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Wed Jun 13 23:32:57 2018 +0000
91934961833aGerald Squelart — Bug 1464091 - Test ascii-case-insensitivity of media query expressions. r=heycam, a=RyanVM
bbba8cee7041Gerald Squelart — Bug 1464091 - Ignore case in media feature names inside media query expressions. r=heycam, a=RyanVM
70c46487e513Michael Kaply — Bug 1466863 - Just use empty metadata if invalid. r=florian, a=RyanVM
c1e1ada55d72Michael Kaply — Bug 1455261 - Check for null metadata to workaround broken search.json. r=adw, a=RyanVM
7e89c803d7daEd Lee — Bug 1447879 - Cannot customize about:preferences#home content when sync or preference searching is disabled. r=k88hudson, a=RyanVM