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Thu May 18 12:36:33 2017 +0000
5a67d411498982aec919e3c4d3e045ce3c250d75Julien Cristau — Bug 1358420 - Use staged rollout for fennec beta builds. r=aki, r=jlorenzo, a=gchang
21648cfdecd87bce49002cbc0fee522da93494e1Felipe Gomes — Bug 1363083 - Remove TabMixPlus and Mega from e10s blocklist. r=mrbkap, a=gchang
66efefd445ba5a4d9bb084ac6dd97375ec459043Bob Owen — Bug 1336657 - On Windows add a sandbox policy rule to allow read / write access to content temp dir. r=jimm, a=gchang
252e9fecd13598633ee11e26408534f378c05d14Kevin Chen — Bug 1363677 - Skip Flush() and EndDraw() if the ID2D1DeviceContext is stale. r=dvander, a=gchang
518c6f7cde3efeb4a1ebb12d1f17b04402f7caceNeil Deakin — Bug 1358713 - When a popup's anchor does not have a frame originally, don't have the popup update its position to follow it. r=tn, a=gchang
4f95bb8a858ddba0c994002467109b70b6344990Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1363253 - Ignore events specific to preview window also when decrementing. r=florian, a=test-only