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Mon Aug 05 18:49:53 2013 +0000
dfec938c7b63feabfc8b9cd21e639e2e525758bdBhavana Bajaj — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
529f2737599c00234ed0a73c8c2be63fffec0129Bhavana Bajaj — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
b1c616a65959c83130c4efd15250bc8fb3199b8cBhavana Bajaj — Merging in version bumps NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
c679f7148cda008dcedb1ebc6be09bc4c438f9c8Jeff Beatty — bug 900591, adds sv-SE to maemo-locales for addition to multi-locale APK, r=mfinkle, a=bbajaj
4dc64be8942d4268ad12216a7a49399ea83dd9d9Justin Dolske — Bug 897052 - Null check acForm to avoid JS exceptions. r=MattN, a=logspam
b6f625c1fb9cb9988c50853bf019e61216964e60Heather Arthur — Bug 900228 - Fix "TypeError: this.selectedEditor.sourceEditor is null" in mochitest runs. r=dcamp, a=logspam
cf6c28aac228acb8271e271681f32f8c7d3b2606Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 900341 - Shut down the decoder object for an AudioContext from a runnable. r=bent, r=roc, a=abillings
d759cc9de1dff8befd24d97c38ac80ab6cf5da30Ted Mielczarek — Bug 893785 - Don't fire gamepadconnected events for windows that have already received them. r=smaug, a=bajaj
7e1add37886ac9099b85dc145bb7524fa442f041John Schoenick — Bug 860490 - Mark _pluginthreadasynccall calls as safe to re-enter gecko. r=bsmedberg, r=roc, a=bajaj
17b59850715a4e8c4f622ff05669dd10151d3a86John Schoenick — Bug 889614 - Followup, don't erroneously cancel other events. r=josh, a=bajaj
8c006f1d7055fb7d1c943cb05295a3bd4f059016John Schoenick — Bug 889614 - Fix test_object display:none checking issues found while testing. r=josh, a=bajaj
118ced391e180f03204ee25adccad8a0df3f2272John Schoenick — Bug 889614 - Fix and cleanup plugin re-parenting tests to catch this in the future. r=josh, a=bajaj
1897241d2e7b323ff448fa91ae916e615a5250f3John Schoenick — Bug 889614 - Fix regression in plugin reparenting. r=josh, a=bajaj
a0f4fd0aa9b49cd4aa5cfd80ac0c1360ccccbdd8Bas Schouten — Bug 877700 - Limit the Source region to the area of the parent layer surface. r=roc, a=bajaj
8f1796839a94d6448d702769ee198cf560c8273fJim Chen — Bug 881018 - Never inline TiledLayerBuffer::GetScaledTileLength to avoid crash. r=Cwiiis, a=bajaj
26b9b6a2e8e3b147ff727648a81cfd7e039a5a82John Daggett — Bug 892929 - test that CSSFontFeatureValueRule hidden when font features disabled. r=bz, a=bbajaj
fe11c9394b1446d526619d1ecd9d177a75382de4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 892929 - hide window.CSSFontFeatureValueRule when font features disabled. r=smaug, a=bbajaj
4ea223de889cdefaa30c692d858ddee701ce949eMasatoshi Kimura — Partially backed out changeset 2aa62db58f24 (bug 673919) due to Web compat. a=bajaj
9b4384d3b3e9f02d9617c276db7a21588ca792acWes Johnston — Bug 900732 - Disable Set as wallpaper. r=mfinkle a=bbajaj
e7cd92d3c9b8344e8aa25ff6e9f0b3a697a533edffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-168 - a=blocklist-update
20466ed65771dc4062bc0d0ef0a89621354e1956ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-154 - a=hsts-update
7203c65864c23e615580ed752c794c4f07630954Guillaume Abadie — bug 894007 - WebGLContext::getParameter(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE) should be a power of two - r=jgilbert, a=bajaj
4b9c49946fc3f175be8cba1df5ad43fff50863d4Mark Banner — Bug 896756 - Fix strict warnings in xpcshell's head.js. r=jmaher, a=bajaj
afefa40aebb4c12529a3612c8138ee9e82ed247aEdwin Flores — Bug 882342 - Blacklist Motorola XT890 running Android 4.1 for H264 playback r=bjacob a=bajaj
24b035373122a50327f1e309ac816a04acf86504Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 891650 - Use mTransform instead of GetDTTransform() in Mask(). r=bas, a=bajaj
a057135885e6498f8b389bcfa3a21b5b2364327dBrian Nicholson — Bug 878156 - Mark all startup tabs as external. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
3480a1a715d263631cc8c2f95cf6790d8d44cb0eShane Caraveo — Bug 886227 - Fix intermittent orange. r=markh, a=bajaj
a776e6dd95c90d54e323b1ccd3faf1249ea2bdb4Felipe Gomes — Bug 888304 - Disable touch events on Windows. r=jimm, sr=gavin, a=lsblakk
d8cd34988169a211026e16900574618ac355955eEd Morley — Bug 899990 - Null check xhr.response to avoid spammy JS exceptions. r=jdm, a=logspam
f06b3090f1977326398b35d4a211cd37d56e33e9Chenxia Liu — Bug 896992 - Activity looping if GeckoApp has been killed and Settings is launched from notification. r=kats, a=bajaj
cd307124f11f32d3c7174001cc3f0e6719af03ccRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 853209 - Bustage fix, with feeling. a=bustage
e6427ce2a4441d9ac7530d38555c96ea7a8c1070Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 853209 - Fix Windows compile errors. r=bholley, a=bustage
3266c1d738162e5d03c922d9bc8435188e410f62Bobby Holley — Bug 896126 - Don't wrap pending exceptions into the atoms compartment. r=luke a=bajaj
8d21aed06d49618cad34a80e7620c54aec486e5eBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Stop failing on strict-failures/warnings in server debug tests. r=me
1662a10d65d0e99f7e1c3c319381d4c85ad8f245Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - (followup) - Enter a compartment in b2g-only unloading code. r=me
69899b42092d8eadedc32eb17e3caa5b1a2ecee0Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Reorder some bookkeeping and assert in setCompartment that both the old and new compartments are marked as entered. r=luke
0aac8d1aa4a764aef69b131b58e5f0e96753c29cBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Require cx->compartment() to be null when destroying a context. r=luke
131861c61d469db139e91f1b1ad8637d08d50916Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Stop setting the compartment to defaultCompartmentObject_->compartment(). r=luke
549fe28c5305507f801fa6324eaac610c4551eb2Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Push a JSContext in nsGlobalWindow::SecurityCheckURL. r=gabor
cf9d275f400bd8e7ae92195d3737ff00fd47e5a7Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Conditionally enter a compartment in WorkerPrivate::DoRunLoop. r=mrbkap
4af65112377dd6a849621fbe1e7c44685deef69eBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Enter a compartment in indexedDB's ThreadLocalJSRuntime. r=bent
5d634b8864d981c79a7008ab9cb65c1d6d5d5737Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Fix JSAPI test harness to not fail when the initial compartment is null. r=luke
21264eabf9b6c20330da5972775b1cc57478b3ebBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Miscellaneous JSAutoCompartments. r=luke
1ac222436587f7f10345950fcebf443ebe86a070Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Enter a compartment between manual calls to JS_{Save,Restore}FrameChain. r=luke
d69df083f800ec19906331d3111c2ad5d0ca8ed5Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Add a JSAutoCompartment to AutoCxPusher. r=luke,gabor
6a593b3a7f1ed89ed366fe1b6bc8733c1b3f0bc0Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Use the new AutoCompartment overload for the atoms compartment and remove AutoEnterAtomsCompartment. r=bhackett
e7b0a1019945d79d2722ab1674d706d2918a6e5aBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Don't rethrow in quickstubs if there's already an exception pending. r=luke
5960cad3e3b7d2017435f40bed93b7a01655a6b0Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Add a JSCompartment* to AutoCompartment and use it in JS_NewGlobalObject. r=luke
a0b1a099f2dbdaef2bbcd07b83836f35c01b4b7fBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Move faulty JSAutoRequest in initSelfHosting. r=luke
b601691f368dd666586b63698e2210af1b6ad8dcBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Null-check compartment() in JS_GetGlobalForScopeChain(). r=luke
281d86af42115ca98155ca8af8966628c4a68896Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Rejigger the string manipulation in OnJSContextNew to avoid depending on being in a compartment. r=luke
583def76458583db239dd2fa2623a2bb18cc8a36Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Remove AutoSwitchCompartment. r=luke
589c2607f15e1595b935aa02c6840bec53261f1fBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Remove ContextCallback junk. r=mrbkap
b932a3fb643167afa64601690583a527972cbddcBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Use the SafeJSContext in XPCShellEnvironment. r=mrbkap
90ad8d976c7cc91a7551d2510fb9b48f3d94ce09Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Use SystemErrorReporter instead of ScriptErrorReporter. r=mrbkap
2e0d0144923c7480f0100feb4fbed2dbc1ee99b7Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Stop manually holding onto system JSPrincipals. r=mrbkap
fb2a3ba7080d871ced3eaebe88b85b33e469ccddBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Stash the XPCShellEnvironment instance on the global, rather than the cx. r=mrbkap
f9f93b7689316fdf2d3bc489a78b4e2ad90c9b6aBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Reduce the number of places where we pull |env| off cx. r=mrbkap
b1f6174317519cd9efa2c522d2e17d48946dee26Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Remove unused ExitCode machinery. r=mrbkap
ad0360cc0bcdb9335621e7ca2492ced9e46e1264Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Removed unused ShouldReportWarnings and ShouldCompoleOnly [sic] machinery. r=mrbkap
772aac97a20ccae01d6a50f88d43ebae8877db29Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Switch xpcshell to SystemErrorReporter with a little bit of special magic. r=mrbkap
b935f76df94a1792ee56587fbfdd9db32f159578Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Fix tests that unconditionally throw for things reported to the console. r=mrbkap
4d14436b3b5a3e38220d97582a472dd31b50f2f9Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Replace mozJSLoaderErrorReporter with SystemErrorReporter and remove the former. r=mrbkap
05a97e13092cd0bde0d2491f5c0126ddc0c3661cBobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Introduce xpc::SystemErrorReporter, roughly based on mozJSComponentLoader's error reporter. r=mrbkap
6938e78dbe4f01583644cfb2c7340e7b9cae1094Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 895774 - Fix ScriptFrameIter::computeThis with multiple compartments and contexts; r=jandem
9b4975efc31f58c991816f95f26e42a762a84e0fDavid Anderson — Rewrite CPOWs to use one actor per process (bug 853209, r=billm,bholley,smaug).
ade6bee5d94f1ca75e03c35d98ad0fde1c55989fDavid Anderson — Add urgent message semantics to IPC and IPDL (bug 867013, r=cjones).
e2069ef0e3341dc5284cb45b53c8b21dc451c342David Anderson — Remove unused run-to-completion feature in IPDL (bug 876989, r=cjones).
4574bf8e1e869a016c39385013d7821211c49460Justin Lebar — Bug 874900 - Add a null-check in BrowserElementChild's observe() function. r=ehsan, a=jlebar
1fcbaadb28404c7c41f24cf90c9c041beec5d2feJeff Beatty — Bug 899813 - Adds ca locale to multi-locale Fennec 24 on Aurora channel, r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
8683df1543d464bce76d74ee0f8d52007263d28dJeff Beatty — Bug 882307 - Added en-GB to maemo-locales for shipping in multi-locale Fennec 24, r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
1195a625a88e8a6081a7e6d9c3d035cca68641a7Bobby Holley — Bug 897676 - Null out |si| if we end up using that of the proto in WrapNewGlobal. r=mrbkap, a=abillings
3ce0ad78ed7dbd5fcc392d8ea471593b7f78c31bMike Hommey — Bug 898998 - Turn BL into BLX when doing thumb call relocations and the target is ARM. r=nfroyd, a=lsblakk
4a2ea5f0232193b27c1fcfa5710cb101a3dbb83bMike Hommey — Bug 898916 - Properly align statically allocated classinfo objects. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
5f25b50252f2d8948710068eea5a940fcc7a7e28Jeff Gilbert — Bug 865919 - Add INT32_MIN-height BMP test. r=joe, a=abillings
3eae1636fa571fb5a360c863a54752826ee5ff77Jeff Gilbert — Bug 865919 - Abort decode of INT32_MIN BMPs. r=joe, a=abillings
5a18180195d7fac62dec862c8d97d09f766c1bc6Stephen Pohl — Bug 877097: Get refresh driver in a safe manner to ensure that scrollbar observers can be removed when necessary. r=mats a=bajaj
67d7fe31fa0f24cd4d45c0e17de45045a93cd72bTim Taubert — Bug 893061 - Prevent the default homepage from loading if we're going to restore a session; r=dao a=bajaj
44e40c775ff7e00c3c0c8493474d0ffa360db287Georg Fritzsche — Bug 887773 - Test coverage for plugin doorhanger for data URLs. r=jaws, a=bajaj
135008e6323fa56ea061c9aeb7c62a0530f77404Georg Fritzsche — Bug 887773 - Make plugin doorhanger work for data URLs & fixup permission usage. r=gavin, a=bajaj
64c5cc9bad2e84a9b1d6392b095ad06a75b94a4eRandell Jesup — Bug897300: Correct mis-merge for pulse audio on Aurora from bug 886886 r=padenot a=bajaj
0368f4123c8aeb2209582fb8faf3bcb04acd0e13Nick Alexander — Bug 888646 - Update missed use of SimpleManifestSink API. a=bajaj
7844db8f7d37282e09493b3e8deab037231e5129Marty Rosenberg — Bug 898720 - Don't step over natural guards when iterating over instructions. r=jbramley, a=bajaj
7ef5c3efbcab15ac171c9c61ca62f94777fb36d2Shane Caraveo — Bug 896314 - Fix permission icon when swapping social providers. r=felipe, a=bajaj
30132c3fe38a209a8d46934e0ec043cfb2102e01Mike Hommey — Bug 897723 - Allow faulty.lib's on-demand decompression to be reentrant. r=nfroyd, a=bajaj
c93b75b0efdbc2316199483f5563d0aad5487c86Randell Jesup — Bug 876878 - Avoid null deref if camera doesn't update framelist ptr. r=bas, a=bajaj
5d99a7c9a26ad78e6dbdf47e4d615771b0e9e789Brian R. Bondy — Bug 890853. r=rstrong, a=bajaj
c190484e9e43dfafcbd87987bc137c6ca987f80aKai Engert — bug 881841, Update Mozilla 24 to use NSS 3.15.1, r=wtc, a=bbajaj
1169ba0240ddaa239375acc1916556a05eea2bc7Benjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 888510 - windowless-layers reftest should be skip-if no testplugin, not fails-if a=bbajaj
bfd31957404cfcbbf6024ceb39d9c1ab3f8cd570Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 888510 - In-content theming fixup for the new plugin click-to-activate. Remove the "lightweight" transparent click-to-play theming and make the normal styling plain grey. Switch from a CSS gradient to an image gradient because of performance issues. Highlight the "check for updates" button for outdated plugins. Icons by shorlander and lco. This branch patch does not include the new string which identifies the close button, so that button still works poorly in a screen reader. ui-review=lco r=jaws a=bbajaj
7fbedcc708697eef8a281f022b0f628a1cae7076Jan de Mooij — Bug 898381. r=mjrosenb, a=abillings
fde37f82b690a5b41744cb07bfad3d637ea60ec9Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 895939 - Click-to-activate plugin notification is ugly, r=jaws a=bbajaj
c026ea09decf82145ddb32ef927baec2a6f1b025Joe Drew — Bug 887466 - Rearrange SyncDecode so that we never try to finish a size decode with the decode lock held. r=seth a=lsblakk
eef8b9e2fd5291ab316c13c50cc65ad8ee1745deStephen Horlander — Bug 889417 - Make branding 32 x 32 icon fill more space. r=dolske, a=lsblakk
17ca50946dc961cb42c234a895ff39e121e063faMarty Rosenberg — Bug 858940 - Fix an additional case where we inspect the instruction stream without going through an iterator. r=jbramley, a=lsblakk
7926b81402caf0053d64e4b41cffdc5f73be0fb7Mark Finkle — Bug 891879 - Amazon search provider should be at www instead of r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk
e8fb915d466a691f570eccb434617de1c7c6887aShane Caraveo — Bug 887319 - Fix chat window control icons for retina display. r=mconley, a=bajaj
604002b60b192cc768ae0c94f0ce27d6ebb00039Jan de Mooij — Bug 898047 - Fix Ion to set the Folded flag on arguments MIR when optimizing fun.apply(x, arguments). r=bhackett, a=lsblakk
78d0bced73ab066783f5f789ecab8d1e727828d5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 891607 - Fix typo resulting in a bad surface size in some startup scenarios. r=Cwiiis a=lsblakk
8682482c7e2381381e7776b6a31d4df342b7f435Brian Hackett — Bug 897202 - Add some double canonicalization, r=luke a=abillings.
79d58dbe9336c623cd4d04469302dbcf8da70964Brian Nicholson — Bug 890515 - Purge 0-byte favicons and thumbnails from the database. r=rnewman, a=bajaj
53cf02a9bf32d81d8e41365a8d6587eec274913fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 885768 - Cannot make a getUserMedia request within an iframe. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
e31826fffdd4d3504d5e3b10b32ba9e65261a36eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 888292 - De-emphasize the plugin icon in the address bar when it doesn't need to catch the user's attention. With this change, the only time the icon will be "alert blue" is when a plugin is click-to-activate and it's too small to show the overlay inline in the page. Icons provided by shorlander. ui-review=lco, r=jaws, a=bajaj
c5c2d41b057294cdc24b931160a77640aa41dbabBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 889788 - Plugin doorhanger breaks when plugins are dynamically removed from a page. This implements the short-term solution of hiding the plugin doorhanger when no more plugins are on the page (the better long-term solution will keep showing the UI and track all the plugins a page ever uses). This also implements a short-term solution when a user enables a plugin. Also bug 887088 - Short-term UI solution: when a user loads multiple tabs from a site and enables a plugin on one of them, the plugins are not enabled on other tabs but the "continue allowing" button does nothing. This patch makes the "Continue Allowing" button enable existing plugins of that type. r=jaws, r=jschoenick, a=bajaj
0883cacf940bbeb711235ce0d6ecba42b5f6c192Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 888908 - When the location bar is missing, don't auto-popup the plugin notification (ever). It will still pop up when clicking the in-page UI. And Australis will make this code moot anyway. r=jaws, a=bajaj
142db87e69e4da743aac407ffbb1617adf284869Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 894938 - Content permission prompts don't work when prompt requestor is an iframe. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
6c395ae8c304f8fa55744f83695f17897ba5c5dbShane Caraveo — Bug 886816 - Fix share icon on retina display. r=mconley, a=lsblakk
3d94b7cd506ad71d1ad90e68c66c235a992d0ffbMarty Rosenberg — Bug 894251 - NEVER use mov to move the address of a call target. The tracer has no clue how to deal with a single instruction move. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
f93d5a353d6631e8562fa074f2749591a0f0295aCameron McCormack — Bug 895285 - Handle viewBox="" setting optimization correctly. r=jwatt, a=lsblakk
e5037c3603855ce3f2e57c801a1f9a3d6bcc8e66Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 877164 - Crash if document init fails. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
541b80da91fa7a42bc68f13e931e2e849fad74a5John Daggett — Bug 886691 - switch from references to pointers for values within GetValue. r=dbaron, a=bbajaj
3a82519f0b44c1d7f0b5e4880a3055bab642aac0John Daggett — Bug 886691 - make tests and serialization code sensitive to font features pref. r=dbaron, a=bbajaj
b3d0c2498b4219e9b2761bb95a1e96c27cbefe34Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 33 changesets (bug 896126, bug 887334, bug 889911, bug 889714, bug 895774) for xpcshell failures on a CLOSED TREE.
5f9484e134f9539e4618d30153900e7940d8367fBobby Holley — Bug 896126 - Don't wrap pending exceptions into the atoms compartment. r=luke a=bajaj
8318754cde46aa4fe2ca7a721aa90f05ff7e5534Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - (followup) - Enter a compartment in b2g-only unloading code. r=me
3c2b8b15cdaaf1aa48bb9660624b564717e8fba2Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Reorder some bookkeeping and assert in setCompartment that both the old and new compartments are marked as entered. r=luke
fc50bc25f83c1a907b10b08165666e93925356d0Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Require cx->compartment() to be null when destroying a context. r=luke
ddf47eba68c0475e52be91eb6326b9ecd79a2fbfBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Stop setting the compartment to defaultCompartmentObject_->compartment(). r=luke
b78327115beabba80b40bb7fc0354f10d0ccef32Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Push a JSContext in nsGlobalWindow::SecurityCheckURL. r=gabor
5db330103fbe1013d65d21a5843828b83e37cf93Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Conditionally enter a compartment in WorkerPrivate::DoRunLoop. r=mrbkap
6844870765b114d44bef1e330ac03e99ac9c2e27Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Enter a compartment in indexedDB's ThreadLocalJSRuntime. r=bent
ff3db04a7caa15a4170955f8c66ee2832fa4606eBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Fix JSAPI test harness to not fail when the initial compartment is null. r=luke
af1c512d29787e5bfaaf624ad7e82aaaf7b147ccBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Miscellaneous JSAutoCompartments. r=luke
35b6d437eb110a9d6f3d7d851adbd8e62f31fcabBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Enter a compartment between manual calls to JS_{Save,Restore}FrameChain. r=luke
28ea664f13330c25a5fc16b9cd5b525583fa579fBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Add a JSAutoCompartment to AutoCxPusher. r=luke,gabor
be520c3f0c897b43452d3334d3f10b853301119eBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Use the new AutoCompartment overload for the atoms compartment and remove AutoEnterAtomsCompartment. r=bhackett
508522bee36719b268482ae8379d3dfc7a942a9fBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Don't rethrow in quickstubs if there's already an exception pending. r=luke
0d59888536b54999cd4d9a6284a2c08c39873af2Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Add a JSCompartment* to AutoCompartment and use it in JS_NewGlobalObject. r=luke
101e407d040a669532f57eab945df6bbdb95bdf3Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Move faulty JSAutoRequest in initSelfHosting. r=luke
cd2f2d2299eef5157a5dcae14f3bd3879f439e1cBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Null-check compartment() in JS_GetGlobalForScopeChain(). r=luke
f7fb970c89065b86e360e714d7c947e917d5c1c9Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Rejigger the string manipulation in OnJSContextNew to avoid depending on being in a compartment. r=luke
fd8bd2219d4908c4bf7559ae83f4c39cdf219ef3Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Remove AutoSwitchCompartment. r=luke
40c3e35e19861603a31655cf7b26f5c8eecd2020Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Remove ContextCallback junk. r=mrbkap
b2bb42cc8f020bd6cb008f826ff9a7e2b1bc223aBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Use the SafeJSContext in XPCShellEnvironment. r=mrbkap
e22cc8bdcbcf8b37d1c45dccfe7c61e9f04b91a1Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Use SystemErrorReporter instead of ScriptErrorReporter. r=mrbkap
588385ea4fee6e397ea5024450b38cbcec8a11d1Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Stop manually holding onto system JSPrincipals. r=mrbkap
9150b4f39c107c34e35b7dbe0737819f6add3a27Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Stash the XPCShellEnvironment instance on the global, rather than the cx. r=mrbkap
43e8b15601b8c303e779d152bcbd1ff51841a3ccBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Reduce the number of places where we pull |env| off cx. r=mrbkap
3242b9e0f6b07d362787661b1154140d09e2e995Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Remove unused ExitCode machinery. r=mrbkap
7b45f302e40e47cedd70422d80a3d994cae715c6Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Removed unused ShouldReportWarnings and ShouldCompoleOnly [sic] machinery. r=mrbkap
53e221a057cc113fe99d295a29963a79be485befBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Use the SafeJSContext in some test-only IPC code. r=me
193e8efe1350b9b5b36adb7370fa3b30a66d280eBobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Switch xpcshell to SystemErrorReporter with a little bit of special magic. r=mrbkap
b78af29d5ac5e7d3c08bfb9ecf4c0b3313b37de9Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Fix tests that unconditionally throw for things reported to the console. r=mrbkap
b156c252aac0c9f39564700dd33d2c9b118df898Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Replace mozJSLoaderErrorReporter with SystemErrorReporter and remove the former. r=mrbkap
a6b7104a9a82d7d9ad7a88a4302c8384645b92c5Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Introduce xpc::SystemErrorReporter, roughly based on mozJSComponentLoader's error reporter. r=mrbkap
d1e156bb38059cc3291713c4badfd7ebe3c9e26aNick Fitzgerald — Bug 895774 - Fix ScriptFrameIter::computeThis with multiple compartments and contexts; r=jandem
2c84d35d5703d25a10c9a24e93e1b0dd038a94b3Mike de Boer — Bug 890690: adjust nsISearchSubmission to allow returning the postData as a string, and modify about:home to support POST search engines, r=gavin, a=lsblakk
39294d14e11111798c1f3311f05aa2c9da71287dBrian Hackett — Bug 887075 - Use original function when compiling lazy scripts, r=luke a=bajaj.
81a5eb02a7ee51e6a7e61f143da4634939ce452dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 866265 - Revert a line from bug 883646 because it was incorrect. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe a=bajaj
fedcc7eb515b0c5f18bc237b2a0bbcecec69ce23Sid Stamm — bug 898190 - fix test for bug 888172 to use a valid CSP policy for testing. r=grobinson a=lsblakk
659b0d61fbc6545e7e400710d241f147028b600eWes Kocher — Backed out 33 changesets (bug 896126, bug 887334, bug 889911, bug 889714, bug 895774) for breaking xpcshell tests on a CLOSED TREE.
84b828b63115943534ce64dc5cb9de20d284984bBobby Holley — Bug 896126 - Don't wrap pending exceptions into the atoms compartment. r=luke a=bajaj
90dd4a81f0e524a8f376265e42564e6026560a5fBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - (followup) - Enter a compartment in b2g-only unloading code. r=me
ce42d46f8703462607e652a1c6658fffa9e16bb8Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Reorder some bookkeeping and assert in setCompartment that both the old and new compartments are marked as entered. r=luke
0162540d3ba380ad9c650fa721e5c54f52370c71Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Require cx->compartment() to be null when destroying a context. r=luke
94717e9e5e8a6533f9711d1129445cbc3fad1438Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Stop setting the compartment to defaultCompartmentObject_->compartment(). r=luke
45c8301b2800eb795d89267035dfa229f219a46bBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Push a JSContext in nsGlobalWindow::SecurityCheckURL. r=gabor
409df5742b7ad32edbcbddb8fa3df5bd4a853f2cBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Conditionally enter a compartment in WorkerPrivate::DoRunLoop. r=mrbkap
aa0205a0b60ac4824bfeb5964115cd80afda3722Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Enter a compartment in indexedDB's ThreadLocalJSRuntime. r=bent
a48028124452f647efb6209ae5a226a0b4fbd943Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Fix JSAPI test harness to not fail when the initial compartment is null. r=luke
762a8d22146071e2abb2de46db83cb9013b367a5Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Miscellaneous JSAutoCompartments. r=luke
2c36942312c84139579644d36ef5f8fc4fa2086aBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Enter a compartment between manual calls to JS_{Save,Restore}FrameChain. r=luke
1e48252b5a1d42934c5cee9135f8437a8abf1f4bBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Add a JSAutoCompartment to AutoCxPusher. r=luke,gabor
30b19452ea7afe0cda3203e3b05d97b867bac7e6Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Use the new AutoCompartment overload for the atoms compartment and remove AutoEnterAtomsCompartment. r=bhackett
e0f3ed4738d3ae7fc61783a874f565b58fc614e0Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Don't rethrow in quickstubs if there's already an exception pending. r=luke
2aa3a1f91a7db6c439c2d11abfacc5be829df2a3Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Add a JSCompartment* to AutoCompartment and use it in JS_NewGlobalObject. r=luke
e9d11a42124671d71ccc0a624b7e0825487e2768Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Move faulty JSAutoRequest in initSelfHosting. r=luke
c7e4cd12068a2047c6bb734437c35ab0f385f7ceBobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Null-check compartment() in JS_GetGlobalForScopeChain(). r=luke
89e3b08492de178f8adfad6f8a25acb6436df0c2Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Rejigger the string manipulation in OnJSContextNew to avoid depending on being in a compartment. r=luke
a3f028f1f05ee96dc6ec025c260c056326cfff15Bobby Holley — Bug 887334 - Remove AutoSwitchCompartment. r=luke
eaf22159cd3e44c1f279a3c0f3951e2a281bafabBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Remove ContextCallback junk. r=mrbkap
142c7afd4ec5d193bb62da5679f46db99b78c4c1Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Use the SafeJSContext in XPCShellEnvironment. r=mrbkap
0645c69167ba3298d741dac359dd0309b7756e6bBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Use SystemErrorReporter instead of ScriptErrorReporter. r=mrbkap
6462b9338a4925d77cadd80fc5e44c1ccf466139Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Stop manually holding onto system JSPrincipals. r=mrbkap
c9387ac33f08e22e83c212216d19598956fd50c4Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Stash the XPCShellEnvironment instance on the global, rather than the cx. r=mrbkap
efe2d89832cf9e71548e01928490ea3893aedc3aBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Reduce the number of places where we pull |env| off cx. r=mrbkap
a83ae579e3df2989661c3964c7315ee51219de53Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Remove unused ExitCode machinery. r=mrbkap
8d6c8265c2e63980d4e5c8baf38eb83657fa01c2Bobby Holley — Bug 889714 - Removed unused ShouldReportWarnings and ShouldCompoleOnly [sic] machinery. r=mrbkap
95cdfa09a620688d4fef05adc8c9f0bc2e4a424fBobby Holley — Bug 889714 - MOZ_CRASH in some unused IPC code for the sake of compile-time merge conflicts. r=me
9b908f05db0bb74bcf90e4ae29bf6fad58e200b5Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Switch xpcshell to SystemErrorReporter with a little bit of special magic. r=mrbkap
c7b60796eee3ca214177e218a97ea75876fcfb2cBobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Fix tests that unconditionally throw for things reported to the console. r=mrbkap
037f34ec7b8bf423599f27b37374b09d71403148Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Replace mozJSLoaderErrorReporter with SystemErrorReporter and remove the former. r=mrbkap
33ef1b0a043fd82f2ad2ac6a9405a94e5abe10f7Bobby Holley — Bug 889911 - Introduce xpc::SystemErrorReporter, roughly based on mozJSComponentLoader's error reporter. r=mrbkap
05efd6fc03e34538f840edfcbe9eca0efbe2ee2bNick Fitzgerald — Bug 895774 - Fix ScriptFrameIter::computeThis with multiple compartments and contexts; r=jandem
249fdcaeac5ae3f8534562b3d199c35896e2df0aGarrett Robinson — Bug 888172 - CSP 1.0 does not process 'unsafe-inline' or 'unsafe-eval' for default-src. r=imelven, a=lsblakk
3a2541d1a4d07634d87be9fce6cfe861023981ecJim Blandy — Bug 867946 - Never return null from Proxy::className, even if we're over-recursed. r=Waldo, a=lsblakk
729725cf05b87703246a1e46a126469a4291858aArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 713055. Match talos.json's suites to mozilla-tests/ before enabling talos mozharness just in case we push this branch to try. DONTBUILD. r=jmaher a=testing
9b469e3921ce93f67634c02ecce2e6c80a8a2fc1Gregory Szorc — Bug 864993 - Part 2: Properly implement app update collection. r=rnewman, a=bajaj
e793e3a1fe61b6210f66a0a91b429267d0aa7460Gregory Szorc — Bug 864993 - Part 1: Add app update tracking to FHR. r=rnewman, a=bajaj
696593313840a20fbb209f0e1ec791439a52d553Brendan Dahl — Bug 894576 - Lower the priority of the notification bar to INFO. r=yury, a=lsblakk
0d2724681600a94e5d77269bdbc926482fdd2e3dMike Hommey — Bug 892355 - Force enable elfhack with --enable-elf-hack. r=ted,a=bajaj
2ab705b1fb979d3e6831b9822c9b9d1a28d6c3d9Mike Hommey — Bug 892366 - Support R_ARM_CALL relocations in elfhack. r=nfroyd,a=bajaj
7443408ae2355436fe9eb45af0444886786d40f7Mike Hommey — Bug 892366 - Support R_ARM_JUMP24 relocations in elfhack. r=nfroyd,a=bajaj
f61ece780449699328c5403ffc0eafe697dcf5fcRichard Newman — Bug 895931 - Follow up: avoid long overflow. r=trivial, a=bajaj
615758994f36c39f68f3bad5af5d38ff626496fcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 886295. Backout fix for bug 880854 to fix regression. r=mats,a=bajaj
653b455a607a8b30f2191f43867faa74df047f1fDaniel Holbert — Bug 895023 - Null-check SVG image document's root frame, before dereferencing it. r=seth, a=lsblakk
d45388fa2fe17a4d6d72bd04b5e375312524cc39Chris Lord — Bug 886576 - Fix scrolling cancelling locked dynamic toolbar animations. r=kats, a=lsblakk
8ac9338cb526e78afaa212d47eaa44b6b1c0b318Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 5a6f73ab541d
5a6f73ab541df89adab4482d196510e52057d258Robert O'Callahan — Bug 889219. Part 1: Clean up nsPrintEngine string usage for document titles/URLs. r=mats,a=bajaj
ea5bde96c04cbfac6e8af5d7256ba18ab71df101Randell Jesup — Bug 844177: set codec resolution based on input mediastream resolution r=ekr a=bajaj
ac9b464cb3c8ec0b512e9b7361b6cfa96a10ccbfArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 713055. Match to talos_revision before enabling talos mozharness. DONTBUILD. r=jmaher a=testing
ddfc4afdb7ce06df8518eb1bf0559f8bf77c8b81Randell Jesup — Bug 896228: in nicer, return WOULDBLOCK if NSPR SendTo() would block r=ekr a=lsblakk
a0784e2d511db2919dce330afb9ebd934b612669Olli Pettay — Bug 895222, improve skippability optimization for nodes, r=mccr8, a=drivers
48011fcf0225c849ef2dd8c4146b30b8704c4badHannes Verschore — Bug 893853 - IonMonkey: Don't set typeset of |this| when type is unknown. r=bhackett, a=bajaj
7d47ae7af1fcff58ed9e0bd12e50a134a554d5dcWes Johnston — Bug 885783 - Attach webrtc to a foreground notification. r=bnicholson, a=bajaj
1fa6d0bcd26f8802a9821b494fd87d40a8733d8cJan Beich — Bug 895238 - Avoid using perl regex with grep(1) for portability. r=glandium, a=bajaj
5facfc2bf316d9f49234abbd0b5ca396bffa41f5Seth Fowler — Bug 885939 - Part 3: Disable SVG reftests involving extreme viewboxes that fail due to integer overflow. a=bajaj
44c000c77e9da69318c0b84af5ff23496b2d7e62Seth Fowler — Bug 885939 - Part 2: Add reftests for SVG image stretching and scaling. r=dholbert, a=bajaj
fc9b10335396c9df5789eee234deeb1d19c85fcaSeth Fowler — Bug 885939 - Part 1: Scale SVG images using the graphics context matrix instead of the viewport. r=dholbert, a=bajaj
6e41eabc11332b3cbadefca63f8c0fe60b1e5b44Timothy Nikkel — Bug 891424. Hide cocoa window's when they are destroyed, otherwise they can stay on screen, and remove a different fix for the same bug that caused a regression. r=smichaud a=lsblakk
e18d6a0ab17c42e86c3d62036165afdf832c9371Paul Adenot — Bug 891986 - Keep the source ArrayBuffer to a decodeAudioData call alive until the decoding is complete. r=mccr8, r=ehsan, a=webaudio
7207a85189f18eacbc5fe79b33477c6bc7bf7c07Paul Adenot — Bug 892492 - Fix automation on AudioBufferSourceNode.playbackRate. r=ehsan, a=webaudio
5e7172fc9aa4bc7131cd8cdf383c253dfd03871fPaul Adenot — Bug 888271 - Don't subtract twice by mOffset in AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan, a=webaudio
3f338403652f9d0cf7fdd8f561bb7efc0cc063c5Steve Fink — Bug 887420 - Do not read off the end of the transfer map. r=Waldo, a=abillings
0b9fd9d3446d10c0c515ee6c7ec2abcf27fc1327Richard Newman — Bug 895931 - Firefox for Android often warns about max sane launch timestamps. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
8d2ec54e97b5f01b36f1883fafe0f47a13fe0c6fHannes Verschore — Bug 891808 - IonMonkey: Improve bailing information for JSOP_FUNAPPLY and JSOP_FUNCALL. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
fdcc8e1ea638ae0dc2db81d84a5fd8698a4be426Randell Jesup — Bug 892441: Actually use the new names for createDataChannel r=smaug a=lsblakk
f21b7798a3b388ffd2fa2c1c7a81765250285327Randell Jesup — Bug 886886: Remove 44100->44000 kludges r=derf a=lsblakk
b4eaaec273adc5d64735d1b1aa25e0a9907cb743Randell Jesup — Bug 886886: replace fixed-ratio capture resampler in webrtc with speex resample r=derf,jmspeex a=lsblakk
3d08f108f78a66ed6dcd605e7863abf04e714dc1David Keeler — bug 882865 - cryptojs key gen cleanup: use EqualsLiteral() r=bsmith r=Ms2ger r=khuey a=lsblakk
4e4af45e37cdda53b3fccc12cc3f30063678f5ebEdwin Flores — Bug 889433 - Blocklist h264 playback on Sony devices running Android 4.2 r=doublec a=lsblakk
655e78727928759b0912f1ff2be9b12af4e39a49Markus Stange — Bug 877767, part 2 of 2 - Draw window title on top of everything in drawintitlebar mode. r=smichaud, a=bajaj
93fd34a71fbd9033bdbbd78546cb59bd33e0851aMarkus Stange — Bug 877767, part 1 of 2 - Set NSGraphicsContext flippedness properly in nsChildView::UpdateTitlebarImageBuffer(). r=smichaud, a=bajaj
2daf2dee9d60d3f2551c216d5ceed516e48f0bfeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 870941. Make scrollframes put scrollbars etc above content in z-order if they're disappering scrollbars. r=mattwoodrow a=lsblakk
8328e4fa124f13a7e9bbddf2a68457f4e535fa2bStephen Pohl — Bug 870941: Display overlay scrollbars on top of content in XUL trees. r=roc a=lsblakk
3ae78d8e23213bb9534e14eaefd882a5e05323b1Stephen Pohl — Bug 870941: Remove CSS rules for overlay scrollbars that became unnecessary. r=roc a=lsblakk
e65440494bc6c4df4ca74e69ffd7b981d59b92b4Simon Montagu — Move the caret invalidation from CharacterDataChanged to CharacterDataWillChange so that the text doesn't change under the caret before invalidation. Bug 887631, r=ehsan, a=abillings
41673cd62377cba741ba5b44f9dbd4dd19b3511fffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-344 - a=hsts-update
13fb9134f32112d22e3c043a1ae903d45c172cbcffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-346 - a=blocklist-update
73c4cb1518bb4d6a431573a2ad165bd1e866c1bbBrian Nicholson — Bug 887655 - Revert hiding the download notification on completion. r=margaret, a=bajaj
5d8474fe858d0193568600b2740a87c867d49b92Jan Beich — Bug 885624 - Cherry-pick gtest@{r621,r629} to unbreak --enable-tests with libc++. r=bgirard, a=bajaj
fbba0c968440f1e3ae66324c4eff62d3c2b8a02dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 891292. r=jimm, a=bajaj
6afaaba028272492488d79264f396df7247a4447Nick Alexander — Bug 887115 - Make Android packager expect omnijar in root directory. r=glandium, a=bajaj
0d566d5133bec18b3f080ef6f700fc0d65422b4dNick Alexander — Bug 887121 - Make packager install and szip .so libraries in assets/ directly. r=glandium, a=lsblakk
1dffe1098d37ff4b1402198fd92af243d664c09dWes Johnston — Bug 839854 - Protect against getChildAt returning a null view during a rotation. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
e3d234674a863d7baaebf7a534684919cb12cd02John Schoenick — Bug 888834 - Java sees no-explicit-codebase as . not baseURI. r=josh, a=bajaj
b3aa850f03fc54392a9dc26a46096d89902a165bLuke Wagner — Bug 893684. r=bbouvier, a=lsblakk
dd08f5dd367cc0fc1da4d9312691d38e209af70eBobby Holley — Bug 860085 - Remove XPCCallContext refcounting optimization. r=gabor a=bbajaj
904e8f0210be36d96927dfed9e045d79fa64c29aBobby Holley — Bug 860085 - Remove nsIXPConnect::ReleaseJSContext. r=gabor
394dd09c63fd2fb26822bae4d0ae26985fd21ac1Bobby Holley — Bug 860085 - Stop using XPConnect::ReleaseJSContext in nsJSEnvironment::DestroyJSContext. r=gabor,mccr8
b831de023e6f4cd1eade30ac04f2f5a7b414c69aBobby Holley — Bug 860085 - Make XPCJSContextStack manipulators private to enforce that we go through the RAII classes. r=gabor
0dbbd5e84d465000d4e302245fa09b239f31a047Bobby Holley — Bug 860085 - Remove unused AutoPopJSContext. r=gabor
73630d43606b8386a88c50a5773d50cdcc64b83bBobby Holley — Bug 860085 - Rename xpc::{Push,Pop}JSContext and make them assert against DOM JSContexts. r=gabor
946c31994ae3eea6ab3ccdd2efc4a2c4a284a559Bobby Holley — Bug 860085 - Use an AutoPushJSContext in XPCCallContext instead of doing it manually. r=gabor
6f325e41b052b8717b7b1d96e3d3bb71ac237cdbBobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Continue to ignore onTabClose exception in metro 8 Session Store. r=me
a73b9abd4e202583656fb77f9b867b66bdbf66adBobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Remove nsFrameScriptExecutor::DestroyCx. r=smaug
a26ef7ef09bdc79cd6f928deb54b804c86eac3f1Bobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Remove mCx from nsFrameScriptExecutor. r=smaug
3a12511fcdae92a3f08d5769e514a678a7446fccBobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Return the safe JSContext for Tab Children in GetJSContextForEventHandlers. r=smaug
a545113a905ed142147f5fa519e087d3ae8121eaBobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Check mGlobal instead of mCx to see if we're in a functional state. r=smaug
81c8feb9a03dac4558a37cd3a7de70bab64beda4Bobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Remove mContext from nsFrameMessageManager. r=smaug
ed39a6e0ce203cc208c2a5581e00cdaadd6659f1Bobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Use a SafeJSContext in TabChildParent. r=smaug
e38d4bc27f19b42f05cc97503765844a0b584c49Bobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Remove redundant cx push. r=smaug
cbf3d6062b1a371f293eaf846100242c6dcf0e3aBobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Use an AutoSafeJSContext in nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage. r=smaug
ef20332ba207b098c4b9514d9e995fcde9034e64Bobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Hold a strong ref to the global for the duration that each nsFrameScriptCx is on the stack. r=smaug
0630578e17f079e2ec33f9b1702a745a537f5286Bobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Rename nsFrameScriptExecutor::DidCreateCx. r=smaug
a1d0767dcb5bab01e66e4023e9d4aff8c8f50220Bobby Holley — Bug 865745 - Stop depending on mCx during frame script execution. r=smaug
d846269ab111b9b438e6f0e06aa4a799b88c581cBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Add a clobber. r=RyanVM
2cb3c72b8ba8eddc44303f83202d1fa112a5e4d3Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove AutoVersionAPI. r=luke
41c585d8c92c4715086b0b5db134b34518736d5aBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Hoist defaultVersion into the runtime and remove it from the JSContext. r=luke
1cffd9c675b7700d4f569b2e16e602c3d60afae0Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove JS_SetVersion and version override machinery. r=luke
851c4a78bf5f38314b0c2bd76f2e31cf9097fc55Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove js_RevertVersion and associated shell functionality. r=luke
3d16cbe9d4a83b349c914d939921fd39b4d81d0eBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Add an API to mutate the version on the compartment and use it from the shells. r=luke
d8fdc70f734d907f8fe7c4c8645a0467e5baab7bBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove XPConnect version munging test. r=luke
e9c9e5508ccfd040ac5d555d53311425dec114b7Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Convert JS_SetVersion API consumers to per-compartment versions. r=luke
3715eb057c1033801f56507cff3d89cfe238253bBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Add support for "latest" as a version to evalInSandbox, and use it for sjs files. r=luke
702f0d86aeb4214c643b7eb42993d8679bdee92eBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove AutoVersionChecker. r=luke
99c2ed9145a4c4c8e2c028180c589eec0b3b3069Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove testVersion.cpp. r=luke
666f9467c6ddfc649b62307e68ebcaac707b331dBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Introduce an API for callers to set the version for a compartment. r=luke
416ee635071cb06a81c9fd13dba392959162439bBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Generalize JS_NewGlobalObject API to take CompartmentOptions. r=luke
bcb90fb5824bc9de16ccd75df3099ee27dbab745Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove support for munging JS versions from JSD. r=luke
aa9416c537b69a19d660b217d652fc82e96e0887Geoff Brown — Bug 882932 - (2) Fix httpdPath setting for remote mochitest; r=jmaher
d7c8ed78618ddeac9794845dee149cd5e8673915Geoff Brown — Bug 882932 - Add -httpd-path option to mochitests and reftests; r=jmaher
a8d411f033422cc4a641af09b268b76b57269103Bobby Holley — Bug 888104 - Reimplement Auto*JSContext in terms of AutoCxPusher. r=gabor
3704ae20d90ef496332c470ae65cbdcff9a1d8ccBobby Holley — Bug 888104 - Introduce AutoCxPusher and reimplement nsCxPusher in terms of it. r=gabor
508ad0e5b531b13415aec6c85b2716378f4e8ccbBobby Holley — Bug 888104 - Move nsCxPusher's mScx grabbing code into the common helper method. r=gabor
71c6881a2803c4076dad3e8db5d9aca9b0af5d2eHannes Verschore — Bug 886287 - OdinMonkey: Push the descriptor/argc filling the full pointer size, r=luke a=lsblakk
51b93baa190bd40c054c5ef973055677b5cc3070Robert Strong — Wallpaper fix - Bug 895473 - [Mac and Linux] Custom distribution settings for yahoo de and es distributions are not being set. r=mconnor, a=lsblakk
32a993ffe7d81a8ebf7171bc6aa8ba8b3cf7cc9bBill McCloskey — Bug 888900 - Make sure the clipboard is always flushed at shutdown on win32 (r=jimm,a=lsblakk)
090d7003ce50802be87c3f6a214dc01d3b27b5c1Robert Strong — Windows only fix for Bug 882989 - Custom distribution settings for yahoo de and es distributions are not being set. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
e0ed41da734bb083bbb8069c3e1cc26d8f539c84Drew Willcoxon — Bug 894234 - Guard against audioContext->IsOffline(). r=ehsan, a=bajaj
84ffe6529eea4e77d243ebad5a0dd2b210574e1cBobby Holley — Bug 885668 - Removed specialized function object principal machinery from CAPS. r=bz, a=bajaj
b5e891883c50cc22853da9e43f2f18c84b3fead7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 892426 - Add an additional temp-Register to SetElementIC. r=jandem a=abillings
4a29a65a3cba146092d5ab8b9219749792f06008Paul Adenot — Bug 883591 - Don't allow creating a MediaStreamDestinationNode on an OfflineAudioContext. r=ehsan, a=webaudio
cf83a645ad5859f320c022fc81e2bdfadff31835Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 891254 - Fix the usage of uninitialized samples when the input to a ConvolverNode has a volume. r=roc, a=webaudio
777c69b17263a93e3196d716e409285c6cb4a973Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 892911 - Check that media section is found before adding rtcp-fb attributes r=ekr a=bbajaj
857e92069571d9c5ed4a22d1c3b96f7bda0b35ddCamilo Viecco — Bug 883682: Enable EV test cert only in debug builds. r=bsmith a=lsblakk
c19e71975e7fa3cdee6580de1b4faac4040e9d30Jan Beich — Bug 893508 - Don't hide ios/ostream symbols to fix build with some C++ runtimes. r=glandium, a=bajaj
d3a462c5d0354bd1b0deca366ba17716ca3e3904Guillaume Abadie — Bug 892769 - Fix a bug about fake black textures in WebGLContext. r=jgilbert, a=bajaj
668caad64c7a713634d76bdee3054b362ba8006cL. David Baron — Back out changeset 4304cf04f1e8 (bug 868498 patch 2) for causing bug 894931. a=me
0cc06eeec7d07946cba50bae26ebc4800ebd8b43Matt Woodrow — Bug 894470 - Disable OMTC on OSX. r=joe a=bajaj
602f5a2d621af44d9098e2d1e4caf75a1cfed915Marco Bonardo — Bug 892454 - Use a less fragile flag than zero frecency to skip the frecency update on visit. r=Mano, a=bajaj
218c4145c0667240c197f72b7a316c18d2d72a54Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 880377 - Add tests. a=bajaj
7255bae7b63563a843e2dba520a791133fcee37dNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 880377 - Make UCE abort if some blocks are only reachable from OSR entry point. r=bhackett, a=bajaj
a584507c3833325179005e3101d45d26972d081fHonza Bambas — Bug 892486 - Telemetry for appcache vs http cache page load. r=ehsan, a=bajaj
c0dfc5460b9d267872041e261d5a08ded96575e7Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 874158 - Crash in GetNativeForGlobal. r=bholley, a=lsblakk
fd8d6e5c0dec504085e0fc2c0a2b7c1480031dfeChris Lord — Bug 892246 - Allow subdocument scrolling to reveal margins. r=kats, a=lsblakk
b487258a64506f4112551f314edcda233bf27172Chris Lord — Bug 886576 - Fix screen-sized pages not revealing the toolbar. r=kats, a=bajaj
271d4c5b370e61148a36f8b69c6521ef56dd8298Stephen Pohl — Bug 890897 - Don't show overlay scrollbars when we don't end up scrolling the page because we're already at an acceptable place. r=roc, a=lsblakk
d374bb5a41a7cf853747bc297681d4096c867860Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 890006 - Dynamic toolbar scrolling causing BrowserToolbar to show its background. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
5b7b99ff21b5b2ba7bd3388a3a059f80cddc60d5Jonathan Kew — bug 890374 - [hidpi] fix CSS/device coordinate mismatch in XUL popup manager, so that we show the correct tooltip for items in the Bookmarks or History sidebar. r=roc a=lsblakk
4304cf04f1e847b6165c42f723e24a6b23d83424Robert O'Callahan — Bug 868498 - Don't reframe for changes between position:static and position:relative. r=heycam, a=lsblakk
69cef757d7aa91a9a9ff67f1a891c0f664a012c3Stephen Pohl — Bug 868498 - Enable switching between overlay and regular scrollbars without browser restart on Mac OSX. r=roc, a=lsblakk
92ddaae926c7b9f1f8520a33454f0c0cb4b3ebcbStephen Pohl — Bug 870917 - Fix overlay scrollbars in XUL trees to fade and disappear correctly instead of pulsating continuously. r=roc, a=lsblakk
f2b49f275dff97a3b82ef011af4ab0ac0c1aac09Shane Caraveo — Bug 872605 - Add ability to update provider manifest. r=markh, a=bajaj
84f47b4f4ce529e84baf8d7fba7d46c902997dc9Chris AtLee — Bug 883233 - Use API key for desktop builds. r=ted, a=dougt
5936c6a4b298c856131db51c4446050c54164e81Dão Gottwald — Backed out bug 691594. a=bajaj
9c8e1fb423c5250f8a76003fb859f801bda20262Jim Chen — Bug 890620 - Specify InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT for password prompt inputs. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
c2bb3f30e2df430b333017daf48cefaa3185c001Hannes Verschore — Bug 886966 - OdinMonkey: Fix FFI calls when passing arguments from the stack on ARM. r=mjrosenb, a=bajaj
5ebcf25ca7fafc8ca8eed027774607ed2ef68474Jim Mathies — Bug 888765 - Avoid querying for titlebar info during toolkit window creation, causes problems on Win8 with browser startup. r=bbondy, a=bajaj
44b9a417273df9b133daf1a69bb48421f79999e8Jim Mathies — Bug 873073. r=bbondy, a=bajaj
f3d2f88ce8301ba74bd95cfa160c3bc2a8dc9389Margaret Leibovic — Bug 872806 - Update DirectoryProvider to handle returning distribution location in JS, and remove unnecessary distribution path shared pref. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
587ed5a427232e8bafc53e8202973ebbe5a41495Kannan Vijayan — Bug 877826 - Make GetPcScript handle rectifier frames appropriately. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
31e38a93f1f049618d50c9d3901e3f566627794cAaron Klotz — Bug 891035 - Provide mutual exclusion in Plugin Hang UI to protect against concurrent shutdown and user response. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
16ee09f2fb7e595494bc1c4aaafdb25dc3954104John Schoenick — Bug 889821 - Extend interface shim to allow nsIStreamListener callbacks to object/embed/applet tags to be used from script. r=bz, a=bajaj
bcf51c3d281074cd5390966711d12c6131684066Gavin Sharp — Bug 890085 - Don't throw in the currentEngine/defaultEngine setters if the defaultenginename pref is invalid. r=mikedeboer, a=bajaj
c06bdff31cff0a791a0fe67a8236891eed582c5aJohnny Stenback — Bug 879161 - Fix pdf.js fallout from bug 855613. r=bdahl, a=bajaj
300800156548b99860553b681eb5f7da7cda17c4Hector Zhao — Bug 892340 - Remove Off-Main-Thread XPCWrappedJS refcounting from (UDP)ServerSocketListenerProxy. r=mcmanus, a=bajaj
853f08e10baf35164e3d860f31997cb4e451e8f8Paul Adenot — Bug 886653 - Don't call speex_resampler_skip_zeros when changing the rate in AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan, a=webaudio
2c68df0e3a54db2dd5bf11293467da450a66ba23Ryan VanderMeulen — Back out bug 807096 for causing bug 891568. a=backout
69bdfec92dba490b79339b34ff9eacbb26544807Axel Hecht — bug 891118, bug 890726, localize html validation and about pages, r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
6a9e85a0d8406761f09627dffde96e80e5a879e9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 891158 - Listen to onOrientationChanged instead of onConfigurationChanged. r=blassey a=bajaj
bf0be86bcb77e5e77747de833149e97cff10a8f1Milan Sreckovic — Bug 879656 - Limit texture sizes to <=8191 on NV+Mac. - r=jgilbert,a=abillings
3e2cfcae26054fcd6032026f966ef13c1f95a2ebHenrik Skupin — Bug 796894 - Implemention of the DataChannelTest framework and basic datachannel tests. r=jesup. a=testonly
f1cf071add8ebc15609e60e74cd3e822200c5b09Mounir Lamouri — Bug 890516 - Backout patch from bug 614825. r=bz a=akeybl
e2098135e6eb8776f0d63f93eac2493458b47331Brian R. Bondy — Bug 883554 - Only empty clipboard once to avoid clipboard access problems. r=jimm. a=bajaj
119cc460e7540ae8c047645bd1a2e2b9adcfe169Randell Jesup — Bug 886417: lock before accessing DataChannel->mState r=mcmanus a=bajaj
19a8d31bdaf021230712f44027c308148112c28dffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-376 - a=hsts-update
2a89f1c317763e1059247147113a74138eb14068ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-308 - a=blocklist-update
729f7fdd9bdfd1d59f2d36492e2489892b25fd7aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 877602 - Ensure the viewport-remeasure code runs when it's supposed to. r=Cwiiis a=bajaj
f889369d61d6524c913ea9b97a7f555a972fccedWes Johnston — Bug 853986 - Remove dynamic toolbar margins in fullscreen. r=cwiiis, a=bajaj
b1048f6c61aa0040ad66a56e2bfd06b5a8d714aaArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 713055 - roll out mozharness desktop talos. NPOTB. DONTBUILD. r=aki a=testing
d7f2a25f9646a4a8cfafc4b99ac2755c28757cc5Joel Maher — Bug 891469 - upload new to to capture fixes for tscroll, tsvgx, tresize and datazilla uploading. r=armenzg, a=akeybl, a=test-only
582ac0f3876fd69ebf42294c42be3c3617a09edfDave Townsend — Bug 878877 - Panel api change to show() method breaks compatibility. r=evold, a=lsblakk
8d66e748a49b3ccb2b3cd36f6e1c423983110b50Ethan Hugg — Bug 886134 - Change Datachannel m-line from SCTP/DTLS to DTLS/SCTP - target FF24 r=jesup a=bajaj
d0b270f86f3e96fb63925ca1aaa4853f165a0264Joe Drew — Bug 888607 - Test. r=seth, a=bajaj
5a62d5ff8abb4c65332159d5e70c5c4e1ccd3a5cJoe Drew — Bug 888607 - Correctly clear sub-frames. r=seth, a=bajaj
c01770ec0e205f493161042126413feda42ba5fcTimothy Nikkel — Bug 891424 - Directly remove nsCocoaWindow's from their parent in Destroy(). This allows us to stop implementing GetParent because the mac widget code has some assumptions about that always returning null. r=smichaud, a=lsblakk
73b647c71e493b36b08a5b1ce731af3dda884864Peter Van der Beken — Bug 883313 - Fix nsHTMLDocument::SetBody to call either ReplaceChild or AppendChild, not both. r=smaug, a=abillings
6f0387d46402994d682885207a486fbd909d19a6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 880437 - Do not try to release an already released Camera on shutdown. r=blassey a=bajaj
9666173e5d61362a1b638db6007166761862d951Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 877248 - Use a TextureView and setAlpha to make preview invisible. r=blassey a=akeybl
78abb9bcd93eadd4c7492db000123cc4ab809f67Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 891543 - Remove the version of AudioBuffer::GetChannelData that is unused. r=roc, a=webaudio
856a1ecc4b024706eede5007df8ac583777bb609Drew Willcoxon — Bug 879111 - Mute Web Audio when allowMedia is false on the docshell. r=ehsan, a=bajaj
d78e01f88bbee1f4cc87c77e0c4c330b2239dd7dPanos Astithas — Properly parse jar: URLs from add-ons (bug 876806); r=vporof a=bajaj
3cc5b3484a88c193604783b084c94b6f69cf47b4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 874569 - Adjust rotation amount if the Android device is rotated. r=blassey a=bajaj
11d580ed300cd37b12a62649c000b6e94870c826Victor Porof — Bug 889504 - Exception while trying to go to the breakpoint, r=past, a=bhavana
5f6979e4afaa6da06adda67dd2cff772c0781017Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 880513: Sides of awesomescreen search suggestion should be blue. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
f257dd1c65cab594eb62d5091e12d958038e5dc2Joe Drew — Bug 890179. r=seth a=abillings
5f5646dc9d94b77c3dff3333d80c9371dbb6ef77Josh Matthews — Bug 889885 - Avoid releasing scripted observers from PSM off the main thread. r=bsmith a=bajaj
ba6c735171209d7823e256c4f9e9729ab8ee558cBrian Hackett — Bug 886803 - Populate both script and function box bindings for new Function() functions, so heavyweight tests work. r=jandem, a=bajaj
d2db7b4b2b9eecadceb619c33e4936c633ec3ce7Raymond Lee — Bug 885205 - Extremely slow reflect bookmarks menu items after restoring bookmarks. And disk access abnormal. And Firefox process does not disappear from task manager on exit. r=mak, a=bajaj
9d8307a0266b4bc0afbf1632aa97d95bcf99cfb7Geoff Brown — Bug 889939 - Wait for Gecko startup at end of testJarReader. r=nalexander, a=test-only
938ff744e73e6ce53bf0ebb6845590d6d25d4eb3Florian Quèze — Bug 888336 - chat title not displayed after tearing off and reattaching a chat window, r=mixedpuppy, a=bajaj.
df3a83239842de67190fefd30de430a1ca3e9b59Dão Gottwald — Bug 889770 - permissions.js onRadioClick tries to pass an nsIURI to nsIPermissionManager::remove, needs to be the host string instead. r=bsmedberg a=bajaj
85b2a5b62f6b9d4209df64c15edb661ad8e06d61Robert Strong — Test fix for Bug 889860 - Intermittent test_0200_app_launch_apply_update.js | Test timed out | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1). r=bbondy, a=tests
d25ce87d2382680df3f4cee79e6cef9036811ee9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 890495 - Fix comparison of legend position. r=roc, a=lsblakk
bbbcec4b886042a7964fa7f51d2ddbd467827663Florian Quèze — Bug 888867 - Chat nub not sized correctly on a Mac retina screen. r=mixedpuppy, a=lsblakk
ec74c69d417772fdec9556c48fae58c8ccdedd31Hannes Verschore — Bug 886255 - Let activatation of inactive JitActivation behave more closely to the construction of active JitAction. r=jandem, a=bajaj
ce5b34dd98d44fd4deff52b78ac537e08f753bc8Shilpan Bhagat — Bug 883259 - Update the application icons and in content icons with new graphics. r=wesj, a=akeybl
13e7544dc81dc8415f4f8be2048cbef58886d20bJan de Mooij — Bug 886277. r=djvj, a=lsblakk
0e435f315f3a584c1094187da95d3ae5c474a509Bobby Holley — Bug 888225 - Check for child window naming collisions before defining global properties in GlobalResolve. r=bz, a=bajaj
3967f5179aabec839d11847e3a01e0b9194b97ddJohn Schoenick — Bug 406541 - Add check for java file codebase security. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
462bf273f287753314889af0bbb38b0c866abcd7John Schoenick — Bug 406541 - Split NS_CheckStrictFileOriginPolicy out of nsPrincipal::CheckMayLoad. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
20a1cd5be4fb694f15b71c2c9288f36f4193910fJohn Schoenick — Bug 738396 - Only pass canonicalized codebase to Java. r=bsmedberg, sr=jst, a=lsblakk
819cefc60adea7fdb1ce786fb849f28798529b85John Schoenick — Bug 738396 - Construct codebase URI for Java plugins as java would. r=bsmedberg, sr=jst, a=lsblakk
6e574b2c6b8a405b43590a05f0719ae5b19dfdc1Florian Quèze — Bug 887368 - social notification icon not sized correctly on a retina screen, r=mixedpuppy, a=gavin.
ad00489fe90edbe714ad191ddca55149962fdc80Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 890543 - Make AudioBuffer not inherit from nsISupports. r=mccr8, a=webaudio
3623473e7948115b58480761fa92879f75bd18f4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 888361. r=rstrong. a=lsblakk
3f1c622325a5f2a977a3fd16fb70fddb229b1d0dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 888314. r=rstrong. a=lsblakk
ecaa88184f181dafebc4697ae3672a38e1bcce36Brian R. Bondy — Bug 859072. r=rstrong. a=lsblakk
ead8dc02b7b3dea846d14b5aacd6361cb8752641ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-180 - a=blocklist-update
aa7447603aa83f0b7c33a788b7f107b95ca292f4ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-centos6-hp-007 - a=hsts-update
54741e3ae917ab54d1df9ba1e1f00a37d45cbe5bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 890248. Avoid situations where adding a new input to an AudioNode can race with a message telling the AudioNode to release its mPlayingRef. r=ehsan,a=webaudio
3e06d126f69c51d81c2bc723223862f2f3eb9c5bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 886618. Part 4: Test. r=ehsan a=webaudio
f6e678faa38c175bd3f4c1b63cba9eda6b7457b0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 890072 - Part 2: Keep the ConvolverNode alive while its reverb buffers are being exhausted; r=roc a=webaudio
f12e9f364c3a38f560e17c6d6577eca751df698eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 890072 - Part 1: Factor out PlayingRefChanged from DelayNodeEngine; r=roc a=webaudio
554a3d3aeefe9d58073c5d0076df1913024d6503Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 359aa68d311f (bug 859022) for build bustage a=me
359aa68d311f0c61d3fb80eccb2fe1b08b0df7cbMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 859022 - Remove the MSVC exemption for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/media. r=roc a=bajaj
60301a200ffec6960ea78c77befaaebb6539beb6Nick Alexander — Bug 888250 - Make sure generated report is not null in BrowserHealthReporter. r=rnewman, a=bajaj
01af93611916714ae5d9a1def9af0ddd462cb9edRichard Newman — Bug 886156 - Part 2: don't initialize PIC with null add-ons. r=nalexander, a=bajaj
d54c097dc7f6061035caa5338c3f71cdb555ae38Richard Newman — Bug 886156 - Part 1: belt-and-braces safety in initialization of ProfileInformationCache. r=nalexander, a=bajaj
adaa503105d14dbcc24219c6fe18149d44221bf5Richard Newman — Bug 888248 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at (recordSearch). r=nalexander, a=akeybl
3aa40e548d04dda8038eea157838f8e42b1cf2d6Richard Newman — Bug 888676 - NPE accessing mHealthRecorder in GeckoApp. r=nalexander, a=bajaj
d79d7d818dc60a971244f0ec0081934e55fd43bcRichard Newman — Bug 888665 - Bad stored add-ons cause document generation failure in the presence of good add-ons. r=nalexander, a=bajaj
86bb41319505a0600e9cb188c4bca78c5cba66b2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 889016 - Part 2: Report an error in the synchronous AudioContext.createBuffer unless the legacy pref has been set; r=roc a=webaudio
b962ab6c33b6c4ccaaac3e4856fc3d288178f4baEhsan Akhgari — Bug 889016 - Part 1: Add an API to report a not-enough-arguments error in Web IDL bindings; r=bzbarsky a=bajaj
6692e187fe0665c0612c390d7072ac5117c22d23Robert O'Callahan — Bug 886618. Part 3: Handle null data in ConvolverNode. r=ehsan a=webaudio
8075a46992eec410e779914c09e44f83598ef06aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 886618. Part 2: Simplify OOM handling when stealing array buffer data. r=ehsan a=webaudio
8fdb3237bd94558f5ebfd1f0e8bd9cafe0b05f4fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 886618. Play nothing when one or more of the Float32Arrays of an AudioBuffer has been neutered. r=ehsan a=webaudio
2644ea8fa5c31f1ece8193dde9ef639646eb572fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 886618. Remove dead AudioBuffer code. r=ehsan a=webaudio
5b83b6d6d407b3fd8254227d124fa8ecdc029932Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 890023 - Set the output channel count for ConvolverNode to 2 unconditionally; r=roc a=webaudio
77ba223a21e2a1d869bb63abf565cc0b65e60adbBrian R. Bondy — Bug 889039 - Addon compat for updates on by default. r=rstrong. a=akeybl.
afb602f09bc90279f6ff95431150582a4ef664ddScott Johnson — Bug 878931: Add a FontSizeInflation() method to Element in order to retrieve font size inflation to use during reflow-on-zoom. [r=kats,mounir][a=akeybl]
38ed376e845be5c7add4034289c6036b1ec4ee8bBen Turner — Bug 879787 - Fix up old tests to use SpecialPowers. r=smaug, a=abillings.
b38c1015fad212d806c83b076943b12b47b0af37Brian Nicholson — Bug 886123 - Handle locale changes with BroadcastReceiver instead of getLastCustomNonConfigurationInstance(). r=sriram, a=akeybl
65da4fb308a60b4a7dcf286d2bd56b8b2c70957fRichard Newman — Bug 888692 - Missing trackChanges call in forms.js. r=markh, a=bajaj
8cebe418300901f0f427b08e0d879aaa5e42edccRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 888635 - Update pdf.js to version 0.8.291. r=bdahl, a=bajaj
6ce2c7dbe680acb3f3dd79b63751dbd4722e7c6cGeoff Lankow — Bug 887447 - Don't display Update History button on Android. r=adw, a=bajaj
2f1fcbcf7ee3420f8f9a6a7ebaad1a10ea8f54cdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 886657 - Don't play anything from an AudioBufferSourceNode until a buffer has been set and start() has been called. r=ehsan, a=bajaj
f4099089f227f5c613c9c74f6f5558165e265f22Asaf Romano — Bug 885666 - Crash in mozilla::places::::NotifyPlaceInfoCallback::Run. r=mak, a=bajaj
64b10a949a90e594637ede38e76e77cea5a2eb39Wes Johnston — Bug 888949 - Return hours in 0-23 range for time input types. r=mounir, a=lsblakk
ffa6dcc0a6220e479dba84a356820039e416d0b1Gavin Sharp — Bug 885351 - Make sure defaultEngine and currentEngine are always in sync, including when the prefs have invalid values or after an upgrade from <FF23. r=MattN, a=lsblakk
bfc39992335fbdc804dde531efb9591c746a159bChris Kitching — Bug 885941 - Homogenize privacy links in Fennec. r=mleibovic, a=lsblakk
589121b50d01dd13f1bda0e4f2837c30333c672fGarrett Robinson — Bug 885433 - CSP should not block inline scripts or eval unless script-src or default-src are included (r=imelven a=bajaj)
bf18c9cdbac1b3c3b8b04870afd219ad9691204bAsaf Romano — Bug 889089 - crash in mozilla::places::History::FetchPageInfo.
a6723694edbba14dfa92d2bd23ef6d7d8830d79dJeff Gilbert — Bug 888107 - Zero-fill webgl BufferData allocations. - r=bjacob,a=lsblakk
8d8d89874756c0f8c7f94a3d668180fe629d2011Mihai Sucan — Bug 886137 - Can't inspect objects in the webconsole, while debugging and inspecting. r=past, a=bajaj
da777cbc80209f8fb0177f484d10dcf4b7e642cbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 889042 - Null check the argument to ConvolverNode::SetBuffer. r=padenot, a=webaudio
1cd63e472c9f4bbea0115bf33486b3e8ed27ad7bIan Stakenvicius Bug 886418 - Add MOZJS_{MAJOR,MINOR}_VERSION to js-config.h so that JSAPI differences can be handled at compile time. r=glandium, a=bajaj
c921b322bd98069afad229c72025e1f0c32e1bd1Milan Sreckovic — Bug 807096 - Lower the limit on the Intel+Mac to 2048, but only on <10.8. Leave the limit at 4096 otherwise. r=bjacob, a=akeybl
6be4fd69a8f27594d4eb8c4911b324ad5248fb94Robert Strong — Take 1 - fix getAppConsoleLogPath call and Take 2 - fix a likely race condition that might fix Bug 626833 - Intermittent test_0200_app_launch_apply_update.js. r=bbondy, a=tests
442533851168edb8565676de2d125453a45fddcfWes Johnston — Bug 888836 - Turn off audio channels. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
cdc01273863f7f551899d27c75193de8394a4b4bAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 885640 - Clean up PeerConnectionCtx before exiting r=ekr, a=bbajaj
9f5d65c04085338724d890f191cf379fece3c1adAndrew McCreight — Bug 882997 - Don't DROP or clear wrapper cache flag in GetAndClearExpandoObject. r=peterv, a=bajaj
7568be854b6570a032a833b38bc11a22ce671277Brad Lassey — Bug 888201 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.collectAndReportLocInfo( r=kats, a=bajaj
605b49d10be6895b5569f9f343b943dc3b972d5cAndrew McCreight — Bug 886213 - Cycle collect Navigator more better. r=smaug, a=bajaj
d761510738158984eed0affa4651bed2ff393ebfBas Schouten — Bug 887916 - Implement recording for MaskSurface calls. r=jrmuizel, a=bajaj
e520729e67c526170d3db1a81fcfad047895b532Hannes Verschore — Bug 886243 - IonBuilder: Remove imul annotation when merging imul and normal multiplication. r=evilpie, a=akeybl
0e12b6c86ebdcdc6994326a1bb2e870db0df04b6Brad Lassey — Bug 886921 - Crash [@ org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.getCellInfo(]. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
e4f20ca64ee3c9c2308fe1e623eb46fa60a4f4abStephen Pohl — Bug 868416 - Keep overlay scrollbars the same size irrespective of the current document zoom level. r=roc, a=bajaj
f7c1a43c6b184adbe114cb1ad8f16711e07ebfb7Josh Matthews — Bug 887191 - Force wrapped JS listeners to proxy callbacks to the main thread if no target is specified. r=mcmanus, a=bajaj
d8a815ac433b0b09a0a3922332a603ae103c35bbJan de Mooij — Bug 885648 - Add barriers for generator stack value. r=terrence, a=bajaj
9a606e0005f146dca25df686d4c5ae6a138e017eAndrew McCreight — Bug 883037 - Clean up HOLD/DROP of nsHTMLDocument. r=peterv, a=bajaj
a0836a9de974d74193c80296435fc853f89a4bb2Mark Hammond — Bug 879118 - Issue a deprecation warning when nsIFormManager2 is used. r=mak, a=bajaj
7b87d1785e56b4c03b2882a127d470fe9f0948aaShane Caraveo — Bug 887210 - Fix localStorage in frameworker for blessed providers. r=gavin, a=lsblakk
5309228d21a6a19911dd5046b42e7fe3fd39334fVictor Porof — Bug 886067 - Netmonitor displays request sizes as "0 KB" after opening Console, r=msucan, a=lsblakk
2d506101638507b16c5813975fe49a696c0be975Mark Banner — Bug 886263 - Make places be enabled by default in all xpcshell-tests to avoid having to set it in lots of places (so that tests work with apps where places is disabled by default). r=mak,a=bajaj
cd11b56ef7c9581b9cc25fd41127976e840b7bb3John Daggett — Bug 873222 - check unit-type of font-synthesis value before use. r=dbaron, a=bajaj
0c844dc5caff8420f1e968a5988338d2161ac470Mark Hammond — Bug 887967 - avoid using a null nsIDOMWindowUtils when checking if a window is hidden. r=adw, a=gavin
3f9d6dbaf66974cf2ba8e077ac638458f73dad42Garrett Robinson — Bug 887974 - CSP: when script-src has both 'unsafe-inline' and 'unsafe-eval' directives present, eval() is still not allowed (r=sstamm a=bbajaj)
1d0715fad0ee9c2ecbe226fbb69efb2998497a94Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 886940 and bug 886403 - spelling/string errors from bug 880735 a=gavin
299263db276486fb982de2840ec00967df3c9f11Markus Stange — Bug 888458 - Don't assume there's a focusView during viewWillDraw; always get the dirty region from our own view. r=smichaud, a=bajaj
1123178aa240a1764115f4374a974c23e80fa812Nick Alexander — Bug 887840 - Add viewport to Android about:healthreport wrapper. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
a0197043b0e3ee04b6d5955ce379afa5b41a955cTanvi Vyas — Bug 781018 - Collect telemetry information about the number of websites a user visits with Mixed Active/Passive Content. r=smaug, a=bajaj
688b86b2ccf661973473e0495cc250f4b6af2d06Jim Chen — Bug 887097 - Get rid of Gecko event sync time out. r=kats, a=lsblakk
4fbeaf9b6c76a596496b0e9078f03b07330e5527Benoit Jacob — Bug 884057 - Fix a memory leak in GLContextProviderGLX: was not destroying pixmaps used for offscreen contexts. r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
a991bca0ae09b2dbb16b2a660c57917d236b521eBobby Holley — Bug 887098 - Cache nodePrincipal when InstallTrigger is bound. r=gavin, a=lsblakk
8e5d6f719af1007c4ba9e68a1cb072dac5ca6124Victor Porof — Backed out changeset c57f86ca65ed for oranges in browser_webconsole_bug_600183_charset.js, r=me, a=bustage
c57f86ca65ed5e60b3859ec38c072ce6f8f8f563Victor Porof — Bug 886067 - Netmonitor displays request sizes as "0 KB" after opening Console, r=msucan, a=lsblakk
eacfed5e3e6db89aef35d3a9fc9b90b1b46da85bMax Li — Bug 886077 - Can't access address bar using Spiel screen reader. r=lucasr, a=akeybl
30a7b726833d041116124b72fc8351ae4fba9642ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-112 - a=blocklist-update
8c98f6886478eaa297baff98398744cc42aee37cffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-centos6-hp-007 - a=hsts-update
767c0dbc8cf26dcc3ab5bf5b48a2eea7c3e9c2baTimothy Nikkel — Bug 845147. Fix accidentally landed incorrect patch so it does some sync decoding for images being decoded the first time. r=joe a=bbajaj
d5940f917a9aa0328b909ecb0cd1fdd3a6555786Mihai Sucan — Bug 885751 - dbg-server.jsm compartment is leaking 500,000-char JavaScript warning strings like a sieve. r=dcamp, a=bajaj
29f62a025aae57abc54241fc864060103e1402dcHannes Verschore — Bug 886266 - Fix issues with enabling/disabling non-active activations. r=jandem, a=bajaj
40bef1cf558f215cacc8f753f53b5d6cdb32e3a5Hannes Verschore — Bug 884989 - OdinMonkey: Check argument types before enabling ffi fastpath to IM. r=luke, a=bajaj
049e957f10761e26dfec9afc28ca8988b4910c10Max Li — Bug 885298 - Warning: redundant cast to android.os.IInterface in r=kats, a=bajaj
dbba940275aac5842c5cd09958ab0e72f6b3c675Kannan Vijayan — Bug 883973 - Disable heavyweight function inlining. r=dvander, a=bajaj
0f721045abd40732d1de0fb9c6b881f1e96ea844Jan de Mooij — Bug 885976 - Make ScriptFrameIter::numFrameSlots() a bit more robust. r=luke, a=bajaj
3bab1b490e9f12f53ce3bbec6baf9b56901546deJan de Mooij — Bug 885660 - Fix Ion bailouts to overwrite arguments on the stack at the end of the bailout. r=djvj, a=lsblakk
67b0221cbd698f87a8cb29df61d0851bbe472bd9Chenxia Liu — Bug 886916 - Regression: Multiple-level settings screens do not handle "back" correctly. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
19d48b5f0ca17013736c4ac479e1b61196e8f4a7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 886660 - Fix the leak in FFTBlock::SetFFTSize(); r=roc a=webaudio-only
18416a1721460f1462d992f788cc447b502317d3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 884566: Don't show default activity until some activity is choosen for first time in QuickShare. [r=mfinkle] [a=bbajaj]
17666746e8ccf0e6f7f9a6eb5204349a0a5e78e6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 886690 - Make sure that the test case for bug 880202 will pass if Web Audio is disabled a=test-only
50de8c1763e23d7b718021c73e68bcacefcae3f2Benoit Girard — Bug 886656 - Disable GTest on windows for linking errors. r=philor a=test-only
822bc5cbc8f4b54d7c99a42170582e5636b683eaAlex Keybl — Disabling metro in Aurora builds bug 856823 a=release
1a53b79ea529447f078d4597d2be97c1e15cfa76Honza Bambas — Bug 883928 - Keep the old storagemanager ContractID for backward compatibility. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
7e26ca8db92bf849667b9fdc89b6f1c34b85e5c2Alex Keybl — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS ba=release
08cd11c2209526e6d563b5d084deede591975fbbAlex Keybl — Remove dtrace & instruments in mozconfigs on Aurora as per bug 748669 CLOSED TREE ba=release
26a17424c310440b7b491f6d22150ed633534c41Alex Keybl — Disable profiling on Aurora NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
18b27fa2be84fcbbaa2d28d8e72e4211582e37bdAlex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
976dd158ef7fcbc0b764897333f10b1af81fb0d0Alex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
8d3810543edccf4fbe458178b88dd4a6e420b010Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team FIREFOX_AURORA_24_BASE
3cb980ee5440c791999e0193a282b9f3f550b6b5Tim Taubert — Bug 886376 - Reduce interval between swapping in a preloaded newtab page and preloading the next one; r=avih
53d6355ec4b73ca59406275a6ee88b0e382e8236Josh Matthews — Bug 886387, bug 886391, bug 886393 - Update missed IIDs for changed interfaces.
d839f8a7f95660fc071eac3cf9d859aeb4cb7532Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch and m-c.
de94eeba93c12252758b3d715c1c67dff20d487cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bd5ccb3e9bec2424d1589bd781c160991384b29cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c5962d879887771f617fad93992585c98f4ac109Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ee3e6f212b6d740f529bf9412102421ebcf0f62eDimi Lee — Bug 868941 - Connecting to WLAN using WPA-EAP with special options (mschapv2/PEAP) is not possible. r=vchang
f60f9ef069bc0b4f1c12ccc1da809e0139e6e423Dimi Lee — Bug 786700 - Wifi: Add the ability to set a static IP instead of using DHCP. r=vchang, r=mrbkap
a59d6c0723d58b9569b3e6d78a0374cc80127049Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1529545e7704385e0b5f4324d170f3b73c6b0c0cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
bd0fdb3585c66e4c47b3deb6166f57c539e16ec1Gene Lian — Bug 876614 - Queue up the incomming message if we're currently dispatching a message to avoid nested event loop (e.g. via alert()). r=jlebar a=leo+
07ce3bc9b4dd3fd253b5b472987bbe8066a7e9bcGene Lian — Bug 885674 - Alarm API - Delete Alarm API data on app uninstallation (and clear data?) (follow-up). r=nsm
724e7177ad4785a98de4002456ff4ac31ef06c20Gene Lian — Bug 885652 - B2G SMS: DOMRequest in sending SMS API does not trigger onsuccess or onerror function when the SIM card is not installed or radio is disabled. r=vicamo a=leo+
9519e88b3175e2062d5cc3c693c62f5f0cb85231Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
0ed24ecb433af4f7bdc918822d197a403a7f6261Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
fe684609e72a21a24d4ddc66d3fda7ea8a5d168fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound and m-c.
8a9410b02e6e31d8eedcaa82279e6fbfac055aa4Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
08c202fef05914597a34500ae2cf03cbaf924560Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 829841 - Add an option to enable eager compilation in the browser. r=dvander
d53ba2cc53370cebabb8d87bda8d894454212476Robert Longson — Bug 865901 - make nsSVGTextFrame2::mPositioningDirty and mPositioningUsesPercentages SVG frame state bits. r=cam
19c05a3d7d3cc7a4395435b579d359af37a440beJustin Wood — Bug 885855 - [Build bustage] gfx\2d\RadialGradientEffectD2D1.h(9) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'd2d1_1.h': No such file or directory. r=gps, f=InvisibleSmiley, f=Bas
e872cb70e71943d67d03bce5bf8e494fc230c988Gregory Szorc — Bug 885572 - Fix upgrade_mercurial() in bootstrapper; r=khuey
25d1683000014cd8cf3b97b92c40aaa4b01624f8Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to s-c
d4b39b7a0c5afd1c9716b0ea1f150421e8fd3667Richard Newman — Bug 886231 - Rename datareporting_fhr_summary to reflect string change (follow-up from Bug 879558). r=trivial
82c439461ec54f971569ef1589f67c97f2e5b6e4Nick Alexander — Bug 873569 - Follow-up: don't delete assets/omni.ja during unpack. r=me
1da2051be4574296df6a32ec186a46e8a062d1b7Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part S followup review comment - put the plugin doorhanger styles into shared/
1bc0960d55fb25cac769170bac7c470539afe3feBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part D followup: flod pointed out that I changed these strings without changing the key, and since changing the key is hard I'm just going to revert them for now and do something better in a followup.
50332b66c7a16858f074ee71218a497b06d814b2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part S - Basic styling so that this can land - add classes to the binding for styling hooks and fix space handling. Make the buttons fill the space, limit the doorhanger size, and add whitespace/separators for the multi-plugin UI, r=jaws
3da4f4ddc8334c0475b9603b22d44faf3a3f5225Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 test fixups:
501a4ba3506a93225fba24655c3e5f2b95ea9d5eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part F - Remove extra functions, strings, and styles which are no longer needed, r=jaws
d317e0e8afb78cba3435470bd72bbdfdc4843f7cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part D - New doorhanger frontend code. Removes all logic which shows the plugin doorhanger automatically, including on scripting. Always show the doorhanger when there is a plugin present on the page, even if that plugin is currently enabled. Make the "always" choices clear to the user. r=jaws
e32abcc03d444ffcfd521f0cf59ce370b2732c0fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part E - Use the new permissionmanager.updateExpireTime method to make sure that plugin permissions are renewed properly, r=johns
7e3e7014456cc8ad8f6034cdb56acfcb45e04d60Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 883420 - Add an API to set a new expireTime for an existing permission, r=ehsan sr=mounir
fa7166cddea213ecb5e65e818a7473451f2f176eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part C - Disabled plugins should be always disabled, site-specific permissions do not override them. I'm sorry for the churn from bug 875454. At least the logic is in one place and easy to fix! r=johns
4ae14fad4744ac95a4e11f5c23539ec24926ce97Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part B - add .getPluginTagForType and make .getBlocklistStateForType scriptable, r=johns
051b257f38ca1c283059d66558763469709f8af7Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 880735 part A - Add a .defaultFallbackType to plugins so that we can avoid re-implementing the ShouldPlay logic in the frontend code. r=johns
999f162be482e596557a6e1165108cde466debb3Ed Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
086f3da36af0eaefee597e2709ebd41b3f983247Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
264ff5e5cb39d52d7389d80bfb26c74104f4faf1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c289b46955e12d2fbb30701e847ee16ecaea3c70Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c2ce8631dfa6f64dbc7a95c5381b69b5c865b5f0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bb2ce8f64e6ece236bca78965e64532f8ae0d55aThomas Zimmermann — Bug 880168: Replace RemoveDeviceTask by non-blocking implementation, r=echou,gyeh
3f14e142756ac363efbb1e8b2575d79d30cd95f5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1578c05bb33f6956f44e825c0d0e045236c7ccecBen Tian — Bug 883619 - No busy tone on Bluetooth Car kit, r=gyeh
cf549bdc7d87cff1b97bcbdc330a1bf757f1248fMichael Wu — Bug 784226 - Support libhardware_legacy and libnetutils on JB, r=vchang
c5d3cac6c1045ec665c94178a041b0f466143bfaGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f562d353ac002d0f4176842fa6b4243a9b075009Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f2deb05a7ba5e2ccfd147f79634d6dcb7153e296Yuan Xulei — Bug 882866 - Ignore all EditAction notifications caused by replaceSurroundingText. r=dflanagan
7edda78eca8bc23c99cebfcab24ccd8838d09f16Robert Longson — Bug 601131 - Hang with feTurbulence with huge numOctaves. r=roc
6c3acc2030b014ad0f722cca7b6ae9cba2ae85c6David Zbarsky — Bug 788549 Part 14: Add a test for async opacity animations r=dbaron
a257161ff2359a4c9a16db620ed73c973e337532Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9661a68f0bff (bug 872605) for browser-chrome failures
34db1cc5a35086c1586e60e550e06aad4b716c8aRichard Newman — Bug 886155 - GeckoSubdocumentScrollHelper logspew. r=kats
5ac656c40652e04ef462da379197d9d4efb0a78eMatt Woodrow — Bug 871150 - Call IdentifyTextureHost on ImageBridgeChild so that we create appropriate textures for the compositor. r=nical
3d1618de1190c9a75d3167f852be85a468926d32Matt Woodrow — Bug 885573 - Stop forcing layers acceleration when we have OMTC enabled. r=nrc
1501850aa8ae4b57113bbd03c077481b8e7a0e3cMatt Woodrow — Bug 885634 - Mark test as failing on OSX. r=roc
79194143ec895d32320c20076ebbf6fad779076dJustin Wood — Bug 886209 - SHT_ARM_EXIDX not defined on older glibc versions. r=glandium
d3f627a6273e6fa31ead86505060e9834f065e06Ethan Hugg — Bug 884071 Signaling - stop setting video prefs when in SDP mode r=jesup
a0dfe6abef7391aaa7d828cfd3ec63e36ffc2c0fBrian Hackett — Bug 883154 - Add runtime wide cache for compiled lazy scripts, r=billm.
9661a68f0bff3d64d30fefc0658a1ab127c2ff74Shane Caraveo — bug 872605 add ability to update provider manifest, r=markh
76820c6dff7b9eedf9b8840e40d8d5c8bdc5cd8fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
9b5816c7fa6e26e9ffb4c132441a271c9a8ed394Guillaume Abadie — Bug 882890 - Add fake vertex attribute 0 disabling to the getVertexAttrib function to improve WebGL compatibility with driver limitations. r=bjacob
fee54235df4eaca8c44273dbc5a24d0c45e96cb7Ehsan Akhgari — Remove two unused variables in nsNSSCertificateDB.cpp, no bug
85ec41d58705298b5f2ca66e120d36927f462337Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
78372eb6707fec9e924f401dfde6a4f1d254d9e4Mook — bug 884686: inline add-on settings: don't set prefs on type=multi if no prefs are specified (r=darktrojan)
c5c17f15196ca65c791255908a5e1644749f005dShane Caraveo — bug 883346 permissions support for standalone chat window, r=felipe
2f3e05163a0552fa6a87118dec7b1ea4548a52c2Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
ccb5192667d09f020d8ddfef3092bf4a0cd49cd1Jim Mathies — Bug 886149 - Fix: Undefined last crash id can causes exception in delayed startup. r=bbondy
aef71cf41cecf4c3d7bef313bff502c98d5883ceEhsan Akhgari — Bug 885583 - Enable Web Audio unconditionally across mochitests; r=roc
8f626724b60048edcb7c8a8b0ceef9a7077a1d42Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 886165 - Hide the alternate names in the spec behind prefs which are turned off by default; r=roc
86ce13c5787159bcc4d2ae95ff96683eb7509872Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-i to m-c
19675f2a58f5547fad2d70b797c678b1988e1ce2Till Schneidereit — Bug 886094 - Make js::BooleanGetPrimitiveValueSlow assert isProxy instead of the narrower isCrossCompartmentWrapper. rs=Ms2ger
2fb1cc6eb83d8ce51dcee983f72801c50c1d04b1Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
6409ddd66eaab0264b587118bd43c2039ee2d346Cameron McCormack — Bug 885585 - Work around Quartz issue where a stroke with a dasharray whose gaps add up to zero does not render. r=vlad,longsonr
6b2f29bc6da8d490c0d8f1f0f4c1c79768b3052bBrian Smith — Bug 879137, Part 3: Move PSMContentListener to its own source file, r=keeler
b1a6f93acc877712990e907350c76a241321aeb1Brian Smith — Bug 879137, Part 2: Remove unnecessary manual registration of PSM content listeners, r=keeler
dd6e10c7db026fc6fc26f31dfcac825bf4c44cdfBrian Smith — Bug 867465: Remove the "Revocation Lists" feature, r=cviecco, r=mattn
75895fe57f563a2a4a5a0fa44620d8ab5dd8988fPhil Ringnalda — Back out fd367ec484cf (bug 885585) for Windows reftest orange
e762fad3e026b528940b5261ea6417d8ea06302fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 883784 - [Workers] Supporting URL.createObjectURL from a worker created by a jsm, r=bent
fd367ec484cff58d5e07922faebd63ad5fed60d6Cameron McCormack — Bug 885585 - Work around Quartz issue where a stroke with a dasharray whose gaps add up to zero does not render. r=vlad,longsonr
319ce193cdae1a1d846d4dabc89db1487ee495d6Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 885611 - Remove the hasXPConnectImpls annotation from Event. r=smaug
8cac85f8f5125eda0fa44845fa2acb742b0e4119Brian Smith — Backout 308e3cd73c5f, cc9980cb3db2, f5591bedc40e due to build failure
f5591bedc40ed2075c95375a5594297fba1c23b1Brian Smith — Bug 879137, Part 3: Move PSMContentListener to its own source file, r=keeler
cc9980cb3db22d7ca88710bbfa8de269d8853af7Brian Smith — Bug 879137, Part 2: Remove unnecessary manual registration of PSM content listeners, r=keeler
308e3cd73c5fcac5912dc0a9a78df441219f9dd2Brian Smith — Bug 867465: Remove the Revocation Lists feature, r=cviecco, r=mattn
6e43d49fc668b24590868785fd6e8f3ba63f8307Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
f22c958c618733ca14247e5cf2fa75037f0618c3Jason Duell — Bug 558623 - e10s HTTP: combine PHttpChannel constructor with SendAsyncOpen/SendRedirect1Begin r=jdm
312d1be1a95aa24e24cdd67cc7d48510ee8d3a41Jason Duell — Bug 558623 - Split out HTTP LOG macro definition from nsHttp.h r=jdm
1ea803d6be37b42531ebaf0dba7427a88549b79dRobert Strong — Additional test patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
17363c63cf55ade2b7df90b0736c930d9ed05ddcRobert Strong — xpcshell test fixup - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=me for test fixup
58de9b0f98d0ad970839d7abf3f943b2f284cc8eRobert Strong — 3. tests patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
b1c91eba5eaa19517b862f4b3b1f97aa97f7123cRobert Strong — 2. browser patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
340646bf7e85b427ad6f95e6eb32749dab7b0cbcRobert Strong — 1. main patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
df8a743fcab7e0a27293b7208a17a71f2f506275David Zbarsky — Bug 881121: Remove the 3d-transforms-enabled pref because it is always enabled and has been for a while r=dbaron
38244599c28210a1a502d17139372be9bfc97b88Richard Newman — Bug 879558 - Add entry point to about:healthreport in Settings > Data choices on Android. r=rnewman
7e6a46bbbbf64900f91565781d7daf41aa74beafEKR — Bug 885190 - Remove real-time thread policy from WebRTC code. r=derf
9c3576b138480540631bdbbb55f207705334b454Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 885597 - absolute urls not working with sourcesContent and source maps in file:// urls; r=dcamp
e7e9726025dabe48caafa36b06bf0ee62f1cb377Victor Porof — Merge fx-team to m-c
de9bcd3c8e6c41b43c3b7e7510abd03faaf92174Paul Rouget — Bug 865688 - Style Inspector sidebar should remember its size. r=msucan
ddf46f192e463f1f302c46bb20117d86b270d46fGirish Sharma — Bug 868163 - Add toolbox tab highlighting API, r=robcee, r=vporof, r=paul
8d8330b65f2684005a263eb5ea709b45c493763bPaul Rouget — Bug 869174 - [style editor] Remove unused bar at top of editor. r=harth
1d0d9f1d632179355a516c4bf3cb0eb5758cc443David Creswick — Bug 875902 - [toolbox] Simplify selectTool and test for panel readiness, r=paul
7c1c4bb1263a14a9cbbe8022dbfeb3e0837fa06cGirish Sharma — Bug 881807 - Simplify advanced settings part of options panel, r=jwalker
694bcbab0f2fed21d29211d53239b8c058bcb4daGirish Sharma — Bug 872670 - Visually indicate that the tool is not supported on the target type in the Options panel, r=jwalker
4f03fbc6f5fde5460ff6a4fc8e746017f718178eMihai Sucan — Bug 886015 - Console js input looks broken on OS X; r=vporof
7f1392bacb9f6e7fbe12e5bc4b66477d16af8707Girish Sharma — Bug 886015 - Console js input looks broken on OS X, r=msucan
e557dc25838819ef3c3675e1a081a02c105ece8dVictor Porof — Bug 886019 - Need a better icon for .variables-view-delete, r=msucan
8174f98e2cdcb3ff13e8a9d7228113e0d6c48076Mihai Sucan — Bug 883649 - Console freezes when accessing a DeadObject's property; r=past
f59dc2b929503528ff8bd9dac20616cea86d89f7Mihai Sucan — Bug 878186 - Save different filter prefs for browser vs. webdev console; r=robcee
75c01c222ab676ad0b808fc3d6531f7516d4dbceMihai Sucan — Bug 880868 - Browser Console JS Error/Warning filtering doesn't seem to work; r=robcee
2fd3d3b584d8a017852b4a9abb7ff2460336c6c1Mihai Sucan — Bug 884887 - Move webconsole.css into themes/shared; r=robcee f=mconley
6d5d454fc9b133c65f62ed02d11769fd60bf9290Mihai Sucan — Bug 879799 - Browser console lacks keyboard access; r=robcee
c8bec69452510bdf8a342966b649570818b2a5c0Girish Sharma — Bug 873848 - Make the developer toolbar consistent with Toolbox design, r=jwalker, paul, jaws
4c4f75c20e9ba7448417307d1fccc25b2ab8e234Ms2ger — Bug 882848 - Use MOCHITEST_BROWSER_FILES more; r=gps
98c4684023bdce7c5c9db801675d0b9e4a921b3dMs2ger — Bug 766546 - Undisable test on non-mac platforms; r=edmorley
f899dba1c97bdd72d93154082fb9c97959f706f8Ms2ger — No bug - Don't spam lists of files during the build in toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test makefiles; r=ted
2599d05cd405953dccabbcb7e03c2ac49bf19c8dMs2ger — Bug 884951 - Use XPCWrappedNative::Get more; r=bholley
6fe13dc22c5697b72d66ee48ad692d39c350f5eeMs2ger — Bug 884268 - Part c: Stop including nsWrapperCache.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=smaug
d4c35209af10b65863fe5ef1e29cb61e41b577edMs2ger — Bug 884268 - Part b: Move nsContentUtils::PreserveWrapper to nsWrapperCache; r=smaug
c4618e8cb8ff22d27d675c6fb033f478ba4bff5eMs2ger — Bug 884268 - Part a: Move nsContentUtils::CheckCCWrapperTraversal to nsWrapperCache; r=smaug
a8e797e62ee0a208901b53d58cc0673fe09936c9Ms2ger — Bug 882616 - Fix build warnings in docshell/base; r=bz
4a0e1ae55380456c84dc6dafbed460c704328005Ms2ger — Bug 881077 - Update html tests; r=mounir
29769461065f5fa6e78d4403f636113f0f140485Ms2ger — Bug 883615 - Only include nsCxPusher.h in codegen when necessary; r=smaug
dc5b9d21be2e50e607ac23d17eeeb82c7c347454Ms2ger — Bug 883537 - Remove dead testing code from chromium; r=bsmedberg
6474695077bfdae679125a3ddb8adfd36eb51e67Ms2ger — Bug 883536 - Include headers correctly in HalTypes.h; r=mounir
5d2a74449b3ba41863c8234374578fe82426d845Ms2ger — Bug 883504 - Remove references to EXCLUDE_SKIA_DEPENDENCIES; r=bsmedberg
0683fdc7baaa2cc4aa8f6f3c9287468c7a592d63Ms2ger — Bug 880998 - Return void from nsDocShell::MaybeInitTiming(); r=bz
e84d4694a55380af7f95b8659930e6aca6e15530Ms2ger — Bug 878950 - Add a test for HTMLImageElement and fix h/vspace reflection; r=mounir
7111de8a8687ed9bc1a7c5e9deec324570bc19deMs2ger — Bug 884947 - Remove superfluous null check in XPCConvert::NativeInterface2JSObject; r=bholley
0be9ff086424e3868bad962e1480e7f240279c55Phil Ringnalda — Merge s-c to m-c
b1cc0a6320498dcbaa19baceb6d5103e674aac6eRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
ec25f53bf993940849fd77d8251cc53a52b8e1edNick Alexander — Bug 885582 - Append version number query parameter to Android about:healthreport URL. r=rnewman
0b51d02bebd03ce080660823850f6d6ef071de8aNick Alexander — Bug 882745 - Add LaunchUpdater message to Android about:healthreport wrapper. r=rnewman
d5da469d2c49830901de202306efcb6c48c02543Nick Alexander — Bug 879555 - Add ShowSettings message to Android about:healthreport wrapper. r=rnewman
c4980d2512385bad101eec87dcadbe55726c4267Nick Alexander — Bug 738890 - Fix testJarReader. r=wesj
646dd2d4fec53f5033e31e115b1691c3e17c49c9Nick Alexander — Bug 884626 - Make UpdateServiceHelper read update.locale from correct omni.ja location. r=mfinkle
e91536052c99840669a51a55d3a01d82508e1090Richard Newman — Bug 878677 - Follow-up: remove unused import. r=trivial
75763abd1bdf646e95f5d65da91a9e564d43c2c4Richard Newman — Bug 878677 - Part 2: Sync changes to support FormHistory.jsm. r=rnewman
9419343d5a2a899e055ed3347121775f94c6d372Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to s-c
a6a071d45b98ccaa70f30c6580e728455839b9ecRichard Newman — Bug 883595 - Extend Sync error bar duration. r=gps
7144ed2dfe0e08805cd0d706d2c2e62420520257Richard Newman — Backed out changeset 31f1458c6a0b (bug 878677)
31f1458c6a0b12caa9115da9de67d4853523781bMark Hammond — Bug 878677 - Part 2: Sync changes to support FormHistory.jsm. r=rnewman
9126675b827abfd7248ca3f713aaecd0f9eb7caeMark Hammond — Bug 878677 - Part 1: allow GUID updating in FormHistory.jsm. r=enndeakin
1544dcd2f78a10f1fd5e35317838ed820be997ddRichard Newman — Bug 873861 - Intermittent test_addons_store.js | Test timed out. r=gps
126f7ef8ba3e752037a829f586d0c2cf025f31f8Phil Ringnalda — Merge birch to m-c
d49f5e8eb115ce06522b97a8297be681d2c90f69Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
82bb34cbab79559cd60b6873f3d7ce5333d23645Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to birch
1c3fa2ce8dea9d03a6ee3eea5e06823777bde518Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a51fbfd1e186cb5733041d326da1b01b37722ac2Michael Wu — Bug 880502 - Make OggCodecState.cpp build on gonk-JB, r=cpearce
f48ded5ba4df83d9d5f094867fd72c1beb1ddfecGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
3392482de0229358e9a124f09aa34e926e271b7eJustin Lebar — Bug 885158 - If a message is sent on a closed IPC channel, delete it immediately. r=bent
b8b2de2b6931dd97b788ad6b0c33791c4da565d1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
83b735ca92ed58a53ba9cccc8319af7363e0aa3dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Initialize transform variables for non-Fennec codepaths. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
b91036bab3f7e3747fe98b81d373d0c8c383ff95Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Scale the critical displayport by the widget scale as well. r=Cwiiis
4f461d11b60d4af55ac89ce097a3c0d68540f9f3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Update the ViewTransform class to have a LayoutToScreen scale factor. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, BenWa
2a084a7cdddffd989256d83e13b60a607b768906Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Propagate the ScaleFactor classes far and wide. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
71d64b215fdd5cbd49be2a67f1de78dc7236d5b4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Add the LayoutDevicePixel type. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
4969044e3dbb01d48642a37a0daac81e79c16523Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Fix zoom-to-rect code in APZC to use a proper definition of zoom. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
0d3d600ebc746ca3a291c47096e9fcddbc8e8b43Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Fix the zoom clamping in APZC and the resolution calculation. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
cf7fe37e85be476b9516edc18f621d7396d9128cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Apply the mDevPixelsPerCSSPixel scaling factor in a few places. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
c56f99cc6c717bf87c5661c21c2182882db58e5eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
3185e7bf207cbf0f3777ce74ba2df3399d5aaf03Kyle Machulis — Bug 885266: Fix wrong ifdef in ShadowLayersUtilsGralloc; r=kanru
24d84081e4f432f523109c20a3d47217045bf23fAki Sasaki — bug 885556 - new leo backup tarball. r=catlee
93de5c62e5d32480e9887a2c4205d82b72fa66e5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f9c7aac2370ae48c0447dfd38e0a89ba2d3dbc9fEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
ed72eccdcb21742f49a516562756dd1f8a0dee62Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
9abebeb1a290ca9e22631509cca7ee8a03603829Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
00f7650332de7d0017e7636730051dbec201c854Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f6603caac36f70384104c5b6d84c475d62d96939Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
5e7ac902f3d645b18fad5ea7300d2f37d8655c55Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1c93b67a0f54b2f92ec6768691d3d7d177eb9f90Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
e58b14308cad09b23d417e18544c8ef23e66189bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d6cedeb7ec3a449fab32d0aff299156a53c01ea6Jan de Mooij — Bug 866878 - Support try-finally in the baseline compiler. r=djvj
c162f3181e510667bd5c26c90886e11de2358060Daniel Holbert — Bug 720134: Use "print." prefix for print-related about:config prefs. r=roc
ef8d03814470bffebfe5333f6a5ef5af9505e2fcJustin Lebar — Bug 845147 - Don't decode images synchronously if we've decoded them once before. r=joedrew
a87304141182b92eed959cd3eff1e849d1d23c62Seth Fowler — Bug 695763. Part 2. Invalidate list style images if they are not decoded and we are asked to do a sync decode. r=roc
aa05520db4ca3e34d0b49231faeabf00547ca1a7Seth Fowler — Bug 695763 (Part 1) - Add imgIContainer::IsDecoded. r=joe sr=bz
6e0f29d574e473ad3103567894fb1c78b3662999Raymond Lee — Bug 836485 - Add methods to remove downloads on history expiration r=paolo
5ee0caa5506d10737dbb3d0ce2f4214730d9f34eJeff Gilbert — Bug 880734 - Assert bound to correct FB in FB funcs, and bind the correct FB on Mesa. - r=bjacob
2cecdcdd4c7714a7d37f5a999b34748d282bcefbGabriele Svelto — Bug 848662 - Add marionette tests for FDN contacts manipulation; r=yoshi
adf667b425905160b9eed12ca7de62e03e5710faVictor Porof — Bug 885997 - Small theme color tweaks for the vview, r=paul
052dee276c1aba1c104b4620be954fd968ae8f46Victor Porof — Bug 885801 - Frozen object indicators (F/S/N) look bad when selected in the variables view, r=past
7ce7a5e9edff11d3c2758f43dac6fa2bb78e9c03Alexandre Lissy — Bug 883017 - Send MMS with UTF-8 charset; r=gene.lian
8764db53e8939eafb3108011f6e09f64341f16e8Alexandre Poirot — Bug 882760: Fix devtool's JSM global issue on b2g; r=jimb
aa697ddff04626851ef995f38192f537e4eb6bb9Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 883744 - add pointer null check r=doublec
f0d1677cc3e8c71354ae2036ad5f0b9171229126Stephen Horlander — Bug 884011 - Update Firefox Official Branding; r=dolske
e0715ae1e4b49739d74d60d91f5b80991788d99fJim Mathies — Bug 885536 - Do a better job of cleaning up tabs in browser_tabs test. r=sfoster
386301e2ee28dbdfc9ccc7645cc4235aef4d812dRick Eyre — Bug 885879 - Make sure cue times are not rounded r=rillian
3e3e6bbe62bb1c62cd8e93b6e09da895cd6599edJim Mathies — Bug 853857 - Check the result of CrashReporter::CheckForLastRunCrash. r=ted
363d2f3d3d85ff1375124d696ca2a882892535b2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
970daf4cfdf2f1007dc57c975215fa01325c275eMike Hommey — Bug 885985 - Missing format string in printf call in gfx/2d/unittest/TestBase.cpp. r=bas
c95c50bae8db232704a4c8e11f6efabee9aeca08Cameron McCormack — Bug 885642 - Avoid iterating SVG text frames when they are dirty. r=longsonr
98495bda6468a6c9a26904ad132d8b44c9e39ca8Victor Porof — Bug 885903 - Intermittent browser_dbg_scripts-searching-05.js | Test timed out, r=rcampbell
ed159d7b45ebbffc37ccfcebecc7104628d662a9David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Unit tests for third party addon telemetry;r=froydnj,ehsan
6424bcea24607846d5ed5b3e434b8301affdd743David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Statistics of accept/reject of third-party cookies;r=froydnj
649a50fee077769bb798ff492434c09d5628e231David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Informing observers upon accept/reject of a third-party cookie;r=ehsan
872cb1c92a731fc6cf5f56caf07250140ebbc415Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 885020. Make Mask() use MaskSurface when drawing with EXTEND_NONE. r=bas
f85cd92c190612967f1e0681fbb66bc670e359a5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 885016. Avoid using uninitiated extend in gfxPattern. r=bas
ec6f95743c5d777906bc4743d671500956eeacd2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 885621. Fix gfxPattern::GetMatrix() with azure and add GetInverseMatrix(). r=bas
e9b1e686b98389ccd7e5e08da025efd76b49d8c3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 860581 - Add support for Mixed Content Blocking. r=wesj
4f98cdea7ea41b8295df48a0ea68041dbc5c2e2fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 884069 - Refactor DoorHanger to create a better Java API that doesn't depend on JSON. r=sriram,wesj
0a7b5696c49afa31bb6ff9aed758a6512a7c1f39Margaret Leibovic — Bug 885357 - Migrate "plugins.click_to_play" pref to "plugin.default.state" on upgrade. r=wesj
e6d1090425fcdbf67d0642415538ead6879d0d5bJason Duell — Bug 884200 - Ensure NSS is initiated on main thread. r=honza
17c4c99f1ac2e9b2fc1b039266807656980a40c0Ethan Hugg — Bug 875640 - re-enable crashtest for Android r=philor
0fd721c4a35fcf1cae5dc57967b805d8e51984eaPhil Ringnalda — Back out 7c8506b0729d (bug 843497) since I already backed out the rest of the bug's patches for xpcshell failures
089f6bad69de395faab906c2d612e88e811f3427Phil Ringnalda — Back out 01bc57172461:5bd9adbd3b15 (bug 843497) for xpcshell failures
963013a5a11d6a7c180579ce96612eba1c3bc2deCameron McCormack — Reftest comment fixups. No bug.
15ecbcd8e3fc5599c7e7e58f472e5b338d2b472aCameron McCormack — Bug 885608 - Call ScheduleReflowSVGNonDisplayText on character data mutations in a non-display <text>. r=longsonr
7c8506b0729d23129ed4154823f2f2c4e2bc6614Robert Strong — Additional test patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
0211a7e4bec6471fdaa6046b5db569cfa0567212Terrence Cole — Bug 885607 - Make AsmJSModule's Global and ExportedFunction use RelocatablePtr; r=luke
3df4624381b76cb5fc8254e0604f42d8702a2c33Terrence Cole — Bug 885607 - Store the correct IonCode in the store buffer; r=bhackett
b96decc34910e5cd995b921d32aaf53a2a9a0106Shane Caraveo — bug 809085 make permissions panels work with social content, r=felipe
49e4ff129351be779d7fc87ee99eedf2f10da327Terrence Cole — Bug 840242 - Use the runtime page size to control arena decommit; r=luke
13d534ef657be9038141536071c638c96f04fb88Terrence Cole — Bug 884956 - Convert jsmath.cpp to CallArgs; r=Waldo
36d494a9b7952e4d502ec9382939cbcf36b34eeaShane Caraveo — bug 880911 implement tear off chat windows, r=felipe
768a6a62fbc664ef88feb62c7897d774e9ab5b32Luke Wagner — Fix visibility warning (no bug, r=themaid)
37392ce15efaa280552a4fdc68f761aa2af11634Phil Ringnalda — Back out 1b81a9c88872 (bug 840242) for committing infanticide in Nursery.o
1b81a9c888729c14728976b8e3e25f0d29b44938Terrence Cole — Bug 840242 - Use the runtime page size to control arena decommit; r=luke
01bc57172461b13e4a0ce1febd6eb1ec7dbaeddfRobert Strong — 3. tests patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
c8b6ccf5b6dbd5b1f5a68205c17df001f9f71dccRobert Strong — 2. browser patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
5bd9adbd3b15d50ebab3f20da3458ca93044f028Robert Strong — 1. main patch - Bug 843497 - Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions. r=bbondy
b5a63a038980b2e330d18f8ca513be866a4d9232Luke Wagner — Bug 883175 - OdinMonkey: restrict validation rules to force immediate coercion of calls (r=sstangl)
cbcb8cb1a86859812cd481c7129b5c1bc42724dcLuke Wagner — Bug 878433 - OdinMonkey: (signed % signed) should be intish, not int (r=bbouvier)
97ff13b79e53ad33741f598fd0ea606a834a0306Paul Adenot — Bug 884459 - Do not check mCurrentTaskMessageQueue's emptiness needlessly; r=ehsan
086b4d0b6cc6749ab09d40b534aa03dd436a61acJonathan Griffin — Bug 873591 - Make better errors for execute_script failures, r=mdas
32e0e0bb5cc5bc9056c6b0b76c054e355363b027Seth Fowler — Bug 883416 (Part 3) - Coalesce invalidations in RasterImage using a listening flag. r=dholbert
3106eebd442d3bbe7df003c7d438e0a5b72f2cc6Seth Fowler — Bug 883416 (Part 2) - Revert bug 846028. r=dholbert
8b92c315a2e9a9c3318714eb2820b20d321faaedSeth Fowler — Bug 883416 (Part 1) - Revert bug 851416. r=dholbert
b42acb1afa85a5aac74296ac5145578b6ca5fdcdJan de Mooij — Bug 881902 follow-up - Mark StackFrame callee and |this|, should fix GGC build. r=terrence on IRC
e0f60aa72a86289ab8c8c5cc2821b5f3032366a1Luke Wagner — Silence used-but-not-defined warnings (no bug, r=themaid)
8f0aee7807f90b3c7f98f7d918baa37026156f6bJeff Gilbert — Bug 880734 - Assert bound to correct FB in FB funcs, and bind the correct FB on Mesa. - r=bjacob
d3ca13f229af64dd2d09bf20382e2ae62b7d9ab3Steve Fink — Bug 885770 - script filename can be NULL in shell load, r=njn
e13b9e00a78d23e1cb66e5eef76621d1e08690e4Guillaume Abadie — bug 843667 - implement WEBGL_draw_buffers and add the user preference webgl.enable-draft-extensions - r=bjacob
bb9825ad154ff7364cf5230951c3d4a47e6578bdSid Stamm — Bug 780978 - remove makeExplicit() from CSPUtils.jsm. (r=imelven)
8e1c229ed6c624df131e4bf3ae6ffd2e51c68705Sid Stamm — Bug 764937 - make sure CSP 1.0 compliant parser infers "default-src *" when a default-src isn't specified (r=tanvi)
7c0453f3ed7083608db1189f4506be030c6055e7Jeff Gilbert — Backout 01aec9db40d9 for bustage on a CLOSED TREE
6c236b24064bbd67c167165cd5958c2b432df7a1Doug Turner — Bug 882485 - Add API keys support for Google Location Service API. r=gps, jdm, gavin. sr=brendan
75948a6ea38dab47aafa7132ba17a099d95c09ecShane Caraveo — bug 878702 remove use of no-store header when deciding sharable state of a page, r=gavin
dda6f2aa52251ff1615de2c02e51c990b510aa86Edwin Flores — Bug 794282 - Add gstreamer packages to bootstrap scripts r=gps
7426038bcac200ae39d96f6f3285042794f848cdEdwin Flores — Bug 794282 - Display helpful error message when we can't find gstreamer libs r=khuey
763400c1a485ef2ba15d217b7277d083a7a8f6a2Edwin Flores — Bug 885157 - Kill content/media/test/test_too_many_elements.html r=cpearce
0f5225fd56225f229541c60e02f079c18d7374efEdwin Flores — Bug 794282 - Enable gstreamer by default in builds, but pref off r=cpearce,khuey
ca547b83df2604473824f6b1bed850008deb0c94Edwin Flores — Bug 882567 - Handle fatal gstreamer errors by aborting playback r=alessandro.d
01aec9db40d9f7859adea729590020fa3c40df72Jeff Gilbert — Bug 880734 - Assert that we're the current FB in FB funcs, and bind the correct FB on Mesa. - r=bjacob
3aa6deebc1bea738ed880173750b078918adee76Rick Eyre — Bug 833386 - Tests for HTMLTrackElement and TextTrack* DOM objects r=rillian,cpearce
480fc214103cb585b06e7f1da5eb8cb6da9b4a07Dave Townsend — Bug 884032: Remove the testing/jetpack directory. r=gps
c6bca876887487b425081dd358a12589e17eaf88ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-383 - a=hsts-update
2cfff9240e9a4e3f4aec865df1d641e2c679e8b9ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-394 - a=blocklist-update
cea75ce9a55902e805cb5c8bf7bd46f9870504a3Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
deb4d87d16846983c04f917a46a7b9bc507d5b02Dave Camp — Bug 884431 - Consistently treat iframe documents as children in the inspector actor. r=paul
808302fb793e890a03e2621697e9cfddabfd5194Dave Camp — Bug 884396 - Add tests for NodeActor.setNodeValue. r=paul
c082decf4957429a5bea5565854d98397236b265Dave Camp — Bug 884390 - Add attribute modification to the inspector actor. r=paul
e84338c0a9ca6d9a6385153316d9d6de3d6872efDave Camp — Bug 884388 - Add inner/outerHTML requests to the walker actor. r=paul
19a51caf7582121d8799d102d5ed604e4365b2cdDave Camp — Bug 883908 - Fix padding in Console.jsm's trace method. r=jwalker
4de2ded917f1aa191be6f1f7f3d8b13834a53b32Dave Camp — Bug 877316 - Add pseudo-class lock functionality to the inspector actor. r=harth
b2db738f75d8cae8cf236479d558e18f6ba4f5b4Dave Camp — Bug 883601 - Downgrade exceptions to warning when accessing rawNode on an inspector front. r=paul
25fba7984dc9638c7c9f5d446feac8d5b102a5edDave Camp — Bug 883600 - Add an isLocal method to the walker. r=paul
98ffaa4da1c7c677f6bd9475e692741bce383a44Stefan Mirea — Bug 872758 - Delete all documents on FHR upload; r=gps
8f5749eb49f6254be92646605322972c20abcd45Tim Taubert — Bug 791670 - part 1 - flip the browser.newtab.preload pref; r=jaws
c36e0340d4e03bd118aa2537736ad9cc52692468Tim Taubert — Bug 881590 - Don't cancel loads when preloading in the hiddenWindow; r=jaws
2b9573964077de9278ca4857503ddf1bdaeb12f0Chris Manchester — Bug 662247 - Replace synchronous appenders with async appenders using OS.File; r=gps
09fd019331d3f092425ac28aaf82e110444a2502Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 882337 - Typo in "asteriskInWrongSection2" in browser/devtools/ r=me
43c6fe6a93016794ffaebe9c580fd03e5b06f821Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
edfa5974a68e2003c068ab79d67c5e7e386dd51bVictor Porof — Bug 884432 - Background color of request items keep changing when any filter is applied, r=rcampbell
1d52e5f47f5aa7c42353a4dffde8baa8a6506ab2Victor Porof — Bug 884006 - "Prebuilt items" and "Values" should coexist when adding items to widgets, r=anton,rcampbell
42290b07e70ccebdb949f597424bca230ebc18a5Victor Porof — Bug 884498 - Netmonitor's greeting message may be confusing, r=rcampbell
c0b09f28ad87bf7875d86b2b2f1880f276c3d40fVictor Porof — Bug 879185 - Netmonitor filterbuttons: button.setAttribute("checked", ""); --> Should be set to "true", r=rcampbell
f06ef990bb8542d74eea648f836158f1024d5e39Victor Porof — Bug 882420 - Rename "native-getter" in variable/property tooltips to "WebIDL", r=past
6d680ab84fbde16e7ae36b581255af294e8577fcVictor Porof — Bug 883345 - Undefined values aren't properly displayed in the debugger's variables view, r=past
e2577d0fa09310cbd8872984e3ba84f4e77103b4Victor Porof — Bug 881209 - Scrolling in the variables view is much choppier after bug 760370, r=past
9fddc37d18b066ab7942b488bb45f7dd6a7402abVictor Porof — Bug 882054 - Cleanup widgets inheritance model mechanism a bit, r=past
9e0781b97e51db60669446c4cd519ee43fd08352Victor Porof — Bug 823577 - Cleanup debugger frontend code, strings, etc., r=rcampbell
c94e2d611affb0e9cde6cd6f31e6342a0c198b2dBrandon Benvie — Bug 883898 - Make booleans in VariablesView have a distinctive color, r=vporof
5b90583b9739417547cb430c0b5c533243e609cdBrandon Benvie — Bug 869984 - Add sorting and searching to Scratchpad VariablesView, r=vporof
1663fa5bc540ea068db35ed76aec5ed5d67b4340Brandon Benvie — Bug 884821 - Fix bug where Scratchpad sidebar can't be closed and reopened, r=vporof
42b501546ca7b0665d42d19804ddcedec0e4f199Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 882337 - Typo in "asteriskInWrongSection2" in browser/devtools/ r=jwalker
def4320f90aacb4128d5460b05d05451cc6697a1Jeffrey Hammel — Bug 885784 - Disable mozdevice tests on a CLOSED TREE for occasional orange, r=jgriffin
0c5c910798b7fb0b04c596b1edb0db33cb0525d4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 885878 - Try to fix the timeout issue in testharness.js based tests on a CLOSED TREE
8ce7857353a6880f79dad8e7be150850d41bc750Nathan Froyd — Backout 65804eae62b1, a0b216d3be12, 68e5d9fe91fc (bug 837326) for impending bustage that would make this CLOSED TREE worse than it already is
65804eae62b149a597b4c01e6189ac778dc5c21bDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Unit tests for third party addon telemetry;r=froydnj,ehsan
a0b216d3be12bfa6304484b45f32ea5997f1b85dDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Statistics of accept/reject of third-party cookies;r=froydnj
68e5d9fe91fc7f0ecdbbab0432f5735d7e4bc141David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Informing observers upon accept/reject of a third-party cookie;r=ehsan
74d3dd56cee0f8518169c57962bc6491e06a1d2fEd Morley — Backed out changeset 2b0640fa5b18 (bug 837326) for Windows build failures on a CLOSED TREE
429090f9109a14ff98454e1560605c2b2ea0511dEd Morley — Backed out changeset 7cbc024b3c77 (bug 837326)
918fd1e35b39275b0f7192ddb70c387368eb4776Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 75fa13b20c1d (bug 837326)
d38da575ace413b248d37002ba73f4a1064a73d2Jason Orendorff — Fix another busted test for bug 885067 on a CLOSED TREE. no_r=orange, egg=face.
511fab5a91579b7a5595c30fbf702b4a0f757e06Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 4290ee7475c1 (bug 864441) for compilation failures on a CLOSED TREE
e32ba820b8ce1862243989dc4c64ba7a5bd3f41cJason Orendorff — Fix very stupid test for bug 885067 that I pushed in rev 60d580712ec0. Clerical error on my part. no_r=orange.
4290ee7475c1238ea347593aa4a2ffbd5126d7b1Benoit Girard — Bug 864441 - Add APZC tests. r=kats
8508340fabb78cc93b0a11b9cafc90982be37f39Bobby Holley — Bug 875790 - Add cx push back into nsJSContext::CompileScript. r=me
75fa13b20c1dd01ed96618e3f3d234191f5ed9b7David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Informing observers upon accept/reject of a third-party cookie;r=ehsan
7cbc024b3c77934c98052ea50e89d7ef4fc7fe5cDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Statistics of accept/reject of third-party cookies;r=froydnj
2b0640fa5b18f355bcf475b76043ee0342bc6c33David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 837326 - Unit tests for third party addon telemetry;r=froydnj,ehsan
cb1358a3b51427be50384e47aa8b25d733ff661fJason Orendorff — Bug 883434 - Give TokenPos a real constructor. r=ejpbruel.
a4c57776203f867778cd40e2f09cff322a1ccd06Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 15 - Add StatementList operations to the ParseHandler protocol. r=Waldo.
83bf747e85370c420a167c051d6dde78082422e5Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 14 - Move try statement parse node creation into the ParseHandler protocol. r=Waldo.
698c78923ec571d6d98d128135ea1124998d41c3Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 13 - Squeeze out some whitespace. r=Waldo.
a9565c559885b87cb29b0062651ed96a6b773a95Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 12 - Factor block parsing out of Parser::statement. r=Waldo.
58eadcfb83f47f453dae2754d1119ffa7912c689Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 11 - Refactor debugger statement parsing. r=Waldo.
c825cf583de8d9556228733ef8d204c64b3fbf37Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 10 - Refactor throw statement parsing. r=Waldo.
d8cce0fb9d9abae1038c95efa989ab0a01399c11Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 9 - Refactor with statement parsing. r=Waldo.
983bb55ac8dbaf34b62dce03f160656567f55e09Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 8 - Refactor return statement parsing. r=Waldo.
2c7f6627fbd01d45a21dc8f0ea2838cd6017b9b6Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 7 - Refactor break and continue statement parsing. r=Waldo.
92e82546fccac0ccbdd90d6f4bbaffea40d2468eJason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 6 - Further forStatement cleanup. r=Waldo.
f8f6e7caa54cb3f6a0c1f807c7b3317c2edf0c42Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 5 - Refactor for-loop and switch statement parsing. r=Waldo.
c384d6f078af3ac08b5c83893ea5a9b7f8675c4aJason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 4 - Refactor while and do-while statement parsing. r=Waldo.
c40b13bef6cb9d9bd99c44b571d84c5568513018Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 3 - Refactor if statement parsing. r=Waldo.
01525e7bbec17e608d1667b671c7b2e3079dc4d7Jason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 2 - Rearrange statement parsers to the order they appear in the ES6 draft. r=Waldo.
d4433da98802a2ba831b380c4df85059ce94b12eJason Orendorff — Bug 883333, part 1 - Add ParseHandler protocol methods for EmptyStatement, ExpressionStatement, ReturnStatement, and ThrowStatement. r=Waldo.
60d580712ec0142753be391673afdefb95c3eda6Jason Orendorff — Bug 852762 - Arrow functions are not automatically strict. Also fixes bug 885067. r=ejpbruel.
a17433f3f2fc14ded4fb65d78898b312382677b0Jan Varga — Bug 884936 - Add Blob/File support to xpcshell. r=bent
29322de8937d1e643665a02b9d0f187005d865a0Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
f5eca934fa1655f79fffdd64646b67910ed3ac54Jan de Mooij — Bug 881902 - Remove ContextStack and StackSpace. r=luke,njn
7c910399a9d6bbcc29f0a07722c58f9ecffa87f7Nathan Froyd — Bug 881242 - part 2 - add focus filtering mode to reftests; r=dbaron
8e45ee13624cb84e78d6d7c210e28e1ae8ffab5bNathan Froyd — Bug 881242 - part 1 - rename reftest's gFilter to gURLFilterRegex; r=dbaron
333116f6b84cb68939ddac1b85046a59273bcc67Nathan Froyd — Bug 860846 - part 3 - send telemetry pings to new, partitioned URLs; r=vladan
e7fde4431ee10c1c9d8aae6f21cb5921e0fe6816Nathan Froyd — Bug 860846 - part 2 - don't double-JSON-encode saved pings; r=vladan
a3671257de070974b59ac7d4ad5a398fe7738defNathan Froyd — Bug 860846 - part 1 - make TelemetryPing tests use registerPrefixHandler; r=taras
adfd8d9bfd0be87bcbbb00be267a2345bf81bbcdDan Gohman — Bug 885176 - Use Vector's bulk-append methods instead of appending one element at a time. r=nbp
544f20b3e767f994e692e85e475e532bb32f4d42Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 864335 - Remove GetScriptGlobalObject. r=mrbkap
d9618f424221da8f827aa33508b36db821a410b1Jon Coppeard — Bug 885310 - 3 Rename JSHandleFoo in js/src r=evilpie
1ec7af89aa28cca6750f92b56536b2012e30d9c2Jon Coppeard — Bug 885310 - 2 Rename JSHandleFoo in js directory r=bholley
f83604cff118085e8179ab136633b241afe98771Jon Coppeard — Bug 885310 - 1 Rename JSHandleFoo in the browser r=bz
b5425c0fb61d07a69f43d4646352540316110bcfJon Coppeard — Bug 884384 - Use JS::MutableHandle<JS::Value> instead of jsval* for out parameters r=smaug
7e98c6be13ff2094c967aac8a71a4b4279aad825Jon Coppeard — Bug 885315 - GC: Add some documentation comments for JS::Heap<T> r=sfink
61c3c8b85563ef76841ffd6f7f2b22e647f4c59aEd Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
0dd5a67fd870b5ccf8a747e8b638d0db0fe6cff3Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 03a709825eff (bug 885541) for metro-chrome failures on a CLOSED TREE
50e5eb0c40087aad9ee2f8bfef448e1f64fb56faSimon Montagu — Remove superseded workaround, bug 870794, r=roc
1c6097e5c4d4b758f040f0bcc5e46cc4042a997aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 22) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for JSFunction. r=sfink.
8526023eb2b1bac08d21749ce7dd77aea483902dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 21) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for GlobalObject. r=sfink.
6da87883494aacd1697f37444a2d86b2d4181dceNicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 20) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for {Map,Set}Object. r=sfink.
9b867a42663c6561ac24f26821de4c07b763fe95Phil Ringnalda — Back out 2af3c33bfb29 (bug 828088) for metro-chrome bustage
5eabc0ad7e338b14412440806548e0d1bb6fda7aShu-yu Guo — Bug 875661 - Mark tests/auto-regress/bug732719.js as slow. (r=orange)
53b1c9358b18d67bde5caa39cf771e22e4ed3fceBas Schouten — Bug 883004 - Part 1: Add radial gradient effect code. r=jrmuizel
a6350e257768e3b6689ed4345231977031c499e5Bas Schouten — Bug 885525: Make MOZ_WINSDK_MAXVER available to C++ and .build files. r=khuey
a69a04cbdedd99b662205dd721e262d52fd52b2dRichard Newman — Bug 885042 - Remove vestigial add-on ignoring code. r=gps
41b33ca377851c40a80c57635dc3deb1c5699997L. David Baron — Bug 807184 patch 2: Remove support for prefixed -moz-initial (in favor of unprefixed initial). r=dholbert
58711b41a188e5fddb32a5f611c4f78e818d983bL. David Baron — Bug 807184 patch 1: Fix uses in tests of prefixed -moz-initial. r=dholbert
7addaeb4e9adb8569ec0e45878ce2c2a79c154d9Till Schneidereit — Bug 885300 - don't inline js::ToAtom. r=nnethercote
86ddaf01b3460cb3c2b420638e779b917619aa2cBill McCloskey — Bug 871005 - Add a pref for GC decommit threshold (r=gregor)
d33262333925bb94d46d986d9fc2052aeefd65aeBill McCloskey — Bug 885100 - Need to call ReleaseTexture from CompositorOGL (r=nrc)
9695f620df742ab9ee758163dd2b24b2d53693e9Shu-yu Guo — Bug 875661 - Followup: fix ggc bustage. (r=terrence)
16ddd7268abc50388dbfe2860c815d73ecff4fa7Brian Hackett — Bug 885522 - Move function heavyweight info to JSScript, r=luke.
65f68cc061ec7372d5b5ebffe2d0e006ac0f35bdSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 874014: Revert back to icon based TabsPanel headers. [r=margaret]
03fcdac57879d4b98125e461a942475ab5689a55Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
03a709825effb190e166ec59cca3d63f81b61b1aJonathan Wilde — Bug 885541 - Work - Move devtools icons in app bar into hamburger menu. r=fryn
2af3c33bfb29e5b3f0a6e40194f31496d16beb21Sam Foster — Bug 828088 - Rework richgrid and richgriditem bindings to use css columns for down-then-across grids. r=fryn
b27220008ea69068efb05013579f4db3b4a29194Alexander Surkov — Bug 722265 - Column header selection popup no longer exposed to accessibility APIs, r=tbsaunde
66bbf82b9ec237f10d71a116d7dfcc104ba8bdd2Terrence Cole — No Bug - Fix a generational GC build error on OSX 64bit; r=dvander
191bed3002c99a623b4a2e85eaaa0ee72631e977Shu-yu Guo — Bug 875661 - Part 3: Add asserts to thread unsafe getters. (r=billm)
40bbd1174f4660876277ee6143e23249f14d723aShu-yu Guo — Bug 875661 - Part 2: Make NewGCThing inlines take ThreadSafeContext. (r=billm)
76077c8abfcc24d14a3aa54b64be0518f925ec14Shu-yu Guo — Bug 875661 - Part 1: Refactor a thread-safe context out of ForkJoinSlice and JSContext. (r=billm)
8ff0ea9bb4b0d4fdf8fcbc159498fe500934ffc9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 885214 - Fix a used-but-not-defined warning in IonMonkey. r=h4writer.
e5545791f9c2ddcf6397bc53f90a2b9cdf541afeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and inbound.
0d4b46a6de4c542f41b1960f2afd1ef124a53c95Chris Pearce — Bug 861090 - Add pref to disable playback of MPEG files in nsVideoDocument using WMF. r=?padenot
8066ebe02e0bb809eeead2aef7dfec20b2c163d4Terrence Cole — Backout ac48416672e7 for unexpected SM(r) failures.
c63ed72540162c78d935096ff97df0832ba95c1eJonathan Griffin — Bug 885482 - Bump Marionette version, r=davehunt
4c8487a3c08a84b50c275323362d6b9c834a2b81Jeff Gilbert — Bug 860543 - Allow for testing predictions of shadowed NaNs. - r=bjacob
2437e3d293cae9a8ae59ca9310fac4b54ac2f4d0David Zbarsky — Fix incorrect comment, no bug
094d0baab7a715f3b135e5e255bf05d6dfbd1871Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e8d3827f914c (bug 883784) for mochitest assertions.
ac48416672e7b9d484af08dec178284e29560a36Terrence Cole — Bug 848592 - Fix some dynamic rooting analysis failures; r=sfink
3a96c5cf458c8a72e93753710e52a7418301af6eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 883646) for reftest-ipc failures.
b029e52490da258dfb1ec50f018b822af7b5502fMatt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Enable OMTC by default on OSX 10.7 and 10.8. r=roc
79d6fa05cff4d9d5b33fbf73d947421a7c6d5616David Anderson — Bug 868919 - Confirm that the child process has received fd handles on OSX before releasing them. r=bent
5ef9e533dae61064a8b09d3c5c78c86c6bd8684bEthan Hugg — Bug 879743 - Fake audio should be sent at the same rate as fake video r=jesup
d210ebcc3509c55142a07ce730c195fba100097aShu-yu Guo — Bug 844882 - Part 5: jit-tests for self-hosted classes. (r=nmatsakis)
387480226140144b3586e34a785e562c94ac6e61Terrence Cole — Bug 883472 - Keep pre-barrier state from interfering with minor collection; r=billm
e8d3827f914c950dea1ff401353512638317ea27Andrea Marchesini — Bug 883784 - [Workers] Support URL.createObjectURL from a worker created by a jsm. r=bent
3b16a9c6fb6a6940c59cc5ab6afc86db89be1862Ian Gilman — Bug 838331 - Add MP3 to codec list for Firefox OS. r=doublec
de3fdcf79d7972cb9977c1a0df8327b01f95d582Benoit Girard — Bug 873914 - Allow selecting profiled thread. r=snorp
fcd116eb35ca282485d760d816275346f3ca30a1Nikhil Marathe — Bug 885156 - Set _started in PushService.init(). r=dougt
541248fb29e4875900e13df6ae7a356565a4f4ffGary Kwong — Bug 885502 - JavaScript JS_MORE_DETERMINISTIC builds are busted (again). r=sfink
de2cab422ac02df07497b39bb2e774e509e6cd93David Keeler — bug 883582 - use only domains likely to stay on the HSTS preload list in the test r=bsmith
2272804a8e711e9047b2f17252f6f7155f8bd421Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Scale the critical displayport by the widget scale as well. r=Cwiiis
e39d3bdf847a1c69e2ea2b6b4b0f7be8878c04a8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Update the ViewTransform class to have a LayoutToScreen scale factor. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe, BenWa
bf46fc332efec683eedab80be3043edee7172344Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Propagate the ScaleFactor classes far and wide. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
6bb558c3136fd8c2a352afd50bcff78f105b1e02Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Add the LayoutDevicePixel type. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
d7d5d16e27e07356d610ac7cacc8a8c930184916Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Fix zoom-to-rect code in APZC to use a proper definition of zoom. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
14c73096a132dbc3ea172bfa878072e99bb5318aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Fix the zoom clamping in APZC and the resolution calculation. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
89f6185a271b9cce8186295f5d458cf60ed5c3a2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 883646 - Apply the mDevPixelsPerCSSPixel scaling factor in a few places. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
69f37f4cdd2e95e2eb7c1fe5d0448b6c834f8b82Joey Armstrong — bug 880246: move EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS to mozbuild (cleanup). r=mshal
0a931415540432a73be2bdf4d442b0de3b2dc804Till Schneidereit — Bug 885361 - Add shell option to hide functions that are unsafe for fuzzers. r=terrence
35a76cc3c2c8b42e0aaf1ce5c2f3d17e6fdfe525Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 884133: Kill sAppContext in GeckoApp. [r=blassey]
91f4d8039dc1dda2a53a326c026dfa178231759fFrank Yan — Bug 883078 - Null-check documentElement when removing browser handlers. r=gavin
aa3f71ea0daa296daf30c3e5d9dfb89fad40b859Jim Mathies — Bug 859155 - Tests for gfx, deck shifting, composition, and tabs. r=mbrubeck, sfoster
df8ec3acd29f2fe2776d6e81a949698b4e8d5c2bJim Mathies — Bug 859155 - Helpers for perf tests. r=mbrubeck, sfoster
cc479282354e3cddb31eaaab6f1309d5436d3ab9Jim Mathies — Bug 859155 - misc. content files for tests. r=mbrubeck
d3e29136b2c6562b9e55f71f915e4dfc435aefb3Jim Mathies — Bug 859155 - misc. static files for tests. r=mbrubeck
2ffbbe96954c1937a76f9505f7783387a5a7582aAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 880067 - Part 1: SDP rtcp-fb parsing/serializing r=ekr,ehugg
f7c30b1d5c3593904a7f89bb19c12a696124cb1bDan Gohman — Bug 885180 - Fix isLoopBackedge to work even when critical edges are not split, and tighten up some related assertions. r=bhackett
208bb59549380f1a9a1fd2d7ceee14872320e03fBrian Hackett — Bug 884194 - Update fun->isHeavyweight() when replacing a lazy script with a preexisting script, r=luke.
4fb8fa8668c5efe4eb7b046192bfe0559b6064f4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 882339 part B - nsPluginTag::IsBlocklisted should use the cached blocklist state, since it gets called in some tight loops via plugintag.IsActive r=johns Once more with feeling!
17908e758303367dcfb9dfc30cf37fa8dc0555afEd Morley — Backed out changeset 1168d6e45277 (bug 885158) for causing conflicts with changes that landed on inbound earlier
4ec6133f6ed4ec8d96e0cb0ad92896b1ab5ffd88Michael Wu — Bug 885602 - Fix build of AudioManager.cpp on gonk-JB, r=mchen
79d5c72370471e34829af7587293723960f801feGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
d86e7ee8f564aa2dfb45889d9c5c5f5f6933b212Michael Wu — Follow up to bug 885620 - Add comment
6ab7e5820bb98b4a3954fd838541bfdc9ce67badMichael Wu — Bug 885620 - Support FB fallback when HWC is not available, r=vlad
7972d8009245593d681a51cd7b6794bb499835dfGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
8fe4e8968c88cc1b87d3675f99e64733a93707a4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
1168d6e45277655776ea122c17cf6f47ec481718Justin Lebar — Bug 885158 - If a message is sent on a closed IPC channel, delete it immediately. r=bent
7f8bbc3efe2f87018dcd2aa13a1ff2c1fdb176c0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and birch.
4d2681627e62d559f316232164a94c8dcaecbb27Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8c77605c9c5a (bug 885158) for bustage.
8c77605c9c5ad5cf848bd12f7c678a193a8c0936Justin Lebar — Bug 885158 - If a message is sent on a closed IPC channel, delete it immediately. r=bent
7ba8c86f1a567fe821b6ecd70c594d42a5422e06Jonathan Griffin — Bug 885591 - Add a silent argument to check_for_crashes. r=jhammel
9274b04dcc5da17d728daef4f5ea8c107e068c85Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 448ba56d9ba4 and 8cea4b4646ef (bug 700693) for intermittent failures.
b3cbafd5eb999e61afa41c62b0d6fe23cc2599edRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound and m-c.
2ff16cbb28301b7c21cdb4b017067a346c15b4dfChenxia Liu — Bug 877725 - Provide user visible opt in UI for cell tower and wifi data collection and reporting. r=wesj
05697f33c32c0e3c13bcbac95f40d80e070d94d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 72affddbc575 (bug 860782) for mochitest-bc orange.
b56c913f6519f6ae1f9ae4a5a1728a6d22580f8eDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Improve/correct some comments in nsFlexContainerFrame::Reflow. comment-only, DONTBUILD
f822fe6c9708a2c8aa84f165db65e1d2cddca199Brian Hackett — Bug 884254 - Don't update observed type sets when analyzeTypes is called during compilation, r=jandem.
806a358aa8b2b02389e2d0a5111481ba237aae43Dan Gohman — Bug 885175 - DoubleHasher<double> fixes -- use a bitwise comparison to avoid considering zero and negative zero equal. r=luke
ad548e637ac10a4c9a5eaf0d6945cadb5f514d82Jeff Hammel — Bug 790765 - get mozbase tests running on m-c;r=ahal
e51c7d3d5b9de4f9605d40fde19e8c40ba02cd66Nick Alexander — Bug 874132 - Second reland Part 3: Replace uses of apkbuilder with zip and custom debug signing tool. r=jmaher,mfinkle
448ba56d9ba483bd9246a7bd7e8fdfc46bc45668David Keeler — bug 700693 - OCSP stapling testing r=bsmith
8cea4b4646efd5e42f0e79152b19d5a12d609ae6David Keeler — bug 700693 - OCSP stapling PSM changes r=bsmith
d265226f218c4882a58647b92a8cc3f58c9155e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 885171. Make Navigator wrappercached and cycle-collected, and have it hold a strong reference to its window always. r=smaug
cc2e2aff62064a3220ca377fc279f6ce237ede1aDan Gohman — Bug 885182 - Align IonScript member data on 8-byte boundaries on 64-bit targets, to avoid misaligned memory references. r=mjrosenb
0b124ffdeaf8d925afd2bec260ba5e754a3e058fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 885024 - "ASSERTION: FindAncestorForm should not be called if @form is set!". r=bz
1b63312924bae76c548a4b80e8627f963ec7c7ecDaniel Holbert — Bug 885014 - Remove unused variable 'rv' in nsWebBrowser::EnableGlobalHistory. r=tbsaunde
ce7085b63b2b1a50ccfc87c42ba4dfe2c325507dBobby Holley — Bug 883450 - Assert that we're in a request whenever we create a Rooted<T>. r=terrence
dd4b059747b807dbc6a2fcb005709291e4da3177Bobby Holley — Bug 883450 - Miscellaneous requests. r=gabor
aae5d429b8d47f1ee92dfd9825e24851e9a1b209Bobby Holley — Bug 883450 - Re-order stuff in CallSetup so that we construct the RootedObject after the Push. r=bz
9e6fa71b9f7292274d9a70fffdd0ba93abfd82daBobby Holley — Bug 883450 - Remove custom request munging in XPCCallContext and use a JSAutoRequest. r=gabor
809ce50459c103377ff27f0108269ab34478c1bbBobby Holley — Bug 883450 - Unscope the JSAutoRequest in XPCJSContextStack. r=gabor
be022529d7047cf1581e41d326a2e0ad57638625Bobby Holley — Bug 883450 - MOZ_CRASH if we fail to spin up the SafeJSContext, and remove error handling. r=gabor
8051c24ed9d8ec65e260f67a770afab79057b2baBobby Holley — Bug 884362 - Play Maybe<> games to root |temp| in the right circumstances. r=bz
1d1e5e39c768f7197b67e50e17c795f01c4c297cBobby Holley — Bug 884362 - Make IDBRequest::CaptureCaller use the cx stack and decxify a bunch of IDB. r=bent
424742645e2e87e2465971025b4953a1967d5c8bBobby Holley — Bug 884362 - Use AutoJSContext in nsScriptSecurityManager::LoadPolicy. r=bz
e0452ad52421fe856b66e8b76651169fe912bc52Bobby Holley — Bug 884245 - Simplify nsContentUtils::GetDocumentFromCaller. r=bz
14a7ef9b6db91c02c13e3a0a851a433df5488964Jim Mathies — Bug 881928 - Clear selection when the user pans the page in either direction. r=fryn
63c694785050e18bdd4431ed2c5121e401172117Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 882120 - Apply rounding to the layer-pixel rect in Java to fix robopan regression. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
e0fa2062a6b7f558e78134d1b3efebca5da864e9JosiahOne — Bug 884467 - Replace the linen texture with the new Mavericks one. r=dao
5446d7cc7ea0dac80c68dc62c7617a38165d0c9aRick Eyre — Bug 883843 - Remove extraneous QI line in HTMLTrackElement. r=peterv
880c8be7f35f00c6d54edabc83e8c837bd876b55Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 882552 - Change Binder Thread's default priority to 0. r=mwu, r=jlebar
14967188583ef1f76b31ecae435acda5bcd56462Caitlin Potter — Bug 882549 - Don't rely on mElement to find nsIDocument in TextTrackCue. r=rillian, r=smaug
e09d80620b6994cd1b0f75d093ef45fbfc4f037eJed Parsons — Bug 882496 - Fail gracefully if Persona observer methods called before watch(). r=benadida
b1252db21280e9bfb5f42043b3b03d22cd96d13eAlexandre Poirot — Bug 879228 - [browserconsole] Tune console.jsm to ease Addon SDK integration. r=msucan
b0d35883cc24010a3389efa92ff9a9bed32b7a19Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 876043 - Build for multi qt4/qt5 ubuntu environment. r=romaxa, r=glandium
72affddbc575bdca731b3a570a0f12ae38cfe2e8James Hugman — Bug 860782 - Move Android permission install to first run, from install. r=wesj, r=fabrice
3f1f748b93933e37dcac79c8883833840c86a176James Hugman — Bug 854934 - Add production cert for privileged apps on Android. r=wesj, r=mfinkle
414ba17d94d1a6c24c5b85a9a8efe5ba249cfc5bJames H — Bug 844255 - Only use WS_EX_COMPOSITED on popups when using accelerated layers. r=Bas
58a97d6ad3be5c1c86d7855048389b01d126fc0cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
0c005a024c85a997a437356786c2f197aa7e4164Ted Mielczarek — bug 857092 - put non-standard Gamepad events behind another pref. r=smaug
4f36a65f01467f6f3dac6aeb8f4df1e95e1c564eTed Mielczarek — bug 860413 - Allow setting standard gamepad mapping. r=smaug
a473e89432f38e88e46a6f6144421532d40f321dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 881875 - Pref on WebRTC on Firefox for Android. r=blassey
c9455df0575c1b290c36b13fe1ec6f467475bd57Hannes Verschore — Bug 884310 - IonMonkey: Inline function called from .call(), r=jandem
d1d09117491f3915dc8d036962c3ba19d73a6304Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 851982 - Regression test. r=smontagu
84855cdd91da2c3c1495e08e24ad8b0ebbdddc57Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 851982 - Make ISO-2022-JP decoder reliable. r=smontagu
23bcbbbfd5a04674782c940b99563c530d45e531Brad Lassey — bug 884792 - crash in nsXPCWrappedJS::Release, removeObserver being called off main thread r=kats
3d389787101e13ae30f381be56cb8f687b27e4f6Kannan Vijayan — Bug 885112 - MFunctionEnvironment should be movable and alias nothing. r=h4writer
cb01c197c682010a48addcc322569124ba5f53d0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 751205 - (Part 4) Rename resources to be more generic for arrow popups. r=sriram
1433cdfd1a4342927432895d29ed5ae9702af84bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 751205 - (Part 3) Factor out arrow/anchor positioning code to ArrowPopup. r=wesj
6b17a76cd79a0608b1b40e5590df222206d9bbaeMargaret Leibovic — Bug 751205 - (Part 2) Un-singleton-ify SiteIdentityPopup. r=wesj
bfe598caed730c316b1c393691a2ff0f2a93224fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 751205 - (Part 1) Refactor site identity popup and doorhanger popup to use common arrow panel container. r=wesj
415afe797a6e9a12295d09e646978a4854eb28ceHannes Verschore — Bug 883686: IonBuilder: Clean up the block upon removal, r=sstangl
c06217a1e3f32f8df97a6ca5ac015b68c0f08a77Olli Pettay — Bug 884296 - Remove the rest of the classinfos for DOM events, r=peterv
bca4f298207cd2dbf44b6c8587c18334c02509bfJoe Drew — Bug 867774 - Rename the helper HTML pages as suggested by reviewer. r=seth
c21f4e5561bbb0d15ac8b554c71002abb2a5479aMarkus Stange — Bug 875335 - When using OMTC, always recomposite when viewWillDraw is called because our WindowOverlay may have changed. r=mattwoodrow
381f399120719ac2a774c9dad6779fbab19b42b0Markus Stange — Bug 875335 - Call NotifyDirtyRegion during viewWillDraw. r=mattwoodrow
bf5031737e463a29228e1fdb377608552d665edbEd Morley — Backed out changeset 96036434bb78 (bug 875289) for mochitest-chrome failures on a CLOSED TREE
2266ccdba6d70fc64bf4767488527aa76ed12bf2Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 80732a2b8422 (bug 875289)
46e6080dcdd4c661780cb7f10f8e3f0448eeba6fMax Li — Bug 785852 - Support editing mode navigation in Jelly Bean. r=eeejay r=kats
80732a2b842203580374a0f8aba841c4b366ca2bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 875289 - Remove .done() and allow undefined to be passed to .then() and .catch(), r=mounir
96036434bb78b0d8418d1fd4b01605862a8fe9c3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 875289 - Renaming Future to Promise, r=mounir
457bf850bf0448822da272d31ea763873b950c53Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
1c1ae670a995e8d5621a264fdc7fffdff2eb23cdJosh Matthews — Bug 883495 - Avoid releasing a scriptable DNS listener off the main thread. r=mcmanus
89cceb4bb3dbbf515eec6dcec68ed5efab271c41Benoit Girard — Bug 865824 - Add Layers unit test. r=milan
5900380df45d15b4461f8ad1e97b33021edf166dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 884649 (part 2) - Remove jsdhash.{h,cpp}. r=luke.
65e7eb47b5a2fb2d1e19d1f7831f0d1294ff7d07Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 884649 (part 1) - Used PLDHash instead of JSDHash in xpconnect. r=mccr8.
618c1cf5a2363fdd81b0069559ef93dd9527975cEmanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 883697 (part 5) - Make include guards consistent in js/src/ion/. r=njn.
4bce31cdb901d261089c5118e1fce423939d2401Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 883697 (part 4b) - Make include guards consistent in js/src/yarr/. r=njn.
fa4e688f5daa7998893c3aeaa34ea28a75f23e7fEmanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 883697 (part 4a) - Make include guards consistent in still more of js/src/. r=njn.
aedf5992770a8c80df9104dc111059760f5be928Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 883697 (part 3) - Make include guards consistent in some more of js/src/. r=njn.
cba55a540e2a526b37fa6e66e4701ba747cbd2d4Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 883697 (part 2) - Make include guards consistent in some of js/src/. r=njn.
41caf6414eae175be5af4ca6456ea0ae11c11150Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 883697 (part 1) - Make include guards consistent in js/ductwork/, js/ipc/ and js/public/. r=njn.
d234e90f4d172cf580c473b6885bca2025bfcdb8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team and m-c.
80cd0ed2e33c6b5e17aca1861dd701c64fb0cbfcSid — Bug 884585 - Exclude about:newtab from Recently Closed Tabs list; r=ttaubert
f88ebb5b2dc143db6fb709734bdacb0a17605f46Anton Kovalyov — Bug 863653 - Add hints to profiler [start|stop|show] commands; r=jwalker
feeeb2cb6a461e828e17d7358dae27e720de8717Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 757408 - Opening debugger hangs completely on large scripts; r=past
c6a841a3e36f15236b9756e8232856ec7ca92132Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
148f8183bf89577fbecab72da8ca29f5a9ce01ddStefan Mirea — Bug 868306 - Ignoring extensions.%ID%.getAddons.cache.enabled preference for addon submission; r=gps
3a32e60568f6a516a6b0fe306b9afe1b14aca03eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch and m-c.
1506080a9570cfd8026f08bab16ce4bc33dd8eb3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
98578262cdadb96b0c39f15d833d8d996dc5876cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
919b2492a360a00f309b181949e94f3fa6030c56Aki Sasaki — bug 885407 - add hamachi m-c builds. r=catlee
5517ec38e100c05b792863276834b696747dcc79Aki Sasaki — bug 885408 - add leo m-c builds. r=catlee
ea9f1d49f61c21248263ecdae460992bcdab3570Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
9c7ccc30e813b3ae921e6f7bec1e5f965c6acca4Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d1ea93f4dea61353e0ff0586c61d401cbc3fe4fdGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b4c50b0a36e96ff90425df5dcd940bd185adeccdGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
cb50cdb9cb93c7d2bacb8d143579a2f793bc26b5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
558c70ba4604c850816dac9d2b0ebff7ac86efdeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
da9244299b017e151ac42cd699756d50b21978e9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b35b985ebb7b34eb3b2da9950319fcc0ff80a92aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
3bcd0a7f86ae2f1be388d277904d88748066307bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
9c4b4179c91d3597e436bdd56c1227d74c60f220Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
a67425aa4728b9a1ab301f023ac7427e1b91ed3aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 878449 - Fixed mismatched CoInitialize call causing crash in JumpList. r=padenot.
ac7663828c8823ccadc73614671309eb7e9f9d06Ed Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
f2e3f99ec1d0e980fa6491a18d82ae6f43714cefGina Yeh — Bug 873919 - Remove old system messages for Bluetooth pairing requests, r=echou
72fd56a50fe835bda9083197a04e41f395064c49Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1b659b9958cb3ec9efbea6e6545a806616ea3198Patrick Wang — Bug 883296: returning empty object instead of null when decoding zero length data in Octet.decodeMultiple. r=gene
0664d639c478a9a52eae77e182742934ff5135cdPatrick Wang — Backed out changeset 9a3ee53f3421.
9a3ee53f34212c22ed19ed51d56ee0a1a1c5285fPatrick Wang — [PATCH] Bug 883296: returning empty object instead of null when
1b143479d465bae55b2a5a154c4ce589e825d169Gina Yeh — Bug 882551 - Patch 5: Change return type of internal functions, r=qdot, r=mrbkap, r=echou
8b0e07d1c8b8919833ff262469af0fa6e9eda995Gina Yeh — Bug 882551 - Patch 4: Remove BluetoothA2dpManagerObserver, r=qdot, r=mrbkap, r=echou
64c24d06d4293fdf05cad0fdde3f5ff1a5ff9926Gina Yeh — Bug 882551 - Patch 3: Remove BluetoothOppManagerObserver, r=qdot, r=mrbkap, r=echou
84c69071626e9a53df068461d78a378f5b77ffcfGina Yeh — Bug 882551 - Patch 2: Remove BluetoothHfpManagerObserver, r=qdot, r=mrbkap, r=echou
e90c2c614ed96692e54f651980cc19d43058ac40Gina Yeh — Bug 882551 - Patch 1: BluetoothProfileManagerBase inherits nsIObserver, r=qdot, r=mrbkap, r=echou
12ba48be5b781f18399fcd83c90992bff9b59774Gregor Wagner — Bug 885025 - B2G: Add missing request in mozJSComponentLoader::UnloadModules. r=khuey
085dd9b723d01aed406b2c8db982f830252e730dBen Kelly — Bug 884679 - Output warning using dump() instead of Console.jsm. r=gwagner
327f0c4ab6d50e7c5dcdf8dd6cc2182443c38d50Peter Chang — Bug 881460 - Drawing color of CrystallSkull is not correct in master. r=vlad, r=nrc
f5a90edfa8f62ebb226c1408752c59f4faab16faMathieu Bultel — Bug 874599 - Move duration into _deleteSession function. r=jgriffin
83aa31ec53d960f23908b32f27582f44f04d4b85Brian R. Bondy — Bug 882598 - Rename updateAuto.label to reflect string change. r=rstrong
3435df09ce346a8807fa2ec3d63ffe43fd03ff8cAlex Xu — Bug 853208 - Fix build break on Gentoo
d57032f0b27761d3495b29dbda57c1da36ac1054Brian O'Keefe — Bug 875934 - Move LIBRARY_NAME to (batch #2); r=mshal
d4f61f0a66fd084876fc00fbbfbae9532801d29aBrian O'Keefe — Bug 875934 - Move LIBRARY_NAME to (batch #1); r=mshal
ba0b09e110eed2acd91c25569257287d5225d39fGregory Szorc — Bug 884569 - Support for removing untracked files from a directory; r=glandium
3a85eb8af304372852598e39f5b39627c85fdcd0Phil Ringnalda — Back out c50503ce8669 (bug 883495) for still leaking
6208332c8b0430bddea134948d8068f235806f42Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset c1596bee956c (bug 884279) because of build bustage
2e39187b8199a31a7b8af86b38994ef202361f76Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 8df19e23b3ae (bug 875289) because it depends on bug 884279 which I'm backing out
3cc992814a7efd2396f55036c06552e7424d865fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 882779 - Do not attempt to run the LLVM PR8927 test when building with Clang on Windows; r=ted
4d13ee89da4d167364c47f69f0e66b8b97e1b545Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 884124 (part 3) - Add a GeneratorObject class. r=jwalden.
033d8c89ed6c96fa3be949e1e7cc192c408413ebNicholas Nethercote — Bug 884124 (part 2) - Add a StopIterationObject class. r=jwalden.
d0cb0a8fc7e8dddf3755eab80ebf247e8413d079Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 884124 (part 1) - Add a WeakMapObject class. r=jwalden.
5d23a7000b52f302fa156c19095ba86b61aedd39Robert Strong — Tests - Bug 882007 - Restart notification is not shown when staging is enabled. r=bbondy
c7f6325c015ed7318f9eabe1ae8e752cd0a1dd09Robert Strong — Main patch - Bug 882007 - Restart notification is not shown when staging is enabled. r=bbondy
6a4bbbbe19bbd77e7228a6aba31eb10d69d8f073Raymond Lee — Bug 884571 - TPS tests: Cu not defined: bookmarks.jsm: line 20. r=rnewman
8df19e23b3aea82edc656aaf3f31104d658e3b8fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 875289 - Remove .done() and allow undefined to be passed to .then() and .catch(). r=mounir, sr=bz
c1596bee956c700875d972f4d20bb462603cfb76Andrea Marchesini — Bug 884279 - Rename Future to Promise. r=mounir
77e0dd13bb1e14ef9020f672f0b0ae22b0960ca1JosiahOne — Bug 873727 - Use a listener instead of timers to fix intermittent failures. r=roc
82161c9015ab152766a1995ad7f66214fa8ed08aRaymond Lee — Bug 846644 - Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
903a455c5430edb53b5b39be6850c221aca626f5Alexandre Poirot — Bug 732553 - NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED in dbg-transport.js. r=past
f69a75b67d1ffc1b2af3aa465be462853bad1678Jonathan Griffin — Bug 883281 - Add ability to skip tests based on device, r=davehunt
c50503ce86692f3906b86faff20cf4c4b40c7ccbJosh Matthews — Bug 883495 - Avoid releasing a scriptable DNS listener off the main thread. r=mcmanus
d4c0519f3dac7491d1caa14c7a474d2dc7e0c4b6Shu-yu Guo — Bug 844882 - Part 4: Ion inlining for self-hosted classes. (r=jandem)
3d4a8fcfd15c04d01efeda3d2a5f05d914e140d9Shu-yu Guo — Bug 844882 - Part 3: Add self-hosted classes (general encapsulation mechanism from entirely within self-hosted code). (r=till)
abd234497f3cb3e9ea0bda734ce7fdddaba538e1Shu-yu Guo — Bug 844882 - Part 2: Ion inlining for reserved slot intrinsics. (r=jandem)
3ad7821d7de3058b7cc0e2ebfd603389bce39b18Shu-yu Guo — Bug 844882 - Part 1: Intrinsics to set/get reserved slots. (r=till)
0bd279c73d1fc81e148e44ff134400095ea47adeRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 833ca9a17792 (bug 874132) for Android bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
661b48de7a7007c86b1b6d0befbc85ef4e1e6d7eGary Kwong — Bug 885103 - Do not display total compilation time when asm.js is successfully compiled, in a --enable-more-deterministic shell. r=luke
833ca9a17792d78e8f57dae5cc8e36d0042bb132Nick Alexander — Bug 874132 - Reland Part 3: Replace uses of apkbuilder with zip and custom debug signing tool. r=jmaher,mfinkle
20542fdcbe71adbe0dfd5ea0c5bf69055e4ec5b8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 19) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for {Boolean,Number,String}Object. r=evilpies.
0f3cacf6ba53c3b06cfcd01f690cdb75604f8e68Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 18) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for {,Debug}ScopeObject. r=luke.
b35dcd7b09858ebd641130f125fdd2552099bb8bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 17) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for {Cloned,Static}BlockObject. r=luke.
d26720cbf04872e1c08c38850d9a8ec16c813e86Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 16) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for WithObject. r=luke.
f59d274b0ed2305945441fe8c0379564ecd4473fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 15) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for NestedScopeObject. r=evilpies.
4eb19eba16ea5a29fb0e1f7fb3a608cf05061539Aaron Klotz — Bug 880435: Fixed Linux OS_READAHEAD implementation in nsLocalFile. r=glandium
b41f9ba3f71b07616cb6a569bca0abe68e39af72L. David Baron — Fix XPC_DUMP_AT_SHUTDOWN bustage from Bug 882162 Part 1 (changeset efb0b493cc21).
34a280cae36826f84110f8d5177f2e027ab65b28Wes Kocher — Merge m-c with inbound
d68f2618ea70ea445e0acfcd800e9c78c536d2ccJeff Gilbert — Backout 1715991888ac for android bustage on a CLOSED TREE
1213ea1ff91a09cdf209389d79229d10e3bac56aJustin Dolske — Bug 839961 - Refactor login manager's content actions into a separate JSM. (bug 881996 workaround) r=mattn
f5df5ee7bd177a4863ea551060c45d92c27e0e2aJustin Dolske — Bug 839961 - Refactor login manager's content actions into a separate JSM. (mobile and metro changes) r=mfinkle
58d5552a5ef406e591187b932e528fe84f0db16fJustin Dolske — Bug 839961 - Refactor login manager's content actions into a separate JSM. (main patch) r=mattn
cbe3a5bb23d855746dcaec0f35dfeafbe7f830e0Tim Abraldes — bug 837293. Don't unset the altGraph modifier when unsetting the control and alt modifiers. r=masayuki
b95d093c24c3700f75eb6713afa1b630a0f63251Frank Yan — Bug 873251 - [Metro] Part 2 of 2: Fix url bar selection test offset. a=test-only
4c9079d247072d6af4c2a4ab295ca38a8236dfbcFrank Yan — Bug 873251 - [Metro] Part 1 of 2: Update buttons and backgrounds of Firefox app bar. r=jwilde
6e2ad7bd617e347ce6f12be807fc2914cc127f18Shane Caraveo — bug 882652 fix disabling of socialapi in popups, r=felipe
6ee152636ad432d1258bd8c9c88dd29bb0fd8ea1Bas Schouten — Bug 878032 - Part 2: Factor out partial bitmap uploading and scaling. r=jrmuizel
4267a855665920e0d3ca7f03a0e2344ccfa4d69eBas Schouten — Bug 878032 - Part 1: Factor out some simle none-RenderTarget dependent functions. r=jrmuizel
1715991888acb61f7413d8d5f96effc327934478Jeff Gilbert — Bug 860543 - Account for testing shadowed NaNs. - r=bjacob
af744b5304d8987db9fece5df38d0c96aeecc94aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865256 - Part 2: Rename WaveTable to PeriodicWave; r=roc
fdb7780fe53c3e428d7163e86192766363929650John Schoenick — Bug 878363 - Followup, fix compilers complaining about fixing other compilers complaining about an unknown warning. r=ted
6f3461e66694e80b7f1081eb4c18664fb0c9fbe7Jonathan Wilde — Bug 811392 - Work - Choose better background colors for location text in the Firefox app bar
f5f8e2d6d99169703c069cf81fc3748e352eb493Joe Drew — Bug 867774 - Tests for animated images with different disposal and blend modes. r=seth
7158e859e28c9fbb642a6c0ff84a4262bbec6935Joe Drew — Bug 867774 - Create a FrameBlender class that holds on to an image's frames and can blend frames together on demand (while leaving the decision as to which frames to external users). r=seth
f0380ec657f82a13f37732d1b4c8d99d99c2ce78Joe Drew — Bug 867774 - Make RasterImage's frame blending helper functions threadsafe. r=jrmuizel
5b3196ad66f40b7ca578461155f279fa0c6fca8eEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 878032) because of Windows build bustage
72a95da7099f2c843131be85109815b54f676d07Gary Kwong — Backout 29e698ae2b5c for causing orange in a CLOSED TREE.
358362de102b8f9bb5579e59b053273fa4a85298Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 882770 - Do not use the MSVC driver commands for clang on Windows; r=ted
f189d72156e438d6fc6405df6a5ae29989f62295Chris Peterson — Bug 880245 - Move Android's .jsm modules from to r=joey
d0cb28e29a0ebc6ca03566ed5eb1fec4debd81baKyle Huey — Bug 882893: Move observer notifications out of the cycle collector and into the runtime. r=smaug
46cfc6fc7364657f46eb0b293e972eeaf604e6fdAndrew McCreight — Bug 884019 - initialize rv on error in CloneAndAdopt. r=peterv
aa4eb6a7a3009357cfa80868274d16ec6e0817dfBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 884694 - Fix the android preference to always enable plugins, r=margaret
8f1f12f449dcd42fa3769a899dbb72e21bec2e71Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 674927 - Part 4: Add a reftest which was removed by mistake
95952d257a56e4f1fee199c10711beaf469358fdTerrence Cole — Bug 884410 - Remove JS_EnumerateResolvedStandardClasses; r=Waldo sr=luke
b1636ba097f996b0e9b8d8a966e43af5d345dc15Terrence Cole — Bug 884410 - Handlify the JS_EnumerateStandardClasses interface; r=jonco
b07c97f12e348190caee088fd23aa182c6e57e8dTerrence Cole — Bug 884410 - Handlify the JS_ResolveStandardClass interface; r=jonco
c55d7332c83aefea7834454feba80aad93561bf6Terrence Cole — Bug 884410 - Handlify the JS_TransplantObject interfaces; r=jonco
f26888376433c27927b3d9ff8cc1a175f1fc9298Aryeh Gregor — Bug 674927 - Part 3: Make the spellcheck attribute work correctly for contenteditable; r=ehsan
8ed0409f36c27a082dcc93a19ab715c5ced132f9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 674927 - Part 2: Cleanup the async spellcheck stuff when the editor cleans up mozInlineSpellChecker; r=adw
3cb61a7d57461117b4140c10c1c0cfcff5c3d0bdBas Schouten — Bug 878032 - Part 2: Factor out partial bitmap uploading and scaling. r=jrmuizel
627c03f469d882f08cb0d4a2c557d1e0396ea2d1Bas Schouten — Bug 878032 - Part 1: Factor out some simle none-RenderTarget dependent functions. r=jrmuizel
069b2adf589e0895953bb60303f282bc53f5c07cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 752034 - Use the Windows SDK when building with Clang on Windows; r=ted
da94b18e9f27b6d0f68fa425781a63a5fe5d2a11Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 882766 - Recognize clang even when it doesn't #define __GNUC__; r=ted
29e698ae2b5c5b552cfe572fd72db0c69cebe354Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 871848 - Save volatile registers before inlined calls followed by a bailout. r=bhackett
189e40137b04142bebbad382918c7805740ce2aaWes Johnston — Bug 882136 - Remove notifications created by NotificationHelper when Fennec is killed. r=lucasr
231754e0dbcf5fd4337683bca30f20512dd1e8f2Ted Mielczarek — bug 860409 - Allow passing both an analog and digital value for buttons. r=smaug
7a159e3dad7b2bd0fd3d3ea1cbba55c9ced31348Ted Mielczarek — bug 690935 - implement navigator.getGamepads(). r=smaug
3af6f05984ae4a9b0fa2b7e04d0dc8172e894571Ted Mielczarek — bug 851547 - Make Gamepad API preffable. r=smaug
4c6ebf6a73ff05630ad0e4fe056daef1a2e51286Jason Orendorff — Bug 883226 postlude - Change inBlock to an enum as requested in review (see comment 20). rs=Waldo on IRC.
b84cec53177ac6428866651d9f31d1ddb7ec8a03Jason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 8 - Decouple NameNode and ParseHandler::newName from ParseContext. Add NameNode constructor. r=Waldo.
8c2dec82bf298d8a35cd647bea0ceb1a662e0b1fJason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 7 - Clean up parsing of identifiers. r=Waldo.
df5cc60bb55d4685863cbff5688c62e09407b0b7Jason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 6 - Clean up string literal parsing. r=Waldo.
e7c5639bebe8f4a56c5d7a96966067fb09f608f9Jason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 5 - Clean up parsing of delete expressions. Also fixes bug 871046. r=Waldo.
d75f5e658d46c361a7f6e44c9826a693f70e5a8bJason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 4 - Remove foldPropertyByValue from the ParseHandler protocol. Instead, just treat it as an optimization in FullParseHandler. r=Waldo.
c699455d1da6fe4e9c74f75bfbfed23913b45271Jason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 3 - Make ParseHandler::newUnary have a single signature and eliminate setUnaryKid. r=Waldo.
a76edd40b994502d69c82194d4941a0cdd225609Jason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 2 - Make ParseHandler::newNumber have a single signature. Code cleanup in Parser::primaryExpr. r=Waldo.
abb9ff265ab29939a38370e14c8a4b4a6e0b241dJason Orendorff — Bug 883226, part 1 - Clean up RegExp parsing. Remove NullaryNode::create in favor of constructors. r=Waldo.
66207c1bc1e1a12168ca113154ec29b5aec656a6Jason Orendorff — Bug 883207 - Add Parser::pos(). r=Waldo.
4e6407439d457f90467f40c96ef8436d3b601319Jason Orendorff — Bug 884516 - Rename JS shell global 'arguments' variable to scriptArgs. r=luke.
2409890805a3d6a82f21b129f2f11df8f7bb8cfcOlli Pettay — Bug 884955 - Add a pref to override NS_EVENT_STARVATION_DELAY_HINT, r=avih
870691ed6060deedc98ef068b2eb142cfaf9d171Jim Mathies — Bug 880855 - Add support for sliding hover nav buttons part 2. r=fryn DONTBUILD
1cfbe0f0c74dc418aa4b39ddb8077f0c13a5ed79Jim Mathies — Bug 880855 - Add support for sliding hover nav buttons part 1. r=fryn DONTBUILD
c3f16d4c914ba363453dcd5d8eefe66a1194f4c1Jim Mathies — merge backouts (bug 880885)
cbc4be7ae5dab51303e841f826c641d07e7980c9Jim Mathies — Backed out changeset 4e5d6e8d8849 (bug 880885) due to bad bug number.
34f21621f66f36ec27aa498c7e30c6cdf72378cdJim Mathies — Backed out changeset f0f88a7512a5 (bug 880885) due to bad bug number.
f0f88a7512a501d87f92c626806e46fb11e13d3dJim Mathies — Bug 880885 - Add support for sliding hover nav buttons part 2. r=fryn
4e5d6e8d884968484640a946e73ddf0e6adab97cJim Mathies — Bug 880885 - Add support for sliding hover nav buttons part 1. r=fryn
754436cbbc100b79053457a7fa80a40fed1fc9b6Jim Mathies — Bug 882902 - Attach selection management generically to chrome text inputs. r=fryn
08f0b84d5e6227abea501043e496644aafb4da5dJim Mathies — Bug 882902 - Remove old fennec text input bindings no longer in use. r=fryn
aa1227e3d6ba690cfcdee85c9aa6518823fd3ebcGregory Szorc — Bug 884028 - Acquire lock before writing to terminal; r=ted
59e7f2102e169ffa1a9194ab474f3343ab3ef5e7Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 874996 - Part 2 - Issue error events for geolocation provider errors. r=jdm
f1ce5983b2856cb151266643fac3d1f584b1224bGuilherme Gonçalves — Bug 874996 - Part 1 - Simplify handling of geolocation requests. r=jdm
8ea92aeab78353889f6928cb24d87f7330cd8c74Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central
32bffdedafeeeb1dfbe3d8824c4cf9e55d81fa42Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883887. Add an Unlink method to js::ExpandoAndGeneration. r=peterv
af5a1ae148db63fbccb0ec0576ea83e0a34a722dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 884401. Remove the hasXPConnectImpls annotations for HTMLElement, Element, and Node in WebIDL bindings, since all those are gone. r=peterv
4be8af5b96c7e3f65afab0c97489533e933d56e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883827. Make Optional<NonNull<T>> and Optional<OwningNonNull<T>> nicer to use by having their const Value() method return a T&. r=peterv
6d4a482b6aa77194d489ea8f9b483696a2b587c4Kannan Vijayan — Bug 883789 - Use baseline fallback stubs to track double-overflow of BinaryArith and UnaryArith ops. r=h4writer
61b6312cfab23a38dc75c4ce24570f9f9c881760Terrence Cole — Bug 884934 - Fix intermittent SM(r) failure on InitialShapeTable::Ptr; r=sfink
d7a1b18447fec42c393aa5e7091b3c9854b21618Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 882858 - Add a "showing" notification to PopupNotifications, r=jaws sr=gavin
a72d816724daddc2dc1cea8a96f100d07e377505Terrence Cole — Bug 884628 - Optimize the post-barrier verifier; r=jonco
aded0559ac48b019e4106eafdfa11f95a06a7705Shane Caraveo — bug 882132 fix setting provider icon via worker api, r=felipe
3efe3f3d2c25b1a8a86912f32c623e4e2d6fa0c1Jan de Mooij — Bug 882111 - Don't push an interpreter frame when calling into the JITs. r=djvj
60a18af6cc27a05d769e0da68973a0551466acaeKannan Vijayan — Backed out changeset 9f852d187722 (bug 883789)
9f852d1877225f189b35d6c6136ae5d6f5f693d8Kannan Vijayan — Bug 883789 - Use baseline fallback stubs to track double-overflow of BinaryArith and UnaryArith ops. r=h4writer
30514cb515dbf0dd669befc2e52ea89fe5d1c946Terrence Cole — Bug 884562 - Allow root analysis to be enabled when using generational GC; r=sfink DONTBUILD
2def848b4ed3064c02ab4ae5a1a5b1d20110b846Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 5a3dc3d31890 (bug 883495)
43f6621f6873e6d974b37b74079b43f835a1358aTerrence Cole — Bug 884065 - Assert if JS_DestroyContext is called with active exact rooters; r=sfink
728ba49f05503a8a1fa170edf164e5b94a9f0f5bKannan Vijayan — Bug 877589 - Add test case. DONTBUILD
6a532ecacec07bcdb8d20273736238f2b18aa4abRick Eyre — Bug 884507 - Change SECOND_TO_MS macro to be named MS_TO_SECONDS r=rillian
31ef25bb8b28567a4fa2562dd7792aa3253bee4bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 877782 - Reposition form autocomplete popup if dynamic toolbar changes visibility. r=kats
98b3cca0fe0635216718ee08388ac512ba6e4783Kannan Vijayan — Bug 870034 - Test case.
f44ac4a65b1ae921f2c24d3e3f38b937e33a3ad6Nick Alexander — Backed out changeset 3a4c1a113154 (Bug 874132) for jarsigner "Please specify alias name" errors.
5d643a8431a74ef1111af8e68679121c3e9de843Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 882339 - Cache the blocklist state on plugin tags to avoid querying the blocklist service constantly, r=johns
9d7ab37cf1d3a96ab1419865f18750a9f05011e5Joey Armstrong — bug 881344: move SHARED_LIBRARY_LIBS to mozbuild (logic). r=gps
c908cc1206b52fa77e54e0dab8b2f19ee3af3c83Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
62f26a2bab83dc5cd8f5eff0a32e751e2205ebc5Benoit Girard — Bug 882937 - Fix GTest dependencies. r=glandium
5a3dc3d3189099e7d1b3c070ef6532c850213764Josh Matthews — Bug 883495 - Avoid releasing a scriptable DNS listener off the main thread. r=mcmanus
259e68f8843dd7c9af1766cb6092434f276c2db6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 841442 - Move HTMLFormElement to WebIDL, r=bz
192cecc0111e5a7c30fe2a0c83aed53d444dce91Andrea Marchesini — Bug 841442 - Rename nsHTMLFormElement to HTMLFormElement
798c709e591fd4000f80eb90e9d98a74fc7b1dc5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883968. Give <object>/<embed>/<applet> channels notification callbacks that can actually be used from script. r=johns
aa768b37b1c8ff88b30ba1913534a94177efaef1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 884109. Remove GetDocumentFromCaller from NS_NewHTMLImage/OptionElement and remove the XPCOM-y bits for creating those, since WebIDL bindings don't use those. r=smaug
f523cbfd3be8a57eb1bd911b4d9e1c17eddc7b78Jacek Caban — Bug 884222 - Use __declspec(dllexport) in Opus on mingw. r=derf
5458a7880db538d4eb3f9d9b4949fe160bf1af11Joey Armstrong — bug 872087: mozbuild HOST_LIBRARY_NAME conversion cleanup. r=gps
01068ed464ca38db18c51ae7f57154ff2684a640Hannes Verschore — Bug 884298: IonMonkey: Allow inlining of functions containing JSOP_FUNCALL, r=jandem
a111fc485061e2d44f8a98a54afce72f2244c680Bas Schouten — Bug 883352 - With OMTC enabled on Metro Firefox, we crash when scrolling. r=jmuizelaar
e582f705dafaf0b98aff409018145a0289074d71Nathan Froyd — Bug 871596 - part 3 - replace memcpys of POD datatypes in Pickle with something smarter; r=bent
3e821272288855c7f4e28232a71a1972733843ebNathan Froyd — Bug 871596 - part 2 - add a new memberAlignmentType to replace the scattered uint32_t alignments; r=bent
ca677b5c6229696d88a905e6aedd31ae568a9a40Nathan Froyd — Bug 871596 - part 1 - rewrite Pickle's alignment mechanism to be more obviously optimizable; r=bent
deed7fb2834e4a1d490c06c18c1ae77fdc7a1eeaEhsan Akhgari — Bug 883011 - Optimize PrepareUpdatesToMainThread to avoid re-allocating memory as much as possible; r=roc
566ca9eb534e4aec2b0f131ef20b01f536494d19Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 884632 - Optimize MediaStreamGraphImpl::PrepareUpdatesToMainThreadState in order to only include AudioNodeStreams that the main thread is interested in; r=roc
42ec2b2ca9877b7010654e77cc11ee269cdd0c77Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 702080 - Replace GetDisplayDocument with IsResourceDoc when needed. r=bz
03c829d7d4e7eb863c8716db8df78071a89bcfc5Till Schneidereit — Bug 882468 - Simplify BooleanGetPrimitiveValue. r=waldo,evilpie
43905d1c6ec14655dd5c4aafdfdc0f21edcf7c57Fernando Jiménez — Bug 884760 - Typo in OfflineCacheInstaller.jsm. r=me
d5bf8119f1479c1b64284b9596b581a129c3aa9bEd Morley — Bug 861700 - Disable browser_705597.js & browser_707862.js for too many intermitent failures, whilst we wait for review
84e4bef463e5a564fdec6c4cd0fe8b335d5ff03fEd Morley — Bug 880226 - Disable browser_bug386835.js for too many intermittent failures, whilst we wait for review
ccdd6aa7b488a33ff3ec423c782ea4ece5bd3b88Jon Coppeard — Bug 884371 - Remove JSMutableHandleXXX from the js/src directory r=terrence
f126bff5d429985a64ce35ff392e7bee01727f21Jon Coppeard — Bug 884371 - Remove JSMutableHandleXXX from the js directory r=bholley
693f9855e2265c04f2123d35a508a8982ff26d1dJon Coppeard — Bug 884371 - Remove JSMutableHandleXXX from the browser r=bz
75b8543e2b045f326a43cde164fbf62b37015fd9Jon Coppeard — Bug 884283 - GC: Rename RootMethods to GCMethods r=terrence
5c902b055c44b847e05a2d1f09efcd65c40bbbe8Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 783451 - Add ipdl testcases. r=bent DONTBUILD
5fae2a068802d23bd80a92417b6643c24f0ce8aeKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 783451 - Remove outdated FIXME comment. r=nrc,bent DONTBUILD
36fb664f91012fd4e13cc6999702253927e71256Jan de Mooij — Bug 883171 - Remove JSContext::fp() and JSContext::regs(). r=luke
ca07be78813b38465a78eda64da0961c4c96fdf5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
aa8f4c55058582f5bd955c9d69a45dc1d482a2ebTim Taubert — Bug 883099 - Fire TabOpen after swapping docShells for preloaded newtab pages; r=dao
437caa0355643eec51c076d02bbf26cbad26e294Anton Kovalyov — Bug 884638 - Make 'dbg close' do nothing when toolbox is closed; r=jwalker
f4c0eab43adf8e6a0f7833d8d87f605daf48baeeAnton Kovalyov — Bug 863636 - Make 'profiler close' do nothing when toolbox is closed; r=jwalker
2e9f36bf54dc7d8f0ee1b88f9f377bd0a52e2d73Aki Sasaki — bug 882691 - inari configs. r=catlee
14fc0edd9f8f5a27bfbcbcd5782cf50bdbdb9050Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
2f49ab9a4da4390ed068527bb37a368065eb001fVincent Chang — Bug 868913 - Part 2: Fix the wifi initial start problem. r=mrbkap
dd48a19a10feed81abacd5d952be7ff0bdfc5c2fSotaro Ikeda — Bug 884440 - Remove item correctly from vector. r=doublec
df1d45c596a271c2d68637372fc039aae06c7fabGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
dc04095196bb176261f07cec57f5117346bd8a81Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
553a730ab1abceafe822bd38e59e183ef8fd7e61Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
cc8c8f44a27261d02df432de7a7e8933a61c0834Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
2feea4f6f46ed93af7079140db9d47217bc34bf5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1d250f802759d8d267467316256eeae3a0dcd7ddEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
491ad248a74944c3de7d480a633b606239189027Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c12150cfdfef0afcba76233da774e5f64eadc06fEd Morley — Merge latest green fx-team changeset and mozilla-central
2c0a957f5d54bcfb87b66a113aed9d4b368f0a20Anton Kovalyov — Bug 881006 - Change Profile panel tooltip to say JavaScript Profiler; r=harth
531048ab5fedcfe21629e2ac761dd2a353a0cfb9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and fx-team.
ce4e72421c350acf149c5d2fdd2956b794a7db43Anton Kovalyov — Bug 850145 - Use SideMenuWidget in the Profiler; r=vporof
9a6abcbf5b1adea65b1a15a513653987e8cc94aaChristian Ascheberg — Bug 848347 - external links do not always open correctly; r=ttaubert
0d9da02c7108210024cc10e8bdd96052cf22fdc6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and fx-team.
24e725b72a0d53b7928960199ecfec877a72ed80Tim Taubert — Bug 792806 - Follow-up to add missing semicolon; r=dao
1230bd54345410ce6eda9e1c743121d2a1e57900Tim Taubert — Bug 792806 - Update list of visible tabs only once after switching to another group; r=dao
dbfbea357ecebf2b9625ea8da519613e389a4e9cEd Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
7250c32ae5d5bb5d75e90eb8e8c7520578a1e672Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
c53f93c40bbd787c30f85d709249a4c8f52d4d8cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1f0d54745b33aff9fbb81af6e2d948a02e61953fThomas Zimmermann — Bug 880167: Replace SendDiscoveryTask by non-blocking implementation r=echou,gyeh
b7d4ea0bb123ebd78a4ad360e347f0b53e05c2d7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
734db8a37ad253164ad19d0b5763b11574df4fadBen Tian — Bug 883505 - [Bluetooth] Support for CHLD=0 of HFP, r=echou
4e8ac15309c648d0e0e65fb9975d1304316f9b8fKyle Machulis — Bug 877859 - Change for new valgrind include path; r=mwu
277745c01bb2ef94930b4d71447ac31b8ec846f3Vicamo Yang — Bug 883798 - B2G SMS: test cases should initialize all necessary preferences and/or settings. r=gene
de0513bf0957729d4b17e04f55314e1518ed946dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d427f88d28a8c26125543715f70d13c83408cd88Chia-hung Tai — Bug 884146 - B2G MMS: Can not receive MMS from Far-stone sim card. r=vyang
1a33d66ddaf13f919db270ee34c0abd8addf91a4Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
2b399557fb9ba2eae09790b35bcb824cc6acd84fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
20acf89efc158da139f3d374e8e15fddd9cd4302Nikhil Marathe — Bug 881424 - Set B2G SimplePush serverURL to Mozilla Push Server. r=jrconlin
568921d73dd121b23b7c60e6a5b34daa703a0bd4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and birch.
aeb384eaaf28ff71e7bab2547ce764c829a2893bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
4c542edb20523272055f3de9d19273bbb8c8899fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bef2efa890878d444fa554e7d1f9c394d36de576Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 1885bc168943 (bug 811392) since the patch it depends on has now been backed out on a CLOSED TREE
bef10ede6c1e4f923134be40dcdc846249c50015Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8866d9627149 (bug 879717) for assertions during test_playback_rate.html on Windows on a CLOSED TREE
b22438ffe2680871844af938a6e7832a18871b6dEd Morley — Backed out changeset acc1c0494f49 (bug 883731)
5199b67ba0297db108386fc9d4d7c045b2587654Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 78424c3ea6cb (bug 883731)
abe93cefa9cfde1c3d7400df9638286d74688b61Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 04d60f86b935 (bug 883731)
59679baba21b48fc662d731b094b544e2c5e8c03Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f3ca96dd397e (bug 873251) for causing mochitest-metro-chrome failures
734147446def7c703e3d42d8740644bac4c3dec3Asaf Romano — Relanding Bug 834539 - Replace getPageTitle with an async API. r=mak. sr=gavin.
0414d4228e8525834e52aed3533db2d1fadcce27Daniel Holbert — Bug 884564 followup: fix end-of-line whitespace in nsBlockFrame::CreateContinuationFor. (whitespace-only, DONTBUILD)
78245cf88e94e39bc75486efca16f8eb03959c92Makoto Kato — Bug 880590 - Remove _WIN64 define by configure. r=ted
0c7d548ae1881ccb91c932c9ce34f6818aecf9b5Makoto Kato — Bug 884634 - GTK3 port should use Linux theme. r=karlt
7c148efceaf94def80701e1d965af65a5b937599Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634839 (part 2b) - Remove more unnecessary headers (as found by include-what-you-use) from SpiderMonkey. r=jorendorff.
4558994f91a0ec017def6e81dbd477c53391dcf0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634839 (part 2a) - Remove unnecessary headers (as found by include-what-you-use) from jsapi.h. r=jorendorff.
b660582ee4510c1987ed7ec8f3f17a368b47c86bDaniel Holbert — Bug 884576: Make some nsBlockFrame helper-methods (ReflowPushedFloats, PrepareResizeReflow, & SplitLine) infallible. r=bz
416252ef9d1ed367323f2b548da1a1182ef81fb0Daniel Holbert — Bug 884564: Make CreateContinuationFor() infallible and directly return its outparam. r=bz
b6b8be9f8e0dbb295f5661d385d4ee2a61e9d720Chris Peterson — Bug 883729 - Fix -Wnull-conversion warnings in xpcom. r=bsmedberg
6c5e99d67cd0016d8e282e2ffcb014cd5e1fabfdChris Peterson — Bug 883501 - Fix -Wreorder warning in xpcom/base/nsConsoleMessage.cpp. r=msucan
04d60f86b935af3423614eb10e71b6fb646e114dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 883731. Part 3: Make all calls to ChangeReadyState go through UpdateReadyStateForDtaData. r=cpearce
78424c3ea6cb266dafe113455682ecc0703d4364Robert O'Callahan — Bug 883731. Part 2: Remove ResourceLoaded notifications since they don't make much sense with a media cache. r=cpearce
acc1c0494f490c8936e39327ad14f876e6ef8badRobert O'Callahan — Bug 883731. Part 1: Remove nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement:: and MediaDecoderOwner:: prefixes. r=cpearce
8866d9627149ee3a7d3ebda498835cc53c75d364Robert O'Callahan — Bug 879717. Delay entering HAVE_CURRENT_DATA state until a video frame has been stored in the image container. r=cpearce
775a172255b139b8b54539aa6b25c64ee95e10b5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 880854. Part 2: Support reflows/frame reconstruction in print/print-preview documents by promoting them to frame reconstruction of the whole document. r=mats
5c044f3a5587459c0f5a0237901039702235f5f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 880854. Part 1: Make nsIFrame::DumpFrameTree virtual and take no parameter, to be easier to call from buggy debuggers like gdb. r=mats
62b7d9ca9586521e5b77b45adc53f0165a195910Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset e086e888bd8d (bug 879228), on the suspicion of causing a b2g mochitest-3 failure, since the failure mentions 'console is undefined' and this patch touched Console.jsm.
1d4c00e49f937eb7ce75bdc5f90821a5e8a71dfeEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 57624f26be8f (bug 702080) on the suspicion of causing a b2g mochitest-3 failure, since it touches code near remote browser stuff
822b350df442906777ba953ba8ef25738ffb05b8Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 9173dcf026ee (bug 882567) because of mochitest-1 timeouts on Linux
2e1acd3b9ce881c96c0742bad38ce83ae2c02342Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 794282) because of mochitest-1 timeouts on Linux
171ec5d1724d031ec4b6ee7f03b911390f15bf93Matt Woodrow — Bug 884334 - Make sure WidgetShutdownObserver doesn't attempt to use the widget pointer after it has been destroyed. r=roc
8d00587e9c297f3e96cf26b1d6f454abe8062cb6Benjamin Smedberg — Back out 2d970c9c1fad - Bug 882858 Because of mochitest-browser failures in browser_CTP_drag_drop.js and perhaps browser_pluginnotification.js
1885bc168943d1fc9c206f44a4c6ae030a3cadbaJonathan Wilde — Bug 811392 - Work - Choose better background colors for location text in the Firefox app bar. r=fryn
f3ca96dd397edfe661477f31a90fc093b18ad005Frank Yan — Bug 873251 - [Metro] Update buttons and backgrounds of Firefox app bar. r=jwilde
eb62fca45f709e7fb3c59d0d52dee63bfe9d3da3David Zbarsky — Fix error message in ipdl compiler, no bug, r=jlebar over irc
8f04327695cabd4e1f83fcec5a4e5b08c734fc0bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 880836. Fix a typo caught by joe.
aad8771118048d83d9ed5d3fd769d20de8417dfeEdwin Flores — Bug 794282 - Fix desktop b2g compile error from changeset a73bc11da471 r=bustage
2dc0a505dce93d836784f9b112444d197186b478Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 883688 - Fix uninitialized |gotLambda| in ion/IonBuilder.cpp. r=djvj.
4703321564be176473f8d4bf2b6bfa9c8febdd5dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2f6babcfa00e (bug 882468) for JS crashes.
da601e58ecb0191c858e6231aff7b79bd4e92441Jared Wein — Bug 698174 - Set full-screen-api.approval-required to false before checking fullscreen context menu items. r=cpearce
a8a28bd8abf391bec27a465597d247e78639ed76Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and inbound.
c952e7bb36f05fffaeb46bbd1b91c61a35639af8Sam Foster — Bug 858388 - Refactor richgrid arrangeItems, autocomplete uses deferlayout. r=jimm
aa8d90bbc92af100854c05553b1fe724dd4f55cbAndrew McCreight — Bug 883382 - Eliminate superfluous CacheScriptEntry. r=smaug
671e6ff074ea7fb364e32da2e1673ee106422717Andrew McCreight — Bug 884434 - Assert on extra shutdown CCs. r=smaug
2f6babcfa00e7c335119ba4a069bc0d4436fc9e1Till Schneidereit — Bug 882468 - Simplify BooleanGetPrimitiveValue. r=jwalden
a73bc11da47154d10a70f9efc7320d02231f07e7Edwin Flores — Bug 794282 - Enable gstreamer by default in builds, but pref off r=cpearce,khuey
9173dcf026eeea673ee03428702a3f52e4d1c17dEdwin Flores — Bug 882567 - Handle fatal gstreamer errors by aborting playback r=alessandro.d
398e348e3ed885a0ee2d6a42d33d46d81d86fd6dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge cypress and inbound.
610382f55f339a32007b7c67ad0fd35f88fd7d91Benjamin Smedberg — Back out revision d3da96f774b3 on a CLOSED TREE - Bug 882339 because of mochitest-browser failures in browser_CTP_drag_drop.js and browser-pluginnotification.js
089b861c6688313d079d106a97cdeff53c5700adKyle Huey — Bug 877584: Followup to avoid some crashes during shutdown. r=mccr8
a2c9078d8b297f17b3867b36a14df997a66c971eKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 11 - Push the final uses of mJSHolders down into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime and make it private. r=mccr8
fa15cd24a711355b58d0b2abc8c02401d7e2b6fbKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 10 - Add a hook for tracing black JS and update the big comment to more accurately describe how this works. r=mccr8
a3d9f0165f0048fb225d18a5f4040add730b9d57Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 9 - Kill nsCycleCollectionJSRuntime. r=mccr8
76ce6a22279a0280a63e8565532f08c8dcbc7949Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 8 - Move the rest of nsCycleCollectionJSRuntime's implementation into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
6178e7d18e2be4489698df68ace01dc03f9b3222Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 7 - Move tracing of gray roots into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
4dfddd30a77f61039dc99c125ccf5daa70104e4eKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 6 - Move the runtime and zone CC participants into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
ff10f2a8aca99e9e6ee8dc7ec66fb6b26b79b8feKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 5 - Move most of nsCycleCollectionJSRuntime's implementation into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
69408f4ca5e93fa36e4538d852d464ebc13671f5Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 4 - Push tracing of global objects down into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
ef6329710710dac46332cfeea5dfc12f741ca339Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 3 - Replace GetJSRuntime() with just Runtime(). r=mccr8
55331b05723b58f59b74f20d9409ee1052c71a89Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 2 - Begin to push mJSHolders down into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
efb0b493cc21af8c2267d27079fb46704742a719Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 1 - Create a mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime class. r=mccr8,bholley
bb6c79366a3a87e7d2cb8bff296f37b21070c7c2Kyle Huey — Bug 877584: Route JS holding through the cycle collection runtime so it can do different things on different threads. r=mccr8
24e9d0e5998d0a6b846473ec22e022b338857543Ted Mielczarek — bug 884300 - fix DWARF CFI record serialization. r=glandium
2d970c9c1fad9d4dc82f22794ee61d1a6209c8b1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 882858 - Add a "showing" notification to PopupNotifications, r=jaws sr=gavin
d3da96f774b36e34d900f584b5b82936fe5a72d5Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 882339 - Cache the blocklist state on plugin tags to avoid querying the blocklist service constantly, r=johns
a7d946a431ef682e1a3436b15fbe54c399d50e4dJeff Walden — Bug 884561 - Update test262 test imports to tip using the script added in bug 496923. r=generating-script-was-reviewed
b65294b69a5b2614842cede23466076ad77a1a7bL. David Baron — Bug 693496: Fix ABORT by being consistent that canonical form calc() values need not have a percent part. r=dholbert
2cd778cfb53ee6e6fde71f7a13e35be0fd7de24fPeter Linss — Add DOCTYPE declaration to test. No bug. No review.
80cf4c214910212cc169f11ff426866bbd7c931cMichael Harrison — Bug 883777 - Reduce the width of the DNT preference "Learn More" link. r=dao
e086e888bd8dc52d64d0d4a2f3e1df8a2d7c8f56Alexandre Poirot — Bug 879228 - [browserconsole] tune console.jsm to ease Addon SDK integration. r=msucan
ca5fe9958e9018b7e3290ac96be41de836b9eb4aStefan Mirea — Bug 867902 - Remove old saved FHR payload from disk. r=gps
57624f26be8f65b755075418ef310ab3ec2c9aecArnaud Sourioux — Bug 702080 - Replace GetDisplayDocument with IsResourceDoc when needed. r=bz
38f0844975f249cb0e3fb0e4a84cd72234f2aa73Jason Orendorff — Back out rev 5d35dc039af7 (bug 875433) due to Web compatibility issues (bug 881782, bug 883914). rs=Waldo on IRC.
a45f1dcd603c37577185dc875abee26ba12a1e25Luke Wagner — Bug 853239 - warn on a statement expression use (r=jorendorff)
1d2a43c84bd322d46130a52fda221c3308c50cadChris Peterson — Bug 883071 - Don't send opted-out SSIDs when querying Google Location Service. r=dougt
43516c3e17fbfb985eb4683961ca0b9da806ad0bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 880836. Add MaskSurface() to Azure. r=bas
06aec3398e052a98aab3f335b61e0169df455de2Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 881841: update to NSS_3_15_1_BETA2. r=wtc.
63a1892e5298c05d3fbd43378358a496da1fd2fbJim Chen — Bug 880650 - Don't try to dismiss VKB during testBookmarksTab; r=adrian.tamas
38f7c6ceb5d65a3c1442e952d4a313e70a3641c3Jim Chen — Bug 880650 - Add selectAll call to URL bar initialization; r=cpeterson
a5b205aacce1fc103198f70c2f841162a3d6fac6Jim Chen — Bug 880650 - Clean up hiding/showing VKB in the awesome screen; r=cpeterson
169e58567f28aec5dafcf0392fb062f11fc4b80bGregory Szorc — Bug 879809 - Don't export MOZBUILD_BACKEND_CHECKED to independent build systems; r=ted
3e48ae462b0d93a4d275dff10981b1505f0d1160Olli Pettay — Bug 847611 - Paris bindings for autogenerated events, r=peterv
d2a7cfa34154439232ac1d6230b3945b32fe4d5eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound and m-c. IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
dd9245e218125a081c46d35dede11d13f704866fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8416c29fecda (bug 834539) for xpcshell failures.
cc111858010529986fd95af0b776d4f4c96c91f8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset fb43bd87db39 (bug 883495) for mass carnage of a CLOSED TREE.
2a1e3764868afccdf0892cf4dcbebc89a968494fJames Willcox — Bug 883201 - Make SourceSurfaceSkia::GetData keep pixels alive as necessary r=gal
da161284668e4590e290635e6aa6998d50cbfc04Wes Johnston — Bug 879482 - Use correct function when mapping results from file pickers. r=mfinkle
3a4c1a113154fd7b76c157bbf223b34e8ce69732Nick Alexander — Bug 874132 - Part 3: Replace uses of apkbuilder with zip and custom debug signing tool. r=jmaher
c0b8d909db83b58207caca47ebf7db4d3b737b0cNick Alexander — Bug 874132 - Part 2: Add custom debug signing tool. f=mcomella, r=jmaher
ceefba074d862107932cdade2b61d4a5875c2996Nathan Froyd — Bug 874132 - Part 1: Handle SDK layout differences in the Android r22 SDK. r=nalexander
8416c29fecda6ecc9c5a2a68dfb9b1679823b8fbAsaf Romano — Bug 834539 - Replace getPageTitle with an async API. r=mak. sr=gavin.
d5b59c74871e627869f7399015f02b62bb5bd839Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8dcb029b9ca5 (bug 880836) for asserts.
86ae36fa3ea2a264e27184d459de175021577ef7Phil Ringnalda — Back out 35bf7e6dbf90 (bug 882120) for reftest and crashtest failures
e4dd6f0845c509754083302cd9c0347ce188830aHannes Verschore — Bug 883626: Skip looking to inactive Activations, r=luke
fb43bd87db39da6be071dceaf13c191cfa1cd599Josh Matthews — Bug 883495 - Avoid releasing a scriptable DNS listener off the main thread. r=mcmanus
cbf6498d13537b4d5af2008b65775a5be022a0f6Nicolas Carlo — Bug 875852 - Make ambient light changes in auto-mode for Reader more reliable and less sensitive in aboutReader.js. r=margaret
175f9d9b9918dc477f1438bc119b06bd4895538fSteven Michaud — Bug 877500 - Test. r=joshmoz
d4518f89e75a3731a8676308f3c73a55bc1abddeJoey Armstrong — bug 882907: move SDK_LIBRARY to mozbuild (logic) r=gps
e9b946da20cb5c817b9b9649b671eb0739ea5be7Gavin Sharp — Bug 493051: avoid having addEngine select the engine by default, by adding an optional callback to let callers observe the successful addition of the engine, r=MattN
9b0ceec4270eff98b84e8ebe922ba5665eb39da5Gavin Sharp — Bug 879658: don't expose localStorage to FrameWorker for non-whitelisted social providers, r=mixedpuppy
c506a6940d07b6f6b250a03b0401c5eb3f79a239Jim Mathies — Bug 881950 - Update the metro test harness to return a retry string when activation fails. r=bbondy
8dcb029b9ca587d315419f2f907671ddb4c9620aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 880836. Add MaskSurface() to Azure. r=bas
6d5f07b3a7670cef67004b8182a7231b2af5b650Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 883855 - Add "delete" value support to AddHandlerValues and AddDDEHandlerValues. r=bbondy
6148ae44874e6ea97be9f4e95112a03dc7ffbea2Joel Maher — Bug 883894 - upload a new to capture tscroll and tsvg fixes. r=kmoir
35bf7e6dbf9001248158283ab7ce7e1652845019Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 882120 - Apply rounding to the layer-pixel rect in Java to fix robopan regression. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
045aa030111ec8dc9629361b6117d519782c46c5Joey Armstrong — bug 875549: mozbuild cleanup for HOST_CSRCS. r=gps
0eca15d14c2a2eeea515f48c76964c28ba0ac781Patrick McManus — bug 881643 unhandled sync OnInputStreamReady on AsyncWait stack r=hurley
d02f89580ad9589f6452ce76216f9697bcaa62a4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 879319 - implement past names map in HTMLFormElement, r=bz
e5b2e2ee91e00287a3c70d28859647f2cfb8694dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 870787 - Improve named getter for form, r=bz
5b36a59bf920a1b22afc318fb5c05e10c98efcc8Jan de Mooij — Bug 882323 - Fix LoadTypedArrayElementHole type barrier. r=bhackett
84d0ce331a3acec30fc38856b665dadc3ebb4e68Jan de Mooij — Bug 883748 - Specialize MUrsh as double if needed. r=bhackett
03b202a6f3430368b98e075db485a1bba1fb9deeMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 883436 - Remove prtypes.h #include from nsString.h. r=ehsan
bef58eae5f12f908822b0a355abd558622d03418Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 882624 - Update comments. r=bbondy
a4d01597aecbd4a295c176a65c05df1f9dc36863Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
0fcf27567179423917443e46f967e3cfe8dff05dJim Mathies — Bug 860248 - In content clear existing selection on tap. r=ally
34f7cce42095e24fdd6c066d7fe6219dfc5e500fGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 883671 - Get rid of plugin.expose_full_path. r=bsmedberg
047741328e5a5c47cd6d8be22e2eb9325a836812Jon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 8 Convert JS::Object to use Heap<T> (XBL) r=bz r=sfink
f6d53e1cde69f62305640e59440aabc4a643bc17Jon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 7 Convert most JSObect to use Heap<T> (ex. XBL) r=bz
9fba4a49aa71ba00f5b557be53a4d30e634fc236Jon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 6 Convert jsid and JS::String to use Heap<T> r=smaug
e71598bf972312dab776437686e41fcd4256f28dJon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 5 Convert JS::Value to use Heap<T> r=smaug
8df6f75769f58b9539061c55a8efe8463578e6b1Jon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 4 Convert JSScript* to use Heap<T> r=smaug
50d0df61059ca9b8ab8c2f8014090600a48a9d54Jon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 3 Add hashtable type that stores Heap<T> values r=jlebar
62da92d813c9bb3b0dc297606fd5afbc9eed9832Jon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 2 Stop nsTArray memmoving Heap<T>s r=jlebar r=bz
b2d1e90f21a2cd5108e511e82cf6232891d2d7afJon Coppeard — Bug 877762 - GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants - 1 Fixes and updates to JS::Heap<T> r=terrence
e9e7d8066cb940fd97acd95a494f1d043c1bab57Hannes Verschore — Bug 880471: IonMonkey: Remove the request for unused temp. variable for x86/arm unboxing, r=jandem
db02f2b140d22ca39b64c69b509e400c0c600723Robert O'Callahan — Bug 875060. Make display:-moz-stack/-moz-inline-stack elements which are overflow:hidden clip all their descendants, including those for which it is not the containing block. r=mats
194268f3bd8aa2f15c5adef19e31b04850a5d4ddRobert O'Callahan — Bug 876092. Copy the DisplayItemClip into OutOfFlowDisplayData instead of storing a pointer. r=mats
7fc64b1eeebddcadaf2a84085ebacc35e9e4973fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 876092. Part 1. Don't let effects of MarkFramesForDisplayList carry over between pages. r=mats
af63ae46293deb4fa73f7e53b4847e2799263805Robert O'Callahan — Bug 882027. Make MediaDecoder::UpdateReadyStateForData always be responsible for calling GetNextFrameStatus when that value is passed to HTMLMediaElement::UpdateReadyStateForData, but keep calling GetNextFrameStatus on the state machine thread to suppress dispatching of redundant runnables when nothing has changed. r=cpearce
6adf3351d77d33d08dbd0aa60b87b88d187fb0c1Ed Morley — Bug 882867 - Disable test-firefox-tabs.js on Linux for too many intermittent failures
ad0fa6692a65eef51e8e6ac7c40bd6a0f445e006Matt Woodrow — Bug 876626 - Make CanAnimateProperty correclty respect the CanAnimate_AllowPartial flag. r=dzbarsky
a2662face321193f133ebc4b29352622720ed298Matt Woodrow — Bug 876626 - Always redraw the entire reftest canvas for async animations tests. r=roc
0b87ce69f43fc7b9989b3c72df3ade772ab47c96Matt Woodrow — Bug 873944 - When we have OMTC, don't invalidate and wait for the widget paint event, just call DidPaint immediately. If we do get a widget paint event (from an OS initiated resize or similar), then block until the compositor has drawn the frame. r=roc
b75f6184008a7318d461ca0b8175c287437c4c57Matt Woodrow — Bug 873944 - Remove unecessarily callers to nsView::Invalidate. r=roc
c7bcd1eada7952f3059b1c8192307ba828d7dd29Matt Woodrow — Bug 873944 - Add FlushRendering API to the compositor interface. r=nrc
2e810d6c8779a1908c5d6785d00954a0e5018c58Shane Tully — Bug 807688 - Add "key" field to the mozContact interface. r=gwagner sr=sicking
3573ea810847181c9f2c87611ed720b238dadaccGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d94d1d327cab82e329635797a9d910ad6cc16839Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
2c0f4696f6cd62c7a59ac3dce51077737b3294f5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
7a2a6d227a71af42db602b16cee003af9524f1e0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9915f8dae4e5 (bug 867895) for xpcshell bustage and landing on the wrong branch.
d1592f77f4598942039bb88f9a1a568116bc60dbChia-hung Tai — Bug 880561 - B2G MMS: Add 2 more error status (in flight mode and no sim card) when sending MMS. r=gene
9915f8dae4e56dbd2eb21e54bcb935c0c1cb052bJosh Matthews — Bug 867895 - Ensure the geolocation provider's high accuracy flag is reset when all requests that require it are satisfied. r=dougt
434432062cbc79422d55bdf6cdbe133d5939d783Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
759da80e0aad25e9244d348a652fb1159090cd57Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
77617732f93cb853f03fba9ace47b0542c9c0904Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
6cac91af7e44de17f4228bad2ea1cf6349bac229Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
2e1f4f537c41e63b5cdaa6581b48bd8ac66ced02Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
76e0a0cf8a043c675d01a0306dc13b52573a3573Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
24308e64b91cf7d26c8f29444391d7de6c3c9973Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
91ecdb398b990637553b094c13bb0d09a04e9dfeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
4af4800d2d79c49a821d2a5b855d6cfcb6f1a82aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
056977fd7b33aad0646ee684948ef41ed30fccd1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
37595c13b533d88d082ff83822ec1b252154f57fGene Lian — Bug 880648 - [MMS] Accented characters are not correctly sent/received in a MMS (part 1, content blob should be encoded by utf-8). r=vicamo a=leo+
8863b30f36e5425acb8ad7b0f7d1b37ad453072fGene Lian — Backed out changeset 66523a98fe19
66523a98fe195b0783d71de44ba938cde88ed14bGene Lian — Bug 880648 - [MMS] Accented characters are not correctly sent/received in a MMS (part 1, content blob should be encoded by utf-8). r=vicamo a=leo+
68ce74382b35551d01b835d39272f2dfe21be3c0Chuck Lee — Bug 853782 - 0003. Treat PDU data in correct type, Uint8Array. r=vicamo
5026554ec28fe81b40f0b1e29776da00de425cbdChuck Lee — Bug 853782 - 0002. Notify receiving of WAP Push by System Message. r=vicamo
183501e0a90506e72ab4b3c368f5202af162fb48Chuck Lee — Bug 853782 - 0001. Set content type of wap push message. r=vicamo
58b1f6b4b57092c69417511f92f6f456cac1d3c9Ed Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
2ee9d156eb15da58997621ffedb1fa5ccefdf7a9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
44ad2368079f472437409ca7dc51b266ca854788Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
0f77da7c471183478c15108dd7088f282e0e3bd9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and birch.
8b8ea8e11f7a87d15e9cfa214115292b86259411Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
80ebe45d4652bbe3b116dc71c1d59500902218edSiddartha P — Bug 879821 - NFC B2G IPC Implementation Using UnixSockets; r=qdot
c55b4e2fa1bec283eef9364690a3b3c27b9b115dNikhil Marathe — Bug 863660 - Add pref to enable/disable SimplePush WebSocket. r=dougt
2bcc1f75895aad545fec1662a294a596296ff6deEd Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
c86d40e96c89a85988911736c2407e2968668f60Jan de Mooij — Bug 704356 - Touch CLOBBER for jspropertycache.cpp removal.
d009ce8e199efa47cc420caa1afbf6ec31540a70Jan de Mooij — Bug 704356 - Remove the JS property cache. r=njn, sr=luke
a0f434c4d17c2f91f9cbd029e1b09cb3145fd81fMax Li — Bug 756690 - Add option to not land on images with no alt text. r=eeejay
1bd6b04a535f8257fae6e0380532db895ff9021cJonathan Kew — bug 877203 - consistently use pixel-rounded values for maxAscent/Descent in the FT2 font metrics. r=roc
4bbca87e3009a82691ce86def47a27b406ad8f48Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634839 (part 2) - Remove more unnecessary #includes from SpiderMonkey. r=jorendorff.
bfc3d2853ee3ef96f9f033ca1fc5adebbad0e786Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883358 part 2. Use the new information in bindings error reporting. r=smaug
1cec8b5a9ac2e131f00ca32623a3826f4915cbb3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883358 part 1. When creating getter/setter functions for the JSPROP_NATIVE_ACCESSORS case in JS_DefineProperties/JS_DefineProperty, give them the name of the property. r=till
5e674c399e3eec077df94bdffe5b2f40df07efc4Ehsan Akhgari — Follow-up to bug 674927 part 1: Mark the failing reftests as passing on Android since spell checking is completely disabled there
a883e4e86af92cca4e66a0c2fd875bcc336afa4dPhil Ringnalda — Back out b5854baf067d (bug 884004) for Android mochitest failures
1e93bc25a700947d06b623707689e687b4f882d3Daniel Holbert — Bug 403297: Skip "Unable to test style tree integrity" warning for viewport frames. r=bz
b4967e7c6da70ea226bf04f027ddc9761217b1d7Dan Gohman — Bug 883574 - Add const qualifiers to variables and pointers in the JS tree. r=evilpies
0ebce5e16ea6f0e97adacad894bb2a103fd60083Dan Gohman — Bug 883569 - X86 assembly spew fixes r=sstangl
1598fe77701fe85d7b5c74b3c54c7ffeea2aa07eNicholas Cameron — Bug 849399. Invalidate existing style rule if we start a transition. r=dbaron
4bf28d2bed42b77a07dd137659087baf10c7df73Nicholas Cameron — Bug 849399. Change reftest 598726-1 to only transition on transform; r=dbaron
ed83ea2963822ebe44034456f4ec62bba2f41556Nicholas Cameron — Bug 849399. Adjust test timeouts to account for newly correct behaviour in nsTransitionManager.cpp. r=dbaron
928202d898e77685aa8d50315790077d3f789dffNicholas Cameron — Bug 883687; fix typo in 'Found unexpected crash dump' message . r=heycam
ebc9b2b98ad7808ad2107e2ae09043d80a2ab594Phil Ringnalda — Back out 090ebbb90a7f (bug 873914) for Android build bustage
67b02bc5a2a179b7772ff722d818e2a94f476246Aryeh Gregor — Bug 674927 part 1 - Add reftests for spellcheck in contenteditable; r=ehsan
8a8ef7f74a46e6427512442fdf80cdabac767734Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 884020 - Don't use the register keyword in SVG code in order to fix the build with recent clangs; r=dholbert
fab9f7a443ad902d6dd58f1611c9b123a85e6b7bTerrence Cole — Bug 883466 - Followup fix for failure on TBPL that does not reproduce locally; r=njn
3f4d5bcba1fb731aadbe44e53ceb05bdcad0c1bbBrian Hackett — Bug 883973 - Try disabling PGO around InlineFrameIteratorMaybeGC::findNextFrame, r=djvj.
090ebbb90a7fe87fe4b0b8da1ad2942784c585b5Benoit Girard — Bug 873914 - Allow selecting profiled thread. r=snorp
78ecf4488be028e91b82378c735c828277793056Nathan Froyd — Bug 883983 - let the httpd server choose its port in reftests; r=ted
c660bb960b5745ab0c482eea9539cb4c59db753aNathan Froyd — Bug 883981 - correctly reflect the server's port in httpd.js; r=ted
f53918bafe2a88c703e511ad2aba0c7327b7f9a7Nathan Froyd — Bug 884022 - fix clang warnings about pointer-to-int comparisons in test_AsXXX_helpers.cpp; r=dholbert
52c16e7e867c5f80a297cdc7556b4d34e86be43cDaniel Holbert — Bug 882975: Fix typo (s/max-height/min-height/) in flexbox-sizing-*-1 reftests, and fix reference cases accordingly. (test-only)
b5854baf067d802e4d5f32e9e2e5cafcd024a572Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 884004: DexClassLoader should use context's class loader. [r=kats]
20ef0590dd57c6ad6c75664af8732590378f0871Terrence Cole — Bug 883466 - Fix build failure in GGC caused by jsobjinlines.h reorganization; r=njn
97e842bc87606157ab4b2ddd589092e2b6721940Chris Peterson — Bug 827407 - Back out Flash fullscreen video bug 809055 to test whether FlashPaintSurface crashes are correlated. r=snorp
5f3986521e3e78db03f942ea4316c961ae235a9eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and inbound.
b529e6b746f8235b5626f8b74a8b8aca76f72b6aJonathan Griffin — bug 873542 - Remove ENABLE_MARIONETTE from debug FF configs, r=dburns
14503e9ec043559724660b10d8754087ce729f01Tim Abraldes — bug 879382. Remove support for windowless plugin input from metro widget. r=jimm
baf0c2c1a3e2bfe801df47bc8df53854f33ff902Tim Abraldes — bug 837293. Don't send keyPress events for characters that were pressed at the same time as the altGr button. When our CharacterReceived handler fires, don't send modifier key information if it includes the altGr button. r=bbondy
04b177645a6be23a8b8c090867b3dbc036096726Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 883358) for Android mochitest-3 failures on a CLOSED TREE.
8bcccaf54ff16a25949908331b7e37cde73789afRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ec7bccd33fc0 (bug 846340) for frequent failures.
84b35dd1879d934aee2a6c81e9237716f68e649eBoris Zbarsky — Fix test fallout from bug 883358 so we can stop having a CLOSED TREE. No review.
86e5c5133f3fd1ef599cbaadb229ed3cde879718Hannes Verschore — Bug 883490: Add annotation to testfile it returns a type error, r=philor
b615a4ee3da8c56586fc5d4047cdd30da93a09a8David Zbarsky — Fix a typo, no bug
68eed79362f72ac03655146c0d0626e2ea309e1dL. David Baron — Bug 757554: Reject uses of reserved 'not', 'only', 'and', and 'or' as a media type. r=heycam
8d3ce4697e650841027177a30e1c5cbffd4292c2Gavin Sharp — backout f370e521f004 (bug 879658) for b-c bustage
65cd5eac8b2e2b89648edc077fd2e3a4e4ded268Bob Owen — Tests for bug 838692 - Navigating named targets from sandboxed iframes. (r=imelven)
c873354a92420a0bdbc2a8e54591f41598cf4affBob Owen — Fix for bug 838692 - Navigating named targets from sandboxed iframes (r=smaug)
35b943a379dded84def27a77d9d8dc907a4abfe5Brad Lassey — bug 882196 - Android crash in nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef, remove nsAppShell::NotifyObservers r=kats
f7628d639dd1b86866c66a58ba511f962ce2c6b7Brad Lassey — bug 882196 - Android crash in nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef, remove nsAppShell::CallObservers r=snorp
d496fdada911f9f7647b5ef62e4815800aec4344Nick Alexander — Bug 883921 - Make testFindInPage close PaintedSurface. r=gbrown
2a42ab5a85e3ece840110a1bb751da190ba9fc84Hannes Verschore — Bug 883490: OdinMonkey: FFI call should look to the return value for ion errors, r=luke
f4f6c5f8980074aafd40c59b226ad412979c8424Gavin Sharp — Back out 423d565f5637 (bug 493051) for xpcshell bustage
ec253175bb51751b8223fbf651497f525eaf5b6aTerrence Cole — Bug 883383 - Fix some more static root analysis failures in SpiderMonkey; r=sfink
b5e6522257cb72dc5822a8d18bcd98fdf3aec026Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883358 part 2. Use the new information in bindings error reporting. r=smaug
757a3f2e5de671b9f638692139826f3cba3cf0e6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883358 part 1. When creating getter/setter functions for the JSPROP_NATIVE_ACCESSORS case in JS_DefineProperties/JS_DefineProperty, give them the name of the property. r=till
a535b327054fac1bd2ff5384c2db0af3e5d31217Boris Zbarsky — Bug 874758. Make DOMStringMap use [OverrideBuiltins]. r=peterv
1fae83d70978705b7fcc62ced1302c69df52b106Jeff Hammel — Bug 877733 - bump mozinfo, mozprocess, mozdevice, mozinstall version and mirror to m-c;r=jmaher
bb0567fbb4cce547f892669c0cbb1f2b933a8314Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 882461 - add mozbase packages to sys.path in automation, r=jhammel
5a43a331c2cc70f9666f8f6f1217f91de26d58b5James King — Bug 738869 - Implement OES_vertex_array_object. r=jgilbert
7df3c21c72e947499cca07a28fde819d6fa27395Martijn Wargers — Bug 880310 - Add some pushPrefEnv tests. r=jmaher
ec7bccd33fc0f67a1a0c9971d91510de64562c03Catalin Suciu — Bug 846340 - Add test for 'Clear Site Settings'. r=jmaher
f172342f18c219d3724ccd0afae8650a99dc3418Jan Horak — Bug 831688 - Enable MOZ_SERVICES_HEATLHREPORT in xulrunner. r=gps
dccd693173c9b122c95e9333b6265f8f88144776Julien Wajsberg — Bug 814090 - [classList] Implement the second force argument for toggle. r=bz
d78e02224026cc1e8a32d359c01a3b4e503a506aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 497003) for intermittent OSX crashes.
99761867d59cb25727daaa2ecf9ed6121f96ad9cMike Habicher — Bug 882328 - remove off-Main Thread JS callback addrefs, r=jdm
987bb15b11f38c6356f90ea17aad92272cd17f90Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 883992 - Correctly compare the host string against an empty string in the gtk crash reporter app; r=ted
51c22367953f42499575ab718e220278a7b6ac76Gavin Sharp — Bug 867108: hiding and then restoring the default search engine leads to the wrong engine being returned from searchService.defaultEngine until a restart, r=mikedeboer
423d565f5637c208014b58bf27042e7fa8c3a472Gavin Sharp — Bug 493051: avoid having addEngine select the engine by default, by adding an optional callback to let callers observe the successful addition of the engine, r=MattN
9d6db6508757e69cd182e9aefa75fd7dd4d39df9Mike de Boer — Bug 860560: make sure that defaultEngine and currentEngine stay in sync, r=gavin
f370e521f004df60adb8265f44cff4536158da8cGavin Sharp — Bug 879658: avoiding exposing localStorage to non-whitelisted social providers, r=mixedpuppy
61a8216f89917ac070ce0e18801ea5113a317247Gavin Sharp — Bug 880101: fix intermittent orange in browser_locationBarCommand.js, r=margaret
a57608d6e455b5713082332ebf8fdd1ab568edebGavin Sharp — Bug 883634: merge harness-overlay.xul into overlay.xul, r=jmaher
7e6ff98c7ab1e86b1847895868f1dc1feac1e8cfGavin Sharp — Bug 883314 part 4: use the chunking code for mochitest-browser-chrome, r=jmaher
1b2f815f5f08da18aa4d23505c72de8d1473b129Gavin Sharp — Bug 883314 part 3: adjust refactored chunking code to deal with mochitest-browser-chrome and mochitest-chrome file paths, r=jmaher
a13d509adbf031f8f84de4eca798665505548dddGavin Sharp — Bug 883314 part 2: refactor mochitest chunking code to be re-used for mochitest-browser-chrome, r=jmaher
afa0efd81288b4d8fedbc8f7e494c0a9ea1af684Gavin Sharp — Bug 883314 part 1: simplify code, r=jmaher
bd9a40076aa637d7d3dedf8c5fbf9f7413534044Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
70f7e8cded0cbcf91e78870b36e29fc47e7f3e43Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and fx-team.
716233c37b180233675fc98bf147c2522775b083Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 8ee18c517127 (bug 881590)
801ada6caf7cd1676be96e619c682c922390a2edTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 825e5d09c5ec (bug 791670)
825e5d09c5ecf032142e94b53d8958727f83ca12Tim Taubert — Bug 791670 - part 1 - flip the browser.newtab.preload pref; r=jaws
8ee18c5171278f7b679125f17639e021f0770596Tim Taubert — Bug 881590 - Don't cancel loads when preloading in the hiddenWindow; r=jaws
3893f49e70b0330210257808ddcd36ce21890357Dave Camp — Bug 883604 - Implement NodeFront.isDocumentElement. r=paul
f6834b5e416992cf0f5e0dd9690a102d1e6e01f0Dave Camp — Bug 883603 - Don't reply to getWalker request until DOM content is loaded. r=paul
4405162fb71452d5a09c98e2b23b7424e64b22ccDave Camp — Bug 883602 - Import all parents when using frontForRawNode(). r=jwalker
96d0e3989d502dba7d27764a1efeeb0b8f2afcc2Dave Camp — Bug 883599 - Fix the inspector actor's nextSibling and previousSibling requests. r=paul
ac1ee871321ab5aed933eb95054deec3a12518ebDave Camp — Bug 881120 - Allow clients to specify nodes that shouldn't be released. r=jwalker
2347bd9390d10e32c0bc8e655a3f4c3d7fcc9530Minarto Margoliono — Bug 734061 - Web console breaks TAB navigation; r=msucan
2dc1f3a6e4045f1b2571b01dabf281e775933bacBill McCloskey — Bug 871057 - Simplify session store initialization; r=ttaubert
4e5983de6e3b832f20829887b70278d35d1d01c8Chris Peterson — Back out changeset bc4c43776396 (Bug 883501) for landing on wrong branch
3dca4337889fc66f4d48af8092e4e1c61b425823Chris Peterson — Back out changeset 1b201503737b (Bug 883729) for landing on wrong branch
1b201503737b0c97302cd8a04cd1022c8012945eChris Peterson — Bug 883729 - Fix -Wnull-conversion warnings in xpcom. r=bsmedberg
bc4c43776396b5c0ffba90e6e9102e07f2d02a16Chris Peterson — Bug 883501 - Fix -Wreorder warning in xpcom/base/nsConsoleMessage.cpp. r=msucan
1790f40f71f05732b077cf927c3c630e5d528afbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound and m-c.
26696aad9b5bf08c1643a984695b40cf472dace6Boris Zbarsky — Back out revision 43927377e41c (bug 870787) and revision 25126626dd43 (bug 879319) for failing tests and contributing to a CLOSED TREE.
f0db2c84b4d133342f8458a4910195f3e247c4eaEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 07708c9fc5ef (bug 883010) because of test failures
25126626dd43bc8ab5c9ec4bbde5aca0d6da2d81Andrea Marchesini — Bug 879319 - implement past names map in HTMLFormElement, r=bz
43927377e41ccdda446fa898abc94800a2cbd1f8Andrea Marchesini — Bug 870787 - Improve named getter for form, r=bz
fd68811a4d6393849dd24d54e65ac5fda8db0e89Henri Sivonen — Bug 870787 HTML parser part - Make <img> a form-associated element in the HTML parser. r=smaug
db6876b83b38faca5c8692bbbc78c1e4e0faa25aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 882653 part 5. Improve WebIDL binding error reporting for overload resolution failures, unions, non-finite floats. r=smaug
01f32913ad312f80cd261b65b165732ec54944d2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 882653 part 4. Improve the WebIDL binding error reporting for the not-sequence, not-callable, not-dictionary, not-date, and invalid-enum-value cases. r=smaug
bc7cd49698cf35f227d2398bfc923efd85d2eaecBoris Zbarsky — Bug 882653 part 3. Make the "does not implement interface" error reporting better in WebIDL bindings. r=smaug
4ce6a3c97d61afd3074673f0ed4d335bdd476a7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 882653 part 2. Make the "not an object" error reporting better in WebIDL bindings. r=smaug
814684b8e50af95f86b51975ccdbc89169734c60Boris Zbarsky — Bug 882653 part 1. Improve error reporting for bogus this objects in WebIDL bindings. r=smaug
9432471a1c1221cbea618161428683584c2d5818Boris Zbarsky — Bug 882547. Treat undefined values in WebIDL dictionaries as missing. r=smaug
43ef3d954e3d6c6fae3059d54db28305513fb340Margaret Leibovic — Bug 883287 - Add null checks to Prompt.jsm constructor. r=wesj
6f5a5f22d61d96cf5f1e0cc9dd135e0d2e779be7Federico Paolinelli — Bug 880661 - Corrected check for default handler existence. Added check for download's mimeinfo not nullness. r=margaret;
8b4b7306f981ee04ddf0c109ad2c945d0bf32df1Felipe Gomes — Bug 880555 - Fix --test-manifest option for non mochitest-plain. r=jmaher
ede58026dcb5505d80432a0d97297d7fa9059da1Brian Hackett — Bug 883661 - Fix and document numeric comparator invariants.
ccb80286042a2b2146ed362b466de468e1d58091Jason Orendorff — Bug 883523 - Regression: 'if(1) /a/.test("a")' causes a SyntaxError after landing bug 872735. r=till.
849e6303ac21642973f3a2c43a68774e15777411Brian Hackett — Bug 883661 - Handle lazy functions when doing higher order fast invokes and in numeric comparator pattern matching, r=luke.
4319f2110d9015bfd655ddb690abd121d75b6481Brian Hackett — Bug 883656 - Handle lazy functions in b[a] lambda pattern matching, r=luke.
459376ae11c778af5a828ec0803907837f1900b3Max Li — Bug 876475 - Make braille output less verbose. r=eeejay r=kats r=ted
07708c9fc5efdb8d81248550e817253098327d80Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 883010 - Part 1: Optimize MediaStreamGraphImpl::UpdateStreamOrder in order to optimize away how much time we spend on it in every iteration of the MSG; r=roc
95d757b44adc3303438587681eeefbff90cae068Dan Gohman — Bug 883571 - Since label() calls spew, call it once and reuse the result instead of calling it multiple times. r=mrosenberg
5aea44ac54cef935d58f69739045bf118604cdccMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 882624 - Remove "URL Protocol" from FirefoxURL key. r=bbondy
6e264b512357f8dc96731fe5be9168d3b3d2c021Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 883010 - Part 2: Don't bombard the main thread with MSG update messages which are not going to result in any actual work; r=roc
9c39cd5ddbc52c5f6676b54b9ec19c95db11905fJim Mathies — Bug 788000 - Add basic chrome selection tests. r=mbrubeck
6aadcaa65d4009e8a4ed3e0599b7e0bf6edcbeb3Jim Mathies — Bug 788000 - Add support for chrome selection. r=mbrubeck
186cf0ac8efc35da85252dcb93d21432db4ace09Jim Mathies — Bug 879883 - Split common selection code out into a prototype. r=mbrubeck
6bb17ac2733d626658550d18e00872637145c325Jim Mathies — Bug 879887 - Use caretPositionFromPoint when adjusting selection in text inputs. r=mbrubeck
bc16dc2a866f73abcbe2826ce04b5e8a25fef260Jim Mathies — Bug 879454- Hide selection monocles during drags. r=mbrubeck
b519589630b27924a8be6db1afbf1546f1c43717Jim Mathies — Bug 879454 - Minor comment header touchups. r=mbrubeck
c5c5cb384162e50c560f5017f3106e1cc4e1dc72Jim Mathies — Bug 869437 - Create individual selection overlays for chrome and content. r=mbrubeck
6e84744ffa9a7c0b22d27830c4d2df6bef29f53aEd Morley — Backed out changeset eff8e7fefffd (bug 883164) for breaking the test on Android
18a68adb330fe42be6a236512093a6fdafd5e28dMatt Woodrow — Bug 877534 - Use a shutdown listener to destroy the compositor from nsBaseWidget. r=roc
0f034aaaecfff5a5878dd7f1d8e189be3a2257c6Matt Woodrow — Bug 882590 - Fix invalid assertion when creating a SharedSurface_GLTexture without a consumer GLContext. r=jgilbert
b40f8cdc7279611b36849069e9d77d1f85587b37Matt Woodrow — Bug 877949 - Restrict maximum texture size on nvidia cards on OSX 10.6 and 10.7 to 4096. r=bjacob
eff8e7fefffdfa451c57e7011883d91766316e37Mounir Lamouri — Bug 883164 - More tests for <input type='file'>.click(). r=smaug
4b01f6cc761c40788b9a4534bf02ff13e619c939Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
d857c7f2fc2fe87536ccb96e0e9b621c76edb970Ed Morley — Backed out changeset eda60af67603 (bug 877949) for Android mochitest-3 crashes on a CLOSED TREE
291427f3bb3ad851456691573f5e052933e353beEd Morley — Backed out changeset 12a114363dbc (bug 882590)
347f1820d8744c9dcfc01970faac13de8d1644c5Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8ce5f3f4937d (bug 877534)
f8048b030fe6777e0ee398e86609944ced3a1ebcEd Morley — Backed out changeset 3acb52b2a6de (bug 882027) for reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
1ad2d8b5e7c97ab1cc79595aa6acfca585ec2db6Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 2f2351cb2579 (bug 875060)
ff486a6eb5c9644f0cfb73676e1c8658a5369531Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f2d55d17a0d8 (bug 876092)
90b688861270ea9b1462786122a6ac2546fff018Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 14) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for DeclEnvObject. r=evilpies.
af5e07a1308bd2db5ad492c0194fe10b0fc50005Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 13) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for CallObject. r=evilpies.
94a2fb737feaaaed6d0eff1e5453aabe396bd3b4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 12) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for BlockObject. r=evilpies.
c473465f95b8aa60eb202db9254bcc5015674e22Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 11) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for SetIteratorObject. r=evilpies.
45f4120fe067b734643cc1464df620ad77fafd2dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 10) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for ScriptSourceObject. r=evilpies.
74831022f42f2758406511bf52aff36ef7e88700Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 9) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for RegExpObject. r=sfink.
584ad9e66195fa105b411ca26808a8aa3aac0027Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 8) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for PropertyIteratorObject. r=sfink.
f5799292b8dea478cc928b1657be077a91e8ca52Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 7) - Remove JSObject::isPrimitive, because it's dead. r=sfink.
5a5ff76c69ae8c2b0218dae4077213ec38e6763aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 6) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for MapIteratorObject. r=sfink.
a9ad3842177c708592801f9d7b3ce2105b0c7e77Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 5) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for ElementIteratorObject. r=sfink.
23c5c0ae167d95ee83208306105c1952a7400458Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 4) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for DataViewObject. r=luke.
4b9f61b1d406dbea5ed1c5692f72c17b958a46a7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 3) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for ArrayBufferObject. r=luke.
a741a5faa4d3268ab3f263d7e79098e3385bd5e0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880041 (part 2) - Use JSObject::{is,as} for {Normal,Strict,}ArgumentsObjects. r=luke.
55db3dd4779bffc2304aa12241b03734cde44889Jason Orendorff — Bug 880041 (part 1) - Introduce JSObject::{is,as} template functions, and use them for ModuleObject. r=nnethercote.
f2d55d17a0d88c1698ccfc2279a2d47dd4295540Robert O'Callahan — Bug 876092. Copy the DisplayItemClip into OutOfFlowDisplayData instead of storing a pointer. r=mats
2f2351cb25794c4d712c6070c102add9a035be18Robert O'Callahan — Bug 875060. Make display:-moz-stack/-moz-inline-stack elements which are overflow:hidden clip all their descendants, including those for which it is not the containing block. r=mats
3acb52b2a6defe5918c78212e1315793fa8b906fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 882027. Make MediaDecoder::UpdateReadyStateForData always be responsible for calling GetNextFrameStatus when that value is passed to HTMLMediaElement::UpdateReadyStateForData, but keep calling GetNextFrameStatus on the state machine thread to suppress dispatching of redundant runnables when nothing has changed. r=cpearce
c401b8894929c704b08535f37fd3574850798b73Brian Smith — Bug 879137: Move nsCryptoHash and nsCryptoHMAC to their own source file, r=cviecco
6876a29a65db0f93253611567725eeee3e85789fBrian Smith — Bug 879135, Part 2: Remove mScriptSecurityManager from nsNSSComponent, r=cviecco
3c033a95ef264adc7d8804d0b9ceb98074485866Brian Smith — Bug 879135, Part 1: Remove nsNSSComponent::RememberCert, r=cviecco
7d8b09a16c50d43c0952e25453c65816f97c3d82Brian Smith — Bug 867432: Remove nsIX509Cert.verifyForUsage, r=cviecco, sr=honzab
022e0c982ca3911a026fd3204787b25f87c4a189Brian Smith — Bug 879134: Remove obsolete CFM migration code from nsNSSComponent, r=cviecco, r=wtc
911f92728d2286d3ecc5a8d017e6db77996b1abaBrian Smith — Bug 832848: Removed unused site identity block tooltip logic from PSM, r=dolske
8ce5f3f4937db4e885f64c646d76fc02e5453a61Matt Woodrow — Bug 877534 - Use a shutdown listener to destroy the compositor from nsBaseWidget. r=roc
12a114363dbcd88963b01112ca2e39b9352fb9e8Matt Woodrow — Bug 882590 - Fix invalid assertion when creating a SharedSurface_GLTexture without a consumer GLContext. r=jgilbert
eda60af676035132bb509f2662e111c7bff7bd3aMatt Woodrow — Bug 877949 - Restrict maximum texture size on nvidia cards on OSX 10.6 and 10.7 to 4096. r=bjacob
b8b7e97c58b916cd9ab4ef594e5c2d09bb62a3feRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch and m-c.
24508c2994e40654b12740327448c6575dd21c8aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
41782629cea5def13590d6f4fbf2e7fbfe6722e7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
376714bd8b92801b12629bb916f53911d13395b6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
11c613bf6602bb558849de17bc292fbd3f04a302Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
39f69e11725f3a161ea8b2a17392e6db8f739c8bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
603b6ea373532bd62e4d1aa53004b61dce945767Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
28dc20826b163466f3246c9155e86a88505eacaeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
f69af71b045d775bf0451b83e01834e8265fb0eeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
f79d4401c9713a47deddbecb3fe46e3835fcd7f2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
2219e59422be6279df0ff86ceeb9cec2c4f4e73aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia-central revision(s)
1dca626c4325719181cf7b72de2b72bb51ed9504Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
27fe59345919ca29537518d1c391efe4529cb871Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
f8a2b80a1ac4849d2d32e56559e7a2dd810e4261Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
c327ab61cd265de16096a7b755b8ceaf87222429Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
a8907e05a13f529af3af1b6cbc55a430ba8bc2dcGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
44fd74b5b423e8ab71af0c2998eaf2a3aee3aafeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
5e307f6f27b485f69d792904c60f24d1911e41beGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c049e2b5204b262a6337c8d2384892606129d446Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a056427e80f71fcd4d20d28ce899caa90e46cd32Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b7175c5829b518e2912aec5a08c82ff709d307fcGregory Szorc — Bug 872231 - Bootstrapper ensures Python 2.7.3 and Mercurial 2.5 are installed; r=ted
834c8941ae247786babd19c668b8de380041dda5Ed Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
9efe34127cd74a244463666136f1a7ef1b564bafGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
dfae1419f8ec71f4cac44cbae0e2a245ea80d5a6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
5fcd3e7dc80936599a33b0fe3ccb8d6e006c72ceFabrice Desré — Bug 874339 - System Message API: redundant queues are created for the pending "activity" system messages r=gene
6304b8fd16fe77b4fb67f24ceed0cf11c30313fcGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
cfb4d238a7fc11a3c6503a15dd00c80063910319Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
efbe3b2ea841ee0fd2c18b70f7deb4e4432e49b7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 881579 - Use the canonical #ifndef wrapper form in SpiderMonkey headers so that GCC and clang can avoid including them more than once per compilation unit. r=benjamin.
2b85d24cbe904cbe2d02b30bb5d81c25be2c3016Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 883691 - Fix some simple clang warnings in SpiderMonkey. r=bhackett.
a8adb8856da49fdb3b0d7f035ba3291411d0ba1aChris Double — Bug 812881 - Backout due to devices no longer crashing - r=bjacob a=akeybl
c3f9b41cfe76836cf6252d690f2e96babd470a67Douglas Crosher — Bug 883106 - IonMonkey: avoid emitting zero length perf Jit map entries, r=nmatsakis
4e438099341d2a1c39889c33f09832b1c693f804Douglas Crosher — Bug 883108 - Asm.js: re-enable Ion Spew, r=nmatsakis
14fc609da59afd783a6c4466f380a563acb243e1Brian Hackett — Bug 883562 - Check for lazy functions when bailing out from Ion to Baseline.
91f620586eb8ce79e1a8e19ef39afc8a3602e830Brian Hackett — Bug 883630 - Watch for lazy functions when iterating inline Ion frames, clean up methods for accessing function scripts.
8a22078d93b2edf26f60cadabec9fdd479e39a19Brian Hackett — Bug 883623 - Check free variables within eval'ed code before restarting processing of top level statements in the eval.
a7ee32eadc9f0021fac120b0a2c293911384ea52Robert Longson — Bug 876450 - non-scaling-stroke doesn't work with svg.text.css-frames.enabled. r=heycam
e6918653f914013df0b32834acabbe105c76d86cReuben Morais — No bug - Fix typo in browser-ui.js
4a56cac4268b1d29d654b9be2b108b944a2bbf73Phil Ringnalda — Bug 862199 - double the timeout for test_bug416317-2.html so it doesn't time out on b2g all the time
19b3d7dc3d7cedee923686eb6e93b860846080f8Brandon Benvie — Bug 828680 - Variables view needs a controller of its own, r=vporof, msucan
88cd07a112ae43a74d5f3cd15d25ca2cae5bfcdcDave Camp — Bug 878443 - Let the inspector actor expire actors for nodes that are no longer connected to the tree. r=jwalker
97ca769b1ed6568a5ecf7737489afaa42d95c8b7Dave Camp — Bug 878614 - Handle subdocument loads/unloads in the inspector actor. r=jwalker
cccfd3161714be699bc2dd6c3bccc289bd3eece7Dave Camp — Bug 878442 - Add tree change mutations to the inspector actor. r=jwalker
f9b59a3ef675dae18aef928029a4457717f21dd0Dave Camp — Bug 878441 - Add simple mutation watching to the inspector actor. r=jwalker
98abfa37fe77e15c149828d3c1840b4106a0465cDave Camp — Bug 878381 - Keep track of parents and children on the client side of the inspector. r=jwalker
d74a6fd28c60614f91332c789d7980bf01abdddfDave Camp — Bug 878379 - Change the walker's querySelector requests to provide any nodes needed to connect to the root node. r=jwalker
a61daa400fe87d0b464add41f6b43891044366ceDave Camp — Bug 877300 - Add a basic DOM walker actor. r=jwalker
36da3cb921935478b6a37936b18b5c85a33d5617Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team and m-c.
f9cd650445384a5aa4baa090e7af79f8e6011431Dave Camp — Bug 866306 - Add a library to make devtools protocol interaction a bit easier - fix xpcshell tests, r=orange
09c3ce4d1b00adc2d586ace19d35a944e0c6f893Dave Camp — Bug 881101 - hooks.other is null after shutting down the debugger. r=past
deff9b455b241ec0c0cf5f845b9c03ceee0d55feDave Camp — Backout revision 5c76c23df424 for bad commit message.
92dcbf76754eae2d1321db8fdc583e5c4cb200d9Dave Camp — Bug 866306 - Add a library to make devtools protocol interaction a bit easier. r=jimb
5c76c23df42490eb2ef2a97591237236397ebd7fDave Camp — Bug 877295 - Allow actors to be loaded as addon-sdk modules. r=past
21075f02a21937569e607218096c45defd95cd21Dave Camp — Bug 877295 - Allow actors to be loaded as CommonJS modules. r=past
14e11638efcbb4071241c512097e7aee937a1ed5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound and m-c.
fbcd6734691f17391337ac766af7dcd6925786f4Josh Matthews — Bug 865257 - Implement MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode. r=ehsan,roc
6c897b8852ab011772c3f87363e8f3fc1be539fdBrian Hackett — Bug 883524 - Don't assume a non-lazy script when analyzing a 'new' script's properties.
49b957b9e31b5058603e91396703671905287667Brian Hackett — Bug 883544 - Watch for orphaned lazy scripts when delazifying for debug mode.
ce49a3bc870cd094427a3e7225ac843e910f74c8Dan Gohman — Bug 881412 - Add a pass to unsplit critical edges after all other optimization is done. r=bhackett
4aa873f715b3051274f636f2a4aec31463d86ea8Dão Gottwald — Bug 878939 - Display the requesting URI's host instead of asciiHost in camera/microphone access requests. r=dolske
d8e2d22c56cce825814e4fb76f21bcb940985ef5Hannes Verschore — Bug 882565 - IonMonkey: Only skip resumepoints during truncation when no uses where removed, r=jandem
d2e7bdb863f70fa1516650b7339c308881727a69Brian Hackett — Bug 883439 - Lazily parse scripts defined within catch blocks, r=luke.
775c4219d32a6a829afee7f2e217382e6c8bdcceRobert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 882027
f6f5699da1fd2926bc3ddeccc73723d27a8ce4d5Jan de Mooij — Bug 874974. r=bhackett
b1686ef2af5d940994e03c3bcc6daf1f85aee3e5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 880601. Emulate a form of keyframe skipping by allowing MediaOmxReader::DecodeVideoFrame to decode more than one video frame if video decoding is falling behind. r=cpearce
f1d1396716be2f5e6979554b0a773ce998cd5411Robert O'Callahan — Bug 882027. Route all calls to GetNextFrameStatus for determining the readyState through MediaDecoder::UpdateReadyStateForData on the main thread. r=cpearce
2e6a5ba61bdf9aeba61b11d6e8c591d28a142a66Jonathan Wilde — Bug 877666 - Defect - Validation sometimes enables for the nav bar. r=fryn
536299c6eb7e3cec10c36bea1871c9d2a6e20b0aJesse Ruderman — Bug 882877 - test eval('arguments'), not the no-op eval(arguments). r=jorendorff
f178d66490b379afe33286a4e9913c0e2a8d59cfDavid Zbarsky — Bug 845668 Part 1: Remove nsFrameMessageManager::IsChromeProcess r=smaug
5d8b98db928e2b97f1e6cbd32241e623754a7a1ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 02fad60002a9 (bug 811404) for PGO bustage
1aa7e28ccaaf876633b71f04f197f5bb3892d769Martijn Wargers — Bug 883094 - Fix some test files that don't unset their prefs correctly. r=jgriffin
02c15958f05c4ece823a7cfc944c207aa44fbeffGeoff Lankow — Bug 882995 - FAYT should work on application/json documents. r=gavin
09fcb384c6a0f61db6fc6484bad1806832676eddMartijn Wargers — Bug 868439 - Convert some uses of nsIPrefBranch to SpecialPowers. r=jmaher
6503457c2561b84d5939ebdf81b574836f603a05Nils Maier — Bug 846019 - Part 2: Prefix memory reports with add-on ids. r=njn
a331728c7d97a7382ed89c7b06329619e8ffe004Nils Maier — Bug 846019 - Part 1: amIAddonManager: Map URIs to AddonIDs. r=bmcbride
02fad60002a989d8f9e27fa316d43d9e8d031f21Dan Minor (dminor — Bug 811404 - Include C++ unit tests and harness in test package. r=ted
d61d5cf467ab1b769ab1f5f8276c98e1fd82b7e3silverwind — Bug 608180 - Allow rapid clicks on label elements to go through while still allowing text selection. r=bz, r=enn
6588ec4909a4913632e6b33ad73c5a5faab2d3afCaitlin Potter — Bug 356821 - Update add-search-engine-as-current checkbox label. r=mak
43223a927976550fe5ea0395fe5b57b25f9249a2Steve Workman — Bug 497003 - Replace some QueryInterface calls in nsHttpChannel with do_QueryObject r=jduell
26c1d80edf1f27a23a60da8bb6f3709e19b48a44Steve Workman — Bug 497003 - Adjust partial content test and revert httpd.js r=jduell
863ba9c9b7224a94f78fbe6c0e38423d16130083Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and inbound.
5efe6470e75286d19f5b3cda5cdcd618acfce6aaHannes Verschore — Bug 881470. r=jandem
a8e3d80187d142222139e1a381e97e0411ae5297Gary Kwong — Backout rev 18c1fd169792 for causing issues with the fuzzers. r=luke in-person
250f393e98a2379b9b0fa245e2aaada45778447cNathan Froyd — Bug 883423 - mark even more reftests as needs-focus; r=dholbert
b5d6ca3829911c7c132edf3e7fef8f1f917cc5cfNathan Froyd — Bug 883392 - clean up TabChild.h's #includes; r=smaug
57b121a1d43969a1630cb771e18b601b599ee616Jonathan Wilde — Bug 774870 - Work - Display unicode characters properly in the location field of the Firefox app bar. r=fryn
d440635e1f1fc53d03716190cde81f3c1e03487aFrank Yan — Bug 883415 - Clean up orbit throbber stylesheet. r=jwilde
cd67ffb5ca47e98f48b4fbc5797a38472108ebefTerrence Cole — Bug 883381 - SpiderMonkey does not yet support C++11; r=Waldo
a6d08264b017a6d80f79574f54aaa54165251afaNick Alexander — Bug 878079 - Clarify |make install| message when no Android devices are connected. r=ted
459cc5f50007139874d78066fbe0f177cb69cf73Jonathan Wilde — Bug 811406 - Work - Trim http:// and single trailing slash from location text in the Firefox app bar. r=fryn
436af1f4e151b1cf41d99842095d591b262c01f0Mike Shal — Bug 882738 - Remove SRCS_IN_OBJDIR from; r=joey
908ee156f377d706a9b856b5b1c2049ec19f39a5Julian Reschke — Bug 875615: re-enable RFC2047 decoding (disable bug 601933) until we have telemetry r=jduell
7fc2d9ea82b65373aab84d7e1628b21293f2101cChris Peterson — Bug 882959 - Initialize app.geo.reportdata pref to avoid annoying nsIPrefBranch.getCharPref() exceptions. r=blassey
d8e2fa0358c4c21ba75ee250d8a9d91170ab7776David Zbarsky — Bug 882553 - Convert SVGAnimatedString to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
248db5d3661dbd6ee84b0f94783616c6ed2c0a45David Zbarsky — [Bug 882536] Remove nsIDOMSVGDocument r=Ms2ger
8bce22008b2535ecccf12e3194113a053f777c7eJonathan Wilde — Bug 811413 - Story - Domain highlighting. r=fryn
9e0bf0548e486cdfda2f9dd91e56edb733b1a0baJeff Gilbert — Bug 881980 - Allow casting CheckedInts to other CheckedInt types. - r=bjacob,waldo
a74b3d43c3af2b8b09437a735e65c0e5bdbf7e4aJeff Gilbert — Bug 874764 - Add CheckedInt support for operator%. - r=bjacob,waldo
d3faf3ce9f4f1e4150dbb7ad4af1e1d19d74e8b2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch and m-c.
f07a9e412086efad6958625c4e348827fe31a500Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and birch.
104ec099e51e7ab0e4876b602160eb26071e7d98Kyle Machulis — Bug 882443: Check for connection before asserting in BluetoothA2dpManager::Disconnect; r=gyeh r=shuang
bb7c53fbb8cd8a7459636d062be1aaea64cbdde8Phil Ringnalda — Back out f691f7abfe33 (No bug) Automated HSTS preload list update that broke HSTS preload
f691f7abfe337c5b13fdc0bb29277a54ceac1a39ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ix-037 - a=hsts-update
7f8de495bf6dc746a20dcbcfa49d4b76fa9b6b48ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ix-004 - a=blocklist-update
3d16d59c93172e0dda1097742900a81e2a5ae8bcRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 809306 - Fix Win64 bustage.
05d9196b27a1dcf13049ba8be533a044cc642444Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch and m-c.
60d8441e9b82238bb5d152b091a6ca6822a41df1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1e8907af8dd93c9d9cea066dd01bb341402bc817Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
31d2cab5b9fd9edd1cb47c5db17cc4c51f6168a7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
46dc449aa545282e11104a0ef8c014f196908122Gregory Szorc — Bug 883205 - Add mozsystemmonitor to mozbase; r=ahal
7352b0e058d6ce53baf819b207ab5217b6aa260fSteven Michaud — Bug 877500 - Add a null check so that CFRelease() doesn't crash. r=joshmoz
2b384740198ccbd06d8866278be22e28d00b4126Stefan Mirea — Bug 852411 - Migrating from promise.js to Promise.jsm; r=gps
86155a5809da5b0ed7ce8ee4d8724a6dba7aed5bGregory Szorc — Backout 9080f6701733 (bug 852411) for hitting weird xpcshell test harness behavior in multiple local builds
cbf52dea3df14b8231c2000c79784a3d12dc6427Jason Orendorff — Bug 881056 - Remove unused hasFunctionStmt parameter from some Parser methods. r=bhackett.
ad385f54ee0156255e7bcafd1e034df8776761f9Jason Orendorff — Bug 872735, part 5 - Remove newNullary from the ParseHandler protocol. It is only used for array holes; replace it with a newElision method. Add PNK_ELISION to distinguish elisions from sequence expressions (which use PNK_COMMA). r=Waldo.
c9437743a45e831fa6b44b350f9089221f1d366dJason Orendorff — Bug 872735, part 4 - Remove setBinaryRHS from the ParseHandler protocol. It was only used in parsing switch statements. It is replaced by a newCaseOrDefault method. r=Waldo.
f426ed9af96091ceb3d6e1d0bfb553fc2b79fc7eJason Orendorff — Bug 872735, part 3 - Add PNK_LABEL for labeled statement nodes. Remove ForgetUse. r=Waldo.
4f3fdb1e4fba1c853e4be147f0dd7fb2c88c6f9aJason Orendorff — Bug 872735, part 2a - Rename ParseNode::noteLValue -> markAsAssigned and add an assertion about pn_op, as requested in review. rs=Waldo.
6636ce59138eaf6e70f4b8036266a6079e5a6e8eJason Orendorff — Bug 872735, part 2 - Remove noteLValue from the handler protocol. The main point of this change is to remove the noteLValue method from SyntaxParseHandler, because who knows what that is supposed to mean (anyway it is never called). r=Waldo.
aaed29a8aeba7928636f0d359afd1d2d309989a3Jason Orendorff — Bug 872735, part 1 - Remove isEmptySemicolon from the ParseHandler protocol. It was only used for a warning about "if (foo);". r=Waldo.
9080f67017333600df504cfb05c8579789c6e347Stefan Mirea — Bug 852411 - Migrating from promise.js to Promise.jsm; r=gps
7a56133fe3829886d594c8e1ac1768061f0eeaf9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880565 (part 2) - Remove unnecessary #includes in jsobjinlines.h. r=benjamin.
b86a5ad596b74bcffb1615fc332e7b7e2a726408Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 880565 (part 1) - Move isFunction() et al from jsobjinlines.h to jsobj.h and minimize the number of files that #include jsobjinlines.h. r=benjamin.
dbd84e331bbb7d271bd62c626fe11b587efb1f8bJonathan Kew — bug 881946 - update graphite2 library to release 1.2.3. r=jdaggett
05183deb734ae4f7e7cc8d9c53f6415f24a3f300Jim Blandy — Bug 878958: Handle a greeting packet as if it were reply from the root actor. r=dcamp
f1ef467a1f18d8b1a215b4c3fb2cad0b84f396abJim Blandy — Bug 878958: Separate out a function for setting reply handlers. r=dcamp
72dc9a2bbc585928c2174f2d648b44c8b32a3147Jim Blandy — Bug 878958: In DebuggerClient, substitute mainRoot for _connected. r=dcamp
d26e0070bb654060905418ef866fb128abba767fJim Blandy — Bug 878958: Use a Map to map actor names to reply handlers, not an object. r=dcamp
70aac30d291d141d37309bd61ed1e5bfbdcd7690Jim Blandy — Bug 878958: Use arrow functions in JS debugger client code. r=dcamp
d1edee344c9875ad7b92b1942354e7b6a5ce906aJim Blandy — Bug 878901: Create a separate client front object, RootClient, for communicating with root actors. r=dcamp
f0c61b755de986d2b1d0d24aad422155424be42cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Remove ToCSSIntRectRoundIn and convert APZC::CalculateResolution to return a ScaleFactor. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
8050296faa271ea6adea360104624129c0cf3feaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Convert WidgetSpaceToCompensatedViewportSpace to the new gfx types. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
1e0c4309ec6aa835bddf52d7109972e649e38f2eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Replace a couple of Rect scaling functions with strongly typed operators. r=BenWa
6e2cfc657c74f6b6af36a47dfdfab0d78ace4392Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Introduce a ScaleFactor struct and use it to type conversions between units. r=BenWa,kentuckyfriedtakahe
6e4751b152a142dba3b2154536574d7ec0444704Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Move the RoundToInt functions to be standalone in the gfx headers. r=BenWa
a26c17d194c13b06ba4a4f6efebc78b4b5834fb9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Units.h cleanup for easier reading of future patches. r=BenWa
89ddf463d04f985fe67376786cea47b25c841973Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Make the ViewTransform classes store the unscaled layer translation. r=BenWa
f9e66f6ca3771641be71e656b5f007085def183dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Convert some things in APZC::SampleContentTransformForFrame. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
1cffa2a5298c009448cfe8ecbad2eb76a465e713Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Convert another gfx::Point to a ScreenPoint. r=BenWa
494c2b42bd9440d2dc68768ee9c10135de5c8cdfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 880676 - Correct the composition bounds to be in screen coordinates rather than layer coordinates. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
de0018e03e39fe75b82ca6dffa78507365ce23faCaitlin Potter — Bug 882535 - Set HTMLTrackElement Readiness State during WebVTT Parsing. r=rillian
d1fc221d10a0bf57fee15389164aed7d0519b5feVladimir Vukicevic — b=879624; un-blocklist RDP for hardware accel if server is Win8/2012; r=bjacob
14d1a41e212918f875d299a48b83fa2cc200ca4aVladimir Vukicevic — b=882906; remove EXTRA_DSO_LIBS; r=ted
814d183f9b002bbcab114b9c0f814f309fcbec34Joey Armstrong — bug 882904: move LIBS to (logic). r=gps
1393fe579803307cf68b78e8311aa563cc109d88Robert Strong — Bug 883165 - Windows installer only. r=bbondy
d1384f7cc8f90e7f2de7453e98d5236663ddb415Tom Schuster — Bug 867771: Make Debugger.Object.prototype.getClass switch compartments correctly. r=jorendorff
602b497adc017085cf936dff60a7c996f3f9a99cDrew Willcoxon — Bug 882879 - In mozInlineSpellChecker, queue UpdateCurrentDictionary after InitSpellChecker while init is pending to fix spell check regression in contentEditable elements focused by script. r=ehsan
219d5783b18f2cadb9626edb9fbe5ca6d0aee550Marty Rosenberg — bug 882486: The truncate instruction should saturate to the full range of integers on receiving an out of bounds input (r=h4writer)
7f58c0937b1ddae97d6bf8618b126c39af53602bMarty Rosenberg — bug 871290: If there someone takes a reference into the instruction stream, then a pool is placed, make sure we step over this pool when trying to patch code. (r=jbramley)
05a5763e999ea35e1e1f186ae85236df993a86c1Justin Lebar — No bug - Fix typo in comment in mfbt/HashFunctions.h. DONTBUILD
9abfd3a54c0458c68cb366aecf2d4afc113a325aTerrence Cole — Bug 883234 - Fix GGC oranges caused by lazy parsing; r=bhackett
a6d60a556ed4dbcc24e475c0c82ead4304d882f5Joey Armstrong — bug 880246: move EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS to mozbuild (file batch #1) r=mshal
1a0ff6b97e035ddc3be189a8db8a0a75493177c1Aaron Klotz — Bug 867762: NSPR and SQLite Main Thread I/O Interposing. r=BenWa
5f243d3f45beae0ed65011357e2f4274a89dd164Trevor Saunders — bug 852129 - use HyperTextAccessible for invalid img r=surkov, bz
e213c2a01ec284be2e37bc20acb8c6cf43498fa5Trevor Saunders — bug 809306 - fix a bunch of static initializers caused by ion monkey's assembler headers r=dvander
1f7059b5a6c6c53447ef95d25e71a87b0c444dd2Dave Hunt — Bug 879683 - Allow MarionetteTestResult and MarionetteTextTestRunner to be subclassed. r=jgriffin
5527906f11f5edd0e6bf3320816c31e01655729eLuke Wagner — Bug 881882 - OdinMonkey: take the percentage back out (it's wrong and misleading with parallel compilation) (r=me)
d22a6e206de0c2b54309f6c6fff226920afabd6cOlli Pettay — Bug 883096 - Crash at nsEventListenerManager::GetListenerInfo, r=jst
f5c81bdff6108d4cf142da7f1b479880e385fbf6Ms2ger — Bug 877277 - Followup: use the right macro to declare nsISupports; r=smaug over IRC
8c05aa558b45c6a50a71f57fb0e98109b653cb85Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
81d4522e23858e4a4ae8e16c0084ddfeaa74b237Jim Chen — Bug 863777 - Add and turn on privacy mode in profiler for ANR reports; r=BenWa
3794e226f2ec14d08ed079f309b25d20dd7a3e3eJim Chen — Bug 863777 - Letting profiler start/stop from a non-registered thread; r=BenWa
9ff797ccdf29753f60c2b7e0c7ef9bb194903c85Jim Chen — Bug 863777 - Get native stack in ANR report; r=blassey
ad833531c7f534bfdce29f965926ba2847d83582Jim Chen — Bug 863777 - Implement native stack JNI calls using the profiler API; r=BenWa
6ef6c1d22b82c422a52d09b42b0e769b057bbeb2Jim Chen — Bug 863777 - Add native stack JNI method definitions; r=kats
d3a99408f071ddfb37e0ee0656e2dbb0cfe521a7Jim Chen — Bug 863777 - Add types to; r=kats
4ee84aacb4de671d90875747de715b84f6ef9f85Eitan Isaacson — Bug 882800 - Use IndieUI inspired scroll requests. r=davidb
d1b5389de54e07206b2c73b3c424ee8343a08955Peter Van der Beken — Bug 851465 - Remove slim wrappers - rename WRAPPER_MULTISLOT. r=bholley.
aed026a38816dce5355eb6e2f871162a154b51bdPeter Van der Beken — Bug 851465 - Remove slim wrappers - remove slim wrapper macros and rename WN macros. r=bholley.
90634822b94d7f310e9c4765df1056f3e3afab00Peter Van der Beken — Bug 851465 - Remove slim wrappers - whitespace changes. r=bholley.
dda67b97f819e240dda98bebab946e643edd88cbPeter Van der Beken — Bug 851465 - Remove slim wrappers - remove slim wrapper proto code and logging code. r=bholley.
1c5330960d0c49ac16f5d67fa653f93abf58e6a3Peter Van der Beken — Bug 851465 - Remove slim wrappers - remove various slim wrapper code and checks. r=bholley.
1b34a34b25389bf3a7d92598f473f4589684c093Peter Van der Beken — Bug 851465 - Remove slim wrappers - stop morphing slim wrappers. r=bholley.
fb09320a1b30aa5016dfe0aad38804524c99cc90Peter Van der Beken — Bug 851465 - Remove slim wrappers - stop constructing slim wrappers. r=bholley.
fa0b4905f921a23689f7741a7bb52d487ceb02c8Peter Van der Beken — Bug 882193 - Remove nsIDocumentRegister. r=mrbkap.
e2374b14da71095627ad972a23ef4411517e2e79Timothy Nikkel — Bug 876562. Fix scrollport size calculation that didn't make a lot of sense. r=kats
96aa90a85d39c0d7e6c04905d2438c9022665d0cJim Mathies — Bug 882613 - Remove reference to nsIDocShellHistory in metro front end code bug 882079 missed. r=fyan
d2e1286ec3ed08c4046f2141b9be935fadd4b736Kannan Vijayan — Bug 882925 - Fix ICUnaryArith_Double stub kind. r=h4writer
229c4d26630e92a98780c5e5396a1879116b4ce6Rick Eyre — Bug 882817 - Fix QI implementation of HTMLTrackElement. r=bz
3890895968afc5cfe57e08824fcb884fb29fff91Frederik Braun — Bug 879316 - Clean up CSP logging code. r=imelven
fbdcb79281aed2ea6f66795f4bfd7e8c229e1f5cJulian Seward — Bug 882903 - SPS breadkpad unwinder segfaults with on-demand decompression on. r=glandium.
ce43d28276e494e9e3dba477cdcda931d15ffc7cBrian Hackett — Bug 678037 - Enable lazy JS parsing and fix various bugs, r=waldo,evilpie,nobody.
ccd298a9db28814e7d9bd5b6ae60a80ee9984eb9Shelly Lin — Bug 882956 - Fix WebAudio stack-buffer-overflow crash. r=ehsan.
18c1fd169792b182935cbe930e8b5ea1c0ed0908Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 880208 - Add UnsafeGet and UnsafeGetImmutable intrinsics r=djvj
52c875b9c520f19cbe9ed33f7cc11be689bc8d61Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
1646619b5221f80bdeae0b365d0805e6b39de06fJan de Mooij — Bug 882111 part 1 - Some js::Interpret cleanup. r=luke
9ec58d112f8841d0f14e39244285ea2436eed6beBenoit Girard — Bug 844852 - Run GTest on make check. r=ted
8277fd16758cd48ee93171f5a72a6ba9997c8fbeJulian Seward — Bug 863475 - integrate ARM EXIDX unwind parsing into Breakpad. r=glandium,ted
73a46cde2185d1221b19870c4291e858835b558dL. David Baron — Bug 882573 patch 4: Make nsHTMLStyleSheet and nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet stop implementing nsIStyleSheet. r=heycam
54d0eecf55f29e221024251482702f96a531e67fL. David Baron — Bug 882573 patch 3: Stop putting the presentational hint and style attribute style sheets in the style set's list of style sheets; put them only in the list of rule processors. r=heycam
1c0429c24eefe338a93702eeab02f39f8bf5acdcL. David Baron — Bug 882573 patch 2: Add a separate DirtyRuleProcessors method to nsStyleSet, and use it from existing methods. r=heycam
f97351906ed3e45746821ab7bb26275b82096f3aL. David Baron — Bug 882573 patch 1: Move the style attribute style sheet from nsDocument to nsIDocument, and devirtualize its getter. r=bzbarsky
5ddb1bf962618e8afdbd467a86546e4d5f392019Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
c273c5f261870ef7bdd4cbaf8ca5a68b39a4eb21Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
488a7080f628ad21dc69a27ee245e9c574ff24c1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
cae98e3c82fb9211a45077c1cc866959ed40ef30Albert Crespell — Bug 879790 - Fix data usage lost during the very first start-up of Gecko. r=gene.lian
f100653c899639850acba1451a68d2b9a11c6cadAlbert Crespell — Bug 877607 - Tests. r=gene.lian
e5e4f78c1b2858864b865e7f2621e6461a75076fAlbert Crespell — Bug 877607 - Convert sample dates to local timezone when return. r=gene.lian
5a8e9cb8d3ed945829f7092754e7a5e968979d0eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 5 gaia-central revision(s)
59be6d59c681b1a750b65ce211d8df60f3c49792Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
6087302dfb0aa07cd5dff781a165c20ca2568106Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
79bc845404a22df685699050351df9360e9655abGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
fbb43f5c1b705447ef15b9cccf0a9ba3c5cd72c5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a1be47815666feb23514cbe807ed2e098130eff9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
710931b291bbfa8d8f0f47796c4b424c58580f37Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
382f3cb9491ca7a42e0eb7d21eb963220e4a4a97Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
8307c3a66b09c00c04cba92b28e682f460bfd2afGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
6c0b61c7d1a57b7225a9f2e0ef5f20018979eaeeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
7d50de16dff81e828c6f9e7814cd3407eacb0ddcGregory Szorc — Bug 879406 - Unbust |mach help| when arguments are not prefixed with '-'; r=ted
be23c06aab961789295ff91d7c47097160650f48Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
d2567f0542099fb982b28870d16cd09a3a39c3d4Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 882986 - A source map's sourcesContent doesn't work when the original file path is absolute; r=dcamp
81f9864508e18143c1a08926818478acc2a6a3d2Heather Arthur — Bug 881633 - Style Editor should remember last selected stylesheet and line when page is reloaded; r=paul
65dcf8989992747c48386f428bde28dc0ca04bf5Ed Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
36a8602bf34bc0e020e03dc86a42f9637507fec6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
99142855d2c38ccca87c198ff444242de2430781Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
21cd920c0b420f1f194e2b72c67fe4c40fce8e73Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
8d498a65c6fe03ab3bcc11feb4a79240eea4ef27Edgar Chen — Bug 860585 - Part 5: Fix xpcshell tests for cardlock. r=allstars.chh
147fb303f74c718bf0f720f68acd448edaaf5d34Edgar Chen — Bug 860585 - Part 4: Marionette tests for cardLock. r=allstars.chh
8c02b37044292e2d0b2d0db373502430ea1d88a7Edgar Chen — Bug 860585 - Part 3: RIL implementation changes for cardLock. r=allstars.chh
022e181285dd652c8ab616d2193435b5c881fdccEdgar Chen — Bug 860585 - Part 2: Move cardLock API from mozMobileConnection to mozIccManager (DOM). r=bugs
93841dcb2fd133f922e72de003f6885be108e1c6Edgar Chen — Bug 860585 - Part 1: Move cardLock API from mozMobileConnection to mozIccManager (IDL). r=allstars.chh. sr=sicking
37625e20283957d8700a3faa8ba41cb0966d63f0Gina Yeh — Bug 834554 - Support Bluetooth AVRCP 1.0, r=fabrice
5be7f7809d492265f6d9368e310f1a4a8ad06db9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1f7fdff2c4f0a9acd75f9a4730615117a2358b3bBen Tian — Bug 879635 - [Bluetooth] [Hfp] Implement HFP 1.6 indicators activation and deactivation, r=echou
59756b3204b01245863b15898646087d3e13ada2Jed Parsons — Bug 881026 - Closing trusted UI should send null assertion to get() callers. r=benadida
dcec1d40d201bbf47af7d19eb4f60edfb8194256Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c3fef5de1868d1c38b83a03c32326d0b2d962bb4Gregor Wagner — Bug 882777 - Contacts API: Fix Date and pref properties. r=reuben
ab100d18b1002b569d7233dc534801e85103fc09Gregor Wagner — Bug 877302 - [Dialer] when searching for a number in contacts, display partial matches (matching the end of the number). r=bent, reuben
b5d440b71e595c24f017dcc525688f4c8528f840Gregor Wagner — Bug 880644 - [SMS/MMS] Auto suggestions returning incorrect results. r=bent
7257bceefbeedfe4ac78a3709e0e290104b2ab52Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b7dbf40666b1df094f63831b1e99823234b7915cPhil Ringnalda — Back out b06b9c8b19a3 (bug 873149) for turning every Android mochitest orange
6970e918f924cd0fcd0561b58bc47cb9301d2da9Drew Willcoxon — Bug 759964 - Part 3 - Add nsIDocShell.allowMedia test. r=test
8830e3fe79ffceeb55f3f9dd3c485ccf1abf7816Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 759964 - Part 2 - Set allowMedia = false in social and identity code to address TODO comments. r=gavin
ce02e3335eb79b233f912227c45f56bfe6ae8eceMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 759964 - Part 1 - Add allowMedia attribute to nsIDocShell to disable HTML5 media elements. r=bz
91cc9c75c3d18f6e77a6de029c9b4913c9ba776aChenxia Liu — Bug 873072 - Launching settings from Android system notification crashes if Gecko has been killed. r=sriram
0004b0e5b946076180d83d48bb7d3d801be5fd2bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 882948 follow-up - Fix the typo that actually breaks the build (not my day...)
5e5abccab73ed1fb1e93a3ee53d95d91a7b3b68eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 882948 follow-up - Fix a typo (sorry!)
b06b9c8b19a3d0865ff97e20a0ee34bdc655a20eMartijn Wargers — Bug 873149 - Report the slowest test in mochitest. r=ted
2501f979d6293fd6271e814a0112943b43096d37Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 882948 follow-up: Also implement the -moz-windows-theme: aero-lite media query
7c68efe0675bad18ec6cda2101583347419f2ebaEhsan Akhgari — Bug 882948 - Add widget level support for AeroLite for Winodws Server 2012/2013; r=roc
83665aba804f9ee36aecfa8f7c118ea2ae11f5c9Terrence Cole — Bug 880816 - Mark IonCode embedded pointers during MinorGC if they may be Nursery things; r=bhackett
f16ce0a0f333c261e9710c648519067ae28a406eTerrence Cole — Bug 880816 - Allow the store buffer to store and mark whole IonCodes; r=billm
14cf0572b788add1d024431997f3f3f54375457fAnthony Jones — Bug 880932 - Fixed lack of response to APZC paint requests; r=BenWa
0ba36fe91ec1fa914749876cc01bad4c1a0c3a00Anthony Jones — Bug 880578 - Fix updating of scroll position; r=BenWa
99fa110edd75e99c60a20b1ec69107a5bdd86ebbMark Hammond — Bug 875157 (part 2) - prevent background thumbnails from displaying alerts/dialogs. r=adw
b9c758d2b757b96274d8a32894cf55e7f97c3987Mark Hammond — Bug 875157 (part 1) - add isParentWindowMainWidgetVisible to nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=bz
57bcefbd1ae1425a19fac9f763fcb01d35eff841Gregory Szorc — Bug 857127 - Clean up health report logging after test finishes; r=rnewman
bf127124050d660ffd5f2aab1780fcfa0b127f45Mats Palmgren — No bug - Remove <link rel="help" href=...> from reference files since W3C test suite importer doesn't like it. r=me, DONTBUILD
630b073105d0db70ea4c5dae7a765320faf62a31Nicholas Cameron — Bug 866567. Mask layers for client container layers. r=mattwoodrow
31aa900a060b8220a981ddc9484b9dd37b9e7caaRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset eb8b971070eb (bug 844852) for checktest failures.
2777f9ae3173673661baa5d61a47f152c624df13Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b5c0c5b2a6d4 (bug 872086) for Windows bustage.
0c078f228d84eecce3923b81c6fae8da9517f785Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c1c441c9edce (bug 845668) for frequent Windows mochitest-2 crashes.
7a41df37be7e249479b85ee4730cb04ed77c529cAndrew McCreight — Bug 829817 - Cycle collect nsCSSPageRule. r=dbaron
46a12d8fbf033f58a90ab8c0f0c77a6b9667ae11Terrence Cole — No Bug - Fix an out-of-date comment in Ion about JM compilation; r=bhackett
8322d226a0219331c22b9d3fa9b13f6d909cffd4Terrence Cole — No Bug - Assert that our Rooting ABI is correct; r=sfink
56e47c35233e3aa3a2adb3928968d2142937bae3Trevor Saunders — bug 877937 - placate clang when building the jseng as c++11 r=waldo
744418835d769b03b3b81510d40325e0d6e3a07dTrevor Saunders — bug 877937 - make js embedders build as c++11 when we do r=ted f=waldo
64e15d90cb92e07b5e73462a4c81e96d4f32696aTrevor Saunders — bug 877937 - build the js engine in c++11 mode when we do that for the rest of the tree r=ted
b5c0c5b2a6d465677535d5365b83fd41637a220dJoey Armstrong — bug 872086-2: move SIMPLE_PROGRAMS to (file batch #2) r=mshal
ef9b20568ecda33718c89de3822e6f0526ee1696Wes Johnston — Bug 872142 - Make selecthelper use async prompts. r=bnicholson
3d4a1926278d0f03a412cfc92592f3df626cbfcaChris Pearce — Bug 881954 - Set the thread limit to the idle limit for WMFByteStream's thread pool. This stops the pool from constantly creating and destroying threads when under load, freeing up virtual address space and reducing our thread count. r=padenot
dc08e8496fc6c00f47307ebf8ca38cc95011053bChris Pearce — Bug 881954 - Only initialize DXVA when we're decoding video. r=padenot
a40c0f052f758aed0a6e8592cc953b716469a674Chris Pearce — Bug 881954 - Generalize test_too_many_elements to run on more than just Ogg audio. r=padenot
e1c91dd828e8b41010eb86bde607878f9a712f3eBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 882012: Provide Use to right hand side in CheckStoreArray; r=luke
f8f6c2b1a92e1fc1739b3dd88b746bddff639d95Luke Wagner — Bug 881882 - OdinMonkey: report compile time and slow functions in asm.js success message (r=sstangl)
00a8c9c3fe5d4e713590945e37d404ccad6549a7Luke Wagner — Bug 881882 - rm JS_ASMJS (r=sstangl)
addf66960e85286a6d7dd7d82cc5abf04d119797Joe Drew — Bug 882173 - Build pixman with TLS support. r=jrmuizel
19671f660736c53032e0b46929b44c36503a761cJoe Drew — Bug 882173 - Define MOZ_USE_PTHREADS if we're using pthreads. r=gps
eb8b971070ebad30c82207b11f4fca785deef9c2Benoit Girard — Bug 844852 - Run GTest on make check. r=ted
762073f484eee6e96d0c1ed781fae57129b6f7adNicholas Cameron — Bug 874855. Add some more security to attaching compositors to compositables. r=nical
37b52a498f434d9ac4a1867a0b577eeeadb62a64Kevin Everets — Bug 880371 - Add debian bootstrapping for mach. r=gps
b90fc95d1a5d8a1cc5059401ddce2650a59d002fMax Li — Bug 803021 - Doorhanger notifications do not retain accessibility focus. r=mleibovic
04c60abd331db42022d8e1247ff08ff69febaa4aThomas Prip Vestergaard — Bug 718258 - Remove duplicate code. r=bsmedberg
78fc466284839b15f0219ec950e1611d69a8f859Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
c0d176e71ce27c1d9cf1d7594293b6ff78bb9abaRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 13 changesets (bug 880917) for Android and B2G test bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
1b40028e58910f95f9190420995b370abac2bf4aBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 878501: Forbid variable declarations without var keyword in asm.js; r=luke
c1c441c9edcefd7f76fb95e107b3e9eaee197732David Zbarsky — Bug 845668 Part 0: Remove nsFrameLoader::mChildHost r=jdm
05bf9122d23427ab8667b63ca82627e2df06e96eBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 882514: Don't try to enable Ion on functions with no script; r=h4writer
03e03ea1a842af36133ad52c290ce1d28071f61dHenrik Skupin — Bug 881658 - Fix handling of error and event callbacks in current WebRTC Mochitests. r=jsmith
841ed173ba2b5ef36e68850f5c60a3943e5dac7cSteve Workman — Bug 497003 - Support delivery of OnDataAvailable on the HTML5 parser thread r=hsivonen r=bholley r=bz
f70770fc6dcea68dc75bf2c652e0dbbbdccd42caSteve Workman — Bug 497003 - Support delivery of OnDataAvailable off the main thread r=bz r=jduell
75575b5f073b0107a39db50386ecf4f20a547434Terrence Cole — Bug 882482 - Do not use the store buffer off the main thread; r=nmatsakis
7d95868cd23fcb197f59b19b990551b532b07282Dan Gohman — Bug 875910 - Trim trailing whitespace. r=sstangl
5c085ef24d2c278002d8c215497f5967c9c2d5e5Dan Gohman — Bug 875917 - Add braces to an if which has braces on its else. r=sstangl
07a993bc014140c86822c8484001af97799209daDão Gottwald — Bug 882188 - Popup notifications in background windows should only ask for attention if they'll open automatically upon gaining focus. r=gavin
71c1ce2cb0a41b5dd025a496e458c0840be3f379Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove AutoVersionAPI. r=luke
cd240e19560f9fa099a31c96a1ec070cb3eaf3e1Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Hoist defaultVersion into the runtime and remove it from the JSContext. r=luke
93509a0001b5b7328f1034a0df19ea1ae257239fBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove JS_SetVersion and version override machinery. r=luke
fdbba20e4647cebad72200b554d7477892dd7fcfBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove js_RevertVersion and associated shell functionality. r=luke
d82060172367a662fcb80be685373f1542b1d1e7Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Add an API to mutate the version on the compartment and use it from the shells. r=luke
709f0b6994892f48a6f35983b7108a263166baa5Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove XPConnect version munging test. r=luke
421bdbccfa7cabd68b419ec9ed92cb22cd0fba78Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Convert JS_SetVersion API consumers to per-compartment versions. r=luke
962c656c7452485db6ee61359bf37fca8b4bb9b3Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Add support for "latest" as a version to evalInSandbox, and use it for sjs files. r=luke
888a5690ccdf5991851948145a8c3bfd168c973fBobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove AutoVersionChecker. r=luke
57228f5fcd875a6acd6971c045b4747cdcfadc67Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove testVersion.cpp. r=luke
ce8c3e14c234cdec5cbf80eb30e9403d7675b875Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Introduce an API for callers to set the version for a compartment. r=luke
08fe7b7774504712faf0ff5cf7dcfb8904a1af89Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Generalize JS_NewGlobalObject API to take CompartmentOptions. r=luke
5192a9233d8389e211305dac1d5496e67a222b54Bobby Holley — Bug 880917 - Remove support for munging JS versions from JSD. r=luke
bb4f883bfa10c5d413ea6d8719d9792e4020dd4eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
91a82b580979783edce3b07250038b454b93365bTim Taubert — Bug 881661 - Use nsIDOMWindowUtils.getBoundsWithoutFlushing() for BrowserNewTabPreloader._collectTabBrowserSizes(); r=jaws
993ea1d1efaf7d3fcc66fdc53aca0f1b15f45f0eTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 94e5027d22a4 (bug 791670); r=talos-bustage
84d0546e9816a11bf89cca4ebb5cd8c600924a4fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
da56c7a59b9ee6abdea559157c9367b4de94660fJonathan Griffin — Bug 881601 - Don't close the listener if it was never opened, r=wlach
02fcadb6975b993b8b3a9e892ad78b0942c08efaRodrigo Silveira — Bug 881260 - Intermittent browser_bookmarks.js r=jimm
0b633f57cee405a3d57daf96ffb57a5c23ef22fdRodrigo Silveira — Bug 880745 - Intermittent browser_history.js r=jimm
0d187d59f162cc15cca38819c0526e8d20b14e23Mike Shal — Bug 880245 - Move EXTRA_JS_MODULES to (conversion part 1); r=joey
76a9571e528338a2749d29abf14df2c49aa23629Mike Shal — Bug 880245 - move EXTRA_JS_MODULES to (logic); r=gps
fa6b60d827d4795c00be982b2d26f014e110f66dJoey Armstrong — bug 872086: move SIMPLE_PROGRAMS to (file batch #1) r=mshal
0b35a9fc88b840d3280cd5ae42024c1070b38596Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 881624 - Use Textwrap on mach's need-to-clobber help output. r=gps
35571f6b5c823928d63ebf4a590a4efbee4ec3e1Jim Mathies — Bug 880739 - add some debug logging to browser_context_menu_tests.js. r=bbondy
dd495b44575205b459b01a5711f0d675d10bd347Geoff Brown — Bug 876456 - (3) Tweak dumpsys command in adb getTopActivity; r=blassey
f9e6eb0d523921fe7fae635b834a927b607e9f5fJan de Mooij — Bug 881461 - Fix INITPROP/INITELEM GETTER/SETTER ops to leave values on the stack for the decompiler. r=bhackett
77c32a55c48b438ed17368c00a7212359947a4a4Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 872352 - Simplify edges/liquid-resize benchmarks rs=tests
bbb2eb06412da82f20780bfecf2f7d55acfdc7ddJan Beich — Bug 844818 - Make WebRTC aware of --enable-alsa/--enable-pulseaudio. r=jesup,ted
9b07aac272d6f1ebe6d61902e3e6999da2d05fb6Varun Joshi — Bug 862765 - Fixed undefined OS.Shared.TEST. r=yoric
c164a407987854bf9cad6d11054971ddd949ee15Mike de Boer — Bug 860119 - Live-update about:home page when defaultEngine property changes. r=mak
8938a1dde5cb9fd3ee58bc7f437732e44d786a58Panos Astithas — Fix an intermittent failure in browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_step-out.js (bug 882380); r=me
538b776fd96ee2a85208ffa830fba1d8ffd8b232Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
7d9c58d8d762376ffeb1d8c558ccd797e8c37da5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
57e0a788b1591565f2109cef369a7f1bb475de47Seth Fowler — Bug 600207 (Part 2) - Tests for SVG image scaling in the presence of page zoom. r=dholbert
50d93261dbb8d7af87fb02f327b1b4c287ed823dSeth Fowler — Bug 600207 (Part 1) - Avoid fuzzy SVGs on the tiling path by matrix twiddling. r=dholbert
59181cb244fd87591a8d0b76acbaad6f947cc806Landry Breuil — Bug 807492 Part 11 - Support WebRTC on BSD in network modules rtp/udp r=jesup
9dd829a085d35857f265a8a3af6b996aefbc5359Landry Breuil — Bug 807492 Part 10 - Add err.h and xlocale.h to system-headers for WebRTC on BSD r=ted
3c3d76ae7541e7adae311ecf50ded2f4f2723b4dLandry Breuil — Bug 807492 Part 9 - support WebRTC on BSD in system_wrappers/ r=jesup
deb4e701df4c4f773b22f4f68c8a5a169194493eLandry Breuil — Bug 804792 Part 8 - Use the MacOSX codepath on BSD in voice_engine r=jesup
55fd62dfb8f6112ecba004c146f40fa0398342dbLandry Breuil — Bug 807492 Part 7 - use linux codepath on BSD in video_engine r=jesup
2b9c1abcf86fe0d31ed981585d4da3ef3929d7ccLandry Breuil — Bug 807492 Part 6 - Use linux codepaths on BSD in video_capture, uses v4l2 compatible API r=jesup
5b90393fadf66565a298a0d3269329f1ebc8557eLandry Breuil — Bug 807492 Part 5 - Use the linux codepaths on BSD in audio_device r=jesup
1a1a7cab4e24bfa9b0d7478337d68e4ddb0ca52aLandry Breuil — Bug 804792 Part 4: Select alsa/pulse/v4l depending on the OS, define WEBRTC_POSIX on BSD r=jesup
502d77755cf0ebba1d1e3becdb532d4e97f48df4Landry Breuil — Bug 807492 Part 3 - Backport chunk of upstream gtest r629 to fix <tuple> detection on BSDs with old libstdc++, not breaking it on MacOSX r=upstream
9387dd4af2e2c692f4d8b25c8d3d55403f929f83Mark Capella — Bug 868222 - Tab increment animation displays an artifact, r=wesj
d5917b4a54794427ea39f89ecb5dd9eebe835802Jonathan Wilde — Bug 874963 - Work - popups don't move when scrolling. r=fryn
37eb86cb83e5fad4a06617c39b52b13af9abe380Jesse Ruderman — Bug 882037 - Fix incorrectly escaped %, and use semicolons after comma-separated lists. r=luke
708f6cd81acbc9f88bd7e30553fa8555c33b33e5James Kitchener — Bug 796850 - Change XMLHttpRequest interface to support ByteString r=bz
2cb618e6b57c7cf8cf559f1641b41b17069ebcd4James Kitchener — Bug 796850 - Implement Code Generation for Bytestring in WebIDL bindings r=bz
864acd590539268af53937b95943def6efcf903cJames Kitchener — Bug 796850 - Implement WebIDL parser support for Bytestring r=bz
7bf20eaca9ff40d75a045d6b7ab02705d4b089b8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 880367 part 3. Add support for [ChromeOnly] on interface objects. r=smaug
653f259d5d995dd1b81110a0f20144da2ea70438Boris Zbarsky — Bug 880367 part 2. Make ordering of named constructors in codegen deterministic. r=smaug
a96d87d45173fe6a0a5cd74290ec1a472c9c82e6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 880367 part 1. Change the "enabled" callback for WebIDL constructors to take a JSContext* and the object the constructor will be defined on. r=smaug,bholley
b2797cca0ef079df6bc4f83dad41ce1a76548921Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f46b1a3608503089515428865896811781d72454Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
55b2e9c8e2843c02dad7ebc230bf0d7f317754a0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
871f9420c1b38aa6033dc02d85e06cd2c8412336Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ec4fdde5009b0c80739525998e502c12927ff50aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c8efc1149af0c30457c600f66e268243a74f7f69Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b197bed90a98318cf55cc3cadcfc84fe7ec37307Ed Morley — Bug 882575 - Disable browser_capabilities.js for failing when is down (via use of about:home)
e131dababbaaad67d940d322f3bd10a5c921af2cEd Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
eeceac81b3e3855fd20c7c349b14c79b7cdbfa83Edgar Chen — Bug 880369 - Part 2: Xpcshell tests for mcc table. r=allstars.chh
7eb2fe2b8551039268472c88a9399a238ac01f02Edgar Chen — Bug 880369 - Part 1: Check mcc table if EFad dose not contain the length of mnc. r=allstars.chh
9db84613036865c7e2f6689fa1f0a919a2527f35Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
75be201c24a851e54de9ce2fc8a55904f48a4f08Chia-hung Tai — Bug 880217 - [MMS]'undefined' tag appears instead of MMS in thread list view. r=gene.lian a=leo+
7ace61b0e3e4fea99292fa05c75fe7189fb9d027Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 881724. Remove some unneeded includes from nsHTMLDocument.h. r=ehsan
22c88d3d898ae4dd2af8a398949b6ad773f53fbcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 882520 - Two minor tweaks to the memory reporting paths. r=bhackett.
3aa27583bd929234480584d969b7bb810ea22acdNick Alexander — Bug 880234 - Use add_test in testDeviceSearchEngines. r=mfinkle
af72cb05903e583fb5790b2246c1e748540094daRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ef8e451f9c5a23515a813aa089299fda7df1f3f7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
cb7bb0efab58dd5b760be972c992875a47a61b75William Chen — Bug 872870 - Use GetParentNode() instead of GetParent() in UndoManager. r=ehsan
81e3146d36d39f4dab40ff00598b5d5f7b573923Terrence Cole — Bug 880886 - Always allocate AsmJS's JSFunction in tenured; r=bhackett
e76b81594e4e95462f7c07249236638e08b776d9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 881558 - Re-introduce try-locking in the reverb implementation; r=roc
1c257409f5a696e9f07e8881569179d8685beb7dBenoit Girard — Bug 844288 - Dual link and and replace enable-gtest by enable-test r=ted,glandium
a0e3d36a4acb9f566f5c614b82c6bf17c48a36a9Nick Desaulniers — Bug 881499 - Modify WebApps actor to receive receipts. r=fabrice
29955d1e084409b52072f72eddbd63ed8f6c9772Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 826552 - Add an indicator for the title (Bookmarks, History, Remote tabs) on snapped start page. r=rsilveira
8f8192a417b568a938d8f014e4c1a1bcee031220Terrence Cole — Bug 877473 - Expose tools to help fuzz generational GC; r=billm
ac7d9177c7ee717dac8f94003fdbd9f78b781210Nikhil Marathe — Bug 863599 - Load PushService on Desktop. r=dougt sr=gavin
abdd55c1bf8fc10efe7cfb1a6a1b11a7ae0bbd5aJim Mathies — Bug 881104 - Fix for intermittent metro browser_selection_inputs.js. r=rsilveira
264002f5221649486dba277c8fd7bc5f579412a6Wes Kocher — Bug 880619 - Disable test-dom.js because of frequent test failures
64e8cd80963fecf90815ba2d6177de8b84b462b9Matt Brubeck — Back out 3dbc486831a4 (bug 882012) for jit-test failures on a CLOSED TREE
65cc101ff8352a013dc0f2f9de6a7c80ffac8191Jonathan Wilde — Bug 879631 - Change - Remove form navigation code. r=mbrubeck
28d0bf47817cefcdf0966008334badc87149821dWes Johnston — Bug 878415 - Return early if the user cancels a file picker. r=liuche
c6d4292301dea0d15983f21714b98f76448cc8ecNikhil Marathe — Bug 868322 - Fixes a shutdown memory leak in ActivitiesService.jsm. r=fabrice
3dbc486831a4805bfe05199a90f4e4fc62860533Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 882012: Provide Use to right hand side in CheckStoreArray; r=luke
0c890f39dfa6cd1ff1f0fabe7a3242bb8ab84230Richard Newman — Bug 882319 - Page load fixes for first release. r=nalexander
4ae3e1cede0a3495431e75f6ee7515e7a417926fNick Alexander — Bug 828654, Bug 840127 - Android service for submitting Firefox Health Report payloads. r=rnewman
a4e3ffaf77430252e1f6961a702368b37da8f769Jeff Walden — Bug 496923 - Import the ch07 tests from test262. r=generating-script-was-reviewed
5f2a7ad9696222bd40c08d47b76e3e33a13d7f8bJeff Walden — Bug 496923 - Update the test262 import script to include ch07 tests. r=terrence
e3d931455c997d1eed643691b2e3459677035d41Jeff Walden — Bug 496923 - Import ch12 tests from test262. r=generating-script-was-reviewed
9b18aad663ae94e6d3196906e0ab0fd8a6b7d29fJeff Walden — Bug 496923 - Update the test262 import script to include ch12 tests. r=terrence
b80b8b25e9d9e7f9e9aca9a263c3a5c3a7f87ebdChris Pearce — Bug 880062 - Make WMF video backend call MediaDecoder::SetMediaSeekable(false) when it can't seek like it's supposed to. r=padenot
101be41e6536d1aced2ef01cf2c8ed51156a4b08Nikhil Marathe — Bug 881416 - Toggle Push WebSocket when Offline mode is toggled. r=mayhemer
81d4a3cf9e140a0d5792557ca15eae6513dfb2fdBobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Push in a few other suspicious places. r=gabor
5f37e9cb1334532e8b86b63813cd1e40f8f9eedeBobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Remove dumbContext. r=gabor
30e704196d0afd524869bdbb49d59c968022afeaBobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Remove JSD_GetDefaultJSContext and fix callers. r=gabor
c521067ed5423fbe49781ee563a5d9a5b6d2c39fBobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Replace usage of dumbContext with AutoSafeJSContext. r=gabor
58bd67e4294a77090f941d41167642579a0d0c46Bobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Root directly with a runtime in jsd_DestroyScriptHookProc. r=gabor
d775f43176c84b2fb50dc528c868a9b60daf8cf2Bobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Make JS_ClearScriptTraps take a runtime directly. r=gabor
56c790b9bdcc5b0dc09c4d7ee549831d68332fe3Bobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Stop using clunky C API in JSD and start using RAII classes. r=gabor
77b50dfb8b1784f5d616ec4ee21d124aeced05c6Bobby Holley — Bug 880697 - Add an RAII class to JSD to save/restore exception state. r=gabor
444fffdcf768a6dc1988dd511e9e9583e465cb63Bill McCloskey — Bug 880697 - Add JSRuntime constructor for Rooted. r=terrence
a597da48b93798566420c489e5e7f4ca51e6780cChris Peterson — Bug 834033 - Part 3: Add Android JSONUtils for parsing URLs and UUIDs. r=blassey
c1779b8d2bf16c4253a3a47457322f1ea7ad6af0Chris Peterson — Bug 834033 - Part 2: Import koush's android-websockets library. r=blassey
a28d5406031ed44f2cede6f75cf4da2b7b830d98Bobby Holley — Bug 881517 - Remove mPrototypeNoHelper machinery. r=mrbkap
9a2f3ec731e4151d3f864a7bb669eeefff7c2354Bobby Holley — Bug 881517 - Just use Object.prototype for vanilla XPCWNs. r=mrbkap
c8f9b8569b05e6131992dd1f1afda851cdf027c7Caitlin Potter — Bug 881978 - Make WebVTTLoadListener callbacks private. r=rillian
b50aafc75977a474d72e14a0bf0ec85f8a33fd9ePatrick McManus — bug 868441 - effectively disable bypass-cachelock-threshold on beta and release
d85200e586a445295573d9c57cdd729acce0703aWes Kocher — Bug 882407 - Uplift addon-sdk to firefox. r=me
cc75035974184bb4deda8926191ad04df188b7e5Nick Alexander — Bug 873569 - Part 2: Move Gecko .so libraries into assets/ directory of Android APK. r=glandium
b0f66e757e09883a596a5a42e106197a87eb1b27Nick Alexander — Bug 873569 - Part 1: Move omni.ja into assets/ directory of Android APK. r=glandium
44d88ac4b3e36604425073bf9d8aaf86db2e8badNick Alexander — Bug 873569 - Part 0: Add a sanity test for JNI.jsm. r=wesj
4790e0169cfefeb9ced0ae185921ef7fa5a341d6Gregory Szorc — Bug 881991 - Properly detect already inserted sessions; r=rnewman
49bfc8c66720d5c9e65dccdc6facaa297844197cGregory Szorc — Bug 882160 - Unbust mach mozbuild-reference; r=ted
9a8aaf2a65c6a39e9c1b91f684a64d0eae50fadeAndrew McCreight — Bug 880754 - Remove unused PointerSet typedef. r=khuey
a4d5dc4a4c3667b1115448630e30484b0f42f4b3Garrett Robinson — Bug 875126 - Make cgdb an option for mach --debugger. r=ted
e0faea43bb3d6cc57ce9d976b6625c8ca3efe6c0Michael Brennan — Bug 866880 - Implement Close Tabs to the Right. r=jaws, ui-r=madhava
5e11bb844eef3746aed8523491c6579bec1ac391Antonio M. Amaya — Bug 841415 - Fix so it works on Darwin. r=bsmith
f850d84e4bb58e704ea8ce601c10308bc5d88462Ms2ger — Bug 882164 - Enter the right compartment to create a new JSObject in nsHTMLDocument::GetAll; r=bz
c2030303c7d7efba45e521fde39ddeb09f19cbcaDavid Zbarsky — bug 881261 r=bz
2810e80e1393bbc47c438871ae6a826621880a9aHannes Verschore — Bug 860838: OdinMonkey: Optimize FFI calls to ionmonkey, r=luke
6f52e55ac5be1f0fd5e43063882fdf155fca4cc3Hannes Verschore — Bug 879727: IonMonkey: During UCE remove corresponding MPassArgs when removing calls, r=jandem
e3344f97b4bedf68d28ed15c407ae1afd2f6e1a9Benoit Girard — Bug 775459 - Add layer border for scrollable container. r=joe
e91df86d2a0ae48eef284b13658be49af7071e55Geoff Brown — Bug 876456 - (2) Raise an exception if adb getTopActivity fails; r=jmaher
8374bf2b5e638db1873bb25921bff520ab37d4e7Geoff Brown — Bug 876456 - Allow for alternate dumpsys output in adb getTopActivity; r=jmaher
6f56fc0b80e3fe6c894997bd8db9109b45b0228fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets a06a3cca82e8 and 711d46a1f67e (bug 849399) for frequent Android reftest-2 failures.
d724f48ff76c81acdc9afd16e5102717a8d6b806Makoto Kato — Bug 870218 - Add support for hooking NtWriteFile on Win64; r=ehsan
31efb890547683c6a88a970c6b9f8927df1aaee1Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 878444: in Range Analysis, give an empty range for |Infinity % x|; r=bhackett
c001dce0644566c894987a57d8749b5c220abaa6Martin Husemann — Bug 871444 - Round allocation size to keep required alignment. r=sstangl
57b06e8e2222c29e84f4a02738a746189a4f3bb4David Zbarsky — Bug 881681: Don't try to reset context attributes when they are already frozen r=bz
459c06768df6f01bb9e5d9729bbdbd92cb62d929Jim Mathies — Bug 881950 - Update test harness to return a retry return code when activation fails. r=bbondy
7f78ad0debff3e0a550532e8d09f8709e1055818Marina Samuel msamuel — Bug 817820 - Change cursor to reflect that middle-click scrolling (autoscroll) is active. r=mbrubeck
473252f1819d0fcf0ce8a8ad09c2f19459af05c6Jim Mathies — Bug 880739 - Fix for intermittent browser_context_menu_tests.js. r=bbondy
7c1cf26d1bccf2c2dae78cd3651c6f96de890494Jan de Mooij — Bug 881370 - Remove entry from Debugger HashMap before instead of after mutating the HashMap. r=jimb
702e35c02b970dbb9bac23f93b684f4155e7cff7Terrence Cole — Backout 6d95672c5a68 for SM(r) bustage, probably not on a CLOSED TREE.
095b953d91b934c5d48d97e43cbb48b7346a3bbeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 881507: NoSuchMethodError on MenuItem. [r=mfinkle]
976ad4d018340260449bbb9967830d9396350bd8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 881828: Add MenuItemDefault to GeckoViewsFactory. [r=mfinkle]
76bbed32776834c91a0399cdcb8463b8626d37e2Joey Armstrong — bug 880246: move EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS to (logic). r=gps
58e071c453ef5919d7f6ecd0cee9c20bd0a87369Eitan Isaacson — Bug 881453 - Block both mouse and touch events in touch adapter. r=yzen
0c9dee40787c162e10165fc8ea541fb6fa4c393bTrevor Saunders — bug 882079 - merge nsIDocShellHistory into nsIDocShell r=smaug
7f3ec3f492606d622a6ece53851723078e2247eaTerrence Cole — Bug 879079 - Fix static rooting analysis failures from calls to defineOwnProperty; r=sfink
6d95672c5a68f964937d5a031f0386b1b54cac2fTerrence Cole — Bug 879079 - Fix rooting analysis bugs from calls to ToNumber; r=sfink
2f1bb682362544f1b71375a33d90255e381ccd03Steve Fink — Bug 868700 - Manage structured clone memory with JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer to prevent leaking unused buffers, r=bent
447430ccbcfe5d9d5d47db28e4fa243ead68cf28Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6ef1a5998cb6255291155434f19403e811f60814Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 869f21ccd71a (bug 856246) for test failures.
59143d8cf13b3496d53b82063e2b4b3750db005dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cd80b21eb9a0 (bug 856246) for test failures.
9bc4ee218fc060fe0bf2b4d7eb543b8b2d557c73Wes Johnston — Bug 878848 - Use Prompt.jsm for NSS prompts. r=kats
a0f606080683118b006edef8be40787dd6c03b37Wes Johnston — Bug 877911 - Make prompt service use Prompts.jsm. r=margaret
f2d2ee487ac4f94575991940963ad91c5eac870fWes Johnston — Bug 872388 - Show a button toast when bookmarks are created. r=bnicholson
d43f6252015112d4feefb7f76fa7aa70970fb3dfWes Johnston — Bug 872388 - Move EditBookmark dialog into its own class. r=bnicholson
f1fb1dd027903dd31b95e330b8fa18f24a0d6d01Wes Johnston — Bug 872388 - Create a buttonToast class. r=bnicholson
510ecef8cfdd38e51aad6011580d5231fb3cd36fAndrew McCreight — Bug 880862 - nsUserFontSet::Destroy() should clear mRules. r=jdaggett
300c21d59506585b8d3dd4b72456c2e2dda6e252Andrew McCreight — Bug 550335 - fix_macosx_stack for 64-bit. r=ted
519f9fdd9544310c083748175ca37baac8c80263Andrew McCreight — Bug 875304, part 2 - Add nonfatal assertions for OOM during CC graph building. r=smaug
92c6423211e7c96ba9ec000d71f818cd4c96658fAndrew McCreight — Bug 875304, part 1b - remove pointless AppendElement checks from CC. r=smaug
6f629bdc6b38bad6595fab439667e61f9253c053Andrew McCreight — Bug 875304, part 1 - remove some useless malloc checks. r=smaug
1006a2fff3990d3816d198ead213bd6e4354302eJoshua Cranmer — Bug 869635 - Eliminate the xpcshell master manifest, r=gps.
aaea6b4c8f79fdeac199468f579ab93c03459b4fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 641188. Ensure that delayed resizes are flushed from the view subsystem to the prescontext's visible area before using the visible area for innerWidth/Height. r=bz
cd80b21eb9a0235ea2c1e2474116976d1f1760ddNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 856246 - Adjust filter-very-few to adapt to varying input sizes. rs=tests
ec850cf19e60fec8b569efb4ef6d2c9bb55667ccNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 880640 - In the transitive compilation loop, monitor use counts and
869f21ccd71a596f48f29a8e9725c5626214f98dNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 856246 - Update test suite to consistently use minItemsTestingThreshold and other abstractions r=till
ca367f2c1f8e572031235b3c27104c87e4008b6fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 879760 - Re-disable tests that were inadvertently enabled on Linux.
6e11b247330e7728a422692413fc611a159e1121Kannan Vijayan — Bug 875720 - Use baseline to identify arithmetic ops with double specialization instead of looking at TI overflow flag. r=jandem
a3d315019c47df5a0824f74a5eae5760202daa86Paul Feher — Bug 878587 - Fixes for testMasterPassword to diminish intermittent-failures caused by slow devices. r=jmaher
fcc490282828806ecda651533c8f0fc531027a1cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 6: Additional tests. r=mounir
6954d8ae226de069125119f47f931460d2c72fc6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 5: Put futures behind a pref. r=mounir
1d48698242ec7ae07bf500ae4aca0b8fc8bf16b6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 4: Future.accept, Future.reject, Future.resolve. r=mounir
ac3e3a1bc8d2c88d58e98c8889abb60180a693a4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 3: resolver.resolve(new Future(). r=mounir
562683b157e0d8573035c87ab1b051e32457ec0bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 2: Future.then() and Future.catch(). r=mounir, r=bz, r=smaug
d116952bb74e0f1e858c0b6ffa2a24fb21d2a7bcAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 1: Constructor, webidl, Done(). r=mounir, r=bz
58df50e6b861b8f23203486fc606930540a6de91Andrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 0: ErrorResult::StealJSException. r=bz
8203dff7f4fb6289f4766b02dd214df93ad74ffcJames Willcox — Bug 880842 - Guard against null temporary drawing surface r=mattwoodrow
1f1742107151ddf9a5333a7e92952e3b801e1d8dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 879011 - Convert AsyncPanZoomController::ScrollBy to use templated gfx classes. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
992ca64ed476dd8b4f5d01cefff1e37327a471eeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 879011 - Convert nsIntPoint instances in InputData.h to types with units. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
78ce97fe40bc4a52405fe7e32541e8647a3e3e30Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 879011 - Turn some ints into floats to avoid rounding error. r=kentuckyfriendtakahe
44875d60a7fb2d6e8eb251da543a776c9c5c1578Brian O'Keefe — Bug 875934 - Part 1: Move LIBRARY_NAME from to - support. r=ted
3c2422d9cde4b62c388da8c7f0aa27505024b40bJonathan Kew — bug 866033 - eliminate redundant function gfxFontUtils::CharRangeBit() and its supporting data. r=jdaggett
acecde2fbfbe7ae63d4a27515b24f0898056c379Martin Stransky — Bug 877626 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - build config, rest of the tree. r=karlt
68760713a30f90ecd3b0c7ff2cfafac070920131Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
dc7b6633f45454db106a4d4ccd48ed2178be6f12Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b60f7f717e29894a9905f423c91ced09bbae9535Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
94fccf3211186fe29ebf6e456292a571e1bce1e0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
5d42d5a6a922c2c4d25cccf18fd1c645469ea869Reuben Morais — Bug 879537 - Be more strict when setting Date properties of contacts. r=gwagner
e49ef5cc9292ec310073f285dee115428658d00eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
13dbccb8c0f457c367b78791dfd4952fadd1f6caGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
12c8808cbd728876d7947c6aba76ba33abbe3e22Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
525c9bc819721e37ef1d9520b46c4aa37a2fb7c7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
51cdc53ec7fe1f4233e7dfdc7e50fb5faae8e7f9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
015a2a5a469835afd63138df0d41fea675d6c864Alexandre Lissy — Bug 882105 - Typo error breaking NetworkManager.js. r=vicamo
28946fa58c2605e1b7740ece308654acd41edd7bDave Hylands — Bug 881386 - DeviceStorage: Add .default attribute to webidl. r=Ms2ger
b51316b2af6c4b8de998ce3f4ddcacb71258c375Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
1207172351f017cb8b662e3125b8a29b6489af61Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
5ff142a192634b01c4545f2c77f8f29025694916Sinduja Ramaraj — Bug 840247 - Entering the Inspector from the Web Console should show the <html> and <body> tag expanded. r=jwalker
4ed0157346ceee7330f28aa7175153c959e01fbcPanos Astithas — Bug 773590 - Display the return value when stepping out of a function; r=vporof
247e82fda8f0622cd6c07193e3be120d27687608Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 881671 - Comment for appShellDOMWindowType is wrong. r=jimb
98b40ac6ed9a31158dd2c80c599b8008f3fac739Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 881468 - Event listener not properly removed in BrowserTabList. r=jimb
fdbd98251aadb24e2261cfcab0f85dcaaf1ed20cMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 881057 - Improve wording in the appcache command r=jwalker
0be523ac15392335d30696c0a3920ee31dd4df70Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 877682 - blackbox sources in the debugger server via the rdp; r=dcamp,past
ac87c834bb7ca5af7e145420fde433f1b6f31a9eNick Fitzgerald — Bug 881939 - Enable source maps by default; r=past
6f1899c6e4e0f7257a1a695cf354c368c7723e12Victor Porof — Bug 859055 - Display JSON as plain text when encountering errors when parsing, r=rcampbell
c236d75db916c0ec600a45509ffa1a3da827d3feVictor Porof — Bug 879782 - POST data is sometimes not displayed in the Network Monitor details pane, r=rcampbell
ec0b9531dda95e22b1a9b4bee8200a0ee385fd8aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 874323 - Continue to launch callback when allow set foreground call fails. r=jimm
03ff0bc0c319b6b547f1793dbea9be421c4b85e9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 874323 - wait longer for app to close for Metro since it launches updater directly. r=rstrong
c6e7f96503d9e07cafdde5090971c1c2cd020c15Brian R. Bondy — Bug 874323 - Start updater manually for Metro to apply update. r=rstrong
fa1e4a3085277286a717fc48418f295b83aaabeaBrian R. Bondy — Bug 866229 - Metro pref telemetry. r=rstrong
241aedb647cfede1a8233fad572e602789eecc02Brian R. Bondy — Bug 866229 - Don't abort when app.update.silent is true and update.showPrompt is true on Metro. r=rstrong
afd8afc7a8403228760c09d57b3e0ef92fc95b83Brian R. Bondy — Bug 866229 - Hide Metro prefs pre win8. r=rstrong
0f4d868fd43ed5be164d311145a3ab6caac5d91dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 866229 - Use metro enabled pref. r=rstrong
9206697044766b63891988d4ce87291dd625afe6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 866229 - Change - Add a preference for not doing updates in Metro. r=jimm
f8a5db121ab8194f9b181ffd74bbdb2e8569cac1Jonathan Kew — bug 880690 - pt 4 - update the svg.woff test font with corrected glyph index entries. r=roc
2ad2d7ab8b0f85d6984aa5190d598982fd02f373Jonathan Kew — bug 880690 - pt 3 - update the sanitizer check for the glyph index ranges. r=roc
3d823f6c99b2ff9c131a6d795d340a5f7a8a3bbfJonathan Kew — bug 880690 - pt 2 - update test fonts from bug 875629 for corrected handling of the SVG glyph index. r=roc
6f8a90b37e5b09d0a564f9b355de9234a379a11dJonathan Kew — bug 880690 - pt 1 - fix handling of glyph ID range in SVG glyph index entries. r=roc
7b299fd103c267a808e2ba5300e29349f52c68a6Jonathan Kew — bug 881640 - update CharisSILCompact fonts in the mobile product to release 4.114. r=blassey
0fc6830072486cb918082e71474b9080cf4f5fe2Mats Palmgren — Bug 850571 - Remove temporary diagnostic code. r=me
72ccd2cc8ff40e4743facceeef467eda8c3bf72fNicolas Silva — Bug 875211 - Make the number of temporary compositor textures dynamic. r=bjacob
c5875145f618c31aed2acbdfca17598f4ae4f65eEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
38c7ebb16a97af3f9e2c7b5dd8f852a7fa403a79Phil Ringnalda — Back out 57bb160f49d5:4e6b16f0d753 (bug 875157) for breaking master password tests
57bb160f49d52e6c023de17889c0e0e5896f38f2Mark Hammond — Bug 875157 (part 2) - prevent background thumbnails from displaying alerts/dialogs. r=adw
4e6b16f0d753d305003f3d2e279f175c2b6d3255Mark Hammond — Bug 875157 (part 1) - add isParentWindowMainWidgetVisible to nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=bz
a3e65bf605662fb33c5a34146e5d41971880f2a0Nicholas Cameron — Bug 880075. Move def of pts in one scope since it is no longer used in the if statement and add comment; r=dbaron
a06a3cca82e80f5fc9d2b2b57c0357dacf2726d1Nicholas Cameron — Bug 849399. Invalidate existing style rule if we start a transition. r=dbaron
711d46a1f67e53f8ca1fb102c733cbc49fb9014cNicholas Cameron — Bug 849399. Adjust test timeouts to account for newly correct behaviour in nsTransitionManager.cpp. r=dbaron
66d987002b36bb3092ef809873dec35823e7e00aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 881775 - Set the correct channel count in DownmixAndInterleave, and avoid unnecessary downmixing; r=roc
0c813a56965862b890a8c289a817ea9e18e64209David Zbarsky — Bug 881128 - Remove nsIDOMGetSVGDocument r=bz
51369eb28a8f6312a438d4161b7f91af7e142fbfDavid Zbarsky — Bug 881128: Make devtools not use window.GetSVGDocument r=bz
73b1a6ee8d12742d55b08e07d11860107b9243f9Phil Ringnalda — Back out 7e5522d403c1 and 92fc4bf7a9e9 (bug 880879) for Android test failures
6a04dea9817f5af2f5f236d441c7f1fdc6393eb6Phil Ringnalda — Back out 2ccb9ec11a9f:d27ecea31590 (bug 856410) for b2g mochitest-3 failures
c9f80387acd7948c4419d4854be6320e4f24ba50Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9f76571216ff (bug 880650) for test failures
e856b38719c196bdbd73c00e6c7e804df4e86c06Cameron McCormack — Bug 880925 - Flush layout when caretPositionFromPoint is called. r=bz
7c414b4ad952392b6f9e842726b079ea540a9af2Cameron McCormack — Bug 877429 - Remove GlyphMetricsUpdater. r=longsonr
266dcd22cc6ee701da6aa11f5724807444a063d3Cameron McCormack — Bug 881339 - Fix bug with descendant selector matching with scoped styles. r=bz
216620b31732b1c0f27eeadc51d9d58f880875e3Shilpan Bhagat — Bug 860089: Changed the find in page bar to match the current theme. [r=sriram]
f2a96f9d1ef64e68cfdefeb2d3c7417086a586a1Dan Gohman — Bug 881382 - Cleanup some ARM code to be more consistent with the corresponding x86 code. r=mjrosenb
e78d02f5e0f63fa426f3ba4eba6cf4c78181bbc0Caitlin Potter — Bug 881475 - Drop cues with malformed timestamps. r=rillian
9f76571216ff3ef1e4aaefa64b9458313cdeec75Jim Chen — Bug 880650 - Clean up hiding/showing VKB in the awesome screen. r=cpeterson
2ccb9ec11a9f217a87ba87a2b75eee47dca81668Andrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 6: Additional tests. r=mounir
4fcb23be09100c46acc88fadd25075eb3c90334fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 5: Put futures behind a pref. r=mounir
9bcc6c50cd266000bceb38c454450bc57a6292cbAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 4: Future.accept, Future.reject, Future.resolve. r=mounir
7c3bc1a19c7ab6bdb7d7fe0e81f9dea5612d8a45Andrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 3: resolver.resolve(new Future(). r=mounir
90f1f4535f03b753de71593bffec524a19d042daAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 2: Future.then() and Future.catch(). r=mounir, r=bz, r=smaug
818909e614510b25eaefcd46c6a273c1195d8abdAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 1: Constructor, webidl, Done(). r=mounir, r=bz
d27ecea31590ae410e65670fe5baa931ae44182aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 856410 - Implement futures - Part 0: ErrorResult::StealJSException. r=bz
ca761338dcde31c1a3e23c89c16f1d56231bdabfTrevor Saunders — bug 880379 - move nsIScriptGlobalObjectOwner out of nsXULPrototypeScript::Compile() r=smaug
4c18bf4337fab3a54d60b368f40f46e5c7ec7c23Trevor Saunders — bug 880379 - remove nsIXULDocument::GetScriptGlobalObjectOwner() r=smaug
022cb8f500a8fa81d972682d6e1715e7037c5c03William Chen — Bug 840877 - Handle null undoManager in absence of documentElement. r=ehsan
e83053c14672e08ebb0cbff9e0633828e1f8904bShu-yu Guo — Bug 881518 - Fix UnsafeSetElement inlining for typed arrays. (r=nmatsakis)
7e5522d403c1b6f01bd0fa94961116ea3f9cd420Randell Jesup — bug 880879: Rollup of changes previously applied to media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc rs=derf
92fc4bf7a9e96fe79af999ba0dbda55983b9bf2dRandell Jesup — bug 880879: Webrtc updated to 4180; pull made on Wed Jan 05 04:11:00 EDT 2013 rs=derf
f79c7d545070c073868e5463bde7415a0dfc9194Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
bd14ca67cf7a718a8edcfd5645619f3d513bf8f3Mark Hammond — Bug 857868 - Convert storage quota notifications to a doorhanger panel. r=MattN
cf1461d6234c1122e9f499433a86d87b1d5de3c6Benjamin Peterson — Bug 823978 - Rename JSOPTION_STRICT to JSOPTION_EXTRA_WARNINGS. r=Waldo
0414d6d0f60d80d584ac7811d3e2ffccb447f0ecMs2ger — Bug 881822 - Don't double-refcount HTMLBodyElement::mContentStyleRule; r=bholley
b8d033f67ca35fadeac4250e2715686c79bdf139Ms2ger — Bug 881358 - Kill build warnings in XPConnect; r=bholley
e00f2ef984c6aa9fd7d51953b8fd47f109a7a7d4Ms2ger — Bug 880340 - Remove the security checks on nsImageLoadingContent methods; r=bz
7da05fe83125f48b3bf0b8b7ceef8c33ce55260bMs2ger — Bug 880694 - Improve HTMLSelectElement::IsCombobox and use it in nsCSSFrameConstructor; r=bz
44b4626c4184b2a3ec23c51eba724a7128f415f7Ms2ger — Bug 880999 - Use do_QueryObject for nsIAbsorbingTransaction; r=ehsan
99a49b710b4c80126cdaeff30562c1fc1aa1991aMs2ger — Bug 879739 - Use CSSIntRect for nsGenericHTMLElement::GetOffsetRect; r=kats
d4187b2c17fbb29e0820472cb9f9ec7d30198541Ms2ger — Bug 854231 - Remove Element::GetOffsetRect; r=jst
67a6841cbe3d784191d9f4fd2557749b3a630e91Ms2ger — Bug 878874 - Introduce CSSIntPoint and use it for HTMLImageElement::GetXY(); r=kats
4eba1004b5ebaf48aef4cb96caab9d079fdd06b1Ms2ger — Bug 875784 - Move MozTimeManager to WebIDL; r=smaug
7880cbf6200f482cc37aa9ff715813adf5e33eebMs2ger — Bug 860731 - Part b: Use FileMode for LockedFile; r=janv
e20539356853f52a09c54a02a7a5e8a40564feb8Ms2ger — Bug 860731 - Part a: Add 'extern' to the definition of EnumEntry tables; r=bz
135a277d13194b78612fb30be8ee744ce749614aMs2ger — Bug 877277 - Move the document.all getter into WebIDL; r=smaug
c1ed5d80b9d0ccd5b50b5a224401e22d5951f1feMs2ger — Bug 718923 - Support document.all in standards mode and remove the pref to turn it off; r=smaug
03c9edd7ea174b28afbfb9fb26b5767e056b62c0Ms2ger — No bug - Remove unused AnonXMLHttpRequest.webidl; kill-it=bz
7041298aa8d9c07525481aec49fd4009abff4b4cMs2ger — Bug 880317 - Don't use nsIDOMDocument in nsScreen; r=mounir
cc35f8929768bf4bf2d9e2f824c8553ae3863d67Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
9b4cad5ad857f6602bccbfc8b0dbfe93fc2aef24Andrea Marchesini — Bug 880042 - file[multiple] form field nsIFilePicker crash if overriding component has not implemented a domfiles getter. r=smaug
eeb959ae733f86101c54cc5fb6ff1e94b0cf3723Matt Brubeck — Bug 881841 - Touch nss/coreconf/coreconf.dep to prevent dep builds from breaking on a CLOSED TREE
d2b548b65cf0a2d976e73ee74b4e647e2ec5bc32Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 149475141471 (bug 877626) for apparently breaking mochitest-4 on Linux
a346d1818e8652ef5210fdc2b9ca86aa9c4ca11fWes Johnston — Bug 874401 - Add a missing image file. r=mfinkle CLOSED TREE
a259e4b7d9abbbf2fb2f15ca1c07760997cf3e0dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9c6f5f334a15 (bug 880042) for mochitest-4 failures.
43fd73efefca072688e0967777ac868680459edfKai Engert — Bug 881841, update to NSS_3_15_1_BETA1, r=wtc
34d230cab71c43206c7420cd95b7241ccf57b0f8Benoit Jacob — Bug 879172 - Recognize a device as Sony as soon as its Manufacturer string contains Sony as substring - r=joe, CLOSED TREE
cf5205662535d9899e747956416945aaaaff4bebRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1591609139fd (bug 881841) for asserts on a CLOSED TREE.
bcf3b603a6622de219f754660308c5102eb56e86Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 90f4975ba986 (bug 879172) for Android bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
1684c32be3286835c267d55eedce9a19788e019eKannan Vijayan — Bug 859609 - Inline functions that use the scope chain, and also inline call sites with monomorphic cloned lambdas. r=h4writer
3a6cd8d533b758de31bb354b22dee94fc0d9dbb7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1df122edcf0d (bug 823978) for bustage (again).
14b4165dc0e28e10ca75988d06a16bfcf2c91c67Wes Johnston — Bug 878613 - Fix styling of spinner popups. r=sriram
d038d584102c8535594fa6da75dfad2bb81484c5Wes Johnston — Bug 874401 - Show an ongoing notification when webrtc is active. r=mfinkle
4e0f0d13afd3c731de78aa74625fa6a38a3d9d98JosiahOne — Bug 881713 - Use onClick: for double-click actions in drawInTitlebar windows. r=smichaud
9c6f5f334a15584a1b3749ca55505105d22c6486Andrea Marchesini — Bug 880042 - file[multiple] form field nsIFilePicker crash if overriding component has not implemented a domfiles getter. r=smaug
149475141471abb3838b8815274ba4e540c0eb14Martin Stransky — Bug 877626 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - build config, rest of the tree. r=karlt
1591609139fd9b9248adec49ab341684efcfb120Kai Engert — Bug 881841, update to NSS_3_15_1_BETA1, r=wtc
5fd0dc3b821bbcb8490c93ba585e45e22eaa6063Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
90f4975ba98694ff2900f0dd2579d467907be223Benoit Jacob — Bug 879172 - Recognize a device as Sony as soon as its Manufacturer string contains Sony as substring - r=joe
1df122edcf0d11d391a9ccd89ff41a3c9ea92caeBenjamin Peterson — Bug 823978 - Rename JSOPTION_STRICT to JSOPTION_EXTRA_WARNINGS. r=Waldo
c40c7b5d714d175bd4b5161fa8a036b33c2a2265Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 784519 - Part 5: signalingState unit tests r=ekr
f6efe035de74b45e0d3279abc2e309fe3b591ed9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7e69e102a432 (bug 823978) for bustage.
bcb4e711f4ebae69836dfdd0faa03148a23f7fbfJan de Mooij — Bug 868437 follow-up - Disable MSVC PGO for ScriptFrameIter methods to fix PGO crashes. rs=luke
b5fde8a18746575a4156d208a930b9362cb7c826Neil Rashbrook — Bug 879957 Avoid calling FileEncryptionStatusW r=jimm
7e69e102a432581678426e51f11f8aac1f23a251Benjamin Peterson — Bug 823978 - Rename JSOPTION_STRICT to JSOPTION_EXTRA_WARNINGS. r=Waldo
acda9f185e0babd06fd88fb9ffcb61f5ee5c99dbLuke Wagner — Bug 881608 - OdinMonkey: handle Type::Unknown when checking call args (r=bbouvier)
0cb01583448b23c7b99e538a6db3c45b395588dbMartin Stransky — Bug 879760 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - browser dir. r=karlt
cf635d80ad693a1a5e02f5c6c41953aa0de99126Martin Stransky — Bug 877626 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - build config, gfx dir. r=karlt
691667f48b24ffd04ea03a5dbdc30a7683f3af83Raymond Lee — Bug 874808 - simpleDownload should accept string arguments and options. r=paolo
fbab527d8a4f59d9fbb2f1380034d0023cdc5587Rick Eyre — Bug 875169 - Fix crash when loading an HTMLTrackElement. r=bz
9c65aca152d62e75f11b5661d1e623de1e45df41Richard Newman — Bug 881763 - Append /mobile/ to about:healthreport URL. r=trivial
838ec139ac8386fc45fef882919c367c0287aa90Mike Habicher — Bug 879478 - fix regressions when starting camera (crash and de-virtualized functions -- see also bug 880780), r=roc
82add815a173f99d276b3ad9de2555070af0d021Dan Gohman — Bug 881409 - Pull the parts of AssertGraphCoherency that can be checked before SplitCriticalEdges out into a separate function and call it before SplitCriticalEdges. r=jandem
81dd6f59a13394169992ef21c694d01313d4cbf2Monica Chew — Bug 880947 - Make CreateTransfer re-entrant, remove InitializeDownload. r=paolo
5dc87c816975fbe2b1adb5b392719be2d43a3059Jeff Walden — Bug 798179 - Bustage fix in a CLOSED TREE for another bug's patch that landed after the try run here. r=aargh
9404c1d1df0c7eaf3ef587404d77d38c4fdee3caJeff Walden — Bug 880591 - Keep length metadata correct for frozen arrays. r=bhackett
98586d2cb4524b652f70c6b5e512918ba7f6fcc8Jeff Walden — Bug 798179 - Rewrite ToIntWidth to more simply act upon the actual bits of the IEEE-754 representation. r=froydnj
b9c7d27d4b43dc57832837dff3c26896d359af76Jeff Walden — Rename a method from 'check' to 'checkBounds' to avoid colliding with a 'check' macro in an OS X system header. (No, really.) Noticed while tryservering patches for bug 798179, r=rage
094d54c0c9ea9db818d88beca4db95851bb1ecfaJeff Walden — Bug 798179 - Implement mozilla::MakeUnsigned. r=froydnj
e4473d563e0f290a838efcd2a21c348774ec558bJeff Walden — Bug 798179 - Implement mozilla::MakeSigned. r=froydnj
57c346bd9ec3e19b545f17848fa3c4f6d28cef37Jeff Walden — Bug 798179 - Implement To BitwiseCast<To>(From), abstracting the treatment of a value's bits as being of another type. r=froydnj
3f3ab64fea609645aafa1dce55ba2a6c842a4d93Jeff Walden — Bug 880920 - Simplify some absolute-value-computing code in lexicographic sorts of numeric arrays. r=luke
3e73c00a7db1b29bf69116839bc72facf9ebf0f7Joey Armstrong — bug 875549: move HOST_CSRCS to mozbuild (file batch #1). r=mshal
9aa012a41d0d9e80ffc9e0c3dc3bc9c9a88f39b5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
fca5e32db9d7cec73390aba05029c2bf20449cecBobby Holley — Bug 770840 - Add Runtime aborts when using XPCWrappedJS off-main-thread. v2
593e068242577ef7f7c372e78a2fb12ded8099ccBobby Holley — Bug 770840 - Remove XPConnect test that explicitly runs JS on a seperate thread. v1
5ef49706a56ad50dbf4993f755248d50d506659aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 875454 - Rework handling of per-site plugin permissions in objectloadingcontent such that users can disable or enable plugins per-site no matter what their "global" permission is (currently only plugins marked click-to-activate globally honor per-site overrides). Also change the pageInfo UI such that "use default" is separate from the explicit click-to-play setting. r=jschoenick/jaws
ea3191239e8ec7c750ec088258c8e421199c40cfBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 880675 - Remove the writable nsIPluginTag.blocklisted property, which is a poorly-constructed cache of the blocklist data, r=jschoenick r=unfocused
97f46bb7b72b20061e0476c329d089414f1e9366Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 881270 - Remove the MIME type fallback tests in test_bug391728 because they are testing the incorrect behavior and only happen to work because the test plugin remained blocklisted from a prior test. r=johns
554597fd45e950061bd8d2bcd4d468b8c964ef7fJan de Mooij — Bug 868437 - Add a linked list of activations to JSRuntime and rewrite ScriptFrameIter to use it. r=luke
4e6b77e3ddd524b0086d947c9ee17223f67e99c9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
76745eae01dfc19d2c7f7c7a3426e58d137f58dbSotaro Ikeda — Bug 881565 - nsAppShell fails to compile with JB Gonk, r=mwu
03ef793619f2a8e9d630583d9329271500ff22f5Michael Wu — Bug 869903 - Report background color on mozbrowserloadend, r=jlebar
e50f7dd54dafa17c90b66c3a6d714ce420029a73Albert Crespell — Bug 879793 - Update tests. r=clian
32ea84579cfbe9ee959849f4d8250c3253d88441Albert Crespell — Bug 879793 - Update stats when network interface is unregistered. r=clian
2912073936087029874748e744c7a55278dc07cfRalph Giles — Bug 879924 - Don't shorten zero-length strings. r=derf
0acda90a6f6aac6dc970afaabab158183703d18fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
22b38f0b80849de065388ef3f418e43a518ce0faFelix S. Klock II — Bug 881223: Issue warnings on GC bailouts. r=nmatsakis
8ac5d1f98b21a34b28cd3d7d655d9c360382bfcdRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
436c88ed1e5efbd4b1a18320f011cf438082223eHannes Verschore — Bug 879168 - IonMonkey: Improve the typeset of |this| when inlining a constructing call, r=bhackett
57c8642772b50737cd19b3a96bc2dc7a6b89aadfYura Zenevich — Bug 881483 - Remove noOptions constant in favor of an object literal. r=yoric
a1ebe92839fa9fc24e20e30ce8dcf14a3325d2a3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 785929 - Kill FrameMetrics.mContentRect. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
c8dc1b7370454de71d9421ae4cf4d06ec7910cd6Adrian Tamas — Bug 879767 - Intermittent testMasterPassword | GeckoEventExpecter - blockForEvent timeout: DOMContentLoaded. r=jmaher
e8945a734ab708d35be19a03618a6cf35cf0ca2bKO Myung-Hun — Bug 768742 - Support multiple clauses of OS/2 IME. r=masayuki
8fe099852dc472aad700f6c3c1159b08fcecc151Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 845190 - Revert previous attempt to fix and re-disable tests.
1ac9367a6c23dcac1c14469eb18b79badf2017d1Markus Stange — Bug 878705 - Don't scroll when clicking inside the scrollbar track next to the scrollbar thumb. r=roc
d8425335f52f560ae2858f8c76e389084d06efe8Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 877760 - XPConnect always logs an error when a component doesn't implement a method. r=mrbkap
407dd32db3b07ac5bd35113dc785418357e481a4Jan de Mooij — Bug 881410 - Remove some TI code we no longer need without JM. r=bhackett
acc83523042859fe4389993f95aab1f5efc68946Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
f4ec1953f7e5ce16e43b545de724bbc51b08b43cMihai Sucan — Bug 861338 - [browserconsole] Cache Console.jsm API calls with ConsoleAPIStorage.jsm; r=jwalker
59d6cff1a48e42de1df5e632455dfdb7fb2f793ePaul Rouget — Bug 879692 - New OSX scrollbars are not compatible with the devtools floating scrollbars. r=harth
a4ddc0934d82b651baec70d4b721f6942d03c28cMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 864249 - Add option to toggle JavaScript to Toolbox Options panel r=jwalker
fd5b82351fac9504e11f7ffcd6df806d494c1711Panos Astithas — Don't take the slow async path when source maps are not enabled or present (bug 873224); r=rcampbell f=nfitzgerald
86413e921d5d5bdbefd6475619ebb0eab6185184Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 2864e2610800 (bug 877584) for causing bug 881266
200344975d6f14ea2cfe7d074426bf49aa2d55b5Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 94fb66d82988 (bug 877584)
c35fea511dc6244749c49f919a33926f34d759c0Peter Chang — Bug 881169 - Fix SharedSurface_Gralloc::Create crash due to null allocator. r=vlad
b3dfd511e52b8d9baa9d5e0d478f49caec79b21fSteven Lee — Bug 880162 - Do not callback FM_RADIO_OPERATION_ENABLE when disabling FM radio. r=jlebar
c422cf48657e0fc0c5eb4ab8a93d9161e97b51fcShelly Lin — Bug 842243 - Part 5: Add MediaEncoder.h/.cpp; The main part of this media encoding framework. r=roc
bf6d5b00ebe2455556461e56a8b1af7de5b1e716Shelly Lin — Bug 842243 - Part 4: Add OpusEncoder.h/.cpp; Implementation of Opus encoder. r=roc, r=tterribe
926801efe857f35c56f6b61e8c71c1fea15282acShelly Lin — Bug 842243 - Part 3: Add TrackEncoder.h/.cpp; Base class for audio/video track encoder. r=roc
f0c287193841e654b87196c0d2f53c9613db99d2Shelly Lin — Bug 842243 - Part 2: Add OggWriter.h/.cpp; Implementation of Ogg container. r=roc, r=tterribe
6e7e12d2fcf41d742dbfac31e8e59fec5055490aShelly Lin — Bug 842243 - Part 1: Add ContainerWriter.h; Base class of media container writer. r=roc
e59ac8e0e4104e5547f668b77a3f3e3fbde912bdShelly Lin — Bug 842243 - Part 0: Modify MediaSegment and AudioSegment for use by MediaEncoder. r=roc
850160a3c34c129dadc8f15aa2433214c2d76b0dEric Chou — Bug 876823 - Fire DOMRequest.onerror event when Bluetooth*Manager.Connect() fails, r=gyeh
291fa6a3c170e65fa09e18b3599b731de0ed2e15Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
89aaa839391c23491c1627c623b21223c5723d65Gina Yeh — Bug 881606 - BluetoothA2dpManager doesn't receive any sink property changed, r=echou
761e842067d8c5bdb5824cdada9341b4d6b411bcVincent Chang — Bug 868913 - [Buri][Tethering]PC can't display RNDIS com port when reset handset. r=mrbkap
244eff3f194eec36488594a8e16b1f7d9d3a4beaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
2f82ac9f123e936f663c6081a806df6f2f1d0169Kyle Machulis — Bug 871624 - gralloc in b2g doesn't work on the Nexus S [r=bjacob r=mwu]
0729c58e4977fb14290ad0babe8826f3e8471fc8Kyle Machulis — Bug 880486 - ns_stun_get_attrs doubly defined on B2G Desktop with MOZ_B2G_RIL [r=pwang]
81b227f1a5226182d72b624d8b2c5336b230eb3bPhil Ringnalda — Back out efdf2d801664 (bug 881128) for disregarding the DANGER of not dealing with test_interfaces.html
8395ce584ddcfe6e1aa9a494b01bfffe50d5ed3aEdwin Flores — Bug 876305 - Pass the media mimetype on to the gstreamer backend r=alessandro.d
1b59b25f6464218410d3c133f93a771892794fb4Edwin Flores — Bug 876305 - Cap the max number of audio buffers gstreamer can use r=alessandro.d
de789c0f4b9aedc478d94a430e9cfc01977a835cEdwin Flores — Bug 874305 - Support older versions of gstreamer r=alessandro.d
63e57ae2f15c950662dd7f84284ce29e1983c6e2Edwin Flores — Bug 879995 - Fix assertion failure in gstreamer backend with fragmented mp4 videos r=alessandro.d
7881391b201fc8bc581a3d7fc1d156a8246ffbadEdwin Flores — Bug 859199 - Load GStreamer libraries at runtime r=doublec
928d5b1c632fa5deb62f8dbb493400fc0c4c77cbEdwin Flores — Bug 878363 - Silence pragma warnings from gstreamer libraries r=ted
d2ac3d6c628ab4a2cc9c390488962e78983651b6Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 878861 - Preseve 80 cols output with mach's timestamp. r=gps
14d35bcbc52ff597347b39514b7bd2d79188b594David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 845190 - Re-enable test_logging.js and test_645970.js on all platforms. r=yoric
b6805a18ea3015fdab802838a567f8532eb58cb8Vladan Djeric — Bug 881578 - Add JSM to hardcoded extensions/mime type list. r=ehsan
a220903e2deecd4f49c1288757e12d1a18770ffcChris Pearce — Bug 880006 - Make WMF video backend call MediaDecoder::NotifyBytesConsumed() like it's supposed to. r=padenot
efdf2d80166431bb7d8598597268ef6efa69022fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 881128 - Remove nsIDOMGetSVGDocument r=bz
76553702b21b7d3635b28a6cf73ce7423fced45aRodrigo Silveira — Bug 881067 - Scrollbars displayed at the top left side of a page m=mbrubeck
9786c829bf3c384160dff3d0c35be615e256f5e3Luke Wagner — Backout 841ffd181e14 (Bug 878433)
172b542f51bae22359cb5c4444f5ceedf0f66590Paul Adenot — Bug 879651 - Explain why we don't use float on mobile.
b7637656cc54446ee646a43df732281ea91d239fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 878897 - Update pdf.js to version 0.8.229. r=bdahl
63386b71d1b50cc11dd82f1966153e954c9af169Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 9: Port Blink's LayoutTest for ConvolverNode to mochitest-plain; r=roc
c78350f7819221922da4f35ccfc7de8e40980a16Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 8: Import convolution tests from Blink; r=roc
7cb2712f0237e7741d87ae53b7d912e72c0d6408Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 7: Add a basic API test for ConvolverNode; r=roc
22d7a1784228280fc0a3e6bb326fb305e8e1ac9cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 6: Optimize FFTBlock to avoid recreating kiss_fftr_cfg objects all the time; r=roc
90c849ba5baf3baace590f9e8657022753feac50Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 5: Implement ConvolverNode's processing based on the Blink implementation; r=roc
b7efc129d2b1a487e5aa79eede28cc9c4dfb92a9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 4: Add the Convolution processing implementation to the build system; r=roc
6bed30223d8f63012b88f9ae9faaf44dd88d0911Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 3: Import the Convolution processing implementation from Blink; r=roc
dc80f47a7123800dfe27cb40492b8f48ec5bc217Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 2: Refactor our Web Audio FFT code into the FFTBlock class; r=roc
6058da103d4574b99f460f65b044400635ac15baEhsan Akhgari — Bug 815643 - Part 1: Implement the DOM bindings for ConvolverNode; r=roc
5eb3a09775c956901898600fd5c3ebba9b68ce86Paul Adenot — Bug 879651 - Choose between integers or float based on the platform rather than the CPU architecture. r=blassey
1eff67ffe6b978c59bed371c0e3df7eb81bf8560Luke Wagner — Bug 878505 - OdinMonkey: store to float array should accept doublish (r=bbouvier)
841ffd181e14667ea9a272ba169429db688caa8eLuke Wagner — Bug 878433 - OdinMonkey: (signed % signed) should be intish, not int (r=bbouvier)
8e30d56cf29d43ed0a43d905767ed96987254df2Luke Wagner — Bug 878429 - IonMonkey: don't conflate 0 and -0 in IsConstant (r=jandem)
9ce9c145e07238c62803c509c6f7d0db1b366402Luke Wagner — Bug 878526 - OdinMonkey: handle 'unknown' type properly for FFI functions with unused results (r=bbouvier)
92b758cba0f17448b274a6fab3061b11adf20b44Matt Woodrow — Bug 867226 - Don't crash if we can't create a valid framebuffer. r=bjacob
6fac977ad9eaea999bd9bb02c7f9de5213251170Gregory Szorc — Bug 878089 - mach shouldn't fail if terminal couldn't be configured; r=ted
ca991d0bb5eadbc965412d810029880283ab56dfDan Gohman — Bug 881397 - Minor dominator-tree computation cleanups. r=sstangl
773df082bd35fca7b8ca9f19920f2bd2880659e1Dan Gohman — Bug 881366 - Simplify CheckOverrecursed sequences. r=sstangl
7ef0e47cddd4d3df5f86d1e4a8617d3eba7a1a9dAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 879477: Update PC to use mHandle instead of (void *) this in logging r=ekr
4b69dc0eb786deabc4dbe290e9e622bc108ee1e5Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 881252 - Warn use of getUserData() or setUserData(). r=bz
1a7469edb07eea09276bf46a3cf3eb1339cde299Brian Nicholson — Bug 880599 - Remove GeckoProfile.get() from provider creation. r=gbrown
c0218a6cb1ed384010e6e6cb731186216723c4aeBrian Nicholson — Bug 879505 - Use getCurrentActivity() in getActivityFromClick(). r=gbrown
b0afcbcafb72585a956a53e04384536bba81f9c9Brian Hackett — Bug 881333 - Fix break in GGC builds.
85af7479df1c5da42e2f4d9cbd2f238a29e9036fMarco Bonardo — Bug 769348 - Change selection algorithm for autofilled URLs prefixes.
9619f1a5d3c2e7da2c9a5226419dc6768f6c8f38Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 878929: Fix robocop testShareLink to pass in the ListView. [r=mfinkle]
98539fbbbf390fd3c985abe8f26b6893abee47ceSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 878929: Optimize custom menu's list view. [r=mfinkle] [r=wesj]
4a854c013d42478b46362a5b4d110016fe53264fChris Peterson — Bug 878327 - Disable the Marketplace payment provider prefs in Beta and Release channels. r=wesj
21e3c26108143c727b9304eacf8b916de62f9f44Brian Hackett — Bug 881333 - Use accessor methods for cx->compartment and cx->runtime, r=luke.
8024f115507c49b7557634750674084d0598248aDan Gohman — Bug 881401 - Use explicit template instantiation. r=bhackett
197ef764c05115b066e6d7458fc377e0aac3c333Dan Gohman — Bug 881380 - Pull the LDouble class into shared code. r=luke
7451b925984242b18d31d7bec392df2ccc101223Dan Gohman — Bug 881372 - Refactor lowerForFPU to be shared between x86 and x64. r=jandem
e397be02b4892305b4334ff97f4f18a03fcf61c9Joe Drew — Bug 881459 - Don't include nsView.h from nsLayoutUtils.h r=jrmuizel
dbf8cb7f9755ba629254301bd0cbdfb887a3ff42Guillaume Abadie — Bug 879954 - Implement OES_texture_float_linear - r=bjacob
97b2763d2baeb2e4a197c1c001e4b47572a37d28Guillaume Abadie — Bug 879952 - OES_texture_float should not allow linear filtering - r=bjacob
0e5a7f0d8a4b5effc3fb981a38cddba9e7fdcba6Guillaume Abadie — bug 879802 - Clean up the #includes in the WebGL implementation - r=bjacob
d79910d9e251d19669dbc8fb0a5f31b8d8b2d6edYura Zenevich — Bug 877124 - [AccessFu] tests for the trusted explicitly associated names for children of the current pivot. r=eeejay
39664fe37dd30a47369a687872be37bf7c483487Yura Zenevich — Bug 877124 - [AccessFu] Trust explicitly associated names of the current pivot and its children. r=eeejay
d3c0ebcaf1375261117530656f62dfa9a30810f5Ralph Giles — Bug 881432 - Add webvtt_strerror to exports. r=bustage.
2f6978e0b8e30a815365c0f674830d985d06e22cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6053305ba2b37afa331e66b7d8aa25d03de6cd5dPaul Adenot — Bug 865244 - Bustage fix again, on a CLOSED TREE.
7ecbdd6586376c8a159a1119f328aed508dba684Shu-yu Guo — Bug 879723 - Make sure property types reflect inherited types from the prototype when specializing a setgname. (r=bhackett)
b6652771e70fdd26ef094381aaffb1af1ae3de6fChris Peterson — Back out changeset 12cdc8931e48 (Bug 857730) to remove Android Contacts permission.
7e181e566679c3133b7a7f2b63c7c452579a2633Shane Caraveo — bug 880741 add indexeddb to frameworker, r=gavin
7c3e3ad77c89fe87f997dff1969d614e8ed00c1eRick Eyre — Bug 833382 - Implement WebVTTLoadListener r=cpearce,bz
32a44be4703c65d605d433dd9dfe65cdc6450d76Rick Eyre — Bug 833283 - Add do_QueryFrame support to nsVideoFrame. r=bz
d7ec56f8eace051fa78ce77a27b390ccb50a9de3Paul Adenot — Bug 865244 - Add the new cubeb symbol to the symbol list (bustage fix again).
1aa4d52525455f45fe76e3d963ed7f051a72c0baJim Mathies — Bug 881287 - Remove obsolete ContextUI code related to navbar visibility and touch up contextui tests. r=mbrubeck
18b7504e921f850f494492d5d1d552d6e3c55a7eJim Mathies — Bug 880704 - Fix for intermittent metro mochitest browser_selection_frame_content.js failure. r=rsilveira
48bbd10759f78f6bd8dd76ec1edae4e3a8264d21Mats Palmgren — Bug 863935. r=roc
f9c790ff5706b90d72c18b6743da4a6d08d9f819Terrence Cole — Bug 880776 - Check verifier nursery inclusion explicity in JIT post barriers; r=bhackett
a1c5ee22d9c31981a9ca0538996ec851b8c82e56Eitan Isaacson — Bug 878218 - [AccessFu] Call _enableOrDisable only after _activatePref is assigned. r=yzen
efa5667ea807bda2b9e1ff3b1b76f138a1c338d3Paul Adenot — Bug 865244 - Fix bustage on Android.
3443f1733c2219ef40d6e0f78652a61f15b7c860Paul Adenot — Bug 865244 - Test for AudioContext.destination.maxChannelCount. r=ehsan
f223d663d69136a1d710bbad5f6e1ced285b4189Paul Adenot — Bug 865244 - Implement AudioContext.destination.maxChannelCount. r=ehsan
116e84abedcab28ebb66e5cecd9ddb54df3a2d92Paul Adenot — Bug 865244 - Expose the maximum channel count in the AudioStream. r=kinetik
8340c7da287de3144694987e837d574eff23bdecPaul Adenot — Bug 865244 - Update in-tree cubeb to have cubeb_get_max_channels. r=kinetik
9115d8b717e130d229e314e9b26a9557aec3f81bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
48d63831553ff33f9ce5f352d5e249fae0a192b0William Lachance — Bug 797529 - Remove dependence on debugger server, r=jgriffin
70b692093c94282638f722acd016ff0039207d32Jonathan Griffin — Bug 797529 - Make SpecialPowers compatible with B2G compartment sharing, r=khuey
613d6ed5ccdb86bf9d965c2bc8d4f24a708804a1Jonathan Griffin — Bug 797529 - Make DevToolsUtils.js compatible with B2G compartment sharing, r=past
5e011badb20ef6b64af43577493414d28cc0a5e7Mark Capella — Bug 802093 - Reader Mode:Update reading list button state if the list is empty, r=lucasr
de3610e34796236250b45ad5b977c5452fb1058bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
d80bc37c23d33b7eb238beeccf4dda6fc6f3e913Joey Armstrong — bug 872087: move HOST_LIBRARY to (file batch #1). r=mshal
c96768247e9bea73b6a4f1eac7d892131a06e933Federico Paolinelli — Bug 684380 - Add context menu to add mail / phone links to address book. r=mfinkle
601d88e8f2dfa1d2ea3f6f268b0b09291c4460e8Kannan Vijayan — Bug 878992 - Clean up Jaeger related flags. r=jandem
b735641402d7709e7f88c28333cebbab9acf1166Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 877728 - Use a local variable instead of a ref to store a temporary. r=Ms2ger
1c15d9da2ae67dfc5bfbd2a4a8a463b92094b77fJoey Armstrong — bug 870370: move EXTRA_COMPONENTS to (file batch #1). r=mshal
1857f54eb73022f1d37634aae88df2b64dc05ea3Joey Armstrong — bug 870370: move EXTRA_COMPONENTS to (file batch #2). r=mshal
f92a6ad158c7877638a65e319289709699f7c52eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 845190 - Prevent nsStreamTransportService from re-initializing. r=biesi
9c99d5a4a0ffc3ff95f6d98f9b9fd10df0da4419David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 872421 - Simple module loader for workers. r=gozala
5f32fc157feab1889b0f945fe3890794cb1896f7Todd Whiteman — Bug 880500 - Handle files without symbols on the mac. r=singerb
a4ce5dd1db0b02bd27b753d7c397f303050fac55Max Li — Bug 881249 - ERROR highlightBox.get is not a function, r=MarcoZ
2ece779610559fb425fe221e3efbc1cf6ffdb79cDavid Bolter — Minor cleanup including followup to b=577727. r=tbsaunde
1c4403cbda5732fb4f18be1ea28059ea23e5617cJan de Mooij — Bug 877378 - Fix shell-only compartment mismatch with evaluate and saveFrameChain. r=luke
21800605ea673bfb355020c43b81a284a44ab9c4Jim Chen — Bug 837379 - Log better exception messages in GeckoEditable; r=cpeterson
af580d8db2102503856044f4574c0b30b5f72003Jim Chen — Bug 876739 - restart and show/hide IME for input types with native widgets; r=cpeterson
1de3b223b4bb00444238f52805465963e5e571f2Jim Chen — Bug 876739 - Reset extracted text request in notifyIMEContext; r=cpeterson
1b15bb52a236578156d441743a7693340951b038Joey Armstrong — bug 880773: move SSRCS to (logic). r=ted
af9197cbecdcf5db7c7ad99b8e730897610f7a9eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 879004 - Add types to the remaining methods in GeckoContentController. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
b764370de1f49c0d948be1ef1f5ceec9d7ad3b5cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 879004 - Convert the async scroll offset fields in APZC.h to CSSPoints. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
ee37be8f24c2d5c7f3407fb18afb6aee4f0d6aa9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 879004 - Cleanups for consistency; no functional changes. r=BenWa, ketuckyfriedtakahe
fe9614a72a31214af6b5f3502360672331045fa0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 879004 - Change FrameMetrics.mViewport to be a CSSRect. r=BenWa
2dcce926842be02d4da747a5980dd056aaa47757Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 879004 - Move template methods to header file. r=BenWa
6b0d5080b1d605dbcdecaa641e64906f4a59494eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 879004 - Convert mDisplayport and mCriticalDisplayport in FrameMetrics to CSSRects. r=BenWa
0cb9ae85c68705aa7c9ce36a8d62b351fb74bda7Martin Stransky — Bug 879746 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - uriloader fixes. r=karlt
9aeae1c96b26041633d69468eb7cbff68628abe5Martin Stransky — Bug 879515 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - dom/plugins fixes. r=karlt
623845a50e24c150096628767490b5ddb8b5e9b4Martin Stransky — Bug 877626 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - build config - xpcom, toolkit, accessible, xulrunner dirs. r=ted, r=karlt
c85bb776152843fc518f582a5ff00673996e9046Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 870361 - Change the symbol for source map pragmas from @ to #. r=jorendorff
e184e6fe6161bbd123a5b96dc6637a754a1e5b1fXidorn Quan — Bug 861613 - Make animation of download notification togglable. r=mak
1e9c7600208a51f3bf69d2d810fbcf5a4cb9e913Georg Koppen — Bug 856978 - Make authorization headers removable if they observe "http-on-modify-request". r=mayhemer
b4445378bf87343c36a06c95feedc31f88c03a80Jan de Mooij — Bug 876465 - Skip arguments-object slot in InlineFrameIterator::thisObject() and SnapshotIterator::readFrameArgs. r=djvj
eaae3921357bd411b11d3750a85300ef331abbf3Jim Mathies — Bug 880703 - Fix for intermittent metro mochitest browser_context_menu_tests.js failure. r=rsilveira
6ec3af901c39ad60d5494a3556238878f0725637Mark Capella — Bug 880592 - Wrong tab count after killed by OS and restored, r=lucasr
deb589f7e2dcd56c90433df2747be5f920a1d030Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
ab27342b244cdd08b1a5b6a4699943c74c16f90bCameron McCormack — Bug 880150 - Treat \<EOF> as U+FFFD outside a string, and drop it inside a string. r=dbaron
b817144c8fff21ea590265cf5867be736458e262Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
1db48d05d3024a6e1a1282301e537d5db641ac5dAustin King — Bug 881014 - Cancel buttons in UI should call RP's oncancel method. r=jedp
786e8d981ae6581dc654d94525d3a357b8b97accGabriele Svelto — Bug 877222 - Increase the low memory notification threshold to increase the chance of triggering it. r=jlebar
a55ab39eda71d5004bb45626db8df91b46cb6bf7Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
1095f46b02204eb2a276ff506990cf2551086bacRob Campbell — Bug 873250 - Having enter select autocomplete is annoying; r=msucan
2aa799db735162d1ed9ffa11119206e82b1fdc58Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
492e19f9dd981da749073d195ab102e911b8f007Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 838995: Improve component swapping when reading texture in RGBA format r=vlad
a7c70ff62b83aa50406c3460e5a029f8148e53e5Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 871485 - Share hw codec between applications/tasks. r=mwu, r=doublec, r=roc
66ef353a2fbc0eda7718643ef4c2f3e01e273988Edgar Chen — Bug 868934 - Support selecting authentication type for data call. r=hsinyi
8a05d7dc509f1d5c2518a26d36b6ad6f8447f2a9Gina Yeh — Bug 878745 - followup patch, r=vyang
7f45910089be6d2c84f1bb45cce669328e41955cTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 881163 - Require gcc 4.5.2 for C++11 atomics, r=froydnj
252b1ac4d537267abe953b79957b308b00e6f032Ed Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
1b54057a41ccb383aa23b0cba8978c63fb4702f5Gina Yeh — Bug 878745 - BluetoothService cleanup, r=echou
86a801e6e76357903ff9a8805f740aee3d7480e2Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 875243 - B2G RIL: fix some coding style. r=hsinyi
f7489cbd7385f6b450ae7723a836dd300848a645Fernando Jiménez — Bug 879387 - Is not possible to display the buttons of " install or cancel " when the payment is completed. r=fabrice
9ac1a0ab4203af9fb3f7710e589f1cd7e36e2d52Gina Yeh — Bug 872907 - Patch 5: Handle A2DP status changed in AudioManager, r=echou, r=mwu
4df0816bb82cd52a8ab67a1863439869b27ce874Gina Yeh — Bug 872907 - Patch 4: Implement NotifyStatusChagned() and NotifyAudioManager(), r=echou, r=mrbkap
b659ff61bce829cfc62469f8420b3cebb1e8f05aGina Yeh — Bug 872907 - Patch 3: Handle Sink property change, r=echou, r=mrbkap
d9d5d7de3e2cf18b730c222f1d11d43f8734be90Gina Yeh — Bug 872907 - Patch 2: Implement SendSinkMessage in BluetoothService, r=echou, r=mrbkap
72653e055a56da634250db2c5a5cb2bfb97359edGina Yeh — Bug 872907 - Patch 1: Implement BluetoothA2dpManager, r=echou, r=mrbkap
a84316d835363d1cd4b164c3bca3ecc422219d5bChuck Lee — Bug 853715 - 0006. Xpcshell test cases for SI and SL PDU helper. r=vicamo
434ede79f88f324b06445cf7764b5490ba2aa08fChuck Lee — Bug 853715 - 0005. Handle incoming Wap Push messages. r=vicamo
aba5a6ca7427d3207d30d4c4eba3460463beb262Chuck Lee — Bug 853715 - 0004. Add PDU helper for decoding SL messages. r=vicamo
26372a81084650eaeeae13308d8d4cb3e1b1f7e6Chuck Lee — Bug 853715 - 0003. Add PDU helper for decoding SI messages. r=vicamo
a457d19b001de05642f27f12672dcdf3909f2e8dChuck Lee — Bug 853715 - 0002. Add PDU helper for decoding messages in WBXML format. r=vicamo
52e2435b947f5330a7a6a5d9b534abc9f535a410Chuck Lee — Bug 853715 - 0001. Create DOM skeletion for WAP Push. r=vicamo
625de2ded691992e28f4ece11a54b6691dc11f26Stephen Pohl — Bug 881022: Check that the scrollable frame is still alive after each call to UnsetOpacityOnElement for the two scrollbars to avoid crashing. r=roc
fc34df66e54df2599b79470155cf5f203a89b438Karl Tomlinson — b=810274 allow smooth scroll step to nearest pixel boundary short of desired position r=roc
43d505a966f30f3a2d4297086bb887187af11762Karl Tomlinson — b=810274 include bounds with layer pixels as possible destinations to minimize subpixel scrolls r=roc
03b0f599a0031258b5477c65b2cf75a9363dc476Karl Tomlinson — b=880492 use GCC's typeof when decltype is not available r=Waldo
b6e14855f129dcf002dc726fa25e87e90c26c8c6Matt Woodrow — Bug 871917 - Schedule a paint when an nsSVGImageFrame gets an image changed notification. r=roc
8543100834216b417584be93d80b1f61eac213efMatt Woodrow — Backout Bug 861805 for causing Bug 871729. rs=roc
94fb66d82988800685cd2bb3c6d257aa8c1bfd63Kyle Huey — Bug 877584: Add missing #ifdef DEBUG. r=me
5b76afd813299c484672027d9064b9f854ddd347Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
2864e2610800d032cde71bdb000b2691ea7a4480Kyle Huey — Bug 877584: Route JS holding through the cycle collection runtime so it can do different things on different threads. r=mccr8
68aaa8ae9d93823864adf98fe972af1b05340b33Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 880745 - Intermittent browser_history.js r=jimm
750cf3ffac808ef93c031fa80c32fa3e08cdb37fIvaylo Dimitrov — Bug 880029 - gstreamer - high CPU usage after patch for Bug 856562 landed. r=alessandro.d
313e1ff9266d9a997b565ab3f53f7b006fd2e3d7Hannes Verschore — Bug 880891 - IonMonkey: Only trigger invalidation when decided to inline function, r=djvj
8ef966de04d5903c9dcb9dbe050d056dc57cf960Mike Hommey — Bug 874708 - Backout changeset 4655d7317a03 (part of bug 875824) now that the linker itself has a mitigation that works on the SGS4
1f228b1d95664000454af81fedee37406017d585Mike Hommey — Bug 874708 - Hook libc's sigaction to avoid system libraries replacing our segfault handler temporarily and restoring it wrongly. r=nfroyd
122712f43da6e64aeae81bfa1016322d5158da05Stephen Pohl — Bug 877097: Check that the scrollable frame is still alive after each call to SetOpacityOnElement for the two scrollbars to avoid crashing. r=roc
7569629f5b3d8c29b79b12f597fc7e01bbf01cbdSankha Narayan Guria — Bug 880265 - Remove AudioBufferSourceNode.gain; r=ehsan
e43466d95794bdf0055153199f226de770dbeff0Gijs Kruitbosch — Backing out 0acfbc3b4941 (Bug 844818) for b2g bustage.
82fab5c8a6d5a94c6a0f32a942976595b6e722a2Landry Breuil — Bug 618485: Finally remove uintptr_t word payload union member on 64BE, it grows jsval_layout size and is unused. r=luke
308462ba17bae57b9571fe397e0480b1c3217d01Landry Breuil — Bug 844430: Add the correct build defines to fix libsctp on NetBSD/OpenBSD/Dragonfly. r=jesup
0acfbc3b49415469d0720639d2a75a516a9747f4Jan Beich — Bug 844818 - Make WebRTC aware of --enable-alsa/--enable-pulseaudio. r=jesup,ted
ff4a92ea700bae40c6619b332d94191b552f9558Jan Beich — Bug 878446 - Disable libyuv asm without SSSE3 as well. r=jesup
4e56548d0b3d75dc443d4d874b65a28a672983caC. Scott Ananian — Bug 880807 - OdinMonkey: Fix signature of int multiplication by constant (r=luke)
4cecde6e32b0b9c1821e07902b9247f15e326f37Jon Coppeard — Bug 860573 - Part 2 - Use spare bits of wrapper cache flags for nsINode r=smaug
bbb8169d421673bfcd8d419c8c9711be0d656349Jon Coppeard — Bug 860573 - Part 1 - Store wrapper cache flags separately to the object pointer r=smaug
697190293f4e1d4692a42055696ba11534b31476Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 another followup for the Windows bustage. r=jandem pending
39a59be2a4cc43ed9b658dcfd1187ebb0c312600Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 bustage fix. Deal with the fact that Value has 8-byte alignment. r=jandem
efe5d05176dc955e9eba349f5c3d0c7c08c195f9Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 5 - Factor out EvalAndPrint from ReadEvalPrintLoop. Use CompileOptions to eliminate some more manual memory management. Make ReadEvalPrintLoop take both input and output FILEs as arguments instead of using gOutFile. r=jwalden.
abeb2688806251cc0e839a14dd94b0887fd354e1Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 4 - Use a Vector<char> instead of manually allocating the input buffer in ReadEvalPrintLoop. r=jwalden.
d496b277486de6e8ce94b4866bc9ce94dc1131c5Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 3 - Declare variables at initialization in ReadEvalPrintLoop. r=jwalden.
42975d6638db828bd9d66161e031f2dd962fb0fcJason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 2 - Factor out RunFile() from Process(). r=jwalden.
df75bae8a436bb5d8826fec23b08baf127132b95Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 1 - Factor out ReadEvalPrintLoop() from Process(). r=jwalden.
d27cb123e9dead57ad319fce486cc976aadf21abBoris Zbarsky — Bug 879628. Don't screw up the text from earlier counters when using counters() with various list styles. r=dbaron
1de41a52b662d38067ace6366e381b2aa2d950b9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 872669. Slightly speed up our named proxy gets by making use of the inline chars/length getters we can have when our id is an atom. r=waldo,peterv
3c733ec01b14d2e656d37c9c6203ec8cebd8b706Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 6. Replace ${jsvalPtr} with a MutableHandle ${jsvalHandle}. r=peterv
f047d17cdb7830f6990ee157a6e0efcecfeddd0fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 5. Add a set() method to Rooted. r=terrence
20f763a69b1f4dd9ae86ef6c91936968494dbb50Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 4. Eliminate uses of ${valHandle} in binding conversions and make ${val} be a handle. r=peterv
98ec2d7ed87f37e95eed4f6a9e8274a930885163Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 3. Rename valMutableHandle to mutableVal. r=peterv
840183b434d25f05e0f91789da431cb9712f3281Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 2. Eliminate uses of ${valPtr} in bindings conversions. r=peterv
1907d472e5d442457619b450f74ac6c7e2c52f83Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 1. Convert WebIDL bindings to using something CallArgs-like. r=peterv,jandem
02e3a57b61c5bb7c05cf7e00c4a35eef846c3421Jeff Gilbert — Bug 870232 - Enable 'webgl' requests for Desktop FF. - r=bjacob
e56502eddeb8dc6683bcf5164774340d67dc435eTrevor Saunders — bug 852150 - handle removal of accessibles when reframe root doesn't have an accessible more correctly r=surkov
9e310bf47f507943e35978c693a9d0eb92d9deb0Trevor Saunders — bug 877886 - get rid of a number of static constructors in content/ and dom/ r=smaug
d9508c92f3cc0be5c8470741a532c7397a128677David Burns — Bug 870445 - Add -marionette command-line arg to Firefox, r=mdas
3854819a064bfaa32615305d287f505984d2ab13Gavin Sharp — Clean up browser_contextmenu.js, no bug
22ed321f3fbe1eecb8a42d26387098c7b4187f48Hannes Verschore — Bug 876607 - Fix accidental switching of lhs/rhs in the code, rs=luke
a8e61d04f7866b45f03156a06034b55ad212ca53Jared Wein — Bug 872711 - Fix specified property value for border-{top,bottom}-left-radius. r=mixedpuppy
53318030bbb10d9245a3ee8f734f543fb90d689dDavid Zbarsky — [Bug 879998] Remove some dead code in content/ r=Ms2ger, emk
b9b9d53a5c2d9652101ff4928e2b8eb0b03e5724David Zbarsky — Bug 880037: Don't try to mark message managers when we're not in the root process r=jlebar
f9f7ba08df906a127b7412fecbd1196167e3eb30Joey Armstrong — bug 872087: move HOST_LIBRARY to (logic) r=ted
a36f160d685efeff078c7c44f34143378eed9f83Joe Drew — Bug 878751 - Port a bug fix from Chrome back to Mozilla. r=jlebar
668d268c6b05a2f4cb975ad96143b4af98fc99e9Joe Drew — Bug 878392 - Reset Decoder::mCurrentFrame to nullptr if we fail to create a frame. r=seth
33a3d0e4bc180b28571c41009241c366c9ebf862Federico Paolinelli — Bug 876485 - Moved clipboard code from GeckoAppShell to a separate Clipboard class. Changed jni calls to new methods. r=cpeterson
95b53f90183e3b9542ac22d924859d2b6b4ab27cStephen Pohl — Bug 880753: Add public nsLookAndFeel::UseOverlayScrollbars method. r=smichaud
7266f50150f1a4a2555c1bcdf28a4faabadfb3eeDrew Willcoxon — Bug 880237 - Prevent crash in mozInlineSpellChecker::IgnoreWords by asserting mSpellCheck != null. r=ehsan
b7d48e8170414f79ac688de30ca5b559f525240dJeff Hammel — Bug 707976 - Remove manifestdestiny from its old location in m-c and use that in testing/mozbase;r=ahal
00c0970b6926c96363a3f595d3378adc81d1d276Joe Drew — Bug 876499 - If a looping image is being asked to advance to a time that is more than one loop in the future, skip the intermediate frames and simply jump to the next multiple of the loop count. r=seth
a5c21f8abf51b3f3904e0de0e8930c3417fcb8b4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b14bfecb7c34677b9dcfe8f02d6b6bae00dbd71dBrian Nicholson — Bug 878491 - Save about:home top padding in BrowserApp instead of AboutHome fragment. r=lucasr
859ee3960254a5f0fd6206a73172b4bc7cb614fbDaniel Holbert — Bug 880662 - Remove unused variable from YCbCrImageDataDeserializerBase::IsValid(). r=nical
5860d85b0006388563f52a188584181fb71b57d3Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 878495 - In shell, print "[native code]" for native functions. r=luke
d65ae86e598839196d88ea016575af20a5562c96Francesco Lodolo [:flod] — Bug 878154 - about:plugins: plugin status is not localizable. r=bsmedberg
cac9a6c4ab7572bab6b4472f70362cf6d77220efBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 877965 - Ignore empty statements in var declarations in asm.js mode. r=luke
a65235fd01464428171e9b5ab91b00546bfa8924Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 877965 - In asm.js mode, use the last return statement instead of the last statement to find the return type of a function. r=luke
2882222d290a67609749780819b560cf3e67c536Marcos A. Di Pietro — Bug 867567 - JavaScript Error: "TypeError: focused is null". r=kats
59fc33c899c4c0341c7b7e6e1896633779f66b55Kannan Vijayan — Bug 880539 - Fix CodeGenerator::guardTypeSet to handle MagicArgs type. r=bhackett
b70991f0853edb947687adcdce9a3106f65def71Gavin Sharp — Backout 498f79c24e70 (bug 860560) for browser-chrome bustage
313de3a7c9e20b8dec3e34aafa106dcaab83c13cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 879998 - Remove some dead code in content/events r=smaug
52e83bf32c77cc8191d928e9fb40541b846c794dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 798438 - Use a dictionary to set context options instead of an nsIPropertyBag r=bz
29363d0fd7ff5f52300d39bb87c4aa3f4e6ec386Terrence Cole — Bug 880392 - Fix use-after free with exact rooting in XPCShell; r=sfink
fcdcf78fa4e34a94d77f4307fc1c0dd197a4ef14Paul Adenot — Bug 878875 - Port Blink's LayoutTest for PannerNode to mochitest-plain. r=ehsan
b61e0a52d29cbf47f7f01838539d499a90d196cbPaul Adenot — Bug 878875 - Import PannerNode tests from Blink. r=ehsan
195a1146daa018d02b4b8958e90df7598415f6c0Aki Sasaki — bug 868599 - update gaia.json with repo_path. r=jgriffin
050f5a9a15b5c42a8759eb23e5b656d2924b0eaeEhsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 880724
b5b6bd4cb6a84da9011e06243e543ab25e80cfe1Gavin Sharp — Bug 862143: remove support for loading sherlock files from disk, r=MattN
2a6d3e4e7c875fccbf8e3e60740f2feea06cb44dGavin Sharp — Bug 854478: remove support for automatically converting Sherlock-format search engines that were dropped into the profile directory, r=MattN
498f79c24e709600cacb28a295ba034d34d190b2Mike de Boer — Bug 860560: make sure that defaultEngine and currentEngine stay in sync, r=gavin
855a29c9dd686ddeb5fdb485a24ca975589d445effxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-615 - a=hsts-update
efbe547a797253f49ff294e9acffd8dbc50049fdffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-645 - a=blocklist-update
6006abb39d8e11fb3e9ec9ffd17c10e7da2b6ed3Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
99311ea7ddce1c8cc2aec25d42b3b6f55d958657Richard Newman — Bug 880549 - Include add-on blocklist state in payload. r=mfinkle
2d3c9e3daa76ac76ebc3bde1488f70725bf83000Richard Newman — Bug 880171 - Part 2: handle failure to retrieve storage from EnvironmentBuilder. r=nalexander
1782e033c17ac5686cb8c62617f1dc318702277aRichard Newman — Bug 880171 - Part 1: return null if unable to retrieve storage in EnvironmentBuilder. r=nalexander
bd747444d541b744fd374bbd273a6aea1b0301b4Nick Alexander — Bug 879956 - Don't print email address to logcat when syncing. r=rnewman
eebeea69662ce56b58b272a9a1d721edeb99cd7dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
b57750ca97bfc326812d257f71e29a7017dad7a8Wes Kocher — Bug 880558 - Uplift addon-sdk to firefox r=me
cab2b2d81f3c270839f48662671504531bd0366fJared Wein — Bug 880573 - Remove duplication between do_report_result and _do_check_neq. r=ted
606e6dbf61e1637cb3416ddd83d7132ac3dda5bdJared Wein — Bug 880568 - _do_check_eq/_do_check_neq/do_print should put double-quotes around argument if the typeof argument is 'string'. r=ted
c7e2018e2398308f40e44636b6afc9caed44d8fbMihai Sucan — Bug 628458 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_603750_websocket.js | Test timed out followed by 2969 others; r=me
c936da8dd34aaa0e0173cf5bb3359aae16ef86a3Joey Armstrong — bug 870407: move CMMSRCS to (file batch #1). r=mshal
c18dc14994701d52bdc769b99e7ab01e73948903Ehsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 880404
4a4d474f2484f72295fb7312355566d2bf22e15bEhsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 880384
a15f36c774a81b0a0c16494a57978827db6c595aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d6db31e46b02 (bug 878495) for jit-test failures.
5a69226612158c4ca78d9dbbd8a62f8de9e0c09dBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 878435 - In asmjs mode, compare in uint32 mode only if both operands are unsigned. r=luke
a178af222dd4a9e2575704d0da538d70b498f699Ehsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 880342
18e3ca7c212bce0533a6a9c1d87de4e6aef01d84Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8cf56f52e57c911e2305c2d5c4db0cb11e29835cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset aa9a0b34bbd8 (bug 878435) for checktest failures.
166c6df896ba5a2b136c88a3d100c0f06fc03b68Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 875449 - Bustage fix.
5d33985da55bdefda8cc11f354d19c28430e9576Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 880089 - Remove unused parameter 'flags' from nsIXPConnect.idl's in setDefaultSecurityManager() methods correctly. r=bholley
105a243547d3f596f826ef89feec3a4c56b1cec9Evan Wallace — Bug 879374 - Add mozPressure support for OS X. r=smichaud
c9ae1381518aba16f28809f08e2c06e5ad70e439Marcos A. Di Pietro — Bug 871524 - Fine tune Reader Mode margins for tablet landscape mode. r=mleibovic
6fee06d61d20fbaa473ecf4218f29b0a861bfcdeRaymond Lee — Bug 852957 - Add tests for channel decoding when the Content-Encoding header is present. r=paolo
d6db31e46b02c6a0edde1ddbbeafc770f358ffebBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 878495 - In shell, print "[native code]" for native functions. r=luke
aa9a0b34bbd84a4363bb0bcba598674191afc8caBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 878435 - In asmjs mode, compare in uint32 mode only if both operands are unsigned. r=luke
0a027c965a3353d15f231dd64442a695d7b6849fBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 877908 - Precludes also directives after "use asm". r=luke
4f30d257a8fa19a43b7d76a33d4fd4a555850153Fabrice Desré — Bug 878388 - errors when uninstalling applications 'msg is undefined' r=ferjm a=leo
952393b787bf236f0ed88f34af47f6d2805dd578Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 880268 - Handle default pixel format in BytesPerPixelForPixelFormat(). r=vlad
8e7a612cc23214d4881c28c19e69fe347ccb6827Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
47aba2f7bd778f111b1f7a3540e767b54de849dcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
cbefbd6f06753c81dd6d6592cefc57970a859203Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4c129a5676eb (bug 871485) for mochitest-1 failures.
4c129a5676eb90e7ec13ed42c81d8732b490ac45Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 871485 - Share hw codec between applications/tasks. r=mwu, r=doublec, r=roc
6cafe68983ca4945a7d50bda6b345b3522c4c5d3Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 875449 - Bustage fix.
6f32011a27ef12dd162731471d05e8eaea412c0cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
0261df8a6a8eea809d5b065a11fbb35d33ddbfd4Anand Soni — Bug 875449 - Rename ListBase to DOMProxy, since these proxies are used for all sorts of objects that aren't in any way like lists. r=djvj
0ae723d89b73de78fba7147ed819c905e93203bdDaniel Holbert — back out ac18c74b3a2c (Bug 874736) since it was independently fixed elsewhere
aa9a38e68dcfe5b66eede1654d01334b2d242b45Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
728ac315adcb9fe6cb6070e1f796952f10605429Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 880129 - Correctly handle AnalyserNodes with a buffer size smaller than 128; r=roc
cebcec9ca3c3dbd57fe037e1564b2218139d12e3Markus Stange — Bug 866027 - Recreate window corner mask when window resolution changes. r=bgirard
2464333908a77726cfd3b21aa22941584091fcfeJosiahOne — Bug 853105 - Allow double-click to minimize on windows with drawInTitlebar enabled. r=mstange, r=smichaud
78214f394a9714bcc5876a62969f8959bb09ebc7Matt Woodrow — No Bug - Mark bmp-size-1x1-1bpp.bmp as passing on b2g now
ff5a4f1c83c12925a55f8de95bfa90c62d15ecfbOlli Pettay — Bug 877612 - Cannot enter into fullscreen mode after print dialog is opened, r=roc
e5a427cac5cf96638c59f5e8339f08c3d29f1f88Nicholas Cameron — Bug 880441. Fix erroneous assertion with double buffering; r=mattwoodrow
744b50c28290aab3e7c0e57fc8f907b76cbc2253Robert O'Callahan — Fix build bustage for bug 877461
0285f4360664dd705c97c46978c9bb364268e590Robert O'Callahan — Bug 865537. Part 2: The Range used to track the source element pointer for a media element should not gravitate outside the media element. r=cpearce
0d91e2d9da8ddb6334046e48abb44b2c386a97dcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 865537. Part 1: Add nsRange::SetEnableGravitationOnElementRemoval to suppress 'gravitation' behavior on node removal. r=smaug
976829350bd603154dfc5b0ef88dee0177e738c3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 877461. Part 3: Retry libstagefright audio/video decoding if it fails due to a timeout. r=sotaro
cdb9603a0d0b20c553f0b801eb48f7f32e6d2e79Robert O'Callahan — Bug 877461. Part 2: Initialize VideoFrame members to 0. r=doublec
88d63d06dec9a9d12a8e1200f1117d648fc386e2Martin Husemann — Bug 870325 - Fix alignment of Bindings on SPARC64. r=nnethercote.
1c14b70442b380d63119dbc7d3c465e9c0e655fdMatt Woodrow — Bug 877036 - Make SharedMemory's memory reporter threadsafe. r=jlebar
fae75f6635c0a138a8d979b339beaf56a4a346e4Matt Woodrow — Bug 852850 - Follow-up to improve failure output with reftest-no-paint. r=dbaron
c8ee8c7bd5c152b3355502562c0f0f2c1ed25da8Matt Woodrow — Bug 879149 - Don't attempt to use ContentClientIncremental when not using GL layers. r=nrc
9b142eb80e40f879bf63ba7007c953cae2c76fdfDaniel Holbert — Bug 880137 part 7: Point flexbox-sizing-* to the layout algorithm chunk of the flexbox spec.
8d444ac557a7058ca72609f9c050908732345b80Phil Ringnalda — Bug 879831 followup, needs-clobber
d198d08d0c9f96ee843a2231bde78461bb3542baTimothy Nikkel — Bug 880508. Remove defer invalidations code because we don't invalidate during painting anymore. r=matt.woodrow
fbb88e029c01267afac32ab2a63552a5abdf20bdL. David Baron — Bug 880137 patch 6: Fix a broken spec link.
679350e2d6992d37b2a439182dba9e82c31d9f79L. David Baron — Bug 880137 patch 5: point to TR draft rather than draft.
b252464d739e6f981bd4fe16aedf6e0395a2e5c7Jason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 7 - Isolate the frontend. Make files outside the frontend include frontend/BytecodeCompiler.h or frontend/SourceNotes.h if possible; those two act as facades and do not include all the rest of the frontend headers. r=njn.
9d940604f3be5fa1f035b492bfc5e27b34ad7725Jason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 6 - Factor out Debugger inlines that depend on other "inlines" headers into vm/Debugger-inl.h. r=njn.
8637d0b818fe0c7cc8c0c4810789c9103801d41bJason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 5 - Factor out js::Probes functions that depend on "inlines" headers into vm/Probes-inl.h. r=njn.
2f0134cd42e2859420eb80e480c0e36858315ed5Jason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 4 - Make vm/String-inl.h not include gc/Barrier-inl.h, breaking an #include cycle. Make vm/Shape-inl.h not #include itself. r=njn.
2f5b1bd1ca458cd69c8311eaad3847fc7bffdeb9Jason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 3 - Make jsobjinlines.h not include jsscriptinlines.h, eliminating the #include cycle jsscriptinlines.h -> vm/Shape-inl.h -> jsobjinlines.h -> jsscriptinlines.h. r=njn.
09f13d1498ee942ede52cac09826c43fccf9e6ccJason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 2 - Move JSObject::asModule from Module.h to jsobjinlines.h since it requires another inline function defined in that header. r=njn.
e6ca293b6980fd6f3e96d3331906268cbf988015Jason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 1 - Uninline JSScript::sourceObject. Same as bug 877444, but actually uninline sourceObject all the way out to a .cpp file. r=njn.
3dba555bd153ad8c1316f6a8bad3d26dc0594e45Jason Orendorff — Bug 879831, part 0 - Add defined(JS_ION) guard to more ion headers, to prevent the need for #ifdef JS_ION around #includes in other files. r=njn.
f160923b71ae880adb99c304fa8e994e82a9190aJason Orendorff — Bug 872717 - Remove PNX_FORINVAR. Its only user, jsreflect.cpp, does not really need the hint. r=luke.
410dffee4d9dd8cd192db5ec362799c80db41f45Jason Orendorff — Bug 872720 - Do not bother calling clearParent in Parser::newRegExp. r=Waldo.
165694e3d7103b557668648caee872e932346972Jason Orendorff — Bug 879817 - Remove unused method Debugger::isDebugWrapper. r=jonco.
dd81ecba7afdf66837f2a6e0fe8667fa498a529fDaniel Holbert — Bug 880137 part 4: Populate test title fields in w3c-css flexbox reftests. rs=dbaron
98b4083befbbf8a05ad783a8a0eab69e36531cf8Daniel Holbert — Bug 880137 part 3: Give w3c-css flexbox reftests the necessary boilerplate headers with author info, reference, and placeholder test-title and "help" nodes (populated in next patch). rs=dbaron
8e82f9384070dcd9f26135723e6155110e2b0cb1Daniel Holbert — Bug 880137 part 2: Migrate most flexbox reftests to the flexbox directory in w3c-css folder. rs=dbaron
db8410d2f66c6ee9e30d05323ee981063890a048Daniel Holbert — Bug 880137 part 1: Create reftest directory for flexbox in w3c-css folder. rs=dbaron
ca78349dea64680fc617361882fde4af2c4ed3d2Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 784519 - Part 4: signalingState mochi tests r=jsmith
017bc63ae2fad7b5faedce1a759c0e1837b1ed3bAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 784519 - Part 3: Send Signaling State from SIPCC to PeerConnection r=ekr
0a613c3c8a01469ed71cef015cc57a1cef1aacf9Mook — Bug 877961 - PrivateBrowsingChannel: Allow SetPrivate on a channel with a load group but no load context; r=ehsan, r=jduell
0a4e35605fa35b077b67708ad74a5e47906ff722Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 879654: Tolerate '?transport=udp' by stripping it r=jesup
026a5847ccd03918e3a2aa1171cbaccfb88def15Jonathan Griffin — Backout adc90bff145f for bustage (Bug 797529)
a5c70a04bdccdbeb182e8ea6bdc93432e27eb029Jonathan Griffin — Backout 36b68f9e4e04 for bustage (Bug 797529)
bbe73080e0e85414e650bc43a40ba87eb97c2c95Drew Willcoxon — Bug 880361 - Fix "browser is undefined" error in FullZoom when immediately closing a newly opened browser window. r=gavin
36b68f9e4e042293ff444b2b853edd299d141f34William Lachance — Bug 797529 - Remove dependence on debugger server, r=jgriffin
adc90bff145fd852a2633a941193e77d11f0e960Jonathan Griffin — Bug 797529 - Make SpecialPowers compatible with B2G compartment sharing, r=khuey
88a16ae1ecaa35aa50bee145f6f68d6c1c1ecf3fJared Wein — Bug 879941 - Fix typo in LightweightThemeManager.jsm. r=Unfocused
20c1ebbc31cfdb1e2554338b07d50beacaf6872aRodrigo Silveira — Bug 875610 - Find in page throws r=mbrubeck
cd648fee58ece272176729ad2957a2f681d19a35Adam Roach [:abr] — Backed out changeset 90968836cce3 (bug 784519) on a CLOSED TREE
8b5187458d46c795276cfc800bf993776392f1a3Adam Roach [:abr] — Backed out changeset 8ec73e6aa7d3 (bug 784519) on a CLOSED TREE
1e50dde140bc0f1325b4b11d34aff0e578b4f8b5Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 878520: don't clone native asm.js functions; r=luke
072142c689395a82ff7de705e746c860197485efJim Blandy — Bug 877444: Remove new 'inline function used but not defined' warnings for ScriptSourceObject-related functions. r=terrence
fab0b456189c2d89b40f03363b120349e0d5d1a6Jon Coppeard — Bug 878486: Improve sweeping of breakpoints r=terrence
e66c8746d23e7a0e115ac96465f7815b27506065Phil Ringnalda — Bug 876322 - Remove b2g/config/panda-gaia-central/*, r=catlee
347f88a0effa347584eab4fe3550c393d9aa6bbfAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 784519 - Part 4: signalingState mochi tests r=jsmith
263154173cc8741b702be3f2cf1226444e867190Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 784519 - Part 3: Send Signaling State from SIPCC to PeerConnection r=ekr
1b9cbc30e0855aaf330dcf33d6173f170c00cb88Jeff Gilbert — Bug 876721 - Allow for failing during creation of ANGLE ShSurf. - r=bjbas
068b67ace29ccff4490ce093432640e1bf19e0c8Jeff Gilbert — Bug 878365 - Fallback to Basic ShSurf as needed, not permanently. - r=bjacob
d0a8028d8ba4d107736e7d494461fde8e4ff492aJeff Gilbert — Bug 880019 - MakeCurrent before readback in mozGetAsFile. - r=bjacob
f7c514f26232ecc90b991a8e6008a5491a6e208cBen Turner — Bug 873356 - 'Should do shrinking GCs more often for workers'. r=khuey.
2bd3d9bbd72296147bd56acae16d1c55a4c2cff0Eddy Bruel — Bug 858060 - Throw SyntaxError on module syntax. Fix bogus assertion. r=jorendorff.
9312480650304f155698d2404812f71cf6e39db1Jason Orendorff — Bug 877639 - Switch some code in frontend/FoldConstants.cpp from getOp() to getKind(). r=jwalden.
5d35dc039af7f82bc96555284119f7dfd4c240a7Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 875433 - Array.prototype.iterator is the same function object as .values. r=jorendorff.
118b1725ac1e820e679b5b33c1d69a66c872f558Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 869996 - Implement Set.prototype.{keys, values, entries}. r=jorendorff.
ebae7298e38118e3bd5ed20afc7bff5b9521ff45Joey Armstrong — bug 875549: move HOST_CSRCS to (logic) r=ted
15df9914a1ad7c4500fd4c145ff1b73f683aaef5Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 874197 - Change nsIPermissionManager.TYPE_SESSION to also respect expiration times if they are specified. r=jdm sr=mounir
ce333beb74e20982ddf7dfed60218b0b580ed2c4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 874196 - Add an API to get the specifics of a permission given a host/type: this will allow the plugin click-to-activate UI to manage permissions by the matching host and determine whether the current permission is per-session or persistent. r=jdm sr=mounir
611893aff336e3149fdf08d2f34a7e63a221976bSean Stangl — Bug 858586 - Drop temporary MGetPropertyCache reference if native inlining fails. r=h4writer
f98048e391b77a2cd19efa1bb6946c213200fde8Kannan Vijayan — Bug 877287 - Fix regression introduced by revision 7df36088f645. r=bhackett
f4bb9c18463e0a0b987aeddba0fd72432fb5a4edRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 880202 - Skip crashtest on B2G due to failures.
510da37cba42e7602d5a77b9e97f23d5e1e92825Brad Lassey — bug 876689 - Virtual keyboard does not invoke on text input field focus if 'Don't keep activities' is enabled r=jchen
7bdf86fd583f8c12161003df24d2e58ca0dd5ca7Brad Lassey — bug 876689 - Virtual keyboard does not invoke on text input field focus if 'Don't keep activities' is enabled r=jchen
a116d4a86539bdd11eec2c4e4a5f9e47fc028b84Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 84fb317ea1d2 (bug 831789) for mochitest-3 timeouts.
36b914bf56f59b2d652ce8a26c5a53e852a9d65dKyle Huey — Back out bug 877584 on this CLOSED TREE.
9e276a0276b9058609a51697964178ba65a4bc18Geoff Brown — Bug 869030 - Enable robocop testSystemPages; r=jmaher
34656a2a1234e2bafaddcc578430051bfc8d64a2Joe Drew — Bug 878037 - print preview crash test for printing a bullet with an animated image. r=smaug
65c588d76efa3040aeb99312a83c71b026bd3e24Joe Drew — Bug 878037 - unit test to make sure we can clone a static imgIRequest. r=seth
cb90cb8da5e2c80507566428516faf2b6745f1e9Gavin Sharp — Fix misleading comment from bug 803675, r=dolske
2550c1e294cdb3406023efa917a2a0ada23c396aKyle Huey — Bug 854739: Ensure that messages are delivered in order when suspending and resuming workers. r=bent+bholley
b53ab3047ce519d8afa94cbe01e42b864a33ce7bKyle Huey — Bug 877584: Route JS holding through the cycle collection runtime so it can do different things on different threads. r=mccr8
12d98c725b252e6f329d2af5eb2eac13ca780289Malini Das — Bug 880280 - gestures should be part of the marionette-client, r=davehunt
ac18c74b3a2c1ec5f4a349c02594c76a7861b012Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 874736 - Annotate "using CompositableHost::EnsureTextureHost;" to fix warnings with -Woverloaded-virtual in gfx/layers/composite. r=nical
9be31da8e36a8eafa638cddbb74ce69a2b103fedNicolas Carlo — Bug 879088 - Replace XPCOMUtils.defineLazyGetter with XPCOMUtils.defineLazyModuleGetter where modules are loaded in browser.js, AddonUpdateService.js, and SessionStore.js. r=margaret
baf7e13ccedf7e92adff434f86f0ed63294248c8Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 878621 - Add "cul-de-sac" to spell-checker dictionary. r=ehsan
84fb317ea1d2195a6246e94b40500b21ec1a37b2Jason Smith — Bug 831789 - Enhance existing peer connection mochitests to check for media flow. r=jesup
dfcabf3d307a6f71b1dd26a21a62793666d67a21Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 880202 - Revert bug 878765 because it introduces a buffer overflow
c41a3e24a574377f2d443a7783c4a2011c413f1bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
72b10430789049c46fe5653cf0f4e26ac65c6695Mihai Sucan — Bug 877773 - If Browser console is staying opened, Browser UI freezes for a while when open youtube page; r=robcee
76bea01d8db1d30c660e42229447d0b89af60ed5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
73483f4906a71db306ad9a996aee6840250c0db3Tim Taubert — Bug 878747 - part 2 - use the new 'nodefaultsrc' attribute for browsers; r=dao
fa60aab7fa57ab03ea7590d39d5c122042344d68Tim Taubert — Bug 878747 - part 1 - implement 'nodefaultsrc' attribute for XUL frames; r=smaug
3e61f95c02d66ad360016aee779c832af3d56b17Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879961 - Remove unused arrows.png files, r=robcee
24ed4a0306708e46fe84896350eda006ea0dc33aVictor Porof — Bug 877351 - Network Panel is broken on RTL UI, r=rcampbell
26afe15af309d9883898316b7dcf7a6596de8b9bVictor Porof — Bug 852639 - Make the BreadcrumbsWidget keyboard accessible, r=rcampbell
27545860a3fcdb4e38f27c26d9e71276eda9e05eBen Hearsum — bug 865820: mozconfig comparison needs to source files before comparing. r=ted
1c199f8871abb3c11eaedea682c3406b6a66f4bfRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
c9541395dce7fcca90d9d1c7a04bfc3945187419Vicamo Yang — Bug 874273: B2G RIL - return correct voice network type. r=yoshi
fb94126589a7b03cc042acc4b640a3a8ee1e9325Vicamo Yang — Bug 879671 - 2/2: add ril.cellbroadcast.disabled pref to disable Cell Broadcast completely. r=yoshi
2fee4d3f494166b4e0668e46418e3696304c77aeVicamo Yang — Bug 879671 - 1/2: pass multiple initial options to ril_worker. r=yoshi
740e7a18cd39046590b52b762bd5d08d84c206e3Shawn Huang — Bug 869259 - Get a mount lock to prevent the sdcard from being shared with the PC, r=echou
244f3242f7de0b1bdfdac39f763b79046a49de9dVicamo Yang — Bug 879840: B2G RIL - correct CB activation code. r=yoshi
bd28d8ca71122a81f213af7a0ee4c9b84e7a2ab9Michael Wu — Backed out bug 869903 for orange on Linux mochitests
4cb004879e9c8692a9e47f5bffad0c55feb8de22Michael Wu — Backed out changeset a0faa1e1837e (bug 869903) for orange on Linux mochitests
69b8c2af691139fdf51e399ddb67e51f1485950cCarmen Jimenez Cabezas — Bug 880183: Report error on deleting non existant endpoint. r=nsm
92f8a931f78a93eca75c6fc9565431117394dcceJonathan Griffin — Bug 879666 - Upload new emulator to TBPL, a=test-only
ce4b535e70a7a65b27470718ea5c5d0f588bfad6Jonathan Griffin — Backout c6b6186c7ed8 for bustage (Bug 879666)
a0faa1e1837efce91f3e9fc807df33e131f2b0e4Michael Wu — Bug 869903 - Report background color on mozbrowserfirstpaint, r=jlebar
c6b6186c7ed82243d5badfa85e202a51adeaf2b6Jonathan Griffin — Bug 879666 - Update emulator for TBPL, a=test-only
bcc7265b1f99b9567401855d53f7eb5497060468Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
c50f98c031f324cfc5209c0f8f02dc305cd75e2aMichael Wu — Bug 880095 - ShadowLayerUtilsGralloc.cpp uses pixel formats removed on gonk-JB, r=vlad
9ca690835a5eff4af37effc64986d3352f7da20cTrevor Saunders — bug 880457 - try and fix android l10n builds by using gcc 4.6 for them only since they're still done on i686 r=khuey DONTBUILD
dc8e78ed8c44bc61fd3caaa7410f1703ac4f9718Nathan Froyd — Bug 878411 - define xFetch and xUnfetch methods in TelemetryVFS file objects; r=mak
2551c645b78225a06dac124d90dbd053c5637ee4Nick Hurley — Bug 878594 - remove alternate-protocol support for spdy upgrades r=mcmanus
61a183d6b59e1ce7d435b7c15096fafdf657c227Terrence Cole — Bug 879874 - Do not allow JIT code to allocate into a disabled nursery; r=bhackett
a69e23721e9b8ebada4f42e6f8ec63d67c8a740eMalini Das — Bug 823222 - We should check the host/port before running tests, r=mdas
7b39c8bec2953f105393a71855ccfe6f5398daa2Simone Carletti — Bug 859521 - Add AWS EC2 to PSL. r=gerv. DONTBUILD.
3a1d47b8501dd9b2b6b4f6cf03df842f8cc5ebffJames Willcox — Bug 848482 - Make SourceSurface work with SkiaGL r=mattwoodrow
18bb116f6a7599795f89fe40af4542ab20d333cePhil Ringnalda — Bug 876322 - Remove b2g/config/panda-gaia-central/sources.xml, which is a symlink to a removed file, r=catlee
5eb7215f5ab8741b3ea831870f0923945a1970f9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 876216 - Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.3.0. r=jlebar
2ab5517620a50e5629f865897b7435c9ac9bc567Joey Armstrong — bug 870370: move EXTRA_COMPONENTS to (logic). r=ted
0e1e811ba78db4b20ce759b1030c6564b25a99b0Malini Das — Bug 880034 - Typo in --timeouts help message, r=jgriffin
e7d7d70be1022054edbf43253fc8c995e1d4d3d3Jim Mathies — Bug 879085 - Ignore return result for CoAllowSetForegroundWindow call in the metro test harness, solves some startup problems for QA MozMill testing on vms. r=bbondy
e6b129e4eebcbb9fdb23f1104c755a60d189bca7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 857116 - Remove nsIDOMHTMLCommandElement; r=Ms2ger
15738f337df2acbcff66f87b7dad74c59ae1ba81Hannes Verschore — Bug 876607 - IonMonkey: Reordering of operands should look to real use count, r=sstangl
151ae3dcc6b05c27256ccb6ef1d10b2586db5cacMihai Sucan — Bug 877953 - Fix for intermittent test_cached_messages.html | number of cached page errors - got n, expected 2; r=me
5e07d25dbd876254c66341b119d911587e896043Martin Stransky — Bug 877626 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - build config, headers fix. r=karlt
910c2005bea3985a5848581c51cdc8e296bc4078Martin Stransky — Bug 877626 - Port GTK2 to GTK3 - build config, configure in js part. r=karlt
7d5c7429fe03affababf0c066039e215b01871fbRaymond Lee — Bug 865555 - Remove synchronous setCharsetForURI in BI_importJSONNode. r=mak
26eb52ade0ee37166c03e95b12efc4c7c4498ec5Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 860397: turn_unittest checks that TURN_SERVER_ADDRESS is IP#s not FQDN r=rjesup
69b2f9d0a9752f14687ecc3822de302021803d38Jacek Caban — Bug 879703 - Make TimeStampValue(_SomethingVeryRandomHere*) inline. r=tbsaunde
0972920ff3be2339e861e650f8e1b54a907328faDaniel Holbert — Bug 880104 followup: Annotate flexbox-align-self-vert-rtl-1-ref.xhtml as fuzzy on Android, to fix reftest orange.
8aa6c4c5dabce8cb7aee4474047d0f493159469bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
ccf704fa6fddaeca0e854a7fa8eebe9b91e9f8a0Jon Coppeard — Bug 876654 - [jsdbg2] Assertion failure: kind == CrossCompartmentKey::DebuggerScript ... at jsgc.cpp:3241 r=terrence
dcb08e602abd838ccd9a16252122e90eb5fcb54fPeter Van der Beken — Bug 877654 - Remove thisptr offset tables - Remove thisptr table support from XPConnect. r=Ms2ger.
1cb64629a1c993d841b05535d1127e1d6bfbf41dPeter Van der Beken — Bug 877654 - Remove thisptr offset tables - Remove offset tables from non-HTMLElement objects and remove offset table macros. r=Ms2ger.
384e76c8e33aff5b82ce8767a9903094dd603edbPeter Van der Beken — Bug 877654 - Remove thisptr offset tables - Replace HTML element QI map end macro with generic macros. r=Ms2ger.
9ef3be66d02ff1812051d9fbd37e9be56c6469ffPeter Van der Beken — Bug 877654 - Remove thisptr offset tables - Replace HTML element table to map segue macros with generic macros. r=Ms2ger.
51fc52f897289d993d377bf86216468a498d479dPeter Van der Beken — Bug 877654 - Remove thisptr offset tables - Replace HTML element offset table macros with generic QI macros. r=Ms2ger.
e0993170f70cc7280834bfefa8856207482d6b4cPeter Van der Beken — Bug 877654 - Remove thisptr offset tables - Refactor HTML element QI macros. r=Ms2ger.
5c70ec981c18f757a41706f33a84edf3606782d8Daniel Holbert — Bug 880104 part 4: Remove unnecessary -moz-max-content from flexbox-widget-flex-items-4.html, and other minor cleanup/commenting in that reftest. rs=dbaron
9412ec5c0b65137f5551790e58366da20d8e5d87Daniel Holbert — Bug 880104 part 3: Fix flexbox-justify-content-horiz-5-ref.xhtml to not rely on -moz-max-content for centering shrinkwrapped content. rs=dbaron
1e838ba3ecb5b914556119d1d5c3a311630df322Daniel Holbert — Bug 880104 part 2: Replace -moz-*-content with the (known) fixed length that it computes to in some flexbox reftest files. rs=dbaron
5e74b815c3327efacc29394a205af1363d5baec7Daniel Holbert — Bug 880104 part 1: Rewrite flexbox-align-self-* reftests to not depend on prefixed intrinsic sizing keywords. rs=dbaron
971b1e4b4c46e9cc01202bd7d496fd20a4033f22Daniel Holbert — Bug 880078: Remove no-longer-used variable 'secFlag' from XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod. r=bholley
01eefd251a9a10e3b00f1567e004bfdf06886c08Gavin Sharp — Fix stupid now-incorrect comment that keeps getting copied to new tests, no bug, r=ARGH
6a5f8ebc836a6866849daa92aa916427af01aa7dPhil Ringnalda — Back out 1ba9dc37c2ef:c6bc2193a72b (bug 877461) for b2g build bustage
fd3eb4b732920eb8538e1900f76c123b6dce7ab2Karl Tomlinson — merge backout b=810274
25ab810de6e0f8963a354336c66e0d05905ce3f9Karl Tomlinson — backout f4add9815dd1 and db258cb900a7 because gcc 4.4 builds don't use -std=gnu++0x for decltype b=810274
1ba9dc37c2efb9187e0a1a853fad2bac571112f7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 877461. Part 3: Retry libstagefright audio/video decoding if it fails due to a timeout. r=sotaro
c6bc2193a72b316ce2546c745922a9798745b60aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 877461. Part 2: Initialize VideoFrame members to 0. r=doublec
fbccd02d5cff11030bcf4491485bc250e35e472bAlexander Surkov — Bug 877532 - IAccessible::accNavigate with NAVRELATION_* fails, r=tbsaunde
bec3013abff677fb075084ed9826f5c5e4f62cadKarl Tomlinson — partially re-expand assertion count range for "non-root reflow roots must not have scrollable overflow" assertion that doesn't always trigger b=810274
db258cb900a70202b79a53cdc176e4ad06d531afKarl Tomlinson — b=810274 allow smooth scroll step to nearest pixel boundary short of desired position r=roc
f4add9815dd1844efcbf48de413c4fa0f13493e0Karl Tomlinson — b=810274 include bounds with layer pixels as possible destinations to minimize subpixel scrolls r=roc
9419b209de19eca227eddf859b7fc35415d24e6eKarl Tomlinson — b=810274 ensure scrolled range is non-negative even in the presence of nscoord overflow r=roc
03be241006e00c05bc62b41a727923d4df051d85Karl Tomlinson — b=810252 remove default-unused Pango shaping code r=jfkthame
a47f4e36197f7fe3422a08c5d668f168cdf7e1f9Ed Morley — Merge latest green birch changeset and mozilla-central
0dbc583676132a4d1f6174cb63a25ddc2aa8f6d2Alexandre Lissy — Bug 879695 - Notify the modem that screen state has been changed. r=vicamo,kanru
953b1e4c5c170d0d5281ba46b3b46e0178186bcfAlbert Crespell — Bug 879770 - Remove update stats with fake data when iface is down. r=gene.lian a=tef+
3b44958f4b639f80f121c0748a5e3078618d57d3Michael Wu — Bug 771551 - Add CSS Media Query for physical home buttons, r=heycam
d377d9d71261270e4b51036cc7b156d5b7411109Chia-hung Tai — Bug 855610 - B2G MMS: Scan pending sending/receiving transaction and set the status to fail when b2g bootup. r=vyang
6f19d6debc1c68e0e75da4b0b35b48550f8c7e2fChia-hung Tai — Bug 879675 - B2G MMS: If the mmsc in APN settings end with '/', it will cause sending MMS fail. r=vyang
c24bbcfd3d53162b2b2622be56ca12476294a70bBen Tian — Bug 878728 - Support in-band ringtone, r=echou
17be89a912b5fac1a33a2379078dac0e37efc3f5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a32d62b69434 (bug 879666) for B2G test bustage.
a32d62b694349aac84d69d44a3efd87dbc6db266Jonathan Griffin — Bug 879666 - Use new emulator in TBPL, r=armenzg
10a6781c41e46473cfb52eca8510750f28adf93aTrevor Saunders — bug 877503 - build firefox for android with gcc 4.7 r=ted, blassey, nthomas
a6912e70b705e6528601356881c58d3e5bbc7544Robert Strong — 2. Move gProcessObserver and gTimerCallback to - Bug 879612 - Move app update common xpcshell test code into r=bbondy
83eb0185fcc3ccb7fa05d2d37c15f7d3336a628cRobert Strong — 1. Move adjustPathsOnWindows to - Bug 879612 - Move app update common xpcshell test code into r=bbondy
0a3e2f4219e586212c9e5b2fd830940b3291ce22Benoit Girard — Bug 869114 - Fix race in browser/app repackage when using j>=2. r=glandium
ea85e5a2e7c074727bc032e485d978dac71a71cdMark Finkle — Bug 861164 - use different search URLs for tablet vs. non-tablet [tests] r=margaret
6b7cddb67921adbe2f44c9b1afe0cb68ad92b9dbMark Finkle — Bug 861164 - use different search URLs for tablet vs. non-tablet r=gavin
8135cded2d1c43fc802ebf2670bc981004286e5fJim Blandy — No bug: comment fixes for JS debugger sourceMap support. f=fitzgen DONTBUILD
1671444385497dcc2a5ddad46a1450b74ea754a3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 683159. Remove now-irrelevant assertion annotation. r=ms2ger
a25c0e2489f278ca90b4e82a3efc449952026107Boris Zbarsky — Bug 861938. Make the CanvasWindingRule arguments be treated as missing if undefined is passed in. r=smaug
5f66c33dbf001c446e137953d4ed3df64ba21d3dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829248. Implement basic support for [TreatUndefinedAs=Missing] in WebIDL. r=khuey
831fa9c0c20b031ce73882daf3b720872d81769aTrevor Saunders — bug 870678 - move CameraSelector dictionary to webidl r=bz
3565f3f92904e37ced76345fd363b93ca4f60cbcTrevor Saunders — bug 870678 - remove nsIDOMCameraManager r=bz
c878e510f42a6cf7a5f6e4ddba1b4f6f8240dafbTrevor Saunders — bug 870678 - convert CameraManager to webidl r=bz
b2c600be7e90daca1cd1bbd4d6e99434a64f1b4dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 201d347cda5d (bug 874069) for xpcshell crashes.
e81bb3951c2491cff014a079392dbb8886f485b5Dan Gohman — Bug 875916 - Fix some x86 assembly spew bugs. Also, change the order of operands in psrlq and psllq to be consistent with the operand ordering used in the rest of the file. r=sstangl
44385c2f40beb359ebf2f0d047abd31c24285b74Dan Gohman — Bug 875917 - Use xorl to zero a register instead of movl. r=luke
cf3f93160190e15f0a74c0f5b133ea87e5ed5066Dan Gohman — Bug 871728 - Avoid pushing the stack pointer to the stack; it's saved and restored in ABIArgGenerator::NonVolatileReg. r=luke
25847d9ef59037a4fbb77f239e435cc6eb837c3bDan Gohman — Bug 878818 - Include column numbers in asm.js diagnostics. r=luke
b5138d0d688986c6f34db019cb4f20970956ebf1Drew Willcoxon — Bug 863430 - Teach the reftest harness about async spell checking. r=dbaron
3f4ad11d56da4b29ee44fe238ecce312204cdc85Drew Willcoxon — Bug 856270 - Update spell checking to use nsIContentPrefService2 (part 4: update reftests). r=ehsan
6b29a5c949555aefa0ee6bcca3b1a45809e513f8Drew Willcoxon — Bug 856270 - Update spell checking to use nsIContentPrefService2 (part 3: update other tests). r=ehsan
eac7a8c8d5d42d0ca047102422e13a9bb4fec50eDrew Willcoxon — Bug 856270 - Update spell checking to use nsIContentPrefService2 (part 2: test helper). r=ehsan
8f48c49425ab36aa32130ace7892e4e43db849b5Drew Willcoxon — Bug 856270 - Update spell checking to use nsIContentPrefService2 (part 1: core changes). r=ehsan, sr=gavin
796a79fc347a878cbb3c32465a45b1a0258c7f05Kai Engert — Bug 858231, clean up security/patches directory, r=wtc, DONTBUILD
b1da96acb0dcc9cf44803bcd8dde0808ad0ccf4eDrew Willcoxon — Bug 555120 - Fix intermittent failure in browser_bug441778.js, and in ContentPrefService2, invalidate cache entries when async mutators start. r=mak
90daa2658832ed09ca69b45ebfedd0d02fa4baf8Jeff Walden — Bug 496923 - Import the ch09 test262 tests into jstests. r=generating-script-was-reviewed
d4b12367230188751eaf82db1d44e2ab14a8548cJeff Walden — Bug 496923 - Update the test262-updating script to import the ch09 tests. r=terrence
8634a682e6469d40b218fa52ee36ffecfcd13a8cNicholas Cameron — Bug 862952, Re-enable Composer2D after layers refactoring. r=bjacob,f=diego
12cdc8931e48dd8210b1a6d7eed5ad5701ed9708Shane Tully — Bug 857730 - Add read and write contacts Android permissions to Android manifest file. r=cpeterson
9c2358efab233d555251f0e20b23f43d46032133Steve Fink — Backed out changeset 55fa2277a702 (bug 848592) for exposing pre-existing rooting hazards. Will fix the problems before relanding. The green you see is a lie.
ef66f749167d49310bd7898abf2e54bbd4aa6affDan Gohman — Bug 875910 - Optimize x86 and x64 encodings for test and cmp with immediates. r=sstangl
8382b3aa1bf207ad7fb544f18e163912eba4b238Devdatta Akhawe — Bug 878606 - Only measure SSL UI clicks for top level frames. r=felipc
201d347cda5dd0a4e3f72652e569e62ed19740bdManu Chaudhary — Bug 874069 - Use one geolocation instance object per ContentParent. r=jdm
44465f14b9826ac1e6f9006987df7fd5200e4713Trevor Saunders — backout bug 877886 for bustage
55fa2277a70226c70c99db95a71007b6a90567adSteve Fink — Bug 848592 - Mark memory accessed by dynamic rooting analysis as defined, r=njn
37c3c32546e44d6c65e2587915408d31862492f9Steve Fink — Bug 876776 - Add a -J option to the shell for running under jorendb, r=terrence
18e4c0ecfdba49e6c94a077e007353586033ee30Steve Fink — Bug 876776 - Do not crash when dumping a NULL object, r=terrence
b238eac6e18390e00f9b52bbab0ebf2b90f5ca90Steve Fink — Bug 876776 - Allow using '--' to terminate shell arguments (and pass the rest to the script), r=terrence
efa6ea58e9be383f41c8d2a33435c068577033e3Steve Fink — Bug 876776 - Import latest versi