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Wed Oct 31 17:19:06 2018 +0000
43d2c9744a7d94ef0609d6f1e099ccb19c538297Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1453078 - Do not assume segments are all non-null when not all null. r=padenot, a=RyanVM
af012e57e9de8ce72133fe5a1f2b8b0362336260Ted Campbell — Bug 1427860 - XDR failures should leave script isUncompleted(). r=nbp, a=RyanVM
52b79f0655cb6bf92c4cd1fffafc617280feacd3James Teh — Bug 1052866 - Handle QI to IAccessibleText for tables. r=MarcoZ, a=RyanVM
59be666e2781b30954d40ecf5a11543af40b5f95Alexander Surkov — Bug 1052866 - Expose IAccessibleText on tables, rows, etc. r=tbsaunde, a=RyanVM
fcb8fd2dd657df97912e2d754ed613372456c32eMats Palmgren — Bug 1501908 - Force line-height:normal for themed comboboxes for compat with other UAs. r=emilio, a=RyanVM
f82eaa1ff6a520b47242a776fbcf431b39900ed3Makoto Kato — Bug 1500876 - Remove PContent::GetSystemColors sync IPC. r=snorp,mccr8, a=RyanVM
1bef24401c99d6375d189430885044fa77824818Jared Wein — Bug 1488011 - Set the checkbox label instead of using an adjacent XUL label so the checkbox focus ring appears correctly. r=MattN, a=RyanVM