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Thu Nov 23 12:27:39 2017 +0000
fcc68a359d705653058244c2b1dd318e8b1d2f09Carl Corcoran — Bug 1333126 - Use win64 PE unwind metadata to improve client-side stack walking; r=gsvelto a=gchang
3412b2ad3c3dbeb3f42958e5642edee86a66ac73Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1417492 - HTMLEditRules::TryToJoinBlocks() should no do nothing when left list node and right list node are not descendant of each other r=m_kato a=gchang
6036ae55ded07157b4d1f89759fcc72e8f8cc793JerryShih — Bug 1416868 - make sure we could always get the specific userData from mask layer. r=mattwoodrow a=gchang
4c9e90fc391280ce6319a3dcd7b46068a1c6676cMats Palmgren — Bug 1416544 - Don't report COMPLETE reflow status when we still have pushed floats on some next-in-flow frame. r=dholbert a=gchang
dc110b1bf70ae2d7653b3b6cbddd17f22e435bbeJunior Hsu — Bug 1415120 - Part2: crash test for cookie db rebuild, r=nwgh a=gchang
3615c481c3de6a5fa04c0adf51e9707c37ff7fb2Junior Hsu — Bug 1415120 - Part1: no db access while rebuilding, r=nwgh a=gchang
3f82ccf7f33a62eeeea1cc402f8bb9ab259ac480Robin Grenet — Bug 1360278 - Add preference to trigger context menu on mouse up for GTK+ and macOS, r=mstange,smaug a=gchang
3efbbb4dc7911eb72b7b4fbc48bcc2787d62059bNika Layzell — Bug 1416728 - BETA: Process the CreateWindow reply message in order with other PContent IPC messages, r=bz a=gchang