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Sun May 13 19:56:21 2018 +0000
5fcefe47c777376011b67be862e45bbb62e85d48Brad Werth — Bug 1459697 - Part 4: Change a WPT reftest to make failures visible in red. r=dbaron, a=RyanVM
9bbd3253d3a5600576f454155f1da7dc83e2a483Brad Werth — Bug 1459697 - Part 3: Add a crashtest. r=dbaron, a=RyanVM
b6cde02169dc497ff43e489b92686f441dcd1a3bBrad Werth — Bug 1459697 - Part 2: Account for the possibility that EllipseShapeInfo may not generate an interval for the entire BStart() to BEnd() range, due to rounding error in the distance field calculation. r=dbaron, a=RyanVM
c2cc19eb1159bea5cd8e8be6c2c9c5fd41e7b053Brad Werth — Bug 1459697 - Part 1: In EllipseShapeInfo distance field calculation, remove a warning that might trigger due to rounding error, and shorten the iteration of each block pixel row, when possible. r=dbaron, a=RyanVM
7b8ada24da4ddc1a1b3961f9d0fffa7fd75f95c3Andrew McCreight — Bug 1460636 - Don't trace jsids on ObjectGroup in the cycle collector. r=jonco, r=sfink, a=RyanVM
1da8d36ce5a4c6f41863ecd4edd5b0ae5c548c69Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1452436 - Callback when resolving a host already in progress. r=mcmanus, a=RyanVM
720baaffac8cf0b71e351720bc3617a508d039d1Valentin Gosu — Bug 1451262 - Call NS_ProcessPendingEvents after StopSSLServerCertVerificationThreads. r=mayhemer, a=RyanVM
453294133297be02ae10459bf4e430ba1df039a0Tom Schuster — Bug 1459607 - CallSiteObjects can only contain strings. r=jandem, a=abillings
2e4115e95bc3179250ac2f4293a531ce406d7710Peter Van der Beken — Bug 1453951 - Crash in non-virtual thunk to nsInProcessTabChildGlobal::WrapObject. r=bz, a=RyanVM