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Fri Oct 26 16:40:15 2018 +0000
da38ee596267423f27bc29549f82083f9819cfcbDão Gottwald — Bug 1502067 - Add end padding to in-content search fields on Mac. r=mconley a=RyanVM
a265524c6b4eb8cdeccb679cb182f7f243be8477Dão Gottwald — Bug 1501952 - Make mScaleCombobox point to the right element. r=bgrins a=RyanVM
76a4c8598007554ea16603e9880c0363fefb31b9Mats Palmgren — Bug 1500530 - Make the anonymous child <label> have display:inline-block so that it applies its min-inline-size. r=jfkthame a=RyanVM