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Mon Nov 18 14:50:50 2019 +0000
a25e8472d4ff130f59792b0ac11a133b0514aca0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1594663 - ensure first plural form for blocked tracker count in English includes a plural form reference so its contents provide value when used as a fallback in other locales, r=ewright a=pascalc l10n=Pike
43c1897425fdb073755f005302ec63116e09b8f4Patrick Brosset — Bug 1596673 - Fixing the position of anchors in a few urls, and replacing one with hacks.m.o r=jlast a=pascalc
9ab34f36f0174f5b475517d155357ec7a84cfdbcLuca Greco — Bug 1595091 - Remove alwaysOnTop from the window features used by the abuse report dialog. r=mstriemer a=pascalc
73a6d9d8995febd9286859b6cc80979fa2455cc3Yura Zenevich — Bug 1594743 - ensure that the keyboard audit does not interfere with other audit types. r=nchevobbe a=pascalc
b6d13adc8be1ae29bf821bd0d1328d51d526efd5Luca Greco — Bug 1596133 - AbuseReporter.queryAMOAddonDetails should normalize type 'statictheme' into type 'theme'. r=mixedpuppy a=pascalc
fd6da23163020fc2f1046a72343e0d9c289cd0c3Jason Laster — Bug 1594885 - What's New in DevTools Panel in Firefox 71. r=jdescottes,victoria a=pascalc
eff56012230f4e3889a606402dfbe3f3b3adbd91Julian Descottes — Bug 1594885 - Basic scaffolding for whatsnew panel in DevTools r=jlast,nchevobbe a=pascalc
8b6aaf2ebd6b880be242aa34b9c7ea2441c7a3d7Yura Zenevich — Bug 1591409 - improve keyboard a11y checks by avoiding false positive for interactive elements when they are focusable. r=nchevobbe a=pascalc
74f713d368c1f05a78647d30ea4652d89c70cc8aMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1590622 - Prefer a domain match over a scheme match when deduping logins. r=sfoster a=pascalc
89525246903ffa571321e2621765be11e34446dfTom Ritter — Bug 1592321 - Collect a sanitized path for files doing eval() on Windows in the same manner as untrusted modules r=aklotz a=pascalc