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Fri Jan 12 20:23:32 2018 +0000
574c337510b15521c16142130a2d1fee407ac25bTom Ritter — Bug 1417741 Add support of Atomic<> for Preferences::Add*VarCache r=baku,njn a=gchang on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_58b_RELBRANCH
fee5a8fb1f455dd8459b836e706613ebf49a93dcDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1417431 - secureConnectionStart should be 0 for pages with HTTP scheme. r=bkelly a=gchang FIREFOX_58b_RELBRANCH
5a556e5558de569582b9d1a9386518c84ca8c1c7Samael Wang — Bug 1416878 - Move the implementation of nsIWidgetListener from nsWebBrowser / nsWebShellWindow to a separate object. r=bz a=gchang FIREFOX_58b_RELBRANCH
15e1ac2b6b2d0acfe7879b53b731e3fcc98013a4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1387340 - Ensure popup windows spawned on non-primary windows get a correct scale. r=jfkthame a=jcristau FIREFOX_58b_RELBRANCH
d9c057e4160703d9dc1ed611e4cbd9208717aa9eMatt Woodrow — Bug 1261175. r=bobowen a=gchang FIREFOX_58b_RELBRANCH