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Mon Oct 15 12:39:29 2012 +0000
afc6700e5c00866cfe494b219678692c7b164ef4Ed Morley — Bug 766044 - Disable browser_459906.js for frequent intermittent failures; a=test-only
100d3fb0ca0dc17349ee2cfee7c06719bf4c55d9Gavin Sharp — Bug 780594: do the check for pageShowEventHandlers before setting a timeout, r=dao a=test-only
e601c1693713040b4cd1bf2409e08d179a2ee47dBobby Holley — Bug 784792 - Remove IsClosedOrClosing() assertion. r=bz
cc13030355cf480e2d459403f61d5c74c477a859Ed Morley — Bug 752786 - Disable one part of test_bug469613.xul for too many intermittent failures; a=test-only
d4e1fae8b14537cd7f98259125f7311dc9b5a3f1Ed Morley — Bug 752786 - Disable one part of test_bug469613.xul on OS X 10.8 for too many intermittent failures; a=test-only
99b36c93b6b63d8b14b2be68d67fab6a53dfda9eVladimir Vukicevic — b=756425; fix test_mousescroll by driving RefreshDriver directly; r=ehsan a=test-only
f512f07621f9117876fdcab91323ae0f03865d65Ed Morley — Bug 753225 - Disable browser_dbg_createRemote.js on Windows for frequent failures; a=test-only
189299c0bb50867571df707f4b741632ee545c6dEd Morley — Bug 793855 - should catch shutil.rmtree(dirname) exceptions and output a TBPL-compatible error; r=gps a=test-only
92ca71259d1b62e6a0b19970aee8b05ca703a25aEd Morley — Bug 793855 - should check the test process has exited and if not, output a TBPL-compatible error; r=gps,jmaher a=test-only
8739f223b6e2648fd73fbcdddeaf7928b729df88L. David Baron — Make reftest harness print max difference and number of differing pixels on the TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL line so that it ends up in bugs. (Bug 789602) r=ted a=test-only