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Mon Jul 16 19:38:18 2012 +0000
95f959a8b4dc72eff672b68b22e2f9b46c83a2f2Lukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
6eddf6c04a4c2d295e4ac2d4aca16fc94cfc579eLukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
ad051cf9c7fe1adf0fa8b0e3d003348d531ff145Lukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
626ac9c0bf97bb1fb75d97286f10ec71b97e2fd1Matt Brubeck — Back out changeset ddda87bd4a4a (bug 765936) because of crashes. a=backout
ddda87bd4a4aa7110683caaee2b463dfa1a6163aKyle Huey — Bug 765936. r=bent,peterv a=akeybl
018027a303aaa91315a33f544432d15339349c69Jim Blandy — Bug 769754: Debugger handler functions should not corrupt the debuggee's JSContext::iterValue. r=jorendorff a=akeybl
c511865c8ab10da78d150debe548c2cdafb6ddbbEitan Isaacson — Bug 773952 - Fix crasher in MenuPanel.dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent. r+a=mfinkle
d7602223c98255a65e831cca10d2d3f171638f81Ed Morley — Backout 0110dcf342ff (bug 773952) for winxp M2 crashes; a=backout
c7a66cfaa20b7a627686076ce5f6f46f9167ff96Brian Nicholson — Bug 760218 - Fix favicons not appearing for undefined size. r=margaret a=mfinkle
43610a0dd0b10087e8c863c6180cbe3a3600ba15Brian Nicholson — Bug 773250 - Change UA for all resources, not just main document. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
0110dcf342ffc4f55ebf3c375f7a763a54363e21Eitan Isaacson — Bug 773952 - Fix crasher in MenuPanel.dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent. r+a=mfinkle
479756495eed4781dd8bc68e81b6ddc6a7a24dbcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 772684: Splitting XHDPI_V11 to XHDPI and XHDPI_V11. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
2d9ab7fbd68025e4474a23dcf9d556d5d4ad3756Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 772684: Extending support for HDPI + ICS that don't have a tabs tail. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
308cccec8e8224f1667653f796e49d923eecf5d3Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Tests. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
8e507aacb9366067a50e45a1e9b33652648bfe96Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Unwrap object arguments passed to plugins. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
a444f0d2740015f9c1a79684ec2618911e500b81Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Implement post-transplant plugin behavior. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
1e8af398d83c93af83f22a84723fc8283e09be22Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Make the prototype climbing code in nsJSNPRuntime unwrap security wrappers. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
434a32b42d93ca581605b3fa66e0fb58c391de27Bobby Holley — Bug 771202 - Add a PostTransplant nsIXPCScriptable hook. r=peterv a=akeybl
69227eac6748ed8f10c9c090f98110979a35c03dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Removing expanded tabs button state on phones. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
6351a93db01e920235fcce4f6ee97a0ae49bcfa2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Remove tabs_button_expanded.xml as it's not needed. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
3c3b194d733ad58fc490a8831f2165bd37e5f87fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Centered plus, synced-tab icons for tabs panel toolbar. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
224e24ad8dcf98cab6c04a9a9aa229604b8dadf6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Menu popup arrow position doesn't need to be calculated. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
6e7ca3d28efe88fb0953b051f4a10cd1b2a915c8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Remove extra tab carats; rename tab expanded button on phones. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
8fd1c9d8d8cef9022a14dd583b0105f20f508f35Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769237: Move the overflow menu to the right in XHDPI ICS devices. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
cc642945416c5c1ae1ef41a90509f1e65e948ce9Mark Finkle — Bug 586885: Disable search suggestion robocop tests for bustage r=bustage a=bustage
50963e16d1dcd4c388de6b364574263aac553f0dPaul Rouget — Bug 752851 - [Responsive Mode] if the inspector is open, the inspector should close first (when hitting Escape). r=dcamp a=akeybl
7e36c6397b89ea2d8273a3aaa11615f8a29b0870Panos Astithas — Bug 767399 - When navigating between web pages with the Back and Forward buttons, the same scripts are displayed in the Debugger for all the pages; r=rcampbell a=akeybl
eecb9bc9cf0337b52ea49f4a0025d57e2731eb7aMark Finkle — Bug 586885 - Search suggestions rollup (bug 762064, bug 762068, bug 764699, bug 767541, bug 762968, bug 739364, and bug 770886) r=blassey r=mfinkle r=kats r=cpeterson r=wesj a=akeybl a=mfinkle
5a158c8f7684c98c18314ad41c28eecb935a4f22Mark Finkle — Bug 586885 - Show search suggestions in AwesomeBar r=mfinkle r=lucasr r=gbrown r=jmaher
f659b07077c4d39897808537c7b501d84aa2cfe1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762727: Tabs Panel refresh on rotation. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
441868d931ef0093fda5a8a92eb6077b46858745Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762727: BrowserToolbar needs to re-created on rotation. [r=mfinkle a=akeybl]
34379dbcf2cce9a04b0be88cf106856d0bcc99a0Nathan Froyd — Bug 763991 - add MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING=1 to mobile mozconfigs; r=blassey a=akeybl
102d52e466e67b49ce653b101d291a5dd3ba5181Matt Brubeck — Bug 773735 - Use the tablet layout only on xlarge screens [r+a=mfinkle]
67d61a9353d3a90c406066deeadd8f8d1c16847cMargaret Leibovic — Add back import that's needed on aurora. r+a=bustage
84dd961ac565f33de35e576091b0ebde3355a030Margaret Leibovic — Bug 771997 - End active find when switching tabs. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
47467cb2309456f1cd73336c1e6b613cb22ddf99Margaret Leibovic — Bug 770160 - Page title changes for a brief period when a new page is loaded. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
8670e20f5418609f2fa4f39b147ac6fd60ad3474Margaret Leibovic — Bug 768073 - Fix doorhanger arrow alignment on tablets. r=sriram a=akeybl
adb33c04d59fde3c9e9343995fca2f0bf0ae1765Margaret Leibovic — Bug 764405 - Adjust site identity popup arrow margin to work with new toolbar icon layout. r=sriram a=akeybl
22dba548db57e891c0a70c35ab609b34e8c70f37Margaret Leibovic — Bug 769001 - Site identity popup should have a max width on tablets. r=sriram a=akeybl
39f7336125b6607e8d6175f59afe769074b8680bMatt Brubeck — Bug 762309 - Show and hide the on-screen keyboard along with the Find In Page bar [r=bnicholson, a=akeybl]
bb7cc36d01de3929caa7864fed4b432a37cfefd9Matt Brubeck — Bug 771525 - Back button should dismiss the Find In Page bar [r=bnicholson, a=akeybl]
7140e39a642786df375b92228b6506338a728fe2Chris Peterson — Bug 773089 - Do not use "large" menus on Gingerbread devices. r=sriram a=akeybl
c2c2c087c4aafd3f8a81376f046baa41a0902bf2Myk Melez — revert 'bug 772638 - disable webapps support on FF 15' (c2504f7b08b3) due to test failure; a=(backout)
52890cf794ef611fd96fcb005bb523aefddb0a69Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 770079: LARGE identifier satisfied 7 inch tablets. r=mfinkle, a=akeybl
26d6082c7e2cca03d4b81dd33f5528d5d2f9ffe2Brian Nicholson — Bug 756735 - Synchronize accesses to mLoadTasks in Favicons. r=blassey a=akeybl
fc5fcbb7d1528b902cf2b1da1e349943b5af1d50Brian Nicholson — Bug 766867 - Use null-safe string comparison for oldURL. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
2d25baeccf001a83b1c2acb88e0d8560ee93707eBrian Nicholson — Bug 762691 - Use single AndroidHttpClient for all favicon requests. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
c2541e0e2898cf15a25cf35cc07170f62b8f47a4Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 772341 - Enable Opus support by default, r=roc, a=akeybl
5a17af2f7a2076f089464a1609158024ae7f20a0Takanori MATSUURA — bug 761975 - remove extra closing parenthesis from build command; r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
c2504f7b08b38d5e7ef2eefdd6f81ef727712968Myk Melez — bug 772638 - disable webapps support on FF 15; r=felipe, a=akeybl
468ab3179e4abd13b25309df6f93f56d2b90fc07Bill McCloskey — Bug 771720 - Improve GC data collection (r=terrence,a=akeybl)
7e10f72cdfa9c84e6431d9be5b87c88e5fb8dd5eEitan Isaacson — Bug 771727 - Block focus in tabs panel when it is hidden. r=sriram, a=akeybl
caca3877116247d949dc4ed083e22d2df69e9d97Eitan Isaacson — Bug 773085 - Make door hangers keyboard navigable. r=margaret, a=akeybl
71e4b3b43ec954d655d7c9df2feb9f43f0dc191cEitan Isaacson — Bug 773039 - Don't populate menu accessibility event with descendant strings. r=blassey, a=akeybl
156d908eccd4f9360c3918880864da4dbd424bafMike Hommey — Bug 772841 - Use make package instead of make stage-package before profile run, but avoid package signing. r=ted,r=catlee,a=lsblakk
ecda4431d2be287a1e432391803775da47a98994Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 772282 - Hold on to nodes when we delete them in nsEditor::MoveNode; r=ehsan a=akeybl
9aa8643ad4bac0f371337b6f40fb5af556304b81Jonathan Watt — Bug 771042 - Fix invalidation of animateMotion. r=birtles, a=akeybl.
156b820c13374feea417187bef92c6a13bad0a16Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 771766 - Preserve the case of the application installation directory when replacing the application after an update for it has been staged; r=rstrong a=akeybl
cc86af7f1471f62e3032bba2071250fe9c0f4744Neil Rashbrook — Bug 767684 Back out bug 752210 because of regressions r=ehsan a=akeybl
3ca4c24f0c343ae506980599f3eba74e87b42600Brian R. Bondy — Bug 770883 - Disable functionality for clearing prefetch. r=taras, a=akeybl
32af216468ee800528b7b2f626b90bbe5fc89cd1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 771757 - Fix subdocument scrolling so that it works again. r=wesj a=akeybl
88382a387a6644c4e0be54b9edc5eea728e2bed4Dão Gottwald — Bug 765221 - White text shadow for lightweight themes with dark text looks weird. r=shorlander a=akeybl
ecb63f8448afad291232227854a8becd3486cc00Eitan Isaacson — Bug 771726 - Fix toolbar focus order. r=sriram, a=akeybl
de20a11fba94a2a5c31f05a80f0f8bd4a8118338Jan Varga — Bug 771498 - FileHandle: getFile() should return a DOMRequest (instead of a FileRequest). r=sicking a=akeybl
41770ebef7c7620d1f9daaffd18155226315aaf9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760223: New menu icons for Find in page and Request desktop site. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
a87a3cb2751622ca1926131acdd66c049c73dad7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 770597: Short url in AwesomeScreen. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
36e2f0f3e74775ba13bf69009dc93d374276df48Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 769388: Find in page overlaps content. [r=margaret] [a=akeybl]
070c8d0df45bd9d63761983086f0d96a82cf552fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739364: All buttons in url-bar should have bigger target area. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
7971fe51b08d6e7ca380eb0b3ad7872e946a9036Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739364: Change awesomescreen backgrounds to be lighter blue. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
4680c335d0add6d2a9650db367752257e65fec07Chris Peterson — Bug 769520 - Part 2: In debug builds, assert IME code is running on UI thread. r=blassey a=akeybl
8b9b2a2465a92ed6c362e8840d9a5ddb0553fd52Chris Peterson — Bug 769520 - Part 1: Post Gecko's IME callbacks from Gecko thread to UI thread. r=blassey a=akeybl
6d2749133a78e1216c70dfae3a5f1349a32fd3c7Margaret Leibovic — Whitespace fix. a=dumbmistake DONTBUILD
2fb0a358eaf6fc06a7616f64d6526ac3bc25c944Margaret Leibovic — Text selection. a=akeybl
6682659fbde7fda32a69a97ee21ce7a47297c6baWes Johnston — Bug 772436 - Fix rounding errors in slide to close tabs. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
16bb130fb25cebb665e9f530a09046f9f5726d95Wes Johnston — Bug 763167 - Context menu for devices using the custom menu inflator. r=mfinkle,sriram a=akeybl
5f712cc83a08766089022ca141cc4627256dc78fNick Alexander — Bug 764669 - correct beta branding filename (should be fennec_48x48.png; was fennec_40x40.png). r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
069a10488f9b5a05bffa98d0861edfc87ab51724Benjamin Smedberg — Re-land only the single part of bug 686335 which prevents us from unloading a plugin in the middle of NPP_New, which was the cause of some new crashes. This was really only an issue when NPN_ReloadPlugins was called from within NPP_New, which is a new behavior of Flash 11.3. r=josh a=akeybl
21c619c0ec82ec995920eb0af33c7ca24bbe9a24Benjamin Smedberg — Back out revision e967f0934767, bug 686335 from mozilla-aurora. I will reland only the instance-tracking protection which we decided to keep in.
16379f3e5b1347c1d571e69d9f48571a4bad07c2Tim Taubert — Bug 724239 - Loading a page in a new tab enables the back button; r=gavin,bz a=akeybl
226a2d776e847dfa5aeec53e22a84d6aadad1bedBen Hearsum — bug 770996: partial mars broken for mac partner builds - partial backout of bug 759318 to fix. a=akeybl
99faf1860ca59fc1aee304f8658d3a91fad592dcBrian Smith — Bug 763351: Fix cache hit rate telemetry so that kCacheMissedViaReval gets reported, r=hurley, a=akeybl
deec51854e4ef152d162aaaf3382228eaf9f52a7Brian Smith — Merge bug 722034 and bug 746018 backout, a=akeybl
c576c2b8d9badfccda180d8aa8e020714b037fcaBrian Smith — Back out bug 722034 and bug 746018 due to performance regression, a=josh, a=taras
f5df6a5c0fc75fcdc06d81e928b17b5b4bc1e0e8Daniel Veditz — Fix test failure from bug 767778, r=sstamm, a=akeybl
6bc37585c28c55833bea3852f20fc246442b0ff0Daniel Veditz — bug 767778 bring report struct in-line w/1.0 spec; include original URI for redirects r=sstamm, a=akeybl
4d9dc42a89d883d82ed6c363cb0ec688224af44aWes Johnston — Bug 722591 - Add a context menu to the titlebar. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
911a0c5b1ce0e4354d9a10cf32bd044dd4041d38Wes Johnston — Bug 722591 - Add a context menu to the titlebar. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
f94c4dfc10691a849421694c873e4e7d89599f55Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 764188 - Expose a global frame tree generation number. r=dbaron,a=akeybl
dd68ba7da9a661a1c06d4637f52566205231fceaOlli Pettay — Bug 765139, prevent leaking oldDocument, r=peterv, a=dveditz
7273537950b1d6a3474813a3278a5cfe4230836dMihai Sucan — Bug 770993 - ConsoleAPI.js consumes excessive amounts of memory; r=dbaron,rcampbell
ccfb28dbae8b178b28be2cf1c2e929b5d943e8c1Patrick McManus — bug 770264 - http connection diagnostics r=honzab a=akeybl
7a8720059286f7191ec519673344d158b804870cEd Morley — Backout 1bf28b3b5464 (bug 767778) for xpcshell failures; a=backout
57da580cdad05e4012bd04a564e327b01d92cfb0Cameron McCormack — Bug 769115 - Calculate marker orientation correctly for arc endpoints. r=jwatt, a=akeybl.
1bf28b3b5464e640d8c2adccf173b5d7fdf3eed2Daniel Veditz — bug 767778 bring report struct in-line w/1.0 spec; include original URI for redirects r=sstamm, a=akeybl
23c1df05027f360bfc387945ce3abaff6b965a48Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 768900 - Protect against errors when quering Android DBs. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
fe6a55929aec9996755c0a65d831ffc05407abbfGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Fix isBookmark logic for duplicated bookmarks. r=margaret a=akeybl
10c8f750741a0975d8fa2266029c55c75fec9c11Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Handle updates of bookmark folders and seperators correctly. r=lucasr a=akeybl
f57a59d18edeff2f4bde34736929f0942aae3c51Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Allow duplicate bookmarks if parents differ. r=lucasr a=akeybl
6e20e667481177fbbdecf55e271108a741b34010Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Add simple settings function to trigger import. r=lucasr a=akeybl
78cd60e01156e2c1b9a4750ac086ab9298eff6fcGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Import function for Android bookmarks and history. r=lucasr a=akeybl
dd7da389584f3d7ce9e137e53f644d8a83c758d5Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Refactor batch update helper functions into LocalDB. r=lucasr a=akeybl
a2f85664f600b5180ffd51382b2a22110e0d5f36Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 710330 - Extend INSERT_IF_NEEDED support to Bookmarks and Images. r=lucasr a=akeybl
5e5ba775818ca2d85026439136a084c962d13741Mike Hommey — Bug 769130 - Actually install channel-prefs.js in PREF_DIR when building Firefox as a XULRunner app. r=khuey,a=akeybl
189d7177a9046eaaf71899e084f4a76626ad75fdBrian Nicholson — Bug 771621 - Check sameDocument on location change. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
6eb6a52e6f778a647d6dc6e37732152796ebbd10Brian Nicholson — Bug 750358 - Workaround for AsyncTask using wrong Looper. r=blassey a=akeybl
7a514fb967d2d4f115177d4aa3439f94cbdb6612Brian Nicholson — Bug 754335 - Enable clearing of individual privacy items. a=akeybl
65e39bd76d91c06e1e74f56fbd1bffb0c9184cfeBrian Nicholson — Bug 766406 - Implement "Request Desktop Site". a=akeybl
b0b269418ecbec5a49d98f78ebb278be2d398ab9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 769190 part.2 Rename nsInputEvent::IsWin() and widget::MODIFIER_(SCROLL|WIN) to nsInputEvent::IsOS() and widget::MODIFIER_(SCROLLLOCK|OS) r=smaug, a=akeybl
28f2c543ac9f68bf164cbdac8810802aaee9a611Masayuki Nakano — Bug 769190 part.1 Rename Scroll and Win to ScrollLock and OS for the argument of getModifierState() r=smaug, sr=jst, a=akeybl
ed1a5e4937181a8782381f43e1b2d24d407ff9aaNick Alexander — Bug 769745 - Persist Android Sync account settings to disk on each sync and re-create account when checking if Sync is set up. r=rnewman a=akeybl
15fa595c4a0f32758e6408f56574d0fca24299d7Nick Alexander — Bug 735842 - Replace isSyncSetup() and direct AccountManager access with SyncAccounts.syncAccountsExist. r=rnewman a=akeybl
545a2ab9c0ee07d3d634149bccd9cdd35646fd51Richard Newman — Bug 721760 - Part 2: use Sync's openSyncSettings method from Fennec. r=nalexander a=akeybl
eb8fcb6f3efeb78e0cbacd37592dd75a8cc3199aChenxia Liu — Bug 721760 - Part 1: Intent to start Accounts Settings from Motorola Blur devices. r=rnewman a=akeybl
20640a6e52ae9f536d08107252f9f7ac19de639aMike Hommey — Bug 771569 - Move elfhack sections before .rel{,a}.dyn to work around glibc 2.16 bug. r=froydnj a=akeybl
f5a50e83484268d6e4dbd14af2598578372b4806Wes Johnston — Bug 765106 - Use mobile video controls binding. r=gavin a=akeybl
0805ed9742e5096976cabd02b2f0f9fec718299fMark Banner — Bug 766264 Fix test failures in test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js and test_0203_app_launch_apply_update.js when MOZ_MAINTENANCE_SERVICE isn't set for the build by correctly handling the applied state value. Also tidy up some error statements to provide better debug. r=ehsan a=akeybl
b55b4ebc13267dfee9e9d947badc1c2068a00e52Boris Zbarsky — Bug 771429. Instead of using bound functions for the functions we get off the sandbox proto, use a function proxy. That allows property gets on the functions to get through. r=bholley, a=akeybl
3f11aed80c16eccbe471a2df640362594b3aa324Benjamin Peterson — Bug 762324: write to the current address of the bytecode, r=jorendorff, a=akeybl
6e760e2a01a9d8daaa84d83fcd975affb7bb2b56Makoto Kato — Bug 767354 - Typing 1 character in password fields will insert 2 characters. r=cpeterson a=mfinkle
73be8c95dd66b459e7785f8103e83da28c234647Margaret Leibovic — Bug 716095 - Specify a width for the doorhanger popup on tablets. r=sriram a=lsblakk
8e1bb8e072bc9586d618ba97b02972926bbd37d1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 767797 - Always disable Find in Page menuitem on about:home. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
1eb8ae1b3c1a0e521c542e642eb1ebef421d6a49Margaret Leibovic — Bug 769905 - Don't remove doorhangers that are showing if the tab's url doesn't change. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
23096b5a0edacc1c223f787d5db99144007f8758Margaret Leibovic — Bug 766483 - Only call update methods in onTabChanged if the event has to do with the current tab. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
31663860e616af6c26400ea2d66411d9504600a6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 760085 - White cursor in text entry field within Find in Page. r=sriram a=akeybl
ebea5096017e1c8d1b63d91e055a9b6fcaa10789Michal Novotny — Bug 764337 - Firefox 14+ requests images inserted by JS multiple times if not cached r=honzab a=akeybl
223e26cffc7e4bdf73147ac99b1567c4cca55339Vladimir Vukicevic — b=766205; HTML video playback occasionally uses RGB frame on mobile (incorrect marking as inactive); r=roc,a=akeybl
f123feca7157a0feb7ca0e21f6f1c17e676a24a8Bobby Holley — Bug 732870 - Have nsDOMStringMapSH::PreCreate use the element as its parent, rather than the window. r=peterv a=akeybl
a45c99cca5e5707be0610b8ae6b4591c76d9eaa2Mark Capella — Bug 765110 - TextLeafAccessibleWrap is never instanciated, r=tbsaunde, a=akeybl
b9e356acd3c512c848cbfff1c1c75aa91bc051ebMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 749931 - "Migration to a clean Firefox profile" feature doesn't suggest browser history migration. r=gavin,a=akeybl
4ad8dc475fe358c256391c5e6c822e77fc799f37Brian Hackett — Check the types of values newly known as doubles at loop heads when entering from the interpreter, bug 769985. r=dvander, a=akeybl
e10bd54565c8edcca79d33c25236d87765dcb5ffGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 762620 - Make daily timer callback resilient against Android misfiring. r=roc a=akeybl
e860b5fe213be96dbedfb9847b9571e7b13d242aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 762620 - Force last idle-daily time to be saved. r=blassey a=akeybl
6926dd1153516ad867cf8bddc12e95599768eeb4Benjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 769048 part F - actually annotate the crash report with the notes we've carefully collected, r=captain-obvious a=akeybl for the entire patch set
e807b189b32a295b355aafdbf696a0a82e404ca5Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 770805 - Close the IPC channel safely when we discover that a Flash process has crashed; don't call Close() directly, because PluginModuleParent assumes that a normal shutdown only occurs from PluginModuleParent::NP_Shutdown. Instead, follow a similar codepath to the hang timeout which calls AsyncChannel::SynchronouslyClose and then sets a specific error code, r=cjones
3b6f13419b26cc0e31825386643c8b7d7e1ce319Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part F - Add the final bits to PluginModuleParent which watch for new Flash processes and inject a crashreporter into them, r=jimm
43d418b408e15f8e3159a163ea0b2f963467aa2dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part E - Core crashreporter support for injecting a crashreporter DLL into an arbitrary process and callbacks for notifications when that process has crashed, r=ehsan
ad10a8b2d622e98b4516569aee0cfa1f6ae5d4e7Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part D - Import the MemoryModule code from revision ca4f504527 and modify it to support injecting a DLL image into a remote process. MPLv2 upgrade approved by the author. r=ehsan
f4cc7502eed5de14dc44f7d0f06c29409c2d511aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part C - Build an injector DLL which can watch for crashes in Flash player processes. This involves building two copies of breakpad: one to live inside of libxul which uses mozalloc and the dynamic CRT, another to link into the injector which links the CRT statically and doesn't use mozalloc. Introduce a new define/makefile variable MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_INJECTOR rather than repeating "#if defined(XP_WIN) && !defined(HAVE_64BIT_OS) in many places. r=ehsan/khuey
1d1f1f0c4511510b770f45877240156cdb1fd8a2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part B - unbust our in-tree exception handler initializer which became ambiguous because NULL could have been a wstring* or a HANDLE, r=ehsan
1fc5db379a4875dbdc354c2af2194633a4fbeff9Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769048 part A - import breakpad changes from which allow the crash generation client to be initialized with a handle instead of a pipe name, r=ted
98a27303eb941daa801eaaa91b12a31666615d69Jared Wein — Bug 506172 - Going to malware site with redirect causes infobar to disappear. r=MattN a=akeybl
4f801d0a2d3fe8d3cb77566aa49d0950fd998331Sid Stamm — bug 761655 - Support for multiple X-Frame-Options policies (multiple headers or comma in header value). r=jst a=lsblakk
f41b1b16570320fb4d909784f590e688e9964dfeVladimir Vukicevic — b=765150, HTML5 video playback shows purple screen on Motorola/Tegra 2 devices; r=jrmuizel,a=akeybl
6c50580e7ec18340be139f2eda67c7059b7fddb1Mark Finkle — Bug 754585 - Fennec Nightly failing ACID3 test (with one error) r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
b31e3ad7fc16c9cdd6c0b8d265f128be50c4d906Vladimir Vukicevic — b=736421; [android] block plugins on Tegra2 + CM9 and other custom firmware; r=snorp,a=blassey
f9fe7933e6724922bf4693038f558a19b79b5cf4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 758463 - Windows XP does not clear prefetch on updates. r=jimm. a=akeybl
079ad5847a2e7ed6e2ed431461c145854ddf4397Chris Pearce — Bug 756936 - Ensure MouseEvent.mozMovement{X,Y} values are correct on secondary monitors. r=smaug a=akeybl
950cc11071529b2c0fef7efb351528caf0f679c0Andrew McCreight — Bug 752340 - ensure swap preserves finalizerness. r=billm a=akeybl
c885126e29827170f39ef6687dea47c17f7019eeAndrew McCreight — Bug 752340 - use a finalizer in FunctionProxyClass. r=jorendorff a=akeybl
640fd20c0bcab1250e3d39b5f5baec26da5e0dbcLuke Wagner — Bug 769987 - don't forget to ExpandInlineFrames before discarding jit code (r=bhackett,a=akeybl)
f770790a44cb9974010d8c09d717edffa65e65c7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 766904 - Make sure unlockOrientation() is a no-op if the orientation wasn't locked. r=blassey a=akeybl
00b68de76ba308b809bfbb2bcb931bdab3945b69Mounir Lamouri — Bug 757791 - Change unlockOrientation() behavior to set orientation to UNSPECIFIED instead of SENSOR. r=blassey a=akeybl
46c0c328a78c902cf37f7f29910e6d12c3051e4fMounir Lamouri — Bug 764753 - Unlock screen orientation when the document is left without explicitly exiting fullscreen. r=smaug a=akeybl
d41d843971162f78b714c58e6b17e2ac593ff4ffSteve Fink — Bug 760904 - Force |this| to be Magic(JS_IS_CONSTRUCTING) when constructing cross-compartment DataViews. r=luke, a=akeybl
b9fedd50fd5913ccd4359b1eb6debf3f388a1b42Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 769721 - Minimal patch to force OOPP mode on for Windows Vista+ users, because Flash is not tested with the IPP configuration and has known bugs, r=josh a=akeybl
a52296e14e002927050d56a14c4fa3e67ae1a9e6Bobby Holley — Bug 766018 - Null out the XPCWrappedNativeScope slot when scopes are deleted on shutdown. r=peterv a=lsblakk
3f34a60b65771ecc56b6909d594c7bb55fae39c9Wes Johnston — Bug 715307 - Fix Content provider tests. r=lucasr a=akeybl
b0a1b1e07bae06da8f96d595f0549bbfa2c6c1c6Wes Johnston — Bug 715307 - Read and write profiles.ini for Android. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
816d2c3ed08819d9b9d3ad2d910dc9fae8e9bfd7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 757878. Add a fast path for 8888_over_565 with NEON. r=bgirard,joe,a=lsblakk
d9196ea4cae2c088deff8ff3655b3d15a4ab780cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 764181. Keep the output of the TRC between 0 and 1. r=bgirard,a=lsblakk
419408a8db2f27fd30b6dee6a8f2a82343b288e1John Schoenick — Backout Bug 406451 for regressions. r=jst, a=akeybl
5b386b3d56d87e501f648450c58f2e8f94fbf066Marco Zehe — Bug 768494 - Various controls are missing accessible contentDescriptions, r=sriram, a=lsblakk
01fa3762b23fe77cb55a7a95a4b191ae69747ac8Mihai Sucan — Bug 766812 - Exception in HUDService-content.js when the Web Console is closed during network requests; r=rcampbell a=akeybl
5bd681b5cbcb0e40d9997738e83ec436f8fdacfdMark Banner — Bug 766269 - Thunderbird Permanent orange: TEST_UNEXPECTED_FAIL | test_0030_general.js. Correctly handle MOZ_APP_BASENAME and MOZ_APP_VENDOR being unset when determining the update location for unit tests on Windows. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk (test-only)
2e73bfe773f82496b022a99b7054c90eb9d9c77eMike Hommey — Bug 747393 - Avoid race condition creating directories in JarMaker. r=ted,a=lsblakk
15bea84a1130ecd7fa4fe6efd088842fd1f3433aWes Kocher — Bug 770369 - Update revision of Jetpack code used for tests to fix bugs 769440 and bug 750307. a=lsblakk
d54a44b1f5af37ae1f2a5e006d3228e522135873Chris Peterson — Bug 758427 - Ignore KeyEvents with keyCodes greater than getMaxKeyCode(), such as Gingerbread Galaxy Note's bogus stylus events. r=blassey a=lsblakk
ea7cf5d5e89b9c06cb70244bb873f92cbe89967cChris Peterson — Bug 768727 - Send '&' as composition string because some Gingerbread VKBs incorrectly map '&' key events. r=blassey a=lsblakk
888eeb8f2950439015d3871bc794ccdd984f5387Jim Mathies — Bug 723133 - Protect against recursive calls in nsPluginNativeWindowWin's PluginWndProc. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
7be3b66ed6bdd1ba43ddee8fd36ac1fad27b20bcPatrick McManus — bug 764648 navigation timing responseEnd not recorded on EOF HTTP delimiter r=honzab a=lsblakk
5a9b4f19f1b4dfbce8010d7ec02d144b7f18f5f4Bill McCloskey — Bug 765034 - Fix unusual DOM proto array case (r=bz,a=lsblakk)
3aad0136aadaccb667d2e2ed942e10bb1102b8acBill McCloskey — Bug 768688 - Disable incremental GC in Firefox 15 (r=smaug,a=akeybl)
d47f25160d66ae39d6c11b81a8897e5528926552Mark Banner — Bug 757794 - Constant "command timed out: 1200 seconds without output" in test_0200_app_launch_apply_update.js and others. Ensure that timeout loops will always abort eventually, test-only. r=ehsan,a=akeybl
b12dcf473f01da29e721d7b590755c0a8f2a544fWes Johnston — Bug 769321 - Add back in notification piece lost unbirotting Bug 753102. r=mfinkle a=akeybl.
abb6f9e021ddad211992419c123b11a8a08c70e9Jonathan Kew — bug 766326 - try Roboto as well as Droid Sans for Android default font. r=blassey a=lsblakk
e20f71378b68493995192ec3b945ef87c00b860bAsaf Romano — Bug 761494 - Cannot open all Bookmarks in tabs by Middle clicking a folder in Sidebar. r=mak. a=gavin
bd3fd0baf45fb0be5b354f13542c6499b6bba91ePatrick McManus — bug 763352 - Proxy/NPN issue a=akeybl
df798374a729481bb2b849f0709fcb751aa184b7Patrick McManus — bug 764186 spdy sessions closed prematurely if started with null transaction a=akeybl
771d99dd1dd83d8447040cbbd5af220213a96838Nicholas Cameron — Bug 768079; test for patch. r=roc a=lsblakk
af8c63e846ab348018bea0807b9112be794e7158Nicholas Cameron — Bug 768079; mask layers force an intermediate surface for their containers. r=roc a=lsblakk
29cbcad481dd4872b6b80f18f1d5c73ba339f8f3Nicholas Cameron — Bug 759036. Reftest for bugfix. r=Bas, a=akeybl
963b293cd4a61c6d77af51cfbc3237479b2cc23fMatt Brubeck — Bug 766865 - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in TabsTray.addTab [r=margaret a=akeybl]
c557dd6b817c1c5eb9e91420a1f70605f5e5f24dMatt Brubeck — Bug 765805 (3/3) - Update thumbnails for tabs added while the sidebar is open [r=sriram a=akeybl]
ccce6e6e322df28fc418bbec9910a693fed5c2f4Matt Brubeck — Bug 765805 (2/3) - Don't hide the tab sidebar when adding a new tab [r=sriram a=akeybl]
99b541bcb23afbadededda8f381f29d316bcdfbbMatt Brubeck — Bug 765805 (1/3) - Don't hide the tab sidebar when switching tabs [r=sriram a=akeybl]
c4dac534629c8130ab0d04d45148b99c445cdcecAsaf Romano — Bug 762799 - Cannot open bookmark from sidebar with keyboard (with Enter key). r=mak. a=gavin
2f5ede40b4f5e78d131fc9fbf040386c78499a85Jason Orendorff — Bug 750307 - "Assertion failure: isBoolean()" in RegExpObject::ignoreCase after redefining nonconfigurable data property. r=Waldo, bholley. mozilla-central rev 2ddb6278d1de. a=akeybl.
1c5edd36d1fdbc0115a9ffe3a42e54f198f2852cPaul Rouget — Bug 763865 - Layout tool is not positioned correctly when it is collapsed. r=dcamp a=akeybl
631b24920696b827f8cfa566d19984e8ef87737cDave Camp — Bug 761665: [rule view] double clicking on a property value does weird things. r=paul a=akeybl
e6b0d54297e63fe3cdc4bb6b7ae089196153a53fPanos Astithas — Use a preference setting to decide whether to bind to the loopback interface only, or all interfaces (Bug 764679); r=dcamp,mfinkle,jgriffin,vingtetun a=akeybl
e75777b217ea03e0bba71c5ecaf669fb95d7015aPaul Rouget — Bug 764625 - Web Console and Debugger stay checked in Web Developer menu after closing them with the close X button. r=msucan,past a=akeybl
c697cdebddc9f82e5277c7719e98bae5d6ba7d56Boris Zbarsky — Bug 766796. Make IDL conversions to 64-bit ints treat NaN and Infinity as 0 instead of whatever the compiler decides to do in that undefined-behavior case. r=peterv, a=akeybl
424d62d5fdf757be417cee5b540cefeb7d6e42b7Wes Johnston — Bug 766635 - Follow up to fix warning. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
aba0a991437952ca9abae9c7c1f1566d67caa464Wes Johnston — Bug 766635 - Don't close tabs on diagonal swipes. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
f6f345b6dc68c294d57cc084ef4622e12ac85b72Wes Johnston — Bug 764812 - Only close tabs is dragged to the left or right edge of the tab. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
7bb8c28d88795a67914ff84060412715496923bfWes Johnston — Bug 765069 - Swipe tabs off screen at the velocity they were swiped. r=mbrubeck a=akeybl
4ca4bbb128d12f3dedaee1c2ae6d33db903a2920Wes Johnston — Bug 753102 - Remove BrowserToolbar from GeckoApp. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
7fbc80d114d01a19db2d61912144048fd15761b2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 713450 - Support sliding to close tabs. r=sriram a=akeybl
cbf349be82f1e0e1ec7297c8dfdf8fc47d0182a1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 757362. Use the displayport for the dirty rect (if one is set) when building the display list for a subdocument so that position: fixed items are correctly included. r=roc a=lsblakk
3717bb23ff0f355a26e6644628e7dc6c289904f3Brad Lassey — bug 766304 - ScopedGfxFeatureReporter uses observer service off the main thread, follow up to fix windows builders r=bustage a=akeybl
ca8bf9e9723469c9a18d57624046667e3b6bb2d9Brad Lassey — bug 766304 - ScopedGfxFeatureReporter uses observer service off the main thread r=joe
dc053a16a5d9fea50774b671b6283ebb797a0debBenoit Jacob — Bug 765179 - 2/2 - Check for empty string in WebGL SplitLastSquareBracket - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
25409d56dde523249d8d64955241c77318d463baBenoit Jacob — Bug 765179 - 1/2 - Check for empty GLSL identifier strings - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
90c5403757a75e54205136dbf0bf4baab8970f89Brian Hackett — Watch for script JIT handle invalidation after MakeJITScript, bug 759719. r=dvander a=akeybl
42817f2f2c3e8cb1da3e79e26ac5f0c99e87a6d6Ed Morley — Backout 10d1a127d9b8 (bug 759036) for reftest failures a=backout
ce812b5b6ab1630b9b97f55437e0eb8d23b41580Nicholas Cameron — Bug 759036. Fix a masking bug in Thebes-Azure. r=Bas,a=akeybl
10d1a127d9b8fecfbf2c7f15464b61b4b95b98a6Nicholas Cameron — Bug 759036. Reftest for bugfix. r=Bas,a=akeybl
d881442633656796c60dc4cd3c7d387480756b6bNicholas Cameron — Bug 746896. Fix a bug with printing Azure canvas. r=joe,a=akeybl
b34d93f1a989e7533cadfa30bead1cdd04765631John Daggett — Bug 739804. Fix up reftests dependent on fallback behavior. r=smontagu, a=akeybl
4e9fe49d19bf5821a186369fd8f946bebc98e011John Daggett — Bug 739804. Avoid using Cambria Math for symbol fallback. r=smontagu, a=akeybl
d2329f2b08dacabc0ac5107a98be14d15b35c6b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 761034. Backout patch for bug 610713 since it didn't fix anything and caused regressions. r=bas,a=akeybl
d807814e292720e825063463f76ffef8dc5c0fa5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Part 2: Make CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData's reference to the context weak (Azure). r=jrmuizel,a=akeybl
7b2eb38d30455f19a6449760c0b768731d5cc44cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Make reference from CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData to its 2D (non-Azure) context weak. r=jrmuizel,a=akeybl
733e912f7e059d9359ae791a5c7487a927871526Bill McCloskey — Bug 757431 - Fix stack scanning in Splat (r=bhackett,a=lsblakk)
1f4ac5f521887ca2ac9ef9d01e7ec1e39cbef30bBill McCloskey — Bug 754725 - Fix type tags during VM stack scanning (r=bhacketta,a=lsblakk)
e8e98b7790a4911b429c03537d2bff4dc9477cf1Matt Brubeck — Bug 768613 - Mark Fennec Native as compatible with tablets [r+a=blassey]
139156d111b682d78e9db1b9e2bfe6e69db5d662Bobby Holley — Bug 758344 - Push more stuff when evaluating in a sandbox. r=mrbkap,a=akeybl
c529dbb61c9d3818bcc94b28a2c77657a3427e3dBobby Holley — Bug 758344 - Make ContextHolder implement nsIScriptContextPrincipal. r=mrbkap,a=akeybl
c3a418c44e8c2a2b22312263591ef2cfa7f884b3L. David Baron — Track TEXT_IN_TEXTRUN_USER_DATA separately for inflated and non-inflated text runs. (Bug 718290) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
cc068ba06631d30185f46803a624441024bdb3c2Jim Blandy — Bug 757400: When we change a compartment's debug mode, ensure we throw away all the outdated analyses. r=billm, a=akeybl
d307a92fdcdfc51469e09458b0fab791bef46963Alice0775 White — Bug 682944 - Prevent snippets with iframes from breaking about:home. r=gavin a=gavin
6b5800cf2020b90fc25b47c34f66e81c545d3559Luke Wagner — Bug 764296 - free up bits in String::lengthAndFlags for new string subtypes (r=njn,a=akeybl)
549efaa2818509cb4f06997a8ecb1c491c5f877aChris Jones — Bug 747055 - Crash in RtlEnterCriticalSection | PR_Lock | mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::WaitForNotify. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
c5103a370368ce7b1ea6b4291b080f91df0f50a6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 767125 - Pref on background updates on Windows for Aurora with the fix to bug 760577; r=rstrong a=akeybl
4a6047b6641f6362f76fd6937efc70b168c21cc4Paul Rouget — Bug 765413 - Warning: Unknown property '-moz-transition-properties'. Declaration dropped. r=dao a=gavin
3a67494fea93af0c3c7a6016d67b8c43ec0caecbVictor Porof — Bug 762452 - file filtering behaves strangely; r=past a=akeybl
b11b719c66a0aa9f2a958782408d7b64be1c170dPanos Astithas — Ensure that with multiple windows open, the debugger's selected tab belongs to the top-level window (bug 761742); r=dcamp a=akeybl
b8ea76ca18e16392df5c0ad98c62d4615f553d99Victor Porof — Bug 760868 - Gmail includes scripts names that make the debugger script list too long; r=past a=akeybl
43a9a6e3e68f55ecd26bff54103e7873c17d0e48Victor Porof — Bug 710258 - Don't allow the debugger to be open in more than one window; r=past a=akeybl
34347ff5cd763e4cb6e2db0eaad47bcf9ce8d502Bobby Holley — Bug 764389 - Update compartment principals on inner window reuse and on document.write. r=bz a=akeybl
9f9876174f1bc0dd67ccec0151ee31731ef4f28cBobby Holley — Bug 764389 - Add an API to change the principals of a compartment. r=luke
8859b02413f4af1a6bb36e7c9c3889b9d627060aBobby Holley — Bug 753162 - Don't assume that we end up in the same compartment as we started in CrossCompartmentWrapper. r=mrbkap a=akeybl
07c03ce3989c16b9be1e0bc364a4ce44bf3de4cfJason Duell — Bug 713023 - Websockets: don't prefer SOCKS to HTTP proxy until bug 449251 is fixed. r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
65584e4228503295cf095006115be28711e8a587Robert O'Callahan — Bug 763838. Update mDestination to match chosen subpixel destination. r=tnikkel,a=akeybl
23cdee264e3ff5cc3f939d551af1e543136a848dNicolas Silva — Bug 761849 - [OGL] Don't convert video texture to RGBA for better performance on desktop. r=joe a=akeybl
1ecbe1d6845507e86e62c1dc6c2ca9b8cd71e82fDão Gottwald — Bug 762395 - Rename "Responsive Mode" to "Responsive Design View". r=paul a=akeybl
696fa474722cec7b97669890e8c183a2c47d4036Justin Lebar — Bug 763593 - In nsImageLoadingContent, lock the current request while switching in a pending request. r=joe,bz a=akeybl
41730cca9ae13d8ce7ae71c240c26f7af11618edJustin Lebar — Bug 764192 - Enable some jemalloc assertions at release time in the hopes of catching heap corruption. r=glandium, a=akeybl
1dc92b0bfa5c13160df388988c3fce0c8db9a6a9Dão Gottwald — Bug 761990 - The Feedback button's dropdown arrow overlaps the label. r=jaws a=akeybl
e967f093476730ebe867928e2bc967f16371a292Josh Aas — Bug 686335: Allow plugins that we previously considered duplicates to be loaded/registered. Prefer plugins with higher version numbers when picking a handler for content. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
d21ac6d7b1e7b538c966d5ac0e54cee51c1fd83aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 731293. Address review comments. r=mats,a=blassey
83096cfcba669e4a9b7cdff4b0dd5dda7a5fefcfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 731293. Walk frame tree to find the right element/node for elementFromPoint and nodesFromRect. r=mats,a=blassey
3e7571c22e9308957715bb6062984702b4e19d4cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 731293. Add nsLayoutUtils::GetParentOrPlaceholderForCrossDoc. r=mats,a=blassey
21b01f9b56386f71955df1c456832a9845273076Robert O'Callahan — Bug 731293. Remove nsFrameManager parameter from nsLayoutUtils::GetParentOrPlaceholderFor. r=mats,a=blassey
2107bc8dd6789882f4fc5f9f729d0054a21dbc7dStephen Horlander — Bug 766985 - Don't show the warning triangle for sites with mixed content. r=dao a=gavin
7315c99d681b38c25abf812583301a31cc50749bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 745250 - Prevent crash from NPE in TouchEventHandler. r=wesj a=lsblakk
43e03ed8caef600168916826bf805f6f33ad5be8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 765486 - Protect isBookmark() against NPE. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
6d28ccd8dde5b46b192f2feeab7c8b1929c5607bSteven Michaud — Bug 752294 - Handle failure to enter fullscreen mode because window is invisible. r=bgirard a=lsblakk
b5369413635154d39dfe3ad3031326f22b041a76L. David Baron — Treat animation-iteration-count:0 specially. (Bug 765218) r=bzbarsky approval-mozilla-aurora=lsblakk
eed1fb59b32ff736ceef8bb4baf3fb48ddef13adScott Johnson — Bug 763702: Ensure font inflation bits are set during frame construction for root frame to prevent crash. [r=dbaron][a=akeybl]
e9101b13be6473351f57e474ba46c4a94babc962Nick Alexander — Bug 766397 - Do not log PasswordRecord details. r=rnewman, a=johnath
a8b465235ab38b26c95959dd22729afa4ccb6ab7Asaf Romano — Bug 738263 - Default bookmarks are still not imported during initial migration. r+a=gavin.
5ada4bb636a2f2f2fb51cd2ed37732218453fb7dLandry Breuil — Bug 761159 - Fix build on OpenBSD, use correct int64_t type. r=janv, a=akeybl.
deb42e7fb8417f23e34e43c7523eeb5e4bc09e0aJan Varga — Bug 761159 - FileHandle: Better handling of the end of file state. r=sicking, a=akeybl.
655c41dbd2349e188a5a8a27d13220e87f93315eAryeh Gregor — Bug 765799 - Uninitialized variable use in nsRange::InsertNode; r=smaug a=akeybl
238fc377f10205e6bfdd2c408507b2151b458264Ms2ger — Bug 765704 - Don't throw when setting XHR.responseType to an invalid value; r=bz a=lsblakk
f835e7444251ef74a078d67431919b849f914790Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 765227 - Avoid attempting to update the maintenance service when an update is being staged; r=bbondy a=akeybl
073af172958bab24cef41161dd2d93eb91783eabEhsan Akhgari — Bug 760577 - Part 4: Add full round-trip tests for keeping the mar file around and falling back to apply it at startup if replacing the application fails; r=rstrong a=akeybl
45462dd86c4c5c3aafd9b78be8f946c5fb01f3e5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 760577 - Part 3: Verify the fallback behavior on all the locked file tests; r=rstrong a=akeybl
23a5d4b7a6b9b1bd9fc6733f32efbf2efe75983bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 760577 - Part 2: Fall back to regular updates if the replacing step fails after we've staged an update; r=rstrong a=akeybl
0ed76cdf4abe40af4aa5fd8e0b2b419fd3409adcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 760577 - Part 1: Keep the update files around when an update has been staged; r=rstrong a=akeybl
399d0a2480655e4f625394a0d0838121edeed978Yury — Bug 758291 - Add uriloader@pdf.js.xpi to removed-files. r=dtownsend, a=gavin
bc7eb13d18deb15690a3960785389ae0e8cf7e59Jared Wein — Backed out changeset feec545f5f98 (bug 713608) a=akeybl
0eaa3e5f560431d5446af821e91f050cad418c5fJared Wein — Backed out changeset 0fa8e0eb40a7 (bug 760696) a=akeybl
eb20dbdfa597617d7c2542ed22b3b5824cbae1efMargaret Leibovic — Bug 765270 - Don't try to clean up in findClosed if this._findInProgress is false. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
7df01f66f753552075ec16ef83a86469b1c31c9cJonathan Watt — Bug 762679 - Stop rounding coordinates prematurely while doing SVG hit testing. r=longsonr a=lsblakk
71f4f34bd47dbca6806c313ed7e59a38fb6c2c8eRobert Longson — Bug 762411 - getScreenCTM scaling broken on inline outer svg elements. r=jwatt a=lsblakk
9d7c2b626f17f06e61d237466ee422d6d48796e9Robert Longson — Bug 764851 - Fix animations of the width/height of an outer SVG element. r=jwatt a=akeybl
0f805ac538314510325c27136f45e0fac80f922fKyle Huey — Back out Bug 730587. a=akeybl
01e96c76e268185314a3ad86af2f17016baaf256Mark Finkle — bug 766914 - Unable to play videos on mobile YouTube; redirection loop on 'Play' r=blassey a=blassey
d557426b0c8d536d85ff454a056d7560836e69b9Mike Hommey — Bug 765172 - Add missing entries in nsTextEquivUtils::gRoleToNameRulesMap. r=tbsaunde,a=akeybl
c01bd3028fc798e72f0546548782d5761e0b9e0bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 763225. Take a bit more care about our compartments in SetJSEventListenerToJsval. r=smaug,bholley, a=akeybl
da0183b980d9935ad5d2500c0ea0c339315fcf14Justin Lebar — Bug 766173 - Hold a strong ref to nsScriptSecurityManager, instead of hoping that it won't get addref'ed or released. r=bsmedberg, a=akeybl
44103bdf65b115935b5be8cf013de24819ae2d2dKyle Huey — Back out Bug 730587. a=akeybl
6aea82fcd3dd119a1cc6eba2e871ef2c90e9eefaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 763424. Dynamic changes to generated content don't work correctly on frames which pass a child content insertion frame to ProcessChildren (e.g. <td>). r=dbaron, a=akeybl
909db33807623a421cde732eb1c2d4e38196a4d6Matt Brubeck — Bug 765941 - Thumbnail doesn't update after following a link to an HTTP redirect [r=bnicholson, a=akeybl]
687dc23512add4fc2b88251c3c5bf4d0fd78ce1aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762724: Tabs button arrows should change direction on expand/collapse. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
eed77f0568679cdf3a40bc88541b7872114e6685Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762724: Tabs button in Tablet UI should expand and contract. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
670dea46afac88d5140416335696c24f3c24e849Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 763851: Forward button's background MIA in tabs UI. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
f3fc1dd799f7b103a8193bf75ebc352e6bdfba19Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 763049: Tablet animation should slide on phones, slide and shrink on tablets. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
249506237ff5b67962aa6ecd6c2a09a5478912d1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762955: Fixed height for tabs UI on phones. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
086ffcb856848ed5736119a4fc53d5c89eb35189Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762725: Tabs UI needs new plus icons. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
3c20bf3377f48a5eccb31ee4cc2e3cbcdeba83a7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762725: Tabs UI need new sync icons. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
094da1a44995df4623006b1394d1dc4d8bc29fb8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762722: Tab rows should have orange highlight. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
72b01730bff86143a0bcb47fcd5d0a22118a3d1bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762722: Orange highlights for Tabs UI buttons. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
498d69d70ada8f59e8e4398629e310cfb4ffe581Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760090: Find in page button should have orange press state. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
c15196a7217b38770a73198726dfd36e13013a5eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760970: Orange highlight can be done through XML. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
adebfe60169615ac9909e26b9f438baf58cd76a9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760970: Resize menu button and place it on top. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
6824811f580830d9d4b9eebd31e147429999fa63Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739407: Perform animation while showing/hiding tabs. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
65c97b27926cd8a17af21c82f68cd8ed5264a151Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739407: Make Tabs UI tablet ready. [r=mfinkle] [a=akeybl]
c22bed811cebbf7b5e9122d62ba290abf99743e5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 761212: Custom menu should scroll to top everytime it is shown. [r=mfinkle] [a=lsblakk]
3b77c47e1c5885da458cb6b08edb2384d21848ddSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760187: Phone URL bar should have softer texture. [r=mfinkle] [a=lsblakk]
54b3267d0292640985ff070769154794d1a55cbbJason Duell — Bug 742614: Allocation of string is not checked in WebSockets text frame parsing. r=bsmith, a=lsblakk
bde27ed49c7c323223093d1c5ff131f15b2d92fcMounir Lamouri — Bug 762435 - Make <progress> labelable again. r=bz a=lsblakk
0e385bd36e31090d28b5ec58d8514505eebaf3f4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 762434 - Allow any element to be labelable. r=bz a=lsblakk
bbccfcff3f0bd63aaf10f1cd4145ed185055a8e6Steven Michaud — Bug 757618 - Closing window while in Lion fullscreen mode leaves one on blank screen for 10-15 seconds. r=bgirard a=akeybl
a25e23ff84551e4ee679d065591a1e1de54dc146Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753665 - Ensure the mParent reference is nulled out when destroying a child window. r=blassey a=akeybl
7d0d22b6d4b36e26fe5486b7db0d49e3ddb922ecPaul Rouget — Bug 760171 - The inspector node menu feature allows the user to remove tabbed browsing. r=robcee a=akeybl
d41b2d8f0630310bcdedf37a08a4319419e2cb7bPanos Astithas — Bug 764324 - Fix breakpoint handling for Fennec and B2G browser actors; r=mfinkle,vingtetun a=akeybl
8d91c38d914e812b7feb941c6763a6f7d7664fd9Ed Morley — Bug 761049 - Temporarily disable browser_bug666317.js for too many intermittent failures; r=jlebar a=akeybl
e5f9e8f2816f5d7bd74009b55cc63e1d3d60d747Bobby Holley — Bug 763381 - Fix up compartment situation for expando objects. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
c5fb78e2f25d795f4e1b049c2f52c0357a99c3c1Bobby Holley — Bug 763381 - Pass cx around in more places. r=mrbkap
8b9657fd6e9aa5a58b01c8ef0e803c052ee46bacBobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Tests. r=mrbkap
bbc9b0b8ce438ee35a3f71486d62ca0fbd7e68c1Bobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Remove double-wrapping infrastructure for Location objects. r=mrbkap This is more or less just a backout of bug 739796, that caused so much pain. Huzzah!
135875b9d635edf37ff01edb8ab6b08fc9aaaeb4Bobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Rip out old expando architecture. r=mrbkap
0fcc2bb0d9abcc1effbd05c94cc674ee4a51919aBobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Switch WN Xrays to use the new expando infrastructure. r=mrbkap
f0bd81f02782d30ae80d58f9a06532c298274957Bobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Expose AutoIdVector wrapping. r=mrbkap
c11a05b374e2007bc771f42e2338956bbd791308Bobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Copy expando objects during object transplanting. r=mrbkap
d52872ca5dc537b9a14efb96300b64be12f7ea5fBobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Implement expando object infrastructure for WN Xrays. r=mrbkap Note: This overloads the naming of some of the existing infrastructure, but the signatures etc are sufficient to disambiguate. The other infrastructure goes away in a subsequent patch.
e1053b2eb16e97ac899139a7594067b613da0eaaBobby Holley — Bug 758415 - Refactor slim wrapper reserved slots so that we can use the same slot for expando objects in the non-slim case. r=mrbkap Xray wrappers require that their wrappee be non-slim, so this works out perfectly.
6f63ee67ea694826e159e336c29017bc15585495Bobby Holley — Bug 761121 - Add JSCLASS_HAS_CACHED_PROTO to the typed array instance JSClass. r=bhackett
f240c798c27d27c36a0fc3a8b6be1bea21c481acEhsan Akhgari — Bug 764269 - Handle symbolic links properly when copying the installation directory before staging an update; r=rstrong a=akeybl
edb44dbbbd6e54123b59943e1d702b922bf63879Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 764587 - Do not throttle the download of a complete mar if we fall back to a complete update after attempting to stage a partial update; r=rstrong a=akeybl
5518e4611ddfc94beff32131f0f2ed52cc64473fBen Turner — Bug 664029 - Make indexeddb mochitests run in fennec (but don't actually enable them on the branches). r=khuey. a=blassey
ded367e9699f93fee932f7136272ea442ba623daMatt Brubeck — Bug 765407 - Don't setOnDoubleTapListener(null); fixes crash in GestureDetector [r=kats, a=johnath]
f6eeb2b3ed1cea6dee02d37eb0fdb9f28d0c3931Ali Juma — Bug 763175 - Only create a new EGL surface when a new Android surface is created. r=bgirard, a=joe
9978b4fe1d691f608f7dfd80a823bf8626447279Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 762032 - Increase the amount of time we wait for the helper application to finish running in the updater tests; r=rstrong a=lsblakk
ed0da14904444f00678d81dcadf90deda6191043Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 763570 - Part 2 - Add a scrollframe from frameset documents on Fennec, so that they work with async pan/zoom and touch events. r=bz a=blassey
6109374ecaf365851b39ece81e05a2fd2519367aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 763570 - Part 1 - Back out 18b206c111cd from bug 747493 as we have a better solution that also fixes other broken frameset behaviours. r=tnikkel a=blassey
72c27b21702e4a990a54ce7fa94484fea7bebeccMihai Sucan — Bug 761157 - Sometimes network requests do not display all information; r=dcamp a=lsblakk
9db11ac5983db6c1572e29642c59a9314541b80bMike Hommey — Bug 764237 - Add snprintf and strcasecmp definitions in nsXULRunnerApp.cpp for windows. r=bsmedberg,a=lsblakk
5f0f44f8cc0e109c4ea9bc886219b44a991e4bdbMike Hommey — Bug 763152 - Link against libmemory when building against a libxul-sdk that ships it. r=khuey,a=lsblakk
d6febb18a5be52b9dbb0af0508652cdffcb001fdHenri Sivonen — Bug 750096. r=bzbarsky, a=lsblakk.
9d2e72c0215e0aae73c99dc76269286baf2eddebBlake Kaplan — Backed out changeset 0a453a6d346b (bug 664029) due to build failures. a=backout
0a453a6d346b743d7c7e84c3e186ddda6c01e265Ben Turner — Bug 664029 - Make indexeddb mochitests run in fennec (but don't actually enable them on the branches). r=khuey. a=blassey
f6989dfe70bb048494e213e1d7f1064f4a1fd71fMarco Castelluccio — Bug 761496. Cannot launch multiple different native applications on Linux. r=felipe a=akeybl
61c987f4457211b50549515dfca7004fcf5be0d5Andrew McCreight — Bug 749385 - use deferred release in nsHTMLDocumentSH::ReleaseDocument. r=peterv a=akeybl
943bca296b0c2fbfd51340c107d479726a3d862bAndrew McCreight — Bug 750820 - make oldFocusedContent an nsCOMPtr in nsGlobalWindow::PageHidden. r=bz a=lsblakk
04e8736653ffb7b5e2cff767764c57bf1bf40b38Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 761721 - Adjust the y-coordinate of the double-tap zoom rect to be near the touch point for tall blocks. r=wesj a=blassey
78bd8749ed97db0d12f7b2835ab5afa54a905922Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 761721 - Do some code refactoring for readability. r=wesj a=blassey
64e1f912f12036264f097f567521a263a3f02919Bobby Holley — Bug 640904 - Null-check after EnsureInnerWindow in nsWindowSH::GetProperty. r=mrbkap, a=akeybl
b92a17096308de15d2d78edc3bbf4345d97c052cBen Hearsum — bug 759318: stop excluding distribution/, extensions/, and mozilla.cfg from OS X signature. r=ted, a=akeybl
142acc2c3da41ce5bb75ce64c7e9d29d4e2f5e42Ben Hearsum — bug 758644: Contents/CodeResources isn't included in MARs. r=ted, a=akeybl
0806f11b895017d3eadc16e47cb2ddcd6e1801e4Panos Astithas — Bug 754251 - Can't set breakpoint in Script Debugger; r=rcampbell a=lsblakk
695003d45d7ff56fb06a23a1c1a2e09d76cfb055Asaf Romano — Bug 762639 - "Import Settings and Data" dialog show up on first run. r=mak. a=gavin
e828f1a097f61874eb6fa92bd7f51da430b4fdfaGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 762479 - Update Migration schema check to Places v21. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
787d44019d720a50ff3e5f12b4d9644cb10d1d37Olli Pettay — Bug 756277 - XMLHttpRequest started from Cc[';1'] ends up bound to some random window, r=bz, a=akeybl
ac587e102ae894275538dd990e5cfced6bd75218Benoit Jacob — Bug 763559 - Enable WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc with ANGLE - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
d204061466722573fce0f6e44942bdb1691973e1Ryan VanderMeulen — Disable perma-orange test broken by backout of bug 744388. a=orange
14cb9ba83ac3fe32ac4b9d6caa4ab2f0a3eb95f9Anant Narayanan — Bug 738528 - Android still image support for getUserMedia. r=sicking,rjesup a=akeybl
9b302f101ca2e2702b4e0cf710fe21c9006b4a13Eitan Isaacson — Bug 764051 - Fix crasher when accessibility is turned off. r=blassey a=akeybl
bd1105af153be015ee9f2668bd01598639c3fea9Tim Taubert — Backout changeset e1edaf3a8883 (bug 744388); r=dao, a=lsblakk
dc2a16b97890332cb9743bbb073219ff14a0d871Andrew McCreight — Bug 761249 - abort if ClassInfo2WrappedNativeProtoMap or Native2WrappedNativeMap fail. r=bholley a=akeybl
13356f42a487201e7624c5533b6a0f03ecf67debSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760267: Using proper naming convention for non-static menu variable. [r=mfinkle] [r=blassey] [a=blassey]
e35bdfa9ae872cf67310f9806a8460befb2a0189Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760267: Making the menu variable a member variable than a static variable. [r=blassey] [a=blassey]
621324aea1931c103f34bef2537c64e0829317b4Felipe Gomes — Bug 761516. Rename webapprt/linux to webapprt/gtk2 as we are building for all gtk2 platforms. r=marco a=gavin
0287e34ea0f8c93e514539bd704954c0140a5243Landry Breuil — Bug 761516 - Build linux runtime on all gtk2 platforms, fixes packaging on OpenBSD. r=glandium a=gavin
65a31ad3238590178c18ef6fd739c8dcb0922352Olli Pettay — Bug 763014 - crash in PresShell::HandleEventInternal, r=mats a=gavin
d7b39049209d08adcd3966f7772adbf9c86646bdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 761572. Allow click and dblclick events to be sent to an element even if it's made display:none during the mouseup event. r=smaug a=akeybl
4f4776ead212adc8c8eef088ef95634f0874894aJames Willcox — Bug 736073 - Implement power state support for Flash on Android r=blassey a=blassey
6bac1d6202dad8b8d43c918e0bec6f1737199ab5James Willcox — Bug 759799 - Hook up Hal WakeLocks on Android r=blassey a=blassey
18b27d7bcf7aad673fa11145519b08343f881fb1Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 758193 - Remove more Places stuff in Native Fennec. r=mak a=akeybl
2c15c260e7b9d3c420d91398406abf0d32765d58Nicholas Cameron — Bug 750575; use nsCOMPtr around nsIPresShell in canvas code. r=roc a=akeybl
edc666ffeeb2d1f335aec8bb989295228664ecc0Raymond Lee — Bug 760794 - tabView2.title and tabview2.moveToUnnamedGroup.label need l10n comments ( r=dao; a=akeybl
c9aa071bf2fdf892afb8111fcab627b30754af24James Willcox — Bug 759747 - Fix up fullscreen Flash handling on Android 4.0+ r=blassey a=akeybl
b3876d68ba731ee1d96413f5fc04156d4514110cBrian Nicholson — Bug 721640 - Show no entries for empty filter in about:config. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
4224d2750ff1c3c16c6ec2a21ee61c27f384d9bcBrian Nicholson — Bug 752245 - Increase maximum HTTP connection limit. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
73e2f24294a8e96f8eca386ea52ea94500d67442Honza Bambas — Bug 762409 - localStorage throws 'The operation is insecure.' error with document.domain, r=bz, a=akeybl
3343d42f1f2b7c7c2f7fb7f821f6f4bccf3ef9ceBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 747683 - Don't unload the plugin library right before exiting the plugin process, because some plugins are using atexit handlers, r=josh a=akeybl
65f752c3498ffb464fc5abfd4bc5db303baf6e57Scott Johnson — Bug 733614: Backout changes from bug 695222 for mozilla 15 branch [r=dbaron][a=akeybl].
67e3e2659d4cc5099dee9f60b8871ed5a531c511L. David Baron — Don't mark intrinsic widths dirty for font inflation width changes at box/block boundaries. (Bug 764354) r=bzbarsky a=johnath
191465219cd6f80edaea170b10ad320e8d87ee7bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 759678 - Prevent browser.js from triggering a reflow on meta tab addition before the page is displayed. r=mbrubeck a=johnath
ef143fb2db675348f56e2c2d7fd486350f0768d2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 763592 - Ensure reloads are treated as different-document page loads in browser.js. r=mfinkle a=johnath
558bfc7bcb893c540e7755930c0c80dd1873c1f4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 705106 - Use the correct scroll port size when trying to scroll to an area. r=roc a=akeybl
df5c5255c62ca26995cbb6b524009e87ec224285Kyle Huey — Bug 752468: Remove some code accidentally reintroduced in Bug 751999. r=jst a=lsblakk
8a3042764de77c7bbd13f7526cfb8c75a58cf0a8Aryeh Gregor — Bug 761993 - Back out bug 748307 part 5 for Aurora; r=ehsan a=akeybl
384eece25973cd778078e800b67daa9df4e6eee0Patrick McManus — bug 760608 preconnect problem with SSL r=honzab a=akebyl
86679834ebc9198de0ccede07c356622b3cfe84fRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 3d4a3090f3e1 (bug 738528) due to red. a=backout
3d4a3090f3e1b2f6202bc39e0a6b61f7853b253eAnant Narayanan — Bug 738528 - Android still image support for getUserMedia. r=sicking,rjesup a=akeybl
4223ec8761b398002967c5a0b1043d4238c6967fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 747493. Give frameset documents a basic scroll layer so we can communicate the document's metrics to the compositor and frontend. r=roc,mats a=mfinkle
e84c8cfbb27c7b2500596219c2e6a6c96c2b236cChris Peterson — Bug 758820 - Suppress form auto-complete popup after the user starts typing. r=blassey a=blassey
19a31aa9314305696b655963898142995c083705Benoit Girard — Bug 756253 - Disable flash placeholder on zooming because of thread safety problems and heap corruption. r=snorp a=blassey
bbbcb681820d6ea4ce85625de4daf30437d26d35L. David Baron — Make scroll frames (i.e., overflow != visible) no longer be font size inflation flow roots. This fixes at the expense of This reverts b64bfa138619890a01826bde8974cc974b45a6f5 (bug 760098) which in turn reverted 9620f50be9fa8be44931decf1e57ce25f51da812 (Bug 747720, patch 7) which in turn reverted part of 9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1 (Bug 706193, patch 2). (Bug 747720) r=backout a=joe/jpr
201c182ffd35312b1d83ea065bc877b9c939ff02L. David Baron — Don't assume ordering of callers of nsPresContext::ScreenWidthInchesForFontInflation; instead, track changes only for the caller that cares about changes. (Bug 759755, patch 5) r=bzbarsky a=mfinkle
dcd1e63c811204f310f5d93191d869e1a2da069fL. David Baron — Make svg:foreignObject be considered a constrained height (now that I'm thinking about them). (Bug 759755, patch 4) r=roc a=mfinkle
87d73102b9c971c254689308aa44c357acdf24b4L. David Baron — Properly dirty intrinsic widths when doing things that change inflation. (Bug 759755, patch 3) r=roc a=mfinkle
79fee919312e947c255960efbceb6ab1192a6194L. David Baron — Do the necessary reflow when our font inflation data changes. (Bug 759755, patch 2) r=roc/bzbarsky a=mfinkle
5ae9adf800cf4c7cb51aafdb0abec923a7c0ba76L. David Baron — Fix source of slight test variation. (Bug 759755, patch 1) a=test
ad5ec7e77b43d9c4281f3f984c4b97d4bbcc0c8aMatt Brubeck — Bug 763916 - Fix test for missing viewport metadata [r=kats, a=blassey]
b5fc0b2d27e76c04afdbf711686f86033e411ae4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 759120 - History list doesn't update after you remove the last history item using context menu. r=lucasr a=akeybl
131e571d4959ed56607f2b878d00227d7bd8ce78Nathan Froyd — Bug 762590 - don't send test pings at idle when !Telemetry.canSend; r=taras,a=akeybl
94e4994199c04118eb24a1ab799a34a9b7f1c802James Willcox — Backout 935dd46475ef, bug 756253 a=blassey
210f12d591a72e5330e396d64d266492ece7c6edCedric Vivier — Bug 719552 - Scheme-less URLs references in the style sheet are lost when editing. r=rcampbell a=akeybl
ba0dfc8a42e27c28e5ca83c9b9db2858c398a45bVictor Porof — Bug 753225 - Intermittent browser_dbg_createRemote.js; r=past a=akeybl
3c388f49c9361e353a53ef37392fa2fc6fae549dPanos Astithas — Bug 760882 - XBL Bindings appear in the debugger script dropdown if the debugger is open when the page is refreshed; r=rcampbell a=akeybl
bcbb733c3b73658288124a0d5ba986ff62b5ee84Panos Astithas — Bug 761223 - JS Debugger errors prevent me from debugging Orion; r=dcamp a=akeybl
d2222d108e068d4805858266f5a7c6261fec103cPanos Astithas — Bug 761231 - Font for the Debugger panels should be message-box; r=dao a=akeybl
184b0179fb906eb74158a1dedf9a0643fce2c68fPanos Astithas — Bug 762403 - Disable the chrome debugger menu item until it's ready; r=dcamp,dtownsend a=akeybl
064efda12a0c1a7d1fea06b1be12b098c9b2d5e3Panos Astithas — Bug 761153 - Use the same preferences for enabling and configuring the remote debugging server across products (Part 2: Fennec); r=mfinkle a=akeybl
81ad66ec92978aa793793dd22e608a07a14f9ee3Panos Astithas — Bug 761153 - Use the same preferences for enabling and configuring the remote debugging server across products (Part 3: B2G); r=vingtetun a=akeybl
6a51d098fc1fcdbf099042c83f11c3b636fcdc1ePanos Astithas — Bug 761153 - Use the same preferences for enabling and configuring the remote debugging server across products (Part 1: desktop); r=dtownsend a=akeybl
b1094da581a6e55720941c5ad20480e28219b9c5Victor Porof — Bug 762454 - File filtering @ operator doesn't search for functions; r=past a=akeybl
7eb0c6f9937b7ca51a1203143197bf23d3f0b4e8Mark Capella — Bug 761943 - crash in nsXULListitemAccessibleNativeInteractiveState, r=surkov, a=akeybl
776c453ae0ea115d0e103ccb92f78d48284d1f96Brad Lassey — bug 736602 - Change inactive tab timer clamp setting to something higher than 1hz r=mfinkle a=blassey
62b82be13ebd3dfab802decac9ac13d35bd879a8Mike Hommey — Bug 756786 - Use XPCOM standalone glue in nsXULRunnerApp.cpp. r=bsmedberg,a=akeybl
2da5a0ff4bd5eda961b060c56f689e176a123c4eMike Hommey — Bug 756786 - Remove NSPR usage from nsXULRunnerApp.cpp. r=bsmedberg,a=akeybl
b41fcee639daad297980ac7b3a27fa1546f89917Mike Hommey — Bug 762588 - Install channel-prefs.js in PREF_DIR when building Firefox as a XULRunner app. r=rstrong,a=keybl
bacdd7be41ff90e5798283750a5867ba4bd3dd46Ms2ger — Bug 761635 - "[MSVC8] "dom/indexedDB/IDBCursor.cpp(42) : error C2872: 'ipc' : ambiguous symbol" after bug 666693" r=khuey a=khuey
9291d6f5fd6e43a20550d0ce34ed9f6328276794Geoff Lankow — Bug 761489 - New addon page overflows when text is wrapped; r=Unfocused a=akeybl
e135fca7989a135abfffadf56085d31af8bf5e19Mark Finkle — Bug 754575 - Cache.Trash* files fill up disk space r=blassey r=jduell a=akeybl
6ccff991c3b143f9c68da6cb2acf57a7422460c1Kevin Brosnan — Bug 736602 - Increase dom.min_background_timeout_value to 15 minutes for mobile r=mfinkle a=akeybl
9d3ca1eaa0019903ba048c53a92b283f7af12b46Matt Brubeck — Back out f6b999d836cf (bug 754575) because of build error in nsDeleteDir.cpp. a=backout
ffbb1fe5d73105ef828d201edbbdbccafb83a81bJames Willcox — Bug 762407 - Avoid deadlock when exiting fullscreen Flash videos on Android r=blassey a=akeybl
f6b999d836cff1ae6214b2d967de3c1cab31a61bMark Finkle — Bug 754575 - Cache.Trash* files fill up disk space r=blassey r=jduell a=akeybl
3dfea949c53a6f9dcd438495cbfcd46b166002dbBrad Lassey — backout c115c58ef2b1 (bug 748470) for regressions a=backout
cef26a492426aa84249b90a9e509b49ca1278c7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 761086. Throw if someone passes an invalid argument to inDOMUtils::GetCSSStyleRules. r=smaug, a=akeybl
f7e34a0e107d9f1a79d6e9710de3cf8ef0df7a8bEitan Isaacson — Bug 755976 - Send empty text and selection when IME is disabled. r=cpeterson a=akeybl
68f36beee4972d3cabf8ff0fa0226d0a052197f3Eitan Isaacson — Bug 760972 - Remove focus-follows-cursor behavior and add cursor-follows-focus. r=davidb a=akeybl
152d1ca5e9f097e467ebe52d2117ba0cb05a90beAryeh Gregor — Bug 761861 - Fix crash in nsHTMLEditor::DeleteSelectionImpl; r=ehsan a=akeybl
440a35cc1ebc97a195ab69c42568fe5014c201e7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 763200 - Fix another NPE in handleActivityResult. r=blassey a=akeybl
275cf57ac110cde58756e4c2689cb85e06b07ab4Matt Brubeck — Bug 760087 - Don't steal focus from the findbar when Gecko IME state changes [r=cpeterson, a=akeybl]
3f11ba211a4b56eae76dc1c7cf9f7b2dba833d7cRobert Longson — Bug 761507 - Fix issues with adoptNode and conditional processing. r=dholbert a=akeybl
9421cb7212c3de02b7150133aa1fa2f167ca4edcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 762345 - Skip all the QIing stuff in the TreeMatchContext constructor if possible; r=bzbarsky a=akeybl
851b070766ad468ed82ecf4154d2c755e7f63974Justin Lebar — Bug 757376. r=bz, a=akeybl
fa957f477d693ebfaa8d69ba6ae170366ed752d2Aki Sasaki — bug 760169 - add ko and pt-BR to android multilocale builds. r=pike a=akeybl
dd1621e5f855a088095207b0301d0b322df8a8d8L. David Baron — Make scroll frames (i.e., overflow != visible) be font size inflation flow roots again, to fix Except for the test changes, this reverts 9620f50be9fa8be44931decf1e57ce25f51da812 (Bug 747720, patch 7) which in turn reverted part of 9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1 (Bug 706193, patch 2). (Bug 760098) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
49541cfaf38f6d4dbb8d246da3f58bd08f7648bfL. David Baron — Fix two pieces of cached information that were preventing font size inflation from applying correctly during intrinsic width calculation when intrinsic width calculation had already been done without font size inflation. (Bug 748434) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
5f08078c0af9cf183342558caf5003d05d46a713L. David Baron — Restore application of font size inflation to radios and checkboxes. (Bug 757937) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
5838fc84511bdd73de0187e58194a80c573fbbd5Kyle Huey — Back out dbaron's last push because it's causing Linux PGO Moth to perma-OOM. a=orange
43d14e9a5237b4e509f79403e42bed3c3a3957d2L. David Baron — Make scroll frames (i.e., overflow != visible) be font size inflation flow roots again, to fix Except for the test changes, this reverts 9620f50be9fa8be44931decf1e57ce25f51da812 (Bug 747720, patch 7) which in turn reverted part of 9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1 (Bug 706193, patch 2). (Bug 760098) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
851cdb368ca1c2784b16dc2af378297810766873L. David Baron — Fix two pieces of cached information that were preventing font size inflation from applying correctly during intrinsic width calculation when intrinsic width calculation had already been done without font size inflation. (Bug 748434) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
f7541054a7b86a0f644ed81f40d8f83dbe0ff55bL. David Baron — Restore application of font size inflation to radios and checkboxes. (Bug 757937) r=roc approval-mozilla-aurora=blassey
935dd46475ef870a3eadf1892d40a1de63916422Benoit Girard — Bug 756253 - Disable flash placeholder on zooming because of thread safety problems and heap corruption. r=snop a=blassey
a125034a52b32122fe64e57aa2cda928089f20e6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 753329. Share ThebesLayerInvalidRegion for a given ContainerLayer across all the frames that are sharing that layer as their ContainerLayer. r=mattwoodrow a=blassey
ddb3b87d93849fc8f8152b6af6bb3ee7e1f12f7cChris Peterson — Bug 755517 - Remap Gingerbread's unusual keycodes for some symbol characters. r=blassey a=blassey
77cf49ff4b57c29b0a3d74c2e05238a169dac1c9Matt Brubeck — Bug 748609 (part 2) - Fix testAboutPage with Firefox Beta branding [r+a=mfinkle]
0ec4ebcc5514331ae3bf1f9fabb9510e0f3cc364Brian Nicholson — Bug 747388 - Remove .part files on dl-failed on Android. r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
143bc927d5246754483a01c42e43ad6467ca1eceJens Hatlak — Bug 758530 - Sync does not initialize automatically anymore. r=bsmedberg a=akeybl
95cbdaa73a160fa9a29ef58ee030216df6947a59Justin Lebar — Bug 759802. r=joe, a=akeybl
314e6d91a410875ebb9d57f4be6fd114219d97adKartikaya Gupta — Bug 756003 - Check both overflow-x and overflow-y properties to see if an element is scrollable. r=mfinkle a=blassey
86f07056bdc93eb99ce7c88e1dd08cce069d0783Scott Johnson — Bug 749186, Followup Patch 1: Cache font inflation settings in pres shell to prevent crash. [r=dbaron][a=blassey]
cb0dd1e5b5b5561cf91997db25354c163b4bbcd7Mark Finkle — Bug 744850 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered (ignore the crash) r=kats a=akeybl
809a7e55a042e76e075083764edb15b59c21264aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 758361 - Move the before-first-paint event so it doesn't get improperly triggered on a plugin codepath. r=bz a=mfinkle
fcf10dd798a1fdb23990da82c0ffdf75d5d6626bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 743666 (Add back deprecated XHR.onuploadprogress). r=bzbarsky, a=lsblakk
002be3d4ce41a97d7368c7ca5801cb9c49df7b97Chenxia Liu — Bug 760614 - Retry on connection failures, to address transient network errors. r=nalexander, a=blocking-fennec,blassey
fca19782afb3364a56ac6beb0c60f1a5a5e0ab2fMarco Bonardo — Bug 748541 - Disable the Downloads Panel for Firefox 15
a8cfaeef046920913538058b14765a5ddf8d0dceBrad Lassey — backout bug 755070 a=backout
b765828410fff7195d667ed92219a761a1b79f71Hub Figuière — Bug 761256 - Disable a11y on Mac for Aurora. r=tbsaunde a=akeybl
36066dd58839736b8946ddcd69771c4620185a9aGavin Sharp — Bug 760804: add some localization notes to pdf.js strings, and use "…" instead of "...", feedback=pike/bdahl/yury, a=me
6770b09f974d1e24e47d7e4c2cbde031ed072d36Brendan Dahl — Bug 752676: Add pdf.js as an internal handler for pdfs (2/2); r=mak77, a=akeybl
2ab0e7683fdf930011510ea2e4e90147b4256204Brendan Dahl — Bug 752676: Add pdf.js as an internal handler for pdfjs (1/2); r=mak77, a=akeybl
6b583c1a218ec76b40328c60fe11f1f875d42d56Yury — Bug 742099 - Registers pdf.js resources and adds r=Pike, a=akeybl
cbb22b5d1f6edada9824ddd5a79cc29e20e16068Dão Gottwald — Backed out bug 588909. a=akeybl
898a1bd48058ec9f4f6c3eaa8e744dad3e2cdc6fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 707037 - Revert the update check frequency increase (bug 707020); a=lsblakk
8112d61e6ded73bfb4ef89d3b9038b31fa5c0e58Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 760665 - Pref off background updates on Windows for Aurora because of bug 760577; r=rstrong a=akeybl
ea74834dccd3fe1c44d9ebcb061c67a534680a36Lukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes, reverting to aurora 14 l10n NO BUG CLOSED TREE
b7877a61ec23a2fd44190dea64e9b57574dbf4b4Lukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
c7f977bd4523fab38df420ea3288c388bd0361d6Lukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
26dcd1b1a20893ad99341c61c6b1239ff1523858Jonathan Griffin — Bug 761252 - Set devtools.debugger.remote-enabled from Marionette, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB FIREFOX_AURORA_15_BASE
c8550894c4999f5936a2490f2a22cccc11c110aeBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, follow up to fix XUL builds r=kats
844ed9db04646c300da4029fa4ef21ec4314e540Matt Brubeck — Bug 760740 - Use compatible-screens to control filtering of split Android builds [r=blassey]
5966ab6ebccaa8a3da923eedfce36c27d6723e70John Ford — bug 744008 - add desktop B2G mozconfigs to tree r=cjones DONTBUILD because NPOTB
9cd3ffd77a570a99177dcb396087ef7ca29df531Richard Newman — Bug 748475 - Bump Android Sync User-Agent version. r=trivial DONTBUILD
43e3d0333d30c7aa660f56d88ea1e203028fda71Brad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, follow up to use LinkedList instead of ArrayDequeu which is not supported on Froyo r=kats
42f8002ca13b68015a0737aa6a4c8fe2fcd404a2Simon Montagu — Bug 760954 - Fix the performance regression in the View Source windows; r=ehsan
5ee7f5d526649eded4d4fb4b4cb8b8f115295acfBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, chunk up large updates as well r=kats
7fcb3f7d2b616fce496ae68647ec7961819c8ff8Brad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, chunk up whole page screenshots r=kats
de42c0dc441350ad992ecc0e338228bbb2244d5eBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, only update dirty rects, reuse a single bytebuffer and stop using java bitmaps r=kats
6cf625ab6acde3b172a53c3fb7055d003cda18e1Brad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, only take one screenshot at a time r=kats
12809c23e838dd1e332ddda38a003a7f2d1f0e2bBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, screenshot only on idle r=kats
fc94f4339da76d758d62aa447eb7b420bd1caabaEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green PGO changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
778ba119ded663eb5520f57fdf5df13785db69d2Jan de Mooij — Bug 760413 - Update in-tree V8 benchmark to v7. r=dvander
1fa953e7d4c15b19a763b888e1f22ecb1ff81d05Mounir Lamouri — Backing out bug 738528 pushed without a peer review and with wrong authorship.
a6cee80d4fde9442df8bf9a5b5d4cad6656ed5faBobby Holley — Bug 751995 - Handle orphaned wrappers. r=peterv
030fa99e5bdef64a1c4a1a55d076945cc2036c41Tim Abraldes — bug 758044. Installation directory is now "scheme;host;port" with ";port" omitted if port is the default. Uninstall registry key is now "scheme://host:port" with ":port" omitted if the port is the default. r=felipe
a7948da916f2b704648c5d9dc3ef949897d04dcaTim Abraldes — bug 753274. Make `nsWindow::SubclassWindow` only fail if `mWnd` is an invalid window AND we're trying to apply a subclass (rather than remove a subclass). r=jimm
699ded02ce5a5d83e9c93c4d09d864af279ee0a3Landry Breuil — Bug 761019 - Remove extra comma at end of enum after bug 758236. r=jdaggett
ad829b84b2da95b0aadc8c8369daae8961932090Mike Hommey — Bug 760165 - Don't cleanup libraries in the cache directory during startup. r=blassey
4fbdf778beac420ca1933705013880df7990e8cbMike Hommey — Bug 760136 - Remove unused DEBUG intent code. r=blassey
c1c0ce793c5ac76cec000c35f129f478268f2b19Nils Maier — Bug 760265: Add identifying information to frame script compartments. r=bz.
af83ecf3ee15bf7a44d9cf159133953331a58824Alexander Surkov — Bug 756983 - make nsAccessible::GetActionName faster, r=tbsaunde
cfee4e39759d2636affcf29289ebe96b73506170Alexander Surkov — Bug 759670 - Intermittent accessible/events/test_docload.xul | Test timed out, r=tbsaunde
c6aa41df6d3e62d781c65fd16b07699a69ca650bVicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 8: Respect X-Mms-Delivery-Report field, r=philikon
936df980303f07c072d6e4f81e1ec44b0966b3a8Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 7: send M-NotifyResp.ind response back, r=philikon
a0785f8d3a75579e8a4fe44d82770fe7fa89f8f5Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 6: add WSP/MMS encoding, r=philikon
abcc96067a0f5366477ef94ed41fea5cf6c783b5Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 5: save message attachments, r=philikon
728c759ed6544089c251612e12ce8ed2fa34c68aVicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 4: handle M-Retrieve.conf PDU, r=philikon
abb9036641e2f31f9b270bce23e03fabb7b98102Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 3: handle WAP Push notification, r=philikon
8d6c0457e630bda1675f6849afe62d5f6a041cf4Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 2: Add MmsPduHelper, r=philikon
71140763abea347a63d930ba3137930fbf2cb01fVicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 1: IDL changes, r=philikon
026af54fa9298fce0437d7678911f81b9f1797b7Vicamo Yang — Bug 744360 - Part 2: add WapPushManager, r=philikon
c659893397872151115ab3d472a53d20060b6f39Vicamo Yang — Bug 744360 - Part 1: add WspPduHelper, r=philikon
738c160493c13d2b3379729698689e9637aa3c55Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760901: There is an extra black added from find-in-page. [r=mleibovic]
6fe1c6b6228295d084ff3044b77de9da2c527d6eDoug Turner — Bug 738528: Android still image for getUserMedia; r=fabrice
00c396b0cf9ae8c6ac76bc23c9c475e1d1b524faKan-Ru Chen — Bug 752649 - Fill empty GPS callbacks. r=dougt
81821baba2884818402414e12693070733333cecNicholas Nethercote — Bug 759246 (part 4) - Don't share inForInit between Parser and BCE. r=jorendorff.
4e67ee6e338c6ef5b619a8767cd2d4e5a88833e0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 759246 (part 3) - Initialize more SharedContext stuff via the constructor. r=jorendorff.
be82d1d15eea0339dea395d542596cd2c502e29eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 759246 (part 2) - Move SharedContext::functionList to TreeContext. r=jorendorff.
645aaab2d9e6e165b6dbcf41435ad7792056a0f5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 759246 (part 1) - Replace with &sc where suitable. r=jorendorff.
48a60f4f72645e8085bdc0620aae742835d51265Eitan Isaacson — Bug 760451 - Support skip links. r=davidb
b9de12c3aedafa72bd22a6d5671a1b9a847165e5Marco Castelluccio — Bug 744193. Install webapp on host OS - Linux. r=felipe
0ae2ca987cf916445f253bfda6d08a00842f988aMarco Castelluccio — Bug 745018. Implement webapp runtime for Linux. r=jst
28c54a0bfd3b9a2257a3d8d3e1080629d383f2c8Patrick McManus — bug 759438 - crash in nsHttpTransaction::HandleContentStart due spdy restart r=honzab
9896fdad513eeb7cd3a86f37caa18826202ba88fPhil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
3b1d53c1f729d330e76992706f7c641d8ee16efdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 758635 - Move a call to resizeView so that we don't send two resize events to gecko when the keyboard comes up. r=jrmuizel
6c7d83e5cb2b8b16180b4dcbdc5a13df0adbe8e2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 758635 - LayerRenderer doesn't need to implement GLSurfaceView.Renderer. r=jrmuizel
902cd184dca88fd3496e7546b4b28175683e323dTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 750231 - Use larger stacks on the media decoder threads with ASAN, r=kinetik
c557f5d7f377679238dac5da8f37bafe924e8476Phil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ddbc87ee85e43df96f711fe25770748bb7fb86e2Cedric Vivier — Bug 727834 - Add an API to (re)parse a style sheet in place. r=bz
ed00ab13fee9e1ff4055e9403d2e25ada75d202aLucas Rocha — Bug 761132 - Don't try to fetch display column on history items (r=margaret)
16ba1a04c74d7b8c0562d7d614c1cea3f3dad03eLandry Breuil — Bug 761136 - fix uses of uint64_t vs PRUint64 after bug 666693. r=bent
382d639afa857db5e08bb782642d6230ded5fcbbLandry Breuil — Bug 761123 - Remove extra semicolon at end of NS_IMPL_EVENT_HANDLER() decl. r=janv
1dc3d837c72791831b595a881918807ff071cf6eLandry Breuil — Bug 761019 - Remove extra comma at end of enum after bug 758236. r=jdaggett
b4a1b04851884215aeb09edc398e0660b9bbbe3bLucas Rocha — Bug 761131 - Add reader button to all browser_toolbar.xml files (r=mfinkle)
59e7730d780ba305dbee82fa4cf6260dec010414Honza Bambas — Bug 753990 - Allow appcache to work with a custom cache (profile) folder within a single application, r=michal.novotny
f2b089df69b30de2bfb24e88ba84ac87a8bd514eHonza Bambas — Bug 744719 - Change offline cache update to load files in parallel, r=michal.novotny
deae92fe42b26a730775e8c343897172d6b014a4Jan Varga — Bug 761076 - FileHandle: Add optional location parameter to LockedFile.truncate(). r=sicking
77f792cd4483559c943f55bb77cfaa3c00dfa9b2Mike Hommey — Bug 761105 - Remove build/pylib/blessings/blessings.egg-info and other-licenses/virtualenv/virtualenv.egg-info. r=ted
a0b10aaad563c765b609d610b5896bc2cd370510Gregory Szorc — Bug 760905 - Disable problematic test for AITC; r=I
406bcd86ef0bb2fd5d9dda50329c4784d96d4260Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
3b82c67c4e123041ba2a5fbc27e774e54fa3e002Anant Narayanan — Bug 757261: Apps in the Cloud Manager and Service; r=mconnor
9dfd11585710de51a809e1dd98946b958978d4f5Anant Narayanan — Bug 745345: BrowserID support for Apps in the Cloud; r=khuey, r=gps
bca65d63b382e80c6cbc1ee1ecd041fde53d2ce2Anant Narayanan — Bug 755375: Implement Apps in the Cloud storage layer; r=gps
c6956e485b2e2bb15041939a0442f5b02721079dAnant Narayanan — Bug 754538 - Implement Apps in the Cloud REST client; r=gps, r=mconnor
edadd659ca98e02a5352cfdcc6dd1bf3ffc0908cGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
111779add373e40716febb3c115355f246839937Gregory Szorc — Bug 760448 - Send result to CommonUtils.jsonSave's callback; r=rnewman
ee6b790ebc41511d08c07d9fb8adde07761a02c1Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
bc696dba534d5b515653c8ee3f03dd8f68efb8a4Gregory Szorc — Bug 749336 - JS implementation of AITC 1.0 server; r=rnewman
d818dcdb317bea1158fe08d2f15d55a5c6234d25Gregory Szorc — Bug 744323 - JS implementation of storage service 2.0 server; r=rnewman
de355aac2c5ea2a20e73fc61a4feda11e1e62de0Gregory Szorc — Bug 760105 - Add argument to CommonUtils.encodeBase64URL for padding; r=rnewman
dd6ec482a85d234420a5d8beb3f410b318e03c55Marco Bonardo — Bug 720081 - Part 1: backportable solution for autocomplete controller to provide a different final defaultComplete value for typeAheadResults
0e4f8e1a141b672926f9f90898f85d72b5229c7eRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
7dded40bb32bddf1e9bd83f1104dde0441cd506bRob Campbell — Bug 761007 - Intermittent failure in browser_tilt_ | Exited with code 1 during test run or NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Failure at resource:///modules/devtools/TiltGL.jsm:1316 followed by other errors and out of memory on Linux Opt; a=TESTONLY
aba0194d088f9ada3cf2d8e3ee765487b4e7bf13Victor Porof — Bug 759157 - Intermittent browser_tilt_02_notifications.js, browser_tilt_03_tab_switch.js, browser_tilt_04_initialization.js, browser_tilt_picking_miv.js, browser_tilt_picking_highlight01.js | Exited with code 1, timed out after 330 seconds, could not initialize Tilt; r=rcampbell
482e07a4fb057702bd521511184bc0637edf7039Mihai Sucan — Bug 664688 - JavaScript evaluation "permission denied" after navigation to a different domain; r=past
e60ac3f6119d09e208052f7ed77dac3eee3d487dPanos Astithas — Bug 757282 - Pause when an exception is hit; r=rcampbell
7e578ad2c6f9373b372dad898fa39334c09c2f56Panos Astithas — Bug 737808 - Separate breakpoints and scripts handling in the client from the server; r=rcampbell
ec971b2d6a30b2d3b7cf43808bd0d09ce6bf4df5Paul Rouget — Bug 757477 - [Responsive Mode] restore previous size / preset. r=dcamp
329aa567fec9b634602db7dcfaf47a81bc5bf7ebTim Taubert — Bug 742047 - Part 2 - Refactor SessionStorage.jsm and its API; r=zpao
ebd52606c461f5ada17e67e6a089ba8f2c578928Tim Taubert — Bug 742047 - Part 1 - Create SessionStorage.jsm and migrate existing code; r=zpao
07d362aa2c1b4cb14beb0d1fd2739bddbfc3881aPhil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
b1b44a491f6aa7cf11332590ec84302080c17315Asaf Romano — Bug 730340 - Don't use expando properties for storing data on places nodes. Remove expandos support from result nodes. r=mak.
04682cf84deb2fbc6c70c592a3de40942bf7c474Asaf Romano — Bug 730340 - Bug 730340 - Don't use expando properties for storing data on places nodes. Don't use an expando to mark cut nodes. r=mak.
ddd5acd40b93542d2eb5e80b6554b6f2049fdabfAryeh Gregor — Bug 757371 part 4 - Do not insert style tags if the style is already applied; r=ehsan
87b0d0db4c2a7bee86d7cb2e55d588be007ebb6aAryeh Gregor — Bug 757371 part 3 - Reuse existing style elements more aggressively; r=ehsan
b2ef79de042296ded04479457258276e25b9cddfAryeh Gregor — Bug 757371 part 2 - Improve correctness of nsHTMLCSSUtils::IsCSSEquivalentToHTMLInlineStyleSet; r=ehsan
0f52f1ab3dc801f0309867161c52083fa961b996Aryeh Gregor — Bug 757371 part 1 - Clean up nsHTMLEditRules::ReapplyCachedStyles; r=ehsan
82f14cddfb38de9f5cc36d99d95c95a87fde8a1bAnant Narayanan — Bug 752353: DOM bindings for getUserMedia; r=jst
3d74c0a1e1725db9c5cb6d2819b9cb7a4176a1e6Anant Narayanan — Bug 752351: Implement fallback media engine; r=jesup
b08466d9d710b8da6e4c65fed1c4415ed199bb26Anant Narayanan — Bug 750943: Abstract media engine interface for devices; r=jesup
d71cabc2f4fa90c9fea4fbcb4b3b1b534c9de750Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760604: Menu item should be able to change showAsAction dynamically. [r=mbrubeck]
f31e072ed084cf72de0742c47a98e59ad47464a1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760217: Cleanup open/close custom menu. [r=mbrubeck]
0d736d4fa05728028fde65894b9ba5698beb59e5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760220: Add-on menu item show be added prior to onPrepareOptionsMenu(). [r=mbrubeck]
291c61234c4a4e9fe234f6e1cd3e2d9cb5077ef2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 757049 Don't use length of UTF-16 for character counts of UTF-8 used by GTK APIs in nsGtkIMModule::OnRetrieveSurroundingNative() and nsGtkIMModule::DeleteText() r=karlt
907a48923ab4ead15d740a627c80abf4769b3de4Brian Hackett — Watch for GC under getType, bug 746103. r=dvander
a426ee764e00fed5f6e9c40815d287b2a4fbf152Fabrice Desré — Bug 723206 - followup to fix a tab. [r=me]
7f2c0baa1c93e5bb75107df50f992fb12d6c7da7Benoit Jacob — Bug 760675 - update adreno blacklisting to not use the global context - r=jrmuizel
aba5410973030a052ad38d49cc2797d9c93c84baBenoit Jacob — Bug 760675 - don't create a global context at all, on Android - r=jrmuizel
7ee3f3fe90fb7ea9483390a1ff3f760a50a42024Asaf Romano — Bug 730340 - Fix typo found by neil, remove useless comments.
ffcc51500617ba9207ce9314dd9557de80178155Andrew Quartey — Bug 731836 - Add preference to use Mesa LLVMpipe for software rendering - r=bjacob
b9bf4324d66f1e38968d764fb47bcb14298439cdEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
d4a962a62d634255b050164c6fcbb8aa985bb17eLucas Rocha — Bug 750707 - Add reader button to the browser toolbar (r=mfinkle)
1330924c44f20f7af73993dc33dd4ebb138eed45Lucas Rocha — Bug 750707 - Pack URL bar buttons in same layout to allow showing multiple icons (r=mfinkle)
26a5bfa9733a151369ccd0371cfc951258d9a36cLucas Rocha — Bug 750707 - Check for bookmarks should only consider normal bookmarks (r=margaret)
456839be8a7249070a61b931915d22825109638fLucas Rocha — Bug 750707 - Remove unnecessary local variable in addBookmarkItem() (r=margaret)
95006ffc47e1ca9b18f420a5626594c45a517399Lucas Rocha — Bug 750707 - Toggling bookmarks off should only apply to normal bookmarks (r=margaret)
315b7cb0a7ef1f756cebd7deebb051afcd87956dLucas Rocha — Bug 750707 - Add method to add reading list items in BrowserDB (r=margaret)
4168c98dd747c9c4806eabd96f20073bd0e9374eLucas Rocha — Bug 750707 - Factor out method to add a bookmark, generalize folder GUID argument (r=margaret)
dbb910ec58ab64529e4cbffaa1afc28f52eb9f0aLucas Rocha — Bug 750684 - Show Reading List folder in the awesomebar screen (r=margaret)
b0dd2b70a23324f419500405b747743a72a0ac54Lucas Rocha — Bug 750684 - Add new special bookmarks folder to hold reading list items (r=margaret)
5f9bf688b9ac88ec8ff5fbcee441e323070575aeKyle Machulis — Bug 744349 - Create message distribution mechanism for DBus Bluetooth Signals; r=cjones
ba8cfc79dd6eab662f6ecd5223a1f618da2052feBenjamin Peterson — Bug 749818: add Number.isNaN, r=jwalden
70acf458a32da33d6a703a49f7b3032a8b4308a4Benjamin Peterson — Bug 759498: fix defaults when arguments are bound as functions, r=jorendorff
8247bd0ca0379fadc6964ca70453b0d506aee4f1Benjamin Peterson — Bug 757676: implement default parameters in JaegerMonkey, r=bhackett
2f02e08e634c006e7133219ce9c4ceca96ae100eTom Schuster — Bug 752226 - Remove JSVAL_IS_OBJECT from the jsapi. r=dmandelin
48918f0df283d2732d80e57ccfce57a2a17fdcc1Jan Varga — Bug 726593 - Implement FileHandle. r=bent
e7ca047b71b26c8da62a063bb0b814f88c66a936Mats Palmgren — Merge backout
9f81724d820ebf138bc53335aab41c1e6b19c391Mats Palmgren — Back out bug 575294, bug 726264. (cset 1727de7d26ec, 6bcea3a628d8, 011c1c8e9cc7, 0be261a5042b, d51338c5cd0c)
d2bf31e62b72c7b615840ee8f3729bc8c69f8c94Olli Pettay — Bug 758894 - 'Highlight all' feature causes zombie compartments, r=mano
d0ebcaa7efb5fc96b2a4f7ef08434f6af969e4f2Dave Camp — Merge fx-team to m-c.
00704d2f3a350284d9e9f04772982ddc60a64416Dave Camp — Bug 740543 - Rule view does not update when window is resized. r=robcee
ff4163e5f8691154a0ffcbbba9fe1a851fdebdb1Mihai Sucan — Bug 760837 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js | expectUncaughtException was called but no uncaught exception was detected; r=past
2257a58bd4eda3dab341c6ac26467073111a10beJoe Walker — Bug 760793 - GCLI node type fails with defaultValue:null; r=dcamp
c59fcaa505639a358f67f3b6545a841acc408f8eJoe Walker — Bug 760791 - GCLI tilt open command is broken: "TypeError: value is undefined"; r=dcamp
0a061846efd7053c9703deee7af062f5ba8bdac3Dave Camp — Bug 760796 - Turn off animations while testing the responsive view. r=paul
05eeabb5db0ae0828e3e0591aba9eb734f7cb167Mihai Sucan — Bug 722685 - Console logging is slow; r=rcampbell
8ac2a0abc2c928e60ad4956f99f9fb48ff6de220Mihai Sucan — Bug 751901 - Slow Source View in Debugger on large files; r=past
8caca2dc3ec199b60eef2266f11363edf69afd6dDave Camp — Bug 760752 - Frequent browser_dbg_debugger-tab-switch.js | leaked window property: _scriptDebugger and 87 more test failures; r=past
c9b7a566ff056cf34913f482c0ec65b2aa804046Joe Walker — Bug 734045 - GCLI resource doesn't always find script tags; r=dcamp
82d895d433e91ec4f1b054f38f5cdd66b6d2209dGavin Sharp — Also back out the test changes from bug 720081 that depended on the autocomplete controller changes, a=backout
9274e6b53af4f784cce57f56363db88632c9caadGavin Sharp — Back out 59409e2655ca (from bug 720081) due to bug 760803
f4a7c1a1f5145687df608ba161591118274385b8Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e2ba0a2f7c14762924f2118a33a9c6225ae4df98Nathan Froyd — Bug 759417 - handle big device numbers in MapsMemoryReporter.cpp; r=jlebar
1f359ffe1cdd3f252bd97dd07145079e666aac82Asaf Romano — Bug 730340 - Don't use expando properties for storing data on places nodes. Make sure this test doesn't fail after expandos support is removed from result nodes.
efd698c682836412e7ec5b907c22f7feff27dad9Asaf Romano — Bug 730340 - Don't use expando properties for storing data on places nodes. Part 3 - cache livemark-info object in the controller for each view instead of setting _feedURI and _siteURI exapndos on livemark nodes. Also fix a bug I introduced in the previous check for this bug, in PVB_nodeHistoryDetailsChanged. r=mak
6bf12a1bc5f01a7f9d542bd76d16bbed0eff48c1Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 752661 - Make ReadMetadata() fail when there are no active Ogg streams, r=kinetik
d2624fac9886a6b7d1606115514620f5cc2c754bMark Capella — Bug 759307 - rename nsHTMLImageAccessible to ImageAccessible, r=surkov
b3856cc3e4317d4fe7d66db35d6064c1e70711dcMark Capella — Bug 759310 - de-ns-ify nsHTMLTextAccessible file classes, r=surkov
9abc60f44fd5a458a2bd5940689712dec9fe0830Gregory Szorc — Bug 754469 - Part 2 - Add blessings to virtualenv
e03a1f27ce24d35537ae6fc1454bf8148cc360e0Gregory Szorc — Bug 754469 - Part 1 - Add blessings Python package 1.3 for terminal interactions
d7ef00347029da8ad16f23e725d5e74a0c847419Matthew Gregan — Bug 757034 - Add sndio to cubeb
b646d0607a32eda429c9ff362b69b52ef5fd8cb0Landry Breuil — Bug 757034 - Import openbsd cubeb sndio backend. r=kinetik
766d3249625b80d468fa6911dd2832b11a642280Matthew Gregan — Bug 759677 - Increase cubeb_run_thread stack size to avoid blowing the stack with some ALSA configurations. r=doublec
26b8f229240509c93626029ed991f9f7e6d307e0Alexander Surkov — Bug 757392 - crash in nsIDocument::GetRootElement mainly with JAWS 11, r=tbsaunde
63271af1e3dc2c957c31d0efd8871b47468aeae0Alexander Surkov — Bug 760038 - crash in NotificationController::WillRefresh, r=tbsaunde
8afb4681648239abc2a6c8c9ffbe3e44069d58c5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 760458 - When taking thumbnail screenshots account for RTL pages as well. r=bnicholson
a8e98b1326b97f4ddb9f3067b71b21f63195da5fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 758990 - Don't create feed URIs that inherit security context, r=gavin
70288798e65f8b1b32ea87c194d7bb5f8297848aTerrence Cole — Bug 760342 - Check explicitly for mis-use of HashTable::Enum; r=luke
e65e082823d70100909f49429bd3f856ad226f8aAlexander Surkov — Bug 760099 - add more loggin capabilities, r=tbsaunde
40270cf81989c6e8d06f7fd009a5dd4e10985194Phil Ringnalda — Back out 19cfb43d77d3 (bug 751995) for Windows build bustage
fdb686511fc4d925d67ff97953a59e634a76b990Boris Zbarsky — Add a simple codegen test for constructors. No review, no bug, DONTBUILD
d7b8fe3834b9a117dee9e10a7d00e1703d95196dMatt Brubeck — Back out bug 760342 for Windows build error, bug 755070 for Android crashes, and bug 760458 because it depends on 755070
9a44997a37528492b8e75f7ffc27c87c9fdfe33bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 760458 - When taking thumbnail screenshots account for RTL pages as well. r=bnicholson
2f9736a307557c7d18c2c443a27a7ee4d5a9befeMyk Melez — bug 759489 - only package webapp runtime l10n files when the runtime is enabled; r=bsmedberg
123be65017577f98542852fc557efa66581100f7Robert Longson — Bug 758505, Part 3: Avoid unnecessary invalidations on repeated calls to set the same animated value (for SMIL animations of CSS, mapped attrs, and motion). r=dholbert
0865e37d8cad23da3563664ebfaca458b11ea95bRobert Longson — Bug 758505, Part 2: Avoid unnecessary invalidations on repeated calls to set the same animated value (most other non-list types). r=dholbert
819174abbf125bd6926b763e3eb843ca9cde89d5Matt Woodrow — Bug 758505, Part 1: Avoid unnecessary invalidations on repeated calls to set the same animated value (nsSVGLength2 part). r=dholbert
d51338c5cd0c85669a8903080ade6467e69729d2Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294 - s/mFocused/sFocused/. part=4/4 r=smaug
0be261a5042b558d968f9c3e4be877b2c00855e6Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=3/4 r=roc
011c1c8e9cc7702c0ec7eb2ab62fd0199d68a5b0Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=2/4 r=smaug,roc
6bcea3a628d8e5e8d3379fa1de376cad928020b4Mats Palmgren — Bug 726264. r=smaug
1727de7d26ec8c5f9f6b6f994ac9293fb12f33ddMats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=1/4 r=enndeakin
1a1ff82a47801f968ade03efb79c8af75f488e1fBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, chunk up large updates as well r=kats
f28c39eb038bee309992999d72ec05a41e872a3dBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, chunk up whole page screenshots r=kats
89abfa0c0ae21fc5098f2c100d3a00d9cdb6196bBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, only update dirty rects, reuse a single bytebuffer and stop using java bitmaps r=kats
8acaca25f38d618a58645ab540500fd6708f7c02Brad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, only take one screenshot at a time r=kats
a5c13c57813c70c6f55ef16429c416732cad2cddBrad Lassey — bug 755070 - Scrolling causes after paint notifications which causes screenshotting which causes checkerboarding, screenshot only on idle r=kats
57f92b0c3097a6ccb4d7574fc9d945b1dcc9470bTerrence Cole — Bug 760342 - Check explicitly for mis-use of HashTable::Enum; r=luke
0fa8e0eb40a7188c45318d3b9227c4e867438947Frank Yan — Bug 760696 - Use :fullscreen to detect HTML5 video/audio state for controls visibility. r=jaws,dbaron
19cfb43d77d3b80c29f3b54387c7a52b6d387064Bobby Holley — Bug 751995 - Handle orphaned wrappers. r=peterv
ebafa3d97c191009ddb410833ef19ba1fd847f23Landry Breuil — Bug 759671 - reapply missing chunk from bug 722011 to fix build on OpenBSD - r=ms2ger
fca2f3541a720d92dfe79e4063c7341c22aa5806Landry Breuil — Bug 759683 - Check for -mssse3 instead of inconditionally using it. r=glandium
1a22fee1faad8431de56db12fd820072f14fdb8bBas Schouten — Bug 736460: Deal with gradient stops in a single position. r=jrmuizel
f3a8184df76cbf350b6da306d2f8598795cbb8d9Fabrice Desré — Bug 760277 - Move Webapps.js and Webapps.jsm out of dom/base [r=mounir]
9bcbb4ebcdd08f3147dce1765b362bea64071524Fabrice Desré — Bug 723206 - Constructors implemented in JS from IDL should be allowed to have arguments [r=mrbkap]
b7fd4683de77dcdcdc55764bbf4f60e0338ea616Joey Armstrong — bug 756443: Add mkdir_stem() to complement mkdir_deps. Strip extraneous slashes from given paths.
629ecea60f1b3883a6f09fe1fb01d8b63339ee09Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
54200869aeffe33c1dfa2144c8ecca1281e0c35cMarshall Culpepper — Bug 744344 - B2G RIL: Add DOM API for getting the list of available networks. r=philikon sr=sicking
b51ec793e01ef846769825c4bb2f8b25de81cce1Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 757852 - B2G Emergency Calls: Make them work on ICS. r=philikon
0599752de89c3d93ed94d72107afb96efb228446Yoshi Huang — Bug 738558: B2G RIL: get cell location and cell id in processRegistrationState in ril_worker.js. r=philikon
824f8d575f0f65e1d4257f40891eb55c4b852fceFernando Rodríguez Sela — Bug 744453 - B2G RIL: Network Friendly / APN connection retry policy. r=philikon
e9472ce37d840a4dcee8bca2101cd6e1e37428e6Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 736102 - Decide on units for Wifi + MobileConnection signal strength. r=mrbkap
a86bc3f872cc72b97029a09403e65c7205a637a9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 760583 - Null check the selection parameter passed to WillDoAction properly; rs=mconley
c4bf270b5b0a05eed6d317c03e93ccd2ce72baecAsaf Romano — Bug 730340 - Don't use expando properties for storing data on places nodes. part 1 - use a WeakMap for mapping places nodes to DOM nodes. part 2 - use a WeakMap for cellProperties in treeView.js; stop caching _plainContainer. r=mak
05bd034be8afedcab5ec846a7f44554559b3a6a5Mats Palmgren — Bug 759249. r=bz
076b2d0381c7e54200c8ee53fd4cfc8be5b56853Mats Palmgren — Bug 759249. r=bz
75312a3da3a66efc4c4c166717fa93641c0e9d50Gregory Szorc — Backout df2e1b2959d3
f9d66e743b931d9c1d338813e269affb3811af73Gregory Szorc — Backout 424a40f751da
22100eb6d1f2d193b77f6deb64ad2d7a891f69b7Benoit Jacob — Bug 748211 - getVertexAttrib should reject the VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_POINTER pname - r=jgilbert
424a40f751dafd84d619a38e5a5a10a45a2148f7Gregory Szorc — Bug 754469 - Part 2 - Add blessings to virtualenv
df2e1b2959d337bd071266e95ee59958619ddb21Gregory Szorc — Bug 754469 - Part 1 - Add blessings Python package 1.3 for terminal interactions
d37a99fa625388e37bbee98b1949aa5f2eab6f77Boris Zbarsky — Disable the test on Windows, since it just can't pass there. Followup for bug 731447.
22a080ac092e66118cebcea3abf4ddc279855216Kai Engert — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_1_RTM tag. Fixes bug 754649, bug 290726, bug 735223, bug 756575 & bug 729019; a=ted
180b78b6cec4aad931e2ee9fc53d61ffce081cdfChris Peterson — Bug 756429 - Part 2: Assert sanity of composition string's state changes. r=blassey
9a6a5cc5a4a586533b4307492bbd6c4548e1ebdcChris Peterson — Bug 756429 - Part 1: Commit composition string when IME is reinitialized from VKB popup window. r=blassey
6a639340d3b631a76fdc3dd989c0562eac33aceaChris Peterson — Bug 760335 - Suppress Android gcc 4.4 warnings about "mangling of 'va_list' has changed in GCC 4.4". r=vladimir
0e2a092e3f004e9c35d82bd89d1ba6bc2e03cb17Nick Alexander — Bug 758382 - Log error and advance to next stage when an individual ServerSyncStage fails. r=liuche
79b0b7c40b24ebf4f783294756a07f782dc7dfb3Mats Palmgren — Bug 760325 - Report all events after 'ended' as test failures, except when removing the element we ignore timeupdate/pause/stalled events. Use info() for logging, not ok(). r=roc
8c39ac876f64e1e9d7a2a1ecca9e0fc25cae0b25Mats Palmgren — Bug 760311 - Fix DOS line endings. r=bz
defd9a933da51e3f3d6525561b04e8e02b9d4de6Mats Palmgren — Bug 760311 - Add a setTimeout to workaround <input type=file> blur issues, and actually call MockFilePicker.cleanup(). r=bz
ac3642f73f24f939c9481d3b321026eb88dc4b14Mats Palmgren — Bug 760082 - Move the last checkForm test so it comes before SimpleTest.finish(). Use info() for log messages that aren't tests. r=mounir
1b230e42358e1f1b5d11efcb5f7e0e0e4e00833eMats Palmgren — Bug 760080 - Use info() for log messages that aren't tests. Move SimpleTest.finish() last. r=ehsan
2db0071477cf21a193c4c9dfbf71716730ee1616Mats Palmgren — Bug 760072 - Move RemoveFinishDependency() after the ok() so that the last test result comes before SimpleTest.finish(). r=dbaron
326e101b7a6c905d1a2e323a387ce3f5fc4842deMats Palmgren — Bug 759801 - Remove the 'timeupdate' event listener when the test is done. r=philor
51db62de86779b5ab65557ae71ccb4a56c661181Mats Palmgren — Bug 759789 - Don't move on to the next test (or finishing) until we get all expected non-optional 'loadend' events. r=smaug
64b0841ee27f5bbce366e934c8826c6a82490875Mats Palmgren — Bug 759757 - Make sure SimpleTest.finish runs after the last test is finished. r=philor
3de76c58c5d1e72962cacda666143860536b7fbaMats Palmgren — Bug 759745 - Remove focus/blur event listeners after the test is done. r=philor
e8066b07bf0b487d93e27c4f39b3d07db066e8aeBrad Lassey — bug 759146 - Looper throws uncaught exception on (some?) HTC Sense 4.0 phones (HTC Evo 4G LTE, HTC J, etc), follow up to guard against changes to MessageQueue r=snorp a=johnath
b178b0631bf0921a69f165d57f699033cf6bffc9Terrence Cole — Bug 759020 - Prevent jsreftest suite from swallowing crashes; r=dmandelin
33d170966fbd1608cc97e2a6dffa30d350d69eacAlexander Surkov — Bug 760064 - don't include NotificationController.h into headers, r=tbsaunde
90d655790bec2651054d74b4695c1171cb070267Margaret Leibovic — Bug 760205 - Text match highlight remains on dismissal of Find in Page. r=mfinkle
27acbc53974699f0063f8e363c6433203fc33061Margaret Leibovic — Bug 760089 - Find in Page will not match persisted value when utility is re-invoked. r=mfinkle
758bde132601d525d6b73c7151e479da3009fe82Margaret Leibovic — Bug 760238 - Find in page has broken viewport save/restore code. r=kats
7e9a4da0c1e85473b0778ca313f1bd0115dec789Boris Zbarsky — Attempt to fix reftest failure on android XUL, where buttons seem to use a non-block color for some reason. Followup for bug 731447
49344db27069b5a5bfa8b76a5aabe3bfaca59bb7Gregory Szorc — Bug 760576 - Define do_check_null test helper for xpcshell tests; r=ted
d7d612dd7255424653af7c75637537c038dcdd92Ben Turner — Bug 666693 - 'Remote IndexedDB for multiple IndexedDB-using processes'. r=cjones+sicking.
284763d56e9672f35d62af79584488c785771861Jon Coppeard — Bug 744053 - Check JITSCriptHandle is valid before attempting to destroy the script, r=bhackett
e9fdaa6a365565bf34e6c2c371ab6cbd2c87ccd4Gregor Wagner — Bug 751052 - Contacts: Support SIM contacts synchronization. r=sicking
51d438f9240770bebf4f8dccc1b7934829783d81Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 760226. Remove unneeded EGLContext creation in r=ajuma
aeca3790f053063fe7681e13b416f7d5ee2bb67aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 759997. Break out the three branches of SurfaceFromElement into separate functions so that we can call the one that matches the kind of element we have directly. r=roc
5dd9299a5ac3513101124bdf0eb099414d27400dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 748266. Switch the WebGL canvas context to new DOM bindings. r=peterv
a3d080bb3dc7ba7d148407ebcd8142e2dc1ea933Peter Van der Beken — Bustage fix for bug 759275 (Specialize unwrapping to HTML elements in dom bindings). r=bz.
10a7af5b18d96974d279824b7b83765cdaffa586Ed Morley — Merge again
2f0587ab5933679d13c7d6117b2f6d351e08db3cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
c4d9a10d000b00679b12a0901a3d6ea5a80c1160Benoit Girard — Bug 760439 - Disable the OMTC pref from the default listing because it causes a startup crash loop. r=ajuma
3946bc720e97cee91c6bcebc968adf98ff9ac10dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 748692. Don't reparse inline stylesheets on random attribute changes. r=sicking
3a73e65c935e6e93310c553a00608c6f91359c46Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731447. Make buttons display:inline-block by default so that underlines don't reach into them. r=dbaron
0320cd89c3579836680fd8cb85b81f10bf5aea64Ed Morley — Bug 716245 - Disable parts of browser_inspector_highlighter.js for too many intermittent failures; r=dcamp
966f5f106394c98fee28981c09bbd5eeff7e51f2Benoit Girard — Bug 759933 - Remove excessive logging in PanZoomController. r=kats
49c4516cea298a17d8860cb261723530fbfb3caeBenoit Girard — Bug 757944 - Remove GL calls made without a context. r=jrmuizelaar
257d3a7e61bb5b2f988a10a096536effb2993334Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 434044 - Consider ZWNJ and ZWJ as part of the word for spell checking, and pass the entire word to Hunspell; r=smontagu
1e69f57e543a82e7565b684a991a7650a95b74b6Justin Lebar — Bug 760132 - Zero out some fields in TabParent.cpp. r=cjones
dc2bfac163552b60cd406c3e4422dc35e5a3a3d8Justin Lebar — Bug 758337 - Fix mistake in comment in mfbt/LinkedList.h. DONTBUILD
736da6c5bde2017ba82798cff67bb2741730d09cJoel Maher — Bug 748088 - Native android reftest are not testing OMTC+OGL. r=ajuma
b15bcf12945efd10ee2e224794fd8c7aa76cdc84Ali Juma — Bug 748088 - Part 2: Drawing to a non-default target should happen on the shadow side, not the shadowable side. r=BenWa
74ec0168aa18d112e03ae7065f8b596e7a925ea3Ali Juma — Bug 748088 - Part 1: Add a DrawToSurface message to PLayers. r=BenWa
3e88a83dcb3743381c37a281be935fe9882b6a61Mounir Lamouri — Bug 760164 - Remove some useless message data passed to BrowserElement events. r=jlebar
654fb530a96894be08e35b9eb713dea2b7d18be8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 759666 - Make :disabled apply on <option> when their parent <optgroup> has @disabled set. r=bz
68f264782f5eaad4611915c0eec00be7ab6f246dEddy Bruel — Bug 703537 - Followup: fix conflicts.
fb747e006609d934c819f823c528d27ab0ade3ceEddy Bruel — Bug 703537 - Rename Wrapper to DirectWrapper; r=bholley
d9f90e9e1de90e09f2e5d69f5e46bcb45092a654Robert O'Callahan — Backout 65cd6893941e for real (bug 731868)
677105bb23bf7155c6be1cf17dd1c0d3d5abc4a5Marco Bonardo — Backout 795990989746, ab1f122c4b1a, 429f20288742, 472671930994, 90465173c7e3, 743ebe50e914, b7c14c8eec98, 1deabba3bef5 (bug 749856), a704675ff365, 3dbfcccc583c (bug 744360) for xpcshell failure
7944fff56dc8ffca5974478a9df31d5cf3782e34Ginn Chen — Bug 758514 consistently use typedef for NS_tchar, also enable testing for Solaris r=rstrong
8d7c54fa24d8db3e67838eba39ef63cc4f761ae7Ginn Chen — Bug 758494 Make double conversion built with Solaris Studio compiler r=jwalden
795990989746a1d19e617f1c6977313148ac71b4Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 8: Respect X-Mms-Delivery-Report field, r=philikon
ab1f122c4b1acf11e84f667436f35e573f9a25e2Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 7: send M-NotifyResp.ind response back, r=philikon
429f202887421a2ba8d9be746fbe0ca6aee07ac8Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 6: add WSP/MMS encoding, r=philikon
4726719309947abbfae4f37336fcd9194c434d62Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 5: save message attachments, r=philikon
90465173c7e375d9e497ea0b5327bacab6095ad2Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 4: handle M-Retrieve.conf PDU, r=philikon
743ebe50e91407f229ad3449f2e7b92967d0e278Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 3: handle WAP Push notification, r=philikon
b7c14c8eec98ab755959a47fc7bff7c3f66e37b8Vicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 2: Add MmsPduHelper, r=philikon
1deabba3bef55d7a32e0f3b15e13f7ba31a60afeVicamo Yang — Bug 749856 - Part 1: IDL changes, r=philikon
a704675ff3658dbf5bca2fa898ef5268bec6054eVicamo Yang — Bug 744360 - Part 2: add WapPushManager, r=philikon
3dbfcccc583cba9af93ea0b4a28618d1e6d6ef94Vicamo Yang — Bug 744360 - Part 1: add WspPduHelper, r=philikon
ebb3dd6d811af9045bd471784b3527079410017dRobert O'Callahan — Backing out 65cd6893941e, b24941f7205b and bcec6006b1ac (bug 731868) for test failures
50c9995aa7d02e59005ec3176270df4e3c7f4680Tim Chien — Bug 759238 - Prevent Virtual Keyboard from covering the textboxes; r=vingtetun
b4a05850be02f963c4dd20746b817e78825c57dcJonathan Kew — bug 758241 - enable harfbuzz text shaping for all scripts on Android. r=jdaggett
964ccc39cde9baef19f843e3ddb085ba9f94a674Jonathan Kew — bug 758236 - reftests for basic Indic shaping features in harfbuzz. r=jdaggett
bfae6ae40e660fe748f37efe4dd6172711a5a31bJonathan Kew — bug 758236 - force non-spacing marks to have zero width (merged forward from bug 727736). r=jdaggett
11c6d420c23c96331c82281beba92fd51b12883fJonathan Kew — bug 758236 - update harfbuzz to upstream commit a3547330fa88e30a138f6f17e60d9c7d1e316622. r=jdaggett
727f3e801afb8d835e9bce67f26e56c8caaaff0fPhil Ringnalda — Back out ee940e4debd0:7636c7036e2e (bug 659577) for asserting in testBug550743.js
b6609919552621ba64b704911543905e0246c56eMatthew Gregan — Bug 760364 - Fix comments referring to long-removed audio monitor. r=roc
0429c7b12babaef9654e2427533800343a3b11caMatthew Gregan — Bug 757707 - Avoid holding nsBufferedAudioStream locks over calls into cubeb. r=roc
22b3bd76eaa50181b66cdfe0289551ff37585994Robert O'Callahan — Bug 760074. Don't try to instantiate a plugin in an inactive document. r=josh
bcec6006b1acbb16b01cc347c0ec7976b9409f59Robert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Part 2: Make CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData's reference to the context weak (Azure). r=jrmuizel
b24941f7205b0a382a2f37efadf0a93254e2edbdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Make reference from CanvasRenderingContext2DUserData to its 2D (non-Azure) context weak. r=jrmuizel
65cd6893941ef3a1224876ce7bfe57282753d5c6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 731868. Part 3: Remove JS workaround for memory leak. r=dietrich
2074a7b72bd105c2584436835698d2228e2f04a4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 759908. Create MediaStreamListener::NotifyConsumptionChanged. r=jesup
2ce67e30d6506334c6bfbbe351b45a75ffc0b292Justin Dolske — Bug 758812 - Break up browser.js into smaller pieces, Phase 1 (FullScreen). r=gavin
cc6ca4cba764a41fadfb7a909f65c24d72e476b3Justin Dolske — Bug 758812 - Break up browser.js into smaller pieces, Phase 1 (Addons). r=gavin
9bb221edc54eae1cdf2fa7d9b39bfdf94d839321Justin Dolske — Bug 758812 - Break up browser.js into smaller pieces, Phase 1 (Feeds). r=gavin
729a6b7922cdb838b6341ea09b5bfb9f228c2b29Justin Dolske — Bug 758812 - Break up browser.js into smaller pieces, Phase 1 (Plugins). r=gavin
ee940e4debd006dee5a58f3d6a48934580c3eaddLuke Wagner — Bug 659577 - Don't alias stack variables (r=bhackett)
ddc63b39ab57c25f0b4a3fa8c2637bb48bfac34fLuke Wagner — Bug 659577 - Embed blockChain information in ALIASEDVAR ops (r=waldo)
ee37d2b88eeba770e3a835e618cfb9daec4ef870Luke Wagner — Bug 659577 - emit ScopeCoordinate::hops (r=waldo)
35d64eea83855220293dea156146b5dd1f070d02Luke Wagner — Bug 659577 - Remove ScopeObject::maybeStackFrame use in the debugger, part 2 (r=jimb)
7636c7036e2e4683d18ae4bd1cc3ef25e39b1767Luke Wagner — Bug 659577 - Remove ScopeObject::maybeStackFrame use in the debugger, part 1 (r=jimb)
f7bb3ca589692946e63a09eb1fbdfa18d42f7f91Alexander Surkov — Bug 759645 - enable extended logging for a11y tree and text changes, r=tbsaunde
9a6e690f779f39078dbe4b779bbbc3b4f6e71292Alexander Surkov — Bug 759641 - small clean up of a11y logging, r=tbsaunde
65f748c63f4ccb8964aea77abf4e4234baaa36a5ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos5-32-vmw-018
5199196b65ec6bafc1fe877729f336c4db7d9abdDave Camp — Merge fx-team to m-c.
13d899f2545494d17090c8ed5156af649e5c8807Dave Camp — Bug 745961 - Hard to find the clickable region for adding a new CSS property in the Style Inspector. r=paul
85c153eea9d4f26a1c459c1bc152e11cc5f1e4b9Dave Camp — Bug 734365 - Rule view focus management needs an overhaul. r=paul
1bc2c4e1493b3db5f2e260d01acfc64f0ee90d8aVictor Porof — Bug 753677 - Visually distinguish between configurable, enumerable and writable properties; r=past
3f0594ee130da2a94ea9a6674d8f777bc109b61dPanos Astithas — Bug 758696 - Add a dialog to the debugger to deny or allow incoming server connections (Part 4: Marionette); r=jgriffin
3cbd3908f497c7942534b1cebe286ac07d35e2a3Panos Astithas — Bug 758696 - Add a dialog to the debugger to deny or allow incoming server connections (Part 3: B2G); r=vingtetun
af3834c1d9cb3879bd1e7c58d6f1afe212545beaPanos Astithas — Bug 758696 - Add a dialog to the debugger to deny or allow incoming server connections (Part 2: Fennec); r=mfinkle
ae9aa5be8ca2c95726a25777f743608e269001adPanos Astithas — Bug 758696 - Add a dialog to the debugger to deny or allow incoming server connections (Part 1: Firefox); r=rcampbell
9bad0808a6918b677f5833ffc1019a38f181c6c2Paul Rouget — Bug 749628 - Implement a Responsive Design tool. r=dcamp r=gavin
dac912518ed2cb7e6a6bb0af8f449a50795cc6a3Paul Rouget — Bug 747218 - [layout view] Pref on the layout view. r=past
68abc86fde1c736611ea09db5099d2363cc1c24ePranav Ravichandran — Bug 750554 - If service is not used for updates then do not show it in preferences. r=bbondy
f24ce56de72f08504fdd7ba7390ada0b398164d7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 760290 - The update UI needs to be aware of the possibility that the update cannot be staged in the background; r=rstrong
1a28fcd25143cc6382d03d7db6396597e1c3a467Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 760027 - Attempt to retry moving the installation directory when performing the replace stage of an update 10 times; r=strong
30babf8e5573ac625372476fa5d7bc59b5b4a07cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 759615 - Avoid running the PostUpdate step when only staging the update in the background; r=rstrong
e3d3a4b05211db1e7dfd7b0a4d7214dc3ff2dfd2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 759065 - Fall back to downloading the full update if staging the update in the background fails; r=rstrong
8818faa56831568017f3c19179cc65dca4daa1daEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757965 - Properly test for write access before staging an update in the background; r=rstrong
def37b64a7581fdb3cb5aa5d32d33d73449bc408Olli Pettay — Bug 760424, browser_tab_dragdrop.js tries to remove wrong eventlistener, r=mats
10f674b1208917e111e9561fdc429f0dc12f598bSerge Gautherie — Bug 749872. (Bv1) test_handlerApps.xhtml: OS X SeaMonkey workaround wrt iCal. r=dmose.
12ab69851e05bae26fd3aca63686b588086242f7Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
07cec35eee231bbdbd4ce1ef0739cb71aec72af6Brad Lassey — bug 759146 - follow up to fix bad merge
b96679e2a00eabcc335109db678fd7cf2c2c723eBrad Lassey — bug 759146 - Looper throws uncaught exception on (some?) HTC Sense 4.0 phones (HTC Evo 4G LTE, HTC J, etc) r=snorp
31bc7fbde2c0f05a3204bbd23b85f2403f087f1dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 710922 - Don't call m_pools.all() if m_pools isn't initialized. r=luke.
85d7a53151ea509f016f59cda14ed536c5396f3bChris Double — Bug 759948 - libstagefright based media playback doesn't receive ended event when complete on B2G - r=edwin
09da0033b3a0a36cd75e2289194366687c25da34Chris Double — Bug 714408 Part 3 - Fix audio sample rate - r=edwin
85a3f4b90adc418366679b285e33391320c29778Andreas Gal — Bug 714408 Part 2 - Media plugin support for libstagefright - r=doublec
d9ac6a5b9aea47f13e6dba63d1f192fccff7834bChris Double — Bug 714408 Part 1 - Add configure/link features to enable media plugins and omx-plugin for libstagefright support - r=mh
6b99d0e6e281fea68ed5d6c25fe6f4c9138af8a1Luke Wagner — Bug 760071 - Debug scope proxies should allow the debugger to define new properties (r=jimb)
6f024e84fed00692225f55ce3d9cd72ce4b93ae8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f45ccf1c86823772aae8fb0a8b1ded675582c54cJared Wein — Bug 760322 - New loading and connecting throbbers. r=dolske
79b1dbd0b0f882f42ee3e69a0e0b4a0021c328f1Jason Duell — Bug 748766 - Only count connected websockets toward max-websocket limit. r=mcmanus
2b3fc9837feaf88b64cd41c23e48b39211d1917bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758890 - Destroy the TableTicker object when the profiler is stopped; r=BenWa
a6e5cea1cee881184a4ede90fd37c6e4da33b6ebSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 758804: Softer textures for backgrounds. [r=mfinkle]
bff1e8c1bc8838cc788e86ee8cce2bc3046637d2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760234: Phone UI URL bar should have orange highlight. [r=mfinkle]
7e16c8941d447eeb74769bd27352949d36fe1449Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760234: Tablet should have orange URL bar. [r=mfinkle]
c92becb066e4da7cf35a1e03c0e8c68b0c581472Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739412: Support custom menu for post-honeycomb devices. [r=mfinkle]
2caac347f96331a4f42ecfbc599beece8fc8f84bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760196: Find in page for tablets. [r=mfinkle]
6b480a66acbc394cf4ef01565a26f74a0d0ff2abJeff Muizelaar — Bug 759457. Don't fast path shadows with negative scale. r=roc
b2d6b702eaa54415ade56a040caa5ee3adc60c39Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 759866. Crash more aggressively if we aren't going to be able to paint. r=bgirard
af60f15c49e1bb6363247d20a88ae96cdb07c9bcBenjamin Peterson — Bug 759976: remove JSDEBUGGER* sections, r=jorendorff
ee0193bef630b7270ebc62a18ce5b0a7728c405bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 759902: reduce JSBool usage in js.cpp to a minimum, r=jorendorff
2c7a1e5ac5bd28a9fae9c05c4f36f6cdcb826b3cBenjamin Peterson — Bug 758428: complain when the compiler returns false without an error, r=jorendorff
784dd8bb1ce38e1afbe75ad51db97a91a32c164dJason Orendorff — Fix building with --disable-e4x. No bug, r=jimb on IRC.
aa02228ce9ab8b7398d8c03e32d7586a222ea2f6Matt Brubeck — Back out 202d63933120 and 6a232df5e065 (bug 739412, bug 760196) because of Android startup crashes
690c6018064d270a9ab52ab28181668e7da78b62Tom Schuster — Bug 420837 - Calling Iterator() without parameters should throw a better error message. r=luke
2e755d7847ac61fdc6b07aa8f7f845203494e20fJoey Armstrong — bug 758782: mkdir_deps dependencies should be .PRECIOUS
c4c66d11293524e1a4463fbb6f65fa056bca858fBoris Zbarsky — Merge backout of changeset 6a46906eb017 (bug 759997)
38dd3a7d55e949e5285467c6eebdc6acf3708ddeBoris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 6a46906eb017 (bug 759997) because the bug it depends on got backed out.
5e22cc18646d49b94b7d1add0f440f98f4f2d982Nick Alexander — Bug 736393 - Don't abort on store failure. r=rnewman
0a4417ac4889c92ca712d02f4e9f02f77df140fbNick Alexander — Bug 740731 - Catch unchecked exceptions in two places in BaseResource. r=rnewman
9265be2869cabd5b4a9ac94ae53be8e1778e424dEdward Lee — Bug 748214 - Cannot use the Geolocation API within the desktop web runtime [r=myk]
4b6e98c0317bd2ed4e1594dc7ed24413810df3d7Myk Melez — bug 749029 - set appcache permissions on webapp firstrun so apps can use the appcache to run offline; r=felipe
634ef042da900fbff4905b2d108835568bd1616cBoris Zbarsky — Merge backout of changeset f96e0f078b49 (bug 748266)
9375a7ac5a909ea6a742afaf35ed3df5de17b137Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset f96e0f078b49 (bug 748266) because the test suite is bogus and we're failing a crashtest too.
5eb0d9e63d5a47f38c50d597ef6a90716e8f114fKai Engert — Bug 738458, Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.13.5 final, r=wtc + r=dveditz (by phone)
9078667d27e31d491b32da94aa9d49694c718fcfJim Blandy — Bug 747514: Implement Debugger.Environment.prototype.callee accessor. r=jorendorff
d0d38708ed3e8d898d70afe24552ee5b8662fd3cJim Blandy — Bug 747514: Assert that object environments' scopes are either WithObjects or non-DebugScopes. r=jorendorff
a66ca7d22948a3036cc8dd90b0b5137a49bcd32cChenxia Liu — Bug 726204 - Offer a button to go back to Awesome screen from Sync setup. r=rnewman
61e61e75ada8a25bc5ee637a66389b4b7234a2beDavid Zbarsky — Bug 759504: return NULL instead of false for getPrototype r=peterv
202d6393312060021f293b0a6d9072a43a01615cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739412: Support custom menu for post-honeycomb devices. [r=mfinkle]
6a232df5e065d7bb5741d6db02fed82824f32efbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 760196: Find in page for tablets. [r=mfinkle]
550e64dd5656d4770f1472f03abc173b45dd728aAryeh Gregor — Bug 759748 - Crash in nsHTMLEditRules::WillDoAction; r=ehsan
307afe823b8288213a83a0357a7a4dd9cf666427Boris Zbarsky — Bug 759995. Stop warning on use of the global scope polluter. r=jst
6a46906eb017e456553d92506456489b3f745252Boris Zbarsky — Bug 759997. Break out the three branches of SurfaceFromElement into separate functions so that we can call the one that matches the kind of element we have directly. r=roc
f96e0f078b49e1e7a1be42c41990a10107ee5b91Boris Zbarsky — Bug 748266. Switch the WebGL canvas context to new DOM bindings. r=peterv
359f1096bc7cb983ebd59144ba6955160937bc9eTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 751219 - Support header gain in Opus files, r=kinetik
010313752c64f55a1978cc32d7d92165ffdbe1cbTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 759612 - Update granule position accounting for Opus, r=kinetik
a8b7fca9d4bb12da5b16fec6b58a86d0158db658Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 759399 - Handle preroll correctly during an Opus seek, r=doublec
896f74fd32506240c1f64de9f441cdb5d88642f8Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 759490 - Use Opus streams when seeking in Ogg, if present, r=doublec
71e016e251a7aa77afe65c91d04bec3fb682d57eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 759904 - Make sure to call endBody on GenexpGuard, r=jorendorff
33e2ec97908178a9e06ec54a7bc170045fedfa9aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 695172 - Makefile bustage fix
d3d7c919fb500de1da3c9f6b2bbdb513572c05e9Bobby Holley — Bug 760076 - Make |construct| use Wrapper::CALL. r=mrbkap
cef3bda40d408055d940eff66fe6c96bdee6cf1dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 760094 - Ignore egg-info directories in source tree. r=ted
32b0dd97f69b7c9faa87d867eb6f229621e5536cMounir Lamouri — Bug 754668 - Prevent nsTextEditorState to mark the value as changed when it has been requested otherwise. r=ehsan
a6be10cfee3ff1ec96ad31fa188b8bff4a9a1742Bill McCloskey — Bug 735099 - Re-enable incremental GC (r=dmandelin)
7d6bfa12744db6b5ec4f57c6d8b9a257a48fdb58William Lachance — Bug 760107 - Add support for getting rotation of device to SUTAgent
7bcf7ead7392057b9631fa6ee8012a53a92c6880Ed Morley — Backout fa3fe2aff1f5 (bug 756996) for bustage
f16847bdf08665441832bafd04fcd81ca70184c9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 759017 - Fix test that wasn't correctly checking keyCode in the whitelist. r=jlebar
a35f9c1fef546f1b6203577a7091e1dc88807827Vivien Nicolas — Bug 759017 - whitelisted key events does not contain correct keyCode information. r=mounir
0b607361839a316c371001f5c91d649197ea9d98Bobby Holley — Bug 760070 - Make the __exposedProps__ warning appear as an error. r=bz
fe129d98513ea03d083d8457422cde017a75c693Jacek Caban — Bug 759061 - nsINIParser.cpp fails to compile on mingw r=tabraldes
fa3fe2aff1f56fa0320c4bc1dae935833b4af5b5Jacek Caban — Bug 756996 - GCC warnings in gfx/2d r=bas
f9b479f908489c51a73c4b69ca8cec1606f752c2Robert Longson — Bug 759124 - Implement useCurrentView. r=dholbert
ff2ad97929e82809280f5c1423199b5c0cea2448Artur Adib — Bug 748924 - PDF viewer: New interface + Mochitest controls (tests)
d00574eae384b7e7eee97e81ce6ae82d4d4408d5Artur Adib — Bug 748924 - PDF viewer: New interface + Mochitest controls
eb6953f1b20b2354aa5642ee74ff11be73c3cf60Nick Thomas — Bug 745553, always bypass cache on ftp.m.o when pulling en-US build for l10n repacks, r=l10n,khuey DONTBUILD
58e26b8bd5ba63319c04fec588d6d059a3e8c115Mark Capella — Bug 759305 - De-ns-ify nsHyperTextAcc, r=surkov
305cd10b57d21b3509c89850616f0bfd09d93c5eRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
a24414165cd43dfd58c55388e544ba95472a9060Joe Walker — Bug 756890 - Fix an easy set of GCLI/Developer Toolbar display issues; r=paul,dão
68600a8af079a8a3ebbddd09880c3766b7f1d911Victor Porof — Bug 709460 - GCLI needs a screenshot command; r=jwalker
3e0e827bd2364b9d45172f7de13a6bb665e0409eJoe Walker — Bug 755388 - "hud is null" when using the edit gcli command; r=dcamp
66f127caa6fae9e3983f29680f6d64d85ca7cf28Joe Walker — Bug 744982 - Decide whether GCLI in the global toolbar should be fixed direction:ltr or not; r=robcee,ehsan
8cb94b792009f96a0fc74b6e228418559217920aBlair McBride — Bug 757663 - AddonManagerInternal.callAddonlListeners() informs it's listeners unsafely, causing silent skips in the notification loop. r=Mossop,darktrojan
96a7cf29e58881f9a53f869d8e3e3f76e4a9c081Victor Porof — Bug 759135 - Move a __proto__ property at the bottom of the list; r=rcampbell
fd4ff7253be8d58c627d3f54e64b79af63acdf92Victor Porof — Bug 757278 - Handle positions are not saved.; r=rcampbell
9448caa01cf35f401cf0df93e5c8126f61021600Victor Porof — Bug 753311 - Prevent the Debugger from opening on more than one tab; r=past
71f26fd0bdc5826bdd443a9f9ea6cced85b38da2Victor Porof — Bug 752834 - UI tweaks for the property view; r=past
5d7b03e92502015ec4f87c4de4969797a12cd12cRob Campbell — Bug 758683 - Change the pause icon to a play icon in the debugger toolbar; r=dcamp
c8b5f4cd46437129f6335ba01e040eee320254efRob Campbell Bug 759803 - Remove padding and add side-splitters to common.css in Debugger; r=dcamp
1a1529306022d71eecfaf52d69ded9fefb51513aRob Campbell — Bug 740482 - Create nice breakpoint icons for the SourceEditor in the Debugger; r=dcamp
e7f1d04c8ab1b8c66b428ece64e5635981167487Cedric Vivier — Bug 702532 - Unnecessary preprocessing in the devtools jar manifest; r=rcampbell
960b80d99b4abee4b2a71ad2cc556b5b0601ff8bMarco Bonardo — Bug 720081 - Part 2: inline autocomplete should respect protocol and www prefix
59409e2655caee811668152de99e1c614ac8b8bbMarco Bonardo — Bug 720081 - Part 1: backportable solution for autocomplete controller to provide a different final defaultComplete value for typeAheadResults
7bf0125b26b564ebcd549606d2f0b9c212860aaeOlli Pettay — Bug 744830 - Implement fast serializer for innerHTML/outerHTML, p=jdm+smaug, r=hsivonen
cb648ec7d7f2b2997d664546555e551715ee5e36Mounir Lamouri — Bug 759770 - Fix build error when warnings-as-errors in nsSVGUtils.cpp. r=dholbert
73783bf75c4cb7a186f4b59e0b0f918a3d7839ffBrian Smith — Bug 722034 - Part 8 - Work around bug 759805, r=michal
4bedfde602cde0344e55d5302ff8a7c9ad55818fBrian Smith — Bug 722034 - Yes, I really mean to skip Part 7 in this push, r=me, a=empty
e0dc97a39caf77574bea496823689a648f968427Brian Smith — Bug 722034 - Part 6 - Stop accessing cache descriptor on main thread for telemetry purposes, r=hurley
02ac4081b067d5b71f357c2ba5c64839cdd92313Brian Smith — Bug 722034 - Part 5 - Move cache validation to the cache thread, r=honzab
3860eb758cbc5e99440f4818ad17f6cf742cf7beBrian Smith — Bug 722034 - Part 4 - Make a copy of the information needed during cache validation in preparation for moving cache validation to the cache thread, r=honzab
a2c43de46e331c1c28fc4aabb7a4d2e3267e6eadBrian Smith — Bug 722034 - Part 3 - Convert HttpBaseChannel::mRedirectedCachekeys to nsAutoPtr<nsTArray<nsCString> >, r=biesi
4de9e540c40f0cbbe3ee8cc36db153bcb0c21180Brian Smith — Bug 722034 - Part 2 - Factor out nsHttpChannel::Hash into a standalone function, r=biesi
369cb6c883309b9028fb11907a31643077302863Michal Novotny — Bug 722034 - Part 1 - Make AsyncOpenCacheEntry call the listener for non-blocking async requests from background threads, r=hurley
301d0d6bf24e9806c1a19670238f41164fd6c7dfBrian Smith — Bug 746018 - Part 6 - Start buffering cache entries in memory before we validate them, r=honzab
0f3f9ff4439dc17f8c45289475c95d755d7dca9aBrian Smith — Bug 746018 - Part 5 - Simplify ShouldUpdateOfflineCacheEntry, r=honzab
d13cd8ffde897c1bd0765bb9e861e8c612730a1fBrian Smith — Bug 746018 - Part 4 - More cache logging, r=jduell
aa61440b072f0f2c3d99ebc26e4385f09015e4c7Brian Smith — Bug 746018 - Part 3 - Do more logging in nsInputStreamWrapper, r=jduell
d4eacb5c215158b184770f5044f8aacdf5a644a5Brian Smith — Bug 746018 - Part 2 - Split nsHttpChannel::Connect() into two pieces--one that executes before checking the cache, one that executes after, r=honzab
e9edae96ea911d2369602aa1e8952458674bf3afBrian Smith — Bug 746018 - Part 1 - Prevent changing channel state after AsyncOpen in more places, r=honzab
306365557d6443e27ead8dc28c4b4835da8e7c3bMike Hommey — Bug 758010 - Wrap operator new/delete to jemalloc on Android. r=jlebar
4411b40ef38e56a4be310af0900cacec212803b6Gregory Szorc — Bug 755339 - Part 1b Create dummy file in modules/ directory; r=ted
183aed68ea36b7b243c181eda70a83603dc2bb4eMihai Sucan — merge fx-team to m-c
1f2733c36b672b847ca19c34134c07406147b2e7Mihai Sucan — Bug 673148 - (async-webconsole) Part 5 - HUDService.jsm cleanup; r=rcampbell f=jwalker
0aa7fc75cad51c23e659d75181313b0611fd7574Mats Palmgren — Bug 759788 - Keep the plugin instance owner alive for the duration of DoStopPlugin so that everything gets cleaned up correctly, r=bsmedberg
f4981b5e1f7a1b7e951c7013a2bc30fb72c0e01cRaymond Lee — Bug 724821 - Firefox menu bar becomes disabled after toggling toolbars while 'Customize Toolbars' dialog open. r=mak77
d6ae9ef0eb502d5e2ffb991468793da108defc13Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
5a095777e385b988ed763ba5177908c81879dc1dJared Wein — Backed out changeset 970abbd6e5b0 due to perf regressions (bug 759252).
3b996074778e1e0beb83a63d6b04940524420ee7Myk Melez — bug 747645 - move to browser/locales/ to make it easier to localize; r=felipe
a6a4384fca8e84ea65a82b50cedeafc4adfcabbdMakoto Kato — Bug 721284 - GMail broken on Windows builds with JS PGO enabled. r=dmandelin
63ed999a6fe9fbfadcc1397d9c6c9516717d22b0Shriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 219767: Move font size functions in nsStyleUtil into nsRuleNode. r=dbaron
8ff7563000f527d6bd6c79d107afcfca45fdd83dL. David Baron — Unprefix the border-image-* properties and add a temporary alias for -moz-border-image (but not for its subproperties, which we haven't shipped prefixed). (Bug 713643, patch 5) r=bzbarsky
ba174b068d0e6e07ec3b79400ba0403d02957b29L. David Baron — Rename nsStyleBorder::GetActualBorderWidth to GetComputedBorderWidth. (Bug 713643, patch 4) r=bzbarsky
48d3351297397a4ff6c1b7c61837cdd9b3845b0cL. David Baron — Remove nsStyleBorder::GetActualBorder, since it now does the same thing as nsStyleBorder::GetComputedBorder. (Bug 713643, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
55e6c2ca07e43fccc6b529cbcfbca2b171b3364fL. David Baron — Make the serialization of the 'border' shorthand fail when we have a 'border-image' subproperty or a '-moz-border-*-colors' property with a non-default value. (Bug 713643, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
8653e5e29ceab8658849fe155012e1e8c7e461b3L. David Baron — Serialize border-image shorthand to shortest form, with the exception that we'll always serialize 'border-image-source'. (Bug 713643, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
1ac05e654dd90fc72a4e243da8f5efa8946390abRalph Giles — Bug 758833 - Track and trim opus preskip samples - r=doublec
ab435bfd45276545081a31bc67336ba69473581cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 759979 - Compiler warning: 'MOZ_LAYERS_HAVE_LOG' macro redefined; r=roc
4d71664b8ec01f76a4ebab49b7debd47940d11c3Abhishek Bhatnagar — Bug 500784 - Video/Audio files over 2^31 bytes now return proper durations; r=cpearce
843c0d2aafaf992f0544b9eb762dd108b9d75faeRalph Giles — Bug 759806 - Revert MPL2 on BSD opus source files - r=gerv
28fe5eec1ca3b7ffc5ba1b4be231f4928e5210e6Chris Double — Bug 758481 - When seeking in an unbuffered range after having ended a media, networkState is NETWORK_IDLE r=chris.double
ff89c3c866e0a237122e88f8ac86f5dc77b5b250Geoff Brown — Bug 745340 - Improve disk cache smart sizing for mobile; r=jduell
7edd4b899696ddf12a2a14aa56269501aa7e5f65Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
963ebb01fcba5062b0da0f7e02a500cde252e82aDale Harvey — Bug 756844 - Change test strategy for screenshot API. r=jlebar
81398d7402986bc0be6a94a4635bba062a017274Eitan Isaacson — Bug 759618 - Introduce optional arguments in pivot moveNext movePrevious. r=surkov
1543ca5ec175c746a3287138e220e98b5f03fb5aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 759524 Fix the condition of NS_ASSERTION in TISInputSourceWrapper::InitKeyPressEvent() r=smichaud
f9641771bd1266356ef8bd34e910b1f8245d1e48Cameron McCormack — Bug 759640 - Fix typo in feBlend reftest. r=longsonr
16cfb7e9d87e42d5e0fecc5447a26eb5cb740dcfCameron McCormack — Bug 759681 - Fix some typos in <clipPath> reftests. r=longsonr
0e06add7578ad4df9a81b3626a25fa74a22bdabaCameron McCormack — Fix a couple of typos in comments. No bug, no review.
feec545f5f9831ba50a27748afa0b9705517a8aaDiogo Golovanevsky Monteiro — Bug 713608 - HTML5 Video controls are missing in Fullscreen. f=fryn r=jaws,dbaron
60ac5e1aba1592e5a7adb11929826fa68bc0a700Jeff Gilbert — Bug 750527 - Rebind program if current program is relinked - r=bjacob
02e49bc6ead9943d67f0c4bc14be35bbd4f37235Luke Wagner — Bug 758617 - Fix StackIter::settleOnNewState to handle cross-context eval-in-frame (r=jorendorff)
970abbd6e5b0aac52fc7536885e54f4779c5e221Jared Wein — Bug 759252 - Switch to using CSS animations for loading & connecting throbbers. r=fryn
869482fb63a0293e36518b42e15222e30344df85Jeff Gilbert — Bug 746740 - GetProgramInfoLog should return null on GL error - r=bjacob
4c96e5b05cb7d4642eaccf1a6319d357b013a82cChris Jones — Test for bug 753159.
8fb11da68d816c26c09d7b5716b7b32e6e5dbe62Chris Jones — Bug 753159: Allow empty structs. r=bent
4f8a0cf03399941cebd783427c8f6af615841a32Robert Strong — Move channel-prefs.js back to original location - Bug 756325 - channel-prefs.js appears in new 'preferences' location on fresh installation but remains in 'pref' for updated existing installation. r=bbondy
3a8bfbf6d2f6162dcbb6262f4d03a520b0cdfe62Robert Strong — Bug 759460 - Preprocess channel name into nsUpdateService.js instead of just using 'default'. r=bbondy
b7728496df0818215806ff4e0d10da30aac32853Eitan Isaacson — Bug 758884 - (part 2/2) Check if position is still a descendant of pivot's root before moving in relation to it. r=davidb
d3092b482b0f3c095eff383ca50512c407d0e764Eitan Isaacson — Bug 758884 - (part 1/2) Present virtual cursor before modifying focus. r=davidb
1861a6f27d8a75030a6bfea62bcfda84f5e22c65David Flanagan — Bug 758129: add --screen command line option to b2g desktop client [r=fabrice]
ec507e41777f85c5ac7faefb0ee86a0eb5994b18Jeff Gilbert — Bug 750527 - Rebind program if current program is relinked - r=bjacob
14a55152ab573015b5d2fdccd04ce1545b644420Margaret Leibovic — Bug 695172 (Part 2) - Clean up unused stuff in GeckoViewsFactory. r=mfinkle
2389f26e4efaea58d7b2cef6c4b597b40745073eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 695172 - Find in page. r=mfinkle
ababa152daf1957be3ef833aafd52be7d0e245ceWes Johnston — Bug 747851 - Only fire change if a select changed. r=mfinkle
29a18a93721dd7ff571563a89f3eb14ba9e7a2a9Jason Orendorff — Bug 738468 - DebuggerScript_getUrl crashes if script->filename is null. r=jimb.
a780bb0de69526f27a0d48f89ceb6cf77fe3e88aJason Orendorff — Bug 753885 - Part 3: Expose XML global constructors only if JSOPTION_ALLOW_XML is set. r=Waldo.
9be14c2b115eb9f985d86987ba06dc9b548ce303Jason Orendorff — Bug 753885 - Part 2: Add JSOPTION_ALLOW_XML, making E4X support optional per-context. r=Waldo.
11c7f20bf242f109eec2058a03a84f1b99f4b2e8Jason Orendorff — Bug 753885 - Part 1: Rename JSOPTION_XML to JSOPTION_MOAR_XML, and other cleanups. r=Waldo.
1a4d8e3ce3d60a6a09f2fa1ef734f7ce7e17bac2Jason Orendorff — Bug 752632 - Support building SpiderMonkey without E4X by doing: configure --disable-e4x. r=jimb.
732355e3de2abd368cad11d681c4c1e928bb0f8bJason Orendorff — Follow-up to bug 755808 comment 6. rs=sfink on #jsapi.
466d337a1996ec990488c6bf89c78a715d3b109aBenoit Girard — Bug 759532 - [Backout] Expose Enter/ExitProfileLabel to JS. r=ehsan
dd81ac5bb79d63dcbb230665c364e0adbf356ec6Marco Castelluccio — Bug 703484 - Part 3: Fix android OMTC whitelist. r=ajuma
bea5301cf21fdd3f97fc407dda193edd7164bcc9Marco Castelluccio — Bug 703484 - Part 1: Allow OMTC to be used with basic layers. r=bgirard
600c7a4162936fb3ba60a60a619f7ae22c61097bBenoit Girard — Bug 759532 - Expose Enter/ExitProfileLabel to JS. r=ehsan
71ebeef47ada8fc8c75533962539e3ea9fd0d5f4George Wright — Bug 755869 - Update the patches directory for Skia r=joe
b072bbec8bdaf8d3af01ab379765fe84ca1a73a9Jan de Mooij — Bug 759626 - Cache the result of InferSpewColorable to avoid a ton of getenv calls. r=bhackett
fb238b1ab6dcda528e4217edea614362936e1939Matt Brubeck — Bug 742207 - Use the same code for sizing SVG documents as for other synthetic documents [r=kats]
f2796ce2a1750576c37a9f18c723c61ac2aa9d27Shriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 743581: Removes nsCRT::strlen(const PRUnichar*). f=sgautherie r=dougt
abd1cd57e194ed2ffde698a4e4f9cb99c3f9451aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9bddce44625c659affd911c2b451bd7bcec0b1f5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 759770 - Fix build error when warnings-as-errors in nsSVGUtils.cpp. r=dholbert
adc8bcea5f899587143e406d53245b05776d6585Patrick McManus — bug 737470 new spdy v3 files had old mpl header r=trivial
2910fc77173d66865089b2d249792e271d2ce46dJames Willcox — Bug 727421 - Implement full screen support for Flash on Android r=blassey
76fa67b063799de0b96076d84fed247c0f2c47b4James Willcox — Backout 814d564578d1 due to xul bustage
c0bdc2bd56e1eeec520053ec7f6fb0f3f9c0d640Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 759762 - Update screenshot code to take into account RTL pages. r=blassey
be6973c48222fda110e1d599deada3813eca6858Dão Gottwald — Bug 759282 - Location bar should have the same horizontal spacing between the icon and text as the autocomplete popup. r=jaws
814d564578d1852f2089136441fd46be6815bf3dJames Willcox — Bug 727421 - Implement full screen support for Flash on Android r=blassey
d047fae0339cb1753da66694c7e1955891a89048Josh Aas — Bug 758363: Implement NPN_ReloadPlugins for out-of-process plugins. r=bsmedberg
0d1f5faf1979e9a2b25e48a6cdec14ef278d2a10Marco Bonardo — Bug 759730 - Use COMPtr for nsIWritablePropertyBag2 in nsIEHistoryEnumerator
d1a4f4981595aa08e6b2156e4dbfac9cd61425b5Marco Bonardo — Bug 758201 - Fix usage of PlacesUtils for LMANNO constants.
d80c83eefc1f082f3744619cf7f0a64052a1aaf6Marco Bonardo — Bug 753672 - Remove old code that is breaking live-update of the bookmarks chevron view.
17d9f93a9ff78e8d1db828fc2cb0ae7870db2185Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 759421 - Handle image load errors in the reftest analyzer more gracefully. r=heycam
3e2885d26e09b23d1952ab1b1a361f579b6e0a10Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 726283 - Use NS_GetContentList() in nsHTMLRadioButtonAccessibl group position computation, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
b9fd71b7bde271c17c9b158e927ede5d87b2e83aJim Mathies — Bug 740721 - (re)enable simple gesture zoom support on Windows in Firefox. Fixes touch input display problems on Win7 and Win8. r=dao
1446e5aba066dea93c5676ebba84828e4299249cJonathan Kew — bug 753623 - update Graphite2 to release 1.1.3 from upstream. r=jdaggett
867941a48b80d5de52ab16123d6030e70c8e924dPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 759275 (Specialize unwrapping to HTML elements in dom bindings). r=bz.
08b1af5fd1272c0338864aeac687d4d08936c285Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 759278 (Support binarynames for attributes too in new DOM bindings). r=bz.
3a67959f7dce758044dd4df22b4c959cbb204d52Mats Palmgren — Bug 758589 - Make Selection.toString() return early (with empty result string) if the shell is destroyed. r=smaug
2eefd38b71f124617e9f031e3008bbc2e161d45cMats Palmgren — Bug 759243 - Remove event listeners when the test is done. r=philor
99ecf8cabde391ea056a11ca97aa8a6ccfed741cBenoit Jacob — Bug 755618 - WebGLExtensionCompressedTextureS3TC uses nsDOMGenericSH instead of WebGLExtensionSH - r=jgilbert
d9e6d8a66f9ca18b29c8ce2d3c4133730d7690a3Benoit Jacob — Bug 759178 - WebGL extension strings should be case-insensitive - r=jgilbert
d92215a6eea10cbed38fd24463347ebb40969fa8Benoit Jacob — Bug 745292 - Log non-empty shader/program infoLogs as WebGL (JS) warnings - r=jgilbert
3d44f463aad4d6559d784830fa0ac95612a8752aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
8f8639307984949e25255e4d83a5d15268802dcbDoug Turner — Bug 759567 - Add video and music to device storage on gaia. r=sicking
d88ec1a7eaf6813ee91c0452565c9250e50d8134Jonathan Kew — bug 670901 pt 3 - add OTS message callback and enable error reporting in our build. r=jdaggett
e5bce1abf464763b07581ba0efffef7a94339cf6Jonathan Kew — bug 670901 pt 2 - fix some typos and missing warning messages in OTS. r=jdaggett
b38f193ea6ef82c04aea7412d9f61f9b69be8392Jonathan Kew — bug 670901 pt 1 - add support for an error-message callback to OTS. r=jdaggett
65b0d19ddb927f99f9fa116a35736288b345e5b3Jan de Mooij — Bug 756632 - Handle OOM in methodjit jsop_getgname/jsop_setgname methods. r=bhackett
faf7c04a53f4c0cb69816c14b576b030b92352c5Jan de Mooij — Bug 756610 - Handle OOM in js_CopyErrorObject. r=bhackett
9cca745f94bf3d584a3af30a7ee5babb74e20ae1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 754181 - Don't store the strict mode code flag twice (attempt 2). r=jwalden,luke.
e6da6ece3818eed14dd357220970bfc1d3bfe6e7Gervase Markham — Bug 759095 - upgrade license to MPL 2, and other licensing cleanups.
bccfd4fa5160501c4a05dc45d4e0f4e2ec100a1eTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
40462fc79a4bd656ebd1106a040856b38492ddedDave Camp — Bug 757253 - Implement real update in the rule view. r=robcee
fd76266dc5ca109fed7399abdb70d228ea0e3302Victor Porof — Bug 746648 - Too large script labels in various pages. r=past
bdc9a8045490710bc703c8cb31aa56aa77429edbPaul Rouget — Bug 747220 - [layout view] update the UI. r=dcamp
07b976407985aee382dcb5f37fb3b58ea3b36443Johan Charlez — Bug 757945 - Can't open the page context menu when inspecting (highlighter = unlocked) on Windows. r=paul.
e08f1d2788232a221fdc94764c215d348878a46fDavid Burns — Bug 758192 : Updating exceptions to match that of Selenium. DONTBUILD because NPOTB. r=jgriffin
3aa566994890824e57e9bcf5d0cd69eb75d9beaeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758998 - Use the correct installation directory when attempting to upgrade the maintenance service; r=bbondy
fccdf5c4feda44c01d6d7aa40411571856d1eeffDave Camp — Merge fx-team to m-c
ebe7a997ac5877b346bcd4adc9abb1e8bc719326Mihai Sucan — Bug 673148 - (async-webconsole) Part 4 - Make network logging async; r=rcampbell
1c5f48f57ef12115c278d4557eb0b851da102b22Andres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 588593 - Can't right-click-move tab to un-named tab group; r=ttaubert
7df3e6796d1f422ecc706b58b8f0759a43c5f228Joe Walker — Bug 693259 - GCLI needs a 'pref' command; r=dcamp
9f38c6dc2d2c4c1e1aa622a6a8b23f62c44c8364Joe Walker — Bug 757488 - DomTemplate fails when it gets a live NodeList; r=dcamp
f8eab657c0ff5d1112a80d6b6afd4830c58f3ee0Joe Walker — Bug 726986 - GCLI help output should be better; r=dcamp
d6298c95d0414edc5c11eeec13d71610586583ccJoe Walker — Bug 746499 - Links in the GCLI output area should open in new window (not in the output area); r=dcamp
806f4c2ec2e29be14364392a85b33df8bef427ffJoe Walker — Bug 757487 - GCLI test suite has broken dependencies in browser; r=dcamp
e27fa361af61850f4e7755df975d56cf9d97db8aJoe Walker — Bug 756887 - Require.jsm should have support and tests for firebug/NetMonitor style modules; r=robcee
3e44979fad652236998d3c356e01a3728d6a9272Joe Walker — Bug 758579 - Doctype in GCLI xhtml files needs fixing, as does the license block; r=msucan
4a2d77b56a1970b29f7e11b528a7cba8acba6be8Blair McBride — Bug 746908 - Add parameter guards to AddonManager/AddonManagerPrivate API functions. r=dtownsend
a55eca18fd52dd3e51b3169ded7ae3a09e30d9eaPanos Astithas — Small perf improvement to bug 755346 - Global variables are not displayed in the debugger frontend, part2; r=vporof
59954c646e78bace1bdd25ca16784a63a42f5698Victor Porof — Bug 755346 - Global variables are not displayed in the debugger frontend, part2; r=past
d4834de824a9792ad2efbc960a1791eb489fe973Panos Astithas — Bug 755346 - Global variables are not displayed in the debugger frontend; r=vporof,rcampbell
e89ed404ebe505dc002b121b201ad82333827c12Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 759390 - Make sure gCanStageUpdates will not fail if the maintenance service pref is set to false; r=rstrong
f28d1ec8bd330a52f192eceb973472a96462ef77Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Hv1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement nsIAutoCompleteInput.textValue. r=neil.
4c68e77d89d8b0c0599c043036f5fb2a1fab3b43Brian R. Bondy — Bug 759449 - Change UI lag telemetry to an EXPONENTIAL histogram. r=taras
7c3cd4824f94609d4ad714bea9c687227c641e63Gervase Markham — Bug 759095 - upgrade license to MPL 2, and other licensing cleanups.
b5af439f17173d5b97ffeb04a0bb60158b51503cEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e98f0fc3d02ecebc8dba4449558e673733882bbcSimon Montagu — Prevent line numbers in view-source from participating in bidi reordering. Bug 751841, r=ehsan
b613ac5ff64a710dc025679d00fae388ed5fcd8aWes Kocher — Bug 752161 - Plugin check pref set to instead of causing a useless redirect and making it vulnerable to redirects in r=gavin
213df727888b462aec7846af76bba46626d327e5Wes Kocher — Bug 759667 - Update revision of Jetpack code used in Firefox tests. r=philor
d4470d16d227127ddc20f157f34063856be4dbb8Bas Schouten — Bug 758432: Fix SetScaleToSize call for plugins. r=roc
96b85fac12431bfa9afb1b9a8055800cc1f2fe15Bas Schouten — Bug 734404 - Part 4: Add reftests for DXGI async drawing model. r=roc
93908fff3b0ca2d008b20e50c51bc44480c36a77Bas Schouten — Bug 734404 - Part 3: Add code to test plugin to support DXGI async drawing. r=roc
671dee55dab054fd15951c4aaab0f51546cdac9bBas Schouten — Bug 734404 - Part 2: Integrate DXGI shared surface model into plugin code. r=roc
0131d14e2c915071e45017102c14e7e881a66cd9Bas Schouten — Bug 734404 - Part 1: Add support for DXGI shared surface handles to ImageLayers. r=roc
3187b6d743dbaf941b075c1bb4e7aac19dc16df9Bas Schouten — Bug 759643: Only check for D3D 10.0 support when selecting a DXGI 1.1 adapter. r=roc
2cfe694cbc1abf4e1fea491b9662986400a0088aBas Schouten — Bug 758531: Prevent leaking Azure Patterns' GradientStops. r=roc
96fd84dcc3965d21da1bc13865141bca44f08b42Phil Ringnalda — Back out e4823da049f8 (bug 744719) for test failures and crashes
e0d8fa7fe174f0fa194384a788aedca49c8aaba5Boris Zbarsky — Add more tests for sequence and typed array codegen. No bug, no review.
6c031a7d86a1cf1e7ef32a87d93851466541f292Boris Zbarsky — Bug 743906 part 3. Stop listing default values for optional arguments with no defaults, now that we're guaranteed to only examine such values if argc is big enough. r=peterv
0655a84b27393664d1e913950d1282d9950bc5f8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 743906 part 2. Use Optional<> for optional arguments that don't have default values. r=peterv
49e146df4c93cc1124ce0b5c976b3da92f51ef66Boris Zbarsky — Bug 743906 part 1. Improve test coverage for various interface arguments. r=peterv
b6a280a826582887c67d7defdcd61158122fda47Boris Zbarsky — Bug 464758. Don't try to check for :before/:after pseudos for frames that can't have them. r=dbaron
b4c563086f1f65deb7130e94d91c2294fbbc5b3bAlexander Surkov — Bug 754165 - fire document load events on iframes too, r=tbsaunde, f=marcoz
be3fe9b7f9242e63969ab89a3e6f7837ffc6c6b3Aki Sasaki — bug 709480 - allow for xulrunner 32 to build on win64 machines. r=ted
05bd3d79b022dc240eeb63d68e0f0e4791ea5495Mark Capella — Bug 757504 - decomtaminate GetColumnExtentAt/GetRowExtentAt, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
cf328c06ce2e7ec153d07b9e33742de7764bad57Mark Capella — Bug 740766 - dexpcom nsAccessible::GroupPosition, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
7f259a56c7c0bfd29b6b8c363a0fd3d50f7287a8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 759346 Append alternative keycodes from virtual keycode if the virtual keycode is an OEM keycode which indicates a character but the character cannot be inputted by the key r=jimm
1c508a4f2dd0c32f81ec0008d6d1ca245dd40f9dDoug Turner — backout df4cf37667ac
4958190f8f390855c49f398343a48c55295cec20Doug Turner — backout cd033f175e87
97c1f9457bc016fb336582eda303405105f837d8Doug Turner — backout 664a8855fde5
86e0e6f1e48b82637f0ba3674547c3fc0aea7f6bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 749931 - "Migration to a clean Firefox profile" feature doesn't suggest browser history migration. r=Mano
2b16fea6951770f384fff5604df62e4dca6b5287Doug Turner — Bug 758838 - DeviceStorage.enumerate() doesn't work. Factor out prompt interface. r=sicking
d93b1f48aecdc803ea03e381ccc80dc8e0f72cedJesse Ruderman — Bug 758986 - call stackFixerFunction before logging. r=ted
664a8855fde51bc7029d95e6669b91fa788fb8d2Jonathan Kew — bug 670901 pt 3 - add OTS message callback and enable error reporting in our build. r=jdaggett
cd033f175e87bf63aa0237e4a21b8b6428b8c407Jonathan Kew — bug 670901 pt 2 - fix some typos and missing warning messages in OTS. r=jdaggett
df4cf37667ac01fcb3ac34e3761e697153b339c6Jonathan Kew — bug 670901 pt 1 - add support for an error-message callback to OTS. r=jdaggett
fcbaab8ad541fa2f5fca5b4e5483d49b945dac21Steven Michaud — Bug 759364 - Run the Silverlight plugin OOP in 32-bit mode on OS X. r=josh
8ffcc3efc77e02b463013790ea771a628418d5f1Jacek Caban — Bug 759063 - toolkit/xre Windows tests link to unneeded updatecommon lib; r=ehsan
8b641fa20aed712400e505066a98e6c50c6610c7Jeff Muizelaar — Fix android breakage caused by bug 744850
9b8a4c4b8c2ca6d14ec1fb9601008b43d9577ebbMyk Melez — bug 745980 - integrate crash reporting into webapp runtime; r=bsmedberg
b48fd5b2b84ec9e03fddea43a8c852039eefeba4Dave Hylands — Bug 759169 - Fix for compile error when MOZ_RENDERTRACE is enabled. r=bgirard
3bfee91d5f0931f996259d6864f9dba6c3a45d97Bobby Holley — Bug 752038 - Avoid getting confused by PreCreate giving a different answer when we wrap objects cross-compartment during reparenting. r=mrbkap
d88590f8a2452461ec8e88a91d4ef394ff084cbeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757632 followup - Try to disable the test properly
bd363d3cfee8e6228428dd4c4ed8da9495c75f01Margaret Leibovic — Bug 715263 - Browser should use the favicon size optimized for device resolution. r=mfinkle
39b384528de3eb9979b272d783beecb6634d17bdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757632 followup - Remove the test name from the manifest file; r=me
b18797e3ee6cd36eb4cca305a86aa43512cda9a3Jared Wein — Bug 755429 - Mixed content icon draws too much attention. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander
1b96b75f831a52f6609c20b9c854311ada676913Eitan Isaacson — Bug 753986 - Change presenter and utterance generator to be subtree-based. r=davidb
1ff8624857594461da0029498af4ff103f309c7eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757632 - Disable test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked.js for now; r=me
e5ea5a2ba6f1bb40329308a1dbde3ca5d14ccf71Benoit Jacob — back out 90292e7ec6fb for mochitest-1 orange
eb4ba09133ab56b1d843a458cff7b1a451394847Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 749953. Revert a hunk of bug 753762 to fix XUL panning. r=cjones
adf106921f3136dfbb12b6a83b45c6f8fb11d9d0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 744850. Only set isRegistered if registering succeeded. r=mfinkle
ce426796f2241fa47dc36e8f320a384b364d7b25Jared Wein — Bug 742441 - Cannot drag URL from location bar to desktop. r=ttaubert
6088ad0c085b942e59a30643b881e77891c4c13aTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 759008 - Remove unused LIBOBJS from, r=glandium
63e714d8902eb9e21dda8628be8f9280957132cfBenoit Jacob — Bug 758404 - Use LinkedList instead of arrays for WebGLContext to track WebGL objects - r=jgilbert
b687f70200f7d920f425d44b41356805eca99a1eBenoit Jacob — Bug 758396 - Let MFBT LinkedList allow const - r=jlebar
90292e7ec6fbf00778a11bc35fac6f14173ee2cdBenoit Jacob — Bug 745292 - Log non-empty shader/program infoLogs as WebGL (JS) warnings - r=jgilbert
78008b00e92e290fa129ed04c9b6c3a38e809a02Jan de Mooij — Bug 759409 - Cleanup methodjit CompileRequest. r=bhackett
8df76630105da2f2d7b5d982c90426b0022d89a3Ali Juma — Bug 759162 - Part 2: Make CompositorParent::ScheduleResumeOnCompositorThread block until the compositor resumes. r=bgirard
a88b2e20e15f4c6b7694213fa45061657755fa82Ali Juma — Bug 759162 - Part 1: Remove unnecessary call to eglChooseConfig in GLContextProviderEGL::RenewSurface. r=bgirard
5545fc494089be0448cc3622c8b55522211821e0William Lachance — Bug 757643 - Properly revert package-name.txt;r=mfinkle
563cb4e5d1d5ac5611fe2d8d634589056979b8deAlexander Surkov — Bug 757739 - crash in nsAccUtils::MustPrune, r=tbsaunde, davidb
dc775f973994ff9e52fbb5af0973e4aebf0ceb46Alexander Surkov — Bug 759105 - stop console spamming by MSAA events, r=tbsaunde, f=davidb
ccee89d6d9e0c6bc8003305dc3d49baebf1c1f5aRichard Newman — Bug 758300 - Add license file for json-simple. r=trivial
98410387837c1b689a719d1655ad6e868ee78be6Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 759208 - CheckedInt.h depends on undefined value of signed arithmetic. r=bjacob.
4c8dfa5b92ea8b46edc1ef989fe9bf8faf9381e1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 758854 - Fix possible NPE if external activities return null data. r=blassey
737025a86de908d1550b420397dc245656f5837fHonza Bambas — Bug 758852 - crash @ nsHttpConnectionMgr::nsHalfOpenSocket functions in Private Browsing, r=mcmanus
e4823da049f88ba24f47051d0c0b4e8d08574490Honza Bambas — Bug 744719 - Don't download appcache files one file at a time, r=michal
1e6ad9e6c6ebf6773f9a17c156be82381470c85bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 607417 - Clamp the transform of fixed-position layers to work with RTL pages (interaction with bug 748384). r=ajuma
1880b36386f17ff42c9072185a6d1b7466afa4e3Ali Juma — Bug 747883 - Make Native Fennec's onLocationChanged handler behave correctly for wyciwyg-prefixed URIs. r=mfinkle,kats
d0beb7e43cc4d36fc2648ca81edf5d7b7a74bd67Robert O'Callahan — Bug 758179. Part 5: Test. r=mats
80b83c01e30b0811944f4749e036d69116f9e864Robert O'Callahan — Bug 758179. Part 4: Pass SKIP_HIDDEN flag in HandlePress/HandleRelease. r=mats
d0a12b20ca95e35540621c353cd079119b51104fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 758179. Part 3: Support SKIP_HIDDEN flag. r=mats
d8688d0836cf6d6eac8ac6acdc3d7e57fb4d60f6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 758179. Part 2: Add flags parameter to GetContentOffsetsFromPoint(External). r=mats
e10eadfc8734a8ee97db9b7c09370ab1029d4432Robert O'Callahan — Bug 758179. Part 1: Flush layout before calling nsFrame::HandlePress/HandleRelease. r=mats
5a1073bd1865b415513d0be548adedc946c41484Robert O'Callahan — Bug 757262. Try bailing out of plugin instantiation if we're in an inactive document. r=josh
9df54b979922272f7f89b236ae57e739cffae1ceMark Banner — Bug 759076 - Enable ccache for Linux 64 debug builds. r=ted,bhearsum
cfd001299d3456614d3a374353f4ab78bb06195dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 758583. Must acquire SourceMediaStream lock before MediaStreamGraph lock. r=jesup
f6d082275253ac0c0efcf992225cb84ad8bda231Neil Rashbrook — Bug 626441 Moving the caret should not look for panels r=Enn
f63109fba431a6cef25b2337a6ffa79b70f6cb9dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 757330 Don't activate an empty menubar r=Enn
65fa5cb6f79c0993ed0652d0751571b250d1469dMike Hommey — Backed out changeset d8e75ef4e5ad (bug 759115) because of Android XUL bustage.
d8e75ef4e5adc2dae23c93dda334413e6beed269Mike Hommey — Bug 759115 - Bump minimum Android SDK API level we require to 14. r=ted
4b57d0e8425563c39d9ec61754a56c4a1592d7b8Nicholas Cameron — Bug 752380; correct use of enums. r=Bas
1c1318dbdf552c87406d38a1097ab55cbab9610bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 756607 - Rewrite SMS tests. r=jgriffin DONTBUILD because NPOTB
013b22ee36b7568865e1aa6b9ceb8fb27e5b561fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 756607 - Rewrite telephony tests. r=jgriffin
c1ad9e9f6632623e6ffb43ebf487577f3e82e640Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 756607 - Rewrite battery tests. r=jgriffin
e8a025a7101b3390f01ee04b96906e708df5b945Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 755869 - Re-apply patch from bug 719575 to fix clang builds for the new Skia r=gw280
3e32a1d1f1a8566fe498cffee70865c23aaee88dJoel Maher — Bug 759374 - deploy new to capture bug 758738. r=armenzg
78852a6d11abb1402be20ef77691a45bc34b724fEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
ce3d4fd7033b660c8e62fb545bd4cca715da7566Landry Breuil — Bug 758849 - UPower isn't linux-only, give it a chance to build on BSDs at least. Add a section taking them into account. r=mounir
8a8c0d8b1ac7996a5193a8fbbc0975681d42f374Phil Ringnalda — Back out deac5d31bc12, 8622c5680fb3, 205d2e0d297c (bug 575294), 5ba42170426e (bug 726264), a5444e23c668 (bug 575294) for bug 759243
cf9f2ec3699237f32d69b82e6ba06c4156c3211fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 6d605438199c (bug 758589) for bug 759243
8ad6067e90f7deeea99ae626b934790176c6cfb1Chris Double — Bug 759234 - Make video/audio controls work on B2G - r=gal
76791f5996ccd6ea78b183d675b35fb66d42da92Marcos Santiago — Bug 699533 - Save/update password doorhanger does not restore focus to the webpage. r=felipe
6aa5239fe656e06756662f53f589b377280f4a36Boris Zbarsky — Bug 758885. Don't apply the dynamic :hover reresolution skipping optimization to selectors which can match on mutable state other than :hover. r=dbaron
545eb36e72077660313a46aca1d4fe709ea60c52George Wright — Bug 755869 - [14] Fix Gonk build by ensuring all Skia includes are used in NDK-mode. r=mwu
1f078aeb5213dbb9e0a0957a3b79e15e46aa4fd5George Wright — Bug 755869 - [13] Re-apply bug 750733 - Use handles in API object hooks where possible r=mattwoodrow
4b93ab161451d6530c52328dc6ace52609df201aGeorge Wright — Bug 755869 - [12] Re-apply bug 749533 - Add support for GNU/kFreeBSD and Hurd in Skia. r=mattwoodrow
544c28fd16293341cc7187b90956f906d2d2f3ddGeorge Wright — Bug 755869 - [11] Re-apply bug 687188 - Skia radial gradients should use the 0/1 color stop values for clamping. r=mattwoodrow
858fb563db5805444f5c7486353ee59dcf8fc644George Wright — Bug 755869 - [10] Re-apply bug 719872 - Fix crash on Android by reverting to older FontHost impl r=mattwoodrow
304e51f21f0d91efb402c892462580186ac53681George Wright — Bug 755869 - [9] Re-apply bug 751814 - Various Skia fixes for ARM without EDSP and ARMv6+ r=mattwoodrow
0912e895675b279f513e06c2a377c7e606cb82d6George Wright — Bug 755869 - [8] Re-apply bug 731384 - Fix compile errors on older versions of clang r=mattwoodrow
04f6554beaa3dccc0e0d066d8f3d26849cb2b61bGeorge Wright — Bug 755869 - [7] Re-apply bug 722011 - Fix trailing commas at end of enum lists r=mattwoodrow
66e29180f635d99d319467ba9271492148f6b7e6George Wright — Bug 755869 - [6] Re-apply SkUserConfig (no original bug) r=mattwoodrow
73e33e3e48cc2b725ef4fff0b3f5fa5c22b1c11aGeorge Wright — Bug 755869 - [5] Re-apply bug 688366 - Fix Skia marking radial gradients with the same radius as invalid. r=mattwoodrow
b4eef6c71672cd89de7b3f022e5a482cec32adebGeorge Wright — Bug 755869 - [4] Re-apply bug 687189 - Implement SkPaint::getPosTextPath r=mattwoodrow
c3f8b85b916b44e6249a1dae59943b1e07cbb94aGeorge Wright — Bug 755869 - [3] Re-apply bug 689069 - Patch to get arm opts to build with frame pointers enabled. r=mattwoodrow
477b8a5a716904dba4a86ab89c77505b6ea80670George Wright — Bug 755869 - [2] Update for the new Skia r=mattwoodrow
5fb409f61b9358ed34360c80c420376f1c4bca0bGeorge Wright — Bug 755869 - [1] Update Skia to r4037 r=mattwoodrow
0bf91ba2ddba5f9d143256c8c1576fd97f9d6777Phil Ringnalda — Bug 668849 - give up on testing spellcheck with text-overflow on WinXP
ee5b6efa9bda22a2c96e46eff2bd57a90aad0765Trevor Saunders — bug 759033 - nsAccessible -> Accessible and nsAccessibleWrap -> AccessibleWrap r=surkov
9cc3b4fc60c545be2f7060cbcc192eff26727cbdNicholas Cameron — Bug 758561 - Don't build a mask for an empty layer. r=roc
f0c3e8edc333d54052d87df47d4035519cc81bfcFrédéric Wang — Bug 757125 - Make more MathML operators mirrorable. r=karlt
57819b266920075e840a976ef14fd1f439eb488eFrédéric Wang — Bug 757125 - Make read mirrorable property. r=karlt
6d605438199cf30d64ee530986668e182292f6b1Mats Palmgren — Bug 758589 - Make Selection.toString() return early (with empty result string) if the shell is destroyed. r=smaug
deac5d31bc126203fcc50c9ff8f62baf4611cbe7Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294 - s/mFocused/sFocused/. part=4/4 r=smaug
8622c5680fb32ccb93cd879437255f58f640529aMats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=3/4 r=roc
205d2e0d297cea4c9487818a68473269651dd486Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=2/4 r=smaug,roc
5ba42170426e979a3879a39e5779b42593e045fcMats Palmgren — Bug 726264. r=smaug
a5444e23c6689c18fd03d53e05f5589f1eeb4cd7Mats Palmgren — Bug 575294. part=1/4 r=enndeakin
3009f4a88ca989bcd7cf5132a0adb284b9322975Phil Ringnalda — No bug, empty push to test scheduling on a CLOSED TREE
d78eb2de84afe243bc90ee43a93131fd4f66efbfBenoit Girard — Bug 759181 - Disable COMPOSITOR_PERFORMANCE_WARNING. r=ajuma
75a9a7debdb05d8704ffd7e01caab2b24aa29ab1julian reschke — Bug 730574: handle quoted-string unescaping in RFC 2231 continuation parameters. r=jduell
58227b467522bae1e1a98a42234b9d6d0408264dMagnus Melin — Bug 223681 - [mozTXTToHTMLConv] fails for links with ipv6 addresses. r=ben.bucksch, sr=cbiesinger
795e5c9bec72890cbbc33e2cf09871b8d5222f54Dale Harvey — Bug 759044 - Cleanup visibility message reciever on test completion. r=jlebar
b82ef4adc4d8b9b3e2a8a65ea21c76530dffb0bdJeff Muizelaar — Bug 752799. Move image pattern translation within pixman's range. r=roc
e6c4152034ed773456009bbbd2fd6e7155a896a3Oleg Romashin — Bug 757380 - BasicLayers Paint ignore NULL Clip when render with groupTarget. r=bas, r=roc
f7d9f2ec60bbfd515cb690e57cee35df467da0c4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 758205. Use highp in the fragment shader. r=joe
353f5fb85394d7dfda2d52aca64fedcf71f11497Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 758205. Move the y-axis inversion out of the fragment shader. r=clord
ecd6235510e177e2ae69a116a720a163cbbc16b8Nicolas Silva — Bug 751176: Fix blinking of video and canvas when using OMTC on Linux. r=jrmuizel
533a8781a4c3b2a0a41fb7cf770d6dcbcf7638d7Makoto Kato — Bug 754176 - Make TestLineBreak unit test. r=smontagu
332846907076c976ecaa0040ab80eee252328ee3Benoit Girard — Bug 681114 - Diagnostic patch to crash earlier when cairo_array is corrupted. r=jmuizelaar
8a8ee7fb567444d36fa94e43fc3a182354dbb46bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0e1c786fd4c2055eb70b629d307f8bac10c4c796Robert O'Callahan — Bug 752796. Ensure that stream-finished notifications aren't accidentally dropped. r=jesup
852aa11f1cbf932b9ee95ab1faae8fe7b2e3499cAsaf Romano — Bug 748569 - Fix few migration regressions (reset profile feature is broken - bug 748047, bookmarks.html not imported during migration - bug 738263, default-browser detection during migration is completely broken and few more minor issues). r=mak
2582b429e8969ae9f09a99a542d090643393ffbaTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
254a734ccaf3e0c01079efed49936462b081f5e9Marcos Santiago — Bug 740237 - Use for...of loops in Add-ons Manager frontend and backend code. r=Unfocused
79262a88881d66b474921d6944e7ca9f45facf6aEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c29e42966d5911b87f2571730974ad70e601c861Phil Ringnalda — Back out 36f327aaffa5 (bug 739804) for WinXP reftest orange
1d09d60b4bc1a44e092c119cdbd439be11ca3114Brian Smith — Bug 749890 - Do not do TLS intolerance handshake timeout after we know we've received the server hello, r=honzab
9ccdad1d0c52b74725d735665b9df045c15d030aAlexander Surkov — Bug 757757 - Add dexpcomed version of GetAnonymousElementByAttribute, r=tbsaunde, bz
ab47ee11d57d03c13b894407729f7d1337410bedBrian Smith — Bug 759019 - Make nsHttpResponseHead and nsHttpRequestHead copy-constructable, assignable, and const-correct, r=biesi
34af06cc57f6cd99f59aec2e773a7afb40ec1b5aFrédéric Wang — Bug 757703 - Restore support for non-zero unitless values in mpadded. r=karlt
e2cd95fa1ce49bd5e04522d5eac23f4cd2d8601fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
36f327aaffa5d7c0ed4bf1c84b488a18b6332754John Daggett — Bug 739804. Avoid using Cambria Math for symbol fallback. r=jkew
5859f7d3fb2595b10e47353a96560c442691f488Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 10) - Remove the kind description prefix in about:memory, it's not much use. r=jlebar.
a9a778e471d1f9706de4bd9b149d2acfb1b91d4cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 9) - Build tree lines in a better way in aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
cd59583cf7d4fc9c20662181659026398c3c3818Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 8) - Build percentage text in a better way in aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
1d98ab2314e0e03fb481edd682ef1d6b12e26a4bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 7) - Remove TreeNode._kind in aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
2f11a356655439157333a03e9399609c24c33755Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 6) - Compute paths in a better way in aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
eff14a3bd0da51c814ca0db503ce569d38664735Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 5) - Don't create Report objects in aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
f7894fb36f72b4495b5c992756cb59cc1659e181Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 4) - Don't put each newline in a separate text node in about:memory. r=jlebar.
16dbfe2ae98b07cad83cb14567f187c051006958Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 3) - Simplify non-leaf node descriptions in about:memory. r=jlebar.
b58b537b36b3317c8ecacdb8ae9d7e8eb2977189Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 2) - Don't replace backslashes unless necessary in aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
c7daeedb89d5d79ad4f75f68632ba213455c611cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 757299 (part 1) - Don't set for leaf nodes in aboutMemory.js. r=jlebar.
a1ee4f1b3bd801ba4df5c916ad0dc32d38ad4057Makoto Kato — Bug 759001 - B2G/gonk should use nsAndroidCharset instead of nsUNIXCharset. r=mwu
77fbc76f4424b095f6a57ce02207f4f26725ed83Ginn Chen — Bug 758525 remove extra semicolon after NS_INLINE_DECL_THREADSAFE_REFCOUNTING r=roc
606af29f167c941aba66b46fe0524f41982558c5Ginn Chen — Bug 758487 Fix libopus compile on Solaris/SPARC r=rillian
a09580f17723f9a12d9eb3179194c03ff91eb654Ginn Chen — Bug 758484 correct comment syntax for mapfile r=ted.mielczarek
66627acb8fc62f9c67072d96a21ff3b487375044Ginn Chen — Bug 758516 nsSVGGenericContainerFrame.cpp failed to compile with Solaris Studio compiler r=roc
fe69d3aa1cc55b27495f54cc51cc3d77f7fda1d9Ginn Chen — Bug 758483 "struct utsname" should be used to declare unameobj r=bjacob
0729364c8b30f3c92bf1befaeab6c63de0855b83Robert O'Callahan — Fix bustage for bug 755533
e77a9970de71afbeaf48d1635d90f7defe7e4ab1Chris Pearce — Bug 755533 - Ensure we fire canplaythrough if the media's channel is suspended before metadata is loaded. r=roc
6c1dbb75d23289c5da4c066e017e22f8fcbda935Martin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, r=:karlt
af889781505c6201ec46d0f8a5df26ce8aba76eaJared Wein — Bug 667586 - Clear identity block when typing a different URL into location bar. r=dao,fryn
43fb1c7ae6e7dc201eaf2dff7e5d503c38b66bfcOlli Pettay — Bug 758401 - Add a way to get message manager from docshell, r=jst
823f773dd7ebf51c6da4405b32a2679ac981f7c0Kyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
e8a1cd107e756ecf4d6923340c382c74645c1dc7Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 754142.
a23eafae97e8982f85fda833e229e72cd7d2c78cKyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
31caefae2f9985ebe8dfb4b934af32527305f1daKyle Huey — Bug 754142: Don't install quota handlers on chrome databases. r=bent
b73cb0d07a5d6e5b1340835fc485f5cd1ecb3b76Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
4a1235027d8563f38782cd169330ae515c8b92c1Kyle Huey — Bug 757222: Revert changes made to address a review comment because that comment was wrong.
70ac2f02dc7576c2aab868c61f9885442ecf5d18Kyle Huey — Bug 751999: Followup to fix build bustage from bitrot.
e5e7f60fe0bed65a97963e5d5c9adc0d379a8f3eKyle Huey — Update pymake snapshot to pull Bug 755828 and remove incorrectly added MPL 2 headers.
45a8b9f1a4119da0602b96344ac55ba7245f742aKyle Huey — Bug 751999: Split SetDocShell apart to make this code easier to read. r=jst
c91007b3b22ad44f56235304b65d51c215eaedc4Kyle Huey — Bug 755508: Do not allow the use of NaN dates as keys. r=sicking
3b8c17318c3c841b42af1d2abb28b3499c4a06d0Kyle Huey — Bug 757222: deleteDatabase should fire a versionchange event with newVersion === null. r=sicking
7379306d1ed8f4861ebf4e4bbb5a3c1b82ee266eKyle Huey — Bug 757284: Restore Blob.mozSlice, with a deprecation warning. r=sicking
ef0180b53eae5695f05a8a8542d4dbcd4629ada3Mike Hommey — Bug 758010 - Wrap operator new/delete on Android. r=khuey
93018b4bf4da0594bf368748b21ce1ea1446f4dfBrian R. Bondy — Bug 758206 - Better detection for preload/prefetch telemetry. r=taras
de230f4a91f76f4a32899dbcb5647c6f6bf29243Brian R. Bondy — Bug 758206 - Telemetry for preload/prefetch. r=taras
fb61360eab85c6b908ab08dab2009aa8010a9912Brian R. Bondy — Bug 758410 - Installs of service should not attempt to clear prefetch. r=rstrong
b3ca05098ddcbb2dd07cc9fce53b3e01f638c3dbBrian R. Bondy — Bug 756846 - Increase timeout to 3 minutes for prefetch clearing. r=rstrong
21ae85ff42865880dbaaf3d1fbc6713dcf500acfBrian R. Bondy — Bug 727864 - Enable DLL preloading when MozillaMaintenance service disabled prefetch. r=jimm
4dd2d5f25910f940557cd728ef645a05afb0f116Brian R. Bondy — Bug 692255 - Get rid of prefetch files on Windows for faster startup. r=rstrong
4c3f2ddd82e8c35cbababbbb2004571aea077be4Till Schneidereit — Bug 758278 - Sweep crossCompartmentWrappers of all compartments, not only GCed ones. r=billm
602c1435026d796555e6307116030a8f8c18ff3bNicholas Cameron — Bug 757346 - Change from clipping the mask to drawing it. r=roc
e1a1d40f2246333ba95fc705d938007d00a07b90Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 754384 - nsDragService's mNativeDragTarget is completely unused. r=khuey
01673165f0eef183e8a72ebada6c6caebd32c9f1Dan Wendorf — Bug 702159 - Add context menu to exit DOM full screen mode and tests. r=jaws
4ce695c26fc563dac5efc4a4ca9e8f0f9db2c4aeDale Harvey — Bug 702880 - Add setVisible api to mozbrowser. r=jlebar
f41434c72cb5a9e7cd2e6ec27793642ebb269b8cMark Capella — Bug 758870 - de-ns-ify nsDocAccessible, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
133aa3a2ef0a1d87fb0de676b6eecf8617763e81Trevor Saunders — backout the part of bug 758304 that causes bug 758713 since the second is a top crash and the first is debug only r=me
51eeffc5a31d1beaf1a7a0362f3678ca5da224b7Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 731047 - Clean up old profile after Firefox profile reset. r=bsmedberg, ui-r=limi
6261d5c12c7cc36652fcf5ee3859d6ddb393c61bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 732303 - Redesign safe mode dialog with the profile reset option. r=dolske, ui-r=limi
c2dcd002556b800a2bb234e6946b1ee126287913Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
a1a4961783efd104bd386e5199c6befb62a69177Phil Ringnalda — Back out d22c4f57daaf and 6c27b32ad788 (bug 758635) on suspicion of causing reftest failures
34c3bcd58f3b6a1d5332bd2d0d1801410360323fOleg Romashin — Bug 757933 - Switch nsRegionAllocator to ThreadLocal and avoid extra library call. r=BenWa
ca31a899ce4ea86b7c1eb6e1d597ba5f98d91993Oussama BADR — Bug 675879 - clean up nsIAccessible action methods, r=surkov
a8cc00d4ca483c1978cae5a8dcf5a8ae49e8cc72Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753665 - Fix incorrect comment and some formatting of debug output. r=blassey
20a421502a41c9c8c2f9c8c42bef2922d429b2ceKartikaya Gupta — Bug 753665 - Add some missing kungFuDeathGrips while dispatching events. r=blassey
88787676b14a19cf8f5124407fa5e2c8a27ef604Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753665 - Fix possible corruption in the window parent chain. r=blassey
d22c4f57daaf73720ae3a5e5ff17e19a74a0fdcaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 758635 - LayerRenderer doesn't need to implement GLSurfaceView.Renderer. r=Cwiiis
6c27b32ad788184acc0deafaa2741bafc94ba436Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 758635 - Remove redundant code to set the viewport size. r=Cwiiis
be42b12c6092998d6d7c7684d05856f21e20fe32Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 5baac057fc1a (bug 757933) due to red.
ffc8ef001fff5f318e676ef42578306d22726603Geoff Brown — Bug 758405 - Robocop: fix synchronization in FennecNativeElement. r=jmaher
5baac057fc1a90fc79f47f1760a29ad0fa84edb7Oleg Romashin — Bug 757933 - Switch nsRegionAllocator to ThreadLocal and avoid extra library call. r=BenWa
699a613bf61607a494c01556c0855a90deacedd2Benjamin Peterson — Bug 757676 - Implement JS default parameters. r=jorendorff
fa66afa7f6c781b548f9ad8f91f716b1fb5684b2Geoff Brown — Bug 757475 - Robocop: disable testPermissions. r=jmaher
6de6c3de450d471d2c4117e6cd339c2aef556934David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 757469 - Implement ctypes.off_t. r=jorendorff
ae9977a419c997a7e571d95dd496f5332d6214c2dev — Bug 755631 - Remove extraneous exceptions in Cross Origin Wrappers. r=mrbkap
9dc532ce5de7a93cba1d134291035d6096f48bbbCervantes Yu — Bug 747873 - Provide error information on input device not properly configured. r=mwu
2a027b72537a28d307080386cac45470c2f9c2f7Andrew Hurle — Bug 720154 - Move restore_on_demand checkbox to Tabs page, never disable it. r=zpao, ui-r=jboriss
9ea78fb21a2099fa23b89d455a787a2a9f957359Landry Breuil — Bug 712910 - Use stdint types in sandbox/PHal.ipdl too, fixes build on OpenBSD - r=Ms2ger
3ab7ca1532acef829549c769ff9b580205df45beRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
7c1a55b1975dcf50835682dbf85ee529f5dc0881Alexander Surkov — Bug 754879 - reorg IEnumVariant implementation to traverse accessible children, r=tbsaunde, f=marcoz
d8e64c2312d312daff38f979b7d06fd6c7d27487Mats Palmgren — Fix build bustage from rev 24f3dd5529bb (Bug 607417). r=bustage
24f3dd5529bbf6d3889461ac269f2b3e776b565eChris Lord — Bug 607417 - Reconcile async scrolling for fixed position layers (part 2). r=ajuma
2ee762b1d9b2d38b12a65c36e1a1e66dd0eb11f4Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 735064 - Add tests for BrowserProvider batch operations. r=lucasr
0729990b395ce0902a368f8217b7399adb81f406Josh Matthews — Bug 722857 - Basic sanity test for before/after private browsing DOM storage implementation. r=honzab
b1e2749bd72bc4c6ffb4b75b115d3cda04549b46Josh Matthews — Bug 722857 - Determine private browsing status for DOMStorage from owning docshell if available, and receive updates if its privacy status changes. r=mayhemer
2ea752a2c768c6c7146ee9487618fecc8110a164Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Gv1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement nsIAutoCompleteInput.popupOpen(). r=neil.
ebc06677c620a052b41743317fd5f281d265be89Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
975c490e8b3bb9f48066c982a92f939262d62ae0Victor Porof — Bug 758208 - Intermittent failure in browser_dbg_stack-04.js | Should have no frames after resume - Got 2, expected 0; r=msucan
73a99c34a7f9c57ff8f76c2f79c50cd701786db5Mihai Sucan — Bug 673148 - (async-webconsole) Part 3 - Make JS evaluation and object inspection async; r=rcampbell
ad13022897bad8afb74247377d0b430fc5b0bf1aTim Taubert — Bug 664324 - [session restore cleanup] Remove trailing whitespace; r=zpao
cf0e0f90c0f077e8b96d4f4e5917a1df64cadb0bTim Taubert — Bug 758568 - Use SessionStoreInternal instead of passing it to SHistory and TabsProgressListeners; r=zpao
5113edeacec33a0774071e81012a1df069ceea07Andres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 745040 - Move the Session Store Service to a module r=zpao
2043c0ee5cea2095668d2520c89ee77aa9a103c7Paul Rouget — Bug 716245 - Intermittent browser_inspector_highlighter.js. r=robcee
5ddd48e50e8cc315d77a3cf5e8faca8184027e35Paul Rouget — Bug 749974 - Items in Developer tools menu have inconsistent check state. r=dao r=dcamp
1c896e9f194984dfe8bf4622980b618b46d0b36aEd Morley — Backout 4eafad042c36 (bug 673148) for turning browser_dbg_stack-04.js permaorange
4eafad042c36cda6367cf44624871bb26516a80cMihai Sucan — Bug 673148 - (async-webconsole) Part 3 - Make JS evaluation and object inspection async; r=rcampbell
41fdd17ee9d343971336f9c5c52125c9affb18d4Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 739531 - Can't duplicate a tab with designMode and no body; r=ttaubert
75eaccac45799a042b70e577ad0a3004156614b5Paul Rouget — Bug 723059 - Replace text with icons in the debugger toolbar; r=rcampbell
4798809c94d680789fe61e78b2a383b5a3601103Dave Camp — Bug 747225 - [layout view] Show when the margin have the auto value. r=paul
6c66003c91171119042708500159c644d6c1e156Paul Rouget — Bug 754333 - [layout view] not updated when breadcrumbs are clicked. r=dcamp
48b399b01efc30c4a519c127641fe1d414fa736cEd Morley — Backout 13aa125cc8d2 (bug 723059) for timeouts in browser_dbg_pause-resume.js
13aa125cc8d2f5a81cab99dc0f7ad8e8f67cb59bPaul Rouget — Bug 723059 - Replace text with icons in the debugger toolbar; r=rcampbell
c66729ab079f76c456d7f693b20eb47780e1fd2bVictor Porof — Bug 753313 - Some divs and spans are created dynamically in debugger-view; r=rcampbell
1adbb34e6d38c73bdde48d25a0ab2eb9f0a155e5Victor Porof — Bug 753651 - Unselectable class is useless; r=past
e7a2ef8a6c35fd00a82239215cb4ef0eaac11a3eVictor Porof — Bug 724229 - Briefly flash the variables that changed between pauses; r=rcampbell
3585db1e244116c8ac6837da98ee37662cc996faPanos Astithas — Bug 724862 - Implement protocol support for modifying the values of a debuggee object's properties; r=rcampbell
3b8e3fae1b3185304d2a1484a61668bd9ce97055Victor Porof — Bug 723062 - Allow the user to edit the value of a debuggee object's property in the debugger; r=past
cff5b4470690333eec27c9e7758e9401f1c42d9eSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Fv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Move selectBy() into nsIAutoCompletePopup section. r=neil.
cd62c4b8f500c4b34d4fca7718a4593982ed8b47Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c
ca63d04985f94bf12acb1f23a5dd7d20d2178d29Mike Hommey — Bug 758739 - Allow virtualenv to use system-wide site-packages. r=ted
a64fac52f70888dc4556d27beebe6ae797d7aa03Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 751521 - Separate pixman detection from cairo. r=glandium
b7ad724a8f7e363ff45a5472593e3bc0227adcb1Phil Ringnalda — Back out 551fb80a2dca (bug 758392) for roboprovider bustage
2225460277a3519c7f36db7a94b1edb72a292e6dKan-Ru Chen — Bug 743182 - Use gfxPlatform::OptimalFormatForContent everywhere. r=joedrew
85e529ae09f9f25790b742fae2820c95294cbd67Masayuki Nakano — Bug 758420 Use specified character by inserText rather than the first character of current key event for charCode r=smichaud
ad75e96b8be1147d921ba5b4938671b4414a8408Mats Palmgren — Bug 719117 - Use down-cast instead of separate member with correct type. r=roc
551fb80a2dca1fd786ae4ac6058bb913e3d8649fBrian Nicholson — Bug 758392 - Create abstract getTestType() method in BaseTest. r=gbrown f=jmaher
be99d6a4451331408f1b57068ccfecb1fe091765Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 758742 - Fix up the string manipulation in nsUpdateProcessor::ProcessUpdate; r=Neil
728450b22631101fa0be5891778bc3a4638bdbebJoey Armstrong — bug 758748: change SOURCE_REPO var check from error to warn.
8915b49bc1bc761fd999025e85eb0d364a5815f8Mats Palmgren — Bug 719117 - Fix bug 724781 by preventing reentry to DoStopPlugin with a flag. part 2/2, r=bsmedberg
2067107a71ca01c3d1fd1f7bf5b1df1410b3671bMats Palmgren — Bug 719117 - Backout bug 724781. part 1/2, r=bsmedberg
16cf8e199b6a41925ce574a70b42b5ee8ad22a1eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 758798: Liberate TextSwitcher from magic numbers. [r=mfinkle]
2cfcbe649545d664445a434b2e9692ad4f57562cPatrick McManus — bug 757882 replace 250+ lines of redundant nsAHttpConnection implementations with macros r=jduell
2e882879c8539422bddd2533b5409d8d6a637e10Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 749976. Reduce the curve tolerance to be closer to skia on mobile. r=bgirard
13961d995a58dd993c6c305f578cc421f5cff6ccEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
8db316b8237902db06e4498711e018dd9743f13ePatrick McManus — bug 737470 patch 3 implement spdy v3 (pref off) r=honzab
d533854a7e2cbb6f78c2008ccabf72242133f3f7Patrick McManus — bug 737470 patch 2 clone spdy/2 into spdy/3 r=honzab
1a592d6c0a4ffb134c1151be64570e40bbac2594Patrick McManus — bug 737470 patch 1 use ASpdySession to generically dispatch current version of spdy r=honzab
004e123be1597514cfe02f43344c9528479e5e01Patrick McManus — bug 758725 spdy act on fin on synreply r=honzab
54d0d95a2b5f987fa586a5b445b6972863cbe79eWes Johnston — Bug 750511 - Hide soft keyboard when user touches outside awesomebar. r=mfinkle
7d9daf859330e8f4964dc3a648eff3a944768da8Ehsan Akhgari — Debugging code for bug 757632; r=me
385cbb1d800f16563b81d470415814177593f44eBill McCloskey — Back out bug 753283 for windbg purple
963bdd1cd1d7e24664004251919b550fa6568a9bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 753200: Many menu items are disabled on start. [r=mfinkle]
bc62e10fe6921ce7a4c283053a6027a66987b0f2Daniel Holbert — Bug 758735: Remove unused variable 'gFunction' from new file TestSettingsAPI.cpp. r=gwagner
611663a9cb81580b5af4dab562aed90e6117b472Raymond Lee — Bug 726189 - get rid of search engine 'used' attribute, since it causes unnecessary I/O r=gavin
fdf1c1c11c89739e99a9ce9883746d662ae2b6e9Ted Mielczarek — back out bug 632616 - fix's handling of relative paths
12056121494365c64157677366ef61a81980cb3eTed Mielczarek — Backed out changeset 4566522a1bfd, bug 632616 - fix's handling of relative paths
a172444cca112780f56c2bf94ad44760955c1ebeBill McCloskey — Bug 758471 - Don't sweep native interfaces during compartment GC (r=bholley)
a8e08361c00efce2e2b71b80bd5b019d8be43f33Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - work around stupid Python 2.5 bug. r=bustage
49b7aa3593de872e05b53bd0f4b87f275f4ab681Bill McCloskey — Bug 753283 - Poison VM stack to help fuzzers (r=bhackett)
742b49159893196653d3571462b7bf1b7f96c4e0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 758486 - Settings API: make debug output a bit more useful. r=gwagner
c000fd454e7ae39a016f860d9fbf82a70a3c44eaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 758466 - B2G RIL: ensure radio state and '' setting value are known before modifying the radio state. r=qDot
190eab3e5ef0a6b96a63024a4e10e2096efadc9bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 758448 - Make callback optional for runEmulatorCmd. r=jgriffin
4566522a1bfd475316385c053df2721942398f8dTed Mielczarek — bug 632616 - fix's handling of relative paths. r=catlee
d4d9d00ee47c197b562d4183a28f19e2a5e91c3fTed Mielczarek — bug 661908 - ensure $MAKE is set in configure. r=khuey
53aaa1c7823ab006649777d1f6c214aaa4485202Wes Johnston — Bug 757646 - Throw from NSSBridge if Master password is set. r=rnewman,gbrown
6c7d23818d34097afe6999d8cd7d31c298a3d035Bobby Holley — Bug 758563 - Warn when __exposedProps__ is missing. r=bz
49859cdadbc44eb99f292c375a5220e5f78ec6edMarco Zehe — Bug 757381 - Indicate whether a text entry field is multi line. r=eeejay
de141e924806c285368700c3ba977402fdc5a837Brian Hackett — Move JIT handles in scripts to a separate structure, bug 758613. r=dvander
1585459db40a05b9d79db5de28a0f7052d4f96cbJonathan Kew — bug 758257 - work around broken fonts on android when using cached font list as well as when first reading the list. r=jdaggett
61e64b3dba619813e9a954278ce291df74f81834Robert Longson — Bug 756988 - Mark some animation feature strings as supported. r=jwatt
670ebafda11af93a889b0912d20ff03bfc7ffe17Aryeh Gregor — Bug 748310 - Return false for invalid createLink/insertImage values instead of throwing; r=ehsan
91bb23730236d51446a3cc5a86b861d8063b2676Aryeh Gregor — Bug 748307 part 5 - Support insertText, forwardDelete, insertParagraph per spec; r=ehsan
d216ddd1d2ed71e4822e40c52f9fa03b713cc964Aryeh Gregor — Bug 748307 part 4 - Clean up ExecCommand and QueryCommand*; r=ehsan
d3d137c04d726655b9eaf01e2f6144883982e6d1Aryeh Gregor — Bug 748307 part 3 - Clean up WillDoAction; r=ehsan
f45e87248f24d87e840186ab33dc528d1f5248e0Aryeh Gregor — Bug 748307 part 2 - Make WillDoAction take an nsTypedSelection; r=ehsan
c5f15a9a3308e1c36314f8be72f7fefe91f7c4f0Aryeh Gregor — Bug 748307 part 1 - Make TypedText's second argument a named enum; r=ehsan
ad71b887061f3d899fec32970ad77911e434239bTed Mielczarek — bug 757909 - mozconfigs for android-armv6 and android-x86. r=catlee,glandium
f023c835794e331be1dc0b52d7aaa3a24d426d5fEd Morley — Backout 70cde80fa095 & 5a903d496ab0 (bug 722857) for crashes in 646184.html
70cde80fa0954179c84214dbd7f84a94cb0a46d0Josh Matthews — Bug 722857 - Basic sanity test for before/after private browsing DOM storage implementation. r=honzab
5a903d496ab0a4096001dfc8cf30b11e97f739b6Josh Matthews — Bug 722857 - Determine private browsing status for DOMStorage from owning docshell if available, and receive updates if its privacy status changes. r=mayhemer
8da4ff25a24a16a52d624a1b7f3586babef6bd81Alexander Surkov — Bug 756087 - nsAccessible::GetChildCount should return unsigned int, r=tbsaunde
f15f13527d494b9d6c977838865e8b543b953244Luke Wagner — Bug 756919 - Handle prologue failure in ScopeIter (r=jimb)
1c64ae5ff661baa0cd5284c4ca9763aadc4547f0Luke Wagner — Bug 756918 - Fix aliased, empty destructuring let (r=waldo)
bcb614c5e7faca477efde5e19dc13f3da36d8277ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave26
c3f6681b98770c197704654095c219e2939ab050Jonathan Griffin — Bug 758834 - Add ability to flag tests to be skipped in manifest, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
e4574b46f0ba7999521cb1704de2eac75b017687Honza Bambas — Bug 758732 - configure sometimes fails with rm: cannot lstat conftest.exe: Permission denied, r=ehsan
1987beeb0038e84eddd39d3026388ba361dc0cf2Jonathan Griffin — Bug 754361 - Don't reset todo count at beginning of testsuite, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
034bbdc7b9c930d95cbba487892ed2262e633a71Mike Hommey — Backout changeset 81c2e2ea2dbf (bug 746794) because of bug 758648
caea66e968bf9a8da52f91abc312529c4115fc6aBen Hearsum — bug 723176: support mac dmg signing in the build system - turn on signing of mac builds again. r=ted
3871d6ca5fb2f1d992b5401db81f8a614b75ea3cEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3f363fd3a7e5e64a6a654c4d5b401bf88af0e48bMakoto Kato — Bug 752406 - Remove locale.OSTYPE in r=smontagu
6d8518b1dae2a1d519a6f88da33182843ca10f1eMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
3697e932626dfc5f1a4f4277add29333e0091b57Cervantes Yu — Bug 758096: don't use NS_INLINE_DECL_REFCOUNTING() for classes to be passed between threads. r=mwu
13236f855e375312ef3fa4300622f8c1d3851b6dCervantes Yu — Bug 758097: fix false warnings in debug build when reading switch uevent. r=mwu
97b524dbc4add0dbb1fef5d5598ac83fcd382c5fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758101 - Re-enable background updates on mozilla-central; r=rstrong
7ff28f4ea8703a9579bb083ebfac7c5cd85d3d6eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757965 - Test to make sure we have write access to the needed directories before attempting to stage an update; r=rstrong
a33088aeb47bad3ecca047a3e11f034f48019c61Jeff Walden — Bug 757562 - Remove JSRESOLVE_CLASSNAME. r=dmandelin
81c2e2ea2dbf58ef63c659b290dd612ead2cede9Mike Hommey — Bug 746794 - Always use the STL wrappers when #pragma visibility is supported. r=ted
201257e86edf1a1f1e22fb80365ae4fba8657bdaMark Hammond — bug 755116 - Add a way to disable global history on a docshell (while leaving session history active). r=gavin
44921eaaa4e2160ad76fdeb46f5d3691acc56469Steve Fink — Bug 758108 - Display test failures immediately. r=terrence
9713cb1ed642e6bf2584a7e4ed9510c41add9e0eJeff Muizelaar — Backout 50178ba811f2 because of android reftest failures that I failed to notice on try
e76794008819a92eb0f88f530f166176c6a236f6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739355: Revert text-size to 22 in pre-honeycomb phones. [r=mfinkle]
cff8079f23256006ab0a53e071f83170aeea78b4Dave Hylands — Bug 737153 - Enable mounting storage through USB from a host machine - Hook up VolumeManager and AutoMounter, sr=cjones r=qDot
815d53fb27e0cd0d18638d59338d710dc9f988acDave Hylands — Bug 737153 - Enable mounting storage through USB from a host machine - Add the AutoMounter, sr=cjones r=qDot
0773c8788f78702a52db3c36b700eb0a6e608121Dave Hylands — Bug 737153 - Enable mounting storage through USB from a host machine - Add the VolumeManager, sr=cjones r=qDot
d2704688b61b60eeefc7318e5ce156fd12ff3265Dave Hylands — Bug 737153 - Enable mounting storage through USB from a host machine - Pull in the toolchain with the system/vold headers, r=qDot
245368bc3e2f722dc5daae4c9418a4c86cd956c6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 741216 - Allow dropping files into the file picker control; r=bzbarsky
760e8dcf3ed1d6871d9875c45ea200f004e725f1Mark Finkle — Bug 741430 - On install of a web app, show a system notification r=wesj
7d34bf17109677b5b2059505cc306a90c6408c3bMark Finkle — Bug 741430 - Use new icons for status alert notifications r=sriram
a7b4bd185f182b8c42e619c7db1bf79ceede4d96Jeff Muizelaar — Backed out changeset 804afa6bce8e (merge fail)
804afa6bce8eb86ea8c725a747ae6ec7a3bcc319Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 749953. Revert a hunk of bug 753762 to fix XUL panning. r=cjones
f2ec7e8407e5b93dddaa1c0883cc38af78aef085Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8bc719810cd5 (bug 757380) and 3f93e4add42b (bug 757933) for mochitest-4 assertions
50178ba811f28749df37829c31c180787acdac63Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 749976. Reduce the curve tolerance to be closer to skia on mobile. r=bgirard
8c4ff899684b59c18d7993863b747d91b122e18aTatiana Meshkova — Bug 758393 - Firefox update fails. r=romaxa,mfinkle
8bc719810cd5c1aa144ae0a7c328ccb8e62e9342Oleg Romashin — Bug 757380 - BasicLayers Paint ignore NULL Clip when render with groupTarget. r=bas, r=roc
3f93e4add42b14c9e70b38ec810065a3cc469622Oleg Romashin — Bug 757933 - Switch nsRegionAllocator to ThreadLocal and avoid extra library call. r=BenWa
d2ba9d5cbf23bf5d7d3a0f0979a3c37e865890efRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 2ee09416b1d7 (bug 754181) due to jsreftest crashes.
2db4fa167d409dd5217e60da9853a171675c1a9cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
43ee60cc0ee1192f0a3eba45c060a330860ec9bbHub Figuière — Bug 758304 - Check for expired. Make sure expire do the right thing. r=tbsaunde
c9239be4261f20aee79cafdcd303ccdf3c4cac74Hub Figuière — Bug 758381 - Unbreak build on MacOS 10.7. r=ted
2ee09416b1d7ae5fc4419fa11ee617be953f8072Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 754181 - Don't store the strict mode code flag twice. r=jwalden,luke.
963e816184b9672643bbec5cfcfff424535a817eRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 4eaf67a7f50f since it shouldn't have been checked in.
fb914b623fa79d428074042b3a9f1bd966e159e7Brian Hackett — Rename RootedVar to Rooted, bug 756823. r=billm
7b8ccf1b854e72014bb5b041ec8866f60147b129Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739355: Tablet UI URL bar. [r=mfinkle]
6c7b3e86fb8af02582981c031c2fa1a1cc2a614aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 739355: Overflow menu for tablets. [r=mfinkle]
b46ce2cea55bf94deaa7b53a82754610b5ed1a90Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 730775: Scaled up resource for tablet action-bar. [r=mfinkle]
0872c9ca51e16ca9f837fb9eb59d935c2a3e66eeSzabolcs Hubai — Bug 756960 - Iterate on a shallow copy while notifying downloadListeners. r=Mossop
6747b994ba001036ef920dd5dd0965cacbab0603Landry Breuil — Bug 752380 - Directly using enums from a namespace (a::b::enum::value) is a c++11 feature, add 'using namespace a::b;' to workaround it. r=Bas
dbf995d86990a8172176cbfd918da50f64d23ca2Marco Perez — Bug 752067 - Build broken in ipc after prctl changes. r=cjones
8ead764172123d47f85c79f27c70e5736fd5c76fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 710693 - Move internal encoding check into nsCharsetAlias. r=smontagu
4eaf67a7f50ff315939d5a8e71407a66928fb418Andrew Hurle — Bug 566444 - Simple test for the proxy settings dialog under preferences. r=jaws
218771a2c9db5d0160f3ed0bd28193f023b88c06Andrew Hurle — Bug 566444 - Make proxy exceptions multiline. r=jaws
70d194df378fd5e6ebb4cd6d56527b5fb1412e3eIrving Reid — Bug 742662 - Better handling for OpenSearch specs with unsupported Image tags. Also improve some log messages, clean up some run time warnings. r=gavin
8a089d72876e15b50cb5d7387cc0cf92ad23bd60Vicamo Yang — Bug 753034: add readSwappedNibbleBcdString for complex GSM address. r=philikon
4651104e0d0e405f5263b21c41e78a0620dfc051Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 688438 - Fix the IME code to handle text controls correctly when checking for IME status; r=bzbarsky
eca8e2875ef5ce3f2c54b859c68dcdb578c4fc81Michael Wu — B2G bustage fix for bug 661908 - clear PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE, r=ted
3656a0a559b241589ba15e73230017fc5232c370Steve Fink — Bug 751425 - Fix JS shell exit status on -e script failure. r=jimb
a0c597ce2acc99e79633e3a83ae02cd889ce03acSteve Fink — Bug 757682 - Add JSProto_DataView to the setFlagsFromKey assert. r=bhackett
b159ccb9ec954410309d6df05942162a8b10e2dbRichard Newman — Bug 756477 - Flush log level cache on each sync to detect log level changes. r=nalexander
9f5d29468fd2c9bb755d566037818e79def01a63Richard Newman — Bug 720271 - MPL license cleanup for Android Sync. r=trivial
d26f6917e986a637a0269ce6db8ac5ef9d34517bSimon Montagu — Update patch for bug 644209 to final version. r=emk
5faa34f18c9f5043f73b2b2520b59787cef7e79dSimon Montagu — Make tests that use non-UTF-8 content use file URLs instead of chrome URLs. Bug 644209, r=emk
0fec663796bfcc1494e03d041746bef2d7136639Boris Zbarsky — Bug 617339. Make chrome channels always default to UTF-8. r=bsmedberg
dfef2a45cc057bc05f01d652e0f37e8560267b3eBenoit Jacob — Bug 758315 - Desktop GL implementation of glGetShaderPrecisionFormat should return precision 23, not 0 - r=jrmuizel
4dcce3a259f196403d72f495c2c8a9ba5610c8abWes Johnston — Backout 01f48ef1ee92 for test failure
58bfdaaba99c65761271c8dab0fbb1fa14167179Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 753248 - [10.7][10.8] crash in coreclr with Silverlight applications with builds made on OS X 10.7 (Lion). r=ted
13778c26e7ca1e47931f7cbb0f04ac2080763406Frank Yan — Bug 673873 - Display placeholder when focusing empty input - part 3: remove duplicate tests. r=mounir
35cf6a9b42f0160564c76fc25d4d2797ee09439aFrank Yan — Bug 673873 - Display placeholder when focusing empty input - part 2: update reftests. r=mounir
ff55c196d5413517e97a921d06d8e27bda5ec28aFrank Yan — Bug 673873 - Display placeholder when focusing empty input. r=mounir
56715f4d5e4e185539034eb42a26650461ed9af8Frank Yan — Bug 702184 - sporadic REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | reftest/tests/layout/reftests/bugs/598726-1.html | image comparison (==). r=ehsan
7700eb110a228104c130034860c7f8994f33c14cEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
2ac4b310107e4b66b7ce27387d885bc8df70f24cEitan Isaacson — Bug 757954 - Streamline and generalize state utterances in AccessFu UtteranceGenerator. r=MarcoZ
443fc6e684ea6ad445a3f2ce6efe5d6b74076f1fEitan Isaacson — Bug 757954 - Replace INCLUDE_ROLE with INCLUDE_DESC in AccessFu UtteranceGenerator. r=MarcoZ
f387bc4ee25e45e07d9e7c583735a07fce51dfe1Eitan Isaacson — Bug 758072 - Fix backward sibling traversal in nsIAccessiblePivot. r=surkov
52b9038fdc68690ee4523d539444b6d6d2931f8cTed Mielczarek — bug 661908 - add mozbase packages to virtualenv. r=khuey
a70c497939cfcaa12550f6aef4550a59fddafdc8Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - create a virtualenv as part of configure. r=khuey
fc6df4da2bc662a3bf2778bfdfe3dacca22c096cTed Mielczarek — bug 661908 - update virtualenv to the latest release. r=jhammel
579d26ef5bd0968d71de8fe1050356b8108ab75bRichard Newman — Bug 758300 - Remove MPL headers from non-MPL code and manifest includes. r=trivial
265ea2a9d1693d56ab46f993dc53431c7bd09618Bill McCloskey — Bug 757667 - Clean up Proxy tracing (r=terrence)
56ad2fee696208c2c4290ab07b420bc5da55d4a3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 757025 - Guard against a null mObservers which is possible due to a race condition on some platforms. r=cjones
ea68a063821142cd409fe5114518e08df7fdc02cIrving Reid — Bug 757946: don't write to underlying output stream if flush() has 0 bytes remaining. r=smontagu
86edd7136c3b8f5ba806b4315cfe2f4693cb8eb5Daniel Holbert — Bug 757949: In nsXULDocument::PrepareToWalk, range-check IndexOf() return-value _before_ converting it to be unsigned. r=bz
1f60ba0301b20ae18345977ab6cbb243aff4809dBenoit Girard — Bug 748209 - Fix logic error in CompositorParent::ScheduleTask. r=ajuma
899fc2b473360145010082a4cb44d9d45406a5c9Justin Lebar — Bug 754997 - Followup to remove .orig file. r=me DONTBUILD
913e0063106749e7ef4b2f782d035afb602dec57Eitan Isaacson — Automated merge with ssh://
995cc950c60ea16abc0cb20ab95c45e6889743cdEitan Isaacson — Bug 757598 - Fallback for items that don't have accessible actions. r=davidb
b842c7baf11c736cbb82b10aa3b279b910875ddeRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 711076 - Check that we call onnection::internalClose on every connection we called Connection::initialize on. r=mak.
d77e62019d94caa6631ca4a8882d532f0a726d1eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 757975 - Remove unused app.featuresURL pref. r=mfinkle
8e017a0a0f6b8780f7f34df86add42c8a58bd0beMargaret Leibovic — Bug 755062 - Make sure there are no visible plugins on the page before deciding to show the plugin doorhanger. r=mfinkle
ac4670bbfb4748da0d4e8a7feb285c12ca58d756Ed Morley — Backout 5f82df6b980e (bug 757944) on suspicion of reftest failures
01f48ef1ee9232fecd075dc1d688b4f9a1c3516fWes Johnston — Bug 757646 - Errors in the NSSBridge should throw exceptions. r=rnewman
01c405adc966df407a36ac9cf3688e5697aaed40Wes Johnston — Bug 757893 - Reset max and min zoom when switching tabs. r=kats
8b84f5a6cf6421fe0bc574db1234d7a7ce57894fJosh Matthews — Bug 722845 - Part 5: Disable offline cache entries for private channels. r=mayhemer
b52140f9a9754b4513134979dcb2cda97e830fc7Josh Matthews — Bug 722845 - Part 4: Add PB information to wyciwyg channels. r=jduell
0e92b352474ba97bdf4d0afa6285d01abcf196ceJosh Matthews — Bug 722845 - Part 3: Remove cache service use of private browsing service, and replace it with a single observer notification. r=michal.novotny
60d87fbe87b20421470b4df0a40823123d4cc722Josh Matthews — Bug 722845 - Part 2: Generalize channel private browsing information to a PB consumer interface. r=jduell
8edb133e64057758d89fe4ea51f2a00d51656f9fJosh Matthews — Bug 722845 - Part 1.5: Make PB docshell notification test more deterministic in the face of uncertain GC behaviour. r=ehsan
bc416f62d2b7abd29a4b6c735d460e049fd694a3Josh Matthews — Bug 722845 - Part 1: Add private browsing information to HTTP channels. r=jduell,mayhemer
d76b9c64e4575758fd44599c79cff98a960ca8bfJosh Matthews — Bug 722845 - Part 0: Add private flag for cache entries/sessions/requests. r=michal.novotny
779d3807d806499d655db9371119ccfc7d547ad6Brian Hackett — Remove Root<T>, bug 756823. r=billm
54370e2a5963ad98ab1f0d005d245086babf40c7Jim Mathies — Bug 740694 - ApplicationID NSIS plugin - release dll, static runtime, vc2008. r=rstrong
01268200d610eee708b97ae5cbcd5b8eee2e0efaJim Mathies — Bug 740694 - Add dual mode option to ApplicationID nsis plugin. r=rstrong
70a2b2c017a246fdbf47f63cce0e97e542644f41Jim Mathies — Bug 740694 - Strip win line endings from ApplicationID src. r=rstrong
0c4d9d027f2b08282c00d965d2c496e3d4c93f68Bas Schouten — Bug 758120: Block attempts to do manual subpixel-AA on bitmap fonts. r=jfkthame
904364bcee0e4c070a5708a38138bd96ba8d8d85Marco Bonardo — Bug 753205 - Add back separators support to bookmarks HTML import.
21c5d4b3a2124232b8ce63b3b899ea2f2a6ab115Justin Lebar — Bug 757924 - Register the heap-committed-unused memory reporter. r=khuey
5f82df6b980e483e3b9f7f6abd5d806a5e53eb1aBenoit Girard — Bug 757944 - Don't call onSurfaceCreated/onSurfaceChanged before a context is created. r=joe
00b634ca080f65745344b61ebc9814cc98d759ddJames Willcox — Bug 747492 - Don't show vkb when plugin is focused on Android r=cpeterson
2c51ac1468154ba1c4b01842524e246f0d89f20cJames Willcox — Bug 753458 - Remove unnecessary fields in RenderContext r=kats
3a519ed51c904345d1baa2bf79b86f94c6897dccJosh Aas — Bug 758224: Fix bug in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer dtor. r=bsmedberg
0265d5b5ff861d8952099e526026923b3cd5f97dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 753856 - Use CONOUT$ for stderr on Windows. r=ted
7115f9e1f76fb68d5e9265429f2adae75fabc625Ed Morley — Backout 0d782874abea, 75571af38ce5 & bfd3a65c0feb (bug 673873) for increasing the failure rate of bug 702184
bb8a34106b05a12b231071a314bc74ec5e9cc920Bobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Fix open web apps. r=fabrice
1d82125ed0d291f365a881293a3307dd37f19c07Bobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Fix mock prompt service. r=ted
1f939e1737b4037ca8031520986307da34ea6205Bobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Add __exposedProps__ for MockFilePicker. r=ted
44ff865ed3faafc38b890adc02f7accbb6e66789Bobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Waive COW checks on SpecialPowers wrapper objects. r=mrbkap
a28a05787564e3bee358dba074f1bccd7367810dBobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Fix SpecialPowers DOMWindowUtils. r=ted
905f0f9b54d01c3f594029aa0e3ffc2363e17015Bobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Fix test_cows.xul. r=mrbkap
535f5204a65fe96920ed8e3e4ea01afa63054ccdBobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Make the SpecialPowers wrapping API a bit nicer. r=ted
0d782874abead5121b29d9e61fc16dbc0508d504Frank Yan — Bug 673873 - Display placeholder when focusing empty input - part 3: remove duplicate tests. r=mounir
75571af38ce558fe095756b741af4d85889c601eFrank Yan — Bug 673873 - Display placeholder when focusing empty input - part 2: update reftests. r=mounir
bfd3a65c0feb88ccbe38484f2d7b2fd212b5b552Frank Yan — Bug 673873 - Display placeholder when focusing empty input. r=mounir
838fcfa65c1e45ff3ecc4e4bd9d14b0bbd4d90c1Frank Yan — Bug 757694 - Fix line endings in nsHTMLTextAreaElement.cpp. r=mounir
4b3a21cee66e0e9d7574bb1bdb152a3b9e229adcRobert Longson — Bug 746452 - textPath does not handle startOffset with non-user-unit/non-percentage units correctly. r=jwatt
347e2fe15b543afcfc3f93a35293b8e0d0f67dcaRobert O'Callahan — Bug 752781. Wait for a refresh driver run to complete before testing whether scrolling has happened. r=mats
dea3a13316ebe0085a5ef4a7a12c496f2a2efc8dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 750258. Ensure that MediaStreamListener::NotifyBlockingChanged is always called for a new listener, and similar for NotifyFinished called on an already-finished stream. Rely on this to set readyState correctly for media elements consuming a stream. r=jesup,cpearce
a339c3a648af536f65111302582626482cd3aef0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 757807. Don't store an nsMouseEvent in nsFrameSelection, it's unnecessary and leaky. r=smaug
ca00c85ee997ed57666638d25aea2f9cd9ad33feJan de Mooij — Bug 757845 - Add edge label to write barrier assert. r=billm
e74adb8922758215d8f2f27ce8de547d5e6df20eMike Hommey — Bug 756745 - Use the "right" headers for mips xptc assembly on android. r=bsmedberg
e31b42950e88f912f11527fe18c9aa5d16b1fb8eMike Hommey — Bug 756745 - Add -DANDROID and include path to ASFLAGS when building for Android. r=ted
831ff2eb9a281b918276f4998b43dfec141f0b62Brian R. Bondy — Bug 710935 - Measure lag in handling user input. r=bsmedberg
0d1dcdf58ffb422361f7da3e5557eedd73db2700Jim Mathies — Bug 750911 - Add a third 'flags' parameter to XRE_main and add support for WindowsEnvironmentType. r=bsmedberg
1dd0c5c6d9fd066d28d8e44c4542e3f71d529bbbMs2ger — Bug 756066 - Make StorageEventInit.key nullable; r=mayhemer
561bfacbefeebaa26cba5735c4c42cacc7dcb950Ms2ger — Bug 747434 - Part 3: Remove unused variable 'startingObj' from XPCWrappedNativeScope::FindInJSObjectScope; r=gabor
44b23b656539fe5b7d80753c8fda8fe7cca264feMs2ger — Bug 756896 - Don't include xpcprivate.h in FileIOObject.cpp; r=khuey
25bfc7cc3a228415b9fc708dd5eeabe04a38d0abMs2ger — Bug 758143 - Add xpc::GetCompartmentPrivate; r=bholley
1740fe95440d16c8bb611e257c061646aeb06fa8Ms2ger — Bug 758132 - Remove warning pragma from jscompartment.h; r=luke
059b142ffbc68e3f34616d2ee313a19ca1559b8dMs2ger — Bug 757365 - Don't use uint8 in DocumentRenderer{Parent,Child}.cpp; r=bjacob
fb91158d8c9a40803168bfbd4e5b2e8baea2b97fMs2ger — Bug 712910 - Use stdint types in HAL; r=cjones
1cb527eb50412c516ae7ed744592f2f115f707e9Ms2ger — Bug 757977 - Don't use uint32 in nsCycleCollector::ScanWeakMaps; r=bsmedberg
9f4b10b1ff45fd2925bc6da6aa19bcaa4a1859abBoris Zbarsky — Bug 755636 part 2. Add some tests (not exhaustive!) for sequence codegen and fix the bugs they uncover. r=peterv
9d354b418ea7125039f7b9844c44a5999d3931b9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 755636 part 1. Convert sequence argument codegen to dom::Sequence. r=peterv
846a1c3abadcf29e94703d46326a5e60c06dfcc9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 750264. Give IDLType an operator!= so that codegen actually works correctly. r=khuey
faa1929dc2471759a90409ce4b478e57c18403e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 749864. Codegen for typed array and arraybuffer arguments. r=peterv
7a9a2341db114df56f6581308940eeadfd0ee8b4Kyle Huey — Update webidl-parser snapshot to pick up bug 742145.
bd4201e13a9f4a5b8fbf88d2204f8143ef264b36John Ford — bug 758425 -- add nightly mozconfig for non-debug builds r=mwu DONTBUILD
6ad95e65d74d9113351ca826ab07b8ea227c4703Jonathan Griffin — Bug 758329 - disable test_emulator_order, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
5742ef22a91dc843b30572bbf8d98eb7312c572fWes Kocher — Bug 758092 - Update revision of Jetpack used in Firefox tests r=ehsan
63be356973d3c388d82fffe800292fc63ecdfcb7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 758325 - Add --userdata argument to runemu, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
26d651834b0eb13daeb92f8ba556c98b765a6576Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 757885 - Handle falling back to non-staged updates correctly when an update fails to be staged in the background; r=rstrong
9a223634160b60fe3c0c370d22af5993beb760fdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757835 - Fall back to not use the maintenance service if there is an error when using the service to stage an update in the background; r=rstrong
8990746591f932c452f40a9b4150699f5c0ec20cSteven Michaud — Bug 736655 - Resize dmg window's background to fit Mountain Lion's new minimum size. r=gavin
2552b0541f87e2a0ad1eaa9b3baa443d1efcd4a0Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1865549541b72aec5d9a55d601da7588c97bae3eJonathan Kew — bug 757871 - don't generate warnings from FT2FontEntry::GetFontTable during normal control flow. r=jdaggett
8d1b746c137b6bca479a0a638574a602a71a3b21Jonathan Kew — bug 737315 - use the proxy's name for the FT2 entry when instantiating a downloaded font. r=jdaggett
f0c9c6e916db8f0a1f8a2d071f0abf597d57c7f4Alexander Surkov — Bug 757670 - make nsIPresShell::GetLinkLocation faster, r=bz, tbsaunde
d9064a680e21f650c728b116ca554ed34cc0b60dYoshi Huang — Bug 754018 - B2G RIL: Read SIM contacts. r=philikon
a0bb98a2b52400b3e3532da66354c58e36b84420Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 744709 - B2G RIL: control radio power via Settings API. r=philikon
f9485954f94ff384f35ba48c49fb1e60b9e71fb1Guillermo López — Bug 743370 - B2G RIL: Removing SIM card results in endless "connecting..." message. r=philikon
bbfc7032b8dd2bb880ad1625fe6b3ee39f6561aaYoshi Huang — Bug 757512 - B2G RIL: SIM Card Lock DOM Requests don't properly clean up. r=philikon
4bd5108af8dbbc616f7b9bf5c2d01c9906ae963fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 748816. Set the swap interval to 1 on OS X. r=bgirard
90e9ed44fc452a772525b486c8d17c38a70b4f42Trevor Saunders — bug 750026 - get rid of unneeded nsCOMPtrs r=surkov
a63dcee25c97914af9ae206a440f93e5b4e90305Cervantes Yu — Bug 755546: fix incorrect deletion of the sensor observer list in unregistration of one observer. r=cjones
e860dbf33c3e05a769545320ec7efde80d2fadd4Kyle Machulis — Bug 742044 - Create BluetoothManager object for managing multiple adapters and firmware loading; r=bent
30094d3d116e0bde238041ee4fff92c5de667ba3Dale Harvey — Bug 756844 - Fix randomorange in test_browserFrame9.html. r=jlebar
3c8bd81a134b5d9cafb4c6822649719b8554c326Gregor Wagner — Bug 758093 - Fix b2g debug build. r=fabrice
2d4bc03223c2db541b3309654faa186c5fd0bb0dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 751200 - Don't fall in infinite loops if the content iterator has gone bad; r=bzbarsky
2908fe12eb8fbbf43e6beaeb9301eb7481b47c8eMark Capella — Bug 749810 - getText(0, -1) fails with empty text, r=surkov, f=eeejay
ac38f99528e0298b892c9575bbbadc2aa440cc3cMark Capella — Bug 745428 - densify nsTextAccessible, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
85f66ce3ebb85ee5a9c22445a1b7779632acdc6cRyan VanderMeulen — Backout f987a378672f (bug 757380) due to M4 crashes.
8d4521e975c82e3c4e3fc2abdf376a066b4a9814Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 3a9f8be665a4 (bug 757469) due to orange.
078b97f40be30f82db9669cf202f2914da1121c1Matthew Gregan — Bug 726903 - Remove force_stereo_mode pref hack. r=roc
896980f8fc27560701b5723b41019b78f53fe52cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
19dbf730043412f261b1839e181072ce40b12ab6Benoit Jacob — Bug 754669 - Update WebGL tests to r17794 - no review, syncing with upstream
62ca6f4bd8f0078b57b271389f82bef47b45f885Benoit Jacob — Bug 754669 - remove legacy cast to int32 in vertexAttribPointer - r=bz
bc2e6cb641ab410b33a25610bc75b63eb6070c5eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757439 - Use the updateButton string for the Update & Restart button in the About dialog; r=rstrong
48de43cf133748382c630203830f8457e68d16d3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 757437 - Remove the rest of the support code for xpcshell-specific Mac bundle hacks from bug 307181; r=rstrong
f5a06123348c84730cad9e6255f7d271a5671208Chris Pearce — Bug 756993 - Reset fullscreen approval UI each time fullscren is entered. r=dao
996b6ca8d287a6d688971576ff75a098528aba39Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753250 - Make the touch radius prefs map to real-world metrics (i.e. 1/240-inches) and expand the radius a little. r=mfinkle
3236e415c6620393aeaa1a456290f48c05db3910Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 752709 - Show full-screen keyboard when the screen height is less than or equal to 480 pixels. r=cpeterson
c92e24898667d40f4f0f68ca3dbf673f44ee978eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 752709 - Extract a getDisplayMetrics function into GeckoApp. r=cpeterson
84db28a553ac03edeb926480c29a6919ec355d87Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 757847 - Use a reference rather than a pointer that is never null. r=ajuma
961c46c2fbc59a8e1e3ce3604c8099cd13034794Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Propagate page bounds and CSS page bounds in via compositor. r=Cwiiis,ajuma,mats
d8ac1a16a84772b7cef179225956279a435e1a5dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Propagate the page bounds in via browser.js. r=Cwiiis,mats
7239c616b8ffa1a0df9f2775a5b2d1b94480cf5aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Update all Java code to keep a page rect and CSS page rect instead of just the page size. r=Cwiiis
4bc66dc223b623d763306f747a8a545fc55a5589Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Remove the DrawMetadataProvider which is not being used any more. r=Cwiiis
a2a6aee1aaca51de323578e183c0e953758d25baKyle Machulis — Backing out Bug 742044 - Bustage on B2G
0e26544d7731275bfd9e2c367a776657bcc3e592Kyle Machulis — Bug 756389 - B2G Bluetooth: unexpected crash in DBusThread::StopEventLoop; r=cjones
816f98cd7cfd2197880d1ec61b81b185db4c1d94Kyle Machulis — Bug 742044 - Create BluetoothManager object for managing multiple adapters and firmware loading; r=bent
89c0af47b5527dc8d9c91c9c2febc6dd616ffbb2Kyle Machulis — Backing out Bug 742044 - contained extra patches for another bug
00238745331b8c8748e6f47673aa76d98ac2fdd8Kyle Machulis — Bug 742044 - Create BluetoothManager object for managing multiple adapters and firmware loading; r=bent
d753a5f4e67346ecffe33f8ef68b2a1d1b505a0cPaul ADENOT — Bug 757625 - The controls should remain visible after seeking if the mouse is over the controls area. r=jaws
3a9f8be665a400a6def2c0cedade99f7759c29e5David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 757469 - Implement ctypes.off_t. r=jorendorff
f987a378672f67bd5015463e8107eac889801919Oleg Romashin — Bug 757380 - Check clip before creating group target. r=Bas
48ec44a4ecea394b3faecab81a34ebfd3da39c88Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 756927 - Stop including big.png in the test, as it can take a bit to decode. r=joe
9b0c651c5559a030b123f05241b551742ba700fdMichael Tokarev — Bug 750207 - pop3 on linux checks quota incorrectly. r=bsmedberg
60d3cf56a65c7ebf4afd63adf90c302735800395Thiyag Krishna — Bug 741655 - Add more controls to download manager. r=bnicholson
b0249578ce22294ed0ce005ddb77270d65b6b73dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
c84b9365f6fa1ab8e7bbd7878effacd665e69ac2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757690 - Follow-up: don't use a line number of 0 in the JS shell. r=jorendorff.
b9179adbbdb18928f7ea932a31c0f6bab61a35a2Chris Jones — Bug 757758: Honor hardware screen rotation. r=mwu
ee4625163f87e60043434a0052662871f4a82381Bill McCloskey — Backout bug 757667 for bustage
9a5489024b2463b5afc3d253f72dc55017d3f720Nicholas Nethercote — No bug - Remove dead JS_SCRIPT_COOKIE. r=jorendorff (via IRC).
2105611f89683e557739b85644fa8b83a18836d5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757690 - Merge TokenStream::TokenStream() and TokenStream::init(). r=jorendorff.
89227104913a754c67edf18c3bc77a8758f8634dDão Gottwald — Bug 755646 - Hide UI for toggling tabs on top unless the user disabled tabs on top. r=dolske
d529197a47f0ff1dd755cdcf3dbd0e9a4786fe03Gregor Wagner — Bug 755796 - Contacts API: multiple sorting fields. r=fabrice
87ee97bd5db7c19788cc863ed60b351df1b38947Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 757755 - Make sure that the reftest suite never attempts to download and stage an update; r=dbaron
9ea2c30127ef15399dc5ba440e7a45429ab26766Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
3a0351f94b716e3a67df1de23681ebf562fe9b47Bill McCloskey — Bug 757667 - Clean up Proxy tracing (r=terrence)
9ddbd1da2f9b67e0dbfe7b1be3bd69102365075bBill McCloskey — Bug 757483 - Don't throw away JIT code during later incremental slices (r=bhackett)
95e2e6a47831d16538e0e0ba7bef9eeee94eeaf7Bill McCloskey — Bug 731423 - Don't do incremental GC when hitting alloc trigger (r=gwagner)
34c610d4e7998fd0341fe354fec75c1105705294Neil Deakin — Bug 757485, remove nsIXBLService and use nsXBLService directly, r=bz
fb10831a58a5398c980c6ff4fb72faab8fd22311Matthew Gregan — Bug 744063 - Pass Y' texture size rather than picture size to Nv3DV. r=bas
0bb7b61ca464516a880fd515a81c1f766c9921d8Sid Stamm — Bug 612391 - Convert CSP violation reporting from XHR to nsIUploadChannel. r=jonas
528dc06375ac4eec55dc6a3a36b258238d3e2cfbPhil Ringnalda — Back out 58ca5bf07352 (bug 738480) for xpcshell and browser-chrome orange on a CLOSED TREE
2a421f16240100669e93421e4846ec30f97feab4Benoit Jacob — Bug 754669 - fix stack corruption in WebGL texImage2D parameter validation - r=jrmuizel - landing on a CLOSED TREE because this stack corruption started causing mochitest-1 crashes
a2da375758ddeb4194aa6310681866ebcaf01411Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound on a CLOSED TREE
71075a6e5d4d887f65d1f44d3a724787a96b2ab9Gregory Szorc — Bug 755339 - Create modules directory in tests archive; r=ted
502d5e87aeff15fcda5dcde906ee78c3473cead6Terrence Cole — Bug 730933 - Make IsAboutToBeFinalized indirect; r=billm
88c5e83e92897bd62ff2f93f57b37e075c3018a5Bill McCloskey — Bug 754989 - Fix copy-paste error (r=bholley)
da890c10b4acc67ebeab859a1a366448a315fefbBill McCloskey — Bug 754989 - Assert for cross-compartment wrappers (r=bholley)
58ca5bf0735261fb36af55db1113ae6c4abcb6d6Jason Orendorff — Bug 738480 - Debugger.prototype.findScripts does not find non-compileAndGo scripts. r=jimb.
97a2a24bbc1dc4c22ebe57d64504dfa69f31b291Tim Abraldes — bug 751177. Write "webapp.ini" and "shorcuts_log.ini" as UTF-16LE so that the uninstaller can read unicode characters from them. r=felipe
16e329207fa20acf68f9a08622f0c5de7a7812c5Tim Abraldes — bug 752756. Read UTF-16le and UTF-8 BOMs in nsINIParser on Windows. Add parameter to nsIINIParserWriter::writeFile() specifying the charset of the file (BOM will be written). r=bsmedberg
a4240610972eb599cb8eafbc36d1e85e8348b08dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 757699. Use JS::NumberValue, not JS::DoubleValue, for returning uint32_t values to JS. r=bjacob
7e85b068db34f63b8eed7ef8138302cf81fda72aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 748276. Don't record a navigationStart for javascript: URI loads that don't produce a document. r=smaug
6223b41be383471939628731f9a955149968d138Boris Zbarsky — Bug 753642. Rip out the codegen for the Xray-related bits of worker bindings, since we don't have Xrays in workers. r=peterv
afb26ea68c7f042309b4a4dc5dc7261f716dc6f5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 755080 part 3. Exercise castable interface types a bit. r=peterv
13e1c5f61e38632de960e33c66c3d4697e64c306Boris Zbarsky — Bug 755080 part 2. Exercise integer types a bit. r=peterv
24f6cf7eece90529f71b3dfa33e2d375dae7a522Boris Zbarsky — Bug 755080 part 1. Add infrastructure for binding codegen tests. r=khuey,peterv
19623c5b3b692aba2926001a835040030212943fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753522. Add support for controlling the existence of methods, properties, interface constants, etc with a pref. r=peterv
5f14275bb2761b7dec027e987b75a1a0fdcfb76fBenoit Jacob — Bug 754303 - WebGLUniformLocation doesn't need to be a WebGLRefCountedObject - r=jrmuizel
434efc02a33ba200bce3d06f95fb4a0b10416e8bBenoit Jacob — Bug 743753 - 4/4 - fix the case issues in WebGL method names in warnings - r=vlad
b0dc5e163739d178ae94d0469ca6563180c0f7b4Benoit Jacob — Bug 743753 - 3/4 - WebGL: rename LogMessage to GenerateWarning - r=vlad
6ac4c324163e634e057d4460fe6abccf47d90fb5Benoit Jacob — Bug 743753 - 2/4 - remove the webgl.verbose preference (always be verbose) - r=vlad
69423dd75eb60e518ab0ee667e614c81ab26ba20Benoit Jacob — Bug 743753 - 1/4 - limit the number of warnings per WebGL context - r=vlad
dd6c4f6a244814e6c0d80ae625abea6b21f4c000Benoit Jacob — Bug 757526 - Use stdint instead of PRInt types in WebGL implementation - r=Ms2ger
7ffffcb45b9402c0b2cb12e8fdd0d8293a7e48fbJonathan Kew — bug 747816 - update OTS to upstream r.91 to resolve endianness bug and other fixes. r=emk
7ae630f43357096ea87c534e07ed4da398ea2653Mounir Lamouri — Bug 757486 - Allow browser frames to bubble some whitelisted key events. r=jlebar
dd094709d5b98bc7f12257968847a7b7bc83e959Benjamin Peterson — Bug 574132 - Implement rest parameters for JavaScript. r=jorendorff.
5aa6fad6aa8841312d855e7f6986242715e433ffMarco Castelluccio — Bug 754329 - Crash with cairo mutexes enabled. r=joe
328f316179bd128156703ce66cf743f3b3721d62Nicolas Silva — Bug 722012 - Fixes crash on Gtk widget destruction when using OMTC on linux. r=karlt
6b6a1e991d801e61446f4236e962e2729713b6e6Justin Lebar — Bug 754997 - For <iframe mozbrowser>, override window.{top,parent,frameElement} in C++. r=bz
d8eebdd5cb8146d8291113c9126b0455e16c9288Mats Palmgren — Bug 756241. r=roc
32eb5ee5d5e48a93db8dc4d0fa5b23c0efe56096Justin Lebar — Bug 756825 - Fix comments in nsPrintfCString. r=bsmedberg
d36479e22b4a4cd773f8aaa11c7a74fa22699f8fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Back out 330e9c52f9ac, 9ba1078559fe, 2ed39c12d792, f53f05ecacd5 for build bustage. r=bustage
85e40de1d54c4f536994c51019fdab6add5cebd2Gregory Szorc — Bug 757397 - Make test package generation quieter; r=ted
f53f05ecacd543db79fc8f70c7e10f679f35078eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Propagate page bounds and CSS page bounds in via compositor. r=Cwiiis,ajuma,mats
2ed39c12d792a30a9ef80a840380f1cb8fc5e9d4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Propagate the page bounds in via browser.js. r=Cwiiis,mats
9ba1078559fea60f42f96ee96fff59d1148c9db9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Update all Java code to keep a page rect and CSS page rect instead of just the page size. r=Cwiiis
330e9c52f9ac06e7f786dc6f98b13bba8ebc882aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 748384 - Remove the DrawMetadataProvider which is not being used any more. r=Cwiiis
1420631a826d41fd037d0dcd3ce4773191d4fbc9William Lachance — Bug 757546 - shell() in devicemanager should return an int;r=gbrown
095af70a538b5f15efa94a1531bda8d489682409William Lachance — Bug 757643 - Remove license boilerplate from package-name.txt;r=mfinkle
f93cf0e9ea9a5d9beb06fe8a924175905cc429f8Jonathan Kew — Bug 755730 - don't mask out Indic codepoints in OpenType fonts supported by OS X 10.7. r=jdaggett
cb27363cfba19816490a3dda2540e2caa45bc4a1Jan de Mooij — Bug 756600 - Initialize TokenStream::sourceMap in constructor instead of init. r=njn
885dd2aa83ad6ff82cb58e1520f31807485da1b2Ed Morley — Backout cfac7b6a1f9c (bug 728893) for mochitest-1 orange
6f2475c2968ec12fa0b797cdf8d5c4a5955ecac4Alexander Surkov — Bug 754857 - Speed up text leaf accessible state calculation, r=tbsaunde
aeb8844461fff8edb982be683ca73e17ed709225Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
5719a5b0a94c0a347cf627d8fd2d5b9148d365a7Robert Longson — Bug 757718 - Crash with SVG requiredFeatures, adoptNode. r=jwatt
239d5083a4a212b15a57f862831904cdc5f241eeRobert Longson — Bug 757704 - getScreenCTM() crash. r=jwatt
cfac7b6a1f9c6d02e270359030c45f43d338d97aDiogo Golovanevsky Monteiro — Bug 728893 - Allow mochitest iframe to go fullscreen r=ctalbert
eb017ddb11c63c62833e25c633bdf1f4809ebe6dAlexander Surkov — Bug 746084 - provide extended logging for a11y module, r=tbsaunde
59ec4eabd9ce9ac09fdd9f520d5b65eeba46ed1eEd Morley — Backout baee7c540118 (bug 757486) for M3 orange
8fd7f0d0c654455152c53ec14bdc65faca91e036Chris Lord — Bug 607417 - Fix reverse translation of shadow layer clip rects. r=ajuma
856e995bc57300dd5e5d18f0f121dbcafce640cdChris Lord — Backout d1a44d2ec5c3 due to missing r=
1fa2ea5986524db86ac7eeab79b4be76e10a44a3Chris Lord — Bug 607417 - Reconcile async scrolling for fixed position layers. r=ajuma
d1a44d2ec5c36f19fe78d2a982065754bd0d91baChris Lord — Bug 607417 - Fix reverse translation of shadow layer clip rects. r=
4c57c1044420418f7985af474e1bd39aa7a7f194Robert O'Callahan — Bug 607417. Improve definition of the 'fixed layer' flag. r=tnikkel
baee7c540118b98f5092f208db6829ef101b5504Mounir Lamouri — Bug 757486 - Allow browser frames to bubble some whitelisted key events. r=jlebar
99db4108838577af33e2e98e7746697279e4b398Bas Schouten — Bug 690743 - Reftest: Add a reftest for repeated drawing after changing transform while emitting a path. r=roc
ed6b4debfa1c0f074b6685546db7ee2c4e82a3f6Bas Schouten — Bug 690643: Properly mark transform dealt with once a device space path builder is created. r=roc
1818f759cdbdf72b041ca51175c26da9b2a6df9fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 753852. Don't try to notify the graph to perform its next iteration if this stream has been removed from the graph. r=jesup
4f66e59eaa773e1e61d56ba08dff8eba5009447bOlli Pettay — Bug 756131 - API for creating default profiles for webapps, r=benjamin
480e89cf2e9bb935e1e3c85e3b7f6bb033d0c722David Burns — Bug 757174: Better error message when marionette can no longer communicate with Gecko. DONTBUILD because NPOTB r=jgriffin
0f5089c0daef36932b4a9655c090b69f7303ce5eOlli Pettay — Bug 757700, make sure attr modification type is set, r=sicking
749d641d5ac7b266989c407ff65040527c53ddaeDavid Burns — Bug 747200: Adding MPL header to new file. DONTBUILD because NPOTB r=ctalbert
f80c35afea4a98f85aa858c473a839f4909ac4a2Malini Das — Bug 747200: Allow binary to be passed in for marionette tests. DONTBUILD because NPOTB
0234f3d9d071cc89c293a588d4f91aa01902c7bcDavid Burns — Backed out changeset db18074e2a25 to correct bug number
db18074e2a25004296a40848c4d94ef9160bf7ccMalini Das — Bug 757174: Allow Firefox binary and profile to be passed in during tests. DONTBUILD because NPOTB r=jgriffin
fa7a21561d684e1dd44006111b3a9fc4e8538f5dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
512b928b22e7db4ff3b0190bb7adc5e72ccdec3aEd Morley — Backout f789661fed75 (bug 749974) for m-oth failures in browser_toolbar_basic.js
f789661fed75116697adc8aeb2ad83692ad13072Paul Rouget — Bug 749974 - Items in Developer tools menu have inconsistent check state. r=dao r=dcamp
f43e8d300f21039faec6d7ae9ac89710d25dee46Ben Hearsum — Backout all patches from bug 723176, because we still have problems with our CodeResources file.
0024af60b6640271f836d19e01d0cc01335cc2dfBen Hearsum — bug 723176: support mac dmg signing in the build system - don't sign removed-files. r=ted
646cbeae01a03f396978cc08f5d47ec9087d2480Jonathan Griffin — Bug 756966 - Fail test if finish is called while emulator callbacks are pending, r=philikon, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
aba55804060dd7665e2a8d70bfab3299ac9f96b2Jonathan Griffin — Bug 758066 - Add --no-window to runemu's arguments, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
8aeae08720f88e0b6043fc1a51132e731d324cf6Jonathan Griffin — Bug 755473 - Mark script as executable, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
d499dc65cdabd29f1a87879bf5701fdb3d281acfRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 8cf563a575fd (bug 734015) due to random Moth orange.
c3495842c662bb0b8528f4dcd33cc8662574a8a7Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 752872 - Upgrade SQLite to version (Mozilla changes). r=mak
a44d302ac4914efc0a2b3ee6f2a684c9c3f5f855Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 752872 - Upgrade SQLite to version (SQLite changes). r=mak
e912c25c141f1ccf609b95deb58cfdcfade783e7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 757971 - Pref off background updates until all of the known issues with it are resolved; r=rstrong
0425cc63d11aeccfcfc6689f4cc2f7eab072c41bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 757981 - Make sure to use the correct installation directory for regular updates; r=bbondy
ca2b8130114987db545820aae8727ff513adda67Brian R. Bondy — Bug 757711 - Service does not get replaced for newer builds since bug 748764; r=ehsan
320b16daa7c077157b3e51e03a11fff06d395c84Ben Hearsum — bug 723176: support mac dmg signing in the build system - add PACKAGE_BASE_DIR to, override in, to fix mac repacks. r=ted
8cf563a575fdba335c3a862fd6da19aedb9965c8Olli Pettay — Bug 734015 - Try to slow down parsing of web pages in background tabs, r=hsivonen
e54a85233701cce91b1303fdb69a471c05c33366Olli Pettay — Bug 749920 - Unprefix MozMutationObserver and add a warning about use of mutation events, r=sicking
aa2b52bd037474469dfa43e4ebcbd16d4fc6c094Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
9d89bbb93a2cbce54085c516250119d9016f9ac2Doug Turner — Bug 717103 - Implement Device Storage. r=sicking
41d7c9506e270d49b6e30c39f71aef885fe704a2Alexander Surkov — Bug 756383 - make nsHTMLAnchorElement::IsHTMLFocusable faster, r=bz
384f2d1f7b49ff4df1963e58f1c8e617e982229bTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 757594 - Add explicit rules for obj_int_extract sources to libvpx, r=khuey
385a94c84fdc75b84bcaee01c1947fb9216e04c9Phil Ringnalda — Bug 756903 - Fix test_platform_colors.xul for 10.7, r=mstange
6c7cc13ba63a0f51178926119e9e24ea9db0f198Nicholas Cameron — Bug 751431. Rip out Skia from libxul. r=khuey
303684497400762258daf1b39309e55f7f6b63a0Nicholas Cameron — Bug 752380. Refactor gfxFont out of Azure. r=Bas
021554387271c34a3859e397b4c7d714d0cbb79aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 754641 - Fix 32-bit --disable-methodjit builds after bug 739512. r=luke.
2ef3e8cef10230d6f0e605398f170fde1451cc8aBrian Nicholson — Bug 756734 - Move checks inside Runnables to avoid race conditions. r=mfinkle
99878dcae029c1ef815b0246a2719476ea2f4bdeGregor Wagner — Bug 757599 - Settings API: add test for closed lock. r=sicking
f93a650e8a8cc243f1fe2739d10f007b90df2c8dRalph Giles — Bug 757600 - Update the Opus version field parser. r=cpearce
5814957f9225a36b9b47011ae870643cd43c5de8Chris Coulson — Bug 757518 - Don't get stuck in a loop on systems where /usr/bin/makedepend does not exist. r=ted
640557f458beb9ef790beedb03a7c1e2a95229c9Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 756576 - nsDOMAttributeMap::Init should be removed. r=bsmedberg
aade4b52f10ee2d5ab51f4db9de474061e4fb9f7Landry Breuil — Bug 755336 - Use PRInt64 replacedLockTime since XPIDL expects a PRInt64, fixes build on OpenBSD. r=bsmedberg
4e5c6770680a38818e81f054254756ae73966b13Nils Maier — Bug 754771 - Add identifying information to all system compartments. r=bz
f5d4d38cd4addefab58a404913385b29f0f40fe6Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 747434 - Part 2: Optional Components object in sandbox. r=bholley
8be86603803623c56351a3b3296744325bdf5e07Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 747434 - Part 1: Remove DEBUG_CheckForComponentsInScope. r=bholley
9320ebf5821d465bd894da0ffa6768fb72d41e33David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 732936 - ImplicitConvert can convert an ArrayBuffer to C array or pointer. r=jorendorff
6fceaf8c7e9d241561c9623b09590a91c987686bRaymond Lee — Bug 728626 - Non-Firefox tests should not use 'about:robots' which is Firefox specific. r=ttaubert
a048bf8506f7042385085bd7f46c5492d5c0c15cJonathan Hage — Bug 673759 - Remove namedspace value overriding, part 2. r=karlt
87b89795891fa7afbecf7ad2ef8807f98ef55334Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4af1ce11dbed8447e3198c0334a7f051aeac7b09Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 757336 - Clean up probes handling in CompileScript(). r=sfink.
f713ee5937ab3e395f91a94c410de26d67652e28Wes Kocher — no bug - Update Jetpack revision used for tests on mozilla-central. r=philor
fb5b2c7e1b9b8ba8d1e28e2a1381842ec0dde475Alexander Surkov — Bug 756973 - make RootAccessible::NativeState faster, r=tbsaunde, enn
d3c66ed8fea9c8eabe7a55db954cd80f1fa667b6Geoff Brown — Bug 725094 - Robocop: change error handling to throw fewer exceptions; r=jmaher
0cf1ff867a37af8709fe32956420c94a40f1c49cDaniel Holbert — Bug 757644: Tweak constructor init-list order in mock_Link.h to fix build warning. r=ehsan
003306c4fe88b9c19e4d637759912538e8a215c0Brian Birtles — Bug 752902 - Call Unlink before clearing time value specs; r=dholbert
dada4ba871648597e379d77e9a8c61fc7a6d0c25Nicholas Cameron — Bug 753784; force mask layers to have a single tile - misc bits and pieces. r=roc
b2f81c86f2dd01137d5cfa079ab5a0ff3009ef73Nicholas Cameron — Bug 753784; allow access to the max texture size from FrameLayerBuilder. r=roc
31d8c90dde5851c303a7c18c6310a3c3a41c5fd2Nicholas Cameron — Bug 753784; add the ability to force a single tile. r=roc
1023c5d0cd78f20aa77ec4328b690a57ec47297cWes Johnston — Bug 756701 - Don't add items to the deleted tables when removeAll is called. r=dolske,mfinkle
94f43049073b09b188e57dab61e4a550b6be0785Wes Johnston — Bug 756701 - Backout original patch. r=mfinkle
d043b5b18647cce9ffc1fb295815d5812e6742deVladimir Vukicevic — b=748509; [android] selecting current tab stops rendering; r=blassey
9ee26f29f4b6f2f506f288d4417e3ba621e4a3feBill McCloskey — Bug 754989 - Change cross-compartment wrapper map keying (r=bholley)
fa2d73c14150b8988e601d4db7189101d48b1f0dBill McCloskey — Bug 754989 - Nuke dead cross-compartment wrappers during brain transplant (r=bholley)
90f5320604af8189b79441fed27761f79e1bbd30Fabrice Desré — Bug 757613 - Use manifest.webapp instead of manifest.json [r=anant]
bfb4508c62aa7486dfab5df1cf85f0e9bb1d04e1Landry Breuil — Bug 757611 - pass a FILE* to ferror(), fixes build on OpenBSD - r=ehsan
e3cac83d3a14e5f0c7c799adf3be4d3532b0ce60Bill McCloskey — Bug 754588 - Set rt->gcPoke when doing xpconnect unrooting (r=mccr8)
7b352f6f047f2540141fe65ebafdf085c61b4e84Gavin Sharp — Bug 755355: stop specifying a bundle signature in web app bundles, since it's unnecessary and confuses OS X, r=smichaud/dwalkowski
023f75b6a2ecc02f8a08f48ef9afbfc1bcd72427Gavin Sharp — Bug 754915: auto-disable profile loaded add-ons, and disable web-triggered XPI installation, r=myk, f=Unfocused
40ba9d985ba3e7c4363beeac200820823531824dJim Mathies — Bug 751541 - Fix for VS11 C++/CX link issues: delay load vccorlib and the winrt standard libraries, and provide a dummy vccorlib on non-win8 platforms so xul lib can load. r=ehsan+khuey, sr=bsmedberg
8344de0f1079e669d55037cf84b0bdb549812a54Eitan Isaacson — Bug 757418 - Do Presenter.tabSelected when tab's window receives focus.
98940ba9637fab0ee51ded800d617e0472f41a94Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 756257 (Replace xpc_qsDOMString with a conversion function in new DOM bindings). r=bz.
8a8c60825d865b20847dfc9041e70bb1a068201cPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 756256 (Add support for object arguments and return types in new DOM bindings). r=bz.
f071e6f4d3b04f6a7baa9b7f53001aabe860a7ccPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 756251 (Pass extendedAttributes to CGCallGenerator). r=bz.
079f00714dcb51a8d5225fe56edb748bd3851f0bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 756231 (Remove NativeToSupports, replace with reinterpret_cast). r=bz.
e736df45b7b4bd4a45c805954b36c971b593d3a8Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 756225 (Make respect declareOnly). r=bz.
34c1f88c3e7dafa6d465924f566bdba61ae83ec1Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 741263 (Paris bindings constructors shouldn't abuse reserved identifiers). r=bz.
530d57b9046156350d085d926d2f138f7dbdf2a9Honza Bambas — Bug 749209 - Happy Eyeballs implementation still not quite right, r=mcmanus
10b04214089d6f778bfa2e3a8fc875b25082cf3fHonza Bambas — Bug 744710 - Enable getting updates on how many bytes of an appcache update have been downloaded, r=michal
a67b67adbb2bcbf828caa20a1f4d756659d4af97Andrew McCreight — Bug 757537 - use nsCString for forced GC message. r=smaug
981eaf7b3333f485b88a0801efa478bb82054754Eddy Bruel — Bug 757063 - Make sure ScriptedProxyHandler::defaultValue forwards to BaseProxyHandler, not IndirectProxyHandler; r=bholley
ea95691cd6794eabf361fb5b4fdbcca5d76e57ebJim Blandy — Bug 754146: Root *all* the objects we encounter while reversing the heap. r=billm
9de1e72ad53934ad5d832658d28962903d1e09eeBill McCloskey — Bug 756732 - Add implements barrier flag to block class (r=luke)
959548388f6e185679bd506bc9bab579cdaa5533Benoit Girard — Bug 752254 - qcms - Prefer precache output curves even if a A2B/B2A CLUT is present. r=jmuizelaar
3d38f4633f5072f253e81e12e01f62869f9d16b7Benoit Girard — Bug 681114 - Diagnostic patch to crash earlier when cairo_array is corrupted. r=jmuizelaar
8d95ec24da2d149ff00bfa7be2b8d50f2a35b8bcChenxia Liu — Bug 757154 - Finish J-PAKE setup screen if manual setup completed successfully. r=rnewman
7bcce21c88c7b6ba34e6a3a8ed39d56fce7aba61David Zbarsky — Bug 756651: Fix build warning r=jst
a83f71d4613c767dcc3259a907a721ab2f977803Eddy Bruel — Bug 703537 - Add DirectProxyHandler; r=bholley
b2673bce4ba17b3a73adb7078579f76f95beabb9Nicolas Silva — Bug 722012 - Added a call to XInitThreads before the first call to XOpenDisplay to fix OMTC crashes. r=karlt
9bb74148cee5a4bb506dadb3f9cb4e9745998e58Eitan Isaacson — Bug 757109 - Handle moving from invalid virtual cursor positions. r=davidb
dc6e7af2650c2838b264daf6172002592b288a9cRaphael Catolino — Bug 757399 - changed android input to allow typing float in number inputs r=cpeterson
41969fb22ac1663cfc2bcce38a7101da9be1a4ecDavid Bolter — Bug 757440 - crash in nsHTMLTableAccessible::ColCount with JAWS 11. r=tbsaunde
dc8bae2d72e70557445e4e093315c010e98a3478Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 757039. Handle non-uniform scales when doing device space blurs. r=roc
7a6feee6c13cf8bf33e792d678bfb872195c8e03Mark Capella — Bug 747219 - decomtaminate GetCellAt() on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
0835ae1e317b0196f6ae165e1994874be5b8ec28Mark Capella — Bug 745429 - don't use QueryInterface() in CAccessibleImage, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
00460dbefffa23ccd014dc88f40b562d90c4c53eAlexander Surkov — Bug 756975 - make RootAccessible::NativeRole faster, r=tbsaunde
c54039aa8dccbf2934c156ed0fb4f9e6885fedbeEhsan Akhgari — Merge from mozilla-central
5e27c8eb2bca2ac8fc6f630d8aa95ece60d1b07cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 705047 - Bail early from the plugin crash tests that expose our inability to handle plugin crashes on 10.7, r=ted
2d57dc085e14bb2195852746f46bfdd7e7262ba2Jonathan Kew — bug 754243 - explicitly select Unicode charmap for Freetype face. r=jdaggett
90e38a59766675fa1d4aae5cfec0948cf43ff300Justin Lebar — Bug 757415 - Fix JavaScript Error: "mozApp is not defined" in BrowserElementChild.js. r=cjones
bdbd140fd8ad72248e97a90cbf449e19a3dadee1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 750769. Prevent mCurrentFrameTime from advancing during DecodeSeek. r=cpearce
c34c675c61d66567f58c43a654065eac4952e4bdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 754556. Allow intermediate positions in smooth scrolling to go anywhere the final position can be. Also, round smooth-scrolling PositionAt coordinates to nearest appunits to avoid numerical errors giving us results outside [start, destination]! r=mats
219dc3f47568048c45f829b18537b3701046d419Alexander Surkov — Bug 756381 - make FocusManager::FocusedDOMNode faster, r=tbsaunde, smaug
eef8337cde96b105476423e446d509fb290c0edfJacek Caban — Bug 757060 - redit fails to compile on mingw due to wmain linkage error r=glandium
2dbd906a4324ef27af8605c3ca5fede21cced164Jacek Caban — Bug 733708 - gfx/layers fail to compile on mingw r=bas
dac49054fb1df2bfe50c54db32d6161301961d6eJacek Caban — Bug 756430 - Missing return statement in DrawTargetD2D::FillGlyphsManual r=bas
efed01e37c1bdca736ac82859d685d2585fd4ba0Gregory Szorc — Bug 756366 - Preserve Sync credentials during client wipe; r=rnewman
e5ee585148d5422e21ac5079b4b8c7ef6a87c488Mike Hommey — Bug 658848 - Clean up XRE_WANT_DLL_BLOCKLIST. r=bsmedberg
7a1ae92b4b20230fea0bedf7c5db0664edad9c8aMike Hommey — Bug 703833 - Add an uintptr_t alternative to the jsval payload, and use it for MarkStackRangeConservatively. r=luke
b3570567bd5d9a4616a6cf9358d3c8e57805beecMike Hommey — Bug 756965 - Allow mozilla::ThreadLocal to store integer types smaller than, or as large as, a pointer. r=Waldo
f60e0f7e3e6296bfe9f4573db10f1f4addec19ffMike Hommey — Bug 756740 - Allow to build for mipsel with Android NDK r8 (libffi part). r=ted
476ef20e85715d57911eed77170a57338f8474edMike Hommey — Bug 756740 - Allow to build for mipsel with Android NDK r8. r=ted
b18288b53788546922ff9bed7496c063fe741685Mike Hommey — Bug 756575 - Fix android-platform detection for android-x86. r=ted
d2635f3f4770afbe788cc38bd0f318c019b59becMike Hommey — Bug 751265 - Let configure script derive toolchain and platform instead of hardcoding in mozconfig. r=blassey
72e4dea9d2b26ef144b506db7c3a7e6528f7ed69Mike Hommey — Bug 750620 - Declare double conversion correctness for more architectures. r=nfroyd
30e6a12b319a011417e79368adbc4379da7d0808Mike Hommey — Bug 735223 - Drop support for ancient NDKs. r=ted
7ee50deb510b9f5f614ed8178079392bfc8a2dbfMike Hommey — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_1_BETA2 tag. Fixes bug 754649, bug 290726, bug 735223, bug 756575 & bug 729019; a=ted
bea719080c06b3f117c4aaf8d7c6202106f69b4bRobert O'Callahan — Befixing Bas build bustage, bug 757329
abbf642df56288b8e14498db8f2484f3746d9786Bas Schouten — Bug 715768: Enable Azure-Thebes wrapper by default for D2D. r=jrmuizel
8574f784774aa94db31eb10cb0e7b0ddd1173da1Bas Schouten — Bug 757329: Support changing transforms while emitting path instructions. r=roc
bbb12d0bcf4966ee6dfbcc9d42a69a83256bfc12Bas Schouten — Bug 756767 - Part 2: Deal with CreateSourceSurfaceFromData failing. r=jrmuizel
63a4c2f2a0b9611e8f921330936adf63300ca70cBas Schouten — Bug 756767 - Part 1: Simplify SourceSurfaceD2D and add DataSourceSurface support. r=jrmuizel
64415d67fc2a34b0ae1d4a1d414ff8bc1e3e4a29Bas Schouten — Bug 756454: User 2D texture for gradient realizations. r=jrmuizel
3de4dae2dd8f706fe1bc683b6268da8c3def8970Bas Schouten — Bug 756424: Properly set the rasterizer for FillGlyphsManual. r=jrmuizel
80f607fa91ebc7402c0de519ca14f18f39bfb68aMark Finkle — Bug 741608 - Create homescreen shortcut for installed app r=wesj
d1be5a84f4029385cdccc293d1aed080121e094dMark Finkle — Bug 748994 - Regression in rawfennecstartup 'throbber start' time r=sriram
f120010dd2bfbaea876dc5a03fb118051fb348e0Mark Capella — Bug 739198 - stop GetAccService()-GetAccessible usage in AccEventGetAccessibleForNode, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
36e938e51481e9633e326a61b2ada0a7686191c6Jan Varga — Bug 757511 - Make it possible to raise the maximum number of threads. r=biesi
a301e1c41b7d1515d98b569ec81369686c6933bcJan Varga — Bug 757507 - Implement read-write file streams. r=biesi
b038090f07c2dae64f83c6d557321d34c42e7060Ben Hearsum — bug 723176: support mac dmg signing in the build system. r=khuey/ted
c20d415ef1b50fc6cd9751d5dbe79434307f50b4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 307181 - Stage Firefox updates in the background after they're downloaded, and replace the application directory on restart; r=rstrong,bbondy
b6d88d5947835a10f9819154824ad2a45137f6e1David Burns — Bug 756233: Removing Selenium proxy from marionette r=jgriffin
d50e4a17308b13c66ad800483fe9b69f304f9a5dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 740795 part C - Don't ship pdf.js as an extension, build changes, r=ted
ffaf38d1e36d9eab5532b4ea20f48103cc96da27Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 740795 part B - make accept an "-X" flag to exclude files when copying directories recursively, r=ted
edb5a8927daef77d674fd98d18c5382322666e92Dave Townsend — Bug 740795 part A - file moves for pdf.js not being shipped as an extension, r=bsmedberg
5586efaf687dd0bca43499d315876d1d6eb352f9Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
49cbdb1ea4e2a4d7f44bd381d15d1125e2ac49a2Andres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 741255 - ASSERTION: Oops! You're asking for a weak reference to an object that doesn't support that. during shutdown, with telemetry on stack; r=froydnj
b1dc93af542d380daa03f1afabe842ba583bc721Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 662743 - Session restore should do more than restore a <select>'s selectedIndex; r=zpao
a84e147b4d22cc2562c95f34420fb9c70bda0085Joe Walker — Bug 756888 - Rollup of a bunch of small GCLI changes; r=dcamp
c72ca7cdac11a702e3bd1285900f7f7fbe913060Panos Astithas — Bug 756513 - Enable the script debugger by default; r=rcampbell
157fa37cea5514dd8b2c373438ee803bf6ea4efbPanos Astithas — Stop using 'frame.arguments' now that 'arguments' is always present in the environment bindings (Bug 752770); r=rcampbell
e3702cde36ad1d8512a708326bd7ce74d1967386Thaddee Tyl — Bug 675927 - [Mac] The Web Console Window freezes when drag and drop the parent tab to create a new window; r=msucan,rcampbell
21be0265c5f3e33ff168bda7d4f5c638e559f28fRobert Strong — Windows installer only - Bug 745426 - Maintenance service description should wrap to allow long localizations. r=bbondy
ce618ce8d84a03a9f8db4f98ea28cceb69183bfcBrian Hackett — Throw on incompatible calls to gcPreserveCode() and mjitChunkLimit(), bug 755639. r=dvander
b26828182aeafc6fa0730b0d4b72913f920abc95Brian Hackett — Monitor results of initializer opcodes, bug 755750. r=dvander
d39453135698dc27337d88db428c61e3599b7bf5James Willcox — Bug 731288 - Don't call methods on finalized SurfaceTexture, JNI housekeeping r=blassey
258554de726c685aa62cece792d0d739edcfb0c8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 5130ffc92faf (bug 574132) due to debug orange.
c60321eacf035b745d4d19568489e2192db7f323Jesse Ruderman — Update bug number (no bug, DONTBUILD)
4fd1d6d84b07da5061e2e1124affc5c2374fc805Matthew Gregan — Bug 756944 - Import ALSA cubeb backend. r=doublec
c7113d37541bb088ac8813dffb371d359d655513Chris Pearce — Bug 757296 - Replace windows line endings with unix line endings in nsDocument.cpp. r=line-endings
c33c0f0403c58487e38c6e6b478afc4feb7d47f2Raymond Lee — Bug 733297 - When saving a video from Page Info, the file picker title is 'Save Image'. r=jaws
5130ffc92faf8a480748fd87c9342dc191561978Benjamin Peterson — Bug 574132 - Implement harmony rest parameters. r=jorendorff
be1d39277fbeb141e41f8d8b6bd53f095cda0ae4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
72a43b68ec95cd151b1933491d47b2dfe45b03f5Chris Pearce — Bug 753323 - Wait until actually in fullscreen before starting screenClientXPConst pointer lock test. r=orange-fix
08b334d0409724323fc54741330583c50a24c0aeBill McCloskey — Backout bug 723350 for OOMs (rs=akeybl)
b1603afa2ccb160ddfb5423fc89a36bfa09d105bMounir Lamouri — Bug 376649 - In GTK, F10 key should show active menubar item and open submenu. r=bz
9c36c1c74dfc02ac0138d89ca284b8f03f2cb43bGavin Sharp — Fix comment that wasn't updated by bug 693743's patch, r=Unfocused
92e1856b5952dd4315cbd197447b04afc8b138ccJim Mathies — Bug 740233 - fix for application id query bug in toolkit nsis scripts. r=rstrong
09b1b0fe568a9ce472cbaa88b0a371ae6745a3acDoug Turner — Bug 673586 - Implement lastModifiedDate property for the File interface. Type followup r=mounir
877e541590c2f894372f6c877342920dad2b106cDoug Turner — Bug 673586 - Implement lastModifiedDate property for the File interface. r=mounir
1738e189377f892bc60da69b0317a355b58c4b1eChris Pearce — Bug 745047 - Cache window.screen{X,Y} before testing them, since they can change during a JS execution context... r=orange-fix
a27219d06c499b53f4dcccabad3dd59e1b2871c0Phil Ringnalda — Back out 6133c00430fc, 94e9ab59900e, 6f6115262c4b (bug 661908) for buildsymbols bustage
925c8302f34a85ce1064406289e93dbbad7c4888Jim Mathies — Bug 732124 - Fix for crt link errors with VC11 - build glue using both the static and the dynamic runtime lib, and link accordingly for various components. r=ted
fe33852b68c79df21be7cb3fb92f170609a8c701Yoshi Huang — Bug 731786 - B2G RIL: Support SIM cards that require PIN codes. r=philikon sr=sicking
68e2fd6845edbcf7476e788b1cb5e9edcae2c933Fabrice Desré — Bug 756691 - Use a non-linear volume change scale [r=djf]
fdea12fb00634da270f1cdbbd95437c2d4ce0d6bBenoit Girard — Bug 750989 - Pause Profiler during saving. r=mstange,jrmuizel
4110f744518b93ffc0ccd11ca6bad9ae7009e978Wes Johnston — Bug 756701 - Clear private data should not move things to the deleted items table. r=mfinkle,dolske
3e58342de10e2b119661d302b0042e47d32e42b8julian reschke — Bug 663057 - support RFC2231/5987 encoding for title parameter in HTTP link header fields. r=hsivonen
4e93159838a6e452de915f7723e7881a32b8728fChris Pearce — Bug 756992 - Only show fullscreen warning/UI when crossing domain boundaries or when document isn't approved. r=smaug
67cd8131a3d577d8343d4459853096f2a6638247Chris Pearce — Bug 753546 part 3 - Record fullscreen approval in nsDocument flag. r=smaug
90564ac34b0620516e857300e6b400ee449402d1Chris Pearce — Bug 753546 Part 2 - Don't allow fullscreen approval decision to be remembered for document's whose URI doesn't have a host. r=dao
451145d2c3ff802105733587535458c3622f0e99Chris Pearce — Bug 753546 Part 1 - Make nsDocument listen for 'fullscreen-approved' notification rather than 'perm-changed' to signal fullscreen approved. r=smaug
e0ad3136549b9f9bd86ebebc9c2f10a504244b19Chris Pearce — Bug 745047 - Wait until actually in fullscreen before starting mozMovement pointer lock test. r=smaug
9463528f5c09cfef9397791075347d93d7fca65aGeoff Brown — Bug 746938 - Prevent NullPointerException in getNetworkType; r=mounir
81c7d89d9d0667bd98d4914b4ff272a6f96952bdMarco Castelluccio — Bug 753565 - webapp.json incorrect on Mac. r=felipe
18f739e8ac9db485a360148acaf06dd09e8b2cd3Daniel Holbert — Bug 757177: Remove unused variables from SVGFragmentIdentifier.cpp. r=longsonr
95a2e9d06e31c219a6b43201c6305279b66c1c8eJonathan Kew — bug 756850 - HBGetGlyph callback for harfbuzz needs to return whether the glyph existed. r=smontagu
6133c00430fcfb9bb6e87cc4252d056bdac5be92Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - add mozbase packages to virtualenv. r=khuey
94e9ab59900efb7d527b1a19f04b86025887afa2Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - create a virtualenv as part of configure. r=khuey
6f6115262c4bd3f179f3edae91feacf660fdcf30Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - update virtualenv to the latest release. r=jhammel
a0c0d4a72648e6031825ae8d1023e57b5cdec827Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 750574 - Only use "fixed" egrep command on OS X 10.7 [r=ted]
cd8973ac8ba6d4c51b4ec84331559f404d5867edWes Johnston — Bug 756689 - Send notifications when addon options are shown. r=mfinkle
3472ef7a9d7b52073493010f57c6012fb36c8914Ed Morley — Backout 027ed1748c81 (bug 740485) for M3 orange
b4e62a1e9809ed294cd0e797407992f3d000eba4Ed Morley — Backout a693c64dc64e (bug 715768), c520957cc03f & 713ed280a80d (bug 756767), 20cb25a8b8ba (bug 756454), f3b5ad2320cb (bug 756424) for crashes
1aaec6842f6fc24d93fef020b8f500a04d539954David Zbarsky — Bug 756813: Prevent creation of ImageLayer if ImageContainer is null r=gal
595b826d6d3ac29cdbbdbd62b367ce4531c39d3fXi Yang — Bug 754869 - MustPrune should take nsAccessible*, r=surkov
027ed1748c8151c09afc7c750778161f950c6b98Doug Turner — Bug 740485 - Implement Device Storage. r=sicking
a693c64dc64e856839039b1d5614bf3e33ef2884Bas Schouten — Bug 715768: Enable Azure-Thebes wrapper by default for D2D. r=jrmuizel
c520957cc03f16b99aef7843fc3a574a9e9131beBas Schouten — Bug 756767 - Part 2: Deal with CreateSourceSurfaceFromData failing. r=jrmuizel
713ed280a80d891ce73827ec05ba7d7d66b2b337Bas Schouten — Bug 756767 - Part 1: Simplify SourceSurfaceD2D and add DataSourceSurface support. r=jrmuizel
20cb25a8b8bad2a5d81020f3cd465a091242ec7aBas Schouten — Bug 756454: User 2D texture for gradient realizations. r=jrmuizel
f3b5ad2320cb747b51fc11161d8e21133f5717b1Bas Schouten — Bug 756424: Properly set the rasterizer for FillGlyphsManual. r=jrmuizel
1265b2604f438a6bf934011f26d8c905e095d1d3Justin Lebar — Bug 757040 - (b2g) Disable OOP browser frames on Windows. r=smaug
82154680bc6a9dbca6ba6fd2c36878804d2f8734Nathan Froyd — Bug 756152 - disable persistent telemetry sending; r=taras
adbbcd1cd7eb3e601564744c107d50d4b4bd5badPhil Ringnalda — Bug 705046 - Disable the chunks of test_html5_tree_construction_part2.html which touch plugins and thus expose our brokenness on 10.7, so we can unhide the rest of the mochitest-5 suite, r=hsivonen
05f23d27c37aaeaaddbd56675a599498e2b6038eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 752341. Avoid using CGContextSetTextMatrix. r=bgirard
56b75c384bbeb5035f0354c5b03a2d40a93b42c4Dão Gottwald — Bug 756759 - Remove gnomestripe's non-native fallback styling for toolbarbuttons. r=neil
42835eaf1f2c6f9d76b67fdfba68fc00d084c952Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
de36859eb33276782a71b5f612e97b636ee248c4Jonathan Kew — bug 753230 - update graphite2 to upstream rev 978:c418207451a7. r=jdaggett
7a0234e884f6d9e85532bdcce9bbe46b56cefd59Phil Ringnalda — Bug 756885 - Bail out of test_bug624329.xul early on 10.7, where win.maximize() gives us a resize without actually maximizing, r=karlt
9620f50be9fa8be44931decf1e57ce25f51da812L. David Baron — Make scroll frames (i.e., overflow != visible) no longer be font size inflation flow roots. This reverts part of 9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1. (Bug 747720, patch 7) r=roc
e2f0d40f26b42759cdc3acc19d9e1946520b9699L. David Baron — Remove caching of current inflation container and its width from the pres context. (Bug 747720, patch 6) r=roc
0805380444b284cb12b5512feea83a5c7636e394L. David Baron — Remove width determination parameters from font inflation methods. (Bug 747720, patch 5) r=roc
d643376b35acd83f97c2b0cf5e19c27a07fb8b8dL. David Baron — Fix call to wrong method (passing nscoord as enum). (Bug 747720, patch 4) r=roc
63c2a4ad7afb12c9d96ebf1ad9fbf88822730e75L. David Baron — Use the same width basis for font inflation throughout a font inflation flow root. (Bug 747720, patch 3) r=roc
6b7c2ea08f70e7396c9b1861c8d4461e69c089dfL. David Baron — Replace AutoMaybeNullInflationContainer with AutoMaybeDisableInflationForShrinkWrap since the concept of the pres context's current inflation container will be going away. (Bug 747720, patch 2) r=roc
4cbae0f1285c50e5921bf80a4e47b26bcd5bfde8L. David Baron — Save and expose on nsFontInflationData the width of the nearest common ancestor of the inflated descendants. (Bug 747720, patch 1) r=roc
64187d60fae77b1dc3e373666b9068882d11a5a5Patrick McManus — bug 756551 part 2 verify state of spdy mNeedsCleanup stream r=honzab
1157a225434af657c59bcc5f11e8e01bedd1224dPatrick McManus — bug 756551 spdy stream index integrity checks r=honzab
2eee01f1c50611a5203aec3fd73c94fd8cb91573Jonathan Griffin — Bug 755473 - Add convenience script to launch qemu and navigate to a url, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
38c9289bdf6d1a19b1845cbc3c17d5e57deb06d4Kyle Huey — Bug 755509: Test explicity for request.result === undefined with deleteDatabase. r=sicking
1143cf39246f512806318e94380a98227b09b416Kyle Huey — Bug 755509: Run deleteDatabase test in Window and component scopes. r=sicking
6199ba8e3cd0259f16dc523e639f061519cc3425Gervase Markham — Bug 716478 - update line numbers in XPCshell tests, necessary because of updating licence to MPL 2 with new, shorter boilerplate.
b81020e8ca5c5c237ad3721f49b51f204ffff0a3Gervase Markham — Bug 716478 - update line numbers in JS reftests, necessary because of updating licence to MPL 2 with new, shorter boilerplate.
f4157e8c410708d76703f19e4dfb61859bfe32d8Gervase Markham — Bug 716478 - update licence to MPL 2.
1158503601be5ca5f0591732c96dde073b632cc4Ed Morley — Merge fx-team and mozilla-central ready for MPL2 update
c0065b9d90bfeb01fc75d8ffa5b97e997ec9f261Blair McBride — Bug 595656 - Add-ons view rounded border corners sometimes cut off by content. r=dtownsend
4ae03007e81184d93b3db94e3eccf7d3f9938e68Blair McBride — Bug 752868 - Outdated locales aren't being removed from extensions.sqlite, causing bad performance. r=dtownsend
985058b05905b2e3e3adbf1668f363b8ac3231e4Joe Walker — Bug 742672 - GCLI needs a new home; r=robcee
aa466d084fe373be2b8160dfa8325f60ccbb7cb1Andres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 742051 - Remove the backwards compatibility for the old formdata format r=zpao
068b9453c49828d296f006c3186784a05d59363bAndres Hernandez [:andreshm] — Bug 697903 - Move form data functions from sessionstore into JSM r=zpao,ttaubert
b5352f7337b15c7456cc1eafea7d2b5754360082Brian Birtles — Bug 755603 - Remove broken frozen to-animation behavior; r=dholbert
022dfc84028c87dda82496c82f471ec059082315Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a19f0356c09d336418b97c1be4b90ce89ebe0db2Shawn Landden — Bug 747257 - Part 2: Add media type mapping for .mp4. r=rillian
45118cc6518bbe29688877983c32acf92fd1834dShawn Landden — Bug 747257 - Part 1: Load .mp4 files in a document wrapper. r=rillian
9a684c3344a5fdd75b6295d4de0a8e31bd792c91Phil Ringnalda — Bug 688128 - Don't run test_flush_on_paint.html on OS X, where it mostly fails, r=roc
5648c9a38933b385c3aa762c5ed579ea7100dcffBas Schouten — Bug 595375: Fail brush creation when bitmap creation fails. r=jrmuizel
b35ff14182870d708239be21cc11f6dc81628fe2Ms2ger — Bug 756808 - Fix build error due to a trailing slash in the |DIRS| makefile variable; r=AryehGregor
443c0c79e54f31c5887da1baf0ece0b2ee39a4bcRobert Longson — Bug 756405 - non-scaling-stroke-02.svg fails on Android. r=jwatt
16c6de083029e73644cbc55b0aeec8f6928f51f6Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 715319
58d38bc9de23b37ac5457d494ff4f07e5bdbb939Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 718573
ad9940bdbd6adeee32f67d6539755bfa991e5e4aAryeh Gregor — Bug 742240 - Handle unsupported commands per spec in execCommand/queryCommand*; r=ehsan
fb3036d9b9e6a0c493d0bec20b67d57c539100f1Till Schneidereit — Bug 756851 - add missing call to object->markIfUnmarked before GCMarker::pushObject. r=billm
6e9d62160729562b976703233fba10e12f6a4b45Olli Pettay — Bug 750109, outerhtml crash, r=hsivonen,sicking
0e2cc686b07b32b0e05f2b021a19230abf654df2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
8f1c93b5b54933a4f88c9e252bc18c3462f36882Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 733553 - Tests for multipart streams via mochitest-plain using httpd.js. r=joe
ed488f577c84d1213600d2459ad913de0952adb1Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 733553 - Allow multipart image streams to cope with stream changes. r=joe
32cfab3a6aa5f8d46189e62dc3e8f319fed2669fBrian Hackett — Use handles in API object hooks where possible, bug 750733. r=billm
f16bcf1fbf73576e9ab920f18b151fc7ee9631d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
da3c5b7c2c7e8b34f789c67ce870bfa16460df9eMichael Wu — Bug 756746 - Quote paths in linker scripts, r=glandium
4065a1ab0f2b654cd36488d85c602c54fcde34e0Andrew McCreight — Bug 714725 - use deferred release in XPC_WN_Helper_Finalize. r=bholley
71889cff519c6e396c45008def684d2459af73f1Tom Schuster — Bug 673499 - revert unwanted change to js/src/
20b27f266d734a8a6cacf69ff46b6816bc9e5a75Tom Schuster — Bug 707911 - Rewrite StackTraceToString to use StringBuffer. r=bhackett
c80dde3faa3d838f28b16b4d21be72cc09e00ca3Tom Schuster — Bug 673499 - remove some trailing whitespace from js/src. r=jorendorff
932a19f737d9e82e3438cb3a71b490aa256e2cc1Brian Hackett — Backed out changeset 5fc7462dd394 for android orange.
5fc7462dd39495e74df849f9fba2f6a8e2035c2aBrian Hackett — Use handles in API object hooks where possible, bug 750733. r=billm
9691915b4c0d0780a7cb60167cbe835f05a391adRyan VanderMeulen — Backout bug 733553 due to mochitest orange.
72d9b373a2b826e337cae18d8d62f3a0408a9a6dBlake Kaplan — Bug 756584 - Crashtest for bug 720305. r=dveditz
6aafb053db4e72c25f161f1aabc7c925b96a60faOleg Romashin — Bug 756384 - Maemo/Meego builds should have the "Mobile" token in the UA string. r=mfinkle
d917d7b92fc50662a3ebdae03399ac7d1eca0eb4Cervantes Yu — Bug 756036 - Fix race condition between rilworker and IO thread. r=kmachulis
92aa013287007b67f246da36539d22f03e338a94Geoff Brown — Bug 755556 - Robocop: upgrade to robotium-3.2.1.jar. r=jmaher
ca8a314452a2d282b4c88fe42680ecfbb7fd6219Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 733553 - Tests for multipart streams via mochitest-plain using httpd.js. r=joe
b73ef4b11140ad91afef1c37136db5c4ca6c2466Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 733553 - Allow multipart image streams to cope with stream changes. r=joe
17cad7e0745323a0f6022dd6e7240706ce8b0c50Jonathan Watt — Bug 756462 - Stop unnecessary propagating COORD_CONTEXT_CHANGED notifications to descendants of nsSVGInnerSVGFrame. r=longsonr.
92f2cf2f42b2edf20a8c921cb39294b3bf596f3bRobert Longson — Bug 754592 - Lazily allocate conditional processing data. r=jwatt
a0d9e03ba59f310227df85d718858f786b482d02Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
175bcd2c79122082027a325acca72bb76b7f8c9dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 668849 - Double the workaround timeout to wait longer for spellcheck to finish
407014e60866fab6241b817bdfaadc926a40f678Josh Aas — Bug 240131: Clarify NPStream ownership. r=jst
9356dc5892790ca3c8ac4bf272a72964ff842dc2Matt Brubeck — Bug 756665 - Clicking a tab close button in XUL Fennc should selected the tab [r=mfinkle]
9aa4f0b01c0b5376128d74034bf969eec4f329eeMatt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 5) - Add a hidden pref to ignore user-scalable=no [r=mfinkle]
0589d2df6cbc7795d0fc8f0f6fe1359aa85ebe60Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 4) - Use mininum-scale and maximum-scale from <meta name="viewport"> [r=kats]
92a73a5fd37a46a9c90a9a751d42340bd3c45831Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 3) - Disable double-tap listener on pages with user-scalable=no [r=kats]
203bc6e6dc1676743535aff3b309a090aa36514dMatt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 2) - Disable zooming for pages with user-scalable=no [r=kats]
18a75044ea04cee09812b38c87b5220c923714e9Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 1) - Make viewport calculations respect zoom limits set by the page [r=mfinkle]
ab3f805f32102b91ff3d10081f1b55e6d4864dacKartikaya Gupta — Bug 756555 - Intersect the upload region with the valid region. r=ajuma
b03d90c2504efef092671d3e3f36ff411e8fa8f8Dale Harvey — Bug 753595 - Add a getScreenshot call to mozbrowser. r=jlebar
21c6e51e2cb73a70f7ea85121d8e0cda0762aef7Terrence Cole — Bug 744579 - Implement a relocatable version of HeapPtr; r=billm
b292b2847b7f1de280c57384a2426dd0e25455b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3d44b71d6db80ba89ae5d06101ee418445dabc8fFabrice Desré — Bug 756700 - Use the power.screen.timeout pref value as a default for the power.screen.timeout setting, patch by an anonymous silicon vendor contributor [r=fabrice]
e6cfe7a229f236ad4588a975193a062e7972ad79Chris Peterson — Bug 748590 - Backout adea606b5694 to map KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER to DOM_VK_RETURN. r=eeejay
09b5230bad3dafa5a4369070bcd1ca5a56470c93Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 752149 - [OS X] nsCocoaWindow::ConstrainPosition uses wrong screen in multi-display setup [r=smichaud]
d55df2c9c037168968cdf072b68b524e14e7ce4dffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave25
642d1a36702f7fb3f34dd3a4220adf6a5a257fa9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
47c8f2d06763c0f3aa48790243ffe307f5edfed9Ali Juma — Bug 745243 - Wait for surfaceChanged before calling GLController.provideEGLSurface. r=kats
f3395398d9f3cd6fd5c9de3ad31dc77960a09184Luke Wagner — Bug 752770 - temporarily disable browser_dbg_propertyview-07 and 08
d21a80aeef05d26063fd7475d6894e3700058410Luke Wagner — Bug 746601 - unexpected 'arguments' read from the debugger should work like f.arguments (r=jimb)
f45eec2bd4c7f61ea9fd0c9303ebca560580bf2cLuke Wagner — Bug 690135 - create scope objects eagerly or not at all (r=jimb)
94c7c6648af78e628e73754f2256196e2796b5b0Chris Cooper — Bug 573722 - Add --disable-auto-deps to Windows nightly mozconfigs - r=joey
6990b5f4ea250f75b300faed71ef62d679e8dacfDavid Burns — Bug 755700 - Part A: test case, r=mdas, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
aef74c3cd5a1a9dcba989e950210b0952ca6d215Eitan Isaacson — Bug 756529 - Move accessfu setting to accessibility.accessfu.activate. r=davidb
ae944ea53b59d417e7f2b11a7514c2b1d7eaa46bEitan Isaacson — Bug 756287 - Introduce PresenterContext in AccessFu. r=davidb
87e6d47a1657f53b0386a8bbbd9542b3bf8e00a6Richard Newman — Bug 755576 - Redundant cyclic reuploading & repositioning of bookmark folders. r=nalexander
7c0275cfcb1e8c62848227fa5b2021aa77380640Jonathan Griffin — backout e0d419369fd0 due to inadvertent changes
69832fc16bd62eb4e60f876f05838d82bf262c5cMalini Das — Bug 755700 - Part B: better handling of window switching, r=jgriffin
e0d419369fd0016d32969e7a51bfa945c6d01e6eDavid Burns — Bug 755700 - Part A: test case, r=mdas
598158a3306718a2617f96c80397be240c357727Benjamin Smedberg — Merge backout of bug 740795
db15d44550a61a34022c01ff8e15fc661db9e6cbBenjamin Smedberg — Back out bug 740795 because of bustages (check-sync-dirs at least)
5e3b61852a89ead06ab31c162a70a2b3de9114c2Chenxia Liu — Bug 755935 - Regression: J-PAKE code is refreshed on device rotation. r=nalexander
6a002ac9ea6c3a53dac656f47cdb759d84762a14Chenxia Liu — Bug 754958 - Pairing aborts if device screen turns off. r=nalexander
8300b50ca0982a3b1c2bed096538dc90bc851fb4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 734847 part 2 - treewide changes resulting from the default-infallibility of hashtables; either remove useless result checks, or use the fallible version of APIs, depending on context, r=jlebar
0afd21145f0a0f0719a788cbfe2f19c41ac51c98Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 734847 - Make nsTHashtable and its derivatives be infallible to OOM by default; code which is prepared to handle OOM conditions must use the explicit fallible_t() methods, r=jlebar
f9e1db25530baf0d86e54ace0f9582bea3d39559Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 755323 - Uploading large files with DOM File or FileReader will abort the browser from string OOM part 1 (ignoring the data: URI case for now), r=bz
a65ea296a6ea9aa47f47840df23617bb23e4e74eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 740795 part C - Don't ship pdf.js as an extension, build changes, r=ted
7bbd1cc126f3141bdd1c771a4590187f69c5bb79Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 740795 part B - make accept an "-X" flag to exclude files when copying directories recursively, r=ted
6eb40a0f8e4cc3f8092e36f5e29645ad2851468aDave Townsend — Bug 740795 part A - file moves for pdf.js not being shipped as an extension, r=bsmedberg
be715fe9c9164e5c4b519f567d6a96aa6127cfa7Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 754244 - Prevent the XPIDL parser from tokenizing "long longValue" as "long long" "Value" by requiring that the next letter after a named identifier be a non-identifier letter, r?khuey
2de348d84e83d4c717aee295977574247c52ef09Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 754985. Draw shadows in device space when using a uniform scale. r=roc
9c95015f78196d6d6b70b7eb28d332446f336b8fEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
1e18c991b40c153406df36671984501f9c28b994Paul Adenot — Bug 756372 - Change |seeking| to prevent seeking in WebM livestream. r=kinetik
5232403e7b8f64b31d87b81b7b03570ec42af441Till Schneidereit — Bug 755604 - Incrementalize JSCompartment::markTypes. r=billm
c3a321bf58ceda57d9985d87202bf0613f9cfe2eAndrii Zui — Bug 745535 - Dynamic reftests for bug 745535. r=karlt
05a02c6ec1b690c1c3350b7eb05adbf7dd4a8f0bAndrii Zui — Bug 745535 - Implement AttributeChanged on nsMathMLmactionFrame. r=karlt
e7e195e855a9ab0bc684c1ea75bbda65306a3e4eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b72c41ab1bd3ad66f1f9edf6d1c7c3b9acf46d31Chris Peterson — Bug 721835 - Hardcode an audio latency estimate because we can't call private Android API. r=snorp
1d70f1cf90e8115b55971345a4bbb5833f1e37b3Luke Wagner — Bug 755916 - All early returns of CheckStackAndEnterMethodJIT should return Jaeger_ThrowBeforeEnter (r=bhackett)
ba3d61413eccdac60da7f85eac83aca13e177007Luke Wagner — Bug 755396 - fix definition of 'aliased' when a formal is aliased by the arguments object (r=waldo)
f7bde9f96a918a669d7262a5ebc762d27b2a5116Luke Wagner — Bug 755578 - simplify Compiler::generatePrologue a tiny bit (r=bhackett)
6628bbca67f7f0027f14e1bf570ca998560fce66Matt Brubeck — Back out bug 707571 because of reftest failures
88c5fc8ffd6c3c85ee9fffa6609055837ee538b1Jonathan Kew — bug 752459 - reftest for word-wrap cluster support. r=smontagu
9b57d5c5a713099584774c439013460b0c20523eJonathan Kew — bug 752459 - respect clusters when doing word-wrap:break-word. r=smontagu
141e694667c73e80a6bbe2c2fd5437b382b4f6b0Jonathan Kew — bug 752455 - reftest for word-break, clusters, text-transform. r=smontagu
32837f32c4b6e48215f622fff62bd6b109807fb0Jonathan Kew — bug 752455 - don't allow word break within cluster when copying glyph data for text-transform. r=smontagu
266d423c802212c34be687e64dcc28e156b2beadDavid Zbarsky — Bug 756229 - Fix some layout warnings. r=roc
f9fd82208a9923f508bc54d979c3e894c26ab531David Zbarsky — Bug 756171 - Fix warning in LayerManagerOGLProgram.h. r=bgirard
51db566d61386eb1e07ba73456f212efd211aa58Raymond Lee — Bug 748802 - browser-thumbnails.js uses global private browsing state instead of per-window state. r=ehsan
29d9df6f59e99b89a16248deb58700869fbf9baeMatt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 5) - Add a hidden pref to ignore user-scalable=no [r=mfinkle]
cc608831d13bf656b39626b564f0be87e7c56075Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 4) - Use mininum-scale and maximum-scale from <meta name="viewport"> [r=kats]
ce227a3c263a37411b37d2cfa3ab314cd95236deMatt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 3) - Disable double-tap listener on pages with user-scalable=no [r=kats]
59336341809918452d79b277cfa7a21e08788a44Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 2) - Disable zooming for pages with user-scalable=no [r=kats]
93318e2225d61910ab04a3be45970a5f5f803535Matt Brubeck — Bug 707571 (part 1) - Make viewport calculations respect zoom limits set by the page [r=mfinkle]
fba69d39cea702108ed3d08dde9700ad0758a85eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 755904 - Rename the pkey_xxx variables; r=BenWa
bb67b169df15de9e027752415560899191ff17adKai Engert — Bug 738458, Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.13.5, landing beta2, r=bsmith/wtc
e11498dfd15cb196bfc875404451c7f8adc2e0c5Vladimir Vukicevic — b=750272; protect against raised Java-side exception when getting EGL Surface; r=blassey
fdac756d438b86fadd9cbf0597d79cb18b006b3fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 753119 - Add ThreadLocal to mfbt - r=jwalden
a726c2e6cde7032058b1df2bcb7b0e9c90a8632dL. David Baron — Don't use Moz prefix on internal function names in nsComputedDOMStyle for recommendation-track properties. (Bug 756219, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
f7a34e60aeec17d28e3e02fb86d7144145f6c72cL. David Baron — Remove unused functions from nsComputedDOMStyle. (Bug 756219, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
e917972dc75df6f08f86506c0bbc99c02b94f1f5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 755549 - Don't provide haptic feedback if the body or root element listeners are what make the element clickable. r=mfinkle
c2e8a029913d2b986cd406a2ab39f7f3292b88c1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 753461 - Write shutdown time to disk. r=taras.
9901a0253c6396910ccc29db3e65945eb6eb7490Henri Sivonen — Bug 753278 - Make after aborting the parser a no-op. r=smaug.
9dab33fa5ff4aecbc36dfd6c09027fee897cf05ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 754216 - Control the emulator from within Marionette JS scripts. r=jgriffin DONTBUILD because NPOTB
921706236f86b85e1df48757963ddc87a98d0cb9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 754178 - Expose SpecialPowers in Marionette content JS. r=jgriffin
cc0b4c5c3ac2609ba7926ef13ede6585ef263d4ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 754178 - Expose SpecialPowers in Marionette chrome JS. r=jgriffin
f4d51fab6cec21c2e51549c4b2929268781ed93fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 756516 - Ignore .clang_complete files; r=BenWa
17422a2d0c70901c4a3bfd3fbd9957d26c129725Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1d43642295b1d2a70433b6a044a52495c7e4da1fMs2ger — Merge.
16054aea10ebd285e7eaa95410affb42e88556d5Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
21508fb7cac80af86d00a1dcf27a0faa194ee088Jonathan Watt — backout 0f4a08fb2e8e to see if it caused random orange (Bug 756122 - Clean up nsSVGUtils::PaintFrameWithEffects a little).
f3289b7a57a587d0c5c99042775d4c191155ae0dRobert Longson — Bug 756404 - Address post-landing review comments from bug 512525. r=jwatt
35e50e954182fcd939e5a9772b839c4841b19b36Robert Longson — Bug 528332 - make tests random on Android
0f4a08fb2e8e1d53a3234d7bb096a2c1193f4c95Jonathan Watt — Bug 756122 - Clean up nsSVGUtils::PaintFrameWithEffects a little. r=longsonr.
de36a918add7de4950640379ef9171d1641c54ddRobert Longson — Bug 528332 - Implement non-scaling-stroke vector-effect. Part 2 - SVG changes r=dholbert
173ec720780e67feff8d01870b6deaed3940fe38Robert Longson — Bug 528332 - Implement non-scaling-stroke vector-effect. Part 1 - style system changes r=dbaron
f8571733755d1298ae8540b6b8e8ff887554a83cPhil Ringnalda — No bug, you need to CLOBBER ALL THE BUILDS when merging e8ebc8f1825e:8be8a188bd60
e8ebc8f1825e39f3e19011ad18cd13d8cb36ec63Aryeh Gregor — Bug 590640 part 7 - Preserve type-in state when performing block commands; r=ehsan
5161427d7c4c7c7f50c29b259084a4f1f25b59ecAryeh Gregor — Bug 590640 part 6 - Don't create empty style tags unless we're about to insert text in them; r=ehsan
62ffb052629d85fa230c1fd659d5e6b5424cee7dAryeh Gregor — Bug 590640 part 5 - Delete empty wrappers when we delete the selection; r=ehsan
0c5687159491fd51dde71a6cd647736dee0f867dAryeh Gregor — Bug 590640 part 4 - Print out testharness.js test name on fails as well as passes; r=jhammel
d27953b099228127d88e5c84bb1efc51d7b67db2Aryeh Gregor — Bug 590640 part 3 - Remove unnecessary use of NodeIsTypeString; r=ehsan
8c0be42c0010fc3ecbf87090637ab105740d0fdeAryeh Gregor — Bug 590640 part 2 - Remove dead code; r=ehsan
5bf058a8fdc03906cabaac9166291d5273362657Aryeh Gregor — Bug 590640 part 1 - Clean up some nsHTMLEditRules methods; r=ehsan
835aaa090956253afd0f1dc0597fdf2809475bb1Aryeh Gregor — Bug 751842 part 6 - Import editing spec tests; r=Ms2ger
861028f17ed0b8a323b0855f0d403e66f8f43d0eAryeh Gregor — Bug 751842 part 5 - Put testharness.js expected fails in one file per test; r=jhammel
ceaf8c7c41c5655505d3a1a9a2c5652f3a327c0aAryeh Gregor — Bug 751842 part 4 - Update to support tests in repo root; r=jhammel
2d4c41b74de5d7d03e67404683866cc58e688588Aryeh Gregor — Bug 751842 part 3 - Ignore timeouts in testharness.js tests; r=jhammel
47f3666ccd28ab41da4ccf1e5779feeca05c3739Aryeh Gregor — Bug 751842 part 2 - Report status code on unsuccessful test finish; r=jhammel
f010c33702947480f4451e1e729918ad4a8bd3ccAryeh Gregor — Bug 751842 part 1 - Make testharnessreport.js depend on failures.txt; r=jhammel
8be8a188bd60dc987c29bc7c0db1a796bb8e61beAryeh Gregor — Bug 756045 - Turn "ASSERTION: anonymous nodes should not be in child lists" into an NS_WARNING; r=bz
3b86eaa02d913d4ebe39b301a9a39438d7be351aJoel Maher — Bug 756346 - please update a new to fix tcheckerboard3. r=armenzg
95437bcc43dc49fb4565a7e37c9374801f389f55Ms2ger — Bug 754643 - Disable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/media because new warnings were introduced.
4b74c82dd5abc1c34e6011e89ba2f1adbcae8b2dMs2ger — Bug 756073 - Remove xpcprivate.h include from nsGenericElement.cpp; r=bholley
3be25330d617651f37d4ca8e7451667e6c80edf2Ms2ger — Bug 754553 - Remove indexed property access from localStorage/sessionStorage; f=mayhemer r=sicking
6d219f7754f0cd4d94fe338c8f92decd5cc11830Ms2ger — Bug 510849 - Support the empty string as a key for web storage (localStorage/sessionStorage); r=mayhemer
01d962e8982e90fc9ca79176362e91c9df2d0e34Ms2ger — Bug 744935 - Remove JS_PROPERTY_TREE; r=Waldo
bf96cfd84803d673557ef2f90f275cf685d6906cMs2ger — Bug 755875 - Use ValueToInt64/ValueToUint64 in XPCConvert::JSData2Native; r=bholley
5babc7bc7e33fe3237dd18663fdf27df07853ebbMs2ger — Bug 754968 - Part c: Make BindingUtils.h not require private xpconnect headers; r=bholley
3571e646fb3c902745e9a934d07c5974d9fbbc5aMs2ger — Bug 754968 - Part b: Export qsObjectHelper; r=bholley
1c653b3c9bd824bbd762e9f48881ccb6c2b19e08Ms2ger — Bug 754968 - Part a: Export xpcObjectHelper; r=bholley
3b08128bda097c8cb3f625568b81f8d32aeaaf80Ms2ger — Bug 755314 - Make nsBaseStateUpdatingCommand::mTagName an nsIAtom*; r=ehsan
6427475255158bfaf463925c21df7cf316fc701cMs2ger — Bug 754228 - nsBaseStateUpdatingCommand::{ToggleState,GetCurrentState} shouldn't have an aTagName argument; r=ehsan
2b6889ef8f9d9b515275d33924c7290dbdad88f4Ms2ger — Bug 755311 - Simplify SetDocTitleTxn::SetDomTitle; r=ehsan
26033f7ad48d96c9d14ea9603f79a5ef4f86dec8Ms2ger — Bug 755310 - Use nsINode::Length() in nsEditor::CreateTxnForDeleteInsertionPoint; r=ehsan
270ac87cffba7322a47bedb244153dd81b6bb836Ms2ger — Bug 755264 - Use nsINode in nsHTMLEditRules::DeleteNonTableElements; r=ehsan
b0f2d35f10e94e0945b66009cc29082d9d4df579Ms2ger — Bug 755243 - Use nsINode in nsHTMLEditRules::AppendInnerFormatNodes; r=ehsan
7a335f88e78314bd96bbfad3a34f612212b7a7b1Ms2ger — Bug 755204 - Use nsINode::GetChildCount() in nsHTMLEditRules::MakeSureElemStartsOrEndsOnCR; r=ehsan
1dac5c37d56020773a6ecf7470d5cd7385ce1d81Ms2ger — Bug 755202 - Simplify GetChildNodesForOperation; r=ehsan
ab544a056d6b02317f7e2bbcaaad39b87f864ffaMs2ger — Bug 755200 - Simplify SetSelectionAroundHeadChildren; r=ehsan
c5d2792ed0f4a05af24d023ea86ece657dbc38a4Ms2ger — Bug 752253 - Remove nsEditor::GetIndexOf; r=ehsan
09df0008b1566f9efe5b4cdbcd9fbe9f9d6da4c4Ms2ger — Bug 616401 - nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext ignores JS exceptions; r=bz
c795f1a41daebc5eebb6eb706f62700ecea15ff0Ms2ger — Bug 752210 - Part c: Use nsIContent in nsHTMLEditor::RelativeFontChange; r=ehsan
e0110ef139896b24b67eec02a2d4a93ed2f516b2Ms2ger — Bug 752210 - Part b: Use nsIContent in nsHTMLEditor::RelativeFontChangeOnNode; r=ehsan
25025cc03fb3a1dc29dd49d52b556713c2fe9a94Ms2ger — Bug 752210 - Part a: Use nsIContent in nsHTMLEditor::RelativeFontChangeHelper; r=ehsan
cc1d6d86db46ac3fa16a402b5ef6ea796ac1025eMs2ger — Bug 752209 - Use nsINode::GetChildCount() in nsHTMLEditor::AbsolutelyPositionElement; r=ehsan
137ec8d18fe8dbb7824670e7f9555c0af3388519Ms2ger — Bug 750053 - Part b: Stop using nsISelection::GetIsCollapsed in editor/libeditor; r=ehsan
ba0cffcf1f6ee293ae88d9479a0f30fa0470d6eaMs2ger — Bug 750053 - Part a: Add nsISelection::Collapsed(); r=smaug
75a6378de201328535464c65909af0a40ac2434aMs2ger — Bug 752319 - Use testharness.js for the cross-origin localStorage tests; r=mayhemer
ea230e0e5b3841701816b35acf1f237c216dd90fMs2ger — No bug - Remove windows line endings from dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_{keySync,storageConstructor}.html.
171b486837e86c52ea0ec10c023002030400e1d9Ms2ger — Bug 755889 - Inline NonstandardToInt32 into JS_ValueToInt32; r=luke
1c5f15f0f977c36e3bc2ad60eeb656694033b2ccMs2ger — No bug - Reorder initialization in mozilla::layers::Transaction constructor to fix a build warning.
f7d7fad55752f335dce540a1b3af49b03132ca45Ms2ger — Bug 752203 - Cleanup nsEditor::NodesSameType; r=ehsan
358a6096a0dae97978e1e658f5c009b917790750Ms2ger — Bug 754643 - Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/media; r=cpearce f=roc
812c0d95cd0d5950e795a7f31a284a85370768ebMs2ger — Bug 361460 - nsDocumentFragment::QI should not fall through to nsGenericElement::QI; r=sicking
82c85325b86f2d5639bee41d3fc64b9d92588b1fMs2ger — Bug 752045 - Handle document fragments correctly in *CanContain* methods; r=ehsan
20fbb51c9462b71e7f105343bb96782bb654e89bMs2ger — Merge m-i to m-c.
11780e80c8c3a70c6173827005062dab15e42c05Phil Ringnalda — Bug 753877 - drop a few minimum assertion counts to reflect reality
c479a917544ae11e3ffa54e686204d043f5681dcSimon Montagu — Start painting text shadow of selection from the left edge in RTL text. Bug 755994, r=roc
414b22167f9dded86a88127e629e3a766d33e87bSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 755994, r=roc
a3f95b85178e9b88afd97a55a375dee8f23d71beRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
2359a20631ccb82b25491b3d5f8facad292e4891Chris Pearce — Bug 708553 - Reset nsEventStateManager's hover state when we detach from nsPresContext. r=bz
e14bf29a6f3c05e0680df08042ca4ee10dd22762Jonathan Griffin — Bug 756339 - Setup DNS fix when launching emulator, a=testonly, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
be270d77d19dfd734b8d17d2a6a03bb0047ed0dbDavid Zbarsky — Bug 756227: Fix TreeContext warnings. r=nnethercote.
276f4c406f0711a134b91810847a35200c8040c9Nils Maier — Bug 755992 (part 2) - Optimize creation of tree lines in about:memory. r=nnethercote.
6905cb15e8dd040e1b29d387ee4ec5d22232c5dcNils Maier — Bug 755992 (part 1) - Avoid creating some text nodes in about:memory. r=nnethercote.
d6ce3744f217ed606b1ffa943c52671530b3215bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 755583 (part 6) - Combine the '++'/'--' spans in about:memory. r=jlebar.
95da608768e503d77f9213c39ce9f130cfa99c24Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 755583 (part 5) - Merge each single child node into its parent in about:memory. r=jlebar.
7c0e76bd2c8d7fb52a01e181abfa5e9c5fd65e8aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 755583 (part 4) - Split up the smaps/ memory reporter tree. r=jlebar.
d74787facbf426b413367a87709375122e6261faNils Maier — Bug 755583 (part 3) - Set .textNode directly when creating text nodes in aboutMemory.js. r=nnethercote.
3c851d643ea5d165c0332fdd1e49883540822702Nils Maier — Bug 755583 (part 2) - Use RegExp.test instead of String.match in aboutMemory.js. r=nnethercote.
7e12d6d329afc5b2ed9a3f367280063ce5e678c9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 755583 (part 1) - Introduce "sundries" entries for aggregating small entries in per-compartment memory reporters. r=luke.
dcd6365a8255efca66b8b2f0a9e1c083a17a8915Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 755581 - Follow-up: replace js::RuntimeSizes with JS::RuntimeSizes. r=luke.
a56ebbf0f293694d2c54ece61edf28080ba99c38Mark Capella — Bug 736886 - test_nsIAccessibleDocument.html silently dies, r=surkov
942b6e232d80e92939f7f0bd1a41fe37f957119bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 755480 - Part 3: Make mozInlineSpellWordUtil::SplitDOMWord O(n) for strings with no special charts (as opposed to O(n2)); r=roc
7b6dd63e140001c87ce43f92706404b28ac53b4eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 755480 - Part 2: Detect unknwon URLs faster; r=roc
44731e4787f0ff522a9f54eb145406187a0109b8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 755480 - Part 1: Stop looking for a useless dot; r=roc
7af988cb3ad9642bdacf4eb2eb59dd797417e1a3Jason Orendorff — Bug 749697 - Support debugging when multiple JSContexts are on the stack. Part 2, fix evcross-context eval-in-frame. r=luke.
64a08b7fbbb71e10d079989d1d6fc21a61b1005bJason Orendorff — Bug 749697 - Support debugging when multiple JSContexts are on the stack. Part 1, weaken a too-strict assertion in JS_GetFrameScopeChain. r=luke.
648093316d93c4649cdee91c43a94aef661aaf77Jason Orendorff — Bug 755808 - Add more options to JS shell evaluate() function. r=jimb.
a93a94ce41bae29ed250dc1878b649557bd1001fJason Orendorff — Bug 756260 - Fix up building without JS_HAS_XML_SUPPORT, again. r=terrence.
12020cb10acedf8e7f1ed80f4141cf4b7d64fe9dJosh Aas — Bug 755961: Plugin stream decomtamination (nsIPluginStreamListener). r=bsmedberg
527400dc53a8bb47f78879ae5012fc38bdf24fa5Chris Coulson — Bug 756167 - Fix make-makefile test failure when the source path contains perl regexp metacharacters. r=coop
b21638e661357fdc9e88c5934527f63b0173d69aNicholas Cameron — Bug 756007 - Fix path invariant for Azure/Cairo push/pop clip. r=joe
79d51b043d45a098ead242d9769a8ec895cb7eedMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 752402 - Support ArrayBufferView as a member of blobParts parameter. r=sicking
b2fdd0dbb97ad005043516b250e322c2ab951d1fMarco Castelluccio — Bug 728749 - Faster plugins check tab. r=gavin
e794cef56df66afbfd1f6f974c93fb08397899e7Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
c70b34f9477da6c841e6dffbbad82f0614606f74Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732901 - Use notifyDatasetChanged() to update view after modifying mTabsAdapter. r=sriram
331833b840e0b6c19fafe5f46a3f3446f314b602Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732901 - Call Tabs.notifyListeners() on the main thread. r=mfinkle
fd62921a71d863c21cacedfd7a5330ca1abf2b14Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 755834. Use even lower precision bilinear interpolation when scaling 565 to 565. r=joe
35a9d2659303344bfc81a54940d95dafa548dda1Nick Alexander — Bug 709311 - Handle changed meta/global. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec
125d934ee983ba2fdd6e43c5afb7a79b57f3018cNick Alexander — Bug 709313 - Upload meta/global. r=rnewman, a=blocking-fennec
e664ca7c3babbca96934981727f439bfae8a91b6Richard Newman — Bug 755816 - Index default bookmarks from 0, not from 1. r=wesj
bc8c8f0afdb73ceadaf6def4944cf45bcbbc8e8fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Build zlib. r=rail.
670dea9cdb088f5bd2f77cc8b44b7574d35dd802Benoit Girard — Bug 754233 - Handle negative layer coordinate in Tiled layers. r=ajuma
8ccb4b796c56a2f043a11096b8b9b54746906015Fernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 8 - RadioLayerInterface; r=philikon
26013982cb61aeeefa9afa401af5746d3584019dFernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 7 - Tests; r=philikon
97cfed024d9be8a5c146fc3ccc733b86e60b2033Fernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 6 - B2G backend; r=philikon
1be468638f6ac2687cc2cc50db89961cf271ebb8Fernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 5 - IPC; r=mounir
ff546a006f8d490afdfeffc2d9a5c58416fa5ffcFernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 4 - Fallback; r=mounir
eed9f67b76acc40f013034459e0caa2f1e837238Fernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 3 - Android Backend; r=mounir
941825d1ced2bb5a150ef59ab00f01953baea758Fernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 2 - WebSMS; r=mounir
3ce2c136db1ced46f27efa22da10c4d75c75f32bFernando Jiménez — Bug 733320 - [WebSMS][B2G SMS] Add 'read' attribute to nsIDOMMozSmsMessage. Part 1. IDLs; r=mounir
41fff59c307fcd57abeb68b08a42855b31e8502dMatt Brubeck — Bug 756156 - Don't export ANDROID_SERIAL if it isn't set explicitly [r=glandium]
d6e2644caa5dbd4286e8de80e106fe8f1d80a417Landry Breuil — Bug 732875 - use stdint.h types instead of PRtypes, fixes build on OpenBSD - r=Ms2ger
ae0b2ba1e47e56000d684d4ac72b35a13c08b19eBenoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - Further CheckedInt tweaks - r=Ms2ger,jwalden
7b043e9636582671cd1815f103ffa86804a7c807Christian Ascheberg — Bug 317190 - Change "Check Now" to "Set Firefox as the default browser". r=jaws
f2a65c6a01f6e131d8dc6b122f30a4b19b05ef84Ed Morley — Backout a97741bbd972 (bug 755604) for compilation failures
4a6bdd1308c388512f5932249af7f0a4231ca82aVladimir Vukicevic — b=752368; [android] random black screen when opening links from other apps; r=bgirard,ajuma,kats
a97741bbd972fe054fbce4b95fa432fe5df63e9aTill Schneidereit — Bug 755604 - Incrementalize JSCompartment::markTypes. r=billm
7d409147c4fd455fccd54a3d88136c61a93efac2Chris Lord — Bug 753742 - Force layer build on scroll frames with a displayport. r=tn
48bd6f4c119ab6d6b19608c3f81003f4a9f44a19Jason Duell — Bug 753105 - Change Websocket "internal error" code to 2011. r=mcmanus
b65953b2b195c3da5c6f267fb37feec5e7395211Jason Duell — Bug 748580 - websockets: omit close code when none passed to close(). r=mcmanus
246f17379cb56b63c7f71dc0d89e8ea8378d091dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 755336 - convert integer types in nsAppStartup.cpp. r=benjamin.
a9f1bfeecf103fd6f1c0f2a52bcc976bf9294f6eGavin Sharp — Bug 747990 followup: rev nsIXULAppInfo IID
1d0960e138cff3ca5b72090eedeebafb6d9e4335Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 743279 - Exclude elements at body-level or higher with mouse listeners from being picked first as a target. r=wesj
937c5c75431a81898dc4baa15ae992e0cedd6c51Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 743279 - Minor code cleanups. r=wesj
0cbcefdd3c48726b5d4fea7bf7779cc97f548733Gervase Markham — Bug 750294 - back out due to preprocessor not doing what was expected.
73e3c505fb1a38f1fac586027eedc31d4433ae71Doug Turner — Bug 751663 - followup to fix extra unneeded assigniment. r=smaug
7bab95275e896f170b1a461c7b72766163b32e14Dão Gottwald — merge backout
6bf1a722bf41100be1d554faa1c814fbcde2e6cdDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 45ef0e7b2426
e0cfaf6129fcd679cd6c5c4b3bdc990cb757ca25Dão Gottwald — merge backout
045bc2b60ed1feaf48798bb622b1772f01bf692bDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset ee527adf9d44
908e9a9acabd232d7c60e691a49717d545336b61Dão Gottwald — Bug 734172 followup - add gBrowser check for sanity
c220dcb86e4e3b0bf5a20d5298608f443585fbd8Dão Gottwald — Bug 734172 - Stop blaming tests that replace the first tab for leaking. r=ttaubert
ee527adf9d444a80437b05dbcad2bb875937286eLandry Breuil — Bug 732875 - use stdint.h types instead of PRtypes, fixes build on OpenBSD - r=Ms2ger
45ef0e7b24267e55a547a243414652bc97ff9036Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - Further CheckedInt tweaks - r=Ms2ger,jwalden
132bd018da7ff49ea467ae9871237da0b1a629e8Ryan VanderMeulen — No Bug - Re-alphabetize mathml crashtest list. DONTBUILD
14ab85ab154972e6671fed0f2fab1f23487b0eddDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 748745 - Supporting readString in a CDataFinalizer. r=jorendorff
aa0630695d1b47ba81b2f0b212e1fb3d8848892cFrédéric Wang — Bug 716349 - Crashtest. r=karlt
1213ffc89007a11fd1d14a2add6e563e056d5da9Frédéric Wang — Bug 716349 - Prevent invalid metrics for mspace. r=karlt
e34babb3039307fc7904fc13982874b3838e3a7cMakoto Kato — Bug 756010 - Don't build ImageScalingSSE2.cpp on VC2005 due to no _mm_castsi128_ps. r=bas
895e12563245f4b082279e59e2b2fdd34ad0ca1eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
b98aee2cdf4fd32116e726f77c4b2a397c97167eEddy Bruel — Bug 703537 - Add IndirectProxyhandler; r=bholley,jorendorff
d51f702f5cbeda21530bdd259b377e8685901ddeBrian Birtles — Bug 512525 - Implement SVG Fragment Identifier parsing and animation hyperlinking - Part 3 additional hyperlinking tests. r=dholbert
3597432da4d9be566ff3c59984775cb13dcc14b8Robert Longson — Bug 512525 - Implement SVG Fragment Identifier parsing and animation hyperlinking - Part 2 main implementation. r=jwatt
e288dfb36d73fd9a25d71f38fcbf2af973c71472Brian Birtles — Bug 512525 - Implement SVG Fragment Identifier parsing and animation hyperlinking - Part 1 infrastructure to support hyperlinking. r=dholbert
bb07c2f3427ffe784d4a4784a8623da3187bea07Alexander Surkov — Bug 754830 - calculate link states separately, r=tbsaunde
12f13acb5ea84c633b07153f09ccd8a27561d130Cameron McCormack — Bug 715024 - Remove duplicate functions on nsCocoaFeatures and nsToolkit. r=bgirard
c9ce0e49040a3f005d865d6ffa7ccce8afcdc423Masayuki Nakano — Bug 447757 part.4 Clean up modifier keycode mapping on GTK r=karlt, sr=smaug
d94270b8449f5bf59f6ff04cff32b14f581f636eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 447757 part.3 Use unshifted char of printable keys for computing keycode on GTK r=karlt
fe13d998d074b9b5aa2d3aed408557e5384e8ab9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 447757 part.2 DOM keycode for printable keys in Numpad should be computed by switch r=karlt
69fc5803d18483ab6f871bf40c25f2fccda4def2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 447757 part.1 Compute DOM keycode for non-printable key from table first r=karlt
5c5211cd5a3909f4426ee732f93b26e91a292b5aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 677252 part.2 Add Eisu keycode for Japanese keyboard layout of Mac r=smichaud, sr=smaug
29e512736f30b0aef384e7c3dc7bee0ca326b9faMasayuki Nakano — Bug 677252 part.1 Reimplement keycode computation in cocoa widget r=smaug+smichaud
ad5db4e9d2f2c7a9e4e07b7aead83a57be57bc4aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 630810 part.2 Use nsVKList.h for defining somethig for keycode r=roc
e9e804a67d29e1d8183fd12dfe9a75eb457220ebMasayuki Nakano — Bug 630810 part.1 Should convert from native keycode to DOM keycode for every keys on Windows r=smaug+jimm, sr=roc
2c3647738e8117b9d4a333e8fcbb3bbbf7bc85c7Brian Nicholson — Bug 755771 - Part 2: Send purge count to Java. r=mfinkle
3eb58d060ac83dd7d55e1b7f67f258b9538ae6f6Brian Nicholson — Bug 755771 - Part 1: Remove HistoryEntry class. r=mfinkle
43aa1f392da4d6b2f7087e9a015d1738d7d523eaChris Peterson — Bug 751513 - End composition in onTextChanged() only if we are currently committing. r=blassey
05a3396204397a4ac11d0964eef04b69b1221184Jonathan Watt — Bug 734082 - Compute and store bounds and visual overflow bounds for both SVG leaf and container frames. r=roc.
d3b11e443f045e5f5c3de3a9b7a54483271b4cf0Jonathan Watt — Bug 614732 - Add prefs for enabling/disabling display-list hit-testing/painting. r=roc.
f2b2b99108a20379283763389aae595f463aa1a4Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
37f2536e975e3fc45fbbd976990708c5a4a95796Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 754180 - Give ObjectBox and FunctionBox constructors. r=jorendorff.
521cd92d3c0828e5749761a4b49398c697ad9fb7Cameron McCormack — Back out bug 715024 due to bustage.
51c3f860de25d9ffbefdf4f83971535f9158b62dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 754179 - Remove some dead front-end code. r=jorendorff.
6f577f905f3e52574ef5fad1857cee3a3645cfa2Cameron McCormack — Bug 715024 - Remove duplicate functions on nsCocoaFeatures and nsToolkit. r=bgirard
bc49f6d612979d992fb247d8cb6afb3b7fe8b383Hubert Figuiere — Bug 670275 - Downloading a file should put it in the system's recently-used list. r=karlt
747124aac893ffeac20d6256c487d96bf030b0ebNicholas Nethercote — Bug 755581 (part 5) - Add "cross-compartment-wrappers" reporter. r=luke.
bf84a728f4ed503eb0b8f0fb64b6d66c1a2aaf6aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 755581 (part 4) - Add "math-cache", "script-filenames" and "compartment-objects" reporters. r=luke.
2eba6266c52768a9ed7d33bb8c063c2a7e25aaa3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 755581 (part 3) - Clean up JSRuntime::sizeOfIncludingThis(). r=luke.
2b1d60b3bc57f2d98d860f32bf4ec2ff8036fdd6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 755581 (part 2) - Change "runtime/normal" reporter to "runtime/dtoa". r=luke.
3d7a4dc88acf1773df62421108ac2863d50acb76Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 755581 (part 1) - Change "mjit/data" reporter to "mjit-data". r=luke.
bd69b36934cb5324c19dd90a377d7a2e9a6143e5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
5e3bd5a8cb3ba49ab67f30d5a39aa3316a754994Bas Schouten — Bug 717393 - Followup: Properly regenerate shader headers. r=autogenerated
9a5020492b65fd47a55b6e56c328eca9ef797159Nicholas Cameron — Bug 755078 - Disable mask layers on Android. r=roc
c5e203fd9ff973e404f6c345194b58e6274af7c7Jason Duell — Bug 753179 - Websockets: never send 1005 close code on the network. r=smaug
c90a07a9c0254a04809e35e0d8364ca198107838Jason Duell — Backed out changeset c567e28272d5: wrong bug #
c567e28272d5257cdffee91ccd91c6e611478c42Jason Duell — Bug 748580: Do not reply to server close with 1005/1006/1015 as close code. r=smaug
deb1fd74e10b5d129081ca5dab8defec05e64403Jason Duell — bug 752776. Mozilla tweaks to pywebsocket v631. r=mcmanus
6aa80954981cb9865327116f30552364b30dd11cJason Duell — Bug 752776 - Upgrade pywebsocket to v631. r=mcmanus
722e163ecc1e5440f1e74842fc3f28b67762705bNeil Deakin — Bug 730694, null check window when determining data to drag, otherwise a crash can occur if the page goes away while a select is open, r=smaug
d3733e739f16c31b47e7d353b9ecdad1dd5a7850Neil Deakin — Bug 750808, move children element in label control binding, so that it doesn't get deleted when setting accesskey, r=neil
f1b1411cb13e6a72285a9a890b3c4c932c92e4f7Neil Deakin — Bug 665677, remove frequently failing test as what it is testing is already done within the main focus test, f=masayuki
2cde430809e3383047ee47cf723ccacf43050d8fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 753657 (part 3): Remove the remaining parts of TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
e1acc0dd12a8ff094fb06af7304f087242c73acaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 753657 (part 2): Simplify the setting of FunctionBox::tcflags. r=luke.
d5a02a324330fe44c39c32e2b32221685c32eb5aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 753657 (part 1): remove TCF_FUN_FLAGS from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
ccb2effe31c05a921296c6c8729dbb54a1bef1e3Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 706292 - Hide the automatic update settings from the add-on details for the hotfix extension. r=Unfocused
00bcf77af39cc3742ce8537e6bb19163ccb0b837Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 754342 - Sync pane shows "undefined" as username when using in-content preferences. r=jaws
7cf218423f9cd7c9dd2053f69e33208c7da97b92Mats Palmgren — Bug 755025 - wallpaper reftest framework bug that runs test / reference with different :hover state. r=roc
25995acb6675472d2d6bfb9b3f8d363f563c8d1cMats Palmgren — Bug 750293 - Don't include a block's margins in its scrollable overflow for now. r=roc
c462ef73a65fa17fb49d7bbccaa9294698fe7b68Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 732572: Restart the entire application on locale change. [r=mfinkle]
1c2c14d8be7821842208ce8d959c9f5cd21aa1a0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 732572: Fix the restarter to not have excludeFromRecents. [r=mfinkle]
0f7d47f6b6dde7e7e687300794330dc638e4965dLandry Breuil — Bug 755663 - Remove comma at end of enumerator list to fix build on OpenBSD. r=Ms2ger DONTBUILD
ee9e7fe2c448eb69c0c3bf875b82aa0605070856Bill McCloskey — Backout bug 753283 (20619d227f29) for orange
10c12811006914f1920408a78e0a11198b975943Fabrice Desré — Bug 755903 - Map the hardware camera shutter button to a key event [r=mwu]
d4068b54381a26e8b0d3423da48d03a86c6b0aa8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 749187 - Ensure new tabs and windows opened in private browsing mode have docshells set accordingly; r=gavin
a9f05eabf20b35c61507f04315c675633a02862aSteve Fink — Test from bug 741041 is now shell-only, r=bustage.
20619d227f29559b24f7ba716d03c59588e95f76Bill McCloskey — Bug 753283 - Poison VM stack to help fuzzing (r=bhackett)
f36749114f76411373737e518929aa76463045edBill McCloskey — Bug 754150 - Add write barrier on JITChunk (r=bhackett)
73b380d3edd80a5e1d56c7471a8cb21af447c7c0Steve Fink — Bug 741041 - Use UnwrapObjectChecked, and ensure ArrayBufferViews and their buffers are in the same compartment. r=luke
df84190b1c0a3c18cc515edcb15ffd9f479b7c41Steve Fink — Bug 741041 - Implement isProxy testing command for JS shell
1e6cc17ba23ac45a70a7c622d9ed30c33df22661Doug Turner — Bug 755836 - undef near in directory helper to avoid build errors. r=kyle
6d2f48e451741454a838b0fcb50370a50d7ea231Doug Turner — Bug 751663 - Implement new device proximity like event that fires only when the screen is close to the user's face. r=smaug
762e95608da3f351e18fc649a6e3ac0dd3da5971Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge last PGO green inbound changeset to m-c.
b71580a40d5977a880411b4e87a6e063159a8203Ed Morley — Bug 668716 - Disable test_bug632379.xul on Mac for now, for too many unexpected passes
f81ffb3fba84b75fbccab0ae051c12873b7c4bb5Marshall Culpepper — Bug 755427: Use the darwin-x86 host directory for the emulator in OSX. Added a new --emulator-binary argument to to allow overriding of the emulator used by Marionette. r=mdas
2716f09884b10e30677074b36f33a0f3ff5eb6a4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 749459 - Load the EGL libraries correctly on Windows from the GRE path and the system location on other platforms (should be Android-only currently), r=bjacob
e1406f8b5d54b367cd3d31877fd954e4a035d451Benjamin Peterson — Bug 755163 - Kill a test which is not useful anymore and liable failure with different compilers. r=jwalden
a8f13db7bff96dc165ce56afbcd7871af5e1cc4bTerrence Cole — Bug 743854 - Do not call init on ArrayBuffer slots in NewObject. r=billm
023c65a66288e5d828647bb81a0cc2954d027eb3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 729485 - Test for content permissions prompts. r=mbrubeck,kats
62b0be6431ad638ed3c5267d1871de918818e259Margaret Leibovic — Bug 729485 - Add "Don't ask again for this site" option to notifications created by ContentPermissionPrompt.js. r=mbrubeck
553bea8ea04e0940b02a7838e4d881b543337aa7Michael Wu — Bug 755142 - Use ssize_t to store length of the sensor list, patch by an anonymous silicon vendor contributor, r=mwu
9fdd1e53e1d06c28618b75af19784d2578eadd96Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 534992 - improve error reporting when cleanroot is not set - r=ted
98ca9bd48170aac6a183a165a57b28f05a41b4f5Joey Armstrong — bug 742391: split config/ - file batch #1
95def0230d0cdff26a9c4eb8d9be20127269e3b6Dave Townsend — Bug 733436: OSX resource forks on FAT disks cause problems installing and uninstalling add-ons. r=Unfocused
e428a3d95bcdafae76193a5eaa3033bcf4907ab9David Keeler — Bug 742753 - Click-to-play: activate only the clicked plugin. r=jaws
3b6bafa382f6f47a0e885846aabd8e57ca858f07Mats Palmgren — Bug 754480 - Remove PresShell members associated with mContentToScrollTo, put that data in a temporary content property instead. part=3/3 r=bz
f8d21660ac1decb2cbe59dfb2b00e401834da708Mats Palmgren — Bug 754480 - Sort members in size order. Use narrower types where possible. part=2/3 r=bz
91c4d2dc47d29d1f3027f56458710edaf6982573Mats Palmgren — Bug 754480 - Remove unused mDragService member. part=1/3 r=bz
2cfe33680b088817302c48d63581efc5c4cb37d7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 137450 - Fixed bug with end context not being included in HTML Format. r=bz
14e6675d74e4285f588c5152bdd15ff0525b562alwz — Bug 137450 - Problem copying and pasting a table from a web page to excel. r=bz
2e7bd3c9bbb5f328859f94f313d20913de4c9e22Jim Blandy — Bug 755778: Debugger.Environment.prototype.with should return "with" for 'with' statements' environments. r=jorendorff
d89ad0b19ebbb4a53354da11a7804db179bab432Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 755383 - Filter automatic bookmarks that are no longer supported in Native Fennec. r=blassey
19cfd6fb3c5718ff40da693888718b5feaf1748eBenoit Girard — Bug 755452 - Don't re-invalidate region to paint in BasicTiledLayerBuffer::PaintThebes. r=roc
460cc56982ecf002ef8950f7bbd91c6de080b335Chenxia Liu — Bug 750746 - Correct pairing instructions in Sync setup. r=rnewman
b697bb3d384689ab8ee5f87831dd1a4727e82347Saurabh Anand — Bug 732262 - Add toSource() and toString() methods to js-ctypes ABI objects. r=jorendorff.
8be72d70f108ef7fb49c41c48ee2887ea29a9511Jason Orendorff — Bug 752092 - Support building SpiderMonkey without JS_HAS_XML_SUPPORT. r=terrence.
3bdd2ce20e5237dc4759807191b51b157b8c7ff0Jason Orendorff — Bug 710479 - ASan reports invalid read in PopOffPrec. r=dmandelin.
d8f95bbf161b914a47b3dab4f1508fbd93dd9680Jason Orendorff — Bug 721497 - Assertion failure: compartment mismatched, at ../jscntxtinlines.h:153 with dumpStack. r=luke.
14a96dac6074f1fcd10e7a6779316ce127243557Vladimir Vukicevic — b=749426; don't use CreateSamplingRestrictedDrawable on mobile to avoid OOM; r=jrmuizel
cde3ca0e241102d548cb2fd40caa59c4435e732dOussama BADR — Bug 754230 - IA2::get_states should expose STATE_DEFUNCT if accessible is defunct, r=surkov
938102758ceaae7dcdca5bdeaa48337dcd0e7d9aPatrick McManus — Bug 755316 nullhttptransaciton based spdystream does not finish r=honzab
47512e66a12e1738f0197ef273e5bd8f755a143bPatrick McManus — bug 755174 spdysession::readsegments may not set reader without transaction r=honzab
ba73cb5eab6cc481f27bf1b760b6d528ffba4577Patrick McManus — Bug 755167 - spdysession::mConnection should not be nsHttpPipeline r=honzab
71f88d94779628a1a00cfd4ff36e3a93622132cfRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - build gawk. r=rail.
8f81652680777ff24e83a347fa544d839199f1dcRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 755338 - convert integer types in Telemetry.cpp. r=taras.
ff731bcba745dc28bc873b1e8c46d8342630f66aRail Aliiev — Bug 753501 - Add empty tooltool manifests to some platforms. r=ted
cdf1b1234957c80c41a7643f8cdac294f6c80a44Mounir Lamouri — Bug 755322 - No input type should be suffering from value missing when the element is not mutable. r=bz
bb8b085db9ee347bd67e3fb8fe72efb0fb470f46Mounir Lamouri — Bug 754141 (4/4) - Add AppsService.js and AppsService.manifest to's. r=vingtetun
4fd8a9d9aef8bbb946848fca095b81adaa67e375Mounir Lamouri — Bug 754141 (3/4) - Get the application object from an AppsService based on the manifest URL and save it on the window object. r=fabrice,jlebar
f6cd8c9e5f44e06575f634aac91cd09b3dd96d2dMounir Lamouri — Bug 754141 (2/4) - Add a SetApp() method that takes the manifest URL value. r=jlebar
dda070f5ce28569013cd9c4bef2e432c4585a71cMounir Lamouri — Bug 754141 (1/4) - Get the mozapp attribute value from the parent instead of its presence. r=jlebar
2ecf6383621b3c0e35d464d4909b634426dd2606Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
5ce3ff1a32a78e1bc4ae5e6fe35da608576f41caJonathan Watt — Bug 755247 - Have set to 0 so it initial loads about:blank. r=ted.
8bcad5a81a3dd6ad4cdd30240bc76df4d798dc5cJonathan Watt — Bug 755457 - Switch tests to using MozReftestInvalidate to avoid random failures. r=longsonr.
d5356ca734669fe85351fb26007168e52c1ca1f2Jonathan Watt — Bug 755056 - nsSVGForeignObjectFrame's mRect should include its x/y offset. r=longsonr.
8dc6d1111442f14fcc2a808e020c70b4d6a4bd29Jonathan Watt — Bug 754696 - Make nsSVGOuterSVGFrame call UpdateBounds on its children before calling FinishAndStoreOverflow. r=longsonr.
255b7fd26002432dcfa8dd36a9d6587876c5a9e4Jacek Caban — Bug 754582 - Fixed unused-result warnings in Windows-specific code r=benjamin
cf972dca5a8e91f678661bdef474124ec5025aadJacek Caban — Bug 755229 - Use YASM for libvpx on mingw builds r=khuey
55b4de9a4f537a284b51aba170b2f220557023ebMakoto Kato — Bug 753772 - [VC8 (SeaMonkey)] gfx/2d/Factory.cpp compilation fails since bug 732985 landed. r=bas
9915fc274c169c63853a4d4db8ff1de342892464Arjun — Bug 741474 - Intermittent failure of accessible/tree/test_img.html | Different amount of expected children, r=surkov
b7b7c790cc5e4dd05f498808c370d2fc5437dd1eTrevor Saunders — bug 693933 - make nsFrameSelection::GetSelection() return nsTypedSelection* r=smaug
4a3efede490432c1c9c49cb1d8f525c6210f49ebJeff Muizelaar — Bug 754364. Fix bustage from changing the wrong #if 0
80fa9af29d8ae67620e8bfd3306c8192c0e2d5b0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 754196. If ScrollToShowRect has no need to scroll, don't call ScrollTo, so pending smooth scrolls won't be interrupted. r=matspal
75840c5beb37e873322a0b564c6f4c72cdce85dcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 754556. Use ScrollToCSSPixels in nsScrollBoxObject::ScrollTo/ScrollBy. r=matspal
29dcc30b7ff5efce30f4123001ecf58668b58200Brian Birtles — Bug 720103 - Add test for create-delete cycles; r=dholbert
bf4213797281b66c4cc8f4c472d0bcf2b3a887aaJeff Muizelaar — Bug 754364. Add bilinear non-repeat and repeat fast paths. r=joe
503896a5e4e0f22686280971a34a45616c9d9250Justin Lebar — Bug 755320 - Make <iframe remote=true> work (the remote part should be ignored; it's just a normal iframe). r=smaug
34778b6d15ed362820c31010377011daf967a6dfJustin Lebar — Bug 755001 - Allow <iframe mozbrowser> to be explicitly in- or out-of-process. r=smaug
e493ce7639a3117baf534b50990660d8589c5464Kyle Huey — Back out bug 754142 due to bustage.
eea44303caab054540fb6ee9b165a264c83e6a7aKyle Huey — Fix magical text that appeared. r=me No Bug
5e462ce3cb42041ddb0776113a899e3eefdc89c0Ben Turner — Bug 747247: Fix assertions about null owners. r=khuey
cdfc4be453d6f072c76437b2b9f05cfa326f4e0fKyle Huey — Bug 754142: Don't install quota handlers on chrome databases. r=bent
65fb8b9ea0b702518cf63bae97fb703222ffa7b1Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
adddf0801b2b8dd06603e0ed2afe0460825b7abeThaddee Tyl — Bug 749278 - Rename Script Debugger to Debugger; r=rcampbell
0dd68ae47310cdba46eae2bfcfae87b2ded4451aGirish Sharma — Bug 755289 - Developer toolbar missing the cross in close button. r=paul
f1138c1b48cd40ee4d33fed2f7d92e03db9ce2fePaul Rouget — Bug 754834 - Developer tools missing tooltips. r=mratcliffe
e023620eff2563623f42c0347870002028f07d67Paul Rouget — Bug 747228 - [layout view] We should not use the animation when the layout view is opened on a non-user action. r=dcamp
d2e8c2ee67ae39e3839d148b54cdaaa64e44636aPaul Rouget — Bug 747224 - [layout view] handle the key events correctly. r=dcamp
0f08ab4dfcacd66d7697e4c8ad27a0e1bb01b650Joe Walker — Bug 750872 - Add yet more GCLI tests, this time for developer toolbar; r=robcee
64580a473317f82dbe2fb6350640902932232affJoe Walker — Bug 752906 - Fix GCLI memory cleanup issues found during Developer Toolbar memory work; r=dcamp
44fe4cd610171c3858120548fadcbbde6e69b3d7Joe Walker — Bug 729514 - GCLI needs a way to execute os level commands; r=dcamp
62b89a0b6af180a4cc845a8781cfe4fc61a0f39aJoe Walker — Bug 751120 - GCLI focusManager should remove slowTyping code that's commented out; r=dcamp
9cb840a343947ae24822efd2ac0792211c78d0d7Joe Walker — Bug 750318 - localization note and string ID change required for helpSearchManual in; r=dcamp,flod
cb193fb4d45ab03309612e69999a55ee9e62523dJoe Walker — Bug 748684 - GCLI shouldn't require removeCommand before addCommand; r=dcamp
5467d61f6e6e1fb83f6b19b3de78b184dc65e8ffJoe Walker — Bug 745172 - GCLI intro command should be promoted out of 'demo'; r=dcamp
1934b36b8a8d52d94a40ce2cbdc06d4072620a12Joe Walker — Bug 745741 - Find a way to get easy code coverage information on GCLI unit tests; r=dcamp
1e82a90aeee486ca6a05caaa6e4540a50c5fca0eJoe Walker — Bug 745904 - GCLI needs extra unit tests for recently added code; r=dcamp
b1292af5ecd3828604fae344c57f189301c8ff5cTim Taubert — Bug 754608 - Part 3 - add regression tests; r=dietrich
fa73740859cff5b1429ac6a22770a0fe87597466Tim Taubert — Bug 754608 - Part 2 - remove getXULDocument() from head.js and use the browser's XUL document; r=dao
a9e0c4e24451120c9c8eae1e1903cb2849859dffTim Taubert — Bug 754608 - Part 1 - don't capture thumbnails for privacy-sensitive pages; r=dao
ab8c08dfe9c4bbe9ea245a6ee011222e0c8de419Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 7a5807d68ddc (bug 682944)
7a5807d68ddc5597f4d87ba6742ad72d596c5149Frank Yan — Bug 682944 - Prevent snippets with iframes from breaking about:home. r=gavin
6aa19c67af2f1fe3878cb200953e5a64541f4ecaFrank Yan — Bug 738077 - Close tab when clicking tab close button in inactive window on OS X. r=gavin ui-r=boriss
bfc259be3fa25ec40c92665f48dddb9141bb889fEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c091809257d5bea3e56515a1be2fbbb1512f0d87Kyle Huey — Back out bug 703484 on this CLOSED TREE.
e032026e433c608bc9b64d33ea6202b37e948a9bKyle Huey — Back out bug 750746 on our death march to a green tree.
dad0e473e803a63d760b0c80ebc2294ccc8bf12cKyle Huey — Back out bug 753501 due to possible Talos bustage.
ec2594f42e9ed7ce408b9e5478a2c7f28fdb89bdJignesh Kakadiya — Bug 751493 - Move out combobox list logic from nsHTMLSelectListAccessible::NativeRole r=surkov
22f88d55b1998c45db31affac1675e0742bd185eBas Schouten — Bug 755591: Properly initialize mPermitSubpixelAA. r=jrmuizel
5cc2cbb8c43b7f2832b0ff4863a5ac4bb2973a41Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout df38ed62a24a (bug 754364) due to Windows red. a=CLOSED TREE
72349c11ceaae87dd746d5d2d8312e1424860c12Masayuki Nakano — Bug 753256 Use [NSEvent modifierFlags] or convert the result of GetCurrentKeyModifiers() to cocoa flags at getting current modifier state r=smichaud
85f164e9539850d2d430c1a1c7bc2ee50e0ffc7aBenoit Girard — Backout ab1cd425d884 for talos failures
bcc51230f9a7b2943d30e07d4b65e6587aeeed2aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound
a364004f3b4516053e673c77357fed3bb20e7ca7Geoff Brown — Bug 755324 - Avoid JNI leak in AndroidGLController::ProvideEGLSurface. r=kats
4c2e4d6846bd3f1aed48984791ba48c8df3bf526aceman — Bug 754573 - Remove Services.prefs.getBranch(null) occurrence in browser.xml. r=gavin
cf5a9fb656c47a0c4fa35bd391a8aa4b295b0577Till Schneidereit — Bug 754299 - Update gcMaxMallocBytes of existing compartments in JSRuntime::setGCMaxMallocBytes. r=billm
9c243c96abdf9d91fee5498aa9fcd4802377ae7aFrédéric Wang — Crashtest for bug 398038. r=karlt
a073a2fd27ec1cbe22cdb1c2f0358b588c517d3eFrédéric Wang — Bug 677036 - Unify parsing of length and mpadded attributes. r=karlt
df38ed62a24a266b4eaecd8660745d19608681d7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 754364. Add bilinear non-repeat and repeat fast paths. r=joe
0ad870ffec6149135e55e7f144485c8c933d3393Christian Holler — Bug 753135 - Add AddressSanitizer mozconfig files to the tree, r=catlee
5b580c92e98ac51950fbf0301fa7b173eab1cf1dKyle Huey — Bug 748467: Fix some dependencies for android fast packaging. r=ted
606f80ee71a41fa70d5721d57e225c7600fd197bMounir Lamouri — Follow from bug 754140: apply some review comments. r=jlebar
7765bdafab86b159922a0646c4c131bdb6c54addSteve Fink — Bug 723712 - Test for !isCachedEval assertion failure. r=test
4d37395000a7e002eb1741b8ce0f3909ba85f9c8Steve Fink — Bug 723712 - Allow entering a compartment with a cached eval script. r=jorendorff
755d652c481f009db0657bd9c98fda92878d9f8dSteve Fink — Bug 751398 - Make jsdService participate in cycle collection for all of its hooks. r=khuey
ab1cd425d884a2d1f856dd25b2ad97bdbc830f69Benoit Girard — Bug 755452 - Don't re-invalidate region to paint in BasicTiledLayerBuffer::PaintThebes. r=roc
e9d5cc8e455944e910e57c3f03486e9c7de23815David Burns — Bug 754278 - Support floats in executeScript arguments, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
7b425021598ed7a1f6915b100390d145ce7846f4Matt Brubeck — Bug 752681 (followup) - Remove a line that was accidentally missed so the next Aurora won't break
4c6b302a313d783f03ffb34150026d994194984fMarco Castelluccio — Bug 703484 - Allow OMTC to be used with basic layers. r=bgirard
cce5bc78a9a0f4f73e2f3a33325026c9599f4fecNicolas Silva — Bug 751163 - Release ShadowImageLayerOGL's YUV textures in ShadowImageLayerOGL::CleanupResources. r=bgirard
bff01f1a1dafb6c0b7db2d6d591a8139ef66767aEric Chou — Bug 755190 - Enabling b2g bluetooth will lead to system crash, r=qDot
cc5f0be4371cfd4983976091b688b0bf771bbe94Andrew Hurle — Bug 754912 - Remove typo from license.html. r=MattN
cdbc3312ae802ef3f9807091844894554394b922Benoit Jacob — Bug 754426 - get screen depth from the main thread, expose it to other threads via gfxAndroidPlatform - r=joe
9a5c5f2202fc71a7a25334c208502df24ebfe1a0Chenxia Liu — Bug 750746 - Correct pairing instructions in Sync setup. r=rnewman
8ffae46336ed8c0cc6c48d461c212b501d5e6265Rail Aliiev — Bug 753501 - Add empty tooltool manifests to some platforms. r=ted DONTBUILD
095eef67ec7baa978791459ce71e432f9653aa43Boris Zbarsky — Bug 754457. Disallow copy-construction of ErrorResult, so it can only be passed by reference, not by value. r=peterv
a23d7ab147321ae42dcd8565172cca9ea4c07ad8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 748267 part 3. Codegen for sequence return values. r=peterv
7ba14e6312eaaae329e5c0d74b5635db8962e029Boris Zbarsky — Bug 748267 part 2. Implement codegen for dealing with sequence arguments. r=peterv
7ab9330f8337c6b3fbf25ecd571d136f40486a76Boris Zbarsky — Bug 748267 part 1. Refactor js-to-native conversion to make it not assume it's only happening on stack arguments. r=peterv
3ddb91b3b3aede00eee3dc33e84cdc49dd4df935Chenxia Liu — Bug 752995 - J-PAKE code is not accessible. r=rnewman
7fe9ee19f09f43d1853974904e29aed59ac204a3Chenxia Liu — Bug 742111 - J-PAKE text entry boxes not focused in Pair a Device. r=rnewman
db9b1d2966d79773762f353cf8ab0c4a58db2c9eNick Alexander — Bug 752514 - Fix comment in SyncAccounts. r=rnewman
836e451c8b772209ca0e385147579dfb393add88Jared Wein — Bug 754133 - Set the background of standalone images to white. r=bz
f24cb2b6f8f9fb122ab739cc17e0082bf1d5ccc0Eitan Isaacson — Bug 753076 - Allow d-pad keys interoperate with text entry as well as virtual cursor. r=davidb
d124a9678e939f7bf95d71c05c6a0f71fd2e751bEd Morley — Backout f177646e2aa2 (bug 755320), 1bae327de007 (bug 755001) for test_browserFrame7.html M3 failures
60e143614688e3f629ccbe6b19fc11599ee9230dAndrew McCreight — Bug 701415 - Enable GC tracing info in opt builds. r=billm
d77e3cf5a16267907da026372e0e8c3981069945Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 8/8 - move CheckedInt to MFBT, enable unit tests in mfbt/tests - r=jwalden
7f0993afd9ea64d5b6e27a1e03221377d2ff1515Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 7/8 - CheckedInt pre-move-to-MFBT fixes - r=jwalden
6090d964a0d5c853fa97b4f0f5d4f55b6bde682bBenoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 6/8 - switch CheckedInt to consistently using bool - r=jwalden
2d03e3abb91449c110751af36fd3bb3e39b0a127Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 5/8 - update CheckedInt docs - r=jwalden
6bb70043741da78da8873ac94368d43e99a7b3ecBenoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 4/8 - CheckedInt: make nonstandard features optional - r=jwalden
61112d1960e02ce2d1c2bfade4db5d64392f189cBenoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 3/8 - update CheckedInt typedefs - r=jwalden
2f1323b97d45af9db1bed257d440f475a14b3204Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 2/8 - Let CheckedInt support the 3 families of integer types: stdint, standard integer types, and PR types - r=jwalden
cdbeabb22b03e274bf663ee049bf11a319dbc2d4Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 1/8 - switch CheckedInt to support stdint types instead of PR int types - r=jwalden
2894e42bc18bf3f1f4bb06455181e29a2cf480a4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 749384 - Notify PZC of some events before the touchevent listeners deal with it so that we remain responsive. r=wesj
2bc37f6fcb44961c8547a389ee3463f8a1bd883bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 749384 - Store the PZC instead of the LayerController. r=wesj
f3f7531f6fa324faabd47c7972ccc23e083cb9eeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 749384 - Hardcode the touch event timeout to 200ms. r=wesj
e856af32e7bf7152585f6249e326134621c1bd4bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
32af9f0b6d2acbb8538ec1ca1d021d32219d35caGregory Szorc — Bug 754436 - Move xpcshell protocol handler registration into standalone function; r=ted
a7f6c4236bbb50f40ef9ea0201b2eaa2f96fdc63Ed Morley — Backout 85eb1308f976 & 09da30d622c0 (bug 728893) until the test is ready to land
f177646e2aa2f6c29fc17af143d671109cf42ba8Justin Lebar — Bug 755320 - Make <iframe remote=true> work (the remote part should be ignored; it's just a normal iframe). r=smaug
1bae327de00725506e5fbc052738f374da09c25aJustin Lebar — Bug 755001 - Allow <iframe mozbrowser> to be explicitly in- or out-of-process. r=smaug
f7c93830e858cbb284842c078ff0470d0e4a867bJoey Armstrong — bug 751167: replace FORCE with makefile dependencies r=ted
3ce1f1bf0cfe9dcf799d0aee6ca207419713798bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 754894 - Catalog sheet code is broken at least in unpackaged build. r=bz
d9b3e6d2e0acc13de8d103bf0d78c3c8b42ced59Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 755267 - Make sure history is set as migrated when done. r=mfinkle
32913047a915deb35c31dd04ce2cef02aab7f4baChris AtLee — Bug 755067: merge in build-system changes to inbound r=ted
61e99099ba4e3bb42bbe100ad9a451b4515f8806Chris AtLee — merge in latest m-c to b-s
a0cca6997af4cc4ce62dafe1260b7dae5231e891Chris AtLee — Bug 753132: Update mozconfig for doing 32-bit builds on 64-bit machines. r=ted
10eafc58701edf95c481b555534add4e4545c8cbChris AtLee — merge tip of m-c to b-s
1fa9224072772a3fcd78c0b7040725c64c89a70eJohn Ford — merge tip of m-c to b-s
276c1d451f64a597de3ed6bca54de4a28c6cf70dJohn Ford — merge tip of m-c to b-s
8f1bda1b83dbe6c58f8a15968f103c1c94839be5John Ford — merge tip of m-c to b-s
362069f80616fd18d28d800302f858f36065e8d4John Ford — merge m-c to b-s
71e7824b9fe68700412384a882f86f8cf79004baJohn Ford — bug 720027 - add whitespace to mozconfig. really just to trigger builds
11c52312cbce93375776ef61f6fce808f04a53f8John Ford — bug 720027 - modify mozconfigs to support fast building on Lion r=ted
c14773057d577bedea2ce5df56685ee3fae0cb2eBas Schouten — Bug 717393 - Part 5: Permit subpixel AA for transparent surfaces. r=roc
c6be2987c6ec193ab5302cea671cd2306563f757Bas Schouten — Bug 717393 - Part 4: Add code for drawing subpixel AA to transparent surfaces. r=jrmuizel
4678c61c897497c128bd11ebad8168cc5b74e13aBas Schouten — Bug 717393 - Part 3: Cache ClippedGeometry for D2D Azure backend. r=jrmuizel
9d3b467dcd3e27e29d4fc253c65f2fc8e6183091Bas Schouten — Bug 717393 - Part 2: Refactor clip management and add ClippedMask texture. r=jrmuizel
4ea09dad0f1a323eae73ce360efd4b1f23d09f2aBas Schouten — Bug 717393 - Part 1: Add helper for creating DWriteGlyphRuns. r=jrmuizel
00927678a3c4853a7b26b5cac6dcde0e58750e02Bas Schouten — Bug 754751: Fix GetClippedGeometry to work with rectangular clips. r=jrmuizel
52319ad3cf6b82fa0ffa39b88a75c385ff2e9254Honza Bambas — Bug 753790 - define hypotf as _hypotf in gfx/2d/Tools.h when building with MSCV9 or older+include emmintrin.h in ImageScalingSSE2.cpp, r=bas
d16947d62333bd98375507534e1e527278671b2fHonza Bambas — Bug 621446 - Crash [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::RecvRedirect2Verify ], r=jduell
85eb1308f976c138c1d0c25da5e7d732c1f1221bRyan VanderMeulen — Disable test for bug 728893
de94a42610a81b3d3d967b10c4807a8013173916Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - Do a 3 step bootstrap. r=rail.
e1fcace4621d6a1a05576c29d2765a8cfe6236bcOleg Romashin — Bug 754866 - Make mozilla.widget.disable-native-theme export shared bool across widgets. r=roc
09da30d622c013332a84261a3b7b2819c09dc8feDiogo Golovanevsky Monteiro — Bug 728893 - Allow mochitest iframe to go fullscreen. r=ctalbert
7da36f8c159a1c7eab74063c0c620863c4ed9580Paul Adenot — Bug 599217 - WebM buffered: should use duration for end time of last buffered range. r=kinetik
b15a3c5dd0e6abab3098e1134f827aaae2a6a74bPaul Adenot — Bug 449363 - Support media attribute of <source> elements. r=cpearce,bz
975f2617b6392812e8d05e0b92433001c894ccf7Jacek Caban — Bug 754797 - libopus fails to compile on mingw - r=rillian
26fd69b1eec36115eaabf1ff62de10d5099b492fJacek Caban — Bug 754795 - OSFileConstants.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64 r=dteller
cc922c578838df1443215b984171890952c52187Blake Kaplan — Merge backout of patch for bug 682305 which landed with the wrong bug # in the comment.
880e0d0a902d20226d50681e6f195b5eb34f0e46Alexandre Poirot — Bug 682305 - nsXMLHttpRequest::Send fails with mChannel being implemented in JS. r=sicking
e11535eac7475ee77b5c5d57d499b7f12a39f8ebBlake Kaplan — Backed out changeset ad106d37ee43. The bug number in the changeset was wrong.
dd3c873674fc4b6254fa7648201d2bf8a507e497Matt Woodrow — bug 750334 - rotating image appears too big during transition, then snaps to correct size r=roc
ad106d37ee4376b35a7feb9ec4566ebeb619e996Alexandre Poirot — Bug 736046 - nsXMLHttpRequest::Send fails with mChannel being implemented in JS r=sicking
c00a9c1940c5a9f48a06e4ab7f0222a5a49de7e1Till Schneidereit — Change nsXPConnect::CheckForDebugMode to trigger one multi-compartment GC instead of individual GCs for all compartments, to fix GC pauses when switching tabs with Firebug. Bug 754201, r=jorendorff, r=sfink.
5c90425ab44ea3d066472a0c944531441945f0d7Patrick McManus — Bug 755467 SpdySession::RestrictConnections() should use conn->EverUsedSpdy() r=honzab
00c7a320165bb5cbf9f5c195d042d83b615e56c4Mike Hommey — Bug 755277 - Avoid duplicate rules after bug 748001. r=ted
d88acaf7367503b4e51cee3faef32c46bc4b94daMike Hommey — Bug 755206 - Use ANDROID_SERIAL for make install when defined. r=mfinkle
ad167725cba53d6d5ccce4d10a585d26c1574530Mike Hommey — Bug 741348 - Work around crashreporter client build failure with gcc 4.7. r=ted
8fe7cd8939a0bc76f5bac720972b9c398d09c6b5Gregory Szorc — Merge services-central into mozilla-central
32694ba93e062cdcfef8870a27130900f0ee87beRaymond Lee — Bug 721283 - TPS driver should unload observers on exit r=gps
9081fd136c430ccea66aaa76eccb97670ca6882eGregory Szorc — Merge m-c into s-c
2ced009d1831af4978a1471cbee75a3b8e1269c3Gregory Szorc — Bug 753515 - Move json{Load,Save} from services-sync into services-common; r=mconnor
20b3248bc417afec57ff880e96b9a3e182b3cc0fDão Gottwald — merge backout
dec88052cb7f0814455dc889b4e70b6deaa3cb58Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset a39b32ce55d1
3240475004f407bcba3e5cb77aaf7bdaefa89b44Serge Gautherie — Bug 632408. (Bv1) Improve newer test code some more. r=roc.
b69d000b726a5d7261b69f1de1a10b4d356ff53cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 753249 (part 6) - Remove TCF_GENEXP_LAMBDA from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
6beadc18515b9ced94f6a7f67edbc3e7e76b9224Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 753249 (part 5) - Simplify use of TCF_GENEXP_LAMBDA in FoldConstants. r=luke.
56df36472731f4f9afd309cb51a3fbe9e52eea47Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 753249 (part 4) - Remove TCF_HAS_SINGLETONS from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
8fdcdc40cb85cbcc3dbc5ce13efc6bb58755756fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 753249 (part 3) - Remove TCF_IN_WITH from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
3f8e5a401ea0121f6b38d00a044e0c7df49b078bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 753249 (part 2) - Remove TCF_IN_FOR_INIT from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
9ef220baee5e6201ed67d53a6cecbf2ac1558f9fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 753249 (part 1) - Remove TCF_IN_FUNCTION from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
3bd87d01b52eede7e2b364fa0904f58cdaabe25eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 754556. Ensure that setting scroll positions in CSS pixels doesn't unexpectedly move the scroll position, especially not in the wrong direction. r=matspal
fd46ba61db576c896ddcc4b2b8a38ac85e9b25fcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 750769. Add more logging. r=cpearce
8475fd783b858be663ecaab50c70b50976fb1a07Robert O'Callahan — Bug 750769. Clarify that mNextState can only be PLAY_STATE_PAUSED or PLAY_STATE_PLAYING. r=cpearce
f91162904ffca1beba2d2220046221bcc0dfbcf9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 750769. Clarify thread-safety guarantees around mPlayState and mNextState. r=cpearce
2b809c95bd215b587d9be4d22d4f8ea428e7b652Mike Hommey — Bug 751814 - Various Skia fixes for ARM without EDSP and ARMv6+. r=derf
835cdc6f333f2cdaf2c2ad15ce22e6e27f29c38bMike Hommey — Bug 754557 - Fix building with --enable-methodjit-spew without --enable-debug. r=dmandelin
43cc6c43f79cb5163565b18cbb6e53b9b7ef8acfMike Hommey — Bug 748001 - Use explicit targets for object files. r=ted
e840ffbba8d1ae08a1fd6e605d9d67ae49f608f8Mook — Bug 485255 - Add path prefix handler to nsIHttpServer; r=biesi
9a50d404f14b298fdda7af6affadf502c9a797f7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 755172. Add MOZ_FINAL to a bunch of idb classes. r=khuey
9b064f0ec4f879265c4615567a7d87c7a5c3e44fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 754872. Avoid using two passes to draw glyphs on mobile. r=joe
6e921e933c2b90410e55ad265b229e8a24f1b6ceMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
0507b653aa2fd4ea506bc7ec2e2f6e042d651477Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 752816 (part 3) - Remove TCF_COMPILE_N_GO from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
a255fc97aa050b8cd77092116593e7fb852facf2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 752816 (part 2) - Remove TCF_{NO_SCRIPT_RVAL,NEED_SCRIPT_GLOBAL} from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
88f2ecef3c5727d8628cc9b53a8a92c13720e6f1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 752816 (part 1) - Remove TCF_COMPILE_FOR_EVAL from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
f03005c659821a65cd48cbf481146f7fcf5b1f9bYoshi Huang — Bug 754777 - B2G RIL: Add a Helper to read String delimiters. r=philikon
b351bb34089f3f5cfd009d03ecd009b13e33ae13Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 749794 - B2G telephony: need to reset audio state when phone call ends. r=philikon
e002bf20e8b38039e1beb2f6aa952df6c97b3023Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 746496 - B2G telephony: update the audio system for incoming calls and holding calls. r=philikon
ddf0744de30ad7f67c5de68f15009ceba2d6be8fPrice Tseng — Bug 717462 - WebTelephony: notify errors. r=philikon
f6c43ace1393bc8382720a9ba478f78c6d6c40f8Price Tseng — Bug 712944 - B2G telephony: ensure error scenarios are covered. r=philikon
c36aa0f1c43ec7a8c8ac6970ab8f349e3104ab38Vicamo Yang — Bug 753012 - B2G SMS: wrong calculated encoding value for dcs = 0xF?. r=philikon
fd33193a30636379f38b197842571f5fa384680cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 290735 - When launching a file use download path as working directory. r=jimm
672f5159bcddfe7cdfaf1b14cae741d90b563210Matt Brubeck — Bug 752681 - Make official XUL Fennec builds install on xlarge tablets only [r=blassey]
080eca3e7be969cb30afb2794f3a7d224ad643f4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 752793 (part 3) - Remove TCF_DECL_DESTRUCTURING from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
97eac5652174965283d3abbf09b62ec77699ebf7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 752793 (part 2) - Remove TCF_HAS_FUNCTION_STMT from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
57a6e886c44b75b9c01a408b5206dd98ffb9482eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 752793 (part 1) - Remove TCF_RETURN_{EXPR,VOID} from TreeContextFlags. r=luke.
eadef7d76892bdc5dd94e3155e6f4f0f4052183dRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 449229be3db1 (bug 749455) to fix reftest failures. r=TrySchmy
ee66329e548a72379e069b28b48603c066449e0cPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 714172 - Change fullscreen menu for Lion [r=gavin]
984d745ceda7146930ff1324a4d5dd012cffbc2eTim Abraldes — bug 753123. Use wide-string versions of Windows API calls to make redit.exe work with unicode file paths. Also updates redit to scopeguard its resources. r=jimm
793a4423093f14d189f4e01dadee698e59b056beEhsan Akhgari — Bug 696229 - Adjust the hint correctly while drawing the caret for drag/drop so that it gets attached to the beginning of the lines correctly; r=roc
bf06b5b0a96b5a1c23e7f9546dfc1e21ee7f2d17Terrence Cole — Bug 737640 - Missing barriers in makeOwnBaseShape; r=bhackett
f8305c48063eea004f1bb729c1bb32a4035dbb8bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 752758 - Separate TreeContext and BytecodeEmitter. r=bhackett.
78ab86f1888785c4d300caed349d4ba1e4308838Nicholas Cameron — Bug 754488 - Fix warning in FrameLayerBuilder.cpp. r=dholbert
6f2a97b9cc7f5dc5b94f457d00e97756727024b2William Lachance — Bug 754305 - SUTAgent should always print ipv4 address. r=jmaher
0623ff91509e5dff43efd42ca5f5df4c41b8be4fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 754138 - Prevent Rect.h warning spam. r=roc
14abca4e7378008596048ca25f106f63d8ea0965Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu — Bug 752230 - Disallow control characters above 0x7e in CSS unquoted url() tokenization. r=dbaron
3e76cfc8fc996c89d59edc6f563b53b7fddb3cabGeoff Brown — Bug 751158 - Add tcheckerboard3 Robocop/Talos test. r=jmaher
449229be3db1a791f990d707f4b7bf9aed2e8477David Keeler — Bug 749455 - Use mContentType for click-to-play plugins in nsObjectLoadingContent::OnStartRequest. r=josh
1b94dc0ad1c2f632d21ef65c65aee25f122fcae8Paul ADENOT — Bug 743720 - Import Speex's audio resampler in the tree. r=kinetik, khuey
80c519a2d293c4be7b05ae71f0863e251df7cba5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 754286 - Add null checks to AweseomeBar context menu. r=mfinkle
a0438a35c1ebdb9643aad0a0a8f5b35975fb0346Matt Brubeck — Bug 754947 - Use the default search engine for keyword.URL searches in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
b776bb82fb4aad654dfffeaacbb00f0a3ee72375Brian Nicholson — Bug 753625 - Use tri-state session restore flag. r=mfinkle
bdd1e7c3335843180fe0fbac85b556661ac7beb0Jason Duell — Bug 737164 - Make ReadInputStreamToString fallible. r=bsmedberg
b5bef2ea3fd986eafc486f2fe61ee8cb13ab7b73Bobby Holley — Bug 754311 - Null out the private of soon-to-be-transplanted reflectors _after_ copying their properties onto the holder. r=mrbkap
59f29fffe03f6b33c8204d0d34971ec54a3d0c7cBobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Remove manual injection of same-compartment security wrappers, and make sure to call JS_Wrap* instead. r=mrbkap
dbe0dd2660656a46ecfac1b012603777d7dd9948Bobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Apply same-compartment security wrappers in same-compartment wrapping callback. r=mrbkap
5567ff3506aece123b63ed1b2c14f8db3891b7dcBobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Introduce sameCompartmentWrapObjectCallback. r=mrbkap
e4fcbb84474f1d52ae0d82d240faf4beb5c7d4c7Bobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Simplify the logic surrounding the prewrap callback in jscompartment.cpp. r=mrbkap
3be962df706a120f51b0350cd7b84e396cdd64f4Bobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Alter the semantics of UnwrapObject{,Checked} to check for outer windows on the initial wrapper passed. r=mrbkap
e66591a43a5bd1772ee87dab8f84ab086503a1e0Bobby Holley — Bug 754044 - Pass stopAtOuter=false in GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject, because that's what we mean. r=mrbkap
0febfcd8f16c409fccc55e9f761f0035bba372bfEitan Isaacson — Bug 753859 - Added description to toolbar tabs button. r=mfinkle, r=sriram
5a911d6449b14cbf58ba375580e05efc406bc481Eitan Isaacson — Bug 752127 - Provide names to all functions that are not in-line. Remove some dumps, wrap some lines. r=davidb
58991e7a4aafb68f7dedfdcfc004d6d731dee48bEitan Isaacson — Bug 753093 - Fix crasher when virtual cursor's position becomes defunct and a move method is called. r=surkov
89be81f8a5c7ca34c9901012aaa59e45a57ff14cMounir Lamouri — Bug 754046 - Fix "ASSERTION: mRequiredRadioCount about to wrap below 0!". r=bz
4658a6aa237eccab7712fe2522f3abec8c482b48Jared Wein — Bug 747083 - Update the identity icons to have a darker lock icon for HTTPS and greener lock icon for HTTPS+EV. r=felipe
18b2a189a84d7afd1f6b0601ff12212999501dbbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 753880 - Marquee aweseome tab strings if they are too long. r=mfinkle
8c0f00a6a12ffb62a7498033337d739070e11d1fMats Palmgren — Bug 749935 - Make all nsRect Union methods saturating. If width/height overflows nscoord_MAX then clamp the x/y to nscoord_MIN / 2 and try again. r=roc
565d109294a939be3cd07576d285ee1b6d262b17Mats Palmgren — Bug 688897 - Add MozReftestInvalidate handler to fix orange. r=jmuizelaar
ff13f71571591493b19c29ddae3403a33c7f0686Dave Townsend — Bug 744833: Rebuild the bootstrapped add-ons list when the profile moves to a different directory. r=Unfocused
3f7291bc4efc003964fb98b1390019771042f3acEd Morley — Backout 345ae68f15f4, b3b40121ac8d, 0d18b7a246d7, 9dbb6064ab58, dee9d7fa8eb6, 63eec6bfa948, 323c6be7cfe8 & f4aac7523a48 (bug 732875) for compilation failures
345ae68f15f4bbd6f0a669f8d8bba0fe2fa6889aBenoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 8/8 - move CheckedInt to MFBT, enable unit tests in mfbt/tests - r=jwalden
b3b40121ac8d37fe03708c570c7458126fe3228dBenoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 7/8 - CheckedInt pre-move-to-MFBT fixes - r=jwalden
0d18b7a246d767abbd7e96cfe98d36bfa4a367f7Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 6/8 - switch CheckedInt to consistently using bool - r=jwalden
9dbb6064ab58de874916c68d0e9174357e2add17Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 5/8 - update CheckedInt docs - r=jwalden
dee9d7fa8eb66905d676c0d5fdafc0c466d5d2d8Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 4/8 - CheckedInt: make nonstandard features optional - r=jwalden
63eec6bfa948d4fe13af3b7a117c70cff5a10250Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 3/8 - update CheckedInt typedefs - r=jwalden
323c6be7cfe80e631c32166e946f6113041e2940Benoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 2/8 - Let CheckedInt support the 3 families of integer types: stdint, standard integer types, and PR types - r=jwalden
f4aac7523a48dde05af335ebe746b3bbc963cf1fBenoit Jacob — Bug 732875 - 1/8 - switch CheckedInt to support stdint types instead of PR int types - r=jwalden
b6ce798849663a142e0ad133db8d38bb2f3f23f5Luke Wagner — Bug 752379 - ContextStack::pushExecuteFrame should read the most recent 'fp' (r=bhackett)
984073312d578c6c2781feb53cb3bf3052c164f6Luke Wagner — Bug 754503 - JSOP_SETALIASEDVAR should be JOF_DETECTING (r=bhackett)
ba1c1a993a3304805c2056ad69d61f56db711dc2Gavin Sharp — Bug 748967: disable non-profile install locations for add-ons for the Web app runtime, r=myk
1541548bee2110e374a6911058ac566ac32b3056Gavin Sharp — Bug 748389: consolidate Mac bundle identifier logic in configure, and use it to specify the Mac bundle ID of the installing app in installed web apps' bundles, r=ted, r=felipe
c0be912b90b4c917f6043c01ef309bb5efcd70c9Gavin Sharp — Bug 748389: add buildID to the CFBundleVersion field in our Info.plist so that Mac OS X can differentiate different Firefox builds when launching webapprt, r=ted, r=felipe, r=dwalkowski, feedback=smichaud
f597b823f6e4be3d465a83ff6994948e6fcd975cGavin Sharp — Bug 747990 part 2: make use of UAName attribute to have the web app runtime use the associated application's UA string, r=myk
6fcc82582c2e29f7a2c0764bcfa350fe467500a2Gavin Sharp — Bug 747990: Add ability to specify the "application name" used in the user agent in application.ini, r=bsmedberg
35365a9750f321aed82e6c8dd26a73f47450bcc6Patrick McManus — bug 726366 part 2 - fix tunnel spdy over http proxy initial settings race r=honzab
90ef8e055139dd29bb37482e69fdb601d022c6bePatrick McManus — bug 752648 - fix regression with restarting due to tls intolerance r=honzab
d0f6caf941d106a9ccab935b8f4069b99e121afdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 752172 - (Part 2) Protect against null selected tab in SiteIdentityPopup. r=mfinkle
a02adac1eaf3b406b488ab8380f26f6176db6d13Margaret Leibovic — Bug 671131 - (Part 2) Make observer to update history tab when history item is removed. r=bnicholson
95dfc63ba18159ad3a57694e5e68a617c3f1610eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 671131 - Add a way to remove history entries from the awesome screen. r=mfinkle
4b199744d601e662eba52008340e44bc0cccd3d7Paolo Amadini — Bug 739213 - Kill AddPageWithDetails. r=mak
d030e76e9ed3f51c8c1e13da0067cf989cf192d0Paolo Amadini — Bug 748562 - Kill AddPageWithDetails, in Sync. r=rnewman
0c78207fc93fc690b4b8c6d3a5f6a9e064913298Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
92317d7fe1ee65695f5af9e60cfba27226d68e15Tim Taubert — Bug 753755 - [Page Thumbnails] Disabling thumbnails should not create empty folders; r=dietrich
470fddafc49b0b5e1d73352a16105fdd0b2a266cTim Taubert — Bug 752409 - Intermittent browser/browser/components/thumbnails/test/browser_thumbnails_storage.js; r=dietrich
9d7a4b137c06b4a84dc1ff210811c35ef427c3b6Tim Taubert — Bug 753815 - Intermittent INFO | | Received unexpected exception while running application; r=ted
06438370bd3f6f4a53d5d7464c52b280a30877bdTim Taubert — Bug 745303 - remove leftover test/browser_tabview_storage_policy.js; r=me
3ab55d40ecd4059e5a3a638eac85844806923729Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
b001da365ab72215b99d66938f4cc217f9c938e9Matt Brubeck — Bug 754759 [leave open] - Mark 752226-1.html or 752226-2.html as asserting randomly [r=Ms2ger]
92469330d9396a9fdafeab3041d2e85b8a3a796bAndrew McCreight — Bug 754151 - add macros for basic wrappercached cycle collected classes. r=smaug
de6d19899b89e0013d3244f63e93ca78a97cebfeMike Conley — Bug 754432 - Let Thunderbird have access to ContactService.jsm and ContactDB.jsm. r=fabrice.
6678097e44e5e216800066c0460e47daf725e2e0Bobby Holley — Bug 753277 - Assert that all cross-scope wrapper reparenting operations are cross-compartment, and remove the conditional. r=mrbkap
86ce1810ab6fa0e7d0c120934190cfd39819889aBobby Holley — Bug 753277 - Rename tobj to wrapperGuts, and avoid going through the SCSW on the other side unnecessarily. r=mrbkap
2330abd18337078dbb27b5569e4043ae66dbd1adBobby Holley — Bug 753277 - Rename |obj| to |newWrapper| in js_TransplantObjectWithWrapper. r=mrbkap
d3af846d8bc94911c7646ad75110600b1edb5fe6Bobby Holley — Bug 753277 - Make js_TransplantObjectWithWrapper use RemapWrappers. r=mrbkap
2d846fdb9ddc1462bf308b3ccd1e16b0b5bd55eaBobby Holley — Bug 753277 - Rename |obj| to |newIdentity| in JS_TransplantObject. r=mrbkap
a8bdf03151307b5e0c00fe7e18ffbb3d79a4525eBobby Holley — Bug 753277 - Factor out CCW remapping from JS_TransplantObject and add comments. r=mrbkap
32209138048c13b1b9767f908ead9d024c5ce275Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 754453 - BrowserProvider insert failures are silent. r=blassey
ec19a7304528ca32a7eeb2c7fff2da3ab2d4697eJet Villegas — Bug 752918 - Convert expensive SVG masks to clip-paths. r=dao
3eab6ea2534241bb6b01ac1d16cad602baa87c88Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 623155 - Use LOCATION_CHANGE_ERROR_PAGE to identify error page loads. r=dao
ffd727fd9d5b641c19e2e33db895b845a2a72903Oleg Romashin — Bug 754489 - Qt port does not need linking with glib. r=glandium
6309cc2b328d2c7370a5475eaa1a873ca56df1ddDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 754209 - ifdefing away some constants when building with VC9. r=neil
7c26918aba8781038444172309b8513459d78386OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 754653 - Fix typo. r=dao
cf84757bce4ba0212586981218341967c21e82d8Alexander Surkov — Bug 754627 - GetBounds on bullet return wrong values, r=tbsaunde, roc
e86f6414b63e3c35da284c443501f47e4c133380Mark Finkle — Bug 754415 - Twitter search uses the wrong URL r=bnicholson
498d2784a240243e991e1b5f12c33a6657b6520fKyle Huey — Bug 725499. r=bent
3bd6844f2898d2c83bf64ab68fa2626b73adcd5fMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 754625. r=ted
9e5b25074f9fd76c4095e5cf9518ee6cc16e45baMike Hommey — Bug 754625 - Use idl-parser from $(LIBXUL_DIST)/sdk/bin and only remove lex and yacc files in --regen. r=khuey
2b84084855c38856cc500bd6138d5e3c21073147Jeff Hammel — Bug 754392 - deploy new to fix tp5 responsiveness regressions on windows. r=jmaher
3f76065955a91bfe9a1cb4b9d39837b741d3a997Joel Maher — Bug 754001 - random-if r3 failures so we can unhide the tests. r=jrmuizel
ac968ff4fe413b5078a900363d091cc5aee6e2e6Bill McCloskey — Backout incremental GC (bug 735099) for tinderbox crashes (r=orange)
658391fe57ebd9fa223aa51b4d4659e246f83be4Matt Brubeck — Bug 754637 - Don't zoom in to list items or blockquotes on double-tap [r=mfinkle]
5fbb80b8e84f12e4af6b8694b42b45a01959026bMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
2eaba70259bf3b5d2c9c3cf0ae41245a719a5496Ms2ger — Bug 752226 - Tests. r=evilpie
366ab61b0af74eba87742c3495c32bda388f5cb6Tom Schuster — Bug 752226 - Remove any use of JSVAL_IS_OBJECT. r=luke,Ms2ger
3e0f7b9a39d7300abf1e3bb048e8c17b9db0c0b4Benoit Jacob — Back out patches from bug 749678, except for the include guards - no review, fix regression (Bug 753350)
f77082549e0e87febe9e6b7116c4c514272de4a3Jared Wein — Bug 752228 - Add null check for overlay in case the element is display:none when the PluginClickToPlay event is handled. r=felipe
a39b32ce55d197f239e7b4295e8d629d48ab73d1Jared Wein — Bug 751444 - The About dialog should have visual indications of keyboard navigation. r=felipe
3cf3f6ba83bf18f745392a67532a21949dd95b1bBenoit Jacob — Bug 754056 - call ReadUnlock() before replacing tiles - r=bgirard
c02ce3b34b49a03012c1bf0e64f67d73be9ca99aMark Capella — Bug 748719 - put ApplicationAccessible class into mozilla::a11y namespace, r=surkov, f=hub
59efb49ea4359855b9bcad98c4f357f3c2ba323fBas Schouten — Bug 753835: Clip to mask image rather than relying on EXTEND_NONE. r=roc
94cab3afbf9bd20406b80fc25924e01c430a3d33David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 747872 - Exporting Win constants to JS. r=khuey
c216e50bdc0d7420b678bbf71dabd2e6baa87e82Raymond Lee — Bug 753308 - Call openUILink with named parameters. r=dao
d61928d439b4e9335f3bd1464ed9bf3a219129b8Siarhei Siamashka — Bug 754364. pixman: Add scaled nearest repeat fast paths. r=jrmuizel
c758cc9b60e5d662c2d8b72f5bd4634baa3f327eTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
6d1fa04418301095fa8cc225ed549146444139deMihai Sucan — Bug 673148 - (async-webconsole) Part 2 - Make script and style errors async; r=rcampbell,felipc
53d47b23009b316abe9e3f3a7b81b93e12fa109bMihai Sucan — Bug 673148 - (async-webconsole) Part 1 - Make console API async; r=rcampbell,felipc
5df4715393420c97b2b32caac032aff02f5e8978Mihai Sucan — Bug 673148 - (async-webconsole) Fix nsFrameMessageManager crasher; r=smaug
06ff01938bfa343a1970b33657988ead55075673Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
c5023518db2f092fc7320f530ee4c33c9778e751Honza Bambas — Bug 748240 - view-source: doesn't load HTML from AppCache, r=bz
edf797d10aa0efc629aeebc3f40818d50328e71bBill McCloskey — Bug 754242 - Reset incremental GC upon TOO_MUCH_MALLOC GC requests (r=terrence)
1a9c5ac02776cb3a2268f0356c9e2e119f0f043fBill McCloskey — Bug 735099 - Re-enable incremental GC (r=terrence)
1021fb3a04749ad674aad502af8d4f8d0416083dMatt Brubeck — Back out 6a7bfd84596e (bug 736501) because it broke the build on some versions of GCC (bug 754198)
c115c58ef2b1800f8e50ce0c396a41603fb1faabJoey Armstrong — Bug 748470 - mobile/android/base: dependency builds r=ted
1f9d4590d2f048fdb26bbea727b55781876a0b34Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 754224 - Add keyword support to Profile Migration. r=margaret
af802c58e1cff447e0478a7f6fc6b900cd8f44f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 754292 - Make spellcheck-textarea-ref.html blur its contents so that we would test the right thing; r=roc
233a09b3de854e7aafef66fde78b19b9528d4928Margaret Leibovic — Bug 752514 - Sync key/password are swapped, resulting in authentication error. r=rnewman
97b28a637e8bcd35c852eaebe49a249f80bfeae7David Chan — bug 754076 - provide return value from getter "onuninstall" r=fabrice
75faa94d952c275469526cc927832640ad386715Jason Duell — Backed out a88c34de5d01
e80121e2921197fe4a1852c70dcebdc0d89af936Jason Duell — Backed out changeset a88c34de5d01
ae4d348866cf049b7b87c2cb6fa6490e06c929b2Jason Duell — Backed out changeset a88c34de5d01
a88c34de5d01609721208dfad7248c3d2871cca9Jason Duell — Bug 737164. Make ReadInputStreamToString fallible. r=bsmedberg
04f69f8d207c016716393aca22f545f88494ff71Matt Brubeck — Back out c209fea124e1 (bug 754198) because of Win64 build failure
34d6f1d1c7baadd49b26f9f3b70b075eb235500fJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 753520 - B2G 3G: Fix typo in settings API hookup. r=philikon
e445fc14a38bff11fc2b14ac26e4a262dfacab75Fabien Cazenave — Bug 753612 - Properly close wifi connection so 3G-data can get its own route. r=mrbkap,philipp
3105e35ffa3f548badb29da7cf86c75ff9f8a972Mounir Lamouri — Bug 754140 - Set mozapp status on iframe by sync message on the parent instead of injecting a script. r=jlebar
3fc6353373867bf73f5785a9e79a961b8204ef85Vivien Nicolas — Bug 722197 - Add a preference to map some domain names to localhost r=mcmanus
90aa22311c7c7fb7756a1711ff9e2afe75fb494bSteve Fink — Bug 575688 - DataView.prototype should behave similarly to typed arrays (WebIDL compliance). r=Waldo
c209fea124e106511d7e3297827c2764b1b866d3Fabrice Desré — Bug 754198 - Warning treated as error in jemalloc.c. Build busted. [r=jlebar,bsmedberg]
e8a8cbac81db81f3d773f5de77c5a796bf05b559David Bolter — Bug 754377 - crash in nsDocAccessible::AttributeChangedImpl. r=tbsaunde
2006a862d66b57e4b9e4cb4f23eac02b1c34e121Joey Armstrong — bug 753939: .mk loading logic with unit tests r=ted
a3cea421cd6e1cf90e1cf7f2719f0457cfaf7a9aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 754276 - Migrate bookmark separators and drop all unknown bookmark types. r=gcp
eae1858ccc6dbe78a3c2d7bbb9e608c5e02ca18dLandry Breuil — bug 736961 - use the same cachedir for all idl-parser calls, fixes builds without objdir - r=khuey
a9f44b9bfa13de423e166fc8faa161edfb6b5d4eDaniel Holbert — Bug 664918 followup: Add missing */ terminator on emacs modeline in header comment for new files nsDOMMediaStream.cpp and MediaStreamGraph.cpp. (no review, comment-only) DONTBUILD
bfa8139307498571e64f736cc0aa9e32d721c5f7Yury — Bug 753758 - Saving state doesn't carry mozFillRule. r=jrmuizel
6eba756a0d375a73d96cbb492f128131666e2ce0Ed Morley — Backout 9b0fcaacb788 & bf3fef257e68 (bug 752226) for mochitest-other orange
44a3e56deb992974700429f78f4913b2064b4e15Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 752492 - Make sure Cursor objects are closed correctly. r=blassey
b7fb17a9702f77167f775f893ac5a7336fca4b12Lucas Rocha — Bug 750950 - Kill any zombie processes if database is locked (r=blassey)
9b0fcaacb7885e7209211edfee6f956898324d52Ms2ger — Bug 752226 - Tests. r=evilpie
bf3fef257e68b0e1e35cc8ac7dbab33788418512Tom Schuster — Bug 752226 - Remove any use of JSVAL_IS_OBJECT. r=luke,Ms2ger
49ce375916e810cb0166137156ac070e6a0adc0aTom Schuster — Bug 751139 - Prevent cloning of bound functions. r=luke
8489ba281a04e3eb335b0c16b498af3d337e809cJames Willcox — Small fixup to my last patch (no bug, r=blassey)
0f2444af3a1df8b7284de44cdedc5e2b279ff722James Willcox — Bug 750778 - Ensure PluginLayer is always present when plugin is visible r=blassey
b3cc73614c0908baf7ef4495245fea2c4f533700Nathan Froyd — Bug 754241 - add window-objects-layout-pres-contexts to about:memory; r=njn
2b6a0f8e920160156a3f92d9346aac72a2a2f846ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave26
22a58090fa70365b2fe45591434340d5c4b8ef5bOlli Pettay — Bug 749589 - Less-leaky classinfo for XTF, r=jst
7b5d636382b2e67ad277bfbbdf73c781ce954767Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 753607 - Overhaul existing Marionette WebAPI tests. r=jgriffin DONTBUILD because NPOTB
613ad5b3da7c5bd34899d713586576aca902b728Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 754059 - Clean up some repetition in Marionette actors/listeners. r=jgriffin
74509906c3b4bd4a40c52942c550c00e8c951682Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 753606 - Support loading a test page while setting whitelist prefs. r=jgriffin
070e9800c25f6358f83c1375182fda9d0b23922cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 754229 - Support x86 emulator in Marionette. r=jgriffin
176f396a12939a906afe21b0c8408e103a80d397Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
d17410f2c261841b44f5ddbcebe64857f6f22ff1Mark Capella — Bug 751497 - replace nsHTMLSelectOptionAccessible::GetSelectState by nice inline, r=surkov, f=hub
733897688bede7d087e40e5b8b94046182fada0aEd Morley — Backout 386fac446673 (bug 751497) for compilation failures
f968eb88b163e90745e19c96f82d968d625a0b90Christopher De Cairos — Bug 517363: Make poster frames scale to size of the display frame r=roc
559fdd1b5e0754d0b8b0e7b06c7ecc7feabb62a4Christopher De Cairos — Bug 726904: Make nsVideoFrame::GetVideoIntrinsicSize return the video size before the poster size. r=cpearce
386fac4466734faf0da7867d1466c43f6d022886Mark Capella — Bug 751497 - replace nsHTMLSelectOptionAccessible::GetSelectState by nice inline, r=surkov, f=hub
15d1960c419e318111045e1162ce32cc41653e63Matt Woodrow — Bug 749118 - Translate the source correctly in RasterImage::CopyFrame. r=joe
287dc7b3152bb07db91122a3b96215168a789a9fMatt Woodrow — Bug 722603 - Improve dirty rect calculation with 3d transforms and preserve-3d. r=roc
3bfd45c1b48ed74869663fd8cbf78ed471149c2eMatt Woodrow — Bug 722603 - Add 3d transforms debugging code to nsBlockFrame. r=roc
3cbe5afeb56345431c06633aaad745b19562824aGregor Wagner — Bug 746066 - Contacts API: Add v1 and v2 fields. r=fabrice,sicking
b9c3d700625a032c65e8ba73fc641ca5e8a22201Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 689707. Use lower precision bilinear interpolation. r=joe
a5d587b250330453b9938404f582af9bad6a3411Mark Capella — Bug 750216 - don't export headers that aren't used outside, r=surkov, r=roc, f=tbsaunde
f9b0931034cc570ac849cdec22c38604cff6e83aJoe Drew — Merge central with inbound.
ae9aef30b549960a80ded494bdf7e9cac78753ebMax Li — Bug 750301 - add static asserts internal and xpcom accessible roles are the same, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
0ec49b73ea28e258668f52b13538deeb623ed6f7Terrence Cole — Bug 753619 - Fix progress bar totals in; r=dmandelin
0cd6ed757687814bdf4e8436c0de7ecc2b577f0fTerrence Cole — Bug 745326 - Make Map/SetObject keys/values relocatable; r=billm
6e821143ee3ed6f08629b671e378290e265efadeTerrence Cole — Bug 752031 - Librarify the jsreftest suite; r=dmandelin
667ab2c02a6cb8c169301892a07a1b06386f931eKyle Huey — Bug 728663: Stop holding a completely unnecessary and leaky reference to the drag source on the drag service. r=jimm
1e2b674b6ba9e1d1885e2819366ee965edf39c29Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
6a27695c592d40c1a0dc892ba9204acb27516a02Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
ecf8b9849a50ec8c41a16475e3c369edfcaa5211Paul Rouget — Bug 724509 - Add an Option menu in the Inspector Toolbar. r=dao r=dcamp
8d96e68d55e746bfdb67e7062f198895cfa87885Blair McBride — Bug 727702 - Undoing applying a Persona reverts back to default theme instead of old Persona (backout bug 714841). r=dtownsend
316c8e95720f7125e10a3f087f7eee1971546774Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 733747 - Highlight changed items in the rule view. r=msucan
32a259ecff5ec48f2ce9e5cc177d689c0b10d38dPaul Rouget — Bug 692409 - Add a pretty resizer and the dark theme to the debugger. r=rcampbell
2707febfc98f962d830dd84a320cee0c6cc80076Paul Rouget — Bug 749626 - Theme update: make the close button code generic and implement the dark theme for menulists. r=dao
53665792bf2429f119d19d134eab0cd428c3a1a8Frank Yan — Bug 753618 - Remove outdated default theme icons and previews from Add-ons Manager. r=bmcbride
2e5b9ba8358b5a14cf5ce893e5497da9788f13c9Joe Walker — Bug 720641 - Integrate GCLI into developer tools global toolbar; r=dcamp,dão,robcee,zpao
e1af23a8c4e25bcf5373e7c6f2543ce06506b393Kyle Huey — Bug 726376: Prevent infinite recursion in indexedDB::cmp. r=sicking
94d9ddb6fed88449f728ff736013464061221e14Landry Breuil — bug 749678 - inconditionally export thread_helper.h, gfx/gl requires it - r=bjacob
62910fbc21f118e4a46ff3b31dee76c29b049d59Honza Bambas — Bug 729951 - WebAPI does not refresh as offline when device switches from online to offline, r=mark.finkle
617a89bb1d304bbe429b4be49e1ec65d9881d526Dão Gottwald — Bug 658738 - reduce MAX_LEAK_COUNT to match the status quo
3670d1eb1b31720069f1f25cb6203ec7078daa7eOlli Pettay — Bug 754089 - remote mozbrowser's messagemanager shouldn't have parent, r=jlebar
e6a9572b48f753e92aedf9464010ee0f0b55ee46Joe Drew — Merge last PGO-clean cset from inbound to central.
8e8b484241e9d3da4b8972f1d915ba87e54561ccMargaret Leibovic — Bug 752688 - Fix typo in SessionStore.js to fix exception that kills session restore. r=mfinkle
bc586a01a107bb96c1f18c06b0e06a370b7fd869Luke Wagner — Fix inline-used-but-not-defined warning (no bug,r=themaid)
cf7058f714fd8d54569e73b404912a938ee8f00ePaul O’Shannessy — Bug 753854 - -[NSOpenGLPixelFormat initWithAttributes] should be passed a 0 terminated array. [r=joe]
11816ca37b52229668b039fe25b675ecab99e311Boris Zbarsky — Alphabetize the interface list in Bindings.conf. r=peterv, no bug
893524af2d1af72e20706f856961baa80fa1826fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753518. Add an explicit way for GetParentObject to return an (nsISupports*,nsWrapperCache*) pair. r=peterv
4da3ac9ee729dea58fa9cdbc53ff5d7b180939f8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 752759 - Get rid of excessive mFormAssistPopup.hide() calls in PanZoomController. r=kats
30c980f358fc92b00077882c4153886e2f4dd7afMargaret Leibovic — Bug 753534 - (Part 2) Replace getMobileBookmarksFolder with calls to getFolderIdFromGuid. r=lucasr
a1a37a8540ca75284fd5c72650d6b2f15bca76a5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 753534 - Desktop Bookmarks folder is created after migration from XUL to Native. r=lucasr
bee4ddbc0c1d5ef2cc8d3820d0791427a122b4d1Terrence Cole — Bug 753931 - Add specialized post barriers to RelocatableValue; r=billm
49dd71fe75d737e1f2476d6343ddf790210fd6ccJonathan Griffin — Bug 753273 - Wait for window and browser at the start of newSession, r=mdas, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
e1283e256d15008953e3462969c6334a922fa199Michael Wu — Bug 753378 - Support building on x86 gonk, r=glandium
e460922b0e30487b0dc57626a2952b7691d08e2eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 753813 - Cache is disabled if you have too many old cache directories to delete
66454088864034b473fd81960f3709487a44828cSteve Fink — Bug 752250 - xpc_UnmarkGrayContext should never throw an exception. r=billm
33aee46739d791f7c309d7e84b273dda2509db70Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753845 - Fix race condition in setting/reading the selected tab. r=margaret
971a0d129ff327982d8616a4c506f8133066b8c4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 737164 part C - switch various in-tree callers which are using fallible strings to keep using them
b6d494a571220166bac1636290c4364730e659c2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 737164 part B - use fallible or infallible strings appropriately in necko, r=jduell
39e55d53e0a3aebc779fd3b42ffdf34897086b19Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 737164 part A - make the nsTSubstring string API infallible by default. Note that this patch for reviewing sanity does not modify the subclass APIs, that will be a separate revision, r=jlebar
45ffd4b20e11b28075899561c93517aab21a000dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 737164 prerequisite - move mozilla::fallible_t to its own header so that everyone can reference it reasonable, r=cjones
6a7bfd84596e65c9d8704a510bd5b6a230fd7558Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 736501 - Use -Werror=unused-result, r=ted/mayhemer/njn
ce53253d571777410e856c8da80d32b91e45b204Eitan Isaacson — Bug 752935 - Decouple Android a11y checking, prepare for ICS on-the-fly a11y toggle events. r=davidb, r=kats
a8b9ad3204ab0a33d7344cb8d300903c47478dd8Bill McCloskey — Bug 753615 - Ensure we don't re-enter a GC phase (r=terrence)
be5f9380b80b306b2bda924d3df68d6826dc6e97Hub Figuière — Bug 712924 - Part 3: fix build on MacOS 10.5. r=surkov
d8e4e95195165ed8c72c93b1c88b99a37529c889Gregory Szorc — Bug 748490 - Part 3: Followups to part 2; r=ted
a439eb29c5eb97d9149ea1c6150fd6adf7e15259Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 751262 - Guard against leaking memory if NewDirectByteBuffer fails. r=blassey
111174836d83852e3276ba194310134b69deef84Brad Lassey — Bug 751262 - Don't pop the JNI local ref frame if pushing it failed. r=kats
339096e909d8332f73063adc3073f7738cc1fbaePatrick McManus — bug 752648 - backout patch for breaking cert override dialog r=backout
b063ba6dd08467ae8959b3b952603bbb7f92b5fdGregory Szorc — Bug 748490 - Part 2: Register testing modules with xpcshell test runner; r=ted
137aabbc13a4181a0e31613fda4041a831852f72Gregory Szorc — Bug 748490 - Part 1: Provide build rules to install test-only JS modules; r=ted
a3159c7545f86982fd917fc4959e210f520e71caWilliam Lachance — Bug 721936 - Watcher should have option to disable starting SUTAgent;r=ctalbert
af2b5a6acb96629bd80d8c8cd036873dd5b21f1cWilliam Lachance — Bug 753484 - Installation/uninstallation broken with SUTAgent on ICS;r=gbrown
8cd71b91b4c6bbb0b8a583bf455d13a27bc5b6f8Gregor Wagner — Bug 753414 - Contacts API: Add localized sorting. r=kaze
1df2b3ab08cf42188b739c0976068c9ba9ffece9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 752444 - Detect missing Mobile root folders and fix. r=lucasr
1a80d149e3c794adb6f6a25bd9fd99209d51e917Andrew McCreight — Bug 747251 - remove unused declaration of JS_CompartmentGC. r=billm
704ffa6c0791521a5e9b452ff9a8cbabcbab42d6Andrew McCreight — Bug 748040 - remove malloc hooks from cycle collector. r=smaug
f11717aa3a1066c537f982bd7ef62ffceea29fe2Max Li — Bug 747227 - decomtaminate GetCellIndexAt() on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
9b326e2ad041321d3096f197da0acf548c725ac3Mark Capella — Bug 614585 - mochitest test selection functions for nsIAccessibleText, r=surkov, f=hub
1259212fa0f71d13929b91970b030f2101150370Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 753334 - Audit and clean up code that deals with allocating/freeing direct buffers. r=Cwiiis
806aed03eb1b7a3024c3c5d8414055d79af2a6dcMark Capella — Bug 750295 - don't cache gStringBundle in nsAccessNode, r=surkov, f=tbsaunde
75f81ecbea782d633be278b4c8a6117001fdba2cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
3d3cc11c313a796e4e56007940a3f7e4805ce430Jonathan Watt — Bug 753713 - Fix indentation in nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::AttributeChanged prior to touching it in bug 734082. r=me.
2dd6926fcab1837b6bd467b102324a4c3e6e93c1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 682201 - Backout 4db54f0cede5 due to intermittent oranges. r=me
a0a5020790981268c2fa9cd0bc57baf256755f5dLandry Breuil — Bug 717616 - cleanup empty jsloader & jssubloader dirs after generating cache, they end up in the package otherwise - r=glandium
a058c68c973091edc6226c00ef995e309d29c5a0Mike Hommey — Bug 753316 - Load user.js from the right path when invoking make jstestbrowser. r=ted
d08ec173f49b4afd002e5f750eedf0ee7882b627Mike Hommey — Bug 751845 - Remove pcre source, and cleanup js/src/ after bug 691898. r=dmandelin
eaea76d5bc920f45ae5e0cd0b26cb5b4b6485c77Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 752042 (Support running code after successful wrapping in Paris bindings). r=bz.
c3b5e70e85e7acfe0bc8543d54343a468936ac4cMounir Lamouri — Bug 740192 - Screen orientation needs a specific security model for installed web apps. r=jlebar
9f2edf9a549a1d075f25bb833c24de0fbf60eda0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 753978 - Be able to know if a window is part of an application. r=jlebar
4c6d01c92dcc5047541d95715ba2dd91c125ab44Jonathan Griffin — Bug 754087 - Let waitFor share the script timeout, r=mdas, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
d6a3d11599399ab07f8eb736b38ce6acf1873764Neil Rashbrook — Bug 678726 Improved diagnostics to try to figure out what this random orange is r=ted
d37d4edce6dd592f04afa606deb1ae327c07b4a4Michael Wu — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_1_BETA1 tag, a=ted
02e465c5b1b86c5afc49ac678799ec8c580b2356Malini Das — Bug 753168 follow-up: if GECKO_OBJDIR is not set, create venv in MARIONETTE_HOME. r=philikon DONTBUILD because NPOTB
0abed8c2714f62ac8bf1395e79ba5eb8ea527250Dão Gottwald — Bug 752467 - disable leaky tests. r=zpao
27aadc2c995130444e99becefc5cd2e7097dbcbcJoel Maher — Bug 753822 - please upload a to support tcheckerboard3 as well as talos updates. r=armenzg
f80568dba0102302c05d1f92f87eea78b53c4a91Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
85c4026e625d251f655296033935beeb4af94517Angie Ngo — Bug 616440 - Detail view blocks scrolling with page-up, page-down, and arrow keys. r=Unfocused
cf261bc52162d18cdbba65abd049750b1600c2ebBlair McBride — Bug 743967 - JavaScript Error: "bootstrap is not defined" {file: "resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm" line: 3523}. r=dtownsend
c177975f33a610e7b90a573141871b96e1d45179Blair McBride — Bug 746909 - Lazy load AddonRepository, and various other JS modules. r=dtownsend
4b191063009c1981e985114fa8656bf69c2dc8b1Rob Campbell — Bug 751164 - Convert debugger.xul to XUL, remove HTML bits.; r=paul
0de082f6039a0df7f3b857e6fb3a088f4b152db9Rob Campbell — Bug 732452 - create a no scripts label for an empty scripts menu in the debugger; r=past
6d6e0475b348e27c723629785204d05808c85261Rob Campbell — Bug 751164 - Convert debugger.xul to XUL, remove HTML bits.; r=past
b7b6565d12a0af2c9cb5de2636ea348bad6bf9aeEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e7bf8b1386e37bf6ec36311f1fc436db2300b86eFelipe Gomes — Bug 741549. follow-up: remove unnecessary UniversalXPConnect usage left over on this test. r=me
837cb0a0af48d5f80bdced0f2ef365f88c6e51bcDão Gottwald — Bug 747090 - Use new location bar icons for mixed content. r=jaws
1586fba669b96aa33f86dcd79ce22d6cd207de25Stephen Horlander — Bug 747090 - Add location bar icons for mixed content. r=dao
67091352b7d2fd86a872d94342a5d70a00bc017dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 17: Disable test_transformed_scrolling_repaints_2.html on Mac. r=matspal
ebb8c64d97fe902a1e4becbce2ceae2804134648Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 16: Reduce assertion counts some more. r=matspal
63898c3a1984f111a8d7a33e4bbdb78bc74dabebRobert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 15: Fix test now that scrollbox scrollWidth/Heights isn't special. r=matspal
3db8899c075cffd6a805bd7e42c9e0e7bc2a51feRobert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 14: Fix test to avoid failure due to event coordinate rounding. r=matspal
583790efc2f536fb3ff5b26298a83919c7804877Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 13: Make nsDOMWindowUtils event coordinate calculations more accurate. r=matspal
23b728dcf8b9c977979b5c59f6f1e3700a1db743Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 12: more fixes to remove unnecessary rounding to pixels. r=matspal
9d9a3edaa0b985acaafe7894bfe2bafa2efe62f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 11: Don't snap scrollrange endpoints to device pixels anymore. r=matspal
c3d3bfb3b68ddd3ae1e43ea373d877ae14b29259Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 10: Control rounding direction of scaledOffset to try to make the residual be close to mActiveScrolledRootPosition. r=tnikkel
1ea4f96f12ba9a6d0fbb4e6ae00b2f7fe102d786Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 9: Adjust assertion counts downward. r=mats
9343f212a3e38dc8be63d5f36a7d755215842329Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 8: Use a generous allowed range when scrolling in CurPosAttributeChanged. r=matspal
e54039233ebe094c4d037b771399fef22b92a461Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 7: nsTypedSelection should be scrolling a 0,0 size into view to get a particular coordinate into view, not 1,1. r=matspal
2453c819127bae3d7553494f8d30fe66fc82fcb9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 6: Test that various scrolling operations inside scaled transforms don't trigger unnecessary repainting. r=matspal
afce4bd70c75405ff0a42a7a741e315988414f58Oleg Romashin — Bug 681192. Part 5: Make various DOM scroll APIs --- scrollTop, scrollLeft, window.scrollTo, scrollBox.scrollTo, scrollBox.scrollToLine, scrollBox.scrollBy --- use an appropriate allowed scroll destination range. r=roc,r=matspal
e26d0e0de4f076ed61d740fcfdb45c653ed9f076Oleg Romashin — Bug 681192. Part 4: Make ScrollFrameRectIntoView compute a generous allowed scroll destination range. r=roc,matspal
d314566c865283a11bfc71163e329f3dda97bb52Oleg Romashin — Bug 681192. Part 3: Make nsListControlFrame::ScrollToFrame use ScrollFrameRectIntoView. r=roc
9d4abc31ad1a7b7bf634793ddb473931ce3df863Oleg Romashin — Bug 681192. Part 2: Make nsIScrollableFrame::ScrollBy automatically set a generous allowed destination range. r=roc
9e1f8d125acc569c0f6483268f1d997e8d26d32fOleg Romashin — Bug 681192. Part 1: Add "allowed scroll destination range" to nsIScrollableFrame::ScrollTo and nsGfxScrollFrame implementation. r=roc,matspal
e90b9b9d46255c4b8446be86f4904afb05f32612Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 0.3: Add FrameLayerBuilder::GetThebesLayerResolutionForFrame. r=mattwoodrow
6a059c7d3578781c1cc0c44e894f98f06aeaeddcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 0.2: Use FuzzyEqual to check whether we need to invalidate ThebesLayers when subpixel offsets have changed. r=mattwoodrow
954704d8d3d29d4f11d3eb49635069b05de83bfeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 681192. Part 0.1: Add BaseRect::ClampPoint. r=bas