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Mon Jul 09 17:22:41 2018 +0000
32cde6cdb297933f18c086dfa4d6aed28a239a1aChris H-C — bug 1470493 - Render "event" ping events in about:telemetry r=janerik a=lizzard l10n=adding-strings-back-removed-in-bug-1460595 DEVEDITION_62_0b7_BUILD1 DEVEDITION_62_0b7_RELEASE FENNEC_62_0b7_BUILD1 FENNEC_62_0b7_RELEASE FIREFOX_62_0b7_BUILD1 FIREFOX_62_0b7_RELEASE
3281d05908701c28a17589cadaec3550b430029bChris H-C — bug 1463439 - Add a pref to enable 'event' ping. Defaults to true, except for GV. r=Dexter a=lizzard
58935e7bb1480e7b2d08776fef1770edfe5eb340Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Remove events from main pings and, thus, TelemetrySession r=Dexter a=lizzard l10n=strings-added-back-in-bug-1470493
81e35fffdf70dbe5f3ad2ab58ce6d9350db909f6Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Test the 'event' ping r=Dexter a=lizzard
602dd78381af870c37a513f972fc096234098051Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Add meta-telemetry to record how many event pings we're sending r=Dexter,janerik a=lizzard
0abaa980b795b7553aa9f1fdb8ad5f1eb0f06d14Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Implement the 'event' ping r=Dexter,janerik a=lizzard
7168e116a40670ddba4ee3b694a64ae923bddfe7Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Test "event" ping event storage r=Dexter,janerik a=lizzard
6b3b9d073cf2763e9b2e4272bce8c9a23212cd21Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Add Event Ping preferences to TelemetryUtils r=Dexter,janerik a=lizzard
6d2d353e5bfe8e794e6ca1f8a0a49dc677eab407Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Change storage semantics Telemetry Events r=Dexter a=lizzard
5a480e17c6f5c15699dedd76e3e87e942516e5f0Chris H-C — bug 1460595 - Document the event ping r=Dexter,janerik a=lizzard
ecb1c1bf6f4829779354abfc0ca6e9d8fb1ab637Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1473201: Change fill-opacity for color path to show actual color. r=jdescottes a=lizzard
33216e31fc3a81ea67e7cdde095ea93a58d5ec6bEitan Isaacson — Bug 1472623 - Don't use tts.getAvailableLanguages on Androids older than M. r=snorp a=lizzard
76f1a92b24ca9b2a06d27da38eaf837dd762cfbaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1472076 - Update animations when the refresh driver's time changed due to the active timer changes. r=birtles a=lizzard
ae6851be89984fe2a74d35862ad25c59d20193aaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1472076 - Introduce nsATimerAdjustmentObserver in nsRefreshDriver. r=birtles a=lizzard
1bff764743ffd981b1e6ddbe15072eeeb1d54e86Jamie Nicol — Bug 1470758 - Ensure we don't merge items with the same frame. r=mattwoodrow a=lizzard
5dc16f73a43f37fd89b7ade43aa0cb9fe2c77310Ed Lee — Bug 1470170 - Implement priority system for AS Router messages. r=Mardak a=lizzard
eac62098b0f6b53c87b9edf283257dc962154257Ed Lee — Bug 1472297 - Hide the existing onboarding button for users in the new simplified onboarding experience cohort. r=k88hudson a=lizzard