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Tue Apr 24 17:33:42 2012 +0000
11faed19f136de54625825a8e32417359c9200ecLukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
d4fc3bef0ca67d9678c766158af4caef0fb202b4Lukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
5ba1d5e675f3e301d697cadb84ee38eeefbcb559Lukas Blakk — Merging in the version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
480c0fe7f5919e901a58b5e269f719a1c0b897ffBill McCloskey — Bug 731837 - Fix GC mark time regression from IGC (r=igor,a=lsblakk)
afbc5301a0f1d9a437e46e21e3bdf728358d3676Jonathan Kew — bug 745580 - handle bad results from Core Text shaping more robustly. r=jdaggett a=akeybl
2e0d201168b39f008bba3574ec2b6c64a05d7772Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 707037 - Revert the update check frequency increase (bug 707020); a=akeybl
f53d4a8829782f713664fed317592f69e3a9abeeBenoit Jacob — Bug 744888 - Work around NVIDIA driver bug in glBufferData - bustage fix without review - the original patch has a=akeybl
9edd931bf07f06203159c528791ad698f90a4e35Benoit Jacob — Bug 744888 - Work around a NVIDIA driver bug - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
551fcc0596d1bdee0155731a43453b20b985978dSerge Gautherie — Bug 637101. (Cv1-ab) Add a 1 second delay before calling finish(), Remove extra ';' and spaces. r=ted a=akeybl
4c7f697b3697514f065f19f4149aaf09ebd1bc04Serge Gautherie — Bug 740769. (Av1) Fix multiple issues in test_bug325418.js. r=bzbarsky a=akeybl
39dbe3601ed8b1db339f676871dbe072c3f0e774Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Av1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Regroup nsIAutoCompleteInput properties, Fix some nits. r=Neil a=Callek
1a1eb113272eb37f63b60b639dee4038aa17e119Marco Bonardo — Bug 746572 - Disable inline autocomplete cause doesn't satisfy quality standards for beta yet
5baf8061c697c33f6a22ff4eb71837587ab3c01fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 739697 - Don't begin a transaction for formhistory.sqlite if there's an existing one since we don't support nesting them. r=zpao,rnewman a=akeybl
6f27de794daabec5ccf960e13b88e8be0f82b47bOlli Pettay — Bug 745744 - Geolocation doorhanger might cause zombie compartments because it keeps callbacks alive, r=gavin, a=lsblakk
4e83943e6c69adc295b46c241fd64f88534bb453Olli Pettay — Bug 743178, CORS may keep XHR alive too long, r=bz, a=akeybl
0e5698e16053f8ae22f70a8d6a96d680d9c7b875Jonathan Kew — bug 745699 - canvas2d rendering context needs to call gfxFontGroup::UpdateFontList() before MakeTextRun() to ensure user font generation is up to date. r=roc a=akeybl
757b166b71fc7feaa375e7d80dfa8f70d4a9e89aBellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 736476 - Title page for New tab is about:newtab after restart r=ttaubert a=akeybl
621430357bac7b1886d191a4c5028b620f65db35Tim Taubert — Bug 745712 - FillInHTMLTooltip should not use title attributes from XUL ascendants; r=dao a=akeybl
811e3bdaf74951619ce2e9443db37ceec4ba6240Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732382 - Save As PDF freezes the application. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
e13879b89d802eb8c8c1f2c385cd8b840f27d6fdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 745494 - Hide the anonymous editing UI before its too late; r=roc a=akeybl
381eb64690d863f0438c0af0d35fd396ec798315Victor Porof — Bug 737457 - Intermittent browser/devtools/tilt/test/browser_tilt_picking_highlight02.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out; r=rcampbell; approval-aurora=akeybl
f8f1c1d14f96bd1ec6318c7e055ce0f7bbc5c73fVictor Porof — Bug 735151 - Intermittent browser_tilt_picking_highlight02.js | Highlighting a node didn't work properly and | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - this.treePanel is undefined at resource:///modules/inspector.jsm:478; r=rcampbell; approval-aurora=akeybl
d44c15d3ecd01b2cbad3704a0392b76281df40b0Henri Sivonen — Bug 742414 & Bug 731234 - Highlight script end tag correctly in View Source and avoid crashing when doing so. r=smaug, a=akeybl.
af82e3d9c229585e027a23342e31df38596b8e8eMarco Bonardo — Bug 741506 - Removing nodes while a bookmarks popup is open in OS X native menubar zombifies them.
360971f3fcc3ac6e4cac8bb60a0d591b8e464639Tim Taubert — Bug 744152 - [Page Thumbnails] Capture thumbnails only for the selected tab; r=dietrich a=lsblakk
01ae9ced59c68807afd7698133214aac41d99929Jonathan Kew — bug 745555 - preserve character-identity flags in the CompressedGlyph record when updating glyph information. r=roc a=akeybl
1c692baf7a1ae511b90407e52672fe0a49043985Patrick McManus — bug 744788 - add httpconnmgrtick setTarget() in case of offline/online r=honzab a=lsblakk
3b2a7ae981f76876a14761453133177b7770e2b2Patrick McManus — bug 738812 timer serviced after thread exit nsHttpConnectionMgr::ReadTimeoutTick r=honzab a=lsblakk
f69cf6bc585d9f5de9d466a32b5ae140cda24d0dPatrick McManus — bug 745379 - mistake in spdy/2 spec reversed actual priority values r=honzab a=lsblakk
3ad7028eafed45b692f98f8a09481638925d165cJohnny Stenback — Fixing bustage, r=bustage, a=bustage
96a1b7f055c92b0ba710e5f3cbcec8a536caa193John Schoenick — Backing out revisions 1e4675fb8fc9 and b0b135e60d35 to fix regressions., a=akeybl
53b9eca24671bdb55ef7d5e901f0d5bc20919c0dDave Camp — Bug 740606: Disable the context menu in the rule view. r=robcee, a=akeybl
035af7fe1e2e43225d53cf3b27e2ada25fe2f605Rail Aliiev — Bug 732976 - SingleSourceFactory should generate checksums file; r=ted, a=akeybl
8d0f70b87fbad96231b6365ef4c214a9d05eee08Jared Wein — Bug 736028 - Page thumbnails should be 1/9th the size of the screen. r=ttaubert a=akeybl
4f8477634e9055888fd7707a259cb8fc6c6bbec2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 714631. Feed converter should check HTTP channel response status before proceeding. r=gavin, a=akeybl
3bd6203cc61bdbaddf26e2a54a9f4e671aeb4bb8Jonathan Kew — bug 744480 - check for failure to set up the cairo font. r=bas a=lsblakk
e158b91dd28a36ae101c2426fc059581eed94cd4Bill McCloskey — Bug 737384 - Use reserve rather than resize for iterator wrapping (r=luke, a=akeybl)
7dfac7263e726f22c4d0d0e9d72e9859cfcd938fBrian Hackett — Treat FILTER and ENDFILTER as unknown ops, bug 740595. r=luke a=akeybl
aa4763ab2c630b5a3256dd47609ff12f6e058c20Marina Samuel — Bug 740247 - Follow up: HTTP 412 Error due to inconsistent server & local timestamps. r=rnewman a=mfinkle
f9fafe30621d3508d4d6fa00b22672e575650bf4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 743397 - Disable testBookmark on aurora because of perma-orange. r=me a=bustage DONTBUILD
863691ed9f15095b52fce73cc59f5d0a2a5c5361David Mandelin — Bug 736609: fix typo, r=sfink, a=akeybl
ad0bb5f6080f607d7ed38686408279b647b5f089Steven Michaud — Bug 313700 - Stale information in about:plugins (pluginreg.dat) after a plugin update. r=josh a=akeybl
a2c30fffb5831cea20e3acd2899602b448d42d95Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 724978 - nsColumnSetFrame should be an absolute container; r=roc a=akeybl
a043b27b437252256cfba724d177ba3419f48927Dão Gottwald — Bug 742645 - Adding exception accidentally allowed in framed certificate error page. r=mak a=akeybl
fbd93a3a58f57062aea6424828290af0ce380835Makoto Kato — Bug 737966 - Evaluating nsIXMLHttpRequest.responseText throws on certain parsing errors. r=sicking a=akeybl
19ddd5081c9ed524f32a2979b44a5e3aa85f06dfHenri Sivonen — Bug 732343 - Defend HTML document loading against extensions causing bogus use of the old HTML parser. (Backport to Aurora with bug 741218 from Ms2ger and bug 741384 included.) r=smaug, a=akeybl.
6456a42e0c9779feed4e209455242925d0e5bd8aMats Palmgren — Bug 724352 - Decrement assertion counts for some layout crashtests, followup. r=roc, a=akeybl
d77279ec6accc3fba7517a3d06756d415270a330David Mandelin — Bug 737780: fix compartments in nsFrameScriptExecutor::LoadFrameScriptInternal, r=luke, a=akeybl
a656a751c0556dc3c5c9ae4bb9d0525a4dadd821Ms2ger — Bug 734019. Back out the fix for bug 707576, because it seems to break some sites. r=smaug, a=akeybl
01ffc413b4cca421edcabc3f35fb0ee561c247f9Bobby Holley — Bug 735073 - Fix LW shadowing on aurora. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
144d327b35a9aaadddf2729d58d7e471da6aec9fMatias Juntunen — Bug 743475 - Patch to fix the wrong template parameters in call to WebGLBuffer::FindMaxElementInSubArray - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
40e45c33965ce343ed8db00e90826f3308e27efdMats Palmgren — Bug 724352 - Decrement assertion counts for some layout crashtests. r=roc, a=akeybl
e33ea234ae5124b97c73bdebf6470cca888a47a9Mats Palmgren — Bug 724352 - Don't add vertical margin to scrollable overflow here, it's already done during reflow and we don't need it for UpdateOverflow yet (and we need to account for margin-collapsing when we do). r=roc, a=akeybl
3afc314d0de322dd6371393a2a8c65c5f5297f73Mats Palmgren — Bug 732951 - Propagate nsContentUtils::ASCIIToLower/ASCIIToUpper error. r=bz, a=akeybl
89759fa12b9295daa63df7767b4c60891a1df671Mats Palmgren — Bug 732951 - Make nsContentUtils::ASCIIToLower/ASCIIToUpper return NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY when string allocation fails. r=bz, a=akeybl
9d0f242dd27767d211ac36dd6b379d245c48d19aMats Palmgren — Bug 732951. r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
008838e028ba05a11acc45c3ca81829619432aabKyle Huey — Bug 738985. r=bent a=akeybl
c7f981506705e45eb75de046a2d723768e526101Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 737433 - Send the referer for embedded src="" streams for plugins (and make them part of the correct load group while we're at it!), r=josh a=lsblakk
436d4254c0ced5c185ca5d2b0cbdc21acac28b46Blair McBride — Bug 736542 - Bug 727637 causes about:newaddon to not show up with magically appearing XPI's (backout c4e3ec142aa8). r=dtownsend, a=gavin
1009460cd9129262b82da31d085eecdfa169bee1Jason Duell — Bug 742174 - Allow empty Location header. r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
d6943a456bf728bae59c44c4057960e614cda11aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 736804 - Bump iid of MozBlobBuilder. a=akeybl
38b996dfb716f704046868f02c3e5d12487e2977Matt Brubeck — Bug 735749 - No back button in awesomescreen on Maemo [r=mfinkle, a=akeybl]
78a6759335b549e573f6ab67ab63bfdba13e52c9Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 738043 - backout bug 451161 reading order change, r=roc, a=akeybl
9f82dc1cb89c56b8f750d256e20b41ed90893c74Gavin Sharp — Bug 739793: add old version to post-update whatsnew URL to allow differentiating various upgrade scenarios, r=mak, a=lsblakk
cc4adc5927c7511e705cf8e4d4e3c7e6df344882Rail Aliiev — Bug 738349 - PGP signature file missing; r=ted,a=lsblakk
8b1899e39fa78132ccf57d4da305c864f01f8441Derrick Rice — Bug 732363 - Avoid running test_net_addr on windows; it is failing for unknown reasons (race?). r=jdm, a=akeybl
beef2cc3afb00645db2a59df4444da5b2b2bf1d4Kai Engert — Bug 741135, Update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.4, a=akeybl
51925f83691af374767a4e5813a9eafc92725cabArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 677616. Add Armenian to mobile's locales. DONTBUILD. r=l10n, a=mfinkle
883536e3b5da574643c6e72f3eb3a18e579894daMark Finkle — Bug 740823 - Disable creating and bundling the Feedback add-on r=mbrubeck a=akeybl (for the whole push)
41600364e780b7bdfe51d22b7ce2be1985891fdfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 740306 - Back button does not dismiss the keyboard in awesomebar. r=mfinkle
7d59ec72a07c72e1509eebe9ccd5f23cf1474f7cLucas Rocha — Bug 739066 - Don't include delete bookmarks/history in Combined view (r=margaret)
a6515bb070f4656db2f2d4533d7fd9a3560d9954Lucas Rocha — Bug 735636 - Factor out checked state update into separate method (r=wesj)
c2ababf0ea20bd9d0c81b19172b98c66a2cca079Lucas Rocha — Bug 735636 - Factor out icon update into separate method (r=wesj)
c883b789280f63dba67e4a7783a5158db01cf94fLucas Rocha — Bug 735636 - Correctly use recycled view and apply ViewHolder pattern (r=wesj)
65c09980e4c5ed2f174e5dc1bb9962eab51c47b8Lucas Rocha — Bug 730273 - Cleanup recommended-addons.json to only contain necessary properties (r=mfinkle)
94bac65543e78c2cd983c26597d9c747feaa2f26Richard Newman — Bug 740637 - Better handling of unexpected failures during info/collections fetch. r=liuche,nalexander
d56f6d9819186754230c2769e0e139ffa1f91aa8Richard Newman — Bug 740326 - Fix over-long log tag. all credit,r=nalexander
b88204f7e018e0886e801dd3a7eda03445af28cfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 740094 - Folder icon doesn't appear anymore. r=lucasr
328ae1116d50892a2939142001d4d1b2db38d801Eitan Isaacson — Bug 738741 - Map Android's KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER to DOM_VK_ENTER. r=mbrubeck
d8c5280f2fda4502ea8972ed6671b624b0883f16Richard Newman — Bug 739519 - Part 2: logging. r=trivial
7f4f6e54eb27c49f4d8621400142b8178b2a88d6Marina Samuel — Bug 739519 - Part 1: quickfix. r=rnewman
a69e38e0794f992477b1eddf4384372333beb31fMarina Samuel — Bug 732147 - Send tab to device: receiving pushed tabs on Android. r=rnewman
9f553761e367beca8d307f31f75e842723037fecNick Alexander — Bug 709310 - Implement Handling of 5xxs, X-Weave-Backoff, Retry-After. r=rnewman
ddd5f1d102152d158f9676c12a1eceb6c69aa4c1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 736296: Avoid managed query while loading top sites. [r=mfinkle]
c6f1af4f27cdf6c2866c5bff0aef2b3e278927b6Richard Newman — Bug 731024 - Part 5: Safer handling of deleted items. r=nalexander
6001b44a40c225c98a45c2e67893056251cadb44Richard Newman — Bug 731024 - Part 4: Handle additional types. Test for livemarks. r=nalexander
40085aa0b0b383fdb4a774e0fe7ef58c122002f9Richard Newman — Bug 739515 - Defensive coding for Fennec history entries. r=emtwo,nalexander
398778e61a9d322eeb836ce9da2488715fd3aa29Lucas Rocha — Bug 737867 - Share same LayoutInflater instance in AwesomeBarTabs (r=mfinkle)
4c2e0ab2fa4f3c314e85e75829b53562b16db652Lucas Rocha — Bug 737867 - Apply ViewHolder pattern on AwesomeBar's History tab (r=mfinkle)
07b68ea1083f5931abd23cfc898831c9e703c43fLucas Rocha — Bug 737867 - Apply ViewHolder pattern in AwesomeBar's All/Bookmarks tabs (r=mfinkle)
eda41c845ed599c3b2cdee48223061d7deafd1c0Mark Finkle — Bug 738976 - java.lang.NullPointerException at org.mozilla.gecko.db.LocalBrowserDB.updateFaviconForUrl r=blassey
585261ed3fc3f011d8dc8ceadb42062f7112f64bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739334: Cleanup bookmarks' AsyncTasks. [r=mfinkle, r=margaret]
c730b2ecebecc36d3917e14c1e128574299a2208Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715274: Fix lists in AwesomeScreen. [r=mfinkle, r=margaret]
7573b4f06d486c02e25df55db48b6b8744ca81b3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 716729 - Consider deleted entries when looking whether to insert or update. r=lucasr
2940c6c8ef6620583789b4752c96cb068d3891d8Brian Nicholson — Bug 738848 - Use selected document instead of active document in FormAssistant pageshow. r=mfinkle
a2ba1894d61bb3f0365c34d95b071e8cacc2108eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 721731 - Tests for new combined view. r=lucasr
074de1a022db13b52ca309e36b3a59afa10f0cf2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 721731 - Create combined bookmarks/history view for top sites/awesomebar queries. r=mfinkle
c5016d59add6fd5d4786fbe868902b63889cb044Margaret Leibovic — Bug 721731 - Add bookmark entries to testBrowserProviderPerf. r=gbrown
c71d1eb305bcfade32125e1e335c899715b432d5Mark Finkle — Bug 738527 - Syntax error breaks removing closed tabs r=bnicholson
b3034380214d0acf249971d12c3d452319c8dc2fMark Finkle — Bug 738526 - SessionStore TabValue APIs are busted r=bnicholson
9303899517acb207369e27622ca27da07a3da9fcJames Willcox — Bug 725167 - Don't reposition Android plugin views that aren't in view hierarchy r=blassey
bd0d926a44f44a14af33a016b84303558328ff9fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 738049: Using LayoutInflater.Factory improves performance. [r=mfinkle]
5a298f6330ce259d6eb9d1f8cf5fd9b7f52ca6e5Richard Newman — Bug 738516 - Auth cache should be set for all requests, not just authenticated requests. r=msamuel
bf8c6122a969783db739a33f0ad011f9fbd5a19bNick Alexander — Bug 709402 preparation. r=rnewman
c1a82b99264afdeb982210ddad4eccbf9a201adbMarina Samuel — Bug 715792 - Process client record commands (but don't act on them). r=rnewman
69171a9b6c74a1884bbd13a2b844cc022c2f2f5aRichard Newman — Bug 731024 - Part 1: Unsupported record types causes Android Sync to reorder folders containing livemarks/queries/separators…. r=nalexander
882fc7645a590e1bbfcb6f2e32e492de482889e9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 738556 - Improve testCheck to use a variety of scroll amounts and more reliable dragging code. r=Cwiiis
932cf6043b9b1f792ee7003c006eb15ecb8cf7e7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 738554 - Fix a couple of race conditions where we could start listening for events after they occur. r=mfinkle
b0fa8e8ffbc0bc9e6c2e9b0e3b3aa22f9f3c529bHenri Sivonen — Bug 731896 - Export plain text from the DOM selection directly without an intermediate HTML serialization. r=smaug, a=lsblakk.
c77d34d9dc8c18ce8351a1eaa6602622f08b5537Alexander Surkov — Bug 656225 - XUL listbox accessible tree doens't get updated, r=tbsaunde, bz, a=akeybl
8ea9983dc06325d078558809bd67967f937db3a6Andrew McCreight — Bug 708825 - set mIdentity to null if compartment enter fails. r=bholley a=akeybl
ff9768ab37b77ff40721e66ac9abb9cb7fd14c43Gregory Szorc — Bug 741670 - Don't sync hotfix extensions; r=rnewman, Unfocused a=akeybl
51b7a6faae5d9899c5f5007df3ceb867e6f726b8Scott Johnson — Backout changeset a923cadf7b8d due to bustage [a=bustage].
ac43257b27fef4699eb9fecfd201cfea2690838eJustin Lebar — Bug 737307 - Don't clobber mLoadType in short-circuited loads. r=bz, a=akeybl
d4c63d6b84db2e7f1c51cbd204857fc478820dd0Mats Palmgren — Bug 736915 - Print Selection prints a blank page when the selection is inside a table. r=bz, a=lsblakk
a923cadf7b8d6bbefd7a9dd12003d7357c226f96Scott Johnson — Bug 708187: Disable caching of font inflation inside of BuildTextRunsScanner to prevent bleeding of bad values. [r=dbaron][a=akeybl]
ac19f9e7096e7095ffb860f79a55e67137dca574Jonathan Kew — bug 717175 - flush shaped-word caches if they grow excessively large. r=roc a=akeybl
2fe257c037f1efe835db9090f7b800983d480a76Gavin Sharp — Bug 738804: Back out fix for bug 718088, a=akeybl
18753a4ee7cdc2ef365a1ebc1c66f5d32ec81926Mats Palmgren — Bug 735943 - Don't crash if nsSMILAnimationController::FlushResampleRequests destroyed the pres shell. r=bz a=akeybl
d28f72430f65fe3003b8021078653e777d4854ebHenri Sivonen — Bug 717180 - Ignore document.write after window.location. r=smaug, a=akeybl.
d89d907220ebb1da01719ff331108dfa0a1692b4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 703774 Cast the result of getAttribute() as Number before comparing the values r=enn, a=akeybl
f7896dabf8a9c804cbbce9e483a55131c3a5f58eRail Aliiev — Bug 731795 - MOZ_SOURCESTAMP_FILE shouldn't depend on MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES; r=khuey,a=lsblakk
4696c6beca3d1720e5b6977d69ceed02b7e61111Jonathan Kew — bug 739925 - port OTS bug-fix from upstream rev.83. r=jdaggett a=akeybl
670caaf9d22bc0b98774ad391573a9626c5bc029Boris Zbarsky — Bug 739004. When cloning a static clone, set the mOriginalDocument of the new clone to the mOriginalDocument of the thing being cloned, not to the thing being cloned (which is not an original document at all). r=smaug, a=akeybl
4e89e0ae835499519d46dbb3a7f74af7a36d701fAvi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 737758: part 3 V2: Cleanups and semantic consistency. r=roc a=akeybl
5096a64c4c3993ac45c486487a4ca2330d53bcb6Avi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 737758: Part 2 V2: Address Windows abnormality (identify _faked_ pixel scrolls). r=roc a=akeybl
993e301d9bdb47c323b193748ff74a305c8814a5Avi Halachmi (:avih) — Bug 737758: part 1 V2: Propagate mouse wheel event origin from ESM. r=roc a=akeybl
5c0f104db5e976e17015f37c1a9a00a2845d11a6Chris Peterson — Bug 739418 - When reporting a rethrown exception, report the original exception's stack trace. r=blassey a=akeybl
63c5274f27cb791e1cb05905afccdb1f740d2ceaMatt Brubeck — Bug 704406 - Show and hide the restart prompt when changing add-on status in about:addons [r=margaret, a=akeybl]
af44d93f215990c37db66a6887bd13b4d1bd897eMatt Brubeck — Bug 482057 - PageUp/Down with the findbar focused does not use smooth scrolling [r=Enn, a=akeybl]
01fbbc855886b2eb1d54e0bfdd248f7a141e3388Frank Yan — Bug 740235 - Prevent about:home from creating a full window component alpha layer. r=mak a=akeybl
d8cedf5a38c0ea070b300dd0008106bef32b70eeMarco Bonardo — Bug 740581 - Make about:home's Sync button label not directly use the brand string.
4874cec6f1c892edd675bd0851be9e81f19b31f5Dão Gottwald — Bug 739093 - Remove the fullscreenflex. r=felipe a=akeybl
b0a19a26150cfafae5152e620d43b1c99159ae24Ben Turner — Bug 720679 - 'Crash @ WorkerPrivate::CancelAllTimeouts while closing Firefox'. r=khuey, a=akeybl
196ad34ad49afba00dbed57e8392d14f96fa73d8Neil Rashbrook — Bug 728790 test_prompt_async.html doesn't track its dialogs correctly r=mayhemer a=akeybl
b5ac0b5020792998f19fa1e3f0021c725bfaf1fdHonza Bambas — Bug 736589, r=jst, a=akeybl
3674e711982a5e249ae79cf36812ab556c252f0bBenoit Jacob — Bug 737182 - limit max texture size on Mac Intel driver - r=bgirard, a=akeybl
3ae20fbe49e65484912c5b0988173738af10d114Serge Gautherie — Bug 739008. (Cv1-a13) Fix and improve test_sts_privatebrowsing.html. r=sstamm a=akeybl
6c2316525c7c553ae2309a71e634fb27332da55aSerge Gautherie — Bug 737454. (Bv1-ab) test_bug518777.html: Fix execution order, Rewrite it a little. r=roc a=akeybl
2ee0ace363aae55664277640644033b44ab163f0Mike Hommey — Bug 736519 - Package jssubloader cache in omnijar. r=khuey,a=akeybl
974b5248b3eebad2dceb0465ffc085494031e7b1Luke Wagner — Bug 733793 - Check for null return from JS_ObjectToOuterObject (r=bholley,a=akeybl)
d53521e7255519f8bc5de296922833e22d27246fChris Peterson — Bug 738695 - Part 2: Unify redundant IME mComposing and mCompositionStart variables. r=blassey a=akeybl
ae195a8d5b234bd32b0061665ea4bb888e7607b0Chris Peterson — Bug 738695 - Part 1: Remove Native Fennec's unused returnIMEQueryResult() (but not XUL Fennec's half). r=blassey a=akeybl
0e479285c04bccc7220a1a224cb50413c94e5853Brian Nicholson — Bug 738859 - Increment mActivityDepth for all activities launched from GeckoApp. r=blassey a=akeybl
28722c9549135026c145373fd623174618a54d6bAndrew McCreight — Bug 738769 - only unmark purple if purple. r=smaug a=akeybl
7b955f363ee9789542c3bc5b531f3a46ffac277eJonathan Kew — bug 717175 - disable the timed expiration of shaped-word caches. r=roc a=akeybl
932c7d9b6fc33247d95f331f065089e265f59b7dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729532 - Rename changed strings so translators will pick them up. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
782c225589eff77de5718505bf146b6dbfb90078Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729532 - New layout and text on "Setting up" screen. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
fdce25e870dab44def4d95854bac654c07b28c38Alexander Surkov — Bug 706784 - Firefox 8.0.1 Crash Report [@ nsLinkableAccessible::GetValue(nsAString_internal&) ] (mainly correlated to WebRoot Secure Anywhere) part2, r=tbsaunde, a=johnath
afb7d64a40138b13c1909cf281a1de49753ebb42Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 732585 - Drag and drop images into message window is broken; r=roc a=akeybl
e09f1ba7b42e115d5fd8b99fbf17ae00217514a6Chris AtLee — Bug 737631: clean up mozconfigs. r=ted a=akeybl
85b2776948f6833b7ed40dfdef0ecbb884605edbTim Taubert — Bug 705911 - [Page Thumbnails] Save screenshots of redirecting sites; r=dao a=akeybl
c6f1210231c1ffbde39bd822156ea6183edb4c16Marco Bonardo — Bug 736456 - Cache the spec in captureAndStore, since currentURI may not be available later; r=ttaubert a=akeybl
787aedcb98ebac868c462520d71916112419f6d4Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 731613 - Don't track startup crashes when XRE_PROFILE_PATH is set (from restart or profile manager). r=Mossop, a=akeybl
99df4b894a0981d1c19acd66ebd3cdfaa501d3c9Simon Montagu — Various fixes to multi-byte Unicode decoders. Bug 715319, r=emk, a=akeybl
8f896378477285002d117388bfb2df8f8aa8fd74Chris Peterson — Bug 720300 - Don't submit AwesomeBar text when there is an active composition string. r=blassey, m_kato a=akeybl
7532d1f58906cf76edadd6fe57258a20a87a08dcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 735177 - Windows XP uninstalls should also trigger Maintenance Service uninstall. r=rstrong. a=akeybl
98c38622905fb5352309efa490999b79b9b72d38Bobby Holley — Bug 726949 - Backout 9dde014a4b3f on aurora. a=akeybl
1f489405617ae14b9f8e0f924b7662e6fe580934Bobby Holley — Bug 726949 - Backout b89b725e10fb on aurora. a=akeybl
5c4189019bc1eafa0e24e53596a23ccb39e5e7d5Josh Aas — Bug 726734: Reload plugin instances when the src/data URL changes. r=jst a=akeybl
1441fec02ec67ea047b2558609efe8e1a5077fceAlexander Surkov — Bug 735666 - crash [@ nsIDocument::GetContainer() ], r=tbsaunde, a=akeybl
8b82d6245ac1a22fd09cc5baa7bd1c134b4c6959Edwin Flores — Bug 738392 - Fix plugins not rendering inside CSS transform on Mac OSX r=roc,a=akeybl
662cd575c01a9bc89d9a20fb094c46f9ded9745cJustin Lebar — Back out changesets 3760953b2629, 6bf25f8c7291 (bug 737307) due to web-facing regression (bug 739478). a=me
3760953b2629591ddfe076e026b647285700d192Justin Lebar — Bug 737307 - Part 2: Fix. r=bz a=akeybl
6bf25f8c729177290d9d5fc1e2048682ad7e18e5Justin Lebar — Bug 737307 - Part 1: Fix scriptaculous test. r=bz
465933626096912ea4c8fcc05341e151352f2176Scott Johnson — Bug 711418 - Enable font inflation for body and html elements with fixed heights. [r=dbaron][a=akeybl]
3074d3eb0f34071fc997312ed5fcc66429574ef9Kyle Huey — Bug 737875. r=hsivonen a=akeybl
18d81e86fe70d71ce9db69984cd7c2a77fd80b3fScott Johnson — Bug 733640: Add crashtest for bug 718516. [r=ehsan][a=npotb]
d3f3fe75c25399dce8989aaa5e5ffc2c1aba0762Brian Hackett — Update type sets persistently for arithmetic on objects, bug 733979. r=billm a=akeybl
e14e81432a547a580fe00d6abbd0e5b8718dc220Brian Nicholson — Bug 737782 - Add keyword as a default bookmark column. r=mfinkle a=akeybl (for the whole push)
ef36968c5e13daa41e4e089f2ae22985a4c13e00Matt Brubeck — Bug 736995 - Disable share command for resource: URIs [r=margaret]
47135409a69474c2b7dd7e83223caf86790a5e42Matt Brubeck — Bug 737692 - Touch-friendly styles for menulists and textboxes in add-on options [r=mfinkle]
d582892c9ff70668548682b5da39f7147c350c0eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 737906: Restrict remote tabs to 5 on about:home. [r=mfinkle]
1c6c1953e9b831d45fd87cf7ce55a176a6f82ad9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 731654 - (3/3) Style HTML5 form validation popup. r=sriram
c815f9d5654b4578b8159386f011eb797fcdf741Margaret Leibovic — Bug 731654 - (2/3) Get rid of mLayout/mHeight/mWidth. r=sriram
ad95d6c0817e93819fe39faf9883d02f0a9ca7c8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 731654 - (1/3) Refactor positionAndShowPopup to use popupFoo instead of listFoo variable names. r=sriram
c3365ce674b685eebfc962b787dbaec6d6da44b8Brad Lassey — bug 734624 - java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTask.done( caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteConstraintException: error code 19: constraint failed, catch potential exceptions r=mfinkle
74abbab2458b6ef5d2a679e896d470212058bb0aBrian Nicholson — Bug 735469 - Fix IME composition events. r=cpeterson
48b51740d3d288db65631618aba7fca33daa87cdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 737445 - java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String at org.mozilla.gecko.FormAssistPopup$AutoCompleteListAdapter.populateSuggestionsList( r=mfinkle
f03ef32a3057318c8db4681fcdd0b71fd6ce20c9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 727454: BrowserToolbar inflation crash in ActionBar. [r=mfinkle]
68578d82198bb798e1373459d774d97f87f8f730Matt Brubeck — Bug 737582 - Remove redundant Android theme files [r=mfinkle]
394de599d8802ea162ed1604008c6f846dccbac6Richard Newman — Bug 736352 - Aborting… doesn't. r=nalexander
b09fe32e9ab4e95e4e6934c0527dfd83283f2b20Margaret Leibovic — Bug 737203 - Intermittent testBookmark | testBookmark | bookmarks list has 2 children (the bookmark we added and the hidden header) - got 0, expected 2. r=gbrown
645a70acbbe2e06ccd980217deb49f8df9e13175Richard Newman — Bug 736972 - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: at<init>( r=nalexander
6dd8094d767f06f4cce954b252ff6931ce0427c2Richard Newman — Bug 737265 - Correct creation of special folders. r=nalexander
b0163319e529ef212b313d7b7399e4ce8325798aMounir Lamouri — Bug 737394 - Remove CapturePicker.js from and adds it to r=glandium
a5223a4a37e8a6a11ac3863f1578e9c6a7355be7Lucas Rocha — Bug 708149 - Replace folder column with type in bookmarks table (r=rnewman)
56b4f77bbc10f12315b92d2f30bf4a8cef8189adLucas Rocha — Bug 708149 - Allow bookmarks table migration to apply a custom migrator (r=rnewman)
7d910d51187ef97c63206419fa372b59b6b0d82bLucas Rocha — Bug 708149 - Factor out method to migrate bookmarks table (r=rnewman)
499d5cbefc30201b3111d87d96cd26950ad88fecWes Johnston — Bug 735676 - Fix Sanitizer.passwords.canClear. r=mleibovic
489cd94e6bb7c28873845b9a21c10b9a21228f83Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 735741: Factor out UI in about:home [r=mfinkle]
ba444b71df2fc953606e1868213df5e2dda22013Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715928: Screenshots for about:home. [r=mfinkle]
8a75cf49c09c32936d98eaf0907b7512c359de8cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 727449 - Update testBookmark to expect no folders when there are no desktop bookmarks. r=gbrown
3bfff02c16128f40751b9f4685a63de6b2b191deMargaret Leibovic — Bug 727449 - Only show mobile bookmarks folder contents if there are no desktop bookmarks. r=lucasr
29f7979e28c2e1bef50084ac264fb0641b2a09ffBrian Nicholson — Bug 718240 - Use 30 second timeout for crash restore. r=mfinkle
7e0aabe6fe30d2c933617918a79e76de39c8ac91Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 736455: Remote tabs with empty tile on about:home [r=mfinkle]
86d9c18c1460357088f7e0af4fd57ad5ccda25c5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 734893: Faster DB accessing with priority for GeckoAsyncTask. [r=mfinkle, r=blassey]
884288acf326baa0b67133feb50cb5d686cf8701Brad Lassey — bug 734624 - java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTask.done( caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteConstraintException: error code 19: constraint failed, synchronize inserts to avoid race condition r=lucasr
ec0e723221aea85b7256a6f10510ccad08cd56fdMounir Lamouri — Bug 734382 - Don't show the list of activities if there is only one. r=blassey
6b966ab71091c8a1373a5020e8006101be939c64Mounir Lamouri — Bug 730289 - Filepicker on Android should allow picking or capturing media instead of having a specific button for capture. r=dougt,wesj ui-r=madhava
92c37fb62be5e99c4b18cf1785830b42fc60f906Lucas Rocha — Bug 730105 - Add Talos test for AwesomeBar frecency filter (r=gbrown)
804baf4a522d05dc915e389ca607e0ea25f233edLucas Rocha — Bug 730105 - Ensure test query arg on all ContentProvider operations (r=gbrown)
5c7568cddff58009227e4f7eb82a6d10685d15faLucas Rocha — Bug 730105 - Fix content provider registration in ContentProviderTest (r=gbrown)
fec6e5de001e249debc0edbe950a2372015827caGeoff Brown — Bug 735856 - fix intermittent test failure; r=jmaher
6cde306c16ba6460a14e4442497278f318e98e60Nick Alexander — Bug 736007 - avoid Server11RepositorySession NullPointerException. r=rnewman
5cb180bc916f49a5b61e059afe4b57c458e219cfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 704977 - (Part 3) Update awesomeness calculation in profile migrator. r=gcp
b6504112d3e87610c56aa74e9ba85fb6cd9ca1d6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704977 - (Part 2) Awesomeness calculation should use nicer recency decay. r=lucasr
509c47310f670f05f272faa45ee822903788ec08Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704977 - (Part 1) Clean up filterAllSites to make it more readable. r=lucasr
df84a52428ac848e93034d073640bca4595becf8Richard Newman — Bug 736391 - Don't store places record. r=nalexander
81bccd7801bd18dbceacb0f205a95fefa55662a3Mark Finkle — Bug 735838 - About Home content displays briefly when opening an external link r=blassey
1aed4f63bb787c8a2cbcb36160bf90242f9f62d3Chris Peterson — Bug 731034 - Clamp current selection before processing key down events to avoid IndexOutOfBoundsException. r=blassey
87b81ccf3934183c0168fcb6c13c5fc414ac6585Richard Newman — Bug 735996 - HTTP layer improvements. r=nalexander
f9f0509d52310797c7f831122ddcec3d1335ca41Marina Samuel — Bug 734469 - Clients stage table missing during sync. r=rnewman
6273daa1141e4c32b44c415c6e80d124ca557252Wes Johnston — Bug 716515 - Send DOMAutocomplete event when autocomplete is selected. r=mleibovic
91adf30e7dbe43e0220a2f74df5fbb576065cc7bBrian Nicholson — Bug 732818 - Use tab URL as AwesomeBar URL. r=mfinkle
42c5f16791567a7604386f9eb4d85e7e742700e9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715292: URL bar should have straight edges on the sides. [r=mfinkle]
fddfa99a3e0a0fc70223553c6f6f8b18e678e919Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 734880: Bottom center area in tabs-tray should consume clicks. [r=mfinke]
f8070c128bbabf54f181a952f2b840673352a985Brad Lassey — bug 735790 - Tab thumbnails only scale 3/4 of the window r=mfinkle
4015ada30b5b11a8c5c9b1c50a0fdb095ae72d1fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 732104 - (Part 3) Style header row. r=mfinkle
4994cb705e9a3122924804b42c9e0fb326d1fe3bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 732104 - (Part 2) Remove the ability to tap a folder heading to go back. r=mfinkle
688d709c94c806dd7c587a9b31f2d419fa7244d4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732104 - (Part 1) Make sure BACK always takes you up a folder level. r=mfinkle
f4c58ae6ebbd5c8337b071bb03514d4bddb9489dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 731267 - Ignore "All Bookmarks" folder and its badly rooted parent. r=lucasr
5186e1f163e9db8792ff701ce4c710e4ef81e384Lucas Rocha — Bug 734177 - Add ContentProvider test infrastructure (r=gbrown)
e25db51325c0bb195c0ab369c6e25610112e607eLucas Rocha — Bug 734177 - Make BrowserProvider's getDatabasePath() public (r=gpascutto)
f6fd040cf716ff354f958b4f0233b7a5f8ed0e4bLucas Rocha — Bug 734177 - Add PARAM_IS_TEST to BrowserProvider (r=gpascutto)
96559da96bf2c25574581c317fd748a643617d0bLucas Rocha — Bug 734177 - Only include profile is set when cleaning up records (r=gpascutto)
111155f275abafe18a8c67e6c39be1fb65d2e029Lucas Rocha — Bug 734177 - Enable foreign keys support in sqlite (r=gpascutto)
75b3e86f86ed3574cd4178d0a376fd4ec49d8c1bMarina Samuel — Bug 729248 - Smarter upload of our clients record. r=rnewman
1feb4846ca08eb2fc97689eace5662f85aec2b3dMatt Brubeck — Bug 735874 - (2/2) Show/hide the options when an add-on is enabled/disabled [r=mfinkle]
21ec29a1a6f98acba6635f4f5a0901d3a51470a7Matt Brubeck — Bug 735874 - (1/2) Refactor add-on manager enable/disable functions [r=mfinkle]
0c54cf90a309523eb8ed0376cebb591f0795648eChris Peterson — Bug 733196 - Do not use the fullscreen keyboard on Native Fennec (in portrait or landscape orientations). r=blassey
31feb157bc0b6781557179a9c5aacadd86ffbcdfChris Peterson — Bug 726393 - Fetch Android's cached TextKeyListener on key down/up events to avoid nulls. r=blassey, f=gbrown
3a5c5167c5aa6168e642a709bef1802aa6606d19Margaret Leibovic — Bug 734332 - Remove unused 'Tab:Selected:Done' message. r=mfinkle
55ac298a9f11a07aac4a73d8567fccbbdee9cec9Lucas Rocha — Bug 735660 - Bump database version to enable more performant views (r=rfinkle)
2c0e8e4571c84a7d188bc13b639de07dfcd7ab2aLucas Rocha — Bug 735660 - Commit DB transaction used by migrations (r=mfinkle)
e8b308c392054a7f7ca9320dc54a0644b5558b1cDoug Turner — Bug 727140 - OOM due to zoom of background tabs going to zero. This prevents viewport resizing happening on background tabs which should be a bit faster. r=pcwalton
20692069e82fbeb9744cf024e937d51cac1a95a1Matt Brubeck — Bug 696533 - (2/2) Theme changes for add-on preferences on Android [r=mfinkle]
3d1a7b3938d0be05ef6671bcf9327a5bc5f46869Matt Brubeck — Bug 696533 - (1/2) XBL bindings for add-on settings on Android [r=mfinkle]
667e0fbfe539da190c045a670f3b68972ea9eac8Richard Newman — Bug 735490 - Yet another place to kill makefiles. a=bustage
ebce2786f67020d431d24a2d3b8bb29213a4434cRichard Newman — Bug 735490 - Makefile change to reflect test deletion. r=mbrubeck
276f7b5ee0b1c912f94af10e545a3d9ab4cc3a92Richard Newman — Bug 735475 - Invert AndroidBrowserRepositorySession.checkRecordType into shouldIgnore. r=nalexander
1a1162ce7c53b206cc3d58c4a5e3b7bdb251ce24Richard Newman — Bug 735297 - Documentation for RepositorySession. r=nalexander
bb9cf955a89b0ffb8572727463611737d76e4945Richard Newman — Bug 735490 - Delete mobile/android/chrome/tests/. r=mbrubeck
62a7efdac3ddf9b3aa766e81a95c3ebf1bc25e88Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 735209: No application icon in AwesomeBar's clipboard bar. [r=mfinkle]
4adb8d45aff425701825d94a896c346e3d25461dRichard Newman — Bug 735137 - Strict mode violation in TabsTray.onCreate. r=mfinkle
bccdef36473e6d3a2d26177b47637e05eec22a53Richard Newman — Bug 734211 - Part 1: extract account creation and querying into SyncAccounts class. r=liuche
15fb08cbc70d4f7d3fdeebf04d85e70604af3b84Jared Wein — Backout c7e4db80d280 (bug 729111) due to various regressions. r=dolske a=akeybl
7ebf7cd335f2a90820e17fbf42cd47b011bdbb3fFrank Yan — Bug 731546 - Add link to marketplace on about:home, r=mak, a=dolske
89187d407e7ef02b4f8305ca0081a20a9dd52f4dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 736389. Get rid of code that reresolved style on overflow containers multiple times and in the process violated some invariants other code depended on. r=mats, a=akeybl
fe19b0150074b846c6356c4830e03fd577db449dNathan Froyd — Bug 735768 - Part 3: add tests for persistent telemetry; r=taras, a=lsblakk
f30faa038ccbf731a6231c8051c581d686c5207fNathan Froyd — Bug 735768 - Part 2: robustify persistent telemetry, JS side; r=taras, a=lsblakk
2fdf7be9bd2cf3326f1bc1da6290ca808aa00292Nathan Froyd — Bug 735768 - Part 1: robustify persistent telemetry, C++ side; r=taras, a=lsblakk
e64001c17c65a60060bd11135e1489b224bfb491Robert O'Callahan — Bug 737784. Create mInnerView eagerly to ensure that its bounds will always be correctly set in Reflow. r=tnikkel,a=akeybl
f9762624b74d4efb513fb3c36de6c1726932aa6bAvi Halachmi — Bug 736251 - Change scrolling duration to 400ms to make it feel more responsive. r=roc, ui-r=limi a=akeybl
f9f77313b59ead886abfc93f0e94e2ddaafcbf41Olli Pettay — Bug 736058, support createEvent('StorageEvent'), r=sicking, a=akeybl
697734dfd760912082b1771f07a56ea7cf8301e6Dão Gottwald — Bug 737830 - Default browser check is broken (Error: win is not defined). r+a=gavin
df303dada20eef25370fe0326b38c76782fddaffTim Taubert — Bug 726272 - [Page Thumbnails] don't capture error pages; r=dietrich a=akeybl
15c41c2337fb3518826ba236854a0661c416d219Blair McBride — Bug 735564 - about:newtab has on-hover UI that doesn't work well with touch-screens. r=ttaubert a=lsblakk
3d220e21f6f74a0cde6b4086dde1bdc242ec24b2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 735579. Correctly handle changes to column widths in fixed-layout tables. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
f11042d416a09cddba479dc265dc8885250d5570Robert O'Callahan — Bug 712836. Make MediaResources which have ended abnormally ineligible for cloning. r=cpearce,a=jpr
ed87206d099a12c8030c19270b6f415d1c38fe4aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 735141. Clear imageContainer to indicate that we're not using that optimization. r=tnikkel,a=akeybl
15924311257a29c8b89021e0612cf070d34b4da7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 723484. Fix alpha values for image layers with opacity. r=bas, a=lsblakk
96b3f9684808dd9be5b3ebefa1a28096c28dc22cAxel Hecht — bug 737970, add Malay to the build on Aurora, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
13af0e0fdd41ce0680ddaba638fbb30d89376e7fJeff Walden — Bug 735313 - StringBuffer::finishString still needs to check the length. r=luke, a=akeybl
4b7327c0fd0050f629ee56c8b25cb2f9b309589eTim Taubert — Bug 735987 - [New Tab Page] Dropping blocked links onto the grid again should unblock them; r=dietrich, a=akeybl
158500e8fa4edf2feba20f33f550bd4dd89ac4c0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 734530 - Spell check textareas if they're reframed when focused; r=roc a=akeybl
772477595ea4ab74561baa5933e76fdb0b559b9bHenri Sivonen — Bug 733282. r=smontagu, a=lsblakk.
0984ec812496580bc92e913265c16ecbe3465dacJonathan Kew — bug 721719 - ignore the GSUB table in Roboto on Android because of bad ligature rule, and update font prefs for ICS devices. r=jdaggett a=akeybl
9fb6ba8e053511463e8d7beda2b909a67eaa5be9Daniel Holbert — Back out e69ad50ec0d7 (bug 647914) for causing regression bug 736031. a=akeybl
a0497708403af47dad57ddb35f629aaa0e912659Dão Gottwald — Bug 736846 - about:home launcher buttons jerk down as the icons load. r=mak a=akeybl
0cf845b2ede5ecd7324153041027869cbe522eb4Dão Gottwald — Bug 736845 - Remove useless "container" div from about:home. r=mak
a740b362df50b410b0e0c530f064958c2f450079Dão Gottwald — Bug 736444 - replace abouthome/noise.png with reasonably sized copy from about:newtab, part 2. r=shorlander
5394e65e7c9b0a4b19b1919f3fb13b75f4fa2de6Dão Gottwald — Bug 736444 - replace abouthome/noise.png with reasonably sized copy from about:newtab, part 1. r=mak
057de3c5ea221c234c22a142fc0cf26b07efd6e0Luke Wagner — Bug 736012 - Unwind current frame on failure to enter jit code from loop header (r=bhackett,a=akeybl)
5e80b801b6952d825bf1c7cd823e079c3a81c598Mike Hommey — Bug 736495 - Some scripts are importing modules with resource:///gre instead of resource:/// and vice-versa. r=gavin,a=gavin
1eb6d3a4018b49b6ba37040d753ef0df259f0d58Phil Ringnalda — Back out bf4b1d3c624e (bug 732069) for startup crashes and failure to start in tests, a=mfinkle
abf433daab8964f4a23b3300370e6e2cfcd28ce3Nathan Froyd — Bug 730196 - fix intermittent timeouts during make package on Windows; r=ted, a=johnath
22b54dfcb88093a31025d129129671e0874fe007Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 735126 - Handle when second profile is created after Init() when there are no default profiles. r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
79655c8b335117c5b3cc7c4135e0d56bfcc3e05aFrank Yan — Bug 736512 - Fix long labels in new about:home. r=mak a=akeybl
4dccca5a974e755e9673f93d200aeb6ae9c5a9f6Frank Yan — Bug 711157 - about:home Visual Refresh & Launcher for Firefox 13. r=mak ui-r=shorlander a=akeybl
ae7c1ff7e8d802fc7cf8386dc1fd6b1332f0cc0fBrian Hackett — Disable regexp cloning optimization for global/sticky regexps, bug 728021. r=dmandelin a=akeybl
245b87d73a55dfd06d979ef83bf0ac650afefedaMarco Bonardo — Bug 735312 - Properly handle importing default bookmarks from omni.ja.
ce052bf33131e1819ee6e05ead445c8827626b95David Mandelin — Bug 728623: disable jitcode address randomization on Win64, r=dvander, a=akeybl
d42b8ffc7ba0cce98127e8efe1a50fe35bbf08f3Matthew Gregan — Bug 734784 - Update system-headers to reflect changes to libvpx includes. r=cpearce a=akeybl
04e1d631023a1527be0af6cf1eaa426697120632Vladan Djeric — Bug 712109: Back out chromehang from Aurora. a=akeybl
3b2d0342130a04ea8b74a099695bba950d058e8aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 735481. Skip ancestor filtering on IDs and classes in quirks mode, because that matching needs to be case-insensitive. r=dbaron, a=akeybl
663a0383af8d756c1a1969aa75ee0863a0fe3447OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 735517. Web Apps icon always appears when other popup notifications appear. r=fabrice,dao a=akeybl
dff8faf7de739c27eb4f3764e9981ebfa36e1318Aki Sasaki — bug 725294 - mobile release and l10n mozconfig fixes. r=lsblakk a=lsblakk
e4d3cf7cc2d392b53e41ebe758e353ebe448014cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 735713 - MAR files should specify maximum version for version compare checks; r=ehsan a=akeybl
eb2ba30282c9c81c8e1eea6b8b65b4ae65ae1fadEhsan Akhgari — Bug 735713 - Make sure that we can update users if the version of the application has been bumped up; r=rstrong a=akeybl
0909de078b862e7c867bdb82d7faf31486195828Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset dd31113031f8 (bug 735713) because of test failures on Windows; a=me
dd31113031f84af94a052221526c14dabbe7433dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 735713 - Make sure that we can update users if the version of the application has been bumped up; r=rstrong a=akeybl
cf30719559f812d7cd46310ba1d845baa9f864d5Brian Nicholson — Bug 702319 - Fix telemetry message l10n entry. r=mfinkle,Pike a=mfinkle
f1135f99a0e4c95581043720fea138f85033f55aOlli Pettay — backout Bug 679971 - remove Navigator.taintEnabled(), a=asa
fc911d24eebc3d9da1decb7d997e3ce215f493e2Lukas Blakk — Backing out mozilla-central 6151695f9df4 for bug 715744 a=akeybl
99faebf9dc36ffcfa45cf00a8f5f213c97989316Lukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
d54c720e93aae816f508691dcce492a2f3408d66Lukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
561ca1172a46c4c5c0a1f86c8748c303d9c889b5Lukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
b6627f28b7ec17e1b46a594df0f780d3a40847e4Kyle Huey — No bug: Fix ply being stupid, take 2. r=me FIREFOX_AURORA_13_BASE
466c118c3e4417504b74f2199b758d1e43170f0fKyle Huey — No bug: Fix ply being dumb. r=ted
cf4978c2e32c340987a9258fe064e9a191d8a639Serge Gautherie — Bug 735139. (Av1a) Improve browser_pageInfo.js a little. r=dao.
8d1c74566a0b94eecd626df143d56cf6d5237c66Bill McCloskey — Bug 728686 - JS_NewPropertyIterator shouldn't disable IGC (r=igor)
a625b9ed671fca596f98e026125508cf014975b7Bill McCloskey — Bug 734946 - Disable incremental GC for Firefox 13 (r=dmandelin)
d381ce0baac06feb2ffcdfa2f3e63430d7505d3eKyle Huey — Bug 735152: Disable the offending tests. r=me
d87ad51531b5c701fe5cefe04d58c6e11b27fb0eMarco Bonardo — Merge central and inbound
c16f72c6237418540a1d8421f4b760f60aceb0d6Marco Bonardo — Bug 734653 - Scrollbox should filter out hidden elements, since they are unscrollable.
1ffea9163a9d40b1802acea1cff71078efe5d0bdMarco Bonardo — Bug 735187 - Re-enable inline autocomplete by default. rs=gavin
90ddb1890de11f47fb7dcc153b29d550806ff8e5Jonathan Kew — bug 726539 - reftests for repeated feature in -moz-font-feature-settings. r=jdaggett
f7ec55cf0e95324ff03e696b6bde477db685b097Mike Hommey — Backout changesets 923a278f7ad5, 8f0164c90145, f5171db26f48, 7b590e1e392c and bd9a2f904e1f (bug 716544) because of Linux red
d932f160f91c374e97ef1773e32d8be1f6b82fb7Mike Hommey — Backout changeset 03394bda1d0f (bug 733773) because of Windows red.
35fb1400f0f7ab7fffaaf7836f6f38639aaa872dMike Hommey — Bug 734832 - Forcibly export a __dso_handle symbol from on android. r=blassey
28920721ac6d41674158819e029bcbb8e4395f04Mike Hommey — Bug 734812 - Make the linker error out when text relocations are defined with DF_TEXTREL. r=nfroyd
5168ba8c86f0ac4f6b4f15f981bc7ae770236bdaMike Hommey — Bug 734335 - Only build SPS on supported platforms. r=bgirard,r=khuey
ad62dcabf6969355343034d3003546436ed0023eMike Hommey — Bug 734237 - Make elfhack skip ELF files that aren't shared objects. r=tglek
66fc6fa2c34795027621dead4c5aa7350dbb1acdMike Hommey — Bug 734046 - Don't export __aeabi_* symbols from on ARM. r=ted
03394bda1d0f23ceaf65b6162a1fac9ea0442609Mike Hommey — Bug 733773 - Reset default values for thumb, float-abi, etc. when --with-arch is specified. r=ted
bd9a2f904e1f20b3972c61b2c1d57fc7472f29b4Mike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Enable warnings as errors on mobile. r=khuey
7b590e1e392cc2ac40682a65124a8e3fb2bc77abMike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsStringAPI.h. r=dbaron
f5171db26f48e6cd28cb2ea7192e97bdeb7c64adMike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Avoid unexpectedly including toolkit/crashreporter/google-breakpad/src/common/memory.h. r=ted
8f0164c90145889f195fa1687e887c69ed9a129cMike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Include assert.h from logging.h. r=cjones
923a278f7ad511721498ea640b467c86ebf81377Mike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Only define android bionic headers as system headers, and only use stlport includes when compiling C++. r=khuey
d4496bf4bb64ac5e0378f2a4704098a39ffa244bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 720659 nsAutoCompletController should search with committed composition string at input event handler immediately after compositionend event rather than composition event handler feedback=mak+m_kato, r=gavin
4b9fb42c0d52def41cd51c849920f38308baeb61Dão Gottwald — Bug 734554 - Increase MAX_LEAK_COUNT in order to reduce the random orange volume
ee4e0c98cb02323c040f439eea81a98b217d3003Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
cc44d26d718bfc5bf9c5cafe50aaeebdd70239d5Panos Astithas — Bug 729576 - Update the remote debugging protocol to reflect the recent spec changes; r=dcamp,jimb
7c8fff2651f5988493826a6ec6b137aa528fbba8Tim Taubert — Bug 735166 - Intermittent timeout in browser_newtab_bug734043.js (fix #2); r=bustage-fix
bf608f9ed9cabd17f3d2cf174f8c007b27f3b8efTim Taubert — Bug 735166 - Intermittent timeout in browser_newtab_bug734043.js; r=bustage-fix
c7e4db80d28081c0e88955b6a972f286743fd40aCharles Chan — Bug 729111: Renable HTML5 centered play video button after video is resized.
b2a4560c0af0534c4794e740904f0f8ac6cda6b0Tim Taubert — Bug 729878 - Part 3 - Corrected newtab tests; r=dietrich
e2a9031828b0695ac1efe91fc2cb6f7283e3ef65Tim Taubert — Bug 729878 - Part 2 - Theme-specific assets; r=dao
cdd0ecf3851bcc89fd5adb4ebc9ea6f8c471a083Tim Taubert — Bug 729878 - Part 1 - New layout implementation; r=dietrich,dao ui-r=shorlander
bb271ef702c6b3c51bff139bfc60562c0111d9d1Tim Taubert — Bug 722263 - New Tab Page: changing browser.newtab.url require restart; r=dao
c1d32bb1b893be6da7e90774beef25646cafdd6dTim Taubert — Bug 725996 - New Tab Page should not respond to dragged bookmark folders or should handle them properly; r=dietrich
a0fa0eb17298c88717fec9280b6aa445f44b8576Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
4bd80687cb3201dd7097e94102cbebffbc9ee918Boris Zbarsky — Bug 732667. Only do checks for :hover selectors when hover state changes on nodes which have relevant hover rules. r=dbaron
4180d628d8729bd52055bc7d1801b97b4aaa91b9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 6. Make frame construction use ancestor filters when resolving style. r=dbaron
8f22a2dc76d60a5c5d93b5807fcf2820f8c3da91Boris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 5. Make style reresolution actually use ancestor filters. r=dbaron
12b71ef500a0fd741c4c42531ad6a6e051f051d0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 4. Use the TreeMatchContext's ancestor filter, if any, in EnumerateAllRules. r=dbaron
d2140528affe9085a3e71388727967fbaca09787Boris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 3. Hang an optional Bloom filter and some methods for managing it off the TreeMatchContext. r=dbaron
361616736d2389c706641c7507e4ce50654c767bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 2. Store the hashes of the atoms occurring as IDs, classes, and tag names in selectors that would need to match one of our ancestors. r=dbaron
621b16542cd50ed330269fa029d70c35a7f1ca9dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 1. Rename mayContain on BloomFilter to mightContain. r=dbaron
6799a5e6912f834ebbd8e94c74c34c34f20a92f5Bill McCloskey — Back out 85ffbb752398 and 8cae4bde9534 (bug 728686 and bug 734946) due to possible leaks
f925f2f8d1fd474de2463ce949d03403714a23acPhil Ringnalda — Back out 83a33626d965:6e9330f5a9bd (bug 732667 and bug 705877) for Windows build bustage
83a33626d9658fd26deef1f8141a525033bd9223Boris Zbarsky — Bug 732667. Only do checks for :hover selectors when hover state changes on nodes which have relevant hover rules. r=dbaron
f4d3bc1351bd6ac706d56064becd078d51ccebcaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 6. Make frame construction use ancestor filters when resolving style. r=dbaron
c13394ac5b2afeba243ceaf4c683abc5243a1af2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 5. Make style reresolution actually use ancestor filters. r=dbaron
f17f42bbe1814c755598ea501cde1966cb3bfdbfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 4. Use the TreeMatchContext's ancestor filter, if any, in EnumerateAllRules. r=dbaron
beb5d8473216a8ca834adf5862bb72ed89587693Boris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 3. Hang an optional Bloom filter and some methods for managing it off the TreeMatchContext. r=dbaron
490429be8812cd8f84236e58ad6e410fb03c9e11Boris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 2. Store the hashes of the atoms occurring as IDs, classes, and tag names in selectors that would need to match one of our ancestors. r=dbaron
6e9330f5a9bd87ae194b41452a5b158f55a3297eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 705877 part 1. Rename mayContain on BloomFilter to mightContain. r=dbaron
a64caf61fb62cb2d8bae2c680e02f6d0e5b3807fNick Alexander — Bug 734521 - ensure response entities are always consumed. r=rnewman
75a1d1ebe7ed7b5ab67ba0fda82152a461f0ceb7Nick Alexander — Bug 709329 - 401 node reassignment. r=rnewman
4434a5371bbc6445504e9691bfb622ae465a18bbBrian Nicholson — Bug 725213 - Add search engines from text input fields. r=mfinkle
f48345d39a26c050b84f549c367e20b53243ce63Brian Nicholson — Bug 725213 - Refactor search engines in BrowserApp. r=mfinkle
0d676d694f99599709989ff63ae5653fecd4d1a0Avi Halachmi — Bug 206438 - Smooth scrolling should use the 'smoothwheel' algorithm. r=roc ui-r=limi
babf5e9f60360e416ccde4ca82cebefcb488e672Bas Schouten — Bug 732988 - Part 2: Use ScaleToSize API for plugin drawing. r=roc
709bce4da1415dbb619d3fd159fc290c5d100184Bas Schouten — Bug 732988 - Part 1: Add ScaleToSize API to ImageLayers. r=roc
64086bfc8849e135e9260a1ed9f825b317925ba2Jeff Gilbert — Bug 729702 - Use ReadPixelsIntoImageSurface in CopyToTarget instead of duplicating functionality - r=BenWa
85ffbb75239866025a637cc0b1a2d27d2583b74eBill McCloskey — Bug 728686 - JS_NewPropertyIterator shouldn't disable IGC (r=igor)
8cae4bde95347d3fd2da79bccc54ef1b8e00ceb1Bill McCloskey — Bug 734946 - Disable incremental GC for Firefox 13 (r=dmandelin)
3747b3e55a48e9915e046b2979c266d24b36630fDavid Mandelin — No bug, mark slow test, r=me
ed7fc0a625a55a5358906768a28cce30b22d974bDavid Mandelin — No bug, fix MSVC warnings, r=none
bdab1eea1212631f694c1ccc98c1438a0426b3c0Alexander Surkov — Bug 731287 - get rid nsCoreUtils::GetComputedStyleDeclaration, r=tbsaunde
17012da102794064e74845500b9f3f3db46455a6Alexander Surkov — Bug 731276 - remove CSS computed style getters from nsIAccessible, r=tbsaunde
a3d55fa01d9fb5a788094a0cd50919f187e48cf5Matt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
374977a5f8c67061516a1dafc4dfb9113410eed8Fabrice Desré — Bug 697006 - Add desktop support for the Open Web Apps API - Part 2 : UI [r=gavin]
17de225179ac3cf75239e1d66b1242cfab9e8498Fabrice Desré — Bug 697006 - Add desktop support for the Open Web Apps API - Part 1 : enable mozApps on desktop [r=gavin]
329878c0813d6b6d1e312565c8c655cd2e3e623fFabrice Desré — Bug 735109 - unregister message listeners on shutdown in Webapps.jsm [r=felipe]
18ed43b863f167467aa30107c3b941baad38dc3dKyle Huey — Bug 498998: Implement XHR timeout in Workers. r=sicking
e77ca0c6e4358694d20033e3a2466ab9ba46a267Brad Lassey — bug 723597 - Spurious mouseover event fired on page load r=tn
da345b4e7768638924f988e62ebd69e28d5fa849Fernando Jiménez — Bug 734366 - WebSMS: nsISmsDatabaseService.getNextMessageInList proccessId parameter should be optional. r=mounir
e8d2909f0e40e7295879cd665eaddb36cbab8c3bOwen Jones — Bug 603817 - Properly update personal-bookmarks contents when it's put in the tabs toolbar.
58ebf0fed1e8e2760378fdab32f6c6fb95aa5eeaBill McCloskey — Bug 735014 - Wait longer for PAGE_HIDE GCs (r=smaug)
336b0c09d2d6b0cbd13ec054587eaece2acd7222Kai Engert — Bug 673381, patch v4 to add NSPR/NSS library version numbers to about:support, r=dtownsend
20c9cd87856b173e822cb78332d70fa129d5921cKai Engert — Bug 673381, patch v3 for NSPR/NSS versions in about:support, make build time minimum NSPR/NSS versions available to JS, r=rrelyea
12813323739a79d0f502336952de779806505ce1Justin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 2: Stop using crappy hash functions in Gecko. r=bz
f9019988b9e48295713e35b5734a95a7489bfb30Justin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 1: Add hash function utilities to mfbt. r=waldo
d228248c1b5a4571606a641298a358fd121f6ecbMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 723802 - Add telemetry for startup crash detection (2/2). r=dolske,taras
cdad5c4bfad7520abf4f7d29e02af36791fbcdb1Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 723802 - Add telemetry for startup crash detection (1/2) - timeline portion. r=taras
bf4b1d3c624e3f217866ca5f32a72e566efef0acWes Johnston — Bug 732069 - Remove library extraction from APKOpen. r=glandium,blassey
c3a8909af7073595cb3e75778bbe465b023d9487Jeff Gilbert — Bug 728724 - Check for BGRA read support correctly - r=bjacob
6610af68b24c8b525cf2562902cb1b7c15e391fdJeff Gilbert — Bug 726396 - Repair ANGLE d3d share handle fetching an PBuffer creation behavior - r=bjacob
2bc1574aa91ed48ba780b72e4f74b91322f3f25bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 721352 - Make Profile Migration use batch operations. r=lucasr
08f6f98dc9e775e19edabc62b3d89df07de442caGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 721352 - Add support for batch operations in LocalDB. r=lucasr
804103f3020c2599174f032d60aba05c15e76d45Rail Aliiev — Bug 732976 - SingleSourceFactory should generate checksums file. r=ted
0215639e611a03c4efde0f0e5440890761dd7cfaDavid Anderson — Remove JS_GetScriptedCaller (bug 732652, r=luke,mrbkap,bholley,smaug,bent).
b55bf024c09a3fe2a8c4782079fa10787340d43dMarco Bonardo — Bug 732755 - Intermittent test_mozIAsyncLivemarks.js | false == true.
3eaa5949a597f4ec4374780a6c134ed627870ffcWes Johnston — Backout 1d78e84e678c
ee1534c3a8e793c5f368917931cabbefb6a8be7eBill McCloskey — Bug 734763 - Fix gcMallocAndFreeBytes (r=gregor)
3a7794b398586f0944debb4e1fe6c73022785fb5Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 734508 (Add new DOM binding for SVG list classes). r=jst.
e2c7eb54fdedff61177fde301e9e936dbedde4a4Peter Van der Beken — Backout 790be8926d50 to fix commit message
1c7831aa244dc47eb4ae2bc59f71c777ab2f3823Steven Michaud — Bug 730282 - Firefox crash @ mozilla::SignalTracerThread. r=ted.mielczarek.
0c42c66992f1541867a3fddb7d8cea0155d99282Brian Nicholson — Bug 724194 - Allow editing bookmarks in AwesomeScreen. r=mfinkle
261d255eb06d24c16e15210799032669d1bde82eMark Finkle — Bug 734714 - Some prompts broken: 'aDomWin is null' in prompt service r=wesj
2fbbd922e826b47c114fae047785236dad78ec3fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 734425: Support remote tabs on about:home [r=rnewman, r=mfinkle]
9a95747a49fe790c4e34d7ae8a3afa8dd9d115edSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 734961: Unwanted divider in Tabs-tray. [r=mfinkle]
e3365dff8c5a9174e88d85135146db378e804cadEhsan Akhgari — Bug 733277 - Prevent firing timers from lock contention with the main thread; r=bsmedberg
f5b002584ce3683f5211d2087c56411b76eb9558Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 714131: Default clipboard-bar in AwesomeBar in ICS. [r=mfinkle]
29be02f524cf116c74e436309b4eddfd00a15450Brian Nicholson — Bug 702319 - Update telemetry opt-in message. r=mfinkle
2eacd5a91b5ffb1aae659cb88fd7ea0f265977c7Oleg Romashin — Bug 733951 - Qt port does not compile anymore due to bad includes order. r=jrmuizel
1d78e84e678cdcca09a1bf79b4e3dda565374816Wes Johnston — Bug 725052 - Tests for inserting passwords. r=rnewman
11dea4451258e2c3d0d8b4d6ac3e93694d535072Wes Johnston — Bug 725052 - Check if a password is in the deleted database before inserting it. r=rnewman
34da6373715ffbedf4d2c636690fa607e00dee3eBenoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Change profiler output format to support threads. r=mstange
05b738efb00721d5c15d791d3701bcfcb478fd50Benoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Move Stack to ThreadProfile since it's thread specific. r=mstange
16e0066edea646a7e22c88f9dc0815ef7e3edb31Benoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Rename Stack/Profile to imply their thread specific. r=mstange
7de086f7aca0879d07cc4102310f11aee44414efBenoit Girard — Bug 732806 - Fix profiling stack end detection. r=jmuizelaar
7d28af46cdef2510957d9021567dd4b065c2027aBenoit Girard — Bug 734707 - Fix Jank profiling feature side effects. r=jmuizelaar
53fb368c8fa0d31fc9c0cc19987db027860af57bMark Capella — Bug 726069 - get rid nsAccUtils::GetPositionAndSizeForXULContainerItem, r=hub, f=surkov
442550ccaf18d22e80e2c53413c50c7875455db1Brad Lassey — bug 719359 - Pageload thumbnails for sites with <meta viewport=width=n> do not cover entire thumbnail box in about:home r=mfinkle
b3b14faed003628534a6573059a3e14d28dee4d1Mark Capella — Bug 696975 - extend the list of legitimate data table structures for layout-guess object attribute, r=surkov, hub
c9dc897118f21d5211591b156fa74d9e880816a8Wes Johnston — Bug 718760 - Tests for java crypto. r=gbrown
9d643d069d11d68546f2fac0c91210408b711be0Wes Johnston — Bug 718760 - Crypto for the java passwords provider. r=blassey,bsmith
5b2ba557ec83475f5a30e616809b273bd33d5a35Rail Aliiev — Bug 732962 - Implement signing on demand for xulrunner. r=ted,catlee
a536d22f312c3dc17c0aa6d2e2d9fe2cd5d31f6fMatt Brubeck — Back out bug 718760, bug 725052, bug 732069 because of broken Android build
e2d129062b2b13e7cd6ef44806c7b7b53ed7ef86Wes Johnston — Bug 732069 - Remove library extraction from APKOpen. r=glandium,blassey
709d75c8f5aa4a3f5c2cb3237381f711d310cda2Wes Johnston — Bug 725052 - Tests for inserting passwords. r=rnewman
feb9e85cbf911fd1a03f8ebcd8431f49c93812b6Wes Johnston — Bug 725052 - Check if a password is in the deleted database before inserting it. r=rnewman
5031b59e031dc1c4e24851f1453b4d1f4bcd497cWes Johnston — Bug 718760 - Tests for java crypto. r=gbrown
2eae96792a75e67abf4e5286f438f2e579bac8cbWes Johnston — Bug 718760 - Crypto for the java passwords provider. r=blassey,bsmith
f34baebe186578280e2bd964b73cc33559069ec5Wes Johnston — Bug 725881 - Tests for form history and passwords providers. r=gbrown
eece32e5b31612567db07aa6bae9fe2c189ed598Jonathan Kew — bug 726539 - last value wins in the case of conflicting features in -moz-font-feature-settings. r=jdaggett
ac77925dc859847b747992e0fb77feef87b4125bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 729009 - Send the embedded document (SWF file) as the referer for plugin-initiated streams, r=josh
6c949240ed7938edc774f3e6d2844cbe6d615d4aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 729009 part 0 - remove dead code, r=josh
b02fb1d9d533d4b58da89417b59c462394a5247eKyle Huey — Bug 727666: Worker hang at shutdown with XHR. r=bent
dd2a4596f15c32c3dcef32c84b5ca48e4972d6e5Luke Wagner — Bug 732496 - Pop 'sp' after TypeScript::Monitor (r=bhackett)
c2d251ee72d576f9e1396aba4b9a0ece641ad2c4Nathan Froyd — Bug 695235 - enforce unsigned long type on size_is parameters; r=khuey
c7034c69d298ae278e45fa45882b842245ab2d44Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 734735 - Remove text-align:justify rule from aboutSupport.css. r=dao
1ca7a94573f2f5d8feef190f011107777bb3896cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 721569 - Tests. r=sicking
95a8eba120fef6f01ba4c02115a9ae2c0413ccebMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 721569 - Implement Blob constructor. r=sicking
c7f4e6a7f6274b1fbdcb6f6b60f3d58eb767df46Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 721569 - Implement nullable types. r=khuey
4d64d2d31843f0f9b7b2385c6b100eb6a636e18bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 721569 - Support default values for Web IDL dictionaries. r=khuey CLOBBER BUILD
5a7686f1119b038eddbff7d49a169ef1c78f5391Jonas Sicking — Bug 735094: Implement new string values (rather than numeric constants) for IndexedDB. r=bent
825a808d224f2c7fc5115ce4686a08e1535a230eFelipe Gomes — Backout cset 11af9adc0e5d (bug 724080) to avoid unnecessary string changes. We'll fix this with a server-side redirect.
597d92c3064e0e050bf2dd8adf81441d4e215056Olli Pettay — Bug 734057 - Make nsDOMEventTargetHelper to not have strong pointer to window, a=bustage
483fb2f1da11019ea8a5791c9cba384de25afa46Olli Pettay — Bug 734057 - Make nsDOMEventTargetHelper to not have strong pointer to window, part2, r=jst
0c35057e2bb41d3440942338b5ad3c7d9c2a3345Olli Pettay — Bug 734057 - Make nsDOMEventTargetHelper to not have strong pointer to window, r=jst,bent
dfcb11712ec227cc6ec259acc8646b98f81f8d00Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 734299 - Part 3: Set up a datacall when registering with the network. r=qDot DONTBUILD because NPOTB
789068a4ba16cbc641652b7d504ec0ff797388e9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 734299 - Part 2: Worker code for network configuration. r=qDot
94c48b2660cb061f2b24fcd72461e44191f0df7ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 734299 - Part 1: Detect a datacall quirk on the SGS2. r=qDot
b0cd3ea2398cac032087494a38d6900118bfc697Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 734300 - B2G RIL: Network registration state improvements. r=qDot
170757be69f3d5d24c5cd2ee8fa1a083f5efd5a4Yoshi Huang — Bug 734333 - B2G RIL: typo in RIL.iccIO() throws ReferenceError: request is not defined. r=philikon
f92e3e6f93a750db10af92f2cd30ab616c4879ebJim Straus — Bug 714352 - B2G RIL: Listen for NITZ updates. r=philikon
3463e63451a49bc7ae75931eaba0e991aeabc192Etienne Segonzac — Bug 734951 - Fix the pref. r=philikon
2fb8fedd7fc86ab5e3fe0db41f5ad2c54356d3f7Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
eb08099d0b4417ac0230dc60049c99faabaeebb6Panos Astithas — Bug 734872 - Disable browser_dbg_select-line.js due to numerous intermittent failures; r=rcampbell
6738581dc4d044d75107cfbb662d407fdcf82837Mihai Sucan — Bug 734432 - Add Orion ProjectionTextModel to our package; r=rcampbell
406113c400a91e801f7b9bd59cddc2125d4d76c7Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
de4b5d7ba0e5ec95dbd0933784c6f0f202afbabbJosh Aas — Bug 734306: Fix bad conversion from nsresult to NPError. r=bas
790be8926d50d8869195e8c55c761f46b73607a1Peter Van der Beken — Add new DOM binding for SVG list classes. r=jst.
a3b40d32ad975ba75def58e7c46aae23bcd2ecccPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 734506 (Fix DOM list binding generation - fix bad argument throwing). r=jst.
0d866eb9ac2438f2262911ae19c0f202a31a2de9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 734506 (Fix DOM list binding generation - add includes for all types). r=jst.
6aaac780033cddf3df49cdc4e2328509ceaa5477Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 734505 (Add new DOM binding for FileList). r=jst.
554ab0a2f4708f3cd83ae2ac46870624a9cd7644Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 734503 (Add new DOM binding for TouchList). r=jst.
20561b1d9c85b81d3334c4392e8a37c1ed4ca22cPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 734499 (Add new DOM binding for PaintRequestList). r=jst.
fbae5a61f424915c379dadb8c3f7acc4f42de944Peter Van der Beken — Fix for new bug 734497 (Add new DOM binding for ClientRectList). r=jst.
6782ce785ca689c7705033f86d8df23073afe26fMarco Bonardo — Bug 734646 - Duplicate bookmark item in the toolbar chevron popup.
416a3c247e30ab2fc9111f6b4250aff818d6d471Marco Bonardo — Bug 734631 - Properly handle status menuitem changes in Places popups.
85a6457b194e9bd2685c8e643ad9bccab06813c9Alexander Surkov — Bug 728907 - use mozilla::ArrayLength instead of array length macros
cd70fe030a5445ee2a3d6b4dcb0bec91e6554ea2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 718391 - Package the js shell only if MOZ_PACKAGE_JSSHELL is defined. r=glandium,catlee
f419ad71f1cdcc961b2fc87acd4a0a0b82ed61ddAlexander Surkov — Bug 473569 - Restrict text-position to allowed values, r=tbsaunde
35c41def4857fccbadb899abc5fb6b3037f3bf98Vladan Djeric — Bug 712109 - Implement chrome hang reporting on profiling branch. r=ehsan
fead9a65565f75cb8472f771b801e6453561ea06Jiten Thakkar — Bug 598244 - nsFileControlFrame should not parse the accept attribute but nsHTMLInputElement should do that; r=mounir
ff628801bd90b93da44e1a49687d720e6830a069Oleg Romashin — Bug 734757 - Platform::GetOffscreenFormat called from non-main thread, and breaking Qt port. r=dougt
f2d6d32de1c1e1aa3ea0f7636a7a1ef4c333a3b7Mark Capella — Bug 595926 - Purge last traces of REQUIRES from the build system. r=khuey
eceb16d4057b897e9fdc9277d31a283b37c38b23Makoto Kato — Bug 672799 - switch win64 to use VS2010 instead of VS2008. r=khuey
f97ad1f32a983f6522ce3fa6cb44719814677c9cAlexander Surkov — Bug 728907 - replace nsTArray on on-stack c++ array in TextAttrsMgr, r=tbsaunde
3c82a920d0957b9dbe47f9056be3b417ddef3dc7Matthew Gregan — Bug 734784 - Clean up some include lists in content/media. r=cpearce
c77b00ff2c80eff3539f4527d9e6880251751d14Makoto Kato — Bug 715207 - Don't reset IME during compositing state. r=cpeterson
a0f2f7fd9dce3931879da8d49fad4d08c262953dPhil Ringnalda — Back out c891149d1ca4 (bug 719776) for Windows build bustage
4bec10c597cd49b2b033004b5062c4d382ff3a25Matt Woodrow — Bug 731777 - Correctly recompute overflow areas for frames with transform perspective applied. r=roc
f621a747531a6f52f05841ad3110dce3e10bbfb0Matt Woodrow — Bug 730166 - Mark frames with a hidden backface as transformed. r=roc
c891149d1ca46d94e7a20d94b5ca11580a72ab64Matt Woodrow — Bug 719776 - Remove external dependencies from Azure. r=Bas
6dea789aeb4b4ea446b9bc6e216c30e0d4e73a20Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 705276 - Split style inspector CSS between content & document CSS; r=prouget
503a8074e7fe30831778497c1a19ef9b5ca6ac36Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 703643 - Be able to copy from the rules view; r=prouget
1d8fdbc69641646b4397bd5090398fdb48577839Blake Winton — Bug 704223 - styles added in data urls are displayed badly in the rule view; r=prouget
0fe720174e5d7a855ab041704c17b15396f3f5bbPaul Rouget — Bug 717923 - Use an icon for the inspect button; r=dao
04f2053a28eb8d0ac0b1d8f3021638f53297a93aRob Campbell — Bug 729220 - Allow editing of attribute names in the HTML panel of the Page Inspector; r=prouget
849150e0fb099e393c537d888f7c6d8c8dd69922Jonathan Griffin Bug 734314 - "Unwrapped getBoolPref call causes dbg-server.jsm to fail to load in B2G" [r=past]
8d3737bf2bb26f9adb4b2afca2b9ba8c8babeb6aPanos Astithas — Bug 731277 - Add support for using fn.displayName as the function name in stack frames; r=rcampbell
6946244becb45d43180b639bd22ec8c6362cc871Tim Taubert — Bug 734043 - Error: node.parentNode is null when I click x button of thumbnail quickly in newTab page; r=dietrich
c6f26a8dcd084c38f63c282ba77c713c7573e549Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
28cf4b50717cef1911d2fedccb87d7aa4fd5772fGirish Sharma — Bug 729480 - Link to rule in Style Editor should show the relevant line at the top of the editor's viewport; r=msucan f=msucan
310226a5234ab7098ec646c61dc0b26db9c78c44Mihai Sucan — Bug 731394 - Source Editor in read only mode is not entirely read only; r=rcampbell f=rcampbell
82531ecd89f17827b669017836555f9b6420cf22Mark Capella — Bug 730898 - Reuse editMenuKeys in scratchpad.xul, r=msucan
fef8ed335cd28a9a4295b89a3cd1624dbd2e04e3Heather Arthur — Bug 732313 - Color of style editor links in rule view should be higher contrast. r=jwalker
5ec9524de1af2dfd627b0f4ae8defe1b1beaec15Daniel Holbert — merge m-i to m-c
c9612c1006f658d3c16e909c5670d98e236aed54Ed Morley — Backout fe139851fb34 (bug 734079) for M1 orange
52e11f6c80b9af111b1f05c2241351073401cdf2Daniel Holbert — Backout 4b46f6eff8f4 (Bug 732988) for linux Cipc orange
7bbff0b46460f1251e5e6880b3d2856bb5364454Daniel Holbert — Backout f667f6c22bed (Bug 732988) for linux Cipc orange
f0a006794b9448b515e55b978d5e56dded5f31f3Ed Morley — Backout ba7da6256b23 (bug 726444) for talos regressions; a=mak
fe139851fb34ee3302a8e9c2a86c1ee039769817Jonathan Watt — Bug 734079 - Give nsSVGSwitchElement::MaybeInvalidate a better name and comment. r=longsonr.
9824f12eba4d9067ecbcee57e0c7b73341caaca8Daniel Holbert — merge m-c tip over to m-i
960c7ece9d14f17a538c0c94e8d776b2504c328bDaniel Holbert — merge m-c to m-i, up to m-c revision b9357da14ab8
f667f6c22bed66bbf1f94c731a2247528821a981Bas Schouten — Bug 732988 - Part 2: Use ScaleToSize API for plugin drawing. r=roc
4b46f6eff8f4d66b91473e3884d2212b6124f2b4Bas Schouten — Bug 732988 - Part 1: Add ScaleToSize API to ImageLayers. r=roc
bca674dbf756aa3f23db872a7a768a39d347e01bBas Schouten — Bug 734478: Prevent shadowing of adapter1 variable in VerifyD2DDevice. r=jrmuizel
2065117f415017cfd627b8dadfd606f8f0a607f9Oleg Romashin — Bug 734678 - Add support for without-x configuration. r=glandium
eeecb834d8000a0f318f6d7a0d850d6581bd4910Oleg Romashin — Bug 734667 - Compilation fail on some toolchains due extra semicolon in EGL Provider. r=joe
c67ccfaad8ab91b4bb755f5cdd465c7b8f05f76eJonathan Watt — Bug 734732 - Rename nsISVGChildFrame::SUPPRESS_INVALIDATION so it's not misleading. r=longsonr.
801514b8c35f1fa3968933122e2b7ad947940636Benoit Girard — Backout changeset a76566398d36
4db15a238ba4eeb53890f9d88b9e074051239ba7Benoit Girard — Backed out changeset 5f5fc6a1133e
5f5fc6a1133e42289efc32e32de6068d44c7b003Benoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Part 2: Move Stack to ThreadProfile since it's thread specific. r=mstange
a76566398d36a8768f4c397bb2e835cbedbfbdedBenoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Part 1: Rename Stack/Profile to imply their thread specific. r=mstange
5f8a4ddce90061fd2524435b40f0980009b5c336Dão Gottwald — Bug 733339 - part 4: mark getAllStyleSheets as internal while keeping the legacy function. r=dolske
cb70875d31bc62f7cf645ae7758d9f12aaeb8e73Dão Gottwald — Bug 733339 - part 3: make the content window passed to gPageStyleMenu.switchStyleSheet optional. r=dolske
f397bf34d922b90ef8fc5b670cba3ada438ad141Dão Gottwald — Bug 733339 - part 2: replace gPageStyleMenu.setStyleDisabled with gPageStyleMenu.disableStyle. r=dolske
f5f3a550257b512f7f01568b2bb3a43d42d974fcDão Gottwald — Bug 733339 - part 1: remove unneeded legacy style sheet switching functions and bind remaining ones to gPageStyleMenu. r=dolske
9c6e7924e791b4770928fdc7431546b05ba06453Mats Palmgren — Bug 730769 - Make nsLineBox use a frame hash table for lines with many frames. part=2/2 r=bz
8e48167e22f3e926b4a1e7b4c0344ee8bb80ce0dMats Palmgren — Bug 730769 - Add NewLineBox/FreeLineBox methods to nsBlockFrame. part=1/2 r=bz
eeb3752c717c386e4a2a9f035bcd87a88ded20d8Mats Palmgren — Bug 732941 - Deal with OOM when copying nsCOMArray. r=bz
d223a5698a080ad9f22da6ad14cb5b55a3ecbd44Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 726369 - Profiler: Make the circular buffer reader code safer. r=BenWa
eed9e3c1ea1306e223d70e86dcf2cf1b1421e460Phil Ringnalda — Bug 582821 - skip test_nsIProcess.js on Windows until it can learn not to leave an unremovable file on the slave
50ebad2e58ba1260b4616b05d099af8fb09fdafcDaniel Holbert — Bug 733875: If you're a nsFrame inside a box, be sure to reflow your absolute children after box layout gives you your size. r=bz
d069fd0abc237bcb77ceed3b56c866e9a39165cdDaniel Holbert — Bug 640443: Allow positioned display:-moz-box elements to be containers for absolutely-positioned content. r=bz
d15167715965b265c4e7d4c813d0d8baad9d41c2Kai Engert — Bug 732390, Add preference to configure acceptance of MD5 in signatures, still accept by default, NSS calls r+=rrelyea, PSM pref code r+=honzab, pref name feedback+=dveditz
48ad947e93ea6d68b5c643a29eb7edbf02bc8f01Christian Holler — Bug 733493 - Improve JS shell OOM testing code, now with 100% less bustage. r=jorendorff
c6b04bbe689015a7e03fcac0ebd18a10e9229474Christian Holler — Bug 727326 - Add missing js_ReportOutOfMemory calls in methodjit code. r=bhackett
eff92312950aee5660e234cfd03fc136144ac09aJonathan Watt — Bug 734656 - Add documenting comments to some SVG frame classes. r=longsonr.
2a4ff84e15cd05643a5ad3bae06d63aeb1d7ee3bJonathan Watt — Bug 734656 - Make the NS_STATE_SVG_NONDISPLAY_CHILD classes easier to find. r=longsonr.
499b56d4809ed4cfd1fac9ba83f4e0d15bf196afGary Kwong — Backed out changeset 6169d8aa7a9d, a=tbplFire
7fd16b1a4f5066bcd7dba2b64c4d907d0266078bGary Kwong — Backed out changeset 248590650201, a=tbplFire
248590650201b5eb660e2d526682ef2f86718f06Christian Holler — Bug 727326 - Add missing js_ReportOutOfMemory calls in methodjit code, r=bhackett
6169d8aa7a9d6db521d5e9d0cfb4e57590f46a7fChristian Holler — Bug 733493 - Improve JS shell OOM testing code, r=jorendorff
5bb28e57574930f35d3c56b06956fd85f1d1fd9ePallavi Kumarijha — Bug 712554 - Remove MSVC6 support from Cairo Readme. r=jmuizelaar
00f228b570a481db5b86748419774dc29dbb0b5cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 734548 - Fix crash when StorageEvent.storageArea is null. r=smaug
9949b7477858cfbca82f3b957273463057972649Nathan Froyd — Bug 733977 - Check more closely for corrupt sessionHistogram files. r=taras
06939c27240aba28679c195f401f63d34ab1d476Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696301 part 4. Actually hook up a CORS listener on script loads as needed. r=sicking
77f7549128904ff5c50af6e6b44c122e14be3732Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696301 part 3. Propagate the CORS mode to the script loader correctly; make sure the CORS mode of script preloads matches the actual load. r=sicking
80b48f5c88267d4cd8195e53e29d55504a8e4e20Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696301 part 2. Communicate the crossorigin preload state from the parser to the scriptloader. r=sicking,hsivonen
5e6429f6f66d4a1ed51bc4add36014ba9564c60aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 696301 part 1. Refactor CORS attribute handling a bit. r=sicking
c29f828d1ce456d8764ad305d4a80636723d67dbAlexander Surkov — Bug 523304 - expose text-underline-color and text-line-through-color text attributes, r=tbsaunde
ba7da6256b234effb34a471e9df5995e804d5146Paolo Amadini — Bug 726444 - Implement the Downloads Panel. r=mak ui-r=limi
b74bbbfafde30ea5b203c7e8e374e4076425fdb1Marco Bonardo — Backout 4a1f94ebd302 (bug 726502) because it accesses a bogus index in an infinite loop.
ad71757b3229d83493f2b2b9a444ecef08f00197Mounir Lamouri — Bug 729845 - Disabled attribute shouldn't apply to all HTML elements. r=bz
1ed605e750586c07ac541c7da9fd78a44a5b4da5Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
9e3fc01c33bc7d4942b340492e6ed8adbfcd3aaeAlexander Surkov — Bug 523304 - tweak TextAttr interface, r=tbsaunde
f0933a7d1ab0f921071154902bbf4c76e2d9fffeJustin Lebar — Bug 731419 - Part 2: Discard image data immediately on tab close, DOM changes. r=bz
d6dc71da36ac15c57e8714cbbfe5d9a7c87c9dfdJustin Lebar — Bug 731419 - Part 1: Discard image data immediately on tab close, imagelib changes. r=joe
46fe585786aec2100218208beef8cc892cef9ff5Justin Lebar — Bug 731419 - Part 0: Test that drawing an image out of a display:none iframe works. r=me
d09b4e60bb0978338930172424b8fe2f7083a380Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 492931 - Fix case conversion in a bunch of DOM functions to only convert ASCII characters. r=sicking,khuey
05a2c3b187298abc97c09f95aaef7184ace0da6fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 734406. Fix printing and print preview for <canvas> by checking for script-enabled on the original document, not on the printing document. r=tnikkel
9688c946636f4b228d70f098fff075e1ff0f9ba7Dão Gottwald — Bug 734273 - tab bar sometimes shows scroll arrows with only one tab after startup. r=felipe
c33438bd5706685925700f3b87eca96a5078ae1dMs2ger — No bug - Update test_canvas.html to test for Uint8ClampedArray instead of CanvasPixelArray; r=mounir
ff72521021c52701c17ef1743f68cb33067b0a05Ms2ger — Bug 730554 - Part c: Unwrap to nsGenericElement in TexImage2DImageDataOrElement; r=bz
975335c0de318bafa8b3448b037be0b19beb3d6eMs2ger — Bug 730554 - Part b: Check the result of JS_GetProperty in TexImage2DImageDataOrElement; r=bz
7cf52fda8a40f379473052a1aaabdfff1466419aMs2ger — Bug 730554 - Part a: Deduplicate code in nsIDOMWebGLRenderingContext_Tex{,Sub}Image2D; r=bz
a455e5a0d02b8a3f2f74ce2223b9870b95047d78Ms2ger — Bug 734481 - Make nsIJSArgArray inherit from nsIArray; r=jst
b7caf8586f8f6c0aad71220545f90d1a8aaa77d1Ms2ger — Bug 734473 - Remove nsIScriptContext::FinalizeContext; r=jst
565fd024595d5169548337a20e2cb8deb1e458baMs2ger — Bug 734472 - Pass JSObject to nsIScriptContext::SetProperty; r=jst
138ac08b793cbe6e6d385e9a67e1fe77d0628d11Ms2ger — Bug 734468 - Make SetTerminationFunction return void; r=jst
867a3405768b83a508011ccdca8914e4f3270cc0Ms2ger — No bug - Declare uri variable in StartTests() in reftest.js to fix a strict JS warning; r=themaid
c92c1703b9d613ee504adf73dffa5263e5bbc20eMs2ger — No bug - Remove unused variables origStr from HashString; r=themaid
1eab6ae9e060270a68b94f6543804cd194bd4a5dMs2ger — Bug 649599 - Make getAttributeNS return null for absent attributes; r=peterv
f8569ec2ac71acce4863a6b25021a24da2e74903Ms2ger — Bug 732769 - Remove FileError; r=sicking
adf9e0f5a803c5d3f9d3fb2c6b786dfe40decef4Ms2ger — Bug 705432 - Remove dead code: txResultRecycler::getNodeSet(const txXPathNode&, txNodeSet**); r=peterv
e372bfbf40c5afb86d9da513f166cc928302e656Ms2ger — Bug 733872 - Use JS_GetObjectPrototype in XPCWrappedNativeScope::SetGlobal; r=bholley
6737b6762eb8cc365fb7a3effa586ce66b7e34e4Doug Turner — Bug 726502 - nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged may index out of bounds mWindowListeners array. r=smaug
b9357da14ab8c2abd0d378f8539ddea88d1ad7f7Benoit Jacob — Bug 711656 - Fix bug in D2D blocklisting check - no review
b98d1ff2d05196d11413da084d566ee488fbca47ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave26
a8751f6dc40529af930c88c48d39d9e8c1893a5aMarco Bonardo — Backout 4a1f94ebd302 (bug 726502) because it accesses a bogus index in an infinite loop.
7c071cef1797fc97c6d806a80fcddda01a8bf1d2Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
2ee344ca2759454690970c2402b5689f2f1646baJeff Muizelaar — Bug 723711. Return the profile data as JS objects. r=bgirard
6692fb9f8f2127d876758843a04075510de6078fJim Blandy — Bug 676281: Implement Debugger.prototype.findScripts. r=jorendorff
9d5bc6ed721445611d2b2bd6f30c135258d009ecChris Peterson — Bug 734156 - Part 2: Clamp current selection's indexes. r=blassey
d86407a9f476f8db304801c2dd7d51f4d5806208Chris Peterson — Bug 734156 - Part 1: Backout ineffective workaround d923ae85be05 (Reset IME selection when Fennec resumes). r=blassey
c7981774c1707112e7a85df4a5d944be001bdaedMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 734090 - Fix GB18030 4-bytes mappings. r=smontagu
5df18f54c148d7d8748f24190bd6b12382c24bf9Frédéric Wang — Bug 732834 - Use MathJax fonts in mathematical text part 2. r=karlt
53545c1c626a42d89cd48bc7072a10427a0fe254Frédéric Wang — Bug 732834 - Use MathJax fonts in mathematical text part 1. r=karlt
4f5cda91bd0328521142dde16489c929fa305b09Irving Reid — Bug 731384 - Use feature test macros when defining new C++ features. r=matt.woodrow
c53de99a72cbff3617480c48ccc7a8111e0b9674Eitan Isaacson — Bug 729384 - Mochitest for nsIAccessibleVirtualCursorChangeEvent. r=marco.zehe
7ec7f2468d66357f2ab90f1f966657942c109edaEitan Isaacson — Bug 729384 - Create an interface for virtual cursor changed events. r=surkov.alexander
412f24be91ed1e5e024f5989f1cc6d0cf693cd5eLuke Wagner — Bug 734129 - uncatchable exceptions should still pop cx->enumerators (r=dvander)
dfa8feda90d6cbbcbd75e1bcf0138e80e786df07Luke Wagner — Bug 732308 - fix potential leak in xpcshell/head.js (r=jmaher)
4cbfa63014653945fc5c00edaecc4ffa03a23b9bGavin Sharp — Bug 718088: offer to re-set keyword.URL if it has a non-default value, r=bz on the docshell parts, r=fryn on the rest, ui-r=limi
18f2ec24a60d092e822a9819480608442b2a908dRichard Newman — Bug 709403 - Parts 3-6: tabs repository and stage. r=nalexander
1fa083bd043407162a6d67bd671a109bcbf5c825Justin Lebar — Back out bug 731419 and bug 732820 due to orange.
55e63a03ccad43dcd2395c52035d066d939a6d86Justin Lebar — Bug 732820 - Part 4: Followup, use PRUint64 instead of ssize_t, since ssize_t doesn't exist on Windows.
afa931630210ef87b92c4e8ee9769052394a5094Jeff Walden — Line-wrap the mfbt style docs at 80 characters. The docs are more easily edited the other way, but MXR doesn't auto-wrap long lines, and readability trumps writability here. No bug, r=sparky, DONTBUILD
dbdc98624222bb9f84f7755c56b4121b6a5cb793Mark Finkle — Bug 732753 - Update or remove the URL redirector UA in r=blassey
4144d7075f9b61a6ae70618a5f83e3bdea32131dStephen Horlander — Bug 731459 - visited livemarks icons is confusing.
42e887fec034c20289e18edd77d67c80666b5d4fJustin Lebar — Bug 731419 - Part 2: Discard image data immediately on tab close, DOM changes. r=bz
35d8045aeaddb17fd37d5c3e762f19467075c9cbJustin Lebar — Bug 731419 - Part 1: Discard image data immediately on tab close, imagelib changes. r=joe
6184b50776fc79cf5b76c60734cdf646ceee745fJustin Lebar — Bug 731419 - Part 0: Test that drawing an image out of a display:none iframe works. r=me
f7890083256286e88623561df39ac3903a5a48acJustin Lebar — Bug 732820 - Part 2: Cap the amount of discardable image data we'll willingly keep around. r=joe
45d2f5e2fe317cff073fdc206cfa5b154501c785Justin Lebar — Bug 732820 - Part 1: Add clear() to LinkedList. r=waldo
bd50a33d8c699a8e4f422bd407f9a89de2730358Richard Newman — Bug 734487 - Part 1. r=trivial
4d730952a2eb30ac8ba8dffeab781f96b6778767Richard Newman — Bug 734487 - Part 0. r=trivial
e44816f041f577bb4fe90a75ef89ca3c2f107ec5Brian R. Bondy — Bug 731901 - Update telemetry ping to use new telemetry name. r=rstrong
7d7ddd2fe6d835843536c65601525552403b17b9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 708266: UI to show tabs remote tabs. [r=mfinkle, r=rnewman]
b159cd73c2158cf431d2d21de449f57288932be5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 732069 - Fix startup crash when building Fennec Native with the old linker. r=wesj
c3d149aecd5002fa3640b65aaf1529fc581537cbMarco Bonardo — Bug 734351 - Fix a query syntax error that disallows populating the hosts table.
6cb832275a4545dc3ced1ea06d5e1db8db05c143Matt Brubeck — Back out d8946e029410 (bug 710431) because of browser_ConsoleStorageAPITests.js failures on Linux
4a1f94ebd3021c898197e6bb69b5ad72babc2384Doug Turner — Bug 726502 - nsDeviceMotion::DeviceMotionChanged may index out of bounds mWindowListeners array. r=smaug
52e691cfec84ad54dc016471f54783b324d07bc2Jonathan Kew — bug 733512 - update freetype to v2.4.9. rs=dougt
e51f21f21538d467be02570e8420c725109b4ffbJeff Muizelaar — Backout c433e993506b
1fde6c2f3082a9a5f1570c2d88c3f21ffcdd2a8eJacek Caban — Bug 733713 - xpcom/tests fail to compile on mingw r=glandium
c433e993506bed214ab4ca82a65f777bd8bf3dd3Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 723711. Return the profile data as JS objects. r=bgirard
00afd602bf7211c7fd2169c1c5c45e60ded4e4c6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 732806. Make stackwalking respect the stack end on OS X. r=ehsan
d8946e02941094ef76faf4e3f668f3bc5fdb099fNeil Deakin — Bug 710431, add telemetry for new browser window command, r=dao
34050c0da8444f5d21cc27bedb1b3582b8e8a073Markus Stange — Bug 733792 - Leave original symbol addresses in the profile report. r=bgirard
d674eb1d1aa4f83bd0eb049c352784656f5104fbMarkus Stange — Bug 733792 - Add nsIProfiler::getSharedLibraryInformation. r=bgirard
e5fc3acf910de120648569a46fab46aa88878e3eMarkus Stange — Bug 734381 - Don't clear the background behind menuitems when painting into a context without transparency. r=josh
5317a517118fc186c20326ce0c7a0300b1fc9e8eRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 721582 - We should probably use a strong assert for target in AsyncExecuteStatements::execute. r=mak.
ad402b9c95d8ebfed0f503eca21bea97d4946175Mounir Lamouri — Bug 729854 - Improve test_bug353415-1.html and test_bug353415-2.html. r=Ms2ger
887d0e0873f9b6269585a5c58790718adf4b0849Alexander Surkov — Bug 729831 - Don't expose CSS-based object attributes on not in tree accessible and accessible having no DOM element, r=marcoz
3fdc1c14a8ce3403a9a854ec95937a41d29ee365Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9f1fa0c72aac9b3c918688c885321c4a3904e01bRichard Newman — Bug 700540 - Part 2: intermittent orange in test_jpakeclient. Again. r=gps
c90e6695df90445cd94cfcaeeb56b40cff616fadGregory Szorc — Bug 733987 - API to remove records from Sync's test HTTP server; r=rnewman
857e7b6723d4e0d6872e9686cf7ace32e554bd01Richard Newman — Bug 684783 - Intermittent test_errorhandler.js. r=gps
9d8bbb4309b7182f01aaea110d17d3ebf09c396aGregory Szorc — Bug 733601 - Add onRequest hook to Sync's test HTTP server; r=rnewman
a521a6586e5343d66f52e4bc82105c7ea349e026Daniel Holbert — Bug 734288: Use double math instead of float math for computing surface sizes in nsSVGFE::SetupScalingFilter. r=longsonr
b9a624c9fdbe7e84c32d6bd4ea1a141e304c9141Marco Bonardo — Bug 717070 follow-up - remove wrongly hardcoded Firefox brand.
bfb1b7520ce9714dd7d089fb266fc40f004db923Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
cc621c469d8b28935605f17f20f0c63f80eb11abEtienne Segonzac — Bug 730323 - Adding missing white listed application for mozTelephony r=vingtetun
f368c96b796b988d98722b66e06cfba7fcf24011Chris Lord — Bug 734175 - Fix uploading all tiles when subtextures are unsupported. r=bgirard
0dbf57eb4ed51323ca1d8a39b2ff7390ae7d1f22Marco Bonardo — Bug 734044 - Let livemarks skip the cache and avoid polluting tests after test_reloadLivemarks.xul
b33dc8921c003ca8070d273ece58546df93003bbMarco Bonardo — Bug 591884 - Make IE importer fallback to the default Links folder to support toolbar favorites in versions >= 7
6da02c90a5de04ba5bf355858ee0365a1ca095fdJonathan Kew — Backed out changeset 118f97e6d4ed (bug 670275) for xpcshell orange.
f51a5ba84b56710a0fe6494b55dd013e6bcb5fa5Igor Bukanov — bug 728250 - remove JSPrincipals::codebase. r=:luke,:bz
ebe67819f6f9d04e2ce5ae6736910d2cf5e68369Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 732843 - Handle Callback() failures in memory multi-reporters. r=jlebar.
9d97a3d7788acecca608ec5d08e69679ac80462cJonathan Watt — Bug 734218 - nsChangeHint_RepaintFrame should only invalidate the bounds of SVG frames, not update them. r=dholbert.
118f97e6d4ed77f68de6acaa893b9a357c9cc445Hub Figuière — Bug 670275 - Downloading a file should put it in the system's recently-used list. r=karlt
3959f04a83de11d00e6ca6637de72ccbb46e6e65Richard Newman — Bug 729530 - Log a scary error if you fail to set up Sync with more than one version of Firefox installed. r=trivial
0398998ba6934409729d2219be159781f79c77b3Richard Newman — Bug 734316 - Part 4: incorrect JavaDoc parameter, commenting, MPL in r=trivial
8380f1f171272e834951573139186841c49c2288Richard Newman — Bug 734316 - Part 3: remove incorrect JavaDoc tags from r=trivial
15ade97bfbe8d0606969e4a91f2097ef9af9ea15Richard Newman — Bug 734316 - Part 2: fix JavaDoc warnings. r=trivial
0bad1aeebaced96289b80ec2d887ce415f92508aRichard Newman — Bug 734316 - Part 1: Fix some PMD warnings. r=trivial
9667194340b6437cb4911da1561f07a4fbffd916Richard Newman — Bug 709329 - Part 0, Part 1: clarify SyncResponse, modernize TestMetaGlobal. r=rnewman
2f21548bcbc4bdc07328b628b00d0d60325168c0Simon Montagu — Recognize Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-W under Hebrew keyboard layout on Linux. Bug 452393, r=masayuki, karlt
750307029faaecb846149abafedf64bff66764b4Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 717070 - Profile reset - Part 3 - about:support UI to reset profile. r=mak
f3b97dc917cfd8cd0c5fc01e03dc605376ae7c19Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 717070 - Profile reset - Part 2 - migrator portion. r=mano
5b6fc1230141c725d6d67478c0c043fc1aa14836Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 717070 - Profile reset - Part 1 - Backend to initiate profile reset. r=mano
ead9016b4102e8bcadc7f02cb47f54e9a890e2c2Marco Bonardo — Merge last PGO-safe changeset from inbound to central
9059fb810f28f82bfeba318d6b9533c008f760d7John Daggett — Bug 734313. Disabling reftests failing on OSX 10.5
7e24f87253c3a4b8cad8e9a8d0efed89eee6f9efMasayuki Nakano — Bug 729774 part.3 nsGtkIMModule::GetCurrentParagraph() and DeleteText() should work with the text content which was immediately before the latest compositionstart r=karlt
c31b82b020af72e556de6dbec3f3d5dd589c8b27Masayuki Nakano — Bug 729774 part.2 nsGtkIMModule should store selected text which will be removed by first text event r=karlt
d40277ae0b5d584b1b052fa7bd239543ad236e7dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 729774 part.1 nsGtkIMModule should manage composition state more closely r=karlt
46568dcbb76437bafc66f31a9d1d1f81cb6b21b3Zack Weinberg — Bug 729817 - Allow the Nouveau driver with Mesa >= 8.0.1 - r=bjacob
ba47d55874eb0a13141d4e81b398646074e0c07dJohn Daggett — Bug 705594. Fix build bustage on Linux, argh.
7203692aa73bf2becbd804a867782a2b48c1188cJohn Daggett — Bug 705594. Fix build bustage on gtx/qt.
55a14858a2b638375ab265a931293711a3b025adMakoto Kato — Bug 732328 - need os.close(fd) before os.remove(tmp) on r=ted
bd1bb076db6e306391d9f1df4ad10429c0c45daeJacob Holzinger — Bug 696242 - Convert NS_RegisterStaticAtoms and nsCSSScanner::ReportUnexpectedParams to take an array-reference rather than a pointer and length, making it impossible to pass a pointer/length that are inconsistent. r=jwalden
9d4c267630d43eaa0760a6cfe2c53f05b5a209d9Jeff Walden — Bug 733602 - Various StringBuffer cleanups, mostly removing unimplemented methods. r=luke
d5483dc182850c528d6a1bb9284097d899430666John Daggett — Bug 705594. Add script code for system font fallback. r=roc
7d4145ff2ca3668f531eea1e8a82e7ce6cca3c91John Daggett — Bug 705594. Use DirectWrite custom text renderer for fallback on Windows Vista/7. r=bas
cb21e5c91fef78f220b5410c0126e8132f3981a4John Daggett — Bug 705594. Use CoreText for system font fallback on OSX. r=jfkthame
b2570817c14a3077a5e576489d2c0765e6376480John Daggett — Bug 705594. Add pref to force global cmap-based font fallback. r=roc
f4b0642049b9fd74e088b34ed30d99aab143b371John Daggett — Bug 705594. Fixup of intra-family fallback code. r=jfkthame
b4554dac242ac87f8d7022da6d4823644c394c72John Daggett — Bug 705594. Implement hard-coded font fallback. r=roc
98d19c92ee77d2880c49ca16373b3abfab7372e0John Daggett — Bug 705594. Add cmapdata logging. r=roc
be0b61e0ed532e2d1648dde4c32c066f20df49a5John Daggett — Bug 705594. Update Unicode range and pref font lists to avoid system fallback. r=roc
63dce6d751c643aafbd8abb672beb49663e60a51Margaret Leibovic — Bug 734053 - Add-ons are not listed in Add-ons Manager. r=mbrubeck
1894cac029b5affc6804f26df617cfbef45ff3feKyle Machulis — Bug 733285 - Add bluetooth default option and change ril option locations in; r=mwu
e7d6d62c89585a97c63978a791ad44c114f2c81dBrian Nicholson — Bug 708161 - POST data for search engine submissions. r=mfinkle
64a62f199dbd1131dac9599cffd65e9338349265Matt Brubeck — Back out 5026c5ad25e7 because of XUL Fennec bustage
a19f6fd4f6f2db4af1be3d44221f3200bf367d84Cameron McCormack — Bug 731813 - Do not attempt to serialize SVG attributes for mutation events if they do not exist. r=jwatt,bzbarsky
2ea21a51d22a43b5228d85e1c4a8a0a814c0664fMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d5222ee0a6dc40af2f9cca7855c417321b7aaf60Michael Wu — Bug 734081 - Check pixel depth when choosing config on egl, r=cjones
19b7ccace430d1a234bb43cc2187a7fbba10d2e5Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 733598 - Remove some extraneous defines from mozpngconf.h to fix compiler warnings. r=joedrew
14515a9d0ab7b7725550449d8eba5407a2cd12cfChris Peterson — Bug 733434 - Part 2: Remove old exception handlers made redundant by global UncaughtExceptionHandler. r=blassey
9cbfd556de65abd9ddbf06a2267d5b7b16998de0Chris Peterson — Bug 733434 - Part 1: Register a global UncaughtExceptionHandler that calls Breakpad. r=blassey
5026c5ad25e799be244fe59972c2df41b5d8b2b9Chris Peterson — Bug 733153 - Remove obsolete and fullscreen_threshold prefs. r=dougt
4f6b47069fc5fb6b015bb8dce46d94e775ea3f02Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 732317 - Fix bugs in the code for displaying a certificate's issuerUniqueID and subjectUniqueID. r=kaie
b7dbbf933296b3cb979e48a81d175056b18bd32fGeoff Brown — Bug 728263 - Avoid AccountManager leak error on exit. r=mfinkle
e0b4c4897e0e32ff5f289679757d83f100d9308fRyan VanderMeulen — Back out 2175db811fad (bug 734081) due to Android reftest failures.
24e233ee26772e3ed07cab1cb6a83c0d7fb5745eBill McCloskey — Bug 730853 - Make sure we occasionally CC with lots of incremental GCs (r=smaug,mccr8)
0db466f032efbd3e96690632ee9eb2eb130e7f3cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 725502 - (Part 2) Disable window open dialog feature for XUL fennec. r=mbrubeck
032eb69f27de3247dd526baf698728ec37ef733bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 725502 - with dialog=yes argument in it causes weird issue. r=jst
cc6f8e883ab58362fea79431280abf4dc9c0a180Kyle Machulis — Bug 729470 - Make bluedroid calls load via dlopen r=cjones
1587745454a6e6af7cc18e7b6609b92ebbcecf40Terrence Cole — Bug 734196 - Updating the private pointer should not recurse when marking; r=billm
0681b89e5be98b764dad008eabed2575d005bac8Jason Duell — Bug 732657: doesn't fail e10s tests if child process aborts/crashes. r=jmaher
2175db811fadf2e7105bf1d9cdbf17e0acb03beeMichael Wu — Bug 734081 - Check pixel depth when choosing config on egl, r=cjones
dcb6daea6aefb9cb1d70cf5c99a4a253564a2f4fIgor Bukanov — bug 730234 - remove GC locking from activities, operation callbacks-related code and for code that accesses the JSContext list. r=luke
1352b8b4848b1efcba97f14756a45228fd1794d6Wes Johnston — Bug 731341 - LoadLibs should take a context. r=blassey
869326012e893b9274f7d4ce429ac830fbd678bdBobby Holley — Bug 729589 - Fix frameElement wrapping test. r=Ms2ger
b53e140ae2969619647b27215a50f93db26618eeMatt Brubeck — Bug 731610 - Back key in a popup window should return to the parent page
5940fe8d1af98b9c57e677cb92511a2f28391663Wes Johnston — backout a965cebe4462 32220d7085e0 3689bb4199d8 d0c82cb6eb28 b295c8825acd and 95ab5c738512
ada07a6d6264a439dba82eea21cc695a77aef880Justin Lebar — Bug 734135 - When we draw an unlocked image, move it to the back of the discard queue.
14b18863a61cb7f8e48013d07349eccaeaa03380Rail Aliiev — Bug 731795 - MOZ_SOURCESTAMP_FILE shouldn't depend on MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES. r=khuey
5774e47361404a5c860d5a828a88576ad0d50b76Rail Aliiev — Bug 732963 - xulrunner shouldn't use pretty name for checksums files. r=khuey
cad7f1ab3594d632a8fa12565d39aa268bad5e8bJustin Lebar — Bug 733495 - Monitor ullAvailPageFile (available commit space) on Windows, and fire a low-memory event when it gets low. r=bsmedberg
37441c99ccf11ca858150bb65c9540e85789a227Justin Lebar — Back out changeset b2ac02d89f41 (wrong bug number; was 733496, should have been 733495).
b2ac02d89f414824f46629c2ae9b7a42f5454f40Justin Lebar — Bug 733496 - Monitor ullAvailPageFile (available commit space) on Windows, and fire a low-memory event when it gets low. r=bsmedberg
89833e1b3016786c52ae928dd4cd21fd3146d6a5Brad Lassey — bug 707571 - user-scalable property of viewport meta tag is ignored r=mbrubeck
fbace64ae2eb3fa2b954b65fce0af0830411d945Brad Lassey — bug 702907 - Zooming should be disabled while a video is in fullscreen mode r=mbrubeck
95ab5c738512cc427e3449f5c0f9a175871846cfWes Johnston — Bug 718760 - Fix bustage by removing extra apk_mtime variable. r=glandium
d4433c487dc8272fea12b1f3ab13a84560498f39Bobby Holley — Bug 731804 - nsXPCWrappedJSClass::GetNamedPropertyAsVariant should jsvalify strings _after_ changing compartments. r=peterv
b295c8825acd15c76dc25bf62caad1691fa0c94bWes Johnston — Bug 725052 - Check if a password is in the deleted database before inserting it. r=rnewman
d0c82cb6eb28a8a4e67b00817ef358d98ed6b960Wes Johnston — Bug 718760 - Crypto for the java passwords provider. r=blassey,bsmith
3689bb4199d85060c1ecd481fe3e9c1dc5ac764eWes Johnston — Bug 732069 - Remove library extraction from APKOpen. r=glandium,blassey
32220d7085e049de7aa02e6f47793b0101a208d1Wes Johnston — Bug 725881 - Tests for form history and passwords providers. r=gbrown
a965cebe44623ba09f4e3a938d677b7b85e7541aWes Johnston — Bug 731341 - LoadLibs should take a context. r=blassey
7876e5486b517392339633d00ce5aed4a800d008Bobby Holley — Bug 733606 - Only call FinishInitForWrappedGlobal when we just created a global. r=mrbkap
e4f70bd4f96dcc917303518996c866f4d6551f39Bill McCloskey — Bug 730447 - Create a GC counter for malloc bytes (r=gregor)
6d139ebc0f43b3bba6daccfb91db8cbc2c378823Adam — Make "let" a reserved word for Web scripts. Bug 730139, r=jorendorff.
9fbb5a2b9f2e9a80d419d1da496c74c92c2ad1e6Marco Bonardo — Bug 725047 - Remove the hack for dragging bookmarks toolbar folders on Linux.
afa6624ca05993b5e409054b64b0b3cd8ca78d62Honza Bambas — Bug 733988 - Build bustage: WinMouseScrollHandler.cpp(1217) after bug 672175 landing, include nsGkAtoms.h, r=masayuki
08aafcd6eb9cc4910e1d7fd0c2bf1e507bb66050Honza Bambas — Bug 720320 - Prevent stuck in offline mode when starting in link state managed mode w/o a link up, credits=standard8, r=biesi
1777403749bc817593f3a5f796a66b4cb6c9d088Alex Keybl — Backing out 6f079f13c06a for bug 725869 a=me
a674b76d8d3556d74c8168fa8efbc78a110c952aHenri Sivonen — Bug 650784 addendum - address an r=smaug review comment accidentally not addressed in the previous patch. DONTBUILD
9c8f60098608226a12aa6f8e47ee1045cf641378Henri Sivonen — Bug 650784 part 3 - Remove nsIParserNode and nsIParserService dependencies from nsPlainTextSerializer. r=smaug.
0617488cb3b9222f17b428619713d83a8ef35140Henri Sivonen — Bug 650784 part 2 - Make nsPlainTextSerializer not be a content sink. r=smaug.
299e9dc611902ea2069ca038dcc244d5976b4c31Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 734027 - Decode percent encoding on non-ASCII filename when saving a video snapshot. r=jaws
4574bdfa0ada6d7569fc806ee26f597b42ad3780François Wang — Bug 320294 - Remove space between mi with mathvarian normal. r=karlt
0e5c363eb4bc0d65fab1846ce13c3ed8be2dc827Dão Gottwald — Bug 734040 - Remove unused fullscreen-video.css. r=mak
0416556da72dc8349fc237c32f43fedd78217f05Marco Bonardo — Bug 734044 - Temporarily disable test_reloadLivemarks.xul on Linux until the random timeout is figured out.
ff89d860986e517864464324e3e466d3871e4c78Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e986790701f3367602f5698743a2506ff8d85886Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 734041 (part 1) - Trivially improve an assertion message to help diagnose a blank about:memory page. r=me.
060cc6982c6dfd6fec3da8eeff40ff1317a3caabDaniel Holbert — Bug 732877: Remove no-longer-used variable 'oldPrincipal' from nsGlobalWindow.cpp. r=jst
ed5fc7a717819e22b3d14d0f273add1868b717a1Nathan Froyd — Bug 717069 - correct sessionstore-windows-restored usage in TelemetryPing; r=taras
501247d9125c7619f98b1ae8c81ad0afcff7c373Dão Gottwald — Bug 687958 - Refactor about:certerror expanders and make them accessible. r=mak
af6d1d5c7c127d0b9403f8b88ae40b96693b67dfJan de Mooij — Bug 732423 - Combine GETELEM and CALLELEM interpreter cases and fix some e4x/noSuchMethod bugs. r=bhackett
32ebee0c8e80138f69f83f95df76a367ef5650a8Geoff Lankow — Bug 733677 - Inline prefs should send a notification when they stop displaying; r=Unfocused
5bb189b6b0b91fe0c2f4d23facf34312195cb6ccGeoff Lankow — Bug 733633 - Inline settings of type=control only let buttons and menulists be in the input-container; r=Unfocused
91a9294ae936c989e2c55f1c78f2a0666c6df46fMarco Bonardo — Bug 731274 - Make reloadLivemarks optionally force reloads and use it to speed up livemarks population.
6baa03ac1a09072dae4742e66a52b48311d20cfdMarco Bonardo — Bug 732404 - Remove dead handlers from editBookmarkOverlay.xul
59148c7434aafa60d7e594c9b5057c02a3315846Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 603370. Re-sync build/autoconf/expandlibs.m4 with js/src
42ddb716c71dd63900adf6915db74325600a9425Mike Hommey — Bug 603370 - Avoid Identical Code Folding messing with symbol reordering. r=khuey
c9d268575baac26cdaa7c9c435598b457ba711a1Mike Hommey — Bug 603370 - Add an option to expandlibs-exec to allow to reorder the symbols when linking. r=khuey
b054a6df1b52b5282e700d255c8785b526220cd2Mike Hommey — Backout changeset 283408b8d8a3 (bug 603370)
5689de2cf0f8690ef53f89e0b45386d88410887eMike Hommey — Bug 515232 - Try getting general.useragent.locale as a complex value first in DirectoryProvider.cpp. r=bsmedberg
1a09328ff1c5d04eb55d5721a3736ce7278fb4d1Mike Hommey — Bug 695711 - Always add -ffunction-sections and -fdata-sections when building with GCC, and port bug 670659 and bug 675867 to js/src. r=khuey
973003f8b502b8cddff6f5a5bf71521e1fd62199Mike Hommey — Bug 727959 - Don't error out when missing symbol for PLT relocations is weak. r=nfroyd
89d3250b701d293eba8f6bad3eed6802659155f3Dão Gottwald — No bug - reduce MAX_LEAK_COUNT to match the status quo
85ba09eada587c5afdb3270853a34d8570e65399Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
cef96693077797edc58e2f2a46f78d16f1f91f70Dave Camp — Bug 719916 - Rule view loses focus after entering attribute name. r=jwalker
151a006fd5d113bf99eee94141bc046fb7553961Tim Taubert — Bug 722273 - [New Tab Page] clear internal links cache on 'browser:purge-session-history'; r=dietrich
c2d1c97a8a2fb6ae3102ef7403b5e3e95766f120Vicamo Yang — Bug 733981 - Part 2: Early return may ignore the optimum SMS length. r=philikon DONTBUILD because NPOTB
f20ede6f964a304975ad1f70872cf1bce8b95542Vicamo Yang — Bug 733981 - Part 1: Fix mis-calculated userDataLength. r=philikon
db2954a4c62f71ebd57ebecbc225f6910b1d9367Fernando Jiménez — Bug 734181 - [B2G] SMS database: filter with `endDate` but no `startDate` parameter throws an exception. r=philikon
08809a43e082ca2b6d00bccd352b873bda140abaOlli Pettay — Bug 730891, event ctor for StorageEvent, r=sicking,kyle
9ddf749edcf2c4d7482829329beb63e9134b2464Jeff Hammel — Bug 727903. Remove pageloader.xpi from r=armenzg
8219e651919031b7eec9aa82c5c91b5d87db234aOlli Pettay — Backout Bug 704259, a=bustage
75b24396b0ce85ad88afa8048662515c978bdd02Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
e3edd93da0fcbad7ef3085e7e8905bbcacf585d6Tim Taubert — Bug 723121 - [New Tab Page] Dragging and clicking on a thumbnail freezes the thumbnail grid; r=dietrich
1fd0ed258309987a39683a2f15b54ebc81d60a7aPanos Astithas — Bug 709088 - Put dump() calls in debugger code behind a pref; r=rcampbell
af56647a2715fa6d5b453f7ad92c3418b38e01cfTim Taubert — Backed out changeset b5a3e22944f9 (bug 711157)
7e93dce2eb289d2f6ad423dd3f1790df70f211cbTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 3bb5b7d3a6f1 (bug 711157)
9fd32eed57f82c9757c2192ad41b93e3dc6907c9Frank Yan — Bug 726402 - Fix intermittent test_bug369370.html. r=bz
d02afe4c49ebf267d3e25df90792a4e5fd443c07Frank Yan — Bug 717143 - Remove bogus margins when force-reloading standalone image. r=bz
f41d22a62b499fe8a92cd201ca244c4914a48cc3Tim Taubert Bug 732501 - Intermittent browser_dbg_select-line.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out- patch 2; r=dcamp,rcampbell
92e1a3a392db9ccc348a525d2b0f9bf7cae9ff17Panos Astithas — Bug 732501 - Intermittent browser_dbg_select-line.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out- patch 1; r=rcampbell
5d523da125b07fa072b9185bb2570318ac71a17fAllen Eubank — Bug 725618 - Source Editor: keyboard shortcut for moving lines up/down; r=msucan
3bb5b7d3a6f108e7156f84c35678439587f32c45Frank Yan — Bug 711157 - Followup for about:home Visual Refresh & Launcher. r=mak
c4e3ec142aa87ac666de263c3072334d77a75453Blair McBride — Bug 727637 - nsBrowserGlue does unnecessary work when there are no new add-ons installed. r=dtownsend
d1b1c36298534d6b10163135b0bb710bb2ac4e56Blair McBride — Bug 721287 - Change default to include OS and version. r=dtownsend
b73fbdb5a5b5068dbca58b1bada4fe4587c7c327Blair McBride — Bug 711679 - Send background version checks to new domain. r=darktrojan,dtownsend
837c55af9fb9a577cb1b043630d89613cc0c2c00Mihai Sucan — Bug 723069 - The debugger should allow breakpoints to be set in the embedded editor; r=past
da2e0e0fbf07e7d3052e5463fc293b9d41806f2fMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 722196 - Rule view showing rules in the wrong order; r=jwalker
e8f20aa42e4499d01f34c49fa13bf818e7afe4efPanos Astithas — Bug 729191 - Make debugger mochitests wait for debugger server shutdown before finishing; r=rcampbell
cb9f5f4cbb1ecd5730290c07ba48606f21541bc8Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset ad37c208588d (bug 722273)
b5a3e22944f9660df725362993e8642154d87dd4Frank Yan — Bug 711157 - about:home Visual Refresh & Launcher. r=mak ui-r=shorlander
ad37c208588d03686523fb408c7f23ac65275736Tim Taubert — Bug 722273 - [New Tab Page] clear internal links cache on 'browser:purge-session-history'; r=dietrich
62ebb9b5be8cd4081b6587812af3193f8543db28Tim Taubert — Bug 731726 - Moving the parentNode of a focused DOM node does not remove the node's focus ring; r=Enn
668fbc214c2ab4b578a9378a3ff9ba32ce4517abEd Morley — Merge backout from inbound to mozilla-central
46477a0c58c68eeb6dcb43750371ac011734c8c8Cameron McCormack — Back out bug 725475 due to breaking scrolling on some machines
09a8a48476e592c85c011c49f0272a94620ea0beEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
52ffdbb7c6990cf7b8eec8f78166a70fc9af67c6Alexander Surkov — Bug 733335 - dexpcom nsIEditableTextAccessible::GetAssociatedEditor, r=davidb
d0dba3f1cc92eed4cf2a89fddbb92b8dbd21076aCameron McCormack — Bug 725475 - Use more hidden scrollbars to tempt Synaptics drivers into giving us scrolling messages. r=jmathies
45d1588c2c715874bbfdfdf5ac7725db349b8a33Bill McCloskey — Bug 732719 - Mark stack slot as undefined (r=bhackett)
0c9041054ebdf4999513233049d4bc3749cdc890Marina Samuel — Bug 733965 - Cursor not closed in ClientsDatabaseAccessor. r=rnewman
dacf5ba8efca1a611a4027afff66d92b9ae59269Brian Nicholson — Bug 732268 - Don't perform intent actions when launching from recent apps. r=blassey
b55c963000df2d2de2b5afe0f25f7864a1c3c678Mats Palmgren — Bug 728906 - Make nsIFrame::GetChildList return const nsFrameList&. r=bz
56fa5c3788e26657d90a9623d7a793884c8ec4f7Mats Palmgren — Bug 728913 - Remove the nsMenuFrame::mPopupFrame member and store it in a nsFrameList* frame property instead (as needed). r=bz
3f8c3a825d011e6993ac09a9d2eef9728f6c7f62Mats Palmgren — Bug 728911 - Remove the nsBlockFrame::mBullet member and store it in a frame property instead (as needed). For an outside bullet, store it as a nsFrameList* to support GetChildList(kBulletList). part 2/2 r=bz
b0f4734dba3c87c960e2fdfa6ad23d542a651aa7Mats Palmgren — Bug 728911 - Add a HasPushedFloat() method and move the PushedFloatProperty declaration to the .cpp file. part 1/2 r=bz
d68d568d353806be25d82bdbcfef94ac3d767fe5Mats Palmgren — Bug 728908 - Make nsLineBox::LastChild() DEBUG-only, since it's not used anymore to find the last frame of a line. part 2/2 r=bz
a4095ea6949bcd88a60054759d46bd13b1352f20Mats Palmgren — Bug 728908 - Make the Overflow lines property have both a nsLineList and a nsFrameList for fast access to the last frame, eliminate SetNextSibling calls, and to support GetChildList(kOverflowList). part 1/2 r=bz
20fc7b89954c4829407703671d796dada751cbddMatt Brubeck — Back out bug 373266 because of mochitest leaks
62eecc2b684d1188416c6670377b383c1231b1e0Brian Nicholson — Backout 7a86dc056fe5 for test failures
c49e75123d62dfa9d835256da8b3a72c521660deJeff Walden — Bug 732321 - Document mfbt style, rather than relying on reviewers to consistently remember and enforce every little bit of it. r=cjones, DONTBUILD because this is adding docs but touching no code
dc073cdc3e280c15c13cdfc50f6e36ad84ed84b0Eitan Isaacson — Bug 729373 - Move focus to chrome when overscrolling up with keyboard. r=cpeterson
a81fa928a106b0eeba7ed23753cd054a3655b5c4Eitan Isaacson — Bug 729237 - Fixed AndroidBridge emit a11y event function, added java string class as class member. r=blassey
4fa0c9febd3d6907cbfdea746e860f53bb967d39Nathan Froyd — Bug 723846 - Part 3: add tests for FlagHistogram. r=taras
1af7ce2bc6ea94001caeeec370413f882f77a093Nathan Froyd — Bug 723846 - Part 2: add FlagHistograms to nsITelemetry. r=taras
3ae9d28fa8ca6786719cc41f95adad2a7f42d4d9Nathan Froyd — Bug 723846 - Part 1: add FlagHistogram to ipc. r=taras
9f12a459fc458e9949d5876b86e5667a4003ee26Chris Peterson — Bug 699465 - AwesomeBar: enable selectAllOnFocus attribute to preempt Edit Text context menu. r=dougt, sriram
ad79ffdf94a3806edd50f5471a9dce663bf22808Christian Holler — Bug 727445 - Add --enable-address-sanitizer for ASan specific workarounds. Add --enable-llvm-hacks to pass CFLAGS to NSS and omit -Wl,-z,defs for shared libs. r=khuey,kaie
f7f8058b2b21fbac848a8a7dcde1e8ccdc3df4fcEhsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 667512; r=smontagu
7a86dc056fe52aa34c9055612a3523bf952af8acBrian Nicholson — Bug 726018 - Thumbnails test case. r=gbrown
5fda501e38b67831b0c60cb22fe703cc1078e253Brian Nicholson — Bug 726018 - Include sjs files in Robotium. r=gbrown
17822859e270d98ca5f3b88a5c04bfa0d337e78cBrian Nicholson — Bug 726018 - Save thumbnails only for successful page loads. r=mfinkle
fa2e0bdbf7f52d52bf7e5f3ba7baffe4d610f7e0Brian Nicholson — Bug 726018 - Add tab load states. r=mfinkle
a26a660d491101eabfaf413824742c3ea0f6008fGregor Wagner — Bug 733599 - mozContacts should use DOMRequestIpcHelper. r=fabrice
69d3ec27878d8873d1c3aa897777708540913854Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 699014 - Toolkit alerts shouldn't be displayed if the user's in a fullscreen app, presentation mode, or in Windows 8 immersive mode. r=bbondy, ui-r=limi
647561e71b34280b0c05efa7a4a964621606ef39Benoit Jacob — Bug 696636 - move GetData to the beginning so it's always called first - r=mattwoodrow
0ea11429b9ac9cdbfb0679da53b96a4a794c275eBenoit Jacob — Bug 733665 - NS_ASSERTION failure when calling WebGL getExtension - r=jgilbert
6151695f9df405db941c79b410deaf8cf64102b5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 715744 - Blocklist bexternal.dll to prevent crashes caused by it; r=bsmedberg
7536add66c43236d67bad74b4735aff7aa2b513eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 733515 - Use localized strings for special folder names. r=rnewman,lucasr
5a19bd82cb53f9c4f4d35f42d0e83eeafa869fbbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 711177 - Form autocomplete popup doesn't appear on tap of input. r=lucasr
f1a5fd7d0bafe04bc1f0d68ee30e701b43a3d890Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 732117: Fennec debug intent on startup path. [r=blassey]
31176cfa4ff126bfc3ab130b61e6104ed6337c39Mounir Lamouri — Bug 733696 - Hal's CachingObservers shouldn't cache when GetCurrentInformation is called. r=jlebar
ab013bc54d26222f24fdd6d0b9b7939e89b049a0Alexander Surkov — Bug 643172 - improve a11y eventQueue logging, r=marcoz
3609fba2b721b43b53ad163cb75f823b839efb92Sam Garrett — Bug 637103 - Adding a reminder so that the runner knows only one screenshot was taken. r=karlt
4d086a8907971fa58a9ace4e373f830e398c728eSowmya R — Bug 704394 - Add "quinoa" to the spell checking dictionary; r=ehsan
c8ff0f77a129bbf7f1656aa6067664fc5043b29eJosh Aas — Bug 723523: Plugin crash fix, nsPluginInstanceOwner::CreateWidget. r=jmathies
c2eec826a786ade86cdf11021d82fdd7eab91898Fabrice Desré — Bug 730363 - startup slowdown waiting for batteryinfo [r=cjones]
35aa165a23c925ac893ef9e3b23b6f9757cdaad1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 732368 - Ensure idle service doesn't fire idle events after xpcom-shutdown. r=mak.
832c3f953f995ac665d69684631b53fe6b969257Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 733721 - Fix lookup into dependent base class. r=jlebar.
a3739a2c19c11bf6705cd03a145faa23ff8607e1Jim Mathies — Bug 373266 - ref test fixes. r=mounir
6f9284edace4463675f6503c31e36a9883b7d869Jim Mathies — Bug 373266 - toolbar button support. r=bbondy
1104607364f60554cd0b74d43e5f4e70a9768224Jim Mathies — Bug 373266 - checkbox and radio support. r=bbondy
8c72a1f066cacf44f288d20e34849386b14efe0eJim Mathies — Bug 373266 - button support. r=bbondy
c4d338502df015d225a4d062d5ed815ff12fa766Jim Mathies — Bug 373266 - scrollbar support. r=bbondy
9b80fa3e587d3ad93e357f0c21a3667a45dd08c7Jim Mathies — Bug 373266 - win support for rendering two layer themes on widgets. r=joe,bbondy
5d43b850791530388064dee8cfe82b8d0edf753bJim Mathies — Bug 373266 - base support for animated theme widgets to nsnativetheme. r=roc
44026e95ae904a3e7b59b23968b16a587497c521Marco Bonardo — Backout d68420c97e0e (bug 691898) as suspected of the jit tests failures
1ee8b185cbdb0d491452d7041661f3626c200e2bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 733504 - More workarounds r=dvander.
d68420c97e0e8edb8bca539ce706b300451f119aLandry Breuil — Bug 691898 - Use YARR interpreter instead of PCRE on platforms where YARR JIT is not supported. r=dmandelin
72bc6f12d1cc5237b7347f2ed737e929def0ad07Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 697132 - Implement wakelock interfaces. r=jlebar
031fd6560e841f2ec22714f2319883c55a1597bbNathan Froyd — Bug 730825 - Part 2: remove nsDoubleHashtable.h; r=bsmedberg
73479a0b9f3c7f56084de85eb69f5c62c51722bcNathan Froyd — Bug 730825 - Part 1: change content/ to use nsTHashtable instead of nsDoubleHashtable; r=sicking
e984475c1fdbd3c5e472f70c31b6530f71d9ff2aRobert Longson — Bug 732836 - stop asserts when width or height attributes are removed from a use element. r=dholbert
0337458a08bac8b7c06df417ca3d174cbd6da2bcSerge Gautherie — Bug 733730. (Av1) file_bug594730-4.html: s/is_not()/isnot()/. r=jonas.
26342266f30911597ef88d3e65fd3d90c7990352Serge Gautherie — Bug 731332. (Av1) importScripts_worker.js: Do not try to access the network. r=jst.
453d5c733caa6b2cea80273c5713e45ca7f37ca1Vicamo Yang — Bug 729876 - Part 2: SMS tests. r=philikon DONTBUILD because NPOTB
a4415019a57ad50b54e1d3865f21e2ee4db6ffa4Vicamo Yang — Bug 729876 - Part 1: Remove redundant tailing char in SMS. r=philikon
36c4724de5bf02ab2a2acbbd66f980d4c3cd2e34yoshi huang — Bug 720638 - B2G RIL: Read MSISDN. r=philikon
96c36ac5ad2bc7265504ce1d8b0b56bbb0719394Price Tseng — Bug 713451 - B2G RIL: Handle request errors. r=philikon
7813816f7ff429b15aa8a40d5f30f8cb2b407740Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 733674 - B2G SMS: Fix off-by-one errors in timestamp computation. r=qDot
2f6368ca605e5b7d7eef8474edc8e2460a08aabeSerge Gautherie — Bug 629595. (Cv1) Remove unwanted debug ok(false,) from patch Av3b, Fix nits. r=bjacob.
974e7a3031f3095174ec0cf4d4bdc182ecfc5b60Serge Gautherie — Bug 627616. (AAv1) Add missing text to is() calls. r=honzab.
3dcb40ebd4873c77b0708b3089979fef6bd946ddDão Gottwald — No bug - reduce MAX_LEAK_COUNT to match the status quo
8ef88a69f8619b20032b0806b6e94b79a4bfcf18Marco Bonardo — Merge inbound and central
7af4878b1ee1a7ab4f26fb149627083330cdc5f1David Mandelin — Bug 733146: Add needed import to, r=dmandelin
578789b11b8146a908807d5262a7796bb7a1c527David Mandelin — Bug 704259: part 2, don't set cx->generatingError in JS_ReportPendingException, r=luke
3b81add7efd21787370ed6371e3c2506e028f16dDavid Mandelin — Bug 704259: part 1, refactor use of cx->generatingError without changing behavior, r=luke
43bfa86f8de66341192878b72932867c7b4e8d58Luke Wagner — Bug 733310 - factor out inc/dec interpreter logic (r=bhackett)
67608523d1a0788024e29971d09bbca70d494f79Luke Wagner — Bug 732744 - rm AutoPreserveEnumerators (r=dvander)
878c5c8b8b2116c4c9b0026b307787b647a57adaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 729008 - Add memory reporter for FramePropertyTable. r=bz.
5ca23d2045b649c845e1015dfddd3559f00cf8a0David Mandelin — Bug 733260 followup: use uint32_t for array and string lengths, r=luke
4091b2b24293f47d1d6e3774dcd75b6673f7e77bBobby Holley — Bug 731845 - XPCWrappedNative::ReparentWrapperIfFound should handle preserved wrappers. r=mrbkap
55051c4e95c7ea0d508cd707a5d40fe1536dea6eBrian Nicholson — Bug 725990 - Add link support to doorhangers. r=margaret
9c66a3ed924a6d6fc3ab192cc14e7e10cfe0bbdfGregory Szorc — Bug 729098 - Part 1.01/2 - Fix xpcshell test bustage; r=bustage
8ee446a837d52b100974780141f60559694198ecGregory Szorc — Bug 729098 - Part 1/2: Create xUnit XML results file when executing xpcshell tests; r=khuey
142a1cfb0dfcf863f70b7d20ebc9b0eaff0b2badOleg Romashin — Bug 733506 - WebGL FBO offscreen texture not initialized properly. r=bjacob
68548cf49babbb69ecb88f299141e05ccb8f651eNathan Froyd — Bug 733152 - add locale to telemetry metadata; r=taras
163f88cb1413605f80166c6cb42e8ce215d94072Alastair Robertson — Bug 311605 - default browser checking should be done from nsBrowserGlue, not in delayedStartup. r=gavin
120c201a664478f70bdd444cad519534b06855faDão Gottwald — Bug 716334 - Avoid making the browser window visible before the layout is rendered. r=felip
6250fad749e28cb08ad0382186b0e880e4a7b025Margaret Leibovic — Bug 717787 - Suggestions from <datalist> are not shown in Native Fennec. r=mbrubeck
f7d880c9fa25bfd922733380868fdd250075f1d9Margaret Leibovic — backout 1d4397ee1e9a for wrong bug number
bbd51fd8c2f71f5b68c1526d62576108252b5449Margaret Leibovic — Bug 711624 - JS prompt dialog will appear in the foreground when loading the page with the code in the background. r=wesj
a21a8c92b848306ee4054e24a8242ba4f44cf2f5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 733233 - Create getTabForWindow helper function. r=wesj
1d4397ee1e9a492c3239a90007d7462385070763Margaret Leibovic — Bug 628616 - Make sure suggestions from <datalist> are shown in Firefox Mobile UI. r=mbrubeck
ecdf3748265e3f244bb39246044659566f7a1105Stephen Perry — Bug 666664 - Patch to fix warnings in gfx/thebes/gfxUserFontSet.cpp. r=BenWa
6317057db545e4770adc26a5c4a30a414bf97228Stephen Perry — Bug 666664 - Patch to fix warnings in gfx/thebes/gfxContext.cpp. r=BenWa
a4d1da7fb5bbb2de1898d4f52ed7e08c758d2752Matt Brubeck — Back out a2d511a124d7 (bug 664163) for causing failures in test_traceable_channel_wrap.js
1a62243dc313b6fd832441f0cc3e06808a0111e9Malen Sok — Bug 722163 - Convert JumpListBuilder to use LazyIdleThread. r=khuey
35056a47d906a3488c309fd586e913330da93059Joel Maher — Bug 731637 - robocop on tegras hit OOM for PixelTest due to getPaintedSurface() array creation. r=kats
f0d2d132bb7e71ede804b6aeb6099e36663fe111Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704879 - (6/6) Show form validation message when invalid element is focused. r=lucasr
a979f7ffdba1926e38467b7a79c9cf216cfee0b6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704879 - (5/6) Add form validation messages. r=lucasr
c251670745e0935339b1df94903d6c34485da872Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704879 - (4.5/6) Refactor message handling code into separate private messages. r=lucasr
44923daa1770f8e3716074d40d128daf4be40785Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704879 - (4/6) Make FormAssistant in charge of hiding an empty popup. r=lucasr
c39f37a0d9f45e6b0ea418b5452f5d9870b80276Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704879 - (3/6) Refactor FormAssistant autocomplete logic. r=lucasr
596f9999457108792f979c9c8daec9f5b7597bd3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 704879 - (2/6) Move FormAssist:AutoComplete message handling to FormAssistPopup. r=lucasr
0c7d8f0751a8a72d962f0dccb2690a980936412aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 704879 - (1/6) Refactor AutoCompletePopup to FormAssistPopup. r=lucasr
d91de454670d683739f17fca5ef458494e3dd95aFabrice Desré — Bug 720415 - update navigator.mozApps m-c implementation - DOM + repo [r=gwagner]
233d97f1d0c407ea86c1008583bf6f390dae8c72Fabrice Desré — Bug 720415 - update navigator.mozApps m-c implementation - IDL [r=jst]
2df98388190a8a92e604106b993e262b50b0be6cBill McCloskey — Bug 731094 - Expose a testing function that permits only deterministic GCs (r=igor)
cfa346e78b0d0d0d92cfd81f46b15db9a29c7a5eBill McCloskey — Bug 729369 - Expose the same set of SpiderMonkey testing APIs to debug shell and debug browser chrome (r=Waldo)
b686a2a910278ca43397339d74888a11ca9fe35eTerrence Cole — Bug 733372 - Fix an infinite recursion in GC marking; r=billm
5aa498cf86589c940a039d181a4cec3068f5017fMarco Bonardo — Bug 731563 - Make Places view markers proper elements in the popups.
a9e38eff9ea62954f8ae2fba2294c5d3347ddb0eMatt Brubeck — Back out 2fbc7d9ac670 (bug 731845) on suspicion of causing test_native_mouse_mac.xul timeouts
317d3d5ca142b94091a82eec77b3ed17ac5ef61eMatt Brubeck — Bug 730418 - Don't open a new tab when the search key is pressed [r=sriram]
c5a5f5ad069133ed176a79d238a417e45ad73f5cJonathan Kew — bug 719410 pt 1 - don't use subpixel AA under GDI/DirectWrite if ClearType is disabled system-wide. r=bas
aa7d28b45edef3c0eb69b8543b5a0cec78b9d375Trevor Saunders — Bug 726287 - misc decomtamination in nsHypertextAccessible, r=surkov
a66cd5f0790e1d4e1f7a50622f665507280446ddGervase Markham — Bug 730814 - Add "mpl" anchor. (Corrected patch)
ebf2368191e48c5592acface8045b753cfe302a0Gervase Markham — Bug 730814- back out last set of changes; there was another patch caught up in there.
aedd81f5104026469f611103073a7f61df0cc1fbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 733264 - Define FramePointerStackWalk on platforms where stackwalking is not supported; r=jrmuizel
6942914bc8c1a4f6d6441ad98a1bd153a9872742Timothy Nikkel — Bug 664707. Followup. Use the right point for touch events. r=matspal
c39fd8e1fb45dce6023324f0615bee32cec80321Derrick Rice — Bug 732363 - Avoid oranges in test_net_addr.js by retaining references to the transport and output stream. r=jdm
03e948abdff4645d756b8fab2d8de65d5f789191Gervase Markham — Bug 731166 - add README to other-licenses, discouraging use.
fc874873ea213e7548cb6c1bf9240d35d66ae757Gervase Markham — Bug 730814 - Add "mpl" anchor.
91e535989963bfe7389caa6061d06681b36bb9a4Gervase Markham — Bug 712640 - Split PSL into "registry" and "owner-requested" sections. r=pkasting.
87d12a41e3e0beaeb5a52de6cec9b3421be8d329Geoff Lankow — Bug 731041 - Tidy up addon inline preferences code, mobile; r=mbrubeck, Unfocused
6faa3058142b7afddb262daf5b5cfc112938c6d8Geoff Lankow — Bug 731041 - Tidy up addon inline preferences code, toolkit; r=mbrubeck, Unfocused
074a6a85dab687190c0100d8bb90fecfb86d1ddcJonathan Kew — bug 729626 - fix cluster formation in Indic, cherrypicked from harfbuzz-ng commit 461b9b6347e4f58589f5be82c40a2df61da2c715. r=behdad
2c215049a6376460574d4ea51643f1a3301c4c1fAlexander Surkov — Bug 732908 - Expose 'Firefox' and 'Thunderbird' as the accessible app names -- even for pre-release versions, r=ginn
4bc3e20ff0e004ea7ca7c9c3d420ba3e1edc9e50Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 733087. rs=dougt
91ece9783d2d13d913fc3c580a7bcb76900daa8bMike Hommey — Bug 731151 - Avoid creating (and leaving around) an a.out during configure. r=khuey
00b9b543a781c525bcd1170127e59ad35c38716fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 733087 - Support DT_FLAGS a little bit. r=glandium
fb7758e537842b647681d5834faaf15d02c920bbTor Lillqvist — Bug 731961 - Include cstdio from Mappable.cpp for sprintf. r=glandium
a2d511a124d7e16e881d9b70089c5bebe48bd0a3Jason Duell — bug 664163 - Fix Get(Local|Remote)(Address|Port) in HttpChannelChild. r=jdm
39ea4a2f12080d03af4bbaafad151737f71f3140Jason Duell — Backed out changeset 84a2ed6120c3: wrong bug name in comment msg
84a2ed6120c3a57d7600f755e8c3bfdd3af55c9eJason Duell — Bug 648878. e10s: fix Get(Local|Remote)(Address|Port) in HttpChannelChild. r=jdm
df0d1eb248dd1c548e177ddda868f8a6d02f2909Brian Birtles — Bug 608161 - Don't rely on HasAttr to detect whether gradient attributes have values; r=longsonr
a0f77fee156865bc4a01a444eedf09f215f75c7dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 729403 (follow-up) - Use the right KIND for runtime/gc-marker, thus avoiding warnings about explicit mismatches. r=me.
5bddb0ee59129357e8b8d7c05003a834870db989Marina Samuel — Bug 715796 - Clients engine. r=rnewman
8b5406dd1fe6569b5610f6e1e4a1bb352e0fc8caNick Alexander — Bug 732114 - Untangle Bookmark specific code in AndroidBrowserRepositoryTest. r=rnewman
9d737f0604325ea1247994917bb721b725c9bb2eRichard Newman — Bug 732768 - Eliminate shared state and concurrency problems in tests. r=nalexander
98d9aa376bbe2397766b02a586d491ef2e50f40fRichard Newman — Bug 732640 - Part 1: fix some Cobertura warnings. r=trivial
24a298cde1e58096b922ad317823973c96e0574fMark Hammond — Bug 728986: dump() writes to stdout instead of stderr. r=bent
26165b0572ed776f6316f6c43ffa6c3f63cc1338Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.14 Move WM_MOUSE*WHEEL and WM_*SCROLL handlers into MouseScrollHandler r=jimm
e4dfd3a36f200c97c533065df1cda701accaf366Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.13 Compute cursor position at WM_MOUSEWHEEL and WM_MOUSEHWHEEL in MouseScrollHandler r=jimm
a48199569fee05320d448dece4db9067d988e05aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.12 Move MOZ_WM_*SCROLL handler into MouseScrollHandler r=jimm
b1ad777954d39f27445a7f5f9cc5f3a16064af7cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.11 Move MOZ_WM_MOUSE*WHEEL handler into MouseScrollHandler r=jimm
40c7eec54521f637f7bb5bafa376486def1887c2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.10 Initialize mouse scroll events in MouseScrollHandler::LastEventInfo r=jimm
57afbe7cf8852e9f2bb18c959bfd13323fa522b9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.9 Implement NS_QUERY_SCROLL_TARGET_INFO event dispatcher on MouseScrollHandler::EventInfo r=jimm
981782dbfac158f0dc2816150c24455c4cac3e79Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.8 Compute modifier key state in MouseScrollHandler r=jimm
c95c3c5eed999908de055d39b076638b54186559Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.7 Manage last wheel scroll message information by MouseScrollHandler::LastEventInfo r=jimm
70317ec19c191048005549e5de8dac8c33481db1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.6 Summarize native mouse wheel events by MouseScrollHandler::EventInfo r=jimm
611579ad90986827933b0ffe889203d84e3863c9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.5 Move device specific code to MouseScrollHandler r=jimm
8e18d335242adc07bd98362c81e2a05d0e02c688Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.4 Move HasRegistryKey() in nsWindow.cpp to WinUtils r=jimm
8a8d586b3ad24f6cd752bebca5756161ca2c1778Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.3 MouseScrollHandler should manage user prefs r=jimm
927dae404b953b3427e2d906b4e1b61c2214aa28Masayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.2 MouseScrollHandler should manage system settings r=jimm
a752fae4b8dfb29522c999a575ec83c3dbb7141bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 672175 part.1 Implement MouseScrollHandler for Windows r=jimm
ae005ec67376f06621d997ff208c95202b55c308David Mandelin — Bug 733260: remove typedef jsuint, r=luke
003ffd0621306000d7bc59acb809696e70e86a46Andrew McCreight — Bug 723971 - unmark gray for shapes. r=billm
2fbc7d9ac670dfa2dcfb1d9386356d41bfcaf69cBobby Holley — Bug 731845 - XPCWrappedNative::ReparentWrapperIfFound should handle preserved wrappers. r=mrbkap
54a7b61b95355a30bc79f2ed511a77710e854f27Nathan Froyd — Bug 732970 - Fix thinko in persistent telemetry merge. r=taras
4df4dcacedef255bac787b694b1e7b66c59dcc84Chris Peterson — Bug 732634 - Preserve IME option bits when toggling IME action bits on AwesomeBar Go/Search mode change. r=dougt
50527c658f6016d97c2a68355609757b665bedfcAdam Dane — Bug 612246 - Store the media cache in the profile directory for single process Gecko and the system temp directory for multi-process. r=cpearce
fca77ac7cdf9e136933bb44429484aaa1ba8c3b1Gregory Szorc — Bug 732605 - Only schedule shorter sync interval if records were successfully applied; r=rnewman, r=mconnor
ad71876dbb56d3835864aacda5e5d3291de73100Gregory Szorc — Merge s-c (empty merge due to bad head on s-c)
fbcd3b5adcbb5c8c38daf7dd7dfd7aef3b32b6c9Gregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
f1eb3a70f495e81d682828722cd76f9b89855a62Gregory Szorc — Bug 733237 - Make test HTTP sync server behave more properly; r=rnewman
1834dfe74e7a8d8ef03d706206873c866817054fLuis Arteaga — Bug 727682 - Remove superfluous Services.jsm import
c1e5daa36ab201d3008b953ed09f4c542c8b956aVicamo Yang — Bug 712809 - B2G SMS Database: Hook it up to RadioInterfaceLayer. r=philikon DONTBUILD because NPOTB
b66d90efe07fd64f871de323c91da676184edad7Fernando Jimenez — Bug 712809 - B2G SMS database. r=philikon
00b93cf47142cf273e3bcac47f6163cbf38958adVicamo Yang — Bug 729876 - Part 4: Support receiving sms of other alphabets. r=philikon
89ccb9f4d5c10381212a0684a7cd9bf2939c4354Vicamo Yang — Bug 729876 - Part 3: Support sending sms of other alphabets. r=philikon
b33e731035a00acfdef56cc718ac588f44df0c8dVicamo Yang — Bug 729876 - Part 2: Add all GSM 7-bit national languages. r=philikon
7392246c7a3a8601f6c5987102fe1c78d196552fVicamo Yang — Bug 729876 - Part 1: Convert alphabet array to array of strings. r=philikon
78e56fd22f2a9b424865dd62b1de528e6e1d397dTerrence Cole — Bug 733372 - Fix an infinite recursion in GC marking; r=billm
75fcd465d5064f8d00c7c04f76434806b3c5b2cbBobby Holley — Bug 731442 - Back out f9145dab4be9 (bug 718543) due to test failures. r=backout
0d50471180387c0b0fcfd4c05d331daa56b665dbMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
a8115574617b873c217914e1a44f63ffa9958effBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Assert that we have the global jsclass flag if and only if we're a global. r=mrbkap
56c192395dd37e992fb84d8eed5ca80d361eb69cBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Assert against creating globals in xpc_NewSystemInheritingJSObject. r=mrbkap
119787ed15142bdb824bc812ea9d41e8ede7b421Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Do the last bit of wrapped global initialization once the dust has settled. r=mrbkap
8277b919772d70bc4333cefef9e930c24bc837daBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Kill temporary globals. r=mrbkap
592a35a4e03d4c3909630ba4a0c62aeda52e5ca7Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Introduce XPCWrappedNative::WrapNewGlobal. r=mrbkap
b5abccf004e2e2b2aa2f5dae5580bd65bae54689Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Call TraceDOMPrototypes via TraceXPCGlobal, and avoid the verification process for wrapped natives. r=mrbkap
d6e1981c7d3e4282bc07f738b4b52dad29654c5dBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Make the call to PostCreatePrototype optional. r=mrbkap
62b27d043ec8ccf304918a7ab9d1ab3b29554226Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Factor out the call to PostCreatePrototype into a helper method. r=mrbkap
a17c3b23a66431c85fdc40130b17a75415c43c12Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Accept an explicit native global during XPCWrappedNativeScope creation. r=mrbkap
3ebefca0bf404e851f519ef0e4b45b521bef990cBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Manually resolve |Object| on the global in XPCWrappedNativeScope::SetGlobal() to avoid calling into the XPConnect resolve hook too early. r=mrbkap
32ae325976257ac903ecb4c0cd505e2e49829dbbBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Make JSID class initialization happen on demand. r=mrbkap
951150c4758ae56fed79ff4067cdc0f188938840Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Modify the semantics of XPCWrappedNative::FinishCreate() so that it doesn't muck around with the refcounts of its inparam. r=mrbkap
36df6e53c4a144f1156877ab3e3893249045791eBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Use nsRefPtr instead of manual AddRef/Release in XPCWrappedNative::{GetNewOrUsed,Morph}. r=mrbkap
0fd1e730ebd3677f02d100a41d98f782838de98cBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Move the AutoMarkingWrappedNativePtr in XPCWrappedNative::{GetNewOrUsed,Morph} closer to where we need it. r=mrbkap
e7228f6767aed38085e1835cce31eea3f22bc818Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Stop passing isGlobal everywhere and use the nsIXPCScriptable flags instead. r=mrbkap
2880b8cc9551c500b145cd0abb7a291d3cb4f31dBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Stop passing aExtraPtr to InitClassesWithNewWrapedGlobal. r=mrbkap
cf7d5353036074b2814b14399d3002e311996bc6Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Remove unnecessary aIID parameter from nsIXPConnect::InitClassesWithNewWrappedGlobal. r=mrbkap
9592334d4aff05f09ec21d04359d4d34f85b0d6aBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Introduce a flag for global natives and assert that we have it. r=mrbkap
79c6b50a95c5b9f9d3b767c8619ca6917cbba6bbBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Indicate free bits in nsIXPCScriptable.idl. r=mrbkap
0601f686e1b80e9dc47d80b967f38241b628c908Cameron McCormack — Bug 732664 - Use FormatMessageA so that XPCOM stack walker prints error message correctly. r=dbaron
1448a8de40a82c580e653e886348ce2c7dd4fab2Andrew McCreight — Bug 728460, part 2: remove childless nodes in slice before CC. r=smaug
d00e5203b958bbb974c4c1bc531f85a1743c83a8Andrew McCreight — Bug 728460, part 1 - add forget_skippable option to remove childless nodes. r=smaug
caf729dadb2f2c93909f237a3f1859a539da6dd2Brian Nicholson — Bug 729252 - Cache cursor data for AwesomeBar context menu. r=mfinkle
186ef1a7956082160cc6f5d2b4eb80fe6a4f0d31Brian Hackett — Don't use reference to freed contents of JIT script, bug 730806. r=dvander
8b8c280f4df0d8266ad59cbcef29996b6c3a5ee7Brian Nicholson — Bug 726080 - Only update tab URLs if valid. r=mfinkle
4e5e3d16a49261d92e015210967083e44eaa1bd1Charles Chan — Bug 724736 - Move js::StringBuffer into js/src/vm/StringBuffer{-inl.h,.cpp}. r=jwalden
980483ace374e941e66c4af68661f557fcc36b1aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 731901 - update.status telemetry ping is not reporting correctly. r=ehsan
7a690d2c2e23935a926e87283fe8ea153530628aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711054 - Stop using readstrings errors for updater. r=rstrong
116765365c0ec461d6e8d3e2ca4d4576035ae218Brian R. Bondy — Bug 730792 - Enable new security checks for updates without the service. r=rstrong
54226ef0199e5671930bf7d9a65fb18d5818dd82Brian Hackett — Ensure 'for' loops have a leading JSOP_NOP, bug 732776. r=dvander.
c155fde4c0c7c13365b0b6b0c9b71a655923ae25Benoit Girard — Bug 728352 - Implement a render trace utility for GFX perf & debugging. r=mattwoodroow
a61b13046123469f9be4ae980a2589087762b0f3Wes Johnston — Backout 4253a5a838a8 and 7f5e40eb37c1
4467b8a5721f4287127101d344ed276afe5b6f05Jeff Walden — Bug 732669 - Box primitive values correctly when accessing properties of them. r=bhackett
f11d66ebdc74febb6b6606bbfafd6c4707dca305Justin Lebar — Bug 731696 - Revert jemalloc isalloc test code added in bug 703087. r=khuey
32fcf3259a470c25bf9eeea7b8142ba1faaaa201Benoit Girard — Bug 717958 - Always read FPS pref on the main thread with OMTC. r=ajuma
9fcb60770cc8b22ba56c7a7b0e6c574dba9d35a8Terrence Cole — Bug 728343 - Make unbarriered object marking interface indirect ; r=billm
bfdf82d12fa077fe7eaa190141601e185bb90fc2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 731936 - Optimizations are disabled in NSPR when using --enable-optimize in mozconfig. r=khuey.
7f5e40eb37c1653f35f7d1e8713627fa4fbd1512Wes Johnston — Bug 719276 - Remove tap highlight when viewport changes. r=mbrubeck
4253a5a838a8841bee17468a6e78c2432c70592aWes Johnston — Bug 719276 - Use touchstart to determine when to start showing tap highlight. r=mbrubeck
d8e6f431e083dd76a092470d41083a26c7440d7fWes Johnston — Bug 723658 - Use elements size on screen to determine whether or not to double tap zoom. r=mbrubeck
fa09b0296b3cf4a806b1ef6be41831eb2bf9c35fSerge Gautherie — Bug 732792. (Av1) test_bug674770-2.html: Set "middlemouse.contentLoadURL" preference too. r=ehsan.
14099190f01219771382ab75e52d21cc888bddf0Serge Gautherie — Bug 730551. (Bv2) browser_bug638292.js: Check load target, Make SeaMonkey support more specific. r=bmcbride.
bcbdc2a0efa1af1a30d42d3d792e6a186ba7e169Serge Gautherie — Bug 718237. (Cv1) Call initAutoComplete() early to support XPFE AutoComplete. r=surkov.alexander.
b8aa220cf62abb237ae780038f28de1f43b80424Dão Gottwald — Bug 732915 - Reduce the URL and search bar border radii. r=shorlander
7d0d1108a14e6d8024301532420d9e2442368edbGregory Szorc — Merge services-central into mozilla-central
ee5e22a683245a4cfeb2b09715645399d7bbef98Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
7b01515624ae1f7b110d6fba8ec76257dc02df9fRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
b00384e2d4a6655951e4a95aa5a30b54630f4754Richard Newman — Bug 732611 - Add channel (Aurora, Beta, etc.) to Android Sync user agent. r=rnewman
47707919b5935dfdb0ea923bd16f79cfee58301eRichard Newman — Bug 709403 - Part 2: add TabsRecord. r=nalexander
ddcfb95f7a7cd8a7363a64eb8609a3e484c64fffRichard Newman — Bug 709403 - Part 1: refactor envelope/payload logic in Record. r=nalexander
f9fe533c1e8eb446cc633692822b5839835593aaRichard Newman — Bug 709403 - Part 0: Add getString to ExtendedJSONObject. r=nalexander
6f1239da8d0ed2217c4af69b67b9bea4d94ab66dNick Alexander — Bug 722553 - uniformize JPakeClientStage error handling. r=rnewman
df9a4129745e16853fd0dfaceaa9c2f4a0e8b303Nick Alexander — Bug 722570 - make BaseResource.{getConnectionManager,enableTLSConnectionManager} thread-safe. r=rnewman
e24e2c2da25807feff39ed060a0f5df6366ef139Nick Alexander — Bug 722575 - make SerialRecordConsumer.consumerIsDone() thread-safe. r=rnewman
5849f7c53e18f9b73b58f68f7660e59e281b2336Marina Samuel — Bug 715796 - Part 1: client name. r=rnewman
8cb6d2bc61e810db162b54e9fab6f2a25e87af64Marina Samuel — Bug 715796 - Part 0: extract SQLiteOpenHelper cache from AndroidBrowserHistoryDataExtender. r=rnewman
2be07b8265b88d15607d8400b94cf1a0540eca6eRichard Newman — Bug 731125 - Use correct X-If-Unmodified-Since header. r=rnewman
7fdb9fb133f180b968c91feeec362fca8309178aRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
ba7ce48a3f134dec4c3d60f61484b08f640d8221Elad Alfassa — Bug 713634 - [RTL] Firefox Sync completion message doesn't contain dir=rtl. r=philikon
b4b8a60097b01b07e5288338c7c6779a5d3f1dabGregory Szorc — Bug 731366 - Increase coverage and usefulness of test_load_modules. r=rnewman
54f2d811e79aea6fa09777e0e8e3a42f7d50552fGregory Szorc — Bug 729659 - Implement HTTP MAC authorization signing API; r=rnewman, dchan
ab7d7c53d6182b5099303d5eb16eb88032814ae7Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
c5c097be263023c8a4b21e29964db2d46c383491Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
8da1a9d3f58019aab8fbaa7ba8544fd54ade90ccLuis Arteaga — Bug 727682 - Remove superfluous Services.jsm import; r=gps
4b728a0908804f7cb2815115536e6236d7f2cea0Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
c8503cd3aac40cf000266e7fa4ce001d192062aaEd Morley — Backout afeafc02c1de, dfae37833c9b & f9f51c726fa7 (bug 729940 parts 1-3) for talos regressions
4be83b3f229bdb2d6400851e39193adce45e8256Justin Dolske — Bug 720294 - Refactor style sheet switching code in browser.js. r=gavin
c0eead4d1e3f495208ec953fff373cfcb474f87fVivien Nicolas — Bug 732774 - [b2g] Cancel the click event when a panning action is running only if the touch happens on the panned area r=fabrice
d8002cdcc6fb2aa097c534285f76a2c74abbf3e8Vivien Nicolas — Bug 732770 - [b2g] Cancel the active state on the current target when a pan action has started r=fabrice
42854b29525f0b2c355ab08de5024b9e54f24bb9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 732350 - [b2g] Cancel the click event sooner when panning has started to prevent unexpected clicks r=fabrice
87ad615157d415f6933395df6e943f6156ba69c8Matthew Gregan — Bug 693021 - Back out the incorrect removal of bug 673698's fixed.
129ab3b6dff8754e673f1f6150d2dbf139a7a8c5Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 468275 - Fix mis-use of _ogg_free on allocation error path, r=kinetik
e7c45d258c4e7c511d97c87d8dc8bcc0fff124e4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 682431 (part 2) - Add memory reporters for URIs and Links. r=biesi,bz,jlebar.
2893c5e0be5de24947b35923078ee2ba3e6fbf3eMakoto Kato — Bug 590390 - deCOM nsICharsetAlias. r=smontagu
4dd463134071c9de38fc4f5b32e6a4d267ae4f1dEric Chou — Bug 729991: fix followup problems of bug 713116, r=ben
9d1489e6521818c8dfe75fd894d97bd215e80af8George Wright — Bug 674753 - Ensure that sApitraceLibrary is static so that we only load the library once - r=bjacob
a708e1611e60ee3e0a95b0c8b9feb5632edb3311George Wright — Bug 674753 - Add support for loading apitrace explicitly on Android - r=jrmuizel,bjacob
8706180542ed9fafd252757ea63c10fcafadb278Matthew Gregan — Bug 693021 - Bail from AdvanceFrame early if no longer playing. r=cpearce
71995d5b92a111a7e2d42abc8299f2e664050ceeOleg Romashin — Bug 732764 - gfx/angle/src/compiler/Types.h:211: error: 'abort' was not declared in this scope. r=bjacob
03338969ab9ebc3756653cb115aaf24b7ef242d1Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9b65b4ac15cd1250418dac2113a3e81775b32bf1Chris Pearce — Bug 729872 - Exit HTML fullscreen mode asynchronously on window deactivate so as to not confuse the focus manager. r=dao
afeafc02c1de285724fd42424d5453a388c97657Justin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 3: Stop using crappy hash functions in Gecko. r=bz
dfae37833c9b320266ed1cf6ebdd4ac45c38d199Justin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 2: Stop using crappy hash functions in the js engine. r=bhackett
f9f51c726fa700c932a2cac10b7d6ec7f3d41bfdJustin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 1: Add hash function utilities to mfbt. r=waldo
cf668a3984fef3a56c4671dab84b4ae6f10010fcJustin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 0a: Fix test error messages in localstorage/sessionstorage tests. r=honzab
b69617debd8d2d5a7686a7d61da5c0ab987eeb00Justin Lebar — Back out bug 729940 (a108aee:d75775d) due to 32-bit red.
158587a6b17e84403075f55e06aaf626372aac21Mark Capella — Bug 731904 - get rid nsCoreUtils::IsCorrectFrameType, r=surkov
d75775dfc565a340e2ab4ece2d3e89d17729552aJustin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 3: Stop using crappy hash functions in Gecko. r=bz
bfbe72a6251d86339b9301e529d4bc00fe1905cbJustin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 2: Stop using crappy hash functions in the js engine. r=bhackett
939fd023e9a48df3419e94a1bfa268c306e22a39Justin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 1: Add hash function utilities to mfbt. r=waldo
a108aee4f00d7a6bbc427f3bd3f317cb53ac121eJustin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 0a: Fix test error messages in localstorage/sessionstorage tests. r=honzab
c3df91335864087f13507716fb98adbeb6fe3d86Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 733058 - merge-dictionaries uses the system locale for sort order; r=jrmuizel
79082093ef500d013bd3739874c1f8ca19af2e30Serge Gautherie — Bug 731663. (Bv1a-FF) test_bookmarks_html.js: Fix nits, Add/Use do_print(), Improve documentation. r=mak77.
5309b25db6de46922377e2f88ea19916d278c8d0Serge Gautherie — Bug 727954. (Bv1) test_autocomplete_delayOnPaste.xul: Support XPFE AutoComplete widget too. r=mak77.
1e222bc804fa2547fa8f09c6b87478c973c9f752Joel Maher — Bug 732835 - Deploy new to fix 732655 and 732656. r=armenzg
fe8d0b2a3f5ee1db628fac89d6f5f4a399c5582aBlake Kaplan — Bug 729586 - Kill DHCP on disconnect so that reconnection works. r=gal DONTBUILD
433cfbd2a0da3f9cc7c1391f95a28404966c6466Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
058ac6b6930be019d8605512b387ac907d56f82aOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 580814 - Avoid accessing rows that don't exist in treeviews for Places. r=mak
ab7ed8a7a885178298f104969c35d30967f519c1Justin Lebar — Bug 725796 - Make window.{top,parent,frameElement} respect <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
e0f3f797e0fd03b1613a29c8a4b96112a096a525Jonathan Kew — bug 732330 - add assertion in ClusterIterator::Next to check for sane/safe result. r=jdaggett
7eb6749bbc17a8107fd363bdb905a9f2f8c7c171Justin Dolske — Bug 731093 - Make head.js code should just look for just |e.filename| so that a non-object exception is logged when thrown from a test. r=jmaher
f2ef311be88b47af67d46f1fd0babdea6d870267Aryeh Gregor — Bug 711047 Part 2 - Remove RangeException in favor of DOMException. r=sicking
ed83c2b26332ccfc3c5abb95944d0b0dce83bc1eAryeh Gregor — Bug 711047 Part 1 - Remove raises() from nsIDOMRange. r=sicking
a59316d3580c9fda223b6f9afc30ad4dc4529b72Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 648690 - Update libpng to version 1.5.9 (Mozilla changes). r=joedrew, f=dolske
17b1c6ad13bda5430c61a384e91f584cac7a634cMax Stepin — Bug 648690 - Update libpng to version 1.5.9 (upstream changes). r=joedrew
110d4d8841864168918a154f4ace281b130e4b4aAlexander Surkov — Bug 731287 - don't use GetComputedStyle for background-color in HTML table layout guess, r=tbsaunde
9fbe111ef1c3e274ff99884cbbcfc8555aa4f595Timothy Nikkel — Bug 664707. Special case converting event coordinates when the frame is the root frame in the widget. r=matspal
c51dbd19871b64531b2e24d1bbebb6fe3d35e29fJesse Ruderman — Bug 732607 - make nsTArray assertions fatal. r=bz
76814dbb993be20b43414d574ffe56bf3fb06bc3Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
5724c5ba0f84ef3e2928717e7900c9e11e3d1c13Tim Taubert — Bug 730773 - Track shutdown leaks when DOMWindows *or* DocShells leaked (not and); r=ctalbert
ace2338e90df9f2dc3606c22732ae1aa78a807f3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 727954 Delay autocomplete of pasted value r=IanNDONTBUILD
a64e9d89a2796092044021395088dc93c3dd7017Neil Rashbrook — Bug 732738 textbox should only execute inline onfocus and onblur event handlers once r=smaug
baec1efc87a4c48183b4e7bfbe1ba8d319a631dfEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
55e360715d7676060b99db6b3319b04c92d57521Jan de Mooij — Bug 732693 - Fix bytecode emitted for o.__proto__(). r=bhackett
7c62688f88fa5cb3f5afaa580ebbd97be018c0bcMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 687579 part 2: Nuke globalStorage tests. r=jst
8cdce56098cd70b293a4faeaa7c168388eb2af90Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 687579 part 1: Remove globalStorage implementation. r=jst
d43c3e308c82e0e353d21f3297ccd9181e6bd2e9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d20e343d885de137e4203ff3cf353e883122344dAlexander Surkov — Bug 727940 - Windows app can't read Firefox setting for hardware acceleration (D2D), r=marcoz, tbsaunde
42cf37973665b9df8b9056145febc350a2293c58Robert Longson — Bug 730658 - use element does not display properly when animated with set. r=dholbert
bfa4df617fcab4a43d2fdaa21f8c0483a8834377Jonathan Kew — bug 732443 - handle surrogate pairs correctly in ClusterIterator. r=emk
5458ba880b4f4cb80975eb1a36afe2c2d832f477Serge Gautherie — Bug 732615. (Av1a-TK) Move browser_checkAddonCompatibility.js test from SeaMonkey to Toolkit. r=bmcbride.
ed57abebd32872bc1e9fdbb1a7fa0542aee57b70Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
180aae8f8d2d1f65db819066f8c125457ff327b4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 732319. Fix leaks on CORS failures in imagelib. r=joe
7051f25bee5e019f9827a01dd17e600ae98257c3Jeff Walden — Silence a (newly introduced in) clang warning about adding an int to a string. No bug, r=trivial
f3a1091ccf994531a758b3d192ae9b0b5e1d6509Richard Newman — Bug 732611 - Add channel (Aurora, Beta, etc.) to Android Sync user agent. r=rnewman
966c92a9e419c8e0807df6c38131605693de2181Richard Newman — Bug 709403 - Part 2: add TabsRecord. r=nalexander
8d95947ab4e7c23bc0bca7f268e0b87f13580912Richard Newman — Bug 709403 - Part 1: refactor envelope/payload logic in Record. r=nalexander
1638ac57573a6dad31556e5978610fb38b0934aaRichard Newman — Bug 709403 - Part 0: Add getString to ExtendedJSONObject. r=nalexander
92b773c99586e3ebb466d055ba8ad488a9d13f89Nick Alexander — Bug 722553 - uniformize JPakeClientStage error handling. r=rnewman
6827710a19f1c3c1e2adbaa85ed309377f8bf33aNick Alexander — Bug 722570 - make BaseResource.{getConnectionManager,enableTLSConnectionManager} thread-safe. r=rnewman
16bf8c62011d2a8fc922329bed6c995f0b220c4cNick Alexander — Bug 722575 - make SerialRecordConsumer.consumerIsDone() thread-safe. r=rnewman
bb724346429b54addcec474afcfdc530b946129aMarina Samuel — Bug 715796 - Part 1: client name. r=rnewman
502147bd7715150461b5cd33b617382838dafd37Marina Samuel — Bug 715796 - Part 0: extract SQLiteOpenHelper cache from AndroidBrowserHistoryDataExtender. r=rnewman
ebcc23233dc0954c1bb0b82edfc89b23519737b5Richard Newman — Bug 731125 - Use correct X-If-Unmodified-Since header. r=rnewman
788912c80d974aab33a153a83701c6aa87998f4eMatt Woodrow — Bug 732598 - Optionally load glGetTexLevelParameteriv - r=bjacob
33bc225041990a73d8dab30980940dc80754a87dKyle Huey — Bug 732481: Remove the EM restart from the reftest harness. r=dbaron
9b0319298e0ebd12cfc9e6777e1c24f059b96b12Luke Wagner — Bug 730497 - preparatory parser sanity enhancements (r=jorendorff)
065dc9204d09edfd1d9f90a29a665dfcc6846297Luke Wagner — Bug 731724 - don't forget about function::arguments! (r=waldo)
c228a0a6f2ceb822edc5700c9a73b89d9159a3cfJustin Lebar — Bug 729940 - Part 0: Fix {local,session}Storage tests which rely on hashtable iteration order. r=honzab
2b4aed5ee94e035a7cee32c308ca9b8590a426bbJonathan Watt — Bug 732429 - Move some code from nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::Paint to nsDisplaySVG::Paint. r=longsonr.
5a9bd18c627ae6a01f83194345c8785f95b2c664Justin Lebar — Bug 729952 - Part 3: Add missing #include. r=me
b0b135e60d351fbbda6987dff6a410771068b855John Schoenick — Bug 406541 - Followup - Handle failed URI creation, fix typo. r=bzbarsky
e365b768a32ebdaa67a4264602d269ed8cbdd571David Mandelin — Bug 732306: Remove typedef jsint, r=luke
5d9e5dd1709e675a177efe7100931220a31472caNathan Froyd — Bug 719295 - Clean up telemetry JSObject construction. r=taras, f=luke
031cfd3d00f6a7870e87642d223d41a28e1e1d62Nathan Froyd — Bug 666612 - Fix compiler warnings in xpt_xdr.c. r=dougt
7fa4f6cd52f54cf4221dce371381c489be8e23d0aceman — Bug 368758 - Remove obsolete workaround pref editor.quotesPreformatted. r=ehsan
73831fbed59f5e31cc325cf5c1f8b49866d5f5bdJustin Lebar — Bug 729952 - Part 2: Use a better hash function in nsCRT, nsTHashtable, and pldhash. r=bz
69e8dd5e9201e4608a0d603ae9c9287bf8687d7dJustin Lebar — Bug 729952 - Part 1: Add a better hash function to mfbt. r=waldo
7fdea5401cf54212ee8777f3682814bba56c5d6bBenoit Jacob — Bug 676071 - ugh, that test is still failing on windows. re-adding to list of known failing tests. - no review, bustage
66426f4a189713c57ec1c61b463f4b0a63ce019bPhil Ringnalda — Back out fae3603a8d1d (bug 699856) for test hangs on Windows
c6b4cae786b7fe542f1c95fb65deeda87996a927Benoit Jacob — Bug 676071 - remove uniformfArrayLen1.html from failing tests list - r=bustage
ffb0cfaa1939302d57bce4d0aac15f3cbf302de9Daniel Holbert — Bug 547801: mark reftest 'sort-additive-1.svg' as random on Android, for now. rs=jwatt
ec2c854c86eb1d8b022e170665a9365f572518deBenoit Girard — Bug 732552 - Remove void return in ColorLayerOGL. r=ajuma
90671c5fad467ac38eea93749c17b093f55f1807Benoit Jacob — Bug 676071 - use ANGLE long identifier mapping - r=jgilbert
2e0424ac6e0e762ef14c610c09460f6e417f442bBenoit Jacob — Bug 676071 - add two stdc++ symbols that are needed by ANGLE - r=glandium
2fac3282f92e6bb779a76d4e9599493ea22b50b0Benoit Jacob — Bug 676071 - drop ANGLE patch limiting identifiers to 250 chars - r=jgilbert
66d29b774c0cf7528dafd8c2cf0af75442cea81aBenoit Jacob — Bug 676071 - ANGLE patch: use SpookyHash to generate mapped ids, instead of a monotonic identifier - r=jgilbert
c8809550cb08517d834f82223ab701a6ffb81f0cJim Blandy — Bug 674171: Implement Debugger.Frame.prototype.onPop. r=jorendorff
e6ca61e5fc81a8523b48f07b188bd66966fc3e3fJim Blandy — Bug 674171: Separate the construction of a completion value from the debuggee->debugger compartment transition. r=jorendorff
b04b3933ebf234e51f494279378b7f439651d4e9Jim Blandy — Bug 674171: Make the JavaScript shell's 'evaluate' function to return a value. r=jorendorff
73f1b9d271a5a0b6ae73e0550866f73debce948cJim Blandy — Bug 674171: Define Debugger::FrameRange, for iterating over the Debugger.Frame instances referring to a given StackFrame. r=jorendorff
b46cc7472de6ec50ec556cc0f1c885b5dc4657a0Jim Blandy — Bug 674171: Delete hasDebugModeCodeToDrop, it is scratched^Wunused. r=jorendorff
7546dd13db9dfa9a7d78ffb9797d7be3917067f3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 730882 - Clean up nsTransactionStack; r=roc
e29cdf5839e33b0a5d2359958b859348a7f289bfAki Sasaki — bug 725294 - updated mobile mozconfigs. r=catlee
fae3603a8d1da9ab41cebcf442fdca8b651ce84aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 699856 - Refactor nsSearchService.js to not use a database engine. r=gavin
68b1f715d7c9d2a71b823f1b5f563a81882cdf72Oleg Romashin — Bug 732143 - WebGL on maemo6 N9 does not work anymore after FBO switch 720467. r=joe
e4006a8627b6b3981663689577629d8c748bb75aScott Johnson — Bug 705446: Disable font inflation for preformatted text. [r=dbaron]
a3b1c010b101260cb007702d656f3b45b26828e1Marco Bonardo — Bug 731968 - AddLivemark callback should wait for all the writes.
2d9f9bef5aa0a121b59181d3160aea11c1738efbMarco Bonardo — Bug 732186 - fix "this._resultObserversList is undefined" error from nsLivemarkService.js
775c60c67e37998083b54457ca04c8f5fba95395Benoit Jacob — Bug 713305 - fix copyright year - r=joedrew
f0cc27e3731c8ff2ce405652901a15eff240ad5fAsaf Romano — Bug 724808 - First run import wizard doesn't show up anymore.
f3ac2ec81d34e4cd9d870c43f15e3695cdd72d42Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
0c183373c89e1871b9f6289949504a42d5fbba92Mark Capella — Bug 627379 - Add test for @hidden attribute, r=surkov
8199952005d60d2aba34d9d1bfa26eed53096dd7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 732175 (Generate DOM list bindings that aren't controlled by the dom.new_bindings pref and remove old bindings for NodeList/HTMLCollection/HTMLOptionsCollection). r=jst.
b5beb0298fa5339bf35ff4ba0d94300cd50e98a3Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 717013 (Add new DOM binding for DOMTokenList). r=jst.
512d60d499969e06f6c35b2923e7fdb71618d67dGeoff Lankow — Bug 700361 - View Source line numbers are busted for plain-text documents - test; r=gavin
1a6d1d4e8bfca1739ab5c5ab3747449705332b09Jacek Caban — Bug 728178 - js.exe fails to link on on mingw (missing MOZ_Crash) r=glandium
85e59a087b76f98421c3fb5e3c1781c1ffd998a3Jacek Caban — Bug 731943 - Get rid of no longer needed mingw hacks r=jimm
4069a04e8e819e095c064c270e367bb8f8850234Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 730181 (part 2) - Rename nsDOMMemoryReporter. r=khuey.
c12cfaf9cd4e869363cc5aef1ee9ea7155c31f2dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 730181 (part 1) - Merge the "dom+style" and "layout" memory reporter trees. r=khuey.
412c948ce10019d15cde747af6db85a91d131d77Jonathan Watt — Bug 729562 - Make the SVG paint methods take an nsRenderingContext, and kill nsSVGRenderState. r=Bas.
15649efe7dd6f50fb906b87d56bb7c93cbde358eJonathan Watt — Bug 731959 - Display list support for the 'clip' property in SVG means referring to "AbsPos" clip is misleading. r=bz.
fd92f3c7ad1191575fb04e213701aea645be1aa5ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave38
343ec916dfd526957ecff6b224d00634be856dd9Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
21ce98516c3a1215af4931521a4a7b52bf2e1261Fabien Cazenave — Bug 732095 - Proportional thumb button in Gonk scrollbars r=mwu
02dcec80742225f93746f18f252bd43d71f1c2aaGinn Chen — Bug 731917 prevent plugins from corrupting the stack by making word-size stores to pointers to bool r=karlt
c11552388c8bedab9bbb982938d0c41acddbf2a7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 730100 followup. Add missing include guards. Assumed r=ms2ger
b1eb49737d05a4d89ac681a91fa0075a7846829cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 615595. Set the form submission's mCharset to the charset we're actually using to encode the data. r=sicking
593ae548729340f0242f98468a6823acde8da0d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 732178. Set up the image cache validator before the CORS listener. r=joe,sicking
c30b6943dc98e8b2d24f76fba20764eefbfb109aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 723799 - Use mallocSizeOf in the DOM memory reporters. r=mounir.
1c238e6cf7a18516ad68accbbae5abebb3ff6fe3Phil Ringnalda — Back out e9c07d92a4a4 (bug 719295) for orange
f7a0d7946225016300945e05d6c92ee7e226efecMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
01c08685ac65ade027ecf5bbac6f932a68c1e25cOleg Romashin — Bug 730916 - Don't use hard-coded paths in Qt Mobility API directories. r=mhommey
e9c07d92a4a4717ac78b36a61cef3bfa44d73f7eNathan Froyd — Bug 719295 - Clean up telemetry JSObject construction. r=taras, f=luke
665891e3f09e7886bf12ba1ff9315fa95b4d7c9dElad Alfassa — Bug 713634 - Add dir="&locale.dir;" to Sync completion message. r=philikon
f622f39e4296e19d7a6f08fa28224a00d3eb8378Dave Townsend — Bug 706186: xulrunner-stub depends on mozglue.dll and msvcr100.dll. r=glandium
fbd0cb4228d7000fd243022295b80ab210ea228aBrian Hackett — Backout consolidation of pending arrays for switch targets, bug 730888. r=dvander
09799386e12d6d9d0f8737c3bf2764a573bed3ebMargaret Leibovic — Bug 731963 - Fix NPE at org.mozilla.gecko.DoorHangerPopup.updatePopup. r=sriram
51e8195da28db2d910b4874721484f54a428c9cdMatt Brubeck — Bug 732265 - (2/2) Support XUL menulist controls in native Fennec SelectHelper [r=margaret]
0f085bd21bc75eb6453c6101086e1fe80c21d61dMatt Brubeck — Bug 732265 - (1/2) Some light refactoring of SelectHelper code [r=margaret]
9613e21afa3425f13a8ff343f3ea581f9d1c17dcDavid Mandelin — Bug 731898: Remove typedef jsrefcount, r=luke
fed586e905ec0a8712ca6b9f8127e5133e690b30Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 731890 - Convert the 12 "images" memory reporters to a single multi-reporter. r=jlebar.
46a1c807df2b929348214f023d766b9ba951ea84Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 699307 - Add test_memoryReporters.xul. r=jlebar.
35b1c94b8b073e17dbc65fe864d65ef62b82d0f9Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 728737 - Include the build date on the XUL Fennec about: page for nightlies [r=mbrubeck]
3b6ef730516459b9ebb96dc75b9145dc49a4ed40Jason Orendorff — Add CallArgs::hasDefined convenience method. Bug 730676, r=luke.
2d534a06e56100e614c1258166654cd167a30c67Jason Orendorff — Add static assertions as requested in bug 726298 comment 2 and 4.
45476f7a1361899075f915354f31e689e6a83251Stephen Horlander — Bug 732093 - Update toolbar icons. r=dao
7c612d36d3fa7cdcf14c2a1daa9dcdc19c157839Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout bug 666612 (rev 897ee1cf8514) due to build bustage.
5789df0e14d1db3cd318c941aed7a0304b7a49abNathan Froyd — Bug 731615 - Eliminate duplicate headers in layout. rs=smontagu
ac7a006e4420edcea91a0a7d900dc19b837053b3Johan Charlez — Bug 713052 - Add preference for disabling ALT-clicks to save links. r=gavin
897ee1cf851407fce0bd6d05b3ae320bdc180ad5Nathan Froyd — Bug 666612 - Fix compiler warnings in xpt_xdr.c. r=dougt
f2585061410d3f5fdcffda2bf26dd5da9fadfc95Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 732162 - Build mobile profiling builds with -funwind-tables; r=khuey
c22135099e70609695d2a83c3e1974b8d6c2126cJim Blandy — Bug 721642: Remove function proxy support from proxy_TraceObject. r=jorendorff
505c100dc41f742897099fea36f9dd31ce893379Marco Bonardo — Backout 51bff179fa81 (bug 731898) for Android bustage
ea603d53c3b8042653e52812515e7479b84462d0Brian Nicholson — Bug 731372 - Fix NPE in SessionSnapshotRunnable. r=blassey
967583dbaa67821787f2e33c8b5589cc1ffe2363Brian Nicholson — Bug 731483 - Fix NPE for thumbnails when Gecko is busy. r=blassey
ecd3943853404377e2eb60d224ca9519bbf665b1Bill McCloskey — Bug 732087 - Change argc to nvars (r=luke)
7834b28ea4223811a9ad061b5ea7c8b87984368eGregor Wagner — Bug 731855 - ContactService.jsm not found at chrome/content/shell.js:19 when running desktop b2g client. r=fabrice
51bff179fa8112c5b927690ac673ecb71d2be9d0David Mandelin — Bug 731898: Remove typedef jsrefcount, r=luke
b4bfa5309524f12a51e8b55951584a02cadff7fdMatt Brubeck — Bug 732063 - Move the SelectHelper code into a separate file [r=margaret]
fbdaf507dcb5dd78c0b406db1c8c470bd6027dcfBill McCloskey — Bug 731783 - Eliminate per-compartment barrier marker (r=igor)
931292ee1a69eef82c4c9e3acdb2a26119fc0e40Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Followup 3: Properly skip test when test plugin isn't present. rs=philor
aa8798ce641661994a379757a5f2aace40bb1ceaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 721603 - We should spin the loop after calling asyncClose in Database.cpp. r=mak.
2bf0c6213e9154d37e40023959865d809be9ab94Kai Engert — Bug 673381, first part, allow to to query NSPR/NSS library version numbers from JS, r=honzab
1f3c7742021ceb560f19fdb2c9aef3da8ebed5daKai Engert — Bug 728719, NSSUTIL_GetVersion, undefined reference during linking, r=glandium
bef026927a580b819879b8c9e534df97061d150eVivien Nicolas — Bug 730434 - remove 'home' event and other non-standard event types r=fabrice
41205fe435777a75a89b120a05fb12051c6dbd7fVivien Nicolas — Bug 730848 - [Gonk] Generate key events instead of AppCommands for devices hw keys r=mwu
21e7e8e9d75ab2ccf5d3104d6bec760a378596cbMarco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
9b944a4b62309b34e0b451f1ca353de89be02aa3Jason Orendorff — Make Map and Set constructors take a single iterable argument. Bug 726223, r=luke.
3f51e7052b7d5ac73a20d8e7ac067ad4b2e397b1Jason Orendorff — Add Map.prototype.size and Set.prototype.size. Bug 726298, r=luke.
502b21011c3ef66c86218dd7f4687cbdc952d84fJason Orendorff — Add tests for some ancient watchpoint bugs (zombie setters!) and remove a senile line of code from obj_watch. Bug 604781, r=jimb.
e8ed99cae455c8bbe1f1a32cfa56398da5902fbaJason Orendorff — Fix totally wrong OOM handling in MapObject.cpp. Bug 726218, r=luke.
4d9810a2c2b587a52cf9da229ad7a8f5f8401d69Jason Orendorff — Fix "Assertion failure: isDenseArray() && idx < getDenseArrayInitializedLength(), at ../jsobjinlines.h:558" with for-of, Array, trailing holes. Bug 726212, r=Waldo.
dac3cc61a1b058562c125b07d69572f2d1f8e93aJason Orendorff — Element iterators should use [[Get]] and not peculiarly ignore the prototype chain. Bug 725168, r=Waldo.
21f05e099a3627698b71c3a91a9fffce7f85147bJason Orendorff — Reflect.parse("[,,,]") should make an ArrayExpression with .elements.length 3. Bug 630232, r=dherman.
b1fd65f6165d07fba297e53207eab49fba929bf6Jason Orendorff — Fix hilarious bug in js_malloc: it fails once every 2^32 allocations in DEBUG builds. Bug 730270, r=luke.
91ca0cc06f46dc519ee50403131b7f8fd3e4089dMarco Bonardo — Bug 720792 - Implement a better solution to start selected searches without a timeout.
b92e7499019ef5d97fd483ca84d45d7e6d2485a0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 728653 - Crash in mozilla::storage::Connection::stepStatement @ sqlite3_extended_result_codes. r=mak.
f50254fe891267904b58c4a38e95ad765fafc78cBas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Followup 2: Properly initialize IPDL union on OS X. pending-r=roc
391ac2bb95bdb9c818e066720d14b668a17cca97Mats Palmgren — Bug 717521 - Limit pre-rendering to max 4096 x 4096 pixels (post-transform) to avoid hang. r=tnikkel
45d47d37a2b4994dae1610fba1c3dcc967bfc09cMats Palmgren — Bug 727601 - "ASSERTION: Only transformed frames should have UpdateTransformLayer hint" with display:table. r=roc
04d22a97105699dc80401f2ef9912e2b563b7979Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Followup: Change random-if for android on test into skip-if. r=jfkthame
b2de8767a482c241ef63e5988061ba11912999b1Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 9: Add reftests for NPAPIAsync plugin functionality. r=roc
445cb6ba6d29a19445563905fb955decdfde9d7bBas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 8: Add NPAPI async code to test plugin. r=roc
add138dc3cb03622b2fbb3004bbc30ed47b3c33cBas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 7: Implement the NPP_DidComposite API. r=roc
ce22cc5a848b60d889757b558a81abdea2f0f1f2Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 6: Implement the AsyncBitmapSurface drawing model support. r=roc
cba4fa01e60f3ea65d8439a47c4cff9c91a1db35Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 5: Support remote access to ImageContainers. r=roc
9e98ff019305df227d45416b013596b81be82825Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 4: Allow setting different drawing models across all platforms. r=roc
54d4849c2c941b6feee692b7a3ea675dc93e947eBas Schouten — Bug 725552 - Part 2: Implement cross-process mutex class in IPC code. r=cjones
12c2ab926f8e4226c7779f6f531b099e0fd6a8aeBas Schouten — Bug 725552 - Part 1: Turn MutexAutoLock into a template with specializations. r=cjones
54a134419d1b1cbc143bd1b6175ce74a6eeb3aa5Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 3: Add IPC structures for AsyncBitmapModel. r=cjones
7ba25b39e2b3c0eac018688e603e7544b87cc69cBas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 2: Update interface and stub implementors which don't have support. r=roc
bb9ce1b1580923c40b2dd2acc89f8da038e544f0Bas Schouten — Bug 651192 - Part 1: Add the NPAsyncDrawing API to the NPAPI. r=josh sr=roc
2bf1f0b762b2f8bb31cbc922cb954bf75d7689a4Igor Bukanov — bug 723286 - remove JSContext * parameter from heap-traversal and related API. r=:billm
ec9be13d5fad1e78c066ad6e51248672cb84b8daMatt Woodrow — Bug 700240 - Print display lists to a file. r=roc,bjacob
4392f9d56d2eb020fb3d181bf413cbfc546a1edaMatt Woodrow — Bug 731858 - Add index numbers to nsDisplayTextOverflow so that they are unique for a given frame. r=mats
12eb38f93ff6c23406ba28b40722e74997857fb7Matt Woodrow — Bug 547801 - Fix sort-additive-1 test to use MozReftestInvalidate. r=dholbert
7d4c7ca828a24a02e47c93dc1c70ec9648eac889Simon Montagu — Use GetGeneralCategory in IsPunctuationMark instead of the precompiled ccmap. Bug 731222, r=jfkthame
a48a08ecd5c16d4a148b9266b7f58fc7fa117f39Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
937133553156838ee67a19f28b40acb693bdb67aRob Campbell — Bug 732040 - move themes/*stripe/inspector.css into devtools theme directory and rename to htmlpanel.css; r=prouget
3c8d5538ca976e8de4cc586f3a6059e78337de58Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 729539 - Title attributes not showing in developer tools sidebar; r=msucan
7139533e1a0f44491735d862a3f865789c0d5955Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 728833 - String change in whitout changing name; r=past
399b98a618f38710729276509ba3a6f7388b36bdMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 727867 - Rule view indicate when invalid values are entered; r=dcamp
738f43c4668da9d91f931b472c1a613266fe1fbcMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 707940 - Rule view should maintain user entered values; r=msucan,dcamp
a04e0f00d144e27ae32006f025a15d6d9595c725Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 592743 - Style inspector specificity calculator makes mistakes; r=jwalker
f9c3214081db8be61cf669117af9467171bd55f8Victor Porof — Bug 731523 - Fix typos in GCLI (tilt related commands); r=jwalker,francesco.lodolo
fe97799112ed3dd909c0b0b516cfde54a2da1db4Paul Rouget — Bug 730596 - Make the HTML Panel context menu more generic (should work even if the HTML Panel is closed); r=rcampbell
0d283b67acc83acb9659271fd4966335f905d7f9Victor Porof — Bug 690404 - Simplify the script name in the script debugger; r=past
434247f598689624d72d03b3b3109a856608826dVictor Porof — Bug 723047 - Stack frames should display the location next to the function name; r=past
3a7b9e61c26342f4fa46deb7f37cc6f6b389c00aKyle Huey — Bug 730051: Don't use SearchPathW to look for the DLL unless we're actually doing a load. r=bsmedberg
64c582d2b02c1127a8cdbdaeee27702bf7c221aaMark Cote — Bug 730422 - test_contextMenu.js errors out on all platforms except Linux/Linux64. r=jmaher
9602d0f7ab6dc61db852f9e297c0fa47746def64Joel Maher — Bug 731893 - update to include adjustment to mozafterpaint for ts and ts_paint. r=armenzg
04caf36509e70e70a5b228bb11e86904775642c6Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
e485c2c74c4d5978d1d8805c7e6cb2d661c02a0eJosh Matthews — Bug 716127 - When the network geolocation provider is told to watch for wifi changes, force a change to occur to avoid indefinite waiting. r=dougt
ca22be33f6b85f1147bc33600935084f1314413cFelipe Gomes — Bug 723561 - TelemetryStopwatch follow-up: display key name on error. r=gavin
746bee7761795d7e80534167cd6d83cf017ee149Steve Fink — Bug 730144 - Label objects with their mark colors when dumping the heap
90f6626365e3372231239fb8f11cf525cb64e21aSteve Fink — Bug 719294 - Eliminate the bytecode space optimization where it omits the starting line number. r=luke
7609e085d456a0405a306c06a192c98ae025b3d0Bobby Holley — Bug 731471 - Don't reparent wrappers that don't want to move. r=peterv
2a388b0077d56e26627b3796510a6c9e042c9b44L. David Baron — Hold on to MediaQueryList objects that have listeners so that notification doesn't depend on GC timing. (Bug 716751) r=bzbarsky
dd4253db247d2391cde59c362020343104228367L. David Baron — Fix uses of removed CSS2Properties.MozOutline DOM property (replaced by outline). (Bug 730532, patch 3) r=mihai.sucan
4daba22659e3557c690d365d48e7d04525e4b734Justin Lebar — Bug 731789 - Followup, s/StdInt/StandardInteger in BloomFilter.h. r=me
a771e4924188f8d6b3c6f99beb927fae0142f62bJustin Lebar — Bug 731789 - Rename mfbt/StdInt.h to mfbt/StandardInteger.h, so stdint types work from cpp files inside mfbt. r=waldo
bc96e7b9700b485bfa9cf8db17ec29b5d5a37dbcJeff Muizelaar — Bug 731117. Bound the size of CG surfaces to match cairo. r=bas
b77fa4072523b3ec855f0b9881129b98cf7867fcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 730414 followup comment to address review comments
b47fe82da80691c881910f2d5fe43a6079e65f0eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 730414. Expose a quick way to get a hash key for an atom. r=bsmedberg
857f74eb3947b0343e95fc2632652b3891976074Boris Zbarsky — Bug 730100. Add a Bloom filter implementation. r=waldo
0d48a869291f23f042280d6b8ceac10be9884676David Bolter — Bug 495912 - Expose content in HTML canvas elements. r=bz,roc r=surkov(tests)
782603d060472d8f0f5d7949df4b8fa56ccc6fa5Bobby Holley — Bug 691178 - Refuse to wrap windows that are on the way out. r=jst
51c1a0cd1efe440ad731f50149b1be05b6b5a70bLuke Wagner — Bug 731132 - Clear out _shutdownFunctions in PlacesUtils to avoid potential leaks (r=mak)
af34717441cd36b1a2c9a43cf992f11818055524David Mandelin — Bug 731492: Remove obsolete typedef JSPackedBool, r=luke
eb9b3853f6c1bb3ca69499ed100ae4514dd05de9Matthew Gregan — Bug 730425 - Make range check assertion in stream read fatal, and add the same check to similar code in the cached stream read. r=roc
1820c723a6ad1b8ca687d70e8f139ad7df83e1aeRyan VanderMeulen — Backout bug 492921 due to mochitest crashing.
dab441ffa4597e39a7fd83b4d6d11b5001b18e83Geoff Brown — Bug 731403 - Update dmADB.getDirectory to use stdout instead of stderr. r=wlach
592a7bce652aba1fcc0fe6c9fa48448cbe58eb77Nathan Froyd — Bug 731004 - Add telemetry for time servicing idle callbacks. r=roc
d2b394e82f304c377f3706433588a587f7a5eaearsx11m — Bug 730041 - Disable "View Background Image" in context menu for stand-alone video content. r=dolske
247780df6c28f916d5261287c2ae53261fcd8b5cNathan Froyd — Bug 706647 - Measure plugin shutdown with telemetry. r=josh
7891f39211d63b6ee69dd32965af00da8d6c44baEmanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 492931 - Part 1b: Change to ASCII case conversion in content/ where appropriate. r=sicking
db828397a2881028d213b67c9b24f61186b1df78Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 492931 - Part 1a: Change to ASCII case conversion in content/ where appropriate. r=sicking
e2354d606ab05a96e156998d4196f0d1bdca129cEmanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 492931 - Part 0: Add nsContentUtils::EqualsLiteralIgnoreASCIICase. r=sicking
5f4f20d064330e6877400023ea6af5b88a6e4dfdMatt Brubeck — Bug 731635 - Sync the browser.newtabpage.enabled preference [r=dao,ttaubert]
65f74f6836a19e61487e9568079488d4bf734106Matt Brubeck — Back out 2778f515ed5a (bug 723286) on suspicion of causing OSX64 crashes
a46bfd24876098b7ba9f7475e63fffda2fb1fd89Brian Nicholson — Bug 731333 - Fennec uses old intent when restoring from OOM. r=mfinkle
ee60ef57fcc260c91a35bda632c0f5a1381f5f19Jeff Walden — Warning patrol. No bug, r=themaid
d3bf0c140b25c7a66f07049552260d2cff09a5e3Nathan Froyd — Bug 731301 - eliminate duplicate headers in gfx/; r=jrmuizel
55be076aa554ad1d559cf0f412d2b95562a03be7Dão Gottwald — Bug 731553 - warnAboutClosingTabs should ignore tabs that already started closing. r=gavin
4e0b2de5f2cbb9acf4e868e6dc1f86326ff1576aIgor Bukanov — Bug 731618 - remove JSContext * parameter from heap iteration API. r=:Billm
34d97151ab88cf700c1a6ebb3b5da057f62a13c0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 618876 - Support internationalized <input type="email">. r=sicking
9a1d86b4e98c2ae7318099e9e703e80b44bf2845Mounir Lamouri — Bug 670883 - Add UTF-8 tests for <input type=url>. r=sicking
48ac0aa8d5b70e759c292b9445005ffde0834437Marco Bonardo — Bug 658744 - disable browser_sidebarpanels_click.js cause it breaks the treeview and then tests zombie nodes.
31af9742004c6e05fe6e7c094c14e7d7ebe29ccaDaniel Holbert — Bug 731393: Update type of temporary copy of nsDeviceContext::mAppUnitsPerDevPixel (which is now unsigned), to fix build warning. r=joe
a0ca4d85ad6e002b5ef9cb0b4328eadaba8a60dbDão Gottwald — Bug 731556 - When closing a hidden tab, don't attempt to animate it. r=gavin
7309f41d24f9afb8f16755407648744d922aea27Wes Johnston — Bug 725458 - Start touch timeout during action_down. r=mbrubeck
44be2c0596d274d6437b3eadc8a149f09de2fbe1Steve Fink — Bug 731450 - needs to import r=dmandelin
974cfb3a5156abc9c066dedcf3e9b8eb4ecfef91Steve Fink — Bug 730144 - Label objects with their mark colors when dumping the heap. r=mccr8
b6f20ece686f5202088097c953d3685a99388693Wes Johnston — backout 107beeff501d
fad541ac48dad0b70cc1f6d86bc1823c9e798d2fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 730874 - Make sure we don't create multiple AsyncTasks to get bookmark/history data. r=lucasr
1798a64976732cea3f04cff750d2291934e0821dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 731019 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AwesomeBarTabs.onBackPressed( r=lucasr
009ae02d3f9728e568de4a5147b651e80f91c5b8Gavin Sharp — Bug 724309: remove debugging code now that the orange is fixed
107beeff501dde54c6fde51379245612dce106b8Wes Johnston — Bug 725458 - Start touch timeout during action_down. r=mbrubeck
2778f515ed5a52c17ff527d7fba968f6d1dab0f5Igor Bukanov — bug 723286 - remove JSContext * parameter from heap-traversal and related API. r=:billm
6e1d2d8e101e871186b80b1edc3e83895f6c2bb6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 715644 - Content provider for storing 'Tabs from other devices'. [r=rnewman]
e0b0a815fa2150b3654e6b37da1fb39f64e49c50David Bolter — Merge backout
182ef64501e594cabc26eb496b6ac7f67cafcd87David Bolter — Backed out changeset 547de632a3e2
e0e6c09296ff5f9bfbf4f64ac130589f691423eaWes Johnston — Bug 730398 - Add a content uri for the deleted passwords table. r=lucasr
3814bedcc3173a720949443d6070770b76217f32Fabrice Desré — Bug 731656 - build broken since bug 728912 landed [r=philikon]
9622ca7535f80b10a0514963ed7b08e3cf28637aEd Morley — Backout 547de632a3e2 (bug 495912) for mochitest-a11y orange
1e24d9b1f0f41d814c80986879e15cbac5a81567Bill McCloskey — Bug 731052 - Clean up incremental resets (r=igor)
78ad3fc764abc76fe2f01ea01ee6c61cfb2f516fMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
789802924bdedf6cbdc6082825190ac270aa593cMatt Brubeck — Bug 721469 - Add-on description section cuts off long descriptions [r=wesj]
f708f9901cf5b55cf63a0b15875fcfe4164a80c7Matt Brubeck — Bug 730502 - Split add-on manager JS code into an external source file [r=wesj]
8c303fb9700648562d5969bb4bb2f06666b144eaWes Johnston — Bug 730952 - Update mayHaveTouchListeners correctly on tab changes. r=mleibovic
547de632a3e2d90302173ccf2104d955a5f0b103David Bolter — Bug 495912 - Expose content in HTML canvas elements. r=bz,roc r=surkov(tests)
fc1d914138a022607227aae83459d153b8d128fdChris Lord — Bug 729534 - Semi-fix scroll layer retention. r=mats
d0477ba39a89d05240645cdd538a5b788c3000ebDerrick Rice — Bug 720846 Scriptable PRNetAddr and scriptable access to Self/Peer address in SocketTransport
51c165e93859e34318b4b6c07ed475b0c7d70dd1Irving Reid — Bug 731316: override warning about unsupported compiler warning flag on clang. r=respindola.
35d7fe93d10da60d4f66f5d19699b8430e83b9a4Jim Mathies — Bug 724781 - Prevent repetitive nsObjectLoadingContent StopPluginInstance calls from entering DoStopPlugin. r=joshmoz
7672adec56b9b5e28367d781f4042c45fb818473Olli Pettay — Bug 730581, unbind content tree lazily after unlink, r=jst
1c3b291d08306cf3535e1a1f262ce8567f99e218Benoit Jacob — Bug 713305 - Force staying on discrete GPU while any WebGL context is live - r=jrmuizel
3812d0ce274e8ad01f579efcd2dffd4d83be0295Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
57cf4086191d3bb7dae8df7399eda0453edcf634Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 731503 - fix typo. r=bustage.
9b3a7e124dd0e0ed9ca1d986f2ba49569d7c71ceRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 731503 - workaround r=dvander.
91c35e2c18da04c66a1e4cacdd712e8e47c04afbAlexander Surkov — Bug 728907 - don't static_cast text attribute objects, r=tbsaunde
6f615c44322a5f60d83d4706a223597bb8d805c7Igor Bukanov — bug 730281 - remove cx argument from GC and compartment related functions. r=:billm
d7c68488743d9172c9c119f192a7ee887422f3e1Alexander Surkov — Bug 728907 - remove nsTextAttrs.h include from nsHyperTextAccessible.h, r=tbsaunde
5ac8dc5b03f4a1edd6b1427fd88c47e8379a3d6aMarco Bonardo — Bug 731123 - Live Bookmarks in bookmarks menu no longer update.
bff447521a337ab35a29ebf3e67e1c7a8858f7eaAlexander Surkov — Bug 728907 - don't use GetComputedStyle for text attributes: font-style, r=tbsaunde
7c29df99aad78a59defce9a0694c86ffaba10ce2Timothy Nikkel — Bug 714346. Part 2. When we create the display clip item that contains a subdocument we use the prescontext of the child document to snap the clip's bounds. This is wrong when the parent and child documents don't have the same app units per dev pixel ratio. Leave the presshell before creating the clip item. r=mats
a12f501b5b22672ba047a1b9d72e0bd67c499043Timothy Nikkel — Bug 714346. Part 1. Make some code stop checking useless return values because it makes the control flow more complicated then needed. r=mats
1e4675fb8fc95853f4aca8b6d50c056a54df1ea1John Schoenick — Bug 406541 - Ensure we agree with java on applet codebase, and run security checks for file: codebase URIs. r=jst
2d3328813a98ccc32ae7fb6b18d0be296392c53ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 4537403fb911 (bug 731450), c9e48c19363a (bug 719294), 682dd844587b (bug 730144) for flambe
0da03af4c832778f79b170ed102485aa4959ef11David Mandelin — Bug 730523: remove jscompat.h, r=luke
4537403fb9114ae83d978675a74cae04bd9a26c2Steve Fink — Bug 731450 - needs to import r=dmandelin
c9e48c19363a46d14b8b6a34fcecf9080bb7d894Steve Fink — Bug 719294 - Eliminate the bytecode space optimization where it omits the starting line number. r=luke
682dd844587bda7d373a5a4e5d2c519d2e13c8e1Steve Fink — Bug 730144 - Label objects with their mark colors when dumping the heap. r=mccr8
9b7d19dbb281aa8d6ebde4ee0e7ee1af2b8adbf0Matthew Gregan — Bug 730425 - Performa an additional range check in stream read. r=roc
9dde6af30ab201c2fdb0084e298182533eac48ffDavid Mandelin — Bug 730511: remove obsolete typedefs intN, uintN, r=luke
20db0f825b05015847ba3acc2f08126406839d5fAlexander Surkov — Bug 473576 - font-family text attribute should expose actual font used, r=tbsaunde, f=karl
d71e85f357519f3b4c86b714b5c65f380486321eRyan VanderMeulen — Backout bug 713052 (rev 5c84280687df). The checkin-needed flag was removed as a mid-air collision when I committed this.
6de9bc65b2ff2038550572b4805987109cf0a6b8Nathan Froyd — Bug 731248 - Remove duplicate headers in js/src. r=luke
a1a5f7331cfdc8a164e3a6c71867cbe9ace7e235Chris Peterson — Bug 731056 Part 4 - Fix checkstyle warnings: wrap lines longer than 100 characters. r=dougt
f6619abc88727e4322f06fc69d9aad4e2392fdbfChris Peterson — Bug 731056 Part 3 - Fix checkstyle warnings: move field declarations to top of class and make private. r=dougt
728ad9516cd220cbcba9e04db31b920d0f49dadaChris Peterson — Bug 731056 Part 2 - Fix checkstyle warnings: reorder imports and remove wildcards. r=dougt
ca9f90e8d26bd28a2a6ea5ca935a26c3c8903d81Chris Peterson — Bug 731056 Part 1 - Fix checkstyle warnings: fix whitespace. r=dougt
58715a30c0dabb29750c6e06f8d68b3e5c29d59aNick Hurley — Bug 730163 - Telemetry for how long we wait to acquire the cache service lock. r=michal.novotny
d923ae85be0524a7c51c47373cfd7019c078fb58Chris Peterson — Bug 725170 - Reset IME selection when Fennec resumes. r=dougt
712ea53253f5b2bbd0bf6ad0c0059538f41e901dMike Kristoffersen — Bug 720493 - nsIdleService sometimes fails to restart its idle time detection timer. r=bbondy
5c84280687dff6006e18a310ef13810039f148a5Johan Charlez — Bug 713052 - Add preference for disabling ALT-clicks to save links. r=gavin
6a39c6d4fbf3f5c5c8d193cc9dfbe773626d13deFrédéric Wang — Bug 701758 - Add page to convert MathJax font table into our own format. r=karlt
1b6a03443c789433161e328a3d2c8c37fd13cdcaFrédéric Wang — Bug 701758 - Add stretchy operator table for MathJax fonts. r=karlt
bca0ee06670c1bfc610c890f3cc4dfd41d51770aNathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Delete nsHashSets code. r=bsmedberg
949612a1831708ceff8b0840fbd307144b82c974Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in netwerk/protocol. r=mcmanus
e0913432b56e43843dd4b7bcd5c6e2cbeb32d4f6Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in gfx/thebes, round 2. r=jrmuizel
322e727576c810f9a212099a2af16f5961493a79OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 575955 - Replace internal usage of old transactions shim, add a new toolkit test. r=mak
2742bfe821d27072840432c9b15d3ce21a6b1419Luke Wagner — Bug 731181 - Handle GC during RegExpShared::compile (r=billm)
8ec22af2fe914f877284f50dfaf2334e014e603bGregor Wagner — Bug 674720 - WebContacts (or Contacts+). r=fabrice, jonas, bent, tantek
8fa62059bd2790859b5fbdefbc0de3739620d63dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 731387 - Get rid of unnecessary @Override tags. r=bnicholson
e60305ece31941a614abe321239f8dd23b71bb8dJonathan Kew — bug 731187 - nsFontMetrics needs to handle possible failure of AutoTextRun to create the run. r=choller,roc
7658ef219e8bc581d62a37fb8a89c9d781d5efd3Jonathan Kew — bug 721821 - make nsBidiPresUtils::WriteReverse aware of clusters, so that diacritics in RTL text display correctly in SVG text. r=smontagu
491ceed82be3404994c6f7d25a0c18b0b151344bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 637099 (Remove JS_ClearScope calls on windows). r=mrbkap.
a77570b9a808672c89b856560f36b21fa98aa5c7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 731227 (Fix script object ownership in IDBWrapperCache/IDBCursor). r=bent.
8daec30c95414ea241d603c84ed35a7de7c9eaa0Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 731173 (SetVersionHelper should release mOpenRequest). r=bent.
d73fddbc6b63e473ac0f94b519530bd24b2df636Neil Deakin — Bug 728581, use ContainsNode to determine if the mouse is over a selection so that dragging a scrollbar in chrome works properly, r=ehsan
0983ca6b6ce6c222db94be5fe5195b783682609bWilliam Lachance — Bug 731023 - Remove devicemanager's communicate method r=jmaher
7edbb9c45b7d86173d0aa1a8487d396aa333e623William Lachance — Bug 731349 - Minor bugs in DroidADB, DroidSUT abstractions r=ctalbert
5bbffabdc291ed5b2e5736b99a73f8c93ec5ff6aGeoff Brown — Bug 730153 - Enhance SUT agent kill command for xpcshell / non-java tasks; r=jmaher
09e64089bb0739f6ac4b6e8f6b47516d236b0436Christian Holler — Bug 728995 - DeviceManagerADB should support TCP/IP r=wlach
05af8fc6c3794e01ab613b0b00b46fa7c0f0ab89Bill McCloskey — Bug 729367 - Add write barrier flag to NPAPI class (r=igor)
1a49c1500abd19d2ea2e1c21648c3e2eb66d0103Bill McCloskey — Bug 729367 - Add write barrier flag to shell worker class (r=jorendorff)
21c8c7e7e3a80a047f1b5a27437dfcb10eb72a8eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 731170 - Download Manager Open containing Folder not working. r=bsmedberg
428268749ad08313d7b97a64ad75a70e607423c2Gavin Sharp — Bug 731043: add comments to to explain branding quirks, r=dolske
f6e8ec1367533e289657d4e2312bf793f2ff2863Matt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f63d2f5846a5eca8023511c4f87b63c2f5951c45Kyle Machulis — Bug 728912: Use RilRawData.MAX_DATA_SIZE instead of hardcoded constants r=philikon
785345035a3bbfb375ed9a48127086a321fde5f1Geoff Brown — Bug 705192: allow to execute xpcshell via SUT agent; r=jmaher
beb93f81287482e741b03f572a85ec2f608d6a42Gervase Markham — Bug 730814 - update about:license to MPL 2. Also add a link to the FAQ,
a88034ad8757323b1d875e325c073fbcc8cee23eNathan Froyd — Bug 725407 - create opt-out Telemetry notification for Nightly and Aurora; r=gavin
33b47f176473b986fd79f87c9411ecdd92815d01Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 730550 - Make sure the t2embed library is available before using. r=jdaggett
777e58e87f1442ba44c6317e11deb04d2f989e01Dão Gottwald — Bug 730271 - Create sync folder for Sync-related content files. r=mak
372ab918a050c9cca1e675a37028463959d57569Robert Longson — Backout Bug 730658 - reftest failure possibly intermittent but certainly new
6f522f01319ca2ef0b1f5fa6c2c059c8f6d8ad32Ed Morley — Backout 6d239fd74f71 (bug 720846) for Windows build failures
b21fb5b6ea1faa88a8c55a220344019641f243c8Brian Hackett — Make sure to allocate auxiliary PC counter arrays when required, bug 721274. r=dvander
029544f9423f5b900a8c8e2410838ee0544a031eOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 714261 - TransactionManager used as a service r=mak
f9eb5f6242f75fb040f66e2ed1c035684e2ee212Nathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - Part 4: add tests for load/save functionality; r=taras
be00254af671a4a70ec81603aaa5cba92ef3a36fNathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - Part 3: add load/save histograms to TelemetryPing; r=taras
229fe7214b40399e87b76064259c3f55de4a25b5Nathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - Part 2: provide interface for loading and saving histograms; r=taras
a853405443e71610165e34389845674cb9433ef1Nathan Froyd — Bug 707320 - Part 1: provide reflection for separate Histograms and SampleSets; r=taras
6d239fd74f713bac9e93f24884ed4d932ee8e137Derrick Rice — Bug 720846 Scriptable PRNetAddr and scriptable access to Self/Peer address in SocketTransport. r=biesi sr=bz
67a7d35ac9723cf99291c5bcff18b36f2bab6fb8Robert Longson — Bug 730658 - use element does not display properly when animated with set. r=dholbert
01ef08fb102d5db2958b3cbbcb03a411aa602908Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Disable fixinc and point FLAGS_FOR_TARGET to our headers. r=rail.
5b9b207ac6eab14199b71a9c81f6d5ef92286a07Brian R. Bondy — Bug 730821 - Don't do security enhancements on x64 Windows builds. r=rstrong
9fed91e954170237a20797f09fa1e5f85160f13bJan de Mooij — Bug 730836 - Refactor SetObjectElementOperation to avoid a GetPcScript call. r=pierron
cb01e23f83cffb4ef934c3aa1ab7c17757928826Serge Gautherie — Bug 629595. (Av3b) test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html: Remove dump()s, Add ok()s and todo()s, Do a few related rewrites, Fix totalFailed calculation, Remove (obsolete) workaround for Windows 2000. r=bjacob.
30b4f99a137c72345bb0401fa1970598687d80c7Serge Gautherie — Bug 725015. (Av3) Add missing 'return', Set needed preference, Make todo() message more explicit. r=mounir.
5439f475111618d47257d6a4db98668f0d230b14Brian R. Bondy — Bug 730862 - Disable signmar by default and provide an option to enable it. r=rstrong. sr=khuey
dde4e0089a1818b8924087a528747a5b0097ee7fMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
dbb9c8ada5c64b0360d1c98da6fc89ee716bb650Igor Bukanov — bug 730987 - remove per-context debug hooks. r=luke
a939d0ba3075262e22f59a55a3460eabb6cad7edJustin Dolske — Bug 717481 - login manager storage should use default encryption type from the crypto provider. r=zpao
43766cfb6d30600beaf695a9f652a8befd4631feCharles Chan — Bug 727997 - Sync options checkbox list shouldn't have a fixed height. r=dao
d485f2378abe54f7e1acdff0fbb79c9888978c77Luke Wagner — Bug 729382 - move the rest of the CallObject into ScopeObject (r=waldo)
bd71047c9b4d53b5e8ead4cfe63b6e5267b02fe7Luke Wagner — Bug 724790 - get rid of the hasOverriddenArgs funny business (r=waldo)
eac2ff42164d4a4076c4f2a2445416a152611a61Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 729572 - Fix minor problems with handling of location.href in aboutMemory.js. r=jschoenick.
aa58a8f53acaf3d4ead973dc4a19ded2b38c37f4Bas Schouten — Bug 729116 - Followup: Skip crashtest which causes a crash on OS X. rs=philor
79099c15533329b832896aae4d3cb5699290b1bdPhil Ringnalda — No bug - update revision of Add-on SDK being tested, rs=kwierso, npotvb DONTBUILD
32397978a3424fac2c6987cd6d111ebae69da8f3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 729018 - Attempt to de-orange test_aboutcompartments.xul. r=jlebar.
d913e27b169bf432b3f7d31ddec50903208c885cGregory Szorc — Bug 725478 - Support for generating xUnit result files from xpcshell tests; r=Waldo
dbe3f8bad3b5ecb2d10719f83b9956c172a50bdeNicholas Nethercote — Bug 729403 (part 2, take 2) - Add js/runtime/gc-marker memory reporter. r=wmccloskey.
89c46aa25a143e3a6c2b4eb81df6b5bc869e381cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 729403 (part 1, take 2) - Add Vector::sizeOf{In,Ex}cludingThis(). r=luke.
f144af3040483c89bad07de1b6ebd07470d03140Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 728990 - Change "The two measurements of 'explicit' memory usage don't match" assertion to a warning, because it fails occasionally due to races. r=jruderman.
31a715f4716476c30cb66551910e64096d94385bBas Schouten — Bug 729116 - Crashtest: Test if we deal with changing a canvas to a very large size. r=joe
21584311ba0e27ec961626743c1af5b814e54c81Bas Schouten — Bug 729116: Try our best to have a valid mTarget even when having an invalid context. r=joe
4bb8b6121df33a09ee814597ec3cf3606e451b55Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
11af9adc0e5de6c7034c197f0f310e210961e489Luis Arteaga — Bug 724080. Broken link to Mozilla Manifesto on about:mozilla page. r=felipe
52b5e922f56e627b2df1fc1e7a92e85585dafa35Ryan VanderMeulen — Back out libpng update due to xpcshell failures (44fc3b0c25f7 and 7b74d51579b4). r=warlock
aec23eb06a3e8b1b194b05a970e8e813ba6adf05David Anderson — Ensure that iterators are closed when an exception is thrown (bug 729797, r=luke).
269bd7e1444ea3b93b836f08b42bae7416e111dcEd Morley — Backout 88d02a07d390, 5f903f5a84a8 & 3539be41fa6b (bug 725478) for make-check failures
9a3da4d27d13ef51337424e71179d56bf117f81aMatt Brubeck — Bug 717904 - Add-ons Manager is broken after installing an extension with browser restart [r=Unfocused]
88d02a07d3906e4b790d8de26ed62d2643b9ae68Gregory Szorc — Fix bug 725478 because we run a buggy Python released almost 5 years ago; r=tigerblood
7db039c3f3e26c463671c8d2e4e22cb2266b9bd6Mark Capella — Bug 730128 - Remove code ifdef'd MOZ_WINSDK_TARGETVER for pre-Windows 7 SDKs. r=jmathies
13bed8cc97503d645a24102f546215480fc9d54fNathan Froyd — Bug 729256 - Make error out on multiple-method function interfaces. r=bsmedberg
484b8331a1016704c77eeb15c9b6ae5b7fbbcd67Josh Dhaliwal — Bug 727905 - Zero width window handling in nsWindow.cpp crash. r=dougt
96b6614529b67b35c0252acad2ad2767d9901d6eFrançois Wang — Bug 722880 - reftests for attribute width on mtable. r=karlt
c90e1b198f93d96143b0825377461b55940ac1cfFrançois Wang — Bug 722880 - Support for attribute width on mtable. r=karlt
547e2b0fbe8380a37c10a688bad425a43219e3b8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 705110 - Suppress warning spam on DOMAttrModified event. r=smaug
7b74d51579b47e73e35e400548d143b666da1f50Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 648690 - Update libpng to version 1.5.9 (Mozilla changes). r=joedrew
44fc3b0c25f7dbcc25542e1e9becf312eb357aafMax Stepin — Bug 648690 - Update libpng to version 1.5.9 (upstream changes). r=joedrew
c3af0028393d3f90816354f54f4082d9bd74b671Wes Johnston — Bug 730996 - Audio controls should not disappear. r=dolske
40759b553e7df6fe5a8ae7ee073bd87738986269Oleg Romashin — Bug 729985 - Packaging need to be corrected for OVI store publishing. r=dougt
568732cb086f7b0caeb4b641daa43a6636574b1fTerrence Cole — Bug 727306 - Specialize HeapValue::postWriteBarrier for object slots; r=billm
5f903f5a84a837daf7bce1b21b02f142e6227ae7Gregory Szorc — Bug 725478 - Fix possible access on None; r=losing
f6d04ce89a9ec217fecb28408bb96d9fa5f43b29Benoit Jacob — backout 6a94d3142674 / bug 629595, it was bitrotted and caused mochitest-1 failure
6a5d5cbced044070f7294f32c06f1d41d323e40bJeff Walden — Tix fypo, bug 730810. r=winning
3539be41fa6bf4aa2a71bc9b4e41bf3e7e77a787Gregory Szorc — Bug 725478 - Ability to produce xUnit XML result files from xpcshell test Python driver; r=Waldo
4ee92bbe9e787106a3ca33220905067a487fdc53Wes Johnston — Bug 725881 - Add a missing rollback. r=dolske
7bb7889f568ad49787a85f81d43b405ebe8a20b8Jeff Walden — Bug 730810 - Don't assert doing a compound assignment to a const. r=luke
6a94d314267427d7ba94974c63733bc0d5881b36Serge Gautherie — Bug 629595 - test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html: Ensure waitForExplicitFinish() is executed, Disable test on Windows 2000 and (if necessary) on SeaMonkey, Move Mac OSX version check to a better place - r=bjacob
ec6cb2a3dfc6b34fb7c05829060e3a043037090fChristian Holler — Bug 730697 - Add missing OOM checks in JS type inference code. r=bhackett
75f1c3c4d889e43e96e95a683a89d0c97c532f81Fabrice Desré — Bug 730968 - b2g build broken since Bug 716544 landed [r=khuey]
30af776a298860572fc699c12c430e4c6826b50aBenoit Girard — Bug 730079 - Move sCurrentGLContext to TLS to support off main thread GLDebug. r=joe
5c1d6779a7d7fefaed6dbbdc2a7e09b668ebb793Benoit Jacob — Bug 711656 - report force-enabled features in crash reports - r=jrmuizel
080fde330ce0b4aa3ff7ff82b903df8b6be6febaWes Johnston — Bug 725458 - Dispatch touch events notification, even if window isn't focused. r=felipe,smaug
7425d7896105065761ab5d4662fd954b983c67daChristian Holler — Bug 730415 - Fix JS engine OOM condition in makeDenseArraysSlow. r=bhackett
ffa9354e5ce78f4d560af5dd8adbe353b71d2fb9Trevor Saunders — bug 730841 - only call atk_object_set_parent() when the parent actually is different r=surkov
0b557b56a6b430970fd33ac47f89868a34594526Terrence Cole — Bug 725500 - Eliminate various jstest freezes on Unix; r=dmandelin
5176e915dfd91d5d53ad10b4dc0cb7c9dde6d89aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 729995 - Mark WebGLMemoryMultiReporter final. r=jmuizelaar.
c75d0a91f7edd41de26d4539d66cef65790df184Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - swap the glibc and gcc build order during stage2. r=rail.
caa24e77612d81dc7188f32ca6bf23adfba6c20dTrevor Saunders — bug 730841 - don't call atk_object_set_parent() when we don't need to r=surkov
0f4106533b30e564c36e21c540f6aa42c90f7d21Richard Newman — Bug 730526 - Cleanup and idiom in r=lucasr
24f54e9d5227f1391eabc5c6053982be29e6cc3dRichard Newman — Bug 727146: Part 1: deleteHistory should clear private data from the database. r=lucasr
aa734c1e35abd57538aefc7979e09da09f1bc641Richard Newman — Bug 727146: Part 0: code tidying in BrowserProvider. r=lucasr
a9ccef50c388ea23c60db03d79fdf34a137090aeRichard Newman — Bug 730557 - Part 3: bend Sync's into GlobalConstants. r=rnewman
92ef82b5f1625d041d3bc349ee23d334e82b3478Richard Newman — Bug 730557 - Part 2: Stub out parts of BrowserContractHelpers that reflect unlanded parts of Fennec. r=nalexander
5805c445b8412cb602a4b5a4b80cb67e4a5eff4aRichard Newman — Bug 730557 - Part 1: Use Fennec BrowserContract directly. r=nalexander
2cd9b8fc084d3a04c819454c10c79c7af10b5258Richard Newman — Bug 730637 - Base64 support for HttpClient in Android 2.1. r=nalexander
289cd639ff3418020d6adb18153a1b0b4c9de552Wes Johnston — Bug 725881 - Add a deleted form history table. r=dolske
00929ec6099170cb7c22169bf9ea5e7db85630f2Wes Johnston — Bug 725881 - Content provider for form history. r=lucasr
246c77eef7cbb6febbdd3c7660b6143eb0093e99Bill McCloskey — Bug 729238 - Save and restore weakmap list during marking validation (r=igor)
0714ec049da2e9a9a6f7bf6f2cf7233528d1e76eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 730358 - Don't use LinkedList's push/pop methods. r=lucasr
54ff182dd2f3438cc6ab3bdb08e05c10f543f0a1Gervase Markham — Bug 684831 - tidy up about:license, including adding Apache 2.0 (bug 729457),
483efb99bf3fbad5980870bee93d234817de59bbPatrick McManus — bug 729736 - runtime experiment with different spdy ping thresholds r=honzab
75deec1f1a7bcd502b5679c15bd3b9cde6872b07Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 730710 - Add a GeckoEventResponder interface to allow event listeners to respond to events as well. r=blassey
d9640938c8263eaa2cb42e21cf902ca34b4e3af4Alexander Surkov — Bug 728907 - don't use GetComputedStyle for text attributes: color, r=tbsaunde
f91b74bfcb1fb8ef99bba7f11535c23364896b01Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727233 - don't delete an interface. r=doug.turner.
c6fe976aac16f404887a5fc725f10e355328cc43Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
8ea9dc2f857031a0642d9ad6bc28c0b1ca8a7278Henri Sivonen — Bug 650784 part 4 - Scripted test for plain text conversion. r=smaug.
a423ca3c3ce1509175463275a170fb91bbf64d85Henri Sivonen — Bug 650784 part 1.5 - Move nsScriptableUnescapeHTML from Toolkit to Core. r=smaug.
429263e580904b6266149bcb6a31fc89356c7c49Henri Sivonen — Bug 650784 part 1 - Introduce a new API for converting HTML to plain text. r=smaug.
d40ba365b995634f5f1156c7b37c48b3333bc297Henri Sivonen — Bug 650784 part 0.5 - Let the build system know that parser/html/ can have .idl files. rs=smaug.
5ccebf6862a93760927758553449b182fef4d8faHenri Sivonen — Bug 650784 part 0 - Fold nsParserUtils into nsContentUtils. r=smaug.
fdd55a46661c761dcf681e5b74bec59f11c3a155Alexander Surkov — Bug 729831 - Crash @ mozilla::a11y::StyleInfo::Margin, r=tbsaunde
bebeca2270ee23849c85b18707900dcf273fc3b3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726821 - Caching JNI class references should use a global reference. r=blassey
0bf80d3cebf5d8cdc251d2c4432651350eddc3c7Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726821 - Push Cursor usage down into native bridge code. r=blassey
3e6935243310b57940c140238306dab8fefafa51Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 727264 - Update Profile Migration to use Cursors. r=blassey
ff36792efde97c8409f92fa4ad5644a9caa6a9efGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 727264 - Add an extra argument to pass more SQLite query results. Cleanup & simplify bridge. r=blassey
cdf2ee308f366f4fdb0810a905dfd57e07a245cbKyle Huey — Bug 728392: nsUpdateService should clear its references to the update listener once it is no longer needed. r=rs
08c0c14401718fa8ec5c14750540884b7a2f970cJosh Aas — Bug 731040: Fix bug in which we don't properly create an object frame due to over-aggressive fallback. r=jst
8c8346a7fae13a3c335b588773fc1562cbd033efSerge Gautherie — Bug 489728. (Bv6a_fix) Misplaced '"'. (Bustage fix.)
c3f06b2e9dfa69a515397df34dd8f68b823e1dfdMark Capella — Bug 489728. (Bv6a) Use passed() in TestTXMgr.cpp, Make passed() accept a va_list in TestHarness.h. f=sgautherie r=ehsan.
023130d28f5089018a4caeccac2cb14f4a83deccSerge Gautherie — Bug 629595. (Bv1a) test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html: Ensure waitForExplicitFinish() is executed, Disable test on Windows 2000 and (if necessary) on SeaMonkey, Move Mac OSX version check to a better place. r=bjacob.
4b60c0c155f98d995b8efdb9802cb2c6c393c658Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
782a97166d7c492176022dabf2ce497d96ff98b3Piers Biddlestone — Bug 716080 - Restore Previous Session does not re-use blank tabs [r=zpao]
0c37652c28aef965d84b98184dadad0052336f40Mihai Sucan — Bug 684445 - Orion source editor should have built-in context menu; r=rcampbell f=rcampbell
5b33f5c7e630231c8335b6aa817029d3da493c56Mihai Sucan — Bug 700893 - API for tracking unsaved/saved state in source editor; r=rcampbell f=fayearthur
7ce4d9b55863af0a3afc5eec27cb91afeab49f61Doug Sherk — Bug 711656: special case the entire Intel GMAX4500HD series r=bjacob,joe
499144e6fb864e01be9955bc86b066da849296d2Olli Pettay — Bug 730470, FormFillController crashes, r=gavin
34c94825a18325b9b40fea1c884669683de78770Josh Aas — Bug 729673: Fix cases in which plugin instance src data stream is not delivered properly. r=bsmedberg
8ea5c983743fbb7d6bcac41acea8f124eaf15e73Olli Pettay — Bug 730753, call CC after full GC, r=mccr8
53e10e2b327b64bf19d03902d3ca5e20feea6c99Olli Pettay — Bug 730601 - Don't use GetListenerManager(false) to check existence of ELM, but HasListenerManager, r=jst
7d7179d2d8096d5ef290779da549d0d11c1fea92Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
86f8ab61e7558e76cbf810e532fcc9bafd165942Mike Hommey — Bug 703523 - #ifdef some windows and crash reporter specific parts of browser.js. r=gavin
14f43a9a1ecf78adc7f3abb05fc9f5e36ec32b81Mike Hommey — Bug 716544 - Define android NDK headers as system headers. r=khuey
962c92bbed02cfe7dc0169bfa264931e7713422dMike Hommey — Bug 729883 - Avoid linker warnings when starting up on Android. r=tglek
a01cf079ee0bca3f876c00d5bb8e5fdfa2b22cb3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 730247 - Use byteslice coding for SafeBrowsing data. r=dcamp
57504003e2733c1426c348ca5599d4887e26a280Richard Newman — Bug 730528 - Extract LooperThread from GeckoAppShell. r=blassey
a6c32155933e0ebb8cab6b896c27e87cc12cdbc9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 730508. Clip canvas invalidations to the content area of the canvas. r=roc
72cb7e2287baef1bf1428f245abaa47ae73c028bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 728132 test_bug583533.html shouldn't use nsIDOMNSEvent::*_MASK r=smaug
85715b21f80ef803eefd7b75264a1dcac447ed99Phil Ringnalda — Back out a7255af10a2a and da193f5b526b (bug 729403) for xpcshell assertions in test_TelemetryPing.js
ef47598bb1e03f5812447464a11f1cbbf220a637Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 726382 - Ensure the mDir and mMozDir variables are protected by synchronization. r=rnewman
a7255af10a2a07d90ecc5739f0891381a2b9da8dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 729403 (part 2) - Add js/runtime/gc-marker memory reporter. r=wmccloskey.
da193f5b526bf3cb2a9f2da672b72eea2de03d9dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 729403 (part 1) - Add Vector::sizeOf{In,Ex}cludingThis(). r=luke.
7af360ee95fec6da9bf35990310bbdec905469aaMatthew Gregan — Bug 634564 - Re-enable test_closing_connections.
f75b898fcef7eee048fafbb26e17e0b59f0e9683Matthew Gregan — Bug 634564 - Don't reset load-in-background flag when moving completed media load into the foreground. r=cpearce
7dbd2968cddb67a364a56ff62b2701668d63ba67Phil Ringnalda — Merge central to inbound
d9460c5f64157164f8ee6fad5270c9cfb8dae018Chenxia Liu — Bug 730189 - Fix internet connection check. r=rnewman
51863ce4e87d3f0574747edc74bbbff2ead930a6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 632556 - Run nsIFile::Reveal/Launch asynchronously. r=bsmedberg
ee4240bf75235c2ec5ecc07d10dac1f936542d98Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 730182 - Show location for "[System Principal]" compartments in about:compartments. r=bholley.
2cf43ba65821275cfd8e293021be2e295cbc110fAndrew McCreight — Bug 730357 - factor out common NoteChild code. r=smaug
6cf17fa1bc344fb22b3ea5aad0700ef683f11251ABE Hiroki — Bug 693226 - Fix up paths so that --enable-ui-locale=ab-CD --with-l10n-base=l10n works with pymake on Windows. r=khuey
2dc40eb83023b1c875e3286ccee960fbb8241770Serge Gautherie — Bug 728633. (Av2) Add ensureElementIsVisible() calls, to support having more items. r=bmcbride.
85e309ee6d341b38e5d670b3ecc2ef90fb720f7aTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
11e104123b012649f5527f74cb8efdefb9585760Tim Taubert — Bug 683953 - Follow up, add logger argument for mobile automation to fix Android bustage; r=bustage-fix
1e38091d06d4677670ec90766e08e4782f7780cdTim Taubert — Backed out changeset bbd44e01ef9f (bug 683953)
fecf5879cbf18806481a087cd6374a209d80df42Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
bbd44e01ef9fce32408754877763b8f09773ba8eTim Taubert — Bug 683953 - Follow up, make logger argument optional to fix Android bustage; r=bustage-fix
1450a00b7d6a6bc20ce2559572183645fa66f1cfTim Taubert — Bug 683953 - Part 2 - Add a docShell's history ID to the debug output; r=jlebar
a8923d02ad36cea5a12b4e2ad8b033b6fdba32f5Tim Taubert — Bug 683953 - Part 1 - Parse log output and collect statistics about leaked DOMWindows and DocShells; r=ted
309a6e9d012711f42e8977a7a82ef74ee339351eHeather Arthur — Bug 707740 - Ability to lock in a pseudo class in the page inspector. r=dcamp
59c3980dbdbc609b8d3cae1abcefc1bb5e391e5bAlexandre Negrao — Bug 722552 - Removed the required lines and the inspectPanelTitle.label now unused. r=rcampbell
31daf7fba165266047b8bdbcbacaea97c823f676Dave Camp Bug 696755: Open the inspector sidebar on inspect if previously active. r=rcampbell
bbffc10af11392aa636dd7e8fa871e1401b968b0Rob Campbell — Bug 584407 - Create popup menu for inspector HTML panel. r=paul
c573765690ce01015bfa21541cb7004825881a29Paul Rouget — Bug 719607 - The HTML Tree Panel should NOT use the registerTools mechanism. r=rcampbell
3996ac18197de6c46d1d2878e359702de4e8f45aPaul Rouget — Bug 717924 - Move the HTML tree view in the Page Inspector above the inspector toolbar. r=rcampbell r=dao
4f088807d4b07bc7032bd26cc81fa36d0674804aJared Wein — merge m-c to fx-team
e712531d0f8712e940cc030274b5d82af7b8776eJared Wein — Bug 723051 - The scrubber end position does not show a rounded edge if the thumb is at the end of the video. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander
4d2189c89d3727cdb52093e55809224bba1fe032Jared Wein — Bug 722258 - Click to play overlay doesn't hide if the control bar play button is used. r=dolske
27aed921df7e7cbbf1cb6de10f2f0e327506f414David Seifried — Bug 702161 - videocontrols.xml has anonymous function event listeners that are added but never removed. r=dolske
738d8ec39166773ec1b8bc260ae4f61589d2c959Spyros Livathinos — Bug 725405 - Move the inline-output comment to the next line; r=msucan
ccac5b7ae3800e2a7ef5208522490da39c0bed88Victor Porof — Bug 712581 - Display the property details in the debugger using transitions; r=past
e1098816a74feedf91bca5879100edcde7479f17Victor Porof — Bug 723048 - CSS Class names for scopes shouldn't have spaces; r=past
426e09c14f633c567d37d45b301905830de4d020Victor Porof — Bug 727529 - Tilt could use a key to bring a node into view; r=rcampbell
83a2116800d5ced2863315ebdd73619c6d3c423fVictor Porof — Bug 725717 - GCLI needs a 'tilt' command; r=jwalker
80e183c9caffeee571eafdeb071b76b8b8b93410Victor Porof — Bug 726634 - Fix the maximum nodes limitation in Tilt; r=rcampbell
e1658e01d6c49acb3ee24c88231714b45ede7838Victor Porof — Bug 723937 - Make sure all the obviously private properties in Tilt start with an underscore; r=rcampbell
4e33018f2643a7f6991f40804f6500bfe644fc7aVictor Porof — Bug 723588 - Tilt outro animation doesn't correctly align the 3D mesh with the 2D webpage if the HTML panel is open; r=rcampbell
3b55713894a6d9d569a4972739b141e6e8590a7aVictor Porof — Bug 720992 - Tilt should use mozAnimation for all its animations, instead of intervals; r=rcampbell
22be219de9a63a4c8b9ba73ffef7291efb9be4a4Victor Porof — Bug 723435 - Properly cleanup enabled vertex attributes after a program is used in Tilt; r=rcampbell
e71292cac3d22e58f7b7c1aaf8f92312fc3b8e7aVictor Porof — Bug 719042 - Tilt should use the new Highlighter API; r=rcampbell
ccf5cb9f338270a6accd664be3e06a38ebca33b2Panos Astithas — Bug 697040 - The Script Debugger onNewScript notifications don't always fire; r=jimb,dcamp,rcampbell
d1b2fd680235060584245a63b6b4d17842462076Serge Gautherie — Bug 730551. (Av1) browser_bug638292.js: Support SeaMonkey's "about:blank" loads. r=bmcbride.
2a18bd58aae2df507fe52a1bd18811a8d7796eecJosh Dhaliwal — Bug 727905 - Zero width window handling in nsWindow.cpp crash. r=dougt
b98fc24ac54b6f40e7f1de318d4543dae8657318Phil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green from inbound to central
5ee59d0f5848f8b22f85057d79cb511b5ff6592fBill McCloskey — Bug 729238 - Don't reset weakmap list during mark validation (r=igor)
f09084db292c942dcb0b017b8e6ca88be9e546c3Bill McCloskey — Bug 728962 - Always use a safe JSContext during GC (r=igor)
f9e8468f70f09d4f2985ffc5ddcc2d8d8c2f03d8Florian Boesch — Bug 728354 - WebGL EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic: added the EXT suffix and adjusted conformance test - r=bjacob
9658d5eee1e951dfbdb5e4deb25882ffd60f4df3Simon Montagu — Treat <wbr> like ZERO WIDTH SPACE during bidi resoltion. Bug 729047, r=ehsan
dc07bfbf0a4436932360c112cad8335a23e664f0Simon Montagu — Reftest for bug 729047, r=ehsan
68a94128a3b1a6bc8036ea0fca1f3e3f193d4850Simon Montagu — Unescape URLs in mail subjects before passing them to ShellExecute. Bug 227268, r=bsmedberg, sr=biesi
0dc734db4a13cd9b29cf4cec4b88d1e6c3f8de09Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 723295 - Prevent startup crashes on devices with API level >= 8 and no SD card. r=wesj
92362d0c00e4ae87ce9cc07435ea2b7542328ef1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 726382 - Fold the GeckoDirProvider and a bunch of duplicated/complicated code into a new GeckoProfile class. r=wesj
0fb823decef1b362e789bfeb55a4170e7455c9f4Ryan VanderMeulen — Back out 940194c616f2 (bug 729237) on suspicion of Android XUL bustage.
fe5f655829e1641fa4944ab52d05813fc8a1d622Benoit Girard — Bug 708733 - Profiler: Only use leaf data on android ARM. r=ehsan
a32cc7faa71a3943e147defdf39ca6f59b943ac4Mark Capella — Bug 728905 - telemetry ZoomText, YouDao Dictionary and Kazaguru, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
c916138691f5e8c096e063ffabb37f9c5e84f9a8Chris Peterson — Bug 730527 - Fix compiler warnings in APKOpen.cpp. r=glandium
3103ba9e861850a6bc51686a52aac88ac9f455aaPhilipp Wagner — Bug 730081 - Add a way to disable xpccheck for subdirectories; r=khuey
940194c616f271d65a01818ebe4fdf3e61dc6766Eitan Isaacson — Bug 729237 - Fixed AndroidBridge emit a11y event function, added java string class as class member. r=blassey
44241c8e5132cc15a261a5a02f70f78b05ff9f0fMark Capella — Bug 728997 - test_tabmatches.js should not use 'about:robots' which is Firefox specific. r=mak
75c291e1c27ea96ed0401e2e960b6ea8c059904cNathan Froyd — Bug 717061 - add tests for uncompressed->gzip conversion; r=mossop
9c63c2df568754cf76fcb1c390b6779a7b342447Nathan Froyd — Bug 717061 - compress telemetry pings; r=taras
71f16a6905eb68c40d7c167d42c115356b4246ccNathan Froyd — Bug 717061 - fix uncompressed->gzip conversion in nsDeflateConverter; r=mossop
0c9a34063fb209860c0928004b17b2f958ac456dNathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in parser. r=hsivonen, smaug
2651ff8e19e98b5484c4c833ebeb62f61bba271cNathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in netwerk. r=jduell
3f98fc956d257f86f9e0e37ec98e91eba36e15b1Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in gfx/thebes. r=bas
b85b6482eb6553dadb72fe60fb50dbc2d44c8695Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in security. r=kaie
a41cc70ce9c247aefcdf500dee25f20849e23432Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in content. r=bz
6735b4f3a4c474b74807a8a566e409fb04635baeNathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in layout. r=dbaron
a94b06b567735581254adc31cb814331fef3fec6Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in storage/src. r=mak
f66366413f66939041e4faa0307356fef1dd06f4Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - Slay nsHashSets in xpcom/base. r=khuey
7aaa5f1f685e5fb372c83372820ef62322036993Nathan Froyd — Bug 700659 - add a Contains method to nsTHashtable; r=bsmedberg
d0679906670729207d07e450a9804a528020fcb2Geoff Lankow — Backed out changeset 7dce5c5c9654 (bug 729736)
11fe119b6075589db5aa9afbee76c8673c1c7af6Geoff Lankow — Backed out changeset f65247c7647a (bug 729133)
a8a1e874238a6dfdbf306b92187cb8dfcc766c21Geoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - mop up uses that slipped through; r=mak
f65247c7647a530499b9c8331c2284ed556227cfPatrick McManus — bug 729133 speculative connections do full ssl and happen before cache lookup
7dce5c5c9654dd6475ebf3fc921abf1d2b95e114Patrick McManus — bug 729736 - runtime experiment with different spdy ping thresholds r=honzab
4facf0c60bddc6d4c4e1cd1eeb76db7bd0bc76aaJosh Matthews — Bug 729140 - Add de-XPCOMed getter for private browsing status on nsILoadContext. r=bz
15461fddfe455656a16f69c3df65fac07ede4777Josh Matthews — Bug 729261 - Set private browsing attribute on windows that exist after transition into PB mode. r=ehsan
89fbc0fd6006c135d8cd003f72ba50dfad45bdfbMark Capella — Bug 717963 - Use getBrowserURL(). r=dao
5dd8529c9346dc8769985ea31300f76172293ac3Mark Capella — Bug 718359 - remove useless SANITY_CHECKING_FEATURE and XCB_SURFACE_FEATURE. r=khuey
bb55af76a3b907f23f232f30004ecf645dceb58dMakoto Kato — Bug 730212 - Set _WIN32_IE to 0x0603 (XPSP2). r=jimm
3160e7df9b4db77df9d631faffe68e5201311de4Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 691707 (Enumerating new proxy-based DOM bindings should enumerate the prototype too). r=mrbkap.
e999dda657ba03720ca5261a3a0fdf2af29fa7d2Jeff Walden — Windows-specific warning patrol. No bug, r=themaid
b86f8295746190d92286ea0909bec768f5d307f2Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
7dcff354aeae18fb85ef0bd8e7336085820e7522Aryeh Gregor — Bug 724614 - 3D scaling makes text blurry. r=mattw
34e48e4d676f85fafc08e2f94f1f6b706d3085b0Nathan Froyd — Bug 722689 - remove nsHashSets from nsCheapSets; r=bsmedberg
b223156c76a4e00336af57762a4d46ab62caf4bcNathan Froyd — Bug 729271 - nsIDOMBatteryManager shouldn't be marked [function]; r=mounir
bfb77404379566df76f9340db3ace52e7f179c0cNathan Froyd — Bug 729269 - several sms interfaces shouldn't be marked [function]; r=mounir
27322e24bd01e02cb9c1f83692b4219db7ad881dDão Gottwald — Bug 730296 - Don't obscure the homescreen browser's initial source. r=mwu
c928dc7c9dff8ff573089a18ebd6c582bae789ffTim Taubert — Bug 730484 - [New Tab Page] don't iterate NodeList properties when creating cells; r=dietrich
911c4d5ae460b4f0a0f64ccba133a6e65c547991Paolo Amadini — Bug 728141 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in browser. r=dao
efa3c85f1f372755b7b1e71c1603c40a496ae708Paolo Amadini — Bug 711193 - Turn on "Don't load tabs until selected" by default. r=zpao
a6589012675086b98bf5591bfef5c62590b6064fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 729850. CG: Get the point order correct when transforming a path. r=mwoodrow
0de785d6345a9af7c6dd7262c3accf0882f4a237Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 728028. CG: Avoid double transforming filled gradients. r=mwoodrow
c1c6cd6c52b7dfbc9be40b377b1259256a464f08Lazar Sumar — Bug 548375 - Add tests for background-repeat taking two values (css3-background). r=dbaron
db6ca99007f5ba5105b0d077482f98dcfcb9f24bLazar Sumar — Bug 548375 - Implement css3-background background-repeat property two value syntax. r=dbaron
9cbf894da185144eb3e1b8ba144e90784127b764L. David Baron — Remove the CSS2Properties aliases for MozOutline* and MozOpacity for CSS properties whose CSS aliases were removed long ago (but temporarily readded in the previous changeset). (Bug 730532, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
ffc9d929b260b2d3c25d2ac855ea56c3c9de7833L. David Baron — Add a header file for CSS property aliases (and temporarily resurrect the aliases whose DOM properties we forgot to remove). (Bug 730532, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
b958923e04baf46fc6ae15bc57e4bc983d1113f4L. David Baron — Make nsStyleCoord's member variables private, as they should have been. (Bug 730240) r=bzbarsky
350d812f93b9f80acf7a497c87eb692acd5cf91dL. David Baron — Depend on assignment and copy construction of unions in nsStyleCoord. (Bug 730240) r=bzbarsky
cd4853b0b94a53a65b8312c370a6a5820189496eAndreas Gal — Turn on disk cache for gonk and point it to the /cache partition (bug 730591, r=cjones).
6fbaf8cf139c21106a9d5c9a97ec931b8e0d606affxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave08
ce20e9b47e9cd067254fff7d1f6099539dac80aeMarco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
73a29259b8d8e8c47f094e349db67890768659abMark Capella — Bug 728904 - prefix telemetry constants starting by A11Y, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
03fff1f8fa79c6d55dc1e8a1bf3ccddc12d53a28Mark Capella — Bug 725259 - ARIA role combobox shouldn't allow aria-valueXXX attributes, r=davidb, f=surkov
b150d708bb98d47eb9b60cc54df6e93779f21d3cJeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Move more elements bits over to ObjectImpl. r=bhackett
64dead6fa84102b8a6c608549968471deae0adf5Jeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Move write barrier bits to ObjectImpl. r=bhackett
b7fe202b98d31f18c22de793095915ddb3935b67Jeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Move some elements bits into ObjectImpl. r=bhackett
02af20a780d660f3e0f64840ff6e6c78c95c316cJeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Make ReportReadOnly a static method, not part of the JSObject interface. r=bhackett
19f1e4c45501cadd5b73935b0fee51fa24fa9f3cJeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Move some size-computation bits into ObjectImpl. r=bhackett
0a67912564bba4542e8de999b5e05c4c22114c45Jeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Begin to move simple functions from JSObject to ObjectImpl. r=bhackett
81fed0de0cb496506f0e498c53949afc2f3dde9aJeff Walden — Bug 728411 - Add new files for internal object structural details, as opposed to the external, ES5-like object interface. r=bhackett
f4e955f78de9fb3fe0edee4d2232e69b25227132Jeff Walden — Bug 720316 - Use uint32_t indexes for JOF_ATOM opcodes. r=jorendorff
1f727a42775438048ee28ef68aedfc7247fdb55eJeff Walden — Remove a top-level |using namespace js| from jspropertycacheinlines.h. No bug, r=lumpy
8955ec98065a41ab8f8a210f614bb48f435b6b02Jeff Walden — Warning patrol. No bug, r=themaid
ede36f262612989039d25c03c8530e6e12827d42Matt Brubeck — Bug 726623 - follow-up to fix case of directory name in Makefile. r=me
74728ffea63592a98054e7d82c98c5d45415ebb7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 725730: Share action title. [r=mfinkle]
e8aa0b42bb2580c14ae896c3fa576423ba2cda97Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 726623: No Downloads option on pre-honeycomb. [r=mfinkle]
f5a524a8a19856dfbfc6306a2141ba28bef16cb0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 728240: about:home is blank at times. [r=mfinkle]
dba91788acbac8769bd47dadf0866854c9d4f65fNick Thomas — bug 712678 - append '-xul' to android-xul app.update.url build target. r=mfinkle
887637d1c9eac026bd86633f423adc876a137c0bBenoit Jacob — Bug 729817 - Block the Nouveau 3D driver as it's installed by default on OpenSuse 12.1 and crashes - r=mattwoodrow
b15858a5d4852c0ea8fae4d680bc383eb1673de6Benoit Jacob — Bug 696636 - Block OpenGL 1 drivers explicitly to steer clear of crashes - r=mattwoodrow
d4105352a832b4a614daf469411895b24ea2bb16David Mandelin — Bug 725550: remove obsolete typedef jsdouble, r=jwalden
676cff5e3513d4e356a635c39add60cf69d514d2Marco Bonardo — Backout 4fc2f49371a8 (bug 725550) for build failures
791442d6d0123bff6551f05148a61ca6ba81b585Jeff Gilbert — Bug 727178 - Revert ANGLE path to using glFinish to resolve - r=bjacob
4d386c85ce4b1a7d1a1761133c08311149bd4957David Mandelin — Bug 726230: remove obsolete typedefs JSIntn, JSUIntn, r=luke
481410bfe37c2dc507be31f9547ca007d8a77571Nathan Froyd — Bug 710589 - don't display close button on second telemetry prompt; r=dietrich
4fc2f49371a8cfbdbaea1948f02d4750e3e82296David Mandelin — Bug 725550: remove obsolete typedef jsdouble, r=jwalden
51830afab77b861380c587f606227893fa9fe214Marco Bonardo — Bug 702639 - Kill excludeItemsIfParentHasAnnotation query option.
b4d48afb5859a9fb6428cfa6748ab6bdf9ebb486Jeff Gilbert — Bug 724476 - Add ANGLE patch file for impl. readpixel format BGRA - r=bjacob
388d3a2c8f12a59fc644353915f0f0ba64a965d7Jeff Gilbert — Bug 724476 - ANGLE Bug 294 - Use BGRA/UBYTE as exposed fast format/type for readPixels - r=bjacob
ecab589f11f677bb230e4c6ef24cfae1457df86aJeff Gilbert — Bug 724476 - Add patch for strict ANGLE readpixels behavior - r=bjacob
59f92448d12235855cf94e6b99a78548f5bb01e6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 724476 - ANGLE Bug 293 - Enforce readPixels format/type semantics - r=bjacob
bcc533d85bf914a47de2a0282d26787c9ecb699aMounir Lamouri — Bug 729854 - Fix intermittent failure in test_bug353415-2.html. r=Ms2ger
b1ad94b656ebc86efadded129ff1be361be08615Mounir Lamouri — Bug 720385 - Make option.index follows the specifications. r=Ms2ger
88ce402f39448a927c6bc44145f9fc54230a07beHub Figuière — Bug 729861 - Part 2: make the doc accessible check an assert. r=tbsaunde
7fa654db78054cf60eff5173d486111fb05570b3Chris Peterson — Bug 715251 - Reduce overscroll distance from 75% to 30% of viewport. r=kats
736d27c50caa38981585d2e8fb52418d207c4c05Brian Nicholson — Bug 726679 - Fix Aurora Release Notes link. r=mfinkle
9c1042e30503d9814e3114746ce99789a6226bdcJason Duell — Bug 716841. EventSource::GetInterface goes into infinite loop if redirected. r=bz
941481edc2909b400cb0c3065502a5516b1f6981Chris Leary — Bug 700822: Followup: add comment about use of static local. (r=bz)
f4e809f849d2d6ff7660c34712a59914698eb562Marco Bonardo — Backout 92c25caf3990 (bug 691707) for m-oth failures
b65b50546776fea729c8092ddf6daf60eaa791a1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 730129 - Intermittent testBookmark | bookmarks list has 5 children (a header and 4 folders) - got 0, expected 5. r=gbrown
00ab2b295e8415d934f8022b53e86b25d04eee80Bill McCloskey — Bug 730148 - Handle OOM better in ValidateIncrementalMarking (r=igor)
fad8d2718cd07645060e2e5a67064085e1548d9dBill McCloskey — Bug 673551 - Allow mark stack size to be bounded for debugging (r=igor)
92c25caf399094a33a2540714a95a3f71b973e47Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 691707 (Enumerating new proxy-based DOM bindings should enumerate the prototype too). r=mrbkap.
922483fd845fcc0e0fe06871596640bb941933d7Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
a5fb523f49164eaa7e7cfde0f492402b461b026dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - build unifdef. r=rail
ae55c1bf2a265d7340c04496597edde238feddc9Benoit Girard — Bug 730302 - Fix GetMarker code in Table::Tick. r=mstange
213f17d094fcf587a4024f358c4ab4a7f3615135Andrew McCreight — Bug 729401 - use global before we null it out in ~nsXULTemplateBuilder. r=bent
dea5e2945b2fae8dbdc6681c901b8e936bfa712fGervase Markham — Bug 618051 - enable IDN for .si.
489762c61b5ed928de1e7484b9af09728b64a038Lucas Rocha — Bug 729945 - Don't initially call account update listener on main thread (r=blassey)
9b88e7f2571c213bd57d8c1df238c5a09320d2d8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 723864 - Remove dead default cases in gfx. r=jmuizelaar.
5b818dc32f61b986b01dc0474d25dd3b92f9fe20Ben Turner — Bug 717451 - 'Telephony: Keep telephony objects on multiple pages in sync'. r=sicking.
038c62997c55ee40d35f38a393f1be5bc7ac3cccRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 723534 - Remove dead default cases. r=ehsan.
6cbae3d86fb4b714173e76f9f5691d91679e97ceDão Gottwald — Bug 729244 - ESC doesn't revert the location bar value anymore. r=gavin
ade1f5c930d6a1fba120ff9236246f7e37832705Daniel Holbert — Bug 730074: Use JSCLASS_NO_OPTIONAL_MEMBERS in JSClass definition within XrayWrapper.cpp, to fix build warning about missing braces. r=mrbkap
34e81dfe34a2a6dfce760a7e6b22d4fe685ddef5Yury — Bug 730190 - Update OTS to r81. r=jfkthame
7925703fbce671938e15996bc6abc4fd622dc899Marco Bonardo — Bug 613588 (Sync) - Load-on-demand livemarks.
4814a8d64b8dcadb64302519b0c1a810adf6c773Marco Bonardo — Bug 613588 (Tests) - Load-on-demand livemarks.
1639e51a4d828377aa1f9c78c48a9fbfc7ec856fChristian Sonne — Bug 706850 - New icon for livemark items.
08a7bb3f5c9258058a4184579406df148f0f698aMarco Bonardo — Bug 613588 (Frontend) - Load-on-demand livemarks.
f45eebebc41b1ecb3d316c72635f4a547f127ba8Marco Bonardo — Bug 613588 (Backend) - Load-on-demand livemarks.
4edcd7c29408621f93fcd4bfd8de90d380346e31Marco Bonardo — Bug 613588 (Interfaces) - Load-on-demand livemarks.
e2ee770cc461dd2f8fe344984395ad6be5755825Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729609 - Special folders get duplicated during profile migration. r=lucasr
7cb1e4c50145ebc5f14d4749fa241e9c2dcbb0f6Serge Gautherie — Bug 718235. (Av1) events/test_focus_general.html: Disable synthShiftTab() check on SeaMonkey. r=surkov.alexander.
2b1a53905350f5f3a23bbd0810142e7efdb02204Brian R. Bondy — Bug 725180 - Updater JS error handling for new error codes. r=rstrong
4d9778e932ba92916975133f7288f7956915e189Brian R. Bondy — Bug 725180 - Misc libmar fixes found from tests. r=rstrong
bfb987083bcb88e3bff89fe14dd14b252c5cd7a6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 725180 - Create test suite for libmar. r=rstrong
0bde78f1b76a08170e201e9172e6701c40eddd51Brian R. Bondy — Bug 728301 - Enable new security checks only for the service. r=rstrong
d74612c5824585fb14631b5a8eb36d4394acb74cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 721758 - Ability to configure updater to accept multiple MAR IDs. r=rstrong
52bd72d77fda6827b8b5470149abd1f80801e731Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708690 - Updated MAR files for product information blocks. r=rstrong
df3801e30225ee4a533d9b0c8b56eeb95ebd3671Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708690 - XPCShell test enhancements for product information blocks. r=rstrong
ad8fe9d36d16474b7543335557c6c6e63df50674Brian R. Bondy — Bug 720688 - Ability to strip MAR signatures in libmar. r=rstrong
c7f5af7dad8d6927eb8409fbb5c9a92ed00da7a5Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708690 - Build config for product information blocks. r=rstrong
4de2d63b21cf550e4a72fa7896f728c54ad75082Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708690 - Updater enhancements for product information blocks. r=rstrong
57ab36828a9e9a10fad30a99912db992ef1880c0Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708690 - libmar enhancements for product information blocks. r=rstrong
ef967515537b39ac9ba68e2bda3f63cae3c6b46bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711139 - MOZ_VERIFY_MAR_SIGNATURE build option for verifying MAR signatures. r=rstrong. sr=khuey
58402b43c9e1e22d8a9976ee9a7e4ffeee1bbbf2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 704285 - Certificates for updater cert check. r=rstrong
94f7927299e503147299234c67ce2c2c18046237Brian R. Bondy — Bug 704285 - Include certificates inside updater.exe and use them to verify MARs. r=rstrong
033ca7c5bce86ac0dbb8135227e1502994e0a769Brian R. Bondy — Bug 699700 - Add support for signing and verifying MAR files in libmar and the mar program. r=bsmith
58dd942011a81f3149d9bc34e808806bda099056Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
a9a8c57be78329b7b61d8df50db1fa73d5f0f388Marco Bonardo — Bug 728230 - Enforce copying non-primitive properties in Places transactions to avoid runtime leaks.
154d6f29dfb9a454cd1148931c4979433bf1f6a8Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
c65342fe670463db7ddf9ecf57e4fa2301952a34Robert Longson — Bug 729996 - trailing spaces in text not properly ignored. r=dholbert
83b7b3240e1933d0fcb86688de4712f086222300Jonathan Kew — bug 729866 - remove unused and unimplemented nsIUGenDetailCategory interface. r=smontagu
3a290c39b72a46444f638a425432500e54b89913Jonathan Kew — bug 724826 pt 3 - replace users of nsIUGenCategory service within libxul with direct access to mozilla::unicode::GetGenCategory. r=smontagu
8be318596af5f276606d669deb5ba67f4d5b8731Jonathan Kew — bug 724826 pt 2 - replace the use of cattable.h with nsUnicodePropertyData for more accurate (and faster) category lookup. r=smontagu
e90a72c46e97e27d39f239106fcd481284323ca8Jonathan Kew — bug 724826 pt 1 - move various Unicode property tables from gfx to intl. r=smontagu
4e2e861f136b1bf55544e7c8c8c82b684b97cfe6Marco Bonardo — Bug 726440 - The star panel should not replace the header with itself each time it's opened.
2e3e8d2339a849726154410dea6d90a08566e606Marco Bonardo — Bug 721319 - PlacesUtils.removeLazyBookmarkObserver() doesn't always remove observers, causes browser window to leak.
bb48e7c6aef15fae5126899a0de6d84312cb7fc4Geoff Lankow — Bug 710978 - Title attribute of a window is not updated in nsXULWindow::SetTitle; r=Neil
6e07d54535af20408f3efe80f13525f57980ebb8Hub Figuière — Bug 729861 - Crash: make sure we don't get a nsnull doc accessible. r=surkov
afc1125f9c14b85dd4cd518900ca56ab8d6071ecJonas Sicking — Bug 722626: Implement DOMRequest object. r=mrbkap
caba10b485673401bcff49b85e06348233e6d93aMichael Wu — Bug 730206 - Avoid flash of white at startup, r=cjones DONTBUILD because NPOTB
412a15dd2d38fc57774095fbf73230d6ee0219ecFabrice Desré — Bug 730176 - Volume buttons don't control call volume [r=cjones]
fbcdc2c87df8268992d365ece1342b0016d11ea2Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
ad54332581f88f3be7de09ec5e9ef113186a06d0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 707859 part.2 Forget PresShell::mSynthMouseMoveEvent when drag session prevents to dispatch it r=smaug
ca7abbb11f4a893264e9ca89bfcd630a3a6fc62cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 729143. Don't treat table rows as containing blocks. r=dbaron
66a56113abeb9f5ebc43a029b087be95f7770899Andrew McCreight — Bug 697115 - return detailed CC results. r=smaug
aa70aeacde1f1429f3f6fc8d28b233506f9e50daMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 722352 - Follow-up fix for searchplugins install target rs=gavin
18fda283b571313bbed29eb01d23001818d55264Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 721242 - Delay Firefox migrator doStartup() call until after passwords are migrated. r=mak
52fe920f26851ec313712b4e1c6b21d18fc7d27aSteve Fink — Bug 730140 - NUL-terminate strings when dumping the heap. r=mccr8
f2b33e6f0981744e516d876344a281abf9b403bbRichard Newman — Merge m-c to m-i.
62c8bf0d48bbd99cab6afb5f8eac1e6e64a3498aChris Coulson — Bug 716467 - Don't call g_settings_new each time we look up system proxy settings. r=karlt
f2106545d9b380e5e8df305233293ae8fffab863Brian Hackett — Fix bogus assert, bug 717249. r=waldo
00ace68863af0f80eb42aba33d06fd7231b073d5Patrick McManus — bug 728113 spdy ping to keepalive nat timeouts 2/2 spdy ping r=honzab
7dd51d8f86410def1d7bfdc21b687327c79a500fPatrick McManus — bug 728113 - spdy ping to keepalive nat timeouts 1/2 tick infrastructure r=honzab
19cdcc58546010c88e20ce704364b09bd1fbd229Vivien Nicolas — Bug 729430 - Expose screen.mozEnabled, screen.mozBrightness to whitelisted applications r=jlebar
ba0828cb6427588403aa6e4f56e799201d3f0505Vivien Nicolas — Bug 729430 - Add Gaia localhost to dom.mozScreenWhitelist r=cjones
7015541bbbdb9fbd9767554ef051b7a34bf59128Brian Birtles — Bug 474742 part 1 - Convert TestTimeValueSpec.cpp tests to mochitests; r=dholbert
c1e552fbde97edf1d3c80c361ff78601bec9346eBrian Birtles — Bug 705236 part 2 - Refactor test_smilTiming.xhtml and add more tests; r=dholbert
7d5d8b8121d137e85a9460f45d1da4b9b982660bBrian Birtles — Bug 705236 part 1 - Allow trailing separator in SMIL values list; r=dholbert
7f972541b27412a93507b9789c2c5c2e0f9666b5Brian Birtles — Bug 728758 - Detect animations removed from top of compositor stack and recomposite; r=dholbert
16283b69a10ac9f11647e75c18dc790a9bc4b969Vivien Nicolas — Bug 728128 - Make behavior of the 'hardware' buttons configurable r=cjones
0842fd76ec796c5894fd709ac927fcbdb891214fVivien Nicolas — Bug 729428 - B2G cancel click events r=cjones
005a409098752b8feaeaf8edc16411aa4cf29c51Vivien Nicolas — Bug 729441 - Add back the httpd daemon for desktop build r=gal
24810c9c6ae7d5b12884d35094b7ba6125663999Matt Brubeck — Bug 728861 - Don't make the add-on list visible when refreshing it in the background [r=mfinkle]
a65888a232683e0e6e585e7d3d2d8dc2be152a56Matt Brubeck — Bug 722249 - Make long extension names wrap in the fennec add-on manager [r=mfinkle]
930014e7965c897bfc0cfd744d8a3fcef87655a3Matt Brubeck — Bug 722252 - Extensions without icon get displayed with the icon of the previous extension [r=mfinkle]
44de0ed9fa1da6050fa625b79eeb11f29725a933Ed Morley — Backout b638c0deeafa (bug 729817) & 512df80d7ca4 (bug 696636) for xpcshell failures
0fe3483946f9b90cf1be6bae3ff823d35a2834b8Bill McCloskey — Bug 728086 - Initialize the stack properly (r=luke)
c2c2a5b0c313ccd75760ebd5437421b49d69ed71Igor Bukanov — bug 725576 - serialize principals only once per top-level script. r=luke
f00bab9999f9640ffc82221d901d1b23d8991982Bill McCloskey — Bug 729910 - Fix OOM in gc() shell function (r=luke)
24dd2472229fb4abbb516b3887de55ca58913b03Bill McCloskey — Bug 727987 - Add null check to Boolean conversion (r=Waldo)
168d1528a2da87f9cfd4c7e2760dee40975a75e1Bill McCloskey — Bug 726429 - Handle GC during string table initialization (r=luke)
a7f0048a58d34321ff2e3b35672f9c021d9ac668Luke Wagner — Bug 726380 - Fix RegExp r.compile(r) (r=cdleary)
24bfdb22d2d4937dafc5dc40f7ca6219df18d176Luke Wagner — Bug 726595 - Do a better job guarding RegExpShared objects against GC (r=cdleary)
a180e202f229c64ee57c1777dc7d3be13d7b3c71Luke Wagner — Bug 729584 - mozJSComponentLoader::ImportInto needs to wrap exceptions (r=bholley)
b638c0deeafa9b8785dc74dd4a4b38f1580abc73Benoit Jacob — Bug 729817 - Block the Nouveau 3D driver as it's installed by default on OpenSuse 12.1 and crashes - r=mattwoodrow
512df80d7ca4d0ce2dd9c2128bd8a6f5c2661f83Benoit Jacob — Bug 696636 - Block OpenGL 1 drivers explicitly to steer clear of crashes - r=mattwoodrow
9304fda5ddc7118d308bb1d612f19d17ec534433Ed Morley — Backout 0bf0007285f7 (bug 730079) for warnings as errors build failures
c18ad658c0242552309616d218859d9a92f47120Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 729926 - mac64: objdump not found. r=glandium.
51c51a451762eaa36aecd91c0111901554453129Bill McCloskey — Bug 728609 - Increment gcNumber in EndVerifyBarriers (r=bhackett)
0bf0007285f78dcc7bbb3275a8a116d99d0410f7Benoit Girard — Bug 730079 - Move sCurrentGLContext to TLS to support off main thread GLDebug. r=ajuma
f3b449b1eea20c32876630a7fabcb824ffb77deeIgor Bukanov — bug 729427 - applly IGC barrier to filename script entries. r=:Billm
c97dcc479c62edbc869be699879d90b10e4c5f4dNeil Deakin — Bug 653230, add panels with focusable elements into the document tab navigation order, r=smaug
6472583e552365c865037604c08fb771bfe5fbf0Neil Deakin — Bug 728707, check return result of getting transferable, r=smaug
9c3ddd19d9648efae8934a0846eb51eb2258d937Neil Deakin — Bug 728652, null check return value of MozGetDataAt, r=ehsan
8ab9fea628bd91aaf0940b17fdd36fae734311efBrian Hackett — Efficiency improvements in ScriptAnalysis::analyzeSSA, bug 725920. r=dvander
06b24fa2aae445ee443555693da29ca8ff4573abEtienne Segonzac — Bug 730230 - Enabling dom.send_after_paint_to_content in B2G [r=cjones] DONTBUILD because NPOTB
cd120efbe4c6c8a8f2348deab6d3c87da63cf31cSerge Gautherie — Bug 728538. (Bv2) browser_ConsoleStorageAPITests.js: Set "browser.tabs.max_tabs_undo" preference, Document code.
d23600a1d4a7be931888752767978407df29edb0Richard Newman — Merge last win pgo-green changeset from m-i to m-c.
f077e2e7e38d0582c0a778940b3190fbe2d7952dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 723114 - Need a macro that expands to __builtin_unreachable on release builds. r=jwalden.
e57a42227b40c6f35928edb039765a51dcd49ba2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 725483 - Fix up testBookmark to work with the new bookmark UI. r=gbrown
e0317e9fe11d8e276ae268c3c32eaad30c4602b3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 727451 - Pressing the back button in the bookmarks list should go up a folder level if possible. r=lucasr
fa2de31b5ac0153fca30628a83546879d6a4712dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 722020 (Part 2) - Fix bookmarks context menu. r=wesj
230c6a8153c6dbbb5d351314925dd5a534bcb70bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 722020 - Bookmarks UI with folders. r=lucasr
43a4ce8728ca704717b523cf4992c169b3c5b708Margaret Leibovic — Bug 727482 - Remove custom bookmark observer. r=bnicholson
0b5e42a04630745b9fbf375f62737d864e71f151Robert Kaiser — bug 643172 - Some searchbar cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews - use classList, r=gavin
0d34a35066448bd31ab88b3d6880be5023df8780Robert Kaiser — bug 643172 - Some searchbar cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews - whitespace and nits, r=gavin
1b1c461e3ba09247da443f8d0336568a3a568fc0Richard Newman — Bug 730000. r=rnewman
fc589c7cdc69882946586189ef67f1cf0555326aHonza Bambas — Bug 495337 - PR_TRUE/true fix, r=bz
8937b91b8435f91108d0ec9ea244c1320907a72eHonza Bambas — Bug 495337 - Make sessionStorage use principals instead of string domains, r=bz+bclary
8ca3fd79d50c40f4f0224c17644c93e18bed56c9Gavin Sharp — Bug 729767: package dom_power.xpt, r=khuey
1a6d008acb4fb953874dd3d2016514618a502750Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729928 - Cleanup unused cache preferences. r=dcamp
f8bf3795b851c71a014d0f6edd24e29f6be28fcaGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729640 - Fix broken UrlClassifier assertion. r=dcamp
36c73ec83bb384f4ac2e0e563ef5b28b514c53efZack Weinberg — Bug 729142 - Convert layout/style to MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT. r=dbaron
0987e5b0d371fd67190c19bf1d332238c0302f87Richard Newman — Bug 718238 - Part 6: don't reupload folders when their children array is already accurate. r=nalexander
a67d81a9354808aab04bac12d45c1b41c0209f21Richard Newman — Bug 718238 - Part 5: allow access to the tracked GUIDs in RepositorySession. r=nalexander
592043eae457788454fb5cdf09a45f8c99226e75Richard Newman — Bug 718238 - Part 4: Safety in checkRecordType. r=nalexander
e24cbd1e7bd02bc193212f1471584035978e647eRichard Newman — Bug 718238 - Part 3: correct handling of deletion. Generate valid records for deleted bookmarks and history items. r=nalexander
91fe68e377fb358c0cd03523a41ad36edd54334dRichard Newman — Bug 718238 - Part 2: parenting and ordering of bookmarks. r=nalexander
549c09c28b9402e91709c3f17c981b1a1693e8c2Richard Newman — Bug 718238 - Part 1: Safety for logging after computeParentFields returns null. r=nalexander
95675530bf288aea0b3e0dad160b01bb640754d7Richard Newman — Bug 718238 - Part 0: Cleanup and basic improvements. r=nalexander
5e18c023268af4dc7fb1778f6951dacfeb714cf0Richard Newman — Bug 729410 - Part 1: Implement basic automatic backoff unless a sync is forced. r=nalexander
307abe0852487a89d1d1edc2f4c9496c3a5d87f0Richard Newman — Bug 729410 - Part 0: We don't use extras to store clusterURL any more. r=nalexander
ec8b8731343b513398222c2dc569199ddb3c7829Eric Chou — Bug 713116 - B2G Bluetooth: Turn bluetooth adapter on/off - r=qDot
1de300d294f061afcd7bf1a195c2e08aee5cab17William Lachance — Bug 728298 - DeviceManager needs a good, standard way of starting an Android application. r=jmaher
ecb8127f2962ac9db05fbce9747940e5fa02f242Lucas Rocha — Bug 713056 - Update list of search engines in the main thread (r=blassey)
4a3aa15868b585fbc0baf482dc300b84c55e8fadLucas Rocha — Bug 710323 - Clicking on addons should go to their page in AMO (r=mfinkle)
cb7dcc6ba424497fd64d88d5fb54bbf8e7ec48dfLucas Rocha — Bug 710323 - Save homepageURL property for recommended addons (r=mfinkle)
97dbe3a1350d027238dc4f703e96138c6d204e33Lucas Rocha — Bug 710323 - Don't save unused properties for recommended addons (r=mfinkle)
459b3ccb4e47f481eaf06dcc1de9bb2eb8207582Ben Turner — Backout 1f3643b7de2d
324ad5b90d7d2822fbf1e533e7676358ff4584ceBen Turner — Backed out changeset 1f3643b7de2d
5b0d34ea3eaacf3fbf7ecf7c1ba12b2a5a76e136Jim Mathies — Bug 699247 - Never call nsNotifyAddrListener's CheckAdaptersAddresses on the main thread and warn if somebody does. r=m_kato
3aa3c980b5ecf6983f1ac64e2ede31860c36d094Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 699247 - Remove Win2K related code. r=jimm, sr=neil
1f3643b7de2d2325eda769e1520dcef0892f5f53Ben Turner — Bug 717414 - 'Telephony: Make calls array live'. r=sicking.
a6dfdf5a529d25fea881833bba7dbace7852980fFlorian Boesch — Bug 728354 - Implement WebGL EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic extension *proposal* - r=bjacob
e65188cac8b57e4ff51d296c0c034035fdf96617Cervantes Yu — Bug 709590 - Update screen orientation from sensor notification. r=jlebar
c5d42c74c357b0626e1ac22a1c4cc7b4e1029c01Mark Capella — Bug 407221 - Improve l10n notes for tagResultLabel and bookmarkResultLabel. r=mak
0e50adaab9d7da719eb46b1b075443b646a29dfeAryeh Gregor — Bug 719503 - selection.deleteFromDocument() throws for collapsed selection; r=ehsan
7eb9acce263ab76343743fc56301611ca72b3a2bMatthew Schranz — Bug 698381 - Make Node.cloneNode aDeep argument optional, default to true. r=smaug
f21351397aa76d275e67b0f708e6799fa8e82819Robert Kaiser — bug 709589 - Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews -, r=gavin
5c99485521cd650ac874b1734701c8b3aa2ef771Geoff Lankow — Bug 469434 - Links in "view source" should have "copy link location" in context menu; r=dao
ab7d4cb6fb4382aec29ba10bbb25ca962fec548cMike Hommey — Bug 729666 - Remove clock_gettime check in js/src/ r=khuey
7493a740efcef40bab0bcf8cb4532163f36745cbMike Hommey — Bug 728968 - Detect clock_gettime when it's not in -lrt. r=khuey
a4bd10f721282e68ffb219211cc54bc08d443709Mike Hommey — Bug 728229 - Allow to build with system python ply library. r=ted
8fa3f5864c20db61f0e48c581c7575401d70fccdMike Hommey — Bug 728071 part 3 - Don't rebuild nsAndroidStartup.o when buildid changes. r=khuey
b2e2e371842c1a17bae3aa9fa085b45e18cab89eMike Hommey — Bug 727960 part 2 - Don't set MOZ_LINKER_CACHE if it was already set. r=mfinkle
d346d9fe51346706cc5c5ae1eb0c235db5efe2c2Justin Lebar — Bug 729453 - Decrease stack allocation in nsTArray::SwapArrayElements from 8KB to 64B. r=roc
6fe899b9b372f8931d754ad863573538419ad0edChris Jones Bug 722953 - "Cause hardware buttons to illuminate when button is pressed" [r=gal]
096020a8face42c2551a686f15e41b8b4e49de56Chris Jones — Bug 729623: Don't fire showime for readonly inputs. r=someone
69255fe4cb94f1681bc9200db37c0ad3de171abcBenoit Jacob — Bug 699033 - tame a crash in ANGLE compiler - r=jst
13b571bde26a76a26ea59ae85c661b2f8f32ab53Olli Pettay — Bug 730013 - don't addref/release nsTransactionManager so much to prevent it to end up to the purple buffer, r=ehsan
9ad5dd5c1dd14e5fe76170db1a53220b57cb025cFabrice Desré — Bug 729898 - Make better error indicator pages [r=cjones]
7b4a4b236fa8000477372922c9c56cba20f1343cBlake Kaplan — Bug 730006 - Aggressively add our new networks now that they won't prevent us from connecting to other networks. r=cjones
5538e84ec6ae537dfe7d70f738a3e21d50fcf719Blake Kaplan — Bug 729943 - Fix a potential race if b2g died between associating to the access point and running DHCP. Also move state tracking to the manager. r=cjones
0b5fce98a391ff7c468c09c94c2ff043b358ea41Blake Kaplan — Bug 729943 - Add a codepath to simply reconnect to an existing wpa_supplicant for non-broken Androids. r=cjones
88aab8279621f321ac5ddf5c9126970e4cb5050cFernando Jimenez — Bug 729061 - B2G SMS: Lazily refetch SMSC if it's not available after startup. r=philikon DONTBUILD because NPOTB
722e1ed13f9a056963965c7e1ef64c2f84af464cVicamo Yang — Bug 712804 - B2G SMS: Support UCS2 encoding. r=philikon DONTBUILD because NPOTB
15d7708672c1c5a355c3e647317ad8a4d7211c32Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
adee75f6c42834b5c0ae722060d927886a16a2e6Lazar Sumar — Bug 729126 - Make NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE fire on failure for only some callers of AddCSSValuePixelPercentCalc (the existing ones, and not the new ones added in bug 522607). r=dbaron
4679409658090a85da5cf73875de7cec1f10ad04Phil Ringnalda — Back out 3d8fc342348b (bug 469434) for browser_contextmenu.js timeouts
3d8fc342348b09a793ee65451676660f570c73a8Geoff Lankow — Bug 469434 - Links in "view source" should have "copy link location" in context menu; r=dao
1c3e10ffc2a7f6fdd42ba902402d2074a7edbbc5Jesse Ruderman — Fix typo (no bug, DONTBUILD)
b94c2a93142cb7fffd68deddd6b402dbb2cfcbd3Luke Wagner — Bug 720289 - Back out most of bug 699974 (r=jst)
796d3b448a946d6248bc3309c812847ec4fb0acfAlexander Surkov — Bug 727942 - childAtPoint may return incorrect accessibles when page zoomed, r=marcoz
bb8b157dc1e86596f0040e25c7e939f67ba27c38Brian Nicholson — Bug 725609 - Bookmarklet test. r=mfinkle,gbrown
a904991a108825cdb62efb8738c446703462fc71Brian Nicholson — Bug 725609 - Add timeout tasks to test framework. r=jmaher
5ac2dbc1b51b20145bef3706f6f47e21f806516cBrian Nicholson — Bug 725609 - Add Fennec bookmarklet support. r=mfinkle
874051cddf05ab9d4fb4ac023aceaa9322a84179Jonathan Watt — Bug 726400 - Intermittent one pixel failure for svg/smil/anim-path-d-01.svg on mozilla-inbound, WinXP - mark test as fuzzy on WinXP. r=dholbert
b030104de654e22d4038283fa578c849c6203b5eEd Morley — Backout 5f235a1502dd (bug 726400) for reftest orange
ea01d3c259eabab6982ef6eda24c73641ff73e53Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
5f235a1502ddc4f0a4a5a1870ef22a2dc3bbf660Jonathan Watt — Bug 726400 - Intermittent one pixel failure for svg/smil/anim-path-d-01.svg on mozilla-inbound, WinXP - mark test as fuzzy on WinXP. r=dholbert
1a25442c8d7f44ac66105023e05ad27e2141d470Daniel Holbert — backout 29ee49bff6a1 (Bug 726396) due to webgl test failures
1e3583bc4dc3838b3c9e04b3947b8869ce37c208Daniel Holbert — Backout 5311f051974e (Bug 729272) due to webgl test failures
dce72d0fd6aa30bb32e111b1d3ea01db171c4f90Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 720208 - Implement DOM4 DOMException types and codes. r=smaug,ms2ger
c31d6eac1dc61baf219a6fe3ea0b6bdea01c1b26Mark Capella — Bug 721496 - Remove MOZ_WINSDK_TARGETVER ifdefs for pre-Windows 7 SDKs. r=jimm
edbb01dc38ca875fe06e02e0edd74b6fa1551177Nathan Froyd — Bug 729267 - nsIDOMGeoGeolocation shouldn't be marked [function]; r=jdm
4353e10c2f2f31483bf47773fefe05d8defb2aa5Gavin Sharp — Bug 724309: even more debug logging for diagnosing browser_homeDrop oranges
27d927a836a2e2a49a65ab2190e37762bd32c50dMatt Brubeck — Bug 729681 - Remove the separate launcher icon for Firefox Sync [r=rnewman]
17f4d1d31a62217a70b87db4f18301455119c1ccBill McCloskey — Bug 728086 - Back out the test as well
bffddfedcaf7d218a2f9942c7c98ae1221553d1eL. David Baron — Drop support for -moz-box-shadow and -moz-border-radius-* now that we've supported the unprefixed versions since Firefox 4. (Bug 693510) r=bzbarsky
9dd4c4a72f43ec0d2f71e9555091bcab5b63cebeL. David Baron — Unprefix uses of -moz-box-shadow and -moz-border-radius that have crept back in to the tree, prior to removing support for the prefixed forms. (Bug 693510) r=Mossop
b63833059d11315fd28bc578845884181a1ddeb5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 729145. Don't ignore curves when we don't have a current point. r=mwoodrow
5311f051974e507142b27915fc693909eda8f7f8Jeff Gilbert — Bug 729272 - Abandon ANGLE during WebGL init if can't provide d3d share handles - r=bjacob
29ee49bff6a1d7cbe8774f79c0aae89b3f639aa0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 726396 - Repair ANGLE d3d share handle fetching an PBuffer creation behavior - r=bjacob
3446a5f91c2ba16ec0009d4a286484ca46674308Bill McCloskey — Bug 728086 - Back out f4e8839c28f5 to fix Windows purple builds
18af6c2316d4abed9a097095b6f6afe22727f8cbChris Pearce — Bug 729307 - Add full-screen-api.exit-on-deactivate pref. r=dao
bf3651d2e149d3b6de62860f25060514428aacfaBrian Hackett — Compile scripts containing decomposed opcodes, fix warning. bug 728342.
046998d673fc27862e53de553f1ffce78aca0460Jonathan Kew — bug 662055 followup - permute order of Hebrew diacritics so that Biblical spelling of 'Jerusalem' renders properly. r=smontagu
053482215d7f56838c749360dd5ed1f72ae67bc4Richard Newman — Bug 724292 - Add a ResolverActivity alias so Fennec can be launched by the Android Market app [r=blassey]
20e74fdabf54b626da4205cdcd5d789f8bd25126Richard Newman — Bug 728783 - Provide an efficient method to batch-update bookmark positions. r=lucasr
775aeed72aef91bfa057d7b033b628e8b7384eacMike Hommey — Bug 729596 - Use ftruncate in szip instead of posix_fallocate. r=taras
54fea02135ab48e368052bb4048faa9715f10c65Oleg Romashin — Bug 729438 - GetGLFrameBufferFormat need to be specified for maemo in Qt port. r=ajuma
b3773fd0e281e289984d02b362808a013d1c64e8Nathan Froyd — Bug 711297 - add tests for STARTUP_CACHE_AGE_HOURS histogram; r=mwu
69b718a5a15e4e3b035bd9e21f95c6861a724f8cNathan Froyd — Bug 711297 - add recordAgesAlways method to nsIStartupCache; r=mwu
579029d9950a099182182ef8c97d5f114f9931bfNathan Froyd — Bug 711297 - report age of startup cache via telemetry; r=taras
bc6306feba6c983801747a4f1a8843ebe167b2ecVladan Djeric — Backed out aef22bc75f1f (bug 711297) - wrong comment in commit
b0faa32d35d8fea7640db75e03eec94de6c5bed1Gavin Sharp — Bug 728627: simplify SpecialPowers pref observing, r=jmaher
0457004daa8ca2803011ca00c0506039b194cdfeBrian Hackett — Don't compile any part of scripts containing uncompileable opcodes, bug 728342. r=dvander
aef22bc75f1f8a60e8f3d68968f1454acdb0a027Nathan Froyd — Bug 711297 - add recordAgesAlways method to nsIStartupCache; r=mwu
60d47e224c40371a3393f76ec433e68c58364eceNathan Froyd — Bug 711297 - add comment reading to nsZipArchive; r=taras
b8cd9290468403cc51618bde4961e29a0f9a38eeBill McCloskey — Bug 728190 - Update stack later in Arguments (r=bhackett)
f4e8839c28f57016aa20653064ce0026399644eaBill McCloskey — Bug 728086 - Poison the stack when not in use (r=luke)
664cd714e7f1d110e1817ff148688f006be8dd4cFelix Fung — Bug 727901 - Fixed[row] is undefined when sorting. r=dao
8e8c0e692fa4fec3e86275bfea3cf3390461ed54Justin Lebar — Bug 728939 - Part 2: Add tests. r=bz
fda0b21150b3637626ae59c89e216816e60af72dJustin Lebar — Bug 728939 - Part 1: Changing a URI's hash should update document.URL. r=bz
d82d9b9880a379ca6c409ea2caea992c43197b89Mats Palmgren — Bug 726258 - Don't suppress the scrollbar because of a too small size in the scollbar minor direction. r=bz
90cb54bb0101f57ae31254b64f6b12cea6eaf632Jeff Hammel — Bug 727705 - remove two copies of pageloader from m-c. r=jmaher
5c24d8549c37a7e2496dbfbdcf26bd5228710646Vincent Chang — Bug 717150: Support adjust system clock and set timezone APIs in hal layer r=cjones.
44b5705eeb2102a4d8535b0f6cc438f21d620618Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 728653 - Revert accidental push. r=mak.
529fdd0c82a19e6dd0c1e7296f84efe7cb0c2ca5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 728653 - Crash in mozilla::storage::Connection::stepStatement. r=mak.
5e756e59a794f0f95d5dd853a0232e7d400f5983Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
b7582d84aa151e0cd6b4f592ecf79659696724a1Kyle Huey — Bug 728429: Require ASLR for binary components on Windows. r=bsmedberg,ehsan
c827c52c4603e3ccdf3800f340d0b4f7f7484d3cSerge Gautherie — Bug 729281. (Av2) sessionstore tests: Use "about:mozilla"/"about:rights", instead of "about:robots", to support non-Firefox applications. r=paul.
49956e0cc0bb71f6887949992cc690c83a369091Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
9dc60c808ad3bff466c41fd8be67a971f9dcc402Dan Witte — Bug 729363 - Don't dump to console when shell service unavailable. r=gavin
3ed99fc9760a55e8f977a92d470a329a1f500f04aceman — Bug 406336 - Fix indexOf and enumerate documentation. r=benjamin
06eed73cc301e44c2b5a24e2fd23a3cf9c706e69Dão Gottwald — merge backout
955677ff8069dba7fd61e4f6741c5451c99cb2d2Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 9a5b898000b5
82d382c27135e932a17d4928c87f155a909c00b2Dão Gottwald — merge backout
282081a7a5e722f1c4f16f7f85a83ccc3367d7aeDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 599a1a0c5fbe
fa3472e10ca220ae47bf6a80fc977965634f8ad7Dão Gottwald — merge backout
f506334d2f3fc1bd7d404e07d6b9ad804df00473Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 02d79cbf942c
4720524d2eab068fc1a0491abcb5f51f104c3cabTed Mielczarek — bug 602565 - Make crashreporter client use Rich Edit 4.1 control to fix display of Indic scripts. r=ehsan
856cbee226d244a6b1fe86b5d33de462a19b203bNathan Froyd — Bug 729276 - nsIContentPermissionRequest shouldn't be marked [function]; r=khuey
02d79cbf942c239472ff6155008610464ddd2408Nathan Froyd — Bug 717061 - add tests for uncompressed->gzip conversion; r=mossop
599a1a0c5fbe721f721758971c8c5331f1669d8aNathan Froyd — Bug 717061 - compress telemetry pings; r=taras
9a5b898000b5a5889dcb0ec35230029fa0c511afNathan Froyd — Bug 717061 - fix uncompressed->gzip conversion in nsDeflateConverter; r=mossop
e606267898cf176e1f51e3d4a3682a47cb88f7d9Ching Wei Tseng — Bug 601535 - content/media should use CheckedInt.h. r=doublec
23fef78981b5fdedd45e9c6c35cb1376e3b6184fLucas Rocha — Bug 725914 - Remove sub-select from the table join for bookmark and history (r=mfinkle)
6f1953bd8f4623eba7c14ee9cc1e8385d7dfcabeAndrew Quartey — Bug 691267 - Remove nsHTMLButtonAccessible duplication, r=surkov
75bb9debefe9692c336748355dfd215f1856a2f1Marco Bonardo — Bug 722176 - Inline autocomplete becomes inactive after deleting an entry in location bar history.
616f4f937da252656e06da2fb8e671b245cfd4feMarco Bonardo — Bug 723611 - Remove mainthread pragmas executed by the VacuumManager.
499846502bf3ed37b3d18cf0ba8ae753a1f79194Alexander Surkov — Bug 650241 - improve accessible boundaries testing, r=marcoz
063e67b9f910f85d4e249005cf003c1673ffc145Jonathan Kew — bug 722139 - Turn on harfbuzz shaper by default for Hebrew on all platforms. r=smontagu
b0904160af18756319a6cb5a64c064fcef9bb348Kai Engert — Bug 728617, Update Mozilla to NSS 3.13.3, r=rrelyea
3ef541a42d1275aee5e29de9c4eb878dd9bb206fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729042 - SMS: Add nsISmsDatabaseService::saveIncomingMessage(). r=mounir
75ea99f22bf7ccca29a144999ba32aa33017373ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 729104 - B2G SMS: Make SmsDatabaseService stub a JS component. r=mounir
83c85131bcfee30ac02052b295e8feb64488fac5Michael Wu — Bug 729146 - Check aRepaint in Resize in gonk's nsWindow, r=cjones
c673d54a76595fdf6faf190aeeecda76f8cf3208Simon Montagu — Make elements with unicode-bidi: plaintext and no strong directional characters default to left-to-right. Bug 726420, r=ehsan
5a94531fb188847f0491c19ac49a8b0083f69c0aSimon Montagu — Reftest for bug 726420, r=ehsan
b712e681cc8c28f8fea10fbdd06d1c4f4f330c54Jan de Mooij — Bug 725357 - Move Monitor call from GetElementOperation to the interpreter. r=dvander
e61a169463c67e695ad17983fdf73c251e960da4Myk Melez — no bug - update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; test-only
17a0a03cc8e0c67be7d3f56db5b6716725284c05Blake Kaplan — Bug 727957 - Automatically connect to wifi on akami. r=gal
bd6567f435bf103b7dd9df623f4759c8a5807c33Olli Pettay — Bug 728577 - nsGlobalWindow::mFocusedNode seems to keep documents alive longer than needed, r=Enn
4f425ab85667dc670e180a1b83a69bf918206fabRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
5cd5b1f24670da923bb432de2623c140cf200d4fTim Taubert — Bug 728887 - Double clicking a tab group creates a new group under it; r=dietrich
ac5158b80fdfc08a9a4c0c323ccd77eee75b3a82Mihai Sucan — Bug 717613 - Make sure the primary selection is not updated too often in the Source Editor; r=rcampbell
fc23d6e176c85499fb27836a0d789fef539dd1f1Mihai Sucan — Bug 712982 - can't select line by clicking the line number in scratchpad; r=rcampbell
aa44ffe9db743478cadd542c4d596eb001df62ddMihai Sucan — Bug 717219 - Source Editor should highlight the current line in HTML documents; r=rcampbell
7a7a412a69c1ae66f60676f9907cf853e600cf5bMihai Sucan — Bug 707987 - Ability to set breakpoints in the Source Editor (orion); r=rcampbell f=past
f6a20bf8511879ad6b68232bd3a76de668e79208Mihai Sucan — Bug 718816 - Orion upstream update (with debugger ruler support code); r=rcampbell
3d77924fb9701af70a6f84894b311532e52b6cd8Johan Charlez — Bug 650760 - Create Help menu for Scratchpad; r=rcampbell
94ab58a742a9093117c6739715ea6cbfd64d1d53Paul O'Shannessy — Bug 722460 - gBrowserThumbnails uninit sets a property that has only a getter [r=ttaubert]
74cb4c127dc1a38805a3de989ec1dfc9988e8c09Jared Wein — Bug 725700 - Keyboard arrow keys and scrollbar buttons should have consistent scrolling distances.
83f44bc2194471e35b83904ba642bf64759ea6b8Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
9bbb35269c580800b6623c0c6c8fe0a1adecdcfeMihai Sucan — Backed out changeset a9d68fc52703 (bug 718816)
f6cba4202a52abb13fa0bb21f3f6e80cbde9a730Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 07feea7fbde0 (bug 707987)
b18c023badadc890c03853511c3a3f5450d68464Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 0815f202f7f1 (bug 717219)
2f8173cb3e9f8f74a8fe3a9c9f74041f71fe88c0Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 8114f8011a9e (bug 712982)
e732067ca81ed9e16abca1f4e8e446e58a7f02cfMihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 00bce5149395 (bug 717613)
00bce5149395c84b8ad57fb7cc063ea63d5ec0d3Mihai Sucan — Bug 717613 - Make sure the primary selection is not updated too often in the Source Editor; r=rcampbell
8114f8011a9ed75020df02f64de8fad9d327062cMihai Sucan — Bug 712982 - can't select line by clicking the line number in scratchpad; r=rcampbell
0815f202f7f14d168f338f793178fd898bd91b53Mihai Sucan — Bug 717219 - Source Editor should highlight the current line in HTML documents; r=rcampbell
07feea7fbde05c2ee9841bffd597ccbfdce3b00bMihai Sucan — Bug 707987 - Ability to set breakpoints in the Source Editor (orion); r=rcampbell f=past
a9d68fc5270369d6de0901c8c3230c089111e6b8Mihai Sucan — Bug 718816 - Orion upstream update (with debugger ruler support code); r=rcampbell
e722d2ab78daf1684db51ee3c87d4adb7759302eEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
4f69b2a7395230a29491de9f722a4403aa724eecPhil Ringnalda — Merge merge
638f845440d21f0a866c981fa48c5e57bb0b4ea7Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
93db9909be3b7a2ff8b8f9e413a47ca132e3674dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.9 Should compute modifier key's DOM keycode from unshifted GDK keyval r=karlt
32c43a69e11ee2b9d4a845a8ec4bf3b3d52dd24fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.8 IsCtrlAltTab() should use KeymapWrapper r=karlt
c34e609b0ac15b93e6d8b50f48d8afced904f26fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.7 Implement IsKeyPressEventNecessary() in mozilla::widget::KeymapWrapper r=karlt
f7b3889f16cce24cff163672c269b9df9c5a334aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.6 nsKeyEvent should be initialized by mozilla::widget::KeymapWrapper r=karlt
66901b416d54d1dc8ea01a59d82d8287e3a3a703Masayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.5 Move DOMKeyCodeToGdkKeyCode() and DOMKeyCodeToGdkKeyCode() into KeymapWrapper r=karlt
bbf15bfc513337f3227d82a6b24cc29c3e91c11cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.4 Implement a modifier keys initializer for nsInputEvent r=karlt
1a0d70b54f5d6771ef45edccf396a94806356260Masayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.3 nsWindow::GetToggledKeyState() should use mozilla::widget::KeymapWrapper r=karlt
5f0e63d22a74f9c43fab8267f245b19c31dc7663Masayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.2 Store native modifier key information r=karlt
f2fca9423989c3ef9277aa3a032a766350824457Masayuki Nakano — Bug 630813 part.1 Make KeymapWrapper which is a wrapper class of GdkKeymap r=karlt
013b99c7ae65f7d1fc5250a2dcca42e331d7c14dMike Hommey — Bug 723861 - Ship and r=ted
1419f0146049aa9a5a59ba350ff1435733123e70Mike Hommey — Bug 727960 - When extracting libraries, reuse cached library if it is newer than the apk. r=tglek
b8c9749cfff715824e35fd0349155311beab6e67Mike Hommey — Bug 729010 - Properly package jsshell libraries. r=khuey
9eaacb130b4c9133224b86775e95992b87ce267eMike Hommey — Bug 728071 part 2 - Include application.ini.h in APKOpen.cpp instead of nsAndroidStartup.cpp. r=blassey
0e2ee581bf9365e8b7f7933c72da7b57a8ecbaf5Mike Hommey — Bug 728071 part 1 - Move nsXREAppData definition in a separate header, and use it from application.ini.h. r=bsmedberg
fb7252059ce5c3d38c1c6ebda880463fc48a8007Mike Hommey — Bug 686805 part 7 - Display linker stats on each Startup Timeline event. r=tglek,r=khuey
240113669206870d57913ce3cef8126a677997f4Mike Hommey — Bug 686805 part 6 - Add functions to display stats about seekable compressed streams. r=tglek
43927df96c25afd954a61dca4466e06292039ceaMike Hommey — Bug 686805 part 5 - Optionally make a seekable compressed stream on Android. r=khuey
5af187d93f2c035d24d32dd8e17d1790112b4d7eMike Hommey — Bug 686805 part 4 - Make the linker load libraries with on-demand decompression when they are seekable compressed streams. r=tglek,r=sewardj
fed61303b55b60385307edda90ff9aaa58c7020bMike Hommey — Bug 686805 part 3 - Tool to generate seekable compressed streams. r=tglek
59237f456cdb05384424942052fbb7f96a24f592Mike Hommey — Bug 686805 part 2 - Use a SIGSEGV signal handler to handle segmentation faults happening in loaded libraries address space. r=tglek,r=sewardj
c73a25f9fbd3d674b82c0ae996154c499513bdd1Mike Hommey — Bug 686805 part 1 - Make Mappable::munmap, Mappable1stPagePtr::munmap and MappedPtr::munmap private. r=tglek
615ee091ee66e30230bf57cfe82aeb9e694ab1aeJosh Aas — Bug 729135: Fix virtual function warnings in core plugin code. r=bsmedberg
a1f579a1ad62a97361740ca50d0cd278844d4b1cMark Finkle — Bug 729324 - Always make sure 'Quit' is last menu r=sriram
7feef411099641755dde2fbf4aa4cdf09709ba33Mark Finkle — Bug 729247 - crash [@ java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.DoorHangerPopup.addDoorHanger(] r=blassey
df37b05eaefb0a75976c11bc1dc1041d8cf7d7deMark Finkle — Bug 729115 - java.lang.NullPointerException @ org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.processThumbnail( r=blassey
bc0cdcf9b210c542fba0c4c014ff173a15342070Mark Finkle — Bug 728782 - Add support for Bookmark Link context menu r=wesj r=gbrown
bde8c5a159889e9f414d3be9954df9591cbe10cbAlexander Surkov — Bug 650241 - disable width testing of testBounds() because of failure on some platforms
ad860eb661b7a7ea57d623c7133d7933e284a96ePhil Ringnalda — Back out b7f7b63038dd (bug 728686) for leaks and suspicion of intermittent mochitest-a11y failures
5cc8a943281292ae07b6c8695f4d211d626fcb08Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 711901 - Use mallocSizeOf in the source image memory reporters. r=joedrew.
1acd05deef4fe337245e0a603716a0b651646178Ginn Chen — Bug 674478 Implement rmdir rf without FTS on Solaris r=bbondy
715b6b383b4df854aacb069405cd81d102f5101eAlexander Surkov — Bug 650241 - Location returned by accessibles sometimes incorrect when page zoomed, r=marcoz
40d9e3a8a4cfa519950411ca45812491a515c6a0Josh Aas — Bug 729246: Fix clang warnings in Cocoa widgets. r=smichaud
7851cea42b143766b459479160b1a443e8d564d7Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
b7f7b63038dd36894c80f5d529507ecfcae2398eBill McCloskey — Bug 728686 - JS_NewPropertyIterator shouldn't disable IGC (r=igor)
b61b745f3f8ae506b6cdddab14a5de6af1565059Brian Nicholson — Bug 727973 - Remove notifyChange from LocalBrowserDB. r=mfinkle
c2365857ecb4759d74b6249081b6586b94bb1f3aJosh Aas — Bug 729155: Fix warnings in plugin ipc code. r=bsmedberg
f0c3fefb520af5822b0a71c0b7d5894d38e55ebeWes Johnston — Bug 727817 - Add hidden click to play button for mobile video controls. r=mfinkle,dolske
0edd2447ab9bafb63f5904b36c8ef2eb882f5820Mats Palmgren — Bug 638937 - For text frames that are a child a floating first-letter frame, use the parent of the associated placeholder as the line-container to search. r=roc
daceb968bf886f8e11c7c807678fdedc48ec8c7dAtul Aggarwal — Bug 703178 - Fixing Wunused-but-set-variable warning in security/manager/ssl/src. r=kaie
79f6248f7f42150889569a46c4c85f5b9fdddacdJoshua M — Bug 729293 - Reduce toolbar border-radii. r=dao
b9abdbdbac1b684397697b812da11de5efd0dc1dGeoff Lankow — Bug 728655 - Test for bug 713810; r=neil f=jwein
1d2fa77821de75e075ebc56bed95f7f6d399374fGeoff Lankow — Bug 728655 - Create some view partial source UI mochitests - utility functions; r=neil,dao f=jwein
a6f3ebce586408aaa7f429d89f296bd23a866d4bGeoff Lankow — Bug 728655 - Fix leak in nsWebBrowserFind; r=bsmedberg
d0a7f8c60cccc4c0fb7478704259811bd214fb8dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 722037. Correctly ignore javascript: images in security UI. r=kaie
5a90ee43d1f00e6c45ad8e2d95dba3d680c1bf50Boris Zbarsky — Bug 640917. Treat foreignObject as a fixed position containing block. r=jwatt
fb6e8ee380fee46afd7509b7b7bad6632639bb22Boris Zbarsky — Bug 728516. Refactor frame construction for things that want to wrap kids in a block. r=roc
1eb78a62ba7548ffb1eea7e343c2ac47e63e91d5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 728111. Fix the block inside foreignObject to really be the absolute containing block for its kids. r=roc
15568430f7f4cc214f7351a3098e4597486bf26dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 726182. Add a JS_GetFunctionPrototype API for getting the canonical Function.prototype. r=waldo
254cf55a96a6ca8eb865cc28a84adffce2054a7dChenxia Liu — Bug 727958 - Sync set-up screen results in StrictMode policy violation. r=rnewman
482fb6588f3c6c1c39641a476ff6604879fcf692Jason Duell — Bug 728514: Websockets: don't CloseConnection twice in OnServerClose. r=smaug
415feacdd6f5879d6fef0b1cce303f671c9cbfc9Jason Duell — Bug 696085: WebSocket connection opening across page loads r=smaug
de9d907064e357b8d73da1e2d62b42c29f1deafdTimothy Nikkel — Bug 728953. Forward all events to the view event callback instead of skipping some. r=jimm
61da3bb7738de00be5884352248dea8addd9bc56Richard Newman — Bug 729273 - Don't impose modified times on stored records. r=nalexander
08df8cb41dfd3d6cd46f07edae10e1bb11fe21d1Richard Newman — Bug 728636 - Conversion of email address to account should lowercase. r=nalexander
26b9964efd95fbb6c9fdd8ed9c750599256bc50bRichard Newman — Bug 728272 - tests for Crypto5MiddlewareRepositorySession. r=rnewman
428ba14f09b6d6ac283eb059e2a977137c36641bMark Banner — Bug 726975 - Tidy up browser/app/ and skip a shell execution. r=khuey
92ddf35b8dedf8c16586b8d455e4aa78b5c0b96fMarina Samuel — Bug 727718 - Tidy up safeQuery/query. r=rnewman
79582551438c68ed1a758c35e7fab2545d93908aChenxia Liu — Bug 729170 - Restructuring of J-PAKE into stages. r=rnewman
cd21672eea030e05790f10b6ba79ba36e794be53Chenxia Liu — Bug 717137: enable landscape view in J-PAKE. r=rnewman
e6fd8e2be05ddb99f1c59cabd8af8246304a3c66Nick Alexander — Bug 722007 - update row in place in AndroidBrowserHistoryDataExtender. r=rnewman
428d0a52f855df747f3318574794a06008ab58ebJosh Aas — Bug 723190: Fix for crash due to bad scroll listener registration for Mac Carbon plugins. r=smichaud
9795ad013aa9532225ad2d59d62130e2d354e8f3Bobby Holley — Bug 717113 - Make js::IsWrapper fully inline-able. r=luke
83dfb2a5371975e05a02f663ed24c9aaafd5cd58Bobby Holley — Bug 717113 - Don't do a redundant class lookup in js::IsProxy. r=luke
c4f9959cc9acedfc8b554e9080a0949e94b7e0c9Josh Aas — Bug 633427: Fix bug in which we mis-label plugins as Flash plugins. This was causing us to load plugins unnecessarily when clearing private data. r=smichaud
3a3a2fc1c1ac8ce14678142883bde34b45490331Gervase Markham — Bug 704089 - add .<Srb> to IDN TLD whitelist.
fadf8e80a3f2f622ca676a373061487556d97382Gervase Markham — Bug 669138 - add .<Thai> to IDN TLD whitelist.
e97aa93578e923c0145af6c199fdda0e3ece821bGeorg Kahest — Bug 664109 - add .ee to IDN TLD whitelist. r=gerv.
163fa5650f57769894b69709e81a71594033c88cJeff Walden — Bug 728512 - Make MOZ_ASSERT(cond, reason) work correctly on MSVC by hacking around a compiler bug. r=glandium
323b7bb0129e8ade3145c5a6913f98d379f205fdBill McCloskey — Bug 718053 - Fix Valgrind warnings (r=cdleary)
3e82c0f0bde72fe16f35d430f6d537ce4e4a75e0Jothan Frakes — Bug 694030 - make .qa have open registration at 2nd level in PSL. r=gerv.
169986c334feb5fb330fee24d673d0e2823e5383Jothan Frakes — Bug 688908 - standardize formatting of .asia entry in PSL. r=gerv.
5df1802a9812be7e677a8fbff77651f0c2238369Gervase Markham — Bug 687459 - add and private registries to PSL.
8e4c6751fff6f111fe99c95f8ca8fd722049f892Gervase Markham — Bug 685781 - add CentralNIC domain to the PSL.
8ce5ae7b065b72a7bb9c2df24b9f58cb4944440eGervase Markham — Bug 676359 - add exceptions for and to PSL.
843829a9625342f0145d03020977ec1cd6767a58Gervase Markham — Bug 666500 - Add and to PSL.
b2adc8201464c49b4453a6671bd2a25c61f81856Jothan Frakes — Bug 661509 - remove .yu from PSL. r=gerv.
48a08d7ecc0c03883606e44b4d4b1abb46f43d0dJothan Frakes — Bug 660387 - add to PSL. r=gerv.
8a56b449f8bcbe3c4cbec7c75860a35525a8a445Gervase Markham — Bug 660215 - remove .local from PSL. Patch by Jothan Frakes; r=gerv.
bb68ca933ea8350a6f952e45130b9d6a6d34f0f3Gervase Markham — Bug 621708 - update .au entry in PSL. Patch by pkasting; r=gerv.
a227041e66ad6b8fe37bb5212deb66e1ab1b4f07Serge Gautherie — Bug 729474. (Av1) name/test_browserui.xul: Improve log, to help diagnose. r=surkov.alexander.
2d065305b7d25191eab42473e29b008c285e2a5eOlli Pettay — Bug 726334, FormFillController should not have strong references to content objects, r=gavin
373c710112e60a9761a6a8e569fe7b80831406a2Phil Ringnalda — Back out b27980f1de54 and 39ea8d8f9768 (bug 728429) for potential Windows PGO build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
b27980f1de5491712cb42da2e7874a6ad54da147Kyle Huey — Bug 728429: Fix typo. r=me
39ea8d8f976865434847002c71e8a7a6a6fa31b2Kyle Huey — Bug 728429: Require ASLR for binary components on Windows. r=bsmedberg,ehsan
f754a314d61d186836e3c8ac7e3c41c8c355b591Mounir Lamouri — Bug 727477 - Workaround Galaxy Nexus bug that prevented Battery API to work. r=dougt
012cb4054a14c872c483f36f4970ab270fa18cdfGregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
b53f2d313802c89ed771f8b0bf905692fe2e543aRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9eae9591235f78aa69a1ca98ec7a6e08b6d51bd6Fabrice Desré — Bug 725143 - crash when restarting b2g with screen off [r=gal]
af782fc74d4dd4e3e31118d690e8bf4715801ba7Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9320be63a49b61fdc261fa433373fd587bbd540eRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
2573aaf31b72e97386c740bb84a558cf90c55ce8Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
01798c76c3b3891c436dbacdf5a827399728fde1Pranav Ravichandran — Bug 727709 - Papercut: add mention of "default" to server chooser in Firefox Sync setup. r=rnewman
def9d8beae43843e713fd932cff415d8a37cac5eGregory Szorc — Merge m-c to s-c
69d3a25f08217a39a6db8c6f8eaf2655c7eee0d3Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
281b0608784ae3f07bb41c1190630684dbc28f62Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
7751c77ef4ea4ae4770998ce2becfaa0aa559547Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
56a629990dc1fac5c1dab0aa8a8fffdd81fb4442Murali — Bug 720596 - Set both serverURL and clusterURL in test code; utilize constants; r=gps
6b824435bbbd406a90e3ecf3cc627a9032fc8673Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
2f43d79d10789f77f1063c7d3d0ad8674edaea0aGregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
b6968b8157262a48d456af820edafd866c458fc0Gregory Szorc — Bug 712715 - Make TPS wait for Sync to be ready; r=rnewman
9bde0d25d76e4ef301668a8016f6edcba1662826Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
9964bcbdc4e2d33928b215dcb8518b5d3b22d16bChristian Holler — Bug 728993 - Need to check output to capture run-as failure in devicemanagerADB. r=jmaher
7dda043db5711bfc8665328e5a5d5a8924b4432fEd Morley — Backout e80c939cc639 (bug 729067) for bustage
8610a9da1742496b7f1adf3d57b2396649812e24Brian Hackett — Compute correct object in BINDNAME IC, bug 727223. r=dvander
e80c939cc6393609a9b609339ad24a1d7a310355Jacek Caban — Bug 729067 - changes LDFLAGS before calling js/src/configure r=glandium,khuey
6b60e78b6f6673137a6c6427ac30abfc4a595d00Jacek Caban — Bug 728178 - js.exe fails to link on on mingw (missing MOZ_Crash) r=glandium
cb3d33c37bda18cf7f2b62e172ece51b1373b1b1Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d5803f488c08c5142bfb13aaa1b5aa724c514318William Lachance — Bug 728927 - A few more minor exception conditions in DeviceManagerSUT. r=jmaher
d40608e2e5948eb6bb39ad170ae60c6ae853d2e3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726024 - Rename PlacesTask to Runnable. r=lucasr
2aed1f7771774217120bc12dc0687dd518cd5a5bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726024 - Use Content Provider directly in Profile Migration. r=lucasr
ab31ba136025b095cdf3602debf53ae9661eab45Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726024 - Allow modified and created dates to be set. r=lucasr
dafe158fdbe7234cb4a0e4c25ed7871b103b42fbRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
6246bf2d3289cf06b21cdc20c18c290955c8f5e2Ed Morley — Backout 5ba9a4f41128 (bug 724614) for OS X reftest failures
5ba9a4f411286b01dccee20658fad5984c653f6bAryeh Gregor — Bug 724614 - 3D scaling makes text blurry. r=mattw
8bca9af041025ba4b40b83fb1213d20137202b4cDão Gottwald — Bug 702225 - revised nav bar button styling. r=shorlander
6d0f16d85f276ccf5bdea56ca9ea1cbb4455e3f6Makoto Kato — Bug 722933 - add -MACHINE option for link.exe. r=khuey
4b2b0f2b92b8d2035242b3c1bd068106d8042fbcMike Hommey — Bug 728872 - NULL-check mSoftwareLayerClient in GeckoApp$ r=mfinkle
e18282cd5f616d4b613cadf4b474de05c7728e6aMike Hommey — Bug 727959 - Add symbol name to relocation errors in the linker. r=tglek
4c2c6e1e54336bee0eb9c0f39152a997aa04030aMike Hommey — Bug 725284 - Preserve PT_LOAD alignment, except when it's the default on x86-64. r=tglek
63861267f6a704db2c47e6a8d6ccaefdaf27528dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 707859 PresShell shouldn't synthesize mousemove events during drag r=smaug
e6ffb760d2f0f7b4f6f590cf51555cbf22a681e2Igor Bukanov — bug 726944 - Remove JSClass::xdrObject and related functionality. r=luke
a374a3bb0bc297c6ea9cc63518bdd9fe9bbf08c6Hub Figuière — Bug 726097 - Use the right doc accessible when hit testing. Add proper mochi-test. r=surkov
1c86e1c24cbc6df401c9d993acb72356ab5ee737OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 727826 - Use JSON.parse instead of eval to parse JSON. r=mak
c3e591a5b8678663501c1d99b8ba0153c9591107Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 728736 - Simplify JS_IterateCompartments. r=wmccloskey.
49140e63962f19e807cb0e0db630aabbb198be18Jesse Ruderman — Bug 698928 - Use debug.assertion if about:memory hits a problem. r=nnethercote.
5dab4b89eabc665297df1e51d7f38f5ca01da589Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 - Fix a harmless typo ("about:compartment" -> "about:compartments"). r=me.
246bc1c981758e349c756226e1ef1769f37e4182Serge Gautherie — Bug 728999. (Av1) browser_526613.js: Use "about:mozilla", instead of "about:robots", to support non-Firefox applications. r=paul.
7dcbce54a953090ae8e537f93c6c99ab8eb0dc62Doug Sherk — Bug 711656: potentially fixed devices not being caught by blocklist, r=joe
4038ffaa5d820b7ee60db411517f6d3179e17f4fEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
027f56e65a84cba315935f13c9a71edf6214edc0Zack Weinberg — Bug 96971: Move GetSystemFont from nsDeviceContext to mozilla::LookAndFeel. r=roc
621528be5df8c9862d390918d3fb2b214c373d32Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 728780 - Define String.prototype.startsWith and use it in about:memory. r=jschoenick.
ec21e7e02464f60cabd31bdedb126fd9962dd4a1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 9) - Remove the unnecessary safe/unsafe distinction for report descriptions. r=jlebar.
17927137a6993f35d7d97a19997112214d191ed2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 8) - Add about:compartments. r=jlebar, ehsan.
4edde0ad19d888dcc68420bf6531ca8a8fc7ed12Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 7) - Add the "compartments" multi-reporter. r=billm.
d5598ffb1aafdb5f5b7843461349096dd50b73b5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 6) - Move some code around in aboutMemory.js. r=jschoenick.
21fc99c3762676b8d99aed93b88f25af10067263Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 5) - Replace "reporter" with "report" in many places. r=jlebar.
0642fc24dacb237b4547a2033c2fcc70da3ae464Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 4) - Use multi-line string literals for tree descriptions. r=jlebar.
397de2686f8890896a525d7e0f8e4cbb98ffe839Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 3) - Tweak the about:memory tests. r=jlebar.
49bae78a33a79c03928903a2d4c9db0dbec91191Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 2) - Fix indentation in about:memory tests. r=jschoenick.
a22548d04fc3cd10c339a39243a66060c554b08bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 702300 (part 1) - Use |let| instead of |var| in aboutMemory.js and its tests. r=jschoenick.
dec32ab636c6bf0d9afaaa89ee3581d8b7044181Gregory Szorc — Bug 712542 - Apply add-on state before install when installing through Sync; r=Unfocused, r=rnewman
1e6b5a9bbdccddd000666c7f5724d1aacd74455fWilliam Chen — Bug 522607 - Tests for new css3-background background-position syntax. r=dbaron
f25d65f080f81dd7256ae593677a858dd628dcdaLazar Sumar — Bug 522607 - New css3-background background-position syntax. r=dbaron
f07a6060cc5a15f7435d1429dad813baf8992687Jeff Walden — Bug 728423 - Fix warnings in js/src related to JSObject::asString et al (r=luke)
ac02ca06e1273e3c0d4e73589fd6655767d3fc26Andrew Quartey — Bug 710594 - Adapt WebGL about:memory reporters to the new memory reporting API. r=njn,bjacob.
c714722a7aad88ec64b96c59adc22de4608bd6d5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 682431 (part 1) - Fix up ns{String,CString} SizeOf* functions. r=bz.
969493463a87c7942ac30d75c9548e547f03b976Jonathan Kew — bug 728866 - pt 3 - add support for Hebrew presentation forms, excluded from canonical composition. r=smontagu
2c3f7f3ace8913fa91417c4dc9c462b536a031fbJonathan Kew — bug 728866 - pt 2 - implement canonical composition callbacks for harfbuzz. r=smontagu
8ee6310cecda70be036be4eadd436735677d0898Jonathan Kew — bug 728866 - pt 1 - expose low-level APIs for canonical composition and decomposition of a single Unicode character. r=smontagu
096697e2beab9af9069f0f4c6897cefb6ace5f84Andrew McCreight — Bug 727604 - add release assertions to investigate cycle collector crashes. r=smaug
b59f89947b54fbb7f2cc47ed43622d9422784ea6Andrew McCreight — Bug 726777, followup. r=sicking
489a84d4a5028d9fcd653d0859d79a83d9541696Robert Longson — Bug 728665 - SVGTests interface missing from foreignObject elements. r=jwatt
14f791dbb5796d0b3566aab3ad7225128c1b67deLucas Rocha — Bug 723841 - Add a foreign key to bookmarks table and sanitize special folders (r=rnewman)
0ffb3b233fcedae835ffcbd2a4f696852255c0fdLucas Rocha — Bug 723841 - Define a constant for the predefined root id for bookmarks (r=rnewman)
06b31e6330c6273f677c0d62cc4aa2684a814bcbLucas Rocha — Bug 723841 - Generalize code to create or update special folders (r=rnewman)
2094fc0fc224761062a20c44398ef40e8d8f0db7Lucas Rocha — Bug 723841 - Factor out methods to create each part of the database (r=rnewman)
81311083cc0a565ac8173fe8876cbe406fd1539aBenoit Girard — Bug 728924 - Fix MOZ_JAVA_COMPOSITOR definition. r=joe
efd7b7d7f91c83d55cc36b30e8ad5326c1bcb100Ben Turner — Bug 728921 - 'IndexedDB: FileManager file enumeration should run within a transaction'. r=sicking.
121ada16c79304e61fb723861f8d72dd41f30c29Mark Cote — Bug 719618 - Craft a no-outside-network mode for peptest. r=ctalbert
d25397e8464594b73e349c13055f5975c70aec05Vicamo Yang — Bug 723244 - Tests for RIL parcel length guards. r=philikon
9d17d2dc9754e3872d92569874783bfec665ed04Vicamo Yang — Bug 723244 - RIL: implement parcel length guards. r=philikon
09072cd32bb924b12b4a27ce09324def9ad76163Axel Hecht — merge backout of bug 693226
cfff460d9d8bd75a384a04623d35aa1e0a6cabbdAxel Hecht — back out bug 693226, rev fbbf2d56cc8e, r=bustage
db9349758f671449d48249722d97b03ba77b4922Chris Lord — Bug 709813 - Fix full-screen mode in native android fennec. r=mbrubeck
28803f706b3a64f7934436cf5c45ae4208a0820cSimon Montagu — Mark the last line in the block dirty when text-align-last resolves to something other than left. Bug 726392, r=dbaron
a76bb7843e733d67788f0d942cb6101d9de4209eSimon Montagu — Reftests for bug 726392, r=dbaron
6a43d088a2b44458360c328e2159344722b5a352Alexander Surkov — Bug 714579 - Don't use GetComputedStyle for object attribute calculation, r=tbsaunde, marcoz, f=bz
a4aa5506b2c670a241f9f06646004782793e3e75Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 728864 - B2g SMS: Fix SMS success notifications. r=qDot DONTBUILD because NPOTB
13ff3e5b66eae8f612b9f8804d560c985f34b216Kyle Machulis — Bug 711601 - B2G Bluetooth Boiler Plate r=bent
0dbfda1a8f0c4f9d4f352bf02ecdc530f6e6bc82Joel Maher — Bug 725112 - Add an easy make command to rerun tests that failed the last time. r=ted
81c166bac966d0b225b78220264cbef5256266c5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4ad3d672bf460cac00b2c30b9d94b0444a6c43dfJonathan Kew — bug 728518 - improve the handling of weight in FindFontForChar. r=jdaggett
3588de29a03f649140ade4a58d84a382f38b0d9aJonathan Kew — bug 717175 - clear word cache earlier when expiring fonts. r=jdaggett
985031d212189a59b7ae8db38a85f650155a6eb7Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 718738. r=me
356382604d2d7db8c70c66dbc6f6b36857331062Mike Hommey — Bug 728656 - Avoid crashing when there are no GL extensions reported by the GL implementation. r=bjacob
216ba95b0cc4adc9f7d83c186d3669d7bd299a05Mike Hommey — Bug 718738 - Send all StartupInfo values in telemetry ping. r=tglek
f444ebecc91fc733cfe6c22f26e154bbaaf38862Masayuki Nakano — Bug 725233 Get rid of hacky text event dispatchers, they are not necessary due to bug 622247 r=jimm
8822243a8d6c8aabbf7846a43f8b5f765b454961Blake Kaplan — Bug 725750 - Modify this hack to include "mozilla demo". rs=cjones
82da956a911cb13da50a357452da4059e1da59cbMs2ger — Bug 725918 - Part 4: Use forget(); r=dholbert
8134fedf2a8f138306c7908b5cd4dce5d02f12daMs2ger — Bug 673468 - Remove a superfluous null-check; r=gabor
20f9a5d890f92afc033a9009bf2293d580c3d02cMs2ger — Bug 726964 - Remove unused sDOMStringFinalizerIndex; r=bholley
89fecea21c5e70a8cd112afdda6919868cf2d6dcMs2ger — Bug 726960 - Introduce xpc::NonVoidStringToJsval; r=bholley
074b9b33b2a0fa35d548365b5c288a2f51712fbfMs2ger — Bug 727547 - Improve error handling in nsIDOMWebGLRenderingContext_Tex{,Sub}Image2D; r=bz
d2c244a447e32199c4ab9d094678e5840164f713Ms2ger — Bug 724252 - Don't QI in nsDocument::GetDefaultView; r=smaug
7717885da054a4fcf8dd3200d4a410e26262bcedMs2ger — Bug 726961 - Remove unused variable database from IDBIndex::Create; r=khuey
be00940ec6459724287713fa329e1f015e3bc438Ms2ger — Bug 726434 - Return DOMString for XMLHttpRequest.getAllResponseHeaders(); r=bent
b2e52f75b118f0c110c2101a4d46ad4e093807fdMs2ger — Bug 726968 - Fix some dom/ build warnings; r=mounir
254285dbf95469aeb902d422d12e2def71d77eeeMs2ger — Bug 726416 - Fix some content/ build warnings; r=mounir
93e2945d9f7381e121aa3d7d7102e92eb35fcdd3Ms2ger — Bug 725977 - Update table cellpadding / cellspacing to spec; r=bz
be559203ece8240bce40448a1d101bc1e353ab2dDão Gottwald — Bug 572659 - Don't expose the Gecko patch level (13.X.Y) in the UA string, only show the major version (13.X). r=glandium,bz sr=gerv
57c613f56cf95925be1dda868a1b560546d5aebcDão Gottwald — Bug 728932 - needHomepageOverride should use nsIXULAppInfo::platformVersion instead of nsIHttpProtocolHandler::misc. r=gavin
7df4ef4a3a58e3bbd4b22825acb010bd86b66c54Serge Gautherie — Bug 728628. (Av1) browser_viewsourceprefs.js: Use "about:mozilla", instead of "about:robots", to support non-Firefox applications. f=jwein r=neil.
f7ccbfd0b7c633a10a25623b6d58efbb8b011185Justin Dolske — Backout bfc937247f3c (bug 588909), UA change breaks Google and Zimbra.
d07998fb3530589aef39e6202d92874ed107bd9aJustin Dolske — Backout 0a7410527788 (bug 572659), UA change breaks Google and Zimbra.
d82b1806c182fd1a1bbbcdffdc39c391d6fba574Fabrice Desré — Bug 725143 - crash when restarting b2g with screen off [a=gal] DONTBUILD because NPOTB
1016e3e84271f540180b13ef88aa9c15bf3df5a8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 728890 follow-up: path served by HTTP server changed, too. DONTBUILD because NPOTB
b98eb5ea65267ff4693ea01b7b75d7b67e83a0fbPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 728890 - B2G: Update permission prefs after internal HTTP server port change. r=cjones DONTBUILD because NPOTB
0a741052778866996dae6bad02553a33fd7ba95eDão Gottwald — Bug 572659 - Don't expose the Gecko patch level (13.X.Y) in the UA string, only show the major version (13.X). r=glandium,bz sr=gerv
5b8195516c117120837021c21932c591a04447b7Olli Pettay — Backout Bug 704623, a=dromaeo regression
64d8bba7047f004dc6acbf4a7025fd04e6b71b88Blake Kaplan — Bug 727690 - Kill any existing connections on startup so we can successfully reconnect after we've been killed. r=gal
b8e7474374d533d84d5dbac3e9afa426b93ac945Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
766fdf473acd96b76ca7c7669a0672df9cf1633bCameron McCormack — Bug 728661 - Remove CalcVectorAngle and use AngleOfVector instead. r=jwatt
f9145dab4be93acbc202f4c9515fd693bb3c8d0bBobby Holley — Bug 718543 - Preserve SpecialPowers wrapper identity with a WeakMap cache. r=mrbkap
16c4770044a8e360c391e917c4f0e6be327664c5Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720643 - B2G SMS: Notify SMS send success. r=qDot
7b757f2d70c4ce875e061e31ef8f347db849ff69Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720632 - Part 4: Use nsISmsRequestManager in Android JNI code. r=cjones
b6344097919d78941721d3f2ceba8c0bd66d1586Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720632 - Part 3: Register SmsRequestManager. r=cjones
82202374e8f09a38a4f05f5b817fbb3010f94949Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720632 - Part 2: XPCOMtaminate SmsRequestManager. r=cjones,mounir
c49a23c7084a586d6eb50c44834fa80df72c9c70Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720632 - Part 1: nsISmsRequestManager. r=cjones,gal
b5386d7930bf00b58aef311854e6a2a9d7a8e5d9David Seifried — Bug 680321 - Media preload state should reset in resource selection algorithm. r=cpearce
5326871f69618196da075b760a2e10b4b26b5fe6Chris Pearce — Bug 727303 - Add nsPIDOMWindow::SetFullScreenInteral. r=roc
d9c03190bd476ed53edc8e2125b7e3984dc45b7cJonathan Watt — Bug 721920 - Honor the 'lang' and 'xml:lang' attributes in SVG as we do in HTML. r=bz.
c4311adde5acb5dd57e99a4f13f434086608e027Jesse Ruderman — Bug 728717 - Make the 'Some pres arena objects were not freed' assertion fatal. r=bz
5e49b31996d0e77bbd753e295788918b6daa9074Richard Newman — Bug 700540 - Intermittent test_jpakeclient.js | Shouldn't have aborted with jpake.error.timeout! r=gps
bb287a09bdc53261e58dd314863e726c96377c19Patrick McManus — bug 727943 spdy broke caldav (and probly webdav) methods r=honzab
39e481c77da0778be2a3cfb8609eef5c191b53e1Patrick McManus — bug 727855 spdy: rst streams instead of sessions on some errors r=honzab
9a6fcf299f29136e446bf9bb4609f0aa1d5d564fEmanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 727337 - Switch IsAllowedAttribute over to lossless conversion to avoid false positives; r=bz
560cfb993c9d5def5c32f94e1e9ae27d46df6dc1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 727530 - XHR for data URIs should support content-type header field; r=jonas
da1dae1b215d59c18db993b042c43e6decd1138eNathan Froyd — Bug 726761 - don't check count sums when deserializing SampleSets; r=cjones
7f0f6eb032539951036a1b32d55775e6dadcf5d9Simon Kornblith — Bug 726086 - XULRunner stub should look for XUL.framework directory instead of XUL.Framework; r=bsmedberg
841f33bf35efeff980955c4a9e3d369520c8da4dJoshua M — Bug 726259 - Fix missing bookmarks toolbar top border if tabs on top and nav bar hidden; r=dao
d138ca47dbe23532b1161a94e3a604208cab1568Kai Engert — Bug 699905 - Add update_nssckbi to; r=bsmith r=wtc
94423051f0fd4641e65a34457ae6f0ced6ea509cCameron McCormack — Bug 620468 - Bail out earlier when computing CTM of an <svg> element with negative width/height attributes. r=longsonr
e6f6d622d2868ef646aaae2228209f56bf8c9da0Robert Longson — Bug 696210 - Make DidAnimate methods non-virtual now that all overrides have been eliminated. r=jwatt
fc2b5bfc02a28e0b70abb9fdf9d0a6417c9e769eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 727695. Add TimeDuration::FromMicroseconds. r=cjones
42c1b4a36c06f6b06588997d816c7fa5ca6065b7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 715401. Instead of trying to create a fallback surface, just leave mTarget alone. r=bas
d743384fb011e4306bf4ee03b251f9c86e29aa3dGavin Sharp — Followup to my patch for bug 724309 that doesn't have a silly mistake in it
868b7802075d8972f435bc34b7e1d733467a4439Gavin Sharp — Bug 724309: add some more extra logging to try to fix browser_homeDrop.js
8bdb4c87ad78baa7c8d26560cbd80c32de544c72Jonathan Watt — Bug 416581, part 2 - Pay attention to the 'lang' attribute when fetching the user's font prefs for the CSS cascade. r=dbaron.
2742dd95aa7463554388dd0ef9cebd77268759d4Daniel Holbert — Bug 728462: Remove declaration of no-longer-used 'GfxTextrunWordCacheMallocSizeOf'. r=jfkthame
bab2083815b7a16c2612189e285ca90a57a45527Bobby Holley — Bug 696331 - Clear the document principal in nsDocument::ResetToURI after teardown, rather than before. r=jst
44bdafff8b4c091016b9ebccf7a9524d0deaf9a0Bobby Holley — Bug 700561 - Relax short-circuit principal checks on account of inner window reuse. r=bz
3b8ad7252ccbf8b718b6127cff9df0aba18c1c8fBrian Hackett — Enable chunked compilation on x64, bug 728372. r=dvander
161d2a62a56345c96aea714e27791197d86d8b6fRobert Longson — Bug 725918 - tests for fill and stroke on text
d285af1007a9ce472a47284bec3d24d67d361142Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e4f5cf4a8f23bc4edad9201550704407a000a43fChris Lord — Bug 726817 - Add nsIFrameLoaderOwner.clampScrollPosition. r=roc
c331db290cd85ba6f41d094d1c58951e042dd1f4Nathan Froyd — Bug 727163 - fix compiler warnings in accessible/; r=askalski
121daf1e632b5dfc072b28bf432723ab8d8f5b2eAlexander Surkov — Bug 727735 - don't use computed style for width detection in IsProbablyForLayout, r=tbsaunde
561771f018817fe409df25af244a45cb5e81a32dSerge Gautherie — Bug 718237. (Bv2) test_focus_autocomplete.xul: Skip this test on SeaMonkey ftb. r=surkov.alexander.
24f2c7e26fbddeccd7790fa38eef086acc89b33cOlli Pettay — Bug 728547 - Increase the forgetSkippable timer value, r=mccr8
f4010ca5f049f3dd50d9117079a89490ca13af05Chris Jones — Bug 728673: Restore call to getNumberOfCameras(). r=fabrice
88c69fa60ec2639cf1cedd7b8e40a55a4f08bd32Andreas Gal — Use native httpd instead of httpd.js (bug 728695, r=cjones).
4d47329bb02ec69afbddaa9034abd5a15516840eSerge Gautherie — Bug 728538. (Av1) browser_ConsoleStorageAPITests.js: Improve code a little.
e06ab2cf18b88511abdcefbc94eea743d6e3391dSerge Gautherie — Bug 728541. (Av1) browser_bug703210.js: Add a missing removeEventListener(). r=smaug.
eb82a1f486718666b18b78433ca223bb8fcb5585ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave14
20478b6732123ec2ace4d3568c4ed8221472c0b2Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
19d7edbf60bc9816ec1c094298d8dfa81872824eJosh Aas — Bug 723190: Fix/mitigate crash at nsGfxScrollFrameInner::ScrollToImpl. r=smichaud
1dcee8f1559a0dac6b9f49c5c052417f03e754dfOonishi Atsushi — Bug 382702 - Create a blank URL for session history when an invalid protocol is used. r=biesi
ece583b83508f0dda79f1e2ff63393150d9b0731Terrence Cole — Bug 727135 - Make jsid marking interfaces indirect; r=billm
f0ac2d720c7b1e75b61a51ba31751b063c9a6e41Mats Palmgren — Bug 725376 - Don't do column balancing deeper than 2 nested levels to avoid hang. r=roc
aaed6b9c89528ad6360ca2acbed3adcc74a83a96Mats Palmgren — Bug 728255 - Replace nsLineBox::LastChild() calls with O(1) equivalents where possible. r=bz
7c5b5e3cedddd389f790171a9bccc1888a0d9333Daniel Holbert — Bug 728480: Wrap MOZ_TOUCH-specific code in #ifdefs, to prevent unused-function build warnings. r=wesj
e423d872f94ff6cf4635d789dacebf44076e5b35Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4ab82ee636d69eacf62a890562a05e764536e7e2Daniel Holbert — Bug 725918 patch 3: Use getter_AddRefs instead of passing a pointer-to-nsRefPtr. r=jwatt
f89c186b8143099fa452fe900ca942f5cbc5690cEdwin Flores — Bug 725918 patch 2: Fixed wrong assertion in nsSVGGlyphFrame. r=longsonr
829fa4d266ac74d60ec7c099e2756999f4050b00Edwin Flores — Bug 725918 patch 1: Fixed code style in nsSVGGlyphFrame::SetupCairoState. r=longsonr
50aae34555bb0032ccfffe4a2b362a1ee6f703e9Gavin Sharp — Bug 724161: simplify some javascript:/data: drop checks, r=dao
2a8ceeb27f7c8a6a43ef01d55d827ddccb887e33Bill McCloskey — Bug 641025 - Incremental GC (r=igor,smaug,roc,cdleary,gregor)
2e89173cb52e89af2d6661d6d929d9359302a772Terrence Cole — Bug 727281 - Make JSObject* for Root and Barriered marking indirect; r=billm
550779e6bab444b48dac408c6f361ab503744472Chris Jones — Bug 727950: Don't close the camera dso, some of them don't like that. r=fabrice (npotb)
87bb3cff18646dda0deb6c0555360fc508d1ed92Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
72404246638e7c4979775624a4124dc26dfc2525Tim Taubert — Bug 725200 - about:newtab briefly shown in location bar of new tab; r=gavin
b099928aaa3404a4ea1a5d60ce78a6551d22c95bSpyros Livathinos — Bug 725388 - Expose the Orion mouse events in the Source Editor; r=msucan f=msucan
30cb972996562cc498d55d0e4a09419e676dab75Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 705707 - Style Inspector doesn't take into account chrome:// stylesheets; r=msucan f=dao
a6e809d5a44618d179966405f7a9a69f1fb2890eMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 683499 - GCLI needs an 'edit' command (for CSS only to start with); r=jwalker
e5ecebbd9631c5a23a05c715ee162de82730dbceMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 585563 - The inspector style panel should link to the CSS editor; r=dcamp f=cedricv
39f8849e89c59a41d49aef2b1c81eada867f39d5Tim Taubert — Bug 585813 - Script timeout at tabbrowser.xml:1457 when closing tabs; r=dao
d08878c56f157ddb2dc36b5c703fb7fa1a71b4c0Panos Astithas — Bug 725360 - Closing the tab when the debugger is paused should cleanly exit the debugger; r=rcampbell
e001b5eda61831fd2e3fe5b1dde813fc25ab7243Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c892c49074abe43cc59e2d29757105a664bc6594Vivien Nicolas — Bug 728373 - Ensure the xul window handle keypress when the screen goes fullscreen r=cjones
30939bc8aa9242f57be8559f23db4db2bfad2697Vivien Nicolas — Bug 727443 - Do not fire a click when the user stops the kinetic panning by touching the screen r=cjones
fd3817a300ef52419a1e1a4d67df6d40ee6680e8Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 723391 - Add a simple remote JS console to b2g. r=vingtetun
4988f2f80c445ef86dc95e5423d5d6f197d78b8fBenoit Girard — Bug 727497 - Don't call CreateSurfaceForWindow in MakeCurrent in EGL. r=ajuma
3c7e141b66f1b568cc1692d05d748d5afe8709beBrad Lassey — bug 727847 - meter orientation events on android r=dougt
40657c58d8091b9be5335c71614e29d4e5794281Brad Lassey — bug 726930 - speed up tab thumbnails r=mfinkle
8baf029a96162230b11fa98637bf600523f12057Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
c4488d89ae9773cfda5b4cd110623f2124c28ab1Alexander Surkov — Bug 677154 - fix a typo
4c23b6fefdb2a607deb419d9f00abfdfb763fcddAlexander Surkov — Bug 677154 - Detached document accessibility tree, r=bz, marcoz
9466529cdbc0b7d35560dbe3eb6228ddb3d47f02Steven Michaud — Bug 721663 - [10.5] Crash in unpackImageRow @ CGAccessSessionGetBytes while printing or previewing. r=joe
7d8ae4b53eade0644ebe5e981233068943c5bcc9Blake Kaplan — Bug 727680 - Fix yet another race condition. Now we'll try to connect to Mozilla/Mozilla Guest once we both have scan results *and* we're INACTIVE. r=cjones
a93f5dd0dd57b469a27a8205e28175c730bd7be4Blake Kaplan — Bug 727680 - Try to force a connection to Mozilla Guest, even if it's not broadcasting. r=cjones
337bf2beee17f686e67d831ae0c1a080b41ea7dfBlake Kaplan — Bug 727680 - Only attempt to connect to Mozilla or Mozilla Guest after we actually have scan results. r=cjones
c9f5f7c81b48d8a784c0f2c68bb031afe1b06bf2Blake Kaplan — Bug 727680 - Make networks objects. r=cjones
de31d18a9f93748914e9b62c9fc96ba3b03ef7fbBlake Kaplan — Backout these patches since they were checked in with the wrong bug number (bug 727680).
479abf6b3598deb778bde498623fc14b20913e1eRichard van den Berg — Bug 452781 - Allow specifying wildcard that matches all simple netbiosnames in network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris, r=honzab
5002199145a96b5fb7239629936057be15966a73Honza Bambas — Bug 621446 - investigation patch 2 for crash at RecvRedirect2Verify, r=jduell
747e04f2beb8d12574b37d8bb1eac16193ff0a92Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
52917f8cfc41634aabdb8aa897b83afa261eb58eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 726576 - Optimize calls to nsLocalFileWin's HasFileAttribute. r=neil
51d333edddfdf7aa6ddff27a14faf25822c66e0aNeil Deakin — Bug 499008, part 7, merge html drag type constants into one place, r=ehsan
89086858734552d733d1c204fecb7c30cb865586Neil Deakin — Bug 499008, part 6, editor drag drop tests, r=ehsan
71292b71e5ad8f70b4fc19d6e216c3b6bf511f44Neil Deakin — Bug 499008, part 5, merge the text and html implementations of InsertFromDrop, r=ehsan
4978f973c79af924507cadc0b47ce6eaa90630ffNeil Deakin — Bug 499008, part 4, convert editor drop handling to use datatransfers instead of the drag service, r=ehsan
788b8d367cb56fcb34d9018b7c0d4887ce2f74eaNeil Deakin — Bug 499008, part 2, move editor dragstart handling to ContentAreaDragDrop, r=ehsan
260066ec0e4726acd8faf8e880e43596c3defd93Neil Deakin — Bug 499008, part 3, remove nsIDOMNSEvent::tmpRealOriginalTarget, r=smaug
bb4c0eb9c220b5e95882f229e701cb2f64e70d23Neil Deakin — Bug 499008, part 1, remove spurious event checks drop editor drag handling, r=ehsan
174ce0df7cdd251473e0f05c2ee3dcfffceb78c1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 691355 - Crash when headphones removed while listening to audio. r=jmathies
095d7986dfd0c6508e5f6ecf93e3fd9df94f47deMarco Bonardo — Bug 720258 - Inline autocomplete should only autocomplete URLs you've typed.
bdb4708a295012bd8ff04ea9a4812b4f4639b5eaMarco Bonardo — Bug 706420 - intermittent failure in test_annos_expire_session.js
dbcd8d8bed76b772589516df3741af3d241a4222Blake Kaplan — Bug 728029 - Fix yet another race condition. Now we'll try to connect to Mozilla/Mozilla Guest once we both have scan results *and* we're INACTIVE. r=cjones
6870191dcd9199783abcaf6480c31c78731946a7Blake Kaplan — Bug 728029 - Try to force a connection to Mozilla Guest, even if it's not broadcasting. r=cjones
beb303c4657fd5fdbed363db66807d18c604a65cBlake Kaplan — Bug 728029 - Only attempt to connect to Mozilla or Mozilla Guest after we actually have scan results. r=cjones
67b6c09fb30fbc5c234ae5222922d5d3aeca7165Blake Kaplan — Bug 728029 - Make networks objects. r=cjones
5e48ff8f8d5a59e360ba5e1533ab1c12949aac67Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 673468 - Wrapped JS objects used as keys can disappear from WeakMaps. r=mccr8,billm
bfc937247f3c7b70ce8dfcbee41d8726b10e1980Dão Gottwald — Bug 588909 - Replace Gecko/<date> with Gecko/<version> in UA string. r=bz sr=gerv
e07ec2dcb3a8624739615f623956d3104b987088Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
b3a3372fecaecc17e4c6cb3e7ac93f850332665bJonathan Watt — Bug 660216, part 3 - getBBox and getCTM on foreignObject should/should not include 'x'/'y' offsets respectively. r=heycam.
46f96343c85d46a0371efc6cfdf98735560a79d9Jonathan Watt — Bug 660216, part 2 - Allow PrependLocalTransformsTo callers to specify which transforms they want. r=heycam.
e49393a599fab07567f189e95ea31cd1bb6dbc85Jonathan Watt — Bug 660216, part 1 - Rename PrependLocalTransformTo to PrependLocalTransformsTo. r=heycam.
10d5d176d75331ba7706f9f00daa0702c4a8b40fMike Hommey — Bug 713622 - Re-enable elfhack on Fennec XUL. r=mbrubeck
18166496af3da4647324325bf796e318a241ed31Mike Hommey — Bug 720621 - Avoid text relocations induced by NDK >= r6b. r=ted
a69b347c4d3555d90768a5495d1d004859d1a106Mike Hommey — Bug 723939 part 2 - Ensure 16k alignment of ELF segments when building for ARM < v7. r=ted
8a9d1df1c7629f4c6fd246faa229336908bbcc67Mike Hommey — Bug 723939 part 1 - When reserving memory for the loaded library, ensure correct alignment for future MAP_SHARED mappings. r=tglek
6d1fb79b857a3a841808d04359b683f259c4d723Alexander Surkov — Bug 499093 - Fix discrepancy between tr count and row count in nsHTMLTableAccessible::IsProbablyForLayout, r=marcoz
2d3e158dbd490ed1fc3b88992842dbbeb7b71ab2Jonathan Watt — Bug 727805 - Give aFactor in nsDisplayList.cpp a more meaningful name. r=mattwoodrow.
f05411771ddd34742ec36b53d886f4f67ab878b1Jonathan Watt — Bug 726928 - UpdateCoveredRegion needs to convert 'extent' from CSS px now, not Dex px, otherwise painting invalidation is broken. r=dholbert.
c1b2671f975f07a864f21d20e7bb3d23ee0cfd4eNicholas Cameron — Bug 727681; correct gfx3DMatrix::CanDraw2D. r=Bas
a3b93f3949fee7b638a3b4ddcd5dd80973677c44Kyle Machulis — Back out bug 711601 (changeset 4c8aa2b0ca1c) due to qemu breakage
bdb34145c37a46b788be52153945e69937313855Kyle Huey — Bug 669845: Make nsTypeFindAhead clear out all of its references to content nodes when reset. r=gavin
2a87a57a90aa968c3e7efa6347dacf5a5605ed74Brian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 4: Remove security/patches/bug-717906-lowhash, r=kaie, a=akeybl
7c4329352fc7713123b09498e769acfc612f5ee7Brian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 3: Update to NSPR 4.9 RTM (NSPR_4_9_RTM), r=kaie, a=akeybl
ec5493518d227c063e10ffdc07c81ccc50ffe7a7Justin Wood — Bug 726797 - Multi-GPU Detection Broken on Windows Gecko 11. r=ajuma
2bfd0fe5da97f9e5df66231bae7f83e2785e0bdcJustin Wood — Bug 727258 - Suite Depend Locales broken after Bug 722262
bd3a2666218c25419a1c50c72cbf9b6cc616f26fJohn Ford — bug 722537 - Add mozconfigs for 10.7 builds to mozilla-central r=ted DONTBUILD
2e34d3d7071f332d7d42ce0f75e425fd885070dcSerge Gautherie — Bug 721065. (Bv2a) pyxpt: Report true Typelib filename for both files, when IIDs/names differ. r=ted.mielczarek.
eb85fbbeb6d9c537efe0c379c4db0aa5add6dc0dOlli Pettay — Bug 726346 - Implement a version of nsICycleCollectorListener for devtools, r=mccr8
f88a05e00f470d6061603322e31f9469a62bd8b8Nathan Froyd — Bug 726656 - fix to optimize omni.ja; r=khuey
08e55f36b7318c3b907d8b43bfc45a9e764b2706Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
2ffb4e09ac4a8482e8377837f3c5ebf9ee58ecc9Cameron McCormack — Bug 674370 - Make browser windows (and other document-like windows) zoom on creation on OS X 10.7. r=mstange,dao sr=bzbarsky
f9b9c5150bf0357135fd36d36f2838a24cd494ccJeff Walden — Bug 728105 - Remove JSObject::getThrowTypeError. r=bhackett
42b869f3daaa2bfac89d6169df976e5f5e421fb3Jeff Walden — Bug 728095 - Eliminate all primitive-this machinery from JSObject and relegate it to subclasses. r=bhackett
2fdc93e4a45723d62c1d154198f90348f5457229Jeff Walden — Warning patrol. No bug, r=themaid
8e5e54e70600532efaaef6d521796baca7db0b8aJim Mathies — Bug 718374 - File picker support for choosing Win7 library default folders, and strip sdk ifdefing junk. r=neil
e5eeac74744a5f7cf4c33da4f3b4488f9b5b1c6cJosh Aas — Bug 724717: Fix crash at nsPluginInstanceOwner::CARefresh. r=benwa
e0e35faac08c066da8a3bcb6ed2b01f10f1a1369John Schoenick — Bug 716556 - Fix possible buffer overflow in nsScriptableInputStream (attempt 2). r=bsmedberg
d2a3daf5c3c0fa8901b86802d37880fa1c61815fBenoit Jacob — Bug 727614 - Use #ifdef ANDROID instead of #ifdef MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID to cover B2G too. r=joe
6c2ded81da6a004398e06a00ec8ebc66d1c83dfeJoe Drew — Bug 725747 - Seems we run into a driver bug on OS X (on NVIDIA cards only) now. Mark these tests as failing. r=bjacob
c9a1bbc545862375f89bc1ad39c3f7399c0cbaf4Joe Drew — Bug 725747 - Immediately translate setting the default FBO into our offscreen FBO, rather than setting it and unsetting it before and after GL draw commands. r=jgilbert
aa8ab7f39600317426ce1b261a96832999c6c805Brian Hackett — Ensure that generators are never compiled, bug 726799. r=dvander
d16c61316cf43fa622d13344c0d50d41525403c6Bill McCloskey — Bug 727921 - Fix schedulegc bustage
d2e1b248f40d4743d374f299eaa944232ac547b0Ed Morley — Backout 6c1ded13556d (bug 720643), 5cf0a12c1cf0, ac771e54d7ca & 3bb24b12b0d6 (bug 720632) for Android build failures
e441f32d7eba0ea35353d52f03d721140db0ccd6Daniel Holbert — Bug 727970: Check formerly-unused rv in TestProtocols.cpp, to fix build warning. r=jduell
75eb6956410b380ac0c76cb517c274a9b1fda0ecBrian Hackett — Fix dictionary state when swapping objects, bug 727330. r=luke
881df6bb8d679f79c9ce3e0034710bf6a55cc23cRichard Newman — Bug 727725 - Incorrect assertion in GlobalSession.
6c1ded13556d9e6e7063c9345caf8a384f954ab7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720643 - B2G SMS: Notify SMS send success. r=qDot
5cf0a12c1cf005496ccbe8c5a8ee769338b6fc5ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720632 - Part 3: Register SmsRequestManager. r=cjones
ac771e54d7ca9c9297348755d04cd89d886a857ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720632 - Part 2: XPCOMtaminate SmsRequestManager. r=cjones,mounir
3bb24b12b0d638792384ba3948e5bf911870887bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 720632 - Part 1: nsISmsRequestManager. r=cjones,gal
8ae2b959b51dc0ca2020104bd82dd461aa729027Terrence Cole — Bug 723346 - Make sharpObjectMap a modern HashMap; r=Waldo
956fe683561ce651f30bfbff9fd36f26d0e245bdFabrice Desré — Bug 727287 - Battery support for akami devices [r=mounir]
373679b399185a5f84cc40592c3736d20c900e5aTerrence Cole — Bug 727980 - Do not mark script atoms as roots; r=billm
4079180d600c8a9e030fc1e12ed7a6f8b0678c55Bill McCloskey — Bug 727921 - Add test case
98c144fa63081718a38106342363155c1966380aRichard Newman — Bug 726194 - Sync pairing succeeds, but is OFF.
cddfe9097c33e15f926287c481774ca301ba1463Jonathan Kew — bug 727736 - [harfbuzz] force glyphs for zero-width diacritics to actually have zero width, to work around bad fonts. r=behdad
4299742bf32bf2315b4854f513f7398a5f33a2acMatt Brubeck — Bug 728005 - Crash when entering full screen mode on Android 2.3 [r=sriram]
2e4d93627d9f2962de34748d982e3c57f69ae744Jonathan Kew — bug 662055 followup - fix typo in comment. DONTBUILD
f01f200f798a6d43c11e05b29b377451f485f8e3Felix Fung — Bug 495277 - Reduce calls to new Function in Autocomplete.xml. r=gavin
20df766a99222197f1ab6cb5a8f5b68dc4bba369Jonathan Kew — bug 662055 - [harfbuzz] permute canonical classes of Hebrew marks to present logical order to OpenType lookups. r=behdad
98d4e8263df511c8f2b9ce11f068fb13e71ab889Jonathan Kew — bug 727815 - flush shaped-word caches when font-shaping preferences are modified. r=roc
d56d6d85775cb9e8e57753df37f8e0cff7a0d530Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
2e93b93bd8a8ba9244b532b7ead931994e95f049Bobby Holley — Bug 714590 - Use the helper jsclass format everywhere. r=mrbkap
818fb2809aeb63c0f028781bbe99f3ac4d847b4aMark Finkle — Bug 726399 - Robotium: Add simple test for 'Open Link' context menu r=gbrown
4132e64e267a3fb034881c3305f39a51468746fbMark Finkle — Backout eb9c17efd1e4, wrong patch
b88b81086a76979bf2f3f03f7cfb4bfe19e4a3daMark Finkle — Bug 727730 - Add support for Share Link context menu r=mbrubeck
eb9c17efd1e467e8e5adcc84b55140eae812fe15Mark Finkle — Bug 726399 - Robotium: Add simple test for 'Open Link' context menu r=gbrown
b78ce6934e24cd02ce159c9399d0bb593c5bcdb2Dietrich Ayala — Bug 671041 - batch 'o telemetry metrics for session restore.
6f6f9de4458388caacce57706f1478a73aba6e51Terrence Cole — Bug 726845 - Make Value marking interfaces indirect; r=billm
cabba131ae45f8f4ca4e11ccd423495b4ec26935Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 724465 - Only inlude the Referer header in GET requests from plugins, not POST requests, because IIS throws malformed request exceptions, r=josh
af615c25e5022fac9b93428bf0f4c7bb9b0aca08Benjamin Smedberg — Test for bug 410904 and bug 724465 - Is the Referer header present and correct when plugins request streams?
32d556a79784d24b9bb33637651dbe3cb949339eFabrice Desré — Bug 727728 - Support volume change [r=vingtetun,cjones]
ae678c91e86ba84d4cd5c5e0b94754ae8599b03cRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
7763d1aed98150789284a98b9afcb1427cd235b3Andrew McCreight — Bug 727572 - remove childless nsChildContentList from the purple buffer. r=smaug
7c247c5a572adecc90406b84c33472d1ef165ef4Andrew McCreight — Bug 727625 - remove childless nsDOMCSSAttributeDeclaration from the purple buffer. r=smaug
8610c2c3f8b9ffee33b921be8ba25d644b6d3ddaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
41c96fa5d43fb7bfa114f29f4181445f98c8d608Justin Lebar — Bug 727381 - On Android Fennec, send haptic feedback while a vibration is playing, so as not to clobber it. r=blassey
5ef233849296f80df451a923e55466340e004222Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 698519 - Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.2.0. r=jlebar
2046a1f46d40d79879b39df3eb7cb7909e128048Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727145 - Pass -Wno-return-type-c-linkage to clang. r=glandium.
201cdcb16256df95d0d3e2442477da81f89408d9Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727221 - mark LastDictionary and nsElementDeletionObserver final. r=ehsan.
4e0b3a431e2ece992fbd452fbf87c32027ffab64Brian R. Bondy — Bug 726503 - FILE_FLAG_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN always being passed for all file IO. r=taras
2df4fa51cfbbacc032c909816e48a7d8b3e1dcf4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 726481 - Reduce calls to nsLocalFileWin's IsDirectory by not calling it when enumerating directories. r=neil
4082936558a4f16bf44c356cc5cd36d1b2d81b6cAryeh Gregor — Bug 724750 - 3D transform backface-visibility has no effect when applied to an element with display:table. r=roc
2348e10c9782045ec3f71b90b4cad1cd91a8a935Daniel Levin — Bug 710973 - Validate aYResolution in PresShell::SetResolution, don't validate aXResolution twice. r=tn
1a8ab74003238590350a247a7fbff43d00054a73Dão Gottwald — Bug 727793 - Status panel tracks the mouse position on the wrong side when using a RTL locale. r=mak
35bf0d62cc305d4caf00aeb448cb93a915462a83Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726002 - Clear some big nsTArrays as early as possible in updates. r=dcamp
a010dcf1a973cfd49c8a02547ea915e27867eabcGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726002 - More OOM handling in UrlClassifier. r=dcamp
41f544c64c465be1ce57cc13de31a6dbe02ce128Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727226 - mark some classes in content/canvas/src final. r=:jrmuizel.
881b083a047c7515e79326f2f46be4ef07eed313Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727220 - Fix _CGLContextObject's forward declaration. r=jrmuizel.
769f2cdb6ba63690345afd2e42c8cfa721587eddRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
888416bbd8f30d61fb88521dc604d6701cea83d3Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 721603 - We should spin the loop after calling asyncClose in Database.cpp. r=mak.
c1b718602a5ad36a41cbcfeb3383d2e3586926b9Igor Bukanov — bug 725595 - drop native object checks from JS_(Get|Set)ReservedSlot. r=Waldo
23a142cb2fc10c16d1d84d981bf352b8bc90cc40Dão Gottwald — Bug 725289 followup, replace remaining mozSlize with slice
c83ba397936fa3a656bc79b890c62fd5c692bfc6Nathan Froyd — Bug 715927 - report addon histograms in telemetry pings; r=taras
60a2ab351c589f4fe09073fe36a81dd0c9ed804cNathan Froyd — Bug 715927 - separate packHistogram into its own function; r=taras
ffaae77565fea1f16793241d813d2acbb10b8908Nathan Froyd — Bug 715927 - tests for addon telemetry; r=taras
2389419e7c08beb8d3639c40c889667a1f0fd987Nathan Froyd — Bug 715927 - addon telemetry, C++ side; r=taras
18208d0bb8d1a9c07f945859ffd517cdfefcba14Aryeh Gregor — Bug 655478 - CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty shouldn't require the third parameter to be set; r=bzbarsky
79e5d61b3d594f17368aa2619da6a9a7b9417713David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 727435 - Implementing MOZ_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER_ONLY_PARAM_TO_PARENT. r=Waldo
534b476701be72e3f2ec9ea1b5f38ba2d13b224bMarco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
69cb70c3a1e90a257d85a8db7701edc2584e4500Owen Taylor — Bug 721498 - Use remote timestamp when available for focus requests. r=karlt
1f99e7a087c1aa99321d6cc5b4f5715db7d095fbMatthew Schranz — Bug 725289 - Removed moz prefix in Blob.mozSlice. r=sicking
d2852f3e139996786a37c391135955b026451557Aryeh Gregor — Bug 722463 - Transforms should not work on non-replaced inline elements. r=roc
a84061b8c7c96ba9fa37551e25021d33cb748c21Jared Wein — Bug 722681 - Show the tab close button immediately when opening a second tab. r=dao
7e90fe61000f2e6045fd6656af83497093092cb7Mike Hommey — Bug 727202 - Wrap malloc and free to use jemalloc in GeckoAppShell.{allocate,free}DirectBuffer. r=blassey
061557e27b59e3c2052790e8c7fec22a24862861Mike Hommey — Bug 721737 - Add toolkit l10n Makefiles to browser/ r=khuey
e9dcf2a2a097898c0e417d89fb13596c6add98ccMike Hommey — Bug 720704 - Avoid setting an alternative stack for signals if there is already one. r=ted
6d7033dc6480dc6bfd1d893581ebcd94af38a96cDaniel Holbert — Bug 727686: Remove unused variable 'sTestDeque' from TestDeque.cpp. r=cpearce
6bad0010d09211910c0b3b1715d2b8dbacbe4fceRichard Newman — Bug 724328 - Bump Android Sync version to 0.5. r=rnewman
127239d2fdb56820d21b0e998729ff6074dd5851Richard Newman — Bug 726054 - Desktop parity: track last sync time from final upload, not final fetch. r=nalexander
d884651d36d617d9f7a1ec0678c6dc8f8e89b168Nick Alexander — Bug 709408 - Part 2: Remove Cryptographer. r=rnewman
6675906944a4943f71935ba799b5e4cbd0c96ab6Nick Alexander — Bug 709408 - Part 1: Remove SyncCryptographer. r=rnewman
6ebf04264a4eff0071860125860fc47a76286c22Richard Newman — Bug 725913 - Don't log credentials during setup.
8b9ca2c5db9f97ec6291e31988edc309be47d067Richard Newman — Bug 725525 - Part 2: make Logger cache log levels.
99c336b7d8708d5fc926a76152010966d93be17eRichard Newman — Bug 724328 - misc Sync cleaning.
7282e6d27e2c348303851d81337fab8ec5d11ae7Richard Newman — Bug 725525 - Part 1: simplify and remove excess logging in Sync.
6ed5b46b7afe1d1d010cee0a17a72d7b9de3b213Nick Alexander — Bug 722561 - remove isSecure override; default from SSLSocketFactory. r=rnewman
ebbce7cfb5aca1548c4765abf2ce25fe001f48faMarina Samuel — Bug 722520. r=rnewman
1bfbf78359af04958f0493f4ddea6144a8104047Nick Alexander — Bug 722496, Bug 722579, Bug 722482, Bug 722541. r=rnewman
07510613658c493bddc774ff7331c5c075568e40Marina Samuel — Bug 724200 - SyncStorageRequest.delete() results in NullPointerException. r=rnewman
74b64932c2f7d3b74158b927e4064962e2576fdeRichard Newman — Bug 722524. r=rnewman
850f6f2d4b05dc7de0de1ed4bcc73b87fb765686Richard Newman — Bug 726045 - Match Fennec history limit.
161ce815ab798a0cba1725b088aff970589362e0Bas Schouten — Bug 726951 - Reftest: Test for shadow clips working correctly in non-rectangular canvases. r=jrmuizel
274121fbd8395add7855e5b6b87b0666b0c22c9eBas Schouten — Bug 726951: Correctly use height to normalize mask v-texture coordinate. r=jrmuizel
2271cb92cc0558a980ff0b6c976d4b5ebb6d688aBrian Smith — Bug 713936: Update to NSS_3_13_2_RTM (NSS 3.13.2), r=kai
7e1855af184c04bf588c066c3a30f477fb03ed34Serge Gautherie — Bug 285374. (Av1) Set background color as a property, not as an attribute. r=neil.
78fde7e54d9275bacdae0d20536adf573d26e6a6Olli Pettay — Bug 725804 - Don't add active network requests (XHR, WebSocket, EventSource) to CC graph, r=mccr8,jduell,jst
6989376471f7deb2579f360cce19d883130f2532Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
f2267cb4330f27bec010decc38bd19e7e4b48a3eJared Wein — Bug 709182 - 'Connecting...' in tab title when reloading is unnecessary visual noise. r=ttaubert r=dao
ec0c67eda91eb2964ad595cac14d7f62ccec0acaMark Banner — Bug 727081 - Fix for clang error 'use of undeclared identifier EnumerateEntries'. r=nfroyd
4f8f17eacf31390bb66954fee225582f0548ab82Panos Astithas — Bug 726609 - Intermittent browser_dbg_select-line.js | The correct line is selected. - Got 0, expected 5; r=msucan
31fa580e684ca3c1e7e4a1969bc49b6a25b46024Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
db2216c574981622ce09ed756f220d9c9ae60317Robert O'Callahan — Bug 727694. Set up new mDecoderStateMachine with any preset initial volume. r=cpearce
56c8584839b36f83d0e0cf9aac7b365c15f1f86aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 727661. We should only optimize ThebesLayers to ColorLayers or ImageLayers for brand-new layers (ThebesLayers with no currently valid data). Otherwise we risk ColorLayers being a deoptimization if there is valid content in the layer that doesn't happen to be visible but might become visible later, or if the layer contents are only temporarily a solid color and will soon need a buffer again. r=tn
04caa247e11ab6933182432936748c595329c566Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 727565 - Fix new compiler warnings for javac 1.7. r=bnicholson
572b054e8c40a8ec9f355492c282c6c90de79f2dBas Schouten — Bug 712630 - Part 2: Mark some reftest fuzzy on D2D. r=roc
a7b49e115c02d02cd36bcda46dc9c5103712b74dGavin Sharp — Bug 724309: add extra logging to try to fix browser_homeDrop.js
e4199c51e199bb48eaa22a686fcc1ed5b66cd5f5Brad Lassey — bug 727643 - error running when packaging android r=jmaher
0731076ace50f0ce817b0f5e99f0060288f020efTerrence Cole — Bug 726115 - Make the tracer callback take an indirect pointer; r=billm
dcc4437b544e41f0c51bcb6829a36193eda72aafMakoto Kato — Bug 727367 - xpcom/build has references of xpcom/proxy. r=bsmedberg
3c017b5fd4a52e49c90a57566db8e38e90b6f645Sean Stangl — Bug 725532 - Refactor DefVarOrConstOperation() to be Ion-compatible. r=Waldo
ad596e4e1c79edef95d96c6bedf6cc07948593c8Adam — Bug 725765 - More Sprinter cleanups (adding a put method rather than having SprintCString and friends). r=jwalden
b6ba04315303eafa314d2715cf3321f7ba226306Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 727610: Supporting fullscreen on ICS. [r=mfinkle]
03ff5cb466daba5aac03c37ae6fde63f64d80f8aBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 25 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting SVGStringList; r=jwatt
ffb8f5c16fb6c4bd910b819e8461e9f791182167Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 24 - Add wrapper for SVG types used in nsAttrValue so we don't need to export them; r=jwatt
5c4007c7ca2d30847087ddc66806ed98cc898708Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 22 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting SVGTransformList; r=jwatt
99b03e5c027c6b782acf92b562567f5dc0a124caBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 21 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting SVGPathSegList; r=jwatt
1348090e5c2716e0881e319556946bd698cd8c7dBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 20 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting SVGPointList; r=jwatt
e6b4f0dbd601a0c04fde82090855237aa14b1418Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 19 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGNumberList; r=jwatt
b397e9d603348257f499d2daed842146fd37911eBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 18 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGViewBox; r=jwatt
0cfd2c0264ecdf5bcfafb71ee19a9840ca0958efBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 17 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGPreserveAspectRatio; r=jwatt
ae97ed40a24f33a1e4f167a64dc471f2e7bffe79Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 16 - Add mutation event tests for strings and classes and tidy up use of DidChangeString; r=jwatt
35aa6e5840b3bda5ec563bf03625a11f96a83f00Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 15 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGBoolean; r=jwatt
6c992be30840ecd414e52251630f6c416d28e611Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 14 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGAngle; r=jwatt
baedf8831fc9a5f8d137845794669b4d33b812a5Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 13 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGIntegerPair; r=jwatt
9a2c96bfd71ef5d29bd547da950e3592b2fde0f2Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 12 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGInteger; r=jwatt
4127b4c4c081b20abcce702c006d086b596d4e6dBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 11 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGNumberPair; r=jwatt
92bf6c6fc409821fa7d484222b4301ccd77e9e2aBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 10 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGNumber2; r=jwatt
298a762dc5524ad3c0554b3fc5cc2b293a5de1e3Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 9 - Update attribute setting for SVGAnimatedLengthList; r=jwatt
ca1719020069f7c20893ca9e81f39e33cd71d40dBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 8 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting nsSVGLength2; r=jwatt
664dd4d7bbccb4f05281694cd076066991fc2e5fBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 7 - Remove unnecessary serialisation from setting SVGEnum; r=jwatt
ad188875feef2656f48bdae36be51fb8d0f8952cBrian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 6 - Add test framework for modification events; r=jwatt
620edbd08124f50f8189b4fee9ff6f12d644bcbdAndrew McCreight — Bug 726331 - remove childless nsComputedDOMStyles from the purple buffer. r=smaug
2a7c65f8a769534f55afca76f87e44be14b675f5Andrew McCreight — Bug 727313 - avoid warnings, add case for skippable CC macros. r=smaug
d34882ca9d04463bc4eda5c12e5e5964f01a5f1aDavid Dahl — Bug 715133 - Automated tests for inline auto complete.
007fc5981fc316d5ce9b8471ee743c3ce835502fTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 726580, Stop shadowing PlanarYCbCr::mOffscreenFormat, r=bas
192068c1379241d394aa764170f4f4c4a93ff25cDão Gottwald — Bug 631250 - Let the status panel not switch sides for the find bar. r=gavin
e8d87ff90d0f7024659d29b167d92c7acfc6c511O. Atsushi — Bug 312680 - Unknown protocol error should cause an error page instead of a dialog. r=biesi
7c1f492fc1b193d5eba85c17a08fd35bb8a3c268Aryeh Gregor — Bug 721136 - transform property serialization doesn't normalize case; r=dbaron
816cc4b14ff848fc92d9eb99a47d628231d63fb1Dão Gottwald — no bug, whitespace fix
02287bac15136b1b46a171d0b22537f640fca25aJeff Walden — Convert the last remaining direct JS_Assert users to MOZ_Assert, followup to bug 717540 that seems to have been missed in my initial review. Also switch the JS_ASSERT uses to MOZ_ASSERT in passing. r=trivial
74126241b4aad31f3730855fea2178aa774935ccPatrick McManus — bug 447866 pre patch 0 - pipeline and spdy mix r=honzab
50a3c34ea8ae0fd7a6cb9d667e793b934dd71ae2Kyle Machulis — Bug 711601 - Bluetooth Implementation on B2G - patch 1: Boilerplate code for creating navigator.mozBluetooth object. r=bent
4c8aa2b0ca1c5f46f15d322d44b560b6e0dd1128Kyle Machulis — Bug 711601 - Bluetooth Implementation on B2G - patch 1: Boilerplate code for creating navigator.mozBluetooth object. r=bent
7c41c28052c6d1302fd2837d46c619cb42412eb0Steven Michaud — Bug 418091 - [OS X] keyboard shortcuts with symbols not shown in menus [r=josh]
28964353f814f13a8a7e0a573029e147ea2c51d1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 727504 - Fix up error messages displayed on missing environment variables when running tests. r=jmaher
7c004a416b2a00df22e8c4bab82b962b323f6e96James Willcox — Bug 703601 - Fix a bunch of lifecycle issues with Flash on Android
f086b7e2de8afa11bdbad8a1f17662db76fe2140James Willcox — Bug 726741 - Don't leak nsPluginInstanceOwner on Android
4a2b70586e000ca19100bda0b4c729f10dcd1c2bRichard Newman — Bug 727309 - LocalBrowserDB needlessly computes URI + profile. r=lucasr
ffd20a1557e0f17c55176c3923388991c5fcf3e5Jim Mathies — Bug 719983 - Replace uses of nsUXThemeData::sIsVistaOrLater and sIsXPOrLater with WinUtils version routines. r=neil
25949048af3d368866bb879928fa59e49aaf899dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 727302: Reuse tabs-tray resources for about:home [r=mfinkle]
ebcae0510986e90119ba65ea1e799d0affcd4b5fBen Francis — Bug 726612 - Gonk Battery API backend doesn't mark the device as charging when plugged to AC. r=mounir
0016309e3d7f14aa573bd79e64cd7acbca467d24Margaret Leibovic — Bug 726810 - Kill BrowserDB.getAllBookmarks(). r=lucasr
be6534bf79e3b1168690d5e1dc0ef925f34ced66alexander — Bug 714579 - Make sure the accessible isn't defunct before getting the caret offset. r=tbsaunde
0e8812d308bb23b486ce7243c03f35145d0cdd27Marco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
c4794b033b7e316b016d038fd577907d82ee737dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 627616. Do proxy authentication even for LOAD_ANONYMOUS loads. r=mayhemer
d3a34ad0a76c894846656bf6da78e49bcb78a897Josh Matthews — Bug 627616 - Test for interaction of anonymous loads and proxy authentication.
e8080560b547db33196f9f9bb9a8413919c0a03bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727222 - mark some classes in content/html/content/src/ final. r=smaug.
091270ee3f134d443742a9d2a7ea1ca0eccd31dbLucas Rocha — Bug 718615 - Fix history visit update when dealing with deleted entries (r=blassey)
fb2721f5b19505e188c9e6449d8226556fc8cc94Geoff Brown — Bug 723220 - Robocop: code cleanup; r=jmaher
b2c636b58ee807712de0d30e0f006a472292772fTom Schuster — Bug 725293 - update Unicode support in SpiderMonkey to v6.1 r=Waldo
c79e879427cd3ab09b894d5592c46d1c7943dfb6Marco Bonardo — Bug 706420 - intermittent failure in test_annos_expire_session.js
fbbf2d56cc8ed18528c290907b6d9c260548236aPhilipp Wagner — Bug 693226 - Fix using relative paths with at --with-l10n-base on win32 with pymake; r=ted
f942334a49625554c18c52254e26b66f5e67aa47Aryeh Gregor — Bug 393910 - Serialize "0" as "0px" for lengths instead of "0pt"; r=dbaron
a8634484e86bfc626439b90f522ccc01d82a9e30Nathan Froyd — Bug 727156 - fix compiler warnings in toolkit/mozapps/update/; r=bbondy
9d1b58980c1c26085d36aa6315fb2d564af443a3Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727212 - Remove dead code. r=jwatt.
34ba364fd1c88abf2d866c1deef91e8363a31dd0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727230 - Add a virtual destructor to WebGLExtension. r=bjacob.
766e9d94a081696e1f34a00f5ab36185b9da9173Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 727218 - mark nsSVGImageListener final. r=roc.
a853f40171929017c9d69ec3876aa678a9507778Phil Ringnalda — Back out 966fb7b0873f (bug 727258)
592c27677267c726c219d8b5b7545c929fe4b751Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 727401 - import libpng overflow patch from r=joe, a=akeybl
966fb7b0873f5116f87470378710d98d99006b64Serge Gautherie — Bug 727258. (Bv1) build/ force MOZ_SOURCE_STAMP value. r=khuey.
ae8cce613aa0a16a9b298351a56f3d9c67a29bf5Serge Gautherie — Bug 721065. (Av1b) pyxpt: Report Typelib filename, when IIDs/names differ. r=ted.mielczarek.
334d8674cdb65912de670a17e1ab53d768c84799Serge Gautherie — Bug 718020. (Av1) test_bug583889.html: Delay "SimpleTest.finish()" call, Add missing 'yield' in bug583889_inner1.html, Add documentation. r=roc.
9e13c1e9052ebe22c8f5eec17d3f5bf4ac1f44e6Gavin Sharp — Bug 726864: package wakeUpService in Firefox, r=ttaubert
dbf20cd5526fefb43a794496eb9496d475a9c715Gavin Sharp — Bug 727131: add pref to control whether searches from the context menu open in the background, r=dao
4b89efc958a166f068a4c8face92977fad4a14bdGavin Sharp — Bug 726866: remove nsIMessageWakeupService since it isn't built/used, r=mfinkle
a599bea9935a9f818f76952caae45f59e5796c5cGavin Sharp — Bug 727244: tabbrowser exception when dropping links on tabs, r=fryn
ee85dca9fe03dc43016d7d31eee855d5f4d8eacdGavin Sharp — Bug 724116 followup: get rid of the .inc file since it confuses l10n tools, f=axel
3a90a3dedf6c3339ae8ecc74e07719a1ee38d9ccKyle Huey — Bug 727310: Make sure XHR unpins itself if it never recieved a loadstart event. r=bent
46e22ce549b0b87f8bc944416894a1352af5d2adMarco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
a3f63d36353568c7df87f750a46d632841dba0b9Makoto Kato — Bug 712243 - cleanup nsNotifyAddrListener. r=jimm
9156e16286dda1518adc608efdf4c2cce38fb0d4Thomas G Eaton — Bug 721807 - APKOpen.cpp fails to compile on X86 android. r=glandium
90213a7ffc243ecbf158896b26c41ce203cca9fcJonathan Kew — bug 707959 - followup, move font cache telemetry into gfxFontCache::Lookup. r=roc
3884d70d2f7da7acd99632e1951d1e4ab4ced951Matt Woodrow — Bug 724025 - Correctly flatten transform-style:flat with BasicLayers. r=roc
b736157e56f6ff76f4e07f226ce5e1f394548fa1Matt Woodrow — Bug 721082 - Make perspective-origin relative to the parent elements border box. r=roc
1158b09686b74651e7fd00ac031f48839b4a9feeMatt Woodrow — Bug 721082 - Constify nsIFrame::GetParentStyleContextFrame. r=roc
858aab8397af9a75003516173abb0c82c19401ffMatt Woodrow — Bug 725209 - Mark TextureImage as valid when self copying, and correctly mark the region needing to be redrawn. r=joe
1db98753a46f59d8a769d71db3c4b7ac61246101Daniel Holbert — Bug 458167 patch 6: s/it's/its/ in comments within editor. r=ehsan
8c575ca199374a69877f9cdedcc5d28867b62ea8Chris Illias — Bug 701322: Remove comment pointing to stale URL from prefs.js. r=gavin
f8ce0b7ebd8017cf86c4fb4863e5f8015462f4dbJohn Daggett — Bug 707959. Add word cache and font cache telemetry probes. r=roc
785130198c9113dae498d9c423912f69225c13d9joseph — Bug 726507 - Replace GetAccService()->GetAccessible() with mDoc->GetAccessible() in html/ and xul/ subfolders of accessibility/src/ folder, r=surkov
2eaea6a86276c65f009330ef4356a1c4892cc6ecMasayuki Nakano — Bug 622247 Remove hack for bug 23558 and bug 271815, and add tests for them r=ehsan
eff64129a6f2e81b94f9806ab97d008f838c0000Robert O'Callahan — Bug 726889. Rename nsMediaStream/nsMediaChannelStream/nsMediaFileStream to mozilla::MediaResource/ChannelMediaResource/FileMediaResource. Also rename nsByteRange to mozilla::MediaByteRange and nsChannelStatistics to mozilla::MediaChannelStatistics. Rename GetStream to GetResource and various other mentions of 'stream' to 'resource'. r=cpearce
681b168e9528c25920d43e9cceee9ab7c52acf64Robert O'Callahan — Bug 708116. Factor out logic for updating the current frame of a video element into a helper object. r=doublec
f28fe2f0fe66fd36068e5e63715608eac268f497Brad Lassey — bug 726929 - large session restore screenshots taken too often r=mfinkle
a9393768863d60bfcbaa68f5c8ed149d93ab1559Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 706891 followup - disable test until it can be updated. r=philor
995f9fefe705660b332306a86b5db3d528cc4a48Margaret Leibovic — Bug 725660 - "about:blank" briefly appears in the urlbar when openings links from external apps. r=mfinkle
4066c46534b908a82cba27b3391d298d0945eab1Blair McBride — Bug 725058 - Get Add-ons pane incorrectly references nsIWebProgressListener.STATE_IS_TRANSFERRING. r=dtownsend
f1e0a5cb0e79dc8b8406240518ce18808d48c700Blair McBride — Bug 714841 - With 30 lightweight themes installed, Add-ons Manager appearance pane is slow to load. r=dtownsend
78a838663c7d00175007e238a659ec1c738e948eBlair McBride — Bug 718630 - Add-ons with compatibility override are displayed as enabled and incompatible if skipping compatibility check after upgrade. r=dtownsend
fe532188a80893985efa4569da567de25ce7bb94Blair McBride — Bug 702920 - If compatibility changes for a user-disabled addon, the UI doesn't get notified and doesn't update. r=dtownsend
bbc64c895511aa374d4e9736545a3e338c5ef7fcBlair McBride — Bug 715787 - Refactor common provider-agnostic prefs to be properties of AddonManager. r=dtownsend
f9599a2d85a5eafea6f6881e6918cbbd19c56bd7Alex Pakhotin — Bug 721393 - Virtual keyboard enter key doesn't work correctly in designMode document. r=blassey
b608183760faa9100a61cbdec96c9dfef2e19749Richard Newman — Bug 724745 - Bump parent folder modified time when altering a parent-related child attribute. r=lucasr
08c263fdeecfa45c3a56aea6c5028916e6e7944cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 727300: Don't animate awesomebar while cancelling. [r=mfinkle]
a4ddd189b1123b2e70f8c9f3e9541c0391f20c92Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 726875: Scroll the list after it populates in TabsTray. [r=mfinkle]
0f5f2636d588702696767ecb71b6028c2555ada7Brian Nicholson — Bug 722413 - Use GeckoAsyncTask for bookmark removal. r=lucasr
e963253d4421c9b627e243c7670510f50d2f4515Brian Nicholson — Bug 722413 - Use custom observer for BookmarksListAdapter. r=mfinkle f=lucasr
c430b0da833408b12e138f5eb867a342d6ea7580Brian Nicholson — Bug 722413 - Refactor ContentResolver in AwesomeBarTabs. r=mfinkle
490c6baef353eaa62b6b25bf7f59c15752d729fcBrian Nicholson — Bug 722413 - Refactor tabs to use bookmarks observer. r=mfinkle
d6b0a72dd5126be2b721c434e1e69e69b805192eBrian Nicholson — Bug 722413 - Implement bookmark change observers. r=lucasr
5ef6208def4d4e2e3d06ccc8abdb56ae13aa106aTerrence Cole — Bug 721463 - Clean up and minimize marking interfaces; r=billm
40d26a40e76831783b238f9fecbcb4cf1ef14b20Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 726732: Load preferences screen faster. [r=mfinkle, bnicholson]
c06cc2fd3395a57b4b158ca579efd87d9bfc7cf9Matt Brubeck — Bug 726863 - Use mobile-specific strings for add-on download error messages [r=mfinkle]
67d25814ec449f95d0bd94af8b3afd08b06174baJohnny Stenback — Bug 704623, part 1. Track orphan DOM nodes so that they can be reported in about:memory. r=smaug
1aa0d78efa8d355427f64e74420e3649998387e1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 726764. Avoid leaking CGPaths when getting text paths. r=joe
74d1974e693414cf7edba43d166745786a6c70e2Justin Wood — Bug 727258 - Suite Depend Locales broken after Bug 722262. r=khuey
5561f15afa76036820edca5df1058f75afd5d29eJan de Mooij — Bug 727087 - Move JSOP_TOID implementation to jsinterpinlines. r=dvander
94f2faa4e9cf1570e7cb93a22fdd028a6729a271Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to m-i to pick up Bug 725848.
d689f4d7e7ead259424140904fad429807109475Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 726877 - Don't warn when startup crash tracking returns NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE. r=dolske
c7423cda433c3b978726f328ba2911754261571cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 726043 - Rev uuids for bug 294260 and add NS_ENSURE_ARG_POINTER. r=Mossop
94cd5a4d7a103bd1cba6ce394b4c8d8392534a64Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 724116 - Add additional URL types to implement channel parameter for Google search plugin. r=gavin
a5bd3f716d86363c88baf33f0d92409a55e4338aMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 720101 - Remove @import of missing file: toolkit/content/global/autocomplete.css r=dao
e5df0f4321adc4246d0e575b34c36b4c7826d7ddJeff Walden — Bug 727141 - Uglify the include of <stdint.h> to support building on case-insensitive file systems. rs=khuey over IRC
1a7ced340f9bd9f736d93017e1a9f7d256f24497Kai Engert — Bug 713936, land NSPR_4_9_BETA7 for final release testing, r=wtc
21783313b2e1a65dbd0017f62c4dcf7c41cb3852Chris Peterson — Bug 706891 part 3 - When drag breaks through pan threshold, reposition touch origin and check for axis locking. r=kats
442ad20cca014f372e8362e57d16511c0eb7bbc8Chris Peterson — Bug 706891 part 2 - Reduce PAN_THRESHOLD from 1/10" to 1/16" and change units to dps. r=kats
8119075352ef570ad1ff9cd58e3caec310f49b51Chris Peterson — Bug 706891 part 1 - Rename Axis setLocked/mLocked to setScrolledDisabled/mScrollingDisabled to clarify meaning. r=kats
0a3987cfa79fb618d4f982e0334f19be7162dbfcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 725932: Use handler messages. [r=mfinkle,blassey]
f80c406b902a4968050c7062e95e9001fa7e32b2Jim Blandy — Bug 723806: Make JavaScript CTypes print function types correctly. r=bholley
57c9ea722e7313056f339b6ec81c0e6d03ec80e5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 722439 - Fix compiler warnings using javac 1.7. r=Cwiiis
5be23e1bd1e7e02c773a4caace9759725091ae1dBrian Nicholson — Bug 711578 - Fix session store for initial session crash. r=mfinkle
85085eefcac8f056e480300c473c9223f40c5667Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 727121 - Attempt to trick Java 1.7 compiler into not being stupid. r=rnewman
e20072b2802ceace5a29bd3cf1f8c941dbd74045Gregory Szorc — Bug 725510 - Ability to execute xpcshell tests in random order; r=ted
9e93f190f64cda2271479b07c21b6d844b3f432dChris Leary — Bug 700822: Randomize JIT VirtualAlloc location on win32, sans XP. (r=dmandelin)
85f3cf72938ae7e8e49fd3480cc3b7c51d25b11bJoel Maher — Bug 725799 - create fennec_ids.txt in upload folder for talos access. r=blassey
27a6f4156f0a8d9eb39266b023ddfad4c4c1b4c3Josh Aas — Bug 501485: Destroy plugin processes after three minutes of not being used. Timer starts when the last instance is destroyed, is canceled if a new instance is created before it fires. r=bsmedberg
6564da6bf49e737ee3dca8e287d751a3f04376cfLucas Rocha — Bug 724348 - Only use the necessary vertical space for top sites in about:home (r=mfinkle)
e10c119aa6629980e5488939201ea522f4583554Lucas Rocha — Bug 724348 - Remove unused variable from TopSitesGridView (r=mfinkle)
be845a0d623420b36fa29d9192ff1ed944103126Andrew McCreight — Bug 726777. r=sicking
0a2efcfd53ffcb201028f0a59824480ed738c0aeMark Banner — Bug 726978 - Remove useless NS_New(Native)LocalFile calls in nsBrowserApp.cpp. r=glandium
06725c1fd56ffcad50c56bbc00bc2819cb8e0c04Mark Banner — Bug 727081 - Fix for clang error 'use of undeclared identifier EnumerateEntries'. r=nfroyd
36a22ca6439d29a954ae5b2993ddb34aa21418b3Lucas Rocha — Bug 723103 - Update about:home's top sites section after history is cleared (r=mfinkle)
9cedf56c0200e5f55ec6d4250a38ef134241fabaLucas Rocha — Bug 719434 - Purge session files when clearing history and update about:home accordingly (r=mfinkle)
fd88e8b593872fa00ac5ca25db1f11c7edffab0bLucas Rocha — Bug 719434 - Add notifification/message for when SessionStore purges its state (r=mfinkle)
756b5b732c91d1a6656ff5e66e8451cb7aa8ec17William Lachance — Bug 726867 - DeviceManagerSUT's getProcessList is identical to code in DeviceManager. r=jmaher
e16d9a4fe053f56d80337c1f8548f9bd3b08f809William Lachance — Bug 726833 - SUT client can hang if prompt occurs on 1024-byte boundary. r=jmaher
c5b29daef5aed8eca15d36dda77d959ee85970d2Jonathan Kew — bug 726988 - remove stray instances of PR_TRUE in WebGL. r=bjacob
ad860d3e149526f6b9f7c2c402fb965b2e89a6aaJonathan Kew — bug 726981 - remove stray instances of PRBool in content. r=mounir
075acd7c9323fde467b39e5015298fe29bc5e0b8Jonathan Kew — bug 726962 - remove stray instances of PRBool in gfx. r=joe
c78c8987961f8674f682f8ca32b3c373322f9585Simon Montagu — Remove nsObserverBase. Bug 726950, r=emk
d4f7322ed11355f200e492017bcf67975f5feebfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 724189. Don't invalidate entire frame when the frame has shadows or effects and the post-transform overflow area changes. r=mats
43b3ef9500feed1355035780ba0dafe5880713ecChris Jones — Bug 724189: Add a little fuzz factor to the max pre-render size for transformed frames, in case the frame has borders or shadows. r=roc
7c9cd16a4313d0a394dcd3338e8d01166c051fecRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 723738. Move comment. r=jmuizelaar.
3fa51ff647cb078f199a89ef3745040cf96ab94dBrian Hackett — Fix argc checks in mjitChunkLimit shell function, bug 726636. r=dvander
e19de454a479e89f4a01f0cdccafc54da8bb1489Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Need infra for developer contributed compilers. r=rail.
80fa4ccd0b2b0e3909280a591aae831b3303879cJonathan Kew — bug 668813 pt 2 - maintain a character coverage map for gfxFontFamily. r=jdaggett
fa0c78177fb9493188e871b217b3eee09b1d47e1Jonathan Kew — bug 668813 pt 1 - check character coverage of other styles in the selected font family before falling back to other families. r=jdaggett
44f6dc4eb809c4d6a09a72b7488337afe587f38dMarco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
baeac97a079cfe45b52c41da2b6e9ced71affeffDavid Zbarsky — Remove nsDebugDetector. Bug 683429, r=smontagu
92d08776a039c8d6a0edc3f5a87351ce2e616a32Chris Jones — Bug 725580: Fluff out the bounds of pre-rendered nsDisplayTransforms to their visual overflow rect in order to avoid killing their dedicated layer mid-activity, when part of the frame isn't painted. r=roc
371abe4331920facc77af355d95138bff3bae182Matt Woodrow — Bug 722603 - Part 2: Use cached transform as much as possible (r=roc).
3cf4980b7bd1c5fdc38ff65ede9c38ce50bf8cacMatt Woodrow — Bug 722603 - Part 1: Use cached transform in nsDisplayTransform::GetBounds() (r=roc)
a8d19ab244cad3e322bb07c420827a5b6e9fe5fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 726891. Move rate/channels/format up to nsAudioStream and add inline getters. r=kinetik
7812b8eae381fdc36baad319e38444a8ae4b515eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 726894. Add a copy constructor to DebugOnly so it can be used in more situations. r=cjones
eedec300aaf0cc96564937d243ffe26d58de4ea4Chris Pearce — Bug 673698 - Don't update video playback position during seek. r=roc
d32d00967753b1168d864eca8e0724a2a5831919Jonathan Kew — bug 724231 - test that synthetic styles applied to src:local fonts do NOT use a true styled face that happens to be installed, instead of the one defined by the @-rule. r=jdaggett
b343b73149189a3c67167d6feeb3d54b8fc13b9eJonathan Kew — bug 724231 - ensure synthetic font styles under GDI are truly synthetic, rather than using a potentially incompatible font face. r=jdaggett
392319d8c1fada29709b6d561224e874dede2b45Jonathan Kew — bug 695857 - update harfbuzz code and adapt gfx/thebes for revised harfbuzz API. r=jdaggett
91d77c934b264f3b93346aa113ad957e160074deMike Hommey — Bug 725230 - Enable and fix assertions in linker code. r=tglek
71d144fbd53e8983f0a0e8049aa340c8f3d26426Mike Hommey — Bug 717540 - Remove MFBT dependency on JS_Assert, add MOZ_Assert, and use it for WTF assertions. r=waldo,r=khuey
91f55e5ac0adc2470eb589a4acb207a26248addfPhil Ringnalda — Back out 7f81109133b5 (bug 725221), 135721f3720b (bug 726891), aef4ead175b4 (bug 726894) for orange
7f81109133b5df4e9b1518ca9bd9738a00b594f5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 725221. Don't fire notifications in nsGenericDOMDataNode::SetTextInternal if the text hasn't changed. r=jst
135721f3720b0915efb583f117d5b36863574f64Robert O'Callahan — Bug 726891. Move rate/channels/format up to nsAudioStream and add inline getters. r=kinetik
aef4ead175b42c5d74423caee4da8b4e0459956dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 726894. Add a copy constructor to DebugOnly so it can be used in more situations. r=cjones
48d2243ca7584f0634762eea85fb1f1bb1279055Joe Olivas — Bug 725152 - Only use force_stereo_mode pref if it's explicitly set. r=kinetik
e2efe112d3064d0d9a42010e3b0f0df6cc439ccaJustin Lebar — Bug 726004 - Fix intermittent reftest orange introduced by bug 715308 by not flushing invalidations when the decoder detects an error. r=joe
58f6c1579684d1fb2454bfdd830c16952f9f7690Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 5 - Add assignment operator to nsAttrValue; r=bz
51b01ea1a7a17291390286de781a014b20ba75e4Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 4 - Tidy up bool parameters to make them easier to read; r=bz
b2118ae34c32f8cf2e9a5d1fbe6ca98c3e0476e1Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 3 - Make AfterSetAttr take an nsAttrValue; r=bz
b4038a82a54546643587b86940eba38f03497773Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 2 - Make BeforeSetAttr take an nsAttrValue; r=bz
e444887f447d40635fa63e285e9089c9952ceb64Brian Birtles — Bug 629200 part 1 - Make MaybeCheckSameAttrVal work on parsed attributes instead of strings; r=bz
81f6b9cbb2a92ac08d1ccc0c1b44d6a5c28f6e2aTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
5acf0e26ddcdf2afe5cedf7c8903d6058c6b572cDave Camp — Bug 703718 - Unify dbg-server.js and dbg-server.jsm. r=past
4ea8c90ff02abc4da685deeadc42fde898d7f423Dave Camp — Bug 719127 - Debugger error: jschar out of char range; high bits of data lost. r=past
8133f8197fdc4274a52aac25ebd1213bb391e9b5Jared Wein — Bug 725122 - Fix the intermittent timeouts by only setting the src attribute of the <audio> element after the event listener has been added. r=neil
11d9ee3f63eb4db9498dcc7de2e6a31e90fe4930Jan Bambach — Bug 707736 - Hide the cursor when it's motionless over a fullscreen video. r=dolske
2ec69945ec1159b69ab36a00eb742560175864c1Diogo Golovanevsky Monteiro — Bug 714071 - The Show Statistics setting is not preserved when toggling the full screen mode. r=neil
d45c7d7b0079239c093dcb2ef3c0dda82ec793b4Kyle Huey — Bug 725848: Fix it for real this time. r=me
ad0038e0af1f4a6beae965b7dab2e048578b2130Serge Gautherie — Bug 725942. (Av1) browser-test.js: Ignore empty console messages. r=dtownsend.
b3a7561624f974ee2d663cf247322dfba3df359cMark Banner — Bug 722262 Fix ordering for extra app libs in dependentlibs.list. r=khuey
62695656d7bda858b32fe59e6d5596e994049359Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
845f215b717aed8ffc431e03aff6c45911223c51Matt Brubeck — Bug 719684 - Show an error message when add-on download is blocked or cancelled [r=mfinkle]
eec3c6a558650dc6071a2c5f69474a8c229c45b5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 625151 Reset accesskey state at blur and alt keydown r=enn
ca39e09c5a3ff0805bb47c3d91ed53035c549487Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 706819: Show tabs-tray faster. [r=mfinkle]
1c5c5e78f3705b740a30fa8385b99dd297fb58bdSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 718268: Closing tab should not shift the list. [r=mfinkle]
fbf93932695e64863c9df83f3f4d19309c6bf9bbBrian Smith — Bug 710176, Part 3: Abort the connection during send or recv when we time out assuming TLS intolerance, r=kaie
8365c736e4f3e3719c68de110d7f4c272d1d15c1Brian Smith — Bug 713934: Update SetCertVerificationResult to use SSL_AuthCertificateComplete, r=honzab
f977e4ffa1ba9a79138da87095c93ff3138ae295Brian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 2: Remove local patches that were incorporated into NSS 3.13.2, r=kaie
8509ff547e28851b1ecd6a7b1546e75b4b4080c4Brian Smith — Bug 713936, Part 1: Update to NSS 3.13.2 RC0, r=kaie
3f6d5d9bac6187cbc85481f1438b75d986b619caAlexander Surkov — Bug 725644 - add new nsIAccessibleHideEvent interface, r=tbsaunde
04ac18d14436ffa2769ae560fb82203cf0d0861fGeoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part G, remove remaining uses of nsIPrefBranch2; r=bsmedberg
fc98d884f0f09c7e15849a7ad975b4c86610ec55Geoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part F, remove uses of nsIPrefBranch2 in testing/ and layout/tools/reftest/ ; r=bsmedberg
07800b5b4d838d1b7581bb78afeb8cd207ab3626Geoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part E, remove uses of nsIPrefBranch2 in netwerk/ ; r=bsmedberg
102dd9765964d899bc60393de5c7e2b2b5d992d9Geoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part D, remove uses of nsIPrefBranch2 in browser/ and mobile/ ; r=bsmedberg
860513cc7d5adeec8b3ab7c9b8581de485484d34Geoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part C, remove uses of nsIPrefBranch2 in toolkit/ ; r=bsmedberg
910cc1ad28039d8970ac40ab2bf402b26c5af9e4Geoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part B, remove uses of nsIPrefBranch2 in modules/libpref/ ; r=bsmedberg
e933d31eb6965196994df3c2298dd2c09224980cGeoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part A, merge interfaces; r=bsmedberg, sr=gavin
5c8d7e3de1b8f510fbbae899ed56ca3012326e65Mats Palmgren — Bug 726364 - "ASSERTION: unexpected disconnected nodes" with range, splitText, mutation event". r=smaug
76cf2be70d9073d8138698b5aad984e63520f6a5Mats Palmgren — Bug 725535 - "ASSERTION: Only transformed frames should have UpdateTransformLayer hint". r=roc
748efe64d0733d36a599c1edf264f7783ecd419eMats Palmgren — Bug 725376 - Don't do column balancing deeper than 5 nested levels to avoid hang. r=roc
d316d6781d6e5a95214a582d7d017e8322046ec5Matthew Schranz — Bug 718274 - Implement ::DispatchUntrustedEvent and ::DispatchEvent for ContentUtils. r=mounir
84725e191d218995f8caf2d0f447b9029d153d84Michael Wu — Bug 714416 - Add rotation support to gonk backend, r=cjones
7f89c92dea5171d19c165c6efafbf924220761f3Chris Jones — Bug 714416 - Add API for rotating screens, sr=roc
3202141e00fb7e0313f779805317446728d8f3f8Chris Jones — Bug 714416 - Merge screen manager into nsWindow.cpp, r=mwu
c42f64194c667c4acfd9baa7e269694c8edcc130Brad Lassey — bug 725538 - make creating GeckoEvents sane r=kats
6711ced03ad30418feac5373e92de19b27643415Daniel Holbert — Bug 725723: rename reftests/flexbox to reftests/box. r=dbaron
f78a0dea88fc286af49bb4e380fb6b87bcadee18Till Schneidereit — Bug 726573: Change .hgignore and .gitignore to ignore Eclipse IDE project files in subdirectories, too. r=khuey
1c7130f50c21ba5ba54d387a86888cae686d5e49Joe Drew — Bug 724584: Pass in aRequest as an nsIRequest* (instead of an nsIChannel*) in mgRequest::Init. r=jrmuizel
01b07f54ec5085368ee00b892eabbcf05a9b8f29Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 722924 - Fix handling of Vorbis floor0 codebook with no used entries, r=kinetik
f28f16d674c95fdbe2ecb1f8dcff61ded1dbe404Robert Longson — Bug 711653: In SVG lighting calculations, when input surface is 1px wide, use a normal vector that points straight out of the page. r=dholbert
7d542384106f630dfbe78c57ed1f3bca7fd3eb10Karl Tomlinson — b=726443 rework last event time calculation to avoid problems with gtk_get_current_event_time in nested loops r=roc
9c6893026006b9ebcd09197d8b96228d2b22667dKarl Tomlinson — b=724967 update mWidget before calling CaptureRollupEvents to handle rollup during the call r=enndeakin
1609860cca3f27084417ba31dabefbb5070d9228Javi Rueda — Bug 708595 - Clarify download history related preferences in the Privacy pane. r=jwein
27099c5bfca14cade011457286f7126b8ea453b3passfree — Bug 636841 - Stop using unneeded private API on OS X (_LSCopyDefaultSchemeHandlerURL). r=smichaud
8630cfc50df927a0cf4ccb173451ddedc7e8bd32Steven Michaud — Bug 721160 - Stop explicitly linking libcrypto on OS X. r=ted
34429047e2adb7d3b0ca80b6dd2105583e611f7dNathan Froyd — Bug 720456 - Include more startup-relevant information in telemetry pings. r=taras
f7e4a21d261f88720eab5244637d63c5b50daa9aGeorge Wright — Bug 723110. Refactor font code to lay the groundwork for having a ScaledFontFreetype class. r=jrmuizel
108f5491cf3fecd04805b98cbbb7c33c5ed3afb9Nathan Froyd — Bug 725699 - Clean up Telemetry hashtable reflection. r=taras
9d8f174bc89d4c030b2d19b3a138eb5267a48c7bMs2ger — Bug 726417: Signed/unsigned comparison in nsCacheMetaData::UnflattenMetaData r=jduell
da94847d66d438a964cf5e75a813543a8badbcdeJason Duell — Bug 725862: Allow test_websocket.html to run multiple times to help track down random oranges. r=mcmanus
5185e21c55ec3abacf098b4069e0fd953a6353e1Neil Deakin — Bug 670317, add a focus manager flag to restrict tab navigation to the same frame, r=smaug
a98cf6ce2f0a09eebc150b49beedd18217e7ad9eNeil Deakin — Bug 723676, crash writing to startup cache when an empty method body is used, r=bz
862dec07105b34e7701b06dece9658bc1a019021Neil Deakin — Bug 721452, crash writing to startup cache when empty handler is used, r=bz
2986d2923fa92a0ef2de26f9797094ce22ceb757Vladan Djeric — Bug 714964 - Add a 'dirty bit' column to webappsstore2_temp to reduces writes in DOM storage. r=honzab
f29587aa8965b19c0c6784c9d9eb41434fa50640Terrence Cole — Bug 714109 - Add missing barriers to Generator; r=billm
a7f0285cde9a63c1d5e323f38ee93ad78cc037fcJonathan Watt — Bug 726582 - Prevent nsSMILCSSProperty::ValueFromString from reading uninitialized out-param aPreventCachingOfSandwich. r=dholbert.
ffcf24db0f74b196dea03005e96a41591e578253Michael Wu — Bug 712789 - Put packed xpi extensions in the extension lists, r=bsmedberg
8b995dfd66e1241ac83a027e05aa32f0a003849bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 725930: DoorHangerPopup should be initialized late to avoid problems in startup. [r=mfinkle]
25d02871313b7bbcdae317850e2c42b08b20e189Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711746: ActionBar should be loaded in XML to avoid temporary title screen. [r=mfinkle]
19a59b40b90ab3498d1176464f558ef8d087d68dRobert Accettura — Bug 542938: add a pref to control whether oncopy/oncut/onpaste events are fired, r=smaug
d834ff0f66c1d78937a084e78607156b685f673dJosh Aas — Bug 661260: Don't unregister plugins as content handlers just because they are unloaded. Thanks to Rodd Zurcher for his report and proposed solution. r=bsmedberg
8609c5263f73a03a177677149a837c8cb53b97fbMarco Bonardo — Merge central to inbound
442b3399ff1a7a4e7b7f54643714675e3c5d29aeGian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout 91eed468cff8 (Bug 726002) due to broken error handling.
bd04ba7c9996460fd6c83f6afb2c5047612d0082Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backout e0e2cc5570ac (Bug 726002) due to broken error handling.
c63b7b310d5f43db40ba58a2d5326c13680969bdMarco Bonardo — Bug 717575 - Places should fallback to default cache size, excluding autocomplete.
e652994cdd9ee79e67c0e1207366175a244c9e99Mike Hommey — Backout 8eef38643ceb (bug 717540) and 78941a969e20 (bug 725230) because of windows debug bustage
78941a969e20dcced6fc370c0540ded2ac4dad9fMike Hommey — Bug 725230 - Enable and fix assertions in linker code. r=tglek
04a1790770548f3f31abb9d644a68d66f5bf7962Mike Hommey — Bug 721321 - Fix sys_clone() on ARM to work reliably in Thumb-2. r=jbramley
8eef38643cebd4e8aec82a933b10627d18385aa4Mike Hommey — Bug 717540 - Remove MFBT dependency on JS_Assert, add MOZ_Assert, and use it for WTF assertions. r=waldo,r=khuey
32bc6264f4bf17fccf028f2f731fd3484c6265a8Mike Hommey — Bug 698923 - Don't require 16 bytes alignment for VMFrame on sparc. r=luke
0d95f0ca65a048eadfa7f2659b625b5f69685f3cJustin Wood — Bug 722262 - allow other apps to expand the list of dependentlibs easily. r=glandium
0e3598aa67cb7b2bbbc2d294ab01c883962c2431Justin Wood — Backed out changeset 6d3493e971ea due to bad rebase
6d3493e971ea5a02127594a8b7ba4aaad2d4b1b2Justin Wood — Bug 722262 - allow other apps to expand the list of dependentlibs easily. r=glandium
e0e2cc5570ac24d2993948dab86a397e1c8a4b0aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726002 - Clear some big nsTArrays as early as possible in updates. r=dcamp
91eed468cff8ac7a39af869a53236d4da3393986Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726002 - More OOM handling in UrlClassifier. r=dcamp
60edf587f4afae5b8b364e67bbaf11b7736b4dc0Kyle Huey — Bug 726241: XHR should not double AddFeature itself. r=bent
58054442448af108a2d74a3dca26cf45d5885ddcFrank Yan — Bug 695482 - Open 'Search Google for <selection>' in the foreground. r=gavin ui-r=limi
3af49eca2c77eea90bcd29792a6f8815ab524852Frank Yan — Back out patch for bug 704538 because it's no longer needed. a=gavin
882cb76f5b34b10490195f80d27e4d295e0123f5Serge Gautherie — Bug 718324. (Av1) Fix condition for packaging 'default*.png'. r=ted.mielczarek.
167b8460ef0d467ad720833ec31e2fcafd37dc32Johnny Stenback — Followup fix for bug 723473, also make sure that the content type string remains valid while instantiating a plugin instance. r=josh
fea71e4280d65952f4b0ac5d52fe82e3a6877695Olli Pettay — Bug 725768 - BBP for ObjectHolders, additional patch 2, r=mccr8
817614044d46191a7914a70a01edce82fb37ba6eMark Capella — Bug 725647. (Bv1a) test_embeds.xul: Use new openBrowserWindow(). f=sgautherie r=surkov.alexander.
ebafee0cea36149bb990849371290f24ec2861e5Marco Bonardo — Merge last green PGO from inbound to central
37cecf145092510746b2dee2317b7397dce74959Mark Banner — Bug 720636 - Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_TelemetryPing.js | false == true. Update the test to not rely on the graphics hardware installed as it is really just testing that the hardware information gets reported. r=jdaggett
cc23a2e70600245d8fc8203be3d97366b01da09cMakoto Kato — Bug 719383 - Remove DIST_INSTALL from gfx/qcms/Makefile. r=jmuizelaar
075fe28b4d34bd4e0ebe868f2aba134978743db8Justin Lebar — Back out rev 2acd6833, bug 698519 - update to libjpeg 1.2, due to Dromaeo DOM regression.
c646a6e4dd2e9adb76ebc9ff7af0974d101e26aaAlexander Surkov — Bug 725581 - caretOffset for textarea should be -1 when textarea doesn't have a focus, r=tbsaunde
128d8b6066741de1c8f0ce542f5ded825fdff9f0Brian Hackett — Don't update GC malloc bytes for compiler heap allocations, bug 687127. r=gwagner
46c00abe05a45e8ad9bdfe52463e68b6b23e7502Jesse Ruderman — Bug 726465 - Add eCSSUnit_Turn case to nsCSSValue::SizeOfExcludingThis. r=bz
24bf37c9590619a5b80d66ecc7f79308f85ec121Bill McCloskey — Bug 713226 - Followup fix (r=bhackett)
3500272283ed2cac3a4efba945c9e55a576c6fc4Bill McCloskey — Bug 713226 - Fix SETPROP write barrier in methodjit (r=bhackett)
70dd3b785599d9aa3c2345bdca2613dc6dc32b44Bill McCloskey — Bug 721579 - Remove rt->gcTriggerBytes and rt->gcLastBytes (r=igor)
5fe3e1c45867174815cf0f4557b4114a2f93f424Bill McCloskey — Bug 722028 - Need write barrier for SuppressDeletedPropertyHelper (r=bhackett)
8246358d235fd1fbfe823b78b3bef470a3aad1e3Bill McCloskey — Bug 716067 - UnmarkGray more often (r=bent)
fbef6a165cf80b4045c2988dd096b696758ec916Bill McCloskey — Bug 723313 - Stop using conservative stack scanner for VM stack marking (r=luke,bhackett)
3d8b2998c1034f4e7c28a937ab5e03bfb768af20Bill McCloskey — Bug 723773 - Liveness analysis makes mistakes when analyzing try/catch (r=bhackett)
0c1fdf386ac10a61fa8d5f9706e509aa3fec6e20Phil Ringnalda — Back out 1cd8c9b40035 (bug 725376), df43cc1f72e1 (bug 725535), and 8a820e4ee7f6 (bug 726364) for reftest orange
1cd8c9b40035ec7e39ce9ca5b15b9bb9bebfe879Mats Palmgren — Bug 725376 - Don't do column balancing deeper than 5 nested levels to avoid hang. r=roc
df43cc1f72e1cbb6d7e0aa4d0c775379d5b11921Mats Palmgren — Bug 725535 - "ASSERTION: Only transformed frames should have UpdateTransformLayer hint". r=roc
8a820e4ee7f68f753938baf259af97a0f6902f3fMats Palmgren — Bug 726364 - "ASSERTION: unexpected disconnected nodes" with range, splitText, mutation event". r=smaug
deb7adeda4ebfac83b77f62a11e00373be600b31Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 724079. Add back the mac backend. r=ehsan
c5574e55a558aa4279536fd8fb78e522a5131658Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 724079. Add an internal stackwalk API. r=ehsan
65872ea859eb120aa75b62c57a5915556111e8f5Brian Hackett — Discard jitcode when changing chunk limit in JS shell, bug 722598. r=dvander
24ff86e2dab28c5f1ee0dcf1b589b77a0b10e6efPhil Ringnalda — Back out be556c99ef81 and 13c3c54d067b (bug 627616) for orange
2acd68334b0b9234a76a61ab61d7c595623ba2afRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 698519 - Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.2.0. r=jlebar
be556c99ef8167c0dc485cda7ee3345627572edcJosh Matthews — Bug 627616 - Test for interaction of anonymous loads and proxy authentication.
13c3c54d067be91c75e95797e37d89bdcecc13c1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 627616. Do proxy authentication even for LOAD_ANONYMOUS loads. r=mayhemer
ad782d99ae8f677e9c1fd43613727bdaacfee89aAndrew McCreight — Bug 726374 - clean up CC debug timing infrastructure. r=smaug
fa77c70cf4a7ebe79a16a4578bcf030b81aca1adMark Finkle — Bug 725910 - Robotium: Add simple about: page tests r=gbrown