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Fri Apr 03 06:37:00 2015 +0000
c481e8a84a6cChris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Use message manager instead of observer service in GMPWrapper. r=markh a=sylvestre
7a04aad0ab5dChris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Remove "we can't play EME because..." notifications when we successfully play EME. r=gijs a=sylvestre
9383010b69feChris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Initiate check for GMP updates when JS requests CDM and we haven't installed it yet. r=spohl a=sylvestre
b7e7470e83b3Chris Pearce — Bug 1146201 - Delay navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess if CDM not downloaded yet or needs update. r=jwwang,ehsan a=sylvestre