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Tue Nov 08 22:56:33 2011 +0000
f745dc151615a8aa29e9ce41e6ee51b9ad031ec5Axel Hecht — bug 668771, adding Kashubian (csb) to builds shipping in beta, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
3ecde4f133f085c1716ec606f1858b91e104d5c6Brian Smith — Bug 650858: Back out changeset 999905af7783 (bug 619201). a=backout
af5702745e96dc2dbc8e7b5dd1339108892113cdChristian Legnitto — Version bump
4c79fc728cc37a7dd0a6606ab08eeb4b39965d61Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 622992 - Update Chrome IPC to not allocate memory after forking + remove hack. r=cjones a=legneato
277614dd4525624c054c30f388b1b98a7ab3e1a3Doug Turner — Bug 668194 - Geolocation times out and/or does not properly use wifi access points information (awful accuracy) r=mfinkle. a=LegNeato
9b37b23dbc4ab9ac67b6dc5c8c3c1849cdc4674bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 695421 - Fixed crash for ICO files that have a large (and wrong) width specified. r=joe, a=clegnitto
a0834921de1e034606da29a7642681990eb6c40eMatthew Gregan — Bug 697647 - VideoFrame's visible region should use the pre-transform size rather than the raw video buffer size. r=roc,a=akeybl
66f33a0dc3939f741fe13126ad34e996455ca9edBen Turner — Bug 687216 - 'XHR in worker to bogus URI leads to Assertion failure'. r=sicking, a=legneato.
f95e13ba4a584468d44630ed04a3061bdeb06c78Ben Turner — Bug 687220 - 'XHR POST in worker with null body and upload load event listener leads to Assertion failure'. r=mrbkap, a=legneato.
9addd25bb7306ab73c3c3f8af02a1133102023f9Ben Turner — Bug 699633 - 'Inline workers broken'. r=sicking, test by Jussi Kalliokoski <>, a=legneato.
4a3931156e57eb12db32e7d5de9880687bd53cd3Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 690992 - App tabs break deleting cookies on close [r=dietrich, a=legneato]
d348ad4a966ca46f3b403f5b44323e9fc03d4ba4Wes Johnston — Bug 675252 - Fix use of buildid in LocaleRepository. r=mfinkle, a=legneato
e4565d9a60a209145a6986b124b2459569b6c2e4Fabien Cazenave — Bug 684638 - Google Docs Spreadsheets Sluggish. Back out the bug 674212 patch for now to fix that. r=bzbarsky, a=legneato
3ed4686333f2c3284da3267ab58af985bff64dd0Josh Aas — Bug 656006: Fix crash in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest. r=bz a=clegnitto
15b028ac0dcfb3edf66b1b6c888661f587fb5658Justin Lebar — Bug 687710 - Restoring a session with parent-child cycles shouldn't cause a hang. r=mfinkle,zpao a=clegneato
a78bbe2376beffc838457ab5c3dd731d76597669Dave Mandelin — Bug 679986: Deoptimize unnecessary regexps. (r=cdleary, a=dmandelin)
c845d62ee43f88dd9574de1c9fce367e14bdef11Boris Zbarsky — Bug 620122. Make sure, when unlinking, to remove the kids from our child list before unbinding them. r=smaug, a=legneato
d518534ad916810a5520b7eb9cd0e2952284f558Khaled Hosny — bug 680692 - cherry-pick fix for GPOS contextual chaining positioning, needed by some Arabic fonts (from upstream harfbuzz-ng commit cc1a8a938b4c13e76b58825a9e1951c4134e634a). r=jfkthame, a=akeybl
505216fa1c65894a6a907087a8d15586ec912977Kai Engert — Bug 698753, Distrust two Malaysian Sub-CAs. r=rrelyea, a=johnath
bf9edc46e39f476edb990ae753d47040d613df91Kai Engert — Bug 669061, Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.13.1, r=kaie, r=wtc, a=clegnitto
b16983396f3058cdc059ce6c10cf3284e3e50f52Brian Hackett — Watch for imacros in ContextStack::currentScript, bug 697255. r=luke a=akeybl
4b3528fc67a84ae1bccd066ca066a30aecd8e7ddPatrick McManus — bug 687367 - disable DNS parallelism for android due to libc breakage r=bz, a=LegNeato
90a4c98c1ae33f10545a3cd142cfc6eb77c9e9dfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 681867. text-overflow only needs to affect the scrolling behavior of the block container with text-overflow. r=mats,a=legneato
fde58d9f353986268bf62ddc4f46868a89b40c43Matt Brubeck — Bug 697975 - Don't show the first-run animation in tablet mode [r=mfinkle, a=lmandel]
6db605a34b15345ac6738ce8db2048782e184640Jason Orendorff — Bug 684489 - Fix a strict direct eval bug affecting Google Maps. r=Waldo, a=akeybl.
3c039628db9b12b064e82855fd0c67d7c227801dJosh Aas — Bug 562442: Plugin crash fix (parent process). r=jmathies a=jst
40aad4c14fbdb04c3f5aa8c88f38757fdf1493ccRichard Newman — Bug 695345 - restore ISO8601DateUtils.jsm by backing out m-c 5022587c841f. approval-mozilla-aurora=LegNeato
ac762e001967f21f64ecbfd43d3acb2ec657dd47Benoit Girard — Bug 663259 - Disable 'plugins.use_layers' because of unresolved problems with GoogleTalk and Vidyo Flash hang. r=smichaud, a=LegNeato
c8fcdb6bd4d72e5ddb3a705523aec176284692eaJason Orendorff — Report an error when trying to watch an E4X property with a qualified name, rather than set a watchpoint that will not hit reliably. Bug 691746, r=jimb, a=clegnitto.
152e68819fd7b8bad481ad481700130d08d82622Robert Longson — Bug 696579 - Round out mask, filter and pattern surfaces. r=roc a=akeybl
95d475c2449dd7afc8922dc80a8e6f2485988df0Josh Aas — Bug 649079: Plugin crash fix (parent process). r=bz a=clegnitto
9748abf802919fde7924f1368adae2282b7d13e0Richard Newman — Bug 653335 - Sync setup wizard triggers Change Master Password dialog. r=philikon, approval-mozilla-aurora=LegNeato
532d27c289ded70b9bec2663730ea14f04354c24Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 694953 - Check the node type of an <svg:mpath> link before derefencing the link, not just the node name, r=dholbert, a=legneato
8b0b938b03a68f5d6abe72907e15a7f634ba1a9bDave Camp — Bug 689808 - Disable the highlighter on aurora. r=robcee, a=jst
9596ebae96a15506c62d0beb89ab37e168375e95Dave Camp — Bug 696167 - test_contextmenu.html doesn't respect highlighter preference. r=gavin, a=asa
3733f8ea953592e8ed2456fa07172020b8d43a61Dave Townsend — Bug 693743: Some 3rd party add-ons are getting installed into the profile and are not disabled on start-up. r=Unfocused, a=LegNeato
4d7b3566bd134d51475a8288ec85d4c600829690Dave Townsend — Bug 694595: Some settings for add-ons aren't being migrated when we change database schemas. r=Unfocused, a=LegNeato
56032076e440be3c69eda9d259aca49911449e4dDave Townsend — Bug 693698: 3rd Party add-ons from the application folder are not disabled on upgrade. r=Unfocused, a=LegNeato
a1497cd3ec8f368455cdbaa7bd07488954e81938Steven Michaud — Bug 687610 - QuickTime can't play media from the network cache when running OOP. r=bsmedberg,josh a=akeybl
5bf4059fa0e0e2a300f00adf682586891e876577Dão Gottwald — Bug 690227 - Back out bug 455694 (tab drag/detach animations), a=LegNeato
4da434beb5377fe1a06800ff165cfb965cc04865Michal Novotny — Bug 681407 - crash nsLocalFile::CopyMove, a=LegNeato
99db0336dcd19d7770c1e187a5e9a66a6d54a285Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 691690 - Part 2: Use UTF-8 flag on copy. r=gavin a=asa
dae0bfc9a7608d500e4a75002f30db48567d6f11Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 691690 - Part 1: Add UTF-8 flag to createFixupURI. r=bz
90abd2bba8202fe8cab52a4c1499a51cf89b4975Richard Newman — Bug 543535 - Remove ISO8601DateUtils.jsm, r=gal (reverting backout in 6cc47e2298e1 intended for beta; a=philor-crossed-wires,LegNeato)
6cc47e2298e1cd90d49c09efc403f876bd778423Richard Newman — Bug 695345 - restore ISO8601DateUtils.jsm by backing out m-c 5022587c841f. a=LegNeato
47f6ba029ea4f1d5503b07fc19ece916d245e17dJustin Lebar — Bug 683777 - Add null-check to prevent crash in nsDocShell::InternalLoad. r=smaug, a=legneato
4027f8761df6ae605fed1a95e407e4f57a268d2aFelix Fung — Bug 688925 - Plugin-Crash: Unique Notification Bar Help Link to Differentiate Source. r=dolske, a=asa
5fa6afbdbb8f1bbd7af9af48352b6d5f7d18c1faNick Thomas — Bug 682805, add tag UPDATE_PACKAGING_R15 (on R14), a=legneato DONTBUILD
575e780f1e7568af6769b1c08e83850548bff117Matt Brubeck — Bug 691541 - Hack to ensure sidebars are hidden properly during startup [r=mfinkle, a=LegNeato]
2c16b0af8373efb964e75d71d8d933a19d6040b6Jason Duell — Bug 696989: Lower network.http.max-connections to 48 on windows until bug 692260 is resolved. r=mcmanus, a=asa
97645f2bcf5d276b89652e169a077d3dfe57f9b1Wes Johnston — Bug 694047 - Turn off the locale picker (revert to a simple menulist) [r=mfinkle a=Cww]
6ddc1d746bca6947ef92f853598c7cc3e35d7545Matt Brubeck — Bug 694311 - Return Sync UI to the disconnected state if login fails [r=mfinkle,philikon a=lmandel]
10dca99e30c47aaab03de262b18a16cc747eddf9Simon Montagu — Resynchronize the Shift_JIS converter after unrecognized sequences. Bug 690225, r=emk, a-mozilla-aurora=dveditz
b8492fce41a0aa4825bc929bbef56a80d8696fd7Brian Hackett — Always initialize 'this' value of constructor frames when going through InvokeConstructorKernel, bug 688974. r=luke a=jst
781ed08803ea10ee78fa48aadd3bea222b9e86a3Brian Hackett — Don't overflow pending array on OOM, bug 691873. r=jimb a=jst
b9725bcebd715b1d8add6d7589a93040bde8ab63Brian Hackett — Don't disable ICs on error paths, bug 694200. r=dvander a=jst
021bf68f4d51d6dcc0adf968b0bd231871083d9bSteve Fink — Bug 689101 - make the jsval_layout field in JS::Value public in MSC compilers for binary compatibility across C and C++ (r=luke, a=asa)
88fb0cd0df5920fa0a24fb42107ea59da8b4f09bJeff Walden — Bug 694454 - Make Function.caller skip over eval frames rather than cause stack-walking code to snarl into a loop on them. r=luke, a=asa
672f3bb231e3e3a4b2e5913148fa5aaf99688b2eHenri Sivonen — Bug 677050 - Return NS_ERROR_DOM_INVALID_STATE_ERR if fragment parsing is invoked re-entrantly. r=bzbarsky, a=jst.
2eee5fa83a4dbf66dc87501912f05552aa9fd9eeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 694432 - Make the LdrLoadDll hook compatible with Windows 8 by not assuming that a valid path would always be passed; r=bsmedberg a=asa
ccaf201862a03db6873e612218ac09934de235d3Richard Newman — Bug 693505 - Sync error muffling causes undesirable lack of logging on error. r=philikon, approval-mozilla-aurora=asa
1d546fa99f1b2b7021174437f10c70f06159e243Dave Camp — Bug 689808 - Backed out changeset 4efa58448392. a=test failures.
4efa58448392f5965587ebb5e7c9fa6f388514f4Dave Camp — Bug 689808: Disable the highlighter on aurora. r=robcee, a=jst
143a25850de6ceb6a03b5cc226b29716326e3475Dave Camp — Bug 689804 - Disable orion in scratchpad on aurora. r=robcee, a=jst
0cb1870e32d2d63b380f48bd30e1f8e281dbd5ecPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 693413 - Service.startOver resets Status.sync too late, prefs pane flickers. r=rnewman a=asa
b3aaf5bf21a4fe664dc741bea674afc23d7a7596Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 692249 - Persist nextSync and numClients, use nextSync for sync after startup. r=rnewman a=asa
ef5f3c44d0343855a04b526942d3e06b661396e5Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 694149 - Tweak sync intervals to reduce server load. r=rnewman,atoll a=asa
32fc4eb5feecf7dcc19feab336cd93fb0a268ea3Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 678586 - Trigger a delayed sync after pairing a new device. r=rnewman a=asa
65aa8babe7e1250f802a35a5e190f978cb917e0dMyk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; a=test-only
b0f0d24a20e52344c19fc11a11c4b649fbaa404dJeff Walden — Bug 679509 - Make sure convert hooks in plugin code always return a primitive value. r=mrbkap, r=luke, r=jst, a=LegNeato
5016fa65673eb36c50b4c8fd38b0f6c79fefca58Bas Schouten — Bug 691137: Use proper coordinates when adding a device space quadratic curve. r=roc, a=LegNeato
54a04805efe1a733cb71b6808b9c1de3d873beb4Daniel Holbert — Bug 694165: crashtest for this bug. r=hsivonen a=LegNeato
5ccd8461f2fea8123bd856d170fff73bcd884d56Daniel Holbert — Bug 694165: After receiving final data for SVG-as-an-image, when we synchronously finish parsing, cancel any continue events that the parser posts. r=hsivonen a=LegNeato
4754469691dbf613b9ba767813944a4089531e1aBen Turner — Bug 692605 - Disable console listener tests until it can be fixed, rs=sicking, a=legneato.
bd7b78fc45bd35656e5cadc6588c5045338d783eBen Turner — Bug 690418 - 'ChromeWorker global inaccessible out of DOM scope'. r=sicking, a=legneato.
598684717e502dc57ed8aa970d4d294648381dddBrian Hackett — Don't load high bits when getting typed array lengths, bug 693144. r=dvander a=clegnitto
2ff67bfc7b1982b5306ac9084a443ff011e28c03Brian Hackett — Avoid reentrant constraint solving when breaking type barriers, bug 685186. r=dvander a=asa
9c3b0542705c823c2e94a28f9e3a95c92a3e1f97Brian Hackett — Fix recompilation hazard in CALLELEMENT, bug 686107. r=dvander a=asa
51d973c83798caa2f7d54af54ca3fc4ee563800cTodd Whiteman — Bug 692523: Add imports of os/sys modules to r=khuey a=jst
c9155f2b618f531720bc8cfbd37cd6174f3dc258Chris Jones — Bug 689366: Don't ask our frame loader for its layer manager after Destroy(). r=bz a=LegNeato
a6f988cf41113facae9a46cf9a874c70136de46aFabrice Desré — Bug 692961 - Capturing image on camera api crashes [@ mozalloc_abort | __swrite ] [r=blassey] [a=asa]
b2f3b19ebe42b7e287b26ddd1220dbc989efd19aJonathan Kew — bug 693610 - accumulate advanceSum so that we don't overlap successive glyph runs when drawing text to azure canvas. r=bas a=legneato
4df0ea4610d75dfe264a4884399bbb23ccbe8f1bMark Finkle — Bug 684826 - Last typed character from password field is not visible when password is filled in [r=blassey a=clegnitto]
c51ae7d58e76d881af243f5e72db403d949af283Lucas Rocha — Bug 691338 - Reuse same position when re-anchoring popup on resize event (r=wesj a=Cww)
218c4fca33964597538d6d0e6ff5c8e73f15e004Olli Pettay — Bug 432698 - mouseenter and mouseleave, backout from aurora, a=clegnitto
0b682734b597c4a0dd89bc0ff90bc4e4abf7ebbfMats Palmgren — Bug 684266 - Suppress ellipsing when scrolling further isn't possible in that direction. r=roc a=blizzard
b8a8b530e833789890fb7303c35c55056296f7ddMats Palmgren — Bug 684266 - Do ellipsing on the end-edge only when a single value was specified for text-overflow. r=bzbarsky r=roc a=blizzard
851dcf5a6ad1d55215f59456255e34612fb36373Christian Legnitto — Bug 689679 - Add What's New page to the Firefox Update Experience (backs out bug 685727), a=LegNeato
fafffd7c801e721a67f9a017d1fe90a02a4138fbWes Johnston — Bug 692183 - Fix client coordinates for touchevents. r=mbrubeck a=asa
f41ea62c6d4c416e3d1718e5aaafb21e935717b5Mark Finkle — Bug 692712 - Pre-filter recommended add-ons JSON instead of filtering at startup [r=wjohnston a=asa]
b707c898e8674da28cf70a6040750d02ce9e6e42Mark Finkle — Bug 692767 - about:home shows tabs from last time with wrong encoding, non-ASCII characters are broken [r=mbrubeck a=asa]
8b117194484938507adeb91d8708713315674019Mark Finkle — Bug 691534 - Use asyncFetch when loading files in aboutHome.xhtml [r=mbrubeck a=asa]
7f5f7f9bc6e0fcec48f86073a7b17a60e23c2f08Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; a=test-only
3ea3354a2d60ed2d61930c22ada85824e216d79aMike Hommey — Bug 686283 - Properly handle EOF in TokenStream::getAtSourceMappingURL on platforms with unsigned chars. r=luke,a=blassey
9c11492b53104726f3c57c883ad371224625d7f3Kyle Huey — Bug 690961. r=mrbkap a=Asa
939e5e3e201580bed2a2d8988dc67a403801ad73Henri Sivonen — Bug 692434 - Use = instead of == for assignment in XHR charset handling code. r=Olli.Pettay, a=asa.
87be7145a73e10110a8c93e669a5ed9ae7109232Geoff Lankow — Bug 692078 - Second attempt to open addons.sqlite doesn't work; r=dtownsend a=asa
5f1156bde9ef1652fdc3ca3e729a657e2ccd4756Marco Bonardo — Bug 690354 - Idle expiration never runs for clean databases.
4e86daeba6c5ff1da6412097575c36c9a2ccb4e4Marco Bonardo — Bug 691509 - Run ANALYZE at each schema change (and force a schema change).
c0c7322521b722c74adffb748843370e61f64b41Brian Hackett — Fix code generation around safe points, bug 690376. r=dvander a=curtisk
a4123ca7c79ad4027213b4c2d90a6efab2ac4fccBrian Hackett — Check for operations on integers in loops, bug 689892. r=dvander a=asa
433458808fbedb968ab0c4c6c61f3aa29da69055Michal Novotny — Bug 682727 - Handle OOM in xpc_qsDOMString and xpc_qsAUTF8String. r=jst, sr=joshmoz, a=blizzard
327f5fdae6639443de3cf71586884f15a44fb7a7Gavin Barraclough — Bug 683838: Fix return logic in backTrackParentheses, r=dmandelin, a=clegnitto
d2b41745ba9feb79bf9a6b2abbd2378ab8e32752Marco Bonardo — Bug 686025 - nsNavHistory::AsyncExecuteLegacyQueries uses synchronous createStatement instead of createAsyncStatement.
516f06fad5cf73be178e32fe3f5654f4fc991784Justin Lebar — Back out bug 622315 (ffead16f25eb) due to numerous regressions. a=legneato
7c50a1970615cabad53b48c6d9c4e30fb615f92aLuke Wagner — Bug 690959 - Fix bug in String.prototype.replace on rope (r=cdleary,a=legneato)
76061bf736676169116f54a2f8ff37e28d1e7f1fBen Turner — Bug 683885 - 'Assertion failure: self, at dom/workers/EventTarget.cpp:170'. r=sicking, a=legneato.
c4862aaec55b34a37580458f6311762be34374faJim Mathies — Bug 677711 - Disable plugin child aborts on parent hangs for Aurora and up. a=clegnitto
cf8c888e1f0e25b39ecaf59ac80a145b1c735531Bas Schouten — Bug 655836: Use Snapshot API for drawing one Azure canvas to another. r=roc a=clegnitto
108f75592a6e318e7a081cb0f1b3dc6d6eb49e34Tim Taubert — Bug 657472 - 'Tune' the time to wait before displaying the update been downloaded / restart notification and provide ability to override in the update xml; r=rstrong; a=johnath
c3e00a0f16cc24e9ff6419d2d244f77865886f28Olli Pettay — Bug 681387: backout bug 654352 (caretPositionFromPoint), r=ehsan, a=blassey
a929601e7a9e873d5afe95090c1688cf323e9cbfMike Hommey — Bug 677897 - Use objcopy from the NDK in r=ted,a=LegNeato
b3b15c400d3fcb18181b7486db461e4d9f31b8dbMike Conley — Bug 488627 - Fix datepicker to work nicely with more date formats. r=enn, a=legneato.
5cbbdef702d3290d76226eb2bea7a5f6a2bbc913Benoit Jacob — Bug 684882 - on Macs with Intel GPUs, limit cube map size to 512 - r=jrmuizel, a=clegnitto
8ccea4352c398a4e5dcad421491052e18bf5bc22James Willcox — Bug 690705 - Don't put the restart helper activity in the recent list [r=blassey, a=asa]
69b3acb2a4d6649d371a8b480a180f69dddc4ba7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 690849 - Fix the height of dialog buttons in honeycomb theme [r=wesj,mfinkle, a=asa]
f9256c7a5685359090130546156a9007380bf524Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 690888 - Fix styling of menulists in honeycomb theme. r=mfinkle, a=asa
a443b54e2cab96bb1dbff2fc1b25b5d79f850574Matt Brubeck — Bug 690017 - Use -moz-crisp-edges scaling for favicons in tablet portrait tab menu [r=wesj, a=asa]
4a81215700fb998331c38c691620bea8f753fa2aMatt Brubeck — Bug 690973 - Opening a new tab in portrait does not open the awesomescreen [r=wesj, a=asa]
327b44552e6f6a40e619a6c69636c74cf1a517ceOleg Romashin — Bug 691763 - Fennec Layout is broken on initial startup after landing. r=mbrubeck a=asa
910f9161b314c695854d0c06afa0801b5a877da1Fabrice Desré — Bug 691377 - crash [@ mozilla::net::CameraStreamImpl::transmitFrame] [r=blassey] [a=asa]
8b33f4aae60d339ded6b96ecca850e4c90988292Fabrice Desré — Bug 691560 - crash [@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::InitCamera] [r=blassey] [a=asa]
b2f1ffa12cd2eca7f6181f37fd8adcd7d94d1d08Lucas Rocha — Bug 690870 - Bump magin_xtiny from 0.11mozmm to 0.15mozmm (r=mfinkle a=asa)
0da47992b626a89386ae7ecb14bdb134f549719bJonathan Kew — bug 688779 - restore en-US hyphenation to the Android product. r=dougt a=asa
4216dc9744ed3e4a743fb65a10f2dc5549f7cf66Boris Zbarsky — Bug 692506. Make sure that SVG animated strings keep track of whether the base value is set correctly. r=dholbert, a=asa
aa2f030842c0b225f97f8a493d3187f406815fc7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 691725. Actually initialize the mIsDragPopup member of nsWidgetInitData. r=enn, a=legneato
6763937c5a1fd5af01972cfdf3378eb037bc8d0bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 691226. Make about:memory do more escaping, since item descriptions can contain characters that are not allowed in XML attribute values. r=jlebar, a=legneato
625b0a5109eb3ba698172a3dc61eceb7c29cae57Boris Zbarsky — Bug 690990. Don't assert that sheets are not modified when it would be just fine for them to be modified. r=peterv, a=legneato
ac11059899af751c0b502b41043ba5fc864e8847Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 691663 - SyncScheduler should obey backoffInterval at all times. r=rnewman a=asa
dc260d4908e869f38db9efb1bf11e8b3547be53cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 691988 - OS X: Spurious 'back' events from idle observer cause too many instant syncs. r=rnewman a=LegNeato
dcb1ab75cf636f465f7abcb41ab38bc4bb5f19c8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 691612 - Backoff handling is broken. r=rnewman a=asa
ded1eb6ccec80664176ec479dff82ebba16a5886Chris Pearce — Bug 692593 - Rev uuids of nsIDOMDocument subclasses. r=roc a=asa
557b00e625d266c507864cf6a4acf524a5fe6f50Ben Turner — Bug 691046 - 'worker.postMessage behaves like there is a hidden exception in Cloud9 Ace'. r=sicking, a=asa.
fd87ca1971fac8aac397e8e66c41031998ab68efBoris Zbarsky — Bug 689564. Only forward event attributes on body/frameset to the window if we also forward the corresponding on* property. r=smaug, a=legneato
4c15202ca083d67a2ac7f254d52c0ddd7328a1d6Boris Zbarsky — Merge backout of rev 6acb018b5a1b (bug 689564), a=orange
6788ca0a115ff4a02efc3dd9aca1d6de85ecac89Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 6acb018b5a1b (bug 689564) on suspicion of causing Linux
ad21e8e83543ceef4b68e2cb2955e9e87dbcc677Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 682412 - Theme settings on Honeycomb. r=mfinkle a=asa
c1343471b0dbebe5ed69e5ccbb9ea610fea1d8c7Mark Finkle — Bug 645799 - Hide the crash reporter from the recently used apps window [r=blassey a=asa]
e7cc149f244121d3ad8ce2230feb8125f8d4dfd1Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; a=test-only
6acb018b5a1b2b7d3c9211d236d2a95974ff850dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 689564. Only forward event attributes on body/frameset to the window if we also forward the corresponding on* property. r=smaug, a=legneato
aae5e17fb70c9e91b52e77379d02005b3c37f16bJared Wein — Backout revision 379147b5215f due to video controls not showing when viewing standalone videos (bug 689106). r=jonas a=asa
724b6e0c57e84052f69d7a54fc310ab3d25d0c1dMatt Brubeck — Bug 691054 - Back out bug 667980 (getNetworkLinkType) on Android because of scary permissions [r=dougt, a=LegNeato]
550b6bcf09b3a03bbef70d540e38ddd267aba30aDão Gottwald — Bug 686469 - Tab-modal alert can overflow the browser window. r=dolske a=asa
4de13b66499d7f29d3a105d6413bd777afa2624dGavin Sharp — Bug 657462: don't select the first item in the download manager automatically, r=dolske, a=blizzard
79eab065f0d05710733e577dc7b715c0540ea2b1Aditya Bhatt — Bug 689301 - Compile error in nsTimerImpl.cpp with gcc 4.6.0 on Fedora core 15 x64; r=espindola a=LegNeato
485f3c637b11ad07d4fdf48eacc6092385bcfbfcRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 690235 - Fix Mac builds with clang caused by bug 666414 not catching the stupidness of gcc4.2 (see bug 689397); r=ehsan a=jst
14c7c295a445fb6bf50af8085b0f060ea51a99e9Wes Johnston — Bug 689562 - Fix highlight state for reload button. r=lucasr a=LegNeato
532a0a9ed1eef4b5b700d58664fc96cbb0e572c7James Willcox — Bug 689948 - Fix regressions caused by bug 686992 [r=blassey a=LegNeato]
b9a6752584aa2dd5d3fd50111be449b9f879100cMatt Brubeck — Bug 689966 - Pref are initialized twice because of reference to nonexistent element [r=wesj, a=asa]
2424db0f3fb476f50a10b64f3388f618bc785744Mark Finkle — Bug 690134 - Fennec shows non-interactive UI on firstrun instead of splash screen [r=mbrubeck, a=asa]
2de758311c153c86df91c5c9ec129acd52f78554Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 689832 - syncSetup.js refers to outdated string change.password.pwSameAsSyncKey. r=philikon a=Asa
8aa82e4926dc56aab00db89795ba6872762ce2cdDave Townsend — Bug 680802: Installing a new add-on at the same time as installing a new version of the app which uses new properties from install.rdf will fail. r=robstrong, a=LegNeato
91108b3935720f0f18ec9d9a2fadf6ab9725e302L. David Baron — Backout changeset c07445f34e92 (bug 611099, part 1) until bug 668163 is fixed. approval-mozilla-aurora=clegnitto
9bad9985b2eb87424ca57d6cf8cef2d8dbd9f4c5L. David Baron — Backout changeset 58fe3ede72f8 (bug 611099, part 2) until bug 668163 is fixed. approval-mozilla-aurora=clegnitto
d6c48e7f9b9d5ff5a8ff3f592eb6a65e2d5efedfL. David Baron — Backout changeset 3af9fed4e33a (bug 611099, part 3) until bug 668163 is fixed. approval-mozilla-aurora=clegnitto
2b4f99e468aa1dadce226c880f6415b2879ab842Matt Brubeck — Bug 689599 - Ensure postData is non-null before accessing it in Browser.loadURI [r=mfinkle, a=asa]
ec885a01be0738b1e1262b83714648e1684f69c3Boris Zbarsky — Change to aurora branding
9ee2d9069a425fd35c7721d943333069d0599aeeBoris Zbarsky — Version bump to 9.0a2
c0983049bcaa9551e5f276d5a77ce154c151e0b0Dão Gottwald — merge backout, CLOSED TREE AURORA_BASE_20110927
fa501d6681d2eed8c29019789646042984531b44Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 0eacb6c66396 (contained typo that breaks all of desktop Firefox)
e6061eabd28cf4e9ecdbd639900b11175a229922Axel Hecht — bug 670126, add vi to shipped-locales also on aurora and central, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
dca24d75d9ccd7415ffc8d1663382748538ea501Dão Gottwald — Bug 689051 - drop the drop shadow on the back button. r=shorlander
115e3576acf55e111b9f39bcfb1c048d9f9e613fMark Finkle — Revert to the old throbber in an effort to stop talos regressions [r=mbrubeck]
0eacb6c66396439d5e9e90091fdb611f93d8d41fLen — Bug 687754 - Only set unread when busy is removed and don't remove it in preview mode. r=dao
ade33e515f463c035348616d8637078cb67b7fc7Doug Turner — Bug 689252 - cleanup/remove geo.wifi.* preferences. r=jdm
9a4ee730c0d9d513d141fb72a92cbc1d94588a3dKyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
9733c9885c0202a93cee7b7d2e9901593a4213cbJoel Maher — Bug 688749 - reftest.js will throw an exception if we do a getPref and the pref doesn't exist. r=dbaron
ef9284803c474490076d91d9261c06f5ad27e0ffJonas Sicking — Bug 687400 - Adds a warning about isSameNode going to be removed. r=smaug
5a6768dfca355e875968499be804e4dab08ecd78Ms2ger — Bug 688190 part b: Add various warnings. r=bz
c1b3ff7c7d59f05bf4a3fd930f620217790a4ce9Mounir Lamouri — Backout last two commits because of ownership issue.
74a8fda1c4b5d7777f32a0a8604da4b6325b4fa2Jonas Sicking — Bug 687400 - Adds a warning about isSameNode going to be removed. r=smaug
80e1b4df0896eb9bfbd75be6e84ba4161378ef9eMounir Lamouri — Bug 688190 part b: Add various warnings. r=bz
19f8b8150ee4759af5b0475fa505aeaa977b6fe5Ms2ger — Bug 688190 part a: Allow using nsIDocument::WarnOnceAbout for more cases. r=bz
ac92a6d8297c555da8dc9ae8196e7e10730f0569Geoff Lankow — Bug 689404 - Revert change to inline settings that broke some existing Mobile addons; r=bmcbride
80fdbbe5390628042da27a6c300fa87005accde3Dão Gottwald — merge backout
8b31900dda21d8ca91f57ebe857d1fcc16094a44Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset da0d9bc38cad
4549ae3561440f69d5fa2531c912759e76fb69f4Dão Gottwald — merge backout
676b51ce62222e9910f7d861ed70bd470eb79d78Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 58d2b33f0e0d
9886e1e0bc13990a44b9bd632c7e80b9e0ef82a0Dão Gottwald — add missing newline
fb91c8798858f585c8491771efe14066c331362aMasatoshi Kimura — automated test for bug 669049, r=sicking
e1be3e4479c3f6fea310d98f721d77677d035ac8ithinc — Bug 682507 - Expose browser restore state as a tab attribute to help style unloaded tabs. r=dietrich
58d2b33f0e0df9018d06645d3b6db6ce374da17cMs2ger — Bug 688190 part b: Add various warnings. r=bz
da0d9bc38cadc8d762e1f25c297a1ae18895e8d9Ms2ger — Bug 688190 part a: Allow using nsIDocument::WarnOnceAbout for more cases. r=bz
d1fb12e773621252e07b6a6e5c7103018b434bfbMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 687766 part 2: Nuke binary xpidl. r=khuey
587115c590ff0da824e1248aa9052be002384f1cMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 687766 part 1: Remove build-time dependency on libIDL. r=khuey
80ff402f2f7e9d4c42b4658febf1a252a89b6347David Zbarsky — Bug 682367 - Call nsINode::GetChildAt less. r=smaug
230ea0b16f035b2f47d2b0b54641dfd3a83a4f4cBoris Zbarsky — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ee8a3069dc4c8d2ef94b6df6124921ee020e09adSteve Fink — Bug 688327 - tempCallReg cannot return callee-saved registers since they may be held live across FASTCALLs (r=dvander)
5373b67aec43f179d0f6173aec843a546af11abfTim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
3ba2484767c323b121e2b4993cdb0553f05c09fcRaymond Lee — Bug 688461 - Search result for tabs from other windows is truncated for certain sites r=dietrich
74dcfaa95ad218a4f17b5c01c08ff2a867b66eb0Tim Taubert — Bug 685456 - Don't freeze tabItem size when the tab wasn't closed by a mouse click; r=dietrich
915ca38990ae9a4e3c5af81dc0089dca497aac68Tim Taubert — Bug 685476 - App tab icons should not act as drag handlers for groupItems; r=dietrich
12daae1947d755f438a9ea060832fe888a907005Raymond Lee — Bug 689078 - Error in saving tab value: TypeError: this.parent is null; r=dietrich
a9edf67c89547f37836e69ea744e87ab6708c3e2Raymond Lee — Bug 685692 - "Move to Group" should always insert the moved tab into the same place r=dietrich
ee20c375e6e63e7467f54c4fa766b47437b8b294Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
5607a7df7a938779aa212d9c9d36cb634b0e63f1Blair McBride — Bug 679994 - Checkboxes in "Disable add-ons you no longer use" dialog have no labels, names aren't accessible. r=rstrong, ui-r=Boriss
e7facdd9040b5a18ba99a5dbc9b089fe81a0aa42Panos Astithas — Bug 664131 - Expand console object with group methods that indent future console messages in order to create separate blocks of visually combined output; r=gavin
ae65dad8d51b4d088a12b435a42d5c5adfc7eb1aRob Campbell — Bug 687854 - Move the Inspector code to browser/devtools; r=msucan
381904af2863b1889b4b0450e8588c0a1deee3f0Rob Campbell — Bug 689164 - Disable Style Inspector from Highlighter UI; r=msucan
34f4442942205067365b0030cd18b04c5a1a17bfMihai Sucan — Bug 687854 - Move the Inspector code to browser/devtools; r=gavin,robcee
e9e8df65e841cde20e318052c5332adf28b3d0e4Rob Campbell — Bug 672002 - Move HTML panel to a docked panel in the main browser window (highlighter); r=msucan
c3cc5ae0e2a9ded33a3cbe5f5f528fbd8e507633Rob Campbell — Bug 650794 - Disable HTML panel and make it use registerTools API; r=msucan
4afe9d03a4d4a1498a0c5ab5bbecc5f90e97947cRob Campbell — Bug 688558 - Context Menu for Inspect Element can Create 2 Highlighters; r=msucan
264e504e0ce9ca5ff70eb41bdb455614204433edRob Campbell — Bug 663831 - Style inspector should be controllable from the highlighter; r=gavin,msucan
168f1c6b69dcea14020201a73a7b4671488df760Rob Campbell — Bug 681653 - Augment RegisterTools API in Highlighter to deregister tools; r=msucan, gavin
85006a0a9d4f8c657600382a22647360d982875bDão Gottwald — Backed out 0812db89f2f2 in preparation for aurora merge, since followup bugs didn't make it
40fec94118185b8b5a3c910683c2db6b135c1504Dão Gottwald — Bug 632365 - Delay status updates for links further. r=gavin ui-r=faaborg
803b01dcc5897c9638ca784a9b616df2a046dbe7Jonathan Kew — bug 689179 - don't apply cswh feature by default. r=jdaggett
d305835a6726fedcace500c062f2096ea6983344Boris Zbarsky — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7a0db9bd7c37448ffa06b22448f93a6dc240c968Chris Double — Bug 686942: respect pause state when seeking to end and beginning of videos - r=kinetik
f27d8d9c8779883c1c4004780d6e6a2bb8d6a576Phil Ringnalda — Back out aac6292d29f9 (bug 632365) for breaking test_leaf_layers_partition_browser_window.xul
de97f86d572ea9dc714189c873fa0864c20314f8Phil Ringnalda — Back out 6e359c7e8080 (bug 681755) on suspicion of bloating the Windows debug mochitest-4 logs to the point of truncation
5edba813e1e600de8592d2b81ff76967e1882175Benoit Girard — Bug 676831 - Mark Android OpenGL Reftest failures for regression testing. r=joe
f5ce0b70c2e1bf3c7ffa99c76d5dc0e0cf2f943cJonathan Hage — Bug 673759 - Reftests for positive namedspaces; r=karlt
36d40fbb0106d601ba96999cf83fd8f65d9c9135Frédéric Wang — Bug 356870 - Allow mlabeltdr to be used in mtable; r=karlt
e2f5052798cc825f726ac083ed438724a5ef57b5Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6d691de3932bf3d3a6b1a244ab7cb17aa8e226f7Jeff Walden — Bug 688646 - Followup fix to make recent test changes feature-test for shell-only functionality. r=orange
db9f10c18560f582e2e5b064362e6ff950f8906bFabrice Desré — Bug 689330 - update LauncherShortcuts to use the new web apps repository [r=mfinkle]
b620680b7f08ba31d449a9077c4b3eae9d6b4997Fabrice Desré — Bug 689307 - Add an app shortcut to the homescreen [r=mfinkle]
5fc1c56499278628ada047f97c590754dad8f233Fabrice Desré — Bug 659188 - Android and media parts [r=blassey] [r=cpearce]
78b3f8faf4e3469ea4ba1c89f62cc421ca1b7352Fabrice Desré — Bug 593891 - Part 3 : Fennec nsICapturePicker implementation [r=mfinkle]
8ecc8009b371dd616e40666860db9acec154121dFabrice Desré — Bug 593891 - Part 2 : Use a different title for the capture picker [r=mfinkle]
0df8c6fcea9ec287ea2063d3e275c6d14857fd8cFabrice Desré — Bug 593891 - Part 1 : Wrap an nsIFile in an nsIDOMFile [r=sicking]
101f56e8231df4355060dc88049a91c523be2ebcSteve Fink — backout 75010170a6ee (bug 688327)
33876ffaad6aecc24e1322721be24020bb7bc743Steve Fink — backout 7b4c94293707 (bug 686230)
04e83fb3e47fa6ebe86d9b7a69d1a5cdff485a8bSteve Fink — backout 0cce4b4dead8 (bug 687102)
4c4be2fbaa51a4e35936d420adb80c8b5a06cf82Steve Fink — backout 91f8565205db
30d928581da2f552effd7102003db9cd378480a0Chris Leary — Back out bug 684039.
7f0922f6090db56e809391c2aa4bb3d67686fef3Chris Leary — Bug 684039: rewrite JS LIFO allocator, avoids thrashing. (r=luke)
ebb656c6410ea49cb5f19e1071f2915e0b569976Chris Leary — Bug 684039: Don't use JSArenaPool in nsJSEnvironment. (r=mrbkap)
c4b5ba89b4b7ae9a7d765ebbdd24b5b9ed15a1a2Terrence Cole — Bug 688646 - Remove its.bindMethod and js/src/tests/js1_5/Function/; r=jwalden
ed95d68c0f85cceac8c667277e7578792f80aeb0Jeff Walden — Bug 689285 - Make [[ThrowTypeError]] properly non-extensible. r=luke
aac6292d29f9f362f7b353236310ad4666936373Dão Gottwald — Bug 632365 - Delay status updates for links further. r=gavin ui-r=faaborg
91f8565205dbb937d9eb34239e4e5c38979babe4Chris Leary — Fix JS shell build. (r=luke)
0cce4b4dead83618b4e2b4a08540e90ed510cdaaSteve Fink — Bug 687102 - Range check the PC argument to trap/untrap/line2pc/etc. in JS shell (r=cdleary)
e84d5957f3ae78d6f89b0aa75470e90160aa782cSteve Fink — Backout a21f23d350d8 (bug 645111)
7b4c9429370708d2a69204f2582028d068e1eb1bSteve Fink — Bug 686230 - Add JS_CallOnce to the JSAPI for module initialization (r=luke)
a21f23d350d819d20a42e73a247545dce83d4f7bSteve Fink — Bug 645111 - Insert .cfi directives into inline assembly to provide debug info (r=jimb)
75010170a6eebb980afacb7d639da0a9b093f870Steve Fink — Bug 688327 - tempCallReg cannot return callee-saved registers since they may be held live across FASTCALLs (r=dvander)
6e359c7e80803cd6cc787ea21ed1daa6553d3d00Boris Zbarsky — Bug 681755. Switch some of the style system's arrays in hashtables to be auto arrays. r=dbaron
952017f5f62bbdcbece40f547208ecd8bb908a1bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 677643 part 2. Clone the URI argument when loading external stylesheets from a <link> element to work around content policies mutating the URI. r=jlebar
cadb12b21740b04b662752d6c0b703713d387129Boris Zbarsky — Bug 677643 part 1. Clone the URI argument in OnLinkClickSync to work around content policies mutating the URI which is shared with some random caller. r=smaug
95a1d14917c4638f3c3d634b9d94000f3848571bDaniel Holbert — Bug 689195: Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning in nsLocalFileUnix.cpp. r=smichaud
9b6d23e07968bbdf63224d9e25e535b6cd856067Atul Aggarwal — Bug 581473: Fix uninitialized variable warnings in XPCConvert::JSData2Native. r=mrbkap
184cfbecb1c322217e07fab4cfc0efffdfb93d6fFelix Fung — Bug 676846: findLogins should match against all schemes, for about:permissions. r=dolske
24fa4e8bed1a0741ad2c5b36cdef6f77ae1bea4bMatt Woodrow — Part 20 - Add more gfx3DMatrix transformation function and use these in nsStyleTransformMatrix. r=derf
f1af522b8b471fb22e3d9808f792d0c7fd8bebfeMatt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 19 - Make the matrix*() transform function handles both length and number values. r=dbaron
29b915205135330ae63bdd200f87eec9182fce42Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 18 - Make the perspective() transform function fail with numbers <= 0. r=dbaron
97983a84f0c3b972986e7d7c992f02b804f9dae6Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 16 - Implement transitions/animations for 3d transforms. r=dbaron, derf
c8e237c03adb5feb6a144c8f3bb55b13f773401eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 185236 part 5. Fire load and error events on stylesheet linking elements. r=peterv
231da6eb82249cfc7fdccb858adcede1adc47ea7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 185236 part 4. Pass along the owning element to all sheet load datas, assuming we have one at all. r=peterv
2c05e937de5d8eb6002eb74e8b4a6f30cc303887Boris Zbarsky — Bug 185236 part 3. Add a way to differentiate SheetComplete calls for actual loads and for the fake SheetLoadData we use to trigger observer notifications for already-complete sheets. r=peterv
465554cdfbcc1785afd3804b7ba711add1ecdd32Boris Zbarsky — Bug 185236 part 2. Make sure to remove our SheetLoadData from mPostedEvents before calling SheetComplete on it, so that checking for pending loads from inside SheetComplete will work correctly. r=peterv
bb87ceae27a5d682c2f28450300e31438d95d096Boris Zbarsky — Bug 185236 part 1. Fix add-ons manager to ignore load events on stylesheet PIs. r=mossop
b1cd65ceeb47fa400a4c3f2c175fcf4d8676da0bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 624763. When cloning the fragment we'll munge, clone it into a data document. r=smaug
1227cb5bcd8bbae8c97822290b982e07d0990e9eEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2b866e479765e90a7217347657e64313683cb844Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound after the landing of bug 666414
e377ae930496ae87be823a759fa4d3a433f0e5caBenoit Girard — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
03188e4fd2000d87c692e13d900f98a01a694439Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 639092 - Catch exception accessing from nsLoginManager r=dolske
fa1a7fb55799ee10971b362a27356187e85cea23Justin Lebar — Bug 688233 - Don't abort about:memory when a memory reporter throws an exception. r=khuey
a2f97b48ed3e7f9f82b83aa845863d3016d264aaAlex Pakhotin — Bug 687204 - android.text.ClipboardManager in android.text has been deprecated. r=blassey
f0630e6aac18421115a21bc1f64edbdded012b96Ted Mielczarek — bug 688877 - fix some usage of GetDlgItemText in Windows crashreporter. r=ehsan
66736ca9c8c381f7bf9e2a8b67bb492c1b55398eJeff Walden — Bug 656810 - Implement js::NumberObject. r=njn
81329dc0ac9123654406d375d96605117438ce80Jeff Walden — Bug 686002 - Refactor WeakMap class initialization. r=bhackett
621b2adf85114828897c22748bb013b1e8d3db67Jeff Walden — Bug 686002 - Refactor Date class initialization. r=bhackett
71f42bb834152c08b8f6f783b6ba7ede0890f222Jeff Walden — Bug 686002 - Refactor Number class initialization. r=bhackett
d90f49766941fdf6bbccc9d109afe7cd3969c257Jeff Walden — Bug 686002 - Refactor Boolean class initialization. r=bhackett
87e488a819a6216911de0fbbc739c1e33394611cMatt Brubeck — Bug 689194 - Load ctypes.jsm in Fennec Contacts code only when it's needed [r=mfinkle]
89fb82b4b6bcecbf2b457981162672b3db8eb720Matt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d99fd9c7975469522c6edbb06577c8a9a01ccf93Lucas Rocha — Bug 688796 - Change number of tabs in toolbar to be bold (r=mbrubeck)
216ad60e1e288605064bd67b14b7b6d893c00329Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 681229 - Sanitize the platform linebreaks to DOM linebreaks when pasting or drag-dropping text into text controls; r=roc
cf6245609f485683aca3c56d1dae303d551a1d6cSid Stamm — bug 685373 - update telemetry opt-in text to include feature/app usage, r=gavin
1f800c226837a386f47b17c50e79d0a061df13dbWes Johnston — Bug 677670 - Make the new tab popup work on tablets. r=mbrubeck
ca14a168605ba05b9d1240b6e984908091905b61Wes Johnston — Bug 688677 - Polish up the actionbar. r=mbrubeck
150ffa37c632f3802de6b842ebcf36dfa390bf38Mike Hommey — Bug 667592 - Bump telemetry notification persistence to 6
d3e0e80e39205cbe4106d1f347534f964faa1952Dão Gottwald — Bug 689177 - Reduce border radii of header buttons and the search field to match Firefox nav bar changes. r=unfocused
2db0678c795bed8febe339e8793aca5a371ea606Dão Gottwald — Bug 689181 - Reduce the Places organizer search field's border radius to match Firefox nav bar changes. r=mak
72fcfc57ad204da37b3e12aadc5eedb82603635dMatt Brubeck — Bug 689288 - Annotate failing xpcshell tests on Win64 [r=khuey]
65ae0b5132e5f995006ac7d8df1f2d7150642cafWes Johnston — Bug 689025 - Language button has a label referencing location of [r=mfinkle]
b71570ffc9686a3647805ea8dbddfadf223ae8bdMatt Brubeck — Bug 689267 - setting#prefs-uilanguage should have type="control" instead of "menulist" [r=wesj]
ebccffe6d7e6ad79bc27b2b4fb421048cb0fe649Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 666414 followup - Fix the Android build bustage
f2da319b3f6a660527bd3e7d45540af777ca523fTaras Glek — bug 668392: backout addon/person reporting until privacy optin is updated
35196c69cb12f5996d5681e6a8a577d7c3480546Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 666414 - Part 2: Reference count the ANPTypeface type explicitly instead of piggybacking on nsRefPtr; r=dougt
489f9e746213f7d4ae2ac51b3a0fb672e211c462Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 666414 - Prevent AddRef and Release from being called on the pointers wrapped in nsCOMPtr and nsRefPtr; r=bsmedberg
24bc89c8bcbe0ba51b8dff660bdd59cfcbb47c09Benoit Girard — Merge to the latest green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
0b9c0a2a1a252afd00fdd174f704584fdb7ade67Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 020f14584a2a (bug 680246) because it broke builds on all platforms
020f14584a2aad2492230d21296ffbc8c5a9f257Joey Armstrong — Bug 680246 - makefile logic to support threadsafe mkdir -p; r=ted
2c5bbb176d01195be87c7445f8cb1d91d967efbbBenoit Girard — Bug 687864 - Part 2: Add offline renderer awareness for Mac OGL in plugins; r=jmuizelaar
5c52fd250a41fe2ee56fb64218e2b153c2e652d2Benoit Girard — Bug 687864 - Part 1: Add offline renderer awareness for Mac OGL in browser; r=jmuizelaar
a0bac7d8cc0cd502b00690a9db22b9c1aee90771Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
8fdc985221747ccf25b22639fdc1c3fe505a4b2bAli Juma — Bug 681033 - Prevent ShadowLayers::RecvUpdate from triggering an immediate repaint. r=cjones
1a11c6516cda06d73a5638129a203434c13a2435Ginn Chen — Bug 669130 Remove unused files r=trev.saunders, roc
3995f7c64af8de1a7259c3a89b12d94f825caa35Joel Maher — Bug 688762 - add try/except blocks around all harnesses so we always return an error code. r=bear
0c880a09186d4afeddeda29bc191a1691e86804aJoel Maher — Bug 687264 - add mochitest support for filtering tests. r=ctalbert
48df3b328875d17fb3d3eba9b230bb95e3541a0fJames Willcox — Bug 686992 - Draw to Android window/surface directly r=blassey
368b4a870769ab8b65a880d4337c51a8dc9b047bMats Palmgren — Bug 686581 - Disable theming in SVG images harder. r=longsonr
42f80b4629c212f4bade981660d879396e9a6a0cMark Finkle — Bug 689158 - Try to fix browser_rememberPassword problems [r=mbrubeck]
44ef245b870628514f0fd9ba667788b56b0ecd65Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7d983fc8a13c41fef193013d146474284bc4e877Atul Aggarwal — Bug 653295 - Fixing warning of comparision between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsFrameSetFrame.cpp. r=bz
29f857ce7e31b5a2166943d3539a93c53148905dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 645538. Remove bogus warning. r=roc
919a0a777520c1f4faa81f17d575688a77e9b453Boris Zbarsky — Bug 688405. Allow rowspans up to 65534, up from our current 8190. r=bernd
7ccfcddfed82ea4d7c0afcb439618326c65f8b40Boris Zbarsky — Bug 680903 followup. Remove no longer needed FIXME comments.
f61c120e00f2e3ef2b7aa22900c5e134b5abc1bbAtul Aggarwal — Bug 666672 - Fix OSX compile warnings in sydneyaudio and vorbis. r=giles
606bfc565805dc2c9bcb9125dfc258ca942a0457Matthew Gregan — Bug 683822 - Delete media/libsydneyaudio patches and, since this is no longer maintained. r=doublec
2cd423eb039255187d493e179e33bcfca60550e9Matthew Gregan — Bug 688997 - Use correct waveOutProc declaration to avoid pointer truncation on x64. r=cpearce
dbde35bf04e94142be687c99b026bfe31a811fa0Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 17 - Remove unnecessary BeforeSetAttr overrides; r=jwatt
b6bb849d7c9990febb1311c8e8394e030e5684bdBrian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 16 - Reftest for detecting presence of transform lists; r=jwatt
28537c7d79b7c57fbb27d65bd9f44262e1a27eb4Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 15 - Rename nsSVGTransformListParser as SVGTransformListParser; r=jwatt
6e72c9d97a42e0b58e5136aeaca64d304a757a47Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 14 - Mark tests that now pass as such; r=jwatt
c9a9397f6db3e27cff0cf5ba8ed1fa4c3b9d85c2Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 13 - Update layout to use new matrix and transform types; r=jwatt
af1b9b6267bfcb5e98caa903129fec1ae273e01cBrian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 12 - Update DOM bindings to use new SVG transform types; r=jwatt
ec7fb3b6bbaf032e45f0052a9ed6918cf46d23c0Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 11 - Update nsSVGTransformListParser to use new SVG transform types; r=jwatt
b8fcaa2794f3280d3d9bef13cee477470cf19acfBrian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 10 - Update SVG elements to use new SVG transform types; r=longsonr, r=jwatt
e23063321ceefa8a2065a479807c7d6b54435b53Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 9 - Refactor nsSVGTransformSMILType to use SVGTransformSMILData; r=jwatt
04d244bc338f88010ef3e62fab0eed230b124d50Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 8 - Move nsSVGSMILTransform to SVGTransform; r=jwatt
e5e2d6577aa6d1938213dc267bb54788c97e518fBrian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 7 - Refactor nsSVGAnimatedTransformList into SVGAnimatedTransformList and DOMSVGAnimatedTransformList and incorporate nsSVGTransformSMILAttr; r=jwatt
caa562226631ef6d3cb0abf7398743730451a2a0Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 6 - Refactor nsSVGTransformList into SVGTransformList and DOMSVGTransformList; r=jwatt
85e56f66704c1fbc64b4eeae28f1481cf9aa5ee4Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 5 - Refactor nsSVGTransform into SVGTransform and DOMSVGTransform; r=jwatt
e2afd7f5962d9db90a3918653137b971ef6e58e9Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 4 - Update DOMSVGPoint to use gfxMatrix; r=jwatt
38e6f7980e5edfab1c8c30202253bb9b7a6f42f8Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 3 - Rewrite nsSVGMatrix and use gfxMatrix instead; r=jwatt
1d681a73cfc762de9494381e612d61c7d415ad29Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 2 - Add tests for transform lists; r=jwatt
c7924111705c5bba6b950667a1ed4a4ef4d2d2b9Brian Birtles — Bug 602759 part 1 - Refactor SVG list tests to correct assumptions about SMIL; r=jwatt
22ae18b4d0131d97c6fc1e47e769752b3b60ac03Oleg Romashin — Bug 683085 - NativeParentWidget used incorrectly in Widget Qt port r=dougt
0694b11060ae0bb4a8cd56c0028d51bb0e955ee3Atul Aggarwal — Bug 581477 - Silence uninitialized variable warnings in xpcwrappednativeproto.cpp; r=bsmedberg
3c6a26f33adfcd58adc9a6e3bb39f44f3f1be195Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 670951 - Make sure the xulrunner is copied. r=ted.
d8a22be1e9c7e3552d674c66709a0dd9e2585db7Fabrice Desré — Bug 679194 - Add a permission prompt for mozApps.mgmt.list and mozApps.mgmt.uninstall [r=mfinkle]
282cc7688390e0a56d36db81df1f3a154bdf662cFabrice Desré — Bug 609043 - Add support for Open Web Apps [r=mfinkle]
85ca334bad1dd34f93a76a7006e56be6ea7301d1Ed Morley — Bug 684327 - adjustments for js/src/xpconnect/tests/components/ changes; rs=build
1a6a02df6029e6feb263c534962a8f228957bb2eBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Pass useAllocator=false only for wrappedjs dipper params. Everything else can allocate. r=mrbkap
44d1fafa07d0ae0d3f4f0ee212ab060ab5b35d16Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Force allocation for sized PWSTRINGs in XPCWrappedNative argument conversion. r=mrbkap
95701554f3480e562c62b22ef4b0a122006b0adeBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Remove XPC_JSArgumentFormatter and friends. r=mrbkap
04dc934f61d5b15d53af6f95a9f2430f21de0ed7Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Eliminate questionable support for [shared] parameters. r=mrbkap
b254267d7599d204186505821b16fa565bad159cBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Coalesce type-specific cleanup indicators. r=mrbkap
8b2c81d7bd77495382c8e18ca0be321c259dc97eBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Add jsval to the XPTCMiniVariant union for type safety. r=mrbkap
e7794d74350dd8f194964090b66468287ddfb47eBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Use an explicit indicator for direct vs indirect calling semantics. r=mrbkap
9faa02f437c7df0bd9a6f0b443d2d965112d9420Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Define and restrict the semantics of PTR_IS_DATA. r=mrbkap
e4248ea9a71455d8b210e91eda0c44cb289f863fBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Always store jsvals directly within the val union (fixes bug 655878). r=mrbkap
0ce5751acd70f120dc4300b95c9e4a5842e912c0Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Factor dipper handling out into a helper method. r=mrbkap
fc259b0fa088434e9b924e5d40c48ab018c0649fBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Separate reindentation from previous patch for easier review. No other changes. r=mrbkap
419e8e7166091a0813653ec0ba8980fd48d1c833Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Move the loop contents of ConvertIndependentParams into a separate method (without re-indentation). r=mrbkap
c14b52621e7b43be376a7c29229d06434f4ceab0Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Remove mAutoString micro-optimization. r=mrbkap
2fe54a83eb507eb412d9ff8920b68a0e8000bfdfBobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Package the typelib along with the components so that it's accessible from the test harness. r=khuey
3d4cbdd72c036e2492adf32013a1332cac2212d8Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Test parameter passing. r=khuey
ca6bb27d3527ef30ec3277c684e1176d0aed268fBobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Generalize test_readwriteattributes.js into test_attributes.js. r=khuey
614b6c0627b9182b696db8311a6c36e06e81b648Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Add an xpcshell test that exercises both the native and js components. r=khuey
7934b2288e1c8fdac09a32eb3c7c4642ae6baba5Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Introduce js-implemented test component. r=khuey
de1c69fb961e0ad49bf3447b553c28bca660f694Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Move the C++ implementation of the test component into its own subdirectory. r=khuey
96405a264d9df003ed88748a8752b6586e5c296aBobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Misc fixes to xpctest_attributes. r=khuey
aef192bef23532e47391b9d070aadad7f0765810Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Start building a small subset of the xpconnect test component again, kill the rest. r=khuey
f841024a4288758f216b9bf7bf4c4c7cde7d1e76Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Remove TestXPC.cpp, which currently printfs that it's failing various things and then segfaults. r=khuey
0b5622a8f2f9fab4924fa6b73605083aff7c3710Mook — Bug 652571 - xptstubs on unix x86_64 does not pass float correctly. r=espindola
c722928d8b69b18daf5c6a29e1c66ea35cf7e230Ed Morley — Backout changeset 81a7f5489ebc (bug 679352), since burning comm-central; a=callek
183d0e60d82c2b0e81b0ac2d0675f9aabd07b8f5Ed Morley — Backout changeset 971ed890c27d (bug 679352), since burning comm-central; a=callek
9b6a135f9659bc04afdf8b9324eb5a65679af491Ed Morley — Merge tips of mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2137c5bd3c36219160396d60f5575c16f819bd1cMartin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3: Build fix for startup notification. r=karlt
7fa8649917d12266fba48a0ac07d76b7c93d510fBrian Hackett — Sync state on all exit paths in CALLPROP PICs when allowing getter stubs, bug 688478. r=dvander
e63de88c57805ed75f8a9e20b102af7b6d436a0cBenoit Jacob — Bug 662258 - GCC warning about BasicThebesLayerBuffer::CreateBuffer getting hidden by ShadowThebesLayerBuffer::CreateBuffer. r=roc
e8ed233379f25842026b930c863be26a52433a28Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 688902. 2d: Document Color as being non-premultiplied. r=bas
2b45524deae5595aff0e9dac2c3d17808b2f02b7Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
971ed890c27dfda9f4851165388fc2911c151659Marco Castelluccio — Bug 679352 - Remove libreg. r=khuey
81a7f5489ebcbca01203c689ceb6c307c49a02faMarco Castelluccio — Bug 679352 - Remove libreg (Part 1: Clean nsProfileMigrator). r=bsmedberg
8f064c1c1d4086e0b3fc050e9250b2208cf46425Steffen Wilberg — Bug 678600: Don't add print frames options to Windows print dialog when they would be disabled anyway because there are no frames. r=roc, ui-review=faaborg
afe75f8431ade109c890539013597397bf1d5a69Neil Rashbrook — Bug 684825 Fix for ASSERTION: QueryInterface needed r=jmuizelaar
cb79942d0febd575a4bbd630114d7391ff87c8faNeil Rashbrook — Bug 685457 Don't set attributes until after accessing the box object r=bienvenu
f08484868187ab3ec486c810b2332baf425289b9Matt Brubeck — Back out 0ec8974f0917 (bug 686992) because of crashes
95df67109868b0882aeb2adcaad12ca02adaa226Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8d288ef8e9d316f4953c6f84b4c8280588c4e655Dão Gottwald — Bug 684450 - Addressing review comment
9cd6b77fad864055b8841d015fe84a7f4b369667Stephen Horlander — Bug 684450 - Remove stop/go/reload button affordance and streamline other location bar icons. r=dao
ec384fc3376901ed119ef05376e5314c958ceb5bMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 669829 - Remove check for atlbase.h and oleacc.idl from configure. r=ted
a741384059468860ea48a11c58dbf7980ca1ee98Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 688692 - Fennec is not sending crash reports. r=ted
8068ef5b4dcbd057b25457dafc8e0cf747006e8cMats Palmgren — Bug 686581 - Disable theming in SVG images. r=roc
c764918036ab50a93c44c906597e4044ea7a553fMats Palmgren — Bug 686581 - Implement -moz-is-resource-document media query. r=roc
d5727cb7221b318d11d940daa5d67836ec8ca515Michael Wu — Bug 688930 - Fix detection of installation location when in /system, r=cjones
cf051f97c0934928c51d557ddd61c3ac5b25c259Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 670951 - Don't crash if there is a X86 file but not a PPC one. r=ted.
91b82bc49470fcbbc2ef727ea5b8ad279e04fe40Ed Morley — Backout 3bfef7f630dc and all ancestors until cba5d081f15d inclusive (bug 683802, bug 684327 & bug 652571); a=use-try-before-crapping-23-changesets-on-the-tree-thank-you-please
e9f4b05cfbaaa7f474e2d212e2dcae0f33557226Ed Morley — Backout changeset 737c2fdb9148 (bug 683802), since bustage fix not relevant now that the whole bug is being backed out
b2fb48fdb1e73f6d7d5511a0efea52682b43033dJonas Sicking — Bug 687087 part 3. Implement XHR.responseType="moz-chunked-text" and XHR.responseType="moz-chunked-arraybuffer". r=smaug on code changes, rs=smaug on tests.
192254be8f97f33cb59f9783d559956fe371edaaJonas Sicking — Bug 687087 part 2: Clean up how we handle text decoding so that we don't re-charset-decode unless really needed. r=smaug
dee5413476bb7077c4dab262b91711adb3f28319Jonas Sicking — Bug 687087 part 1: Always fire a "progress" event before onload if we've received data since the last progress event. Also ensure that event..loaded on progress events have the correct value for all response-types. r=smaug
96e0836ed62525709343e85327b8b340dbbeda5bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 687696 - Use nsRefPtr instead nsCOMPtr. r=mak.
eafaff0efeefa2a069c724c864684e274371ed92Ed Morley — Bug 686170 - Remove modules/zlib/standalone; r=ted
55f620801bc72e2ee6cca51de759733be546259fMats Palmgren — Bug 191864 - Range and Selection broken with splitText() and normalize(). r=smaug
8e0213fd66986ee7635dc759277645797e7a1096Jesse Ruderman — Test for bug 682463.
21c337884f31bb89c1ec37790160839d1678a1a2Mats Palmgren — Bug 682463 - "ASSERTION: unexpected disconnected nodes" with DOM range, splitText. r=smaug
737c2fdb9148d53789a2d0c389113fbdf1d34f6eAndrew McCreight — Bug 683802 - remove trailing ; to fix Maemo bustage. r=bholley
9de2292c7a8d33cabf4505f164187df926e3b757Matt Brubeck — Bug 688168 - Make the sync dialog pretty on Honeycomb [r=wesj]
c1baac3439cd7ea88e5c60bdb47d989347edea5cWes Johnston — Bug 688693 - Tweak the portrait tabs menu. r=mfinkle
96214726a7696258663b08516c1d1454ce048ad9Wes Johnston — Bug 688819 - Add strings for Fennec actionbar in preferences. r=mfinkle
f3df57832f29826617c076338ccf1e7e43227489Matt Brubeck — Bug 688840 - Switching from portrait to landscape breaks tab sidebar toggling [r=wesj]
96b970e6291b30a3a036fe11580505e34e835151Matt Brubeck — Bug 688689 (2/2) - New throbber animation for Fennec [r=mfinkle]
6e370a64b8d12176576645c9e39988e66e838b16Matt Brubeck — Bug 688689 (1/2) - New colors for SSL endcaps in Fennec URL bar [r=mfinkle]
3bfef7f630dc04b2c642d13d177c9b73bc8d962dBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Pass useAllocator=false only for wrappedjs dipper params. Everything else can allocate. r=mrbkap
30472afa1c400403b0dc8cc44a09d882fc1fb240Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Force allocation for sized PWSTRINGs in XPCWrappedNative argument conversion. r=mrbkap
3f69487fa2382164a4749cbd820816d3c250e84dBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Remove XPC_JSArgumentFormatter and friends. r=mrbkap
020fe6ba85534fadad0c92beec9377da502b5ee8Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Eliminate questionable support for [shared] parameters. r=mrbkap
90de2e5fd0ac760d70e9cb1f95bdc93c7b467e8bBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Coalesce type-specific cleanup indicators. r=mrbkap
5ab48d3bf0bd4ca4927916adfb73f11f5edc2f14Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Add jsval to the XPTCMiniVariant union for type safety. r=mrbkap
36aa31a60a664fdb3e4ce0b25c7f8e80937c68daBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Use an explicit indicator for direct vs indirect calling semantics. r=mrbkap
6e1f386c4065c1c0b4175cddd0674d8aa21b6a05Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Define and restrict the semantics of PTR_IS_DATA. r=mrbkap
8f37c643e8a064cbfd42d6d120896c0e4b43f484Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Always store jsvals directly within the val union (fixes bug 655878). r=mrbkap
af2a149c4f4fcb0c9e67a4ed44ec09372a652007Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Factor dipper handling out into a helper method. r=mrbkap
a6875b0b2ebb044793a250d15876fd1ba92afb00Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Separate reindentation from previous patch for easier review. No other changes. r=mrbkap
0a45714951c6fe0875b28a1481a8a505ed819204Bobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Move the loop contents of ConvertIndependentParams into a separate method (without re-indentation). r=mrbkap
b59d487d96204ad951d08361d34547cb6586b47dBobby Holley — Bug 683802 - Remove mAutoString micro-optimization. r=mrbkap
9eb6dc0ea6b272f053cbd759a9b406b3d6e2de0dBobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Package the typelib along with the components so that it's accessible from the test harness. r=khuey
05244eb2536b54cb138065e3a0a8a45e041949e2Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Test parameter passing. r=khuey
d7b86c8bb01c437ef0ecac01c2bbbfa2cc412db8Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Generalize test_readwriteattributes.js into test_attributes.js. r=khuey
129006c12af68f22af169c77e7ee1b237c736a37Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Add an xpcshell test that exercises both the native and js components. r=khuey
da8d7976ec771f6166e54e25c9e095a95f3c8284Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Introduce js-implemented test component. r=khuey
6bc2f0620e621e08b7c64ba273d4e8d1a4422937Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Move the C++ implementation of the test component into its own subdirectory. r=khuey
6a4dd4dc9314a8fb2bc6f2e33f1eb7fbd97cf683Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Misc fixes to xpctest_attributes. r=khuey
4ce7de38da8e47ba6a3548bcfabbc098e9208e79Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Start building a small subset of the xpconnect test component again, kill the rest. r=khuey
c311fa8314f79aac79701f7a5fa7cbbe016c7a69Bobby Holley — Bug 684327 - Remove TestXPC.cpp, which currently printfs that it's failing various things and then segfaults. r=khuey
cba5d081f15dd48082f17a9de987f43284432cfdMook — Bug 652571 - xptstubs on unix x86_64 does not pass float correctly. r=espindola
fecae145d88426c393645596c44c5306c1ddaf48Dão Gottwald — merge backout
e257e05ef1bfb6e39409efce6671043956d845d9Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 7e53a3cf73b5
e88a8b4b16fe7351d4ec3e2bb27f5ba5eb8d1a95Dão Gottwald — merge backout
5622855e5576a5ccac3f726399fc2d04e425f0c9Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset ce51db254f18
dd609eacf5299ac9adf3e086574b4bf8d74e90eaDão Gottwald — merge backout
c75401a8160a4a92b38c8c9f79bf7be854779712Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset f1409901573a
d245eaf8b431d9bc95cb4be0e0a596b15a6929b6Dão Gottwald — merge backout
aa17cb6e4d1bae2453ecd78013bc0b18f5d4fa60Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 121518f3df44
b389f3d1e3577e909cd252546c7b3334b74cf35cDão Gottwald — merge backout
630e74940e326a46a2dc488caa8646448806369cDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset b1c0b12a5f65
42c3496d967d1cd636b495f1ce96a4fa660cbcabDão Gottwald — merge backout
a8cefe1206311f8f9a127926cd059474eb9e24fcDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset d9989de45bd9
c7122998435301a0d116867024a94558dc109e0fEd Morley — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
4297a90d3beab95f18357ebb281fe21c1a0d9ae6Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 46555 - "Select All" should only be enabled when editor is non-empty. r=ehsan, gavin
bec0a80ff952f3b5ed83ef1218bf0a57e77f71daLuke Wagner — Bug 688769 - rm resource.h and t/ from js/src (r=dmandelin)
ae9d9c08fb1d563145796b4c1a361a95bb1ab51fLuke Wagner — Bug 688769 - Remove dead args from StackFrame::functionEpilogue (r=bhackett)
cd648ccf5f96b03bc09a125b2fd66670570e7f0eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 686032 - Test for bug 622088 conceals its location after it's done; r=ted,jlebar
81d4441e31a95b5ea11e4d66351fda9636135693Lucas Rocha — Bug 669199 - Remove ability to enable/disable sync from preferences UI (r=mbrubeck)
eadc362c79291197357478b4e081b934e37be4a8Matt Brubeck — Bug 688783 - Back out bug 641836 to fix keyboard issues until bug 669995 is fixed [r=mfinkle]
c53b5ca8fde35fdadc01b6baff6e21e720e7eaa3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 685788 - Test for bug 593174 conceals its location after it's done; r=ted,jlebar
7226c37145cdf20bb3c1bad26593d5c2b9f28a4fDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 687319 spell check dialog for mailnews broken, r=ehsan
611545ce43579e42dbf7da46a41cd533c190ac92Wes Johnston — Bug 658278 - Use locale picker in preferences UI. r=mfinkle
878c2c7f81599ed660b76f28c56a273a7c318af7Alex Pakhotin — Bug 672661 - Backspace key in Swiftkey X causes characters to be duplicated. r=blassey
27ea88e0c870fb16eb75725aeeb8819bbca7d49cMatt Brubeck — Bug 688800 - Don't show curvy tab button and sidebar at the same time while dragging [r=mfinkle]
b1f9800647c7446ce832bfbadf54c87e5e3c75caMatt Brubeck — Bug 688800 - [tablet] UI jumps when tapping in the tab sidebar [r=mfinkle]
6723975148ada5e131dcde33b8ed59c1d24aa50bMatt Brubeck — Bug 688640 - Fix oncommand handlers for boolean settings in Fennec [r=sriram]
2b412df0df6bc5238b6451323095f8d311b450a7Matt Brubeck — Bug 688581 - Tweak "New Tab" button in landscape tablet mode [r=lucasr]
df408aabbd905182deb873e10b2737db06e54ff4Wes Johnston — Bug 683150 - Style remotetabs messages on gingerbread and honeycomb. r=mbrubeck
76d641ec4a44ec81f7719f0b01194855db8c3a39Boris Zbarsky — Bug 677002. Back out the patch for bug 666643 because it disabled a bunch of tests. r=khuey
95015f02ddc7eafd1675f8b84985534fc6d284a8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 688681. Back out the fix for bug 674321 because it broke a bunch of docshell tests. r=khuey
fd47df5b784a2fcb5d0b8fd335c618ef9b02600fTom Schuster — Bug 685150 - Generate native code for Math.min/Math.max in the methodjit. r=bhackett
35e3a5f3c07baa08ed2b9d047817bbfa31d3db18Raymond Lee — Bug 686654 - "Almost stacked" group might switch between stacked and unstacked display r=dietrich
65d1dc5881f042286ea5225b494829448184c0cfBrian Hackett — Fix bogus assert, bug 687399. r=dvander
0641651a7a5761b5e095da542654c655bb713897Timothy Arceri — Bug 539426 - Print to pdf by default. r=roc
2b64fbd502a33b71abba028ee5e3f95e45745a6cBrian Hackett — Only inline scripts which have already been analyzed, bug 687125. r=dvander
b412c07605722b8a55d5849d4cd61404cfd2b857Brian Hackett — Don't drop contents of copied dead slots at branches, bug 687768. r=dvander
e299d7fed89dd5fe24a234c226b4f3353a4eb338Mike Hommey — Bug 687147 - Ensure Instruction and Data cache coherency after extracting libraries. r=mwu
c0b96cb41fc1f4a808afbe5278320f18429e0f7aMike Hommey — Bug 686435 - Add a telemetry probe on nsAppShellService::CreateTopLevelWindow. r=taras
41e4d29fb76d1924c7415d5fda73c9437697b89aMike Hommey — Bug 653056 - Use a bitwise version of JSDOUBLE_IS_NaN that Visual Studio PGO doesn't miscompile. r=jimb
5ddec215cf627896ba0d52b3585de652caf39af4Mike Hommey — Bug 671423 - Manually inline DOUBLE_TO_JSVAL to avoid Xcode 3.1.4 miscompilation. r=jimb
065af81cd739ed419f936680c1b2fc61572f5357Jonathan Kew — bug 684889 pt2 - move and rename FontFamily/Entry classes from gfxFT2Fonts to gfxFT2FontList source file. r=jdaggett
6081c809fcf6ee052752e84c2ecade07e0397837Jonathan Kew — bug 684889 - refactor and clean up Android font-list implementation. r=jdaggett
e38b3957d001fd3f4c9fee69a23e867e982a0134Honza Bambas — Bug 683316 - DOMStorageImpl::GetKey performance regression, r=bz
6c12bf7c36160fd3bc20e6d10e7a5c06a5057cc1Ed Morley — Backout changeset 864c08bd7c63 (bug 684889) for Android bustage
e7895429a628e1299064757484072f0ec07ae480Ed Morley — Backout changeset f4b1fa7a0f31 (bug 684889) for Android bustage
f4b1fa7a0f3147b20e67701f124c8b9ddfe0c447Jonathan Kew — bug 684889 pt2 - move and rename FontFamily/Entry classes from gfxFT2Fonts to gfxFT2FontList source file. r=jdaggett
864c08bd7c63049a15d501dc40827ee606f1e8baJonathan Kew — bug 684889 - refactor and clean up Android font-list implementation. r=jdaggett
1431db818666e15b9319e039cce5aa0e041f6176Chris Jones — Bug 688115: Try harder to find EGLConfigs. r=ajuma
b4fd4fd0dc3f3e1aff2c351c0ffc60b8dadefb44Benoit Jacob — Bug 684882 - Random video memory grabbed into WebGL cube map textures on Mac OS, including on 10.7.1, on Intel GPUs - r=jrmuizel
8b972cc648e26d6ce289f05ce0ff196c21fb7247Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
5a45436b3c184cced2182e78f46ea488d9754523Jared Wein — Bug 462117 - Reducing the number of visible controls when the video is too small. r=dolske
d9989de45bd9e23fb073d9bd8325a9d3fefeb030Rob Campbell — Bug 687854 - Move the Inspector code to browser/devtools, r=gavin,robcee
b1c0b12a5f6512e335685f6dcf75694e5ed8d81cRob Campbell — Bug 672002 - Move HTML panel to a docked panel in the main browser window (highlighter); r=msucan, gavin
121518f3df44e8837ef64e7536717a8fdeb36006Rob Campbell — Bug 650794 - Disable HTML panel and make it use registerTools API; r=msucan, gavin
f1409901573ab504ffa35030198084679c0d8154Rob Campbell — Bug 663831 - Style inspector should be controllable from the highlighter; r=msucan,gavin
ce51db254f18be7172e30dfd9bd79ea199143862Rob Campbell — Bug 681653 - Augment RegisterTools API in Highlighter to deregister tools; r=msucan,gavin
7d5311c92e045ada0b26ab0629e1a36eb3ccaaf2Rob Campbell — Bug 688595 - Hide Inspect Element context menu items if not enabled; r=gavin
7e53a3cf73b508988b1ec4a06ff3a070260447c7Rob Campbell — Bug 688558 - Context Menu for Inspect Element can Create 2 Highlighters; r=gavin
f297a626dd135a3be0b0293f2e01fa6777c0b061Mihai Sucan — Bug 687854 - Move the Inspector code to browser/devtools; r=gavin, r=robcee
e1a5a7c61a4a5f30a7d870f70f7cabbdc904b60cRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
130085e1346a1b56b89e0c3f8245251bc1eef665Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
ef520743354a661a7089db386a8e607bf17b7019Blair McBride — Backed out changeset 49678dad20f0 due to test failure
49678dad20f0128cfb4748d702496c06edb88de9Jared Wein — Bug 462117 - Reducing the number of visible controls when the video is too small. r=dolske
bf900e375add310511e301f9b86c061b13968f5aKyle Simpson — Bug 671291 - </iframe> and </html> overlap in the Inspect window; r=dao
f9d487c2b076d5fa6bc28dc4c8a5550819f990d2Panos Astithas — Bug 587134 - Context menu item for Highlight Element (highlighter); r=gavin
959c1e6bdb11759dcb380ab96df71f13b2f7086dTed Mielczarek — merge build-system to mozilla-central
cf18cd153c5e19d9beb340904eec54019546248bTed Mielczarek — bug 679427 - make event loop responsiveness threshold and interval configurable via environment variable. r=jlebar
f850d4a184c955003375648a659737e1359e186fTed Mielczarek — bug 686807 - Refactor checkForCrashes to make it more usable for remote automation. r=jmaher
939ac50b2b6710554cca3125b254acd07e04aaaeEd Morley — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
b55b2c3a2fdbb7b881d06541907a37dcde680c16Boris Zbarsky — Bug 680903. Make the set of interfaces exposed by windows saner across different window types. r=jst
21f5c38e33ec074a296ff96f724c5380bd4697b0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684671. Allow the onreadystatechange getter/setter on Document.prototype to not throw even if its |this| is bogus. r=peterv,sicking
cd43848a03265c2f54ef610d4ac4280e7726e4c6Andreas Gal — Bug 660233 part 2. Move nodePrincipal, baseURIObject, and documentURIObject from classinfo to XrayWrapper and to DOM prototypes in chrome documents. r=mrbkap
d9cd2e3f0a9a69798cea56698e97ed2159f19595Boris Zbarsky — Bug 660233 part 1. Fix tests that assume UniversalXPConnect in otherwise-untrusted pages will get one nodePrincipal, documentURIObject, baseURIObject properties. r=mrbkap
4309aaa4b59b4f0d3f4d446d7739f76b10e4780aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 688685. Propcached property adds that just write to a slot are not sound when the class has an addProperty hook. r=bhackett
27cc641828237146bdc7f92552c5bd10db62636dMatthew Gregan — Bug 688516 - Null check mElement before use in NotifyDownloadEnded and AudioAvailable. r=cpearce
1d41a35e38918e1636e1918c31d6b72844bd776fJustin Lebar — Bug 688624 - Use nsAutoTArray in nsDisplayList::HitTest. r=roc
583b4c9b3d4eb73466b57ac4587432c7df7b1561Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 685995 - DOM chrome worker tests do not really test anything; r=ted
0ec8974f09172e85dc883a84e808193b80ad88b8James Willcox — Bug 686992 - Draw to Android window/surface directly r=blassey
cbc62f5e79e8e33b47ff089b762caadb86399ec7Mark Finkle — Bug 678480 - First-run animation is busted and tab sidebar is visible at startup r=wjohnston
94852085df97069e100f79a360af7ee3a99a9aaaMatt Brubeck — Bug 685308 (2/2) - Make tablet UI work in RTL locales [r=wesj]
1e9807475e1e7011df078a324807dc4f7efd36a0Matt Brubeck — Bug 685308 (1/2) - Make tablet sidebar dragging work in RTL [r=mfinkle]
31f2a1d947be4b750f1e5edccaf0e68da3949b92Matt Brubeck — Bug 686417 - Allow dragging within the tab sidebar [r=mfinkle]
8547992229cc1d3efdcc9be67ddd9c8256cb7aefMatt Brubeck — Bug 686417 - Make the tab sidebar hideable in tablet mode [r=mfinkle]
99280262eba3dd39a4ff405a35b8afd7c8bc6d19Matt Brubeck — Bug 686417 - Cache the width of the sidebar in ViewableAreaObserver [r=mfinkle]
4990427104e13beeb3aa0193f39773345066468aMatt Brubeck — Bug 688670 - Curvy tab button background is not flush with edge of tablet toolbar [r=wesj] DONTBUILD (Android CSS-only tweak)
3e60b13624dc5abb8f007f4d6fe14182643fed99Wes Johnston — Bug 688505 - Use keyhole shape for back button on Honeycomb. r=mfinkle
84df818f0d2e7d690a802a732ecb1068a6a4f5e5Eitan Isaacson — bug 688628 - js-ctypes access to jni r=dougt
9d0c5f3e33925fc6a3fce709f995567efdc6c35fEd Morley — Bug 660718 - Add a link from about:support to about:memory; r=ehsan
faa84974073b789f235b2d3ca74cefeb41c82860Jeff Walden — Bug 687621 - Convert getProperty to take a PropertyName*, and make getGeneric the only way to get a property for a jsid. r=luke
b117f5ff61dbff1f4b6067309f39f160cf96d21eJeff Walden — Bug 687621 - Introduce js::SpecialId, encapsulating the non-index, non-string bizarro property names. r=luke
b27c16ee468c2d5a694fd34472778d502dfb73b7Jeff Walden — Add PropertyName to the string-types tree in vm/String.h, and beef up the comment by PropertyName itself to better explain its utility. rs=luke
ff35c22fc423a082b3c875014a63ee08b76e2acdJeff Walden — Bug 687621 - Further split ObjectOps to add a third property type (and temporarily a fourth to use for a property of indeterminate type), to encapsulate object-valued jsids and properties that don't fit in the property name/element distinction. r=luke
2f1a5172cced699b9ba99b74148ef11637eb04e1Jeff Walden — Bug 687642 - Rename JSFlatString::isElement to JSFlatString::isIndex. This better comports with other terminology being thrown around, and it makes it simpler to distinguish between the value used as the property name (the index, potentially) and the value the property contains (the element). r=dvander
743e78a1a24d5a4359544de42893a89c2b970ffcPaul Biggar — Change in-tree users of Array.prototype.splice to not rely on non-standard behavior of deleting all elements from |k| onward for |arr.splice(k)|. r=jwalden
3045a91f856fc75e753c1c2168dfb1cf9460e0e8Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset a72195ce0eaa (bug 612128) becasue of Fennec regressions
4cae8b392bae20b3c509a7839d11c0cd41cdfb53Wes Johnston — Bug 686745 - Allow scrolling the honeycomb app menu. r=mfinkle
d0b8300aab32778612cb32682afe1a0800ab14b9Wes Johnston — Bug 686533 - Fix vertical position of app menu. r=lucasr
e2688cf847c862e23a864060911f0d29ab8d0cc4Wes Johnston — Bug 688432 - Remove arrow from search engine popup. r=mbrubeck
9561bb68864bfb367bb28dcc263d2f1701d731a3Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 686579 - Kick off a sync immediately after setting up Sync on Fennec. r=mfinkle
875cb4f20eac2544dc1d3249ed7cffe4e3962f63Martin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3: Partial patch for nsWindow.cpp and associated files; r=karlt
0c47234a402129649f1012e38a67eb70a05ad332Ed Morley — Bug 687389 - Fix MSVC 2010 warning C4005: '_WIN32_WINNT' : macro redefinition, for various files under accessible/public/*; r=khuey
f829841e66189806c65776b1d4e129fcdaf9b954Mark Finkle — Bug 687312 - Show a non-interactive UI as soon as possible on startup (sdcard profiles) r=mbrubeck
8a77bab70ad591775777828ec89d5447130dc10bBill McCloskey — Bug 677431 - Clean up MarkAndSweep code in GC (r=igor)
a5273606afed2b9d9f14c867c41f61d746fbc9edJeff Muizelaar — Bug 673176. Record decoding speed for different image decoders. r=jlebar
8cfe90773812e8853f659ac9d2144f8cd70ce89aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 688081. imglib: Reorder condition checks in RequestDecode(). r=joedrew
259d1556c2216b1e8521830f8b658fb316c241e6Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
ae5adccb44d4afdd2af181756927686339082bceMatt Brubeck — Back out fb6480b0b03f (bug 556563) because of timeouts and failures in test_contextmenu.html
a35ab24017227744226ac3631f99c7a0f738c736Igor Bukanov — bug 688551 - specialize ~Anchor for Value only outside GCC. r=luke
c00d66030452722b8f9adf7c5c70bdce79fa76a5Lucas Rocha — Bug 688162 - Nudge tab bar X's to the left (r=mbrubeck)
91b3c66b8356ac25ee48443ccab0073f672f0f4bMatt Brubeck — Bug 688481 - Let the urlbar stretch to fill the toolbar in tablet mode [r=wesj]
281f14518241ea5a3a0edd6713140a374b8293c7Matt Brubeck — Bug 688488 - Add a border to the bottom of the toolbar in Honeycomb [r=lucasr]
8f1bc47dc6894f474d46ce0e26f1d64dfeb44914Matt Brubeck — Bug 688467 - Update "close tab" X button asset on tablets [r=lucasr]
267250a4595e65ced5289473eae88695d0b939b1Bill McCloskey — Bug 674776 - Replace giganto test with code to generate it (rs=jorendorff)
376187bc07dc9879d3999bf0fbdd16101931ccb5Malini Das — Bug 688052 - Disable permaorange Android tests for now; r=mbrubeck
fb6480b0b03f033f30696dc60b26a36f80357345Paul ADENOT — Bug 556563 - Disable/remove "View video" when you're already viewing the video r=dolske
379147b5215f4abe1968e3549973fd83bfdf8baeGabor Krizsanits — Bug 678465 - 'document-element-inserted' doesn't fire on ImageDocument; r=sicking
154c98ef39474d80d2c085e957fbcd934c6d5580ithinc — Bug 684773 - Unpin all tabs earlier when restoring a session in overwriting mode; r=dietrich
dfe8e0b734533c99f93cac902581f1e302b81c19Terrence Cole — Bug 685315 - Remove the GETGLOBAL opcode; r=dvander
ee268ef7df396d3d61280d374f2169c724ac4f0bjulian reschke — Bug 682762 - FTP URI with param component no longer works; r=rjesup
b063f02ccd4351f612b3a656c056f744f0c8dd77Martijn Wargers — Bug 634626 - Move test_bug36682 to mochitest chrome, add layout.spellcheckDefault pref test; r=ehsan
2986e795dbbc0b6f2cd146677bf0a7cc270f79aaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 670951 - Make rsync verbose to check where we are losing xulrunner. r=khuey.
4e0c380bb90d87da81a4e83f534e492bb87875c2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
51ca12bc0c44f9d1bdf1af3c70bdfafa18c057c2Justin Lebar — Bug 687722 - Make swapping two nsAutoTArrays preserve their auto-ness when possible. r=roc
519f498256da9d7af22d3dfd82c8e2f3db4d0aebJeff Muizelaar — Bug 573583. Enable decode-on-draw. r=jrmuizel
518c3a56a5dadedc242d87aff40c2c243846bf8cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 687858. Avoid accumulating telemetry for size decodes. r=jlebar
d300ffff0be707803e580744824c78348f0fcc96Kyle Huey — Backout Bug 477578 because it causes us to refcount atoms off the main thread.
502f2bd2c229164699421ad823d27e8d05b2426fBrian Hackett — Try to release native call stubs on GC, bug 688292. r=dvander
4da52874a049b2f20cbf079ad9456869c6404baaBrian R. Bondy — Bug 668068 - ICO width/height of 0 should mean 256 width/height. r=joe
225001455808fe364d36fd87486a97946a9620edBrian R. Bondy — Bug 682571 - nsLocalFile::isWritable behaves wrongly on Windows. r=bsmedberg
65f0640bf316733556e4e2166c7b63100928c451Brian R. Bondy — Bug 300692 - Win32 nsLocalFile::Create returns not found if no access. r=bsmedberg
7431723f82424ff65e8ac5f4e33721e61af03bc0Patrick McManus — bug 255119 do not display http response body of 3xx with javascript: location header r=honzab
45db8c3384e17fe17c77d87828ad20ef6109fbd1Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6355165a737b6e112efb7a841d9b02a28462f061Lucas Rocha — Bug 685285 - Implement curvy design for tablet portrait mode (r=wesj)
0348871e3c458ca0091643eb1bc20523e50393f7Lucas Rocha — Bug 685285 - Reduce main toolbar height to match planned design (r=wesj)
65b0c8cc5d41ab16b6b3ea6c37eb88a759af23c6Ralph Giles — Bug 688274 - Remove zero-length android_npapi.h - r=:dougt
cc42e81d78b22bd7834a06347b32b323a4be52d8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.8 Add composition event tests r=smaug
df8272331d537e4c3577eae41e5c5bc3c506f42fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.7 Dispatch compositionupdate event and set data value of compositionend event in all IME handling tests r=smaug, sr=roc
54fbf5eda91483e9770ed039b7378a82335d9a4aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.6 Implement DOM3 composition event on Android r=dougt+smaug
8d48a0f50b4c2c92de5320e97f48b69e7ebfba11Masayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.5 Implement DOM3 composition event on Mac r=smichaud+smaug
71ffc9bbcb31e08cdbd72338251f8ead42655b37Masayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.4 Implement DOM3 composition event on Linux r=karlt+smaug
61f11b38c268fe1c9e6337e7c699fe932185832cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.3 Implement DOM3 composition event on Windows r=jimm+smaug
6432301d41ce969204eb1d2aeae808b6f2afeeb2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.2 Initialize data property of compositionstart event in nsEventStateManager::PreHandleEvent() r=smaug
ebfdff9a84a591f8cca2067861bc433dbaea8659Masayuki Nakano — Bug 543789 part.1 Add DOM3 composition events r=smaug, sr=roc
ab85ce20e10ef6309346305a3c0e595b0b9eaac7Marco Bonardo — Bug 687376 - continue_test in test_browserhistory.js might never execute.
cf4a13b84474d0a743eecd461beb1dae0c0f5f97Matthew Gregan — Bug 682593 - Avoid possible null dereference during state machine shutdown. r=cpearce
70e0fdded87df54bfe757e4a25a3aaa680f9fbc2Florian Hänel — Bug 687458 - TimeStamp in FPSState uninitialized, leads to crash; r=romaxa
362691b74d6c04c943bced5cfa41ba9c5c61553bSean Stangl — Correct typo in NumberDiv. (Bug 686323, r=dvander)
bc1b738b8a07b4894111f6a0579bb0b2b5fe5c53Boris Zbarsky — Merge backout of revision adceb7fb0fce (bug 660233)
b0c45b878554b055f2715ffd18cc8067e8e0c694Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset adceb7fb0fce (bug 660233) due to test failures.
5c29c2e922251dd88637360643cbc78b9b7c3888Luke Wagner — Bug 684526 - Remove Jsvalify/Valueify (r=waldo)
4f9a7183a1973cde3e1804168272729ed4390537Luke Wagner — Bug 684526 - Unify jsval and js::Value (r=jorendorff)
4801c2f7bef8b86f575c951bf0357779d6213039Blake Kaplan — Bug 679861 - Normalize jsvals before handing them to APIs. r=gal
adceb7fb0fceea8c7c31889764fefd55d608c5e4Andreas Gal — Bug 660233. Move nodePrincipal, baseURIObject, and documentURIObject from classinfo to XrayWrapper. r=mrbkap
1985330ca29890e1b9e3b89db270215826564449Justin Wood — Bug 688357, fix SeaMonkey Windows Build Failure due to Bug 648581. r=khuey
412d0be8158aa178294b510d9c6f362945ce273fBenoit Jacob — Bug 686398 - WebGL crash, addressing Texture ImageInfo out of bounds - r=jrmuizel
6935f0893612179d466e9b4e41da98418702ac2eBenoit Jacob — Bug 685793 - WebGL buffer overflow issue and access to out of range memory - r=jrmuizel
4495e1f795c218d562205f3364ac1f84aecee220Ed Morley — Merge tips of mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
1d490722d3331e6bdfc17a40beab470410dec36aSteve Workman — Bug 72444: Option to bypass proxy server for local addresses. r=honzab
682459dc5a1c613782fba559b2566c85f1c61e36Steve Workman — Bug 373900: Add a check to nsMultiMixedConv. r=honzab
af88e531499d33ef8b963b44e894d2dda646957bSteve Workman — Bug 373899: Add checks to nsStandardURL. r=honzab
69d457d5d3298388475b9a0902fbc53e879102deMark Finkle — Bug 687312 - Show a non-interactive UI as soon as possible on startup r=mbrubeck
891362a930b0d97cf77db69dd0d4ebbc8657425eMark Hammond — Bug 683400 - SandboxDump should flush stderr after writing output. r=mrbkap
cec49ea0739d802649fa819ff7ccc1c74f37fc9aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 687696 - Generate places shutdown events in the cpp tests. r=mak.
75dec6517097ca8bc7aa0251872341ba98d939e3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 685981 - 'oversize' is the only suggestion for 'exersize'; r=smaug
1a87f8e7127c84bc51a14cc2dd88d8d6acea1143Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 687118 - Add a helper script for adding/removing a few words from the Hunspell en-US dictionary; r=smaug
29f2b1511a29e87a195addf9afae397d5538c418ithinc — Bug 687313 - Clear up non-referenced curSHEntry variable; r=dietrich
fba40237687e3a0879c2212652327ac1ad0f3052Lucas Rocha — Bug 686524 - Align url/title text with the favicon; r=wesj
4123db848fa8ac1e30a02dd8886e96c9cb9db9d3Lucas Rocha — Bug 687646 - Adjust font size of URL bar text; r=wesj
514ff3a903a67df5f79c78f20f056287511ea020Ainsley Chong — Bug 669578 - Add a reflectInt() method to reflect.js. r=Ms2ger,mounir
f5f840c2334712e72ad977c9f78f7cd1105496dcLandry Breuil — Bug 648735 - On OpenBSD/64 bits we need a typedef for unsigned long long, and reuse the unsigned long template on 32/64 bits; r=cjones
156ededf328756e2aecfa7a5032dabc306a797a2Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - OpenBSD: Include sys/stat.h; r=cjones
86601793e2ce9af1add4643cdb876b840004a178Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - OpenBSD: Add missing limits.h and sys/param.h; r=cjones
c67ec721fdd67b1b776ffdda5c627ae127a685c9Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - Fix build failure on OpenBSD/i386 & macppc; r=cjones
9e3562fefd4ca1970d8f7ba430b582e7dc6092bbBrian R. Bondy — Bug 598289 - Test case for CF_HTML parsing with StartHTML/EndHTML set to -1. r=ehsan
b7486f31f6b1d29d60098ba74bc2ba0c0e2d17c5Brian R. Bondy — Bug 598289 - Fix bad parsing of CF_HTML values. r=roc
16c9cfa0cf8401400e1f9acc9a42964b601c1261Brian R. Bondy — Bug 598289 - Unable to paste CF_HTML from clipboard if StartHTML/EndHTML is -1. r=ehsan
f4ec1c8b2567a50a043798feeb5e3af2ddeee4e2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
f10597ebc79eeb1e6d5cf5f2d89d1d364cb654a3Graeme McCutcheon — Backout changeset 987810fab278 to re-enable test_contextmenu on linux, which should no longer be flaky following the landing of bug 682618
02ce78afb98495d2ae5ed64f578751c7253bca61Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 673017 - Misc places fixes. r=mak77.
0f45fa81734a73b5d2967bf575d0904fa5977525Brian R. Bondy — Bug 674957 - mochitests-5: test_alerts.htmltimed out after 330 seconds. r=sdwilsh
519c7eed899afdf53c57c4a6b31b6f7be0f515e7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 429484 - Win32 nsILocalFile.exists() returns false when files exist and inaccessible. r=bsmedberg
2089dc93c4324444d788049dfd29b538f618928dMike Hommey — Bug 688062 - Avoid linking the crash reporter against libmozutils. r=ted
f4b05b1c55965aff05b51962c7609fc708ff91b0Mike Hommey — Bug 687805 - Allow DIST_FILES, DIST_CHROME_FILES and PREF_JS_EXPORTS to be in objdir. r=khuey
50115be8eaf0a2848b5d2fe9b59d62c5a941a889Mike Hommey — Bug 686876 - Move libraries at the top level in the apk. r=mfinkle
6ac5bd88eac0449977abe9c936b2052030ec46e4Mark Finkle — Bug 688087 - Don't prestart the content process during startup r=mbrubeck
da9d9d9d98094178de6bde0c3b7f262e197fcf37Jim Chen — Bug 672787 - Use proper alignment for libpixman ARM assembly; r=siarhei.siamashka
c7233b484b951611b466b024e172bb09066f3627Landry Breuil — Bug 684559 - Don't include now missing jswtfbridge.h on non-YARR JIT architectures (NPOTDB); r=dmandelin
c0070ea57a4eea55d3ab2b05bd8d3daed6c2fa7aRobert Longson — Bug 687445 - Do not round mask size till after the CTM transform has been applied. r=roc
50b36274e6896899e9b3e1de6b4e0ad75ed60a37Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
57f8b1efe71145d89b918ed1eb34ced1d5656e02Jonathan Griffin — Bug 687947 - fix sync version re, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
cbb03c3991c61109c4a8de5e200db640e57b0a82Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
93d9315bb60bede4e0547c702b976b5d185c594cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
eef6577442273c6c60fa3f122d569afe6d580ba5Jens Hatlak — Bug 686366 - Canceling Sign In wizard page triggers "Weave is not defined" error. r=philikon
272a1113b4d173fe51d162db21d3f784ed4c603bJonathan Griffin — Bug 686357 - don't create files outside of TPS' virtualenv, r=rnewman, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
384a64b6afe1b68fa409973da2eb69f7beef82c0Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central into services-central.
eef69648175ea947fe40450b609efce19eccb5b8Jonathan Griffin — Bug 682413 - attempt to recover from pulse failures, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
67287e6fac80bf8145bd0ce6d765aa99174d62e3Jonathan Griffin — Bug 682443 - dump history and password lists to log on relevant test failure, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
cb70379936f3ecc1e598697400fd6c3b5ffe652aJonathan Griffin — Bug 685934 - prevent unnecessary redownloading of build between tests, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
cebcf93501983c32332ef712b32dcf271295b382Gregory Szorc — Bug 685757 - Document Store API; r=philikon DONTBUILD
5e7a991c8305cc5a2f895923362e2832de5c414dJonathan Griffin — Bug 685926 - pass custom sync server url to mozmill framework, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
42cd2123ad10059497fc1dcf88a1ac6dfcf5def7Chenxia Liu — Bug 663181 - Automatic cleanup for Sync error logs. r=philikon
4ea7e20806667913ab2fc941b4d0605c53c263c2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a3d4a447c8fc8512b169b9d5679f6ab198d5fab6Robert Longson — Bug 687830 - Simplify marker implementation by calculating viewbox on paint rather than attempting to cache it. r=roc
069e927983a90bf6d6b04e06f23b5aad05b087a4Justin Lebar — Bug 685438 - Avoid wasted space in nsTArray_base due to jemalloc rounding up. r=roc
3d181775477ffbca5fe73d5b0d2d99a45ff1a94aRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
931650933b13a73b536918cebdd4360d5e9ba4c8Rob Campbell — Backed out changeset 304f93baaa1b, bug 587134, a=testfailures
304f93baaa1bfc7ac0249cfd7d303920c0f3294ePanos Astithas — Bug 587134 - Context menu item for Highlight Element (highlighter); r=limi, r=gavin
eff517413fc19fcd8128ed1236e8ab98675161b9Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 672744 - Add search filter to style inspector; r=msucan
1314532cfdb9ca84b25442f548d2ff42fef76cb5Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 672746 - Add an Only user styles checkbox to the style inspector, r=msucan
c2d1c841d003379d9327f9c2712e5d19a9467ed8Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
4866693ce45c43cefd7fa1c5a5fdd05ce8b080efJared Wein — Bug 686778 - Move close button back to the left side on Mac r=dcamp
d1a258f48898ff424099b391904be9d0bd183ae9Jared Wein — Bug 472942 - Centering video and applying some basic styling to make viewing videos directly more pretty. r=roc ui-r=shorlander
8e3e1c5f348da4bb38895b513f42c40d7f5eb087Panos Astithas — Bug 614586 - Implement string substitution in all console API methods; r=ddahl,Olli.Pettay
31153dfd43070444318a813a6979ee01328dc445Panos Astithas — Bug 674871 - [highlighter] there is something wrong with iframes; r=mihai.sucan,
01ef83aa3f02aa7606eeda54b6381148da059324Panos Astithas — Bug 686705 - Source Editor with the textarea fallback displays undefined without a placeholderText; r=mihai.sucan
7107a577e4f6dea4f96b3f6bac117698cdaa1aeaMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 685141 - csshtmltree.css & arrows.png are missing from aero theme; r=mihai.sucan
e149493b41331867b5d24af8eaa42a0b947ace6aMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 674856 - The style inspector should not redraw the whole UI every time it is used; r=mihai.sucan
3178f1c42505399684958eb839ff2de1efaca965Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c18a3ab59221d23f3818b018c7e9a850bdad91daL. David Baron — Add mochitest for bug 686656. r=bzbarsky
1ed711ae0b35a53aeb1866e95b23a70b3ae0ea1eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 686656. Make sure to skip animation rules as well as transition rules when we're reparenting a style context when not processing an animation restyle. r=dbaron
eb6bdbfa89c1fe4d3328804b186da81d4d3a5578Benoit Girard — Bug 683803 - [backout] Add a 60 FPS Cap to throttle plugin drawing. r=backout
182d4c0c11640d822536421e902c2bbcff118c66Atul Aggarwal — Bug 685905 - Adding ReplaceElementAt to nsTArray. r=sicking
a72195ce0eaa20bbc1fcf5c8e98c6b64044b972bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - Prevent the editor from modifying nodes which are not under an editing host; r=roc,bzbarsky
ef007a375b3475e4f622b06453affcaba41a0f85Benoit Girard — Bug 683803 - [OOPP] Add a 60 FPS Cap to throttle plugin drawing. r=cjones
f98f144896ad67aa57e737b8b74eaa95d42ad711Patrick McManus — bug 686312 - websockets should not reject non character utf-8 sequence as invalid r=dbaron
a84273cf364468ced0be05f8ea860c70a95c53c5Igor Bukanov — bug 684527 - making sure that we never try to allocate from the GC. r=wmccloskey
3c429287dfbe623a21a9ca2382873a10a63ed781Bill McCloskey — Bug 675806 - Make static strings be GC things (r=luke)
c207eea5477770ac791123fb1e937d1952b3b661Bill McCloskey — Bug 674776 - Fix trap problem in js_GetOpcode (r=jorendorff)
057c3fccb95608f494999d2e08b1572aa386f410Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6bcc3a001bb348195f32e3402f185ee6fe6b2175Patrick McManus — 687295 - disable websockets deprecated deflate-stream extension due to thin vnc interop problem r=bz
68928bdabfd745229946af70e896ac48112af3c0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 444641 part 4. Remove the data: special-casing for images in canvas, since we now set the right principal for data: images. r=roc
c237a8550070a05b648d64a7a328e81151cd948bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 444641 part 3. Propagate the loading principal to the image channel as needed. r=joe,dveditz
a6a3d724bcf5946639e7352178542dc6120c15fdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 444641 part 2. Factor out the channel owner setting from docshell so other consumers can use it too. r=jst,dveditz
2ca75ce160b0bffda896de07b8f30d5bd1336fd2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 444641 part 1. Factor out IsAboutBlank into nsNetUtil.h. r=jduell,jst
397abdbd54a81de1f22efa4094eb599772d13c99Brian Hackett — Don't clobber callee-save register when testing pushed value after stub calls, bug 687856. r=dvander
e0ea0a7ecbee994529bd5a4e4cd231791cb3fffeMatt Brubeck — Bug 687729 - Move more code from common-ui.js out of the startup path [r=mfinkle]
355ffd653a9df1cb8ed3e78a09ebbe2e4834c199Matt Brubeck — Bug 660844 - Fix errors in browser_tabs.js caused by bug 686380 [r=mfinkle]
1e41259daf673616a0b624cd142f0ba2809f883eEd Morley — Backout f94b4d73777f (bug 683316) for bustage, on a CLOSED TREE
3b962e7590f17ee4e83d1f295baa36dc545e5cafWes Johnston — Bug 685282 - Update actionbar icons for new theme. r=mfinkle
469cdde36b5321fc04d9e6dc7b7290258b492c9fWes Johnston — Bug 682465 - Update menu icon on gingerbread. r=mbrubeck
0896833ccc90026c2fdd74ef465e2ec25b6a1bceWes Johnston — Bug 687849 - Don't show close button on last tab for portrait menu. r=lucasr
69fdc6af563d6679be07ee8aeb2e9714b6697fb8Wes Johnston — Bug 681643 - Update dialog theme for honeycomb. r=mfinkle
f94b4d73777fdf543a620a6f6744cdf32cca14faHonza Bambas — Bug 683316 - DOMStorageImpl::GetKey performance regression, r=bz
21a39c2f9060c50afcc1e3e593bd49b55345e19dLandry Breuil — Fix use of resetUseCount outside JS_METHODJIT. bug 687885, r=bhackett
2718a99132a26f0f4d125f8a487d4dc686b745a6Landry Breuil — Bug 651444 - Dont redefine intX_t types on OpenBSD; r=jmuizelaar
fd0c39b06b26a9bafc445cd842b9fdc6cbb44020arno renevier — Bug 687410 - Remove unused flags variable in specialpowers.js; r=ted
1384ec5bb5423573d94a8f1cc544cb30abfb36a7Ian Neil — Test case for bug 552782; r=ehsan
2ea7c7953cb86a2c1e853ee8113ae601aa2bdc1bLandry Breuil — Bug 685820 - Fix uint64/uint64_t usage breaking the build on OpenBSD/amd64; r=cjones
89d8b2add33ff2e51a17cea95cecce66e18bf6a1arno renevier — Bug 687634 - Test for whiteImage status in gfxXlibNativeRenderer::Draw; r=roc
969aaa109a23e2f9a0fe3a4efa0642f67d938d88Oleg Romashin — Bug 687373 - Provide mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptorX11 non xlib surface ctor. r=cjones
ebbc50bbebeb2b3142efd9fbde0d0be0666008f9Geoff Lankow — Bug 663075 - FileUtils.jsm should have an easy way to create an nsILocalFile with a path; r=sdwilsh sr=rstrong
028baeb2ca2125590df8cae87beabf91b25e2117Felix Fung — Bug 675794 - about:config must trim whitespace from the name for a new alphanumeric; f=margaret
812cea5c372e80d75f983d6cd0138ac1ccd6706eGraeme McCutcheon — Bug 682618 - Explicitly blur and focus elements to ensure IsCommandEnabled calls are dispatched to correct element. r=gavin
b80b4d52cd14da737d775738c395ec13f17c26b1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 685435. imglib: Remove some unneeded multithread support. r=joe
d7bc56a9611ba7e62f4d123ffb05ee4e71d95d95Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 684859. Add telemetry to track when 2d or webgl canvas is used. r=bas
4792fc2600869a844e28c56e46667e8a20fcebceEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
7039bba56b10cda3fd921d33015d79cf74128a11Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - On OpenBSD, assume clock is monotonic; r=cjones
226136c5812e8a42c1c3ad1a20de7014445f14a3Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - Include sys/uio.h to get the definition of struct iovec; r=cjones
bb924724a032cd1457aec0dc9d9a7579e66a0aebLandry Breuil — Bug 648735 - Use pthread_self() on OpenBSD to get current thread id; r=cjones
f78d9f4f5234a05770aaa06e1b28280acf8c8aa5Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - Define stat64 to stat on Open/FreeBSD, since they don't have stat64() but stat handles >2Gb files fine; r=cjones
ea33ddde6adee9d4f0e205eadafc130e5c52a375Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - Use nspr's prcpucfg.h for OpenBSD; r=cjones
3b19bf3e0b696d4e15dcab9d23fca422a53f40b1Landry Breuil — Bug 648735 - Build fails without sys/types.h inclusion; r=cjones
f44151e039f6fb5ee213feb215ec49e7f7a3f8edLandry Breuil — Bug 648735 - Add missing #defines for OS_OPENBSD, consider it as an OS_POSIX, while here add #defines for sparc64 arch; r=cjones
50b328970b3c561f39b081c6bab9c8dc475f63fdRaymond Lee — Bug 593283 - Persist each group's active tab across sessions; r=dietrich
e8bd19f6abbb6b8158eea2c248c46afd23f42ea2Brian Hackett — Verify range against previous stub when linking getter PIC stubs, bug 688090. r=dvander
2d29d3a3b31401d35da68c85f8a5da3a027cbcdbBrian Hackett — Don't clobber callee-save register when testing pushed value after stub calls, bug 687856. r=dvander
b15856d4b1148976cc05f09bf70d5faf46f99215Jim Chen — Bug 687147 - Workaround linker crash when calling .init_array in; r=
2a4671d164b484282abafe855a2180ca8d5fecd5Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
ab120ebd437be3e0e28a900d27a755876df7ee11Ed Morley — Bug 648581 - Add MOZ_CRASHREPORTER ifdefs to nsWindowsDllBlocklist.cpp to fix build errors with --disable-crashreporter; rs=glandium
52c42cbf25fb81c19abdc0e32ed6e8d4fe8f5c1eTakanori MATSUURA — Bug 687037 - Fix typo in GNOME colorpicker.css causing Warning: Expected declaration but found '+'; r=dao
09b9a80097637fdb58f01a45d225553a1eeaa446Cedric Vivier — Bug 686571 - Expose new javascript.options.pccounts.(content|chrome) prefs defaults; r=dmandelin
5a3e49205389d413ed5201a51399300d035b7bf1Igor Bukanov — bug 678830 - Use JSScript, not script objects, in compile/evaluate API. r=jorendorff
ceafc572c5ad64d7cdf7fc6567cfddb3b13e687eMakoto Kato — Bug 685537 - [HKb] Fn key + key is not working properly. r=jchen
c0f7ee4b3358dc4b51ef2f3f01867098fa784cacRandell Jesup — Bug 682684: handle frames being deleted when running EditorInitializer when under scriptblocker r=roc
575dcce289787d64b6ee6803b538d62210a38ce2Dão Gottwald — Bug 668019 - prepend http:// to URL copy selection if URL has been selected (but not loaded) from location bar. r=gavin
53cc8910cb1c947f2330aaca16c9476bd803fad6Dão Gottwald — merge backout
ebd4601cb5de1df423659414f4140a51fb5c3dd8Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e0708cefd3df
7f35e447e8a9c0be1f9e978ec66e5e4ec048de5eWes Johnston — Bug 685839 - Show tabs in a menu for portrait view. r=mfinkle
1cb463c1c7b78de8103d36c01d5e6ed40efee6cdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 680922. Don't try to remove anonymous elements from the name map. r=sicking
2dbed30dd67d46cd929a305842938a2cf95f7231Boris Zbarsky — Bug 682554. Move onreadystatechange to live on Document only. r=smaug
30a5dfdf8aba3543e6974d1650423c9b88892b62Boris Zbarsky — Bug 687755. Refactor some code to make it easier to add new nsDOMStorageDBWrapper methods that forward to the various storage implementations. r=honza
e0708cefd3df4ef1626c7a15cb51d3186757f2e1Dão Gottwald — Bug 668019 - prepend http:// to URL copy selection if URL has been selected (but not loaded) from location bar. r=gavin
abfc871cc026560c62fdfaab92b8f31b1f92aee0Ed Morley — Bug 687342 - Move arm.cpp to ARM ifeq block in xpcom/glue/ to stop MSVC arm.obj LNK4221 warning; r=khuey
c64b8574e28235e03e8f15331f99ff894bb51b76Andrew McCreight — Bug 681104 - Add JSTracer flag to disable visiting WeakMap mappings. r=billm
1db035c0e495182631bd2a2beca272372d46af85Matt Brubeck — Bug 687298 - Prevent boolean setting checkboxes from getting two click events at once [r=mfinkle]
1b5705431f5ae7d7127498e08e30c08ed0368947Shyam Prasad Murarka — Bug 664798 - Added 'Copy Email Address', 'Copy Phone Number' and 'Copy Image Location' to the context menu; r=mbrubeck
fc81b89dc4acc5435d74260931433950e3a678caLucas Rocha — Bug 687468 - Misc design tweaks on tab thumbnails in tablet mode (r=mbrubeck)
5629b31668efef405f7535237bc30948fc2c3975Lucas Rocha — Bug 687468 - Chain tabHeight assignment for simplicity (r=mbrubeck)
898c71dcfe7c4fbfa43e7e688d02a34de6240857Lucas Rocha — Bug 687468 - Define border_radius_xsmall on all themes (r=mbrubeck)
7004388d9ae8255ff54773c4b09bbc0f889510deLucas Rocha — Bug 687468 - Define font_xxtiny on all themes (r=mbrubeck)
9208ee94b0120e0c18ab370f1fb7cfb8a0698339Bill McCloskey — Bug 604747 - Set GC max heap size to 4GB in JS shell (r=gregor)
104fb6df714f1a9f45b01cde35530ac60b28651bIgor Bukanov — Bug 686144 - eliminating gc::MarkingDelay. r=wmccloskey
1d5cdab249a9e37a464dd4cbf4ac8a5301164cf3Ed Morley — Bug 687326 - Kill txAtoms.h and s/txXPathAtoms|txXMLAtoms|txXSLTAtoms|txHTMLAtoms/nsGkAtoms/g; r=sicking
40e482df5ab596f2a148853d2fbf89ab275064d2Justin Lebar — Bug 629535 - Add navigator.doNotTrack. r=sicking
ab0a6fdf0144831c16d993df1bd271861b7c353cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 648581 - Annotate the crash reports in case DLL BlockListing fails; r=bsmedberg
be380e98f3836622bf18cc98d9a2fa5b4705a154Jeff Walden — Bug 686900 - Rewrite js_InitFunctionAndObject. r=jorendorff
ae99d33a2290f11263f0750bd030615ccb10f93fJeff Walden — Bug 686900 - Move js_InitFunctionClass into GlobalObject.cpp, in preparation for unifying js_InitObjectClass and js_InitFunctionClass. r=jorendorff
2778cb07c697db6eb84a59394d2361bb392dbe9cJeff Walden — Bug 686900 - Move js_InitObjectClass into GlobalObject.cpp, in preparation for unifying js_InitObjectClass and js_InitFunctionClass. r=jorendorff
d29027e1fae4f844ca8a7b066020f6a588598d0fMalini Das — Bug 677626 - Add a profiling test suite for mochitest [tests]. r=jmaher
8707dfaa4a45377759e0eb71a8f60b7cd7fa98c5Malini Das — Bug 677626 - Add a profiling test suite for mochitest. r=jmaher
e081de558f5945376ebcbd07a5c6cf30dda08bfeRobert Longson — Bug 687518 - Remove nsSVGUtils:: from nsSVGutils methods. r=roc
724207df257a6085a40b6d9c4825a70c54336699Luke Wagner — Bug 686280 - js::Move(temporary) should strip the const (also, this fixes build error caused by gcc 4.6 bug) (r=jimb)
7c5740a2649ebdf22dc63c9c4d830502f6110a71Luke Wagner — Bug 680523 - Vector move constructor needs to initialize mBegin (r=jimb)
a89ac13dbeb9d815b065dc4865ac1eb40a4b1ad8Olli Pettay — Bug 682886 - menuitem should be serialized as a container, r=sicking
f7cbb2d9c61dbaf6c78c4aababd46427320a2d3bOlli Pettay — Bug 686449 - Make ProcessingInstruction inherit from CharacterData, r=sicking
648d084ca28ee49ffd502255b47fb421bed0aebcBrian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
c943bbf9dac4263560f51f303e146cf2a5710775Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reapply 7db908db3669 (bug 684084) 19ed9da5789d (bug 684824) a250c3cb749a (bug 686178) 820f11a3fdb1 (bug 686179) e678ced82a6a (bug 686418) 300e1f974f55 (bug 669715) 5c131d458c53 (bug 686396) 3a8b5e4a286b (bug 683140).
b961a248e94d41ee2b7995aaca34b4dd37dc4286Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reapply f1c585415dd4 7c89b0ff453d 19794de530f1 (bug 686000).
c02868b913d5ebc4b3cc620101fa2acbf290b041Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reapply c1f0817e5cb4 (bug 557358), 353b160fb804 (bug 685313), 9459096a263a b31b25125429 (bug 669715), a887241aed3a (bug 684404).
9ca3d16d575c8ea2fa6af0294e0629fbac29f89aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Reapply c2726640029f 3330521cfa4a b68281262e15 (bug 557358), 6a8947bcc821 (bug 684943), 50d4f6fa00ce (bug 683714), f3dd7cf2d0b3 (bug 683999).
ea2f892d94391494c13e907c1128a6ca9826d582Lucas Rocha — Bug 605365 - Fix typo in browser_contentpopup.js and browser_forms.js (r=mfinkle)
1006e859c44b1d074ea853784ab206e4ea279a2fLucas Rocha — Bug 605365 - Use waitForFirstPaint() in content popup test (r=mfinkle)
b37d37febea9b1c303d979c5c990ba7f1e386412Lucas Rocha — Bug 605365 - Hide form assistant when focused element is blurred (r=mfinkle)
f17d190c8c6cee9ebb9aff8bd797ec22d4956eefLucas Rocha — Bug 605365 - Show notification for invalid form elements (r=mfinkle)
a9adf1767b4668df8ad0fa036db2bf19a07616d0Lucas Rocha — Bug 605365 - Change Content's formAssistant to be a public property (r=mfinkle)
4e1b3e291b1bc0ee611abb67d1e027345602662eLucas Rocha — Bug 605365 - Properly update visibility of the previously visible popup (r=mfinkle)
aada4d669948e1ed4f59d3d99ca11354f9cbfd17Lucas Rocha — Bug 687287 - Fix alignment of close button on inactive tabs (r=mfinkle)
f1586578808bb623b198ac31ef19e9a2dee61325Alon Zakai — Bug 633627 - Disable tests that fail with fixedpoint blurring. r=roc
2e63e7fcecd69f25a0195700b7343c66f99ce880Alon Zakai — Bug 633627 - Fixedpoint division in blur code. r=jmuizelaar
19518187d2e8051bddb81c2fc7a5f99ae4053e16Henri Sivonen — Bug 685581 - Do not treat the empty string as a speculatively preloadable URL. r=bzbarsky.
c6d4e5bce80b58d9544405f88b2d9292a75c1ec1Robert Longson — Bug 687340 - Make dynamic changes to mask, clipPath and marker attributes work. r=roc
75086668aebb002726a7e9dd27739bf5cd8b1177Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset on mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9ae43404500df0ed167c90ffad1348c4cc3c50d7Oleg Romashin — Bug 687392 - Use nearest filter for mobile video/plugin rendering. r=roc
bb708067dd5715d9f9be19916a92b970617134e8Benoit Jacob — Bug 681026 - always get data from glxtest process and waitpid() for it - r=joe
b916b514a499416d0065991c50888c81845121d1Benoit Jacob — Backed out changeset 432a30ebd148
432a30ebd148aaacd1615d4188afab44742c6c52Benoit Jacob — Bug 681026 - always get data from glxtest process and waitpid() for it - r=joe
6dd930769dc95a5d368a6bab32178ce311e208a7Benoit Jacob — Bug 683500 - glxtest should use glXGetProcAddress, not dlsym - r=mattwoodrow
d4826f400c8941ee1025c4c09ecef4d1e2030c26Ed Morley — Bug 605174 - Fix a number of build warnings in dom/ (based on patch by Ms2ger <>); r=peterv
2cef60b8a9c26a2632b688727c35ec03875fd8a5Ed Morley — Bug 609431 - Fix various LNK4221 MSVC warnings in js/src/; r=khuey
90de3b7ddca9930c0e5a3b4151334ed6d3e8a265Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Set MOZ_CAN_RUN_PROGRAMS in mozconfig.leopard and propagate it. r=khuey.
3610977e5f7e34593f78c8cceba56e491a07bf3eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 599938. Fix bustage.
cd2472a58edac597e3b6f2b0488e60e853eeb251Timothy Nikkel — Bug 599938. Show select drop downs in the correct location if they are being translated by CSS transforms. r=roc
5319b0100025f1a5bc7c30cabde3b9a3bcbf998dEd Morley — Merge last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
fbc0c5c938a97abf3d6745a00a842ef036fc1bfcJim Mathies — Bug 654891 - warning C4509: nonstandard extension used: 'PluginWindowEvent::Run' uses SEH and 'inst' has destructor; r=bsmedberg
ae6a709647e16ec79966883595bde7db41ff5ba2Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f827e9173fea8cbcfd3c16347f212fa0e7a7730bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central tip to mozilla-inbound
0b31c67e1423b8e1fff2d3956e0cad6a38204cf0Nick Hurley — Bug 686948 - Add telemetry for cache hit/miss with/without revalidation. r=mcmanus
13d1f83e452a7fbc986f97af65857e26517fa1c4Ed Morley — Bug 685084 - Remove unused variable 'lm' in mozilla::widget::PuppetWidget::DispatchPaintEvent(); r=roc
87ce16809ea04684ea9a8302f7755c55af450fd3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647687 - Fix filter SourceImage bounds. r=longsonr
09dc9b406bd636c528fc15e4b3c9f5eae0058586Doug Turner — Bug 630007 - Minimal support NPAPI on ANDROID. Pre-Honeycomb inproccess support only. r=josh.
bcde9f44b1495af9f5fb261975a20b8313f57c29Kyle Huey — Remove some dead makefile entries from toolkit-makefiles. r=me (no bug).
9e3c4b3e0e0478fd257aa4f5ee4d79e45c4bbe2fOlli Pettay — Bug 432698 - mouseenter and mouseleave, r=masayuki
3048de52e24cf91b0c09c1626e4ac44cb9ada81eOlli Pettay — Bug 675166 - Make DocumentTypeNode to use NodeInfoManager of the document, r=sicking
8540ca31ca8fcc0edfea1ae6ddfb5bd90a2b0195Ms2ger — Bug 684472 - Reduce QIs in nsPrintingPromptService; r=bsmedberg
01680aa7f422c255295e1b0e7657e964f5b4ccfbMs2ger — Bug 687096 - Remove entries for removed folders from LOCAL_INCLUDES; r=khuey
df47b96dabd3bec8e5b7e5681b5630febbed369cMs2ger — Bug 687070 - Remove unused variable 'result' in nsDisplaySelectionOverlay::Paint; r=masayuki
40e9776914f708b0c5cefb493c2f6dc2e9cf899cMs2ger — Bug 684470 - Remove the FromParser argument from nsHTMLMediaElement and subclasses' constructors; r=jst
beec7f7c551b19d8f20031748faa792dd173162aMs2ger — Bug 684471 - Make nsGenericHTMLFormElement::mFieldSet a nsHTMLFieldSetElement*; r=peterv
be1e7dbe7944a0bb9071d99ffa051bb4bbac434cMs2ger — Bug 649603 - Make nsIScriptContext::GetNativeContext return JSContext; r=jst
06445f55f0093b8e16c338cfc70a8c026b59f1acDaniel Holbert — Back out cset c3bf76213a6c (bug 665392) for breaking a testcase from the w3c svg testsuite, 'full-animate-elem-24-t.html'.
85fb038d1dd1464ea78e481067fb9a2c398a8d77Ed Morley — Backout latest JM merge for OSX 10.5 M-oth permaorange (see bug 687257) on a CLOSED TREE
ae07b6515b7871223b42710e4ba4d1ccf7b5a38dEd Morley — Merge last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8e807121f9e09e96c394e3e00aedcecfc27e2bb8Lucas Rocha — Bug 686530 - Fix padding on icons to not cover urlbar line (r=wesj)
07ef2c842854638d79b77e405bff7212e4efb08fEd Morley — Backout d4bdab069bbc (bug 630007) for qt build bustage and various oranges on other platforms
11adc26523a4e3ead5aaa30e0048bbaab2fa4056Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 684659 - Remove xptcinvoke_unixish_x86.cpp. r=bsmedberg.
d9bfdfbd9a8941a1b986f9f0a01365bf6213206dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Add copyright header to PrefixSet IDL file. DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
d4bdab069bbc472332da89b6a14c01b63a82ccf1Doug Turner — Bug 630007 - Minimal support NPAPI on ANDROID. Pre-Honeycomb inproccess support only. r=josh.
1fc426aa485c8d2ec7e4d3758c7540514b6e5f30Jonathan Kew — bug 686497 - avoid passing excessively long wavy-underline path to cairo for stroking. r=roc
b5530d35e7c142e0491e731692c875e08296aed0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 661612 - Update download progress notification keeps reappearing in Android 3 [r=mfinkle,alexp]
94182039abda922bd79f44c939eea3bd3305e54aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 685147 - Add tap-hold selection color status to row selection [r=mfinkle]
a72d43f339cd0a70c46d29eb427a190ecdf63eeaSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 660686 - Patch for browser-chrome test [r=mfinkle]
56a5de4a74131350ce3f3456490f71639bf88869Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 660686 - Enable entire row region selection in Preferences [r=mfinkle]
73296f31e968eea64a93eb90b600d670ac349b60ithinc — Bug 624363 - Reloading all tabs does not show progress in List all tabs pop-up. r=dao
211b953c56fd99dd7bd60cce38bc110c876788d4Raymond Lee — Bug 686855 - Undeclared variable causes the tab key navigation to stop working r=dietrich
871bb87303e3eb85cdc3ea5a2c29695847411686Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 686342 - Uninitialize the XUL template builder when XPCOM is being destroyed; r=bzbarsky
d14291158db77f6915b1ab9d54f233dff33a7e0bMike Hommey — Bug 687139 - Avoid linking the updater against libmozutils. r=khuey
acc41ac331ce4a2d52c0e5e0ad0b1e00850bead9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Backout 3a8b5e4a286b for suspected M-oth orange.
175a483e9165be7dc64f248019bab7b8e58dc27cBrian Hackett — Merge MC->JM
b9cf8ba34cee9be38529827eb9053d893fddc012Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
94ceb173baed157b2b50f4916a3e0d47c03309c0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix red.
3a8b5e4a286b072fc12213fa085f3235bdb749baBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't change prototype of new objects when reusing type in Array.{slice,splice,concat}. bug 683140.
29c8fccd95bae89d6863e43122209295a9124060Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add jitcode assertions for type correctness around property accesses, bug 685186.
5c131d458c539102dd7a743c1916e04945c66f0bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Decouple constraints generating callee types and 'this' types of those callees for CALLELEM, bug 686396.
300e1f974f552c7ef84ac36cef4c19e03f7ac7dfBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fail compilation rather than assert if a constant pool is dumped while generating an IC, bug 669715.
f933cbe46a03a44d8f318dbc71e9864320cd40b3Brian Hackett — [INFER] Backout bug 685358.
c51c15708dcbada41991deca4cc6c39ebbb71dcaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix code discarding for JM+TM integration, bug 685358.
e678ced82a6af95891f63d61b048db952ae7b9eaMakoto Kato — Bug 686418 - [INFER] PIC doesn't work on Win64 after bug 557358. r=bhackett
c16edd86ccfe8b381b0330ec2c8f894402cfaef8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix red.
308778dc874b01e4c68fc825e7a892343b3c7172Brian Hackett — Merge MC->JM
19794de530f1ee4ce2822a0ff2c4366850b15c5dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
0b9a541b2e0a2a097cd19d3a9c80c35f9d52e23aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
820f11a3fdb154d335b2be1b6196fe15e0f99d3fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert, bug 686179.
a250c3cb749aede88268cb78cdca3949edf1364dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Remove bogus assert, bug 686178.
19ed9da5789d2671013605eb5a13d145f0647c21Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use loop registers for entries whose representation changed due to a jump into the loop, bug 684824.
7db908db366919ee44a9baf777c647c3ca28f31dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't update 'this' types of a script during compilation, bug 684084 (round 2).
ab2af24a1dfa3e5ea1822de1e0d46f193cc7092dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
048bb3f2c79b4fe14e5dac0ca58c80bacf7af2f1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
7c89b0ff453da8d3547278b50569497f920f8429Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
323595f354b119ccc91ea41ac7ab9ca25fc7c991Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow inlined frames to call native functions from ICs, bug 683804.
f1c585415dd4532e6d64b8ac8323d935e92b8553Brian Hackett — [INFER] Check result type of property access stubcalls in jitcode, bug 686000.
cc2daf6cbaab3bef234511c8dedbb81c6bc21effBrian Hackett — [INFER] Always maintain a synced interpreter stack for method JIT stub calls, bug 685358.
b31b25125429ccbce3d7f0885528ea16d5bdc765Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix some TI ARM bustage, bug 669715.
a887241aed3ada6e8252a9b7d9aa4aea07195fc8Marty Rosenberg — Stop using emitInst to emit vfp instructions, bug 684404.
9459096a263afea32cc8384f50d4d5fea17d31dfMarty Rosenberg — Reset the number of instructions since the last flush even when we don't flush anything, bug 669715.
353b160fb80453368fbe3e9b43810b11ded199feBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't resolve NAME accesses which are on the DeclEnv of named lambdas, bug 685313.
c1f0817e5cb4877273b90f6c5d07be9043d09413Brian Hackett — Fix inverted test, use the right id when calling getter hooks, bug 557358.
cc669ae63634a25e03f44523e02816ea720c0579Brian Hackett — Merge MC->JM
b68281262e15166ebdf7c0085c1637e101bb571dBrian Hackett — Don't try to generate getter ICs when fusing GETPROP, bug 557358.
3330521cfa4a072446e80f26e1461325448b8961Brian Hackett — Don't mark bytecodes accessing getter ops when inside an imacro, bug 557358.
c11b17509d605f335113a5b2de537724b6dba4c0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix red.
f3dd7cf2d0b3f8efad9fe733662b0fe65e4488ccBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't require JS_SplicePrototype to be passed an object with singleton type, bug 683999.
50d4f6fa00ced827a04e199d77814fcfe25faf5dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Ensure type/prototype are preserved when cloning functions at method barriers, bug 683714.
6a8947bcc821f3d7d0859757878f42f88fc74ba5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't check for invariant copy preservation in stack entries popped by REJOIN_NONE calls, bug 684943. r=dvander
c2726640029ff54f418ba361e6f330fc37bcc650Brian Hackett — PIC for GETPROP and CALLPROP on JSPropertyOp properties, bug 557358. r=dvander
fb5d856370133212aac2961eeaacd0e99aaa78abBrian R. Bondy — Bug 617052 - Formatting fix for previous push. r=jimm
88b093bae9514a482d477368dfd54626df7adb94Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8b9202c23f51d219ae5866c8725e6926829a5e12Raymond Lee — Bug 596504 - DOM attribute for the group node needed which references the undo button r=dietrich
17f7d5184d5ac301f01140ed368eca125260f016Wesley Johnston — Bug 685347 - Context menu selections in URL bar removes focus on the URL bar; r=mbrubeck
1c97a4d89f910c4e5bb810c8a46fb33dc235d073Lucas Rocha — Bug 686857 - Make clickable area match close button boundaries (r=mfinkle)
29714d1f8a9b84a7640b8dd49db6a6e47b2f2e6eLucas Rocha — Bug 685845 - Avoid horizontal overflow on tabs scrollbox (r=mfinkle)
bbf7bdb0c75f424b461f0e83566a6f0d58dc6ae1Justin Lebar — Bug 686720 - Expose PSS from smaps in about:memory. r=khuey
c04278a6e05156418eae4164c9a1301c5753728eJustin Lebar — Bug 686172 - In about:memory, make the smaps breakdown trees appear only where they're available (on Linux). r=khuey
304a0a28236570dd77a04f054c8ebc96ec4468e7Justin Lebar — Bug 686597 - Add a copy constructor to nsAutoTArray and friends. r=bz
d8e48951c3ef10bacd28172a581d03f2ed8d3b30Trevor Saunders — bug 481395 - replace nsAccessibilityAtoms with nsGkAtoms r=surkov, sicking
087ff10b7a3c25516d594d8274874b488142fb5eJason Duell — Bug 686067: Standardize max time for necko telemetry stats at 30 seconds. r=honzab
e1189d20e90e9693b070ecf21f2e62f13ca46c8cEd Morley — Backout changeset 151783eb7f6f (bug 676711) for Android b-c orange; a=philor
8bea3e0b8cea49c31b4b5f87e8450c8038e78cf3Jeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Start adjust existing algorithms to use element-specific methods in preference to jsid-generalized ones. r=dvander
8ddc354ef2a744f658603c70e7da417d88c3749bJeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Begin to specialize ObjectOps::setElement to not just delegate to ObjectOps::setProperty. r=dvander
4e647045ee7b60feb7e73fb2108fa27c599b1201Jeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Begin to specialize ObjectOps::defineElement to not just delegate to ObjectOps::defineProperty. r=dvander
5df430079b0608a6659f479c0426e2a39d0d3a88Jeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Begin to specialize ObjectOps::deleteElement to not just delegate to ObjectOps::deleteProperty. r=dvander
95f1c1855dd3f259bc10920b59735c542131abf3Jeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Begin to specialize ObjectOps::setElementAttributes to not just delegate to ObjectOps::setAttributes. r=dvander
0e57034d12801b30b59dcffac0aac4bab5940745Jeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Begin to specialize ObjectOps::getElementAttributes to not just delegate to ObjectOps::getAttributes. r=dvander
ac7511f7bbc10492c3b1965a130571230b349de6Jeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Begin to specialize ObjectOps::getElement to not just delegate to ObjectOps::getProperty. r=dvander
6806beccdeaffd39a5852f1692e89c225e840ceeDaniel Holbert — Bug 686044: Hold temporary reference to |this| inside DOMSVGPathSegList::InternalListWillChange whenever we're nonempty. r=jwatt
c3bf76213a6c4b60aa59c9d14873c6052e252913Daniel Holbert — Bug 665392: Make <animateMotion>'s transform apply on top of the "transform" attribute, instead of the other way around. r=roc
dd5de1ab91406d94bf4bcecbfed7c223a1e6aa16Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset c0e8e3ada0ac (bug 681229) because the test fails on Windows
5131fb5635b54a42a68f6582f5bbea0891c5cc17Lucas Rocha — Bug 681944 - Remove "empty" attribute from the thumbnails of restored tabs (r=mfinkle)
5f5dc93ba0a8211d11f75a39e4fa51feef05be49Lucas Rocha — Bug 682291 / Bug 682406 - Update button with number of tabs on TabOpen/TabRemove events (r=mfinkle)
67ad7402608f9b605818c751ef116e02723a662cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 98160 - Part 2: Add some notes about the licensing of the code used from Chromium
b5e1f4000dd3132d5a16d2b2dd0a01dc24ebf619Mounir Lamouri — Merge.
151783eb7f6fb97fa0b41491779373c7e7c5484dMounir Lamouri — Bug 676711 - Tab thumbnail should be updated everytime the page is reloaded. r=mfinkle
c0e8e3ada0acac2c655ccbbbf0b50e5b1bb6cfd1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 681229 - Sanitize the platform linebreaks to DOM linebreaks when pasting or drag-dropping text into text controls; r=roc
2219fef51526eb66e39ac4a1d809663323c6e207Jeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Make the JSON Walk function do its walking over array elements using getElement instead of getProperty, a first step toward actually using element-based methods now being specialized. r=dvander
26ba8b0c1bdd24c86b1f946a48249c467c5eec5fJeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Begin to specialize ObjectOps::lookupElement to not just delegate to ObjectOps::lookupProperty. r=dvander
c010d17e5d4c1d81b1d267491f8ae9fa958e0cacJeff Walden — Bug 686582 - Add element-valued inline methods to JSObject, which forward to the corresponding id-valued methods for the moment. r=dvander
e8859f6047e5deaace3ccb7d42da690a92d03bddWesley Johnston — Bug 686903 - Remove about:home fadein animation. r=mbrubeck
718c6db1280477b3435e7f61c88e65f632cd1be1Mark Finkle — Bug 686637 - Stop extracting hyphenation files from the APK [r=dougt]
2c064df91e2f3d0f59940188d14e51c31fad9922Jeff Walden — Bug 686009 - Clean up some comments in jstracer.cpp which refer to js_InitClass uses which are now mostly removed. Also remove an obsolete comment in JSObject::makeDenseArraySlow that referred to use of js_InitClass to initialize Array. r=bhackett
66db4ae2f2c714d4c156879c76f4efcc00e5aa57Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 98160 - Add support for platform native text switching keyboard shortcuts in bidi UI on Windows; r=roc
cffa5e5bb0f6a8694b69bafead33f7ebb50ef453ithinc — Bug 652842 - _getToolbarItem(aId) returns null if the toolbaritem is on the Add-on Bar. r=enn
f4d78560721a8a0853da170db77a8d71ec950904Mike Hommey — Bug 686694 - Remove library extraction splash screen. r=mfinkle
ad202468df6335badd1c44be9913975a1a6099d8Mike Hommey — Bug 685130 - Build libffi with the same flags as the rest. r=ted
49c16f43ff260cb8f07f4d12bf49e4540c7967a5Mike Hommey — Bug 686694 - Don't extract libraries on Android unless we're starting with the DEBUG intent. r=dougt
39b192706927904d23385f8d37a3bf7d2f026f29Kyle Huey — Remove some silly LOCAL_INCLUDES from content/base/src. r=me
75b7a4cec456459e55b2d10c0c567e55dd0f8408Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
094d9a3fee33e1df096e530c8937f41b97c2494fKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
53f66dd0ebdd4b30e0e4255fa8e5738292fec86eKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
57d1c50198050d7afdbb28f25a5af803a73c0677Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 681659 - Execute mozconfig-find just once and make sure mozconfig detection errors are handled properly. r=ted
65c007c580a8d103a551c14431ce0ceebc6b5dc4Mike Hommey — Bug 664090 - Enable test_errorhandler_filelog.js on windows. r=philikon
4e0af3ebc87f7e18f7fc8b26c10f59a9cc4c49d1Mike Hommey — Bug 664090 - Store offset inside segment instead of pointer for nsStorageInputStream. r=bsmedberg
38cdd84efa5343ea49ec9c7c3f1dc19c110d6627Kyle Huey — Bug 677922: Package pyxpidl in the SDK and stop building the binary xpidl. r=bsmedberg
dab9448982b183160032c9bc205c6bb411c7fb76Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
b9b8693e60a46393ce4c8274a480f94b83023b55Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 684155 - Remove MOZ_STATIC_BUILD r=khuey
3d69b5735f41eaf5c0ea2256df3f695e178b0a8fJosh Matthews — Bug 684591 - Fix uninformative warning message to print relevant interface name. r=khuey
d5c28f481dc37366155e7901744dbdcbf74f6a55Mike Hommey — Bug 683441 - Always sign NSS libraries from r=ted
ecb93086eac5d997bf4c2b678bb06fa9a9022001Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 683874 - Remove modules/libimg/makefile from r=ted
e845bac0f00b9161d14a3f04a934c4d3056bbb97Mike Hommey — Backout the backout of e5815c156b6c (bug 683096), 9ca928d8095c (merge), a286edb8ca4b (bug 683875), 61dc35b8f63f (bug 683171), b0741ae44def (bug 683875), 8e01bc314326 + e2697c06468f (bug 677501), 805e28e85577 (bug 680440)
8a68a892d3d47c910189cb762236721b02ceb13dMike Hommey — Merge m-c to b-s
a29b26c476853a593d181ac172e7be500b8fdedbMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 683874 - Remove modules/libimg/ r=ted
b31d5bab05ab7bff7cae359fcee12dfe7beaae6cMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 682716 - Remove remaining support for Symbian. r=ted
78af9261582f05d9e4603f8349046616c247de91Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 689920 part 2: Remove remaining Tru64/Alpha support. r=ted
cfe788512a5dcf0163aea3183cb79d9fc2510014Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 689920 part 1: Remove build support for old Unix platforms. r=ted
f3f5d8a8a4735a14b25de36a7e8b6fdfdd5e9d9dLen — Bug 487242 - Implement 'unread' attribute for tabbrowser tabs. r=dao
c6a405d01a1d54cf68dfa00758345b1eb4984df7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
2b458be3c7b7e77f5b8f1564b572e134141d7716Hari R — Bug 684083 - Avoid null dereference when using Components.utils.getWeakReference(undefined). r=mrbkap
c2587d34df085f4414a870cbea293911a5f8a79eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 686247 - Text control frames should accept dynamic changes to the CSS overflow property; r=bzbarsky,surkov
4a4b97057078ba20b8cecf29803e8f480960d992Alexander Surkov — Bug 685846 - DOMMenuItemActive is not fired for richlistitem of richlistbox autocomplete popup if it's selected repeatedly, r=enn
ed9fa9757dac8660698909a050c14b4cef6cf3dfChris Leary — Fix SpiderMonkey build warning.
b2c01d6dbd4afadc9a23df5abad2465c01c5025dMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4b5ceed325396fd03f3cd31a44fee0c7551e6050Chris Leary — Bug 670049 - JSParseNode accessors. (r=dherman)
ff19f221eecaa8b8f8017fa025e67e00cfbeeb36Chris Leary — Bug 685025 - Shell should be able to read from stdin. (r=brendan)
3487a10e5494dd405059e682a1dab5f126429630Joel Maher — Bug 650535 - bustage fix for missing right paren
76f8759a4bf86c4abe286f8c86ef6b17d41b55a8Joel Maher — Bug 650535 - Android tests fail with "Timed out while waiting for server startup" r=???
75cff72d1ff67752e9d2e9105c3fa0c302f78d0dMatt Woodrow — Bug 676690 - Don't release DataSourceSurface pointers until we have finished accessing the pixels. r=Bas
2b7306ae2e2c1107e1147fa331408771864586baLucas Rocha — Bug 685487 - Reduce space between tabs in tablet mode (r=mbrubeck)
a5d3fc877971498a5153aa43a139fd002e12e9e8Lucas Rocha — Bug 685487 - Add title label to tabs pane (r=mbrubeck)
8845e4576a1ca3c123694588ebf7d63fea41e0c9Matt Brubeck — Bug 686743 - Fix styling of items in the overflow menu on Android [r=wesj]
ea752547a5b6932795c0114b63cae2335821fd42Martin Richard — Bug 646333 - Make video constants consistently const T. r=cpearce
2118b37a8389aab49ec17e29b1a34a18720aff8eJonathan Kew — bug 685214 - use URI spec rather than file path to specify hyphenation dictionary, and read using nsIInputStream rather than stdio. r=bsmedberg
44977dedb48546dc11ecc611b83238afdb610771Florian Haenel — Bug 667885 - about:support causes screen freeze. r=chrislord
c614dabf94e21e10e7274efbad4ab8417f7cae15Tom Schuster — Bug 686323: Put JSOP_DIV logic into its own function r=dvander
fec42fae34a724cdcef5fb1493831d103bf038e8Adrian Johnson — Bug 454532. cairo: Print as Unicode. r=jrmuizel
dad4626cde58d79cd21e057f2e6e73ed46fd1018Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 684659 - Drop xptc_platforms_unixish_x86.h. r=bsmedberg.
f037eaa1c8a509cbbeb11f3340315ee2a14898d1Chris Lord — Bug 683514 - Use GL_EXT_unpack_subimage when available (part 2). r=joe
7e132eee5650339e153b8936a2ff0af0adaf2d2fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset d469840a370f (bug 661900) to see if it helps resolve the Mobile NoChrome Tp4 regression
70411e3adb66156548a7d8d9e75e71941d852fafPhil Ringnalda — Back out 307b5fa030fd (bug 683280) for timeouts in test_ipAddressOrigin.html
4f315828a0aa6dcbf375488e47b991fabbdc1278James Hobin — Bug 659576 - bool nsGlobalWindow::ConfirmDialogAllowed() returns nsresult; r=jst
307b5fa030fd8618c9723c1979a1e02a5a58fe34Ben Turner — Bug 683280 - 'Workers: creating workers from 'localhost' or an IP address fails'. r=sicking.
03d57c393397727e0858787036edca4297b807ceBen Turner — Bug 679551 - 'Workers: Deadlock in WorkerPrivate::BlockAndCollectRuntimeStats if worker is blocked (LastPass extension)'. r=mrbkap.
061b6c26a01920d722e39c46e76492ff0515c012Robert O'Callahan — Bug 619992 - Fix location calculations for light sources. r=longsonr
f29f86ffe8c415c55c3a72d2f5bd8ea739964a26Jacek Caban — Bug 686117 - Port TI assembly changes to mingw-w64 variant [r=dvander, NPOTB, DONTBUILD]
131496f18137900fa4531381381c2836becf3f75Oleg Romashin — Bug 584217 - Add Meego Touch based filepicker implementation.,florian.haenel
5faaa652594fd7c8fc9db1fdf84f5dcf930f3ea2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660532 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatCString r=sdwilsh
f1eef5e80caf7271ef046bc0081da3c9088d1b0dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 611503 Constructing an nsTDependentString from an nsTAString makes no sense r=dbaron,dwitte
f2a2adaaacba0f0b1d470430c4fb8f6fb6125fbfNeil Rashbrook — Backout of bug 611503 because Android has some weird string code
6f8b4709a5086900076d18eaf5fd343ae08b8135Neil Rashbrook — Bug 611503 Constructing an nsTDependentString from an nsTAString makes no sense r=dbaron,dwitte
f483978fe878d5e061b777b59e22a9b48baafa65Margaret Leibovic — merge m-c into fx-team
aebbccb359855db785f1404212058c62ea1995a8Margaret Leibovic — merge m-c into fx-team
846f2fbc411070d92c118c05b60d63c27cc0cd19Margaret Leibovic — Bug 685302 - Use "website" instead of "web site" consistently across all strings in the UI. r=dao
481ae485e38638f2b096abb1e0ebf667ef05c000Margaret Leibovic — merge m-c into fx-team
0a36d58f2b4f4cb09769a7646df923ca867322d1Felix Fung — Bug 626626 - Reference Correct Strings in Password Manager. r=dolske
1f8902ba7731616990ae200cca4912faef16b6f2Margaret Leibovic — merge m-c into fx-team
d287051139f45fa64d2bcc3f0bade4669bdada80Margaret Leibovic — Bug 655869 - Permissions tab assumes all consumers use testPermission. r=gavin
8ef08b003e21acccdc421a590a50173023d14536Margaret Leibovic — Bug 670194 - Startup numbers don't account for interactive startup interruptions. r=dtownsend
993cc334fab30991f80b02a071ffcc519ae91433Margaret Leibovic — merge m-c into fx-team
43f1efa4b17d442d0cd3c3867ed452431828f9e3Raymond Lee — Bug 596450 - DOM attribute for the tab node needed which references the tabgroup; r=ttaubert
8b0512ae3405e012af4cf099986acd884838e5c7Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
0cb195525cbc102e95d21f679ef8e3c39235dbf0Frank Yan — Bug 657463 - Move adjustTabStrip for _fullyOpen tabs out of _handleNewTab. r=dao
145d437bebcfea6bfce41b078c13b1992334b3f7Dão Gottwald — Bug 686671 - Reduce border radii of the url bar, search bar and toolbar buttons on the navigation toolbar. r=shorlander
262cfa5c56ae88948a48bf0e0b2a1095b64d94f4Josh Aas — Bug 622199: Add support for NPNVdocumentOrigin, ability to pass document origin directly to NPAPI plugins. r=bz
096051f47636e2c1bf58192c8134a6825376db6eJosh Aas — Bug 686538: Update to npapi-sdk r13. r=roc
0a6d1368cd972ef89e2680cde667d4ffddb3e01aMatt Brubeck — Bug 686380 - Hide the undo close tab thumbnail when switching or opening tabs [r=mfinkle]
20d65201c7ff0850940de1b9f1bd268a32eb6438Justin Wood — Address review comment for Bug 680113 that I missed when checking in. r=Unfocused
0159e317b73568c1fbb9c2d85f9ec6e10365f061Justin Wood — Test for Bug 680113 - Select Add-ons dialog lists distribution add-ons as installed by the user. r=Unfocused
f794c079cf86d1ca1a7f78de8aa4c7fa7d5e257dOleg Romashin — Bug 685082 - Transparent plugins not cleared on Maemo; r=karlt
524cd2f17723b46fb1323a79c18412f1bbe9dc0cOleg Romashin — Bug 685082 - Transparent plugins not cleared on Maemo; r=cjones
c576f8acafd63f71893b56f72634a0975d00ebe5Frédéric Wang — Bug 398505 - Remove nonstandard actiontype "restyle" of maction; r=karlt
d9a39885a9d2ef1bf1be1db908286d9fb77368caOleg Romashin — Bug 686513 - RenderFrameParent::BuildDisplayList crash when shadow root layer is null; r=roc
1e7cfb65f1953e29a83080fffb5d4d912f270434Jonathan Kew — bug 686317 - fix format string/argument list mismatches in ARMAssembler.h. r=cdleary
6eb70de045e95a2a5f6b6dc8c79ee8fa749d412aMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
fb604eb73c35c77fd41ce9e78bcc4d69d985b9bbPhil Ringnalda — No bug, fix rammedtogether words in test error message DONTBUILD
c13a8d2c0cbb0dee08addaa2bd3628553ab9bffeMatt Brubeck — Bug 685568 - Back out db34d544a36b; we want to keep this change after all. DONTBUILD
8ad3742f0f8350b417eb297ba936b2d9c36bbf1fSteve Fink — Bug 686571 - Add options javascript.options.pccounts.content and for controlling JSOPTION_PCCOUNTS (r=dmandelin)
4236dfa034487958aaa5b0ebc0513a80e73ee8b0Steve Fink — Bug 686571 - Check for jit->pcLengths before using (r=bhackett)
32004f4bcf6f35a1730fd1e6e9e28e6d20c2f806Steve Fink — Bug 684713 - Match full function name when giving JS shell help messages (r=cdleary)
aba82063bca704a059b6a59862c80999f3215d0cMounir Lamouri — Bug 686350 - Check in configure script that the selected Android SDK is correct. r=glandium
52418d4fe38b86e6338a680306a28d9b0fe2ee90Jason Duell — Bug 686558 - Get rid of gcc warning about "enumeral mismatch" in nsNetUtil.h. r=bz
d2330354d3fb2a562b97227fa2a7a41ff6f2b143Jason Duell — Bug 682478. Wait longer to get correct filename for "save link as". r=limi
cc7f13a0f5d89bdb733f93ca698be1d3f95c9689Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 2705abe8d3f2 (bug 686247) again because of the accessibility test failures
db34d544a36b2354b86a54ed74b0d3c9cdc42fceMatt Brubeck — Bug 685568 - Add vertical divider between tab bar and web content (remove change that accidentally snuck in)
d771ae3d30214f858fb1c5fc33a47d3dbf34b257Lucas Rocha — Bug 685568 - Add vertical divider between tab bar and web content (r=mbrubeck)
0ddd115a921caed3ef666c13554aa78ecb287954Mounir Lamouri — Bug 675201 - Revert debug info given that the random orange is now fixed. r=me
d13840232672f0b92c0d79f8448a6c1a5fd4f5b5Michal Novotny — Bug 647391 - Increase maximum size for objects stored in disk cache.
2705abe8d3f22d1516c3f2c5a79533f0cadabb52Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 686247 - Text control frames should accept dynamic changes to the CSS overflow property; r=bzbarsky,surkov
e3cfe5ae818ce4ab1e139a03809dc4fdffacceeeJesper Kristensen — Bug 591780 - Part 1: Backend support for adding and removing spell checker dictionaries at runtime; r=ehsan
a1268291394f18266d1f19510d5e71fc5f8b78b9Jiten — Bug 655647 - Allow per-process GC/CC from about:memory. r=dougt
cfd1e3533f0fa335aaf5ca3a5904a07b41396ec4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 686545 - Fix build bustage with nsRefreshDriver/nsARefreshObserver not being defined. r=ehsan
d86ee57cdbcc298de092ccc0cde094c9b276e6b9Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1ec4fc4006e04608968818eeab728c6fb23fbc32Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset c9013399fa39 (bug 686247) because of mochitest-a11y failures on Linux
c9013399fa39ce78f3a1fdbd1cb175770295cce4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 686247 - Text control frames should accept dynamic changes to the CSS overflow property; r=bzbarsky,surkov
ee7c98d1ec1badbd5202d78ef43c6a23cf65c8f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 414178 - Do not allow to inject a list outside of the active editing host; r=roc
ee3f64275f289fdf90d20f4e7d65a962ac322620Florian Hänel — Bug 686450 - Hard-code layout DPI on Maemo [r=mbrubeck]
e864670fad4e29229ebd1fa492f81fc318caa85bMatt Brubeck — Bug 686379 - Back out bug 660686 and bug 686379 because of problems scrolling preferences
8232d500fd8908d358fef45be9e05fcb5e3c6e36Makoto Kato — Bug 685468 - warnaserr: js/src/jsinterp.cpp(6176) : warning C4805: '&=' : unsafe mix of type 'JSBool' and type 'bool' in operation. r=luke
15183b3e7d1846557fcc7134185a1777a1da9a9cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 686507 - Don't spam my console when processing IPDL files; r=bsmedberg
c9479e3f6c54a969f32add6c87b06acc8530dc9eMatt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3950656acf1bbca750db300bc00b03bba4dfd657Phil Ringnalda — Back out 091bdb10d017 (bug 686405) for apparently completely breaking Android
091bdb10d01717a68c730b2625d3d02a443ce1bfDoug Turner — Bug 686405 - Remove push-to-debug Android debug intent, and just sleep the thread. r=snorp
ddb49b079701d0a44947b087eda139a2401a6c73julian reschke — Bug 272541: Empty disposition type treated as 'attachment'. r=jduell
1a84481f69875da535508041e90041f06bd2deaeRichard Newman — Bug 686354 - hgignore addition for Vim swap files. r=ted
90a54cb7f985ea9613444d4cc2403e0171e76d09Ed Morley — Backout changeset b8d354d37128 (bug 574005) for Linux M3 orange; a=bbondy
b8d354d37128bdbbd7e3f781c914dd45b0e71a3dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 574005 - Make obtaining CF_HTML directly work on Windows and Linux (application/x-moz-nativehtml); r=ehsan
3f3380cfd15a583ed60b6039942ae1fcdaeecfc8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 679196 - Mem leak when preferred effect is set for drag and drop; r=neil
d3af41c6bf0b13cdc08e1de33399557963782c87Jonathan Kew — bug 686190 - crashtest. r=jdaggett
e4f2aa3c5bc2e2de5d9569603d5d80c859f79f21Fabien Cazenave — Bug 570144 - After pressing Enter, editable DIVs in list items are duplicated; r=ehsan
88e23391bc2c99799a4a8c112fc91230179b5ccfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 680255 - Add Urdu to the list of RTL languages; r=Pike,smontagu
f350135d6b108a1305f1754ef47b578c7e57359aIgor Bukanov — bug 686279 - fixing GCC 4.6 warnings under js/src. r=luke
e60a0b9fe93c716a4f04959474621c269a8ac160Jonas Sicking — Bug 684927 - unchecked null pointer in nsMenuBarListener::KeyUp; r=smaug
5079bd3f82bf34d11b38cd6891d20a4f4631c0d2Jan de Mooij — Bug 686106 - Don't allocate an extra register for JSOP_MUL with constant operand. r=bhackett
d49caeac648d175aa7f3b23c0fdd3a2c13e99f33Mats Palmgren — Bug 685901 - Remove the nsTableOuterFrame::mInnerTableFrame and mCaptionFrame members in favor of accessing the child frame lists directly. r=roc
79890feb4abe972aae795fbb0ccb6bf8959c8b5aMats Palmgren — Bug 685154 - Cleanup nsIFrame::GetParentStyleContextFrame and related code. r=roc
38ff711d43699ddf0f16f287e08254e2da22b392Mats Palmgren — Bug 685154 - Cleanup nsIFrame::GetParentStyleContextFrame and related code. r=roc
90e4d207f5dd1b8abad50ec47468a702ecb33431Michal Novotny — Bug 477578 - uppercase selected HTTP methods (CONNECT, DELETE, GET, HEAD, OPTIONS, POST, PUT, TRACE and TRACK) and make other methods case sensitive
b3eb728a2d54120c77bec8b3bdba9579aaa916f1Kailas — Bug 680812 - Excessive space between "280" and "KB" in download dialog; r=dolske
01a9f0ee22348ecf195f50d74a6edfcbd18b1c67Mounir Lamouri — Bug 675201 - Attempt to wait for focus in the test before issuing keyboard events; r=ehsan
e85c4dc116c5875f4ad6f62cf0a111dd5b656501Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
91906f4106817c721391921e60a591ff49788921Jonathan Kew — bug 686190 - ensure glyph buffer is flushed when necessary during synthetic bolding. r=jdaggett
da2f5b63ba1e7c9c0b7efccbc7a5ca1608d792e4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 685847 - Crash in [@ ILFindLastID ]. r=jimm
b991feb93d32ea9c9d8a6b711125d185ce9f6ca3Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f3908eb901515fa929450bd31b7393ceccf98d6dIgor Bukanov — bug 686017 - avoid Cell::arenaHeader() on fast paths. r=bhackett1024
cdf7e50630fc4360b9f3f501d86cf896b99ec1f6Daniel Holbert — Bug 686257: remove now-unused variable 'presContext' from nsMenuPopupFrame::Init to fix gcc warning. r=masayuki
870d1be89bcdb1f8811d5a3909bc4d9b39af7847Phil Ringnalda — Bug 661491 - mark dynamic--object-svg-unloaded.xhtml as random on Android since it accidentally passes sometimes, r=dholbert
7b9267933bb44fe14511997e8cf338b9bc3017b3Shyam Prasad Murarka — Bug 518572 - When no network is available in Addons, display "Retry" instead of "OK"; r=mbrubeck
569a45bfb71c61e16a9c1f9162dd5355a7a374e2Olli Pettay — Bug 685798 - Node.parentElement, r=bz
5eba835c23a7a214156a4545d90fc626d78d5ca2Olli Pettay — Bug 685798 - Node.parentElement, r=bz
b384cfab8b1d5bfabd2229c8f84717a5442e5bb1Alex Vincent — Bug 684465 - Add Reflect.parse support to xpcshell, r=jorendorff, bz
fd8e6806a30ba38cf115b98f6b50450b6d410f82Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 685147 - Add tap-hold selection color status to row selection, r=mark.finkle
4e67f96bbf4a7b2ba01683ee81f84c1a2db96193Frédéric Wang — Bug 669836 - Make reftest-analyzer.xhtml validate as XHTML5. r=dbaron
8c019af725cfa69ebb8fa700aeac3168634853b1Geoff Brown — Bug 684965 - update xpcshell manifests for Android; r=jmaher
f1820278311e813be0753cbb6099ac34ffec8d22julian reschke — Bug 656251: remove verbosity in Accept header for fetching XSLTs, r=sicking
466991fdc0f7393997c675cf89d68c122ddd99c1Javi Rueda — Bug 378577 - "Use Bookmark" button needs three dots after text, r=gavin
ab8c0ebe600b7687cba76d7c2a429772ac9c0830Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 682338 - Focus context menu's target on platforms where the context menu is shown on mousedown, not where it's shown on mouseup. r=enndeakin
d069439624f53f01c6438687ff4a261a802167a7Justin Lebar — Bug 685870 - Fix about:memory's smaps breakdown on Android. r=khuey
c5ed260e9a49f44f2286e0231bf4f6ffaec85535Randell Jesup — Bug 682845: Update IIDs, fix serializations of nsStandardURL broken by bug 665706 r/sr=bz
01256254361ba8c64823371620b9024c3df7005aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 685464 - DOMMenuItemActive is not consistent for menulist items, r=enn, f=surkov
9ac6e2dfaf1eb52090b5baebd2a788fe6cf94fd4Justin Wood — reland Bug 680113 - Select Add-ons dialog lists distribution add-ons as installed by the user. r=Mossop ui-r=faaborg
b3f4942ea1f43a04c699ccac1046430cd55a91a2Justin Wood — Merge m-c -> m-i
a911910372a6fde94de8378dc198181c71cd500dPhil Ringnalda — Back out 4f7f1840152b (bug 680113) for orange
06b2977afb850d41f5cafc384eb5b8f7b2f13ff6Justin Wood — Merge backout of Bug 680113.
dcfc0272831286a7d5ea9d1b08f27ec53fdc42a4Justin Wood — Backed out changeset 4f7f1840152b (Bug 680113) due to orange.
b35689d684f7dc3990b87655ebedc7d398fef138Benoit Jacob — Bug 680840 - Use infallible allocations in GrowAtomTable() - r=dveditz
068a0c2a28b2a1a6cd9758d15134b3d087156118Justin Wood — m-c -> m-i merge
d09ca67df777d1cbdbdd470bd64c467d4e55b70aPhil Ringnalda — Remove trailing space from 52550df07858 (bug 684559) which is turning the tree red
4f7f1840152b3cc2645c60c9c9a972c287f2a009Justin Wood — Bug 680113 - Select Add-ons dialog lists distribution add-ons as installed by the user. r=Mossop ui-r=faaborg
2945d9f513628e7b28582d127fd3645ad1108d76Jesse Ruderman — Bug 670016 - Only append a -bin suffix if app-bin exists. This makes it possible to test Fennec on Mac. r=ted
d18ca8ae27627fb64e661c0c8611573b936d772fMatt Brubeck — Bug 658319 - Use mozmm for Fennec chrome theme on all platforms [r=mfinkle]
b08c94bd7f2e85a33292c7fec8d5a1c65e9cce89Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 684659 - Drop references to really old gcc versions.
f06272a4447f6dc59cf8cd5c76a299413694ea14Sreenidhi Nair — Bug 639830: WyciwygChannelChild not thorough about checking for cancellation. r=jduell
3208bcc1eaf915991e9ea7a3c85c6c5e77b5a8dbNick Hurley — bug 589292 - add contentDisposition{Filename} props to nsIChannel. r=honzab sr=bzbarsky
d04d43c81294ce6073b9cb6c622886e575a27d1fDoug Sherk — Bug 683710: added stripping of comments from shader sources before compiling and check for illegal characters, mostly from webkit code r=bjacob
67e54020dce568e2c2ba7590b54f285863ed7371Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 686026 - test_mozGetAsFile.html runs finish three times, instead of once; r=joedrew
52550df07858516ff527f7507b8289bbeca9b979Cameron Kaiser — Bug 684559: bring back PCRE for JavaScript regexps on systems without YARR JIT because it's faster than YARR's interpreter. r=dmandelin
7dfaccb430c3863105b3aa839a7f81aa8d5f7f63Boris Zbarsky — Bug 685518 part 3. Add crossorigin 2d canvas tests. r=roc
5946c12881270d778e750dd76ba748c31218a02eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 685518 part 2. Move the crossorigin webgl test to a saner location so I can add cross-origin non-webgl tests. r=roc
cb9eced21ea1b7aabfa358b700e34553c96334e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 685518 part 1. Look at the image CORS mode for drawImage into a canvas 2d context. r=roc
09e96590b9de8f04dac3a154a231eae7dd20ba31Jason Orendorff — Bug 672893 - Don't #include jscompartment.h in xpconnect. r=cdleary.
61c6b2646ccd12a383520e88975ec3ad75b340d8arno renevier — bug 682592: do bidi scan when nsTextFragment content is changed
29cdde4d16f37d7865a5d0ed647fedb54c6f297bL. David Baron — Add test for case that I'm worried about breaking in bug 665597.
ba84d2ccc09c85ccd22e85a9405444d0db28504fL. David Baron — Create nsPresShell.h with the parts of nsPresShell.cpp that should be in a header. (Bug 685786) r=roc
61a6421ae29777dccc9a3d45a11400915f1b9b0aL. David Baron — Add comment pointing out reason for distinguishing anonymous blocks for positioned inlines. No bug.
c1afecb67d8f2c8678fbf99ea176488ccc69f3c9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 676047 - "[Rapid Release] Mobile: Lightbox promo in product to promote Firefox Aurora" [r=mark.finkle]
70dc8862965e946d621306e195f958bd30d37585Jim Blandy — Update object -> prototype GC edge names in findReferences tests. Bug 685372, r=jorendorff.
a739df5e7bc0b74880944fab3e2202fa11bce435Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 685774 - Implement document.scripts. r=bz
984570d15e87a4f81a5c2c04af78bd4966582ca8Matt Brubeck — Bug 685868 - Don't update thumbnails if tablet mode hasn't changed. r=lucasr
72bace03b6ce24ddf4d8ae9b3051cfa76a35cc46Brian R. Bondy — Bug 682688 - Fixed regression on transparency for 32BPP ICOs which don't use the alpha data byte. r=joe
898b0317fc01d5c1849ce3326c7c4bb09cf4c89aEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
48542769e4a6d0f25940de81bd1c655e7a847027Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 9360e5529f22 (bug 685150) because of make check failures
c4d9981dc228a2f85d70dedfc0b3368d5b8c2cafMartijn Wargers — Bug 684092 - browser_tapping.js forgets one time to removeEventListener panFinished r=mbrubeck
4ec6e53436e6f5e1349f3dbf8bb9faff15b2762aJacek Caban — Bug Bug 685554 - Set OS_TARGET to WINNT when crosscompiling on mingw r=glandium
5011676ea4798b2bb2a4bd673e8f6a116564344fJacek Caban — Bug 680868 - pldhash.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64 r=benjamin
9360e5529f229d0b132bb61f83da936e5c06b0fbTom Schuster — Bug 685150 - Generate native code for Math.min/Math.max in the methodjit. r=bhackett
1af35a19b87ec67dd5897670bd9521f1a5ee34bbJonathan Protzenko — Bug 681873 - Add basic Telemetry support to Thunderbird r=tglek
e986b99d847b35cb2ed48f04542af64c3a538945Benoit Jacob — Backed out changeset e5c2f6587160 because of linking error on Windows
e5c2f6587160d302d18bbdeff2a9d2b093bf2837Benoit Jacob — Bug 680840 - Use infallible allocations in GrowAtomTable() - r=dveditz
db67bdba5ca815d885a7f0127d6c23acde6524edBenoit Jacob — Bug 684882 - work around a glGenerateMipmap bug on Mac - r=jrmuizel
9f664f2ac12c6ee1fc0f92ff06a9f4fbff3895acBenoit Jacob — Bug 682335 - crash [@ WebGLContext::BufferSubData_array] - r=jrmuizel
d078623f7875c1b77e0d05c7d541cc23a4b239a7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 685847 - Crash in nsLocalFile::RevealUsingShell() on release builds. r=jimm
694520af9b1847cc9c70e5deac135d419407eb53Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7a8399ef753513fd59f0753d08fc2ef5d1405b1cChris Lord — Bug 683514 - Add support for the GL_EXT_unpack_subimage extension. r=joe
b201507b95c7fb0e3c0e026f5520118af526d425Boris Zbarsky — Bug 489259. Grab the parent chain for our OnStateChange calls before we fire onload and possibly change the docshell tree. r=jst
68b5bfaebb24e31f6c52bb4b2660c814eba09ac3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684447. Eliminate the Equality hook on windows, and stub out their class equality hook. r=mrbkap
fd52770098cae65b41c037ba6c5b9d136f95b22cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.15 Remove nsILookAndFeel r=roc, sr=matspal
4a5d378339d95a1507fb498c69bd0caf265c8c50Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.14 toolkit should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=neil
8f20dc5f4c8fe4384be9f9dc9f04a01b3b8d3bd6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.13 layout should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=roc
36da7ff7039c54ecc28c3968f02166c5bf5978abMasayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.12 layout/xul should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=roc
b81bce473c10154f0d2fb97852c9ebc1ed481512Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.11 layout/style should use mozilla;LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=dbaron
4442c70c63b869699a1167da1f7cd26963989c93Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.10 embedding should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=benjamin
d25a04e9a7bfc472ed21c1037561fee148a94d4aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.9 editor should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=ehsan
7c9eaa95408c13df6de4fee4774d768c155efd42Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.8 dom should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=enndeakin
99e282d11ef817fb1680dfc3f0a8a5b35e0610adMasayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.7 content should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=roc
a2cae0d42d02429eea6e4eadbaa8ab1668a07458Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.6 chrome should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=benjamin
4a86d875f87655be4abdcbc2a4e4a03f76c67aeaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.5 accessible should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=surkov.alexander
f84313aa98a067771894372c75bcbb69d4dec7a0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.4 Rename nsILookAndFeel.h to LookAndFeel.h and widget should use mozilla::LookAndFeel rather than nsILookAndFeel r=roc
19b106d56f8a558817688b6d554ce956018e9f0bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.3 Implement mozilla::LookAndFeel which has static members r=roc, sr=matspal
7e1031d213ba3764606578c23e85f97fef9ace57Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.2 Make nsLookAndFeel singleton r=roc
71486524f1ed28a41a8bfb6ac6188f5c31202858Masayuki Nakano — Bug 669028 part.1 Remove nsIObserver from nsXPLookAndFeel r=roc
cc0753a23f8b1411ca0780c7b018beb4166655bcEhsan Akhgari — Backout changesets 58d026601240, c5a9a439d72c and cfdf675266b2 because of mochitest-3 crash
45f55ff3fab87706fbd7f70eee74e644ba662ab8Wesley Johnston — Bug 681650 - Update site menus for tablets. r=mbrubeck
27c140d86b1b725e3ba5e0d032ab04c54333f0b9Shawn Gong — Bug 655727. Implemented responseType='moz-json', r=sicking
8e143ea435d9ad458f5ad72438723a82fcff53ddShawn Gong — Fixed bug 678432: Sending arraybuffers using XMLHttpRequest.send. r=sicking
edb32fa29bca558a5afc8c9afb363fbc98873fe0Shawn Gong — Fixed bug 672641, implemented CharTokenizer which takes arbitrary char as delimiter. r=sicking
e48615c337829fc96c779f4ee9c37efeeec3143bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 629253 - Firefox hangs when dragging two emails from Thunderbird over it. r=khuey
09eb988935285cb445e3faf4f80da3ff431df59cMatt Brubeck — Bug 685549 - Clean up tablet CSS [r=wesj]
bab147717076d92f874164d50838d41e795ff3dcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 685429 - Avoid wasted space in JSFunctionBoxQueue due to jemalloc rounding up. r=pbiggar.
cfdf675266b2e1f81664dcef4e6fe30cb7ba43d2Ben Turner — Bug 683280 - 'Workers: creating workers from 'localhost' or an IP address fails'. r=sicking.
c5a9a439d72ca0811d977e0c7103b96ba14c8289Ben Turner — Bug 683885 - 'Assertion failure: self, at dom/workers/EventTarget.cpp:170'. r=sicking.
58d026601240cec8a26acc78a7cfdb6dc0bb55aeBen Turner — Bug 679551 - 'Workers: Deadlock in WorkerPrivate::BlockAndCollectRuntimeStats if worker is blocked (LastPass extension)'. r=mrbkap.
78e81382db7f7c33f116ffff0bd521bca2513eceEhsan Akhgari — Bug 684150 - Abort configuring when targeting a platform different to the platform building on with crashreporter turned on; r=ted
01dcbca466f30431b08727f6d75e64798af15381Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 682041 followup - Add the missing return statement; r=need-to-learn-C++
53cc48edabba1ce7f1c642459ea8d6cbc2bf9894Matt Brubeck — Bug 685549 - Remove transparent element over tabs openend in background in tablet mode [r=wesj]
fe6136c24fa4de44013428bab57ad81aa947e24eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 682041 - Don't destroy the select drop-down widget right away, instead wait to hit the event loop once, in case we're being called by the widget code itself somewhere down the stack; r=roc
93236676065931db38a094a55c43dca3bc00a217Andrew McCreight — Bug 685593 - Remove unused argument from Debugger::markAllIteratively. r=jorendorff
6b728c38e6c6bed446e514563050ae2a5f9f2ce7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 645572 - Test case; r=bzbarsky
daa5e76d7f13d2ed0c41cce743dc02ee9abe5408Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 682650 - Use an unsigned 32-bit integer as the container of offsets inside text nodes; r=roc
5aa439407de852dd886dfb5f1cec6319a62d78afBenoit Girard — Bug 685694 - Don't use glDrawBuffer in GLES2. r=matt.woodrow
f96612c06d853ac5ad0626eacd3075b4c46aee03Jeff Walden — Bug 685688 - Don't use standard-class-style storage for the Generator class: just store the generator [[Prototype]] in a one-off slot in the global object. r=mrbkap
ed1946447c5ea2998c826f190d3694989ccf8344Jesse Ruderman — Test for bug 679459.
077597e9accd846d364cb60881bef60e05f7b80dMats Palmgren — Bug 679459 - "ASSERTION: mEndOffset is beyond the end of this node" in nsRange::ContentInserted. r=smaug
aea08d37a22b31c294f6be561d2c8599b57b334bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 685404. Make callers of nsDisplayList::HitTest use nsAutoTArrays to reduce allocations. r=tnikkel
a38ad346d7cba3d4c13eab623dfcf62b2459cf58Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
d3709196278923f59818d7eb8d0f8bb73834d4edGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Add telemetry for PrefixSet usage. r=tglek
129b9234a7240d990a56b578f6583c09ce0317a5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Prevent hash collisions from occuring in the same place in every client. r=tony
46f15935676ad5756a9fe9efbadd4ba2f8852c5bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Don't store host prefixes in memory. Rework prefix fetching from SQLite. r=tony
3034a31ec6ad854bd983e7e76cff7a2f4b1d6c16Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Make the url-classifier PrefixSet persistent on startup/shutdown. r=tony
ed57eb1fa5f6f84ee1bab2595de5fc419fba251dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Remove old fragment cache code. r=dcamp
91ce20b5323f6502420dc3e2029d7e77af2411f1Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Reduce the SQLite caches' default size in url-classifier. r=dcamp
5e9bb169d5fc5d2a9f54329818b3bc554b3814e9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Probe PrefixSet directly from the main thread. r=tony
a5c9e4c8975f4b69d7f43ab2675b50d21f06ab2fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Use PrefixSet to speed up URL classification. r=tony
72a461aae95abfc5ccd9916b192e99575caf1bceGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 669410 - Add PrefixSet datastructure for SafeBrowsing. r=dcamp
9c8c4ee78c4e3b2dc68952dac2d91155f019580cAlex Pakhotin — Bug 669636 - update download notification fontcolor is black (on dark background). r=blassey
1d1143dde4bb02719e47da7488424041c03952ffRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 673017 - Shutdown nsIOService in NS_XPCOM_WILL_SHUTDOWN_OBSERVER_ID.
164976bffd31fdf47f61923b5d25aa48e245da5bOlli Pettay — Bug 682058 - nsGenericElement::SetInnerHTML should suppress DOMNodeRemoved when dealing with a non-HTML5 document, r=sicking
59e530a7f0dd03ffe0ba2cec1510d1bc11e204b1Christian Legnitto — Bug 685727 - Remove What's New page from the Firefox Update Experience, r=gavin. Don't see the point to build for this little change so DONTBUILD
b57d50c6c0469330e0a4c9c460203c644f64f820Matt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a720fe135cfa886f528582c2c8c947e9e1945a3bMatt Brubeck — Bug 685541 - Fix zooming when in tablet mode [r=mfinkle]
9c44e657553462ff4d44263bc752a26ee5300ea0Lucas Rocha — Bug 685224 - Update tab image with correct color (r=mbrubeck)
75c48fffa6e3ab08886317624c2d8ffe07913829Lucas Rocha — Bug 685539 - Update tab reopen icon for tablets (r=mbrubeck)
65ce309835c9ff0f68bcbeaf86c001b2f86e44daMatt Brubeck — Bug 680077 - Use px units for tab bar styles on Android [r=mfinkle]
9a3688f9cc24d4aca622f91cb0747fcb8c69bd02Matt Brubeck — Bug 685310 - Make tab bar scroll vertically in tablet mode [r=mfinkle]
6b2bda929c54a060edf52bc3c18a1a39b9a0a4d0Lucas Rocha — Bug 680077 - Update tabs pane for Honeycomb theme (r=mbrubeck)
3644b7ed6cf1ef3a240278f469b18161e1c5b1a0Lucas Rocha — Bug 680077 - Define documenttab dimensions on constructor (r=mbrubeck)
d89c6e0d4096f3c5a1aff4154ead1e203b18d607Lucas Rocha — Bug 680077 - Use Util.isTablet() everywhere to check if tablet mode is on (r=mbrubeck)
984bb7e03a1133593714d26032e82ce6af134e9fMatt Brubeck — Bug 677669 - Always show the tab bar in tablet mode [r=mfinkle]
e78194321e9447749293b2a7b6bc2422d14f41deChris Lord Bug 684963 - Target Android API level 11 to remove the menu key on Honeycomb [r=blassey]
36282a6788df50b45803a96c9e9fb8676518575eJames Willcox — Bug 684242 - don't send synthetic SURFACE_DESTROY event when stopping on Android [r=ajuma]
eb8a6747f6838df1df2a76f49b387beda68a90cfJeff Muizelaar — Bug 684091. Keep a histogram of how often we've decoded images. r=jlebar
0f7583869bbd5f8cd4731f0d9f805a965fbe31a2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 684091. Add the ability to subtract values from Histograms. r=taras
6d88b1cca4b370cca8f9532c560565dd5decd99bTaras Glek — Bug 673292. Provide raw histogram data to c++ consumers. r=jmuizelaar
9e238421b8f666fd1b4c831d11fe770209ec2509Paul Biggar — Bug 684336: Extract CallObject into its own object (r=luke)
f6d9507d6f6e053e99ef802588fca57830ed7248Kyle Huey — Fix MSVC build warning (no bug). rs=bhackett
41a6dc9025cb67e258aa2cb9f2238d4a9ae98873Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central and mozilla-central
05c913f50c3e967da2acdcceb13013795627114cJonathan Griffin — Bug 682443 - dump the bookmark list on bookmark test failure, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
cd782e4f3a1bddcacd16113cf4c1336b6f4de382Jonathan Griffin — Bug 684081 - remove redundant code, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
752ab20f2ff82b1066f595a167a81bee94ad7f67Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 683396 follow-up: fix test fixtures to avoid test hangs on opt builds. r=me
474cf6d733df8b733efe6a4a25f12e544525c5e4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 683396 follow-up: fix botched up rebase. r=me
607edee2e848fd500712187bac05241a8cc34880Marina Samuel — Bug 683396 follow-up: Fix intermittent test failures
df706d14c53d65aa37aabb70533f2b3f95a2c9b1Richard Newman — Bug 684783 - Fix intermittent test_errorhandler.js. r=philikon
29bba7fb6ddc653b7ad50d1a7112b59c22243613Marina Samuel — Bug 683396 - Correctly identify server maintenance at login. r=philikon
6c980882ea3a4874af5def8e1bb4a7573bc4523fMarina Samuel — Bug 622387 - Wrong Sync Key error should only throw an error once. r=philikon
f9a690b1bd21b496784e70b39bdb6b6a36e7dc37Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
ac2f7fe1b6bf301958501e2359248bd106d26bf0Richard Newman — Bug 670082 - Make sure Weave.Service is accessed prior to accessing Engines in Sync setup wizard. r=philikon
7924c7d102ab9876c69b2747e0c82188f7e2e334Jonathan Griffin — Bug 681067 - give mozmill tests in TPS the ability to invoke a sync, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
817c2b9dc11d7d39d91cd1f376e673cb87dc9b77Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
4e42672330243afad3b5edbe51feba9bc4f1c48fMatt Brubeck — Bug 685440 - Silence undefined property warnings in Fennec [r=fabrice]
5e508e52e82451379146d7216675a8d1da8f10e0Matt Brubeck — Bug 684807 - Annotate more crashtest assertions on Android [r=philor]
cab14cba2f3d0eab2482c05cba950c3e0710153aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 655117 - Citrix ICA Client Version: (npicaN.dll) crashes other plugins. r=bsmedberg
b2664107f9766671f4c4d19a1143e56fc2236929Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
0907fce1e6fcfc545933a2f71471f19a04050dadBrian R. Bondy — Bug 670068 - Open Containing Folder spawns multiple instances of explorer.exe. r=jimm
f4e1e9d38bc0b80983ca2fecd0c20f45360308b7Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changesets 8e9aea2febed, 604544452285 and 9f150c4e1a48 because of Mac OS X 32-bit reftest orange
2b84c0ca82b620ffeef59dd0aac52303bb785c71Brian R. Bondy — Bug 684506 - Nightly is using old file manager window regression. r=jimm
9401940db9d2f05c581e191ac34234e4d2d626c9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 683188 - nsISound should be used in Win32 widget code, not PlaySound. r=jimm
4a5eb5183ed9aca942b1de86b59c797fd067f13fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 604451 - Max length ding support in Win32 widget. r=robarnold, sr=roc
8948238c6e6adf1d076cbd315ea5c6f736de298bHenri Sivonen — Bug 684695 - Document the effect of non-null mLSHE on how subframe loads behave for session history purposes. r=bzbarsky.
2bce36a017afe60c242322753f7f3e84fab21bbfMarkus Stange — Bug 682445 - Don't copy a C++ object into the block; instead, hold on to the NSEvent object which will be memory-managed by the block appropriately. r=smichaud
a8a9ade7fefb035cb485ca735ddcd441ea2bb53bMarkus Stange — Bug 678834 - XUL scrollbox should preventDefault() processed scroll events so that Gecko doesn't attempt to start a swipe from them. r=enndeakin
9943ca23ec8a552704091608067c911ec32ae701Markus Stange — Bug 682541 - Give searchfields in window chrome the new on-chrome style on 10.7. r=joshmoz
d469840a370f6ba0aea87b7dedefefab3f325f59Geoff Brown — Bug 661900 - LRU-SP not fully implemented in memory cache; r=michal
120aedf2c84f82277b5acd6d66efd24c5afdd66eAtul Aggarwal — Bug 678785 - resource leak (not closed directory) in gfx/thebes/gfxFT2FontList.cpp. r=jdaggett
e3d8ac2e6385511f3f63b7adf1874172da306d21Jonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - Rename isComposited to isVisuallyAtomic. r=roc.
e082a424c7fb5afe5ca83c63ce800efb36580f7eJonathan Watt — Bug 614732 - Stop recalculating the contribution of markers on every GetCoveredRegion() call. r=roc.
24ba516de8f32db9f882076784cf95933465052fJonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - avoid creating empty nsAbsPosClipWrapper items. r=roc.
0126d20e120fea346d42bd3faeb9407ab80ef80bJonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - Clarify some display list comments and code. r=roc.
1067e5452e63a80ea1471bf45847c1c38080c3e4Jonathan Watt — Bug 677198 - Remove some Windows line endings introduces by bug 505115. r=mattwoodrow.
798802af903814fc532023327af1acf5e407b9aaJonathan Watt — Bug 664130 - Add a documenting comment to nsROCSSPrimitiveValue. r=bz.
9f150c4e1a48ead55879da80826709267909dff8Geoff Lankow — Bug 230959 - Inconsistent extra 1 pixel width of XUL window. r=neil
604544452285ebe690bf00ce554c507de16db608Alastair Robertson — Bug 665702 - expose session information in getBrowserState. r=zpao
8e9aea2febedf77752562fd7ab21ddccfae022eaOleg Romashin — Bug 685258 - Pulse audio backend does not check provided playback and crashes r=derf
a73f7a3b85a5b1b2e3e4e19ee7e90bdbf7d9001eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 684726 Add missing content types to nsContentBlocker r=bz
4be2da039559773ee412fce9aa22c007718a4cb3Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changesets 24d45fb71421, 8d3475475a0b, 84c0fbc1cf1d and b7d269a291b6 for possible zooming (bug 685541) and panning regressions (bug 685540)
2bd109e6766f6f563321f7c4efdfe1a57964ec2dEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f08b80318718f3070348da0a6f211a30ceadf11cPhil Ringnalda — Disable a few more test_reftests_with_caret.html tests on Windows, bug 682837, bug 681332, bug 682836
c1e043e89bc49696c054a9ebda52356955e3057eMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ea4291bb1c1574be796efe8780408c147e02cb43Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
6974e199548d67e057f84c104edd2043fdaf45c3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 676585 - fix JS compilation for Darwin/ARM. r=edwsmith.
e76839f98b187d0cd364e593cc18864ae0228e7aPhil Ringnalda — Back out 240cfe9e5c2c (bug 675150) for Win7 debug xpcshell failures
750c300b9928476d11fbe37c9e253ae4224a209dFelix Fung — Bug 577266 - Correct misspellings in source code
84694ee135e9911afd1be4de0a6621ff67139c27Felix Fung — Bug 577266 - Correct misspellings in source code: 'verion' -> 'version'
813746ec38bff5ad749ebdb9271548ded48fa937Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 684799 - Measure slop in more JS memory reporters. r=dmandelin.
5a96e97a6d4417b21b2818b00a543cb0b971daf7Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
98ab80ff8992d8c4c007c3dbb1d699b9bc47bf4bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 684799 - Measure slop in more JS memory reporters (NJ-specific part). r=edwsmith.
663af1e15f0ff076717e5ba8e903dc02966d558fDavid Mandelin — Bug 652054: tweak register allocation for 64-bit stores, r=njn
a42890e88780f1fb27a094b8d4e561983e45f8dfDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix 2 typos within comments in nsIFrame.h DONTBUILD
aa0168e8e389d4860ce9e83fc63dc8cc6d32fe84Justin Lebar — Bug 684323 - In about:memory, set text-overflow: ellipsis when in non-verbose mode, and set max-width: 100% when in verbose mode. r=njn
240cfe9e5c2c2438bad144cb499359e60161ebfdNicholas Nethercote — Bug 675150 - Avoid wasted space in JSArenaPools due to jemalloc rounding up, take 2. r=cdleary.
6e321c2f2a075f97f5f84ef4d9e3bbf96bcd20f5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 684959. imglib: remove GetKeyURI. r=joe
487fce479fe823d065cebd47aab313031ff45517Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Revert e4c69005dea6 to see if OS X Bm goes green.
487d32a1e29af2ce92580d616f48065d1b02ea9ePhil Ringnalda — Back out d333f4021aaf, 5e90688c720e and bdb0bff93ce8 for Windows build redness
01751bc07cca0ce2275d52f792b09d5e72b0ca02Dave Herman — Bug 683738 - Recheck TCF_RETURN_EXPR after lazily setting TCF_FUN_IS_GENERATOR. r=cdleary
6e2d980874f752f62923852a0ef37a15cee3f512Brian Hackett — Fix --disable-methodjit build.
9b35a07f21b13bb576d9732bd6c25a369a198b9cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 652914. If we are not drawing background colors draw white instead of the default background color. r=roc
4f3856dd4dd0caff39d8adbdf7981c312ecf7cb4Benoit Girard — Bug 683514 - [backout] Add support for the GL_EXT_unpack_subimage extension. r=backout;
54f6877c35a742815801efb09dc377ca974ffa97Matt Brubeck — Bug 684397 - Form autocomplete arrowbox has no arrow in Honeycomb theme [r=sriram]
d333f4021aaf7d4096e5d5757ddf8a89ad8ef072Benoit Jacob — Bug 683500 - glxtest should use glXGetProcAddress, not dlsym - r=mattwoodrow
5e90688c720ef15f47ad17d967c3cf5804b85873Benoit Jacob — Bug 681026 - glxtest should wait() for its child to exit - r=joe
bdb0bff93ce85df745b57f9430b3cd6e506bc22fDoug Sherk — Bug 683710: added stripping of comments from shader sources before compiling and check for illegal characters, mostly from webkit code r=bjacob
1d2ebf3821376d86fff9f2a69be0cc39ca93e241Jim Blandy — Bug 679154: Remove gratuitous non-determinism from the copy of SunSpider in js/src/jit-test. r=jorendorff
b1fbce31b7f2f7852600912a081b490bf8c20ddaEhsan Akhgari — Mark the test for bug 462758 as failing on Android
e4c69005dea681639ddcd5857fc95f0d9844ad5bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 684659 - Fix inline asm so that we can drop a use of -fno-omit-frame-pointer.
6b384ab361611b6d1c0c7b8a147f007befa3be0cJason Orendorff — Bug 684178 - throws error, "selectionRange is not defined" in nightly 09/01. r=Waldo.
dcd8e435c61648385406e9db23b097e99e084e4aDaniel Holbert — Bug 685234: Remove unused variable 'afterComma' from jsparse.cpp. r=jimb
c7589174b0f0c8f13e3003d598902e41a6731644Terrence Cole — Bug: 685041 - convert #ifdef DEBUG vars in jsgc.cpp to DebugOnly; r=luke
e7525561c3092f3d35ff2e6b4a93b42d1ef8167eJosh Matthews — Bug 681392 - Remove about: exclusion from SpecialPowers creation. r=ted
1c432b6fdbdbd691186f8107946072febc8db012Andrew McCreight — Bug 684595 - Don't visit WeakMap keys from the WeakMap in markentry. r=jorendorff
7946546d5a6c0db4a878466344e3d822d0608e90Andrew McCreight — Bug 679779 - Add a #define to always log CC graph. r=bent
5deb4c6fc43cdfdacf9f7d6df33cbe7a53d680a8Fabien Cazenave — Bug 462758 - elements with contenteditable=true and position:absolute can be moved around the page; r=ehsan
6a20f4ecc59eb5b72496895ca8fb6814b4a66bf2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
fd50c3e8aad3b007cc088f029a86db33f48365dfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 684339 - about:memory should link to about:support; r=njn
789165341d81e48c02fa7092a180fdca25e2a7dfOleg Romashin — Bug 590299 - Virtual keyboard is not invoked for input fields in Qt plugins r=karlt,jbos
754865ae97bcbc0d7249aca76ceef93f2354efc2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684435. Add a way for an nsIXPCScriptable to request a null equality hook, and do so for DOM nodes. r=peterv
aebd7d72106d7cc225d8493455aa4d53c9a75264Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
e3ce5dcd24831cbc8c271046abc4c9a93f12e747Mark Finkle — Bug 666977 - [backout] Panning ends selection in progress r=mbrubeck
ac5813b1196e5ec0d04152894a1fc4dab046cb31Mark Finkle — Bug 667243 - [backout] use caretPositionFromPoint for controlling text selection r=mbrubeck
1ddde977131ab1245e0d6e209cf75b3bc4b70553Mark Finkle — Bug 684727 - Don't call into JNI from ExtensionsView.init [r=mbrubeck]
b221c62a19c353c8c50cceed82da2dab0982a379Jeff Walden — Bug 677703 - Add element-valued methods to ObjectOps. Implement forward-to-property versions where necessary for classes which have custom ObjectOps. r=cdleary
45b321b68c2f3196785f9c61b1d216501a6fd35bJustin Lebar — Bug 674290 - Expose contents of /proc/self/maps and smaps in about:memory. r=njn
16813bde78b9fc6c200605d543d4b1fd3cd35bf1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 683952. Speed up iterating over the continuations of the frame when scrolling to it. r=roc
003fedc37ecf86a685a42b94d7b8dcf9e9fa4eb0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 642551. Save status info we may want to use in a list so we don't have to walk the entire pending request hashtable looking for one of the rare ones with status info. r=neil
575af26e14b83a07cac5aec56e512d60269ada00Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684544. Restore missing null-check for location setter. r=mrbkap
183fb86c9ac4858045a9ca5d9e4997cda3c3f258Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
e4ab06518d81c805bf0b6f80ca97b93b29761278Raymond Lee — Bug 637840 - after closing a group in panorama, focus should go to the last used tab in the last used group r=tim
02f42784ccb28b942b345d44d3465daf4ed78376Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
f9c574a28a7a33a63fcc80ffbac9ab65d552c92bBlair McBride — Bug 683124 - Add function to xpcshell-test harness to output info text. r=ted.mielczarek
c5aa67488400c90644d4fbbbaad34e96ed403701Blair McBride — Bug 683129 - Typo in AddonDatabase.getStatement when handling error. r=dtownsend
f02efebc5a0d9b2440eb513f9394cd0e2a338d92Blair McBride — Bug 683431 - Typo in XPIProvider statement name: getVisibleAddoForInternalName. r=dtownsend
d1c042be8802ee17c1d9e668ca162d0658185a3fJared Wein — Bug 684561 - Improve styling of Web Console on Windows r=dao
05b61a98eb00ae415886936fb1fd84fa259c5ec8Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 683672 - Style Inspector is counting some unmatched rules incorrectly; r=msucan
ab1e3be27b4315cca736ec10486089786b2e3127Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 683737 - browser/devtools/styleinspector/test/browser/browser_styleinspector_webconsole.js; r=msucan
2857288e9a3faa4660e1800a61fb887be2a85e95Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
19db4fd8a771eaf3065098336bcd7ef92b062fd0aceman — Bug 136556 - Image title should use "×", not "x". r=bz, r=dolske
1bd15a84566bbfec71abd7bf96609696e5e9f0d4Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
cf5fb60354769d64d9970d0260d02593d9c5d630Mihai Sucan — Bug 665907 - [highlighter] Bounding boxes update are slow while the page is scrolling; r=dao,robcee
b7d269a291b6f91a20958011d610cf8d443bd685Lucas Rocha — Bug 680077 - Update tabs pane for Honeycomb theme (r=mbrubeck)
84c0fbc1cf1d72b08db5a7bca29a2e2696b51d24Lucas Rocha — Bug 680077 - Define documenttab dimensions on constructor (r=mbrubeck)
8d3475475a0be3a6ff752e6f9d4cda7469734863Lucas Rocha — Bug 680077 - Use Util.isTablet() everywhere to check if tablet mode is on (r=mbrubeck)
24d45fb7142192c524b1e3ad2de317833b925bc2Matt Brubeck — Bug 677669 - Always show the tab bar in tablet mode [r=mfinkle]
2cbb9f7ffe32d328595e8ab9415533a85d8718eaOlli Pettay — Bug 685139 - node.contains(node) should return true, r=bz
e095afa62bf5869861e8ea6b23a243d0d32259a5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 684617 runs configure twice r=khuey
787ebf02a8c170a63c0565c49c105062dc44becfEhsan Akhgari — Resolve the merge conflict from bug 674998 correctly by removing InvokeSessionGuard completely, r=luke
0c7303e897c565ac2ed2783adb3c338c33265841Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c7e4e6e380ba0eaab6a610a77a89dd8dc23783d2Jeff Walden — Bug 684782 - Readd support for $topsrcdir/mozconfig, exclusive with support for $topsrcdir/.mozconfig (no more than one may be present). f=callek r=ted
73f8f5071c8bb371d697fdd68083e911432873a4Henri Sivonen — Bug 657389 - nsHtml5MetaScanner should use PR_INT32_MAX instead of -1 as a special marker value for indeces. r=jonas.
8a9c10ebbf00795f005b3612fe472f5bd2bf3382Makoto Kato — Bug 684670 - js\src\vm/Debugger.h(406) : warning C4099: 'JSCompartment' : type name first seen using 'struct' now seen using 'class'. r=jorendorff
e0e96051ac630357d43fe0757d8e7a697ddb97bfMakoto Kato — Bug 684664 - js\src\methodjit\BaseAssembler.h(1282) : warning C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned type, result still unsigned. r=bhackett
5ddb67d5a424f6f457dac8ee9bd9ff96f849b3caNicholas Nethercote — Bug 684111 - Remove codePool and notePool. r=cdleary.
4c0087b808de61bcaf667097ace016a2a4d253d4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 684111 - use a limit instead of a mask to detect when the srcnotes buffer is full. r=cdleary.
054b9cf30cd13f3e6e20449cf5a28f408da9693eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 684111 - remove an unused parameter from EmitCheck. r=cdleary.
81e54da9317b5eb60d136a2512604139f05f8d8aMike Hommey — Bug 684213 - Directly uncompress libraries into the mmap()ed cache files. r=mwu
7dd2deecd8f2964b8639abc457e9a248d7a80bdcPhil Ringnalda — Back out fc945dec50bb and de06684dabc4 (bug 642551), 64c328251a24 (bug 683952) and 9d0d13998ebb (bug 684544) for orange on a CLOSED TREE
d01a282b5a40da07d6f9d85d56eb3c6b6cb620c2Matt Brubeck — Back out 6cd3556fc807 (bug 674290) because of unittest leaks
fc945dec50bb044858b48c22efd7dbc59f9deabdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 642551 followup to address review comment
64c328251a24e767893231306b311d81061cc12fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 683952. Speed up iterating over the continuations of the frame when scrolling to it. r=roc
de06684dabc4f450a4e6e2984868e6820fcb6df1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 642551. Save status info we may want to use in a list so we don't have to walk the entire pending request hashtable looking for one of the rare ones with status info. r=neil
9d0d13998ebb66a76d5f15d1889e8499b2d2b469Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684544. Restore missing null-check for location setter. r=mrbkap
6cd3556fc807302d9965f477fac6ccaf47f82357Justin Lebar — Bug 674290 - Expose contents of /proc/self/maps and smaps in about:memory. r=njn
da3c0a9bd68812475efffa4371f8ec3910d8ce45Brian Birtles — Bug 682184 part 2 - Add nsSMILTimeValue::IsResolved; r=dholbert
0eb03db3606b3665cf5f3806bd43df01147c2f02Brian Birtles — Bug 682184 part 1 - Rename nsSMILTimeValue::IsResolved to IsDefinite; r=dholbert
bc6b53c4e9312eb9c6ebe2e7582e8e99d5871124Geoff Brown — Bug 677427: netwerk/test/unit/test_bug650955.js fails on Android; r=bjarne
3ae9b2a742df99f77c0f978eeb35f308088bccebDaniel Holbert — Bug 683040 followup: Extra reftests for animateMotion & indefinite to-animation. r=birtles
12507ee12f19167560ed7ea655fe3cea47e4aee4Daniel Holbert — Bug 683040: Override new method IsToAnimation instead of old method TreatSingleValueAsStatic, to handle "to animation" for animateMotion. r=birtles
bc627f4c6daa981a61c77885b14cfa0b819827beAtul Aggarwal — Bug 661962: Remove mostly-unused variable 'rv' from nsINIParser::Init (moving it inside the #ifdef block where it's used). r=bsmedberg
bca514585c9992406350a26f7650e3327c6961dbDaniel Holbert — Bug 684358: In nsSVGFEImageElement, replace GetOurDocument call with GetOwnerDoc, to bypass an unnecessary QI. r=roc
f76296e27bcbc4b51d67f830b3f194e33b6b71c6Igor Bukanov — bug 684796 - fixing assertions for GC thing iterators. r=bhackett1024
dc30ee4aca217511caac2422ea483da6deed6b3bTimothy Nikkel — Back out a38f82d29d97 (bug 652914) for causing reftest failures.
4fe3fb96bd377b4b0795c7dcff7ea0d3cbbd1afeChris Pearce — Bug 684627 - Add time limit to nsEventStateManager::IsHandlingUserInput(). r=smaug
0874dee6bf422805bc159d54063c535a4db9cd9cMichael Wu — Bug 684957 - doesn't update disk_entries field, r=taras
5ab4ecc3ff2ca24d4f02a987964c9e4acdf97653Kailas — Bug 683258 - Size reported as -1 bytes when attempting download with no Content-Length header; r=dolske
0392944114b57482f9de08e47a9898c8ebae53d9arno renevier — bug 684315: Remove private browsing code from nsEditorSpellCheck.cpp; r=ehsan
a4dc1b53ece138b6c1852a16314940c347ef1b8bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 549472 - Browser jump list icons.
3521d58c2234c4b6b1a1253e47e1b805a04e02d1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 549472 - Async support for base XPCOM code on JumpListBuilder. r=jmathies,
4ba3fb301ff18e562f08c8d6eef6da1b654da27dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 549472 - Observer for the disabled list preference. r=jmathies
830e9ce147b04a01b221539d3e385ffe054e3435Brian R. Bondy — Bug 549472 - Add support for fave icons on jump list uri entries. r=jmathies,
915acb9f6d29b02c5e647b4b46fecfbb0c563fa9Ali Juma — Bug 683296 - Change GL layers pref default on Android, but blacklist all devices. r=jrmuizel
8218f2ac3ce601961a2c0fabf8050f55403030c6Luke Wagner — Fix bustage in d6242989d95d; pushInvokeArgs should just LeaveTrace and avoid the silly requirement on callers (r=orange)
a38f82d29d97475d6227285b93af80eafeed32a4Timothy Nikkel — Bug 652914. If we are not printing background colors then don't even print the default background color. r=roc
41d43c3a7286b6d93ac60224e753d7a94912ba36Josh Matthews — Bug 683945 - Avoid using a deleted hashtable for finding window IDs. r=jst
293f78abf3e7e0eb95194a3471e0b2d9129ce2ceRobert Longson — Bug 684790 - Add crisp-edges to anim-css-strokewidth-1 tests to prevent intermittent Android failures. r=test-only
d6242989d95da804cd9a0b287c58ebb24635b0deLuke Wagner — Bug 674998 - Remove InvokeSessionGuard; it's bug-prone and we should self-host instead (r=bhackett)
48ee21dc3854ffbf203228380be0dc1258186d5fMs2ger — Bug 684807 - Annotate crashtest assertions on Android; r=philor
d8f1caaeb9b1f15dd6d67cbbc58ce84004f21bc3bjarne — Bug 667593 - Intermittent runtime abort in netwerk/test/unit/test_bug650955.js r=michal.novotny
f921f632208e2a7e9eba943c6dce96a8b6a33b77Justin Lebar — Bug 684592 - In about:memory, update descriptions of heap-dirty and heap-committed, and only report heap-committed on Windows. rs=njn
2dc945c5c66e3a39e4596e7cbbe10fe26593f777Richard Newman — Bug 684783 - Fix intermittent test_errorhandler.js. r=philikon
db2ec1f8df574db9f67b3c7cddbe609545cf7ad2Neil Deakin — Bug 507186, check source of command events so that checkboxes with an attached command will update preferences properly, r=neil
016189c2245a2f62fb7ea4915c866d0a2a820c41Dão Gottwald — Bug 684444 - Clicking on a background tab's close button selects the tab before closing it. r=enn
47e7f8b690a5077cc91661590bd678ab4eb189a3Ed Morley — Backout a422b9ff0a9e (bug 591780 part 1) for causing 8% Ts regression on multiple platforms; a=khuey
29a2fbfd83699eaf6ed1afc4752cfbd8abe2b6e6Mats Palmgren — Bug 684574 - InternalInvalidateThebesLayersInSubtree should recurse on the subdocument root frame. r=roc
458686d886a5d522f32f71f46dbdb2fb3fc99edcKev Needham — Bug 671307: Add Twitter to default search plugins for en-US, r=gavin
d0dd86f41edbe116e188a03504967f5b32c7acc4Igor Bukanov — bug 684569 - remove support for custom chunk allocation. r=nnethercote
09935ede3c77b175d1f8db7d1c764483d8ed6e4fFabrice Desré — Followup fix for bug 641552. Make sure to enumerate new category on startup. r=jst
7fbe71f2b56e9203b67dc0585395820970c03a70Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 641552. Add mechanism for dynamically registering properties on the navigator object in all pages. r=peterv
1bba630bb3a099194fc758697db513942687c321Josh Aas — Bug 682759: Use fixed size integer in NPRemoteWindow to store window reference. r=m_kato r=cjones
13b9a3f0eb421fa92ff094199cd1abb66f7592b2Josh Aas — Bug 669036: Fix bad path to child process binary that caused assertions. r=bsmedberg
e675a8b040a75140663c0fc06a7092de89400395John Daggett — Bug 3512. Reftests to test font-stretch with different sets of font families. r=jkew
445b1e86590c42f2a5a66eacd15164fb6125cd46Brian Hackett — Merge MC->JM
a18eade1678f15b6dc44dd4dcad510994b46fb3cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix red.
1412233cafa1f9c0df4832751092181c7da16c76Brian Hackett — Merge MC->JM
fc5a768a97b565915a960ad337a58403c7c610abBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix test failures.
584386505971537c7ea479e51995a3c66abaf7eaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bug 684623.
1c934fd8ac88f92f8db6df69d8415ed33d9f6d09Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow uncopies of loop temporaries after backedges, bug 684621.
d4696bf0d286e56d9f1399a1cbcf485ed0a5eae4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bug 684594.
370d051a4c95cc4e5cb2e57545e0bffff3ef3cecBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix test for when double entries need to be forgotten after branching to a location their type is unknown, bug 684576.
53e25966f155a16698398921aef9a4f3ba315d40Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix bogus assert, allow Disassemble() to be called during GC/arena traversal, bug 684281.
de64e5ce70bcefff9df456c9e6e7153d2b608afaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Always clear jitcode during GC with inference enabled, bug 683227. r=dvander
aa9f4b139e389262a9e3fcd0583aefe62b20b986Brian Hackett — Don't try to recompile scripts when clearing traps during GC, bug 683966.
77e9502bd20f3c61a639f6533535a4f763b8d792Brian Hackett — [INFER] Compiler types should reflect inferred types for JSOP_THIS in scripts which have not executed, bug 684084.
8385e0145b8dbcc44b5be0baaf17a05e11af0320Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't swap newTypes for objects during TradeGuts, bug 684348. r=billm
f1c28af788ba290cf51f8717004dc8b69eb93e09Brian Hackett — [IFER] Fix red.
cd9eddc210bbafcbfaccd0df8ccbae1f411ef13cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use invalid activeCall when finishing an outer function frame, detect nesting in parents which add scope objects earlier, bug 663138.
20189e7dcadae81c758ab72b6efd1b181b72561cBrian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
4a0ab16c2ac459f3583b96a1ad0b7f4a87fba6b5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use type barriers for NAME accesses on scripts whose types have been purged, bug 663138.
554045e04d89379e1dabe2c884986d9ec74c35acBrian Hackett — [INFER] Improve performance for non-reentrant closures, bug 663138.
88ff00bac63e385517a5b515b14237d41b88b884Leon Sha — Bug 683413 - [INFER] jit-test/tests/v8-v5/check-earley-boyer.js failed on sparc. r=bhackett.
6a4e5dbe0d64d7646306b4c9fc50a69b29631551Matt Brubeck — Bug 684242 - Back out b532e0d93bc5 (bug 681980) because it breaks resume from sleep.
db9e99d537f232324359b86112d8771bfad029feEd Morley — Backout a422b9ff0a9e (bug 591780 part 1) for causing 8% Ts regression on multiple platforms; a=khuey
1f5cd567c93a7ef6db27aa0539bdc2a4099935d0Makoto Kato — Bug 684771 - js/src/jsscript.cpp(300) : warning C4309: 'specialization' : truncation of constant value. r=wmccloskey
2c23fb9199483e6190684094ce97b4fbe0b8f577Makoto Kato — Bug 684674 - js/src/methodjit/FastBuiltins.cpp(511) : warning C4146: unary minus operator applied to unsigned type, result still unsigned. r=bhackett
4771660af6b2a802d5d897dd9062f318660c66baMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 683320 - data:text/html,basic style inspector tests leaked during mochitest-browser-chrome. r=msucan
a422b9ff0a9eb3fe278e0866faccb4a4016f40c5Jesper Kristensen — Bug 591780 - Part 1: Backend support for adding and removing spell checker dictionaries at runtime; r=ehsan
0959354c6d6a6ff96df8d859e8e7befd0f2bdce0Sriram Ramasubramanian Bug 660686 - "Enable entire row region selection in Preferences" [r=mark.finkle]
c23b1b22041b393a23ce0ddde4c0537f5763a54fSriram Ramasubramanian Bug 660686 - "Enable entire row region selection in Preferences" [r=mark.finkle]
021f1bd44f81a8e593d4544ce28190b1da9fe26darno renevier — bug 684230: remove progressListener at the end of test_bug434998.xul; r=ehsan
e80b7fe1c11ce56633ef4dc68d19828f444cc641Geoff Lankow — Bug 684107 - Remove private browsing code from DownloadLastDir.jsm after bug 679784 is fixed; r=ehsan
f2ece80d840ebbe0f37ed84b5260264897c85725Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
620b73b3d768044892f08c52b8cfb407b928d228Robert Longson — Bug 684479 - Bounding boxes for strokes are unnecessarily big for many shapes. r=roc
b38795f5d13ba43408eaaecdae7a80d8ddff6b24Marco Castelluccio — Bug 672515 - remove nsIAccessible getAccessibleToRight/Left/Above/Below; r=trev.saunders
d2c6783fa7153ef892236c16dd39c3da198b3064Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the latest green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c8139d06468245139aa4a55184c667d5169a8d23Mark Finkle — Bug 684443 - Make unpacking files from the APK faster [r=dougt]
e00b68fc6df9637e2de1c433788cf1422bdd0241Makoto Kato — Bug 684662 - js\src\methodjit/MethodJIT.h(690) : warning C4305: 'argument' : truncation from 'js::MaybeConstruct' to 'bool'. r=bhackett
5312c652c4698b3af395285ce528c4699b3d3181Jezreel Ng — Bug 669272 - Minimize window movement when restoring session; r=zpao
80de869f7273c3234f4bc7bfb2969a0da6b65ae0Geoff Lankow — Bug 664895 - Make the details pane not jump when a screenshot image is loaded, r=bmcbride
89d9b45ef2416ff45b8b4a1cc207db3609eec0ceJezreel Ng — Bug 666611 - Do not set chunksize if less than 500MiB of storage is available. r=mak
1a9a2270cc4743e015d33ea0270aecc19a12897bAtul Aggarwal — Bug 458722 - gcc warning mainly 64 bit: src/xpcconvert.cpp:1931: warning: comparison is always false due to limited range of data type; r=bz
b435b37b32c76764fe43a3090d6c2b087be35fd6Atul Aggarwal — Bug 581474 - Possible uninitialized variable use in nsXPCWrappedJS::GetNewOrUsed; r=mrbkap
fc78ee7667700cda28e470c54efd71bdf9b49fb8Kyle Huey — Merge last green changeset on m-i to m-c.
42acb339d8ef5a4b8f7cedb7c1ca4e5fcf7b59bdMakoto Kato — Bug 684666 - js/src/methodjit/MonoIC.cpp:1357:51: warning: format '%lu' expects type 'long unsigned int', but argument 4 has type 'size_t'. r=bhackett
910e5f55a57e892338367f1f61ea73cc7d32c535Jonathan Kew — bug 3512 - reftest for support of font-stretch with DejaVuSans[Condensed] family. r=jdaggett
0d8e92d3138e897984ce726a6d16b6aadf9e0922Jonathan Kew — bug 3512 - support font-stretch in the GDI font backend. r=jdaggett
36d230088375c24180a1b9b62504dac7b8f5a1d6Jonathan Kew — bug 3512 - fix computation of StyleDistance to account for font-stretch more accurately. r=jdaggett
b264ee97923adc1f3e9c985f78039f956c55bf4bJonathan Kew — bug 3512 - implement font-stretch property for Linux (fontconfig) backend. r=karlt
3fdf87297e66df3fe04d63b9b742c3d5c1ef60e3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 676732 - Fix Windows bustage caused by 7fb15a645955.
6d0812c1f610f972a724c9e1fc23bb600a596dd2Makoto Kato — Bug 663748 - js shell doesn't sometimes output exceptions on Win64. r=luke
7fb15a645955ee2b808e639f2245b344833be6e1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 676732 - Measure and/or avoid slop in important JS memory reporters. r=dmandelin.
6f99ff6c4c8655362961d4115428e5e581702bdcEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f3174373103972bd7f0a51e517dc991909d428d7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 684180 - Avoid wasted space caused by AssemblerBuffer's growth strategy. r=dvander.
710f3b41a5d7c2218ff7514ca775c80a72907111Matt Woodrow — Bug 682922 - Disable preserve-3d on scroll frames. r=roc
d7cd9750988aeb73eda714b2682e60e6b13565e7Chris Pearce — Bug 545812 - Break out of DOM full-screen mode upon non-alpha-numeric key input. r=smaug
4c972377ec272ff426f33ac558269699d408807cChris Pearce — Bug 545812 - Only allow request and cancel full-screen api to work from a trusted event handler. r=smaug
4a40fbf67f12309aca5d95392246305c95fac229Chris Pearce — Bug 545812 - Mochitests for full-screen DOM API. r=jst
26247cdde2bc41fc6189543bcb557ff00465e84dChris Pearce — Bug 545812 - Implement iframe.mozallowfullscreen. r=jst
be0876c4aa2bc9ff1e307e25111d214ebbc1a63bChris Pearce — Bug 545812 - Dispatch mozfullscreenchange event when we change full-screen mode. r=smaug
8794e3692ee86a90940c4a376801324f8abc7debChris Pearce — Bug 545812 - Implement -moz-full-screen css pseudoclass. r=bz
f212867dce42ff6aa6d63c76570d5eb4a3c9f5f8Chris Pearce — Bug 545812 - DOM/content changes required for DOM full-screen API. r=jst
81ebc148aad38f3bf5a1712927c97a6d6692767bJosh Matthews — Bug 684599 - Avoid null dereference when chacking if a window's in the background. r=smaug
9f853ef4b6640d2330ed8dcd8392db9fe0b84f56Brian R. Bondy — Bug 679375 - nsSound can cause GC to be reentered. r=neil
35f7fb57b504f2ff39d0a51bc488c25d3f1f2bf5Atul Aggarwal — Bug 481282 - fix uninitialized variable warning in nsXPConnect::Traverse. r=mrbkap
e23d05fcd782220b8c32cdd2db2822bb52a330c2Martijn Wargers — Bug 681640 - browser-chrome test
44e3478debec190603edeb0c0d2fc1b4228d4a7dMatt Brubeck — Bug 681640 - Tapping on a form field in Fennec should position the caret at the location of the tap [r=mfinkle]
2bb8c0b664cfc26235eaaa5bdf1e71777c9fce4dJohn Daggett — Bug 3512. Add fonts for font-stretch reftests. (no effect on build)
a4a584a110e08a97287f71ac825598c2fddc8288Doug Turner — Backing out bc4b2d84f80a (bug 682017)
91d411d25d761dbd5a98b26cd5d656be07d0af6fDoug Turner — Backing out d4c725db7369 (bug 683736).
ca5ce4ebff755b8432a40685d22fcf2b84180de2Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
d09cbf88c277e359162dcf2c93cf27f69113c1fbArno Renevier — Bug 682564 - Prefer user set dictionary over other dictionaries when it matches spellcheck langcode; r=ehsan
a0a6800d3744fe8f47ea957d0e1b89e73640fe54Terrence Cole — Bug 646597 - Remove unneeded #ifdef DEBUG: use DebugOnly instead; r=bhackett
de62ed0f6b64fc0d5dde12f62931a0ec17c36d68Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 684403 - error: forward declaration of 'struct MApplicationService'; r=romaxa
14271cf8f6f2a446ce564acc5c9fa4126ba13428Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Add an explicit MOZ_CAN_RUN_PROGRAMS variable. r=ted.mielczarek.
6e67cafd75c8cfc78c1eecd2dc4acbffecb29825Jan de Mooij — Bug 670493 - Refactor and optimize booleanJumpScript. r=bhackett
d1d3ad947e9fa41a23b1775be9462fe7f1ff2cb3Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680277 - Debug builds should always be compiled with frame pointers. r=khuey.
b3fa7b442186068a6df6fc232ab90b6cd325de1fMakoto Kato — Bug 676195 - IME doesn't work with hardware keyboard on Android. r=jchen
1915c4f1eed6a44fbbb641214d6f365445e036b4Patrick McManus — bug 423506 - 0 byte responses causing save-as dialogues r=bz
fff3dc9478ce0743eb8135d11b135bf6a8b4d37fJason Orendorff — Fix the JS standalone build. r=amazing_brokenness.
58185fa8b490c3594e638cd0db0275b9058ff935Marco Bonardo — Backout e2807e45402c for Android b-c permaorange and 502c33ae0d81, 3326454d70f5 for Android M5 permaorange.
9b82bc2b354e0bc0e8569846edcfb15a39acc6cdTom Schuster — Minor ident followup fix for Bug 588537 rs=Ms2ger
e6e99374aae9dd467d465d5b1f28d9a6e4fca844Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Simplify IsActiveWithOrBlock, tidy jsinterp.h (r=pbiggar)
52e5861882de6562cc1101d1bb564de7e4c8a8c3Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Remove empty-script special case in Invoke (r=bhackett)
17af4431bb457a35077b6f97ac5fb9f3895dd7deLuke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Simplify InitExnPrivate (r=billm)
b750fbde4ca96af8c5a86522e66fead0b58cf79aLuke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Tidy up Exception constructor (r=billm)
71c08d14b5573f98938c0d0d23f5fbedaee0557eLuke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Remove/inline array helper (r=pbiggar)
ecdad0ca5b0092e6206fc424404d693982715744Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Clean JSObject::clasp usage (r=pbiggar)
38a81587cccef98bb32e4d6c40a6c4b5964eb64dEd Morley — Backout bug 684110 (08b6eaf6aad0, cf8b35fa1010, 25ee45edabe1, 659f5c7d2cc9, 870f6dd82586 & e1ad65d6a7fd) and bug 684344 (cd1957f6628d) on a CLOSED TREE; a=bustage-fairies
cd1957f6628df6914117a1771dc432e35e879454Terrence Cole — Bug 684344 - Remove a reinterpret_cast in delayMarkingChildren; r=billm
e1ad65d6a7fd214c730f4b519d9f8677ef19ef33Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Simplify IsActiveWithOrBlock, tidy jsinterp.h (r=pbiggar)
870f6dd8258639455c6a29682660cc042cc76e25Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Remove empty-script special case in Invoke (r=bhackett)
659f5c7d2cc9cbd4ff121c1927d602e4cf293d23Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Simplify InitExnPrivate (r=billm)
25ee45edabe1cc2bc1fdfc7049718f613ac79426Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Tidy up Exception constructor (r=billm)
cf8b35fa1010b700d74b4edf64722f8a09529253Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Remove/inline array helper (r=pbiggar)
08b6eaf6aad0e7011f2287db663ab5f67404fd58Luke Wagner — Bug 684110 - Clean JSObject::clasp usage (r=pbiggar)
e2807e45402c928813b001d8ec6ba4efa5b9da2bMartijn Wargers Bug 681640 - Send mouse events to form fields when they are focused in Fennec [r=mbrubeck]
3a37edcaa27fb9b3699f791414c44f9a500a5cedBlake Kaplan — Bug 682946 - Remove useless flags local. r=jst
d06e88a99f39a02d5b0d3594df879fea846de2b1Blake Kaplan — Bug 684135 - Protect against calling this function during shutdown. r=bzbarsky
9d79f12f8d33f96936d647be083e9c292ea3d90aBlake Kaplan — Bug 684115 - Test what happens when chrome takes an XHR from one origin and sticks it in another origin. r=sicking
fc2a18413a7e095cba32522a1874b75fc2d049d2Matt Brubeck — Bug 681621 - Displayport is wrong after MozScrolledAreaChanged event when page is scrolled to the right [r=stechz]
c3d40a5579b19af9cb595df338c4213af7e42ee5Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 660453 (Don't use txExecutionState if init fails).
7509ecc14e9ea65bf046e39b591aed35a863cb34Jason Orendorff — Bug 682871 - make package fails when $(MOZILLA_DIR) is a relative path. r=Callek, sr=ted.
502c33ae0d8115e64f5f661409c371b372debf10Jason Orendorff — Bug 677957 - Fix peculiarly dynamically-nested for-in loops. ("Assertion failure: !cx->iterValue.isMagic(JS_NO_ITER_VALUE), at jsiter.cpp:1017") r=dvander.
3326454d70f5116055e1f32df8d733524c3ff04aJason Orendorff — Bug 672893 - Don't #include jscompartment.h in xpconnect. r=cdleary.
d6d6656d8bc690e54e9d5f94c273420ab596c987Ms2ger — Bug 684469 - Various cleanup in nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor; r=hsivonen
2cd38970b65ad4a9520d0928151977029b591728Ms2ger — Bug 683457 - test_bug430392.html should not call SimpleTest.finish() twice; r=peterv
a351ae35f2c469e32411d6f42a5e164de6ac2f41Kyle Huey — Bug 683096: Make arrays of nsQIResults work. r=ted
e1d7cac1fa83d6d3e008171dcdf019ad3dd21d42Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
5b34c14d9f842c1357abe0882cc61ffa8a2de7b5Jonathan Kew — bug 674909 - make synthetic bolding proportionate to font size and zoom. r=jdaggett
c1281875cfea5d0dc1405ddd089d63ffcb4ebad6Jonathan Kew — bug 683618 - adjust glyph metrics appropriately when applying synthetic bolding on Android (gfxFT2Fonts). r=jdaggett
8215d12a0015dd5d2c40bb7602263403d4d9a629Jason Duell — Bug 588256: e10s HTTP: clean up more aggressively in DocumentChannelCleanup. r=jdm
ba720787775f210a18b523dc1ec2ac097b4ad618Jason Duell — Bug 678595: Remove test assumption that cancel causes cache invalidation. r=jdm
f4af15996729ad75744f7ddad44ab579e0e06cfeWes Johnston — Bug 684276 - Wrap labels in Android tablet menu. r=mbrubeck
f4dfe613ee0cbcc1364db1a3720710e90c63efd7Matt Brubeck — Bug 669666 - Make sure Sync is initialized when the Fennec prefs panel is opened [r=mfinkle]
b1063cb1f393689bab95d878265c0f0f8e1c1fadEhsan Akhgari — Bug 340634 - spell checker doesn't suggest "alot" correction; r=ryanvm
9ca2aaaae7bfeffe3d15043f318ec548799c73bbWes Johnston — Bug 677673 - Fix position of bookmarks menu on tablets. r=mfinkle
1165ef56bec876518622d0a70df144b532390a20Martijn Wargers Bug 669184 - Cursor position is set before first character in bookmark edit dialog [r=mbrubeck]
af7d11d9938847b644e07982cb741bea30c959cfMatt Brubeck — Bug 683512 - Adjust toolbar color in honeycomb theme to a light grey
c8cd6f227ead2c458492ece453c83c5f8d7e3a28Stephen Horlander — bug 681974 - Lighten border and add gradient to locationBar and searchBar for Lion. r=dao
4dad5acf5a1eef83ac96a1fd60245b9a9c393b39Wes Johnston — Bug 675252 - Store buildid when locales are installed and make sure it is current on startup. r=mfinkle
b47c8ec93ccb9beaea96be9ddf180601b76e25aeWes Johnston — Bug 675254 - Try to update the current locale if it was marked incompatable during updates. r=mfinkle
a9b98324d35aec81dd0c8610fb330dfe9cfd342eWes Johnston — Bug 668838 - Revise the flow of the locale picker. r=mfinkle
cd28b53198eac2bc553853477e4a34f542c334fcFabien Cazenave — Bug 290026 - Outdent of List does not work properly; r=ehsan
056dda4ab249d62bec0815cccfead0a7c3763b93Fabien Cazenave — Bug 291780 - List outdent is not working properly; r=ehsan
2259e794ac809a0c44c04eeba4bd04f01abcaf9cMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 680793 - Remove support for Irix. r=ted
a61a0b7927ed700981288872b49be1eb09458389Justin Wood — Backed out changeset 97216ae0fc04 due to accidentally landing to m-c rather than try.
97216ae0fc04151961ac9e6154a0e744b1d44d5cAtul Aggarwal — Bug 668819 - HTMLTableColElement span should be unsigned long try: -b do -p linux,linux64,win32 -u all -t all
d6f8a08a4c85a062f28efe121652a87fab971977Boris Zbarsky — Bug 639720. Get rid of the Window class setter so that SETNAME on the global is faster in the browser. r=mrbkap
60df75bc14281f6f474db428155e3bcc6adc7441Igor Bukanov — bug 681884 - faster slow path of GC allocations. r=wmccloskey
30ffa45f9a63c5e770691bc26c66494c74009773Igor Bukanov — bug 684010 - remove JSScrit::isAboutToBeFinalized. r=bhackett1024
472716252ea34db8e104890af192981688d01751Ed Morley — Backout e5815c156b6c (bug 683096), 9ca928d8095c (merge), a286edb8ca4b (bug 683875), 61dc35b8f63f (bug 683171), b0741ae44def (bug 683875), 8e01bc314326 + e2697c06468f (bug 677501), 805e28e85577 (bug 680440) for Win opt orange and purple galore, on a CLOSED TREE
e5815c156b6c95e4ccdb38c9d1886af2ece4518eKyle Huey — Bug 683096: Make arrays of nsQIResults work. r=ted
9ca928d8095c07ac3ba0a66baeb9799dfd15215cKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
a286edb8ca4b8b0c1f18d25a8a4b9ca1aa06f306Mike Hommey — Bug 683875 - Fixup. r=me
61dc35b8f63f33dedd0e702d282fe7b675dfda5cMike Hommey — Bug 683171 - Fixup. r=me
b0741ae44defd65e4a68cfd4d53a052a3796db09Mike Hommey — Bug 683875 - Remove stale static library when only creating a fakelib. r=ted
8e01bc31432610b5857fa3b70fdad7d3181efd52Mike Hommey — Bug 677501 - Add a dummy symbol to libmozutils until bug 662814 lands. r=me
e2697c06468fc2fa989052e69a6961cfbddd1e66Mike Hommey — Bug 677501 - Build a mozutils library containing jemalloc and other things. r=khuey
805e28e85577b2dbd9e44a8c2e6f96c250d037acMike Hommey — Bug 680440 - Clean up jemalloc linkage. r=khuey
3dc687a271e777b8cc1eae8152b98b9228383906Olli Pettay — Bug 683852 - Implement Node.contains(node), r=bz
e1d9d6120f84423acdf19cdc87d9f6c9cf204c85Benoit Jacob — back out 1b09c80c46c3 (bug 680722, WebGL shader validation) because of regression, see bug 684312 and 683710
cf1ba8f0dbf71900bb24d77b5a63ad82c279b113Kai Engert — Additional patch for bug 683261 - Better coverage for DigiNotarGate in NSS
5319db18818038e36045db8af7e8a8a5552f1f10Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 683449 - Really remove the exemptions; r=kaie over irc
9411dffc948b9a68aedb33fcb8310bc62e83843fGervase Markham — Bug 669792 - is not considered to be a public suffix; r=me
9e815dd55d24ec61adf1af6f8e90db3754533a24Kai Engert — Bug 683261 - Better coverage for DigiNotarGate in NSS; r=rrelyea
db763ec38c6a5b884a0b7d63079f9a9f953d6ce8Kai Engert — Bug 683883 - Improve DigitNotarGate handling in PSM; r=rrelyea
471f4fbc9c85853e3e91d351c9f57d53124ce22fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 683449 - Remove the exemptions for the Staat der Nederlanden root; rs=LegNeato
095e2524cad947afe60416e67fac3c13086f829bEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
12b7c9789d63a96cf9595be8d9872e0598779efbEhsan Akhgari — Revert to 176fae7de173 which was fine.
daa4ed9207991bac60f8c0741f07bc92cc2693fbEhsan Akhgari — Revert the CLOSED TREE to the last known good state, and keep a bunch of potentially problematic stuff backed out
ecd918e48a759fdb7112d5b0ba3ac55c1fa85fc6Ehsan Akhgari — Keep changeset ee8c8daffe43 backed out on the reverted tree
2aef89351fe679bd0d95e23c11f4dffaf2dd5055Ehsan Akhgari — Keep changeset 7ee51f8ea940 backed out on the reverted tree
7b004cd39113878645bc320686eadaf95702e3faEhsan Akhgari — Keep changeset e3626f903f9f backed out on the reverted tree
fd3535f606a9bae58bd75e8eebdf51071a7e91c0Ehsan Akhgari — Keep changeset 11247af82311 backed out on the reverted tree
3dea45e0b7c7059de3d83dbf04189b06b4a2d561Ehsan Akhgari — Keep changeset e5c8fdabdf66 backed out on the reverted tree
ef2d9716a8ac2b3dbba45e051ef65c0f13d33151Ehsan Akhgari — Keep changeset 6a70000360a0 backed out on the reverted tree
7b7a4d982a65ecfbc825b104c43fb243d455a994Ehsan Akhgari — Keep changeset 9ef862cbcc5e backed out on the reverted tree
adda17b48d1e913a78e02ecae2d88410afeed016Ehsan Akhgari — Revert to changeset e6fc4594c22e which was the last one to get a green Win7 tp run
176fae7de173d1c0d4b928fdf7ee7ef5d542dec5Marco Bonardo — Backout 6a70000360a0, e5c8fdabdf66 to figure out Windows reftest permaorange on a CLOSED TREE
deec82bfd1788bded6cefd88a74a2dbf8afdb169Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — revert 11247af82311, e3626f903f9f and 7ee51f8ea940.
5ca7e5e93adcac9f683742a22de2b4403d496c29Ehsan Akhgari — Backout a couple of patches on a CLOSED TREE
dc27139edda025f05db225d9c401b470af85c4f6Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset ee8c8daffe43 (bug 639720) on the suspicion that it might be the culprit behind the Linux Debug red
873989b97eefb7b5564be642b55d0450f921f0b4Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 9ef862cbcc5e (bug 682564) because of mochitest-oth oranges
b6608d4de5f7f225c43cb637e324eb34f190533fBrian Birtles — Bug 678938 - SMIL: Make sure current interval is properly cleared when doing a rewind; r=dholbert
246f74de583c9715c01e94e4450102078f87ff14Brian Birtles — Bug 678847 part 2 - SMIL: Fix recursion with self-referential end conditions on open intervals; r=dholbert
7a01e603335dc905ddda0e6690d09a1e45e1f7bbBrian Birtles — Bug 678847 part 1 - Crash test; r=dholbert
bff12708b423cef63dff3bfe0f3d479e2e8206c7Brian Birtles — Bug 681645 - SMIL: accommodate floating-point errors in discrete animations; r=dholbert
1a78f5c53b5847d41fc680b511d8fd1b964008f3Atul Aggarwal — Bug 666677: Fix build warning about unhandled case in nsDeflateConverter.cpp switch statement. r=Mossop
3959615183f608d31012335eb7632545e4b989a1Daniel Holbert — Bug 683998: Remove unused variable from jstracer.cpp. r=billm
d589ee7f704bd59e4d0c243c91728b041e5771a6Doug Turner — Bug 683461 - Attempt to fix the Java_org_mozilla_gecko_GeckoAppShell_reportJavaCrash crash. The thought is the string being contructed creates a jni env when it really shouldnt. r=jdm
ca798b7e74efc33b5e20f0bcdf2fa2862d6e458dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 630880. Decrease update interval length for nightly users. r=gavin
4e76b1e5c1d1e28ee14779e8c3b32e9a1c7d4057Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 684049 - cairoint.h should only use lround in C99 programs; r=jrmuizel
e6fc4594c22eff5fb29eaf616129f81b1022bbb4Oleg Romashin — Bug 681443 - Fennec does not resize document properly in portrait mode; f=mbrubeck r=jst
9ef862cbcc5e8968887f67250dfbd8aa301c9a78arno renevier — Bug 682564 - Prefer user set dictionary over other dictionaries when it matches spellcheck langcode; r=ehsan
d337401fc15086aaef8b1ef965ec9819ee317d0dJeremias Bosch — Bug 682814 - Fennec on N9 can not get launched from other application; r=romaxa
e5c8fdabdf665d44a516579184b9ac5214eeeed9Kev Needham — Bug 671307: Add Twitter to default search plugins for en-US, r=gavin
6a70000360a09104de741a7d3c93374f6652b665Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Add an explicit MOZ_CAN_RUN_PROGRAMS variable. r=ted.mielczarek.
ee8c8daffe4355f2024d6cc1b17771b480f0e7d8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 639720. Get rid of the Window class setter so that SETNAME on the global is faster in the browser. r=mrbkap
7ee51f8ea94042c4b5748765539b5dbaae23693dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680277 - Change another use of MOZ_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS to MOZ_FRAMEPTR_FLAGS. r=khuey.
e3626f903f9f03ac2f65922f4613f12e05b0b0c8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680277 - Add missing file.
11247af82311ed6d6fc2bc19782fc978ee0aca48Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680277 - Debug builds should always be compiled with frame pointers. r=khuey.
f56356ee98a4d05769bc3ce7d00ed965116e84eaDoug Sherk — Bug 682172: fixed tex2DImage WebGL function, which was rejecting 0-size textures and doing an incorrect validation - r=bjacob
b9e81dedac488aa2173a96df2dc5163c670daaf8Doug Sherk — Bug 681835: fixed a series of object deletion conformance issues r=bjacob
651f1df3e9d72d0c84ad6e2ed53e75860634bfb4Doug Sherk — Bug 593867: removed nvidia check for forcing getProgramParameter() so it now returns 1 on any Mac OSX setup
f6180f12b7be01f56699b53d9d972d2092146232Benoit Jacob — Bug 658856 - implement drawingbufferWidth/Height - r=jmuizelaar
1b633e26f8a3896422bd12c1adfcd676e4db41e1Benoit Jacob — Bug 681715 - rework the WebGL test runner HTML to make more room for the test page - r=joe
d4c725db736947534fe1d17533f53b406902abf2Oleg Romashin — Bug 683736 - Backspace key in form fields in desktop Linux Fennec goes back a page instead of deleting r=mbrubeck
4f3eb6d6dcf5454c74e5bb69bcd39fd838ac7e66Sriram Ramasubramanian Bug 683786 - Checkbox missing in Honeycomb theme [r=mbrubeck]
9833be42339480a95a157190234226bae376faedIgor Bukanov — bug 683862 - Using JSGCTraceKind in the public API. r=luke
3b04343f238270cf32b5ba9d4cf742556750892aarno renevier — bug 679784: let nsIContentPrefService handle private browsing mode; r=ehsan
d52877bb7ed9c24f631b38084ba852f773d169afWes Johnston — Bug 680441 - Update style of more menu on Honeycomb. r=mfinkle
c2c5d46e9c3960b8d48ff288d01e9b955cabfff9Wes Johnston — Bug 680212 - Update styling of awesome bar and search engines on tablets. r=mfinkle
962b157801a617de3a24c8b1139751d6d2bd83e5Ed Morley — Bug 683416 - C: Remove #ifdef TX_EXE codepaths now that it is never defined; r=khuey
0c97e9647100cd33a73725b06e66c175f06b3a69Ed Morley — Bug 683416 - B: Remove files formerly used for standalone Necko and standalone Transformiix XSLT; r=khuey
df264cbf7b9cbbdba635420da8d9e64529b77ca2Ed Morley — Bug 683416 - A: Remove build support for standalone Necko and standalone Transformiix XSLT; r=khuey
d6eab9dde6bd19cefdf59b1f3d477149b9a89ebcJason Orendorff — Fix stranded use of recently-deleted GET_FUNCTION_PRIVATE macro, in #ifdef NS_FUNCTION_TIMER code, spotted by dietrich. See bug 513014 comment 1.
1a29139e6bafb68172bebb92f4208762aa939367Jason Orendorff — Bug 676343 - Lexical scoping bug involving UPVAR_LEVEL_LIMIT. r=brendan.
0664108eb19df66e2449d0306cf46a2fb88a6ae3Makoto Kato — Bug 681924: Plugin container should not hook functions multiple times. no-r, landing as a bustage fix.
ad61ee019ba85b9f3d1124758cd2f49ce582a7dbMark Finkle — Bug 684152 - Don't even bother trying to unpackComponents if the APK hasn't changed [r=dougt]
41c38dd61294281f0cbc03d6666bffcae6880094Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
cefb66e240599967110214d47daa812b6f514efaPaul Rouget — Bug 676253 - Make the Highlighter Toolbar look like faaborg's design on OS X; r=dao
b7a7127396f63ac9400ae382efe87314db64339cTim Taubert — Bug 677596 - Don't store thumbnails in private browsing mode; r=dietrich
b5bb731a58a9a823f6a0f458343c5f454a0afbaeTim Taubert — Bug 677310 - Thumbnails are lost when switching to private browsing mode; r=dietrich
63becbe85737890d364f39cf65188cbceca3c93bTim Taubert — Bug 674926 - refactor the webProgressListener used to keep track of whether to save tab thumbnails; r=dietrich
1c2522e75c04ed9cc66681dd4bd91f5c18f3e60fMounir Lamouri — Bug 684018 - Fix DOMWindow printfs. rs=Ms2ger
ce43a8644bc03efa037d5ea6b5b3da69b5977edcMike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 2 - Test WindowsDllInterceptor on functions we intercept in our codebase. r=vlad
38bbf1e8ae5d4eccbea1b8f330bd96764d3ed455Mike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 1 - Intercept a function from the executable in TestDllInterceptor. r=vlad
5dda9668493b2d7fbe05df3bf242ac494d78ab4fMike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 0 - Support a few more opcodes and fix x86 mov r, [r] test. r=vlad
bcc474c726aa89f2278ffebb1e65e80bc9d71468Terrence Cole — Bug 683654 - Make TraceVis compile and run again; r=dmandelin
7a50f9697fb2676af48bbf7d09fb8f39a0c2b024David Bolter — Bug 681674 - aria-autocomplete not supported on standard form text input controls. r=tbsaunde,MarcoZ
6faef8a5901ccfee72d05bb7345d154ef83589aaBrian R. Bondy — Bug 617052 - Use ITaskbarList2::MarkFullscreenWindow for proper windows taskbar integration. r=jmathies
59c205c5d0adc4c1b2e6b0bc800594c3989a52fcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 295540 - Multi-monitor: download save-as dialog remains on secondary monitor even if detached. r=jmathies
191f7bab5f5a01be721e48771a9e62ada0285d41Brian R. Bondy — Bug 633160 - move away from the page by file drop is possible in spite of modal file picker dialog. r=neil
2c6b5f33faa63f98dc8a88b4a0ab0ce271315ed2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 357601 - Drag and drop from an external program to Firefox does not use the proper drop effect. r=neil
89c47cdfad0a20e111ccea68d1c492df4d2fc410Brian R. Bondy — Bug 673080 - Dropping a link on Firefox from an external program has no effect. r=neil
56bb9cbd6c26defa6a9f55dec9bd8509d9f0fdfdMarco Bonardo — Backout 04545026b4ae (Bug 658305) due to increase in reftests shutdown crashes on Linux.
d05513502cdc0ac1e6b8b9f27eb15fec34954e6eIgor Bukanov — bug 672493 - skip native stack check under GLIBC. r=dmandelin
04545026b4ae067e8f2aeb7258ff1e09de458575Marco Bonardo — Bug 658305 - Use journal_size_limit on places.sqlite.
1cbac1b072d5587986c0744e083f6fc47880b86aMarco Bonardo — Bug 682676 - Urlbar performance regression with SQLite
bd97d56b0785823388fcae28bcd409fb63e81fafEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e2a69e20bbc508fa9467c2381f1074ed10f97537Alexander Surkov — Bug 681905 - Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::ProcessContentInserted], r=davidb
4e3d2bb73029fe01ba9011dae4f3b88c8d54a39eAlexander Surkov — Bug 682827 - Crash [@ nsINode::GetOwnerDoc], r=tbsaunde
dc12ae87f5b92652b1fb49f725d848906d962b1bDaniel Holbert — Bug 683729: Remove unused variable 'frame' from js::Debugger::onTrap(). r=jorendorff
893d04548dd91416867f956a981b11cb52aa20baDaniel Holbert — Bug 683702: In nsFrame teardown, clear the reference to me on my prev IB sibling (as well as on my next IB sibling). r=roc
7d3d1c2c75f88ecaaf896fd6d5716f41b6c5707aEd Morley — Merge last green changeset on m-i to m-c
94a4a478d774833daef7aaf90f1695d003f4185fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 679671. Save the original string when parsing nonnegative or positive integer values shows them as non-strict. r=mounir
aa18f86328827be7708de6af301902d793e464fdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 679689. Allow empty string values to be associtated to enumerated attributes. r=sicking
f872cb0915860c6c6b3cb481a3a59174ab2f709dDoug Turner — Bug 678997 - putenv memory leak in widget/src/android/AndroidBridge.cpp. r=azakai
9fa4dee3e94769eb69446707ad722228312a25c3Doug Turner — Bug 681562 - Restrict DeviceMotion to the active document. r=smaug
74e7ea3b71bea757c39f2b898441844bead28a53Ed Morley — Backout f3e28e0f909f (bug 451081) for M-oth shutdown crashes, on a CLOSED TREE; a=philor
1898a3e3a1891a5a5801fe592c752ef26403e5b4Ed Morley — Backout 89b87e96dc17 (bug 639720), b449db7a038b (bug 679689) & ef216b965a04 (bug 679671) for Mochitest oranges, on a CLOSED TREE; a=philor
0c6cbf58eaa02b2650b6173fb1c9b4838b3f2af4Matt Woodrow — Bug 677173 - Remove 3D transforms IDL properties because they are disabled. r=dbaron
2bf8e6118af4b84b321e39ba19fb23d2031c1240Matt Woodrow — Bug 682758 - Stop repr() trying to call match() on an empty Array. r=mdas
05e7c10be3a2db79b1546754e4a2434815da30faBenoit Girard — Bug 683745 - Fix OGL FPS Counter on Android; r=jrmuizel
e817b1753380d9d7f067d30929a438fb8417d1f6James Willcox — Bug 682921 - Use DEBUG_ANDROID_FOO instead of ANDROID_DEBUG_FOO; r=dougt
6c63fffe3b216260a9fae5b4b0ea6d8f985b0b67Atul Aggarwal — Bug 581468 - Fix warning: signed and unsigned type in conditional expression in XPT_DoString; r=bsmedberg
4ff7e79b62a9256a4658450d9b4de6570e85d2b5Atul Aggarwal — Bug 581467 - Fix warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in XPT_ParseVersionString; r=bsmedberg
ebfdb08589471c3cb3ab297665d0b8a1b5ac2a28Luke Wagner — Bug 683470 - InlineReturn should assert using js_GetOpcode instead of *regs.pc (r=dvander)
89b87e96dc176cfc144d26e3140c52146e328febBoris Zbarsky — Bug 639720. Get rid of the Window class setter so that SETNAME on the global is faster in the browser. r=mrbkap
b449db7a038b98f51792264b4e906be36f4d6e4fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 679689. Allow empty string values to be associtated to enumerated attributes. r=sicking
ef216b965a04d5f16d121961972a780ceec36216Boris Zbarsky — Bug 679671. Save the original string when parsing nonnegative or positive integer values shows them as non-strict. r=mounir
f3e28e0f909f8f33dde174240088ad03897cfdfdHonza Bambas — Bug 451081 - Add flag to protocol handler to distinguish that trust domain is the whole spec, mozilla-central part, r=bzbarsky
1b888ee836c6f0c177f105b04a2f1b52c8cdb30bBenoit Girard — Bug 683709 - Add 'layers.acceleration.draw-fps' pref to profile; r=ajuma
b4193e7aa44c17cb7aba097f2eac5f4f29e9a73aTim Abraldes — Bug 273456 - Fix for plugins that steal the focus in background tabs. r=jimm
de4425a74643cdfcfb6bd909a53de379b3c3003aIgor Bukanov — bug 674251 - making JSScript a GC-thing. r=jorendorff,bhackett1024
e43df9a4b36e65c09b30d853bc645207bff7ed35Oleg Romashin — Bug 683099 - NS_NATIVE_WINDOW value should not be used as IPC shareable . r=roc
220b6e404f1bfb626b7821ba6354c4cd2b502faeAndrew McCreight — Bug 649532 - make cycle collector logging output complete CC graph. r=peterv
e5072a22fe9510ee98e46811374f23e6e37cd854Mounir Lamouri — Merge.
5d5f7f13f0ba9cf42024ca57108bd974aae37c34Mounir Lamouri — Backout bug 633627 due to reftest perma-orange.
5c4506fdbde9047caa1f63facecb4d30c48c4beeChris Jones — Bug 669403: Always build both VC9 and VC10 exception-wrapping hackery into the Gecko SDK. r=bsmedberg
891e5dbae3ec7f84ee003213e6377b2602066119Chris Lord — Bug 683514 - Add support for the GL_EXT_unpack_subimage extension. r=joe
5a7e488482a5e1a23bbc9ea07a36a92894a1fec2Alon Zakai — Bug 682166 - Allow absolute pathnames in js console read(). r=cdleary
5117dd88992107cafedfe60e6d06167ed14124ffBrian R. Bondy — Bug 682688 - Formatting fix for previous push. r=joe
84766ee097770d11bca138b42d1d467e172d5243Josh Matthews — Bug 683614 - Fix typo in oninvalid event handler name in test. r=mounir
62f2756245c5afaa5810adfb8053a4f26fc39c79Benjamin Stover — Bug 633627 Create shadow bitmap in device space r=joe
ba8bbef0fdf97da4fba62e57bbeb39150131a4dbMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound.
8f345f65a9a043ea55932791671575e0bbfe88fdLuke Wagner — Bug 683403 - rm JS_LONE_INTERPRET (r=igor)
b532e0d93bc546c47967ff1638a18d857bc24f58Chris Lord Bug 681980 - Target Android API level 11 to remove the menu key on Honeycomb [r=blassey]
b51f0e08e51ff46e06cee1a184e2d4e535552953Matt Brubeck — Bug 681980 - Enable browser.ui.layout.tablet by default on large-screen devices [r=mfinkle]
a0fb16f50677663405fce56a058f940135c44011Dave Camp — Expose jsdbg2 Debugger object as a C.u.import-able module. Bug 679031, r=ted, sr=bsmedberg.
0504a441fef78c7d247270b6296760e3af062aa9Jason Orendorff — Follow-up to patch for bug 669369. Fix silly mistake Ms2ger noted in comment 3.
1cd7272274401940f88cb3a311c1ba5973585726Atul Aggarwal — Bug 679612 - Add fclose calls to every exit point in APKOpen.cpp to prevent resource leaks; r=mwu
7670696cd7003111557663dfac0940f431666362Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 596295 (Remove call_trace workaround (added for bug 592352)). r=luke.
43334e011fe887c88023add64fe5b814e668ae4fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 679725 - Create some BMP reftests for bitmaps with negative heights. r=joe
db59a3f2f6612fffaa2831a83177bbf0bf3b82f1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 679486 - Create some BMP reftests for OS/2 bitmaps. r=joe
6006d67f5a0972bab8a137039b08c3908781ebc4Benoit Girard — Bug 681333 - Check MakeCurrent return code on init; r=jmuizelaar
79f89328862d8acbf6ee6f312e1cb010a8aadae9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 676906 - xpcshell test for async getFaviconDataForPage in mozIAsyncFavicons. r=mak
0b8b1ba3c97d626f7dbd0a73c938e4154b4f9f6eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 676906 - Added async getFaviconDataForPage in mozIAsyncFavicons. r=mak
93c4018253b1c4e6419cc9fcf38ba7829ecf135fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 676906 - XPIDL for async getFaviconDataForPage in mozIAsyncFavicons. r=gavin
bf95c7aab462cac5d681fee9bac45a9196d0b8a4Josh Matthews — Bug 683275 - Check the testing pref for geolocation first regardless of which process is requesting the prompt. r=dougt
256a8799fce7c45e5a6fe2e0eb59fadc70e63e1cAtul Aggarwal — Bug 678708 - nsMathMLmactionFrame::MouseListener::HandleEvent may abort in debug mode; r=karlt
3ef046cd262245dacde049b8434345f715f964c1Oleg Romashin — Bug 682767 - Warning nsISupportsImpl.h: unused owner; r=bsmedberg
5565603c0b7dcddbfe925625bf90ae708c247506Atul Aggarwal — Bug 679618 - Uninitialized memory in gfx/2d/SourceSurfaceCG.cpp; r=jmuizelaar
d772dfb96ba1bffd2d2e0ebfe2bfad4da7891e6dBrian Hackett — Don't compile or analyze new script properties for scripts with a cleared global, bug 683317.
d9b9693feb4671d8c393ec6f52a4f69a35a11bf8Kyle Huey — Backout Bug 679945 until we sort out some non-Firefox linking issues.
84233d215c4e8d2f2f71e3d36cb912f88d3c1498Neil Rashbrook — Bug 683610 Restore support for 1bpp RLE bitmaps r=joedrew\!
4090b403394a9bdae934a64a78b3fb132fd5ccc9Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
c70b87f433de872a0ebf95a7299494f9bf6c1b58Marina Samuel — Bug 683254 - On startup with no network, sync icon spins endlessly. r=philikon
02ab0b42da6f24ff54ba0f7cb53443321f256a3aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
61b271c6fa524c1869919ab8b25a18e2bc912d18Richard Newman — Bug 682497 - Strict mode and assorted improvements for bookmarks and history engines. r=philikon
82446dae2f5a465f52374581dcee5bf3977eaee0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 659067 follow-up: move skip-if directives below the tests that were renamed
c3d9c66fb073b2bf9f8c90675fb9f591345e4235Marina Samuel — Bug 578195 - Better description when the server asks for a backoff. r=philikon
84c0f187733508d7c22869c7af4b58d94ba45826Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 682449 - Strict mode SyntaxError: redefining delete is deprecated. r=rnewman
9c24b2af4c0d9ce964685af6f4b7d2f2f14fc2ffPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 671349 - Reference to undefined property Ci.nsIConverterOutputStream.DEFAULT_REPLACEMENT_CHARACTER. r=rnewman
74a49fef4fc49d8db88afb09c716fea6bd43b206Richard Newman — Bug 681840 - Fix whitespace that should have been right in 62177ac1ccad. r=philikon DONTBUILD
62177ac1ccad18d8ce59a737ce22b4515fa554e7Richard Newman — Bug 681840 - Print helpful warning when starting test HTTP server fails. r=philikon DONTBUILD
4778b8babec66927817f5161ac8545c5b65bc3f4Marina Samuel — Bug 659067 - Part 3: Only show network errors for user triggered sync, not for scheduled ones. r=philikon
bdd0d53dcaff2e0616b08086aa575de4697fe24cMarina Samuel — Bug 659067 - Part 2: Move _syncError to ErrorHandler. r=philikon
298e7535687c453f49f4185ded4011afa3fdfb3fMarina Samuel — Bug 659067 - Part 1: Move error handling and logging from Service to ErrorHandler. r=philikon
459aa245e7f052196e60e935edf35c23b98b6b87Gregory Szorc — Bug 682027 - Make returned fields in XPIProvider.getVisibleAddons consistent; r=Mossop
52ee9fe9c3e9b290878c817dffe437435c1ccf78Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 681864 - Get rid of unused Utils.sha* helpers. r=rnewman
5c5fa8d8009e64f3b41d178f27b6864bc29466e9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 681863 - Replace Utils.isArray with Array.isArray. r=rnewman
c1b060492b78e409a0d5835e203b105780faf95bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 681843 - Part 3: Move Utils.asyncChain to Async.chain. r=rnewman
725bf4c716978a0fdcd9702fa1132408acb0aaa4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 681843 - Part 2: Remove Utils as a dependency in async.js, expose Async in util.js. r=rnewman
2c1cda171930c25d53a784dfa24b6c6cab7a5ff8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 681843 - Part 1: Clean up async.js. r=rnewman
ae08860bf0a305dab9fd71e5e3b99caee7047db1Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 681402 - Manage Accounts menu has My Sync Key
81e48c4dffe3ab33e82841675d7bba086520146ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bump Sync version number after Gecko version number bump.
5b568cc807372f224e456f89776dc4ef988a26c7Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
947fe0ebad68ac5ebcecfb70f1531fe255218cc7Allison Naaktgeboren — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
51fb40284211a0a3f8da3ea769601c87b956b2daJonathan Griffin — Bug 678628 - allow TPS to run Mozmill tests, f=philikon, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
6c9f2fbaec1b4bd5a3e45c0fab707e48294e6167Kyle Huey — Merge again ...
1dbda10bbacf7e0bf07196d8f8084cd247745e57Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
9e4aea4d70300f4655eee28662ecb5552954cd5cKyle Huey — Back out Bug 659311 for messing up Linux PGO builds.
95a55b2253c5a0e176f5c4123ac9a2561db6045dKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
94b987001b3819f8ac50a13a9814ed1a346b2592Kyle Huey — Bug 683149: Break out layout memory reporters on a per-shell basis. r=bz
19a5f6177257f59a9c565f1a6630782aed8f5b5dKyle Huey — Bug 682313: Fix jemalloc to export _strdup and _wcsdup so that we don't have an allocator mismatch. r=jimm
6a7c444e82166f39981b6720c3085341c41b2431Kyle Huey — Bug 682852: Remove ancient test gunk. r=me
3e4db1a10caa60821a868dc9e866f85c66d12211Mike Hommey — Bug 659311 - Avoid clobber between profile generate and use passes of PGO builds. r=ted
3edb52f6710de8dd83f79b323058406df02ed3bcMike Hommey — Bug 683171 - Properly disable GENERATE_CACHE when cross compiling. r=khuey
b26059bb002e3e4672f95cc84111b32dce732f87Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 682751 - Remove build/hcc and build/hcpp from js/src r=bustage
080f856c88a753ced9c117d57b97f6b5d634dac2Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 682751 - Remove build/hcc and build/hcpp r=ted
ccc8a52f68b02783255fe61c611d98c64084c237Ted Mielczarek — bug 681716 - use dlopen linking glue on iOS. r=bsmedberg
1b2c92b52298bd4a5a848202195bf527adced1b8Kyle Huey — Bug 679945: Add whether or not the DLL blocklist hook was installed successfully to telemetry. r=bsmedberg
cf4d258fd0f617240a18fa3199b950085d100f78Mike Hommey — Bug 681588 - Cleanup wrap malloc and its use on Android. r=ted
14497b5c651ee7c44323d85243b0261d422b7a9fMike Hommey — Update NSPR to the NSPR_4_9_BETA2 tag. Fixes bug 676584, bug 679334, bug 666376, bug 677191, bug 681588
80b591f7b1356da54b035c9463e41720ba066245Ted Mielczarek — bug 682319 - use C99 isfinite on OS X, since finite is deprecated (and not present on iOS). r=bz
4613ef36f288e9e310c19ebdbd0afed4d0afc3bfTed Mielczarek — bug 682283 - Define XP_IOS in configure, change XP_MACOSX to only be defined onOS X, and add XP_DARWIN. r=khuey
66fb17949bd61310dcd36f5abb5fb92ffcd6eceaMike Hommey — Bug 676252 part 2 - Use a different object file extension for the first PGO build pass with GCC. r=ted
3aa52a5e7e5c5e2c3acbe64ed363dec9232c0da7Mike Hommey — Bug 682794 - Refresh when is modified. r=khuey
ac2115d5bf39de2eb9ba87c92f8a38d939f768a5Mike Hommey — Backed out changeset 480f913edf3f (bug 676252) because of build failure
480f913edf3fb26b8ba681918901be584d4938a3Mike Hommey — Bug 676252 part 2 - Use a different object file extension for the first PGO build pass with GCC. r=ted
6bedd46abb820db6d7d807ad42d8a6233ced3209Mike Hommey — Bug 676252 part 1 - Don't use $(OBJ_SUFFIX) before including r=ted
e25c18bf42d22b8e718e4d1c11506e81f822d53cMike Hommey — Bug 679334 - Don't remove pgd files, but clear them with pgomgr instead. r=ted
c37f23b36e54aed1afde621a23efb0dff82d2ff2Mike Hommey — Bug 681893 - Add the CRT dlls we don't use to the remove-files lists. Also fix inclusion of the MSVC 10 CRT in the js shell archive. r=khuey
bc0b3ab327fa320000405b6b0aa4e76825c3f61bMounir Lamouri — Bug 667183 - Create a static nsGlobalWindow::Init method to do one-shot initializations currently in nsGlobalWindow ctor. r=jst
69c025d6d230192ebea521a1d24fbd7b1e4ed9efMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
7a8b51e5be412ea0ac1662ed36b53ca4ee939f73Marco Bonardo — Bug 681420 - Improve responsiveness of history deletion.
2ace1d703abeac6d947f85363c96d26ee4b35df7Atul Aggarwal — Bug 679653 - Makes li.value follow rules for integer reflection. r=mounir
e18dcb523b20413c834e782f3d2efe17e1f8b84bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 683449 - DigiNotar patch erroneously blocks one of the two Staat der Nederlanden roots; r=kaie
922f27baed983a3ba3eccc466bca203d13f439baRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
8d3407891a21e389c14cb16a7e7a5ef7666bf2dcPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 674452 - Always restore pinned tabs (regardless of restore_on_demand) [r=dietrich]
c6309c9aa79a70c0b92ca335cd8d4340c796d4e9Mike Ratcliffe — Bug 672743 - Remove category view from style inspector; r=msucan
54685bf66136dc5e346e1e0873d2fc9afb4f85c0Mike Ratcliffe — Bug 680111 - style inspector is not showing the correct selected rule, r=msucan
26bc47cdea9e1177b9cbc155dbe60b6e02fd1b6bMike Ratcliffe — Bug 582596 - Style view centered around answering common CSS questions, f=l10n, r=dolske, msucan
2470993f6287d3b594a542023ce1cb077fda9bffBlair McBride — Bug 678120 - Browser-chrome mochitests should give a stacktrace on failures. r=ted.mielczarek
e043bf9fa4c1e8a2b40dd702f78b745d5c223f3eMs2ger — Bug 659053 - Followup to make Node.isSameNode fast again; r=bz over IRC
c7e6f57e173220fddbd6a0542df2f2d03465edaeMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
86f1809d81d79a98de7ddb7332869997f3bd359dChris Jones — Bug 683063, part 1: Don't delete ContentParent out from under the cleanup process. r=jdm
dba8b4d896407962453e32fdd2a408edaaae4baeChris Pearce — Bug 683421 - Make MediaTestManager less 'batchy'. r=kinetik
c29ca6c939c802e888b20e37fb785262d64341e3Mark Finkle — Bug 683167 - Disable tablet UI during unit testing [r=jmaher]
9f201033b0e6531650c460044d87efacd0a69984Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 17 - Add style tests for the new transform functions, and transitions. r=dbaron
819f2a8e13189a7178b58df59be25e92728b48b6Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 13 - Add basic reftests for 3d transforms. r=roc
62b958e49c664f69d691660423005c92f242ea7fMatt Woodrow — Bug 682615 - Use fallible new for BasicPlanarYCbCrImage. r=roc
d08db920b9863549b853380a18f0ff5002542625Matt Woodrow — Bug 591358 - Delay creation of canvases until we actually draw to them. r=roc
d9bbe2d0b569c027984610aaedc3fb93c1b846aaSander van Veen — Bug 673158 - Separate regexp JIT code and normal mjit code in about:memory. code=sandervv,Bas.Weelinck, r=nnethercote.
8c9b24fb14872d5fcc1d24f1c99313983b293314Jim Chen — Bug 674806 - e. Override ARCHFLAG instead of DSO_CFLAGS to retain -fPIC on Android; r=
a2b9d2cfc61a41908a58d4c8cabececf3d99a933Jim Chen — Bug 674806 - d. Use char* for pointer arithmetic [r=mwu]
157511556e27b5a1042ffe87187bdfa4fc88e4cdJim Chen — Bug 680190 - Notify jemalloc when forking on Android; r=cjones
902d3de6f41dfb75d8896ef3e9c86b46ba9ea771Matt Brubeck — Back out 0432fe833c93 (bug 667183) because of build bustage
0432fe833c934a82ac6bead26c81f11d750e8699Mounir Lamouri — Bug 667183 - Create a static nsGlobalWindow::Init method to do one-shot initializations currently in nsGlobalWindow ctor. r=jst
b844a60d123f73d0ebbe520d26c4a8c0bb986a71Bob Moss — Bug 668517 Add "stay awake" functionality into watcher for sutagent r=ctalbert
66d6a27e3581df835d8121e553b255b00ea8209bBenoit Jacob — Bug 682506 - Upgrade ANGLE to r740 - r=upstream
df5afd3a325dd7908aa53473b0eae05517345708Blake Kaplan — Bug 671148 - De-bogosify test_EvalInSandbox.xul's handling of iframes. r=peterv
854fad6cbc3134cd8b7e36b948ef6a96e15ba70aBlake Kaplan — Bug 679877 - Allow properties to be resolved on these objects. r=jst
ec2131a5351d655e2d92ea503ba55e90977036f7Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 670319. r=jst
7d9ed22b7b49c4c4eb54ad590bb74e67a3245ddbBenoit Jacob — Bug 683216 - shut up a WebGL test failure about OES_texture_float - r=jrmuizel
31b7b26ff4f9b1012a5b86fc9e323b1c1100190eMarco Castelluccio — Bug 682744 - Sprinkle some do_QueryObject fairy dust around the tree; r=khuey
734bf8fbdb814bfeba0c29cc83a250b02eae50adMarco Castelluccio — Bug 521264 - Don't use file.exists() when not necessary - browser/base part; r=dietrich
72974e2ef258a29a36a866f2ab44ba2b7c02592eShu-yu Guo — Bug 679977 - Guard on callee when accessing upvar through deactivated stack frame. (r=gal)
9eaca4ef5880a4b7f8916476061891164a61327fJason Orendorff — Bug 561359 - Predication of method optimization is too dynamic, causing "Assertion failure: &shape.methodObject() == &prev.toObject()". r=dvander.
efcd1318cf4d48fc5544a1a84f928d826bea2461Jason Orendorff — Bug 682298 - Calling shell-only clear() function with no arguments reads garbage. r=luke.
77c5e531f7cbcde17e8a5096ced366fc8d84b0bcJason Orendorff — Bug 669369 - Simplify Parser::setFunctionKinds. r=dmandelin.
30632635b7fb19012782740b5ee068857950bac3Jason Orendorff — Bug 682306 - Remove an unused field in JSFunction. r=dmandelin.
f1dbc0a637030a7ca266d7ea63f5c974ff1dc640Jonathan Kew — bug 675383 - add a tiny delta to x-coordinates to avoid erratic spacing of DWrite font using GDI rendering mode when a transform (e.g. synthetic italics) is in effect. r=bas
3eaa9229ccdbc18e9b5ebb961d31c20580a661bdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 682776 - nsPluginInstanceOwner.h should declare 'struct nsIntRect' r=khuey
6eaa9655a1cf37f0a3ff614a2d3d744869edfca4Terrence Cole — Bug 682925 - Remove duplicate #ifdef DEBUG conditional; r=luke
0cf9208a2bb55fb47c3c0eb0efe3783a8f51e198Atul Aggarwal Bug 678988 - "potential null pointer dereference in js/jsd/jsd_scpt.c" [r=sphink]
a513e2816eaf5d55964ddd990c86c768da0ec520Michael Wu — Bug 676188 - Misc misuses of PRBool caught by the compiler, r=jimm,jst,bz,dougt,roc,mak
4d07f8ccbbaf941d9506bcf092ebcee978f1c594Michael Wu — Bug 682547 - Convert readstrings.cpp to bool, r=rstrong
7fa469f47cbbaf2d3da4a6a382cbf644733ac41cRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 682066 - Drop NS_DEFCALL. r=benjamin.
21a91ca8622754ae97ebe9660a7df836df186d74Benjamin Stover — Bug 674615 Remove nsPermissionManager's GetSingleton r=dwitte
ca5e5bb18c92959e68ad1c58176321d8c7c1985aJoey Armstrong — bug 662833 - split, dup *.mk beneath js/src/config
c706c08c24ee1674f29c058103a6f933e29e2beeDão Gottwald — Bug 679255 - Tab close button shouldn't be focusable. r=enn
f64678060d4ad0f3950731f1bf2743f3d765828bBrian Hackett — Fix bustage for mjit-disabled, tjit-disabled, and Linux64 warnings-as-errors.
fea3711b548963e6b81e2f94bc63ba9852dce6f7Marco Bonardo — Bug 487809 - Stop using visit_count to invalidate frecencies.
ed85e33792e086643c1ff66b65e7909525efe34eMarco Bonardo — Bug 674210 - Reduce places.sqlite cache size and reorganize history expiration around the new value.
fdfc74d7e8268802102a28977b00204b89421140Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
aa98455bd116dc6f7e7a0b455b5c9fa46e2c8815Ed Morley — Backout 5f430b3d9aa4 (bug 675150) for possible OS X 10.5 Ts regression; a=dao
22cc14edadaa43a257a10985aa298b088f25be8bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680515 - Enable strict aliasing in js again. r=khuey.
2c7e8a50af12494489503bbe23499f6f8d5f0f86Ed Morley — Backout 5f430b3d9aa4 (bug 675150) for possible OS X 10.5 Ts regression; a=dao
80a4a3d420eae52fb54d65d0be8e1f76678e17a6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 681211 - Attempt to fix a crash in the DOM Memory Reporter when using windows hash table. r=bz
d48ac4bbb8e608cd0ef9a949f144eb7b95069c22Brian R. Bondy — Bug 682688 - FF6 Fix for moz-icon invalid generated icons. r=joe
9e28008d9d1f2221334cf5906835257445620565Ginn Chen — Bug 674468 glxtest.cpp fails to compile with Solaris Studio r=karlt
7653363bd293922904e7b60e26d4bc725afd5130Ginn Chen — Bug 572983 ctypes.Int64(0x7fffffffffffffff) and ctypes.Int64(0x8000000000000000) does not throw type error on SPARC r=jorendorff
d97f7df807fc50a83e5f8137964c1d17266a8c7fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 682568 - ICO crash fix for size decodes. r=joe
f99e149090f5e16746e55878c65837df61a5939dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 634759 followup followup, remove the bug numbers that explain removed annotations DONTBUILD
a9619f57c8a1fc99981e136e2588e45ed1388067David Mandelin — Bug 652054: tweak register allocation for 64-bit stores, r=njn
5f430b3d9aa4ac8c33a4123f3554a897d966a8efNicholas Nethercote — Bug 675150 - Avoid wasted space in JSArenaPools due to jemalloc rounding up. r=cdleary.
005bce677a00b9a8e51b5df3f7d1974b261a1f76Brian Hackett — Keep key register pinned longer when accessing elements of hoisted arguments objects, bug 683207. r=dvander
fcca99426576dc967392dc279333e7b3053e2c29Brian Smith — Bug 682927 - Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate, part 3; r=kaie,dveditz
365bd397fa9bada8278fd2bd1fe3937f734de275Kai Engert — Bug 682927 - Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate, part 2; r=bsmith
04a58ba1ce1e2bfc3b681cc445c9b6ea26b6de0bKai Engert — Bug 682927 - Dis-trust DigiNotar root certificate, part 1; r=bsmith
31b79d4e90f45f9e8922098b109748029663db8bEd Morley — Merge last green (and non Ts-regressing) changeset from m-i to m-c
2642c7b0dc60937f33bb032da5f06516ee9c6d50Joshua Cranmer — Bug 681634 - Get m-c to build with static checking; fix verification scripts. r=taras
23962193053c143b22ca6cefd22e106d6e4cb48cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 681634 - Get m-c to build with static checking; NS_OVERRIDE failure in gfx. r=cjones
b9905024a884f2d58ea69b0a79209178c0692cc3Benjamin Stover — Bug 634759 Followup: Mark unexpected passes as expected r=me
98d6d376f1402fc73b5f85c4f1a6bc953aeaed7fMalini Das — Bug 682028 - Rename the Mochitest 'loops' feature to be 'repeat'. r=jmaher
4ce9a64d1ddfe3ef353130e4d310039c898f846eRichard Newman — Bug 615413 - Part 1: Clear out old weave/ and sync/ annotations. r=mak
9d393210a75ed8e76e87a0269f2009e189d36fdeRichard Newman — Bug 615413 - Part 0: trailing whitespace. r=mak
4a31be812223e5f03439f96f0e9f04166a6ea4c8Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 663899 - Use the win temp file handling code in all platforms. r=smichaud.
ee787d92a2e161bd457f11601e630a1bb34b9320Chris Leary — Bug 679138: argv past script argument should not be interpreted as options. (r=dvander)
ba38da32b8483d359991524a18cc977ec7d6d76eSteve Fink — Bug 650078 - Make -no-remote not listen for remote commands when using X (r=bsmedberg)
f092ce58bc204e65f01482da8e4a978cbce00fe3Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 673017 - Fix use of uninitialized data. r=wmccloskey.
5e6848a5ca2a26a8266df2a4c10ad5828ddbc1c7Benjamin Stover — Bug 634759 Allow buffer rotation for mobile r=roc
9f7ccdc68e3f087a805d21afd67ac6c981deb67eMike Hommey — Backed out changeset 76e73aad0fab, changeset be03169f5635 and changeset 1aed3d723632 (bug 681238) because of Win debug orange
4fc1f5dd41054e92e62fc3f34899a5c21ec5d46eOleg Romashin — Bug 672857 - Make IM work for IPC plugins in remote browser. r=karlt
bc4b2d84f80aeb4ebb2b19d67cd1f2a56e139c5fOleg Romashin — Bug 682017 - Remove CustomKeySender and use content KeyEvents forwarding; r=mfinkle
7658f61d9e2bfe17529654c2f65ff1234caaa3bfDanilo Shiga — Bug 548263 - Copied the HTML Content sink code for handling rel value to the XML Content sink; r=hsivonen
9c15d0fb3e255648d8050634a073033732ca705eJan Horak — Bug 589735 - JS engine is completely broken on ia64 - jemalloc part; r=pbiggar
363c40e0666704df081098a50d2c1c01feff7e98Luke Wagner — Bug 676934 - Limit number of stack frame objects created by XPCJSStackFrame::CreateStack (r=mrbkap)
dbc9ed28ba955eec60494297f3cad9c3114a06d1Kyle Huey — Back out f19404f45022 (Bug 680431) for perma-orange.
a7fa8429e1f5e840fb77cf2d63726c8dc2b8e109Ralph Giles — Bug 682750 - Fix a comment typo in nsIDOMHTMLSourceElement.idl; r=chris.double DONTBUILD
f19404f45022ac91b38e1214793a32d9b0dec476Neil Deakin — Bug 680431, test_bug511075.html is calling finish() twice, f-smaug
1aed3d7236329d85d28d8d06c60b3e527345b012Mike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 2 - Test WindowsDllInterceptor on functions we intercept in our codebase. r=vlad
be03169f563597cc243a9d8459353598c56acae5Mike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 1 - Intercept a function from the executable in TestDllInterceptor. r=vlad
76e73aad0fabaeb8e26a3de4a5d6df4220de3050Mike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 0 - Support a few more opcodes and fix x86 mov r, [r] test. r=vlad
153a1de6cd67e8f803f75288f0105e8c2e3b4e0bJonathan Kew — bug 680402 - avoid calling SanitizeGlyphRuns repeatedly during textrun construction with multiple scripts. r=jdaggett
ab7182bc144e051366308c3a41b6eb589483f77aRobert Longson — Bug 682685 - Dynamic changes to use elements only work to/from invalid states. r=dholbert
f9638b44893ba8437a4137e5707d5c70cb94897bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 675545 - Completely re-do jsarena.{cpp,h}. r=cdleary.
9722cd5cd38f1d2665ab4229f8157e379a4bfdaeChris Double — Bug 679262 - Seeking to end of file during loadedmetadata event breaks further playback - r=cpearce
a6c42dc89a06263b3ae83badf6390e8a0fefc2f8Chris Double — Bug 682141 - Mark test that reads video fragment end time as todo due to intermittent timing issues related to sound buffers - r=cpearce
a273f980f5a136cc85f0caebf41bd3b8c07a1e38Phil Ringnalda — No bug, dos2unix feed tests, \r=\n DONTBUILD
2f4ba564a7583a934fa9129ccd2bd6e62f784ac3Karl Tomlinson — reftest for bug 678561
4c05b2f72ff17b225f8dcc6badc71b31e01b7a2aKarl Tomlinson — b=678561 fix strcmp logic error introduced in 032297452afd r=jfkthame
e6591ea9b27b4f3a652a11645aa63ccfae67603eJosh Aas — Merge backout of changeset ab1cbc8a9d51, bug 90268. r=josh
a6e7760f2f3682ddd8310bc75af718dcc2b20486Josh Aas — Backed out changeset ab1cbc8a9d51, bug 90268. r=josh
1a4a5fcf0a7623120a7734b14fae949f233dbd3fJosh Aas — Merge backout of changeset 33031c875984, bug 90268. r=josh
d5a0f6ad8bbd11e72a0ef0a524ecff7b4cdc7244Josh Aas — Backed out changeset 33031c875984. Bug 90268. r=josh
b61af4d7dc7ca8c1ba5138876f969e36819a333fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Only prematurely release script code when calling destroy script hook from GC, bug 679461.
f35ac2fed8fcb37d608b451f12f8e360ccba32c2Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
6c8e0affe03e4b3eaa7482807998a44cf8e53e6aBrian Hackett — [INFER] On destruction, release JIT code for scripts before debugger hooks try to recompile them, bug 679461.
cbda722273a9c8f56c68d045ce3e28fc8f4fda70Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't truncate object types when testing for particular primitive types, bug 682855.
40d6de723ea80b2f558eac8d0df45c5704ef3aeaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use loop registers for entries after coercing them to double/any for a branch, bug 682563.
05363eda1c9a50a689cec3d8fc4e34c430745940Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
b8092cccaead83902d4a263b388894cc290bb1caBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
b7fb4912796d16336af4ee8d20393a973597240bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
9a017236840241c0acd4367775a444db3bb7765eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid spurious censoring of type barriers on writes of 'undefined' to singleton objects, bug 682345.
36c307704c7853846ae073b6a49258fab2e01ae8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
53e56c928eaddff935c672804606fb426a07acf6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't pointlessly generate extra copies of interpreter backedge logic, bug 682477.
907c553b698f26dbc36eafe25216e579e9f6e9d4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Encapsulate GC arena/cell iteration, bug 679887.
65562c596db33e91274748eb76e9686de63a29bcBrian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
407e7bdbedac52b4233aa0dea7262339531e9898Brian Hackett — [INFER] Use mark stack for type objects, bug 679887.
9a145389d5700137975faf65f2007e5f6c019121Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for recompilation triggered by while compiling a call in an inlined frame, bug 680951.
d60ffe67a13fa6bf622eacf40da9bf7dc5a3f8b5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Leave type sets initially empty for undefined properties of objects with singleton type, bug 680951.
4eed9e7ab27f8a35853328fcd1271efb64dbeb1cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't augment type barriers with undefined value tests at ops which have observed undefined, bug 681004.
78a56e48dd3c55309866bf656115555705421fb7Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
b9a48e6f870ef1612ea94146bd45072bbb707109Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't maintain normal registers for known-double entries after branching to opcodes where the entry is not known as a double, bug 681006.
a30c64a27b4ae57764efd2b34086b3968ea17efeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't emit deformed decomposed versions of incops that need an INDEXBASE, bug 680976.
ffd0982472fa6bdaf7fb7ca4c291258acf935bafBrian Hackett — [INFER] Account for singletons with lazy types when testing type barriers, bug 680842.
8fe193e034cb542f1edf2de21e673432325449e1Brian Hackett — [INFER] Maybe fix ARM build.
c685e6d1774517f396fe5b35646bddbf7f5815a9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix ADDPROP PIC recompilation hazard, bug 680797.
d7217d210771b2095930bb42291d2e4bff7dea89Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't mark the entry register allocation for a loop as needing updating until it has actually been computed, bug 680809.
194a7ad3ecd2e8c6381ad2de511a018210730df4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Ensure inlined frames are expanded when searching for exception handlers, bug 680759.
7148e337703819f993ef308a43b5bbf4d560b829Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
a2bbe9c999b4ac3bd97df974685890172a595e06Brian Hackett — [INFER] Remove assertion.
7ef2e842650cfd036ec48bb36f7c37c1f46b58d8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't treat initializers mutating __proto__ as constant singletons, bug 680217.
0534f46a70913bb08d114569359daf54b94c9c4bLuke Wagner — Bug 676937 - Make entering a compartment and pushing a dummy frame an atomic stack operation (r=mrbkap)
7dae91c263cfbbf503a6230217edba812228404fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Allow analysis/compilation of top level <script>, bug 662704.
79f5cea985f243c95302a21dfcf81c15fbc096efJan de Mooij — [INFER] Don't clobber value register in convertForTypedArray, bug 679666. r=bhackett
3e32ddcd4bcd345830559bfe468eabf5980fb9ffBrian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing check for unknownProperties(), bug 679810.
846a3a6322490693c5be2157cd26945423e02386Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add missing MakeTypeId, bug 679799.
a4599ee114dcf8a03c788e9dc54bced248902d42Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't use type barriers when compiling GETELEM on typed arrays, bug 678782.
044290f5a31d7ee3216a5f884f827b11fb9faae2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark singleton JSObjects as well as TypeObjects when a GC is triggered during analysis, bug 678240.
2d95fc517e57fa1cecab8564b3832f3353742a81Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always print spew on debug mode type failures.
aa547ed80bba625a45c620c2757489c263637d32Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allocate typeset data and properties from arenas, occasionally purge observed types in compartments, bug 679329.
427522c34b31ba8039e5a2304739986f4f9d42c8Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Compile IFEQX/IFNEX, GOTOX and TABLESWITCHX, bug 678939. r=bhackett
74bfd74ca2895c602d8c3f6269b9ef8106b69723Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix GC hazard, bug 679094.
0d5f119ab1722c0002c367cbf6061585eb54d65bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix warnings.
9cea788e8c07db2610b5c2408add1d5dac82bff0Leon Sha — Bug 674179 - [INFER] Make TypeInference work on solaris sparc. r= bhackett.
8e7da0684155b3cb4a52f6e16bdcea1de173a280Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
1876d7b33e2f56230ac74d3c00bc6da4d42756bdBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix recompilation hazard in BindName IC, bug 676764.
07361922fd67f3678cd65f29e9369c54f552a2f7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Treat 'this' in constructors as live throughout the script, bug 678234.
409b62513ac6ad4a1c2287376fb59ead21fe7550Brian Hackett — [INFER] Sync 'this' fe when testing for primitive return in functions which return a value with unknown type, bug 678141.
0a8195cb7590cc4c803adced8fea4c1f99b34c03Brian Hackett — [INFER] Avoid bogus assertion in AssertValidPropertyCacheHit, bug 678087.
1f767f82d1c309e5f69364f1ddcb24d1f5eff0f9Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
3a7425b9623025ea6886589cd577cf27fbe0a8d7Brian Hackett — [INFER] Finalize 'new' script objects in background when possible, bug 678048.
e5de9834cd1837c88a3d9d1706f3c72aeb401896Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix typed array merge botch, bug 678029.
e0b67d8cc908ec54dd7d79255e50ee58ae579ba8Luke Wagner — Bug 676937 - Make entering a compartment and pushing a dummy frame an atomic stack operation (r=mrbkap)
b99f3928f69cf0b177ca08d86122f34a2f1a7eceShu-yu Guo — [INFER] Fold integer values across TOID. r=bhackett
3cf701fb5962e3734bdc435d42222b8782517e04Shu-yu Guo — [INFER] Have DUP/DUP2 propagate correct SSA values. r=bhackett
165394ec34afc3e32093990d85807638ebeefd4dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Address opcode profiling review comments, bug 676515. r=sfink
820613475a3201577965ef4206876a591cd5793bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Maybe fix ARM build.
7b3d4aaf0c2d730035041336b4e8bacbefb15700Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't check for pending exception when restoring interpreter vars after pushing/popping an inline frame.
06f56dc1a119aa726a0e5530a219350495942a1cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build breaks.
8a7510ed55aa4d4034204395dc96a04da027e949Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch out for incorrect SSA use chains in scripts where LOCAL ops alias stack values, bug 677635.
0a6ba466113f09af2959d0daaf641257e0283c8eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Don't attach property stubs to GETELEMs fetching stringified integer indexes, bug 677019.
ee83fdb84214054ed055d13773b671acd66a182bBrian Hackett — [INFER] Maybe fix ARM build.
7f3e8f6ba47a5019647c97e135316b6134862375Brian Hackett — [INFER] Store base of data directly in typed arrays, bug 677743.
a6c87fd27ba9ddaf996a25f9752358e7cfb587bdBrian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
bde71d2d88fbf0eebd289c847395415fb5b4bb84Brian Hackett — [INFER] Trigger recompilation when changing or removing newScript information, bug 677006.
05261f44a8ac1016905fe922f1a347c92e6c77eaBrian Hackett — [INFER] Inline creation of objects for {}, [], Array() and monomorphic scripted new, bug 677006.
3b40e4462464f75fed8ea71f839de5f2a2ef7108Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix ARM build.
b849dfd77bcb9d9e67665cb37d8e351fc8564524Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build break.
4e4822ab5a03a68257863f8c34601ddd77bd3b0fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Mark functions uninlineable when calling Invoke on an already-inlined frame, bug 676491.
723b6c2995741f3c3c68aa83571834a8e7f8db20Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle recompilation hazard in NAME ICs, recompilation triggered by BINDNAME, bug 676764.
cc17967ae10b11d746e69e1b1687c885d14f2239Brian Hackett — [INFER] Pin types against GC when splicing prototypes, bug 675232.
b93ba97652886898c793752fffc1fae9cb81265aBrian Hackett — [INFER] More detailed opcode-level profiling, bug 676515.
e1508f49adc40818c2c9f3222c93253904bc79bbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix uninitialized variable.
f7f014c31f452a80bb7d5e457e374558d3099fb5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botch.
37894495d77ddee74fdc66bd3fc2e30f55ab6741Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botch, infinite loop.
afb8ed83d8345ef802a30cd72b2d4dfc08e96c78Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
8367a678afb6f638915d8e99070cc00ac37a941dBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix broken test.
a82d5a5e070e069a9ffc53cd8868cb0ed38974c5Brian Hackett — [INFER] Watch for bytecodes with no fallthrough when rejoining the interpreter, bug 675921.
91281c11a122752991030da2bd8ec7583628013fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Set script for type of Function.prototype, bug 675889.
674160662e80b4537796dec10668fb3117fd41dbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Improve precision when SETELEM is used on singleton objects, bug 675167.
d763fda00eb9a264e53e67f0188581757b81f0e8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Only allow expansion of all inline frames in a compartment, bug 675251.
e5b57c9ebbe94042069d978567a2ba217eee0670Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow rejoining after GCs triggered within IterNext, bug 674391.
23dc255291ae9c719b89942192d627cf998bfc92Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't mark type sets and type objects as unknown when in an inconsistent object/property hash state, bug 674511. Allow compilation logging for specific scripts.
d43c6dddeb2b599855caca3ac30d05f6b68e85eeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Use correct PC when calling lambda stubs, bug 674364.
fbeb8b5a8a98eb50b462931668822a3ebd605880Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM.
aea5b967c21b2fa615d8698dd5aba5cccb69e9a4Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't check isMarked() on type objects when a GC tracer with a callback is active.
d37f88fa371317e0c890e508225e62091ae7f021Brian Hackett — [INFER] Allow the same shape to be shared by objects with different types, bug 674621.
65c33bba9d01dc819ff0c68d8a0c057aaeb42598Brian Hackett — [INFER] Reduce inference-related script overhead, bug 674609.
235a8bfe2665082640941e8247c119c8cde3fed6Jan de Mooij — [INFER] LICM for typed arrays, bug 671084. r=bhackett
c7a7d9ff99da33f98d56bff5b673df3d97116de3Ginn Chen — Bug 673854 - (TypeInference)Fix TI for Solaris x86. r=bhackett.
058032661e2f2a7755e7b63fc7bbab0231992540Shu-yu Guo — [INFER] Fix more assertions, bug 673705. r=bhackett
bd40ad1be9d889e3323adda04bb74f6d31bcedb3Brian Hackett — Merge.
c8e6ad4e09d1de9be561c882062fd03665fc93d2Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark overflows on TOID when result value is a non-integer, bug 674085.
4c2a1bf1b1ca65a21cafa138d1dce23ddb40af03Brian Hackett — [INFER] Mark functionScript while tracing type objects, bug 673797.
60cb5a22dc10d5e6be28e70770cbcda8b42edbc0Brian Hackett — [INFER] Scan entire prototype chain for a lookupProperty hook when nop-ing accesses on singleton objects, bug 673788.
681d2903edb79aa46050872ee0962aa6527c178eBrian Hackett — [INFER] Check compartment when tracing TypeObject conservative roots during GC, bug 673792.
4d1506b097db00d81d4b06c594f86220195b3cf9Brian Hackett — [INFER] Clear all frame ncode values on GC to avoid confusing the recompiler, bug 673812.
62f32efb087c7213d5d86580ed0cccc782268a74Shu-yu Guo — [INFER] Fix assertion failure, bug 673705. r=bhackett
7e5a5d2e28f86a93c36b8473591411c212be870fBrian Hackett — Move DECOMPOSE tests in Decompile() into individual cases, bug 673710.
bdf006d7b67dad1430b7cabd384d6c956c8a3b87Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge botch, bug 673767.
359730f0730c1fded8e3fd657e14d41c63652525Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't dereference type->newScript immediately after checking against NULL, bug 673766.
752fddcf2d1ddd71640b99c5941c4e4dbec11c24Brian Hackett — [INFER] Only allow inlined frames to call other frames in the same VMFrame, bug 673763.
5ba8d207d7f3e4b5906183b0cd494e944e86d837Brian Hackett — [INFER] Handle case in INCNAME on const vars which are morphed into GETGNAME by the emitter, bug 673731.
bf459add722bb0799b73c69b18b7b7f17f4fb778Brian Hackett — [INFER] Add mising MakeTypeId when fixing properties in object literal types to double, bug 673713.
3ccf931079419c397420407d4eda196e99123222Brian Hackett — [INFER] Always maintain flags on non-lazy type flags, bug 673715.
8c7adf094b8e51e7cdc55322bce7897502b50c24Brian Hackett — [INFER] Make sure prevpc() values are intact when returning into the interpreter via js_InternalThrow.
4fbb36c1c9a3ad2aa3cdc7aec0841faf13886a74Brian Hackett — [INFER] Clear propagated bit from property type sets on GC, update comments, bug 673469.
d90e0b3a8bb9c83a40954058d035f6665bb1ff75Shu-yu Guo — [INFER] Fix bug in previous fix for bug 673341. r=bhackett
771034eb1f9d121175a1d81b12b5191467ca79d5Shu-yu Guo — [INFER] Kill warning.
7e3ed488cd20dcfa737babfb653897747e765047Shu-yu Guo — [INFER] Fix liveness analysis for try block, bug 673341. r=bhackett
5120ea3deef5da64dfdae06fd4332402d20fbaaeBrian Hackett — [INFER] Fix orange.
85b77c0781b61ca17bd9be12f3ec36d63b9cc507Brian Hackett — [INFER] Rejoin into the interpreter from js_InternalThrow, bug 672123.
ed0911cf98f22a79e67d83843e0de6cf8c48aa01Brian Hackett — [INFER] Don't emit malformed eleminc ops when incrementing XML names, bug 672153.
b804df6e5d284ef7a92eb91d3a1d213e53a32bc8Brian Hackett — [INFER] Balance stack in decomposed INCELEM emitted for SETCALL, bug 672122. Fix build break.
36813ba5ea40a40794a342335013a9d927730ad6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Check for constant integer objects when hoisting array and property accesses, bug 671814.
40b7b08eaa123caee88b3e7c59b8c4e811a50898Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
cdb452875184636ecea5f5daa8fad5d539931652Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix build breaks, orange.
dd84f621ca258b452d0df583b036efa7e47c87cbBrian Hackett — [INFER] Make TypeObject a GC thing, remove lazily created type objects on GC, bug 669969.
993716952d8681f43cfb4358177657586f80be82Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix busted jstests.
7f471e15146eb0c507f2cfbbb72fa2051d42be18Brian Hackett — [INFER] Decompiler and Windows interpreter fixes for decomposed property ops, bug 647624.
ce4c49e8575f3429be96e57f1b96c6b87fd91d7cBrian Hackett — [INFER] Decomposed prop fixes for XDR, INDEXBASE and the tracer, bug 647624.
3273738a165ed11764226c01fb035b07e28e1853Brian Hackett — [INFER] Decompose property inc/dec ops for JM and TI, bug 647624.
77b0c25be7fbd3cb871f627cfccc3e8fb1e16b9aBrian Hackett — [INFER] Add rejoins for call sites that can trigger GC, bug 671943.
a37127f33d2290c78ed3973868a66101c81d98a6Brian Hackett — [INFER] Fix merge issues.
6b9bd44373e70c0841070a1eb6607d7426224093Brian Hackett — Merge MC -> JM
b769a2b79e6b3192c33f01b9016ab91659f4304fBrian Hackett — [INFER] Lazily create type objects for singleton JS objects, bug 670185.
f2ca662099dac226136749631b5f7f0448bbe7d8Gary Kwong — Merge TM -> JM. Last merge from TM to grab 4 changesets prior to the start of the experiment to use mozilla-inbound instead of tracemonkey.
ab57a16c66fc6df3b72542de6470d949e94f87f0Daniel Holbert — Bug 670794: Remove unused variable 'forInLet' from jsemit.cpp. r=waldo
9df6877bbb9a62987ae9e9caef99e24338f1dd50Luke Wagner — Fix GCC warning from 60b1a6a58531 (r=red)
464f65a4cb87945fa52e73e7d4d57d1b0bd3b321Luke Wagner — Bug 669044 - Undo changes to tracer assert (r=dvander)
60b1a6a58531e9ce6c10445804b9a7f8fb4b4290Luke Wagner — Bug 669043 - Don't assert when the decompiler temporarily changes script->code (r=waldo)
d7d452b4b90bcbd6321b02c397da4be876475cb9Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Enable typed array paths if the type set contains multiple objects with the same array type, bug 670885. r=bhackett
8e009db2de15ed820e4a7c45346eeae3fb0f1a07Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Inline typed array access if the object may be undefined, bug 670885. r=bhackett
b67c4240345870b7f65ba403a29468ab81ec59a5Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Disable inline paths for typed arrays on ARM and fix a regalloc problem, bug 663485. r=bhackett
0a10e83c2b3ac3376b20935c5fd7289712c6fa55Jan de Mooij — [INFER] Add inline paths for typed arrays, bug 663485. r=bhackett
1d31362c86ce19d0f7c76a1b890b7b3a9601263bBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
311372d6fdcd431abd8b675e4d6ce1517470886eBrian Hackett — Merge TM -> JM
4bb2b60db2e21a47badfd9676450a31a0e91d68aBrian Hackett — Allow JaegerShot to only partially execute frames, bug 665815. r=luke
9b9fd467eb5f5eeb3858d7805f968fbad5a9809fShu-yu Guo — Add swap and pick support to TI. bug 668353. r=bhackett
85d9c87ef45ae7d3d64b66ac00cc682245756792Ed Morley — Backout d813440eb90b (bug 136556 / bug 677912) for causing M-oth orange a=philor
d813440eb90b554004cfd5a155d2b145e7bdf212aceman — Bug 677912/136556 Tweak image titles r=bz
61586623c897f4689c0e3c251608a23f1a14cb38Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team, clobbered windows
20c17cdc5cb300a721da2d8c25b224f4883be011Rob Campbell — Backout 7c5e399e8bfb, Bug 679753 - Remove status bar in Scratchpad, a=testfailures
062173689eb3e91600008d5ae28e5c3b38f0a4c1Mike Hommey — Bug 682217 - HUDService uses some resource://gre/ urls that ought to be resource:///; r=gavin, r=rcampbell
48e569ae1c45f1d7766e19feb790d2b769eedf00Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
7c5e399e8bfbd892ecbda0b48c87caa8f3d63886Cedric Vivier — Bug 679753 - Remove status bar in Scratchpad. Make Browser context more discoverable and notify user more visibly. Based on patch by Clochix. r=robcee
6f44a95fa1f5378989fba0993a6e2753d1504f6bMihai Sucan — Bug 566084 - Highlighter should be disabled when navigating to new pages; f=rcampbell r=rcampbell,dolske,dao ui-r=limi
a4152b58e53d5d67836a30d0ddcd6e6e91322bfcMihai Sucan — Bug 600501 - Implement support for removed() callback (notificationbox); r=neil
8e1f1cb4230338f3145a812202205d1cd96a3828Mihai Sucan — Bug 670896 - Add inner window ID and timestamp to nsIScriptError2; r=bzbarsky
bb48d11f9c085bb306123f8d2e2b1d2a16ecc2d0Mihai Sucan — Bug 612658 - Implement ConsoleAPIStorage - add caching for the window.console API;,ddahl sr=bzbarsky
33031c875984aa8734d802e12fcdc7b0c950788bJosh Aas — Bug 90268: Make content own plugin instances instead of frames. Allows display:none instances and re-parenting instances without stopping them. r=roc
ab1cbc8a9d51a6fe320b62819c2a5bbce95c5ceeJosh Aas — Bug 90268: Required widget changes. Allow setting parent to NULL and add SetEventCallback to nsIWidget. r=roc r=karl
ca5a3569462d7b03ba1da27ed161e1d506190912Ed Morley — Merge tips of mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
a12d726a586808a6de30983a9d38e4a69f0de795Oleg Romashin — Bug 682458 - Disable default gesture filters in Qt widget. r=dougt
7c905a200bcc1f914e867a104f9256dcf8c4e37aPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 682539 (Add nsTreeColumn::mNext to CC). r=smaug.
500c2ddb52c1b8d457c72480f2c1f74212860a8fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 678528 (Traverse mChildNodes (and consolidate node CC code)). r=jst.
0be4a94258c28b97a7e6e87b099359c759941b22Siarhei Siamashka — Bug 644136 - Add missing fpu directive to fix libffi build on ARM hardfloat systems; r=bsmedberg
f1cf848b1ff22bad8980b673cc4410a21c8bdf28Ms2ger — Bug 682460 - Fix leak when forcing layout during mutation event for table attribute; r=smaug
9225d92382b84bf6887bdece059ad0842a73468fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 680164 - Disable on Windows the test_reftests_with_caret.html tests that were silently failing, r=ehsan
656f7fbcdb1224f278ab84f5458526f53fa5d416Phil Ringnalda — Bug 680164 - Expose OS on SpecialPowers, r=jmaher
6385d30812f3a6f299ae00527059afa32407d3b3Jonathan Griffin — Bug 678420 - target div during back nav, r=ehsan, a=testonly
870b53893fd672ccee15847937e412e3ae117edbMichael Wu — Reapply change dropped from bug 676465 due to bug 672536 merging idls
ac952d09f8bf321ae77e7b32a3087caa98cfd50fRobert Longson — Bug 682411 - Filters on shapes that have zero width or height assert. r=roc
02d69f92b42edd04d92f8b4ca5c1ab14a08f86a9Marco Castelluccio — Bug 675870 - Remove nsIAccessible::relationsCount and getRelation(); f=tbsaunde r=surkov.alexander
61f9ec712a1c9e6244248bb67a004036778781e9Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 679090 - Disable IPv6 for backup connections to workaround problems about broken IPv6 connectivity; f=mcmanus r=biesi
0ac24f429e24d7f46731e9698d3f889bda63e2cbKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
80155b29d8160f173be0d1ff8328cc8d474bc99fKyle Huey — Bug 682637: Restore null-check that got lost in the event handler IDLification. r=bz
28e83c8a39e436a20c875be7819d3ddec73ad06cKyle Huey — Bug 681714: Ensure that we've unrolled the entire typedef chain when building typelibs. r=ted
67100191240785a939f1f94a0d44fb028da25ad1Kyle Huey — Bug 680515: Follow up fix quoting issue for Windows. r=me
1357d2de02572979007afb5af0e0132d33104cc9Kyle Huey — Commit pymake test that got missed on the recent update.
00d1dbeed5e42c6f3098669b89d56ce8d3239b68Kyle Huey — Bug 680515: Move optimization flags out of js/src/ and into js/src/ r=ted
a4575ac7536c9e32fdb830d89dddf7df065f45daKyle Huey — Update pymake snapshot.
718f1de3f10532b909f6a319d6e8646804b1341aMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove whitespace from autoconf, configure, and in js/src r=bustage
f14ab53ee6d02af2a01db40178a3147d747d07e9Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove whitespace from rs=khuey
ca65995f24ec4caa6d0f135ec2dc78a48db14c53Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove whitespace from rs=khuey
8f246ed75d3df68e8eacbaa430ecf9dfc13e1e57Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove whitespace from autoconf. rs=khuey
5e9ae571d6b3a0ef174dc3fdba8110bc7f26e663Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove whitespace from configure. rs=khuey
4cf43c7e1faebf8c17b59086cd01dfef38676fc6Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove some gtkmozembed left-overs. r=khuey
2932e726f86dd0d44bd5169ab46f4133bbd3082aMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove some javaxpcom left-overs. r=khuey
50492b07b13f9a87cd9e345f3a0597b711714a07Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove reference to dead MAKEFILES_sun_java variable in r=khuey
03076dd9a84d6eef2c9913c1a144688d7d92bfc4Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 671465 - Remove AC_SUBST(MINIMO) from configure. r=khuey
3d4b14bd24e3c7527b7dcc941bb49f0a879c8584Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 680625 part 0b: Remove more workarounds for past century compilers. r=ted
706c0a4feec232daab369c002d8af05c2e2fe2b9Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 680625 part 0: Remove checks and workarounds for 20th century compilers. r=ted
a80fe3a6586f0b4123b562731dfa5e4afb7d7ba9Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 680792 - Remove support for Irix from our build system. r=ted
844bfd249e6a42b860c7cbf2c48c41cf356ce928Joshua Cranmer — Bug 681740 - does not resolve references to consts in superinterfaces. r=bsmedberg
20e301ec28a0569379c03f42bfeb375a2638a014Ted Mielczarek — bug 677671 - Add unit tests for r=khuey
6c8a909977d32284bbddd60a45e1780e824b5d7cMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
bbb80094e71ac267a31142e902f57568f63caa87Matt Woodrow — Bug 681858 - Improve performance of gfx3DMatrix multiplication by reverting to 2d operations where possible. r=derf
be7cefceceac32401cf37147142aefec214a5ee6Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 15 - Add 4D Vectors, Quaternions and gfx3DMatrix functions. r=derf
7ccff3faa2a3a2655cfc6a6c6c8850b0aa86679aMatt Woodrow — Bug 675837 - Add 3D transforms support to BasicLayers. r=roc
40e4402d497275ffc668b121ef1c4921ba5dc7c7Matt Woodrow — Bug 675837 - Add gfxContext::ClipContainsRect. r=roc
1de7e151b2ad93b5c1261053bb8fd36a00a83f7dMatt Woodrow — Bug 675837 - Only flush Quartz surfaces on the success paths during cairo_quartz_get_image. r=roc
364548e43748b8f9c9fb30312f2fddf2bc5c84a8Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 14b - Layout support for -moz-transform-style. r=roc
14eb4130996517df8cf6f2301d5eba2f8677305fMatt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 14a - Add -moz-transform-style css property. r=dbaron
c62371f0112a025305c6c4446ff390b4ede5df8fOleg Romashin — Bug 682327 - ASSERTION: Failed to make GL context current; r=ajuma
7d6ebd18ecb6929212350814f8ab35b29e9f3202David Zbarsky — Bug 682366 - Remove nsINode::ChildIterator r=smaug
7d3f4aafd9ea7f783c962b14d454f45c0360b7f6Geoff Brown — Bug 681810 - Avoid xpcshell test failure when device not rooted and cp not available; r=jmaher
0938cf5252cd5ea0b79c4c165385bbf170418a76Josh Matthews — Bug 681941 - Ensure that we always clear geolocation requests that are not long-lived, and never clear ones that are. r=dougt
4dc1e45afdd7282835ea2081ce334176ee30d51aMatt Brubeck — Back out 14463b9d2d14 and 97d43d93ab55 (Bug 621363 and Bug 676274) because of mochitest-browser-chrome leaks
b721f8ec43b71d10d1c507ec002351233d3b6a29Matt Brubeck — Bug 682351 - Bundle correct checkbox images in honeycomb theme (bustage fix)
6da9774903dc7d7cb43b5f789c8772cff506a2a5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678558 - Detect broken vrp and disable it.
9305182082d4692e478e10a468d8f0ecc5585148Wes Johnston — Bug 682351 - Bundle correct checkbox images in honeycomb theme. r=mfinkle
72e60db43de71a4e4c59d6a0cdbea8c86fe412ecSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 667597 - "Adjust width in styling of popup content selection title label" [r=mark.finkle]
1651ea142f0c99357a3be62d25d6a23c0c16d010Mark Finkle — Bug 682357 - Don't broadcast context menu commands to all browsers [r=wjohnston]
2da2cc9a885c41fcd28b47fa153f623b9206f0dfArno Renevier — Bug 681190 - Fixes crash in nsPNGEncoder::ConvertHostARGBRow when calling mozGetAsFile on large canvas; r=roc
c76345028fa77032832886fca5415d6f3bad5d0aJez Ng — Bug 631189 - 'About Mozilla' link overlaps other page elements at small window sizes. r=mak
728cf3529cba2a1758853c2a133a1df80ca57c9dMarco Castelluccio — Bug 650494 - Remove nsIXULPrototypeCache; r=khuey,smaug
14463b9d2d143045b7d88b601207f9dcd5a0e45dJoel Maher — Bug 621363 - SpecialPowers ipc setter code does not receive new value locally until next event loop run. r=jdm,cjones
97d43d93ab55b2b00db0ca9ed3217764f758a739Joel Maher — Bug 676274 - refactor specialpowers so we can use the api in mochitest-chrome without specialpowers. r=ted, a=test-only.
cff7682167aab9811838880f26a9e25228dc367cPatrick McManus — bug 679783 - websockets oninputstreamready() crash. r=jduell
60594ddf3d9ea853b36cf2dab481bb77d0ef228fMark Finkle — Bug 682326 - Disable method jit for chrome [r=mbrubeck]
35af65318247b7cef58cf1b31f435d7e02c9c8c9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 675201 - Some debug outputs for intermittent orange investigation. rs=ehsan
0c9fda3714fb297130b10858d818f01134b8ca84Mark Finkle — Bug 678748 - Add tests for textbox context menu [r=mbrubeck]
d369283b0c708b97aa549e90a31d5240849c692bEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset a8199bd4af83 because it was not the right fix for bug 680277
3faac1e63f5741c9cc0739ac1a5ca1b16c0ffae5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 682239 - Tests all HTMLFormElement attributes reflection. r=Ms2ger
84cf502e938a46a3ce92d52c8227dd9179a184b2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 576867 - Firefox is already running, but is not responding window icon. r=neil
906413a7ae6b6894e0f5f67cceaebe84008c940fOlli Pettay — Bug 682264 - Make EventListenerManager participate to the DOM Memory Reporter, r=volkmar,bz
b379d2c614d0ce551c5228f05a3f415c938ea8b5Blair McBride — Bug 672485 - Ensure window watcher is defined. r=dtownsend,jst
6eb75a6f3c1dc44e1b7f2f0764a635e279a9a1c9Matt Brubeck — Bug 677044 - Back out b38381eb91b8 (crashtest for bug 609499, which was backed out)
d2cd9f583b0a1cf646860572fc50024e4bf51337Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 677044. Backout 67044ea27b53
e8af0a8c36322909f2371f637f965da67d03a95aMatt Brubeck — Merge the last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a00e5e89f3d5fdb2e568f4a675090c63d83f0d4fMarco Bonardo — Bug 666558 - Increase SQLITE_MAX_SCHEMA_RETRY value.
19dff2b200b94c3a7e42c88cc0be9d24717a556cMarco Bonardo — Bug 666420 - Upgrade to SQLite - Force using fsync on Android.
43cb0ce4fe9ec1875411e8a9ef6a3b93eb9ee1b9Marco Bonardo — Bug 666420 - Upgrade to SQLite - Telemetry VFS shim update.
8a285afca9c95d48f1351f5999261262b1182c7cMarco Bonardo — Bug 666420 - Upgrade to SQLite - Mozilla changes.
2fd69e4236ea8be9296e1356300898d2fa7fdfafMarco Bonardo — Bug 666420 - Upgrade to SQLite - SQLite changes.
7dab2bc1cc91ccc2edd17f21c002d4acba2ba412Marco Bonardo — Bug 681660 - [win] GetDiskSpaceAvailable doesn't work on files.
1b6030e09f9a3a8c46dd61f57b2bbb71d7f62874Mounir Lamouri — Bug 681667 - Create a test_form_attributes_reflection.html with novalidate check. r=Ms2ger
40861507b6c45809247c7ad503cb6609200b81a4Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of m-c to m-i
6eeb384db995e17790a20c7122dc66d6eab7b92fBen Turner — Bug 681930, r=sicking.
e5adec25155d6c697473762d464b03aa4879561eRandell Jesup — Bug 682031: Add another old nsIURI IID to the hack in nsBinaryStream to fix sessionrestore r=dholbert r=bz
c70c539f2e937ebe5bb82550cfba6766cdf5313dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 681161 - Shrink nsCSSCompressedDataBlock on 64-bit platforms. r=dbaron.
171e1d0b8cb32c65987c5d7b5149d3c9b18a7543Boris Zbarsky — Bug 682051. Optimize textframe to handle horizontal resizes of large runs of text better. r=roc
373bd41d9e286b059755229995925e183cb23f6aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 600556, 670466, 549468 - Temporarily disable new android reftests. r=philor
4362a0bf69e026f29318368b44dd26d095125be3Matt Brubeck — Bug 672411 - Minor refactoring of default values for viewport height/width [r=lucasr]
bace24f47138c5767fc97968b7d54061a57b27deRaymond Lee — Bug 681599 - Ctrl+T while in search mode should close search layer; r=ttaubert
4ef3f576a4b922e8131d3b5ed099187d83f71f28Makoto Kato — Bug 657129 - Flash x64 Crash on GMail. r=cjones
35b086e11e0808729343c1c9b4237a94f2a1fba0Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 589982 - gfxQtPlatform::CreateFontGroup fails to build with --disable-pango; r=romaxa
0ed0529fa6cfa556c8d2f444095bfe6f3084ce4dMartijn Wargers — Bug 645756 - Disable zooming for frameset pages; r=mbrubeck
dd9bdcdc33bd3951a7f40812dd1c5d1326928dd8Jason Orendorff — Back out changeset 28dd46b9ee31 (bug 679031) because the test is failing on all the buildbots.
28dd46b9ee31d1dc5842b08502b3befc299801edDave Camp — Expose jsdbg2 Debugger object as a C.u.import-able module. Bug 679031, r=ted, sr=bsmedberg.
8391d102fd701857f191201f5c46b382e54410c6Jim Blandy — Bug 679136: Use js::Interpret's interrupts to implement JSOPTION_PCCOUNT's bytecode profiling. r=sfink.
840fcaead434bb04abb9a73093a6fe85f77fab47Matt Brubeck — Bug 682037 - Stop using .window-width for fullscreen video [r=stechz]
0edb2653d8fc7b88d54cd14aa2f03dbf5165fa87Matt Brubeck — Bug 682037 - Allow the browser width to be different from the window width [r=stechz]
53362b3e8894cc891921be6c29b447c87cf5484aMatt Brubeck — Bug 682037 - Remove unnecessary window-width/height classes in browser.xul [r=stechz]
f097100df8aa0aae62fde3bc4556f1232718bcdeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 549468 and Bug 670466 - Reftests for ICO and BMP encoders. r=joe
35b13356df7870bd0fb7dfd6e41cd49407a8359eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 549468 - Add basic support for .ico icon encoder. r=joe
cefa6f2d2dfb43b47c2fb241b65fac149e20f58cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 670466 - Expose image encoder options to canvas.toDataURL. r=smaug
52f2d362cbac1a65d099fb363a2ea8efc2d76394Brian R. Bondy — Bug 670466 - Add basic support for .bmp encoder. r=joe
5401cb3d7350583b5e467183b68a5b64d92b33bcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 600556 - reftests for BMPs of various color depths, ICO BMPs of various color depths, and ICO PNGs. r=joe
1f86f6af9434b4d9afe3eb0998f7f9f8c1149ac3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 600556 - Support Vista-style PNG ICO files. r=joe
cc1e08803869c0f4b4330db80aa36987c249a926Ms2ger — Bug 672054 - Part b: Remove nsIDOMNSMouseEvent; r=smaug
ce4f04d1c8e7039e1060fcc82ea19bd628da60f5Ms2ger — Bug 672054 - Part a: Remove nsIDOMNSUIEvent; r=smaug
e87454393401329dd39dec6dc9526f4fc7f2c47aEd Morley — Merge last green changeset on m-i to m-c
9f11fc87eaa69990a8230420035e85dd737b44bcMatt Brubeck — Bug 679472 - Hide actionbar spacer in non-tablet theme [r=wesj]
40eedacb461c4c4261ea7f7b4b20fd9d1375a2f8Matt Brubeck — Bug 638369 - Update title when creating a new tab [r=wesj]
f3f755ec65868764f290f486d2216cfc26bac361Matt Brubeck — Bug 672411 - Calculate the viewport height correctly for non-scalable pages [r=wesj]
8177de770dd2d7eee08dad3908070abbb3480876Brian R. Bondy — Bug 605732 - test_taskbar_jumplistitems.js leaks jump list items. r=jmathies
8dc1b204359afe2366ae3cb9b508092fe3796657Wes Johnston — Bug 679472 - Theme actionbar on honeycomb. r=mfinkle
fdf4c318a1656ea8d4479c041bfc77282a9cdddeMalini Das — Bug 676147 - looping single mochitests with make command doesn't work. r=jmaher
77e5f71a78e43d7519719a02d2436846347f7b7dJoel Maher — backout 7918fee254ae, no comments or user in patch
97bdf9371319c43762603f2dd8dc0d4fac0a96bcDoug Sherk — Bug 680724: moved height and width checks for render buffers r=bjacob
1b09c80c46c31d300beee7a8fc78963b37d3e18fDoug Sherk — Bug 680722: added invalid character checks to WebGL functions r=bjacob
7918fee254ae94490f11f9996fdda7742e13f886Joel Maher — imported patch mdas_loops.patch
d4003f345b2418211b0327d757c6ac1268162115Bill McCloskey — Bug 681071 - Enable GC compartment assertions in nightlies (r=dmandelin)
00be7279f6ad8c6d2fb94abb1a536b0642c87434Luke Wagner — Bug 589735 - Allow static JS strings to be turned off; turn off on ia64 (r=igor)
72459db22a34a168fdb794da36764a16815e3653Brian R. Bondy — Bug 671792 - ASSERTION: ImmAssociateContextEx failed to restore default IMC. r=neil
079f4e4a1f4b696bb0c405d5ace4706a5ccf13acJonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 17.2 - hyphenation test for Turkish. r=smontagu
53e0de790071b2a22bdedb93d89ea55ac7e24a39Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 17.1 - hyphenation patterns for Turkish. r=smontagu
b39232627a54f9c6ec1d14a52c7c5a77de636cf0Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 16.2 - hyphenation test for Italian. r=smontagu
002abea8ccb9082a85e93f6bbb5fead8eef87257Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 16.1 - hyphenation patterns for Italian. r=smontagu
f381ae05803aa5736e019e011940c7995667dd11Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 15.2 - hyphenation test for Hungarian. r=smontagu
13e47b98186970ac8f3f8b11819f5a1c88803d32Jonathan Kew — bug 672320 pt 15.1 - hyphenation patterns for Hungarian. r=smontagu
c93150bf44790cd16a281b3a0f38562cbf3709edJonathan Kew — bug 681895 - update default Cyrillic font prefs for OS X. r=smontagu
625a18d70e9ee4943e2c53bc63c0058ab2177943Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 673228. Use MOZ_ASSERT instead of NS_ASSERTION in TimeStamp.h. r=roc,cjones
548e34a4a9c2dc58f0d15dfb0450162723593609Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 592009. Fix AppendPrintf to support more than 31 characters. r=bsmedberg
2146a29d0bcccc25a360b919528378ed94ec9d5bMark Banner — Bug 681908 - Remove obsolete MOZ_CRT_CPU_ARCH in r=khuey
b370f47da2972eae84405ffa39bcb561f0fa8ffbMakoto Kato — Bug 675135 - should use -Fo instead of -o on MASM. r=ted
c6e432ffd5e22c49d8451e4780515067e8c6d473Daniel Holbert — Bug 679933: When a frame is destroyed, remove next special-sibling's pointer to it. r=roc
49884897bb5c95ae94d3ca6af7647e6876957ba1Mark Finkle — Bug 682073 - AndroidBridge uses wrong method for calling setClipboardText [r=dougt]
d0700ba932b46a8ea169cdf6423d31667319ff9fRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
b20403c808316e669b92fd004673d5d9cdc41dffTim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
cd8f12dc6dce58b80c8b00bea492ed44ab655ebdBlair McBride — Bug 678761 - Add-on selection UI footer may not always look good on non-aero themes. r=dao
5e6855e3f92ddcab4b25bbb572d50414b39eb92fBlair McBride — Backed out changeset 6fd779fb622d due to orange
6fd779fb622ddce22fdec79b1129866804c127c6Jared Wein — Bug 462117 - Reducing the number of visible controls when the video is too small. r=dolske
aa126a9aebbd04db8d02229b1a294d28f2a1e05cRaymond Lee — Bug 674794 - favicons of app tabs aren't updated on Panorama r=tim
e138c3a22a655ca873d1f6813f790b30ec9609efTim Taubert — Bug 679853 - switching from private browsing does not show panorama if it was open before; r=dietrich
18288bc1b3a16a6a8e3c14a3033caf1c5a403d15Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
f8fbf62f31e8e5b1c63f6c3d19d4bc0dc9f0ec7fTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
edeed3c6065ced200cc086d9e171411dd49ed308Raymond Lee — Bug 628887 - When in an expanded stack, arrow keys should only move between those r=tim
e136897709967e43e35ce4678db19a6204ee94ecKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
443d9a9d3c67bfe5b7845736c77af3789e2814e4Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 403616 - Remove --enable-application=standalone build option. r=callek
513993f7ab68bd432297c03b077b3938430aefa8Kyle Huey — Bug 681688: Outparamdel nsXMLHttpRequest::GetLoadGroup. r=smaug
3a474d3aaa9acb3ac14ae9b521d4d54c102be686Kyle Huey — Bug 680816: Test
bcadab74517322e29f84141c5d265bda746ab7ffKyle Huey — Bug 680816: XHR cannot be reused with responseType='arraybuffer'. r=sicking
f6b61dde6a159dc3d5ea30c387b6c95687d35400Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c72e3869695026552cad35f63523fd34e41d387dEd Morley — Merge tip of m-c to m-i (will need clobber)
ca029820f74064a480b2065092e3863dfe0e49fdBen Turner — Bug 677273 - 'Crash in mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::RescheduleTimeoutTimer'. r=sicking.
62fd8154f8de12569f080a84d8d58e8e1ca668c0Igor Bukanov — bug 680755 - replacing last frame checks with an auto class. r=jorendorff
458f82155cad742e788d248e7431569dc0ba72b9Jonas Sicking — Bug 681870: Properly ensure that only one window opens indexedDB prompts. r=bent
31c4c7ad46d88516ed660bb6abfa6c0891c4e2bfDaniel Holbert — Bug 666901 followup: remove now-unused variable 'rv'. r=masayuki
9311205748c32bc145ec6c6c42299c1beb735f2fJosh Matthews — Bug 674738 - Geolocation XPCShell test really slow on Windows 7 build slave. r=jdm/dougt
1a1dbcc15b7e7374a5c1368e5a29ab0060feef5dChris Double — Bug 648595 - Part 2/2: Tests for temporal media fragments support - r=cpearce
dc1d14484d6ee95306c8946b04e46b0183ce2d9bChris Double — Bug 648595 - Part 1/2: Implement temporal dimension portion of Media Fragments URI specification for video/audio - r=cpearce
dddbe27e21a817be7907727196654dd2b877747dMatt Brubeck — Back out da55a48b990f and e6e157c073cc and f43d16688b14 because of Android test failures
db8de6cd0712f9651b39c46992fe07963f9a12a1Jason Orendorff — Bug 677386 - Fix jsdbg2 breakpoint GC rules. r=billm.
6daedd1baec4267352979c3e42d4e1ea64206d19Jason Orendorff — Fix a breakpoint GC bug found by billm. See bug 677386 comment 8, first paragraph. r=billm on IRC.
29527b07008dd2dfce9ecc355e9c46dd8df433c6Jim Blandy — Bug 673125: Implement the Debugger.Frame.prototype.onStep accessor. r=jorendorff.
2853df3a5b570e4015c497c36adcdcaabf1d67c4Jim Blandy — Bug 673125: Provide stack-allocated vectors of JSObject pointers. r=luke.
337dc46b17a6f0de38213b6962e83b017705be93Jim Blandy — Bug 673125: Have each JSScript maintain both a count and a flag indicating whether it should be in single-step mode. r=jorendorff.
2b0b39d1a4858d5a98584d23d4a139c464af8d37Jim Blandy — Bug 673125: Maintain a list of active js::Interrupt frames, their FrameRegs, and their interruptors. r=jorendorff.
64d97a61fe681034ca819e65fb7d21654081e450Brian Hackett — Restore frame pointer at exception block entry before invoking any trap, bug 658491. r=jorendorff.
dad9e816d52d1ec8f4f48bc0cba9ac64ef593ecaJason Orendorff — Bug 680428 - onEnterFrame does not work with tracejit. r=dvander.
da55a48b990f5296a0d796a6736c4c447838e7a1Chris Lord Bug 664149 - Target Android API level 11 to remove the menu key on Honeycomb [r=blassey]
e6e157c073cc06e6022d7c25c3d32b3ca2a10554Matt Brubeck — Bug 664149 - Enable browser.ui.layout.tablet by default on large-screen devices [r=mfinkle]
dae898bb6bf3f98c8ac73e716b3f422ed2dec992Chris Lord — Bug 664149 - Add a menu pop-up button for tablet mode [r=mfinkle]
654622f352f30ccb4f2520f2db0196e95da5df86Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 679862 - "Update default blank document favicon" [r=mark.finkle]
f43d16688b14e8bb0b28f69400e6adbbbdd2e61fMark Finkle — Bug 678748 - Add tests for textbox context menu [r=mbrubeck]
b1cab441835f70d24ac0c78bde4d24070178971fBenjamin Stover — Bug 680126 Reduce checkerboarding during load r=mbrubeck
c5b2cbf6e31be28d0b941fb12117e960a603870bMs2ger — Bug 680696 - Remove nsPSPrinterList::Init; r=roc
7dfa2501f1512452d4f1870de11e66e5bb06a1a7Alfred Kayser — Bug 537223 - Cleanup gfxColor.h; r=jrmuizel
80db03383c348e81468c0d914fd897c79cc573e6Ms2ger — Bug 681615 - Move a couple of tests from content/html/content/test to content/html/content/test/forms; r=mounir
e58e98a89827d0aa29ebf648312de26f2f98073dEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
427a6b2313db302c4c2d5c726aeddfd9c05b66baMats Palmgren — Bug 653649 - New way of getting child lists from frames. (part 5/5) r=roc
d9797d99f5f739ebd244ce27748a548f4b3b9cfdMats Palmgren — Bug 653649 - New way of getting child lists from frames. (part 4/5) r=roc
de17763f5ba71293a5193266f815151047466eb5Mats Palmgren — Bug 653649 - New way of getting child lists from frames. (part 3/5) r=roc
bbb68899df56fe3296ba9d9ee93e97f49af69b66Mats Palmgren — Bug 653649 - New way of getting child lists from frames. (part 2/5) r=roc sr=dbaron
5c0d46747250439b8987d5740149e7014c4a3fa2Mats Palmgren — Bug 653649 - New way of getting child lists from frames. (part 1/5) r=roc sr=dbaron
3fbd9eaf9debbc46afac4f2e2189d11b5972e82bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 659350 part 6. Add various tests for the on* properties. r=smaug
1f58f9ed470c7f46d05228c219370e2fff81ca4dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 659350 part 5. The guts of the change to move from storing inline event handlers on the JSObject to storing them in the event listener manager directly, so we can easily set/read them via IDL.
e45c1629b10ca98d26310e8019346832eb79d0ccBoris Zbarsky — Bug 659350 part 4. Change some tests that depend on the old behavior where inline event handlers hang directly off the JSObject to not depend on it. r=smaug
2b814584bb2a65e000436e34fa7d3ce8ce808c0eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 659350 part 3. Add nsITouchEventReceiver for elements. r=smaug
233cdba24f03362a11195b74323a4d1e88302b6aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 659350 part 2. Add nsITouchEventReceiver for windows. r=smaug
a9677078eb734443381c11fc95fbcf04c01bf455Boris Zbarsky — Bug 659350 part 1. Add an nsITouchEventReceiver interface that will hold the touch-related on* properties, make it possible to declare conditional interfaces in classinfo, and make this new interface conditional on the touch event preference for documents. r=smaug,peterv
7254c4f4a8050e0d1369655ad10e1792035677b5Matt Brubeck — Bug 681718 - Fix JS errors from text selection when long-tapping on local pages [r=mfinkle]
7f4eeae55c3006aa4c34a623e8d3e63040455c7eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 680933 - long tapping on a tab from last time at about:home does not bring up the context menu [r=mbrubeck]
650aad33a441307a7e13e25221ad43253f9fb6cbMounir Lamouri — Bug 681666 - Add formNoValidate attribute to test_button_attributes_reflection.html r=Ms2ger
0dffbdf36868a6f630d35ac29c63c7e42a76cc7dChris Lord — Bug 675908 - Fix TiledTextureImage updates. r=joe,romaxa
cc68eeea347f4aeb411b39ea6e80b96db9c6728dJonathan Griffin — Bug 673285 - Remove unnecessary timeouts in test, r=smaug, a=testonly
45bce33d2bd7001fe0bb53ead42a4ecc6752d9b1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Fix mozconfig.leopard for machines without universal IDL builds.
22e2f80c2983978e9d2a6ef5b131bc75e8913263Mounir Lamouri — Bug 678820 - nsAttrAndChildArray shouldn't ask for a new slot in the mapped attributes object when it is not needed. f=bz r=sicking
206ab0f10adf0e078a2543aa3de42844725af676Oleg Romashin — Bug 677712 - Make Qt port support No X11 build; r=dougt,joe
f2bc0f9336615fe44dc7e41ed918b5896febb5e1Landry Breuil — Bug 679324 - Don't show the update channel on the about dialog if the updater is disabled; r=margaret
2392fc3ad7584e4972ada934ac20ffb569d7f29cStephen Horlander — Bug 679708 - Update toolbar icon styling for 10.7 Lion. r=dao
9e0f8a7cc1a043f8d0c06c07862f4ac11e7749cfJosh Matthews — Bug 679791 - Make nsIFrame::IsFocusable use heuristics that don't depend on the graphical display of scrollbars. r=roc
01225860326563a71ab2d1cc6e92e9b6b60bf256Chris Lord — Bug 611315 - Fix handling of rotated ShadowBufferOGL
50575fae9b1d3d2297793410321cc6ed6860abaaChris Lord — Fix drawing of GL Thebes layers with rotation when using tiled textures
7099a6d4c871b63baf0826d5a9bfa5861d864aa6Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 681036 - Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang. r=karlt
bab51f46b02f322dd7f400383df01bb0b9743711Brian R. Bondy — Bug475045 - Can't drag unlinkified URL to bookmarks toolbar. r=mak,enndeakin
0d1dd45a06fca93a3a25b3c799a50f0dc7198fe1Simon Montagu — Bug 601261 - nsXPCOMDetector::DoIt didn't call Reset resulting in crash [@ nsSJISProber::HandleData]. r=emk
b354d9b3e9e1db726c6c9e22387b03ff41247b8cBrandon Sterne — Bug 679772 - Send cookies and HTTP auth with CSP report requests, r=dveditz
d1228b8cedc6330a9af1ed54ebf0919c1f251e7cBenoit Jacob — Bug 681400 - import ANGLE r739 - r=upstream
ae32451b3e2779b9df89fed59bfe4d49cf78e908Benoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [5/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
2fa42940442d78f7a805dd58ba04921f1164fe0cBenoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [4/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
83f27b5a862c4b88e908b90c46b7b0f12a4aebd1Benoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [3/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
fd265b935c787e2f2f71d98d4ad6333f76782a10Benoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [2/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
7143812c80a95473141f60888ee28005dd312c5fBenoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [1/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
d3e15e7073f92cd43479d5809b337d8ba031221dKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
d79e6c3c0616982736bd8044d089d7487367deb4Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
2921dbf1def9fce7fcc6abd9615c9d2e4113c34fMike Hommey — Bug 680373 - Link jemalloc into mozutils instead of mozalloc on Android. r=blassey,r=pbiggar
c3657f68bd662048665ec788d1975bb1366bc410Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 675691 - Get rid of mozconfig guesswork. r=ted
011569fdc55597714e413d17d25e1ca801ac9a11Mike Hommey — Bug 678195 - Remove old style jemalloc. r=khuey
9b6e97e91525e9e146e73ce698684c9f6cc41209Mike Hommey — Bug 678161 - Also install msvc*.dll when using new style jemalloc. r=khuey
00c7432d78839e715a97824f8d0f8b80697c6c08Mike Hommey — Bug 678214 - Properly link NSS with new style jemalloc. r=khuey
4d17fe7b47b6ea39d1d6becebc7b080242fe2691Ted Mielczarek — bug 676589 - configure and xpcom changes for targeting iOS. r=khuey
06defc1b425097d4a95bb28f0ee254d38b186c36Ted Mielczarek — bug 676585 - fixes for compiling js on arm-apple-darwin. r=mrosenberg
ac653960b153fc8f96be4277e5edaae88461b123Kyle Huey — Bug 678872: Test.
4599be47c692263897ab82272469fb7045e2b70cKyle Huey — Bug 680344: Properly fix up a pending history navigation in nsSHistory::RemoveDuplicate. r=smaug sr=bz
e0acef471ab29856f4c7883dc2d1bb31afdfff77Olli Pettay — Bug 681206 removeDelayedFrameScript, r=jst
5d9989c3bff69691e88ea139b18bb72ec836c6ddMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
b879bcda5017046de464d2648c55829c308ca71fNicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
90144e453538de78eff699dc8b6ac3bdb837c446Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678051 - Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang. r=nnethercote.
78c8c065bc958554339382c18dbdd18d6fa8d1cdWilliam Maddox — Bug 673214 - nanojit.h should probably include njcpudetect.h [] (r=nnethercote)
3c8c7eb5e4ff975f2ae2a6fe9a9f14442ac10b25William Maddox — Bug 679454 - Correctly handle cross-segment jumps on MIPS [] (r=wmaddox)
0412880dec39053fe7cffcc0222704a840db6522Edwin Smith — Bug 679397 - X64 branch patch code seems to be wrong for jmp 64bit, but is actually fine: comment needed. (r=edwsmith)
806abed2a8f77dbaa627688b60647f75c4665af1Chris Dearman — Comment Bug 602389 - nanojit: make Register a non-numeric type on MIPS. r=nnethercote.
cd22ad96188785a55e28ed172c70e1ce867f991aMike Hommey — Bug 670323 - Fixes for nanojit on ARMv4T. r=jbramley
c5bfe6edc445d9dca60489eaeeae37d09715aaabSteven Johnson — Bug 672722 - [MIPS] Use unsigned comparison for LIR_leui (r=wmaddox)
99c5e7b68207f09af3b2abfa15f298a5544155c0Matt Woodrow — Bug 675474 - Use glXWaitX to synchronize X and OpenGL. r=bjacob
0bc16cab7c8235e222c2d202ca3349cb1343dfcdMatt Woodrow — Bug 675532 - Add GLX debug mode. r=bjacob
7857bbf3a5238c236be1971dbb3bda70f49d4773Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to m-i
07ae78c82432245262b2a61e37360b17ac21fb92Brian Birtles — Bug 650732 - Test for HandleChangedInterval changes; r=dholbert
7e98f39c07e9be72753d745377279fbf10eca758Benjamin Stover — Bug 680126 Use ColorLayers for presshell painting and correct painting area r=roc
0ec58fce2e952929c4b255a491f26372bd86475cDaniel Holbert — Bug 680777: Sync "do not track" pref between mobile devices. r=mfinkle
36e5a31b8f88980a4cb7c3bd081916f2c47b2efaDaniel Holbert — Bug 570341 followup: Fix nsDocShell init list ordering to address GCC warning. r=gavin r=biesi
0432558816ac53af208768975ffe1f6b0c70a13fBenoit Girard — Backout changeset 07d34812bdee, b879d413ce2d, 0c59eeb18700 due to android opengl regression on chrome pages; r=backout
87a72f57507e6c882e657b9d40f8f6a9b8da4c7cJavi Rueda — Bug 355846 - Add a pref to disable sliding effect for alerts. r=enndeakin
ed2e6e93a0deba90e9c23853273c61c0341a1402Lucas Rocha — Bug 681356 - Don't show throbber after network error on sync (r=mfinkle)
a0d3c755b289e02fe4c7cc90fbae3a60efca6341Boris Zbarsky — Bug 680786. nsImageFrame::OnStartContainer should not assume that its intrinsic size has changed. r=roc
9c84cf6b4d2c63c67ca581cd7bde68ebcb567e29Boris Zbarsky — Bug 666516. Stop casting things gotten by contract to concrete classes. r=kaie
5afcb349cb1cda0c930b94a8f47c5a652d931647Josh Matthews — Bug 681061 - Avoid compartment mismatch error when displaying a growl notification. r=mrbkap
6f12501fde073115b7babd7d78be9636a3401f06Ali Juma — Bug 677920 - Part 2: Fix handling of Android surface lifecycle events when using GL layers. r=blassey
6e7449c449ba336e49e2167d8edf3c28169c9962Ali Juma — Bug 677920 - Part 1: Add a ReleaseSurface method to GLContextEGL. r=matt.woodrow
dff3ecc0451a911ea5f96c2cd8b8a9cdcc28584bJason Orendorff — Back out 305a3a0e26fd (bug 680428).
f7697e32bbf5908d821cb528a66835beb5d8e7c6Jason Orendorff — Back out 62f8ca0717d6 (bug 658491).
5ed21fb6d81a9f530a8ce4b638db67c791f8f262Jason Orendorff — Back out d44b0dd28b0d (bug 673125 part 1).
3cbe0a312779fa89bd7d5adbda36494437563c68Jason Orendorff — Back out 7196b000f9df (bug 673125 part 2).
46dcf0b550eed68464e3a9a9ee942caa1e58a007Jason Orendorff — Back out 331146c93ebe (bug 673125 part 3).
7d5ebc4ed8b35e6ef7ee4f91b2e9e6ab70eeb7a8Jason Orendorff — Back out 4a86c9387193 (bug 673125 part 4) due to red and orange.
5bfb2f2d1464fa30517b87872f505c06a6657696Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Pass --target both in mozconfig.leopard and mozconfig.common. r=ted.mielczarek.
4a86c9387193773d6ce52a10946ca94dc14b7149Jim Blandy — Bug 673125: Implement the Debugger.Frame.prototype.onStep accessor. r=jorendorff.
331146c93ebedb27babefef5321f33bef6806830Jim Blandy — Bug 673125: Provide stack-allocated vectors of JSObject pointers. r=luke.
7196b000f9dfc0ef65d2e1b82d96f8cc3695668eJim Blandy — Bug 673125: Have each JSScript maintain both a count and a flag indicating whether it should be in single-step mode. r=jorendorff.
d44b0dd28b0d1fe7f1ed83ccc85dad95a1be1cd6Jim Blandy — Bug 673125: Maintain a list of active js::Interrupt frames, their FrameRegs, and their interruptors. r=jorendorff.
62f8ca0717d690f45d2975ad6a2168fdd88fe139Brian Hackett — Restore frame pointer at exception block entry before invoking any trap, bug 658491. r=jorendorff.
305a3a0e26fdeb31669d76ee901d84073aadeb00Jason Orendorff — Bug 680428 - onEnterFrame does not work with tracejit. r=dvander.
d898ca543bbb8beb57a9fbb3dc6a07dfefb45908L. David Baron — Add missing </title> that was causing these tests to be commented out. (Bug 681403)
d303dca1216d0957438b76ee273574c10f2c6c67Fabien Cazenave — Bug 677752 - [contentEditable] indent and justify* fail on editable nodes that have only one child; r=ehsan
a624f57a9e6f693243af539fc9f4699421165e2aarno renevier — bug 678842: remember spell check setting per site; r=ehsan
1aff514348dea3e0052c65f8cfd5f4cbad79b96bStephen Horlander — Bug 679771 - replace keyhole-circle-lion.png with non-fuzzy version. r=dao
00e6b254d211b1ea42e88eac521a30912584f93dOleg Romashin — Bug 680488 - QFeedBack include is not needed for geolocation provider file; r=dougt
5347b86eba430a06fad759918ebd526c574b9fb2Lucas Rocha — Bug 666236 - Only allow browser to go back/forward when those are valid operations; r=mfinkle
d9859ad8932b023baef1623587f25f4ca90f9628Lucas Rocha — Bug 666236 - Don't pass argument to methods that don't use it; r=mfinkle
72f1510e3f31ee8b9e4f717b0aefa0af14ad0265Alfred Kayser — Bug 529733 - Crash in nsCacheMetaData::SetElement; r=michal,jduell
4bd995181c52bbd6aebbadc1b778b8440aeb2a53Geoff Brown — Bug 679602 - Improve robustness of devicemanagerADB: check for adb, remote cp; r=jmaher
4a4b93a6a7341fd1e88af8ad51dfc726dbe12e8eLucas Rocha — Bug 668760 - Show message when there are no desktop tabs to display (r=mbrubeck)
4a130dda0ed837fafe3555f32aee1737d4e419b4Lucas Rocha — Bug 668760 - Refactor get desktop tabs to receive weave engine as argument (r=mbrubeck)
f532be24c7c85950dd1bdaf8d0a38d5909da7b56Lucas Rocha — Bug 668760 - Factor out method to get weave engine (r=mbrubeck)
ac0b1fc28e3de2cd460976f239e828aee0d39976Lucas Rocha — Bug 668760 - Add message label element to remotetabs-list (r=mbrubeck)
35413f020d21cc78b0db8859decfc27434434272Lucas Rocha — Bug 668760 - Optimize historylist's and remotetabslist's CSS [r=mbrubeck]
cdbac24d57d944512c5e1138a940148b5ecffc14Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound.
511103df06b48c5f1d488400233198ee8213e08eJacek Caban — Bug 680872 - PolyIC.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64 r=jorendorff
a5a018eb7e540bce80c47d5a6121d8211caad02aJacek Caban — Bug 670093 - gfx/2d fails to compile on mingw r=bas.schouten
09243eb3e97dd2dd433039c8bcbbea5375366df3Neil Deakin — Bug 666256, another fix needed
43669eae1968ec8ab14a73dfb77350a0ec1c8911Mike Hommey — Bug 680642 - Don't enable YARR JIT on MIPS, as the implementation is missing. r=dmandelin
5847fed3426746e8692fdf4221acbd0917237d42Mike Hommey — Bug 670719 - Only add -DENABLE_JIT=1 to CXXFLAGS if any of trace/method/yarr jit is enabled. r=dmandelin
93e8590445364cc0a5710e276912aa55b8a938e4Mike Hommey — Bug 681203 - Bind all symbols when dynamic symbol lookup is not supported. r=mwu
4ec64d3561f0edf1a33c5e9e7f2009721f0e1027Neil Deakin — Bug 666256, qt fix
f86747fb659edf2e66ee42c0004e4b9492940bebNeil Deakin — Bug 533460 - Allow custom panels/windows to be used as drag/drop feedback images. r=karlt,josh,roc
566f15cb9c5b8e01468f51e2b0f1b6ff692c8d3eNeil Deakin — Bug 666256, cannot drop files onto a plugin, r=smaug
198c7de0699d3e2faed778968a519255d8b10e1ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 681519 - ID for change.synckey.acceptButton has not been changed. r=rnewman
fc9a011616cce0d0c77ec48f56bdbe1e1e2c2f98Allison Naaktgeboren — Merge services-central into mozilla-central.
904783c227c86a82f1d92a556f61bdcbf7b45d38Richard Newman — Bug 637576 - Part 2: Sync Form engine: cache queries. r=philikon
0b209890603fab79662900a3ea24c7b2f4a9b227Richard Newman — Bug 637576 - Part 1: Sync Form engine: reuse column name arrays. r=philikon
7df9d5dfdb75c4c9b9aeab0c473cc0a55b24e741Richard Newman — Bug 637576 - Part 0: Sync Form engine: tidying and cleanup. r=philikon
2e842de9564da92b7ee384eccff37942b2eb7b07Richard Newman — Bug 680678 - Sync: byteArrayToString appears more than once in util.js. r=philikon
2a68cc330b3406aef2ccb15ccfc8fee46dbf4b40Richard Newman — Merge in a backout from m-c.
2a9fb4f365011f1d6e3949df5ecda28ddc8bcee7Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
dfb016c497aeefbd7d810eb648586c67ce6eb0b7Richard Newman — Bug 679279 - Part 4: bookmarks engine cleanup. r=philikon
becba4169e3738740e5130f848b3a6be0dc83843Richard Newman — Bug 679279 - Part 3: Object.keys and test improvements. r=philikon
7e4d90c683519e6877acc7c482baf00f4a06e50fRichard Newman — Bug 679279 - Part 2: add missing 'let' in async.js and service.js to avoid strict warning. r=philikon
61eaf2179fef1c092cce12b680608aae252e4e24Richard Newman — Bug 679279 - Part 1: minor improvements to engines code. r=philikon
858c7fa7af70585834d9947506ff1c6452c54ffbAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 656492 - Rename "Sync Key" to "Recovery Key". r=philikon
66264eefc193af477009fe367b1495d0a72341cbPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 676110 - Part 4: Adapt Sync's history engine to implement handleCompletion. r=rnewman
fda809e5d6e9cffa40659b8101824001cf877377Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 676110 - Part 3b: Remove double enqueuing from PlacesEvent. r=mak
d8fa1eccdbbe852a45414db3ba9a982abe9ce67fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 676110 - Part 3: Replace 'places-updateplaces-complete' observer notification with mozIVisitInfoCallback::handleCompletion. r=mak
ba8de1dee071c2cb926f7b618910b1b6ba16d58bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 676110 - Part 2: Tests for mozIVisitInfoCallback::handleCompletion. r=mak
361251a52012e8623c12468870a992996aa37b38Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 676110 - Part 1: IDL changes for mozIVisitInfoCallback::handleCompletion. r=mak sr=rstrong
ca3a6de3a37ec8de2b89f1f60c2c3d7056d3853ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 676110 - Part 0: Rename NotifyCompletion to NotifyVisitInfoCallback. r=mak
875ce445cdbf0fb2ae1d5d493a7172728b71fa7fJonathan Griffin — Rev FF version for TPS extension, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
ce40d612aa2707d326dff9c2ac948dc8f6a9a2b0Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
d3d4b249830da7297387515d2898f42127a7df07Jonathan Griffin — rev mozautolog version, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
f98d55db4fa39239032a5ba3bae4fa0a5b8afbfcRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
6ec6c57945f0566bbea447949be2ff809efcbe32Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
7550224fb6c1b689f0a4772b92e46be432b31b93Gregory Szorc — Bug 676042 - Track Clients engine score in global sync score; r=philikon
0815c4e5b498ec351363d982d886a67a8e47f6f3Gregory Szorc — Bug 676375 - Implement "send URI for display" command in Sync Clients engine; r=rnewman
8f2530ae725a8b5333c2052b7a3d195af74b80cfMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
1e02b2b0d6a6c150d9acd9ea14ed2542be17fa73Marco Bonardo — Bug 680550 - Handle removeAllPages more sanely in tests.
d051bc49c30475b0f0f06078bf1139ced70e25f1Jonathan Kew — bug 680037 - check calls for failure before using the results in nsFontFaceLoader::LoadTimerCallback. r=jdaggett
aa9f34f40b16d7e26a8e47b70ce44118c9187f18Jonathan Kew — bug 637179 - use PRUint32 for character/cluster indexes to avoid build warnings. r=jwatt
3d4e0b24e7d10d2bbaebcf48f6038eae9b4e48a9Jonathan Kew — bug 680717 - use the correct loop index variable when parsing cmap VS subtable. r=jdaggett
08a3ae5c564a9846cd661b32932243303173c9aeEd Morley — Bug 680864 - Part B - Remove IPC_MESSAGE_ENABLE_RPC/BASE_API defines + histogrammer leftovers; r=cjones
0f3983da53fb9f3da65630abc6bb495d5d7a663dEd Morley — Bug 680864 - Remove CHROMIUM_MOZILLA_BUILD ifdefs, since always defined and #ifndef codepaths broken anyway; r=cjones
4b8e0357f28c532ad49e4940fe5cacb849677633Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset 1720b28e3115 (Bug 678420) since it caused an exponential increase of Win M4 failures.
071d9c997f3d44c52e4dcf798ec466245b3b88c1Olli Pettay — Bug 680687, Follow COM rules - keep strong ref to object, r=jst
a41b781330a6bf4669c6ec32f4082374924c2137Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
ecb597abc0bfb40a3c42235c6cfcfc86af78616dMichael Ventnor — Bug 446569 - Implement prefixed CSS3 columns shorthand r=dbaron
884897e976ad333070bc0a9668a670028ae69318Matt Brubeck — Bug 624552 - Disable Firefox Sync temporarily when master password entry fails. [r=mfinkle]
ea8d99353056f8e67a22a04e79f9f8b656b950e2Justin Lebar — Bug 680257 - Always call nsDocShell::ScrollToAnchor on short-circuited loads, so as to make sure the target pseudo-class is updated correctly. r=bz
562229c22e9782ef0bf2720bbbb98d71c6eb252fEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset e57b659ee5dd (bug 678842) because the test is wrong, and it should never pass
09a0af24837d0c3f571ec450b4432a2b92061fd5Michael Wu — Bug 676192 - Remove kHashEnumerateRemove and make nsHashtableEnumFunc return PRBool, r=bsmedberg
0fba4d8f69c522d6578b710bc1e77fc3a3907cb8Michael Wu — Bug 671190 - Stop using BOGUS_DEFAULT_*_PREF_VALUE in prefapi.cpp and cleanup PRBool abuse, r=bsmedberg
f385c77d177ef1e3dcdb30a180e0ce92e1b48204Brian Birtles — Bug 562815 part 7 - Don't cache display animation values (due to bug 536660); r=dholbert
621f3dd51ed24c5a5ed986ca4c2b228ac9f27f08Brian Birtles — Bug 562815 part 6 - Check if property is cached in rule tree; r=dbaron
d571c0e5cf180acf8506895bf7c9916a8a204bb4Brian Birtles — Bug 562815 part 5 - Split StyleWithDeclarationAdded; r=dbaron
fa81eb3743d7ffcf7c3acf9ff04d3accd526743fBrian Birtles — Bug 562815 part 3 - Add context-sensitive flag to style animation resolution; r=dholbert
c75d1fd80110c283bba11f652872f85409315945Brian Birtles — Bug 562815 part 2b - Add even more tests; r=dholbert
cfdaadaff7c6dd38675a5859824f4913e4b5625cBrian Birtles — Bug 562815 part 2a - Add further tests; r=dholbert
d38070172b154bc71c8e814a58d87c32fbf7d3b6Brian Birtles — Bug 562815 part 1 - refactor test_smilChangeAfterFrozen.xhtml; r=dholbert
713be47aa3f9fc9e5027645bfb3eebac281d586eSteve Fink — Bug 678954 - Add object files back into dtrace command line for Solaris dtrace support (r=khuey)
e57b659ee5dd47e38976ab1a200fe466fd539b30arno renevier — bug 678842: remember spell check setting per site; r=ehsan
ff19c78bded4fe275efdd9eb008619b8ee46f6cbBenoit Girard — Bug 621745 - Correctly handle EGL surfaceChange event causing glitches on resize; r=jmuizelaar
33479afad8bfdfa7ff9b7022b7a47b17d808d060Chris Pearce — Bug 671745 - Remove another unnecessary and orange-inducing play() in test_replay_metadata. r=kinetik
cb78a420956051932ca102d7a26eb3da072bed3aMounir Lamouri — Bug 680747 - Set a min and pref width to nsProgressFrame. r=dbaron
e588d3deca71eac74ea98af96738dcaa418798a0Wes Johnston — Bug 624570 - Check for master password in BadgeHandler. r=mfinkle
c8eea83232b2d0dbf19c9fe8315517dabe09212bBill McCloskey — Bug 679593 - Null out JSScript (r=dmandelin)
408b90991d1793b1fe70fb367d34f1dd21d7e088Ed Morley — Backout e10579e136f1 (bug 680636) for breaking pymake builds
6fd03fb1badabcd981f243db25b75ea595b874f7Taras Glek — Bug 680508: disable telemetry for content-processes r=glandium
144ee7f1e5ad9a45ec8090b2728b2f46fadd1045Taras Glek — Bug 680197 - Link from telemetryhistograms.h + telemetryping.js to the list of probes wiki r=glandium
c7c232adc3ec8c6d9cbe71af6933b05625e2ebdfHan Chang — Bug 673260. HttpChannelChild::RecvAssociateApplicationCache needs to be buffered. r=jduell
3f728ae0066c73d4db4f47d9aefe5750157e2f24Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629719 - Turn off the maximum word length check for spell checking; r=smaug
84d701850381f27f35310a4a644f415cac257db3Kyle Huey — Bug 681024: Don't do third party checks on indexedDB for chrome windows. r=bent
622e4cb255f1ca0cdb5ae0af152ca5072589273bMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound to fix oranges
92ad56b41428f102e3b24d6280ffd41ae73c8567Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678209 - Fix c++0x initializer list error found by clang. r=jonas
98725bc76d7eb71380a381fd371253bac585f8afBobby Holley — Bug 679494 - UUID rev followup. r=khuey
0812db89f2f2939aed67c6987e2b22e54d24b851Dão Gottwald — Bug 677027 - Implement conditional forward button for gnomestripe. r=shorlander
742b8b74473e1210497adb80c034607dbc35b7f7Mounir Lamouri — Backed out bug 680747 due to missing files.
f2d73e22ea287d8c146afc1dde8f27aae711443cMounir Lamouri — Bug 680747 - Set a min and pref width to nsProgressFrame. r=dbaron
e10579e136f1859c067da16eeb0b46f23bb775e6Gregory Szorc — Bug 680636 - Execute as Python module under PyMake; r=khuey
bf17068db7de8833b2cff42886f505f683ce1ce1arno renevier — Bug 680883 - unneeded nsIPluginHost QueryInterface in sanitize.js and nsPrivateBrowsingService.js; r=ehsan
e11c851aab48b70d958a38eac5a80fb43d29137bTrevor Saunders — bug 680929 - don't return empty relations to atk r=davidb
14ebdc83383736e491333f88e5a3e468cefa7f6cMounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound.
452d6e41403297b509498d364e3cf01aead59497Matt Brubeck — Bug 680779 - Fall back to single file chooser on Android for input[type=file multiple]. r=blassey
1ee70d6bb2c8ce742aa6171b00d0c765537e7597Gregory Szorc — Bug 680534 - Clean up $(IDL_DIR) rule definition; r=khuey
4ce563287cd132e1fef5c162a7d3892a509d22a0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680711 - Remove the BUILD_MODULES variable. r=khuey
f56c271dec3505cdeb356fb46266f7dde34855f0Matt Brubeck — Bug 599936 - Silence warning about sort operations in moz_historyvisits query [r=mak]
1a09781a5480a2c8ae6f193a326cbf34167bc52bJulian Reschke — Bug 665706 - Remove historic special handling for semicolons in URIs. r=rjesup
7eb1a56eaaf1bdd55c3897a3d1d9c1445f5474b5Makoto Kato — Bug 680818 - HAVE_STDCALL is unnecessary on Win64. r=khuey
212179627888890b98d17ec176c26bf5634d2e21Michal Novotny — Bug 681085 - sync cache map file after writing the header
0ae2d673d617df09898d4067790a16c9e3c47357Matt Brubeck — Back out bug 679864 (e6a4dd7f9906 - 7a9079ac5718) because of Win debug M1 failures
1720b28e311583b9858873ad24160728806a351dJonathan Griffin — Bug 678420 - target div during back nav, r=ehsan, a=testonly
33e4aa663bba7fd563ab0bc2023b6219cf812c44Ben Turner — Back out bug 653361 for causing plugin crashes (bug 680862).
c8f2a44d604b3ff4dce90c60fa03439c58ca9a66Mounir Lamouri — Merging mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
ac57320746e8e9ec9dd3091740f84899d1d688b2Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 680361 - Remove reference to modules/plugin/ from testing/xpcshell/xpcshell.ini; r=josh
c11ae0f171a4044f4ae3190148dab38267c78013Mounir Lamouri — Bug 657702 - Remove leading and trailing whitespaces in <input type='email'> value sanitizing algorithm. r=smaug
4b1410af17c7ff2bc900a5bd035256034eeda4bfMounir Lamouri — Bug 680518 - Progress element should invalidate itself when the bar size changes. r=roc
1933e939180e4a1900be87fd2105291305da46fdMarco Bonardo — Bug 675416 - Fetching bookmarks information during onBeforeItemRemove may break the bookmarks cache.
92b574170b330d2feaebcc5349fc7d834f93dd7dnospam kotarou dono — Bug 672024 - Mingw build error: undefined reference to `WinMain@16\' in nsinstall_win.c r=khuey
98f26632de7f4151d43a29b374ccad61fda539ddJacek Caban — Bug 680865 - TestDllInterceptor.cpp fails to compile on mingw r=glandium
7b7109b4bfb722b984e7e0869612000dfdc8bda7Jacek Caban — Bug 680866 - nsFilePicker.h fails to compile on mingw r=neil
7a9079ac5718060ff0d496910d9d2107124ccc1cBenoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [5/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
f75a4788bf96837384a2e19d882fbe19a6824a6dBenoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [4/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
dda19a1784be8a90dc87fa6fed8ea6068e4e0227Benoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [3/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
4a25f1be8038aa9e5abff13161e4cbdb13e9279fBenoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [2/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
e6a4dd7f990600fbb24ada248151b778f0775df1Benoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [1/5] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318
3d32e28b81a0ad2abd4271244921ee8ee1153390Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 680515.
c9f050fe21a3d29c8154ad88af23734340527c1dKyle Huey — Backed out changeset 53f198cfbf47 because Bug 680515 caused compiler flags to change undesirably.
b7c8af20e4009560b86cb6b84d7025b62ceaaa25Kyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
ea0fb4946b29fd4aaa4eec45934a604cbe248a7cGeoff Brown — Bug 668351 - Add make targets to run xpcshell tests on Android; r=jmaher
925a6fb68f91a860e7ff794aef14ac777937603bGeoff Brown — Bug 668349 - Changes to xpcshell.ini; r=jmaher
4512e937ac29d9177b47ee482e62be674288b3eaGeoff Brown — Bug 668349 - Add or update script to run xpcshell tests on Android; r=jmaher
5378c0b9525a63a24a7798c29cdcae43255e21f1Geoff Brown — Bug 678385 - Device manager needs to be updated for package name + username; r=jmaher
da3b0e3fadc792eb8c6355991429c68369c1e603Brad Lassey — Bug 661282 - Follow up: Bring back the original handling for not specifying --appomni; f=gbrown r=bsmedberg
163bc0f5774788209945ab00cfd74faacf2291a3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 680827 - Undo nsPresArena workaround from bug 678422. r=roc.
09420e7880130fea54f60a9a7d4e9f038a16c9bdSander van Veen — Bug 673331 - Add identifying information to system compartments. r=mrbkap.
30e7c0dfeb3a9b8aedd44f2606429edeb3ee01c7Oleg Romashin — Bug 679575 - Aegis should be enabled for Maemo6 define; r=dougt
45f8416ebe6560de8c2f1cb3448e54b0504dad09Oleg Romashin — Bug 679923 - Fennec must deactivate last selected tab when it goes to background; r=mbrubeck,blassey,mfinkle
b51e7241dd13b91294e5f31a46d734dfa611f78bOleg Romashin — Bug 679733 - Widget Qt should send system notifications (display, taskswitcher, flight modes); f=azakai, r=dougt
f41df039db034120c9cf999f362cadff885b76b1Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
9d6e9b1c7807759887c3c2d2d4dc7f2996adbf27Blair McBride — Bug 680117 - Footer string in the new Add-on selection window should wrap to fit long localizations. r=dtownsend
eb8e9468f409c9efeec64e5631f87ae192ab727cTim Taubert — Back out bug 674926 (changeset 7837b186b10b)
1ea40cc5b3f3677f5ffa60eef3e879302f5253bfTim Taubert — Bug 650280 - Switching from Private Browsing to Normal Browsing keeps search strings while in Panorama; r=ehsan
7837b186b10b0233bba56a39d41a0a56af8d4e6cTim Taubert — Bug 674926 - refactor the webProgressListener used to keep track of whether to save tab thumbnails; r=dietrich
8579b0386cee3b7fc821a5d73f7020537382828cTim Taubert — Bug 626455 - modal dialog in onbeforeunload: browser freeze after removing last tab group in panorama; r=dietrich
c687cfaa9a68a3be8246df8abd13fd1c45b3cd7cTim Taubert — Bug 662812 - Panorama isn't aware of the current SSWindowState when being initialized; r=zpao
399aba688a193fe6523f672a1ea7ed04d1963956Tim Taubert — Bug 680686 - Remove AllTabs.jsm until the all-windows feature gets properly implemented; r=dao
d827ae445f330ec372fc79b334cab69213e5ff04Tim Taubert — Bug 680649 - inspector leaks iframe [chrome://browser/content/inspector.html] until shutdown; r=dcamp
b2617200c0dd468f98ab1f8ecdca59e9577431c9Tim Taubert — Bug 680647 - undefined variables in some tests cause leaks; r=dao
482742e6fff759fb007cb4414208862a72308b77Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
857f058efa567b1d6464f8541e9e6ecdcd37b935Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 679971 - Remove Navigator.taintEnabled(); r=gal
c3679628bee56a99d714920dd17359bfa747190aHonza Bambas — Bug 673226 - Null timestamp usage in telemetry code; r=jduell.mcbugs
95996d0763a6b739ac9db4e472aa031ce7961f40Honza Bambas — Bug 662555 - Race condition when measuring responseEnd; r=jduell.mcbugs
13010f8b9fe1d2920b5d77d305ae66983cd053d8timeless — Bug 620306 - Crash [@ nsFtpState::Init] for oom from BeginWriting(); r=biesi
b727463566a158c1696fc0c464ab96a109032f09L. David Baron — Remove quirks mode check that should have been removed when standards-mode and quirks-mode text-decorations were merged in bug 403524, changeset 83b2648ee442. (Bug 680505, patch 2) r=roc
1d2b61ed8e44fade21ceb70a88c77ae2743e66ddL. David Baron — Remove overflow handling that should have been removed along with the standards-mode text-shadow of text-decoration handling in bug 403524, changeset 83b2648ee442. (Bug 680505, patch 1) r=roc
512ce8163e8890207f5de5a4bec9fae5948bc719L. David Baron — Make tests for bug 403524 use local images rather than http: ones.
e6fc16452e5273dacee60363a8909d8f8419d539Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 678030. gfxinfo: Report subsys ids in crashes. r=ajuma,bjacob
c51e35b364e662459866a3f53dbb627b8d97f9e0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 678030. gfxinfo: Refactor id parsing. r=ajuma
53f198cfbf478a26fb0a9c00e0a87f5a2d019ce4Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680515 - Don't use MODULE_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS in js/src.
1e2e4aa817cd4d39767739ffa07c7c695f35ef5cMats Palmgren — Bug 677582 - Tests for CSS3 text-overflow: <left> <right>. r=roc
0f6660f35a46c304de105d504453273354665b7eMats Palmgren — Bug 677582 - Implement CSS3 text-overflow: <left> <right> in layout. r=roc
f700f4ef73b9ea8d2480c87934bc825dea6a5395Mats Palmgren — Bug 677582 - Implement CSS3 text-overflow: <left> <right> in the style system. r=dbaron
be2eb19328c43951d371e6761dcc8b043d5bb437Benoit Girard — Bug 644733 - [Mac] Fix cases where new windows wouldn't open on multi-monitor configurations; r=smichaud
955f83dc4372d50ab24ff685d462f036b68aae1eJustin Wood — Merge backout
7797172fc164f2f75bb739b47e99f1a5eaaa53a6Justin Wood — Backout Bug 594876, Bug 675474, and Bug 675532, to fix OSX64 Reftest orange, and Linux perf regression. rs+=edmorly
4d3de57cf81321d04014c64e11b0e7f2e5ab9941Robert Longson — Bug 680035 - Filter elements do not react to color-interpolation-filters attribute changes. r=roc
279d6114667df516015ee497b16004f8ee5284fdMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 680361 - rm modules/plugin/ r=josh
46bdfa1f1eba14f6afb8be48e94c013da7852c43Ed Morley — Bug 680450 - Rm the now empty db/ to save traversing it during the build; rs=khuey
d5514e9dd45c910d897c29c2ea4f1af013a22ef7Ed Morley — Bug 677787 - Remove unique_pointer from typelib code; r=khuey
e5547e100b27b09e1d06eeb740313290664d2436Ed Morley — Bug 667021 - Remove nsIDOMDocumentCSS.idl from the tree; r=roc
4738b38a2f3cab155b1bcb58fc03e290a93aa89bBernd — bug 211636 replace shared table attribute mapping by a more rule conforming mapping r=dbaron
b1844f9cf7773d2e024ace934be4fd966f6fdae5Bobby Holley — Bug 679494 - Tests. r=khuey
70a6be6a9caaa6fcd351381429d4590d1849d83dBobby Holley — Bug 679494 - Wrap value returned from nsDOMMessageEvent::GetData. r=mrbkap
0a920411e64c019db924a46ae617074f868df3b1Matt Woodrow — Bug 594876 - Turn OpenGL compositing on by default on X11. r=joe
58147380793b71cadae0ed29930b30f4a76e135aMatt Woodrow — Bug 675474 - Draw all ThebesLayer content before compositing and synchronize with glXWaitX on GLX. r=bjacob,roc
96e052b3e845f99e91bac5783ba94fc029870b80Matt Woodrow — Bug 675532 - Add GLX debugging mode. r=bjacob
8f1ad97f4bc2f48a73fc2573bf5f1dee1d168cf0Phil Ringnalda — Back out ecef6506d094 (bug 680515) for busting opt OS X
6d0afd5ef9b253148578384c25a52c897caa2c3fMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
1b73567f747b3e073a11fa13d3406941493938ccL. David Baron — Annotate reftest for bug 442228 as failing on Android.
ecef6506d094b2cbdb504d68becfbb6d6ecb86ceRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 680515 - Setting MOZ_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS in js/src/ is not effective; r=khuey
d6745c14f05147c46148571f3590b40929521efeFabien Cazenave — Bug 680279 - Splitting Gmail rich-text list with Enter misplaces the caret; r=ehsan
139eed687d7736857901d759b8cc3038e91d1685L. David Baron — Actually run the reftests in layout/xul/base/reftest/ .
e09d10ebeaa8f2000bcd521cd5563e24dd321d5dL. David Baron — Add reftest for bug 677091.
16e0d32eb59cdb87634911efacbcdb79dcde491fMatt Brubeck — Bug 642996 - Remove 'Save Link' from the Fennec context menu [r=wesj]
92c74d08dcdbf1dd7491ff0cce02d5c0a1026f3bMatt Brubeck — Bug 680425 - Tapping on a selected word does not copy the word to clipboard [r=blassey]
55d39961ce6b67b6c4d465e0095b0415824dd707Chris Jones — Bug 660483: Fix some error span from mochitest-browser-chrome. r=mfinkle
2eb805907da1437d1b49750a20de078232602663David Flanagan — Bug 680228 - In Disassemble show associated catch for a try opcode. r=sphink
008e94e45b29419c5e85fa7e71df10bb57278656Jim Mathies — Bug 680528 - Make use of the cached UserAgent string in PluginModuleChild. r=bent
1d2621d8b9634dfd9c86b9286d792ecf6518c689Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 679796 - Make js_DumpStackFrame traverse saved frame chains and use the topmost iterated frame, not cx->fp(), r=luke
77704e4f395bc71b92bb0cc4a1a45e42d208e9eearno renevier — Bug 677864: fixes components members class description; r=mrbkap
427f162c761c195d919f3a593c82bea0e4851ccfJeff Muizelaar — Bug 668921. cairo: Fix fixup_unbounded_boxes() to work even if the box is smaller than the extents. r=ickle
bd9dd7e4c7ff976e31ddbd14be211219573aa2a8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 665987 - Win32 nsFilePicker does not clear out mFiles. r=jmathies
9f28a8fec3cbd789ea67237e5780f382077967f1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 668038 - nsFilePicker returned filenames are not canonicalized. r=neil
e4b0baf5db728876dc26c44034b4ab7fc55e764aLuke Wagner — Bug 676937 - Make entering a compartment and pushing a dummy frame an atomic stack operation (r=mrbkap)
df2aebf58b689b9b820587aacb57a712c86f7f93Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 part G - Define HAS_STDCALL for MSVC because it is necessary to specialize templates on function pointers, and we skip the compiler checks for MSVC, r=khuey
e8cb17fdc2f64f8adc93acb5c90c3d7d778967b1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 part E - fix up DOMStorage proxies (miscellaenous #includes from other places also included) r=mayhemer
97407f5d696f516eb56fae979d1d013699ef2f2aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 part D - Fix up URL classifier to stop using XPCOM proxies, r=dcamp
c2ca78ba49e27480fcd038180199d7ca2c45aa07Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 675221 part C - Remove XPCOM proxy usage from necko, r=jduell
1f7abb28b2768d2bca860ceb08cbe44826e90521Lucas Rocha — Bug 666257 - Remove redundant activePanel update (r=mbrubeck)
d73f45cc050613c69a084e52c75fd57c3525a681Lucas Rocha — Bug 666257 - Connect to Sync popup is not dismissed when device Back button is tapped in Awesome bar/Desktop Tab (r=mbrubeck)
82b14f7ed86d736696fbe68e9a6d0ae891f59be6Lucas Rocha — Bug 666257 - Dismiss dialogs before panels with Escape key (r=mbrubeck)
fd7bf2557b25d18d4fc6057199a7230c68c7d64cLucas Rocha — Bug 666257 - Always update dialog stack when setting activePanel (r=mbrubeck)
241af714f92df2d108448975263213c9ae3699a0Marco Castelluccio — Bug 679016 - Remove Netscape Profile Migrator; r=khuey
be9c15f7dd336427a760a05a0d292f6b6646ba92Makoto Kato — Bug 653361 - Dll Block list doesn't work when Avast! Anti-Virus is installed. r=vlad
33000157292b4cef2533a8769a49cd7d1e86d64dKai Engert — Bug 669061, Upgrade to NSS 3.13, starting with NSS_3_13_BETA1, r=wtc
79399ce1a1fbd1f10e22f9328d2af72b7cb0dcffLucas Rocha — Bug 676321 - Do not reset popup position on content resize, panning, and zooming (r=mbrubeck)
aa378dbf52e72b41e6c2e172ee966d715170a5a9Lucas Rocha — Bug 676321 - Sidebar briefly shows up on orientation change while using form autocomplete (r=mbrubeck)
38f76966da562e1b1040c8023370415e1ac2ba78Lucas Rocha — Bug 676321 - Remove redudant visibility update as anchorTo() does it too (r=mbrubeck)
bac63bffbc15af42f8b2bfe1fd87df78d1fce3d5Lucas Rocha — Bug 676321 - Small coding style fix in mobile's browser.js (r=mbrubeck)
d103df4833c4f032085c051355a0ee5d917cdcb6Lucas Rocha — Bug 676321 - Fix the phrasing of explanatory comment on ContentPopupHelper's anchorTo() (r=mbrubeck)
55377b8a385a322d6bba26543159b3ba80836251Marco Bonardo — Bug 669905 - Searching in Downloads folder should limit the search to downloads.
87e7c8dbba636345ac31e46ce96a9736754cb45cMs2ger — Merge backout
1cf660434af7165cd602069024bd3336a299ac9cMs2ger — Backout bug 679733 for Qt bustage.
e26b67a24a8ba5dcf642d90a455bb2211620e7b5Oleg Romashin — Bug 679283 - Implement DeviceMotion deviceOrientation for Qt port r=dougt
fb72354db34299c20a5ed2981caca7b5e0933044Oleg Romashin — Bug 679733 - Widget Qt should send system notifications (display, taskswitcher, flight modes); f=azakai+jbosch r=dougt
5d5f7e60a3225ae7bc9c525961cf683b588a9f55Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 679615 - Remove config/gtscc.c r=ted
d58d8fc0689727288a2e5ed980f3defcef9b14d0Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 678452 - Fix misuse of NS_ENSURE_ARG_POINTER. r=roc
d7591e5884e5ec46cbea7cef45461e50e8a95c10Oleg Romashin — Bug 679987 - [CGroups] fennec and plugin-container need to be both boosted on foreground. r=dougt
ce93c26d1ec3df8c6da512ccf2d72080e41b8dd0Dão Gottwald — Bug 673528 - Only add www and a domain suffix when the typed domain contains no dot, colon or space. r=gavin, ui-r=faaborg
07d34812bdee0abbce80d719973615129aa9a265Chris Lord — Bug 611315 - Fix handling of rotated ShadowBufferOGL. r=mattwoodrow
b879d413ce2da99a437899e0da53521f91439f22Chris Lord — Bug 611315 - Fix drawing of tiled GL Thebes layers with rotation. r=mattwoodrow
0c59eeb18700fadef7889e850f390057a54990b3Chris Lord — Bug 675908 - Fix TiledTextureImage updates. r=joe,romaxa
6dc468c41136e1c859678ac431d6e31d76fd8503Dão Gottwald — Bug 673528 - Only add www and a domain suffix when the typed domain contains no dot, colon or space. r=gavin, ui-r=faaborg
6009974c1e1c42edaf2e39f298d499f759e1eea9Jonathan Griffin — Bug 680164 - Comment out failing subtests of test_reftests_with_caret.html which are being masked by bug 678420. r=ehsan, a=testonly
af2098f08fc7a42c23f1a4fe4e17b43d79c8aafcMarty Rosenberg — Bug 678928: don't use fmem_imm_off in the macro assembler, use its wrapper: 'floatTransfer'. r=adrake
f0c4572db26071ae0863f0d2e97581d876851fd0Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 678867.
5d5b7df70df08dd62980dfce94c646060c420dafKyle Huey — Back out Bug 678867.
ce42b01e7f9578eec9b796922eda930557937570Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout
64a6b17da6e7a12ec7542715af19840c69b57969Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out bug 679864 because of mochitest-1 oranges
1d19ff806783f23b4847aee771568d5b807e2db2Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 659311 which made it to m-c prematurely.
7c3883a2fc31f31ed2ad6524c97012cdba74b6baBenoit Jacob — Bug 677531 - GLXtest process stays around as zombie until the data is used by GfxInfo - r=matt.woodrow
39fd1683ee6f05e901c1515c9851b0027135f750Benoit Jacob — Bug 659932 - GLXtest process should check for GLX >= 1.3 before calling glXCreatePixmap - r=dbaron
5c5eac0d8a45931279f952008e0546cf52e024f7Benoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [4/4] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318 -
33fa7668d7ad193425b43292cfe6dbf0548c24bdBenoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [3/4] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318 -
9c23283efbd5b04663974db01a0d50bea64e2019Benoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [2/4] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318 -
53cbb774bab3d4386eb0d004160e07c838f6550fBenoit Jacob — Bug 679864 - [1/4] Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15318 -
d963476cbf67a6a4e10223806842fa8af28ff03dBenjamin Smedberg — Merge the electrolysis branch to mozilla-central.
0ecd5149132ccd658fa372f95f51c1f244ec2f50Olli Pettay — Bug 669640 - Fix the message manager API to work with multiple content processes, r=bsmedberg
b764f55dd37d724dd80d002de3f09ecc9f271cc3Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 666748 - Optionally support a pool of content processes instead of a single one. r=jdm The followup patch for 669640 must land together with this one.
1881f9b5f8b50fa29a6b4f9885948e9ce632d22bMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
54a15fc04437f437a88253f971e343b03f591b0aPhil Ringnalda — Back out 902a7c3eb320 for failing to build on Windows, and 196df669baba for failing to build without it
f9f4c9a737fbf8cd17adea3c3adbffc0645cf134Doug Turner — Bug 661978 - Android file input activity deadlocks. r=blassey
c9c694fa048cac880a91474b4ccedaad6bdbca66Doug Turner — Bug XXXX - Correctly renames the Log() functions to use the right filename. rs=blassey
1ac35ad29f03b52815b8a9362e3f12764cd7f7c4Doug Turner — Bug 678818 - Ensure that the device motion is cancelled at ~nsGlobalWindow. r=jst
2586082fbd94bc68baa1265f45c5a2b6a8279eaeMatt Brubeck — Back out 6409a44ecb17 (bug 677173) because of test failures.
15abec6c69918653a36f9cb78f2c8ede8c3db85eBob Moss — bug 679038 - error building WatcherService for SUTAgent r=blassey
6409a44ecb1701d91aa76ab5d3118a4c4f7ced09Matt Woodrow — Bug 677173 - Remove 3D transform IDL properties until it is enabled by default. r=dbaron
cd982d1f49d62bbc5a740475338e4cc31e1a1342Josh Matthews — Bug 680275 - Ensure that the video load begins before adding the video to a new document. r=roc
46b3d16fc427f98b441e734997dd6c649bb9f03cJames Willcox — Bug 610834 - New windows opened don't get painted until resized. r=fabrice
73aafae10571356aa17af47e922f1af6118de217Luke Wagner — Bug 670071 - make Invoke + InvokeArgsGuard less error prone (r=waldo)
796b8466d549dc5db8df06f33210f8a1f02aaaf2Luke Wagner — Bug 678362 - HashTable should not require callers to bounds-check initial capacity (r=waldo)
5bbc3615e3877e0d3fb047263cc995bc72e9cb73Luke Wagner — Bug 677367 - Update pc in mjit throw-handling to match interp (r=dvander)
2e2e0dc4654c4ad405b7dc0af4c8f88a97083ac0Luke Wagner — Bug 677367 - Debug eval-in-frame needs to compute this of enclosing frame (r=jorendorff)
902a7c3eb320a18b4052db3c19fa750e42b4bb71Daniel Holbert — Bug 679832 followup: add an #include <stdint.h> to fix bustage on Linux Opt QT build.
a8199bd4af834b35ee89f5380c88f0bbf0c46bb9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 680277 - Debug builds should always be compiled with frame pointers; r=khuey
196df669baba497e9d2aabdd1dcc33f120d1bca5Daniel Holbert — Bug 679832: Explicitly cast to a pointer-sized integer, when converting between 32-bit ints and void* pointers in nsCheapSets.h. r=bsmedberg
c83fb1dd0e785e0b5f31fdeaa77a73cdda329603Daniel Holbert — Bug 511348 followup: Remove reference to missing Makefile from rs=ted
66dbf7e560ca9de619d9bfd7740329392ef64c05Brad Lassey — bug 654352 - follow up to make test for document.caretPositionFromPoint API more reliable r=me
9cc3a0162863e70bff1d5c9b358580c40c41ce9eBenjamin Stover — Bug 673122 Rotating Fennec to landscape causes checkerboard to appear indefinitely r=mbrubeck
00f9b3304811a191188521cc29ff1cc9034470c2Brad Lassey — bug 666977 - Panning ends selection in progress r=mbrubeck
636d0e651d5e610c0c30a511e16d0ac98cc49223Brad Lassey — bug 667243 - use caretPositionFromPoint for controlling text selection r=mfinkle
70b03a8b5a957b3b191774b1f8ef73a4c7ead5e9Brad Lassey — bug 654352 - document.caretPositionFromPoint API r=roc,smaug
e204fcdf504974372f450422ab851b41af959cfbEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 46dc0fb0b1cb (bug 674770) because of yet another mochitest-3 Windows failure
c51feb247cc4127b01b62a331bd6f370d85fe638Oleg Romashin — Bug 621228 - Make plugins listening presShell SetActive calls. r=jst
ec4956f17090631ec826f27e3da5ac6956717083Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
5691363f380fe07517235de738216fb40837fb1bTerrence Cole — Bug 547875 - No OOM check on trace when creating a null closure in JSOP_LAMBDA r=dmandelin
1dccbc1234f4b8869449c0242f8d4f9e3052162eJason Orendorff — Bug 679879 - Change JSFunction macros to methods. Part 2, js/src changes. r=Waldo.
a5c778f36c33c585196dabc198cbe7ea94fd37a6Jason Orendorff — Bug 679879 - Change JSFunction macros to methods. Part 1, remove the macro uses from caps. r=mrbkap.
6bb148047bb5f3715c812434b554db38cd692747Jason Orendorff — Bug 679013 - jsdbg2: Crash when a scripted proxy handler throws Error.prototype. r=Waldo.
fae3f1a9327b0270f33df3150be8bcbd6139fcd3Fabien Cazenave — Bug 680060 - [queryCommandEnabled] check `GetIsSelectionEditable' results; r=ehsan
861e1307c43c06c74b623b9dd6af591f646ecd31Doug Turner — Bug 677256 - Migrate to Google Location Service v2. r=stover
e79dbde50f8e5b61a6b2586ce02b6de19136cdb5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 675201 - Wait until the window opened by layout/generic/test/test_bug514732.html is closed before running the next test, hopefully fixing the intermittent orange in layout/generic/test/test_bug632379.xul; r=volkmar
46dc0fb0b1cb4b5b90bbb655f4e0d6d820e0aae6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 674770 - contenteditable breaks middle-click to open links when middlemouse.paste=true; r=roc
e8cb0687737a90e89871b38707153e8f98042a6dMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 678155 - Remove NS_COM. r=bsmedberg
6309d93cd072d3d9cc49a3c903e9022b3f64490bNeil Deakin — Bug 673301, crash using non-string data with text/plain drags, r=josh
58b7de3f9b79b713d74504e922c4bae8511cc34cEd Morley — Bug 670461 - Fix conversion from 'double' to 'PRUint32' build warning in gfx/src/nsRenderingContext.h(73); r=joedrew
690b443ea6891026d87aff42f4e71539033cfb6aOleg Romashin — Bug 679236 Add Maemo6 geolocation provider (Qt Mobility based). r=dougt
a67e4bd575b4dd74f1956567595cd32ca6b1e76dMarco Castelluccio — Bug 674014 - Remove "check whether mmap() sees write()s". r=glandium
0f8e88bb5bc89c285ddb71258a6e3bea4ca1f610Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 568971 - Nuke nsIGlobalHistory3. r=mak sr=bz
a98208ca4e1460d701bb194486631cca894644bbEd Morley — Bug 659234 - Remove unused variable |rv| from test_file_perms.cpp; r=sdwilsh
6f55c978504a545222a807b2c241676ff3d460f0Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 679616 - Stop whitelisting dead mozilla.widget.render-mode pref in about:support. r=bas
9e6e62e4fbc11b9f2aac13f2b732d1f42cf67b3eMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 679617 - Don't define TOPIC_FRECENCY_UPDATED twice. r=mak
acf10d96fa73fb8fca249669f12184f0bcd64f3bflod — Bug 649266 - Certificate window is broken with long text labels. r=kaie
8fbc35ff4d7cb1fa6df2acf0e6090e3428044e33Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 678794 - Remove NECKO_OFFLINE_CACHE checks. r=jduell
5046e7177feb47152e8b6cb82358f3e05e73cc50Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 678792 - Remove --disable-necko-disk-cache. r=khuey,jduell
63b8853b1d67da1b8c7a05ce9bb986157d58bb81Jonas Sicking — Bug 667612: Make addEventListener not throw if passed a null listener. r=smaug
805cd41a9b9fa7a7255a8be7ec568e46e5a30ae7Markus Stange — Bug 679717 - Add "mac-lion-theme" system metric in order to allow for Lion-specific CSS rules without the need for per-file manifest overrides. r=dbaron
6181ba4693f9face8f50d367f3de5593b500742dDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e68b6ce72fc3
2578bdcf32ee0727411fd5547600e0686e1d76f6Steven Michaud — Bug 678607 - Work around Apple bug to avoid crashing with two-finger swipe on OS X Lion. r=bgirard
b6b6c8e74766b7616d9f603a63528b7501b04f2cKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
ab68ef485d775c88114cc1b4cccc33fd66798efbKyle Huey — Bug 555482: Allow resetting resizers by double-clicking on the resizer. r=Enn
4ab18c9e38b1a8cac77cb5db5fe8687f11094a1aTed Mielczarek — Update NSPR to the NSPR_4_9_BETA1 tag. Fixes bug 676457, bug 653737, bug 673799, bug 673817, bug 678993, bug 676584
932c8414512f32c41e0d3eb9c9e483658ed7ab27Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
c0e7a77e62d85c975092318f2ecbc1b16937d1f1Tim Taubert — Bug 678816 - web console re-attaches console to non-tab-browser contentWindows; r=msucan
7de8e7bce4432323fa5af303e52e1f5a0df1e475Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
c458adeca5b560d8f9ea9608f329e8f29e884e1eMihai Sucan — Bug 679475 - Turn on Orion by default in Scratchpad post-merge in fx9; r=rcampbell
75eeb6cb7050af0c027302d7d76f228a888aa1bfMihai Sucan — Bug 678763 - Intermittent browser_sourceeditor_initialization.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output; r=rcampbell
a2cc2d7fa5473f42c92ec2b8d99ccb90b92c5647Kyle Simpson — Bug 575234 - Create attribute-value editor for HTML inspector; f=pwalton r=rcampbell,
4c3632a6d26b052fd19fba1491607045a2392edeRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
a2b79dba671030d52bf6ee42227d0e1c6d3c7207Jared Wein — Bug 676713 - Removed duplicate implementations of waitForClearHistory. r=mak77
cbb901789b3b7b301271540daeaf68c9bc10d9d1Jan Varga — A followup for bug 617528 - implement the HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu attribute). Merged "generated" and "ident" XUL attribute into "generateditemid" and renamed PageMenu.init() to PageMenu.maybeBuildAndAttachMenu(). r=enn
b904a9d949d6e0990a6888b22d823839f34b456fIan Neal — Bug 679320 - Add currentURI as a property to the xul:editor element r=ehsan
fb919f4fa210316d936e4cc4677462b0bf4fab68Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
e3f681b8147fc042399e654e6b1561801287cb22Kyle Huey — Bug 678867: Commit the half of the patch that mysteriously vanished. r=ted
c5882ebe849983442f77ea1992a82638307c05fdKyle Huey — Bug 678867: Eradicate VPATH abuse from js/src. r=ted
5d1198b8ba0ac9d6789f4276b397803af9a18399Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
15efac661d6a3ae92cc63edf6e0683ac30e3e969Mike Hommey — Backout changesets 66b336cc59b1 and dfe63797f67a (bug 676252) beause of Linux opt perma-red
66b336cc59b1ec3c9c4957fa0d4226b865af8382Mike Hommey — Fix-up for bug 676252
b0fa6b9a3e47a8e452521375a38be8e5b079014dMike Hommey — Bug 659311 - Avoid clobber between profile generate and use passes of PGO builds. r=ted
dfe63797f67a619bff1beb45c20982e300b9964aMike Hommey — Bug 676252 - Use a different object file extension for the first PGO build pass with GCC. r=ted
c5f8cb2c8ea463c620df1e7f1a44b257c0c58e66Mike Hommey — Bug 677577 - Force an early failure when fails. r=ted
f69a10f23bf334215464758d71ad900542856f5aMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
21dd913a5c92471d01e9be79ebbb941fa685e824Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset e6d269bc23b9 (bug 674251) to investigate Tdhtml regression on Mac.
3de869db521c06046f4bd4485ace8df1c387bb80Dave Townsend — Bug 679604: When an older version has persisted the last selected category the first view of the add-ons manager will fail to display any category. r=Unfocused
8d4257d1967c73a2180980c46c9fd390589bd2d8Chris Pearce — Bug 671745 - Remove unnecessary and orange-inducing play() in test_replay_metadata. r=doublec
860fb2ea7e2bc65aa71f1eeb174f0451a82dae2bBrian Smith — merged m-i
a23a0490b620ff3cea4bf9dca7339553f2d57a1aBrian Smith — Bug 677418: Remove unused nsNSSComponent::GetNSSCipherIDFromPrefString, r=kaie
53e4d3ac41dfdaa3bd88dbcb8e772e22dd44f585Brian Smith — Bug 677409: Remove unused nsICipherInfo API, r=kaie
e3a6de4920d05392d320f0ccfdc5074941f4db03Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 678922 - Telemeterize the "storage/sqlite" memory reporter. r=khuey.
4cfe93ab5d3b4000a407e6591b51ce2fb36212c8Makoto Kato — Bug 678451 - Remove unused gfx files (mozilla-decoder.*, gfxIFormats.idl and gfxidltypes.idl). r=joe
1b6414e98c4e552f8994535e0a5aea26cfd9818dMakoto Kato — Bug 678686 - package-manifest should has $(GLOBAL_DEPS) dependency. r=Callek
8813fd93ef5d8d204cd58c13de1ab7cf3f67452cMatthew Gregan — Bug 679269 - Rename SoundData{,Value} to AudioData{,Value} and fix inconsistent use of "sound" vs "audio". r=doublec
5a4ca4d59be491a1d8d68ee9ad9c40243682885bMatthew Gregan — Bug 679261 - sa_stream_get_min_write should return a result in bytes, not frames. r=cpearce
c54c3b67c10288c7ef0013a6cb17340cb9fe20cdMatthew Gregan — Bug 623444 - Remove unused non-blocking code from nsAudioStream. r=doublec
4789623b77f2e792c0d348f25598f361736ba168L. David Baron — Fix nsLayoutUtils::ComputeSizeWithIntrinsicDimensions to produce correct results when one of the tentative height/width (i.e., the intrinsic height/width) is 0. (Bug 677091) r=roc
d5c8e4c01f13cd5c8e0f04e6b0c7af7e393a6015Matt Brubeck — Bug 674212 - Skip reftest on Android because of timeouts (test-only)
35e465c9d470b54d0c7dd7111423bd453ac9b734Steven Michaud — Bug 678891 - Reduce delay for two-finger swipe on OS X Lion. r=mstange
7646eade98425467e7494db3b84c5c8391662cb3Markus Stange — Bug 677279 - Send momentum scroll events to the location of the last non-momentum scroll event. r=smichaud
4e2365ec6145d5bc246c0d07f210921be2b03641Steve Fink — Bug 679893 - Move up handling of -D js shell argument so that JSOPTION_PCCOUNTS is set before constructing the initial script for Function class (r=cdleary)
410678e3b7137a6d912ad553ce2ad2d2704b9142Mounir Lamouri — Bug 679499 - Add nsHTMLAnchorElement, nsHTMLSpanElement and nsHTMLDivElement to the DOM Memory Reporter. r=jst
f345becaf55b05b3f0a05fd9aea4d7d4457377a0Chris Lord — Bug 674494 - Uninitialised variable in ThebesLayerBuffer::BeginPaint. r=mattwoodrow
800f7541fb20db6cecf427c9342fde4efdb8abe4Fabien Cazenave — Bug 674212 - Modifying text of a contenteditable DOM Node removes spellcheck underlinings; r=ehsan
2c5ef30a89b26fc38d88c0848c391e68db8756ddEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset b75337bbcf6b (bug 677864) because of xpcshell test failure
de9252e8b8f46d84a84d7c89892d5d98252983bdMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset 3db901280232, (Bug 666385) to investigate Mac Tdhtml regression.
8fd6d6928229ab2defac3a1e5d7d3618414a0dc6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 318065 followup - Remove the extra finish call from the test
4cdc35309098d4f19a394cc8b1ab4a141db1b4d2James Willcox — Bug 627019 - ignore IME changes from gecko when other changes are still pending
05268baefef7ad036af54583ff5808157a223a19Markus Stange — Bug 678825 - Also unify toolbars that are wider than the window. r=josh
b75337bbcf6bef9d887357e862a6c3fead406c0carno renevier — Bug 677864 - Fixes components members class description. r=mrbkap
b23c1a9de86cfe00da3843e9d7bed15778d33b06arno renevier — Bug 677880 - Rename nsIScriptableInterfaces and nsIScriptableInterfacesByID. r=mrbkap
63f07bd1d64f39f801cb3f38196a788a1ddbc1fbFabien Cazenave — Bug 676401 - The document.queryCommandEnabled API doesn't take the active editing host into account; r=ehsan
9c2be071d1d6577bdd9bac101bea06bf873b25c3Jeff Walden — Bug 679019 - Make initializing the *Error classes non-generic, and combine their initialization with that of Error. r=jorendorff
9c338d07d7f836a9e1e60cc90f30ada4b150f232Jeff Walden — Bug 679019 - Move initializing the *Error classes into a helper function. r=jorendorff
8e85ef78e47f901e48a4efc9099b3dfab7feaad2Jeff Walden — Bug 679019 - Make initializing the single Error class non-generic. r=jorendorff
c5e84e1e62daf3e196e1aadcba60c89ea75f3c3aJason Orendorff — Build system: echo submake commands, just like all other commands. rs=ted.
5f0596a0b81e10538e29f084a5525825b8dd4229Luke Wagner — Backed out changeset 0cf822d12c64 (and dependent be91fb29d950 and 53dd7a930bae) due to intermittent crashes
170e2522e530285e049d9f8e6a0cb17547ae1ba0Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 318065 - Don't notify editor observers until bogus node state is reset. r=ehsan
e6d269bc23b91ac74bad6a774d367e1d9859ab32Igor Bukanov — bug 674251 - making JSScript a GC-thing. r=jorendorff
02acac85777ee3c967a9dc8c163f9fa83d08a1adMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset 0c4897315acc (Bug 446569) since it may have caused the m4 permaorange.
3db9012802323ecc0265e8e4b0418e5f29f355e1Benoit Girard — Bug 666385 - Fix tiled scrolling on Android; r=roc
565a69914c4bee1e554cf47f04bd6f6b14e55f2aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678008 - Fix elfhack build in c++0x mode. r=mh+mozilla
8f315a50dcc9736e0efa47d8110fc14dc3d80415Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 678028 - Fix build with clang in c++0x mode. r=joe
be62b6c4392a9eb07d5a570ba9a1450c1aa8d805Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 671428. cairo: Handle bad strides in acquire_source_surface. r=bas
0c4897315acce9bc8fc97cd1b9bb810cbd356f64Michael Ventnor — Bug 446569 - Implement prefixed CSS3 columns rule r=dbaron
be37d04181293fdaa17d1b5ed5a614eaa481aaf3Fabien Cazenave — Bug 456798 — Implement document.queryCommandSupported
8b970cb862f2e83f942a59261a5602400f726441Phil Ringnalda — Back out 700eb783676a (bug 678420) to try to stem the tide of Windows test_reftests_with_caret.html failures on a CLOSED TREE
0423f32a805431316f0a3cbb643c508ac1aa66ecPhil Ringnalda — Back out 3976958e0e32 and 8a0944d82364 (bug 679320) for Windows mochitest failures
b91dc5057fde2447e94217c5accaa2014086b810Mihai Sucan — Bug 679475 - Turn on Orion by default in Scratchpad post-merge in fx9; r=rcampbell; DONTBUILD
7054f0e3e70e12243256f0e9ceb2a51b66824281Makoto Kato — Bug 679473 - TestNativeXMLHttpRequest.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 6 unresolved externals. r=khuey
3976958e0e32566ea268b264f56320f9d79f2933Ian Neal — Bug 679320 - Add currentURI as a property to the xul:editor element r=ehsan
8a0944d82364cfadd8a7a2be9153d7edb2ff320aIan Neal — Bug 679320 - Add currentURI as a property to the xul:editor element (test) r=ehsan
700eb783676a0609afcf4cf8b0a2897961a5df6bJonathan Griffin — Bug 678420 - Target key events at div to prevent unintentional back nav during test, r=ehsan, a=testonly
dcb25d71220d814454b68aba05c761c91b265992Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
4533e6c94fe790043a1ebdbb7de1bd1a75bddacbPhil Ringnalda — Back out 84ac0004679c (bug 673112) for browser-chrome failures on a CLOSED TREE
84ac0004679c056b92a641b39b698e34d0dde475Benjamin Stover — Bug 673122 Rotating Fennec to landscape causes checkerboard to appear indefinitely r=mbrubeck
5af0f68f2320da2793bb2f3b2ef9a7573df610f3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 660369 - Consolidate widget debug output, use nspr logging instead of printing to stdout. r=jmathies, sr=roc
250fa13ab0b6f2cb92ade7d3ad35ffb1616c64d0Wes Johnston — Bug 596370 - Don't delete files opened with helper apps on Fennec exit [r=mbrubeck]
d9ec7a44e2ab399ecc0b7841a338687280cd6a6aMatt Brubeck — Bug 679120 - Allow negative numbers for integer prefs in mobile about:config [r=lucasr]
47ae156df73fcd85dc5389c0d8ccd37e25fa20d3Jason Orendorff — Bug 679346 - Fix GCC warning "‘void UnsafeError(const char*, ...)’ defined but not used" in jsdbgapi.cpp. r=gal.
c377771c2ecdbf6a77f81f2e7632acea10cd17f2Oleg Romashin — Bug 679149 - VKB jumping too much on maemo r=dougt
ea0c9306ef4afdac7421331217e0450fd095724cOleg Romashin — Bug 673395 - Support Haptic of MeeGo/Maemo 6. r=dholbert
50edc05d6ee883a4fa4f401aa296a1c1b960327bDaniel Holbert — Bug 678573: Remove unused variable |pollError| from nsSocketTransportService::DoPollIteration. r=jduell
604271b95a33764a36add2b957deabb55c0e45caLuke Wagner — Bug 679251 - InlineReturn should advance the pc always (r=dvander)
25fad7b95686ae05fc20c796c41451f91a073b4bJacob Bramley — Bug 669132: Optimize VFP memory accesses on ARM. [r=cdleary,Marty]
f9379ad86c5d1afdadd75bf4a468c4a2dab968f9Alexander Surkov — Bug 386821 - need better solution for firing delayed event against xul tree, r=tbsaunde
bef7bcdcd41e563f14b43439997f5d7689aaaeaaJim Mathies — Bug 677711 - Kill plugin processes when the child detects the browser is hung. r=bsmedberg
3d615a56ad46e4de2494d0f987fc12be7f45d0e9Ehsan Akhgari — Landing version bumps on a CLOSED TREE as DONTBUILD
e4cdd7cfd3c9c6e721f29068f87b9b7a9ef6dc7dEhsan Akhgari — Bump the XPCOM version from 8 to 9
a30ba216df46c8d179c9e0ba51e1c61a7fdb3b03Ehsan Akhgari — Bump the Firefox versions from 8 to 9 on mozilla-central
5c1add9cd9d71cf72ca22375b650ee21878ba143Ehsan Akhgari — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20110816 for changeset 41b84b87c816 on a CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
d7be7755f896aff33382d283f6f111aa88163308Christian Legnitto — closing old head
5c3b9b73e3d250996767e9f9b7f86a733f974c74Christian Legnitto — Added tag FIREFOX_BETA_8.0 for changeset e1d63abd60d5