeybl
ec8b9ccdcbec1ee1194e1bad242616bb71101c89Brad Lassey — bug 721032 - Make thumbnails in about:home and tab menu identical r=mfinkle a=akeybl
75bb8908cef0d39974dd4bfff30e953c5950560fBrad Lassey — bug 721216 - Bitmap compression on main thread causes the tab strip to take a long time to appear r=pcwalton a=akeybl
95c01032a28ff2921f6b58687a44dddf287966ffWes Johnston — Bug 603008 - Platform support for multitouch events. r=smaug a=akeybl
95dd0a69c672bfc078f985e248cbc24c556a42f8John Schoenick — bug 702466, imported patch fix_via_handler_table, r=sicking, a=dveditz
1c2291b526cbe21e4ee04c24fd5236db52f7a006Jonas Sicking — Bug 702466: Make sure we actually abort if we end up with unbalanced stacks. r=dbaron, a=dveditz
4a961cfc4408e36846fa1290e680c5fb9ec89f73John Schoenick — Bug 702466 - Validate internal stack state in xslt parser. r=sicking, a=dveditz
b5ed79ddf35093a96816ffe424b05b547b1783f5Benoit Jacob — Bug 717658 - OOM crash in BasicLayers: dump sizes to help understand this crash - r=joe, a=akeybl
cae62722a5e741e9662fc6eca9deddc2bb6a846dBen Turner — Bug 718100 - 'Web workers should GC more'. r=mrbkap, a=keybl.
d5db8b8f8c8af7ec1043b4b0abe6a0a6e049ea80Matt Brubeck — Bug 721301 - Disable font inflation by default in XUL fennec [r+a=mfinkle]
62fc7d5a3085ae21711cc27a391e902d9a4bd3b6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 720461 - Fix loop logic in Android SQLiteBridge. r=dougt a=dougt
8128cd486feacb1e84138ad2868f9911f6fe35c5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713283 - Merge Favicon import with history import. r=lucasr a=akeybl
6d0c8733ebc075c11e17b9eeec922403877f55eaGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713283 - Limit imported history entries. Sort by approximate frecency. Update visits count. r=lucasr a=akeybl
b3fef4b978c60073ac6a3678d0ce5c125c913799Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713283 - Show a splash screen during Profile migration. r=dougt a=akeybl
96f7df9cc832cd39eee6c5b860e1a064590d52a2Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710331 - Remove old splash screen assets. r=mfinkle a=blassey
d9b0a2d392e36ffa64406975fac3bb87cb35a24eGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710331 - UX for bookmarks and history import. r=mfinkle a=blassey
47cb704586dc2ac812871b4bdf071f2cd862a7bbOleg Romashin — Bug 719253 - Fennec cannot init EGL libs due to wrong library name. r=glandium,a=blassey
5458543c789dd7c3088ea6870b6509326d6ca72dMike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 12 - Enable the new linker on Android native UI. r=khuey,a=blassey
5ca3fe73e1cae75064272903680d1d35b2ee4b1dMike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 11 - Hook the new linker in Android initialization. r=blassey,a=blassey
063d3bf559863b900f98a082825d61bae87a26f5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713228 - Add bridge to access our own SQLite libraries from Java. r=blassey,a=blassey
9d162c7fb4642e94852381ab23bdcf627711c517Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 10 - Allow debug symbols to be found under gdb without extracted libraries. r=tglek,r=mwu,a=blassey
c390403ee7cb06922fe3ba9205a638c526a1c097Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 9 - Allow to temporarily extract Elf files from a Zip archive for e.g. valgrind. r=tglek,a=blassey
88c009db8205340e9dcf9a986ba074a45e9a2518Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 8 - Allow to load Elf files from a Zip archive. r=tglek,r=sewardj,a=blassey
3d2c29ac8c03a2e49adb5b853ad50f448ce66930Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 7 - Use a custom Elf linker for libraries given with an absolute path name. r=sewardj,a=blassey
a614838758b48463dc80d1371c049bdeae386a23Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 6 - Use wrapped dl* functions in the XPCOM standalone glue when building with MOZ_LINKER on Linux. r=bsmedberg,a=blassey
9a792715f0349bcb4601c740f5c1e4175212c204Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 5 - Initial Elf Loader, wrapping around dlopen/dladdr/dlsym/dlclose. r=tglek,r=sewardj,a=blassey
53f6fe12df35d742ff3a22cdabc4e55fcfabf1efMike Hommey — Bug 721099 - Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_BETA6 tag. Fixes bug 712262, bug 712275 & bug 712281; a=blassey
9dbdd072eb4e19467fad3537d50a18eb538920d5Mike Hommey — Bug 716825 - Avoid loading system libraries with their full path. r=bjacob,r=gal,r=blassey,a=blassey
9f500877bdfab28368e48a2efbe317af45487df0Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 4 - Use the new ELF linker Zip reader in the old linker. r=tglek,a=blassey
e41bac52739861b439add74111a4cab9f3bf5eb8Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 3 - Test for the Zip reader. r=tglek,a=blassey
1fcb113281fcc79f966e1876e462f20e82901fb6Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 2 - Build system glue for the new linker. r=khuey,a=blassey
3928abd6fd6e28ef767127a8fef6ae3c02cac7a0Mike Hommey — Bug 683127 part 1 - Simple Zip reader for the new ELF Linker. r=tglek,r=mwu,a=blassey
06ee9e6ba425a3622582fd4d3fba59736621d826Mike Hommey — Bug 712579 - Load nssckbi from the location of nss3. r=kaie,a=blassey
d8158788ac4ddb01ed65e27a1d61607cb725f47aMike Hommey — Bug 714029 - Avoid jsctypes-test dependency on the xpcom glue. r=bsmedberg,a=blassey
4e9f76b31e81effcc4246b2973018c87158678aaMike Hommey — Bug 712284 - Remove dladdr hack for NSS on android. r=ted,a=blassey
471d0ae1db6d7cfb220817adb3c3a87707c965a7Mike Hommey — Bug 717906 - Enable NSS lowhash API so that Mozilla builds work on Fedora. r=rrelyea,a=blassey
fad7b6686caf35d8d9524b9da1aba44962c647a0Mike Hommey — Bug 717906 - Allow to enable NSS lowhash API without requiring FREEBL_NO_DEPEND. r=rrelyea,a=blassey
43ece237bceb4404955c7608c8091a3c705fb871Mike Hommey — Bug 708570 - Make libfreebl depend on nspr. r=ted,a=blassey
3352a89d2dde958559295f8abc7622fe3d64430dMike Hommey — Bug 709776 - Move tri-licensed Android library parts under mozglue/. r=blassey,a=blassey
185d4aa163bce923be44f4e5ca5c6ae69d2e9c62Mike Hommey — Bug 701371 - Rename mozutils to mozglue, and move it to top-level. r=khuey,a=brendan,a=blassey
59907c5f60c77470d038f9c7889335fac1006656Chris Peterson — Bug 714874 part 4 - Disable some Java warnings. r=rnewman r=dougt a=akeybl
7c89e6d33286b47a7abe7510c6e50925946f679bChris Peterson — Bug 714874 part 1 - Split Fennec and Sync java files to allow different compile flags. r=rnewman r=dougt a=akeybl
8b22c18ae5ee1c8a4da5444ca2f839f0c258b40dChris Leary — Bug 719315: Free unused chunks. (r=luke, a=akeybl)
0cc55c3cff251bc8326e9b5fffb3ae76db080e9aMatt Brubeck — Bug 715275 - New default favicon images for different resolutions [r=sriram a=akeybl]
de7cd69f8199f4ed6dfc09668d126636e984167aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 718961 - Fix typo in event name. r=blassey a=akeybl
651c8c5b6cd31ce497a67e89abae933dc3794a4fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 718961 - Make sure we copy the URI from the java to the C++ event for the VISITED event. r=blassey a=akeybl
0141d74c6551b300936c15d1c51fb91f9c76e4f3Chris Peterson — Bug 701002 part 2 - JavaStackTrace: send "JavaStackTrace" field to Socorro. r=dougt a=akeybl
21c3b37a27c9410489402d879f5280e2e49c2f39Chris Peterson — Bug 701002 part 1 - JavaStackTrace: consolidate reportJavaCrash() stack logging. r=dougt a=akeybl
6dc4301a4511c6f4b3dbc922a7938c33be88a2fdPatrick Walton — Bug 707956 - Restore original zoom scale on double rotation. r=kats a=blassey
bd5c7b73ce79724a6fd98f13212d9659f4151d09Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716863 - Abort uselessly continuing to fling subdocuments once they can't go any farther. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
b32116534dc236a0668e70eed226bf51f0f88608Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716863 - Check for overscroll and bounce after iframes are flung. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
41c8a2291ea2454b0e35ff3a01d75679d9d5f246Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 717085 - Ensure that when Gecko does a session-restore, it knows how big the screen is. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
b6715e9bb2d0a9216557ff3ada32df11cc8c94aeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 713780 - Stop using JSONStringer as it results in a performance regression. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
d8a8902e63591db17f50a34f3944f9766b3bd95aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 703347 - Add a background image visible during overscroll. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
b9b826d27871cd0af326bf6f33290c00689231e7Matt Brubeck — Bug 711199 - Update menu icons for Android 2.2 and 2.3 [r=lucasr, a=akeybl]
38d3435b65f077b955bbe4c3cf4423bb9b976ca6Wes Johnston — Bug 718904 - Don't show a context menu for long taps on header rows in the awesome screen. r=lucasr a=akeybl
56d65d294d482a9fc961268776c834c3272405ddWes Johnston — Bug 720058 - Follow up for review comments. r=bnicholson a=akeybl
93c85537ac1b1934faa9afa5f3b35fe259eca05eMatt Brubeck — Bug 718296 - Use third-party fixup on location bar searches [r=wesj a=akeybl]
3b0f39cd9d2014b7e9a261bcfb1ccf9f2b4d135bWes Johnston — Bug 716595 - Don't alter selection if we cancel a select dialog. r=mleibovic a=akeybl
20e91ae263ad1e90c35c963daa30f41d97f0a771Wes Johnston — Bug 720058 - Only allow showing one select ui at a time. r=bnicholson a=akeybl
d8a62bf6787c5d3c0f087e8f6fd6f83f671cd729Wes Johnston — Bug 715925 - Indent options in opt groups. r=sriram a=akeybl
b643633fc6fbc6d7812ee3104b50a475e059d5b1Lucas Rocha — Bug 720152 - Add URI matches for image ID operations (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
ca4032ba20fee73b811272d6b9c27058951078e8Lucas Rocha — Bug 710325 - Show addon icon in about:home (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
fa4d1d02170cecd2388fca107156d17d5c3c2344Lucas Rocha — Bug 710325 - Thread-safety fix in Favicons (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
5d741b58132488d9e7771dc49f4c719a669e0118Lucas Rocha — Bug 710325 - Show addon version in about:home (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
c77e8f61673da98ca5d30f128c232d6dbb3a66e8Lucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Invite users to set up sync on about:home (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
1fae651159132835d25e8dc679d54995026b2938Lucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Show message when there are no top sites to show in about:home (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
7d59e1b01229135702d54d1ad4f22c394bce16a5Lucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Improve layout of about:home for top sites (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
68105795f01ded87cf57069d86dec9196edb5447Lucas Rocha — Bug 708414 - Add API to check if Fennec is running for the first time (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
4708e808a27dd7fa706d89cd5d321b0e5d91cdfeLucas Rocha — Bug 709078 - Only load necessary cols on awesomescreen filter and about:home queries (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
a04e7209a49cfed037e6a9adae355ac9eecc20f7Cedric Vivier — Bug 720431 - Can't close Style Editor with cmd+w. r=paul; approval-aurora=akeybl
cc4219ead50bcf9e2c11cac8be7b29fe7e36566dPaul Rouget — Bug 719457 - When the URLs are very long (style editor), the user needs to resize to see the editor.; r=rcampbell; approval-aurora=akeybl
a8d8390ebb5265ec46c3c72944160ea3aa76430dCedric Vivier — Bug 715892 - In the Style Editor, remove the stylesheet filter; r=paul; approval-aurora=akeybl
230a7bf9aee65eb102cc57125b8966a4f96d08f4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 721214 - Use Tabs.selectTab to select a new tab instead of sending a Tab:Selected message to gecko. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
e71036b16553960f2ee330412cb614471ef5b93fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719860 - Full screen plugins don't work with click to play enabled. r=jst a=akeybl
409847603071a4af57e8ab0d6a21222f94e9c240Margaret Leibovic — Bug 720048 - Move Tab:Foo listeners and associated tab logic into Tabs. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
8a381c459787c41eb156459a06b70e094c5e210fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 720494 - Move GeckoApp.handleAddTab logic into Tabs.addTab. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
0d47f331d6b9ba8087b15a8cb8ee7683ceeb204fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 720427 - Save as PDF is using an invalid URI method. r=wesj a=akeybl
f0b942692f5ff27280ee0e0cf951f2b63ca947dfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719493 - Don't block on gecko to select a tab. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
e02a829225d18fae268c3faf4469ee04736dd3deMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719494 - Closing tabs is too slow sometimes. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
9d5ede8cb11a6a0925f9e33fb87c758ee0657d4dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 719499 - backport 020e61c8efed, 25fe3fddc59e and d377d38a23d3 to aurora. r=ted. a=akeybl.
c0df4333b5b739b584b2b23aaf839409680c886cTrevor Saunders — bug 693343 - a11y disabled in Gnome 3 when GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY is unset patch=mgorse, tbsaunde r=tbsaunde, karlt a=akeybl
c826632d845fcd3f548005935dfb8a97e554ba3eHenri Sivonen — Bug 713810 - Use the HTMLness mode of the original document for the View Selection Source serialization., a=akeybl.
b310cea4258ce9680a9948de8103843a63083859Richard Newman — Bug 721271 - Makefile fixes for Aurora landing. a=akeybl
d786e7c31177ae6f2d27267d759cea71ed28ad74Richard Newman — Bug 721271 - Post-0.3 Android Sync Aurora uplift. a=akeybl
b314edef7cbfa1b4f4b8dbf5193567e83dc47c29Richard Newman — Bug 718928 - AndroidManifest.xml does not depend on Sync manifest include fragments. r=ted, a=akeybl
2a12d4f824f416e01313c01c761f72c614ba4964Marina Samuel — Bug 709660 - correctly process resolution-specific Sync resources. r=mbrubeck, r=rnewman, a=akeybl
699a36336685747b7c2f63d437d95e8d479da8b0Brad Lassey — Bug 712380 - Add support for clobbering the Android resources when needed. r=dougt, a=akeybl
62cdb08ef4d31013f0535289930fd6f119bd03e3Richard Newman — Bug 709391 - hide Sync setup task in Launcher, make syncs return immediately. a=java-only, a=akeybl
4c20c43a09a002f9e23e0329c7c70af0de72fc0dRichard Newman — Bug 709391 - initial import of Android Sync code (Git tag: v0.1.2-fixes). a=java-only, a=akeybl
50911c719782a59d4d8c1b72ae29c071425ec2feRichard Newman — Bug 709391 - Part 3: Makefile changes to preprocess sync_syncadapter.xml. r=blassey, a=akeybl
7b15cf9b89facef74fc74717a9ea638bb3e6c6d3Richard Newman — Bug 709391 - Part 2: l10n build changes to include Sync strings. r=blassey, f=Pike, a=akeybl
2bf61c2d0e29d42b08d7c26202a3d8d157e156e1Richard Newman — Bug 709391 - Part 1: implement in-Fennec Android Sync shipping solution. r=blassey, a=akeybl
76509146a8e5e5f5dabf590c7a3cfe51a24754ccGregory Szorc — Bug 710448 - Rewritten Sync record reconciling to handle edge cases; r=rnewman, r=philikon, a=akeybl
3c403469f83449241d9412525080968ae0f2e72bJean-Alexandre Anglès d'Auriac — b=714068 use gtk_icon_theme_get_icon_sizes instead of gtk_icon_theme_has_icon to determine whether GtkWindow will use an icon r=karlt a=akeybl
e7312c8640ffa03228161972558b6a382cbd4f31Jeff Walden — Bug 720094 - Simplify the implementation of JSDOUBLE_IS_NaN a bit, consolidating two implementations (conditioned on the architecture) into one. r=dvander, a=akeybl
1a931c3136116bf3ff71faee76727a2c15fd8738Jeff Walden — Bug 720511 - Make sure indexed elements on prototypes of an array being joined show through in the final join-string. r=luke, a=akeybl
5580456bf12199888f9b00686ce00ef7790101eeJeff Muizelaar — Bug 711658. Move quirks triggering earlier. r=bgirard,a=akeybl
ad9819c41d540888c05fc3d0ec41d710af7628b3Geoff Brown — Bug 715198 - disable cache compression (avoid failures when new profile accessed by old software versions); r=bjarne a=akeybl
3d8f552dee21f35dc245f357fc54caeb79976380Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711428: Awesomescreen tab indicators needs to be curved [r=mfinkle] a=akeybl
a8866ee8dff5a77d5bb99f4c0c600ee32bbc29c5Brian Nicholson — Bug 715225 - Clean up menu contents. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
9a60d5d8b01ea813726c7391b62b03f2989edfb8Brian Nicholson — Bug 712970 - Show 'tabs from last time' in about:home. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
007aa5c56b0ee6e4adbd6820aaa1a8fc4af7f4d4Chris Peterson — Bug 714874 part 3 - Fix Java warnings about redundant casts. r=pcwalton r=dougt a=akeybl
254807e329410a88d7eb1dcca3d6fe09fa914caeChris Peterson — Bug 714874 part 2 - Fix some Java warnings. r=dougt a=akeybl
8aaa33c0d915883c57c3e97218196c500331fd7bHonza Bambas — Bug 621446 - investigation patch for crash at RecvRedirect2Verify, r=jduell, a=akeybl
32bea972df52e9fba35d2519406e529c44c58fa9Olli Pettay — Bug 704583 - Add testing mode to FocusManager, p=enn,smaug r=smaug,enn,a=ak
18d1d5407dbef4dc78ed888d6ad9b9f215e46083Benjamin Smedberg — Back out bug 665196 to resolve bug 716945 - apparently the single submit-and-reload action caused many plugin crash reports to fail to submit. a=akeybl
03ff575be222aaf0c96410e138233e92ea00f87bBenjamin Smedberg — Back out bug 688083 to resolve bug 716945
2878c9b2f02ef53b74dc73b918aa7aa214f00c7fBenjamin Smedberg — Backout bug 698986 to resolve bug 716945.
f5c7a0b6085ffc11eaad01ba175a62bc88a77c69Margaret Leibovic — Bug 718846 - Don't show progress throbber on about:home. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
b6c3fb586ba595e2ade8b619e852575c6f708588Cedric Vivier — Bug 701635 - Style Editor should have a page loading placeholder; r=rcampbell; approval-aurora=akeybl
99737dbc0bda01eae2ebaa8eb111fef1484f7f26Cedric Vivier — Bug 712887 - Style Editor should always show the Save button on the currently edited style sheet; r=paul; approval-aurora=akeybl
354450518154769870d642e328cf0bec11cd2013Ben Hearsum — Bug 607389 - generate partial updates at build time for releases. DONTBUILD. a=NPOTB
bee0171b95977135cd5045ae9e03a0088aa5e5fdKyle Huey — Bug 703133: Flush layout data asynchronously on charset changes. r=bz a=akeybl
e2808c505398c1b7fe2c91da8131f0ec37a06df1Kyle Huey — Bug 717549: Drop the reference to the content editor when the spell checking UI is reset to prevent zombie compartments. r=dao a=akeybl
6d6545292cfa61d6da6b058604c354704295437aSimon Montagu — Use moz_malloc and _free instead of nsMemory. Bug 705407, r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
b3b7cb84a0d9bd292d6390347fe6bca6071606d0Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 719612 - Update libvorbis. r=kinetik a=akeybl
9b079d6b0c334f4ec0915303df1a93d7ea150e7cGregory Szorc — Bug 704539 - Better handling of HTTP channels in Sync; r=rnewman; a=akeybl
8c5e5c1089dab3137fa85143b6cc4a7a80dc370fJim Mathies — Bug 718752 - Only apply read only checks in save mode for Vista+ file pickers. r=bbondy, a=akeybl
0e6256e28d73be43698e651ba8280064ab33a5ffArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 677616. Add Armenian to mobile's locales. r=l10n, a=mfinkle
e44cc659b759727dee86424abebc8c0f83ace19cBen Turner — Bug 718202. r=jst, a=keybl.
24cb0e50df851369f404c8b600c4e027e2c56b9dMark Finkle — Bug 718257 - Syntax error breaks add-on install restart doorhanger [r=mbrubeck] a=akeybl
d9a56fd61903463f73e1cc0006e79f1c144a875fWes Johnston — Bug 716161 - Don't allow clicking disabled selects. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
bd6bcca222347b9a75bd8c16ebcd35168c6c5297Brad Lassey — bug 715507 - GlobalHistory is accessing Gecko on the wrong thread r=dougt,kats a=akeybl
ba758404a5ad1198853f5b37450e1865750fce6dMakoto Kato — Bug 715204 - Non-ascii titles are displayed as garbage during session restore. r=bnicholson a=akeybl
b6ad62e6f63777c8fd16e697eac6125545613119Alex Pakhotin — Bug 714950 - Unable to see characters typed in landscape fullscreen VKB. r=blassey a=akeybl
8508d6cc7e46e6bf83a3698d378c145f4d42af30Wes Johnston — Bug 713922 - Don't allow empty password for master password. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
ab94103a2cdd7e6c325fc84f0994beabdef91d84Chris Peterson — Bug 709845 - fix checkstyle warnings about extra imports, missing access modifiers, trailing whitespace. r=dougt a=dougt
07e692bcb977119f967b1db6625607f78e8bcc66Chris Peterson — Bug 709845 - Update history's URL after redirect. r=dougt a=dougt
4012b1f4bd56d675462030a0b324fb339c8499f1Brad Lassey — bug 713503 - prefetch urls from known url shortening sites before gecko is running r=mfinkle a=akeybl
8f8496ba9bbf5827b91d7810a8b926c11436455dJames Willcox — Bug 707439 - Fix Flash plugin positioning r=cwiis a=blassey
5f71567515b5ec25cc3a27ce30854e8b280c6232Chris Peterson — Bug 717841 part 1 - Replace Date().getTime() calls with SystemClock.uptimeMillis or System.currentTimeMillis(). r=kats a=akeybl
d1b26813ca3ffbe6cce4506a99040fa817feecd6Wes Johnston — Bug 709078 - Add logging for awesomebar query times. r=lucasr a=akeybl
299457a114ef49dc4542593057b162b6e34cc6c4Michael Kohler — Bug 707711 - No way to delete bookmarks r=mfinkle a=blassey
22710663cf240db0d064eacfce29d39965f75ea7Brian Nicholson — Bug 709888 - Remove UA switcher. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
5222a2f174c45faca691ed98d5c4cd7ce37871daMatt Brubeck — Bug 712760 - Add some smaller font inflation size options [r=mfinkle, a=akeybl]
9f53cb953f311935f09da9129f97cf339e9c6a0cChris Peterson — Bug 717841 part 2 - Fix HistoryQueryTask's time range checks. r=lucasr f=dougt a=dougt
7963e62762928604bd0c97b405c06f4c115eaa67Brad Lassey — bug 711543 - Get thumbnail images of tabs loaded in the background, and display them in the tab menu r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
cd135c7ca5af12bf0601d2de34453d64714a59e1Josh Matthews — Backout 64a62ab8cf98 (bug 711536) to un-regress bug 713172. a=mak
922795c904e8d22643d245c823e06329dbe41437Ben Turner — Bug 718311. r=mrbkap, a=keybl.
e3fd154d60383e4c24498816ef2bb7748508b8d0Chris Peterson — Bug 714874 - Fix Java warnings about redundant casts (changes that touch PointUtils only, for aurora). r=pcwalton r=dougt a=bustage
bb8d14637ea525faf62cfec98e8add6bd733b31dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715326 - Fix viewport position when zooming up a page that is smaller than the viewport on both axes. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
a97a73096b0c661e8cdbfa05290f37c11263939eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715326 - Don't round the page size in browser.js. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
524dcbfd93639013e0c3f6cd49bc5bdf8d07a8c7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715836 - Ensure the UI is only modified from the UI thread. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
bd8a953a271765b05146f01140d348d86ccad3e6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715836 - (Cleanup) Remove unused functions. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
d1b3f891068eed3e76716c6e846aca7adf5b6059Felipe Gomes — Bug 706897. Fix intermittent test_destinationURI_annotation.xul failure. r=mak a=akeybl
579583350bf3e7b49ee3f333af0fa8b4efdd140dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Fix up copyright and authors. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
24ca2613ebfaf8552edc69d2f80a734d840affe3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Pull out duplicated hard-coded strings as static variables. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
639872e98bbcbf357256094210013a0ae1a03791Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Split out the Axis class from the PanZoomController. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
7e3b3f7bfc2348a3833fa4bf35a47422588da158Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Split out a SubdocumentScrollHelper from the PanZoomController. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
b4ec0b5d9b5a9ca9992336aead4ac3733b30c042Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Encapsulate the fling state in Axis. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
5d9ada0705dfa58e12a3b1e14a187c9aaad5b32fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Encapsulate the velocity, locked, and disableSnap variables in Axis. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
6ce2cc8bfbea88b1fe99e4630aa6c7db8fe1336aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Use the locked velocity instead of unlocked velocity in a couple of places. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
4212d78cbee7d62c1e65609a6b0a2e9123fb5465Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Fix up the advanceFling() step. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
5d2cccb4d3eb17410ee03dee2edb4af9044c1fc0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Collapse unused WAITING_TO_SNAP and SNAPPING flingstates into STOPPED. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
131dac883ec6d189c98ce5b390fceca96471bef8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Completely encapsulate Axis variables lastTouchPos and touchPos. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
0594ad266dfa06dfb0e0c78f9638fce813056126Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Completely encapsulate Axis variable firstTouchPos. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
c13147bd35266a14b31ca72c5875f29bcf805791Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Refactor some more duplicated code from the track() functions. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
13263db01912cad0767b620c637bcd35a6621944Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Refactor some repeated code into a startTouch method. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
ec0d8180ab04d5bcd394baac89521239f3978836Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Misc cleanups in PanZoomController. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
142e0e5764d39d344399f7807e1d06d03276e15aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Remove some dead code. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
412fc777469b82afd4a289643a83172c2c6286e1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Refactor some code that sends messages to Gecko. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
b196abd31d1d8f5daaa754fb1c1b520e88c6aff8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 716673 - Remove unnecessary finalize() function. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
05f417af1d185217fc3fc1e0b8d1341c84f26d73Chris Peterson — Bug 714874 - Fix Java warnings for Fennec and Sync (changes that touch PanZoomController only, for aurora). r=blassey a=akeybl
8456e8edda6a7432e2e76f7151e5f375d20df30aNick Thomas — Bug 693192, Nightly builds infrequently fail with "make: *** [uploadsymbols] Error 50", r=ted, a=akeybl DONTBUILD
f6f944cc1491863069fd14d34167ebe36063f57eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 706835 - Remove the new tab indicator animation on about:home load. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
6fa1b61cf405d852e98e2ff59db8a5a6ccade7caMargaret Leibovic — Bug 711206 - Use an empty title for awesombar on about:home. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
d75216b1edc749d39317108fbf709d88ad63fde0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 718499 - Save as PDF saves content from the wrong tab. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
ac659ffd7c549ab43e44dc6bc2ba1f2318e947eaSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712574: Use better includes avoiding merges [r=mfinkle r=blassey a=akeybl]
5683acdf8b2e5c80a11ee776b8e6d4098a3cf24bMark Finkle — Bug 717739 - turn off non-native sync [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
c8c9d0727e277c3609d351555a09702064436c0eBrad Lassey — bug 711136 - thumbnails on about:home are really poor quality r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
e3c8c43d71472195ee88f72844b1688ea6efed48Brad Lassey — bug 713874 - Black thumbnails are produced by GeckoSoftwareLayerClient.getBitmap() r=mfinkle a=akeybl
99820caefa7bde67555bca5e8abc432a6382fb53James Willcox — Bug 718014 - Restrict dirty rect to subrect of tile texture a=blassey
a7a4dcae695208f81e9a30945f59a2806499016dJames Willcox — Bug 716190 - Retry graphic buffer locks if we get -EBUSY r=pcwalton a=blassey
2e8622ca9a636cabc5f413f0f55cc2adb9d42c32James Willcox — Bug 715894 - Only draw dirty rect when using gralloc textures r=clord a=blassey
f7f3c25137b150e5713d3b3387b398573c87033bJames Willcox — Bug 713774 - Fix crasher when changing orientation on Android r=blassey a=akeybl
d53dfe552b541e09bc03eda98f7c3740093e672bJames Willcox — Bug 715190 - Clear existing GL errors before trying to check for a new one r=clord a=blassey
e9c4467a28d54af9fc5c65671a4cc5f828587adaChris Lord — Bug 709120 - Update non-visible tiles asynchronously. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
5a9ddc2ce2359e3b5c69dde13312a01d068c5168Chris Lord — Bug 709120 - Use MultiTileLayer in Android native fennec. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
a8a7f67fac95acc92c45c8b59d8645705e2551bbChris Lord — Bug 709120 - Add MultiTileLayer to Android native fennec. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
19a5f584abb0456d0f69ee1f3e03f8488ebf4321Chris Lord — Bug 709120 - Add tiled buffer support for Android/native. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
6b5628b66ac9669470f0c601d38b58621ca2afb2Patrick Walton — Bug 711333 - Fix race condition when moving and updating textures. r=kats a=blassey
381c06eb3eb4a05e11abcaee089bc2be622472b8Patrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 5: Make the initial viewport size and page size equal to the device screen dimensions instead of 1 pixel by 1 pixel. r=kats a=akeybl
2ce2316780c6defcfb21040aa8d2bf1979aa18a7Patrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 4: Remove viewport metadata updates that occur after the document is shown. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
4cf9a42a8de71048f01cedbf75d8d6db5eefd8bePatrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 3: Don't display a document until we've changed the browser size to match its viewport. r=kats a=akeybl
77e173e171088f1f096cca951a385aea57ac5cefPatrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 2: Key viewport metadata to each content document instead of each tab. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
5a7e2ca2c8c56673b521ad9dbd4fde28a8246977Patrick Walton — Bug 708746 - Part 1: Add an observer that allows us to determine when a new page is shown. r=bz a=akeybl
c9b55d54da705490aa2ca07182115bba4d06213aPatrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 4: Send a viewport size upon loading Gecko so that we don't suppress painting for the first page. r=kats a=akeybl
45b4d05029a716bf9406ce3cb625dbc11a367e1dPatrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 3: Tie viewport updates to drawing to avoid page transition flicker. r=kats a=akeybl
7503b8f043b849bcdd86e790e44461958b05e59fPatrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 2: Forward the painting suppression flag from the presentation shell to the Android widget code. r=kats a=akeybl
6a9aea623834b47fc6c186fb4f5e9ba9b799c2c5Patrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 1: Add a paintingSuppressed getter to nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=bz a=akeybl
61031c834e126508d1ecd257ccc29a16f632b0fdJames Willcox — Bug 670930 - Use asynchronous direct texturing on Android when available a=akeybl
ce22d21e1933cf6a5448232a8750dada04aca9f4James Willcox — Bug 670930 - Add Android direct texture implementation a=akeybl
f7101195b2118a2586d80920e77312f87bb92e6cBrian Nicholson — Bug 715388 - Don't show telemetry doorhanger for session restore. r=mfinkle a=blassey
28f81ac0a1fa04817e282f868c648498a6176cffBrad Lassey — Bug 711426 - Fix some causes of crashes when rotating. r=kats a=akeybl, pushing chunk that is missing from first aurora landing (changeset 25ca24acbf49)
f5eef1b7d636100e03c379962cac7dfe3f2b2332Matt Brubeck — Bug 709921 - (followup) Update strings about:config to say "Settings" instead of "Preferences" [r=mfinkle, a=akeybl]
3b98406dfe0c642844094ffeb6391deafd9b07eeLucas Rocha — Bug 704922 - Fix racy behaviour of bookmark checks in Tab (r=mfinkle, a=akeybl)
3431949414a6e2e65764ba1ba308d31fa827e690Patrick McManus — bug 718210 decompress spdy server push headers even when rst r=honzab a=asa
1370ecdf1fe5b195209828496a684ce46d22892eGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 702217 - Fall back to SQLite when we fail PrefixSet construction. r=dcamp a=akeybl
5ec1ce401db86f2cf0d13a3b9ab770885a8543f4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 702217 - Avoid double allocation in UrlClassifier. Handle OOM conditions. r=dcamp a=akeybl
35226ad219503f775e25e22830bed1a0bebaf3adJonathan Kew — bug 714067 - correction in ligature indexing when combining marks are present. r=behdad a=akeybl
3b3a05acd51d4d7257ab8dc285a0f4810d3bb1e1Matt Brubeck — Back out 16b8c84705a4 because of xpcshell test failures. a=backout
46280549670401dae29ad5a8b7de09db5391829eOleg Romashin — Bug 694964 - Ensure we don't use a destroyed surface. r=ajuma, a=akeybl
16b8c84705a4c83cf1a42e7c79483cd0021d316aJosh Matthews — Bug 713172 - Ensure the download manager database connection isn't closed while it could still be required. r=mak a=asa
a6c25b9f81bef9f6eea454ec2949a2b71bd0f38aDão Gottwald — Bug 694084 - Showing/hiding the conditional forward button resizes the search bar in a new profile (when the url/search bar splitter hasn't been used). r=gavin a=akeybl
bc9d7a1e62b76b19ae1ebeb7b8f48bf12825051eJared Wein — Bug 708431 - Video controls fail to initialize if an extension implementing nsIContentPolicy is present. r=roc r=bz a=akeybl
e10105bf78f361ab8030668e19c2da216de00f65Matt Brubeck — Bug 712307 - Update the urlbar icons for Android fennec [r=bnicholson, a=akeybl]
1e2e5b12bc67802148bb02b008e09c3953ec45eePaul O’Shannessy — Bug 707321 - Intermittent browser_581593.js | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - Script error. at :0 [r=dietrich, a=akeybl]
274a4cfbf3fd996b9cc57bac3cd7de2ce3f7c300Brian R. Bondy — Bug 714115 - CF_HTML bug when using , as a decimal point. r=roc. a=akeybl
e524d69cdc30c246cfb01c67973514ad7b3af45dBrian Nicholson — Bug 697858 - Save restore state in bundle. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
dc4c0564e017816e1030b9207164c083d47eb5cdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 711453 - Fix infinite zoom scale. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
a4c0f729f35eef15533b4e16a169807386d1666fLucas Rocha — Bug 699793 - Clear favicon urls database when history is cleared (r=blassey a=akeybl)
b89dfc2f350eb5476e36beea4409800fe2123413Margaret Leibovic — Bug 710704 - Make click events work properly in frames. r=wesj a=akeybl
286038d5a00d7de3d8590fd2289877af2c0e99fcMargaret Leibovic — Bug 710835 - Listen for input events instead of composition* events for form autocomplete. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
5cbc92157e7d7bfdc47f2cc4c10a0e92266cf902Brian Nicholson — Bug 715673 - Hande browser-lastwindow-close events. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
d4551d31292dd3af273d8ad9702dcd271e50e567Mark Finkle — Bug 711515 - Opening links from external apps doesn't work if session restore is active [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
b2440b284bff12b821aaf0050c9d6bb18acaed6cBrian Nicholson — Bug 697858 - Restore tabs from previous session, including history [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
bf7dad68779eafb602f74ec4e111d4fce97c63c8Mark Finkle — Bug 717231 - Downloads are not added to the Download Manager (stock ICS 4.0.3) [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
5ca790e6be8140a055847d6a11402283b12811baMargaret Leibovic — Bug 715889 - Don't try to show the form autocomplete popup in full-screen VKB. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
98d676705242bb0ef09b020ddf5228edc2e11440Matt Brubeck — Bug 714285 - Fix bug in text input context menu matching [r=wesj a=akeybl]
1464a59212ac0ba12fabb31236dbef1b41df0ffdMatt Brubeck — Bug 714920 - Don't include Copy All or Select All in context menu for empty fields [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
148296d693233a2e63cc0bf948b6846c59312d78Margaret Leibovic — Bug 711993 - Catch exception thrown by in PermissionsHelper observer. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
0e14b61f568231676ec4d7b1eb187e688df72b47Margaret Leibovic — Bug 714787 - When clearing site permissions, also clear content prefs that keep track of how many times a permission was granted. r=dougt a=akeybl
117619e6f83da246261faaad04d0918c7e324c1aDmitrij Petters — Bug 714767 - Grey horizontal band on bottom layer of URLBar [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
b392be625db312ebda921fa2594088d467fc1ff8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 717284 - Update "Enable plugins" pref strings to be more l10n friendly. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
31ee4b6cedea0fd32bb4bd5e953c4cb2299c78c4Mark Finkle — Bug 714711 - A few unused local variables in PanZoomController.onScaleEnd [r=kats a=blassey]
42991a0d76fbc7281a4e0029540eee109019d46dBrad Lassey — bug 716818 - potential race condition in GeckoThread r=mfinkle a=akeybl
a8f97eb6b158d30b297fcd53bbef48988a5fb18eMatt Brubeck — Bug 715211 - Update tab menu icons for Android fennec [r=wesj a=akeybl]
096fa391d0ac69944191bc05060579ff15fdb6a1Doug Turner — Bug 712576 - On Android, we place a criteria on the location provider such that it must return a 'fine' grain location. It could be that this prevents some location providers -- ones that have network but not a GPS backed device -- from working. r=jdm a=akeybl
2a3d24eab1030e5a58319e2f74de8a8566986de3Matt Woodrow — Bug 715916 - Check the result of GetFrame in RasterImage::GetImageContainer. r=joe a=akeybl
76c3d4e9cd54ca6ce1ca248d66fb74e477b14b1fRail Aliiev — bug 715586: should generate sha1 and md5 checksums. r=catlee,ted, a=akeybl
e606b449fe72e96f894ffb291c03aceb905c922cRail Aliiev — bug 714542: Mac build uses pretty naming for *.checksums files. r=ted, a=akeybl
8b89bc45b439a2703a3e9ecc9d82457bcbaf5ba0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 712289. Make sure that alignment requirements agree for js::Value and jsval_layout. r=luke, a=akeybl
d59b0dbcef0f6c37da0e2806b3f5f41ea4a92ed6Wes Johnston — Bug 708651 - Create a fake profile directory if BrowserProvider is started before Gecko. r=blassey a=akeybl
54a65a5101424f2eecfa1b2bb6088775479af2fbLucas Rocha — Bug 707150 - Enable local bookmarks/history database (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
15bbd03602a46223d1d0b43232216519dfc8f7ceLucas Rocha — Bug 707150 - Fix NullPointerException when getting IS_FOLDER (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
8a36f0202bd7d08e080907f0ec3b2bc5d9f1cb1bLucas Rocha — Bug 716089 - Fix query syntax for filtering URLs on local DB (r=blassey, a=akeybl)
e78e431b2354f897e83af7d3bf3c4b4e0323d293Chris Pearce — Bug 713381 - Backout 34e3a0cb25a4 and 8eb1a29b4aa0 (bug 691096) to fix null-pointer deref. a=akeybl
ffb813d220fbaeb5903bf08cf5b01ec2bbb311b6Mark Finkle — Bug 710433 - The bookmark menu item should always say 'Bookmark', not 'Remove' [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
ffeb7909307f6c26cd3875e8592c7c00c457a415Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712808: Redrawn URL bar needs to refresh its values [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
d265066b0aecd6f4cc777572ec0545f45c0d12d6Wes Johnston — Bug 715303 - Fire focus when clicking select elements. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
c23ff2352830a130193aea995a5063c76e17f598Mark Finkle — Bug 713887 - Javascript error when using the menu quit to quit fennec r=mbrubeck a=dougt
a47ce0cc49863e37521c6342f8fdc12acc79ea12Wes Johnston — Bug 698917 - Remove & from prompt labels. r=mfinkle a=clegnitto
ce486b07097b33882b9fa018986edfc667a89dcfBrad Lassey — bug 711156 - Perf: regression on performance on startup from 12/11 to 12/12, move profile migration check off main thread r=gcp,alexp a=akeybl
984285420b332e0ef5f4549d79bb3da6abe87413Brad Lassey — bug 710392 - exclude about:home from top sites on about:home r=lucasr a=akeybl
fe441b037f64cc8e98cb182735d0dd3687db6275Chris Peterson — Bug 712791 - Avoid crash by catching SQLite exception. r=dougt a=dougt
c0633c711e807555faf168a36febc77ae3859046Axel Hecht — bug 716842, make sure that l10n repacks have mobile/locales/Makefile, r=aki, a=akeybl
c71dda1efe78c99d07a985ec6781f2da25735cddMichal Novotny — Bug 717031 - Disable disk cache in FF11 on mobile a=dougt
ea6c90cdb5259c928276837f6927efa2e75ebb15Blake Kaplan — Bug 707749 - For document.write move the navigator forward to the new inner window. r=jst a=LegNeato
673da4a818a0f8d4c91b4529c797b77538750633Kyle Huey — Bug 715014: Delete IndexedDB files directory so that databases can be opened again after being deleted. r=bent a=akeybl
10705251c03833164b5c5df90fdd8f38950280ddPatrick McManus — bug 712572 r=jduell a=akeybl
c6ef2c476d17e9ce5b687d5f2cd4ca120ab05ff9Brian Hackett — Fix bug 715662, r=dvander a=akeybl
ebace43f9617aa40d5ec50393be58d64823937baGregory Szorc — Bug 716868; r=philikon, a=asa
3301ea9d78b02c6d63af7c62e509a198d05a1656Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 710940 - Make sure our implementation of get_current_cs does not return null, in order to respect hunspell's assumptions; r=smaug a=akeybl
bb68dc94aa47fa3272ad845de7b17dabfe1efaf6Dave Townsend — Bug 707207: Add the hotfix certificate's fingerprint. r=Unfocused, a=LegNeato
5f75391180f92c493c9019155b00f2a9d2808af7Ben Turner — Bug 712448 - 'Slim wrappers do not use deferred release mechanism'. r=mrbkap, a=clegnitto.
89407d03f9838b04a2c08ee2e680a5e1619e2dacMatt Woodrow — Bug 704469 - Use style context parent instead of frame parent when looking up perspective for 3d transforms. r=roc a=jpr
3e4decfc3bb32590681f58224ac019a8b85124c7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712477: Landscape specific resources should be used in Android [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
10e5beef94a8eb119870860e8c5478064f8c13d0Brad Lassey — bug 712536 - null pointer crash when rotating about:home r=mfinkle a=akeybl
177eddd8f81689a65637b564fa7ba2bfeb7a9df6Brad Lassey — bug 712296 - IOException on startup due to ZipFile closing before ZipInputStream read in AboutHomeContent r=mfinkle a=akeybl
25076e8c8dbb77ee93720577967a7810934d195fPatrick Walton — Bug 712527 - Save and restore the deck's selected panel when removing a tab. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
f09ae3fa7790706e2ee2d4b9f410b6c3e124a556Mark Finkle — Bug 712414 - Throbber does not stop after running on pages that use document.write without document.close [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
1ae3a15ae765f9c9096efabb536ab4b69830ef81Brad Lassey — bug 712719 - NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoAppShell.notifyIMEEnabled r=dougt a=akeybl
a0027a963235481635e80db132bb15f3b80e92deBrian Hackett — Use persistent type sets for initializer opcodes, bug 714600. r=dvander a=curtisk
607b8cb074d69e9c7ad5a202622feb3151588440Mark Finkle — Bug 703450 - Restore tabs when waking up, always open external links in new tab [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
ddca2bf272dcd2b624d50a39ee61288cff6fb2a9Mark Finkle — Bug 715347 - Add basic Download Manager support [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
28409c634e1edaeef81c1212f47e265d2b7911c6Igor Bukanov — Bug 711900: disable background arena allocation on mozilla-beta and mozilla-aurora, since it caused a regression in GC pause times, r=billm, a=akeybl
4d85daeaac0e6d05e934dc26f85c822b2d45b4feBrad Lassey — bug 711757 - Fatal Exception: GeckoLooper Thread @ java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be > 0 r=dougt a=akeybl
1e8584b9d3b1919bd62ede1d8bf82bf229acbc5fBrad Lassey — bug 712559 - top sites section of about:home resizes when thumbnails populate r=mfinkle a=akeybl
d7edd256258f0c66125d78ebc5ece8aa839a8e65Margaret Leibovic — Bug 711216 - Form autocomplete popup doesn't disappear when input gets out of view after pinch zoom. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
6470d94a3cacd32c22e79d2a9290fcd61ae30193Margaret Leibovic — Bug 715730 - Flash app restarts after clicking a selection when click to play is turned on. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
538c968a84861ffe3ce1dd12a9e5d6238050ccc6Matt Brubeck — Bug 714789 - Don't show "Open in new tab" for non-openable links [r=mfinkle, a=akeybl]
421e31da0ca7b4386d6f70dae144825635e57a53Axel Hecht — bug 716688, add Assamese to shipped-locales, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
381825ff95c0eb9cc5821a0a010b73ede9f02eaaBlake Kaplan — Bug 689118 - Protect against JSVAL_IS_OBJECT(null) being true. r=luke a=akeybl
579bcfe3d3accba4e909434038ff9218d8c247d5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 714148 - Check whether favicon images are decoded successfully. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
9f80f3664500ac40da99f0ee65e8f1b51c5892cdGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 713408 - Reduce log output from Profile Migrator. r=mfinkle a=legneato
c6e163903f18a133595f788952a3cc7605fad19cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 715129 - File picker can't pick applications on Vista or later r=jimm, a=akeybl
f826346fc7a0188edd94e3f1a44a0189908198a4Marco Bonardo — Bug 715268 - Downgrades may cause missing favicons GUIDs.
cd69196df47d5cad5045f6973156bd9729dcd4cbBrad Lassey — bug 714972 - Opening links from external apps doesn't work after OOM r=mfinkle a=akeybl
997eae181a58d0c6c9cc3d658ec5e340b2e8b500Alex Pakhotin — Bug 705939 - Enter key pressed in the Awesome Bar does not open an URL sometimes. r=blassey a=akeybl
a215bdf79c9ae8a01364744948174b0365cfc337Brad Lassey — bug 712300 - Checkerboard over about:home footer area r=mfinkle a=akeybl
58b188a5513d7529d554df386f404db6494a93c4Mark Finkle — Bug 714762 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at Tabs.getTabAt [r=kats a=akeybl]
3fb197649a8715c8502da46d205550c1b1f2f38aMark Finkle — Bug 714715 - Variable is used before a null check in GeckoApp.launch [r=dougt a=akeybl]
5e4a83c69eef11e71fef087dd0fb435f6823ee3aMark Finkle — Bug 714713 - Comparison of strings using == [r=dougt a=akeybl]
11ed60b8dc20c1c4590e8c487dc25c763fa7a474Mark Finkle — Bug 714710 - LayerRenderer.checkFrameRateMonitorEnabled should use start() instead of run() [r=dougt a=akeybl]
f9c0454b16428ecad875c9c32bee88daafb0ed5fMark Finkle — Bug 714708 - NullPointerException at GeckoInputConnection.notifyIME [r=dougt a=akeybl]
4f807d3438d01f5e298e1c29b4f72a0e6f06c16eMark Finkle — Bug 708597 - Download toaster notification is displayed only for the first download [r=margaret a=akeybl]
e5999914bab4fd8bbcaf913a881fb72df0bd452dKyle Huey — Bug 712175: Delayload gkmedias.dll. r=glandium a=akeybl
a39673dc41bc1c55cf33f379aad4e11ed841a785Mats Palmgren — Bug 712937 - Null check aRange. r=bzbarsky a=akeybl
7d6b0a1313cd89e61f81b808a1f822e72f32cd0fBenoit Jacob — Bug 713266 - Update ANGLE to r930 - no review, a=akeybl
98f2d68d7829d94ee0a83d6ccffb187239907c0cJim Mathies — Bug 712571 - Fix for nsIFilePicker filterIndex always returning 0 on Vista and up. r=neil, a=akeybl
77855ed1e430fcd25b51af6b6c36e32e1bbb8a99Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 715164 - Guard against another race condition in PZC. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
dd121eacda2d74a70d8ea6c7402ec79fcc55fbacKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715011 - Ensure that panning of subwindows can still happen while the top window is locked on one or both axes. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
81649fae86ecbfc86cf7307b9c4545458f747e5bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 715011 - Check the computed style instead of the element style to determine scrollableness. r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
3f9f2c5f316f1c040d846eb39ce5b4f6b830f344Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 713586 - Robustify against undetected race conditions. r=pcwalton a=dougt
bb54e4c3ad099b55fe6bae957fefa3bfc93de5c4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 692817 - Potential math overflow in Base64.cpp, r=dbaron a=akeybl
551447a921f398c01ae06b0b526e3fe08a45a813Ben Turner — Bug 711388 - 'WORKER_RUNTIME_HEAPSIZE too small for big PDFs in PDF.JS'. r=sicking, a=clegnitto.
26ea0a50c2a4ecd85ec87f989e96befca0ec3cb3Wes Johnston — Bug 713921 - Updating master password should not reattach textbox listeners. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
7feeab953e541c377bb9423c2e0abdeac0009c46Mark Finkle — Bug 714975 - [ICS] Home Screen icons are too small on ICS [r=wesj a=akeybl]
283390c05888faaf58721a6a3ace685aaaa88db8Mark Finkle — Bug 714062 - Add-ons Manager page should be opened once, e.g. tapping on 'Add-ons' should switch to opened about:addons page [r=mbrubeck a=akeybl]
11617fa23b5a4bc6a6e7a1aa10585ef6eca0da3bKyle Huey — Back out Bug 699051. a=akeybl
fd0cc7723a3cf0b354a031caf0e3df2a6a6338a2Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 709406.
f75d64d286038f43a8b7f76fc06ecb056c41430eOlli Pettay — backout Bug 679971 - remove Navigator.taintEnabled(), a=asa
1d0e777d59e155325e9521f679fd751f199ad196Matt Brubeck — Bug 712517 - Disable ActivityObserver on Android to fix blank screen bugs [r=mfinkle, a=akeybl]
3b8917046a7889bf4483d302b5f257cf69d4a43aDoug Turner — Bug 713991 - Geolocation fails when used with large number of access points. r=gmealer a=akeybl
ea508b336fed146addd2d2813c5a92fd53ae1d2cKyle Huey — Bug 714445: nsWebMReader should not read preferences off the main thread. r=roc a=akeybl
2d764ffa9bf7cb119ce395d236e150809fb0bd66Brian Hackett — Fix register allocation around inline returns, bug 713209. r=dvander a=akeybl
4d6063f8ccd011b80a7753ddd4bcade6df65ce3bJim Mathies — Bug 711654 - Fix for new vista+ file pickers inability to correctly process uri for input paths. r=bbondy, a=clegnitto
2f332e07843ad3d1df407537f34c40b1520b4a23Jim Mathies — Bug 683967 - Disable child side aborts on parent hang. r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
d2a10fe0d30f5f9529c6906cb43ccdd3111c3179Jonathan Watt — Bug 668163 - Map 'width' and 'height' on <svg> into style to stop <svg>'s computed width/height falling back to 150px x 300px when they're set to explicit percentage values that can be resolved (regression from bug 611099). r=dbaron, a=akeybl.
887afe7f07a4a4032c8228022e7573a8965abb61Jonathan Kew — bug 691505 followup - use the proper #define so that our malloc replacements actually take effect. r=roc a=akeybl
e03d758c3c0832b316fa3e4870e27aaadabf6c8fGregory Szorc — Bug 710961 - Carry over syncGUID generated when install is staged; r=Mossop, approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
e9e19f91a32545e5a5a9fa628528d1bbe19b69e7Gregory Szorc — Bug 714202 - Fix implementation of AddonsReconciler.pruneChangesBeforeDate(); r=rnewmanm, approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
bc95f74f532f082036c14a56b785ce263013e079Olli Pettay — Backout the backout, Bug 679971, a=bustage
2b28a99028ae5e97f2076f7a0bc18c1f373c74c4Olli Pettay — backout Bug 679971 - remove Navigator.taintEnabled(), a=asa
733f58c9368ff2673c7a01f94fd95797331d5607Alex Pakhotin — Bug 712118 - Form autocomplete is broken because we're not receiving compositionupdate events. r=blassey a=blassey
f19189eb513dd33568fa8913bb04b8c36aa65b28Richard Newman — Bug 714565 - Part 2: more logging cleanup in r=mfinkle, approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
ec606ae92bd628d5b20dd4b211b48f17a1252c51Richard Newman — Bug 714565 - Part 1: correct synchronization in BrowserProvider. r=mfinkle, approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
37d9a6bb1156925518438a314ef5f3d4785a6058Victor Porof — Bug 710762 - Keyboard control for zoom in tilt (page inspector 3D); r=rcampbell; approval-aurora=clegnitto
f089c471e7785610beb57559edff28856ec9889dVictor Porof — Bug 711341 - Tilt should give focus back to Highlighter when closed; r=rcampbell; approva-aurora=clegnitto
3b8cb000c2846dd40fe5be505edba452e318339aVictor Porof — Bug 710750 - ESC key should exit Tilt (page inspector 3D); r=rcampbell; approval-aurora=clegnitto
501bd7ce2c7a1ea9fc919946105202a4ba703c7dBrad Lassey — bug 711680 - VKB/Awesome bar shows Search /Magnifying glass after you goto an url and then tap twice on the awesome bar r=dougt a=clegnitto
5622e4cf1cfc59c747a0761e427d5ff2babe11bfMark Finkle — Bug 708806 - Remove strings for homepage preference r=wesj a=akeybl
63fdb98f7e9662d3160d3cef5bbe6920be448dc2Blair McBride — Bug 713815 - Addons with compatibility overrides are still able to be installed. r=dtownsend, a=akeybl
71e63c282252b73794d0d52d0530dd01c935fd6eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 712761 - Fix returning incorrect object from openURI. r=dougt a=akeybl
58458dfc1779dd99d0b89d4cede3f1645d63b44fMark Finkle — Bug 714234 - Handle window.close() via DOMWindowClose r=wesj a=akeybl
e1ce149abc07410d680bd9bcfbfeb15b4df4b923Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 709924 - Adjust viewportExcess after scrollIntoView(). r=Cwiiis a=akeybl
1953793c93e2cd65621eac83003ad38c031e8aabKartikaya Gupta — Bug 713729 - Ensure that a fling is in progress when doing velocity-based fling adjustments. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
fcca6f9a956260d1f5720e71b2802a15897aacd1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 709817 - Don't clobber mState if animations are aborted. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
3ef72ce7c8df6f23a746b1347be5183e52efadf9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 709817 - Ensure PZC is always accessed on the UI thread. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
bfa83311f6939517d3999404808089f95f681234Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 709817 - (Cleanup) Replace geometryChanged() with abortAnimation() and remove dead calls. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
e2fe885dce01e921b1d2c22e93eeb2d2a5f38beeBernd — bug 711359 - mark all subsequent rows as damaged r=mats a=LegNeato
bd5110e4092083a832dc50a4bc71a5a0d5066078Margaret Leibovic — Bug 712588 - Clear location not available in 'Clear Site Settings' [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
deda48e02caa7534973491d71f61a829dfe3c138Ted Mielczarek — bug 713167 - don't embed a manifest referencing the CRT in browsercomps.dll. r=khuey, a=legneato
b20416bedcfc855174b189370128f834cea5f15dAxel Hecht — bug 709980, make INNER_UNMAKE_PACKAGE end up in the same dir, fixing omnijar, r=ted, a=LegNeato
7986e3f95244e720fcf345d7988ffbf043e21f6bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 710297 - Send page size updates to Java more often during load. r=Cwiiis a=LegNeato
2f0e91546c19a2d086422dda52d45211624cf7e7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 712386 - Limit how much zoom can be applied. r=Cwiiis a=LegNeato
07fadab6c10801f4ec3948cc5edca864d0e4da29Daniel Holbert — Back out a85e6459fc92 (bug 708155) for causing regression bug 713413. a=LegNeato
979022d58276f8221500980d683ffb52a8dd32c8Olli Pettay — Bug 712743, if node is black, return early from ::Traverse, r=mccr8,sicking,a=clegnitto
06335a118a5a3424605f08c469294e537443b246Mats Palmgren — Bug 713417 - Another crash test. a=clegnitto
c22595601b71932b0f7f4f3ef9eeddbe58b0017bJesse Ruderman — Bug 713417 - Crash test.
b9e5451b1cee6157fb2c57e11ade2a28cdf939bfMats Palmgren — Bug 713417 - Make the nsGkAtoms::range property transferable. r=smaug
59e82ed828c7c62f915933c14d68871a6a698322Steffen Wilberg — Bug 713072: Bring the 'Licensing information' link in about: in line with the other links. r=mfinkle, a=LegNeato
1ab6d10f385a38c3d9b5a54fc8ff455d03445944Axel Hecht — bug 708015, follow-up to actually remove shared files from xul, missed in transplant, a=akeybl
bf34343622f4761a367a79d83b76dfc5bdadaff1Ms2ger — Bug 712649 - Components.utils.getWeakReference(null) should fail silently; r=bholley a=akeybl
70ddf5c18897d3805f1cd62a867a2c3b0b720df1Wesley Johnston — Bug 712627 - Fennec crashes if a long tap is performed in AwesomeBar/History [r=mfinkle a=clegnitto]
8f4d507c294f0db02a94ce28ad43810702cdaf06Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 712718 - Force creation of WebIconDatabase event handler. r=dougt a=clegnitto
a57df475441d440a13977596a184c0b924185fb0Brad Lassey — Bug 712980 - java.lang.NullPointerException @ org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoPreferences.onPreferenceChange [r=mfinkle a=clegnitto]
0fa0c145104035444e0cd4b3c0b54a3e4a2b12ebMark Finkle — Bug 713578 - java.lang.NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.Tabs.closeTab [r=blassey a=clegnitto]
60334bde46a0da27f48e793e0eee964c360e31afDão Gottwald — Bug 659213 - Disable the status panel's border radius since it makes the label use grayscale anti-aliasing. r=shorlander a=clegnitto
0908a812913f3fce04e7afe3b217842fac11b168Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 707814 - Awesomebar autocomplete box appears in the wrong place [r=mstange, a=akeybl]
1a3c44424b03b892eaa98c05ed997a1d6d24c8eaMark Finkle — Bug 713600 - MasterPassword helper is missing _tokenName [r=blassey, a=LegNeato]
d97e93bc2b853226b183da1e68c849bfd1d6c56eWes Johnston — Bug 700527 - Master password support for native fennec. r=mfinkle, a=LegNeato
fa6bb4752b7cf12bc16b02fa9da8afae4e8eab58Julien Vermet — Bug 699543 - "Show a 'new tab' toast alert when opening a background tab" [r=mbrubeck, a=LegNeato]
b64a8da1413a03537681f50ae64f6ee659e0565aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 697215. CanScrollWithBitBlit needs to return true for scrollframes inside replaced elements (i.e., iframes) that are honoring border-radius. r=mats, a=LegNeato
25ca24acbf49f034f75f1b40713745f69abcfd8fChris Lord — Bug 711426 - Fix some causes of crashes when rotating. r=kats a=akeybl
9bc90db2bca9ee6cfb2fc95b3b5b02b37c04057eChris Lord — Bug 709152 - Adjust viewport offset while panning. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
2d642175458d8994c24fd9f6a3858e68ff936d81Chris Lord — Bug 709152 - Squash multiple viewport events in nsAppShell. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
ce658a689f5d7ccc4d186104349a2945af07c934Chris Lord — Bug 709152 - Group multiple texture uploads into a single upload. r=pcwalton a=akeybl
9d9046c6cc6d29b311a5327d54fc4f1591ad8f5cAxel Hecht — bug 708015, support both native and xul l10n, r=stas, dougt, a=akeybl
13b4c64be128febf21e52756c1146d81060315b7Steffen Wilberg — Bug 712766: Replace the buildid by an easily readable build date in about:. r=mfinkle, a=asa
8fd457ae73ab54ad68fff0fbdd0335c8107bbbf6Steffen Wilberg — Bug 704588 - New design for about: = about:firefox = about:fennec to match about:home. ui-spec by ibarlow, r=mfinkle, a=blassey
01432169e8fe3e65de76ff8955e68dc2727bc7c9Steffen Wilberg — Bug 712614: extensions.js never stops observing extensions.update.enabled. r=mossop, a=blassey
7c408ff60a8e7fb93e209f452b6d08bd36a25facMyk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; a=test-only
e08be766bdba56e83a3d472530b58916c814620dMatt Brubeck — Bug 712506 - Fix urlbar end-cap backgrounds on XHDPI devices [r=mfinkle, a=LegNeato]
07ef5c6199b3863ba04ff8b24c59b4e6d730fd0cChris Pearce — Bug 701662 - Serialize filenames in JS_XDRFunctionObject, r=igor a=clegnitto
7d403d73623dce7bdd470c96ffd9091d1a2bfebbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 710885 - In some cases tapping to activate Flash does not activate Flash. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
082fbd45ff4a6943a07693848fef2f7ad96034c0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 711595 - Request desktop site should be disabled for the same URIs as share. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
9fb22061ef8175b91f888446af2cc9785ef183d9Margaret Leibovic — backout 243520b7d8c3 because it broke autocomplete popup text. a=mfinkle
da3138dae996e8fd9cf283232f785a57349f4e90Chris AtLee — Fix branding for mobile. r=mfinkle No Bug
15188c7703ae00946c5b558b73c71d7f26913db8Chris AtLee — Bug 712642: Remove --enable-js-diagnostics from mozconfigs. r=ted, a=akeybl
24a61ad789e8c05d0882ae7da1c27c40a1416101Axel Hecht — bug 668782, adding sw to the build, a=legneato, DONTBUILD
9d46f51efc267ae6c57516184c621827ed944a8aAxel Hecht — bug 709113, add ach, ff, lij, wo to the Firefox builds, a=legneato
9723850b9c3aa8f93cb69601b47182fa1be2e167Axel Hecht — bug 668782, adding csb to the build, a=legneato, DONTBUILD
f61f29024b1536f7dbccee0ee8d62a339573eed5Christian Legnitto — Source migration - branding changes - NO BUG, CLOSED TREE, DONTBUILD, r=migration, a=migration
76b1ec004bdb37b750ecf3872d0b5695bdb6b081Christian Legnitto — Source migration - version bump - NO BUG, CLOSED TREE, DONTBUILD, r=migration, a=migration
a8506ab2c65480cf2f85f54e203ea746522c62bbEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central AURORA_BASE_20111220
eeb4b35a1ea8ffce448e11fd66d3908a0e0d5273Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
6fcec9ac1164af3f4a50fd7822761d9e802bc6a6Thomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 710987 - Remove duplicate conditional in WordSplitState::FindSpecialWord(); r=roc
d2bb564589fce7f62a5ece863fbc5b002a0e25c5Wes Johnston — Bug 711905 - Support adding links to homescreen from awesomebar [r=mfinkle]
a128b1fbe56c11904f36e7bd8479fd8362b7f17aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 708616: Awesomebar bg should match main toolbar [r=mfinkle]
243520b7d8c3ee8f57c7d28fc65e483a054f477aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711198: Autocomplete popup should have a minimum width [r=mfinkle]
63065b56fed641cf479adfe15653927fad12feb6Ed Morley — Backout fe434c1887f5 (bug 708437) for Android build failures on clobber
21b0f339bf5207e40ac8f8d1dca219b18af1c76dJoel Maher — Bug 710877 - allow reftest to use FileUtils and remove quit.js code. r=dbaron
b52b4576f9f1d44042a8fa4c3b470ecd455e0790Vivien Nicolas — Bug 711986 - [b2g] Use semi-transparent floating scrollbars for scrollable frames r=cjones
7f8c69ad0895d5822ea79de26ac444dbfec888d5Markus Stange — Bug 636564 - Make scroll frames deal correctly with scrollbars that overlay content. r=roc
fe434c1887f50bc41a4ede6c422102205a4d1a6bMike Hommey — Bug 708437 - Avoid race condition (res/values/strings.xml:1: error: Error parsing XML: no element found). r=ted
23e9b7088c9688e1e3107fae1131513243017316Mike Hommey — Bug 708567 - Remove jemalloc-standalone-linkage-version-script, as it's not used anymore. r=khuey
e56ce4b95ef60d1b56c813eea4977214c3aef074Ed Morley — Bug 709792 - Remove deprecated --enable-tracejit; r=khuey
e945a4b34a8a746cc494d1f9e912a90e93a02664Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0aa9c3a5b7e1f4a359a4f7af3b51806fb8765cc7Mats Palmgren — Bug 619273 - regression tests for DOM mutations inside selection.
a08580f18cb72e6bba342a5caaf1eb30119ef812Mats Palmgren — Bug 619273 - Create new ranges for adding to the selection.
e3766ee732ccbec82ad84e76eb60f87a3e8182d3Mats Palmgren — Bug 619273 - Move the selection state bit from frames to content nodes. r=smaug
c7101dec8deb827a2c91eafe3ba2fafd506fc8c9Matt Brubeck — Bug 709921 - (2/2) Rename "Preferences" to "Settings" for Android fennec [r=cpeterson]
05720c79f740e7bfbfbf8e14aedd73afd0e64010Matt Brubeck — Bug 709921 - (1/2) Clean up unused localization files [r=mfinkle]
6af20fb62fb77be725792704028d64edeb7aa453Ed Morley — Backout 860fdd41cfed & 887abec76bca (bug 693343) for suspected Linux shutdown hangs
7d75e00579989d40f3053f4b6d28ac5f53aed3b8Philipp Wagner — Bug 693615 - element.lookupNamespaceURI(null) in text/html page cause NS_ERROR_FAILURE error on XrayWrappers; r=bz
860fdd41cfed8848fa7f943d0a623bd6137c2771Trevor Saunders — bug 693343 - fix review nit missed when qrefreshing r=me
887abec76bca73aa9172df2b04b3a2a0b8c52661Mike Gorse — bug 693343 - a11y disabled on gnome 3 when GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY is unset r=tbsaunde, karlt
f7a00571c87fa068f64cebf42ae5f1a98dcaafffReuben Morais — Bug 490225 - Open new tabs in existing browser window if there is one. r=dao
f3c943d2e76371874cb8c19632dc71c63b23cbb7Jan Varga — Bug 711727 - Followup cleanup for files in IndexedDB. r=sicking/bent
32d762c16927bab0e90e96e40e40d99bb9949fe2Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
feaccb6a4c352008d68264ab1ceb1343bbc6cf3dBrad Lassey — bug 711184 - make sure we don't do any work creating about:home if we're not showing about:home r=dougt
687289854e5683ab8c8c4bee9bb542de3b9efa51Henri Sivonen — Bug 710142 - Make external View Source editor work again when the content comes from nsIWebBrowserPersist.
28cd0159472efc0dbc9fd124615c96e70b35753cSimon Montagu — Remove intl/chardet/tests. bug 710980, r=emk
6d281a8799fb0215b74e75a227679161e8962c3dBrad Lassey — backout changeset 3f050eb4f8ac (bug 711184)
45fc99918b044e3e0d02267456bb04f658556adfScott Johnson — Backout changeset 602d2761e409.
7e83d0b591612d9eb10912a14cb405b9871fa9fdScott Johnson — Backout changeset 93f523345fb6.
3f050eb4f8ac9a63faefd706959dbba8e26bfb24Brad Lassey — bug 711184 - make sure we don't do any work creating about:home if we're not showing about:home r=dougt
43fd5d2ede79298b3d3cb8796e8ed6a77c76e9b6Brad Lassey — bug 709330 - AboutHomeContent.getRecommendedAddonsStream() resource leak because ZipFile was not closed r=mfinkle
93f523345fb614514d9a1e849470b1625e9526aaScott Johnson — Bug 695222 - Implement column-fill part of CSS3 multicol spec. r=roc,dbaron
602d2761e409f8e8f352793504e048e103fb2ce1Scott Johnson — Bug 707855 - Clamp container size to device width to make font inflation less likely to cause problems on small screens. [r=dbaron]
637f2264edd391e86951e3bf09ef2ef15a2a8548Scott Johnson — Backed out ab701cac6af8.
6b52417ce0539ad497d6d51647d689f11b49d605Scott Johnson — Backed out changeset 74555805376d
74555805376daefde2d46114322cf3c15622f3b7Scott Johnson — Bug 695222 - Implement column-fill part of CSS3 multicol spec. r=roc,dbaron
ab701cac6af85f6f288a093de96f882c62f2ea69Scott Johnson — Bug 707855 - Clamp container size to device width to make font inflation less likely to cause problems on small screens. [r=dbaron]
3186b335b70b173bd211e8d0721b61568b43fbdeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 712037 - Add lots of logging to help diagnose viewport issues. r=Cwiiis
93c52bc7b68c7bf2401caa7ccb4091cc1dc51cdaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 712037 - Add a toString() method on the viewport. r=Cwiiis
a9293d72f97ae1d82a28d14eab483782169fc768Robert O'Callahan — Backingout patch for bug 697215 due to test failure
f959f4ac14df6edd5edbe904172db27edcd0ad6bRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 4a81c89bb466 for bug 697215
cc106438a2ffd689907708f6703ea781d683c50cJonathan Watt — Bug 704706 - Fix crash @ nsSVGPathGeometryFrame::UpdateCoveredRegion. r=longsonr.
b8d2110daaa6f376ee79978e326f3a32f26d15dbPhil Ringnalda — Back out 316d6a49a603 and 98617f7b667b (bug 624621) for jsreftest failures
1d0ffc477fe81f7203b13fa37eb1293098f441a8Ed Morley — Bug 704056 - Remove countryCode from nsIDOMGeoPositionAddress since it's not in the spec; r=dougt
316d6a49a603ce672f6d62d0c09f8673f24fcf12Boris Zbarsky — Bug 624621 part 3. Use the pre-redirect filename as the script filename and the channel principal as the origin principal, and base our cross-origin check on the origin principal. r=mrbkap
98617f7b667bf984aa9839faa11fcf7be4319081Boris Zbarsky — Bug 624621 part 2. Add an origin principal argument on nsIScriptContext::EvaluateString and pass that through to the JS engine. r=mrbkap
4a81c89bb466e129fbedc52dc5439c3dab906344Robert O'Callahan — Bug 697215. CanScrollWithBitBlit needs to return true for scrollframes inside replaced elements (i.e., iframes) that are honoring border-radius. r=mats
63d94ab75606268c75bbbf63bdf193215cb8478eThéo Chevalier — Bug 701182: add additional descriptive text in the About dialog for Nightly/Aurora builds, including a mention of Telemetry being enabled by default, r=gavin
91141088eb7dd73c75961cc9947594e5387a29f1Jeff Gilbert — Bug 701269 - Deguarantee that ResizeOffscreenFBO clears its buffers - r=bjacob
d9ec0c88fb8686d6c007ac4ab24439a013da44d9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 709560 - Set blend function when enabling gl blending. r=pcwalton
42b04bce9deb9a135e086061c489bf7ef40ff9ecIgor Bukanov — bug 711623 - rt->gcNumFreeArenas is not updated properly. r=terrence
8aeec2db24d2ccef43e1654e098d5227cd4b1231Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 712087: Density DPI is doesn't change and needn't be asked everytime from Android [r=mfinkle]
860a4d6033381aadae8707cae5fb0f99217099dbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 710463: Better to use no dpi for textures [r=mfinkle]
51e30c4e5b5daca3c5eee67088b917f70309ee33Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 708700: New url bar size and styling [r=mfinkle]
857f872e4d7d5acb2ec4eaf2be69614b0cb23cc9Mats Palmgren — Bug 704143 - Null check to avoid crashing. r=bas
bcc6c2a1da8bae3da24afb7b267caedb051a9948Jeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Fix a few implicit-declaration warnings in trace-malloc. r=dbaron
4f9e7c73feca77c4f43b31b6bb5e97413c7e4021Jeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Add MOZ_FINAL a bunch of places to silence Clang warnings. r=dbaron
5fe7f595a70ee3c36940034a4e414c8191bb199fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 699199 - Upgrade path from XUL to native fennec. r=blassey
b4d859a1e3386d97a2af75bebaf9d2a3656e9d6ePatrick McManus — bug 712021 - spdy cancel stream should remove from pending queue r=honzab
721897529f74dfed5c5dd5363cd376cc47264943Andrew McCreight — Bug 710492 - add special cycle collector shape tracing path. r=bhackett
dd2f9236b59198fafabe851c80c0d4fad4fc5244Justin Lebar — Bug 711602 - Fix "ASSERTION: bad size recorded" with CloseOnShutdown. r=bsmedberg
102720b9401fb3ecd927e691d8af18ccc1728959Ed Morley — Backout 4f44ef4d21fb (bug 710877) for Android test failures on a CLOSED TREE
de8dffddb799f05cf49d0a7f3e76a2d9a8a6f47bEd Morley — Backout 76dcfabe0a2a, d8004eb22252, 86e91202ef51 & f9a5736cd6bc (bug 695845) for build failures on windows
76dcfabe0a2ad5bfc94b9c58c02529d6bb250c37Matt Woodrow — Bug 695845 - Part 4: Move BasicShadowableLayer into ImageLayers.h. r=cjones
d8004eb222525f6ac7f0429d5a898ad3dac02637Matt Woodrow — Bug 695845 - Part 3: Add Flush() and Disconnect() methods to ImageContainer. r=cjones
86e91202ef5153177d4f38b0b7f174799819ee03Matt Woodrow — Bug 695845 - Part 2: Add ShadowImplData. r=cjones
f9a5736cd6bcb8f6773862cfc713dfa0eeac30f6Matt Woodrow — Bug 695845 - Part 1: Add ImplData to ImageContainer. r=roc
f2935a9c0ffc417ee77ff7487e6734a11d2fa346Margaret Leibovic — Bug 710703 - Use "plugins" instead of "flash" in strings. r=mfinkle
61fd84847d1db056791b9795a11ff8b9c02bbf41Jim Mathies — Bug 711073 - fixup vista sdk build bustage post landings in bug 661991. r=neil
f3691e49b642d74ac2826ea141a1cce6702d97c6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 711649 - Resolve OGL canvas layer in UpdateSurface - r=mattwoodrow
64a62ab8cf982acbaec17b5816ee4be273039665Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 711536 - finalize statements and close connection. r=mak.
53d6808502faeab4c0ad65d2850a73913522fdbcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 704864: New tabs tray with thumbnails [r=mfinkle]
e588135f62ab2e9b1e688982ea284d1489a7b7f7Matt Brubeck — Bug 699052 - Android back button should close the selected tab and return to the parent tab when possible [r=mfinkle]
c62b8bcb94d41415a23bfb775abc623d00436256Matt Brubeck — Back out bcf9ce858829 and a3bade82ac92 (bug 711799) for build failures
19062b47ae9f2f8d715992b692d53cae1e44aa67Matt Brubeck — Back out c68ddc33f098 and 18332142caa5 (bug 624621) for jsreftest failures
4f44ef4d21fbddacb8e07d29bd237a84bed83b97Joel Maher — Bug 710877 - allow reftest to use FileUtils and remove quit.js code. r=dbaron
bcf9ce858829d8f46dc8927062b16e251ebee0d5Jeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Fix a few implicit-declaration warnings in trace-malloc. r=dbaron
a3bade82ac92e28f49245a63f27ddafbb6c1dd6cJeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Add MOZ_FINAL a bunch of places to silence Clang warnings. r=dbaron
6e57fcb02e687aca62247c66986e481ade69325eRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 711494 - close _dbConnection. r=mak.
4c22853f71ce893bf44d29f0bf63af7159856128Daniel Holbert — Bug 710990: Replace duplicate aStartVal check with aEndVal check, in SVGOrientSMILType::Interpolate. r=jwatt
dcd69858c2b3180297c105b4038e9cc7842eecfdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 711232 - Fix multiple useless zooms during page load. r=pcwalton
e5daca9b7105cfe88e43d66053b5040052ed28aeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 711232 - Avoid unnecessary bounce animations. r=pcwalton
7744b924b80687adcdfb5b15aa89a9c33c98d694Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 708745 - Do a better job of opening new tabs. r=mfinkle
c68ddc33f098d7dd55e677642cc4c873b7a25c64Boris Zbarsky — Bug 624621 part 3. Use the pre-redirect filename as the script filename and the channel principal as the origin principal, and base our cross-origin check on the origin principal. r=mrbkap
18332142caa51bd7562fcc222c94852fead43e63Boris Zbarsky — Bug 624621 part 2. Add an origin principal argument on nsIScriptContext::EvaluateString and pass that through to the JS engine. r=mrbkap
b121a045b4514177e9a31d6905ef68d518e94f3dJosh Matthews — Bug 709262 - Disable disk cache if the user chooses to sanitize private data on shutdown. r=michal.novotny
79b2b83c030ba9049a97e4bf5105cf8c9fa7854fJustin Lebar — Bug 711490 - Add telemetry and memory reporters for counting low-memory events. r=njn
a1a8c14cc2a49af311478a87f4bd5fde1afa0277Wes Johnston — Bug 708273 - Add save image support. r=mfinkle
32682110d4bf2e0da2ce34dd7e541bf829148360Mats Palmgren — Bug 690187 - Clip or suppress a marker if it makes the line empty. r=roc
6489afe1cd34076c5f1535937367372712016deaMats Palmgren — Bug 690187 - Make the edge analysis report back if text or atomic inline-level content is visible between the marker edges. r=roc
92bf605a98492e86790e793fd876711884cbb9faMats Palmgren — Bug 690187 - Use a bit on each marker to track if it's active (only text-overflow:clip means inactive for now); check the flag rather setting the clip edge at infinity to disable ellipsing on a side. r=roc
0ad9c268e932154e015ac102b95fa008cfb77dd3Jonas Sicking — Bug 694138: Support an array of strings as keyPath on objectStores and indexes. r=janv/bent
214af12ee22d089f9fae7fc9e8734de721d4e4afJonas Sicking — Bug 692614: Support all spec'ed key-types, including Arrays. Patch by Jan Varga and me. r=janv/bent/me
85d5d52ae6296f81d0268fe23b21bb2222ea9786Dão Gottwald — Bug 707672 - openUILink[In] behavior should not be determined by browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground. r=mak
127b20bb15309d3695580f3a5fe6a9faa8191165Tim Taubert — merge fx-team to m-c
d79c91d63dd8b131434729fa30dc5ae83390a77fTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
37b413b9c87b031767ba61fec34e8e891bbc26dbRob Campbell — backout Bug 694954, Bug 689939; a=orange
cf81dc222041e557323cf9bc0668139081dd6d7fPaul Rouget — Bug 689939 - Infobar disappears when node fills top and bottom of screen during page zoom in highlighter; r=rcampbell
8a9d9d0d3897d76b84c214183e078b8a2ec2ad73Paul Rouget — Bug 694954 - [highlighter] [infobar] If a node is not visible anymore, the infobar should point to the direction of the node; r=rcampbell
582afb96bf5dd7e7db0b37458ea57d802ce52da8Paul Rouget — Bug 711737 - Orion should support all the CSS properties from CSS1, CSS2, CSS2.1 and CSS3. r=msucan
462e79456fe8795eaa2273bcf9797fc4813ba897Paul Rouget — Bug 709006 - Implement a Orion theme that matches the DevTools theme. r=msucan
8269e12d7adb6c0aa8aa50e9771011b78bf28e96Paul Rouget — Bug 687702 - Skin the Style Editor according to shorlander's mockups. r=dao
2afd7ae68e8b0ef9e1b56991005f2917a02022c3Jason Duell — Bug 695635: Unprefix websockets. r=sicking, sr=smaug
384e5cb0ffa6efbb921b15aa6e5ecece975b9572Jason Duell — Bug 711205: Limit websocket outbound msg size to PR_INT32_MAX. r=mcmanus
998eecfec4dec48fa2f279260854a52ae179566dJason Duell — Bug 711205: Increase inbound WebSocket message size from 16MB to whatever malloc can handle. r=mcmanus
a558bfcac2e6ec877df1aa31f8890eb9b73221d8Jason Duell — Bug 710964. No longer dispatch incoming WebSocket messages in CLOSING state. r=smaug
90348927d796855a7b48a289f7fe9fd6eaad40e9Jason Duell — Bug 666349: update status code usage to latest spec. r=mcmanus
7f42341adb990ea611c7faf31a1b70d467c3e15dJason Duell — Bug 666349 - Update WebSocket API to latest draft. r=mcmanus
ccb71819f0c27b16f219020ea90756b8c4d53692Jason Duell — Bug 710345: Mozilla-specific changes to pywebsocket v606. r=mcmanus
225f854f8ff13f493f745c23444ce49665b7b5c6Jason Duell — Bug 710345: Upgrade pywebsocket to v606 (RFC 6455). r=mcmanus
9eda39f28e5a0d027b8ed7c7ce2ccf200224e5b1Gregory Szorc — Bug 711263 - Prevent race condition when saving reconciler state; r=philikon
0885bdf12669511be360a8ad77ff35b69a899f80Gregory Szorc — Bug 711263 - Fix filename case in Cu.import(); r=bustage
c53e7d91cd502dc27a18d1d5a6f0755f1037ac02Gregory Szorc — Bug 711263 - Don't register AddonsReconciler unless addons engine is enabled; r=philikon
f98c57415d8d08e9e4c404b7b2753827131e3231Matt Brubeck — Back out 259262c87f23 (bug 711263) because of test failures
e2194521b6c0b3ffb932466cf1c15cbc63851d26Gregory Szorc — merge m-c to s-c
259262c87f23bc5c1b4b31daf60b9d9c3ecb5cf4Gregory Szorc — Bug 711263 - Fix potential race condition when saving add-on reconciler state; r=philikon
d5c1f587cb0f58cc7dee2096f811a59a5fb81953Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
072570bb0079ca153eabd3729e37040584bcbcccRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9f506c1eb60881d63556f5584b3d3dd2202b1d21Gregory Szorc — Merge m-c to s-c
efa03f9005130946c3cbf1151f4e17cdd00c52abGregory Szorc — Bug 704642 - Rename file not picked up by previous commit; a=bustage
a3d8630619eb0e9609d4baca12d676503afd98e3Gregory Szorc — Bug 704642 - Add files missing from previous commit; a=bustage
883459c2e7a774f5e204d9aa48fe4ae727be5c5aGregory Szorc — Bug 704642 - Rewrite TPS add-ons functionality; style improvements to TPS module; r=rnewman
fa294e936c014e11304034d8d85df87f0c53239fGregory Szorc — Bug 709388 - Restrict set of enabled engines when running TPS tests; r=rnewmana a=testonly
e8ff5ef91e3167b00217e8d718ead45a87aea53cGregory Szorc — Merge m-c to s-c
347c55a7b38b37364d55863654504ec370e8aa16Gregory Szorc — Bug 534957 - Part 2 - Add-on sync UX; r=mconnor
33278465af7c93eead262ad8d86956cec7663cbdGregory Szorc — Bug 534956 - Part 1 - Sync engine for add-ons; r=mconnor
83d05d916e00c1c6b80b6d3e21213d42b1c59ae8Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
80339f4dbaab84b960273e2b762ad79695551e3aRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
3969042ab0b0bbc4aa7bb40b5dddc86a96c0ea99Gregory Szorc — Bug 709424 - More robust handling of reconciling for duplicate records; r=rnewman
3bdbd5ea66175b5cc8bf8c20cbd4bf1061469c35Gregory Szorc — Bug 709325 - Log records without newlines; r=rnewman
458fa7398590bb37a7338cee91a014e0a1369522Jonathan Griffin — Bug 710396 - Call server_close() after shutdown() to force unbinding, a=test-only, DONTBUILD
47902bd792f837dc7d6ed3b5006c79e52a42c04bRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
7d46a7c3ac41c3666b3421ca99220cf6e5909b9fRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
1691f1be0a182fd1eb1071e518c86346b004adb3Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
502049cfb331e7677454be8f2627c51f50708839Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
6bc741986c80d66c3b2d558bc8b141cb78f759efGregory Szorc — Bug 708498 - Log milliseconds in TPS, code tidy; r=rnewman
cfd838426cf23333c56105e70314f14163e6ec27Gregory Szorc — Bug 708965 - Improve TPS handling of Sync data deletion and test setup; r=rnewman
4bc459c8af2438056540fa2794147ea473666155Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
5707dd62841423a9bf2428f15f96b870b2d52f95Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
bd58575a3bbefface54f8d09d37bdc9b47d60e58Nigel Babu — Bug 691854 - Double period in Firefox Sync server maintenance message, r=philikon
0c3d8799ca895c1f4fd2912a8d719d2da776bc1fRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
caf8616461195ad535cc92db295027c0bbe3bfd0Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
0e6fc020716f3d6e41d07e3ad53188e8e0009cffFabrice Desré — Bug 706545 - Implement a sync engine for apps exposed by navigator.mozApps : Part 2: sync engine [r=philikon]
0c6f1480408baf77a09b9c784bb1058fe861d81dFabrice Desré — Bug 706545 - Implement a sync engine for apps exposed by navigator.mozApps : Part 1: Webapps.jsm support [r=philikon]
550bbef53f76baf93f6ef22f78e8d190b39e3976Fabrice Desré — merge
1e14d5a1c5e7e708f24d45af565fc8fab1e0640aRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
ea538df967d5c327efc3b032c3b591f96f445c06Gregory Szorc — Bug 708498 - TPS logging improvements; r=rnewman
6f6e4ac35d350747b9272d5496e691ebf7746e29Gregory Szorc — Bug 534956 - Part 0 - rename xpcshell global variable for compatibility with add-on tests; r=rnewman
f948a7b5606f958fa5dd1b0bfa9162ba86230d8fGregory Szorc — Bug 708427 - Print human-friendly times when dumping Sync logs; r=rnewman
4643c1624014bee390d0a23830acc090eb7b393eGregory Szorc — Bug 704642 - Support handling of repository searches against stub server; r=rnewman
4eb997cbf25b9fc1e272325598e3472142d605b2Gregory Szorc — Bug 707984 - Normalize line endings in services tree; a=rnewman
91881c0cf3f3e7f8747c45c805bef1cc1f88c677Gregory Szorc — Bug 704973 - syncGUID defined earlier, not always call to database; r=Mossop
fefb15b96b0fc5f1ff538e890e47b9cacba657bcRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
bc612072dddaf5b528bd7259ff922491ef643537Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
86386bb687adf2579efb4b18594dc2c2d5b4d4d1Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
3f71aa2136934e28898b7b6f4fe366ac391c0b72Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
93080522960c679112c6813e1c12e8f32086c2f4Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
81b802ef7ebc06a2df0cdc1aa70fba035404cbc5Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9aa7d346ae56c1f6f58b5542e03549ae50e88ee4Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9dc80d92e1f31f69235b2a461578659113616a41Nigel Babu — Bug 609730 - Sync set up dialog has a run-on sentence: "Welcome, if you've never used Firefox Sync before, you will need to create a new account.", r=philikon
e6179f497b7468f5873cc532b596761f3e4ca003Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 711453 - Avoid potentially corrupting the fling velocity. r=pcwalton
a55e32a938ea9326b64fa23583ef4fecddfaec04Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695170 - Fix incorrect comment caught by gcp. r=gcp
1c542f9a2e1086c4ce4385d54875cae294141b23Jonathan Kew — bug 631479 followup - re-enable Graphite now that PGO builds are possible again. rs=khuey
2172873119db0554d91f757bb0ec6004c435027eTom Schuster — Bug 708819 - Avoid recursion through Error.prototype.toString/toSource r=luke
caeef8ca5d94559547ace1dcc5b53f7304bdda7dTom Schuster — Bug 708695 - Fix issues found by clang's scan-build. r=Waldo
0a59af98d3aca949d22321174d4e50f42ce1befeJacek Caban — Bug 711385 - DrawTargetD2D.h fails to compile on mingw r=bas.schouten
8668dc5a4f6099bbc86f25a6817d816adcacd758Jacek Caban — Bug 711381 - v8-support.h fails to compile on mingw r=felipc
ed30bd37bd8fa0d413c988b9531e503d0428a653Jacek Caban — Bug 670096 - cairo fails to compile on mingw with D2D and DWrite enabled r=jones.chris.g
72954076df8625fa9260ed4d3301e299f535f4f1Dão Gottwald — Bug 706100 - Deduplicate skin files shared between gnomestripe and winstripe. r=dolske
c3438a4cc876048865035713489c5d42bc8ce3feDão Gottwald — Bug 706108 - Remove unused largeIcon logic from applications.js. r=dolske
ac01181b4ad0dc453e70584ff6f81b140bd96438Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
7ed48b4ab9d1a463db52f521d52658e226a47252Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 700057 - Create artificial names if English names not found in the name table. r=jfkthame
302f1762b2b2dfe0dc156201b892a06913194c4cJonathan Kew — bug 711357 - release the CGFontRef after creating our font entry (which holds its own reference). r=jdaggett
e0f609b9104c21412fcd1d70574d9fb302a63a29Jonathan Kew — bug 711352 - don't CFRelease objects when we don't have an owning reference. r=jdaggett
f21424ec84e6ccf25ba51703b896d0b51300f4b5Robert Longson — Bug 705206 - applying filters to non-rendered shapes results in the item not being rendered. r=dholbert
7ad814d9c44e8ffe8b39fe39391e6d948828f347Vivien Nicolas — Bug 707734 - Disable 'click and drag' text selection in nsFrame.cpp for touch enable devices r=roc
7ec6d00227232df531d9a4f2dd7a77d646312206Vivien Nicolas — Bug 711488 - Replace some forgotten PR_TRUE with true in dom/battery && dom/sms r=mounir
f2b8e484ebaa297e8618165c35a70abba4560033Mark Finkle — Bug 711855 - Unable to access the Add-Ons Manager - URL is not valid and cannot be loaded [r=mbrubeck]
85599a814c0267d7bd7fddc2e15850ec03e8a2e1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711627: ContentProvider Authority string needs to be preprocessed [r=mfinkle]
582df079dff0811f297a11523b769f24f9f07c61Phil Ringnalda — Bug 653080 - Disable browser_tabview_bug597980.js for leaking the world, until it's rewritten in bug 711907, rs=ttaubert
bc9b34bb121e5a5fed8a1046c3c1da070d4ae8b9Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
326455c9793d0c716038b3335fd427e0d262b873Jeff Walden — Bug 711775 - Implement MOZ_NORETURN to encapsulate this-function-doesn't-return semantics. r=cjones
87be07cf8c10d4f8b9c0249529c6a4afa3983dacJeff Walden — Bug 711683 - Use Clang's feature-detection macros, not its version number, for feature testing. r=cjones
38a35f0db9ff1bab21c7de76462fd06e50fa58cdJeff Walden — Bug 711672 - Break mfbt's dependency on jstypes.h by moving various API macros out of JS and into mfbt. r=luke, r=cjones
692d80735b7e90d94e595b20244891f85e73f7e0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 697335 - Another memory reporter for the startup cache. r=taras.
e255fa32719cbe3ff63ce3238ab2b9f601556275Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 697335 - Add nsBaseHashtable::SizeOfExcludingThis(). r=bz.
5efce975a9e7bef07cf2840268a33fefeff5de41Makoto Kato — Bug 710178 - ASSERTION: Battery API: When charging and level at 1.0, remaining time should be 0. Please fix your backend. r=mounir
f8c7652a33bfc3acb086c7829a83e10f6669903aJonathan Kew — bug 711079 - move OTS from libxul to gkmedias.dll on Windows. r=khuey
2b94d12f3e2db4e3b32bbe7d71bd2c03f4ad30e7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 709653 - Fix GC heap memory reporters. r=bhackett.
9bdf8acbb4e0f1ce61b7519f0c6a60a579899dc4Benoit Jacob — Bug 711592 - Update ANGLE to r924 - no review
ed8c2e40a14fb9a1d87c8dbdad30d8f6b938f52eJeff Walden — Mark GetCurrentProcessArchitecture as inline, silencing a couple hundred warnings in a build with Clang. No bug, rs=njn
7b4007e3cafa9a12330825a6643df76a4a8d4345Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 707865 - Convert nsTArray::SizeOf() to nsTArray::SizeOfExcludingThis(). r=jlebar.
5d01a082677e20afe68fdbe87bc594d807d936a3Honza Bambas — Bug 538595 - Clear Recent History should be able to clear offline cache,
89a8e26f1df0ffa63aab4a593287858869ad5562Robert O'Callahan — Bug 672013. Drawing an SVG image to a canvas need not clear its origin-clean flag. r=dholbert,sr=bzbarsky
27cc305a5a1a7660009e1228c80f35506113639eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 702739. When a element has an active transform and the element's content (before being transformed) is no larger than the window, prerender its entire contents into layers when any of it is visible, so we don't have to rerender it and/or resize its layers as it moves into or out of view. r=mats
973938d037a99356c26e46950d64e59e6cd76fd3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 702739. Don't dirty the transformed frame when we reflow it due to a transform change. r=mats
0da67b6beb18b557b2327cea83b9d0311ea23cf4Matt Woodrow — Bug 707563 - Restore the w component in the LayerManager shaders after applying the offset. r=Bas
a8184aa6724190f6c9f0be7854b92072010c48c8Jeff Walden — Bug 711672 - Remove DEFINE_LOCAL_CLASS_OF_STATIC_FUNCTION as it's unused. r=luke
c4a0aafcf2d3573324cc805340ef4dc86a38278bJeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Add parentheses to a bunch of && expressions nested within || expressions. r=dholbert
ea965a9b19f27ea6e0ceceaae708f6ecb3f57a39Jeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Add parentheses to a bunch of assignments nested in conditionals. r=dholbert
fccaadf8161c26399951f5bd637aad7e451376eaJeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Fix a bunch of initializing-pointer-from-boolean warnings. r=dholbert
55e953f4050b2070babe694df52a66ade01f3893Jeff Walden — Bug 711799 - Fix a bunch of unused-variable warnings. r=dholbert
cbe10cc8c21974258a0f6ee0c1d400ed562b2408Jeff Walden — Add MOZ_OVERRIDE to CrossOriginWrapper functions. No bug (but sort of r=luke from bug 708735 :-) )
9e986b4770c83366719f4b547388d8f3e5e6999aChris Pearce — Bug 706672 - Revoke DOM full-screen when windowed plugin focused on non-MacOSX systems, and deny requests for full-screen from non-focused-tab documents. r=smaug
8288419ba59130ff2ccfddb2e42f7b0728a443e6Ralph Giles — Bug 697881 - Fall back to gcc on darwin if there's no gcc-4.2. r=ted
e48f73ccaf1c58f11feb2d16d31a56f08a1884a7Serge Gautherie — Bug 508760 - Remove VC6 workaround. r=mano
047d1d0ea0a79448c31f26d2e96fe48b4da5cbc2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 711769 - Update Hyphen library to version 2.8.3. r=jfkthame
d75ebb37080e40102df2419b0855aeeb4bdae691Phil Ringnalda — Bug 695345 - Bring back ISO8601DateUtils.jsm, a=akeybl
364f7f0cb300bb1eb79226f464925a0cb290f952Matt Brubeck — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
bf93caeef44e1cc121cd35f99e0c2e1469506649Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ff088809cd2a9a0c206c51252b389832046ae733Matt Brubeck — Back out bug 710521, bug 672013, bug 702739 because of Mac reftest failures
123160236bf1c1c2db202022d23aee1a22b72cd6Kai Engert — Bug 661681 - Enable A-Trust-nQual-03 root certificate for EV in PSM
08543c8312d6dbd7c4f9f42ea612d81aa35569a0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 709584 - Make Hal observer management a more generic. r=jlebar sr=cjones
e04774d1a06f82fa03a6445aec4ecbf088dc0793Mounir Lamouri — Bug 710793 - Move hal's private methods outside of Hal.h. r=jlebar sr=cjones
d1bce65ac70db6debecd69292424aeca54ab814fMounir Lamouri — Bug 710748 - Remove useless forward declaration in Hal.h. r=jlebar
a1b13ab3909dde6af2d27ba055b26f34dffbafb5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 710745 - Don't expose WindowIdentifier in Hal.h. r=jlebar sr=cjones
007e6ebef90eb270d1b6ab03bdab4765346b0b85Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 623155 - Clear userTypedValue on error pages, original patch by Neil Rashbook. r=dao
4a63669b8aa40d0acce74a38e4c56301c2a03af3Robert O'Callahan — Back out fix for bug 697215 due to test failure
ba2ad6d3d8641ff7ee82e9010fe80bd6af1760bfRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 026ec6345ae3 for bug 697215
2674bffd5575567a951d3bd1ee9b64ae0e0bb29aEdwin Flores — Bug 710521. Small refactor of gfxFont to separate drawing to paths and drawing strokes. r=roc
06e8ee7aa95df4b108d1854ce0383af8b2cf1336Robert O'Callahan — Bug 672013. Drawing an SVG image to a canvas need not clear its origin-clean flag. r=dholbert,sr=bzbarsky
026ec6345ae3b84fb4f51a7a32493dff5dd8f9e1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 697215. CanScrollWithBitBlit needs to return true for scrollframes inside replaced elements (i.e., iframes) that are honoring border-radius. r=mats
0230dde92166d6f223f89da28c03a9af4842a666Robert O'Callahan — Bug 702739. When a element has an active transform and the element's content (before being transformed) is no larger than the window, prerender its entire contents into layers when any of it is visible, so we don't have to rerender it and/or resize its layers as it moves into or out of view. r=mats
015286abfd066ce877964c0cedc003d933464443Robert O'Callahan — Bug 702739. Don't dirty the transformed frame when we reflow it due to a transform change. r=mats
b0b4b0ce8ad56bdcf585b39647dc0a23e1ca3b93Andrew McCreight — Bug 711616 - QI wrapped native weak map keys to nsINode. r=jst
e75f1076eab075cc26e2e8d194af21ef158d12f2Joshua M — Bug 708797 - The sync doorhanger notification doesn't have a border when using classic or third-party themes. r=dao
229cbb8cf0b594aaa298022a219a91bc30622b5dDão Gottwald — Bug 711291 - Add support for icon URL option to r=gavin
a28ebec62c3aa0f4b78f44e7cf8401fd55643a1ePatrick McManus — bug 710310 spdy google docs large file save intermittent failure r=honzab
dd24fab5fc633f076043a1d03736b78287f06f31Benoit Girard — Bug 707185 - Programmatic control for eventtracer. r=ted.mielczarek
c3affa656ef0b03e48b12c8e83524be4441791c6Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset cd1252510d17 - I landed the wrong patch for bug 711623
cd1252510d17b0f4e678722829e77652ccf17877Igor Bukanov — bug 711623 - rt->gcNumFreeArenas is not updated properly. r=terrence
f4c27f53131d0bd9a7d817bc28fc4d6f0762d6f1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 706876 - Create "Clear Site Settings" menuitem. r=mfinkle
e72b863261249ff89ccd8de9f3cd8cde8779d8d7Mats Palmgren — Bug 706932 - stack overflow when deleting long nsHtml5OwningUTF16Buffer list (recursive dtor). r=hsivonen
e9af6b61345725e47fe154e022f7340431347a0bMats Palmgren — Bug 710060 - Make sure |mDir| is always nulled out after it's deleted. r=bbondy
ad9fce0aed784976a7ef8582bdaa14c84372d052Andrew McCreight — Bug 706164 - Add telemetry for CC forcing GC. r=bent
2a0b56de8e9edb1e1f781e27552ff5266f507738Matt Brubeck — Bug 376997 - Include TopLevelImageDocument.css in mobile manifest [r=mfinkle]
6a47e6a308fb4c279cfba72c66a10530fd8bac52Carlo Alberto Ferraris — Bug 376997 - Images should be rendered against a neutral background. r=bz ui-r=limi
3d74a7c6d71b3ccba3eb1eefd207088f3492e370Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 629668 because it breaks pymake builds.
543af61eee0548cdbc660319a139c6365f36fb43Ms2ger — No bug - Remove stray semicolons from FILEINFO_SUBCLASS calls, the macro already includes it; rs=jfkthame
f6adee33fc61038fe61c21045cd0a20ef31d6652Ms2ger — No bug - Remove stray semicolon in nsThread.cpp; rs=bsmedberg
d6a97d9eb14bbe6b4fc8bacba205913b12a8cc26Ms2ger — Bug 709977 - Don't use xpc_qsAString in IDB Key.h; r=bent
d57b7baf692ee24a295e8cb1dd20808eb8660ea6Ms2ger — Bug 709524 - Remove nsIScriptContext::SetDefaultLanguageVersion; r=jst
6b16ef85f2fd0af83c965654964b799a0da76e19Ms2ger — Bug 709512 - Remove setters from nsIPrivateTextRange; r=smaug
21fbcd2f27a8db1f37f97463515dcc8dfe16a2f4Ms2ger — Bug 708754 - Use IDL for jsdIDebuggerService::WrapValue and remove WrapJSValue; r=bholley
515da54158b2018193c797b93859a2f74b7c35adMs2ger — Bug 708330 - Use IDL for Components.utils.getWeakReference; r=bholley
72a269d3e823cf386e7afcd47f06169e4567740fMs2ger — Bug 708326 - Use IDL for Components.utils.forceGC; r=bholley
b456317ba3e46675e53e44a19f7a59dea73110a1Ms2ger — Bug 708253 - Use IDL for Components.(utils.)reportError; r=bholley
dddd8c46f9a90eeb14bae4ed31a20699665651f2Ms2ger — Bug 705324 - Remove nsAXPCNativeCallContext::{GetRetValPtr,GetReturnValueWasSet,SetReturnValueWasSet}; r=bholley sr=bz
935634dccf0c727dbe740be89abe5ae8db55eb7aMs2ger — Bug 705355 - Use IDL for Components.utils.evalInSandbox; r=bholley
c74e2c35fd96bf5aa4d66c323b51406eca18e4e1Ms2ger — Bug 707498 - Use a template to get the array length for nsGenericElement::FindAttributeDependence; r=Waldo
93ab106616a2923200c75f9d4bb8227a6316d5caMs2ger — Bug 705188 - Use IDL for mozIJSSubScriptLoader::LoadSubScript, {xpcIJSModuleLoader,nsIXPCComponents_Utils}::Import; r=bz
50b70f639c2c2856cd9137a9227d3fdfd0f83d62Ms2ger — Bug 705344 - Use IDL for Components.(utils.)lookupMethod; r=bholley
d2fd65ac7af1ea1f85152304aa859f5f78fca985Ms2ger — Bug 705444 - Use IDL for jsdIValue::GetWrappedValue; r=bholley
1139f29c7cdfc1ba90da6bda5b795dbbbc6f7482Ms2ger — No bug - Remove unused JS::Value::setObjectOrUndefined; r=luke
fa6dc855be00e3f63f31f5dce701ba9bb4a2bc95Ms2ger — Bug 707448 - Cleanup nsHTMLFormElement::DoSubmitOrReset a bit; r=mounir
f9f6f9ed788a73e0660b0e2d1eeb4ce960b5715aMs2ger — Bug 707576 - Remove nsIDOMNSElement; r=smaug
c3525cd1ce442bf0a965c7cd08d181e963eefda6Ms2ger — Bug 698420 - Make nsScriptObjectHolder typesafe; r=bz
82bc89d8e3c35a181e3ac218f71376f441699749Ms2ger — Bug 709747 - Support nsCOMPtr<T>::forget(I**); r=bsmedberg
d89f3d80d3ecb62e7d35e7f60693168ff80cd57bJohn Schoenick — Bug 687679 - Rename JS_CompileFile to JS_CompileUTF8File, fix users. r=jorendorff,jst
a5e63e00db276489777e1a052979360de2abf087Doug Turner — Backed out changeset 7957f2f39615
7957f2f396159230fb1aa5372476de9fbf5ed185Doug Turner — bug 711184 - make sure we don't do any work creating about:home if we're not showing about:home r=dougt
5a609469e7ea14dc2c22310457829958c487da87Doug Turner — Backout of 9d027bf631d3
c6f51fee373b20a1c58f31191c77e4698513a8abDoug Turner — Backout of de081ef87383
3cbf4d7780424b5d1d9b1f9fdd4be79ce2bac9aaDoug Turner — Backout of b407ff123b6f
33cdbc96bf99518e897e9330fcb7c6be1221c1faDoug Turner — Backout of ba92c42f126f
f9bfa4c5c37b57671d53d1f78cea30fda6894767Doug Turner — Backout of 8a5cc33141a3
e954a042cc37e74d733f813ac7642961d91957e2Doug Turner — Backout of f39dab2d2adb
0654878f067767745d6029b54b381a53434ddb69Doug Turner — Backout of 74277c18e7ce
8cf696f741cd8f9a2a278386fd8e021533f3638fDoug Turner — Backout of 434e5060c706
d4aad9645f77eebf2099f35db3d070a159a210f5Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
dca42848a1e29210554e4b8a322ee6b1d6494864Vladan Djeric — Bug 704855. Reduce fsyncs in Places & create/update root bookmarks in Database.cpp. r=mak
0881bdd95e583c7a5185fb72b00f99e0cb3311f1Geoff Brown — Bug 648429: delay pref observer destruction on shutdown to avoid crash; r=michal.novotny
ec4f2192e5337933010cda3ec7bd41f3828f1c3dGeoff Brown — Bug 648429: HTTP cache: compress all compressible files - new test for appending to compressed stream; r=michal.novotny
dfc239e7dcf478dda03f503b5b5cd2e40a635cefGeoff Brown — Bug 648429: HTTP cache: compress all compressible files; r=michal.novotny
d9e8512aa9d4d72655ad184578e566cae290cce9Robert Longson — Bug 693551 - Old tooltip appears when the SVG object that the mouse is over is removed. r=dao
1bb4179d747eebaf6db9f4b5d502379901959a16Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 711034 - Native Fennec is still creating places.sqlite. r=dougt
a85e6459fc92f2f6c1a3c8f1d72ed35c981f58e5Robert Longson — Bug 708155 - Fix dynamic modifications to styles on foreignObject. r=dholbert
cbd797fc4d7f0430105a41f79af37f028222c6deNathan Froyd — Bug 709205 - use GetObserverService in places; r=mak
da1b38aa2886569a250a9a90f6065de39349a5cbNathan Froyd — Bug 709205 - use GetObserverService in xpcom; r=dougt
8f8dd0388d87ee81ed08b733247805bd8dce102aNathan Froyd — Bug 709205 - use GetObserverService in dom,docshell; r=bz
69fce3a31ee9b1bf442d83d3c7e7ded63c973437Matthew Schranz — Bug 334573 - Changed nsLoadBlockingPLDOMEvent to nsLoadBlockingAsyncDOMEvent. r=sicking
74b033b45f27d800c71f01381e36e01f03ca33f1Matthew Schranz — Bug 334573 - Renamed all references of nsPLDOMEvent to nsAsyncDOMEvent. r=sicking
7fd1460aa2846d9db683ae14c74fda206b248646aceman — Bug 122213 - Display time and date of messages in toolkit's Error Console. r=neil sr=bz
5c428813b21030562835793f636eb04a0f034094Dão Gottwald — Bug 708788 - Add telemetry probes for new/close tab animations. r=dietrich,taras
9786d30f60b32fe7352f7e68a7cff78424cff4d6Patrick McManus — bug 710205 dns telemetry r=bz
a61e49ccdf6ba726a1e1fce4881b7ae8bae6e274Patrick McManus — bug 709976 dns async early renewal r=bz
7121c07c3e7fe15ab69e9e74e21b028837a88212Kyle Machulis — Bug 709565 - B2G telephony: implement DTMF. r=philikon
020e3a98f85e04d28c025ada9dffc2e803caa8c4Jeff Walden — Bug 711611 - NSPR's obsolete int32, int64, etc. types get defined without an opt-out #define -- add that #define to SpiderMonkey so int32/etc. can't be (mis-)used. r=bhackett
4726e2ddf570828ddbd948e1ca062865a4f284a5Tim Abraldes — bug 704558 - Toolkit changes to work with the newly modified imgTools functions. r=rs
ff70e251a0f4cf13de82b37e6ef0b118354186a6Tim Abraldes — Bug 704558 - Added encoder options in encodeImage and encodeScaledImage. r=bbondy
67eb3827b7eb3a14771d3033759da2d6c1bce1aaJonas Sicking — Bug 701772: Manage autoIncrement for objectStores ourselves in order to simplify the code, make ai-keys unique per objectStore and not per database, and allow ai-objectStores to contain non-integer keys. r=bent
434e5060c706c3349b3be4c342d6d7b499ee663aBrad Lassey — bug 711184 - make sure we don't do any work creating about:home if we're not showing about:home r=dougt
7d11de2fdbc25454770b953201fde661e6c2f28fBrad Lassey — bug 709832 - crash [@ mozalloc_abort] typing with vkb in url on the EEEpad Transformer r=mfinkle
b88bac3a29ba8e1807e681a473b32195882a0745Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
fee072b482c9cdb13c9c06550a42de1e4d4fa7cdMichal Novotny — Bug 538588 - Split offline storage into http and offline cache in advanced network preferences dialog
4b701b24223fd692892a901dab766c9231733eb1Bobby Holley — Bug 711288 - Unconditionally use the new value of JSPROP_READONLY in accessor -> data transformations. r=Waldo
a5c58e9199a3293f22e8a40d81612bdc5dba82bcJeff Gilbert — Bug 708124 - Remove unnecessary glFlushs from Layers - r=bjacob
9ba4a7f652fbbceb0948a1e2a31ae65c524c5bc3Jeff Gilbert — Bug 705024 - Guarantee GLContexts are resolved properly - r=bjacob
84f4cb3c8b9e9af507badf5343de4a84d8221343Jeff Gilbert — Bug 704788 - Add inlined function to allow easy compile-time pruning of mDebugMode branches in GLContext - r=bjacob
43aeb296b99e47d73b7c17571eebb5b640cb9c8fJeff Gilbert — Bug 698169 - Make WebGL texSubImage2D respect alpha-premultiplied DOM sources - r=bjacob
fb3fd223b5d8cb82c507cd86c7b5e298b055f7f3Alex Pakhotin — Bug 708626 - Pressing physical volume button dismisses keyboard, doesn't adjust ringer volume. r=blassey
9d6469ffd57761204107d889275dc8b79a4c98eaBill McCloskey — Bug 710947 - Allow hash table elements to be removed during GC (r=luke)
b407ff123b6f6418195282a314965bfebba66ebcKartikaya Gupta — Bug 708745 - Do a better job of opening new tabs. r=mfinkle
de081ef8738304fa67c0cd177135b8c0fa2ea9f1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 711232 - Fix multiple useless zooms during page load. r=pcwalton
9d027bf631d39e8b14f6f71e0763a13bff158425Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 711232 - Avoid unnecessary bounce animations. r=pcwalton
74277c18e7ce4199836aa609cb7f8788d087633bJames Willcox — Bug 670930 - Use asynchronous direct texturing on Android when available
be0fffc6b0d1f0c99afe59c930e702d725d961a7Michael Wu — Bug 710029 - Assorted build system tweaks for B2G/Gonk. r=khuey
26cce2f95d497e0273f68e2f339c8dc0cd630852Brian Hackett — Fix lingering uses of int32 types, no bug.
c5026431768df2604bc435bd71ae0a381e0eaa5fDoug Sherk — Bug 711579: fix WGL context creation without robustness r=Bas
b895916227b21c59b3dce41dc5e27623af85171eDoug Sherk — Bug 711226: separate desktop and ES 2.0 symbol loading r=bjacob
9939bcd259a3a9e66c5c7e32f4177a88c13988b5Doug Sherk — Bug 708207: implement WebGL's getShaderPrecisionFormat r=bjacob
de66e7bd2b98594ab5b8004e3ed176227c943840Brian Hackett — Add interface for accessing PC counter information from chrome code, bug 687134. r=sfink,waldo
5db46b0c2f148b749fddf1caf6613cbd525d65baJonas Sicking — Back out fb4d12d2a2da, bug 701772, due to leaks.
fbf296760b0f3e79dc7ef2fcef70745a4e7ebc9bSteffen Wilberg — Bug 710064: Make the 'Update Add-ons Automatically' checkbox state depend on the extensions.update.enabled pref, in addition to the existing extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault pref. r=mossop
61a46d539c69e9ff34a02074c1d83ae96ea84ab8Michal Novotny — Bug 707915 - Broken invalidation of mCachedUsage in nsDOMStoragePersistentDB
fb4d12d2a2dafb62a820dafda7e5fc231ffb5179Jonas Sicking — Bug 701772: Manage autoIncrement for objectStores ourselves in order to simplify the code, make ai-keys unique per objectStore and not per database, and allow ai-objectStores to contain non-integer keys. r=bent
a658b1e5d56ba9e6beb98299f8e8ae9bf2760561Ms2ger — Backed out changeset ba447ace2594 (bug 687679) for bustage.
ba447ace2594aa48b6dff05fc479728bd6c6aff1John Schoenick — Bug 687679 - Rename JS_CompileFile to JS_CompileUTF8File, fix users. r=jorendorff,jst
e5d8d2fb987db970e2176c7f857cdc14f349f062Dave Townsend — Bug 704988: Check the add-on hotfix is signed by a specific certificate. r=robstrong, r=Unfocused
e7cd9a56b5dadd17cea77d831e29ad1998ad449dDave Townsend — Bug 704987: Ignore the hotfix add-on when warning users about incompatible add-ons. r=robstrong
51926af07f68bdf0e543c35028bddfe9458ae675Dave Townsend — Bug 694068: Automatically download and install an available hotfix add-on. r=Unfocused
0ab6831c77bce759bba7640f4f5114052d56c0b2Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
f39dab2d2adbb4a6c3a664cb79d4854fb45e7065James Willcox — back out 8a5cc33141a3 due to android-xul build failure
f467bd6781a13505e96290f97bad7ad22f0bb371Mark Finkle — Bug 703378 - Native Fennec executes javascript: urls pasted or typed into the awesome bar [r=mbrubeck]
9f93eaff43d040d7c42118ce57fe282e5c54fcdcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 711195 - Perform the range checks for non-boolean telemetry pings at compile time; r=taras
709945fc4fd44746015fddc7a4c28c9d214a2073Joel Maher — Bug 701076 - [tests] Robotium integration into mozilla-central. r=mfinkle,dburns
924ad01b62a16661b2461c43388166417482ed5fGeoff Brown — Bug 710827 - add robotium.jar to m-c under build/mobile/robocop; r=jmaher
7c4be303da9426c17ef8406a5670b89587ddbcc9Jim Mathies — Bug 661991 - follow up, make sure and clear file lists before calling file picker's Show. r=bbondy.
d241a415d65a793d2cd062b49a5dca38be676998Jim Mathies — Bug 710995 - (pvs-studio) Possible bad null-check in ShortcutResolver::Init(). False positive, no bug. Code cleanup patch. r=rstrong
8a5cc33141a37978a950868c66a162cd873937b4James Willcox — Bug 670930 - Use asynchronous direct texturing on Android when available
ba92c42f126f64b89303c379a2bd8a411f685d95James Willcox — Bug 670930 - Add Android direct texture implementation
90dce4939cb336a547908957532e403ca4434ee0Ali Juma — Bug 705641 - Add even more output to framebuffer incompleteness abort message. r=jrmuizel
6c49a8d46f7d737e6fd404e5ecda08d20a1046b2Mike Conley — Bug 711508 - Ensure that external toolbars are not duplicated for associated toolboxes. r=enndeakin.
2829d8482c67c9eff59cb4b738f00d5b7bdc8b51Bill McCloskey — Bug 711158 - Avoid triggering write barrier during verifier (r=luke)
9687a03b4a78db5ffb8905e9cde358e7b412d8b6Jeff Walden — Merge m-c into m-i, fixing Windows PGO builds and fully removing the uint32/JSUint32 typedefs, so we can reopen a CLOSED TREE.
1d5d582321ccf4091e46185bcd76cc98079126b4Jeff Walden — Bug 708735 - Merge m-c into m-i to fix Windows bustage in a CLOSED TREE. r=bustage
e218f75ccc41d957718fce88c7403f6def13bf77Masayuki Nakano — Bug 504586 test_bug430723.html should listen to scroll event after sending key events r=smaug
f720be43486d77d085411307852b7702c00a0960Masayuki Nakano — Bug 700199 EventUtils.js should use synthesized events for sendKey(), sendChar() and sendString() rather than untrusted events r=smaug+ehsan+dolske+enndeakin
b4d0179b5a70aa89503db0e47b863e5888399958Jeff Walden — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound to pick up the fix for some late-breaking JSAPI uses that occurred in m-c after the uint32/JSUint32 types removal, so that the last little bit of fixing can happen more leisurely (and not in a CLOSED TREE).
79e0d361b04206d3138bd369be065c19f59e0985Jeff Walden — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound to pick up the changes for bug 708735 into a CLOSED TREE.
99b340cb215f58c1a2dc670de765a534016b1f76mh — Bug 710147 - Pass more targets from to the build system. r=ted
30f9367dfa68f936d54a2e358fe1df3022102ae6Mike Hommey — Bug 709721 part 3 - Only try to export gkmedias symbols that are defined wrt configuration. r=khuey
2cff3f89e54b00e30e3d672d2a5a280a64c1b3e6Olli Pettay — Bug 711651, Clean up ResizeReflowIgnoreOverride, r=roc
da994c67e370d5416498121a300500a61e13d8b9ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave30
cbb0233c7ba868e9be6603d5a3591a33b4072088Matt Brubeck — Back out 97b8cff2764f (bug 376997) for Android reftest failures
ac22a1aae2633830730772a2cbcca51a3d5275dbRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
c135571daddf04d68649bb997f41cbad95ad2b42Mihai Sucan — Bug 683172 - Source Editor should automatically set up Undo/Redo key bindings; r=rcampbell
67500e02c844347288ac4a4d673193326e8ac6c1Paul Rouget — Bug 710878 - Bookmark label can omit part of the text in the link; r=dietrich
18d3b3a1f6052cd5dca459eaa59e90b4de9388d6Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 702861 - browser chrome mochitests trigger uncaught JS exception in CssHtmlTree.jsm; r=dcamp
c6346cddd3c04ea781004ee4167d7e93226bb50dJared Wein — Bug 710967 - Incorrect argument passed to strncmp in AffixMgr::parse_convtable. r=gavin
cb4feeed6ac567ec628846beed512776df271b6fVictor Porof — Bug 689920 - Integrate Tilt with existing Firefox developer tools; r=cedric,msucan,rcampbell
19772fffc1f543fdac8ef25eee5da4b930d23516Hugo Tavares Reis — Bug 676187 - Ensure fileContents are freed, fixed a memory leak in toolkit/mozapps/readstrings/readstrings.cpp. r=bbondy
cc283f4ffdec74f4add523d5c60479ae6a7b1c76Jared Wein — Bug 708150 - Error text for media resource 404 is misleading when the requested media resource format or mime type is unsupported. r=dolske
97b8cff2764fb7302bc5b64dbc07ffe5476410d6Carlo Alberto Ferraris — Bug 376997 - Images should be rendered against a neutral background. r=bz ui-r=limi
7cc472108eb4accb272b6b103a827bf1a6f44df8Jeff Walden — Bug 708735 - Really remove the uint32/JSUint32 typedefs now that all users have been fully corrected. r=luke, r=dmandelin from the original change, landing in a CLOSED TREE (which can open now!)
3749f921ee90290e7d930cb2340e49a2cd7d0893Gavin Sharp — Bug 711478: fix regression from bug 696436 that broke Windows PGO builds, r=ted, landing on CLOSED TREE so that we can reopen it
3bf9653c4e4624411b54d3023fa03351d7313375Jeff Walden — Bug 708735 - Update IDBObjectStore to use the <stdint.h> types for its JSAPI interactions. r=bustage in a CLOSED TREE :-\
80ac06ad280db6b032d58d8fe724a3a162c6a0a8Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset f879c54dffae: 5efcb9c3b375 introduced more JSAPI users that need fixing for the <stdint.h> types, and it's not worth trying to do fixups for that commit now while holding the tree closed. uint32/JSUint32 type removals will occur later today, after I reopen up a CLOSED TREE.
f879c54dffae14bc5d0d22fea56298cb8a07e118Jeff Walden — Bug 708735 - Remove the non-<stdint.h> {u,}int{8,16,32,64} and JS{Uint,Int}{8,16,32,64} integer types from the JSAPI. The public header added in the previous commit with the old typedefs should ease migration for embedders. r=luke, r=dmandelin, pushing into a CLOSED TREE so the landing is smooth
d6d732ef5650562f1f1593df4bd446614e3f2dfaJeff Walden — Bug 708735 - Use <stdint.h> types in JSAPI and throughout SpiderMonkey. Continue to provide the {u,}int{8,16,32,64} and JS{Uint,Int}{8,16,32,64} integer types through a single header, however, for a simpler backout strategy -- and also to ease the transition for embedders. r=timeless on switching the jsd API to use the <stdint.h> types, r=luke, r=dmandelin
dcf6e5163e631a470678cd35d1b6733687d9f034Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
4950a29c499f7b97d3bede4a985d6405e4a76cb8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 204786 Use LookAndFeel for delay to show tooltip r=roc+enndeakin
718a7411a72bb5f4e7ac5cf9f7590ac04bc3abe4Ed Morley — Bug 700490 - Remove nsICharsetResolver; r=smontagu
e79756f054b54db2e853695745926c444362eecbEd Morley — Bug 710481 - Remove tracer leftovers in CustomQS_WebGL.h; r=bjacob f=bhackett
8436717e069d2370199d74e9f9902d49fc80b4c6Ed Morley — Bug 710486 - Remove unnecessary mkdir objdir/js/src/nanojit; r=ted
add79d59b647d9e5f6e7cc6e66e5730e79afad01Ed Morley — Bug 709265 - Remove unused AnnotatePersonalToolbarFolder from nsBrowserProfileMigratorUtils; r=gavin
9e0f286f79bea2f5b319d34a1b5e12395633678fEd Morley — Bug 710148 - Remove MOZ_REQUIRE_CURRENT_SDK from nsPrintDialogUtil.cpp; r=bsmedberg
9588c2ef1453a25d61f518cc4b3796976dfb2094Ed Morley — Bug 704576 - Remove CVS cruft from browser/app/; r=ted
8f46911a6c6e44213e99e3bbe7f17dd6ed04eed1Ed Morley — Bug 692625 - Update * with new paths after file moves; rs=build
5ba5e09d2dbe150b494ca8409fe274cf74d02a31Ed Morley — Bug 692625 - Move toolkit/components/startup/tests/browser/ to toolkit/components/startup/tests/; r=dtownsend
c981969df93b208bada56dac1f4e7197e0cfb1deEd Morley — Bug 692625 - Move toolkit/components/aboutmemory/tests/chrome/ to toolkit/components/aboutmemory/tests/; r=gavin f=njn
524e771b72dbe67e6aa01fd8e913c0bb30132f88Ed Morley — Bug 692625 - Move browser/devtools/webconsole/test/browser/ to browser/devtools/webconsole/test/; r=rcampbell
b3807e5362dae4f53117177ebf74dab31cd86bc8Ed Morley — Bug 692625 - Move browser/components/test/browser/ to browser/components/test/; r=gavin
379a992ed77ccf980d7580f56ae54e82af59364eEd Morley — Bug 692625 - Move browser/devtools/styleinspector/test/browser/ to browser/devtools/styleinspector/test/; r=rcampbell
4e4c03e4c37bf184990224d4ff9bfb2accada1efEd Morley — Bug 692625 - Move browser/components/sidebar/src/ to browser/components/sidebar/; r=gavin
d24c34dbf1c8cb9ddf1d4a15d93a8b3c4b6723abEd Morley — Bug 692625 - Move browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser/ to browser/components/sessionstore/test/; r=gavin
54c446091d7c87a6ef6c4bd7026950adf2940ddaJignesh Kakadiya — Bug 539694 - prevent copying accessible objects r=tbsaunde
cd38a6bad3be4a2edc2ec435be48fe79151c980bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 706743 tooltip listener should ignore mousemove and mouseout events during drag r=enndeakin
e6f4331dba0decc7a18d013a1bf9a914078d5f8cKyle Machulis — Bug 709915 - Change name of RIL socket from rilb2g to rilproxy. r=cjones
6b18f5259de9aacd254aef17f0fc12a19eccb68eGavin Sharp — Bug 696436: consolidate Mac bundle name selection, and allow adding a prefix to it at build time, r=dolske, r=ted relanding with a clobber on a CLOSED TREE
7a510c246bf24c11fbdf208a13ccc0c36f92952eBlair McBride — Backout 9e94c7b5290f (bug 696436) due to Mac opt breakage. CLOSED TREE
7a0d03046d428854c35b797161129b8eab14b83dJim Blandy — Bug 708156: Ensure that JM compilation doesn't used out-of-date ScriptAnalysis structures. r=bhackett
ea39fc88f948868333facd4b7523b56413e1ec8eTerrence Cole — Bug 710946 - Add write barriers to getterObj and setterObj; r=billm
39f25929ceeaf9471e693f5b971ca97a652623aaMakoto Kato — Bug 539133 - Remove broken Opera 6 migrator. r=gavin
21e2e05a8d8eb1334d306e5802f9f4cad2a3a75eAndrew McCreight — Bug 680937, part 3 - implement and set preserve wrapper callback. r=jst
9a966139c3fe33e47c4f4a8bcc2cd0967778672eAndrew McCreight — Bug 680937, part 2 - Add native wrapper preservation hook, call it in WeakMap_set. r=billm
b9bd2420e1116ef682d0cdc9de28bb7d8a39be7bAndrew McCreight — Bug 680937, part 1 - Don't always mark wrapped native keys. r=billm
aa1c4b29d4e4eda6bcc811c69c4cbd8a3258e448Terrence Cole — Bug 711266 - JSRope::flatten needs unconditional post barriers; r=billm
ec45fad57ec61bcc7b3b28b2cc82d6e7c40fca48Terrence Cole — Bug 710950 - JSScript::function_ should be barriered; r=billm
6388d336d45163bae529f9bd84bceba6db8a6735Felix Fung — Bug 710996 - Double-assignment in JS_GetValidFrameCalleeObject(). r=jorendorff
13390e878a3c8f5ff973351b503ad90ba1404d4aFelix Fung — Bug 699843 - Asynchronous Favicons API - ReplaceFaviconDataFromDataURL Tests. r=mak
6c1fd708628bff79c120c7161973732d8e710959Felix Fung — Bug 699843 - Asynchronous Favicons API - ReplaceFaviconData Tests. r=mak
1617e3a6711b4b89374a630ffabd3cb4a734e815Felix Fung — Bug 699843 - Interfaces Changes, replaceFaviconData(FromDataURL)?. r=mak, sr=gavin
e28b8215c930aaed73c89e5fd449c11f165c11b5Felix Fung — Bug 699843 - Asynchronous Favicons API - ReplaceFaviconDataFromDataURL. r=mak
46bc102ad373497acc286750b49436f276ce974fFelix Fung — Bug 699843 - Asynchronous Favicons API - ReplaceFaviconData. r=mak
5befa259ff1628236f3b4af2e58fb362e3e829d2Igor Bukanov — bug 711095] - make GC scanning compatible with the incremental GC. r=billm
a129c639c0f1a765e49f671bf966ef866fc601faIgor Bukanov — bug 710581 - fixing GCC 4.6 warning. r=bhackett
e69956cb5e1730d5df3051ffaee994c9c0e5420fAlex Pakhotin — Bug 595008 - Make Android IME more efficient by reducing communication between Java and Gecko. r=blassey
85878ae300d4832c4076d1147c19136a26f03510Daniel Holbert — (no bug, comment-only) Fix header-comments in nsStyleConsts.h for 'direction', 'visibility', and 'pointer-events' (nsStyleConsts incorrectly listed them as living in nsStyleDisplay)
b278df809c4b317590d6455a58c828455e60b7c1Daniel Holbert — Bug 709907: Skip SMIL negative-value relaxation logic for the list-valued 'stroke-dasharray' property. r=dbaron
c2466854fa15429ed57b4e3b2859cf5abe2ccafcChris Lord — Bug 708307 - Decouple texture size from tile size. r=pcwalton
10d8aa274341529c8f7570dccceeec7934b7fb28Michael Wu — Bug 710041 - Build fixes for gonk widget backend, r=cjones
fd9444ecf9a10b0529999850cc2fbb52dfb5bfd2Terrence Cole — Bug 711165 - DenseArray are missing some barrier calls; r=billm
95b76549de825df7fed3ed90f4331adc823b8544Patrick McManus — bug 664284: Add HSTS support for websockets. r=mcmanus
508b748801b73f2abc667deb65bf2d05590b578cJason Duell — Bug 689006: Upgrade pywebsocket to binary API (version 553, also supports Python > 2.5) r=mcmanus
557f2ae6e8aaba6d68965f5137cc4752da85716eJason Duell — Bug 676439 - Websocket Binary Message support: Necko changes. r=mcmanus
0b97cde3749314ee32c10c2257803359707493d5Jason Duell — Bug 676439 - Websocket Binary Message support: tests. r=mcmanus
55f353e4d6f4e338fe94258c5c7f1025d5286a80Jason Duell — Bug 676439 - v2: Websocket Binary Message support: DOM changes. r=smaug
9e94c7b5290f0c3591ba1182eeeadc65b5a318c9Gavin Sharp — Bug 696436: consolidate Mac bundle name selection, and allow adding a prefix to it at build time, r=dolske, r=ted
47ab01e631b71783b018dde0f6f192b81525379cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 709470 - Use mallocSizeOf in the xpti memory reporter. r=khuey.
03af7a7c3dc33775cd55aaaca814c57858126b81Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 705602 - Use mallocSizeOf in prefixset memory reporter. r=gpc.
54b7ede5ff3960cd05d6ba8b2991ce4a201d80d7Ed Morley — Backout 80831e4a10de (bug 706672) for build failures on a CLOSED TREE
ef1cc0b263a17b4bb4498dbe308c6b439e4a7131Brian Hackett — Correctly compute fun.caller for cloned functions, bug 710780. r=luke
c73ea44c1a5d4ad8e04c285334aac66fcb132f40David Mandelin — No bug, remove file needed only for nanojit landings
ac2e9f57426dcec273c8b315e24941946476826cChris Leary — Bug 709622: Conditional with empty consequent causes strict strict warning. (r=Waldo)
80831e4a10de0b194e17b218122f0e19e4fd1946Chris Pearce — Bug 706672 - Revoke DOM full-screen when windowed plugin focused on non-MacOSX systems, and deny requests for full-screen from non-focused-tab documents. r=smaug
c17b09e6654fb13474bb8addeb45c7d8a172308cBobby Holley — Bug 711203 - enable XPConnect wstring test. r=khuey
b3785a68149100626331ea2fa1126ec29db8abb8Brad Lassey — bug 710575 - INSTALL_FAILED_CONFLICTING_PROVIDER when installing a custom build r=rnewman
5c3c5e4db3ad622a5d9ca6f8b7185fd48ea24d3dLuke Wagner — Bug 703645 - rm SRC_LOOPHEAD (r=waldo)
04f576b81e1a94f874eb4b1d1989506ef41d826dLuke Wagner — Bug 704478 - Fix single-threaded runtime assertions in shell workers (r=jorendorff)
9a5144c8f69f0e131f435620102ccc17b20a48c0Luke Wagner — Bug 704351 - Fix ValueToScript in js shell (r=waldo)
ebfc6414c4dc8fba832f897f4e12c8d8ff2ab048Luke Wagner — Bug 705879 - Avoid touching stale generator frame in js_CloneBlockObject (r=bhackett)
d737ffa1f92d2cfd3e6cf624441d047110a0dff2Luke Wagner — Bug 699974 - Plug several holes that prevent stopping slow scripts (r=jst)
ab1bb6660d5c256b2070989e43dc67f83796a4feLuke Wagner — Bug 624621 - Allow embeddings to attach an extra 'origin' principal to scripts (r=mrbkap)
956d36a82987704ab78f23c86615ca26115dcbabJustin Lebar — Bug 705856 - Enable SPS profiler on desktop Linux. r=BenWa
7a6b3a3c0a921126b657c8d66ea7f48b669530c9Kyle Huey — Bug 708198. r=jst
037728a4556fa505764a3e5609a371536bbeec57Justin Lebar — Bug 670967 - Part 3: Pass MOZ_PGO_INSTRUMENTED=1 env var during run of instrumented PGO code. r=ted
8348c44ba1ca0e2c0a0f7e06d27ee45294a8b6d2Justin Lebar — Bug 670967 - Part 2: Wrap VirtualAlloc and friends, firing a low-memory notification if we notice that we're running low on virtual or physical memory after the wrapped function completes. r=bsmedberg
cf3603911e0122e19352f59946a0b8887f0c4554Justin Lebar — Bug 670967 - Part 1: Add mozilla::ScheduleMemoryPressureEvent(). r=bsmedberg
5efcb9c3b375200062ee7e9c2db2f0906547e539Jan Varga — Bug 661877 - Enable storing files in IndexedDB. r=bent
c8b8b310f27e69af12083f12e812b1e590417b5aPatrick Walton — Bug 710119 - Use a low friction for long flings and a high friction for short ones. r=Cwiiis
a46f9224f2c6edc75af5cb2a5956d956414b73b3Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 709493 - Return JSObject* from nsIScriptHandler::GetScriptObject() rather than returning void to remove casting. f=Ms2ger r=bz
46f82bd23a92bfaf9ee6dfb5885d06a89a55d5e3Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
5bd7bf20c046ce65bb20889801e8c02e63cdf83bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 708893 - Allow panning after releasing pinch zoom finger. r=pcwalton
49bd0c9665e5e88a7804038506d68422732ab0fcBobby Holley — Bug 702491 - Don't set JSPROP_READONLY for accessor properties. r=Waldo
20dcfdaaacecfed6952171df01f9ddc59ab5f501Andrew Quartey — Bug 706731: Support for defaultMuted DOM attribute on media elements. r=kinetik,bzbarsky
40cc6c09ffe9080ebdba898b4454588e90e62fe6Andrew Quartey — Bug 689834. Only look at the muted attribute when initially creating the element. r=bzbarsky
403c7bcfb42a36589998fbe898e1ae6e2ed9acdbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 708405. Make sure to propagate out failures from JS_HasPropertyById in the old nodelist resolve hook. r=mrbkap
ee190c4d5bfe388f00e7f40fc7e68344c46fc9c7Gavin Sharp — Bug 510670: have the nsIWebBrowserPersist used for some drops automatically detect the need for content converters (fixes dropping of images served gzipped on Mac), r=bz
e27edbae265e64095c14bd04c64cd508e83043a0Gavin Sharp — Bug 699575: move browser modules to browser/modules, r=dao
4963f2ae738073fb221b45f9bb78e864a43c2574Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 711102 Ensure build environments have logging modules for peptest r=ctalbert
5b318156118fbeb9e703a18b907e9a8320174abfMatt Brubeck — Bug 710956 - Fix and re-enable browser_addons.js test [r=mfinkle]
cf70852dfbd9680da586c84b8c1a1331b9d70f24Matt Brubeck — Bug 703029 - Add text inflation font size prefs to the UI [r=mfinkle]
3fb1a1208df6f98e9fdff0223b5d126a55719736Bill McCloskey — Bug 708303 - Back out 1deb23332fb5 for orange
3c8600c974548a46aedcd4b33148738db27a06e6Ted Mielczarek — bug 710712 - Measure peak virtual memory usage of link.exe, print and output to a file. r=catlee
21801345dcaaadeddb3241059b0a5642a334bd3dAli Juma — Bug 705641 - Add more output to framebuffer incompleteness abort message. r=jrmuizel
d656d31ab9795e5dfb14b31e2e36bf3118e3de24Brad Lassey — bug 710905 - about:home flashes before page loads, whitespace fix r=mfinkle
754f895f9a15ded4a6f4a96e8220572cb3541088Brad Lassey — bug 710905 - about:home flashes before page loads r=mfinkle
8b1a1c88441a5f4712625decddfac490057cc290Jeff Walden — Bug 709322 - Create break/continue statements using constructors that don't examine the token stream. r=jorendorff
2901886245e3bfcd2c9abe312f43022970a782faJeff Walden — Bug 710192 - JSOP_SETPROP does not imply the property name isn't an index. r=evilpies
fdc3f397377a565c03bc31b89011655828014cb3Jeff Walden — s/class (JSObject|JSContext)/struct \1/g in nsDOMEvent.h, silencing a ton of warnings on Windows, and I think with Clang too. No bug, r=sparky
3a190f6b9ee3b93e42f2bbbed0385d3e72295b73Bill McCloskey — Bug 708805 - Add write barrier to JSFunction::env (r=bhackett)
1deb23332fb5b82db1c17d8c55f3466a7a5edc05Bill McCloskey — Bug 708303 - Use pinReg/unpinReg more in write barriers (r=dmandelin)
d96b15c1645b894b5efc5db13bb298fa43f2916cBill McCloskey — Bug 708228 - Fix infinite write barrier recursion in regexp purge (r=cdleary)
f776e38057b1094612fcc5e586781818e4247629Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
abdc706d75d11b20bb301ab3cee062ceb01c06a8Fabrice Desré — Bug 709875 - add enumerateAll to navigator.mozApps API [r=gal]
dacb8e36e8bd371f126fb67e64ee6e9e33f53befBrian Hackett — Watch for native functions when cloning methods accessed by fun.caller, bug 709634. r=luke
e9014ab86f5dc0634566fb4023ebb16045bc51aeBrad Lassey — bug 710843 - switch keyboard action button from go to search when action would be a search in the awesome bar r=minkle
c5ebfdbe12d9edeaa083f4cde5bedbd4b8926acdBrian Hackett — Backout 36fa9b176a91 (bug 710516) for M1 bustage.
8780747bbc5c7c89d4bde166b623c693a38119a4Brian Hackett — Watch for GCs under nativeLookup, bug 709863. r=dvander
87d2de8f7db7bfaef1f84ec3e0316a23c2a72ddfBrian Hackett — Merge.
35d59a6e829dd7ef8be189561224566eef80007eBrian Hackett — Properly watch for indexed prototypes and configured properties in array prototype, bug 709067. r=luke
d744d9200a0b1437a3f67a811ca3ac68e4886d4aJacek Caban — Bug 707469 - Don't use UNIX variant xptcinvoke implementation on mingw r=benjamin
2dcafeb76514fb00e9318eb8f8e2eef778b60721Bas Schouten — Bug 702851: Move mScaledFont into gfxFont superclass. r=jdaggett
bb6812611234e2e7a0ee74120c45c072d721a0b7Florian Queze — Bug 703929 - Loading in the Get Add-ons pane a chrome XUL file fails when the add-on manager is reopened, r=Mossop.
36fa9b176a915490c892378a3c568725f5d563e4Brian Hackett — Remove JSObject::containsSlot, bug 710516. r=luke
44777be250609c3f0e3ca390a7f597a4b22a3d04Justin Lebar — Bug 679966, part 2: Add mozVibrator() for "playing" a vibration pattern. r=bz
ab38cc8b58667c8d719135516ac76b8033e3acdbJustin Lebar — Bug 706958 - Add ClearOnShutdown() function which will clear a smart pointer on shutdown. r=bsmedberg
53e708b8faa9c543c2e4c06c30a1229f6f7b3a27Justin Lebar — Back out rev ec6b18766795 (bug 705856) due to red.
49481d05bd7caaa6b4874263eb012e8815aff688Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 678465 - 'document-element-inserted' doesn't fire on ImageDocument; r=bz
329274bcfd57f3f68b20d1ccba7b255e8e5a7229Benoit Girard — Bug 629668 - Don't rebuild IPDL files when not necessary; r=cjones
53a13d60eaf5d1e9d426be66e28475aaf3fac180Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 673131. talos.json to configure from the three. r=coop,p=armenzg
ec6b18766795baadc760221e0eb89ecfff128a4eJustin Lebar — Bug 705856 - Enable SPS profiler on desktop Linux. r=BenWa
3dba01c09c4de7296ca43dfc995ace5ffa30b93aJustin Lebar — Bug 708963 - Remove tautological comparison (unsigned int >= 0) in gfxFont.h. r=jmuizelaar
a2b2e75ab77b6df40e602eb8736ceeee6ab0e158Hub Figuiere — Bug 705404 - Create the Mac mozAccessible on demand r=tbsaunde.
2bea36280f9a5652ec127948c32b34c79508098aTakanori MATSUURA — Bug 710268 - Sign NSS libraries only when they exist; r=dtownsend
b9a619e265d5d0df36493c80f6029f12910a154cNathan Froyd — Bug 560349 - make PodZero use inline loops rather than memset; r=luke
5df2a353f393712d994dd419cd076098e4f96f4aBrian O'Keefe — Bug 708846 - Clean up the SVG namespace checks to use nsIContent::IsSVG() instead; r=longsonr
e8659eb419fbff376015ef5c4ab83c7dccbaabc5Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 704820 - Simplify nsContentUtils::ReportToConsole. r=smaug
1385112d84f625b4e98bd1219383e36672c53b3aJustin Lebar — Back out bug 670967 due to Android red.
dc6fc6888bd8eb524aa590ec46af2c721fa741e9Justin Lebar — Bug 670967 - Followup: Disable accidentally-left force-PGO in win32 mozconfig.
a1c61b4f710e5788217f02bf7279dba8d32bfb6fHenri Sivonen — Bug 711011 - Declare a character encoding in the Mochitest HTML template. r=ted.
c654c9d5ba7c786d5913326da930c31eb5c0fd1fJustin Lebar — Bug 670967 - Part 3: Pass MOZ_PGO_INSTRUMENTED=1 env var during run of instrumented PGO code. r=ted
4b26c7e4313e4232914be9e675c92da4003548a5Justin Lebar — Bug 670967 - Part 2: Wrap VirtualAlloc and friends, firing a low-memory notification if we notice that we're running low on virtual or physical memory after the wrapped function completes. r=bsmedberg
6b89e4bf2abd1cd0cfad3d0cad2949859038be44Justin Lebar — Bug 670967 - Part 1: Add mozilla::ScheduleMemoryPressureEvent(). r=bsmedberg
63b93a89b30c71d22135ab1f079d6a2a4e847dc7Matt Brubeck — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8b19916415c8af60c291f79808cb0b25c528a0bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 710981. Add the new name for cancelAnimationFrame. r=roc
ec462ccd642bf145389cd94339b3e470ead91ab0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 708169. Warn when null or no argument is passed to mozRequestAnimationFrame. r=roc
3eb0d74456112141a6d3889f06867d4ffa897150Boris Zbarsky — Bug 709384. Manage our scheduled state better when animation frame requests are canceled. r=roc
28f79e3efeb4e6dfa488a92ae00617226340a4f2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 710723. Finalize statement. r=mak.
3433303583afea1862bf789558c5fbb1fda90decRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 710708 - Finalize statement. r=mak.
e3d5b255e1093ac34cc4cda46bd4034454bcd2b7Joel Maher — Bug 705967 - reftest assumes we are loaded in a window and have direct access to a document. r=dbaron
4be841d52b5b7d6b38050ef8e8ed3fc06fd56dd1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 708109. Remove THEBES_INLINE_DECL_THREADSAFE_REFCOUNTING in favour of NS_ version. r=joe
24bde89bd5a9f72e317ca4e105070c01d75f5777Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Remove logging that we added to hunt down the bug.
b4a7eba05092ed359961ee721734f4b51650b6b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Ignore closed streams when computing whether all streams for the resource are suspended. r=cpearce
d46151a97b7eafeb67198cd33eff9c29488d4efeMakoto Kato — Bug 709575 - Remove unnecessary ipc/chromium files. r=cjones
3f569b3fbc2280f27de328a3e75e7f5cc27659f6Phil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound on a CLOSED TREE with no bug, no r=foo, no a=b
bbb2149b613ebaaa3b5b7acde9769a62f8bd0856Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 710864 - (Cleanup) Fix up incorrect logtags. r=blassey
1eff10689611144cee136bbf06613a8ff6448a79Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 710864 - Close stream after we're done with it. r=blassey
635b238dfc2ce0df59757fe6048ad61e38fd27b4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 702624 - Fix regex for replaceAll so it doesn't die. r=blassey
beac1650953419b86ca133e9374d10ec456d2aaaMike Hommey — Bug 709914 - Slice out the ANGLE compiler from libxul on Windows. r=khuey,a=philor
9a591b2904316d6eff7b38556b5c83c9fac96a1cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 709721 - Part 2: Access vpx_codec_vp8_dx_algo through the function accessor to make things work cross-modules. r=cpearce
9123d35faa6cb445bf6f10eb38f57b0d6c76d0f7Mike Hommey — Bug 709721 - Move video and audio libraries in a gkmedias library on Windows. r=khuey
719b47a9f052a8c6269a8c4dac2c4c3414bd8251Jason Voll — Bug 710418 - Browser content provider can't handle null projections in query. r=blassey, a=rnewman
fe937bac6e7511827d503a529bdd198f7b32d6f6Doug Sherk — Bug 710103: Update XPCShell tests for GfxInfo blocklisting r=joe a=mbrubeck
dd2e6ce53715c7467022eff5be640b0a8d9564f1Doug Sherk — Bug 710432: fix Linux GfxInfo to do feature checks r=joe
838e8168ea50ac1403f4ccbb4fd88dc7ff25c15bDoug Sherk — Bug 689598: fix crash reporter on Android r=BenWa
49b8bec6d175ac0256502d4e1aed40665c1fcaf3Doug Sherk — Bug 706739: don't evaluate static blocklist or special cases when evaluating downloaded blocklist r=joe
8f7893e1c20c865f51f2f2688a91e4d2c0690b34Doug Sherk — Bug 705959: move some special cases into global blocklists r=joe
b9c1b8afb35a534edefafb3a04eb8222cf72a789Doug Sherk — Bug 689598: implement Android gfx blocklisting r=joe
8c075fee9be499590b5ee1d4deac3d50c8deada0Doug Sherk — Bug 704710: refactor GfxDriverInfo/GfxInfo(Base) to support string-based vendor and device id r=joe
f9203039a956038bb6341042398c21c8426d570eDoug Sherk — Bug 699482: refactored GfxDriverInfo init to happen after global init r=bjacob
ae42e4497ff2129bd73a33d4316637a0b55961a0Jeff Walden — Silence unused-value warnings with various Valgrind macros in clang, and add a silencing instance to jsgc.cpp. No bug, rs=jorendorff, a=philor
ba1d8b3a53e493de189974d450fb5c543d7fb27dJet Villegas — Bug 511909. Allow @-rules to nest when parsing CSS. In particular, allow them inside @media and @-moz-document. r=dbaron
a3f62505cd16c5f4633bb3a0388ba1ac33e6aa06Christian Holler — Bug 709483. Fix off-by-one error in the call to memmove that could cause us to copy memory we didn't own. r=bzbarsky
a41a3d8816000594e36b2098a9cba316ea51998cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 709256 part 5. Fast-path nsAnimationManager::DispatchEvents when there are no events. r=dbaron
43c603bd01637c8d138466aaa0ec5898cdff97edBoris Zbarsky — Bug 709256 part 4. Don't flush the sink for HTML if we've already started layout. r=smaug
cdc587a042ae1342b9e472133e62552e942bb530Boris Zbarsky — Bug 709256 part 3. Skip calling PresShell::FlushPendingNotifications altogether if there might not be anything to flush. r=roc
d79786b469512453e00b41b99a5ad9763d02c62bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 709256 part 2. Short-circuit PresShell::ProcessReflowCommands when there aren't any. r=roc
f586cb3fa70d5662cf58e482041632eaec2d40d4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 709256 part 1. Fast-path RestyleTracker::ProcessRestyles when there aren't any restyles to process. r=roc
0afa7a488c75ead57a4fdb79ade397b06da1a2d5Matt Brubeck — Bug 710956 - Disable mobile/xul/chrome/tests/browser_addons.js. a=me
243ff1422033a5cac674f83c4bdd7718692f1d7aBlair McBride — Bug 709531 - Addons Manager tests should have AMO-related prefs reset after each test to disallow network access. r=dtownsend a=mbrubeck
3404df37a347ce0eea40d1b161ec71e3b564214dDoug Sherk — Bug 707861: implement EXT_robustness for ANGLE r=bjacob a=mbrubeck
472b4a4ebea7b1c73fd8c9ec15d07a805acc068dAndrew McCreight — Bug 709162 - crash test for cycle collector dumping. rs=bholley a=mbrubeck
4946cb558c97132f050eb22e3eb6ec93630abef8Andrew McCreight — Bug 710761 - test if CC listener begin fails, don't call listener again. rs=bholley
a9394f00a379e028f472cceec96b90703cd0f63bAndrew McCreight — Bug 709160 - fix ObjShrink fallout in nsXPConnect::Traverse CC printing code. r=luke
f8ace21169883b1b8f7f8a0d667d32ea200d7d2dMatt Brubeck — Bug 708772 - (bustage fix) Add IsTablet method to AndroidBridge (merge to /mobile/android) [r=dougt a=ehsan]
2710fc56bb9cf81243ab60365385b5ab46ac4cf7Myk Melez — no bug - update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; test-only, a=ehsan
83f4fe779fb178fc66b7c1d8e39881d6e4289a09Mark Finkle — Bug 710783 - about:firefox won't load [r=mbrubeck a=android-only]
41f75cbb91f2e3b3f7ce4f4fc993e605e1c87275Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 710393 - Stop using Math.copySign which doesn't exist on Froyo. r=Cwiiis a=ehsan
759a688577d55f173e61b1e3d352c17057dabfb8Matt Brubeck — Bug 708772 - (3/3) Use honeycomb theme and tablet layout on ICS tablets [r=mfinkle, a=ehsan]
ae066b87a5254d720868695ffe78382bd2a6e003Matt Brubeck — Bug 708772 - (2/3) Add tablet flag to jar manifest parser and nsSystemInfo [r=bsmedberg]
7cb2752fce12de7d9ab942f02c62b36809cb434dMatt Brubeck — Bug 708772 - (1/3) Add IsTablet method to AndroidBridge [r=dougt]
7e74a12601a4c078f87ae93c17c3e48b40db2596Frank Wein — Bug 688615 - Wrong reg key used in Installer shell icon handler code, r=rob_strong, a=ehsan
5ef118dcf1a1455b0b2d0e0f78ad78c0d42fc458Matt Brubeck — Bug 710578 - Pages without contentDocument cause JSON exception in handleLocationChange [r=mfinkle a=javascript]
b0213baf29050f71710bd040e93daa86b517f3f3Mark Finkle — Bug 710697 - LinkPreference causes a null preference to be sent to Gecko [r=mbrubeck a=android-only]
99dedca7064e537ed2830b0ffe24ee899a483aafRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 709406: Fix up slow SQL reporting. r=taras. a=ehsan.
5131c0b1982f8cbe3d86b6db94fa11ac475c47c4Jim Mathies — Bug 661991 - tests. r=bbondy, a=ehsan
77bcf367126074b279542b17f462ec0808f00566Jim Mathies — Bug 661991 - dynamically load entry point to SHCreateItemFromParsingName and share this with jump list code. r=ehsan.
7f5a60c89420338872650a5a9e2c9fbae04bad95Jim Mathies — Bug 661991 - close file pickers when the parent window closes. r=ehsan
487e81eb1b6bc360ef5e5673419c0208ee770a4fJim Mathies — Bug 661991 - add support for new file pickers. r=ehsan
46f1d7608fb49f314031c074d97e4b1372d85afeJim Mathies — Bug 661991 - add support for new folder pickers. r=ehsan
df958b75de87e7a452174abb91bfdce93a451ef1Jim Mathies — Bug 661991 - Add query interface support, com dialog events, and split up xp/vista+ show calls. r=ehsan
4f2b48a62b7524c002f4ab28a1830760ee4a0a69Jim Mathies — Bug 661991 - Cleanup win widget nsFilePicker. r=neil, a=ehsan
d508455660d3b4dd8b09a4de39d9a289071c9f41Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 3e972d3efc11 (bug 708307) because it breaks Android tests; a=me
0507a68e994b1b2170d4f260c45f2b6c7654133eOlli Pettay — Bug 709127 - Implement MouseEvent and UIEvent ctors, r=jst, a=sheriff
141ae3a6ccd2dd8074ef3174e791f2831bb86d80Olli Pettay — Bug 708701 - Implement HTML event ctors, r=jst
1ab5ed4f93bf3d395c025ea387858c21c4eb0bf4Olli Pettay — Bug 675884 - Implement Event constructors, part2, r=jst
01a26239462a99c30b0b153f128db081a959845aOlli Pettay — Bug 675884 - Implement Event constructors, part1, r=jst
4d2921df8f341b1e0d6e35594902875684a6ee77Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 709531 - Remove two more tests which depend on the xpinstall directory; a=me DONTBUILD
b7bafe0967a9b2eb50b4dee7c62a2be7b3c028aeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 695444 - Form history autocomplete. r=mfinkle a=android-only
89cdde42ded633c82447ff39cf36cc5284d80391Vivien Nicolas — Bug 710804 - Use postMessage instead of an event for asking the homescreen to close an app r=fabrice DONTBUILD since this is b2g/ only
fe5bd75f1553f9e30654d1d3f6b46fbb64fe20c9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 710548 - Add offline-app and webapp-manage permissions to pre-installed apps r=cjones DONTBUILD since this is b2g/ only
dc12262285a4a3be135840ec53b66e0b84ce0793Joe Drew — Bug 709947 - Don't use the ESSL backend of ANGLE - r=jgilbert a=ehsan
11eb2aecc7c38bc77714a99ac2ccbee0a6cb5b55Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 392867 - libpng requires error callbacks to not return. Separate out nsPNGDecoder's ErrorCallback and WarningCallback, and call longjmp from ErrorCallback. r=joe a=ehsan
6ee5c4c7beb6b7051ed2ef3149c5126fc4a2536eCameron Kaiser — Bug 705516 - Always ask images loaded as OS X menu icons to decode. r=smichaud a=mac-only
3e972d3efc1176f2b7d33dc87297499f3138eeafChris Lord — Bug 708307 - Decouple texture size from tile size. r=pcwalton a=android-only
bc84b3376e14ab3d856cf26f3e84ad665a553436Margaret Leibovic — Bug 707886 - Platform support for non-e10s click-to-play plugins. r=jst,blassey
02781c0867f5b3f985d50090a59350f26cb97882Brad Lassey — bug 710751 - Updater is broken, backout aebdec71790e r=mfinle a=java-only
15a7bbbb9323cc72e14921ee0b87975e9cb09192Brad Lassey — bug 710751 - Updater is broken, backout b0165c0d85e1 r=mfinle a=java-only
850c7301c926392e28f2093d06e2ea1b4754853fEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central on a CLOSED TREE a=me
472dad831258e4712f2e7f6f0a0ad8fa7efef11aKyle Huey — Bug 709193: Turn Graphite back off on this CLOSED TREE.
6a1184c51eaea79e7ed37a622c0b101cbc0d8a92Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to m-i. a=me CLOSED TREE
6c5cb98336ba33324ff761763fb69d3022648f14Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f1abb2b731e07789dbf94690c19f38af5a9e7911Kyle Huey — Bug 709193: Turn Graphite back on on this CLOSED TREE.
cf0b31ff2b6db576fbfc6e6756fc40a1064b8225Patrick McManus — bug 528288 - reland spdy after libxul weightloss a=khuey CLOSED TREE
a07143afa2d0e77d2b0480cb4b7d1f5068d38eedKyle Huey — Bug 709531: Turn off more Addon Manager tests that depend on AMO. r=ehsan a=me CLOSED TREE
ce998a59ee1d5fb69b8340756b68d4087cd6197aKyle Huey — Bug 709531: Turn off Addon Manager tests that depend on AMO. r=ehsan a=me CLOSED TREE
a2928a1ffde5899975bb66bf0dd52faea268a2adRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696483 - Improve error handling. r=mak. a=Ms2ger.
80bb6b209ea7ccfb9404b69e366a28157e7b4d5cRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c; a=me
b30dc8e42907a229e7d670392ea225dba9e39ab7Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 625329 - Pinned tabs are used when setting homepage from current tabs [r=gavin]
8e9120a2a1213ec1f53c2f123df7935efd59ea0aPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 709005 - Sync the browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand pref [r=rnewman]
5bd81a413dea2cf855d41a946bf5c7ca70f85f20Mihai Sucan — Bug 695032 - [GTK/X11] selecting text in scratchpad doesn't place it on the X primary selection; r=rcampbell
7cf966da2e9321b45a70a2da094cc2fa47b9a461Mihai Sucan — Bug 687160 - Source Editor should provide a line-based API; r=rcampbell
ff164dca09bcaf62edaf5c1b7eee290485a032f8Mihai Sucan — Bug 701790 - Remove unused group.* strings in the Style Inspector; r=rcampbell
9366658ba02931bb237cd7699dc8679c21f6e9e1Brijesh Patel — Bug 704295 - Autocomplete with a variable name that is equal to a prefix of a global variable makes it impossible to use the variable; r=msucan
847e7bead2db3291fa5761d77df9cea20c004b7bMihai Sucan — Bug 702331 - Update Orion from upstream; r=rcampbell
efab5016434fb50b5f1c6be1c31646cd854ed906Henri Sivonen — Bug 648252 - Remove nsViewSourceHTML from the tree. r=mrbkap, a=khuey.
0db4673fa6b52da23e343c519bfe799f3813209eKyle Huey — Bug 709193: Disable Skia on Windows. r=me a=me CLOSED TREE
0838277b7bd9db745b7eaff8fc56399c6b4b79edBas Schouten — Bug 710509: Allow Skia to be easily switched off. r=khuey
245c74c2f4dd008a9b2c8fb725f7848f649bee15Kyle Huey — Add the DLL from Bug 709657 to
9df183d280bafd4b67e65d5df9a4ba5dcde9bcb0Kyle Huey — Backout Bug 709657 because it doesn't help our problem.
fd6ab19f312ca587ac73500eedb603736b0e5806Mounir Lamouri — no bug - Create batteryInfo on the stack. rs=Ms2ger a=Ms2ger
ffea93b21d4d78de21b1ba5e6933698cbd6a6480Jean-Alexandre Anglès d'Auriac — Bug 562506 - Use gtk_icon_theme_add_builtin_icon and gtk_window_set_icon_name for nsWindow::SetIcon with the GTK widget. r=karlt
c7ffe35493891b03a83cd6326910d17e21460baaVivien Nicolas — Bug 709013 - Handle the MozApplicationManifest event in b2g/. r=cjones
7c621c7bfea34f5a9ec5eb09b23c5ae7be1c8294Vivien Nicolas — Bug 709010 - Add a empty components directory to b2g/. r=cjones
6ba6336681e0578b50cc16c68ab1424746cb57f1Joshua M — Bug 710341 - Bookmarks menu button has improper toolbar-icon size when placed in the Personal Toolbar. r=dao a=css-only
596e3eca4196e990e4dcddbdcb1642e6565fd781Chris Coulson — Bug 709259 - Try creating a named cursor before a bitmap cursor. r=karlt
82187424f0512e2b1622f3d2edadabd92f706d28Marek Stepien — Bug 590283 - Bookmark folder item count should use correct plural forms. r=mak77 f=pike
70dea177b9d9e1ec583a3c8e2092daf20414d5b6Ms2ger — Bug 709516 - Remove unused _tostring from nsNPAPIPlugin.cpp; r=josh a=removal
221eccfa6a3fc8678d9130d6ab26c974b484dd6dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 710473 - Backout the nsDerivedSafe part from bug 666414 to make PGO builds on Windows work again; r=roc (cause he volunteered) a=xul-diet
ceffbd680e2c9122d51662f5c1a78188aee7930bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 707665 - Save as PDF option should be disabled for about:home and any XUL documents. r=mfinkle a=android-only
0c46aac6a23fb564f404153e695af9fec37ef8feMatt Brubeck — Bug 710302 - going to about: pages does a 'feeling lucky' search [r=mfinkle a=java-only]
96a644cb3158c5d551f645639e4061dc4166bfabWes Johnston — Bug 697265 - Support clipboard operations in edit fields [r=mfinkle a=android-only]
9fae755f51032787bebda127e3bf39a9f364386bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 710079 - ICO files that contain PNG would end in some uninitialized memory. r=joe. a=joe
58a2785556801c69aa7041f470f8b284cfcf1074Patrick Walton — Bug 710096 - Hold the monitor on the layer controller when adjusting and rendering the viewport metrics. r=Cwiiis a=java-only
1f03a95b661ae74e668ed107670f0f1a72b1d60aBrad Lassey — bug 707929 - java.lang.NullPointerException @ ZipFile.getInputStream( r=mfinke a=java-only
923dab6343f90c62668aa781466095629d090982Brad Lassey — bug 708961 - We still use ByteBuffer.allocateDirect for large buffers r=pcwalton a=java-only
b0165c0d85e1a7a15cc39c54751b2b99016fa0ddBrad Lassey — bug 710328 - null pointer when attaching android idle handler r=mfinkle a=java-only
a9337c4d018c8260b913aeb8184f84cd43f08854Margaret Leibovic — Bug 710240 - Tapping on "Tap to play" link reloads page instead of playing plugin. r=dolske a=no-cpp
41ceaff2e5f11916534b58bf99f72429f00e91cdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 702653 - Add prefs for flash activation on demand/always on/off. r=mfinkle a=no-cpp
21e55816051dbbeb70a9e5ce58c1660c18cd6189Igor Bukanov — bug 708548 - removal unused declarations and definitions of *OnTrace functions. r=dvander a=khuey-on-irc
57d355d65a64eaefa5e0182adc43a7579722c2beKartikaya Gupta — Bug 707675 - Change OOM log level from error to warning. r=blassey a=java-only
6bb5ecf566001f8864cb7afebf09deafbd17c9fdRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 710237 - remove unused variable. r=mak. a=Ms2ger.
296ce6c97770eabacfdd522ff07f2f7100b5a560Ed Morley — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_BETA5 tag. Fixes bug 702997, bug 700376 & bug 687380; a=ted
bdbc244778bcee321fccc0bc0b22a446aec4ace8Lucas Rocha — Bug 706667 - Change AboutHomeContent layout as per design (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
e80376fab448bfef5fb223a420ee48191c37f7f1Lucas Rocha — Bug 706667 - Organize/cleanup imports on AboutHomeContent (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
a93bacda40f7ce039dd2dc7d5b4b8bea0028d329Lucas Rocha — Bug 706667 - Remove unused properties from AboutHomeContent (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
65485f06a977a6ebaf35bab1435a7255b83557a2Lucas Rocha — Bug 706667 - Change indentation of about:home layout files for consistency (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
7604f82c29d0bfcf7e1763fb31587f5cacf1c86fDaniel Holbert — Bug 709920: Be more sensitive in checking for zero-size viewBox in nsSVGPatternFrame::ConstructCTM. r=longsonr a=khuey
300849c3dd10038d19a6cad6b10d8bae780ba0b7Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 708309 - Do not use zipfile.extract in mozbase components for peptest r=jhammel a=test-only
0414fe2f9d735d645bfcffb27bcb2be95403e8c3Jonas Sicking — Tests for Bug 706088. r=khuey. Also removes a now-obsolete test. r=bent. a=khuey
0e227df7b536a0d8c48404e1f70f9efcc9c839dfLucas Rocha — Bug 708485 - Add Fennec bookmarks to special "mobile" folder (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
096f185e573dd7339ee445a04499d05bcadc3bbbLucas Rocha — Bug 708485 - Create "mobile" special bookmarks folder on DB creation (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
50b3a3a55715fd952f783b1ec811f7dfb5d7e1c2Lucas Rocha — Bug 709962 - Eliminate required table references in BrowserProvider's query interface (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
a111d03d465cf8de2332fc196d3639d7ed74663dChris Lord — Bug 708683 - Guard more rigorously against bad viewport updates. r=kats a=android-only
16d41bf6df466c0de5a1364ad3cafab50c76db91Michael Wu — Bug 706599 - Handle no default in gonk key dispatching, r=jlebar a=gonk-only
0723ae8c9416cfde25e8554926ab4306da28ca59Michael Wu — Bug 706558 - Remove SetEventCallback, r=roc a=code-removal
87145c060348580c5e2abeb62a0c8cc4097cad2dMark Finkle — Bug 704415 - Style the Add-on Manager (phase 1) [r=mbrubeck a=javascript]
149e82d17852f097d4d4062e1265ae5ddacac415Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 709255: Avoid multiple instances of TabsTray. [r=mfinkle a=android-only]
317182c274452880d68b2e33acf82f2368ae877cTom Schuster — Bug 590036 - Optimize cases where we probably eval an array, that would be parsable by JSON. r=jorendorff a=SpiderMonkey
467197e8063fe3d1a42d0b9bc80c9dcf6dfb582fTom Schuster — Bug 706924 - Rename JSOP_PUSH to JSOP_UNDEFINED, and remove dead code from the decompiler. r=Waldo a=SpiderMonkey
b0115f8271e1abf5ef791df5c9e5368158fa57abSteven Michaud — Bug 708278 - Prevent recursion in ReportMoveEvent(), which can become infinite. r=bgirard a=maconly
9b7c08d602b9615d36ace243bfb3616245c2ba7cEd Morley — Add a few recently created makefiles to (no bug); rs=build a=build-only
15e314ab8dd5c0f5c879564af8def55bb448ebe6Ed Morley — Add services/crypto/component/Makefile to services/ & make style consistent with the other scripts (no bug); rs=build a=build-only
aa0bb5bb8931209b2ec25463364e9e5df8a4eccfMark Finkle — Bug 701374 - Show go or search icon in awesomescreen field, as appropriate [r=lucasr a=android-only]
355b40db0f9ac00b226b14a09706a13aa74f28a5Marco Bonardo — Bug 706280 - Intermittent failure in browser/components/places/tests/chrome/test_bug549192.xul | Exited with code 1 during test run.
5ae946cbde555791ff3a2887d41290116a3f825bBrad Lassey — bug 710194 - Nightly has violated its self-enforced StrictMode policy after a clean install r=mfinkle a=java-only
271d2711b66cc0bdea4cdd6e05140d34ebfa062bKyle Huey — Bug 709657: Split uconv out of libxul. r=me a=me CLOSED TREE
892998b307696babf22246350b2df47d1067a15cLucas Rocha — Bug 708151 - Fix switch indentation in BrowserProvider (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
617f56ac76e61706074beb9551f79e4d387dde34Lucas Rocha — Bug 708151 - Change GUID generation to be more compliant with Sync (r=rnewman, a=mfinkle)
aae06ac0f572c007919c7db02678a5fd6aba629bLucas Rocha — Bug 708151 - Add indexes where needed in local bookmarks/history DB (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
5a439e5fbf04d1963a45d9ab9a2a4462cdb701dcLucas Rocha — Bug 708151 - Handle deleted records in a sync-friendly way (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
59ccf417d4abbb5c18152a518a02c4822288a727Lucas Rocha — Bug 708151 - Add _id column to images and implement missing operations (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
4c56ca4046371fb88c3c04fd944c8ae44712fc45Lucas Rocha — Bug 708331 - Add keyword, description, and tags columns to Bookmarks (r=mfinkle, a=mfinkle)
6db2e3d94c601a238219c9ad19f996e70001fed1Atul Aggarwal — Bug 695648 - Remove unnecessary friend class mozilla::AutoRestore<bool> from nsContentUtils; r=smaug a=removal
cd1caaec767cfb3b27468fcbf3143409dbf5572aHub Figuiere — Bug 707852 - Remove the wrapper for the Obj-C class as we can do without; r=surkov a=mac-only
d401db5bf9136ddc929fb280cc0af5f874b9d78bAndrew Quartey — Bug 706010 - Remove NS_SPECIALIZE_TEMPLATE and HAVE_CPP_MODERN_SPECIALIZE_TEMPLATE_SYNTAX; r=khuey a=cleanup/removal
15a6c19a0d23f7e8e1c6765eb87ae52a650dc258Javi Rueda — Bug 379342 - Remove Win95/Win98 support code in XPCom; r=bsmedberg a=removal
e3eaae25901c7c17be98e363695f628ffb8b1ac8Nicolas Pierron — Bug 700517 - Add "ret imm16" instruction for x86 and x86_64; r=dvander a=not-libxul
2b60fb6d0e64c8696f2612fe5fb456e945bc545dSerge Gautherie — Bug 706149 - Improve checks and documentation in browser_bug462289.js; r=enndeakin a=test-only
e79b3396889cca3eb740904eaf1aa5d6daa0f0f6Lucas Rocha — Bug 707636 - Use "signature" permissions on BrowserProvider (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
1817ebca70d22a521428295561330920923efc3bLucas Rocha — Bug 707124 - Add query to BrowserProvider to fetch DB schema version (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
870c9c6580664fda25250cb8459c5354e267ed5eLucas Rocha — Bug 707732 - Handle case of updating favicon on non-existing URL (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
3d281759cc9ba330bb7b497af9f7480da2a2ca6dLucas Rocha — Bug 707732 - More robust implementation of add bookmark (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
16460caf323247fd8bcb3a5dcc79ccd20bfb2979Lucas Rocha — Bug 707732 - More robust implementation of thumbnail update (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
00e184077825245191cba615b15d7d9a69cc33e5Lucas Rocha — Bug 701913 - Fix query to check bookmark URL in Honeycomb/ICS (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
71a7af64da861a5c20ecd2b98b148eb88a263a9bLucas Rocha — Bug 698828 - Fix add bookmark operation in Honeycomb/ICS (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
98037e1999a63650649f4e25b969bb5e04afb8e0Lucas Rocha — Bug 701835 - Fix bookmark removal in Honeycomb/ICS (r=blassey, a=mfinkle)
475d66e8929d0f7ab0d87125b524695826c21845Doug Turner — Bug 708200 - Do not create timer to fire geckoLoaded. r=blassey a=android-only
aebdec71790ec420502bbbf255373fa383f12bdeDoug Turner — Bug 708280 - delay checking checking for update until idle to avoid startup path. r=mfinkle
05d5c4ef7efc6871a2291a4683c65d6166e9dac3Doug Turner — Bug 709595 - Add a name for each java thread and timer to aide with debugging. r=blassey
b2c3fd1b871b0edf25c053054c276cec0d61e33dJonathan Kew — bug 703861 - add hyphenation alias for de-AT-1901. r=smontagu a=khuey
4b71b1e9cc0c30b13ee67d71d4030b6754ab0e38Geoff Lankow — Bug 708397 - "addon-options-displayed" notification fires before XBL bindings apply; r=Unfocused, a=Unfocused
3c321d2c988400e34a77bc355bc404c1f7b55d13Chris Peterson — Bug 708114 part 2 - Add resource flag to enable Android StrictMode for nightly and local builds. r=dougt a=android-only
aabb495e026a14c0fd4a69e9496a8ffaa97d4034Chris Peterson — Bug 708114 part 1 - Comment out Android StrictMode for all build configurations. r=dougt a=android-only
f16d056c532b4bce44ca0fd150518af0c667790cMakoto Kato — Bug 709709 - Remove unused nsDragService::GetShellVersion. r=jimm. a=mbrubeck
351fcbc12030607c865c3272cd804d50ffbf8cd7Michael Wu — Bug 710051 - Port the android libsydneyaudio backend to gonk, r=kinetik a=gonk-only
3f0c8604e2c15a295dfbc19b3e35ea3009137189Igor Bukanov — Bug 708382 - GC marking - one common stack and tail recurssion elimination. r=wmccloskey. a=ms2geronirc
f9eee5b06c4771bb00900ac5c019b0128d36d3b5Igor Bukanov — Bug 708382 - GC marking - merging string and object stacks. r=wmccloskey
eb5d4c08a5428bf9d751af1bb91e0d16ed7b8d12Ms2ger — Bug 709513 - Remove unused PREF_GetCharPref; r=bsmedberg a=ehsan
99da78c5fe27573b3e989dbfbd6eb86e1a351f7fMs2ger — Bug 709522 - Remove unused imgFrame::Get{X,Y,Width,Height}; r=joe a=ehsan
4940c4b3c1014b8917649e6d46afc806b0a79df8Ms2ger — Bug 709519 - Remove unused 1-argument nsRenderingContext::DrawEllipse; r=joe a=ehsan
9f70e0a46ff8ec34a0b348b70093c33615dc25a1Ms2ger — Bug 709511 - Remove unused nsCharsetMenu::kNC_Checked; r=smontagu a=ehsan
11fde9432914f210ee0b4391118e49fd00258b57Ms2ger — Bug 709511 - Remove unused nsCharsetMenu::SetCharsetCheckmark; r=smontagu r=ehsan
08d4db06a35258cb9532e385835056cc10fe57c3Ms2ger — Bug 709603 - Remove unused variables 'type' in CallMethodHelper::Get{ArraySize,InterfaceType}FromParam; r=bholley a=ehsan
5d433c640bc62466024f94f2336b3badd794a2d5Cameron McCormack — Bug 708107 - Remove calls to ignoreAllUncaughtExceptions() from these devtools tests. r=robcee a=ehsan
0e0027468ce0a5d3f36d0846c0c0d6c2f2bf6abdKyle Machulis — Bug 709915 - Change name of RIL socket from rilb2g to rilproxy. r=philikon a=ehsan
03cd6329e4f9f5fae04a194327481b2be335a656Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 709862 - RIL: no more "incoming" events after the first. r=qDot
202f4ccbbda1da27190358326040bb9d53fec10dBrad Lassey — bug 704520 - Flash content does not have a placeholder if on Android 3.x r=snorp a=java-only
a05ecb395410818e85aa220f1900fd072967fa6cJustin Lebar — Bug 696535 - Use absolute paths in r=bsmedberg a=test-only
6057abf8f4e6f9d4863881298c676cb099a49261Steffen Wilberg — Bug 701987: Remove checkbox for add-on auto-checking for updates (extensions.update.enabled) from the options window, and make enabling extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault in the add-ons manager also enable extensions.update.enabled. ui-review=boriss, r=mossop, a=xul/js-only
4817de2a84eb28ec8ae36763610e6762be0e5616Steffen Wilberg — Bug 709514: Hide about:blocked, about:certerror, about:empty, about:fennec, and about:firefox from Fennec Native's about:about. r=mfinkle, a=js-only
604ce2fde8ca191ea7d67af723338f35c4fbd3a1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 709328 - Remove always true argument. r=mak77. a=js-only.
753ed712f1be0f3a8e6c44210fe42797ec094bfaMatt Brubeck — Bug 701804 - PageActions must be initialized before registering actions [r=mfinkle, a=javascript]
ee96343f8e13064f24c6aac218f04718ab52a7bfMatt Brubeck — Bug 709485 - Fix browser sizing after toggling the sidebar in tablet mode [r=mfinkle, a=javascript]
2662a7249e7d7c6a0a59954fe5dff92d693198afMark Finkle — Bug 709103 - Optimize creating and saving thumbnail bitmaps (OOM fix) r=kats a=java-only
9989f0fed131156639b53096291d631beccfe2aeChris Lord — Bug 705092 - Kinetic scrolling is too slow. r=pcwalton a=java-only
e67d90275715cea1b0bf8d62db6d1c5d6cf637f4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 709805 - Avoid viewport changes on background tabs. r=pcwalton a=js-only
6992abaa6854c25baf2bfc6f38a3de6d04ba44e7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 704738 - Resize page content on device rotation. r=Cwiiis a=java-only
70096993b6d64887c3c8430dbf54b6c08a7e514aMark Finkle — Bug 709103 - Optimize creating and saving thumbnail bitmaps r=blassey a=java-only
34c34de2e9648b12da44475f748c429a354f20cfPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 708446 - Part 3: Implement mute and speaker. r=mrbkap a=khuey
5b8987dcd1ffa58846196bbb5356f8f837044a5ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 708446 - Part 2: Update audio system state when call state changes. r=mrbkap
cf9b7ca68ef58d80c2b87e0233acb2aab318b184Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 708446 - Part 1: Implement nsIAudioManager to communicate with audio subsystem. r=mrbkap
d07b605240b4f2803a9bebcab46f52af0184ab28Brad Lassey — bug 706574 - show native about:home in onCreate() r=dougt a=blassey, java only
fd241426865cfe9574246190f4705be162e58155Marco Bonardo — Bug 708693 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcshell/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_keywords.js.
33984b2775542b6b82d0d0fd0c94080b94fd82abTim Taubert — merge fx-team to m-c
a3002672881e30a184aaab87a77d779a8abe6256Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
9f98db90b6e1e4a344570b54776bbb4f345eed83Tim Taubert — Bug 705597 - about:blank subframe entries in session restore make browser slow; r=dietrich
73979783bac9a681856af5feae6093b8a3f9a412Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 708683 - Improve JSON generation by using JSONStringer. r=pcwalton a=java-only
4850eb9ce32a7c9aac6f7ae509b6a9e868a5203fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 708683 - Fix NaN viewport values. r=pcwalton
50a9ea86cd441c6ab46b35f801376a202964c54eMark Finkle — Backout 03ed6af51318, c65be44ac489, 0ce8da61c6cc, bcc015450e7a because of mochitest failures r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
bcc015450e7a2ef9d23256adf266017461f08fc1Doug Turner — Bug 709658 - Do not startup GL until we are ready to paint something. r=blassey a=cjones
0ce8da61c6cc43f6626638b5f59cf15a30cb0621Doug Turner — Bug 709595 - Add a name for each java thread and timer to aide with debugging. r=blassey
c65be44ac4898d8af28ad11b3ab0a6fb3aeb57c3Doug Turner — Bug 708280 - delay checking checking for update until idle to avoid startup path. r=mfinkle
03ed6af513189230a4c5f524641af63df7d53bcdDoug Turner — Bug 708200 - Do not create timer to fire geckoLoaded. r=blassey
15fb7f28f2134a8d125b99a145bf244fb4361fa4Henri Sivonen — Bug 700034 - Wait for the view source doc to load before reading its .body.textContent when feeding an external editor., a=Unfocused.
5c64fb241d4ea51d4dd01919461c6c7ce97b576dRichard Newman — Bug 709432 - don't unconditionally replace inserted record GUIDs. r=blassey, a=blassey (Java-only)
1e81f179adf27dafe7d0ae3fe4688a14f2cdf6b8Geoff Lankow — Bug 702748 - Use a pref for disabling per-site remembering of download directory;, a=khuey
72a93b3fa2f95769aba4a427c0f3f4963f06b828Blair McBride — Bug 706387 - Send the compatibility mode when using AMO Search API. r=dtownsend a=khuey
1ce022be38d4a571695832dbc8e98f191fbd01e6Mark Finkle — Bug 709048 - Over usage of haptic buzz [r=mbrubeck a=khuey]
71dfb2adaf0f6c5f91e71f541ce4725f9f9b96eaChris Peterson — Bug 706984 - Check whether profile directory exists to avoid NullPointerException. r=dougt a=khuey
85ebc694f95e3860dba829a8cb0d0f36935d256aBlair McBride — Bug 709620 - Fix test_updatecheck.js when update channel is aurora/beta/release. r=bustage a=edmorley
ab91118be5604f770fbc3c8f73ab2c0f71375412Ms2ger — Bug 709523 - Part h: Remove unused variable in nsHTMLEditor::GetBodyElement; r=ehsan a=edmorley
3d6f670f417fac5bc09bc44a53cb43f8713a78c7Ms2ger — Bug 709523 - Part g: Remove nsHTMLEditRules::{Will,Did}DeleteRange; r=ehsan a=edmorley
77b565997e66d98b71525ef113c2b8e9e22979f2Ms2ger — Bug 709523 - Part f: Remove nsHTMLEditUtils::IsAddress; r=ehsan a=edmorley
faf5d722417b012f6ae0fe13ac68e4f06b45eab0Ms2ger — Bug 709523 - Part e: Remove some overloads of TypeInState::{SetProp,ClearProp}; r=ehsan a=edmorley
6b33453c5a4f20d81d46a1b15cf28fbe6ffb6c23Ms2ger — Bug 709523 - Part d: Remove nsHTMLEditor::IsRootTag; r=ehsan a=edmorley
9c4cd94a11d7348adb08f87af304e20204ac864eMs2ger — Bug 709523 - Part c: Remove EditAggregateTxn::{GetCount,GetTxnAt,SetName}; r=ehsan a=edmorley
b9e76ec6ac89b22e674734c6aa8e2e1f0860cde4Ms2ger — Bug 709523 - Part b: Remove nsDOMIterator::ForEach; r=ehsan a=edmorley
cd7bd3b20de03eb7a6ff9d0d299d9b2166eeb46cMs2ger — Bug 709523 - Part a: Remove nsDOMSubtreeIterator::Init; r=ehsan a=edmorley
0b049ae470c44d0cda7f48c610de602a3dc4ca07Ms2ger — Bug 709528 - Remove unused nsDeviceContextSpecG::SetMultipleConcurrentDeviceContextsSupported; r=roc a=edmorley
0671a8773ca158a9b02ff53a7a57afe609c9ecb4Ms2ger — Bug 709526 - Remove unused confirm_overwrite_file from nsFilePicker.cpp; r=roc a=edmorley
1ef1292aa470751c084c712babec33865f321ca7Ms2ger — Bug 709525 - Remove unused 1-argument nsDeviceContextSpecGTK::GetPrintMethod; r=roc a=edmorley
6b56dc8b06ff1e33dea0b70f46323c349fb28e1dMs2ger — Bug 709518 - Remove unused 4-argument nsRenderingContext::InvertRect; r=jrmuizel a=edmorley
f5578fdc50ef11b7f12451c88297f327abb0e9daMarco Castelluccio — Bug 679352 - Remove libreg - Part 2: Remove modules/libreg/; r=khuey CLOSED TREE
b9d0984bdd951bbf8871efff7d479628552060abMarco Castelluccio — Bug 679352 - Remove libreg - Part 1: Clean nsProfileMigrator; r=bsmedberg
0a1f7f98c27ba4599ec4523f54a7b3cdf1e8c74fEd Morley — Bug 709193 - Disable Graphite until MSVC PGO issues resolved; r=khuey
dc48c09923585003be8960fba6ca231eb038ebb4Ed Morley — Backout SPDY to keep us under the MSVC virtual address space limit during win PGO builds (bug 709193)
5b4a903746980d5fd03dcb649786f0dabdc33d93Margaret Leibovic — backout f9b9d90ff8e1 due to bustage
17787cebcac4fe4336d2ee399eaac916cd778bf3Jonathan Kew — bug 691505 - ensure Graphite uses infallible malloc to give well-defined OOM behavior. r=roc
4cef2af9f1dac6ad518ec5b421a1db7645ae033fJohn Daggett — Bug 631479. Simple reftests of graphite font handling (if enabled). r=jfkthame
afb24aa8ed2e2f8a853978b996eaeab8d2f1a26aJonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 4) - implement gfxGraphiteShaper to handle text-shaping for graphite-enabled fonts. r=jdaggett
f51fc55403ba385a67e99dd5ce94e26b6f4031f4Jonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 3) - allow graphite tables to be passed through OTS for downloadable fonts. r=jdaggett
c25e81047a9e6faa5f8081bf3fc053e8df3c2098Jonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 2) - compile graphite2 as part of the gfx build. r=jdaggett,khuey
0973ce3ecd5d404464e48f1343012d5254c15962Jonathan Kew — bug 631479 (part 1) - import graphite2 code from (release 1.0.3 plus bugfixes). r=jdaggett
f5d0e8d72b9b6b8e589f0aec22d87406fee4e264Brad Lassey — bug 709267 - relative STRINGSPATH in mobile/android/base/locales is broken r=khuey
3b4a31321db6533bb999b05c0c360885c8ac2a7aJim Blandy — No bug: Bring jorendb up to date with current state of Debugger object. r=NPOB,jorendorff
328dad2d25dd1076b5a2cebba4aaf1b1f276b1daMargaret Leibovic — Bug 708464 - Create click to play UI for fennec native. r=mfinkle
f9b9d90ff8e1ca10128701c6f81a21696efa91d6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 707886 - Platform support for non-e10s click-to-play plugins. r=jst
a8dad67cd332fabacbf48afdc56ea07e7e0be8ccKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704784 - Fade scrollbars when content stops moving [r=pcwalton]
daeda7b6d249af6491d705af73e93b6d040c990aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704784 - Tweak scrollbars to look nicer [r=pcwalton]
c5f491145a277f3c74ec84492bb2b80f28374c03Patrick Walton — Bug 708947 - Repair overscroll resistance, and add overscroll resistance when zooming. r=kats
cd92bcd2f9b2602d8768543ea3176b5ae810526fPatrick Walton — Bug 708928 - Don't render when a finger is down. r=Cwiiis
963303fb308e216dee1f7a7b5f7700fec3f58a7aPatrick Walton — Bug 708921 - Bounce back during overscroll when the magnitude of the velocity vector exceeds the stopped threshold. r=kats
1b0610f77f291c95403dd189977ced57c9d3ce45Ali Juma — Bug 586863 - Eliminate #ifdef GFX_HAS_INVERT blocks since GFX_HAS_INVERT is never defined. r=dbaron
8b622aa1c57f719feb30948376b5ee1ef42b0429Ted Mielczarek — bug 708453 - escape URLs before constructing NSURL. r=smichaud
a64d8d8b512e40c0ead75ed6662d49f4f186df6bWes Johnston — Bug 705145 - Multiple selection lists cannot be scrolled r=mfinkle
2c8caf0e9a57c5469cb289c84e784e194094c3abWes Johnston — Bug 706146 - Limit how far we can zoom into a page r=chrislord
6c252e670af9287c77fc13693358def8ee54d560Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 708123 - Add a telemetry probe for update status; r=rstrong
13dca5fd0b5abc21d2da8c55bdfb3c53e7302b88Patrick Walton — Bug 708519 - Pref off the frame rate meter r=kats
45bb8d3c8fe7934559f3a442aa413253cb8c78afPatrick Walton — Bug 708519 - Move the frame rate meter to bottom-right r=kats
aa93820dbda1aaea60e4cf3d495e71f9aeab4e83Patrick Walton — Bug 708519 - Repair the frame rate meter r=kats
7983b5d3e8ee88c38ae7cf8c54bd5f61a811ddedThomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 705043 - Avoid cutting off Places URI titles unnecessarily. r=mak
33ee84f7705fec7000163674d8c0167dc3d15279Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. More logging...
d8a345cf98ca25148889f930d2adc9681bc9223eEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
8a7fa0fd9e7658f278cdd7a4b7cfd85bc951ac67Mounir Lamouri — Bug 706449 - Fix SMS receiver registration/unregistration that was broken with a m-c merge in birch. r=blassey
72e85661a47c44e6206c5a7a80ff3ec4ae595c22Jacek Caban — Backout changeset e76f06f7e08d
28fb37461530e0e51d365856aebd1eefac05531aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 700914. Initialize the rulehash's hashtables lazily. r=dbaron
2d5421ea175817bce04d19ef9d165b97b8d0e4baNicholas Nethercote — Bug 705987 - Use mallocSizeOf in the layout memory reporters. r=khuey,bzbarsky
e76f06f7e08dd32d654cc0077c41b065b58d59a1Jacek Caban — Bug 707469 - Don't use UNIX variant xptcinvoke implementation on mingw r=benjamin
40a13154e0bab8ef4ba38382c58c7ef35846f236Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 4: Speed up AddDependencyOnSource by exiting early when we already have the dependency. r=bas
c635867cc091b0c3b81e9cb0c4e6594791b22688Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 3: Use mDirtyTransform to avoid unnecessary SetTransform calls. r=bas
9a100a5d2796bfb579a3a82636417f527a50c6b9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 2: Keep only one snapshot per DrawTargetD2D since all stored snapshots represent the 'last state'. Reuse that snapshot if the state hasn't changed since the last snapshot. Keep the last snapshot alive and make the snapshot's mDrawTarget weak instead. Change mDependingOnTargets/mDependentTargets to be hashsets instead of vectors. Remove SourceSurfaceD2DTarget::mIsCopy since the null-ness of mDrawTarget means the same thing. r=bas
58146fa12d7626ab6f4eb9d79b66dcabe631b052Robert O'Callahan — Bug 705559. Part 1: Clean up nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::DrawImage code a bit. r=jrmuizel
02ec94922e9631b3a12fbdac01f73a6a1b6fd986Ed Morley — Backout ee420d0f03df (bug 697479) for Win opt build failures
1384f34c9bddf5752dd0e226559c911ba018c657Daniel Holbert — Bug 708888: Remove no-longer-needed SVGDocumentWrapper::kSVGAtom. r=roc
c2370a1dba1ddefbb3dd972f99f4fdb3fb0ea19eTrevor Saunders — bug 455443 and bug 703770 - fix missed review nits r=me
549b2d9592ce538cf3f7db8019e74d9d367f584cTrevor Saunders — bug 705983 always check gconf for accessibility state when GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY not set r=ginn.chen
4f633a8f0d06a6ac440e2d5f57365b2db275b54fHub Figuiere — Bug 708106 - Remove NSAccessibility constants for pre MacOS X 10.4. r=tbsaunde
cf37695607441448938b7911c9f9eb7b5c3298e7Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 704621. Report DOM memory usage in about:memory by windows and show whether a window is active, cached, or potentially leaked. Also group windows by the top level window they're contained in. r=njn,mounir
c28beca4a896a54dd24b9028cc16a84a390fd922Patrick Walton — Bug 705358 - Don't allow fully-zoomed-out axes to be overscrolled. r=kats
3d9d4b6404419f2e0a0e745938fea228ffa34ad9Patrick Walton — Bug 707935 - Prevent page size changes until document.readyState reads "complete". r=kats
ee420d0f03df7b7446ce15d8acc365ad4fa61627Jason Orendorff — [revised per backout affc2782a250, jimb] Implement simple Map and Set builtins for JS. Bug 697479, r=jimb.
947f145ec0e7aaebe94149404e20f1f41cd8f3fbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. More logging.
1cdb116ae0b97106a2ccb4fb8e0c104cd535476fChris Pearce — Bug 704010 - Disable test_fullscreen-api on WinXP cos it's purple most of the time. r=philor
59c363453713d17a06fcda8c826ed2d84a8903deEhsan Akhgari — Bug 703444. Port SPS profiler to Windows. r=jmuizelaar
6fce54163bfb9ae0b99c4d9eb5cb43de59c272fbMatt Brubeck — Bug 708937 - Don't run Android-specific functions on non-Android platforms [r=mfinkle]
c77d88e54bb3ca7d492ced4e1e2be9333f08cd9eBrian Hackett — Ensure consistent warnings when accessing undefined names, bug 706240. r=waldo
a4a742eac3abc27f1ce23f1b558231179e43aa0fBrian Hackett — Avoid sharing owned base shapes between multiple shapes, bug 707842. r=luke
d87f60b6c99d81c0ee8af4a6caca6bf4cfe2d4bcChristian Holler — Ensure a consistent enumeration order when compiled in deterministic mode, bug 707017. r=luke
592d5034c8a9fe1acd24e76e6a048560d9df71ffBrian Hackett — Refine shape changes done to preserve teleporting invariant on prototype changes, bug 707515. r=luke
2f9ce0282804cfb21bc3f465e7401ce5a9807831Matt Woodrow — Bug 707563 - Convert vertex vector back into normal coordinate space before applying offset. r=Bas
f137857feed3d93dbc8ee1b42c90c743472157f8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 708851 - Any gcc that supports firefox support -pipe.
a8196c95d4c94f2f442f632f10aceb5108f18358Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 704400 - Implement --enable-dmd. r=khuey.
63bff373cb94613e93c2795eb3b46e9a23ab3ee5Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6bafbaa9ac33d146df75546a7a47dc1fd59b4c7aDavid Anderson — Cap objects to a saner memory limit (bug 705855, r=dmandelin).
affc2782a250622d7fccc7d53c6fa3275f428e72Ed Morley — Backout edecc56b7c80 and ad8aee962832 (bug 697479) for check-jit-test failures
c82969e904615b08006a1c738848ec24b328b812Daniel Holbert — Bug 704482 followup: use nsGkAtoms instead of NS_NewAtom(), for efficiency & to avoid leaking. r=dbaron
68c41bfa7671d8fedc34d80afce6e96860d389faDaniel Holbert — Bug 704482 patch 2: Further restrict event-based triggering of SMIL animations when scripts are disabled. r=birtles
9b50bc5ef54883dbbdaf4cb3ad27ab723c7a7de5Daniel Holbert — Bug 708443 patch 2: disable debug output from animationPolling.js, and add emacs modeline. r=jwir3
75b6d7b7f6c6f571bf5b8260d26db98a9ba35500Vivien Nicolas — Bug 708538 - Use setTimeout(..., 0) to send the click event from touch.js. r=cjones
1a972201dc1e747cf071d28c4f9ae69f3532777fVivien Nicolas — Bug 708538 - Add a local http server on the device at http://localhost:8888. r=cjones
b71a537592b1c6e2ca3579235e2601e9c7e91b3cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 708528 - [Gonk] Add telephony components to package-manifest. r=cjones
edecc56b7c807dba53c6fd9933a2a02a370dbaf9Jason Orendorff — Add missing file and fix for bug 697479 (rev ad8aee962832 added failing tests). No bug#, r=orange.
bb342b356f760e434b6ba2904153eb8afe5ff391Chris Leary — Bug 708873: Write unescape to match spec w/minor optimization. (r=Waldo)
eb05d93fba0e2ee1798210653a748c3ad05e03abLucas Rocha — Bug 708879 - Handle OOM error when loading thumbnail in about:home (r=mbrubeck)
0ef25765821f1fe1dbc4274347a9aada68c3fb12Jason Orendorff — Credit where it's due. No bug#, rs=jimb on IRC.
ad8aee962832e366f17bfd32eb03a88660e4be4cJason Orendorff — Implement simple Map and Set builtins for JS. Bug 697479, r=jimb.
08f113a48b0aa3071ac08da7746d2c58f6060f2aJason Orendorff — Remove all mentions of imacros from js/src. Bug 708836, r=sfink.
bd233b47a3435e5afe0859ebb5657851d3180147Thomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 702926 - Remove spinner from AwesomeBar. r=margaret
b6e94c784c538ae98aba1f39d6bdff6867d13406Steven Michaud — Bug 705931 - FF crashes when you leave/close page with many Java applets (using latest Apple Java updates). r=jst
a7a4d3885abd77fb7242708cd9829fc066648803Daniel Holbert — back out 653fa694343e (Bug 704482) for leaks
7ca9226b37abef7ac8e2d64760c9d6f6de0cb3e6Daniel Holbert — back out 326f9ad627b8 (Bug 704482) for leaks
8165a0e15699df0a4d3459afe27a8ba82695035dHonza Bambas — Bug 676349 - Implement high-resolution platform timers for the Windows platform, r=robarnold
87a61be93cb7f9c639025db54c0f741ec44af292Brandon Sterne — remove unused variable introduced by bug 702439, r=me
db58cb437225824cc586ec939e04e45b029061e1Jim Blandy — Bug 708838: Use findReferences instead of countHeap to make js1_8/extensions/regress-422269.js fail less randomly. r=jwalden
2b60da559a2893b2c95c52d0c72f05b87148a896Brian Nicholson — Bug 708808 - Cleanup for locale preference [r=mfinkle]
b583dad40c36969f19d4a7cf44e8149b797d81d7Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 708065 - Fix configure check for -pipe. r=ted.
38d339e5cf53117da677a7ff8a1a325915cf9865Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 708394: Remove unwanted LayoutInflater [r=mfinkle]
bb4d6dffb53d113ad3d6251b1eafda47399f51f5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 707682: NPE while switching/closing tabs [r=mfinkle]
27eb5d3609a1ca5336190121ac634a796ae66fd4Brian Nicholson — Bug 708185 - Remove homepage preference [r=dougt]
653fa694343e85de68c6978adaffe5201e0c4222Daniel Holbert — Bug 704482 patch 3: Mochitest to verify that we still allow certain whitelisted events to trigger SMIL animations in script-disabled environments. r=birtles r=jwir3
326f9ad627b822f6a9d8e47994dccc2c1201edd5Daniel Holbert — Bug 704482 patch 2: Further restrict event-based triggering of SMIL animations when scripts are disabled. r=birtles
68f0d4831c487d8aa1898f691a4a0fa91874906eDaniel Holbert — Bug 708443 patch 1: Remove call to nonexistent function 'imageLoadCallback' and other misc cleanup in animationPolling.js. r=jwir3
fc3e43e28979263cde5a6d54b6c34429fa760933Hub Figuiere — Bug 455443 - cache the parent for the accessibilityAttributeValue(NSAccessibilityParentAttribute). r=surkov
c7d9b329a45da7d34efca2d35d4209e214f7da0dHub Figuiere — Bug 703770 - mozRootAccessible need to return a different set of properties. r=surkov
3c620a2f8919a2862bcc00a2cae4ea2d12be69e1Jason Orendorff — A first cut at Debugger.Environment. Bug 690558, r=jimb.
5eb308b7f2b217e5e66503ca6d676b283283b87cJason Orendorff — Remove the last comment referring to imacros. No bug#, no_r=me.
e7785a537e5dc4fd761d72c2db947f0c45051615Jason Orendorff — Fix JS_TraceChildren crash triggered by findReferences. Bug 708261, r=jimb.
1bf5f690b3826f294fc1e9b6a3e9a5430106b439Jason Orendorff — Remove another dead local variable so JS can build without warnings on GCC. No bug#, no_r=me.
ad40be58fa5b96d0daa2b2c5b09d97c6c6ebbd12Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 705481: Action bar background should extend below the menu button [r=mfinkle]
b4293d6a23ffed9ced33ccec71240bd1fee6bd72Mark Finkle — Bug 708379 - Haptic buzz when tapping on clickable elements [r=blassey]
411178fecf6a71b364bc1a9015dcd60a11fd45e1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 708034 - Don't #include __FILE__. r=glandium.
55098c5d9a450d1c4ced9dfc2afdc2769134d506David Mandelin — no bug, mark two slow tests as slow
fe8612e51e8a54c0fa996950383c7920989afe58Ed Morley — Bug 707512 - Abort Windows Pymake builds with a clearer error if MOZ_OBJDIR is an MSYS style path; r=ted
758a0ae33484d5c8c9086055524c15eece0440c8Ed Morley — Bug 643167 - js/src configure should build js-config with MAKE, not GMAKE (based on patch by Kyle Huey); r=ted
19d325115037d6d012e2fdb3281f09a1dca305adEd Morley — Bug 707593 - Clean up makefile generation in js/src configure; r=ted
c19c975a825af0dd3149695c6577b9c0bb7344aeEd Morley — Add embedding/tests/winEmbed/Makefile to xulrunner/ (no bug); rs=build
27f4ac5e91d920897c17a559ed90802b7951d30bDavid Mandelin — no bug, fix warning in jsobj.h
a150aea6c2444ea31f1c4eccdc86115a111e33f5David Mandelin — no bug, fix warning in jsscope.h
e67dd183cd4d08e8208f7fd35b73526c077b6f57David Mandelin — Bug 707341: remove VOUCH_DOES_NOT_REQUIRE_STACK, r=jorendorff
c52a726dc939193b71c49609b70869326a052d62Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 700508 - backout 1f093067e982 due to crashes. r=crashes.
8b63bb9f4422085433140487eafade9eb98b327eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 703143 - backout 61d41436beb3 so that bug 700508 can be backed out. r=crashes.
c79de7ae8a5772a058371621800fe5b3b3c81511Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 707800. Add more sampler labels. r=bgirard
e1274d96045d9792eaa89f2bb2df6b2db2327c17Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 708629. Avoid using uninitialized pkey_stack. r=bgirard
3de0addfa544cde81673f22fc1d034b87982f0a3Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 707800. Rename SAMPLE_CHECKPOINT to SAMPLE_LABEL. r=bgirard
46bc99c23c204f8840f8b5205f4abaa205338075Bill McCloskey — Bug 705332 - Re-enable printing filename in quiet builds (r=njn)
35196e3bbb3a04d4102d6b484724e1cbf241eebbJonathan Kew — bug 698185 followup - reftests for accesskey underlining in XUL textbox label. r=dbaron
ec9206bb3f87602b60408ba47af0288f47de00aaJonathan Kew — bug 698185 - test for failure to draw subsequent runs in mixed-dir canvas text. r=dbaron
7c8a2699a99d8219f70b20fac1bb6d814bc99c4aJonathan Kew — bug 698185 - convert coordinates properly when processing bidi runs in canvas text. r=dbaron
05189bd90d6c92b82e81f64c94285cf6273cf5bbMatt Brubeck — Bug 708076 - Clean up redundant components in AboutRedirector.js [r=mfinkle]
d38a6eac43a754a8030036a82840c1752e6f35a8Matt Brubeck — Bug 698593 - (3/3) Override "about:" to redirect to the mobile about page [r=mfinkle]
bc9ef9db0bd11542482b534dfd2c5690ab0cc44dMatt Brubeck — Bug 698593 - (2/3) Add the "About Firefox" preference [r=sriram]
9c586fb697112043a71f312db8c45f4adae07920Matt Brubeck — Bug 698593 - (1/3) Reorganize and clean up the Android preferences screen [r=sriram]
a17e4163a930cec43be80ad22fcb5215bc28d45aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 707868 - factor setting of CC and CXX for mac os X. r=rail.
271ba479719fdc6dc216dbaa99b59611c961e253William Chen — Bug 669903 - check for double unlink in nsDOMStringMap's unlink. r=sicking
952d14a9e508710d3d0a067cfe95eb7b51f8fd6aPatrick McManus — bug 707173 - spdy telemetry for connection management r=honzab
ffa6056893ed46643146cab348270445c3e0b3e0Brian Hackett — Fix incorrect use of shape->slot() when clearing native objects, bug 708006. r=luke
7769ec8647b90d102182d26373f0ea95f71aefafBrian Hackett — Fix test when starting compilation of loops with unreachable backedges and traps at the head, bug 707384. r=dvander
bb39bae574f80934758a8fbd2f0ad2bd704e9731Lucas Rocha — Bug 704490 - Introduce new local bookmarks/history database (r=blassey)
8a49a1709b30c1118ef55dcc9b7d381cefd9866eMarco Zehe — Bug 457226 - mochitest for ARIA states, r=surkov
ebc46471b041c8af1e2bb5cd23a934683fbdc9e7Lucas Rocha — Bug 704490 - Add API to get directory for any given profile (r=mfinkle)
af13b9729453b8a06f5f9b2ee7ff8893057bc47dLucas Rocha — Bug 704490 - Abstract all bookmark/history access behing a common API (r=blassey)
987a82806246dadc9c4562209d2a8a9f7b880f47Jeff Walden — Bug 704313 - Implement mozilla/StdInt.h. r=cjones
76190177b149f7df0a7fb6a901b5a61956a47649Jeff Walden — Bug 704313 - Import, unmodified, the Microsoft-compatible <stdint.h> implementation from the 'msinttypes' Google Code project, r26, into mfbt. r=gerv for license compatibility and the addition to toolkit/content/license.html, r=cjones for the code
be47924d7a08ec811a473e9a72edf585505c3879Jeff Walden — Bug 704313 - Add a don't-define-stdint-types frob to vpx (encapsulated in a custom downstream patch, until this makes its way upstream). r=derf
00b0798600a6a9d838ae52c210258a644df14a7aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
b0f8871174a5bc7f011ccf3585a8906430e668a9Henri Sivonen — Bug 707142 - Replace the "moz-json" responseType with spec-compliant "json". r=smaug.
c175352a397b8a537d2c21a325b48b1bca5fc657Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 701787 - Part 2: Tests. r=smaug.
e21ee958e5fd01b0947e4c44e3d89b4cf8fa0732Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 701787 - Part 1: disallow responseType and withCredentials for sync XHR. r=smaug
da040523f045052821a212e578c0873c87174d2cMark Finkle — Bug 708525 - about: pages do not load favicons [r=lucasr]
393cfb93e80df67f4a1c85832ce8b071497eec41Mark Finkle — Bug 696433 - Improve link rel scanning for favicons [r=mbrubeck]
ed8c9124bef56215e10c98998bab8cc19f1cf464Mark Finkle — Bug 704970 - Favicon missing on URL bar; visible in awesome screen [r=mbrubeck]
a050fbb24950b9981ebea7bf30e83650826c70eeEd Morley — Backout e479e03eaa71 (bug 706088) for mochitest-2 permaorange
1a2ed4e0b009576faea543980ec7b72fa41cfaddAlexander Surkov — Bug 706067 - Make takeFocus work on widget items, r=marcoz, tbsaunde
e479e03eaa719dacb176a39de9e8b82759d44e65Jonas Sicking — Bug 706088 part 2: Add tests for all combinations of add/put/keypath/autoincrement/explicit keys etc. r=khuey
141fe205fb73cbbf0263bdd44bc61a46ca51f032Neil Rashbrook — Bug 698256 Add and use Substring(data, length) convenience method r=dbaron
9e7239c0f557ddafdca5bcf9598294c52f42d08dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
06c0a1711186a5e6945df9751300720a4e75f247Frank Yan — Bug 707364 - Inline a nested function in nsPrompter.js. r=dolske
8d91ee82719ce78ac5c65c7be215ea9e35f8d659Raymond Lee — Bug 707466 - No tab item is selected after removing last tab in a group outside Panorama (follow up) t=tim
cf3ed43164811e0ba3e0b1c80073b79ff38e2c97Joe Walker — Bug 704838 - help_intro.html and help_man.html contain English text; r=dcamp
21c1c224cf9690ad6a91a23598778f48c7b8f412Joe Walker — Bug 704832 - GCLI echo command causes a parse error on the console; r=dcamp
8f489f8fd921e3e4b7dd79b8a99a49a57f823510Joe Walker — Bug 704789 - GCLI properties files should not use \ for continutation lines; r=dcamp
b692f4f2a0cf9cadd31954d78e50eab6effa9efaJoe Walker — Bug 705464 - typo in; r=dcamp
5e39ff32da8253ce691853deffe628a384103baaJoe Walker — Bug 703062 - GCLI should do some coverage analysis to improve test coverage; r=dcamp
360995b11488d98e3afd13a8c235d875b7bccf9fJoe Walker — Bug 705074 - All uses of DOMTemplate should use new template function; r=dcamp
c84bdc1137e1c91dca9332f9176ee547a1ffd24aJoe Walker — Bug 704913 - Rename GCLI's Display to Console; r=dcamp
f1304b596193016b01374c4d5772281323ea82a0Joe Walker — Bug 702642 - DOMTemplate is relatively slow when evaluating JS ${}; r=dcamp
71054aef1a3a3bd2a01440a47a4571831c8caee9Joe Walker — Bug 702621 - GCLI needs fixes for the minor issues created by bug 692742; r=dcamp,dao
cab4a629450e8bcca2780114cba326acac2ba421Joe Walker — Bug 701712 - GCLI help should be more, um helpful; r=dcamp,dao
5c8405e6226eda1629be41b51a044eab8ac52740Mark Banner — Bustage fix for comm-central apps after bug 481815 - use MOZILLA_DIR not topsrcdir. rs=kheuy
98db2311a44ca0df3e0174b7761609ee77fe2fd6Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
21aac86d665894429ac1a0f7ab89da4be68a7fc6Ben Turner — Bug 687929 - 'null cx Crash [@ JS_BeginRequest] with dom workers', r=sicking.
1e0d0ad9767a009180f4ffc3409fbff5b23582baSimon Montagu — Ensure that Reset is always called before using the subparagraph. Bug 707098, r=roc
792a9ba2aa26628e4eb540b51dfe66f6479d6e06Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 10 - Allow nested omni.jar and build one for Android. r=bsmedberg
502c67d69baa1c2e214781d5d92df7db9e4c0918Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 9 - Use FileLocations in the component manager. r=bsmedberg
2dd63b2aa323477c6ae9ccaed57b5558c109b164Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 8 - Properly handle jar-in-jars when importing modules. r=mrbkap
00d65419d422b70b44162641d845afc823caee09Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 7 - Use the URI string as the key for the various mozJSComponentLoader hashtables. r=mrbkap
c5a971a7dc4dd45d6f828399aa3db665ff3d9474Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 6 - Don't separate file and JAR modules in component manager. r=bsmedberg
616b0239a9fbb3297610f433fff79c9351b97aebMike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 5 - Add a FileLocation class to either store a pair (zip, path) or a file, and do some operations on these. r=bsmedberg,mwu
692b6b2207b47648b1b4690c2c7134e3c7590632Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 4 - Allow nsZipCursor to always use the given buffer. r=tglek
3032fd2bd96a5afe71c8e73b627c6bc97465bc9dMike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 3 - Use mozilla::AutoFDClose instead of ad hoc AutoCloseFD classes. r=bsmedberg
8e345e9d93e9b2cd2d3cce19f76e33ca38dbcff8Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 2 - Avoid code duplication for components manifest registration. r=bsmedberg
a31949628a7e971ecef6d25aca4bc633f3d4cfd4Mike Hommey — Bug 695843 part 1 - Add Refcounting on nsZipArchives. r=mwu
ccc5f03e6dd2c1f70fa8f643dc8af53bc8692253Jan Bambach — Bug 707677 - Use defaultPrevented instead of the deprecated getPreventDefault() in front-end code. r=dao
647b56f040f1ead84500f9bbdef54551e6be5a42Mounir Lamouri — Bug 707870 - Disconnect mListenerManager in nsDOMEventTargetHelper instead of expecting inheriting classes to do it. r=smaug
8cccdec3532b3c4f95bdd317fc6f8b362702d5cbMike Hommey — Bug 703531 - Fix ARMAssembler::getOp2RegScale on < ARMv5. r=cdleary
93bcebfb5d40870f1e3b0cf32954d0e22f83f730Boris Zbarsky — Bug 589640 second followup: make sure the new element class actually QIs to nsIClassInfo.
0c0b9724b1ada8550c34805926e57f41195250b4Masayuki Nakano — backout 34b8fe028357
f1d142531a702083c433621008afbb0ab23aa212Boris Zbarsky — Bug 589640 followup to fix breakage.
6c1506a4b2010b2a2b1ad518e5d3af18693b6b70Brian O'Keefe — Bug 589640 (part 2) - Make nsIContent::IsSVG more like IsHTML, and remove the eSVG node type. r=bzbarsky
5c73dc22592e811649976319c2ec92a8ff2e1059Brian O'Keefe — Bug 589640 part 1. Add an SVGUnknownElement, like HTMLUnknownElement, so random elements in the SVG namespace create SVGElements (instead of XML Elements). r=bzbarsky
af91b8af10ddbaeef4666a1b007b85bdadf7d6d7Jon Buckley — Bug 691876 - Add mozutil library to jsshell distributable
79a0b1e9f6fd2bdc6344974c64d7499817d88c40Boris Zbarsky — Bug 689443. Switch PerWeightData back to using linked lists instead of arrays for the actual per-weight rule data, so as to reduce fragmentation. r=dbaron
70963acaf12386aad5a86fdd8ea135dd0ba938aeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 708173. Use cancelRequestAnimationCallback instead of tracking booleans in scrollbox code. r=dao
75b7a7fd74a092e026f2066a050513ceaeec16c5Boris Zbarsky — Mitigation (not fix) for bug 694254.
170cd2848f17fa0a599246411f6dc8fed35a1e7cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 708062. Root view bounds should not include viewport frame overflow area. r=tn
a6c007e53973c3f9f1fb391f6f34e493a88d9c80Thomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 707395 - Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX/PR_ABS with NS_MIN/NS_MAX/NS_ABS. r=jlebar
6b2651d912582964109206444b8d434adf35c487Mark Finkle — Bug 706882 - Bad viewport description on startup [r=mbrubeck]
71457e209e1e8b675828921965574ab106fd62f2Nicholas Nethercote — No bug. Remove last trace of removed 'lirasm' directory. r=dvander.
34b8fe0283576a3771e804b6d0c1d609eb1013c1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 700199 EventUtils.js should use synthesized events for sendKey(), sendChar() and sendString() rather than untrusted events r=ehsan+smaug+enndeakin+dolske
26a3ca3d8cdc6bfbd555c6a0f93cac2e8f90d579Fabrice Desré — Bug 707507 - Zombie compartment at AMO in Nightly
0d7b275a3d6e170d1d56cb87edaf8cc8f9b4bf87Brian Nicholson — Bug 701376 - show search engine(s) when there are no/few awesomebar results [r=mfinkle]
616da0ea72731345d0d6ef865ead8f99587960d9Brian Nicholson — Bug 701376 - AwesomeBarTabs cleanup [r=mfinkle]
25bbec664cb01b2a8859a87dc5e005d5e091caadKartikaya Gupta — Bug 707675 - Catch and handle a possible OOM while getting a screenshot r=blassey
53cc21dc210fe9333812d8b37c2fe57f36313fdaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 665677 test_bug330705-2.xul should ensure that the first box gets focus before doing test r=smaug
2087537890f0aba1c84535948a91e2be8462725bBrad Lassey — bug 708283 - NullPointerException in VideoPlayer on launch r=dougt
4c08eba403728c2bb50b09e3fa204c41df09262eMarco Bonardo — Bug 707945 followup - Fix random failure in test_421180.js by making it properly wait for asynchronous database operations.
0dd4e34b2f6fdc4dcf25cdb8e290762f60b2e538Ben Turner — Bug 703660 - IndexedDB: Compress structured clone data with Snappy. r=sicking+khuey.
1e0a2b58599c6dc3352ba76e69c87d8a451a1ec9Chris Lord — Bug 706690 - CSS scaling is jagged while layers are active. r=roc
6b60ebe2cae45111b0f7c8c9eb53ab879a42faf4Chris AtLee — Bug 481815: makefile hooks required for signing executable files, installer packages, and mars. r=ted
fa06ce52a09eac01c704e6cf555800b29f054f64Daniel Holbert — Bug 649440 followup: Remove now-unused reftest helper-file 'lime-anim-100x100.svg'. (test-only, unused file) DONTBUILD
3366b6a387e63e52eee15d3ac528e4556c263cdaPatrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 8: Make double-tap-to-zoom use the bounce infrastructure. r=kats
1a233691d283b418a2ae602a02bca0fff3802667Patrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 7: Remove the per-axis bounce functionality. r=kats
d1466b26c89182580134e4aa854bfdbc336e634ePatrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 6: Separate out fling and bounce animations and make them use the "valid viewport metrics" infrastructure. r=kats
331e25310bf790a5b5262c0aa59247c2ad1aa448Brian Hackett — Don't try to correlate scripts with functions in JSD interface, bug 707613. r=luke
e5b56fcb36af789064d478e728df90d46a498dd8Patrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 5: Factor out the fling timer setting functions into separate functions. r=kats
31b6da96f5e03574f666b908727575f158fa4f9fPatrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 4: Make LayerController.setViewportMetrics() not automatically assume it was called by the layer client. r=kats
dfd8e10f71559d06f46b438e2ac166fab0e79541Brian Hackett — Remove JSOP_TRAP, bug 707454. r=jorendorff
ae823406bcb3ff98e5c36ccd97018aa420e6db82Marco Bonardo — Bug 707955 - Tags should avoid results overhead.
8db3e759e1f3a38e965c91b369301f7635743a0cMarco Bonardo — Bug 707954 - Index exclusion for tags.
1b51ee2ee38818c0f1eaaea44d0c7acd2fac33ffMarco Bonardo — Bug 707946 - Improve performances of hasChildren for tag queries.
a3d66acea00353ae7a9bf88bb4315382aa8d56abMarco Bonardo — Bug 707945 - Remove the keywords trigger since it's a useless perf hog.
a0daa1a39a20f92ccecb4c0f92dcc302070b7f48Marco Bonardo — Bug 707953 - ProcessFolderNodeRow should reuse known data.
7a4205ac809e6e934a2eb7ec341ce7f5f1881886Marco Bonardo — Bug 707952 - Increase bookmarks cache usefulness.
740a2c60c918a9d7ffad17c14c552a1caa5e2cd3Marco Bonardo — Bug 707949 - Don't recalculate frecency for tags.
bff4a2db4ffaa9f0c81e52746c137046a6e2d7e5Marco Bonardo — Bug 707948 - Avoid some useless work when importing tags.
1a66c313f23f9d9bf69257775ab6f09df27da1dcMarco Bonardo — Bug 707947 - Perf improvements for readOnly checks.
d10af1d1d98583a021ee89bac1ecf526c22e451aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 688208 - Guard against accessing destroyed object [r=mfinkle]
d34c48393e3b8c14cd4835b9b3ba77ef52105c01Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 688208 - nsWindow should call super::OnDestroy [r=mfinkle]
21150b6244078189ab25a75c40e587418a0a0f43Chris Pearce — Bug 701992 - Hide sidebar when entering DOM full-screen mode. r=dao
ba3695fe861c0b2322c83bfee8b555ff28f25bd2Benoit Girard — Bug 699918 - Implement profiler module. r=jmuizelaar
f163017ba99a560924f4efec2b1502815b9a9015Bernd — bug 707622 - rows without originating cells are suppressed at the table bottom r=mats
c170c678c9ac660a6af94558b88dedf2c6b79f9cPatrick McManus — bug 708305 update 2 instances of PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE in spdysession r=honzab
66a2ddade3f0a66e4c1521461cbd0fbb64d84b6bOleg Romashin — Bug 707882 - Xulrunner make deb fail, rm xpidl. r=bsmedberg
1236e039a9e3adae6b0edb7191b5bcf22a1fe06bJim Mathies — Bug 684555, r=bbondy
fe9f200f7d289c39647d46267370304402abf914Patrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 3: Add viewport interpolation functions. r=kats
953247b411fa6bbb6c5c422d854c16086b247093Patrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 2: Don't duplicate state in the layer controller and pan zoom controller axes. r=kats
ffd93ca68fd798ec54ef43e3ba3698f3afcdb438Patrick Walton — Bug 701594 - Part 1: Precompute the ease-out animation. r=kats
7d280a4f29e0a87b3d12ed393ce6275a1b57f862Matt Brubeck — Bug 708085 - Remove unused files from mobile/android/themes [r=mfinkle]
d91ce1c668e7b39f2642eb8f3840922e9de5403bBill McCloskey — Bug 707051 - Change MarkChildren for shapes (r=igor)
a48fe9aef820ab4a6d75a1a04e8883f4f5cb0efbBill McCloskey — Bug 704795 - Fix setprop write barrier for non-objects (r=bhackett)
ebe8aa6a1f353d295c9f87372b7f3687e9e4c745Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
0ca37155a57724e9b122b3f736062fc5a1ecdb58Kyle Huey — Bug 692067: Make WebSockets trigger content policies. r=smaug,dveditz
6785d3003414c46f93e3d79096bbe2de07772075Blair McBride — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
cc69fe7c9f265ffe93256f83c5e142b740b9fa23Rob Campbell — Bug 705731 - Create InspectorUI.notifications.DESTROYED notification; r=prouget
bb8169ddc939e8f233f3cd8a43189f8d452b2833Rob Campbell — Bug 702707 - Web console is buggy in window mode; r=msucan
86dc0aadfbb518e9308c53c81582fd0e4d94c143Blair McBride — Bug 679588 - Fix intermittent test timeout of browser_select_update.js, browser_select_confirm.js, and browser_select_selection.js. r=dtownsend
109bb6c0e72a9e1c6cfa8d4a5fa383e1a39ad6c4Blair McBride — Bug 706777 - Automatically repopulate AddonRepository database on application upgrade. r=dtownsend
7ab478082ca72615083636938a23486490d029adMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f0f0ec491b9e1c24924c11c9484f50d592282021Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8941e2b7a0bf (bug 703660) for Windows PGO build failures
68b6b0c6045facb0f052a684f7d46ddecbf4daf2Jeff Walden — Bug 707352 - Remove NS_FINAL_CLASS completely. r=cjones
38e995ede4251ed60809e0df11350c5d5cc8e283Jeff Walden — Bug 707383 - Rename ValueTo{ECMA,}{Ui,I}nt32 so that To{Ui,I}nt32 is the ECMA spec method and NonstandardTo{Ui,I}nt32 is the non-standard JSAPI method functionality. r=luke
d4ac6e1958e872b555387b80f64b75eb5a330bd9Jeff Walden — Bug 707061 - Rename js_ValueToString to ToString. Also, consistent with ToObject, make ToString include an inline already-string fast path, and make ToStringSlow be an out-of-line slow path for the case where the value is not a string (asserting that this is the case). r=luke
e37f232c2e6d6f65ffabd41bc1ffe9b1c5b82dceJeff Walden — Kill the warnings. KILL THEM WITH FIRE. No bug, r=sparky
70ca58127396844824186b0b3468d467072a2b51Igor Bukanov — bug 708231 - fix set-but-unused warnings reported by GCC 4.6 in jsexn.cpp. r=evilpies
6edca769b33a95a78b92b0cb1112e1fd59a7fc53Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 705451: Anchor needs to be updated in url bar [r=mfinkle]
8e976212aabaebef2d60fdc9a8b91f1071d290b9Benoit Girard — Bug 706503 - Add layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled. r=joe
06e75dde1c5acd114e9bcd2f19be3dc5127cbac5Dão Gottwald — Bug 708071 - Make the spell checking UI not hold on to a document in memory when spelling suggestion is invoked through the context menu. r=gavin
2b11310f327c2ff38c65a4ec7aec262167efbc80Henri Sivonen — Back out bug 701787 due to orangeness conflict with tests added in bug 664179.
b9935b5b57d1076f1c3d5a0a66d608f3cc293e57Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 701787 - Part 2: Tests. r=smaug.
4f72d14b6b5e42b0a059ba10abc7e89a95c489bdMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 701787 - Part 1: disallow responseType and withCredentials for sync XHR. r=smaug
0396b6250613ff71eabd28dec3fb824154e36918Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 698291, r=roc
4f9095c87c188adc4127229f6344445a06cdd887Simon Montagu — Don't assume that text is left-aligned when unicode-bidi=plaintext. Bug 698291, r=dbaron
c160a02d2d2a87266944c390fc70f2504e1a612dKyle Machulis — Bug 699222 - Part 2: IPC RIL implementation. r=cjones
e487df6617edf52b63cb50376fb44ca6b3063b47Blake Kaplan — Bug 708215 - Report errors from the safe JS context. r=bent
f4b31a1c0dcd2533a8b41caf398ffb45784a9e54Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
76a1859359379af874b205a11618b64ba5e88a8fJignesh Kakadiya — Bug 706369 - Changed occurences of nsIContent::getChildAt() using getFirstChild(), getNextSibling() and getPreviousSibling(), r=surkov
3a3633f1458cd9a6dc9bd6a8a650d0ed2ba26ccbAlexander Surkov — Bug 689847 - Expose active state on current item of selectable widgets, r=davidb, tbsaunde
8941e2b7a0bf962bf854ad2cfb9a383ba388ee92Ben Turner — Bug 703660 - IndexedDB: Compress structured clone data with Snappy. r=sicking+khuey.
6c59889f16b09277ca870923da55907f631bf7e8Phil Ringnalda — Back out 7341f4e8b3f3, d91429762579, d0a362467a96, 0aba56de1824 (bug 701863) for Windows timeouts in test_TelemetryPing.js
40d760a401001241d3b624306832c241515f4c12Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 707629 - Part 2: Complete most of the mozTelephony API. r=bent
c634c79dd8293bd20d48adca0d30a59db75f0fa5Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 707629 - Part 1: Add call state handling and manipulation to the RIL worker. r=gal
346e090f5a4dc361b37de2235c518d4350a25f05Atul Aggarwal — Bug 603243 - Making nsTString_CharT(char_type c) constructor private to avoid accidental misusage.
c93612dc5922228e9cd10751733c1f025185d24bJosh Matthews — Bug 696450 - Add increment/decrement methods to PointerType jsctype objects. r=bobbyholley
845129faeacefca5a1454562eac2cdf428ba6a64Martin Stransky — Bug 558742 - Comma doesn't work in print range, r=roc
7341f4e8b3f3644b3025fcc23a77b6db8828d9c5Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - add test for cloned histograms in telemetry pings; r=taras
d914297625794469f90e32b91f2f862fa5fccc87Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - clone STARTUP_* histograms properly; r=taras
d0a362467a96af3854598737e25e5479d07da300Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - Add a way to clone histograms; r=taras
0aba56de18242e4121aa5b49c4e2c21098b5e113Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - make JS/C++ divide explicit; r=taras
3e232dd3af61794ac5ba8333ff4e57a8521ae808Boris Zbarsky — Bug 647518 part 2. Allow canceling requestAnimationFrame requests. r=roc
378505d09d172af1c95d105bce9af2315a680867Boris Zbarsky — Bug 647518 part 1. Make requestAnimationFrame return handles for animation frame requests. r=roc
dfff3e59ef235a8b0906d7f135d3c5efe2edb338Olli Pettay — Bug 701071, optimize PostHandleEvent, r=jst
489f2d51b01124a50fb76e6efc795b07e95d4f3aEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3080aa9f675d8fc53be2771a7bc825190b9c4903David Mandelin — Bug 706316: don't clobber pinned registers in ImmutableSync, r=dvander
ad09520aac4be708eef1f38fc86b32448501b2d4Daniel Holbert — Bug 698967: Fix "lengths" typo in test-descriptions for integer-valued properties in test_transitions_per_property.html. r=dbaron DONTBUILD
242ee41d7e5f45260b6865c504515d26c4af0679Ed Morley — Backout 9a59028a3510 (bug 676349) on suspicion of breaking Win PGO builds
09a56c8d58229bb359799f59e00706e5af666a8eBlake Kaplan — Bug 707883 - Add a hunk of the patch that went missing in the downstream -> upstream conversion, take 2 using the right filename. r=bent DONTBUILD for the same reason as before
7b850a655623dbd66b2ad704cb62f2b3397fd6b1Blake Kaplan — Bug 707883 - Add a hunk of the patch that went missing in the downstream -> upstream conversion. r=bent DONTBUILD since this is only a packaging change
052b784ae76bc9c4e95ed018790d415c88f2cb39Blake Kaplan — Bug 707883 - Make nsITelephonyWorker more generic in preparation for more workers. r=bent
40d6fba613a23ad2d91c400a2e9c7e2840fdbd2fBlake Kaplan — Bug 707883 - Rename nsIRadio{Interface,Callback} -> nsITelephone{Interface,Callback} since this is not at all generic. r=bent
02621ec98be018858880e2c3d14546ed696d51a1Blake Kaplan — Bug 707883 - Move RadioManager from dom/telephony to dom/system/b2g and then make the worker component the only stuff in dom/telephony. The idea is that the RadioManager is a generic component that manages several workers implemented in various dom/* directories. r=bent
fcdee6d5f3e50b1191e899f14e473a979197b41eBlake Kaplan — Bug 707883 - Rename Radio -> RadioManager to better reflect what this does. r=bent
bab6fef4017c60de65f5f7213d17642b8298788eDavid Mandelin — Bug 702572: always clone function in DEFLOCALFUN, r=jorendorff
61d41436beb3764b450cd930b20805738cddf2d0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 700508 - Disallow non-leaf memory reporters. r=jlebar.
dc2865fc9538e21fd20b2997c5e8868da4478302Brian Hackett — Properly model semantics of prototype setters or permanent properties when analyzing definite 'new' script properties, bug 706808. r=luke
12c1f73c461f4c2657ead0cf7da1c9e4b744d1bbBrian Hackett — Improve exception messages when an error occurs in the middle of a decomposed opcode, bug 706532. r=luke
e2ba243f96a5705bd20f4a591bf724e19cd821ebPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 699876 - Import the initial b2g/ directory. r=cjones
73b2370adc9d807ff421af9862424d2a321ce9b3Andrew McCreight — Bug 707988 - remove nsIDOMGCParticipant.h. r=jst
83c5480db05c8c80f3dc586698b10629e39085feJeff Gilbert — Bug 702413 - Plug leak of new pbuffer when ResizeOffscreenFBO fails - r=bjacob
0b76ccd7eff0f98428323fb35d4e99cf63b9e246Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d9ce9c8fc013a18026ffa4042db7fb4bc2cf7f55Brian Hackett — Properly record dependency on functions having lazy arguments, bug 707641. r=dvander
66d577078bb11c09335f9dc284d5f9cdf2b43de7Bill McCloskey — Bug 707750 - Invoke write barrier for setDenseArrayInitializedLength (r=bhackett)
b6ceca62f1a7e1ec2c60740483f638989a204342David Mandelin — Bug 660437: Fix conversion of non-numeric types to typed array elements, r=luke
c3678c3f162ed5ec93aa9add68e58d82ea4f6dc3Chris Pearce — Bug 704039 part 2 - Implement full-screen mode rollback stack. r=bz
c2ab9e6614017ccf6375325b7c1648b7ed3ece45Chris Pearce — Bug 704039 part 1 - Rename nsDocument::SetFullScreenState(Element*,bool) to nsDocument::SetFullScreenElement(Element*). r=bz
931c2ba07cf153d64bcd2890a3c606d86f02de8bIgor Bukanov — Bug 707664 - atoms compartment should beunlocked during OOM reporting. r=luke
42b463638e25bc35997a57e5616a218814f0b9afIgor Bukanov — Bug 707130 - Fix GCC 4.6 warnings coming from callgrind macros. r=jorendorff
fd47a1e23039fdaa6b818b9967e52ec0e2421248Vladan Djeric — Bug 699051. Report slow prepared SQL statements to Telemetry. r=sdwilsh.
5d2f9f82004244af1e714b4b2dbeb54131eae7bdChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor unary emit. (r=Waldo)
7d0b47a8e14271a489c7246dbb7dc5e17b40e3a4Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move unary emit. (r=Waldo)
9ddf74776f7f3f437e0fa86259402b8c508b1f2cChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor array emit. (r=Waldo)
db81d88f016b75a3ac43755748c87d35a164d9e1Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move array emit. (r=Waldo)
1a53e9f2b691c1dd8772d41f72cbb9e289670661Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor object emit. (r=Waldo)
b09bfe78aa7787936f5a819788bb04ae7d561397Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move object emit. (r=Waldo)
e5963f5906f7c0e270b1b52744af8251c5f207d8Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor conditional expr emit. (r=Waldo)
2cd6087dbca3801fd2be5bf43499569a86c85564Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move conditional expr emit. (r=Waldo)
ddd7fd60d1fcca5da728f50023c3fd758168d8beChris Leary — Bug 704369: Move synthetic statements emit. (r=Waldo)
c0d430f2753b055bd4265c928c4c5f2d36dd90b4Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor label emit. (r=Waldo)
5da59ae1cf74ae64343e5fa5deaee34ec78e116aChris Leary — Bug 704369: Move label emit. (r=Waldo)
e2d2a99e493162f4c0a6d3fd5b154c261489c43eChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor inc/dec emit. (r=Waldo)
3fa67cb7fa08cdd671867cf24109bb173a90bb0dChris Leary — Bug 704369: Move inc/dec emit. (r=Waldo)
33ce3483a42017cef511e835f3e7987a1b92645dChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor logical emit. (r=Waldo)
ead00f811c0a1d2e94ff69e46a32a00cc568655eChris Leary — Bug 704369: Move logical emit. (r=Waldo)
e773fc43b804213d1d1eda54199b7fcfe8965e6fChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor call/new emit. (r=Waldo)
d32af7870b33c2829f72effa2b3f5081dd0890a7Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move call/new emit. (r=Waldo)
21b69bd24616ba2efd295ff39e40839ca8d3d6b4Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor delete emit. (r=Waldo)
e79c2ba7ccfb933fe5ccede165f6d9c6d99758a9Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move delete emit. (r=Waldo)
0bd7c556a400e8bdc30aa11fa0b99ecec3d95028Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor statements emit. (r=Waldo)
dc64909d1e944df6cd87a38245117e959518bf00Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move statements emit. (r=Waldo)
204075ca2adba466551edffe6e9b9133e2daf499Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor return emit. (r=Waldo)
c3c8b90818c2460179cee9bf083f12091b7a1816Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move return emit. (r=Waldo)
91b832b0d1e1b0caa19dbe039f507791f442f4caChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor continue emit. (r=Waldo)
62ea2d21d2ec9d22e2a984e65a13fdd9c2157508Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move continue emit. (r=Waldo)
2a4220da28dbc978c96dd61255c70aacf93f4c53Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor break emit. (r=Waldo)
89da5f4649408c3bd46cb4e02bbae5c48551fdf0Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move break emit. (r=Waldo)
52f6d44759e9bc058f356295a8d0270912b7f80dChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor while emit. (r=Waldo)
4229d7555c2f84e18117e051ff172823e087ee75Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move while emit. (r=Waldo)
29150131be3a5761b9a0e7a6b97dd8f98aa62c41Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor do-while emit. (r=Waldo)
c57c39973ceaa6b81aa0291ba7c277de4f790a90Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move do-while emit. (r=Waldo)
c27aaef8236b4093b4c24117b853bbda35d36ceaChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor function emit. (r=Waldo)
6bc8f2c740f769b8c775b474bf5f11677e314bd3Chris Leary — Bug 704369: Move function emit. (r=Waldo)
319c74e59fd4161a78b8a0f87bf4a7289e35f7d0Chris Leary — Back out c0e237b26fe2 because it's folded. (r=#jsapi)
bffaef968b0885d525470bb47a34c9ead50d2600Jim Blandy — Bug 687683: Collect resumption values from onEnterFrame handlers, and respect them. r=jorendorff
cca7e56a13d91604ff2326832b0e676027d0cdceJim Blandy — Bug 687683: Assert that REJOIN_CHECK_ARGUMENTS and REJOIN_FUNCTION_PROLOGUE are never generated in debug mode. r=bhackett1024
2e7abb74ed3e960add927b34721470b1918533e5Jim Blandy — Bug 687683: Some random comment fixes I came across. r=jorendorff
9aca452cf4519114e31f6917a37050366e5a3d57Jim Blandy — Bug 687683: Separate ScriptDebugPrologue add ScriptDebugEpilogue from and ScriptPrologue and ScriptEpilogue. r=jorendorff
6a2bb05dd97ea248d19b1e657d656cdd5fbd3104Jim Blandy — Bug 687683: Remove unnecessary 'js::' namespace prefixes from Debugger code. r=jorendorff
39b7b2f8e840740dc540040814b16ee29638e01dDavid Mandelin — Bug 707351: remove tracer-specific things in jit-tests, r=dvander
d980f5b9f3386f738a7cb42076eabc384ac1057dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 707648 - Only try to init the critical range if we are able to walk the stack. r=ehsan.
c0e237b26fe242bceaeb972f120a8e0cc06aa28aChris Leary — Bug 704369: Factor EmitTree to avoid recursion limit. (r=Waldo)
d6049bb1770de30273c455a10d1a08ff5af00930Bobby Holley — Bug 706301 - Tests. r=mrbkap
1e14abc06ad782ef80c28278f1ab7cea81fb526fBobby Holley — Bug 706301 - Don't cache own properties on XrayProxy. r=mrbkap
0a5f66d5d8e47c24c1e4988c2d25d571650c7a63Patrick McManus — Bug 707662 - spdy null deref halfopen-transportstatus r=honzab
3204b70435fe8a83ff33cbaef12e33ab3ebe3b2bPatrick McManus — bug 706236 spdy deadlock on TCP rst during frame body buffering r=honzab
65c05ff60e47d68eebe82705b389c07ece2bdfcdAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 706844 - Create a make target for peptest. r=jmaher
9a59028a35108dc809341ed9ecf9c71ba6e1538bHonza Bambas — Bug 676349 - Implement high-resolution platform timers for the Windows platform, r=robarnold
18f70e33e44442203e5692bf01ae800cb4c9c815Honza Bambas — Bug 703024 - Back out bug 662996 (OCSP requests leak cookies) because of bug 701019, r=bsmith
6393012a8cf2eb9ba58173e1c82d651aee99c480Kyle Huey — Bug 706088 Make .put allow no key being provided if it's an autoIncrement object store. r=bent
ed783dfd8179ca651c07991e4732b315710b3cdfWellington Fernando de Macedo — Bug 664179 - Allow Cross-Origin URLs in EventSource (Server-Sent Events). r=sicking
41e3dd30ad8f49ddc997f65f679bbfbed10d57d3Tom Schuster — Bug 663338 - parseInt was wrong for very small doubles. r=jandem
35938622cde018ad91abafd1853c44665c6aea06Tom Schuster — Bug 700169 - Refactor code to use StringBuffer. r=Waldo
658fad825c36eae247dbd43df3b1d456d95fb39fBrad Lassey — bug 705572 - Kindle Fire: YouTube videos do not open in unavailable YouTube App r=dougt,mfinkle
e444aab956a1d5840917c30c73fb5fde8aac8c2bBrad Lassey — bug 708171 - XUL fennec hangs on start up, follow up to fix missed review comment r=mbrubeck
e1874bf743de6782c82c7e5da69517b55cf007b5Brad Lassey — bug 708171 - XUL fennec hangs on start up r=mbrubeck
cb7297c7297c635a19eba0d748d9b52f06695718Oleg Romashin — Bug 706935 - file upload on Meego Harmattan don't working. r=dougt
86e70adaf1905e16d7d971a08d9311a0966e29f4John Daggett — Bug 693143. Crashtest for the small bitmap case. r=roc
365d0a50014a552d68c6f0ccbef838f764ffda18John Daggett — Bug 693143. Fix top crasher related to small font sizes and bitmap fonts. r=roc
dfb168a4c4f93ea3af16591e524bcc47340844d8Christian Legnitto — Backout 223d4f4bd252 (bug 463491) due to a regression (bug 679961). a=LegNeato
aa1ecf20a3480948ce859440782c1f4fca2cb446Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 706251 - Add panning performance API r=blassey
4dd0bd7a330c6e94fab07a8d963049bf38f2c2c5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 707483 - (Cleanup) Remove some unused event listeners [r=mfinkle]
ef892eb770ebeded5190e0b1fb2c9ec03a3996f0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 707483 - (Cleanup) Move tab-specific event handlers from BrowserEventHandler to Tab [r=mfinkle]
73533b28a17b14eb6daf729645d6add895606288Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 707483 - Make javascript scrollTo work properly [r=pcwalton]
c44c70188716ed91698f55077e2762b0aded2a6fKartikaya Gupta — Backout 884b705c99fb (bug 704738) for twinopen failure
f8c62105b2f9cd40e6ac5e89ef081e4d94df82a4Axel Hecht — bug 702302, bug 705137, enable l10n repacks for native UI, r=blassey,wesj
da08568cafa4b684eafa62e6a3723a38f55c07beKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704738 - Resize page content on device rotation [r=wesj]
e4c6edb7e8f9b0a3ed9d25f8fdda9504feb6ae5bChris Lord — Bug 703573 - Make document sub-frames scrollable. r=kats
28ac62c8d8df72b1346739406273877a42174a24Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 707326: Reordering GeckoApp's AbsoluteLayout [r=pcwalton, r-mfinkle]
1dd170eaf5ee251b030dbab3d84b9c40d42f336fSteffen Wilberg — Bug 707575: about:fennec (about:firefox) appears too small (zoomed out) because of missing viewport meta tag. r=mfinkle
b061277d568819d3bdfbd55249deed5897134ff1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 704738 - Snap to edges on device rotation [r=Cwiiis]
d29a6f00f79b6ff661f7aec67e38facfe5bc8ae7Wes Johnston — Bug 697701 - Double tap zoom support. r=cwiiis
f090c3ed08e0300f0a9d172cb589af0223a1d85aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 696319 - Scroll window as needed when soft keyboard is up [r=mfinkle]
f78079acfa12ee43f8cdc57efb8efcad22064138Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 706614 - Catch OOM generating thumbnails [r=mbrubeck]
e3ec5c72d46726a450f4efea34347a12249166c5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 705041: Verify error in pre-honeycomb versions for ActionBar [r=mfinkle]
58df20db1f3821fcd055a1dca43dea2bea33e97aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 703656: Optimize tab adapter in TabsTray [r=mfinkle]
4e6b25935185d16f9ae1a473c35214bd105880b0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 707285 - Disallow browser.js from overriding viewport size [r=pcwalton]
9524917dfc02831361bb0cf6997a13dd30024d19Alex Pakhotin — Bug 705457 - Tab key should move focus to the next field in a form. r=blassey
a9a898f97b9f131692c39d75f8154f027d4bcc9dLucas Rocha — Backout 839f36123bce (bug 704490) for Try failure
dcfea8a1f8266a5b9335ba834de6b1c606d9c6e3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 707132 - Adjust viewport used for meta-viewport calculations [r=mbrubeck]
6b6331924850348c3fa359e91c92a02763797261Lucas Rocha — Bug 704490 - Abstract all bookmark/history access behing a common API (r=blassey)
71a6bf63ac4d5761d763a0b76a9bddf68c25d779Lucas Rocha — Bug 705212 - Update go/search icon on AwesomeBar for ICS/Honeycomb (r=mfinkle)
ed19cfafe665b8086307e836156c0b4f163d6cf1Lucas Rocha — Bug 706550 - Rename "All Sites" tab to "Top Sites" in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
a9f5de74bbf804c82ae79874435f30836cf433c4Lucas Rocha — Bug 706848 - Remove unused imports from AwesomeBar and AwesomeBarTabs (r=mfinkle)
cca4146bb86b920b8c8b67baffb43e8684589c4fLucas Rocha — Bug 706848 - Remove unnecessary @Override instances from AwesomeBarTabs (r=mfinkle)
d86bc948f64683884c98ca7cb6c9cface1b66708Mark Finkle — Bug 707015 - BrowserApp.addTab(aURI) doesn't put the new tab in the foreground [r=sriram]
7e8f4abf8365a11914ae61d63f904276f2621dceMark Finkle — Bug 706644 - Going back from about:home still displays about:home [r=blassey]
d3191b5fa8aeb908195e88e60a8376bc9b66b8edMark Finkle — Bug 707014 - JavaScript Error: 'frame.frameElement is null' {file: 'chrome://browser/content/browser.js' line: 1856} [r=wesj]
0e397568c71ed693dd8da831d3f2731d5cff6604Brad Lassey — reverting enbedding/android to pre-birch IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
c29569f9df99b5811d674054175032c1eac0138eBrad Lassey — merge birch to mozilla-central
f59768ba385a898aca7202c37db72db005ec8ddeBrad Lassey — back out an early version of bug 699351, the final patch has already landed on mozilla-central
43c69f387f2e98759341a0ed26526cca48aa3853Brad Lassey — backout some changes we don't want to land from birch
5502a1f0575769ad6b8a733e75c4e126ab6579ceBrian Nicholson — Bug 705725 - Move preferences getting out of the startup path [r=dougt]
74d66d1e679d33376565a25883091cc9c3a4df9bBrad Lassey — bug 706901 - follow up to fix bad merge r=me
b948417f8096831c15df0e36a87cfbdb79597e26Brad Lassey — bug 706901 - Get generating screenshot off the main thread if possible r=dougt
a1a85e201c73984cee12e494cbf18e1aa1f23fa9Brad Lassey — bug 706822 - Delay when opening the AwesomeScreen and intermittent UI pauses when scrolling through listing of items r=dougt
b46a55968d8a8c6b98fbbbe68d7d7c343d8a1d37Brad Lassey — bug 701791 - startup: android.view.MotionEvent.getActionMasked on Sony Ericsson Xperia x10i (NPE's) r=dougt
03e1b116998fbee016ee69cb71f6d09e0b45925aPatrick Walton — Bug 705170 - Use OES_draw_texture to render textures to the screen. r=Cwiiis
ef20feca581939ca1500cfd80a157a2e6f139b15Mark Finkle — Bug 706830 - pressing 'back' doesn't return user to about:home [r=mbrubeck]
559d132a200e62100dd253eeba065acf8c973223Chris Lord — Bug 706615 - Panning motion slows, then jerks. r=kats
cba7acb26616d17caf05e4d05314754b9f2d6739Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 704690 - Abort flings on gecko viewport update [r=Cwiiis]
ec36c2b415cc8aeb82b3c6773fe82925630729b6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 704690 - Scroll on in-page links [r=Cwiiis]
d71c91775f9b698140e7ed2fddd1f1b15f8aa64eDoug Turner — merge with m-c 1900e3edd32d
56fe51d0023cdd815c5ca3c03a0f8d2fc3e87ae6Brad Lassey — bug 706383 - Save screenshot in bundle, adjust indentation r=dougt
24f415e415f2a25158a315a8962e0e5ec36ea93aBrad Lassey — bug 706658 - ennec defaults to about:support as a start page r=mfinkle
21ee0cd78262b7dd53dafd127f43dbcb962dc349Brad Lassey — bug 705993 - read recommended-addons.json from the profile dir r=mfinkle
66f5729d323c70b8155231794ec133e9625d0db7Brad Lassey — bug 706393 - Add API to GeckoApp to get profile dir r=mfinkle
f3a5150cf1eeae1cc560bd4471ae058cd39fe069Brad Lassey — bug 706383 - Save screenshot in bundle, clean up old unused code r=dougt
77a62cb00cc0c743a0ecc1bad1b69534f9cdc871Brad Lassey — bug 706383 - Save screenshot in bundle r=dougt
0ff33522f0a3b0e30504abfaa04c0f92b50c2a3dBrad Lassey — bug 704022 - PlaceholderLayerClient OOM at ByteBuffer.allocateDirect r=dougt
8e9a466b85bbee699a98cd21edea735466397e5dMatt Brubeck — Bug 706705 - Fix "this.browser.contentDocument.body is null" error message [r=wesj]
a2957766e1f9daa9de03e5b567a9dadb18653d03Mark Finkle — Bug 706351 - Add support for Console API r=mbrubeck
548fd9badc8729cdf26c2df4555a89ea93cea59dWes Johnston — Bug 704579 - Tap highlights. r=cwiiis
8882d9a3142d17d89e339608f054c0cda60d9f85Wes Johnston — Bug 705505 - Extend panzoom threshold. r=kats
f605f17ba73de334315c40ab11b278d59ceb9a80Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 706207 - Fix incorrect pageWidth in viewport update [r=dougt]
47b2ee51a532fa4867464e34b0d0baf4a58bb4ffSteffen Wilberg — Bug 706272: Vertically align (center) the Clear button in about.config. r=mfinkle
b747973fdd09ab99d3fdbfcbda31057d30698276Chris Lord — Bug 705171 - Render when necessary, instead of continuously. r=kats,pcwalton
c9164cc832de848af7c955d14aabdcfd20fe307eChris Lord — Bug 704575 - Union dirty rects instead of painting all of them. r=kats
4e745f151abdfac7ee305678d9abb3fede83704fChris Lord — Bug 705114 - Filter velocity changes for kinetic panning. r=kats
0650b5f6121b59278e99ed4489d480ad31327891Doug Turner — no bug - more exceptions on ics. This block also throws a android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException. I am just going to catch everything for now. r=me
c77033ad96569b895f9785e0d07d9a0cfea08d82Brad Lassey — no bug - fix crashing when we unregister an sms handler that isn't registered r=dougt
18b9c82223b71e441bbd1c7f95968d5708aff600Doug Turner — no bug - Add try-catch blocks to the stuff that is throwing caused by 9aa68bb7be35 and 9a578e5405f5. r=me
a9c28fe6b23ffbeaf35aa4171471f87194c95885Brad Lassey — bug 704307 - strictmode Disk read Violation when loading awesomebar r=dougt
9aa68bb7be35cfe134b9730d1e2f32102abdadcbBrad Lassey — bug 705402 - Save thumbnails in the history DB r=dougt
9a578e5405f552aa545eb4c13681aa1ef62d6f70Brad Lassey — bug 706325 - add thumbnails to tab objects r=dougt
79608738a7e808a564f26fcedf4e31e54529a1fcDoug Turner — Merge with mozilla-central 95bca70369ef
23a4ea178f9a610d7939226a8b001a906ea28e81Doug Turner — bug 705726 - No need to schedule redraw when conntecting gecko. r=pwalton
29bb1dbacb90ac391ead284676f7d1af5ac9f70dDoug Turner — Backing out 09ad1564cd78. Wrong patch.
0a74b88601907e563fc6b778aa981d18855ef595Brad Lassey — bug 701380 - follow up to fix buring r=me
e08c46f33a16b840c00462ae71c60e6f46290535Brad Lassey — bug 701380 - Implement a native about:home (start page) r=mfinkle
09ad1564cd78cce098260ba84c6f880994dff8bbDoug Turner — bug 705726 - No need to schedule redraw when conntecting gecko. r=pwalton
d17e2409e3514fe92ea8b6ba53dd3b405450b237Doug Turner — no bug - remove content sink prefs and use default. r=pwalton
01ef87d9da3d525609bcae1ec7a956acccbd09a1Matt Brubeck — Bug 706215 - Send viewport updates from JS when metadata changes [r=mfinkle]
20341bc96d46ca45530104448034cbccd32347a9Matt Brubeck — Bug 706160 - Don't auto-scale frameset pages [r=mfinkle]
7df6863adc7e861b36ba5978fbaf2490868e2bc8Brian Nicholson — Bug 697857 - User Agent Switcher [r=mfinkle]
0494de42f547959e88daa9890e3397307bfddf84Steffen Wilberg — Bug 705850: Change about:config placeholder text from 'Filter Preferences' to 'Search Preferences'. r=mfinkle
414812fdb6ac47b797971c3d6312ca6de023100fMatt Brubeck — Clean up whitespace in browser.js (no bug - whitespace-only change)
18678a2f809107d7966471d646defef096b982a4Matt Brubeck — Bug 694901 - (2/2) Set default zoom level based on viewport [r=mfinkle]
2ecdcf3961a8f9f2ca3f53929d30d1bffdca6244Matt Brubeck — Bug 694901 - (1/2) Set viewport size based on meta[name="viewport"] tag [r=mfinkle]
48c9e2c635e8fa80197d922736bbb5fd3c5cf1c2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 702983 - Reset viewport on opening new tab [r=Cwiiis]
16b2190c02e1b0ca15b2af35eef8ece08978bf6eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704950 - Update viewport as needed [r=Cwiiis]
a9211fd8e7ea4177a7f9f7f4d291193c24e6f5b8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 704950 - Add a message to update the Java viewport [r=Cwiiis]
3373a4c28536fec16b03c0db68df9d80464230f1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 704950 - Remove java guess to reset viewport [r=Cwiiis]
86bc0eabb94d04b5d4aa2a63f1f16bf1d84a9e3aMark Finkle — Backout beea574981d2, e3266cb5a2a7 - tree is burning (no bug)
e3266cb5a2a7e1ed49b2510df6d92fbfb6863b0eBrad Lassey — follow up to bug 701380 to fix build bustage r=me
beea574981d2a462c98435951c80736cdc7b6ddaBrad Lassey — bug 701380 - Implement a native about:home (start page) r=mfinkle
82f3392976b4a487dd93bc41566c02f01aefe62aDoug Turner — Bug 701627 - doesn't fire MozScrolledAreaChanged events as the page gets bigger while loading. r=mfinkle
fe5c5000bc2dd9e271cddf6586f0bd7db0182061Steffen Wilberg — Bug 703920: In about:config, filter prefs when pressing the enter key, and close the keyboard. Remove the Filter button. r=mfinkle
aa6ad7ab9b435bff6a0fd8ff89c8698461f41c0cLucas Rocha — Bug 705105 - Only dismiss VKB when selecting lazy-loaded tabs in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
79f85a955bc485dea536e3965a848f97d8fc672dL. David Baron — Turn down the sizing for font inflation a bit (bug 627842), at least until we sort out Android dpi issues. (Bug 705278)
2aec00aaf211540e8916a7820e208d1ad5ea7136Alex Pakhotin — Bug 704721 - [ICS/Honeycomb] - VKB backspace key dismisses keyboard and deletes two characters only on the URL bar. r=blassey
ce03d0240a309a9e208c2c3a5723ead7455f861eL. David Baron — Enable font size inflation for Android native mobile browser. (Bug 627842, patch 18)
e7d55d6a898563639390d131728688995ac73622L. David Baron — Merge mozilla-central to birch.
7b649958d99ddbd04913d6d18ea3d7b70d41c60dSteffen Wilberg — Bug 703923 follow-up: remove trailing whitespace from config.xhtml. rubber-stamp-r=mfinkle
117c541ed9ca47202b54f9c8a3fb674fe532a0dbSteffen Wilberg — Bug 703923: Disable 'Reset' buttons in about:config on prefs with default values. r=mfinkle
88679504d1df78d39472cb9a64b38186a2fd4612Lucas Rocha — Bug 701374 - Show go or search icon in awesomescreen entry (r=mfinkle)
619ab6422b6b0eabfbda99dde51c60eb52fdff8fChris Lord — Bug 704516 - Blacklist HTC's flash-lite plugin. r=snorp
f8505fcb5808f61826911a643f6717bfa4552883Alex Pakhotin — Bug 704156 - Unable to overwrite selection in awesome bar using HKB. r=blassey
498a331fe654fd9c5b31f8aec76ebc5981f2adb4Brad Lassey — bug 704217 - Quit doesn't work before Gecko is up r=dougt
98861dbb32772fbd351ccd2cc68b90fe117f5567Doug Turner — no bug - revert content sink perfs back. r=mfinkle
9d869fde41b8c6e991301120b98bd5f0874b5c85Doug Turner — Bug 705020 - drop enable-js-diagnostics flag from nightly mozconfig. r=mbrubeck
ea259c780d056d66950380691f240790c35ebec1Doug Turner — Bug 704898 - Reenable elfhack. r=mbrubeck
8ebd6300890a439e2d1ee94141421356a4bc4c27Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 702264: Patch 2: Honeycomb/ICS needs action bar support [r=mfinkle]
e65b90ceb471e31f177dbe1d58077f3d93824732Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 702264: Patch 1: Fixing the styles and themes for ICS [r=mfinkle]
fec276ae77d5c5ba0e3accd3cdfff32a9e8fa068Doug Turner — Merge mozilla-central 0ea84b44a7f1
421028a881a2a523055c5cfe28f2a4f0ffbcecd8Chris Lord — Bug 703141 - Remove bogus viewport reply tracking. r=kats
8fcdb0e7131def2c2639e55ac1e2e54b467c456dChris Lord — Bug 703141 - Restore usage of the redraw hint. r=kats
8af9955c59d0fd75661f79b87ae100dfd35f27fbChris Lord — Bug 703141 - Fix plugin positioning and sizing. r=kats, pcwalton
6ab52c277bcb5bddb295f6f18f833f95e14c7414Chris Lord — Bug 703141 - Try to draw aligned to the pixel grid. r=pcwalton
1938db9adce4c5bfc70143684f98732254a3efcbChris Lord — Bug 703141 - Reinstate zooming and add CSS zooming after viewport change. r=kats
3f0f2ffed0769cdd28a7f092b6f30784291772efChris Lord — Bug 703141 - Refactor around the idea of a viewport and displayport. r=kats
cd5725c23a13b50de96a54b9017558874515cb7bDoug Turner — Bug 689713 - Warm up the DNS cache in Java when launching with a URL intent. r=blassey
5b13d1ed637640ac91560fa305932040dc6718c6Patrick Walton — Bug 699303 - Kinetic panning need to stop more sharply. r=dougt
02590813369a86f2a00775cab6eb2f1c344e4d48Jim Chen — Bug 704414 - Remove debug button and wait 5s in native UI; r=dougt
ff5faa59c065884d6b9e4b8b82898d45a5779252Margaret Leibovic — Bug 701797 - (Part 1) Use download manager API in saveAsPDF to handle progress notifications. r=mfinkle
2ab85c27e43548678b3777e9b613fe632db80847Margaret Leibovic — Bug 703630 - Disable share menuitem for certain protocols. r=blassey
6cdbeceb28464b93ed8b99951e891f496e0351e3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 703922 - Toggle boolean prefs with one click (and fix typo that broke pref types). r=mfinkle
522b28c81dfe1969cb50f73e422ff50d1d2ecdc3Doug Turner — merge with mozilla-central a9a0abc25480
2c6c5c1829e5a2b0be31aa700613654ddfb008f9Doug Turner — no bug. Disable saving last screenshot until is worked around
68ad2016a7d0a9b2e9e91bc0715a6e8c43997ef6Doug Turner — no bug. revert some of the birch changes. r=glandium
9543a1bb4ca6d4088872366f65d67497bf821fa1Doug Turner — Merge with mozilla-central 6f998cc964be
c26b7a14e5bd15ed873e270a456b7f1226fdd036Lucas Rocha — Bug 703602 - Close cursor when getting favicon URL (r=kats)
8bb653dcddc9278bf45a8c47a3637f8440615cbfMark Finkle — Bug 696532 - Basic add-on manager support [r=wesj]
5f5f3bb411ff1d1a292882c7af2a57cb8786f3d1Alex Pakhotin — Bug 701947 - VKB does not appear when tapping into an iframe text box. r=mfinkle
80582674e2c29bf6292669f9427fde77f462c026Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 703803: Black bar in Honeycomb awesomebar r=mfinkle
aba798f5b55af684ce1b517cbb258b79db6cb8cfBrad Lassey — merge m-c to birch
e3f434e85f4b57c191c83dfc563fd4d0e507e4fdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704225 - Don't dismiss an undisplayed dialog [r=mfinkle]
77e488af39ff4ef5c00e0ba0f32f65d2c0079d56Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 701351 - Add scroll indicators [r=pcwalton]
d099c3df68661a09ba14c357d57877aebae0ce7fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 701351 - Back out 0aeaa4995892 (XUL scrollbars) [r=mfinkle]
dac80a8d25d44e329bfa1138727260a3774a07b8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 702619: Closing tabs faster causing NPE. [r=mfinkle]
cf2c2a927197e80605073efa829d51e7afd7814aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 703765 - The updatePopup call after Tab:Close can result in a NPE. r=mfinkle
afc56afc464fa187a9126462204d71ea6d5dd6b7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 699937 - Prevent getting stuck in overscroll [r=Cwiiis]
be195eac506c421456ffa85fe6121679ee567b25Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 699937 - (Cleanup) Remove unused timestamp values [r=Cwiiis]
88a9701f51350f3ba2331082f20551747d90e050Doug Turner — Backout history changes to reflect the review and landing of bug 702037 on m-c. r=blassey
7da5cd40873378be3351d15bfac9733f1beabffaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704117 - Fix null title in HistoryEntry [r=sriram]
a19df7c21dcbebd3816a335adb8f46178a9da8c7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 704117 - (Cleanup) Remove unnecessary string creations [r=sriram]
2b1a44adaaefc5a3220b5f1a142d1bfc2d4bd66eBrad Lassey — bug 704043 - don't show transition animation when closing awesome bar r=dougt
448027be3bae3144981a5f2e0face0b8ea87d789Doug Turner — no bug - disable screenshot until Google bug 16941 is worked around. r=mfinkle
2b458bfe5a17d7436b2ac961467a649173f96dceKartikaya Gupta — Bug 704114 - Fix missing texture crash [r=pcwalton]
6e07405e7c5098c956d29103bebf6aec5bc193d4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 703256 - Fix incorrect thread access [r=pcwalton]
74e9842f2d0fa56fa1aad636794dad176aab47d9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 700559 - Fix crash in startSnap() [r=pcwalton]
41b63b2b6420a2a107230681476b4ce214e898c7Brad Lassey — merged mozilla-central to birch
9827c94661b48981985d26f73734a4d61265ed11Brad Lassey — bug 701703 - Null pointer exception thrown loading Fennec Start Page r=dougt
bcab5ec25b5e99be6f5155b94c6bfa4a65fa681aDoug Turner — merge with mozilla-central ea5e1f4e996a
bed0b38129edba1061a70a483c6d3c9b63c2c10cPatrick Walton — Bug 703421 - Implement the Android draw metadata listener to fix races. r=kats
9b308d10628a5470a5b9b235e7c4de0c66101ac3Patrick Walton — No bug - Change skia-npapi to skia_npapi in toolkit/library/ r=mbrubeck
40f98beecf70776b84012d5035567467738ef62eDoug Turner — no bug. Removing embedding/android on birch so that no one gets confused. use mobile/android/base
782078ea0b4247007abf9203a355ae432082bc3aDoug Turner — no bug. bad merge. updating embedding/
92f5345081e951805751ef2d6ab73eb8570108d5Matt Brubeck — Bug 703127 - Remove unused CSS, XBL, and images from mobile/android [r=mfinkle]
a36e1ad44e6ca8c55a5815e20a2f2f415308d8adMatt Brubeck — Bug 703127 - Remove unused JS and XUL files from mobile/android [r=mfinkle]
9c8859beb0aceb6eb24a692f646bc6e56c07d0f6Doug Turner — Merge with mozilla-central ac667309bea6
80569c9d351d9c1a850e34c646209d23e39cb278Margaret Leibovic — Bug 699418 - Implement about:config in html. r=mfinkle
aa6c86d0b291a0bbd6ede39a63ec62e87c0aab91Brian Nicholson — Whitespace fix for GeckoApp (no bug) [r=me]
ec82d9d943f979747befc0b19215f01efb65f074Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 701586 - Axis lock during panning [r=pcwalton]
0695a3352ef8a1f22399c5660cf23c27ddc84cf8Mark Finkle — Bug 703661 - Add back WAKE_LOCK permission request for PowerManager [r=blassey]
b209ff13993adc1dc85bd0272a6c572d581332a6Doug Turner — merge with mozilla-central 2ab636cf01f3
02f6f69e8e2fc20e1cdb4d51c0c30000a4093f6cDoug Turner — Bug 0 - Moving embedding/android into mobile/android/base. r=mfinkle,blassey
9999a423d8abf7eb27e8fe3b96993a6f67d18f2eLucas Rocha — Bug 699786 - Cancel pending favicon loads when location changes (r=blassey)
e20ccbf697a12e9dc9231835add5fab108482bc5Lucas Rocha — Bug 699786 - Add API and infra to support favicon load cancellation (r=blassey)
fa4ef7d24a262ff7cdfd2a67b713b9088687c5f6Lucas Rocha — Bug 699786 - Use Android's AsyncTask in Favicons (r=blassey)
d4982d5a23cfffb1db1bb48c398d3d3dff303b2dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 697098: Do not scroll tab list on onTabsChanged() [r=mfinkle]
a5032397850bf2718d2ffd63ef991264a6473425Mark Finkle — Bug 703370 - Cleanup the console service logcat tag [r=dougt]
6a0da11da1715f66ae8328f1eed7aa17f0e1eefaPatrick Walton — Bug 703421 - Part 2: Add an API bridge so that picking up part 1 of this patch from m-c won't break us. rs=pcwalton
00a5471356578b8b0e162455e3ca7174de5146d4James Willcox — Bug 703069 - Do a better job of guessing plugin package name r=blassey
1d48e24177af53bc9a4674dea755cc36606bb2c9Brad Lassey — bug 703080 - we need a way to determine the appname from the apk r=aki,dougt
4aa196ded1b077d3543151def5de8bba1d30d629Brad Lassey — bug 702183 - Fennec 9.0b1 now asking for extra "read sensitive log data" permission r=dougt
3ab7cf4bfd76e0508c94eb7f24ccc704b15e8525Patrick Walton — Bug 703426 - Fix race condition when loading screenshot. r=dougt
b92c1975156dcf27617f7badc7dbfcc5a41f8fa5Doug Turner — merge from mozilla-central b62e6ee5ba9b
f034ceedf46e1cbc571c584d3dc93347c491b784Brian Nicholson — Bug 701839 - Wrong favicon displayed when both default location and link exists (crash fix) CLOSED TREE
556bacb7c080579406083a28118796a4f3fada85Doug Turner — Bug 701023 - strictmode Disk read Violation on startup - Move loading the PlaceholderLayerClient last screen png to a thread. This results in a bit of checkerboarding before the file is read in and drawn to the screen. r=pcwalton
ca12f13374458367fe6f92490beeadaf2d870280Doug Turner — Bug 703098 - Removing unneeded file.exist checks. Stats are terrible. r=mfinkle
1931173a30a0d350782bcffffd287f4c785dd689Lucas Rocha — Bug 700951 - Back button on AwesomeBar should return to browser (r=mfinkle)
588ef2d53d6e3addb3d26358c479e2a33bfd4e37Lucas Rocha — Bug 700951 - Factor out method to cancel and finish AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
3394b96268285428bfc5c58d07e54896bca32eb4Brian Nicholson — Bug 701839 - Wrong favicon displayed when both default location and link exists [r=mfinkle]
ef629731171ff26e93d69af6e49ad5ab0a8de599Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 703344: Stop and security icons are bigger than needed [r=mfinkle]
e056708c00aa9537a2750a9637d37bd26082870eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 702412 - Fix float comparisons to use an epsilon [r=pcwalton]
a6a429a48e60cf01777373b5318459054c4134e7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 703059 - Fixup log tag strings [r=mfinkle]
3954e874ac29897ff2ca63316b380aa93154d891Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 703094: AwesomeScreen should use same background as URL bar [r=mfinkle]
013cc5141612dad7d64af96e1564bc49e335e1dbBrian Nicholson — Bug 701826 - Preferences gets unchecked temporarily when going to the preferences page [r=mfinkle]
a0b5bd8b07a75551abdfc6687a14e94336fa504fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 703115: Site security represented a lock in URLbar [r=mfinkle]
14e6f9bd949d9c2ae9b3ddb689cdfdf1a6f34dd1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 697726: Stop button in URL bar [r=mfinkle]
a87cd9791a02f477ba6ba54f0e9d0d097f055e88Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 700559 - Fix crash with overlapping fling events [r=pcwalton]
04b6e59f4e82fdbdb0cba7576dbb0dba16dd5b81Mark Finkle — Bug 701833 - Disable elfhack in mobile mozconfigs (birch) r=aki CLOSED TREE
f84023d2e919886347511c0bb0a262af3680e732Doug Turner — Bug 701833 - hg move /mobile to /mobile/android r=mfinkle CLOSED TREE
d7fa4814218d624e8945e8d413ea007d74972b28Lucas Rocha — Bug 697189 - Don't use transparent theme on AwesomeBar screen (r=mfinkle)
a82e7bcd93fa271158ed8836d300e2c332c0e57fLucas Rocha — Bug 702962 - Always dismiss SKB on tab change in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
003af355d4d235ce269ab7b7462acf1c57072ec1Lucas Rocha — Bug 701014 - Dismiss SKB when scrolling results in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
75c427dc76f90ca2efc7b42d223884a4a26611c6Brad Lassey — bug 702216 - Menu > Quit doesn't close Fennec r=mfinkle
4b759043d4e8369401968a649d8c72501a86ec5eDoug Turner — Bug 703057 - Put DrawToFile on another thread. r=blassey
0c811a2f564d5b74b195958e5bbac28a74e947e1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 702821: Doorhanger arrows should point to favicon in the URL bar [r=mfinkle]
a60e0f9f520757baad133ffae1bac20f708d29b1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 701370: Adding affordance to URL bar [r=mfinkle]
add4665a783d3380e863d9a1a9a2a815bef318cbMark Finkle — Bug 697659 - Use doorhangers for Password Manager [r=margaret]
d651122879aca3df1c187f36b8c906b1fca4e8f6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 703004 - Fix NPE on touch during startup [r=pcwalton]
245b412faf415626348c277128920012af7799f2Michael Kohler — Bug 702724 - Avoid compiler error when JDK version >= 7 [r=kats]
fc9431ac4617ae4ae4cc4efe13f820d2e7a6ec2aJames Willcox — Bug 702964 - Support subregion lock with native plugin surfaces r=blassey
96949a8ed9225e534c6744416de7a1b1f69b3f52Brad Lassey — bug 701703 - Null pointer exception thrown loading Fennec Start Page r=dougt
f2ca3fedd77115af24a1185696a865c75bf6a7c7James Willcox — Bug 702643 - Flash instances should resize according to zoom factor r=blassey
bcb7930881c9b8be02227411dd3c3507836b83b9James Willcox — Bug 702883 - Use a native solution for locking/unlocking plugin surfaces
564b52d970dbd75cd9988010e3b5eda8d15fa1c5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 697331 - Only use the profile install location on mobile. r=mfinkle
8f2c51a1f14820bc2f4d3e7097fc7ec6fdc9f001Lucas Rocha — Bug 702688 - Search key on awesomebar screen should dismiss it (r=mfinkle)
644b8a0b7f9d80ba29b88b2186483490d9b4132cLucas Rocha — Bug 702306 - Ensure we use sane text colours in AwesomeBar tabs (r=mfinkle)
d7a316cfded1f6f9b9dcebfecc123771b46f485dLucas Rocha — Bug 698816 - Use proper text colours in crash reporter UI (r=mfinkle)
1295623e2a2ecee98be0ed01f6bd2e911a8b0efaLucas Rocha — Bug 698816 - Fix indentation on crash_reporter.xml (r=mfinkle)
452d17984010acf4130593f7ad0a6390f6867bb0Mark Finkle — Bug 702753 - Fix builds that use external OBJDIR [r=mfinkle]
426690602cd5eb793a4cc87d40d9a7ac41a12738Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 699725 - Do not use Gecko click_hold handler. r=mfinkle
5352c48874e27ba93bdfc164db0c03e820a079c4Alex Pakhotin — Bug 699792 - ALT key not working correctly on Motorola DROID PRO. r=blassey
bcada4117c30569952236a8d2b34652f1a1ea83dBrad Lassey — bug 702753 - implement make install for android r=dougt
8d659ca1ae0e227d8da7e016a1f5b438bc05d3feBrad Lassey — Bug 702627 - Invalidate plugin rect after requesting Java surface during paint r=blassey
e84fa7cf77ad8c4c8f2c9eeeaa80886b31bc7fb0Brad Lassey — Bug 702614 - Use Skia to implement the Android canvas plugin APIs r=blassey
46de1ead375e5fa93206c9b3f402a98502490e95Margaret Leibovic — Bug 702778 - Only update the doorhanger popup for the currently selected tab. r=mfinkle
144775136472697f5b2485496211ea575f8f6d6eMatt Brubeck — Bug 701527 - Hide indexedDB quota prompt when it is canceled by content [r=margaret]
5675736cb251d79bc810bbea6346bffa9226621eMatt Brubeck — Bug 701527 - Add doorhanger prompts for indexedDB permissions [r=mfinkle]
756aaa4cb22dadb765859fd59407c5fb19d3eeeeWes Johnston — Backout 6b1414e0a6e8 and 8f3eacc9ceb6
6b1414e0a6e8d10578fb889b0fb305f0e0f42915Wes Johnston — Bug 701594 - Snap back if you zoom out further than the page size. r=pcwalton
8f3eacc9ceb6374cf8b96910d9b61c6548d124d5Wes Johnston — Bug 697701 - Support double tap zooming. r=pcwalton
f5c60c4ec1ed2bc02a9701fc4e571c4fa5fe5d00Margaret Leibovic — Bug 701722 - Multiple cancel prompts generated by tapping in-progress downloads several times. r=mfinkle
27537ee9995fd179394a9e3bb75e4fc845ce99c7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 700679 - Show warning on alpha-numeric key input when in full screen mode to prevent phishing. r=mfinkle
2c4d1a8d4079b502d92f183c2791249da37ec5f1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 702386 - Support setting persistence to -1 for doorhangers (and fix buggy doorhanger removal code). r=mfinkle
252ec90b5eaf02b63b1c0dbf1c5a15373f0ea780Doug Turner — Merge with m-c fd478c02c29c
c2d1751fe2748bd805fd35e701016cf07dc419dbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 702416 - Replace FloatRect with [r=pcwalton]
22f3cf68358cb43473c40360ec5dc1f6be95b80bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 702416 - Replace IntRect with [r=pcwalton]
f713a9e71b50fd17070dd90eb3954b0c9c42f320Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 702416 - Replace FloatPoint with [r=pcwalton]
8d005019346d07720fc7d1ce8f5b1c834d08339dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 702416 - Replace IntPoint with [r=pcwalton]
5a485dbc3020ebad0e729d63da51d4ff2b36be7aPatrick Walton — Bug 702420 - Get scroll area size from events [r=kats]
978e96c62262508cdae6654e7e2b74cfe459e604Patrick Walton — Bug 702407 - Remove the "fake display port" hack [r=kats]
6d88c5dd93fa48121ac03617f3a7a6bdde9056f6Patrick Walton — Bug 702403 - Don't fling if the velocity is low [r=kats]
151de04e6bd6a6f27eebe0307691b09081257eb6James Willcox — Bug 692988 - Give Flash a valid application directory
b2957d1980e6688e87f6ecf9f9de912d839d4049James Willcox — Bug 702341 - Add a hack to make plugins (mostly) positioned correctly [r=blassey]
fd9a9c599157f8bb899d83c7d1f499fab1886bf5James Willcox — bug 702339 - Go back to using an AbsoluteLayout r=blassey
924e2318089c0cd58b6566327e605f3d9712a8fbJames Willcox — bug 702334 - Fix deadlocks caused by Flash r=blassey
644973d65be727d95388ca8df8c7e69f8bc9a224James Willcox — bug 702338 - Enable plugins (on Android) r=blassey
bbde0864db917990ce28b70988109d311a7b66e6James Willcox — bug 702330 - Revert to drawing Flash plugin with a SurfaceView r=blassey
6b776bed41d7f1fea5fe28c46f2473637147de83Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 702287: Caret should be shown throughtout the animation [r=mfinkle]
704f79a17282301d61a41ba0453f4d678a869e46Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 700936: Tabs button should be on the right [r=mfinkle]
41964316c488eff79d06ac1ebadcf1e8c0681fbeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 700434: Dismiss doorhangers on pressing back button [r=mfinkle]
68edbb64aaee95e4205758ac7a1bd6458eb7477fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 700434: Dismiss doorhangers on touching outside it [r=mfinkle]
97283e503e1e4efa75d34234ab1dfaca9e496624Doug Turner — Merge.
e2cfd16ab416aec39b252909d030d8bec0f28adfEitan Isaacson — Bug 692143 - remove android from accessibility blacklist in [r=dougt]
a81f3461217f25027900469c01ce06d172e046eeBrian Nicholson — Bug 701834 - Missing favicons for some sites [r=mfinkle]
6da7470b607c89561c788f7fa596e580702f37a0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 701292 - Add a pan threshold [r=pcwalton]
ce4ebd1d2c9fe6b0a24f078733d381af5e744a16Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 701292 - Fix clicking while panning [r=pcwalton]
8cca0568a65f8001204f8ec61f2723b3f3072cd2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 699351. Add API to allow XUL <iframe> and <browser> to not clip the subdocument. r=dougt
e25866d64478e432d3a100ce12935548ce09d17aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 701982: AwesomeBar Tabs color mismatch [r=mfinkle]
2f8943cd9e177b13c5259ebb660a48c14ab65e8cAlex Pakhotin — Bug 697773 - Cannot type in AwesomeBar URL bar with hard keyboard. r=blassey
16ab009adcb0bc7962d5521b9a24d7f35ce166d4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 701871 - Remove hacky 3-second timer [r=pcwalton]
772155060499b9377cb5fb2239782831dbd80e3fBrian Nicholson — Bug 700006 - [layers] about:home show dead space [r=dougt]
1c92e36629f597e2b3dc269d9c06a7ea9a0fdb02Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 701873 - Fix NPE in layers code [r=pcwalton]
859ecdfe016829cf60867467d703d764c29ce693Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 701994: Tab counter animation should show overlap of numbers [r=mfinkle]
86108accd33749712102782831335720e402ddf1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 701985: Favicon should have transparent background [r=mfinkle]
9c6438dd5534300a6afebe7ed3e1ba20125f1324Mark Finkle — Bug 701245 - JavaScript Error: 'browser is null' {file: 'chrome://browser/content/browser.js' line: 1091} [r=wesj]
a28cb9b7b7f48594151c29b0c46bd9da37118671Margaret Leibovic — Bug 701771 - Context Click menu shows FS option even within FS mode. r=wesj
2fbc1009254915deecaa16154cf67d3f1dfe9679Margaret Leibovic — Bug 700913 - Add persistence and timeout features to Doorhangers. r=mfinkle
7c27d32e8c2f10776748625300525df4f7f9c4cdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 701305 - Refactor DoorHanger code to make it easier to support persistence/timeout options. r=mfinkle
2e175acc56b9feea16dd5ada653285db50b30e6bBrian Nicholson — Bug 699513 - Advertise Telemetry opt-in on mobile [r=mfinkle]
80e0c193d27fe7f3145dc9f53e817c4cee36fc72Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698095 - Tab count increment/decrement needs animation [r=mfinkle]
e65b9655e3e89ac8179c97dcae60142edc6f48c9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 701285 - No favicons display after loading pages. r=pcwalton
afe02e3fdc59db6cbe3b5ff302f83125ac7e1d83Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698598: Reskinning stackable doorhangers. r=mfinkle
3389a8aed11ccc61817ff359f403e07d23b68f63Doug Turner — Bug xxxx - Followups to java compositor changes. review comments to widget/. r=dougt
043d1443dbc2315b74f6b1fc01b5252d9d85bec1Mark Finkle — Bug 701440 - Add simple support for MozApplicationManifest (appcache) [r=fabrice]
dce9246b76d7cde6aeb9c1c3918e9f7a5f19a53fBrad Lassey — bug 699716 - Incorrect screenshot shown when starting up after clearing app data r=mfinkle
13f5d3d70ecbbf00224341af29517eed89dd3f3dBrad Lassey — bug 700354 - Use of AsyncTask needs some cleanup r=mfinkle
c5a4c774f474774935d59eaa955ce44a391bf600Doug Turner — bug 700847 - crash stack found in logcat while running pageloader tests on native fennec r=blassey
c09d477dcecd94da6a0feb44b7900c38b6c344b6Doug Turner — Bug 701483 - Allow BrowserCLH to handle file urls correctly. r=mfinkle
c5f8e6042fb8e63088dfb7e5dcfa940423906c3fLucas Rocha — Bug 696833 - Implement dynamically coloured tabs in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
74eee623c0a0c4bad5e563aad198f0a54ec42e0dLucas Rocha — Bug 696833 - Change style of awesome bar entry as per design (r=mfinkle)
1cf9e4b19819eb654976f467861b27965830d6faDoug Turner — Backed out changeset 821f8e1cd0ed
821f8e1cd0ed8b524a4f39aa80d15358bc83df8fDoug Turner — Test to see if changes to XRE exit have caused the talos regressions. Should be push to try, but try is dead. See bug 701232.
eaf778e88070a0292cf3c35139686eac4fe307caPatrick Walton — Bug 695448 - Implement a Java compositor, and use it to scroll. r=?
a2f776f67fa1b42875c4f2c0ba773fc8320693d6Matt Brubeck — Revert to addb9a82a6b8 (undo my failed backouts)
24cbdc53a4ee9b185f084265b63eda983046f06cMatt Brubeck — Revert duplicate add-ons menu item accidentally added when merging backouts
9bffa9a8cfe450986a53f6c5a45fe29ebfcd54caSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698220: The tabs should be restored when awesomebar is rotated. [r=mfinkle]
d34b5885abe8f7619b48cbca46e73c1d2e6ed362Matt Brubeck — Back out 150b57fca97c, 22f16ec4052a, 03c53ee42fc9
e66ab555b3228559bf039e11e1147bb5937593c9Matt Brubeck — Back out c1881e7e046c on suspicion of causing talos failures
3e1e9e88c79467f91c4434ad084310eb33d2045aMatt Brubeck — Back out c09a52af4cd8 on suspicion of causing talos failures
addb9a82a6b8647a4d95420369a5aecef4be1808Alex Pakhotin — Backing out bug 697773 due to VKB regressions
8515bd5b8993133b345a10a5e63845c5832733c9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 700720 - Fix crash in on Honeycomb [r=lucasr]
edd8921d5bb81f22391cf2d2d0258f996fcbabf1Brad Lassey — bug 700922 - Cursors in are not closed r=dougt
bfe03c7c375e3da375abbb355d534cf71b347818Brad Lassey — bug 700917 - splash screen shown even with non-default profile r=dougt
64ec37a613264b03d6e36b15e254fd07005791b2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 699706: Scroll to the selected tab in Tabs tray [r=mfinkle]
fce63dd03ad312ba1aa76af4f83b7b4aa8955eb3Alex Pakhotin — Bug 697773 - Cannot type in AwesomeBar URL bar with hard keyboard. r=blassey
35ccca93351e0c3f7cddc88550b11234ac9a95a7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 696832: Icons for Menu based on the SDK version [r=mfinkle]
d85b6b34f85d3dea3f1201438f9de9fcb149be9dMatt Brubeck — Bug 700495 - [birch] Use ES5 strict mode in browser.js [r=wesj]
cde2fa77ea5d7ef70af7ec6b07418e049482321cWes Johnston — Bug 700153 - Allow opening tabs in the background. r=mfinkle
79690fc1fbf45c031d9b9523d4383d406962411fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 688082 - Implement "You've entered full-screen" warning for Fennec. r=mfinkle
bda7e7fb45e8c05a2aab40732cc7ca4fd843dfa6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 698836 - Add full screen mode. r=blassey
3e0e4edc8f00a94a11fe9f9de060fce60569929eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 700675 - Display the last-title along with the screenshot [r=mfinkle]
c8d7aa623f9bab9d0144aa6281dc618305a2f7b1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 700675 - (cleanup) Do some code cleanup for the saved prefs data [r=mfinkle]
df8c264a45d931d689f7e89cb359d2c02845fdc1Doug Turner — backing out the backout of the landing of the patrick patch queue. lets try this again in the morning with fresh eyes and fresh coffee
f57260f74c24b11d5a3030ddf9aa8f6f8c47a8a3Doug Turner — Backing out disable text selection. r=mfinkle
69ea2de1476110b4a87d51a06085c39f1ef830bbDoug Turner — imported patch a
9d8fdd63602835fb757e46cbc936cd56aad344ffDoug Turner — Removing use strict from a hosed merge
d3d2826f9e7c29f706742e51f2cc3fd2b8f5eafdDoug Turner — Backing out backout 6cb39cb201d0
1416e594077ae47c00e78968cda3c84a0aca94f5Matt Brubeck — Bug 700542 - Backed out changeset 91bedac30ac3 (bug 700495) because of startup failure
91bedac30ac3a422c7b7a4038a6db70a902e75a6Matt Brubeck — Bug 700495 - [birch] Use ES5 strict mode in browser.js [r=wesj]
6cb39cb201d00aba8522742e19b4a26658d2a3c5Patrick Walton — Fix botched backout. no bug, r=mfinkle
92f038b15547114268c65b8e56324164499758c0Matt Brubeck — Bug 700495 - [birch] Use ES5 strict mode in browser.js [r=wesj]
4e877c9176dd0939aa89494d9bd73c0311e63ce8Patrick Walton — Back out birch-pan-zoom patch queue due to crashes on mochitests. no bug, r=mfinkle
48e52668c10a482ba743683b1e3a16c88118e7d1Doug Turner — Fixing last surfaceView reference
24ca26e47a6a0ac3325e0a3cc0373d6c0a5f90f4Doug Turner — Switch into the snap state faster after the overscroll.
7ddea3295457bb202af1506d164132996f75a3fdDoug Turner — Use a state machine in the PanZoomController to fix some weird touch behaviours.
64389a291f6ea775809d5d139c7d8a5b962192cbDoug Turner — Hook up wesj's long press code (40e3d6b1122d) again
b2b7cdfb3c01890eaaa1218d7518a1281da12a49Doug Turner — Move the ScaleGestureDetector.OnScaleGestureListener implementation over to PanZoomController rather than delegating through LayerController.
da1cd494b66637fb0680609506d153a4daff3abbPatrick Walton — imported patch 1111-fix-motion-event-targeting
eb5c7179c92e5f8cbcdaf751f714b7410151b57fPatrick Walton — imported patch 1111-disable-selection
91c98d9b64c6246f947da5af7c2e668dfb58fa9bPatrick Walton — imported patch 1111-fix-zoom-velocity
1d0dfd2fb1f665f349df42393cdff71222d5fa94Patrick Walton — imported patch 1111-fix-checkerboarding-definition
13eeddce4dcd24bbb02965af5594a2c4b36a805eDoug Turner — Fix overscroll behavior when the document is zoomed smaller than the screen and
16529b4498914ee26f1a59aaf9a300cbf336406dDoug Turner — Change the axis fling states from ints into an enum.
76d47a265d3eeea96c65d07fd0d724d6723abec0Doug Turner — Update shadow tiling when page size changes
bc2e864923a42aaa093eb999587d3994c9773c94Doug Turner — Fix up the ScaleGestureDetector usage and pinch behaviour
8fff6180a7dc349e7dbeed103c401207dbc8079fPatrick Walton — Fake display port hack
f294e3ebc80195747de5fcffc3053dd632da707eDoug Turner — Fix NPE on first startup, if there is no screenshot lying around from a previous run
b0b03427a269c4a8dd840bb896e0b79031d9151bDoug Turner — imported patch shrinkpattern
94a341a51f60430091614d2dd462a13ae34dbbe7Patrick Walton — * * *
a6d2d9bd9818be8c985c277fedfea7e89e41091fDoug Turner — Allow use of display-port in non-e10s situations (WIP)
7774eaca504689bf9d643b3debea0a24fda82de5Matt Brubeck — Bug 699243 - Follow-up fix to restore a line that was lost in conflict resolution
c52dbaf4f26bc1c0ab099352e7a9f0613ae7f8ebSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698598: Avoid flickering while closing a background tab [r=mfinkle]
a5d887e503b53232766a19864d1139c8e5d4e139Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698598: Stackable doorhangers in a scrolling pane [r=mfinkle]
2d86eea1a4cb141f641bc3307b2ebf332a81464aEitan Isaacson — Bug 699243 - Add method to GeckoAppShell to emit a11y events and bridge it [r=blassey]
7b2dd926316ce205f91a0e5c0cabdfe74988a553Eitan Isaacson — Bug 699243 - Instantiate a11y if Android a11y is turned on [r=blassey]
e2dc4acd3a685debd05b5889b89468e198519e45Eitan Isaacson — Bug 699243 - Add method to GeckoAppShell to check for a11y and bridge it [r=blassey]
cd32f4fce7ef765b41607f4f7ddfe056fcaeb2feWes Johnston — Bug 700323 - Fire change event when select changes. r=mfinkle
150b57fca97cb0f558ab054f425a0e99f65aef35Brad Lassey — bug 699442 - follow up to put watch dog on non-main handler r=mbrubeck (via irc)
490e5388e373b6dcb70d42e6cfbf7843bdfb328cDoug Turner — Merge
184411896d251719342716672987adcd6e288c70Wes Johnston — Bug 699667 - Allow context menus on html media elements. r=mfinkle
f069ffc41471195233dffb0c1ae98ecaccfba257Lucas Rocha — Bug 697194 - Implement favicon caching (r=blassey)
22f16ec4052afefadd44ea40a0f4daad2957b92eBrad Lassey — bug 699442 - implement quit r=dougt
1960c3eeb869a16a0e50ef78edee8cbf15e89909Brad Lassey — bug 700218 - Unclosed Cursor detected assertions when running Fennec Native r=dougt
a43602eadb2d03ad85a4fd55e0313f4f72927208Doug Turner — Merge
6eeeae97b14d1cf8396bfd3e0eb546df9052f747Mark Finkle — Bug 696076 - Telemetry for Mobile [r=kats]
f3eea1384f140618db73a413b6ae9af9b8bbd865Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 697110 - Support doorhangers for popup blocking. r=mfinkle
ae273c520ce271f4fcef715b28f0870fb7cf17aaDoug Turner — No Bug - Make saving the screenshot non-blocking. I moved this call as-is from Quit() which had to be blocking since we were going to be exiting as-is. However, now that it is outside immediate death, we can do it async. r=me
149e1178490fcf541f6019dd291e227abfeaa2faJulien Vermet — Bug 695477 - Use an indicator in toolbar to reflect security state [r=mfinkle, r=sriram]
cae6fd409f5a0734e7a790d976f2071a2949771eWes Johnston — Bug 698452 - Show an empty row when focusing empty select elements. r=mfinkle
40e3d6b1122d5b22d0d8fb733000497869a1548fWes Johnston — Bug 696846 - Basic context menu support. r=mfinkle
d479ad39237782010f144d4f6254d06e96bef7d3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 699492: Animate the tab-list popup [r=mfinkle]
388c49fba3fd0235071d72d33c8364b7adc677b4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 699155: Tabs should preserve the order in the list [r=mfinkle]
c1881e7e046c05bf0ee3b282678bc7b1183bcdafSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698220: The tabs should be restored when awesomebar is rotated. [r=mfinkle]
c09a52af4cd8573f602571d96a9254f3f2ecf9a0Doug Turner — No Bug - When there is nothing left in session history, do not finish(), but call moveTaskToBack(). r=bnicholson
03c53ee42fc9c1597ac45e987bfedefc2a8c39c8Doug Turner — Bug 696315 - Remove Quit menu option.
15595d5edb2c8077b267438622fb68735a3680caSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 699312: Make the selected tab in tabs-list use a bold font [r=mfinkle]
b882c5137a0779e0242a0e9ab638c985eadef971Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 699322: Making sure document load starts after a message is sent to Java [r=mfinkle]
0571e6fb4b44ef509a9f5476634b1330039ee5d4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698436: Use a custom blue spinner for progress bar [r=mfinkle]
b6b31c4fc286a2e270928b243cf3cd18c48f4a65Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 696462: A divider is needed at the end of the list in tabs-tray [r=mfinkle]
20a2ecb0593d8c275f168bcc35c8e1cdd0103f60Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 696462: Refresh UX of tabs list UI [r=mfinkle]
885ea82d68205d006fb149d865bf80e1977a6b31Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695569 - Adjust transparency for scroll indicators [r=mfinkle]
2b9de9749c1ed599070fc5a27e6908437cec4cb0Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 697087 - Multiple notifications content permission prompt. r=mfinkle
e532cb6dd56e459dcdc604c43e150a9c371b333fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 697549 - Don't increase loop counter with application lifetime. r=mfinkle
a0e94d288ba09c870e38ee9fb898a05bcfbfe6f5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 697549 - Use NativeWindow.doorhanger in ContentPermissionPrompt.js. r=mfinkle
473727215fbe9aef82de4cbacb5be7b7e28819d6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 697086 - Content permission notifications not dismissed on page dismiss. r=mfinkle
d5da3bb90a1ec9826e988977286ad13f27926aeeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698332: Awesomebar should use a default text of 'Enter Search or Address' r=mfinkle
9e9b953e65433f35dfbb8e808fc6f2be758df1c8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 697987 - Remove race when downloading favicons [r=sriram]
8724de90b59fdfb95d9d0ea7c850b24aa0c66023Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 697987 - Remove race conditions from Runnables [r=sriram]
367ee5ef74783fd36db66814a7711ed274693a2bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 697803 - Show URL instead of empty title in awesome history [r=lucasr]
e3b8b39807507f31cdcf92d828d44f53cf403779Lucas Rocha — Bug 698131 - Always use white style list views in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
7203d86d586839deaedb9b520bf3fd897f884659Wes Johnston — Bug 698114 - Don't rebuild the app on orientation changes. r=blassey
87f63a09a74ee8ce131fa7a5e4b9a163332d9dc2Wes Johnston — Bug 698311 - Make sure we return -1 from cancelled prompts. r=mfinkle
aa1d7c37f90f43bd44793a896e4e20daffab5db7Lucas Rocha — Bug 698223 - Use display title from tab in GeckoApp (r=mfinkle)
f3d482c5a382f5715699b1217c972931cbf48ac2Lucas Rocha — Bug 698223 - Add Tab method to return title for display (r=mfinkle)
7baff6f03b41f75e85febf3c3ab40d511521f0dcLucas Rocha — Bug 698223 - Always set tab title, even when it's empty (r=mfinkle)
8f32c0c1285c418d8cf66655a0994a9534c8c882Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695569 - Prevent runaway kinetic scrolling [r=Cwiiis]
e968742b325d1b2f1e4c477863451d03053951efKartikaya Gupta — Bug 695569 - Strip unnecessary CSS styles [r=mfinkle]
0aeaa4995892103d4b92db4b381682b19703a3e1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695569 - Add scroll indicators for web content [r=mfinkle]
06bee407d000cfad697b92af754d8fcd58f9fd2eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 697803 - Show page titles in Awesome screen history [r=blassey]
108ccf0aca36f9bdc3b80737bb7a9cfc4a70f3aeBrad Lassey — about:dougt r=mfinkle
9f5570d58bca63dbc7c84b8620cb99fa4cc8543dAlex Pakhotin — Bug 618921 - the chat capability of etherpad application doesn't work with fennec. r=smaug
16889566ccc428faecd3d7e82be9f8b5d76ea33eLucas Rocha — Bug 697122 - Show only a label on AwesomeBar's tab indicators (r=mfinkle)
591ac51b83591651bacaf0dd854fbe3a07b1730dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 695165 - Rename events for consistency [r=mfinkle]
7f8a9ba22b1021daf66e2390c7d5a4a04386d017Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695165 - Hook up Forward to UI [r=sriram]
21fd85f89ad94f8375b6963547122be7f0c28bddKartikaya Gupta — Bug 695165 - Implement plumbing for Forward [r=mfinkle]
ce66d1dd8247ac184ad624cbabbed9e05e9b68deKartikaya Gupta — Bug 697732 - Keep Java history state in sync with Gecko [r=mfinkle]
d0e53c1bb8e305f8561a3f21c5c08c6ca4322694Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 697732 - Cleanup of [r=sriram]
b7bbb5708b427fbfe4acfc2f54c3b9f0c5b10723Lucas Rocha — Bug 697070 - Use default favicon on tab if no image is available (r=sriram)
f853e2b1e75333688d29c5f64a0b2f0f704684c3Brad Lassey — bug 697986 - Ads show up in history r=dougt
5860a54b71993f080493c8691cf07cb40a24e571Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698042: Spinner style progress bar for browser toolbar (part 3) [r=mfinkle]
8447eaf8f0f86e2277c9a9e47c1bd958b10e5135Wes Johnston — Bug 696512 - Detect elements near taps to click on. r=mbrubeck
a9fb813f816effdf27596a7ebb091d4375166a6bBrad Lassey — bug 695145 - xul & js modified files are not updated when reinstalling r=glandium
ef30c6eb723a8b3425cb65ff92204f2d274495beSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698042: Spinner style progress bar for browser toolbar (part 2) [r=mfinkle]
218853bf4af1ef6195458f02a9755040f264cb88Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 698042: Spinner style progress bar for browser toolbar (part 1) [r=mfinkle]
93a133deb97f571c6a8a408f6813bb583748fa2bWes Johnston — Bug 695485 - Bustage. Missing file. r=mfinkle
ec7d971fc82c9ae8b5b803cfe0b5c5fd6fa37c96Wes Johnston — Bug 695485 - Native UI for select elements. r=mfinkle
8389b4a42ccdded95221ad110a870af17ce35ca4Doug Turner — merge
878512b3be8aa6b3e00e0b4736929fa7a6910472Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 696461: Primary UI: Reskinning the browser toolbar and awesomebar [r=mfinkle]
35686fe46a43b0fdd18f72acf7a50a25ef4eb86cBrad Lassey — fix build bustage
6963a1ada9b62f91d6610bb6c743456bb5c69697Brad Lassey — no bug - make quit work r=dougt
0b65a47a160c5329b279b33f162cec8001bad7a0Lucas Rocha — Bug 697121 - Keep focus on entry while typing on AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
ddc7b89fa4d6b3f777ff69b7c669cf10e4bc2ebfLucas Rocha — Bug 697747 - Only query frecency results on AwesomeBar startup (r=mfinkle)
403d217a6c098cf7c794ce61fddb509fcc66aa51Lucas Rocha — Bug 697747 - Move history group splitting to background thread (r=mfinkle)
12f6c3a2b6658174ba39a9db31f951a8e03b9a51Lucas Rocha — Bug 697747 - Limit the number of rows returned in AwesomeBar queries (r=mfinkle)
cdb0a41ea68c991f1d2823f9e7cadd85ddcb8964Mark Finkle — Bug 697720 - Add 'Clear private data' preference [r=blassey]
9fe52ea2201f3fbfe5ecba1a1512ba2fe68e0232Mark Finkle — Bug 697144 - Unable to interact with aboutCertError [r=mbrubeck]
331fd009543cdc34d2dbe8c52c002408b66a1b1bMatt Brubeck — Bug 697529 - [birch] Open new tabs for links from external apps [r=mfinkle]
5223f742314a56f7ba8a92f7300aa6e1a8c3322aMatt Brubeck — Bug 696203 - [birch] Remove unused/broken mobile XPCOM components [r=mfinkle,dougt]
0716912a1f7fcf725ef64d6eb86b0197acc1f675Brian Nicholson — Bug 697299 - Disable preferences before Gecko is loaded (ui thread fix) [r=dougt]
ff958ba524db7047495c0ce9782fe2d90a4aced2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 696912 - Fix layout of download progress notification. r=alexp
edcfe04cb71af369ddfcea3257c6f5f54edccb9fAlex Pakhotin — 640025 - Clear text function using ezKeyboard does not work. r=blassey
b592ca9b77a7393226d756d09b387cce4ed705b4Brian Nicholson — Bug 697469 - crash mozalloc_abort - Fennec process dies on tap of AwesomeBar [r=dougt]
a9a7b2ee14bc1671cbba25367ea38b4b728f7a75Alex Pakhotin — Bug 632542 - Text entered with SlideIT VKB sometimes disappears. r=blassey
1df6808acde03cc83e375d8342e578119164ba83Lucas Rocha — Sort all lists of files in in alphabetical order (r=mfinkle)
e87286aa52e073c281a9b117e441fdd1d7b02e52Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 697528 - Remove incorrect entries from awesome bar
e34d469c1991e6efef299b3d33bb3aef6e2ed3ffKartikaya Gupta — Bug 697528 - Fix NPE when history is empty (r=lucasr)
75c901927ce5c8ebaeed8b5a43310aedf3f29896Lucas Rocha — Bug 697705 - Pass tab ID through constructor on DownloadFaviconTask (r=mfinkle)
27aa85b22c74768e33196e9a43d42e0cbf07bac6Lucas Rocha — Bug 697705 - Rename LOG_FILE_NAME to LOG_FILE in GeckoApp (r=mfinkle)
fb29004f0dfaad403ca454661c87e375414e7f8fLucas Rocha — Bug 697120 - Show favicon on AwesomeBar's history tab (r=mfinkle)
e82f061db80e92c9da22bf9e2ba8641a79f9c5e8Lucas Rocha — Bug 697120 - Show favicons on AwesomeBar's All Pages and Bookmarks tabs (r=mfinkle)
8952aa31d274d61a161806bcefc28190833aafe9Lucas Rocha — Bug 697120 - Don't store "all pages" cursor as private property (r=mfinkle)
1bdd521c35e5767285e2930623d3a4e0427fbb25Lucas Rocha — Bug 697505 - Remove all redundant uses of 'this' in Tab (r=sriram)
714f90bbf9788d36c3b507c88ed9cdde110b3b6cLucas Rocha — Bug 697505 - Declare one property per line in Tab (r=sriram)
83c5da37a89ba470757d03403129bbd12d9fa22cLucas Rocha — Bug 697505 - Prefix all private properties with 'm' for consistency (r=sriram)
895980fb5339b39fb2e61549ff24accf0d428a4fLucas Rocha — Bug 697505 - Rename LOG_FILE_NAME to LOG_FILE in Tab (r=sriram)
075341ad34eebe75267b025d67d585c34e501761Lucas Rocha — Bug 697505 - Organize imports in Tab (r=sriram)
c775f204ec05c0488187e45e97188b0de7244135Mark Finkle — Bug 695446 - Password manager/Form Fill [r=mbrubeck]
adad73e2ee6f20d0a88839af079dbf70060766dfMark Finkle — Bug 695199: Add/Remove bookmarks through menus (quick string change)
97403e114b581f4496318b472f8aaa7b9e42c04fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 695199: Add/Remove bookmarks through menus [r=mfinkle]
365da62068e07b59de97812e9e9eec1fef823a2eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 697562 - Hide soft keyboard when the focus is not in awesomebar text field [r=mfinkle]
b2d46075f3a233a7dc9ea1331743e63dbb972edbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 696550: Favicon should be reset in the Tab, when there is a location change [r=mfinkle]
f905665bd9e5c77a70f5ea91a13d95f51525291dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 696319 - Scroll window as needed when soft keyboard is up [r=mfinkle]
04e3f9b035221444ada558d3e91b140495965396Fabrice Desré — Bug 696520 - Enable add-on installation : part 2/2 XPInstallObserver [r=mfinkle]
5bd3a03bc11b1da3fa102eaefb7b7824bb140adbFabrice Desré — Bug 696520 - Enable add-on installation : part 1/2 Adds JS helper for doorhanger notifications [r=mfinkle]
5a87519d61739c25e3f1b46cf61698541859945dMark Finkle — Bug 697078 - Add a toast notification indicating start of download on download start [r=wesj]
186015786b5a81e81c489e76379f39e1e964de17Mark Finkle — Bug 697105 - Permit spaces as a valid search query in an invalid URL [r=dougt]
276adcd35518a12464647b02358cb8d3de026620Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 697433 - Makefile doesn't rebuild strings correctly [r=mfinkle]
73b766e13426c63b613b582a99f5ae9914d57babWes Johnston — Bug 696846 - Use default system theme except on GeckoSurfaceView. r=blassey
0668a17050a391e58f13ea90f926123b79eceaa2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 697183 - Fix crash on rotation (r=lucasr)
457c61dd975b638fb69877f6751836d3b4bded9aBrad Lassey — bug 696062 - Clear History r=mfinkle
8fb012fa36137a258d354065d60e09d63a59e676Doug Turner — Re-enabled update checking. on my device, this takes up ~2ms of startup, could be more on devices with crappier fs.
41404c189adc8f2a86e654ce3cbd30c44a41a987Julien Vermet — Bug 696282 - Implement native toast alert support [r=mfinkle]
7b13f338110030e2fd599a6a6ae6629ec6ab63eaSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 697180 - favicon replaced by default one (patch 2) [r=mfinkle]
9124828a4f2c5b96eb85f979ddc3b3d05ae13f42Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 697180 - favicon replaced by default one [r=mfinkle]
1f61c869b69661be32009efe95c30c40ff2c6eb9Brian Nicholson — Bug 695458 - Update Preferences (crash fix followup) [r=mfinkle]
6dae4cc318592657688218cdfbf4f73db69db757Brian Nicholson — Bug 697299 - Disable preferences before Gecko is loaded. r=dougt
3189ade558177f28aaf7d894aa412185d9d8e4d2Brian Nicholson — Bug 694684 - Change camel case and @android IDs [r=mfinkle]
2f77b085a9d0c7322b9a4c773cc3dd2673df0e7fBrian Nicholson — Bug 695458 - Update Preferences [r=mfinkle]
e6b20c1f682d95485532215f8ce5f01cf46ac178Alex Pakhotin — Bug 694688 - Preferences activity. Asynchronous preferences initialization and update. Using JSON to pass data. [r=mfinkle]
4c926c4ac01ba24895a8891719278b629c225761Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 697063 - Tabs.getSelectedTab returns null until Gecko starts and will cause crashes [r=mfinkle]
071139291f7fe87a20f5dd8ee24253d5ef47af51Brad Lassey — one more merge for this merge
c50721be1812a9c8a2aab7e00daa919e7c90a1d8Brad Lassey — merge for stuff that landed since I updated
97cf4bfb39f807135c14365a6039491f33b779aaBrad Lassey — merge from mozilla-central
fc651c6f7d4717f6cb3439af4a49e1bf3f6ff40dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 695742 - Implement 'Save as PDF' (missing chunk) [r=mfinkle]
18c90fce8d8204b3ba248c70acbe73420b74c960Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695742 - Implement 'Save as PDF' [r=mfinkle]
0f3b96698f1743e6bb3c7461d87ebd3cb23712b5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695170 - Implement visited link styles [r=blassey]
50835832a726a66a9aeab0d3349138b6fb17847eFabrice Desré — Bug 696324 - Provide JS API for adding items to the Android menu [r=mfinkle]
79809866caf35f004fb9fc2fdb35b89d959a908cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 696875 - Widget component interfaces not registered r=dougt
de62c3437bf86f4b26e7b76501fea4a5ea4ab886Mark Finkle — Bug 697117 - Clean up some errors found at runtime [r=lucasr]
aaf33b728e58b370746981168002ab080545e3f5Lucas Rocha — Bug 695307 - Implement history tab in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
e1766b8668590bd30abc631cd036c21217f23259Lucas Rocha — Bug 695307 - Implement Bookmarks tab in AwesomeBar (r=mfinkle)
7ff119c4da913a612c79f9931301294d82ff2e05Lucas Rocha — Bug 695307 - Factor our method to open URL and close awesome bar (r=mfinkle)
e7d33f2753f4533204a69f5796461c6a29946c71Lucas Rocha — Bug 695307 - Factor out awesome bar search into AwesomeBarTabs (r=mfinkle)
9af803b0ddd64976b6830b4cf80721a204cccd6aLucas Rocha — Bug 696851 - Remove unused imports from BrowserToolbar (r=sriram)
da3d54ca66623398b61c0f2db95ca33f8eb85a6bLucas Rocha — Bug 696851 - Remove wildcard import from AwesomeBar (r=sriram)
9f7204cd890d4e46d034628d8a1a80e8abd66c53Lucas Rocha — Bug 696851 - Rename LOG_FILE_NAME to LOG_FILE in Tabs (r=sriram)
317b9edd33e33f9a8357803189d4ea9ad935b318Lucas Rocha — Bug 696851 - Remove unused method from AwesomeBar (r=sriram)
83c769a8c57834f8d8df2af53834fdcc161e468cLucas Rocha — Bug 695332 - Fix browser toolbar id for consistency (r=sriram)
1de814feb2c97c324e1ba218ef19903f4297d420Gian-Carlo Pascutto — No bug - Fix dangling logging strings after we refactored Java code. r=mfinkle
3a14d798516092f2537b21ed89a26916b1e2d704Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Add doorhanger notifications for Java UI. r=mfinkle
ca91054429b407a7d2bbda1597440b2f3eddbc57Mark Finkle — Bug 696758 - Filter web progress messages sent to Java [r=mbrubeck]
5326356766da801cf0a0d6cdd06c36b4e69ae8b8eitan — Bug 696063 - UIReady signal needs to be ported r=mbrubeck
585bca4ff5a2828c75b3a6bc8ece079b36db8837Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 696927 - Use default favicon for the domain. r=mfinkle
73556e76e3cb81e5acf75c0b413f5333e69fa8c9Wes Johnston — Bug 696311 - Show current url in awesomebar. r=lucasr
6f66e72d73d795aa42a8581ae4f4b4b58f71275aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 695461 - Download notifications
7fd0c25e459195455336e8cf00100c35a7c62e44Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 695152 - Tabs tray implementation for native UI. r=mfinkle
8db2fba86f7556abda91690c4c6886b579e72e13Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 695152 - On rotation, the title and favicons should be preserved. r=evilfinkle
d0de6c7720d24ce4fd8714c705ff4cd7dc8a4c04Sriram Ramasubramanian — Addressbar gets corrupted in droid pro when keyboard suggestions are shown r=dougt
1d37f263df5f4fa971983f47c60b10ec10783ee8Fabrice Desré — Bug 696683 - handleGeckoMessage throws java.lang.NullPointerException on startup [r=dougt]
04a7317963b91d1efbfbd93997fc40d5ad9af001Fabrice Desré — Bug 696850 - Support chrome:// and resource:// uris in favicons [r=mfinkle]
76e6b7b29f81f04db4cb41d99702a11ebcdbdf2aFabrice Desré — Don't harcode the appID in nsAndroidStartup.cpp [r=ted]
39fcda93f139ff9984f163e4d4cfe2cebdc4bfdaDoug Turner — Merge from m-c
859fc2a73a59b7a6874862e718e1738216a69d11Wes Johnston — Bug 694455 - Implement a prompt service for native ui fennec. r=mfinkle,blassey
1b7748fbdf19a6364e4440d8506e8b5fbde2defdDoug Turner — Backing out the Quit change which is causing bug 696386. r=mfinkle
45c91268cfee6f300edfee2b79071492bddcadecDoug Turner — Bug 695836 - sync last screen and last uri preference. r=mfinkle
d80bb047fca26926ac8b19e0d87eecc784526a69Fabrice Desré — Bug 696550 - Reset favicon when loading a new document [r=mfinkle]
f84cfff96eae8f84aec3c31f02d2a787362a2c53Doug Turner — Bug 695699 - Work around to produce valid aus links. r=fabrice.
1685afdada81ffccd2e41f1d8284404f67d08e2bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 695835 - Move favicon download to a separate thread. r=mfinkle
6113f767a4313f0ad894ddcaa15a707a7d433945Mark Finkle — Bug 696300 - Can't focus on text fields when switching to a new tab (better than nothing) [r=blassey]
beed650abc13b4d32c02e2a901966a5340881272Doug Turner — Bug 696300 - Make text fields focusable r=blassey
653aa43e96433746fe6846ba8f7321e49f9a3354Brad Lassey — no bug - make quit work r=dougt
9f0b55203981f91d8a220667712f3a93fc0ee953Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695595 - Fix bug introduced in f8179ee6846a [r=mfinkle]
208cba10065b54b0edae7935ac9f57d9e39fd132Brad Lassey — bug 695457 - Use android system backend for Awesome Bar data r=dougt
a8484900da43c8ee07f767c5441928e2e434a370Chris Lord — Improve panning, fix panning bugs. r=mfinkle
37f1cd8bda7ee1ae3ffd31346e8c158ffdc9302dChris Lord — Improve pinch-to-zoom (a bit)
5a2f08e6022ca76c142c50df16dc953b43769839Margaret Leibovic — Bug 695177 - Add sharing to fennec native, r=blassey
f013c96028a7615c159674eab4cd9c97602d084cBrian Nicholson — Bug 695434 - Resize favicon image [r=mfinkle]
5805eff0c5ce7324a738209ff8aab7f3c9232186Fabrice Desré — Backed out changeset 20d4914c7b13 : will be done in styles.xml (see bug 695434)
20d4914c7b138a28f91ba5eb2cd306dba91402c7Brian Nicholson — Scale favicon size
3ad7b8daa41dd999171ca8bb369ba4ab37e80563Fabrice Desré — Bug 695405 - Re-enable add-on support [r=mossop]
0a783dbfb864ff52653deed9279802b5c23ce225Lucas Rocha — Bug 695332 - Factor out browser toolbar into a self-contained view (r=mfinkle)
e6bfd145e3239b35d0fb632136fd994e8b3d83fbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 695112 - [birch] Add an action bar to menu items usable on Honeycomb [r=mfinkle]
071451d7ff5148b8f07372bd310318db864c0e49Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695100 - Code cleanup for CrashReporter (r=lucasr)
b35d89b7a705d292b4d0c03f6081f7434ce65e20Fabrice Desré — backout b559e3ee4ce9 that broke build
22c68cef137e6fc3255315363e564d0732df2918Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695100 - Misc cleanups for GeckoConnectivityReceiver (r=lucasr)
a8eefe3470a860dbd51c7c2674b4534d9636a50eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 695100 - Misc cleanups in DatabaseHelper (r=lucasr)
b559e3ee4ce9dd1329230a2845950237d73acc77Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695100 - Code cleanup for CrashReporter (r=lucasr)
12ea072f6e94365ea0129073ae21dcffc9937ad4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695100 - Fix a build warning by removing duplicate item in list of files (r=lucasr)
140845efb4e80b8b8606a34a7f33ad1fc1f965d1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695100 - Code cleanup for AwesomeBar (r=lucasr)
f8179ee6846a4099516f189623157307bc892c17Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 695100 - Code cleanup for GeckoBookmarks (r=lucasr)
6cdb05bcbf5e392c0331b1518fb5b62d1298e716Chris Lord — Improve kinetic panning and add constants to customise behaviour.
94192995b385ebd0ca09a7f2493ceb38a7744724Ed Morley — Fix non-Android test failures due to MOZ_SPELLCHECK not being defined in editor; r=dougt
19a597a694a70deeef3bdaa7cc59d9457fbddc91Ed Morley — Fix bustage on non-android platforms; r=fabrice
8066987d39e0fa2d56431734192d199c01d1c6dcChris Lord — Implement scrolling of sub-frames. r=mfinkle
64298ca46aa23e7cc4714b88e869083d0998b2eeMatt Brubeck — Bug 694622 - [birch] Don't spin the event loop when opening windows [r=mfinkle]
656804527d1a6671fb862aa28ecca0385abe4be7Doug Turner — Disable plugins on birch. They are causing ANR on the droid pro
c271873d5b6ee1f24a4494050b0ddb60ebe8bbe6Mark Finkle — Fixes and nits to the Java Tab UI
2160392609ed28604d167919df0e26ad1250aadeDoug Turner — isEmpty() doe not exist on Java strings
2cd2d2294a70028a596a4fa0de0a388ff2863cc7Doug Turner — #changeset: 78790:3f21e8a211ff
2eb6f5137a14b58fb1d1b10eef944b8ecf622486Matt Brubeck — Bug 694622 - [birch] Handle links from other apps on the command line [r=mfinkle]
773d5ac8324ab56bfa1e46cc7e86bf27ca6c73cdFabrice Desré — Missed the fix to nsNavHistory for places
aa83da5a0fb1e31cbcfd8f9cdf50df63146206fbFabrice Desré — Try to not bust non-android builds
0c46f65505f09f1b6f46077e004eb08733382fbdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 694334 - Make the mainLayout and geckoLayout variables in GeckoApp private and non-static; move the only code that uses it into GeckoApp from GeckoAppShell
387480993dbb55fd2dd2ee0c3dce41f1a80a5edbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 694334 - Make the awesomebar, favicon, and progressbar private and non-static in GeckoApp; move the only code that uses it into GeckoApp from GeckoAppShell
687bcbb451b31beff8b54183144f03e8cbe1a744Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 694334 - Fix bug introduced in 7f874fcc92c4 that caused the session history to be lost on rotations [r=lucasr]
175144e7afdfeacaab20092a3e6349f099ad18f2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 694334 - Minor touchups to 7f874fcc92c4: fix copy/pasted copyright block and expand glob imports to individual imports [r=lucasr]
5f287a7da2ec77bb8b555dfaef9eb6a17c02266cMatt Brubeck — Back out dccf0928f904 because it broke URL loading
683cf27e21706bbfa72ab74c7cf4ec27548ad966Mark Finkle — Bug 694637 - [birch] Add basic DOMTitleChanged and DOMLinkAdded support r=bnicholson
dccf0928f904701a15365e903220769d43bf85b5Matt Brubeck — Bug 694622 - [birch] Update application ID for command-line handler registration [r=fabrice]
c86baad4db9ce96ba1e29d722590b278394752d8Doug Turner — moving setting browser.last.uri into DOMContentLoaded. removing hideLoadingScreen message
688468a5a9e1ab32cece6ddac4c7bba65012296bDoug Turner — Fixing error in handleEvent
7603c5ce42602e6246e02690fa7e43d2a0c4985aDoug Turner — Merge from mozilla-central
de179bc9497cb9bc18dff8191ba95b7eaf28cf0cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Fix libs being included twice in APK. (Faulty merge of bug 686876) r=mfinkle
d9e824e282093ec55029dbd47221ca5ae6f408a2Doug Turner — Typo
72f965e5dbde800998e983ef24c8678473a5bf63Doug Turner — Disable content sink prefs since we are now not e10s and these were tuned that way.
5ed7e0ff0244f16c14f37cdec111adb713c56409Doug Turner — We need to ensure that the last screen shot is written if we forcefully quit.
6f71ab68b80565adbddf62418d3861869b34ac72Doug Turner — Move hiding last screen from onTouch to when the document finishes loading. This will change after the layer manager lands
73089ff476a24566003a8ab1195b78ccd8ec3b21Fabrice Desré — Check index bounds in SessionHistory::getHistoryEntryAt()
b94a295996f6604df39b01973a020fb5c5041aa8Fabrice Desré — StrictMode API is only available for API level >= 9
6d144c6ffde0ea88676459d6b513675fc64e9d6dBrad Lassey — implement bookmarks UI r=dougt
5bc12a451fce7130a849b8ea55778f76307d4047Fabrice Desré — Camera support for birch - using default Android camera app
5b8a01f59171b7ee71e89f1aa83799abf60c9da1Doug Turner — Disabling setting locale code. See bug 635342. This is probably not needed anymore. It costs about 145 ms at startup
52b8305d918723ca23c25a0b6d555a7009ec1bebDoug Turner — Remove cgroup handling. We no longer have a child process. Also, and more importantly, this code runs on the main thread. It takes about 1s to run. When we have extra processes, we should make sure that this runs on a new thread
734eaaaafa675b52d1afbda47cbaf0917cb0d0f6Doug Turner — Make sure that mStartupBitmap is loaded off of the main thread.
bbd71e085ce54a2a98df3636271f450f3a47cbf1Mark Finkle — Use camelCase for sendMessageToJava
e520f263551f6cfcce8d147e1b74189789f40c6bMark Finkle — Add basic support for multiple tabs/browsers
8f98bff0412613a5faa8f4acbe973caa77b8db28sriram — Use styles with XML layouts in Android
cbd2b351512c82b02c89ccf16f0ff46704212d71Doug Turner — Add KEYCODE_MENU key handling to GeckoSurfaceView
cd8813d5469d4527abd75b868620346bed5e32c3Doug Turner — Hook up session history and reload.
f3e8810de1da68b50dea7d2a5074e096645fa5cfSriram Ramasubramanian — Menu's xml needs to be added in
efa487c79d57c72fde7482e917d066fe02cb3cdaChris Lord — Implement kinetic panning
7f874fcc92c42de59f939e62930a7d00ba4e754eKartikaya Gupta — Evacuate the session history stuff from GeckoApp for better encapsulation, and to make fewer things static
70644835c488d44c4970816379db5cb521ca587aLucas Rocha — Don't use AbsoluteLayout.LayoutParams as it's deprecated (r=mfinkle)
0ead3e00d2b59f6ba7041a9fadb473665070914dLucas Rocha — Supress deprecation warnings for android.text.ClipboardManager (r=kats)
f070a03d79cee5e12bc3da6bcf68fbe6dded46baLucas Rocha — Remove unnecessary intermediate CharSequence variable (r=kats)
ca107c8ed542620c0f5ca4ba086d4a2ca301aca0Doug Turner — Enables simple message passing from Java->Gecko using the nsIObserver. r=blassey
1c2dd1f432ee5e473e511a316d28ed41a1aa0483Mark Finkle — Bug 694136 - [birch] Refactor the browser JS and XUL files [r=fabrice r=kats]
c132a2aaa2eecd132b3b18c6c2737b0d1eb0f1bcKartikaya Gupta — Make variables private/final for better encapsulation and to allow the compiler to optimize things better
b4e7c495faf69cebe26cacc74cf1f73845150441Doug Turner — Force offline = false to ensure we go online.
398dbbaf7affa2e9b9dda691dc71682b7e6faa5fKartikaya Gupta — Remove == comparison of dynamic java strings, and also prevent collapsing empty strings in the clipboard to null r=mfinkle
66ff926748ad2820af62f2359eb103565bd0076eDoug Turner — Resize window when the keyboard is dimissed
2143355a6a3fd0f43482726eee79ff41477a1d13Fabrice Desré — Change XUL appID
2b38585481da1911a15346d4bac28bd12163393aLucas Rocha — Name AwesomeBarCursorAdapter private properties consistently (r=mfinkle)
b4bbaa96238a64309e8f836dadfc17d416aab48aKartikaya Gupta — Give the awesome bar a URI keyboard
b7228098923508d64f62d69a8377b11d2f358035Doug Turner — During first run, or when the lastScreen.png is missing, we currently show a black screen. I am changing this to display a stock image with some text over it. We should think about exactly what we want to show here.
2f3d39316c54192d37b29c2070904b0abe666affDoug Turner — Moving options menu from java to xml
a7a700a9069916e61bd1efce7d30bf6d46854839Fabrice Desré — Use DOMTitleChanged to track title changes
ba4595cf553e729b46161c9082d80b6b5fcb8856Brian Nicholson — Replaced Threads with AsyncTasks
5406124e5f8ae87c39b98532537aea745369aaa8Brad Lassey — cleaned up warnings
5d6a3f8787cc6588664c807e6899ada1f321d133Brad Lassey — backed out dougt because nothing compiled
2404eeb4aa4fb5d78fc016f8d6d70a6de482b9ffDoug Turner — Too many class members that are not prefixed with m. Fixing that up.
c55637180242394e97841eeeb8fda2fa7e2f85c2Doug Turner — We disabled places by returning early when making the db connect. The link code is a very loud/frequent caller into places. Here we also bail early to avoid lots of getService calls and lots of debug spew.
a758c9de6c6ce3780ffb71cc3f0c9572193ea9e2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Update theme
2285e86e44b00cd902c31a3b57ba968921927d44Doug Turner — Let all javascript errors to to the nsConsoleService. This might be a perf hit, but i dont see it yet and it is *so* useful
a0470c825030adbd3bef32afecfe39fd7324685cDoug Turner — Patch from faster branch.
bf8259fcab61b5966835b7cfc21ed5565c42fcfcEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
e7d4de514316e72529b2da8ea7a829c6ca6ed8c7Boris Zbarsky — Fix missing braces compile warning. No bug.
da074baa9f0585bf239296c6d3ef3ee5e1097eabJustin Lebar Bug 702256 - "[Gonk] Add DOM API for turning screen on/off and adjusting the screen's brightness" r=cjones,mounir
335a204bcfe942d59f70186a5e4b156b9116cfc2Hub Figuiere — Bug 707846 - remove unused nsAccessibleWrap::GetUnignoredChildCount(). r=surkov
95e631d313a3721f7ffbd20bfb40f67338429b91Hub Figuiere — Bug 689105 - Ensure a11y children are initialized before caching on Mac. r=surkov, r=davidb
b30a2262608de91f296adfefd12cbfffb33cb785Alexander Surkov — Bug 704852 - Calculate compatibility mode when accessibility starts, r=tbsaunde, sr=neil, f=marcoz
5c0c7af66ec01e965d68cb42c670160bdfa64462Boris Zbarsky — Bug 704911. Don't restyle based on state selectors that match our node but don't depend on the state that's changing. r=dbaron
85358854403fbd5c6b1731e2eda2722deea51d98Boris Zbarsky — Bug 704399. When doing the 'restrict background painting to the padding area' optimization, actually restrict it to padding area plus 1px on each side to deal with seams caused by curved borders better. r=roc
c9eee0711ca6c1d8b9a152af2f9372fef4cd5f31Fabrice Desré — Bug 707094 - DOMApplicationRegistry (Webapps.jsm): Use FileUtils.jsm for simpler and more robust nsIFile handling [r=philikon]
1f093067e982dff68a1b6ef8d2617e965f84d493Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 703143 - Use a memory multi-reporter for SQLite's per-connection reporting. r=sdwilsh.
bfb517a374fc041f8f599910d58317bd79403e0eBrian Hackett — JS_GetFrameFunction should return canonical script function, bug 707613. r=luke
d524a35f7c7c7420a4127fbfcf742b90bf780113Fabrice Desré — Bug 707090 - DOMApplicationRegistry (Webapps.jsm) must not do any mainthread I/O [r=mfinkle]
14a57310fe5814ca0792703b3db6c69f8e0a9a59Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702815 - Maintain a list of open SQLite connections. code=nnethercote,bent. r=sdwilsh.
8a5174695f8672022262e1019ada46087e79743cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 704723 - Add memory reporter for XPConnect. r=mrbkap.
8eeb504515e30b9117f245ed9f73b40380b0d08cBob Moss — Bug 695020 Fix race condition in process launching in the SUTAgent r=ctalbert
6bd88cb2f66551bd24b10faf679bd4eed2805be4Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 706180 - Use /tools/gcc-4.5-0moz3. r=rail.
7047e1d7c6de16a926bc8d3a3079a9563be77090Steve Workman — Bug 694325: Add files for DNS Multithreading on Android; avoid undefined, unexposed libc symbols r=mwu
0706bf7b450804047fcf03d52c28d6a6a64fac65Brandon Sterne — Bug 702439 - allow subframes of CSP documents to run javascript: URLs, r=bz
e90ea5280cfc59b2f47f54267f4d248a2d43f1a1Niko Matsakis — Bug 699319 - Part 3: Update test infrastructure to run tests in either threaded or process mode. r=cjones
fb54dde96ed2dcbaa0e36a5c1204a37e529c00cdNiko Matsakis — Bug 699319 - Part 2: Create threaded version of the Link class. r=cjones
d5b16492bc5798b7c97c16edb4df19af5ec35c1dNiko Matsakis — Bug 699319 - Part 1: Abstract out the mTransport and I/O thread into the Link abstraction. r=cjones
adc488386b171100530e87b68c752b8bc8cd951dIgor Bukanov — Bug 707645 - Fix set-but-unused warnings reported by GCC 4.6 in jsobj.cpp. r=bhackett1024
ab2bc05933553c222929e6e89104e587da47b7e3Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Backed out changeset c7bba86f5e02
c7bba86f5e02f46a1c46aa891bce3efebbebaf56Jan Hubicka — Bug 577813 - Missing __attribute__ ((used)) on PrepareAndDispatch functions. r=benjamin.
338fae43b9d0d174fb58e7a086f9f8de565c420cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
290d329672e5b696809a8958e7e4c3408c01e2c8Jared Wein — Bug 633691 - Removed the ability to add exceptions to framed certerrors. r=gavin
cdee05798c4abce28d16cce222ea47383b97452bJared Wein — Bug 699719 - Fade out video controls if mouse movement is stalled > 2 seconds. r=dolske
35066406c3d7512087eabe975fdc4fd0b5c5cf1bJared Wein — Bug 513405 - Add text to video controls to describe the cause of errors. r=dolske
0c8f003450653a055e2ae6f509d2c22ce70fead6Jared Wein — Bug 706329 - JS error in console when switching to full screen 'this.isVideoInFullScreen is not a function'. r=dolske
69b62700aa75b60ac4f211f194152b9ed7b237b8Raymond Lee — Bug 696602 - Active tab not shown in tab strip on return from Panorama r=tim
b0ca4b222cb5341847e659a69300620df077ed5dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
87d0900637fec7fb6d12378a688e9330266c9e46Frank Yan — Bug 672354 - Fix horiz. mouse scroll for horiz. RTL scrollboxen. r=dao
a5879751101ef6e5e0429df4e7bb2cc1c38e0cacMarco Castelluccio — Bug 542032 - Don't look up prefs on every tab & window close [r=zpao]
392c2c86c5bc19b7549dd17029ce4c2b48594f35Michael Kraft — Bug 642624 - If shutdown Firefox when all closed windows are popups, exception occurs and session isn't saved. [r=zpao]
018d5cc8236e83a7c893a24755ba4277f3101de3Tobias Markus — Bug 707180 - JavaScript strict warning: 'Reference to undefined property aBrowser.__SS_restoreState' [r=zpao]
f40ab132ed31a1d366919e80c5f83cc34f802a8cTim Taubert — Bug 706398 - 'gSearchEngine is null' when about:home is closed early; r=mak
917ffaaafcd796a6f4927eb2cbba90f29a628a9bPaul Rouget — Bug 706734 - "this.veilContainer is null" in browser/devtools/highlighter/inspector.jsm. r=robcee
fafaf614791f698e9f66902560206e37065eee39Matt Brubeck — Merge latest green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
2f33758829d2e432e18d7f280e94cb936ae458a1jhorak — Bug 682832 - Don't ignore Gnome 3 proxy settings. r=karlt
28bdd260c3bc11d632df4123aa4b2da755a550d2Andrew Quartey — Bug 465299 - Validity check for mozStorageStatementWrapper::Initialize. r=sdwilsh
4a1a8b361f592a8a6ffee257a72625c020bac22cAndrew Quartey — Bug 705414 - Failure checks for JS_DefineElement in nsScriptableRegion::GetRects. r=evilpie
d991d977029249d442f716fbbb1d72736d024af2Marco Bonardo — Backout 407fba8cbd5a (bug 702256) for build failure on Windows.
78f22d1645ab65b767b5ee7aa8e14fc8ff06ec7dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 699351. Part 4: Fix test. r=tnikkel
f08d9c2c8fefc7f5fde9770b9ec8436905036a60Robert O'Callahan — Bug 699351. Part 3: Fix clipping to subdocument to not use subdocument root view bounds. r=tnikkel
78d0b89c9800b082fb6e7f25e5f69c1c6024b132Robert O'Callahan — Bug 699351. Part 2: fix assertion. r=tn
24c0a640eac11b77dc1e5088d712db7d0969e5d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 699351. Add nsIFrameLoader::clipSubdocument API to allow XUL <iframe> and <browser> to not clip the subdocument. r=tnikkel,sr=bzbarsky
232990286849fe4e26658072b857e451cb368af0Geoff Brown — Bug 701038 - use zip to improve performance of devicemanagerADB.pushDir; r=jmaher
c63c69abfbfd913b47240112b9fd4029569c4cd1William Lachance — Bug 706974 - devicemanagerADB's pushDir method does not conform to interface specifications. r=jmaher
bbdc154c89b387c8a17b8974a60210c827490215Geoff Brown — Bug 698113: copy to device during remote xpcshell setup; r=jmaher
ddb149aecfa72f77d542c7ec8842aa0c97f723dbGeoff Brown — Bug 706372: remove -j option from xpcshell command invoked by xpcshell-tests-remote; r=jmaher
e8a2d4389e8fda88a630bebd7dbb9fb180443341Geoff Brown — Bug 700916: improve command line when launching process via devicemanagerADB; r=jmaher
407fba8cbd5af2ef6a7a1adb597a38543876747cJustin Lebar Bug 702256 - "[Gonk] Add DOM API for turning screen on/off and adjusting the screen's brightness" r=cjones,mounir
03420089b4af22f32e1cb54f3904a74706416f34Makoto Kato — Bug 696049 - Battery API: Windows backend. r=mounir,jimm
f4eee92684cf8719ce5d19ef29b74f58619ed357Florian Quèze — Bug 697546 - Add a scriptable way to set a dock badge text. r=smichaud,josh
dbe04a04bc41f1574bf82d92eef68a51e489e9cdLars Erdmann — Bug 705454 - Loading of module PMMERGE to compute screen size is wrong. r=wuno
2e6ab844f770ec6b533e1d7f759a73f15596798aMartin Stransky — Bug 706787 - Crash on s390x (nsXPCComponents::AttachNewComponentsObject() fails). r=glandium
c1311b1ce53c187004e2ea12eb70c56bef0148bfMakoto Kato — Bug 700234 - get rid of *WithConversion (widget part). r=roc
ea3c7f7d42d67dc5b7c5e76a6a1fa4e3fa21b41cMakoto Kato — Bug 707586 - Remove font.allow_double_byte_special_chars pref. r=jdaggett
431962a6ac3448d3b4a0459a4d7821d63bd84647Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 699256 - Part 3: Hook the RIL worker and the DOM API up to the build system. r=gal
4452fc1a3cad74aa616c6beb3a69c74c4852e1c0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 699256 - Part 2: Add an experimental navigator.mozTelephony API. r=bent
a95b61c88f650dcad977b3356ee9ede8da68a8d3Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 699256 - Part 1: Add telephony worker for dealing with RIL messages. r=gal
a1f89c23bbca2db98fe4b0f198cee59c999ec993Blake Kaplan — Bug 698621 - Part 2: Implement telephony worker shell. r=bent
6d7db29d93629b2030e0c9a8f38514a7a5976f9bBlake Kaplan — Bug 698621 - Part 1: Implement cross-thread dispatching for web workers. r=bent
8f00dd36208dafbb2df2c13afce8751c19136507Kyle Machulis — Bug 699222 - Part 1: Add MOZ_B2G_RIL (--enable-b2g-ril) configure flag. r=khuey
61b93d0a8624d53a7d2921613f52cd4d66e22ae5Phil Ringnalda — Bug 656943 - Disable test_offlineMode.html until someone cares enough to look at why it suddenly became flaky after 2.5 years, r=hsivonen
e89b8ace046086f588db1317f12595baa984a9cdAlexander Surkov — Bug 658272 - Implement figure and figcaption accessibility, r=tbsaunde, marcoz
2c4639bc02fe76248ea992e90e02a0a4de566548Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 707125 - Shrink the final string in str_unescape if possible. r=luke.
527a79f535d8c261c3210860b5b824f8a47ce74bPhil Ringnalda — Back out e0cb9fb30750 (bug 707051) for test failures
e0cb9fb3075080be64d10079892d48b074c49098Bill McCloskey — Bug 707051 - Change MarkChildren for shapes (r=igor)
014f175b66d0fd6111cd10b37186999c8ddd61d2Igor Bukanov — bug 707114 - inline JSLinearString::mark. r=wmccloskey
de7161dd46203b9132ee5e17d7ef66c8686f8348Nick Thomas — Bug 705974, Remove files deprecated in Fx7/Fx8, r=khuey
0f4d49ced402704be69debeaa1bc06ddb5a7a716Javi Rueda — Bug 246827 - Newly added languages should appear on top of the list. r=gavin
a0e9e2640477593d07b48f5841a4982dab2315e8Matt Woodrow — Bug 704468 - Reverse rotation direction for rotate3d() transform function. r=dbaron
6d36479d125090afc6455287abff8746bd081f4fMatt Woodrow — Bug 698590 - Add reftest for zoomed ImageLayer. r=roc
180b47429ff32a178724ec9910ea041ee009e5f1Matt Woodrow — Bug 705580 - Add animated image test that uses an ImageLayer. r=joe
1a44df2a172bf6560a11815c59615890c5e2edecMatt Woodrow — Bug 705580 - Remove the cached ImageContainer when the current frame changes. r=joe
66a382d48b09bebd9505d35bef6a95f996056988Benoit Jacob — Bug 707555 - Update ANGLE to r901 (v1.0) to grab correctness fixes - no review
34589711e25452bea4f751e91fe08e3032e61faaBenoit Jacob — Bug 703927 - object-deletion-behaviour test still failing until we land 706674 - no review, fix mochitest-1 orange, CLOSED TREE
d75664a67e3b4187a3a1e2c500d869cabf1312acBenoit Jacob — Bug 703927 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r16237 - no review
432d88a73914212f73ebf3fef49925e00aea1b78Benoit Jacob — Bug 707033 - Kill the hashtables of WebGLUniformLocation's held by WebGLProgram's - r=jgilbert
4efe225df2e82c5de995f6057056251a59dd2278Benoit Jacob — Bug 705904 - [6/6] - Kill nsRefPtrHashtables of WebGL objects, allow unreferenced objects to be freed, fix about:memory reporting of deleted objects - r=jgilbert
905f0d81cc47730abaa9b4cc58610e9bfab69feeBenoit Jacob — Bug 705904 - [5/6] - Kill nsRefPtrHashtables of WebGL objects, allow unreferenced objects to be freed, fix about:memory reporting of deleted objects - r=jgilbert
724663b7a0ce7c074f4103c40cd2968765401f02Benoit Jacob — Bug 705904 - [4/6] - Kill nsRefPtrHashtables of WebGL objects, allow unreferenced objects to be freed, fix about:memory reporting of deleted objects - r=jgilbert
111be7b1a9e89843248d214cc6f50244b8eccb17Benoit Jacob — Bug 705904 - [3/6] - Kill nsRefPtrHashtables of WebGL objects, allow unreferenced objects to be freed, fix about:memory reporting of deleted objects - r=jgilbert
eaf41f64aad7d983a7b1d0a01195c4231cc5f13bBenoit Jacob — Bug 705904 - [2/6] - Kill nsRefPtrHashtables of WebGL objects, allow unreferenced objects to be freed, fix about:memory reporting of deleted objects - r=jgilbert
a9f0158d9494d608d3bce49c8fed487c89dfd4e3Benoit Jacob — Bug 705904 - [1/6] - Kill nsRefPtrHashtables of WebGL objects, allow unreferenced objects to be freed, fix about:memory reporting of deleted objects - r=jgilbert
3a7aa2475d3cd9b5024501ebc6d4cc0cca42461bBenoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [9/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
2facd7e6fd7c78644c9d5e25efc0c190c97dfb35Benoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [8/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
1a4f061c4f2d5a174fec2f7b87179561cc6ca4ffBenoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [7/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
c1de92ddbedfcc6f18e0f22d27fb003d844af535Benoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [6/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
9d44f155bdbb2bba1a54efab894137c4954532d3Benoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [5/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
e8de56f450c95cc9b4d7f77b1950535e1764ed6aBenoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [4/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
539c05fd263cdd8362c8531d1f78c93e4539fad1Benoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [3/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
cba3b08c4bac7f659968be87198815e0a1acb4acBenoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [2/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
4d13dff07f893465434eb42c435a4f89c1e645bdBenoit Jacob — Bug 704839 - [1/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
726a2e15c9463672e976501b128308cc5fb9afceBenoit Jacob — Bug 705673 - remove stale mUniformTextures - no review
6f79f22f6b43a0ee6b2e6c080e971ffbd330da91Benoit Jacob — Bug 705668 - Remove IIDs on WebGL implementation classes - r=ehsan
c7e1e8cb36d4250f62318c1b0a4e365d85a4227fBenoit Jacob — Bug 705665 - Don't whine while glDeleting non-existent GL object - r=jgilbert
82e7bc80eb4971a41cacc067274d6403df0b0fe5Jonas Sicking — Bug 706068: Make complex keys work on auto-increment object stores. Patch by khuey and sicking. r=sicking on parts by khuey and r=bent on parts by sicking.
b3a301279d1c3ccd4d94c57089eeafaafdaf3a83Jonas Sicking — Bug 706762: Ensure that object stores and indexes are removed from caches when they are deleted. r=bent
0de28e40259f83d5e29613f6a7946ff3147e81c7Jonas Sicking — Bug 692630: Support multi-entry indexes. r=bent
b6fb93ef1aee8e10c518720aaecd1b88535d45f9Jonas Sicking — Bug 706659 part 2: Support empty keypaths on objectStores. r=bent
62131fc525d492cdc4e4ed81fb86cd24386afa86Jonas Sicking — Bug 706659 part 1: Make complex keypaths ignore index rather than throwing in all situations if it can't get key for index. r=bent
59844258e40624082237ee021ba617d3ead28812Simon Montagu — Reftests for bug 676245, r=dbaron
e45974ac54991da094759e4386a44e1038ea0720Simon Montagu — Add selectors so that block elements with dir also get unicode-bidi: -moz-isolate in the default stylesheet. Bug 676245, r=dbaron
cb70391c86d9e69a76971518496dbc22214c7c5dMark Banner — Bug 557047 - Replace mailnews specific ifdef (MOZ_MAIL_NEWS) in cookie code with tests for a protocol flag. r=sdwilsh,sr=bzbarsky
1bd7482ad4d195aaa4511f241b3de74eac9e8f2cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
3d2eac7dcf6693d3763edc0599feab7027dbf72cMounir Lamouri — Bug 707085 - Fix Battery API default values. r=sicking
5e8a7c9d5f1df24ac1c4b41bb449ba1197bd64b1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 704521 - Fix form history autocomplete broken for XUL elements. r=zpao
2a15404c1d7106718fa74d8c7605eb8946336d79Bernd — followup on bug 460637
4ecf595875a5388e18e8592a69e806172c7d2d25Jim Blandy — Bug 700070: Have stubs::AnyFrameEpilogue call the full ScriptEpilogue before StackFrame::functionEpilogue, not just ScriptDebugEpilogue after functionEpilogue. r=jorendorff
38d6d2ac55e7528b6c59257b5adbde3403a817f1Phil Ringnalda — Bug 512307 - Recognize and parse RFC 822 dates that use "Z" as a timezone, r=mak
7f8401b9f74625bde197a03b49035ca2fbb0f99dCameron McCormack — Bug 670858 - Ignore some expected and fix some unexpected exceptions in xpinstall tests. r=dtownsend
2ccbefd87c84b0aff01bfd7ff3576b1d7597cd0cBrian Hackett — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
17e8e969fa09fc5430d7e1abf480d637f1851729Ed Morley — Bug 696498 - Add Makefiles to * that were created in the tree since main re-write; rs=build
efdfd71b342fe461828deb6133c0bb5ad582c439Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Add MacOS port of the v8 profiler. r=bgirard
d4aab965bc51db18e6d5996dfc3e155a7273ea65Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Change active_ to Atomic32. r=bgirard
8d8c62c6a4142d0ffb9d0779d5679e4da5376d2bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Add more v8 support code. r=bgirard
9b6c9d4bd1ffe2de6ca39f091201fc1e02dcf01fTobias Markus — Bug 691253 - JavaScript strict warning: chrome://browser/content/browser.js, line 10581: reference to undefined property this._updateFeedTimeout. r=mak
b4d21a25788347ad3edd3d906e3479b7a7c3f495Hannes Verschore — Bug 469758 - Incorrect error message with adjacent "let" blocks. r=dmandelin
109d10e4093779028f9ea1f7aa769d41ae8a37b9aceman — Bug 706610 - remove trailing semicolon after namespace decl. r=joe
abe0e4c2c4037181a519a3859a793cd00f756490Julian Reschke — Bug 562915 - Escape characters in content-type charset param not parsed properly. r=jduell
8d316e7fd4b08c476da7f37dabe0656e2be9bbd5Reuben Morais — Bug 704841 - Use implicit_jscontext for Components.utils getters. r=bholley
52345e5be925e71622af93f0abb57a8f02121b03aceman — Bug 704210 - Add license headers to files gfx/gl/ and gfx/thebes/ r=joe
47eba8a9a3b8c5b111c48bae51b0a0b6b01dc06dAndrew Quartey — Bug 689834 - Respect the muted attribute on media elements. f=josh r=kinetik
575d46b7119d8cf84c3387ec689f2caf602f269dDão Gottwald — Bug 704538 - Create telemetry probe to ascertain what proportion of users may prefer bug 695482's new 'open search in foreground' behaviour. r=gavin,tglek
78de2c2bdad5d3c3d87da866f89733a944afd322timeless — Bug 505738 - nsScriptableRegion::GetRects doesn't handle failure from JS_NewArrayObject [@ JS_DefineElement - nsScriptableRegion::GetRects] r=gal
eb1b0c46ddd684dcbf16156ba05d68d444eb87efMs2ger — Bug 705439 - Remove dead code: nsHTMLEditor::GetBlockSection / nsHTMLEditor::GetBlockSectionsForRange; r=ehsan
95d2ceb6b8ed51de1193f995010a077f75a845f7Ms2ger — Bug 705438 - Remove dead code: nsHTMLCSSUtils::RemoveCSSProperty(nsIDOMElement*, const nsAString&); r=ehsan
9797cb9d577bdafad4b9d01b580edc0f6bfa395cMs2ger — Bug 705437 - Remove dead code: nsCoreUtils::GetLastSensibleColumn; r=surkov
5d32e60422a9ba381358d7dc98de00d43838a671Ms2ger — Bug 705436 - Remove dead code: getDocumentTypeCB; r=surkov
8e66579d7d43dd34fbfc82b6e6fe7e2af4e10b63Ms2ger — Bug 705435 - Remove dead code: CanvasUtils::LogMessage{f,}; r=bjacob
0676170f5c7ff54e46db99dffd57ab7add8a6cbdMs2ger — Bug 705434 - Remove dead code: nsXULDocument::ContextStack::IsInsideXULTemplate; r=jst
f636c8c44ddabfd232c210c71e3f34bc16644ab4Ms2ger — Bug 705433 - Remove dead code: TestNode::HasAncestor; r=jst
fde4640d5e66e3ffd2c0b28feeef4ff5dfba0ed9Ms2ger — Bug 705428 - Remove dead code: nsXMLContentSerializer::AppendToString(const PRUnichar*, PRInt32, nsAString&); r=sicking
29721b9272c97203373c40102d6f08b2061f23bfMs2ger — Bug 705427 - Remove dead code: nsAttrAndChildArray::SetAttr(nsIAtom*, const nsAString&); r=sicking
1e8ebd4a8389044d32e037120538069e4aada28eMs2ger — Bug 705357 - Use IDL for Components.utils.getGlobalForObject; r=bholley
f7c8894bbdaee63f1aa9f4746a20fef1d7c9400aMs2ger — Bug 705333 - Use IDL for nsJSCID::{CreateInstance,GetService}; r=bholley
09f69613e8ebdb012efae5553182857c0874b128Ms2ger — Bug 705443 - Use IDL for nsIDOMWindowUtils::GetClassName; r=khuey
881155b89a68d456edd904c38e5f2f045b5b2e24Ms2ger — Bug 704088 - Pass dom::Element to nsLayoutUtils::SurfaceFromElement; r=bz
5cac792f745ed81f672ea6052d8d31dc36f58de8Andrew Quartey — Bug 704013 - nsStyleLinkElement::ParseLinkTypes should use HTML5 definition of "whitespace"; f=Ms2ger r=bz
b45ac1c3ab89fee9309dc41408ec6c27984e6c49Fabien Cazenave — Bug 684187 - Use dom::Element instead of nsIDOMElement for nsEditor::mRootElement; r=ehsan
c2102c45c8da7870239f2b313359a6da18703a4aKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
3838d56a1eafbf34e21d54fedf433cf0b45a1ea1Kyle Huey — Bug 704464: Part 2 - Make Database creation hook into the quota system. r=bent
ffdf85abb789b6afe241564a99e1f1909d715111Kyle Huey — Bug 704464: Part 1 - Rework quota handling to use Windows insteead of Databases. r=bent
d662c4cfabaefc4ae662a2940e84eea51b223277Antti Haapala — Bug 699156: Support TypedArrays in XPConnect. r=bholley,evilpie
13afcd4c097cf52b3fb653d9c59ee07bd78d863eBrian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
3dca8a1ee5febc58c7297986b6f1d219fc5a3321Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
239e7d505041f16f5a727d388d4c4b8997f00163Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
6ad434f16abf9448174929d9d1f3761432635294Brian Hackett — Avoid scratch register collision when comparing an absolute address to an immediate, bug 703047.
4594933fd3d48bc44bffd6fcfc325d30e44978fbBrian Hackett — Manually check prototypes of objects with uncacheable prototypes in ICs, bug 703047.
c4832f2d998689646229793888cdec1346cd4b5aBrian Hackett — Remove bogus assert, bug 705873.
1e8c03ba91d073d84da774ea9e5f1a3af5b2c550Brian Hackett — Always generate new shapes when setting uncacheable flags after prototype changes, don't cache native iterators for objects with uncacheable prototypes, bug 705895.
5546f57c9567f4668e4033859d4a4f8c4a73f3f2Brian Hackett — Add API for JSD to get the parent of a scope object, no bug.
60f879bef90ef16c268b0230cf14ea20ae31c234Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
39a0770a0541d0b6fc22eb0cf575d9a634010448Brian Hackett — Fix inverted test, improve test when marking objects with uncacheable prototypes, bug 703047.
195998f4718e89204f49ed26eb58cb3c997f956cBrian Hackett — Allow one prototype change before marking an object's prototype as uncacheable, bug 703047.
28bd51ce18cbe961b3b722bc3459e39c9219a60dBrian Hackett — Use correct base address for computing allocated size of object elements, bug 704372.
fe22ebe9b8b319520812bf210d2dd3e577962d52Brian Hackett — Don't trigger write barrier when initializing private data of new objects, bug 704136.
198c47f803c1676599413351547ab20d6c342fb8Brian Hackett — Fix misuse of shape->slot(), bug 703818.
fedb520c3f3a4dab42d6b624b499fa63b88a879eBrian Hackett — Check for uncacheable prototypes during ADDPROP IC, bug 704138.
1f04d4f382274898871e0313d932e1297027f76dBrian Hackett — Treat EXTENSIBLE_PARENTS as an object flag, bug 704134.
976c33eee3ac2470d24bbbcf33bfa1c96e1fb73bBrian Hackett — Add about:memory reporters for per compartment shape tables, bug 704372.
13b3669cad6cfe9697dc5bd94b56b60b2105fb16Brian Hackett — Dense arrays should have numFixedSlots() == 0, regardless of size class. bug 704348
29138204d586240264cfc065ba9bbb10f04981daBrian Hackett — Speed up adding new properties with a common base shape, bug 704327.
a335853be21913b4a60a676c76c968d87bc10a56Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
05819d3b30b8b08c2d374900ffe5a57daab50712Brian Hackett — Remove assertion, no bug.
938ba4ad34dd9c298f65e184d27ef391bcad7bfbBrian Hackett — Fix incorrect loadPayload, bug 703721.
f850506b87b6ffbe256a5816426859f4248453f2Brian Hackett — Address bug 694561 review comments, r=luke.
c697f1c16e4c419b37e23de9752b01341b5ac5bcBrian Hackett — Address bug 697537 review comments, r=luke.
a7094fec17644d8160397b7236eddf03aa0834ecBrian Hackett — Address bug 684507 review comments, r=luke.
94f8d3e3f2426c4a7c579428c4489fd073a96f9fBrian Hackett — Address bug 699446 review comments, r=luke.
5fc138076bd6f58763d210a41cc38ebfe0710fd4Brian Hackett — Address bug 700501 review comments, r=luke.
073ff2185f16e08e48499fd4f2e838d7cc9c67dbBrian Hackett — Address bug 701509 review comments, r=luke.
fedf9dae8db58efa0c89d173c5e733818dc19493Brian Hackett — Mark uncacheable prototypes on objects whose prototype has dynamically changed, bug 703047.
290b3a7329c74be5668097e17fa4a3f39456a722Brian Hackett — Move arguments object private data to a reserved slot, bug 703721.
fbfab0e75a6372b170b0711e995e093604473fd3Brian Hackett — Avoid splintering property trees when changing the last property of an empty object, bug 701509.
b6485471d6f7b2978148730ea9d52e5ecdea9dabBrian Hackett — Avoid shape changes on XPConnect wrapper prototype changes, bug 703047.
f6b97927b0ea641882255006660fab3e1315c809Brian Hackett — Don't cache new object layouts when a dynamic property lookup is required, bug 699446.
f143dd2882faa90bb95f390d1a4ce71d814a0f24Brian Hackett — Fix method function issues, no bug.
f6929ce5d1410ca48d7f4798d51e30ca4acd967eBrian Hackett — Trigger write barrier on object slots before shrinking capacity, no bug.
ca91d676d818c37db8e6c5a6417f8e203fe19675Brian Hackett — Clear XPCWrappedNativeScope fields to avoid accessing freed arenas during destruction, no bug. r=billm
879d466adbe0e38833975c77a0a0700c85f04cacBrian Hackett — Start fixing merge trainwreck, no bug.
85ab4167c3f08348b5a6abe1f403abd22c0e1303Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
f5fd65e8a4a2866470637222724e6db2d2be1eb6Brian Hackett — Purge new object cache entries when reinserting new initial shapes, bug 701509.
23746995da452579d8b1f8403b94d8eaa90112c6Brian Hackett — Watch for created string objects that are non-empty due to insertInitialShape, bug 701509.
ba62d6c8e943b92fc3cb19bdd52cde8f63c408bfBrian Hackett — Add missing #include, no bug.
8b9d7d9b2325c89e51ffecce0ba333ad4bfb7a45Brian Hackett — Get new object empty shapes with a common hash table, bug 701509.
3ef25a8cf1728c475a7a0a51b0aa26394ec5f0b6Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
1ade8548963c6e86a5923295f7a37199fa961bd9Brian Hackett — Fix incorrect use of JSObject::getParent, no bug.
396523debe1707828ef918a3ae22115013ac58a3Brian Hackett — Always set the scope chain of XDR'ed static block objects, no bug.
c17de7853ddecfd145aadebbfe6a357bfc5ca13cBrian Hackett — Add GetGlobalForObjectCrossCompartment for use in XPConnect, no bug. r=luke
daf591298f5dbfa9100c72a3344f8afe79120226Brian Hackett — Empty shapes attached to type objects must have the same class as the prototype, bug 698150.
c12e37dbb2b7c03f4479584949448eb27b4e118fBrian Hackett — Hold reference on entry in base shape table when populating initial shape, bug 698902.
8c8d32657502dbfce21bf3b93738f423cae739fcBrian Hackett — Replace uses of GetObjectGlobal with JS_GetGlobalForObject, no bug.
0a4e7fe9b62f511f493625ad7bac9fe6a3b82383Brian Hackett — Fix incorrect test in HasDataProperty, bug 699166.
0c887d263ec6afbd2581c60e9b4582986c221b30Brian Hackett — PropertyCache::fullTest should work on arbitrary scope chains, bug 700792.
c2feba11f30fc909e30e36e88901673120c58bf7Brian Hackett — Address bug 638316 and bug 694247 review comments, r=luke.
493d52c0a104cc825590170e4ac2e336a904b3c4Brian Hackett — Track whether default 'new' types need unknown properties on the prototype, bug 700501.
33962bb2140371d87d66b67210a0dd5812b1220eBrian Hackett — Set DELEGATE for parents of other objects, bug 700300.
8bea0b58c9ff7ddbbd10f3cb8ab374ec6a4d2ac5Brian Hackett — Allow NULL'ing out of non-NULL scopes of static block chains, bug 700799.
ee3fb07956bd3c7df654264d93db53e9e5190f39Brian Hackett — Address bug 693754 review comments, r=luke.
acb8c78ea542df807f8568aa7178059eeca4d006Brian Hackett — Address bug 693479 review comments, r=luke.
2f06036dae89aa58dfa5736ed7154d5e9db7fa27Brian Hackett — Address bug 693221 review comments, r=luke.
2b440868fa72c4903a40eaaf0174b244faed9896Brian Hackett — Address bug 684410 review comments, r=luke.
1210706b4576853365358f6b3664f996294d71d6Brian Hackett — Fix incorrect use of obj->setDenseArrayLength, bug 699446.
6dc7901db1d61f71783feb150cefba2b1113e4e5Brian Hackett — Fix linkage for IsScopeObject, no bug. IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
ddd1b390fc92bc4a0f1cf86bd1c79dc3b20c2ff7Brian Hackett — Fix struct/class mismatches on js::Shape.
daa488a2e663671f96bbe4238f9be024e1b6e4e8Brian Hackett — Add cache for constructing new objects from the VM, bug 699446.
3e9445901e8bc78e663e539f42683b08bbd6a8a6Brian Hackett — Remove JSObject::isNewborn, refactor object creation code, bug 684507.
ef1f81733ed8764409930afeacd268323fdd1e6cBrian Hackett — Add memory reporter for base shapes, bug 699210.
d6352d960dd24bb29dc3365b9b2e686e7fbcd812Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
f951e9151626a490a37a3c12f3b3c5d084a56dc0Brian Hackett — Root correct array during makeDenseArraySlow, bug 698148.
6c7f986274b9febcd65ad64813e45c7c581998ffBrian Hackett — Fix GC hazard when constructing functions, bug 698156.
c46c6ebe3d192cf0044950263e9c0af22169dae7Brian Hackett — Fix misuse of shape->slot(), bug 698074.
e414b516fd92f611587194bfba98f077c6ae7b3cBrian Hackett — Fix misuse of shape->slot() in debugging code, bug 690396.
de5dc85ea5208ce0dbdcefdacb5aead9113e8cfcBrian Hackett — Fix uses of native reserved slots in web workers, bug 697537.
3c302171e8e503153f7e429b98d886297222f186Brian Hackett — Restore logic to increase fixed slot count for object types which have had slot arrays allocated, bug 693221.
60df0b18b25c2dba780a93c07524311924c854ebBrian Hackett — Set initial value of native reserved slots to undefined, bug 697537.
b01eb1ba58ce9296ebf0ae9d50fbbcd1cd5b658aBrian Hackett — Fix uses of native reserved slots in web workers, bug 697537.
2b0d447b1b9ffc2ddb9d3cc691d35470606e769aBrian Hackett — Merge.
ecf776407687cf44d5454b5261e174f22f801146Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
98d248b24658c0fcbdfc6492128e5be56f5da1a5Brian Hackett — Clean up API for creating natives with reserved slots, fix uses in CTypes and jsworkers shell, bug 697537.
636842dccfc9d88688488422dc04cc6758e5023fBrian Hackett — Don't return stale shape in methodShapeChange, bug 690732.
a8ebe03c20e56e5324566009b2b9bf5b1e6786d7Brian Hackett — Fix incorrect load for flat closure upvar slots, bug 697537.
226503831db200d513e1318258622ff65ecadc65Brian Hackett — Fix warnings.
57b753e28ffdb29a579e989863d46e527a8e0e5dBrian Hackett — Remove JSFunction fixed slots and unused fields, bug 697537.
36694940133d5b140324ba342174ce10343df18fBrian Hackett — Fix incorrect test in FindIdentifierBase, bug 694247.
d849045ad3f2455644ae497f3cc2608f7fc3620fBrian Hackett — Add JSScript::function, bug 693754.
1d1656b60947f1e73bcfa05b1c58d9bad891398cBrian Hackett — Fix failing test, bug 693754.
ac70af6619854be7f22c82b48eed0ee8668ca78fBrian Hackett — Fix misuse of JSObject::getParent, bug 694247.
498d6fa378ba586b2f34424cf9404c74aa3f48cbBrian Hackett — Fix OPT build break.
2e7490ebbe6aec5efbd958610c6b0f8e81324d2fBrian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
0fbd13dfb8af9070961cac86591ad32f4e92b236Brian Hackett — Fix test failures.
8d0ea943ce7445344781b7a662d90bc07521a61dBrian Hackett — Fix GC hazard in fun_trace, bug 693754.
d72fbcc87e6b2ddd12e7de361c16b0e1b36a2ea3Brian Hackett — Move singleton flags to TypeObject, remove JSObject::flags, bug 694561.
8f3d52b0fc52fe31656c288a40981ef145da2ca7Brian Hackett — Move rarely set object flags to BaseShape, bug 694561.
ba69a907d9a40ba799778a876fbcb70606efecc1Brian Hackett — Move fixed slot count from JSObject to Shape, bug 594561.
ef7528a0fe211d47603119d32a196d137739dbc5Brian Hackett — Just load payload when accessing scope object chains, bug 694247.
f852758f39d1df19ea0fecdd481bfa477877b2c9Brian Hackett — Move JSObject::parent to BaseShape, bug 638316.
04d4b9920e443e496b377b2d828db8b9777ce485Brian Hackett — Add call scope to JSFunction, bug 693754.
ae061e27e3df3015a87f2eef1bfc7f72712941ecBrian Hackett — Account for ObjectElements header when inlining JSOP_NEWINIT, bug 693971.
eaefd8a21120d47d7f6f437c4a0acfd1afa922afBrian Hackett — Fix uses of getParent() in nsXPConnect, bug 694247.
eb68a225437d5a635786a384c9e003e63a912f36Brian Hackett — Fix compiler warnings.
01a5df36675f6f1e8a6df23f916599811409bf7dBrian Hackett — Preserve last shape while converting to dictionary mode, bug 693966.
7b634ad714fd756ac801f37d619464251baaeb83Brian Hackett — Move scope chains of scope objects to reserved slots, bug 694247.
75b87fb3f2ebb424934de817f5a4caeac8243098Brian Hackett — Add missing #include, bug 693754.
cec1cd6fa7b5b8779918c23b804b60d5ca6c1c03Brian Hackett — Fix use of getPrivate() on function object, bug 693754.
ab14001bab8472350da84b0d15e587194ecd961dBrian Hackett — Fix test failures, bug 693754.
29b30092864c00521eeaed0bfc3a19345b9fd666Brian Hackett — Fix test failures, bug 693479.
b9137bf550bd1a63c0f6ae02e59f899a73ad0a7cBrian Hackett — Remove JSObject::getFunctionPrivate, add call scope to JSFunction, bug 693754.
07c668448519dcd2762c25de1f32b53bd2129146Brian Hackett — Remove JSObject::privateData, bug 693479.
db8e6de6f68f1e01d1e643c87ecf2c05adf068a4Brian Hackett — Reallocate slots when inserting slotful properties into dictionaries, bug 693221.
838464854ec63ca8663333d94b7593c37ebe2dc6Brian Hackett — Remove JSObject::capacity and JSObject::initializedLength, split JSObject::slots into slots and elements, bug 693221.
40f829990c8299591fbc3349fb08e7041c0c0587Brian Hackett — Move JSObject::newType to a hashtable, bug 684410.
17bce205714e3ae1533c151c75a189b8b5a66af4Brian Hackett — Address shape number removal review comments, bug 684505.
a76a92adb275f09ce025460bffa109b9fd2d7ad7Brian Hackett — Fix inline methods for debug builds, bug 690133.
b5c201771aeaf62a4f86369d4d9d2840f783fe5cBrian Hackett — Move inline methods depending on getClass into *inlines.h, bug 690133.
8cb900050922ed20dbdfa23d5afa68812ac9c456Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
8ca7929765ac22e8e2f2bb4c2aa969807fd5c63dBrian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
174db15b3f05259acea6e01d83cdec5a8d4a0473Brian Hackett — Avoid assert botch when adding properties to objects, bug 684505.
c9be55115ad8d40540394421223b94142a7dd51bBrian Hackett — Don't access object class during background finalization, bug 690133.
55a63871f966714c7ef78fca2f945538d7ed8f59Brian Hackett — Remove direct class pointer from JSObject, bug 690133.
ff51ddfdf5d1c04f37c272b745454af2d58be08dBrian Hackett — Remove shape numbers and Shape::slotSpan, factor Shape getter/setter into BaseShape, bug 684505.
a68c96c1d8e0a64b9008d95ac52e381d88751521Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
4f9c2774591376aae41ab13037e4fbc956f9499dEd Morley — Backout 75e72a52a0cb, 1120ae801dac, b2572a5cffa9, fa6a273a9b41 (bug 701863) for build failures
c7d671e9cf5899f09e7bdc5ff1b5b20504d5498aHannes Verschore — Add testcase for bug 476088. r=jruderman
5058cbe2e897dff5f82f9555a3619002f3f684b1Hannes Verschore — Add a test for bug 373843. r=jruderman
75e72a52a0cbd781606de11f38d57d41d3746afdNathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - add test for cloned histograms in telemetry pings; r=taras
1120ae801dac73434f6f01677442885d1a6dca55Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - clone STARTUP_* histograms properly; r=taras
b2572a5cffa951eb0e05776dd1968b504a7aa308Nathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - Add a way to clone histograms; r=taras
fa6a273a9b41efd96215b1b3f564a3743a6ef0cdNathan Froyd — Bug 701863 - make JS/C++ divide explicit; r=taras
f2a900675770e8c5717cedeaf3a5ade41310e484Boris Zbarsky — Fix test to not depend on hover state. No bug. r=roc.
66f61be58aa3ad1614db3acaab2f5f42e247b6b2Doug Sherk — Bug 660070: catch EGL_CONTEXT_LOST and send WebGL an event for it r=bjacob
9920eee7dba977ef719a04fa549d8a8d0fc11e6eDoug Sherk — Bug 70348: implement ARB_robustness with WGL r=bjacob
8555cf2ffac83c8873bac43aaeaa7fae7656b700Bernd — bug 705996 - the damageArea should only be set once the columns are in shape r=mats
8c2950aa11440902e8c1b3a7c01bc1e356d9f550Bernd — bug 451355 - testcase is now wfm
2cddf1a5d9e2bf46844fda98728453014c979018Steve Fink — Bug 700202 - Propagate errors from ReparentContentWrappersInScope (r=smaug)
4fe03ef7a1d87bd5615759e45f85f545c0032615Steve Fink — Bug 700202 - Propagate exceptions from ConstructSlimWrapper (r=bholley)
ab3a8fb0893d02927855fcc947fecaebf921d537Steve Fink — Bug 702740 - Add JS_SetFunctionCallback to JSAPI proper (still gated on --enable-trace-jscalls). r=luke
8304db7e46bbda62b2131ed43e4d2244f9bd3bd6Randell Jesup — Bug 706249 r=bz
1bd1048056a67a58126687fdfbc16cee3e843b34Chris Lord — Bug 704575 - Union dirty rects instead of painting all of them. r=kats
a9f3b58b334e0b06848be58f16e27886297dd78bPhil Ringnalda — Back out 827420c6b756 (bug 700080) to investigate browser-chrome leaking
8a2106940402c51702de6dda5107926396fcfb70Jonas Sicking — Back out patches due to test failures. rev 1b9ca56d4aab and a few more.
d7a9e843e573035b0e6f42d68423c85cd9851126Phil Ringnalda — Back out dcf31efc8c12 and 79c9926f0f45 (bug 702439) to investigate the effects on the browser-chrome leak
253c364458c7d14fd1ff7bddd9263a1901f7d40eJonas Sicking — Backed out changeset 127374ca4f92 due to test failures.
127374ca4f92a21a88159e43717ad9e7937947c1Wellington Fernando de Macedo — Bug 664179: Support cross-origin EventSource. r=me
56aba64236d8f4cf9dc70848485348888937aab7Jonas Sicking — Bug 706068: Make complex keys work on auto-increment object stores. Patch by khuey and sicking. r=sicking on parts by khuey and r=bent on parts by sicking.
c1b5a0721e6c6619980d287fed8f01ed1e832d67Jonas Sicking — Bug 706762: Ensure that object stores and indexes are removed from caches when they are deleted. r=bent
513428a937004e6de2abdffefb18339a8c6e4c5fJonas Sicking — Bug 692630: Support multi-entry indexes. r=bent
1fddf8667d2180f6a347ccff45cc7504fa18d4b1Jonas Sicking — Bug 706659 part 2: Support empty keypaths on objectStores. r=bent
1b9ca56d4aab132ab290aeecafbcf3740894aaa5Jonas Sicking — Bug 706659 part 1: Make complex keypaths ignore index rather than throwing in all situations if it can't get key for index. r=bent
99e27f500ad32a2e3fffc65372f87f5ea677dc8eDave Townsend — Bug 707328: backgroundUpdateCheck isn't firing its complete notification correctly. r=Unfocused
dcf31efc8c12acad913f829c769298758b03310bBrandon Sterne — Add missing tests for Bug 702439, r=bz
c9a74f4ee1f7f6bea7b5851c800a4116bd68952eRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696376 - Change how we find critical ranges so that it works on 10.6 too. r=dbaron.
827420c6b7564afa55839541fbcbf7c1b54620baGavin Sharp — Bug 700080: don't show prompts for tabs that are closing, r=jst
45c98d868f46ff382068ff041703f5bd83d38416Marco Bonardo — Bug 619623 - Ensure proper tests ordering in test_IHistory.cpp.
79c9926f0f45e3d9bce4e097db5f47ff8fee62c3Brandon Sterne — Bug 702439 - allow subframes of CSP documents to run javascript: URLs, r=bz
fb802350a2d270d08659fe0161a967bd64c10596Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
71b2a65fe3f0e7495e5fc41869f1c4e726997792Felix Fung — Bug 632119 - Fix View Image Info for Data URIs. r=gavin
6f88dd203a21d49f9ab74bbe9c27386c98e73f05Dave Townsend — Bug 705631: applyBackgroundUpdates changes to OFF if set to ON at the time of a DB migration (testcase). r=Unfocused
8d5aa2c53f04e610866b08f9c9860a6ae1891394Dave Townsend — Bug 652376: Remove xpinstall dead code. r=dveditz
bb764828a379ddf26e1952da10b530a2db990c9aMichal Novotny — Bug 695003 - Race condition when deleting cache directory
e6d311cfc2e43f4a8b4fb096c00b45688a2415d9Jim Mathies — Bug 707092 - Add a null check and return proper constants on failure from GetTopLevelWindowActiveState, r=bbondy.
48807fde033973b66253e4dbe40699fbb7f8c4e4Patrick McManus — bug 528288 - spdy don't coalesce onto connections that have used client certs and don't send client certs from connections that have been joined r=bsmith sr=honzab
04afb38d54ee14c3830f0d909daf90a35cb57dbdPatrick McManus — bug 528222 - spdy, fix overallocation of header expansion buffer r=honzab
86e3d2e80614aace6d638b7da82bf777e7a803acPatrick McManus — bug 528288 spdy - nsisslsocketcontrol::mayjoinconnection() r=honzab r=bsmith sr=honzab sr=biesi
2cb0358aa68b1ad502a6f6c4efe88fe9308259aePatrick McManus — bug 528288 - disallow spdy from http created in nsNSSCallbacks to avoid OSCP/CRL loops with alternate-protocol sr=biesi r=honzab
9aed66c3a561683acbe305a6cb0e8d74fb5fa24ePatrick McManus — bug 528288 - spdy. Cleanups involving host coalescing r=honzab
0c7ba908f2fd9ce258f3adf169f708126a9319dcPatrick McManus — bug 528288 - spdy - disallow server cert changes through renegotiation when using spdy r=bsmith sr=honzab
c80e1a5653cb39d1393a769505bae7efe60c9258Patrick McManus — bug 528288 spdy - when coalescing get ip from nsISocket instead of dns lookup r=honzab
56b778efac493e2879ec6bf52e778bb741f1cf30Patrick McManus — bug 528288 spdy - when coalescing hosts use anonymous flag as part of hash key r=honzab
a73317c8e854ce930a98c23b3f632af94c81cc00Patrick McManus — bug 528288 spdy - only coalesce (i.e. ip pool) hostnames with compatible ssl certs sr=biesi r=honzab r=bsmith
a267b3c9d217985b9af1a5f962af0db5735acee8Patrick McManus — bug 528288 spdy - provide a pref to control alternate-protocol support r=honzab
842ccf5f5de2497055d4ad83bed474235d1a0d77Patrick McManus — bug 528222 spdy - no npn when connecting to proxy r=honzab
d93829e39b3f39e2b8859bb436b171c13b1e06c8Patrick McManus — bug 528288 spdy - logging enhancements r=honzab
389dc74f60e7d978b2b85bb3ce763b5b1288f134Patrick McManus — bug 528288 - require spdy compliant headers to be lower case and without chunked encodings r=honzab
9cf19a02362486574eeb9838347c0859397c4938Patrick McManus — bug 528288 - spdy settings frame parser bounds check r=honzab
3f6e6b127b23aa1178c71c8f719c65557c101f01Patrick McManus — bug 528288 - HTTP Alternate-Protocol header for transitioning from http to spdy r=honzab
0eb13ad19d08be53e991cc03e4d70ec4fd9fb995Patrick McManus — bug 528288 - spdy: early configuration of npn negotiation from IsAlive() r=honzab
0bd45ead1676ae227025ed4dd20181a94ffecff8Patrick McManus — bug 528222 Basic SPDY web transport support. r=honzab r=bsmith sr=biesi
9740118b9dcc066bcbb1e62b2ac453d24235fdfdPhil Ringnalda — Bug 683048 - Disable the too-mittently-failing bug602141-3.html on Windows
221fda18e7062ba54a0158544efd76837477e26ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 513558 - test_contextmenu.html has lost its Linux privileges
6180c68bffbf558c49e8c6d789125b496ba3ce4cEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
330cc2666567bf32f080a39d4feca0c31bd8c0d3Ali Juma — Bug 705641 - Add reason for framebuffer incompleteness to abort message. r=jrmuizel
0a8ff3d835bae0b91d6121d94b1f0d250af9fbe4Mark Banner — Bug 707121 - msvc* dlls will never get removed on update. r=khuey
2b7bcf902f8d1c197b28d0ee75a002a1c4991513Dão Gottwald — Bug 570760 followup, trying to fix broken test
653fde03989c4b335f1ac19ab0e842d8138848c9Nathan Froyd — Bug 705845 - Add telemetry for size of values stored in localStorage; r=honzab
f8a25d495522fb786ac5004bca378d56d65f4e29James Hobin — Bug 570760 - Make ctrl-f and / focus the search box in the add-ons manager. r=dtownsend,dao
a02f7739732095a7009fb35875693e40ab41c306Andrew Quartey — Bug 613360 - Safe use of thread observers in ContentParent. f=josh r=bsemdberg
8b4e1c66eab6ec634d4c8095bd69a1d24bcaab57Cameron McCormack — Bug 670831 - Enable some mochitest sanity tests for uncaught exception handling. r=jmaher
99860d7fd6ac933e93225e4a1cf898773e7d4b43Cameron McCormack — Bug 707054 - Remove event listener added in browser_bug703210.js. r=masayuki
603c426b981a1ea7eb346e9146fa42443a5bb31eCameron McCormack — Bug 703176 - Ensure all browser chrome mochitests do fail when uncaught JS exceptions occur. (v1.1) r=jmaher
90cb5809e7f023a20252da293a9de7e4c39443f1Cameron McCormack — Bug 670857 - Make web console tests expect particular uncaught exceptions. r=msucan
93c850b9f00f1c76cb973050442e87d91c23f558Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
69791b4d751952a30f3a3d7cb468fe60785ca2c3Mike Hommey — Bug 703842 - Avoid R_SPARC_WDISP22 relocation in TrampolineSparc.s. r=bhackett
15cf58eb7923d34de7e61df80fa5f8a18a995abfMike Hommey — Bug 703534 - Fix build failure on platforms without YARR JIT. r=luke
aeb035da53283c56370992f254e4f79d7dd180f8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 706740 - Fix leftover PRBool. r=me
4be41994deb70f69eee8d14ab85819ae60f9e721Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 706740 - Backout bug 667075. r=dcamp
cddc8b0ba0b64339f82d4eb39bfaa6776389850bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 706049 - Sanity check PrefixSet on probing, detect errors on load. r=dcamp
636ea2bf3366ecabe3832080e4fb5e7e75f49306Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 702217 - Add very basic sanity checking to PrefixSet construction. Handle corrupted update errors. r=dcamp
7319edc477a342754f8d05ba6c890540135cfb46Alexander Surkov — Bug 706335 - Remove text accesible getting no text inside a preformatted area, r=marcoz, bz
7aba04c9fdc2ece7c810c45f51279c31326a3636Chris Lord — Backout bug 696376
68f5a67587700e5c35517f418e922bbb87efe60eTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
43ea69ba5d7f83ad00ce2d5d490a302d19f1c2fcTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
1938652d8c9e2ab77508355845df5d8e2a095ebfRaymond Lee — Bug 608153 - stay on app tab when switching groups r=tim
3cbff4ec75520cbd12c91231a1b2db8f7a910739Raymond Lee — Bug 706736 - unclosed tab recreated in wrong tab group r=tim
b8a8e6953a11b8e3d3d5940ca949d3b6d009a4c3Blair McBride — Bug 527141 - Fix test_update_compatmode.js test to work correctly. r=dolske
68eb4820271e45cfdd6cfb21b4fde4f8d80b569fBlair McBride — Bug 704737 - browser_select_update.js has OVER 9000 timeouts requested. May be slight overkill. r=dtownsend
ac0b6507910646934c70e4b3007b4079ea05fb54Blair McBride — Bug 705530 - Support strictCompatibility option in update.rdf. r=dtownsend
b31691b620ba4d7accd787e3f48bc0bf9e2566b1Blair McBride — Bug 527141 - Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences. r=dtownsend
29879af41d58d7d3a5e36fd02b04a14aceb69aa6Blair McBride — Bug 693906 - Parse and use new compatibility ranges in AMO metadata ping. r=dtownsend
020c1f61f9d44401c6a6b96d876b8361bfd5ded3Tim Taubert — Bug 706430 - Restoring a session without Panorama data fails with Panorama already loaded; r=dietrich
3ac4bc759655ed2a38b1eb5344cb7be955e04074Raymond Lee — Bug 604913 - Tooltip for icon should be provided in Panorama r=tim ui-review=limi
1c13e42d24fa38bf6743d28b7c57528c4fd7df4cMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
eeadcd101dcb731df78a923cdc570a9456306f49Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 674168 - support chrome multiple profile migration r=mak
3b6d9e92b1482db3abe6a2d264e0b858d7be6614Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 705100 - Remove usage of nsISupportsArray in browser/components/migration r=mak
2a5a28f62c4d471dcdea93667f9f6d436aad1137Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 706033 - Chrome migrator should notify of Migration:ItemError when there are errors (and fix javadocs) r=mak
0a79da5c25af096d49fcfb3404fb940bfd7089a0Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 706020 - Remove outdated Seamonkey Profile Migrator (Part 2) r=gavin
43adf69a4a7c892f283d735b3b4a2cb7a42ff0aeNicholas Nethercote — Bug 704391 - follow-up to f1c49a3b76e7 that unbreaks non-JS_THREADSAFE shell builds. r=me.
ffa6204d08892eeb0e84725ba7b520bffd3b9af1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Set mCacheSuspended/mChannelEnded flags on all streams *before* calling CacheClientSeek/Resume/Suspend on any stream, because nsMediaChannelStream::CacheClientSuspend will call nsBuiltinDecoder::NotifySuspendedStatusChanged which will call nsMediaChannelStream::IsSuspendedByCache which will call nsMediaCacheStream::AreAllStreamsForResourceSuspended which relies on mCacheSuspended/mChannelEnded being set correctly for all streams for that resource. r=doublec
13185042410dc19cdce3166d67f84da8e1ed522aDoug Turner — Bug 706560 - Send MOZ_APP_ID to crash reporter. r=ted
f1c49a3b76e76c571ac12e66535aecb14d434b4dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 704391 - Add more JS runtime memory reporters and fix the existing ones. r=luke.
59fe691e50d3d1bfae9e7f41f7b1828ada4df77fBobby Holley — Bug 705875 - Check for null IID pointers and references in XPCConvert. r=khuey
d896a4fb99f78400c27dc1c0a95a77c0aa6e4f01Jeff Walden — Followup to bug 704127 - s/MOZ_HAVE CXX11_FINAL/MOZ_HAVE_CXX11_FINAL/ in one case (thanks to Stuart Cook in m.d.platform for noticing this, I have *no* *idea* how he managed it, Luke had to have me point it out to even see the change in the diff), and actually define it for -std=c++0x GCC (a mistaken omission originally). rs=luke
818d5be34ab7020e2c06bad60d7401fac5c348f2Chris Leary — Bug 706442: Shorten LifoAlloc chunk chain. (r=luke)
ab56cc75af51a544563da5cb57f42746d85fe6d6Cameron McCormack — Bug 706746 - Don't try to close the Inspector's "Leaving this page" notification bar twice. r=msucan
f0159088a7c34c00ec8c755379ae5e41c36d5eafChristian Holler — Bug 706433 - Add JS shell compile flag (--enable-more-deterministic) for more determinism, used for differential testing. r=jorendorff
e81b024e6ec9a13648e8221a63f98de18ce9c606Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696376 - Change how we find critical ranges so that it works on 10.6 too. r=dbaron.
d32ccb2b8a0554e62c77fd692e98c7558bf9397cBrian Hackett — Remove JSOP_NOTRACE, rename JSOP_TRACE -> JSOP_LOOPHEAD, bug 706611. r=dvander
c2e914523306586d33e30f4da958298fa11f7742Felix Fung — Bug 498543 - Null-checking JS_THIS_OBJECT Results. r=jwalden
f05700c5c0318931505a705a0e2d1f0b9aa7073cBenoit Girard — Bug 698002 - Initialize pthread keys on sps startup. r=jrmuizel
1fc0e97638e0872fa71cb93d0dde76897070cd49David Mandelin — Bug 685321 followup: land another test case
6f440ff5247f3f501fd769ad0fb73629d2d32d1cDaniel Holbert — Bug 689367: Remove unused azure CID. r=bas
8c47ef9419acbaa82366586f36ecfa95724ae444Richard Newman — Bug 675996 - Part 2: tests for GUIDs in favicons. r=mak
9d2dd9486d41828ae6c19478a9e228632d2a34eaRichard Newman — Bug 675996 - Part 1: extend moz_favicons with GUID to support Sync. r=mak
25081a39d0bb4b32219f5e3c0784619a37e7e70cJustin Lebar — Back out revs 039231fd497f:5d920a44a901 properly.
7bc5973b530d3971c9b0ba7885012ad0772f74d1Justin Lebar — Back out revs d445f83ecfb1:dc9cc326cad0, because they did not back out what was intended.
828c928eae5b273be4e8f1118121c90a319819e6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Even more logging...
d445f83ecfb1b1cfe5f45519b9db13fa32df0abeJustin Lebar — Backed out changeset 039231fd497f (bug 705856)
07115fb9184849dc5bed09598c4f327fbfeddc4eJustin Lebar — Backed out changeset 4d56e83adfb0 (bug 698002)
7dce85c6d170f431294ebdb4f7978256023ed2dcJustin Lebar — Backed out changeset 7204e7e1d4a4 (bug 698002)
dc9cc326cad0e9f05a6454cfbc6847cdd05f937eJustin Lebar — Backed out changeset 5d920a44a901 (bug 698002)
82e69456e35d44d01b945fa5f8d6663415317805Alexander Surkov — Bug 706834 - Crash in nsXULTreeAccessible::TreeViewChanged, r=marcoz
30ad10cf30e0df40e43c748f87bb7887498eec8cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 8. Implement nsIWidget::GetClientBounds on GTK2. r=karlt
35d64d297f083b10fcdb763ac0aacf4e2eee1359Timothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 7. With a proper implementation of GetClientOffset on GTK2 popups expect the coordinates of their move events to be the top left of the outer window like all other platforms now. r=karlt
fe7d48de07997e6d1161db6db42e61971d5ca475Timothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 6. Implement nsIWidget::GetClientOffset on GTK2. r=karlt
977209386a0c72f9304cd9997124622ca020c64bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 5. Make the view bounds of a popup coincide with the client area of the widget. r=enndeakin,roc
a5e487e8270228abb31b838ca099736afa54bf3eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 4. Add an API to widgets for resizing/moving the client area. r=jimm sr=roc
70bc06b28e600ccb5bfdddecaadd4539d79999faTimothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 3. Make the client bounds of a widget be relative to its parent in all cases. r=jimm
42ded0d67419334075c4033233329e0fca6fbc8eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 2. When placing popup widgets check if the client offset of the window has changed in addition to the top left of the window. r=enndeakin
452f27a6ecd544b6936fe663768a8b840a41ca4dTimothy Nikkel — Bug 668437. Part 1. DeCOMtaminate nsMenuPopupFrame::GetWidget. r=enndeakin
5d920a44a901d7b9b65f887bf1c5da5bbe8790e7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Add MacOS port of the v8 profiler. r=bgirard
7204e7e1d4a4ff66c4128648bba7c16ae7b71c7eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Change active_ to Atomic32. r=bgirard
4d56e83adfb0e5ea489dd81597613e621ec82933Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Add more v8 support code. r=bgirard
039231fd497f385c47723d6e0f74645cf165e1c7Justin Lebar — Bug 705856 - Enable SPS profiler on desktop Linux. r=BenWa
62df7e3891cd76971242484193d7fd4a2066f6c6Tobias Markus — [Bug 706113] Removing null checks from VideoDocument.cpp
b4827b51003b1646ad5dbda7bc5f6b649c786021Boris Zbarsky — Bug 706283. Handle null passed to requestAnimationFrame gracefully. r=roc
c101c5f8c9280076d5f8c2c43751518347938d8aCameron McCormack — Backout bug 670857, bug 703176
de720961a78db6af0b412da18346eb9151a57863Cameron McCormack — Bug 670857 - Make web console tests expect particular uncaught exceptions. r=msucan
7fe6db51869d248d5b3aa4a2c1a62fd62d10648eCameron McCormack — Bug 703176 - Ensure all browser chrome mochitests do fail when uncaught JS exceptions occur. (v1.1) r=jmaher
8576199c846c2c9b08a3c1156c564dc48506b280Brian Smith — Bug 674147 (Remove the SSL Thread) Part 2: Everything else, r=honzab
552810b7513bbe577daa857624ac4b7a2d449ca7Brian Smith — Bug 674147 (Remove the SSL Thread) Part 1: Move certificate validation code to new file, preserving history, r=honzab
7cd14fbf2789fd83ab093b032c81f22d3736e23aBrian Smith — Bug 703508: Make nsNSSSocketInfo::GetErrorMessage() lazily format the error message, r=honzab
0ef53633ccc715a5705788ae22c8a844ba0bd88dBrian Smith — Bug 698552: Add SSL_RestartAfterAuthCertificate to mozilla-central's copy of NSS_3_13_2_BETA1, r=kaie, r=honzab
9381d62e583db35eb8dc6a81b03c76b84e68a6b1Brian Smith — Bug 698552: Update to require at least NSS 3.13.2 for --use-system-nss, r=kaie, r=honzab
2050e4dfe6e30286ba36223c9fca2e5b12f24451Brian Smith — Bug 698552: Update to NSS 3.13.2 BETA1 (NSS_3_13_2_BETA1), r=kaie, r=honzab
c120734d20ba448629dd4fc97e8441c33bcd1e01Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
1b3f17ffa656540baebc5cac1e5df43e0303d587Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 705154 - Hang monitor incorrectly killing the app on mac when the user is idle: unlike other platforms, the main loop on Mac doesn't call processNextEvent in a loop: instead it calls into [NSApplication run] and we check whether there are pending XPCOM events during processing. Suspend the hang monitor when we pause for incoming events by subclassing [NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask], r=smichaud
eec3aca1b188be477b59b1d922d49dbcf518b5b8Alexander Surkov — Bug 703202 - ARIA comboboxes don't fire value change events, r=tbsaunde, marcoz
768c2a7a320e583d500e75a29e83695ed04be8adAlexander Surkov — Bug 706784 - Firefox 8.0.1 Crash Report [@ nsLinkableAccessible::GetValue(nsAString_internal&) ], r=marcoz
c7763db2a4daac64c18fea352dddcff7b757c701Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Fixup architecture define typo. r=bgirard
24b7e2efa35c4db51e424ee1c57e7d20dd5e86a7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Add v8-support.h for using v8 code. r=bgirard
169cad8b9e52ca12eaec326929dac9b53ea3fa40Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 698002. Move to r=benwa
0c526c90243e660669fe1bd82b1ae136888fcfc4Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 705136 - don't mention ppc. r=khuey.
cf628f56ca799ce2635690b2681d06d31cc3d873Patrick McManus — bug 671875 pipeline transport event fixups r=honzab
4835dc9b8fc7a38fabd726dbceae68cf1a5478edRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 706682 - don't access bgra[4]. r=josh.
b6811f220aba188ace0bdb8ccf9992531a1d26a5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696399 - close connections in dom. r=honzab.moz.
e07c407ae1b1c5a5f24309881d4808330d09a655Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
a05df19da5636a493f16cd4478411e9902e5cb5cJacek Caban — Bug 706474 - Use -fno-keep-inline-dllexport in mingw builds r=khuey
42e43796e73ff391fdf98de02620060f16144100Tobias Markus — Bug 706515 - Non-initialized variables in nsGeolocationProvider.js r=doug.turner
aca0075d85cf9225dfc230118ab9951140fc05a7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 705084 - Part C - Use kDefaultRemainingTime instead of kUnknownRemaining time when appropriate in Android backend. r=cjones
197c9ea3fb2a0391ffd66cb06f2faed89b48ab21Mounir Lamouri — Bug 705084 - Part B - Use kDefaultRemainingTime instead of kUnknownRemaining time when appropriate in UPower backend. r=cjones
fc7d25349c101087deb4a922b6bf8bbc467eece9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 705084 - Part A - Add kDefaultRemainingTime and add guards to make sure backends are correct. r=sicking
7b22bc7c9847c82e3a943b9cb00175540e6c88d8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687952. Fix bustage
09a0517358d9bcd2265de1fa47bae456d8269142Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. More logging...
11d6f47eea30a5ef6cbc77b5ff0a8169abfca682Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 690952. Move window.navigator from the outer window to the inner window, and stop persisting it across same origin page navigations.
a8192280c3b3330b0890b172feb05cdfd5d99970Masayuki Nakano — Bug 706406 <maction> should use system event group r=smaug+karlt
c5c36c2f1c2123c6b31e8819d9cf3472ab061166Bernd — bug 467444 - firstTruncatedRow can not be the last row on page if it should be pushed r=dholbert
b4782acec285875d8ad6dad5868b843eee713ab6Mark Banner — Fix comm-central app bustage from bug 696498 - change the depth of the makefiles to account for being generated from the comm-central build system now that the old xpfe autocomplete files are no longer generated within the mozilla-central part of the build system. rs=Neil over irc. NPOTFFB DONTBUILD
e68aa21fd927c52ad01be3d6b3cc4ec43569f4aaMark Banner — Unit test bustage fix from bug 702810 for apps that implement imap uris - don't test the imap uri for visited status because nsIIOService.newURI() can throw if the app knows about imap:// but an account is not set up for it. r=mak over irc
66a1db69379064a9e087099e168e418555e5ef22Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
20c4133d5329f8075613f92c1ab49819640966f3Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
399ccb34b69b0807e36a87656ea84c67dd699192Felipe Gomes — Bug 701607. Download annotations are not stored for files without a custom name. r=sdwilsh
ac1fff73e20116a87620a5c0b89b31865fe5bb8bBrad Lassey — Bug 687972 - backing out changesets b17ab862bbc1 and a6db0c6c94a3 r=orange
43e18ca6cc8c874aebf48228aec3e1d73c4cef75Ed Morley — Bug 696498 - Backout adding the default theme's makefile since the braces cause some versions of sed to choke; r=partial-backout f=njn
a6db0c6c94a3ec9b3729e01270538fece26f43f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Remove logging code now that we've fixed the bug.
b17ab862bbc15d0770015e18115ca2f31e1be7feRobert O'Callahan — Bug 699351. Add nsIFrameLoader::clipSubdocument API to allow XUL <iframe> and <browser> to not clip the subdocument. r=tnikkel,sr=bzbarsky
6dc5acdc2cbeb775322b195207d6f6c1f42a7199Marty Rosenberg — Don't place a pool in the middle of a C call (bug 696748, r=dmandelin)
e0dd8b2234607dd310b839a6b84a2326403a6d74Jeff Gilbert — Bug 706297 - Remove unnecessary glFinish preceeding glReadPixels from LayerManagerOGL - r=bjacob
404f131218c07e94568b558d86e55b1fdc073194Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Backed out changeset 1b9344ef3810. r=revert.
00238e67d3f443db9a02e492fcc6b87dc8fa120eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 706528. Remove vestigial beforepaint event stuff. r=smaug
f49c353ed414fd25c6f5bc15c2ebfa256e1ad015Boris Zbarsky — Bug 706323. Fix scrollbar smoothscrolling to get the timestamp the new way. r=dao
1b9344ef3810eb270a4e05b55f18ee93c17f8d93Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696399 - close connections in dom. r=honzab.moz.
fcba4797331726bb7c0b05ba13676539bf0313dbHenri Sivonen — Bug 695640 - Remove View Source pre chunking, because it is no longer needed for reasonable perf. r=smaug.
81a01033b52d73735cb41f772de628df195ba869Geoff Lankow — Bug 703965 - View source prefs not obeyed in non-HTML documents - tests; r=hsivonen
b6d8f601d8659306b85b6828bee0b76ba7211ffbHenri Sivonen — Bug 703965 - Use View Source styling when viewing plain text source. r=smaug.
b03e24707280134abd5ba965e37c8c64d0cbdbdbHenri Sivonen — Bug 699356 - Show the URL of the page in the title of the View Source window. r=smaug.
414534199a74fed43d66adba67806fd04a6ee415Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 697988 - Use weak references to observers in nsDOMStorage.cpp. r=honzab.moz.
ab37c20227f8b146fd6a4c986a32ec98a143210eBrian Birtles — Bug 703992 - Fix parsing of indefinite times; r=dholbert
4679da64ba71aae08b6578c075d3452b0eddfa43Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Don't count streams whose channel has ended when looking to see if there's any non-suspended stream for a resource. r=cpearce
72e787c04eb669b6c56858af8fe87eb49dd8a39dChris Pearce — Bug 704709 - Don't show full-screen warning on media key press on Windows. r=smaug,jmathies
20a24dd3f56bac4574310d7f47d0905c64b97728Matt Brubeck — Back out 38814e0bafb9 through c5d44e6e957b because of test failures
0f4282490c81d6f261834285946e0881bc8ed7c2Ed Morley — Bug 703930 - Make syntax errors in * abort the build; r=khuey
77d0e3e4cf0f0556ef7de42ef2fc7e05678f002aEd Morley — Bug 703871 - Make layout/tools/layout-debug/ use TEST_DIRS for tests; r=ted
f4bdf970fe2bed80bf47cad18a7ae5d653a1291aEd Morley — Bug 696498 - Add 160 makefiles missing from; r=khuey
8c50a161c82377dfa6e3456d2f326b1523851681Ed Morley — Bug 696498 - Add more conditionals to prevent unnecessary makefile generation; r=khuey
957949faf984075a9783d9925d87039ff7bd9a0fEd Morley — Bug 696498 - Remove NPOTB makefiles from & cleanup variables; r=khuey
d7f5fbaafedd71a8a076032f19bfa0950ce411faEd Morley — Bug 696498 - Remove duplicate and obsolete entries from; r=khuey
c43c8775dd02123a3b3d80f9d0468bcb05d35fafEd Morley — Bug 696498 - Make conditionals in consistent; r=khuey
1c529c4c2e04133d1329a5226edb33f5be5d7595Ed Morley — Bug 696498 - Clean up mobile/xul/; r=khuey
79f0181b02f841265e0b154a5594a50727a8396bEd Morley — Bug 696498 - Clean up browser/; r=khuey
bbbe2010c4ba1c6a44ff703f55bf3e796e101df5Ed Morley — Bug 696498 - Clean up; r=khuey
e837d33a508be4fab8cfc0760f309403d7f21b9aEd Morley — Bug 703874 - Remove redundant |ifneq (mobile,$(MOZ_BUILD_APP))| from makefiles in browser; r=ted
ece7d29907ed907181a1b26e84c049dd7e51ca4dEd Morley — Bug 703888 - Remove dom/ comment leftover from bug 533891; r=ted
0ba4b67a56a57ba3b02938f77cee46c231568ae4Ed Morley — Bug 703870 - Hg remove toolkit/empty-file; r=bsmedberg
89db63eda54588258cfed7684160889c31a5250dEd Morley — Bug 703889 - Remove |ifndef DISABLE_XFORMS_HOOKS| since it's never defined; r=ted
41b52e1c53941fb77aca173fcd38402e4b5b7c11Ed Morley — Bug 703898 - Remove unnecessary platform conditional from build/unix/; r=ted
c5d44e6e957bc3c6586a05bdc3b3b5a8a03c7103Henri Sivonen — Bug 695640 - Remove View Source pre chunking, because it is no longer needed for reasonable perf. r=smaug.
fe8a47afa807887719e428cfff62d8637dbaf187Geoff Lankow — Bug 703965 - View source prefs not obeyed in non-HTML documents - tests. r=hsivonen.
1b3b8bd50be90c63201ff10c934439bb85da942dHenri Sivonen — Bug 703965 - Use View Source styling when viewing plain text source. r=smaug.
38814e0bafb91e05f847f7e82f5b305b40e1deaaHenri Sivonen — Bug 699356 - Show the URL of the page in the title of the View Source window. r=smaug.
6552a4bba94a113554d66f4c6ce6ec91d9159545Steven Michaud — Bug 704866 - Crashes @ -[NativeMenuItemTarget menuItemHit:]. r=bgirard
67e7070dbaf59e4c6abd56148aac6e8486be4b06Andrew McCreight — Bug 706168. Add TELEMETRY_BOOLEAN for convenience. r=taras
021ec8781b6fcc51273b592ec5bf66e46bac0235Andrew McCreight — Backed out changeset d1a66dc7b119
d1a66dc7b1190d5b6c2864d4ee41eef61345fbabAndrew McCreight — Bug 706169. Add TELEMETRY_BOOLEAN for convenience. r=taras
bcba9e0fcf4f951ff1d324db95597e9e69d9a089Henri Sivonen — Back out the crashtest for bug 699365 due to leak on Mac.
26bac72ef06019b81f135ace6b1283e7c01f60f5Geoff Brown — Bug 704618 - Allow directory as a destination argument to SUT pushFile(); r=jmaher
1a01206eba24dbecffcc29cc1631e359bf90ddcaNiko Matsakis — Bug 698075 - Use nsAutoptr<> to guarantee msg is freed; r=cjones
f212a34be46578bf4aab089b8c1c3cb0701b2a4dSerge Gautherie — Bug 705957 - Correct the spelling of "privledged" & add 2 comments to test_bug_511615.html; r=ehsan
e341ef2495af96ae06f829b2bfe75f2876b3ec91Markus Amalthea Magnuson — Bug 623220 - Fix left margin on close buttons for find bar and addon bar on Mac; r=dao
0354f6df10f7f4ba62d0f1048e135d3ed64a94a0Henri Sivonen — Bug 699365 - Avoid asserting when the parser command is "external-resource". r=smaug.
eb1badf94821a1b79db4780a36733924c69b2b33Henri Sivonen — Bug 535530 - Transition to the return state eagerly when a semicolon has matched when tokenizing a named character reference in HTML. r=smaug.
50e07a58ee89c233c9fbffeb7018f19e9fb0f204Masayuki Nakano — Bug 703210 part.2 Add test r=smaug
247c27bf088895a7b8fdcb9aff8f11ae4ceacbb9Alexander Surkov — Bug 699017 - aria-required attribute on file input not read by JAWS, r=tbsaunde, marcoz, roc
44dfd2fcad0e7cdf10559bd46828874863121072Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
fe8b575a6db91d7382e7b6f046144a91a4101815Marco Bonardo — Backout 68c475a7dcaa (bug 465299) for xpcshell-tests failure
72cb519c581a5256375dd0cae73119bf83840a25Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Add a little bit more logging.
aca4994f37c181dafa0361abd27892fdbbc70203Marco Bonardo — Backout 281583d67072 (bug 702179) for Win64 opt build failure
0b4c709c2dfc625fc6da5a440c36391b388f1a99Jacek Caban — Bug 705656 - Broken SKIA compilation on mingw r=matt.woodrow
68c475a7dcaaf064352cf548793c50af908758f3Andrew Quartey — Bug 465299 - Validity check for mozStorageStatementWrapper::Initialize r=sdwilsh
f7ce73fb7a71b6a97166b3d04d46ca2d7fd0773fSimon Montagu — Use BrowserSetForcedCharacterSet instead of Firefox-specific SetForcedCharset. Bug 705943, r=dao
49d99b67f57d15d5494e7033110e8493af353003Masayuki Nakano — Bug 685395 fix bustage on OS/2 r=roc, feedback=wuno
cacd0273ca2141577994df715f25762c6a5043daAtul Aggarwal — Bug 672511 - Morph nsIAccessNode::uniqueId, r=surkov
6f2038883189f658ca286b9f6c9d602a4c2b74e4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Try 2: Run autoplay for an element after reaching loadedmetadata if all download streams for its resource are suspended by the media cache. r=cpearce
19c6570995fa052c0de785c44eb7f3e1da44abc4Matthew Gregan — Bug 705112 - Don't destroy things that weren't initialized. r=dougt
281583d67072c7aea6d38497049fae332d9bf521Ginn Chen — Bug 702179 dtrace probes are not installed on Solaris with static js lib r=glandium
e9686560b98d76991aaf71581efdbc553d49fca4Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
984277762e0e4bd6bac48adf10d59ec0d48ae284Robert Strong — Bug 705997 - Remove additional Java Consoles. r=bbondy
a47c5dab113bd37e94dfe3346947fb982f8bd057Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 54346920e122
5cc5c3319fe860ba86644c8050614e94819f2e2fTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 035907d4c7b1
035907d4c7b1a5d571f0ab33cd2a2dd8d51d79c6Raymond Lee — Bug 691740 - Update thumbnails separately in their own queue r=tim
54346920e122422ead84e7f0709e8a5d6bcd78b5Raymond Lee — Bug 659594 - Use MozAfterPaint to redraw thumbnails r=tim
7923eebf6c13e9ce0666a45bb8e2bb095bbccc2fTim Taubert — Bug 688695 - Deferred session restore doesn't behave correctly for a single tab group; r=zpao
1900e3edd32da17ec4b1af6ce3726a8eed4d8eeaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 706323. Fix scrollbar smoothscrolling to get the timestamp the new way. r=dao
87da67ee3e59c01da745c148d147cd0bd688fc01James Willcox — Rolled up Android plugin fixes including bugs 692988, 694366, 702330, 702334, 702338, 702341, 702614, 702627, 702964
5ce8d4e02e8137936d90021eee03490eb6946b6eOlli Pettay — Bug 705651, simplify message manager, and remove certainly useless comment about OMIT_COMPONENTS_OBJECT, r=mrbkap
ca140190529a80e7decb5277127af9d527a7846aKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
0e5dfc784411bf06ed09da884a6791aa127a2d06Jon Buckley — Bug 705479 - Throw an error when building Firefox on Windows with gmake with multiple CPUs. r=khuey
5559ff27e7a227b6b104220cefd2e33c2b54542aKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
752ef8b0c92ae52355ca0fadf4ee64bd49d53bddTed Mielczarek — Rename Breakpad's md5.c to, wrap its functions in the google_breakpad namespace. no bug, r=mento at
639fd053363e7831ca801b3d051a52985c490f6eMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f739602236da7f0476bdcdeb7a96a7024465d5a5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 392159 Use nsIClipboard::SupportsSelectionClipboard() instead of #ifdef in nsEditorEventListener r=ehsan
1dd3de87d353d82857f7db4de05dcdb5bf4079ccFelipe Gomes — Bug 706339 - Chrome migrator always offers migration even if Chrome is not present. r=gavin
4d2b7e489b20891e0dbe3c44f2f0e2d0931378a2Bobby Holley — Bug 705019 - Allow access to {C,Pointer,Struct,Array,Function}Type.prototype.prototype. r=jorendorff
7d1488f748ceccb8202059b3e227c712a061a05aBobby Holley — Bug 705019 - Make toSource() and toString() work on sCTypeProtoClass and sCDataProtoClass objects. r=jorendorff
3c716afd37a7c4a9e0efcb297cbb8d7cff93c872Bobby Holley — Bug 705019 - Introduce CType::IsCTypeProto() and CData::isCDataProto(). r=jorendorff
a36ee10d4f5da17faa57585a611d6b2b24366482John Daggett — Bug 705590. Measure system font fallback times. r=jrmuizel
47500d6cbffd73121223dd637ddb29d244b8fb11Benoit Girard — Bug 703317 - Use TLS to make RgnRectMemoryAllocator thread safe. r=roc
9bdf6415e2dbb485236f754faba432d13ec834dbMarco Bonardo — Bug 702810 - mozIAsyncHistory should expose an async isURIVisited method.
bbda472dc34be7538a04998dfee6f335ea113dd0Chris Leary — Bug 691299: Lower maximum quantifier. (r=dmandelin)
d0136fa65c2524bcfa6bc212b484aed204304024Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e00e30d6967e8f76b85aa5172d3f963ad799f30aJesse Ruderman — Bug 703768 - Don't confuse Windows paths with URLs. r=ted
4b085d9062723e46a34335d6a3861f834214931cjulian reschke — Bug 700589 - Fix Content-Type parser to treat single quote as regular character instead of a delimiter. r=jduell r=bz
b41aa261098d03eb189247dafba6af0488c29e87Daniel Holbert — Bug 702696 followup: Remove unnecessary temporary gfxMatrix() argument. r=jwatt
39346d506e544faf9c77d0291c20f097392e2fd9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 687972. Make sure that if ResourceLoaded fires before MetadataLoaded, we go to HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA when MetadataLoaded eventually fires. r=cpearce
a7362560960a12bb237bb266f97a1b72b7337985Chris Pearce — Bug 705994 - Ensure test_preload_actions doesn't try to finish test cases multiple times. r=roc
bb3bfc552568417d569e2c612ed6ba836e063acdChris Pearce — Bug 702146 - Move :-moz-full-screen-ancestor to an override style sheet. r=bz
0dd55a7547cde7b9a964f41e94df3a18e2c05023Brian Hackett — Only inline construction of 'this' for 'new' on singleton functions, bug 706110. r=billm
eacdec27e5d3f2f8b9e7473ed0c12b5e8341ccbfChris Leary — Bug 691797: Optimize RegExp.prototype.test with leading .*, take 2. (r=mrbkap,luke)
67451553bcbb4f04dcc6516f6f916ca2a72f1016Igor Bukanov — bug 571209 - option to use compile-time constants, not parameters configured at runtime, for maximal jemalloc performance. r=justin.lebar
8fe5ee7fdcbab423077313b8929a1d2da2c360bfAli Juma — Bug 705862 - Add adapter vendor ID and device ID to OS X crash reports. r=jrmuizel
b9be5d6b223046189938ec1c34881ddd591bb0ffFabrice Desré — Bug 697383 - implement navigator.mozApps - Part 1 : mozApps DOM API [r=mfinkle]
21ecdc2d0a6f929160ad463483c9189694f2d936Fabrice Desré — Bug 697383 - implement navigator.mozApps - Part 0 : Remove old implementation [r=mfinkle]
b10b930500f1df703e4c1b11a1ec395a9c4c89b9Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 703266 Mirror mozbase to mozilla-central for peptest r=jhammel
604476c594958311b57e6cb0a78fb2d350d74eb2Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 703269 - Mirror peptest harness into mozilla-central r=jhammel
3a5731a6000237f39d311dcb8b3ad56fb9af09f4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 705386 - Allow AutoLocalJNIFrame callers to specify the JNIEnv. r=mwu
9ff2a655cf0de0089d8d15a0605dc512cc31ececBoris Zbarsky — Bug 705280 - (2/2) Custom quickstub nsIDOMHTMLDocument.head and change nsIDOMHTMLDocument.body custom quickstub. r=mrbkap
8f31d413205534e126a4942fa1aab35a6699279eMounir Lamouri — Bug 705280 - (1/2) Quickstub nsIDOMHTMLDocument.head. r=mrbkap
b12dd7f965d03f596b5d54cf259960090ca59b1fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 517298 - Re-enable tests that had been skipped previously. r=bclary
a99b6b77bcc4df82733c460f4a55df32b425b527Atul Aggarwal — Bug 598339 - Simplying GPU Accelerated Window message in case no window is GPU Accelerated. r=joedrew
1bb438d74091d71340fa10e3f6b0085c01e88f14Dão Gottwald — fixing line endings, no bug
c9c5cce620787667af28a4d996b8cc285fce6681Trevor Saunders — Bug 693948 - expose layout-guess: true object attribute on CSS table accessible, r=surkov
2e7f9c966a9f56cfd97980f60f40d25d86a1d27aAlexander Surkov — Bug 706026 - Crash in nsXULTextFieldAccessible::FrameSelection, r=marcoz
c9516be8f8c78117a61c078b33d13096ddc2b38fDoug Sherk — Bug 656824: fix trailing comma in GLContext::ContextResetARB enum
360687ba014ad5672fc49342785a81b0886f51c5Marco Bonardo — Bug 705509 - Crash in mozilla::places::Database::GetAsyncStatement.
cc94a16983b0f4d698f3487237799e1257fdf76eTim Taubert — merging m-c to fx-team
d4c22093b30131aafffe8a58cf6d9cba169c37b0Heather Arthur — Bug 705903 - Web console filter button should retain checked state when any of its menuitems are checked. r=msucan
ce0a05f13572c5ad33c91b969ed3cc3e2ba5f54aSonny Piers — Bug 703938 - Move WebConsole style from toolkit to browser; r=msucan,dao,rcampbell