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Wed Aug 26 01:47:58 2015 +0000
8f20947224b7947578c14ccd1e16f09608ccab4bDave Townsend — Bug 1042699 - Block cross-origin add-on install requests. r+a=dveditz, ba=dveditz
7fee86b95a6bea9be8b484c17521c65b1d2dcddaKyle Huey — Bug 1160447 - Expose internal necko result to content. r=jst, a=ritu
0519004d585e4f614ea8c064ce3e069d0ef0827faleth — Bug 1197612 - In test_TelemetrySendOldPings.js, set the FHR pref to the value the tests assume it has. r=gfritzsche, a=sledru
3b1c705d2c5379229a4e52ac3e2b1b3c7b2b0358Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1196341 - Check if VariablesView has a controller before trying to use it. r=ochameau, a=ritu
aa07a23e1f75b1206df4874c2eca75a66c73eab9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1185351 - Don't force inline style CSP checks on native anonymous content. r=ckerschb, a=ritu
c62eadac4e9afc0b2f4613d530da35cebbf94a5eDave Townsend — Bug 1195034 - Only show messages about add-ons being disabled if signing requirements are on. r=dao, a=ritu