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Tue May 31 23:02:48 2016 +0000
cf6ec12bd62001b93387ffb184a8841644255b5eJim Chen — Bug 1275371 - Don't forward delete on shift+backspace; r=esawin a=ritu CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_RELEASE_47_BASE
860a355f185af9e1d744c38b9a2c9b6815b250b9Dão Gottwald Bug 1257087 - "Middle mouse click on history item would not open". r=mak, a=ritu
a49ba1e48c59e5f0ac08becf6439372d2dd52670Marco Bonardo — Bug 1272652 - Firefox fails to import bookmarks from Chrome if it also imports a large history. r=gijs, a=ritu
2516691981a36595ca0bd33e50aa5508423f33d8Brian Grinstead — Bug 1254025 - Force the CodeMirror editor to always use a textarea. r=jdescottes a=ritu
3ab8e6e778285d31984675edfdadffac9f4e2a7aNicolas Silva — Bug 1256045 - Add a null-check in BufferTextureHost::EnsureWrappingTextureSource. r=jnicol a=ritu