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Mon Aug 26 14:12:40 2013 +0000
a5c5523c41230b9c737854c94624cff44c0896baGavin Sharp — Bug 907893 - Update nsIBrowserSearchService IID because we forgot to in bug 493051. r=lumpy, a=bajaj, ba=jorgev
1cef98f03401edbb75a38fcbba111fc0844b7274Jeff Walden — Bug 901351 - Properly handle various edge cases in JSON.parse when walking/reviving the initial object tree. r=jorendorff, a=abillings
c8bd0aac66c030da552658b7a0e4614f71d1d9d3Justin Dolske — Bug 901747 - The "slow startup" notification bar should point users to the help article on resetting Firefox. r=jaws, a=bajaj
58c80ab3c0e01a38a0eea3dcd05da6db7c8ca2feStephen Pohl — Revert 366e6a39d71a from bug 673875 for causing bug 907275. r=smichaud, a=bajaj
782006611b5266cbde8004f22941d84a89f7b1adStephen Pohl — Revert fd6c7792b048 from bug 673875 for causing bug 907275. r=smichaud, a=bajaj
ad1f0ae291d76eee3ee91002c232f213fda5a3f3Mike Hommey — Bug 901208 - Fix Skia for ARM v4t. r=derf, a=bajaj