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Mon Aug 29 17:22:15 2016 +0000
68d24e6f784c7e375cf6c84c5c92496464d4f7e0Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1295160 - Changing access key of Containers menu item to B as C was currently in use. r=baku, a=lizzard, l10n=ritu FIREFOX_49_0b8_BUILD1 FIREFOX_49_0b8_RELEASE
3d1012aa4818572f941ecd125ddeed8052c9fc93Anthony Jones — Bug 1287397 - Fix wave chunk size overflow. r=cpearce, a=lizzard
748b8f8c0c986904e0a69567946ae787bae0a911Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1297934. Enforce the invariant that every display item class has a different display item type for nsDisplayFocusRing. r=mattwoodrow a=lizzard
d9a6c4807fdd19c30d092661c08492c698ec1f05Michael Kaply — Bug 1294730 - Send distribution referrers to Adjust. r=rnewman a=lizzard
90a602a48534fd1d2d164179555bdfa374f02545Michael Smith — Bug 1296087: Improve getter cache r=nbp a=lizzard
6c272bb2e85065aea23d9aa24e6b472cafeebe3bChris Pearce — Bug 1295853 - Only enable Widevine on whitelisted Tier-1 build targets. r=glandium a=lizzard
550118c880126785191f842b7a849bfdc5819992Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1297099 - Change LoadManagerSingleton WeakPtr to RefPtr. r=jesup a=lizzard
7883a513cc6a78c3fc2bd814d0bff2504d5cbeefAlexander Surkov — Bug 1287721 - Keep strong pointers for nodes in the invalidation list of a document accessible. r=smaug a=lizzard
502244180db40fb88c5345d63c8fe34dc7bed37bChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1297370 - Provide security flag for channel within snapshotlist. r=gijs a=lizzard
108dd19a4e6bea1f54da899b83413382d1825d6cChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1297051 - Test CSPRO should not block mixed content. r=dveditz a=testonly
ebaf56c0d7677abb2ef80a840666ef7e061f4b38Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1297051 - CSPRO should not block mixed content. r=dveditz a=lizzard