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Thu Jul 18 14:12:34 2019 +0000
067e54510790223f29c1c10d8f488e10d679ae6cPetru Lingurar — Bug 1529557 - Use smaller share image to ensure consistency; r=AndreiLazar a=RyanVM
345b3f7685faf0fa46b568e34a5d2baf9e92cae0Petru Lingurar — Bug 1529557 - Mutate share drawable to prevent against it being reused from cache; r=VladBaicu a=RyanVM
18ed4493aa99009f084e2ee606fdc73f6ddffe92Petru Lingurar — Bug 1529557 - Ensure share icons will have the same size r=VladBaicu a=RyanVM
195538371838a1bc539eeb5e0eecc4d534fcdd64Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1550637 - hide tooltip when the docshell navigate, don't show tooltips if the docshell is no longer active, r=nika,dao a=RyanVM
a0bbef741c7189165641f9b1b20972b4924c8eb6Bob Owen — Bug 1564899: Make CloseHandleWrapper CHECK a DCHECK on non-Nightly builds. r=handyman a=RyanVM
ad7d0b8d27ec549c053c91805053c9013d518485Jonathan Kew — Bug 1563722 - Prefer DejaVu or Liberation fonts over Fira for treelines in about:memory, to minimize overlap issues. r=njn a=RyanVM