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Fri May 31 14:58:20 2019 +0000
e02a84026ffda1838ebef5370593b97d0280e900Rob Wu — Bug 1553448 - Improve appearance of card menu at about:addons r=mstriemer,jaws a=jcristau
0be946c9a8d8634914882a561249f15603091f3fAlexis Beingessner — Bug 1553295 - let masks be active in blobs. r=jrmuizel a=jcristau
40889c3aad8af453045feef6aef3f4a74276879dBarret Rennie — Bug 1553261 - Register CompositionPayloads with the WebRenderBridge and enable key press telemetry r=kats a=jcristau
85c9907686ce71f4a72da448d278444acc11b2a2Barret Rennie — Bug 1553261 - Clean up some of the CompositionPayload infrastructure r=kats a=jcristau
49da76e97a0250b8dfee9e1f54c7dac3fb896a56Marco Bonardo — Bug 1553067 - Quantum Bar may not return bookmark tags correctly. r=adw a=jcristau
c1641fab48a0bb6cc656222ecc66e0e7669f9b2dMark Striemer — Bug 1552537 - Include preferences option for plugins r=kmag a=jcristau
5527500a9cf762bd13bb959849baaeb526b1fd4cTom Prince — Bug 1549889: Display whats-new-page to trailhead locales on updates to beta; r?nthomas a=jcristau
b488a5cc9dfb0751a096461165c5b243a48ee0adTom Prince — Bug 1549889: Add support for displaying WNP conditionally on build-id; r=nthomas a=jcristau
6fc87a979fcb6667944d1fb1cdcc9cd8f70acce5Ed Lee — Bug 1547830 - Ensure updated WNP is shown in the Trailhead dot release (aka 67.0.5) r=Gijs a=jcristau
5fb77819e231aad9231f89c33b5a573bb1779f21chrmod — Bug 1551377 - GeckoView unique tab id r=geckoview-reviewers,snorp a=jcristau
abda154079efcd7fdc78ab5a0ba6e13fc14aa93aMatthew Gregan — Bug 1550695 - Wrap cubeb_init in EnsureMTA to handle being called from threads where COM is uninitialized. r=achronop a=jcristau
d68ba2d3844c731135e9fbdf750e727fd8412feaMatthew Gregan — Bug 1550695 - Avoid duplicating cubeb_init in both arms of MOZ_CUBEB_REMOTING ifdef. r=achronop a=jcristau