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Mon Nov 27 10:06:01 2017 +0000
47c97637717fc01e6abcf769bb00ce3cc7a16276Ted Campbell — Bug 1397049 - Fix debugger 'this' in functions with let. r=jorendorff a=gchang
33e95d96edd254f38dcd29bae7f9974ebfeea703Tim Taubert — Bug 1396833 - Fix tab drag&drop not finishing due to CSS transform not kicking in r=mconley a=gchang
35e083bb82efff62d48a0ca947816ab44d38eb81Blake Kaplan — Bug 1389836 - Don't recreate mHandlerInfo for every little change. r=bz a=gchang
f459b78ab427b120ceb6320565dfe77b77247414Blake Kaplan — Bug 1389836 - Push extensions from MIME info objects to the child. r=bz a=gchang
67fcff4eba056e11c052240794788c4fca2595c2Blake Kaplan — Bug 1389836 - Put HandlerServiceChild in the proper namespace. r=bz a=gchang
ea066a148edc446c547757bed141a165dd89a8f4Chris H-C — bug 1381633 - Communicate whether getActiveAddons is serving full data r=Dexter,rhelmer a=gchang
4be846045a34c2c2762bfab1e723bd5a5043a154Florian Qu├Ęze — Bug 1226616 - The presence of the general.config.filename preference should be reported on telemetry. r=chutten, data-review=francois a=gchang