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Wed Mar 04 18:49:43 2015 +0000
666a1aafecfd20735fe6d357d16eb4d56b8de59fShu-yu Guo — Bug 1136397 - Ensure OSR frame scripts have debug instrumentation. r=jandem, a=lmandel
610aae9b5e36906b303dde44af508a1c30d1675cSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1137251 - Disable RemoveTextureFromCompositableTracker except gonk. r=nical, a=lizzard
5f1674957fe49e970f3e4b5b9a7d66acc9a3de4fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1135764 - Make sure XSLT transform results have a document timeline so things like transitions will work. r=smaug, a=lmandel
ea414ee32231d4778b928f1a644a06a660af6c25Steve Fink — Bug 1137336 - Explicitly disallow WeakMapTracer.callback from GCing. r=terrence, a=lsblakk
10eff960b898760cb9eb11b01af8b8b240c5a18aSteve Fink — Bug 1137326 - Fix out of bounds error in JS_iterateCompartments. r=terrence, a=abillings
41929a7c55f522eda19dc56edc9dd7a4afa1880fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1125956 - Hack around the broken assumptions of Thunderbird about the HTML copy encoder by disabling the plaintext encoding detection logic. r=roc, a=lizzard
003b419b893f76e24261313e25d55a0b4bf44fc1Michael Comella — Bug 1132986 - Display a Gecko-themed dialog when sending tabs to device. r=liuche, a=lmandel