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Thu May 24 15:32:42 2018 +0000
54ba8ee1c9ceefb0607f2a65ea6aedd984717113Mike Hommey — Bug 1463036 - Use HAVE_ARM_NEON instead of BUILD_ARM_NEON for nsUTF8UtilsNEON.cpp. r=chmanchester, a=RyanVM
c07816a1b17f89e2f2544a1c3327ff2305422ce4Mike Hommey — Bug 1463036 - Add -mfloat-abi=softfp to NEON_FLAGS when it makes sense. r=froydnj, a=RyanVM
4289269f94651589e457cbcee96eea3636759542Matt Woodrow — Bug 1462412 - Correctly ignore the perspective property for frames that aren't transformable. r=dbaron, a=RyanVM
c081e26d4a8953f63258a4e74cb4285ba0b74d30Mike Cooper — Bug 1460893 - Add event telemetry to preference study error cases. r=Gijs, a=RyanVM
f375abfb277815268acdaf3bfe95e382902178b5Matt Woodrow — Bug 1462477 - Always initialize the value of aOutIsTransformedFixed, even we don't have an image to paint. r=mstange, a=RyanVM
6b22684df52daec5a18b090a48fba026bd5da396Jason Laster — Bug 1463724 - Update Debugger Frontend to v45.2. r=dwalsh, a=RyanVM
4fa86932be2d7a90b2494de9ae6c379c86a031f9J.C. Jones — Bug 1463539 - Land NSS NSS_3_37_1_RTM UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE. r=me, a=RyanVM
88c81330970bd1f7336157648668366af72e57bcXidorn Quan — Bug 1461285 - Backed out 62908a56c59f (bug 1415330) for causing nested DOMSubtreeModified event. r=emilio, a=RyanVM