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Mon Feb 04 11:05:11 2019 +0000
0c326e548cb88aec3b2fb09337cba0f36ec8bcaeGlenn Watson — Bug 1523228 - Use down scaling more often to avoid blurs on very large blur radii. r=emilio a=lizzard
7f38e67b9aede6d070475e6e09c6be3e617325e5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1513309 - Add telemetry for the storage access API; r=johannh,janerik a=lizzard
c5a3a2a563c90e116ec873aaee027164cb22ef97Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1524214 - Grab caching capturing content with local variable (for beta, release and esr60). r=smaug a=abillings
e3fb31ea4d4bd8bff9a69d19461185ee6bcab9f6Alexander Surkov — Bug 1448505 - ProxyAccessible::RelationByType fails to return early, r=jamie a=lizzard
b0ffd7b7d7ed7761aff58ef2dee4355380e305ceMike Hommey — Bug 1475564 - Enable libav1 when not building with msvc. r=dmajor a=lizzard
551c4945683f0fab67725f6268ff78ecb77d7526Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1498639 - Give WR the id of the scroll frame perspective scrolls relative to, and compute the right transform based on that. r=kats,kvark a=lizzard
575fb73398a7f5ba784c492f1c3583fdd1b32e09Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1523362 - Validate cursor data in TabParent::RecvSetCursor. r=tnikkel a=lizzard
8f157b0d3c52b1d8330bfe4db697ad18530cbbaaMark Banner — Bug 1520808 - Allow importing of history from Chrome even if it was created in the future. r=mak a=lizzard
6edb580f40bf764b11502c0636e5059ba8552791Mark Banner — Bug 1523665 - Bookmarks.insertTree should take account of invalid bookmark info causing an insertion of zero items. r=mak a=lizzard