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Tue Aug 16 17:53:11 2011 +0000
8786e3e492407bd34757b5b5a0d5287f7af2fe2aEhsan Akhgari — No l10n for csb at this time
aa7ba046805f2189c05fc179982efe8e0d930544Matt Brubeck — Back out 4c77addce789 (bug 655628) because it depends on bug 572652 which was backed out. a=bustage
1442d1f15483cd6d5db0de090c40bf59baa2cdabChristian Legnitto — Backout c3081b5db3d1 (bug 572652), as it causes 657153 and we are worried about the impact. The reward for keeping this in seems really low as well. a=LegNeato
587a2159cf5f033ecb1d8428be225d405d0b2ce1Marco Bonardo — Bug 675416 - Disable recent bookmarks cache in beta, since it's bogus.
60997e99cecde21577753bcdda9c248b8b1ec7deAxel Hecht — bug 670126, fix shipped-locales for Firefox 6 Beta, ra=drivers
63bb060ad5067b429068534daf5368af104674e1Ehsan Akhgari — Version bump
1979ffd9fb957bf4c32dea86fd3a69a837a3ef90Axel Hecht — no bug, add Swahili to Firefox Beta, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
2ad8ded341c1ee28a8b9afbb8f247c3dac0b71b6Axel Hecht — no bug, add Mongolian to Firefox Beta, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
699d996d5e5dd4fba18d8c0930fbf3a720c6f8c1Christian Legnitto — Backed out changeset 999905af7783 per bug 619201 and bug 650858, a=drivers
d80597c093885a2e5f13fdec247fc4bf9b47e935Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; a=test-only
654659c319380881c1fd2ab09daaadc78304e1a3Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 678588 - Drop singleDeviceInterval to 1 hour. r=mconnor a=LegNeato
bcd26d45856a121eb63e6937c0aa073ca0d39657Steven Michaud — Bug 668953 - Support two-finger horizontal swipe on OS X Lion. r=bgirard a=asa
a3d8fc8034191faac33c39494ff5e5137713cc10Mark Finkle — Bug 676780 - Fennec is unable to load webpages and close tabs (corrupt sessionstore) [r=mbrubeck, a=asa]
a1adc68984e1a50b0fcbfe0b74b091f646f1a410Igor Bukanov — bug 667507 - r=gal, a=clegnitto
e18e32c32fa99897c925cb397466b251f9648a26Matt Woodrow — Bug 659560 - Block Mesa versions lower than 7.10.3. r=bjacob, a=johnath
25b41e0dcd7d872131f2cc8a1c81449c9d15db3dBlake Kaplan — Bug 669228 - Don't use the dummy global as a real global. r=jorendorff a=asa
454007c65ceae9fc4d290cef6fe7010c3a8b106eTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 671818 - Use unaligned loads for chroma in ScaleYCbCr42xToRGB565_BilinearY_Row_NEON, r=regression, a=jpr
0bf3da55f665f8af56c42c1e16f8016d7e895b5aKyle Huey — Merge backout
00ceaca886702afe6fe5087b1f440094bb4b9835Kyle Huey — Backed out Bug 622315. a=LegNeato
db65b6cd69e4d0dc1c628b1c5cabf5eb7963daacKyle Huey — Merge backout
5cf936e830cf1c99f7931e99c6d52bee5edfd055Kyle Huey — Backed out Bug 662200. a=LegNeato
04411da717901c27f45ce295628ee4efb07fb742Kyle Huey — Merge backout
cd5b516e9a3970ab95556d3a317870b48adc4f08Kyle Huey — Backed out tests for Bug 662200 because it's coming out. a=LegNeato
7894b27a5a9ada2904ae06e9cd60ac12363ebc13Matt Brubeck — Bug 671555 - Set the correct extensions.checkCompatibility pref in mobile tester tools [r=mfinkle, a=johnath]
ddc2fd44b7fa91c692d308b7de817ac79092448eMakoto Kato — Bug 675568 - SIMD of libjpeg turbo is disabled on Windows. r=khuey a=jpr
9d4a445ca2354d68cb5c1d95f53bf2a2f71cb014Mark Finkle — Bug 674791 - dragging the left text selection marker down selects to the bottom of the page [r=wjohnston, a=johnath]
d05ba21b434bdabb08f4e632eb2eae61f2754e85Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 662989 - Avoid crashing if a DB connection isn't asyncClose()d when it should be. r=mak, a=clegnitto.
c2f69b271358e3eaa147ade8000cf936dab9b08fJonas Sicking — Bug 667612: Make addEventListener not throw if passed a null listener. r=smaug a=jonath
e835bb5bb615e6aac620fc0c3bac71dbd1516510Matt Brubeck — Back out changeset 54aa371f173b (bug 667612) because its test is failing. a=backout
23a88fb15dff6445855949d9ab2e52d7c4fc0337Chris Pearce — Bug 675747 - Handle multiple bos pages in a single ogg bitstream. r=doublec a=jonath
800e20b4890f498f4ce3163a9da106703f697e91Luke Wagner — Bug 676023 - Increment pc on error path out of JSOP_RETURN (r=dvander,a=johnath)
54aa371f173b180681267ec56e006ef39fb51948Jonas Sicking — Bug 667612: Make addEventListener not throw if passed a null listener. r=smaug a=jonath
32d78225a91622e6d503e0708ab59837af5b91ccMounir Lamouri — Bug 665368 - Implement a native indeterminate progress bar rendering for Windows Classic. f=kliu r=jmathies a=jst
bcd02d1735e45ec4d8413ec0b37c966c11630b22Axel Hecht — bug 668782, adding sw to the build, a=legneato, DONTBUILD
c07180438c0ca11aefdb47ca8ea8c5543bd76de0Axel Hecht — bug 668782, adding csb to the build, a=legneato, DONTBUILD — Bug 671466 - "If a page does not load, and the 'try again' button appears, it is disabled after a second page load failure." r=bzbarsky a=LegNeato
029a0c4af93573ce38c969affc3c17b23b419c2cMark Finkle — Bug 675920 - Difficult to select text if you don't tap directly on text [r=wjohnston, a=legneato]
751b55a876f61b3a2b9b7a7b224d08f3e4bcb1aaMark Finkle — Bug 670222 - Accidental text selection and more [r=wjohnston, a=legneato]
9c7d60e7020be8869e63f9dc30f6cce2639a80d3Wes Johnston — Bug 673037 - Allow selecting text in frames. r=mfinkle, a=legneato
c6be7aeb4ef9b8c650484bdcd0bb8fdd0565715bMark Finkle — Bug 667062 - Content text selection highlight should match Gingerbread theming style [r=wjohnston, a=legneato]
b8f899c4dd9e9918b42c1f8772f82e7ae9f3949cTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 645284 - Disable ARM detokenizer in libvpx, r=khuey, a=blassey
bbcb26987398261ba36ec7fee14dc989ac934986Matt Brubeck — Bug 669851 - Use bilinear image scaling on all ARM devices, even without NEON [r=mbrubeck,jmuizelaar, a=LegNeato]
62b90a0b9d4d9be52761e65a12e07b4b98b8fc2dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 674003. D2D: Fix premultiplying to only premultiply the color components. r=bjacob
1696e697b25a2231ff50e0790be508abff65209eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 672646. Mark the radial gradient test as failing on OS X.
ea86edb8c31c8006b350edbcf13ce1e1669aee2bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 672646. D2D: Fix trasparent radial gradients. r=roc
2ba82873fa9c36f6cf019e9a4816ac64d9bc3444Alexander Surkov — Bug 660461 - attributes/test_obj_group.xul random fail | Can't get accessible for menu_item2.1, An error occurred - acc is null, r=tbsaunde, a=clegnitto
1539927cf9ba121a677ad38165614b34a8118d08Benoit Jacob — Bug 673378 - Crash at nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext - r=roc, a=clegnitto
eb83ff4f4175eec64260f54eb3b78522279b1aefMyk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; a=test-only
e259c21107fb4a40407e5493ab836c283794104bTeddy Ni — Bug 653423 - Undo option is grayed out although action is applicable in Scratchpad; r=rcampbell,
e0a5feb39665574b3343201f1aba3a3023d5b48eSteven Michaud — Bug 671064 - Work around bug in Cairo 1.10 that causes Print Preview to crash on OS X. r=jmuizelaar a=clegnitto
17d82fcd27ad748c11c8c0b8f85ee68607a55888Mark Finkle — Bug 676052 - gingerbread theme for android 2.3.5 [r=mbrubeck, a=mfinkle]
4b51e77c121a8f9e407beccca753388d595ab2caDoug Turner — Bug 673674 - Fennec freezes when viewing a non .txt file from disk. Mime handler was returning a valid type when it clearly didn't know. r=blassey a=legneato
c87e7fe60bdcc7527161f5224e5bfa16be3499dbDaniel Holbert — Bug 670542 patch 3: Workaround to make session restore work with principals that were serialized before this bug's IID rev. r=jst a=LegNeato
20657d07fec3a5be1f2a237a9e5c400f1e0c77e6Daniel Holbert — Bug 670542 patch 2: Rev iids of nsIURI & descendants. r=jst a=LegNeato
276705ef5f1f37e32195733d1fd04692cb96a048Daniel Holbert — Bug 670542 patch 1: Shift .ref-related additions to end of nsIURI.idl. r=jst a=LegNeato
d30981d54470e9c2c9e26bf1652ba962231e687dLuke Wagner — Bug 672436 - StackIter should LeaveTrace (r=dvander,a=LegNeato)
b03971e28880a8d81fc2d9b19e62a8388d803f62Mark Finkle — Bug 675236 - portrait view shifted on tablet awesomescreen [r=wjohnston, a=blassey]
e442db72f342fe28916dd9d4ad029779c2b01e93Benoit Jacob — Bug 675634 - import ANGLE r712 - r=upstream, a=clegnitto
d28a4d6b8e50301258f505b4c707b634c38fb6f9Benoit Jacob — Bug 675625 - limit GLSL identifiers to 250 characters to work around a NVIDIA bug - r=jrmuizel, a=clegnitto
e0521aa0fec005a1dd9bb4a36a39e51fbfe5a12aBrad Lassey — bug 636042 - All fonts are serif, follow up to fix build warning r=jdaggett a=follow-up
450664de3adcf10a6a744ed15420cbcba0d2a5adBrad Lassey — bug 636042 - All fonts are serif, give preference to stock android fonts r=jdaggett a=asa
ff77eadd91426e68702edb20865726c513be9229Cameron McCormack — Bug 673815 - Fix Synaptics touchpad scrolling hack requirement detection. r=jmathies a=blizzard
822f8a8e65aa51cea84f09495186ffe53ea18af7Mats Palmgren — Bug 665218 - Keep the printing surface until the next BeginPage to avoid null-ptr crash [MacOSX only]. r=roc a=asa
8966bdc465aaad39bc12b866ec53c0fb4ef8f634Kai Engert — Bug 670454 - Certificates usage in Certificate Viewer is always shown as "could not verify this certificate for unknown reasons", r=bsmith, a=LegNeato
68d510d9189ad27900322a3ad1b885cf1a237d2eBenoit Jacob — Bug 674042 - WebGL: crash in getUniformLocation with too long uniform identifiers - r=jrmuizel, a=clegnitto
935e296aabf4aa4ff715a1a00245f229d11bbfecJeffrey Gilbert — Bug 674731 - WebGL/ANGLE interop with D3D layers requests incorrect extension - r=bjacob, a=asa
19d0db5cd4a0b70789ca9db1b69b83d6add88ad2Jim Mathies — Bug 618683 - Quirk the full screen focus fix landed in bug 608013 to silverlight. r=bsmedberg, a=johnath
46cd7e3ccedd945ffa0b4ef5ea440a599333e01eBenoit Jacob — Bug 646825 - import ANGLE r702 - r=upstream, a=clegnitto
6b44a9964dc480e234ec6708b2e42309e97f49a4Benoit Jacob — Bug 668743 - ANGLE fails to load on WinXP after upgrade from r653 to r686 - r=jrmuizel, a=clegnitto
7bbe5e1dc63618734b5ffea70ae5105b3680db76Kai Engert — Bug 662557, OCSP validation errors are wrongly reported as SEC_ERROR_NO_MEMORY errors from CERT_PKIXVerifyCert, backout debug patch, r=bsmith, a=johnath
9b3f60d9e8a7667d9c2c4628aea8d24af81fd9c0Jonathan Kew — bug 672955 - prefer harfbuzz to core text backend for Thai OT fonts on OS X. r=jdaggett a=legneato
7d7d783b86637d1bf608d8c016607de6d9c76eefMike Hommey — Bug 670788 - When looking for the executable path on Unix, only use realpath() when we got a file path in the first place. r=bsmedberg,a=clegnitto
ebf113b69bd884291a324996d8df8d38dafa12e6Makoto Kato — Bug 664364 - Entering newline after Japanese in a textarea doesn't change cursor position. r=jchen a=mfinkle
745a1128eeff3f0e9874768531b31b7d82609ecfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 667818. When computing cookie expiration times, watch out for division by unsigned PR_USEC_PER_SEC screwing things up. r=dwitte, a=legnitto
6dae6e92d99e9f02a19248b3e80ad0f1d0e15561Josh Matthews — Bug 671960 - Prevent calling cairo functions on invalid surfaces through gfxASurface. r=joe,dougt a=legneato
97f7fcf40ee95c5b9ca84096688ba9e12d5ee68cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 667512 - Do not return a bogus visual frame if we don't have any visual frames in reality; r=smontagu a=LegNeato
9a08685d1424f5e90a46fe77ecf5a40038e159fbPatrick McManus — backport 659324 664692 - prefix websocket as mozwebsocket r=sicking a=legNeato
c7941221efbf540bc7fda281f7e52b2dde1d2a9bNils Maier — Bug 672063 - Complete nsIJSON implementation again. r=jwalden sr=dmandelin, a=LegNeato
fdb844c9c757235b3ac4ea5dc8a061e6c6c0acfbMyk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; a=test-only
10eff2860eaf708ff332f237c7cd6f1b03b0d573Matthew Gregan — Bug 652721 - Reorder a sensitive computation to avoid signed vs unsigned issues. Return a null range from SelectSeekRange when stream length is unknown. r=cpearce a=clegnitto
e9fd2c639c31b14a2b523dcdee6d97ab98fef354Luke Wagner — Bug 672026 - JSObject::principals should return the compartment's principals if there is no object-principals-finder (r=mrbkap,a=LegNeato)
58f37835e0bf1fd3afb03b0d1db1f6af027b3203Brandon Sterne — Bug 673588 - use correct location when resolving CSP sources and report-uris, r=dveditz, a=LegNeato
dc22634e3b9908e2436ace487deb2293be7fe464Matt Woodrow — Bug 670573 - Don't change the stride when copying ycbcr image data. r=derf a=asa
20e76c984d8219a31dafdd1f24b738f5507e8768Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 629875/bug 669366. Switch back to our old behaviour for source rects larger than the source image for both Cairo and Azure canvas implementations. r=joe a=dveditz
06fee5653ceb39c29cea6d41e4f23c311a97eb9fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 664721. Treat a document load in a subframe as first-party if it's first-party with all _ancestors_ of the subframe, no matter what's loaded in the subframe itself. r=dwitte, a=asa
08ce839b81cc09fe33fcc7a49287eceb65442b58Mike Hommey — Bug 667577 - Don't show the telemetry prompt unless the MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING variable is defined. r=khuey,a=asa
7a76cd285475ce6f991c6d19dba2369e3f171336Mike Hommey — Bug 647288 - Make our Android linker properly load libraries outside the .apk. r=mwu,a=blassey
72beea1d4cc7f39614eeab3e3a3c826485912184Marina Samuel — Bug 671378 - Sync interval doesn't adjust after error during initial Sync on additional device. r=philikon a=asa
e05bfc2a8b296780828d7778fde625531332e285Gavin Sharp — Bug 672128: don't copy wyciwyg:// URIs when entire URL is selected, r=dao, a=LegNeato
e3b5c473098e0177b2569e896771f0d885c0cfd8Brandon Sterne — Bug 664983 - don't send request headers with CSP violation reports, r=dveditz, a=asa
8d1b66d7fb5bc5a47e467b3fe195dbb4433b44f9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 672709 - Update the intrinsic state for elements in designMode documents correctly; r=bzbarsky a=johnath
1b4168e307fbc879677738f6d4da60898e9c0732Rob Campbell — Bug 666383 - [highlighter] make sure devtools.inspector.enabled is preffed off if not ready; approval-mozilla-aurora=asa
9cdc7d59fa11d186d12283952041127bf38689daDoug Turner — Backing out Bug 672026 (cset 82f49f622e9d). Causes Android crash at startup, and was not approved to land. a=me
9e82442fe6430736a2c1d02b9c37ba82a6309749Kyle Huey — Bug 669049: Forgo an optimization to make responseType='blob' work on large files. r=sicking a=asa
420c2b3c4aee8ab4e4667cc9ba5620460d02d7edRandell Jesup — Bug 669767: backout 52f72d71dc59 r=ehsan a=asa
d78bbed90c65b77bcdb4616816b80426e29aab61Randell Jesup — Bug 669767: backout b3f26adf6b42 r=ehsan a=asa
df47e2abac6c8b8b647e4cac5c2de572492bd3a9Wes Johnston — Bug 669154 - Dont open locale picker window if the system locale is available. r=mfinkle, a=mfinkle
183f76b8367b906fb0a4f326dbd4204221f6e97cMarco Bonardo — Bug 668245 - r=bz, a=LegNeato
396e473b851d3eff864a600b374803bc5d5c6255Benoit Jacob — Bug 665936 - string crash found while fuzzing WebGL shaders - r=jrmuizel, a=drivers
b8bb40d78826a57ac75fd0fb257e9f858e16950dPatrick McManus — bug 670687 - ws origin handling bogus r=bz a=LegNeato
e6132405124c41f71e04401b6808dc75f0b5d176Benjamin Stover — Bug 668633 Elements with scrollable overflow are cut off when panning. r=roc, a=asa
3a5e636515e5e838436f03dec84502f2a86ebf28Matt Brubeck — Bug 672543 - Don't set accessibility.browsewithcaret when selecting text in Fennec [r=mfinkle, a=mfinkle]
e0ad9f840fa6afa20ac1eb53d22c78639cd36c8eMatt Brubeck — Bug 672316 - Try to always reset accessibility.browsewithcaret after selecting text in Fennec [r=mfinkle, a=asa]
579cbf7a9add518545880424a1471ab390255f9aSimon Montagu — Don't resolve bidi paragraph in preformatted text until we really get to the end of the line. Bug 670226, r=roc, a=asa
433cd269be190b6df6bd2e09514bcd4f352d2590Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 670226
ef490938960094c8a3bf2ca6e324d6b44f7f9306Simon Montagu — Make sure that bidi continuation chains don't go beyond the end of the paragraph. Bug 668941, r=roc, a=asa
9a3234ac5c1c7fe0edbb2fc6327030a2d98df7bbMyk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; a=test-only
82f49f622e9da2673c2b173f10e5f54d10dfc8a6Luke Wagner — Bug 672026 - Ensure that there is an object principals finder during early startup (r=mrbkap,a=asa)
4d2a4e9e973051e9821ef5095fbec65fbd1d9d29Alexander Surkov — Bug 670870 - HTML table and caption should be linked by label relations, r=MarcoZ, a=asa
1efb6881323c88479b7b6712617482d38c39ccdaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 671422 - First sync should prompt for Master Password. r=rnewman a=blizzard
703694a623fa432cc39ffabf53ead6be685b8924Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 671066 - Unknown error on conclusion of easy setup of second client. r=rnewman a=blizzard
c8961d4e047142c53c686c386fb840140fc62ce6Kyle Huey — Bug 671053: Explicitly drop nsHttpConnection's ref to the callbacks at transaction close rather than waiting for connection reuse/expiration. r=mcmanus a=asa
0f0497ca522017e8592aef7155b42e9e830aa6daBas Schouten — Bug 666452 - Part 3: Create a minimal size temp surface for canvas shadow drawing. r=roc a=asa
606b1a99127b347dde947b2a81464c3ca9f9ee74Bas Schouten — Bug 666452 - Part 2: Minimize drawing done with shadow in the Azure D2D backend. r=BenWa a=asa
a9a6fbbd6b38f8f1c7a9a5caa625627fb1311aa8Bas Schouten — Bug 666452 - Part 1: Expose functions to get the (stroked) bounds of a path. r=BenWa sr=roc a=asa
e61930ed585f8e2c5f870559af7a059d23750984Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; a=test-only
9ef85eef3e17dca0d857b804a4f90d0d7bc0718cMark Finkle — Bug 659468 - Feedback compatibility currently needs to be manually bumped whenever we merge to aurora (mobile) [r=dtownsend, a=triage]
ce993f19fc4b940bb5a15649aaf30f0596dfede4Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; a=test-only
091434c8909e72db8d1a655c92dc251bbb291016Boris Zbarsky — Bug 669158. Don't try to unclamp the dummy timeout. r=jst, a=asa
d5b0d70cf3bf053978976fef77e9cdf59ec75200Boris Zbarsky — Bug 670452. Fix WindowSnapshot's windowutils codepath to work correctly for canvases of different sizes. r=joe, a=asa
335addb86778590c4ea1f3d980a4844de421dc5dGavin Sharp — Bug 666964: include trimmed "http://" prefix in URL bar copied text if the selection starts at the beginning of the URL, r=dao, a=asa
e0a0e1800c6a164b9316f85f51ea7984ea0d3247Mike Hommey — Bug 661910: Iterate over all component manifests when commenting out binary components during omnijar packing. r=khuey a=asa
ffeea656548be04fb05f63938f959452d995fecdKyle Huey — Bug 665964: If the nsISHistoryListener vetoes navigation, reset mRequestedIndex to make it clear that the navigation has been cancelled. r=bz
7fae5c9da3cf0bfbb07f70e620bb3a13a2240581Kyle Huey — Reftest for Bug 670442
cc0754f90ad88df8a239be4b8d6f25a33d7f8978Benjamin Peterson — Bug 670442: Reset mZero flag on the CanvasRenderingContext when new dimensions are set. r=joe a=asa
32b68884f5c5c5c05c32dd2e9d9eaf7f32446dc1Luke Wagner — Bug 657418 - Test for NULL principals in EvalCacheLookup (r=mrbkap,a=asa)
ce54da315f7a2aa7487d11e963c521bd9bf9aa07Bas Schouten — Bug 666079: Fix radial gradient drawing in Azure. r=jrmuizel a=asa
a2c32f88f49b3b114e2aa9bf621a23961ccdbac7Simon Montagu — Return success code not failure code when GetDefaultCharsetForLocale returns a fallback charset. Bug 653750, r=emk, a=asa
046c77bbf2affee8c8d14757ba1683a1dc57bf4aKyle Huey — Back out Bug 668699 since preferences can't be used off the main thread. a=johnath
9cd64dc8d5844c4187c71bec154d89a513f1e621Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 549e3276ed25
dbcb235ae784acd5c29e1dba631a34ec7a838587Boris Zbarsky — Bug 664916. Make sure that we're dealing with an element when getting tagName. r=sicking, a=legneato
8f58f46715a249be7362275952245afc1f2eb79ePatrick McManus — bug 669975 - websockets e10s mLoadGroup member duplicated r=jdm a=blizzard
85609541e35e999ad6e228f9621ff99b791d4223Jonathan Watt — Bug 669584 - The kungFuDeathGrip is required if the new length is less than the old length. r=dholbert, a=legneato.
673ab9bab7b5827bd34380e27dc9ce0511a1899dMats Palmgren — Bug 669284 - reftest. approval-mozilla-aurora=tests
5fc8239b4d74a762e152dc8c18fb132883fa7132L. David Baron — Only apply overflow area reported by native theme to the visual overflow, and not to the scrollable overflow. (Bug 669284) r=bzbarsky approval-mozilla-aurora=asa
af0f6aabdcba7047b932f2db0832fb8d48a7be06Steven Michaud — Bug 668639 - Work around Apple's latest Java update for OS X 10.5 breaking Java in FF 4 and up. r=bgirard a=clegnitto
735ddcfe81288a8172c279ea83e7cfbf52ef4838Simon Montagu — Force Scratchpad textbox to be LTR in all locales. Bug 668960, r=mihai.sucan, a=asa
75552dfd25c2ccb6ded97b142d410366b27dc43aChris Leary — Merge the last known-good tracemonkey changeset that missed the train to aurora. (a=drivers)
cba007ad17473d282c376797d8b8143db288b309Paul Biggar — Bug 666448: Remove 2nd argument to escape() for ECMA/Test262 compliance (r=jwalden)
74d0d63360f6848ca3e00a2fe75abcd6b85bb877Brendan Eich — Fuse common return interpReturnOK; path (and put comment inside ifdef where it belongs); fit assertion in 100 columns (r=me).
e408ebf3760ba7746114e9e77073272b4a9af816Brendan Eich — Use common sub-expression more (r=self).
425f4106c63fb8c62765a12b4e5c4d8b2d6c3d62Leon Sha — Bug 666488 - [TM] Re-enable YARR on sparc. r=dvander.
d8e967b8afc86f86b26dbfea6596ae1c0a13d58eNikhil Marathe — Bug 666599 - Fix ArrayBuffer::obj_lookupProperty. r=mrbkap
9b5a70a74209b96614b78518f5b62861f11df696Andrew McCreight — Backout bug 653248 due to bug 667011
76279a998f641d8b42a997f3d7b358772aa63015Makoto Kato — Bug 635617 - 64-bit crash [@ MakeDay] r=jwalden
7eebf84c537fb8d533459887d7185cfae6563f4bMakoto Kato — Bug 667076 - follow up for bustage on Win64. r=luke
f25365ded0a9de9be4eb2c9b98eb5e3c25c7dc17Jeff Walden — Bug 657298 - Various bugs in setting the length of an array. r=dmandelin
bc1e401e5bb59e5e7863b8d595221499e86b300bJeff Walden — Bug 667527 - Remove the array-length limitation from the method used in certain cases to append values to newborn arrays, and name it more generally than previously. r=dmandelin
c3ceee49ac37061748459147fe52841be9f0bc47Nikhil Marathe — Bug 665355 - Make delegate object and ArrayBuffer share same prototype. r=mrbkap
b4f74f6e8396fe84810e0cc1e5e986eab4044a0dNikhil Marathe — Bug 665355 - Fix __proto__ recursion. r=mrbkap
e52e78e088e534d45dffaeeb060a855ab358dfafNikhil Marathe — Bug 665914 - ArrayBuffer.prototype['byteLength'] crashes. r=mrbkap
9a6d4ff7a42ef0b71584aec81110f054f526e17eBlake Kaplan — Bug 667630 - Don't treat the payload of a jsval as a pointer and make sure we unroot the value. r=luke
8565b7114e6f6d15b56a53357bed77c9fa76e4c8Blake Kaplan — Bug 664689 - Deal with wrappers-around-wrappers here. r=gal
970c23eec1ae6aee9346452c36da122396d08359Steve Fink — Bug 667056 - Fix when function callbacks are invoked (r=luke)
60413613ea2a881268fa4053870e664dbb225ca5Steve Fink — Bug 667076 - Add a CHECK_EQUAL for testing whether non-jsval types are equal and report expected and observed values on failure (r=luke)
944648af74d830dd137a012f1859eac6efa33e74Steve Fink — bug 637136 - const-ify JS_ON_TRACE (r=luke)
f59568ec0513a083130f0bec33041b7b64c543fbLuke Wagner — Bug 668261 - Change EvalInContext to not clobber callee early; don't propagate rval on js::Execute failure so that rval-clobbering callers don't trigger assert (r=waldo)
c1afc79e767612212f89e23455b2fd7ca30c8943Luke Wagner — Bug 667824 - Make tracer match changes to JSOP_CALL (r=waldo)
38322c7498ff46cfeed002028b7ff18618e89b52David Mandelin — Bug 660371: report regexp syntax errors as compiler errors when appropriate, r=cdleary
c2e5e424e6c36922a38e0bedd38862a23781d288Jim Blandy — Bug 667126: Allow WeakMaps where the criterion for retaining an entry does not imply that the entry's key has been marked. r=jorendorff
756abc094eb18c5bd5c6645225d6108691392a27Jim Blandy — Bug 627859: Use the standard placeholder-making function when re-scoping variable references in generator 'yield' expressions. r=brendan
f12a804c0f2e3708a47b4f3859ef9730544fe005Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
198e53c140cd5f97c05f8cc300ec272a05ee5007Daniel Holbert — Bug 666480: Remove set-but-not-used variable 'priorIns' from LIR.cpp. r=wmaddox
2ce7546583ff1a475c218deec33e41e8ca192319Dave Herman — Bug 590973 - Reflect.parse(): expose to chrome as a toolkit component (r=gal)
3fb152290879733cd6427ee2c6966cc5bc7adb21Jeff Walden — Bug 667646 - fun.caller should be null, not undefined, when fun is being called by global code. r=evilpie
6a5890d45b9b644031947fccc85603643dbf0de8Jeff Walden — Remove a superfluous #include "jstypedarray.h" from nsXPConnect.cpp. No bug, r=driveby
0908448636c50191cd6063cd1cbc126a864b3d16Jeff Walden — Bug 645922 - Remove nsIJSON.encode/decode, because their functionality is subsumed by JSON.parse and JSON.stringify, and their idiosyncrasies are hindering code improvements. Also remove js_TryJSON and JS_TryJSON, which are no longer used after these changes and have no clear use cases. r=brendan, r=jst
14680bb642a52736201c52a2177684456735791cJeff Walden — Bug 667538 - Crash accessing Function.caller or Function.arguments when no script is running. r=evilpie
b79cf02287c6d424befaedf26de3fe0b48d84416Jeff Walden — Bug 646574 - dis() is broken when the function being disassembled has upvars. r=mrbkap
5b5cdbaaccd5e5175a8a1d4c719e77ea9c5cb40aDave Herman — Bug 630897 - Reflect.parse(): catch clauses should always be an array (r=jorendorff)
208160c856b76db1c410eb3a002dd30669e0a451Blake Kaplan — Fix bustage from bug 634156.
63ba878f5a81d301ff02aae5665d16ce01970a96Blake Kaplan — Bug 660797 - Don't accidentally lift the prototype property onto the element itself. r=jorendorff
ef1c0626aa2526aa7a61b28c85835d19d957b07bBlake Kaplan — Bug 634156 - Come up with a way of creating an API in content that exposes real content objects without using a sandbox. r/sr=jst/mossop/gal
08d7e2f903471a94655387e6482a0e75c21ccb1dDave Herman — Bug 667131 - crash: 'yield' unnoticed due to calling maybeNoteGenerator() too late (r=cdleary)
cc588cd332a944d2e7d76811b34d628a2f894694Chris Leary — POD trait for |long long| family, attempt to rambo Winx64 back to life. (rs=luke)
e06b65ed5672f32fc6c30b5c716a6effe1f9a602Chris Leary — Bug 667504: Allow atom declaration updates in linked list form. (r=luke)
8c767dfd38d3848a5b264ce613e8632caf01b065Myk Melez — bug 669487: update revision of Add-on SDK tests to one that works on Python 2.5; a=test-only, r=dbaron
92120afb1a582780b741772f4d3fff74f902e2e3Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset a02258e48c4d from bug 659048 as it is broken in aurora builds. a=backout
4310a4cfb3ae4df80e91a3826e256f8e0f8b79f6Dave Townsend — Bug 659468: Make Feedback maxVersion match the Firefox version. r=robstrong, a=legneato
cc6e30cce8af47b91b271220b9a9fc8cf820908aBoris Zbarsky — Update to aurora branding for 7.0a2
acfdc5ae375504a44645d80662978cc1afac5ecbBoris Zbarsky — Version bump from 7.0a1 to 7.0a2
be16eb53b9034840b9bdb6d7c6b5ed5a9ec93ff0Boris Zbarsky — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20110705 for changeset 5eb553dd2cea
5eb553dd2ceae5f88d80f27afc5ef3935c5d43b0Dão Gottwald — Bug 667314 - Don't loop infinitely when closing the selected tab in the Ctrl+Tab panel. r=gavin AURORA_BASE_20110705
6c2d53b981778cf99865f2f085cb76bdf9ed8b16Dão Gottwald — Bug 669178 - Remove InspectorUI.embeddedBrowserParents since it leaks content windows and is generally broken. r=robcee/gavin
2d0037330eaf5190197e5f10833838171903c378David Bolter — Bug 610650 - Change implementation of HTML5 landmark elements to conform to implementor guidelines; r=marcoz
821b5076d2c03ad941ac5ea807f9287929e44bd3Justin Lebar — Bug 668137 - Followup. Actually display vsize on Windows. r=khuey
4df47729b74d82c1de37171d6329bf282045ad41Randell Jesup — Bug 662215 r=bz
ce6b3f6688c444dec38bdaa3adae79fb84e03d56Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozulla-central
3d12cfc609798ae3e3005e0b81043721895bf391Jacob Bramley — Bug 666918: Allow some routines to omit the frame pointer even with --enable-profiling. This will break call-graphs for these functions, but an --enable-profiling build won't work without it. [r=cjones]
f11be63ce31c24ac7d45c8b59f398e99447f2983Bas Schouten — Bug 668801 - Followup: Properly address review comments.
8eef7a6683f346600ca43872f1309e6795a4093eMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
77144b649993d21862e162aa0f9ff6324bf33ae4Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset 30f74655c985 due to windows m-oth leak orange
f892e78c8c6dff428e0e352119271ed3f06407a1Bas Schouten — Bug 668801 - Part 3: Adjust dealing with clipped shadows to be accurate. r=jrmuizel
0ec8b80572a6329313864485d909e8b142d19470Bas Schouten — Bug 668801 - Part 2: Fix small bug in Azure shadow drawing. r=jrmuizel
af10b6844d98aecec0f31d6e1778e9142e1c3901Bas Schouten — Bug 668801 - Part 1: Adjust Azure for traditional shadow drawing style. r=jrmuizel
028e71400576b9cfcac8ca39faf98d9d6480ad1dBas Schouten — Bug 668801: Backed out Bug 656844 - changeset a565838cfc3a.
942107e5bca9f8cb12967005ad0e8fcf1547c292Bas Schouten — Bug 668801: Backed out Bug 656844 - changeset 22ec5982eca7.
4aaf3b77a6f3df4799d427fcfb905fdd591dd2b8Phil Ringnalda — Back out cceff8f75d6a (bug 610829) for orange
cc405052ac0a1b6a4cab8a8d430fa90349f987ecJason Duell — bug 655389 - CRLF Injection and the parsing of HTTP headers. r=bz
a733e437f95aac6980f5307eb5fc8782066217e9Patrick McManus — bug 655389 - CRLF Injection and the parsing of HTTP headers. r=bz
30f74655c985e67c020fb5db3bdd838da1e03700Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 660731 - Add GetExplicit and GetResident methods to NSIMemoryReporterManager, attempt 2. r=khuey, sr=bz.
cceff8f75d6a4e0ab44f272bb6aacbc1e31efd35Masayuki Nakano — Bug 610829 Should associate default IMC at committing or canceling composition r=emk
a0b12f9bb58dae54af5f51c980fdbc4284da69b6Ms2ger — Bug 667298 - Address comment; pending-r=roc
df68fdf2f727c9177bb66d61a535563d8f0eb2e3Ms2ger — Bug 651858 - Address comments; pending-r=roc
26cce0d3e1030a3ede35b55e257dcf1e36539153Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8df23f5d97091b393dfceb950275cacc24290f0eJason Duell — bug 664860. Convert WebSocketChannel to 2 space indents. r=biesi.
3ebb4b775eee13f7933434eb3c274598a2782c0dJason Duell — bug 664860. Rename nsWebSocketHandler -> WebSocketChannel. r=biesi
0bfd2a8382c708cddbdae4beaa2ae533f39913d3Jason Duell — Bug 664860. Rename nsIWebSocketHandler -> nsIWebSocketChannel. r=biesi
58c721a6bb1a0f6b32532e5bf32351d8b0d3e77cJason Duell — bug 664860: Rename websockets mochi test. r=biesi
c2b30c18d762fb1f318cfecd4e4ca5b2fc3d1b0dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 634834 (long delayed) followup, it puts the iframe after the function for its onload, or it gets the "is not defined" error again
0a8481aadf8f2e14f729784abd94fe5fdfff5352Matt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 4 - Upload the entire image for PlanarYCbCrImageD3D10 to a texture and clip using texture coordinates. r=Bas
dc7e27d7f78602469a45566561a0d38d6961fb1dMatt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 3 - Upload the entire image for PlanarYCbCrImageD3D9 to a texture and clip using texture coordinates. r=Bas
05e0e6423227e9c89fe631b1d0fe0e482410b868Matt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 2 - Upload the entire image for PlanarYCbCrImageOGL to a texture and clip using texture coordinates. r=derf
c6dddbeba72b3a27438740a18008da14c571eee7Matt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 1 - Move BindAndDrawQuadWithTextureRect into LayerManagerOGL. r=joe
6e26fba249148ebeb0728c7651fca5c52e7f31c6Daniel Holbert — Bug 669237: Fix init list order in nsBuiltinDecoderReader.h r=cpearce
d6ebefe350e23578de8f20dbe510a52d56cfef39Robert Longson — Bug 669216 - Simplify some of the number-optional-number implementation. r=dholbert
95a023903ae0daf6d6d948cbc45594c717360a7eTim Taubert — Bug 654721 - Remove the orphan tab concept from Panorama; r=ian, ui-review=limi
c4fd1aeff6e4cafaec5b47398e95483886fdf9e4Tim Taubert — Bug 663421 - Don't close empty groups automatically; r=dao
b05d1f9037110c89fa36fcfb390d89ed5608baa0Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
a7bf249020324d1d0948130ef78664e00bfd7089stefanh — Bug 645963 - Pinstripe doesn't show bookmarks chevron when toolbar is in text mode. r=dao.
ed0f5032ff400a9865891f77042395313aa3c2a8Jezreel Ng — Bug 668711 - Specified window dimensions in openDialog aren't respected if sizeMode is persisted and set to maximized. r=neil
f60f5d1e2dde3d8bbc911d61bfbba295d3c4ee50Dão Gottwald — rename assertTabs to checkTabs in browser_ctrlTab.js
3f27dc203e62e2f2af2c69ff21d6d05154c6ea37Simon Montagu — Undefine caret bidi level during reflow instead of on text entry. Bug 664087, r=roc
b552fdfe62a650d03a550e5baf2b9e75557be3b0Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 664087 and follow-up changes to the tests for bug 646382. r=ehsan
0c94f01f53af675e49a841a2f70c83f99b335cc5Gregor Wagner — Bug 666058 - Don't share chunks for system compartments. r=gal,igor.
c3e051b9da9c841a8283bc1c73c7300a01f21ab5Trevor Saunders — bug 619002 - use text-remove / text-insert signals r=davidb, fer
320e5abc6f5aeb067b537f9b357c81dbd00d8751Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660529 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatString r=kaie
ca5dd1bd60f3030d39d9b4946506a5bd13cf189cMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c97d7a25a9219d6698f03e167101ff84f4ad3b3eBenoit Girard — Bug 636707 - Check for null MacIOSurfaceImageOGL. r=mattwoodrow
23f45cc055f0877c01004e766d3ebd393c0666a7Stephen Horlander — Bug 659267 - Subtle grey text for Sync notification on pinstripe.
8460bb7fb589f0013b191b2c98dc6614a77f1c2aStephen Horlander — Bug 659266 - Need a minimalistic Sync glyph for notifications.
9efe252bb236c7ecf0ebf4bee62ab9c0aee45b31Benoit Girard — Bug 648480 - Add shadow-layer support to d3d9 backend. r=cjones
c986f17ebe5300ed84b0729a5424e5ebd38a95eeMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset 8ab62172a2cb due to XPCShell test failure.
c8c8aa5f9870764a0c38ffbf163501394e352311Mats Palmgren — Disable newly added reftest for bug 667010 on Android to fix orange. r=test-only
8ab62172a2cbb20ebdffb79166c65c2d7bab263aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 660731 - Add GetExplicit and GetResident methods to NSIMemoryReporterManager. r=khuey, sr=bz.
1ec0339ac9a119f3ce84ead46a81687de8f584e2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 663423 - Add two more memory measurements to TelemetryPing.js. r=taras.
cdff167e80748a50215a694a02b252373de19a16Mats Palmgren — Bug 668919 - The ellipsis with text-overflow: ellipsis is sometimes one pixel too low. r=roc
dfdbd34cdad48cb999c461d4a908efcaaa522060Mats Palmgren — Bug 667010 - "ASSERTION: unexpected block frame" with text-overflow: ellipsis, <fieldset>. r=roc
7281d9de99eb9dc123043a20e3c40857bddcfeb7arno renevier — Bug 664955 - "ASSERTION: parser should have rejected negative length". r=bz
128d2f9f7ac38e9dbef776d6787f0025a201500aDão Gottwald — Bug 563591 - Focus event incorrectly fired on document when moving between tabs on tab bar. r=enn
d7275a8a0b2aeef800ffe1264c8cf1bc319a867cIgor Bazarny — Bug 659126 - Implement additional NavigationTiming properties
3d6a355a81766eda4a9892c578ed99ccd80a4ce5Neil Deakin — Bug 666927, clean up nsBoxFrame::GetLayoutManager to return value, r=roc
c80e743ec4ceec368dfea857a35aa110b9ca5431Neil Deakin — Bug 666348, move drag icon initialization into drag-begin signal to prevent potential flickering, r=karlt
e3a9974fdc28ba45b796209e7297d7a75236fb93Neil Deakin — Bug 663728, use ids of nodes in xml datasources, r=jonas
29bc151be813f85066e447b5c7f2ba0134fcbfd1Serge Gautherie — Bug 642420 - (Bv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: restore explicit <children includes="menupopup"/>, but at start instead of at end.
345ce4956c50721a74ca0fa16d8884eae496bb9cRob Campbell — merge devtools to mozilla-central
fae9a993f933f4507d5f432dea70f790c6d46af2Paul Rouget — Bug 665880 - [highlighter] If a <embed> node is highlighted, a <<node.getSVGDocument() is null>> exception is raised; r=rcampbell,
c12172ae966d0fe28255171451e3c1ec846aaea9Dão Gottwald — Addressing review comments for bug 465186
fa4005b29b5e9b5c14b72fe3053c36f7c3a89678Jezreel Ng — Bug 465186 - When detaching a tab, open the new window at the drop location. r=dao/smaug
fb1291a31b54914cd97cc5a8f9e8413c4d5fa921Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
dfcbb9671e021cec5726a8a0ba4eadca303f8fd4Michael Ventnor — New, better reftest for bug 666689 r=roc
817c3b2e2fbbf94c7a8bc66e0f8f623ab18f9571Michael Ventnor — Bug 669015 - Fix regressed text-shadow in XUL r=roc
938c253f031cdffd490289d134f704570bc39400Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 666931 - Enforce alignment for ARM code in Thumb mode in libvpx. r=cpearce
45aa79639b58b88210529f05ce40e0dca747fbbaPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
a8553a17f750cc9bb4c0e39e3dd5bc043dcb3139Tim Taubert — Backout changeset 646f3f6f3cd5 (bug 663421)
58b34369196fb61fa9af36b48544cf162f128f26Phil Ringnalda — Bug 669025 followup, fix crashtests.list typo
450aec0642c38e396ef973b322114d75df597cffRobert Longson — Bug 669025 - class name and proto chain interface mismatch with number-optional-number and integer-optional-integer. r=dholbert
c7a87382aadf43b8356c47ea324a829a1f6ff9f7Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i
016fcb800fc235e81e9c202b66ba140a1a69df0fJustin Lebar — Bug 663423 - Report UNITS_COUNT reporters correctly via telemetry. r=taras
7a747adc8303dea9846ab4a291b0394952c9eb3dJosh Matthews — Bug 537787 - Update websocket test to use SpecialPowers. r=ctalbert try: -b do -p all -u mochitests -t none
4a894d4dc4da26a41e9ef1d1fea436d10324347dJosh Matthews — Bug 537787 - Remote websockets. r=jduell
dbad9fdb83e6d125a3f7145288e8f75b9b3e2492Mats Palmgren — Bug 668849 - Sporadic TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | reftests/text-overflow/selection.html. r=test-only
f0d8fa54fecb05f6e4773b4fcca7e422a986565bMats Palmgren — Bug 667518 - Don't ignore <link> href white-space only values. r=bzbarsky
06815ff84678e97420eca4890f28fe517396a548Christian Biesinger — bug 621558 - Disable IPv6 for the 300ms-delayed backup connection to improve
df4ec91d0b0aea3801cc08b088f264f4b30f2c84Igor Bazarny — Bug 668513 - make the w3c tests for navigationtiming pass
84f72e1d1fa292881c21cef63f989985f00f71f6Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 667315 (Make unknown handler forward to new handler). r=sicking.
dd9a2ec82f689c7c02b8bd41d6a8059d260d668fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 29ec386d969f and ed18b0cca283 (bug 462959) for a very frequent assertion loop in test_played.html
b7f03b37cf0c4453473f4b13a4d5858916688c35Ms2ger — Bug 383383 - Don't throw NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR from nsHTMLScriptElement::MaybeProcessScript; r=smaug
f352744f8941c7355a290901fcac4b368c24796aJosh Matthews — Bug 665316 - Initialize variable before use. r=ted
213c8c8b6a4c70b365f94556f004579987823f10Ms2ger — Bug 664543 - Remove nsIDOMWindow_2_0_BRANCH interface; r=peterv
4caf28f35715e1430b0a193e317c10e749b9ff98Ms2ger — Bug 668184 - Make nsIDocument::AddXMLEventsContent return void; r=smaug
dec119de6396c39e9cb19cb9c87e3951fe49c483Ms2ger — Bug 647433 - Rename mContent to mElement in implementations of nsIContentSerializer; r=bz
24e4277f45c5169a86dd3d2c33b79d5080918d62Ms2ger — Bug 667277 - Don't use already_AddRefed::get in nsAccessible::GetURI; r=surkov
01e79adc8c0ff6b30a428fa853283f55191d43b5Ed Morley — Bug 661584 - Substitute final PR_(MAX|MIN|ABS|ROUNDUP) macro calls; r=roc
2502b7f2a05c3277cdd0750f360be69aec62de12Ms2ger — No bug - Fix assertion in nsCellMapColumnIterator::GetNextFrame; r=bz
29ec386d969f8d9b184aa4379b9ccddc3731545dPaul ADENOT — Bug 462959 - Tests for HTMLMediaElement.played; r=cpearce+kinetik
ed18b0cca283e1b5d0dea0ea0ba9590da221eb68Paul ADENOT — Bug 462959 - Implement HTMLMediaElement.played; r=kinetik
f354ee7dfcec0b0cfd64f754a8b2ddd3e7a8f875Dão Gottwald — fix reftest.list syntax error
2f509e44172b02b7accb11c59252f2269e7034cfJonathan Hage — Bug 557474 - mpadded tests. r=karlt
b28932f43641f2ca99840196f11ea44c27c04b21Jonathan Hage — Bug 557474 - Add support for the voffset attribute, part 2. r=karlt
fe3a45dfe43c4372303f31caa31f9fbc366733a8Jonathan Hage — Bug 557474 - Add support for the voffset attribute, part 1. r=karlt
50e94b9988e9d7ed44d96b1c843ff89cdd4af719Jonathan Hage — Bug 557474 - Do not allow lspace as a pseudounit. r=karlt
bd7d3f2d51ad9dfc35ba7e2d9a931c9983350f6fSimon Montagu — Unify intl/locale xpcshell tests in one directory. Bug 668515, r=ted
4e3b03de1fd3df9a76e470e0a2f32dc86eabf9abKyle Huey — Bug 578268: Eliminate the last vestiges of mork from Firefox. r=mak
0c02168c83a686c3ff4c2b9c3c85c4a8cf7d6c47Matthew Gertner — Bug 666510 - Move the code for OS X app bundles from GRE_GetGREPathWithProperties to stub. r=bsmedberg
dad2f5b0bc1f702356976c9b57ea0695256703e2Geoff Lankow — Bug 665515 - Unsupported types of inline settings show as an empty row; r=bmcbride
46697c40b1041c7125770a6faa9716db2d0a5130Dão Gottwald — Bug 668972 - blocked-popups options popup leaks content windows. r=gavin
3cb00dc5d94bc1af5b0b0a7e283e5d711c020f43Marco Bonardo — bug 662806 - follow-up - revert dumb change.
7b44ed36faf38230611de61f2835070147f8fc1eMarco Bonardo — No bug - Fix merge conflict across mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central.
cff486d4d6a478855e9894874a906f0ae0291478Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
b48ff0b329b63726425e98e53ec54c4dba68b600Brian Birtles — Bug 665334 part 3 - Don't remove instance times used as fixed interval endpoints, r=dholbert
df0884806f2f42976b104d77fa1750853321011fBrian Birtles — Bug 665334 part 2 - Add fallback to detect infinite recursion when updating the interval and bail out, r=dholbert
fba10b407cf99adc3fef67c6ee73e5b4213c91adBrian Birtles — Bug 665334 part 1 - crashtest, r=dholbert
a29692a06cbd31ee387a4c8c67ec450b6d1b389cBrian Birtles — Bug 664343 - Batch updates to current interval, r=dholbert
d0db5df9285b5aba1455e582f56d7a81d5b906e8Joel Maher — Bug 668432 - move toolkit/content/tests/widgets/*.xul to mochitest-chrome; round 2. r=enn, a=test-only
ae8e81569712507b6df64ee664a84232dc883be6Neil Deakin — Bug 655004, cancel mouse scroll event and key events for grid datepicker and trees, prevents scroll events from bubbling up in tests, r=neil
f89d4b284590010c324d0f476fdb199ae943c81fAndrew McCreight — Bug 663920 - add telemetry for num of RCed and GCed nodes, and num collected. r=bent
e5de7146ac1932221df7097e1f50af0c3b9fdc1dTaras Glek — Bug 663423: Fix memory reporters r=jlebar
aee2858cf8aa503520721cea7e4735a67d7c4a7dBenoit Girard — Backout 627489bb6288.
fac8fa6cc4b521a92111053e8504be077e08c0f0Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
627489bb6288437a40d3b10ae9c2aa7c9a26c5c1Benoit Girard — Bug 648480 - Add shadow-layer support to d3d9 backend. r=cjones
0d425ab8eb132efbcb78918d70694421b817bf69Taras Glek — Bug 668355: s/Timer/AutoTimer/ r=jlebar
eb5866601f88f4ebf278222ff28853ee9ed746d6Honza Bambas — bug 658894 - Collect basic telemetry for HTTP requests and page load. r=jduell
3a5af9d36fb1071d562f72e6ac5a2c42283de129Taras Glek — Bug 668355 - Measure plugin enumeration with telemetry r=jlebar
4504b65f69dbc4781febc40a2cbeb9ef48ad8d16Taras Glek — Bug 668355: RAII Telemetry timer r=glandium
788753e18492022732a9e1dced76d9c894744e86Wes Johnston — Bug 668834 - Show link to locale picker on about:home firstrun. r=mfinkle
21735c9f4122daa8897384e56e5bec5d9e3dc782Wes Johnston — Bug 666973 - Hide locale picker if system locale is already included in Fennec. r=mfinkle
6ef387126d0f1e1dfcaa041729734ded1f47005eRobert Longson — Bug 617623 - animate number-optional-number and integer-optional-integer attributes properly. r=dholbert
74635b831e9e3fb2e3f5c15cb52e47625f2adfb4Robert Longson — Bug 639945 - tooltips are not displayed on inline svg elements. r=dao,bzbarsky
4a7f8e181dd0d150a12b35b5fc7c0f760b1ec357Joe Drew — Bug 645267 - Mark layout/reftests/svg/as-image/img-and-image-1.html as random for now.
3bc48f2e9899b35d9e65b97ba3b38d1f0e617038Joe Drew — Bug 619048 - Some "zero" (really max) height and width .ico files as crashtests. r=jrmuizel
17f5ec50a7f1a62c545c682b8d017d124380248eJoe Drew — Bug 619048 - Correctly reject zero-height and zero-width images. r=jrmuizel
47e231b4821ef917f9419e2a332853602cccc975Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Tests to make sure a URI always maps to the same image in the same document, even when loaded with cache-control: no-cache. r=bz
39bd0f6314c3f84dc0d5d3c26c0be628dd0e6ea2Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Write tests to make sure we reload images that are redirected with a Cache-Control: no-cache header. r=bz
6b905a3845cd4825147b24287f2488134144f3f0Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Rely on the necko cache to validate all cache-control headers rather than asking for it to load only if modified. This makes it so we don't have to implement HTTP cache-control correctness on redirects ourselves. r=jrmuizel
d3b39662451751a7a5bdb6c7d741fa4a155100a3Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - imgRequest::mKeyURI and mURI are now the same because we don't change the cache on redirect. Let's keep track of the current URI instead. r=jrmuizel
586e991940dbb631892a990b2413ee1fb860ea4bJoe Drew — Bug 552605 - Keep track of all redirects when validating cache entries, so we make sure cache headers are always kept track of. r=jrmuizel
188a959fc629bcd8d8411962e574067373bef438Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - check for file:// scheme in SetCacheValidation rather than on cache entry construction, so we don't have to have the URI when constructing cache entries. r=jrmuizel
35aa54f107aca6a4de3ac98775c83f6694993d17Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Change "must validate if expired" to "must always validate" in the image cache, to fit with the spirit of the HTTP spec. r=jrmuizel f=bz
3a7f41ccc2267c45c15562a101fa7a94505b7e29Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Set cache expiry and validation on both OnStartRequest and OnRedirectVerifyCallback so that our image cache entries have the union of all cache headers. r=jrmuizel
e8f2637924374e30b6ad10ac0168d24f2d3fda15Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Keep images in the image cache based on their original URI, not the URI they're redirected to. r=jrmuizel
5202f8aa66423f418260b260416e44f40a1ca3eeJoe Drew — Bug 552605 - Fix some whitespace issues that crept in. r=jrmuizel
c1fec89e3bce5c04d7accde005017965eac5deb1Marco Bonardo — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE
2cc3e7f6f4c0979a2b5b19cca354a2ef96a157a7Marco Bonardo — Backout bug 552605 and bug 619048 due to increase in random failures in reftests on a CLOSED TREE
72ef7b87222c889991a2a2e112ecc9c9dfb41638Marco Bonardo — Backout changesets ed9bdae57981 due to permanent R2 Android failure on a CLOSED TREE
08a813a4770991aa3b1062797c010533219c19a5Makoto Kato — Bug 668663 - OFNHookProc callback in the file picker code should return a UINT_PTR. r=neil
cbb285709139e8a9144d755a4130ece9e313d491Mike Hommey — Bug 643779 - Allow to build nsDebugImpl.cpp on ARMv4T. r=dougt
2fda596a9a3f48df6f31c65ab3c7f4e7674edb96Mike Hommey — Bug 650237 - Allow applications to use a symbolic link to the xulrunner-stub instead of a copy. r=bsmedberg
7308d42e070d714e5bbf441f76399ae319bc7aeeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 666903 uriloader should use mozilla::Preferences r=bz
5577368c8692e8ef8001fa046541eb840e9a8ae2Masayuki Nakano — back out previous checkin
d970a2b0f2c25a702754ffb13f9bd9c6bdab189fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 666903 uriloader should use mozilla::Preferences r=bz
26ecb4d6c3d0ea6d879940eae4f320b7dc2d83e1Makoto Kato — Bug 413019 - Remove PGO workaround for some modules. r=ted
098f5469308de147edeb5bb451b8a2b54d01d75cJoe Drew — Bug 552605 - Some "zero" (really max) height and width .ico files as crashtests. r=jrmuizel
ff318d0e5d72871a9a2ec4fe91f015273327f03cJoe Drew — Bug 619048 - Correctly reject zero-height and zero-width images. r=jrmuizel
10046ea8137b4cdef803364ac00c504c20560f26Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Tests to make sure a URI always maps to the same image in the same document, even when loaded with cache-control: no-cache. r=bz
2259a22fe32cd93c3016c516ffa06e8318cdac40Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Write tests to make sure we reload images that are redirected with a Cache-Control: no-cache header. r=bz
d7411121343bcefbdff64e88befa1e3c0485fbfaJoe Drew — Bug 552605 - Rely on the necko cache to validate all cache-control headers rather than asking for it to load only if modified. This makes it so we don't have to implement HTTP cache-control correctness on redirects ourselves. r=jrmuizel
b6578040f51fed8798a573e31e6bb7dda8f25e06Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - imgRequest::mKeyURI and mURI are now the same because we don't change the cache on redirect. Let's keep track of the current URI instead. r=jrmuizel
3e75509585adc74a4bf0bb4f9872fb1ff25012aaJoe Drew — Bug 552605 - Keep track of all redirects when validating cache entries, so we make sure cache headers are always kept track of. r=jrmuizel
f32b08607c6da2255fa1fe58a98fa7ee58e52456Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - check for file:// scheme in SetCacheValidation rather than on cache entry construction, so we don't have to have the URI when constructing cache entries. r=jrmuizel
86258998da3921f54c7b3f1a762c56438bdf0618Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Change "must validate if expired" to "must always validate" in the image cache, to fit with the spirit of the HTTP spec. r=jrmuizel f=bz
2809dd5b87f179e05649cc0676078ca9943cbad8Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Set cache expiry and validation on both OnStartRequest and OnRedirectVerifyCallback so that our image cache entries have the union of all cache headers. r=jrmuizel
9fe9fb1368e3ea3d5b2d864e22956e8feec26fa5Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Keep images in the image cache based on their original URI, not the URI they're redirected to. r=jrmuizel
872a641c176c7ef7d38c9dfd882b27debce5be93Joe Drew — Bug 552605 - Fix some whitespace issues that crept in. r=jrmuizel
d67a8f7bfc0fca74dafcd25584edb19d570193b4Makoto Kato — Bug 668151 - Bug 515492 (VS2010 jemalloc support) doesn't work on Win64. r=khuey
02a7344932293f25e267d1a4855b665776e85be2Shawn Gong — Fixed bug 632255: implemented FileReader.readAsArrayBuffer() API. r=sicking
d2372623b561bd3f7cbec9728346e1d42c2b1733L. David Baron — Convert canvas text measurement widths from app units to pixels *after* they switch from integers to floats. (Bug 667947) r=roc
524c58cd1b6eef370148fd380d5c617c29d2db7cJustin Lebar — Bug 668524 - Fix warning in nsMemoryReporterManager.cpp due to wrong order of initialization list. r=njn
d997ca0997ded65057c7aaadd2762565924c843cNicholas Nethercote — A test-only change, a follow-up to bug 666075, adding some testing of multi-reporters. r=khuey.
152c57ad8825af40cc55a7b079ce4bb09a6ad95bNicholas Nethercote — A test-only change, a follow-up to bug 664486, adding some testing of UNIT_COUNTS. r=jlebar.
fce9b0ca58c3f63c481f603bae75a15af6b4503aChris Pearce — Bug 655648 - Update media readyState more often, exit decode thread when decode finishes. r=kinetik
11e4980826aa05ad32b22050ae536ba55bb3880fTaras Glek — Bug 653936: fix: StartupCache uses nsZipItemPtr without ensuring that the JAR module is loaded, causes leak r=mwu
86518f4610373786e5350943f1aa6fac56f138baTaras Glek — Bug 668312 - Report only probes defined in TelemetryHistograms.h r=Mossop
0cbf2c1ca0e90485001bf9855c5560d70c0e3310Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 668642 - Make nsIHttpHeaderVisitor a [function] interface. r=bz
4e08121dcd1ee8cbb9ce37c6106d13da2cb0576eJonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsMenuBarListener. r=smaug
e3cb39d085f3300298f246d18ab2499b166b0018Jonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsXULTooltipListener. r=smaug
aa26a78af69545a008d93edbb2015a8aba46edbfJustin Lebar — Bug 666317 - Discard decoded images on a memory-pressure notification. r=joe
ed9bdae5798140b219022866447ffae0697c82edMats Palmgren — Bug 667518 - Don't ignore <link> href white-space only values. r=bzbarsky
cdc314af32417229797c3840385e8ee37edb3887Josh Matthews — Bug 668328 - Initialize members of nsEventListenerManager on construction. r=sicking
d31497763fdd1d18c0f3b7ec9caab0d2056f2da3Steven Michaud — Bug 659851 - Firefox and Lion disagree on GLintptr. f=bas.schouten r=bjacob
6e078652e8616f73e7c25eb81ddea6b7724c23c5Benoit Girard — Bug 663259 - Part 2: Restore Synchronous plugin rendering, with preference for async rendering. r=smichaud
9f4255138bbc19f08c7d155001acba74e3696107Benoit Girard — Bug 663259 - Part 1: Mac Async rendering fixes. r=josh
72b3e516157840c1ed869404d6f3efa10f1e4701Justin Lebar — Bug 668137 - Add vsize to about:memory on Windows. r=njn
93ad15ba19d52d6fa2e811e515b76e76f3a60e97Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 667663 - Silence MSVC warning by returning NULL if DWrite is disabled. r=bas
d8f6acb5842203e1f6050c1fcd8474ccbc705366Matheus Kerschbaum — Test for bug 383383. r=smaug
abb75fbb583ba3dca2866f8f477ddb960144bfedMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 383383 - Remove nsIScriptEventManager and nsIScriptEventHandler. r=smaug
6d19d5dccf0cf0909d8d8e0fb55a34386e75b0c3Paul ADENOT — Bug 667929 - OGG media buffered member is not correct when the stream is infinite; r=cpearce
7898841a922ac943dfc6d574fcfc012a1f0b4fbeJosh Matthews — Bug 661927 - Add Cu.schedulePreciseGC to allow for a GC to run with no JS code running. r=mrbkap
58210dea89c539c9bf34473ae8221ffffbb3f9baRobert Longson — Bug 668889 - simplify boolean attribute parsing. r=dholbert
549e3276ed25933f93f985ed7c7c5c076324fbdfKyle Huey — Bug 668699: If urlclassifier is turned off, do not open the database. r=dcamp
84bbc200e89aa5197d1c3980197ba8e1afe003a2Kyle Huey — Bug 661582: XHR.response should return a Blob, not a File. r=sicking
8c8d3b22ea79b99f5e8c38ffe3f2c3fe23bd0e37Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 661583: Hold onto the cache token if our response blob is backed by a cache file. r=sicking
38e14b78ac76645197ed8cfb1aeefaabb979a897Joey Armstrong — Bug 666908: Remove MAKE:=gmake. Fix editor colorization quoting problem. r=khuey
b4c7d0319ea1ca91bc8c148dbbd816c755169fdbJoey Armstrong — Bug 666424: Don't use GLIB_CONFIG if if has the value 'no'. r=khuey
c97034c07fe6e07f92b4bdf5fabdcbb380f15ca6Olli Pettay — Bug 664470, unlink document some more, r=peterv
6cf983334e7add24d79ec85f1a5c2386e69d4d23Olli Pettay — Bug 664452, unlink XUL some more, r=peterv
52ba94702d12e255804ba44702c02052ec7cdcc1Olli Pettay — Bug 667092, don't print without device context, r=jst
d1a0de2af8a7e6dd983f0ea50cc6c7ca38c48652Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
71d1871b763a536547b24ca47c87345ced952489Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
13e50174a62f487417b2f43dfad0c40e84ffaec0Marco Bonardo — Bug 666697 - Don't sync history removals caused by expiration.
c7cc6058d7c47677d369a34809b021173a7f0a01Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
aff52f424fa602a9bcc9fd9c3606482c5c18e54aMarco Bonardo — Bug 662806 - nsINavHistoryObserver: pass GUID to onPageChanged.
e4095d0a9ac41fb880be2bf8bcbad941ee26792dMarco Bonardo — Bug 662806 - nsINavHistoryObserver: pass GUID to onTitleChanged.
b64f604824b99420c8fa9b6ce75bdc3494cf28beMarco Bonardo — Bug 667195 - follow-up - Remove subtest for MathML href link click, since contentAreaClick is not yet ready to handle that.
bf475efe290db4365a1cc31c86914727b90e60aeMarco Bonardo — Bug 667195 - Ctrl + Click on SVG/MathML links does not open pages in a new tab.
5f7e81332a3d3497d5d9177bcf008a7f319c3d0eMarco Bonardo — Bug 660109 - Allow to distinguish history removals caused by expiration from those requested by the user.
4f84c26e07c2efacb217347be0a22626c64484dcMarco Bonardo — Bug 416459 - Implement proper cut action for bookmarks.
f76ebe0465e138e85482608be4bacd56ecb43cb0Marco Bonardo — Bug 668319 - Allow to set opacity on ::-moz-tree-cell-text.
00bb08972e46a0a18500484d27d29a33a040d915Matt Brubeck — Back out 9fc0e6867256, 6947bbce9672, fb91a23bd158, a5870dd2ad7c, c3d3292fbd1e, 42f2aca1fde9 to fix Android failures on a CLOSED TREE
71fce8f097f507e45e7b0efc477c88ef4117ac09Marco Bonardo — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE
317d287b6db82c4ce8cb79e2d2b171cb4e08b8b9Marco Bonardo — Backout due to mobile failures these changesets: 9f451a1901dd, e99f86ba7278, 447b48b79e6a, cef046665c53, c9237cc1fae0, d77a331a6d5a, f8f3afb95355, a050168887ee, 3ec4303ebf4d, 671b7c0d99f0, 56b17efbb62b, beceddeee3f4 on a CLOSED TREE
9df0849fa705a9044a140e409b17232d6412c161Kai Liu — Bug 431078: Render editable menulists in Aero in a style consistent with the native UI (like a textfield). r=jmathies+dao
4c042c127a02132c0516129e6ea2455b88cb27eeDaniel Cazacu — Bug 648140 - Check some namespaces in nsMathMLContainerFrame.cpp.
1bd539ed6e159692f792f681890fcab6db26c50bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 667322 - Add missing ifdef so that dom/ipc tests are only copied if tests are enabled. r=cjones
4a10fb9c4b34f04fabd89a1976a4526e99689175Dão Gottwald — Bug 668500 - Scrollbars appear if the notificationbox overflows. r=enn
23101a6aa6c34f5160d9aaaf47bbf7c3a2742850Dão Gottwald — Bug 668227 - Remember the urlbar being focused when switching to a tab with a modal prompt. r=gavin
5fcda42e70bd29094aeb1543e2deb4c3addeeeb4Marco Zehe — Bug 668192 - Improve screen reader reading of password manager intro text, r=gavin
18f22e82fffa9e26df8d2a14501d7e175ef45cb3Michael Ventnor — Fix reftest failures from bug 666689
e8023ac96fb770f73baeb3a985b64388f7a2c184Michael Ventnor — Previous checkin was for Bug 666689
2fba916e056cdb24bd569a6b8ab9ea69b90c7c25Michael Ventnor — Implement text-shadow for the text-overflow marker text (ellipsis) r=roc
592403064072fe729609a03d4d4eed7c47e16fffJonathan Kew — bug 666893 - add padding pixels to DWrite text bounds because of ClearType bleed when using GDI Classic mode. r=roc
9c848549aa3bc2ffee161cb3b1dc667fb809124fJonathan Kew — bug 553571 - try to avoid breaking font runs at ZWNJ when using font fallback, because Indic scripts require shaping across the ZWNJ character. r=roc
9f451a1901ddec8f5d3e4003845f5ca3683ab0a7Felipe Gomes — Bug 668307. follow-up, const redefinition. r=me
beceddeee3f4cc4c9fbea2b372cfdb7928ce805eFelipe Gomes — Bug 668307. Minimum loadURI support for remote content in Firefox. r=dao
56b17efbb62b11281548110eda86c97b3b98e56eFelipe Gomes — Bug 663042. Disable some breaking parts of browser startup in e10s-compat mode, and other minor adjustments. r=dolske
671b7c0d99f00ec37ef34ea70967db4cc1b2ba20Felipe Gomes — Bug 663040 - Stub webNavigation for remote browsers, moved from mobile to toolkit. r=mfinkle,mossop
3ec4303ebf4d8dee9ed114ef64db883d42444873Felipe Gomes — Bug 663038. Set some preferences for e10s builds. r=dolske
a050168887ee5929a9efd5484c2c01eaf7b49c20Felipe Gomes — Bug 583976. Part 4 pre - some clean up and adjustments to enable needs-focus tests for OOP content. r=cjones
f8f3afb9535583c7610ee794e7c2489fc8df9e30Felipe Gomes — Bug 583976. Part 3 - Automatically forward mouse and key input events to out-of-process content, and add cursor support in PuppetWidget. r=smaug,stechz
d77a331a6d5a89f795cc1fbdc7c356daa7c48091Felipe Gomes — Bug 583976. Part 2 - Remove manual focus activation in mobile and add a test. r=stechz
c9237cc1fae0b708b99f9abc2745371e1f96f035Felipe Gomes — Bug 583976. Part 1 - Add focus manager support for focus activation/deactivation in remote content. r=enn,smaug
cef046665c5310bb6530f093bf4aaf10556aef5dFelipe Gomes — Bug 663035. Retrieving docShell of remote frames should simply return null instead of throwing. r=bsmedberg
447b48b79e6aeaf8a196860458cacf0929c6418fFelipe Gomes — Bug 662500. Drop support for pref that forces OOP tabs. r=bsmedberg
e99f86ba72788066484ac3a0d210386dc560843eFelipe Gomes — Bug 662390. Define a preprocessor option for temporary e10s compatibility. r=bsmedberg
c8eae24673045004e27b0231aa1eb658961cacf5Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c
42f2aca1fde9146c30a5fc2f0bace524fcb35b8bKyle Huey — Bug 661582: XHR.response should return a Blob, not a File. r=sicking
c3d3292fbd1e7bda54bbdf48a3bdcf842888e752Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 661583: Hold onto the cache token if our response blob is backed by a cache file. r=sicking
a5870dd2ad7c1b9f4f45336d05f1604887f7e9efJoey Armstrong — Bug 666908: Remove MAKE:=gmake. Fix editor colorization quoting problem. r=khuey
fb91a23bd158f91a785358405676671fd1aef2dfJoey Armstrong — Bug 666424: Don't use GLIB_CONFIG if if has the value 'no'. r=khuey
6eb3f7a54ae1bccf1fca7c8a4525f295187623eaKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s
6947bbce9672437b1fb0414227a66a63a8fd3c9aMichael Wu — Bug 664907 - Use MOZ_CHROME_FILE_FORMAT=symlink for omnijar builds, r=ted,mitch
9fc0e6867256dc7435ac012ad565ab788168eedbMichael Wu — Bug 665272 - Require unzip during configure, r=ted
53681f75ccc3db2ec0149ee4933b852269ec462bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central and mozilla-central
51fa361f2ec1e1da206e5b2cd501bc0f99042450Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 668542 - Cancelling MP unlock will trigger an error and point user to Sync Preferences dialog window. r=rnewman
5f78a0ad9a4be621b9e8073a52eb905e9e05a0f8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 668309 follow-up: harden timing tests
57d18f1dcf10ce6a2003d8b0747eae47db5ac820Marina Samuel — Bug 668309 - Part 3: fix for sync intervals. r=philiKON
1dfd8a7df152340897e8e15fdccfb23567a0481cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 668309 - Part 2: Make regular intervals pref-able. r=rnewman
92b28e3fd1d07c63ad15092f45bd62909f3b9e65Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 668309 - Part 1: Add more logging to SyncScheduler. r=rnewman
d882daea99cfd1321e52bb2d0df521a01d9611d1Marina Samuel — Bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour. r=philikon
07e9119186b56b3cfed6519d79dacae9c9454b1aMarina Samuel — Bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour. r=philikon
00fbd3724e946dcfb067ccca5305296fe85e33f5Richard Newman — Bug 587420: attempt to fix intermittent orange in test_syncengine_sync.js by using run_next_test. r=philikon
2a4dd4b2783828ef4520c200a159383156bd7b82Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
1510d3767da4e693aee0dfd4b008b942fe7a8799Marina Samuel — Bug 665965 - Use SCORE_INCREMENT_XLARGE in HistoryTracker's onBeforeDeleteURI. r=philikon
4efc7f9b8413a6bd594939d04447d0f7a20ceb2eMarina Samuel — Bug 666043 - Service._skipScheduledRetry is wrong. r=philikon
6078df7eed78ee39bab749913fd4f131f0f14dc7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 664792 follow-up: adjust test_syncengine_sync.js
350b072ac101e5b9f7c4e5e8cd26d7b749512e5fMarina Samuel — Bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour. r=philikon
d6d6211d478c89d14e2961f15001a909f78fc008Marina Samuel — Bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour. r=philikon
35a1943f351cf973438f6ce887a568c5481b96e8Marina Samuel — Bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour. r=philikon
a1fe709acd8c66a75898483865cac88581ce5f42Marina Samuel — Bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour. r=philikon
196903b5b0022e274721f139d657b4862504e54dRichard Newman — Bug 664865 - More considered handling of node reassignment mid-sync. r=philikon
6bdb8f3e15b4d01315571abfddf075d93616c222Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 662651 - Sync setup wizard: change "Password" to "Choose password" when setting up a new account. r=rnewman
40866f5a86d2935ff65ba592b73ab2fb8d502290Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 666685 follow-up: continue to not overwrite the lazy getter if building the map fails. a=zpao-owes-me-a-beer
0b5fd66309644e37c2441869976e929345ecec40Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 666685 - JavaScript strict warning: bookmarks.js: setting a property that has only a getter. r=philikon
7deef688bbf5d396140a3f7267498222dc55cd06Olli Pettay — Bug 666604 - Allow untrusted events to trigger a link, r=bz
26457f316426e9bc4915b656906c068a099d984aDave Townsend — Bug 666431: Track changes made to add-ons during early startup. r=robstrong
5c246f2bccb143180f33281ef013232c2fe1d91fEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
c2f48684b9f556a7809008d4978764b35761b61fJonas Sicking — Bug 647603: a.replaceChild(b, b) does not remove and re-insert the affected node. r=bz
fb03584dd82353f80836360edbf651131ff4b8afNicholas Nethercote — Bug 661474 - Add per-compartment memory reporters. r=wmccloskey, dolske.
71cb30dd52b42df8264479e16e3915f125b32e20Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 665930 - Safe Browsing: Fix fragmenting of numerical IPs.
a5a5e6a3ceb5d031e5021f9d22b7140670d7ec1bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 665930 - Safe Browsing: Fix URL fragmenter in edge cases + tests.
8ed7f1675a3dcccf85330383d43807bc0e178c37Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 665930 - Fix typos in dbservice test code.
6777320f6f29b1f82cb5c72d7057b2becd0b99bbPhil Ringnalda — Back out da1b9a3c0a98 (bug 668137) for failing to build on OS X
eb42de70ee21f7c3c720d21e7347dfb36a5febc5Phil Ringnalda — Bug 623922 followup, annotate that menulist-shrinkwrap-2.xul fails on Android, DONTBUILD
da1b9a3c0a982b2f94540c0aa181b4b0563e03cfJustin Lebar — Bug 668137 - Add vsize to about:memory on Windows. r=njn
bbb6d83ac28c35327e256bedb5a9129ff4a51a76Josh Matthews — Merge backout.
6b0220948f386926493ab977ab0fb7f5708710e7Josh Matthews — Back out bug 581341 due to too many intermittent failures.
5b365b5e9213fe82f264aea6b0d878949734d219Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 549262 - Enable the (shift-)space shortcut key for scrolling up/down in pages containing editable elements; r=roc
0b006fa126cde50ce3a13e6da7a0dc28af556953Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 668267 - Make sure that the print preview tests close the window they open on Mac; r=roc
bda80dd7467d2bf0c6038cbc25ee5f017b10886bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 439808 - Make sure that deleting a selection works in inline contenteditable elements which have a non-editable parent block; r=roc
f60a4e91a057bac7a056cfda6c3dedf09c2944c7Bas Schouten — Bug 667461: Cache ThebesSurface for Azure canvas to speed up frequent source usage of an Azure canvas. r=roc
4eb4d1b81e9b12c4c0f5364bf1114f559c39f119Bas Schouten — Bug 667298: Allow taskbar previews to explicitly create a thebes canvas. r=roc
d765477923ff7fd3199094433d4890e32436972eChris Jones — Work around bug 668412: random-if() the test for bug 662038 for android. r=philor
4a7289ad8218dfd785bf5051a45231cc401bb490Mats Palmgren — Bug 667653 - Make NS_FRAME_SELECTED_CONTENT on text frames less sticky. r=roc
80ecb84cc6808aeb73ea8ddfcabb95e4030eecb1Mats Palmgren — Bug 666669 - Test rendering of selected text, background and selection decorations with text-overflow. r=roc
e6f9648715c163aed0c42058cec55b05ef7a493cMats Palmgren — Bug 666669 - Restrict selection painting to the nsCharClipDisplayItem edges (same as for non-selected text). r=roc
a053ab0d863366389a0e70a24ddc8c86d8fd48c1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 666075 - Add memory multi-reporters. r=khuey, sr=bz.
ab22fa0762ae7d4650bb66372ead306bc07175b1Matt Brubeck — Bug 668380 - browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo should default to 1 on mobile [r=wesj]
3f4399ec2316cf661d31857a79c2d79dc05db779Matt Brubeck — Bug 668379 - Restore correct session history in Fennec's undo close tab [r=wesj]
5773d613df94bc6cf72503804787de597d0a7627Josh Matthews — Backout bug 661927 for win build failure.
95f6f9fcb15d8e49a6db37d1f37e10077fd8069cNick Thomas — Bug 491464, Append -shark to BUILDTARGET for update queries when shark is enabled, r=rstrong
3d354c476890220c5dc3259494efe1c5163d2baeWes Johnston — Bug 662623 - If open, show the locale picker window when returning from background. r=mbrubeck
ee430647729b8af4e356608a709babb5ce1e4ec5Wes Johnston — Bug 668017 - Check for context menus before showing text selection. r=mbrubeck
927e4e8b3926ccf1b6caf7dbbea589fd83064076Wes Johnston — Bug 664287 - Disable the menubutton during the discoverability demo. r=mfinkle
e74c4c9f1c1c60ac4ee9efd2504eb638958f02b9L. David Baron — Remove NS_STYLE_LIST_STYLE_OLD_* constants to fix computed list-style-type style resulting from type attribute on lists. (Bug 665857) r=bzbarsky
32b2002252dcc4d40d2cbc9e1c01ddd3b6fbd53cL. David Baron — Don't assert when interpolating font-weight to a result less than 100. (Bug 664927) r=bzbarsky
ab7641c5410fe6bc762922c938c97f4056a1b101L. David Baron — Add reftests for bug 623922.
79412e9e077ad598b4c49d005146648d313a3c9aL. David Baron — Make nsMenuFrame::SizeToPopup consider its own border/padding properly, by increasing the popup's content's width by the larger of its own border/padding or the popup's scrollbar, rather than only the latter. (Bug 623922) r=enndeakin
c54ad22cbf88f93c23d18b3edb98f4d476d5c2a6L. David Baron — Convert canvas text measurement widths from app units to pixels *after* they switch from integers to floats. (Bug 667947) r=roc
6749b5e99460b898ddc61506049c0b40f993ee48L. David Baron — Back out changeset 85e5b0ed7081, which was landed with the wrong bug number (really bug 667947, but marked as bug 667948) in order to reland it.
2dc94e6359cfbbab83b9de44278294bc1d3a06baJosh Matthews — Bug 668352 - Ensure TabParent::GetIMEEnabled always returns a value. r=blassey
8dccc136f5859495cdd1959a9071884f12252dafJosh Matthews — Bug 661927 - Add Cu.schedulePreciseGC to allow for a GC to run with no JS code running. r=mrbkap
1382428eb6cefd00ad7c74fb9a2bbdf302ab53cfChris Jones — Bug 662038: Very basic tests of mozDash/mozDashOffset. r=joe
ddce22d83b0d85438140b7fc978f5724f3a70722Chris Jones — Bug 662038, parts 1, 4-5: Add canvas.mozDash and .mozDashOffset. r=joe sr=vlad
b0effc7c7f7ff1e1009208bee597602ff84ffa2cChris Jones — Bug 662038, part 3: Implement dashing for d2d. r=Bas
0f2460453266cbc554ac10fb7f64211d696ecf8fChris Jones — Bug 662038, part 2: Add dashing API to Azure. r=Bas sr=roc
7a0d3239bf2b531d2c5090d31e4fbc28b2ef6013Chris Jones — Bug 662038, part 0: Add gfxContext::CurrentDash(). r=jrmuizel
5166d82391eef3b501d1e0a32fdfaad5b0cfe676Chris Jones — Bug 664884: Test mozCurrentTransform/mozCurrentTransformInverse. r=joe,roc
0949d3090bba60344eb90f5b6f507b75e0dd0dbaChris Jones — Bug 664884, parts 1-4: Implement mozCurrentTransform/mozCurrentTransformInverse attributes for manipulating the canvas CTM. r=joe,roc sr=vlad
d74a91fd10a8a2b7a8f81bf0b3ac382c65a970b3Ehsan Akhgari — Followup to the backout of bug 664152: use the old path to the test file
ffb4d47e4adaed54bbec15600be8e24c6e9c4a6fBrian Bondy — Bug 418027 - Buttons on Windows should enter hover state when both focused and hovered. r=jimm
84533f5e86bffd11d4ca70319b641e041c63bb01Brian Bondy — Bug 660833 - Fix for forms with input multiple on Windows do not accept more than 253 files at once. r=jimm
537b9c8a2d680e02ff3100da0122a26cf61f44dcGeoff Lankow — Bug 665378 - Intermittent browser_inlinesettings.js failures r=dtownsend
720ec564772bfb2f11471ce0406d8719e555950dEmanuele Costa — When switching a window from background to foreground, reinitialize the timers that should fire sooner than the background clamp would have allowed. Bug 647001, r=bzbarsky
ec1c5047fa39892340f2e352511e228f8a7d5986Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 5: Test. r=ted
f3aee8cc69e39797362239f0722b156e4b6b1c36Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 4: Always run the IPC testshell callback, regardless of execution success or failure. r=bent
4b7e21df87657bb2a9c5c21522537c05a2d65913Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 3: Install child process exception handler before activating breakpad. r=bsmedberg
1b9505774c93a459cae7a4080f8382225336ddbcJosh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 2: Hook up CrashReporter functions to IPC. r=ted
4f72ab0813ebc1050e9bd0a3e3006703d120b17eJosh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 1: Make crash report annotation work OOP and subsume existing workarounds. r=cjones
b7b987a52c33bfc6e3372d83f36016b467888bafJoe Drew — Bug 579249 - "xpcshell should handle EINTR from fgets (makes attaching in gdb possible)" [r=timeless]
1b9de1c164559a72e1edd57f069234fa0831e22bBrad Lassey — bug 667130 - SIMD/THUMB2 detections fail under Android NDK5 r=khuey
c7c6abdd64ab52d3bdea7efa59b8fd35130e8d4aJosh Matthews — Merge backout, a=bustage fix
45352943ab6c040fa825c0c23b4cf8046190cb16Josh Matthews — Back out bug 581341.
65a94e646ad8a18f3392fbf801a33e460229222aEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ae2dbbb7b935 (bug 664152) because moving test_reftests_with_caret to mochitest-chrome causes the test to not finish properly
ebae45e5005c7f14abf1557771005c52735d41f9Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 6: Nits. r=bent
461d34f67036ae3744c01d7aa2e66348ddaddeaaJosh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 5: Test. r=ted
f64afb604e05f003f9a2835c4af783e28470871dJosh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 4: Always run the IPC testshell callback, regardless of execution success or failure. r=bent
f70d110ad2c9cf19ade31c2a56a6049516ee3424Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 3: Install child process exception handler before activating breakpad. r=bsmedberg
0ef81057b56fa65ae6b1822a1d05ba67ad609f25Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 2: Hook up CrashReporter functions to IPC. r=ted
9f45e986e783cd698792d5b87d90ea0591ce87b6Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 1: Make crash report annotation work OOP and subsume existing workarounds. r=cjones
f484cdb88acd3d79728e5491d3e496e9a174b7aaEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2a75e12a105ac4346cb3792e7d081d0a72b6c041Mats Palmgren — Bustage fix for bug 606085. r=bustage
7aa58a99a2e5dd48c5afc59e377593800ec75ee3Alexander Surkov — bug 666504 - Ignore role presentation on focusable elements r=davidb, marcoz
3b60b16fce55a7c8542ef9b4a2701afcdf002be9Alexander Surkov — bug 664376 - table rows of xul trees no longer containing the content of cells as accessible name r=marcoz
e5a39bc7d5d6bf7626bb161e2b52b38288ef8c4bTrevor Saunders — bug 666337 - nsTSubstring::Equals(char*) insists we not call it with a NULL argument r=surkov
1d351cc0e8c1000d3a1e432dc12827b84d4f9c93Trevor Saunders — bug 429642 - cleanup and fix crash in nsAccessibleWrap::get_accKeyboardShortcut() r=surkov
e00224c2e0e3ba5b6609e1a761032ebbb758acacTrevor Saunders — bug 606085 - add accessibility service to service list in xpcom/build/ServiceList.h r=bsmedberg
98285b0ee9a171051c4a7763bcb6c7ca83243318Trevor Saunders — bug 667396 - nsAccessibilityService::GetAccessibleFor() is an external api so we should NULL check the node argument r=surkov
d452aaf438f1ca254bd1cf2a81b8d0375ce1c2daKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c
b2a1b2fd6d234a7fadc7ccf2603975d6a61f918aKyle Huey — Bug 667652: Make the off-main-thread structured clone modification less hacky. r=bent.
594b9b4cb1dfdddbf703bb071713a616f96939f4Kyle Huey — Bug 667652: Add a JS_FRIEND_API to get at the current offset in a structured clone buffer. r=jorendorff.
545d773cc96a46085ccd4e0f277a6e8ef988d509John Ford — bug 667012 - make variable specified incorrectly r=khuey
323029d49c8dbc7d95e8750cf3e8213f088d5eedOleg Romashin — Bug 668368 - Logging.h compile fail due to missing stdio.h r=bas.schouten
64ccc455fc4ec23bcf33abb8bf24f034e3fa2e0aDave Townsend — Backing out bug 666431 due to test failures.
22439e2150d7337e5cfa22e75c36d7374f581730Jonas Sicking — Bustage fix for bug 664058
6f811ab91ac23b1c33a65f241b02a8bf3ea24f02Jonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsFileControlFrame. r=smaug
a45f99f995c225a46790f761d5d3b55d792f3a46Jonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsXULPopupManager. r=smaug
2c71a7c1cb4814cf1fa2819607f85d2d5f1781f2Jonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsComboboxControlFrame. r=smaug
adb41b3796e6f1797519d98398830d7733d5ae9cJonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsListControlFrame. r=smaug
c48c74bc146ba22ee2f819215c53bfc67b4a0fceJonas Sicking — Bug 649150: Make sure that all blobs and files sent using FormData have a filename in the encoded submission. r=mounir
96c264a180993416eded126d535c297a889ac8f9Dave Townsend — Bug 666431: Track changes made to add-ons during early startup. r=robstrong
bb0699c9743afa87331608daa83e05f842c964e0Mounir Lamouri — Merge mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
9b88c564ea871d5cbac539234acc9965cf10c369Mounir Lamouri — No bug - Fix build bustage.
bfe78e7bfa5d5f76220b98cb788c8b393a9f2cbeMounir Lamouri — Bug 667497 - Add documents' element size to documents' size computation. r=jst
27e8429814c357a4f4390a6a93cca409f418ba5eMounir Lamouri — Bug 667485 - Add windows' document size to windows size. r=jst
6539e8965444034db67f89264c5e97fb6c574522Mounir Lamouri — Bug 667474 - Do a naive computation of windows' size in the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
6035df3eedc911dfd967649ecc9560c763355047Mounir Lamouri — Bug 667470 - Track all created windows in a global hash table. r=bz
6ecca1869718877f6cca29a55009e6ffded661aeMounir Lamouri — Bug 667468 - Add a dummy DOM memory reporter behind a compilation flag. r=njn
1b075fbf0d0543b57aa3dcf94493178c79db19b6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665865 - Make test_bug590363.html apply for all input types. r=smaug
ffebdf4fb5817640554eb6563d002d1463a320abMounir Lamouri — Bug 667866 - Misc fixes and improvements to reflect.js. r=Ms2ger
7a4a281fc7a9355645111a4b4d3fb2543c26ae35Mounir Lamouri — Bug 667864 - Tests more nsHTMLInputElement attributes reflection. r=Ms2ger
541df1de98820a984eedc86b5f5ae77debba687bMounir Lamouri — Bug 668166 - Add reflectString method to reflect.js. r=Ms2ger
dc710b3aa9026b9c1655b5b65e37b8f9c2a317afChris Jones — Test for bug 667947. r=dbaron
85e5b0ed70813cac1ef40253a892e861541af3dbL. David Baron — Bug 667948: Convert canvas text measurement widths from app units to pixels *after* they switch from integers to floats. r=roc
d7f2bff7648195e7e8bd65d9bb2e45daef6527b6Rob Campbell — merge devtools to m-c
91aa4246375550564970e5a5979c1018f0aedd72Panos Astithas — Bug 659778 - Web Console autocomplete is behind the Web Console window; r=ddahl,enndeakin
3f4b311528c493e5b67e6826137e7d51c1aae53aPanos Astithas — Bug 651501 - document.body fails to autocomplete in Web Console; f=mihai.sucan r=mihai.sucan,dtownsend
460c4b89c46890a0d4823bd48e7d063411a9cdf7Sid — Bug 624225 - Remove border-radius from tabs. r=dao
07ab770c3face68ae9d842af8bcc8992823ceffdDão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - Correctly remove observer
03f27e11397f27302f400e29f63491a8353a52b8Dão Gottwald — Bug 668000 - browser_pageInfo.js leaks
5974e4cb3fc29826bbe275caf5fa1bdf3b4cd968Ted Mielczarek — merge mozilla-central and build-system
e831c1712cf6c930c97b4c4d808605d14a595749Ted Mielczarek — bug 664197 - fix manifestparser tests on Windows
9ece40393310d866fb3ea07a37a7e3b44578eac5Ted Mielczarek — bug 664197 - bustage fix, make xpcshell selftest work with Python 2.5
8f2475ecc0d3fd1c544a0a71ba2c8ee815d40c9eTed Mielczarek — bug 664197 - bustage fix, sync js/src/config
a3b7bdf2e5e8bd645d9c5eab479c069fca3b6ad5Ted Mielczarek — bug 659950 - implement a much simpler pair of codesize metrics: on-disk application size + installer size. r=glandium
57ee54e41ef336dbc2aef4eb978f4275cd63075aTed Mielczarek — bug 664197 - support universal builds in mozinfo/writemozinfo. r=jhammel
20dc5833b2a5a1103fc5a0b69b3ba8a8d5a6f6faTed Mielczarek — bug 664197 - update xpcshell manifests with new conditions. r=jmaher
6feef416f75294029efe5feec3832cc662a2313fTed Mielczarek — bug 664197 - extend to add a few more keys. r=jhammel
4edf5956780be0ab7bc2268adea9c87034c265e7Ted Mielczarek — bug 664197 - integrate mozinfo + ManifestDestiny update into xpcshell harness. r=jmaher
2b591feb6a3250344aae57f81663a733d464169fJonathan Kew — bug 663688 - back out changeset c4b84b05c46c to revert the workaround that disabled downloadable fonts on Lion. r=jdaggett
981ccfb8c1ae3d9d6c5c4d840203c777a8e1e44dMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7a21b3d1e202efe2fb64cf207eb6e39e338d3c74Doug Turner — Bug 665407 - Disable sutagent if not building tests. r=ctalbert
7fff9bc0c776c712d473788524a3514f566a7ab9Andrew McCreight — backing out patch for bug 653248 due to bug 667011
072083211e32fec7aaba944f086937d5949c91daBoris Zbarsky — Bug 667618 followup. The maemo compiler doesn't like arrays ending with ',', apparently
2cb11a5daaf519d2c86cfd9d4514d7f78db9589dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 668030. Warn when enablePrivilege is used. r=sicking
59a6f55244764c2a0c1e4c251234730694f480b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 667618. Prevent mismatches between our enum and our strings. r=sicking
48f9773dd8a05b01c7ac1f9ce89bd3e46545f915Taras Glek — Bug 661573 - Telemetry: Do not record/send data in private mode r=Mossop
41f776cc42d5be5886fae65efafa48184bf992fdTaras Glek — Bug 666707 - Add a telemetry probe to record whether we started following a successful shutdown r=zpao
8da6beafa20be6fea8f1e03c1840935135190accTaras Glek — Bug 666309 - Histogram.Add should accept boolean, double values r=jorendorff
f589ea8489ca25cba2c23845000bd3906f5ca860Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
d36b92c202410b4ed75da4a53abfdbe8f719c95cDoug Turner — Bug 667919 - Add support for window.ondevicemotion and window.ondeviceorientation. r=smaug
beadf61d53a77fe0d87e305268a181ed2e4d41bfChris Coulson — Test case for bug 667087; r=dwitte
613c2f8b57e8bbb8dd41aaabe55ec3dc948bec6cJoe Drew — Merge last green changeset from m-i to m-c.
d8bc8d8ae43ac6459055396a2deef7bcfefde183Stephen Horlander — Bug 648377: Update Disk Image and File Icons, r=gavin
f04f67e0b5fed40c2503a02b8566aab8dfe00fc0Stephen Horlander — Bug 653321: Add new backgrounds to nightly and aurora dmgs, r=gavin
47bafd7a21689b7ab14e26002eb4c38a0476dd7aJoe Drew — Back out fcf08eff68eb (Bug 658894) for causing Reftest assertions.
3890c438f22d9e2aab4ce04954d31b1cabed7128Joe Drew — Back out fcf08eff68eb (Bug 662555) for causing reftest assertions.
7313d4e3547f1abc2d2428b20abbfce698e52ef6Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 666790 - addon download progress doorhanger has error when asking permission to install [r=gavin]
3b245f7f94d7fbcc652a08544d7993713d44b050Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 666938 - Add a console message when a binary component doesn't load because of a kVersion mismatch, r=Mossop
35178797a902c748b09c8b9894507c80d6a5f58dJoe Drew — Merge m-c to m-i
5af231e7a58b14572180c9c3e18fa57d09357716Boris Zbarsky — Bug 667520. Fix nth index cache to work correctly when nth-child selectors are only applied to some elements of a child list. r=dbaron
ec503528d2ef5caed7549d3eb82f0c19f619f5efJonas Sicking — Bug 663461 Part 2: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from embedding. r=smaug
ab2e92a211e18c10925cfd0dc2bfbd00bf3322deJonas Sicking — Bug 663879: Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from extensions. r=smaug
fcf08eff68eb00644415c5f86aecd3b6150af4edHonza Bambas — Bug 658894 - Collect basic telemetry for HTTP requests and page load, r=jduell+tglek
edf3a8d6cff3ff9d6351d08af9fd831c416cbe94Honza Bambas — Bug 662555 - Race condition when measuring requestEnd, r=jduell
a6cdfd70d6a23a8c0690561614fd26795b88ea78Justin Lebar — Bug 666667 - Update TelemetryHistograms.h to indicate that memory is reported in KB, not MB, and update memory reporters' names. r=taras
3b0160b38c3d452fd5f56c710820ac35f8287ab1Justin Lebar — Bug 664758 - Add page fault reporting to telemetry. r=taras
012e21b5705736afad47fca86f7925faff9bdf0dJustin Lebar — Bug 664486 - Add page fault counts to about:memory on Linux and Mac. r=njn, sr=bz
f29f165edae601ef78119356954e03a0d5489515Benoit Girard — Bug 557226 - Mac plugins now reflect plugin name; r=smichaud
34e102b130e9007ff1ecd05338cd39f3303f102fBenoit Girard — Bug 587370 - Part 2: Use MOZ_WIDGET_COCOA instead of OS_MACOSX; r=benjamin
fed64efb8f82dd9946fb8e567afd9b3baecde5bdTim Taubert — Bug 666592 - Intermittent failure in browser_tabview_bug589324.js | Test timed out, followed by 'Found a browser window after previous test timed out'; r=dao
f2a0b73c0befb9f33b7785b75034a512f250a937Mike Hommey — Bug 537857 part 1 - Remove dead symbols in linker (original patch from tglek). r=ted
ceeced55a4db5d9237e5094a51321f7035136ccaMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
a10dd1a539dbce87b47b343fa32e25e2bc61562aEhsan Akhgari — Back out bug 10209 and bug 656875 (its regression fix) from Aurora because the work on this bug has not been finished yet
b9f09ba568b45413ec0a81906522a265aa197012Chris Leary — POD trait for |long long| family, attempt to rambo Winx64 back to life. (rs=luke)
25b6b9df083eedcecc2c20a5d40ffb738aeed886Dave Townsend — Bug 666437: Allow add-ons to install disabled in some install locations. r=robstrong
8ed7833d498b4b5474aa7e4508b7cf8c7ebff5bcJonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsDocumentViewer. r=smaug
a41df1f97f0d0f1dca625a6d432c34711fb6e60dJonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from mathml code. r=smaug
2bf9296c7bd013ccafa374e17989786baa920a0eJonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsSplitterFrame. r=smaug
49d9e0f08eb5313ddfa88b5c17d29d9f04d4df40Jonas Sicking — Bug 664058: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsImageMap and nsSliderFrame. r=smaug
d173bf22c9bb311c6e1f49b6a34f5d47899f0890Joe Drew — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central.
cb4c5b225b6a26d3be0c3b13ea72f2774a25811bMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset dc809c612dee due to permaorange in mochitest-other
69bdf578a5dd19525fa96fc610d46454c9e94eccMike Hommey — Backout changeset e986c0494f1a (bug 537857 part 1) due to Mochitest regression
2ac11e401c5621530035432d018c59ac77d33ab3Raymes Khoury — Bug 537857 part 3 - Fix assert failure in dump_syms in some cases when the linker discarded symbols. r=ccountant,r=jimb
ebb9315861a417e712838ead036867b48531595bMike Hommey — Bug 537857 part 2 - Avoid --gc-sections removing anything from elfhack test case. r=tglek
e986c0494f1a8797a39497023dd4351f844998e0Taras Glek — Bug 537857 part 1 - Remove dead symbols in linker. r=ted
0c259dad48acb7a9e540652716795824553111ceCraig Topper — Bug 666135 - Disable -Wcast-align when building with clang
dc809c612dee4068801b21f7e41c8218b918d3b2Bas Schouten — Bug 667461: Cache ThebesSurface for Azure canvas to speed up frequent source usage of an Azure canvas. r=roc
c8bfcc0462c804ec0b8e69515315f25a8662990cKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
ab19fc2d0dfe44ae5ca4a9412f3837c3506e0477Kyle Huey — Bug 515492: Put back the last line because I'm too clever by half. a=mfbt
afb7bc7bc3facbd25afbcd589fd9b6bf472be04cKyle Huey — Bug 515492: Revert some bogus changes for hopefully the last android build bustage fix.
f17ad44b0d872da31c107581a3e50342b60c8e34Kyle Huey — Bug 515492: Android build bustage fix.
df1eee89e03122da77cf512f9cbf4efbb4a2d302Kyle Huey — Bug 515492: Android build bustage fix.
1773f004b6996e6a5fcbe51fa6245dcd88435aa2Kyle Huey — Bug 515492: Android build bustage fix.
749eeb73cda4e622bb7614d4625fd17e58a2f41aKyle Huey — Bug 515492: Android build bustage fix.
929f956a1a42383069d55b4ffeaf2fa3f084bb25Kyle Huey — Followup fixes for Bug 515492.
d77cddcc9bd699e0d1ee209cbc0099b6acd54427Kyle Huey — Bug 515492: Make jemalloc work on VS 2010. r=ted,pbiggar
bf88ac3f2316eb1c90318e69616063c68dbd9988Takanori MATSUURA — bug 667295 - Generate JavaScript Shell package only when js executable is generated. r=ted
61c7d0cae0351f5d7317befc4913f2e2f46334f9Kai Engert — Bug 596221, PSM should use new function to find encryption certificates of email recipients -- Original patch contributed by Juergen Brauckmann, enhanced by me -- r=rrelyea -- Should fix bug 558337 and bug 337430, too.
82923b9e02d38ff373c0a79eda7ab254acd346bfMs2ger — Bug 667582 - Stop const_casting in nsHTMLOptionElement; r=bz
7a2f78fb80fb5f19fc0f071b1941aa0b5c03cf00Ms2ger — Bug 666684 - Fix build warnings in embedding/browser/webBrowser; r=bz
10a8acc05eba022f38383453497a9425de984075Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c04708b8007f8abbcc70b1be9e0b9dbbdc45bcf2Jared Wein — Bug 667323: right clicking a video shouldn't trigger play/pause behavior, r=gavin
a1a466be039efe68f796caaee49d0d3f57b4b469Bas Schouten — Bug 667290: Properly clear the downsampled destination before blending to it. r=jrmuizel
141336f727f0a18dcfbac78cad3b6c04c100adccTim Taubert — Bug 632293 - Why does GroupItem constructor add children before it sets its bounds? r=dietrich
33fa6743bde134b00f13bcde8f42cb6f95e3be46Raymond Lee — Bug 663838 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_launch.js | Test timed out r=ian
08734613c1ab49267bdfb05665047095c96fd87eSteffen Wilberg — Bug 611568: Move File > Import to the Library. ui-r=faaborg, r=dao
d51b398dc5c75197efa11304055d618cb88a2642Jonas Sicking — Bug 665609: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID API usage from nsXULPopupListener. r=smaug. Also r=ms2ger on killing NS_NewXULPopupListener.
622f3e5f6c179cb17971942b0deffa44a90dbd25Patrick Walton — Bug 666842 - Use an ellipsis for long tab names in Panorama. r=dao
771d948c8779875d3cc73ae95627408f4c709adbAndrew McCreight — Bug 665044 - lift CC GC outside of the CCRunner mutex. r=bent
383e60bc9089d677a74ec6b8fa1557c81d656b04Jonas Sicking — Bug 665632: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from satchel. r=dolske
347d715650f6e33f70abcd36155b60257d7ddf18Jonas Sicking — Bug 663461 Part 1: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from editor. r=smaug
b778e783e5f843d97471872b8a8a81ccffd48680Mihai Sucan — Bug 667422 - Add localization note for the Web Console panel title string; r=ehsan
9d7f4ebf03b64750f3526f37c4dc0f5c324e3a9fEhsan Akhgari — Merge the latest green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
235d9fac4881b69d51897103186ead6fbbbaf5fdHonza Bambas — Bug 634084 - Assertion failure: ready > 0, added debugging assertions, r=mcmanus
8b6ea9fa617328717298269efda72370af83f355Mike Hommey — Bug 651892 part 3 - Remove __cxa_pure_virtual relocations. r=tglek
9bf9fb1544bc2393c6f239eec67b880c3fc42adbMike Hommey — Bug 651892 part 2 - Add a constructor to serializable that takes a buffer instead of an istream. r=tglek
080a8d06788964cf5d8c6467a35061bac2bbee4aMike Hommey — Bug 651892 part 1 - Add a helper function to lookup symbols in a ElfSymtab_Section. r=tglek
53a8eddbd9a483ac943447dddab792086c344b1dMike Hommey — Bug 666657 - Don't use a static array of char to set the MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_STRINGS_OVERRIDE environment variable. r=bsmedberg
663cc0ea79ccc9df687a419060252c8be4d3e5efMounir Lamouri — Bug 665866 - Use reflect.js for input.type and button.type reflection tests. r=Ms2ger
d7ed8936e9f8d64884467d0632472ab807d8bd5bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 665858 - Part 2: Optimize nsContentEventHandler::GetFlatTextOffset; r=roc,masayuki
58655e365c9135c622e832b8ce5670d7277c1d1fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 665858 - Part 1: Optimize the conversion of native and cross platform text offsets; r=roc,masayuki
76cbaa594619a2385af50768042683fa285aaa52Mounir Lamouri — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound.
c828b73a419ac447f304317682255307499b3512bjarne — Bug 650995 - Support max_entry_size prefs for disk & memory cache, r=michal.novotny
f999ca02a6875609a8eb7734379ae7ffddce08d9Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey.
6933048a247cac278b7555065d7dfdca6ecab4edIgor Bukanov — bug 666091 - custom file for GCTIMER output. r=anygregor
bf147b22f72c941b8ab007a44a5d0a1120bac2e5Jeff Walden — Style patrol followup to bug 665835. r=consistency
7208baa27f172e85d81ad3f81155a4102f354830Chris Leary — Followup for bug 649576 GCC 4.3.3 warning.
3d646df22a4b6280fe7d6bd5c617841eda96c516Chris Leary — Bug 649576: Extricate JSHashTable from JSAtomList death grip. (r=luke)
e77af15dc4d410e0fa21683d3fb9d53f3a882a74Paul Biggar — Bug 666788: Remove JS_sscanf declaration, for which there is no definition (r=cdleary)
f4237a8313ead69733e80dd3e01100f539645232Luke Wagner — Bug 666094 - InitJitFrameLatePrologue should do a better modeling generatePrologue (r=dvander)
d1cdf42956267738495e3244a32208551a895497David Mandelin — Bug 666587: revert accidentally changed control flow in fun_getProperty, r=jwalden
42430ceb0cbf185b3d0cd630d968010c3809a36bDave Herman — Bug 666852 - crash when yield occurs in comprehension RHS (r=cdleary)
dc137da5a3b4de04d774ac8ab69859d301ce1fc2Igor Bukanov — Bug 657198 - improving unreachable GC things detection in traces. r=gal
d403daff812cdbc86595733ba83e417bb372261cDavid Anderson — Fix ARM assert (no bug, r=cdleary).
7dee6c83aaa2e7bc0c6adf087604031e3f18ec93Jeff Walden — Followup to fix tests relying on the mistaken absence of JSOPTION_ANONFUNFIX. r=orange
a3fc40d483e5a7859abdc70b10093fe1e6d3b2c5Brian Hackett — Bug 662132: Better coordination of GC and ICs, r=dvander
92dc501e8ef6f05f5b9bca8f008ef28b9ff2619bGavin Barraclough — Bug 653672: fix regexp offset handling, r=cdleary
dffbbad91d9ff58a3e04a879438a9f627db98a5dChris Leary — Fix type-mismatched error return value.
47c6a7fd1af5d7e2193824c2a469780501595e57Luke Wagner — Bug 666292 - The decompiler does not deserve to use FrameRegsIter (it temporarily clobbers script->code) (r=waldo)
57f6c41c843101a3c2b7b6552e5c2026e3fe6ab9Jeff Walden — Bug 665835 - Remove JSOPTION_ANONFUNFIX. r=cdleary
2b09315d5f1655b7b5a86a93c4f8afc0a9634fb8Jeff Walden — *Fewer* *occurrences*, not "less occurences". r=languagenazi
2641200acd545c0efd8527257a402b87f8a8e898Dave Herman — Bug 665286 - crash on yield in arguments list (r=cdleary)
af8e07b8c7d43aa6254cf69d7d478d625654557cDave Herman — Fixed broken test case (r=orange)
15bd926905104e1f2f132b4bcd3150557f0082b7Paul Biggar — Bug 666052: Remove unused NSPR defines for events, hashtables and arenas (r=luke)
a56f7f8ab28b088621bb71f63a47f21461f316c7Luke Wagner — Update 'make check' OffTheBooks/Foreground accounting for 580ad572687b
a4d39f15785951f618cee1623e173f997b802a6aJeff Walden — Bug 660517 - Kill XML objects as prototypes. r=mrbkap
11d5e81d190f3f2180514383c5e9298230b5fe7bJeff Walden — Bug 587268 - Consolidate duplicate properties during enumeration of objects with custom enumeration behavior. r=dmandelin
580ad572687b96b6743a4166c06319bb66b108b0Luke Wagner — Bug 665247 - Remove unused metering code (r=igor)
56ea7c0ebe16921f952d0ccf3a835380ea67f08bDave Herman — Bug 632030 - Reflect.parse handling of duplicate var declarations (r=jorendorff)
4f1eb9b436583eb0be7dcc9f62233466396ecda3Daniel Holbert — Bug 666481: Remove set-but-not-used variable 'count' from jsatom.cpp. r=igor
727bc475bb6274f03e6b48027464f6675102ebfcDave Herman — Bug 632056 - Reflect.parse() constant-folding test
32093cf27f2e2c0b072045dc1e7d477dc9d79695Dave Herman — Bug 632029 - Reflect.parse() constant-folding
2c142297172284eb99b3f28f724d26a59ca989d0Dave Herman — Bug 632026 - Reflect.parse() constant folding test
0428dbdf3d58bd1086b307b7cf1f328923ca1040Igor Bukanov — bug 665781 - do not shrink XML arrays during GC. r=gal
d416abec8cd36e4501f13264b2e58e887b985f17Luke Wagner — Bug 666003 - Set 'script' after pushing inline frame in JSOP_CALL (r=waldo)
3bd218337175e09ba92c24cd8f71ef1a97be35b0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 665404 - Create JaegerCompartments lazily. r=luke.
2ff6092157a56eb50795dcf80a9723bc824fa388Bob Clary — bug 662468 - JavaScript Tests - restore Object.prototype.string in e4x/Regress/regress-373082.js, r=igor.
57ef3b619966c0fc5d0353818f761687afc620b5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 661068 follow-up - Fix the --disable-tracejit bustage caused by 1e464e38591e. Oh the humanity!
1e464e38591eca2dec796c67d2a8bb07c881e391Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 661068 - Create TraceMonitors lazily. r=luke.
e338daa71bc2fdb9c05a276ef1a477e1730f0acaDão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - browser_inspector_iframeTest.js cleanup
b2d50f779d6c87d031ecd8a709949f25559da0a5Dão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - split browser_394759.js into three tests
baa619406bea35bcca40592b1220381aeda4c12eBenoit Jacob — Bug 663823 - Cross-domain textures generate NS_ERROR_FAILURE instead of NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR - r=jrmuizel
a5c8bd58f92630b332756036b7df242548945e7fBenoit Jacob — Bug 664066 - Initialize GL values - r=karlt
51e18435b793dc3ee54965fcf2c7688409b1e52fBenoit Jacob — Bug 665934 - fix bug: arev was meant instead of amap - r=upstream
9aeebeda6b0568540416f0c81b378f57a0d71754Benoit Jacob — Bug 666569 - Remove the Intel Direct2D GPU blacklist - r=joe
d0b3b434d6dba0d96e9b561c40c7fcf4a1c69b41Benoit Jacob — Bug 667465 - Fix unused variable warnings in WebGL - r=jrmuizel
fb09f78981ed71b5a90274114f66c2c90348b0aeBenoit Jacob — Bug 664066 - remove useless C casts in WebGL code - r=karlt
5c8a19c7e155a7f917400401d7f1bb38d774b888Benoit Jacob — Bug 644787 - unblacklist D3D9 layers on Geforce 6100 - r=joe
8e5753fe4939470be72dd25a701a3fb56fdaf003Benoit Jacob — Bug 624935 - unblacklist Gallium - r=karlt
cfd2af15e1c3717723032ba3e936a5ae841d78d7Simon Montagu — Check for null frame selection. Bug 666225, r=roc
b93c0c4cb84a42229d293df7ff683d90a1a0741dSimon Montagu — Mochitest for bug 666225
99c270809649447245e19ff96aee2b45daeae716Simon Montagu — Don't overshoot the end of the sibling chain when copying text for bidi resolution. Bug 665837, r=roc
7dba94aaa160e8c6dbfff7ed5d603dbc9428172fMounir Lamouri — Backout changeset 4e87265b9c11 (bug 663259) due to Talos regression.
c36e6d83d89d89711381d36aff4172c277f3c032Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 664388 (NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_TRAVERSE_SCRIPT_OBJECTS uses wrong pointer). r=bent.
fbd4e4a84bb923b32cad64ba2cce2317c89d437fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 659581 (Clear debugger activation callback after calling it). r=brendan.
aee9017b0b4fb4e5c962d83d0ae8d038a2df62f0Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central.
05058eacd33ae47c88f3171ca01f6e64c719cd01Matt Woodrow — Back out bug 656185 due to windows compile failures
3657ab7434b7cd72db494f0ebd9239951acf23a6Matt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 4 - Fix for D3D9. r=Bas
5841deff345436bf66f81c849835348985b0ae35Matt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 3 - Fix for D3D10. r=Bas
f67ea1c7da3696b66a8f94ef0302cfc458a7b4d2Matt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 2 - Handle odd crop offsets correctly with OpenGl. r=derf
f18032387a590fb2b54a449fd70566996930208eMatt Woodrow — Bug 656185 - Part 1 - Move BindAndDrawQuadWithTextureRect into LayerManagerOGL. r=joe
062b3f071f81f1f7483d9942160d55fe0b0e3b8aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 480686. Don't assume that the next-continuation of an inline frame is in the same block; it could be in the next-in-flow of the block. r=roc
4e87265b9c1158c2e32af35a3ddf250f1a6318e3Benoit Girard — Enabled Mac Async plugin by default + Fixes. b=663259 r=josh
070f95edc105507511c216702c4ed726f4e38359Mounir Lamouri — Bug 666869 - Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::GetPerformance]. r=smaug
cb6d16ea30a97c1637d103f7cbd6bddce7759a9dMounir Lamouri — Backout changeset bba3ada5314c (bug 480686) due to perma-orange.
59374caa391e475776ce0ea44559f34d4e88858fBas Schouten — Bug 667225 - Part 2: Add a crash test for 0px size fonts. r=jrmuizel
9a79edc67610d92c1d0064b46b7eaf7a02bc65e0Bas Schouten — Bug 667225 - Part 1: Do not attempt to draw runs with no glyphs. r=jrmuizel
cfa057a48b48af217574856476a47254c82c033eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 650806. Make sure to only trigger links if their owner document's inner window is still the docshell's current inner window when OnLinkClickSync fires. r=jst
bba3ada5314cf15e750eecd954913ce061e34317Boris Zbarsky — Bug 480686. Don't assume that the next-continuation of an inline frame is in the same block; it could be in the next-in-flow of the block. r=roc
aaff2caf842859783e65961a7469ee5216cf470eHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 655682 - Perform discretionary flushes in the HTML parser even if the current node is foster-parenting, fixed to not affect later tests. r=bzbarsky
307da86c2dffadd9182d8b6e568755d4fcf30650Han Chang — Bug 605979 - Remove unsound ASSERTION: IDN node too large (hit with globalStorage.namedItem); r=mayhemer
1cb1bf67357e95bafca06f1fe2b7bb846be5cfa9Benoit Girard — Bug 577224 - Fix nsCARenderer warnings; r=smichaud
9a2eca570c4a43a1c8a86c375b51e8a4e714d8cdJeremy Huddleston — Bug 587370 - Use MOZ_WIDGET_COCOA instead of OS_MACOSX; r=benjamin
898a771d58256a1bd3fdf2b8b9e806dac1121a27Jared Wein — Bug 504645 - Remove document.png from the source tree since it is no longer needed; r=dolske+mfinkle
c957d129308b0d3cc1053990d986d132db643266Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 667286 - Include cairo.h as "cairo.h" instead of "cairo/cairo.h"; r=bas
63697d518258e6de4383e961020fbb4a465660ffMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i
8027b37a9b32c6df9f729fcb99c9fad5f0e75852Craig Topper — Bug 654369 - Part 11: Remove OOM checks from layout/base r=bz
acec89b9786bb24df059210436ff7db4ab1e1cf7Craig Topper — Bug 654369 - Part 9: Remove OOM checks from layout/generic r=bz
605c1bfa4ad2b2101c22bf24ee474b30bc488817Craig Topper — Bug 654369 - Part 10: Make nsFloatManager::StoreRegionFor return void r=bz
2ff6a55908afddd8af580474b0c13c17cc6b3090Craig Topper — Bug 654369 - Part 7: Remove OOM checks from nsTextFrameThebes r=bz
eb26dea956229ac7603cbace0f16b5fd812fb375Craig Topper — Bug 654369 - Part 5: Make nsFrameList::Init return void r=bz
f8abcfe27753ec16238e5e64f82d9c4b21a99800Craig Topper — Bug 654369 - Part 4: Make nsContainerFrame::SetOverflowFrames return void
bf89d0e1a8d5db227c633e4ab5f4c22b73d16988Craig Topper — Bug 654369 - Part 2: Remove oom check and outparam from PresShell::CloneStyleSet r=bz
d6ea917070d0f45d9f4d4754f76ad6cd6ab4fadaMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
43f88c89f4cb7e0b9e60c47cf1c8ee89821b6518Patrick McManus — bug 664305 - websocket max connection limitation r=biesi
f20493d819b497494754ff50d54aeabee8c237a0Phil Ringnalda — No bug, arguments.calle typo
c791a6319860689d32e6511f0db410e95a688372Mark Finkle — Bug 663123 - Intermittent browser_dragger.js | Sanity check. Blank document cannot be panned left or right. - Got 800, expected 1024 [r=blassey]
e6566aba249b5eeabc98f18ff1a03095ab9ef63fJoel Maher — Bug 663844 - move layout/generic/test/*.xul to mochitest-chrome. r=ted, a=test-only
436d9fd4db12e1f8ff4c50799b35de8336af405aPatrick McManus — Bug 666997 - Firefox Crash @ mozilla::net::nsPreloadedStream::AsyncWait() r=biesi
52292b725188c20b09cf816ab3763524be0783eeJosh Matthews — Bug 553888 - Duplicate XHR request headers when following redirect. r=sicking
fc776fa4afb78d940418997eab4a958c6a5a4d48Ed Morley — Bug 661584 - Code cleanup, substitute more PR_(MAX|MIN|ABS|ROUNDUP) macro calls; r=roc,ted
28e4374838c43d6ce192380dd9136b8ca2b84d62Steffen Wilberg — Bug 666574: Advanced pref pane shouldn't use setBoolPref. r=mano
8be930c2f3c2a361e6e2e1001ebfebb3cb6ad456Steffen Wilberg — Bug 641195: Remove about:licence, but keep about:license. r=bsmedberg
f5a40a6bcddb515be4f117cd65018702b2e9aceeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 666968 - Remove nsIDOM3Attr r=jst
5e072732cb45b51959f299c5acfbc79093a0f615Dão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - observe browser-delayed-startup-finished instead of replacing delayedStartup
4053e4c295805b96b5b75f26fe0db1b99f9eeae6Dão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - really remove event listener from the browser
444e087c6e27e6542828aada66590cc2456e1032Cameron McCormack — Bug 667370 - Fix uncaught exception in r=philor
6a3e7aebda53e40fda4d26ce02d43e42b0449280Cameron McCormack — Bug 667155 - Ensure uncaught exceptions do cause test failures in plain mochitests. r=ted
755257708fa3d5a6b9a038d6bf2d5140fee55d5aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 639408 - Suppress sqlite leaks in Valgrind runs, r=njn DONTBUILD
38f69296b20c922c919d8d932e7c4e82ecc24a18Doug Turner — Bug 664996 Fix missing redraw when resuming application r=dougt
ba3e6e9e393310d8659aaf5cd2e8436d9fa73464Doug Turner — Back out 0839c57106a8. Caused a regression; follow up will address. r=dougt
e62b80fd8cb63167c8b07f948a9bf92c51a8476cDão Gottwald — Bug 667202 - Provide 'ss' centrally for all browser-chrome sessionstore tests. r=zpao
fc7d76664c791d1256fe51501c7ad22b4f9b5689Trevor Saunders — bug 657719 - rename IsHyperlink() to IsLink() r=surkov
0bfaaf7972d75b7350068dc25ccaada58a6686b7Trevor Saunders — bug 657719 - decomtaminated GetAnchor() -> AnchorAt() r=surkov
db49c5e4335e0a0bf4efb9341295348814b117b1Trevor Saunders — bug 657719 - nsXformsSelectableAccessible::IsItemSelected() -> IsSelected() r=surkov
66814c1e99bbbaa4d8133f0ee5d339918a9f030bTrevor Saunders — bug 657719 - followup nsAccessible::IsValid() -> nsAccessible::IsLinkValid() r=surkov
740916b2c1ea1c575f0bf17e37f71aa746c30fdbTrevor Saunders — bug 657719 - nsAccessible::IsSelected() hidden overloaded virtual method r=surkov
06c3225b16563b9631e7b0aadfadeb0fc43be229Trevor Saunders — bug 664084 - set but unused nsresult in nsHTMLTableAccessible.cpp:1208 r=surkov
b06efa3e007336683dbc9111b55e997a134e49e9Trevor Saunders — bug 664083 - parens around complicated boolean logic nsHTMLTable.cpp:325 r=surkov
0f5f486a0a23fe8bb480285ce0c10a8c8914b75cTrevor Saunders — bug 657719 - part 2 GetChildAtPoint overloaded virtual method r=surkov
a874d24d19b6ad2901dd42eb0f08ed185ac703b7Trevor Saunders — bug 657719 - nsAccessible::GetIndexInParent() overloaded virtual method r=surkov
82b9558a9eeb1011206f3a3abeaef370d1f5a061Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c
74f776d616796e6c399ce0592bd4778f4fc48475John Ford — bug 667012 - ensure PKG_PATH exists when generating checksums file r=khuey
94a77bde744b11a64b50895c5c34dbd7cc6c24a9Ben Turner — Bug 665579: Merge nsIThreadInternal and nsIThreadInternal2. r=bsmedberg
389e9e5cfaee35ba012f0d8090b659cee2d5a0f0Kyle Huey — Fix websockets-disabled build with an ifdef. rs=mcmanus (No bug)
8625f655aeecd626c3029e9a596ff540fc278839Jezreel Ng — Bug 666140: Error out if MOZCONFIG points to a non-existent file. r=khuey
3296e9564de671f94131e9844dede8e97c9cb803Kyle Huey — Bug 441197: Explicitly close file descriptors in nsTraceRefcntImpl rather than expecting the OS to clean up properly. r=dbaron
7d75aea51d052ea02f7843abeda03d5b1c65d6f3Kyle Huey — Bug 665969: Make C4553 fatal. r=ted
5e2bd89639b9c445a3a69fc0a4f18e157b825eb2Kyle Huey — Bug 664495: Cleanup a duplicated function in imgLoader.cpp. r=joe
139cc50ebb22128ad62ff0e34bed6ce1cb42c54bKyle Huey — Bug 663479: Move all IDB structured clone operations to the main thread. r=bent
d004850a8358c85e2fdfb0e6dea290fc1909e5eeKyle Huey — Bug 441197: Maintain an audio session across processes. r=jimm
ffc023482b247a2508bcd6471efb2647a35b95acKyle Huey — Bug 441197: Maintain an audio session in-process. r=jimm
87c28ff05bad7b392fbaa0d6404058684f3a3590Kyle Huey — Bug 543061: Serialize nsID. r=cjones,bent
61e9e59c8cca554805063cbdea12dbfcffd4cd3aKyle Huey — Back out Bug 661855 since it blew up Windows.
3242878c355dd9c9452cd49725017beffbbafcbeKyle Huey — Backed out changeset ac9450e70e57
f1e08af5e7cde6dcdbe5efa8505f9562df6efe9cKyle Huey — Backed out changeset dd46aab5d8aa
dd46aab5d8aa15f36c3b92254a49bb9c1ff1b207Joey Armstrong — Bug 661885: Followup to placate r=khuey
55f11dd890474b4ce8c57e19a1225c61527d624eKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
ac9450e70e57361cba13477b64c86da192b8a733Joey Armstrong — Bug 661855 - regexpr fix + unit test. r=khuey
9259188813903e46a44d9709d7f0452b96a2d2eaDavid Humphrey — bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, r=ted
76b7d4ad16594992f230010dedd19e6b48f9b9c8David Humphrey — bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, r=ted
a70f3a49de1785b5cd59ac387eeaad6934dab0faOleg Romashin — Bug 663393 - Maemo6/Meego VKB doues not work properly without meegotouch r=dougt
3878e0b60ff22531ba63ddd586b1e87b5ebcfcabJan Varga — Bug 635673 - Fix automatic test.
babf3b1dfdbc36ecd23bca408691f41c2f19c93dJan Varga — Bug 635673 - Content inside xul:iframe with type=content is always able to resize top chrome window. r=bz
48ad4ffc4230bf90896f1ce197f332c056cb0c74Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
25c5fc68db1fd7ee2e0bec827491b6686d99eb4eJesse Ruderman — Bug 667025 - crash test.
12b5e82f6ffd64033518b62b81423e83a2b4192dMats Palmgren — Backout cset 3e54c496db92 (bug 654002) for causing bug 667025.
9c2e57bef5642561961e0c5e59419fca1ff9292fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 666901 docshell should use mozilla::Preferences r=bz
f5e4c69084c84717915df0fc2469440b95043467Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
62b49efaa72f96baa5511165ff81f0cf470efbc3Jonas Sicking — Bug 665599: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsXBLStreamListener. r=jst
3c6133b858cfb245a37852eaa83369921dd3878cJonas Sicking — Bug 665599: Remove AddRemoveEventListenerByIID from nsXBLWindowKeyHandler. r=jst
ecbf03bb7afe19c1bf8bb2e29d3de8ff7108f0e1Brian Smith — Bug 662557 - assert on out-of-memory errors in NSS even in release builds, r=kaie
1d2879d39b2a944f5eed8be0a4105b57e2f7b4b5timeless — Bug 468736 - PSM nsPSMBackgroundThread::requestExit is racy and not threadsafe, r=mayhemer
f6fd8c0cb882f752066a6dc87eaffcaffe479868Wes Johnston — Bug 627752 - Dont use mouseover/out to show/hide controls on fennec. r=dolske
ad79a2f23f2f5d34b1471b93aa0e02957ac5f2bfDaniel Holbert — Bug 666989: Fix unused-but-set GCC 4.6 warning in Shmem::AssertInvariants. r=cjones
1e2444688bd1e6af8e8adee1993289472d8e8d7eKai Liu — Bug 659993: Part 3: Consolidate the internal padding calculations for regular menuitems into GetWidgetPadding. r=roc
510560dbd1bef497f82478ef8085ccb996629d17Kai Liu — Bug 659993: Part 2: An alternate fix for bug 406129 that avoids the use of hard-coded padding values. r=roc+ventnor
810cfb27a8231756fa187ab17279b8def4923ae1Kai Liu — Bug 659993: Part 1: Expose a function to determine if a menuitem is a part of a menulist (and if so, what type). r=bzbarsky
aede8422cdc4a74bdc26636468a713c75e9a6fb1Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 6 Followup: Fix typo introduced addressing final review comments. r=joe
2082bbcf2ce8f343cffb76eb51423596e61af3e5Jonas Sicking — Bug 664919: Rewrite Node.normalize such that it's non-recursive and more resilient to mutation even weirdness. r=bz
11e15aabd2c136be61d99f45638d44fa65867a16Josh Matthews — Bug 664821 - Use WrapNative correctly and wrap objects array to avoid compartment errors. r=mrbkap
f1d138ffa159892dce3204e333c1955a54ff7899Jonathan Kew — bug 663688 - prefer CGFont APIs to older ATS APIs on 10.6 or later. r=smichaud,roc
de0a584b0c5498f78b575211d2259ec89f0dc29bWolfgang Germund — Bug 664095 - Remove the override stylesheets when the editor is detached from the document as opposed to when it's destroyed for compatibility with the expected behavior from Composer; r=ehsan
46c3d095bc753919becbc344f59e13d9be784636Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 11: Enable Azure canvas by default. r=bjacob
7b236a5035a55399e3bae31358c7929d65f779d7Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 10: Update reftests to reflect mozDrawText deprecation. r=roc
c64155b1ece55b8178622a369fb2bd13f68f7d6cBas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 9: Update canvas tests to deal with new Azure canvas. r=roc
308914e5f4862624f0bfbce2c03a128eac9087d9Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 8: Expose azure on/off state from gfxInfo. r=joedrew
fd95d3906e9cd296b6668cd285171150b944c6d4Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 7: Allow choosing the Azure canvas implementation. r=roc
a8171812fe0576b0ed1ad51e3afe371b85e013c9Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 6: Add the azure nsCanvasRenderingContext2D implementation. r=roc
f1834d6ef78aeb6ab49bb54ec894156bafb726e1Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 5: Add CanvasLayer code for azure. r=jrmuizel
8223367a233f39d7dfb50589584d2fae16c2cf50Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 4: Implement API for creating a D3D10 compatible DrawTarget. r=roc
0f674a8c14a3c93a218c43920b3065d75b1f2139Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 3: Add layers API for creating an optimal DrawTarget. r=roc
95039cfae6a3d88fe0b906e97c9657f4557d38c4Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 2: Add glue code in gfx for thebes-azure interop. r=jrmuizel
4ede291d2e4c9dff7e75c2062db29e62f8e81984Bas Schouten — Bug 651858 - Part 1: Add the Azure API and Direct2D backend. r=jrmuizel sr=roc
c65f1fb0449d470709639c9bba937021f2756b55Joel Maher — Bug 508710 - moving toolkit/content/tests/widgets/*.xul from mochitest to mochitest-chrome. r=enn, a=test-only
97e9557660e900ff54b553c3c6d77a8cd5582430Marco Bonardo — Bug 666709 - One or more places xpcshell tests modify in-tree default.sqlite.
233d73076b2e0038c6aff012449db04bb64c49d4Andrew McCreight — Bug 665564 - change DescribeNode to DescribeRefCountedNode to remove CCNodeType. r=bent
1df1e9a3057bfe28a958ebc7848ae1eff6ce928bTed Mielczarek — bug 620563 - ignore errors in removing profile directory at end of reftest run, r=philor
d97c95d5a61735e3ea48aee7d99f84302c76141dMarco Bonardo — Merge backout from mozilla-central in the hope it solves the permaorange in Android b-c
0ba8f12ec3503e2924270af4d535dfb2a837191bFrédéric Wang — Reftest for bug 427990. r=roc.
6b26a5b08522a7f1c2f3bf55f8923232aa96befeFrédéric Wang — Do not underline MathML links (bug 504324). r=roc.
12294b20e4d9db5ed92e454011c001b56aec22aaBill Gianopoulos — Bug 427990 Gecko part - Make XLink href work on MathML element. r=jonas.
0280ba55c538a8c084d5b6f3514fcb0e11140a46Marco Bonardo — Backout changesets bdd79a4d1dc9, d697b0b26227, 5abf332b2c45, 8e1bf0b98a30 because of increase in Panorama random oranges.
537f0d13d96c51e0b8eaad20ac4049f5bbbef45dMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
484adb0cf79b149a4f1829eea2ccabfe9ca0a5b2Ed Morley — Bug 664979 - Remove unnecessary QueryInterface(Ci.nsISHistory) from nsSessionStore.js; r=bz
81d285773780fab0f2083d43bf601db498fadc26arno renevier — Bug 666220: remove unecessary kAppendChromeManifests definition. r=bsmedberg
13b3cfa7f2244ebb23324e3488e3965741fed9feDaniel Holbert — Bug 666714: Remove unused variable 'start' from nsScanner::Append. r=hsivonen
2efc1f37ce92c4e6c5378508c92ec10ba309a587Mike Hommey — Bug 652657 - Allow to opt-in for telemetry reporting. r=gavin,ui-r=limi
bdd79a4d1dc97f81e97606a422997a9c56884ab9Tim Taubert — Bug 665801 - Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug597360.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output; r=ehsan
d697b0b262277fa434bb6f016460fab7b3598993Tim Taubert — Bug 632293 - Why does GroupItem constructor add children before it sets its bounds? r=dietrich
5abf332b2c45b4f7d043dc73e2f1289b4c0e9efdTim Taubert — Bug 666566 - newWindowWithTabView() should wait for browser-delayed-startup-finished; r=dietrich
8e1bf0b98a3008087c8388f4ae1016a57b527fc5Tim Taubert — Bug 666475 - Intermittent browser_tabview_privatebrowsing.js | Test timed out; r=ehsan
450e4d9ea2d5d1b9196ec0ca2f994b2baa931ac7arno renevier — Bug 666224 - Fix off-by-one error when checking nsCommandLine::GetArgument aIndex argument. r=bsmedberg
fcc6c92e9b93cf215ccd7a9f77f515d52e05ea61Jared Wein — Bug 518008 - Make clicking the video content area play/pause the video. r=dolske
dd2361d3b3f5a644c8eb0df55737d8478f4a7e68Sid — Bug 624225 - Remove border radii from tabs in order to make the top corners clickable. r=dao
a8b1330b8ac90438340562cd10f5da9e28ffcd65Dão Gottwald — Bug 666706 - Don't pass IPv6 literals to the effective TLD service, since the brackets prevent them from being recognized as IPs. r=gavin
b7439d5baf498cfe625ba8b7b4af1ebc2bb39daeDão Gottwald — No bug - Remove browserWindowsCount checks from sessionstore tests since the browser-chrome test framework does similar checks
ce10fd5d82c64d7c1fda532619e89ddd4a8526adJonas Sicking — Bug 665609: Remove Add/RemoveEventListenerByIID from nsTextEditorState. r=jst
8904812b90a7721eabf0d497fd2615456f6b92d1Josh Aas — Bug 666529: Fixes for NPAPI timer test. Fix a crash bug discovered by Hiroyuki Ikezoe and a bad dependency on timer event ordering, both of which are sources of intermittent failures. r=jgriffin
41c88f1b3b8883cf6d72718a329e62367af4fbb7Jonas Sicking — Backed out changeset 967b254211be. This was the wrong patch and probably won't compile.
967b254211be298118248bd270d1a5463eb319fdJonas Sicking — Bug 663879: Kill AddEventListenerByIID/RemoveEventListenerByIID from extensions. r=smaug
68253b0ab50d7a7956783d145dbfd6a3f1113fc0Rob Campbell — Bug 651501 - document.body fails to autocomplete in Web Console; backout; a=developers
a042d0d4c792e1e01c977331d2e6c34110357bffDavid Anderson — Fix ARM assert (no bug, r=cdleary).
99708970cdf554683e1ac4945db6c89c305947dbMark Finkle — Bug 661388: Support selecting text in web content [r=mbrubeck]
4f032c2cc14e0978df61a78301d57d692451f6eaMats Palmgren — Bug 666751 - Crash tests. r=roc
0e4fb02265891627d8962964d6943166d4765102Mats Palmgren — Bug 666751 - Add a null-check in case the item's frame is not a descendent of the text-overflow block. r=roc
c1ec764b3cd6ff1d10d65278794dda8ab505ef3dRob Campbell — Bug 663746 - Change Scratchpad shortcut key to something other than F4; r=dao
0421a3198a3c559876581fdfcb6fcfaac47d4766Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools, conflict in inspector.js
674f0bd87a13288be2780062a469afac42c1c5d5Panos Astithas — Bug 664788 - console.log(message) doesn't show leading whitespace in message; r=mihai.sucan,dao
9d2571f091aa0df8001df1c5e6da4a55d804e049Rob Campbell — Bug 664788 - console.log(message) doesn't show leading whitespace in message, backout to clear some orange
2b19247a5036813693424ab26e510f60c4de2f99Mihai Sucan — Bug 660806 - Autocomplete shows during history navigation; reland; r=rcampbell,dtownsend
83487b01036e696d7a1d6240f84a546ddb429523Rob Campbell — Bug 660806 - Autocomplete shows during history navigation; backout to fix checkin, a=rcampbell
c5fece76dc0992e796154675aa02b1d5803aa046Rob Campbell — Bug 660806 - Autocomplete shows during history navigation; r=rcampbell,dtownsend
676ba3f883f5e6543ec2adddae78f9c2ea684ea7Rob Campbell — Bug 653140 - GCLI needs a commonjs require system; backout, a=orange
fb02b664d02df9d513128ba768a552ad3cb9e75bPanos Astithas — Bug 664788 - console.log(message) doesn't show leading whitespace in message; r=mihai.sucan,dao
5851c1b248b9ee518e71c4257489a38d9aec2362Joe Walker — Bug 653140 - GCLI needs a commonjs require system; f=mihai.sucan r=dtownsend sr=dtownsend
30f88cca1ac2d59c15b2f349babf38fe5bb9089eMihai Sucan — Bug 663443 - No indication to which tab a Web Console window belongs (esp. an empty one); r=ddahl,dietrich
96c76749e35fcdd0896891975fe2b893f911c6eaMihai Sucan — Bug 642471 - Rewrite PanelHighlighter using transparent xul iframe and canvas. patch=robcee,msucan,paul r=dietrich
cbc782458ff1cb890ff3fdfcb7999b1d04ffc98dPanos Astithas — Bug 651501 - document.body fails to autocomplete in Web Console. r=dtownsend
6f5e8757e0cdc5f0a4a9ef995a5addf485637c32Mihai Sucan — Bug 660560 - Scratchpad lacks indentation, pressing TAB key should indent code. r=dietrich
0577771f2065856eb91202a6087badd3331cd8b5Marco Bonardo — Revert to changeset a87ee7550f6a due to incomplete backout
ee72a39b1b8aa179acee7079649aa19aabc4a462Marco Bonardo — Backout changesets a9cc84f8a830, cc9620ae893d, 5d571e06dc66, ebfde1103126, 0ad7a620910f, 0e614362b322, c53f88f0dd06, b4bab5f00821 due to bustage.
b4bab5f00821759944f19562f4f7ab9b096aa953Jezreel Ng — Bug 666140: Error out if MOZCONFIG points to a non-existent file. r=khuey
c53f88f0dd06b7e3852ec32e82b4ab3f1a7e4281Kyle Huey — Bug 441197: Explicitly close file descriptors in nsTraceRefcntImpl rather than expecting the OS to clean up properly. r=dbaron
0e614362b322d2582d38748492d7f02e10ca3a2dKyle Huey — Bug 665969: Make C4553 fatal. r=ted
0ad7a620910fb31401694950e6bbef8e84bdb997Kyle Huey — Bug 664495: Cleanup a duplicated function in imgLoader.cpp. r=joe
ebfde11031265f7895b2ddc84b430f5959a06ec4Kyle Huey — Bug 663479: Move all IDB structured clone operations to the main thread. r=bent
5d571e06dc66ff355ac4594b4c293dc9f8717570Kyle Huey — Bug 441197: Maintain an audio session across processes. r=jimm
cc9620ae893d608e8df3dfdf31d19b0bfdd0ecc8Kyle Huey — Bug 441197: Maintain an audio session in-process. r=jimm
a9cc84f8a830b630633eff61635d7848f5ce8a12Kyle Huey — Bug 543061: Serialize nsID. r=cjones,bent
a87ee7550f6ab3b6db7514a6eff910c6a3a9ac12Marco Bonardo — Backout changesets dbd02a315176, c8f01a0d5482 to investigate Android b-c permaorange.
c98c0affffb9727d57cee99b3d761484472c7cbcMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset in mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
58f8e32a9fafd0808c154811db9b64ebede60726Boris Zbarsky — merge backout of bug 665564 (rev 9de9b3a9458c) and bug 666790 (rev 7d3d5b9710ea) to CLOSED TREE
f459af6a2a8e5c7f31aec5ba8ebfe0a4007e2372Boris Zbarsky — Back out bug 665564 (rev 9de9b3a9458c) and bug 666790 (rev 7d3d5b9710ea) due to Mac test orange.
dac5cae65da3bda932a3c78b9b40cf00364d10c1Ed Morley — Bug 665549 - Fix unused variable warning for 'shutdownObserved' in mozStorageService.cpp; r=sdwilsh
093d1650e7a77030979d759fe941df837868300fEd Morley — Bug 665622 - Fix unused variable warnings in GLContext.cpp & GLContextProviderEGL.cpp; r=joedrew
8e180685b9f321b3334cec0008fb7800ecac653dHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 666784 - kNotifyData.redirectCallback should be initilized with NULL. r=josh
ee78f62ded1c69a058d8e4cf5c785b2e61cc04b0Daniel Holbert — Bug 661969: If no delay is passed to gfxFontInfoLoader::StartLoader, use the interval as delay. r=jdaggett
fc9192d3a551be57edad8a9f9385d9d38cdbd9c0Benjamin Stover — Bug 666394 Remove redraw hack r=mfinkle
daf896f89f39cbe8c2e55cdda39381f9e4ba4f5dBenjamin Stover — Bug 663829 Checkboxes are difficult to check on Gmail r=wesj
4ab18b537543e945f6c272a4ae49fe1c0840ab09Justin Wood — Merge backout of Bug 660427
74091287d2eb2820e4666f0b608fcf614a40bd7eJustin Wood — Backout Bug 660427 to make the code slightly cleaner now that SeaMonkey no longer needs it (see SeaMonkey Bug 666518). r=backout
8f196152e8d8a353da1033a62788ae3b27422c36Jim Mathies — Bug 664974 - Work around for _SEH_prolog plugin stack overflow crashes. r=bsmedberg
34a9652019ffaa9c8c72a4d042a000d66c6dd1ecCameron McCormack — Bug 666435 - Remove a line of debugging output from Mochitest harness. r=ted
7d3d5b9710eaa9efa5e077b8844ad7ff8919e4a6Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 666790 - addon download progress doorhanger has error when asking permission to install [r=gavin]
9de9b3a9458ceb0004459e228e8d9d9f436acb0bAndrew McCreight — Bug 665564 - change DescribeNode to DescribeRefCountedNode to remove CCNodeType. r=bent
6be508728e3b6c44d86c5afa93cfb03337ebae63Gavin Sharp — back out 865bd171fc46 (bug 652657) since review comments weren't addressed
2c55cb8097d200b7cb6bab617e35056ccf7233b2Gavin Sharp — back out 9ad2c67333ba (bug 652657) since review comments weren't addressed
6d87b94b1b12c08ee6d2733065267a59eebd90c0Chris Pearce — Bug 661456 - Scale WebM video frames to display size. r=kinetik
a45545549061381c5292aac030888e2cd8b82cadJason Duell — Bug 666502. DONTBUILD. Document how we make sure HTTP headers have been read by time OnStartRequest called. r=bz
2760ca666cfc770a365e5d6ff3c64ac2ad061da0Jason Duell — Bug 665521 - Update Ruben Arakelyan's email address *correctly* in the PSL. r=biesi
aa28b5b7277636f1a52a4893aaf12135201e6c54Ruben Arakelyan — Bug 665521 - Update Ruben Arakelyan's email address in the PSL. r=biesi
9ad2c67333ba16cacf6c56bf0c65345b952a879eTaras Glek — Bug 652657 - only show telemetry prompt if rights prompt isn't being shown r=gavin
865bd171fc46ad42307a73e504ed7f80ea0ce0caMike Hommey — Bug 652657 - Design Telemetry UI r=gavin ui-r=limi
484ab902b1a13a2481d5aab5ebbdab56e8074c2aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 653083 part 2: Fix crash introduced in this patch by moving the plugin-alive null checks before the identifier tries to use the module, r=captain-obvious
5f35f2648169cbc61a926f4d064f82a60109201cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 653083 - Deal with NPRuntime identifier which may be non-interned being passed across the process boundary, and the current cache which isn't aware of that problem. r=bent,cdleary
68a835e72bfddcd832542c3e89e00e14475290a8Benjamin Smedberg — Test for bug 653083 - "temporary" string NPIdentifiers (those not requested explicitly with NPN_GetStringIdentifier) are being cached incorrectly across GCs
83c0640ea8b14c6cb6909e0d2e5e737b1634593bCameron Kaiser — Bug 663899 - mark certain file extensions always executable; r=smichaud
e2d4e97412b9b3d40b1c96375183ec1fbc6c9c1dMark Finkle — Bug 666597: App Menu is triggered if a modal dialog is up [r=mbrubeck]
1800c8a42d0b47925baacce5c787dea792d34c30Mark Finkle — Bug 666577: SessionStore history serialized too early [r=mbrubeck]
dc22cd5173d9b0390429868a13cb9404758e6647Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound.
42583f997120ac5556996ff0e03a40868026f8f8Ms2ger — Bug 661327 - Fix typos in; r=sicking DONTBUILD
e0b805cab438a7b63d01a60b23cdbb5725e6bf2cDão Gottwald — Bug 666717 - URL bar highlighting needs to recognize URLs with hyphenated schemes (e.g. view-source). r=gavin
63ce1a21bbd0ac0806ea36e76e322b25cb38c435Alexander Surkov — Bug 666212 - summary attribute content mapped to accessible name in MSAA, r=marcoz
0d5c92e9760e3800e6c85d90dcb576efd90e474dRandell Jesup — Bug 666501: fix jprof to work in builds without r=glandium
c980dcde975498d0529112b4a2854e31d5212f16Jonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 10: Remove nsIDOM3EventTarget/nsIDOMEventGroup. r=smaug
47c73a8334bb6b4bc059fcd6e8bbf6ac8d2a4cb1Jonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 9: Don't use EventGroups for system-group. r=smaug
7236111084214e4141934859855a79a96a19de13Jonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 8: Improve the nsEventListenerManager API. r=smaug
564118ffc1b2bfd4862cc325d10850f0227078fcJonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 7: DeCOMtaminate nsEventListenerManager. r=smaug
ee4bd9f2cd7aa3286fc44a9a15d863ffe74611e7Jonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 6: Fixups after search'n'replace s/nsPIDOMEventTarget/nsIDOMEventTarget/. r=smaug
830993c92036edd8ce92c85bf1a40207af55ebdaJonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 5: Search'n'replace nsPIDOMEventTarget to nsIDOMEventTarget. r=smaug
e849fa1da72bfa724be26a744f5c33a192a5a1e4Jonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 4: Get function signatures correct to make things build on windows. r=smaug
b4dcdfebb73e94e4ee982cd30102e6b17b2b1488Jonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 3: Move nsIDOMEventTarget implementation to nsINode. r=smaug
0aa11fbda63835c648c8976942f0a3b0304fb94bJonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 2: Merge nsIDOMNSEventTarget into nsIDOMEventTarget. r=smaug
3fa43a74a6d9b593811617b04bd80666d60ddf2aJonas Sicking — Bug 658714 Part 1: Merge nsPIDOMEventTarget into nsIDOMEventTarget. r=smaug,bent
cfea84e7fd7c852e4b1b09b10eed0dded95e7bfdJonas Sicking — Bug 661984: Add [nostdcall] as an extended idl attribute. r=bsmedberg
c8f01a0d54822877edac39b04392c64d2e2c977dMark Finkle — Bug 661388 - Support selecting text in web content (tests only) [r=mbrubeck]
dbd02a315176a1b25bbb7b705fef21a376097c8fMark Finkle — Bug 661388: Support selecting text in web content [r=mbrubeck]
ad3a1bf1bcc300de7db0bff6bbf5391e7e12a793Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
ba0f05780cbad58d5d890af5fa101a127de0c543Marco Bonardo — Bug 659578 - Remember Password notification is cut off at the bottom.
26bda006334c3603faec1876f392f940f2bd787dMarco Bonardo — Bug 664127 - Reftest for transparent tree icon.
ed60c3abdb71e54383257e8ff16bd1a69c295377Marco Bonardo — Bug 664127 - Allow to set opacity on ::-moz-tree-image.
6179b1142dfb85ca10048a3d41d39c0ce729cbdcEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
49932c605933140c3ca3b73c4263d6b6d30b12dfJosh Matthews — Bug 663922 - Prevent null dereference of history transactions. r=smaug
bd7c4c011201f55c6600a12e4258907bbcc1e946Daniel Holbert — Bug 665209: Disable recursive image loads in content(). r=bz
aa6e6d48e96a1cdb3564261b70f989c869066ab2Dave Townsend — Bug 439672: Add-on uninstall fails when one of the add-ons files is locked. r=robstrong
10312d31fe7e4a9a86098e30d1f6d23cfceb8374Joel Maher — Bug 663856 - move layout/base/tests/test_bug495648.xul to mochitest-chrome. r=bz, a=test-only
ae2dbbb7b935acedd7dd61afc11e98c6512dc2c3Joel Maher — Bug 664152 - move layout/base tests that depend heavily on enablePrivilege to mochitest-chrome. r=ehsan, a=test-only
0542577e399415a8f047956a18a03b469907540eJoel Maher — Bug 666298 - test_crash_submit.xul fails to run inside mochitest-chrome. r=ted, a=test-only
3b95f57892ba7e0326a7822740cab09bdbd4a015Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 662649. DrawFPS: Make the conversion loop easier to follow. r=joe
660b05a3ba56453d23267bf675bcda1d99289b1eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 662649. DrawFPS: Add a comment about why DrawFPS is a little weird.
f46f26308ec8ea55150cc7185835d0af64db7e43Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 662649. DrawFPS: Make sure we use a 32 bit type instead of a 64 bit one. r=joe
5ec97825b29b88577f305d094d1c0715b192b549Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 662649. DrawFPS: free leaked buffer. r=joe
17f2489e16604e9b21e31734f6b534f05ba2b84fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 661658. Fix pointer as int size problem on Win64. r=joedrew
8b5646a07963004d5fb5ae969b7dbdf0087488ceMichal Novotny — Bug 504014 - Enforce RFC 3986 syntax for IPv6 literals
3e54c496db92d1199306da1131ba105cfdcdb510Mats Palmgren — Bug 654002 - Remove frame continuations iteratively, not recursively. r=roc
00a5700edf6b31505fbfd676ea9ee410f886ac2cMs2ger — Merge backout.
97dbe5dc67c890c1eb6537c7f0f1fdeff19adb6cMs2ger — Backed out changeset 831fabb406a1 (Bug 664821) for WinXP opt M3 crashes.
c931c8b1d8f623693c4d630777a63447cd7de417Igor Bazarny — bug 570341 Initial implementation of web timing specification
e00de9b8df15e5e2a5ea4a92c4e09ad044e15815Mounir Lamouri — Bug 655240 - Trying to fix intermittent failure in content/html/document/test/test_bug448564.html f=ehsan r=sicking
c70b05ca6e880a0e9c93154b5909018575df795bMounir Lamouri — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
a4f5da9a1dc0b6711f01cf227cd9319f164432baPhil Ringnalda — Bug 665328 - Remove the unused Storage string, r=sdwilsh
8c598532de9f8e8001febe414f34102c6b2b0c66Phil Ringnalda — Back out bc0b2201ca85 (bug 654002) on suspicion of causing WinXP opt mochitest crashes
d329bd37012253ba13fadb667c1e7f06525ca418Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
5544f74c84b96fde258b9244664c20250599e135Dave Townsend — Bug 665780 - "Racy code in background_update of test_blocklistchange.js". r=rs
bc0b2201ca8594d96aec985b9ad33ec98e84f6baMats Palmgren — Bug 654002 - Remove frame continuations iteratively, not recursively. r=roc
7bb02cc447e0145c73cf23bc5193d7742d80a7cdRobert Longson — Bug 666068 - Speed up nsSVGIntegrationUtils::UsingEffectsForFrame. r=jwatt,jmuizelaar
b060d115f5016b18e571e46d0078da62cf965dd7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 595292 - browser_394759.js seems to hit network with dns failures; r=zpao
471e9be56f377f3fbbeca93831d2fd873fb67addTim Taubert — Bug 663646 - intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug595020.js | title starts with 'title' - Got -1, expected 0; r=ehsan
a892f5d7cb2e36d782cd3a0b75ead5d0a2a1b357Taras Glek — Bug 666307 - update zip telemetry r=mwu
278449a6964dbf2a184229c32bf77704f2aadab7Mark Finkle — Bug 662302 - Droid Pro: Unable to pan back to content window with 3 columns of tabs open [r=vingtetun]
858a29a7f052ce1a09d7260710d7b8409a039652Ed Morley — Bug 665686 - Fix unused variable warnings in layout/style/; r=dbaron
b0188e75b35526528d59e9fde45dacbcbb9dbe23Ed Morley — Bug 665582 - Fix unused variable warning in nsIconChannel.cpp; r=joedrew
83629ce268b20bd6ebcaa98b34f0e159b723f960Ed Morley — Bug 665388 - Remove unused variable rv from imgLoader::Init; r=joedrew
05351157216d37ccb3cfad3409778e7c3a8d16ddarno renevier — Bug 665003 - browser/components/nsBrowserContentHandler.js contains unecessary const; r=gavin
831fabb406a17688be991936105c9d6889f60b6bJosh Matthews — Bug 664821 - Use WrapNative correctly and wrap objects array to avoid compartment errors. r=mrbkap
06f3c7b5961763952309f077decf73ff8b6b0d06Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662023 - Remove ActiveX embedding API part 2: rm /embedding/activex/ r=bsmedberg
0f7b71ac4fae89226d1fac6ba7b78fe40f513938Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662023 - Remove ActiveX embedding API part 1: remove support from the build system. r=bsmedberg
311835bfec30d1d91d7fce62186b4d92d43cf711Mounir Lamouri — Bug 666203 - Add 1px padding to progress bars for Windows Classic theme. r=jimm
b0507816cb5ec51735a49773a64efb8f9d2a4cefMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662000 part 2: Remove XPC_IDISPATCH_SUPPORT from the build-system and XPConnect. r=mrbkap
64ff58414b5aee72dde94029cd3e5e0a6980dd9dMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662000 part 1: Remove interfaces and tests. r=mrbkap
adfd866ec96ce33b697eba7bbbaf3be8fc16d749Jonathan Hage — Add reftest for the bug 650530; r=karlt
411e98c312177e6868ec5c051a373c95e847bc48Jonathan Hage — Bug 650530 - Implement names for negative spaces; r=karlt
5b5d90cdfccb885d9215ec1fea531dc800f9ae57Jonathan Hage — Bug 557084 - Remove deprecated attributes and empty <mrow/>'s in mozilla/src/layout/mathml/tests/;
5028de4c95e9f257990af0e34033f54953d0b496Ms2ger — Bug 661327 - Warn in to-be-removed Attr functions; r=sicking
47fb7e9c7c6a7979e79200699902d96fe5e699f3Florian Scholz — Bug 603106 - Make mfrac linethickness="medium" use the default linethickness; r=karlt
2af378ef814c569adbfa97c68dd979fbd754b23fDão Gottwald — Bug 665580 - Hide http:// and single trailing slashes in the location bar. ui-r=faaborg r=sdwilsh
48e72227c2fac1644fec76af2e042c5bb6d61e58Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
053ac4368a79ff3831819e9e383daffe41979b79Joe Drew — Bug 665833 - Use nsCRTGlue rather than nsCRT in nsStyleStruct.cpp. r=dbaron
40fac958d3c040dc1574b8951b4e474e2dd41c06Frédéric Wang — Bug 407439 - Support for Asana Math font in MathML (add in pref). r=karlt
936c8f2e7085304cacd4c2d68d23daeed95fac4eFrédéric Wang — Bug 407439 - Support for Asana Math font in MathML. r=karlt
8ffbdfc7c7211d7d027f4885022e0ff0e38faf3fFrédéric Wang — support drawing non-BMP characters for stretchy operators (bug 407439). r=karlt
1388fa485c9c2f223f4333428ee4fa1b45d64416Frédéric Wang — Always start the lookup of largeop variants at size=1 (bug 584332). r=karlt
efad576d17ce98ba72f039fee1b12e7705a06222Mark Finkle — Bug 666321 - Discard decoded images faster [r=mbrubeck]
b25a0fc03c3a6a625aef8dc4c30f83ad983669a0Mark Finkle — Bug 604463 - Request for session store to retain the browsing history and scroll offsets [r=mbrubeck, wjohnston]
e6d61d90c72fac4f79f7f54fafb488e4a93c71f1Mats Palmgren — Bug 312156 - Tests for CSS3 text-overflow. r=roc
451c13333f149ae989e6f627fc5c258fa6577719Mats Palmgren — Bug 312156 - Implement CSS3 text-overflow. r=roc
847fc92f36eeea85ef92cb4600b37240fde730d0Mats Palmgren — Bug 312156 - Implement CSS3 text-overflow. r=dbaron
a24270f2784306cb5674b29bf732743b1b74b920Mats Palmgren — Bug 312156 - Make gfxFont::HasCharacter work for Pango fonts. r=roc
56854b8cf1a6a146f52bd0f2aed944e08960b7e8Jonas Sicking — Bug 664932: Make update unit tests not implement nsIXMLHttpRequestEventTarget in script. r=rstrong
8e30eba8ff6456654f618071faa71b7ca8a7ea82Jonas Sicking — Bug 661980: Add ability to make interfaces scriptable but not scriptimplementable. r=bsmedberg
37db25250817ccb627a212a730ef6e0911974a1eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 660533 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatCString r=jimm
1d90c5f569a2a7fbe477cdd41517ba724f2fcbf0Cameron McCormack — Bug 640587 - Disable the swipe gesture half of the Elantech hack for driver versions < 8. r=jimm
cd95d565c4d9dac1318ca3f1e6e7bc4ff9dd1372Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e302cef502f617c76d3a3d1a40b21f6d60cb5139Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 27: Fix RenderFrameParent rendering to handle transforms on the root layer, and fix bugs with parameters being modified. r=stechz
21a67ac790f182203db671c485118544e3970d58Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 26: Ensure that FrameMetrics coordinates are correctly stored as layer coordinates. r=tnikkel
8b1e793fbf453feba15297386293b28b07cb4bc9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 25: Add nsSize ScaleToNearestPixels. r=tnikkel
c18bdf8b0b761731e0f6de7d28a4e9ac57a6c5d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 24: Fix scale/translate order in DrawThebesLayer. r=tnikkel
dcfa8de9746a5b091de102f1a417e4ca52fdca22Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 23: Fix incorrect call to 'abs'. r=tnikkel
6256bcafbdf27f4b8826f13deb082f76aaf3c14cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 22: Detect when the contents of a ThebesLayer have shifted by a subpixel amount and repaint the entire layer when that happens. r=tnikkel
3d7fda340878b309996c11c7cc0c94f1ac7b11aaRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 21: Skip invalidation if aRegionToInvalidateIsEmpty (note that ScaleRoundOut on an empty bounds rect can return a non-empty rect). r=tnikkel
c9f644aa2fa58dba7e98639e2df87742be54c222Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 20: Allow fast scrolling within transformed content. r=tnikkel
e96e2e5829cd244abcffa8ca6f95807e523eb234Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 19: Test (from bug 633344)
4c323a5e40c2a43d2a204bf5c9a34c1a229a163cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 18: Support computing the "residual transform" for a ThebesLayer --- the difference between its snapped transform and the ideal transform --- and use it to align ThebesLayer drawing for transforms that aren't changing. r=tnikkel
500265c61f37887aa038076384a94717bdb65737Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 17: Tighten up AreLayersMarkedActive so we track exactly what properties are changing. Also, clamp resolution to power-of-2 only if the frame's transform has a scale. r=tnikkel
c6c5f217fedffde4c5f37dd3832bb9aee7e2d783Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 16: Mark newly-passing reftests.
9ae31ef1ae05802ac28a5d800b262b5926c1a143Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 15: Don't round mOuterRect/mInnerRect if there's a scale factor in the current transform. r=joe
9c05bcab628fb6f0aeea60612c32e77ecc68f2fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 14: Try to use snappable rects to draw solid borders instead of using stroke, when a scaling transform is present. r=joe
2c7a42271f31aba0507fbec85a6622dba44f45a3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 13: Allow snapping of text baselines to occur when there's a scale in the current transform. r=tnikkel
e552be420a02acc127554b582f7f6c062418965cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 12: Dump layer trees and display lists to stdout instead of stderr so that they stay in order with window.dump() and other output. r=tnikkel
a63a96b9571e572d0f0ca4272f6c48a9cb3a35c6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 11: Remove ExtendForScaling from nsRect and nsRegion. r=joe
5b2a58c9c279d1a6e27c8fba6cb24c931063dcf5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 10: Remove mX/YResolution from ThebesLayer. r=joe
123d2c2f626066e8b5d393ea13da451e09594ea3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 9: Remove resolution support from BasicLayers, ShadowLayers and GL layers. r=mattwoodrow
602d13dcab537ff844d20e9698658619d35f24faRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 8: Remove resolution support from D3D9 layers. r=mattwoodrow
198d6364abb9747d612f4c20e244fe02e49a1e77Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 7: Remove resolution support from D3D10 layers. r=mattwoodrow
45b7622bc948e52af00b993d08fb2a5a98471f62Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 6: Implement resolution scaling in FrameLayerBuilder. r=tnikkel
31c47102a6fc579e2bb5eda089e9c662e8b00c04Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852: Part 5: Create ContainerParameters structure to carry resolution scale factors through layer creation. r=tnikkel
1da2c78a1a72954bcddcb0eb62be930f48802dcdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 4: Add nsRegion::ScaleInverseRoundOut and nsRegion::ScaleToOutsidePixels APIs. r=joe
b53df216be6181b6488332f66fa0954a29c019a8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 3: Add nsPoint::ScaleToNearestPixels, nsRect::ScaleToNearestPixels, nsRect::ScaleToInsidePixels and nsRect::ScaleToOutsidePixels APIs. r=joe
c9dd59391c7d104e4d9faa863b3cbf655f562a41Robert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 2: Add BaseRect::ScaleInverseRoundOut API. r=joe
7853e5cf72f7700cfe63e4c9e25315800e2fb52dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 637852. Part 1: Don't snap BasicThebesLayer effective transforms when we're not retaining layers. r=tnikkel
a23353de5415ddd677f3b75e40696cba9c01864eDão Gottwald — Bug 666221 - Inspector leaks browser and content window through the highlighter. r=dietrich
00290f0912fd991a5ef6ae0015989460236e7796Mounir Lamouri — Merging last green changeset of mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
ff8bd5d40a57621efc07de0ddcd46e155e63ad4bMounir Lamouri — Bug 665612 - More cleanup around mInputData and IsSingleLineTextControl(). f=ehsan r=bz
c2c6a3a55aafe471e216891e9f8ac78c665632aeKai Liu — Bug 661846: Move the Windows classic/XP native menu padding calculation from GetWidgetBorder to GetWidgetPadding. r=jmathies
80a510fa4b7fd14c308c798064200f9437e987f6bjarne — Bug 654926 - Hang in nsDiskCacheStreamIO::CloseOutputStream while downloading WebM video from YouTube r=michal.novotny, bjarne
08a6784b462381eb9e06fc19e4c480e74ad5a85aMakoto Kato — Bug 655655 - decom nsIPosixLocale. r=smontagu
ff25dce5b886b8ce46a52572beaa490a9e444f67Makoto Kato — Bug 182279 - select.add() should have the second parameter optional. r=smaug
7a64d66531ca6d7e93e6ef06f4f98b214b72bf49Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
b6e018a94db7b7b5b775d364d7c7be6ac10581e8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 664917 Add Preferences API for getting default pref values r=roc, feedback=bz
ca61a0de54f1db83a6c22844386474d9bf4fd342Bas Schouten — Followup to bug 661973: Fix bug with COM outparams and add convenience operators. r=cjones
c461448acd96b3b38a62961e5444a8484d32693cMike Hommey — Bug 664340 - Fallback to c++ when CXX is not set. r=khuey
76781a68c1ba30eb5d7b97210cfe239dcca7bc78Brian Birtles — Bug 663288 - Don't allow instance times to be self-dependent, r=dholbert
59a1a01030965c52232d0cd3d604869856a0405eMike Hommey — Bug 657297 part 2 - Add telemetry samples for initial I/O counters. r=tglek
8eead40fb58cf3db82914fad2fc96ad7042865e7Mike Hommey — Bug 657297 part 1 - Expose a function to add telemetry samples in XRE. r=tglek,sr=bsmedberg
86816b76fc84c595c25394ffc630b3448c57e7dcTaras Glek — Bug 665805 - Include sums in histograms sent to server r=Mossop
3b0607e01402f529470a26ba06cbe6fbb8b2f6fbTaras Glek — Bug 665805 - Adjust telemetry to work with official metrics server r=Mossop
0b940e60c9fe9ffcd4f5bd486beb7f863977abd0Boris Zbarsky — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
9240f01e12b624d9c774e15e1dc516c8b967dc3cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 548734. Get rid of the footgun ui.use_native_popup_windows preference. r=roc,khuey
188621c4b91282741a43fb1e530c70171e6fae4bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 660662. Remove unnecessary floor in nsNativeTheme::QueueAnimatedContentForRefresh. r=bent
b47d5dcdc3401667059f92695266b6bf2e27caa0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 659707. Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to CFLAGS. r=khuey
b5b91d2abc561b1d534750c8d22009fb2c32709dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 664290. Lower image.mem.min_discard_timeout_ms. r=joe
e3797dc14be14b650749baf521ec9907ea7f044aSteffen Wilberg — Bug 663253: Remove the 'browser.offline' preference (don't remember offline mode from the previous session). r=gavin
77dec35e81b0d207dab682e660088f81cb4de41fMatt Brubeck — Bug 665985 - Remove unused pref app.update.nagTimer.restart [r=gavin,mfinkle]
db6d8ef5b27c8d0fac3d7183027c3158e56cd048Olli Pettay — Bug 664464 - Unlink XBL some more, r=sicking
b5dead3786051808dd3b04005f0f67bf6267a714Jonathan Kew — bug 476927 - add padding to text bounds on OS X to allow for possible antialiasing pixels. r=roc
2c2b3ebca177d6de911e4d32169c5a6994f6f7adJonathan Kew — bug 475968 - add padding pixels to loose ink bounds on Windows because of ClearType pixel bleed. r=roc
02f8dbc0800524ea8fe9571b5a92f5a932f188a0Dão Gottwald — Bug 664519 - Auto-remove iQ event listeners. r=iangilman
433a6c04a18da82d01cc75711952308cd682fa42Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665548 - r=jst
b7a93f1279b734d5c185b15dc8ea53a71100ddbaTrevor Saunders — bug 659018 - nsIAccessibleEvent::EVENT_NAME_CHANGED not handled for atk r=surkov
56b2068a28ea86a7477fc08d858c44f4989fb491Luke Wagner — Bug 15529 - Add missing copyright boilerplate to files in js/src, remove dead files (r=brendan,graydon,jimb)
ffd2decd02f66a61ace519c6d9f009ad4926ec5fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 5fe20ec0229c (bug 15529) because it breaks jsreftests
147c5156ba13fdc383566f8b3b67e8212e180f1dEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
be404c4dd873fd2a95cbe81365135178c96b8a70Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 625016 - Restore windows closed in succession to quit (non-OSX only) [r=dietrich]
8ff7f4f813467cbf21ca03cecbfa5966a6db5d40Paul O’Shannessy — Backout 3b59c196aaf9 - no bug # in commit message
05b7d31f72bb7910722724f4000a0e72cf3a7577Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 665260 - Store start time in sessionstore data [r=dietrich]
3b59c196aaf98bf974304260645694c34786c172Paul O’Shannessy — Users have app tab and panorama data loss depending on window close order [r=dietrich]
5c3cca20059017e04b80e65f3dccddbbf6ae918cJared Wein — Bug 665217. Handling corrupt statements in finally blocks. [r=zpao]
ae1c0ef60963eb94249862dad83a7daadc5b39cdPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 571997 - Copy Password doesn't ask for master password while Show Passwords does [r=dolske]
bdd4d79f9836523194629e56bb66cf8f44212894Daniel Holbert — Bug 656244: Finish *all* remaining parsing in SVGDocumentWrapper::OnStopRequest. r=hsivonen
30c1b4519b2ab055f22ed4aaef1c0973296db808Robert Longson — Bug 652832 - Support animation of use element width/height. r=jwatt
c7924e26059f9b63757e2f0b8e6d8b928cb88f36Mounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset 2783e9b15954 (bug 665833) due to oranges.
2783e9b15954aa26038c4c264c944cc79e5497b2Joe Drew — Bug 665833 - Use nsCRTGlue rather than nsCRT in nsStyleStruct.cpp. r=dbaron
393992cbcaf8d8847299ecf9e3f22ebb88c2c2d8Jacek Caban — Bug 584680 - nsWindowsDllBlocklist.cpp fails to compile on mingw; r=ehsan
ba9d84835cb6a70e74c22a3a8878b4ce66788c89Patrick McManus — bug 663871 websockets -08 bump our version number and the version number in the test server r=biesi
05ca6815b26db3c0d793bf2bca02db75cbb86f39Patrick McManus — bug 663871 websockets -08 sec 7.1.1 says we SHOULD pause to allow server to send first TCP FIN r=biesi
11e697c1d28bfeee59ad35ef63406c3e3a3ab16ePatrick McManus — bug 663871 websockets -08 sec 7.4.1 defines two new close codes r=biesi
680da2e79681232df3817f28eaa4aaad3c15f364Patrick McManus — 663871 - enforce messages that must be UTF-8 by checking that and failing the connection if necessary r=rbiesi
4b4280bad349bae27594d83ae6ff5d05dbf462a5Patrick McManus — Bug 665518 - Websocket enforce high bit of 64 bit length r=biesi
42637223dd3f52d9e0f9c764178e025eaaf6e7f0Patrick McManus — backout 15c3543f4647 so it can be re-merged with valid description
d1492c5ca05cecb48e37b79fe54bd28eff05c831Patrick McManus — backout 627d6b32976b so it can be re-merged with valid description
a8629e85945802fe074de9892508dafc89b70112Patrick McManus — backout b22f0cccfa7f so it can be re-merged with bug number in description
63755133ed9897b5240aa879ba0b22afaec153f4Patrick McManus — backout cf7152d215b2 so it can be re-merged with bug number in description
c1526df3cbfb39345b3fe6a704a114918bc2731cPatrick McManus — backout 923beecc0fe5 so it can be re-merged with bug number in description
923beecc0fe5b3442edc9881ddfa2fe13c1d7f13Patrick McManus — websockets -08 bump our version number and the version number in the test server r=biesi
cf7152d215b24fbcce147868b56c6fa395c38832Patrick McManus — websockets -08 sec 7.1.1 says we SHOULD pause to allow server to send first TCP FIN r=biesi
b22f0cccfa7f66d9260a83425eac11042a03eeebPatrick McManus — websockets -08 sec 7.4.1 defines two new close codes r=biesi
627d6b32976bd7eb079f0456df6c59de77272f53Patrick McManus — 663871 - enforce messages that must be UTF-8 by checking that and failing the connection if necessary
15c3543f4647787c3ba44f485bc7a080cc303006Patrick McManus — Bug 665518 - Websocket enforce high bit of 64 bit length try: -b d -p linux -u mochitest-1 -t none
41de88315cfa99a7ceeb00a42c12fb9d955354dfJonathan Watt — Bug 665009 - In SVG reftests, replace the link to Creative Commons' retired Public Domain Dedication with a link to the replacement, CC0. r=longsonr,gerv.
8924b0de1365752af68969993805c35af0a5a306Makoto Kato — Bug 665816 - nsGlueLinkingDlopen.cpp:161: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant with NDKr5 after landing bug 632404. r=glandium
fde2138b435fca8c0ac2d9c332d49997f2403bc9Olli Pettay — Bug 664467 - Unlink content/html some more, r=sicking
5fe20ec0229c0f3db3b49f53c07896944fb8b42dLuke Wagner — Bug 15529 - Add missing copyright boilerplate to files in js/src, remove dead files (r=brendan,graydon,jimb)
baf54eb3ee0047aae693d55ffa79adca090be4eaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central and mozilla-central
f95b357724331627bf89ea159bc8800bc0aa1e4cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
0bdd0665df9399b042e850644e74dc797e728bc2Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 664090 follow-up: simpler way to make DEBUG available in preprocessed file. DONTBUILD
b6b2f966384780256cfda7914c0fcf126dd7d134Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600429 follow-up: ensure logger names have Sync prefix. a=tests-only DONTBUILD
6d462434be3aaf55f45def00ebc5055463324920Marina Samuel — Bug 600429 - Tune score increments to trigger a sync more quickly. r=philikon
cabd5ab4129fac4fb1ea5b7bdb0a700124e10083Marina Samuel — Bug 600429 - Tune score increments to trigger a sync more quickly. r=philikon
3e3b2943a63dec1e96f1febb2ddce44227253b48Richard Newman — Minor typo change in test_clients_engine.js. r=philiKON
bb9de4e7d77aa649a6f0734f7e9bbecc61110070Richard Newman — Bug 656513: part 2: revamp lazy GUID map handling (_lazyMap). r=philiKON
769eb1758cdafb41ec86950daf71003cd987254eRichard Newman — Bug 656513: part 1: provide a way for record handlers to abort incoming sync. r=philiKON
bf059ed9a0ac2a8abd5f49d0ce2b66b020536121Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665845 - Fixes to content/html/content/test/test_bug561634.html. r=ehsan
5b5b0c7bc7bc433a4c877b601c82fce79bbb0a23Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665841 - Move some tests to HTML Forms test directory. rs=smaug
f6d7d57e774737cde4f3598ab8e448d40f0757d3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665012 - r=bz
b25c7c9606b96dcd888accebc04e7f52004855b1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 658037 (2/2) - r=bz
a2d922bd59a62c72b6820bb268c99a6cd5b8d073Mounir Lamouri — Bug 658037 (1/2) - r=bz
c1e186909f3cdccd99cf0e54bf293ed6b3aed200Ed Morley — Bug 665723 - Fix unused variable warnings in layout/generic/; r=roc
7f380bf6b8fcd950e75d1a54438ce0a216976609Ed Morley — Bug 665595 - Fix unused variable warning in ExternalHelperAppParent.cpp; r=dwitte
1ea90ba9d9980b52f1d19f532809b1637d72a9f1Ed Morley — Bug 665546 - Fix unused variable warning in nsMediaStream.cpp; r=roc
02e71c0a1bc0b401d50145bf317cabf72bc3ac4aEd Morley — Bug 665391 - Remove unused variable maiAtkHyperlink from nsMaiHyperlink.cpp getUriCB(); r=surkov
e8a49d7f7d5f6400ad90a9ab70abb5665f7e90fcEd Morley — Bug 665390 - Remove unused variable 'count' from nsXULPrototypeCache::WritePrototype; r=jst
291b7b22ad86feeb40242a286cd41aec678c769dEd Morley — Bug 665389 - Remove unused variable rv from nsPSPrinterList::Init; r=roc
bcf37c9ded9cd90dae6229b12a5fb2705c06af13Ed Morley — Bug 665387 - Remove unused variable document from nsHtml5TreeOperation::Perform; r=hsivonen
febcc9a25a8faef23eb811d014aa968439e06ef6Ms2ger — Bug 664543 - Remove nsIDOMWindow2; r=peterv
854df0c7239e89bf4aabd1d0ff5e2ba722893d97Jim Mathies — merge backout
bf38817fa20a723c07b8e841edd4d913340da8e4Jim Mathies — Backout of bug 580564 due to regression bug 663586.
629353683b7fa297a699e39a8f2e416a44091f91Olli Pettay — Bug 664444 - Unlink nsGlobalChromeWindow, r=peterv
e9dc29b72255208d037c4b7635160396533a700eJonas Sicking — Bug 665596: Get rid of loadlistenerproxy as it's no longer used. r=jst
e92f3523a97cb2adee94aa7611e50615886ea123Dão Gottwald — Bug 591953 - Show the "Open Link" context menu item for URLs with hyphens. r=gavin
bf714fffdfdfd31293017ca79bad20a4097f2fe6Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
f4d261d9ccae6da39bc3db3aa9cafef9058127b7Mike Hommey — Bug 664367 - Pass LDFLAGS when linking elfhack's r=khuey
c669354b4930ea134b03434c9308f2b1d468941eMike Hommey — Bug 664366 - Automatically disable elfhack when the linker creates PT_GNU_RELRO segments. r=khuey
52d981b8e75d8c87e9fa144079b02e4d6332c883Mike Hommey — Bug 664934 - Add user and system usage in GeckoLibLoad log. r=mwu
d959aeca8307517e81edca5cba749dfb12b27214Mike Hommey — Bug 662224 - Define NS_ATTR_MALLOC and NS_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT in xpcom-config.h, and include it from mozalloc.h. r=bsmedberg
7360bb236cc10f568255dd9a4344686bc40b1c4eCameron McCormack — Bug 642175 - Part 3: Make existing plugin crash mochitests clean up after themselves. r=ted
276ff11f697f2128b99a946d6a2d27723f0645d1Cameron McCormack — Bug 642175 - Part 2: Allow mochitests to clean up plugin and IPC process crash dumps. r=ted
9fa1dd22e55f4ac04208ab5882aee9807e027720Cameron McCormack — Bug 642175 - Part 1: Simplify mochitest logging, and other minor cleanups. r=ted
9d70431e1ac56a3372920b0c86dded97d08794bfMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 664924 - Remove MOZ_CSS_ANIMATIONS ifdefs. r=dbaron
81660bbf32c6ec6ce08520f32fcb824ed63f6ecbEd Morley — Bug 665610 - Fix unused debug variable warnings in netwerk/; r=biesi
c70b52439e1c32538c87320210546c22051838f7Taras Glek — bug 661574: Use a hashtable for histogram lookup r=glandium
e12bf65232fd7259f643ee17c98bb8dd2341e612Taras Glek — bug 661574: Use enum ids for histogram names r=glandium
aef1c7a2dd3cabcf4914fedaa6ea60af43a4e743Taras Glek — bug 661574: Implement telemetry directory r=Mossop+glandium+mwu
8c813f7586dfb85b3ac94e79da6ff65270f4027aTaras Glek — bug 661574: Move nsITelemetry into toolkit r=Mossop
557b0b1ebfe64014bc3f0f77aa5560923253c45dWes Johnston — Bug 665523 - Add a comment explaining what this locale string is. r=mfinkle
f3d26e80ba2fb32e35f16a94339a66430542e25fWes Johnston — Bug 663332 - Float logo left on homescreen for rtl. r=mfinkle
05a1cae42a2277771bc4b9da80331338f0b99096Alex Pakhotin — Bug 658691 - remove android:debuggable="true" from AndroidManifest.xml r=blassey
12a9a11b2cbd70c7762eb1e297b0d5edc65a3919Alex Pakhotin — Bug 649381 - implement moz-icon android support. r=blassey
4b326eca59f87fe34673fefb531ff671bce35665Alex Pakhotin — Bug 645729 - Make sure 'body' data is sent along with special links (mailto and sms). r=blassey
303ddaeb736f8bd3a9a31bb911b87a8d91502dfbMehdi Mulani — Bug 652294 - Fix intermittent failure in test_hashcompleter.js by checking for duplicates. r=dcamp
ea1856ff64d133b229185108ea8254247a397da3Ehsan Akhgari — Backout 64b58e1da898 (bug 664925) because of reftest oranges on OS X
634f82bc05fb6a39ee2c82d28249696839ef0d20Michael Wu — Bug 653143 - Avoid duplicates in omnijar; r=tglek
ed017393232149ea9ef15aaab8741390445639c8Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 598794 - Intermittent failure in uriloader\exthandler\tests\unit\test_punycodeURIs.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: Component returned failure code: 0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) [nsIFileInputStream.init]; r=sdwilsh
64b58e1da898dc8f3f91ffe16cb66f10ed5ba669Mounir Lamouri — Bug 664925 - Don't set NSZeroSize to say that a given control size isn't available. r=mstange
e8f3a7dd12b8b7af173bd1a0a58cf4a3663671aeDoug Turner — Bug 662678 - Follow to address renaming issues. r=ventnor
a285146675dc126245856dcdc324b4f0264d0740Chris Leary — Merge mozilla central and tracemonkey.
41d5782eabf2bd500d6d8c61be8f03915959891bGregor Wagner — Bug 656120 - Change MaybeGC trigger. r=igor
8c1ddbd412979e5616fcf3c30bfdd63929adf190Landry Breuil — Bug 665040: "-not" is not a POSIX-compliant argument to `find`. Use "!" (r=khuey)
1f11cd362858310ea1fe1635f042744406480886Paul Biggar — Bug 649939: Prevent crash from too much recursion in (r=jwalden)
aa383564c5b6c97f3205d4d279263794e467da88Luke Wagner — Bug 665189 - hoist JSString and family into vm/String{.h, -inl.h, .cpp} (r=njn)
6408e502189106a1875a78fd7e677b27b30b11a3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 662971 - Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling mfbt/Util.h; r=Waldo
f25adc3d6d6561dc4bee4f9b0edd966fd9858427Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 662969 - Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jsparse.h; r=Waldo
3167cf2cde1c30087a64a85a5bee5615889ca7a2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 662964 - Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jscntxt.h; r=Waldo
c0e8643e8e60d1c98bff30c78e034f991f75c191Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 662962 - Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jsscript.h; r=Waldo
284ebc48b2cb8e35dc04482ede700e717d8d214fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 662961 - Silence the clang warnings issued because of alignment requirements increase when compiling jsstr.cpp; r=Waldo
cecc5adfc44068fb6f11b9baa78cb5fddc100b27Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 664647 - Work around MSVC 2005 PGO bug in GetJSObjectSlotsCallback and friends. r=khuey.
af6968f8231ab28d1f79bebc58bcd7b0853770e2Igor Bukanov — bug 601075 - followup to fix MSVC warings and adjust the testStringBufferMallocAccounting.js test to overwrite all conservative GC roots.
da75107e0632adb8442b710e41f2ad1b9b7c45e5Igor Bukanov — bug 601075 - bump-allocator for GC arenas. r=wmccloskey
9b37d1f464e5f37804a5823cd40b15bb08e5c40aDave Herman — disable constant folding for Reflect.parse (bug 571617, r=jorendorff)
9ced98ee3aa929094c5b1e85a5f5495ee65e1992Tom Schuster — Bug 640593 - Remove Function.arity and other cleanup around function properties r=jorendorff
e59b1d2a2f79a6333d0af803631287ade70644ccLuke Wagner — Fix test added by a5a8d503df69; apparently Proxy.fix is only available in debug builds (r=burning)
0bc64ae90368dcc95e70a481d322f36bbbb733dePaul Biggar — No bug: Remove js.mdp, which is some kind of Visual Studio thing (r=luke)
a5a8d503df6977fe6e110c8f2ebc10c94ab2fe63Luke Wagner — Bug 664951 - Weaken CallJSNativeConstructor again (r=waldo)
3a70ffbb58a155394c148963ed8883ab6480f304Luke Wagner — Bug 663789 - InvokeSessionGuard needs to do a better job resetting the call frame (r=waldo)
31e3b521775b5c4ff477848fe1650d67af84e332Luke Wagner — Bug 660734, part 2 - Add back a ContextAllocPolicy that calls cx->malloc_ and use it in StringBuffer so that the new string's bytes are counted by the GC (r=igor)
47b578958aa4372e97c539164fbc156b43617db8Luke Wagner — Bug 660734, part 1 - s/ContextAllocPolicy/TempAllocPolicy/ since it doesn't call cx->malloc_ (r=igor)
cd2baff5325106e2ae8de2c225fc3452dc9568d7Igor Bukanov — bug 664677 - initializing number and script state when creating the runtime. r=anygregor
68ab9132fad7d7c157f6a48f2d3263c619d15de0Brendan Eich — Object.getOwnPropertyNames considers enumerable getter inherited properties as own (636989, r=jorendorff/gal).
0cc25c98d38e335ea70ff0d6e5eb2b027ff00dc5Dave Herman — Reflect.parse() stack overflow (bug 632024, r=jorendorff)
01f0e75fce222c172148fdda8a442a81056d61d1Craig Topper — Bug 664667: Fix operator precedence issue in JSObject::slotsAndStructSize, r=jorendorff
e3c7aa315ca56a7af834285229875e9bd71db85bNikhil Marathe — Bug 664577 - Make sure non-SpiderMonkey users don't require knowledge about JSObject when using ArrayBuffers. r=mrbkap
ca93cfe414a051a4a785c4084086a6bb808dde84Blake Kaplan — Backed out changeset 8b3dc129aed8. Missing bug number in the commit (bug 664577).
8b3dc129aed843be1da384c659c098db80cb42e5Nikhil Marathe — Make sure non-SpiderMonkey users don't require knowledge about JSObject when using ArrayBuffers. r=mrbkap
16b6d006a3fe44a58ced44f4e9ed7882a80fc517Kyle Huey — Bug 613066: Update structured clone algorithm to the latest spec. r=jorendorff
0c1bdce6b0d2382ef4d9db730b62b0a352c3501aAndrew McCreight — Bug 653248 - Mark any weak references reachable from XPCOM gray, not black. r=gal
d3daeb8ebbd678195d21065ddb49d16c055767dcJeff Walden — Bug 655192 - Update the initSharingEmptyShape comment to be more precise about what it requires of the provided proto, to avoid mentioning js_InitClass. r=jorendorff
09326129c5c3a3b17a3d462597168562ff4e568fJeff Walden — Bug 655192 - Declare variables as late as possible in js_InitXMLClass. r=jorendorff
b81cf9135dea1082e0917f2c48f44623f862d0adJeff Walden — Add a test for loose equality between Date objects and booleans. r=itsatest
4d99c0c736d49bca8eee0e440051fcdb421ea2d1Jeff Walden — Bug 663245 - Reduce exposure of jsbool.h, jsiter.h, and jsstr.h outside the JS engine to ding compile time less when they're touched. r=jimb
159fedddb24cabf3658ab283066d76d1dbdaa5f8Jeff Walden — Bug 470791 - Adjust prmjtime.cpp PRMJ_Now code to be more readable, and not just a direct translation of JSLL_* macros. r=jimb
5da430ecfdd758083ba270676557c8f058becb24Jeff Walden — Bug 470791 - Remove all users of the long-obsolete JSLL_* macros. r=jimb
ce077af8195c82557525c5b4aada944f4add9629Jeff Walden — Bug 662946 - Remove various headers from INSTALLED_HEADERS that shouldn't be there. r=jimb
8e030595916317d42a7982be2ded49a88f489d0fJeff Walden — Bug 663547 - Make ecma_5/Object/* not dog-slow any more by disabling a particularly expensive assertion when they run. r=luke
81c343a150a4bc7be1bfa665b41f877a4074bfbdDave Herman — disallow yield and arguments in generator expressions (bug 634472, r=cdleary)
b65724d6c32633b356471a31f7ff01ff74a14312Luke Wagner — Bug 648438 - Don't assert about js_ReconstructStackDepth for imacros since apparently this only works for imacros in the top stack frame (r=jwalden)
b35005673847d8f3deb28418c2b9c4a80bc12cedNicholas Nethercote — Bug 571249 - Add memory reporters for JSScripts, non-fixed object slot arrays, and string chars. r=igor.
21e26c404883cebe55abb553cd2ec49298a2b19fDavid Anderson — Make alloc policy realloc() easier to implement (bug 664353, r=luke).
7e00a56f740536532159626fce108fcc78e1574cBrendan Eich — Inherited non-configurable accessor properties mis-reported as own properties (637994, r=jwalden).
8008ec479d6a82699b84a8ce0569a717e9b44d64Brendan Eich — No else after return.
4e6f886b7f2b7529af6a86cb149684d25db4f6d6Jim Blandy — Bug 660039: Provide a WeakMap usable from C++. r=jorendorff
666e14265c6be0de312b99566b79b85dccb0fb29Jim Blandy — Bug 661567: Use RuntimeAllocPolicy in JS WeakMap objects, not ContextAllocPolicy. r=jorendorff
89c54bd5bcb25d48c81be81b930848d1f0f4a32fJim Blandy — Bug 661567: Implement RuntimeAllocPolicy, providing proper memory accounting in GC'd objects that live longer than a JSContext. r=luke
fda88360e14f309793c48d5687e3ecc73b4beeb5Jim Blandy — Bug 661567: Use ObjectValueMap typedef name where appropriate. r=gal
a55e103ba5c6e554e6aacade4e08b4de724ccdd0Luke Wagner — Bug 664159 - Fix eval-in-frame crash (r=waldo)
ea88ddf93c8f666909b5471b0f8e7b6768b5b639Nikhil Marathe — Bug 656519 - Fix consumers outside SpiderMonkey to use new ArrayBuffer APIs. r=mrbkap
b97cb533dfae814914243e74194234e9267f44faNikhil Marathe — Bug 656519 - Add an interpreter fast-path for getting length from a typed array. r=mrbkap
de3ce1fb251c9b7f3eef50c16429e92677e6ce55Nikhil Marathe — Bug 656519 - Do a small size optimization for arraybuffer objects, possibly avoiding a second malloc entirely for small array buffers. r=mrbkap
b89374bc34eeb87242ca9aef0932c2ea9961cec9Nikhil Marathe — Bug 656519 - Avoid a malloc (and a finalizer) by storing the malloc'd array in our slots instead of in a separate malloc'd structure in our private field. r=mrbkap
829253b62143c7ad77e88a31045db70ea3f675b3Chris Leary — Avoid copy construction for paren info vector. (rs=dmandelin)
3acacde59381166c683ac033dc975e5f2df85d33Michael Wu — Bug 648022: Backout bug 518230 due to startup crashes, r=igor
ec6d95dc5e1c6f34a2d15ea66c9d175aa8bf6f58Jeff Walden — Bug 658069 - Rename GlobalObject::isEvalAllowed to indicate its actual meaning better. r=mrbkap
84b333a052adf18d9f66c908d9fa663d7b485943Jeff Walden — Bug 660438 - Update tracer for changed [[DefaultValue]] semantics to fall back for not-callable, not for not-primitive. r=luke
d2250fc608ccfcee482aa6e4c844bb4e9db9a0e6Jeff Walden — Bug 646129 - [[DefaultValue]] on Date objects is wrong when called with no hint. r=luke
ccd771857394fac0a986e7a5bd6feaa07e0973d1Jeff Walden — Bug 645464 - js::ClassMethodIsNative doesn't return false when the object has a property of the given name which isn't the specified native method. r=luke
328dd4a8ebdc073d7fa906fbcaec45d42f29e3a8Jeff Walden — Remove the unused js_CoerceArrayToCanvasImageData. rs=luke
5b2ffb7a2989e9d7fc9efa37bf127929db927312Jeff Walden — Bug 663331 - Make U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR and U+2029 PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR match the LineTerminator production when parsing code. r=njn
5ba462e407f1e2fb09b42a4f1c9fb0001b98231dJeff Walden — Bug 663300 - Treat \u not followed by four hexadecimal digits, or \x not followed by two hexadecimal digits, as syntax errors in string literals. r=njn
9374da0a2b1a1fcfd996d21811e1e3b14d320782Jeff Walden — Bug 662231 - Stop installing the jsnum.h header (again). r=jimb
d578ca1a42e71a85ffa5faa4901dfed414270f86Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f7a2b52a76fda99b026ff63b1a4905130763ab6bTim Taubert — Bug 665502 - tabItems are resized when closing the active tab in a group; r=dietrich
dd5e2794cd1692ee172f482676931ab4d6284856Raymond Lee — Bug 633190 - Inconsistent animation behavior for creating new tab in Panorama r=ian
e984a191cfba1f8dbdccc6e1c2edd0af8f0b72b1Doug Turner — Backing out 98334d656ac4 - linux build bustage. r=me
98334d656ac4c6f4001e08f715514b3711c27fc7Doug Turner — Bug 662678 - Follow to address renaming issues. r=ventnor
ac9811b33ab8189772af0968d2dc9f120ac1426aPhil Ringnalda — Backout 26f6aa46f70f (Bug 542580) because it's not that test, it's whatever four widget-testing bugs happen to time out
ca6646fc8ba45c8f4bd2b1e35fcf0a8a2d617030Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 660199 - Avoid using invalid C++ casts when registering/unregistering editor event listeners; r=roc
c8faf1876b539e70a27e51999526aeff5983f071Rafael Avila de Espindola — Bug 641232 - Make HAS_XCODE_2_1 detection compatible with Xcode 4 - Remove unused configure bits. r=khuey
50b63701fc016c7a7ff5072d2ab1ff02bdfa410dEd Morley — Bug 665359 - Remove unused variable res from nsHTMLEditor::AddPositioningOffset; r=ehsan
5b6c6828708e626de0a44d19245a665788d642e3Jesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 603146
8909195f37cfba147741c5012cb670c533e0012dJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 609560
9388e296611819966dbbb9b5c023e4580d704160Jesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 468563
3003c2c38a2604e165289bbaa537d162fe2a850bJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 588627
d1865e3d5a51103560a9e9c4a58428c41c62e978Jesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 541620
90c1ab45b6c58d8121297812efe0c8e6e623512fJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 605672
bed7a9570b40e0cc052b99515854095c32240540Jesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 614499
83185e96e3c31e1977bc653f1b80f54dd83058ddJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 576649
f45e294eca4ba3cf1d83085d72a32b31ca0f0a48Jesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 601284
336c69f56e008ade0d11fcb782ae3b6e8706a5faJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 616930
030d49939ef29eab4bfcbc13eca4d55677c4e07aDave Townsend — Bug 664833: Having a pending install for an existing add-on when a schema migration occurs will break the extension manager. r=robstrong
ed007e3d64d00e9dc2e79ca1493b702876ef64e5Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 441197 which was going to try ...
c80f17c1d5f7685f3a97ecf72e46b91daafd6737Kyle Huey — try: -b do -n -p win32 -u all -t all
54969753fbcd76f78432cee7a1d534f15dcf39caKyle Huey — * * *
009eb2cbd763259387170bda9dfd3bda791b8bd9Kyle Huey — imported patch 441197-1
862924dfef29dacca1b125b14c5eb4db5ddacce9Kyle Huey — imported patch ipcnsid
c4b84b05c46c65d284b6feec4ca2cebc8949249eSteven Michaud — Bug 663688 - Temporarily default to turning off downloadable fonts on OS X Lion. r=jdaggett,jfkthame
c2849ab749bfe98bf6e64ef19dbd800cc542c05aMark Finkle — Bug 665544 - Using Quit menu does not save session state as expected [r=mbrubeck]
a9c243918ad5ddd7e06e66215a81561319d6dbd4continuation — Bug 664506 - Do all of the shutdown GCs in the cycle collector. r=bent
2c1c975dd6db342a1c6d8ccde622412e91b4ca34Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665027 - Remove confusing code that is no longer used. f=ehsan r=bz
aeed034b74d048f7d4d9a81cfd66686afafb4ccbBlair McBride — Bug 658431 - Move generic page styling into separate stylesheet for reuse in other in-content UIs. r=dao,dtownsend
d48792c8de6702298d2738805d7bf9967995a94bDoug Turner — Bug 615597 - Implement devicemotion and fix up deviceorientation events. r=smaug/azakai
a8e2f5953d1ca40cb6388b2a3a0e0c509223f3eaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 660770 caps should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc+jst
1653c994c505515aad0f66ba73b994e7888e9128Masayuki Nakano — Bug 664969 xpfe should use mozilla::Preferences r=neil
24a32ce76a5deea831dee7a3f042e4156dc6197cMakoto Kato — Bug 635923 - Cannot build xulrunner on Windows 64-bit. r=bsmedberg
26f6aa46f70fb2776db85fbccc4cd9a106181db9Phil Ringnalda — Bug 542580 - Disable test_bug_511615.html on Linux
8dd25f69839b1d0c7a1adc8c405d2f777586a89aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 608206, bug 612277, bug 612683, bug 660585 - Disable test_prompt.html on Linux
d6ecab455b57148872b25b7fcd4748e68245777cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 655020 - Disable test_closeOnGC.html on Windows
946a55feeb027b0b0e258c5606f5923e0f8b4a7dBenoit Girard — Bug 572571 - Abort Core Animation rendering for windows that are too large. r=josh
1bc7e99950842908f127e7dc603b84492fc6107bEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
99fc38a20ef336f7e3da3ac0348c5f072aa2e550Phil Ringnalda — Bug 663211 - proxy in tests so safebrowsing tests don't try to hit the network, r=ted, f=mmmulani
058a584ea7d36ac40d6f93ed5a0cbb1f18f9b3eeJoel Maher — Bug 664158 - move content/base/test/chrome/test_bug574596.html to mochitest-chrome. r=mats, a=test-only
d8b8e75bc4ab7a5bb88a226e530d16df5fb03dc7Joel Maher — Bug 664165 - move editor/libeditor/html/tests/test_contenteditable_text_input_handling.html to mochitest-chrome. r=masayuki, a=test-only
027aeee65fdb72416266d896c86e8273791a2e79Joel Maher — Bug 663853 - move layout/xul/test/*.xul to mochitest-chrome. r=mats, a=test-only
195e125749f8cae61dcbb9bdd49b3bf0916905f4Joel Maher — Bug 663848 - move dom/tests/mochitest/general/*.xul to mochitest-chrome. r=enndeakin, a=test-only
6d2cd42969f9bebe2f62bf8e2ecc6420a4a5f504Jan Varga — Bug 617528 Part 1 - Dispatch shift right click (contextmenu event) only to chrome. r=smaug
c2a696f69c273a0f0f1e54239136d9b30036210fGeoff Lankow — Bug 662012 - Add more settings types to addon manager inline settings (file and directory types), r=Mossop
3e14a58e0deee3e138fa96ce93b50b68f70d653fGeoff Lankow — Bug 662012 - Add more settings types to addon manager inline settings (colour type), r=Mossop
b1d2e03ba8097c8cce9ed16ce298f8c398de2306Geoff Lankow — Bug 662004 - Extensions preferences in a tab, r=Mossop
4c809dfcb658980c9c11419d68ba7bbea38fd553Geoff Lankow — Bug 663771 - HistoryMenu.toggleTabsFromOtherComputers doesn't account for other uses of the HistoryMenu class; r=mak77
2cc9093cdd2399744acab52c47350c5bd62e6690Wade Smith — Bug 517070 - Replace manual refcounting of nsTimeouts in nsGlobalWindow.cpp with equialent nsRefPtr usage, r=jst
78ed4ddb5fbd0715fe35bafa3de9417b5b93a18bjhorak — Bug 467168 - migrate libgnome and libgnomeui to GTK/GIO functions, r=karlt
3a59f48381adfa7e03ad709061e240dd128d0caeJoey Armstrong — Bug 662796 - Remove and, r=bsmedberg
7edfe4f1b77eedb532ad938d8a802a060622e235Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound with mozilla-central.
ace707ccb0cc56c643a2b10adc4d2bc65920da5fPaul O’Shannessy — Backed out changeset 8cc188180ab5 (Bug 625016)
8cc188180ab5cde30ed6d69bd5af953dee40a855Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 625016 - Users have app tab and panorama data loss depending on window close order [r=dietrich]
f4b55635abb1a9b3a28d00d96ba32e107545681fPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 661755 - [session restore cleanup] Fix line endings in tests [r=dietrich]
557edc6f6310bffabba663475afda95e30e6f4f2Jezreel Ng — Bug 588506 - nsSessionStartup is keeping restored session in memory [r=zpao]
7dace73869013543be3ab1b96958039121978c47Matt Brubeck — Bug 659670 - Add a "Quit" button to the Android menu [r=mfinkle]
b3b509e9fbde365fa6c32f120db7c64b917ba268Tim Taubert — Bug 664669 - tab._tabViewTabIsRemovedAfterRestore should be attached to the tabItem rather than the xulTab; r=dao
de3b70528526cc163059a7398cc96aaf399c7b0bKyle Huey — Bug 664913: Add about:memory reporter for xptiWorkingSet. r=njn
0839c57106a8351290736b54f22b416942e96d28Chris Lord — Bug 664996 - After quitting the application by tapping the Home button, re-entering it will show a white. Regression from bug 661843. r=dougt
83bc8f147fa0b96b4b6dadeceb9a49c3f62cca3dMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central with mozilla-inbound.
1fc165fdfa0717c47aa81343d57b430330384e6aJacek Caban — Bug 663784 - Don't use using statement before includes r=masayuki
646f3f6f3cd5c6077c108550e9a66fb42f83f384Tim Taubert — Bug 663421 - Don't close empty groups automatically; f=raymond, r=dietrich
88f04e97f00cb91d72e8514fb1486ae80f06a9edTim Taubert — Bug 662266 - Tabs are not re-arranged when closing a tab in an expanded group; f=raymond, r=dietrich
1a1f55c9ad672818600b71e2f90d0daa8284c516Tim Taubert — Bug 663795 - clean up browser_tabview_bug587990.js; f=raymond, r=dietrich
e319657f9c922d88fca677b1f9d715f82a27af9bMarco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
fec8ac14d8e6abc3692c57f40360c9172c33fda3Marco Bonardo — Bug 657038 - Add graphics and tracking tags to about:home default snippets.
afb9bb33d93c16956388c41a0eaa287aaa562faeMarco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
6604c07b0de40c2237a0e71c578854b1a771fd1dMarco Bonardo — Bug 664986 - Fix random timeouts in livemarks tests.
5378269494afbfba776fd50d739ed6ce0e8a48f7Dão Gottwald — Bug 663630 - Remove unused places UI perf tests.
3c59da5d57acfdd6e457108bef6119c281aa3d84Dão Gottwald — Bug 663763 - Provide helper function for opening the library in tests.
6a5db334b0a46b2ec1d6251f452c06f5d27d86b9Marco Bonardo — Bug 663344 - follow-up to fix downloads/test/unit/test_history_expiration.js
6ebe920f28a51db6d5ec7199cc304d16396e675fMarco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 244076fc9a47 due to wrong commit message. DONTBUILD
244076fc9a47a1bae3b28a5f931512deab76b095Marco Bonardo — Add graphics and tracking tags to about:home default snippets.
ea9b8e556091fde2146e95f3c23f556d6b12a2c6Marco Bonardo — Bug 663344 - Maintenance may cause history loss.
0d17f81209ebbbe3384f1a0fe47fdca9f6df0490Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
d7a1485f467d065d257e0eadbeb9b781b6e9be46Marco Bonardo — Bug 303567 - In live bookmarks, entries not having a <link> element should use the <link> child of root.
2aeae6b1bc5697dc685bcd83206b2fb704611427Marco Bonardo — Bug 661445 - Refactor Livemarks service for future schema changes.
2075b349013efa2c7a2f145c636eb29819d16e87Marco Bonardo — Bug 663269 - Handle null livemarks siteURIs.
95203f83bc25350184656253f50a4d33fa531ea4Marco Bonardo — Bug 556721 - Avoid deprecated octal warnings in head_common.js DONTBUILD
40496d9e675f47abc6ec7f3fa43c6c015d7618d1Marco Bonardo — Bug 663104 - Livemarks status menuitems are incorrectly updated. DONTBUILD
b9d792e495b9ecc56c4de821f2086a7bddb8fdbdMarco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 2493c263304f due to wrong commit message.
2493c263304ff021850b438da34467efc60c2e2cMarco Bonardo — Livemarks status menuitems are incorrectly updated.
52912e2fcd84606759bc912888ea7dc60092c9a5Marco Bonardo — Bug 556721 - Close custom Places tests connection when it's used.
3dc72d090e702eaaf46476c3cba5fbe803c2ddb9Dão Gottwald — Bug 664672 - When a tab has been removed, cut off its link to the browser. r=gavin
567352af1fd65e1ff1cf430f4c4c31dd59c60b9cffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave38
bd8214b3bcaf1c8d60babf607b517d5d19f2ccd5Olli Pettay — Bug 664455 - Traverse/Unlink contentsink some more, r=hsivonen
0b41f72796909e107c82e157580ccc7d76300605Olli Pettay — Bug 664438 - Don't keep DelayedBlurFocusEvents alive after xpcom-shutdown, e=enndeakin
cbd6b39597c6fe8288895426352a9df310790f92Olli Pettay — Bug 664430 - Make sure PopupManager doesn't keep objects alive after xpcom-shutdown, r=enndeakin
4a20515c93d5967f97bbd9d9651c12ff381b89eaEd Morley — Bug 664311 - Remove WinCE code from gfx/; r=jmuizelaar
54cfcc5aeb7bb3056ca57cd60868bce805084687Ed Morley — Bug 664979 - Merge nsISHistory_2_0_BRANCH into nsISHistory; r=bz
779f9476693cc6e3d50c0da31ec5087b328d165bMs2ger — Bug 29256 - Remove nsWindowWatcher::CheckWindowName; r=bz
1dc50fe963004880103ba9f416c98b279823a29fMs2ger — Bug 664544 - Remove the remnants of HTMLHeadElement.profile; r=sicking
0830b8ed9f02c5cad7424a090496c3957d1142e8Jonas Sicking — Bug 663768 Part 2: Remove syncload XPCOM service. r=jst
44c904e24e4d0a046c30fa90f73ef304f32ce8d4Jonas Sicking — Bug 663768 Part 1: Make syncloadservice not use load-event-handlers to determine when load is done. r=jst
5b56da7babb9eeff94e07e298b93f6741903be57Benoit Jacob — Bug 659842 comment 86 - accidentally removed a glXDestroyContext call + fix a warning in opt build - r=trivial-fix
c0b984e8ade0c18995f65d63f7cb6a339dadd02dJared Wein — Bug 598169 - The new "About" dialog should allow version-string to be selectable. r=dolske
1d962ae5a4b68835554e39465de31c53c95530a6Jared Wein — Bug 580839 - 'finally' blocks now check for a valid statement to avoid potentially masking the original exception. r=dolske
e2d9e1039dca2b22447d260f17f39ff453c098ffMichael Wu — Bug 654489 - Remove fastload, r=bsmedberg
60182c83c9251a3af42cab9835bca41baf4b2fb7Benoit Jacob — Bug 659842 - [topcrash] release the GL context before calling glXDestroyContext - r=karlt
9ac190a247ad0148909c05389079db1c1e379ff4Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central with mozilla-inbound.
55cefb2cd18d75d4d1c0c20a6fdcef5e74a348e4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 664906 Remove unnecessary #include for prefs in view r=roc
cdf17433d1f0c89f4e04598ede421a4d3ee257a5Jonathan Kew — bug 647560 followup - put the color components in the right order. a=test-bustage
0be95155a3ef27d4b9b051fc55b2661d96440054Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 663970 - Disable nice on systems that have multiple CPUs Part 1 of 2. r=dougt
41dbfde0949616d1eef904f5eb652276ff107f0cOleg Romashin — Bug 664874 - raise child process priority for Maemo6. r=dougt
4e56bb75b239741e45c835677682946b4182d71eRobert O'Callahan — Adding test file to fix bustage for bug 662450
a33c32eca2f9527852b98f19fbd347646d960ed0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 662450. Test, r=jrmuizel
a565838cfc3aee52d1336e9e0877ed443d2e2a80Robert O'Callahan — Bug 656844. Test. r=joe
1631f3557eaea3629ad9610c7717425828c299ddRobert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Implement non-fallbacky behavior for _cairo_win32_surface_fill_rectangles on an ARGB surface, using StretchDIBits. r=jrmuizel
b58ba54bdcbd5f6208289acec883ffcf36539f85Robert O'Callahan — Bug 660682. Let anonymous blocks in IB splits inherit opacity from their first inline, so that 'opacity' applies to the contents of a split inline. r=bz
cc18551d5cc3971f645c40220f54cf80360213d9Mike Hommey — Bug 632404 - Preload dependent libraries at startup. r=tglek,r=bsmedberg
c4bbac1f178b2614599e35f9c68ae9e1f32c63caMike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 2 - Load the XUL library with the standalone glue and get rid of the startup shell script. r=tglek,r=ted
555171a0ca680b755c69b7cb1ed02ce308b6b33bMike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 1.5 - Move XRE_GetBinaryPath code in a dedicated class. r=tglek
8ae2a073b044817811fb8766929ef16074577445Mike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 1 - Move DLL blocklist in XRE, and inline NS_SetDllDirectory and environment sanitization, which now needs to be called manually. r=ehsan,r=bsmedberg
f4ddad2c0eb7d079abeba227758176ba4992f59eMike Hommey — Bug 658995 part 2 - Use static destructors instead of atexit(). r=bsmedberg
eef5d644e17e778357ab31306136dc88fc52413cMike Hommey — Bug 658995 part 1 - Properly divert memory allocation functions for trace malloc with standalone glue on Linux. r=dbaron
f81579f78f92cc0be591fad1087d37ca5d388efeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 664437 editor should use mozilla::Preferences r=ehsan
bdab292ad9cb0fc88e95464ca093a30873d71170Kai Liu — bug 664055 - include Microsoft Sans Serif and Consolas in default list of fonts that are rendered in GDI Classic mode. r=jfkthame
53418bef40e95424118aa854fcfb410a466ef32ePatrick McManus — bug 661036 - websockets allowed prohibited space character in protocol header, with test update r=biesi r=bsmith
8d78db26d22b081525e4df80059353e57688eef4Benjamin Smedberg — Back out bug 653083 because of crashtest crashes (bug698862.html) in PluginInstanceParent::GetNPP for a crashed plugin
3a52dacb1e43c52f6aa72419b0505af6913430f6Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 653083 - Deal with NPRuntime identifier which may be non-interned being passed across the process boundary, and the current cache which isn't aware of that problem. r=bent,cdleary
1a5a7f22ef6af1166ad0549d7e4317dae3f26e13Benjamin Smedberg — Test for bug 653083 - "temporary" string NPIdentifiers (those not requested explicitly with NPN_GetStringIdentifier) are being cached incorrectly across GCs
f7b87ab0454a64a5256994186f4ffd94db1d3eb6Ben Hearsum — bug 664723: update for bug 643816. r=khuey
3add2ef9f83657281471120c8206544bd18a68bdJonathan Watt — Bug 664708 - GetCharNumAtPosition should only accept native points. r=longsonr.
5b37ceb6897ba1a80bfb04e37a8e1b11f5395f44Jonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - Document what GetFrameBoundsForTransform is about. r=roc.
dbf773d916ddef1619443feb249d5e9f68698d14Jonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - Document what GetOpaqueRegion is useful for. r=roc.
b16289a3fcbd29427b1eb7e97585f22d19f9d48dJonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - const-ify some SVG element class methods. r=dholbert.
b522bb1d275dd1e4eb129bb04b6bf754f31cae08Oleg Romashin — Bug 660565 - HTML5 HW accelerated video is slow r=roc
4bf805f7f07a9ce37f0b46178f4f4c8f70370d8bDão Gottwald — Bug 664673 - properly declare arrayIndex. r=neil
1f46f1985b7e9af25a0e1c13133e66c0010dfe7fMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central with mozilla-inbound.
f6053916a48137d63976571a2c1e527cdd05054cTim Taubert — Back out d7845c414467 which in turn backed out bcccd02b5294 (bug 661091) due to Linux Moth failure
d7845c414467caab1e7cef6835fd32e20ad9b1b2Tim Taubert — backing out bug 661091 (changeset bcccd02b5294) due to broken animations
dea94e351c69f24fa2bd3d21724e75e3c4d35864Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 7 - tests for the font-face inspection API. r=roc
7f9f323a7313fc2a509d75380111cf0103a6bab3Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 6 - provide the real font name rather than our internal identifier. r=roc
d78e452a44d33425140537d27a3b0c0017bec9f8Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 5 - expose WOFF metadata (if present) for downloaded fonts. r=roc
db0de7fffb384f3b07534fc85f408f033b35e861Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 4.1 - fix Mac font backend to mark local user fonts properly. r=roc
cd6ab4bf765ec3da0cc5b360c43cd5a8d16069bfJonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 4 - expose additional attributes for downloaded fonts. r=roc
60365868c2c1eeff5752afefaa3223d427fea2b0Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 3 - track which stage of font matching led to selection of a particular face. r=roc
14eb4f38aff843badd02ed09929a99d630c34245Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 2 - find the @font-face rule (if any) responsible for the font entry. r=roc
08a6a9f91d6e508c88be9ad2455b62e39cefb91eJonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 1 - get list of fonts actually used to render a document range. r=roc sr=bzbarsky
2d24929f1d6596b88c242fbe4caa1c36f293bf64Jonathan Kew — bug 660088 - [OTS] parse and serialize the 'name' table instead of discarding it and using fake names. r=jdaggett
306bdc7101c3c645083b51366831ce1498ee95bfDão Gottwald — Bug 654411 - Use text color at 50% opacity instead of graytext to de-emphasize text in the location bar. r=roc ui-r=faaborg
c68a54bad24ecec4236781915f44663dbfa9dcd8Dão Gottwald — Bug 664116 - AllTabs.jsm needs to remove event listeners from browser windows. r=dietrich
d87b04f9f9dd948d337304ee29f310ae5f810967Chris Jones — Bug 661973: Implement mozilla::RefCounted, RefPtr, TemporaryRef, OutParamRef, and byRef. r=Bas,luke sr=roc
995f2c3e7a7860ff3024a3c8e51490639a959f97Jonas Sicking — Back out bug 661980 due to orange. CLOSED TREE
8cbd3bbce29ef35a15fe9ef2d91651cec4dd6124Neil Rashbrook — Bug 664125 Offline error pages should appear for non-cacheable channels too r=bz
48774bdf7e418c36dd65a7ed9549b28a1ccd1346Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660527 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatCString r=biesi
97bf954c697028fafd1dda824ffa48ecf57d4063Olli Pettay — Bug 608021, [@ nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage], r=jst
fb60f6e2f89ebe729b7e50e9c29b29551f372617Olli Pettay — Bug 664434 - Make sure to Destroy the old document when setting a new print document, r=roc
079c171b6323b3524294dc6c758ef00e84250d94Doug Turner — Backout of 35a679df430b due to bustage
1ba686855348cab9ec1ad345daec6190e49961ffJonas Sicking — Bug 661980: Add ability to make interfaces scriptable but not scriptimplementable. r=bsmedberg
bbc683dcf952b8779dfc203d2518afa4f2496aa2Chris Lord — Bug 663445 - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in String.substring() via GeckoInputConnection.getExtractedText. r=mwu
35a679df430bf16a68b4db18926b97ae9ab6304cGian-Carlo Pascutto Bug 663970 - Disable nice on systems that have multiple CPUs Part 1 of 2. r=dougt
01213e2cc7d00b74f310b244d4fac72374b9156dBen Hearsum — bug 664778: add distributions/ to r=rs
9a4d38add60a723f81e53c5d330fac11a0ab32b5Doug Turner — Bug 664774 - Loading and Install text has mixed capitalization. r=mfinkle
8c5e954a80b8e5c6e4794907320650f5ed3df60cChris Lord — Bug 661843 - GeckoSurfaceView may double memory requirement for painting. r=dougt
37eb61062444afb2913daeb1b0fb27500cb10d82Ben Hearsum — bug 664723: update for bug 643816. r=khuey
f6baa2c0d4f4d79d626aaebc272604d79edb1db3Jonathan Watt — Bug 664708 - GetCharNumAtPosition should only accept native points. r=longsonr.
dd1843b385b0976bd318dff6cc7c59ef15970f32Jonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - Document what GetFrameBoundsForTransform is about. r=roc.
abde1fd28975506a58068725e5cbb660620760f8Jonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - Document what GetOpaqueRegion is useful for. r=roc.
e3efcfa1b14b36a5b7f1baefde3fbffb471c6b37Jonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - const-ify some SVG element class methods. r=dholbert.
5a46d17c72caf5ec4afd3f59093be803008c61ecOleg Romashin — Bug 660565 - HTML5 HW accelerated video is slow r=roc
1289e8c8e4ac0bfe5d3131f8ef7c271916782f8bDão Gottwald — Bug 664673 - properly declare arrayIndex. r=neil
a09dfe6c7c19e3cc3abd73b629f6e02f32d9f07aMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound with mozilla-central.
59d282cf2d86ef320474ce3dd23600768fd9cd45Michael Wu — Bug 592943 - (5/5) switch nsXULPrototypeCache to use startupCache instead of fastload, Patch by Benedict Hsieh, r=jst,glandium
8468c5916b757c7f2938feb68d87a9785eec8c2eMichael Wu — Bug 592943 - (4/5) Improve PathifyURI to handle chrome URIs, r=glandium
743bc4458fc11da351ec5acdd43e4e6d8a4375daMichael Wu — Bug 592943 - (3/5) Move PathifyURI to StartupCacheUtils, r=taras
6e3813929a579e8c877c079fc1655639c53c8cc5Mike Hommey — Bug 661800 - Avoid elfhack considering non SHF_TLS sections as part of PT_TLS segment. r=tglek
0640c9ecfba238589a53a004709e9e530b8cfcceMike Hommey — Bug 661800 part 0 - Add a dependency of host_elf*.o upon elfxx.h, to circumvent bug 664362. r=ted
19e4a93ebff54fb4a012930b2e5524f5653de89dMark Finkle — Bug 664114 - Context Menu doesn't resize properly when switching the window orientation [r=wjohnston]
f5d0530311c0ee758346aa4bee79417d140ff1c0Felipe Gomes — Bug 575248. Double-click on tab bar should behave according to theme and tab positioning. r=dao,jmathies
33865797a02f5aa0241c7c4195fd15db96988f70Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 656131. Typo in nsWebShellWindow::ConstrainToOpenerScreen. r=felipe
8e592091400baee9b3a0a7c2855509ea8ef000e6Cameron McCormack — Bug 663669 - Remove some useless code from mochitest harness file quit.js. r=ted
d9670673cfa24df4d9244de16fc4d83d18d6e499Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout
ed3cf3967b6905efa43a5d517004487ae7e13410Ehsan Akhgari — Backout bug 467669 and bug 660088
02c279bb275e8b3c588f4f05e498c76394ee0a2aEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 261bc4864cd4 because the bustage fix was not good enough
261bc4864cd43df8d8f5e6bce121f66b19820666L. David Baron — Fix Windows bustage (calling convention mismatch) from changeset 592b0c82089d (bug 467669 part 1).
405374f8075e98b4c4f206b60e5d81304ae48fc9L. David Baron — Make assertion about timestamps in nsAnimationManager::GetAnimationRule non-fatal (bug 652976). r=bzbarsky
a4659906bcfb1ac8d21c2755233fe57c58b74130Jonathan Kew — bug 660088 - [OTS] parse and serialize the 'name' table instead of discarding it and using fake names. r=jdaggett
0a90750a887d484216ae5e620c2472ffb504b678Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 7 - tests for the font-face inspection API. r=roc
a83c312c64ab3d27534776b87324f04e6316059dJonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 6 - provide the real font name rather than our internal identifier. r=roc
e843b8a89772304318c883ec9df71277f159c45cJonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 5 - expose WOFF metadata (if present) for downloaded fonts. r=roc
66fd359aa53c080b72ccedd667cc463036a6349fJonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 4.1 - fix Mac font backend to mark local user fonts properly. r=roc
52b41635185ed290547087c2eec872f8e2a61676Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 4 - expose additional attributes for downloaded fonts. r=roc
05c732013acb529e62dd555248aeaf4094b032c8Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 3 - track which stage of font matching led to selection of a particular face. r=roc
8c602c722bca3d5e5a5f27c4ca0069e8ea3d60c1Jonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 2 - find the @font-face rule (if any) responsible for the font entry. r=roc
592b0c82089d22d5d9b889cafdb7d82b7bf4a3abJonathan Kew — bug 467669 - pt 1 - get list of fonts actually used to render a document range. r=roc sr=bzbarsky
4f59f296bc30b9feda3fec43115127899b2e05b5Matt Brubeck — Bug 664492 - Back out 623b1da3c382 (bug 633190) for possibly causing intermittent browser_tabview_privatebrowsing failure
d527ceffd80678cdfb240463961cb6f819fedf07Patrick McManus — bug 658580 move nsSocketTransportService dopolliteration logic into run method r=honzab
3933c5e402da146d7f1d78f516d1c336c0aec463Patrick McManus — bug 658580 revert isalive() from 654201 to fix an alternate way r=honzab
ba3cd12b7334abab44f6333f1450fc8e74904e3aDão Gottwald — Bug 664549 - Delete references to the tab when unlinking a TabItem. r=gavin
02a14a8abac321915ae6e142bdb33111028117d7Dão Gottwald — Bug 664091 - Move aboutcrashes_utils.js to head.js. r=ted
cab0115bbc48da3322890161779addd6cb28ab6eOlli Pettay — Bug 664463 - Don't load anything to frameloader if it isn't in the docshell tree anymore, r=bz
274e2d2a93a8f53596951833e17a1ec5bba95992Dave Townsend — Bug 481603: Flush caches for restartless add-on changes. r=robstrong
210112f045f7c4d6efb5021564c11d9ffe58b8e6Dave Townsend — Bug 481603: Add a way to unload JS modules loaded with Components.utils.import. r=mrbkap
1cacdfb4720a32144eb8bcb082b3089d3eb07de7Dave Townsend — Bug 663372: Stop loading the discovery page from the network in some tests. r=Unfocused
ce10e78d030d11650324e9c84f63bea2bde5a745Luke Wagner — Bug 664252 - Turn lemons (LLVM-only build bustage) into lemonade (rewrite JSOP_CALL/EVAL/NEW to have less goto madness) (r=waldo)
8104541f5e9809cedd82e9e22403b66613cd480cMatt Brubeck — Merge backouts from m-i to m-c to fix regressions on a CLOSED TREE
2b4cfb1d173f196ada84a5be652f8e44266c729dMatt Brubeck — Back out caa97320d506 (bug 658580) temporarily to get m-i in a known good state. a=backout
f0d2b369c56d783a939935da30f76ee88504903bMatt Brubeck — Back out 58c903b0db40 (bug 658580) temporarily to get m-i in a known good state.
c8ad9324cc40ce207fedad612b9171caf47d9aa6Matt Brubeck — Merge backout of bug 632404, bug 552864, bug 658995
d612f355a02828e8887bc6eef00e0cedb37eddb0Matt Brubeck — Back out 6b23b52e68d6 - e92f98e8a335 (bug 632404, 552864, 658995) because of Tp4 regression.
b4f654c5f9992a263053107bc928a9cc9981716fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Back out 2257d42c4eb5 which in turn backed out bcccd02b5294 (bug 661091) due to Linux Moth failure
7c0f44b8527206ff2022c12473d7cda95517fe64Philipp von Weitershausen — Back out bug 662867 (changeset 3453df4d6852)
e2189795974664e40bcb06e75956fd130c716fa6Joe Drew — Back out bug 573583 (changeset 3168a26e1efa) for causing a Tp4 regression.
caa97320d50614a3529baf2ee3911a5a152749aaPatrick McManus — bug 658580 move nsSocketTransportService dopolliteration logic into run method r=honzab
58c903b0db4028a81c5b0a02ac6b09451e40ea74Patrick McManus — bug 658580 revert isalive() from 654201 to fix an alternate way r=honzab
2257d42c4eb52c2285e191eb10af8ff7e7bd8da7Tim Taubert — backing out bcccd02b5294 (bug 661091) due to broken animations
c5c43b53877166674636773c8e25188b1893c808Matt Brubeck — Merge last green mozilla-inbound changeset to mozilla-central
e363e219a4b8639c0ecc2f747cac26279610257dJacek Caban — Bug 663784 - gfxWindowsPlatform.cpp doesn't compile without D2D r=masayuki
623b1da3c382c641a9aff0d44c83be2c35df926eRaymond Lee — Bug 633190 - Inconsistent animation behavior for creating new tab in Panorama r=ian
6a86718103483b082ba51a61417ab4dee390b01eRaymond Lee — Bug 663614 - remove double-click to create a new tab in a group r=ehsan
d05a24569346e564527faa2614a02c3872c650c7Philipp von Weitershausen — Back out bug 664114 (changeset b9ee105d755c) due to test_innerWidthHeight_script.html failure
d8941c23dcc7e037a20934ff32b5ee451752902bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Back out bug 664163 (changeset cfb40abb9655) due to failure in test_traceable_channel_wrap.js
6df0ad2d1df23e8fd1ff6c8d3752f2541ad02127Mike Hommey — Bug 655003 - On Linux, use -Os on normal builds and -O3 when PGO is enabled. r=ted
e92f98e8a335f6784dba2aaaf7401af2450ef08dMike Hommey — Bug 632404 - Preload dependent libraries at startup. r=tglek,r=bsmedberg
7b390fa151571dfe917d3ae6444f51e0e12b4a74Mike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 2 - Load the XUL library with the standalone glue and get rid of the startup shell script. r=tglek,r=ted
46974e5278ff7102bd9255cdd3a91b31c4872281Mike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 1.5 - Move XRE_GetBinaryPath code in a dedicated class. r=tglek
4a319872b7606382b68bdd6ccff2b9b4bc7a39ebMike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 1 - Move DLL blocklist in XRE, and inline NS_SetDllDirectory and environment sanitization, which now needs to be called manually. r=ehsan,r=bsmedberg
6e230988614fb99eb6967d6e24c7b7daad01b68cMike Hommey — Bug 658995 part 2 - Use static destructors instead of atexit(). r=bsmedberg
6b23b52e68d654a42a6da120a15bffcf96eea051Mike Hommey — Bug 658995 part 1 - Properly divert memory allocation functions for trace malloc with standalone glue on Linux. r=dbaron
bf50cdd9ba999bba03f1fcf9da1cdbea440f07d3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660771 part.2 remove unnecessary code r=mrbkap
b9ee105d755c55e0a0ae96b766e88f4afe4bd63eMark Finkle — Bug 664114 - Context Menu doesn't resize properly when switching the window orientation [r=wjohnston]
3453df4d68528ee8a14bab2a93e720fac79caa46Mark Finkle — Bug 662867 - redirect about:<nonsensical words> does not go to a 'The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.' dialog [r=mbrubeck]
2fbc5d9b566b3443763c90cce112bed6c4161a17Brian Birtles — Bug 650732 - Move interval change notifications into the timed element, r=dholbert
e1072369173266e063dda5a4c263cefbe4acb2b9Wes Johnston — Bug 649983 - Make sync dialog fit size on Gingerbread. r=mfinkle
84ea4561d02dec0b27c9d15704b5b080b3c74086Wes Johnston — Bug 664285 - Fallback to default locale if we can't find a matching one. r=mfinkle
3168a26e1efa404071b27f165ad538d0e51611ccJoe Drew — Bug 573583 - Enable decode-on-draw; r=jrmuizel
c64dcd99b27eefefa06ea3746f6cc242ffc82aabBenjamin Stover — Bug 656041 Some parts of page scroll at different rates in Fennec r=roc
6bfc7d47996f983be6247ced3ba0aa553385d04cBenjamin Stover — Bug 647192 IPC view rendering bug using positioned elements and overflow:scroll r=cjones
cfb40abb9655b568f98f234e51ae08e0a5c3a7cdJason Duell — Bug 664163. Fix implementation of Implement Get(Local|Remote)(Address|Port) in HttpChannelChild. r=jdm
1b46a093e4138562f505f714c292ed33671423adJustin Lebar — Bug 661132 - Fix test for bug 642338 so it doesn't rely on firefox.js prefs. r=smaug
97b2a9eeab9cd632e955d65d865a2dae3befda1bMounir Lamouri — Bug 662261 - Fix open dialog on MacOS X when mSelectedTypeIndex is out-of-range. r=joshmoz
0a409e965d390996b0f58424c6d5fc3935857435Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
efa8bb8b7a86583e33ae7f6a7c99af8fa083f3eaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 664090 - Disable test_service_filelog.js on Win opt builds. a=orange
d7cda0cfdab0f17910fe271045556a320a17fcb9Richard Newman — Bug 656513: part 0: Put SteamEngine, renamed RotaryEngine, into head_helpers.js. r=philiKON
510133e2327922eb23ab75f2196c9eaed9a6ae4bRichard Newman — Bug 664046 - Correct logging pref migration in Sync. r=philikon
a9eb1c519c11d0eef09010a05bd6dffcf6eb34b3Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
0122402eba0536e1bc0b4ec8feae8dc084bf157cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 661587 - Don't use the root logger. r=rnewman
ef04efcc4fb3d8130051ab100955039c5ce8d0ebPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 610832 - Make about:sync-log a directory listing. r=rnewman,mconnor
cc5b247929105668b5f7a544118044d57e7db5dcPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 610832 - Dump log to disk when sync fails. r=rnewman
8c12fe7c8eaf9a3e4b2e7a5c499e6b07c667f15ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 610832 - Add StorageStreamAppender to log4moz.js. r=rnewman
22e6300188a779faf573c89c20743b679dad61b9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 610832 - Get rid of useless getters. r=rnewman
9258cdec3f811e535862fb872746c8ac3a8aca48Richard Newman — Merging mozilla-central to services-central.
ca188fd87727520dedaebf5a02f93d626ade42b4Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
930e5704e47d149c84d18c8db08f6a5bb6b6f0d3Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
607c796463f2419e6bffaedb409d8dafd26e1153Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 662178 - Ensure Utils.nextTick timers aren't GC'ed prematurely... by not using timers. r=rnewman
8eae98fbd3feda9bd6f5fb52f4317ea26187ce40Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 662178 - Harden test_utils_namedTimer.js. r=rnewman
7c0228d8b014be71a6af3d4a7f4595c290d63ef2Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
e8f788d0b653c399149825865340ec9aaa088eedRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
f66e634eb6eb36fc7d9b21bfadf20daedeb65c76Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 662178 - Simplify timed callbacks. r=rnewman
c69124dfd7b7e093e52fa114a4196c5539a12fd8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 658675 - Preload captcha. r=rnewman
695a05d90784bee088bfd4045601e2db1952b327Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 662181 - "Deactivate this device" doesn't update UI instantly on slow internet connections. r=rnewman
874ac197d20658685ec9d8e81222636d407ed537Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 650941 - Use run_next_test in test_resource_async.js. r=rnewman
b0e0455d510273b88dfa6bc1eec2f52cd8e118afPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 662253 - Add FileUtils.openFileOutputStream to open non-safe file output streams. r=gavin
615040e391dee59f58e35847c0731513e2e0d1a2Richard Newman — Bug 661972 - don't call Service.sync() with ancient fullSync param. r=philiKON
bb3dcab53fc63d73890e28295d801f2cc6312da7Ms2ger — Bug 664107 - Calling drawImage with non-finite arguments should not throw; r=smaug
7cb2bcd4b83afdb8f8d8c3a079ebcfe5fa58441aMs2ger — Bug 631795 - Inline HasPotentialResource into its only caller; r=kinetik
0fe7b4e83cb94578ab763fc0c610a9db259ec390Ms2ger — Bug 659053 - Followup, change PRUint16 to PRBool; r=sicking
560cb78b63ae02fc6290540e60732d076cd19b75Simon Montagu — Don't overshoot the last sibling when iterating frames. Bug 663295 (whitespace change with correct bug number)
bb5bd25d07883d582f4a2a096aba775e69115338Simon Montagu — Force newlines only at 0xa, not 0xd. Bug 663662, r=roc
ec3718e170358114a53921a525ec4bebd4395ec3Simon Montagu — Include continuations of frames with no newline. Bug 582181, r=roc
dcc03e00b32a13d4fad489dedf1b1a4b77830a4fSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 582181, r=roc
a88ea3cd7a4dca9818eaedbb7da9ea562042aedcSimon Montagu — Don't overshoot the last sibling when iterating frames. Bug 66329, r=roc
f6f801cfdf4c1dd31e275534d2bffa5a63e6c720Mike Hommey — Backout bug 661800 (changeset d95b370f0f85) because of bug 664362
174a1d29c93e7181cd26949c382e18fd9c92b7b3Andrew McCreight — Bug 663532 - Run GC from cycle collector in main thread, not CC thread. r=bent
545e27bf8b812a364c32b880094a9a84701fbcbaDão Gottwald — Bug 663401 - browser_bug435788.js cleanup. r=mossop
c72829d9cb2b5b69158037b6a224477d32b60ea0Mike Hommey — Bug 662223 - Add -lmozalloc in link flags provided in libxul.pc. r=cjones,sr=bsmedberg
e300498f80798dec4dbef3fbc7dcd6e6dbc2430bMike Hommey — Bug 655216 - Avoid GLIBCXX_3.4.14 symbol versions at some optimization levels. r=tglek
d95b370f0f85129f0fa991611a57ef463cba635bMike Hommey — Bug 661800 - Avoid elfhack considering non SHF_TLS sections as part of PT_TLS segment. r=tglek
9c5f91cbdadd027ef84060289b8b46519fe7e8fbMike Hommey — Bug 646815 - Avoid text relocations in libvpx on ARM. r=derf
54f18b2b93d255250839f0167cfd858ea7302879Justin Wood — Bug 660427 - Update (re)packaging code to deal with extracting the installer vs just the zip. r=khuey
2185b561e5e11e10f58c4980ff54723873d02a36Chris Pearce — Bug 664354 - Make nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::GetUndecodedData() return result in usecs. r=roc
ccf0a112a858250c571b3dbc97ebb2f0c5cc6d1bJonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 5: Speed up nsINodeInfo::GetDocument by caching the nodeinfo managers mDocument pointer. r=bz
a135002c33b6239be3007046d8dd6431cca96778Jonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 4: Use nsINode::NodeType where possible. r=bz
55b260f207109a39ea310ec0205aded64592e8a2Jonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 3: Use nsINode::NodeName where possible. Remove the now unused mQualifiedNameCorrectedCase. r=bz,peterv
af6c49e8893331fb2b093e2fea3bd2918eb0027eJonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 2: Create nsINode::NodeType/NodeName/LocalName and make them non-virtual. r=bz
dd6e523b0b82af5da86c18bd3f1354a8f33f5b9fJonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 1: Give nsINodeInfos a nodeType, nodeName and localName. r=bz
0438ee84824cd63e174806b1abc665726e0e9aafJonas Sicking — Bug 659053 Part 2: Implement a faster non-recursive Node.isEqualNode directly on nsINode. r=peterv. Fixes were r=bent
589c2dd84ce6cdf418dae19a2436579e3c48bde6Jonas Sicking — Bug 659053 Part 1: Merge nsIDOM3Node into nsIDOMNode. Also removes Node.getFeature. r=peterv
2ffda60b67dcea9fa8cdd9c0481dd1b7da078955Luke Wagner — Bug 664159 - Fix eval-in-frame crash (r=waldo)
8159c48ac8c75a1d776659889588459654de0962Brendan Eich — Bug 664009 - Fix a minor array bug that happens to break some code. r=jwalden, a=clegnitto
27f51c5d5f9b0f0534f8beb7e24de20f606577f0Justin Lebar — Merging mozilla-central and build-system.
83b4a771ea456d3b1ac16a2cc4919d669440df3bJustin Lebar — Bug 663251 - Make take an optional argument, specifying the number of times to run the profiling step.
98102c5784f6308c875baa83bb5090485b47a3b7Justin Lebar — Bug 663810 - Remove modules/libreg/standalone. r=khuey
2d1746337846558b25a38594befd84200fda1ab1Mike Hommey — Bug 659942 - Clean up profiling data during PROFILE_GENERATE phase. r=ted
fafe864d8d8e020690a840534bb9dfd939b51998Jonas Sicking — Bug 663752: Remove load-event-listening code from DOMParser. r=smaug
e00f1b19444002f10832cac1439204e259b95895Ms2ger — Merge backout
8ca16e3ff5e0f3290a87ef26d98ef198d5b71b8bMs2ger — Bug 664123 - Backout bugs 659053 and 659539 (changesets 9c49f69d8bab-1b11c64ffcdf)
3a4b05b2df878bc6a30af30f8a49af02254d8c1eMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound with mozilla-central.
d58376753a93a8424867ce99fe56b73627cf066bTim Taubert — Bug 607108 - focus group name field after creating new group; f=raymond, r=ehsan
d6588d422737e651503b63df97e0ab108e4bc009Tim Taubert — Bug 663813 - clean up browser_tabview_bug589324.js; f=raymond, r=dietrich
c85a385462a6844b5b72f13c11009d0e788fd966Tim Taubert — Bug 663709 - browser_tabview_bug627288.js depends on other tests; f=raymond, r=dietrich
383144856ca0a7d2dc21e544e78435d5168c7b9eRodd Zurcher — Bug 663955 - Instead of decoding twice, use gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info to get the image width and height; then if either is larger than 180, call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size, otherwise call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file. r=roc
29abe2c3ce9bd9f12a9e22d8ccfe6366977d2e9bJosh Matthews — Bug 663893 - Avoid null dereferences in websocket handler. r=mcmanus
3e1acd92a9d5baa6afdde04ac8351c2c74470ab7Geoff Lankow — Bug 536503 - Fix for test; r=gavin
8f822ccd9a32e90e223d5b5b03de540637d3a251Jonathan Watt — Bug 663371 - Make default to appending reftest.list to the test path when only a test directory is specified. r=ted.
1b11c64ffcdf0c072943a5a686aab73deb395ad0Ms2ger — Bug 659053 - Followup, change PRUint16 to PRBool; r=sicking
9ea784903fdffeae0939bfa46c01ca9ce1907ca1Jonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 4: Use nsINode::NodeType where possible. r=bz
3daac40be649607cbb75188c07a7f0cc444c9a1fJonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 3: Use nsINode::NodeName where possible. Remove the now unused mQualifiedNameCorrectedCase. r=bz,peterv
e297fa2153871b34f54b837886119cc884865f19Jonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 2: Create nsINode::NodeType/NodeName/LocalName and make them non-virtual. r=bz
0b2885da5bae8384d38fcbc5ef2683167e7eba4eJonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 1: Give nsINodeInfos a nodeType, nodeName and localName. r=bz
f4ff8d137c1f710d227d693b40b0c054bdebcb96Jonas Sicking — Bug 659053 Part 2: Implement a faster non-recursive Node.isEqualNode directly on nsINode. r=peterv
9c49f69d8babec08fa813867243c7a62b0fec42bJonas Sicking — Bug 659053 Part 1: Merge nsIDOM3Node into nsIDOMNode. Also removes Node.getFeature. r=peterv
4e1b20229d4d5d08dfc41eae8dc8c40555dccda3Jonas Sicking — Bug 663749: Remove load-event-listening code from nsXMLHttpRequest. r=smaug
c0e225533110b03bde551959370a7bf7969c80edRodd Zurcher — Bug 663955 - Instead of decoding twice, use gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info to get the image width and height; then if either is larger than 180, call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size, otherwise call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file. r=roc
cdb2ccff9107bef7bd930622c3591ecf310820e9Geoff Lankow — Bug 536503 - Fix for test
09428adfd4a838f2bbc29813b9cca2082ae7b0eaJosh Matthews — Bug 663893 - Avoid null dereferences in websocket handler. r=mcmanus
436671b3bee7d586449330a470664b029042bd01Ehsan Akhgari — Back out Dao's push because of build bustage
6eb2bcc24f7621ec8bad4636dcdd1976b6e197b8Rodd Zurcher — Bug 663955 - Instead of decoding twice, use gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info to get the image width and height; then if either is larger than 180, call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size, otherwise call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file. r=roc
142532172c8c7caaf9b6638830ef9b8dfbd42390Geoff Lankow — Bug 536503 - Fix for test
0715dd3bbfb88bbf4b1e33287fbe8e6bef50757bJosh Matthews — Bug 663893 - Avoid null dereferences in websocket handler. r=mcmanus
835e77ad4384f0861c1a782a67bd42367f4e8994Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662023 - Remove ActiveX embedding API part 2: rm /embedding/activex/ r=bsmedberg
1242a6da834326a35ce5e881b9fabf7ebcc6798cMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662023 - Remove ActiveX embedding API part 1: remove support from the build system. r=bsmedberg
65936325f47f35517502200161f71b43ec7d6905Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662000 part 2: Remove XPC_IDISPATCH_SUPPORT from the build-system and XPConnect. r=mrbkap
d115405d4e0b244422336e5cebfff04003f79c01Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662000 part 1: Remove interfaces and tests. r=mrbkap
060127d32405ec7da605e8f2b2e87073f569dd84Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
078113c739638fe8b1291c6e62cc448ae5b3db57Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660525 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatString (prev cset lacked the code changes) r=joedrew!
b65e22bc0c281612fedfc8f9b6f575a55c34d440Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660525 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatString r=joedrew!
f68c52f253e77c3787ccf05412490d9916b3009bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 660536 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlat(C)String r=smaug
10f50879c454482c0dbf5e9057d0a09b7afc0d54Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660535 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatCString r=cjones
3d68f32c68b74f632f95eaad1ab4433f50fe7473Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660534 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatCString r=joedrew!
b3e5dd43281f0d89acf5a0b27119c1cd51407932Daniel Holbert — Bug 654858: Fix float-to-nscoord rounding issue in SVG intrinsic ratio, with certain GCC versions & optimizations. r=roc
f0835b66ef3031bf6b0061f7d46996607f780a28Pardal Freudenthal — Bug 663592: fix typo in about:permissions, r=margaret
5e3cf50377aaf8066bb42b89c6d5e65ee42a7c25Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset dc3780dd8a43 (bug 311007). Going to change onLocationChange instead of adding onLocationChange2.
d1d6d8d0123164160dceb636b2d0ab51492576abEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
a7e6be787ed5e9c4042c1493006dfff25c71c74fRobert Strong — Bug 661784 - Make sure that the nsITimer variable doesn't get garbage collected causing the updater tests to fail intermittently; r=ehsan
9a1fe983d1d78803e8fc1eae44043d5ee0421fdbMatt Brubeck — Bug 663959 - Mark crashtests as asserting intermittently [r=ehsan]
b44b26309f296f8992bc76085eaa1b4a25aa74e4Wes Johnston — Bug 663861 - Allow changing between themes. r=mfinkle
b36ae2b20ae11aac9aa00698b5ec966d3164bbb0Wes Johnston — Bug 663023 - Cache getDPI calls. r=mbrubeck
0321e356992180c12b0704397a1208fbf29bd2a9Andrew McCreight — Bug 655089 - change CC_KIND macro to a function to avoid double call; r=mrbkap
dcd56c5311ac40f7ce78d29467dbab81f6aea700Ehsan Akhgari — Backout bug 655703 because it may not be the right choice from the accessibility perspective
17219648b6290190b670e632b5f9d2cc8b5a1093Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 661910 since it may have broken Mac XULRunner builds.
10ead84e676a61a527d8c87ccc3f0314d06d5405Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 5bb18a13d2b9
872ae1cef345d327035bbc56249c251d2aaeb568Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey.
49cfb12c22253d41a7a52da95830f5bdce56ab0eDaniel Holbert — Bug 662086: Convert recently-added comment in jsval.h to be C-style, to fix build warning. r=mrbkap DONTBUILD
e39bcd6cba32834bb2162aecee03c68507591071Chris Leary — Bug 660453: Proper regexp bytecode deallocation. (r=dmandelin)
215f8773178afacfc7c0ffa3be6017a4ddd47e6aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 662963 - Add JSString::charsHeapSize(). r=luke.
ed6d1f5ffed8506517e1b286f12df3ee305842b0Jim Blandy — Bug 599764: Define jsval in terms of a type we control, not a type defined, depending on circumstances, by either NSPR or our own headers. r=luke
af341b267feec46e9da31a6befb52e9dd88580cfJim Blandy — Bug 662836: Don't require JS_EvaluateUCScriptInStackFrame to be able to extend call objects that the bytecode compiler didn't expect to be extensible. r=dvander
763b64b88b5921547f333b5597f8aeb8c0cd89a1Makoto Kato — Backed out changeset c25968f1f4f0
c25968f1f4f0524b49d5db2c72fbd43e1696786bMakoto Kato — Bug 635617 - 64-bit crash [@ MakeDay]. r=jwalden
d6321d3a7dd729417cc1260305f51781648bafc1Kyle Huey — Fix MSVC warning.
561b7ff795233901b299cf04ab95e5e9238548f1Blake Kaplan — Bug 662114 - Don't use DummyFrameGuard directly to avoid Windows DLL-linkage warnings. r=luke
8d21b9711d6b69d7c3916e5f36f62e346bf78e8cBrendan Eich — Strict mode early error (strict option warning) on assignment to declared const (383902, r=jwalden).
22d6d8748ee798e7206298bdbd9b4915f75138d7Steve Fink — Bug 637393 - Give JSScript control over the lifetime of JSPCCounters, to allow freeing with cx (r=dmandelin)
e5b92c2bdd2d82fb25b09299641eb368238b6facSteve Fink — Bug 637393 - Add a -D option to the shell to disassemble all scripts, with per-op per-runmode execution counts, at shutdown
94330efacb8bf85b29c0fcf4ff5b67472b9f4cf5Steve Fink — Bug 637393 - Add JS_DumpProfile, JS_DumpAllProfiles to disassemble one or all scripts' along with execution counts of each op
8967b946dbf18aa0a1d5e607788c5b5a38b86ba7Steve Fink — Bug 637393 - Add an option to count number of executions of each JSOp, broken down by "run mode" (method JIT/trace JIT/interpreter)
fd805dbc154c49345e21b37bb56447e43de6d61dJeff Walden — Add a RangedPtr constructor accepting an array as a shorthand for RangedPtr(arr, N). rs=luke
bb9e5496b0aca48c09052c1342e4c4351a8ede87Luke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 4 - Simplify stack code, keep track of native calls, create new iterator over native/scripted callstack, make JS_SaveFrameChain fallible (r=waldo,mrbkap)
8ab0930a7b83055c6dbe8d3f02686e359fdd7d94Luke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 3 - Syntactic touchups (r=waldo)
780888b1548c466af16367727306004bdbd5609eLuke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 2 - Merge ContextStack::get* and push* operations (r=waldo)
9cdb856cf910745a5f07850e86111a6a392e9e39Luke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 1 - Remove StackSegment::initialVarObj (r=waldo)
e3e54ff584a82cd05544d7e8828bac32ab06c7edJeff Walden — Bug 662001 - Use RangedPtr<T> in one location outside js/src/ to verify that mfbt/RangedPtr.h is usable by non-JS code. r=bz
e6eb095ca758a469b98092b60df0861a116a6da3Jeff Walden — Bug 662001 - Move js::RangeCheckedPointer<T> to mozilla::RangedPtr<T>, make it no longer implicitly convert to T*, and adjust users accordingly. r=cjones
ef4d79fc60c0edb04ab6230f213a868e8bc95175Jeff Walden — Bug 657367 - Don't attempt to use the JSON parser to fast-path eval if the eval code contains either U+2028 or U+2029, which JSON permits within strings but which JavaScript doesn't permit in strings. (In case you missed it, this means that there's no subset relationship between JavaScript and JSON. (!)) r=njn
b71f5419e37a43fb3b04e156fc830e5dc5665dc3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 645598 - Trim last bits of fat from the scanner, part 3 of 3. r=jwalden.
3bae9deeb9b4a00a1495de94f431e7b9d60c6dc3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 645598 - Trim last bits of fat from the scanner, part 2 of 3. r=jwalden.
0fd30fdb7a6bc67ea0a216d82b0b9551e773d78aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 645598 - Trim last bits of fat from the scanner, part 1 of 3. r=jwalden.
cc612a118e7c0cd3a64dd7123a9ab8876efc7d8fPaul Biggar — Bug 660681: Add NULL check to LeaveFunction (r=jimb)
f1d0cfb6673f41c87eb929ef2c0f0da7f0203706Paul Biggar — Bug 660670: Report an error on OOM in Parser::analyzeFunction (r=jimb)
29b7c7a1450656fef4a86e6295f8da446efa1f3bPaul Biggar — Bug 660638: Add NULL check to Compiler::compileScript (r=jwalden)
ce4a984d43dce1fe3e9fdd9c204e814857f44ce2David Mandelin — Bug 662165: fix MSVC warning
479e2681c25f774b4cb86f2e44909f56ffed00b3Ted Mielczarek — Backed out changeset d12dda590f4a – bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, for causing bug 663796 (unittests failing to run)
4540ce8760b626192c7e1e9b20b7975f1379cf11Ted Mielczarek — Backed out changeset d12dda590f4a – bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, for causing bug 663796 (unittests failing to run)
d36cf8e6da68dcfc17f1d8f5079ea400f4b5ca04Ted Mielczarek — Backed out changeset 055e5a11a673 – bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, for causing bug 663796 (unittests failing to run)
6e42ce13b93d3315a7b0b63a3b49eb3967e1eaf9Ted Mielczarek — Backed out changeset 055e5a11a673 – bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, for causing bug 663796 (unittests failing to run)
2b140ce22efae2c48637d10ef6c6ce459ae7844eTed Mielczarek — merge m-c and b-s
2f965cea44ffa1832336410f2c23d161b1173b8cEd Morley — Bug 659621 - Remove EXTRA_DSO_LIBS, EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS, OS_LIBS from makefiles containing LIBXUL_LIBRARY = 1, now that libxul is always built; r=ted
055e5a11a6732a6196076c400f194b87647b9826David Humphrey — bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, r=ted
d12dda590f4a72e59bf80352ed6a53d8fdb6015cDavid Humphrey — bug 543463 - Make it easier for non-Mozilla devs to get and use the JavaScript Shell, r=ted
6d19baaa339feb3a2085a116d958fba691cbf8f9Ted Mielczarek — bug 663180 - write $objdir/mozinfo.json during configure. r=khuey,jhammel
a9e0ace0ec38a17760f63d0b2c516b2b3ce0053fTed Mielczarek — merge m-c to b-s
bf8200c0d7538efe0227ddcd8b0d66b7aa51442dKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
8f0f65f58c5cb44e425f07d7f051232b059e848aMitchell Field — Merge mozilla-central to build-system.
c6d37338490ded2481a6ec9278299634fcc98660Mitchell Field — Merge mozilla-central to build-system.
f8849773f7f41bed65c0dc54b6575476a6c5ae53Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 508905 - /Zc:wchar_t- is no longer required
89c55d4b1bf16bf4ed043e9a178da404672a6e08Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
70c1c696f6915b0b9756c9b02664d382e3608546Robert O'Callahan — Bug 662898. Test
a858cef629f03029f94b735ae16dd42f3c988007Robert O'Callahan — Bug 662898. Set canvas drawImage source pattern after any shadow is drawn, so the source doesn't get clobbered by the shadow drawing. r=jrmuizel
f74d09b9ee13553118a632682b69fd5f3ee16ca3Phil Ringnalda — Bug 663674 - Remove cross-commit, r=ted
b6f3d37f6fdb231dde440d79acb35d315c48545eMakoto Kato — Bug 662765 - Respect _M_IX86_FP. r=jlebar
4436b2bc5f648cec9f2d11c84a00ccc4e31f7373David Bolter — Bug 663136 - Add test coverage for tablist as implicit live region. r=MarcoZ
78ad95eaf1f140ec71b81c6701652b91f167e95aTrevor Saunders — Bug 653086 - clean up editor configuration in a11y files r=fernando
bbbc80a2bd8cd616e1341637148494d53ad6ade2Dão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - reset TabContextMenu.contextTab when manually calling TabContextMenu.updateContextMenu
b892cefd50005a9ad11cef6dd325d672a0867f76Dão Gottwald — browser_tabview_bug627288.js cleanup
eab02b0b7c7d1a1c0e47ab0b1ed5b3197604693dL. David Baron — Fix error in comment. r=bzbarsky
6772105ec426254c978672361695aeb83033ff42L. David Baron — Add test for rule serialization to catch any bugs in DocumentRule::GetCssText that are like the bug in the DEBUG-only DocumentRule::List in the initial patch for bug 398962.
ddc73a8ae4027c31f82ed720724ef6e7dd3192c9L. David Baron — Add missing break (Bug 398962) r=bzbarsky
17805ab478a23de90c449826ce06245721d0e73aL. David Baron — Add needs-focus annotation for native-theme listbox tests. (Bug 659708)
bf282a9b7ae44556c5c44c567f6dc731ccf9b816L. David Baron — Add needs-focus annotation for a bunch of tests with selects in them to try to fix intermittent failures. (Bug 626103)
3af9fed4e33a1f0f165dc6b911815d21b199045eL. David Baron — Remove notion of percentage of intrinsic size: remove code that handles percentages (which are no longer set thanks to the previous patch) and make them invalid. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
58fe3ede72f834b7110fa5b937bee6995d43a174L. David Baron — Remove notion of percentage intrinsic size: remove the single case that (incorrectly) sets percentage intrinsic sizes, and fix all of the tests that depend on our old incorrect behavior. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
c07445f34e926477e6c61885b2781d8922a898d9L. David Baron — Change IsPercentageAware (which tests whether an inline box's width depends on the width of its container) to check the correct general statement of when the width of a replaced element depends on its container's width, and in doing so avoid depending on the notion of percentage intrinsic size. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
db0bcc6ab52600658d5fb8d285f4d95a9f42dfb1L. David Baron — Allow -moz-box-ordinal-group: 0 (but not negatives, since we store the value as PRUint32). (Bug 644514) r=bzbarsky
d0b3065150f7224bc83e4db0b0091f48c2a296bbL. David Baron — Address missed review comment from bug 644514 patch 1: remove unused macro. r=bzbarsky
4c05a86b4fe36120edae644004dd15280eb83830Makoto Kato — Bug 662726 - Remove unused ANGLE source. r=bjacob
84189d94f01a8f05d5592ebd10161d3ba26a6af6Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset 010b73990286 from bug 660732 due to it breaking about:support (bug 662901).
8018eea2a540ea9e922c06e704b373c13bc8638cMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound with mozilla-central.
4a33bc1f772d96c3dda760ad6d631e952b6b1cdcJason Duell — Bug 660774 - e10s necko: refactor channelEventQueue to allow async resume/flush. r=jdm
6558faa0b314d6ba5d76d08e09704de13a11fec3Nick Hurley — Bug 637339 - Improve error handling in HttpChannelChild. r=honzab
47854e3787ba838835b31436af35cc2e4e12675dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge central to inbound
3d1b0a500fbf4ac32a7b714fd33c86b8d3cedcc1Philipp von Weitershausen — Back out bug 662898 (changeset e01a18d61dd6) due to test_canvas.html failures.
e01a18d61dd6990acb65fa8f13f9588f49325bf0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 662898. Set canvas drawImage source pattern after any shadow is drawn, so the source doesn't get clobbered by the shadow drawing. r=jrmuizel
098467464a94f73a8d7fc886461ec0504645b9a3Olli Pettay — Bug 643062, more generic null pointer check for ExecuteDetachedHandler, r=sicking
e37011790a8a929a3dbfbe6b81c8194e57c35bf7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 663041 layout should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc
1abe9e62753397f24176e42e1b5ea114b95d44e0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 663036 part.3 gfx should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc+joe
a1cebab4dc0ff0fee1a4f89e98fbaa99ea9a61a3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 663036 part.2 Implement GetComplex() and SetComplex() in Preferences r=roc
d5ce62d06d206d176092674829a203f0dc5fd4e1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 663036 part.1 Make Preferences instance with service constructor r=roc
3f771ec754bbc2666b59d57bad4aa05a0fd6b961Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660768 modules should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc+joe+tglek
79394c301944bb391f8d34a7bc8bad1eceb7afeeDaniel Holbert — Bug 578564 followup: Make text after #endif into a comment to fix build warning. (comment-only, basically) DONTBUILD
11b4b4c73f36771df3d1e27d33959829bb22057eRandell Jesup — Bug 505108: Don't leak strings on early returns from Area::ParseCoords(), fix how CString is freed. r=roc
3c4b12d057ef1b2c5c401c76867823173f63244bPhil Ringnalda — Bug 660504 - Use $(OS_TARGET) rather than ifndef ANDROID, which doesn't work in makefiles, to keep Android away from the parts of mozapps/update/ that require the updater binary, r=rs
1a34672f4337681d19492991724711b1a853a106Phil Ringnalda — Bug 663596 - todo_is() the Android permaorange part of browser_bookmarks.js, r=mfinkle
5bb18a13d2b99bc3ac093add70abcfcd27a2ba12Mike Hommey — Bug 661910: Iterate over all component manifests when commenting out binary components during omnijar packing. r=khuey
51b64ac421e383660da14a3a7e4752a6d960f65cKyle Huey — Bug 661045: Devirtualize some RasterImage methods. r=joe
980984f268ef1b3804087362204cd02c8ee3e3e9Kyle Huey — Bug 663483: IDB IDL includes jsapi.h when it wants jspubtd.h. r=bent
d56a77e8fd753c95a18edd320311107e18a15565Wellington Fernando de Macedo — Bug 659559 - Speed up test_bug338583.html. r=smaug
51e2db1a55670b7d9497f22a148a52d5c0fccadaJosh Matthews — Bug 663465 - Avoid derefencing null connection pointer when closing a websocket. r=mcmanus
b63b54f27418086d0f8fe103a5882ab4a889e9a5bjarne — Bug 618835 - Cannot login to phpmyadmin if I made a typo during my first login attempt r=bz
568056abc91eb5f00194b29b4548dfe1daf06592timeless — Bug 538724 Firefox 3.6.x + winxp topcrash starting ~Dec 30 and increasing [@ nsHttpTransaction::DeleteSelfOnConsumerThread() ]
85a2a18ab8ee93d178d33f9219a38d2dd2d074f0Dão Gottwald — more random browser chrome test cleanup (no bug)
ae5f9abf13d9acbc7dff10f353512e7277cd9257Steffen Wilberg — Bug 435325: Offline mode error page should go online when clicking 'Try Again'. Add a goOnline() method to nsDOMWindowUtils, and call that from about:neterror in the netOffline case. ui-r=faaborg, r=bz, gavin.
e802d263c27ec5b91df1a154e8e9327115332d43ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave14
bfcc94f3fd0a854fb0769b1611aaddbfee2847a6Geoff Lankow — Bug 659163 - Make menulists usable and useful in addon manager inline settings; r=dtownsend
1b97769e6549e5053c817ed932e1bed08df524c3Steven Michaud — Bug 659817 - [10.7 SDK] Build error in PluginInterposeOSX.h due to Cursor type not being defined. r=bgirard
8cae6781db4fb916b05a57bac9c667d356e591b7Geoff Lankow — Bug 536503 - Last downloaded-to directory should be remembered on a site-by-site basis. r=gavin
1af47b6ff5a5eab13ec09487ea6a622425030165Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
82085960e9f1997e566fdbd94b080d507320a3beWes Johnston — Bug 662785 followup, disable uidiscovery UI in tests to fix some orange, r=mfinkle
e6ded63249b8e3e254b99fa197f8434a203c6aaaPhil Ringnalda — Bug 658941 and bug 661997, disable permaorange browser_autocomplete.js and browser_contentpopup.js
76d7b28ca1ba4f27a9655873faf03ee914e20b13Joe Drew — Bug 660448 - look up FT_Library_SetLcdFilter via dlsym at runtime to fix terrible subpixel rendering on up-to-date Linux systems. r=karlt,bjacob
2146642133c4cc1ec110788bd352e028ec41be9aPatrick McManus — bug 663096 update mochitest/pywebsocket to drain input to avoid RST r=biesi
30653af91633061c0179398f726606298d623e65Patrick McManus — bug 663096 udpate mochitest/pywebsockets to 489 r=biesi
776b0b91568ed6b259adec9a51733e3607a48642Patrick McManus — bug 663096 - websockets enable deflate stream extension by pref r=biesi
68ea3c29fb0fe342b55c245e3f0bd87b3ced46f5Ms2ger — Bug 663190 - Calling strokeRect with zero width or height should do nothing; r=smaug
8b3315430b6d608ce0e3dca08490e48caeeb1243Ms2ger — Bug 663194 - Calling drawImage with zero-size canvas should throw INVALID_STATE_ERR; r=sicking
d2bdaef8a701c89e0035fef84557a9c3590e0e28Ms2ger — Bug 660433 - Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLTextAreaElement; f=volkmar r=peterv
ee4ae99764ec1cecce672d73c0dbfb3f0b15e695Steven Michaud — Bug 661636 - [10.7 SDK] QuickDraw APIs undefined when doing 32-bit builds using the OS X 10.7 SDK. r=bgirard
29f87a9792ec4f21c7267e3667bf875a8184820aEd Morley — Bug 659944 - Remove leftover MOZ_IPC ifdef in nsHttpChannel.cpp; r=cbiesinger
f47664f19b08a452b40c735e100bf97bd12caa53Geoff Lankow — Bug 662977 - File upload control needs a change event on drop. r=bz
3f40708323d91f38ff529008d05ad31206e01bc1Andrew McCreight — Bug 658386 - part 2: eliminate redundant stores of PtrInfo child pointers. r=peterv
6c24a513319a1343ffa6782c1542160b6658ddc9Andrew McCreight — Bug 658386 - part 1: eliminate mLastChild field from PtrInfo. r=peterv
91dd5412cd4f999e8d470cdb47d0e781f3b780afDão Gottwald — remove redundant jsm imports from browser chrome tests
dc8d154f37103dac9a0e4a55699813292e8c4fe2Michael Wu — Bug 641614 - Fix reordering of localized files in omnijar, r=ted
6da2c7c5c170e779421c34670d8cc9606f410e22Dave Camp — Merge m-c to devtools.
588eea08e466b363c463d736d818bdcc3c51eb23Panos Astithas — Bug 659910 - Evaluating console.log or other API messages in Scratchpad presents wrong source link in web console. r=rcampbell,gavin
cce6acd42aea6651ca29c459c4b37da40cadc826Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
b9ceaebb878f60d378224cc4abdecf2f81f55da6Panos Astithas — Bug 660619 - Silence a warning during tests; r=ddahl,
117044f42385a458857c17d8ba923cce9ad2ef81Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
6d63840e3a49f2be371acec15ec6e4a44dceab13Rob Campbell — Bug 653528 - Strip out Style and DOM panels and support code from Inspector.;
2ee9b3a8c7c98f287c1b461c32d3c55bdd003bd2Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
c4bd2219aafcbb5902b4aa2eab58771d612cb8f1Pardal Freudenthal — Bug 633772 - Web Console cleanup: Use of inheritance to set icons on hud-msg-nodes; r=dao
fbeb460473f5adfbee2c749b4f0c0d488a7aa57aDave Townsend — Bug 655254: When an add-on moves to a different directory but doesn't change in any other way we should keep updated compatibility information. r=robstrong
28217403cd022d48ad50df409a8adde2c1b35b76Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
24b3cd3c8ed79f6f8d910015d383f9ac8e90aeacMarco Bonardo — Merge backout
e598a0c0eb1cbc049409b414db6209710359d5f1Marco Bonardo — Backout Bug 612799 due to crashtests orange
b735bb9178c15c769ad874b51358af590b1aac8bChris Jones — Bug 661940: Dump verbose messages if MOZ_REFTEST_VERBOSE is set in the environment. r=roc
635d71b87150506a97b1cbdcea901b5415b4dccbMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 614721 - Remove some DirectDraw left overs. r=joedrew,jrmuizel
e109c624ae001f2fa0f0d262e64ad4a2a655717ePaul ADENOT — Bug 612799 (2/2) - Remote Audio - Signal errors to the child AudioStream. r=kinetik
9dbd24f893ffa4bd0629771ea191b5cb770a80d1Paul ADENOT — Bug 612799 (1/2) - Error reporting in Drain(). r=kinetik
243b53ce24611ebadcb2b4833d6fcbba4ef995e7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the two heads on mozilla-inbound
7857edbf1987c4a360b04a91ad0befe1029b17e0Mounir Lamouri — Backed out bug 612799, changeset bf46495e80ae
484a69f1e53068cbbcc7b313f68cbb08b9376124Mounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset 3206cfacc0e6
3206cfacc0e630eb6fa26d7503fb3ffafe46777ePaul ADENOT — Bug 612799 (2/2) - Remote Audio - Signal errors to the child AudioStream. r=kinetik
bf46495e80aeda5c898a81ae771ab55c61276f1ePaul ADENOT — Bug 612799 (1/2) - Error reporting in Drain(). r=kinetik
251688029a9d0427ad83d9cf869ec138dda84a57Michael Ventnor — Bug 663028 - Make Print Preview themable with CSS, and modernize its look r=roc
3a5d39bd32a66956b2d6361ceef89a52cc163873Tim Taubert — Bug 595020 - Group name isn't displayed in title before TabView is loaded the first time; r=dao
0c47cb07f6894c26b8cd96f991d0ee5ae6955df5Tim Taubert — Bug 654423 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug630102.js | application timed out; r=ehsan
cb2a5954a5b48931b2016ae6f9a333927bece296Tim Taubert — Bug 649319 - tab focus when resizing or moving a group in panorama; f=raymond, r=ian
7232c7714d8195e52ce64ffdd551d1d9ba21141eTim Taubert — Bug 655269 - Don't rely on 'domwindowclosed' being fired in the expected order; f=raymond, r=dao
92f4836116a3124619704c6e417a1d6f58f4d3ffTim Taubert — Bug 659591 - Fire SSWindowClosing when session store handles a closing window (on domwindowclosed); r=zpao
84636464bba80de33d4fe0c2c4fa893a81dc97efBenoit Jacob — Bug 658840 - let glxtest process return from XRE_main rather than calling exit() - r=bsmedberg
569aed0a1d49004ffea5cd889c0c6ff29d54caa1Benoit Jacob — Bug 660466 - segfault in glxtest - check if a visual was found - r=karlt
2b48445cd5be5ffa71b763a9e57119d42a3affbbBenoit Jacob — Bug 660466 - segfault in glxtest - check if any fbconfig was found - r=karlt
cacfd85ffb49ef0a315ae5a47866d5317649de6bBenoit Jacob — Bug 659842 - about:support was creating a WebGL context even if webgl.disabled=true - r=karlt
3a16f8065534117162ad45c50d01092e406b4f6eBenoit Jacob — Bug 663162 - Update ANGLE to r686 - r=joedrew
46dbe6bfd8fea8fb715efca160c873010868bb93Wes Johnston — backout 3e9a4e14f6c6 - bustage fix
b7502e9fbd30a2992d97e6964a4dc69b5a99f959Ian Neal — Bug 260364 - Fixup radiogroups to use new .value functionality of radio.xml pki patch r=kaie
49e57fa259dc21511d34be89a6f08a10f4ddd832Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 655098 - Root the jsid stored in NPObjectMemberPrivate.methodName, r=cdleary,mrbkap
1a885e035d71b274acca6687b23f26642017e8d7Joel Maher — Bug 663215 - move test_selection_move_commands.xul to mochitest-chrome. r=roc, a=test-only
a6f07adca5d5f740fb40d7c08f65980416d67cd1Joel Maher — Bug 663213 - move content/xbl/*.xul tests to mochitest-chrome. r=bz, a=test-only
bd3d7772ecf9219380c020663f4066b1863bd101Joel Maher — Bug 663204 - move content/events/*.xul tests to mochitest-chrome. r=ted, a=test-only
1e3af440ce238c3dcd850237c340a4cfb741332cMounir Lamouri — Merginig mozilla-inbound with mozilla-central.
6c13a600bc3a84b20623fe1e037f1815b16ed36dMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2c19e587bc8ce617c17a69ffdf18fc22987422c1Chris Jones — Bug 655926, Test even-odd fill rule. r=joe
5f63b1c2b73acdd7822911ac2f7edf70d34b72eeChris Jones — Bug 655926: Implement canvas.mozFillRule. sr=vlad
21d7ea8200ebd4e8ae3ffc5c926db576dac42241Josh Matthews — Bug 662795 - Remove flaky timeout from 331883-1.html. Also remove identical test 331883-2.html. r=roc
974c34e96293be6fee5489ba4dc7b31895785ac7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
a19e5f55f67c06225f1c0290a448f1f6cb1e98aeJason Duell — Bug 663229 - e10s HTTP: initialize prnetaddrs correctly in child. r=jdm
87406ae57a1b67662d3e452bfddac70e42c35aadBas Schouten — Bug 655836: Flush surface A when B changes and A has a pending drawing command depending on B. r=jrmuizel
c023a6a059d1b4456a339e716af0e8795056310fHonza Bambas — Bug 662534 - Let imgRequestProxy implement nsITimedChannel, r=joe
3e9a4e14f6c640ee78089b8836f711dde6a4a5d4Wes Johnston — Bug 663023 - Cache getDPI calls. r=mbrubeck
0ce00c8379e138db0244db4e713020becdef9d0aWes Johnston — Bug 662785 - Clean up remaining first-run pieces. r=mfinkle
1b0c769856119fd7a13332ae81c3c677b46a868fWes Johnston — Bug 653141 - Enable first-run locale picker. r=mfinkle
443c7cd5bdf8c11e1b22460a7f12b52b990c581eDão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - clean out each test's scope. r=gavin
1619d8fc6416ad49bb59b81840f2c3d4a4c6b2dcOleg Romashin — Bug 659832 - Make WebGL working on Maemo r=joe
9f18296db571417fd0ce23f9fb91333a1d73ff30Oleg Romashin — Bug 612335 - Render remote canvas directly into shared surface r=jones.chris.g
9b43783ab8ec57f576a4bcc27b58287404f9a114Robert Strong — backing out Bug 661784 since it didn't help
da8f7ac2a16d040e122947d2ef951f074d5252d2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
7c53a97f3925aa82fa341fb7292be22e6d167997Daniel Holbert — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
abc447f29d8fbd4a4a3fa1cded8d5cca13b6feaeBoris Zbarsky — Merge backout of revisions 33bcd05554f3, d8b5c9736831, 59c84742872f, f5a456d99df9, d580181e5434, 61e1aa1afa09, a1b563094e5a to fix Moth orange
d89fbb7929cf6c92fad912314d89bef1ba90608bBoris Zbarsky — Backing out revisions 33bcd05554f3, d8b5c9736831, 59c84742872f, f5a456d99df9, d580181e5434, 61e1aa1afa09, a1b563094e5a to fix Moth orange.
0fd6f88a7c1bb319c2672c0fbbdb90767294377cEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
f0472d3bf28a14459767fa3e3e1f9b75f8db8200Jonathan Kew — backed out changesets 5607cca3f7bf, 1ccc676a3a2c, 3eb99af46b93, 63c8f645cc1c (bug 661471 parts 6-7) to avoid merge conflicts, as they also landed on mozilla-central but with slight differences.
33bcd05554f3b19f57319abe3fa205815fc0f7caRaymond Lee — Bug 633190 - Inconsistent animation behavior for creating new tab in Panorama r=ian
d8b5c9736831715b4eff82680c9c90430eb4fa96Tim Taubert — Bug 607108 - focus group name field after creating new group; f=raymond, r=ehsan
59c84742872f8ca51a365734fdbc8dfaa1d0f33dTim Taubert — Bug 595020 - Group name isn't displayed in title before TabView is loaded the first time; r=dao
f5a456d99df9be34490a919fae08196a495b4ba0Tim Taubert — Bug 654423 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug630102.js | application timed out; r=ehsan
d580181e543412c272dbecc8da8d02cb1f215115Tim Taubert — Bug 649319 - tab focus when resizing or moving a group in panorama; f=raymond, r=ian
61e1aa1afa095de579ff08089cfd79744c19325dTim Taubert — Bug 655269 - Don't rely on 'domwindowclosed' being fired in the expected order; f=raymond, r=dao
a1b563094e5a542e5dadf62844d0d29102bba5eeTim Taubert — Bug 659591 - Fire SSWindowClosing when session store handles a closing window (on domwindowclosed); r=zpao
83056e76eeefb9e4f4a12a4a757d8f2a3206b5d2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 662519 - By-pass popup blocker checks when caller have chrome privileges. r=jst
6505311f004a9dee0b270a366da65d25424fc857Mounir Lamouri — Bug 662164 - Use fast iteration in r=joshmoz
a5023d153e7e436c34f63f79cab5ee62f007792cBoris Zbarsky — Merge backout of rev 96fac50b57ed (bug 652294)
d25e37a2e2cb2650c9c102dbb71536f3a890077aBoris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 96fac50b57ed (bug 652294) because it makes Windows opt unit tests orange.
9cab4f87ebd71cbb930c25b1d96206697a0eaf2dJoe Drew — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-incoming
5607cca3f7bf7be47a4a546593a2376aa97a086cJonathan Kew — Bug 661471. Part 7: Let gfxDWriteFonts know whether we are honouring 'GDI classic' overrides. r=roc
1ccc676a3a2c7baef6736d045a673ede35911934Jonathan Kew — Bug 661471. Part 6.3: Ensure that force_gdi_classic doesn't make us use ClearType when ClearType is disabled. r=roc
3eb99af46b93df30b689c4f5ff1b585c5b08c5deRobert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 6.2: Handle dynamic changes to Cleartype enabled/disabled. r=jfkthame
63c8f645cc1c254e32ff935a4fcfc3e8820d0a79Robert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 6.1: Expose cairo_win32_get_system_text_quality. r=jfkthame
685f5ae6e7debc49f3f1baee24887e88a9b87a30Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 657653. Check for libstdc++ versions in stdc++compat.cpp; r=ted,glandium
eff4d5de06f4d89960c04b5b7ad82e9b0bb15b97Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 656607 - Let the compiler do the pointer arithmetic, instead of manually performing it; r=sicking
96fac50b57ed32376a0fadefbb0c50c82a5d3276Mehdi Mulani — Bug 652294 - Fix intermittent failure in test_hashcompleter.js by checking for duplicates and adding a RNG. r=dcamp
0362924980c4f54ffbde74343bafaee20e3a5c88Matt Brubeck — Bug 662075 - Android fails to open update APK [r=blassey]
e819e0d3e820cd6a03892d93aa32efb7cf1010c8Robert Strong — Bug 647296 - crashreporter.exe and updater.exe creates HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Applications as a volatile key. r=khuey
399c2fef06739bd93c4ef5317002c8607b270a17Robert Strong — Bug 661784 - Intermittent timeout /test_0083_error_patchApplyFailure_partial_complete.xul | Test timed out. Maximum time allowed is 25 seconds. r=mossop
406c3faa7cdebc78ab6208af7346dce2f3c47a8bRobert Strong — Bug 658916 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_0182_rmrfdirFileInUse_xp_win_complete.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log:TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | head.js | exception thrown from do_timeout callback. r=mossop
61b579b594436226b16f6e984b67bb1314b26c7cEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 322d3d456f5b, cc8b37b43c5a, fba5bf34ad72, b9dab5588ce1 because they break the desktop mobile build on Windows
b9dab5588ce1dfdd586cda8bb893ff0bfb895396Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660536 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlat(C)String r=smaug
fba5bf34ad726a881418e73b08e67cdecda08314Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660535 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatCString r=cjones
cc8b37b43c5a7271a7fd8f161027e8de382333c5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660534 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatCString r=joedrew!
322d3d456f5b4d5aa098d172c2d1cc7912e7cff6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660525 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatString r=joedrew!
72400ce3811c629a510f61346f5c4e32b4e225a7Daniel Holbert — Bug 662242: Swap out the old nsIURL IID for the new one, in nsBinaryInputStream::ReadObject. r=bz
0da6a98044d549d13c0f2e1b0d1ca0d715ecaec9Daniel Holbert — Bug 662685: Add parens around "||" condition in txTransformNotifier::SignalTransformEnd to fix logic (& fix build warning). r=bz
05c78fa039f041ddd84fb8ca26159c49677a60daEd Morley — Bug 549291 - Remove leftovers from MOZ_STATIC_COMPONENTS; r=ted
972980426471d0442625001ef58e6553a439dff1Ed Morley — Bug 659997 - Remove typo'd ENVIRONMENT_MAC_OS_X_VERION_MIN_REQUIRED define; r=ted
6f4fca6a9369b056cd1f72a08b570332a172a013Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 662754 - Remove javascript.options.mem.gc_frequency. r=igor
5cc60351be1afadf407d31e0067f5c68aa328f5dOleg Romashin — Bug 654117 - libXt library is not needed for Qt firefox. r=ted
26a8cb0976099cb0fba73402fb0a4ec6a6bc6b2bRandell Jesup — Bug 173561: move magic mask constant for nsIRequest into IDL file. r=biesi
a23d0f7e3e1314d2ffe127054e5c25807ae0b7a2Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 653133 - reftest for huge background-attachment:fixed image [r=roc]
02ee55e79f8bf611f8d39f684639cf391372da4aMatt Brubeck — Bug 662974 - browser_viewport.sjs is needed by browser_thumnails.js [r=mfinkle]
48c18df52de532bc179ae82fae11a754901bed8cMatt Brubeck — Bug 661816 - Disable failing part of browser_awesomescreen.js test [r=mfinkle]
476ba7167bbe974dcadbea09c72a8b9bbb20b59bJoel Maher — Bug 659315 - move content/base/test/*.xul to mochitest-chrome. r=jonas, a=test-only
38f213874df7c2173cb50f542774210f7c81a048Joel Maher — Bug 659263 - move content/xul/*.xul tests from mochitest-plain to mochitest-chrome. r=bzbarsky, a=test-only
85394deb049d95bdd47048c1fad49a0ac8874490Joel Maher — Bug 653145 - move layout/xul/base/test/* mochitests to mochitest-chrome to avoid enablePrivileges. r=bzbarsky, a=test-only
63a285db615c52b0d17b46c07bc71f69814c7c4fHonza Bambas — Backout of changeset 701b76c4e716
701b76c4e716be05b8bb769c9b1fc8b183946642Honza Bambas — Bug 658894 - Collect basic telemetry for HTTP requests and page load, r=jduell
8f30c4d067247eb2bc255ae171e948ed09ce9ff7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 662243 (Hook up more a11y classes to CC). r=davidb, r=surkov.
c6b2050b04ef112c3d581787c74525068ba9b4f9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 658632 (Provide easy way to add non-leaky classinfo to JS components). r=gavin.
acd3f233289bf9cfaf589dfc48fcc68177f9648bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 658637 (Traverse/unlink IDBRequest::mTransaction). r=sicking.
5229dcb709891cfcbd4b119821bbce136f5a3a24Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 659580 (Flush CanvasImageCache on shutdown). r=roc.
a03bb9c49e4232a7a4ffb68dc056e55cfd455867Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
1ef9f5d0795b326a4558d1f8613fe00afb6981b4Marco Bonardo — Bug 593566 - Bookmarks with blank names are exported as garbage.
00caba77e0f93f1412081db085b26ce684c1c5fcPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 660753 - Don't spin the event loop in the history tracker. r=rnewman
5cb0cca95254020b769f315bf8f6fc548537b176Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 633266 - nsINavHistoryObserver: also pass in GUID whenever we pass in a URI. r=mak
c8b4de69103695b95a0d32ef741d5a98468a2effPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 633266 - nsINavHistoryObserver: also pass in GUID whenever we pass in a URI. r=mak sr=rstrong
78012c46e991066ac09e4d93d6b34916d2a7ab96Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 633266 - nsINavHistoryObserver: also pass in GUID whenever we pass in a URI. r=mak
e1789ade94d552ffb9a7a190f1dedacb51dec695ithinc — Bug 606884 - Remove the Places controller on view uninit.
78026ebff8b30fb515d675b68a90ec1dc8ab80ffAlexander Surkov — Bug 546812 - treegrid row has accessible name of tree accessible, r=tbsaunde
7479151a437aa2dec9a328bf742e7b48fe763414Dão Gottwald — Remove redundant Cc/Ci declarations from browser chrome tests. DONTBUILD
5795ed49996d0a77fb79ee2126591eb15dd4d1c8Jonathan Kew — Bug 661471. Part 7: Only force GDI_CLASSIC rendering for specified fonts if a rendering mode has not been explicitly chosen in prefs. r=roc
91c6afbd9046752394cca1f2cc549b054e705194Jonathan Kew — Bug 661471. Part 6.3: Only force DW to use specific ClearType modes if ClearType is actually enabled. r=roc
8524ae3117e46b73f830b9cc240d2fca875f4e2dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 6.2: Handle dynamic changes to Cleartype enabled/disabled. r=jfkthame
3329c9d9a4ae99c8d65bf415828bc72ea3947dcdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 6.1: Expose cairo_win32_get_system_text_quality. r=jfkthame
3d475b3223654ec92aa27f925a27f7539ec95bf0Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 4: resolve paragraph on encountering line breaks in preformatted elements. r=roc
05de55d44dfef0a4a83a06b3579331862b94bb5dSimon Montagu — Crash test for bug 645193 by Jesse Ruderman
07c3c99413cd7005109e32b05f088368dfd4af30Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 263359
007a04736be82ecf5c4ef20061fff4012f553327Simon Montagu — Bug 263359/Bug 229367: resolve paragraph on encountering <br> or embedded block elements. r=roc
77f6221f3ed764e52c3cd69257d1ccf13bd7537dSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 229367 and bug 613157
a2450f7a0618511b84ba5a79b6f4eadce8efe52bSimon Montagu — Test for bug 650489 by Jesse Ruderman
afb2e4dc86c8cb7d9a204c5e9043c632d562c55cSimon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 2.5: cache lines per frame in TraverseFrames. r=roc
dc74911b2689cdcf6eb2423513c036fce868ae58Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 2: split nsBidiPresUtils::Resolve into Resolve and ResolveParagraph. r=roc
5c89349333812c612d5ef265f0d7843c397f8351Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 1.5: remove nsDirectionalFrame. r=roc
f2072cae59b54788cdb287420f43c409fe2aaf47Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 1: refactor bidi resolution code, combining InitLogicalArray and CreateBlockBuffer. r=roc
0417dfeeb4407948353f331368e8e433f61e0019Kyle Huey — Bug 660580: Use fallible allocators in RasterImage to store source data. r=joe
79dcf187987c692a8d821a6d8a7035aa9b4d8d23Kyle Huey — Bug 662930: Consolidate IDB structured clone serializations/deserializations. r=bent
60b4d8afcfa9b36162db5290a33ca762d3cf59e2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 654573 - asyncClose() a DB connection in about:permissions, to avoid crashes in about:memory, telemetry and Test Pilot. r=mak.
4e1615f711e24f76533482ef0849c31395014677Cameron McCormack — Bug 647213 - Clean up minidumps from process_error.xul. r=cjones
3a509617644e2b4530e585a7fa920a2f7a84bb31Ehsan Akhgari — Merge cedar into mozilla-central
31ea40628d483252166a695ed7887756924978aeKyle Huey — Bustage fix for *nix platforms.
4e2b86b6025c899c9904e1cf8b43059a89f12a02Kyle Huey — Bustage fix for *nix platforms.
dd0a133916c7f6b9fd89bc2855ac607d9d0e1945Kyle Huey — Bug 661529: Make <canvas>.toDataURL more efficient by avoiding unnecessary copying/allocation. r=vlad
edaa20bfaffe35ec6abec28b1654eb2ff7b8828bKyle Huey — Bug 661529: Add NS_ReadInputStreamToBuffer to complement NS_ReadInputStreamToString. r=biesi
78b64bf8262221202ce7babeee0d8f46e680013cKyle Huey — Bug 661529: Add an API in xpcom/ for encoding input streams to base64. r=bsmedberg sr=bz
f9b7d8909b787bc1a3f6aa2203369ab182d82e55Sebastian Kromp — Bug 578564. Remove nsIFrameSetElement and just use nsHTMLFrameSetElement instead. r=bzbarsky
6ce2bc0be5d03710b83e9935d7d794e91a6e576bKyle Huey — Merge m-c to cedar again to bring over the fix for the android talos perma-orange.
ef7b40f47503c680cc11d90163c087794c1dff9eJosh Matthews — Bug 661998 - Fix risky use of nsITimer in xpcshell test. r=gavin
c3be577cd86a73e4abe755997c62ce960bf83058Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to cedar since I already pushed it in, and push what I actually wanted to push
c1e3ab99d34d642d03474a8f3596bf895c597aabJulian Reschke — Bug 507976: Check the anchor parameter while processing link header fields. r=bz
235fa8782613e929d9db65cf0c46856bbd137830Kyle Huey — Bug 662122: Add leak logging annotations to some WebSockets classes. r=mcmanus
ffead16f25ebc157ebb44189579979f6170baba9Kyle Huey — Bug 622315: Refuse to navigate if a navigation is already pending. r=bz
ea5ed0f2a95226b6a3c68076241ca18c437bd41bKyle Huey — Bug 662200: Regression test.
580ddd2f126774228abb97938f7c04473197df75Kyle Huey — Bug 662200: Update the session history object for reloads. r=bz
a7546cc8c2eedf4c4b8db10961eb73055b9adfb1Boris Zbarsky — Add test for bug 200089.
f4af0c31419335f1b961e63088260d11264327edEd Morley — Bug 469499 - Remove MOZ_MACBROWSER ifdefs; r=bsmedberg
ef59fe81e9435e30d0e1459c2ca376ace5027659Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — bug 619356 - About:config not refreshed when prefs changed, if filter active and sorted by 'status' column, r=neil
dc3780dd8a43feb076131bf1b9398b3e4c5b1c81Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 311007 - Add onLocationChange2 which distinguishes between same-document and different-document location changes to web progress listeners. r=smaug, sr=bzbarsky
d9c15147d35d36a47eeb353393e441be8039d3eaDaniel Holbert — Bug 661967: Remove never-read local variable from nsIOService::GetProtocolHandler. r=bz
4f650a5e0488042cbc284ac2c1617f87714c4291Ed Morley — Bug 655011 - Remove WinCE code from libpref; r=bsmedberg
908c1f8dd2cab85f57010d11619b31e7ce452d33Edward Lee — Bug 662355 - Component returned failure code 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) @ [extensions.xml::toggleOptions]. Set optionsURL to "" if undefined so it doesn't get read out by the binding as "undefined". r=mfinkle
daf167d2e21ef389dcc4a221cc7d8d7b5913f1d7Chris Pearce — Bug 655648 - Don't enqueue expired theora frames. r=roc
90ab2594811ba4bbd76b41289c9cb237f8b79ad4Josh Aas — Bug 660989: Make NPPVpluginWantsAllNetworkStreams work with OOP plugins. r=bsmedberg
6a90d831b11cbfc16ab381606d59b43aab22884eJustin Lebar — Bug 660335 - Backing out e0cf03a641cf and a968740930d3 due to red.
e0cf03a641cf35493b27138685a0496661568689Justin Lebar — Bug 660335 - Followup to fix red.
a968740930d3bfc22e9c3dd75b35d95697b0791fJustin Lebar — Bug 660335 - Force nsID to align to 64-bit boundary. r=bsmedberg
21bd522611ea0c2e8fe71d0b9cd0485414b382b0Justin Lebar — Bug 662170 - Navigating to anchor '#' should scroll to top of the page. r=bz
ddf82c182c85c69bffdb89dcf0fd0f4788c9ab95Benjamin Stover — Bug 657769 nsIDOMWindowUtils.FindElementWithViewId uncaught exception r=mbrubeck
c7113f78446bf09c1fca2c7b4481c770f1a3d86aBenjamin Stover — Bug 658076 nsSubDocumentFrame uses content to get docshell r=bz
452c49cd23c97942a22967599e26611ffd18717dBenjamin Stover — Bug 658065 Fix some warnings in mochitest harness r=ctalbert
b9354cf9282d8b4f8fae3bf43144e3bcf0e6c592Patrick McManus — Bug 662554 - Make websocketestablishedconnection getinterface and close() check mOwner != nsnull r=biesi
6031f209f2dfab13884d80b64444d07eae447ecaKyle Huey — Backout the backout. This is an infrastructure issue, not an issue with the code in this CLOSED TREE.
dbade3c7ec03fa3372c067ce65f9d48897eaac38Kyle Huey — Merge backout on this CLOSED TREE
a7eb0646a1b2a24e8e5672c90f3782b535176658Kyle Huey — Back em out on this CLOSED TREE for causing tinderbox to report mochitest-browser-chrome is failing
dd46dcb7441a042af546a627400d053e8ccdeda6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 662191 XUL listbox shouldn't be scrolled by pixel scrolling event r=smaug+enn
010b739902864d9092c2b673b74f4d07191cc841Blair McBride — Bug 660732 - about:support "Try updating your graphics driver" should link to instructions. r=gavin
a58cdcdcac5fd5fc2a6872779f18e6825d80df03Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
ee2caae41309666fc950e889e1641787efdfa5f8Marco Bonardo — Bug 659335 - Learn More links are broken in sync discovery dialogs.
79dcd5e5a6f418e5393110a5fc79664b32a36513Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
382193f2726e5c2a5748504c218d783b9d5e585fMarco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
3d44f5e7e1d06d63188e5e1bda3ad9229d1f18ddMarco Bonardo — Bug 661135 - Minor performance improvements to autocomplete queries.
8b9ce2b1e438d66b8c20a8972a8aa779942898e2Marco Bonardo — Bug 659740 - Frecency update causes SQL sort warning.
04753538e3b651e18970866f3ab332e81a14c4f0Marco Bonardo — Bug 556721 - Remove flaky timeout from browser_library_panel_leak.js.
a2f4b2f633933742178260809605b856dc516a93Marco Bonardo — Bug 556721 - Cleanup test_update_frecency_after_delete.js and test_412132.js
0b370bace7fb39f0c22c2b953c04d4a76818023aMounir Lamouri — Bug 350022 (2/2) - Tests. r=bz
5de9698778f593cc2d924c18d6fbbce7a04edbbeMounir Lamouri — Bug 350022 (1/2) - Don't save a radio button state if the user didn't interact with the group. r=bz
571b534acde91ee4cb00dfd57ba313a82929158bPatrick McManus — Bug 662414 - Provide error page for new necko error NS_ERROR_CORRUPTED_CONTENT. r=jduell
8199563892a39a896d8cf17fa31d7fc7a6b0c04aJesse Ruderman — Bug 659825 - Rename NS_DEPRECATED to MOZ_DEPRECATED to avoid conflict with Mac 10.7 SDK. r=jcranmer sr=bsmedberg
dd319f22d679d224e9a1ec70a4ececb2566840d7Brad Lassey — Bug 661472 - fix building with crash reporter disabled. r=dougt
d799c168c98d862093c9b57fff799c617cd2b4a1Dão Gottwald — fix JS error "onwizardfinish is not defined" in browser_bug435788.js
09c52746c87abae83e9c3219b75cab7d040bfc49Mark Finkle — Bug 662101 - Support simple console.trace() in Fennec [r=wjohnston]
830f03c194a9b91242e08e269bbd85c6e4c9a54cMark Finkle — Bug 661889 - Wrap notification buttons onto a second row instead of cropping the overflow [r=vingtetun]
ac8fceaec76c3c9d0d79b87a1ef3d937ec69f043Jeff Walden — Add a RangedPtr constructor accepting an array as a shorthand for RangedPtr(arr, N). rs=luke
21ab818fcdf6816654c2abe64e774b5a6529db2aJeff Walden — Bug 662001 - Use RangedPtr<T> in one location outside js/src/ to verify that mfbt/RangedPtr.h is usable by non-JS code. r=bz
739c0fd21cccb1eae3de374b6d39616048be2e28Jeff Walden — Bug 662001 - Move js::RangeCheckedPointer<T> to mozilla::RangedPtr<T>, make it no longer implicitly convert to T*, and adjust users accordingly. r=cjones
955cb37c90b581fcf4ff0a9c7228abf27413c03aWes Johnston — Bug 653141 - Disable locale picker until talos test profiles are updated. r=mfinkle
bfd819293f59c0f7fde2e377867dfd80ea8ded33Wes Johnston — Bug 658054 - Remove firstrun pages. r=mfinkle
fc090d032d45843271be9419ee852870900340c7Wes Johnston — Bug 653141 - Allow language choice on first-run. r=mfinkle
b42bd885a3d59e9796dc289a73a76e4191e2fdb9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 653141 - Changing locales should be instant. r=bsmedberg
d076126a9325cb1c19dfb23c3c6e337ddfe10734Oleg Romashin — Bug 594418 - GLDefs.h GLsizeiptr, GLintptr gl types definition conflicts with khronos gl types r=bjacob
8b3b1f9c132ed27dd10bdfe4244f6b27fb389354Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 662126 - Audit ConfirmEx callers to ensure that aCheckState is not an uninitialized PRBool r=bz
dd3de318717fc2318d789ddbbc590bf0e15f9222Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 658351 - Add extra assertions to jsval.h to check for malformed JSBools r=bz
4a87e9b7cc968b5b4d86dfd41d93d287de77ae9aBenoit Jacob — Bug 656277 - Prevent loading WebGL textures from cross-domain images - r=bzbarsky, a=jpr
827d5938a23e17a10dea35ef6227656b7a2ee692Daniel Veditz — bug 662309 speedbumps for archive formats, r=bsmedberg
33fd438b74ad48c3c3d8890dc1f2de80321b27b9Kyle Huey — Bug 662403: Fix reftest-analyzer and leak-gauge to not use removed nsIDOMFile methods. r=bz
17dacc2cf5ae987e130ad27066a81818f028ae56Kyle Huey — Bug 622403: Fix reftest analyzer and leak gauge to not use remove File object methods. r=bz
7f4c811a19f59742adaefc2a6b00677f2ea64792Geoff Lankow — Bug 653637 - Align detail view labels properly in the add-on detail view; ui-r=Boriss, r=dtownsend
a44485cd16827d2a7c20aa6f2d6aef16b64cc9a9Randell Jesup — Bug 125608: Reduce size of nsStandardURLs by average of 27+ bytes. r=bz
e37998002eb52c1d5cf48619d0e78ba719b41467Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 653133 - Crashtest for huge background-attachment:fixed background [r=cjones]
04ba4b847cbadbf30e4b8547d98ca4f6629f1e4fTatiana Meshkova — Bug 653133 - Recover PRPackedBools order [r=roc]
2e45e66a92000ea9b4c1fe309e26c485a5f5016aDão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - remove event listeners in browser chrome tests
7d641625692faeeb3d97bfd02b785ceb425addfaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 661101 fix a nit of 9014863a7e2a in widget/src/os2/nsDeviceContextSpecOS2.cpp r=roc DONTBUILD
716fe9b93db598fe749b71c58c27d80737bcdfb7Raymond Lee — Bug 628061 - Panorama button should reflect the number of groups before Panorama has launched r=ian
f2cb2a8f5814b89e54d08dc3dd350cff521afd1bRaymond Lee — Bug 656913 - Search results show wrong (old) tab title r=ian
d473dbe99395d981f65ca6235552e6177c7fbe7bTim Taubert — Bug 662117 - Intermittent browser_tabview_bug598375.js | Test timed out; f=raymond, r=ehsan
a4460d173d9af75c52ff2c75f55601bdb5ce9c3bMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
53abbc401888e9234469a71bee4e902d4130170bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 650522 - Test handling of host names with a single character before a dot correctly; r=dwitte
61bc35b9ea8a2ab0f188357826a8d33e6ba7989cDaniel Holbert — Bug 662094 followup: Fix incorrect nsresult in previous patch (to get sameExceptHashes=false, when mCurrentURI is null). r=bz
e719f1ff8edc6018f3a2fe02f24bf3709d027c43Daniel Holbert — Bug 662094: Don't call nsContentUtils::SplitURIAtHash on null nsDocShell::mCurrentURI, to fix spammed NS_ENSURE_* warning at startup. r=bz
0818a45090cc0167f4f85828e957731d0f0f58b7Daniel Holbert — Bug 662089: Make text after #endif in nsObjectFrame.cpp into a comment, to fix build warning. r=roc
cb1d77b085de42e7bd171d0d42012f8d16a9ed12Bjarne — Bug 622357 - HttpChannel::SetCacheTokenCachedCharset() fails if cache-entry is unavailable. r=bz
a2007c44b66987867bace81ea725b8170797b8f2Florian Quèze — Bug 661288 - Check mark not visible when hovering a disabled checked menuitem. r=dao
66cbdac564691a2b69c6a6470f4866d4ce9645c6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 661101 backout a part of 9014863a7e2a which was included to the mq file unexpectedly
9014863a7e2a93d4a45c8ff09e73bfdff58ba292Masayuki Nakano — Bug 661101 widget should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc
f4321cdcef371260055dcf51ad195d2c69603228Michael Ventnor — Bug 659549 - Tab bar scrolling using arrow buttons should use mozRequestAnimationFrame r=dao
4e8a47715c3fdb61929eeb7d5e05fcf5829026e5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660524 - Useless use of PromiseFlatString, r=surkov
85420161e336c3c557c2b1375a988970eb362cc1Alexander Surkov — Bug 659633 - don't traverse into XUL tree children when accessible tree is created, r=tbsaunde, f=marcoz
88a8177cf3581b250a4c75a2b575068638c3cb68Alexander Surkov — Bug 660153 - comb next/prev accessible methods, r=tbsaunde
98ba431916e488bc3c827f949a02035adf04fc7eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 658814 - move gfx/surface/* reporters out of the "explicit" group to avoid double-counting of some meomry bytes and subsequent negative values in about:memory. r=jmuizelaar.
3589f8cefd83e1000c78b0514c0b9d6bf36b3b98Chris Leary — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central.
01459cfa4b93cb16463927e1c37586ea0d319c93Chris Leary — Followup fix for merge, fix ifdef directive.
fa5ba0ebb032970e54baebb0ce06654b914818bbChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
7e6f3b1796441e3cb3a2ae87d43bf793a46580a3timeless — Bug 620182 [@ QuoteString | DecompileSwitch] when JSVAL_IS_DOUBLE(key) and SprintDoubleValue fails due to oom
38f994208a4698546db7b9ea6bb49a96b0587211Ed Morley — Bug 316661 - Remove null-checks before delete: Part B; r=pbiggar,brendan,bzbarsky
ea71b04c158be85de4f29b753ef3f76dcc7d3392Alon Zakai — Bug 644241 followup for compiler warning
33570e1ea60f95f016f9e4ddba4c33a53436c2b1Alon Zakai — Bug 644241, part 2: Disabling OOMing tests. r=igor
707cefa3447802a06d88027fe454d95c99a9bc43Alon Zakai — Bug 644241, part 1 - Remove script stack quota. r=igor
31a757125589931622adc96a217acc30542b4d8bChris Leary — Bug 576828: Test self-referential backreference. (r=dmandelin)
eac7f013bacc500836d67c9ea107f714aac7197bChris Leary — Bug 661770: Avoid call overhead atomizing from js_AtomizeChars. (r=njn)
3ab18e7ea3d57983f4e94486067a7a4a4852183bChris Leary — Bug 661770: Make shell's compile builtin compile-and-go. (r=dvander)
85083c2d1f32cbc0ce4a278f640901f8e9cba499Bill McCloskey — Bug 660778 - Deal with stack overflow in UnmarkGrayChildren (r=gal)
bf418b38bfe37cc9fdb7f7455a5d5faaf6bd5f0dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 546477 - add explicit/js/stack memory reporter. r=luke.
7a8dc72beb430c113aca7c080fc43bf7531370f1Phil Ringnalda — Interim bug 660497 bustage fix, use $(OS_TARGET) until ANDROID is usable as a makefile define
c72fed47c034c9aa4fa7f2a6c4d170615b2eec26Luke Wagner — Dial down recursion in new test added by abd2dcd555f4 so as to not chew up so much C stack when the mjit is disabled (r=orange)
abd2dcd555f45b539b63f5ad0943803b7253dc88Luke Wagner — Bug 538293 - remove inlineCallCount and this STACK_QUOTA silliness (r=dvander)
c8e12e8c281bcf1d0490a577bc56807877716990Luke Wagner — Bug 656171 - Just remove this mutual subsumption assertion; with document.domain it's not strictly true (r=mrbkap)
b4ddabc55995331000b1b7e8bbfc74d918e7e330Bill McCloskey — Fix jstest timeouts caused by patch for bug 650978
558cb6730fbd2fb4ec77f2b9e548077c237181f6Gregor Wagner — Bug 660329 - GC: add reason for GC to GCTimer. r=igor
14f91384ce26c59ee30d0866c405e4184c392068Brian Hackett — Fix bug 650673, r=dmandelin.
278195e0f9f90193f1803c694c0409eaf12bb77cIgor Bukanov — bug 656261 - followup to fix compilation warning
a4eae71fad7aa4d209ef98224f30c408a33c00d3Paul Biggar — Bug 660668: Fix Shape::search() assertion after OOM (r=nnethercote)
d6987081e730802b4331e7e82f0fa4aafb9c1443Paul Biggar — Bug 660630: Only error once in OOM in NewCompartment (r=igor)
81b599833d741069090e25974839436009fe1265Paul Biggar — Bug 660610: Don't double-free execAlloc_ after OOM. (r=nnethercote)
b0d93728d58c7021edab3a2f08bd7fbbc3177b6fIgor Bukanov — bug 656261 - better GC arena layout. r=wmccloskey
b36861bd7a01dabcf875f11e1e2ae50a0b370f31Bill McCloskey — Bug 650978 - Add gczeal setting to GC on every allocation (r=gwagner)
596dca744a3768eba04cab3e3dbe186d39f10117Bill McCloskey — Bug 652985 - Use off-the-books malloc in DumpHeap (r=pbiggar)
f8c79845996f59017c26a77bfbac255858ae172bMakoto Kato — Bug 660591 - Bug 625600 causes bustage on Win64. r=dmandelin
bc0af1e619586063bd1710ed0d28f3e5ee0844f2John Ford — bug 629194 - stop clobbering fennec packages in makefiles r=mfinkle
a0f2364ea669a690bfde0789013dd63500c02609Justin Lebar — Bug 660930 - Force InlineGetProp to be inlined. r=dmandelin
a4a11ea5646c047585d2baf092fa447d53e5a0cbIgor Bukanov — bug 660783 - JSClass::trace hooks must allow for calls from any thread. r=bent
131a5a94e29acf77e38ef2d91476532e8f6db9b3Igor Bukanov — bug 660430 - do not call the security manager during GC-marking of GC wrappers. r=gal
4e334541e5216a5347ef03e5791d5042f142b529Luke Wagner — Fix so that -g works again (rs=dmandelin)
e0ca895fde7e3b047e04eacff9eccb965d706c3fGregor Wagner — Bug 658041 - Stack based marking for JSRopes. r=igor
26967952b740a408cc718ec94a2bc9f222fa6c0dDavid Mandelin — Remove some stray Ctrl-M characters
0bc724be8dafd50f8416f27631956955a08a1cb9timeless — Bug 619794 DECOMPILE_CODE leaks xval on failure in Decompile
3277b00008893a6b661fa01d22500aaedce99f2atimeless — Bug 620251 js_CurrentThread and friends should have AndLockGC in their name
21d23a346b22533477b181d39441a07956375f59timeless — Bug 621153 Add JS_ALWAYS_TRUE markers to ValueToNumber() for cases where it should be so
200fb5d19aa6dc1583fca4c01563ea41d97818c3Jan de Mooij — Bug 624298 - Add an IC for JSOP_CALLNAME. r=dvander
3476e2f644a8cf01a025a5ec78fab535b9a43a3eLuke Wagner — Bug 656490 - Fix direct-eval assert (r=dmandelin)
64cd255ac8511c757ff3fa9b6c78de70c59d5893David Mandelin — Bug 656282: Remove redundant declaration that causes an MSVC warning, r=luke
2781c17e531d5ebf154dc220ca8ba002ad37ece0Chris Leary — Bug 657537: clean up jschar inflation/deflation. (r=Waldo)
6c5ed6692f96e481376e0f81110934c3cb13a3f4Jim Blandy — (no bug): Fix comments referring to allocation policies defined in jstl.h --- they're now in jsalloc.h.
3783e5f4a4173c87edf4f82b675d8ce0f7981902Luke Wagner — Bug 659462 - remove no-op JS_ClearNewbornRoots and uses in xpconnect (r=mrbkap)
7e7cf9bc4cc8df1af1fe159281fc9730194bfdb1Paul Biggar — Bug 634711 - Use nanojit::BitSet instead of avmplus::BitSet. r=nnethercote.
8b82f76719c675b837d5deb1cd480270814dd9dfNicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
4f0d0485e678919a24e5470e524849a2258291d3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634711: add BitSet::resetAndAlloc(). r=pbiggar.
c3499d9cf12d9d7279c8dbd2bbeb189d536d055cMakoto Kato — Bug 576247 - asm_stkarg not implemented for x86_64. r=edwsmith
35aa069725306b96ad4a06fed444f8abeaa922d4Paul Biggar — Bug 634711 - Remove BitSet implementation from avmplus.h, because it's a duplicate of the one in Containers.h. r=nnethercote.
9c89c79056c71ac87f0771207dde0010c5a1dd66Ed Morley — Bug 656017 - Re-remove WinCE ifdef from js/src/vprof/vprof.cpp (was incorrectly added by bug 644900). r=jorendorff.
35706009a1e470e8b3d5d9333468cf28ead1e5c0William Maddox — Bug 658389 - Make sure branch and delay slot remain contiguous in function epilogue [] (r=wmaddox)
1f1727d34d7adea6263dc49deb6eb91fb625d13bJacob Bramley — When NJ back-tracks _nIns in the ARM back-end, back-track _nInsAfter too. [bug 658526] [r=nnethercote]
a163ff4b8bf18e77dd44cb9577aa423ef174811fRick Reitmaier — Bug 609393 - resourceConsistencyCheck x87 stack assert can fire (r+wmaddox)
c8695a65e1e74ed04648564fb9f730a32e428aedDavid Mandelin — Bug 625600 followup: attempt to fix Android build
036db2581cd116fd25c410759ef156f2aa7a4ca6David Mandelin — Backout merge
5ac8e5857fed8944f3bb43227d40a69b78744237David Mandelin — Backed out changeset 6f4ca81b13d5 -- was temporary diagnostic
87cb1807aab9a1e8fc775370849434dc0bf7e176Igor Bukanov — bug 658864 - preventing GC when reporting OOM on other threads. r=anygregor
6f4ca81b13d57b4b2e816d485d67ef0cff214692David Mandelin — Diagnostic for failing Android build
46a2d2d34ecf3c46f970acd7a4d2dfe6d3824dc7Tom Schuster — Bug 608823. Speed up bitops on doubles. r=dvander
f9a076b48c322467ac4ebe1011bb72ce35b354deSteve Fink — Test for bug 638178 - new feature getExecutableLines (r=timeless)
1711f5b58ab8e99a51e8860f9abb4448729eef42Steve Fink — Bug 638178 - Add jsdIScript.getExecutableLines for fast identification of breakable lines (r=timeless)
cc36a234d0d6835b469e6b3fcfcd589e86e066e8David Mandelin — Bug 625600: Update Yarr import to WebKit rev 86639, r=cdleary,dvander
fe3c9a76eeae7eccae5f105e4b9b44edb030ef7cDavid Mandelin — Backed out changeset 10b4c261e3d0 -- Tracemonkey tinderbox is stricter than try
10b4c261e3d0169589ad77a65e1ddb01c568f1a1David Mandelin — Bug 625600: Update Yarr import to WebKit rev 86639, r=cdleary,dvander
68bc1acb7f3e98abfb4c69d108085a764d31df53Jan de Mooij — Bug 658968 - Don't clobber Registers::ReturnReg in emitStubCmpOp and jsop_relational_double. r=dvander
b9a23bc89996f5a8b4387644134bd2825aad9617Paul Biggar — Bug 651595: Reinstate call to JSSourceHandler registered with JS_SetSourceHandler (r=dmandelin)
dba38247d6917e86546ca9316ce6a70c4a09960cSteve Fink — Backout 8d39d7a5b85c
4e09a58a4972c55c64274d592e2d8b260efa5633Steve Fink — Backout 6358f05bdd6d
4d3b321e2559354bb07c80b8dfe6aa56818bcc4dDavid Mandelin — Bug 655368: Use Spidermonkey delete methods, r=gal
6358f05bdd6d38a5ae57fd65c989aa0bd339a04eSteve Fink — Test for bug 638178 - new feature getExecutableLines (r=timeless)
8d39d7a5b85ceb6b6dbae9c8297fc26cbc92381fSteve Fink — Bug 638178 - Add jsdIScript.getExecutableLines for fast identification of breakable lines (r=timeless)
80231df12d57f15797eaf0614c8b0146b193a7b2Steve Fink — Fix comment referring to "main thread" (r=comment-only)
b8cf3d4c41ae67b310bfbe29277b06aa77146177Igor Bukanov — bug 658510 - eliminating JSCOMPARTMENT_NEW and associated compartment initialization race. r=mrbkap
60d467ab6b6981ef5901c684d130479f7f62694bBlake Kaplan — Bug 657292 - Don't create Xray wrappers in debugger compartments. r=gal
259c617984553e903da2e2a41d19fbff7002c1ffBlake Kaplan — Disable this test on Android as well since it's broken in Electrolysis. r=vingtetun
18bfc77155aa37a80f28eda1992091027bde896cBlake Kaplan — bug 658560 - Don't call WaiveXray on an object that's already in the right compartment as that will leak the WaiveXrayWrapperWrapper to the calling JS code. r=gal
a23ec764cccd7a86bf1fae63140270a3efade4e9David Mandelin — Backed out changeset 119f17b3f03a -- still failing TB
119f17b3f03a99ce745b0e526cc6b438b7223167David Mandelin — Bug 625600: Update Yarr import to WebKit rev 86639, r=cdleary,dvander
a8f70e9ae893e06eb55640c0558b0384a9cc17a7David Mandelin — Backed out changeset 195f8cf8758f due to ARM bustage
195f8cf8758f1f579e54749606c5891c857111a3David Mandelin — Bug 625600: Update Yarr import to WebKit rev 86639, r=cdleary,dvander
6422857800fe9194cc9a4795e537f30b98e7b2c6David Mandelin — Backed out changeset de6dfe16fd91 due to Linux/Mac build bustage
de6dfe16fd9101ef92be8fc017f7b79896b66b55David Mandelin — Bug 625600: Update Yarr import to WebKit rev 83339, r=cdleary,dvander
0da3c586a67c48c5cc5440176deb7e08091a31b3Chris Leary — Remove accidental file addition. (r=khuey)
e80af925c117594e5440c780074d46f7cf59ee3fBrian Hackett — Add test, bug 614688. r=Waldo
b69d30cc0b245728043df05249d39877db2d71d7Kyle Huey — Bug 662125: Fix nsDocShell::ConfirmRepost to initialize a PRBool before passing it through XPConnect. r=bz
fd50260987f4f80b5eebedc7d4d0f4b55d85684fMatt Brubeck — Bug 661351 - Clean up code that worked around bad values from PR_GetPhysicalMemorySize [r=mak]
0c6e91c6f6917c44db0434e6d44b29683323fa01Margaret Leibovic — Bug 661823 - Ctrl+F shouldn't work to open Find toolbar in about:permissions and should work to close existing Find bar. r=gavin
7c736690d72d84c86763c8a57bb10a3db09dd388Margaret Leibovic — tests for Bug 661819 - Values for All Sites in about:permissions displays last selected site's values. r=gavin
e235aa1ea83422a988bb30099b48adfa7cbbc211Margaret Leibovic — Bug 661819 - Values for All Sites in about:permissions displays last selected site's values. r=gavin
d5c9b938802fb95af408234e676c263ce7e1965fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 661791 - Rectify wording of "Clear all cookies" button in about:permissions to match the "Remove all cookies" button. r=gavin
780fb17abc1ef6ef1660b7bfbc26597749b7c7feJacek Caban — Bug 661517 - nsWebSocketHandler.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64 r=mcmanus DONTBUILD
caf81a228fff6685fc6f673251ada3f0f300b109Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 656773 - Separate the process and the path in nsIMemoryReporter so that about:memory works in private browsing mode. r=sdwilsh, sr=roc.
068197c2a88ec96bf0e40f369dc482b3e62eb63cKyle Huey — Back out Bug 622315 due to Bug 662200.
6538a7bba28b6cca133bcc2f761b7095f0db4ab5Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 52b9e864be0e due to Bug 662200.
24e35780bd8f8ca2763b4dad8f6c79cc849457d5Benoit Girard — Asynchronous layer-based plugin painting on Mac b=598425 r=roc,josh
52b9e864be0eec472a1a450c95306f037e931bebKyle Huey — Bug 622315: Refuse to navigate if a navigation is already pending. r=bz
1dec937dfbb64510d1acd48badfed563840c946dKyle Huey — Bug 661876: Remove obsolete nsIDOMFile methods/properties. r=sicking
64dd0ffff3f20f2ec4a8c7b0c0734d9cb274d046Kyle Huey — Bug 661876: Fix tests to avoid using obsolete nsIDOMFile properties/methods.
93911949517ca791ecc1749f199099154bc0a987Dão Gottwald — Bug 662155 - addTab should report the exception when loadURIWithFlags fails. r=gavin
e9a667cf1687a66c220906817e7a8dca249870a1Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
4bf1b8b34a61d5890f5a20b7eec7ba3cc45df6c6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612448 - Protect the progress listener object from being garbage collected too soon which could cause a test timeout; r=roc
385822ac7499c23cbf032ceb444d0ddc651829aeRafael Ávila de Espíndola — b=661145, r=bsmedberg Move the function declarations passed to AC_TRY_COMPILE out of the body of main.
243d48f724f0516888d56a721d6f6c0b26eb7c11Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 495577 - Rename the "Permanent Private Browsing mode" checkbox in the Privacy prefpane to better match the surrounding options; r=dao ui-r=faaborg
9cc9440cf6fb3c606d5e70cd482103c6c4ff9c90Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 660131 - Follow up fix. Include glib-object.h for disabling gconf. r=karlt
e4da046972684de715792a5bc2ed59085a33e965Tyler Downer — Bug 660746 - Fix another typo. r=gavin
4f9bbea16f75fc8f01851c069b3828d438790a39Phil Ringnalda — Bug 650691 - random-if the SVG object--auto reftests that are random-if(Android)
57bedceef8984fa6be3263227994add82b6d6e3cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 631844 - Should remove event listener for "load" event., r=dao
414add41a5f08a64cba315e11e1d2db226b1e149Phil Ringnalda — Bug 660714 - Remove Pinstripe's unused Secure-background.gif, r=dao
92851e263191a118c4a3c0b5267e3f75338cb282Phil Ringnalda — Bug 660710 - Stop jarring up a copy of mozicon128.png that aboutHome no longer uses, r=dao
f61efd0d321ccbbb15131f8f8d639af68ab606f1Kai Liu — bug 661869 - include Segoe UI in list of fonts rendered in GDI Classic mode. r=jfkthame
c5341e7b5179140bf4bbac37b7d9cbff69706e13Ms2ger — Bug 660539 - Remove nsIDOM3TypeInfo, schemaTypeInfo; r=sicking
b9f7b9d2f09e45be25fb69f61047ac59b60390cfMs2ger — Bug 635194 - Don't resolve body.background; r=bz
6f3a40e6c09800ee9f6086a81b47b7d8b18f1891Ms2ger — Bug 660669 - Remove nsHTMLDocument::OpenCommon; r=bz
f96c523a2178bd50b8527c8c4164eb59e3fe604eMs2ger — Bug 660663 - Make element.dir reflect like other reflecting enumerated attributes; r=bz
3205d1df9d35393031ebcab84e5cffc5a976767bMs2ger — Bug 660635 - Remove Notation; r=sicking
6ee7ab2989ba6869210fcfbe4c86998c22e137d9Robert Strong — Fix Mac universal xulrunner packaging for omnijar and appp update precomplete generation for Bug 653971 - Mac XULRunner packaging broken by bug 386760. r=nthomas, r=khuey
02d683d66b970732a56c767c7be204d211e2b3adJustin Dolske — bug 660585 -- add more debugging info to figure out why test_prompt.html makes philor so sad.
0cd7128926db5539d7105f340a442522dbef8ff7Justin Dolske — Replace some tabs with spaces.
574b55afc991879beef9eb9f59774f239acc56a6Benoit Girard — Bug 641227 - Crash in mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceParent::GetImage [@ mozilla::layers::MacIOSurfaceImageOGL::SetData ]
214ec6862ec5bc9ef467b64998e13924be049acdNeil Deakin — Bug 319929, initialize accessibility.accesskeycausesactivation preference properly, r=smaug
9c21ad3d7f72d57bf9472976787a483b76dcc4baNeil Deakin — Bug 554919, support panels which can dragged via their backgrounds, r=dao,smaug
e33afb655182e44bfa29fb46f981e93b093373d3Neil Deakin — Bug 577377, add a means to get the screen rectangle of a popup, r=neil
50103c9579b0c4270f6e46339bd93cc3f155ac1bNeil Deakin — Bug 637234, don't use readonly field for timepicker as they are initialized in this constructor, r=neil
e864474d74041f9d27b56c46a9bda4c5b8790cc1Chris Jones — Bug 598869: Test that using actors on non-main threads works
419406a98d100373071c0cc49a6d54aa2d68efb5Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 6: Test IPDL |opens|
d0f5d960ac9c03ec9018bc0f67faf6bbff26ec97Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 5: Generate C++ goop for creating |opens| channels. r=bent
267d4a65c25f7960139f7f976fd0d1cb8a7b4b5aChris Jones — Bug 613442, part 4: Library support of |opens| API. r=bent
71df5c4a5b01ab5f2b946d0efee486e2aba83a11Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 3: Add AsyncChannel::Echo() to allow sending a message back to the originating endpoint. r=bent
2d9aaa28ddfa45bdecec3f148159e093409ca222Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 2: Frontend tests
50002ea47d7626c56b5a4333913065a15dc95b43Chris Jones — Bug 613442, part 1: Frontend support for IPDL |opens|. r=bent
f821b1e1347801ebd544e68077ee6ea15a204b94Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part r: Test IPDL |bridge|
3bc8c3c8b75304e2f9c40b9e3ca29115ae63a88bChris Jones — Bug 564086, part q: Generate C++ goop for creating |bridge| channels. r=bent
d11b3f7ed46aa0ca0ba48afde08ab2e8a14a7c21Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part p: Library support of |bridge| API. r=bent
6588b377a600705e7bfffa8a1412646c47eeebe4Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part o: Use the existing IPC::Channel typedef in AsyncChannel. r=bent
804819e48cec3f1102883f0b6f5ec901c8e0458fChris Jones — Bug 564086, part n: Build new Transport code. r=bsmedberg
39217d4a17fbb820afaf1f9912499addb97b45a9Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part m: Windows impl of Transport API. r=bent
bfca3d0525da29cfb18fccb828f7ceccff283c7cChris Jones — Bug 564086, part l: POSIX impl of Transport API. r=bsmedberg
55159c6e44cb285217fb55a73617d6883a31cb73Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part k: API for creating new IPC "Transport" not tied to a ProcessHost. sr=bsmedberg
fed06cc42545f058b09c993ac7f48af23c2737b4Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part j: Add IPC::Channel support for getting OS-level pipe info and creating from existing pipe descriptors. r=bent
76bdbaa76db4cbee82c7f86620cc42569406a304Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part i: Add an (IPDL-private) interface for getting the underlying AsyncChannel from a top-level actor. r=bsmedberg
373bd1df397914fa375113355c1dfe7e52075647Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part h: One protocol can bridge multiple endpoints (oops!); add convenience process-graph querying functions. r=bent
c79e66766e15e4f44e5a169a68894bee75d00c6dChris Jones — Bug 564086, part g: Allow opening an AsyncChannel with an explicit parent/child "side" so that Transport::Connect can be called for parent-side channels that need it. r=bent
99517bc69c734a2cdee53a6023ea8b767080697cChris Jones — Bug 564086, part f: Compile IPDL specs in two passes so that the full process graph is available at codegen time. r=bsmedberg
89e1092dd8f5539ba5dcdad70768df6662f742baChris Jones — Bug 564086, part e: Allow IPDL/C++ tests to spawn subprocesses that speak protocols that are not unit tests in and of themselves. r=ted
cf1d7d3267747decb5fc0f8f5badfaf7eadc9d79Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part d: Emit common code for PFoo into PFoo.h and PFoo.cpp. r=bsmedberg
92f023b812b570e1e0d75c319f4c6380dd555999Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part c.1: Allow non-XPCOM processes (which don't use omnijar) to spawn other non-XPCOM subprocesses. r=glandium
72b8d4bd224a72a850352d05787bf4907c641d17Chris Jones — Bug 564086, part c: Remove dependency on XPCOM in subprocesses-spawning code. r=bsmedberg
bb9d620459b33bdfa7071219427b2cdf3c5482faChris Jones — Bug 564086, part b: Suppress some spurious static-ctor/dtor warnings in IPDL tests. r=bsmedberg
c445c7ba9a4ec40f727dc73976a36dcd1060ecc8Mark Finkle — Bug 661866 - Save sessionstore thumbnails in a separate file-based cache [r=vingtetun]
bcccd02b52945a80b4cc95cb17af75251cee71e4Tim Taubert — iQ.animate: only animate properties that are changing; f=raymond, r=sdwilsh
d77e733fc507a042785e53a06b4c8fc9cfee5d1fRaymond Lee — Bug 656488 - Command-H to hide app doesn't work when in Panorama r=ian
dd6b9fe6eea6b42e5a6d8fb09a1acf22a2db5516Gavin Sharp — Bug 658425: move password special-case handling to the Site object, r=margaret
bb805165115d89af1d7fa05e98d6624b67ac19e6Gavin Sharp — Bug 659972: remove channel switcher UI, but leave channel status text, r=margaret
3a8fdde338be70e6d558d6513b8a1ba4a1477ce5Gavin Sharp — Bug 658220: invoking bookmarklets by keyword should allow inheriting the current page's principal, r=dao
681978590fa6bc6be41d639f57e31f3a032d4403hiikezoe — Followup for Bug 660131, r=karlt
4a6c8415ae8ec0800b0de5a61a35fbfde271653aGeoff Lankow — Bug 653637 - Provide a simple way for addons to have preferences UI - Fix button styles; r=dtownsend
e931645d2923f1c88c7727945dcf491543c5f949Geoff Lankow — Bug 653637 - Changes to Gingerbread stylesheet; r=mark.finkle
ddf432ea3249835d1cc34f258299f4d8307f644bGeoff Lankow — Bug 653637 - Provide a simple way for addons to have preferences UI - Tests; r=dtownsend
e0620f11d5ee24fa8f8c670a9e64b8e9789d4d61Geoff Lankow — Bug 653637 - Provide a simple way for addons to have preferences UI - Part 2; r=dtownsend ui-r=jboriss
cdfc7faf382230e777f5908f6ac337a93c4ad7f0Geoff Lankow — Bug 653637 - Provide a simple way for addons to have preferences UI - Part 1; r=mark.finkle,dtownsend
9ceea224f535bf9f005d908895c9d85d4a1617e1Dave Townsend — Bug 658164: Don't allow "extension" as a valid add-on type in install.rdf. r=robstrong
f36255c3ad8897b91663a5b5136086792a375c1bPatrick McManus — Bug 661136 - websockets setuprequest in redirect path return not used r=beisi
17ff112d2cbaacdcc19dd85435b73626fd914cbdPatrick McManus — bug 660613 - websockets fix where platform has < 32bits of RAND_MAX r=biesi
46faa246d6af8c787a7b9e0d4cdae636a72dfa2cPatrick McManus — bug 597706 - test for double content length in response header r=jduell
414c88582e9f4d93b431641bfd1179b114ebad09Wesley Johnston — Bug 649983 - Use more vertical space for dialogs [r=mfinkle]
2476263bebb668f532a504e54ef476ba5f09abe9Doug Turner — Bug 661673 - Don't start the content child process when the preference "browser.tabs.remote" is false. r=mfinkle
e36cf5419cbf8102038a4c648c9d46fad205d309Vivien Nicolas — Bug 615223 - Remote webpages does not load if browser.tabs.remote is set to false [r=mfinkle]
8ff514789928d9ddc488ffc64f76a1f0dec2e143Vivien Nicolas — Bug 659649 - Suggestion popup is not dismissed if a suggestion is tapped [r=mfinkle]
9b389284b9749a4b57b0b7e46bef648551448380Vivien Nicolas — Bug 658727 - Error when dispatching a mouse event to an element that is hidden [r=stechz]
4ae2d7ea4ba926868e4b570ba33854bc3c7afd96Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
8877ab5935f095d9dedf838fa0d93a683cfbee61Mounir Lamouri — Bug 661292 - Make nsChangeObserver::ContentInserted not use the index parameter. r=joshmoz
b9924776a728064c9c32b058b29084a7c01d4646Mounir Lamouri — Bug 660586 - Prevent hangs when selecting a large number of files in MacOS X file picker. r=joshmoz
0dcb87dd99bd9aea6fcd02927422ed27db0ce2aaMounir Lamouri — Bug 661113 - Progress bars with -moz-orient: vertical should have vertical dimensions by default. r=roc
25e9a51b01be81568c8249507bc7114e9bd96d20Jacek Caban — Bug 652109 - SetProcessDPIAware is called regardless if the process is really DPI aware r=roc
964bfab70f87effd2d6c9a2080e2dca7148678daJosh Matthews — Bug 645532 - Make content process xpcshell print newlines. r=mrbkap
b8664f450508dddcb4338637b22ec6de60fd6bb0Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 660762 - Remove --disable-mathml support. r=roc
8fff6db8b016d614084af33ea2cfaff5dcb33624Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660568 nsImageFrame::IconLoad must call Preferences::RemoveObservers() r=roc
e05fed21ea3539bfc3b05e648556b307e8649f12Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660640 part.2 Fix wrong result at InitStaticMembers() failed r=roc
c2d3110ead013e9d97cd8594a62c19c360dc5b04Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660640 part.1 RemoveObserver(), RemoveObservers() and UnregisterCallback() shouldn't output warnings if it failed after shutdown r=roc
5b0986336b74c1b81206388533544e8bbb5a5ee3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660742 accessible should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc+davidb
8a133638f5b6ae3846d1e539a86553fead8187f9Benjamin Peterson — Bug 405300 - ignore transformation in isPointInPath(). r=joe sr=roc
c5aa6fb2f93772417edcbea56c11d00e9fbd6ee8Geoff Lankow — Bug 506069 - textbox with type=number does not properly update value for oninput event. r=enn
328bc4f3183ac5b12c7c9ddc05aaea8c4007ed45Dão Gottwald — Bug 661662 - Speed up the population of about:permissions' sites list. r=margaret
3cbab1bd4b14c5e7fb45a992449f716bd13a12b0Dão Gottwald — Bug 601917 - Trying to drag the empty part of a toolbar shouldn't throw an exception. r=enn
2b7732c590bd09d98b6130f0bcddfee331e44f26Dão Gottwald — Bug 660391 - gURLBar.formatValue fails when exiting print preview, due to the URL bar not having a frame. r=gavin
051b1bd21ae72bad98572335fda8acc233ce2e12Jonathan Kew — Bug 661471. Part 5: Fix reftests. r=roc
077b3514036d716867cc04435cdd1c43a8529299Robert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 4: Force DirectWrite to use 'GDI Classic' rendering for sans-serif 'core Web fonts' of size < 16 pixels. r=jdaggett,jfkthame
3ad038dfdd823ea415b3ed5cd209b5b31a81c443Robert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 3: Apply 'GDI Classic' prefs to @font-face local(). r=jdaggett,jfkthame
c79148810af9b2e3d176662c1fb677f1c709a0d8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 2: Add a pref to limit the forcing of 'GDI Classic' to a maximum font size. r=jdaggett,jfkthame
79f718b57c49f8c11e781dfe27af4da16befbd08Robert O'Callahan — Bug 661471. Part 1: Create preference to force particular font families to use 'GDI Classic' rendering with DirectWrite. r=jdaggett,jfkthame
a52b04dc29eade4541569171b9bb709838ed14f6Matt Brubeck — Bug 645725 - Fix for mobile browser-chrome tests [r=mfinkle DONTBUILD]
09aa6c7e58674b6e63c887e9a4df397eeb1cd06dMike Hommey — Bug 626035 - Modify the way arm compiler flags are set in configure. r=ted
6bb5f12c636fd96d330581685250fc41358f1ddcMike Hommey — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_8_9_BETA3 which includes bug 661351 and bug 626035
58b25606c6056bc91ffffca45acdf9b904c42733Mike Hommey — Bug 658251 - Fix MK{,C}SHLIB when using wrap-malloc. r=ted
16035907f7ed9b32909d23d248decbb7b2b07368Mike Hommey — Bug 649965 - Remove inlines on Elf_*::swap functions. r=tglek
790367ac8461b0a2d1671e32e52a1a5f00429b97Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 661426 - Fix wrong style sheet name in test_xulbrowser_plugin_visibility.xul. r=josh
e5d057de9c9f51d718d5bdc79657b29944469f41Michael Wu — Bug 661305 - Use telemetry to record crc32 matches/mismatches, r=taras
a5a1a64c111215633a289dafd78e055beaccfce7Michael Wu — Bug 661305 - Check crc32 on omnijar startupcache entries, r=taras
998d4edbf4b323e1766a292ec29ff4cf78b9fe52Taras Glek — Bug 659196 - Improve telemetry metadata, introduce simple counters r=Mossop
fabceeb16a3de2c8fda1872084f2dc92671f2ed0Taras Glek — Bug 661412: Update telemetry memory reporters r=njn
cd0fb5103ee9742f53760d12e58c1f3874c1b63bMark Finkle — Bug 612193 - Update App Menu related tests (tests only) [r=wjohnston]
ebf7f6d8e177791037042c9c89bead781e9a2ae7Mark Finkle — Bug 661284 - Blue selection color used in Gingerbread 'Find in Page input field' theme and content menu text color goes white [r=mbrubeck]
4ed9e3297485ae5a92a79adabbb5a79e273d5539Siarhei Siamashka — Bug 598736 - Use nearest scaling for video to avoid slowdown [r=mfinkle]
0526937cc481f375d8548456f23e8bf46b789ebbMatt Brubeck — Bug 645725 - Don't require two taps to open non-fullscreen Android keyboards [r=mfinkle]
647e11c0822a1d9e4a7149d7f7467451e84a4962Dave Townsend — Bug 661016: Add an ID to the detail rows to allow for overlaying. r=Unfocused
e3f863f8bf4afab968896fb1a835097779f124a7Dominic Fandrey — Bug 645398 - Substitute PR_(MAX|MIN|ABS|ROUNDUP) macro calls; r=roc
1f19c58519297d0a0ff772dfaad24914c8942de8Ms2ger — Bug 660657 - Make nsCSSRendering::Init return void; r=roc
5e556151026ca87fbc1fbcce9f79a540e8ab66a4Ms2ger — Bug 660604 - Remove nsIHTMLDocument::GetBodyContentExternal; r=jst
0ad16300542f69d7e7f93d05c2ba78016248f189Ms2ger — Bug 660694 - Fix comparisons between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsDOMBlobBuilder.cpp by using unsigned integers consistently; r=sicking
25508c9bd01ca596dd650ab51917e95b7d3b5eb3Ms2ger — Bug 629870 - Drop support for globalCompositeOperation=over,clear; r=sicking
d011353d17193a8620a4e7c53de6860bac752f1fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 660742 back out f81b4d9534f5
1e3b54a0191393b5d845f78072e8ceab948edab1Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
f0270e2a21bc11cb6e4b19827cc8cead1c7c3f60Boris Zbarsky — Bug 660404. Allow storing the previous page in bfcache even if the new one is a multipart response. r=smaug
66efdc6a98c5811fb771f15f11ef8afe54a04d07Henrik Skupin — Bug 660655 - Update class name of the Plugin check link in the Add-ons Manager. r=dtownsend
d6a897278194dc9f98d92362f7408d28f78f8cd9Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 660131 - Call g_type_init in loadProc of kGnomeModule to fix crash on mochitest-plain ; r=karlt
a10e7738004dd077f4cc60bf8d917dc69dbdd1d7Phil Ringnalda — Bug 661084. Remove unused file checkerboard.png. r=mfinkle
d0423bbf03915d05c8591c3acf755efe5491c447Boris Zbarsky — Bug 660398. Speed up test_value_cloning. r=dbaron
2d0b50884c7a4e861f36fc7a38c0845d78315d44Henri Sivonen — Bug 661140 - Make test_bug596350.html test focus on rendered elements instead of display:none; elements. r=mounir
9439ffe089a13715e7e9aa5ad1db5c324f3984d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 655549 and bug 645768. Rejigger the quirk table color rule to work more reliably. r=dbaron
9a6c139a4e586eeba4a2ed7b60706acbc146d3b8Ginn Chen — Bug 657874 Fix Flash movie playback with w_mode on a screen with xBGR visual r=karlt
b3760bf020265db8b97f12ff0f723642570780e6Mehdi Mulani — Bug 426643 - (Mac) Remove safety check before bringing up context menu. r=smichaud
cadc21488ae788341eeb3695f4fa6b30c834330fRichard Newman — Merge services-central to mozilla-central.
17afae19309183ed6b66242f99acde905738a1e1Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
bac5be017ca72766d66133d1791b44748c112be5Richard Newman — Move Resource.serverTime to AsyncResource, fix comments for AsyncResource. r=philiKON
124aef7f7e0ba1aa88c2bec7b618558bbe99d6abRichard Newman — Move async utilities into async.js. Add Async.makeSpinningCallback as a temporary shim for wrapping Cb versions of functions. r=philiKON
1f3102c47d468f5d2b62cbc81722f536d9275e61Richard Newman — Add Utils.slices. r=philiKON
eb0ab9014998ee0eecd7869cc2aedfeda9182053Richard Newman — Add a test for URI construction and query modification. r=philiKON
3cc54a498f863cf9156d8653c109b7e2b73fd518Richard Newman — No need for startOver in test_corrupt_keys. r=philiKON
533acc569efc45246938322b42af0db22298b6bcRichard Newman — Switch test_history_engine.js to add_test/run_next_test. r=philiKON
87291fa946cb200549b7f3ce0c573472ec6bf5efRichard Newman — Switch test_bookmark_smart_bookmarks.js to add_test/run_next_test. r=philiKON
e89ff3fdbec05d48a89c90fa9e066b5f7786d1e6Richard Newman — Convert test_corrupt_keys.js to add_test/run_next_test. r=philiKON
b1cb4184e513fda0fc05afe685b8a7806710eba9Richard Newman — Bug 660713 - Reuse arrays in Utils.arraySub and Utils.arrayUnion. r=philiKON
291b668fc690b3d98eb85ed7b2a9159319eb4449Richard Newman — Bug 656708: Channel.URI is undefined. r=philiKON
89822eff081675a3bf170faddf3e3789f37e5803Philipp von Weitershausen — Fix bug 660684. r=rnewman
443d2b2edbb31b57704233988b3c33ef954ac0e5Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 564560 - Sync dialogs should persist position. r=rnewman
5a5e28689b4ae3906d84ad7a28cae18e1b4853bcPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 568653 - Change "Last Update" to "Last Sync" in tooltip. r=rnewman
a2534d70c44985827de4845e51d8241c31dda49dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
6ac4e4601c95b0f83f7d892ef2de9014f1a444caMarina Samuel — Bug 659107 - Only report failure for newly failed items. r=philikon,rnewman
4adf0486b692a2332250ef63565553f139cc34ecRichard Newman — Bump Sync version.txt. r=philikon
b74bba0fa695af8fdb13f520d97dd5f61a1bf833Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
6860b94329276fc610afda5426556c2a9b66f1c6Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
054adb76530d7a93bd868dec5d27ac21d7e260fbMatt Brubeck — Bug 659777 - Check for existence of Svc.Private before accessing it [r=philikon]
a4107cfe6b211679caf99d37a50f4084a755dc18Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660771 parser should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc+mrbkap
82a5618aa8c656d88f58bc6385cf19472dba2853Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660743 storage should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc+sdwilsh
f81b4d9534f5f51f1b66654f3ec60400ad3cf903Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660742 accessible should use mozilla::Preferences r=roc+davidb
2169fe74d62fe57d71231884b5ecc79469704a25Brad Lassey — bug 638940 - File Upload: we should not change file names, paths and extensions r=dougt
5a7f6817a10474161ece9d06bacd61c94f68f9e9Matt Brubeck — Bug 660036 - Work around garbage values from PR_GetPhysicalMemorySize in Android 2.2 [r=mak]
fd74c6c7e102d7f00fc8e7a67a99f4eec79d9b73Trevor Saunders — Bug 660693 - Comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsAccessible.h r=surkov,davidb
61e6c962123c63b39955112346c6c1010a87af9aLandry Breuil — Fix fallout from #658363, probable typo Breaks sparc64 builds r=sicking
54f7bd940f824ab751d816a0bc1d02fa03510336Brad Lassey — bug 660326 - send java exceptions to crash-stats r=dougt
75907ce0bcbb84205e00d991fd6b38aa9a7de41aDão Gottwald — Bug 660446 - Use tab.closing property instead of _removingTabs. r=iangilman
40cbdfc8dba1a84a88977857e7eda70a4ce9c427Robert Longson — Bug 657077 - Should not assert calling suspendRedraw on elements that fail conditional processing. r=dholbert
aae494b4516477f85bd5778fd5f1722c16020ae8Tyler Downer — Bug 660746 - Fix typo. r=gavin
685286d6d4d0a295980b6c5582f415d28ecd8b2cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 660133 - Add MOZ_GIO_CFLAGS. r=karlt
7ae0699c4d9b1402bb2394a84e7ed629cc533b51Ed Morley — Bug 553879 - Remove unused GIFs in layout/reftests/table-background/; r=roc
840644b2b6a2c963a651551ee1c4f125d413066cMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
c2360fe696603dcd48dbda51074d6f12b60fe9efMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
5ad2fcf8d9ed5faffe18b4a7823952770fb7493cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 12. Add dom::Element::UpdateState and use it in various places where elements update their own state. r=smaug,sdwilsh,mounir
fa98ebd237d036e39e8283785630faa4de6b422dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 11. Changes to @form should notify the old default submit correctly. r=mounir
1d8707e111c0d2ca39e67dc0a53c339298ffa573Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 10. Make unbinding a <select> update its validation state. r=mounir
678ae0f96b827474245a6183e9b99edeb789b4d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 9. Store an Element pointer in Link. r=smaug,sdwilsh
a9578a576fa6833483d3b8b78d921c014e7980a8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 8. Create an explicit API to request link state updates. r=smaug,sdwilsh
a847b71c7685b8bf0fc9d0826a48ceb5cd7288b5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 7. Make IntrinsicState protected. r=smaug
693f73d9ee75d7c7ecd1fb77bf3b80ee7bba6be0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 6. Get rid of nsEventStateManager::GetContentState. r=smaug
3a4140939fc40e8be58c68f300a037d7aded26f0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 5. Store focus and focusring state directly on elements. r=smaug,enn
18c34313f5f46e213bcf5acd81a26c253d8b9eb5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 4. Store urltarget and dragover state directly on elements. r=dbaron
56396cb2536a20b004ccd3140092d52f0c35513cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 3. Store hover and active state directly on elements. r=dbaron
49dde12354422832b6431320597bea1a51f48544Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 2. Create basic infrastructure for letting the ESM store states on elements. r=smaug
bed26fbfb169accb027b45951527a0e9cc298e76Boris Zbarsky — Bug 598833 part 1. Move IntrinsicState from nsIContent to Element. r=smaug
4a47b6944cb514b9d5842d9edceecf567c8fd286Daniel Holbert — Bug 658849 followup: Remove one more instance of harmless "WARNING: Failed to create timer" message that gets spammed on shutdown. r=gal
963cd7a109be323303d7c5bbdc3183159385c5e4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 657353 followup. Put a scriptblocker around our call to VisitGroup with nsRadioSetValueMissingState, since that dispatches state change notifications.
c52ed5e53db96449cf34e9c829f884b5235e1494Timothy Nikkel — Bug 621551. If someone is trying to get the offset between frames in different document hierarchies just crash right away so we get useful stacks. r=roc
633b6373e87677fa42610cbc4e796edc94823defMounir Lamouri — Bug 644959 - Do not try to restore HTMLButtonElement state when created from parser fragment. r=hsivonen
3c723f2fe07ce7e41337b2fd0f59076a2c6e5d2fMounir Lamouri — Bug 565541 (2/2) - Prevent abusing usage of moving and resizing window. r=bz
1c52f2d68d3949465ab6db0750ab624d6fa403a0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 565541 (1/2) - Add targetableShellCount to nsIDocShellTreeOwner. r=bz
acd4a2d5d3d1348255f92a2b0e069639a54104aaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 657353 part 2. Switch content state updates away from calling Begin/EndUpdate. r=sicking
d47a10acc66dc96d378a2a47f1d551fa201f5394Boris Zbarsky — Bug 657353 part 1. Switch the XML prettyprinter to using a script runner instead of EndUpdate to determine when to drop prettyprinting. r=sicking
082845fb78418f583af3c66b51efdbdc149c8dcbPascal Chevrel — Bug 608934 - About window needs a close button (Gnome 3 integration). r=gavin
16dc1fd9c28a920c1669e3a9963ca810f08432abRandell Jesup — Bug 660968: enabling jprof doesn't make it build the shared library anymore. r=khuey
5c6d107ede5a071a20ec087ca77fcb0f9abf473fMichael Ventnor — Bug 50660 - Drag and drop for file upload form control r=jst,enndeakin
316299946b8ff6561e3c7bcbc5b93c68062b1252Raymond Lee — Bug 657219 - Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_undo_group.js r=ian
fd0b5d64aac6b9b7dae77f179f97bf245fd02ec1Raymond Lee — Bug 660017 - Can't use redo keyboard shortcut in Panorama r=ian
e63c5dba5f4dc8797b6911b591aad773ca059a4aJosh Aas — Bustage fix for bug 660721.
c4999efc5a845b1a90fcee8986ac5ff9f14388beJosh Aas — Bug 660721: Move nsPluginInstanceOwner to its own files. r=roc
c5e0aaaff9e1e5729e5866e7d71dfc608e4b1e8aBlair McBride — Bug 646306 - file is not defined in DirInstallLocation__readDirectoryFromFile. r=dtownsend
42d996c34679c883d3ad497dc62710535637a3b2Patrick McManus — bug 597706 - response header smuggling r=honzab
13211282849ca875635e91732ab15156c9617fd2Justin Lebar — Bug 492232 - Remove flaky tests from Scriptaculous effects_test. r=ehsan
d2586300a6a7a6cf828d2ec5a681580d46a6b1f0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 660229 - about:permissions left-side list auto resizes when string not found. r=dao
de924c37271e9ed7852c1bdc54b8ff104ac4c6b4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 660279 - Change popup notification description max-width to use em instead of px. r=dao
941ceabc541707a48ef51599f1d734c156b65bc2Michael Wu — Bug 659718 - Fix output directory path on OSX, r=khuey
842a92bfc110e53c6f0127e3bd85ce170ba12727Wes Johnston — Bug 640307 - Stack notifications over browser elements. r=mfinkle
755833cb42b0a0c107db645bd6a7011d7ff87d36Alon Zakai — Bug 647802 - Fix for WebGL and decode on draw. r=joe
24f331bd335f9bb5cb87e83c0e1e6e7b5e70ceb4Wes Johnston — Bug 659402 - Dispatch Browser:Mouseclick messages to full screen video controls. r=mbrubeck
de06b4b383bfb47b3387b6f8a55b60497268e449Raymond Lee — Bug 627239 - Don't store thumbnails for https pages r=ehsan
e8b74cf2e32b1750595606e3c0b5f7a627a5cd97Tim Taubert — Bug 649088 - Use default favicon consistent with rest of browser; f=raymond, r=sdwilsh
7ade051d8cee94a42a24a556604407181b2ad18bMark Finkle — Keep awesomepanels black-on-white, update selection/tap color and fixup disabled text colors [r=vingtetun]
14b1ffc1bf537894f998e8872feef2fe4ac30c17Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 658351 - Add extra assertions to jsval.h to check for malformed JSBools r=mrbkap
ec7f96260b25213b850601e1dcd1e7a822051cc2Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 659666 - PSM passes uninitialized value for inout checkValue argument of promptPassword r=jdm
7b62ac8e1715745d4b9d0ec696e3fc0064db83dfKyle Huey — Fix a spelling mistake on this CLOSED TREE
630b62652f175d2279819526cc65ba72e8dd6832Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
9f727708bed021b3dfe43f475eefc38b194e204bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 646757. Fix faulty test for bug 463104.
d846d3ba90d0fe63ba3f8622a285ff06e752ea08Robert O'Callahan — Bug 646757. Don't construct useless nsDisplayOwnLayers. r=tnikkel
ba8071654f2d6ab82cd9247d2e49cc31ba54a858Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 660676 - Remove the copy constructor for nsSize and nsIntSize; r=roc
1b64d176d7adfa3e891aa8d6521eafc3cb108d0eEd Morley — Bug 550884 - Deadcode in nsWindow::SetParent for aNewParent = 0; r=romaxa
d5d69f272f8f6e83dc8d30c0b462696b090a8fe7Colby Russell — Bug 609549. Add inIDOMUtils::getChildrenForNode. r=bz
2c64357fcbf39d4e8e1cab7bda31efaaea455bddOleg Romashin — Bug 659768 - HTML5 video does not render anything on Maemo r=mattwoodrow
dd66203ac8aa19d145f47c9e22175ace04163c7fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 646757. Don't snap display item bounds during hit-testing. r=tnikkel
b55b6d578d4d7aca7480b70e36f66cde21b13b7eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 655264. Clean up some a11y code and make it less reliant on views. r=roc f=surkov
7a8ebf42265a08a5e0afba536a5a1f19f1e51dadSimon Montagu — Reftest for bug 641444. r=dbaron
a9d788b764286d4080388fbe155ba56d90f77ed3Simon Montagu — Don't adjust the horizontal position for text-indent on right-to-left lines. Bug 641444, r=dbaron
a18b9861a8685bf9cdf37b81ce6f1d92cc7635c9Makoto Kato — Bug 660587 - Remove nsRuleNode::gLangService. r=roc
49297a8fbf271733833241a7678987df39419d14Makoto Kato — Bug 660584 - nsILanguageAtomService.LookupLanguage should use nsACString instead of nsAString. r=smontagu
eee0bb5dca28363af6dac0f49e965a5be3e602e5Karl Tomlinson — mark new reftest as failing on Android b=660740
ce0dfa63db1b90959c5f8660449813831dec545cBlair McBride — Bug 636361 - Lighten & desaturate the background of the add-on manager's progress bar in Windows 7. r=dtownsend DONTBUILD
57aeb05256153ca85bc651c1894d8515f78ff4b5Zack Weinberg — extend_pad tests for bug 468496
9be577cafd7eae35d0e3aa8cc1d17e1e3331996eKarl Tomlinson — b=468496 use RepeatPad on newer X servers even when downscaling r=joe
3efdb67c20e7ecc01c5988aaea2466754517ec09Jesse Ruderman — crash test for bug 655451
8d50e4db78288d5e94ea82058349a8e3290c6712Karl Tomlinson — b=655451 record first of math frame continuations as mstyle ancestor r=bz
3ff03c212c7f9293a968ee385cca46795649b31cJosh Matthews — Bug 644325 - Enter the listener's compartment sooner, and use the correct scope for wrapping to avoid compartment mismatches. r=mrbkap
5a47cc68c631121d26fd638955356e6c04332f3fJosh Matthews — Bug 644325 - Backout changeset 7e3efb1073a9.
011c9b8f163262ae5b27f42603de734614aa39e0Ehsan Akhgari — Merge cedar into mozilla-central
60513bb40ec7c8002929222ce889709f0073b71dMounir Lamouri — Bug 660226 - Investigate if the random oranges ore because of focus issues or painting issues. r=ehsan
102449094763c985a4d710d1a1db74dac5959d74Ed Morley — Bug 617539 - Integrate nsIMarkupDocumentViewer_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH back into the main interface; r=smontagu
c8c100c7ecaa8bad1a2ac2685b5c0d06f0908052Mounir Lamouri — Bug 659708 - The reference page should have the same styles as the test page. r=ehsan
12ee31e36c0fb56ebd7b86424006fab7a9e0067dMounir Lamouri — Bug 660200 - Fix intermittent failure in content/html/content/test/test_bug514437.html. r=ehsan
192ea0cfdcc9626225710c5cb3891f64b10fd4c4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651902 - Make content/base/test/test_bug592366.html non flaky. r=hsivonen
7ee0fe6aec58c487dbb4d0548053ab6c15fb67fdChris Pearce — Bug 508128 - add gc() in httpd.js, reduces memory by 1GB in xpcshell.exe during mochitest run. r=jwalden
e90b54dfafc07602b4ffbbab34e5ce0321a53622Josh Matthews — Merge from m-c.
8ccced70c5747a391001c8bbbea3008fdf1b5101Ed Morley — Bug 614515 - Remove MOZ_SVG conditions - fix change in FillInHTMLTooltip logic; r=longsonr
1dfc5592f438b0f426f5033d1a9d96aed795dbbbJustin Lebar — Bug 660123 - Request longer timeout for browser_image.js due to intermittent Mac64 orange; r=ehsan
15bfb9729ff3b1408a41d5af81becf4f3a22561eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 659546 - Silence clang warnings about alignment requirement increase in nsID::Equals after bug 164580; r=bsmedberg
47a1abde0dc2532c136f1dcd3e8c3da79bf019ffJustin Lebar — Bug 529338 - Remove flaky Prototype test, testUpdater; r=ehsan
a307cda993f240859bc67625a404e9a2dc008978Justin Lebar — Bug 598165 - Remove flaky Prototype tests testUpdaterWithInsertion and testResponders; r=ehsan
e6d3b091088170378c92a993b2a0ce67be1efe57Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 452706 - Intermittent failure in test_Prototype.html | testUpdater - 1 (3, 6) assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors; r=ehsan
059131725c451da1eaa3c3c14fce4f1fc7bb2fe8Justin Lebar — Bug 658450 - Remove flaky tests from Scriptaculous ajax_inplaceeditor_test.html; r=ehsan
188979b60337faed5bedb9a0101ce965c2ad2ea5Simon Montagu — Don't use cached inflow length for empty frames. Bug 660416, r=roc
d0583d604249f953b61bb6d86626431cd2706511Phil Ringnalda — Bug 650686 - Android browser-chrome permaoranges [r=mfinkle]
ce933e1ea428a3f6c49192ee325813aa5e6721eePhil Ringnalda — Bug 651554 - permaorange: browser_tapping.js | Fired a good double tap [r=mfinkle]
74ec824bffe6921796fde50edd13bd5c8345cdefVivien Nicolas — Bug 636792 - [followup] Coalesce keyboard pan with zoom to element pan [r=mfinkle]
40e2524abb9bc78bfbafec9ae7573e311c400e8eVivien Nicolas — Bug 659651 - Suggestion popup is not displayed at the first tap on input field [r=mfinkle]
0acc408d9a670ce16a4c27b2253d230d512b4f4cMs2ger — Bug 660433 - Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLFormElement; f=volkmar r=peterv
930a3a994ee5505ccadd36932b3ee72f725d8a60Ms2ger — Bug 659738 - Move implementation from classinfo to nsHTMLDocument; r=bz
f4273556fc422836d1c9169093c03aed9f18f684Boris Zbarsky — Bug 658213. Just pass an JSContext to ReparentContentWrappersInScope. r=peterv
52b8caaeb1d93f4958134ed9061de0bd914dccfbMs2ger — Bug 660551 - Remove nsIDocument::mShellIsHidden; r=smaug
2cd5af3aca9a47c702cb320018c8b4b2046d1555Ms2ger — Bug 529328 - Return undefined for out-of-bounds access through nsStringArraySH; r=smaug
4ba86e4991bb38c821b7bf8f26538484f4683ea1Ms2ger — Bug 641190 - Remove Document.normalizeDocument; r=sicking
bef2d3989289ab31c9727ac73fce231f9ae1668dMs2ger — Bug 659743 - Part c: Reduce QIing in nsImageMap; r=smaug
54eecb1a861456ff7dc6d5eb881a5d396d8c6db8Ms2ger — Bug 659743 - Part b: Remove nsImageMapUtils; r=smaug
7a7aea19dd85fbe376b7817144b97cbe5920a981Ms2ger — Bug 659743 - Part a: Support image maps according to spec in non-HTMLDocuments; r=smaug
07052d7ba6e153e19e2a0931aa5e205e1432291bMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
e5f693d54a26d49fb1041c9dc889b5afab5cb2efRobert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Remove unused MayHaveOverlappingOrTransparentLayers. r=tnikkel
75f14d1898b110c83b2259fb191338e6ae41da44Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Cache temporary backbuffer surfaces. r=karlt
07b0336196cc19d5bbe3c7ca8fa8c0ea58de40e2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Create ApplyDoubleBuffering to recursively walk layer tree and implement double-buffering by setting mUseIntermediateSurface on ContainerLayers where necessary. r=tnikkel
0b6e26a3230401d50166ecec09117ba615c9e0d2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Add support for compositing BasicLayers with OPERATOR_SOURCE. r=tnikkel
0b8a78fc0b1827927bb970ae57bc9f8dd887dd67Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Clean up MarkLeafLayersHidden and make it set the hidden state on container layers. r=tnikkel
14c55fcc877451582589991dad822813b01c2bd3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Use passed-in aContext instead of getting it from the layer manager. r=tnikkel
37923e6be386ab2265130b9a0f3b000b98749fc6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 639168. Don't try to reuse a buffer if we don't have one. r=tnikkel
22ec5982eca72d09ac691d0654f990f1be52f839Robert O'Callahan — Bug 656844. Only draw shadows when 'source-over' operator is being used. r=joe
04b969002ce89df6e0cdfe07e13716b2fe343e07Timothy Nikkel — Bug 638430. Fix finding the display root of a view when a floating view is inside a floating view. r=roc
7723395180e184ed7bbad706b2eee6511a61d550Daniel Holbert — Bug 660066 patch 2: Prevent nsFileDataURI from QI'ing to nsSimpleURI. r=bz
0173afbf1e624fd9904dd65fe895e287fde8f231Daniel Holbert — Bug 660066 patch 1: Null-check mPrincipal in nsFileDataURI::EqualsInternal. r=bz
2d6730eb0852555276d01496ec8c982c0ab1191dDaniel Holbert — Bug 660066 patch 0: Add some more test URIs to test_URIs.js xpcshell test. r=bz
bda71423a5b47559c6f0ce88476e2a463f705756Daniel Holbert — Bug 658849: Remove harmless "WARNING: Failed to create timer" message that gets spammed on shutdown. r=gal
3d845eea88e80518da762984fd2b85a16fcc0295Matt Brubeck — Bug 639711 - Selecting "Tabs from other computers" on home screen directs to Preferences [r=wesj]
e8ee43fcbce8282ae6fdf2c48bbfed22ac87bef7Henri Sivonen — Back out test for bug 655682 due to permaorange in another test.
d105fc895d91da4af6ca011c5cd4c69db5660c2cEd Morley — Bug 614515 - Remove MOZ_SVG conditions. r=roc
8d18f803e86610c282fd211d323798f2531f0e70Ed Morley — Bug 624748 - Remove unused nsITheme::RegisterWidgetGeometry. r=roc
9103552b8b557ca39c005b64b90f4ec984d3558aJoe Drew — Bug 641169 - Whitelist webgl.* prefs in about:support. r=gavin
94aa6f7c50430464817086367504a14a94238c52Henri Sivonen — Bug 656904 - Make the view-source: URL constructor pay attention to the base URL. r=bzbarsky.
9bc68c12b4ccfba4f7b2215c3c3b30d19080d2aeHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 655682 - Perform discretionary flushes in the HTML parser even if the current node is foster-parenting. r=bzbarsky.
c77a430f6467c0f566c526b6c56b54f7d971c9e0Simon Montagu — Fix the range check for CP949 in uscan.c, Bug 658952. Correct a typo in the alias cseuckr, Bug 462687 r=emk
b3f26adf6b427ee118883c07ed9d9ba156331882Randell Jesup — Bug 659340: Add paranoia on frame life back in nsTextControlFrames. r=ehsan
c0e8a86aec43bacb4ac2e273f7c4656e35603af2Mark Finkle — Bug 660569 - Settings missing their checkbox in Gingerbread theme [r=theme-bustage-fix]
8d752162e8103d9ba8e97a776f7be2938c0c2da4Phil Ringnalda — Interim bug 660497 bustage fix, use $(OS_TARGET) until ANDROID is usable as a makefile define
9ad384bc560c2c0211f307931201aec1cee6785bHonza Bambas — Bug 649338 - Expose mUploadStreamHasHeaders on the HttpBaseChannel, comment correction
a54c69c20b6c5df1ff08ea0666b18d7337f53f91Honza Bambas — Bug 649338 - Expose mUploadStreamHasHeaders on the HttpBaseChannel, r=bz
63c151b5fe5612b7355676e7bc0a620fc43a8e86Ms2ger — Bug 611983 - Kill Document.createEntityReference; r=peterv
5d7b5f2ea6034b386c8322755fff017ecef73169Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660121 Remove all pref related methods from nsContentUtils r=roc
13314ef6e4d4aec920189d2eaa9ee184063fd3e4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659913 part.3 Use AddObservers and RemoveObservers if the caller uses these methods of Preferences two or more times r=roc
0a580dd5a56e90d3106c1a27e18f67f310f3fc74Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659913 part.2 Implement AddObservers and RemoveObservers r=roc
fda7f2cc4a562c5db7426331d87d85a6608c0cdaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 659913 part.1 Remove nsContentUtils::GetPrefBranch() r=roc
290993adeb2ede9ded7a1496ed76c695637b244dBlake Kaplan — Disable this test on Android as well since it's broken in Electrolysis. r=vingtetun
2c7a0ec1fd837295969b4a1f09c70f86e96e1efaPhil Ringnalda — Bug 657251 - Finish off the removal of content_xmldoc.xpt, r=bz
aad412c52fab7007d275e0aa44b687ec60b8cef4Mark Finkle — Bug 612193 - Move Find In Page, Share Page, and Save As PDF to app menu on Android (missing files) [r=mbrubeck, wesj]
aa1c53df226fafd6ee55ef120bb480ed5f94f902Mark Finkle — Bug 612193 - Move Find In Page, Share Page, and Save As PDF to app menu on Android [r=mbrubeck, wesj]
113014cf801ad36a11ff693230b6bcfceabfbd02Mark Finkle — Bug 659457 - Update Gingerbread UI for Preferences/Downloads/Addons and Context Menu [r=mbrubeck]
056d9d131d5c546b0b849512f454d77eb068368fDavid Humphrey — Bug 650451 - Associate the application with playable media types on Mac. r=ted,smichaud
1ea295d5b9c416e742c0f7a4b6e24dd1d4e08eb4Julian Reschke — Bug 655238 - add "application/xslt+xml" as media type for XSLT, affects stylesheet loading both from processing instruction and HTTP Link header field, also adding it to the Accept header sent when fetching XSLTs. r=sicking
d1fb4ff8c16ee4ddab9068d26e5ba7c07543fcddEd Morley — Bug 591611 - Clean up FIREFOX_VERSION handling; r=khuey
7fb970049952e31000f2dc84ea779855a356ed61Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — b=659748 r=kaie Avoid jumping over variable definition.
e959ba31ebcb8dfdbad3da53499bfd046baa8fc9ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave15
9260bd59d5ce25a4a4306777d508069faa722006Fernando Herrera — Bug 639835 - EVENT_DOCUMENT_LOAD_COMPLETE may be not fired at startup, r=roc
e0673016bc1b4d27b64995bce5b3df3d6c22f124Alexander Surkov — Bug 660149 - nsAccessNode::IsDefunct() should be const, r=trevor
7072c08a5d1edcaffd3ebb1e57e1dc06f2d83418Ms2ger — Bug 659113 - Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument; r=bz
b7d2e7c6f663b60cc9ea1b96d7e0df8826a9dc8fMs2ger — Bug 631269 - Reduce duplicate code in CloneAndReplaceChild; r=bz
48380a3907d296b976d403dc12c720ba4edc00adMs2ger — Bug 658906 - Remove nsIDOMNSDocument; r=sicking
f6834b96f140ce0a4f6a549787df1ef2ea267fbdMs2ger — Bug 659990 - Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLHRElement; r=peterv
f13a2020b5b938bf001195abb472eb3be3822e56Ms2ger — Bug 587021 - drop HTMLImageElement.x/.y; r=sicking sr=jst
c8bc6089f86dcafd8b07b4ebf16746e54961be28Michael Wu — Merge backout of Bug 592943 due to extensions bustage
20a9cf3dc3a7033ef19c3cd5154ceab42c4713f1Michael Wu — Backed out changeset eaa69ae330ab (bug 592943) for extensions bustage
e3f62813c742407cce199be2d313302b9fd2c127Michael Wu — Merge backout of bug 592943
d33492e4618f6954871a5695ceff15e436f1ee40Michael Wu — Backed out changeset a3b5d768fa96 (bug 592943) due to extensions bustage
632aad129ca43dff3f7ca792129e6dff7f00ce40Masayuki Nakano — Bug 660401 Re-land the previous backed out patch
1f25c65e93356ae5ea754bcd82303cb4089c1beeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 660401 temporary backout the patches for bug 659820 and bug 659821 for investigating talos regression
147bc646bcaa0b792e297e59ddf46b6a6b9ccad6Josh Aas — Bug 653116: Sort plugins from most to least recently modified. Search them in this order for MIME/extension matches. They should also appear in this order in about:plugins. r=jst r=bent
dc1077c0954099bddf4861e20d3ade741c756e33Jim Mathies — Bug 580564 - Fix for broken alt-space sys menu restore when in full screen mode. r=neil
3b2ad265faf185dabe80f42e861c1b6437b31064Jim Mathies — Bug 369002 - Set os working set trimming behavior for minimized windows as the default on Vista and up. r=robarnold
b8c7dd3bddbcf0604d990b66f9a09e48eea8816cJim Mathies — Bug 658741 - Backout of focus related changes in bug 648935 due to plugin hang issues. r=bsmedberg
c6d349c58bd7da4db0cc5ab4cf5b15560d2a2599Michael Wu — Bug 660325 - Don't ship test jsms, r=bent
a3b5d768fa9615c283ac5765c031fe55cbc2786fMichael Wu — Follow up to bug 592943 - Remove some tabs that got in, r=killer
eaa69ae330abb50bb8d68971a29d070228826dbaMichael Wu — Bug 592943 - (3/3) switch nsXULPrototypeCache to use startupCache instead of fastload, Patch by Benedict Hsieh, r=jst
02a5505b965b143a1067a633889c5d1f70c97c06Alon Zakai — Bug 617115 - crashreporter fixes part. r=ted
182b8216990d966d7c31fe9c0fdc572a5e027335Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
c24a597833bab23b9bb361109cb86ce1c0a63e4cMounir Lamouri — Bug 659852 - Remove nsContentUtils::ReleasePtrOnShutdown and nsContentUtils::sPtrsToPtrsToRelease. r=sicking
846bef26a8e691c1f569f26badd8fda4e4dc766eMounir Lamouri — Bug 659596 - option.label should be reflected like option.value. r=smaug sr=bz
ef6562c76cee809eb6f364870edeb91e8818ec4cYoan TEBOUL — Bug 659248 - Increase pseudo-element enum storage from 4 bits to 5 bits. r=dbaron
1388b00e8b642c58d22defcb987c1101580b745bJim Mathies — Bug 632748 - Insure the sizemode attribute is synced to the document element while chrome is loading. r=neil
04e8d0b481bced80ec175497facb01c6d8ce541dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 659676 - remove debugging code that snuck in. r=khuey
102be3d1f10321b5503fa0b421467cf03ab2db55Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 562746. Update cairo to 1.10.
05b2836292b21c20847dd5300d102f192e5e7b3fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 562746. Add reftest that fails with the quartz backend from cairo 1.10. r=ehsan
877f11b44bfe169e5f090f2d7b7474787b353cbdJeff Muizelaar — Bug 562746. Remove use of EXTEND_NONE on quartz. r=roc
503990b2c5c60263f813ca16b6f860ffee1f8ce4Tim Taubert — Bug 658898 - Intermittent browser_tabview_bug624265.js | There is one single groupItem - Got 2, expected 1; f=raymond, r=ehsan
dad825159748b08fdcf252084ea35921b26cbf71Masayuki Nakano — Bug 658703 widget/src/windows should use new pref utilities r=roc
4ea52c0bd5be2b602df58c27107cb5fdd9189ca2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 658704 widget/src/gtk2 should use new pref utilities r=roc
7e6dc6814a9ff423b633d78c23a492177492f68bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 658705 widget/src/cocoa should use new pref utilities r=roc
483a694ee31d0d329e5cfe4cc9be77b9cf68c723Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
d998c37534b13857ed0f59dc44a5cb03398db136Gavin Sharp — Bug 650244: adjust template console tests to avoid failing when other things happen to spam the console; r=ehsan
2280f0d23ce22f2e3741f058e377e5aefa456edaEd Morley — Bug 659956 - Remove unused variable from nsOfflineCacheUpdate.cpp; r=bz
39f04e61e994468b9d769990fa271ef194c7fb80Daniel Holbert — Bug 659466: Fix remaining data URI "#" --> "%23" conversions in testcases. r=bz
01a96f067572b63b8dda85633a9a6d9786984fb9Daniel Holbert — Bug 659698: Fix nsJSURL to handle the recent .ref additions to nsSimpleURI. r=bz
99672871e93003520189cfe3a684ebbea151cb4bChris Coulson — Bug 639554 - Install sdk/bin with make install. r=bsmedberg
1fdd03bc2f196c06d626b2e182c8017d7ec52c87Mounir Lamouri — Backed out bug 125608 because of orange.
9077903ebbb861f4f14c0ae4a4d42771541c18d0Mounir Lamouri — Backed out bug 659871, changeset 0cf4fa02c0f2, because of orange.
0cf4fa02c0f2a3cdc60c2d9fa1180a4d94b8aa6fRandell Jesup — Bug 659871: Don't allow nsStandardURL::SetPort to set an invalid port. r=bz
2182d1af7522f0c0fc74509df82a8a3477408cc5Randell Jesup — Bug 125608: NewURI was allocating more memory than needed. r=bz
1f752e72346d281e2741bd46d1f0c4b2022ef247Randell Jesup — Bug 507569: Fix possible crash in nsStandardURL::SegmentIs() (Coverity) r=bz
1b15458d3ca7371ea8e8265ed52d293012f8b773Makoto Kato — Bug 654063 - nsIPlatformCharset for Android should return UTF-8 simply. r=smontagu
7b0734632f4534b31484b0058506749caebe123bMakoto Kato — Bug 657845 - Remove Core Text checking on OSX. r=ted
177b41f10269283b74aec617f275ba0f473889afMakoto Kato — Bug 590389 - some methods into nsICharsetConverterManager should be noscript. r=smontagu
ff89f3047bd5a73cc00a2d78c24148c58266cc2aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 659821 Replace nsContentUtils::GetLocalizedStringPref() with Preferences::GetLocalizedC?String() r=roc
ae17e8703f52ec6f73d7ae8879893f8a228708afMasayuki Nakano — Bug 659820 part.4 Replace nsContentUtils::Get(Char|String)Pref() with Preferences::GetC?String() r=roc
8c0d6ecb599ce095612045a817614e9a3f1906a8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659820 part.3 Refactor char/string/localizedstring pref methods of Preferences r=roc
20f154f095c44b260cf065bbacfdb60b879b8c45Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659820 part.2 Add Preferences::GetLocalizedString() for nsACString r=roc
9f398db8ce2797da28ac9b83833adfd62d7cd0d5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659820 part.1 Change the string params of Preferences class from ns*String to nsA*String r=roc
bbceb00866f050dfbf982869f5aec00afb2e8805Alexander Surkov — Bug 650585 - Remove flaky timeouts from the accessibility tests, patch=ehsan, surkov, r=surkov, ehsan
3b17ef9c3cd8e8a91dc7f5bd6657189a9233eb12Trevor Saunders — bug 659620 - Hang when trying to edit a page on WikiMo with NVDA running r=surkov
2b53d3079c78a7d79f39476cf1e3539b80a9691eTrevor Saunders — bug 658363 - move defines for double constants out of xslt r=sicking
5f991615ac6a521ff0e240d210e670b48ce6f909Alexander Surkov — The DOM document loaded before it's shown shouldn't have busy state, r=trevor, marcoz
7a6804f6034eb30f3b396ac6fc708c5af1f6b495Josh Aas — Bug 606641: When creating a plugin from a stream, use the same creation path for both embedded and full screen plugins. r=jst
7d2a3d61a3779a45b7780264bb19969fac791b68David Mandelin — Bug 605033 diagnostic: disable PGO for JS, r=khuey
193c4faf046f349b96ca55beb573b4320394e9faBen Hearsum — Move UPDATE_PACKAGING_R14 tag to pick up bug 658094. DONTBUILD
7d1ddd9195745d81a9a465b25bb84ad873c6f25cMichael Ventnor — Backout Bug 566489, r=sdwilsh
5439e1bfc5b85ca73379f427df3f7c8b9bf993efMichael Ventnor — Backout Bug 566489, r=sdwilsh
06d08c49ae822b353c15e9b5e1c1e41ea6459867Armen Zambrano G. — Bug 517428 - fix race condition when uploading repackages to tinderbox-builds; r=Pike
3ce0d40d9ebaec16fb80c9a1e60a1f9d2e90ebadNeil Rashbrook — Fix DOS line endings rs=joedrew!
b20b6d500c056a2965acc0adfd8fc31c53a21796Brad Lassey — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_8_9_BETA2 which includes bug 617115, bug 647820, bug 564851 and bug 650474
d6de4c330619d227326b4172b29832af41d320d9Neil Rashbrook — Fix DOS line endings rs=sdwilsh
7a4900cfb25a9220a58d4823a440f9c43f316872Michael Wu — Bug 592943 - (2/3) Make test_bug485118.xul less racy, r=josh
464df55cbb29de7f00dcd35807b3bb9d49bae91fMichael Wu — Bug 592943 - (1/3) Fix addon manager tests, r=mossop
4e68c87ee48d35991eb146cc8ec3919ec9d8c185Paul Biggar — Bug 659632: Refactor memalign visiblity to use MOZ_MEMORY_ELF (r=respindola)
a98c00e70590d96808962286ba59ae519c4dcc14Ehsan Akhgari — Backout bug 562746 (Cairo update to version 1.10) because of the possible Dromaeo regression on Mac OS X 10.5)
08af2892e17c46a17cdb1c5975ba85c607757287Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ecbe9bb3433f (bug 659676) because of the backout of bug 562746, which introduced the removed line here
a45a190af4f72db4f390df302ad3c64640d37962Benoit Jacob — Bug 659349 - WebGL allows access to uninitialised graphics memory - r=jrmuizel
d07c9f9e6489d80ebb9195dc427d0164c83639dcJustin Lebar — Bug 590708 - Disable testAsynchronousRequest in Prototype tests due to flakiness. r=jst
b854ffeef0d1b647d29d85604ed81860e06e68a9Brad Lassey — bug 617115 - support building with andorid NDKr5 r=ted
d7efe5f8d805f0b4e521709aa3a48665f886bcd2Alexander Surkov — Disable accessible name tests for audio slider because of linux failure
b19dbdf3c45e9627e4076d178f6f3a9fcf04e9efMark Finkle — Bug 659728 - Android app menu layout broken in Gingerbread theme with >4 items [r=mbrubeck]
5b6059eff741ba216a61b19aeadfc4a0d24fde34Blake Kaplan — Bug 657292 - Don't create Xray wrappers in debugger compartments. r=gal
dfbd3c6e3683158c3a46bf91ab2ef4b67ab07478Alexander Surkov — Bug 651628 - enable media action tests, r=marcoz
81b8f46ad93fb41901e0c43195871168d5569de9Alexander Surkov — Bug 651628 - enable comboboxes states test, r=marcoz
32862966ebaf14aa3f13ad25c4dbea19f1f38bd1Raymond Lee — Bug 628061 - Panorama button should reflect the number of groups before Panorama has launched r=ian
08d91c51adb5427d7bc1553c506241f8ebbc988fMs2ger — Bug 658904 - Remove nsIDOMDocumentStyle; r=roc,jst
1eecfca39692272a3dc2ffd76e364691bf6bd0c0Ms2ger — Bug 632513 - Handle non-finite values for setTransform per spec; r=jst
8cd53bb0ee7f6ea085231a1f8f5595eafdd9710fMs2ger — Bug 632486 - Handle non-finite values for bezierCurveTo per spec; r=jst
baff6d0e44e4d0c40275455b535309e2b1ed59c2Ms2ger — Bug 632482 - Handle non-finite values for arcTo per spec; r=jst
bc264b220828cabbeb93a5a5b56db6ba50ab3efeMs2ger — Bug 577138 - Move nsMediaDocument and subclasses into the mozilla::dom namespace; r=jst
ea147d59f2fd11588e39c4fdf7fd5c5d67cddd55Ms2ger — Bug 587463 - Drop support for HTMLDelElement and HTMLInsElement; r=jonas
a5b5280c08ed3203813382d619bd9005abb6f295Dão Gottwald — Bug 659719 - about:permissions should use moz-icon://stock/gtk-file as the default favicon. r=ventron
ecbe9bb3433f54fc48fab8c408bf00796a6c7cd0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 659676 - remove debugging code that snuck in. r=khuey
769b00d49ce763d96131011c3ac6de7341dc453dBrian O'Keefe — Bug 564388 - Make the 'quality' parameter to ToDataURL work for image/jpeg. Also fixes bug 401795 (handle excess arguments to ToDataURL by ignoring them). r=bz,roc
e237b7b684ac267741bbbb9a7f55a3b3e22427e0Vladimir Vukicevic — Bug 625951 - Content processes should not crash on startup when building with --disable-crashreporter, r=mwu
38541fb7f093bf9569315a1281178a0ccfad3b88Mounir Lamouri — Backout 810dee34da1f to push it back with a bug number.
a2154d5969adc65e7e29d023735465603f830fb5Jason Duell — Bug 619590 - Bug Remove unused code from nsPrefetchNode::AsyncOnChannelRedirect, r=bzbarsky
54917ea860491d2ed86ec1d54b057ddd72f2657aMounir Lamouri — Backout db2292d1f68c to push it back with a bug number.
831f8e040f381ed58441d8bf413f9845f26ce08eMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
48236642cb12b370ab1ff3edbc5e5fb08b7e7c18Oleg Romashin — Bug 624165 Cleanup plugins code, remove kill MOZ_COMPOSITED_PLUGINS and MOZ_USE_IMAGE_EXPOSE r=dougt
810dee34da1fcf950dc51087264c017c3f7331ebVladimir Vukicevic — Content processes should not crash on startup when building with --disable-crashreporter, r=mwu
db398bf9cffe596a723387ce1d2a014849bf39e0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 529750 followup; reenable the assertion. r=dbaron
17ecc803b4bd13bae4f97feb9d5c3671a171b794Jeremias Bosch — Bug 649274 - MeeGo Display turns off after 60 seconds without touch r=romaxa,glandium
db2292d1f68cce4f212c335a09e33916d685aaabJason Duell — Bug Remove unused code from nsPrefetchNode::AsyncOnChannelRedirect, r=bzbarsky
8641afbd20e6dd3e537183ba1bae2ff914633a9cEmanuele Costa — Make nsJSURI inherit from nsSimpleURI. Bug 647570, r=bzbarsky
6143744a84aed030b2057bef80e90d27a9880839Randell Jesup — Backed out changeset 369680a6f40b - apparent blown merge
369680a6f40be3a0c219f2cffcdc1859bcfb4604Randell Jesup — Bug 125608: NewURI did larger allocations than needed - r=bz
4bc2227381c556943b03fb7c1c534fb1a33d6b9aAlexander Surkov — Bug 651628 - enable childAtPoint tests, r=marcoz
f584467626dfce28ed4531f7cbcbf727f6c06713Bjarne — Fixing part of bug 659569. Fix issue with Firefox getting stuck in a redirect loop when connecting to Ubiquiti radio equipment.
e07897c7b558579aaf4feacbf180230eb042ad4fHernán Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 406026: Point users to a specific page for each blocklisted item. r=dtownsend
5e1ee7f192ad25f1b55085efbb6e11f32205cc48Mark Finkle — Bug 656020 - Debian packaging uses invalid options for 'ps' on Maemo 5 (silently ignored) [r=mfinkle]
b9469dc4f12223c6e23aa00852267ac3eb8e3bb0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 526164 - Rewrite test_basic_form_autocomplete.html to avoid using magic timers; r=zpao
c4973e32a09925400041517b0fbd126df44fb6d6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 634406 - Don't select past the trailing BR node in text fields when performing the SelectAll operation; r=roc
80356fecf627a49f8fe7283685354e5b6f65628eDão Gottwald — Bug 659693 - Make domain highlighting work with IPv6 literals. r=sdwilsh
d000e25ae7f9e40a42fc215f4340c7d6d9311635Jonas Sicking — Bug 659530: Clean up and remove unused code that we no longer need with the safer mutation events implementation. r=smaug
9ff72f3b995fdb6d596820562be2895c90b6dd18Matt Brubeck — Bug 659641 - Use correct Android splash screen image on Aurora [r=mfinkle DONTBUILD]
aad7af3a3360eba8cb7f2f5fca664388a10e2d80Mounir Lamouri — Backout bug 658351 due to build bustage and perma-orange.
38bf7cf03a69dd936d4c4324c6273657d8ec8cb1Mounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset 108fdd171946 that tries to fix a broken changeset.
108fdd171946b972ad864d6c7f4290183e94d23dJonathan Protzenko — Don't JS_ASSERT and then declare local variables r+a=bustage
4a95b60ecbe36616fee0608c05a70db461dcd23aPatrick McManus — 604796 - close our idle HTTP connection when server closes its end r=honzab
4e79d99681f0c3cc45df5362decb359ae0a894c1Jonathan Protzenko — [Bug 658351] xpcconvert.cpp should have extra assertions before blindly converting a PRBool into a JSVal r=mrbkap
acb4e51fa8a6c6d4d6f13a6fee31f88c293387e7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 562746. Update cairo to 1.10.
db4b1f3096eac669b5c8c2ef9e8d911b993363b0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 562746. Add reftest that fails with the quartz backend from cairo 1.10. r=ehsan
989fe2906b7782ad31125f6c0101cd6a188eef95Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 562746. Remove use of EXTEND_NONE on quartz. r=roc
4ae5181b22f70d6104e3255ee9c98ebed27624b9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 420605 - Notify the favicon service when we do a hash navigation so fragment history entries get favicons correctly. r=sicking
f028ac635c6a9c73e3accf4e00d339fba007d41cJustin Lebar — Bug 659463 - Make check on mac should check that we can combine x86-32 and x86-64 to make a universal binary, instead of trying to combine x86 and PPC. r=ted
32b009addadd707f8582cfbd6615fa214c398a65Mark Finkle — Bug 659405 - content page bleeds through Desktop Tab view [r=vingtetun]
da44483257cf1048b0b321147eac962d61087a6aVivien Nicolas — Bug 659012 - 'Select Input Method' context menu when long tapping on a input type=submit button [r=wesj]
c183753a3d0090ed55c78a1a3ac6e0eba09d85d6Vivien Nicolas — Bug 658941 - permaorange: multiple mobile browser-chrome tests broken by bug 657997 [r=mfinkle]
ce19ede6e34e2f5b434adbb85dcfc71936bd80f4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 658554 - Undoing a tab pointing to about:blank does nothing [r=mfinkle,wesj]
2667493a7c9152bb13a06a1b4e9a6a89aa182451Brian R. Bondy — Bug 655584 - Close popup when switching to tab that previously had urlbar focused. r=gavin
d0071580fb555a36e87095ed314a00caa19ec183Raymond Lee — Bug 654601 - cannot use copy and paste keyboard shortcuts in panorama r=ian
27ff48b7cf61c564f88c6722080ba13fba8d82f3Oleg Romashin — Bug 657844 - SynthesizeMouseMove calls should be disabled in fennec r=bzbarsky
f4ae1f81d419600559138dd9ac2de96e98f89b73Landry Breuil — Bug 658956 - Use $(TAR) instead of hardcoding tar, unbreaks platforms where tar is bsd tar. r=khuey
cbbec95be916ed2990bad29d196f1cb2e63f9c19bjarne — Bug 658441 - intermittent crashtests/552651.html | load failed: timed out waiting for reftest-wait to be removed r=bz
7842f8720312c104550e8811e94ecb4ae77a04a2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 659087 - "Always Ask" defaults for geolocation and indexedDB don't work. r=gavin
3fa9d9b92de802439f401ff11f4b5472b971abebEhsan Akhgari — Bug 658516 - nsHTMLEditRules.cpp:5810:52: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions. r=roc
3447a520f9965246b4b5fea0f931dfd98df4a7c3Oleg Romashin — Bug 659217 - HW accelerated video crashing with OGL layerss enabled. r=matt.woodrow
b909ecef2c1566937987b98ce7ed06401caf095fMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
f6fbc63f12a1ef765602c1208bf5bc35f7cae585Boris Zbarsky — Bug 631529. Pass a TreeMatchContext into ReResolveStyleContext so that we can share the nth-index cache across the entire reresolution. r=dbaron
9ab424c86a26ff417a72715876df7dd647118cfeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 656379 part 3. Set :hover and :active state for labeled elements when their label has that state. r=dbaron
2e27b606caed11b51f680c09da8c3dfe3cdc1d2dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 656379 part 2. Make labels expose a nicer API for getting their labeled content. r=smaug
b6b39d52b33e5ae2439f7ce5d0c5dce4bfbc8f20Boris Zbarsky — Bug 656379 part 1. Move the class decl for nsHTMLLabelElement out to a header. r=smaug
2e52474339ef961d94b1dd7ad006660f69aaf0e4Jonathan Watt — Bug 614732 part 2 - Doc changes (clarify why nsDisplayTransform requires a bounds rect, and correctly associate nsStyleTransformMatrix's doxygen comment with it). r=roc.
fe2d87564bfb2b9ddfb6faf543b5d12ca8b5e514Jonathan Watt — Bug 614732 part 1. Add the build time flag MOZ_SVG_DLISTS that everything that follows can be put behind. r=ted.
059d3632e2c435a23bae0e17ddccb4e195f2bc7eithinc — Bug 614881 - Add a "closing" property to closing tabs. r=dao
87ce91536b59ebadcd4041e756a30001e5f4e895Robert Kaiser — Bug 588027 - Clean up places library code. r=mak
063f67e146ece440016fedabd447df4b6c1425fcRobert Kaiser — bug 600244 - Some cleanups in search and sidebar code found by SeaMonkey's OpenSearch work, r=gavin
a0dc4a9ff450ac0ccc4c336402d58b28f3caa416Margaret Leibovic — Bug 657961 - Use async API to get favicons for site permissions page. r=sdwilsh
4b1200504a4c9096b679c966be70904977a4dc37Jim Mathies — Bug 543154 - Uninitialised value use in nsNativeThemeWin::ClassicDrawWidgetBackground. r=roc
836aa96583413dcf034bd536232241d9e70f45e8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659536 part.2 Replace nsContentUtils::GetIntPref() with Preferences::GetInt() or Preferences::GetUint() r=roc
1b9d9bb14005cc4d1b1572f24bc33f0a55dd5746Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659536 part.1 Implement Preferences::GetUint() r=roc
4c6fdf1c030df1f77540ff0d48e45dcb084b52aeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 659533 Replace nsContentUtils::GetBoolPref() with Preferences::GetBool() r=roc
111ca3e50989bd8efa79ed954fad4e90d2d2b872Jonas Sicking — Bug 641333: Kill nsIDOM3Text and move its contents to nsIDOMText. r=ms2ger
6a66bc2687caaccd186ee732203896b3d8df298dShawn Gong — Bug 658683: Make xhr.response not create a new ArrayBuffer every time it is accessed. r=sicking. Additional fixes by sicking, r=peterv
2ffbbb4548740f54d8462c3f15d75163ae75173dDoug Turner — Bug 654154 - GPSD not being used for Geolocation. r=blassey
85b61a2b2da511a38df3cfeef3e7a442f79c9e08Frank Yan — Bug 626903 - Indicate onscreen tabs in List All Tabs menu. r=dolske ui-r=faaborg
ad65ecec07b5d33ce2dba2364f143fd6107df37cFrank Yan — Bug 654079 - Reposition app tabs when leaving private browsing mode. r=dao
cea568a2621bf3fe9e608f05bae78990fa7ecd37Dave Townsend — Bug 659468: Bump Test Pilot compatibility for 6.0. r=robstrong DONTBUILD
a0543ec5f10a24748d5b447a8c2dae57c6184876Matt Brubeck — Bug 659412 - Remove warning dialog for Android devices with low MemTotal [r=blassey]
9bb200b8c619437be43569f98534d203f74a3328Matt Brubeck — Merge cedar to mozilla-central
a45a4abce7ce3ab25be24bf4c15290a773b9d66eMatt Brubeck — Bug 598736 - Use bilinear image scaling when NEON is available [r=jrmuizel]
e0580e4f38253eda3cc836a4f3dd0fb66d8064cbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 529750 followup. Disable assert that actually fails at the moment to fix orange.
10bfe807438c72f936c89eeb19a268ce5c7d58b9Oleg Romashin — Bug 658725. NS_EXTERNALSHARINGAPPSERVICE_CID has bogus extra digits. r=dougt
7827bde9f8d1efd93a87c735246905d9f8307c47bjarne — Bug 633743 - reverting closed tab with pushState changes sends request with HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH:XMLHttpRequest r=bzbarsky
99cff4d7f93475a5ca24a098eb95c3668c8abc48Boris Zbarsky — Bug 529750 part 4. Move GetImportantRule to css::StyleRule. r=dbaron
a5cfc3f56f62d36c9837446258f9479171083d03Boris Zbarsky — Bug 529750 part 3. Switch nsRuleWalker to only calling GetImportantRule on CSS StyleRules. r=dbaron
05e6b77b99c4d75ceb6d1b2b4b87127907f8cec0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 529750 part 2. Assume that in AssertNoImportantRules and AddImportantRules the rule is a StyleRule. r=dbaron
95708941131081c945e2a3b194ec8443f367be91Boris Zbarsky — Bug 529750 part 1. Don't walk non-CSS UA rules when checking for important UA rules. r=dbaron
07cf571af750723270752bfabda20e91bd667a52John Ford — bug 629194 - stop clobbering fennec packages in makefiles r=mfinkle
395f32fc8a334ab78c5ea60cef43183359d9ff8eKyle Huey — Bug 648997: Prefix BlobBuilder harder. rs=sicking
a2b3d055d1f81dd3bdfb371e097040bf93e74c6dKyle Huey — Bug 659215: Try harder to get a JSContext in PostMessageEvent so that we don't leak if the window has been closed. r=bent
a02258e48c4dc8c75e8aaf1456fdb6f4b990008cDave Townsend — Bug 659048: Use extensions.checkCompatibility.nightly for disabling compatibility checking in nightly builds. r=robstrong
0fad9fa9fa3f79e60e815d3cdd9872b5860bcc85Benjamin Smedberg — Bump mozilla-central version numbers for the next release on a CLOSED TREE.
f682047513f4ebf9455b1771be0d91ecb6577d1dEhsan Akhgari — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20110524 for changeset 9eae975b3d6f, landing on a CLOSED TREE for the Aurora merge
ac49bbecc353f6e5fa9500a8932e151e1559448cEhsan Akhgari — closing old head
6f054bba326ab2ac4e218e2c0004fbb11cc083d5Ehsan Akhgari — Added tag FIREFOX_BETA_6 for changeset cf0a29826586