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Sat Apr 28 16:43:38 2018 +0000
3a1aae811a582d2f78f893a4626e125e685caef8Dão Gottwald — Bug 1456522 - Stop making the tabs toolbar transparent when there's no title bar behind it, i.e. in fullscreen mode. r=stransky, a=RyanVM on a CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH
4bdbddf15a016877ba545646b97f008026ac6aa2Nick Alexander — Bug 1456487 - Update Firefox Account's first run UUID when re-connecting. r=rnewman, a=jcristau FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH
158373b08a9c5e1e4ebcaded41ca5bfb5be1d699Valentin Gosu — Bug 1455970 - Write test for cookies being synced across tabs. r=Ehsan, a=test-only FIREFOX_60b_RELBRANCH