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Mon Jan 08 10:18:49 2018 +0000
641211059e52792538163f95dd447766e35a7d93Boris Chiou — Bug 1418806 servo: Merge #19607 - hashglobe: Dump the requested aligment if out of memory while allocating a table (from BorisChiou:stylo/crash/out_of_memory_alignment); r=emilio a=gchang
46fabe0cc9dc12719f9f96f0146508093a6a0dfeJan Henning — Bug 1414309 - Tell ToolbarEditLayout's title background about private mode changes. r=nechen a=gchang
ac3cd70b8967b4917b4c51ca9b6d71ad727b6942Jan Henning — Bug 1352133 - Handle selected tab not yet existing when exiting BrowserSearch. r=nechen a=gchang