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Mon Nov 19 21:10:21 2012 +0000
27b14fe501038032612adef1efbda1b7683e818eAlex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
75887d90c432ebe415ed8e0877081f1bdf1964e8Alex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
59e8632b391e0827725f6c152875eaa1d8e5c3e2Chris Jones — Bug 804852: Support for the hwc implementation of Composer2D. r=mattwoodrow,mwu,roc sr=roc a=blocking-basecamp
7f142230d1776097161c7140058d2af042d04ffdDiego Wilson — Bug 804852: Implement Composer2D for hwc. r=cjones
c141f818c5b3d7aad3ad445c39678ca469ac4fd4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 812086 part 1. Add unprefixed version of page visibility API. r=smaug, a=akeybl
f0833ab13aef06c38919e289562b108046549fa2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 9: Fix reftests. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
f9cb68fee5c7a09805b08f3cf610b9628e8cfe8aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 8: Limit the BasicLayers background-caching optimization to cases where the destination context has an integer translation only, and snap the image rectangle. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
dab37cb0f43f265242ccee1d14ab40a67f2866bbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 7: Simplify TryOptimizeToImageLayer/IsSingleFixedPositionImage now that colors are not involved. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
4c510491a472a38c6e50c2c24473677fa7813e8cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 6: Rename nsDisplayBackground to nsDisplayBackgroundImage. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
70cf88767190e5361bc3895fca7dd328e9a753adRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 5: Remove more unused code. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
76e5dcd5c8db54d5c3ff28a2dbf0dc42ab9f468fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 4: Make only background-attachment:fixed backgrounds that have propagated to the viewport use a dedicated layer, and refactor how we do that. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
f8f6393d1131b23de90166854c000c37908e317dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 3: Remove code for invalidating background-attachment:fixed content when scrolling. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
6152c4a60d6fb3591e1008453e8afd04a4718911Robert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 2: Change nsDisplayBackground invalidation to store and compare the background positioning rect. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
be8a3c6fb70b1aa5122a47b09b9fffa5195064afRobert O'Callahan — Bug 810470. Part 1: Cache nsStyleBackground pointer in nsDisplayBackground. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
5c4e46b4958d7832cc3246d6288a87984c59e9b0Matt Woodrow — Bug 798964 - Make mLineContinuationPoint correct when we call Init() on a frame that isn't the first on the line. r=roc,a=akeybl
0121068bd2b8801978e6ae6b41abcc8dea324c3cMatt Woodrow — Bug 798964 - Add nsDisplayBackground color and make the bounds of nsDisplayBackground match the image. r=roc,a=akeybl
51b78d0814360615f28b80a989e813a430ad7b81David Anderson — Don't allow sets to readonly properties (bug 810925, r=kannan, a=akeybl).
bdd31f2f2b08b0932e0b250130378d52884779d7Alexander Surkov — Bug 810260 - xul:deck hidden pages shouldn't be offscreen, r=tbsaunde, a=akeybl
edc2aedfaed55a0f685d35867b074442055f749cMatt Woodrow — Bug 795648 - Don't synchronously decode images during painting. r=joe a=akeybl
c9131ff034c762b5e47c946d9bd3be869639380aMatt Woodrow — Bug 808491 - Force 3d transformed layers to always be active. r=roc a=akeybl
22e75676dd3df6e555222fdf583d25cf35d23c9fRandell Jesup — Bug 807647: proxy incoming DTLS data to SCTP via the STS thread to avoid locking issues r=ekr a=akeybl
ce84949b878130440cf2e29cbbfc9807467fa199Randell Jesup — Bug 806169: proxy all SendPackets to the STS thread r=ekr a=akeybl
0d3725ca09dae97a32c0a5f7eccf4b2ee69866bdEKR — Bug 801221: Move mtransport operations onto STS thread; r=jesup a=akeybl
c1918be00ed2e0bf573c56317bdaed3ccc3deb72Jared Wein — Bug 798925 - Backout revision 42a7cb309ca1 (bug 602006). r=dcamp a=akeybl
d3cc9eedc9c863076b0545c00587e9096df220d7Mark Hammond — Bug 809258 - the social chatbar now defaults to being hidden. r=felipe, a=akeybl
329792016afefc23d1530fd06e9928033d344f89Frank Wein — Bug 811693 - AppsUtils.jsm should use getSelectedLocale("global") instead of getSelectedLocale("browser"), r=fabrice a=akeybl
b51e664d7036315be2d29da11160ef85e481c208Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 812935 - Fix undefined value error in memory reporter for web workers. r=khuey, a=akeybl.
13365a46ce7daddf6dff3d87839486cd5c98b814Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 744867 - Fire INSTALL_FROM_DENIED for app installation failure due to installs_allowed_from. original-patch=ianb r=fabrice a=akeybl
8e00ce1788c78a0198712443c00167f8ec178cfcMarco Chen — Bug 795237 - Web API for setting audio stream type. Part 2. r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
e146d665ab56ac872b4aed2b0a6f603ffd0a3f31Marco Chen — Bug 795237 - Web API for setting audio stream type. Part 1. r=kinetik, a=blocking-basecamp
cf4eac9ed40fcb595596d2f821e51998894abf94Bobby Holley — Bug 809674 - Fail at call time when invoking an XPCWrappedJS method with [implicit_jscontext] or [optional_argc]. r=mrbkap, a=lsblakk
4ab2a011cbafa67ec1e44cef2c948d1f9d1c0d52Gregor Wagner — Bug 811414 - nsISettingsServiceCallback shouldn't use [implicit_jscontext]. Followup. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
af6d073474d1e4f532c1ce28b44261156959e952Gregor Wagner — Bug 811414 - nsISettingsServiceCallback shouldn't use [implicit_jscontext]. r=bholley, a=blocking-basecamp
8e625d17e98fe0d6d444ff230d3fb9774eeda90dSteven Lee — Bug 792290 - Rename TimeSetting.cpp/TimeSetting.h to TimeZoneSettingObserver.cpp/TimeZoneSettingObserver.h. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
38c831cc9b9e13a72655322e7c2441420df675aaSteven Lee — Bug 792290 - Change TimeSetting to TimeZoneSettingObserver. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
3a977cce83599f816e9ec1796a0cbb71dfc4fbfbBenjamin Peterson — Bug 806192 - Add missing file from last commit. a=lsblakk r=bz
065e2b8abc1a075143e8fb1606b4a4d493e46058Benjamin Peterson — Bug 806192 - Fail instead of segfaulting when not passed nsIContent. r=bz a=lsblakk
2a9be71a13f47b8589f50c307dc9521555667ddaphilringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice - CLOSED TREE - a=blocklist-update
7e69a5d9d0db81577cd3a1ed40ec4faab0d8906dRobert Longson — Bug 812161 r=jwatt a=lsblakk
b236d7245d62dbe1333ea2277d92e56d51ea5021Robert Longson — Bug 805024 r=dholbert a=lsblakk
e1215c9cd1fa388e954750de2a11fc884d791cd8Fabrice Desré — Bug 809165 - Add a updatedTime field to the application object. r=philikon, sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
5a8990dfed4af8385fa06231dbc95c4a94683273Randy Lin — Bug 811204 - [Dialer] Voice call can't switch between speaker and bt sco audio path. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
9575a8620eab8bca5cbfd3ff9c579881767db5bcRob Wood — Bug 811442 - Fail out of WebTelephony tests if call(s) exist from previous test; r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
b033f35e8a840f35d4e6fd44680cc5f8a747a18eJonathan Griffin — Bug 812579 - Fix typo in Marionette's r=atrain, a=NPOTB
aecb121295234efd5f325e602adc95348930c641Malini Das — Bug 812226 - Package synthetic_gestures.js with the marionette_client. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
1b764a417fdcbebe222d92661ee31fe4a65e58f2Fabrice Desré — Bug 809998 - [Apps] app.ondownloaderror never gets called. r=ferjm, a=blocking-basecamp
0d9385d1de1adacc8af260d75c99807e5af642fdEdgar Chen — Bug 811605 - B2G RIL: enable ril debugging output in run-time. r=vicamo, a=akeybl
c83f2df590a76684ce6734d5b3ec668ef8009050Jan de Mooij — Bug 809021 - Fix FastInvoke arguments length. r=dvander, a=akeybl
c87ccfa19fc73f7103dab0d70e2cc149647d0c58Kannan Vijayan — Bug 803730 - Fix boxing of object input in instanceOf checks. r=sstangl, r=dvander, a=akeybl
ff762c35216c733c67ebfd0b3f279a46e5c89db5Fabrice Desré — Bug 810551. r=myk, a=blocking-basecamp
40950872b42d9b7883334e34331147c7fddd7f50Fabrice Desré — Bug 802228 - Check for app updates when we check for system update. r=marshall, a=blocking-basecamp
a3f0f94bd774e36777eb30b16dccb84a6d815c3eJed Parsons — Bug 809265 - Update Identity js and jsm modules to use new global object. r=benadida, a=blocking-basecamp
5516a682b842ebc12862b640d40e0768a44ce0afRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d130df80561d (bug 803039) to fix bug 811459. a=backout
df5ab2adf761fc1568f3bca61d9a7ea59814ffe1Rob Wood — Bug 808783 - Disable remaining WebTelephony tests due to emulator crash. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
ac7cef05200fb71299bbddfe65c63843e05c91d3Robert Strong — Bug 792106. r=bbondy. a=akeybl
2cc32091e9342c96542cf065f4764d6ff4b95155Daniel Holbert — Bug 807457: For non-HTML documents, use the viewport size as the scrollable area, in TabChild::HandlePossibleViewportChange(). r=smaug r=drs a=blocking-basecamp
200d85e466994669b201a35fd87fdb9bb813c4a1Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 799185 part 1 - Rewrite ReconstructPCStack. r=jorendorff,gkw a=akeybl
e179a5551c6a8111aea2a3910eafc2df6812ce5aMyk Melez — bug 811944 - package MSVC dlls with B2G on Windows; r=glandium, a=akeybl
150e0f6c311ac24a0cc49facc2379f2c3fff2feeJonathan Kew — bug 811382 - update OTS library to r.95. r=jdaggett a=akeybl
0a50506988f010ce5cf7703271bed0cdead9b50dTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 810353 - Offer Opus as stereo instead of mono, r=ehugg, a=akeybl
5141300891a3488baa5ff5db544b6e6fdbcaff26Doug Turner — Bug 809758 - Ensure sGeoInitPending is set to false prior to notifying ServiceReady. r=gwagner. a=blocking-basecamp
61cee2efea4e6aad78da704b89feddcde875f1d3Patrick Wang — Bug 806625 - Check if TabParent is destroyed before sending IPC message. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
0c561069933bfdff2d5dbcf1740dc610199f6ae4Rob Wood — Bug 808783 - Disable randomorange crashing telephony test. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
9e49a48f8ef8c918e92f648b158c1d8061bfae5fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Last ditch effort to fix stubborn orange when installing gecko into an emulator. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
0fa256f3c12fe0402a458207027b829c6f5e58faKarl Tomlinson — b=798157 use ARGB visuals only for popups that will be translucent r=roc a=bbajaj
ea8661c0067f6d10cc7352a9a90701818f794ceeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 811763 - Ensure crash reporter is invoked with the right android user serial number in Android 4.2 and above. r=blassey, snorp a=akeybl
8b1cbefc145397ededad14459c5846613d96af25Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 796452, bug 808724) for Linux reftest/crashtest crashes, a=backout
21e6534818453d63f555ca78a7ebcfd8a2a35daeVivien Nicolas — Bug 808724 - Application with embed-apps permission can not use the mozpasspointerevents attribute. r=roc. a=blocking-basecamp
b43e0fcc97163e7fb074934a0bf350e5cf2cdea7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 796452 - Add mozpasspointerevents attribute for IFRAMEs in chrome windows. r=mats. a=blocking-basecamp
ef917120c41608bbdc38df56445d3ec1fc604170Marco Bonardo — Bug 773982 - Always show hidden entries when searching history.
7a12a2175083086c2ae10d69a990027a9ae8f4ccMounir Lamouri — Bug 794407 - Web Activites should only be started by a user interaction. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
eb80852f44f20b0035f3dae4004e64576313e684Robert Strong — Windows only - Bug 799902 - need pretty branding for stub installer (file naming). r=glandium, a=bbajaj
e774e4c207dc5fb7af1bdf78dc05e8a0a2410abfMalini Das — Bug 810376 - wait for readystate==complete in chrome when switching frames, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
f3d065d4e609baedc139354b81c30777eda7e54aMounir Lamouri — Bug 796544 - Use x-inputmode instead of inputmode in B2G/Gaia. r=djf a=blocking-basecamp
0d76df6f808d50483ef4edc4a8fbc0c88f41d8a0Nick Thomas — Bug 810994, Update gonk-misc in B2G snapshot (for symbols and to fix panda builds), r=catlee, a=bustage
3d108390dbda112710a4aa08cb15efecd5f052daGregor Wagner — Bug 809661 - Need a speedy way to construct a thread list for SMS messages. Followup. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
08e0aa1a2f1ebaf94de461837e13fa4cb8f103afBen Turner — Bug 809661 - Need a speedy way to construct a thread list for SMS messages. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
ee86a43aee0d6b9e2fb304bf5e45cacd8a848a6eJustin Lebar — Bug 807143 - Enable image locking on B2G. r=joe, a=blocking-basecamp
e74fe221ddcfa7f8948e31c0dad593030d8522feYuan Xulei — Bug 796365 - Treat contenteditable as a special text field to bring up the keyboard. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
0a80920f51f50f11f9545d2da2a47350cadeb402Gina Yeh — Bug 811196 - Cannot receive call status change from RIL. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
0cecfe1dde643370836e683fef13c24460b440edHenrik Skupin — Bug 805054 - Bind the virtualenv version Marionetts uses in to a fixed release. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
007d57bd99b68ed6cfc27b4f540a3f09a06d9f17Rob Wood — Bug 808108 - Develop WebSMS tests to verify filtering SMS by phone numbers, update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
92a0ed2e97b885f72dd861696524c8deb4c983baDavid Burns — Bug 811053 - Allow transforms to have negative values but not affect Marionettes visibility on the element. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
c232224184721fca81c9722d3312d434c680b624Henrik Skupin — Bug 811185 - Implement Emulator class for screen orientation in Marionette. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
42b8f661f6e2bd741c8d70ab1757362d186f3c4eRob Wood — Bug 807783 - Develop test to verify filtering SMS messages by delivery, update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
3117a9518bd512db1af2b452dbc79dc93601422cJonathan Griffin — Bug 811351 - Reset the current frame in deleteSession. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
7417cd3481aad8cdde6a79626136bfce5574b0ceJohn Schoenick — Bug 787778 - Add test. r=josh, a=test-only
2636c23bd0234eeb6815dfa37a703930b40062aaMats Palmgren — Bug 806483 - Explicitly remove the LayerManagerDataProperty() from a destroyed frame also when destroying the shell. r=roc, a=bajaj
6e9990f737b40851ab5b4f409b77073d41e7a78aVladimir Vukicevic — Bug 810478 - Fix missing null termination of buffer that's used via str* functions later on. r=glandium, a=lsblakk
0013abadb6e483955d555f8d7e16db5ed2811629Mark Hammond — Bug 807935 - Social chatbar should be hidden in full-screen mode. r=jaws, a=gavin
2b9339453bd0165318c0fca09a171691fc0a15a8Patrick McManus — Bug 810152 - 0 len no fin spdy data frames. r=honzab, a=akeybl
73b016cb086dbd032cf47b2dba4953f01154919cPatrick McManus — Bug 809913 - spdy post hang with mod_spdy. r=honzab, a=akeybl
459a1d772b5c89acdfae302e869b03ab312923beJohn Schoenick — Bug 766886 - Cleanup plugin streams earlier to avoid shutdown leak. r=bsmedberg, a=bajaj
ee1af950559306887bdc163a2c0adb4730f9b657Eric Chou — Bug 809781 - Fixed sending file failure. r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
a109ec8ca6598740a53153d39ed9a1edf0160f5aChuck Lee — Bug 806307 - Queue target messages before listener ready and resend after ready. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
c3607977ecdb77318ad310f08297b105daed6d88Gabriele Svelto — Bug 805855 - Free dirty pages in response to all memory-pressure messages. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
789bba7a9d6147795d35da51ad3fb4a1edf02760Gabriele Svelto — Bug 805855 - Add an extra function to jemalloc to free dirty unused pages. r=glandium, a=blocking-basecamp
c240e317ab41def58710d183a2fdd7e06139c6aeRob Wood — Bug 807777 - Develop tests to verify filtering SMS messages by read/unread, update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
9f9a19978b33922ed4b491cd93d2b15b937f1b9aRob Wood — Bug 808865 - Develop WebSMS test for getNumberOfMessagesForText, update manifest. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
1f9ef298ceeb1bf14a5c23ddeea52945918cf10fL. David Baron — Bug 804970, patch 6: Don't force rem units out of the rule tree. r=bzbarsky approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
0201c9ec104ed5734c292d0249305a2953b7d744L. David Baron — Bug 804970, patch 5: Handle dynamic changes to the basis for 'rem' units by rebuilding all style data. r=bzbarsky approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
6a102953fc82ba215264f8d3d862dce586733985L. David Baron — Bug 804970, patch 4: Refactor part of RebuildAllStyleData into a helper function (slightly reordering it), so that we can share that part. r=bzbarsky approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
dee6da155653813eeea8abde9e52fc1e11cb0608L. David Baron — Bug 804970, patch 1: Don't force calc() units out of the rule tree. r=bzbarsky approval-mozilla-aurora=akeybl
95c3a598ca71902edc43406ccb59ce7e6ad08ea9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 791829 - Tests for resuming a stopped/partial update. r=ehsan. a=blocking-basecamp
76654fd5a0b3e0c34ea175e8610c4210a901706bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 791829 - Add support for resuming a stopped/partial update. r=rstrong. a=blocking-basecamp
6c9fc008e25c71e72b4cd34108ba23146f9dc86dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 801855 - Tests for MAR downloads will not be accepted if manifest size is different. r=rstrong. a=akeybl
fe0e5fdcaa529e5e3bbe5fac032559d9f62b2836Brian R. Bondy — Bug 801855 - Check update download progress to prevent overly large update from being downloaded. r=rstrong. a=akeybl
b5ccf294711a884e9fdcce1e48718a5b7d9dd593Jonathan Griffin — Bug 811931 - Bump Marionette version, a=test-only, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
a31c54c978f92b04820efa9c889c2bef06bf65b9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804062. Move device-pixels-per-CSS-pixel preference logic into nsIWidget::GetDefaultScale. r=jfkthame a=bajaj
4e085ddddba1e82fb3a8d5edcd76ee566ea34af9Jonathan Kew — bug 794038 - rollup patch for Aurora 18. r=roc+smichaud+bgirard a=bajaj
0cd34ac5cbd7d051516a7c3b32de2ccbe42d6a7bJason Orendorff — Bug 787703. r=terrence, a=lsblakk.
da9e6a7f7ac7bc5a7ed3b7ce42805f3557cc395dDave Hunt — Bug 811330 - Fix a typo in XML generation, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB, DONTBUILD
3048a302c699aa1507ffe13e5427d9f28f7afad3Bill McCloskey — Bug 811176 - Shrinking GCs should clean up everything (r=terrence,a=blocking-basecamp)
cdf8d346dab03fb436dd65e833d236f7b28f277aBill McCloskey — Bug 811176 - Purge small exec pools on GC (r=njn,a=blocking-basecamp)
9007ee93e2b44b376fcf586cd88d15351d6169feMatthew Gregan — Bug 805352 - Make cubeb_stream_destroy errors non-fatal in AudioUnit backend. r=doublec a=lsblakk
2d33cc71ca1279cca2ed110144a9fbbff67db217Matthew Gregan — Bug 778675 - Make cubeb_stream_init errors non-fatal in AudioUnit backend. r=doublec a=lsblakk
23534833ca52608b19ad300485a8451db41292d8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 811120 - negative download times in stub installer pings. r=rstrong. a=akeybl
866bbd219b0e989f1be2f22e5615ba369cc2b87fMalini Das — Bug 810376 - make content wait for document ready when switching frames, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
341b2b3db6217de3c26f4865bfe6f9374c16bec1Kyle Huey — Bug 809666 - Define ctypes and perf properties on the 'this' object, not the global, when sharing globals. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
14967922fb560a0a57febf9c25144c4b0d70cb41Kyle Huey — Bug 810987: When sharing a global, don't import properties onto the global, import them onto the appropriate 'this' object. r=mrbkap a=blocking-basecamp
7e899c1cfcae5dd2ae53ac40b222f3fd64c0c667Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 802510 - Reset position on the thumbnail data buffer to the beginning before reading out of it. r=blassey a=lsblakk
149ad5c9f94dca372ba042388609f6c94c414c0cMark Hammond — Bug 798083 followup - Map.size is a function in 19. r/a=me
6786219223ab51d6796ea5728043e312bf53817dMark Hammond — Bug 798083 - Fix various social chat overflow and related issues. r=jaws, a=bajaj
ac74180022750c8e5106bd13fd2a15172e70bfe1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 93bd1c5aaca4 (bug 798083) for mochitest failures. a=backout
133dfa6f8039a1ce4c388bd0c47c4c4847f35e95Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 742862cac53d (bug 809666) for bustage. a=backout
8944f321a116059fa4484266597b22739d7e27eaFabrice Desré — Bug 810209 - Initialize cookie service at startup. r=mconnor, a=blocking-basecamp
742862cac53dfdde95909631636e56e9cbb7783eKyle Huey — Bug 809666 - Define ctypes and perf properties on the 'this' object, not the global, when sharing globals. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
162f0398f3504b1449143ab3c7c6591897cbe7d0Gregor Wagner — Bug 811090 - Wrong scope for NSGetFactory. r=khuey, a=blocking-basecamp
2f1fc78708448685ce329e83a506da24a7d21e3cChuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Expose capabilities to DOM. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
8a64cba51f3b13d0656d4ce1238e754c8e985b44Chuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Provide network connection status. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
342f6d8a8fe8b79e7e8513d6a51f5d374302f2f8Chuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Change object key of configure network, and return array to gaia instead of object. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
8f11e4dff4add077d16c5e262be09e4c8e210c0fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 809727 - Wait for the write transaction to finish so that the blobs are expired. r=janv, a=blocking-basecamp
0cbd88257eec7ebfe2f2233337ef24a9af360391Mike Habicher — Bug 810440 - Add missing rotation parameter to SetupRecording function call, drop default parameter values. r=daleharvey, a=blocking-basecamp
d0edee730ecffcd7599dc4f2ba3499aacd42c7aeDavid Chan — Bug 808734 - Fix permissions expansion and add unit test. r=ddahl, r=gwagner, a=blocking-basecamp
19824340a3a5c2bbd9882ddac8fbe6adb2ba7501Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Fix typo from a38c6f05ba19. r=mdas, a=NPOTB
3f9a9f6c7bc7d0512c83c099946961dd5777a8eaAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 809437 - Fix B2G emulator unittest intermittent timeout. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
4507fdd47ab2d6a602f2d30c71acbfe26bc4dc31Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 811132 - Avoid some wasted space by making XPT arena chunks bigger. r=khuey, a=jlebar
eff0efa2ae5262ee9e873be89eeffab928550ba8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 810215 - Fix stupid defect causing the "explicit/atoms-table" reporter to always return 0. r=khuey, a=jlebar
8947bfd8f67850bc53297eacbceccf005e9cf4dbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 807884 - Add memory reporters for nsComponentManager and nsCategoryManager. r=bsmedberg, a=bajaj
f5f84571a165905f868f7f389c1659f9259d05a5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 807884 - Remove dead nsComponentManagerImpl::mLoaderData. r=bsmedberg, a=bajaj
1ddac35a4135c5c8b0609a4616e45fdb21e957bcKarl Tomlinson — Bug 806583 - Reftest. a=bajaj
2b56eb204647ddb846315a950dbeee54e7c34d87Karl Tomlinson — Bug 806583 - Remove unnecessary extra space added for textfield/entry in 1556064f1c20. r=mattwoodrow, a=bajaj
c8166994bb8034cb43792dc900e0dd5e5349abe9Karl Tomlinson — Bug 806583 - Don't draw the entry background outside its widget. r=roc, a=bajaj
93bd1c5aaca4a7562ed01f702e77056975cc0a43Mark Hammond — Bug 798083 - Fix various social chat overflow and related issues. r=jaws, a=bajaj
f22982f4e18556027d4b86885340ba4cbc652fefDavid Anderson — Bug 805747 - Respect object's extensibility in addprop ICs. r=djvj, a=bajaj
299d63aee8efb2eaecdb1c0148d25108a9e54924Paul Adenot — Bug 800319 - Make the gradient cache differentiate between backend types. r=Bas, a=bajaj
ba924d0b5b7a97ce818a8ec916d65d7627591848Randell Jesup — Bug 798829 - Force MediaManager to be created from MainThread. r=anant, a=bajaj
42d393e83d03022abb21de5355bdb1373bf9682eJonathan Griffin — Bug 811175 - Don't install mozbase packages from github. r=whimboo, a=NPOTB
5916113e3307e06f19153b2354573db38bf69080Rob Wood — Bug 808783 - Disable crashing telephony test. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
c07b17e59971d9882b81ab6ca201819108ddf922Jan Varga — Bug 786688 - Part 3: Automatic tests. r=sicking a=bajaj
2946ed324df5e12eeacecc7dd055402be3c7298aJan Varga — Bug 786688 - Part 2: Code cleanup. r=sicking a=bajaj
65bf4be85f7d9542745b24f487d75db936748829Jonas Sicking — Bug 786688 - Part 1: Add chrome only openForPrincipal() and deleteForPrincipal(). r=bent a=bajaj
ba24c11992cbbf80e3d0ec3e924d41d82e7c3dc9Rudy Lu — Bug 810769 - [Browser] No keyboard available f=ttaubert r=kaze a=blocking-basecamp
0fd81b763e5093357ee21ae4460c7ff81fff501dGavin Sharp — Bug 811102: bustage fix #3 :(, a=sigh
dd94d4d674aabbbdbc65888b36e9f648f4ddd60eDoug Turner — Bug 810137 - Device Storage filter out video formats that we do not support. r=padenot a=blocking-basecamp
56e3981e015f5f801ef4fb4ee17f8f106ae8418dGavin Sharp — Bug 811102 followup #2: add some clean up to tests from bug 804910 exposed by the fix for bug 811102, a=testsonly
cfc44602b21a7205ff2b85429b2e04f806bcf0d2EKR — Bug 792811 - Don't crash on failure to create WebRTC transport; r=jesup a=bbajaj
484b0596984ab344371934b1e6b664ab09907f85Jonathan Griffin — Bug 810517 - Check for valid listenerWindow, r=mdas, a=NPOTB
3b91e7e2c30a2397fead1c2677861fe2e544027aGavin Sharp — Bug 811102 test followup: terminate worker to avoid leak, r=markh, a=tests
ea619b3b2d3cb1bd43ab6f211cdf80e2962ce4caShane Caraveo — Bug 811102: fix two bugs with worker reloading, r=gavin/markh, tests by markh/gavin, a=gavin
e781ff664d77faa454e3de7cc1eeba678e953d54Robert Strong — Bug 810509 - stub installer ping does not happen if user cancels while it is downloading. r=bbondy. a=akeybl
a498c73be0fa91ec804732b496144a921905a9baChris Peterson — Bug 785663 - Wait for keyboard to stop resizing before scrolling text input into view. r=djf a=blocking-basecamp+
cc03dccb46688774a9bf630729d593f91342c7c0Luke Wagner — Bug 807845 - provide a jsfriendapi to query the caller's outermost enclosing function (r=jimb,a=akeybl)
83c532f6b27720058fc634c9e4f9e3301254e131Jared Wein — Bug 810419 - Duplicate ambient-menuitems in the Social API keyboard-access menu. r=felipe a=bbajaj
845ec2b01525219ad16c7b90c74f2e21d9612442Landry Breuil — Bug 792085. Fix js build on ppc, broken since ionmonkey merge. r=dvander, a=akeybl
14859729e1ab1d7d31e224405f938db7ea6c73ddMatt Woodrow — Bug 799165 - Don't revoke a view manager flush on PresShell destruction if we don't own the refresh driver. r=roc a=bajaj
27615048525148b19915f2233131ce45e061f0b4Malini Das — Bug 809245 - add preliminary touch support to marionette, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
ec566743b99c715c10dfa0f9ee98098f05e5aa2fGrant Gayed — Bug 806821 - GCLI should ensure that 'string' command return types are treated as plaintext; r=jwalker, a=lsblakk
daa7e5db35c63f0d166fc80647b6cdf23f91435aEd Morley — Bug 808419 -'s waitForFinish() should print to the log when maxTime is reached; r=jmaher a=test-only
020af45119f489e8ffa7e0577e7d9a2796caa2e5Ed Morley — Bug 808417 - Make runTests() exception reporting consistent across test harnesses; r=jmaher a=test-only
0460fcc8e2efd3f2ab6e228be554507ae5c035edEd Morley — Bug 808417 - should print the actual exception if one occurred runTests(); r=jmaher a=test-only
db70683ea79f5ec0cb97bfbdcadc98466bc14149Ed Morley — Bug 808545 - Tweak the exception message for profile cleanup failures; r=gps a=test-only DONTBUILD
b2dd5f11c4e1ae73961ced8e3dcb94ff43950baaJonathan Griffin — Bug 810421 - Add --tree arg to Marionette. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
f014da868d1a924907d23cce95176575ce5346efAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 810041 - Add SPPrefService message listener to B2G mochitests. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
15e19f1c53f96f3c2be125473701fcb9c5d8efa3Jonathan Griffin — Bug 810025 - Remove noisy log messages. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
573ad4a1e72eda03bf15d2d50e2c9c102e686623David Burns — Bug 801733 - Update isElementDisplayed Atom to handle hiding elements via transforms. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
131db704ce0b674fc2636d4876e95179b15a2f3cDavid Burns — Bug 801733 - Add a whole bunch of visibility tests for Marionette. r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
38aa5dab738418f7930436da0a1451f110c009f1Mats Palmgren — Bug 803473 - Wait for MozReftestInvalidate to fix orange. r=roc, a=test-only
14ea119d3bc7937e25550c070e0ecf77ef62d5c5Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 793585 - Only default the shared state if it's not there. r=joe, a=test-only
33d07833e1f26f178a1774b3761763fc133072b2Nathan Froyd — Bug 778695 - Fix 328829-2.xhtml intermittent orange by using reftest-wait. r=dholbert, a=test-only
95315ccdbb7d49452e0a560d6711ada360a75cffNathan Froyd — Bug 752864 - Fix t1204-reset-00-c-o-test.html intermittent orange by using reftest-wait. r=dholbert, a=test-only
9e9a3f0cd1e0fbb5883edb4544bc56e91138cf85Nathan Froyd — Bug 629633 - Fix 363370-1.html intermittent orange by using reftest-wait. r=dholbert, a=test-only
4745f604098afd3b62c1f07342d820660d7deaf4Nathan Froyd — Bug 567950 - Fix intermittent browser_keyevents_during_autoscrolling.js timeout by properly cleaning up in browser_default_image_filename.js. r=gavin, a=test-only
658d1cf59d3817414e3549c19f0f279de750d48dKyle Huey — Bug 798491: Add an option to stick all chrome JSMs/JS components in the same compartment. r=mrbkap,philikon a=bajaj
43eef80d5a9373363334e15d4f8a716f61689b84Brian Smith — Bug 804441: Put our NSPR and NSS header wrappers before OS_INCLUDES. r=ted, a=blocking-basecamp
af90ef6d15d4b5f786686a078aa116dbd339a483Robert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Only chrome display items that are leaves should be treated as especially opaque. r=mats,a=bajaj
2ed2cc2f321bed8766564977f3af54a9842c8f56Robert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Part 1: Refactor nsDisplayList::GetList. a=bajaj
8109a2fa5f54e70c2db9ce7c7ad4fcda4059c4afNicholas Cameron — Bug 782311; put back D3D10_RESOURCE_MISC_GDI_COMPATIBLE. r=Bas, a=lsblakk
ca854140dd54398a39543a0e81e7c9426d44d186Justin Lebar — Bug 806168 - Remove extra indentation in webapp_clearBrowserData.js. r=bent, a=test-only
53e7a455e3e71f26ecd8e6a72ba11f6914789bdcJustin Lebar — Bug 806168 - Test for bugs 802366 and 806127. r=bent, a=test-only
e7ac05e8acfd2a5098e388fdd56024ab142f06c0Justin Lebar — Bug 806127 - Test that cookies from pages inside <iframe mozbrowser> are not considered third-party. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
8b57ef499ff92a08b218625e384b845a9acaa14aJustin Lebar — Bug 806127 - ThirdPartyUtil should not consider in-process <iframe mozbrowser/mozapp> to be third-party. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
d54f23b093c436b334180cd6dff9983cb88cfc9dJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Epilogue: Remove workaround for bug 802366 in Webapps.jsm. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
bb4b31442abc3db000f5ecbe73ead4f9a76b6ff6Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Use TabContext to make IDB handling more correct in TabParent. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
20ded27ba11412ccba2fb91446379fc655285dcfJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - The main event: Let a browser process inherit its app's id. r=bz,cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
684f0b8beb12559162f932447ccef0945fa40687Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 5: Improve comments in nsIDocShellTreeItem.idl and nsILoadContext.idl. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
dc3a2243fef9c5b2bf88948ce88f9aa145813130Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 4: Use and simplify nsScriptSecurityManager::GetDocShellCodebasePrincipal. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
47a94e631253d2ad3cd46c824db605f5eeca80bfJustin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 3: Make some methods on nsIPrincipal infallible, and improve documentation on other methods. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
5104d55cfabc3b9d04ee5ecba131ef4d0e3b03e5Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 2: Rename GetParentIgnoreBrowserFrame to GetSameTypeParentIgnoreBrowserAndAppBoundaries. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
b35bd88a4f754271fec7ccafdb05d5e44ff670d5Justin Lebar — Bug 802366 - Prelude, part 1: Rename in-process-browser-frame-shown to in-process-browser-or-app-frame-shown. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
6157d5ec9eb70617552a53afff081e5bb1f25d67Ben Turner — Bug 808743 - Better protection for PBrowser shutdown and database invalidation in multiprocess scenarios. r=khuey, r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
e17e8976baa280165073f0f8891b7b94991deb4dphilringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice - a=blocklist-update
dd0abb35994ca68875713c3a4c420f5ab47be8e8L. David Baron — Bug 572200, part 3: Cache data that lives in the rule tree on every relevant rule node that has a style context directly pointing to it directly. r=bzbarsky a=bajaj
44de698735859572c01a18b5009a2410ffb9ea4aL. David Baron — Bug 572200, part 2: Allow rule nodes to cache data owned by an ancestor rule node: don't destroy structs that we don't own. r=bzbarsky a=bajaj
af8428e09956cf6fb3a679ad4aa3917becc9aeefL. David Baron — Bug 572200, part 1: Make rule nodes know whether they're used directly by a style context. r=bzbarsky a=bajaj
fae3b9538755588210b4b467fc3edfa1e6a86fa8L. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 1: Make allocation in the frame arena and the display list arena infallible. r=roc a=bajaj
e5aa14969f18cd4530bf1c06342fc6d6c62d8c4bGervase Markham — Bug 802568 - PSL and IDN TLD whitelist uplift for Firefox 17. a=lsblakk.
34c4f8b76f49b59fe1459434e611c106cb105b67Andrea Marchesini — Bug 804311 - Remove nsFilePicker from b2g r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
d3da40fc2e3f2df306ed5afc54dd53d2a6974fabMarco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 5 - Build B2G without Places. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
c716b7a78bdb8abe91be3df72b5c6adac9505b12Marco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 4 - Disable Places in Firefox for Android. Move Android history implementation to the mobile folder, use the newly
b15f46e94bd201f55bdd17ac98124e07e813af71Marco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 3 - Allow widget to be built without Places. r=jimm, a=blocking-basecamp
087a851e26d81404f1aa6f53d84c558559bcf8e3Marco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 2 - Allow docshell and content to build without Places, expose NotifyVisited API, and fix code so it can be built with alternative history implementations. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
1e1c94786c33082c95cee49e6e0c7ddfc15c286eMarco Bonardo — Bug 799609 - Disable Places in B2G - Part 1 - Remove Android history from Places. r=paolo, a=blocking-basecamp
4be503d9443b08158ae9f7445b91b2c8e0b7a462Randy Lin — Bug 805744 - Add Support for media control on Wired Headset Button. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
b3f4f5e82a08d69869191add43c879516b8b74a8Fabrice Desré — Bug 804469 - [Marketplace] Installed app can't be removed immediately if it has been executed (need reboot). r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
3ccb83304b371bf3111360e62d8ece1306c96db6Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 809972 - settings.js: gracefully handle missing nsIAudioManager on desktop builds. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
394cf133f6f979e96d54e5e11e9b5ce177cff5feGregor Wagner — Bug 809213 - Move PhoneNumber.js from Gaia to Gecko. r=gal, a=blocking-basecamp
782795b933e0ee31d88ff4190bc19dc03acb8fa9Benjamin Chen — Bug 802564 - Can't set window.location in inline disposition web activity when its App frame is opened. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
91a6abdf9526f42840b47787d59ef5042ec68378Andrea Marchesini — Bug 796275 - Context menu fires on wrong target out of process. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
e132143c1df4ce90dbee677f3c5b1b89f5bdcf13Dave Hylands — Bug 794599 - Add a preference to disable logging. r=bzbarsky, a=blocking-basecamp
44bfb31fa43e3b8904911faa3c4342e9d55f2f40Eric Chou — Bug 809538 - Refactory and handle no sdcard situation. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
24b3b11ea35d040c705f1548159bff21b50ce21eGina Yeh — Bug 809515 - No response when failed to connect to a headset. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
424e76e7dc626bfc5df8faa2aaafe8f743662ac0Steven Lee — Bug 808983 - Don't call hal_sandbox::Vibrate when ipc is broken. r=jlebar, a=bajaj
c5d3109c0dcdcc95d2303d825df4da1ad6da845bSteve Fink — Bug 803276 - Disable ArrayBufferView.prototype.move on release channels. r=dmandelin, a=akeybl
56c208e5b325a28be7920631639e0affe30072acHenri Sivonen — Bug 798275 - Make nsParser always say the insertion point is undefined, since it always is. r=smaug, a=bajaj
b3e7fdafdfa730ab3a27129fdd131372be827310Mounir Lamouri — Bug 795715 - Remove B2G-specific stuff from nsIDOMWindow. r=khuey, r=fabrice, sr=smaug, a=bajaj
e4231c5c2147e2ef7b3c4bd6510d7908919a0bd0Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 792631 - Add Ion IC for missing properties. r=dvander, a=bajaj
277b5640ca6a86c14dc7977080f9318484ba3cbcMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 685202 - Cleanup the update directory if canApplyUpdates is false. r=ehsan, a=bajaj
1e01edd1a7a1daacd8a924531c6e3ac53a9e23fcBenoit Jacob — Bug 802778 - Validate level parameter in copyTexImage2D. r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
b05679d0dc77b0a207902aa2c7e48c09ebc7f63bBlake Kaplan — Bug 806965 - Initialize new child processes with the current offline state. r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp+
7be95f3c39b22d27ee72860854dfd953e963978aBenoit Girard — Bug 794337 - Properly alias canvas image data when using Quartz compositing. r=jrmuizel a=lsblakk
b6c41959679d30cc19da1fd2238cb4529cd35399Robert Longson — Bug 779971 - Make nsSVGTextPathProperty::DoUpdate trigger nsSVGTextFrame::NotifyGlyphMetricsChange() off an asynchronous change hint (to avoid calling nsLayoutUtils::FrameNeedsReflow synchronously under nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG or during frame teardown, and avoid infinite loops caused by using an event queue event). r=jwatt a=lsblakk
43250c0b2bd298851544f94dd8e7f06a16ed8669Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 810401 - Disable corners-*.html reftests that are failing on aurora, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
7ad8200e00ecf6234b12f5b4d90061a7dfbf9f32Robert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 805331 due to assertions, a=me
6b57929bcd7e588d9ebdc27cb4e706aba1b42867Bobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Filter setters on branch. r=mrbkap a=lsblakk
34f703a6f2321ebeb81d4cd0bd61a6f2df436e19Bobby Holley — Bug 806751 - Pile more garbage into GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject. r=mrbkap a=bbajaj
5680af5a978c2979b1c41cead3fde4e4eaf18f9cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 807472. Pass WILL_SEND_DID_PAINT when calling PresShell::Paint with PAINT_COMPOSITE. r=mattwoodrow,a=bajaj
bac585f0c320672cdadd2cea4e4b1dce65a0faa3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Only chrome display items that are leaves should be treated as especially opaque. r=mats,a=bajaj
8ff55e73442e9134c3b642af7733296b9cb85087Robert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Part 1: Refactor nsDisplayList::GetList. a=bajaj
fd2e1429bf53eef5195062ae339fd81a67f3b57fJonathan Kew — bug 804927 - fix text control frame and accessibility issues. r=ehsan,tbsaunde a=akeybl
c9ae1b7c01329f983cd3b6794292436ac7cf3d95Jonathan Kew — bug 803383 - scale quartz surface properly to ensure full-resolution backing store is used when compositing xul:panels. r=smichaud a=bajaj
f32f5bf29668162bda7d4540ceb6936898fa1382Bill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Fix needsBarrier for GC (r=sstangl,jonco,a=bajaj)
bf7ed9f18a09351c091e149a1e866bbfe7ff24ebBill McCloskey — Bug 807535 - Avoid toggling Ion write barrier too often (r=sstangl,a=bajaj)
4ae139ff61c8044d2275ca11a11c9c0227f639e0Tim Taubert — Bug 802073 - Follow-up: check IME mode for text inputs only r=yxl a=blocking-basecamp
4455e1fa4dad21eac8d8511d6e7efc3bef6b6ec6Tim Taubert — Bug 802073 - Receive input event twice from input tag type:time and type:date r=vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
38bff1f270d015c391a0b245d2c79145ffda78d7Doug Turner — Bug 805965 - Geolocation fix jerks around. r=jdm/bz. a=blocking-basecamp
21922e8da10f03aa6cfdd7db62b14605576ca060Doug Turner — Bug 809288 - nsGeolocationService GetInstance / GetGeolocationService inconsistencies. r=mrbkap a=blocking-basecamp
cb6d20b909c02d7a8a24562571f5dfde7a5450c7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 809865 - Disable inputmode. r=smaug a=lsblack
8914200121e93849f54ed81e5d85cc302f437b28Jan de Mooij — Bug 800179 - Initialize CallArgsList::active_ in the constructor. r=luke a=bajaj
895e866ddec3eea1220c0bd58b55e784a89a2b5aAryeh Gregor — Bug 805287 - Block scripts in PrepareEditorEvent::Run; r=ehsan a=lsblakk
6735d6d137510961339a65b0a477dac0da7885b0Jared Wein — Bug 808176 - should also show the Error Console menuitem. r=dcamp a=bajaj
aa1a0d159286496f6d782dec2725afcfe297eca6Edwin Flores — Bug 798448 - Add YVU420SP to RGB565 conversion function r=doublec a=blocking-basecamp
9c7deae180b8d25b3a5db19d2a6524c9e1ab4ce3Edwin Flores — Bug 798448 - Stop GonkNativeWindow::perform returning an error when the transform is set r=kanru a=blocking-basecamp
1f1268783f84bbdb97150f9da3a78a26f0611cdcEdwin Flores — Bug 804906 - Plug leak in GonkIOSurfaceImage::GetAsSurface r=doublec a=gal
668d088cd2099fac7bd9d67c8b4bacbc317a0960Chris Lord — Bug 797021 - Reftest for multiple background content/border box clipping. r=roc a=bajaj
996854233577d07fac69b2dbd0868cedba110f07Chris Lord — Bug 797021 - Allow unsigned start parameter in NS_FOR_VISIBLE_BACKGROUND_LAYERS_BACK_TO_FRONT_WITH_RANGE. r=me a=bajaj
d422c11c91fe1b4c294f2c7da0484ab211d2267fChris Lord — Bug 797021 - Fix border clipping with multiple background layers. r=roc a=bajaj
c8a8a30e99d1f3b382f0aeaf6f2ef221ea6f20dcBenoit Jacob — Bug 806369 - Stagefright blacklisting. Also extends Android Gfxinfo to support blacklist rules by Android API version, Model, Product, Hardware, Manufacturer - r=joe,doublec, a=akeybl
83b3764cce455cc1ffd99fe7abb24c7f4c235139Andrea Marchesini — Bug 795930 - Hide ArchiveReader feature behind a pref (disabled by default). r=mounir, a=lsblakk
4dbb66879cf5db998180834bd6ee040b3dd0669eMarty Rosenberg — Bug 792873 - Ensure that we are using the same IonCompartment throughout the lifetime of an AFC. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
5eb344f86efbc43000307db37b36ecd6214165aaChris Pearce — Bug 805301 - Rename iframe.mozallowfullscreen to allowfullscreen. r=jlebar, a=bajaj
bf90268060e18d58b68677fadedb28629b799722Michael Kaply — Bug 800498 - Check for null context in MainWindowHook. r=jmathies, a=lsblakk
abd2bde6fef386a64b49c7dab6c30f2568a0efd1Jan de Mooij — Bug 801831 - Don't mark EnterJIT thunk if it's NULL. r=dvander, a=bajaj
626e845bf260f6eeac32d8798d5075e868b6dd84Timothy Nikkel — Bug 642257. If there are no plugins in the display list skip a potentially expensive compute visibility pass with accurate visible regions to determine plugin geometry because it is not needed. r=roc, a=bajaj
4d97db15dcc110d00cd503da5efd7ff39fe10bfcChris Jones — Bug 806029 - Have remote content drop their buffers when they're hidden. r=mattwoodrow, sr=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
c16025b84d9dd7792746f33092540bccdfe9438eFernando Jiménez — Bug 793192 - MMI Codes: support call forwarding. Part 3 - Tests. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
1c2da0f31ff6bbf7c6a14b0242d387b2c6c1d64eFernando Jiménez — Bug 793192 - MMI Codes: support call forwarding. Part 2 - RIL. Query CF. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
05b4fc4103af7e581d5e37cdff8c8fd39a18dac3Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793192 - MMI Codes: support call forwarding. Part 1 - RIL. r=marshall_law, sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
bbdbb8b0cef82b8d351c82d6364469014b13bb7dJustin Lebar — Bug 809587 - Increment the JS malloc counter when doing canvas.toBlob(). r=khuey, a=blocking-basecamp
7c50f70664ba1f826d10601b2c3e6f8f2973aba9Vincent Chang — Bug 807242 - [Wifi]: onconnected() function is not called when receiving CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED event. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
7bc199aeb7f08c3215bc13fe6718e3333c71518bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 796045 - Prepopulate apps cache for specific mozbrowser frames. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
65fd25180d85159990f8f691a316786ab3b3c2bfGregor Wagner — Bug 808327 - [settings] Re-enable security checks for settings. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
cedf55426d93f96b0698e5ff87abc846a0d4c052Marshall Culpepper — Bug 805844 - Support update interval configuration via settings in B2G. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
e658006870b6a1c92618c2c64d460d43807df09fFernando Jiménez — Bug 800511 - Remove redundant validation from navigator.mozPay(). r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
af2526674ef0a6e1e984c8599ffb7b2cd329ea22Blake Kaplan — Bug 807148 - Rejigger the way that we turn on background scanning. r=gal, r=vchang, a=blocking-basecamp
200e0007111aee3e1ff7db204d1af6795f6df5dcChuck Lee — Bug 786438 - Handle WEP authentication fail. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
4459b36cd8ed3c4eea48c1d4c301f819904089a7Chris Peterson — Bug 806142 - Only hide password characters if the text editor is (still) a password editor. r=ehsan a=blocking-basecamp+
ae99f48a0ebbcdab8c27f926929af7c6b439f7cfAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 808783 - Disable failing Mn tests, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
a378d29364b705889112394b073cee4d405bdc18Geoff Brown — Bug 797942 - Update compositor size on SIZE_CHANGED or SetCompositor, but only at startup; r=snorp, a=akeybl
3600b4bb3aacde12c69ed5bf323dcfc4489156b1Geoff Brown — backout rev a7a10b14ff06 (bug797942); a=akeybl
39be69bb99565eeffdee79859dfbd77ca528bfb1Chris AtLee — Bug 800364: Update panda/unagi build deps. r=rail a=lsblakk
f3ec8811649b724aad05a1d82370ea30d45ed647Marshall Culpepper — Bug 809605: Add %PRODUCT_MODEL% token for update URLs in B2G. r=ehsan a=blocking-basecamp+
a294bcb97823badeeb629041a00a964dd0f9c8f8Alex Keybl — Bug 805057 – Comparison for fx_aurora-csb does not update r=me a=me
df349536978c0300b548fd9666040555a9bbf3eeAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 808647 - Disable failing sanity reftests for B2G, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
f183e4e733822a5668febe573603a4752a789597Jonathan Griffin — Bug 809437 - Ensure b2g process has fully stopped before restarting it when installing gecko into an emulator, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
4880b39fdcd967307d61fcd86a4765458c0ecbd9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 809459 - Disable SmsRequest on Android to fix a startup crash. r=dougt a=blassey
8ae22fe748fc574b7a44aac6b5a11a3fc0a31c04Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 807850 - Add a memory reporter for the nsScriptNameSpaceManager. r=jst, a=bajaj
07bbdd455716aa707d31c5b5acf36857302b9a2fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 807896 - Reduce the initial size of SPS's strings hashtable. r=acrichto, a=bajaj
c0dfb00e30301b6f7b6d3928ca956d0af23be8eaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 806283 - Split up and add native iterators to "object/misc" memory reports. r=jorendorff, a=bajaj
bd7cf3e4c57f1a387aca2115308d5f5fa05e98c1Jeff Walden — Bug 768750 - Make FieldSetter always set a return value. r=bz, a=lsblakk
c686c2eb54d681154c24facee5a652c6aa6dcd6dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 808270 - INetBgDL dll compiled with vc6 for smaller file size. r=jimm. a=akeybl
360cc4d99e6b344f0c6edf038df0d3cb6e3cc589Brian R. Bondy — Bug 808270 - Stub installer pings not always sent. r=jimm. a=akeybl
3a824c12bf1c0dfbb5a521169d473e767d5e5428Yoshi Huang — Bug 807265 - B2G STK: implement RIL_REQUEST_REPORT_STK_SERVICE_IS_RUNNING. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
866d9add5ca6b2b3af1fd279bef744cafa19455cGina Yeh — Bug 808879 - Expose connection status for system app. r=qdot, sr=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
c0f1dea0301535cd7b0459c166bfc3aed4347f7cJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 808994 - B2G SMS: Expose the strict7BitEncoding setting through the setting API. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
ba469d2bf081b605556a1302845e3393eff4b434Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 809006 - B2G Network Manager: Unable to set default route and DNS when required system properties not available. r=vicamo, a=blocking-basecamp
7c6eb01a102a475ada2d35037f2030adc30c8337Matt Woodrow — Bug 805948 - Use the local perspective value instead of trying to retrieve it from the nsStyleDisplay again. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
59271fe8c55f19fe46510aaf92b66161cea268a8Mike Habicher — Bug 808099 - Write the correct rotational meta-data to the video stream. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
5af88988ae053004951760bdca7ba4bd59504aa2Marco Chen — Bug 791642 - nsIAudioManager: support voice volume. r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
261667b3cbf586aa69f1ce1d125f090ac51e3f49Doug Turner — Bug 805322 - Device Storage - Add tests to ensure Application Permissions match that of the Permission Matrix. r=jmaher, a=blocking-basecamp
eab0a3d65b1e1d68d78930ebdfb381179c57d7afRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804323. Backout bug 691651 on aurora. r=roc a=bbajaj
d782479f28383e712b4ed101688978da32df9d2fVivien Nicolas — Bug 802063 - [Settings] Won't remember the Data Connection status after reboot. r=gwagner a=blocking-basecamp
6cfcecb75844139334d5d10b1b69c0c3ab4b6e39Steven Lee — Bug 800263 - [FM Radio] Launch the FM Radio with headphone already plugged-in will cause screen freeze. r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
b7480e2efbdeb5179115fc7046af5e8ab8169906Jonathan Griffin — Bug 804366 - Include test names in failure messages v0.3, r=ahal, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
7e9e4acbf58bff375fa6bf800cd84d5fea5b6c23Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 800102 - Retry adb push if it times out while installing gecko, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
c1e430ff299eca21ce5fd52f4f3aaaa1120b2055Jonathan Griffin — Bug 800102 - Work around adb deadlock when installing gecko in emulator, r=ahal, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
30cb831b2dc7a3736f68ae44bd29b640a21b25d9Jeff Hammel — Bug 805440 - Mozrunner installed from pypi when running;r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
133b45a38084988a520cbf5bccc439bc4e354e0bJonathan Griffin — Bug 808441 - Enable dom/base mochitests for B2G, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
34b009e46fd1e20ee3e23d6143876678b9fe5364Marco Bonardo — Bug 809022 - The downloads button opens the panel even if it's disabled.
d0a3931168de5762bbce0451feddd8878b479f08Shane Caraveo — Bug 807217 - Disable Social in private browsing mode. r=gavin,felipe a=lsblakk
d275b56629b122e591e339480fffcfe337834d49Mark Hammond — Bug 808171 - Avoid setting social.enabled preference twice. r=gavin,felipe a=lsblakk
04ecbd5b2b271b0e1aa1cb4aabc136822a542372Mark Hammond — Bug 808243 - sidebar load event should be removed when sidebar not visible. r=felipe a=lsblakk
117940683b07673676766799f153732c146f0b3eVicamo Yang — Bug 775997 - Make sSmsRequests a static class member. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
464c6f5186bb6b4d1cbebb53cb19058ba90abc70Vicamo Yang — Bug 775997 - Part 2/2: Android implementation. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
46b35c333abe9c1b0b96f0eb20c6988033c6c5c1Gregor Wagner — Bug 775997 - Message app crashes when run OOP. Part 1/2. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
9a1e0c0fcaa91bb2f07785bb96cf797ee5827be5Edwin Flores — Bug 788204 - Fix ifdef for inferring MP3 mimetype from filename. r=dhylands, a=blocking-basecamp
4b1d23387fdec4c55e04d00cd9cfe1dd67259ad2Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 798580 - Run mochitests from within test-container app's oop iframe. r=jgriffin, a=blocking-basecamp
e6e9f986739c57078aeceb0153adbfa6672cfd9bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 792351. Make GetRootFrameOffset handle the case where aContainerFrame is itself a reference frame. r=mattwoodrow, a=blocking-basecamp, bajaj
0588345cd9aa982a1a9479bcf2d740d4e7594388Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 804500 - B2G 3G: Connecting 2nd data call causes temporary state change of the 1st data call. r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
4a62e0864b5d9443cd97dd8226793ef8183e8688Alan Huang — Bug 802029 - When PollSensors() found one of its event type is SENSOR_UNKNOWN, don't create a SensorRunnable. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
8e94d84fd6e39e03dc5ae0ee99a20ac8a8720da6Blake Kaplan — Bug 806611 - Make wpa_supplicant noisy when debug is enabled for wifi. r=vchang a=bbajaj
deb39a21892f3eb6a1cecf41ded9cd5577fb1433Blake Kaplan — Bug 806611 - Control wifi debug output based on a setting. r=vchang a=bbajaj
2879c40c0362928d0a87e9b4b00ca6965c0b1f63Matt Woodrow — Bug 805696 - Always invalidate nsImageFrames when we change to a new image request. r=joe a=bajaj
d84a2be987356a7782701d670ae837d882a8897dDoug Turner — Backout db23dcb2f68d. r/a=dougt
22430d341f0fd433cf2088d2c1a139faebbd37e7Al Tsai — Bug 805539 - Prevent effect from default values and network geolocation provider. r=dougt, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
6cf824913dc35b36e305a0a87d63337f49179176Jonathan Griffin — Bug 807817 - Dump Marionette logs as well as writing to logfile, r=philikon, a=NPOTB
811f850b042bd3187548704542339e623f06175fJonathan Griffin — Bug 805216 - Add mozdevice to, r=jhammel, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
db23dcb2f68d21322372bf8db46a7693bc80d9a7Doug Turner — Bug 805965 - Geolocation fix jerks around. r=jdm/bz. a=blocking-basecamp
b3a817168571b3d08daf6decd6d9e2be317fba50Scott Johnson — Bug 797705: Check for null pointers and return early from java event handling if Gecko hasn't started to prevent crashes. [r=kats][a=bajaj]
2b0ab957d9da557a2828abf81d991373cd601bddEric Chou — Bug 808193 - return 'boolean' if PROP_DEVICE_CONNECTED_TYPE is not found, r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
084811a4a947b534f0b443b7a279be800851014bMalini Das — Bug 801703 - enable switching to nested OOP frame, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
929f506750e165c4b114e4dae975889b2642b06dDoug Turner — Bug 808866 - do not create location providers in child process. r=jdm/amarchesini a=blocking-basecamp
33c470ea043efc3a0328c813c9ade462db6b243aDão Gottwald — Bug 792054 - Use the legacy User Agent string (containing Gecko/20100101) for some possibly-broken online banking sites. r=gerv a=lsblakk
bfd37567b5dea7169e23a153839639294331686ePanos Astithas — Bug 799153 - Add UI for toggling the debugger server in Firefox OS; r=vingtetun a=bajaj
c8f3d5623567f17a77c39111604c45d7eae0bc5bSimon Montagu — Don't split inlines with bidi-isolated kids unnecessarily when they don't have siblings. Bug 793233, r=roc, a=lsblakk
78169f1caa36efa183b80d34df1e919529952a57Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 793233, r=roc
9c858d6cf48de567a815ba267c0353e989681d3aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 803451 - GPS code prompts even when GPS is disabled r=dougt a=blocking-basecamp
66bada6ea6b278f81887d8b7f8f8ae32e8b351ddMark Hammond — Bug 808377 - Ensure that View -> Sidebar -> Social does not appear if social is disabled. r+a=gavin
91bc264379f9f7c88a4fe344d890d94968caa28fWes Johnston — Bug 790454 - Set touch target in touchstart. r=smaug,a=lsblakk
9cc413f943a34a9e534c06b4f598278bdb2f6ad8Kai Engert — Bug 801218 - Upgrade NSS to 3.14 Final (needs NSPR 4.9.3 final), r=wtc, a=bbajaj
c82029001796b2ac2839cce1aee3b598f259bca6Mats Palmgren — Bug 807174 - Drop-down list used inside a frameset document renders outside the frame. r=roc a=lsblakk
35607764ecd3f832242734c2d1e826e727235c73Mats Palmgren — Bug 805153 - Check with the focus manager if our *content* is already focused. r=roc a=lsblakk
20f1a116e3494fac6713ec32811a92ee05664685Justin Lebar — Bug 806243 - Fix blob memory reporter's SHA1s on 32-bit by passing a correct format string to nsPrintfCString. r=njn, a=bajaj
da1a7707fd86a6735ffac52ee8d266a1f7b59015Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 807847 - Noise entries are erroneously entered into the misscache. r=dcamp a=akeybl
3584ecc80e5da41f780a9e16107f621951f13ea3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 782106 - Disable the per-client randomization in the url-classifier. r=dcamp a=akeybl
e070197f4c898be01dff85759014eea88c995dcfphilringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice - a=blocklist-update
d63022a7c9bac8a7f0a0bc2fd36aaf15f0b8284fGregor Wagner — Bug 808259 - Don't kill a process because of missing permissions. r=cjones. a=blocking-basecamp
50cee6bb0eeab801156b93db6db5026156959c11Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 804891 - Reduce LIFO_ALLOC_PRIMARY_CHUNK_SIZE from 128 KiB to 32 KiB. r=wmccloskey, a=akeybl
423ec29c585bddf3b209f1eeac0eb126ffca3546Andrea Marchesini — Bug 805712 - Fix intermittent test_archivereader_zip_in_zip.html. r=mounir, a=test-only
f5f7309eb01a86fe46275aaa4100d501f47261cbRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 244df1bb706d (bug 806369) to see if it fixes Android NoIon timeouts. a=backout
cc464f664272fd560e28660f1de2f6d92a7d4d31Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Make set lastTestSeen so crashes are output with the test filename; r=jgriffin a=test-only
5b24d43e7ca901e5b86f7bb0dcc5ad001a1b8f77Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Misc cleanup; r=jgriffin a=test-only
518d8fac93c4a79ebeb1a00e2447fca80ac95161Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Make set lastTestSeen so Android crashes are output with the test filename; r=jmaher a=test-only
3ca9fbeb5d6f97b85133d24b2770aded88a624deEd Morley — Bug 757838 - Misc cleanup; r=jmaher a=test-only
18270cef7783e939c9d261f5c5d4001510f897f9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 86b9ecee110f (bug 804891) to see if it fixes Android NoIon timeouts. a=backout
901aaea897a0996905b6b540bef5ffff758ce38bBill McCloskey — Backout bug 807535 (r=regression,a=regression)
76e2abf198c0d0815ec0717d9fe11258540ab6a0Josh Matthews — Bug 807760 - Comment followup. a=NPOTB
c8a04a9e8a3f6647c027b1d2cf2d016f08e4b3c1Josh Matthews — Bug 807760 - Disable OMTC in b2g builds on Windows. r=cjones, a=akeybl
244df1bb706dff06ff2051c047d118119ae39ca0Benoit Jacob — Bug 806369 - Stagefright blacklisting. Also extends Android Gfxinfo to support blacklist rules by Android API version, Model, Product, Hardware, Manufacturer - r=joe,doublec, a=akeybl
86b9ecee110ff3f7a0b51dc909d01e2db621d67dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 804891 - Reduce LIFO_ALLOC_PRIMARY_CHUNK_SIZE from 128 KiB to 32 KiB. r=wmccloskey, a=akeybl
2a2c5e00b5f6465d289ea4ae304047d8bf768719Robert O'Callahan — Bug 787831 - Keep TrackIDs instead of Track pointers to guard against Tracks being deleted. r=jesup, a=akeybl
6eeb1ce456b8437a20bce8b506d23cfbf819549dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 807237 - Add 'data' parameter to JS_StealArrayBufferContents. r=sfink, a=akeybl
5bf1d08ae880116024c6832d0f8a52792bd07b29Bill McCloskey — Bug 807535 - Avoid toggling Ion write barrier too often. r=sstangl, a=bajaj
f682731b2fa70619bc0be0d34759e30d72e4ac7aBrad Lassey — Bug 798826 - Crash in gfxFT2FontList::FindFonts @ mozilla::scache::StartupCache::WaitOnWriteThread, speculative null check. r=jfkthame, a=akeybl
7a5944fe8a0ee8ad831cd87508858548d525d411Mats Palmgren — Bug 806364 - Calculate dropdown height based on number of child frames for <option>s and <optgroup>s with non-empty label, instead of GetNumberOfOptions() which only includes <option> nodes. r=roc, a=akeybl
dfc64a46c340d0e3025c2cedc44b472fe32e463fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 787318 - Tabs thumbnails are not updated. r=blassey, a=bajaj
19b9d31f75cc8c4b9ac6235452f06e258ca57442Tim Taubert — Bug 805971 - Don't create and discard StartupCache instances on not-main processes. r=mwu, a=bajaj
a32114c42cf81495ab0b45403bbd799f74f74f2fBenoit Jacob — Bug 795701 - Followup, use 1x1 canvas when fetching WebGL info. r=Unfocused, a=bajaj
dea1d1e1f2199b01eb07a24369d4fe5c1f52a780Benoit Jacob — Bug 795701 - WebGL Renderer : no information in about:support. r=Unfocused, a=bajaj
54be999f551fe8c9b8081a94d58280efd75d697dMook — Bug 782549 - Check if the window has device sensor listeners, instead of global listener count. r=dougt, a=bajaj
76d096e915c76e09403376d197381ddb4d72034fBenoit Jacob — Bug 742781 - Chrome mochitest for WEBGL_debug_renderer_info extension - r=bz, a=akeybl
b77766bbadc13340a540aedc4ca481887d032f41Benoit Jacob — Bug 742781 - Implement WEBGL_debug_renderer_info extension - r=bz,jgilbert, a=akeybl
edf686a532b7d7e5e55dfee3b24cc40deba749c7Marty Rosenberg — Bug 799793 - Fix bitand to not compute bogus ranges. r=dvander, a=bajaj
c26d675f7af129fe994756030e7e946fa9d075dcAlexander Surkov — Bug 782991 - Tab document should be a document load events target unconditionally (states/test_link.html intermittent failure). r=tbsaunde, a=bajaj
852c98a08997cd8c24e183d24293e6083b842d59Eric Chou — Bug 805724 - Patch 5: Send correct file name to Gaia and remove received incomplete file. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
acda15a7388b5e54c12b297b66ebc61a8736a865Eric Chou — Bug 805724 - Patch 4: Fire dom request events after calling OPP related functions. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
3c39eafb24a1c6f2c641806e95312055f63efd5cEric Chou — Bug 805724 - Patch 3: Let user be able to terminate receiving process by calling StopSendingFile(). r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
471d6d92eceba42dd7990ca0e8028b86545c3cc5Eric Chou — Bug 805724 - Patch 2: Cleanup (naming, check text width, decrease build warnings). r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
5723c03e806e49e8bf9f0654496f1aeb29ccbb3aEric Chou — Bug 805724 - Patch 1: Make BluetoothOppManager listen again after disconnection. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
4d6d8e68c9730cccc07562ea99bd546316298541Fabrice Desré — Bug 807575 - Only register activities when needed at startup. r=gene, a=blocking-basecamp
e319131e61e3f4f87a1efd02933eb3a06aa44ee9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 807478 - B2G: turn on jsloader.reuseGlobal. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
e4ace841aca84d8930e33c92f6f56cde441c3599Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 807478 - Fix DebuggerProtocol and SpecialPowers imports for jsloader.reuseGlobal = true. r=past, a=blocking-basecamp
71796f03f34ead49b3bc5dc769f8fd67039ee2adChris Jones — Bug 807478 - Fix timeout argument to waitFor(). r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
ce0906b1bc1d21a427842215a0a2fd2ea055f173Mike Habicher — Bug 808030 - Make camera default to smallest non-0x0 thumbnail size with reduced quality. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
21d6e736833501aefb842df0b22b7156d7f6e7e3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 807056 - BrowserElement* purgeHistory(). r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
1240dc686edbce5c99b255f7fbe3dffb77f7dba5Zach Carter — Bug 804143 - [Identity] Make id flow OOP. r=benadida, a=blocking-basecamp
1ad4fc08462dd7321a2a2a44a70ef7b1f966b658Kyle Machulis — Bug 791268 - Make dylib symbol binding retry, let bluetooth firmware shutdown still work even on error. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
ea28d6b8dbd80496ca342573a4c2cb410a25e5b3Jed Parsons — Bug 807078 - Clean up message listeners before closing window. r=benadida, a=blocking-basecamp
d130df80561dabe0080d0ef3bde9e16471578b45Shelly Lin — Bug 803039 - Use TimeStamp instead of PRTime to store the idle time. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
b110c18131fb8f4e334b11a9ed79d9e9616d5cc3Mike Habicher — Bug 801693 - Plumb video recorder state-change (error, size/length limit) handling. r=jst, a=blocking-basecamp
050e4b2e5074abe4d7197b48a39e373b55f1e624Vincent Chang — Bug 799825 - Remove unused code related to device. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
15071d0ac7e6c5f3a6c418fd3fc056b747407356Vincent Chang — Bug 799825 - Wait for driver ready before starting wpa_supplicant. r=mrbkap, a=blocking-basecamp
2f36bbb7ea8f1293e1334c7f669a35e837f2f6a9Rail Aliiev — Bug 806280 - l10n stub installers on latest-mozilla-aurora-l10n and latest-mozilla-central-l10n need to be signed builds. r=catlee,ted a=akeybl
f17d8fafe3310a1ffe1ec58ac7c3718efe2ed864Justin Lebar — Bug 807181 - Add a memory reporter for unique set size (USS), which we'll call "resident-unique". r=njn, a=bajaj
647847eb85ced3c0ec9197cd142ca797003af312Jonathan Griffin — Bug 802877 - Delay a bit before setting default emulator geolocation, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
a0950767b7e46769a475b2a68e5eacbfe70e8ccbDavid Clarke — Bug 797513 - Add geolocation class to Marionette emulator, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
d8b705134a2c4124aadbd5b174ddf830a17ca094Jonathan Griffin — Bug 803740 - Wait for system-message-listener-ready before installing new gecko, r=mdas, a=NPOTB
dda05e842e90725f02a1b2b115dad3253652f95bHenrik Skupin — Bug 805297 - Marionette doesn't recognize relative test path from current working directory. r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
e84a6cb8ef742b1afc0b7bf161d49710f4dc4720Jonathan Griffin — Bug 805428 - Install reftest extension on B2G as app bundle, r=ahal, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
d45c28a32e26383d70bbdfbdeef1f78930cb0fcdJonathan Griffin — Bug 803254 - Detect emulator crashes, r=ahal, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
f9166576f834df7fe2ab822b070a1b14611cc3aaJonathan Griffin — Bug 803253 - Only wait for system-message-listener-ready on emulator startup, r=mdas, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
fa9d3e13e47399cd49a49c4e21ee596e32bbd29cJonathan Griffin — Bug 802807 - Only listen for system-message-listener-ready for JS tests, r=mdas, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
2ca4c7e6f6ce01f1cff5a267ec96ccd8cb0d2a6eJonathan Griffin — Bug 792647 - Wait for system-message-listener-ready on B2G before returning during newSession, r=philikon, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
5da108186d3305a70bb4a478da4ce96cee7541b9David Burns — Bug 803096: add the ability to get an elements location with marionette; r=mdas, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
60e63c12ffcaf6f17f657878fe473024d3b9d1d3Jonathan Griffin — Bug 807137 - Exclude test_innerWidthHeight from B2G testruns, since it times out, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
b4877dcb7fe5361bf6fba8a0a72b53d2190874b5Jonathan Griffin — Bug 803745 - Package b2g.json in, r=jmaher, a=NPOTB
9e11602f5dfc7ef918345bf06d18f429ae640a31Jonathan Griffin — Bug 793045 - B2G mochitest manifest for harness stabilization, r=jmaher, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
bdc684adc57bfadee6e733d1bedc5c034e92a5cdGregor Wagner — Bug 807631 - Receiving multi-part SMS doesn't work. r=philikon. a=blocking-basecamp
573627e62736389681a5421ee9f6f50da465dc1fJosh Matthews — Bug 804653 - Make destroying a private docshell update the global count of private docshells instead of waiting an indefinite amount of time for the destructor. r=bz a=akeybl
aee404ebbdae2215f1f3eff0383aaeb0cd1fb937Timothy Nikkel — Backout 2657b58d787c (bug 789482). a=akeybl
dd53d0988e6ff9c8587066fde0ea1ef31d861c2bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 802456. Set min size in size constraints to zero when sizing a hidden view to zero to avoid resize conflicts. r=enndeakin a=lsblakk
5b307b318efa421de3d650e09c29b38719cf5ffdJonathan Griffin — Bug 806138 - Disable permaorange, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
9f2c0e41d38729e0ce008736b1700d44e9f224f0David Burns — Bug 804289: bumped Marionette client version; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
cda5c1e1b43d99a9d1720cd7bc3591333b3c7600Vicamo Yang — Bug 803850: sync MarionetteJSTestCase.add_tests_to_suite arguements with others, r=dburns, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
6707e87ab00a64ff1eda16d13014e51c1c585ed1David Burns — Bug 802227: add --testvars to runner to accept JSON file with test data; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
4ac2d634671d2875c9879167162200838887c3e5Alfredos-Panagiotis Damkalis — Bug 799008: find_elements to not scope parents when searching with css in Marionette; r=dburns, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
521a1e6b887b9da2054e44b990fdffec3c588ea3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 808110 - No HTTP traffic was being sent for stub installer pings due to too many parameters. r=jimm. a=akeybl
a11b57d12975613f12443c4354dd3fc3ad038eb0Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 798264 (Split property tables). r=bz, a=lsblakk.
0b626ffdb434d6b54135885f456d8c2b29ee2140Chris Jones — Bug 807142: Make containers for DisplayRemote behave like leaf layers when we're resolution-scaling. r=mattwoodrow a=blocking-basecamp
59e0991e11747082cbef1062820a573ee5bb14f2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 802734 - Only offer Stub Ping for en-US builds. r=jimm. a=akeybl
7603afea6cc6f8dad40d1bd522a33bf2d4189d8dLucas Rocha — Bug 796886 - Tapping anywhere in main layout should close tabs panel on phones (r=mfinkle, a=bajaj)
19455157d3957662d699aa3d030c3599eaf089a8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 807805 - Remove app.reportCrashes from b2g.js now that we have crash reporter settings in the UI. r=fabrice a=bajaj
a6ce42903021133bd12d29934f6e0f891d328299Chris AtLee — Bug 804090: Remove official branding from l10n mozconfigs. r=bhearsum a=akeybl DONTBUILD
338c97ef6c2dd95f5fdb291a1a42bc5f30353229Kyle Machulis — Bug 802428: Support varying adapter properties based on android version; r=ggrisco r=echou a=blocking-basecamp
7814cae6099a57afe96f22916b5bfa6ae27eab0fNick Thomas — Bug 800364, unagi dep build support, r=catlee,mwu a=lsblakk
c883d02a0bd90d414a3df584af31b018e5c43649Guillermo López — Bug 805789 - Handle null and undefined as correct values instead of converted to strings on USSDReceivedEventDict::message. r=smaug, a=bajaj
579e3f9737a3ba9f51461b843407d69e80797972Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 802894 - Add a memory reporter for nsEffectiveTLDService. r=jduell, a=bajaj
8cee7c3cbbecb0c3fbab8d927038c19f4161c699Jonathan Kew — Bug 806059 - Make gfxQuartzNativeDrawing aware of backing scale factor when rendering native widgets. r=smichaud, a=bajaj
3f6cc32f62e2e7648ac7ed6a4288c34f6001dcf3Kannan Vijayan — Bug 795801 - IC StrictPropertyOp setters in IonMonkey. r=dvander, a=bajaj
f1780c4b50a5cbf01ecbdf92a0c4f8ce5cbed5dfJonathan Griffin — Bug 797162 - Add make target for b2g xpcshell tests. r=ted, a=blocking-basecamp
e726a122a64d7416dc0c9852601a77e692067e86Gina Yeh — Bug 806713 - Patch 1: NS_ASSERTION failure in UnixSocket.cpp when create a sco socket. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
94e25b1d1f52c44c825fd983ef3ba8235a9bd217Gene Lian — Bug 796255 - Alarm doesn't ring on time if the app is killed and phone is allowed to suspend (part 2). r=vivien,jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
43c542b1344b464b0d07e018f02010bf82171bb8Gene Lian — Bug 796255 - Alarm doesn't ring on time if the app is killed and phone is allowed to suspend (part 1). r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
c85b9855d7e8d943fe31e5d0453977dacfcc34f2Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 804531 - B2G 3G: When primary APN available, default route should not be set to secondary APN. r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
5e70aa88e163e05d56a53e3f3b7f957878c02a04Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 804073 - B2G RIL: use system message to notify telephony new calls. r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
205167c80fb00950a57c7d41af9e8e532d583f4fFabrice Desré — Bug 806624 - (dev mode only) Support using hosted apps with certified permissions. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
25237cf5a92883d4a0ebe595b3e7fb904542f96aJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 793208 - Part 4: tests. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
30c107f5a13bf762da5e42916a40deacd31c5520Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 793208 - Part 3: RIL impl. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
fbcc0cd4bd8e17114144f25cf7dd1ee2cc97f4d3Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 793208 - Part 2: DOM impl (C++). r=smaug, a=blocking-basecamp
66483e9ebc4c03baf2e35e8be1ae673021ebecd3Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 793208 - Part 1: DOM API. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
6534c274eef5877bd16c2f03471df0626cfcc336Felipe Gomes — Bug 807532. Clear the previous profile when Social is toggled off. r=markh,gavin a=gavin
7ac200b8286d67abeedd364ab0144afae20ea4a1Anant Narayanan — Bug 801801: Fix runapp argument for B2G Desktop; r=fabrice, a=bajaj (approval-mozilla-aurora)
0e92ef50811e2a1b35d2ddced10d67e3f7218758Brian R. Bondy — Bug 768378 - UpdateShortcutAppUserModelIds helper.exe operation creates a second taskbar icon when installed to a non standard location. r=jimm. a=lsblakk
56ea7d10eda817f8f992ef803419d5b911064921Brian R. Bondy — Bug 734628 - Fix for duplicate icons from leading padded spaces in AppUserModelID. r=jimm, rstrong. a=lsblakk
a4e27fd52844694602a2a5f5468679c48fc2722cDavid Burns — Bug 784013: adding application cache helpers support to Marionette; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
843c809ffbc6552fdf45045e491624eb5f46c0d3Jonathan Griffin — Bug 802427 - Disable Marionette expectedFailures for Python 2.6-compat reasons, DONTBUILD, a=test-only, NPOTB
4af5edaf6385d9f1314d8e7bf1668050368f5c8aMats Palmgren — Bug 803995 - Dispatch an nsAsyncRollup event (that calls RollupFromList) only if we're dropped down since otherwise it might reset mouse capturing for other content. r=roc a=bbajaj
5529e431ae5d3992d429d05776d8c646a5a44589Rob Wood — Bug 807055 - Fix SMS test_timestamp.js random orange, update manifest; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
11c24b59f750d3693bd49059ff4dcdc8784b4ab3Kyle Huey — Bug 802926: Null check the callback passed to toBlob. r=sicking a=akeybl
501dd2c7deea778eb89301940102cb1b30b48f01Gregor Wagner — Bug 776668 - Split permission for Settings/Contacts access into ReadOnly and ReadWrite variants. r=ddahl. a=blocking-basecamp
4f7e7b24d08e318873ee0181781cd05e39d016e8Gregor Wagner — Bug 807779 - [settings] allow readonly transactions. r=bent. a=blocking-basecamp
aab747163346330e44a64afda1b32efd257b9362Brian R. Bondy — Bug 802734 - Add a checkbox for sending telemetry ping information. r=jimm. a=akeybl
5e042a560ba23b23e6624dd3df8b4b7fb1659c38Robert Strong — Bug 802734 - Add installer telemetry ping information. r=bbondy. a=akeybl
9365f76ab8356a04316e7aa4461abd399a37a614John Ford — bug 806548 - sync linux desktop b2g mozconfigs rs=cjones a=bajaj
a4ebbccbcdaeccdb818722bcf24f322ff31309dcAndrew McCreight — Bug 806433 - Make mReleaseRunnable a ref ptr. r=smaug a=lsblakk
ff735cd97e04b62d0e1b64650ddc017b29b977f8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 801925 - Let Gaia handle crash reporter dialog/banner logic. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp+
ba06dfbcf09509d9025266c45a27cf58dbf4c5b7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 801809 - Add hooks for b2g crash reporter UI. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp+
b9ac00394329690aae8e4f14686dee0bedf305a7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 803756 - Override for B2G. r=philikon a=blocking-basecamp+
840c1b46ad0bbf1a0b3ab2a03a9a99901741462fBen Turner — Bug 805354 - 'Add read/write permission checks to chrome databasesfrom other processes'. r=fabrice+khuey, a=blocking-basecamp+.
94375f9952d6410131bf9dbed0c175f5727d2554Justin Lebar — Bug 771195 - Fire memory pressure events on Gonk. r=dhylands a=blocking-basecamp
1d407736951c3e040d06cbe2263d20a88e34ae26Justin Lebar — Bug 802647 - Send browser screenshots as blobs, not base-64 strings. r=khuey,daleharvey a=blocking-basecamp
02bf38dae079ffabfa8d1d32c30ef508f3142ce1Mihai Sucan — Bug 795691 - b2g fixes for the web console actors. r=past,vingtetun,ttaubert, a=bajaj
59f2d425581b5135a147a7ae0ea5fb0080937344Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 1e93f23070ab.
46a6feeaf9c5cddb3096a3bceac8bdc3cc01565bGregor Wagner — Bug 807463 - [sms] Possible wrong SMS DB upgrade code. r=bent. a=blocking-basecamp
56608426e56c906f7a1bbf8e7fd17a90364cb764Ethan Hugg — Bug 798873 Patch 3 - flex_string fix for Windows vsnprintf r=jesup a=bajaj
3f3b48aa018769270896f4544e514828d03856a5Ethan Hugg — Bug 798873 - Signaling SDP construction uses flex_string r=jesup a=bajaj
d2f9b781aea0a8a445139a5c9b9d1bb1490536f1Gina Yeh — Bug 806296 - Cannot create an encrypted socket. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
bdb1113756cad2cb6c1c3dcbab27914dfa21ce68Vicamo Yang — Bug 797277 - Part 5/5: test cases, r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
499c31ed1d9c8c1dbb349211fa1b47f98975dcf3Vicamo Yang — Bug 797277 - Part 4/5: Android implementation, r=mounir,blassey, a=blocking-basecamp
35a437b3768c4745ae6feea9b24241d2944bdb14Vicamo Yang — Bug 797277 - Part 3/5: RIL implementation, r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
a92d8fb10aee9c6629c7fdb3232ab58b265d2b53Vicamo Yang — Bug 797277 - Part 2/5: dom implementation, r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
ff5a32f762d107037371a3a29842f332744d2d1cVicamo Yang — Bug 797277 - Part 1/5: add `messageClass` attribute in nsIDOMSmsMessag, sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
e39dec4b812b97e9333212144a4ec4e74d4bbe66Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 804983 - WebTelephony API: DOM does not accurately handle an outgoing call. r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
db7a309969a716f4c6c820d41af7a5f7b70a189aEric Chou — Bug 802080 - Update connected device address. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
451b59edba14d0dbfac8056686147c7eda5a1e10Gina Yeh — Bug 805708 - Patch 1: Cannot answer a waiting call during a phone call when press the headset. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
26ee9bdc2d5e94e9e64b8dbe2a789bd47bbe2640Eric Chou — Bug 803614 - [b2g-bluetooth] Save received file. r=qdot, r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
8171318589ae733ef940802970554c674321344bFabrice Desré — Bug 806185 - Error: "caller is undefined" in ActivitiesService.jsm, line 305. r=clian, a=blocking-basecamp
3534bd0f0378b0ec4a30926566f34f83d0cab313Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 803789 - RIL: refactor (un)registerMessageTargets() in RadioInterfaceLayer. r=philikon, a=bajaj
f730e3bf5cb63c9ed7a373f6b0e8ea261e884cecPatrick Wang — Bug 803448 - Return state of default interface for apntype that uses default apn. r=swu, a=blocking-basecamp
5c764e82ca2c41cd7cd2416987f84764f412f4a0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 4bff56adf68c (bug 796886) due to Android build failures. a=backout
4682035751ea519cd64b95388e246f0e7db73806Anthony Jones — Bug 802658 - Part 2: Apply matrix transform to text bounds. r=bas, a=bajaj
88df0b13ff34d3dfa2619f0fd7bf7f06fd30c681Anthony Jones — Bug 802658 - Part 1: Whitespace fixes. r=Bas, a=bajaj
f912173e885c967b8b47c88c2813e3edcf25f3b3Jonathan Watt — Fix typo; no bug; a=lsblakk
563063ce23e6e0777e472ed71ca117db6103f6f5Jonathan Watt — Bug 795592 - Stop calling nsIFrame::FinishAndStoreOverflow on NS_STATE_SVG_NONDISPLAY_CHILD frames. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
1e93f23070ab89f7f98c88a937e2abaf3fbd24aeMihai Sucan — Bug 795691 - b2g fixes for the web console actors. r=past,vingtetun,ttaubert, a=bajaj
4bff56adf68c82e7a76da24c7d0ab1b225dd2d10Lucas Rocha — Bug 796886 - Tapping anywhere in main layout should close tabs panel on phones. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
8f6ff5013a89e32ae1ce2fa6a5135430092a7e75Matt Woodrow — Bug 801784 - Only add invalidate children state flags up to the nearest display root. r=roc a=bajaj
20b686450e8676d0129155e988073b1bae7cddd2Matt Woodrow — Bug 800198 - Make mContainerReferenceFrame the reference frame for the items inside the container, not the container itself. r=roc a=bajaj
b359911ea82abbf5326de01cdf3866e377ed46f6Steven Michaud — Bug 801883 - New profile directories are hidden in Finder. r=josh a=bbajaj
72b8e60cef456541fa06b48a12b66c0bd41f147aRichard Newman — Bug 806634 - Part 2: record browser launch after GeckoApp startup. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
39150ccd48c1aa99442fabe91a39edbb6b7655b4Richard Newman — Bug 806634 - Part 1: make AnnouncementsBroadcastService.recordLastLaunch public. r=liuche, a=bajaj
062ae9c63641bd5882a62c66904a2b84337c2409Jonathan Watt — Bug 807213 - Stop creating nsSVGMarkerProperty objects for non-nsSVGPathGeometryFrame frames. r=roc, a=lsblakk.
267a86de82dff19e071e6288c180a52fab7aa766Richard Newman — Bug 806656 - Query records generated incorrectly. r=liuche, a=lsblakk
58b9e97c5b2d5f3e56199f36b8ef425a5d41a6caWilliam Lachance — Bug 756440 - Only warn when we fail cleanup steps with mobile mochitest/reftest;r=jmaher a=test-only
639ca47ee94c4560a2a06d8462969794bff674d0William Lachance — Bug 756440 - Only try to download crash directory on device if it exists;r=jmaher a=test-only
2b2d7457e13082f41bf7e28785bd9ceb82ce0003Felipe Gomes — Bug 804910 - Part 2. Watch for error notification and display recovery UI. r=jaws a=gavin
6518691991bb8ae795dda7d08ab121e7e11518e6Shane Caraveo — Bug 804910 - Part 1. Check for worker load failures and send a notification in case of error. r=felipe a=gavin
54f51455ee2e48f3ab9636bee61fd4b1a1ac6b63Jonas Sicking — Bug 806587 - Restore getCodebasePrincipal since extensions use it. r=mounir, a=lsblakk
b4a27e4d5da5b4c5a03a2f53204465d818ce271cPatrick Wang — Bug 801540 - Use setupDataCallByType to build data connection. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
ad9889b7a3d9dd4ab99527b4119f8c6292f82000Vicamo Yang — Bug 742790 - Part 5/5: test cases, r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
20ab72a92b580d6d5f8aa685eeeb7e1e512c80f5Vicamo Yang — Bug 742790 - Part 4/5: Android implementation, r=mounir,blassey, a=blocking-basecamp
923e6b945947c916793772d5bc6235219c33d144Vicamo Yang — Bug 742790 - Part 3/5: B2G RIL implementation, r=philikon,marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
a9bacea461723dd17942a872d46047a0ab70d240Vicamo Yang — Bug 742790 - Part 2/5: DOM implementation, r=mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
ddac7cc21c7f474bb589632860aecff348678b24Vicamo Yang — Bug 742790 - Part 1/5: support SMS delivery failure event. Interface changes, sr=sicking,mounir, a=blocking-basecamp
8dbcb793c3c15bd4f48183ef67c20b2a3f2bccf0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 804446 - Disable the javascript: protocol when it is entered in the location bar of browser in Firefox OS. r=bz, a=blocking-basecamp
3785dabca4871f95a7d19cb497be773c61ced056Fabrice Desré — Bug 805967 - [OTA update] much of my user data blown away in today's update [r=sicking,a=blocking-basecamp]
227a65dc8a0675e034a0b8ae1d05fe27492c6787Blake Kaplan — Bug 796640 - Turn on background scanning when we're disconnected to work around wpa_supplicant's sched_scan getting stuck. r=vchang a=blocking-basecamp+
4b37f641dbc1e0b7a8e613c5fc445a24a4e1d01bJared Wein — Backed out changeset 8c4f9a1215f2 (bug 803514) r=dao a=backout
c1bc3e4375f867fa9b12afb83fd314d0d7e2f79cBrian Nicholson — Bug 781259 - Move DoorHangerPopup code to UI thread. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
50c5626641e2c9c2c3a5c864cfea0bb909b4d97dBrian Nicholson — Bug 799877 - Call notifyDataSetChanged() after setting search engines. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
3a93ec0c85ab493cc26dfc97e35ca3685f854de2Richard Newman — Bug 804480 - Intermittent test_addons_store.js test_addons_store.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), | Error: 1 or more add-ons failed to install. r=gps, a=test-only
1172c5d558e0665662648301d1de7e7ff6b6070cTimothy Nikkel — Backout c3b3811b06f5 (bug 802456). a=backout
fe9801c2c9433c0028393a291ace4c630e1f094fRichard Newman — Bug 793053 - Part 4: pref off product announcements by short-circuiting both broadcast receivers. r=trivial, a=bbajaj
6e83a6e1de5f61549aad4a84cce4ace20e2d25dcRichard Newman — Bug 793053 - Part 3: product announcements service. r=nalexander, a=bbajaj
0bf2615e426aea75f3be794304e62a06018f7f5aRichard Newman — Bug 801225 - Cleanup and restructuring of Android services code to support product announcements feature. r=nalexander, a=bbajaj
b2ddc48228a5c7bfd053cf0dbbd56f53fd94c5a5Richard Newman — Bug 793053 - Part 2: include new manifest fragments. r=blassey, a=bbajaj
a40db68e9e0d7bf9743f068551f94efbcaa4f52dRichard Newman — Bug 793053 - Part 1: augment GlobalConstants for product announcements. r=nalexander, a=bbajaj
cab03de92c7ecca6bf02f9ac07e9de864df272f9Richard Newman — Bug 806460 - Part 1: NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE in nsINavBookmarksService.insertBookmark while inserting query. r=gps, a=lsblakk
018df0692d6a4c52a16748382c7e9e9f45717fffRichard Newman — Bug 806460 - Part 0: modernize test_bookmark_store.js. r=gps, a=lsblakk
767e1f67423ab3ed9c0f594b6aadf334c1a0c0edFabrice Desré — Bug 802683 - doesn't do anything (packaged app). r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
96d7a35bba98bbe09533e677a381258d08492b3dMike Habicher — Bug 804741 - Close our recorder output file handle because recorder dup()s it. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
02171799c2d81b2f7b40bc094429dfc8f12a16e8Fernando Jiménez — Bug 805123 - Remove country code validation from navigator.mozPay(). r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
f93e73154ea7fe7cc5572777e3c51687786e9d63Patrick Wang — Bug 793644 - Test case. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
795246ea4762fc64f9ec02c521f23bec951fed99Patrick Wang — Bug 793644 - Implement confirmEx prompt for <iframe mozbrowser/mozapp>. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
be0ce9f1a08d31f3d4fa1c75a7abada9c4520f30Honza Bambas — Bug 794663 - Allow downloading appcache for a specific appid/browserflag. r=jduell, a=blocking-basecamp
862bc295a7bb55043c468809b8f3bdbc6cb3a34dHonza Bambas — Bug 751754 - Allow separation between the update-available and start-download states in appcache. r=jduell, a=blocking-basecamp
0859decaeafcbdcfc168780acf7069d9102e9ce1Gregor Wagner — Bug 804650 - [contacts] API sorting problems. r=shu a=blocking-basecamp
18d116f5ceda972f0a5345069811dd9099a71881Jared Wein — Bug 805885 - Set -moz-image-region on the .social-notification-icon-image class. r=felipe, a=gavin
3780b3390340367804993a1eab16e3c7650eacb8Gavin Sharp — Bug 805474 - Fix chatbar title styling in high contrast themes and crop chatbox titles. r=jaws, a=gavin
223c1ce208766b407c340d7ab7a43d3e9cdf9b52Mark Hammond — Bug 804258 - The social sidebar should appear under View->Sidebar. r+a=gavin
37d4b50d590eb6fc5e8118c47cbc0e34f407654dJared Wein — Bug 803344 - Add a menuitem in the social toolbar button menu to disable the Social API with confirmation. r+a=gavin
0be4b56a0c5803f851fad0598445f64cfc51d917Felipe Gomes — Bug 806038 - Sidebar docShell is not defined after sidebar has been unloaded. r+a=gavin
414159ee48fbea1e66cf34ff5fa467029fb9d1a0Bas Schouten — Bug 758531 - DWrite fonts create mScaledFont on demand. This causes GetCairoScaledFont to return NULL. This subsequently caused the surface to go into an error status which caused the CreateSimilar call to fail for that surface. This patch properly uses the call which will create the cairo_scaled_font_t if it's not there yet. r=jrmuizel, a=lsblakk
e82ab79e04a4cbd10a47eb06a4e5ecb5ac256f92Bas Schouten — Bug 803949 - Do not draw anything for zero size images. r=roc, a=lsblakk
ebb3bb2f1d6c5c3485b5d459042ba76249ddf5deHonza Bambas — Bug 729536 - Deadlock by xul!nsHttpConnectionMgr::Shutdown. r=cbiesinger, a=lsblakk
042dcadba87aa3e4d3e8fece58ab2f95f076e8a4Jared Wein — Bug 803704 - Change border colors of social api components to be lighter grey. r=mixedpuppy, a=gavin
d8c14f8f384e69d14616166ccd061347cc17f5ecJared Wein — Bug 802784 - Possible to have two social panels open at once. r=mixedpuppy, a=gavin
5d1bc358a7819c00ae5ea00bbf8ad1018d673ac8Neil Rashbrook — Bug 803661 - Can't save files from the view source window. r=jdm, a=bajaj
675572e7a0974e494df683eccc84fd17e39531d2Jim Chen — Bug 792928 - Don't select entire text when event offsets are out of bounds. r=masayuki, a=akeybl
b0635185af6a2702227bcfaa9f19c9c6db044f8cNanci Bonfim — Bug 800275 - Decreasing assymptoptic complexity of two loops from n^2 to n by removing the Array#shift usage. r=jaws, a=gavin
eb1ad7ebda1802bad90b147906fee286993f3235David Burns — Bug 800956: adding the ability to get the size of elements to marionette; r=mdas a=NPOTB
df7645bd936c9ea4cde0eb625521f46731c4c1c0Justin Lebar — Bug 806239 - When we dump memory reports after minimizing memory usage, we shouldn't also dump the reports before minimizing. r=njn, a=bajaj
1ea0c1cf9d2a3821ff83ec62e67259372ddcd24aJames Willcox — Bug 777460 - Guard against null plugin instance on Android r=blassey a=lsblakk
8bc339726865ddb7385870b9a859b7a00798117cJosh Aas — Bug 805837: Add Growl support back to Firefox 18 and disable Notification Center support (it isn't ready yet). r=dougt a=akeybl
7d89cb78c6df02fb238db0ff9e0566c405ff56bbJim Mathies — Bug 798821 - On Windows, restrict enabling of W3C touch interfaces to devices that support touch input. Also convert touch pref to 3-state value. r=bsmedberg, a=bajaj
97c6c326435e9066baf457c7a39db188a2fb0bb5Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9712dc86183e (bug 787703) for Windows PGO bustage
3357927c7aca226d5979f5edb82069f4d14565e0Makoto Kato — Bug 712018 - Add white list to support IME on physical keyboard. r=cpeterson a=lsblakk
76bf1b9bb1d0d0119a0ed13a88d9b4236f209444Dave Camp — Bug 796866: Make style inspector's computed view display more reliable. r=robcee, a=lsblakk
8ff69d6c91512456f3292ff04fbaf8d921f655a7Bill McCloskey — Bug 806644 - Back out 782072 (r=terrence,a=lsblakk)
fd0363381c3bca2adeef538c3ff1b2d97f167f8aBrian Hackett — Propagate callee 'this' types more often, bug 788822. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
59c1b8fe4249f12399bdd01875e87363ecb2eeaaBrian Hackett — Don't get confused by unreachable opcodes before loop headers when picking chunk boundaries, bug 781859. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
31deeeeb6a20611480136ce4c570feadb2799653Michael Wu — Bug 799805 - Avoid using bionic's fork(), r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
86537d2d97a9fc0e9bb245ada542fcb0ca3852b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 790854. Keep MediaStream alive until MediaStream::Destroy ends. r=jesup,a=lsblakk
9712dc86183e2b0a4d9914dd1a0cdaabc849423aJason Orendorff — Bug 787703. r=terrence. a=lsblakk.
52a2c63aeeaaeaa86b242bad4c811c162dc5358aJohn Schoenick — Bug 803159 - Guess plugin types from extension prior to falling back to channel loading. r=bz a=lsblakk
e7cd4fa60ceb6c84b34d7ef5adbd25f495793e9eJohn Schoenick — Bug 803159 - Fix type error in plugin code. r=bz a=lsblakk
c3b3811b06f5aa1e831fbd3295ff079210805b3fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 802456. Set min size in size constraints to zero when sizing a hidden view to zero to avoid resize conflicts. r=enndeakin a=lsblakk
114614cc62632165c8bf08942c32c3d126f98f16Matt Woodrow — Bug 775228. r=joe a=bajaj
87bb99d02f1c11b5717ecc1bf1532fba439ecdc5Matt Woodrow — Bug 800041 - Set the correct reference frame for nsDisplayScrollLayer when the frame is transformed. r=roc a=bajaj
7d5b6fef4452997e17ff673c680740e452ba8f9fMats Palmgren — Bug 805957. r=roc a=lsblakk
55a6fa03766ae4dde6ff45253bc1e732114db562Jared Wein — Bug 781974 - Unapplied property checkbox disappears when property is no longer hovered. r=dcamp a=lsblakk
1c97386827967be5fece65fc3551d0581b3a6351Ben Hearsum — bug 705788: exclude override.ini from mac signatures. r=ted, a=lsblakk
4021cc0039bbc249f9ac1492763cf28409ef0f19James Willcox — Bug 806343 - Avoid empty define for MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL r=blassey a=lsblakk
931c7345d861bb0966b1ee0229b92eb65fa3b03cDavid Keeler — bug 800444 - disable HSTS preload list if firefox has not updated in 18 weeks (for beta/aurora) r=bsmith, mayhemer a=lsblakk
b27f0d190e3b25d795b28031087ebd64a5bda509Doug Turner — Bug 804789 - Fix commented out code cause by Bug 793955. r=bent a=blocking-basecamp
564500b98bac86769eb282dc271f372fee0d244fMounir Lamouri — Bug 805168 - Make IccManager QI to nsIObserver. r=bent a=akeybl
602505260ffb52322ed6fa5f2b54727998c14407Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777467 - Update the same-origin policy for principals to include appid/isinbrowserelement. r=bholley a=blocking-basecamp
029f67cb42b714ba1ce347fef470f8edb1b7c591Gregor Wagner — Bug 805934 - Ignore unknown permissions during install and don't throw. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
bfc03cb0e941163a533a6e0b05f16e24e454d22bFabrice Desré — Bug 805178 - Device Storage - Application Permissions do not match that of the Permission Matrix. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
7af481b6c252070a1df7b45fb417f93e75a55e09Gregor Wagner — Bug 800063 - Make GC_ALLOCATION_THRESHOLD dynamic. followup. r=orange, a=blocking-basecamp
c25644a55f65c0f116efab43e70bc937d0f07f4dGregor Wagner — Bug 800063 - Make GC_ALLOCATION_THRESHOLD dynamic. r=billm, a=blocking-basecamp
4aa98258250b2ca02d5c65c541e84323349d37b5Gregor Wagner — Bug 805646 - Allow access fields in manifest files. r=ddahl, a=blocking-basecamp
54cbf58a7a69597d616b9f919e04c12b4faef928Tim Taubert — Bug 805377 - [Camera] Change to video record mode will cause app crash. r=mikeh, a=blocking-basecamp
05cd9c305c44587db7e3bde2852110f81eb9f495Jed Parsons — Bug 794680 - Connect gecko to gaia identity ui. r=benadida, r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
af799b3ec743461281df01cd0eab4bbad79e7aedGina Yeh — Bug 803475 - Failed to transfer audio back to bluetooth headset while in a phone call. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
b471cb0a563827f309e1a6702c6ab3eaa09dbea8Gina Yeh — Bug 804436 - Patch 2: Failed to connect from a headset again after turn off and turn on the headset. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
5c200eb5ddf7adbf952aa47ad2eca8bf0fe79658Gina Yeh — Bug 804436 - Patch 1: Add listening status to UnixSocket. r=gyeh, a=blocking-basecamp
f4b928a9abfa6c6a0ee714a4558cc5746e4ad911Gina Yeh — Bug 804474 - Null address value in system message of "bluetooth-hfp-status-changed". r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
084f77c4b23c3674df3e2e22498e22baec8487e5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 805282 - Add MailtoProtocolHandler.js, SmsProtocolHandler.js and TelProtocolHandler.js to r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
b73c1929073fbf10884bc968c672b8ecfa0142a2Kyle Machulis — Bug 804687 - Remove sHfpCommandThread from BluetoothHfpManager. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
b1f9bffd2e4f1c4d3af28ab2b54112b1fd8ffe38David Dahl — Bug 773114 - Permission UI events for apps. r=sicking, r=anygregor, a=blocking-basecamp
2cfb5d2e385ae855d3ce7d7449421a0317e53fe3Carmen Jimenez Cabezas — Bug 773891 - Allow packaged apps to specify a CSP in their manifest (app:// scheme). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
efa0e95cdae16305727ce12c5ee73c7f8fac32f7Joel Maher — Bug 773891 - Fix pushprefenv to support char/string types. r=jdm, a=blocking-basecamp
47be0a16be6f80a9bd289c74a2985ae20cd061afJared Wein — Bug 805989 - Icons in the overflow chat menu are incorrectly sized. r=felipe, a=gavin
8c4f9a1215f2d48cd0edb38ad6199d7df783269dJared Wein — Bug 803514 - Like button is too close to the bookmark star. r=felipe, a=gavin
951fd1bcedf64d30906d609410f5e4b48d615284Alfred Kayser — Bug 804068 - Set social sharebutton image via .src, plus css tweaks to ensure it is sized correctly. r=jaws, a=gavin
05a2f743577336e7f436ccac87b1bc28daa9071fJared Wein — Bug 803336 - Social API toolbar button needs more horizontal margins on Mac. r=felipe, a=gavin
437fff267f2fa819c8c998a6d55ee9bc5e0937f1Blair McBride — Bug 799266 - Add hardcoded block. r=Mossop, a=lsblakk
8447e7c219cac69565a0b127026fc95e8eb8aa1dBrad Lassey — Bug 805191 - Reflect HVGA minimum requirement in the AndroidManifest. r=minkle, a=lsblakk
3e8354331660af43d6f36f578a6c4009c1288d4aJared Wein — Bug 805206 - Keyboard accessible menuitem has a blank label. r=felipe, a=lsblakk
629284f5855210b93a5b37e5503443ab24952f86Andrea Marchesini — Bug 804395 - Allow app:// protocol and XHR. r=sicking, a=bajaj
0d836526cff7d129bcf7cdfd99f0513cb45af95dMark Hammond — Bug 790201 - Better cleanup of social worker sandbox. r=felipe, a=lsblakk
79f275013a23c1bfe43e963d86a6cb6191b1e47eJared Wein — Bug 804736 - Allow reactivation from content for Social API. r=mixedpuppy, a=lsblakk
623e90f8a84bc3bebedb50539fd19fa2ce4fa563Ben Turner — Bug 782766 - [WebActivities] support blobs - Part 2: IPC changes. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
12babf7726ad30066f12c9db8eda1c55d0db235dFabrice Desré — Bug 782766 - [WebActivities] support blobs - Part 1: System Messages changes. r=gene, a=lsblakk
cb7a877d506f73e83fcab24b320dfa5dcab4aff8Markus Stange — Bug 770524 - Fix FuzzyEqual to not return false for equal floats which are smaller than -2048.0f. r=roc, a=bajaj
55f56df47ed7759a79837b8b212a2cd5231a5c8dNathan Froyd — Bug 765244 - Add a memory reporter for preferences. r=njn, a=bajaj
621c53bb4b0da2cca5291ed13bb3c282d21c3f4dJared Wein — Bug 801040 - Add Social API status-area menuitems to the keyboard accessible Social API menu. r=felipe, a=gavin
c8d33f6290fdb571418b1adc1824be3e72f7f99eChris Lord — Bug 803826 - Assert the layer builder exists in DrawThebesLayer. r=mattwoodrow, a=bajaj
fde0347f1e03242d12b5d37ea87fc153da445524Chris Lord — Bug 803826 - Only reset the layer builder pointer in ~ClippedDisplayItem. r=mattwoodrow, a=bajaj
0633ae7db53fd1b89c870b1213e39ff8e50e0bf8Chris Lord — Bug 803826 - Restore the layer builder pointer on return from PaintForFrame. r=mattwoodrow, a=bajaj
3b3c91fdbbb91487fc5ba3f6db72d172705ab2f6Mark Hammond — Bug 804416 - Only use the social toolbar cache when the provider is active. r=felipe, a=gavin
1faef77e84da7d85f5c6734a9301cf9cd3f83c8cSean Stangl — Bug 801915 - Handle JSOP_IN with IonMonkey. r=jandem, a=bajaj
30941fc8d8505e4d3802dba68b0c5ede597eca36Boris Zbarsky — Bug 799796 - Do memory reporting for stylesheets that only the CSS loader might know about. r=dbaron,njn, a=bajaj
6e8bf2836089bc560e95728a99badb424eed502eMatt Woodrow — Bug 801365 - Invalidate ThebesLayers if the zoom factor changes. r=roc, a=bajaj
a4bafde79616a172a36c2b7b8bbc5292cec2a5c3Matt Woodrow — Bug 797059 - Schedule a paint when slider frames change position. r=roc, a=bajaj
f37aaa95fee36652bfd65a97234a957eadc4d73cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 768901 - Don't double-count shared nsCSSStyleSheetInners. r=bz, a=bajaj
496092aa8c0aa9bd35947f566640c46f8433fc8cBenoit Jacob — Bug 795186 - fix the WebGL robustness timer, don't inherit the timer callback base class - r=opettay, a=bbajaj
a5c1263c8982a3e4912b20f18bc1b76072ceee6dBenoit Jacob — Bug 795186 - Declare refptrs between WebGL objects to the CC even if there is no cycle at C++ level - r=opettay, a=bbajaj
03840ac0ca68d436cc1adcfd558c0f8a79f74018Rob Wood — Bug 800377 - Develop a test to verify sms timestamps, update manifest; r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
563d482eada9d53da6d2d2f429747157e6208a93Daniel Holbert — Bug 805325 - Use the actual search engine name for logo's alt text on about:home, instead of the string "undefined". r=mak a=bajaj
b85b78a343c8fb1d0d757fd2b198a3115a152957Jonathan Griffin — Bug 805430 - Install mochitest extensions in B2G as app bundles, r=ahal, a=NPOTB
dda63694205fd490d92ec01c3f3727a622fb391eChris AtLee — Bug 802763: Set objcopy for gonk builds. r=ted DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
fb18c6ecbb9983fce713b669c12fc47986d58ac9Kyle Huey — Bug 802239: Actually shut down storage threads. r=asuth, a=bbajaj
755aec5090b9e892e61ca2d6c29f6e2f21c859aaDave Hylands — Bug 805531 - Turn off javascript.options.mem.log for b2g. r=gwagner a=akeybl
ff3715102c2e06c3c3744d4d60350d844745e3e7Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 799572 - clang update broke NSS. a=bbajaj.
3e9a1114bd92d09c9b7d911b91173fbaf78fbc5dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 802381 - fix clang build. a=bbajaj.
24566e7f1b5d7cc89718d17a1f4446946160413bOlli Pettay — Bug 733305, add a way to hide XBL, r=bz, a=bbajaj
ce01cfac8538dbff50c3d031deefa77038a2cb85Richard Newman — Bug 798043 - Move 'sync' to 'services' as a precursor to landing product announcements. r=blassey, a=akeybl
8e0c14b7996e023b3be0c906cd94b11390bb61e4David Burns — Bug 805635: making sure we close the file on import_script; r=mdas a=NPOTB
352a5e444f95ced734884e780d86e2316f72d5abRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 799572 - Revert because of missing dependency. a=bustage.
4e39b8333d0f701cfd4da78c95c68b01bd09d76cRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 799572 - clang update broke NSS. a=bbajaj.
63cb20d6272bd46a48c3ad8489f08a2b1dd4175bSteven Lee — Bug 797798: System App can't Receive Sensor Event During Early Suspend State. r=jlebar a=blocking-basecamp
a31f0cf46e61198fa9e08966ceb33956f335b339Josh Matthews — Bug 799314 - Add utility method to get a privacy context from a window. r=ehsan a=lsblakk
005b6a9a807e037d81e0e517d4062f515ef75cc2Aryeh Gregor — Bug 802995 - Missing null check in nsTextServicesDocument::DeleteSelection; r=ehsan a=lsblakk
37bf6cf2cb9e1605936e3cabd05b590ad13bd210Andrea Marchesini — Bug 803452 - Remember my choice for geolocation doesn't work. r=vingtetun a=basecamp
67f3adeedc95c89213eb042e015537402055994cJustin Lebar — Bug 804041 - Remove the image from the discard tracker at a more appropriate time. r=joe a=lsblakk
3e92a75116bb50117d830c6983ea2437dd7a61dcMike Conley — Bug 790475 - Part 2: Regression test for the adjacent text node case. r=ehsan. a=lsblakk
94e58a4f2153cfc8bb05c6b17dcf79fe5005c714Mike Conley — Bug 790475 - Part 1: Allow inline spellcheck to operate through adjacent text nodes. r=ehsan. a=lsblakk
33d62a2e0fe9568c9d2a6c758092eaf6e12c465bJames Willcox — Bug 801627 - Fix fullscreen Flash on Android r=blassey a=lsblakk
5682ea0f4ab14e3d8e01cd8bbf12e6e2db52c30cJustin Lebar — Bug 803684 - Add a memory reporter for in-memory file data. r=khuey,njn a=blocking-basecamp
feefd63e2f52e908755ba4b3d02b37522c3b91b2Justin Lebar — Port changes from bug 777122 to mfbt/SHA1.h, which makes using SHA1 not a linker error.
2509dbe2179d0dc2e9e2b1ea8a935f725e4c3a64Mike Hommey — Bug 795204 - Trick make/pymake into waiting for shared libraries rules to run before installing import libraries in DIST/lib. r=ted, a=akeybl
e55f40e4f12574ac3ed40ffc77d2873f6b534bf4David Burns — Bug 805403: Allow marionette to send keystrokes to elements without value attribute; r=mdas a=NPOTB
5206efa1bce272580e541e586b088e21a4604940Bobby Holley — Bug 747607 - Remove GetContextFromStack. r=bz a=lsblakk
d56ee0d5f3e03deefb8f94be9ba9bb711ef56636Bobby Holley — Bug 747607 - Don't throw when we fail to find a source document. r=bz
bfe50a0051342718bdeddc4ed01e454368db2570Paul Rouget — Bug 799498 - [responsive mode] Disable floating scrollbars; r=past a=bbajaj
d7e12f69305106252985734d28b9c65edbfdadddLeonard Camacho — Bug 795176 - [markup panel] Twisties are not properly aligned on Linux; r=msucan a=lsblakk
3469c641a7283a46e83c8743097b5be234f73b5eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 717178. Part 1: Don't crash when passing a nil scaled-font to _name_tables_match. r=jfkthame,a=bajaj
be982655e24c57b72b271c78ad9d4d0814db0e1aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 802457. Ensure that positioned children of intrinsic-height viewports are reflowed with the correct container height. r=mats,a=lsblakk
ea122969082dbd401277156df6afcd136705b62bMichael Vines — Bug 803733 - Normalize camera sensor orientation. r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
15d6d97a9b5d5be885579458d4d6569a6f319ef6Dale Harvey — Bug 800235 - Add .ogg to valid video file extensions. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
66da0cb5ec0bdb7090f6eb4518ec6ea3606694f1Justin Lebar — Bug 799595 - Add nsIMessageLoop::PostIdleTask and use it to take screenshots. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
eae4cdc7f382d9c0f774bb9bff045eb29fcd2a54Vivien Nicolas — Bug 796079 - language.current should map to general.useragent.locale instead of intl.accept_languages. r=pike, a=blocking-basecamp
29d25d5ab5580af4f67a347892e78c2304d32b8bVivien Nicolas — Bug 759911 - Include human readable build ID, version, and channel in device info. r=lsblakk, a=blocking-basecamp
531a1ad0ab9441037a3dfa1ca3981ec49fe52736Gina Yeh — Bug 804460 - Patch 2: Failed to set audio stream volume to correct value by bluetooth headset. r=djf, a=blocking-basecamp
4b7b9f972ea083e5e7497c804c195034e8f00ec2Gina Yeh — Bug 804460 - Patch 1: Failed to set audio stream volume to correct value by bluetooth headset. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
69b1f1d7d559b9a2d3695d418fde7c66f1181885Jonathan Kew — Bug 804644 - Convert Cocoa points to _un_scaled device pixels for system font sizes. r=roc, a=bajaj
abdfd1bc6e5a8dbc905aeeedabc6047d582ea420Jonas Sicking — Bug 786009 - Give about:feeds pages the right principal so that they work even when the user has disabled JS. r=bz, a=akeybl
1a0675988c7b26f8e81596f7ce10c5850bad9d66Robert Longson — Bug 791826 - Fix crash with SVG preserveAspectRatio, position:fixed. r=jwatt, a=akeybl
e5053ea5b2eeb1e407b60ae022892532a0151049Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 801281 - Upgrade SQLite to version (Mozilla changes). r=mak, a=bajaj
3985eab2ddecbd589e8f99d0407cb951952bdcfdRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 801281 - Upgrade SQLite to version (SQLite changes). r=mak, a=bajaj
a1f5eec912256b98f3e7ac91649cd6e4b91ebeb5Guillermo López — Bug 794011 - Add 'sessionEnded' to nsIDOMUSSDReceivedEvent. r=mounir, a=akeybl
85293aa3815ed30364ea4e032afc013a82a80298Olli Pettay — Bug 797806 - Helper method to handle stringified JSON in C++, part2. r=khuey, a=bajaj
5e57959751ed00c02ca6fc1f69eb786e343fc326Olli Pettay — Bug 797806 - Helper method to handle stringified JSON in C++. r=khuey, a=bajaj
2b2fd1afed3d8ffd38698c58a5f3d19d7d26d768Jonathan Griffin — Bug 805539 - Disable manifest.ini with no active test, a=NPOTB
71fa2c49a60a6137c8692a91c348ea57a2ece075Chris Peterson — Bug 804851 - Add telephony mock object to avoid Contacts app errors on B2G Desktop. r=gwagner a=bajaj
1e19bb30061f1555873fa10f1198facb85fce1b1Shane Caraveo — Bug 802395 - fix parse error caused by messages being sent when the port isn't yet fully initialized. r+a=gavin
ff1303caa975355ca421d20f5c4eff693c210567Jared Wein — Bug 798124 - Chatbox titlebar and chat menubutton UI cleanup. r=felipe a=akeybl
ffee7552efeccecdf5a8c35521bd930a04feb50eMark Hammond — Bug 782882 - only allow sharing of http or https urls. r=jaws a=gavin
b4db9e158fafcef5fdb461f9c5faadfa87920735Mark Hammond — Bug 803006 - social sidebar width is now persisted between runs. r=felipe a=lsblakk
ddd4b27cd64f809ad2086bb12533f3510d5f7049Scott Johnson — Bug 803630: Remove the android settings UI for reflow-on-zoom feature. [r=mfinkle][a=bajaj]
b6f00660c9744cbc7889d50fdf9f9655fc441a0aBenjamin Peterson — Bug 804404 - Set source hook in XPC initialization. r=bz a=bajaj
908fdc5e9a2b7f686080b50485a768c4d9ae6484James H — Bug 802316 - Remove WS_EX_COMPOSITED style from popups with WS_EX_LAYERED to prevent invisible context menus. r=roc a=bajaj
bdb52de555e17c4bbfd0b58d9d319feecaea3832Jonathan Griffin — Bug 805539 - Disable test_geolocation.js, a=NPOTB
552be52e9009c6d7cebb754c7d29fcf18eef8654Ben Turner — Bug 786295 - 'Delete IndexedDB related to an app when uninstalled' r=bz+khuey+sicking, a=blocking-basecamp+.
0273a51a9ebc150f0f7b251db77bf6ecaedd194aEitan Isaacson — Bug 802415 - Report virtual cursor position on selected tab when tab changes, or when focus moves to content area. r=davidb a=bajaj
82d8f05665ce9af5c54fe8c8bbccac87f34a1fdcEitan Isaacson — Bug 802280 - Send Layerview focus change events to js. r=blassey a=bajaj
168eaeaa05807ec2a527aef13e2515935e63eac6Eitan Isaacson — Bug 803327 - Provide window to viewportChanged in presenters. r=davidb a=bajaj
27e470b018654eb8fda261593e5e579f6acab8e5Justin Lebar — Backed out changeset 5844c438d077 (bug 777122) a=bustage
b0240133c2c8b2b063697d9de048be4882c41205Justin Lebar — Backed out changeset 236f979ea908 (bug 803684)
236f979ea908025341bc6ffce5af247cee6e98b0Justin Lebar — Bug 803684 - Add a memory reporter for in-memory file data. r=khuey,njn a=blocking-basecamp
5844c438d0776af76650808aec18ff291094c050Justin Lebar — Port changes from bug 777122 to mfbt/SHA1.h, which makes using SHA1 not a linker error.
4d04726fe87b8f7cd6c75ef0bb88202811b02d74Bobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Remove CAPS_HACKER debugging instrumentation. r=mrbkap a=blocking-basecamp
d3453d0161c5860c57a046224ba6acd06aa11f0bBobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Separate certificate principals out from CAPS. r=dveditz
78cc1d3e1d5abf34a5d39d7316979924ea723b3cBobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Remove signed script security checks. r=mrbkap
82a70417b5029d1e614a24daa86ed543b4f367faBobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Remove principal capability and preference infrastructure. r=mrbkap
ee28bae3cd540f412854f874b1d873c96f37fe75Bobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Remove capability manager stuff in nsScriptSecurityManager. r=mrbkap
9ffb80107340459886549b11b6565d8ab9fad7b5Bobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Remove miscellaneous UniversalXPConnect checks sprinkled throughout gecko. r=mrbkap
713b35535da4e9e5192398cd84d58e241af78db8Bobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Remove chrome check in xpc_EvalInSandbox. r=mrbkap
1bc9ccbdd7db09c60c18e507455e0c2ad0b47163Mike Conley — Bug 804690 - Skip test for bug 627234 if the Private Browsing service is not available. r=dkeeler,a=testonly.
90604b5d751b8dadd263dc38fa35ed817e51b858Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 788216 - Create the SetupScreen on the main UI thread instead of the GeckoBackgroundThread. r=gcp a=lsblakk
43202975961601fd52af8b3e6aa18e27f809fb62David Burns — Bug 801703 - find all iframes in marionette-listener, r=mdas, a=NPOTB
8e856706c7057b4f48d11ca910c68e37db8b4cc6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 797302 - crash in mozilla::safebrowsing::Classifier::Check. r=dcamp a=akeybl
fd8361463029a0648cf988548e3758734ae459f9Timothy Nikkel — Backout 4af749bc6e82 (bug 802456) for maybe causing intermittent orange. a=backout
729dda93df1e21473c284cd053a98a99fb34e5baTimothy Nikkel — Backout b100957a878e (bug 802316) for maybe causing intermittent orange. a=backout
9bdf55feececcbeedee11b1deacad0120e419d66Felipe Gomes — Bug 803775. Clear text-shadow (from lightweight themes) on chat titles. r=MattN a=gavin
36bb45a3295a362b2509c27b43ab6b13dbe783efJared Wein — Bug 802435. Unload social sidebar after some timeout. r+a=gavin
cc4bd0a192232203c61c2f8ed34867eb84a49827Matt Woodrow — Bug 803194 - Update DisplayItemData and frame data when the merged frame list changes. r=roc a=bajaj
97533c2c2010155adc0db667a3cca7dfc3dc98f7Matt Woodrow — Bug 795674 - Handled merged frame changes with minimal invalidations. r=roc a=bajaj
54f0db3c0197f433e9157668dbc2c6cfc24a3d91Matt Woodrow — Bug 795674 - Remove mNewDisplayItemData. r=roc a=bajaj
7f162c1da6467a495744e6bf253889b89f1f00b2Matt Woodrow — Bug 795674 - Add DisplayItemData debugging code. r=roc a=bajaj
699983c373428ad2a2f798475e3561d06cae4e75Matt Woodrow — Bug 795674 - Refactor DisplayItemData storage in FrameLayerBuilder. r=roc a=bajaj
ce80f2d6cd436136b5c88ebff973db834489c7bbMats Palmgren — Bug 804641 - Work around Android armv6 compiler bug (again). r=roc a=akeybl
4af749bc6e826637d8fe2ee74b522efb2cfa6c7eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 802456. Make all popup type windows on Windows have the composited style to work around a bug in Windows. r=jimm a=bajaj
b100957a878e4d49c3718b5e2c4f3197fbe6d83aJames H — Bug 802316 - Remove WS_EX_COMPOSITED style from popups with WS_EX_LAYERED to prevent invisible context menus. r=roc a=bajaj
dc78bc1f81af937da696e84f5c0d5ca152f85c83Tim Taubert — Bug 804827 - bustage fix for Cu.isDeadWrapper(null) r=djf a=sicking
33c53c4dbf42aa249568a7942a56163c23b94b0eOlli Pettay — Bug 780770, nsThread::SetMainThreadObserver, r=bz+bholley , a=akeybl
6bb540effc5bb0a072b47d3878328c06ed5e82caMalini Das — Bug 804562 - fix file permissions for marionette imported scripts, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
578577f79163868785bb0f491ce015cf5cab3c45Robert Strong — Bug 798255 - Firefox net / stub installer for localized builds. r=glandium, a=lsblakk
c6d650bf29adb92131aab7106b68ed1822247ccdMike Habicher — Bug 795379 - Add support for getting and setting video recording profiles. r=jst, a=blocking-basecamp
13a355eeeff88f52d075781d19f30e2b9a6d11f7Alexandre Poirot — Bug 791039 part 2: Fill webapp appcache from its local `cache` folder. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
c210cb087be3ce64b3fab94b887e2c00de3e2cf6Alexandre Poirot — Bug 791039 part 1: Factorize code executed after system app install. (`onAppsLoaded` function). r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
30d6183f4deac4880ea40ef27d80289c0d067046Alexandre Poirot — Bug 791039 part 0: Fix typo in Webapps.jsm. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
f839f46d82869a95d9c2a57e2d18eda0b950957fFabrice Desré — Bug 801355 - Race condition setting up permissions at startup. r=gwagner, a=blocking-basecamp
4aa1d0f43aa3ce2480530166b04ac8dd1d2341c1Fernando Jiménez — Bug 804595 - [B2G RIL] Regression in USSD support. r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
29fbf1fd2cb638a927419b27d6f294f46191b0bfBenjamin Chen — Bug 797817 - Update the battery indicator led when receiving battery status change. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
597e5d695e469bf4c356880bc7639966e0672001Gene Lian — Bug 801096 - [settings] Set-Automatically for time should take effect *immediately* instead of waiting on next NITZ coming (part 2). r=philikon, a=blocking-basecamp
6bf509795bc838093386eb2925d573319ada408eGene Lian — Bug 801096 - [settings] Set-Automatically for time should take effect *immediately* instead of waiting on next NITZ coming (part 1). r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
58ba9dc8ea5a659936ab1e5c66728a862cd31887Boris Zbarsky — Bug 801723 - WebIDL binding objects may not have classinfo even if they're nsISupports. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
ab6323dea35897b7467df71d1cf4f6436386ebb3Georg Fritzsche — Bug 787619 - Test that click events on the C2P overlay don't trigger other handlers. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
496b5931379e3922276506402c066eb87a40135cGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 787619 - Prevent clicks on the click-to-play placeholder triggering other handlers. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
34aca404c1d61f8d911db89b4835199048bc1200Robert O'Callahan — Bug 801763 - Don't try to update geometry for plugin widgets with no parent. r=mats, a=bajaj
2f0e4a2982fbc9ee2271d54e6881e7fe30eba5b1Donovan Preston — Bug 784893 - Rename the event's .socket attribute to .target; remove "on" prefix from event names. r=sicking, a=sicking
aa8b5809514c4e0e2685b382eee5383429182a4eEitan Isaacson — Bug 802999 - Fixed android textChanged presenter. r=davidb a=bajaj
fb5e3b5b440bf92bde60461623985b46314a4937Eitan Isaacson — Bug 803638 - introduce logException. r=davidb a=bajaj
82cc74440fa770fafca289f5d9d1f4e9cc5e2c7dEitan Isaacson — Bug 802273 - Remove present last pivot code. It is an antipattern. r=davidb a=bajaj
3db7e8ef6ba9cc101d198c744b50fd108eb567e8Eitan Isaacson — Bug 802270 - Reuse hover enter events for accessibility focus events. r=blassey a=bajaj
b1a8ae6ff84f6a5b645396887a1eaddeaecc36d4Eitan Isaacson — Bug 803112 - Handle AccessFu startup when there is no current browser yet. r=davidb a=bajaj
5d42b4fd95e65af8561c91badd9ae2ff421d29a9Tim Taubert — Bug 804827 - can't access dead object in forms.js line 49 r=djf a=sicking
958f1895c355e60547efe469121743cf0ee26ea4Doug Sherk — Bug 804949: Change the way panning works. r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
4c237ced3805530a08e46647cef9b373d4f1bb00Olli Pettay — Bug 802985, PreDestroy editor, r=ehsan , a=lsblakk
64a4e851104e83ecd7421ad9028ea79f0d5433d7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 805033 - Specify Marionette deps using >=, r=ahal, DONTBUILD(NPOTB), a=NPOTB
237ca1852d59f6c6b2ff242b91af0b15bc7f66c8Justin Lebar — Bug 803692 - Make SHA1Sum::update() take a void* instead of a uint8_t*. r=waldo, a=blocking-basecamp
cc90d089743cf49e674982c9e3cf73bde17b9f90Marshall Culpepper — Bug 804226: Move B2G nsIUpdateCheckListener impl into it's own type to avoid method name collision. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
f3d7a94306eefef4265aacbe48d5e3110c8e4122Dão Gottwald — Bug 803880 - Don't add a separator line between hovered social toolbar buttons. r=jaws a=gavin
c49b35c67d4a720dd266f90313226fcc2b0708ceMats Palmgren — Bug 802902 - Live long and prosper Mr. View Manager. r=roc a=lsblakk
1b98f5dc89b3e1b1947af1cc0b551b37a6ebd5d4Mats Palmgren — Bug 798853, style system. r=roc,dbaron a=lsblakk
1b39dc8b09f2942d41465be3e820369e360ffac6Mats Palmgren — Bug 798853, gfx. r=roc a=lsblakk
36fc2ed0f132c562c48d9b9f8250b6ad0d2e80fcAryeh Gregor — Bug 795708 - Use more nsCOMPtr; r=ehsan a=lsblakk
417cbc243c6c1a28a650dd97806fb8ca7021bb71David Keeler — bug 627234 - test that hsts data isn't deleted in private browsing when includeSubdomains is false r=bsmith a=testonly
79200d477ad700332eccce913e4cede5e296a433Michael Wu — Back out Bug 794011 for bustage a=red
34381986b01d0d233bec0124a9695950c11fec0fJim Mathies — Bug 803583: Update the fingerprint of the accepted signing certificate for hotfixes. r=rstrong, a=akeybl
831dfd06f7b4b83f87316af52df2013eb168f96aMark Finkle — Bug 712772 - Need an option to vibrate on long-tap only r=wesj a=bajaj
f8c52c692a796237ff8a0eaed9474d63dba62983Bobby Holley — Bug 801305 - Use the bonafide subject principal for the loadinfo owner. r=bz a=akeybl
8f97b0248bb717fca83e607a8933d8e87fc8d6e2Bobby Holley — Bug 802557 - Do more direct comparisons with the outer window. r=bz a=akeybl
dbdae3188556200b657085b6e17333ad37769e32Bobby Holley — Bug 793969 - Define an identity transformation at the Xray layer. r=mrbkap a=akeybl
f0a3de05e4b5448b0b0a2af4c46219e5d8d38828Alexandre Lissy — Bug 788191 - Exporting ICC SPN and MSISDN. r=vicamo, sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
a1a85eefb32983bfe2ff18ab79476cc06942701bShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 790393 - Add MozPower.factoryReset() for factory reset. r=cjones, r=vingtetun, sr=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
a7e78eccaa48c7092cf7009ba3c96726428c8582Etienne Segonzac — Bug 803628 - Fixing test file for bug 795164. r=fabrice, a=test-only
1a8f378b5da9314b64cce1725416207cc4d3a9c3Guillermo López — Bug 794011 - Add 'sessionEnded' to nsIDOMUSSDReceivedEvent. r=mounir a=bajaj
45ac7cb40b47257e1e7a3b3fb138035e09c89e0dGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 795281. r=bholley a=lsblakk
636b289899a4a37ab03188bb40efddbbf11a8ac9Mike Hommey — Bug 799441 - Build GIO module in libxul. r=ted,a=lsblakk
b20fc79c71d7e711b850e5f6e84122a0d85ac500Mark Finkle — Bug 802946 - Cleanup the 'Hide Apps/Promo' mess [backout the preprocessor code] r=blassey a=lsblakk
979bb0c186647e5730f128e494ae87c4c21bf122Justin Lebar — Bug 800166 - Fire a low-memory notification when a B2G process is backgrounded. r=gwagner,bent, a=blocking-basecamp
4508d82c92e1aceca0c30255537c083bc52de56eGina Yeh — Bug 800695 - Final version: Audio route is set to sco before connecting to a bluetooth headset, r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
c3d50ce5cec89caa2ae0a99a9c19041aae2643d0Ms2ger — Bug 801486 - Skip script elements in HTMLOptionElement.prototype.text. r=bz, a=bajaj
82fddf7e049787516750949df239938d2cb3fa51Simon Montagu — Fix off-by-one error in conversion pointers. Bug 801681, r=emk, a=lsblakk
1bb9cedfb3860522083d672fa22662d9aaf9b44cBrad Lassey — Bug 802616 - Don't use software floating point math on ARMv6. r=glandium, a=lsblakk
abc703eccbf971800c17b0bb999c9626935718a6Mike Hommey — Bug 799975 - Fix webrtc when building with system nspr/nss. r=ted, a=akeybl
d4bd5dcfbd160bd4b42d79958cab9c0ece39ea9aMike Hommey — Bug 798926 - Define INTEGER_TYPES_H and others for srtp.h. r=jesup, a=bajaj
4687b908346c86de66bcea97dbb66be99aadd975Michal Novotny — Bug 771832 - File not found error for HTTP URL, can be fixed by a forced reload, r=hurley, a=lsblakk
45b9fd2d99c8bafcdf5c042075247fbd3c26d1faRichard Newman — Bug 799834 - Broadcast notification when product announcements are enabled or disabled. r=snorp, a=bajaj
a232eca6b24cb51b29ca389842fd4b969187ec56Robert Strong — Windows stub installer - Bug 798810 - Promotional content blurbs can overlap each other when downloading over dial-up/slow speeds. r=bbondy, a=bbajaj
bef5aebf79bf397ddd7e53c488d0e097ef35df65John Schoenick — Bug 802355 - Handle failures in OnStartRequest when spawning plugins. r=josh a=lsblakk
f67f7ed3d53ad8727cd5dbb55e89da209a8311d9Jim Chen — Bug 795226 - Check for null composing span to avoid crash; r=blassey a=lsblakk
0dfd8d88e420e8d313692aef31fb9020c5f36997Andrew McCreight — Bug 792405 - move sTop_id case in nsWindowSH::NewResolve. r=mrbkap a=lsblakk
6076106be48ca62963c33ec6faed95a507e40ba2Andrew McCreight — Bug 801957 - use isFull for gcFinalizeCallback. r=billm a=lsblakk
10a89f81cae94475bf6e6cbb087a3b3f52685c0bBrian Nicholson — Bug 774304 - Check for null pref values when closing MultiChoicePreference. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
d9d6459ef4dd8b4919b8504c741f9c008bb9fb8cJames Willcox — Bug 802396 - Use the correct update url for Android ARMv6 r=blassey a=akeybl
90c5f5573cc00df47d468cc873e90c627f59856eGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 788512 - Actually generate Flash process dumps instead of just collecting them if present. r=bsmedberg,ted a=lsblakk
709a4e99bb08765e4140115aa1fd8394d40ffd8dGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 788512 - Repost CleanupFromTimeout if it can't currently be processed. r=bsmedberg a=lsblakk
816f27f262a391f3550daa965b7fe695f9489377Jeffrey Hammel — Bug 802242 - mirror mozbase -> m-c for week of Oct 16 @ ; r=wlach, a=NPOTB
c66bf1ae2d4038bd04ccb0d0bc8137fa80cb2ca9Rob Wood — Bug 803861 - Tests should wait for 'onalerting' event when making outgoing calls; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
1ff41bb6a63aa36c98f4b38095e255f8c6158809David Keeler — bug 796039 - activate plugins before setting the permissions to allow (aurora workaround) r=jaws a=akeybl
45c8d941a427107f88ba1c4b4d5451e7185cc9e5Robert Strong — Bug 774618 - Partner builds don't download complete update if partial fails, or show workaround information if complete fails. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
bc91d7cbf750c169e6169774ff736c343df9372aRobert Strong — Updated tests for Bug 774618 - Partner builds don't download complete update if partial fails, or show workaround information if complete fails. r=bbondy, a=tests
dcc60baeca75bd9e4c64eb6ed8b1e273298e88a4Olli Pettay — Bug 793848, faster svg:use check, r=bz , a=lsblakk
d40cde85f396054f00898df9307f6e91e90fcb1aOlli Pettay — Bug 798677, make sure events are fully handled in editor, r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
733109bd4ed158fccf5ce47891ff51c3e415513dTim Taubert — Bug 795164 - Prevent DOMApplicationRegistry from broadcasting the same message to the same message manager multiple times. r=broken-merge a=blocking-basecamp
5d8ecf567de33fe4a48b3db108a9141c52f32aafFabrice Desré — Bug 801546 - [gallery] [camera] Not able to add a photo to a contact from contact details; r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
46d6d05da75e485fc120b313ce62269f1a1b6088Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 793108 - Add removeFocus() for MozKeyboard. r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
b565465ef73ab2f6cbd4049744c90dcd028268acKan-Ru Chen (???) — Bug 791711 - Invalidate again if the SharedImageID was removed. r=nical, a=blocking-basecamp
8e8e3952b11a37c52287ac47191911fe816f8306Brian R. Bondy — Bug 792106. r=rstrong, a=lsblakk
82121bb966206a96b283594b45863a509fe553ddRobert Strong — Bug 792106. r=bbondy, a=lsblakk
134f7ce640fd91e6c7aecc13426bc6dd73ae1a79Eddy Bruel — Bug 797469 - Avoid putting a JSFunction in Objectbox. r=jorendorff, a=bajaj
e076a9db9f590cb0ccd5dc951c339ec2c7e141deFabrice Desré — Bug 802823 - Early cleanup of message listeners in ActivityProxy.js. r=gwagner, a=akeybl
d117ca7801adb3ceee8134394dac6fd8cd05276eFabrice Desré — Bug 802740 - Wrap manifests lazily in DOMApplication objects. r=philikon, a=akeybl
90149968e08bad107bd88cff687b04ed3d1f5cdeMounir Lamouri — Bug 802724 - Make MobileConnection QI to nsIObserver. r=bent, a=akeybl
ecd0cc752af5ef2fb93ae2f2f6e926ed75d1b7b1Mark Banner — Bug 801716 - Thunderbird Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_removeDataFromDomain.js | false == true - ensure places history is enabled when running the test. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
59b71be6285e159c0b9b7563d729704439b53aeeEitan Isaacson — Bug 801671 - Don't use cached bounds after scrolling, they use the previous scroll position. r=davidb, a=bajaj
f4d50878e6b6b1fe2bc0837b33c5a95cb045bb22James H — Bug 801301 - Fix popup submenus opening behind their parent on Windows XP. r=roc, a=bajaj
6f7d1e8c941bbbd1bb4e826d95ab52f8a9bad5d8Wes Johnston — Bug 800840 - Setup profile locker after unlocking on Android. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
dbcf231295069fe5cc95e6411a3912127f6c85a6Sean Stangl — Bug 798946 - Confer with TI about the return type of Math.random(). r=dvander, a=bajaj
e1ac6983fa36fb062e35c5073837681b7d9e1e6dAnthony Jones — Bug 798802 - Fix layer uninitialised in nsHTMLCanvasElement::InvalidateCanvasContent(). r=mattwoodrow, a=bajaj
3a82fae11d502bb83c69c3d1c34781297d05415cFernando Jiménez — Bug 793187 - MMI Codes: Support PIN/PIN2/PUK handling via MMI codes. Part 2 - Tests. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
557a3f5164e6615fd7f067dc4e53c82c4ec63305Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793187 - MMI Codes: Support PIN/PIN2/PUK handling via MMI codes. Part 1 - RIL. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
8c6befc1efaad6648b9a9e90b34dc547b5eedf45Matthew Gregan — Bug 799234 - Fix seeking within a single stream's range within a multiplexed stream. r=biesi, r=amarchesini, a=blocking-basecamp
b0b68a17a50382294105a862387af5229f4ca09cGene Lian — Bug 796293 - [camera] Picking camera after long press causes app crash and phone reboot. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
291835dabbeb087e398912b2557d733592dd2efbGene Lian — Bug 799161 - Improve performance of activities registration at startup. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
bfde44cc9eadde4f672d9eff66813e997138bdf6Gene Lian — Bug 801573 - [Web Activities] Need to notify SystemMessageInternal when the app's registration restarts to avoid sending system messages to deprecated pages. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
edadf84382ce6749f062a492699b8a72ce4e7372Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout f4c32db7c7d6 for not landing on top of the right cset.
db0f6c3046b205608a84f67e8544040ec7153c15Richard Newman — Bug 798430 - Copy our set HTTP headers across channel redirects. r=gps, a=lsblakk
8697fbfeeaaeb7408dfdc601d12297bc53bfcc95Justin Lebar — Bug 801780 - Part 2: Explicitly call out long strings in about:memory. r=njn, a=akeybl
5859d567233a02b6dceac301ef0196f578e91a88Justin Lebar — Bug 801780 - Part 1: Escape quotes in memory reporter paths when dumping to JSON. r=njn, a=akeybl
4ff2c203af97ec9cfec8e93c58b5c24bb42aa45aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 799019 - Tweak per-compartment memory reporting. r=Ms2ger, a=akeybl
049788f927b3a3ea7df0b6be12970c778df08c5fEtienne Segonzac — Bug 795164 - Prevent DOMApplicationRegistry from broadcasting the same message to the same message manager multiple times. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
60554f99f3136af73db2903a68b7bb8e8327279aHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 783392 - RadioInterfaceLayer broadcasts radio-state information to all content processes. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
bee23c0aba17f6d2dacfa8d6b233516145017855Eric Chou — Bug 802590 - Patch 3: Implement the logic. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
b2ed60d05f2f29179caa476b69af41f574fd8415Eric Chou — Bug 802590 - Patch 2: IPC implementation. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
6553d2484e2cc70d6b6472fa98248eba31e809f5Eric Chou — Bug 802590 - Patch 1: DOM API change. sr=mrbkap, r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
0f1db1a4a71b6addf6c71d1c0285655b9126c0f1Edwin Flores — Bug 802465 - Limit resolution of youtube streams in YoutubeProtocolHandler. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
f4c32db7c7d6af19a287ed086d488532ba96e4a8Gene Lian — Bug 796293 - [camera] Picking camera after long press causes app crash and phone reboot. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
5ad4b91f37103c6c58d7dbc4c108f6ed9e32bf0dFelipe Gomes — Bug 801874. Openin a minimized chat from the worker is broken. r+a=gavin
2a2a18c820c4e3fc6feda3840bfa1b7d2bf45ee6Jared Wein — Bug 803385. Make sure cookie value is not undefined before trying to trim it. r=felipe a=gavin
a771f271cf89f69c4c43ad60a050f5f254b3d9d6Bill McCloskey — Bug 798678 - Add weakmap key preservation support to cycle collector (r=mccr8,a=lsblakk)
03d9d6422563bc87f249c5e16298b0a60cf05fd7Bill McCloskey — Bug 798678 - Refactor wrapper preservation for weakmaps (r=mccr8,a=lsblakk)
1260bf2d4bdd65a26ada0520dd9f31da69fb4105Makoto Kato — Bug 801457 - XULRunner windows builds busted since Sep 22 in winEmbed, cannot convert from 'uint32_t' to 'nsresult'. r=bsmedberg a=bajaj
721b1865e7f849b58d4aa38623ec38feedb07f9bNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 798834 - Remove reset of non-actual arguments for StackFrame. r=luke a=bajaj
72b50096eab2b5ccc8412ba8b3b9c7e45e378797Malini Das — Bug 802753 - remove assertIn so test_getstatus is python 2.6 compatible, r=jgriffin, a=NPOTB
13af04015a1490053d52733a86b2bdde675826d5Alfredos-Panagiotis Damkalis — Bug 755552 - add getStatus() call to marionette, r=mdas, a=NPOTB
d482799877125de4d5f18be8e97c431ed5560da0Jonathan Griffin — Bug 800110 - Mirror mozbase -> m-c for bug 800097 @ ;r=ahal,r=wlach, a=NPOTB
a242353aa94d70cbda20aede6d054d0bf6eed119Robert Strong — Bug 803181 - Change update background download interval from 10 minutes to 1 minute and update check interval from 24 hours to 12 hours. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
b868ebaa08fb6901688ce7a5e5aa43eabd9ecb21Mark Finkle — Bug 802697 - Increase the number of times Firefox opens before we prompt for Feedback r=margaret a=lsblakk
db1b67466326dd318e58d81610b8e3bc45ac3b82Bobby Holley — Bug 792280 - Only censor function.caller for non-same-origin calls. r=luke a=lsblakk
c31b9aa6d4ad763218ae754c89135ac48d5d179bJonathan Griffin — Bug 800641 - Add mozfile to mozbase packages in, r=jhammel, a=NPOTB
435f85f6a54a55a0dbe63e6e55a7041e1e2b49c7Kyle Machulis — Bug 800249 - Patch 2: Add ability to retreive connected socket address as a string. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
105181ba3578be7bcd7b9b4347aa7faa672552b0Kyle Machulis — Bug 800249 - Patch 1: Add ability to store/retrieve address to UnixSocket. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
23c0fc8a264ceb93fc4874c5cc4453ecd86f4ff0Jonathan Griffin — Bug 790677 - Fix xpcshell test packaging for B2G. r=ted, a=blocking-basecamp
65e5eb815e35ca86fd6fd056ec6988f4b0cf529fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 799540 - Cross-domain XHR with authentication allowed. r=bz, a=bajaj
105f9010516d9e7f179c5792f2991bfea7f0e051Al Tsai — Bug 777983 - Add marionette test for b2g gps provider. r=dougt, a=akeybl
6278eb4157950e039394706cecfdc826604480a6Felipe Gomes — Bug 802929 - use existing port handle for socialcookies-get message. r=jaws,mixedpuppy a=gavin
f9b8841ec02a8edee83dd08ae7e924942232e1b2Doug Turner — Bug 793955, 802867 - DeviceStorage files returned by DeviceStorage.get() don't always have lastModifiedDate. r=bent. a=blocking-basecamp
1372975ca41860cff91590b92b59dbcbf32ba217Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 801049 - Communicate the privacy bit of the active window to the search suggestion service so that it knows whether to put the channel it creates in private browsing mode or not; r=gavin a=bajaj
faac541d3a9d9e00599f326169b1e102f3647191Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 800952 - Make sure that the privacy override information on a channel is correctly transferred to a channel when we setup a replacement channel for it; f=jdm r=jduell a=bajaj
868d886d3616533604c2e695a09f10530ee6362aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 800031. Include paint time int tab switch telemetry. r=ehsan,dao,bjcaob a=akeybl
74671b2b40ec8cf0c9f00017cbd3f62c23cb298bDoug Turner — Backed out changeset 00be9983e8c2 a=me
00be9983e8c25096019934fce2cad4135454e0ceDoug Turner — Bug 793955, 802867 - DeviceStorage files returned by DeviceStorage.get() don't always have lastModifiedDate. r=bent. a=blocking-basecamp
49110947421dd14698108d616d48af0bc23469aeRandell Jesup — Bug 799477: missing stdarg.h in CSFLog.h (typically gcc 4.4.x) r=ehugg a=akeybl
3bb7ee11c85c1b66236d2d868c743829f95e9321Randell Jesup — Bug 800847: Correctly regenerate Makefiles from gyp files r=ted, a=bbajaj
abdec2fa37d764cce48ece01dfe07f4c37ca6e54Justin Lebar — Bug 800486 - Part 3: Minor fixups to MemoryInfoDumper.cpp. r=njn, a=akeybl
bc3d55cc1b833dcd6508cdb5d13401e300b8d095Justin Lebar — Bug 800486 - Part 2: Move signal-watching and memory-report-dumping code out of nsMemoryReporterManager and into a new file, MemoryInfoDumper. r=njn, a=akeybl
b3501346ccdd62dace53f2ac914b79d5d2b49deaJustin Lebar — Bug 800486 - Part 1: Dump a GC and CC log upon receiving SIGRTMIN + 2. r=mccr8,njn,cjones, a=akeybl
9e9f465cea32e5657253ef2840cb897f52f4c23aJustin Lebar — Bug 801498 - Fix about:compartments styling (broken by bug 798040). r=njn, a=akeybl
84573f69513c30640f56e87f8cb69fc4f36f9a92Justin Lebar — Bug 802777 - Decrease image.mem.max_decoded_image_kb on B2G. r=joedrew, a=blocking-basecamp
6bfc36b5a53ecb1315b482af6e114bd210bf659cPatrick McManus — bug 766817 - websocket handshake closes conn on 407/401 defeating session auth schemes r=jduell a=akeybl
9364fc859c40136acb7e3065d4e9aca28c5a22eePatrick McManus — bug 785050 - dns failure during auth is not a hard failure r=jduell a=akeybl
ffd02cd7590ced683c94675f02deb0aa49ba4b75Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 5: Move plugin widgets before compositing the window, not after. r=matspal, a=bajaj
5ae0576f9b97a3419bcfc1f2cbc7046a8f75867eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 4.5: Forward WillPaintWindow/DidPaintWindow notifications to the presshell and do plugin geometry updates from there. r=matspal, a=bajaj
2a055eb654363de0c26e537cb1e6bcfc2c991d29Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 4: Compute plugin widget geometry updates via the refresh driver's painting, and defer actual widget updates until we've just composited the window. r=matspal, a=bajaj
21eabe7ad240517ec1ae80737a8841b5b4547491Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 3.5: Fix nsLayoutUtils::Transform functions to convert to correct appunits values for the destination frame. r=matspal, a=bajaj
1e8441d409612ad9426ebad7c38f81a2d02fb2e5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 3: Make aAncestor const in TransformFrameRectToAncestor. r=matspal, a=bajaj
e839940e660cf86d1339f72be37790d4b3ac0c9cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 2: Fix test_convertpoint to poll until the plugin is in the right place. r=matspal, a=bajaj
82195d531c2fdf71af01e7162b1ec8783024e77fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 1: Refactor test_plugin_scroll_invalidation to definitely wait for a paint between each call to waitForPaint. r=matspal, a=bajaj
84295aa48410faa87c231160e4773a028cfdbc38Robert O'Callahan — Bug 786740. When destroying all the frames in a line list, keep the line list and frame list valid at each step in case someone tries to walk the frame tree during frame destruction. r=mats,a=akeybl
6de378a17e559f2029838be869edc2bca994d904Etienne Segonzac — Bug 802675 - Fixing mozApp.checkForUpdate for packaged apps. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
0d094ad653e8604c9b3dfea245723ed0d038967aEitan Isaacson — Bug 800905 - Load script in to every new tab. r=davidb, a=akeybl
d5accf7d85e9eda60e3277909f3a8453a0acb413Chris Jones — Bug 799644: Need to clear areas of rgba buffers we're about to repaint. r=mattwoodrow a=blocking-basecamp
72b982d85b3e6b4a28b7e2c7a8592600c02a6e88Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout bug 626245 for build bustage. a=bustage
8f3c3170cc8c69bd2d12f55fcd554441fe794613Jan Beich — Bug 799813 - Qt/Linux needs GetGLXPixmap() after bug 788042. r=karlt, a=lsblakk
bfe5418655054a4cecbc5279c2767052cb2bb8a0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 5: Move plugin widgets before compositing the window, not after. r=matspal, a=bajaj
4cde0f1acc0ec5e6a88344d192035a9f91d691f3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 4.5: Forward WillPaintWindow/DidPaintWindow notifications to the presshell and do plugin geometry updates from there. r=matspal, a=bajaj
a5ec69d76b23586b1839d71d7f7599b67c670d4bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 4: Compute plugin widget geometry updates via the refresh driver's painting, and defer actual widget updates until we've just composited the window. r=matspal, a=bajaj
534b80652c4221c2d40eb72903244a9c6bd03a17Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 3.5: Fix nsLayoutUtils::Transform functions to convert to correct appunits values for the destination frame. r=matspal, a=bajaj
000f82e63c96f2a7505084ca328a98eccbb486daRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 3: Make aAncestor const in TransformFrameRectToAncestor. r=matspal, a=bajaj
d0f2a2275d33cb7c1c15708bf3b0fc89a6b3c133Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 2: Fix test_convertpoint to poll until the plugin is in the right place. r=matspal, a=bajaj
13c6aeff3f786be47464814fbc2a9972fac762f1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626245. Part 1: Refactor test_plugin_scroll_invalidation to definitely wait for a paint between each call to waitForPaint. r=matspal, a=bajaj
915d0d6c796767049abfb33edadcb719be4f3ac5Dale Harvey — Bug 802466 - Add signature to stream url. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
07c9d8805b9b70b530c33db89329d89e520e144bSteven Lee — Bug 790499 - Time API: Call JS_ClearDateCaches() to update Date object's timezone when the system timezone is reset. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
d723943a6a2d283d4949a311fafa6884d5a1716fShane Caraveo — Bug 794640 - Clicking a link in social content panels should close the panel. r=gavin, a=gavin
915fe0f562516ee5dd05bfd9e3fd87a874c16846Gavin Sharp — Bug 802436: fix test from bug 800817, r=smaug, a=akeybl
adc8c88be25a3b1b284c70db0b7456f13ea2e66fChris Jones — Test for bug 800817. r=smaug, a=akeybl
e8f505668b0c4aab26c08e23ae2abc249b7a2caaChris Jones — Bug 800817: Use the "real" top when deciding whether to switch focus on a preventDefault()ed tap. r=smaug, a=akeybl
c9c6e9647183911b3023fc11e93c21088e11200dOlli Pettay — Bug 799299 - focus contention with two visible html content areas, r=masayuki, a=akeybl
5aaba9acabc53c186b88b829f0d15f6a4b71a57eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 800386. Fix getInterface from JS on XMLHttpRequest objects to actually work. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
aaf13222db04963605b685043398c731dc0f6ffdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 799229 - Move the ForgetAboutSite modules to toolkit; r=Mossop a=akeybl
d6dae702f67e370a4c38630573478407ec65304eMatthew Gregan — Bug 789075 - Handle odd sized WebM video frames correctly. r=derf a=lsblakk
d53f64fd50f800eeafd20f876c0df13465abde91Fabrice Desré — Bug 802108 - [MozActivity] fails for OOP applications [r=gwagner, a=blocking-basecamp]
9cd19c6cf250f2467ce7e81bb590a5b217a76d7fBill McCloskey — Bug 791174 - Clean up GC tracing code (r=jonco,a=akeybl)
04635d817c40f820486d38d3a5a8485d58b85b2eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 798415 - Import signature to MAR files implementation. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
dbe5d8e1aaf801d9ba6b657e11ceb7f71615524bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 798415 - Tests for import signature to MAR files. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
e734b00ef7ba3d43508a1ba5a58c52db66bcccadBrian R. Bondy — Bug 798415 - Binary data for tests for import signatures to MAR files. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
b850b908263719091ef764c13d536c9ecba6d5d7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 798413 - Tests for export signature from MAR files. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
0aff522993021afccc99d741c69aae7285c28a18Brian R. Bondy — Bug 798413 - Export signature from MAR files implementation. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
6938fbe86e5f4de251de400c2b99717370710c2aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 798413 - Binary data for tests for export signatures from MAR files. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
43aad407af6ae4c8f5fcb8b3c16b15dfa0d73b5fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 792452 - Base implementation for multiple signing and verifying. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
842138897e32cc8b72d14d033dce8f9138a71546Brian R. Bondy — Bug 792452 - Tests for multiple signing. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
f3b95f654815223fb4e629d2e8993431c6b46611Brian R. Bondy — Bug 792452 - Updater code updates for multi signature changes. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
829d05dcdec5f745fadfeac15dc708a166c4b29fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 792452 - Binary data for multiple signature test cases. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
691971c2fffb95bb664edb74b6690a7a9eaa9465Brian R. Bondy — Bug 795921 - Change MAR verification to use AND semantics for multiple signatures. r=bsmith, a=blocking-basecamp
8ab4d2cd6120d5f172a74e246ead47c318b6c457Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793189 - MMI Codes: get IMEI. Part 2 - Tests; r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
ae52f5c31f5c7e99fbdfcfa8b1d4893ecfa41e77Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793189 - MMI Codes: get IMEI. Part 1 - RIL; r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
1c314c80b2d18985e3d470b996831b85b4779209Eric Chou — Bug 799452 - Patch 2: Parse PUT request header. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
f8e54204ce3fa5b49f7d6f69eb351402b2dfd261Eric Chou — Bug 799452 - Patch 1: Send a system message to notify 'receiving file confirmation'. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
137a3c517823d268795383cb269f4e08c8b9c6dcGene Lian — Bug 801257 - System Message API: Page would wrongly handle messages to be sent to other pages. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
9953353f44cfd7a79fe374f30ab133ac37fe470cDale Harvey — Bug 797297 - Remove hasAttribute check from outer loop of BrowserElementChild::_contextMenuHandler. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
804bde49e276335547aee0a22be583849e961d93Brian R. Bondy — Bug 802016 - Do not allow caching at all when checking for updates. r=rstrong. a=blocking-basecamp
96a2697cec57636b8c135876b7afeee8da1312d6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 784360 - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry( at org.mozilla.gecko.DoorHangerPopup.onTabChanged( r=wesj a=lsblakk
e94f1c37f8edc2ccfb66e8a508cc3358b80865b5Matt Woodrow — Bug 799956 - Mark BasicLayerManagers that don't retain content as supporting component alpha layers. r=roc, a=akeybl
e11125917b82256016b888f903fc397ae48994cdJustin Lebar — Bug 800170 - Modify mozbrowser's getScreenshot() so it takes max-width, max-height parameters. r=smaug, a=blocking-basecamp
3f623c9fdc52c1eb80672bc3a3a4307ba8a595a9Gabriele Svelto — Bug 801676 - Follow-up: Add comment explaining why we use JPEG instead of PNG in getScreenshot(). r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
f2e068e438e91987122697b052080687af800f97Gabriele Svelto — Bug 801676 - [Browser API] Make getScreenshot() use JPEG instead of PNG. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
d862c969b47fb98067c2fe73c415cedf7487cc1cMounir Lamouri — Bug 796911 - Fix Intermittent test_clear_browser_data.html. r=bz a=tests
756a74c9a84c46430e8ad29bba13010c9ff6b7ecFabrice Desré — Bug 801987 - [OTA update] system notification never reappears after dismissing "Later" and then force updating [r=marshall,a=blocking-basecamp]
9a6130f176cf0821262bf962bd5991c112d1f74bMarshall Culpepper — Bug 801742: Pass updater errors and status to Gaia in B2G. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
7405fdfe1b89695a814ccac84821072d1e42bd49Chris Jones — Back out bug 799956 for landing pre-approval. r=me a=backout
e9d90b26e252a6aff7455a96d3699e4dbe0690fbMounir Lamouri — Bug 785632 - Remove the permission manager workaround for Gaia. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
16d70275df8f5e1118329e60401f6192560ecd73Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793329 - If the trusted UI is closed on device, fire an onerror callback in mozPay indicating as such. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
cbfef8616b633b460987030a1b6798b1869e769bKyle Huey — Bug 648610 - Implement <canvas>.toBlob. r=smaug, a=blocking-basecamp
10a4db1a1d8e84bca9d44981a99f1a1c1bf7d87eFabrice Desré — Bug 798445 - Send a ChromeEvent when the web activities is completed. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
de000386f8bf10f4a603cbd4b8e02521611abda9Fabrice Desré — Bug 794228 - addon-manager services are running in B2G. r=glandium, a=blocking-basecamp
c4a76f8e8d69ccdc8818a2345525c0e4cbe71764Kan-Ru Chen (???) — Bug 797681 - Register GonkGPSGeoLocationProvider as a XPCOM service. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
7b2a0dc30b53f4ea1a79b2832bcc9a928c65659cEric Chou — Bug 801507 - Listen to ObjectPush service socket. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
6f1d02bdf889aa0b32f19654d5f0567ca53b93c2Matt Woodrow — Bug 799956 - Mark BasicLayerManagers that don't retain content as supporting component alpha layers. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
1796bbed02993f62de0ea37e147883e74640088fAxel Hecht — Bug 800329 - Check for value before checking its contents. r=ted, a=lsblakk
6b33ce9ec54853458e74f4d9ff7bf3b4aef7c9e4Patrick Wang — Bug 795317: Test case r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
4b4d24b35f88e46b1631cfc4c674dbe4e1946850Patrick Wang — Bug 795317: Use exposable uri when updating mozbrowser's location r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
3ab210d3f02ac8abd98a10c87782649fded81c03Doug Turner — Bug 754350 - Clean up Device Storage error strings. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
c7a68455c717b928d616d022f36e6f6706b11c3bDoug Turner — Bug 791816 - Use a different error string when we may overwrite a file location. r=sicking a=blocking-bootcamp
95606da2eaa03a0d63cd7b8e167eb862c7e864afJan Beich — Bug 801295 - mincore() call has incorrect type on tier3 (non-Linux). r=jlebar a=lsblakk
4bd81751c5176f675965a860dd845381382b58e3Alex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG a=akeybl
49edadf87ebaa4525d746c3d3c2553ad1bcb1344David Keeler — bug 786417 - scale back for aurora r=bsmith a=lsblakk
47bf308b741baf949441917b564929524c7fec31Chris AtLee — Bug 791209: Update l10n mozconfigs for nightly builds. r=ted a=lsblakk DONTBUILD
3a10e617dfc95f25a0f739a8504c59608145068cDavid Zbarsky — Backout bug 779684 for topcrash, a=lsblakk
a02e939d3088a6ab21a8dcc60ff8b5a034de73ecMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 799462 - GCLI jsb command should revert jsbBraceStyleDesc, jsbBraceStyleManual strings r=joewalker a=pike
61cd704337513d00ba5661b9a992d790d2212888Bobby Holley — Bug 786142 - Make sure we have a real WN in MoveWrappers. r=peterv a=bbajaj
7574f94957b740da4aaf53750ecb53b2e9c07e97Robert O'Callahan — Bug 798607. Ensure GetContentsScaleFactor is 1.0 on all non-Mac platforms. r=smichaud,a=akeybl
0cec4866f02fdaaad65695afdabab40ea4267e16Robert O'Callahan — Bug 798990. Part 2: nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::EnsureTarget must ensure that a full layer transaction occurs, because we may have transitioned from needing no display item or layer to needing them. r=mattwoodrow,a=akeybl
792900811c88cdecd8aff43479f648557f62a4adRobert O'Callahan — Bug 798990. No need to call EnsureTarget just to paint nothing. Anyway it's not safe to call it during a paint. r=kft,a=akeybl
cc50cbd5f2bcfbce464b1bf8ed4b85f7b115576eBobby Holley — Bug 799348 - When creating a new content window, create the surrounding chrome docshell as system. r=bz a=akeybl
250392ac81c0294d8d4520435242b3d2cbaabdf4Jonathan Kew — bug 800668 - doubling of Cocoa widget sizes should depend on whether the context is HiDPI, not on the zoom factor. r=mstange a=bbajaj
03b50c47e7448c7733789998687e33ae3ee27c26Dão Gottwald — Bug 799084 - Error console filter shouldn't be applied on input. r=neil a=lsblakk
04d585d5045a7a240a3a66440d8bd5591c9ff41bMakoto Kato — Bug 795594 - Add workaround for MSVC x64 compiler bug. r=roc a=bbajaj
b7c1e5b794ce3a71d8d3c7af13bb5fa1ab5d4df0Marty Rosenberg — Change the method we use to update ranges on phis so narrowing works properly (bug 799282, r=jandem, a=bajaj)
c8f9681aab388deaded353f08e158b2b4a1617d9Andreas Gal — Bug 800533 - Don't handle magnetic field sensor, r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
2f92bb1104eb5b340c22fce77f555d83fbdf428dShane Caraveo — Bug 785920 - reload for workers. r=gavin, a=gavin
94851142600f2e23df8d4a6fb2a681b2a75376cdGavin Sharp — Bug 801951: update social provider manifest and whitelist, r=jaws, a=gavin
51f6d986d9cde4d44238e4045de2c9bb58212669Mark Hammond — Bug 801080 - window.close should close social panels. r=felipe, a=gavin
05afca9f8a70eebd0810deeb49f3fb8875480dbcOlli Pettay — Bug 799592 nsDOMWindowUtils::AllowScriptsToClose to bypass dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows, r=jst, a=lsblakk
24d2399d1ca1609f05e1377a6a472ebfd198ff85Jared Wein — Bug 799749 - Add back the Show Desktop Notifications menuitem for the Social API. r=markh a=gavin
4261b371ed9540a5f931ea86c961b0e559faf64dMichael Wu — Bug 801935 - Don't unload wireless drivers, r=gal, a=blocking-basecamp
081331e82efdba2b1aacc9e29f87a61424b99d86Wes Johnston — backout 8e36fd7113ba (bug 745384) a=akeybl
faf198fbb535229550a9ef9a84a907d684c00e9aJared Wein — Bug 792503 - Add a keyboard accessible menu for the SocialAPI ambient notification pages. r=markh a=bbajaj
e0979fb694aa4ea63b839fdbf8eac016b48c0229Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 798753 - Visual polish for social provider user menu on OS X. r=jaws a=akeybl
d5fd58f26db5b77b72b169ccbdcc0270b0fc6e4fJonathan Griffin — Bug 799605 - Mirror mozbase -> m-c for bug 799288 and bug 799507 @ 36a2f63be33af799a54d7f1511dc922730b10b22 ; r=wlach, a=approval-mozilla-aurora
5d4dac6cfded52278026a89b2b9e858ff2eac4faBrian Nicholson — Bug 798280 - Pass privacy status to addDownload() in saveAsPDF. r=mfinkle,ehsan a=bajaj
c932b7b0c55d2ceb2777bd6ff2d9745e72dd5df8Brian Nicholson — Bug 799617 - Set SurfaceView background to white before drawing. r=kats a=akeybl
81335e8960fa4745675c19c6e2e7010eb0218362Brian R. Bondy — Bug 796044 - Firefox will now get pinned to the OS taskbar after installation independent of default browser in Win8. r=jimm. a=lsblakk
df05ca8e466e66299896fc9a0a5e807028250213Brian R. Bondy — Bug 798166 - Fix for defaults display problem after setting default depending on helper.exe speed. r=felipe. a=lsblakk
b7cc170fe11eac719b36700e8fdb7f7d672f678aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 796038 - Default browser prompt shows even after setting defaults for Firefox from control panel. r=jimm. a=lsblakk
16332441a0c5fe95e4230afc30c291c3dd80c60cDoug Turner — Bug 799391 - After bug 668191, we no longer need a libiw check. Fixes netwerk/wifi Makefile to only build DBUS scanner when DBUS is enabled. r=ted a=blocking-basecamp
717bd76378cc8f7f28bc2c764e0a11c080bee795Dão Gottwald — Bug 800157 - Make User Agent overrides affect navigator.userAgent in addition to the HTTP header. r=bz a=lsblakk
76579b41994a5d052dac5152304586f5aa9db039Mark Finkle — Bug 800373 - Change marketplace strings to 'Firefox Marketplace' r=wesj a=akeybl
88c7703111d1dd153a354c59e2d9d5e93300b6c4Georg Fritzsche — Bug 791798 - topcrash in mozilla::plugins::parent::_releaseobject because of incremental GC: we're creating a new wrapper before teardown which races with the release event. r=bsmedberg a=lsblakk
25243f7b1776c137d9cadc33608356f41beda3acAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 795099 - Add --gecko-path argument to, r=jgriffin; DONTBUILD because NPOTB, a=test-only
fd0dcda77b6030bad2aa233ce7cbde9f706da8eeJonathan Griffin — Bug 800102 - Delete *.so files before updating gecko in the emulator, r=ahal, DONTBUILD(NPOTB), a=approval-mozilla-aurora
3704e807ec710f10d512da73366b0e6b920c062dGregor Wagner — Bug 801075 - [contacts] aRequest misspelled and a check for "request" which fails. r=ddahl, a=blocking-basecamp
2466702b986ff8d806e6f42f8b83fad0f1688bedRob Wood — Bug 794090 - Develop WebSMS test to verify getMesage, update manifest; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD(NPOTB), a=approval-mozilla-aurora
3b384954e87412a1ba462ef25129e2b88768c8b7Dale Harvey — Bug 801696 - Add trailing semicolons to property definitions. r=dougt a=blocking-basecamp
95c8e56502f8d16d7914ad3deb2f5ba04fe33975Benjamin Peterson — Bug 779118 - Try to be more robust about waiting for compression to finish. r=luke a=lsblakk
fe15e712662086d3557cc5051f36244d5b33bbf3Benoit Jacob — Bug 785734 - WebGL: test for illegal texture sizes for given mipmap level - r=jgilbert, a=akeybl
d3908855e02b52ad89ee7dfa3f71037b894f709cEitan Isaacson — Bug 799043 - Explicitly make GeckoMenu item views non-recycable. r=sriram, a=bbajaj
e7e0f2dd4a6d0470bfc0ada2fceccf0d94c1d775James Willcox — Bug 797036 - Bump string version numbers r=mfinkle a=mfinkle
62c040a3bebac3d44cb76aed5063cc86956e0482Bobby Holley — Bug 794420 - Remove hard edge from SpecialPowers to window.Components. r=khuey a=bajaj
53559d475428813ffd349c82e5cd5d890f411864Marshall Culpepper — Bug 798948 - Allow force checking of updates in B2G. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
3e9dcd1901ffded19f41768881bed6b41aaf4e21Dave Hylands — Bug 801362 - Fixed typo (>= s/b <=) introduced in bug 797239. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
255b39dc46ee3ccca3951594272e13829470f4b2John Schoenick — Bug 787778 - Add additional re-entrance checks in plugin object code. r=josh, a=akeybl
0f13f4e81d940ea5a71f800997158d96899ba4b1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 779473 - Fix some nsresult abuses in the Bluetooth implementation. a=themaid
0a60b5bfe5f9706e41f9e76b2c28bdabfbd8526fChris Jones — Bug 799849: Wrap nothrow libstdc++ allocators. r=glandium a=blocking-basecamp
171b9f02347a5cdc2ff6094900cec6d0c87fdca8Marshall Culpepper — Bug 794211 - Check for updates after coming online when a check fails because the network is offline. r=bbondy, r=rstrong, a=blocking-basecamp
916e162d0240b805004d6a6a7203e5c676d9543aKyle Machulis — Bug 800247 - Add disconnect events to UnixSocket, update Bluetooth*Manager. r=echou, r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
219821425bc1554568fd5728346ab8aa7f85dfceGregory Szorc — Bug 800154 - Refactor how services/ integrates with build system; r=glandium; a=akeybl
ea4ac99c08e6b72428e99d9046f0dc995a52e297Kyle Huey — Bug 791571: Keep track of whether or not an <img> is blocking onload to handle insertion/removal from the document. r=bz a=lsblakk
62f7d7f4956a1d93bf9538494009217f9da52773Chris Jones — Bug 795657: Integrate native viewport configuration better into async pan-zoom code. r=jwir3,roc a=blocking-basecamp
c1da583ceed3cc969c83ff1b6aa497b2318e6df4Anthony Jones — Bug 785275 - Limit the slice height using the calculated buffer height. r=cpeterson a=lsblakk
a24b525c7f93cc1b7f7cae429d4c941711eb6234Eric Chou — Bug 800313 - Refine system messages interface for bluetooth file-sharing app. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
fa62fe4387dde61c5fa25aee78807da9861b9b55Kyle Machulis — Bug 796176 - Patch 2: Make Bluetooth*Managers listen on startup/disconnect, stop listening to stop/connect. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
e47353b30f18e46b660158753be885b2526410c5Kyle Machulis — Bug 796176 - Patch 1: UnixSocket changes to get connect/listen running main thread, connect status to consumers. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
d00caf574dd57c5598851d03d62ae7e01bf417aeGina Yeh — Bug 794349 - Send correct +CIND: value to HS at SLC establishment. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
475c67cb2458cffd7314218e8841a6d9edf61c0bEric Chou — Bug 799138 - [b2g-bluetooth] Handle Connect/Disconnect/Put requests sent from remote devices. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
0136c82b58cd7a6da2207ba5bb75273e422ffb85Kyle Machulis — Bug 799243 - Patch 2: Fix static nsTArray initialization in BluetoothDBusService. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
ca6e58244d5ba8d1abcacd3785022e5a10b93a17Kyle Machulis — Bug 799243 - Patch 1: Fix Bluetooth*Manager observer pointer types. r=echou, a=blocking-basecamp
43dd673647ae47e1dfe9f2bb0be6f7bbcc000345Gina Yeh — Bug 782586 - Firing onadapteradded event when bluetooth is ready to get default adapter. r=qdot, a=blocking-basecamp
34a039c14957d4a2a0f87e355df7c754b0c06709Doug Turner — Bug 778235 - Add support for Gonk to NetworkGeolocationProvider.js. r=jdm, a=blocking-basecamp
c0b49817915dfc5f65f40f43b83bc55a6d066d1dVicamo Yang — Bug 786782 - Part 2/2: Test case. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
e9e79d0ed99550eeb2e190f87d70676bfb888cf1Vicamo Yang — Bug 786782 - Part 1/2: Don't rely on status-report in multipart sms. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
70984805f3ecf5131441a627ddf1968d2618c18cSteven Lee — Bug 796733 - Re-order the calling sequence of disable FM radio and change audio state. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
690a3827c4658ce4f119567621bee6bd78464323Scott Johnson — Bug 798068 - Return sane values for min/max zoom when handheldFriendly, WAP, Mobile, or WML is set in the viewport metadata. r=mbrubeck, r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
0e355208adffa4c255a2dd3c2a7251a8960434afEdwin Flores — Bug 795623 - Add audio/mpeg to list of supported OMX codecs. r=doublec, a=blocking-basecamp
adfd438b56ffd83ce7af0c1eff560ee495b4cdd2Edwin Flores — Bug 794061 - Let OMX hardware decoded video frames be copied to canvas. r=kanru, a=blocking-basecamp
90a5685dc1be98a1314cc6a4129083b22eed2142Dave Hylands — Bug 797239 - Defer scheduling prelaunch app until child goes idle. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
85aa1352aba7896605f2e46fdd28e0ffd4edb925Dave Hylands — Bug 797239 - Fix message loop to allow idle tasks to work in child content processes. r=cjones, a=blocking-basecamp
4121f31e6c04b9476a34cbe4e789faaa52647cddGene Lian — Bug 797803 - System Message API: System App fails to receive system messages. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
561916b7f5f1df1c868b06591ac5e65cd31b854aPatrick McManus — bug 799470 - pac dnsResolve wrong return code on error r=biesi a=bajaj
bc66ce12203948c2f2d68069fef21591a2321d80Patrick McManus — bug 799469 s/proxyAlert/alert in pac file r=biesi a=bajaj
c0a02b1a8a039de8768faa3c4b125079eeef1de7Gene Lian — Bug 795782 - System Message API: Shouldn't pend messages for running apps to avoid re-firing them when restarting apps. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
bee211decb2d38498f79b290d4014fd69fba2b34Randell Jesup — Bug 799191: incorrect audioCount in GetUserMediaDevicesRunnable r=derf a=bajaj
072510b9491c57bb8679063e35f00d87d7f13cc0Olli Pettay — Bug 798974, MutationObserver doesn't handle correctly empty document fragments, r=sicking , a=kkeybl
2c579668df52fe8804716516c2cb30c397ebe9e3Justin Lebar — Bug 719455 - Followup: Remove .orig and .rej files. r=me, a=oops
97b1bdb2046df541efde7f02b6c608def5b3e060Justin Lebar — Bug 798510 - Part 2: Fix bug in JSRuntime::sizeOfExplicitNonHeap() where, if execAlloc_ is null, we don't measure the stack space. rs=njn, a=akeybl
674b97ffda67cdba43fdf3c08a65db06a44bf413Justin Lebar — Bug 798510 - Part 1: Use mincore to correctly calculate js::StackSpace::sizeOfCommitted() on *nix. r=luke,njn a=akeybl
dd21c60ab0ff5b0852853fa4f0c01532e5bc839bHubert Figuière — Bug 777185 - Hookup content process crash reporting. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
3374394cc0924e0c70d54bd7a6de2aafc669fea9David Flanagan — Bug 796544 - Pass the inputmode attribute value to mozKeyboard. r=cpeterson, a=blocking-basecamp
2875cacede43d5f96b0a2c47039aacfe4e2bcc35David Flanagan — Bug 793372 - Make device storage recognize 3gp videos and .pls and m3u playlists. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
58d9413cb1b55296a68d7e7c6d1448122824d19bDão Gottwald — Bug 799081 - Bar at the bottom of the error console should be a <statusbar>. r=neil a=akeybl
6c938992407a4521cd06ad4cbcc685f4b7b40fe2Dão Gottwald — Bug 797363 - Remove user agent override since is fixed. r=felipe a=akeybl
b8c17cd78859368855162bc750f058793a16758aDão Gottwald — Bug 799502 - Override the UA string for moodle to get the rich text editor rather than plain textareas. r=bz,felipe,gerv a=akeybl
8ee98cea0f2231e4046654472f22bab391ba5d3aChris Peterson — Bug 794171 - Add H.264 codecs that are commonly supported on Android. r=doublec f=hsivonen a=akeybl
d4c8d6775af7fcbf6f826052b2894fa923632995Robert Strong — Bug 800112 - If I pave-over install Nightly while Nightly is running twice or more in a row, then nightly will always order a restart on every launch or uninstall. a=akeybl
7e4667059308e3ea24ffbf8428a964c393c9d6edRobert Strong — Changes to absolute image sizes for Bug 798794 - Followup on bug 795654 - Artwork appears to be coming out pixelated or patched in stub installer. r=bbondy a=akeybl
5e74bb1ef08fd727572fd7a69d7562eae6e48c67Robert Strong — Artwork for Bug 798794 - Followup on bug 795654 - Artwork appears to be coming out pixelated or patched in stub installer. r=bbondy a=akeybl
2c27ae268b7dc50ac3bc5edc16d279faa7f6e9feRobert Strong — Bug 799180 - Same stub installer can be launched multiple times. r=bbondy a=akeybl
9dce66b49331bc798e7c1a8b2dc013362f62da52Robert Strong — Bug 799611 - Change stub installer fallback page for Nightly, Aurora, and Beta. r=bbondy a=akeybl
dc83b62af3ecbdc1a9bb3fd1e2a9bcd97fe7dbb3Robert Strong — Bug 798861 - Stub installer: Firefox is already dialog does not appear on front when it pops up, which makes the stub look like it's hung. r=bbondy a=akeybl
260438f23bc106da340b8060851a20fdd3e19d09Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 797510 - Add QI for DOMFMRadioParent. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
d5456a2519df5840b4ad386fba237a28b7c80532Wes Johnston — Bug 799221 - Remove marketplace as an app. r=mfinkle a=akeybl
ef941370f8d2fe0d4dd2135c042f574354a2e6dePhilip Chee — Bug 795065 - SeaMonkey bustage fix. r=mak, a=lsblakk
67d247b7a7ab904f0269d7919177c0e6f5c53119Aryeh Gregor — Bug 795804 - Use WeakPtr for nsTextEditorState where appropriate; r=ehsan a=akeybl
b62f5e245b7f32a0b820857f3101a748704a50ceNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 798913 - Prevent inlining of overflow of arguments. r=dvander a=akeybl
d5cf98031f8d015394ee681a9797b5c913489630Mike Hommey — Bug 799323 - Make test from bug 793672 more reliable. r=past,blanket-a=test-only
97a3487c3b5152e18742d582b8d61260d593c24eKyle Huey — Bug 789846: Ensure that we unblock unload if we're only pretending that the request finished. r=joe a=lsblakk
31ecdc024188a380d01cf6472e35286e6b09511cDavid Flanagen — Bug 796080 - MozKeyboard must send notification when user moves cursor. r=vingtetun, a=blocking-basecamp
630fe407ed43a1b70e4cc56913600a4698ca2456Brian Nicholson — Bug 799015 - Use correct syntax for findClass() in JNI. r=wesj a=bajaj
1989adaaf7b4cc38b5e9314e0141e9119792f295Patrick McManus — bug 797684 - http-on-modify-request can reflect ProxyInfo r=biesi a=akeybl
668901e8d3f56128ece259e34b1803fc0190e3cfMounir Lamouri — Bug 799152 - nsExpandedPrincipal should use default extendedOrigin/appId/appStatus/isInBrowserElement. r=bholley a=blocking-basecamp
dee2eda3a3ec6e3a0b3b2c124c4ae931ae88bbd8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 769569 - Check that was called as a result of user input. r=benadida a=blocking-basecamp
cc22c3a6f9ed5edd4201bea8f21e8d4787605809Mounir Lamouri — Bug 798298 - Allow chrome JS code to know if it is being called as a result of a user input event. r=smaug a=blocking-basecamp
16a212953a7e3a13611d843167d775e403a72231Jonathan Kew — bug 799900 - [HiDPI] account for device-pixel scaling for IME window position. r=smichaud a=akeybl
e3f7fdf150a4fd78495f2fd28185d9c592e9677dGregor Wagner — Bug 799656 - Decrease b2g's javascript.options.mem.high_water_mark from 32mb to 6mb. r=billm, a=blocking-basecamp
dd84a391861266036285dd8c108b5b293e8695e6Chris Peterson — Bug 798980 - Band-aid to crash Camera app instead of the phone. r=cjones a=blocking-basecamp
f0f25ebd2ea7f0c28b033175dcbcd70ae9e585feFabrice Desré — Bug 797574 - PermissionsInstaller.jsm broken for package apps [r=gwagner] [a=blocking-basecamp]
8df80d7202e88109ca180474f5e2601a69e1af44Mike Habicher — Bug 798304 - Call AppendRelativePath() to append video filename (possibly including subpath) to data storage area root. r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp
0c1b52f5c8e0d48afef6eee7b5e0d31142771057Mike Habicher — Bug 722975 - Add 3gpp video file mime type definitions. r=cdouble, a=blocking-basecamp
3c23dbcccc7f622cdf218ba1d8dd7cf6cb983e0fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 799126 - Rename ClearRecentHistory to ForgetAboutSite; r=jdm a=akeybl
cf470cfd18ca86aeffa8f577110e7d9741cffe57Ehsan Akhgari — Backout bug 157681 in order to fix bug 775350 on Aurora; a=lsblakk
3d56940e185992d29472b1a6915ef493c1a217f2Rob Wood — Bug 792495 - Develop tests for delete sms, update manifest; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD(NPOTB), a=approval-mozilla-aurora+
153f9364f85ba855ab0127c867dcd86cda2f0c84Tim Taubert — Bug 796269 - [settings] set time manually once, cannot do again r=vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
8048cd69f71d25b7e7e7e896b14e9e71eaf4e2fbFabrice Desré — Bug 787439 - Ensure applications permissions are updated when doing a system update [r=marshall,ddahl] [a=blocking-basecamp]
f84ca438ddac55b01c5a23270479039f23c7eba7Justin Wood — Bug 799812 - Android NoIon builds need to bump their branding on merge day. r=armenzg a=bajaj
08abc3599a33e7eb3779af562124873b9216701dJustin Lebar — Bug 799536 - Disable sync on B2G. r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
d405ef60655d426c6237f331cd95198e379bcb6cJoe Drew — Revert bug 792199 for Firefox 18. a=gavin
fa9a4d400949bd3f97f5d9d271f90e6648e2086dRandell Jesup — Bug 799071: clean up clang warnings in media/webrtc/signaling (-Werror) r=ehugg a=akeybl
2217b510b28a9ec9e8c3685cb19fd21561da6f24Jason Duell — Bug 794597 - mozbrowser doesn't send auth request off a redirect. r=jdm a=blocking-basecamp
c81cbb2cd9893707420737d0a49653c62e66796fAndrew Sutherland — Bug 799547 to fix Bug 798740 - Network stats landing in dom/network broke MozTCPSocket when MOZ_B2G_RIL is defined (like on Otoro devies) by clobbering EXTRA_COMPONENTS in rs=jdm, a=blocking-basecamp (the blocker is Bug 798740, bug 799547 is hygiene bug that does not have all the e-mail discussion).
aff619c66f1ec67e985855523d86c97a25aa150fJason Duell — Bug 798045 - Improve FailDelay lookup r=bsmith, a=akeybl
a58424e10a73b703fe4ba11faacc46ef2c06f033Joel Maher — Bug 799474 - upload a new so we can fix mozilla-aurora branch. r+a=rail CLOSED TREE
49c7ef0f7576a6384eb95f84472965028f5a081dMarco Bonardo Bug 786182 - Disable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 18. r+a=gavin for landing on CLOSED TREE
7588306df29eea7975de6c485189d59855288644Randell Jesup — No Bug, empty cset to trigger builds and tests. a=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
118a3b748323648baf862aa12399f91fd167f01aAlex Keybl — Disable profiling on Aurora NO BUG CLOSED TREE
c56fd6ea49c47315403cdc7e60ca45a4d72c5354Alex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
3bfbc73d1b58dfe96179aed7ddcd9d594c67b733Alex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
2704e441363fe2a48e992dfac694482dfd82664aGary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Suppress bug 799157, a new Valgrind error, probable regression. DONTBUILD FIREFOX_AURORA_18_BASE
87f3548e638eb6db3f94999c5dbff353830dcb4cEthan Hugg — Bug 798873 - Signaling - increase max SDP size (temporary until better fix). r=jesup,ekr
4c95b705edb00362830b235103edb1bd95ab57e4Randell Jesup — BUg 799076: Add temporary error definitions to media/webrtc/signaling for VC9 and below r=derf
129e65729274321766644127fc7c50063131a1f9Jacek Caban — Bug 799069: Unresolved vpx_codec_vp8_cx export in --disable-webrtc build r=jesup,derf
8ebfc639c69ff5375d35d8fa2a059ac89cb075c3Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6bd2c54df256773f6f10ec6764a25a41f96765bbEd Morley — Bug 752786 - Disable one part of test_bug469613.xul for too many intermittent failures
824316b5a366e5aa7fa4ab3fcf58737b433ebe20Ed Morley — Backout d22512e72e42 (bug 798990) for reftest failures in empty-transaction-1.html
d22512e72e429ece699b986fc3f418b4cde393b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 798990. No need to call EnsureTarget just to paint nothing. Anyway it's not safe to call it during a paint. r=kft
e1fb91e37cb8c1d0848d58c3f442bb13b98bb8fbBas Schouten — Bug 793175: Discard a cached SourceSurface if it was created for the wrong BackendType. r=jrmuizel
7b2e2c81e0b94bb58c2427ac485372425a724e45Bas Schouten — Backed out changeset 41b5180cf6af DONTBUILD
41b5180cf6af91e751669e144e7dfa58ae3a0789Bas Schouten — Bug 793175: Discard a cached SourceSurface if it was created for the wrong BackendType. r=jrmuizel
5c59fd005fb897b33cceaad689eb6fa28765ff77Marty Rosenberg — Fix the backwards code so it matches the well thought out comment (bug 792589, r=jbramley)
c28cc500c23935d0bb587a7ba2d5c4cc9f26e278Bas Schouten — Bug 798931: Push clip layers to the correct render targets. r=roc
8b78045e153624f66ace247eef2723e742efe86eEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
524f4ba45300f46d526d8dee809e293380bcb273Jacek Caban — Bug 797793 - Disable format warnings on mingw r=glandium
e330290d261fb178300bbcbfaa1142fef0ecfbecEd Morley — Backout 6c89d2b6ea4b (bug 793175) on suspicion of somehow causing Win7 opt permaorange in browser_updatessl.js and friends
6d20b416c2b750d864f0200415a9d08d70b298deEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
a4bc614f4092a8ca98ec95694d7720fcc1d3651eGavin Sharp — Adjust comment from bug 790545's patch
091cda42bc2296358ea7bd886d0984faeae086a2Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 736358 - Remove "Open Add-Ons Manager" button for restartless addons. r=bmcbride
4db6171d4facc30d0151b12520294efd5df0523aGraeme McCutcheon — Bug 693029 - followup: fix another errant pair of quotes.
f375fcca196aff18cca3a0a4853bdc15d452d3ccBrian Hackett — Bug 793491. There isn't really any reason to have lots of type barriers for different objects at a site, since if we manage to discharge all the barriers the target will probably just be marked as a generic object anyways. So go ahead and just fall back to an AnyObject barrier once we have more than BARRIER_OBJECT_LIMIT barriers on a single pc. r=jandem
5072dbac12384ca619d7284112271a02b013a939Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 783525 - part 2 - RIL impl. r=marshall_law
7eee61226313d6ad1c8aae11653c126307c9ec32Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 783525 - part 1 - idl and DOM impl for ICCCardLockErrorEvent. r=smaug, sr=sicking
b8b44407bfe65c38f5eca80a4c3780bbd3337505Eitan Isaacson — Bug 779096 - Add whitelist for supported accessibility services. r=blassey
5612c5ab7fcf96d4cea9c61b3c32a17e308f2143Eitan Isaacson — Bug 797961 - Fix disappearing node case. r=davidb
e7f2e2c944b7ef7623eb2a465e97d631ed14ad98Panos Astithas — Fix a merge conflict. No bug.
90c035e4ffd9567240b0b0d56a60757aa3b34740Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
ac7b630bb3394a5c938f0ef83300e8f97cffd8d2Panos Astithas — Disable browser_responsiveui.js and browser_responsiveuiaddcustompreset.js on OS X for intermittent failures (bug 798772, bug 798775); r=jwalker
246011521d45d57dc457bc8331cafaf44eeaa2ddMihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 5: tests; r=robcee
211f9f0d9729b8803228454ba0c6dce66123afdbMihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 4.5: global actor; r=past
fbe10b0e356b664ad715f9663a31b4ae16b0c777Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 4: cleanups; r=robcee
acdaa722170d2ede890649d5cc92315dd3c83df5Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 3: network logging; r=past,robcee
fb9c303d06830651f29975dcee922b8701c37ad1Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 2: window.console API and JS evaluation; r=past,robcee
df7160707659be4a0c35be867c46cb8f1d89abc3Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 1: page errors; r=past,robcee
13828eb0c4a24eb6340a7abee0603ae289ebd5faPanos Astithas — Bug 792925 - Dynamically-added tab-scoped actors should get a reference to their parent; r=msucan
e5d8ddb1e35fc438518b3debaa47a0ed6f92a064Girish Sharma — Bug 790272 - Unnecessary repaints of the Layout View, r=paul, r=jaws
9a9e3a6d29fb767809e12086aaf7c158591322edPaul Rouget — Bug 798284 - [responsive mode] dispatch some events; r=past
7c6d5ed8f6885c53b8e78518dd8e4c2477e01933Paul Rouget — Bug 796029 - [markup panel] Consider disabling the preview if we can't solve bug 795956; r=dcamp
0c267a2d5f664a9f9289bf1482a5f2bf2d912ccesaran — Bug 768399 - GCLI output should not be forced to be xhtml; r=jwalker
d2cd0d27d649034026200b3c47e58f054f8d31efJoe Walker — Bug 788215 - GCLI problems when replacing valid arg value with a new value; r=dcamp
8aff9e7ce482bc8c8bcdd87a5d76992e4bc0cd3cJoe Walker — Bug 766133 - [gcli] selected text looks bad; r=dão
ed59adda8870ce0cfa514aaa2059cf210d3fcf00Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 797908 - [orange] SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list at resource:///modules/devtools/DeveloperToolbar.jsm:702 r=me
f3af7601c307d92a76acaf0b9d61e731d53eaa4bMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 785134 - Update jsb to fix various bugs; r=jwalker
003656caed2a481eb7976423e3ea40a516b9b170Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 786803 - GCLI help command panel is too big; r=jwalker
b34419698e9690c61da628e316a87bbcfb9c9392Rob Campbell — Bug 797527 - Remove InsideOutBox.jsm, DOMPlate.jsm and friends; r=dcamp
9738e5a0190a87202f089315897bf252a99df18fEd Morley — Backout 739aff49b8bb (bug 731974) for turning browser_586068-reload.js permaorange on WinXP 3 days ago
08bf91d3c0c33a07707b591cda32fa58675b0e1eEd Morley — Backout 6c89d2b6ea4b (bug 793175) on suspicion of somehow causing Win7 opt permaorange in browser_updatessl.js and friends
d3113617c43ade21e70f543e74fe975575f3a1efEd Morley — Backout 4158281d3995 & 628c6823da4f (bug 798135) on suspicion of causing bug 798858
d9e0325428315899a68e297bbc2ee856b2e3543bPhil Ringnalda — Back out 20899bf87646 (bug 798913) for Windows opt browser-chrome bustage
24cf4069004206568643a94521ef722484225c78Mark Hammond — Bug 798212 - social flyout may be horizontally misaligned after resizing. r=jaws
ea218a65affb3b692791656ffc6156b02f885ba4Chris Peterson — Bug 797225 - Part 2: Use software decoder for color formats we don't know how to convert. r=doublec
5c1ee495765f22815ffcd7503ae87a1f1041a3e2Chris Peterson — Bug 797225 - Part 1: Add an OmxPlugin namespace so we can add local definitions of OMX_COLOR enums that are only defined by some toolchains. r=doublec
29cb1f0d796c6e996c466f0b907cdb1cfc9c7d65Jason Duell — Bug 795203 - B2g: clear private data: cookies. r=mconnor,jduell
7a0094bcd18650b5cedcc24f1a6e05ee502016e1Marty Rosenberg — Ranges should all be signed, never unsigned, even when the operation should logically be unsigned (bug 765119, r=djvj)
92018e33385dec11941725f76d40de60f86d3140Marty Rosenberg — Fix windows by adding in an initializer (bug 765119, r=dvander)
4eb7625e442692ce86bb0b2982aa477186ea011dMarty Rosenberg — Add in two patches that were lost while rebasing (bug 765119, r=jandem)
17c3cdc2f5d9c9fa7bce0e9db60eb79054362ef2Marty Rosenberg — Fix a bunch of bugs that the fuzzers found (bug 765119, r=dvander)
c0b3051972272612b087decafb5f73afe63ba441Marty Rosenberg — Teach RangeAnalysis how to deal with unreachable blocks (bug 765119, r=dvander)
94734724e155c9f80c1f837b9e15dae582f24431Marty Rosenberg — Add narrowing into range analysis, greatly speeding up some testcases (bug 765119, jandem)
af9e58e861024e230bc10cdd109ac2af159bfa9fMarty Rosenberg — Add a bunch of features to range analysis to make it optimize more. (bug 765119, r=jandem)
ddcda23710f428704d5e455abe86947154458829Marty Rosenberg — Beta nodes sholud be able to have infinite ranges, fixes very slow testcase (bug 765119, r=dvander)
bcb1272c7b94c70e31333ee2053ec10f9c1c28d6Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i harder
e600be5c53e820e1a059edb277029aa5a10d4081Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
117da9598f32937ece4d99f553959be0da01cff4Brian Nicholson — Bug 798859 - Remove isEmpty() call in AllPagesTab. r=mfinkle
d157276ffe2d2d619c3b519a317c872df5faa85aRandell Jesup — Bug 798998: add file to libjingle license rs=jesup
d9a4e5f65837b3d251da2cde685e9e683f465c8eRandell Jesup — Bug 782873: License.html tweak for sigslot.h r=gerv
c9bfb6646f04d7e8d0a9035125ad1c9824b4d493Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9157b71a7df1 (bug 793491) for assertion failures
20899bf876464a1e487e3e8b867e452c740a87dbNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 798913 - Prevent inlining of overflow of arguments. r=dvander
6c89d2b6ea4bc4b9ce78b4962764156d7c2f717aBas Schouten — Bug 793175: Discard a cached SourceSurface if it was created for the wrong BackendType. r=jrmuizel
9157b71a7df1fcb50b22e23e724befc6e2de4613Brian Hackett — Bug 793491. There isn't really any reason to have lots of type barriers for different objects at a site, since if we manage to discharge all the barriers the target will probably just be marked as a generic object anyways. So go ahead and just fall back to an AnyObject barrier once we have more than BARRIER_OBJECT_LIMIT barriers on a single pc. r=jandem
53cb00d53675d001c48e9afa2ee5de8c6d6185d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 6. Hook up xml-stylesheet PIs to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
614a3c53c14bc88bce59beb0902c031535937acfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 5. Hook up <svg:style> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
8cd475094c5d65440d34b2e81bb4086f3bbde589Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 4. Hook up <link> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
baed277d76547b080abe940bb297be36721a0383Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 3. Implement cycle collection for GroupRule objects. r=smaug,dbaron
a2ab9f871f2f24f433eac3b7949a1aac7bb7b0caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 2. Hook up <style> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
4a209968a7347e290206f7a17bed8fc8b1eacee9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 1. Implement cycle collection for nsCSSStyleSheet objects, so we don't leak through them. r=smaug,dbaron
2ec21afa445bfde8e432a15fcfab11efa2d4a768Jared Wein — Bug 793715 followup, use null instead false to show missing object. r=me
396196c97862cea92e9ff5ad53a70d178fedadc0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 8) - Make GetCachedLocalTime() infallible. r=jwalden.
99229a1bf7eab4a9da02a4b2292d8cad17cfaea0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 7) - Rename CacheLocalTimes() and change its return type from bool to void. r=jwalden.
0a0f23cf7a7a7dbb8b5f8e37d1abc813a69f2f57Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 6) - Remove SetDateToNaN. r=jwalden.
2c7698ae61949c8e17281c4fa0bbba3afaee2b3bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 5) - Change SetUTCTime()'s return type from bool to void. r=jwalden.
8381c97c65d685b4b55264e162ab711584e4fc5bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 4) - In jsdate.cpp, exactly root remaining JSObject* pointers. r=jwalden.
11868442cc39ca566113da4fd4d7c6d420563ce1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 3) - In jsdate.cpp, convert Rooted<JSObject*> pointers to RootedObject. r=jwalden.
c11ad1bccb45e9aa71bab0eeb6fec3b44de16898Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 2) - In jsdate.cpp, convert |cx| parameters to |dstOffsetCache| where possible. r=jwalden.
167c2ac56d02cc60fec4419c748af7aea34fec1eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 1) - Remove unnecessary |cx| parameters. r=jwalden.
7abf134ad3409ca01c6600e0dc3fe4053d4dc3e8Randell Jesup — Bug 798892: Wrong enum type in gCCApp.state, breaks bleeding-edge clang builds r=ehugg
7c119b50e7aa02965dcb82fd134f6fe467c4a7d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 793065. Keep mRootPresContext alive in case something crazy happens. r=mattwoodrow
2d39dbbe75b3205e36219acbba451066feb10b51James H — Bug 610713 - Fix popup menus leaving behind artifacts when using hardware acceleration and a basic Windows theme. r=jmathies
65b95ed309b948dbd8aa2fcd79a98ebee7395eeeDavid Keeler — Bug 797959 - Click-to-play: change entity name along with string change. r=jaws
54079ce3e83633654bdd7d24bf5ae32323c843d2David Keeler — Bug 788829 - Call SetSizeConstraints even if a popup is not open. r=enndeakin
71c76fb26e9efb904a68062ec295fcf9ae65cd0eTom Schuster — Bug 763821 - Move the filter box to the bottom of the error console. r=jaws
cf1bb42b3420f2c81392b8404ec89695c58cc8f3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
959de7eea1ff4082cd79b69ab2fef4f73f65c175Anant Narayanan — Bug 798966: Create a preference to bypass gUM permission; r=jesup
3cf86586da0d439307495f42b14a7449fec19539Mark Hammond — Bug 790545 - cache provider's toolbar notification icons. r=felipe
9827af2a97cec5805dc0ed88ca34d1a71b8a092aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
bf0aa600323fb6a0e6bbfb2d04c41eec930b597dJared Wein — Bug 793715 - Revert textbox.editor to a property, but one that wraps a field to cache the editor field once it is non-null. r=ehsan
70337fa2fe62cfe01d7cb4b5addb2a36c4a554c8EKR — Bug 798997, Add libjingle license to gtest_utils.h, r=derf DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
e6df45a289022aef32c4249cd283f1d358958c15Phil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
386f6fb98537f1b90c9f0f571851126df79c3a93EKR — Bug 782408: Update nrappkit to use stddint types r=jesup
d407f51ca61e0e64cb5984a0ffa9bc83de9d77c2Jan de Mooij — Bug 798823 - Don't use an empty IonActivation in FastInvokeGuard. r=dvander
454595726fd913c274f3a5125d8c32b5730bf523Chris Pearce — Bug 795184 - Make iframe.mozallowfullscreen percolate across process boundaries. r=jlebar
db8552af8d73696e8cd058c1721018a169a5e979Ed Morley — Bug 793855 - should catch shutil.rmtree(dirname) exceptions and output a TBPL-compatible error; r=gps
9a685a97bfec20125e350d1d7d9b9c5a89106050Ed Morley — Bug 793855 - should check the test process has exited and if not, output a TBPL-compatible error; r=gps,jmaher
0c48cbf5e4c53347816db0446df512db6e356858Masayuki Nakano — Bug 795785 part.2 Scroll editor when caret is moved even if it's specified overflow: hidden; r=smaug
3d8d4f10eb627d972c57205924e76c909cd80b3fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 795785 part.1 Editor should scroll the selection into view after edit even when the editor is specified overflow: hidden; r=ehsan,smaug, sr=smaug
b57278dc0172d3b82d75eeb39790524c343a597aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 794884 Followup to export SupportImageWithMimeType from libxul for mimei.cpp r=joe
5136ce893ba920b771d5df5a9fcd37b4d9bac24cGregg Lind — Bug 719455 - Update TestPilot from version 1.1.2 to version 1.2.2. r=dao
729099167c99ddc85bb109e4a7f2872e4a0abc8aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 795670 - Don't raise exception on convertion failure. r=gps DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
83d38854c21e05cfd06d68b21cf836aa32fd5632Mark Capella — Bug 798040 - Part 2: Corresponding changes to mobile. r=jlebar
8ccf1936752305b956c2751291b37ce69e998f9dJustin Lebar — Bug 798040 - Improve visual separation of processes in about:memory. r=njn
12067455cc2384b78bb24ca3af832139185fe081EKR — Bug 798860: Generate 1024-bit RSA keys for dtls mtransport streams r=bsmith
1e6444704d705038a745a8ad631ca642334151f7Dão Gottwald — Bug 797334 - Click-to-play plugin activation panel: panel background doesn't match panel arrow color on Windows, arrow lacks border on Linux. r=gavin
1c1cd655dfe5b4426eef73309bb381ac208feea4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 282547 - [XHR] Login dialog with wrong XMLHttpRequest authentication. r=bz
884757053d1d799ad60a2b2b322ac5f2b1fd3e27Anant Narayanan — Bug 798825: Add DataChannel DOM interfaces to RTCPeerConnection; r=smaug
86aef70706f94982d178146c7e3851064af9846fAnant Narayanan — Bug 694807: Implement PeerConnection DOM interface; r=jst
750fa0811f41f2e1cf40eeab385e65dd3663ac37Anant Narayanan — Bug 694807: Implement PeerConnection C++ module; r=jst,jesup,ekr
b40fe6bb9b908ff260091f0c5703645ee8944f4cAnant Narayanan — Bug 792188: Make ChunkIterator public r=jesup
2b08abdcc8a9de9e9b03d5e6f8961d1103376225Anant Narayanan — Bug 792188: Add hints to MediaStreams to help with generating signaling r=jesup
a8fac69129b0bac8b55e33574f4c4338d494b150EKR — Bug 790517: mtransport - Generic media transport subsystem for ICE and DTLS r=jesup,bsmith,mcmanus
da39ec3b97783342c892e6a9b8abaedeb372d8fcEKR — Bug 790517: mtransport import/build for nrappkit/nICEr r=ted
5d59f7ecfb16e04e0660240150f66beb917f51b3Randell Jesup — Bug 766758: License for nICEr (media/mtransport/third_party/nICEr) r=gerv
b5246d1cd36441119421eabd8b196b91aa45a7e1EKR — Bug 790517: Import nICEr library for mtransport rs=biesi,jesup r=gerv
0dfe80d8fc1da0f13fdef204303d0e8b808b90f5Randell Jesup — Bug 766689: License for nrappkit import r=gerv
cbce2911566ddcdaa25dff9b03e3ef51e89861dbEKR — Bug 790517: Import nrappkit library for mtransport rs=roc,jesup r=gerv
8de22a14e8c8a1cf9e67ba7490f4198c81af2580Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: Fixes to signaling MediaPipeline and Srtpflow r=jesup,derf
7c84f16616074286430165034bcf0e990c04e655Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: MediaPipeline changes for YUV buffer handling, put ImageContainer back to normal r=ekr
4bea9e9d2e2c0cbd23c59cb12ac97b0c8cc26e17Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: rollup of changes to signaling from alder r=jesup,ekr,derf,ehugg,ted
f1b524d51e6b055a5e8fd1c07d37ddc4805c4a03EKR — Bug 792188: Import SIPCC into media/webrtc/signaling rs=jesup r=gerv
50005364bca4b2b28c6373aa01e82dadc1affd74Fabrice Desré — Bug 790849 - Don't store information in /data about built-in apps before first startup - Move settings db out of prebuild files. [r=gwagner]
13fd1d18cdf445819cbd23459f49106a498758a9Oleg Romashin — Bug 796927 - Gfx Build fix, missing cstring include for memcpy. r=joe
0bea829361c3e1858b4972ad26eec8087c0748c5Oleg Romashin — Bug 796927 - XPCOM build fix, followup for b777292.
a5551c001a2110aed561416b16f6823d0ee0f1b6Jared Wein — Bug 796111. Adjust styling of nsIAlertService alert windows. r=dao
c92dd43099e7f881ca3dcf472beec89b2478fc1aMarco Castelluccio — Bug 796094 - Fix Marketplace category names for webapps. r=myk
5364c43651c13fc8f90c1ab3d1d80c4d7631017cGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 750480 - Workaround for empty Java applets hanging with click-to-play. r=bsmedberg
8c53914f34b03f0ebaf985e7578b14b25c752532William Chen — Bug 798065 - Fix integer underflow in nsTArray::LastIndexOf. r=cjones
9c483486bf39341a159698a54a5a0081020fdc8dJoe Drew — Bug 798061 - Fix mismatched malloc vs delete[] in mozilla::gfx::AlphaBoxBlur::~AlphaBoxBlur(). r=jmuizelaar
33da5c33a23ef1cc6cd28b748b9e9cb823567872vliu — Bug 796834 - B2G RIL: Setup data call returns fail during radio power changed. r=vyang
03e4c6401c35ba6d598f7ab62c9ba5a505967564David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 795505 - Additional checks for feeding typed arrays to js-ctypes. r=jorendorff
7be4e7680b42ebb8dafbb8a84b252862d78a3175David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 795505 - Feed typed arrays to js-ctypes. r=jorendorff
834fb95232af9f4e02e365f86d320c662091c0feSteven Lee — Bug 793759 - Implement HalChild::ActorDestroy and prevent HalChild calls to HalParent after ActorDestroy is called. r=cjones
ecd4c43042193c599d446d712ac265319b70dc33Patrick McManus — bug 790184 spdy: fix tcp send buffers to bound ping rtt r=honzab sr=biesi
13ec2ee2b44798882ad2e58a0d349b699266688fBas Schouten — Bug 784382 - Part 2: Use new ID2D1DeviceContext interface in Azure. r=jrmuizel
d3afcd4f3cc0f29bdf87e57417a3a85c8c801b51Jan de Mooij — Temporarily disable bug 797131 part 3 for fuzz crashes. r=dvander on IRC
3fd916a2c18cdfbaac9f9f2fe31d34f6a46f7d55Jan de Mooij — Bug 798819 - Ensure the EnterJIT thunk exists when using FastInvoke. r=dvander
416a9b587ba84ed872022a7c87335e1c4b9cb9d9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
5a3283cb92b8a84e9dbf6813191add0fcb87512dTom Schuster — Bug 784765 - Add fastpath for string equality with different length. r=jandem
7fc54528af644c058526ec8665eaad70d53e9ab7Ms2ger — Bug 798806 - Disable permaorange test_bug511075.html on Android.
221cf927f71d6e15e1d5673efbc5e2157838c698Boris Zbarsky — Bug 796410. Make things still work right if we disable Paris list bindings. r=peterv
c532f851ec5716861bbf0ea3dfd2065a205efa37Boris Zbarsky — Bug 798011. Deal with JS_ValueToString failing. r=gabor
8180cd29102ac07f1096368bbd98e3f538ac6d7dEd Morley — Bug 795393 - Remove instances of "ifneq (mobile,$(MOZ_BUILD_APP))" since they're now always true; r=ted
9f677c2bb33ded3d9d2a4058c00a388b267dc8ecEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c007fea18be1b5f6ba5c826829ba1c4d9e8e3782Robert Longson — Bug 793484 - Optimise simple gradients. r=jwatt
2f3ed2f3905010ea180f917e90c589c28390dad4Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 797525 - Upgrade clang to version >= r163716 to fix ASan issue 109. r=rail.
e1ac3154b40e7758779061c3ff8c9bf873f954dbRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 797525 - Upgrade clang to version >= r163716 to fix ASan issue 109. r=rail.
20fe6e539f7f3fbd27f6a6737acc44ca0e066347Jan de Mooij — Bug 797131 part 3 - Add fast path for calling into Ion. r=dvander
edfcc6ffb63e515b7a3f02c6d00559f1f4f5156aJan de Mooij — Bug 797131 part 2 - Add FastInvokeGuard and use it. r=dvander
43849b4e3cc09d4455ef85313dee02f5ec581ecbJan de Mooij — Bug 797131 part 1 - Various small changes. r=dvander
4ff2eb1a97cdd6d98072d126d42692f67aab7e3bLandry Breuil — Bug 788021 followup: cast PR_NOW() to int64_t to fix a build failure on OpenBSD. r=jlebar
1b3d773f582f2c88b28705bd25803195ddc8ea95Mike Hommey — Bug 798476 - Fallback to --with-system-libevent=/usr when system libevent doesn't have a pkgconfig file. r=ted,f=jbeich
fea97483dacd986f4fa1de6687c56f772fd3bfd6Mike Hommey — Bug 798450 - Avoid installing .mkdir.done and precomplete with make install. r=ted
afbb5b5249e06961cdaf8a8d75872ba8c45c92c7Mike Hommey — Bug 798431 - Remove useless prtypes include in media/libjpeg/jmorecfg.h. r=jlebar
8576d9edfc18fe26e8a7dc6384d76cb96a9a365eMike Hommey — Bug 797322 - Preprocessed .jsm files don't get //@line info. r=ted
c0c3b137c10de40b7dac7a6141276ada8ff2a091Mike Hommey — Bug 793672 - Tests for the debugging server profiler actor. r=past
7d8ad53cab4673e0e2fb3daef521a335161f41a7Mike Hommey — Bug 793672 - Allow to get notifications for arbitrary observer topics through RDP with the profiler actor. r=past
bc36c86d2d27da32f99021e780762a29919d58a6Mike Hommey — Bug 797717 - Initialize SPS in NS_InitXPCOM2 to make JS sampling work in xpcshell. r=benwa
b7731c744c7f0ef3727e642fba2805013c0d4b48Kyle Machulis — Bug 798035 - Patch 2: Bluetooth SCOManager Cleanup; r=gyeh
a170f959971e48a750892ada96d1d922c930d3f9Kyle Machulis — Bug 798035 - Patch 1: Change Bluetooth*Manager observers to be internal classes; r=gyeh
6544d4ed8b80b2962d9675bb8f92270f591243ccKyle Machulis — Bug 797569 - Added AutoREquest for success value rooting in DOMRequest; r=mrbkap
c9e91088418a2de397e458e63e71fff4e7887bbdKyle Machulis — Bug 796184 - Revert UnixSocketImpl to a bare pointer, make Bluetooth*Managers use CloseSocket; r=cjones r=gyeh
04870d2657db8115444cfa7293b6f803e4c8e639Felipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Don't try to inject mozSocial in about pages. r=jaws
61e6d94f821650ebb183bc4127bf8453d17dfa7bFelipe Gomes — Bug 796218. Mark initial social panels' docshells as inactive on creation. r=jaws
43f7b44fcf153429c74a6b2e381ccfadedad5649Mike Hommey — Bug 798437. Fix Social.jsm url in aboutSocialError.xhtml. r=felipe
d8e2479870b90d2ca43a7d2bc18d033fa1c5cbf6Felipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Watch for network errors in social panels and display proper error ui. r=gavin,jaws
865eaafeb1f21579fcb89d2a266ab75317ee9479Wes Kocher — No bug - Update Jetpack tests on mozilla-central to get current code before the Aurora merge.
c924b386e2ea4b7da0e20482ebaa449e2e4f79c9Chris Jones — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE
3e586802f478a970819ca5652e437d389e1d13e9Chris Jones — Back out bug 790231 and bug 791506 because the required UI changes were not landed in time
abf6515b8c85b76b7d2975739a027e9422aaf7b4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 790265. Changes that might attach a binding (e.g. state changes on <object> elements) should trigger a frame construction attempt even for display:none elements, so the binding will get attached. r=dholbert
9b9678df767268bee3aceef3c09a422909be458dPhil Ringnalda — Backout e9237d1ae5ff (bug 790201), 0ecee5121681 (bug 766616), d8ec55d3b98e (bug 796218), c4bb09009a54 (bug 798437), 6a8bb5834090 (bug 766616) for bustage
9e582b26b6b1a4a94d139e0607d479c8eca94702Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9456e53577df (bug 798068) for failing test_meta_viewport6.html
c71ac48601d9086475d3848715a47c28e78b4b35Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9e6567a9d1b2 (bug 790184) for not building
3f1fc99346b68986c1a8d5c6068da55155088a06Dave Townsend — Backing out bug 720997 and bug 798160 due to bad l10n.
9e6567a9d1b24f96d2a9a8f3ca1a70664f1a1f92Patrick McManus — bug 790184 spdy: fix tcp send buffers to bound ping rtt r=honzab sr=biesi
8e36fd7113baa49f211599e541f943c685fad335Wes Johnston — Bug 745384 - Allow passing null to queries from java to gecko. r=gpascutto
9b6d9a19c61417f4fb7d01cecb64251059b0d747Wes Johnston — Bug 795406 - Set up profile unlocker. r=bsmedberg
ac0690ad5138428ea858a0d4a65729d08d87386fRobert Strong — Bug 798544 - Prevent using the beta url override when official branding is not used. r=bbondy
c50045940403f8935c43037b13fd544149cc54dbJim Blandy — DONTBUILD
828fb41abefcc30da432a373680f3e39f480225bBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 6: Update test cases for layout changes. r=mfinkle
5802ae97bb485378bca915c060c7fb058d39cadbBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 5: Search suggestion opt-in animations. r=lucasr
7614b1b2974cc53b816a67fb158f65e0ebde4bf0Brian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 4: Add search suggestions opt-in prompt. r=mfinkle
876520b68263587c9d01143a3a4997026dd2268cBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 3: Add mSuggestionsEnabled boolean. r=mfinkle
e9237d1ae5ff3642cd6a52a045671b0e3d7f843bFelipe Gomes — Bug 790201. Nuke social worker sandbox on shutdown. r=mhammond
0ecee5121681d91f159f4a015233c723c0b3f08eFelipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Don't try to inject mozSocial in about pages. r=jaws
d8ec55d3b98ef3d57fb686e38061d8324bdb807fFelipe Gomes — Bug 796218. Mark initial social panels' docshells as inactive on creation. r=jaws
c4bb09009a54d3afe26c40a9eb00a799dfdfafa6Mike Hommey — Bug 798437. Fix Social.jsm url in aboutSocialError.xhtml. r=felipe
6a8bb58340907cdd90868dc8aeb2322a9685f556Felipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Watch for network errors in social panels and display proper error ui. r=gavin,jaws
6f4ab9a3d734bf891514eeb8714c141f8b74bd0bAnant Narayanan — Bug 797796: Hookup getUserMedia backend with frontend UI; r=jesup
b9de5da14ab049ea18dcc757488c654e38db69adDão Gottwald — Bug 729522: Implement navigator.getUserMedia() permission UI; r=dolske,ui-r=boriss
0c5a323056774e9b5794dd2885b0735f9cbd24d1Brian Nicholson — Backed out changesets c644dacaf9a9 and 454ec577c741
9456e53577df458aee45ad4d4d6c60557c1e9a10Scott Johnson — Bug 798068: Return sane values for min/max zoom when handheldFriendly, WAP, Mobile, or WML is set in the viewport metadata. [r=mbrubeck,bent]
e0782e7cb92af522ac2f06417ed28a9e29ebd6fcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 775272: Touching outside the menu should dismiss it. [r=mfinkle]
2ba2e07e2fcd977b0bb81817fab467a2f1a34b9cMark Finkle — Bug 784157 - Google Play Campaign Tracking: Better distribution pref handling, r=blassey r=bnicholson
e09d7d9b5ed2477a951ce9800fe3df83f4b97ab7Nicolas B. Pierron — Revert "Bug 797977 - Embed !isIon() assertion in StackIter::fp(). r=luke"
6136aa2c5dd450ec0f92d87993c7a5197d29e50eDave Townsend — Bug 798160: about:support should not include the sync username and account. r=MattN
8bda10a190c2e360c0cb9c503e2c0f045fb3d005Justin Lebar — Bug 798024 - Don't hide smaps when displaying a memory report dump loaded from a file or from the clipboard. r=njn
823227b1ffe6fc860c18b39237af98aeab389d0fJustin Lebar — Bug 798019 - Sort processes in about:memory by resident size. r=njn
6c86cf8e24785024bad0f440d5f59f0dd6d25dc5Justin Lebar — Bug 797904 - Include app name in about:memory dump. r=njn,cjones
aa211d740d88ee103747be5bfb03bbff3161e86fJustin Lebar — Bug 797890 - Add button to about:memory to load memory reports from the clipboard. r=njn
c644dacaf9a9e584098224db687d46478fb0dd1bBrian Nicholson — Bug 797075 - Part 2: Implement Java-side tab stubs. r=mfinkle
454ec577c741134f8eb95b8a575dfc117ccb4de2Brian Nicholson — Bug 797075 - Part 1: loadUrl() cleanup. r=mfinkle
3685d18499d904e6fdd5f8dc82c415cdd31e32dbJustin Dolske — Bug 793366 - Add noise to the white background used for transparent images in image documents. r=jaws r=bz r=joe
588135660310b6867df9eb79002660e96e904f8bNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 797977 - Embed !isIon() assertion in StackIter::fp(). r=luke
133e77c39c0c250767be3c76e9daf839bc05fd59Robert Strong — Bug 798477 - Add fallback page for the official stub installer. r=bbondy
a41de64fb32210d756a732b3913032b6f36cca74Robert Strong — Bug 797157 - Trying to pave-over install with the stub installer with nightly already running - warning comes up that nightly is already running, but installer closes and leaves behind 'to_be_deleted' folder in C:\Program Files\Nightly. r=bbondy
c5c217c1fb0b9c9beb03188958f265fa3340aa4cRobert Strong — Main Patch for Bug 795654 - Add artwork and text positioning around artwork for nightly and aurora stub installer. r=bbondy
9e21a2c53f84b0b10522a55f6fd04e49fca63c61Robert Strong — Artwork for Bug 795654 - Add artwork and text positioning around artwork for nightly and aurora stub installer. r=bbondy
a195554cc7f65990cf25b7e414636834b15cc151Steve Fink — Bug 797213 - Test output may not go to stdout if -O given. r=terrence
a714b4f802e234b1af3ebc31e482cd6ef4ed4ba4Steve Fink — Bug 797213 - -O<filename> should default show-output to on. r=terrence
5a932c059384d73bb7e7d05c7386e9d352ecdd34Steve Fink — Bug 797213 - add a -F (--failed-only) option to only display output of failed tests. r=terrence
ee13286be5e6b47fb43c6280b74ee9c95b69bdaaSteve Fink — Bug 797217 - Replace InternalHandleBase::zeroPointer with NullPtr::constNullValue. r=terrence
40b01e566af01e3f167359b9ce1e69eeec0e7045Steve Fink — Bug 797128 - Minor rooting fix and SkipRoot justification. r=terrence
e51d8558ad641e9fff3e10e20384a2f365c8a9f9Steve Fink — Bug 797123 - Fix JS_ALWAYS_TRUE(fallible ToNumber) in jstypedarray.cpp. r=Waldo
b118ae06adeb7fc0bb775aa1d2e62e6e68944362Steve Fink — Bug 794214 - Avoid putting poisoned pointer into type->newScript. r=billm
9adf5ca922a41034c2813b89675d0070c2316c67Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798354 - Remove the sizecheck global variable in since its only needed at compile time, and there are better ways to do this; r=cjones
569c37d763ce147d58d783c9e1c973c4f858cc22Masashi Honma — Bug 791506 - Allow specifying a BSSID for WPS to speed up connection times. r=mrbkap
8321d22a0957f45ada5c57009671c4d485cc0613Masashi Honma — Bug 790231 - Add a way of telling if a scan result supports WPS. r=mrbkap
1ddc6403c0603eb86e608805561ac5f3bc587023Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798377 - Don't use the deprecated stat64 function in; r=cjones
747ca210aaa08de3ce0ffd921d3e53b194da1183Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798355 - Remove the base class conversion operator from MachMsgPortDescriptor because it will never be used; r=cjones
82f88f349519207bca3adae03214224ebb5c3b19Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798356 - Do not convert a boolean literal into a null pointer constant in TransportDIB::Map; r=cjones
b9d3402e928530e125865950b08de731a60c853eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 798349 - Only include TransportDIB::sequence_num_ in Windows, as it is not used in other platforms; r=cjones
0579a7cef6947841cc6f98e18ac3eac878890aafEhsan Akhgari — Bug 798350 - Remove ChildProcessHost::resource_dispatcher_host_ since it is unused, and simplify the ChildProcessHost constructor; r=cjones
b0431ae9cad50727b11a6e37dfd362b1f494c7e2Patrick McManus — bug 798426 spdy/3 goaway frame has 8 byte payload r=honzab
39d7c39c6ac21ed62594a74283940b01bb06c55aPatrick McManus — bug 798243 spdy enable reading of ping reply r=honzab
56cf71c15ef34b792b5ec68e54a49d686e56eeebMarshall Culpepper — Bug 798132: Followup fix: Move the crash reporter query into the try/catch to fix builds where it is disabled. r=fabrice
0263db40256b862acbf41d451009073fd550bf78Jared Wein — Bug 798197 - Ambient notification toolbar buttons are distorted in small icons mode on Windows. r=markh
8d24b8e3c07821844cdeb4d62f214e4c7e849874Jared Wein — Bug 797700 - Restrict height/width of ambient notification icons to 16x16. r=mixedpuppy
51d572ef4e0e987cbf9af02b96e5734ea66ed732Josh Matthews — Bug 792582 - Explicitly set privacy status of channels created by pdf.js r=yury
6852a7f64f8ccbcd4af7eedb3541ad73e6ccf407Josh Matthews — Bug 792582 - Add nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel support to nsBaseChannel. r=jduell
394f0d03774fce9cf8d559753e60e64f6bb3df26Wes Johnston — Bug 795053 - Always send the profile to Gecko if it isn't sent in the original intent. r=mfinkle
8ef494cee18e974a7f77c8ccb58d670ea89229daWes Johnston — Bug 795053 - Unlock locked profiles on Android. r=blassey
bcf8b2fac636d2c2e78f6c77272752773542a4f0Nick Hurley — Bug 786086 - Make the new default cache size display properly. r=michal
3244bbf3e809d9537c74ad84fdcbe1229918594eAndrew McCreight — Bug 797649 - Truncate URLs logged in --DOMWINDOW. r=bz
d3ae409a42f6be8cb3364a5794656c35e9616572Kyle Huey — Bug 797940: Don't use a static nsRefPtr for sScriptCacheCleaner. r=smaug
72d8054301d25aa58db973f821aa481e6c311d18Kyle Huey — Bug 797889: Make sure IndexedDB does not send messages to thechild after it has begun shutting down. r=bent
64bf5f240ccbb4f6065d25212615718a1adc01f7Sean Stangl — Bug 797551 - Use callWithABI() for Math.random(). r=dvander
2c8f5efea9ad7a1d11d35941909e2cebb87c900dOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 772319 - Add an option to disable the "Close other tabs" prompt. r=dao
a0f3f60b8b03c94375c3061579ecfe8c5f45fe84Daniel Holbert — Bug 797953: Mark flexbox-widget-* reftests as having a some occasionally fuzzy pixels (at corners of buttons)
497a3ed4573ac39ddb5267e7931fcbeaf79384f7Jan de Mooij — Bug 797825 - Port Array.prototype.concat fast path from JM to Ion. r=dvander
2849c215634536a0af1ab451d17ff39c02d55eecSteven Michaud — Bug 797834: Fix build error on OSX 10.6 in nsMacWebAppUtils; r=dwalkowski
33f6113f5a8b2b511b91b651ce77c824d75e8f31Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 794581: CyanogenMod doesn't take touch events on submenu. [r=bnicholson]
4158281d39958d4ee579ccd0ef146d2c1839bdc2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 798135: Update comments for GeckoAsyncTask. [r=cpeterson]
628c6823da4fc3bd5c22476eab295cb3a8a323d0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 798135: Make GeckoAsyncTask run on GeckoBackgroundThread. [r=cpeterson]
d54999bfe1dd18ba5ca302dac6ca272d648fce79Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 798429 - Add new talos test names. r=jhammel.
3b4562fd4f202ee9759092a69c26c07f8bf6012fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Put Proxy and DOM expandos on the expando object, rather than the holder. r=peterv
563787d9f0bb8f6595f8b2f87b4dfea1ac416e9fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist expando-checking (but not expando-creating) operations into common code. r=peterv
b2bb146b3fa7bfed6c68d4b6491a0801b415c177Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Create XrayTraits::resolveOwnProperty. r=peterv
d8c15d5aeaa238904349eb285887653f1a191aaeBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Reorder checks for expandos and nodePrincipal. r=peterv
bc5648cb99722667dc9ea4dca572214504b1c16dBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Implement expando traps for ProxyXrayTraits DOMXrayTraits. r=peterv
509ebfec55a1cf2006e49b8d7897c4e9d0a949aeBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Move wrapper preservation stuff into a virtual trap. r=peterv
5763702031329ea3e5072bde2d73be170f5c50efBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Make expando chain getting/setting a virtual trap. r=peterv
0e13f5279a6e3fe2c99ec2ddc4dab40ae7713ea6Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist expando infrastructure into XrayTraits. r=peterv
861cd25072734fd6f76f657f1eacc10326e24267Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist Xray identification machinery into XrayWrapper, and use it for trait identification. r=peterv
455e5bd1cd2a48e06c7c4fcb3529e860e8d81141Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Move Xray expando infrastructure further down in the file. r=peterv
b1c000f475d45cb532e567d7a099b80cc2597fa4Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Unify holder creation and access. r=peterv
03667c5bc77b2eea5e3faf521282ee0d30486716Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Get the WN directly from the wrapper. r=peterv
f5225ec3579517e083d62a5ea6161368ee1d6baeBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist call and construct traps into Traits, since the current implementations are XPCWN-specific. r=peterv
317a3211dfad1e17310c3a427892a354fde2b394Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Rename getInnerObject to getTargetObject. r=peterv
9af31b39e3f794fb0481559cca258992cb90720fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist getInnerObject into XrayTraits. r=peterv
8d62ef879869f54b2c7c5ee6155a64924a41619fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Make Xray traits inherit from a common superclass and give them a singleton instance. r=peterv
cf00f8f3f80dc41c497ce3d5715365784aa6c132Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Stop stashing a raw WN pointer in XPCWN Xray holders. r=peterv
26ffd02bc89ce5b1df54129ca7e8d872f5414f4fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Simplify XPCWN Xray holder creation. r=peterv
eea6e8237e2d0a712ca13a70cfadb241a2e73eaaBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Fix inaccurate commenting. r=peterv
b2dfc53c0dd69ab040a706460eb50740bacd3002Bobby Holley — Bug 798346 - nsContentUtils::PreserveWrapper should explicitly QI its argument to the CC ISupports. r=peterv
48ac02818264aa0209472d4105fec8f895ee942eEd Morley — Bug 798419 - Fix incorrect spellings of success(ful) in test output; r=me
28f8ca089e9c77e266344257db989787d9d0745aJeff Hammel — Bug 792164 - add mozdevice to virtualenv in m-c;r=gps
9859a8c681361bcb206f8ddd5cae39171e42d641Nathan Froyd — Bug 746714 - add a memory reporter for telemetry; r=taras,njn
3c1d80269a137fc41bfdfd082692664f6021856dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 786029: Fennec should integrate with Android's search. [f=mfinkle, r=lucasr]
92af89fcb63875b840314f1b0ad1f3d1094b68a9Justin Lebar — Bug 796523 - Expire the JS timezone cache whenever we create a new compartment. r=waldo
1a0c29c18fa77e1caaa58a314be342f84df9a549Jan de Mooij — Bug 797720 - Don't add MonitorTypes instruction if there's a type barrier. r=dvander
b41fe9617b577f5761c5232adcb73ba51cc8cc67Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798345 - Fix the comm-central perma-orange introduced by bug 794606; r=jdm
739aff49b8bb7ab8971c874c8212f5d62a8bcd45Vladimir Vukicevic — b=731974, requestAnimationFrame generates too short/long frames; r=bz,smaug,roc
2bdb3c531c3ef4062edbb330c6a3dccbd416bcbcVladimir Vukicevic — b=797975, disable browser_tabview_bug587503 test 4 because it's fragile
4e4f65c5f43b893ea1e097760496d0e609758985Vladimir Vukicevic — b=756425; fix test_mousescroll by driving RefreshDriver directly; r=ehsan
e28ab3e5e961333b88f978ceffd7f27c360d19caVladimir Vukicevic — b=716031 and probably 752808 and 759254; fix test_selection_move_commands by driving RefreshDriver directly; r=ehsan
cf7a9685b8d8c6db111dfff3a375fd5034f7c594Vladimir Vukicevic — b=796980, fix content/events/test/window_wheel_default_action.html; r=ehsan,orange
b83159dadf3cdb6e1717593e4b2474f2c3d5d27fScott Johnson — Bug 795932: Add a preference to enable reflow-on-zoom that is visible from the settings menu on Android. [r=blassey]
fba8214bfe19ad4c203ca3d684a5bbec5e6eb834Scott Johnson — Bug 710298: Support reflow-on-zoom by limiting the max line box width after zooming in on mobile. [r=blassey]
8e432edff70b23c126c43f127755550f394f52d7Ehsan Akhgari — Mark AsyncWaiter as final, no bug, blanket-r=bzbarsky
a31b3a3b7954f09b5b8f680c84c2d55a657086bbChris Lord — Bug 794130 - Fix intermittent crash in AndroidBridge::ShouldAbortProgressiveUpdate. r=blassey
0c62119a72d50a653aaedcb0760c2c0053d8ed63adrian tamas — Bug 777719 - Leaving only the History test as the others are already covered in existing bugs. r=jmaher
85d794aadac926d78f521b02610d223133166e72Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 798310 - Include Accessible-inl.h in nsMaiInterfaceTable.cpp. r=surkov.
ad8fa8df0ab76b1716ac7efee1c4c61fb8cf5c12Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793186 - MMI Codes: implement sendMMI() and cancelMMI() - Part 3: Tests; r=marshall_law
5dc2fdb593a70b43cac46042bcd5c4c1f9b1c291Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793186 - MMI Codes: implement sendMMI() and cancelMMI() - Part 2: RIL functionality; r=marshall_law
a4e3e1e70afc5dcd080811b7805aae06b3091c7fFernando Jiménez — Bug 793186 - MMI Codes: implement sendMMI() and cancelMMI() - Part 1: Rename USSD-MMI; r=philikon
12b5f4b2f29929902045c69add78cf275b920208Simone Carletti — Bug 761769 - Update PSL for .ve. Take 2. r=gerv.
a7a10b14ff060927c81e7d7953fa4a4646638362Geoff Brown — Bug 797942: Propagate SIZE_CHANGED to LayerManagerOGL; r=cwiiis
e8f535c751d1d9b0a96e45a037faeacaddef0bc5Alexander Surkov — Bug 798205 - move ia2 files under ia2 directory, r=tbsaunde
74948e7f2fec4161f0d5c8680cba5908e921d2afAlexander Surkov — Bug 708927 - enable events/test_focus_menu.xul partially, add more logging capabilities, r=tbsaunde
f49e4541bb56759e89b90ac9ddc9357089636cc2Ed Morley — Backout 4a76e692a4ab, 2962951f5fcc, d1d2149443ed, 83c3735801e7, 675ef796ed5b, f4b029b6b164, 83fa2144aa1d (bug 765119) for make check failures
34cc2b57066644cafbb86f65e58cf03fb3a111b5Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 693029 - Followup - inconsistent quoting style sneaked in. DONTBUILD.
46581931a04702103b47d78b7bce78d80b9a8445Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 693029 - Don't check for disableFastFind attribute until we've got some of the document loaded. r=gavin
ca480aedae9ddd448757ddeb29339727aa99af6eEd Morley — Backout 953079e94edd (bug 791769) for xpcshell failures
1761cc4fbb37cf3143858f55eca082eff160fda2Gina Yeh — Bug 797810 - Patch 2: Cleanup for profile connect function, r=qdot
f6f9c928808047278a4e6618dadaa9d5b637602bGina Yeh — Bug 797810 - Patch 1: Support command "AT+CKPD=200" in BluetoothHfpManager, r=qdot
4a76e692a4ab578f5229cd8ddf524e612811ddafMarty Rosenberg — Fix windows by adding in an initializer (bug 765119, r=dvander)
2962951f5fcc5dd184b0d26e1b7ef8a640c031f7Marty Rosenberg — Add in two patches that were lost while rebasing (bug 765119, r=jandem)
d1d2149443ed2934e276c6c389eb1de8066341c4Marty Rosenberg — Fix a bunch of bugs that the fuzzers found (bug 765119, r=dvander)
83c3735801e7a54be5570a76a004fdf51c61221eMarty Rosenberg — Teach RangeAnalysis how to deal with unreachable blocks (bug 765119, r=dvander)
675ef796ed5b1f9cb0bc06ae0b76a11da6a05caaMarty Rosenberg — Add narrowing into range analysis, greatly speeding up some testcases (bug 765119, jandem)
f4b029b6b164f64635368b02b12398b448382baeMarty Rosenberg — Add a bunch of features to range analysis to make it optimize more. (bug 765119, r=jandem)
83fa2144aa1d4c13ad7ec9339b06c6a1a52a48f8Marty Rosenberg — Beta nodes sholud be able to have infinite ranges, fixes very slow testcase (bug 765119, r=dvander)
f8cfc0866c0caa4ca311899d9d0cc4759079c228Simone Carletti — Bug 797787 - Update CentralNic submission date in PSL and make list alphabetical. r=gerv.
953079e94edd37cda5c99fc5e64feb968097447aSimone Carletti — Bug 791769 - Update PSL for .ve. r=gerv.
036b983640be463c0bbd6ff11e7504a0772f8b2cChris Lord — Bug 795674 - Reinstate underlying frame swap when merging nsDisplayScrollLayer. r=roc
c8522ac2affa1c79bf20d4199af8f73050c91c36Gina Yeh — Bug 797801 - Final version: Cannot receive agent events after crash, r=qdot
57dc2f1ce408fa7e87e19224c6660c0254e11b16Dão Gottwald — Bug 797894 - Use transparent autoscroll icons. r=karlt
e668fd85215a740ecd7539b533f83ea30970d265Cameron McCormack — Bug 797708 - Test that gradients are positioned correctly on SVG text with a filter applied. r=longsonr
911be4e7978786de3c89f8cfb9f83f0286e46c45Eric Chou — Bug 797786 - Send system message 'Update progress', r=qdot
b47091bd31446103a4a66e47da3759e9bdb025d2Kannan Vijayan — Bug 798589 - Change GetProp IC attachCallGetter to use script being jitted to get ion framesize instaed of script the getprop belongs to. (r=jandem)
6d185126ad5e780a766396330c22c6db18326f61Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 798758. qcms: Fix component order typo. r=Bas
2da1f2bde40e77e62ccf04b38d7dcc1497362faaMs2ger — No bug - Improve error message when declaring an interface both as WebIDL and external in Bindings.conf; r=bz
416356bb2602c0d87efed3365a419a802a8a3b30Ms2ger — Bug 797113 - Reinstate support for setting select.options[n] to null; r=bz
9d42fde0e996b1ecb0b799a6a5dfaa1fecd2f705Ms2ger — Bug 795610 - Part g: Introduce custom quickstubs that call the newly introduced WebIDL APIs; r=mounir
9f999446be73dc937b88e8a16565dfc12027cc03Ms2ger — Bug 795610 - Part f: Prepare HTMLElement.innerHTML for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
26167a82736dc3355cec1361fdbb3849f2b1859eMs2ger — Bug 795610 - Part e: Prepare HTMLElement.focus() for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
f5012893e9851079f37bed13f88476cf69c5199fMs2ger — Bug 795610 - Part d: Prepare for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
80ea49628d7655431dd76fd4ada532fee86b370dMs2ger — Bug 795610 - Part c: Prepare HTMLElement.draggable for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
78978886622b63b476f628e3adddcb4021dd0da1Ms2ger — Bug 795610 - Part b: Prepare HTMLElement.tabIndex for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
28dd4861bf8ac720f42d81d3f3672eb40800bb77Ms2ger — Bug 798481 - Make IndexOf a little more const-correct; r=mounir
1c64ccca68601029c7ea0a8a22b7c9c75e55b412Boris Zbarsky — Bug 749964. Don't try to save if what we have is not a real document object. r=khuey
72328ba3f411db94959eb0dc7baaa6c585f5990eAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 797177 - Fix missed calls to checkCmd within B2G automation, r=mikeh; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
7194294d8a8889fcbd095b3c3a4a1531a1f73719Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 798352 - Define EALREADY for VC9. r=rjesup
acd25563db2f88e18f5db59b36b7e8a65252c9a9Brad Lassey — bug 790139 - crash in FT2FontEntry::CreateFontEntry when visiting any site in CM10 r=jfkthame
f09b566d384218c1227413f1b58614cddcdef2a8Marshall Culpepper — Bug 798132: Followup fix: Move the crash reporter query into the try/catch to fix builds where it is disabled. r=fabrice
84beb8eebe78f7777710bce1b1c709101960d7c9Ben Turner — Bug 789059 - 'Assertion failure: false (All IPDL URIs must be serial
533f124453a058598ca736065ff277a1146385f0Gregory Szorc — Bug 794509 - Part 3: Automatically discover mach commands in sys.path; r=jhammel
d04782dc009156e114f27da3a468321a99edc47bGregory Szorc — Bug 794509 - Part 2: Move mach command modules into a mach.commands sub-module; r=jhammel
15c2bcb1a982e748f9f88be3976096cf5d31b07cGregory Szorc — Bug 794509 - Part 1: mach subcommands are now defined through Python decorators; r=jhammel
f4c2a6f2b838ea1a59c6484355bcfbdc4923501dJohn Ford — bug 776783 enable packaging gaia on win32 B2G desktop builds rs=cjones DONTBUILD because NPOTB
3b458f4e0f4228973455964767c6f7acb119e9b5Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 792398 - Recover arguments from bailouts. r=luke
47a17015ef4a7ec82a7adf202f08aa3dca50f8f7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 787813 - Argument object, Use StackIter instead of StackFrame. r=luke
84804ed93ccb9b1990fd4f3ed459859f8951b0efJesse Ruderman — Fix typo. No bug, DONTBUILD.
fd6129a84426a3dd567acd5db54bc1f064a7f1e3Jesse Ruderman — Remove trailing whitespace. No bug, DONTBUILD.
1b66a4593f92b3bb57ebdfe7244a544cd8ca613eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 4) - Exactly root jsscript.cpp. r=terrence.
ddb8e4ddcf62a61a1014f0bd1432f75637ece2e3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 3) - Exactly root js_NewFunction(). r=terrence.
4b4956ca17abd42b9e849f440f70ab57fcaeb66fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 2) - Exactly root jsfun.cpp. r=terrence.
b8f7391a0cee1fa3f957c9dacfc6144b36a48f0dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 1) - Exactly root jsexn.cpp. r=terrence.
ecece4b1c68491fe980e657aed332b70f56ff1aaFrank Yan — Bug 796909 - Part 2: Use 2x search engine logo on about:home in HiDPI mode. r=dolske
d536fb994aff26352a8dc20a1f661542b568b9fcFrank Yan — Bug 796909 - Part 1: Use 2x images on about:home in HiDPI mode. r=dolske
ca5f40f6edc6e1070eac3883ea1269897fed83b0Jesse Ruderman — Bug 797677 - getPluginInfo indexes into navigator.mimeTypes unsafely. r=keelerd,jaws
01ada5d631e7e156f828069990be5f197148ae19Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 13: Replace LL_MOD macro with modulo operator. r=ehsan
ee43ffdf7dde90ba1a84f2786ef5837c9a4669f2Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 12: Replace LL_DIV with division operator. r=ehsan
05cd1044c8c7a3b710a7a61e74872dfb606fbe27Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 11: Replace LL_MUL macro with multiplication operator. r=ehsan
4c3f56cede8326179c22d22e7f4e5d11d3b80889Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 10: Replace LL_SUB macro with mathematical minus operator. r=ehsan
b7b805f35a69d4ec602a3cc577f656ff2769df0bAndrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 9: Replace LL_ADD with mathematical plus operator. r=ehsan
721cf3acc2694a7263a5fbf568de8597ab028771Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 8: Replace LL_NEG macro with negation. r=ehsan
91edf65b6279bd5d7ed93aadcb32df3cfc7ec971Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 7 - Remove LL_AND macro with logical AND. r=ehsan
825de541f566ffb262b697e654321643201baf27Kannan Vijayan — Bug 786126 - part 3 - Allow null/undefined in typeset of target object of GetProp ICs. (r=sstangl)
a31ce2d6d28e8d01288cdd91bc522d6d6ee9b39dMark Hammond — Bug 796309 - callback must be invoked if same social chat url opened twice. r=mixedpuppy
0c4293450fe00eb9cd53b4a3be12433f555cc38aFabrice Desré — Bug 798132 - Builds without the crash reporter don't start anymore. [r=hub]
9577adee54a3e95b4d2a3443067cb9076fa9720fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 798129 - Unbreak --enable-jprof and --enable-dmd builds.
5b5981c2106bf4354446fa3bb65f7e4606315924Mark Hammond — Bug 796222 - create the social toolbar panel/iframe with a default width as a workaround for bug 793057. r=jaws
e92287b62a547f0ae7cac5d8487e1159f4b13557Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 4: Don't pretend that empty text nodes are not editable; r=roc
7297e7f7b7481785eb2645178718648aa856b5daEhsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 3: Don't get the inline properties from empty text nodes; r=roc
d97ca37eaa2d37073c9465d31c4e50a85ab05cedEhsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 2 - Don't set inline properties on empty text nodes; r=roc
d5abea9273a98c97b56ed0177292d59d5e34a298Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 1: Make sure not to try wrapping empty text nodes when applying alignment in editable regions; r=roc
a05bad13ec397418972b97079a0dd2dcacbf5e15Shane Caraveo — Bug 783605 - DOM full screen should disable social sidebar. r=jaws
b287821e8d5f5118a5c5c8e4dab6a0c21ecd01caMark Hammond — Bug 797716 - improvements to the auto-resize code for social panels. r=felipe
e31bf74c3a405a0df4d0cdad48373c75a4b5904cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 797973 - Uninstaller should remove applied updates folder. r=rstrong
20b379c30cfc3367aff77c1e611b21cc2d1c413eChris Pearce — Bug 785662 - Add NS_OpenAnonymousTemporaryFile(), and use it in nsMediaCache::Init(). r=roc
a060cc08dd636e34d266a1bdde9f0db809bebb72Josh Matthews — Bug 792821 - Add more informative documentation to getImgCacheForDocument. r=joe
0e4560cb5a35fa22948ba26474a603a5a438ae58Josh Matthews — Bug 794606 - Make resuming a download correctly share the privacy status of the original download. r=mak
ff5e9f36d02e62e5eccbd06b6b832def81e5f2acJosh Matthews — Bug 794602 - Make nsWebBrowserPersist::SaveURIInternal use channels with valid privacy statuses. r=bz,mfinkle,smaug,ehsan,jwalker,roc,unfocused
7f40ba56870b9aacc2c9df0c9b4071ab0c47bbccCameron McCormack — Bug 782888 - Do not propagate nsChangeHint_UpdateEffects to text nodes. r=bz
676ffbbc4e0323d2fc6256c0850b3f316c761968Robert O'Callahan — Bug 797797. Reftest.
b56bf49f9f56c0c58ba06c5ab63beee1df2dc361Robert O'Callahan — Bug 794709. Don't bother trying to compute an intelligent dirty rect when building display lists for nsSimplePageSequence and nsPageContentFrame children; it's nontrivial due to the transforms they introduce, and it doesn't matter anyway. r=mattwoodrow
6c0312e3fe594300ed843ed4e76d8d4f928da3f3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 603880. Implement nsWindow::GetDefaultScale on Windows based on LOGPIXELSY, set by font DPI settings. r=jmathies
a4c95cde82e97c4eadcc6477a3f115c947b8e5eeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 787274. Move urlbar min-width from #urlbar to the text input itself to ensure gadgets like the identity box are allowed to add to the min-width. r=dao
ac4d3cec62a10ac91ab5088fe61c7ba3d6b7327fWes Johnston — Bug 781318 - Autofocus textboxes in prompts. r=mbrubeck
330aa0c962926b47e77cee618a711786e3f1e375Randell Jesup — Bug 797979: Make media.peerconnection.enabled turn on getUserMedia as well r=smaug
9ce23b2a914699afa190f964f6afc0166f786e14Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784691 - Upgrade clang to r162360.
f2f738bd793c9c7acf53892cda1ba5ac4da847acRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784691 - Upgrade clang to r162360. r=rail.
d750568367fed1f2f614f92b4f4a767eace7e69bValentin Gosu — Bug 796192 - A/B test HTTP Pipelining on pre-release channel. r=mcmanus
f224c1768111e486239f9c89e6f5f3f59e2d1599Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1267ae44c02375d8e5d9e2ead9d5dd516579cb21Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout e5269e137290, (bug 794606), e94dbc151121 (bug 794602), and 0ea0cfc7f6f4 (bug 792821) due to mochitest-other orange on a CLOSED TREE.
e1c62d51d0ba54f4f9cf05044c84c7e19a313773Sean Stangl — Bug 793516 - Bail in case of impossible MToDouble input. r=dvander
58c0eda55272ec2520144d98513cd6094fb14e2cJesper Kristensen — Bug 782118 - Dictionary add-ons cannot be updated from r=Unfocused
1a53c84f184ccc75b1e4196f2024aa113643506bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
049c17d2954c0b01706cc1ee82d256c8c098461cTerrence Cole — Bug 794667 - Add an AutoAssertCanGC to help with exact rooting; r=billm
42c2104c0a2719f44d8269edea1af21e18a44d24Fabrice Desré — Bug 798028 - NetworkStatsService.jsm is not available in non-RIL builds [r=marshall]
f0ce5a01e4fcb24ba570c41b969b675c5396d543Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 797496 - Ignore hidden PC even with try notes. r=luke
ce3664d2eec863815f0264c41a762a5ad6f48568Hubert Figuière — Bug 777187 - Annotate crash with Android hardware info. r=fabrice f=kairo
d7c8896af07ae086a779aa880eb1770616996a82Doug Turner — Bug 794619 - Remote the blobs returned from enumerate. r=bent
e619280855e5f91edb92d7c2e7f52ea215dd7679Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - reland parts 5-8 - port WebGLTexture, WebGLBuffer, WebGLFramebuffer, WebGLRenderbuffer, WebGLShader, WebGLProgram to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
0ea0cfc7f6f4acec3c6174828e8ecfeafac14bceJosh Matthews — Bug 792821 - Add more informative documentation to getImgCacheForDocument. r=joe
e94dbc151121ef4fefeda5a2655238c0d6c6f065Josh Matthews — Bug 794602 - Make nsWebBrowserPersist::SaveURIInternal use channels with valid privacy statuses. r=bz,mfinkle,smaug,ehsan,jwalker,roc,unfocused
e5269e137290782c7f11d98078aaf6112e1b0581Josh Matthews — Bug 794606 - Make resuming a download correctly share the privacy status of the original download. r=mak
61dbc8b4ca76a46d9cee120fdf187c10bbcca367Marshall Culpepper — Bug 746069: Followup fix for test_interfaces.html
7dda68e6ffbaa817b881d75c097fe1a7fffd0078Randell Jesup — Bug 797671: cleanup from importing update r=ted,glandium (Part is bug 778801 r=derf)
174d772e83f42e84c3ba97b8fbb9c937cba027a9Randell Jesup — Bug 797671: Import code from stable branch 3.12 (rev 2820) rs=jesup
6a76b682c6288b63dab4d77d36d5d60c8f21972bBenoit Jacob — Bug 797526 - some assertions in nsDOMClassInfo should be fatal in debug builds - r=bz
68dd2bcc51ee55e1ce3dd5e77d655e6e0cc60756Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 792199. Only decode visible images immediately when switching to a tab. r=joe
a2630fb2dbfa056a44106b59c84bfc7f9351a943Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 792954. Add a WeakPtr implementation to use instead of nsISupportsWeakReference. r=joe,ehsan,Waldo
0fdefdb3481df9214851338cfc6c47ca9fa635d9Patrick McManus — bug 795905 call proxyservice::asyncresolve() when direct in case of filters r=biesi
66b4f2ea351d297c57e424ba6c5dfc03f19807d2Nicolas B. Pierron — Revert "Bug 797496 - Ignore hidden PC even with try notes. r=luke"
3b7a134bc3aa544ef8e508f6b599fc4eef6a68ecNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 797496 - Ignore hidden PC even with try notes. r=luke
a898a428639fa23d44f664dbcda3303f0d65ccebBenoit Jacob — back out 6f3714945438, 5732dca84958, bfb93cf89612, e697a832c60b for Mac build error
dea201a3c919ee1f93b25837a39e1333be9bde0cRichard Newman — Bug 793056 - Part 1: settings UI for Android product announcements. r=bnicholson
0fb72381f95c62128b861714765b9141587d23fdRichard Newman — Bug 793056 - Part 0: cleanup. r=bnicholson
9089551ace1d14f9331abda5eadfad0ee4c405ecAlbert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 4: Tests for NetworkStats. r=philikon r=marshall
5ccae03403146c69da6ee8bb575a64edc95bfb1aAlbert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 3: IDL implementation for NetworkStats. r=philikon sr=jst
47f9a55ac25394cdb67d240ba224951e1f6ef1d3Albert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 2: DOM interfaces for NetworkStats. r=philikon r=sicking
b2e90f7448af6dc5208562337f6f27f1ca0f7abeAlbert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 1: Integration with netd daemon using IPC. r=philikon
691ed91f9413d78041ddb7d532cd9d1e3e7d2228Bill McCloskey — Bug 793904 - Crash safely if JS_TransplantObject fails (r=bholley)
ef54c5cced7f8a4668c1b9751e24b9f433c545d3Chris Lord — Bug 794130 - Abort drawing if appropriate when using progressive tile updates. r=bgirard,blassey
e697a832c60b3cecdac195412141d652507bded3Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 8 - port WebGLShader and WebGLProgram to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
bfb93cf896126686dc8b45085fc5e47ada2dc3ffBenoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 7 - port WebGLFramebuffer and WebGLRenderbuffer to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
5732dca84958b888d0c2aa6c2ada66285b314cf8Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 6 - port WebGLBuffer to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
6f37149454382667f6b1a156e6e2caaabc685782Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 5 - port WebGLTexture to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
4f7a6eba114024606e901208f3c3121602e17ac2Fabrice Desré — Bug 797048 - Firefox Marketplace does not launch from the Apps Dashboard [r=wesj]
4f4898cca1c5ab3fc294dad80a5f125428292a22Nathan Froyd — Bug 796129 - remove prtypes #includes in layout/
0757aaa73b5749c916c79b1166db06d2d5ea470fEhsan Akhgari — Another empty changeset, they're fun! no bug CLOSED TREE blah blah
4c15cd0d08ef85f97c033506cd0fe5b3d101f526Ehsan Akhgari — Empty changeset, see if we stripped successfully (no bug) on a CLOSED TREE
d30e007d711f671923702c6b1c8c1765a15e1da0Simon Montagu — Make* functions less verbose on pass. Bug 797827, r=jmaher
6e34c2118a9254b02e92c6c1dabb26aaef46d3f5William Lachance — Bug 795496 - Make mozdevice raise exceptions on error;r=ahal,jmaher
267d712aabddadee97b7d883a842c6c9a9bd271bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 788792 - Fix two tautological compare warnings in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp; r=mak
6de63120138e70f2f44df108e8520d5dec40707fJames Kitchener — Bug 768461 - Add Accessible::HasNumericValue() method r=tbsaunde
b006a1c946fdf84085416ec7b49b1e1885e78a75Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 741808 - Enable SafeBrowsing on Fennec. For real. r=mfinkle
c1e3387058f124237b77702dd45eedba9b1a45d4Benoit Girard — Bug 724666 - Add pref for accelerated canvas on mac. r=jrmuizel
7ea61f044f7270401e79b82196b73455e2780364Robert O'Callahan — Bug 787947. Avoid scaling by 0 when snapping gradient tiles. r=jrmuizel
488949441eb382d2545b3aadccd94c9bf32f24bcBas Schouten — Bug 797797: Get the new device offset after pushing the new DT. r=roc
c24a0fd080310af8028084c89cfdf1052a58d38bGregory Szorc — Bug 795427 - Part 2: Terminate mach silently when KeyboardInterrupt is raised; r=jhammel
a7619ca2db7e5e6a51f65a88387786c9b8583048Gregory Szorc — Bug 795427 - Part 1: Proper exit codes from mach; r=jhammel
a119cc1cdf0a728990df7c17dcba3e1ca28ae45dGregory Szorc — Bug 796840 - Don't have mozprocess worry about process children when running make; r=jhammel
fd724f194a1f65540289872d7c97765623f81bc0Olli Pettay — Bug 797909, null principal for initial about:blank, r=bz
58f3ccaa02b89bf3436a5af454cd214c1f3707baJohn Ford — bug 797438 - stop setting GAIA_DOMAIN for desktop b2g builds r=cjones
970b0467c3ef756de47bfab0ae1d19f353127de7Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 792372 - Use a check to solve a race notifying the browser process about a Flash crash while the channel is being closed [@ mozilla::ipc::AsyncChannel::CloseWithError()], r=gfritzsche
b237556c855d78214a98548776fd2dad200a1e4bEhsan Akhgari — Empty changeset to try to see if the case folding merge issue is now resolved, DONTBUILD, no bug
0d90d5f3da5a9539fa4cf9b2aec0a218fea43e05Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
d0cba47694a3888284e7c5b980a114100936a040Ed Morley — Backout 739f8aac68a6 (bug 797708) for Win7 reftest-no-accel orange on a CLOSED TREE
8af00f1609b9357fc3de65742e3f3d3a9b9ae951Ed Morley — Backout a5c50066ecbb (bug 787947), ee9f796b8416 (bug 794709) for crashtest/reftest assertions
a85c0f30cdfae5b2283516537b89374165b39810Jan de Mooij — Bug 797185 - Disable DVG stack search when building with --enable-more-deterministic. r=decoder
a5c50066ecbb2f9f91c8a53a3d0ee198a3045f1eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 787947. Avoid scaling by 0 when snapping gradient tiles. r=jrmuizel
ee9f796b8416072d1387a625ff07dd613c80b907Robert O'Callahan — Bug 794709. Don't bother trying to compute an intelligent dirty rect when building display lists for nsSimplePageSequence and nsPageContentFrame children; it's nontrivial due to the transforms they introduce, and it doesn't matter anyway. r=mattwoodrow
a055a290f2662d4b1e48a65c763b79e02af5353bBobby Holley — Bug 797583 - Remove bogus assertion. r=mrbkap
38b9f2f85de0a615e784a99612323e478a25d708Trevor Saunders — Bug 794757 - add build config option to enable logging on release build, r=surkov
3ce909bed24a824050f69bc0649c71309fae1767Makoto Kato — Bug 789753 - Save non-volatile XMM registers on Win64 ABI. r=dvander
1415aa5411b1355700b80f3728ee1503abf455ebJacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (gfx/thebes part) r=jmuizelaar
bd36f348362baf804d4382210b2fa4aa314dcd84Jacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (widget/windows part) r=jmathies
aaefd3bb4dba636fd43ec9cf15fa6cb59c464cccJacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (ipc/ part) r=bent
65b1536aee04e6949052c021abe213670687f280Jacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (gfx/gl part) r=bjacob
d4a5f910c4461f791581cb8d13e930f6476a2088Jacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (dom/plugins part) r=joshmoz
8913d486d3f4a87a84a898b3d6d4f3f33203e870Jacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (uriloader part) r=jlebar
37046745e7426ce71e48228d91ca4eed9037ba48Jacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (toolkit/components/parentalcontrols part) r=netzen
64ac66fde0afa8721692dc8f65efb882dc301307Jacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (embedding/components/printingui part) r=ehsan
5d2aec62e1550db2f5bdef6f244e44dced480b3dJacek Caban — Bug 797316 - Fix -Werror=conversion-null errors in Windows-only code (xpcom/threads part) r=ehsan
739f8aac68a6ba0a57d9dfc2b45630fd300d9e57Cameron McCormack — Bug 797708 - Test that gradients are positioned correctly on SVG text with a filter applied. r=longsonr
136440ce1cd0d7831f8da46681c537498529d4b4Nicholas Cameron — Bug 796182; fix invalidation on Mac with OMTC; r=cjones
b9336d5fe02e6f9f340ac345d73b8fb04d2b349bCameron McCormack — Bug 797691 - Tweak stroke-dasharray-and-text-01.svg to avoid slight rendering differences on Android. r=longsonr
984026798238b2a6de2452982d8f30a02e04c951Jared Wein — Bug 786125 - followup, store the magic number in a const. r=Unfocused
c18ffc64e3d0e43d36c12da6432e43935e4946b7Chris Jones — Bug 780920, part 3: The ultimate compositor has to draw to the readback surface; shadow layers doesn't have access to all the needed rendering state. r=roc
abefcbf2f2ee3b3feefe42fcae7e8b142255e057Chris Jones — Bug 780920, part 2: Let clients query a widget's 'real' compositor, when the widget doesn't draw directly to its OS window. r=roc
53bf054fe0f1e33215347d468ccd9777e0c85803Chris Jones — Bug 780920, part 1: LayerManagerOGL needs to account for the world transform when reading back into a non-default target. r=roc
d946b507ebc2a6fb46ff4c17f8ff533b43adea92Jared Wein — Bug 786125 - Alert showing/hiding animation is janky (nsIAlertsService). r=Unfocused
6134705b1a11fad73266562e0bbdc3cae743fe62Jared Wein — Bug 779054 - SocialAPI sidebar is added to chromehidden window on session restore. r=felipe
6cb9dded5fed50f0e2856402fc42f56fb09bfe6eEric Chou — Bug 797345 - send a system message to notify that 'file transfer completed', r=qdot
5215c9e775538a2e9232d8e981c07b7c968608d7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 797495 - Loosen overly tight assertion in Parser::setStrictMode(). r=luke.
0575f1f6062ec513cb1a89f322b4914414771476Mike Hommey — Bug 794393 - Remove package-xulrunner rules. r=blassey,r=romaxa,r=mwu
305cace7ba512269a3abc45978ab8229836962fbMike Hommey — Bug 792050 - Allow to precompile startup cache without omnijar'ing first. r=khuey
ccdf4f53d3cb9112e5da6b6b65b51d251d9a1834Daniel Holbert — Bug 666041 / Bug 797022 followup: update "fails-if(Android)" annotations for android fuzziness in flexbox reftests, to address unexpected passes/fails.
2b80eca0f4fb9ea498ef27f9bd0c0472d650615fDaniel Holbert — Bug 797666: Add unsigned cast in assertion within TiledLayerBuffer::Update(), to fix build warning. r=BenWa
9fd65b219801594ba2328c7f8c336f3f9bff3abbYu-Sian (Thomasy) Liu — Bug 594935: Add calc to parser, do calc in PaintGradient and add stop point to HasCalc(). r=bz
df3ca5ba3a422ec4e880e673fe74d3c3ed3cae60Marty Rosenberg — Don't align the contents of a pool when a pool section is empty (bug 793390, r=jbramley)
bd97a43a46038f520944b36726e35303534bda44Justin Lebar — Bug 789392 - Allow mozapp frames to window.close() themselves. r=bz
f9d8e474c709c0c679786127187969c96d5f7899Justin Lebar — Bug 797515 - Fix race condition in assertion in ContentParent::~ContentParent. r=cjones
1cceedd227a7427bfcc764fd583a2631603eaf07Chris Jones — Bug 790505, part 4: If we're just updating the transform of a prerendered layer, then schedule an empty transaction to skip unnecessary display-list overhead. r=mattwoodrow,roc
f3d44e273f4e6cdb2563b021c74355ab7c6b5d1bChris Jones — Bug 790505, part 3: Add API for scheduling a shadowable-layer mutation to be applied at the next layers transaction. r=mattwoodrow,roc
d333cf74425fc2890ca822bcf9d10ed8c733377dChris Jones — Bug 790505, part 2: Add a GetLayerTransformForFrame() helper for computing a frame's layer transform outside a proper transaction, and mark frames that have been fully prerendered. r=roc
e0907e4af12baf20477f38fb21c429f9d5e6a9dfChris Jones — Bug 790505, part 1: Have prerendered transform frames pretend that they don't have an opaque region so that we can move them around more efficiently. r=mattwoodrow
a2da97e3ebc683fdfd7e1f4db6d2ab09234ec87eJared Wein — Bug 797667 - Add back the SocialToolbar.button getter. r=markh
d93199111fda746b4d2a6f477255194e1a76a66aMatthew Noorenberghe — Disable test_notifications_popup.html from bug 784028 on android since it's lacking PopupNotifications
331fae4331ba860fce63b905cbe2f6e330629524Frank Yan — Bug 765750 - Remove Yandex default search engine data from aboutHome.js. r=mak r=kev
c194ae914a553dd4e3d39fb7e729c723f22b021cFrank Yan — Bug 797230 - Fix sizing of Switch-to-tab icon in HiDPI mode. r=shorlander
0efeec87af33f65031e2e3d714d64499160486a3Matthew Gregan — Bug 795892 - Add crashtest.
f6963f19d5e93aa16cdf449d7c95d0187d6b1c1dGina Yeh — Bug 795659 - Final version: Follow-up to bug 795458, r=qdot
fa3d21b84a63b8b85999e8aabec3f4353428bee9Kannan Vijayan — Bug 795803 - Enable ICing of JSNative and PropertyOp getters. (r=jandem)
b72781fd478cee349910eefc36a2e94c10610ed5Daniel Holbert — Bug 796212 followup: add #ifdef guard around static variables that are only used in #ifdef'd code, to fix build warning in non-MOZ_FLEXBOX-enabled builds.
5fa8ef202444c7126daf9a8b30b79c6041530bedRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7ad0763694a36abd5ae6eee3d404fb60479989f8Daniel Holbert — Bug 797022: Turn on MOZ_FLEXBOX build flag to enable CSS3 flexbox in builds. r=bz
5a7b8047348543b0197731431164edf49fd82ab3Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 784028: password manager doesn't prompt to save passwords in popup windows - tests. r=gavin
d406bd8dc895eb5dfa2e9f6cbb2dee6b2eba40faGavin Sharp — Bug 784028: password manager doesn't prompt to save passwords in popup windows. r=MattN
3d6caa803dca37534fd4d4c8d1139579813b6bd3Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 795658 - Make sure most methods are running from main thread. r=dougt
16ac5cbc7793e3271fbe0467fbd29428ce783ef2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 99caa1f41fe1 (bug 797515) and a04b83c53297 (bug 789392) for M2 orange.
b768892d382529bf77db3b40de12fb55d2cdd56eDaniel Holbert — Bug 797601 part 3: Add a reftest to verify that the flexbox about:config pref works, and annotate the other flexbox reftests to turn on the pref for them. r=bz
48f68293ee0896c665dd146f04c3607a640b5934Daniel Holbert — Bug 797601 part 2: Tweak flexbox mochitests to run in an iframe and have their parent-document set the pref before loading them. r=bz
7750345367df1c1411cb9a90cb525df56d751012Daniel Holbert — Bug 797601 part 1: Add flexbox properties to mochitest files property_database.js and test_transitions_per_property.html IFF pref is enabled. r=bz
6eb4dda69796bc7d569a250c81e40d82146944f1Jeff Walden — Bug 795745 - Properly report errors for* methods when a provided precision is invalid. r=luke
e6bc6b88d3ba116be3c4e3096188f0c28f3dd9faGabriele Svelto — Bug 739780 - Switch Telephony.cpp to use nsTArrayHelpers.h implementation of nsTArrayToJSArray. r=khuey, r=mrbkap
de67d5a36369f34338ddb9d844849f47ed1bc0f6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
de48716d5b48f1179407c3413c0c4c0bcdabb056Randell Jesup — Bug 733002: DataChannel DOM implementation w/ m3 fix r=smaug
37ac46f7dd404f375d11a7fd3ac6d937ed315878Randell Jesup — Bug 729512: DataChannel protocol rollup r=mcmanus
333a7d8241f09fa1259ab9bd7468e6c359cb9ecaTrevor Saunders — bug 795468 - minor perf improvements to accessible creation r=surkov
94279b84aee8836d2109cef202b6ed7a1b06a596Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout a9ab0881ebe2 (bug 729512) and ed6491f2335e (bug 733002) due to M3 orange.
a04b83c532975b414c8f37936ab1e57075d85391Justin Lebar — Bug 789392 - Allow mozapp frames to window.close() themselves. r=bz
99caa1f41fe18c7a997a6a3d6d619bbd876c07baJustin Lebar — Bug 797515 - Fix race condition in assertion in ContentParent::~ContentParent. r=cjones
0910857eb29404e40e2b39caf67b8eaa5ca51133Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - fix --disable-webgl build by updating WebGLContextNotSupported.cpp - no review
ed6491f2335ec56afd713af40763f89634dba651Randell Jesup — Bug 733002: DataChannel DOM implementation r=smaug
a9ab0881ebe2058140cef8205aeadaf1a263936cRandell Jesup — Bug 729512: DataChannel protocol rollup r=mcmanus
1a34413a18f6acdf270d8b61c1bc5d6e112b88cdChris Lord — Bug 797393 - Fix FrameMetrics == operator. r=roc
ae27310a72af67c6070f7f3a7c58f634c8fce3f3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 797612 - Remove PathCG::mFigureActive; r=jrmuizel
3f51580af5a62a6e6283529e41d5dff0eb1a44cdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 797614 - Silence the warning about assignment in the condition in BasicTiledThebesLayer.cpp; r=jrmuizel
6852e80e78c850289ff5cdb6b15b01f2adf92d8aTrevor Saunders — bug 795192 - don't use nsIAccessibleTable in atk/ r=surkov
972c376d08b537e30f8495ee420800cb1f3fe520Chris Pearce — Bug 795914 - Don't assume every mochitest that includes pointerlock_utils.js defines a 'start' function to begin its tests. r=ehsan
bd16a5d51273ef974bd40eba689e0cd1e60a300cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 791422. Support more flexibiltiy qcms output format. r=BenWa
6967936b81eeda54d974a7438f55b85103624e5fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 797604 - Make floor_div in TiledLayerBuffer.h static inline; r=jrmuizel
bd25449d4be4d4b4070e5a943a2cd015ad2fecc7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 566370. Remove return type from AddProxy(). r=joe
56885f7a48b6ed0037a1b1d7cce66d9da132d3e5Josh Matthews — Bug 795571 - Update nsIChannel consumers concerned with privacy status to use the correct NS_UsePrivateBrowsing. r=ehsan
d41ca12d2527c4fb876602e0f2edf3493cb678b8Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 792220 - Remove lookupProperty to prevent interpreter reentrance. r=jandem
b2735492746e2f0f08c7aa7183e1a9847338d8ceJeff Muizelaar — Bug 770956. Use LINEAR instead of NEAREST. r=chrislord
94ab602328ff6a2ab9b2daf75125695038ad57dbSeth Fowler — Bug 786108 - Cache UTF-16 version of URI to prevent repeated conversions in the CSS scanner, and free the cache after a short time. r=bz
41d840c9cf301290affa11fe7bcc67711dfbeb84Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 774963 - Remove removeDataFromDomain from nsIPrivateBrowsingService, and put it in its own JS module, ClearRecentHistory; r=jdm
4cb8f88213f5e8c108103f7f167463bedd798542Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
7129a1d713f43cf7834e07b937cbd31c3a38562dVictor Porof — Bug 797404 - Sources which take too long to fetch incorrectly show up after a page refresh, reload-same-script orange fix, r=past
b3a19d36344ae51b7a7985873a53bf69acbefc4bVictor Porof — Bug 797404 - Sources which take too long to fetch incorrectly show up after a page refresh, r=past
d2850363666b163d6b8833f90974d1e65cc5c838Nick Fitzgerald — bug 788754: simplify SourceClient's api; r=past
ac84886e4d05a6effd913d3f778d2ba981c6c3aePanos Astithas — bug 755661 part 5 - fix xpcshell test on windows; r=rcampbell
5fa320921d85b75c5493134490473bd1bf289c54Nick Fitzgerald — bug 755661 part 4 - debugger frontend use the sources over protocol; r=past
055b04db33a19e50c672a5c56f503dbdb3055d8dNick Fitzgerald — bug 755661 part 3 - sources over protocol; r=past
65ce00cfa5e2c1078cf5f465a05c4929616cef67Nick Fitzgerald — bug 755661 part 2 - add thread scoped long strings; r=past
bdf2dd34d6739a2ca566f8a6dbe094f00647d2ffNick Fitzgerald — bug 755661 part 1 - move Promise.jsm; r=past,jwalker
f047900ef7a06d02d07dc3f7753b60c089c1a915Heather Arthur — Bug 797270 - markup view background should be white; r=paul
f06d47c564b43f5840098cf9071e56e1a0255c69Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 796929 - [gcli] command line stops working; r=jwalker
7b61da6b47ded1ded2b6070c38ed6d0f58a7af26Anton Kovalyov — Bug 781797 - dbg open and dbg close commands; r=past
1332149e38af81f3a9ad7c814eda46dd8cab79d4Paul Rouget — Bug 752850 - [Responsive Mode] It should be possible to hide the scrollbars; r=jwalker
254ec57084a6a5f48cc8b08405152cd11c2a1e19Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 735576 - [ruleview] The warning icon should disappear as soon as the value is correct; r=dcamp
e2f7f7d9afa2153652456021763f382b0c9d3e9fGirish Sharma — Bug 790227 - Reserve 'd' as accesskey for Debugger in tools menu > web developer; r=dao
0a095af171f4fa1fa6509727e0f9daaf15d5ba88Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 0cd12dcf7f8f, 5ff5e81e6de6, and 0ae09da96f63 (bug 740580) due to bug 797391.
ae646840907e8d704a6b252b349419e495e19b5aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
09c4dd7bf7d6273f85db1e5b11a1e064e4650aafOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 797430 - Fix cannot move a bookmark separator by drag & drop. r=mak
5433c7edcc86883617b3cc3b87105765c297f99eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 797326 - Get the right line number printed in r=jorendorff
1fca620575ce2dc6dca97addfd5ec58d1051e6b2Shane Caraveo — Bug 797134 - Right-clicking on the Social API ambient notification buttons opens the panel and context menu. r=jaws
c92cb673ade14269f78e09df61c534ff5781f554Girish Sharma — Bug 797066 - Make javascript.options.mem.log only log the GC/CC details in the Console. r=terrence
94e41311dff56580edc59edbe3afe452bbce62fdDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 794104 - In async OS.File, DEBUG should be false. r=yoric
0c01dd07cb2bbfb253a1a7a5de0bfdc66aeba406David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 793435 - Open worker_test_osfile_win.js instead of worker_test_osfile_unix.js. r=yoric
47345d8698842da3f6a3833caf3b961d3ba04410WangJun — Bug 793435 - Handle INVALID_HANDLE in CloseHandle and FindClose correctly. r=yoric
439eafb9c71e5b11dce5ab60afe6fecd1e59e058Andrea Marchesini — Bug 720083 - postMessage doesn't need the targetOrigin. r=bent
db347c212f8063033e2b43bcb386dcf762916455Andrea Marchesini — Bug 720083 - Workers: add support for transferable objects from HTML5 spec. r=sphink, r=bent
057d9fe28e35610095694520e31fdf2dc80c3728Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
2f7e167eb377ebcd3e0285b0d40f121840f09cecAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 720997 - add sync prefs prefix to about:support whitelist.r=Unfocused
b313eadbbc114940b18a502135b8a7c0560a4e21Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 23b: Add UA style sheet rules to map xml:space='preserve' to white-space:-moz-pre-discard-newlines on SVG text elements. r=jwatt
a2bd4764667c0aefafab923ea9e982f3f7f9d453Cameron McCormack — Bug 797290 - #undef DATA_NODE_FLAG_BIT like other content flag bit macros. r=Ms2ger
619638eafdc7ee187716cab59525c70b56e6de27Richard Newman — Bug 793053 - Part 0b: add MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL to r=gps
4417d4fecc1a3a320f42a384a7f27da73ee1f44dRichard Newman — Bug 793053 - Part 0a: add ANDROID_CPU_ARCH to r=gps
a5a4c320de967082e9049a82d044d1aef40371ccBenoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 4 - More WebGL extensions cleanup - r-jgilbert
0984909abb53f9513ed1dea302b840281958e3a4Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 3 - port WebGL extensions to WebIDL bindings, refactor them - r=bz,jgilbert
ed26b7f1a02a685a43ad0db2ad8c9734a9d1e392Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 2 - drop old bindings for WebGLUniformLocation - r=bz
c6bbbe8b8614e72d6d8d83fec973d1a04c8bf68cBenoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 1 - port WebGLShaderPrecisionFormat to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
83d17569d789c6d1c4521458e6b460bc33eee759Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 662246. Log image url in profiles during decoding. r=joe
2545d8e6f3becb1146cf08e7df60659826b19811Fabrice Desré — merge
14fe82a53d68c7be9e6042e8971fddd6ebbf5e76Fabrice Desré — Bug 787054 - Make the UA string OS agnostic again, use UserAgentOverrides.jsm to white-list sites that need "Android" [r=dao,gerv]
cdb19bc19fdb99e78c15da13af3082dbad4747b8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 797227 - Remove nsDownloadManager::mDownloadType; r=mak
b51465dad2be0c5ccf2a1710a366c7405196fbd1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 797224 - Remove Database::mCurrentJournalMode; r=mak
9737260d16470434ce722c7c15f8e1e56562db77Joe Drew — Back out 134f5b1d6d50 for leaking at shutdown on a CLOSED TREE
9a71c92af5a43c44baf8975e8163b5c170f505d8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 794884. Make SupportImageWithMimeType return a bool. r=joe.
bc14486d074234e024f314abe52ecb90e6910a1aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 794884. Make SupportImageWithMimeType a static function. r=joe,r=bz
1758b93e29c7c67ca760f61b30615118488034bcJeff Muizelaar — Bug 794884. Avoid unecessarily including imgStatusTracker.h. r=joe
cb64683950d9102ad18042092c8becce1dde7376Josh Matthews — Bug 792517 - Make the channel created by Save As respect the privacy status of the originating document. r=ehsan
d7ff5aecff0cac27d52091067d6b51643baee4c2Brad Lassey — bug 785291 - Add support to load fonts from an APK, extract fonts from APK r=jfkthame
5a788605acfe681ddd81ba4b479b6e4b5abdc4b6Brad Lassey — bug 785291 - Add support to load fonts from an APK, search for fonts in res/fonts r=jfkthame
5542e7d206769430dba9aca41bac4341d75fd05aJonathan Kew — bug 619521 pt 2 - load fonts from the current profile as well as the Android system fonts. r=jdagget
5c2b826588d334bb3b02cae238adec4549bac7b6Kyle Huey — Bug 780778: Make sure we already release stuff on the right thread. r=bent
075ac84bff66bb05cc9f46d21fa4866b9d2ee0f1Benoit Girard — Bug 797359 - Increase size of tile debug overlay. r=Cwiiis
b2fd5b6ca0d97429d50a83af2fdef6d96a9753e7Karl Tomlinson — b=408284 don't shape for transparency on ARGB windows r=roc
4aac63aa19dcefb866af1300c1dd78c2de5de409Chris Coulson — b=408284 use ARGB visuals for popup windows when window manager is compositing r=karlt
6c2cfb9e0b45200216758c67e46805adeccaa6f1Chris Coulson — b=408284 let MozContainer widgets inherit parent colormap instead of explicitly setting rgb colormap r=karlt
f42211cc87cd4804960cf84ef2dc14919f45b8deKarl Tomlinson — b=408284 clear transparency bitmap when window is hidden r=roc
6552072432a28500932ccadf9391cf42af72ce3dKarl Tomlinson — b=408284 no need to apply transparency bitmap on each show r=roc
7f2eac1712ef13792816d84f24bd5667b6167dd6Karl Tomlinson — b=795812 shape out translucent windows where alpha < 1/2 r=roc
139ec19e88be9ab4b111aaece91af6cef8590df7Karl Tomlinson — b=795812 add border to panelarrow r=dao
0d5ac783d657439934525b0ae31851dd1f045930Blake Kaplan — Bug 791911 - Listen for our child message managers dying and remove them from our list of managers to 'broadcast' to. r=gwagner
5d0e0a533775956dc240b2661b9d9dba4aad9f3dBonnie Surender — Bug 792952, B2G wifi scanning js. r=mrbkap
6ec6bc05c62fc500a111212939bf649da272ab29Blake Kaplan — Bug 784766 - Verify that we only talk to processes that have permission to talk to us. r=cjones
6925601f42997b18e73e08b3c6e17fe41385337fJoe Drew — Bug 796174 - Only use the high-quality downscaler on downscales, not 1.0 scales. r=jlebar
134f5b1d6d507199a8cc4be955b186fdcf27a984Joe Drew — Bug 795940 - Always hold on to a reference to our image from a ScaleRequest so it can't delete itself while we're outstanding. r=jlebar
1f6b48dea5fc708fc8c63b1cb84781cc04de909aKannan Vijayan — Bug 797435 - Add rooting of IC stub IonCodes to OOL exit frames. (r=dvander)
4cc97bf599621bcba726b8e45f29f34c5854bf64Bas Schouten — Bug 797231: Don't overwrite mPathTransform if the transform already changed. r=joedrew
cfa23be4f73cc4f1d6dd7056a1ee20e92fe1bcddBas Schouten — Bug 797314: Only push one group and ensure all of the background gets copied in PushGroupAndCopyBackground. r=joedrew
f8af70ee46f7f5b9bf4499479679b5733424d0b8Marshall Culpepper — Bug 797154: A new virtualenv frontend for B2G mochitests. r=jgriffin
78cef490d36dcc9d2ababe508485fac3c6b1da35Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 797219 - Make OutputMessage in gfx/2d/Logging.h static inline; r=joe
90332928696a88c81b494b1ec30f87abe6bcbdc6Joe Drew — Backout 629c399c6f8c for breaking the tree
df644c7b24a6711c5a355fa66d27c0f3488cbcb7Joe Drew — Backout d13f5f15df86 for busting the tree
629c399c6f8cf9e3cb33587a74ee5c137a051159Joe Drew — Bug 796174 - Only use the high-quality downscaler on downscales, not 1.0 scales. r=jlebar
d13f5f15df865a9c9c65a19eceda2dbda784df10Joe Drew — Bug 795940 - Always hold on to a reference to our image from a ScaleRequest so it can't delete itself while we're outstanding. r=jlebar
5a4d66a6da20ba4dd759aa97483331e08b6cb11eJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 71a2a9d7618e
71a2a9d7618eb9f39d757b6f5847fa00c6c84c3aJosh Matthews — Bug 792517 - Make the channel created by Save As respect the privacy status of the originating document. r=ehsan
eff426a003e17ee569060ea7b6bea027165669f3Josh Matthews — Bug 795065 - Add privacy status to nsDownload. r=mak sr=bz
e9633e93b7e262a679e9c7d70e89d1f3b499fdb2Eric Faust — Bug 795150 - Add DOMCallbacks to worker thread JSRuntimes. (r=bz)
e36042dd4b25c8a34fd1784a47abf00a0a18d70bJeff Hammel — Bug 797144 - mirror mozbase -> m-c for bug 796863 @;r=wlach
461a2366595ee7e7326f8c6342a47acc7822b7fbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 797257 - Only include nsAlgorithm.h in archivereader.cpp on Windows; r=bbondy
07a2bbf2c3323c268c234fb9906002a5bad4f187Patrick Wang — Bug 777384 - Test case r=jlebar
37150f9ca8b8a7bea1b269b00c81ca4c65597482Patrick Wang — Bug 777384 - Prevent unprivileged code from embedding apps. r=jlebar
2622aa008fe922164d65f72c814a82035c6c5dc3Joel Maher — Bug 797112 - we have a call to dm.checkCmd and that api doesn't exist anymore. r=wlach
f6d4ab10d670cd3f146a54d2f0f4d9b04ed4913fadrian tamas — Bug 777719 - Addons Manager test modified according to review. r=jmaher.
809b60046c5bfa16347921d7f3d87669c0f9f558Ed Morley — Backout 1d2a2a4ce97c, 1a3d23311a58, ec67e229cc9b, 43a250bfe33d, 43e4a8a3788b, e9cb6c217681 (bug 765119) for mochitest failures on Windows
28d3d693e8bad81bf27c629aa15e1d2130c32f71Brad Lassey — bug 795234 - crash in _pixman_implementation_fill r=snorp
a3b82cf0dcb0f8b8aad81c31d7c7f769e873dd8aBenoit Girard — Bug 796939 - Don't use the SinglePaintBuffer if only painting one tile. r=Cwiis
5a5dabf022b72c35c86172c6c75dc951ab24c315Benoit Girard — Bug 796084 - Remove reference to java compositor in comments. r=Cwiiis, DONTBUILD because comment only
65404c2b69c4d499d1f49771e3eab0e40685df8eEd Morley — Backout 6f31bcbcdbf4 (bug 781859) for Android M8 failures
066fea4aa2855a092e6479058329ae8cff01550eAndrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 6: Replace LL_UCMP macro with standard comparison. r=ehsan
586070a8d3f1001aa5173574102cdc4f49e88480Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 5: Replace LL_CMP macro with standard comparison. r=ehsan
bb806f6be5d0d995d910ecae9bb9690fa77d513aAndrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 4: Replace LL_GE_ZERO macro with standard relation. r=ehsan
ee5a3b45e378737cdc3bd2df00a13aff9f841accAndrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 3: Replace LL_NE macro with standard relation. r=ehsan
7aa4ea0c1d304fefdc6f0c68420ed77d11b66aa6Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 2: Replace LL_EQ macro with standard relation. r=ehsan
f729670158d6c760b9f75eeff2d96523bb6f4c39Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 1: Replace LL_IS_ZERO macro with standard relation. r=ehsan
c63d0cd4603d6455f282a2578d72a8749f737710Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 797340 - Upgrade mach_override. r=ted.
1d2a2a4ce97ca310f837e47eb625146962178b10Marty Rosenberg — Add in two patches that were lost while rebasing (bug 765119, r=jandem)
1a3d23311a58715acdc66860c609f03e69464a0aMarty Rosenberg — Fix a bunch of bugs that the fuzzers found (bug 765119, r=dvander)
ec67e229cc9b43c7fdd948da131acc92342a5a0eMarty Rosenberg — Teach RangeAnalysis how to deal with unreachable blocks (bug 765119, r=dvander)
43a250bfe33ded565eb8c1b9ec12dccaed4d427eMarty Rosenberg — Add narrowing into range analysis, greatly speeding up some testcases (bug 765119, jandem)
43e4a8a3788b361897d1bb48fd52265d5cdeb166Marty Rosenberg — Add a bunch of features to range analysis to make it optimize more. (bug 765119, r=jandem)
e9cb6c2176810c7a2f56eabd23ba593f9686d1b8Marty Rosenberg — Beta nodes sholud be able to have infinite ranges, fixes very slow testcase (bug 765119, r=dvander)
1e5584c8e7d0d7aa6ae41d27a555856c5b82d070Mounir Lamouri — Bug 796911 - Attempt to fix Intermittent test_clear_browser_data.html. r=jwatt
9b992222370b37a610d329067d02fe1b1773c96dEd Morley — Backout ffcdd896a1fa (bug 787947) for reftest failures
5cf45899da84fa911f0dd85f44ba1223a7671243Nathan Froyd — Bug 796119 - part 2: don't #include prtypes.h in xpcom/ unless absolutely necessary; r=ehsan
28da4bd92b923dd6292e61a525edfe656789ce5dNathan Froyd — Bug 797106 - don't use PR_BYTES_PER_WORD in nsTextFragment*.cpp; r=ehsan
a0f4ab91ee37cd2cfca79747fd35936baacc3283Nathan Froyd — Bug 796279 - remove remaining PR_MAX instances from the tree; r=ehsan
715eda9ee77298088e1abf5b8528032a9c2e1d08Nathan Froyd — Bug 796119 - part 1: don't use PR_BIT in pldhash.h; r=ehsan
8a788d3eccd155b2a2029f3223b0a3e224e0e225Robert O'Callahan — Bug 793690. Fix the obvious typos for infinite rects in SetScissorRect. r=bas
ffcdd896a1fa7bb419077873da59d2d2ed9e3271Robert O'Callahan — Bug 787947. Avoid scaling by 0 when snapping gradient tiles. r=jrmuizel
6f31bcbcdbf466f4fe2c1d9b903098ed057b2195Jan de Mooij — Bug 781859 - Fix chunked compilation bug with unreachable code. r=dvander
876ea6e98dd92d0cf2fe23c433d5eaee2e8c90caAlexander Surkov — Bug 795210 - intermittent failure of events/test_docload.xul, r=tbsaunde
950e5705e8e9b0a2af65d0e906df0d9c7ad80958Ed Morley — Bug 765389 - Disable browser_461743.js for frequent timeouts
6ba8fbe719cc8cf8b0f0d088ef46af5726104642Ed Morley — Bug 761049 - Disable browser_bug666317.js on Linux for frequent failures that cause havoc in subsequent tests
d74e4032a8679d4a73c06996ae8e43a187dedd16Ed Morley — Bug 785577 - Disable testWebContentContextMenu for frequent failures
763cf0e2df5ea2f668700b86efd27f6cc75d5b89Ed Morley — Bug 753225 - Disable browser_dbg_createRemote.js on Windows for frequent failures
f3fb1a1242e198267ae57bf899b8f52c01648823Ed Morley — Bug 561929 - Disable test_bug478536.xul for frequent timeouts
24fe6c998bb20c0b5edd6a04002a67e1c9e91850Ed Morley — Bug 766044 - Disable browser_459906.js for frequent intermittent failures
62ae729e2b54fcd06bbb5fd8694d0a31f357e8b1Ed Morley — Bug 759157 - Followup to add Makefile warning for disabled tests, so they don't get forgotten
d7b6af267d424e339392c8aa9d0dfe669a60b5f5Dão Gottwald — Bug 783273 - Work around doGetPlacesControllerForCommand being called while the browser window is already closed (fixes intermittently failing browser_350525.js and browser_bug734076.js). r=mak
b2ac9787618ac4ede26188c6d7c0c9ab6c731219Joe Drew — Bug 797632 - Temporarily disable high-quality downscaling for causing crashes. r=jlebar
4b67593aa21c91c53e95aec93511246fa6c7cd59rjesup — Bug 797572: Export SRTP functions from libssl. r=bsmith
1a2f506b1a923d34be9b61d7d6a71b1a19440fabGary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Tweak suppression file for bug 793533. DONTBUILD
da6230dfa32ebda657ef39552d0f5ca5d8f4796bGary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Add another 64-bit suppression for bug 793533. DONTBUILD
a63c507a673a48dd117cdd8952604272ff26259bDavid Chan — Bug 797177 - Unbreak b2g mochitests, r=ahal
13fd49ef7786369ee42f505160122b196a6994b0Zack Weinberg — Merge revert of diagnostic round 2 for bug 536603. DONTBUILD
5ac283a12f025a6edf36512116bed8de494c3466Ed Morley — Bug 759157 - Disable tilt_* tests on Linux for frequent failures (plus bug 795308, bug 761007, bug 795952, bug 795621)
223f29a9e730b9c34a83c3c36e4b565d02dbc33cBobby Holley — Bug 795275 - Telemetry. r=mrbkap
aeda4978c97c9c65cd73bc98b7c23b08bd3f9163Bobby Holley — Bug 795275 - Warn about content access to |Components|. r=mrbkap
43de19945cb1beacc8d20595627216e7b76f4954Bobby Holley — Bug 795275 - Turn Components into a JS value getter for content scopes. r=mrbkap
fb8bb92771523f9a59d125b6775b403ef7a29906Bobby Holley — Bug 795275 - Introduce an explicit mechanism for determining if a script is from XBL. r=mrbkap
00d03da9049aaaf8527e604070109a1e4f36cc3eBobby Holley — Bug 795275 - Clean up isSystemOnlyAccessPermitted. r=mrbkap
dd85a91c7ad69ea8e857668add82dc2307c5e592Mounir Lamouri — Bug 795725 - Remove booleans that prevents calling RemoveObserver() twice. r=smaug
2b5320ce41aa4536d9f52b28d8374572add62e4fMounir Lamouri — Bug 795703 - Do not assert when calling do_GetWeakReference() on a nsISupport not capable of that. r=smaug,dougt
97d7f66e2b301e1133e9704a04dcbbf1f43f4d02Vicamo Yang — Bug 790192 - Part 2/2: test cases, r=marshall_law
6f1ea4ac1aa48a3939bb9ee1cce5ac205072cab3Vicamo Yang — Bug 790192 - Part 1/2: support strict GSM SMS 7-Bit encoding, r=marshall_law
c7a62be5fdd0e9a1cc39d9eaeee321a5f1469482Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 795235 - B2G RIL: Use system message to notify a 'dialling' call. r=vicamo
c2d9b920fc7206d44d47c365a82fc9f8ec93a05dRandell Jesup — Bug 787204: License changes for import of usrsctp library r=gerv
059041691d7f9df8bca1d4b2eb1f7ce904f048a5Randell Jesup — Bug 729511: (and Bug 783843) build libsctp within Mozilla tree r=biesi r=ted
d85136cf566a0bf4d90ab636e35a8c9f1477fb24Randell Jesup — Bug 729511: patch to libsctp_8279 - add __USE_GNU for netinet/in.h r=biesi
9fb243800b26203a8548abc5e7905c183dcd2355Randell Jesup — Bug 729511: Import usrsctp library rev 8279 rs=biesi
86bf1e4e8de779f4b8829e8efe4f20392b65ff6fChris Jones — Merge backout
a2581a4bda012f78f7f1493465e6d5afc4ab7bccChris Jones — Back out bug 790505 for leaking
2af592592319f162b0a884089217fc3b5101e19bEric Chou — Bug 796329 - implemented StopSendingFile() and fixed potential memory problem, r=qdot
28739db13abea3763c0aadaa7b3440e0364b4823David Anderson — Fix buggy interactions between IC patching and invalidation (bug 793165 part 2, r=jandem).
799bd5855c27fe9a225f1d6516cbdea40891f392David Anderson — Clean up IonScript privacy (bug 793165 part 1, r=jandem).
6eccc1276660ca003c3e13eda6c60b5b66dcb545Chris Jones — Bug 790505, part 4: If we're just updating the transform of a prerendered layer, then schedule an empty transaction to skip unnecessary display-list overhead. r=roc
734431216644e3f63d37aeb4294ab6cd8e260f2bChris Jones — Bug 790505, part 3: Add a GetLayerTransformForFrame() helper for computing a frame's layer transform outside a proper transaction, and mark frames that have been fully prerendered. r=roc
5d983c2b4f122848327458bdf6c43e13fa17dd1cChris Jones — Bug 790505, part 2: Add API for scheduling a shadowable-layer mutation to be applied at the next layers transaction. r=mattwoodrow,roc
abeaa961194fa93efa2db628cd9831fb855804ccChris Jones — Bug 790505, part 1: Have prerendered transform frames pretend that they don't have an opaque region so that we can move them around more efficiently. r=mattwoodrow
fd238b14ba350c6fdd1e4c509b827c9698feecf4Gina Yeh — Bug 796827 - Final version: Destroy BluetoothHfpManager instance while in shutdown, r=qdot
d552f2d2337fe8f42757f58fcd03fa468dc33c6fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 796760 (part 2) - Exactly root FinalizeOp. r=terrence.
8694a4aa91cf9596736f3c263f0f4e5a22c430d4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 796760 (part 1) - Exactly root JSTraceOp. r=terrence.
eb6641924764365f079427c8213ea783e1a702a6Fabrice Desré — Bug 796217 - Refactor Webapps.jsm and related files - Part 2: refactor PermissionTable.jsm [r=ddhal]
2cc0da49ccb581d6f25e1db5e085c98ce4902c39Fabrice Desré — Bug 796217 - Refactor Webapps.jsm and related files - Part 1: move DOMApplicationManifest outside of Webapps.jsm [r=gwagner]
5c6db22beec598c2dc02dce2592fdf1943bdb8cfDaniel Holbert — Bug 796212 part 2: Make pref "layout.css.flexbox.enabled" control whether -moz-flex and -moz-inline-flex are recognized as valid values for "display" property. r=bz
c174f3c540f6650174532b5ff0f844c8552c11dcDaniel Holbert — Bug 796212 part 1: Guard CSS3 flexbox properties behind about:config pref "layout.css.flexbox.enabled". r=bz
7dd4065311eb424bf52f6c1fb45b43ca6db33bf9Daniel Holbert — Bug 796212 part 0: Add pref "layout.css.flexbox.enabled" to all.js, set to false. r=bz
7efe6f0c30e62c9d4c43edbe3ab7daed3bb4cf68Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 796320 (part 3) - Remove JSContext::lastMessage. r=luke.
bdbc91e1e7db959f2146794a124657008736b151Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 796320 (part 2) - Remove dead AutoSetGeneratingError. r=luke.
d9cc5f6386106ac7ec85924425a3f5f4af0ca92bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 796320 (part 1) - Remove dead JSRuntime::waiveGCQuota. r=luke.
61129bd6f26827fa5cc43ffd1ee1392035792106Gina Yeh — Bug 796829 - Final version: Destroy BluetoothScoManager instance while in shutdown, r=qdot
c9a2c26e6ea6f1827fca456f992632c827df39cdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 797150 - Rename AudioBufferSourceNode's noteOn and noteOff to start/stop; r=bzbarsky
7a4d62a24e050b1e4b59006919ddd3862f479679Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 792649 - Make the simplest of Web Audio tests work without audio playback for now; r=bzbarsky
c43aeb9b844478c69d66d9795ca5341cb72277e7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout
402e2cf6602db00c2b1ccb0e1e062986f80a4804Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 9e38c5518605, fc59bd8d49ba, d0ba1abde985, and acf91f25f228 (bugs 796119, 796279, and 797106) because of broken reftests on 64-bit platforms
a742bf08f125941501a1097ba2a63a5be39cda52Cameron Kaiser — Bug 718910 - Disable Spotlight on the cache directory on Mac; r=michal.novotny, f=smichaud,josh
a2756948142d25f95ae71e47a17f46a3629022ccGina Yeh — Bug 796300 - Final version: Set audio device BLUETOOTH_SCO_HEADSET to unavailable when disconnect Sco socket, r=qdot
56e8259f189b772a7f1315e7f8f7c2f1e3500da6Josh Aas — Bug 797100: Replace internal usage of nsIPluginInstanceOwner with nsPluginInstanceOwner. r=jst
24b61485c945c35effea9278e54f8685ae9880f0Julian Seward — Bug 795284. r=blassey
fe034183d766cabe18311f5dc1f8a290f67c823aBrendan Dahl — Bug 789507 - Add watchdog for mozPrintCallbacks. r=smaug
0ae09da96f63b1d283822be4de3f5a90e60e9ae7Anthony Jones — Bug 740580 - Add Azure support to nsCanvasFrame. r=roc
5ff5e81e6de6b5640188f03294be1ec643c3dd11George Wright — Bug 740580 - Add support for Azure DrawTargets to BasicLayers. r=Bas
0cd12dcf7f8f2e5fb55951dec5e5bfa876e177faGeorge Wright — Bug 740580 - Make GetShmInfoPtr() a static method on the gfxSharedImageSurface class. r=Bas
4d5e812682389945e07e5a4bc40a1d695cba6d61Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6e04928c99aace512db1d28fa5ffb10a08cb527cKyle Huey — Bug 785248: Clear the worker's queue when terminating, even if we never ran any script. r=bent
1797401e19ce70a303983563e66f6501acb4c1ebKyle Huey — Bug 791731: Don't immediately discard image data in UnbindFromTree, instead rely on the discard timer. r=jlebar
e444e0facfb56663bff8adcfcb659daa9c3248c1Mark Finkle — Bug 784157 - Google Play Campaign Tracking: Convert the INSTALL_REFERRER data to distribution prefs r=blassey
7c779b27a9cebd5ff246c32d99f32f7b6be797b2Wes Johnston — Bug 797151 - Use Froyo api for saving SharedPrefereces. r=mfinkle
0b9c37de03a2b7cd7a9635f0ec77672ab8839444Wes Johnston — Bug 793197 - Use a custom list item style in our custom listViews. r=sriram
acf91f25f22849bc97ad5b8126315f17df146691Nathan Froyd — Bug 796119 - part 2: don't #include prtypes.h in xpcom/ unless absolutely necessary; r=ehsan
d0ba1abde985264ddafe3f43561cb52d914c3161Nathan Froyd — Bug 797106 - don't use PR_BYTES_PER_WORD in nsTextFragment*.cpp; r=ehsan
fc59bd8d49baa75609067270759b21dde4017055Nathan Froyd — Bug 796279 - remove remaining PR_MAX instances from the tree; r=ehsan
9e38c551860548f77d289ac26baf1e0ee2ac0330Nathan Froyd — Bug 796119 - part 1: don't use PR_BIT in pldhash.h; r=ehsan
a67a2a9abebb6b071b271b8086a71d40c28f5c4aJustin Lebar — Bug 788021 - Part 3: Use nsMemoryReporterManager::MinimizeMemoryUsage in aboutMemory.js. r=njn
deb340fb0b07cd36090f245080ada96d76fee869Justin Lebar — Bug 788021 - Part 2: Add and implement nsIMemoryReporter::DumpMemoryReportsToFile. r=njn,cjones
bab50a5494bbeb876221eed7a93f5a166130f4eaJustin Lebar — Bug 788021 - Part 1: Add nsGZFileWriter. r=bsmedberg
a7e4753e3c3c29151f28696ecbd445bfab1568c2Justin Lebar — Bug 790417 - ContentParent::GetAll should include the pre-allocated process. r=cjones
3cd92c5221885978fc61b4d049480ed69836ed93Sean Stangl — Bug 793516 - Avoid JS_NOT_REACHED() if assertion failure is plausible. r=dvander
18eb6c5d14e33f264f278a5ab11d900f2d430decTom Schuster — Bug 795442 - Allow nsIChannel.contentDispositionFilename to be writable. r=jduell, sr=biesi
30de0459165ca6a7fe9332ea99fed67853eccefbDavid Mandelin — Bug 750019: disable optimizations for nsIDOMHTMLDocument_Write on MSVC, r=bz
79ee01ec38b7c1d9832f6d4d761a9257a0957035Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 797229 - Fix two warnings in updater.cpp; r=bbondy
513dcaaf9cabdfb6ac4c52fadf42c79a7f9847e7Ehsan Akhgari — Remove the unused DatabaseTester::mState field; no bug
ad81145cad9d29ead4f8d2b16333f162ddc0b457Jason Duell — Bug 786299 - Delete app-cache related to an app when uninstalled. r=honza,jduell
5a159a90e13f9769b805d916951242d5eef7fa02Patrick McManus — bug 795305 - http channel can drop callback references sooner on asyncopen failures r=jduell
7e0bf7bccc187467808f0ac4d324f4e374d8ccdaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 796937 - Deploy new clang package with output order fixes. r=rail.
48ed7a7ad057279ab91012ad69ccb778726a7e3fDaniel Holbert — Bug 797111: Mark variable 'msgSeqno' as DebugOnly, in SyncChannel::Send, to fix opt build warning. r=cjones
67ddd50e11495bb0998411c905cba516c7137376Daniel Holbert — Bug 796568 - cleanup in nsLayoutUtils: remove unnecessary "mozilla::" namespace prefix and convert some NULL to nullptr. r=mats
e474cc38930bc3165d75bdfd6bfaf690dfcecfbeDaniel Holbert — Bug 797117: Explicitly cast UINT16_MAX to uint32_t in comparison within nsSocketTransportService::DoPollIteration(), to prevent it from being treated as signed and causing a build warning. r=ehsan
531b6090f45e0788a2ed2434e53aa9bb71234c82David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 795687 - Move all of OS.File to typed arrays instead of array buffers. r=froydnj
3afaf5133beca682a9e9700f150776ddbd4aeff0Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 795544 - Test updates. r=bz
1d4bafc6c4817a3e76d65219b6752fa02c8df247Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 795544 - Make StringEncoding API available from xpcshell/jsm. r=bz
6bcb5f9359d8cae3ee2f2d4ee452b13e3f093b35Gene Lian — Bug 793970 - Reuse nsAppStartup's watchdog to compulsively power-off/reboot/quit Gecko if profile synchronizing hangs. r=cjones
c2d3a2496dc95f4c88dd7f2a393b51d30dc0dd19vliu — Bug 793073 - B2G RIL: Quickly tapping Airplane Mode causes phone keeping in Emergency Calls Only. r=philikon
09a1c6254392d1534568172ff1b45525e9609b78Shane Caraveo — Bug 788598 - Logged out state has no login. r=jaws
fcbe63ccf09b3ca537be1f593be3ab66ff1b6cb6Nicholas Cameron — Bug 753237 - Implement DrawTargetCairo::Mask(). r=joe
635fcc11d2b16265114d6bbc02768d007f73d66bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
fb1751609d90b58c881c080f0d3ffe4141f19a75Dave Hylands — Bug 797174 - dom.ipc.processPrelauch is misspelled
2e4866b959fc484b51a6abaee2ec2acccc4e7825Justin Lebar — Back out bbf94917f0ec (bug 789392) on strong suspicion of causing assertions in debug mochitest-2 on a CLOSED TREE.
e91cd2b1d6438e20def2a0ffeda4e3388702b6a6Phil Ringnalda — Back out 40aee4aca350 and 9bfd6c420eba (bug 793165) for Android build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
95c8501bbefbd7ffc618d46264386fdde0de27dcEhsan Akhgari — Silence two more clang unused-private-field warnings in the IonMonkey code; no bug, irc-r=dvander
9b9bf8702da4f76bc5e9fcfb5c58ec376529fb01Robert O'Callahan — Bug 794579. Remove view from existing parent before setting it as the root view. r=tnikkel
a0ee436cc856ecfc14a3ff3917fc486ffbb9e65aBenoit Girard — bug 795310 - Uninitialised value use in mozilla::layers::BasicTiledThebesLayer::PaintThebes r=cwiiis
00398627cfefb9b7572bbe243feab073971fbc2dIrving Reid — Bug 796086 - Add handlers for Objective-C exceptions, r=smichaud
80ad55f342c920a028d002eb7f3a52a5adda4c70Nathan Froyd — Bug 748417 - add script for generating histograms schema from Histograms.json; r=taras DONTBUILD because NPOTB
7949d28f958fc27ddcc52ce849a87b048a8092eeDavid Keeler — Bug 793338 - Implement blocklist click-to-play plugin notification popup UI. r=jaws
644aac25b7ab1759b6f035993aa71fb630b52f31David Keeler — Bug 754472 - Implement multiple plugin click-to-play UI. r=jaws r=margaret r=dietrich
662b72b90611eae8746b62651cbdb669fe2cd4dbWes Johnston — backout f39621ae2b96
40aee4aca3506efb7f7b3bd42e96a7ed666830a3David Anderson — Fix buggy interactions between IC patching and invalidation (bug 793165 part 2, r=jandem).
9bfd6c420eba5d83f42d4c4142765d4d8b7f250eDavid Anderson — Clean up IonScript privacy (bug 793165 part 1, r=jandem).
346d0973ad0f05f881acf879cb1a1a1f1413d170Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 795662 - Update libpng to version 1.5.13. r=joe
64c541e0b0544043c66743f43b76c09dcbb1179bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 795867 - XHR getResponseHeader() should inflate the value. r=bz
dfe50b46ef8cb713413a4464e68216ddeb27fac2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 794102 - checkInstalled should return an app object. r=felipc
0b1ff56c95ae8e3e33133a2923006d481194a756David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 783987 - Test suite without hostile promises. r=Mossop
009636eb08df395e429e336935eb98173e9696bbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
25a38fc220d67790171cd7d4adaa9c28c06f746dJames Willcox — Bug 797036 - Add new updater strings and icons on Android r=sriram
f1646acf98b30d1e2b6f9ee6c8a85cf11c3e8196Wes Johnston — Bug 784887 - Use Native Gesture detector for MozGesture events. r=blassey
d5a3c148545c244b31b1a7217c31b49873f0a0f9Brian Nicholson — Backout 580f710a84e8, ecaff73e5a63 for rc failures
f63b7f854ce400192d5f155821b063ffb472ad86Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 793880 - Fix the assertion in nsCSSSelector::SetPseudoType to shut up the compiler warning; r=dholbert
d6f8b964ca275847feed01c5a3f96e19773a8854Steven Michaud — Bug 785667 - Make plugins work with HiDPI mode on the Mac. r=bgirard
443e8610362813d6bcbf8797673c528d6922acbbJosh Matthews — Bug 792528 - Make the channel created to fetch CSS files for editing respect the privacy status of the originating document. r=dcamp
b8e4333af38a36a76c1d018c446734c3ba3f1121Josh Matthews — Bug 792542 - Make CSP report channel respect the privacy status of the original request. r=sstamm
a6991bc0778d9cfe3a081f39627bd290fed71c49Shu-yu Guo — Bug 795227 - ParallelArray should check length range like Array (r=dvander)
f1869aa32cba1c71b04827c8420c3b3423f65b0dShu-yu Guo — Bug 795165 - Rewrite ParallelArray toString from recursive to iterative (r=dvander)
c15883431cbbae34eb80499a5c05ff30838d621dJeff Walden — Bug 797049 - Disable C4351 as an MSVC warning about a change to be standards-compliant in MSVC2005 (!). Also sync up warning-disabling between and js/src/, and add comments about the warnings being disabled. r=khuey
af956af641bc7a21c48514e2ccba3a8cd6045a57Wes Johnston — backout c1b386c21158
d66ee1da0348370bf38983babde9ee8c27cd69deMarshall Culpepper — Bug 740722: Wait until the user is idle before prompting to apply an update in B2G. r=fabrice
16bc4aa2f52f134e1f759c87333c294c97e71411Wes Johnston — Bug 795013 - Add semicolon to list of deliminators in extension list. r=blassey
4442534ceff299e0895d8961bc6633e09b462dbbWes Johnston — Bug 795013 - Fix check for filter masks in Android file picker. r=blassey
944020af02061bf6610e0e0d0fea24e8de0be3fcWes Johnston — Bug 795013 - Only use */* filter if no extension or mimetype filters exist r=blassey
c1b386c2115837183a21e952a3df3fce91074b48Wes Johnston — Bug 795053 - Add ability to unlock a profile from Java. r=blassey
f39621ae2b96710f72069b51e71ff50a291920b2Wes Johnston — Bug 795053 - Always send the java profile to Gecko. r=mfinkle
bbf94917f0ec8337b8c3593cf158cff8e11851c9Justin Lebar — Bug 789392 - Allow mozapp frames to window.close() themselves. r=bz
8b5a786ee47b5d103a16031119098d1b99900e39Luke Wagner — Bug 795574 - name lookup in JSOP_IMPLICITTHIS should default to the global (r=waldo)
580f710a84e8f99229aca9f4e11e1c8f2df47253Brian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 4: Add search suggestions opt-in prompt. r=mfinkle
ecaff73e5a633b344e6960a7d6b21f672fb174deBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 3: Add mSuggestionsEnabled boolean. r=mfinkle
cc505740ad56f5365f66461a276ded7dfa20002bChris Peterson — Bug 778980 - Part 5: Treat gcc -Wconversion-null warnings as errors. r=bsmedberg
bca6d709dba2a81766e628809e28454fc8ccd61cBas Schouten — Bug 778367: Minimize intermediate surface size. r=jrmuizel
b36ff62f95b3acb9dee48a8dcb0bea6d120d0d5fBas Schouten — Bug 776793: Properly create an opaque surface when copying in the background. r=joedrew
c0ef7fe877d2b76c482fa838b281570357aa5b2cEd Morley — Backout 16ae4d5d27d7 for mochitest-other failures in test_mousescroll.xul
6b900e03eb58a0c9b26d889dfd6692f436ee2e59Jeff Walden — Windows opt build warning fixes. No bug, r=njn on the jsopcode code removal, r=lumpy on the rest
02f0c3cf55754a5ed530e42fbfbe98c1ef5b3bb4Justin Lebar — Bug 794280 - Improve comment for SpecialPowers.pushPrefEnv(). r=ted DONTBUILD
9fec17552df2b1b12b506e464768e2d3026e1cecEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9a73d985e5e93d00336afd4023696ff063eecf12Matthew Gregan — Bug 795892 - Fix CORS listener refcnt in ChannelMediaResource::OpenChannel. r=roc
16ae4d5d27d702df5c95c7278ad1b7e4b9235e86Vladimir Vukicevic — b=731974, requestAnimationFrame generates too short/long frames; r=bz,smaug,roc
a3435a20d3fffba8db276ce8d974ae612f834453Eddy Bruel — Bug 795625 - Don't push StmtInfo for Parser::functionBody; r=jorendorff on irc
7f64b635c8d69ebc60475b39acfe3cb186b54f31Alexander Surkov — Bug 785047 - force disable oop when JAWS is running, r=joshmoz
e956f3e5b10e4d84f2b102f5ce04ee9eb7ad00a4Gervase Markham — Bug 794314 - add .ca to IDN TLD whitelist.
bf9c0d80b36e4b48b415e5c6a911fc0c955cd2eeMike Hommey — Backout changeset 572b3980300c (bug 792050) for windows pymake bustage.
74a06c56da4eade326fb40c808b72d4adbeccf28Gervase Markham — Bug 793469 - add MPL 2 headers to files which lack them.
ef321673c843dd0e570770d4e3134376ad871591Eddy Bruel — Bug 795721 - Inherit FunctionBox from ObjectBox; r=njn
5a3024f9a7447752e3d248b2e032e6ad8b39a604Mike Hommey — Bug 794966 - Treat environment variables as = assignments instead of := in pymake. r=ted
dc70ce87180c1c8e2c68ece7c5927205eb6ff7e9Mike Hommey — Bug 794490 - Don't buffer stdout and stderr in pymake. r=ted
572b3980300cf81df71f5ae27a9aa281f4586d40Mike Hommey — Bug 792050 - Allow to precompile startup cache without omnijar'ing first. r=khuey
e679d2e1d02ddfbca75aa1296bac9316b8ed1e19Matt Woodrow — Bug 796183 - Always invalidate the widget when doing empty transactions with a LayerManager. r=roc
0c23e26472bb80ae0963f6fb97c3f35465b1edf7Matt Woodrow — Bug 795899 - Remove merged frame handling in BuildContainerLayerFor. r=roc
965f6dc789bee350b8939eaf13155fb6d8d9045aGary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Remove suppressions that were commented out since they did not show up again and their original bug reports had stacks with no line numbers. DONTBUILD
b1684a374f72f40b50d4e63cec2fcf22d1df3737Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 797093 - Fix running mochitests through mach; r=gps
640a57ebab483363c6ea8a53cbd14827684f19c9Jonathan Griffin — Bug 796019 - Make Marionette smarter about registering frame scripts, r=mdas, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
345a2a8ccb18eebe27b650e7f760be1373b94e4bEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
ea93afa3c7b7832ab5820d012c1f1035784cb3f2Simone Carletti — Bug 794882 - Add to PSL. r=gerv.
9a3537526360eec7baef4ad760fc295448e5a3aaGervase Markham — Bug 759095 - remove stray references to tri-license.
7897fb9e2563162c391049f494fde1116861a608Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 794767 - B2G RIL: Handle data call error without APN name. r=vicamo
a16dfb364f8cc690b36948cc2e628601c59b56a9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
da5df2c1ae16428cd4827ab31b6562a519e7e9d3Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 795255 - B2G RIL: improve error handling mechanism for 'setCallWaiting'. r=vicamo
c76b04f5a2b5ecf24cc7509ce3b4e501453cecbdEd Morley — Backout 7895a56d434d, 2520fd9f3883, bca9d7ef2727, ba4e134b13fd (bug 765119) for make check failures
15ec3a643b0b95810d86e211472607890549848cEd Morley — Backout dbc7e1bc48d0 (bug 765119) for make check failures
64fce23853dfa5b88b9b4be9c8fd0815d68cd26dEd Morley — Bug 745788 - Temporarily disable test_imagemap.html for frequent timeouts
c25274efa6f68beea223adb7b100beeced7728c2Steven Lee — Bug 783500 - Hook up IdleAPI to permissions manager, r=jlebar
dbc7e1bc48d0ca6e85fc0e15a8b0d3767d66c6beMarty Rosenberg — Fix a bunch of bugs that the fuzzers found (bug 765119, r=dvander)
7895a56d434da2e97879ad4ae62395a0312ac809Marty Rosenberg — Teach RangeAnalysis how to deal with unreachable blocks (bug 765119, r=dvander)
2520fd9f388380f2bd057c19ed3f4b694371d61eMarty Rosenberg — Add narrowing into range analysis, greatly speeding up some testcases (bug 765119, jandem)
bca9d7ef2727f1dff6ad72ac739fecb38595d7f7Marty Rosenberg — Add a bunch of features to range analysis to make it optimize more. (bug 765119, r=jandem)
ba4e134b13fdb90c5eda8ef714c119bf1b503a13Marty Rosenberg — Beta nodes sholud be able to have infinite ranges, fixes very slow testcase (bug 765119, r=dvander)
ac380af56c49b3c071cc5f68c6956d13d93ceb5dChris Jones — Back out 17f942846b9f (bug 795811) for causing startup crashes.
6c2462765e83bd944d3e4e325e44449fd196a56aDavid Bienvenu — Bug 679626 crash in nsIDOMWindowInternal::GetDocShell with signature pointing to nsASDOMWindowEnumerator::GetNext - try to avoid windows with no docshells. r=bz
3b58a62ebfd90055b6bb5da3f29790e82917c9a0Mark Hammond — Bug 795518 - window.close() in social windows should close social panel. r=jaws
13140a27ff09204eb2eb43fe4851cc1cdb3e1fc5Jared Wein — Bug 790112 - Fix social toolbar button styling so that separate "sub-buttons" are visually distinct, patch by :mixedpuppy, :jaws and :markh. r=felipe
80f9522602c512e4308a44d7cddbe3147b8e24b4Phil Ringnalda — Back out 17b5b5dcd308, 04af81445c05, 15cc0aabab67 (bug 788021) and 2575a2f89d22 (bug 790417) for Linux crashes
97362b531a38ba6a134d70a567b499d5267d75fbGene Lian — Bug 795209 - System Message API: Fail to fire 'icc-stkcommand' system messages. r=fabrice
7f3d9233b236a347174bb6f917f288fd571609eaPhil Ringnalda — merge m-c to m-i
064bf6c9fe165ae35222a403eeab7e0a55e50992Jason Duell — Bug 796164 - Change NECKO_UNKNOWN_APP_ID to UINT32_MAX. r=ehsan
ac5c29ec176b7492e4b60d2991940ef605eaf849Makoto Kato — Bug 795224 - no more backspace nor arrows on the deck Asus Transformer. r=cpeterson
42a7cb309ca13cfc55d1082e0cddf2fa563fdbe2Jared Wein — Bug 602006 - Remove Error Console item. r=dao
c92d00f777de3dd12fefbdd31788a90479bfd966Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 795768 (part 2) - De-macroize js_GetSrcNote().
9c656027f5c27fdcfaf9a1099206dd5d36c80012Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 795768 (part 1) - Remove lots of dead JSContext* occurrences.
17f942846b9fa4cdd133cff8a8550fb25a590adaDavid Zbarsky — Bug 795811 - Make GetPrimaryScrollableLayer() return null on all configurations except MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID r=cjones
17b5b5dcd30846794c71805186c173c8c479e041Justin Lebar — Bug 788021 - Part 3: Use nsMemoryReporterManager::MinimizeMemoryUsage in aboutMemory.js. r=njn
04af81445c050e4a405c60fab9170589f4e1f569Justin Lebar — Bug 788021 - Part 2: Add and implement nsIMemoryReporter::DumpMemoryReportsToFile. r=njn,cjones
15cc0aabab67288f2a2f3ed6408060450bc5cd1dJustin Lebar — Bug 788021 - Part 1: Add nsGZFileWriter. r=bsmedberg
2575a2f89d22c5b2a1d5e76c85c270d5314f88c6Justin Lebar — Bug 790417 - ContentParent::GetAll should include the pre-allocated process. r=cjones
bae96aa5f1adb4c04801db0ad7bd71569c026830Doug Turner — Bug 790503 - On Mac Mini, defaultCalibration reads outside of sensors[].,blassey
ba388025ede9aa7321034c903fc36002ba791e87Doug Turner — Bug 795478 - Remove blizzard fudge from xpcom io code. r=bsmedberg
c1ac587a1ccbdc793b5bcdbd7ae27ab80aa0298fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 63105f3adf34 (bug 721843) for xpcshell timeouts
d51aa340d3e20a9911fbdfb2981fdc81cfb8308eGina Yeh — Bug 795850 - Final version: BluetoothHfpManager failed to be added as observer of mozsettings-changed, r=qdot
1ca8706715d0814aec4fded5a9158e4f3a1e93f6Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 788408 - Part 2. Use glReadPixels to read back when back buffer isn't RGBA compatible. r=jgilbert
167652a318656a885cbdf574abe30f06d139098fKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 788408 - Part 1. fReadPixels should also respect mFlipped. r=mattwoodrow
aa73f5544e07d0ad205db239251812e3a1423e17Anthony Jones — Bug 795135 - Fix CairoTempMatrix restore. r=joe
aab010487a73b86c9f740802b719a19b1dd2e25fAnthony Jones — Bug 793085 - Remove UseAzureContentDrawing() in favour of SupportsAzureContent(). r=ncameron
932204a65b9c0edb9dfd940172280890423d7926Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
63105f3adf347e4bf82385ac9a83addeb6514397Benoit Girard — Bug 721843 - Add just-in-time debugging by using CRAWL_STACK_ON_SIGSEGV on non official builds for mac/linux. r=ted
1b0fd0ddbfecfd1f85a58855d3d6c8d249589694Benoit Girard — Bug 796084 - Rename MOZ_JAVA_COMPOSITOR -> MOZ_ANDROID_OMTC. r=blassey
3d9f6bb75bb0e8d777cc3fa38a023e9a3f5a2ee1Benoit Girard — Bug 796084 - Rename mCheckerboardLayer -> mScreenshotLayer. r=blassey
68bf9d057cf441df1a865aecad71ea3f1084c429David Keeler — Bug 795397 - Click-to-play blocklisting: respect the "plugins" permission. r=josh, r=jaws
becf552919cbe185512c5e2cfd1d1b75e77a2928Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
0b4424c89bbd762e1c4b5c09fd36e04fde050080Terrence Cole — Backout ed626654fe56 for alleged performance regression.
da4c00506d1a3f8c96e9a8be963bd2e9e49c4a3aCameron McCormack — Bug 795802 - Define content flags like frame state bits. r=bz
fa6148b9c877da861fd45b0eecbda875bf6894faDavid Chan — Bug 796116 - Fix Webapps:InstallPackage to notify observers [r=fabrice]
5b0107836b76b3ca9a9f6bdc18d3ed0a6c7a4579Patrick McManus — bug 795082 http remove dead or redundant code r=honzab
377cda004bd74736636556724ce69bf27d9c31b6Phil Ringnalda — Back out 024f0c7ca3fc and 9f856ef0f078 (bug 778367) for Windows reftest failures
f625a0dc10524e71789677b09189eed777078333Sean Stangl — Bug 794679 - Cache for GetPcScript(). r=pierron
c2c611cc8df4b44d2d9b33b1ec8e8ca7866af8caTerrence Cole — Bug 793823 - Don't create a second InternalBindingsHandle; r=billm
7cdce684b5230665aef01d949841a699f86a05baTerrence Cole — Bug 793823 - Store an InternalHandle in BindingIter; r=billm
d86a9822bd608529ac2066707b5448a85552ee87Fabrice Desré — Bug 782524 - window.navigator instanceof window.Window throws unexpected error [r=bz]
ab46c9bd4e0bcc3da839d4643a81c318c916a977Anant Narayanan — Bug 794668 - Fix error in patch to add fake media stream; r=me
67f974b861f5f5278d40bdaa1f629289ee357c0aAnant Narayanan — Bug 794668 - Add fake media stream functionality to getUserMedia; r=jesup
db9dc0e948157291bb8c64868b98c9bb5f8b36aeMario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 783288 - Add 'conformant' to the spellchecker en-US dictionary; r=ehsan
5065be124c8d8cac8004de6028d35739f603dff1Robert Strong — Bug 796054 - Display of free space on disk is calculated incorrectly for the stub installer. r=bbondy
024f0c7ca3fcc0f6b842fd4e47f8f77cfed20ccdBas Schouten — Bug 778367 - Part 2: Mark a test fuzzy where DWrite seems to render differently to a smaller surface. r=jrmuizel
9f856ef0f07892dd19686fac622665b3548c6cd8Bas Schouten — Bug 778367 - Part 1: Minimize intermediate surface size. r=jrmuizel
645f41404b82a986d426c41f46b9ad2cd3a70337Zack Weinberg — Another round of diagnostics for bug 536603.
784278a210914dca7a1c992a1d7ed97c71cb92abZack Weinberg — Revert previous set of diagnostics for bug 536603.
c9a8f55d8541397f63894112088df7846c8078b8Ms2ger — Bug 793314 - Followup: Remove PtrBits from nsAttrValueInlines.h.
e5f2c48f10c22a85074e31e6d811c2d506f418a1Peter Van der Beken — Bug 795610 - Part a: Outparamdel GetBoolAttr/GetIntAttr; r=mounir
bea217523192bcf4e7084ed6fcf2fff45113b342Ms2ger — Bug 793400 - Prepare test_bug370098.html for Node WebIDL binding; r=mounir
0bdcf50f507a5086c06611ead9cab04c19e0a417Peter Van der Beken — Bug 794582 - Rename nsINode::GetSlots() to nsINode::Slots() and remove null-checks; r=mounir
e95e75772da1bb934d3d09d4bf5e9db11ad8be7cMs2ger — Bug 793263 - Remove #error from base/basictypes.h; r=bsmedberg
50fde7a256f154d3bfc47dbb0ca9bd5f8ee95042Ms2ger — Bug 792379 - Don't include prtypes.h in base/basictypes.h; r=cjones
111089855ef805f814a3eded6ec9961353d16313Ms2ger — Bug 780698 - Part c: Support mochitest-a11y, reftest, crashtest in mach; r=gps
1b36381b4b6bb1122d9deee7c5fd504eadd28508Ms2ger — Bug 780698 - Part b: Fix mochitest runners; r=gps
195e7907f7ba5c96c983558370895f202a865a71Ms2ger — Bug 780698 - Part a: Give _run_make append_env and explicit_env arguments; r=gps
9598fc30867529ca71116c30c937afee79b45aa4Ms2ger — Bug 795034 - Fix append_env argument to mozbuild's _run_command; r=gps
d58921e3d755fb56871c094412c7c6a5bd87dcc5Ms2ger — Bug 795300 - Remove xpc_GetGlobalForObject; r=bholley
c499b6216b7264aee71565f134e078aaf5c15358Ms2ger — Bug 795301 - Demacroize IS_{SLIM,WN}_WRAPPER{,_OBJECT}; r=bholley
2e953d2c37b37fa4bb7dc2c85d114c7688d3dc8eMs2ger — Bug 793116 - Remove nsISupports argument to xpc_CreateGlobalObject; r=bholley
e0e3e5fb196c1aab18926fe44a51da96c239739cMs2ger — Bug 793482 - Use xpc::GetCompartmentPrivate in a few more places; r=bholley
7e5ee5365db994de4b58be186d8332b9cd43d451Ms2ger — Bug 793314 - Remove PtrBits; r=mounir,roc
8dcf029847f944bb566dcdc9a56667626fd3d86dMs2ger — Bug 795403 - Cleanup nsXULWindow::GetWindowDOMElement; r=bz
3c6284e55b87d2e11f4a187bc41567db19cf83f0Ms2ger — Bug 756897 - Don't use XPCStringConvert::ReadableToJSVal directly in nsDOMClassInfo.cpp; r=bz
ee22f4c023e2549eeaf408391727a79c50bd448aMs2ger — Bug 780151 - Part b: Don't hand out ThisTranslators; r=bz
2f03d52c71909cbf91b849134b0b8448f35c7506Ms2ger — Bug 780151 - Part a: Remove unused arguments to TranslateThis; r=bz
bbf6b499528aabff594ad9aca931b8742b98366eMs2ger — Bug 780146 - Part d: Inline mozilla::dom::binding::DefineConstructor; r=bz
078873f74ae5dc6194f03c7683bd8908fd8eb161Ms2ger — Bug 780161 - Part c: Introduce nsGlobalWindow::IndexedGetter(); r=bz
ca3c9d6c410a4d5af34eaa2fdaaecedfd82d59f9Ms2ger — Bug 780161 - Part b: Introduce nsGlobalWindow::GetLength(); r=bz
85dd8e346102a3839fcab5f89420f708a9b6cb6dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
0f91d1acd09b5674716a642dcccd4c3cc179b4d8Heather Arthur — Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view, r=paul
1ef6d7852465abc53a35d30c25e5072653423decJan Skrasek — Bug 785903 - Markup panel selection should scroll to the center when highlighting, r=dcamp
a2214e8900c0820dbc66ff0bc7903a415e2101f8Victor Porof — Bug 782877 - Intermittent browser_dbg_bfcache.js | uncaught JS exception - TypeError: element is undefined at debugger-controller.js:1275, r=rcampbell
0c8442db91feccee0add2a0173ef66c0e2ea47e2Victor Porof — Bug 790553 - Increase the timeout when connecting to Firefox for Android from the Remote Debugger, r=past
59783c7c3040b0ca871930ffb77a5b49f317eb92Victor Porof — Bug 795009 - REMOTE_PROFILE_NAME should actually be chrome, r=past
2f2fc4efee8905ea75382a7efcb0b50db3e5e87aVictor Porof — Bug 794887 - Some entities in debugger.dtd are unused, r=past
cd72779323e1e34ecc4f246db72c3e5f4e1424aaJulian Muenster — Bug 791163 - Add addon-options-displayed/addon-options-hidden as constants on AddonManager. r=Unfocused
b0fc903a074955d3b33ee75761001465c50796f1Matt Woodrow — Bug 795722 - Clear our cached ImageContainer when the imgFrame changes. r=joe
396630ce4035872fe4a1d03258343e7405bbf18bMatt Woodrow — Bug 770144 - Use FuzzyEqual to compare layer scale values. r=roc
699db88b5ea01fd321fe8abfe5bb071e991b120dBrian Smith — Bug 795972: Upgrade NSS to NSS_3_14_BETA1, r=me
a032bf27fa0507c8a7fbd2ae8d7567e377968a54Brian Smith — Bug 795987: Upgrade NSPR to NSPR_4_9_3_BETA1, r=me
ddd4e4a5f33795ebe6e036ed39080280cef9156aBrian Smith — Bug 767241, Part 1: Create scoped pointer types for NSS types, r=honzab
fb076a446870dcf4b7d4b79ef03e98137ca02a2dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
3bc2919782a70d5de289afdc3958670900e77fd7Vladimir Vukicevic — b=796156; fix test_bug574663 to drive scrolling directly; r=ehsan
1f581386f53dbce0763832bb1b96d098469ac06dVladimir Vukicevic — b=768838; fix intermittent test_bug549262 failure; r=ehsan
a62f61bf19a06ac83208b7e064ce39b5cf6bec29Vladimir Vukicevic — b=793233; mark reftest bidi/779003-1.html and 712600 as random; r=smontagu
0b152874098131159d59d4ce425461e0bfab2f75Vladimir Vukicevic — b=683143,792462; Some tests call SimpleTest.finish() twice/guard against that; r=ehsan
02e75979ee3ba872e8ebb23a6e93f3ff09606e33Vladimir Vukicevic — b=792845; kill WARNING: GetScaneCodeWithExtendedFlat() returns without extended flag; r=masayuki
ece3e81be2b68213e716f2e96edaf48a926d19d0Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 708812 - Telemetry probes for GeckoApp startup. r=blassey
b2fa7360a9e3378de3cd0aef42f302bb618e18c0Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 708812 - Add telemetry probes for Android startup. r=blassey
b198e36a7d73dff78f0b57e8796ef28481c6c286Bobby Holley — Bug 794912 - Remove dynamic privilege check in isCrossOriginAccessPermitted. r=mrbkap
14cf58aff2ec582529f8ca0638a1370c99167e60Jeff Hammel — Bug 795943 - Mirror mozbase -> m-c for week of Oct 1 @;r=wlach
ed626654fe5638886e4a4b401bbdd6fad5ef0477Terrence Cole — Bug 794667 - Add an AutoAssertCanGC to help with exact rooting; r=billm
e2fb3f7e790df9250af28f0154e59991362ee443Jeff Walden — Split up an assertion of x && y && z into separate asserts for x, y, and z, for easier at-a-glance understandings of failures should the assertion ever be hit. No bug, r=sparky
4ae30378c203315bcf647c37f378c207b18fa5c0John Schoenick — Bug 794034 - Fennec: Don't act on tel: uris with * or # present. r=bz
ec776b922b2364734bce287cace8db8fa0c5cc2bEitan Isaacson — Bug 791400 - AccessFu refactor for separating chrome and content. r=davidb
e3bec3b18597af256d2ca3f938897c08b6d4045eGregor Wagner — Bug 793361 - Apps, SystemMessages: free message manager references for killed children. r=fabrice
f134e05d03362697413221c5af5d8ef1283f27f9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
c0873dd40e2db69b1336a5eae0249bac533e3bc8Joe Drew — Bug 486918 - Create and obey a high-quality downscaling pref, and turn it off on OS X and mobile. r=jlebar
780d5ccc064cd7f0f655d534fd25ae7a595cbad6Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 486918. Part 2: Add the ability to pre-downscale using a high-quality scaler on a separate thread. r=joe,jlebar
717fb1afa61242689405c49c756450cc5bb5c287Joe Drew — Bug 486918. Part 1: Import Chromium's higher-quality image scalers, since we know those to be good and shippable. r=jrmuizel
ff86ec766232dea8f113da79d6994dd2c52da838Andrea Marchesini — Bug 793310 - Support sms:, tel: and mailto: URI schemes, r=philipp
d17c811e3b8c486e89575420ce545e46fc27afe0Phil Ringnalda — Back out 2d8822b9c0b5 and 56a268d63e01 (bug 708812) for Android ts red
f127f704815c03c3edc2ce2a52b4b585826efc84Timothy Nikkel — Bug 784591. Add an optional argument to the unlock image api on documents so that we can request that the image be discarded only in some situations. r=khuey
495a115ec2cc4dd00b415b1d97259480f76ddba6Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 795743 - Fix misc rooting analysis errors on test402; r=terrence
589328aa176a962429c759e1e38b0d11793f03ecNathan Froyd — Bug 795964 - pack nsListenerStruct better on 64-bit platforms; r=smaug
ef201a4b3f37010396f8cb865f3d4496fd1232ccNathan Froyd — Bug 720768 - add nsDOMEventTargetHelper::DispatchTrustedEvent; r=mounir, sr=smaug
48724698ca340cd4c2ed22d39f106f6e51ff7a8cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 793480: Back button is disabled on open a new tab in background. [r=mfinkle]
dc17abff955a4ac9647996c85b0c57b2b13ac413Nathan Froyd — Bug 791765 - make sure to try and send all the ping files; r=taras
85f3e07f71cee5d291ba130399c1a7cb7740213aBenoit Girard — Bug 794206 - Initialize mRuntime. r=ehsan
99a0dca913ab21f08b4eb76dac54119432dd8501Mark Finkle — Bug 795911 - Add-on menus do not fire r=sriram
5ffc03e9be82d7ec8eb0362f55483d0c16a4ea96Michal Novotny — Bug 795897 - Force NSPR logging for cache module in release build, r=biesi
acb61f5a441cc6c2748e9977cbff18aac45c3493Nathan Froyd — Bug 783005 - delete ping files that have been around for too long; r=taras
2d8822b9c0b5599e5031b0ec3b0ab82ce90288f3Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 708812 - Telemetry probes for GeckoApp startup. r=blassey
56a268d63e01db4ed9fb94666b11b7f8fa388007Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 708812 - Add telemetry probes for Android startup. r=blassey
8c035b44ef281990b89576bf1ef90425103c4489James Willcox — Bug 793276 - Make sure we do not force an automatic download for Android updates r=mfinkle
42d8a883e361bb9f98638b77ce28164b307a361aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 793319 - Backport patches to make the output order deterministic. r=rail.
e8f9e7a76efa480f8dd929cf7040fcb611f7b4a5Randell Jesup — Bug 791245: Add license for ACE (windows XP condition var polyfill) r=gerv DONTBUILD
447a46c78baca49cc51686aa6b2cffe2b5e2d441Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 794513 - Prefix Fennec-specific Telemetry with FENNEC_. r=dao
4a83e0291d581cc077b9296fc6cbcf72323737d6Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 793317 - Only enable the x86,x86_64 and arm targets. r=rail.
94526a90222e6c46c25723cda44d04625e8c4c2eEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
86cc9c289960e869d047a72372f060c919879c66Boris Zbarsky — Bug 792980. Don't force consumers to list descriptors for interfaces that are using all teh defaults. r=peterv
b16fb4f4ad481335da9d58e233dffc8f4ae35918Joel Maher — Bug 792029 - Make SpecialPowers available in crashtests. r=ted
2d1a365a332043ac3cc4bbc0cc2c216610004ce8Isaac Aggrey — Bug 795507: Remove usage of PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C and PR_END_EXTERN_C; r=ehsan
144db3479fe37c80e9c92fbd6e1d3471010a7782Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795751. Make CSS2Properties stuff work even with pref names that are not identifiers. r=dholbert
1b63db497ca442b68af42627d55d782fb3f89918Boris Zbarsky — Bug 793528. Worker bindings should default to looking for headers in mozilla/dom/workers/bindings/. r=khuey
c61a2a4bc3940be530b760ccfef9adb45151232eGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 794513 - Add Telemetry for Awesomebar performance. r=margaret
e352d9f243e74d2a69f1e8e1e50fb13a7a45dec3Ms2ger — Merge backout.
a17579743ac9d4c34e68ee7e321af7df14432004Ms2ger — Bug 795862 - Back out bug 486918 for build bustage in unreviewed code.
e848e64275914fc28575c4addccb137d25dadedaMounir Lamouri — Bug 795328 - Refactor some code in nsEventListenerManager by using GetTargetAsInnerWindow(). r=smaug
c7df097666149a619075bcd0e38efe1b97dd7e72Mounir Lamouri — Bug 795711 - 'network.activity.blipIntervalMilliseconds' user pref should be taken into account. r=bz
6727fcb410250a218822a9be2b69cd95d3debfc7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 791953 Fix lossy conversion warning in gfxFont.h r=jfkthame
84e28049280dd8a1a93c271446a69f6012db5029Mark Goodwin — Bug 770099 - Send CSP policy and report information to Web Console (Part 2); r=dveditz,msucan,jwalker
1f0367f9f1b6e0f6123165dda95ae6b7cdee6c6dMark Goodwin — Bug 770099 - Send CSP policy and report information to Web Console (Part 1); r=dveditz,msucan,jwalker
64236acfaa803fa31e2846ba744392b7f681501ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 791774 (Hook DOM lists up to the new DOM bindings). r=bz.
f4c544d409bdcee68326c74775313ce72c573858Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 794959 (Use the right cast in GetAs* functions of union types in new DOM bindings). r=bz.
6362581f442e31019d0c147edb958a9fbe47d298Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 791347 (Support non-nsISupports refcounted natives and non-refcounted natives in new DOM bindings). r=bz/smaug.
1caa3c482541911876778e6f1c26e95975a5419cHenri Sivonen — Bug 503190 - Include assertions in the C++ translator output. r=smaug.
b7cc4a94a64942e79f5ef90478f7ab191bdfb9a6Henri Sivonen — Bug 792790 - Introduce NoBoundsCheck variants of accessors on nsHtml5HtmlAttributes; Make operator= in jArray nullptr-aware. r=smaug.
82ee9a90351f1942930bfb144a74621ee722639fGina Yeh — Bug 795249 - Final version: Broadcast hfp connection status with system message, r=qdot
22011fdcca0146964984e22dcff0827f84a4ac19Kyle Machulis — Bug 790739: Patch 3 - Service and Manager changes for Bluetooth server sockets; r=cjones
307b15d6a63f369793f48c3c4ef9a53c221c0360Kyle Machulis — Bug 790739: Patch 2 - BluetoothSocketConnection changes for server sockets; r=cjones
aade44131d6c270a90faca358e1734709d51f74bKyle Machulis — Bug 790739: Patch 1 - UnixSocket changes for server sockets; r=cjones
63b393c1facc01f150bc3c1cd40e6132a537260bChris AtLee — Bug 795982: Sign and upload stub installer. r=khuey,rail
85df971e0db114197a7370cd14abb41513063877Gregory Szorc — Bug 795394 - Default to utf-8 encoding when no encoding is specified; r=jhammel
98d8b5c9bafbd55b47ba0b9984e3575ef27e5b98Gregory Szorc — Bug 795477 - Install NullHandler on root logger; r=jhammel
573907d351e3e1d0a51dba223be15b76aa92fdebGregory Szorc — Bug 795491 - Improve mach's help text; r=jhammel
9e8a91dfbc7e07bf80fcaba5db3aeb04ebee4989Victor Porof — Bug 790650 - It may be a good idea to have the debugger start with collapsed panels, r=past
d4355e045ea76e8bd1f473bdae0e52194e11a4f3Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
5b799e7132346d8cf4cde4c1738fdfb4f5edb2d6Eric Chou — Bug 795410 - patch 3: Get file content and send, r=qdot
02747dcace863372fef293993a714720af1b8763Eric Chou — Bug 795410 - patch 2: Complete call flow, r=qdot
17f579c381b17d9035f425cf48e9716c421642c4Eric Chou — Bug 795410 - patch 1: Basic function prototype, r=qdot
1c930f35d954b191cae03b9ba1c9984a3d1ee944Kyle Machulis — Backing out e8e7e0cf43d8 (Bug 790739) due to bustage
fac034d8c69aa77e4a4e8df61acbd143d2027e9aKyle Machulis — Backing out 826ef2970e19 (Bug 790739) due to bustage
3f2cac5ea7e3698ee8b3ac9832a83ec47d81d02eKyle Machulis — Backing out 9a88f0d57e7d (Bug 790739) due to bustage
6dc03c67a4bb5fd9bd54187ce1dc80e04d6ad24dPatrick Wang — Bug 791935 - Part 3: Test case r=philikon
c2a95427068ab075b32d677b853632cfccd1300ePatrick Wang — Bug 791935 - Part 2: Send MT Call, Call Connected and Call Disconnected envelope commands r=philikon
13085adbbf5d1a1d6e6004d23cdf70eb57a54a8aPatrick Wang — Bug 791935 - Part 1: IDL change r=philikon sr=sicking
02ba33fdf2d21d7bf43ff1f4a845a4a4f4fbdc65David Zbarsky — Bug 790508: SampleAnimations should walk the layer tree from the root instead of from the primary scrollable layer r=cjones
9a88f0d57e7d6cb4a810cb007f359300ff4286f0Kyle Machulis — Bug 790739: Patch 3 - Service and Manager changes for Bluetooth server sockets; r=cjones
826ef2970e19fe08b1587f2f1ffbb43cbe90ae2aKyle Machulis — Bug 790739: Patch 2 - BluetoothSocketConnection changes for server sockets; r=cjones
e8e7e0cf43d85ddca5dcde5054df6c5abe02a481Kyle Machulis — Bug 790739: Patch 1 - UnixSocket changes for server sockets; r=cjones
1983304d2e60e8de09205c7e1f724109afdcc606Kyle Machulis — Bug 793831: Add socket validity checks to RIL IPC; r=cjones
04cebae27c5e58509c053ad0f4965f8cbec75cbaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 795765 - Fix "used but never defined" warning for JSObject::asString(). r=jwalden.
f7505a5f3770d78f482843b5d3ad76012f40bb0fMarshall Culpepper — Bug 778349: Initial support for OS ("FOTA") updates in Gonk. r=rstrong r=bbondy r=fabrice
95619df80315ab0862119fb87c3e363d61cff420Phil Ringnalda — Bug 443763 - reenable test_bug331215.xul now that the passage of time has fixed it
02f3213b154fa50ca1b0b3082ae51005a774cef8Patrick McManus — bug 769764 - followup fix error check and whitespace r=josh
5245844b645d4aa943e5e3ea9accd4c4345309dfMike Habicher — Bug 779145 - Add support for unsoliciated onShutter and onClosed callbacks, handle OnNavigation to clean-up. r=jst
74c6fc2c4ad1993020627a800cf5681707cf5222Ed Morley — Backout 3c95dca80f3f (bug 790650) for causing the current #1 toporange, bug 782877
beee809b7ade112df78eef6191791e11edf33d9cMatt Woodrow — Bug 795796 - Fix empty transactions. r=cjones
281019df934376a248ff555dd6a328271696edb5Matt Woodrow — Bug 795694 - Invalidate changed visible regions of layers. r=roc
4a7836f11aa7d751b7c974cf707d312617ee0982Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 795015 - Set the initial state of the per-docshell private browsing flag based on the state of the global PB service; r=jdm,bzbarsky
31ae286fff781d9cedf951358c19750543740bc7Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
288a1c96c20b13a27dc534fef6677818897f91ecChris Pearce — Bug 794725 - Don't report pointer movement when we re-enter application window. r=smaug
738c9ad0f809bea8941ecc6ffd882b0fd416639eKannan Vijayan — Bug 786126 - part 2 - Skip IC generation for GetElems of int32 indexes on non-native objects. (r=dvander)
42e5480fb109bf8798d801037ba953db4bcfa911Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 795584 - Add a template parameter to clamped. r=Ms2ger
18e98f1040c2f97cbba36d144090c74bf9b385b6Gordon P. Hemsley — Bug 792575 - Change Hawaiian [haw] langGroup to 'x-western'. r=jfkthame
a9c4d0c92df1ab7cbe63193384ddbea24526795bKyle Huey — Bug 792625: Fix xpcshell to accept non-ASCII command line arguments on Windows. r=bsmedberg
96f3db193c755b22956b50155b1ad36250df34dbKyle Huey — Bug 795128: Add memory reporting for attribute maps and nodes. r=smaug
72e482dbd38460db058c95827a3e4e6857986fa4Kyle Huey — Bug 760331: Coalesce data for inline style across nodes. r=bz
08cb400c9a490d67b7fa553164250850d1eed2bbRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 12465a1211e0 (bug 789897) for landing without addressing all review comments.
12465a1211e0e3489938426295b4988906947036Eddy Bruel — Bug 789897 - Implement the preventExtensions trap for proxies; r=jorendorff
22c9c298a21f902bc8f798ffa7f244d7d064b12aEddy Bruel — Bug 787856 - Use static JSObject::getProto in proxy code; r=wmccloskey
fc074c4155138d8065efa082171d247320420740Brad Lassey — bug 792825 - Crash in js::gc::MarkObjectRange on CyanogenMod 10, back out changeset 9a02263d7206 r=mossop
1b627472f76cb4460da2f9493fe06adb0724bcebMounir Lamouri — Bug 795136 - 3/2 - Disabling tests until bug 795711 is fixed. r=me
789babb33800dca61c5ad1b8e6675feb63925218Mounir Lamouri — Bug 795136 - 2/2 - Add 'network-events' permission to access network-{upload,download} events. r=sicking
37a2a580d6145cc28a445b7da55b36d4b9886ac4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 795136 - 1/2 - Add events notifying the window if upload/download happen on the system. r=smaug sr=sicking
71b82c3cd96c7decee1c23f34699ce8c66b6dfa4Simon Montagu — Change :dir selectors to :-moz-dir in css files. Bug 562169, r=dbaron
490b19dde4762606c38ced844a2b29317d4a7071Ms2ger — No bug - Fix stupid bug because I don't know Python; hat-tip=tbsaunde (NPOTB, DONTBUILD)
a4ea3c56646b4a6c8e811c2bd2040928bcd42241bobbyholley+bmo — Bug 793370 - crash in nsWebShellWindow::Initialize, r=smaug+bz
0df33af01ceeb06e16ce554ea1ce499260439178Mounir Lamouri — Merge m-i inm-c.
7a231dc2234783901398ad65c3ad4744c243bfe5Daniel Holbert — Bug 666041: Reftests for css3-flexbox. (tests-only)
de6a5c46a8ff61c03ffe6ed8545e6cb02c31da89Daniel Holbert — Bug 666041 patch 8: Add special handling for "min-width: auto" value on flex items. r=dbaron
076d87bf30d091738dc355b817e928d5d6faae8cDaniel Holbert — Bug 666041 patch 7: implementation of flex container class for CSS3 flexbox. r=dbaron
129629b6106fb033310e9cb8f363c2fa00e586c9Daniel Holbert — Bug 666041 patch 6.5: Add flag to nsHTMLReflowState & ComputeSize for measuring auto height. r=dbaron
aaf9e3020132bbeeaff9180d9da9d1da76b81f53Joe Drew — Bug 486918 - Create and obey a high-quality downscaling pref, and turn it off on OS X and mobile. r=jlebar
27e0c22b96e5ef918e0de7817ee572a26d0aa274Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 486918. Part 2: Add the ability to pre-downscale using a high-quality scaler on a separate thread. r=joe,jlebar
a59944cc37813631d5c5d9847691a95bd3c0cdb3Joe Drew — Bug 486918. Part 1: Import Chromium's higher-quality image scalers, since we know those to be good and shippable. r=jrmuizel
bed067351ab6e0202b1b05b323c70bc59b84590bJoe Drew — Bug 786444 - Part 2 - Make imgFrame's lock status a count, not a boolean, so you can lock it multiple times and still be correct. r=jlebar
f9506ec6be803397adcb13ab156839e9f7cdbcf3Joe Drew — Bug 786444 - Part 1 - Add an RAII class to make locking imgFrame more foolproof, use it, and be sure to lock imgFrame more correctly. r=jlebar
a96be857cca7f1fb92331c7a0e0b23d54fba6252Joe Drew — Bug 786449 - Add a place to explicitly initialize RasterImage on the main thread at startup. r=jlebar
1dde5624fc81e8d98c493e6980b3fa80a6e48fa8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout c1fff87fd8e8 (bug 779145) due to build bustage.
c1fff87fd8e8c5ee39b0d2f813be2bdc476ac09bMike Habicher — Bug 779145 - Add support for unsoliciated onShutter and onClosed callbacks, handle OnNavigation to clean-up. r=jst
e95251661b78d7ddcc4451efd5a4c1166bb00a12Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
56680410dde6cba71b8614112813743a016229e0Fabrice Desré — Bug 776672 - Check that app processes using the application management APIs have the right permission(s) [r=cjones]
e6fb0f8197f7ea5039eb1f4105d0ba02cbb0a6d4Eric Chou — Bug 795458 - a workaround for this bug and fixed a typo, r=qdot
fcac73861b0337885c682314a63b79872b11f22bKannan Vijayan — Bug 786126 - patch 1 - Add Ion exit frame type for OOL calls to PropertyOp. (r=jandem)
a7c6371727090378860d6401de60c96a3aff1579Kannan Vijayan — Backing out 4858ec60ad5f - bad bug number in commit message.
d882662a0bb6a753b34f9133c951c08def1a8851Steve Workman — Bug 734546: Add DASH Decoders and Readers r=cpearce r=ted
6df63191884b8631984d92bef4b937ab084042cdSteve Workman — Bug 734546: Add full byte range request ability to ChannelMediaResource r=cpearce
d95f2229451eb5934b73687ff1950fa3540b8ab8Stephen Horlander — Bug 783778 - Update Google search favicon for mobile. r=margaret
3d34057e17d8fe157ed5874bb435abc59c10a520Timothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 793082 - Allow sendChromeEvent to queue the events until window.onload fires, r=fabrice
6676711a510bed4692e70a2516546952689977aeFabrice Desré — Bug 772364 - Implement update mechanism for packaged apps [r=gwagner]
ffa6a1423baf065501f94ab84f18b64597c1dccbChris Jones — Bug 794188: Check the fmradio permission at process boundaries. r=jlebar
d912cef9b337e947305238224209459c673cae0eMs2ger — No bug - Remove some dead code from (NPOTB, DONTBUILD)
12453e5547a80ed163ce7a6d49d26f1b03f82accMs2ger — Bug 794891 - Format known-failures JSON files according to local conventions for now. (NPOTB, DONTBUILD)
dc715e98e5818449649ce0c162da4e6fc556d009Gary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Removing another suppression from Valgrind files. DONTBUILD
afd368401fdbf2f1f4ccdd417f17f91072c4f753Gary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Removing suppression from Valgrind files. DONTBUILD
a680fd777c3b92d81650dd51c8cb3e9e5faf6398Matt Woodrow — Bug 770617 - Always mark inactive CanvasLayers as being dirty. r=cjones
b332f047a93bf9492740435cd0aad176bec2d162Matt Woodrow — Bug 795611 - Call virtual InvalidateFrame from InvalidateFrameSubtree since nsTable*Frame overloads it. r=cjones
8cc407a142e866e28d726e1fb850df7777e4f92bMatt Woodrow — Bug 795576 - Correctly add the NS_FRAME_UPDATE_LAYER_TREE when invalidating inside a popup. r=cjones
6b1bc45be7f5723d38bb66bc43bb13f3b977460aMatt Woodrow — Bug 795646 - Add crashtest for merged nsDisplayFixedPosition items. r=cjones
87346ce19cfcb1c052667b668e9fea2e1245171eMatt Woodrow — Bug 795631 - Update BasicLayerManager::mPhase variable in release mode as well as debug. r=cjones
e10fd37030e32b98d8b174a7289be3a6eee7c4ffFrank Yan — Bug 781327 - Use 2x images for HiDPI browser UI. r=dolske
d0b325032484073aa3e97a385aaa157ec507440baceman — Bug 738194 - Add markupDocumentViewer to editor.xml. r=neil
aa53fc5ef63474fc692c6ff1078118b2aa736cd5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
72e03ee74f40c90f4d646000b0983ec3f3724efbSimon Montagu — Add vendor prefix to :dir selector. Bug 562169, r=dbaron
25041824911b6ccdfcdd427c90860c4a359a99a5Phil Ringnalda — Back out eae519534b01 (bug 772364), 4935822abf87 (bug 795164) and ddee22deae16 (bug 793082) for orange on a CLOSED TREE
eae519534b01a97f75ccd08b4bd87bd66d943a95Fabrice Desré — Bug 772364 - Implement update mechanism for packaged apps [r=gwagner]
4935822abf87f6b1d364ca82b3f6c80946657026Etienne Segonzac — Bug 795164 - Preventing DOMApplicationRegistry from broadcasting the same message to the same message manager multiple times. [r=fabrice]
ddee22deae16b711fbc8c56175daf09b6dd503e9Timothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 793082 - Allow sendChromeEvent to queue the events until window.onload fires, r=fabrice
3e63fa4a848a33199a2f20b61c6fc0dd9e0ed8abMounir Lamouri — Bug 795134 - Remove localStorage when clear private data API is used. r=bent
e6f2ba68e6858e600b445deefa5ff1423191999eJim Mathies — Bug 795307 - Use telemetry to report touch enabled device stats. r=nfroyd
e05d8c7fc54b598630a927569f92c18991d0765bChris Coulson — Bug 795395 - Don't unload the library immediately on failure on nsGSettingsService::Init(). r=karlt
6ce8440e0e2f67d9c1efc4be40d718a54b3f219eMarco Chen — Bug 794881 - Phone state to dialing or connected will clear ForceForUse to None. r=philikon
cc62b6addaf3f1d4b0d2a0c573e6511665c5a650Rudy Lu — Bug 794878 - Keyboard API should pass initial values for input[type="date|time"] and others. r=vingtetun
3f5390b6970e29a951e6c8c4455ac08b4d659334Anthony Jones — Bug 794463 - Fix nullptr failure in Azure canvas. r=roc
c0ab627c99dda912c362eed31f70240a5adcabd2Vincent Chang — Bug 793558 - Time API: changes does not persist after a restart. r=mwu
be23db843f5075b9c4a6aeeda7bcb0fea5df49baArchaeopteryx — Bug 787289 - Don't copy useless info from about:support. r=dtownsend
ecedd932c25bdaa2dd39a536139439441fd3ea01James Kitchener — Bug 718293 - Anchor string in nsHTMLDocumentSH::CallToGetPropMapper. r=jorendorff
6a5b311a12e636c40c6b9779eee6ebda2418701eAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 685903 - Remove firebug automation from testing/firebug. r=jhammel
a34cf400a83cd7733a194928107735de687cf655Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
eef8fce038aa8c19695a3aaf7be32dd20ae3792aDão Gottwald — Bug 774009 - uncaught JS exception while running browser_overflowScroll.js (TypeError: aTab.linkedBrowser is null). r=gavin
86acf4b667c822c8f14be779577b921a37a1c987George Wright — Bug 795549 - Move TileProc functions into their own file to ensure they only exist once in a library r=mattwoodrow
85f561c755f68f4ce6a795eeca28c9a46c03e1fcMatt Woodrow — Bug 795591 - Disable merged display item tracking. r=cjones
4b1bbc80a5af508b5e71295cc1adb5b192f8f36dRobert Strong — Bug 795647 - The string Firefox is in the SELECT_FOLDER l10n text. r=bbondy
cd82278e2bb8f4a297833c50c69c47b80d717d55Gary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Suppress another cross architecture bug. DONTBUILD
879cce846c1e5f6d81f5889cfedbd39c2f143372Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
1d3de8da2508e3acdaa3ddf1e0769472d3704f0bJonathan Kew — bug 674373 pt 6 - support HiDPI display in Cocoa widget code. r=roc,smichaud
550641381dfaf0e8144e4aec9e458dfd8c125aebJonathan Kew — bug 674373 pt 5 - provide a fullZoom API in nsIDOMWindowUtils, and use this rather than inferring zoom from CSS to device pixel ratio. r=roc
4e8929729b4caefbccbd752c27a34be60f8b71f3Jonathan Kew — bug 674373 pt 4 - pass device-to-CSS pixel ratio to LookAndFeel code when requesting a font style. r=roc
466d49964ff1084d25487b811989272813450d79Jonathan Kew — bug 674373 pt 3 - remove unused nsBaseWidget::SetBounds method. r=roc
8d715c5958385ef03ab775a068635a09f39686a9Jonathan Kew — bug 674373 pt 2 - consistently use client bounds for layer sizing. r=roc
66bc6ceca2f34b2054edf6d18a2a104ad39deee5Markus Stange — bug 674373 pt 1 - Mac OS X native theme rendering support for HiDPI display. r=smichaud
b16e828c9443fd7558ab311513f06976bc440f1eNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 794286 - ReconstructPcStack, Keep hidden stack depth only when following gotos. r=luke
57e4febd27752f055ce632a30af0b610c9016237Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 787848 - Handle JSOP_THROWING opcode in the decompiler. r=luke
9f22813d133f4b93717e07569a37c2c3f1643a34Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 787309 - Fallback on try notes after continuing on a goto. r=luke
81b8598fb470d41430eb71767d292dbbb055e03fEric Chou — Bug 794514 - patch 3: added requests and completed call flow, r=qdot
36d770df9bc64548a75db600bd902a94fbca5edeEric Chou — Bug 794514 - patch 2: implemented newly added functions, r=qdot
99e4fc2c74ef2ec3a04fbee1dddd9c6e2211317dEric Chou — Bug 794514 - patch 1: Update DOM API, r=qdot, sr=mrbkap
da4714c5e564e0f1d8d10ddef3467a01407f78a2Robert Longson — Bug 729139 - Accept negative radius arcs in markup. r=jwatt
1ccdb1019296fabace060cab79e05db47ca66852Jared Wein — Backed out changeset f1c3d164cffc (bug 790112)
097994d8c0bc02d3c4de3485d9bade6e082ac074Gina Yeh — Bug 794903 - Final version: BluetoothScoManager implementation, r=qdot
f1c3d164cffce9508c1e9e0db955cd162299d28cJared Wein — Bug 790112: fix social toolbar button styling so that separate "sub-buttons" are visually distinct, patch by :mixedpuppy, :jaws and :markh, r=felipe
c7f04c4993a257bfebb84e11f9a318918d87e5fcChris Jones — Followup to bug 789358: Make hit-target fluff margins match fennec's. DONTBUILD
6d6fc6e9472a28a93000b0fb72823db02b8f9830Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 777583 - Add caller/callee use count ratio to balance inlining cost. r=djvj
8ebff09111721de58b091e4e35c9f46af415fc93Gregory Szorc — Bug 795499 - Export ANDROID_CPU_ARCH via AC_SUBST. r=glandium
b56f7cb51b1f3d108ae6726482ee0b827a9cdd43Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
963b6aadad7c20b9c5c50791bb79189a8bd07d4aNicolas B. Pierron — Backout a2843362ce9b (Bug 786126) - Are we fast yet regression.
59665618b6c99e30e014fa5181fc73b6b008c2e3Nicolas B. Pierron — Backout 44465ef545e3 (Bug 786126) - Are we fast yet regression.
68c4c30ff6f0a8ad3cd37a24dd3db452c24d9f3bInder Kumar — Bug 776062: Add support for recording video on gonk. r=cjones,double,ikumar,mikeh sr=sicking
02a62c14ec3b5d72cd014422b7427c2e9b2e5012Josh Aas — Bug 766973: Don't allow synchronous DNS queries from the main thread. r=sworkman
bf8b676ae8d242cdf3feb83130f57c6dfdc5fa01Yoshi Huang — Bug 793137 - Part 3: xpcshell tests for Play Tone, Refresh and Poll Interval. r=philikon
e60e324d1fa3a8ebcf90d59d558add9516e5326bYoshi Huang — Bug 793137 - Part 2: Support PLAY_TONE, POLL_INTERVAL and REFRESH in RIL. r=philikon
b4d33b66bfba37f5d1bfd79b9bef15c314df2eebYoshi Huang — Bug 793137 - Part 1: IDL for PLAY_TONE, POLL_INTERVAL and REFRESH. r=philikon. sr=sicking
33031c64f7d16d3b5fafa71ef6cbc857aeeb2482Doug Sherk — Bug 786267: B2G: Lower resolution while doing accelerated panning r=cjones
9698936945c6159814a7246231856fb47cc20102Doug Sherk — Bug 787445: B2G: Rip out async paint throttling code, use compression instead r=cjones
48d10ef28d529be510ad6771a5e4d8d6a50493d7Yoshi Huang — Bug 790547 - Part 4: xpcshell test case for writing Location Info
c249961afd99b2a287794402309046ad767ffc08Yoshi Huang — Bug 790547 - Part 3: Add send Location Status Event in RIL. r=philikon
c2e9422b1be8551645183faa9d5d3b30fbbd6860Yoshi Huang — Bug 790547 - Part 2: Add SendEventDownload in IccManager. r=smaug
d0194ff64049e5add5e94a910a8ef411b43d2bf4Yoshi Huang — Bug 790547 - Part 1: IDL for sendEventDownload. r=philikon sr=sicking
bed646e2b0f5b298b93a9477cf48a62ebe1c93d9George Wright — Bug 795538 - Ensure we use the correct colour (and alpha) for the clamp values r=mattwoodrow
4a4733ddb26e28f88011ffbe61bacdf38b70ac5fWilliam Lachance — Bug 792212 - Don't attempt to migrate profiles if using a custom profile;r=gbrown
e88f05f326185447e13bf00b00f0214e2f8550b9Stephen Horlander — Bug 783778 - Update Google favicon in the search bar. r=dolske
1bf3d3d3cbe0a30567cfe7475ce9863b21c46ecfDoug Sherk — Bug 746502: Add support for <meta name=viewport> on B2G/async panning and zooming r=cjones,smaug
eaa977ba917636c02d6c86dda0282a69810b314fDoug Sherk — Bug 784908: Part 3: Distinguish resolution from a new zoom field on FrameMetrics r=roc
7ab0484cae04ac1ea2365ba4eb5e4967a8c13eb3Doug Sherk — Bug 784908: Part 2: Add a call to UpdateDimensions when a tab is first created r=cjones
954b5ed607e70580cb769b9caa579d27c76a576cDoug Sherk — Bug 784908: Part 1: Change names of FrameMetrics variables to be more descriptive, add documentation, change some coordinate spaces. r=roc
4aa02fbdea6ec08a3131497353c969fa014adf69Chris Jones — Bug 784908: Part 0: Make this test actually test session history instead of scroll port clamping. irc-r=roc
1f7dbc3b3bafca41cafaddc27955eeab69bc7b6bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 795580 - Stub shouldn't be copied when it isn't built. r=bbondy
c09a0c022b2eda4a4f5f48658d19290100d4837bPhil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
551152b8c271020905260a9478248e7011d562afEd Morley — Backout bec7e68cad9a & a6228bc28958 (bug 786299) for Windows compilation errors on a CLOSED TREE
b903d1d1b861078a37d37be598d3faa1347117ecEd Morley — Backout b176f299c52c (bug 794286), 0401e945059d (bug 787848), 95c4704589e1 (bug 787309) for make check jit_test failures on a CLOSED TREE
2e52c022991de054849e9567b7d241f814d44798Robert Strong — Followup fix for Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer (r=me) on a CLOSED TREE
b6a9cb1be492dc87926b1001fa6a1fdf795fea7cEd Morley — Backout 564d554c4318 (bug 792220) for M2 JS assertions on a CLOSED TREE
c1eccb33893206027726f19883845d54431bbe20John Ford — bug 776783 - build win32 wrapper program r=cjones
189a1aaac3451b00d45445accd808b33add4d22fEd Morley — Backout 67f93efc40c8 (bug 777583) for compilation errors on a CLOSED TREE
bec7e68cad9af2ccf552f024d61c37352097890cJason Duell — Bug 786299 - Part 2: Delete app-cache related to an app when uninstalled. r=honza
a6228bc289587667d4dc19792731c4fd311fa4a5Jason Duell — Bug 786299 - Delete app-cache related to an app when uninstalled, part 1 r=jduell
93e76aaf861579f4dea5615605d17b33166576c5Dave Hylands — Bug 795480 - Make b2g app ensure that it's the process group controller. r=cjones
67f93efc40c81576ebb57965fa973ccf180241efNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 777583 - Add caller/callee use count ratio to balance inlining cost. r=djvj
b176f299c52c6b792f7c466361f55c156e739876Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 794286 - ReconstructPcStack, Keep hidden stack depth only when following gotos. r=luke
0401e945059d718b22830681f6847040010c3980Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 787848 - Handle JSOP_THROWING opcode in the decompiler. r=luke
95c4704589e105f8328928cb1820f0657f56c9d4Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 787309 - Fallback on try notes after continuing on a goto. r=luke
564d554c4318ac65b06326e73f3e0914ff779ca2Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 792220 - Remove lookupProperty to prevent interpreter reentrance. r=jandem
f2bef7fba06bca44db97731a5bfb1b58e607f409Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - inform user when unable to launch Firefox due to it already running. r=bbondy
17d699699df3bf148bc95d1215331af3aa88c91cRobert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - fix branch support, set as default displayed as appropriate, and other fixes. r=bbondy
fc19791bc03765b41497632bd9f92dcfff0c6fc2Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - just download into a subdirectory of the user's temp dir. r=bbondy
be58ccf6c8764f09120e2a51c618b0807b63ff30Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - main stub patch. r=bbondy
359e9233c22837d72203fd075376a197b6463b0bRobert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - configure changes to detect when the stub should be built from r=khuey
cb61ab26f9ffd097d04c14fb4c387e4976b01d07Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - majority of l10n strings. r=bbondy
33c84d894f23cfb34118094c248a6423a2f88341Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - common code to support the stub installer. r=bbondy
56c4bfbc32a68c629369f190d4890e7280afa078Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - stub LTR and RTL base support and build changes for NSIS UI binary resource. r=bbondy
d2ec58a4464751e311807058c7a4f21155a101d1Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - NSIS UI binary resource. r=bbondy
5da759429ea1cafe171434cc44f1291fb9294d86Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - stub build system prep. r=bbondy
f76ec4fa1f970b1bcbded3b152da0f7d9e950717Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - artwork. r=bbondy
6b15c193e5edb4992556f525730bf652879a7dc9Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - Inet background download dll. r=bbondy
506dc963450ff8f91e1841e2c79c2b282f4f99e2Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - Inet background download code. r=bbondy
6e4ad6f5f8cf56e4904627c2a4209566c3cc2411Robert Strong — Bug 791613 - Taskbar shouldn't be migrated when installing silently. r=bbondy
3f7638e3036f8b0623769e1eec7df208ba274751Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - certificate check plugin dll. r=bbondy
63bbe1bad5273e375f128bc689d613878f406f88Robert Strong — Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - certificate check plugin code. r=bbondy
70ab9f476d86a8966b2a35804278722a9023ea5eIsaac Aggrey — Bug 795351: Replace LL_MaxInt(), LL_MinInt(), LL_MaxUint() with stdint macros; r=ehsan
bd990a83194e76ef61ee2a5bf53d9e3f8ee32dc2Isaac Aggrey — Bug 795351: Replace LL_MAXINT, LL_MININT, LL_MAXUINT with stdint versions; r=ehsan
de06aeb3c7f393dd03f920f7e38d6e16af1d0897Michal Novotny — Bug 777445 - Network activity indicator for B2G, r=jduell
c19a02de09c4e42951e8061ce13d32fe3e6de697Marshall Culpepper — Bug 794092 - Initial implementation of Gonk RecoveryService. r=vingtetun r=cjones
777564a3cd50c7b441c175a9882f5e921e0892c1Marshall Culpepper — Bug 795479: Add the update channel pref to b2g.js, and use it in the update URL. r=cjones
0153fec641e962a88c23956f82cd48dd67cc63d4David Dahl — Bug 758269 - Install permissions from manifest to Permission Manager r=fabrice
44465ef545e3f46c59939a742acfdbb9558c8e03Kannan Vijayan — Bug 786126 - part 3 - Allow null/undefined in typeset of target object of Ion ICs. (r=dvander)
a2843362ce9b51a3db6d21a19789be942b368818Kannan Vijayan — Bug 786126 - part 2 - Skip IC generation for GetElems of int32 indexes on non-native objects. (r=dvander)
28e5dc43792122c765f532b58155599f29462d7aEd Morley — Backout 92530b29ac24, 42e659956dc6 & 38277196c099 (bug 486918), d3b69fe15ac3 & b2dba2108722 (bug 786444), e7381ac9e30a (bug 786449) on suspicion of causing Android reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
843439877db37d33462325ea9b9ad36e455b34e0Jim Mathies — Bug 795307 - commit backout
f569fa9e32ae0f82ddff04aa499b833286b4ae4fJim Mathies — Bug 795307 - backout e320e0e3ec41 due to red
5fbf17bdec328ce842c0fdcb8e327b3324a411a6Ed Morley — Backout ec0dcd401a3f (bug 786108) for crashes
9d1eb0a8b5cd3500bb34db5a6457835ce68d26cdEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset d927bdcfd2e4 (bug 795015) because of test failures
6c68ef18d3400d2dc49b973845e62bac7c1ed90fJared Wein — Bug 786095 - Initially disable Social API when in safe mode. r=felipe
e320e0e3ec4155ead14cf3f863337828058e0024Jim Mathies — Bug 795307 - Use telemetry to report touch enabled device stats. r=nfroyd
41c5a807276fa24f2097479d3c45294b6de3b66fEhsan Akhgari — Backout bug abf5f7d05488 for more than 10000 browser-chrome failures
4fc56788f874c783399a3c5d217a7abb8cdb7a15Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 0c18edd01cd4 (bug 795307) for broken builds on Windows
8f62de173456d65002a9f0b022d06a90402d1938Scott Johnson — Bug 795313: Modify order of conditionals in UpdateFontInflationDataWidthFor() for performance enhancements. [r=dbaron]
8c0394fcdfec4adb2e78104feaaadebc7368a205Daniel Holbert — Bug 793580 followup: Fix added comment to be C-style instead of C++-style, to fix build warning for .c files that include nsError.h. rs=Ms2ger (DONTBUILD because comment-only)
8cbeb46ddd8217cfc792afc8bb5bcf0526d119f6Bob Clary — Bug 789086 - use unique temporary filename for robotium.config file in mochitest/, r=jmaher.
ff77ff9b20336ad05192dd1dbaad49e5f35c62f8David Anderson — Disable TypeInference on ARMv6 builds (bug 793740, r=mjrosenb).
0c18edd01cd4db9905801b29e5a2135b99f09752Jim Mathies — Bug 795307 - Use telemetry to report touch enabled device stats. r=nfroyd
204ba80209a2964f11851fe788375d51fd8aae4aMark Finkle — Bug 795132 - Cache DPI to avoid making JNI calls r=blassey
938e09d5a465d16868b3f8fffc3c5488ed1f85ecEhsan Akhgari — Bug 793408 - Remove some prtypes.h #includes from gfx; r=jrmuizel
cfca07bb3a34f352b2306c3020e98e78d1c17c82Nicolas Silva — Bug 794747 - Set B2G's default video queue size to 3 instead of 10. r=kinetik
d927bdcfd2e458d1f23479fa86fa5a0a12d95edbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 795015 - Detect when all chrome windows are loaded properly and put them into private browsing mode if needed; r=dao
abf5f7d054889ffe003afc7cabe06d90ae84900aShane Caraveo — Bug 790112: fix social toolbar button styling so that separate "sub-buttons" are visually distinct, patch by Shane and Jared, r=felipe
5d87924d4760e35036358db5740da0f85850814fcviecco — Bug 785259: Fix override bit masking [v2], r=bsmith, sr=honzab
05684d6424cb4a8097578cd29e434c3d798f3de8Nicolas Silva — Bug 794747 - add a pref for the default size of the VideoQueue. r=kinetik
f4894f30a242811c8f9a1cc5e43f468e4a10c046Ed Morley — Bug 780863 - Disable test_bug270414.html on Android for too many intermittent failures (mark 2)
436bbe6d45611a3a15811aeb3008ca1f6dfa23a5Blake Kaplan — Bug 795047 - Add support for hidden networks. r=vchang
e81ac71f110718b70c2a881df6d0a84513a17672Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 795061 - AssertAppProcessPermission: Kill any process that doesn't have the specified permission, not just app processes. r=cjones
96ef3b8bd9ed911a42f1c27cd23604edc846cda1Andrew Quartey — Bug 793201 - Fix compiler warnings in Azure with MSVC r=bas
92530b29ac24905f1799c36dc1ac9dc44b6165ffJoe Drew — Bug 486918 - Create and obey a high-quality downscaling pref, and turn it off on OS X and mobile. r=jlebar
42e659956dc680bb96f7b1fa45a7adba286443c0Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 486918. Part 2: Add the ability to pre-downscale using a high-quality scaler on a separate thread. r=joe,jlebar
38277196c0991c92fea1a601199711154e15d918Joe Drew — Bug 486918. Part 1: Import Chromium's higher-quality image scalers, since we know those to be good and shippable. r=jrmuizel
d3b69fe15ac3a98c5184a1c23d7985f2808fd44cJoe Drew — Bug 786444 - Part 2 - Make imgFrame's lock status a count, not a boolean, so you can lock it multiple times and still be correct. r=jlebar
b2dba2108722f301dd8865fa2f0a16551f873db7Joe Drew — Bug 786444 - Part 1 - Add an RAII class to make locking imgFrame more foolproof, use it, and be sure to lock imgFrame more correctly. r=jlebar
e7381ac9e30a172cc129070e57bcca3ff59a8cd5Joe Drew — Bug 786449 - Add a place to explicitly initialize RasterImage on the main thread at startup. r=jlebar
51644b3ee33365d9464c1ca058d3773f2e7f6889Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 727370 - Fix typo that crept in while rebasing. r=benjamin
ec0dcd401a3ff735815f4209a7ba26d57bcf87a1Seth Fowler — Bug 786108 - Cache UTF-16 version of URI to prevent repeated conversions in the CSS scanner, and free the cache after a short time. r=bz
8e0593f974bb0b79e2b7d099444df1595d48c70bSeth Fowler — Bug 795086 - Make nsConsoleService only post a LogMessageRunnable to the event queue if there are any observers for it. r=bz
33fc8988282dc4ec37726bf1c51db75b0482892cEd Morley — Bug 708927 - Disable test_focus_menu.xul on Linux for frequent timeouts; rs=tbsaunde
e692911f891bad57c7c9f401a13bebf45597d78bEd Morley — Bug 691580 - Disable part of test_focus_contextmenu.xul for too many intermittent failures; rs=tbsaunde
57c89d10f0ab4364ff44afd45d5f657ffda365bdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 789887 - Avoid creating unnecessary AboutHomeRunnables. r=lucasr
495f94453fb3e5b6adc7776001fa425e5690be2fDoug Turner — Bug 794571 - Device storage - Add 'sdcard' device storage type. r=sicking
134946c7225357477c442b320a1b5f518ee4e483Nick Alexander — Bug 790931 - Broadcast when Sync Android Account is being deleted to many Firefox Apps. r=rnewman
873929a5cfdedc42f4bac2b452dddd66b180c9c2Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 727370 - Small cleanups in HashStore. r=dcamp
bfcccca4ac55fc2bbf1b130b5cbee0ba2de12cf8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 727370 - Recover correctly from a Reset during an update. r=dcamp
15e5706f7fdc51f98dfd3770620a5e78c7d25983Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 727370 - Improve HashStore checksumming performance. r=dcamp
9415ab3ff488d590619ceccc262f2b73df6025c9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 727370 - Make SafeBrowsing updates atomic transactions. r=dcamp
eda2891c545b3ecbe1bef496d63876c4bcacddc2Fabrice Desré — Bug 789527 - Change the way we install packaged apps [r=gwagner]
d31d2479d685f203b45738dd92983b7eebd6f5f6Gene Lian — Bug 790527 - When rebooting/powering off, go through normal gecko shutdown. r=bsmedberg,sr=cjones
dcc6a2d0bd16fc5ded65e9acbe4f17ef15c178d6Jonathan Griffin — Bug 775116 - Fix frame switching to work with id, name, and remote frames, r=mdas, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
b62b229a4d4191270e44bad30a8695c555eedadbEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
2c694d8bf7a59441faba5d6266862299fa354b03Isaac Aggrey — Bug 791906: Replace NSPR integer limit constants with stdint ones; r=ehsan
3642f3259be64aff2dc4118787b6855084b34fbeEric Chou — Bug 794469 - patch 2: Implement sending "Connect" request, r=qdot
9386cf1dbde24e6de76374acc5a4cb50d124b8ceEric Chou — Bug 794469 - patch 1: OBEX related constants, data structures and basic functions, r=qdot
4858ec60ad5f0bc6f6bd6a77a524fdcca4e4d97cKannan Vijayan — Bug 768126 - patch 1 - Add ION exit frame type for OOL calls to PropertyOp. (r=jandem)
dacfa6d8c92ed5299b4be3b23a97dcfb1d258a33Gene Lian — Bug 789973 - B2G system time: adjust system clock after receiving NITZ timestamp (part 2). r=philikon
99bf6b597e44406f3973a04b5da84fd01ff8f771Gene Lian — Bug 789973 - B2G system time: adjust system clock after receiving NITZ timestamp (part 1). r=jlebar
5caa455ee5649bc5abb053da698053003755890bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 776663 - Assert permissions for WebTelephony and MobileConnection access. r=cjones
c2dc877eb2b8c01d2629c75543c306ec6c11f362Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 777508 - Notify parent if child processes are terminated through message manager. r=cjones
e393ae7353c068fa8f0cacf7f714ae7ae7a3096aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 776832 - Add a scriptable API to assert app permissions through messagemanager. r=smaug
7d4e659d6fbfb3cdfa7431377d1d710c3dcc64d9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
afd0781795631bab4018172ff5fd405792fc4ffffoudfou — Bug 785542 - Convert usages of PR_MIN and PR_MAX to NS_MIN and NS_MAX; r=ehsan
45ddecb22b2f026ef84e10521c4be8c901a9f55eEd Morley — Bug 767215 - Disable testAxisLocking, testLoad, testFlingCorrectness, testOverscroll, testPanCorrectness for too many intermittent failures
46eef90debaa9e140b8daa90a5a6231f3c190697Ed Morley — Bug 752786 - Disable one part of test_bug469613.xul on OS X 10.8 for too many intermittent failures
c3bb54c21a208a0b9ba344398bd5066a33126799Ed Morley — Bug 677841 - Disable test_resize_move_windows.html on Linux for too many intermittent failures
26eb70f02c57c6da6d5a49b184c042efd077a941Ed Morley — Bug 780863 - Disable test_bug270414.html on mobile for too many intermittent failures
84e550d568ce3cfd71eaf051cd9988acd69c998bMatt Woodrow — Bug 786626 - Initialize mLayerProgram. r=joe. landing on a CLOSED TREE
385d571499390152fafb9edc7576d4e611863eaeMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Revert LayerTreeInvalidation changes to detect Image changes, landed on a CLOSED TREE. r=roc
07914b108f91c82f77061ed58391399c7280d1fbMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Disable test_text.html on android since it crashes on armv6. r=roc
dc9d251fdb2e39fcf22e3d096e863b4740bbfe11Ed Morley — Backout 52be204da1cf (bug 776663), 965397b043c0 (bug 777508), 182c763efa68 (bug 776832), a2a509184b07 & cba5ba69091f (bug 789973) for failures in test_child_process_shutdown_message.html and friends / conflicting with the backout on a CLOSED TREE
cfce5efab7ac5853e3992163a887fbd907c10a39Ed Morley — Backout 927bda3a4947 (bug 777445) for failing to build on a CLOSED TREE
927bda3a494770537a20b97c42a1e5c1db4f85c7Michal Novotny — Bug 777445 - Network activity indicator for B2G, r=jduell
5ce162e8bb474510854e0a4e7acc9a63ca4df038Eric Chou — Bug 792823 - patch 2: BluetoothOppManager interface and prototype, r=qdot
9946c7e4dd92a9053445fb1b0bab394f99b37553Eric Chou — Bug 792823 - patch 1: register ObjectPush service, r=qdot
a0bae754ad5db339d4baa377ae6491df9434257aBenoit Jacob — Bug 785734 - reject certain rare, but legal, texImage2D calls to work around a driver bug - r=jgilbert
3e9d3ac81cb00bfc459b81617cb0dc8b91933b05Benoit Jacob — Bug 790879 - work around Mac bufferData bug - r=jgilbert
d08437736a601d003221f0cf0ed4786900802fa0Michal Novotny — Bug 794316 - PR_PushIOLayer doesn't push layer on the top correctly, r=wtc
6b58397ad7354883d26b50622d89a29804b4f425Robert O'Callahan — Bug 795262. Highlighter test should not depend on MozAfterPaint firing for changes to invisible elements. Also, poll for the value to change instead of assuming a constant 1000ms timeout. r=dao,cjones
23f1b8c7d17e912c28c35987c3b321641bcb5c8dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 539356. Make PruneDisplayListForExtraPage prune print preview properly. r=mattwoodrow
96752e66aaabd64af097b292b486980a3c7c5c91Robert O'Callahan — Bug 539356 - Fix mActiveScrolledRootOffset to be offset to the reference frame. r=mattwoodrow
e98e2d0aef4dcf2bb2824e760c80189a6fba7963Robert O'Callahan — Bug 539356 - Fix selectAtPoint.html test. r=mattwoodrow
921fe135bf2c24a3595dd72ff95352a6ac7637ffMatt Woodrow — Bug 781053 - Part 3 - Force the throbber into it's own layer. r=roc
ed784e42dfe9bc0dd4de0e7d836b7febec0c71e8Matt Woodrow — Bug 781053 - Part 2 - Trigger empty transactions when an animated image in an ImageLayer changes frame. r=roc
c0f9a43e9b09eeb03a58fb56d68ad2be53b8e057Matt Woodrow — Bug 781053 - Part 1 - Allow conversion of nsImageBoxFrame to an ImageLayer. r=roc
8c751f940ba150abffd769eff7bb8c8ac8142776Robert O'Callahan — Bug 745788. Work around imagemap bustage by forcing the test image to repaint in order to find its imagemap. r=tbsaunders
d60fa8d54dc4b9134dd93237a15932a3e86928c7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 770106. nsDisplayButtonBorderBackground should use the button's border-box for hit-testing, not its visual overflow area. r=mattwoodrow
035ed3e2d9d4c031f6e8fdc1ef70b559d94d83bbMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Avoid some causes of unnecessary painting. r=roc
937aaddb295c2f98d2207bc8f5f89fa36fb6a2f3Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Handled scrolled inactive layers trees correctly. r=roc
b3c0862a729ab37ec9e748cb2c9733af56d858ddMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Use rect invalidation in XUL tree's to avoid over invalidation. r=roc
5947680feefbd34a97d7a52187a4ebf6c9e9f150Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Correctly invalidate SVG observers. r=roc
b55adbbe23bcb8e4851c4a3bcc5c8f2c524f0777Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Make the table code use rect invalidation to avoid over invalidation. r=roc
8fa21e95b22dfa47bd5a7b011fcaba52dcba138bMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Add an option for frames to invalid just a rect instead of the frame bounds. r=roc
ba21437b71135fd28f4dc30b7f185a88c0e8886cMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Add HasRetainedDataFor. r=roc
9366a70acb1d07ca4f8d5a902914089214f9566eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 770058. Part 2: When the document switches between active and inactive, invalidate all frames. r=mattwoodrow
5f4c8635e87e4d9637a299600392311196b0a894Robert O'Callahan — Bug 770058. InvalidateFrame doesn't need flags, we can just avoid calling ScheduleRepaint if we find any ancestor frame with a descendant that needs invalidation. r=mattwoodrow
32c4a08f8e6ec61221fa4816e89d803c2adc4c64Robert O'Callahan — Bug 770001. When comparing clips, adjust for any change in the ThebesLayer coordinate system. When clips are different, try to accumulate differences intelligently, taking into account that changes in clips outside the bounds of the clipped display item don't matter. r=mattwoodrow
9bf0072dcd72219dc4d8fdbbdc524516c24a25c0Matt Woodrow — Bug 769922 - Implement nsDisplayAltFeedback, since it can draw outside of the frame's overflow rect. r=roc
967b1ef7afdc527e91a3263e6387d8501073c694Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 29 - Handle OOM exception gracefully during java snapshots. r=jrmuizel
1c3434a2ef97b0115d588b8eda9e05b95636a574Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 27 - Make nsImageFrame's overflow include the AltFeedback image if it will use one. r=roc
ec48fbf9dd69bf44e3bb81df35f463ba08347c16Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 26 - Send invalidations for hidden documents. r=roc
a736bb8d45aa49ed340138e057be4d3f99106a29Matt Woodrow — Bug 768766 - Make css-valid tests use MozReftestInvalidate and mark them as fuzzy. r=roc
61672a211aac75481bc8174edb8f045c04df6b39Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 25 - Invalidate display items that have a changed clip. r=roc
8d12f7ceea1348759586a95baf5c763567226fc9Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 22 - Force a background color when running android reftests. r=roc
b5559af3cf948dfe2acc031c7cda3cd1f0cd7216Oleg Romashin — Bug 539356 - Part 20 - Simplify regions to avoid excessive region calculation. r=roc
4372c4914958f5f9effcf48f8cfceccb5fc2f158Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 18 - Mark frames with only invalid children as an optimization to use when invalidating further frames. r=roc
25af0febf3296038a360134e4e7995c7a8fcb464Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 14 - Handle multiple widget layer managers retaining data for the same frame. r=roc
cf82755175d0c2781a17f726ddd0d2ee82202585Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 12 - Remove unnecessary LayerManagerLayerBuilder indirection. r=roc
673eac4d9c554a5ef258776f539d76759d984713Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 11 - Reimplement empty transactions. r=roc
0d3c93bc571693d24de2e9af2f92fd2e6fb8001cMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 10 - Test changes required for DLBI. r=roc
93686f8add79dea5c77d4c6b12c97ed135d8eae9Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9g - Modify MozAfterPaint code to work with the new invalidation model. r=roc
6cabf68e297bead7d0d6592b47d1ae567edf8cf7Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9f - Compute the invalid area of the layer tree and pass this to the widget. r=roc
04df652e584727de9301b60ae52b52f46bc2f778Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9e - FrameLayerBuilder changes for display list invalidation. r=roc
9c8f66d8eee4ba1587e1a7fac9585ed1aea5c83bMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9d - Make SVG support the new invalidation model. r=jwatt
e5651c513f3f89e2b8cb277fb375d0e0554a990bMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9c - Remove old invalidation code. r=bz
aa4652f24df9cc825b5eb552e4c6f1a05eb751f0Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9b - Add new frame invalidation API. r=roc
1556064f1c205cfb9c15b7220996600e1d29bb88Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9a - Add new display list invalidation API to nsDisplayItem and implement it. r=roc
9d205a349c6a6ae7a464ada52c9ce0367172a373Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Revert changes made by bug 728983
9f476b4ac1e19bd8d9f64ab7b7e4540e82badbd6Raymond Lee — Bug 762966 - Reset homepage pref for users who have it set to r=dao
ba4503866ce8b6ab94a9271766ceb41f0d3e82e1Leonard Camacho — Bug 524025 - Remove LL_* constants in nsLineLayout with separate booleans with field widths. r=dbaron
c3d7c4fc731f83856fb0b79739ad6c6e517d20e4Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 772357 - B2G RIL: Support network depersonalization. r=philikon
ea992245125cb85241edf285db8cc24ffed4ef09Aryeh Gregor — Bug 794891 - Don't reorder expected failures in; r=Ms2ger
e09f69005492740b245598ffc50b8211ce29430aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 764234 - Incorporate the imported test into our tree and updated some tests to the latest spec. r=dougt
5d0dcc53da1b19b0333bf26e1791088c23818392Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 764234 - Fix tests for multi-byte encodings. r=dougt
a4a8d2f8669d1942b366a3363e8f9bc0718f53b2Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 764234 - Import tests from StringEncoding shim. r=dougt
2eb1ca5c87ea8810bcceda6be97d76339bb4ab2cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 764234 - Implement StringEncoding API. r=dougt,smontagu
97a779a92b92a7b65a25515bc9311969178d6cc5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 794023 - Use std::numeric_limits for NECKO_UNKNOWN_APP. f=ehsan r=jduell
c1b8d9b1b7f0c047368405adbd6e2ac7b3ff8854Cameron McCormack — Backout 6786b5f4ee4a (bug 655877 part 44), since it shouldn't've landed before the patch creating the pref.
a3b635cad2d878edc319607f862cb4c393f753aeJustin Dolske — Bug 792592 - Need HiDPI versions of our custom OS X cursors. images=shorlander r=me
85a545c8cd49e795b56c604a9ed99917665966f0Justin Dolske — Bug 784909 - Add support for app-provided HiDPI mouse pointer/cursor. r=josh
96faff88d7928f0c85de918de6a5e1b8677fc31cHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 794766 - B2G Telephony: phone is hanging after a busy call is released by operator. r=philikon
6786b5f4ee4a79d22df9cc6931a36f1f99ca81beCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 44: Fix some bidi tests whose rendering behavior has changed a bit with the new SVG text support. r=smontagu
a2a509184b0779808ec305b64b321bda419a1b2bGene Lian — Bug 789973 - B2G system time: adjust system clock after receiving NITZ timestamp (part 2). r=philikon
cba5ba69091f52840af3d8f738ac43bbcc256e6dGene Lian — Bug 789973 - B2G system time: adjust system clock after receiving NITZ timestamp (part 1). r=jlebar
dcdda4778cef302342dc5647ddfc8523bad85189Cameron McCormack — Bug 791434 - Tweak text-shadow/blur-opacty.html to bring it in line with what landed on Aurora.
ab977a3ebe90a6c183accfd6a1e9bc10af9f0115Makoto Kato — Bug 786579 - Remove old MSVC (<=2003) support. r=khuey
005ccc9a2f2f536ca16f1d8d0d9c63ba2a9359baMichael Wu — Bug 794598: Fix antenna detection in FMRadio.cpp. r=cjones
85a1897826b5c25684aab983b4dca5fd83a6b4e9Mark Capella — Bug 781762 - Add the ability to delete all downloaded files at one time, r=margaret
52be204da1cfa0c3188d744ba21a5563affc8e34Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 776663 - Assert permissions for WebTelephony and MobileConnection access. r=cjones
965397b043c04a1fd46385102c3ebd3a7c7d0ff9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 777508 - Notify parent if child processes are terminated through message manager. r=cjones
182c763efa680d9a9c9e8fccac5cd1b6a2def752Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 776832 - Add a scriptable API to assert app permissions through messagemanager. r=smaug
b274e8e3479f556868412ea9fba4af4adf39deeeOlli Pettay — Bug 794694 - Make sure to trace all the gray GCthings, not only wrapper, r=mccr8
ed5f377741045a9caf858d4edff4685b50f11961Gary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Remove commented-out suppression for bug 793539 and add bug 795395. DONTBUILD
42632e7878f306b36b80fbdd9287d41955a153b0Gregory Szorc — Bug 794713 - Convert process output to Unicode; handle Unicode in logger properly; r=glandium
b9ec9ad2e46e6c41dc7971a9635aaaf61a71043dJonathan Griffin — Bug 795100 - Add a --gecko-path argument to the B2G mochitest testrunner, r=ahal, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
b5f873f18b9d190a97f126d7a26f5711ea091efaTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
d3e7a30df2a60fbb4d5d8cb9a4d0124d69613fb7Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 4a87ede182ca (bug 792925)
b07d095ad2f47545ecd821d84bbc89209c75a549Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset fd6633f5666e (bug 768096)
3a07399169df233ccb80c11c0b8bf3fe2fc1fb30Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 57755fd703c9 (bug 768096)
954d1a3b410b781460af7aa829d77261e226f911Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 8c127abc3ad8 (bug 768096)
b18888e94143f8f47d51f77830443c99e7e58521Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 9c70da27ec28 (bug 768096)
3d2e44c2fd29e887780cdfe9afdc557ae1a472e0Mihai Sucan — Backed out changeset 89ab8685729d (bug 768096)
3eb02ef25ea5a92bb3a85abdc6befc7d3f2d745fRaymond Lee — Bug 762966 - reset homepage pref for users who have it set to r=dao
89ab8685729df08d361ffa99000fd13f74cbbc40Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 5: tests; r=robcee
9c70da27ec28f740cc2ae2f60394b17141ab452eMihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 4: cleanups; r=robcee
8c127abc3ad847cda3bbcec3b7f1e66ccd4a8942Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 3: network logging; r=past,robcee
57755fd703c94281ec731ffcbce136e2172e28bcMihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 2: window.console API and JS evaluation; r=past,robcee
fd6633f5666e828a7e61f36ccf3fd7c943b84249Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 1: page errors; r=past,robcee
4a87ede182ca81e35d0a39f59595a960a0975683Panos Astithas — Bug 792925 - Dynamically-added tab-scoped actors should get a reference to their parent; r=msucan
dd150b8dc4dc864e504887d542be9e9543b1b29bTim Taubert — Bug 794804 - part 2 - add tests for thumbnails expiration; r=yoric
da72409eda0eb702c82e443abf6906e2b5024fb3Tim Taubert — Bug 794804 - part 1 - minimize chrome/worker communication when expiring thumbnails; r=yoric
f6a071d71458722174576917416953e926034bbbTim Taubert — Bug 789102 - Split browser_586068-cascaded_restore.js into multiple tests; r=felipe
d206fb69f55b4ef3217344abacad66585de6f479Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
4b4d5aff92964b49ae604e1ca026116cc8f547f9Nick Fitzgerald — bug 673487 - map from an original source to a generated; r=robcee
cdd4506bc66c3752620dd608893db2938df9e4b0Ben Turner — Bug 794563 - 'Make app uninstall trigger new clear private data notifications'. r=mounir+sicking.
10279bd74ee0a5504ac2bfcd5efd97794f3bf6e4Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1949b59f3d12ab81b7c7bcec5bfb9fd8a17faf69Karl Tomlinson — b=795144 default disable using GnomeUI and GnomeVFS for themed icons r=glandium
358ade692d25dd072f379339758075929d2b9bb3Karl Tomlinson — b=795144 remove unused MOZ_GNOMEUI_LIBS r=glandium
eb7c07373996caf4a69414214d492f9cd00ca62eMark Hammond — Bug 792324 - access keys are fired for non-open popups. r=enndeakin
a0c8f93e588c04a59eb5affbe6d84850e7446369Mark Hammond — Bug 794742 - add a charset to data: urls to reduce test noise. r=jaws
5ed440d28b5382ef35fdc2c267d182c12850c36dPhil Ringnalda — Back out 95d3bf1b070b (bug 789392) for mochitest failure on a CLOSED TREE
9600a66b7bccfae603046b36a57034a9a1804476Phil Ringnalda — Back out b24a73b2c617 for Windows build bustage and test_xhr_timeout.html failure
22df14239cfbeecf7abb721810c691f7357fe8afHubert Figuière — Bug 795162 - Use systemlibs.js for WifiWorker. r=philikon
4cf6ad64c3f9916152de2955ba009e3cee1ece33Hubert Figuière — Bug 795161 - Make systemlibs.js importable. r=philikon
c637ee14bccdc07c3687eab43a9267f6d642ab8eYoshi Huang — Bug 784646 - B2G: Cannot import SIM contacts. r=gwagner
5a1faaa874b3220c98760e1c86c9e8add93ebf1dVicamo Yang — Bug 787420 - Part 2/2: add test case for rolling back on error, r=philikon
88b7b8f8ca78369925505033c20770faf7f26450Vicamo Yang — Bug 787420 - Part 1/2: support set/get preferred network type, r=philikon
b30bd7055fcbc625f22cdda4d8d6498f62683094Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 93b39d0f7d17 for build bustage.
6c59ce1858987cc4c753f2c69faebde0bf1af6baChris Jones — Bug 794727: Translate asynchronously-animated transforms by the offset to their reference frame when sampling. r=mattwoodrow
477545669b47a73bb26f9315022981115a6ccf9bAlexandre Lissy — Bug 794424 - Send the headphone status at boot time. r=philipp
0f552864888aaab3ff0765f007affd2ff28799c4Jed Parsons — Bug 793906 - Disable desktop ui while working on b2g. r=benadida
c92665ad2811740fd504b7c0af16c855288417a5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 791384 - Update Hyphen to version 2.8.6. r=jfkthame
95d3bf1b070b0e88cc4dc83b4cac199e071a88d6Justin Lebar — Bug 789392 - window.close() failed to trigger mozbrowserclose event on the parent frame if the child frame is not created with r=bz
dd84629231a1652fac5f484c63eb134f6c4188d5David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 786211 - Async OS.File.{read, writeAtomic} test suite. r=froydnj
b1a2469303333a4939bb8e25bd1914d1693e7573David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 786211 - Async OS.File.{read, writeAtomic}. r=froydnj
480fc4fb5ff7192e999f87dc44a89dafc79127ecDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 786211 - OS.File atomic write (test suite). r=froydnj
73a24144ec2d516d9bfd4c9d33648a101e0d0731David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 786211 - OS.File atomic write (platform code). r=froydnj
c19497a7d1dd72dab74ed32435716455c51033beDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 786211 - OS.File atomic write (shared code). r=froydnj
b1da17dd5a9263f75c34ba6b761cb0bbc4fee879Thinker K.F. Li — Bug 780878 - Check app permission against ALLOW_NO_WARN. r=honzab
b03d512f566e08b4b6071d45022e3cd123c6b8b8Andres Hernandez — Bug 732874 - Telemetry stopwatch: key was already initialized errors in logs. r=felipc
b24a73b2c617f96be7a160642510750f87b8607aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 720083 - Workers: add support for transferable objects from HTML5 spec. r=sphink, r=bent
93b39d0f7d175aac17861bb33a5ac7b2119534b1James Kitchener — Bug 718293 - Anchor string in nsHTMLDocumentSH::CallToGetPropMapper. r=jorendorff
74493ca34d5ec9afe6680e9dbdc4c3d027857376Adrian Johnson — From: Adrian Johnson <>
1b9a99a17afbd93f63df8c57918e813a1aa2e4c5Adrian Johnson — From: Adrian Johnson <>
2fb8343e929fcb8bb9c58793e6933ddc2cfe44ffRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
07d337fb220a19ec6fa0ed64d8fb3cb2cc26b8b7Bas Schouten — Backout 73ffe71f9d12 (bug 778367) for windows test bustage on a CLOSED TREE
b10c359b30e5c27e4096b17ae2301c963c0b653aMounir Lamouri — No bug - Fix build bustage on CLOSED TREE.
ac2d810e2a3547af97e094cfe54f1bc8b8c51fb6Phil Ringnalda — Back out 519f41fa596f (bug 793408) for Windows build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
ee82f8e39afc7a25cdeead68554387bde1b805bdPhil Ringnalda — Back out c6cb52ebb2c8 (bug 789527) for xpcshell bustage
397e4cc473be81b1c79c98ff155eeff2952aca0dMounir Lamouri — Bug 783408 - 4/4 - Tests. r=mconnor
40cb1880529199361332fd0f68aa7ccaa5e17728Mounir Lamouri — Bug 783408 - 3/4 - Delete app's cookies when uninstalled. r=jlebar,mconnor
aa1746e4ec72499f0a72f01bfbab2edc8f01f127Mounir Lamouri — Bug 783408 - 2/4 - Add a function to remove app's cookies in nsICookieManager2. r=jduell sr=mconnor
bd91830d06d10b2b8300fca32082fc478787b126Mounir Lamouri — Bug 783408 - 1/4 - Add a method in nsICookieManager2 that returns app's cookies. r=jduell sr=mconnor
73ffe71f9d12d49d23c68c48dcbe31673fe0a260Bas Schouten — Bug 778367: Minimize intermediate surface size. r=jrmuizel
519f41fa596f7e3ef09ea28f28ffcad390e45c01Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 793408 - Remove some prtypes.h #includes from gfx; r=jrmuizel
806fa3680a9138de39b0441ef2bb139069c08772Josh Matthews — Bug 770778 - Make TCPSocket e10s-friendly. r=bent
60d3d0e84b2b2b454b1a80fce7cbf1fec40f2560Honza Bambas — Bug 779100 - HSTS redirect load group management fix, r=jduell
ea28d9b3e93957492ff65827d273cf474fe17047Honza Bambas — Bug 778127 - change only some test check messages, r=michal
42200a47baea03c5cacfa5b78df4fe1aaff29e1bHonza Bambas — Bug 776797 - Lock down POfflineCacheUpdate, r=jduell
c6cb52ebb2c88faa5f6ede82ba4dbab12dd86297Fabrice Desré — Bug 789527 - Change the way we install packaged apps [r=gwagner]
ec211607e91454bc56b4dd1aaa7f6c3dcbf26297Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 793905 - Prevent JM recompilation when generating Ion stubs. r=dvander
7fffa1ef35d926fb1961dc0c0b274aa79309ca95Mark Finkle — Backout c1003f039c77, breaks Fennec startup (bug 794731)
895f66c4eadacee626cb0af56e009920fa64be23Olli Pettay — Bug 794623 - Fewer virtual GetTargetForEventTargetChain calls, r=jst
bd2349429495a48b29b0eeefa4d1de21333b8cb4Gary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Add more comments and try removing suppression for bug 793539 since the patch to disable GnomeVFS by default has landed on m-c. DONTBUILD
64558e8ed7235e7284b17568832f44a9eb24c7edBill McCloskey — Bug 794947 - Add check for lazy proto in ion code (r=dvander)
2d96ee8d9dd44ac0e80d79b33828f05cef79cedbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
3aab17dffac7e5fc6aed9911de4b6f8728766c10Makoto Kato — Bug 793580 - Part 2: give the nsresult enum an explicit type on Win64; r=ehsan
8e8915a37f5a3177bfec81a40a026dbc9043579bMark Banner — Bug 793580 - Part 1: Use unsigned types in ExceptionArgParser::parseResult; r=ehsan
f16404a61304328aac2e40f44a7526ba3b3fb7c3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 788520: Menu item missing in Android 2.x. [r=mfinkle]
bbfb9d9241e4fb0b2caa01317fd338596daf42aeBlake Kaplan — Bug 791392 - Expose configured networks to content. r=vchang f=kaze
c4f422d91514a38474bd47e5fc3ba184597da970Blake Kaplan — Bug 787552 - Expose the IP address and MAC address to content. r=vchang f=kaze
1da958ae4a001bc064a546961ba851a720edb07dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 788520: Menu item missing in Android 2.x. [r=mfinkle]
0378831600def265a82bce5775b83a3458b4c56cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 794088: Custom Menu backgrounds on phones with h/w menu button needs better shadow. [r=mfinkle]
56814cafb2ad8612b8ec2b274499ec735ef86a66Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 794088: Replace icons in custom menu. [r=mfinkle]
5ef5ee5e312c078a44847e8d6d339cf3e9041489Aryeh Gregor — Bug 787432 - Don't strip existing empty wrappers when inserting text; r=ehsan
7f49954c2acf1cf64cc294c8802bc66343219ef8Bobby Holley — Bug 791526 - Temporarily add the || object back in to fix broken browser detection. r=bz
0129800fa8a193b335ea708c08f0d3f110c98456Patrick McManus — bug 791531 proxy callback on wrong thread after pac load r=biesi
ac9b018f79a8ca80817a6192a48544199ae9dddaPatrick McManus — bug 791527 check compiler return on pac thread r=biesi
345ebb6f3f3e30e965c608e1e504317c929a1ca8Patrick McManus — bug 347307 - make pac myIPAddress() more accurate r=biesi
a41f9fff4cd15649b4d7254c6559373ac74d15e8Patrick McManus — bug 507578 - disable dns prefetch in presence of active proxy r=jduell
dcae72a1333c8dec3f61f1287f4bcd0127279c04Patrick McManus — bug 769764 move proxy resolution to separate thread and remove sync api r=biesi sr=josh
198e780680c1943cfc4836b71a2e81e36a5e712dPatrick McManus — bug 773255 nsHttpConnection::Close() on error remove callbacks on mSocketOut r=honzab r=biesi
e670c29ea6feefbaecca1fe2c43bc421110acff3Eric Chou — Bug 794791 - [b2g-bluetooth] Update Device/Adapter properties table; r=qdot
1efdcc6dc41b20f0b715321af436e316a7fee3d9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 790213 - Add telemetry probe for page load time. r=dao
c5a7b7544f124c4cfc8540c5eeaf5745eb1182fdGeoff Brown — Bug 770461 - Robocop: delay click on 'Today' until list population verified; r=jmaher
563605815bc382bac852e28accd0868669dc9f60Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 794908 - Guard against potential NPE. r=cpeterson
e6fd6841e7f3bbf2a113da7c24a8ae7f3c9fcb14Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 784040 - Turn non-selected tabs into zombies when memory is running low. r=mfinkle
8921d8bc93a29bd855a5d2b279f2997f629b1fb3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 784040 - Add an intent to simulate an increase in memory pressure. r=mfinkle
db369c141f937a4cdb5bc0ce559b6609453519d0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 784040 - Add some missing listener unregistrations to the tab object. r=mfinkle
41416282254b45d039dcd9ac327a3689c4f26204Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 784040 - Port the XUL MemoryObserver class to Native Fennec and move the memory dump code into it. r=mfinkle
cc666da08e23ac1cedeb1fdc2759946cc2fc636dAryeh Gregor — Bug 794905 - nsLayoutUtils::FontSizeInflationEnabled can return nsresult instead of bool; r=jwir3
550c5ac80046e7d378b201f53cd043546846ca00Margaret Leibovic — Bug 794631 - Don't add useless WHERE clauses to empty filter queries. r=lucasr
3d81919584ff2fbebb0a22cdb316dbd6b22b2e9eBenoit Jacob — Bug 791905 - reject WebGL canvas sizes greater than INT_MAX - r=jgilbert
ac136b93a1a343276991a444107a56fdcd6b1f2cBenoit Jacob — Bug 791521 - return early on resizing WebGLContext where the canvas is null - r=jgilbert
96fd99a249cd6519567c766b2e696ffa61e2a363Nathan Froyd — Bug 783054 - part 4: add success/fail histogram for reading saved ping files; r=taras
08764617f060d869e0fd552363c7823bd2b478caNathan Froyd — Bug 783054 - part 3: add tests for deleting unparseable ping files; r=taras
624c912580fbc51b3db45a09227d699ea7a248a7Nathan Froyd — Bug 783054 - part 2: delete unparseable ping files; r=taras
7ddcdc6f0619f8300f318d5c71d063ff8121c8b5Nathan Froyd — Bug 783054 - part 1: refactor write_fake_shutdown_file to use a helper; r=taras
71e1ca0f2da33bdfc65e60d8dc5fb16ccabbb8ddJames Willcox — Bug 794642 - Avoid unnecessary GeckoApplication initialization in services r=kats
d3f86e3a324043af516650186f801c7117fd12bbEd Morley — Revert mozilla-inbound to e4dd1fa6d222 for crashes and test failures on a CLOSED TREE
d3d022bd1443dc4a370f8c7add006b0aff2b00bcEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 24f4f77fba76 (bug 793408) because of broken builds on a CLOSED TREE
1e2633180110a62d4e9797bde3d9fdbc9e66e8c5Ehsan Akhgari — Followup to bug 539356: fix the text-overflow reftest manifest
24f4f77fba76d09dbea8dab6aa0c269b7ccb50e5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 793408 - Remove some prtypes.h #includes from gfx; r=jrmuizel
e70defa600998189fbccb642e214e51c44468d43Robert O'Callahan — Bug 539356. Make PruneDisplayListForExtraPage prune print preview properly. r=mattwoodrow
920cf04e0fe08b8cd6188c45d2b8016e2fa9b495Robert O'Callahan — Bug 539356 - Fix mActiveScrolledRootOffset to be offset to the reference frame. r=mattwoodrow
66f6deffdc70c9f8a9d129d2cbfc113c82bbdb1cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 539356 - Fix selectAtPoint.html test. r=mattwoodrow
cbcc52822df2df1164a1ddd457f7d4b4a7748d9fMatt Woodrow — Bug 781053 - Part 3 - Force the throbber into it's own layer. r=roc
213b15f0c3c332809f523304dff530da44a67403Matt Woodrow — Bug 781053 - Part 2 - Trigger empty transactions when an animated image in an ImageLayer changes frame. r=roc
b12bf692dc2d37acca3100faed7bd169a727169bMatt Woodrow — Bug 781053 - Part 1 - Allow conversion of nsImageBoxFrame to an ImageLayer. r=roc
3c1da25b84528191a84a41cf7455b2cddf018be0Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Avoid some causes of unnecessary painting. r=roc
33be0c4f310dd9ac7ca68e83a64499099d0936cbMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Handled scrolled inactive layers trees correctly. r=roc
20ffee0f2e7d9573e899f6e04a624efde7b38cc9Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Use rect invalidation in XUL tree's to avoid over invalidation. r=roc
bcd22436baf4ddd3010ac9bb1517b134fd6e42ebMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Correctly invalidate SVG observers. r=roc
a55f82f0fecaee28f0391cf83cfe7a94ae4abc3dMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Make the table code use rect invalidation to avoid over invalidation. r=roc
daa0868b05bf010268e075d33c6cbae0ab7c4b91Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Add an option for frames to invalid just a rect instead of the frame bounds. r=roc
eeada32fd169062a5f0b6c8650596eca9094162dMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Add HasRetainedDataFor. r=roc
01095a6c89261801f73fc19c920a9287e55d3704Robert O'Callahan — Bug 770058. Part 2: When the document switches between active and inactive, invalidate all frames. r=mattwoodrow
0cc58b98cbf92bc1a33e1b50e7e30347860a948cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 770058. InvalidateFrame doesn't need flags, we can just avoid calling ScheduleRepaint if we find any ancestor frame with a descendant that needs invalidation. r=mattwoodrow
7676af66ca43950a0c5865ccf13d6d0d2bb39015Robert O'Callahan — Bug 770001. When comparing clips, adjust for any change in the ThebesLayer coordinate system. When clips are different, try to accumulate differences intelligently, taking into account that changes in clips outside the bounds of the clipped display item don't matter. r=mattwoodrow
d3c797462d2a04673b78270df577aecd0c7bafdaMatt Woodrow — Bug 769922 - Implement nsDisplayAltFeedback, since it can draw outside of the frame's overflow rect. r=roc
7b06b79fe138c8a298b1523bbd2c7bd4f123ad2cMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 29 - Handle OOM exception gracefully during java snapshots. r=jrmuizel
226afc8b39b0f6aa461f4f75edd601a7631ed7cdMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 27 - Make nsImageFrame's overflow include the AltFeedback image if it will use one. r=roc
625343f34ca2b6450a9ca698a22074a60851b429Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 26 - Send invalidations for hidden documents. r=roc
39e70f91d826c8599de710a37049051d756c2946Matt Woodrow — Bug 768766 - Make css-valid tests use MozReftestInvalidate and mark them as fuzzy. r=roc
e004a9acf00d936b6f938d1390188b6f9eb94c3aMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 25 - Invalidate display items that have a changed clip. r=roc
53823eee494f324cc57cc692b91d909f6270f833Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 22 - Force a background color when running android reftests. r=roc
16856e7778fd8750d181cabd02195b98a08164acOleg Romashin — Bug 539356 - Part 20 - Simplify regions to avoid excessive region calculation. r=roc
7c5620eaac6f77ed494cc26b47bc337aae879ab4Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 18 - Mark frames with only invalid children as an optimization to use when invalidating further frames. r=roc
64cd1b6405653cfdaa31585230ba2ee069d2c714Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 14 - Handle multiple widget layer managers retaining data for the same frame. r=roc
932a03fc9d4443974e0c92d1486a33f9cecc7d4dMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 12 - Remove unnecessary LayerManagerLayerBuilder indirection. r=roc
76bc2ff685f6c553b55f1a997e4c15f671b89910Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 11 - Reimplement empty transactions. r=roc
074075d10fd8c650453d927f4770d37c1457ea67Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 10 - Test changes required for DLBI. r=roc
ef035122864a4a7391746afbb5a9da685a2bd34eMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 9 - Implement DLBI. r=roc,bz,jwatt
e4dd1fa6d2225c1440752936c3cba38c3e663314Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6d293910d01e5158c73e78f4b1fe225cfd58ee26Gina Yeh — Bug 794005 - v2: Broadcast dialer-related system message, r=qdot
0cbe950173a83dea4f9dbd43f7b53796678b864bAryeh Gregor — Bug 779809 part 2 - Don't safe-forward [notxpcom] methods; r=khuey,bz
385bc6d035973f3909fb943484d1485583199608Aryeh Gregor — Bug 779809 part 1 - Make [notxpcom] attributes an error; r=khuey
385dbb23bb344d9390a756bb9422fc07b7f29699Jan de Mooij — Bug 794475 - Inline "new String(x)". r=dvander
978385fba015b69a5efd23763e8c6ca31007de3dTom Schuster — Bug 789111 - Add inline path for LIntToString. r=jandem
f80cc2f44c27f271a0c8fd2d462c882f91c40899Gina Yeh — Bug 793950 - v2: Handle volume change in BluetoothHfpManager, r=qdot
157f3efdee37e1ba810094d96f3e70961de9e839Karl Tomlinson — b=713802 default enable GIO support and disable GnomeVFS r=glandium
e520ade90abf8771d79f6e6583c6249108438c8cKarl Tomlinson — b=713802 disable gnomevfs extension without --enable-gnomevfs r=glandium
00e193643aa94bb1ecaf11bfba172c3c4e0aaa45Karl Tomlinson — b=713802 link gio extension against libxul for tracemalloc stack functions r=bsmedberg
9b839b6340fe2f32902a313868d9661c4c7817b5Eric Chou — Bug 792345 - patch 2: implement CallStateChanged, r=qdot
8bf5132fa24377a352c459e16b3480d354c9a744Eric Chou — Bug 792345 - patch 1: Listened to RIL status, r=qdot
18becb73b9064402281e49313dd3bf9abefdd1a3Chris Double — Bug 791912 - Fix crash when using libstagefright during video playback shutdown on B2G - r=cpearce
69d3a830885120643b0d9f77170fda41c73bd906Edwin Flores — Bug 759506 - Add support for zero-copy OMX hardware decoding to B2G r=doublec
3876b8007889385c0a334138e4fadec93d22c1aeEdwin Flores — Bug 759506 - GonkNativeWindow and layers changes for B2G zero-copy OMX hardware decoding r=kanru
6f7a7e009aa9e56d1cc7ac6bd0c9b82492fb0967Edwin Flores — Bug 759506 - Build changes for B2G zero-copy OMX hardware decoding r=cjones
510300b96e626fd649d9311efcab359c037461eaJonathan Griffin — Bug 789976 - Add --gecko-path argument to Marionette, r=ahal, DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
7b385ab021186f18d6cd6e54b8cbec463d193a7aJonathan Griffin — Bug 794692 - Change Marionette's package name to marionette_client, r=mdas, DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
74522aafbcdcd34866826fbf84f76d74e2296f93Gregory Szorc — Bug 794729 - Run config.guess and mozconfig through shell; r=glandium
c7b8d71aa25d7136dacfcf548456f86a1dddc2dcTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
225a4da889c5158601b9b46d91a900d7e6306ac2Panos Astithas — Bug 793947 - Race condition in dbg-server.js breaks Marionette; r=msucan
dab047ef7851f1f4eee6fe04b1438567d2777f67Ben Turner — Bug 794973 - 'Make mozIApplicationClearPrivateDataParams inherit nsISupports'. r=khuey.
497e8e4a5e917cc1228e80c5ee68cc5131c585edMounir Lamouri — Bug 786301 - 3/3 - Test that localStorage is removed when an app is uninstalled. r=honza
205fdb51a6e3266494f4389b32f8ddb19e44ba7cMounir Lamouri — Bug 786301 - 2/3 - Remove localStorage data from an app when uninstalled. r=jlebar
2310fb3518ee869d6be3940b7419a69dc965f4d1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 786301 - 1/3 - Add RemoveAllForApp on nsDOMStorageDBWrapper and nsDOMStoragePersistentDB. r=honza
aacf4867f83067e33f31f81ecaa14a7152a82d1cEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
880c0c02dcc0651085bb72e7312f68c803c11b55Alexander Surkov — Bug 768786 - Offscreen state is not exposed under certain circumstances, r=tbsaunde
75227ca51671c3b639931f2ee8f9878e8424309dAlexander Surkov — Bug 708927 - more logging for events/test_focus_menu.xul
59817579d27ebb761fd669d8cdbaff4402ccc64eAlexander Surkov — Bug 691580 - more logging for events/test_focus_contextmenu.xul
a46fd59d712f4fcc24182d9122ae166f6f62c3b8Alexander Surkov — Bug 691580 - more logging for events/test_focus_contextmenu.xul
b349285eff686187110b454ddec5dd7283401082Nicolas Silva — Bug 794233 - Fix for blank video on fennec release. r=cpeterson
978c67b9efa1b32f921b889581d1a215989fd5bcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 791611 (part 3) - Exactly root most JSScripts in jsinfer.cpp. r=terrence.
d76eac692a190f0a7cd83f81a9b622a0f8861fcdEric Chou — Bug 792002 - patch 2: adjust volume after receiving AT+VGS, r=qdot, r=fabrice
355e9f8b0c67b1db68184f07f982158e386730a1Eric Chou — Bug 792002 - patch 1: HFP message handler, r=qdot
4280a881fef0d1d6b8bfde16bf7682ae66de06cfDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 793949 - Test that OS.File.copy overwrites rather than appending. r=froydnj
dabd0af858d73d173194f9dcb29abcb1b365291bDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 793949 - Fix flags to ensure that OS.File.copy overwrites rather than appending. r=froydnj
8332dd98c1cb2019a1b16b858baede06ec134e93David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 784717 - Asynchronous directory walk tests. r=froydnj
90b62202f9e380005f190d9cff1c6e7d8127d45eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 784717 - Asynchronous directory walk controller code. r=froydnj
44c79a5f7131afd53808430e3d4ccd77bbe09b7eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 784717 - Asynchronous directory walk worker code. r=froydnj
991b5fb6c55aa99fec1cdeaf2a1ca5dba028da0bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7faf6b82017faa0423237cbe1ccacc958ce29b4eBrian Smith — Bug 767240 - Make it easier to create type-specific scoped pointers (TYPE_SPECIFIC_SCOPED_POINTER_TEMPLATE), r=jwalden
ddf584176a04d21fa0d237827b98ed3a5e59da2aTerrence Cole — Bug 794700 - Remove a test exercising dead code; r=billm
54fcc112182404252bad67d114231e6b815af823Fabrice Desré — Bug 790870 - Implement install/update API during installation of hosted apps - Part 2 : hosted apps implementation [r=gwagner]
2649ac9b652f81e361fb9176a998a975f0276ab3Fabrice Desré — Bug 790870 - Implement install/update API during installation of hosted apps - Part 1 : IDL changes [sr=sicking]
d1dec9463a6210b8836fd1b00d7886f93abed37cJared Wein — Bug 794512 - Add a checkbox and preference to disable toast notifications for the Social API. r=markh
e1f8821deab43752978bfd46f056ab7f9d2f0f83Karl Tomlinson — b=794285 restore support for building against GTK+ 2.10 r=glandium
b8fa6f780f38f3208719ec7e810ad5d59f05e2eaKarl Tomlinson — b=788399 always use async drawing for OOP windowless plugins r=bsmedberg
02e1a6c147261c383338f8f6bea47a9777ada3d2Karl Tomlinson — b=788399 remove dead NPNVariable code r=bsmedberg
b2644a3626eca532455ac87f89a6cc95702a1d55Hubert Figuière — Bug 773892 - Part 3: only rely on the event to send the crash report. r=fabrice
5caee20d2dc6da9d494b4eb865a594129fd9d619Hubert Figuière — Bug 789466 - Report crashes with if available. r=fabrice
b2afb3c28c6e53691c36dd22609486e81320f49fRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 5c0e68dceca8 (bug 758269) due to mochitest-other orange.