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Fri Oct 24 20:40:30 2014 +0000
184b704568ff6e552b3891adb6aa387104c7cf32Markus Stange — Bug 1085475 - Don't attempt to use vibrancy in 32-bit mode. r=smichaud, a=lmandel
46916559304f1324ed0fb798cd4015f99bf424c7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1074520 - Use CSS instead of hacks to make the forget button lay out correctly. r=jaws, a=lmandel
47065beeef203bf415a58679bb1f71933e9f40d5Brad Lassey — Bug 1084035 - Add the ability to mirror tabs from desktop to a second screen, don't block browser sources when specified in constraints from chrome code. r=jesup, a=lmandel
d9664db594e9a7cd3530c22d737e51847990ec85Benjamin Chen — Bug 1079616 - Dispatch PushBlobRunnable in RequestData function, and remove CreateAndDispatchBlobEventRunnable. r=roc, a=lmandel
2c49dc84f1a0de1f3ad23784e69e4b86991f0f48Markus Stange — Bug 1078262 - Only use the fixed epsilon for the translation components. r=roc, a=lmandel