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Mon Oct 01 13:10:22 2018 +0000
f76a129ff2f2739e286626024004d7785bdb4dc1ScottDowne — Bug 1490734 - Fresh profile can sometimes display no card in the third card position r=k88hudson a=pascalc DEVEDITION_63_0b11_BUILD1 DEVEDITION_63_0b11_RELEASE FENNEC_63_0b11_BUILD1 FENNEC_63_0b11_RELEASE FIREFOX_63_0b11_BUILD1 FIREFOX_63_0b11_RELEASE
3fa0c4d514c91c625d0a6f8c2cae2b3c7157b712Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1489785: Remove a workaround for gcc, introduced in bug 678607, that is no longer needed and that causes hangs in modal dialogs on macOS 10.14. r=mstange a=pascalc
52c77c08b8a50b158a75d4b4948babb42350c0aeBotond Ballo — Bug 1476221 - Keep the bounding client rect of the 'FormAssist:AutoCompleteResults' message relative to the visual viewport. r=mstange a=pascalc
2658fb7e9e994e9a581399e445a640ec7449d956Botond Ballo — Bug 1476221 - Expose the offset of the visual viewport relative to the layout viewport to chrome JS code via nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=mstange a=pascalc
2c89af76feb4fb7b24cc7f32db3ac9ef35837e0dJim Mathies — Bug 1477064 - Collect PLUGIN_DRAWING_MODEL histogram data on release. r=francois, data=francois a=pascalc
53e361cf9567c69172bfe1f1f67fec5944d6d8b3Botond Ballo — Bug 1486695 - Only set nsDisplayListBuilder::mActiveScrolledRootForRootScrollframe for the RCD-RSF. r=mstange a=pascalc
c6d12dab44f03bb846778586d1f90c19c77377b4Francois Marier — Bug 1488974 - Disable FastBlock after the load event has fired. r=mayhemer,Ehsan a=pascalc
20a95b6b2494f59b0aa86fe71e9a195305603a99James Willcox — Bug 1491094 - Don't require ACCESS_WIFI_STATE for GeckoView r=droeh a=pascalc
c1f74cb53e6d4f43f950a8102f6e8ef7c8fb2a41Botond Ballo — Bug 1492288 - Use IGNORE_ROOT_SCROLL_FRAME on Android when doing the hit test in AccessibleCaretManager::SelectWordOrShortcut(). r=kats a=pascalc
b6e5cc56a49f81aa5eb8b556a2b3ab77329985d0Martin Stransky — Bug 1492764 - Set .left class to headerbar box element as Gtk+ does, r=jhorak a=pascalc
b89d43000773dd683b06437d00a196ac273e6af7Jim Chen — Bug 1494739 - Remove GV vibrate permission; r=me a=pascalc