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Mon Nov 21 16:17:59 2016 +0000
e0bec38b612afb0611b47d8c3aa726f2a9a3f70bMarco Bonardo — Bug 1314013 - Allow the bookmarking ui to add a new keyword when the provided postData differs from the existing one. r=adw, a=gchang
bea0677c2c073ef2e73522581fc84726b5171a5eEugen Sawin — Bug 1283629 - [1.1] Check for cached library file availability before reusing it. r=glandium, a=gchang
83de2b07a573b25a0f941fc2c8237fe6bb0f7b68Jarda Snajdr — Bug 1285173 - Netmonitor perf stats: whenDataAvailable should wait for a nonempty request list. r=Honza, a=gchang
2eb273467d90b7d6376aa90ab086b2a6a71e1c50Paolo Amadini — Bug 1296322 - X button is vertically misaligned on the permission dropdown. r=dao, a=gchang
46b359a3770a7c5b51e81584ec37c3a6beeeb349Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1289001 - NeckoParent::GetValidatedAppInfo should consider ServiceWorkers when validating HttpChannel requests. r=bkelly, r=valentin, f=asuth, a=gchang
4f76c3bce70fee115b8a2bc5cc4e7357ae003b6bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1289001 - Security check in NeckoParent::GetValidatedAppInfo must pass if the serialized LoadContext is null. r=valentin, a=gchang
1fb19c64c1cc26cafa1814d13e143217cb27f404Valentin Gosu — Bug 1289001 - Add code to GetValidatedAppInfo to figure out why it fails. r=jduell, a=gchang
115cc4b13d7ebb463c973091cf3e34fcb037d415Eugen Sawin — Bug 1313451 - [1.1] Make Zip thread-safe. r=glandium, a=gchang
c8e0d652196fc582a73830d6db7dfa9eb027261eEdgar Chen — Bug 1290904 - Fix assertion failure on removing/adding a fieldsets on a nested fieldset. r=smaug, a=gchang
f68cadfae2124b54902ea4fdaacd263da441a816Paul Adenot — Bug 1312413 - `mDefaultDevice` should be an index in `mDeviceIndexes`. r=jesup, a=gchang